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Name: 20210110_Sun_Alex
Air Date: Jan. 10, 2021
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Alex Jones discusses various topics including the super bio-weapon by billionaires like Ted Turner and Bill Gates aiming to kill 7 billion people, globalists trying to depopulate the planet, the Capitol Hill riots and its implications on American politics, the role of QAnon in recent events, how the Milgram experiment demonstrated that people can be led to do immoral things when influenced by an authority figure, and how independent methods should be used for staying connected in a democratic manner. He promotes various products available on Infowarsstore.com and Preparewithalex.com while emphasizing the importance of supporting InfoWars for independent information and free press.

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I'm good.
When the CCP, who openly runs death camps, slave labor factories, and earns billions of dollars each year harvesting their organs, attempts to overthrow your country, what exactly are you supposed to do?
The grotesque vassals of the CCP, occupying the highest levels of our government, would have you believe that you should bleed out and die.
On January 6, 2021, millions of great Americans were betrayed by their government.
They came from all over the country to defend fair elections in America and rightfully demand justice under the laws of the Constitution.
It would be the most historical protest in American history.
Well over a million Americans gathered at the Capitol to demand that Congress not certify the election in light of overwhelming evidence of election fraud.
After all their betrayals, the average American still believed in the democratic process.
They believed in the First Amendment.
And they came to exercise that right.
At the end of President Trump's speech, he announced that we are going to the Capitol to give our elected officials the pride and boldness they need to do the right thing.
So, we're going to... We're going to walk down Pennsylvania Avenue.
I love Pennsylvania Avenue.
And we're going to the Capitol, and we're going to try and give... The Democrats are hopeless.
They're never voting for anything.
Not even one vote.
But we're going to try and give our Republicans the weak ones because the strong ones don't need any of our help.
We're going to try and give them the kind of pride and boldness that they need to take back our country.
So let's walk down Pennsylvania Avenue.
I want to thank you all.
God bless you and God bless America.
Thank you all for being here.
This is incredible.
Thank you very much.
But it was this righteousness that blinded us from the enemy's deceit.
Capitol Police opened the gates and ushered in the crowd.
Photo ops were directed inside.
BLM activist John Sullivan, who was arrested for organizing a violent riot in Utah, was inside the state capitol.
Agent provocateurs were seen instigating violence, and the crowd tried stopping them.
Many of us already knew that we'd been set up.
But others gave in to mob mentality, and people died.
A window leading into the House chamber was broken.
And as Ashley Babbitt climbed through, she was shot without warning.
After 14 years of serving her country, 35-year-old war veteran Ashley Babbitt was disgracefully killed.
Vice President Pence praises Capitol Police.
And after certifying the election, with Ashley Babbitt's blood still fresh on the floors, Pence receives a gold coin.
Like Judas Iscariot, the betrayal is complete.
The CCP and their global propaganda apparatus are trying to paint Ashley Babbitt as a terrorist.
Domestic terrorists.
They are trying to paint all patriots as terrorists.
They are now coming for all of us.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.
Our only options at this point is for Trump to act swiftly with the military or a revolution by the people.
One way or the other, war is upon us.
For InfoWars.com, this is Greg Reese.
You talk about bittersweet, the internet is on fire as the global big tech cartel announces an iron grip on speech.
And that they will shut down anyone and everyone that does not submit to their tyranny.
And that any companies trying to form competition will be shut down by the telecoms working with big tech.
This is beyond monopoly.
This is beyond cartel behavior.
This is organized mass racketeering.
Completely illegal.
Completely naked.
But they've already been censoring Senate hearings proving election fraud several weeks ago, so why not?
But the internet is really waking up, meaning the people are really waking up, and the saying, Alex Jones was right, is being written on the walls, spray-painted on the government buildings, festooned to people's t-shirts, and typed in,
To Twitter and Facebook accounts by the millions a day and it's become a maxim and I'm very honored that the fact that I predicted all of this and now we're getting the credit for it only because I want people to then realize that we know what's coming next.
And so now it's very very important for you to listen to me very very carefully because here's why I'm so frustrated.
The globalists were beta testing and building this and micro testing it in authoritarian dictatorships, fascist communist systems, very poor areas of the world, prisons, mental institutions, and then in academic institutions, colleges.
But now they're externalizing their total authoritarian control grid into everything.
So they're going from beta.
The Nazis were beta from 1933 to 1940.
And then you know for five years they were operational and things were really bad.
And other authoritarian regimes and people go from baited to operational.
A lot of times our serial killer might take 10 years just killing people's dogs and cats or doing mean things to animals until he finally kills somebody.
Finally grabs a woman from a park and takes her and kills her.
And once he's done that, he starts killing women all the time.
Well, it's the same thing.
So I knew everything that was coming because they were building it, they were spending hundreds of billions of dollars preparing it, but it's one thing to know they're going to do it and warn you, it's another thing that once you hit operational, and now we've gone over operational.
It just implodes.
You just drop off the edge of the cliff, or use the rocket analogy, you're now going straight up.
Because they load the rocket, they put the fuel in it, they prepare it, they've got the avionics, they've got the gyros, they've got the directional systems.
Then they hit the countdown, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, primary ignition, blast off.
So it's blast off, baby!
And just like a Saturn rocket escaping the Earth's atmosphere, when it first takes off, it's only moving a few feet a second.
But by the time it leaves the gantry, it's going 100 miles an hour.
And at a half mile up, it's going 3,000 miles an hour.
And it just speeds up and speeds up and speeds up.
And so, that's what you gotta know is, the Saturn rocket of tyranny is about 20,000 feet off the launch pad right now.
And you think it's moving fast now?
It's going to get 10 times worse in the next six months.
And then it's going to get ten times worse again and again and again, because the tyranny they've prepared is unlike anything the planet's ever seen.
And in some of their plans, they do this acceleration.
It's still very fast, but not as fast as one of their plans.
One of their plans is if we all lock down properly, if we all stay in our houses properly, and let them bankrupt us, and let them train us to be slaves, and let them censure all of us,
They'll go ahead and accelerate to their final goal, which is just to release a super bio-weapon and kill 7 billion people, which is their official goal of Ted Turner and Bill Gates and Warren Buffett and all the rest of them at their quote, good person club.
Just type into a search engine, billionaires meet in secret to establish world government to depopulate planet.
Oh, aren't they dreaming?
The Wall Street Journal said, the London Guardian, they're trying to fix the African population problem.
And Bill Gates says, hmm, 80% is what I want to kill.
Ted Turner wants 90%.
You might want to go, of course, because they sold the West on, hey, we're just killing the Africans, OK?
But really, it's everybody.
And it's wrong whoever they kill.
So you have to understand, they've now launched the operation.
And we're now here.
And so the Nazis aren't in beta anymore.
They're not just testing things out.
This is full operational.
And so we're just at the beginning of them going fully operational.
They could have had somebody slick in there that was well-spoken, but they wanted a hunchback that can't talk, that's emblematic of the end of America, who's a known liar, to demoralize you and not make you proud of yourself and make you give up.
That's why they now hold up the example of how a woman should look, 400 pounds.
We're not against a 400 pound woman.
The point is they're not trying to show the Olympian example.
They're trying to say just give up.
It's the end of civilization.
Here's an example.
The head of the CFR, Richard N. Hoss, has come out in an article saying the American empire has fallen, that Washington may not know it yet.
And he goes on to say that what Trump did and what we saw at the Capitol is the reason America is going to fall.
This is the same head of the globalist organization with the Rockefeller Foundation and Bill Gates that has maneuvered the U.S.
to de-industrialization, societal collapse, societal rot.
We're under lockdown.
China's under lockdown.
They're going to cut our coal power off again so no one can do business here.
And he's telling you
When the CFR has articles every month in their publication, Foreign Affairs, that America sucks, it's over, the Chinese century's here, state-run communism's the way to have things, merge with big corporations, it's really hyper-fascism.
But oh, he says it's all Trump's fault now and those red-blooded Americans.
We are seeing images that I never imagined we would see in this country.
In some other capital, yes.
But not here.
No one in the world is likely to see, respect, fear, or depend on us in the same way again.
In the post-America era, as a start date, it almost certainly is today.
That's the globalists that maneuvered us to destruction.
We slipped Trump in there.
He valiantly fought to at least keep the country sovereign.
And now they hired provocateurs.
We've proven this.
We have a report coming up at the end of the hour with all the evidence.
Two out of a million demonstrators at the White House, the Elliptical, the Washington Monument, stretched all the way down to the Capitol because anti-funds, some other paramilitary groups we're still identifying, showed up, attacked the police,
And then the police on the other side of the Capitol opened it up to the general public.
There was very little violence, very little attacks, except for a few people that were provocateurs, and who they were able to manipulate to go along with them.
Some useful idiots.
And they videotaped with Antifa camera people, we've identified in every case, the National Geographic camera people, the few violent events, to then say that the Capitol was stormed by terrorists,
And then rammed through the certification of Joe Biden.
And so it's absolutely incredible that the very globalist organizations
That just in the last year have said burning down buildings, shooting cops is good.
It's peaceful to burn down community centers and public housing.
Cops deserve to die.
It's good to shoot Scalise.
It's good to break Rand Paul's ribs.
You need to get out and do all that.
I've got hundreds of these clips.
You've all seen them.
But now, because Trump has his peaceful rally,
With the Secret Service and the security and all the people and almost a million folks.
And he says, now let's march peacefully.
I said the same thing.
They've edited it to make it look like we didn't.
That's what Don Jr.
We're going to march later today to the White House and then to the Capitol.
And we're not like the left.
We're not going to loot or burn or fight.
No, we're here to just let them know that America is awake.
And all those folks went there to hear Trump speak.
Even before he finished speaking, hundreds of thousands were already there.
They started marching.
And there was that few, little, small group of maybe 100 people that attacked police, got into the building, and then the media said, oh, look at this giant crowd!
Trump ordered them here to do this!
And they turned our sacred right of demonstration into a terrorist act, and they introduced legislation to ban conservatives having the right to march or speech in the streets.
The final level of total censorship.
You are listening to an InfoWars.com Frontline Report.
It's Alex Jones.
All right, coming up next segment, I am going to premiere a special report that I came in yesterday and today and put together with the great Rob Doom that in nine minutes, concisely lays out what really happened at the Capitol on Wednesday.
Now why is that so important?
Because the entire corporate media establishment is using this to try to impeach our 25th Amendment, the President.
And they're also using it to introduce legislation, here it comes, Patriot Act 2.0, aimed at the unwoke enemy within, calling the American people terrorists.
So you have all these leftists, all these members of Congress, and I've got their quotes right here, we'll play some of the clips in a moment.
Ted Lieu threatened widespread civil unrest.
We need to see some fires.
And I have an antifa leader that was one of the first to break in who said, we're going to go there and pose as patriots, as Trump supporters, and we're going to burn the Capitol down.
He said it in Utah, where he lives, where he's been arrested and charged for inciting a riot before.
We'll show you who he is.
He said it in D.C.
the day before the event in a speech to Antifa, who was then getting into MAGA outfits, and then he said it in the Capitol.
He was arrested.
But then they dropped the charges on him because he did a good job.
But people that didn't hurt anybody are being arrested.
Close to a million people, hundreds of thousands go to the Capitol.
One police officer had a heart attack, who had heart problems.
Two days later and died.
Another person died of a heart attack, another a stroke.
And then a woman, as you saw on video, was shot to death.
We're going to lay all of this out, coming up for you.
The only way people are going to know the truth is it's not going to be on CNN or MSNBC.
Or even on Facebook or Twitter because they won't let you see it there.
Is it banned?
Dot video.
The resistance.
Dot video will also get you there.
But look at these headlines.
Twitter permanently bans President Donald Trump's account.
Then nine other big tech companies follow suit.
Then people say, well, he might go to Parler.
He didn't even say that!
Parler's just a libertarian thing like Twitter was five years ago.
Liberal, conservative, you name it.
They got kicked off Apple and Google's apps, and then Amazon kicked them off their servers.
So they're down.
Whatever happened to Build Your Own Platform, remember that?
Breaking Twitter permanently bans President Trump's account.
The President of the U.S.
doesn't get a judge, doesn't get a jury, didn't say go be violent, said go peacefully march, and then they let less than 100 provocateurs with masks on break in and then blame us.
And the Republicans all lined up except for Matt Gaetz and a few others.
They said we were given briefings the day before that Antifa was going to dress as patriots and look out for them.
They had a capital briefing, but the police chief there who's resigning, we're now learning, ordered a stand down and they only had half the normal security there.
They said go do traffic control around the city.
Let's continue.
Twitter allows Hang Mike Pence to trend just hours after Trump banned.
Hang Mike Pence.
Zoom in on that so they can see it, please.
Thank you.
Twitter allows Hang Mike Pence to trend.
Well, of course they get to promote violence.
You don't get to.
I don't even want to.
I want to promote intellectual debate.
Apple suspends Parler from App Store, citing threats of violence on the platform.
Well, hell, you go to Twitter and see a thousand times the threats there, but that's okay.
Big tech companies donate to Biden's inauguration, fund his upcoming inauguration.
ACLU warns of unchecked power after Facebook, Twitter suspend Trump.
Oh, finally!
Soros bought them out.
Representative Devin Nunes calls for criminal charges against Big Tech over mass censorship, coordinated shutdown of competitors.
This is a coordinated attack.
Parler CEO speaks after Amazon boots him from their servers, vows to rebuild from scratch.
Campaign monitor email software dumps Trump campaign so he can't even email his supporters because he directed a terrorist attack.
Total projection.
Absolute, total projection.
Now they're going to airbrush Trump, they're saying, out of movies he was in.
That's what the old Soviets would do to people in photos.
That's just some of what's coming up.
But remember, Maxine Waters said, you confront people, you go to their houses, you make them uncomfortable, you get in their face.
And when people would burn stuff down and kill cops and all the rest of it, they would get on the news and say, nobody's gotten hurt.
There's not been any problems.
That's all made up.
So here's a short compilation of just some of the Hollywood folks and the DC swamp creatures inciting real violence that they now say Trump loses his speech, I lose my speech, we won't even do what they're doing.
I just don't even know why there aren't uprisings all over the country.
Maybe there will be.
People need to start taking to the streets.
This is a dictator.
You know, there needs to be unrest in the streets for as long as there is unrest in our lives.
Enemies of the state.
Show me where it says that protests are supposed to be polite and peaceful.
Do something about your dad's immigration practices, you feckless!
They go low, we kick them.
How do you resist the temptation to run up and wring her neck?
The biggest terror threat in this country is white men, most of them radicalized to the right.
I thought you should have punched him in the face.
Even if you lost, he insulted your wife.
He came down the escalator and called Mexicans rapists and murderers.
He said, well what do you think I should have done?
I said, I think you should have punched him in the face and then gotten out of the race.
You would have been a hero.
I'd like to punch him in the face.
I said if we were in high school, I'd take him behind the gym and beat the hell out of him.
When was the last time an actor assassinated a president?
They're still gonna have to go out and put a bullet in Donald Trump, and that's a fact.
Look as his character is stabbed to death.
Where is John Wilkes Booth when you need him?
I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House.
A Missouri State Senator is under investigation by the Secret Service after saying she hopes President Trump is assassinated.
I will go and take Trump out tonight.
And if you see anybody from that cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd!
And sadly, the domestic enemies to our voting system and our honoring our Constitution are right at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
They're not going to stop before Election Day in November and they're not going to stop after Election Day.
And that should be, everyone should take note of that on both levels, that this
They're not going to let up, and they should not.
If you think we'll rally or not, you ain't seen nothing yet.
And hundreds of people shot at, dozens shot and killed by anti-fund BLM across the country just at random checkpoints.
But they're the good people, and they love Xi Jinping, they love China, and their economic policy is designed to shut the U.S.
They don't want the country to exist.
We're being conquered.
This is a takeover, but now Americans are finally going to wake up, because the gloves are off.
You're about to see exclusive information, ladies and gentlemen.
We know that Antifa BLM activists
Dressed up as patriots and triggered the riot at the Capitol and MSM knows it.
This gentleman that led part of it is a BLM Antifa leader.
He's been charged before for leading riots.
He's been caught red-handed.
His Twitter is active.
President Trump's is not.
Let's go to this special report.
I am your host Alex Jones.
This special report is vital.
Here it is.
With the simplest of events, there's always at least two sides to any story.
But with big historic events with hundreds of thousands of people involved, it's very important to take your time and look at the details.
You've heard that President Trump and myself wanted to storm the Capitol and kill people because that would give us power?
That would make us look like good guys?
Does anybody believe that on its face?
Well, that's what everyone's being told in every major publication on the planet.
The Wall Street Journal
January 6, 2021, so that Congress, who was holding hearings and debate on the fraud, would see that the American people were upset and were not going to accept the fraudulent results.
I learned that there wasn't enough funding and that private groups were not donating enough, so I donated some and helped organize the peaceful events that happened on January 5th and the day of January 6th.
Then, President Trump said that he wanted me to go out and lead the peaceful crowd that was already there to the Capitol so that we could continue to peacefully demonstrate.
So here's the timeline as best as we can nail it down.
Right as President Trump starts to speak, tens of thousands of people had already shown up at the Capitol, miles away from where he was giving his address.
The police in some areas opened up barricades and other areas kept them closed and clashes between some of the demonstrators began.
That's when the provocateurs who had already been there starting fights with the police accelerated their violence.
There are literally hundreds of videos, like the one you're watching right now, where Trump patriots physically restrain individuals trying to break out windows and ram down doors.
This is how you take a massive, almost million-person march, exposing election fraud and discrediting.
Because only a few hundred people actually attacked the police.
And most of them we now know were led by provocateurs, commanded by anti-fascists.
One such individual is John Sullivan.
He's an antifa leader from the West Coast.
He's been arrested for staging riots before.
This individual said online he was coming to D.C.
to overthrow Trump.
Well, he certainly did a good job at it.
Instead of saying he's openly against Trump, he helped lead the assault on the Capitol and even chanted over and over again that others need to join him in burning down the building.
We gotta burn them.
But guess what?
After his arrest that night, he was then released and has not been charged.
John Sullivan is a smart member of Antifa.
Very Machiavelli.
If he just went out and knocked out some Starbucks windows and set a fire in a random neighborhood, like his type normally do, well, that would actually demonize the left.
But if he can lead a riot into the Capitol when the Capitol Police are outmanned and stand down, well then he can help bring down the whole country.
My name's John Sullivan.
I'm from Salt Lake City, Utah.
My group is Insurgents USA.
We're about to burn this down.
We gotta burn that.
We gotta get this down.
The Washington Post, NBC, and others even reported in the days before the riot that Antifa and other organizations were recruiting on 8chan boards to go to D.C.
and stage an uprising.
Once the small agitator groups led by Antifa had forced their way in, some of the hundreds of thousands waiting outside decided to go in and behaved like traditional tourists, taking selfies with police and, of course, paintings and statues of Founding Fathers.
And now you see the mainstream corporate media and big tech deplatforming the president off of nine major systems and shutting down parlor because they thought he might move there.
Pure authoritarianism.
I'm gonna end this with some footage of what I actually did
Before the march started, and once I got to the Capitol, how I tried to stop what was then unfolding.
It was only later I learned that that poor woman, Mrs. Babbitt, had died while I was outside, warning people that we didn't want another Kent State to happen.
Like Don Jr.
said, we're not burning movies down or shooting cops.
We're building America up!
We're here to take our rightful country back peacefully!
We're not Antisocial!
We're not BLM!
You're amazing, I love you!
Let's march around to the other side!
And let's not fight the police and give the system what they want!
We are peaceful!
We won this election, and as much as I love seeing the Trump flags flying over this, we need to not have the confrontation with the police.
They're going to make that the story.
I'm going to march to the other side where we have a stage where we can speak and occupy peacefully.
Tell everybody behind you, march to the other side.
March to the other side.
Provocateurs have caused a problem, and the police are throwing flashbangs.
We don't want to have a Kent State here.
So, I love you.
We're saving the republic.
This is beautiful.
But please tell everyone you know, march to the other side!
Do not be part of this!
Tell everybody to come out to the side!
Provocateurs are setting us up!
Here's what we know.
Close to a million people showed up in D.C.
to exercise their sacred First Amendment right and they did it peacefully.
A couple hundred provocateurs were able to take over the Capitol because the police stood down and then tried to provocateur
We're good to go.
Your outrage is being manufactured.
Let's look at the BLM riots and left-wing violence from Antifa and others in the last seven months compared to what just happened at the Capitol.
It lasted seven months.
It was condemned mostly by Republicans and celebrated by the left.
Encouraged by media and politicians.
Police force was used massively.
23 plus people were shot dead by Antifa and BLM.
700 officers injured, many killed.
150 plus federal buildings damaged.
Hundreds of small businesses destroyed.
Entire neighborhoods burned down.
Now let's compare that with so-called right-wing violence in the Capitol that was triggered and provocateured by the left.
Lasted several hours.
Condemned by all Republicans and Democrats.
Encouraged only by fringe political groups.
Police force used.
One person shot dead.
Two others had heart attacks.
Another died of a stroke.
Fourteen officers injured.
One federal building damaged.
No small businesses destroyed.
But we see unbelievable nationwide outrage and are told that all conservatives are evil terrorists.
And many Republican leaders agree.
That really is insane.
Imagine if Mr. Sullivan would have been successful trying to get others to burn down the building.
Imagine if those pipe bombs that were found, left by the left outside, had actually detonated.
I've talked to high-level law enforcement sources and folks high-level in the Pentagon and they have confirmed to me that this was a globalist attempted false flag that misfired.
It only got about 1% of the violence they actually wanted because they just couldn't trick a giant crowd of Trump supporters into regular mob psychology you see after a football game or a basketball championship where you could see dozens of deaths, hundreds of fires, you name it.
Because Trump supporters were so law-abiding, this thing basically failed.
And I thank God for that.
Now it's up to us to get the truth of what really happened out to the world.
It is Sunday, January 10th, the year 2021.
We are 10 days out from the inauguration of the Communist Chinese frontman, Joe Biden, and the accelerated collapse of the U.S.
The Council on Foreign Relations has announced the end of America officially and that we are conquered.
The criminals are bragging.
Wait till you see this next hour.
Constitutional lawyer Robert Barnes rides shotgun with us for the remainder of the transmission the next hour and 15 minutes.
Then Owen Shorter takes over for Sunday Live 6 to 8 p.m.
to cover more of this.
We just finished, right before the show went live today, a very powerful special report that details the false flag, how Antifa staged it with some other shadowy paramilitary groups that we're starting to identify.
That'll be in a report tomorrow.
Because they gotta have a right-wing terror group as well.
So when it comes out, they can blame both groups.
This is about coming out for everybody's liberties.
But just during the break, I was thinking, what is the right headline for this whole show today?
And it's this.
Failed false flag.
Capitol riot was meant to be way worse than it actually was.
But they're going ahead with what they had planned to push.
Total censorship, not just deplatforming, but taking servers away, URLs away, blocking URLs at the server level.
This was meant to bring in the 25th Amendment, the impeachment of Trump, but it failed because unlike any other football fans or basketball fans or liberals or whoever, even if they had hundreds of paid provocateurs trying to riot, trying to lead this, instead the Trump supporters, now we have dozens of these videos, were kicking their ass when they attacked the cops and tried to break in the windows, but they got overwhelmed.
And so Robert Barnes has been
Dead on about this.
I want to talk about the failed false flag nature of this, and then I want to speak directly to the American people.
If you got into Q in the last three years, I don't blame you.
It was very seductive, very high-tech propaganda.
And a lot of what was covered by the Q phenomenon is already something that's real.
It just claims responsibility for it.
It's exposure.
But the systems used to have a guy show up with a truck going crazy at the Hoover Dam, or a guy run a train off, you know, the rails into the ships in New York because he thinks Hillary's on board at her, all of this is a test in digital mind control.
No longer are you in some underground base having chips in your brain or drugged up to be under mind control.
Now it's done through fantasy gaming technology, then projected to the real world.
In Barnes,
He's going to lay that out because it wasn't just Antifa leading the charge.
They were a big part of it.
They're on record.
We caught them.
So that's cut and dry.
It was Q believers who weren't Antifa who believe they were fighting for Trump to break in and get secret documents from Pelosi's office.
We talked about that days ago.
Now they've got generals coming out and saying, indeed, that's what happened.
And Trump will be in office in 10 days and everything's fine.
So we're now in real time before it happens announcing what they're going to do.
A lot of these folks putting this out aren't even bad.
They are just buying into the delusion because they can't believe America's falling.
I'm not comparing America to Hitler, but when Hitler was in his bunker for a month with the Russians around it, even the day before they finally took over, he still thought he could beat them.
When he figured out he couldn't, he went up and killed himself.
They were 100 yards from his lair.
So, the Germans thought they were winning, just like Baghdad Bob famously in 2003.
There were F-16s and F-18s and Warthogs blowing up stuff a half mile behind him.
Plumes of explosions.
And Baghdad Bob's like, there are no Americans in Iraq.
We are winning.
Everything is fine.
And so, there's a lot of that going on.
So you're not bad that you were in the queue.
It's esoteric, it's not documented, it's incredibly dangerous.
And so, we now know from the videos, the eyewitnesses, that it was about a hundred Antifa dressed up as Trump supporters.
Their leading few people that were told, be there early, we're going to storm the Capitol.
That's all on the 8chan boards.
I went and looked it up.
I wasn't aware of that until later.
And others that showed up early to then give cover to this paramilitary group or two that were more manly than the normal meth head
Trust fund kids that are Antifa that helped finally breach and get in.
So they were all being manipulated by Asian provocateurs inside their ranks.
Most of them, even including Antifa, thought it was for a greater cause.
It'll all come out.
We got about six minutes left of this segment to give a gestalt breakdown, a prelude, what we're going to lay out here.
But this is solving what happened there.
Now they meant to use this as their entire template.
I've talked to real Army intelligence, highest levels.
I'm not going to say the names of the groups.
Everybody knows the highest level of the Army is Army Special Operations, Delta Force, all that.
I mean, we had live feeds of that when we were there.
They're not like magic people.
They're just like us, but they concur.
This was a failed false flag, pipe bombs found outside.
It was meant to be
Hundreds dead, hostages taken, Q-Tards believing it all.
Q-Tards saying they were going to go take hostages online, but they didn't because the simulation broke down once they actually got there in the real world.
It didn't happen.
A lot of it because Patriots fought them off and stopped them.
So an alliance of Q-Tards with Antifa and some shadowy synthetic militia group, the Fed's control, is what we now know.
More will come out in the days to come.
Robert Barnes, thank you for joining us.
Give us the, again, blueprint of what's coming up in the next hour.
So yeah, I mean, I think it's critical for people to understand and fully appreciate the degree to which Q was a deliberate PSYOP, because a lot of things were put into place.
They expected it to be a much worse event.
They thought that because of the comments being made on the 8-gun message boards and other message boards by Q supporters, that it was going to be much worse than it turned out to be.
The reason why they had to raid in advance, we'll get into that, was because they knew that the people at the Trump speech would not partake and participate and would fight and resist those efforts.
And so we can get into where that was and what they intended it to be and then where they're trying to take it.
They're trying to take it to impeach you and remove the president.
They're trying to bar him from ever running for office again.
They want to tar and feather the entire Trump people.
And the same senator who has longed, or now soon to be president, who took credit for the Patriot Act, saying he drafted it after the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995,
He has been bragging about the new domestic terrorism bill that's already been written and it's ready to go over 20,000 pages and they're going to be it's going to be Patriot Act on steroids.
Patriot Act Part 2 entirely focused on domestic populations entirely meant to target people
For their speech and their activity.
There's already efforts afoot to try to misinterpret the conspiracy sedition laws to criminalize speech.
Once again, we haven't had that in this country since World War I, but now they're trying to re-invoke and reinvigorate that.
There's going to be a mass effort to target anyone that was associated with Trump to not only tar and feather them,
But that goes all the way to the House.
By the way, Brennan has now said, if you were a talk show host, a member of Congress, you must come to communist reconciliation things on TV and say you're bad.
But once you do that, then things really collapse.
People cannot do this.
They're following a tried and true communist takeover.
It's the old sort of struggle sessions from Mao's China.
It's the same dynamic.
That's why they were trying to sucker Trump into resigning under the guise that would protect him when they were going to use that to reaffirm their narrative and the truth of their narrative.
Trump was never going to play games with that and he's not going to do so.
But there's now efforts afoot to expel senators, efforts to expel congressmen, to not only stack the Senate,
This is the most dangerous time in the history of our constitutional republic.
It faces more risk than it did, frankly, in 1860.
That's the kind of threat that they want to impose by ramrodding, using the pretext of this staged event that was heavily facilitated by a PSYOP operation of QAnon and with infiltrators and instigators involved as well.
And I want to be clear, you're going to lay out all the evidence of this next hour.
We talked over an hour last night.
You have the greatest understanding of this.
We were planning months ago, once the 20th passed and Trump was already gone, even before the election, we knew this was coming, the fraud.
We tried to warn him.
You've been personally talking to Trump daily, trying to warn him.
He's finally listening, but a daylight dollar sword.
The good news is, this is the enemy the globalists are losing.
They're having to compress the next 10 years of their plan into just a year because they're so desperate and so far behind.
They're completely terrified.
That's why they're pushing a fake.
They wanted this event to be far worse than it actually was.
So you agree with all my, quote, high-level sources?
I mean, I'm as smart as they are, and so are you.
You can see this, but the Pentagon, the patriots there agree.
This was meant to be a gigantic disaster.
I mean, hundreds dead, thousands dead, bombs, hostages, but people didn't come through.
That's exactly right.
Because there are people there with zip ties.
They arrested one of them in Nashville.
So there are people there that had ulterior agendas, that misled other people who were partaking, who didn't realize what was happening.
Well, I told them, we're Q's secret agents under Trump's orders.
And we're going to go in there and then now... I heard that day one.
Oh, they told him they were about to get Pelosi and grab the proof.
And then sure enough, oh, there's experts.
Oh, this was done for special ops to get Pelosi's laptop.
I mean, this is so scripted, folks.
If you're online, you pledge allegiance to some made-up letter of the alphabet, and then it tells you to go take over the White House or the Capitol or whatever, you're being set up for death.
Just like Arlington Road.
Go see Arlington Road.
If you want to understand this entire paradigm and how they set up good people, we'll be right back.
Hour number two.
This is InfoWars.
Alright, Robert Barnes is going to have the floor for the next few segments to lay out.
The groups involved, how he caught them pre-plotting the attack on the Capitol.
It's all coming up next segment.
This is the most game-changing intel ever.
I'll also tell you the plan to 25th Amendment the President, how you can still fight back, and so much more with Robert Barnes.
Okay, you do not want to miss this information.
But I want to air this special report one more time by Greg Reese.
Here it is.
When the CCP, who openly runs death camps, slave labor factories, and earns billions of dollars each year harvesting their organs, attempts to overthrow your country, what exactly are you supposed to do?
The grotesque vassals of the CCP, occupying the highest levels of our government, would have you believe that you should bleed out and die.
On January 6, 2021, millions of great Americans were betrayed by their government.
They came from all over the country to defend fair elections in America and rightfully demand justice under the laws of the Constitution.
It would be the most historical protest in American history.
Well over a million Americans gathered at the Capitol to demand that Congress not certify the election in light of overwhelming evidence of election fraud.
After all their betrayals, the average American still believed in the democratic process.
They believed in the First Amendment.
And they came to exercise that right.
At the end of President Trump's speech, he announced that we are going to the Capitol to give our elected officials the pride and boldness they need to do the right thing.
So, we're going to... We're going to walk down Pennsylvania Avenue.
I love Pennsylvania Avenue.
And we're going to the Capitol.
And we're going to try and give... The Democrats are hopeless.
They're never voting for anything.
Not even one vote.
But we're going to try and give our Republicans the weak ones because the strong ones don't need any of our help.
We're going to try and give them the kind of pride and boldness that they need to take back our country.
So let's walk down Pennsylvania Avenue.
I want to thank you all.
God bless you and God bless America.
Thank you all for being here.
This is incredible.
But it was this righteousness that blinded us from the enemy's deceit.
Capitol Police opened the gates and ushered in the crowd.
Photo ops were directed inside.
BLM activist John Sullivan, who was arrested for organizing a violent riot in Utah, was inside the state capitol.
Agent provocateurs were seen instigating violence, and the crowd tried stopping them.
Many of us already knew that we'd been set up.
But others gave in to mob mentality and people died.
A window leading into the House chamber was broken, and as Ashley Babbitt climbed through, she was shot without warning.
After 14 years of serving her country, 35-year-old war veteran Ashley Babbitt was disgracefully killed.
Vice President Pence praises Capitol Police.
And after certifying the election, with Ashley Babbitt's blood still fresh on the floors, Pence receives a gold coin.
Like Judas Iscariot, the betrayal is complete.
The CCP and their global propaganda apparatus are trying to paint Ashley Babbitt as a terrorist.
Domestic terrorists.
They are trying to paint all patriots as terrorists.
They are now coming for all of us.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.
Our only options at this point is for Trump to act swiftly with the military or a revolution by the people.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, I do not need to lay out my curriculum vitae or my 27 years in the fight that I am true to America.
I make mistakes, but I believe in human justice and freedom.
I promote it.
Robert Barnes has not even known that he's worked for Trump for months during this election.
Fraud battling at the highest levels, or that talks to Trump on a routine basis.
But we're going to put that out now because we're 10 days out from the inauguration of Biden.
When I tell you that we were calling high-level Capitol Police while this was going on, when I could tell you we had the Pentagon and what they knew, this is real stuff.
Because when you see QAnon or that Q-shaman I had on Friday that went viral, he's like, Jones, I need to hear from you.
Military intelligence told me so on 8chan.
It's ridiculous.
It's like saying, you know, Nigerians offered you a million dollars online.
But once people buy into the con,
They want to keep going with it, so we're not just going to expose Antifa here.
We're going with the truth, Texas.
There was Antifa, and they were the spearhead, but there was also the low-level Q people that thought Trump had told them Storm Nist, we're getting secret documents.
We knew that on Wednesday, that that's what they thought.
In the aftermath, then I saw this retired general, you know what the White House and videos are saying he was?
Saying, oh, we did this to get the Intel, Nancy Pelosi's laptop, as if magic special forces wouldn't just hack into the laptop and get it.
So there's this idea that if someone's been in the military, they're like Superman.
It's just crazy.
So get into Q, get into its two and a half year history.
You can't get at Trump.
You get at his base.
You confuse them.
You turn them into zombies that are getting secret messages.
Explain the science, the technology, and how they said Trump was invincible, Bill Barr was good, you know, all of it.
You start where you want and lay it out for a few segments, the history of Cube, and why we're going after it.
If a listener was into it, we're not blaming you.
You weren't fooled by it.
You just thought it was interesting and it was designed like a crossword puzzle to suck you in.
As some other, you know, little false reality video game.
But for others that can't differentiate, it became very, very real.
So lay out the history of it and what happened on this date.
And not just you telling this a few days ago, all of my sources agree.
Huge victory.
We have this giant group meant to show the Congress the pressure against election fraud and to give them the courage to do the right thing, as the president said.
The last thing we wanted was violence or a problem.
100 or 200 people, provocateur, break in.
The media focuses on that.
Most folks are taking selfies with the cops inside.
It's way overblown what happened inside the Capitol.
They killed a woman.
Some other folks died being trampled, having heart attacks.
They turned it into a huge, giant deal.
20 people died being trampled at a rock concert.
Nobody cares.
You know, folks, five or six people die when the NBA has a Super Bowl championship, cars get overturned, buildings burned, that's no big deal.
But this, we need Patriot Act II for American citizens, conservative speech is evil, don't disband it online, burn it in the real world.
We see what they're doing here, but it didn't go the way they wanted, and at the bottom of the hour you'll get into your sources that confer with mine.
I know you were right there in a cabinet-level office, presidential-level office, when this happened, being advised as it unfolded later.
You were doing the own research.
You were advising them.
That's just some of the background here of the real world, folks.
Not 8chan, Fantasyland, stick your hand in a garbage disposal, randomly go around sticking your ding-dong in holes in the wall, not knowing what's on the other side.
This is the real world.
So, this segment next, get into the background of Q, the psychology, take your time.
Then we'll unpack
All the rest of it and what happened on this day, this horrible false flag that was meant to have hundreds dead, thousands injured, Capitol burning, members of Congress held hostage, truly bringing in martial law, not against the deep state, but against us.
Constitutional lawyer, President Trump's lawyer, Robert Barnes, lay it out.
So, I mean, QAnon is a disinformation campaign that the idea for which has been bandied about for years with the Internet and with these sort of test runs with people pretending to be FBI-anon, pretending to be CIA-anon.
The probability of anyone actually using 4chan or 8chan or its successor 8con to communicate with the broader masses was always extremely low.
For a wide range of reasons, including the fact that the information related to them can be tracked and traced.
So it never made sense the idea there was a high-ranking intelligence operative leaking through 8chan or 8con in the first place.
And in fact, so that's part one.
But what made them successful?
How did they get very smart people, very capable people, many of them involved with prior military experience, very religious people?
How did they become entrapped and ensnared in a fantasy world that was meant to be self-destructive and implosive of populism, of conservatism, of people who want to challenge or question war and empire and the state and the surveillance state?
How did they get them there?
And that's the story of Q. Q is a brilliant disinformation campaign that is unique.
If you look at other message boards and the non-posters that claim to be government agents on those message boards, they do not communicate in the way Q did.
So people who studied disinformation campaigns very early on were telling me this was not just a sort of conspiracy theorist of people going down a rabbit hole on a random message board.
This was showing signs of a sophisticated disinformation psyops campaign being run by somebody with institutional influence and backing.
And part of the ways they were doing so was by noticing how different the messages by the Q in the QAnon world was than the typical Anon world.
And it used things like high-pressure sales techniques.
It used the kind of imperatives and psychological tricks that cult leaders employ, both to defend itself and to propagate itself in the first place.
But it goes beyond that.
One of the new techniques that they were utilizing is something they've learned from incorporating lessons of the reality, fiction, adult game world.
So that you have people that go out on trying to find something and you have part of the game that's fantasy and part of the game that involves or invokes the real world.
And what they found in doing research on this, and in designing and developing the games, was often the game masters, or the game content creators, had difficulty because people would go and see patterns that didn't exist.
That once they got caught into the game, they would, let's say they were trying to find something in a scavenger hunt, and that's what it was, it was part fiction, part reality, and they went to a real house where something was hidden, or a clue was located, for them to find the next clue.
Well, they would go there and they would find, say, three pieces of wood all pointed at a particular part of the wall.
And they'd be like, oh, that can't be a coincidence.
It must be something behind that wall.
When in fact, it was purely coincidental.
They were seeing patterns that did not exist.
Well, what QAnon brilliantly did was use the questioning technique without ever giving answers, use vagueness and ambiguity while appearing to give specific secrets.
Because with Pokemon Go and others, you shift into the VR.
The best VR is a fake template over reality.
So you know reality's real.
You're in a garage, you're in a gutter, you're on top of a building.
But then they found people, if they told them there was a bridge off a building, someone would just jump off the building because suddenly there was a bridge there in their overlay through the Pokemon Go.
That's exactly right.
So it became problematic for the game creators.
There ended up being all these psychological studies on it.
And there was early indicia that Q was utilizing these techniques that they had learned to set people ablaze going in a hundred different directions, none of which were productive.
They incorporated, of course, some aspects of truth.
And it was genius.
That there's a deep state, that there's corrupt actors in that deep state, that there's entrapment.
I always have people go, Jones, there are pedophile rings.
There is a new order.
I exposed it all.
I go, yeah, I know.
Why do you get it off some weird channel that then tells you go out and do this?
It was always a beta test to see, can we electronically make somebody attack the Hoover Dam or drive a train off into these hospital ships they say Hillary's on?
The whole thing is about, what can we get you to do?
And they targeted people who they thought would otherwise be potential active sources of support for crowdsourcing Trump support.
So they looked at people who did independent investigative journalism.
They actually approached you.
Explain this.
I don't know if you want to get into this, but not at the Q level, but above that, we're the intel group and we're with Q. Because again, they give you a virtual reality where you actually think you're fighting for freedom, but you're working for them.
It's like, how do you get a bunch of people like that poor lady that got shot, how do you get someone like her convinced that the consequence of raiding the Capitol will somehow be good and productive for Trump or Trumpism or populism or conservatism or any form of opposition to the surveillance state and empire and warmongering and the rest?
You convince them that really the military's secretly on your side.
Really, the intelligence agencies are secretly on your side.
And there's this power trip, like you're part of this big, giant thing.
Meanwhile, people go, oh, you're in competition with it.
Well, hell yeah, I'm in competition with communism, too.
Or fascism.
Yes, it's this thing taking over of delusional BS because you're being led by the globalists.
This is definitely an AI system.
All right, this is breaking news.
I'm not ready to give all of it out yet.
I'll do it next segment because I've got one more question from our sources that we have this from inside the D.C.
Police Department.
There has been a high-level suicide of one of the deputy police chiefs.
I'll leave it at that.
They're trying to cover it up.
We don't know if it's actually a cover-up.
They may have killed him in the D.C.
Capitol Police.
And there's more coming in.
In Jan, Olympia, and Washington,
Hold on, I'm going to tell you all this next segment.
I'm not ready to get to this yet.
Hey, let me get my guest on.
I'll talk to you right now.
Don't hang up.
Anyways, stupid Q people with their... Point is, this is exactly what you said, Barnes, that they are using this as a digital system.
They tested the guy attacking the Hoover Dam, the guy with the train, the other Q attacks, the woman that attacked the cops, to see what they can do with well-meaning people
I don't know.
So for a while, QAnon has been building into not only a disinformation campaign to distract people, to detour people, to get people focused in the wrong areas and the wrong places and defend the wrong players and the wrong actors, and to get them focused on a national level rather than their own local empowerment, but it was also intended and focused ultimately to create this kind of event.
And that happened starting in the late fall, where the queue was asking people to take oaths, to have them broadcast, videotape themselves taking these oaths, have them broadcast to other people that they were taking these oaths.
And that was beginning to set up basically a future seditious conspiracy allegation against all participants.
And then try to motivate other ones to become more and more violent.
Because the goal was to feel like this election was everything.
And whatever happened, that this was the end of the world.
So they had to take whatever.
So they would either feel futility and frustration and fear and lash out.
Or they would convince a portion of them that the insiders on the government and the insiders in the military and the insiders in the intelligence branches really wanted them to take action.
That's why you have people like that Air Force veteran who got shot and died tragically.
She is likely of the mindset rushing in thinking she's working on behest or at the behalf of the government.
She thinks she's supposed to be there.
She thinks she's there to help the White Hats get the Black Hats.
This is where they incorporated and took fantasy game to a whole new reality.
To a place of, hey, you're now the hero.
You're now the savior.
And you're what you're doing.
And that's why they appeal to people who generally defer to authority figures.
Military ex-soldiers.
People that are deeply religious.
And they're saying, hey, God wants you to do this.
The military wants you to do this.
Righteous people want you to do this.
And so it was laid out to commit all kinds of violence.
And on these message boards, on 8con and elsewhere, they were saying they were going to commit even worse violence.
And there were people there with pipe bombs to the RNC and the DNC.
I'll be honest, the person's dressed up like V for Vendetta like Antifa does.
So we'll see what happens.
And they didn't go off.
I think what some bad actors in the system wanted is to be much, much worse because they already had the insurrection language.
They already had the domestic terrorist legislation ready to roll out.
They already had the mass big tech censorship campaign ready to go.
They expected it to be much, much worse.
And let's stop right there.
You said to me last night, you would expect from your resources and your own research, because let's get down to brass tacks.
I have guests on that actually know stuff.
We don't have to have sources.
Most of the time, you and I have people asking us what's going on.
I don't mean that arrogantly.
It's not like there's magic sources here, magic sources there.
We're smart people.
We live this, Bob.
You're smart.
I'm smart.
But absolutely, what you said last night is more targets.
I have confirmed that a Capitol Police supervisor, the one that ordered the stand down, has committed suicide.
There is an internal bulletin that at least four governor's mansions in the U.S.
have been overrun, governors driven out.
This is not Q crap, this is real.
Uh, and that there are more attacks happening in governor's mansions right now, and that there are more attacks planned in the next 24 hours, and that it looks like deep states are using Antifa and programmed Q-tards, who think they're part of an insurrection, uh, for Trump to actually bring in martial law against us all, and that's why Big Tech is shutting Trump up ahead of actually declaring martial law, and they'll probably kill Trump.
So that's where we're going right now.
The Pentagon is on high alert and trying to figure out, but this is a side group through the CIA obviously running all this.
The evidence that the QSIOP is run by intelligence operators is twofold.
One is its level of sophistication.
Its level of sophistication comes right out of what intelligence branches have been studying.
And it's got AI power.
And then the second part of it is someone high up in the FBI misled the Capitol Police into believing that yes, that the January 6th did not require traditional security defenses to be applied.
But even though FBI in New York were saying that, yes, that needed to apply, NYPD was saying it needed to apply, the traditional metrics, because you're having a massive rally right next to the Capitol, said it needed to apply.
So somebody high up in the FBI misled the Capitol Police into believing, into basically not having adequate security.
And you sent me all the NBC and Washington Post articles where I didn't know 4chan, 8chan, all of them were saying, we're going to attack leftists, we're leading it, we're going to do this.
And again, then they get globalist controllers using Q, just like the FBI used to go into militias and get them to try to do something bad.
I'm not against militias.
I'm against the FBI leading militias to do bad things.
It's 2.0 what happened in the 90s with the Clintons and Holder and then Obama.
Same story again.
Now they're using 4chan, 8chan.
Now they're using
You're absolutely right.
It's not simulation.
It's not reality.
It's a mix of the two.
Augmented reality.
And they've learned that virtual reality doesn't work.
When you put a template up over reality, then people buy into it.
I mean, and they've been playing around with this for years, with the idea that could you have people live in a simulation and then act out that simulation in the real world for their political propagandist effects?
I mean, this goes back, I mean, you mentioned, goes back to the old Warren Beatty movies in the late 60s, early 70s.
Sure, they call it an avatar, where you're in a pod or you're a computer program, but you've got a avatar, you've got a body that goes out and does this.
They take the mind control techniques that used to require in-person presence, whether it's Saran Saran and all of those other ones.
I forget the name of it, but remember there's that Warren Beatty movie where it sort of cinematically portrays what was taking place.
A fiction movie about real world.
Well sure, you've got the Manchurian Candidate.
Yeah, there's the material in KD63, but there's another one, it's something called, I forget, Echelon Conspiracy, something like that.
Late 60s, early 70s.
Warren Beatty's the director and acts in it.
Really well done, capturing how this could be done in the real world.
Loosely portrayed, but more indirectly.
What you already get is a highly suggestible person that's high intelligence, but already mentally ill.
Then you put them into a false reality.
You usually tell them, the old template was, you're a secret agent on a mission.
Lee Harvey Oswald, all of them.
And then they go out on the mission, then they get set up.
That's exactly right.
And what it is, is they discovered through AI and digital manipulation on message boards, they could achieve far more success with far less resources.
And not have psychiatrists having to manage it.
You just program millions to do it, knowing a certain number will, but thank God it didn't all get carried out of the Capitol.
Their biggest problem is they still don't understand Trump's base is extremely non-violent and deeply believes in the Constitutional Republic and is fighting for it, not willing to engage.
They thought there was a lot more militia types out there.
No, I agree, but as you said, this just failed.
So they're going to launch more and it's happening right now.
They've got AI program brainwashing techniques on liberals and conservatives trying to launch a civil war right now.
Let's say something really important here, Alex Jones here back live.
And it's this.
As they raise us on computer screens and TVs 5-10 hours a day, as people become more autistic, as they become less human, less personable, they're more suggestible, they're more easily programmable.
As they sit there and buy into a riddle, buy into something secret, buy into they're important.
Like when a Nigerian prince offers you that first $10,000.
This is royalty that's talking to you.
They're only asking for $500.
You get $10,000 back.
Don't tell me it's a scam while you're just mad that I've got this special deal!
And that's all QAnon is, is Nigerian email scams.
And I'm not attacking people that got into it or got conned by it.
If you had an abortion, as long as you recognize it was wrong, I'm not blaming you.
Just repent.
I'm just telling you, it's the globalist operation, and we saw Q-Tards with Antifa go into the Capitol and do this, and I see others on Infowars.com and Banned.video in the comments saying, you're a coward, Jones!
You don't want the war!
Well, I don't see you out there doing a war.
I was there organizing these rallies to try to get the election fraud investigated.
I was working with the President.
For real, you know, not in a fantasy world, not online, not in a lie, but in the real world.
So was Barnes, on record.
So I know we're not as cool as the game, but we're in the real world.
We're not in a simulation.
But those that are in the simulation want you to only worship the simulation.
It's very sick.
It's very sad.
And now I have this horrible news that governor's mansions, a bunch of them have been attacked.
They're using this to go into martial law.
They're not giving up with only
Ten days left of Trump, nine and a half days, because they want to repudiate everything he did before he leaves.
Barnes, get into it.
I mean, there's so many points.
What is your plea to the Q people to realize what they're part of?
They're so narcissistic, they just love it being talked about, no matter how delusional it is.
Or, moving on to the general public, what does Trump do?
What do we do to counter this nightmare, this nightmare situation?
There's really three things on Q. One is it's leading people into dangerous places that is going to hurt the cause and hurt everything they claim to care about.
So that's the reality of the consequences of following Q leads to bad things for the ideas that they care about.
And at that point, it's time to pay attention.
It's like being in an abusive relationship and pretending he still loves you when he keeps hitting you in the face.
So at some point, you got to look in the mirror.
The second component of it is what they're using it now they're going to try to rush in domestic terror legislation that is Patriot Act on steroids which targets domestic Americans and it's no surprise who's the president is that wants to sign this because the guy who took credit for the first Patriot Act tried to pass it.
Targeting domestic dissidents in 1995 after Oklahoma City, and that was Joe Biden.
Joe Biden was the original author of the Patriot Act.
They just didn't get it passed until 9-11.
And the reason they're trying to use this rhetoric and this language, the Off-Guardian did a good piece on it.
If they've been building on it for six months, this was the perfect pretext to achieve the objective they want.
So anybody following QAnon and taking action based thereon is putting themselves and their causes at serious risk.
The most constitutional danger they may have ever been in in American history.
And third, they're going to try to use this to destroy Trump.
So they've already banned him from almost every social media metric.
The President of the United States not able to communicate to his own citizenry through the most prominent means of social media access.
Unheard of.
And yet, that is the reality.
It'd be like if the public access television stations wouldn't broadcast a press conference.
I mean, that's where we're getting.
They want that level of gatekeeping control.
And then they're taking a step further.
You can't Shopify today.
Stripe says they will no longer process donations to anything related to Trump.
Trump's campaign email server revoked their access.
Like I said a couple of days ago, everybody is going to experience what it's like to be Alex Jones.
Because we are all Alex Jones now, and that's how we are going to be treated.
And we better prepare accordingly.
And whether that's preparing by storable food, whether that's preparing by setting up independent access, being involved in places like Gab, and Rumble, and Locals, and any other platform.
And we'll talk about that next segment, but I saw that tweet you sent me of Jack Posobiec.
Thank God he's still on Twitter.
A veteran patriot, you know.
He's like, here's Alex Jones trying to stop the riots.
The media says he was running the riots.
But normally when they lie about me, no one's there to even show what I did.
I can put it on Band.Video, a lot of folks see it there, but it can't be shared to the masses.
That's what they don't want you to see.
They want you to see CNN saying Jones led the attack and fired projectiles at police officers.
None of it's true.
I mean, the criminal level of lying.
So if they can ban the president from email and from banking, who is safe?
No one!
This is the global social credit score, Barnes.
And it goes back to why they timed the raid when they did.
They made sure that they raided the people who were participating in storming the Capitol.
They made sure the people at the speech were not there yet.
And they did that deliberately because they knew that the people from the speech would have stopped them from doing it.
Would have stopped them from attacking.
Like many did who were at the scene who showed up later.
Like you did when you showed up at the scene later.
That's why they had to storm the Capitol while the President was still speaking.
The, uh, this was all a false flag statement.
That's right.
In fact, witnesses that were there, like, I saw all these guys, like, in their own uniforms, right when Trump's spot, like, let's go, go, go!
They all just did it.
And then, like, later, go, go, go!
It was like one guy's on a, go, go, go!
I mean, this was like a military landing at Normandy.
That's why the QAnon always targeted ex-soldiers.
There were a bunch of ex-soldiers that were within that group.
And they thought they were simply executing another constitutional oath duty because they'd been misled by QAnon into doing it.
That's how you get people who have no criminal history, no history of violence against anyone outside of being in the military, suddenly doing things that are insane from those of us observing it.
But that's because they're living the simulation.
And this simulation, if they keep living it out, leads to the destruction of every freedom and liberty we've ever cared about.
And that's why Q must be exposed for the psy-op.
That's right.
All the crazy Q people that have been arrested, killing somebody, doing whatever, they have this crazy look on their eye, like they're so proud.
And it's the same thing with anti.
They have it like this.
They just, like, some lawyer shoots a random dude that didn't stop at a checkpoint at BLM.
He shoots him in the head.
You look at him, he's so proud of himself.
He tells the jury, I did because he was a white racist.
And it's a white dude that killed him.
I mean, this is programming.
Because the Milgram experiment, as you said, explain to Milgram and Stanford Research Institutes, if they believe that an authority figure tells them moral people will become immoral,
That's exactly right.
So, I mean, all that happened at Milgram Experience, people walked in, they saw a guy with a white lab coat, he told them to keep turning up, to continue to shock a stranger just at his orders, and over half of them shocked the person all the way up until what they thought was death.
And so they learned from, and then they've always been trying to recreate that, and what it is, the combination of AI and digital message boards have made that possible.
At a scale and a scope we could never imagine.
We wonder why they've made the move for lockdowns and masks and checkpoints.
They finally have the technology ready.
And Q had its greatest success with the staged event of raiding the Capitol.
And by the way, there are all these idiots that send me messages and I see it online.
Jones is jealous of Q. Q took over his audience.
Q gets the money.
I was persecuted for supporting Trump and almost went bankrupt.
I could have co-opted the Q thing.
I tried to be nice to him and educate him.
Don't believe people you don't know.
Don't go to random places.
They didn't listen.
Because again, there's not just dumb liberals, there's dumb conservatives, there's dumb nationalists.
So the sick part is, we wake them up, and then they just run off and get picked up by a globalist program.
And it's just so sad, Bob.
And really, I tell people, watch what Q defenders say, because it's often either A, the sign of a cult defense, the same things that look like the people that defended Nixxiom, or it's projection through accusation.
Confession through accusation.
So what they're really saying is they always wanted... Hold on, Stanley, let's talk about that, because I've noticed they'll go...
Like, Parisians go, military intelligence, military intelligence, military intelligence, military intelligence, like they're a parrot.
And they go, oh, you just don't know, you're Mossad or whatever.
And then it's just, they're like randomly believing weird cults and people that say whatever.
You're being led by the globalists.
You just attacked the capital with Antifa, you idiots.
And others go, good, it's time to take it over.
Really, how'd that go for you, dumbasses?
So, President Trump wanted to get a million people in D.C.
to show the strength of the American people, to show that Joe Biden can't fill a backyard, but Trump get a million people to put pressure on them so we'd have a 10-day debate about election fraud.
But instead, the Capitol Police stood down, Antifa, with a few people that thought they were on a secret mission to get
Data with QAnon rushed in, and I've got the articles right here, even NBC News the day before, with the 8-chan boards.
Oh, we're going to rush it.
We're going to do it.
And I had a QAnon Q Shaman on.
He goes, oh, we metaphysically took over.
Now everything's fixed.
OK, well, let's see if Trump's in in 10 days.
What happens to QAnon in 10 days when Trump's gone?
I already know, Barnes.
I've talked to a few people.
They go, oh, Trump was never part of it.
Q actually is defeating Trump.
You know, it's this.
Once they're engaged in a mental illness, there seems to be no getting them out of it.
And people should look at techniques to get people out of cults and employ the same techniques and tactics.
Aside from getting as much information to as much people out there so no one else gets suckered into it, so that people stay observant about what is being preached in QAnon world to stop it from happening, to deter it, to discourage it, to dissuade it.
Because it turns an awakening to world government up.
It's everybody's individual choice to see it themselves.
I've never had a cult.
They just take it over and make it a cult where some weird internet service tells you what to do and then you all have Q-Priests that tell you what to do.
That is sick!
And it's brilliantly done.
As you mentioned, the great film Arlington Road with Jeff Bridges, you know, captures how they do this in real time.
Just apply that times 10 in the digital world, particularly when a bunch of people have been locked down.
Think about how much the lockdown locked people into a digital world existence that helped facilitate and promote this.
So what does President Trump do?
What do we do?
What do you take of this ominous news I just told you of attacks being led against Democrat governor's mansions?
I think there's several different things.
One is exposing Q to as many people as possible within the patriot and populist movement so no one else gets ensnared by it and trapped by it and dissuaded at every stage and level they can.
Or if you want to get into it, fine.
Just don't go randomly into a parking garage at night if it tells you to.
And don't believe the, it's distracting people from crowdsourcing relevant information.
It's distracting people from productive constitutional action.
It's distracting and detouring people, not only into very self-destructive mechanisms, but also simply becoming irrelevant politically.
I mean, you had people who said you don't have to worry about defending or pardoning Julian Assange because he's secretly safe helping the president.
That was all a lie.
Oh, the woman that got shot dead at the Capitol.
She's alive.
Oh, and the guys that run QAnon, they congratulated Joe Biden.
I mean, that's the insanity and inanity of it.
Yeah, you look at that.
You look at the Watkins father and son and what their whole role.
I mean, you dig into Watkins past, the guy who runs 8chan before that, where all of Q has been promoted and promulgated for.
One, he doesn't even live in the United States.
Two, he got his start by helping produce illicit pornography for Japanese consumers.
So this is not a source that's trustworthy, reliable at all.
But the next thing is to start looking at productive ways to be independent.
Not only supporting places like InfoWars, but also using the technologies and methodologies that InfoWars has in a sense of independent access of whether it's Gab, whether it's blockchain, whether it's Bitcoin, whether it's locals, whether it's Rumble.
You know, finding all the independent mechanisms and means to stay connected, to stay involved, to stay invested in a democratic, peaceful manner.
I agree, but what could Trump do with 10 days left?
I told you yesterday, now it's in the news, 25th Amendment, they're holding over his head.
I think he calls that out, points out Antifa launched this, declassifies a lot of information, and goes on the offense saying Joe Biden's going to bankrupt this country, get ready to be raped.
I think we should be seeing him from the Oval Office.
They can't stop him transmitting there.
Even if they censored him off all these platforms, he still has the power of the President.
It will be even bigger than ever.
He must speak out.
He must not go quietly into the house.
Who has been the number one most successful adversary of the Deep State as an individual in the last 40 years?
Julian Assange.
Pardon him.
Is it a coincidence that Q launched and had success while Assange was silenced?
Assange could have been someone to discredit Q from the inception.
So the, uh, pardon Julian Assange.
Do not take any gamble or risk that he, that that gets reversed and he ends up getting extradited.
Number two, pardon Ed Snowden, who has helped expose the deep state surveillance state en masse and different ways to contest it, to allow him, free him up to continue to do so.
And third, give the equivalent of an Eisenhower farewell address that just lays it all out while declassifying every piece of information you can.
What I would do is, I would do my farewell address if I were Trump and announce the declassification in the farewell address.
So people are hearing this nonsense about power outages and Lin Wood is pushing insane theories.
None of what Lin Wood is saying is true.
They're all lies.
You warned me about Lin Wood two years ago and I didn't even know he was.
It rolled my eyes.
You were worried about him then.
You were, I mean, yeah, that's why I respect you.
How the hell were you worried about him two years ago?
Because of his behavior during the Salmon Covington cases, where I was representing all the Covington kids, was the sign of someone who was not mentally stable.
And it only accelerated and escalated after that.
And then he butchered the Rittenhouse defense, took a lot of money that apparently never even went to Rittenhouse.
I mean, just a debacle.
Before he got into this debacle, where he's going to end up disbarred, Sidney Powell disbarred.
But he's giving people terrible advice.
I mean, the young woman who died was following Lin Wood.
I mean, Lin Wood was tweeting out... Well, I don't want to be mean to Ms.
But I watched her videos going to the Capitol.
She was literally, I get it, when women get in combat.
I watched her.
Women can fight, but you don't put women in combat units because when they start killing people, they go crazy.
She was like... That's why they were like, she literally thought she was under Trump's command and under Lin Wood's command.
So Lin Wood has been a source of major disinformation.
Well, what happens to him in 10 days when Trump's gone?
I mean, what happens to the Cutards?
I think two things are going to happen.
Another reason to continue to study Q is I think Q will transform and will have a new explanation.
You're already seeing it, that Trump was a tool for them to continue to have power and that power is still secretly theirs.
The second will be they will launch other versions of Q targeting other groups for different causes.
Is that an excuse?
Q has been a successful beta test, so now we're going to see other versions of it for the left, for everybody going out.
We have to stay on hyper-alert because the new mechanism of brainwashing that is Manchurian candidate-level dangerous is the new QSYOP methodology.
And we have to stay alert.
No, no, I agree.
Again, it's not Q. It's the science and programming behind it.
I tried to reason with Q followers, but it's their video game.
It's their baby.
It's their mommy.
And they're just like, no, you don't know.
They'll literally go, you don't know military intelligence.
I'm like, I can pick Delta Force up right now and call the CIA.
And I'm like, okay.
And I'm like sitting there talking to crazy people who have no idea that the CIA doesn't know anything.
None of them know anything.
It's totally insane.
Oh yeah, completely.
And it's brilliantly done, and masterfully done, and dangerously done.
And now all of our freedoms and liberties are at stake.
So what the President can do is pardon Julian Assange, pardon Ed Snowden, declassify everything, give an Eisenhower-style farewell address that lays it all out.
And come out and say they're going to shut your carbon off.
When China's open, carbon is power.
Carbon keeps the lights off.
The Industrial Revolution is oil.
They're bringing into a dark age.
I warn you.
I tried.
I love you.
I fought.
I care about you.
They're going to destroy me because of my truth, but I love you.
Here's the Agenda 2030 operation, and you need to take action.
McHugh's like, don't take action!
It's all handled.
Army Intelligence is in charge.
I mean, just massive levels of misinformation meant to get people to not take constructive, positive action.
Those people who are out there, you know, continue to crowdsource investigative, independent research and review, continue to do independent grassroots journalism, independent of and separate from and divorced from Q, continue to be proactive and productive, continue to support places like InfoWars.
InfoWars is the model for independent information and a free press and free speech to stay alive.
Because the audience supports it, the audience backs it.
You go to Infowarsstore.com, you buy products that you like at a discounted price.
And the reason to do so is to keep the freedom of press.
That's right.
Owen Troyer is about to take over with Sunday Live for two hours, take calls, the rest of it.
And I'm not bashing Q supporters.
I've been conned before.
I'm just saying, we saw Q forces under Antifa control attacking and saying, oh, Jones, you're a wimp.
You don't get it.
This just killed Trump's whole operation.
I just can't sit there and take it anymore.
I've been fighting Antifa, I've been fighting the Democrats, I've been fighting the shy comms, and this, you can't believe something that's a message board.
You've got to do it yourself.
America, Bill of Rights, Jesus Christ, your family, that's where it's all at.
Robert Barnes, thank you so much for the time tonight.
We really appreciate you, and you've been warning of Q and trying to get me to go after him for a while, but you've been proven absolutely correct.
Thank you so much.
Glad to be here.
Anybody that's part of Q, you're part of a QICOM operation.
Disown Q and return to Americanism.
That's right.
It's Manchurian Candidate 2.0.
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Want to thank you all.
And I'd be more popular if I embraced the Q thing.
I don't care about popularity.
I care about the truth, and I'm not going to be part of these lies.
It's Antifa and the Cutards that sunk us at the Capitol.
All right, God bless you all.
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