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Name: 20210107_Thu_Alex
Air Date: Jan. 7, 2021
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General Flynn and others on the podcast discuss various topics such as alleged election fraud, terrorism, supply chain disruption due to COVID lockdowns, unifying people for common goals, Second Amendment rights, and potential Antifa infiltration during recent Capitol Hill events. They also promote various products and encourage listeners to prepare for potential changes in government and society.

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Alright ladies and gentlemen, we are live broadcasting worldwide.
So much intel is coming in, documented with photos and videos and Capitol Police transmission chatter and everything else that it's just overwhelming.
Antifa came here on record.
By name, many of them, they're organizers, and said, we're going to dress up like Trump supporters and cause a crisis and pose as Proud Boys.
They couldn't beat the Proud Boys in a fight.
They simply stole their identity and then triggered real red-blooded Americans charging and invading the Capitol, just like you'd fire off a gun behind cows that are asleep at night to make them stampede.
But it's the person that fires the gun off
That caused the stampede.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
The United States is in a civil war.
We've been in a civil war for years.
Multinational corporations allied with the Communist Chinese are attempting a takeover of the United States.
And yesterday, I would estimate over a million people showed up in Washington, D.C.
300,000 to 400,000 total ended up marching to the Capitol.
And things got out of hand with any large group of people.
That's going to happen sometimes when it's not adequately staffed with police.
And we have massive evidence mounting
Incredible evidence we're going to lay out here today that Antifa said weeks ago they were going to be at the Capitol dressed as patriots and they were going to provocateur action.
And then we have known high-level Antifa shooting the videos of people being shot, people being killed, and what happened inside.
We got secret documents three years ago.
From 2015, where Obama planned martial law in Maryland by staging Antifa, triggering black Americans to riot, but they were unsuccessful.
So they tried this before, but the evidence is mounting.
And we know the names of the individuals, the groups, because they bragged weeks before they were going to come here.
Turns out before Trump was even giving a speech, the Capitol Police are aware of this.
It's been in their communications that they were here at 9, 10 in the morning, running around violently with elbow pads and knee pads, kind of in their own unofficial uniforms, posing as patriots, screaming, F Antifa, F Antifa, which is a Proud Boys chant.
So that they could then establish that with the police that the Trump supporters were going to attack.
Then when tens of thousands of Trump supporters started showing up before Trump had even finished his speech before I got there, they then led charges in attacking the riot police and were successful like a detonator, a cap on a cartridge of a
I think so.
We're good to go.
And I'm able to read for you when we come back.
Again, this is the limited stage area we have.
Sun's a little bit behind me right now, so it's hard for me to read, but we'll do that soon.
The sun won't be on the back of my face, and I'll be able to do a better breakdown for you.
But we're out here right above the Capitol where this historic event happened.
Chuckie Schumer's calling it an attack on Pearl Harbor, calling themselves heroes, even though they killed
Four patrons.
We now know how.
Reportedly, several were shot to death.
Others were thrown by police off the 35-foot balconies to their deaths.
We'll also show you that footage, so viewer discretion is advised.
And then, Owen Schroer is going to be hosting the fourth hour and part of the War Room.
I'm going to go down to the live Skype feed while he's hosting, and I'm going to be down there on the ground giving you a tour of the Capitol area.
We were under curfew, martial law, 6 p.m.
to 6 a.m., but we're, quote, media, First Amendment, so we're essential personnel.
That's why all citizens should say, I am First Amendment.
Start your own organization, and you are just as important as InfoWars or the New York Times as Matt Drudge, before he turned to the New World Order, would so amply say.
I am a journalist.
So, this is a major crossroads.
The way they shaped this narrative, the way they put this propaganda out, is going to have a massive effect into the future.
I want to lay out first what really happened yesterday.
From my perspective.
Then I'm going to lay out clear evidence that Antifa has a history of false flagging and provocateuring.
Came here and did this.
And then what the system is planning to do out of this crisis and how we can counter it.
And is Trump really conceding?
We'll also take your calls and a lot more today on Alex Jones Live from right outside the DC Capitol in the center of DC.
Stay with us.
Alright ladies and gentlemen, we are live broadcasting worldwide.
So much intel is coming in, documented with photos and videos and Capitol Police transmission chatter and everything else that it's just overwhelming.
Antifa came here on record.
By name, many of them, they're organizers, and said, we're going to dress up like Trump supporters and cause a crisis and pose as Proud Boys.
They couldn't beat the Proud Boys in a fight.
They simply stole their identity and then triggered real red-blooded Americans charging and invading the Capitol.
Just like you'd fire off a gun behind cows that are asleep at night to make them stampede.
But it's the person that fires the gun off that caused the stampede.
I've got more intel coming in on that.
I'll get into that coming up, and we have a special guest in studio.
Also, Owen Schroer is going to be here and so much more.
Again, I'm your host, Alex Jones.
If you just joined us, it is January 7th on this Thursday.
Hard to believe here we are, 2021.
And the big question is, has President Trump conceded?
Well, let me go ahead and read you the president's tweet, and you can decide for yourself
What he had to say about that here in just a moment, but this is the tweet.
This is the tweet that they deleted.
These are the things and events that happen when a sacred landslide election victory is so unceremoniously and viciously stripped away from great patriots who've been badly and unfairly treated for so long.
Go home with love and peace.
Remember this day forever.
That is beautifully said.
And it's true, but even if it was a lie, he's the president.
This is a modern bulletin board, a communication system.
President Trump should be able to communicate.
President Trump should be able to talk to the American people.
Oh, but the Trump Twitter, the Trump Twitter where he concedes
That is allowed to stay up there.
Where he says, well, I don't accept the results, but I'm going to go along with the orderly transfer to Joe Biden and give him the Pentagon briefings and give him the keys to the White House and all the rest of it.
Because, as we told you last night, confirmed this morning,
They were planning the 25th Amendment with Pence and the rest of them to pull Trump out of the White House saying he's mentally ill.
Because he doesn't like a communist Chinese takeover.
Because he's challenged them when we have the fraud and the evidence pulling the black boxes out, the suitcases, cramming the machines, when they kick everybody out, saying they're not counting, and then counting in real time, admittedly, as giant spikes for Joe Biden in Michigan, in Georgia, in Pennsylvania, and everywhere else where they did this.
I mean, this is ridiculous how obvious this is.
And then President Trump put this video out, which within 30 minutes of Trump putting it out, everybody had it on their phones, everybody said Trump says go home.
I'd already left, told folks to go home, trying to stop what was happening with the anti-fabricators.
And I watched hundreds of thousands of people dwindle down to about 30,000 within minutes of it coming out.
I watched it.
Trump says everybody should leave.
I'd already left.
And then by the time I got up here on this rooftop, right above the Capitol, I watched 90% leave.
Twitter didn't want that.
Twitter wanted to blame Trump.
The corporate media was saying Trump orchestrated it.
He said go do it.
Ladies and gentlemen, when I tell you this, it's not to brag about my connection to this embattled president.
Because that, in the modern world, is a millstone around my neck.
Just so you understand what happens.
No one would book
No one would book the other areas.
The Ellipse.
No one would pay for it.
We went and paid for it.
Thank God a donor came in that paid for like 80% of it.
Because it cost close to half a million dollars.
For all the equipment and all the stages and the rest of it.
The porta-potties, you name it.
And then the White House told me three days before, we're going to have you lead the march.
The Secret Service, before Trump finishes 30 minutes before or so, will lead you to a point, take you out of the front row, and lead you to the place where they want you to start the march, and Trump will tell people, go and I'm going to meet you at the Capitol.
There was a million people outside of the ellipse that was, you know, metal detectors folks coming in.
And so by the time I got out there, 20 minutes, 30 minutes before Trump finished his speech, there were already hundreds of thousands of people ahead of me marching.
And before Trump ever took the stage, Antifa, dressed up, over 100 of them, as patriots, was there, but they had their classic elbow pads and knee pads, because that's what the wimps wear.
Out there screaming F Antifa and Proud Boy chants to try to blame the Proud Boys.
No one's blaming the Proud Boys.
It wasn't.
It wasn't the Proud Boys, ladies and gentlemen.
And so the Capitol Police at first were nice when people crossed over the little green fence they had around the inauguration stage.
Folks were supposed to go the other side of the Capitol.
We had a permit.
We had a stage.
I get there.
I see smoke bombs going off.
I see tear gas.
I see all these people climbing up the
We're good to go.
And Twitter caught some of it.
And I'm like, stop!
It's what they want.
It's going to end the debate.
We're not going to get the 10-day research into this, because they didn't want the 10 days of research.
They didn't want the 10 days that Ted Cruz wanted of emergency investigation into what really happened, finally putting the evidence on.
And so by the storming of this, which was started by Antifa, who charged in and attacked the police, and then elicited the police to fire tear gas,
Q is just a nebulous rattlesnake hole to stick your hand down.
It could be good.
It could be bad.
There could be a diamond down the hole.
There could be a rattlesnake.
It's random.
It's esoteric.
But it was two people, and this poor woman who's a great lady, who died.
We should have a vigil for her tonight.
In fact, I call for people to come have a vigil.
What side of the Capitol is that right there?
Right in front of the fence.
I don't want to go over to the restricted area.
But as close as you can get to the supposed inauguration stage of the Chinese agent Joe Biden, people should bring flowers and signs.
This poor woman will tell you her name coming up.
And there should be a vigil.
And we should know her name.
And we should talk about it.
And the other three that have been killed, that they're trying to keep their name secret.
Because this is a little baby Tiananmen Square.
We're the smarter than us academic, you know, Antifa scumbag devil worshippers, manipulated another crowd, yelled fire in a theater, and triggered this once again.
No, they're not smart.
They're just evil.
They've never been brought to justice, so they feel like they're invincible, but they are gonna get brought to justice.
We're gonna make sure that the FBI and state police and others investigate Antifa, who bragged they came to trigger this, when they indict these patriots.
They fooled, that's fine, but they're gonna indict your ass too.
For conspiracy to organize this racketeering, because we know the Antifa and we're going to lay it out.
And so this woman on her Twitter, we'll go over her name more coming up.
This poor lady, she literally was saying, hey, I'm going there.
The storm is here.
We're going to take this over.
We're on orders of the president to do this.
This is the day they're all going to get Mo.
And so she was led in there by Antifa, a 15 year veteran of the Air Force.
Honorably discharged, in intelligence, whole nine yards.
She sees the Chinese take over.
She sees globalism.
She sees everything going on.
She sees General Flynn, who's a great guy, patting Q on the head, because it gets people involved.
They wake up with a new order.
And it's great.
It's fun.
But then other people can pose as it and say, drive your dump truck into the Hoover Dam.
Or drive your train off the bridge into the hospital ships where Hillary's supposedly being held.
And then finally, you see Trump leave office on January 20th.
Will it be trust the plan then?
So I've been nice to the Q folks, just like General Flynn has.
I'm like, hey, if you got into it, whatever, 4chan, 8chan, following breadcrumbs of a guy that lives in the Philippines and has a pig farm, great.
I'm just saying, the real war's here, and Trump's surrounded, needs our help, and I had to get the stage and the money for everything together, because Trump's surrounded, and I led the march that got hijacked by Antifa.
So I'm just saying, if Q was there, I wasn't talking to him.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
Well, ladies and gentlemen, we are here at the epicenter where four U.S.
citizens were murdered inside and outside the U.S.
Capitol by the paramilitary forces there who were manipulated and triggered by Antifa evidences mounting that posed as Proud Boys so that they would then attack and so they could then trigger part of the crowd, hundreds of thousands already massing, to get a small percentage inside the building.
We have a special guest, Taylor Hanson, who's an investigative journalist who actually spoke with and knew Ashley Babbitt and talked to her 30 minutes before she was dead, before she was shot in the neck and killed.
We also have all of his research into Antifa and we have another investigative journalist
We're good to go.
This is normal activity for them.
Members from the security team did an advance observation of the Capitol grounds prior to Trump even arriving to confirm a stage that was set up for the speak.
An observation for a group of 100-120 folks already assembled chanting F Antifa, dressed in a manner not consistent with that normally seen from Trump supporters.
Everyone else who came from the event
Was at the Ellipse waiting for Trump's speech.
They were wearing mainly kind of like gray overalls, arm pads, knee pads.
They all kind of looked like sons of congressmen, sons of Senator Kaine was probably there.
He's been arrested here doing felony type stuff.
In fact, I would guess he was probably there.
F Antifa dressed in a manner not consistent with what we normally see from Trump supporters.
Everyone else who came from the event was at the ellipse for Trump's speech.
Prior to the Trump even coming on stage, a few protesters, most likely Stage Antifa, were already engaged in confrontation with Capitol Police on the Supreme Court side of the Capitol building.
This initiated prior to Trump even speaking on the march to the Capitol.
The crowd departed the ellipse.
Trump's speech location didn't even arrive until at least an hour following Trump's speech.
This was also confirmed by an individual that they interviewed, we interviewed yesterday, stating that these folks were the first ones to engage in confrontation with Capitol Police and is on there saying, I heard them say, it's time, let's go now.
And I interviewed
A well-known former member of the UFC, who I happen to run into, I checked out who he is, friends with Joe Rogan, my friend, and he said in an incredible interview, as is on Bandai Video, witnesses say that they saw what looked like Antifa starting the attack on police.
And he said, you know, we're all wearing different outfits.
We're all, you know, normal guys.
Most of us are above 40.
And then all of a sudden, you just see all these kind of skinny jeans, metrosexual guys in their combat gear with masks on, running and attack all this.
And then as soon as they tricked Trump supporters to join them, because the cops started attacking, they pulled out.
Which is in their handbooks that we've gotten before from sources in our big article from three years ago.
Documents show Obama planned martial law in Maryland in 2015.
You can pull those up.
This was also confirmed by an individual that we interviewed yesterday, saying these folks were the first ones to engage in confrontation with Capitol Police.
He's on there saying, I heard them say, it's time, let's go now, which is exactly what other witnesses said.
Following those initial actions, this man stated that he observed these folks depart after footage of their action was immediately posted to social media and news outlets.
Following arrival to the Capitol, and again, that made everybody here at the Capitol think that was happening.
So others did it.
Following the arrival of the Capitol, several attempts were made from key personalities to de-escalate violent actions already taking place.
There were no attempts by any law enforcement to stop anyone's freedom of movement around the Capitol building.
This is all documented on video to include attempted coordination to get official approval.
For myself to gain access, this is our security guys with the police, to a place to address the crowd to ensure that real Trump supporters did not take this moment in a violent direction.
We were told if you can't get up there, do it.
If you can't get up there, do it.
I can't give you approval, but we won't stop you either.
The timeline obviously doesn't line up.
Did some true Trump supporters fall into the psychological herd mob mentality?
But they didn't initiate it.
I personally did not witness a violent mob.
I witnessed American patriots showing up in numbers to assemble, unarmed, to be heard.
The left clearly took advantage of the situation to spin up the narrative to degrade credibility of what happened yesterday.
And what happened was over 500,000 Americans from all across the country assembled to be heard and were not violent.
But the left and these people always pull their black magic.
They pull their dirty stuff.
Proud of the crowd even departing the Trump speech, confirmed reporters were coming in on official police channels that one man was arrested with a firearm around Capitol grounds and there were violent confrontations happening with Capitol Police.
So that's what Andy said they were coming to do.
They're all trust fund kids, sons of U.S.
Senators, sons of Congress people, academics, devil worshipping, child molesting, chi-com loving, America hating, trash of the planet.
And the police got attacked.
The police got hit.
They then came out when the crowd saw that and even said, let's get them.
Some patriots responded because they didn't want to be bullied and got suckered into this.
That's what happened.
Trump needs to go on the offense, start exposing this.
They were going to take him out with the 25th Amendment, ladies and gentlemen.
They were talking about it last night, we confirmed.
I told you that last night, this morning, it was all over the news.
If he didn't say, okay, I'll have a peaceful transition of power, okay, I'll give it to Joe Biden.
Because they will simply stage terror attacks and blame it on us, and that's what I told...
The Trump administration back in mid-November.
I talked to the Trump administration back then, and I said, you understand that when we get hundreds of thousands or millions to march, and when the evidence of the fraud is documented what it is, they're going to stage riots and blame it on us, or detonate truck bombs, or shoot up a church and say we did it.
And then I'm here, I know this is going on, my security detail that are great folks, they go check it, they see what goes on, we knew this was happening, and we just should have been there, I should have been there, instead of at the Trump speech.
In fact, I was tempted to not go to the Trump speech and be at the Capitol.
I wanted to race down and not wait for Trump and get to the Capitol.
That's what my gut told me.
And we could have told people, that's Antifa.
We could have tackled them, pulled off their mask.
I would have happily been arrested and we would have stopped these pieces of filth.
And so we've just got to be on our guard every damn time.
And they just set us up and it's a splendid victory for these trash.
And I would guess, again,
My opinion, because he got arrested trying to attack people and do stuff that Senator Kaine, Hillary Clinton's running mate, was her son.
I bet money we should check that he was here.
But we're going to tell you names of who was here, what they said they would do, how they plan to set us up, how they bragged about it online, knowing media is not going to cover it, and thinking their censorship of us allows them to carry out these operations.
But we're here, right above the Capitol, where this historic event took place.
And I want to salute the probably a million people, conservatively half a million, that came here to D.C.
for a third time to say we don't accept the fraud.
The globalists started this fight.
They started the CHICOM takeover.
And the fact that they had their provocateurs trigger this and do this, hey, that's on them.
And so we're not ashamed of what happened.
I'm proud of America.
I'm proud of Trump.
And I'm proud of not conceding.
And I'm proud of what you've done.
We'll talk about what comes in the future.
We're going to lay out next, though, the proof of Antifa fingerprints all over this in their own words.
I'm Alex Jones.
Stay with us.
So history is happening right now.
Decades of globalist manipulation is coming together to overthrow the United States.
And we are here witnessing the globalist counter-strike to Trump, Bolsonaro, and others.
And again, patriots don't burn down police stations, they don't shoot cops, they don't burn down public housing.
What happened here?
You had a million people, probably hundreds of thousands, march down here from Trump's speech, and you had Antifa on record saying, we're coming in uniforms, dressed like proud boys, we're going to attack the police.
And they did it?
And we knew they were doing it, and I was so busy at the Trump event that we got sucker-punched.
But we need everybody to call their congressman, everybody to get these articles, these videos, these reports out.
Pure evil.
We need to expose this and get Trump on the offense exposing it.
And we need to talk about Ashley Babbitt.
And we need to talk about how she was executed with three other Americans.
We'll just roll that footage and show you police punching people in the face that were climbing up the side of the Capitol, falling 35 feet to their death.
I mean, this was absolutely insane.
Owen Schroeder is here riding shotgun.
As well with us, we're about to go to Taylor Hanson.
I knew who he was, I know he's been in the war room, but really impressed with his reportage and how he was warning of this with Antifa and how it was all coming up.
So, Mr. Hanson, give us your breakdown of this.
And then we'll go into more detail next segment.
We'll talk about how you were talking with Ms.
Babbitt right before she died, and just how Antifa got the footage of her being killed.
I mean, all of this is absolutely incredible.
They couldn't beat us ideologically, so they had to come pose as us to then put their own activities onto President Trump.
And they did fool some folks to working with him.
I tried to stop it.
You tried to stop it.
So go ahead and lay out what you witnessed yesterday.
I mean, I'll start it off by saying it was a huge setup.
It was just one big setup.
And there's plenty of reasons why.
I want to touch on someone named John Sullivan.
John Sullivan is kind of where I started my investigative journalism career.
He is an activist that is known for something called Insurgents USA back in Utah, where I am actually located at.
And I began infiltrating him a few months ago and his movement.
And they were involved in a Provo shooting where they actually shot a man driving a truck as he was driving by.
And John Sullivan actually got his own angle.
He was in the Capitol at the time where Ashley Babbitt was shot.
He was behind me.
And he's now on Twitter bragging about it, getting this clip, and he's actually making fun of her death.
So he's not even trying to hide that he's Antifa, and this is just one of the many, many examples I have.
I mean, I've recognized multiple journalists, so-called.
You got these fake Antifa press from Portland, because I mean, that's my second home.
And you know, I've confronted them all.
I walked right up to them and said, oh, hey, you're from Portland, right?
And they said, yeah.
There has been Antifa scattered throughout the entire protest.
The first people to attack was Antifa provocateurs.
Well, the fellow that shot the video of the cop killing Mrs. Babbitt, he is Antifa himself and has been arrested for staging riots in Portland.
Yeah, keep in mind too that, you know, every time we have these events in D.C., you always see Antifa and BLM out on the streets.
They are not anywhere to be seen in this week because they're all wearing Trump gear, they're all posing as journalists, they're all just infiltrating all the Trump stuff because they have no effect now, dressing in all black with BlackBlock going around, they get their ass kicked by Proud Boys, the police are sick of them, so now they pretend to be patriots, they infiltrate,
And then they cause all this disruption, and I think that Taylor, the point that you're making is so key here, he's bragging about it because this is their victory, like, oh, we just got one of you killed and you did it to yourself.
And they blamed all of it on Trump and America.
This is a devastating victory.
Let's not lie to ourselves so next time they don't get away with this.
They had a huge psychological war.
If you study the British Navy or the Romans or anybody, lots of armies would stage atrocities and blame it on the other enemy.
It's called a false flag because you run up somebody else's flag.
And then commit a crime.
Yeah, it's Hitler and the Reichstag.
And so they did it.
I don't know if this individual did it, but they all bragged.
We're coming by the hundreds.
We're gonna dress like you.
And they staged the attack while we were down there with Trump and already had it going by the time I got here.
It's unbelievable.
So start laying out what they said they'd do, how they came to town.
I mean, it's all on record.
Your Twitter just documents this.
I mean because they've been saying they're gonna come in town just as Trump supporters.
Backward Trump hats, cut off brown shirts is what they were saying.
Basically, they dress out so they're very easy to be noticed.
So they're not in the crowd really.
I mean they are Trump supporters.
We're good to go.
Well, Helen, they weren't even inconspicuous about it either.
So all the Portland people, they actually have stands because they're so well-funded.
I mean, they have over $1.5 billion in their bail fund already and it just keeps growing.
But they're so well-funded that they hand out new gas masks, they hand out helmets, every single direct action.
So every single night in Portland, they riot, they are getting brand new gear.
And Black Lives Matter got $10.6 billion.
And where did that go?
The Democratic Party, the ones that put him there in the first place.
But with this gear, they all wear these pink face masks, and they're very easy to distinguish.
And they wore them all here.
That's how I recognize them.
You know, I walked right up to them, and I was calling them by name.
And again, I'm not at the network.
I'm sure they've got it.
But it's the first footage of the riot police up against the Capitol.
And you see the guys are all kind of dressed the same.
They're wearing gray.
They've got elbow pads and knee pads.
That was the first thing to come out.
You were there.
How did they then trick the Patriots to join them?
I mean, because they were staging a photo shoot at first.
That's what she was doing.
They were actually staging a photo shoot trying to get an Antifa provocateur dressed as a Trump supporter punching a cop, and he actually was the one that started it.
Well, and let's remember too, when all the Antifa violence was happening over the summer,
You had videos where you can clearly see, okay, there's a crowd gathering, but it hasn't really gotten too violent, and then what happens?
Like, clockwork every time.
Two or three people dressed in black block, like Antifa's uniform, with one as the photographer, which you've documented on your Twitter account now from this week, one as the photographer, two of them with a skateboard and a Molotov, the guy with the skateboard starts it, bashes in the police window, the second guy comes in, Molotov cocktail, throws in the cop car, cop car lights up, then the crowd goes next level, starts destroying the cop car, hopping on it, doing things, the three people
The one that took the photo, and the two that lit the car on fire.
They then take off, and they've now successfully launched a violent event.
And let's be clear, we got documents three years ago, from 2015.
Again, headline, documents show Obama planned martial law with Antifa in Maryland, where they coordinate.
We attack here, you do this, we do that.
Let's try to get the black people to do this.
They just did the same damn thing right here.
Yeah, and again, it just shows that they are, I mean, the people that do this are probably not that bright.
I mean, I don't know.
But they're following an organized crime script.
Somebody, there are leaders, you can identify them when you're out on the scene by the ones that are saying, hey, don't talk to media, hey, don't talk to media, hey, go this way, go that way.
You can document this if you stream live.
That's why they don't like it when we stream live, and they ban people that do from these events, because you catch them in the act.
Well, they were jamming.
They were jamming.
Somebody was.
Well exactly what you said too.
It's a reaction.
They start it, they leave, and then they make the Trump supporters feel betrayed because, you know, the police, we back the blue, and then I've never seen so much force in my life.
You know, covering these riots for five months, I've never seen so much force used.
They've got a perimeter on the Capitol here that they haven't had a perimeter like that anywhere in D.C.
Nowhere during the summer riots of 2020, which they say, oh, those are peaceful protests.
You look at the aerial footage from D.C.
this summer.
It's like a war zone.
The whole town in flames.
You didn't have that here.
There was some property destruction at the Capitol.
Obviously, the strife with police.
To sit here and say, oh, that's a violent siege.
They say, siege, siege.
No, they're sieging us.
We're under siege.
They're stealing our elections.
And people going into the Capitol, they say, is a siege.
So it just shows how, like you said, Taylor, it's all a big setup.
And so is the election in Georgia.
You really believe it was that tight?
Oh, really?
You really believe it's 50 percent, 50 percent, right up to the final vote, which magically puts the Democrats?
No, that's the Chinese running the voting machines, getting us amped up.
But staging the steal, of course they're going to steal it, but staging the steal perfectly so that you see it, think you had a chance, and then recognize the steal, and then, so it's all a set-up.
The Chinatown setting us up with the major intel with the stolen elections, and then Antifa grassroots level staging violence to then set Trump supporters up against the police.
The goal is cause a civil war, but let's just pull back from this.
We need to talk about talking points based in truth.
For the President, for America, for the world.
Because we don't have any Patriot communications.
The President's been cut off, basically.
The White House is listening to us.
And it's not because we're powerful.
It's because Trump is surrounded, okay?
And I keep telling everybody, you think...
Your cue's great.
You don't have to do anything.
Trust the plan.
Everything's wonderful.
That's what's gotten us into this position.
I'm not bashing you if you were a cue person.
I'm just telling you now that you have to listen to the talking points.
We have to discuss who was behind this.
We have to get Trump moving now on the offense instead of being on the defense.
Okay, so I want to lay out the historic events that took place yesterday that we were in the middle of.
If you want to see the footage where I tried early on to stop the crowd from following Antifa and failed because it was just so many hundreds of thousands, they couldn't even hear me on the bullhorn.
That's going up at VanDawgVideo.
RobDue's almost done going through all the footage.
We have hours and hours of footage.
It's hard to find those little pieces.
But he's found them.
So those are going up because mainstream media is saying, I called for this.
I did this.
Trump did this.
Trump told me.
His campaign at the White House.
Folks went and met at the White House.
I didn't go.
I'll leave it at that.
They said, he wants you to lead it.
Make sure it's peaceful.
Tell everybody.
This is peaceful.
So we have me going.
We are peaceful.
We get down there.
And it's already all hell's all broken loose because Andy was set us up.
But talking to Taylor Hanson and Owen Schroer here, we're going to get into big picture.
Has Trump really conceded in 14 days or whatever it is?
How big a deal is this?
What is Joe Biden going to do?
Can we still fight back?
I trust the plan of, you know, never giving in to tyranny and praying to God and admitting how much trouble we're in.
That's how we dig out of this.
That's the real plan.
Christ's plan.
God's plan.
So, both of you guys, let's get into this poor lady.
Let's get into Ashley Babbitt and what happened to her, dying in red, white, and blue, a decorated veteran of the Air Force, and being gunned down, being executed, and that sickening footage.
Yeah, I mean I actually had an opportunity to briefly talk to Ashley.
I mean to say about 10, 15, 20 minutes prior to her execution.
And all she had to say was she was there to save the republic and uphold the constitution.
That doesn't sound like a terrorist to me.
That doesn't sound like what the media is framing this.
And if you think about it this way, Ashley Babbitt bled out in a red, white, and blue Trump flag.
She died wearing the same colors that she wore on her arm for her country for 14 years.
She went on four deployments doing that.
The same people that sent her there are the same people that killed her.
You're absolutely right.
It's just...
And I can't even, you can't even wrap your head around it, about what these people are doing.
You know, they frame this narrative that this woman is a terrorist, when in reality she's a war hero.
This woman served her country, she served the red, white, and blue, she served our Constitution, she loves this country.
But what is the media framing her out to be?
They're saying she's a monster.
They declared her dead in the ambulance, I watched the life drain out of her eyes, while there were three special tacticians that knew how to administer the right aid, but they didn't do anything.
They carried her off like a dead dog or a pile of garbage.
They stood by.
Yeah, and you know, I'm not going to pontificate redundantly on the double standard that we're witnessing here, but it is incredible that we still haven't identified the shooter, even though we have the video, we've seen the videos, we have the video at Bandot Video, if you want to see the actual guy pulling the trigger, killing her, executing her, everyone that's seen the video agrees it was an execution, he could have handled the situation.
And nobody likes watching George Floyd die, and when I saw it I said it was terrible, but they didn't even know what they were doing, he died of a heart attack from drug overdose.
This is premeditated, and it's a black dude killing a white lady.
And I don't think the black dude killed her because she was white.
He was scared.
It's hysteria.
It's still wrong.
But imagine if a white dude was shooting a black lady, the cities would be burning.
And again, that is the double standard of Antifa and BLM.
Most folks at BLM aren't black.
It's the left and communists posing that they represent black people out burning down America, shooting people randomly at checkpoints, and then nobody's name that's killed is ever heard.
That's the double standard we're talking about, Owen.
Well, and it's frustrating, too, because I was watching news and doing some stuff before I went to bed last night to try to get more intel, and I still didn't even get the information until Taylor told me this morning that actually four people died last night.
We only know one of them.
Four people died, many at the hands of police.
Normally, it's, oh, police are bad.
Let's show the footage of him punching the guy off right now, and he just falls to his death.
But notice how, oh, the police aren't violent.
So it shows you that the establishment is an occupying force that's only oppressing the political... When the police work as communists and follow the New World Order's orders, they are good.
When they do something else the system doesn't like, they demonize the police, but only to control them.
They didn't care about George Floyd.
And again, the police at the end of the day are not even the bad ones in this.
Antifa came in.
They had the Capitol understaffed on purpose.
You can see the setup.
The police finally pushed back.
They attacked.
Antifa pulls out.
The police attacked the Patriots.
The Patriots attack.
And it was all a setup.
They beautifully played, we need this to be investigated by state police, by citizens, by grand juries, by investigative journalists.
The FBI is not going to do it.
I mean, I bet Bill Barr was probably in command of this.
Well, and the state police... Because you know Antifa works for the
Well, and the state police aren't going to do anything either.
They're all funded by Soros, and they have Soros DAs, so they know there's nothing that's going to be done.
But, you know, think about this.
That's why they're so arrogant.
Kyle Rittenhouse fires off shots into a crowd of BLM Antifa.
He hits three criminals, including a pedophile.
I guarantee you, I would bet that another one of the four people that died, I bet if there was another veteran, you couldn't swing a stick and not hit a veteran that was inside the Capitol yesterday.
So, just think about that.
You fire into a crowd of transporters, you hit veterans, you hit mothers, you hit good patriots, good people.
You fire into the crowd of the Antifa, the BLM, you hit three criminals, including a pedophile.
It just shows you... I mean, I'm not saying any of it's good.
All of it's bad.
But it's a double standard.
Chuckie Schumer is calling it Pearl Harbor.
In fact, cue that up.
Chuckie Schumer is calling it Pearl Harbor when they killed four people.
It wasn't Japanese bombers blowing up battleships and killing thousands of people, 3,000 people.
It was literally...
The police getting manipulated by Antifa to then attack a peaceful crowd.
They go in.
The crowd's pissed.
Sure, maybe they get, you know, in trouble.
They get fined.
They go to jail for ransacking things.
Those gutter rats in the old days would have been tarred and feathered.
And I'm not calling for violence.
But you've got those globalists that have been raping this country.
And now people show up.
They kill four Americans, including an unarmed woman.
They throw people off parapets to their death.
And now they're Pearl Harbor survivors.
Here's Chuckie Schumer.
President Franklin Roosevelt set aside December 7th, 1941 as a day that will live in infamy.
Unfortunately, we can now add January 6th, 2021 to that very short list of dates in American history that will live forever in infamy.
This temple to democracy was desecrated.
Its windows smashed.
Our offices vandalized.
The world saw Americans elected officials hurriedly ushered out because they were in harm's way.
The House and Senate floors were places of shelter until the evacuation was ordered, leaving rioters to stalk these hallowed halls.
Lawmakers and our staffs, average citizens who love their country, serve it every day, feared for their lives.
I understand that one woman was shot and tragically lost her life.
We mourn her and feel for her friends and family.
These images were projected to the world.
I want to be very clear.
Okay, so he's a Pearl Harbor victim.
Oh, they're not going to let this stain be wiped away.
Oh, mostly peaceful protests, burning down major blocks of cities, killing cops, burning down community centers, burning down poor income housing, shooting people in the head at checkpoints.
That's all wonderful.
Killing Proud Boys, that's all wonderful.
That's a stain that never existed.
Oh, but this stain won't be wiped away, Owen.
Well let's be clear, this is the huge bait and switch, this is the huge media lie, media narrative that we have to completely rebuke and reject.
Trump did not cause this by stating the election was stolen.
That's a fact.
They stole the election.
That's what caused this.
So them pointing the fingers at Trump and Trump supporters, that's all a big game, that's all a big con, that's all a big psyop.
They stole the damn election.
That's right, they brought us.
They brought us this point.
They have the son that's a communist Chinese agent.
What do they expect to happen?
We're in a civil war.
Well, that's what I'm saying.
Again, we're not encouraging violence.
We tried to stop the violence.
We're not violent revolutionaries.
But, I mean, think about this logically.
If someone comes into your home and steals all your stuff or rapes your wife or whatever, you're going to track them down and you're going to beat their ass.
That's instincts.
So, I mean, they stole the election, people are pissed about it, and then you get set up with Antifa and the police, and it just ends up being this powder keg that they then blame on Trump, who had nothing to do with it.
He said, the election was stolen, we're gonna peacefully march, okay, now it's out of control, go home in love, and they say, oh, Trump did it, now he's banned on all social media.
Yeah, so, everybody knows it's a screw job, everybody knows it's a con job.
The thing we need to talk about is,
What do we do as millions of listeners, as millions of activists, with talking points and narratives to counter what's happening?
What pressure do we put on Trump and Congress?
Because Trump's totally been abandoned.
Now that sounds bad.
That's actually good.
Trump is so abandoned by all the snakes around him that now Alex Jones led a march.
Now we're running the show the next 15 days.
He can do so much now to counter them regardless.
We're going to talk about it in the second hour, but pray for awakening.
But as you said, Owen, they started this.
We had to push back.
All right, Taylor Hanson's here.
Owen Stroyer's riding shotgun.
I'm Alex Jones.
And I myself think it's important to cover Antifa staging this, the rest of it.
But we've got to actually talk about getting Trump to talk about it, getting out articles, getting out videos where listeners compile all the evidence.
We're compiling all the evidence.
It's absolutely insane.
But you were getting into the execution of Ashley Babbitt and that footage, how amazing it is of the guy crouching behind and then killing her and shooting her.
Who do you think gave the order to kill four U.S.
citizens in there?
And now the media is acting like that's legitimate.
I'm gonna kill people like Tiananmen Square now.
We're good.
I don't know who gave the order, but I will tell you who I saw leaving the hall, and it was Chuck Schumer.
That was the last person I saw before the shots were even fired.
They rushed him out, and then, like he said, we had this man that shot Ashley.
He was crouching behind a wall with a glass pane where I was on the very left, and Ashley was climbing in on the one on the right.
And he was hiding there.
She had no idea that he was even sitting there aiming a gun right at her face.
And the minute that she hopped up in that pane, she had no idea that he was even there.
He shot her right in the neck.
Let's talk about Schumer.
Go through it play-by-play because you're there, you go in, it's surreal, you're inside the Capitol.
What are you witnessing?
What area are you in?
What do you see Schumer doing?
Absolutely, because the whole reason Ashley and we even ended up in that area is because we weren't allowed to go into the actual Senate room.
The cops were going to let us in, but then one Antifa provocateur started being violent and just caused mass outroar.
So what I did is I followed Ashley.
She was the first one to make it to those Senate doors, to that hallway.
And when me and Ashley got there, after just a few minutes, we had...
Everybody there.
And within those minutes, Chuck Schumer is rushed out by his security detail.
And within, say, about 10 seconds of him being out of sight, that's when Ashley was executed.
Some stations don't carry this first five minutes.
I want you to tell that story again coming up and both you guys.
Oh and let's talk for a few minutes about strategy and then get into it in detail next segment.
We need to talk about strategy.
Has Trump conceded and how many days is it to the 20th?
So 13?
I think 13 or 12.
But, you know, as far as Trump conceding, I don't know if he's made any official announcement or he has any plans, you know, to announce a concession.
I don't even know how he would do that since he's banned everywhere now.
But, you know, honestly, Alex, I didn't want to say this at the time because we were all in good spirits at the Trump rally yesterday.
But Trump got on the stage late.
When he got up there, I could tell he was desolate.
I could tell he was depressed because I just knew it.
I somehow instinctively knew it.
He just got off the phone with Pence.
That's why he's late and Pence told him he was going to certify the election for Biden and Trump just had one more person stab him in the back and stab him in the heart and stab him in the neck.
So, you know, Trump is still in control in a way of the Trump movement.
But what happens when Trump does leave the White House, which I think is going to be the case now?
I mean, I don't see how he sticks around unless by way of a miracle.
Of course, this country existing is a miracle, so maybe miracles can happen and still do.
But what happens, I mean, what happens to all the Q people that said, oh Pence, oh Sessions, oh all this, oh trust the plan?
What are they going to do?
What happens to all the Trump supporters when he basically concedes to Biden, leaves the White House, and then we're left with no leaders?
We're left with a rogue leader, a leader in exile, as you called it yesterday, Alex.
We've got some serious thinking to do, and we've really got to get into our hearts, into our souls, and into our spirits and decide what to do.
Exactly, because I'm just like you, Owen.
I'm telling Owen during the break, we focus on Antifa, we focus on the minutiae, it's all important.
We've got to focus on how does the public deal with learning that Trump's going to be removed?
How do we fight back?
How do we, in the 13 days he's got left...
Get him to not let this stage deal at the Capitol be what he ends on, but to go on the offense to expose Antifa, to expose the Chi-Coms, to have massive declassification, and just go out in a gigantic, we are going to take America back, I am the president in exile, and we will never freaking surrender.
I want to see that.
But he's so surrounded, he's been so persecuted, and I know people that know him, he's very
He's still fighting, but he just can't believe America's this weak and the Chi-Coms are taking over.
So we're going to all talk about that when we come back after we finish up on all the other issues of Antifa and what really happened.
Because they don't want the real history told.
That's why Bandot video is there.
It's why all the articles are there.
It's why you spreading them is king.
Because the enemy can't win unless they can't have us all blacked out.
But you're not going to let them do that, Paul Revere.
So, band.video.
Share those links.
And that link is censored on Facebook and Twitter and places.
So, theresistance.video.
America, America, America.
We've woken up to the globalist takeover.
They were going to do it.
We never even know it was happening.
At least we're not in our beds asleep when the vampire kills us.
We are awake and fighting.
And so the vampire came in, we stabbed it, threw a torch at it, lit on fire, but it's still coming at us, burning.
We're like, this thing's still coming at us.
Well, yeah, you're in a damn fight, ladies and gentlemen.
So, I mean, the best they can do is stage a provocateur action to get patriots to go into the Capitol.
We're going to expose that.
We're not going to give up.
It's not like, oh, Trump's supposed to go away now.
Trump's supposed to concede because this happened.
I understand because of the 25th Amendment.
They had Pence and a bunch of the cabinet ready to remove Trump.
But they're scared if his supporters really going crazy if they do that.
So he's got the Trump card.
So they didn't do that.
And so he should say, we are peaceful.
We've had hundreds of rallies that have been peaceful.
It's Antifa and BLM that's violent.
I want in all 50 states people to march for America and for free speech and to show how you're not violent, because Antifa can't stage events in all those areas.
And we didn't do this, you did this, and he needs to go on the offense, and with 13 days left, he needs to declassify everything, he needs to have televised events every night, he needs to tell that same speech he told at that rally yesterday,
With the evidence, with Giuliani, and fireside chats that will override the censorship.
And he needs to not let his presidency end on this bad note.
Because we're going to go after Biden politically.
We're going to expose his shy comrades.
We're going to expose Big Tech.
There's going to be a backlash the likes of which you've never seen.
So don't be down, folks.
Again, the vampire sneaks in, drains our blood in China, drains the Russians' blood, drains the Venezuelans' blood.
They never knew what hit them.
Here, we were waiting for the vampire.
Patriots knew.
And when he came through at 2 a.m.
through the window, Nosferatu, we stabbed him with a big ol' silver dagger.
We threw gasoline on him and lit his ass on fire.
And now he's on fire trying to take us with him out the window.
We're going to turn around politically with a big old giant fire hose of holy water and praying to God and blasting out that damn window.
So I'm telling you, these things come in waves.
At my office, I've got big posters and photos of waves.
Waves around the world.
Big tidal waves.
Small waves and big waves.
Everything's waves.
Everything has an opposite and equal reaction.
Newtonian physics.
For every action, there's an opposite, equal reaction.
So we're not giving up.
Giving up means even more... That's why they try to be over-the-top to demoralize us.
They're losing.
Even being Chuckie Schumer is a loser.
That hunchback devil-worshipping pedophile.
So, being Brian Stelter is a loser.
All these people are scum.
It's why they want to hurt us.
Because they are trash.
So, Owen...
Get into what you think, and while our guest hosts here as well, Trump does now to change the narrative back and to move away from this.
I think he doesn't apologize, he goes on the offense.
Well, I think one more exhibition of Trump supporters and patriots in the streets is key.
Just one more time before Biden's inauguration show, Trump has all the support in America, Biden has nothing.
He can't even fill a high school gymnasium, so just exhibit that one more time.
But you probably do it in an airfield in the middle of nowhere so Antifa can't blow something up and say you did it.
Yeah, but I think one more exhibit, or like you said, just call for marches around capitals, which is already happening on Saturdays anyway.
But, you know, the good news is Trump has 12 days left, and I was talking to a couple Trump supporters down on the street today that are, you know, all pissed off, fighting mad, like, what are we going to do?
And I asked them, I said,
What are we going to do?
Let me ask you a question.
If you were told eight years ago that the U.S.
elections were rigged and they cheated every time, would you have believed it?
And the guy was like, well, you know, maybe, but not really.
So the good news is, is Trump's still in office and people get it now.
I mean, they fully get it.
We're under an occupation.
There are enemies domestic within.
There are enemies foreign that are rigging our systems, censoring us.
Now here's the challenge.
What is Trump going to do?
Trump's biggest challenge, and this is sad that he didn't take our advice a while ago, he has no outlet now.
He's banned on all social media.
Televisions will not pick up an address.
Trump could say, I'm doing a presidential address tomorrow.
They wouldn't air it.
They literally would not air it anywhere.
So I don't know how he gets around that.
There's other social media systems.
He can still, he has the emergency broadcasting system.
He has Voice of America.
It'll get picked up.
It'll get picked up.
They use that against us here in DC.
But you know, I think the biggest thing for Trump to do if he is going to leave the office
He can destroy these people before they ever get in.
He can declassify everything.
China Joe's gonna ban your oil.
China Joe's gonna sell you out on drugs.
Well, not even that.
I think just showing all the... Remember, we have tens of millions of dollars of payouts, our taxpayers, of congressmen and potentially women settling sexual assault cases.
Declassify that!
Declassify all of it!
Declassify all of the names that are on Epstein's list.
Insider trading by Congress.
And then I think, I think the greatest thing Trump can do, and he needs the military behind him to do this, but I really think this would be the ultimate ace up his sleeve.
I would extradite Joe Biden to Ukraine.
Let's see them put Joe Biden in the White House when he's over in Ukraine going to jail!
And that's totally legitimate!
He needs the Justice Department to do that.
Yeah, so I mean, that's what Trump has a bunch of different cards he can play.
What is he going to do between now and the next 12 days?
I mean, no telling, really.
He hasn't really shown his poker face.
He doesn't, you know, so... Well, he needs to expose that Antifa staged this.
We now know there were Antifa there.
We can show who they are.
They've got names.
We need to do that.
What do you think, Mr. Hanson?
I think he needs to march right down to the CIA file cabinet, open it, and livestream everything.
He needs to declassify UFOs, JFK, absolutely everything, considering how bad our government screwed him.
He could turn around and screw them just as bad, if not worse.
All I know is I like Rand Paul, but he says we must absolutely fix this mess.
You don't act like this in America.
Well, that's great, Rand Paul.
You spoke out against when they broke your ribs, where they tried to kill you in Congressman Scalise.
So when you criticize conservatives being manipulated into this by Antifa, spend a little more time about the left and what they've done.
But let's actually also be historically accurate about this.
That is what America is about.
We fight tyrants.
That's what we do.
We don't take tyrants.
We don't tolerate them.
But we choose the time and place.
Of course.
They had a good chance, Owen, of getting that 10-day investigation.
They didn't want that.
That's why they staged violence.
And so, when they're coming to confiscate our guns, or they're coming, you know, with things like that, that's when Lesley and Concord happened.
We don't want to go there if we have to.
Just like they said, we don't want a war, but if it starts today, if they fire first, it does.
And so, yes, they fired first.
You gave that analogy, that parallel to the killing of this poor woman, to what happened back in 1776.
So, in 1776, a 11-year-old child was shot and killed by a British loyalist.
And this triggered one of our founding fathers to actually amplify this and say, this will never happen again.
And he did this for months and months and months over again.
And that is what eventually led to the Boston Massacre and got us our freedom.
That's exactly what Ashley Babbitt is for us.
That is exactly what she needs to be.
She is a hero, and she should be praised like that.
And that's why they don't want her name Ashley Babbitt out there or the other three.
Again, as you said, Owen, where are these three people that were killed?
What are their names?
What happened?
And again, you know, it's just, it's the same double standard that we see every time here.
When the left writes, they say, oh, this is what America's about.
When the right protests, it's, oh, this is not what America's about.
So again, it's that double standard.
But again, Trump, here's the thing.
There's, in my opinion, and I think it's been this way for a while, there is no will at all in D.C.
to stop the steal of this election.
There's none.
There's people in the media, there's Trump, and then some people perhaps in his team that want to stop the steal, but like, some of these people that are organizing some of these speeches and talking, they have really no will, they're just kind of in it for the fame, in it for the fortune, and they'll probably go away when Trump concedes, you won't hear much from them, and then they'll come back up within the ranks of the Republican establishment.
But Trump needs to now execute his will.
He needs to decide what his will is.
Is his will to really stop this deal?
Is his will to keep Biden out of the White House?
Is his will to just expose all the corruption within the government?
Is his will to investigate the people that have been the most vitriolic towards President Trump and our Republic?
The Schumers, the Pelosi's?
How did Nancy Pelosi make hundreds of millions of dollars?
How did Maxine Waters make hundreds of millions of dollars?
Where does the money go?
Where does the money go?
Another trillion dollars out in stimulus.
Now we're figuring out where it goes.
Oh, all these foreign countries.
All these foreign countries.
They've been stealing our money for decades.
So, and this is something that should actually unite the people.
This is something that would actually unite the people is, I think, going into the CIA, exposing all the corruption, going into... Again, it's all about will, though.
Is there any will to investigate Nancy Pelosi and find out where her money comes?
They investigate Trump all day long.
They investigate him in New York.
They investigate him in D.C.
They give him a proctology exam every morning.
Well, when I come back, I'm going to explain why all this is a dead end.
And I'm not trying to put you down, but it's a dead end.
The Justice Department will not federally do anything.
So that's like saying, let's go to the moon without a rocket.
Trump's will.
It's whatever Trump wants to do.
The way the bureaucracy works is like, if I ask you to go downstairs and get me a Coca-Cola, if you refuse to do it, I have to go do it, right?
Well, that's getting a Coca-Cola.
How about this whole giant bureaucracy?
And I'm not putting you down, but this is what we've gone through over and over again, okay?
And when we come back, I'm going to explain all this, okay?
We look at Q to do it.
We look at Trump to do it.
And we throw out so many things that need to be done.
We need, and I'm not criticizing you, I want to get the answer.
Because I've got a few ideas, but in this dwindling daylight we have before Biden takes over, it can still be stopped.
But we've got to talk about the chinks in the armor and the specific things that we need to get Trump to do.
It's got to be a limited list.
Roger Stone taught me that.
Go to the President with limited things.
Look, I knew the globalists were coming.
I knew with their whole operation.
And really, it's exposing them and their agenda as being evil, is the way to stop them.
And to get the general public to realize, complying with the New World Order, the UN, the mask, the lockdowns, isn't helping society, it's the broken social contract.
And so I tell everybody, you need to call the White House, you need to tweet at Trump, you need to come march, I've already done it, and march around the White House and say, go on air!
Go on air!
The system hated that speech.
But so what if Twitter blocks Trump?
It'll get out everywhere.
It'll get on InfoWars and Newsmax and Fox News and go out and like Owen was saying, like you were saying, hammer them on each issue.
But I would start with Trump has a press conference about this.
The media will think he's weak.
They'll come to the Rose Garden.
He has the press conference tomorrow morning, Friday morning.
And he says, oh, what about them burning down cities?
What about Antifa doing this?
What about them killing people?
We're told Antifa was there.
And they say, oh, what's your evidence?
Go look at it.
They bragged.
He needs to go on the offense on every point and go after Biden as a communist Chinese agent and his son as an agent with all the evidence.
And that's what you hammer is.
The globalists are going to cut off your oil.
They're going to cut off your gas.
They didn't give you $2,000.
They gave you $600.
They're the enemy.
They're taking you over.
You're going to foster violence.
He's never pushed violence.
He says, I don't support violence.
Your people staged it.
You guys got any comments on what Trump should do?
Well, exactly.
Like what you said, he needs to goad up.
He needs to be doing emergency broadcasts.
He needs to be hijacking people's televisions every single night and exposing what these globalists are doing.
He needs to be declassifying these things.
He needs to be showing the American people how Nancy Pelosi is making hundreds of millions of dollars, how these people are covering up sex crimes and everything they're doing.
Well, let's remember, Epstein coming out, all this, they're the ones on the defense.
That's why they had to do the COVID lockdown.
That's why they've got to do the censorship.
That's making them incredibly unpopular.
So people think we're losing.
We're not.
Yeah, have they stolen it from our president?
Because they have to.
They have no choice.
So I go back to this.
What does Trump do?
He keeps worrying about overturning the election.
It's all political.
He has to expose that they're bad.
Yeah, they stole it.
Not even that they stole it.
That they're Chinese Asians.
That they're globalists.
They promote pedophilia.
That they hate America.
Well, if he's going to leave the White House, he should do a press conference and basically just say, like, you're saying, oh, here's everything they're going to do.
Your taxes are going to go up.
You're going to get forced vaccines to be a consumer, and to just lay it all out.
And then that puts them against the fence to, if they do it, well, they've been caught.
And everybody knows Trump was right.
So, I mean, that's like the most softball thing he could do.
I agree.
Remember, he gives a speech every night.
Remember, tomorrow I'll tell you how they're going to take your oil, and why when they
We're good to go.
And that kind of gives, that hems the Democrats in, where it's like, okay, if they do it, now everybody's seeing what's actually going on, where, oh, they just do it and say, oh, it's virtuous, or they do it at midnight on Christmas Eve, or whatever the stuff.
And he should re-give his inaugural speech, say, four years ago, I gave you this inauguration, look how much I delivered, here it is, I'm gonna read it again.
Just attack, attack, attack, attack, attack!
And then, you know, he can also just kind of do one last thing, too, where he celebrates all the victories that he had, all the great things that he accomplished as president, and just say, look, this is never going to happen again.
None of this is going to happen again, and it's going to be worse than ever.
But, you know...
It's so twisted because we don't even know who's going to be president.
I mean, sure, Biden will be the figurehead for maybe a week, maybe a month, maybe a year.
But who's telling Biden what to say?
This guy can't even think.
He doesn't even know where he is half the time.
So they got Kamala Harris ready.
He needs to point that out, too.
He needs to say, look, Kamala Harris is the real president.
Biden doesn't even know where he is.
And she's probably taking orders from Barack Obama, who's acting as a go-between.
He even admitted in a TV interview, he was like, well, I would never want to be back in politics.
If I could just run the scenes from behind, you know, just be in someone's ear, I'd do that.
So that's Biden, that's Harris.
But again, Trump can get on the front of it and say, look, they're going to put Kamala Harris in.
She had the lowest, she had the lowest percentage of support during the Democrat primaries, and she dropped out before a vote was even cast.
So he can make that prediction.
Oh, now what are they going to do?
They're going to make Trump proven right by putting Harris in, installing her instead of Biden?
He needs to level the American people that global government can't have a free country.
It can't have capitalism.
It can't have a middle class.
This is globally depressing.
The Great Reset to make you poor.
Trump needs to give a Great Reset speech like Winston Churchill would and say, they're coming.
They've got the media.
They've got the courts.
They've got both parties.
I fought hard.
You did a great job.
It's up to you now.
This is the Great Reset.
They're going to impoverish you.
They're going to destroy you.
Here's what Klaus Schwab says.
Here's what David Rockefeller said.
Here's what Ted Turner said.
Here's what Bill Gates said.
He gives the Great Reset.
Unless you expose the New World Order, nothing else makes sense.
Nothing else is just, it's dealing with the symptoms of the disease.
That's what I'm saying.
He must give the Great Reset speech.
But it's okay!
Because we're going to give the Great Reset Speech.
It's okay, because we're going to expose the New World Order.
It's okay, because you funded InfoWars that we've barely been promoting or plugging.
We're going to continue on to the future, and we're not going to give up, and you aren't either, because we don't have a choice.
I think that's what it comes down to.
Well, and that's why you can debate all day long what is a reasonable response to what we're dealing with.
I mean, what is the reasonable response?
How do you measure that?
How do you decide?
You know, you look at history, you look at around the world.
What do we do when we've lost every measurement, every lever of influence over our country, when we've lost it all?
And it's all been stolen from us.
What are we supposed to do?
I mean, that's I think what everybody's wondering.
No, that's it.
I mean, I think what you said earlier is true.
That's what I said yesterday.
They've raped us, this is a takeover, whatever we do being attacked and taken over and demoralized and anti-fund BLM burning things, we're told it's good, and then if we stand up and fight, we're bad.
I mean, these are sick people that have no bottom.
And so we just need to know, we love America, we love all of our people, old, young, black, white, you name it, Hispanic, Asian, we all have a love of God, and we're just not gonna stop.
Now, I'm gonna do this next segment.
Because you started getting into this, Mr. Hanson, earlier with the lady that was killed, the lady that was executed, Ashley Babbitt.
And I want Taylor Hanson, when we come back, to lay out again, because some stages don't carry that first little five minutes.
You were there when she was killed.
What it was like to watch her, you had her blood on you, I guess.
And you're there on video, and you see this execution happen, and the media won't even say her name.
So one thing I did get from Black Lives Matter that's true is say her name because they never want to say folks name.
And then of course, Senator Paul did say her name, did a bill to say stop doing no non warrants.
So he got physically attacked.
But we're going to talk about saying her name.
This is
I think we have the election stolen.
I'm not agreeing to this fraud, but I will agree to the peaceful transference of power because they told him, we got Mike Pence, we got the rest of your cabinet, they're all cowards, they'll 25th Amendment your ass right now.
They only did that because removing him would cause a bigger backlash.
Maybe Trump
Should force him to do a 25th Amendment.
Not because he's going to not peacefully transfer power, but because it's a fraud.
So they're scared of the power he's still got.
We'll cover it all on the other side.
I'm Alex Jones.
This is History Happening.
We're only here because of you.
Thank you all for your support.
Spread the word about the live feed.
It's a revolutionary act.
Alright, Taylor Hanson was there.
I'm Alex Jones, Owen Schroer.
You were there when this poor lady, Ashley Babbitt, got executed, along with three other Americans.
They won't even tell us their names.
They're calling us the terrorists, but they were killing us.
You were there describing, you talked to her before she died, what happened, what you witnessed, and the fact you saw Chucky Schumer look like it was his security detail that he was...
I guess one of the blood sacrifices.
We know.
Remember he threatened Trump.
He said, if you ban abortion, we will annihilate you!
You will pay!
It was like, these are our babies!
Baby feast!
He seemed to get really upset.
Oh yeah.
Yeah, he wasn't very happy.
I mean, touching on Ashley...
It all really started when I ran into her when everyone was pushing into the Senate floor.
And the cops were actually going to let them in, and then one Antifa provocateur started attacking and just ruined it for absolutely everybody that was there being peaceful.
And so that's when I saw Ashley actually kick back from the crowd and take the left.
And so I followed her because I was interested.
And I had talked to her right as we were at those doors prior to that.
And the only reason she was there was to withhold our republic, to save our constitution, save our country.
She was there for a reason.
She had every right to be there.
And what I saw is absolutely disgusting.
It mortifies me.
I saw a security officer not even
Probably 15-20 seconds after I saw Schumer, right through those glass panes get rushed out of the Senate Hall.
Right around that corner.
The minute he gets around that corner, that's when Ashley goes up in that window and the officer hiding behind the wall, she can't even see him, executes her.
Shoots her right in the neck for no reason.
Cold-blooded murder could have stopped her, could have shot her with tear gas, could have called more police.
There was cops standing right next to her, three on the wall, as she climbed through that window.
Any one of them could have... Well, that was my next question.
Describe how it got breached, why people went in.
At first, it's kind of like Wisconsin.
And with that Antifa provocateur that ruined it for everybody to get in and actually listen to the Senate hearing, be a part of it, be part of history, he actually came over and he was the one that started it and eventually led to Ashley's death.
Yeah, exactly.
The three cops that were lined up at the Senate doors, he was reaching around both of them on the side, just smashing the windows.
The cops weren't doing anything.
They handled it, honestly, very calmly.
And then within a few seconds, the cops shifted over to the wall, and they had the special tactician's unit in the stairwell where nobody could see them at the time.
And that's when Ashley went over, and that's when they executed her.
Phil, I'm curious, because you're talking about the last person you saw was Schumer.
So was there anyone else behind that door?
Were there any other congressmen or women that were behind that door when they were barricaded in just with the security?
Or were they all already evacuated?
Um, I saw a few of them walking out in front of Schumer, but I couldn't recognize who they were.
But Schumer, I mean, that's an ugly mug.
You can't really mix that one up.
And he looked right at us.
That's like a Hunchback Goblin.
He has an energy of just sadistic.
Oh, you can feel it.
I saw that, man.
I felt that.
That's Anthony Weiner's daddy.
Well, go ahead and look at Schumer's husband, I mean wife, and you'll get an idea of what he's into.
Hey, everyone has their preferences, but that isn't mine, I'll tell you that right there.
But see, here's why I ask that, because if they had already evacuated all of the congressmen and women, then what were they still doing there?
Why were they firing?
I mean, that's a question that needs to be addressed as well.
Because if they're just sitting there, and they're just pointing guns at a window waiting for someone to come through that, like we said, that is an execution.
I also love the left, who's like,
When a guy pulls a gun on the cops and they're black and they get killed, it's like, oh, this is terrible.
But they're like, I love seeing her die.
It's so great.
Kill them all.
You should see my mentions in my DMs right now.
They're disgusting.
I've never seen something so mortifying.
It is absolutely just terrifying what these people and how these people actually think.
It's mental illness on a total next level.
All right.
So here we are at a historic moment.
I keep going back to this.
Trump has basically conceded.
He says he will go along with an orderly transition of power.
We're 13 days out from Joe Biden, right over there.
I predicted, I said, people go, hey, they're building a stage.
Trump thinks he's going to win.
And I went, well, they're building it because that's just what the federal government does in case Biden wants it.
Well, Biden now admitted last week he's canceling doing a parade and speaking.
He'd already said it was virtual because that's because he wanted to do a feint where, oh, I'm not going to be out there.
Don't come protest me.
So then he's like, oh, actually, I am going to be there, but now I'm not going to be there.
And so that's really what they're planning, I think, is that Biden is going to show up on that stage, but only have their little minions there because they're all about deception.
And so I think that's what's really happening.
But to symbolically have the Trump folks take that over, I would have been fine with them taking the stage over symbolically.
I was just mad that Antifa tricked them from actually going in there.
Well, and I wonder, though, because that's a big risk for them to take, putting Biden up there, because again, no one's going to show up.
I mean, they tried to run the fake news in 2017 that Trump didn't have anybody at his inauguration.
It was the biggest inauguration crowd in U.S.
They just lied about the images and when they were taken and blocked people out.
I mean, what are they going to do if Biden has an inauguration?
And I mean, no one's going to show up.
Trump supporters, even if they announce it 24 hours before,
Trump supporters will still outnumber Biden at his inauguration, just like every fake rally Biden had leading up to the election.
So I don't even, I mean, that's a big risk for them to take with the optics of stealing an election and then having no turnout for a Biden inauguration when just two weeks before a million people were in D.C.
for Trump.
So I don't know how they pull that off.
Look, Biden looks like he's halfway dead.
I mean, I'm not saying that as a joke.
I mean, seriously, you look at his speeches that he's doing now.
I don't know if they intentionally quit putting makeup on him.
It looks like they got a guy at a nursing home that's 90.
Up and may put him in a suit, like, hey, let's get Great Grandpa up and make him go give a Toastmaster speech.
They're setting the stage for Kamala.
He doesn't know what damn planet he's on.
Well, and they used to before the, remember, you know, we forget about this, but this is still a key element in this election.
Well, the globalists hated seeing a strong leader like Trump.
So they go, hey, let's give him a Crypt Keeper.
And I mean, we're talking like a freeze-dried skeleton, like a bird skeleton.
This is a big element of this theft of our election that nobody's really talking about and I think we should put it back into the floor.
They cancelled presidential debates!
We only got one presidential debate!
How can we even do that?
And of course, but see, but what I'm saying is they used to get Biden all jacked up on drugs and they put all the makeup on his face.
And that's why he knew that he could hide in the basement because it was all fixed.
But now they don't put the makeup on him, they don't give him the drugs.
So I mean, he's having these speeches and I mean, he doesn't even know what's going on.
He has no energy.
Uh, and the thing, um, and my, uh, and he looks like, like you said, I mean, it's sad, you know, but everybody knows the scene in the nursing homes.
It's all meant to demoralize us.
Like, I was once, I gotta go to work at the auto plant.
My grandpa, that was 30 years ago.
I used to work at the plant.
Child is good.
I like, they're good.
They give me money.
You know, we got a big election fraud group together.
We're gonna steal it.
I don't need all you to vote for me.
I'm gonna win.
I mean, he's like... But you know the thing, right?
You just know the thing.
You know the thing.
And the thing.
And don't forget about, oh, and here's my sister, or I mean my wife, or I mean, what city am I in?
Oh, you know.
And Trump... The Senate.
I remember being over here at the Kennedy Center.
We're at the Kennedy Center.
But you are... Because you're in Ohio, I am.
You are right, though, Alex, but I think it's even beyond just replacing the strongman leader from Trump with the weakest leader ever in Biden.
Then, they also get to, like waves, they also then get to bring in Kamala, who is a strong figure.
I mean, that is a domineering woman, and I'm being polite about this female dog, but she is a domineering woman.
And so you take, again, another weak, decrepit leader of Biden, replace it with a strong woman, Harris, and of course they'll build her up.
She'll get magazine cover stories for months and months and months about how great she is.
And they like her because she's so unpopular.
Any minute they want, they can just turn her off.
Just like, boom.
And plus, I mean, you know, they could not only turn her off, they could turn on her.
The media tomorrow could come out and say, look at all the people Kamala Harris put in jail.
She's a dirty cop.
They don't do it because right now they've ingratiated her.
But I mean, people don't like Kamala Harris.
I agree, but I'm just going to ask this question again.
What do we do?
What pressure do we put on Trump?
What does he do?
Because here's the good spot we're at.
We're in a bad spot.
We're in a spot where folks know the cute thing's not real.
We're in a spot where people understand that Trump's totally surrounded.
To the point of, you know, M4 says to pay for the porta-potties here.
We've reached this point where people now realize it's themselves that have to do something.
So what do we do?
I say we call the White House.
We hit Trump's Twitter.
We call Don Jr.
We get General Flynn back on air.
I call everybody I know.
And we talk about things post-Trump where we go, if he isn't going to take action.
And I think Trump will take action.
He's just got to see our support.
All right!
Taylor Hanson and Owen Schroer are riding shotgun with us.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
And I want to open the phones up specifically on what you think about what happened at the Capitol yesterday and what you think President Trump should do with 13 days left.
All right, so the number is 877-789-ALEX.
And we will take some of your calls.
But listen, I love you.
We're great.
You love me.
I'm not going to do the, hey, thanks for the call.
I'm just going to say your name, go to you, get a quick comment, move to the next person because so much is going down, so much is happening.
Now, I like, Mr. Hanson, what you were just saying about Q. It helped red pill you.
Hey, there's a new world order.
Hey, they're pedophiles.
Most of what it talks about is real, but then there's this esoteric nature.
Everything's handled.
Everything's great.
There's a secret group.
Everything's going according to plan.
You don't have to worry about stuff.
I know prominent people didn't come to DC because they thought, oh, everything's handled.
Trump's invincible.
And I mean, I'm talking to Trump.
I'm talking to his crew.
Thank you.
We need help.
Everyone's abandoned us.
And I'm just like, I'm not like, hey, I'm helping Trump.
I'm like, I'm like one of the last guys standing doing this because the crew keeps us on air.
The listeners keep us on air.
So your take on what this does to Q even when Trump leaves in 13 days?
I mean, because Q... I believe Q, like what you were saying, Alex, it was a great thing when it first started.
You know, it was a way to introduce people to all the evils of what these globalists are doing, and all this pedophilia, all this satanic worship, all these sacrifices.
And that's how I personally got red-pilled.
But it led to me doing more independent research, and I think that's what's great about Q is they do their own research.
They don't just trust fake news.
And I think that was a great topic about it.
But the real downfall of it was trust the plan.
As you said, you know, you got people staying home when Trump himself are telling them to come.
But they're trusting the plan, but they're not listening directly to the plan, supposedly.
It just, that was the downfall of the entire Q movement, and honestly, of, I believe, Trump.
I mean, you have all these people, the silent majority, that's not what wins you elections.
You need outspoken majority.
You need outspoken support.
Yeah, and you know, the whole notion of trusting the plan.
The bigger the plan is, the harder it is to actually execute the plan.
And we're talking at the top level of any plan that they're alleging.
We had a plan yesterday.
We were going to march from the Trump rally to the Capitol, and then we had a stage set up.
Plans change.
That's it.
You gotta change plans all the time.
And they get sabotaged.
And I'm kicking myself because they were gonna false flag.
They said they were.
And I was so busy focusing on Trump and a million people that we let them screw us.
And I don't admit that Antifa kicked our ass and set us up with a gigantic victory because I'm proud for them.
I don't want it to happen next time!
Well, and the problem was... I'm pissed off!
The problem was, it was a million of us there.
It was a million of us there, okay, watching Trump speak, and then we're not even thinking, because we're at the event, and we're thinking, okay, everybody's here, everybody's getting the gravity to come see Trump, we're not even thinking, oh, there's groups over here at the Supreme Court, oh, there's groups over here at the Capitol, to think like, okay, we need to make sure we're all coordinated on the same page, because while you guys were at the Capitol, I was talking to other people at the Capitol, you know, you guys really didn't even know what was going on.
At the Trump rally.
You weren't following that.
You were doing your own boots on the ground, either coverage or, you know, rallying, whatever, there at the Capitol.
So it was like two huge massive groups, no intercom between them.
And so by the time the people from the Trump rally were ready to activate and then go over to the Capitol, there was already all the stuff popping off at the Capitol that it was too late to even try to stop.
I mean, like, we tried to go stop it.
It was too late.
I mean, too many people already inside.
And at that point, it was police versus people inside.
And at that point, probably the Antifa people pulled
We're good to go.
But then right as we got up to that police line up top, that's when it got really violent.
That's when I see the Antifa members I know from Portland, the Antifa members that personally have gotten me jumped and attacked in Portland, they're staging photo shoots to make it look like Trump supporters are attacking officers.
And I was trying to do everything I can to expose it.
I'm sitting there yelling, this guy is Antifa, this guy is Antifa.
You know, this is a provocateur.
Nobody listens.
You know, they're dressed in Trump supporter gear.
Nobody believes it.
Once they attacked the police and they got that strong reaction from the police, one I've never seen before, even on Night 100 in Portland, it was gone.
You know, these Trump supporters, they felt betrayed.
They felt like the people that they back, when they back the blue with all their support, all their love, everything.
They betrayed them.
And that's exactly what Antifa went there to do.
That's how they saw it.
Yeah, and I think another, uh, to go back to, you know, the Q thing or Trump supporters, what are, what, what's going to be going through their head?
A lot of Trump supporters didn't really know how bad it was.
A lot of the Q supporters, like you said, think, oh, you know, trust the plan.
Now they do.
Patriots are control.
Well, okay.
Obviously not.
Patriots are stabbing us in the back left and right.
The same people that
Q was saying, oh, these are the heroes.
They're going to pull us through this.
So I wonder what's going through their head.
You know, for you, you kind of figured this out a while ago.
For InfoWars and our audience, we knew that this was how dire it was.
But these people are just figuring this out.
Again, I asked some Trump supporters out on the streets this morning just, you know, because they're fired up and they're like looking at InfoWars like, what's the answer?
And it's like, hey, man, I'm in this just like you.
What do we do?
I'm, you know, I'm confuddled trying to figure out what to do about this, too.
I don't want to see the republic destroyed.
I don't want to see a civil war.
I don't want to see us goose-stepped into a worldwide government through a controlled civil war just to pit us against one another.
But they're now getting it.
It's like, wow, it is that bad.
It's like, wow, oh my gosh, Trump is going to probably have to leave office because they just cheated and rigged our election.
So what are they going through, do you think, right now, emotionally, intellectually?
Realizing how bad it is, because anybody who takes the red pill knows there's like a year or two where it's like, you know, depression, desolation, until you really get into battle mode.
There's the surprise stage, this can't be real, there's no way, and then there's, you know, the sickening stage, and then it turns into anger, and that's where it stays.
That's the final stage of it.
That's why you get patriots out here that are so angry, that are so fed up with this government, that are so fed up with all these pedophile globalists in the movement.
And I know a lot of people that still believe in Q. I mean, I have a lot of friends, you know, I have family that believe in Q.
And now you're seeing him freak out.
I was on Twitter scrolling through last night because I was wondering the same thing.
Because Trump basically conceded last night.
He told the entire nation that he's going to turn it over to Joe Biden and he's going to be the President of the United States, which is not the plan.
So these people are freaking out already.
I mean, yeah, some of them probably are kind of being a little bit biased and wanting to trust the plan still.
That's not going to work.
All it was was a plan to keep us complacent.
A plan to not keep us on the streets doing activism that can actually make a change and a positive impact to help Donald Trump.
Now, I wondered also what's going to happen to the Republican Party after all of these people stabbed Trump in the back.
I mean, there's only going to be a few of them that have any support left.
And so now the Democrats have all the political advantage because the Republican Party just stabbed all of their voters in the back.
I mean, Mitch McConnell, this dirtbag.
He was calling all the Republican senators two nights ago.
On Monday night, I believe it was, Mitch McConnell was calling all of them.
This was after Trump called them.
So Trump called them, showed them all the evidence of the voter fraud.
And then Mitch McConnell called them back after Trump finished his phone call and said, certify Joe Biden.
We have to certify Joe Biden.
If we don't, we'll never win another election.
It's the exact opposite.
The Republican Party just committed suicide by not getting Trump another four years and denying the certification of Joe Biden.
They just committed suicide.
There's not going to be many Republicans that have much support left.
And then when Biden amnesties 30 million illegal immigrants, boom.
They don't even have to cheat in elections anymore, because they have all the numbers with the people that abandoned the Republican Party, and now the illegal immigrants that they're going to have voting Democrat.
Because of an election fraud, people don't vote anymore like Georgia.
I'm already hearing that.
That was the one big sigh-off as well, is don't vote, don't vote, don't vote.
It's like, you look at it, if we don't vote Republican, you don't vote Trump, Trump is not in office.
You've got to overwhelm the fraud with even bigger landslides.
And when you look at it this way,
There will never be a Republican elected again at this point.
If we let them get control and we let them have all the power, they're going to have.
That's why we're all so pissed, because we're all going to take it on.
The RNC, Trump supporters aren't about the RNC.
We're about Trump.
We love the populism movement.
That's what we love and that's what we're about.
We love America.
The RNC doesn't love America.
We don't support the RNC.
We primary these people, these traitors, because that's what they are.
So this is, you know, I don't even know the analogy to make, but we're all kind of in this position where we know we have this.
It's like, it's like, okay, you know what it is?
It's like being underwater and you've lost your tether to the boat and you've got 30 minutes left on the oxygen tank.
And so we're trying to figure out what do we do?
Okay, there's a ship wreckage over there that maybe has some oxygen left and I can go down into it and get that oxygen and maybe survive another three weeks and get rescued.
Or do I risk it and try to swim back up to the top in the abyss where I may run out of oxygen?
So I mean, it's like, we're trying to figure out, we're on a dying bed here.
How are we going to survive?
I'll say this.
Fortune favors the bold.
And so, people that tell you violence never solved anything are liars.
They fear violence, that's why the globalists helped trigger and stage wimpy, stupid, mob violence that then discredited any real violence.
And I'm not saying I want violence, I'm saying the globalists are coming with vaccines that are violent.
They're coming with antifas, shooting you and killing you that's violent.
They're coming with world government that's violent.
So we have to just start having a real debate with the globalists that, hey, you're assaulting us, we're going to have a larger discussion about how you're going to pay for it.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, we are back live.
Owen Schroyer is here with us.
We are... It's crazy.
We have a shot over the Capitol.
We've been here, like, three hours live, even before we did my show, and the sun is, like, sat right there.
Like, other times, the sun moved around, was in front of us.
It just sits there.
Something about the winter and the elliptical or something.
It's the proof of the flat Earth, Alex.
I think it's proof of the flat Earth.
I think the sun has stopped today or something, because I've been here for three, four hours.
That sun's only moved, like,
That much.
I mean, something's going on here.
But it is kind of an illustration of time moving slow.
Like the next 12 days, Trump's final days, are going to move really slow.
But then when it's all done, it's going to seem like, you know, oh my gosh.
How 2020 was.
It's like 2020 felt like the longest year of my life, but now that I'm out of it, it feels like it never even happened.
It feels like 2020 didn't even happen.
It's like we're in a time warp.
Get over here.
And you know, and I think that one example that, you know, just in a generalization of everything that we're witnessing here, Alex, and I'm really excited to start taking calls, you know, when we get back in studio and everything, and I know you're gonna start taking calls now, but tomorrow and the rest of the week, but...
Third world, this is what happened in third, this is what happens in third world countries.
So, when you get a government that starts acting like a third world communist country, you're gonna get the people that start acting like it's a third world communist country, and then you're gonna have the police force and everything turn into like a third world communist dictatorship.
And when the Muslims were storming capitals and taking over to the Arab Spring and blowing up churches, the media was like, oh, it's so beautiful!
But then when people go and do that here, oh my God, it's the end of the world.
Well, let's be clear about this.
It's not even just the left promoting that, whether it's, you know,
Overseas or here domestically, they funded it.
Barack Obama sent hundreds of millions of dollars at the time.
They said moderate rebels.
They knew who they were.
In fact, now there's actually congressional investigations.
Some are next door to us.
They're actually, oh yeah, the big Al Jazeera over here, our friends actually, some of them are kind of nuts.
But actually the crew are fans.
But seriously, but seriously, look, they fund, Barack Obama sent hundreds of millions of dollars to fund moderate rebels in Syria and the Middle East, and now congressional investigations are being done finding out that no, they knew those were terrorists, and they knew they were actually on our list.
And then when Trump wants to pull out, they lie to him and don't pull out.
Here's the deal, we got a real president, he wasn't perfect, but my god was he real, and now we've crapped all over it, and now can you imagine how they're going to persecute us under Biden?
He's saying, oh, the masks never come off, you're never leaving your house, it's over.
I mean, wow!
Look at his war cabinet, he already has it assembled.
Everything that Trump's done, all the peace in the Middle East, that's gone.
That's gone probably within a year.
I mean, we're going to be over there harvesting poppy fields, we're going to be bringing back heroin to the United States, that's what we're going to be doing once again.
And you know, that's how sad it is, too, that here's Trump taking up one of the biggest leftists.
And fair enough, anybody wants to stop war.
He's taking that mantle to stop these wars and actually have peace, and they hate him for it.
But you know, this is my fear.
The propaganda is so thick and has been so lengthy against Trump for four years and Trump supporters, whether these people like Biden or not, they're going to look at him as the hero that stopped the racist Hitler.
And so he's going to be worshipped and brought in like, oh my gosh, he saved us.
Oh my gosh, we love him.
And it's just like the weirdest thing, and then they're going to look at us like you said, Alex, and they're going to be coming!
I mean, and they're going to feel justified, and they're going to get praised by the mainstream media, they're going to get praised by the Biden administration, and they're going to say, you've done a good job.
Go hunt Trump supporters.
Great job.
It's affirmed.
Well, all I got to say is their hunting's not going to go too well, because when they physically start it, we're going to finish it.
Well, they don't realize that we are the party of the Second Amendment.
And with exactly what you were saying, it's not just that.
They're setting him up to cure COVID, to be the savior of COVID, to, you know, the 350K lives lost.
You know, he is these people's savior.
This is the one that he's going to cure the pandemic.
And that's exactly what they're going to do.
Once he's inaugurated, you're not even going to hear about it.
And they'll give China, here's what I think is going to happen too, because I think you're right, but I think it's next level.
They're going to say, they're already building this narrative.
They're going to say, wow, Trump blew it.
He blew it with the pandemic and now he blew it with the vaccines.
Oh my gosh, we need China.
And then China is going to bring in the vaccines and Joe's going to say, thank God.
See, this is why we need a relationship with China.
What Trump did with China is bad.
We have to be in good terms with China.
They're great.
They have the vaccines that saved us.
Thank you, China.
We're out of the pandemic.
And then the media will go right in lockstep.
In a matter of one year, if that, we will go from an America First movement to a China First movement.
He already said!
People go, oh, that's edited.
No, it's the full speech.
He goes, I don't like America First.
We shouldn't have that.
Well, I mean, come on, folks.
That's corporations trying to get you to hate yourself.
We'll take your phone calls and another special guest.
We'll be right back.
All right, my friends, we are back live broadcasting worldwide from a building right over the Capitol where all hell broke loose yesterday where Antifa, overwhelming evidence shows, successfully led us into garbage.
But I've done many, many hours so far here, and I have not plugged yet.
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Uh, you know, all the rest of it is because of you supporting us.
I want to thank you all.
And now, as we go into the fight against the New World Order, having independent, free media on air is more important than ever.
You noticed, Owen, that Barack Obama came out.
And you notice that
He said we've got to shut down alternative conservative ecosystems.
That's how this riot happened.
No, you hijacked our beautiful rally and got a little bit of a riot going and now you're saying you survived World War II and you're a hero and you defeated, you know, Hydra and Red Skull and Hitler and Pearl Harbor.
No, no, no.
They're just mad that we've circumvented their censorship.
Big media, big tech has failed.
They're a joke.
They're a fraud.
They thought if we went away, they'd be pertinent again.
They would matter again.
They don't matter.
They're a fraud, and they're a joke, and everybody knows it.
So I'll take a few calls here, but how big is that?
How big is that, Owen, that Obama says we've got to shut down the alternative media ecosystem?
They listed Infowars.
They listed Newsmax, who's not even, they're okay.
They listed OAN, who's great.
They listed Gateway Pundit.
I mean, there's not many people out there.
Hey, Drudge used to be a great guy.
Came to the studio, knows what's going on.
Trump wouldn't financially support him or whatever.
He got let's CNN buy him out, I'm told.
My point is, there's not many holdouts out there.
Well, I think just as angry as, you know, we the people are at everything that's going down, I think that also, you know, there's an element on the other side of fear.
I mean, I really believe that Biden is scared, that Obama is scared, Schumer, Pelosi.
I do believe that they're afraid, not because we're violent, that's not why they're afraid.
They're afraid because their corruption is now fully out in the open, and people, like you said, the censorship isn't working.
So we still organized and activated a million people in D.C.
We still have people going to the Capitol buildings every Saturday.
They thought they could end those transmissions and stop the movement from happening.
It didn't work.
So they've been fully exposed.
I mean, the corruption with Biden in China and Obama, like, that's out there in Spygate.
I mean, even the stuff...
With the Epstein white logs and everybody involved... This is all total defeat of them and now that's what I want to say here because I've been pregnant with anger, pregnant with frustration to say this and I've been being a little mad to everybody.
It has nothing to do with you guys.
I'm just so pissed, ready for war.
Is that we won, folks.
We won.
Trump won.
The globalists are in trouble.
They're a joke.
They're hunchback demons.
Look at Chuckie Schumer.
Look at all these people.
Look at Pelosi.
Look at Biden.
They're jokes.
These people are sick, unbelievable, filthy jokes at every single level.
And that's what this comes down to.
And so as bad as all this is, at least we're putting up a fight.
At least we're down here.
At least they're crapping their britches, even though we didn't want the violence they let into it.
I mean, once their own people let us into violence, they crapped their britches.
And so let's just understand, we're in the fight.
This is historical.
We're not going down without a fight.
And we're actually winning culturally, because we're the rock stars.
We're the outlaw country.
We're the outlaw rock and roll, folks.
You are.
And so understand that, and just know that we've only begun to fight.
And, you know, continuing the pressure and not giving up.
I mean, you know, we'll again.
They'll be in control of the fate of America.
It just maybe gets a lot more difficult from here and with every day that passes.
But yeah, I mean, there is an element to us having the victories.
They're just not telling us.
They're not letting us.
And you gotta remember that.
And God's on our side.
These are Satanists.
They're always gonna fail.
They're just deployed to destroy human life by this force.
Let's talk to some callers here.
Patriot in D.C.
Patriot, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Thank you.
What took place is obvious script play from the time that we had the celebration yesterday with Trump.
And they set him up because the tweet that was sent out earlier on of him saying, hey, this is going to be a big day.
They took advantage of that.
They went ahead and activated Antifa to be there to start the riots.
Before the true patriots went there to peacefully protest.
And what took place was the script play when the Senate was taken over.
The military came in after that.
Then once they got everything quelled, they initiate the curfew.
Patriots came back, pulled back forces.
And then what took place was the Senate came out and each one of the Senate members started reading off their scripts as if they had this speech prepared of what took place.
They started changing their role.
And what needs to take place next is Trump, as the Commander-in-Chief, under the Foreign Interference Executive Order that is still in place, he needs to go ahead and send an alert order to the US SOCOM and activate DEVGROUP, and he needs to activate
ODA teams and simultaneously, um, arrest all of the traitors, um, with all of the... because the enemy has manifested itself.
We know, at this point, this far in the game, who the enemy is, and there's plenty of evidence to show that, and we need to use that.
We need to use USOCOM.
He has full authority to do that, and that's one way that we can, uh, maybe move forward.
Well, sir, God bless you, and here's the deal.
We're under CHICOM takeover anyways.
I don't like any of this happening, but I agree.
Trump has that power.
The question is, will he?
He can't even get a march to go to a Capitol without it being hijacked.
Can he count on the military brass at the top?
I know he can count on the troops that are low-level and mid-level, but that really is where we are.
People can feel it.
We're going under bondage.
I mean, this is finally it.
I mean, you can hear the church bells going off over here.
This is historic.
Well, and also, you know, this isn't just a group of people randomly going around beating random people up or destroying businesses or looting or burning buildings.
I mean, these are people that went to the scene of the crime.
The election was being stolen right there.
So they just went to the scene of the crime.
We didn't even plan on going in.
It just kind of happened with the setup and everything.
They went to the scene of the crime, and so this is really the most dangerous aspect of this, and why I think there's a lot of frustration between Trump supporters and the D.C.
police, not just the physical confrontations, but I mean, imagine now, the Democrats have control, they have control of the entire security, nanny state apparatus, where even when you show up to the scene of their crime, they can send in their forces to stop you.
I mean, that's like having the Chinese military.
I'm not saying the police are the Chinese military.
I'm saying it's the same equivalent of having the Chinese military.
All right.
Caller, you made an incredible point.
Owen is going to take a break.
He's going to be hosting, the fourth hour, some of his own show.
I'll be popping in.
I'm going to go down and show you the National Guard, Capitol Grounds.
I'll be Skyping in.
I'll take some of that live feed.
But I have a guest, Carolina.
Galvin, who also is making a film about Antifa staging events, and they've been tracking this very, very closely, so I wanted to get her on to continue to show how people are on target, showing that Antifa is this shadow terrorist group that's being used to take down our republic.
We'll be right back.
Infowars.com, Newswars.com.
Tomorrow's news today, an incredibly historic time to be alive, but it doesn't matter.
We're fighting back.
Expect to be fought back against.
We're winning.
That's part of the fight.
Democratic impulses just because we signed on to legal briefs and asked courts to resolve disputes.
There were some on the left who said that we should not even be seated in the body, that we ought to be prosecuted, maybe even jailed.
Those arguments anger people, but people do understand the concepts of basic fairness.
And no competition, contest, or election can be deemed fair if the participants are subject to different rules.
Baseball teams that cheat and steal signs should be stripped of their championships.
Russian Olympians who cheat and use steroids should be stripped of their medals.
And states that do not run clean elections should be stripped of their electors.
This fraud
Was systemic.
It was repeated.
It was the same system, and I dare say it was effective.
We saw circumstances where when Democrat operatives couldn't get the outcomes they wanted in state legislators, when they couldn't get the job done there, they went and pressured and litigated and usurped the Constitution with extra constitutional action of some officials in some states.
They fraudulently laundered ballots, votes, voter registration forms, and then they limited review.
In 2016, Democrats found out that they couldn't beat Donald Trump at the ballot box with voters who actually show up, so they turned to impeachment and the witness box.
And when that failed, they ran to the mailbox, where this election saw an unprecedented amount of votes that could not be authenticated with true ID, with true signature match, and with true confidence for the American people.
Our Article 3 courts have failed by not holding evidentiary hearings to weigh the evidence.
We should not join in that failure.
We should vindicate the rights of states.
We should vindicate the subpoenas in Arizona that have been issued to get a hold of these voting machines.
And we should reject these electors.
I yield back.
This is January 5th, the night of, we're about to go into another one of these constitutional dates, January 6th tomorrow, and we still don't have an outcome for the United States of America to not have the outcome of an election for our ability, all the capabilities that we have.
I have actually been part of
Take a look.
This is embarrassing.
No, I totally agree with you.
And under the U.S.
law, under the State Department, under the U.N., if they're not poll watchers, if there's not, you redo the election.
I get into politics because I'm a politician.
I get into politics because I care about the future of the country.
I saw the country going towards socialism while I was in uniform.
So, that's why I felt so strongly about getting involved in the political process, because I knew if we went a different direction, we wouldn't have this conversation today.
There's a DNA in the American psyche and in the American culture that still exists, and that DNA goes all the way back to 1776.
General Michael Flynn is here with us, former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, former National Security Advisor to President Trump, someone attacked and demonized by the globalists.
You're here with us.
This is unfiltered.
Millions are going to watch this at this critical juncture for our republic.
We really appreciate you taking time out on the eve of Trump's big speech tomorrow.
Thank you so much, General, for being with us.
What is your call to the American people right now?
Well, my big message is that the truth is going to come out.
Donald Trump will continue to be the president of the United States for the next four years.
There's no doubt in my mind.
When I'm asked on a scale of 1 to 10, what's the scale that you put that Trump will be the next president?
I say 10, without a doubt.
That is the truth.
Everybody in this country, everybody in the world knows that this election on the 3rd of November was a total ripoff.
It was a fraudulent election.
We have had foreign interference from multiple countries.
I'll rattle them off here if you want to get into that.
And Donald Trump was the clear winner.
For the next four days after the 3rd of November, from about the 4th through the 7th, 8th of November, they just started stuffing the ballot boxes.
And everybody knows it, and they got caught.
They got caught with their hands in the proverbial cookie jar, so that's where we are.
Just like they got caught on Russiagate, just like they got... Everything, everything.
Russiagate, impeachment... So you got the floor, General.
Lay it out for people.
What really happened?
Yeah, so, in terms of the election, what we know is that the election was won by Donald Trump that night.
Approximately 10 o'clock, 10.30 at night, 80 to 90 percent of the precincts in nationwide, Trump won hands down.
Hands down.
And then all of a sudden we had this very, very uncertain, you know, everything stops.
We've never had that in our country, in our presidential election.
So five states shut down.
Joe Biden goes to bed.
I mean, he probably never came out of the basement.
And so then what happened was they realized they'd be in the Democratic machine.
They realized that the algorithms that they put into these Dominion machines and these what's called ES&S, which is electronic security systems.
95% of the electronic voting done in this country is done by those two systems, Dominion and ES&S, okay?
The majority of people in this country don't even realize that.
Those machines are, and the companies behind them, are partially owned by the Chinese Communist Party.
And you said that months ago.
Now it was confirmed, I saw today, that Congress has proven they're connecting to China.
The Communist Chinese Party paid $200 million in 2014 to Dominion, and they paid in October, I believe it was October of 2020, another $400 million put into this company.
So we have clear evidence of a foreign interference, which is all the president's
That's the executive order from 2018.
He reinstituted it in 2019.
He reinstituted it again in 2020.
And so we are essentially in a national emergency that the president has already declared.
He just has to decide whether to execute some of those procedures that are well within his authority.
So we have foreign interference from China.
We have foreign interference from Serbia.
We have foreign interference from Italy.
From Spain, from Germany, and then on the 30th of October 2020, so a couple of days before the 3rd of November election, and then on the 3rd of November, the FBI and CISA, which is that guy Krebs, right?
Krebs who came out and said, hey, there's no foreign interference at all about a week after the election.
CISA is a Homeland Security, cyber security agency.
On the 30th of October 2020 and on the 3rd of November, both in what's called a joint intelligence advisory, the FBI and CISA issued an advisory saying that Iran is mucking around in our elections.
This is just part of the General Flynn interview.
I'm really trying to get General Flynn now in this crisis to come back on to give us his expertise.
He's a great guy and really smart.
We'll be back with more of your Call Straight Ahead.
Alright ladies and gentlemen, Alex Jones here.
And I am living in a surreal world.
This all feels like an acid trip.
Though I've never taken any acid.
There's some giant noise on top of the building.
Sounds like something's blowing up over here.
You got police cars driving around.
All these forms of insanity.
I'm sitting here with loaded phone calls to take your calls.
Owen's taking over in the next hour, and all I can say is incredible history is unfolding in front of us right now.
That's all I can tell you.
I mean, this is just totally insane.
World government, Chinese, shotgun takeover, weird cryptkeeper can't even talk, a lady that's just running mate, vice president, like hates black people and has
Less than one ten percent support from black people?
But they go, she's black?
I mean, this is some crazy stuff going down.
This is the gaslighting of the planet.
So, let's go ahead and talk to Will in D.C.
Will, you're on the air.
What's up, Alex?
I'm literally boarding my plane as we speak and they're making us wear masks.
I'm sorry if I sound a little muffled.
It's okay, brother.
Go ahead.
I understand.
If they just turn your audio up, I can hear you.
I came all the way here from Seattle, where I've watched my city burned to the ground in various spots.
Yes, brother.
I've seen police cars burned to the ground.
I've seen real riots.
What happened yesterday was not a riot.
It was an example of a frustrated people just showing up to their house and exercising their right to protest.
Tensions didn't even really get crazy and right until that poor woman got shot, which, you know, most of us standing right outside of the front doors didn't even hear it happened.
We didn't even... So when that information finally
We're good to go.
But anyway, I was just calling in Alex really quick.
I ain't got very much longer to talk, but they're already trying to spin the narrative and make it seem like anyone that was standing outside of that building is a terrorist.
And I'm on my way back to Seattle, where most people probably feel that way.
And I just, I'm really thankful for you.
And I really, I just, I just don't want you to burn out and have a heart attack or something, brother.
Keep going and don't let these people take the narrative.
No, they're not.
I love you and I love the crew.
It's incredibly historic and insane and I'm glad you were there to see the truth and know what really happened.
Yeah, they killed four patriots who went into the Capitol.
BLM does that, Antifa does that, Pink Lives Matter or whatever it's called, Code Pink does that.
And they came and shot people.
They escalated it.
And Trump needs to get on the offense instead of apologizing to the mainstream media.
I agree with you.
Thank you, Will in D.C.
Have a great flight.
Great job coming out here.
It was historic.
It was amazing.
We've only begun to expose this.
All right.
Ryan in the great state of Texas.
Ryan, welcome, sir.
Hey, Alex.
I just wanted to start off thanking you for your service there in D.C.
And I wanted to send prayers out to especially the
Family of Ashley Babbitt and the other Patriots that lost their lives yesterday.
I hate to sound like an armchair quarterback, but I was very afraid that a provocateur action would occur yesterday.
And I think that my first indication was that they had only gotten to the objection on the Arizona account when all this really popped off.
Oh, there's no doubt Antifa came and started fights with the police.
There's no doubt Antifa came and then triggered the police to attack the crowd, so some went in.
And they're like, hey, we're just going in the Capitol like they did in Wisconsin, like they did in Michigan.
And then they started shooting people, and then it got crazy.
That's exactly what happened, brother.
Yeah, and I guess now I'm kind of wondering why Trump, like why does he keep trying to... Brother, I'm sorry, my audio is so low I can't hear you.
I'm going to have to put you on pause.
I'm going to have to put you on hold until we can get that audio boosted up in my earpieces.
It sounds like the building is blowing up, it's rattling, we've got police cars racing around.
And hey guys, what's happening down here?
They're clearing all the people out.
So the police right now are making a crowd leave by the Capitol statue.
Let's get some footage of that.
I know you guys are doing a great job.
Let's take over and show this.
We able to get this?
I know we're up here.
We got a limited crew here.
But yeah, there's a bunch of police action.
Because you can't let Americans congregate and not write winners.
Now they were shooting cops and burning buildings.
Or burning down public housing and be okay.
So, I guess I'm just wondering what Trump's waiting for at this point, and why can't we just do something, whether we're not going to please
So let's do what's right, what's best for the country.
And if he can, well, I think he's waiting on Jeff Sessions and Bill Barr.
I think Bill Barr, Jeff Sessions, Mike Pence, trust the plan.
What do you think the Q folks are going to do when Trump's gone?
Are they going to secretly say Biden is Q and he's good?
And that Gigi Ping's actually Q and Gigi Ping's going to save us?
Do you think Q will endorse Gigi Ping?
What do you think?
I think that the Q thing is, uh, they obviously use that as
The catalyst for what happened yesterday.
They said that it was QAnons and, you know, that...
Yeah, the poor woman that got killed, Ashley Babbitt, was a huge Q person.
She was a great person, a veteran, Air Force, she cared, she believed it, she thought we're gonna beat it, it's real, we're gonna beat the New World Order, we're gonna do it, Q says attack!
And then Antifa's saying attack, Q's saying attack, attack, attack, attack.
And then she got killed, and the Antifa is celebrating it.
It's disgusting and it's wrong, but, you know, that's where we are, brother.
I appreciate your call.
I guess they started, like, a generator on the building or something?
Maybe the power went out?
But, my God, this sounds like I'm inside a diesel engine over here.
Luckily, we have gates on these equipments so you can't... Hell, Al Jazeera's right here.
CNN's over there.
So, they must be hearing... I don't know if you can hear this, but it's definitely going down.
Alex in Florida, you're on the air.
Thanks for holding.
Alex, let me start by saying that everything happening right now is absolutely disgusting.
And I'm saying it right now for everybody who can hear my voice.
I will never, ever respect Joe Biden or recognize Joe Biden as my president.
Neither him or Kamala Harris.
This is a blatant fraud.
It's completely disgusting.
And I always try to tell people to tune into your movie on Amazon Prime on Marageddon.
I know that you and Norris, you guys, you know, did your thing, producing it back in 2016.
I went and watched it when it was live in theaters.
If people really can't see what's about to happen, they should go and watch it.
Because I know a lot of people are visual learners and, you know, they kind of just need to see it in a theatrical form to see what would happen if America went down in the way that it would go down.
And it is a fun, cheesy Chuck Norris movie, or, you know, Mike Norris movie, the only way they can do it.
It does show a U.N.
takeover of America.
It's a great movie.
I was honored to be in it.
And that's what we're witnessing.
We're witnessing a globalist takeover and then a bunch of Americans showed up and four of them got killed and were the terrorists.
No, nobody's buying this crap.
They were pissed off Americans in their house saying no and Trump shouldn't be running away from this.
Absolutely not.
And also, too, I don't know if these numbers were accurate, but I was watching everything live on your radio show yesterday.
And congratulations, because it showed that you had 1.6 billion viewers.
And that's amazing.
Congratulations, man.
That just warmed my heart.
I snapshotted it, sent it to all my friends and family.
Well, I don't know what metrics you were watching.
We're on a lot of radio stages, a lot of TV stages.
We have our own streams.
Where'd you see 1.6 million viewers?
I saw it on Bandai Video.
I got a link from Parler and then it links to Bandai.
Oh yeah, I don't know.
We get millions of viewers a day on Bandai Video.
Yeah, it's great.
I mean, look, that's why we're here.
And notice Obama said, we've got to shut down the right-wingers media.
Because they're pissed at you.
Brother, don't thank me.
You know that it's you that kept us on air.
It's you're buying our products.
You're spreading the word.
You're the reason we're on air, brother.
That's why I'm thanking you for keeping us on air.
Because I want to stay on air.
You say, hey, our last caller said Jones will have a heart attack or whatever.
I'm gonna try not to have a heart attack.
I think I'm doing all right.
But I'm fighting as hard as I can.
Let's not have a collective heart attack.
None of us commit suicide.
I'm not far from suicide.
I love life.
But a lot of people get depressed, commit suicide.
Let's make the globalists pay.
Let's make them miserable.
Let's not kill ourselves.
God bless you, brother.
We're going to go to break.
Come back with more phone calls here in just a few minutes.
And then Owen Schroer is going to take over.
I'm going to go down and show you where the cops are running people off, saying, you're not allowed to be out in broad daylight in America.
You're not allowed.
They're not even on the Capitol.
They didn't like a group congregate.
You can't let people congregate.
Hell, we saw what just happened with those right-wingers.
Now, BLM and the Department of Homeland Security both said there's foreign interference in our election on election day by the country of Iran.
So, for anybody to say that we haven't had foreign interference is full of it.
There is our U.S.
government agencies, whether you want to trust the FBI or not.
I have my doubts about the FBI.
But regardless, General, as you said, we have them claiming that Russians got Trump elected with no evidence.
Now we have the EU, the Communist Chinese, Iran, with these Confucius Institutes and all the... I mean, hell, China tells Hollywood what they can put in movies now.
And they're all... China actually owns Hollywood.
Speak to that, please.
They own Hollywood.
It's astounding inside of our academic institutions, it's in our banking systems, in our tech systems, and in our Hollywood, within Hollywood or in our movie making capabilities.
So when you begin to look at
And I would call it the real estate.
So if you look at what real estate is being purchased by China, it exists in all walks of America's life.
And I think the Hollywood component of it is a big deal.
All you gotta do is look at some of these big companies that are living in Fulton County, Atlanta.
So why is Fulton County, Atlanta such a big deal right now?
Why is there so much scrutiny being paid on Fulton County, Atlanta, which is one of the largest voting
I don't know.
When you think about it, and I'll just talk about our academic institutions, when you think about our colleges and universities, graduate and undergraduate, they've been sending upwards of about 300,000 students a year into our institutions.
They come here for one year, they go back home.
Those are just students.
They come here for another year, they go back home, they graduate, and they graduate in the science, technology, engineering, and math arenas.
They're not keeping that intellect here.
They're taking it right back home.
And they've been doing it for decades.
So they stole our brain trust.
The system moved heaven and earth to falsely indict you, to keep you from giving Trump good, patriotic, pro-American advice, because you were somebody that believed in America, and you were not a traitor.
So now, they try to silence you, they fail.
You've come to the fires of Phoenix.
What is your advice right now to President Trump and the American people, regardless of what happens in the next 15 days?
Because they wanted to silence you for a reason.
Because they knew you were a real person who cared about America and cared about truth.
So, General Flynn, they want to silence you.
I'll tell you, one of the pieces of the conversation I had with Donald Trump the day that he called me up about the pardon, he says, you're the cleanest guy in America.
He says, you're probably the cleanest guy in the world.
And I said, no, Donald, you're the cleanest guy in the world because they have dug into your rear end so far and they found nothing.
And I said, I know what they would have found in my life and it's nothing.
Maybe some ugly fight that I get in.
When I was a kid in high school with a guy like you sometimes, you know, I don't know if I'd take you on.
But I'm being a little facetious about that, but that was part of it, was that they dug into my life so far back, and I'm talking about back years.
Oh, I know, I've gone through it too.
This isn't just started in 2017 or when the president won the last election.
Everybody knew in high school.
Everybody, everybody.
They looked into every single part of my life.
They were listening to all my communications.
They were watching all my texts.
Looking at all my bank accounts.
They found nothing.
What they knew is that I knew what they knew.
And I think that that's a powerful statement, actually.
Say that again.
That's so powerful.
Say that again.
You knew what they knew.
What they knew is what I know what they know.
I mean, essentially, how this system operates, when Chuck Schumer said that the intel about Donald Trump, and he said that they have six ways to Sunday, right, the intelligence community, have six ways to Sunday to basically screw you, then that ought to send a message, that ought to send a chill down everybody's spine, right?
In this country.
That should never be the case, yet that is in fact the case.
And it's still the case in some degrees.
To some degree.
What we're facing is we're facing institutions in this country that have lost sight of who they work for.
They work for the American people.
They work for we the people.
They don't work for the institution.
But that's what this town has become.
So why we call this the swamp?
Why we call this the deep state?
The amount of corruption that we are now seeing that has been exposed by this election is outrageous.
It's despicable.
And just to give you one little example, because it outraged me today, and I've already spoken to a couple of different
Alright folks, we are back live.
We are here with limited equipment because we got cut off in the martial law lockdown and didn't get some of it.
And I'm about to go down and show you the Capitol and what happened and the National Guard and not letting citizens near the Capitol and the martial law that's unfolding.
There's part of the General Flynn interview.
Our internet was down.
The building sounded like it was going to blow up.
I'm not kidding.
The whole building was like going... ...shaking.
I've never been in a building that does that.
Like, Owen, get over here.
Am I lying about this?
The building sounds like it's going to blow up for 30 minutes.
This is like an acid trip.
I'm not saying I've taken acid.
But my wife was totally right when she said yesterday, this has been like an acid trip.
Like, yesterday was not real.
And Biden stumbling around is not real.
And Kamala Harris isn't real.
I'm going to take a few calls and end this and Owen's going to take over.
He'll take a live Skype feed, whatever they tell him to.
Because he won't be able to hear me.
I'll be down there on the ground.
I won't be able to hear him.
But this is just Twilight Zone, Owen.
Well, it's totally surreal.
And there's a delicate balance between accepting the reality
And not going crazy or trying to figure out how to deal with it in your own head versus just either rejecting it or trying to think you can escape it.
And so it's like we're in this weird paradigm now where it's like totally Twilight Zone level, everything is backwards, everything is double standard, but it's like... And you own turtles.
And how do you deal with it though?
I do own turtles.
That's a little weird.
And tortoises, but that's actually reality.
No, but getting serious though, it's like
You know, that's why all of these Trump supporters, I think, or Q people, are kind of, you know, what kind of emotions are they going through?
I mean, what realizations are they having?
Because we didn't grow up in North Korea, or communist China, or Russia, or Venezuela, and we're like, really?
This is, I can't go outside, I gotta wear a mask?
The virus is a fraud, but I gotta take a shot?
Yeah, folks!
America's gone!
We killed all the babies, we devil worshipped, and God took his support away.
We've gotta fight back and take it back, and so I wanna say this.
I'm proud of the folks who went to the Capitol.
Quite frankly, that Capitol's so evil.
People under the Declaration of Independence had a right to absolutely burn to the ground.
I don't support that, because I don't think this is the right move.
I want to take it back politically.
But the point is, is that we're not the ones burning down police stations and killing people.
We're responding to that.
They started it.
The globalists started it.
And we're not ashamed of anything.
And Trump should come out and expose Antifa for triggering the riots and stand up against it.
Fake pandemics where the death count doesn't increase.
Television news that says peaceful protests as cities burn around them.
What do they think when they shoot and kill an unarmed woman and people and throw people off the 35-foot parapets to their death?
Do they think people go, oh, I'm scared to go to the Capitol?
No, dude.
Crazy people start loading truck bombs up with plastic explosives, dumbass.
And then we're Beirut, and they lock off square miles.
Do not come to D.C.
and attack it.
Do not do truck bombs.
Do not do mass shootings.
But the globalists are gonna do it.
You can see, with how they did this, that this is where they're going.
Well, and the other crazy part about it, too, is the Twilight Zone level of witnessing this history and understanding it.
But then, the other aspect is dealing with the clones, dealing with the zombies, dealing with the sheeple.
They don't even live... You know, Alex, you used to say this all the time.
I remember when I first tuned in to you, and I didn't really understand it at the time, but these people literally don't even know what planet they're on.
Sure, okay, they can say, oh, I'm on planet Earth.
No, no, no.
They don't know about the solar system, they have no building blocks.
People, I remember my cousin, she works for IBM and she was like 6 years old.
I was like 10.
We're sitting around eating T-bone steaks my dad cooked on the grill.
And she goes, this is really good meat.
Do they give the cow, put the cow to sleep to do a surgery?
And I said, yeah, they do a surgery alright.
But I began to learn, adults don't think, where's electricity come from?
Like, I was on Joe Rogan.
He's a smart guy.
But I'm on his show, and I'm like, he's like, okay, what about carbon taxes?
You know, carbon's bad.
The whole Earth's based on carbon.
It's the carbon cycle.
Plants, you take on oxygen, or carbon dioxide, put out oxygen.
And I said, you know your Tesla car uses more than an average mid-sized car.
Because it's a sports car of power at a power plant transferred down the electrical line.
You lose about half of it.
And then he goes, so the emissions aren't in the car, they're at the plant.
He looked it up and couldn't believe it.
He never thought about that.
We'll be right back and take a few final calls.
Owen's going to take over.
I'm going to march down here in the martial law and give you some live reports beamed back if we can.
But I mean, that's what I'm talking about.
It's in the studies.
An electric car uses more power.
If it's coming from the main electrical transmission system.
Man, I gotta tell ya, I've been to D.C.
more in the last year than in my whole damn life, and I'm sick of being there.
Owen Schroeder's about to take over for the fourth hour.
I'm about to march down there and show you the aftermath of the hysteria yesterday, but Carlos Sincan has been calling for 15 years or so.
He's a professional, a well-known professional in his field.
I know who he is.
And there's more people showing up, more patriots right now.
So we're going to be going down there.
But Carlos, what should Trump do with 13 days left?
What do you make of this whole situation?
You always decipher things in a very informative way.
Well, I want to tell you of a cover-up of essentially a covenant, a two-party covenant, and then what President Trump can do in the next 12, 13 days.
First of all, the cover-up and the covenant.
It's a two-party covenant in the United States, like in other governments and parliaments in Canada as well.
When one political party is about to be decimated, as the Democrats were sometime last year, they did the statistics, they tried everything, and they were going to be really, really beaten.
Because President Trump was going to have a majority.
He was going to have a landslide.
Because he copied the 1980 model of President Reagan.
Reduce taxes.
And therefore, at the end of four years, you stimulate the economy and you have a re-election.
He deserved it.
He had the numbers.
And when they saw that, the two-party covenant kicked in.
None of the fraud, none of the takeover, the steal could have taken place without the Republicans, McConnell, going along with it, knowing fully well that we're going to do what they were going to do, that they were going to pad up whatever votes they needed.
And then they cover it up with the government.
That's why they were so confident to say no, no evidence.
Even the Supreme Court was aware of the fact that the two-party covenant.
This is the problem.
The next problem is that they fear President Trump.
They're terrified of him.
They're terrified because he garnered, as a legacy, 74 and a quarter million people, Americans.
And they are terrified of his standing there when President Biden, in the days when he becomes President of the United States, that President Trump will represent a whole body of United Americans who know very well what happened under the two-party covenant, what was done to this man.
Jesus Christ was crucified in 24 hours.
They did this to this man for four years.
Carlos, I couldn't say it better than you, and I think Trump should be defiant and not give in to these people, and really continue to control the Republican Party as in a populist way.
How does he balance that though, Alex, when just like they did yesterday, any violence that happens, I mean it doesn't matter, they can literally send in a hundred of their own goons to burn down a building just to blame Trump and the media will do it, even if they're out there wearing Antifa
Well, I'll tell you this, they killed this poor lady, Ashley Babbitt, and they think we're just going to forget about it.
We need to make a big deal about her.
She's a lot better poster child than George Floyd, sorry.
Yeah, anything else Carlos?
Trump knows very well the role you played in doing the rally.
He knows very well the role you played.
Please give you an exclusive interview.
Let President Trump interview you and you him and ask each other what happened and what really, really the American people should turn to and for worse to get discernment.
Because discernment is knowing when you're playing three-dimensional chess, that you're in a four-dimensional chess game.
Well, and you know what?
That's the key here.
It's not about Trump interviews Alex Jones or Alex Jones.
It's about interfacing with the people that always had Trump's back.
You know, he tried to interface with the swamp.
He tried to interface with Mitch McConnell and the Republican Party.
They stabbed in the back.
We've remained with Trump.
Doesn't mean we're not critical of him.
Doesn't mean we think he's perfect.
We know his heart is in it.
We know we're in it for the right reasons.
So that's the interfacing that takes place now.
All right, Carlos, great points.
Owen Schroyer is about to take over, and then I'm going to march down there and show you what's happening on the ground.
Stay with us.
Gentlemen, we are back here on the Alex Jones Show.
Alex is about to head down to the Capitol.
Obviously, we don't have as many people out there as we did yesterday, but there are some people out there gathering.
A little bit of both, actually.
I've seen some people drive by and blast F Trump.
I guess it's a rap song.
It just says F Trump for three minutes.
They were blasting it right outside.
But then another individual drove by with some Trump flags out the truck, and there was kind of a loud round of applause.
So there's still some activity here, but I think most patriots are taking Trump's heed, taking Infowars' heed, and it's time to get out of this hot zone now, not as a retreat, but as a strategic move, knowing that we're being set up here, knowing it's going to be used against us.
And knowing that the events of yesterday didn't necessarily exactly go in our favor, so if we're going to be in D.C.
and we're going to try to stop the overthrow of our republic, it needs to be measured, it needs to be strategic, and we can't be led into a situation where we're going to be set up.
Hey guys, I don't have the list of callers in front of me.
I know we've got lines full of calls.
Alex is heading down, like I said, to ground level.
We're going to be Skyping in with him in just a minute.
Do you guys just want to tell me who's next on the line so we can get them going?
Let's go to John in Texas now.
John in Texas, you're on the Alex Jones Show.
Go ahead.
Hey, Owen.
Awesome, man.
It's Lebanon, John.
I met you.
Can you hear me?
Yeah, loud and clear, John.
So, Alex Jones, his instinct was right when he was getting mad earlier today.
And he was like, man, we should have stopped those agent provocateurs.
I think he's right about that because if you look at it like in a general sense,
Donald Trump would be, like, the leader.
You could call him, like, a warlord, if you want to go back in, like, ancient European history.
All the warriors are loyal to the death.
Loyal to the death, to the warlord.
Whatever command the warlord gives, everyone will do it.
But the thing is, is the warlord cannot give super subtle and nuanced orders.
He, it's not possible.
He can only approach it with, like, a hammer.
But Infowars and Alex Jones,
Yeah, let's bear down on this topic, because here's what happened yesterday that you're alluding to, but let me put it out in a little more detail.
We had a million Trump supporters in D.C.
and whenever I'm coming to D.C.
or really any of these events, but more specifically like when I'm in D.C.
or Infowars is in D.C.
for these events, I get invited to speak at like 10 different deals.
Um, and so we obviously have our own deals where we're slated to speak and I need to be there and we've got the shows to do and all this stuff so I usually can't do it but my point is that all of these groups are organizing, all of these groups are having their own rallies, having their own stages set up and inviting all these different speakers and so because they can't get access to the main stage because the people that run the big main stages are
Mainstream, conservative, incorporated.
They're part of the Republican establishment.
They're part of conservative, incorporated, as we call it.
And so the same people that organize a lot of these big things, that had the big speakers and all the attention, they're not actually going to fight for Trump when he leaves office.
They'll go right back to being Republican establishment hacks.
So that's just kind of what's coming next.
But to get to your point, the only way we can actually do that, John,
Is have everybody on the same page and that's why what you're saying about Trump is so key.
Not everybody's going to listen to Infowars, but when Trump put out the call for people to leave, they started leaving the Capitol.
Doesn't mean everybody left, but the point is they got the call, they started leaving.
So they didn't like that, so Twitter shut him down.
The only way we could really do that is if we were all on the same page.
There's a million people at the Washington Monument watching Trump speak, and then there's like another 30,000 at the Capitol, and we don't even know what's going on.
We're there watching Trump speak, listening to Trump.
The people at the Capitol aren't even listening.
So it's like, how does Trump get them a message if he doesn't even know they're there while he's speaking?
Or how does InfoWars get the message out while they're there to say, hey, look, they're coming to set you up in a false flag style event.
Make sure it doesn't happen.
If you see people starting violence, make sure you try to stand them down or at least get it on video.
I mean, it's just like trying to herd cats.
That's the problem.
We're all individual thinkers, individual minded.
And so we got to find a way to kind of team up, I think, in these last 12 days.
And I'm actually seeing a lot of that on the ground here of people building bridges, coming together.
Once Trump's gone.
Yeah, Alex wonders what the people that follow Q do once Trump leaves office.
I mean, I don't know.
Actually, the Q people are online saying right now that he's actually in the middle of an insurrection act.
He let the Democrats run around in the child pedophile trafficking tunnels under D.C., which is probably accurate, but I don't think Trump did that strategically.
But yeah, that's the challenge.
You're right, John, but that's the challenge.
It's getting everybody on the same page.
And when you have the Republican establishment...
Trying to control this event, they're going to blackball people from getting involved, and that's what kind of leads to the separation where there's multiple events happening.
Rob Dew sitting down.
Alright, so I got on an elevator this morning with this lady.
One sec!
She said, did you see what Len Wood said on Twitter?
I said, no.
She goes, he said Trump has flown to Texas into some emergency command bunker, and there is where he's going to stay for the rest of his life.
That's my house!
He's in the Infowars studio.
Yeah, it could be at your house.
It could be the Central Texas Command Center.
He's there.
Trump is swimming in the pond in my backyard.
Actually, you can't really swim in it, but he's bathing with my turtle.
No, I didn't see that from Lin Wood.
Well, that's what some lady told me and she definitely had the cute, you know, she had a cute vibe to her.
No, I didn't know that.
Most of the cute people are really nice.
They're really nice people.
They've just bought into some of this stuff and they're new to the game.
They're really nice people.
And so they haven't learned all the tricks of the trade, which they'll soon learn.
Well, even with Q and Lin Wood, it's like the same thing.
It's like you kind of just remain neutral and just tell people the truth.
But like when Lin Wood is talking about John Roberts being on the Epstein logs, that's a fact.
I mean, that's just a fact.
But it's like, is Lin Wood like a Q now?
It's like, oh, he's good.
And then he tells you some bad news.
He's good.
He's coming to have a microphone over here.
This is like in the RNC four years ago.
It's a new system.
This is old school talk radio.
I like this.
Let me just play something to you.
My thing with the Q people is they always take stuff we've already documented that's already well known, which is true, which is great, then they add a little BS to the top of it.
Like, I mean, imagine, it would be big news if I came on and said, secret forces have arrested Lynn Cheney and Obama and Biden, and Biden died of an aneurysm on the way to the FEMA camp.
That would be 10 million views!
But not before a shootout.
But it's not a shootout at the server farm.
It's not true!
I mean, like, we make little mistakes that make huge deals out of it, but usually we're right, like, 98% of the time.
So that's all I'm saying is, Trump's surrounded.
I had to pay for the damn march.
It's not like I'm important.
Dude, that shows how much trouble we're in.
But that is also what he's saying is, like,
Trump, again, instead of ingratiating himself with the people that the Republican Party hates, but that got Trump into office, he instead ingratiated himself into the Republican Party that planned on stabbing him in the back the whole time.
He should have always gone with the grassroots.
He should have always gone with the people that had his back during the nomination process.
They were running the Prevent Defense.
They did four years of the Prevent Defense the whole time.
Keep him on his heels.
Keep him screwed up with all these investigations.
Tell him we'll help him.
Tell him we're going to help him.
Pretend like it, but we're not really serious.
And hey!
The only good thing about this is that we've learned who the turncoats are in the Republican Party.
Even Rand Paul was like, I'm ashamed at what happened here yesterday.
He might not even know the full story.
No, no.
These people know the full story.
These senators know what's going on.
He got attacked in the street and the guy that attacked him didn't even get arrested.
All right, here's the deal though, folks.
It is not cheap to send us on these trips.
We cannot tell you how much we appreciate your support, but we're paying all of it forward by funding these trips, renting this rooftop to do.
Buying bananas to feed the crew.
So seriously, continue to support us at InfoWarsStore.com.
We have the best supplements you can get.
The air filters, the water filters.
Don't forget about the food supplies, folks.
This deal is going to end at PrepareWithAlex.com soon.
Get your emergency food before everything goes to hell.
He's heading to the Capitol.
We'll have full coverage.
Rob Dues eating a banana live on air.
It's the most exciting telecast you've ever seen in your life!
And it's about to get more exciting!
We're back here live.
Owen Schroer here.
Fourth hour of the Alex Jones Show.
We're mobilizing Alex Jones to the Capitol right now.
And you know, just another example of the complete control of this occupation and takeover of America.
I mean, it's so right in front of your face.
They use the fake pandemic to essentially shut down any organic street activity and then give them the excuse to barricade themselves into their criminal holdouts in the Supreme Court, in the Capitol building, and so that's what we're dealing with here.
And now they're able to use the police force like some sort of foreign military to stop we the people from taking our country back.
And look, a lot of police are awake, a lot of people in the force listen.
Some people I think you're finding out now, I mean, they just want to smash somebody's head in.
I think we saw that yesterday in D.C.
Perhaps the D.C.
police force is worst about that.
But the point is, we can't even get access to the criminals.
And then anybody who wants to call out the criminal activity gets shut down on the internet.
So it's a full-on attack against our First Amendment on every different angle.
The right to free speech, the right to redress grievances with the government, and the right to peacefully assemble.
So it's just so advanced in its planning, it's going to be a hard thing to defeat.
But America existing is a miracle.
The founding fathers with the Patriots in the 1776 revolution defeated against all odds the greatest empire the earth had ever known.
They said the sun never set on the British Empire.
So against all odds we defeated it then.
So we're against all odds now.
We're dealing with the biggest global empire since perhaps the British Empire.
If we can do this again, it's 1776 worldwide in the year 2021.
We've got Brian calling in from New Hampshire.
He's on the Alex Jones Show.
Go ahead, Brian.
Hey, how's it going, Owen?
Good, thank you.
Hey, I just wanted to say real quick, the events that happened in Washington, I wasn't there, unfortunately, but I want to say I'm damn proud of the patients that showed up.
I understand it was most likely taken over by provocateurs, but
At the end of the day, we also have to look at what these people have done to us, okay?
When is it time for us to fight back?
It may turn physical.
At some point it might, but look what they've done to us recently.
We've been on lockdown for an entire year.
They're threatening us with these alien shots that they're trying to put in people.
They've been murdering us in the streets.
They've been burning down our businesses, burning our homes, hurting our loved ones.
I mean, you can't blame people for what happened.
Yeah, they shut down our free market.
And that's why we have to have the intellectual debate.
Here's the problem.
We've all already had the intellectual debate in our minds that are even more powerful than the most super quantum computer on earth.
But if we actually sit down and discuss it,
Then we can actually have a measured response to this.
Because you can sit here and debate all day long, just like you said, what is the proper response to them stealing our elections?
What is the proper response to them ending the free market?
What is the proper response to them totally oppressing the people?
I mean, you can lay out all the issues and say, what is the proper response?
Again, most of anybody who's thinking on these issues, your brain is the best quantum computer you can have.
It's already gone down the road, it already has the foresight, it already has it all laid out.
But it's a matter of having the intellectual debate, and then saying, yes, here's what they've done, and now, as a collective, whether it's left, right, anybody, as a collective, we as a free people in the United States of America decide, okay, what is the appropriate response to this?
But you know, you know the congressmen are scared to death, and Mitch McConnell, that, that, oh, I'm gonna try to behave myself here, but man, what a dirtbag, low-life little girl.
I mean, just, oh, I don't even want to insult little girls, it's just like, what, I mean, just what a tiny man, what a tiny, tiny little man, what a tiny little person Mitch McConnell is to cave like he did.
But that's the point.
They don't represent us anymore.
And then for Mitch McConnell to come out and double and triple down.
He lost the election.
Oh, Trump's bad.
Now look at the Trump supporters riding their bad.
No, Mitch McConnell, you're bad.
You're the reason why we're so upset.
You're not going to pull the wool over our eyes.
You fraud.
You coward.
Anything else, Brian?
And just to add one more thing for, you know, for the people that are on the fence about, because I'm guaranteeing you some of these people that showed up, they're great patriots, but now they're being demonized and it scares some people and it turns them away.
But I just want to say to those people that might be feeling that way, you should never feel that way.
You're standing up for your country.
You're in the right side of history and you can't let these people walk all over you.
When are we going to turn around?
When are we going to stop letting people roll on us as the patriots for too long?
We've kept our mouths shut.
We've been nice and, you know, not hostile towards any of this stuff.
And it's never going to stop.
So quit taking the demonization so hard because they're our enemy.
That is exactly what we're going to do every single time.
They've already had the intellectual thoughts.
They've already even had the debates within their own ranks of veterans and other groups and such.
And so they already know they're justified in the actions that they're taking.
Whether that's peacefully assembling outside of the Capitol.
Whether that's telling the Capitol Police and Congress, look, this is our building.
You've stolen all our elections.
They're literally stealing our elections and they're right now.
I mean, you know.
I don't want to make these graphic or harsh realities, but I mean seriously, if you're standing outside of your house, and your wife is in there getting raped or something by thieves, by robbers, and there's a couple goons outside not letting in, you're going to fight through and you're going to try to save your wife.
It may be a harsh graphic analogy there, but that's the thing.
It's like, hey, they're in there stealing our election right now.
They're in there stealing our republic right now, and you're asking us to just sit out here and take it.
And a lot of people have already made the justification in their heads, no, this is how we're going to behave.
So again, Trump was never a violent revolutionary.
I don't believe he's ever going to call for violence as a part of trying to take our country back, and neither will we, but...
The intellectual debate needs to be had.
What is the appropriate response to all these things that we've just laid out?
And then how are we going to measure and strategize to effectively execute so that we can take America back, have a free country again, have a free market again, and not have a bloody civil war that will tear us apart?
And allow a foreign occupancy to potentially come in.
I'm not saying that would happen, but of course China wants to see us divided.
Of course Iran wants to see us divided.
Of course they want to see us fighting each other so they can come mop us up in the end with the UN.
Anything else, Brian?
Yeah, just one last thing.
I just wanted everyone to remember too, one of the last callers, he was saying, you know, we need to have people out there monitoring the violence.
Don't forget what outlines in your Second Amendment, that we need to start bringing these well-regulated militias.
We need them.
They're important.
So those of us that have fought for our country, not saying we're above anyone else, but we have the leadership skill to form these militias, to give the training, to militarize our other patriots.
It doesn't have to be crazy, but that's your well-formed group.
So next time something comes crazy down the line and we need to protect people and do all this on the front lines, we need our well-regulated militias.
We need you out there.
And that's actually something they fear the most.
That's why Schaefer Cox...
Is still in jail.
If you haven't heard of Schaefer Cox, there's probably a reason they don't want to give him any attention.
But it's a similar story.
They know that that's our right.
And quite frankly, they know that there's so many military, there's so many veterans that are in this deal that know what's going on, that went overseas and fought in wars and put their lives on the line and saw their brothers and sisters die and bleed out right in front of their eyes.
And they're seeing what's happening in America.
And they're like, this is worse than some of the countries that we had to go into.
So, it's really an incredible time to be living in America, and the dream, the hope of self-government, of independence, of liberty, of a free market, it's all hanging in the balance right now.
Brian, thank you so much for the call.
All right, when we come back, we're trying to get Alex dialed up from the Capitol, and of course, more of your phone calls.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
Owen Troyer sitting in here on the fourth hour.
We'll be right back.
Ladies and gentlemen, Owen Schroer here hosting the Alex Jones Show.
Alex has mobilized and is heading to the Capitol.
We're going to be Skyping in with him live.
We'll be hosting some of the War Room right here as well that follows up the Alex Jones Show every weekday from 3 to 6 p.m.
Central, 4 to 7 here local time D.C.
And I want to address a statement that was just made by Joe Biden.
And I don't do this to sound redundant, but it's an exercise of speaking the truth, and it's just an example of the diabolical evil of people like Joe Biden that we're dealing with.
Joe Biden just released this statement.
What we witnessed yesterday was not dissent.
It was disorder.
But again, they're the ones that steal our elections.
They're the ones that flub the elections.
Totally out of control.
Totally unconstitutional.
That's disorder.
They're the ones that promote and fund and tell Antifa and BLM to go out and riot and destroy property and loot businesses and kill people.
But that's all good.
He then says they weren't protesters, they were rioters, insurrectionists and domestic terrorists.
Now again, this is the most clear projection you've ever seen in your life.
This is the most reverse reality thing you've ever seen in their life.
Now, I'll admit,
You could classify some of yesterday's activities as a riot, and there's definitely going to be a couple thousand dollars worth of property damage that was done to the Capitol.
I'm not hiding from that truth.
But again, they go out and how many cities
Do $2 billion worth of property damage, and then they sit on mainstream news as cities burn to the ground behind them, and they say it's a peaceful protest.
They sit there on the streets with the footage of people breaking glass at businesses, running into the business, looting everything, and then leaving, and they say, oh, that's justified, that's just a protest.
So it's just incredible.
Again, it just shows you they have no rules.
It's a total double standard.
You, the American patriot.
You, the conservative.
You, the Trump supporter.
You get nothing.
You're a slave.
You're a piece of crap.
You don't have any rights.
You're just assumed to be a bad person, even though you're a good person.
And if you're a low-life filth that loots and burns businesses, oh, you're just exalted as the hero of the righteous cause.
He then says, I wish we could say we couldn't see it coming, but that isn't true.
We could.
No, of course you could.
You knew you were going to steal the election.
You knew you were going to hype up violence with police killings.
But we knew, and this is the biggest problem.
And I'm not blaming Trump for this.
I mean, he's put out his team with all the intel of the election theft, but we knew the steal of the election was coming, and that's what's so frustrating.
So for them to say, oh, we saw this violence coming, well, yeah, you promoted it, you caused it.
But for us to say, oh, we saw the election theft coming, because of course you were going to steal the election.
You've been stealing elections in this country forever.
Whether it's for Republicans or Democrats, all of our elections are rigged.
InfoWars have been reporting on that more than anybody else.
So now it's here.
Now it's actually happening!
Now we're in the throes of it!
And they just say, oh no, oh it's the violence we couldn't see coming.
Oh, there was no election theft.
Who would have thought people would be upset when we steal their election?
Who would have thought people would be upset when we lock them in their homes and shut down their businesses and tell them they're not free?
I mean, who would have seen this coming?
It's like, it's like if you go up to the biggest guy at the bar who looks like he bench presses 400 pounds and eats, you know, 20 pounds of steak every day and you're a little twig, needle dick, like Adam Schiff,
And he goes, and he's like, I'm gonna fight you, you're not that tough.
And then he punches you once in the mouth, you go flying through the doors outside.
Oh my gosh, I didn't see, who would have thought this big brute would have beat me up?
I'm a little pencil neck Adam Schiff, oh my gosh, it's crazy!
But again, it just shows the diabolical demon that Joe Biden is, and of course exhibits the double standard.
Alright, we're gonna go to Emmitt now in Seattle.
Emmitt, you're on the Alex Jones Show, go ahead.
Hey Owen, first time caller, long time listener since 2006.
Just want to speak to this difference between the Info Warriors and the Q people and I think that that primary difference is that Info Warriors take personal responsibility for what they're going to do and what's happening to them and they don't wait around and let some mystical force take responsibility for their life.
I'm reminded of that scene in V for Vendetta where after the talk show host comedian kind of gets away with his political stunt, they show him being arrested in his basement.
He's got a whole stash of just antiquities and books and things from the canon of Western culture.
And so I just want to extol to the
InfoWarriors out there that we need to take matters into our own hands.
If you think you're going to get online and go to InfoWarriors.com or Band.Video or YouTube and find a video to share with a friend,
No, you're not.
The iron curtain is falling.
You need to save what you find.
You need to save every article you read.
No, no, no, that's it.
Just like you would store food or water for an emergency, we have to archive and store this information, this data, so that in the future, people can see it and know the history.
Because, you know, that's a beauty.
You know, people that have been around forever can do this.
They've been around forever.
They can archive this stuff in writings where there was one copy of a book from 3,000 years ago, or say the Bible, but then they buy it and then they never let it out again.
So it's like, imagine if somebody wrote the Bible and found it and then made sure nobody else got it.
That's what they've been doing for human history for so long now.
We can't let them do that again.
That's a great point, Emmett.
We need to talk about crowdsource the truth.
We need to crowdsource the proof and distribute the proof.
They can arrest the leaders that have all this proof of the voter fraud and the COVID fraud and the doctors and the people that are saving it that we that we've been abrogating our responsibility to and we think we can just go read about it.
No, we have to save it and multiple hard drives in multiple locations and preserve the truth and take matters into our own hands because they can arrest the leaders but they cannot arrest us all.
Thank you.
Next call.
Well, excellent call there, Emmett, and you're absolutely right.
The problem is, the proof is in the pudding.
I mean, this is, again, it's just, it's just, it's so evil, man.
Who do you, I mean, how do you actually break down and go after the people that faked the pandemic?
I mean, you can look at the people in the CDC, you can look at the people that go on TV, but I mean, it's already done.
We have the death count.
We have the death rate.
There was no pandemic.
We knew what they did to inflate the COVID numbers.
We know how there's now no more flu, no more pneumonia.
We know how the masks were used to spread the disease.
We know how Cuomo and Whitmer sent the diseased elderly into the nursing homes to get about 10,000, 20,000, 30,000 deaths out of that too, adding to the numbers.
Totally diabolical, totally evil.
Where is, again, where is the will of anybody to do something about this?
I mean, this is out of control.
It is out of control.
And it's stunning to think, it's like, wow, does everybody really want us to just become slaves and just live in tyranny in some authoritarian regime with fake pandemics and fake elections?
Are people that propagandized?
Alright, who is the next caller, guys?
Let's squeeze them in.
Jared in Ohio.
Jared, you're on the Alex Jones Show.
Go ahead.
How you doing?
My voice is kind of going out there, Owen.
Can you hear me?
No, I can relate.
Can relate, Jared.
But yep, you're good.
Yeah, brother.
Yeah, so look.
I'm going to try to be brief.
I was one of the first people there in the Capitol.
And you guys, I'm going to corroborate this story that I've heard several times a day.
The majority of the people there were peaceful and were trying to make a point.
And there were elements of Antifa.
There was one gentleman in particular.
He was breaking a window.
I go up and I confront him.
Well, the Antifa members seem to be beating on him, so... I'll tell you what, hold it, just stay right there for me.
Just stay right there on the line for me.
We'll finish your eyewitness account, which I can corroborate not only with the eyewitnesses we've heard from, but other eyewitnesses I've heard from.
And we haven't talked about that last thing you said.
I also have another eyewitness about what happened to the cops.
So we'll be right back with that.
It's the Alex Jones Show, live from Washington, D.C.
Owen Stroyer sitting in for Alex.
We're holding over an eyewitness to the activity yesterday, Jared.
Jared, I want you to restate some of your points here and finish your points, and then let me just echo what you're saying with other eyewitness accounts that I have also heard.
But you were one of the first in there yesterday.
You saw what happened.
I think now that we're kind of almost 24 hours removed from this and we've seen all the tiny, minute, finite details, we're kind of all in agreement.
There definitely was Antifa inside there causing this kind of it led to the day at the avalanche.
So it's like the guy wants to start an avalanche.
So he goes and screams or you know starts it and then it falls down and and and you know puts a whole town under snow.
So Jared tell us again your eyewitness account and then I'll kind of corroborate that with with other eyewitness accounts.
I've heard.
Yeah, absolutely Owen and that's a great analogy.
Yeah, what I personally witnessed and again,
I know currently right now the thought is that Antifa lit this thing off.
I'm not sure it's entirely correct.
However, they certainly were the violent element once we got in, at least from my point of view.
They were the conductor.
Trump supporters are pissed.
Trump supporters want to save the republic.
But Antifa was the conductor that was the connection there between the Trump supporters not getting violent, but being pissed, and then Antifa was the conductor that connected that charge, got violence, that then led to the Trump supporters just going into the Capitol.
I don't even think the Trump supporters got violent.
In fact, get into the part about the police, and I've heard this too from other eyewitnesses, where police got isolated.
Inside the Capitol, multiple police isolated, and there were people in there basically saying, you know, let's do the worst to these people.
I don't want to say, but I mean, folks, they had police isolated that were like crapping their pants scared at what people were saying, and if it wasn't for the Trump supporters like Jared here stopping them, the police could have been seriously injured.
Oh yeah, oh no, you're absolutely right.
So, my particular story happened when we got above, there's like that elevator, there's like another pavilion.
That was above, on the next level, where the scaffolding ended.
And individuals are trying to make entrance to the narrow corridor there.
And so while they're trying to do that, somehow, one of the police was drug out.
It was in the main crowd and was getting beaten on.
And I was up a little higher.
And one of the guys in my group, he's a big boy.
He's Ohio, born and raised.
They grow up big, right?
And he goes down there and the officer was sobbing.
You're absolutely right.
And he grabbed him bodily and took him back.
And a lot of other Trump supporters were also trying to aid in that.
But there was at least, I'd say just off the top of my head, at least eight individuals.
In one case, they were beating on a handicap accessible elevator and denting it.
Let's actually be clear about this too because, you know, we don't want to
Yeah, and you know what?
I don't want to be part of the divide of America.
I mean, I'm going to tell it like it is.
That's just, that's just, you know, my burden.
But I'm not trying to, I'm not trying to divide America.
Let's be honest about the situation here.
There are bad actors that get inside of every movement, whether it's BLM or Antifa or Trump supporters, whatever.
These people don't have any ideology.
They see a group
They see a group of people, they see the opportunity to commit a crime, they see the opportunity to hurt someone, they see the opportunity to break something, and so they just get into the crowds, intermingle, blend in like a chameleon, just so they can get their rocks off by destroying property, maiming a police officer, whatever.
They don't have any ideology.
Uh, and so those are the types of people that were inside of the event yesterday.
When you talk about the tactics, yeah, it's the same tactics you see because they infiltrate all of these groups.
And to be honest, except for maybe Antifa, I mean, even inside these Black Lives Matter ranks, I mean, you'll see it.
They'll be marching down the streets for
And they'll see people getting violent, breaking into stores, and you'll see people say, hey, don't do this!
You're hurting our movement!
So these people infiltrate and get into every single thing.
The only thing that seems to embrace it is Antifa.
But, you know, let's also be fair.
Just as justified as we are in being upset at the stolen election that happened in 2020, and just as perhaps justified as we may be to say, hey, we're gonna surround the Capitol, we're gonna create an autonomous zone, doesn't mean we want anybody hurt or any property damaged, but hey, this is our free speech, this is our First Amendment, whether we agree or not with Black Lives Matter, and you can disagree with them all day long and that's fair, and you can look at their mission statement and that's fair, whether we disagree with them or not, they believe they're justified.
They believe just like we believe or know that we're justified in our righteous indignation.
They believe and know the same way in their own mind.
So it's a very delicate thing.
And of course, you know, again, you can debate whether they're right or wrong.
I'm not saying they're right or wrong.
I'm just saying that's what they believe.
So it's this new thing where I believe Americans need to come together from all sides of the angle and say, look, we are being pit against one another.
We don't get along on everything.
We don't see eye to eye on everything.
But we're all victims of this.
We're all being oppressed.
We're all we're all looking at a at a at a dangerous element.
Call it the deep state.
Call it the New World Order.
Call it global corporate government.
It's going to capture all of us.
It's not going to pick and choose what hat you wear.
It's not going to pick and choose what color your skin is or what you said yesterday on Twitter.
It's coming after all of us.
And oddly enough...
A lot of Trump supporters upset with the way the police have behaved in the last 24 hours.
I feel bad now that the police are being put in this situation to just become the enemy of everybody.
To just become the enemy of Americans.
That's not what they deserve.
That's not what should happen.
But if they're going to choose to be that obstacle in the way of righteous anger being executed
In the right way with the First Amendment, then it's going to be a problem.
They could have stopped the violence from happening if they would have planned.
They could have stopped the people from destroying property if they would have handled it properly.
And quite frankly, if they wouldn't have killed multiple innocent people, I don't think he would have had the group outrage.
Thank you so much for the call, though.
We're almost out of time here.
Hey guys, who's the last caller we can take?
Chase, you said?
Okay, I'm sorry.
Yeah, Chase in Michigan.
Chase, you're on the Alex Jones Show.
Go ahead.
Hey Owen, I've been a fan for a long time.
I just wanted to ask you, you know, as patriots, what are we going to do when Biden gets into office and he's sworn to tax away our firearms?
Like a previous caller has said, be on the front lines with the militia congregate.
What are we going to do when those firearms are taken away because we can't afford to keep them?
Sure, and they're definitely going to do that.
What you're going to see is, actually we were joking about this this morning, you know,
Because most of these purchases are going to be registered somewhere.
They don't have a gun registry, but they'll be able to trace it.
They probably have.
So let's say you've purchased 20 magazines.
So you've got 20 magazines for your rifle.
And let's say that somebody says, oh, OK, well, we are going to tax you.
You have 20 magazines.
Well, I mean, people are just going to say, oh, I lost them.
Oh, my magazines broke.
I'm not still in occupation of these magazines.
So there's going to be little loopholes like that.
But answering your question overall, I don't think you really can right now.
I'm not sure what that would look like.
Police aren't going to go door-to-door to confiscate firearms.
At least, I don't believe.
I could be wrong.
Many sheriff's departments have come out saying we're never going to do that.
I don't believe the military is going to do that.
So, you know, the taxation is one thing.
There's going to be loopholes.
The registration is one thing.
So, I can't really answer your question because it's too open-ended.
It's more of a, specifically, how do you respond to whatever action they're going to take to try to violate our Second Amendment?
Whether that's confiscation, registration, taxation, it all depends on what the action they take in response to that.
Thank you for the call, Chase.
Guys, who else do we have on the line?
Nick in Oklahoma, running out of time, but go ahead.
Nick, yeah, go ahead.
Guys, how much time do we have?
Alright, we can squeeze in one more call.
That guy was just playing us on an echo there.
Who else can we take?
Alright, well let's just do this since we're almost out of time and the war room is coming up and we're trying to get connected with Alex.
Hopefully he's down at the Capitol getting skyped in.
He may just be filing reports though.
So stay tuned to Band Out Video for those reports.
We're signing off the Alex Jones Show, ladies and gentlemen.
Let me just say, at least I think we are.
I don't even have a clock in front of me.
It's just a whirlwind down here.
So we're going to have the war room coming up.
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All right, the War Room is about to come up.
I'll be hosting that.
Hopefully we'll be joined by Alex Jones.
We'll take some phone calls, some other breaking news, but the War Room is about to commence.
I'll continue broadcasting here from the rooftop outside of the Capitol, but that does it for the Alex Jones Show.
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I will see you on the