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Name: 20210105_Tue_Alex
Air Date: Jan. 5, 2021
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In a speech at Freedom Square in Washington D.C., Alex Jones of InfoWars discusses his views on current events and political issues. He criticizes Democrats for their past actions, claims that the Supreme Court has been biased against Trump due to political reasons, and encourages supporters to attend marches on January 5th and 6th. Jones also talks about the global emergency, the UN-directed civilization kill switch, and how governments are extracting wealth from people through taxes. He mentions that CDC death numbers show that COVID-19 is a hoax, as the number of deaths in 2020 was roughly the same as in 2019. The speaker criticizes liberals for not living up to their supposed beliefs and accuses them of hypocrisy. He talks about the importance of spreading information through InfoWars, attending rallies in Washington D.C., and being prepared for potential disasters. Jones also discusses spiritual battles, intergenerational aspects of time travel, and how certain elites believe in raw control with no moral compass. Jones promotes various products such as Activated Charcoal Toothpaste, TurboForce, DNA Force X, InfoWarsTore.com for storable high quality food, and PrepareWithAlex.com for discounts on their products. He also discusses Agenda 2030 and its destruction of society, the medical technocracy, threats made against Senator Josh Hawley's family by Antifa, and the UK's third lockdown announced by Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

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When I was a young man and I saw my family proud of the cult of USA and proud of the cult of Texas, I thought, these are prideful people.
And America's not that good, and Texas is that good, because I inherently thought it was a form of arrogance.
It wasn't.
It was fought for, people died for it, and they'd been around the world, and they knew how bad other areas were, and they knew that America wasn't perfect, but was an idea and a dream of what you dream you can many times do, and that people were trying to take it away!
They weren't arrogantly celebrating the USA.
They weren't arrogantly celebrating Texas.
They were celebrating it because they knew it was an island of freedom compared to other places, and they valued it.
It wasn't pride.
It was love.
We don't see love for America and love for Texas.
We see hatred because it stands against their Satanism and it stands against their weakness and it stands against what they want to do, tearing us apart and putting us back together in disgusting shapes of their own choosing.
I will not serve under Satan!
I will not bow to Satan!
I will not be Satan's minion ever!
I declare war on Satan!
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, it is January 5th.
The year is 2021.
I'm Alex Jones, and I am sitting right above Freedom Square here in Washington, D.C.
This is an epic historical moment.
We'll be live here for the next four hours with continuing coverage.
After that, with the War Room and more, and all the speeches tonight and tomorrow.
But first, a key report.
A lot of people are wondering what your inauguration is going to look like, considering... So am I. Suddenly, he's canceled the inauguration.
They're tearing down the stage.
They're tearing down the review stands.
Big things are afoot.
He's not getting his briefings.
And suddenly, there's all these senators, all these House members about to challenge the fraudulent five states that violated the law on the face of it and didn't have the legislature pass a law to accept the fraudulent ballots.
We went into this election with the country deeply divided, deeply polarized, and we've seen in the last two months unprecedented allegations of voter fraud.
And that's produced a deep, deep distrust of our democratic process across the country.
And so this past week, I spent Writing out a position and assembling a group that ultimately of 11 senators that we put out yesterday that we will together object to certification in order to force the appointment of an emergency electoral commission
To perform an emergency audit of the election results to assess these claims of frauds.
I think we can do that.
We can do it promptly.
We can do it in 10 days before the inauguration.
But I think we have an obligation to the voters and we have an obligation to the Constitution to ensure that this election was lawful.
It is an open attack on black voters in Georgia and it's a disgrace and it's an echo of the legacy of Jim Crow.
But let's also think about the future that we have the possibility of delivering for this country when we win.
We've just had four years of scandal, outrage, hatred, racism, fear-mongering, deep division.
We've just had a year of outrageous incompetence.
This is the last opportunity we will have to protect everything that we've accomplished in the last four years.
The second thing is the last line of defense.
To stop the Democrats from perpetrating this radical socialist agenda.
It's as simple as that.
CNN's report that two Republican congressmen believe at least 140 of their colleagues will rise next Wednesday against certifying Joe Biden's landslide in the Electoral College is ominous news for this nation.
Make no mistake about these 140 Republican representatives.
They are scum.
The chair now hands to the tellers.
The certificate of the electors for president and vice president of the state of Florida.
Mr. President, the objection is in writing, signed by a number of members of the House of Representatives, but not by a member of the Senate.
Mr. President, I stand for the purpose of objecting to the counting of the vote from the state of Florida as read.
Mr. President, I rise on behalf of the Congressional Black Caucus to object to the 25 electoral votes from Florida.
Mr. President, thank you for your inquiry.
It is in writing, it is signed by myself on behalf of my diverse constituents and the millions of Americans who have been disenfranchised by Florida's inaccurate vote count.
Is the objection signed by a senator?
Well, Mr. President, I am objecting to...
To the idea that votes in Florida were not counted.
The reaction to your tweet, the reaction to your choice to object to the certification of Joe Biden has been strong.
Here is one of your colleagues, Senator Chris Murphy, who said you were attempting to overthrow democracy.
He tweeted this, the following.
Let's be clear, those contesting the Electoral College are trying to overthrow democracy.
They want to turn America into a state akin to Russia or China, where elections Well, first of all, I don't recall hearing the Democrats make any such outrageous claims when they were the ones who were objecting during the electoral college certification in 2004 and 2016.
Democrats have done this for years in order to raise concerns about election integrity.
Now when Republicans, 74 million Americans, have concerns about election integrity, we're supposed to just sit down and shut up?
And this truly is the week that will change the world, what's coming up on the 6th.
On its face, the law was violated, the Constitution was violated.
You ask why the Supreme Court has stabbed Trump in the back?
Because they're part of the neocon, rhino, warmongering group that works for the Democrats.
Words cannot describe the incredible moment we are at in history as powerful forces collide, the forces of Anti-human, purely satanic world government and its economic constellation of Fortune 100 companies, communist China, EU, orthodox Islam, and the satanic pedophile Hollywood trash.
All waging systematic culture war to undermine and sabotage our republic and to bankrupt what's left of our laissez-faire free market capitalist system that has now been caught in the jaws of this crony capitalist fascist system on the top using communism and socialism as the domesticating force on the bottom.
The pincer attack or the pressure from above and pressure from below vice grip.
I am here in D.C.
It is already Tuesday, the 5th of January, 2021.
Tonight at Freedom Plaza, kicking off at about 1 p.m., you're gonna see a lot of amazing and important speeches
from so many great Americans like General Flynn, and of course, yours truly is gonna be there,
Roger Stone, and so many others.
But what really matters is the hundreds of thousands of people already pouring in to the DC streets
and what's unfolding there, and the millions that are estimated to be pouring in
right now, according to Secret Service sources, no flights left into DC from anywhere in the country.
No flights, not even a seat, very hard to find.
Hotels are all completely booked up.
The globalists put out a psyop through the mayor that she'll have the National Guard out for us
and that there'll be no porta-potties and that we're not welcome, that we're violent.
They did trick some hotels into closing, not many.
They did trick a lot of restaurants into completely closing.
I was just trying to order lunch for about 30 minutes, going down the line, called more than 10 places until we found one.
That was even open.
So you've got this city that sucks in all the money of the American people.
It's the richest city in the United States, but it's got one of the poorest populations at the same time.
And it doesn't want to give succor or aid and comfort to its own people when we come here to exercise our First Amendment.
And the girlfriend of Donna Brazile sits over this undemocratic city, this giant bloated parasite That is hanging on to the neck of the American people.
And when we dare come to the parasite's nest, of course, it then withdraws all of the opulence that it always provides for itself.
Clearly, just a classic manifestation of this archetypal parasite.
We are in a national emergency.
We are in a global emergency.
We are in a UN-directed, civilization, planetary kill switch that teaches you to lower expectations, teaches you to be poor, teaches you to not have medicine, to not have access to courts, to not have access to justice, to not have access to travel, to not have access to good, decent food.
They're training you to not have electricity on a routine basis.
This has all been done before.
They're all training you to not have clean water anymore.
They're all training you to take all of your money in taxes, launder it into global corporations, and then give you nothing but bills back.
But now they've gotten to the point of extracting all the wealth so the governments aren't even needed anymore.
Those are to be imploded.
Then political police that serve the globalists are only there to serve the establishment, not the people.
This is the road to hell we are on.
Where logic is a menace and truth is an enemy, to quote Rod Serling.
Where paradoxes are all around us, where Black Lives Matter marches, kills cops, burns down buildings with antifa, they're heroes, they're good, they don't spread COVID.
We come here, we're super spreaders, we're the devil, we should be arrested.
So with all the huge news I have, and all the huge information I'm gonna lay out next segment, I wanna just stop, and I wanna put up the statistics from the CDC, And I didn't just show you a Twitter feed claiming CDC numbers show this, death numbers.
We went on air yesterday to the CDC website and showed you those exact numbers on the sub pages that have been pulled out and added to that data sheet that's now on screen.
screen. 61,000 more deaths in the year 2020 than there were in the year before.
And if you look at previous years, the deaths usually are going up more than
that because populations going up and we have an aging population, one of the
oldest populations with the fifth oldest population out of 169 countries. We have
one of the oldest populations in the world and so the baby boomers are
starting to die and it's gonna accelerate for the next 30 years.
We have suicides in the roughly double, we have drug overdose that skyrocketed,
we have a top statistician right now, the report will be out Friday, pulling those
numbers out and it looks like massive decreases actually in 2020 in things
like automobile accidents and things because people aren't out on the
highways that are super dangerous.
Another big fraud you hear is we lost 3,000 people on 9-11 We're losing 3,000 a day from COVID.
They're counting all the flu.
They're counting all the pneumonia.
They're counting all the old people on average that are 84.7 years old in the United States.
The average age in Italy was 87.
That's when you go out in the world, folks.
The average life expectancy is 74 for a man, 76 for a woman.
The average age of somebody dying is 84 years old who's had multiple heart attacks, liver failure, kidney failure, cancer.
And then they go, oh, we tested you, you got COVID.
Because the PCR test is just the detritus of broken down cells picks up as virus.
Well, an old person who's dead...
He's going to test positive for COVID.
That's why they're saying, oh, the COVID vaccine doesn't protect you.
Oh, it won't protect you.
Oh, it won't stop you getting it.
Because it's BS.
They picked a cold virus because it's impossible to ever eradicate.
Oh, but you're going to take five shots a year.
But it's not going to help you.
And you're going to have a travel ID.
And you're going to be constantly tested by PCR tests that the EU courts, the German courts, the French courts, the US courts, the Brazilian courts, the Portuguese courts have all found are fake.
Lie Detectors can be beaten.
They actually work with people that don't know how to beat them, but they're not admissible in court anymore because they were proven to be a fraud.
If I sit here and tell you that I believe in one-eyed, one-horned, flying purple people eaters, and I really believe that, when they got a lie detector hooked up to me, it will say I told the truth that I saw a one-eyed, one-horned, flying purple people eater.
Because some people know how to beat those, playing a mind trick on themselves, very low percentage.
It's unadmissible when maybe 1% of people can beat a lie detector.
Ladies and gentlemen, the New York Times admits in fine print, 96% of PCR tests are fake.
But everyone gets into the nitty, I know someone that died, I know someone, and I'm like, how, well, they were 84 or 86 and had cancer.
And then we learned they gave remdesivir that absolutely causes blood clots and all these problems.
To the new congressman that got elected, and then he had a damn heart attack and died from it.
Oh, you got COVID!
Here, take Rendesivir!
In studies, Rendesivir had a 7% chance of helping you with COVID.
When hydroxychloroquine had a 97% conservatively.
Oh, but it does give you blood clots.
Oh, bye-bye, you're dead now!
Complications from COVID.
He starts, they start having a heart attack, start intubating people, and oh!
It's COVID, so remember, remember, remember, remember that it's all public, and the video's up at band.video.
We're gonna have an article out and the report out on Friday, and it's all right there for you that 61,000 more people died in 2020 than died in 2019.
And I know you know that, but you need to get that out to everybody.
In fact, we'll post the flyer for now as an article to InfoWars.com.
I want to post yesterday's piece where CDC numbers prove COVID-19 is a giant hoax.
Same amount of deaths roughly in 2020 as in 2019.
That's the sub-headline.
And then we need to post that with that document there and then a link to the CDC so you can go do it yourself.
Do not believe me.
Go to the CDC.
A lot of statistics are bad, they're twisted, you know, but when it comes to death statistics and crime statistics, that's one thing J. Edgar Hoover did a great job of is he got that working really good.
It's the model, the FBI system on deaths and on crimes and on those statistics.
Are the best in the world, ladies and gentlemen.
And so we know the very close the number of deaths in this country.
We know the number of homicides, all that stuff to a very, very, very, very close level.
Okay, so it's all a fraud.
It's over.
It's a lie.
But we have to carry the ball.
We have to get the truth out.
I have an overwhelming feeling.
I wouldn't call it butterflies.
I wouldn't call it anxiety.
I would call it energy.
Being on the edge of something super important, incredibly historic, and amazingly dangerous.
The United States of America, and everything it stands for, is under attack and is being destroyed.
We are in the middle of a 21st century war.
And the future of our children, and their children, and their children, and their children, and their children, and their children's children, on and on into infinity, is counting down now.
The soulless, communist Chinese, on record, have every type of human animal clone you can imagine, brought to term.
Huge, giant, labyrinth underground facilities all over their country.
In partnership with the CIA and the most horrible transhumanist the planet has ever seen.
Pedophilia is just the tip of the iceberg with these people.
There is no bottom.
They don't believe in good.
They don't even believe in evil.
They believe in raw control.
Think about how, just yesterday, On Sunday, actually, two days ago, we played that clip of then CIA Director Brennan, five years ago, on C-SPAN saying, we are able to control the weather.
But as we announce this, other companies are gonna get mad, and they're gonna start controlling the weather.
So we need a UN treaty to be enforced that's already in place.
So 30 minutes speech, we played a minute of it.
You might wanna go watch the whole thing.
Now imagine, they're adding it to all the major jet fuel, It's nuclei, barium salts and lindoxide to form particles, water vapor.
They're geoengineering the planet, and now Bill Gates is in charge of it.
Again, we're not in Kansas anymore.
If you think geoengineering is the bottom of the barrel, no, no, no, no, no.
It's the surface.
They're doing everything.
They want life extension.
They want the secrets of the universe with their cyclotrons, with all of it.
They're 50 years advanced of what you're being told.
Folks, they're not going to announce in a year and a half that aliens are here.
They're creating aliens.
You understand?
They're creating aliens.
Let that sink in.
When you take a human and you take a plant, or when you take a salmon And you put grasshopper gene in it.
Or asparagus genes in it.
You are producing an alien.
And now they have artificial synthetic DNA sequences.
So they are able to go in and create completely new stuff not based on any life forms on this planet.
And they can go in and program ourselves to do whatever they want, whenever they want.
So we can talk about Trump all day.
And we can talk about trying to get him in there.
But the truth is, he's a populist.
He cares about the country.
He's a service economy guy.
He wants to see people doing well.
He doesn't want a global depression.
He doesn't want to make you poor to control you.
He's old school Americana, wants to have a rising tide, raise all ships.
But Trump doesn't know about Genetic gene splicing.
Trump doesn't know what's going on with the mRNA.
We have to inform everyone.
We have to educate the population.
They go, oh, well the mRNA doesn't really change the actual mitochondria.
It just programs the ribosomes to do it.
That's like saying Alex Jones didn't really blow somebody's head off.
He just pulled the trigger and fired the bullet when the pin hit the cap that fired it out.
It's ridiculous, ladies and gentlemen.
It programs the ribosome to program the nuclei.
And that's just the tip of the iceberg, ladies and gentlemen.
Again, if somebody beat your brains out with a club, you'd say, well, technically, the guy that beat the person's brains out with an axe handle didn't technically do it himself.
He used a club to do it.
So again, these are the games they play, and they're experimenting on all of us in real time.
In the 1960s, they already had CD-ROMs and computers you saw in the 90s.
You understand?
They designed the Internet in 1962, theoretically.
It had already been set up in 1958.
They changed the name to the Intergalactic Communication System.
That is meant to track lifetime stimuli of every human on Earth.
So they can add manipulative systems to stimulate us to do what they want.
It's not just something that predicts the future.
It controls the future.
If you can predict the future, you can control the future.
This is God-like power in the hands of these people.
And when you won't admit it to yourself, and when you won't face it, and when you won't research it, and when you won't contend with these people, even at the level of understanding what they're doing, they believe that you are not human and they can kill you.
But according to the Galactic Universal Law, God's Law, They've got to convince you to do it.
They've got to bully you, but they've got to get you to acquiesce to laziness or ignorance, but they've got to leave an escape valve for you, or they karmically, they believe, and read what you show, however you see it, the Buddhist way or the Christian way, this is what they think.
Karmically, they escape judgment on this dimension by giving you an out.
They do not escape it at the next dimension, and they know that.
That's why they want to play God and don't want to die.
They don't go up, they go down doing this kind of stuff.
That's why reincarnation is not real, folks.
But we all know that we've been around before because we are a composite of everyone that came before us with a new spirit that God puts in to that machine that is a composite of the memories of the other souls that were on this plane that then composite into the body Earth suit.
So it's a communal interfacing with everyone before us, and our children going forward is a communal transmission forward, which is the ultimate form of time travel.
We are time travel.
We are laser light.
We are transcendent.
We are luminous.
We are unstoppable.
We are absolutely interfacing with God.
But Schumer?
And the Clintons and the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers are cut off from God.
They have decided to break the rules, to have temporal control of this planet at this time.
And everything they do, just as Satan did originally, is a repeat of trying to be God.
But they don't know how to be God because they're not God.
So instead, they wreck and disease and twist.
And everything they're able to build is simply a mutation of what God had already set up.
And so it always fails.
It always falls.
It doesn't work.
Two steps, three steps, four steps, five steps, ten steps out, it fails.
Because it is a mutation.
It is a spiritual cancer.
It is a failure.
It is nonsense.
It is a lie.
And that's why they teach us nonsense.
Mother and father can no longer be in bills.
Or boy or girl.
Man or woman.
It's hurtful.
Or niece or nephew.
And then you go to Nancy Pelosi's own Twitter and she says, proud grandmother and mother.
And you're like, why are they all on vacation?
Why do they get their hair done?
Why don't they wear masks?
Why don't they?
That doesn't make sense.
That's not logical because they're not logical.
Satanism isn't about self.
It's not about you doing what you want.
That's one level.
That's baby level.
It's about inversion.
It's about paradox.
It's about fraud.
It's about stomping on your soul forever.
It's about making the wrong choice.
So choose wisely.
I'll tell you what's happening in DC when we return.
And we are back.
I am your host, Alex Jones.
This is a spiritual battle.
This is a genetic spiritual takeover of being attempted a true genetic raping of the planet.
A woman gets raped.
It's traumatic.
It's terrible.
It's a bad thing.
And maybe she ends up having a child with the person that raped her.
Maybe she doesn't.
But this is the raping of your very genetic code and of your will.
So here's what I want to get into.
We're here in DC.
It's January 5th, the year 2021.
And tomorrow on the ellipse, I predict there will be over a million people conservatively.
I've been for two of these big marches in the last two months here in DC.
And before the first big one that was at least 500,000 people conservatively, There were not a lot of people on the streets until right at about 10, about an hour before it started, and then they just poured out everywhere.
Right now, there are more people already out there than when stuff got kicked off a few months ago.
On the November, I guess it was November 12th or the 14th of March.
I mean, I can hear the crowd out there right now.
This microphone's directional, so you can't hear it, but it is loud out there.
Owen Schroeder is down there shooting a report right now.
He's going to come in and Co-host Patrick Burns is going to be in studio here with us coming up at the bottom of the next hour.
Harrison Smith's doing a splendid job with the weekday morning show American Journal.
He'll be riding shotgun there in the studio some with us today.
We'll get some commentary from him coming up.
And then in about an hour, I'm going to leave and I'm going to go and Owen's going to host and give a speech at the Supreme Court.
Then I'm gonna come back to Freedom Plaza and give my big speech between 5 and 6 30 tonight in the same block with Roger Stone and others.
But again, all of that is important, but it is a side show.
Compared to the world government, UN directive takeover with COVID-19 that is genetically engineered, that they do own, so they control it, and they control the quote, cures for it, that they now admit aren't even cures, aren't even treatments, and don't even protect you.
We accurately nailed it 11 months ago with our analysis.
Now the Cycom is trying to rewrite history and say it didn't come out of Wuhan.
People go, well, if it's a bioweapon, why is it that deadly?
It's a scarlet letter.
It's a way to convict you.
It's a way to make you bad.
It's a way to make you dirty.
And then they can roll out new COVID franchises in the future, which I predicted 11 months ago, because I know the enemy's mind.
Well, now they've got big Hollywood movies coming out where, oh, COVID 2022 kills tens of millions, and it's martial law, and no one ever leaves their houses again, and it's the end of civilization.
This is an attempted extinction event.
Songbird, I'm going from memory.
But that's what's happening here.
And so, Klaus Schwab and all them admit this.
You say, why do they admit it?
Because they've got to, to their own forces, look confident.
The average person, high level at the UN, the average person in Congress, the average person knows this.
I've had conversations with these people.
They've tried to get me to join them.
They know who to spot and who to go after, but I never took the deals that Glenn Beck did.
And then even Glenn Beck couldn't go along with it and kind of fudged on his deals, so they went after him to his credit.
So, you know, Glenn's not all bad, he's just like everybody else trying to go along and get along.
I don't do that.
Because I understand the basic ethos of leadership is sticking to your guns when you know you're right, and understanding it's not about me at the end of the day.
I don't have a wish list to die, I don't have a death wish, but I actually don't care, actually.
In fact, if God chose to make me an exclamation point at the end of a sentence about the globalists and the New World Order, and chose to smash me flat in a pancake today, or to riddle me full of bullet holes, if that's what God wants, it happens.
If I'm the highlighter that's used to just mark a transmission to make sure people pay attention to it, then I ask God to use me.
Not because I want to die, but because I'm willing to die, and I'm ready to die, and I'm committed to die.
You understand that?
It's that freedom and in that moment that you are truly free, And you say, I've heard that before.
It's a universal truth.
Whether you see it in Viva Vendetta, whether you see it in real life, things that happen.
When she's ready to finally die, she says, give up your friends or I'm going to kill you out back at the work shed in 10 minutes.
She says, good, go ahead and pull the trigger.
I'm not going to turn my friends in.
I'm not going to work for you.
Blow my head off.
And he goes, now, Evie, you're free.
And you've got to stop caring what they say.
You've got to stop caring what they do.
You've got to stop letting them be above you.
You've got to say, there's only one thing above me and that's God.
And I'm connected to that and that's what I follow.
My instincts, my spirit, my common sense that God programmed into me with free will so I can choose it if I decide to follow it.
Because God wouldn't throw us into this with free will and not give us the real breadcrumbs.
Not give us the real guide rails.
And God says, please don't climb on those guy rails.
Please don't do this.
It's dangerous.
But we say, oh, we're going to do it.
We're going to splice humans with animals and insects.
Oh, we're going to be God and control the atmosphere.
Oh, we're going to track what everybody does in live time and tell you when you can go outside, when you can't, and make you wear a mask.
It's all a big lie.
Listen to that USA out there.
You hear this?
I almost want to stick the microphone out the window so people can hear.
They got a feed?
Oh, they're showing a feed?
Sounds crazy out there.
I love to hear the human roar, too.
It's like, ROAR!
It's very, very, a lot of people are scared of that sound.
It's very refreshing to me, because that's my people.
They're black.
They're white.
They're brown.
They're old.
They're young.
They're male.
They're female.
They're human.
They got red blood, baby.
I can feel their will.
I can feel the power of the people of America and the world rising.
Satan will fall because Satan already fell.
Satan's a loser.
When I was a young man and I saw my family proud of the cult of USA and proud of the cult of Texas, I thought these
are prideful people.
And America's not that good, and Texas is that good, because I inherently thought it was a form of arrogance.
It wasn't.
It was fought for, people died for it, and they'd been around the world, and they knew how bad other areas were, and they knew that America wasn't perfect, but was an idea and a dream of what you dream you can many times do, and that people were trying to take it away!
They weren't arrogantly celebrating the USA.
They weren't arrogantly celebrating Texas.
They were celebrating it because they knew it was an island of freedom compared to other places, and they valued it.
It wasn't pride.
It was love.
We don't see love for America and love for Texas.
We see hatred because it stands against their Satanism and it stands against their weakness and it stands against what they want to do, tearing us apart and putting us back together in disgusting shapes of their own choosing.
I will not serve under Satan!
I will not bow to Satan!
I will not be Satan's minion ever!
I declare war on Satan!
In the name of Jesus Christ.
Satan is a loser!
And anyone that follows Satan is a loser!
Remember that!
These pathetic exercises of power from the Governor of California looks like a demon lit up like a Christmas tree.
He's so satanic.
Look at Governor Whitmer, lit up like a fricking demon, man!
That's what people look like in ceremonies when they're killing kids, all lit up like... That look, man, that's a demon!
You look at Cuomo, lit up like a demon!
You look at the British Prime Minister, lit up like a demon!
Those people are lit up like demons!
Because they're demons!
You see that lit up look, that smile, that little face?
That ain't human, folks.
That's a devil.
That's a space invader.
They don't come out of the sky.
They come out of the ether.
And now all the mathematics proves that there are no atheists in Hollywood.
There are no agnostics.
There are no agnostics at DARPA.
There are no genetic engineers that don't believe.
They all believe now.
And they say advanced aliens made us, and all this... Advanced aliens, give me a break.
The thing that made us made it all.
The whole thing.
All of it!
I'm following that that made me, not these devil worshipers.
God gave me my beautiful wife and my children.
God gave me everything that's good.
God gave me a system that works.
God loves me.
God gave me free will so I could look at it and see it was good and accept it and celebrate it.
Not to Satanist.
All right, I'm gonna stop preaching.
When we come back, I'm gonna hit the big events, what we're facing, when actual emergency we're in, and so much more today.
It is January 5th, 2021.
Tomorrow's news today.
Alright, depending on the day in the United States, between 9,000 and 25,000 people die a day.
And they die of car wrecks, they die of cancers, they die of heart attacks, they die in skydiving accidents, they die slipping and falling in their pool, they die getting electrocuted, they die from gunshot wounds, they die being stabbed, They die from internal bleeding, on and on and on.
And anybody can check this.
What's crazy is math and science is actually there.
It's not perfect, but it's pretty damn accurate.
You can go to the World Economic Forum website and type in global deaths.
This is how COVID-19 compares to other diseases.
They've got that map we've showed many times.
And COVID-19 is a little bitty speck down here at the bottom.
You know, here's cancer, and here's heart attacks, and here's car wrecks, and here's, you know, plane crashes down here, and, you know, here's the flu, and oh, then there's COVID.
And again, I could cover a thousand subjects right now, but the CDC now has the numbers in for last year.
61,000 more people died.
And if you look at population increase, it should have been higher.
So it turns out, having everybody locked down, there was less car wrecks.
And stuff like that.
So if you take out the drug overdoses, you take out the suicide, way less people died in 2020.
So I guess locking people down, there is less death from just being out in the world, folks.
But I got an airplane to come here, even though that's dangerous, way more dangerous than COVID.
People all over the news go, look how crazy Jones is going back to April.
In April, they were trying to do lockdowns.
You were talking about him, I was out.
And then in May and in the summer, they're like, he's insane.
He's all gonna, Twitter leftists were like, oh, Jones will be dead in a month from COVID.
Thank God.
Trump went to all those rallies.
Oh, we can't wait till he gets COVID and dies.
And I've not been sick.
I haven't been sick in five years and I got a chest cold.
When I was in Grand Cayman in January, but down there with my children.
Lasted about two days.
I kept working.
Had a little bit of a fever.
I was like, well, I got a 100 degree fever.
I got at least a point of temperature.
And like chicken little, I'm supposed to just run in my house and never come out again.
Doesn't matter.
The whole world starves to death.
Doesn't matter if everything breaks down.
It's okay.
Because Amazon's got a drone going to deliver me something.
It's okay if Apple runs death camps in China, because everybody knows Tim Cook wears a little black turtleneck and is gay.
I mean, he's gay.
It's alright, right?
And that's what the left wraps itself in.
That's what the big corporations that are so ruthless, they wrap themselves in all this SJW-ism.
And it means nothing.
Oh, I'm running death camps with millions in them.
We're selling their organs.
But it's alright, because I gave $100 million to Black Lives Matter, which is just the Democratic Party.
They laundered the money into that.
Oh, Tim Cook gave $100 million.
Oh, from, I mean, that's like giving a penny.
Oh, here's a penny of our trillion dollar company.
But that's who they are, folks.
Oh, I get out of jail.
I got death camps.
I'm spying on you.
I like black people.
I'm a weird old white gay person, but it's okay.
And again, and that he sits in judgment.
We've banned Alex Jones because he's a reprehensible person.
I'm not going to say what he's done that's bad.
I'm just going to say that we curated him.
He's not in the museum now.
That's right, we're all a museum piece.
We'll let your civilization last.
We'll let you live if you groveled us, if you behaved properly to us.
And you may stay in the museum that is planet Earth.
But if not, you're going to have to die.
You're going to be non-essential.
So, I'm here in D.C.
There's howling crowds of people out there.
Huge things are happening.
I'm gonna cover it all.
But at the end of the day, we're in a planetary world government shutdown, lockdown takeover, and that's really all that matters.
So I'm gonna be a good boy.
I promise you, I'm gonna cover Enrique Tarrio's set-up arrest yesterday.
Proud boys.
I'm going to cover General Flynn.
I'm gonna cover the latest and the big enchilada.
We're going to have live coverage tonight and live coverage tomorrow late into the evening with our wonderful crew.
Commercial free after 6 p.m.
on TheInfoWars.com and NewsWars.com and VanDockVideoFeeds and for TV and radio stations.
If you want live coverage of the Senate debate starting at 1 p.m.
Eastern tomorrow, I'm going to be at the big Ellipse event by the White House.
I'm a speaker.
I'm going to lead the march to the Capitol.
I'm going to leave it at that.
That's the wishes of the big guy.
Notice the media is so scared of this, they're not reporting on any of it.
What a big story, Alex Jones leading the march and all this.
Zero, total radio silence, but every agency, every enemy operation, every Chi-Com trader, they're all tuned in right now because they know that we are here.
To show that backdrop of Joe Biden can't get 100 people at his events, here's 2 million, here's 3 million.
And it's critical that everyone who's here videotape it, shoot footage of it, and upload it.
Whether it's a new Twitter account, or an old Facebook, it doesn't matter, or a MySpace you've still got.
Or your email list, or your text message list.
Aggressively send it out to everyone you know, say, here's the forbidden information.
America is fighting back at the resistance dot video.
That's the new URL.
You have a new one every month because Facebook and Twitter then restrict them like ban dot video or 79 days of hell.
Remember 79 days dot news.
We told you this would happen for 79 days.
Now we're down to like 15 days.
Tomorrow's news today, the new one is theresistance.video.
They haven't gotten around to banning that yet.
You're keeping the Americans from communicating with each other, those dirty, pesky Americans.
And so fight like your life depends on it in the information war.
Or you'll never fight when a physical war kicks up.
But we're here, and Ted Cruz is right.
This country's in an emergency.
That talking point of no evidence of any election fraud.
And then all this fraud comes out in Michigan and Pennsylvania and, you know, it comes out in California.
All the states that are already blue are like, well, they already run that.
I mean, let them get totally caught red-handed in California and other places.
And you've got Trump winning by this giant landslide in those states until they stop everything.
They shouldn't have had the votes brought in.
They shouldn't have allowed the mail-in voting.
The legislatures didn't pass laws allowing that.
This is a globalist Democrat stampeding of the law.
And so we're not giving in to it.
We're not backing down.
But it's bigger than Donald Trump.
It's bigger than America.
This is about global government taking over the planet.
Corporate global government successfully implementing and forcing its will.
on the people. And so Josh Hawley got a good feeling about the guy. And boom, he's up there
putting it all on the line. Ted Cruz doing a great job. You see Tom Cotton playing the part
of the egghead going, "Oh, you know, you're not supposed to do this. It's up to the states."
The states have the power to secede if things get out of control.
It's a nuclear option.
It's federalism.
Doesn't mean the feds run it.
Federalist system, Cotton.
Don't talk to us like we're dumb.
The states have a nuclear option.
It's a secession.
It's in the Constitution.
They should be able to do it.
In DC, it's a political question of the senators.
It's a political question of the Senators.
If they're willing to stick their neck out and overturn an election because they know the evidence is there, they can do the nuclear option.
Just like impeachment is.
Up to Senators.
Because until 1913, when they passed the 17th Amendment, and the 16th Amendment for the IRS on the same night,
senators were elected by state legislatures.
The states had half the power in Congress. They would elect, your state reps had real power then,
the senator. And so if the states wanted to exercise their will as state legislatures and
say, we don't buy this, their US senator, their state senator nationally would execute the will.
So Cotton thinks you're dumb just because he's like, oh, that fire axe over there,
It's not there for any reason.
It says in case of fire, there's fire shooting out, communist Chinese takeover, new world order, global government, total censorship, a fake giant pandemic to keep us locked down.
Joe Biden says he'll never end the lockdown.
It'll kill millions from suicide and all the rest of it.
And he's just sitting there looking at you going, I'm Tom Cotton.
I'm an egghead.
I agree with all these guys.
We're not supposed to do that.
Well, why the hell you got that power, boy?
Shut your mouth.
We got the power under the Declaration of Independence to overthrow this whole thing if we want to.
And that's where you're going, buddy boy.
Because that Declaration of Independence didn't give me that power.
It simply wrote it down, his name's Thomas Jefferson, in a beautiful way so everybody can understand the inalienable, the unalienable.
The rights that are in our heart, in our guts, in our veins, ladies and gentlemen.
And that's what this is.
And so, you want to know who the future leadership of America is when we defeat the shotgun takeover?
It's the men and the women that sign on to this right now and say no to this New World Order fraud 110% and that creature Joe Biden.
We'll be right back.
Tomorrow's news today.
All right, folks, we are back.
It's the Alex Jones Show.
Patrick Byrne is going to be in studio with us.
I'll segue with him, then Owen Stroyer is going to take over.
He'll continue on.
I'm going to go speak at the Supreme Court.
I want to talk about the emergency America is in and the crossroads that we've approached and what we're now going to do here in the crossroads, in the crucible, in the heart of the moment.
I'm going to break all of that down.
But again, as I've said, we've only begun to fight.
We don't have a choice.
Acquiescence creates slaves.
Standing up and building better systems and leading by example.
Listen to that crowd out there, incredible.
That is the answer to tyranny.
The answer in 1984 is 1776.
It doesn't just mean fighting the globalists and opposing them and blocking them.
It also means building our own systems.
That's why the Bible says, get behind me, Satan, as Christ said to the devil.
Christ is moving forward.
Get behind me.
Get out of my way.
I'm leaving your system.
Get behind me.
So here's that report.
We'll come back and I'll lay everything out on the other side.
We ask it in the name of the monotheistic God, Brahma, and God known by many names, by many different faiths.
Amen, and a woman.
We're literally at the end of the country.
I mean, I don't have words, I can't hype it up big enough.
And it's not like the country's being taken over by the Romans, and we're the British, and they've got more advanced technology, so okay, we're gonna have, you know, Massages now.
This is pedophile devil worshippers are taking over.
I believe we should surround the White House peacefully.
That's why they have Black Lives Matter there and Antifa to surround it.
So we can't be there.
We're gonna be there.
The Boston Tea Party.
They dressed up as Native Americans.
And in a way, it's almost like we kind of have to reenact that by, because they won't let us anywhere, but, oh, we'll be Black Lives Matter.
Oh, we have a Black Lives Matter flag and shirt, and then they'll just, oh, oh, okay, here, walk around the White House.
Here, walk into the park.
I'm not even kidding.
I mean, that's almost like... The police will bat us.
Yeah, because, I mean, you show up...
With a Trump flag, or an American flag, and you're a patriot, oh, you'll get shut down, you'll get arrested, you're not allowed to mobilize.
But, oh, if your black lives matter, you can own the streets, you can burn buildings, burn churches, go around the White House.
So Soros groups are allowed to go into state buildings, Soros groups are allowed to shut down autonomous zones, Soros groups are allowed to riot, but you, an American patriot, have no rights.
So just pretend you're a Soros organizer, an activist, and then the whole world opens up for you.
And then once you get to the point you need to be at, that's when you take out the Trump flag, that's when you put on the Trump hat, that's when you, oh, and then see, oh, then the police will probably move in on you, but it'll be too late then.
After calls from some pro-Trump supporters to bring guns and weapons to D.C.
for this week's rallies, these signs are being put up by D.C.
police prohibiting firearms in the area where pro-Trump rallies are set this week.
We're very concerned.
Last time they were in town, they assaulted innocent bystanders.
They targeted black churches for violence.
They desecrated their Black Lives Matter signs, setting them on fire.
This is targeted terror.
It's white supremacist terror.
And knowing this, Donald Trump has repeatedly Cheered for and rallied and called on people to flood the streets.
The leader of the group Proud Boys says they will turn out in record numbers on the 6th, but they will not be wearing its traditional yellow and black.
Instead, the leader says they will be incognito and spread across downtown DC in smaller teams.
I've spent the last 10 years in the music industry traveling around Central, South and North America and I've always told the truth about what was going on, but I was on the fence about it in the sense that I didn't tell it right to their face.
You know, I kind of said what it had to say to get by in that industry.
Well, the time for that is over.
And everybody, everybody in my generation, everybody in the generation before me, we all need to stand up now.
I know all the lawyers.
I know Trump.
I talked to him.
He is surrounded.
That's not a negative thing.
He needs us.
You understand that?
Yes, he has the ideas.
Yes, he wanted a landslide.
Yes, he's a great guy.
He is surrounded by scum and cowards.
That's what I'm telling you.
He is surrounded by lawyers that are the filth of the planet that would sell their mother out for a stick of bubblegum.
And so he needs everybody to go to D.C.
We need just people to start going to D.C.
Don't wait.
Go to D.C.
Go to the White House.
Just go to the White House!
Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!
Alright folks, and we are here in D.C.
History's happening now.
I salute you all.
Back in 60 seconds with key intel.
will be announced on Wednesday as you know.
And I want to thank Senator Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz and all the other senators.
All of the incredible senators that have stepped up to fight because they've seen what happens.
They know it's a fraud.
And not just here.
You know, I watched some of the people on Fox.
I had no choice.
I had no choice.
I had to.
I didn't have enough channels.
And they said, why is he fighting for Georgia?
It's not enough.
No, I need three.
I'm fighting in eight, actually, but six.
And we're going to win them all.
But they said, They said, why?
One of the people, a very fine woman actually, but she said, why is he fighting Georgia?
It doesn't get him there.
I said, no, but Georgia and Pennsylvania.
And one other, get me there.
And we have six and maybe eight, if you look at them.
And we were leading all of them by a lot until, like a miracle, it started to quickly disappear.
Right here in Georgia, there were tens of thousands of illegal votes cast and counted.
You know that.
And here are just a few examples.
Watch this for tomorrow.
We were up 10,315 ballots were cast by individuals whose name and date of birth matches a Georgia resident who died in 2020 prior to the election.
And your wacky Secretary of State said two people, two people.
Now, I don't know how many people are on that list, but it's a lot of people.
2,506 ballots were cast by individuals whose name and date of birth matches an incarcerated felon in a Georgia prison.
Maybe they aren't all there, but they did a lot of work.
I paid a lot of money to a lot of people, I can tell you that.
4,502 illegal ballots were cast by individuals who do not appear on the state's voter rolls.
Wow, that's sort of strange.
18,325 illegal ballots were cast by individuals who registered to vote using an address listed as vacant, according to the Postal Service.
At least 86,880 ballots were cast By people whose registrations were illegally backdated.
Oh, I can't believe that happened.
66,000 votes.
You have to understand we're down by a little more than 11,000.
So every one of these is determinative.
66,000 votes in Georgia were cast by people under the legal voting age.
At least 15,000 ballots were cast by individuals who moved out of the state prior to the November 3rd election.
And maybe they moved back in.
I don't know.
I mean, I can't tell.
They moved out.
Let's go back.
Usually takes a little time, right?
You know, we moved out.
Let's go back, darling.
Georgia's absencee ballot rejection rate went from an average of 3% in 2016 and then went
down very low to almost zero.
Now, think of it, almost zero.
If you multiply that out, and this is with many, many more ballots for again, went to almost zero.
48 out of 159 counties in Georgia rejected.
No ballots at all.
These absentee ballot rejection rates prove that the tens of thousands of illegitimate ballots were counted.
There were more absentee ballots in 2020 than ever before by far, but magically far fewer ballots were rejected.
This alone is more than enough to swing the election to us.
This one thing.
I'm going over individual in all of the swing states.
Now, they'll check this out, and that's fine.
But you take a look at it.
Officials egregiously violated state laws in order to solicit, facilitate and promote cheating and theft on a scale never seen before.
These crooked and incompetent officials suspended signature verification.
I said, I want you to go to Fulton County to check the signatures because.
This is an emergency transmission from deep in the heart of Texas, the U.S.
resistance against a global corporate combine, empowered and funded by Communist China, allied with the big megabanks that set up Communist China in 1949.
The Communist Chinese have taken control of U.S.
telecommunications infrastructure.
The Communist Chinese have taken control of Hollywood.
The Communist Chinese have taken control of the main universities.
This is all confirmed.
This is not a drill.
Big Tech in Silicon Valley is almost completely run by the Communist Chinese government.
They've officially become state-run.
Apple 100%.
Google is now making the transition and announcing a merger and total worldwide censorship.
They are now beta testing using me as the straw man, a demonized version of Alex Jones, to do that.
This is happening.
This is not like the other probes before that were meant to get you used to probes and censorship, thinking you would adapt to censorship by just putting up with it.
Now this attack is thousands and thousands and thousands of times the magnitude of all previous attacks.
This is a titrated dose, reverse psychological warfare operation using adapt and overcome, subversion, paradigm manipulation.
In layman's terms, they are manipulating the fact that we adapt to being oppressed.
We adapt to being pressed with the low dosages of oppression.
Now when the megaton hits us of the total takeover, we try to adapt to the poison infusion instead of not knowing.
It's a lethal dose if we accept the dose.
Total Internet of Things integration global social score complete command and control system.
It is the virtual reality AI weapon system now attacking the United States with traitors inside the major security agencies, blocking Trump's resistance of the program and attempting to stop us from removing the tentacles of the Chai Com slash Big Tech banking combine emergency situation.
I have been chosen for destruction because I brought you this information and have been battering, ramming it out as much as I can.
They want to double use me as they always do in any complex system of mathematical deception, where every angle of my good is turned against us.
So they take what I've said, being sincere, build me into an insincere person in the straw man.
I'm a person that cares about life and children, and is against these wars, and so they make me a murderer of children.
And then they built me into this lie to then set the distraction while they're actually censoring all of you to make a debate about Alex Jones.
So even if I didn't sell out to them, they've now used me as an archetype to serve them by being the main distraction.
I have now been captured by the enemy in the information warfare fulcrum and it's being used against you.
Only your full understanding of this key will break you free from this paradigm.
I have given you the transmission!
Now break free!
I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.
Thomas Jefferson If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, earlier we were doing some technical stuff, getting Patrick Byrne here in studio with us, former CEO of Overstock and really one of the most articulate folks.
I already knew who he was before the whole election scandal, but I've been really following his work and he happens to be here in D.C.
You know, staying very nearby, fighting with the President very, very closely.
I'm gonna go give a speech at the Supreme Court before I come back to Freedom Plaza.
Give a speech.
I think you're giving a speech later as well.
He's about to take over with Owen Schroer.
A little bit of a train wreck earlier with some technical stuff.
Not the network's fault.
All my fault.
Sorry to the stations.
But at least we had a good clip of Trump and that phone call, they say, so dirty and evil to the Georgia Secretary of State.
I thought it was awesome.
Patrick, give us a synopsis in this nine-minute segment of what's currently happening, what's about to happen in the Senate.
Your inside scoop, inside track on what we're expected to see tomorrow at this epic moment.
The energy is just off the chart.
I've had two cups of coffee.
I feel like I'm mainlining methamphetamine.
I'm so excited.
Couldn't tell.
Couldn't tell.
Well, I have good news.
I have good news.
I think we're going to pull this out.
I think we're going to win.
There's so much evidence that's developed and really come together.
Even over this weekend, there's so much evidence.
And I know this is now being studied closely by senators, by numerous senators, congressmen.
And over at the White House, there's more briefings going on.
So we've kind of broken through that last barrier.
They understand that this was totally rigged.
It's not an opinion.
They understand all the many different levels.
My fear at this point, so I think that Pence is going to do the right thing and say, but my only fear at this point is, we're only going to lose this if we get violent.
If we bring violence, we're going to lose middle America.
We have to be better, a couple steps better than the other guys.
So let's talk about what they might do.
They could do false flags in Lamos, too.
Yes, and agent provocateur, they call it, where they put someone who looks like us in the crowd and they pick fights and such.
We can't let that happen.
If we stay civil and maintain the moral high ground, we're going to win this.
I totally agree with you.
The only card they've got is violence.
That's why they're like, oh, the National Guard's out.
It's the left that burns down police stations, the modern left that shoots people in the head.
We're like the old-fashioned liberals.
We're non-violent.
And people forget, you know, where a lot of this started was there was this hardcore socialist in Italy 110 years ago, ran the socialist paper Antifa.
He developed a lot of these tactics.
Benito Mussolini.
Benito Mussolini.
Mussolini was a socialist.
He came out of the left.
Brown shirts, black, all that stuff is a leftist phenomenon.
The Nazis were the National Socialists.
Yeah, there were two kinds of Socialists.
International Socialists and National Socialists.
And Benito and Hitler were the National Socialists.
These are phenomenon of the left and what they do is they rig elections, they take over, they use political violence to intimidate people.
Did I hear that Senator Thune this morning, his family here in town got attacked.
He was out of town, his pregnant wife...
Oh, Josh Hawley?
Yep, that's who.
Oh, by the way, the media is like he claims.
It's on local DC News.
In fact, later with Owen, play that clip, I sent it to them.
National News, like he claims.
They shot, Antifa shot footage themselves, threatening and banging on his door with his wife and the newborns in there.
Any congressperson or senator.
And they threatened another senator too, you're right, Jim.
Who has any integrity has to understand the line that they are crossing and should, there is no way to be intellectually honest and be on that side anymore.
You have to be on the side of law and order if you're a senator or congressman.
What are you doing here in Washington being a lawmaker?
By the way, I don't think you're putting pie in the sky there.
Patrick Burns here with us, one of the main lead volunteer investigators, doing a great
job exposing this.
The evidence is mountainous, it's voluminous, it's ridiculous.
Not just the whole thing in Georgia with everybody's out, pull out the boxes, keep running them,
and it's a water main.
It's all of it.
It's ridiculous.
And then they keep trying.
First, it's like there's no fraud anywhere.
Well, now there's no widespread fraud.
And I look at the body language of Biden and the left.
They know they stole it.
They know we're awake.
They know we're not going to just bow down.
I think they realize they screwed the pooch here.
I think so.
I think they've worked themselves out on a limb.
I think that we have to, there is no way we can accept a patently rigged election.
The most fundamental concept of our liberal tradition is consent of the governed as determined by elections that are free, fair, and transparent.
Dave, we've surrendered, as I know that you've covered for years, all kinds of different rights we've seen erode over the last couple decades.
Free speech, freedom of religion and such.
But now, this most fundamental right, if we let them erode it, our right to free and fair, transparent elections, we're done-ski.
So we cannot bend a knee, but we're not going to be... We cannot allow our journey to slavery to be complete.
If that happens, we never come back.
On the other hand, if we get through this, we've exposed them and can finally really fix our republic.
But we're going to win this.
And there's a couple of different ways we can win.
Can I tell you what I think Mr. Trump, President Trump should do?
You got the floor, brother.
That's what we called you.
President Trump has all the right under various executive orders and laws that have been on
the books for years, including some signed by Obama, and one that he wrote two years
ago, foreign interference in domestic election, executive order, is every right to say, you
know, we don't have to seize, we don't have to go to martial law or insurrection act or
I want to take the National Guard and get them out there and we're going to recount the ballots.
We can be done by next Friday.
And next Friday, January 16th, the National Guard, we could recount ballots under live stream in every precinct.
Men and women in uniform, and that's how we get trust.
And it would be so cathartic as the massive fraud, because they've done spot checks, for those that don't know, in Arizona, in Georgia, and it's like total fraud against Trump.
Yeah, there's hundreds of thousands of missing votes.
Yeah, I think that we would find is... Well, who knows?
Let's do it!
It's a good exercise, because if you don't have poll watchers, which they kicked out in those key states, the UN and the State Department says it's not a real election, they say redo it under international law.
So we should redo it under that?
What I really think is, what I'd love to see, is if Trump, if President Trump really has, I mean it's a big deal, but if he said, you know what, I'm going to, under the authorities granting me these things, I'm going to suspend the elections that just happened.
We're going to rerun it in 45 days.
By February 2nd, 22nd, the National Guard can rerun the national election.
If that's too much of an injury to the Constitution, Let's just do this thing with a recount.
But it's not an injury because you've got three co-equal branches in an emergency.
If a branch has the political will to do the right thing, if the public judges that correct, then it's left alone.
This is a Chi-Com globalist takeover of fraud.
So it must, we could have a new Declaration of Independence.
That's legitimate.
So I think that he should use the National Guard and he could actually do this.
The only constitutionally determined date is the January 20 date.
He could actually use them to recount the ballots and be done by Friday and we could still have our new president sworn in on January 20.
I actually wish we went all the way and had them run a new national election in 45 days.
That's what I want.
I think Ted Cruz with his 10-day commission is angling to say we have five major problems, we recommend in 60 days a new election in these five states.
Then what happens during that limbo?
I think you have the re-election nationally.
Do the whole thing.
Or you can either use the National Guard to do the whole thing nationally, or just in the five or six states, or the most milquetoast but acceptable version is just recount the ballots nationally.
Not just the places Trump won or lost, but nationally.
Do you agree the body language of the Democrats, they look scared?
Oh yeah, they know what they did.
They crammed down a ridiculously contrived, rigged election, got their buddies... And they have a zombie cryptkeeper as their leader.
Yeah, and they have the media just beating them down on normalization, trying to make any American who doubts this...
Feel like a kook.
Actually, it's time we tell them they're the kooks.
Alex can be a little worked up, but he's not the kook on this point anyway.
Alex is the guy who's seen reality, and it's the mainstream media who are the kooks.
Well, I do get wound up.
I mean, I'm also empathic.
I don't get into mumbo-jumbo, but I do pick up on energy.
I get a rock concert.
I get excited.
The football game, I get excited.
It's the energy.
Man, I'm like, there's like a flamethrower of energy in this town.
You know how they want to tell the world that we're the kooks?
They're the kooks.
Exactly, but do you feel the energy?
Oh yeah, I do.
And it's a positive energy.
It is very positive.
It's not like when it's the other side doing their threatening thing.
This is a positive celebratory energy.
I agree.
All right, Patrick Byrne, Overstock CEO, former Overstock CEO and a great patriot, is going to take over with Owen Schroyer.
Ladies and gentlemen, we're back here on the Alex Jones Show.
We are in Washington, D.C., where literally we're just right above Freedom Plaza, and it's like every 30 seconds, a minute, we just hear a roar of a crowd.
We hear the chants of USA, and it We were talking last segment, Patrick Byrne with us.
Alex was discussing the energy.
I definitely am feeling that same energy.
I was feeling it even last night and then earlier this morning we were out on the streets at Freedom Plaza and it was already packed.
But I want to get back into the issue at hand here.
And you know, Patrick, it's almost, it's almost kind of like almost a fool's errand to be sitting here discussing stopping of the steal.
I mean, this is like, I mean, again, it's the same analogy I use, but I mean, it's like literally catching your wife in bed with your neighbor in the sheets naked, and then she gets out, oh, I wasn't fooling around!
I would never cheat on you!
And she says, no, that's been debunked.
Yeah, oh, that's been discredited.
It was just, and then it's like, oh, but it was just a little cheating.
Oh, it was just a little cheating.
It wasn't anything serious.
You only put it in a little bit.
But that's what the gaslighting is right now.
It's like all the evidence.
I mean, I try to recall.
In fact, right now, the president has just tweeted out.
So actually, this is probably a good thing for you to comment on perhaps right now.
I know you're just getting this intel.
The president has just tweeted out that the voting machines, the Dominion voting machines in Georgia, specifically Republican districts that lean about 60-70% Republican votes, haven't been working for hours.
So the Dominion voting machines that are made in China, we've now seen the manufactured boxes with the label made in China.
Now in Georgia, it appears right now as we speak, they are rigging the Dominion voting machines, so that means probably Republicans are out to a big lead.
Yeah, I think that it's anyone who can't see through what's going on now.
All these little quirks and accidents and the water main breaks and such, they've all been to disadvantage the Republican.
I will remind you in full disclosure, I'm a small L libertarian.
I did not vote for President Trump, but he wins.
And anyway, so I certainly support free and fair and transparent elections, and we have not had that.
We cannot, under any circumstances, bend a knee to it.
You know, we've had this debate for decades.
Is American exceptionalism a real thing, or is that just something old fogies believe in?
I think we're going to find out, because this is the kind of thing that has gone on in Venezuela and lots of other places on earth, and people get confused.
It's not like they believe it, but they don't.
They bow down for it.
They can't figure out a way to stop it.
My contention is America is the exceptional country and what that means is we're not going to bend the knee for this under any circumstances.
If by chance a fake president like an imposter in a rigged election got sworn in, it would be time to go to civil disobedience.
Not violent.
Nothing violent.
But I don't think that's going to happen.
I think that either Pence is going to stand up and do the right thing tomorrow and say, this is an egg that cannot be unscrambled, or the president, under his authority, under laws that have been on the books for years, he can sign something that says, look, there's clearly been Foreign intervention, foreign interference in this election, we're going to do a do-over.
And the do-over could be, and we're going to use the National Guard, and I'm against involving the military in general, but the military has such a pristine reputation among the public, and we need trust.
So let's take the most trusted organization in America, let's take the National Guard, which are our friends from our community, and have them, at the very least, spend 10 days and recount the ballots nationally.
I think that the president ought to consider actually calling for the National Guard to rerun the entire national election in 45 days.
But at a minimum, have them recount the ballots in 10 days.
They could be done next Friday, the 16th.
Would not even insult the Constitution, because the Constitution demands that the new president be sworn in on the 20th.
So we could actually have the National Guard come in and do that and eliminate all questions.
And if they don't do that, No matter who gets sworn in, there's going to be a civil war.
And the truth is, China would like nothing more than for us to end up shooting at each other.
And because if we do, if we don't get through this, we become a vassal state to China.
So I want to get through this without a civil war and without becoming a vassal state to China.
And the way to do that Is the president to use his authority, which Obama signed off on some of it, and I mean it's that he can actually suspend what just happened and either and have the National Guard either do at least a national recount and maybe a new national election.
Yeah, and if we did get to that point, it would be even tougher for us to kind of decide our own fate, because then China, who controls the media, much of our politicians, our big corporations, would be able to steer the fate out of the Civil War.
But you talk about taking the knee, politically speaking, or maybe even the punt would be a better analogy, because it's like, if you're on third and long in a football game, to use a sports analogy, or fourth and long, and you throw a deep pass, And the wide receiver is right under it, gonna catch it, and then the defender comes and tackles him.
Well, that's a penalty.
The ref throws a flag.
Well, that'd be like the coach saying, uh, you know what?
We'll decline that.
We'll try next time.
Yeah, we'll try to get him next time.
I was watching Fox News this morning.
They had Sean Duffy, former congressman from Wisconsin.
They had Raffensperger.
I always forget the guy's name from Georgia.
And he says, this other guest says, well, you know, there was definitely some shenanigans.
They didn't follow the law.
And there was the chain of custody issues and all this.
But you know what?
We just have to accept these results and we'll get it right next time.
There is no next time.
People are deluded.
I lived in communist China 37 years ago when it first opened up to foreign students.
And I love the Chinese.
I admire China.
It's where I spent so much of my life studying it.
But I don't want... We're nuts if we don't understand that this is a Chai Com takeover and we have to stop it.
I do want to say the only way I think we lose now, so I think Pence is going to do the right thing, which is to say obviously we can't, this is an egg that can't be unscrambled, obviously can't verify it, can't certify it.
The only, and if he doesn't do that, the President signs his executive order.
The only way we lose is if our side gets violent.
If we have some people start popping off, I hear people are coming to town with guns and such.
We don't want any of that.
That's how we lose.
People were talking to me about charging the Congress.
No, absolutely not.
We are better.
We're the guys who are several steps better than the other side.
We don't get violent.
And that's how we keep America on our side.
America's on our side now.
If we start acting like the goons on the left act, we lose that.
And I think that the narrative you just mentioned, they're already trying to pan out.
We heard about the leader of Proud Boys being arrested.
It turns out that details are still coming in, but he may have had some magazines on
him that weren't actual magazines.
There was no spring that you couldn't even load them.
It was just a gift that somebody made that had a Proud Boys logo on him that he just
had on him as like a decoration.
So but they're using that in the media.
Oh, Proud Boys coming in with guns.
No, nobody's been arrested with guns.
I haven't seen a gun out here.
I was just outside.
But you're 100% right.
They want that narrative, and then they have the backdrop of, oh, the businesses are boarded up, Washington D.C.
expecting violence and criminal behavior.
But when it's actually the left, I mean, look back to 2016.
It's like they expect us not to have a memory.
They came into D.C.
during the inauguration.
They burned cars.
They smashed windows.
They attacked people.
They do it every time we show up here.
But then they say, uh-oh, Trump supporters are going to cause violence again, when it's never us.
Meanwhile, remember that famous photo of the moment in CNN where the logo is saying, mostly peaceful protest?
buildings. You know, literally burning behind him like fireworks going off.
Listen, we had a senator threatened this morning and his wife, pregnant wife
threatened and the family threatened. It doesn't matter which side of the line
you're on. You have to understand that as the threat that the corrosive
threat that represents to our Republic to have that kind of stuff going on. So
the people who do that are the bad guys and we're and I would think any
congressman or senator, you know, with any intellectual integrity that tells them
all they need to know. That should tell them all they need to know about which
side they should stand with.
Well, and it just shows how controlled the opposition left is.
I've interviewed these people, they can't even talk to me anymore, but I interviewed them for years, and I mean, I ask them basic questions.
They literally cannot answer a question.
They don't know what they're doing out there.
It's kind of sad, actually, to witness it.
But they go to Howley's house and they say, oh, we're here because he's attacking the integrity of our election.
Clearly, that's just a talking point they got in an email or a push notification or something, and then they were told someone gave them the address to go there.
And it's the complete reversal.
They're the ones that stole the election.
They're the ones that broke the law.
They're the ones we literally see them stuffing the ballots, pulling ballots out in briefcases.
I mean, it's a parallel Twilight Zone universe they want us to live in and I just, I mean, we're not going to accept it.
Bizarro world.
Do you know what gaslighting is?
Explain to your crew what gaslighting is.
It's when you are telling someone a lie just to get them to think they're crazy so that then they doubt anything.
It's like they don't have like, oh well nothing's real now, which is kind of like we've all been in that.
I mean that's what this is.
It's like they lie about so much, we really do question everything.
It's weapon number one for narcissists.
You know, hey, honey, you thought you caught me in bed?
You know, with someone else?
No, no.
What about that time?
They're always turning things around and making you question your own sanity.
This is all a big sy-op.
That's what they're trying to do to you.
You are seeing reality as it is.
The COVID thing has had a hyper-aggressive response to it.
The Antifa thing.
And now we have a fake election, and they're just trying to normalize all this.
That's what it is.
You're correct in saying that they're the kooks.
They're faking it till they make it.
We'll be right back.
We're back here live.
It's the Alex Jones Show.
Patrick Byrne has been nice enough to spend an hour with us here.
And, you know, Patrick, your motivation in this is a pure motive.
I don't believe you.
I'm pretty sure you didn't vote for Trump.
I know you're a libertarian.
So you're in this.
I mean, we're all in it for the right reason.
But the point is, It's not about Trump.
It's about Trump won the election.
But it's about that we've had our election stolen from us from Americans.
And so it's really just sad that all Americans are behind this.
Correct on all that.
Although I was never a never Trumper.
I was fine when he got elected, just like when Obama, just Clinton.
I mean, I was never a never Trumper.
And the day he was elected, my attitude was he was a president.
That had nothing to do, yeah, has nothing Nothing to do with why I'm doing what I'm doing.
It has to do with the Constitution is the last deal we all made and if we let it go down in a fake election then we'll never recover.
And just to get to know Patrick Byrne a little bit more, a Grateful Dead fan, and so you had a video of Jerry Garcia back in the day that you wanted to go to here?
I do.
I'll just introduce Garcia when he was near his death.
He did an interview where he talked about the days of protesting in Haight-Ashbury and the cops and the National Guard, but where the real problem was.
So go ahead and play this.
It's under two minutes.
Go ahead and play.
Let's listen to this.
Some wisdom.
Official pressure had to do with it turning into weirdness.
That is in terms of, you know, the cops coming in and popping everybody.
Do you remember with the sweeps up and down the street?
Well, that was one level of it, but I think another level of it, too, was that there were people who wanted to see that kind of confrontation and were anxious and happy, really, to get that kind of forum, you know, to work in.
The, you know, street theater, so to speak, means and meant having to, or having a big crowd to be able to intimidate in one way or another.
Either for whoever was playing the game, for the cops on their half of it, for the people on the street who were into organizing.
You know, there was always the first guy who threw the bottle.
You know, there was always that guy who just decided, let's convert the potential of this crowd to violence right now.
Let's not wait.
You know, and that would be the guy.
And as far as I was concerned, that one guy, whoever he was, whoever he was in any of those situations, was the main asshole, you know, regardless of who else was playing in the game, whether it was the cops or the National Guard or any of that.
But whoever was dumb enough to provoke such an obviously, you know, violent Yeah, by the way, we can't say a-hole, so they may have to dump that.
It's just this FCC, they like to come after us, you know how it is.
That's what I wanted to do.
It was exciting.
For a while, I mean, that time the National Guard...
The cops or something, that's the main asshole on the scene.
Yeah, by the way, we can't say a-hole.
So they may have to dump that.
It's just this FCC, they like to come after us, you know how it is.
But anyway, but yeah, so talk about, again, what he said and what that means.
What he said is that when he was at protests, and yeah, there's cops and sometimes the National
Guard and how crazy that all is.
But in that situation, he always looks for the guy in the crowd who's probably being
driven, you know, they like the theater of it and they want the confrontation and some
guy in the crowd throwing the bottle.
That's the main a-hole on the scene.
It isn't the cops, it's the guy who brings it, who takes all this energy and says, let's make it go violent.
Well, and it's such a classical paradigm, and honestly, it was kind of my biggest fear coming into D.C., where we have all of these people out here, and all it takes is one.
All it takes is one person to throw a punch, one person to throw a bottle, one person to throw, you know, whatever the case may be, and then everybody's kind of on edge looking around, now the cops are on edge, now you've got tension, and nobody really knows who it is.
And this individual could either be neutral, just wanted to start something, not even politically motivated, Or you could even have somebody come in like a, you know, like a black hat actor type thing to just come in and try to pop stuff off and then say, oh, you know, he did it.
And then, you know, that's what happens.
The French even have a term for it, agent provocateur, a provoking agent.
You put some, the Antifa might put somebody in our crowd dressed in a MAGA hat looking like you know, one of us and get that person to try to attack
the police and such, try to get us to attack.
So we don't do that.
We're better than the other guys.
And that's, by the way, it's also good politics.
America is behind us.
It's behind us.
The only way we lose America, the only way we lose this battle, I think, is if we're
the guys who start getting violent or somebody pops off and shoot somebody or does something
That's for the goons to do.
We can defend ourselves, but we don't bring political intimidation.
Let them bring it.
They're intimidating the pregnant wife of the senator today.
Every senator should, you know, who's a colleague of that senator, Democrat or Republican, that should be the magic bullet that wakes them up to what side they're on.
And this has been going on for a while.
Remember Rand Paul has had people show up at his house.
His neighbor assaulted him.
You had the Bernie Sanders voter show up at the Republican baseball practice and try to murder people.
They got that tip from the New York Times.
You've had Ted Cruz get harassed at restaurants.
So they've been doing this for a while.
And you know what though?
I'm so glad you did this because I wouldn't have thought to put this narrative out here.
But we have to make sure that our line right now is that we are peaceful.
We are not violent offenders.
We are not here for a confrontation with any political opposition.
Because I do, I mean we're right for that.
I do believe there are actors out there.
That want that narrative.
In fact, I already see them sowing that narrative in mainstream news.
Yeah, and there are people on our side who kind of get off on that idea.
I think that, you know, you can see they're ready for spoiling for a fight.
Not many, but they're there.
And I want to tell our side, that's not our side.
If you're here for a fight and wanting to provoke a fight, that's not the side I'm on.
We are the guys who are peaceably assembling and to obtain redress of grievance.
And our grievance is quite legitimate.
We do not bend a knee to a rigged election, and if we do bend a knee to this one, we never, you know, we're down the path of authoritarianism, and it'll be generations, maybe, before we ever get it.
You know, our great-grandchildren get their, might get another chance at tasting the freedom we've had.
We cannot bend a knee to this, but we do not go violent.
I want to get a final, kind of more wide-ranging spectrum comment from you before you depart for, I know you're very busy here, you've been doing a lot of great work trying to save this election for America.
There's an old movie, What's Eating Gilbert Grape?
And if you remember, they say, they say Johnny Depp, Leonardo, they say you can't, you don't hit Arnie.
Arnie was the mentally retarded kid who would do a lot of, you know, crap disturbing, but you never hit Arnie because he didn't know any better.
And you know, we're in this weird thing where it's like Republicans and Conservatives are like, in media, like, they don't want to call out the election theft, they don't want to call out the crimes of Joe Biden.
It's like this weird Democrat-Liberal privilege.
I mean, they have all these different privileges they claim people have, whether it's, you know, class privilege, skin color privilege, we don't want to get into it, but it's like...
What is this weird element where somehow they're beyond and above reproach and you're not even allowed to put out just clear-cut evidence and facts about their schadenfreude that they engage in every day?
They say, oh no, you don't hit Arne, you know, oh no, let them do their voter fraud, we'll just try again next time, you know, let them steal millions of dollars from China with the Bidens, we'll just, you know, maybe next time they won't do it.
What is that about?
I think a lot of our political class is compromised and what's going on is the same thing that happened with me 15 years ago when I fought Wall Street.
And I had all this evidence of Wall Street malfeasance and I came here and I had a bunch of doors shut in my face and that's when I realized there's really two stories here.
The crime of what's going on on Wall Street and the crime of how flabby and soft our institutions are here not to respond.
Well, if you're watching this, you probably already know how rigged this election was.
It's gotten silly for people to try to say, oh, what's the evidence?
It's silly.
But what's the real story that should be going through your head is look at all the institutions in Washington, D.C.
that are failing you, that let this happen and persist in letting it happen.
The DOJ, I can tell you at the top of the DOJ, they understand what happened.
There's no question anymore.
It has been indicated to me, there's a full understanding this was rigged.
And it's going to be hands-off.
They're not going to get involved.
The DHS sent a message.
There are agents on the ground in Georgia going through ballots, through shredded ballots, 40 hours ago, who got a phone call from Chad Wolf, the acting secretary of the DHS, sent a message telling federal agents to back off the investigation.
And that got back to us.
They have reported The how uncomfortable they are with the amount of political pressure they're getting from above.
These are just fine young DHS agents on the ground doing their job and they're having strings pulled politically trying to get them to kill this.
What did they find by the way when they went through these shredded counterfeit ballots?
And we have tested a ballot that came out of the same facility and what forensic federally certified forensic guy two of them tested and said it's counterfeit.
So that matches the eyewitness testimony.
Yeah, it matches the eyewitness testimony.
And then when the Senate Judiciary said, hey, we're going to see, we're going to go inspect all these ballots, a few hours later, they backed up Enterprise vans, trucked them out.
There's, in the next county, the next day, a shredding company was contacted, and they shredded 3,000 pounds of ballots.
That all actually got stopped.
The law enforcement got involved.
It ended up in the hands of law enforcement.
They were sifting through it on Sunday night, and they found not only some unshredded ballots that I believe will prove to be counterfeit, they
found a shipping receipt from the Chinese company that counterfeited the ballots.
So that's about, I mean, what else do we need?
We need, how about a video?
Well, we have videos of people in that county, in Fulton County, pulling, you know, when
the water main broke and they had to clear State Farm Arena for what turned out to be
a urinal that overflowed.
They cleared the arena and then people were pulling suitcases of ballots out.
Those are the counterfeit ballots.
I mean, you're a biz man.
You're a CEO.
If somebody comes to you with clearly counterfeit cash that all has the exact same federal number on it, would you accept that?
No, of course not.
Yeah, nobody would.
And you know, by the way, another kind of example of the two standards.
Remember, after the RNC, the Republicans left the White House.
They got attacked.
Nobody cared.
They're now sending Democrats through secret DC tunnels to avoid these crowds.
So incredible.
Patrick Byrne, thank you so much, brother.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, we're back here.
Owen Schroer sitting in on the Alex Jones Show.
Alex has just left the building.
It's not Elvis has left the building.
Alex has left the building.
It's kind of like the same response, though, walking around in D.C.
like I imagine Elvis had back in his heyday.
He is heading to speak at the Supreme Court now.
Of course, that video will be uploaded to Band.Video.
We also have speeches planned for later this evening in Freedom Plaza as well.
Alex Jones, myself, Roger Stone, and other special speakers.
We hope to be simulcasting that.
On to the War Room this afternoon, this evening, which I will also be hosting.
Paul Joseph Watson taking over here on the Alex Jones Show in an hour, and then I'll be back on hosting the War Room, and then we will simulcast the speeches from Freedom Plaza later on this evening.
Now, there's a lot to get to here.
I do have some news, but you know, We're sitting here above Freedom Plaza and I'm telling you folks, it's not even really like game time yet.
I mean, this is like if you've ever been to a major sporting event, a playoff football game or something like that.
This is like...
Like the tailgate party right now.
Everybody's out.
Everybody's getting excited.
Everybody's chanting.
You're getting the adrenaline revved up.
You're getting the momentum revved up.
You're all excited for the big event.
That's the feel that you have.
You can sense it when you walk outside.
And I mean even last night, the big day isn't until tomorrow, but even last night people were out on the streets.
I mean, it was a little bit obnoxious, but I salute the patriot anyway.
Out on the streets from like 10 to midnight on a bullhorn.
Just bullhorning about COVID being fake, bullhorning about how they stole the election.
So, you're trying to sleep, maybe it annoys you, but still, I mean, that's the midnight ride.
of Paul Revere.
That's the emergency alert of just we the people and our voice that has been assured by the First Amendment, which of course is under attack as well.
But Thomas Jefferson once said, when there is tyranny, or I should rephrase, when the people fear the government, there is tyranny.
When the government fears the people, there is freedom.
Josh Hawley said he's not going to be intimidated by the leftist terrorists, the Democrat militant wing that showed up at his house, where he wasn't even at.
His wife was there with their infant child.
Terroristic threats were made.
Of course, no arrests.
No arrests.
You're Enrique Tarrio and you land on the ground in D.C.
Just you being there warrants an arrest.
So he gets scooped up.
If you're Owen Schroeder and you hold up a sign, a little piece of paper, With your mouth taped in the D.C.
Capitol, you get arrested, you get to spend the night in a cockroach infested jail, but oh, you're a Democrat terrorist, you're a Democrat thug, you're a leftist piece of trash, and you can do whatever the hell you want.
But, we're not going to be intimidated by this scum, we never have been.
The Democrats are crapping their britches right now.
And so, they know what they've done, and they know we're aware to it.
The difference is, they kind of have this psychological paradigm where they just assume that we would activate just like they would, and Trump or somebody would organize terror squads, like George Soros did, to go after Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters.
That's never been the case.
That's not our bag.
That's not our shtick.
Trump is non-violent.
We're about the non-aggression principle here at Infowars, so I mean, it's never been Our thing, it's never been our duty, it's never been our agenda to go out and start any physical confrontations.
In fact, we have to endure it and we just turn the other cheek.
But, it just came out, I believe the story was on The Hill, I'll have to pull it up on my phone here, and maybe I will during the break, but it just came out that they're urging The members of Congress to use secret tunnels in DC to get from the state capitol building to wherever their final destination is.
If you ever thought that was a conspiracy theory, secret tunnels in D.C.
I mean, I guess you could go deeper into it and say where they, you know, traffic kids or whatever for the, what was the old Republican speaker's name, the big Dennis Hastert, the big pedophile there.
So, the Democrats are scared.
They know what they've done.
They've committed crimes.
They're scared of we the people, but we're not violent.
They know that.
Ladies and gentlemen, Owen Schroer here hosting.
We are now into the third hour of this historic Alex Jones Show, what is going to be a historic week in Washington, D.C.
I was out on the streets.
Let's see what time it is now.
Wow, it's already 2 o'clock.
That's crazy.
I was out on the streets at 10 a.m.
this morning.
Wow, time is already flying.
Oh, my gosh.
I don't know what that's indicative of, but I was out on the streets at 10 a.m.
this morning just to kind of get a feel for things and a vibe for things.
Now that it's 2 o'clock, I mean, the streets are getting kind of packed.
You're seeing the Trump hats and the scarfs and the flags everywhere.
Freedom Plaza is bumping right now.
There's at least 10,000 people there and the people keep flocking.
Other people are gathering at the Supreme Court building right now where Alex is going to give a speech.
But I went out earlier today at 10 o'clock just to kind of get a feel, walk the field if you will, and well, here's what it looked like.
I'm Erwin Schroer here from InfoWars.com, and we are in Freedom Plaza, Washington, D.C., where as you can see, thousands, thousands of patriots have already began to gather, and the event here doesn't even kick off yet for another hour or two more.
And not only do we have thousands of people out here already, think about this.
This just shows another example of the total election fraud for Joe Biden.
Joe Biden had an event in Georgia, just outside of Atlanta, and Warnock was there, and Ossoff was there, and there are more people here right now In Freedom Plaza, then any Biden rally, and then any Democrat Georgia runoff for the Senate seat rally as well.
So where is any of this proof that Biden has a record 80 million votes?
It's not there.
It wasn't there during the campaigns of 2020, and it's still not there in 2021, as the fake president-elect Joe Biden can't even get people to show up for rallies He goes and he does internet speeches, little addresses.
Nobody tunes in.
I looked at the latest Joe Biden speech, 25,000 views.
Last night, President Trump had over 300,000 people tune in to his event online on just right side broadcasting network alone, who, as you can see, is right up there.
And we'll be, of course, broadcasting today's events live as well.
Alex Jones is going to be speaking here today at Freedom Plaza, as will I. Alex Jones will also be speaking at the Supreme Court building tonight as well.
In fact, that'll actually be around just after noon.
And then here at Freedom Plaza tonight, myself, Alex Jones, Roger Stone, and a bunch of other surprise speakers.
But folks, This is the third time now that we've gathered here in DC, and we're talking about millions of people showing up.
Joe Biden can't get anyone to show up.
Raphael Warnock cannot get anybody to show up.
John Ossoff cannot get anybody to show up.
And you heard on the phone call, Trump says, hey, look, Just look at rally turnout alone.
Look at rally turnout in Georgia.
Look at rally turnout in Michigan.
Look at rally turnout in Pennsylvania, in Wisconsin.
And then compare that to Biden rally turnout.
He didn't even have rallies, folks.
Not even 100 people would show up.
Most of the time it was like 10.
But see, We're dealing with Republicans who are so afraid of their own shadow and so afraid of the media that they won't even tell the obvious truth that it was President Trump that won in a record landslide, not the fraud of Joe Biden, who they claim had 20, almost 20 million more votes than Barack Obama with half the counties.
A statistical anomaly that is almost impossible.
But I can tell you right now...
Looking at all these patriots gathered out here today, being out here last night, being out here this morning, walking the streets, feeling the energy, watching Trump speak last night.
By the way, another huge event for Trump.
Americans are ready to fight.
We're not exactly sure what that's going to look like, perhaps in a couple of weeks, if we can't stop this certification of the fraudulent election of Joe Biden.
But we're here in Freedom Plaza.
And we're letting the crooks, the crooks, the crooks in Congress know that we know Donald J. Trump won this election.
We know we voted for Donald J. Trump in record fashion.
And so the crooks in Congress better know that we the people are here and we're loud and we're going to be here all week.
And they better do their job.
So we salute Josh Hawley.
We salute Ted Cruz.
We salute all the other great Republicans for standing up and doing what is right and stopping the certification of the total fraud, the total theft of the election of Joe Biden.
But you know what?
Let's do a little taste test here.
Let's do a little flavor test.
Let's see how fired up these patriots are out here.
Who here thinks Donald J. Trump won the election?
Ladies and gentlemen, so for InfoWars.com, we're out here with the American patriots.
We are the new revolution.
We are going to restore and we are going to save the Republic.
And all these great Americans are going to be the ones to do it.
So for InfoWars.com, this is Owen Troyer.
Alright, so there you go, ladies and gentlemen.
Now again, that was four hours ago.
That was at 10 a.m.
this morning when I filed that report. So I mean, we're talking days really before
the major event or at least a day before the big event, which is tomorrow. A lot of people still
coming into DC. They're reaching out to me, they're telling me that that they'll be getting in tomorrow.
So today's already big and getting bigger. And we'll have the live stream from Freedom Plaza
later tonight.
And of course, Alex Jones will be at the Supreme Court here probably in about 30 minutes.
So we'll get that.
We'll either live stream that or we'll just get that archive footage up as soon as possible.
The real question is, though, what are the ramifications of this massive crowd?
And as I laid out in the video, See, the problem is we don't live in a land that sadly occupies common sense and logic, or at least it's not so common, common sense not so common as they say.
So, it's almost as if we could have 50 million people come to DC.
I mean, we could have them literally on tape, in fact, we have them on tape cheating to rig the election.
It's like, oh, you know, this just didn't happen.
But you'd think if we had any common sense and logic they would say, well, Huh.
Donald J. Trump had record attendance at his rallies in 2020.
You've never seen anything like it.
20,000 minimum at an event.
We didn't get to watch last night in Georgia.
We were flying.
I was able to tune into some of the audio.
I went back after we got back just to look at the stage they had set up.
I mean, my God!
It's like, I mean...
I believe still the biggest music festival in the world is Rock in Rio.
I've been to Rock in Rio.
I mean, literally, this is like, it was like one of the main stages at the biggest music festivals in the world, and you got thousands of people that can't even get in.
So that's Trump's energy.
That's Trump's support.
That's the numbers that you see just for the rally showing up for Trump.
That's in Georgia.
Biden, the day before, The crew may, I mean, you might not even be able to find B-roll of this because they're scrubbing it off the internet because it's so embarrassing for Joe Biden.
I mean, you go look at the YouTube channels and the Twitter accounts and everything that promotes Biden and his campaigns, nothing even gets 100,000 views.
I mean, that would be like their biggest day ever if a Biden video got 100,000 views.
And this is with their rigged big tech.
Was live in Georgia last night, and I was only looking at the Right Side Broadcasting feed.
They had, for the entire time, at least 250,000 people tuned in.
I don't have the monitors in front of me because we're on the road here, but I would be willing to guess that last night's event in Georgia on Right Side Broadcasting probably is up to at least a half a million, maybe even a million views.
So, Trump has an event, 50,000 people show up, a million people watch online.
Biden has an event, and again, you can do the side-by-side analysis.
I mean, it's like anything else.
I mean, the tail of the tape, as they call it.
You look at the tail of the tape, Biden doesn't have a single category in which he has an advantage.
Not a single category.
So, Biden has an event in Georgia, 100 people show up.
Trump has an event?
20,000 minimum show up.
Biden's livestream, 10,000 watch.
Trump's livestream, a quarter of a million watch.
So that's the difference.
We're back here on the Alex Jones Show.
Owen Schroer sitting in for Alex.
He's on his way to the Supreme Court right now to deliver a speech.
He'll be speaking again tonight at Freedom Plaza, as will I, but I have the host duties for now until I hand it over to Paul Joseph Watson.
Then I will return and host the War Room.
Before I get to the rest of the news that I'm yet to cover here, it is imperative that you continue to support us at InfowarsStore.com.
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We have to bring all the equipment here.
Now we're taking a new leadership role of funding a lot of the events.
Funding for the stages, getting the permits.
This was a measurement that we had to make.
We had to make some decisions and this is the new battlefront.
This is the new place where our energy has to go.
It is being a leader not only here vocally on the airwaves every day, which is important, but also getting into the streets, organizing events, and taking
that leadership role, and then hopefully having victory so that we can continue to try to
restore the republic and drain the swamp as they say it.
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Now, speaking of Alex Jones on his way to the Supreme Court, he has joined us right now over the phone.
Alex, what are you seeing out there?
(crowd cheering)
But the only way the COVID hoax is completely broken is if you get that truth,
and if you get that information, and you get that out.
Big Tech is trying to suppress you.
Big Tech is trying to block you.
Big Tech is trying to keep you from communicating with each other.
So you do it by word of mouth, and by email, and by calling in to talk radio, and you do it by speaking up at church, and you do it by printing out the facts, and you never surrender!
Because every mind you touch, every person you awaken, Is millions of people we're gonna save because the globalists admit a shutdown for another six months in the West will kill tens of millions in the third world.
When the first world collapses, the third world dies, and this is a giant attempt at killing civilization and a mass abortion of children that are already born who are the main victims of malnutrition and starvation!
So never forget when the left tells you wear a mask, have courage, stand up, be respectful.
That's a sign of your slavery.
That is a sign of your medical sharia law and tyranny.
and you must declare independence against the fear now!
[crowd cheers]
Now I know Roger Stones, he checked in the same hotel as I did,
he's on his way down here to give you a powerful speech, and then later tonight down at Freedom Plaza.
But I love you all, and I appreciate you all, and I just want you to know that you are the answer to tyranny!
You are the answer!
You are 1776!
(crowd cheers)
Alright guys, let's give it up for Alex Strong!
My name is Matt Shannon, up next we have... Okay, so there you go.
That was I guess the tail end of Alex Jones speaking there at the Supreme Court.
Man, he moves fast.
Wow, that's amazing.
Or maybe I'm just in like some weird time warp here where time is just flying in my own head, but it was actually a long time.
I think that's probably the case.
But you know, he's talking about the fake pandemic.
You know, It's really just, at this point, so absurd, and it's kind of a weird thing to reflect back onto 2020, because it's almost like it didn't happen.
For many of you, for many of us, you could say, wow, 2020 was the longest year of my life.
But it's like, now that it's over, it feels like either it never happened, or we're still in it.
Like, we're still in the extra innings.
We're still in the overtime of 2020.
We really haven't actually made that leap to get out of this.
And that is the fake pandemic.
I mean, that's the big thing that's holding us back, keeping us in shackles, keeping us locked down, destroying our economy.
And the only way it ends...
There's only two ways it goes.
Either we decide we're done with it, which many of us decided months ago here at InfoWars.
That was pretty much our moniker back in March.
There was some waiting period there.
We weren't really sure what was going to happen.
We had to guess on.
But then, you know, hey, look, we still live in reality.
And after a month of it not being what they said it was going to be with three million dead and, you know, all the rest of it.
And we still went to events, still flying, you know, never wearing a mask or gloves or anything.
So that's when it was like, OK, no doubt this is a whole big hoax.
Yeah, there's probably a virus.
Now they're admitting it came out of the Wuhan lab.
We broke that first as well.
So, but there's only two ways.
Either we say we're done with this.
And for the most part, that's going to have to be on the businesses of America, because We're really seeing the full force of the corporate government is really what we're seeing.
And all the mom-and-pop restaurants are struggling or going out of business.
All the mom-and-pop shops are struggling or going out of business.
But the big chain restaurants are doing fine.
The big people that work with Amazon and Microsoft are doing fine.
The big box stores like Walmart and Costco, they're all doing fine.
So it's killing all the mom and pop shops, but it just shows the power of the corporate government, where now, so much for the free market, you don't have a choice but to go to Jeff Bezos.
You don't have a choice but to go to Bill Gates.
You don't have a choice but to go to Walmart, or you name it, whoever it is.
And that's because the corporate government has locked all these other businesses down by design as a cause and effect to just basically have, you know, it's not necessarily a monopoly, but it might as well be a monopoly.
I mean, it's the same executive power that a monopoly would have, and they're all working together anyway.
So, we the people, you know, I don't know what we the people can do when the corporate government says, no, we're not even open for business.
But it's two ways.
Either we the people decide, which is going to have to be led by business owners, or you're never coming out of this.
You're never coming out of the COVID pandemic.
It'll be COVID-20, it'll be COVID-22, 25, you know, COVID-50 till the day you die.
And that's it.
So either COVID is now your master, or we declare ourselves free.
Is it?
Mission Impossible.
Is it Mission Impossible to get Donald J. Trump into the White House for four more years?
Well, no, it's not Mission Impossible.
Actually, we've already done it.
The Mission Impossible task is to somehow, as we the people, overcome the corporate Mainstream media lying to us, gaslighting us, manipulating us all day long.
Overcome the corporate world government that wants to be in total control of all consumer activity, all economic activity.
And somehow, someway, Convincing those fellow humans that have been turned into mindless sheeple, zombies, somehow, some way, getting them to understand how they've been duped, how they've been deceived, and not even necessarily agreeing with us on everything, that'll never happen, but at least seeing the world for what it is.
But, you wonder, Is something like that possible when you have Nancy Pelosi banning the words in Congress?
And not only banning the words to be used in Congress or official legislation, you can't use mother, you can't use father.
Look, I remember tuning in to Alex Jones for the first time probably about 10 years ago, not even, I think it was 2013 or so.
And it was really to just get information on an event that was happening at the time of the Boston Marathon bombing.
But, you know, I continue to listen and a lot gets covered on the Jones Show.
And he would say how eventually you're going to see members of Congress, people in the media, academia.
Lawyers, and it's all from the left, it's all from the liberal left, they're not liberals at all, they're, I mean, I don't even know what you would call them at this point, dumbasses, probably the best word for it, but mindless sheeple zombies, where they would go to ban, they would move to ban the terms mother and father.
Now, you hear that and it just kind of goes one ear and out the other, you either, oh he's crazy, Or, okay, here's a guy on air covering all these things, but you know what, I don't really agree with that, so I'm not going to think about it much.
Well now, here you are in the year 2020, and Nancy Pelosi has officially filed legislation, which you know what, I just realized, is actually illegal legislation.
So Nancy Pelosi actually broke her own law by banning the word mother.
So she says you can't use the word mother, or mother-in-law, or brother-in-law, or brother, or father, or any of that, but then she uses it.
Then she actually uses it in her legislation.
Of course, it's all a big game.
It's all a big joke.
And you have to wonder, too, who puts Nancy Pelosi up to this?
Did Nancy Pelosi come up with this on her own?
I doubt it.
She's been in Congress for, what, 500 years?
And now all of a sudden she wants to ban mother and father?
But you know what?
See, the problem is, Republicans don't like to, they just don't even fight.
They just sit around and they like all the glory and everything, the prestige and being on TV, and they get their, oh, they have their office, oh, you know, oh.
The Republicans should write legislation and then have the word mom and dad, or like mama and papa, like you know Elizabeth Warren, my mama and papa, like, oh yeah, like you can relate to her, I'm gonna have me a beer, oh.
So that's what they should, granddaddy, like just throw in the words, but just that aren't mother and father or brother-in-law.
So it's just like, oh, okay, you banned those words, the language police over here, trying to rewrite our lexicon, trying to cancel the dictionary.
Okay, we'll just use mama and papa, you know, we'll just use daddy and mommy and stuff like that.
Oh, but then they'll say, no, you have to ban that too.
But you, you would, you would hear somebody say that on the air 10 years ago.
You think that person's nuts.
Now, here we are.
It doesn't stop with mother and father, but again, How do you convince people that want to ban terms like mother and father?
How do you convince someone that's that gone?
That intellectually dead?
How do you convince them to live in reality with you again?
Is it even possible?
What do you do when you have members of Congress who go on the congressional floor and say that the word amen is sexist?
I've heard other people say, oh, amen means this, amen means that.
I don't really care.
Amen means amen.
And now they say, oh no, amen means a woman, too.
And so you have to say a woman.
And so they finish their speech, they say amen and a woman.
A made-up word.
A made-up word.
It doesn't even exist.
They say, oh, you have to be inclusive.
Well, what about all the other genders?
What about a unicorn?
What about a two-spirit gender queer?
What about a queer?
I mean, so where does it end?
Where does it stop?
There is no method to the madness.
It's just total idiocy.
And so, what do you do when you are dealing with people that are that gone?
They have a mask man date.
Is there going to be a mask woman date too?
I mean, let's be fully inclusive here.
We need a mask woman date.
Well, what does that mean?
Well, it means I'm inclusive, don't you know?
I'm woke.
I said mask woman date.
And you can go on and on and on with the words that have man in them just by chance, just because it happens to be in a word.
They say, oh, that's sexist.
So that's what we're dealing with.
The good news is we do outnumber them.
We are the majority.
The bad news is we don't like to make our voices heard.
We like to live our own lives.
We like to have our families, have our businesses, and just kind of stay out of other people's way.
You stay out of my way.
I stay out of your way.
It's the live and let live approach to life.
Live and let live.
Well, the left is no longer live and let live.
The left is live my way or I'm going to kill you.
And so that's where they're going.
Oh, it's a, it's a mask mandate.
No, that's sexist.
It's a mask woman date.
And then they have celebratory articles where they say, look.
You know, we just elected a gay person.
Look, we just elected a black person.
Look, we just elected this, we elected that.
Well, you are the ones that focus on race.
You are the ones that focus on gender.
You're in a state of depression when it comes to your intellectual capacity.
decreasing in its capacity here and so you see them start, you're not, you don't go around,
I mean I'm 30 years old, I never thought about race as a kid.
I went to school with black people, white people, brown people, Asian people, nobody,
it never came to my mind to think about their skin color and it meant anything.
It never came to my mind that oh you know I need to watch myself around women or I need
to do this around women because oh I've been a bad guy, what can I do just to make up for
it because women have had it so hard in life.
Oh, they've had it so, but see, but now what are you seeing?
Women are actually, and it's always in the conservative aisle it seems, women are going back to the gender roles.
Women are going back to wanting to be mothers, back to wanting to be housekeepers.
And of course, of course!
I mean, you get into the real world as a woman, and quite frankly, there's just not many women that can really handle it.
They're not meant to.
They're not meant to handle those stresses.
They're not meant to make those big, stressful decisions.
They're meant to care for the children.
They're meant to care and raise the family, keep everything on an even keel.
In a way, yeah, keep the man on an even keel.
Keep him focused and in line.
Oh, but see, you get rid of the gender roles first.
And then, gender doesn't matter, so you get rid of gender.
Now, this has been a long pontification that is almost irrelevant to any of the main stories today, but the point is, this is where it's going.
This has all been by design.
And the proof is in the pudding when Nancy Pelosi is banning words mother and father from being in congressional legislation or congressional talk.
Mother and father.
Because they want you to believe there's actually 500 genders or unlimited genders.
In fact, I'm a lamp.
I declare myself a lamp and so I am now a lamp.
And because I'm a lamp, I cannot get COVID, so I don't need to wear a mask.
And so that's where the liberal logic actually shows that it's not even logic.
It's all a political agenda.
President Trump should declare himself a black woman tomorrow.
Just say, hey, I'm a black woman.
I'm the first black female president.
And they say, well, no, you're not.
Well, who says?
Who are you to say what Trump is and Trump's not?
I'm a black woman!
I declare myself a black woman!
Oh, okay, you're a black woman.
Oh, wait, no!
See, only if you're a liberal that pushes the liberal agenda, hates America, want to see the individual rights ended, want to see individualism and individuals being empowered ended, and you want to make it all about this ugly group collective in the image of Satan, then yeah, then you can say, oh I'm a man, I'm a woman, I'm a unicorn, I'm a ghost, I'm whatever.
But no, if you're actually logical and you would never actually change genders, well then you're not allowed to do it.
So, but I'm serious.
Because we get it.
Trump should come out tomorrow and declare himself a black woman so that he can be the first black female president before Kamala Harris.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are here broadcasting live from Washington D.C.
The crew is back at the InfoWars world headquarters in Austin, Texas.
Of course, big ups, big salute to the audience.
You make it all possible by shopping at InfowarsStore.com.
Cannot thank you enough.
You didn't hear it.
Well, it may happen again now that we're back live here.
But in that short four-minute break, again, we're right basically on top of Freedom Plaza, just catty-cornered to it here, and the hotel room is just looking down on it.
In the break, I mean, I was saying earlier, it's like every 30 seconds, every minute, you just hear a roar of the crowd, and now somebody has shown up with, I don't know if it's a train horn or like a bullhorn, I mean, incredible, but it was just really loud, and then the crowd was even louder than ever as Freedom Plaza is filling up.
In fact, we just got Rob Dubak from the Supreme Court.
What was that crowd like, Rob?
Pretty big?
It doubled in size from when we were there.
Was it bigger than the Freedom Plaza crowd?
So the Freedom Plaza crowd is huge.
The Supreme Court crowd is maybe a couple thousand.
All right.
So we're just getting all this intel again.
You got to catch not all, but some, most of Alex Jones' speech there at the Supreme Court.
We're going to put the full video up on Band.Video here shortly.
I imagine that's why some of the crew just got back to upload that video.
Of course, Roger Stone is here as well.
He's going to be speaking at Freedom Plaza tonight, as well as Alex Jones.
And myself and other great special guests, but...
You know, for somebody like me, Alex described it earlier as being an empath.
Maybe that's the right description.
I don't know, but I've always been the same way.
I mean, going to sporting events as a kid, specifically basketball games for whatever reason, I just, I loved the roar of the crowd.
I didn't even care about what team.
If the crowd roared, I would be like three years old.
I'd like jump out of my seat and go crazy.
It was just something about that.
And that dynamic is here in D.C.
right now.
And many people that probably have never really gotten politically involved, or maybe even a year, two, five years ago, didn't even really think about politics or getting involved, are now in the front lines literally roaring to save America.
And it's really not even political.
You know, this is really not even a political thing.
This is about standing for what's right.
On kind of a deeper understanding, intellectual level, standing up for America, but really it's values.
If Russia was really some big boogeyman we had to worry about, but you look at Russia and it's like, wow, booming free market, booming industry, booming with new technology, low taxes, strong individual empowerment, and they were like, hey, we're going to interface with you or we're going to change your system entirely.
You say, okay, well, you know what?
You're about individual liberties.
You want to get rid of corruption.
You want small government, self-government.
Okay, like, okay.
That's not what we're dealing with.
America is that.
America is the idea, is the country of small government.
Really not even small government.
And to just really exhibit how much of a fraud a modern-day liberal is, a leftist, you ask them.
I mean, every which angle you investigate a modern-day liberal leftist in, they're just a complete phony fraud.
You would ask, do you believe in self-government?
Every single one of them would say yes.
But oh, you wear a mask.
Oh, you shut down your business.
Oh, you don't get an election.
Oh, give all your money to Black Lives Matter and prove you're not racist.
Well, that's not self-government.
Oh, oh, raise your taxes so we can bring communism and socialism in.
Well, that's not self-government.
So again, total phonies.
My body, my choice.
Oh, I get to kill a baby.
That doesn't even... See, again, it's just total disingenuousness.
It's not even your body.
Again, you try to bring this topic to a leftist phony.
You say, how many hearts does a human being have?
How many beating hearts?
How many beating hearts are there in a woman's body for an abortion?
Well, there's two.
Oh, okay, so that would be two bodies.
So it's not even your body, your choice.
Now, there's certain extenuating circumstances.
I'm not here to get into the gray area.
The point is, oh, your body, your choice, oh, that's until they want to force you to take a vaccine.
Oh, that's before they want to force you to wear a mask, which is literally your body.
So it should be your choice, but again, these are complete lying phonies that we're dealing with, and perhaps our biggest obstacle of all, sadly.
Because if we could all unite together, just in common sense and logic, man, we could overthrow this corrupt system in a day.
We could identify the phonies, we could identify the criminals, and if we had that will and motivation united to do it, it'd be game over, man.
It'd be the easiest thing in the world to do.
The problem is, we're dealing with these people that have been totally brainwashed in the psychological operations, and the two big ones they're running right now are obviously the fake pandemic and the fake election of Joe Biden.
But I can understand, oh, it's tough to understand how they steal elections, or it's tough to know what to believe and what not to believe if you haven't been around, and you kind of got to do your own digging and look into the own evidence and kind of form your own conclusions.
But with the COVID fake pandemic, I mean, this is cut and dry at this point.
And so again, that's just what shows you, you have a thirst for knowledge, you have an itch for reality, you have common sense, you have logic, and you approach your life in that manner.
These people have abandoned logic.
They've abandoned common sense.
Honestly, they've just abandoned general just goodness, just righteousness.
They've just totally abandoned.
And again, you look at the death counts for COVID, or not even for COVID, but even for COVID, it's just a bad flu season.
But you look at the death count in the United States, and it's not up.
It's not up.
And so it's frustrating because it's like, well, do I cover the steal of the election for Joe Biden, which is extremely dangerous for our country?
Do I cover the fake pandemic?
I mean, think about this.
You have a global corporate government that is allied with the most corrupt politicians in the world to fake a pandemic to bring in the Great Reset with the UN slogan of Build Back Better.
So they're telling you, we're going to destroy the world.
You're gonna have to just sit there and take it and, you know, maybe you'll survive, maybe not.
But that doesn't matter to them.
They're gonna build it back better.
And it's all about them and their righteous approach.
Oh, the world is broken.
Oh, the world is corrupt.
And it's your fault.
It's your fault.
Not all the spying with the technology that Bill Gates was given by the secret societies years ago.
Stolen intellectual property.
And then Mark Zuckerberg doing the same thing.
No, they know they're frauds.
They know they're phonies.
But so you have to sacrifice.
You might not make it.
It's the Great Reset.
The world is corrupt.
The world is bad.
It's your fault.
No, it's your fault, Bill Gates.
No, it's your fault, George Soros.
No, it's your fault, Anthony Fauci.
Which is just another point.
You know, the Libs actually hated Fauci during the AIDS pandemic, because he was a dirtbag then.
Dirtbag then, he's a dirtbag now.
He works for Big Pharma.
He's a henchman for Big Pharma.
Again, the left used to be against Big Pharma.
I remember going around in 2016, because it was kind of a big deal at the time, Trump did not take a single dollar In donations from any big pharmaceutical companies.
Now, I remember Bernie Sanders was against Big Pharma at the time, but even he had to admit, yes, I've taken campaign donations from big pharmaceutical companies.
And he just rationalized it by saying, I need to get into office so, you know, this money will help, so we'll take it.
Assuming you believe he's not going to sell out if they ever come bidding.
But the point is, he talked about how bad Big Pharma was.
And remember, Bernie Sanders actually won the nomination in 2016.
They stole it from him, gave it to Hillary.
But I would go around and I'd talk to Bernie supporters.
They were everywhere.
And so you're anti-Big Pharma.
They say, yeah.
So how much money did Bernie Sanders take from Big Pharma?
They say zero.
So well, that's not accurate.
Here's here's the actual open secrets.
It shows you it's FEC filings.
You have to file it.
And Trump took zero dollars from Big Pharma.
But now it's Fauci coming around promoting the vaccine with Gates because they don't have the president to do it.
But if Biden got in, he'd be the president.
Alex Jones, we're going to get his mic potted up here.
And Alex Jones is with us now.
I just want to say, the crew's doing an incredible job, and you're doing an incredible job.
There's National Guard out there.
Again, they don't come out for Black Lives Matter, they don't come out for anti-fire, burning police stations, killing people.
And the left said, don't call the National Guard, that's fascist, mostly peaceful demonstrations
run against the National Guard.
We're just going to show that the left loves the military when it's under their control.
So I'm going to go out for you and do a live feed.
If you keep posting into the war room, it's about to start.
And Patrick will be there too.
But I'm going to go give you a live feed from the street of the National Guard as people
are just pouring into DC.
There's just crowds coming in.
It's like when I saw that big women's march, it was over a million people that Soros paid
for four years ago, the day after Trump's inauguration.
It looks like that, just that they're flooding in.
We're just driving around the city.
It's totally insane.
Well, we've got like two minutes left here.
But real quickly, Alex, that's actually exactly what I was talking about.
The left, oh, they're anti-Big Pharma until they want you to take the vaccine.
Oh, they're anti-military and they'll want you to be thrown in a gulag.
They're anti-war until they want wars.
They're anti-slavery until they run death camps in China.
Whatever's bad, they're the worst.
And studies show the left is 6, 7, 8, 9 times, depending on the study, less likely to give a charity, more likely to steal.
But they're way more likely to virtually signal and told you all they did.
Hey, the war room's coming up!
Infowars.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com That's why they want to domesticate us, make us weak, make us stupid, take us off the land, turn us into slaves, get rid of men, get rid of families.
But their great triumph will end up being their great defeat.
There are just mobs of people all over the place.
Paul Joseph Watson is taking over for the next hour.
And then we are going to have the war room today with myself, Owen Schroyer, Tom Papert, and others.
I'm gonna go down there with a live feed.
Owen's gonna go out with a live feed.
I'm gonna show you the National Guard troops that again, that Donna Brazile's girlfriend, the mayor,
called out saying we're violent.
But oh, when anti-flar BLM's burning down cities or police stations, shooting cops in the head
with their child molester armies, that's all wonderful, that's all good,
that's all great, that's all kosher.
But for us, oh, the National Guard, like, oh, we're scared the military's here.
We are peaceful.
You're here exposing the fraud.
The Democrats said they were going to contest the election.
Wouldn't accept Trump winning.
That they were going to have their own events and their own inauguration.
Now we're here saying we're going to have congressional hearings.
We want a 10-day emergency hearing to actually put this on to bypass mainstream media, to bypass big tech that's been lying to the public and keeping her by the dark.
So, I always admired Ted Cruz, I know he's really smart, and then he, you know, went political against Trump and I got mad at him, but he's a great senator.
We're so blessed to have him instead of Beto O'Rourke.
And I'm really glad to see him leading the charge with Josh Hawley, who, and if it came to his house, we never aired this, but you can actually, I saw the news today, Josh Hawley, senator, claims they came to his house and threatened him.
I went online to Twitter and found the damn antifa saying we're gonna get you and your family and banging on the door and you're seditious, you're treason, you're going to prison at night while his wife, who just gave birth, is inside with a month-old baby and he's back in Missouri working.
And then the news is, oh, he claims it.
When I sent the footage to our crew, maybe they can B-roll some of it, but that's what this is like, folks.
I've had these people come to my house.
I've had these people come to my office.
I've had these people threaten my family.
And then they sit there and go, no one's threatening you.
No one's coming after you.
They are the scum of the meth-head earth.
And most of them are like Senator Kane's son who got arrested attacking people here in DC a few years
They are just a bunch of trash that work for the system, that work for the Chi-Coms, that work for the man.
They're not the resistance.
We are the resistance.
They are the establishment.
When we come to DC to protest, they shut off the restaurants
and close some of the hotels to try to suppress us, try to keep us from coming.
Briefly, or we won't be here.
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We are back with the Summit News Hour, which is quickly becoming Lockdown News Hour, the COVID-19 Tyranny News Hour, because basically that's all we talk about at this point, because what is, what else is more important?
Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced yet another lockdown yesterday.
The third lockdown!
I mean, who's counting at this point?
He announced a third lockdown.
Of course, we had a lockdown in London back in November, which lasted until December 2nd.
Turns out that after lockdown, there were more cases of coronavirus in London after the lockdown than before it.
The lockdown didn't work, so what's the solution?
Oh, another lockdown!
And now we're seeing indications that, yes, not only is this going to go on until February, March, April, Spring, Summer, they're now saying there will still be coronavirus lockdown restrictions in place, not this winter, but next winter.
Headline out of Sky News, COVID-19, some coronavirus restrictions could return next winter.
That's 2022.
Chief Medical Officer warns Professor Chris Whitty, whose every prognostication and prediction has been proven completely inaccurate, but we're still basing national policy, national suicide that is, on all his models, says some coronavirus restrictions may have to be brought back to control the virus next winter.
I thought we had a vaccine.
I thought the cavalcade was coming to save us all.
Turns out, as we're going to get into later, the vaccine is completely ineffective against some of these new strains.
So then it's going to take another six weeks to modify the vaccine.
Maybe they'll need a new vaccine.
Basically, we've got a lockdown forever.
I'm sorry.
Nothing's opening again.
The economy is shutting down.
Massive depression.
Massive death tolls from untreated illnesses.
And that's just the way it's got to be.
They just like this power too much.
They're not going to give it up easy.
Speaking at a Downing Street news conference, where they just announced new laws without even parliamentary approval now, Professor Chris Whitty warned that the risks will continue to exist as the weather gets warmer, saying we shouldn't kid ourselves that this dust disappears with the spring.
You said if we did not do all the things that we must do now, if people don't stay home seriously, the risk at this point in this time in the middle of winter with this new variant is extraordinarily high.
You went on to say that the restrictions will probably be brought back into operation next winter.
So we're already under lockdown.
They're saying it's not going to end anytime soon within the next few weeks.
It's not going to end in February.
It's not going to end in March.
It's basically a permanent state of lockdown.
They're not calling it a period of lockdown anymore, they're calling it a state of lockdown.
Isn't it interesting when you look at the numbers, and I retweeted this just a moment ago, This whole third lockdown is being predicated on the contention that we have 58,000 new cases today, for example, in the United Kingdom a couple of days ago.
407 deaths.
58,000 cases a day, really.
Is that because of mass testing or is that because we really have a massive problem with coronavirus infections that is overwhelming our hospitals, as we're going to get on to?
That is not the case.
But you look at France.
On this one day in question, December 29th, they had 378 deaths from coronavirus.
And remember, a coronavirus death is counted as such if the death occurs within 28 days of a positive coronavirus test.
You could fall out of an office block window within 28 days of getting a positive coronavirus test and your death will be recorded as a COVID-19 death.
So, of course, when they're testing all these Elderly, infirm people with multiple comorbidities, multiple other serious illnesses.
Many of them are dying within 28 days of a COVID test.
Doesn't mean they died of COVID, but that immediately automatically becomes a COVID death.
And that's why these death numbers are way over exaggerated.
But again, when you look at the cases, you had similar death numbers on this one day across different European countries.
Including Germany, which on December 29th had 527 deaths.
Again, multiple comorbidities.
These people are unfortunately elderly people who would have died anyway in the vast majority of cases.
but they had 527 recorded deaths on December 29th compared to the UK with 407 deaths,
yet Germany recorded only 8,039 coronavirus cases compared to 58,784 in the United Kingdom.
So again, this lockdown 3 is predicated on the notion that we're having a massive uncontrolled explosion in coronavirus cases.
The reality, as it's always been from the very beginning, is that mass testing is taking place and that these PCR tests are notorious for producing false positives.
But apparently that's enough to wreck our entire economy for decades to come.
Massive jobless numbers, Which of course leads to poverty, poverty leads to death, poverty leads to mental illness, depression, suicide.
And then of course we have the question of whether the hospitals are overwhelmed.
And I'm going to get into that.
Probably in the next segment with multiple videos now of people filming inside hospitals and lo and behold, they're all empty.
A woman was arrested for filming inside a hospital because it was empty.
I'm going to get on to that.
We have a headline here out of Summit News.
Epidemiologist says influenza cases are being counted as COVID-19.
Everyone's asking the question, what happened to the flu?
Nobody seems to be dying of the flu anymore.
Isn't that interesting?
Well now, top epidemiologist Nott Witowski says that the massive drop in influenza cases can be attributed to the fact that many are being falsely counted as COVID-19 cases.
Again, this is not some crackpot.
This is the former head of biostatistics, epidemiology and design research, At Rockefeller University and he said that quote influenza has been renamed COVID-19 in large part.
So of course they're getting these massive spikes in death numbers because they're counting flu deaths which are completely common which of course happen at much greater intensity in the winter period as COVID-19 deaths.
According to CDC figures the cumulative positive influenza test rate from late September into the week of December 19th was just 0.2% compared to 8.7% from a year before.
So basically, all the flu cases have disappeared and been folded into the COVID-19 cases.
According to Wachowski, this is because many flu infections are being incorrectly labeled as coronavirus cases.
He said, quote, there may be quite a number of influenza cases included in the presumed COVID-19 category of people, Who have COVID-19 symptoms but are not tested for SARS RNA.
He said those patients may also have some SARS RNA sitting in their nose while being infected with influenza, in which case the influenza would be confirmed to be COVID-19.
And then he challenges the argument which many have come out with, of course, With these mask mandates, especially in places like California and Pennsylvania, people continuing to insist that masks stop the transmission of coronavirus, despite the fact that in every area of America, basically, where mask mandates is at its most intense, in places like California, and then if you look at countries like Spain and Germany, as soon as they introduced the mask mandates, coronavirus cases skyrocketed, but apparently masks stop coronavirus.
He challenges the notion that coronavirus cases are being combated by mask wearing.
He said, again this is a top epidemiologist, people know everybody's wearing masks and distancing and so people want to come up with things that are good about it.
But as the article notes in which this interview appears, Data indicates that more than 9 out of every 10 Americans in most states are wearing masks in public regularly.
Those numbers have been above 80% since the early fall, yet average positive COVID-19 tests have multiplied by nearly 7 times since the spring break.
Again, it's having no effect whatsoever unless you count rapidly rising cases as being a success.
Now we're under lockdown 3.0 in the UK.
Parliament is going to rubber stamp it tomorrow.
It's basically a procedural thing.
What didn't work the first two times, they're going to try again, again, again, and they're now saying it's not going to work.
Until next winter at the earliest.
We are going to go to this video which went up a couple of hours ago.
It still remains up, shockingly enough.
We got YouTube yesterday to delete the entire channel of a mainstream talk radio network in the United Kingdom because it regularly featured guests who questioned the sanctity, the sanity of the lockdown formula.
We're going to get on to that.
It's actually been restored because enough people complained about it.
They had enough people within the mainstream and in fact in the government to complain about it.
But YouTube completely off the goop.
Indirectly taking down an actual Ofcom regulated mainstream broadcaster on its network.
That's probably the first time that's happened.
Of course OAN was briefly suspended last month.
But we're going to get into more of that in the next segment.
First of all, here is the new video.
Lockdown 3?
This is up on YouTube, let's roll it.
But here it is.
You're joking.
Not another one?
Oh for God's sake, I can't honestly, I can't stand this.
10 months later and we're still mired in this.
Stay at home.
Protect the NHS.
Another lockdown.
Because the first god knows how many worked so well, the vast majority of the country was already under Tier 4 lockdown.
What's Tier 5?
Are you gonna tag us all with electronic ankle bracelets?
Are you gonna have snipers positioned to take out anyone who dares open their front door?
I mean, short of taking China's lead and literally welding everyone inside their homes, what's the f- As author William M. Briggs points out, all lockdowns do is force people to gather in fewer places.
Instead of remaining at liberty and being able to spread out, under lockdown everyone just piles into the park or onto the beach.
Lockdowns are merely forced gatherings, writes Briggs.
People in lockdown are allowed to venture forth from their dwellings to do essential activities like spending money at oligarch-run stores.
These stores are collection points where people are concentrated.
Some are allowed to go to jobs such as supporting oligarch-run stores.
But don't worry.
Multi-millionaire Premier League players will still be able to kick a ball around for the sake of transnational media empires not taking a cut in profit.
But you and your mate can't play golf.
What a f...
Under this new lockdown, the government, in its infinite wisdom, has also banned takeaway alcohol sales.
Presumably so people who turn to booze to help with severe depression can just go straight to offing themselves.
High-profile morons, which is what they've become, continuing to downplay this and to say it's not what it actually is.
That will cost lives.
People are going to die if they believe this is not actually a serious situation.
The issue was so serious to Piers that he jetted off to the Caribbean while demanding everyone else stay at home.
So I don't get to see my parents in Spain at Christmas.
But this deceitful tosspot gets to sun his carcass on an Antiguan beach, then return to breakfast TV to lecture everyone else about their behaviour.
I'm stuck indoors with the heating on full blast watching crap telly reruns, while he's cavorting around a luxury resort being massaged and pampered.
This dickhead indulges himself in a tropical paradise, then flies back first class to publicly shame people for daring to gather outside in the freezing cold for a New Year's Eve drink.
This is the same hypocritical wanker who browbeats others for not wearing masks while failing to wear one himself.
Again, And guess what?
While us lot are under de facto house arrest, while we can't go anywhere, people from countries around the world continue to come and go as they please.
What on earth is the point in locking your bedroom door while leaving your front door wide open?
Pubs closed, borders open.
They're taking the piss.
Our own border patrol rescues and houses illegal boat migrants.
While the COVID cops arrest a dude for hugging and harass an elderly woman for feeding the pigeons.
Taking the piss.
The maid announced the men's arrival.
Two officers draped in dark green introduced themselves and told Dame Sybil that they had come to establish some rules.
There would be a curfew at 11pm.
No groups larger than five were allowed in the streets.
All pubs were to be closed.
All arms were to be confiscated and no boats were allowed to leave the harbour.
Covid wardens?
That's a description of the Channel Islands under Nazi occupation.
According to YouGov, 79% of Brits support the UK going into another lockdown and only 16% oppose.
The only explanation I can offer at this point is this.
One, people are lazy bastards who enjoy getting paid furlough money to sit on their arses.
And two, people must hate their normal lives and jobs so much that they literally never want to go back to normal.
They'd rather turn into blobs satisfied to be skin grafted to their own sofa than face the real world again.
Or, the polls are total bullshit.
They're almost exclusively sampling permanently terrified jellyfish who have hysterical BBC breaking news alerts directly piped into their limbic system.
The CDC says that 94% of people who died from COVID had other significant diseases or comorbidities.
In the UK, 377 healthy people under the age of 60 have died from COVID.
The average age of coronavirus fatalities is 82 years old.
If you die within 28 days of a positive COVID test, that's recorded as a COVID death.
Gee, I wonder why so many deaths are being blamed on COVID.
But the hospitals are full!
Yeah, it's winter.
They're always full.
Better not try to see for yourself though, or you'll be arrested.
As this graph of mortality across Europe shows, the spike in winter is nothing new.
More people die in winter.
Remember the lockdowns of 2017 and 2018 when we had more winter deaths than we're currently experiencing?
No, neither do I.
Because they didn't happen.
Are hospitals more overwhelmed than they would be during a normal winter?
According to NHS data, in December 2019 hospital beds were 95% occupied compared to December 2020 when they were only 89% occupied.
Critical care occupancy is below the three-year average.
That's a no then.
But hey, look on the bright side.
At least we get to see more TikTok dancing nurse videos.
I mean, it's not like the family members of cancer victims who had their treatment cancelled because of lockdown complained about it or anything.
I'll miss you, Dad.
I only wish that I could have held your hand one last time.
At least they're humble about it all.
Tell me how bad is it?
Already drafting my tweet!
Why does the government always get away with hiding the impact of lockdown?
Untreated serious illnesses, job losses, poverty, mental illness, suicide.
Why is this never factored into their decision?
Why do they never explain the consequences?
Studies show that lockdowns cause no emotional harm.
It's like waking up from a nightmare only to realise you're still trapped inside the nightmare.
Three weeks to protect the NHS.
That's what we were told ten months ago.
And here we are.
Will the vaccine be effective against the new strains?
How many more lockdowns do we need?
What's the exit strategy?
Will this ever end?
The WHO says there are worse pandemics to come.
Unless we see mass resistance, which is pretty unlikely given the polls.
This isn't a new lockdown.
This is just a continuation of the new normal.
A new normal that could go on forever.
*Dramatic music* *Dramatic music*
*Dramatic music* Lockdown 3.
We were told three weeks to protect the NHS.
Now they're literally saying, oh, by the way, this is all still going to be in place, not until spring, but until next winter at least.
They've also said it's all going to continue until 2022, 2023.
Kind of like they don't really want to stop the virus and this lockdown is about something else altogether, isn't it?
Don't go away.
There's a video on Twitter, which I retweeted about an hour ago, posted by Ashley St.
And again, it's another one of these mass confrontations.
These women, they all look the same.
I made a video once called, Why Do They Always Look The Same?
And it was specifically about left-wing male activists in the United Kingdom, who all look like the classic soy wojak.
You also have the female left-wing Karen version, and that is the most accurate application of the Karen meme.
Of course, the left tried to hijack that and make it about, you know, people who go into Walmart without wearing a mask.
This is the true essence of a Karen that you can see in this video.
Two fat, middle-aged female woejacks on a train.
Presumably, this is people going to Washington D.C.
Couple of guys sitting down drinking coffee without their masks on?
Oh my god!
How on earth are you meant to drink coffee with a frigging mask on?
So these two fat feminists, one of whom it later turns out, imagine my shock, works for the Huffington Post, Gets in their face with a camera and starts trying to get them kicked off a train for drinking a coffee.
Sat down, minding their own business, drinking a coffee while not wearing a mask.
Literally impossible to drink anything or eat anything while you're wearing a mask.
Just brazen harassment.
Oh, but Joe Biden said the masks aren't political, they're patriotic.
They're totally political and they don't work.
Look at California after their mask mandate.
Coronavirus cases sharp, but it's empowered.
It's empowered a legion of these Karen female Wojak busybodies sticking their phone camera in your face demanding you wear a mask.
They tried to get the conductor involved.
He's not interested.
He says he wants me to call the police.
They back off and that's the end of it.
These are the ones that get caught on camera.
There are thousands and thousands of these confrontations probably happening every week that we don't even see or hear about.
I was out running a couple of days ago because, of course, as I mentioned in that video, and I'm going to get on to the article in a moment too, the thing about these lockdowns is people are still going out, right?
They're still going to the supermarket.
They're still going to the park.
So what happens is Whereas you could have people spread out and not being as in close contact if you really want to maintain this social distancing, what happens specifically in the major cities, in London where I am, everyone from everywhere around just pours into the park.
You literally can barely run now in the park because it's so full of people.
Meanwhile, as old Hoburn points out here in this tweet, public transport remains completely open.
The planes continue to land from Beijing, from Africa, from South Africa.
We've supposedly passed a law or a regulation in the UK where people coming in from South Africa can't enter the country because they've apparently got an even more virulent mutant strain of this coronavirus.
Yeah, I checked earlier and the planes from Johannesburg are continuing to land.
Who is on these planes?
Meanwhile, we have internal borders.
The lesser lockdown was the internal borders, where I couldn't drive 30 miles away to see a relative.
Meanwhile, the borders remain wide open, as I mentioned in the video there.
If you're part of the privileged elite, like Piers Morgan, who lectures everyone else about their behaviour, And says, you've got to stay at home, otherwise people are going to die.
Oh, but he can fly off to the Caribbean first class for a luxury resort holiday and come back.
You're bad for having a New Year's Eve drink.
We're ruled by people like that.
We're ruled by people like Mascarons.
But as I said, the lockdowns, they just concentrate people into smaller areas.
It's completely nonsensical.
Everyone piles into the parks.
So again, I wrote an article a few months ago about people going to tourist hotspots in the United Kingdom to get away from the big cities.
The residents of these hotspots literally jumping out of the way in shock and horror when people are walking towards them on the other side of the road without wearing masks.
Same thing happened to me.
I was running In the park, not even running very quickly because there are too many people.
He can barely move because lockdowns are stupid.
Everyone concentrates, congregates into fewer areas.
Literally running towards someone, not even at any kind of speed.
And he literally panicked, shrieked, jumped out the way.
He was literally like ducking and weaving, trying to figure out which way I was going to go when I was basically jogging towards him.
And then he literally leapt out of the way and shrieked in terror.
This is a grown man of, I guess, you know, around 30, 35 years of age.
This is a grown man shrieking in terror and leaping out of the way because another human being is not even fast approaching them.
This is the society that we now live in.
Where these people wearing masks look so self-righteous.
They're such good people.
They're such good people and they care about people not dying.
They'll tell you to wear a mask and if you dare advocate against wearing masks or even question it, they'll accuse you of wanting to kill people.
Oh, and by the way, they'll also then tell you in Instagram DM messages and Twitter DM messages how they also want to kill you.
So they're really sacrosanct about preserving life.
Unless you question their narrative, then they immediately want to kill you and will tell you and will send you death threats on social media.
These are good people.
Hashtag be kind.
And we see another case of that in this train incident today.
But again, as I mentioned in the video and as I mentioned previously, these lockdowns, they just force people into tighter and tighter areas, supermarkets, parks, beaches, whatever you want.
Headline statistician!
Lockdowns don't work because they force people to congregate in fewer places.
This was an article by William M. Briggs posted on lockdownsceptics.org who stated the lockdown will spread this bug faster than allowing people to remain at liberty.
He says it's clear that our 100% transmissible bug will spread much faster when people are forced to spend more time indoors with each other, which is exactly what's going on.
Once one person gets it, he will spread it to those at his home immediately.
If people were at liberty and therefore more separated, the bug would still spread to everybody but more slowly.
He goes on.
Lockdowns force people together.
The venues they're allowed to venture to are restricted and therefore concentrate contact and they force people inside their homes.
So again, everyone piles into the supermarkets, the parks, They're more likely to transmit the virus instead of allowing people to spread out.
It makes no sense whatsoever, again, unless you literally want to weld people inside their homes like Communist China did, which is literally what many people are now advocating.
Meanwhile, police demand elderly ladies stop feeding pigeons under Covid lockdown rules.
Yes, We have boat migrants, illegal boat migrants, many of whom have links to terrorists and extremist groups in the Middle East and North Africa, as we saw with the Manchester bomber, who by the way was a boat migrant who our own government literally brought into the country.
Those people are still at liberty to enter the country, be given free housing, be allowed to move about as they please on public transport.
But this old lady in central London feeding the pigeons, gotta crack down on her!
The old woman throwing pieces of bread to the pigeons was apparently some kind of violation as it pertains to the gatherings of people, but quite how God only knows.
She was literally on her own.
I think that the justification they used was because some of the people were around her and then they claimed it was a gathering.
The pensioner was forced to leave the area or she would have been presumably been fined or even arrested.
Then there's another clip in the same article Which shows about two dozen police officers marching through Hyde Park in central London like they're military.
Literally marching in lockstep.
Then they halt, they literally halt, turn to a few people, start demanding their IDs, start demanding proof that they live together.
Again, your identification doesn't say where you live.
In the United Kingdom, your passport, your driver's license, even if you're going to present it, doesn't say where you live.
So how are you going to prove where you live?
We saw another video where a guy was arrested.
For hugging people!
So, a guy arrested for hugging people, an old woman arrested, or nearly arrested, for feeding pigeons.
Yet, the migrants continue to flood in.
So, the latest update on this feminist, fat feminist, female woejack, who got in Ashley St.
Clair's face on a train.
I think the train's heading to DC.
Now she's complaining that she was doxxed.
Okay, so you go up and get in someone's face with a phone, With a video camera on your phone.
You whine and bitch at them for drinking coffee.
They put it online.
It's a public confrontation on a train.
Then she starts whining about being doxxed.
Again, Huffington Post writer.
As Mike Cernovich tweeted, halfway into this, you see a leftist Huffington Post blogger falsely accuse a man of violence.
This is why I always travel with a battle buddy.
They will fabricate crimes against us.
So again, This fat feminist female Wojak mask-wearing idiot.
With the visor.
The mask's not enough.
I did a story last week about a guy who wore two masks.
Just to prove that he was double-plus good.
A good person.
She's wearing the visor, she's got the mask, she gets in their face with the camera.
Oh, but then she's the victim!
They always claim to be the victim when you expose their idiocy.
And their vindictiveness.
So now she's famous.
She deserves it.
She deserves it.
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Now, YouTube went completely off the goop last night.
They straight up terminated a mainstream news channel from their platform because they'd had a few guests on that questioned the sanity of lockdowns and questioned whether lockdowns were actually working.
This is out of Breitbart.
Google owned YouTube blacklists British COVID lockdown skeptic radio station.
Now this is talk radio.
Which I think has been around for decades.
It's one of the oldest commercial radio stations in the UK.
It's actually regulated by Ofcom, which is even more severe in terms of restrictions of what you can and can't say than YouTube, in many cases.
So it's a mainstream talk radio network regulated by an official regulator in the United Kingdom.
Doesn't matter, YouTube just deleted their entire channel.
Says the Google-owned video streaming platform deleted the channel in the early hours of Tuesday morning just after the announcement that England would be entering another lockdown.
Guido Falk's blog reported that YouTube merely stated that the channel was terminated for violating YouTube's community guidelines.
The ban follows a number of other censures by the Google-owned video platform.
Again, you can't question.
You can't question, for example, the fact that lockdowns don't work, even though, as this American Institute for Economic Research article highlights, and this was what I wanted to mention as well, it's not just my opinion that lockdowns don't work.
In this article alone, Which is entitled, Lockdowns Do Not Control the Coronavirus, The Evidence.
They cite and link to 27 different studies, many of them peer-reviewed, that prove beyond doubt that lockdowns don't work, they don't reduce the transmissibility of the virus.
But if you talk about these peer-reviewed studies on YouTube, they'll just delete your entire channel.
Even if you cite Health authorities, which go against the narrative, you're gone.
And that's what happened to Talk Radio, but thankfully for them, a lot of other people haven't had this convenience.
Because people in government, including Michael Gove, who was literally in the government and was a guest on that radio station this morning, complained about it, and several other prominent people complained about it, the YouTube channel was, within 24 hours, reinstated.
Which again, is not a convenience that many other people would enjoy.
This is out of Guido Faulk's blog.
Talk Radio YouTube channel reinstated.
Says after 19 hours of being declared terminated, Talk Radio YouTube channel has been reinstated.
A whole working day in declared termination doesn't sound like a brief suspension to Guido.
Because YouTube came out and said, quote, The channel was briefly suspended but on further review it's now being reinstated.
Yeah, they only reviewed it because loads of people complained about it and some of those people were quite prominent and they were in government.
But then you look at something like the online harms bill which is being debated and is about to be passed in the United Kingdom.
That again Puts the pressure on government to put the pressure on YouTube, Twitter, these other social media networks to censor, quote, hate speech, which of course is a definition we know has been expanded out, extrapolated out, to include basically any questioning of any official narrative.
So don't expect YouTube's freedom of speech platform or position on that issue in reinstating the channel.
To remain the case for very long, at least in the United Kingdom, with the kind of legislation that we've got going through at the moment.
Meanwhile, this is from a few days ago, but it's still very important.
UK woman arrested for filming inside empty hospital.
This was in Gloucestershire, the Gloucestershire Royal Hospital, because of course this whole narrative that hospitals are being overwhelmed is the foundation for Lockdown 3 in the United Kingdom, despite the fact that there are more empty hospital beds than there were at this time last year, despite the fact that critical care beds, the average is lower than it was over the past three years, despite the fact that more people die in winter every year and in fact the spikes in deaths Over previous winters in the United Kingdom were bigger than the current Covid spike of winter deaths.
And so this woman decided to investigate for herself what the situation was like inside her local hospital.
She found most of the wards and some of the corridors to be empty.
She posted it online and then I think the next morning or the next evening She got a knock on the door from the police.
Apparently it's a public order offence to film inside a hospital.
No doubt if she'd have been filming inside the hospital and bemoaning Covid and telling everyone to stay at home and supporting lockdown, dare say she wouldn't have been arrested.
It wasn't the fact that she filmed inside a hospital, it was the fact of what she was saying while filming inside the hospital because, again, we now have thought police in the United Kingdom who will literally come and Barge into your house if you tweet something which they don't approve of.
Meanwhile, Queensland police pay home visit to author who bragged on Twitter about COVID violating jog.
This was a guy in Australia who didn't even violate the COVID rules.
He was just making a joke about it on Twitter.
He actually had a G-pass which allowed him to cross between internal state borders in Australia.
But he joked about how he was, quote, avoiding the CCP virus police.
A huge Twitter hate mob complained about it.
And he also got a knock on the door from the police.
So again, they're literally policing speech and thought under the guise of COVID restrictions.
Meanwhile, US national security still believes coronavirus leaked from Chinese lab.
Top US national security officials still believe that the most credible theory on the origin of COVID-19 is that it escaped from a Chinese laboratory.
Now that's also an example of something you couldn't say, an argument you couldn't make on YouTube and especially on Twitter, otherwise they'd ban you or at least delete your content.
But now the Washington Post is asking the same question.
This is out of the Daily Caller.
Washington Post editorial board calls for investigation into Chinese lab theory after dismissing it as a conspiracy theory.
Now the WHO, from what I saw on Twitter about an hour ago, has just announced that now their people are being blocked from getting into China to investigate this kind of thing.
And now the Washington Post editorial board is calling for an investigation into the theory that the COVID-19 leak from a Chinese lab after the paper spent time dismissing it as a conspiracy theory.
So the Post and its editorial board are now looking into that too.
We also have this headline, NHS requires recently retired doctors to have diversity training before they're allowed to administer vaccines.
So the vaccine rollout in the United Kingdom is perhaps deliberately not going very well.
Fewer people than they expected have been vaccinated and one of the reasons is that retired nurses and doctors applying to administer these vaccines They're being barraged with paperwork amounting to 14 different documents they have to file to be allowed to administer the vaccines, one of which requires them to have diversity training, another which requires them to have radicalisation training.
Final world strikes once again.
That's going to wrap it up, Warren.
Coming up next, Summit.News.
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The populist movement that elected President Trump four years ago re-elected him by an even bigger landslide.
Rejecting and repudiating and discrediting the globalists.
That's why they had to overturn the chessboard.
That's why they had to engage in naked election fraud in front of everyone.
And as long as we Never accept the fraudulent results.
As long as we don't let them gaslight us into submission, as long as we point out this is a foreign, globalist takeover of our country, and that all the depression and all of the collapse that's coming is because of the New World Order, this will end up fully destroying them in the future if we don't submit.
If we submit, they'll normalize the communism, they'll normalize putting us into a depression, they'll normalize breaking up our families, taking our guns.
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So please, Paul Reveres, I salute you for your past actions.
Keep spreading Band Off video and InfoWars.com and come to the big DC marches on the 5th and 6th of January.
I'll see you there.
God bless.
The year 2021 is now here.
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InfoWars, where those of us that understand what's happening are able to congregate,
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