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Name: 20210109_Sat_Alex
Air Date: Jan. 9, 2021
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During a broadcast on InfoWars, the speaker claims that Trump was given an ultimatum by cabinet members and Republicans, and the Capitol riots were used as an opportunity to discredit him. They criticize the media for exaggerating the severity of the Capitol incident compared to previous protests like BLM or Antifa, and argue that Trump should release clips of Democrats making violent threats. The speaker anticipates that Trump will be removed from office but urges him to fight back and expose the corruption within the Republican Party. They also mention an exclusive interview with Roger Stone scheduled for later in the broadcast. The speaker believes that there will be widespread civil unrest due to Americans understanding the importance of rule of law and that they would not stand

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It's Saturday, January 9th, 2021.
11 days from the inauguration of Joe Biden.
Tomorrow's news today.
Ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much for joining us tonight.
Roger Stone is set to join us coming up in about 15 minutes with exclusive information concerning the future of the presidency, the Republican Party, the American people, and then President Trump's personal lawyer, Robert Barnes, is joining us to break down big tech censorship and the globalist digital coup and how Trump has a dwindling 10 days and a few hours to fight back.
I want to thank the crew for coming in on Saturday evening for this emergency transmission.
Here we are.
We will loop this broadcast after it's over until I go live again at 4 p.m.
tomorrow with a Sunday transmission.
First off, Pence is a politician.
A lot of good rhetoric.
I personally like the guy.
Bill Barr's likable.
He's a traitor.
He's the one.
I had this from Capitol Police that were there at the meetings.
On the night of the 6th, after the Capitol got stormed.
And I have it from White House sources as well.
When Pence was there and they were saying, if you don't do a 25th amendment, we're going to impeach Trump.
And Pence said, I will go to him and I will get him to capitulate and say Biden's the winner.
And then he can be cut off the internet.
He can be cut off Twitter.
He can be cut off his email.
He can be isolated first.
And then if he needs to be removed, 25th amendment, and then if you want to impeach him, that's up to you.
And that's why Joe Biden's so excited and has invited Pence to the inauguration.
It says he's a good person.
So this is the true art of political treachery that you see at moments like this.
And I told you that Wednesday night, it came out Thursday evening and the capitulation speech.
And I said, Trump's been given the ultimatum.
It happened.
Now, some said, oh, Trump will just buy time and strike back.
No, Trump is totally demoralized by what he's seen.
He wanted to try to lead the Republican Party back.
He couldn't prove election fraud, which was overwhelming.
He wanted to have his 10-day hearing.
He wanted to force Pence into the vote, but a small group of Antifa and Q people attacked the Capitol and went in.
Nothing compared to what BLM does, or Antifa usually, but
The media made a huge deal out of it, called it the biggest terror attacks since Pearl Harbor and Chuckie Schumer's, you know, like Audie Murphy.
And the Republicans turned on Trump at the leadership level.
And so Trump had no choice.
Everybody on the cabinet but Ben Carson wanted him removed.
It looked like they had enough votes to do it.
And so Trump said, fine, I'll capitulate.
But I don't agree that there was no fraud.
And we should try to fix these problems in the future.
Here's the key.
They don't want Trump to politically survive this.
They want to discredit him and blame him for the Capitol and act like it was bigger than the Holocaust of Adolf Hitler.
Because they don't want him to lead the populist movement in the future against the corrupt Republican Party establishment and continue the populist takeover of the Republican Party that Infowars and Ron Paul and this great audience began.
And that's why, I already know this, but I talked to people right there at the White House, and they've got a political gun that Trump said, saying we may still do 25th Amendment.
But it's kind of like saying, hey, I got a gun, you got a gun.
Put your gun down, and I won't pull the trigger.
Kind of like three cops got guns on you, you got a shotgun.
They're like, hey, lay the shotgun down, kick it over to the side, we won't kill you.
And Trump's laying the shotgun now, down.
And as soon as he laid that shotgun down, that political split second cut off his email, cut off Twitter, cut off everything.
He can't even email his constituents, can't even private servers.
His own companies are all being shut down.
And it's like, they're turning the lights off.
They're flipping the switches off.
So that when they 25th Amendment him, or when they impeach him in a fraudulent operation with the Senate they just stole, and this coup,
He can't speak out, he can't fight back.
That's why he's got an Oval Desk, Oval Office, Resolute Desk, Emergency Transmission now.
And he's got a layout, clips that are already compiled all over the place, but Twitter's blocking them, Facebook's blocking them, but they're at InfoWars.com, a man.video.
Of a Nancy Pelosi and Chuckie Schumer, I mean, in fact, I noticed the Schumer clip wasn't on here.
We should try to air that on the Sunday Show.
Where Schumer, remember when the states were going to ban abortion?
Remember when they were about to approve Kavanaugh?
And then they would have enough votes to overturn Roe v. Wade.
He said, we will destroy you!
We will annihilate you!
You're going down!
I mean, you talk about incitement.
Chuckie Schumer went further than anybody.
Chuckie Schumer threatens Trump over Roe v. Wade.
I mean, it's there.
You've all seen them.
You've all heard them.
They go to people's houses.
They death threat.
They said they want physical insurrection.
Trump has to get those clips, resolute desk, and just play the clips and talk for a few hours.
You see the left getting arrested in the Capitol.
You've seen them say that if Trump got rid of Mueller and the probe that they should burn down D.C.
and have a civil insurrection.
Ted Lieu threatened widespread civil unrest.
That's what you saw was a little bit of civil unrest.
Out of a million protesters, a couple hundred thousand at the Capitol, a hundred or so went through mainly antifund, some Q loons.
Because they thought they were under command of the president, they were hurting the president, going in and breaking a couple things, and then four citizens get killed and a cop dies of a stroke later, reportedly.
Days later.
We're still set he died.
Yeah, that's what he said.
Find that video.
I want to tell you, Gorgeous, I want to tell you, Kavanaugh, you have released the whirlwind and you will pay the price.
You won't know what hit you if you go forward with these awful decisions, Schumer said.
That's the quote.
And he said more than that.
We're going to get you.
I mean, I said far fewer things were like, arrest Jones for what he says.
Schumer, I'm never going to hurt you because God is going to deal with you.
You've got God to deal with you, hunchback devil worshiper.
Your protege, Anthony, the pedophile wiener.
You have a horrible desire in you, son.
And that's why you're not with God.
You're with your father, Satan.
So go to your Satanism.
Depart us.
Get behind me, Satan.
So that's what Trump needs to do.
And we're going to talk to Rocker Stone and get his take on it.
Exclusive commercial for you today.
We'll have a few breaks for stations, but we're not going to have much ads for InfoWars.
And so much more.
But let's start
Going through these clips, let's just play them back to back.
Let's play Ted Lieu, Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder, Cory Booker, James Clapper, Maxine Waters, and see if you guys can pull up Chuckie Schumer, Charles Schumer, reap the whirlwind.
It should pull it up.
Because they're saying Trump's like, peacefully marched down there.
His son, I met the speech.
Don Jr.
Says, we're not like the left that burns down buildings and kills cops.
We build up America.
We're going to peacefully march.
That's what we do.
The idea that we were like, Oh, Jones and Trump got caught launching their assault on the Capitol.
No, the Capitol police stood down and let in the few rioters to stage this whole deal.
And that's all going to come out and Trump should appoint a special prosecutor on that.
Oh, you say I'm guilty.
I'm appointed a special prosecutor because we know the Democrats were to stand down and we know some of them were Antifa.
That's now been confirmed by law enforcement.
So go ahead and roll these clips back to back here.
Let's start with Ted Lieu threatened widespread civil unrest.
Hell, the other people threatened to kill Trump.
Remember the CIA guy said, we're going to kill this guy?
Here it is.
President does go ahead and fire Robert Mueller.
We would have people take to the streets.
I believe there will be widespread civil unrest because Americans understand that the rule of law is paramount.
You think there will be civil unrest?
Widespread civil unrest?
I do.
I think you're going to have protests and marches and rallies and sit-ins.
I believe Americans would not stand for the firing of Robert Mueller.
First of all, the President hasn't been able to point to a single thing that Robert Mueller has done wrong.
There is no basis to fire him.
Let's stop right there.
Then we'll play the rest of the clips.
He says we need to have widespread civil unrest.
He's calling.
We need to have civil unrest.
That means burning buildings, all this.
We did find Schumer, we'll get to that in a moment, but first let's go to Hillary Clinton and what she had to say.
Here's Hillary.
You cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for, what you care about.
That's why I believe if we are fortunate enough to win back the House and or the Senate, that's when civility can start again.
But until then, the only thing that the Republicans seem to recognize and respect is strength.
And you heard how the Republican members, led by Mitch McConnell,
The president really demeaned the confirmation process.
It is time for us as Democrats to be as tough as they are, to be as dedicated as they are, to be as committed as they are.
Michelle always says, Michelle Obama, I love her, you know?
Big Mike.
She and I are like really tight, which always scares me and Barack.
Big Mike.
But Michelle always says that, you know, when they go low, we go up.
When they go low, we kick them.
So that's their excuse, like, oh, they're dirty, they steal elections, they beat people, they shoot people, so it's okay if we do it.
To say, oh, my neighbor robs people, I'm going to go rob him, even though you don't have proof.
It's an excuse to act evil.
It's total crap.
We all know you're a low holder.
You ran an Oklahoma City bombing.
And Fast and Furious.
Here's Cory Booker, told his activist, get up in the face of some Congress people.
And it just goes on and on, but here it is.
Before I end, that's my call to action here.
Please don't just come here today and then go home.
Go to the Hill today.
Get up and please get up in the face of some Congress people.
So folks went, women and others got shot and killed because they broke through and pushed through some people.
He called them terrorists and said we're survivors of Pearl Harbor.
What's the danger if Donald Trump wakes up angry, watches Fox & Friends, and fires Bob Mueller?
Well, I hope he doesn't do that.
I think it would set off a firestorm.
I think it would be, you know, not only on the hill, but in the streets.
I really think that would be a bad thing to happen.
I think Rod Rosenstein is probably more vulnerable.
And then they demonstrated that power the last few years, burning down police stations, community centers, public housing, going to random people's houses, and that's the big takeaway here.
You had over a million conservatively show up in D.C.
for this over two days.
They've never seen a crowd this big.
Not for Martin Luther King, not for Louis Farrakhan, not for Barack Obama, not for George Washington.
Nothing like it ever.
Of course, back then, George Washington sat at his farm, so nobody was there but him.
But the left, and the communists, and the Antifa, the BLM, they go out and burn down
Waffle Houses, and Wendy's, and shoe stores, and auto parts stores, and people's sewing company, and small car dealerships.
And they shoot and they kill.
And they burn and they murder.
And they do all this, the media says, oh they're good, it's mostly peaceful, you know, Maxine Waters, get out there, attack them all, do this.
And they just attack random places to terrorize America that if you don't give us what we want when we steal elections, if you don't do that, we are going to burn America down.
But patriots went to protest the Capitol and say, we know you're criminals and stole our election.
We want you to see our numbers to know Joe Biden can't fill a parking lot.
And we can bring over a million people here.
And so they stand down and let some rabble through with some antifa starting the fight with a couple of cutards, and they turn around and point their finger at us and say it's all our fault now, and then the Republican leadership that's bought and paid for by the same big money comes up and goes, oh yeah, we're bad, oh, oh God, Trump's evil, because they don't want any populist power ever keeping them in check.
And so that's the real issue that happened.
When they're burning hamburger places, when they're burning preschools, when they're burning private houses, when Antifa or BLM just comes into random neighborhoods with little kids looking out the windows and says, we're gonna kill you, your house belongs to us!
Those are the good guys!
But when some Antifa and some Q lunatics hijack our rally and a few of them go inside, oh they're terrorists and it's the end of the world and Chuckie Schumer survived Pearl Harbor.
It's a sick joke.
But what's sicker is the Republicans going along with this.
And acting like this is some big discrediting moment for Trump and they want to change the subject from election fraud.
They want to change the subject from global government and the sellout to China.
And what Trump needs to do is not just keep exposing the election fraud, but expose the Chinese takeover and explain Biden's going to turn off the coal plants again.
No one can do business here.
All the jobs will leave again because we'll have expensive energy and you're all going to be bankrupt.
And he didn't want you to have a $2,000 check.
Remember that.
So they know.
Instead of hiding the last 10 days, he's got an office and then they can rewrite who he is and steal victory from the jaws of defeat.
But I know this.
You have stood with us and we haven't surrendered and we haven't backed down.
Trump had an ultimatum, a 25th Amendment gun put to his head.
I understand it.
But now he knows they're coming with another 25th Amendment attack once he's cut off in the next few days.
I would guess Monday or Tuesday.
Because they want him, like Nixon, flying away in the helicopter so they can say, oh, he's repudiated.
Oh, he was the bad man.
Trump has to act now to not be Richard Nixon.
Separately, you the listeners can act now to take this live feed and share it and to take the archive once it's banned out video.
Our emergency message to President Trump, the 25th Amendment coup is still live.
And to give it to everyone they know on their email list, their text messages, their word of mouth, and to send it to the White House and to the President.
This is an information war.
It's all about silencing us.
So what do we do?
The opposite when they try to silence us.
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And we will never surrender.
We will never back down.
We will never give in.
We can give out.
We don't have your support and prayers, but I know you're going to do that.
So thank you.
And thanks to the great crew.
We're going to go to break with a clip of just some of where I tried to stop the invasion of the Capitol.
And when I was leading the march from the middle of it, because it had already left, I was saying, let's be peaceful.
And that forced a retraction by the Wall Street Journal and others, but now other publications owned by Democrat puppet groups are still putting out that Trump ordered me to lead the assault that discredited Trump.
I don't want to just shoot myself in the head.
It's total BS, not true.
And I'm not saying this because I'm worried about being indicted or arrested for this.
They're not going to call me to Congress for hearings about this.
I wish they would.
This is being done to just act like I'm a criminal and Trump wanted to attack the Capitol, which is ridiculous.
So here's the evidence that I didn't do that.
And then Roger Stone is scheduled to be on with us along with Robert Barnes.
Tell folks, tune in right now.
History's happening.
Every minute counts.
God bless you all.
Here it is.
So let's start marching and I salute you all!
Listen to me.
Listen to me.
We've got a permit on the other side.
It's great that this happened.
But Trump's not going to come when we've taken this over.
We're not happy.
We're not BLM.
You're amazing.
I love you.
Let's march around to the other side.
And let's not fight the police and give the system what they want.
We are peaceful.
We won this election.
And as much as I love seeing the Trump flags flying over this
We need to not have the confrontation with the police.
They're going to make that the story.
I'm going to march to the other side where we have a stage where we can speak and occupy peacefully.
Tell everybody behind you, march to the other side.
March to the other side.
You guys are better.
You guys are great, but the police provocateurs have caused a problem, and the police are throwing flashbangs.
We don't want to have a Kent State here.
So, I love you.
We're saving the republic.
This is beautiful, but please tell everyone you know, march to the other side!
We're going to march.
Trump is going to speak over here.
Trump is coming!
Trump is coming on the other side!
So march with us!
Go slow!
Come off the... Come off of the... Come off the stands!
No people behind you!
Come off the stands!
Everybody listen to me!
Trump's over here!
Trump's over here!
Trump's coming!
Come to the other side!
Tell everyone!
The other side of the Capitol!
Tell people behind you, come off the stage.
We're not stealing the stage like the Democrats did.
You've done a great job.
Come down off of there.
Let's peacefully go over here.
Tell everyone you know.
Run from the other side.
Hey, hold on for a sec.
Alex, let's take a look behind you.
Look at that fucking crowd.
Alex fucking Jones!
He's the one that's the problem now.
He's the one that's the problem now.
Is there a way that we can get him to the position?
Through the hole, through the hole.
You guys can reach right there.
Let's go to the stage.
We just showed up.
Trump's at the door.
Go up to there.
Call when they are up there.
Take them up there.
Use your voices up there.
Call them back.
Call them back.
Watch out, guys.
Thanks, man.
Thanks, man.
Bye, guys.
Folks, I'm going back down, because Trump's not going to come when we go down.
Let's go.
Stand where we are.
I'm going to go back down and get ready for Trump to come.
Stop her steal!
I love you.
Stop her steal!
I love you all.
I salute you!
And we are back on this Saturday, January 9th, worldwide transmission with less than 11 days until the inauguration of the communist Chinese public agent, Joe Biden, in our marriage, both politically, culturally, and economically to the communist Chinese super state.
And joining us on this Saturday is former political prisoner, recently pardoned, Roger Stone, who went ahead and left D.C.
early when he saw the event that unfolded at the Capitol.
So Roger Stone joins us to lay out his predictions that have totally come true about coordinated information coup
Against the American people and against elected officials.
The Mexican president has called this incredibly dangerous and fascism.
I agree with him.
This is a technocracy takeover.
Huge developments there that Roger wants to hit first.
Then we'll talk about what happened in D.C.
from his eyewitness account and the political fallout from that and what President Trump needs to do with less than 11 days left in office to counter this false narrative that he launched a fascist terrorist attack on par with Pearl Harbor.
against the Capitol when the Democrats were running around hitting non-government targets, murdering police, burning down buildings, burning down homeless shelters, burning down hospitals, burning down Wendy's, shooting themselves and others.
That's all loving and good with Democrats saying they should go out and do it.
So, Roger Stone, good to have you here with us.
So much to cover, so much to break down today.
Let's go to Big Tech first.
Well, Alex, I hate to say this, but precisely what both you and I have been predicting for over four years has come to pass.
I remember very specifically in the second year of the Trump presidency, in a phone conversation I had with the president, in which I attempted to warn him about the evils and the impact of internet censorship.
And the president said, they'll never shut me down.
Well, unfortunately, that's proved to be untrue.
At that time, the issue, of course, was the deplatforming of Trump supporters, conservatives, Christians, Republicans, freethinkers, anyone who supported the president.
In other words, removing the president's amplifiers, removing his megaphone.
Now they've gone the final step.
They have censored the president himself on Twitter, on Facebook, across the board.
When people censor you in American politics, it means that they cannot win a battle of ideas.
They can't win an honest debate.
They have to silence you because they can't defend what they have done and what they are proposing.
That's where we are now.
They hope in the deplatforming, in essence, of Parler, with now Google and Apple saying that they will no longer make Parler available on their App Store, nor will the Parler URL be available on an Apple device.
That's mass censorship.
That is the mass censorship, essentially at this point, of all mass communications.
So where we are today is network television is censored.
Cable television is censored.
They're talking about having the FEC close down OAN, close down Newsmax, close down Fox, in fact, although Fox may be moving left enough, fast enough to save themselves.
This is a slippery slope because they seek to cut off communications between us so that one patriot cannot communicate with other patriots.
This is the greatest single danger the country faces.
It is also the only thing that makes the events of last Tuesday and Wednesday possible.
I'm prepared to talk about what I did in Washington D.C., what I saw in Washington D.C.
It bears no resemblance to the mainstream media depiction of what happened in that city.
Roger, words cannot describe historically how dangerous the situation is when Google says we're removing your app.
And now they're announcing that major web browsers are going to start blocking Trump and any of his supporters and quote, other dangerous groups.
So now you can't even get to the URL.
We were talking last night.
You said to me on the phone, you watch, it's going to be the URLs next.
I got up this morning and now they're announcing they're going to start blocking URLs with blacklists.
We know what happens with this.
And so this is the communist Chinese firewall system.
Being brought to the United States of America and we know invariably every single time that this is done.
Next is the arrest.
Next is the gulags.
Next is taking the property.
Next is brainwashing the children.
Next is medical tyranny.
It's all coming.
The dam has broken, and the Republicans by increment have let this happen.
They're now so intimidated, and you've got the Democrats coming in with all three
I don't
No, you're absolutely right.
You see, the hypocrisy at this point on the left is waist deep.
We all remember earlier in the year when BLM and Antifa thugs were burning down police stations, trashing businesses, smashing windows, attacking peaceful citizens, looting, and so on.
I listened carefully for Joe Biden.
He said nothing.
Kamala Harris, she exhorted them on.
Chris Cuomo praised them as some kind of freedom fighters.
He's demented, by the way.
But now we're denouncing everything that happened at the Capitol as seditious, as evil.
Now, let's be very clear.
Within moments of what I saw happening at the Capitol, I went up on Parler and denounced it.
I said, those responsible should be arrested.
There is no room for violence in our system.
We denounce violence.
We renounce violence.
In my own case, I'd like to walk through my day.
I spoke Tuesday night in front of an incredible rally.
That video is available online.
You can see it from Bloomberg News.
You can see it from, I believe it is, Right Center.
Those people show my entire video.
At no time did I advocate violence.
At no time did I advocate lawlessness.
But here's the rub.
After my Tuesday night speech on Wednesday morning, I awoke because the situation at the White House and on the Ellipse was so disorganized and chaotic.
My own security detail told me that they could not guarantee my safety were I to go to the Ellipse.
And therefore, I elected not to go to the Ellipse.
I watched the President's speech and the speech of others on television in my hotel room.
And in fact, I took photos and videos so it would be time-stamped.
And I can prove that.
I watched the President's speech.
I went back and watched it a second time.
At no time did he advocate violence.
He did advocate a peaceful march to the Capitol.
Such a march is constitutional, legal.
It falls under our First Amendment rights.
I was not at the Capitol.
In fact, I was in my hotel room at the time that the controversy at the Capitol went down.
I have a lot of questions about what really happened in the Capitol.
Deborah Wasserman Schultz, who heads the committee that oversees the Capitol Police, admitted yesterday that they were not on full force, that they opened the door, that there were inside perpetrators who assisted the entry.
We need to look into that.
That needs to be studied.
But here's the most amazing thing.
I elected to leave town immediately on a private jet, leaving my hotel at approximately 5 o'clock, probably a little... 4.45.
After I left,
20 DC police cars pulled up, surrounded the Willard Hotel, meaning covering the entrance in the front and the back.
A phalanx of SWAT-clad officers entered the hotel, went to the fifth floor, went to room 500 where I was registered, pounded on the door, finally opened it, only to learn that I had left town an hour before.
What was that about?
I committed no crime in D.C.
I advocated no violence in D.C.
I know you had a similar experience, but I got out of town and I'm glad I did.
God was, one more time, protecting me.
Because we both know that the jackals in the fake news media would be seeking to accuse me today, as they're accusing Donald Trump Jr., as they're accusing Mayor Giuliani of inciting violence.
A crime.
There's no evidence of that.
Well, that's right.
Roger, they're calling it sedition.
They're calling it an insurrection.
They're claiming all of this, and they're saying Jones has confessed on air, but literally dozens of major publications, London Independent, Media Matters, you name it, go, strangely, Jones slipped up and confessed on air.
He led the attack.
No, I was on record for weeks that no one was putting money forward for the event.
On the 5th that we spoke at that was peaceful and nice in the Freedom Plaza.
And then we were going to have another event we were going to have on the 6th to then march the Capitol peacefully as we've already done several times.
And then
I get there and hundreds of thousands had already gotten there.
The crowd was so big Trump didn't believe us when he said a million people.
And so it's already going crazy and only a hundred or so people out of hundreds and hundreds of thousands broke through and we have the video.
It was mainly Antifa and some of these Q people that thought they were given secret messages by Trump to do this.
It's just unbelievable that this went down, and then I have all the footage of myself there for hours trying to get people out of the building, trying to stop it, not realizing a woman had already been shot and killed and others have been killed.
And it's all on video.
It's all at Bandot Video.
The Wall Street Journal had to retract.
They said Jones, out of range of police projectiles, commanded the attack.
Well, I had lawyers call them, send them the video.
They went, okay.
They retracted, said Jones tried to stop it.
Obviously, why in the hell
Would I want, we're about to have 10 days of debate and research into election fraud, and the tide's turning, and we're grabbing victory from the jaws of a fraudulent defeat.
Why the hell would Trump want this?
Why would I want to give them this huge victory?
It's asinine that we've had all these other events that are peaceful.
Trump's had hundreds and hundreds that are peaceful, Roger, and then now they're spinning it that Trump and I...
We're haunt showing this when the reason I told the Trump story was to explain Trump said make sure no one is violent and everyone is peaceful.
The problem was Trump didn't believe it'd be bigger than 50,000 people because his other rallies are that big.
He said he goes, I just see hundreds of thousands out there.
Is it is it a million?
Yeah, it's like a million they estimated.
He goes, Oh, wow.
And then yeah, and then I'm supposed to lead that with a bullhorn.
So again, Roger, the issue here is exactly what Lindsey Graham said.
I don't agree.
These are terrorists.
LARPers want to get photos and selfies inside and some Antifa.
Still, vandalism is wrong.
Lindsey Graham said the Capitol Police stood down.
They did stand down, Roger, by putting literally 20 police up against hundreds of thousands and then letting provocateurs breach it.
And then they got an order on their radios to order up all the gates and let everyone in.
Seems to me that there needs to be an absolute law enforcement focus on identifying those people who actually, initially breached the building.
I'd like to know who those people were.
I am completely opposed to what they did.
This isn't how we settle things in America.
I went up on Parler echoing Rick Grinnell, who I think is one of the greatest patriots active in America today.
The man who is singularly responsible for finally declassifying the documents that prove that the entire Russian collusion matter was an illegal hoax, was a scam on the American people, and he was the first person I saw to denounce violence.
I did so seconds after him.
This is where we stand.
Now they're trying to bastardize our view, trying to depict us as domestic terrorists, which are not, lawbreakers, which we are not.
I've seen the video of you on a bullhorn, Alex, saying, no, turn back.
This is a peaceful demonstration.
Do not enter the building.
But that's not the way the mainstream media wants to depict it.
I was not even, I was in the air when there were still violent protesters inside the building.
I was still in the air.
It was not until I landed in Miami that I learned that the building had been cleared and the process, the constitutional process, had been resumed.
But here's the point.
We have been vilified.
Great Americans like Matt Gaetz and Jim Jordan and others have been vilified by fulfilling the constitutionally prescribed process for questioning an election.
Sorry, New World Orderists.
Questioning the results of an election is legal in America.
It's called the First Amendment.
We have a right to examine our election.
That's right, Roger.
It's fairly adjudicated somewhere, and if we cannot get
An honest, fair judicial decision, and we cannot have an honest, fair, transparent election, and we cannot have any action by our legislatures, federal and state, because they're constipated, either out of fear or out of special interest influence, then they are cutting off all methods of peaceful, democratic reform.
What was it that President John F. Kennedy said?
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable.
That's not what we want for America.
That's not what we have advocated for America.
This is the deep state at its worst.
Alex, last night after my wife and I returned from dinner, first chance we've had dinner alone together in quite some time because I've been so busy, a leftist on a bicycle arrived in front of my house and tried to run my wife over.
He came back three times and kept trying.
My wife, as you know, has rheumatoid arthritis.
She has a hard time moving quickly.
Had to report this to the police.
I'm tired of being publicly assaulted by leftists who start screaming that we are the violent ones, that we are the ones
That is a falsehood.
I will not be blamed for something I had nothing whatsoever to do with, which I denounce, which the President denounces, which you have denounced.
This is a false flag operation, in my opinion, that seeks to blame people who had nothing whatsoever to do with the events inside the Capitol.
I do want to know who the people are who led this charge to break into the building.
They must be identified.
Let's find out who they really are.
That's right, and in closing on this big subject, we'll look at Trump, the new impeachment move, ten days left, what he should do, what we the people should do, what you think Biden's going to do once he gets in.
There's so much I want to talk about with the time we have with Roger Stone, recently pardoned for, again, the crimes he did not commit.
Thank you.
And we don't want that.
And I said that at the time, but you notice when they had guns, nothing happened in Wisconsin, nothing happened in Michigan.
The liberals, the Democrats, have taken over a bunch of capitals.
Anybody can type in.
Remember when the Democrats said there were capitals in 2004, 2008 and years like that?
They got very, very violent and broke things and did this.
And I'd been there when Code Pink's yelling and screaming and throwing things and hitting police and the rest of it.
Do they get shot in the head when they break a window?
And I don't think they should.
And so that's what's really important here is you literally have maybe a hundred.
We've talked to Capitol Police about this, who briefs Congressman Gates and others on this.
And they said, look, we know who it is.
It's some Antifa that wanted trouble, joined by some Q people that thought they were literally all being commanded to be there and taking selfies, believing that the government was about to fall and Trump was about to take it over.
I mean, absolutely ridiculous.
So you had Antifa paid to do this and then some delusional
You know, QTards.
I'm not saying all Q people are bad, but these are the Tards.
I mean, people that go take photos of themselves in Pelosi's office and then, you know, reportedly steal her laptop.
I mean, you're going to prison for a long time, dumbass.
So that's not how you take a government back by force, if you were, which I don't support.
That's how you...
Totally changed the subject from the Trump very close to getting the votes for a 10-day emergency investigation to show all the election fraud and everything we needed, everything I peacefully pushed for, like when I was in Georgia and we went in with the state reps holding hands, hundreds of us peacefully, and chanted in the Capitol and then left.
So, so, out of control, not good, but I'll just say this.
When Antifa, in fact I have a graphic right here, overhead shot please if you can zoom in, BLM riots lasted seven months.
Federal buildings damaged, hundreds of small businesses destroyed, conservatively billions in damages.
Capitol riot lasted several hours, condemned by all Republicans and Democrats, encouraged only by fringe political groups, police force used, one person shot dead, 14 officers injured, one federal building damaged, no small businesses destroyed.
Nationwide outrage for that, but no outrage for what happened with the
We're good to go.
This is insane.
We were winning the political war.
Everything was about the election fraud.
They've been trying to stop it.
They couldn't stop the fraud coming out.
And so, because Antifa got there, was there before Trump even spoke, we know, started breaking some windows, did this, because the police stood down, then attacked later.
With a small force that couldn't push people back, that triggered this.
Then there was a stand down.
So I think we need to see the good Republicans and Trump go on the offense.
And Trump should say, Roger, I know you've been calling, I hope you call and tell them to do this.
Hey, don't let them notice Mr. President.
As soon as you said, okay, my supporters were bad, I condemn this.
Instead of, it was a very small group of hundreds of thousands, less than a hundred.
Some Antifa is now being reported with a few other bad actors who took control of the situation because they were understaffed on Capitol Police and stood down.
And there's footage of the police opening things up and there was some vandalism and a woman was killed and it was terrible and one officer had a stroke.
But compared to everything that Antifa did, and everything BLM did, and all the dead, and all the burning buildings, and the community centers, and the public housing, and all of this...
This is crazy to sit there and say that my supporters are violent and that I supported this when I've always been against it and we've had hundreds and hundreds of rallies without any major problems.
This is ridiculous and I do not take responsibility for this and I want to hear Joe Biden and I want to hear them all repudiate all the violence the Democrats have done that they haven't repudiated.
And you can show ours.
I have an article right here, Roger.
It's on InfoWars.com that has dozens of videos of Pelosi and Maxine and all of them saying
We need civil insurrection.
We need civil disobedience.
We need violence.
We need some fires.
We need some burning.
We need some... I mean, it's all right here where they have these quotes over and over again, specifically calling for violence and going to people's houses.
And then, oh, but that's all good.
So by Trump, and I know I'm ranting.
I'll go back to you here.
So by Trump...
And the Republicans totally saying, oh yeah, these are terrorists.
Worst thing since World War II.
Oh my God.
It's changing the subject at the end of the Trump administration, instead of him saying, Joe Biden's about to screw the living hell out of you.
So I'm going to stop ranting.
What would your advice be to the president?
Well, that's a complicated question.
Unfortunately, the way America works is there has to be a backdrop of public support for any action by any public official.
And the historic mass censorship of all mass communications in the United States
Thank you very much.
is to order Attorney General, Acting Attorney General Rosen to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the corruption of Joe and Hunter Biden.
Mr. Rosen will refuse.
Fire him and have federal marshals remove him from the building immediately.
That would remove the authority to the next standing individual in the order of authority at the Justice Department, who I believe will carry out that order.
Let Joe Biden fire a federal prosecutor who looks into his corruption.
It's called the Saturday Night Massacre.
Let's try that, Joe.
Let's see if that works.
And as far as Nancy Pelosi is concerned,
She is mentally deranged.
She's not well in the head.
The combination of booze and pills is obvious every time she opens her mouth.
Her insults to the president are not acceptable.
She must be removed in a democratic form.
She should be removed by her caucus because she's a disgrace.
She should be removed by the voters in her district.
She's disgraceful.
She is not mentally there.
She is the one unbalanced.
I was told by our high-level sources at the Pentagon
On Wednesday night they said they are considering 25th Amendment right now at the Capitol.
Pence is there with the leaders and the next afternoon it came out that indeed they'd met with Pelosi.
They demanded that we're going to do impeachment if you don't remove him right now.
Pence went back and told Trump
You better come out and decry your supporters.
You better come out and say you're going to concede and transfer power to Biden or we're going to do 25th amendment.
And he threatened him and brought some of the cabinet in that said they were going to do it.
And that's how they got Trump to do that.
The Q people responded by saying it was a CG the next day when Trump came out.
I don't know.
What have you heard from your sources?
And then the most important question, what do you expect with this attempt to impeach him before he leaves office so he can't run again and also take some of his post-presidential powers away?
How do you see that unfolding?
And how can he come out and make statements without having Pence remove him via the 25th Amendment?
How can he appoint special counsels?
How can he give a speech?
We're good
Well, first of all, Alex, I think we have to take both a short-term view and a long-term view.
The President still has awesome constitutional powers which he can enact.
We need a special counsel to investigate the 2020 election.
We need a special counsel to investigate the investigation into the Russian hoax and determine whether Mr. Durham should be charged with obstruction.
Where's the Durham report?
When will it be released?
We need to know what they found.
And then lastly, we certainly need to look into the sedition and the influence peddling of Joe and Hunter Biden.
Those things I think are required.
The president does still have the authority.
There is a method to get an unbiased, non-political special counsel, someone who's honest, to look into those matters.
Here's the real problem.
I have no doubt that the America First wing of the Republican Party is the dominant wing.
The people re-elected at the Republican National Committee, Ronna McDaniels, must be subjected to a full financial audit of every dime spent by the Republican National Committee.
She is an incompetent.
She did not support this president.
She raised $200 million in an appeal to help the president.
Yes, as a donor to the Republican National Committee, I will be bringing a lawsuit for an audit.
Two members of the National Committee will be bringing a lawsuit for an audit.
The Republican National Committee is dysfunctional and incompetent.
Folks, if you're a fine American and you've been donating to the Republican National Committee, do not give them another dime.
Not a dime.
Until we find out how they spent their money in the last election.
Why was there no Hispanic language radio in the last election campaign?
Why was there no urban radio in the last election campaign?
Our polls showed that Hispanic voters and African American voters were wide open to Trump, that he could have made deep inroads into those groups.
But Ronna McDaniel did nothing.
She may have been re-elected yesterday.
She's going to be removed if it has to be by a court.
Because the corruption at the Republican National Committee is rife.
We need a full, complete audit.
We need to see where our money went.
These people were not loyal to the President.
They are not loyal to the President.
They are not worthy of his support, in my opinion.
And Roger- Here's the other problem though, Alex.
I believe that the America First constituency within the Republican Party and within the country remains a majority.
But if you can raise all the money you need, if you can nominate the very best candidates in the country, but you cannot get an honest, fair account of the election, what is the point of running for public office?
Well, that's right.
So there's election fraud, there is political oppression, there's total censorship.
I mean, those are all the base ingredients of a total tyranny.
So let's talk about that.
Because where you're going is where I was going next.
Americans now are really waking up.
As bad as the tyranny is, that's causing a gigantor grassroots seismic shift of the realignment, three times bigger than it was even five, six years ago that brought Trump in.
I mean, I actually...
I'm concerned about this because I want to fix things peacefully.
There are a lot of people that weren't just Antifa breaking into that Capitol building.
They're a minority of the Trump supporters and nationalists, but they're sick of talk.
They've seen the left's violence, and they're ready for physical 1776 on informational
And they're not just the Boogaloos.
Some other groups are converting over to Accelerationists.
And so the left is really conjuring their destruction.
But the Chi-Coms are going to sit back and laugh if we have a violent civil war.
So I don't want that.
And I'm not going to let them scapegoat you or I or Trump as wanting that.
So I want you to speak to the Accelerationists, because that ties into Trump's speech that you didn't see, because you had a feeling and left.
All of this is going on.
Trump made a big deal about it.
We're taking over the Republican Party.
We already did it.
We're going to run people that are nationalists and America firsters.
And I'm not going anywhere regardless of what happens in 15 days or whatever it was.
And that's why they want to discredit him and want the impeachment or want the 25th Amendment.
I think so.
I mean, his damn email's been cut off, brother.
I mean, they're not doing that for no reason.
And they're not doing it, quote, just until he's gone.
He needs to address the nation now.
He needs to explain the big picture here of what the left's going to do to this economy and the country.
And now he fought for us and go over his accomplishments.
We've seen the former governor of
Arkansas come out and say, hey, Trump, you screwed up.
You shouldn't have capitulated like this.
You should have said we decry whoever it was.
We should investigate.
We think there's leftists in there.
We don't act like the left.
But yeah, I decry this.
But look at all our accomplishments.
And Joe Biden's going to rape the living snot out of you.
But instead, he didn't do that.
And Mike Huckabee's right.
He should have done it.
We have to take the long view.
When Joe Biden becomes president with a Democratic Senate and Democratic House, he will raise taxes.
He will raise regulation.
He will give us, who knows, 100, 200, 300 more days of lockdown.
The economy will crash.
Joe Biden will be the most hated president since Herbert Hoover.
And we would win the midterm elections, we'd take back both houses, and we'd have a good chance of winning back the White House in 2024.
But not if we cannot get an honest election.
And therefore we have to do what they do.
Go into each state on an individual basis, go into the legislatures.
A number of the laws that were passed to loosen the election laws in the states like Pennsylvania are unconstitutional.
We have a lot of work to do to make the next election competitive.
But I believe in changing the country through democratic elections, not through violent insurrection.
And anyone who writes otherwise about me is going to face a defamation suit.
The bad news about that is, how do you find an honest court and an honest judge?
We're now to the point that even our judicial system is under question.
It has been so politicized.
Woe be unto you if you're a Republican or a Trump supporter or a conservative and you come to trial in the District of Columbia because to the District of Columbia Circuit of Appeals, the law means nothing.
The Constitution means nothing.
Legal precedent means nothing.
Federal regulations and rules mean nothing.
They just do what they want.
Sorry, State of Affairs.
Roger, I want to end where we started.
We really appreciate your time.
I cannot stress enough what it's like for you and I. We both experienced it at about an equal level.
Few have.
And we're not like doing a victim competition here.
But we get to speak on this because we've been the furthest down the mineshaft as canaries.
We warned everybody as we were both deplatformed, silenced.
And then they could lie about us.
They could build straw men.
They could build, you know, these facsimiles up.
And we were the beta test.
They now admit that.
Now they're saying, oh, we're taking your email.
We're taking your browser.
We're taking everything of anybody that opposes us.
So this isn't deep tyranny.
This is super tyranny.
And so I want to fix things peacefully.
But civil disobedience is coming.
And other things are coming.
But this doesn't turn around, and it won't be a bunch of folks running around taking selfies of themselves in the Capitol if the globalists and chi-coms keep pushing this, because this is a real takeover, and Congress and the governors and others...
Must act, because when you have all big tech acting in concert to suppress the president when he's about to be impeached, now he doesn't have a voice?
If he was an axe murderer, caught with a bloody axe, with a dead kid in the back of the car, he would get his defense.
So this is very dangerous, Roger, and I'm saying they're moving against Trump.
He thinks if he rolled over they were going to leave him alone.
No, that's why they're cutting him off.
He still had power a few days ago.
And so I predict they're moving against him.
With 25th Amendment, or worse, or with this impeachment.
And so, we need everybody that can talk to him.
I was talking to General Flynn's folks, and I said, he's got to call Trump, and he's got to tell him, you know, right now you've got to give a press conference and say, listen, I'm sorry for whoever did this, but compared to the Democrats and what they've done, my God, he's got to get on the offense.
As soon as he said, okay, I'm guilty, they said, okay, we're dropping the boom on you.
You and I have talked about this before.
Once they get you to do that, they come to you and they say,
Just say you're sorry for this, and we'll all be friends and be nice.
I've had them do it to me.
And as soon as you do that, they attack you.
It's some weird rule they've got, Roger.
So, can you speak to that and speak to Big Tech, and then tell folks where they can find you?
Because now more than ever, Infowars.com, Newswars.com, StoneColdTruth.com, people have to remember URLs, share them by text message, by email, celebrate them, because we're gonna be the last men standing in this fight, folks.
We're going into true tyranny.
No, you're absolutely right, Alex.
Andrew Weissman, the sadistic, evil, twisted, incredibly corrupt former prosecutor who was involved in the Mueller investigation has already announced his intention to invent some new crime to indict me on.
You see, truth is dangerous.
We have to silence the truth tellers.
But the only way to take this country back is through a democratic election and therefore our highest priority has to be going into the states to fit the electoral machinery so that it is fair, so that it is honest, so it is transparent.
The Democrats worked for four years to do this.
The people of the Republican National Committee were asleep.
They did nothing.
They saw this coming and they did nothing.
No, I agree, but don't you think Trump shouldn't let
His apology and them demonizing him be his last act.
He's got to get around this, and he's got to energize his base, like he did in his speech before this happened on Wednesday, saying we're going to continue with a populist movement to take over the Republican Party.
He absolutely must, and here is why.
As a veteran of the Nixon administration and the Nixon campaign, they used the impeachment to bury all of his greatest accomplishments.
He desegregated the public schools.
He signed a strategic arms limitation agreement with the Soviets.
He opened the door to China to play them off against the Russians.
He ended the Vietnam War.
This list goes on and on and on, but all those accomplishments have been buried in Watergate.
Now they seek to bury the accomplishments of Donald Trump.
The greatest economy in our lifetime.
The rebuilding of our military strength.
The renegotiation of our international trade deals to bring the jobs back here.
The appointment of solid conservatives of all levels of the judiciary.
Donald Trump is the greatest president of my lifetime and they're trying to blacken his name and turn him into the villain he is not.
I watched the recording of his speech on Wednesday twice.
He never called for violence or insurrection.
It's a lie and anyone who says it is a liar.
And the very leftists that said it actually say we need civil insurrection, we need burning, we need fires.
I played it earlier before you came on.
I mean the very people that said he did this, we've got them on video saying it!
Now there's the irony.
Let's take Chris Cuomo.
The problem wasn't the violent attacks on police and citizens and the burning and the looting.
The problem was the root cause that motivated people to do that.
You're retarded, Chris.
That's mentally ill.
That's not well.
You're not a well man.
You won't face me face to face because you're a pussy and you know you'd lose a real debate.
You're just a bully.
You like to shout over people.
This guy's a disgrace.
Shouldn't be on television.
He needs to be back in the, back in Long Island, threatening people outside of his house.
Well, Roger, I know you're finishing up your book now.
I'm glad you had it late because now you're going to have this big chapter.
That'll be out soon.
Tell us about the name.
Tell us the website and tell us.
Folks, I've got to tell you, I know Roger moved from a nice house to an apartment.
He lost everything.
I know what fighting the deep state cost.
It's cost him four wars.
I don't want to let him know the numbers.
It'll make him so happy, but it's cost us a lot the last three years.
And I know that it's about three times what it's cost Roger, but he didn't have the money.
We had, we had, and it didn't matter to me.
I wasn't worshiping the money, but it is incredible what it takes to beat these monsters in this rig game.
So how do people financially support you to stay in the fight, Roger?
Because you're a signet.
You're like a standard, you know, that army has a flag or a Roman, Roman Eagle.
The enemy wants that.
They want to capture Roger Stone, they want to capture Trump, they want to capture Alex Jones, silence us, then demonize us, steal our identity, and use us to brainwash school kids against America.
We have to stay around, we have to stay on air, and we appreciate the viewers and listeners.
Being our champions.
We'll be champions for you, but you need to stand with us.
Is Trump perfect?
My perfect?
Is Roger perfect?
But we love God.
Trump stood in the gap.
He made the enemy so upset and so fashionable to throw him under the bus.
Well, I'm a...
Winner patriot, winner soldier.
I'm not a sunshine patriot.
And I stand now with Trump as he's been decimated and surrounded and demoralized more than ever.
And I pray for president Trump's strength and for him to give the enemy one last great dash of information warfare and truth and special prosecutors.
Alex, you just put your finger on it.
The single most important thing everyone can do is listening to this broadcast is pray.
God has always smiled on this nation because we are based on Christian principles.
We must pray to God Almighty because God sees everything.
He knows the difference between good and evil.
He knows who the evil ones were.
I prayed to God fervently to deliver me from my persecutors, and He did.
And I'm eternally grateful for Him to giving the President the courage and the strength to right the injustice in my case.
So please, folks, pray for the United States.
Pray for our Presidents.
Pray for democracy.
Oh, by the way, here's my favorite.
Bernie Sanders in a tweet said Donald Trump was undermining democracy.
Hey Bernie, you don't believe in democracy, you're a communist!
Or did you forget that?
Simply incredible.
Ah, Roger Stone, there are no atheists in foxholes.
So again, you've got several defense funds.
You've got one that's for your expenses, you're very honest about it.
Another that's for all your legal.
You need legal stuff right now, right?
Because you're filing suits on the left.
I have no choice.
You see, the fact that I'm pardoned allows me the unique ability to file lawsuits against the federal government, the Department of Justice, the FBI, and every one of my individual prosecutors.
I have stone cold, indisputable evidence of prosecutorial misconduct by the judge, by the jury, by the prosecutors.
Truth will bear out.
Truth will be brought forward in the final analysis.
This is maybe the only chance to hold those responsible for the Russian collusion hoax responsible, at least by exposing what they did.
They can be held civilly responsible, because Mr. Durham will not do so, and Mr. Barr will not do so.
I'm also going to write a book on Mr. Barr.
The first book that I'm going to finish is called Roger Stone Did Nothing Wrong, My Political Prosecution and the Heist of the 2020 Election.
Look for it early next year.
And then I'm writing a story on Bill Barr.
Let's tell his entire story.
People need to know exactly what this guy did.
What's the intel on Pence?
Because I want to believe in Pence.
He says a lot of good things.
He's very slick.
But a lot of the intel is coming out.
He was the big mole the whole time.
He stuck the knife in Trump at the end.
Is that accurate?
I do not think that Mike Pence stood up for the President and therefore he has chosen to end his political career.
Mr. Vice President, try running for any office anywhere in the United States.
You are done.
Completely done.
You have betrayed your President.
You have betrayed your country.
It's disgraceful.
All right, a powerful interview, Roger.
Thank you so much for coming on with us.
It's good to have somebody that I can bounce stuff off of, because we've been through a lot of the same stuff, but you've been around a lot longer than me and have a lot more wisdom than I do in many areas, and I've got some experiences you haven't had, so we're able to really come to a lot of good decisions together.
God bless you, and we really appreciate you.
Thank God, Alex.
Thank you for having me, and praise Jesus.
Only God will see us through this.
Please, my fellow patriots, my fellow Americans,
Fall to your knees and pray.
God will never abandon you.
God will never abandon the United States of America.
God will stand up and protect us.
Get yourself right with God.
Thank you, Alex.
All right.
Thank you, Roger.
God bless.
All right, we're going to go to break.
Come back with Robert Barnes.
And I appreciate the crew.
We try to beef the crew up.
People come, people go.
We have a great crew.
They've been working seven days a week lately because they understand this is historic.
So we're in here on Saturday.
We're trying to hire more folks and get more shows going so we can cover things as they're breaking.
I'm really pleased and blessed to be here on Sunday and I appreciate Roger coming on on Saturday and I appreciate Robert Barnes coming on on Saturday and then on Sunday tomorrow we have the regular Sunday show 4 to 6 p.m.
and then Sunday live with Owen Schroyer 6 to 8 p.m.
as well but I appreciate the crew in there and the great work they are doing on this Saturday afternoon.
This is going to be a two-hour transmission, so we're going to go to break and come back with Robert Barnes on the other side.
He's working for Trump behind the scenes on election fraud.
He'll give us his analysis of
Censorship, where the country is and where the deep state's going to strike back next.
And so we'll be right back.
Please stay with us.
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Because that's what Americans do now.
They're always willing to trade away a little of their freedom in exchange for the feeling, the illusion of security.
What we have now is a completely neurotic population obsessed with security and safety and crime and drugs and cleanliness and hygiene and germs.
There's another thing.
Where did this sudden fear of germs come from?
In this country.
Have you noticed this?
The media, constantly running stories about all the latest infections.
Salmonella, E. coli, hantavirus, bird flu.
And Americans, they panic easily, so now everybody's running around, scrubbing this and spraying that, and overcooking their food, and repeatedly washing their hands, trying to avoid all contact with germs.
It's ridiculous, and it goes to ridiculous lengths.
Fear of germs.
Why, these f***ing
Hey, where's your sense of adventure?
Take a f***ing chance, will ya?
Besides, what do you think you have an immune system for?
It's for killing germs!
But it needs practice.
It needs germs to practice on.
So, so listen.
So listen.
If you kill all the germs around you and live a completely sterile life, then when germs do come along, you're not going to be prepared.
And never mind ordinary germs, what are you going to do when some super virus comes along that turns your vital organs into liquid sh**?
I'll tell you what you're going to do, you're going to get sick, you're going to die, and you're going to deserve it because you're f***ing weak and you got a f***ing weak immune system.
Let me tell you a true story about immunization, okay?
When I was a little boy in New York City in the 1940s, we swam in the Hudson River, and it was filled with raw sewage, okay?
We swam in raw sewage.
You know, to cool off.
And at that time, the big fear was polio.
Thousands of kids died from polio every year.
But you know something?
In my neighborhood, no one ever got polio.
No one.
You know why?
Because we swam in raw sewage.
It strengthened our immune systems.
The polio never had a prayer.
We were tempered in raw sh**.
Infowars, tomorrow's news today.
You know, it's an excellent movie with Leonardo DiCaprio.
I'm not a big fan of Hollywood and actors, but he is a great actor.
Howard Hughes, Texan, famous oil family, but his mother would scare the hell out of him and give him three baths a day and put chemicals all over him and probably beat the hell out of him if he got any dirt on him.
And so he grew up a neurotic.
And that's all the globalists are doing.
All the studies show that if you don't get a lot of bacteria and a lot of crap on you, you have no immune system.
And he got sick a lot because of that.
But if you have been in it, and you've got the nutrients you need, you gotta have both.
If you've got the nutrients you need, and you've been exposed to a bunch of stuff, you basically can't get sick.
You know, you see I go out and shake hands with a thousand people at those rallies, and I don't want to be gross, but
I realize when I'm washing my hands before I eat that I'm actually hurting myself.
Sometimes I just say, screw it, and I just go ahead and eat that hamburger with everything, all the hands I just shook, because I know it makes me strong.
And I'm like, man, I shouldn't let them program me to manipulate me like this.
I want the bacteria of the thousand people I just shook.
They're humans like me.
I'm interfacing with them.
So this time in D.C., I didn't wash my hands, except at night or in the morning when I took a shower.
I got big old cheeseburgers and I just ate it and licked my fingers.
And I get sick about once every five years maybe.
And it's like a little fever and I feel great and it's just gone.
So there you go.
And what George Carlin told you is actually true.
There are big studies out there.
Now if somebody's got cholera or bubonic flavors, pus coming out of their hands, you want to put them away a place and not be sucking on that.
But in general, 99% of germs are good.
Something like a third of your solid structure is bacteria.
If you don't have it, you die.
You know, now they're having people are taking so many antibiotics, they're so sick.
It's a new thing in the last 20 years that's curing all sorts of things like Crohn's disease, much other disorders.
They're taking fecal transplants from folks that have good gut flora and giving people enemas with people's feces.
Now, see,
I'm not going to need to go there because I eat a lot of raw foods and vegetables and things out of the yard and stuff like that.
I take probiotics and I take my living defense.
I don't want to get gross with people, but this is the reality of what we're talking about.
Yeah, antibacterial soap, literally, literally gives you cancer, lowers your fertility, totally screws you up.
And they have these cracking, bleeding hands.
They're all neurotic.
It's a joke.
It's sick.
I'll tell you what I do have phobias about, and we're going to our special guest, and that's Fukushima and other nuclear reactors.
Over 80% of them are leaking, they now report.
And here's the deal, you get some background radiation, that's one thing.
You know what they call a hot particle?
A plutonium-uranium that goes in your lungs?
Five years later, ten years later, a year later, you get a big, fat, juicy tumor.
And there's no amount of vitamins and minerals and hand-washing that's gonna help you from that.
So, cyanide, kill you in about a minute and a half, you take it.
No matter how healthy you are, it'll kill you.
So, I'm real concerned about black widows that live in Texas.
I've been bit by a brown recluse when I was a kid, rotted a big hole in me.
I'm scared of spiders, I know they're really dangerous.
I've learned what to worry about.
And shaking hands ain't it, ladies and gentlemen.
Now, if somebody in your family's got the flu and they're puking everywhere, you might tell them to stay in their room, wash your hands when you go bring them food or whatever, because it is transferable.
But the idea that we all live in bubbles is a joke.
When you're already healthy and you're not sick, you shouldn't be wearing masks, you shouldn't be doing all this stuff.
And look, I know our audience knows it.
I'm going to stop ranting and I apologize.
We've got Robert Marns on the line, constitutional lawyer, one of the smartest people I know, whoever's really smart.
I like to get him on the show.
He'll give us his take on the incredible situation we're in here in a moment.
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So now without further ado, let's go to constitutional lawyer.
Very smart individual.
He did a lot of work for the Trump campaign on election fraud around the nation to give us his breakdown on.
We are all Alex Jones now in his own words in a text to me last night.
Google did.
I mean, this is an information takeover.
What you do when you take over a third world country, you cut off their communications.
This is just incredible to see this unfolding and then with what happened at the Capitol and all the rest of it, it is one hell of a time to be alive.
I describe this as a multinational foreign coup, not a coup by Trump, a coup by the deep state.
They tried a lot of coups against Trump.
He was kind of our coup, but barely held them back.
Folks thought he was invincible.
That was the weak point, as they're now seeing he's not.
And so to lay all this out, starting wherever he wants, what happened at the Capitol, the censorship first, where we're going, what he thinks Trump should do with 10 days left, and so much more, Robert Barnes.
Thank you, sir.
Yeah, Alex, as you warned about from the get-go and as you've been warning about for several years, the key was to make sure the protest in D.C.
stayed peaceful.
For 99.9% of the people, it did.
For everyone who was at the speech, it did.
What happened, however, was there was sort of a PSYOP operation going on.
As you've been warning about the Q phenomenon all the way through, it had the hallmarks and attributes of a PSYOP on behalf of deep state actors, not in opposition to them.
It misled a lot of people down a rabbit hole, and there were giveaways and tells all along, but clearly the QAnon movement is the movement that ended up breaching the Capitol and doing the damage to the Trump campaign and to the Trump supporters that was used as the pretext.
Solely for the massive power grab we're seeing both by big tech and by state actors.
I mean, you were there warning people to stay away from the Capitol in terms of don't raid the Capitol, keep it peaceful, keep it a protest.
And all of your constituency did do that.
In fact, I mean, all the people who came from the speech and went down there were not the ones who ever went inside and did anything wrong illegally inside the Capitol.
What happened is while Trump was still speaking,
Is when the raid on the Capitol took place by a small group of people, which was infiltrated at by some degree that we know of already by Antifa, BLM and outside agitators, but was largely led by QAnon people who thought what they were doing was what the president wanted them to do.
And it was not at all.
It was exactly the opposite of what the president wanted.
It was exactly the opposite of what the president called for.
Exactly the opposite of what all the people at the speech even did.
Almost everybody went down there.
Once they were down there, police people were inviting them in and they were just hanging out and just thought everybody was having a good time, not knowing what was happening inside the Capitol.
Now, the second component of this is, aside from the media overreaction,
Is clearly the FBI fed false information to the people at Capitol Police.
Because we now have evidence of that because they admitted over the last several days that they had advised the Capitol Police that this was a totally normal day and that there was no reason to take any precautionary security effects at all.
Even though on the Q boards, on the 8-con boards, the QAnon fans were talking about doing precisely this.
So the question comes up with, and as soon as it happens, all of a sudden hundreds of agents and prosecutors from all across the country are targeting any kind of Trump supporter for any reason that they can find, any excuse or pretext they can use.
So it raises questions about who at the FBI misled the Capitol Police into believing that they should have almost a stand down position outside when that initial
A raid, a storm took place.
So part of the blame is on QAnon, which will be part of the legal issues.
For anybody that's facing potential trial, they have a right to do discovery, because this is going to be the biggest sort of protest-type trial since the Chicago 7.
Now, notably, you know, Netflix and the media celebrate the Chicago 7.
There's a lot to celebrate about the Chicago 7, but it's an interesting approach that's completely contrary to what their media is doing now, but including whether or not this was some degree of entrapment.
If QAnon was involved, it was part of a deep state operation, then you have a certain degree of government entrapment taking place.
If there were certain other infiltrators or instigators there that were really government informants, that is a question.
As the video shows, all kinds of Trump supporters are trying to stop people from attacking anything.
From attacking people, from attacking property, you name it.
So the Trump supporters have been falsely blamed for this staged event.
They've been trying to do this for four years.
They finally succeeded with the critical help of QAnon and likely with outside agitator involvement as well and FBI complicity at some level because why did the FBI tell people this was
Tell Capitol Police basically don't worry about today at all, January 6th at all, when they had information and intel.
We know that because the FBI has put Q on the list for two years.
And QAnon supporters... Let me just interrupt briefly to back up what you're saying.
Radio listeners can see this at Bandot Video.
We had a whole report on it yesterday, but we're showing it now.
We now know that at least 10 of the people arrested were anti-FUD, dressed up as Trump supporters.
And we have videos by people we know that shot it.
Where her husband's the guy that tackled the Antifa guy, dressed up like a Trump supporter and stopped him breaking in the windows.
And now I've been reviewing the tapes.
That's all you see is Trump supporters were going in mainly to stop violence.
And it was a handful of known Antifa people who have been arrested before.
And other people, and then the craziest of the Q. I don't want to hate everybody that's into Q and wants to believe all that, because there are pedophile rings.
There is a shadow government.
It just adds a cartoon element to it to discredit it.
So now I see all over YouTube, all over people, well, you know, Alex Jones, I thought was right about Jeffrey Epstein, the pedophiles and Bill Gates.
But, you know, QAnon's discredited it now because they add all this mythical, insane cartoon stuff to the top of it.
And so if you're really taking the capital over,
What, for a siege?
You're taking photos?
You didn't think you wouldn't get arrested?
But some of the most prominent ones are not being arrested, Bob.
And the other factor is, I think, like you look at the veteran that got shot, and that's still, I haven't yet to see any explanation legally why that is a clean shooting.
No, that's true.
I mean, that someone, without giving warning, it appears just using lethal force right out of the gate to what, to protect a door?
I mean, so there's serious problems with what happened there.
And there's five armed cops right behind her.
The way that person was firing, easily that could have gone askew and could have killed his own police officers.
I mean, it's similar to what happened in the Breonna Taylor case, where they were shooting madly and could have been shooting their own officers.
But it's amazing.
Look at the difference of coverage between this and the case of what happened in
Brianna Taylor.
I mean, the media is completely suppressing the excessive use of force, lethal force in this case, of what happened here compared to the rest.
And we definitely have evidence.
They were planning the idea for years.
I mean, you look at Wisconsin.
They allowed them to take over the state capitol, the whole chamber, for months.
And they celebrated it back in... That was my next question.
They let kind of libertarian groups with guns take over Wisconsin, take over Michigan, but they only did that after Democrats years ago did it in the last decade.
So that was celebrated before, but now it's the ultimate terrorism, a new Pearl Harbor, when all we have is four dead citizens and a police officer they said that died of a stroke.
Yeah, it's still unclear precisely what happened with that police officer.
They said he was hit with a fire extinguisher, but they didn't take him to the hospital.
He went back to the office.
So there's, I think, a causation question there.
But no deaths, of course, should have happened.
No violence should have happened.
That's right.
All lives matter.
The white lady killed by a black guy.
The black cop killed.
All lives matter.
Oh, absolutely.
And the Trump supporters, the ones who are at the speech, wanted no violence, and I've seen no evidence they ever participated in any violence at all.
You had hundreds of thousands that came from the million or so down at the Ellipse, and they're all just standing around waiting for Trump to come.
Yeah, let's be clear.
Less than a hundred that broke in and got in.
How could the Capitol Police not handle that?
No, they stood down.
Because I think they were given bad advice.
I think somebody, well the FBI admitted it.
The FBI admitted that they told the Capitol Police to treat it like an ordinary day, not like a major security event.
Which even media on the left was saying that makes no sense at all.
There was a staged protest.
People had the right to protest and be on the grounds that day because they had been given permission to do so.
So that's always a security event.
I don't know.
That's how Deceptive got caught admitting he did it for Trump.
He launched the attack.
On what freaking planet would I do that?
And destroy our movement?
And go to prison?
The level of deception is insane.
But at least the Wall Street Journal did a retraction.
Well, exactly, and what you see the evidence of is that all the blaming on Trump is insane, that Trump said nothing like this at all, and we know that people at Trump's speech didn't have anything to do with it, because the people that broke into the Capitol weren't at Trump's speech, they were breaking into the Capitol before Trump even finished his speech, if you look at the time frame of what took place when they breached the outer barrier.
We've checked it, Bob, with the Capitol Police, we have sources, but we checked the time.
They were doing it before Trump was speaking.
Oh yeah, they were planning it all the way through.
And remember, Trump's speech went long.
I remember watching it and thinking, man, he's going after, Pence is going to be speaking already.
And he went after 1 o'clock.
He was still talking.
See if you can cue it up, guys, where it shows Trump in the heated tent right before he came out and spoke, looking at a camera shot of the crowd in front of him and of the monument, and national news said, there's Trump celebrating the attack on the Capitol.
I mean, this is next level lying while he's silenced on Twitter and can't respond.
We'll get to that unprecedented censorship in a moment, but please continue with what really happened at the Capitol.
Well, it's classic of a staged event.
I mean, what you've been talking about for decades, what you look for in a false flag event is when it does not make sense, the person they're attributing causation to, for them to do it.
This didn't benefit Trump at all.
It couldn't benefit Trump at all.
It just did damage to Trump.
It took away his last potential remedy in Congress.
So the idea that any Trump supporter, that's a true Trump supporter, would be doing this for Trump is insane.
And that doesn't make, who gained from this?
Trump didn't gain from this.
All of Trump's critics gained from this.
Now if you look at sort of the QAnon environment, I think it led, like you look at that lady that got shot, I think the genius of the QAnon as a psy-op was to convince people that they were doing something for Trump that actually hurt Trump.
And they've been doing it for years.
You know, convincing them that, in fact, Julian Assange is secretly safe so you don't have to try to lobby for his pardon.
You know, logic like that.
It was always a big lie.
And you look at the evidence of QAnon, it has all the fingerprints of deep state activity.
And now we have the FBI misleading Capitol Police when we know the FBI is monitoring everything related to QAnon and not telling them what was being openly expressed on the eight gun boards.
And then you see people like, you know, nothing's ever happened to Watkins or his son that I've seen from all of this, even though they were neck deep in all of this.
So what we've been trying to warn people about, about the disinformation campaigns that was related to QAnon.
I mean, think about why did QAnon have people take an oath a couple of months ago?
That makes no sense.
I mean, that was all about getting them believing
The people that went in there that were purportedly for Trump thought they were helping Trump when it would only hurt Trump.
That's the ultimate sign that people should have nothing further to do with QAnon.
Oh, but now the Q priest was on, the Q shaman with me yesterday and he said, oh Trump's not Q, Q's above Trump.
Trump, we don't need Trump now.
So already Trump, you know, trust the plan, Hillary in a prison, none of that matters now.
Oh no, they're probably going to say that Joe Biden's Q next.
It's all designed to be an extraordinary PSYOP that gets people to do counterproductive things.
I think, in fact, what I've been telling people now for a couple of months and what we've been talking about is aspects of what QAnon appears to be trying to do is to try to restart the militia movement in the United States.
They want people to feel futile.
They want people to feel frustrated so they don't take productive, constructive action.
So they either forfeit and say, I can't change the system and I'm going to go home.
They want to get secret organizations formed that aren't real militias.
And then the feds that run them always go, don't listen to Jones, he hates the militia in America.
And I'd go talk to militias and I'd say, that's a fed leading you, he's going to try to get you to bury pipe bombs.
And then they would bury pipe bombs on them and bust them.
And the militia would go, I think you put the pipe bomb on there.
When I wasn't even in their state, I was warning them on air.
How'd you know they'd be putting pipe bombs on me?
Because they did it hundreds of times!
Yes, I mean this is an old psyop.
People should re-brief themselves on COINTELPRO and re-brief themselves on the Reichstag fire and re-brief themselves on things like Operation Northwoods.
Remind themselves of what our government is capable of doing.
I mean, this is an extraordinary effort.
When I was there, what struck me first was that the Capitol as a whole, the psyche of the Capitol felt vulnerable.
And my first thought was that that's a good sign.
That shows we could have real reform in this country.
But the problem is a powerful, vulnerable, a powerful group of people that feel vulnerable are a very dangerous group of people.
Let's be clear, this was done, I mean, I get there an hour after 100,000 have already shown up and I'm down Pennsylvania Avenue and I go, there's no police.
And I go, where are they?
And I get there and they just stood down, invited it, opened the doors.
A few people broke things and rampaged.
So then they killed four citizens and then called themselves heroes of Pearl Harbor 2.0, literally.
And they're now calling themselves heroes that survived the terror attack.
And it was clear misinformation given to some Capitol Police because Capitol Police were removing barriers and waving people in.
That's on video at various places.
And I don't blame the Capitol Police.
I've been around them.
You know, mostly all good folks.
They were de-escalating just like they did in other state capitals.
The problem was there were a few provocateurs.
And it was a combination of QAnon and outside people.
By the way, I've got some of the Q folks mad at me, going, Jones, you know, you're trying to blame Q now because you led the attack.
What the hell?
I helped pay for the events to expose election fraud, to peacefully march down there, and I was sent by the President to do it, and they said, Jones, make sure it stays peaceful.
And I said days before, with one bullhorn, I'm going to control a million people.
They go, oh, it's not going to be that many.
And it was, but again,
They should have had barricades up.
They should have had a thousand police.
Instead, they told everybody, take vacation, go do traffic control.
There was almost no one there.
So the setup is there.
But you have about a hundred antifa that said they were coming to do it.
Confirmed, some arrested.
That's documented.
The media is trying to say it doesn't exist.
And then I got to say it, this poor woman
Air Force veteran, great lady, meant well, believed she was under President Trump's command, and this was the big day.
And so what happened is, Q mobilized, and was probably 10% of that crowd, and then 1% of Q went under the agitation of Antifa and went in.
They're all wearing Q t-shirts.
You say, oh, well, let them be in the Capitol.
Let them sit in offices and break things.
Okay, fine.
I'm not saying you're a terrorist.
I'm saying you couldn't have handed the enemy a bigger victory.
Stop being delusional.
The amazing thing was people who were part of that thinking this could lead to anything good.
It was guaranteed to lead to something bad.
Now, I can understand part of the mindset.
They've been watching BLM get rewarded for rioting and FIFA get rewarded for rioting.
They saw the people take over the Senate in 2018, the atrium, on behalf of to stop Kavanaugh.
They took over offices.
And those were celebrated.
I mean, Bernie Sanders,
He runs on campaigns where he celebrates his illegal trespass and occupation of buildings back in the 1960s.
When I was at the Civil Rights Museum, there are a whole bunch of the pictures celebrate illegal takeovers and occupations of buildings.
So I understand why it was so easy to believe that taking over the Capitol could somehow be good.
But nobody that was thinking straight, that was not part of Q, believed this.
It was QAnon's genius to get people to be counterproductive and self-destructive.
And that's what they achieved.
But now we're seeing, the way it was scripted, the fact the FBI failed to tell people, the Capitol Police to properly be prepared.
Then on top of that, they immediately start trying to round up any kind of Trump supporter.
Almost everybody who was there, who was not part of that first wave, had no idea what had happened.
I mean, you see people walking through the Capitol after being invited in by police and others, and they're staying within the lines of the ropes.
I mean, and they're just looking around.
These are people who aren't trying to do anything illegal, have no idea.
So this is a perfectly done PSYOP.
That's right.
Where they have the main security stand down, have it lightly defended, somebody on the radio.
Trump ought to put a special prosecutor in on this to find out.
Oh, you say it's my fault?
Special prosecutor, find out who really did it.
Who ordered him to stand down?
We know it's the mayor.
We're talking to the Calvin police.
I don't want to get into a big deal about this, but the next day...
I think he got
We're good to go.
Now Pence will be at the inauguration, a good guy.
Trump's not supposed to be there.
And so now it's damaging that populist movement, damaging it so that it falls apart, so that Trump can't lead that ongoing populist insurrection, getting more Trumpists elected towards the next four years for himself or somebody else, trying to head off that Jefferson scenario you talked about a few weeks ago.
And so let's drill in to that and the unprecedented nature next of cartels now
Oh, the president's campaign email.
He can't email supporters now.
Oh, he's off Twitter because he might call for another violent attack.
So all based on a lie, they're now trying to impeach him.
He can't defend himself and he's being silenced everywhere.
This is a true digital coup and Congress is sitting there because they've been incrementally sold to accept censorship.
Now the frog is in the pot and it's 300 degrees.
This is insane.
So navigate what's happening and what you think people should do, Robert Barnes.
We're very much in the second act of the populist revolution around the world and including the United States.
And we're in the, you know, the empire strikes backstage is where we're at.
Because that's what happened.
The empire struck back and it struck back hard and it's going to continue to.
They're going to try to impeach and remove the president.
They're going to try to bar him from ever being elected in the future.
That's the goal of the impeachment.
They're already threatening in various ways to remove powers of him being president for the next 10 days.
No less a liberal lawyer than Professor Dershowitz said that what Pelosi and Schumer was doing was a real coup, was much closer to a real coup than anything that the president had done or any of his supporters had done.
Said, you know, a few rioters in the state capitol do not make a coup, nor do they make terrorists.
And let's remember, all their other failed events, all these other events,
Where were their coups they got caught in?
And now we're seeing the real, we're seeing the, as you describe it, a digital coup.
We're seeing a de facto coup where they're trying to remove, they don't want him to exercise any powers.
So the, and this goes back to what we were talking about several weeks ago and over the last several months, where we were saying, don't call for the Insurrection Act, don't call for martial law, things of that nature, because clearly they wanted the president to do that.
And the moment he, had he ever done that, they would have walked in and arrested him right there on the spot.
Because the high ranking military doesn't support the president.
That's the political reality that we have.
The guy on the street, the cop on the beat often does, but not the political hierarchy.
And so that's just a practical reality.
So I think what the president should do is he should pardon Julian Assange and pardon Ed Snowden.
He needs to act quickly.
He can declare a bunch of things.
And a lot of people are saying if he says something no longer has to be protected, no longer has to be considered confidential in terms of information that's out there, they're like, well, what happens if the CIA just won't release it?
That is a problem.
But here's the thing.
People like Grinnell and others,
And Nunes have a bunch of information they want to tell people that they can't right now because the president has, because it's still considered legally protected information, legally classified.
If the president will just declare that information declassified, they can then go disclose it to the world.
So the president doesn't have to depend on his questionable CIA director or Pompeo or anyone else to disclose that information because there's people who have that information and the only thing stopping them from telling it right now is that it's considered classified.
So he should issue a declassified order, pardon Snowden, pardon Assange.
I would pardon everybody connected to the build the wall.
That's a politicized case.
Ryan Colfage, Steve Bannon, others.
And make sure there's, try to limit as much political damage that can be done with weaponization of the prosecutorial branches.
And then prepare, I know he's, behind the scenes, he's been looking at building up independent tech organizations, operations, looking at how- And boy, he should have, imagine if he had done that two years ago.
And some of us were telling him that, as we've discussed, Alex.
And frankly, if he'd been listening to us for four years, he wouldn't be here.
I respect him.
I like him.
I've had the privilege of working for him.
But one of the weaknesses was he trusted the wrong people for too long.
And look at how many people ran to cut bait as soon as they had the pretext to do so.
You know, does anybody believe that DeVos was really on his side now?
Does anybody really believe that some of these other people were really on his side now?
One guy who was, to his credit, was Ben Carson.
Ben Carson was the one cabinet secretary to step up to the plate again yesterday and talk about the outrageous censorship of the president.
But the big tech gulags are coming.
The Empire is striking back.
It is in a state of fear, and it's going to attack across the board.
All kinds of people are being... Elijah Schaffer was put on a no-fly list.
Even though he didn't participate in the illegality, he was a journalist with the right to be on the grounds to film what was taking place.
Other people are being put on no-fly lists.
They're trying to do a dramatic... What we were talking about and what you've been talking about for decades, which was that these rules post-Patriot Act would be misused and abused to apply to people that are clearly not terrorists of any kind.
They're trying to redefine terrorism to mean anybody who does something they politically dislike.
Because here, most of the people that were on the grounds did nothing illegal.
Most of the people didn't know they were trespassing at all.
So even the people that were walking around inside the Capitol, they had no knowledge of that because they came in late and they were invited in.
And they're staying within the ropes.
So this is an effort to do what they did in Chicago 7, where they tried to crush the anti-war movement.
They're going to try to do that on a much broader scale, much wider scale, because the system feels threatened.
I want to talk about that and how these cartels operate, but since you mentioned the fact that we warned of this, this just went up on Twitter this morning.
It's Alex Jones prediction.
This is back in 2015 about how Communist China would be the model.
This is from Glamour.com.
Ganshire Consort, and I appreciate folks digging through all our old videos, the ones you can still find that weren't deleted off YouTube, and I lay this out in December of 2015.
Here it is.
Just, you know, ten days or so, or less, I guess nine days, in China, and they're already lining up with Facebook, Google, all of them agreeing with China.
Microsoft to implement these systems where China already does it and then they beta test there and then bring in here.
And our stories on DrudgeReport.com.
We do a document cam over here.
And of course, Drudge gets how incredibly important this is.
We've been mentioning this for the last few months, but now it's hit critical mass because the Chinese have released the full details.
Everything you do,
Everything you do in China, from your credit score, to what you buy, to discount cards, to your internet records, to what you say on social networks, is integrated into an algorithm.
And if you criticize the government basically once, you can't even buy or sell, you can't get a hotel, you can't travel.
Now notice all this is being phased in here with the IRS saying, if we start auditing you or don't even start an investigation, you can't fly.
Internal checkpoints.
I mean, it's on, folks!
So, Europe's doing the same thing.
This is all being brought in.
It's being implemented.
I mean, this is classical tyranny.
It's here.
And again, the Supreme Court Justice told Drudge, next year, they're coming for you.
And then they have the heads of the FCC, and yeah, we're coming for your free speech, talk radio, internet, you name it.
I mean, because they can't beat us, folks.
They're flaming tyrants.
They're flaming crooks, annihilating our country, spying on us illegally, opening our borders, having the Border Patrol complete the smuggling process.
I mean, this is the globalist offensive.
This is the war against America.
And globally there's a world awakening.
So they know in algorithms, and they admit this, that revolutions are coming just because food prices in the third world have gone up past 50%.
They know at that point riots start.
They already have their operators ready to steer the revolutions into radical Al Qaeda, radical ISIS, radical al-Nusra, Saudi Arabian driven.
They're going to have a big communist kill the cops, shoot the cops, burn the cities.
Same thing here.
They're gonna let them do it, order the cops to stand down, and then say, cops, it's your fault, capitulate, go under U.N.
I mean, it's on, folks.
You are witnessing a real coup.
100% what I'm telling you is happening.
Now, I knew this was coming, but to see it actually happen is so bold, is so over the top, that I get why people just can't believe it.
So that's from Owen, finding that clip and playing it.
I appreciate him and the Archive is finding that and the listeners getting it and getting it out.
But I mean, people say, well, how the hell did everything he said come true five years later?
I didn't have a crystal ball.
The globalists have admitted all this.
So, Robert Barnes, exactly.
I mean, Elijah Schaffer is milquetoast.
He's about like ABC News.
He's not a bad guy, but he just goes out and shows what actually happened.
He's everywhere.
No fly list.
Trump having his email taken away, having his Twitter taken away, and now they're saying, oh, everybody else.
This is corporate fascist governance on a Chinese communist model, they admit.
And I think now the Republicans finally are starting to understand this.
I mean, this is a real crisis, Barnes.
What needs to happen?
So the president needs to take whatever action he can left while he has time left.
Including, I mean, Julian Assange was one of the great fighters against the deep state in our history.
There's a reason why they took him out before this election, so that he couldn't help facilitate the disclosure of democratic scandals and corruption.
Free Julian Assange, pardon him, so that he's free for WikiLeaks to get back up and going as a key ally in the fight against this new empire, this new Chinese model empire, Chinese Communist Party model empire.
I mean, all the lockdown policies came right out of China.
All these Chinese social credit systems literally came right out of China, and now we're seeing the big tech control being done right out of China, and we're seeing it in our real time.
Approximately 10% of Twitter, all of Twitter users in America, were removed yesterday, overnight.
It was the night of long knives, just digital style.
Remember, I predicted months ago that when there's a contested election, they will just get all the conservatives, all the nationalists, and now that is a selective internet kill switch against an entire class of people, and Congress sits there with their thumb in their rear end.
And then you have Google and Apple overnight.
I mean, I've been telling people for years, you've been telling them for years, but I've been re-emphasizing it to the more establishment types and the regular conservative types.
I said, watch what's happening to Alex Jones at InfoWars because they're going to repeat it and replicate it.
It's the template.
And that is why we are all Alex Joneses today.
Because look at what happened.
Just like they coordinated.
Remember all of a sudden you're off of Twitter and then Google's removing InfoWars app and everything happened on the same day or within 24 hours.
Look at what happened here.
Apple and Google, as soon as they remove the President from Facebook, then they remove him from Twitter.
Facebook comes in and gets rid of WalkAway, which is a completely non-violent movement.
They have no pretext for that.
Eliminate half a million people organization overnight.
When you're using their tools to organize, you're not really organized.
And that's what everybody needs to recognize and realize.
And then immediately thereafter, Google starts removing them.
Apple starts removing Parler.
I mean, we've been telling Parler for a while to get independent.
Look at how InfoWars survived.
InfoWars survived with being smart and strategic and being one step ahead and not being able to be taken down.
So all the big tech people could eliminate in fours didn't matter because the independent backups were already there.
In fours, just like the storable food, have your backup plan now, not tomorrow, not next week.
Parlor may not survive because they're dependent on Amazon servers.
I mean, they're admitting the COs admitting last night on Tucker that may not be around tomorrow.
So, you know, that's everybody needs to be independent.
And it's keeping in so that's where storable food and things like that are practical as part of your everyday.
But isn't the good news, though, that it's now the gloves are off.
It's out in the open.
I mean, what is the inverse of this?
Tyrants always try to grab too much.
If we don't give up and we understand what's happening and are a few steps ahead of them, then what should we do?
So two steps.
One is what the president can do, declassify everything he can so that those people have the green light to disclose that information and pardon Julian Assange, pardon Ed Snowden, pardon anyone else that may be being politically targeted or will be politically targeted.
That's what the president can do while building a new independent infrastructure and network moving forward and getting ready for the political legal war that's coming against him.
The second part is for everybody out there,
Build your own backup plan right now.
That's not only things like storable food, but there's legal backup plans you can put into place, and a wide range of things you can take personal steps.
And intensify your own political action in the third dimension, going and speaking at legislatures, city councils, speaking at your church.
Because what happens is when you go speak at a public event, everyone puts that on cyberspace who's not censored already, so you get around any of that.
That's another little secret.
And let me throw this at you.
I can see what's happening.
I think they're going to try 25th Amendment now that they're cutting Trump off.
They said, oh, you better capitulate, you better say you're wrong, then we won't 25th Amendment you.
Then they launch impeachment and another 25th Amendment movement.
And then regardless, they wanted to cut out his connection as political base so that he can be persecuted once he's out of office to further capture him, not as a iconic populist leader that fought back and, you know, turned the tide for a great period like the Alamo.
They want to fully capture him and destroy him and run him to ground to really be an example to others and other leaders around the world.
So that's why we've got to continue to support President Trump.
He was not perfect.
I'm not perfect.
We've got to think big, strategic, long term.
But in the interim, he's got to go on the offense and say, they're going to cut off your coal, cut off your gas.
They're going to set this deal with China.
You're going to be bankrupt.
He's going to keep the lockdown going.
He's going to keep his foot on your neck.
So just remember, I'm leaving.
Because I don't want violence, but you are going to be there, and you're going to stand firm, and you know America's being occupied.
He does that, they will run for the frickin', you know, holes in the walls like rats and cockroaches.
But he's got to change the subject away from, oh I'm sorry, oh my supporters are bad.
He's just saying, 99% of my supporters didn't go in there, a few rioters were investigating them, broke down and went in, we're going to find out.
But my God, that's nothing compared to all the stuff you leftists have done, so I want to hear you talk about it.
But he doesn't do that!
He needs to do that, he also needs to do an Eisenhower style farewell address.
Expose the system, top to bottom, everything he knows about it.
Beautiful, he needs a farewell address, an hour long, laying it all out, from the damn Oval Office!
Who is it telling him, oh sir, don't do it in here, it's not big enough for a good production?
Because they don't want that iconic, that we've seen other presidents, do it from the damn desk!
I mean, one good thing is he was still slightly startled at how true everything we had been telling him was and came true on the 6th.
Not only about the dangers of QAnon, but also who they had kept him out of the loop about.
They were not informing him what was happening.
Had he known that, he would have explicitly made sure nobody went to the Capitol, for example.
Clearly, they were not including that in the intel report.
That's why I say that's
Has fingerprints of deep state complicity and culpability for what took place.
But the president can do a farewell address, take the constructive actions, detail what really has been happening and will be happening.
Give the warning sign and the clarion call for people's attention and to be tuned in.
Do it from the Oval Office.
Do it live for an hour.
Sort of leak to the press in advance that you're going to do some form of concession so they give it massive coverage.
Then don't give the concession.
Simply say this is the deep state coup that's taking place and what's happening.
And then what ordinary everyday people can do is first of all look at how you'll get to independent infrastructure.
Be as independent as you can off the grid, off the big tech grid of being able to be, there's local... And let me explain what that means.
Let me explain what that means.
This is critical.
We were already years before the deplatforming, being kicked off servers and kicked off platforms constantly.
So even though it cost
30 times what it does to go through the traditional route.
We had to do our actual uplinks, radio and TV.
Actual server farms.
Actual real encoders.
Actual everything.
Because we were always being discriminated against.
Like Nietzsche said, that's what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger.
And so it took tens upon tens of millions of dollars a year to build.
People kept saying, why do you need a studio?
You got a phone.
But you don't know that a phone to Google or Apple or wherever dials into billions of infrastructure.
So we had to build that infrastructure and we were in traditional media and promoting that.
Everybody said, oh, you don't need talk radio.
You don't need TV.
And I knew they're going to kick me off at this because I knew their plan.
And so yeah, it was strategic long-term thinking.
I'm not even that smart, Bob, but I don't get why people don't think 5, 6, 7, 8 moves out or study history.
That's where all the real power is if you want to be free.
People think that we're weirdos because you know history too, that's why I love you.
You think 10 moves out as well.
I don't get people that it's like almost no one does it except the enemy and then we do.
And it's like, how do we teach people to start thinking like,
Why don't you put up signs around town and say...
Independent email service that doesn't spy on you and doesn't censor you.
And then you do it through some other backbone company, and then people are ready for that market.
You may pay twice as much as with another email company, but folks see that and they go do it with you.
Now you have a business.
We let the internet in the last 10 years be sent to only four big platforms.
It was distributed before.
We have to go back to it being distributed not by Karl Marx, redistributed, but by our own actions.
True Liberty is a
Totally redistributed system, a totally diversified system.
That communist claim that, oh, once we've had communism for 50 years, everything will then devolve away from the state and we'll have decentralization.
But it never works that way.
But it's a true libertarian, grassroots, rugged individual model that does decentralize.
And I think that this will unleash it.
And I think the next thing for people to do is not only do that in their own lives, to use these tools of technology that can be tools of oppression and convert them into tools of rebellion.
And you can do so by learning those tools and starting to employ them in your day-to-day lives.
And then the last component,
Of it is to support places like Infowars.
Not only look at it as a model, as a way of getting around the big tech tyranny that is now clearly present and coming in there in full scale, in full-blown scale, but you look at it as ordinary everyday people supporting it by buying products that they like by direct wholesaling.
And what that did is that avoided the middleman.
That avoided the requirement of relying on corporate donors or big or big or sugar daddy donors.
So it created a true democratized free press
Supported by ordinary everyday people using the tools of technology that are outside of big tech control and big tech monopoly by buying products that people want anyway that make them healthier anyway.
Just look at the people that have been getting the vitamin D product and now all of them, even the establishment scientists are admitting that more vitamin D people are the reasons why certain populations are far more immune and have much better chance against a virus than did other populations.
So, you get healthier, wealthier, and wiser in one clean step, but it's a model for future operation.
Keep free press alive, keep free speech alive, to keep freedom alive, and you can do so by going to Infowarsstore.com and supporting it, by being part of it, by being part of this community, by sharing the links outside of the system, by staying independent of the corporatized tyranny and infrastructure, and that's how the return of the Jedi will be the third act of this film.
I totally agree with you.
Historic time.
Pray for President Trump.
Pray for global awakening.
And I'll tell listeners again, your human currency isn't just powerful, it's paramount.
It's king.
It's central.
It is numero uno.
It is the sun in the sky.
When you decide to override Big Tech, when you decide to share the links from NewsWars.com or Bandai Video, when you decide to call into the show, seems small, it's big, when you decide to tell friends and family about it, when you decide to share this report, we're not up here like kids pretending, hey, let's give the president a briefing.
When a show goes really viral, the Secret Service or other people or Don Jr., now we can just say names, a lot of people, I mean most of the time if I say an emergency message to the President, if I don't do it too often, it gets to Trump.
And that's why they said two years ago, Kelly's main job was keep Alex Jones away from Trump because he would always see my presentation or my guest, he'd see me show evidence as a briefing to the President, he would act on it.
He'd say, get me all that stuff.
Yes, sir.
And totally alone.
And it's not just Trump.
It's other world leaders.
But you're just as important as he is.
It's your pastor.
It's everybody.
That's why when you decide to take the show and the feed or a two-minute clip or whatever it is and say, hey, you're not supposed to listen to this guy.
Here it is.
It changes the world.
And that's what Robert Barnes is talking about.
This is an information coup against the system.
But they're trying to stamp us out.
If they're able to shut us down, go download Band.Video.
Go download everything we've done, because it'll just get more powerful.
They could kill me tomorrow.
The stuff we've put out, the stuff our guests have done is so dead on that you have to understand a hundred years from now, this show will be more powerful than ever was.
And that's not a power trip, but while we're on the Star Wars analogies, episode four, really episode one, they kicked it off with Obi-Wan Kenobi could keep fighting Darth Vader.
He could probably even get him if he wanted to.
But he's like, my time's done.
They need to escape.
Darth Vader's set up a homing beacon on the ship.
It's the only shot to blow this thing up, because he's that smart.
He's thinking 20 moves ahead.
He goes, I'm going to get out of here.
Go ahead and get me, buddy.
And that's all I'm saying to the system is, I've already won.
You got that?
You're done.
And it's not about me.
It's about my ancestors and all of our people together wanting freedom, that we're thinking 20 moves ahead, buddy.
You're not.
Globals think three moves ahead and think they're smart.
And so that's the point we're at, is we have to think long term, Bob, as you said earlier.
And one of the best ways we can protect Trump is to make it clear to the sort of deep state apparatus that this movement goes way past Trump.
They really think right now, if they can just remove Trump, that this populism disappears.
This anti-globalism disappears.
This anti-establishment movement disappears.
And they're completely wrong on that.
And the moment they realize that, that's actually protection for Trump.
Because then they realize all they would do is... I was about to say, don't they get persecuting him only makes him more powerful?
They should, but they don't.
This is a scared system that is mostly driven and motivated right now by pure fear.
And because of that, I mean, you saw that they were horrified that the guy you interviewed, the so-called QAnon shaman in a Buffalo Bill Vikings outfit, could be sitting in the Speaker's chair.
They're more horrified, but they think that shows the sign of the decline of their power as the empire.
So they're going to strike back across everywhere, every place, because it's all they know.
All they know is fear.
All they know is power.
They don't know persuasion.
They don't know moral principle.
They don't know any of that because it's not who and what they are.
And by the way, just to show how right you are, it was Richard Haass up there a few years ago with Biden saying, oh, you know, they were going to indict my son, so I said a billion dollars if you don't
Fire the prosecutor and son of a bitch.
They fired the prosecutor.
Haas literally says in a tweet, the image of him sitting there in the chair shows America's done forever.
Now, he's a controller.
He's not Pelosi drunken on pills.
He's the more evil super class that's actually smart.
He's already pushing the end of America for China.
He's already doing everything he can to sell us out and undermine us and do all this.
But now he's like, oh, it's Trump that tried to make America great again.
And stop this, which was easy for Trump to do because it was all a one-sided deal.
He could flip the switch back.
So as he said, we're open for business again.
All the money came in.
Not that Trump wasn't good, but it was so easy.
It's like having a dike with water.
Do I send water to this field or that field?
It's been to China and not to America for 30, 40 years.
And so here's Haas.
It's on Infowars.com.
The American empire has fallen.
The Washington may not yell it yet.
Oh, we're seeing images that I never imagined we would see in this country in some other capital.
Yes, yeah, that he was overthrowing, but not here.
Not one in the world is likely to see, respect, fear, or depend on us at the same time and the way again.
In the post-America era has a start date.
It is almost certainly today.
And I butchered that so I'll read it again.
We are seeing images that I never imagined we would see in this country in some other capital.
Yes, but not here.
No one in the world is likely to see, respect, fear, or depend on us in the same way again.
If the post-America era has a start date, it almost certainly is today.
Uh, no, the end of America start date was under Bill Clinton or George Herbert Walker Bush with his New World Order speech.
And then Trump tried to take that back because they had the wheel of the ship driving us over, driving us over a waterfall.
Trump was like, yeah!
He wasn't a politician.
He didn't know all the answers.
He just knew, and we got it.
He's like, ah!
And right, we're already turned away from the waterfall.
The ship's aimed like this now, back up the river.
We've got wind in our sails.
We can get out of here.
But Trump's being pulled off the wheel, and we're going to turn in the water again, and we're going to go right over the goddamn cliff.
Excuse my French, but that's where we are, Bob.
No doubt about it.
And that's why ordinary people have to take back the power themselves.
And they can do so in their everyday lives.
In what technology they use, what information they share, what causes they support.
But what the system wants to do, it wants to trick them right now into a sense of futility.
Either to forfeit and give up, or to take some dumb violent action.
Those are both traps.
The way to do so is to reuse our constitutional democracy that our four founders gifted us, that is our great gift to the world, and employ those tools and techniques and tactics against a corrupt institutional empire that wants to divorce us from our American history and heritage.
And I totally agree with you.
And as much as I love Western architecture, they build capitals big, powerful, and imposing to make you feel small.
And to make foreign leaders come and feel small.
But it's we the people that built all this.
We are the ones that are big.
Alright, Robert Barnes, extremely powerful interview.
Thanks for moving very, very quickly.
Please join us again in the next few days with more updates on how Congress should take action against big tech.
It's now a giant monopoly cartel.
Election meddling.
My God, the president under impeachment.
Oh, a minute or two on that and we got to end the transmission.
What the hell do you make of their back with impeachment, but he can't communicate?
I mean, think about the president under impeachment attack as a defendant has no speech.
This is unbelievable.
Constitutionally nothing he did or said was criminal at all.
But even if he was found with a dead body he should have a speech!
Well, exactly.
And nothing he's done is... The criminal law only prohibits imminent incitement.
That never happened at all.
He didn't incite anyone to do anything illegal.
He said, in fact, he asked them to only be doing legal forms of protest.
So, it's a completely absurd... Impeachment requires crime or crime-like conduct.
They have no evidence... They've got edited clips.
I'm sure you've seen these.
They're pushing on Twitter, Facebook with millions of views.
I was there and watched Don Jr.
give a speech in the front row, like 30 feet from me.
And Don Jr.
came out and said, we're not like the Democrats.
We don't burn cities.
We're not like the Democrats.
We don't shoot cops.
We build America.
We're going to have a big march today to the Capitol.
It's going to be peaceful.
Because here's the problem.
He was too confident not knowing there weren't provocateurs and idiots with a crowd that big.
So, you know, there you go.
Oh, exactly.
I mean, to the success of the QAnon and the Deep State operation, they found a way to finally have somebody do something dumb to discredit aspects of the President.
But the President did nothing illegal whatsoever.
He did nothing impeachable whatsoever.
The 25th Amendment doesn't apply.
As Dershowitz himself said, that's a crock.
He said even asserting the impeachment, or he said it would be, or the 25th Amendment would be a misuse and abuse of the Constitution and would itself be the most dangerous coup-like action that could take place
And he particularly condemned Pelosi and... That's total fraud.
So Trump shouldn't roll over to this impeachment.
He should demand to testify.
This should be their Waterloo.
If he marched in and had his time to speak, and had his notes, he could destroy them.
Oh, not only that, he could subpoena a whole bunch of stuff.
And he should start to... That's why he should take first corrective action.
Pardon Snowden, pardon Assange, declassify everything.
I agree, but they're trying to say you better resign like Nixon or we're going to impeach you.
They're trying to do that Buffalo again.
He should not do that.
That's right.
And without getting into detail, he has that advice.
Not to Buffalo at all.
It's not his nature to do so.
He ain't doing that.
He ain't folding or capitulating to any of that.
None of that's going to happen.
He's not going to take the bait.
He's going to stand strong and he's unafraid.
He's always been unafraid his whole life and it's not going to change now.
Well, I know you advise the president.
You're his lawyer.
One of his lawyers.
I know you talked to him.
I've confirmed that.
But I mean, at this point in time, that's good news for people.
That's news I didn't know.
So Trump is not intending that he understands the game.
He's not going to resign.
He's not going to step down.
He's not going to step back.
He'll allow the transition to take place on January 20th, as he always said he would.
But he's going to continue to assert his constitutional remedies and constitutional powers.
And as he said in his speech, this is just the beginning.
He understands what he's up against.
And he understands he's totally dependent on the audience and the people to keep him alive.
But he's betting on us that he believes in America.
And America's far from dead.
It's just beginning to recover and resuscitate.
Barnes, people can find you on Twitter for now.
I know your Twitter got hacked and taken over on the 5th and 6th, magically, but you've got it back.
People can follow the great work you're doing there.
How do people find that?
At Barnes underscore Law while it still exists and I did and I've started to create independent pages that are outside of the Big Tech Monopolis so they can find VivaBarnesLaw.Locals.com Dave Rubin created that and I'm gonna be gonna be on Rumble and creating a lot of other independent.
Yeah that was the next thing we've been on those we haven't really promoted we've been so busy but we're gonna be promoting Parler and also Gab Moore
Because there's a huge exodus away.
We're seeing huge numbers there.
And so that's exciting as people finally get what's happening.
Alright, Robert Barnes, thank you so much for the time this evening.
Glad to be here, Alex.
Alright, folks.
That's it for tonight's transmission.
Roger Stone, Robert Barnes.
You can't get a better one-two punch of reality.
They both are congruent, basically, in what they're saying.
I agree with them totally.
And I don't want to bash Q. There's so many good people, including family of mine, a lot of family of this crew, especially Boomers.
Uh, just want to kind of believe the movie like there's a good guy.
It's all handled.
Everything's gonna be fine.
Now, this is a long-term battle.
And so I don't criticize people that are Q followers.
I'm just telling you Trump's surrounded.
He's in big trouble and Biden's going in and all the magic unicorn stuff wasn't real.
Also about New World Order, pedophile ring, satanism.
We exposed all that.
That's all real.
But the last layer of delusion isn't real.
So we need to realize we're in a fight and it's a fight that nobody's gonna win for us but ourselves with God's support.
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That's my dad.
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I want to thank this amazing crew for coming in on Saturday.
We're going to have the show and then we're going to loop it until I'm back live Sunday, 4 p.m.
Please take the live feed and share it.
Please take clips.
It's all free to air.
No copyright.
Please take the archive at band.video or theresistance.video is the URL to share.
And give it to everybody you know because this has been important intel where we're not just advising the people, we're advising the president and we're laying out the true information.
All right, great job to the crew.
God bless you all.
Pray for America.
Pray for an awakening.
God bless and good luck.