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Air Date: Jan. 4, 2021
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Alex Jones discusses politics, globalism, transhumanism, COVID-19, and his upcoming event in this rant. He criticizes the media for spreading misleading information about COVID-19 vaccines and election results. He encourages listeners to support InfoWars by purchasing their products and attending the "March to Save America" event. The show covers topics such as communism, Pollen Block, vaccines, banks controlling countries, and potential retribution for those responsible for globalist agendas. Alex Jones also talks about increasing food prices, Janet Yellen's role in the Federal Reserve if Biden is elected president, and promotes storable food to support InfoWars' mission. The show encourages listeners to take control of their health and well-being with Infowars Life products and discusses economic matters and unity. A call to storm Washington D.C. is also made.

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This is our chance
By the way, I totally agree with you.
I meant to start the show today.
Just be safe when you go out there.
Do show up.
Show up in large numbers.
We gotta show that we have the numbers.
Cause we do have the numbers.
This election is completely fraudulent and people need to know how we feel about that.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
And it's time for humanity to stand up in the Info War and say, I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight?
You better believe you've got one!
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
Number one on Karl Marx's ten planks is the abolition of property and land and application of all rents of land to public purpose.
The Antifa BLM autonomous zone known as CHAZ or CHOP was just the beginning.
Autonomous zones have been used as a protest tactic throughout history.
More than a century ago, in 1871, the Paris Commune took place in protest of Napoleon's unpopular leadership in France.
The people of Free Derry in Northern Ireland also used this method in 1969 when they banded together with demands of ending discrimination against the Irish Catholic community.
Recently in Portland, Oregon, Antifa occupied a house that had fallen behind on its mortgage and had been sold.
Antifa argued that the black family would now be homeless and proceeded to occupy the house and the surrounding area, disregarding the fact, in order to protect the narrative, that the family owned a second home.
We reported on Tuesday when Mayor Ted Wheeler called the ordeal an illegal occupation and authorized police to use all lawful means to end it.
However, Wheeler said today the city acted as a liaison between the Kenney family and the current property owner to reach an agreement.
This disregard of property rights and the weak politicians and police allowing it to happen has opened the door for a sect known as the Moorish Nationals, who claim to have discovered America before Christopher Columbus.
Lamont Butler, a.k.a.
Lamont Maurice L., claimed the mansion for himself.
He even provided documents issued by the so-called Moorish National Republic to back it up.
In North Carolina, a couple who identified with the group moved into a multi-million dollar home for sale, holding a quitclaim deed and barricaded themselves inside.
Their contentious arrest for trespassing rattled neighbors.
It's a pretty bold move to just move in and pretend you're living there.
Outside of Tacoma, Washington, a group known as the Tacoma Housing Now occupied a struggling family-owned travel lodge and refused to pay.
Under the law, the occupation of 16 rooms at this motel in Fife is considered trespassing.
Activists with Tacoma Housing Now say the bigger crime would be forcing these people, many of whom have chronic conditions, back on the street.
One single night in freezing temperatures could potentially kill numerous members that we have living here.
Activists got their first chance to talk face-to-face with the city manager, who says he wants to keep the dialogue going.
We have meetings in the coming days and hours to discuss what can we do to get these folks that are staying here, that have come off the streets, the help they need.
The operator says he may have to shut down and lay off 10 workers, adding that repeated protests in the parking lot have driven away other paying customers.
We want to work within the system if the system wants to work with us.
But it has to be in advancing their conditions.
And business as usual is not going to cut it.
After the family begged for help from the authorities and saw no other option than to shut down, the police finally busted in on the squatters and hauled them away in zip ties.
And as the liberal Northwest burns with the cries of anti-American lunacy, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler attempts to grow a pair, calling on a depleted police force to fight back after months of caving to the mob's demands.
Lawlessness and anarchy.
Come at great expense and with great risk to the future of our community.
It's time to push back harder against those who are set on destroying our community and to take more risks in fighting lawlessness.
Legislatures nationwide need to innovate with laws protecting the rights of property owners because America is under attack.
John Bowne reporting.
Ladies and gentlemen, it's January 4th, 2021.
Stay with us.
You are non-essential.
You will own nothing, you will have nothing, and you will submit.
The classic maxim of authoritarians is now here.
On steroids.
It is the year 2021.
In your face.
The calm before the storm.
January 4th.
You walk into this room at your own risk.
Because it leads to the future.
Not a future that will be, but one that might be.
This is not a new world.
It is simply an extension of what began in the old one.
It has patterned itself after every dictator who has ever planted the ripping imprint of a boot on the pages of history since the beginning of time.
It has refinements, technological advances and a more sophisticated approach to the destruction of human freedom.
But like every one of the super states that preceded it, it has one iron rule.
Logic is an enemy and truth is a menace.
This is Mr. Romney Wordsworth.
In his last 48 hours on Earth,
He's a citizen of the state, but will soon have to be eliminated.
Because he is built out of flesh.
And because he has a mind.
Mr. Romney Wordsworth, who will draw his last breaths in the Twilight Zone.
I just want to say this up front because I don't get a chance to say it enough.
It's like that Elvis song, you were always on my mind.
I love you guys so much.
All of you.
We've come so far together.
We've been proven right about world government.
We've been proven right about its aim of population annihilation.
And to fight together against this evil has been a real honor and a real pleasure, and I intend to live another 100 years, hopefully.
Another 50 years.
With life extension, who knows?
But I know this.
We've put up a hell of a fight so far, and we've only begun to fight, quote, the founder of the U.S.
Navy, John Paul Jones.
And when I look at the evil and the corruption and the absolute weakness of our enemies,
We've sold out to Satan.
I just thank God every millisecond in my heart and my soul and my mind that because of my parents and because of where I was born and because of the events that happened in my life that the devil didn't get me and that I'm with Christ.
That's really what matters at the end of the day is where our soul is pointed.
Now we're going into judgment and things are gonna be spectacularly horrible in many ways here on out.
Even if we fight back and try to reverse it, that will lessen how bad things get, but it's still a terrible road we're going down.
It does go from bad to worse.
And I don't say that to demoralize you.
I say that so you can get ready and understand the facts of the matter.
The secret technologies are at least 50 years advanced what we even know about.
I've been able to project through their different propaganda and programming and their own preconditioning
Predictive programming systems to know about where they're at and what they've been able to do.
And the bottom line is this.
They've got life extension technology now where they can cure any cancer, where they can regenerate brain cells, where they can basically make it where you never die.
Now you're technically not the same person.
You're an augmented fusion of what you were and what's been added to you, and you really do lose your connection to God and your soul in that process.
But that is going to be the mark of the beast, is people selling out to the system and selling out their humanity for life extension.
And when they have the rise of the new transhuman, super homo sapien sapien,
When we criticize that they're using clone body parts, when we criticize that they are giving rise to all sorts of mutations and all sorts of diseases for the rest of us, that will be the ultimate sin, the ultimate crime, is criticizing the beast system that is going to have all these wonders and all this incredible technology for those that sell out to it.
But all of it comes with back doors, all of it comes with losing your humanity, all of it comes with the price of spiritual and genetic bondage.
Now, I'm not going to talk big picture here today.
I just wanted to get this out of the way up front.
And then I really wanted to set the table here because what I'm going to cover was already in John Hopkins' report on big studies in September.
That guy's reprinting those studies, please.
I forgot to have them in the stack.
The article about several studies that year-to-date by mid-September, there were about the same amount of deaths in 2020 as there were in 2019.
The media came out with snubs and says, well, that's discredited.
It doesn't have the last three months of the year.
And so they pulled the study.
Well, I went to the CDC's own website this morning.
And the crew did, and because we saw articles going around online saying that we had about the same number as we did last year.
And lo and behold, actually, it's just about the exact same number with updated numbers that just came in.
Now, how big a deal is that, that the same amount of people died, roughly, in 2019 as died in 2020?
I'll show you from the CDC website coming up in the last segment of this hour.
But we'll go directly to the CDC website and we will show you directly from where I am with all the information on screen for you.
And Rob, come back here, my friend.
You're doing a great job.
In the last segment of this hour, help them get all that lined up, help them get all the statistics lined up for them.
I know your brother's a great statistician as well, he's been really helping us out.
I don't want to get him in too much trouble.
Line it all up for him.
We've got a statistician report coming out at the end of the week with a degree in statistician.
We're going to show you these numbers and breaking them down right now.
It looks like you're actually going to have less deaths this year or 2020 than 2019.
If you factor out the suicide.
Suicide did go up, so we actually had more deaths last year than the year before, but that's mainly suicides.
We're crunching all those numbers, we're getting them all codified, but just help them line it all up.
I'm going to show them last year, then I'm going to show them 2019, and then we're going to go through on the CDC website and lay it out for them.
Thank you, my friend.
This is a big deal.
This 100% incontrovertibly proves it's a giant fraud.
And then I have all the mainstream articles going, why are there suddenly no flu deaths in Europe, or in Japan, or in Africa, or in the United States, or in any of the continents?
I mean, suddenly the flu's just gone!
It must be the mask!
Even though that virus is roughly the same size?
No, it's pure bull.
They're counting all the flu deaths and all the pneumonia deaths as COVID, which they admit they're doing.
I mean, it's not even debatable, but all that aside, throw that out, because people get lost in statistics.
How about the same amount of people died, and if you take out the doubling of suicides,
Doubled last year.
If you take out the doubling of suicides, take out half the suicides, less people died in 2020 than died in 2019.
I mean, that's a big deal.
And I've got all the numbers right here.
The suicide numbers, all of it.
So I'm going to say it again.
Ding dong, the witch is dead, the witch-o-witch, the wick-o-witch.
Ding dong, the wicked witch is dead, if you want it to be.
Or is it just one more thing we dribble out and it's lost in translation?
So I remember back in September, late September, September 24th, that big two studies came out.
John Hoppins reported on it.
They didn't retract it for error.
They just said, oh, we're retracting it now.
We'll come back in the new year with the new numbers.
Why you can't year to date, say, from January 1st to September 15th, that's what they counted it, of 2019 to the same date in 2020 and use that number.
But okay, fine, the year's over now.
We've got the numbers.
It's damning, ladies and gentlemen.
I mean, it's over!
It's over!
I personally have to get on an airplane today to go to D.C.
or I would demand a meeting with the governor.
And I've talked to him before.
I'll leave it at that.
And as soon as Joe Rogan gets back in town, he's getting stuff.
He's a patriot.
Notice he came out the last two weeks.
I think so.
He would be the hero, he would get elected president, you name it, but don't hold your breath.
But I mean, this is unbelievable.
But I'm going to shift gears into this, quote, leaked phone call with the president coming up.
I love this phone call.
Makes me like Trump even more.
Stay with us.
Okay, coming up in the last segment of this hour, I'm going to show you directly from the CDC's website that there were roughly the exact same number of deaths in the United States
In the year 2020 there was, in 2019.
Now technically there were 61,000 more deaths last year than there were the year before.
But then again, suicide doubled from about 48,000 almost to 100,000.
We're going to show you those numbers.
And I haven't even counted drug overdoses, went up massively.
So if you add those two factors in, I have a professional statistician doing this right now.
They're just not ready to publish it all yet down to the actual, you know, fine print.
But I'm gonna give you a prelude to this.
Less deaths 2020 from viruses.
I'm gonna say that again.
Less deaths, less deaths if you take out suicide and drug overdose in the United States last year than the year before.
I mean, that is just like incredible!
We need Bill Gates to be arrested.
We need Fauci to be arrested.
These globalists are just the biggest frauds on earth, but the public's already bought into the fraud, and people don't like to admit when they've been scammed.
The chains are going on.
Less deaths.
Less deaths.
When you take out the excess drug overdoses that exploded.
Some estimates are over 30% increase in drug overdoses.
That's over 70,000 people we looked it up.
And then you take out the doubling in suicide.
You take out 50-something thousand.
And you're looking at less people dying.
Just do it in the back of an envelope here.
It looks about like 50,000 less people died.
in 2020 than died in 2019.
If you take out the increase, the increase in suicide, not all suicide, the increase in suicide, the increase in drug overdose.
Now there it is.
COVID-19 causes suicide rates to double.
No, your damn lockdown did.
Print me that article, please.
See how it works, folks?
See how it works?
Through a technocracy, they can do anything they want.
Now, let me just get back to the other big news here.
They have closed one hotel that the Proud Boys like to use in D.C.
that also has Harry's Bar under it.
None of the other hotels are closed.
Port-A-Potties are out.
The stage is being built for the event on the 5th.
The stage is being built for the event on the 6th.
On the ellipse, like I told you.
And Trump's speaking exactly when I told you last Friday he would.
You notice Sunday, he announced the ellipse.
He announced the time.
Exactly as I told you.
It's not about me tooting my horn.
The enemy already has my phones tapped.
No one else would do this.
I stepped up and I initiated the whole deal.
And you had the Tea Party folks that already had the permits.
They didn't have the money.
We put forward the money.
We got it done.
Trump learned of that.
We needed an additional $400,000 on top of the hundreds of thousands, and that came through.
When Trump does these big events, they have to be paid for.
The porta-potties, the security, the stages, the jumbotrons, okay?
I stepped up.
And the reason I explain that to everybody is you need to understand Trump's surrounded
And so you can't just sit at home and think, trust the plan, Trump's gonna be fine.
And then I know some very prominent people that are great folks that heard, oh, it's gonna be a cluster, you know what, and oh, there's not security, oh, there's no porta-potties, and oh, the hotels are closed, and I can't tell you, I had family say, I hear the hotels are closed.
I heard we can't go to D.C.
No, it's official, presidential events, it's happening, it's the enemy telling you don't come,
And that's why they call it Sunshine Patriots versus Winter Soldiers.
I'm a Winter Soldier.
And let me tell you, going to D.C.
is not being a Winter Soldier.
That's a piece of cake.
I'm willing to be persecuted.
I'm willing to be attacked.
I'm willing to do whatever because I understand things are a lot worse on the other side of submission.
What did Zapata, the famous Mexican rebel, say?
He said it's better to
Die on your feet than to live on your knees as a slave.
But the truth is, those that live on their feet end up not being slaves.
Living on your feet is the way to go.
And I've never backed down to any garbage.
And I'm not backing down now.
This is easy.
I've never felt more alive.
I've never felt more empowered.
I've never felt closer to God.
I love it.
And then they go, oh, there might be Antifa there.
There's like 200 Antifa.
We'll have three million people probably.
Stop using stuff like that as an excuse.
My head of security, great guy.
He's been, you know, federal marshal, cop, SWAT team, Marines, Army, Blackwater, whole nine yards, State Department.
He's got his buddies hitting him up all over Facebook.
Oh, I'm not going because there's no porta-potties and no hotels.
And it's all these former soldiers are scared to go to D.C.
It's disgusting.
Get your ass to D.C.
Be there.
This is historic to show them we don't buy their fraud.
It's bigger than Trump.
It's bigger than America.
It's about the globalists taking over countries with their system.
I'll tell you this, though.
Oh, this is how they try to spin things in Gaslight.
Trump in an hour-long conversation, hour and four minutes long, listen to the whole thing this morning.
Was out last night, but had to spend time with the family.
Didn't watch it.
Got to spend time with the family.
And Trump lays it all out.
They take one little clip where he goes, I just want you to find the 12,000 votes.
I just showed you hundreds of thousands of fraudulent votes.
Find me the 12,000 or the 11,000.
They go, oh, he wants them to find these.
He wants to, he wants to steal the election.
Oh, I thought stealing elections didn't exist.
But you got a list of the whole phone call.
Of course, they bleep out the name of the lady.
Ruby Friedman, who kicks everybody out, says a water main bust, pulls up the black curtains, pulls out the suitcases, looks both directions, and they start feverishly, like chickens with their heads cut off, start running the ballots in over and over again.
Because it wasn't enough to have 10 suitcases full of ballots all for Joe Biden.
She had to run them over and over and over again, and she had to do it looking over her frickin' shoulder.
And here's the CHICOM agent,
Raffensperger, who literally is a CHICOM agent, telling Trump, Sir, none of that's true.
Sir, none of that's true.
Sir, there's no video of that.
Sir, there's no.
Sir, there's no.
Oh, you just did a consent decree with Hillary Clinton's head lawyer outside the legislature to accept all these fake ballots and waive the signatures and waive the checking and waive it all, and you did this, you little monster?
And you try to gaslight us, telling us?
Like we've got a 35 IQ?
That... Well, it's only 35 IQ is in a comma, basically.
That none of this is happening, sir.
That's not true, sir.
That's not true, sir.
And by the way, he's in a legal conversation with his party, with lawyers, and is told this is a legal lawsuit negotiation.
And anybody that knows, when you are in a mediation, that is completely sealed.
And that little Chai Com bastard bet on the system again and went and gave this to the press.
We're going to come back and play part of it and then I'm going to drop the mega load bombshell on you with the documents.
Does anybody care that less people died?
Last year than neither year before.
Man, I gotta hand it to Bill Gates and these people.
They sure as hell have got a lot of hutzpah, man.
They got a lot of bravado.
We'll be right back.
I'm Alex Jones.
InfoWars.com, the home of the resistance.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
I am Alex Jones, your host.
Here's the headline for the live feed of the show today.
I hope you share it.
It's at InfoWars.com.
The calm before the storm.
Washington, D.C.
For more than 3 million people invading the swamp.
That is a big deal.
And let me give you the inside baseball on that.
Secret service sources tell InfoWars that travel industry metrics indicate between 2 and 4 million people are beginning to now enter D.C.
I wrote that headline very, very quickly myself this morning before I went live.
Let's rewrite that.
Secret service sources tell InfoWars that the travel industry metrics indicate between 2 and 4 million people are planning to attend events in DC on the 5th and 6th.
Continuing, tune in to the number one pro-human broadcast in the world and spread this link to transcend the censors.
Now let's go ahead and get into it.
Let's talk about it.
Yesterday they started running around like they got a fire drill going on.
Oh my gosh, can you believe Trump said just find me the 11,000 votes out of an hour and four minute conversation.
That was supposedly a mediation that was a legal discussion about lawsuits and what Trump was planning to do.
And they knew that before they did the call.
And so it's very uncivil because it's a national security issue.
It's probably a crime.
And Jack Posobiec is reporting that Trump is referring the Secretary of State Raffensperger
For a national security investigation, because the evidence says he's up to his eyeballs with the Chai comms, just like the governors.
I mean, the Chai comms are taking this baby over, folks.
The question is, who isn't a Chinese agent, not who is?
The globalists set China up for this.
Green lit it.
Gave them unlimited capital from Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan.
That's what's happening.
And so listening to what Trump actually said in this hour plus long talk made me like Trump even more.
Because there he is, fighting hard.
There he is, laying all this out and saying the American people aren't buying this.
Just remember, he's stonewalling because he engaged in the fraud.
He's stonewalling because he knows it's all coming out.
He's stonewalling because he knows they illegally did these mail-in ballots.
The legislature didn't agree to it under law.
He knows that they didn't check the signatures.
He knows that where they did spot checks, they found all the votes were being taken from Trump and given to Biden.
He knows Trump won by probably millions of votes.
It's a giant political realignment, a huge awakening.
They have to repudiate that and gaslight you to not believe what evidence shows you.
Triple the number of black males voting for Trump in polls?
Double the number of black females?
Double the number of Hispanics?
They would have us believe
That white males crossed over and voted against Trump.
That's right.
White males are the ones that elected Biden.
Total horse manure.
Because remember, all the Trump supporters are white supremacists.
There's nothing worse than a white male.
I have an article here where major federal courts in Virginia are taking down photos and paintings of white judges saying it's racist.
I'm not joking.
And now they had a prayer instead of saying amen, which means so let it be.
Has nothing to do with men.
But because it sounded like that, like Ottoman, they'll call it a woman.
Don't call that an Ottoman piece of fur, call it a woman.
It's, oh, that word's scary, man.
So now they said, a woman, instead of amen.
At the congressional event with Nancy Pelosi,
Hell, let's just hear the audio first of this.
Go ahead and roll it.
I mean, you can't make this up.
May the Lord make his face to shine upon us and be gracious unto us.
May the Lord lift up the light of his countenance upon us and give us peace.
Peace in our families, peace across this land, and dare I ask, O Lord, peace even in this chamber, now and evermore.
We ask it in the name of the monotheistic God,
Brahma and God known by many names by many different faiths.
A man and a woman.
So now Ebonics has made its way into things.
That sounds like a man.
We're not gonna have a man around here, it's a woman!
This is idiocracy on steroids, but Pelosi in the new House rules says, do not say man or woman or boy or girl.
Someone might not identify as that.
It's hurtful.
This is the anti-human mind control.
You know, I'm going to do this.
I'm going to start the next hour.
So I have 30 minutes ahead of our guest getting into the huge COVID-19 bombshell, biggest news of the last 11 months on this subject.
It is the biggest, make no mistake.
And I'll continue with the Trump speech.
And the Trump call where he lays out all the fraud beautifully.
They try to grab victory from the jaws of their defeat as Trump begins the big reveal the next few days of the fraud.
It's already been brought out, but now it's all codified.
Now they've got specifics, the witnesses, all the affidavits, top scientists, top number crunchers.
It's incredible.
But speaking of masks, if you're a radio listener, you missed the house chaplain saying that, amen woman.
Was wearing two masks.
Well, why not wear three?
Why not wear four?
Why not wear five?
Why not wear one on top of your head?
How about not stand on your head?
Well, what did Eric Swallowswell do?
The Chinese Communist agent on record.
He came out and said that Trump is a danger to America and the rest of it, and on TV wore a mask.
Again, all of it is total theater.
All of it is total fraud.
They've caught him in hot mics.
Democrats are like, wear your mask on stage.
Put it on.
Yeah, it will really scare the hell out of these idiots.
That's all this is!
And it's up to those of us that are leaders to go to the stores, go to the businesses, and speak out and say no to this.
This is such a criminal power grab.
Here's Eric Swallowswell, the Chi Com agent.
Wearing a mask on TV.
Congressman, what was your initial reaction when you first heard the audio of the president and Brad Raffensperger?
Here it is.
That's not America, Alicia.
That's my initial reaction.
As a former prosecutor, I'd say, legally, it was criminal.
Morally, it was repugnant.
And institutionally, as a member of a democratic body, it's corrosive.
But more importantly,
He's going to be gone in 13 days, but the damage that he has done, the wrecking ball he has taken to our institutions, will not be gone.
And I really think it's incumbent upon us in Congress to take an MRI to all the corruption, because you know that this was not the only call.
The Zelensky call just, you know, a year and a half ago was not the only call.
That he has likely made calls like this to so many people to try and exert corrupt influence.
There is a cult leader wearing a mask to keep you in fear.
And he's wearing a Black Lives Matter
Mask as well.
Oh, they really matter, don't they?
The shutdown the UN admits has starved over, now it's over 3 million people to death.
200 million are on the verge.
287 million on the verge of starvation.
Billions sliding into it.
Oh, but he loves the black people.
He loves the black people so much it makes him cry at night.
We're going to go to break.
We're going to come back.
I want to thank you all for your support.
I want to thank you all for your prayers.
You are making all this possible, including the big event on the evening of the 5th in D.C.
at Freedom Plaza.
Please tell everyone you know to be there, even if you can't be there.
And of course, on the 6th on the elliptic just south of the White House.
This is not America's last stand.
This is America rallying to the challenge of the globalists.
And taking action and letting them know we will not submit to their tyranny.
It's a beautiful awakening.
It's huge if we make lemonade out of these lemons.
Please don't forget, a lot of products that were sold out are back in stock like Pollen Block, like X2, like Super Mel Vitality, and also Natural Defense, and so many others are now back in stock like
Alpha Power at infowarestore.com.
Thank you for your support.
That's how we fund this operation.
It's called themarchtosaveamerica.com.
January 5th, 1 p.m., Freedom Plaza.
January 6th, The Ellipse, 9 a.m.
to 1.
January 6th, 1 p.m., Capitol Building, Northeast Side.
I'll be leading that march.
And I'm just going to leave it at that.
But can you imagine?
Jones, you will then lead the march after the president speaks.
So that's what's going on.
I don't want to... The enemy's watching.
The enemy's listening.
Notice there's total radio silence from big stream, mainstream establishment, globalist, Decepticon media about how crazy it is that I'm involved in all this and how they tried to keep Trump away from his real base and the fact that we've radicalized America against the globalists now and the fact there's no turning back for them.
And there's no turning back for us.
What a big story that Jones was instrumental in both these events.
And the media knows that and they won't report on it because they're so damn scared.
They tried to use me to hurt Trump four years ago.
It made him more credible with the grassroots.
It didn't work.
And now they figured it out.
There's a lot they haven't figured out, though, that I'm not going to tell them.
But let's just say this.
They've really screwed up.
I can tell you this isn't about me bragging.
This is an incredible responsibility.
It's very daunting.
That at the highest levels of Hollywood, highest levels of culture, highest levels of sports, highest levels of media, that when people are at dinner, or when people are at a bar, or when people are playing golf, they talk about Infowars.
They talk about me.
And that isn't about, oh, they're talking about me!
It's an incredibly dangerous position to be in, but we have hit the zeitgeist of the zeitgeist of the zeitgeist.
InfoWars is the most credible, most respected, most supported operation in the world.
Because of God.
Because of you.
Now, I get the attacks, I get the lawsuits, I get the demonization, I get all the psychic, you know, backlash.
Which is fine, I'm willing to take it.
But InfoWars is not Alex Jones.
It's all of us together, and it's incredible.
But I mean, folks tell me, big national Fox host, big podcasters, big you name it.
They go, man, it's crazy.
Everybody loves you now.
I mean, just people come over to see me.
I go to events.
They won't talk about you all day and there's a big awakening and wow, what's going to happen next?
And that's what I get from Washington.
That's what I get from the White House.
That's what I get from everybody is folks finally get, I wasn't making this stuff up.
So that gives us a fighting chance.
See, you're a regular person, which is beautiful and wonderful, and I wish I was like you.
9 to 5 job, come home to the kids, go fishing, go eat Mexican food, go get a hamburger, go to church, you know, just be a regular person.
But you don't get the feedback I get.
You don't know.
They're gaslighting you, saying America sucks, nobody wants Trump, nobody wants guns, nobody wants Jesus, nobody wants prosperity.
Nobody cares about the babies.
Nobody's going to stand up to drag queen story time.
All of it's to make you think you're losing when you're not.
All the glitz and all the money and all the propaganda and all the globalism is to make you feel overwhelmed.
But you're not, because you have God, the God of the universe.
So, I'm here to tell you that.
I'm here to tell the New World Order that, and they already know it, that their persecution of Infowars, God works that way like a judo master.
They attack, God uses that energy against them, and then redirects it.
Kind of like when Count Dooku fires his energy bolts of black magic at Yoda, and Yoda grabs it and takes it and uses it.
And that's exactly what we're doing with the enemy.
And it's a beautiful time to be alive.
And so as negative as things are, I want you to know, trust the plan, trust Jesus's plan, trust God's plan.
That's the real cue is Jesus Christ, Yahweh, Jehovah, whatever name you want to give it.
It's the God of the Bible, the God of life, the God of Genesis, the God I follow.
And people say I'm preaching a lot because good nibbles out in the open and God is our rock.
God is our engine.
God is our fuel.
God is our controller.
God is our master.
God is our king.
God is our
All right, let's go to Trump.
First five minutes is very powerful.
Here's the phone call with the CHICOM agent there in Georgia.
They're trying to act like Trump's bad for not wanting to let the CHICOMs take over and steal our election.
Mr. President, everybody is on the line.
Here it is.
This is Mark Meadows, the chief of staff.
Just so we all are aware, on the line is Secretary of State.
And two other individuals, Jordan and Mr. Germany, with him.
You also have the attorneys that represent the President, Kurt and Alex, and Cleta Mitchell, who is not on the attorney of record, but has been involved, myself, and then the President.
So, Mr. President, I'll turn it over to you.
OK, thank you very much.
Hello, Brad and Ryan and everybody.
We appreciate the time and the call.
So we've spent a lot of time on this.
And if we could just go over some of the numbers, I think it's pretty clear that we won.
We won very substantially, Georgia.
You even see it by rally size, frankly.
We'd be getting 25,000, 30,000 people a rally.
The competition would get less than 100 people, and it never made sense.
But we have a number of things.
We have at least two or three, anywhere from 250 to 300,000 ballots were dropped mysteriously into the rolls.
Much of that had to do with Fulton County, which hasn't been checked.
We think that if you check the signatures, a real check of the signatures going back in Fulton County, you'll find at least a couple of hundred thousand of forged
Signatures of people with that who have been forged.
And we are quite sure that's going to happen.
Another another tremendous number.
We're going to have an accurate number over the next two days with certified accountants.
But an accurate number will be given.
But it's in the 50s of thousands.
And that's people that went to vote.
And they were told they can't vote because they've already been voted for.
That happened to three people in our office.
The number is large, we'll have it for you, but it's much more than the number of 11,779.
The current margin is only 11,779.
Brad, I think you agree with that, right?
That's something I think everyone, at least that's the number that everyone agrees on.
But that's the difference in the vote.
You notice Brad the Rat won't even agree to that even though it's a minute fact.
But this is just total cowardly slime.
But he did a good job.
He may bring down America.
Let's continue.
The ballots that were
We're able to actually get you a pretty accurate number.
You don't need much of a number because the number that, in theory, I lost by the margin would be $11,779.
Find me the 11,000 whatever votes.
That's what he's saying.
He's saying, I've got hundreds of thousands here, 20,000 there, 30,000 there.
Just find me those, brother.
We already know.
The statement is we've already... It's a sales tactic.
It's true.
We already got all this.
It's like if somebody says, I don't have the money to pay you back, you go, well, you got three pretty nice cars right there.
You got the title to those?
You got a Volkswagen, you got a Miata, you got a Land Cruiser.
Hell, 10-year-old Land Cruisers go for like $50,000.
You only owe me like $40,000.
Just give me that Land Cruiser right now.
That's all you need is just the Land Cruiser.
What he's saying is he's got all this stuff.
Just get me those damn votes.
I just showed you where they did it.
Mr. President, everybody is on the line and Mark Bennett is the chief of staff.
Just hit pause.
You guys restarted it?
Sweet Lord, just hit pause for me.
Sweet, sweet Lord.
We're going to queue it up to the point it was at, where he's getting into how many votes he needs, the 11,000.
We're going to come back and we're going to play that for everybody.
These computers can glitch and hold up, not the crew's fault.
Separately, I'm burning the candle on both ends, and I'm not complaining.
I'm loving it.
Mach 50 with my hair on fire.
But we need financial support.
Plus, we got products you need.
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That's at InfoWarStore.com.
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InfoWarStore.com makes this whole operation go.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us for hour number two.
And here's more of Trump's phone call that makes me love him even more.
Doesn't discredit him, quite the opposite.
The current margin is only 11,779.
Brad, I think you agree with that, right?
That's something I think everyone, at least that's a number that everyone agrees on.
But that's the difference in the votes.
But we've had hundreds of thousands of ballots that were
We're we're able to actually will get you a pretty accurate number.
You don't need much of a number because the number that in theory I lost by the margin would be eleven thousand seven seventy nine.
But you also have substantial numbers of people thousands and thousands who went to the voting place on November 3rd.
We're told they couldn't vote.
We're told they couldn't vote because a ballot had been put in on their name.
And you know that's very very
Very, very sad.
We had, I believe it's about 4,502 voters who voted, but who weren't on the voter registration list.
So it's 4,502 who voted, but they were not on the voter registration roll, which they had to be.
You had 18,325 vacant address voters.
They had no, the address was vacant.
And they're not allowed to be counted.
That's 18,325.
Smaller number, you had 904 who only voted where they had just a PO, a post office box number.
And they had a post office box number, and that's not allowed.
We had at least 18,000 that's on tape.
We had them counted.
Very painstakingly 18,000 voters having to do with Ruby Freeman.
That's she's a vote scammer, a professional vote scammer and hustler.
Ruby Freeman.
That is that was the tape that's been shown all over the world that makes everybody look bad.
You, me and everybody else where they got.
Number one, they said very clearly, and it's been reported that they said there was a major water main break.
Everybody fled the area.
And then they came back, Ruby Friedman, her daughter, and a few people.
There were no Republican poll watchers.
Actually, there were no Democrat poll watchers.
I guess they were them.
But there were no Democrats either, and there was no law enforcement.
Uh, late in the morning, they went, early in the morning, they went to the table with the black robe, the black shield, and they pulled out the votes.
Those votes were put there a number of hours before the table was put there.
I think it was, Brad, you would know, it was probably eight hours or seven hours before, and then it was stuffed with votes.
They weren't in an official voter box.
They were in what looked to be
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
They voted in Georgia, but they were from out of state, of 4,925.
You had absentee ballots sent to vacant... They were absentee ballots sent to vacant addresses.
They had nothing on them about addresses.
That's 2,326.
And you had drop boxes, which was very bad.
You had Dropbox boxes that were picked up.
We have photographs and we have affidavits from many people.
I don't know if you saw the hearings, but you have Dropboxes where the box was picked up and not delivered for three days.
So all sorts of things could have happened to that box, including, you know, putting in the votes that you wanted.
So there are many infractions, and the bottom line, it's many, many times the $11,779 margin that they said we lost by.
All right, so there is the president, and all of it's true, my God.
That footage of the Freemans is, talk about hand in the cookie jar, talk about Sylvester with Tweebert in his mouth.
In the 11-month saga that has been COVID-19,
This is hands down the biggest news to ever come out concerning it.
This is 100% absolute pure proof that COVID-19 is a giant overblown hoax.
And a fraud and that it's not even as dangerous as the common flu or pneumonia and that they are adding all the regular deaths of flu and pneumonia and gunshot wounds over into it.
Now that's been out in the news and that's been admitted to and they've admitted the PCR test is 96% false positive.
That's all come out.
That's all been admitted to.
But they take famous people that die at 87 with lung cancer and say it's COVID.
They take people that die in motorcycle accidents and say that they've died of COVID.
It's incredible.
But here's the new information.
Here's the bombshell.
If you remember back in September, John Hopkins looked at several studies and put out a big article dealing with the fact that year-to-date, 2020, from January 1st to mid-September, it was roughly the same amount of deaths that had been reported through the CDC and their numbers that are very accurate.
Death numbers are some of the best statistics we've got.
Birth numbers are excellent as well.
And that it showed roughly the same number.
Well, Snopes and everybody got really upset.
They said, well, it's not the rest of the year and maybe statistics are lagging behind.
So they withdrew the article about the study.
Didn't say it was false, just withdrew it.
Just like all those big scientific research institutes in India and Australia scanned the virus in February of last year.
And said, oh my God, it's got HIV delivery system in it.
And that's why people that take the vaccine now test positive for HIV because the COVID has been engineered.
And I'll explain that in a moment.
But ladies and gentlemen, now on the CDC website, they say they have up-to-date numbers four days after the year.
They just updated this morning.
And we have the official death tolls for this year.
Now get ready for this.
There were roughly 61,000, I'm gonna show you the numbers, more deaths in the United States in 2020 than there were in 2019.
We'll show you in a moment.
But when you take out the roughly doubling of suicides, it's the same number.
And when you remove the massive increase in drug overdose deaths, it's under.
About 40,000.
We've hired a statistician that's done work for us before, degreed, prestigious, works for big insurance companies.
We've hired him and he'll have all this done and crunched in a big report by Friday.
That'll be at InfoWars.com.
So we're paying good money for this.
But you don't have to believe Alex Jones.
You can go to the CDC's own website
And see this for yourself, did you hear me?
61,000 more deaths last year than the year before.
Now remember, you were told it was going to be 2.5 million dead, then 2.3 million, then 2.2, then 2 million.
And it was all the projections by Bill Gates' projection groups that he funded.
It was the end of the world.
None of that was true.
But now you see the headlines.
Oh, COVID was worse than we thought.
Oh, society will never reopen.
China's open for business, but we're not.
This is an economic weapon, a consolidation weapon, and everybody that's got half a brain knows it.
So let's go ahead now, and let's go ahead and get right into this.
Overhead shot, please.
Now there's the old John Hopkins information from September.
Directly from the CDC, and they said, oh, again, we should wait till the new year.
Okay, well, we did.
So here's this boil down.
Deaths in U.S.
by year, with links to the CDC, and we will show you the links in a moment.
What is the percentage death, 878, compared to the year before, 870?
Exactly as I told you, the drug overdoses and the increased suicide,
Instead of 870, it's 878 is deaths per 100,000.
And you can go in and just take out the half of the suicide and the increase in the overdosing, and it's 40-something thousand lower.
So you take out the real increases we've seen.
Oh, and I didn't count the increase in homicide.
That's thousands more.
Oh, I forgot that.
Homicide exploded last year, too.
Look that up.
Oh, I forgot that.
So as we look at this, but let's leave it all in.
Total 61,000 more died.
Let's leave in the overdoses.
Let's leave in the suicides that massively increased.
And you're at 61,000.
So let's go ahead and roll this out.
Deaths in the U.S.
by year.
Previous year. 2,855,000.
Now, you're probably saying, well, wait, that's 50-something thousand, not 60,000 more.
This is from three days ago.
I have the new numbers.
I'll show you in a moment.
But this is a good breakdown right here.
It's 60,000, 61,000.
So look at that for yourself long and hard from the CDC.
Don't disbelieve us.
We're doing a whole article on this with the links to it.
Everything that'll go with this video.
Here is, again, the numbers.
From 2018 and 19, and you can see from the CDC's website, it matches the number that we have here on our graph.
Just showing you from the CDC's own website, there were 2,854,800 and something deaths here, then there were 2,839,000 the year before, but it all basically is roughly the same.
This year comes along and we've got 50-something thousand more, but that was as of January 1st.
So they hadn't got all the numbers in.
Now they have, and let's give you the numbers.
286, 866.
Total deaths, 303, 832.
And it just goes all over these numbers.
And let's go ahead and turn the mic on, if Rob Duke can join us in there.
And go over some of this information, because you've got all deaths involved in COVID-19, they say, are 300,000.
But then you've got the so-called number of deaths here at 2,913,000.
But again, this shows that we have about the same amount this year, or in
2020 as we had in the previous year.
How bombshell is this for you, Rob?
It's huge and what it shows is that the death rate pretty much increases the same each year.
It's gone from 0.8 to 0.9 and it's been the same since 2010, the last 10 years.
So it's like we have a pandemic every year.
You can see it.
But people, you need to also remember the population increases.
Look at the population numbers.
309 million in 2010.
Now 2020 we're at 330 million if you look at the bottom of the population graph.
So it's basically increasing the same.
Now the one thing I think you're going to see more is you're going to see more suicides and more homicides from this year or this past year 2020 than you are in 2019 and 2018.
And that's going to have a big effect on the numbers.
I don't know.
Suicides, homicides, and overdoses.
I think you're going to see, when you take those numbers out, you're going to see a lower death rate than what you saw in 2019.
And to be clear, we've hired a statistician whose degree works for a major company several times in the past, four or five times.
That's right.
He's doing it now.
He was telling us what to look at.
We're just with Lehman looking at this.
Friday, we're going to have the full report with all deaths not removing.
Increased homicides, increased drug overdoses, increased suicides.
We'll just have it side by side, but it's basically the numbers I just showed you versus keeping those numbers in there.
It's just unbelievable.
So here's the bottom line.
It's all a giant hoax.
The same amount of people roughly died last year that died the year before, showing COVID-19 is not what they're saying it is.
It is a giant fraud.
And as Rob was pointing out, the population's growing, so you expect to see more people dying as well.
But still, that didn't actually happen last year.
We'll be right back.
So if you just joined us, I laid out some of the most incredible information ever.
It was huge back in September when John Hopkins did a story about multiple studies.
Just going year-to-date, 2020, January 1st to September 15th.
Roughly the same amount of deaths.
And they made the same point in there, that if you take out increased suicide and increased drug overdose, it's massively increased, it looks like there's less deaths.
They went, oh, the year is over, you know, you shouldn't do that.
We're going to attack you in the media.
Okay, we won't report it anymore.
And now here we are three months later, three and a half months later, and it's exactly what John Hopkins and the studies said.
And see, that pisses him off because the number one funder of John Hopkins is Bill Gates.
All his money's tax exempt.
And John Hopkins advises the UN on global vaccines on pandemic response.
So that one group, John Hopkins, is the group that runs it all.
I love how Communist China came out on Friday and said, actually, the virus came from Italy.
And the virus came from America.
Remember when the governor of New York would say that?
It's the American virus.
It's the Trump virus?
So you asked it, well, if it's not that deadly, what's the point?
Well, it's a chimera that they can bring out new versions of that are manufactured to scare by and have new vaccines.
You constantly take it now, as I predicted 11 months ago.
Oh, there's all these new mutations.
Oh, and they're much more deadly.
Well, that's true or not, probably not.
So you got to get new shots all the time and be updated on your phone.
Just getting you used to being this guinea pig.
And then all the trillions saw a big article by Zero Hedge estimating that if people start taking five vaccines a year, like Bill Gates said, and notice Bill Gates said all this 11 months ago, he goes, oh, we'll never reopen.
Oh, wearing a mask will be like wearing a seatbelt.
You're just going to get used to it.
Yeah, small businesses will never reopen.
He said that in the fine print.
Then you, on national TV, it's like, oh, just another six months.
Oh, another year.
Now Gates is like, oh, 2022, 2023.
He said, oh, you'll have to take five shots a year.
And oh, they're like, oh, sorry.
Now it actually never does protect you.
You just, you just got to pay us for it.
And we're just going to keep giving it to you, but you can't fly if you don't do it.
So let's play the head of the vaccine program.
She's the head of the U.N.
vaccine program.
She's the same lady in December that had a two-day conference saying, our doctors don't believe in vaccines.
They're hurting people.
They're not tested.
Our front lines wobbly.
We've got to stop this.
And then COVID comes out, you see, to cover up the past crimes, to move us on to the next issue.
So here's the world chief scientist, WHO chief scientist, Dr.
Somya Swathathian says no evidence the vaccines will prevent people from getting infected.
And that's what Pfizer and Moderna and all of them said months ago.
It's all in the fine print.
And then scientists that are virologists and epidemiologists and geneticists go and they look at it and they go, this doesn't look like something for a virus.
This is something that attacks the protein in a woman's uterus.
You think Bill Gates says he wants to depopulate the earth and use vaccines to sterilize us in speeches?
Just does all this because he just wants to randomly put something in you?
They're like, oh, this shot ain't going to help you.
You got to take a lot of them.
Because every time you take the shot, it causes a bigger autoimmune response until you can't be in contact with any cold virus, which are the most common viruses.
They're everywhere.
And then they'll manage it in the media when no one has an immune system to the cold and it's killing people Spanish flu style.
Man, we've got their number now.
And I told you the story.
I was in a mediation at a big law firm a few months ago.
And I ran into an individual sort of telling me stuff.
Hey, I'm a scientist.
This is what's going on.
And after he left, the lawyers come and they go, don't tell anyone you talked to him.
He's very eccentric.
He's the, you don't know who that is.
He's a multi-billionaire.
He owns a major company and we represent him and he's our friend.
I said, well, I'm going to tell the story of what he said.
Just don't say his name.
I'm in a mediation two weeks ago with my ex-wife.
We're at a law firm in North Austin.
My lawyers at another law firm, my lawyers had met with him again, and I've got the best lawyers in the state when it comes to divorce stuff and custody battles and all that.
They're well-known.
I mean, my guy, Will Hite's name is on the state book, the family law book.
He's like, just don't say the name of the guy, but yeah.
He grabbed him by the arm, and he said, don't you take that mRNA vaccine, it's super dangerous and it'll cause all sorts of autoimmune responses, and it's when you take it the second time that people are gonna really get sick, and he goes, Fauci's an idiot and a fraud, so is Gates, I know them both, my God, this is insane, they're gonna give our whole industry a bad name, on and on and on.
He goes, I don't know why they're doing something this reckless.
And that's when it clicked for me.
Anybody's going to be able to use messenger RNA, and they've got it that creates antibodies that kills colon cancer, lung cancer, brain cancer, and that's what this guy does.
Anybody can figure this out.
He's got the patents, it's been bought, it works.
I'm not saying do it, I'm not saying it's not dangerous, but why would they put something out where mRNA sterilizes you, makes you sick, because it creates a protein that's so common in the body.
It's like, instead of like throwing darts at the bullseye, it's like blowing the whole wall out.
Why would you do that to an industry that's got the keys to the fountain of youth?
And that's why this guy's pissed off.
Because they've got antibodies for colon cancer, you name it.
I looked it up, they do.
They're like 100%.
But see, they're not going to let you have that.
Instead, you get a shot that makes your body have an autoimmune response to a super common protein in your body.
Because, again, viruses are fast-growing, fast-replicating.
And I'm getting this from the scientists.
I'm not the scientist.
But it's not just what this guy told me, or what the lawyers told me.
I already knew all that.
That's what Wolfgang Ludarg says.
That's what the former Pfizer chief scientist says in the lawsuit they filed December 1st.
So, that's the level we've reached in all of this.
In that the top genetic engineers whose business is this say, this is really bad.
It'd be like if you were a filtered water salesman, and you're selling good filtered clean water, and the guy down the street is selling filtered water that has cholera in it.
You'd say, why are you putting cholera in the water?
Because they're going to cause a global crisis with this, and have the UN then come in and control mRNA and gene therapy.
That's what this is.
They're going to scare everybody away from it.
So they can control it as a disruptive technology and not release it.
There's a lot of angles to this.
These people are jerks, man.
They are.
They are absolute pieces of filth.
And by the way, you just saw how Gates wants to control the weather.
I told you that 15 years ago.
He was in documents that were very secretive 15 years ago.
Now it's all public that he is already in control of the damn weather.
He inherited the whole Robert Barron complex, folks.
All the secret Nazi money, everything.
He's Red Skull.
Ladies and gentlemen, something so huge has happened.
The biggest thing yet in this whole COVID nightmare.
The CDC released its official death numbers for the year 2020.
And it is almost exactly the same as the year before, just like every previous year tracks exactly the same.
I'm about to lay those numbers out for you.
That proves that this is a giant overblown hoax used to shut down the economy, consolidate control, and put out the 80 million mail-in ballots to steal the election from the American people.
It's so incredible.
We have it from the CDC's own website, and we're going to be laying it out
Right now.
Now, again, we're live on air, and I'll just let the listeners in on what I just did.
That's an intro for Segment 2 and Segment 3, so we can get that out and go viral.
Now, we're still live.
We'll go back to Lee Stranahan.
But I need to do an intro to that piece.
So huge, it's just incredible.
I mean, wow, when John Hopkins said that back in September, and the media said, well, the rest of the year isn't here yet.
Well, here it is.
They don't want this fact out.
This is coffin nails to their giant hoax, and the lockdown that Bill Gates says is never going to end until we expose that he ran the Wuhan lab, until we expose his operations and bring him to justice.
Now, with some other good news, but it's kind of got a sick, twisted lining to it.
We're joined by investigative journalist Lee Stranahan.
Just in, Mexico offers political asylum to Assange.
That's directly from the President of Mexico, who I, despite the fact he's a socialist, I really like him.
Breaking British judge rules, Julian Assange cannot be extradited to the U.S.
to face 18 counts of espionage, saying he's already been tortured by years of solitary confinement, and they believe that he would commit suicide.
Well, the man is like the Pentagon Papers and Daniel Ellsberg.
He's a hero.
He was the darling of the New York Times, the Washington Post, when he was exposing George W. Bush's lies about WMDs.
But when he started exposing Hillary Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein and the pedophilia, well, he's got to pay for that, so no one else ever dares challenge them.
So joining us is Lee Stranahan.
He's followed the case very, very closely.
Cassandra Fairbanks was traveling, couldn't come on, she recommended Lee Stranahan.
We've got Lee here with us.
Lee, great to have you back.
Silver lining to an overall horrible mess, if Trump doesn't
If Trump doesn't give him a pardon, then shame on President Trump.
He said, I don't care who's got it.
Julian Assange, the Russians?
It's not about who's got it.
It's about they're illegal.
It's about Hillary's emails.
Don't change the subject.
He said, release it!
So Trump better pardon him.
This is really one of my main sticking points with Trump.
Lee, what do you think?
No, I agree completely, Alex.
I would like to see Donald Trump do it.
First off, by the way, Happy New Year, Alex.
But let's face it.
Good to see you.
Great to see you.
And this is great news.
I got to say, if you were watching this morning, I was watching this live.
I was watching people and the judge's ruling.
I was very depressed because everything the judge was saying.
He said the U.S.
will do a fair trial.
I don't agree.
Just on and on.
And this went on for about 15 minutes, and I got so depressed that I decided to go out and just get a cup of coffee or something.
When I came back, the judge had ruled the way we know the judges ruled now, which is that this is, that pending an appeal, Julian Assange will be free, and we're going to be back in court on Wednesday.
So this is fantastic news.
And I'll tell you, Alex, for people who've been fighting this fight for a long time,
This is such a morale booster, especially given the fact
Look, Donald Trump, Roger Stone did nothing wrong, we know that.
That pardon, great news.
The pardon of Paul Manafort, a big deal in my opinion, because Manafort knows a lot about the Ukraine story.
And that's why they've kept him silent.
But I was disappointed like you were, that we haven't heard anything on Assange yet.
And I think this may give Trump an opening, since it can't all be placed on him.
That was my next question.
Is that not the judge giving Trump his opening?
I hope so.
I don't think that was the judge's goal.
But I'll tell you, the DOJ, I know you've seen this, Alex, the DOJ is already announcing their disappointment with this.
And people like Pompeo, and unfortunately people like Rick Grinnell, the former DNI, and I like a lot of things Grinnell says, but unfortunately on this one, he's an Assange hater.
And so that's that's bad news.
But I think today is a day for real celebration and to try to get some control of this narrative.
Millions of people who haven't been paying any attention to the Assam story are going to hear good news today.
And we need to ride that momentum a little bit and keep that momentum of good news going this week.
Let's talk about why any journalist on the planet, whether they be conservative, liberal, gay, straight, Muslim, Christian, Jewish, agnostic, it doesn't matter.
What Assange did was classic journalism.
He should be celebrated, not put in prison.
I mean, this is so dangerous for everyone.
Where is all the journalistic world not defending this man?
That to me is the big story here.
This is very dangerous.
I agree with you.
And also, I'll tell you, Alex, when this came through, I actually thought of you.
Because I don't want to make you feel weird, but a year or so ago, you were in the studio in D.C.
and did an interview with you.
And you struck me
I brought up Assange, and Alex, you were so humble about it.
And you said at the time, you said, I'm going through a lot of stuff, and everyone knows you are.
You said, but Assange, that guy's a hero.
I don't know if you remember that.
I do.
He is a hero.
It really, it really stuck with me, Alex.
And it says a lot about your character that you've stated in the story.
And you're exactly right.
The people who defend Assange, I'm George Galloway.
He's an amazing speaker and the people who are with Assange on this
Today is really a day.
This is the real meaning of intellectual diversity.
But where are the old-fashioned socialists that I disagree with their policies but they still stood for freedom of speech like the Mexican president's for that, Galloway's for that, Assange is there, he's a liberal.
Where are all the real liberals that we used to admire?
Well, they've been bought out.
That's where the Soros money comes in.
I've been convinced for a long time.
The reason Soros funds the left in the U.S., which he doesn't do internationally, by the way, in Ukraine, he funds literal Nazis.
That's who he funds.
But here he funds the left.
Why does he fund them?
Because if he funds the ACLU, if he funds
The NAACP, all of these groups, People for the American Way, guess what?
When it comes to issues that he really cares about, he's an establishment shill.
He is pushing the war machine.
He's pushing the military-industrial complex.
So he can control them and say, hey, you know what?
NAACP, if you want your money,
You know, be quiet about the war machine.
Don't say anything about the military-industrial complex.
The S.Q.U.A.D., AOC and Ilhan Omar, they are the biggest cowards.
They didn't just vote for Pelosi.
They have voted for every war that comes down the pike.
Exactly, but because they're women with burqas on their head, they can be for all the wars, they can be for all the surveillance, they can be for arresting journalists.
It's disgusting.
It's completely disgusting, and it shows that we really have no balance.
That's why people like, I'll mention two have been heroic on this.
Rand Paul on the right, and Tulsi Gabbard on the left.
They have both spoken up, they have both said what's happening to Assange is wrong, and God bless both of them.
So there is some sanity left, but that's two out of what?
635, you know, 535.
And it's very, very, very disturbing to people like me.
This is true authoritarianism, just like all the big tech censorship.
This has happened because we've given up on basic American values, and now we're going to reap hell on earth.
All right, Lee Stranahan, stay right there with your new show you're doing, The Backstory.
We'll be right back with you on the other side to talk about what's coming next for Assange, what's coming next with Trump, the election, and so much more.
Stay with us.
Well, folks, we've tracked back.
Remember that Postal Service worker that delivered the dozens of boxes of pre-printed ballots?
He looked at them, all for Joe Biden.
And he testified to this in front of the legislature.
Well, now they've tracked it back.
A printer in Michigan printed tens of thousands of excess Pennsylvania ballots, which were shipped to New York and fraudulently filled out before being delivered to Pennsylvania.
Post the whole article right now.
Get Joe Hoft on.
Get Jim Hoft on.
I don't care.
They're not going to care.
I want this promoted.
Post this to Infowars.com right now.
God Almighty.
I mean, we just... And they go, there's no evidence, there's no evidence, there's no evidence, there's no evidence the Atlantic Ocean exists.
There's no evidence the Pacific Ocean exists.
There's no evidence Alex Jones exists.
There's no evidence Lee Stranahan exists.
There's no evidence that the First Amendment exists.
There's no evidence... And then they're giving prayers where they say, Amen, woman.
And they're... And they pass house rules where you can't say mother or father.
This is a cult of lunatics that want you to suspend
Do you think if there was really something out there that had a 5% chance of killing you, I'd be out there?
I knew day one the real studies showed a 99.999% chance.
I knew they were flipping all the regular deaths from flu and cold over to it.
Let me tell you something.
I wear a seatbelt.
Let me tell you something.
When I go rock climbing, I used to, I use a harness and I don't free climb.
I want to take care of my life.
When I go out hunting, I wear a red cap or an orange cap and an orange suit.
I put my blinkers on when I turn.
I follow back ten cars back at least.
You know, I'm into basic safety.
It's a fraud, folks.
Oh, you're gonna die.
And now they admit.
CDC's own numbers.
Roughly the same amount died last year, died the year before.
So bombshell, so huge.
That's another subject, Lee.
We should have you on about that soon.
But getting back to the election, back to Trump, back to the gaslighting going on.
There's not evidence of fraud.
You're a smart investigative journalist.
You've written for Breitbart.
You've written for The Huffington Post.
You've written for everybody.
What do you think is really going on with this election?
What do you think is about to unfold on the 6th?
Well, I have no idea what's going to unfold.
It seems like Trump may have something up his sleeve.
I don't know what that is, but let me tell you something.
I haven't heard enough people really talk about this.
Let's leave the election fraud aside for just a second.
Let's put it over here and just forget about that.
Joe Biden is not a legitimate president for one reason, and you can put aside the election fraud.
Just the fact
That the big tech companies and the major media, Lesley Stahl and 60 Minutes CNN,
Buried a story in a way that you and I have never seen in our lifetime, Alex.
You've never seen the tech companies come out and literally censor a story.
I was talking to a friend of mine in private message on Facebook, private message.
And I was trying to show them one of the Hunter Biden videos, you know, the dirty ones.
And so I said, have you seen this?
And I sent a link to that site.
And then a half hour later, I got no reaction.
I thought maybe I'd offended my friend.
Turned out, Alex, in private chat, they were censoring the link, not just publicly, but Facebook was censoring it privately as well.
Now, just think about that.
Just on the basis of the fraud done by the media, by, again, 60 Minutes, CNN, just by the censorship of a true story,
And by the fact, let's not forget that 50 intelligence officials came out and said it was Russian disinformation, something that clearly wasn't true.
It's obviously a true story now.
No one actually denies it, including Biden.
Just on the basis of that, Joe Biden can't possibly say that he won the presidency legitimately.
That's right, and they want us just to move on and forget that he's on tape going, I met with the head of Chinese intelligence, he controls me and my dad's under criminal investigation with me in the Southern District.
I mean, it's all real.
They're fricking, he never thought he'd be president.
He has sold out every angle of this country he could.
My God, this man is a $1 whore.
Well, I think you're overpaying there, by the way, Alex.
I'm just saying, he's literally like a vending machine.
I mean, he will sell out his own grandmother for a stick of bubblegum.
Well, I'll tell you what else, too.
You know, a lot of people talk about the Hunter Biden Ukraine story.
As you know, I've been coming on InfoWars for about four years now and talking about Ukraine
Alex, when no one else would have me on, you would have me on to talk about this, and you know this goes back four years.
Yeah, before it was big news, Shaloopa, and all of them, and now it's all Biden.
Everything they did to Trump was total projection.
You just play in reverse what they say, and it puts it into real time, and actually plays it forward.
So anything they said about Trump, Russian mayors, Moscow mayors, Chinese, Ukraine, Paris, all of it, whatever they say, it's what they did.
Well, I'll put it like this, Alex.
If they're going to force Joe Biden down our throat, here's what they're going to get back.
I am starting a series of investigative reports going into the 30-plus year history Joe Biden has with the Ukrainian community that is exactly behind Russiagate.
It's a series of pieces called Bandera and Biden.
I'm going to start rolling it out in the next couple of days on my site, populist.tv.
If you want it, I'll give it to you at InfoWars.
You can run it as well.
Oh yeah, please.
I was wondering the best place to plug is, I know you started a new show.
You're obviously at Stranahan, at S-T-R-A-N-A-H-A-N, on Twitter.
But yeah, tell people about your new website.
Well, we have PopulousTV.
It's been kind of, it's been a rough year for me personally and of course with all the other craziness going on.
But we're getting back into the investigative journalism.
I have a new show called... Good looking website.
Yeah, great work.
The backstory, and I mean it Alex, you know this.
I don't care about credit, I want the story out there.
And so, I will, you know, if you guys find it to your standards, I will give you this series so you guys can run an InfoWars.
Sure, just tell us when it comes out and make sure you get in touch with us.
We'll run it, brother.
We know your stuff's been trailblazing.
A lot of stuff over the horizon.
Let's just say Biden gets in.
Which, I mean, let's be honest, it's a long shot now.
We're going to protest to show we don't accept the fraud.
We start the occupation of D.C.
We start the movement to defeat the globalists.
This is, I mean, Trump was a Hail Mary that actually landed.
He took us way ahead in our fight.
Even them removing him, it's just all part of the war.
People need to not think...
In one year increments, but in decade, 50 year increments.
We're running the tables against the globalists right now.
But what do you expect to happen with this monster Biden?
I think he's going to put his foot in our throat.
I think they're going to try to really crack down and break the country once and for all.
I think we're in for hell on earth.
Well, here's a short way I can put it, Alex.
Every good thing Trump did will be reversed.
And every not-so-good thing Trump did, for instance, I wish Trump had been allowed to pull troops out, as I know you do, too.
Places like Afghanistan, we shouldn't be over there.
Again, why wasn't he allowed?
Over 20 years.
Because the deep state is in command.
They just had seven former
Former Defense Secretary has come out and repudiated Trump.
People should be worshiping Trump if they're actually liberal.
I mean, my God, the whole military industrial complex hates Trump like a vampire hates the cross.
No, that's exactly right.
And so everything that Trump wasn't able to accomplish, Biden's going to keep going.
And he's going to, for instance, I wish we pulled out of Syria.
We don't have any business in Syria.
I went to Lebanon in 2013.
I covered that story early.
I know what's going on over there.
The U.S.
has been supporting, since Obama, Al Qaeda.
That's who the U.S.
is supporting.
Unfortunately, that's continued.
Because you've had people in there, I don't like to use the word traitor, but Mad Dog Mattis and all of those guys.
Now, Mattis is a totally Machiavellian little homo.
Yeah, well, okay.
But you know, I'm not a fan.
It's like Tim Cook's gay, that's okay.
Hetero, homo, whatever.
Point is, Tim Cook can't run death camps just because he's gay.
And Mattis can't run Al-Qaeda just because he's gay.
No, right.
The whole thing is very, I'm not going to ask or tell Alex, but the whole thing is frightening and Biden's going to continue it.
But as I say,
I have the deal on Biden.
This goes back 30 years.
And when you see the connection, the clear connection of the CIA, I'll give people one little hint.
Just look up C.I.A.
Libet, L-E-B-E-D, McCullough Libet, Uncle Louie, and you'll start to see- All right, stay there.
Do five more minutes on Biden with us.
Briefly, I'm not going to be here anymore, folks.
I forgot the plug.
We've got to fund things.
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We'll be right back.
Hour number three.
Donna Brazile's girlfriend, the mayor of D.C., said, oh, don't go out and be violent like the Trump supporters this 5th and 6th, like we're going to be violent.
And now she's called out her own special national guard on us to, quote, stop our violence.
You're always on my mind.
Let's go back a little bit more of this, please.
Turn it back up, please.
That's coming up next segment.
NBC News.
DC National Guard to respond to protest this week.
We better not go now.
A little special.
National Guard telling us we're bad.
If you idiots are dumb enough to start a fight with us, you deserve what you get.
You know, I believe you walk softly, carry a big stick, and we're not looking for any violence.
We're intellectually winning.
But this is just next level.
I'm sure millions of people that weren't going to go now, now they hear the Communists are calling out their own little special National Guard unit.
Everybody's going to be there.
Oh, we're so scared.
Five million of us.
Of you.
Washington, D.C.
There it is.
official panicked over Trump supporters marching this week as if Black Lives Matter is coming to town.
Yeah, that's you that burns down the police stations and shoots cops.
What's incredible is you'll watch like half a million Trump supporters and there's like no trash on the ground.
Lee Stranahan, what do you make of this latest garbage?
Well, I'll put it like this.
I've been covering Black Lives Matter and Occupy Wall Street for years and years.
I've seen this coming.
I've seen this coming five years ago.
I started working on a film about Black Lives Matter because I'd covered so many protests.
And really, this is what's happening.
What's interesting though, Alex, is the left is eating themselves right now.
You can see Black Lives Matter does not like Biden at all.
And Black Lives Matter doesn't like other parts of Black Lives Matter.
And look, when you've got the worldview that these communists have, oppressor oppressed, that's the way they view the world.
As soon as you get rid of one oppressor,
You need to start looking around for the other ones.
And so the good thing is, thank God, they are really fighting themselves as much as anything.
But I'm sure watch out there, Alex, while you're in D.C.
I'm up here in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.
I'm not going to be there.
But while you're there, be very careful.
The people on the right who are going to be you watch.
I'll guarantee you see this.
Picking up garbage and cleaning up after themselves.
You've seen that at these rallies, right?
That's what the Trump supporters do.
They pick up their own garbage.
Well, it's even worse.
They'll be spontaneously praying to God.
They'll be hugging each other.
Black, white, old, young.
You'll see all these minorities crying.
Has there ever been a group of people that love them so much?
Everyone coming together.
That's what they're so scared of.
Remember they always said the Tea Party was racist.
Well, was it true?
And now that minorities are coming in to the nationalist movement and learning how much we all love each other, it's really freaking the globalists out, isn't it?
No, absolutely, and they can't do anything about it, but we'll see.
It's going to be an interesting week, and then there'll be an interesting next four years as well, but it's completely predictable when you understand the ideology behind these people and the history.
As you and I have talked about before, the Black Lives Matter movement literally can trace its roots to the Weather Underground and Black Panthers.
And now they've got district attorneys getting elected everywhere.
Well, like Cheza Boudin, for instance, who's the daughter, literally, he's named after Assata Shakur, a cop killer, and he's the daughter of Kathy Boudin from the Weather Underground, raised by Bill Ayers, raised by Bernadine Dorn, and now he's the DA.
All right, come back on this week, actually.
We're about to be in D.C.
I need somebody that can kind of co-host with
Harrison Smith, because he's going to be doing the morning show, American Journal, and this one.
So if you'd like to come in and co-host a couple hours with him, that'd probably be great, especially on Wednesday, Lee, and get into Biden and unpack who he is and really just what a traitor he is.
Give out that website again for your new show again.
Well, it's the backstory.
The best way to find it is on my Twitter account, which is at Stranahan.
My last name or PopulousTV is the other place to go.
Alright, we're out of time.
Thank you so much.
We got Hotep Jesus and Uncle Hotep joining us.
And we're going to tell you about how the Democrats plan to use the military on us in D.C.!
What are they going to do?
Ladies and gentlemen...
In just mere moments, Jotep Jesus and Uncle Jotep are going to write Shotgun with us.
We really appreciate him for the rest of the hour.
But let me give you the latest big breaking news.
How dare millions of Americans of every race, color, and creed say, we don't buy the giant election fraud.
We don't buy the major media gaslighting.
We're marching peacefully to D.C.
on the 5th and the 6th.
How dare you?
And so now, Donna Brazile's girlfriend,
Has come out, the D.C.
Mayor, and first tried to say, oh, you're not welcome, no one can be here.
Well, everybody just ignored her.
She goes, oh, the hotels are all closed.
That's not true.
Oh, there's no board of bodies.
That's not true.
And so now she says, oh, the D.C.
National Guard's going to respond to pro-Trump protests.
And it says, if you come with guns, if you try to kill people, if you burn things, we will arrest you.
It actually says that here.
Are you talking about Antifa and Black Lives Matter run by George Soros?
Not us?
Well, there's no trash left on the street?
They are so panicked, folks.
You've got to go.
The 5th, we've got a big event.
Going from noon to like 8.30 at night that I'm hot showing in Freedom Square there.
And then the big Trump event in the morning that I'm also at.
Folks, this is so huge.
We need to see DC just crawling.
But don't trust the media.
They're not going to show helicopter shots to the crowd.
You're going to have to get up in parking garages and show it.
You're going to have to get it out on your Twitter, on your Parler, on your Facebook, on your Gab.
This is a war.
National Guard respond to protesters this week.
They think we're the left that's like scared of the National Guard.
What, a bunch of college students?
Who are going to be there while their mama and their daddy and their grandma are marching for voting integrity and freedom and not being chi-com slaves?
We will not allow people to incite violence, intimidate our residents, or cause destruction in our city!
Donna Brazile's girlfriend, Mirelle Bowser, said.
And it goes on from there.
Oh, we're so violent.
Oh, we're so bad.
Oh, we're so dirty.
Oh, we're so evil.
I thought that's you shooting people at the head and burning down police stations and all the rest of it.
So incredible.
Time as hundreds and hundreds of members of the House now are going to vote for a 10-day commission to study the election fraud that will finally be put off the American people that mainstream corporate media said doesn't exist when it overwhelmingly exists.
Alright, Ho-Tip Jesus has been on before.
His co-host is Ho-Tip.
Uncle Hotep, who I've also watched and really enjoy his commentary, he's an Uncle Hotep on Twitter, hotepnation.com, and both of them join us.
Hotep Jesus is a tech startup founder, author, and has marketed for close to two decades to both traditional and digital spheres as a writer and thought leader.
He has cultivated a loyal following on social media by being honest and genuine while providing knowledge from experience.
That's the key knowledge.
And of course, Uncle Hotep is a former Air Force veteran and one and a half.
Hotep's been told you podcast and it goes on just as everyday guy trying to get the truth in the world.
So gentlemen, great to have you with us.
I could ask a million questions, but Hotep, Jesus introduced your buddy there, Uncle Hotep, and what you think's front and center right now.
And great to be talking to you in the year 2021.
Oh, man, it feels good to finally be here.
Unfortunately, because of COVID last year, we hadn't got a chance to travel down and come hang with you in studio, Alex, but that is on our agenda this year to come down here and shoot with you.
I gotta thank Uncle Hotep.
Without Uncle Hotep, I'm not here right now.
He's the one that introduced me to conservatism, right-wingism, or whatever you want to call it.
He's the one that got me involved and understood what was going on here.
So, Uncle Hotep, what's up, man?
What's going on, man?
Thanks, Alex.
What's going on?
Happy New Year.
I've been watching you a long time.
Thanks for having me on.
But this is challenging times, man.
This is an exciting week in American history, and I'm glad I'm alive for it.
I hope we come up and the American people can stand up and do the right thing.
Uncle Hotep, what would you call this moment in history?
I mean, like you said, this is the crossroads.
This is, this, it just gets crazy from here on out.
It's a crossroads.
You're right.
This is like, you know, are we going to take the left turn towards, you know, more totalitarianism, you know, more, you know, uh, other countries, high comms, even taking over?
Are we going to take the right turn, you know, and try to take our country back?
You know, this is like,
I don't know.
You look at, you know, American history.
I wasn't there for, you know, I wasn't alive during the Vietnam War and stuff like that.
You know, people stood up for something, you know, and this is our chance, you know, the Vietnam War, the civil rights era.
This is our chance to stand up for something, you know, and I hope
We can deep down look in our hearts and, you know, and dig to the moral fiber, you know, and find out what happened during the election, what went wrong, you know, if anything went wrong, and if something went wrong, we have to correct it, you know?
And it looks like they're trying to brush everything under the rug.
Well, let's expand on that, because you reach a lot of people, but you helped wake up Hotep, Jesus, who's reached hundreds of millions, tens of millions every week.
How did he wake you up?
Because I'm really interested in chain reactions.
People don't just need to wake one person up, they need to realize, once you wake them up, you've got to get them to wake up others.
That's the dominoes that are going to bring down the globalists.
How did Uncle Hotep wake you up?
Yeah, so Uncle Hotep knows a lot about foreign affairs, foreign relations, everything that happened overseas with the wars.
He's older than me, so he's my elder.
He's got military experience.
I had no idea what a conservative was, so it's through him that I got introduced to the politics of Trump and so on and so forth.
And when I started taking a look at it, I'm like, yo, Unc is right.
Trump is—that's the better bet here.
I definitely wasn't going the Hillary route.
That was already in me, like, I'm not messing with the Democrats.
I knew that.
I didn't know much about this Republican thing or the conservative thing, and he's the one that introduced me to it.
And it's been love ever since.
Well, let's be clear, the Republicans have always been bad, just not as bad as the Democrats.
With Trump, it's a populist insurrection.
Yes, Trump is completely different from the Republicans, and that's what I loved.
You know, it was pretty much anti-establishment, he was going after the swamp, so on and so forth.
But I came on your channel before, and I spoke about the silent majority, and I said, in order for America to get better,
It's going to take more than a solid majority to speak up.
And we're starting to see that now.
People are stepping up.
People are talking.
That's where I was going next.
If they steal this successfully, I see it only supercharging things from a sick Machiavellian perspective.
I mean, nobody believes Joe Biden got elected.
Oh, absolutely not.
Absolutely not.
He couldn't garner a crowd of five people.
He couldn't fill a high school auditorium.
And Trump was pulling out thousands.
You know, Trump is like a pop star.
When you look at some of these crowds he was drawing.
There's no way.
It was insane.
I'm not believing the election results.
I can't.
There's no way.
Even when we saw election night, we covered it.
Trump was up.
He was winning.
It looked like he just had a trajectory to win.
And then we woke up the next morning and it was like, Georgia flipped and all these other stuff.
I'm like, what?
And they all flipped the exact same way in the middle of the night with these magic suitcases.
What do you think the power structure is thinking right now, Hotep?
What are they thinking?
Absolute dominant control.
When I think about communism, socialism, I describe it as centralization of power under the state.
And that's what's happening here, along with the transhumanism that's taking place, you know, COVID, so on and so forth.
But it's about total control.
And they're flexing their powers now.
Great reset.
That's right.
They're definitely flexing.
Uncle Hotep, when we come back, I got a thousand questions.
You guys, I watch your show at least once a week.
I love it.
You make great points.
I want you guys to kind of, you know, feel like you're at home.
Do whatever you want.
Show me what you're covering.
What do you want to hit when we come back?
What's front and center for you?
The government reaction, you know, you just mentioned they're trying to lock down D.C.
They don't want the big crowds there.
They're trying to reject the crowd, make people not want to come.
You know, and we got to talk about how the people that are coming down there, we have to make our voices heard.
You know, I mean, you don't want to do violence.
You don't want to do Black Lives Matter, breaking everything.
You want to make your voices heard to the government to say, hey, let's do the right thing here.
We're doing the wrong thing.
Let's get it right.
That's right.
And it shows how they steal the election.
They don't want our speech because voting is another form of speech.
They don't want us to speak.
Well, that shows who they are.
We'll be right back with Jotep Jesus and Uncle Jotep.
Stay with us.
We're on the eve of destiny.
I mentioned this earlier, just like I told you last week, Trump was speaking at high noon on the Ellipse.
He reported that on Sunday.
I'm giving you the inside scoop here.
The Secret Service is tracking hotels, they've got computer programs that do this, and flights.
All the flights are booked.
They are tracking at least 2 million reservations and flights and buses.
They estimate another half will be on car.
They're bracing for 4 million, the low end's 2 million.
Now, will the Globals pull a false flag?
That's their problem.
We're coming in non-violently to show our numbers and say we don't buy the fraud.
Hotep Jesus and of course your compadre there, Uncle Hotep, a great talk show host and a researcher in your own right.
You were getting into that, Uncle Ho-Tep, of them trying to say, oh, we're going to have the National Guard out.
So D.C.'
's calling out its own little National Guard, saying you better not be violent.
We will not allow people to incite violence, intimidate our residents, and cause destruction.
They're going to say we'll arrest anybody that causes a problem.
That's total projection, is it not?
What's your take on and gut level on what's about to happen?
Gut level is what I think is going to happen.
The people are going to come out, but we have to come out strong.
You know, we have to take a page.
We all, you know, we dislike Black Lives Matter, you know Soros and a whole nine, but they showed up.
This is our chance to show up and they're trying to deter that.
You know what I'm saying?
So they don't want the filming.
They don't want the people, the mass and people.
If you can't get a flight, you got to drive down.
You know, they're going to try to put the you know, they're going to try to block off most of the intersections.
They're going to try to have the mainstream media have like
By the way, I totally agree with you.
I meant to start the show today.
Because, you know, I'm working out in the morning, my mind's really clear, and you're pumping that blood through your brain, I'm like, I gotta tell people they're all as important as I am, or more important, they've all got a videotape, they've all got to post what they're doing.
Because we get millions of people showing the millions, there's no way they can override that, can they?
There's no way.
You know, if people's co-workers and their friends, and they see them going down there, they're like, hey, oh my gosh, the people actually are upset, you know what I'm saying?
Like, that's what we need to do, is, you know,
Sometimes you have to work through your friends and your co-workers.
You show them with your eyes, and they look at it, and they're like, hey, oh man, maybe there is something to this.
But if you don't show them, they're not going to believe it at all.
You know, I've got a family that's apolitical and just runs their ranch or whatever, but when they saw me speaking a few months ago at that first November rally, and they saw that 100,000, 500,000 people, whatever it was, it totally politically got them engaged.
They need to, at a primitive level, we're all the same, they need to see that their own family, their own co-worker, their own people are putting skin in the game.
They want to see that first.
That's leadership.
Yeah, you know, the one thing I'm worried about is people's safety.
I saw a rally in the past, Antifa and Proud Boys.
Proud Boys were protecting people.
But I saw some people walking back to their car, police didn't help, and people were attacked by Antifa.
So I just want to put the message out there, practice the buddy system, walk in large groups, walk everybody back to their car, hotel, modes of transportation.
That's great.
Yeah, these people are cowards, folks.
They'll attack women and children.
And they do it to videotape it to scare others later.
You gotta stay in groups.
Yeah, stay in groups.
And, you know, I know the conservatives are not violent people.
We know that.
Very peaceful people.
Proud Boys, we appreciate.
I want to say I appreciate Proud Boys for going out there and being that military arm of conservatism and fighting for the people because somebody had to stand up to Antifa.
You know, Antifa reminds me of the Pinkertons.
This is what the establishment have used in the past to fight everyday citizens.
So, you know, shout out to Proud Boys, but everybody just be safe when you go out there.
Do show up.
Show up in large numbers.
We got to show that we have the numbers because we do have the numbers.
This election is completely fraudulent and people need to know how we feel about that.
I don't know how they're going to hide millions of people, because it's going to be millions.
Let me ask you this, Uncle Hotep.
I love the pictures behind you.
JFK, Trump, Malcolm X. I love Malcolm X, because his whole process, how well spoken he was, how informed he was.
But as he learned more things, he admitted he was wrong about some things.
That's when they killed him.
He was so effective.
But he wasn't scared until the time he died.
And he was bigger after that happened.
But he talked about any means necessary.
But what do you think Malcolm X would think about what's happening today?
And what side do you think he'd be on?
I don't
He wanted, you know, black Americans to be more politically active, you know, increase their political, I mean, the political knowledge, you know, but definitely he would want the people to stand up for what's right.
That's what he was always about.
He was never afraid to march in the streets, you know, to confront, you know, anyone that was doing wrong to his people, to his group.
And this is what we have to do.
We have to follow that.
We have to get out in the streets.
We have to stand strong.
We have to be together.
We have to be smart.
You know, that's all the things that I admire about Malcolm X was his ability to stand strong in front of the face of adversity.
Not to get anyone wrong, not to deter anybody, but you know, they're going to have the National Guard, you know, the police is going to be out there.
They're going to make it hard for the people out there.
They're going to make it hard for you.
It's not going to be when they let Black Lives Matter just destroy cities all across America.
They're going to make it hard for you from the jump.
You got to be careful.
And that's why we know, though, we're on the right side, because the system's not for us.
If Malcolm X was around today, I think he'd be in complete alignment with Uncle HOTEP and myself, HOTEP Nation.
You know, he's one of the founding fathers of what we call HOTEPism or HOTEP.
He'd be in complete alignment with us.
I'm not sure how much in alignment with MAGA he would be, but he damn sure would not be in alignment with Biden and the administration or that fake administration.
And again, he lived in the time he was in.
And now we live in the time we live in.
He was getting people to have self-confidence, stand up for themselves.
That was good in that time.
Now it's about the machines taking over and the true unification of this is a post-human world they're building.
We better get together or it's over.
Yeah, all we got is us, man.
That's why I stick so close to Uncle Hotel.
We're going to go to break.
A longer segment's coming up.
I want to ask you both, think about during the break, what should Trump do with 16 days of assurity being the president in?
What would you do if you were President Trump?
Because I know a lot of this gets to Trump.
I mean, the more he doesn't have the system, they've all evacuated.
He's down about 5% of his staff.
Which makes him even more powerful because finally he's actually in charge for this limited window.
It's kind of like we're ready to launch but he's got to do it right now.
What do you want to say to President Trump when we come back with Uncle Ho-Tep and Ho-Tep Jesus?
Find them both at Uncle Ho-Tep on Twitter and of course HoTepNation.com.
They're doing a great job here today with us but they're being a little subdued.
They're pretty wild in their own show like I am.
Very good.
I watch it sometimes twice a week, sometimes once a week whenever I run into it.
It's great stuff, and it's just good to know these guys are out there.
They're getting more and more popular.
That's what this is all about, is true leaders that aren't controlled by the system.
And it's good to know they bust a cap in my ass the next couple days.
There's a bunch of other people out there that are going to keep on fighting, ladies and gentlemen.
Because that's really what this is all about.
We're never giving up.
I'm worried about myself.
I'm worried about humanity falling to evil.
We can't let it happen.
Bandod video is there.
Millions of viewers a day, and if you just tell your friends and family, it'll be tens of millions a day, and that'll stop the globalists.
All right, Alex Jones here, back live.
Let's go right to Uncle Hotep and Hotep Jesus.
Talk show host, media analyst, you name it.
Gentlemen, whoever wants to take it first, what should Trump do if he is going to be removed through fraud, hypothetically, in the next 16 days, or what could he do to counter that?
If you were talking to President Trump right now, what would you say to him?
Anything to piss off the liberals.
Anything to piss off the Democrats.
I would start releasing all types of information and dirt.
I'd lock up Hillary.
That's one thing I would do.
Lock Hillary up ASAP.
His son, Hunter, gotta lock him up.
There's a lot of people that need to be behind bars.
There's human trafficking that needs attending to.
Start locking these people up, man.
What was you gonna say, Unc?
My bad.
What I was going to say, I think he has to help out small businesses as best he can, because I think Kamala and Biden are going to drop the hammer on them.
They're trying to erase small business.
They want everybody working for Amazon, working for Walmart.
They're going to really tighten the grip on them.
So if any help
And he can give these guys before Biden and them to before Kamala takes over, excuse me, before Kamala takes over.
I think that's what that's what I would hope he would do.
I totally agree because they're going to give trillions to foreign countries.
Trump's like, no, how about 2000 each family?
They went, no, no, no.
They really showed their hand right there.
They definitely did, you know, and it was.
You know, a lot of people were disappointed with that.
And you know, that woke up... No, I thought that one thing woke up a lot of Americans.
$600, and then they saw the budget, and it was going to Pakistan, it was going to these other countries.
They were like, what is going on here?
They were, people were, normies were really upset.
They were like, what is going on?
You know, I think that woke up a lot of people, and I think Trump should take advantage of that.
And he tried to, you know, he tried to do the right thing.
He was like, no, they need more money there.
They need more, they need more help.
By the way, I don't raise this to you guys because you happen to have pigment in your skin, but
She got less than 1% with general Democrat voters, less than half a percent with black voters.
Because I totally reject her.
I think she's totally fake.
You know, Trump comes off genuine, others do.
Hillary comes off fake, I hate her too.
How the hell did she come up with less than half a percent with black voters, which makes me admire black folks.
They see through her, and then now she's being force-fed to us.
Why did black folks reject Kamala Harris?
Because Kamala Harris ain't black!
She's been...
She's been Indian her whole life.
She picked up blackness as, you know, this is what the Democrats do.
They pick up blackness when they need it, and when they don't need it, they drop it.
We saw that with the last election.
We saw that with Black Lives Matter.
They picked up Black Lives Matter, and when the election was over, Black Lives Matter couldn't get a meeting with Joe Biden.
We saw it out in Oregon, where they didn't want to condemn Antifa, but who was it, the governor or whatever out there, the mayor, whoever it was, now suddenly he wants to condemn Antifa after they, you know, created all that destruction, destroyed black business.
100% use people and then drop them.
And then now he wants to condemn them after the fact.
This is straight out of a movie where you say, you know what, we're going to allow these terrorists to destroy and terrorize our communities just to win an election.
This is straight out of Hollywood.
This is how you know Hollywood is controlling some of this stuff.
Because it's straight out of a movie.
Oh, you're right.
Please continue.
It's terrible.
I mean, I don't understand how people don't see it.
It's amazing that Trump is able to operate in such a sleazy swamp.
We saw on camera Lindsey Graham high-fiving Kamala Harris.
But on Twitter they're acting like they're enemies.
But they're high-fiving in Congress.
How is, and the people, you know, sometimes I'm like, yo, you can't come down on Trump.
You gotta work with snakes like Mitch, and snakes like Pelosi, and snakes like Lindsey Graham.
The man's practically alone.
Let me tell you, just trying to do Trump's events, because he's got to have private donors do it, the snakes and the lying and the attacks, and then you'll be in a meeting and they tell you, you know Trump's an idiot, and they want to see if you're in the club, and you're like, it's crazy.
Man, that's crazy, but yeah, Bob Kamala,
You know, I think one thing that, you know, Black American scene, she's a try hard, you know, she tries to be too cool.
And I think, you know, I don't know, we can see through that.
Evidently, you know, you know, her record when she was the attorney general, you know, that it spoke for itself.
You know, a lot of people didn't like her.
You know, they were saying she's the top cop and stuff like that.
That's what they're saying.
She went after black people like a piranha goes after a piece of meat.
Which made no sense.
Like, she just literally, when somebody was innocent, and she knew they were innocent, if they were black particularly, she would go after them even more.
Like, she was trying to prove something to somebody.
Yeah, she's definitely... Hey, if they get in office,
Y'all better be careful, because she's coming to lock people up.
She's going to do the same thing she did out in California.
I mean, I've tried to warn people, people like, no, we can get, you know, this person of color, a female president, you know, all these adjectives.
Instead of worrying about her record, worrying about her ability, we got these identity politics that forced down her throat.
And some people bought into it.
You know, a lot of us didn't.
I don't know.
I can't stand it.
Well, you know what they say.
You know what I mean?
Somebody's previous behavior is the biggest sign of what they're going to do in the future.
Yeah, this coming administration is going to be guilty of what the media has labeled Trump of being guilty of.
Attacking the black community.
When we look at their history, we know Kamala's history.
We know about Biden not being pro-integration with the buses, the Eagleton Amendment, 84 Crime Bill, 91 Crime Bill, 94 Crime Bill.
Don't listen to what they say.
See what they do.
And when you look at their policies, they hurt the black community.
So again, I'm telling you, exactly what the media accused Trump of is what this coming administration is going to be guilty of.
The black community
I mean, it's thankful that maybe, you know, the media helped us get together a little bit, because we're going to need it when you got Joe Biden and Kamala coming in.
I'm afraid we might go back to slavery with these two.
It's really crazy that the system would... Why do you think the power structure wants to put two phonies in like this?
To demoralize us?
Or what is the point?
Because they'll sell out quick.
Because they're quick to sell out and do whatever the establishment tells them.
You see, Trump has kahunas.
He's going to do what he knows is right.
And he doesn't work for anybody, right?
These people are their puppets.
That's right.
It's all about power.
Trump made mistakes, but he was actually making the decisions.
And they didn't like that.
For four years, we haven't actually had a president.
But Kamala and Bobby?
Yeah, first time in a long time.
What did you say, hunk?
No, I say the first time in a long time we've had a president.
Oh yeah, even Reagan meant well, but he wasn't running anything.
The last time somebody tried to be president was Kennedy and they blew his head off.
Executive order quadruple one zero.
To get rid of the Federal Reserve.
When we look at some of these riots, where did these riots occur?
We had, uh, who was it?
Catherine, uh, what was her name?
Um, she was mapping out.
Catherine Austin Fitz mapped out where all these riots occurred, and they seem to be in close vicinity with the Fed banks.
That's right, and also matches, have you seen these Level 4 and Level 5 maps of what's open and what isn't?
The maps match that too.
Whatever they want to buy doesn't get to open.
But whatever they want- Yes.
That's crazy.
Trump created opportunity zones for the black community.
And what did these people do?
They destroyed the black community, and now people are going to come in and buy these properties.
This incoming administration is going to destroy the black community even further.
Elaborate on that, because I looked at those maps, it's actually true.
They literally chose those areas for Antifa to attack, which I've got documents two years ago where they tell Antifa what to attack.
It's predatory real estate.
They come in, they destroy the properties, it lowers the value, then they get to come in and buy up the property and gentrify the area.
Democrats have been doing this since redlining.
This is something that's in their playbook.
But who was the one destroying black business?
It was Antifa, under the guise of Black Lives Matter sometimes.
We saw that with Darren Sills out in Ferguson.
These agents come in, co-opt your movement, and then destroy your community.
So bottom line, they're just predators.
If you want to know how they're operating, just whatever gives them more power.
They don't care if it ruins society, that's who they are.
Alright, final segment, both of you gentlemen.
Really excited to have Ho-Tep Jesus and Uncle Ho-Tep with us today.
We'll tell you about their websites as well.
I know this, I'm getting on an airplane tonight.
I'm going to D.C.
and this is going to be historic.
I hope to see you there.
We'll be right back.
All right, I just got a funny message from the White House coordinator and I sent him the video.
But it's all the porta-potties being delivered.
They're on the news saying there's no porta-potties.
Don't come to D.C.
because they know conservatives don't want to like piss on the ground or whatever.
It's all lies, folks.
It's all insanity.
Imagine the revolution got stopped because we didn't have port-a-potties.
That's going to come up after our guest leaves us.
Uncle Ho-Tep, and of course, Ho-Tep Jesus, are here with us.
Gentlemen, I watch your show all the time.
You're kicking ass here today.
You're being very subdued and gentlemanly, unlike Alex Jones does on other shows.
They're more obnoxious.
But hit us with a shotgun of what else, you know, your top ten things, your most important, your gut-level instinct.
Your orders from headquarters, because I respect you guys, I like you guys, and I want to hear what your true grit is.
What do you want to say to the people?
Let's go to Uncle Hotep first.
Hey, if you're like me, and you got kids at home, and they're not going to school, they're doing school at home, you know the president who wanted to send them back to school, right?
You know the president who wanted to get people back to work and open up the economy, right?
My kid's driving crazy right now.
She's not doing as well in school as she's doing right now.
She's not doing well at home as she was doing in school.
Mine are the same.
You're right.
Keep going.
We gotta... Stand up for who you want to stand up for.
Stand up for what's right!
You want your kids to go back to school?
You better stand up now!
I'm telling you!
Please help Uncle Hotev out!
She's driving me crazy!
You know what I mean?
But it's more about that... You gotta help the school out because the kids will do better in school.
They're not built for this working from home, you know?
It's hard enough for adults to do it, you know?
So, we gotta get these kids back in school.
We gotta get back to normal.
We gotta get back to normal.
We gotta do what's right.
And that starts when Bill Gates gets his ass arrested.
This whole thing's an anti-human agenda.
It definitely is.
It definitely is.
You know, they're really trying to hose us down and they're hurting us.
It's impeding our progress for the future by hurting our students, our kids like this.
This gotta stop.
Damn right.
Making little babies wear masks, Coach Epp?
Look at history.
Look at every single moment you've ever been taught about that was a turning point in our history of our country.
Some of them, some of us, we weren't alive during these turning points.
Well, you know what?
You're alive right now at one of the most important moments of American history.
That is right now.
Right in front of your face, you are seeing them turn us into China.
China, as Trump would say.
They are literally turning us into China.
They did with the mask, found out we was compliant.
Next thing you know, you know what they're gonna do?
They're gonna microchip you.
Not only that, they're gonna microchip you without your say-so.
They'll slide it right into one of these vaccines.
Bill Gates got the, uh, 666 patent for the vaccine ready to put the, uh, microchip right in you.
They're gonna track you like a little Wi-Fi computer.
They're gonna connect your ass to the Wi-Fi, follow you around.
The other thing China does is they got the social credit system.
Bloomberg just said they want to do the same thing here.
They want to tie your credit history
They want to tie your credit history to your browsing history on your mobile device.
I don't want to interrupt you, but you're damn right.
I'm glad you brought this up.
They admit China's the model.
They admit, they're not even denying this now.
They admit what you're saying is true.
You got Jack Ma.
Jack Ma's missing.
Another billionaire got locked up.
China is locking up people.
If you look at China, you're going to see what America's going to become.
It's slowly happening.
I remember when we used to joke around and say, ha, look at the Chinese people, they wear masks.
Well, look at us now.
Everybody's walking around.
I love the people that are going into establishments and they're protesting.
That's beautiful.
That's what you need.
I saw somebody say, well, that's a private business.
It's not in the private businesses business plan.
Well, that's like saying black people can't eat at a lunch counter because it's a private business.
That's BS, man.
It's discriminatory.
They're trying to make us accept their control to have entrance.
Everybody should have equal access.
It's tyranny.
Well, here's the thing.
It's not in their business plan to wear masks.
They don't say, oh, we'll make more money if we make people wear masks.
This is coming down from the government mandates.
From the UN.
From the UN.
So when people are bucking against this, it's against the establishment.
It's against the system.
It's against the oligarchs.
It's the people that want to turn us into trans humans.
Why do you think the whole trans thing was happening?
That was the... You see now, they're trying to turn A-men into A-women.
They're trying to destroy everything you thought was real, and give you a new sense of reality.
Virtual reality.
You ain't gonna know what is what.
This is why this is a pivotal moment in history right now.
You're either gonna be a part of history, or you're gonna be a slave on a plantation.
That's where we at right now.
I totally agree, my friends.
Wow, powerful.
Uncle Hotep, other points on what he just said?
He's right.
You know, there's the A man versus A woman, like,
They're changing reality right before our eyes.
And like, when are we going to stand up and say, hey, enough's enough?
You know, stop.
You know, that day is tomorrow.
That day is the 6th.
That should be the day like, hey, we've had enough.
We had enough of this.
They're trying to... We're going to be...
Just like China's the model.
We're just going to be like China.
You know, and if that's what the American people want, and that's what we accept, then I guess that's what's going to happen.
But I think I know Americans people better, a little bit better than that.
And I have faith.
But we got to be brave.
We got to be brave.
If you're not brave, it ain't going to work.
But you got to stand up for what you believe in.
That's what America should be about.
Standing up for what you believe in.
Do you believe in Joe Biden and Kamala Harris?
Them people that voted for him don't even believe in him.
They hated Trump more.
That's what... Uncle Hotel, let me add this key point to what you just said and add to that because it's so important.
Going along with this only makes it worse.
And for people that are on the fencing, I'll just comply for a while, it'll go away.
This is a post-human takeover.
And look, I don't get into UFO shows, I don't get into flying saucers, stuff I can't prove.
But looking at this anti-human, anti-father, anti-mother, anti-family, they say they're going to merge us with machines, we're a post-human world.
If I was a general, I would say this looks alien.
That this looks like something trying to end the planet.
And so regardless of what's behind it, it's very alien.
And that's why it's been very empowering to me because I was never a racist, but I grew up in Dallas with racist black people beating my ass and racist white people attacking me.
It was all like gangs growing up in Dallas.
It was like this group was fighting that group.
And I learned there were good black people, there were good white people, there were, you know, all that was there.
But now it's so unifying to know this is a post-human operation.
They're coming after everybody.
And we just, if we come together, the power of that, with our red blood for freedom, Satan can't stop that.
Not just my mission is to say, let's come together and say, no, humans are good.
We're having a post-globalist era, not a post-human era.
You know, people talk about white privilege.
You know what?
There's a privilege of not being white and not being black because it seems like the onus is on black and white people to fight each other while everybody else is exempt from the conversation.
We need to start talking about un-black and un-white privilege.
The people that run this country have no allegiance to this country, people.
They have allegiance to the bank.
They have allegiance?
You go look up a guy named John Law.
John Law is one of the first purporters of fractional reserve currency.
These people don't care about the country.
They destroy countries for fun.
It destroys the middle class, which is what Karl Marx wanted.
Creates a large lower class.
And what does a large lower class do?
They become obedient.
I'm not joking around when I throw around that term slavery.
It might not come back around like you saw it back in the day.
It'll just be a modern form.
You see, what they realized was if you can make the slave comfortable, it's easier to keep them docile and obedient.
And that's what they've done this year.
Well, last year.
And still this year, they've figured out, oh, these people are comfortable.
They're never going to bug against the system.
We can make them do whatever we want to do.
We'll shut down their business.
Meanwhile, Walmart, Target, Amazon, Whole Foods, all these large corporations get to stay open.
But you couldn't, America.
Because the commies run this country, and they have no allegiance to it.
They want to destroy the middle class.
They want a slave class, and they want them, and they want to rule over us like cattle.
And the rest of us, I got a theory where
The vaccine turns people into alters.
Well, alters have to be, you know, naturally talented people.
Well, why do they want that?
Well, these people won't talk back.
They become obedient slaves.
They want to destroy your conscious mind as well.
And they'll do it any way they can.
That's it.
They're trying to turn us into robots.
Come back and do five more minutes, gentlemen.
We really appreciate you both.
And now, HOTEP's really hitting it hard.
What you heard is the total truth.
And that's where we are.
It's an attack on our humanity.
We've got to stop it.
I'm going to D.C.
I spent all my money to fund this.
I'm not bitching.
I'm not complaining.
You've done a great job.
You funded us.
Keep us going in the future.
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We really appreciate your help because we're in this together and I'm just glad to be here at this key time because, man, I mean, right now Infowars is easy to be on the air more than ever.
All right, final segment with our amazing guest, Uncle Hotep and Hotep Jesus coming up.
Gerald Celente.
I got some words next segment, but I want to get down to brass tacks.
I don't call for nonviolence because I'm scared of the globalists.
I call for nonviolence because we're more effective with truth and information right now.
But if they try to come inoculate me with some poison, in some genetic illegal test, or if they try to suppress my speech, I'm ready to fight.
And the system knows that.
And I'm ready to do whatever it takes to defend myself and my family.
But if we get to that point, it means we've failed so far.
And the system knows that.
But I'll say this, the genetic testing, the secret genetic manipulation, everybody knows about Tuskegee, I don't mention that because we've got two black guests on, but there's been all these other secret tests against everybody that's poor and disenfranchised, poor whites, poor Native Americans, poor blacks, whatever.
It's always the liberal intelligentsia that's running it.
They only tell you they're liberal because they want to control the real liberal movement that's pro-human.
They're the opposite of liberal.
They're fascist.
They're globalist.
They're racist.
They hate humans, period.
They say it's a post-human world.
These are sick people.
And so in closing, what about for Hotep Jesus and Uncle Hotep, a minute and a half each of you, I appreciate your time, about retribution.
I mean, the globalists seem to know they're going to be held accountable for what they're doing.
That's why they keep trying stuff is they never get in trouble.
So we don't want to talk about offensive stuff, but at the end of the day, we need to call them out for who they are.
Hotep Jesus, I mean, we need to let them know they will get retribution one way or another.
I want to expose one more thing about this, these Democrats.
When we look at
The Russian Revolution.
A lot of people don't realize the Russian Revolution was financed by London bankers, financed by the Fabian socialists, and financed by Wall Street.
A lot of people don't know this.
Another thing that's funny about this is how Trotsky managed to get a passport at a time when Russia and Germany was at odds.
And we come to find out he was a German agent.
We come to find out Lenin and the rest of them were German agents.
And Woodrow Wilson was behind aiding this at a time when we were supposed to be at odds, and our allies were at odds with Germany.
Canada stopped him at the border.
They said, no, no, no, Trotsky, you can't travel.
Somehow, Trotsky said he only had $350.
They caught him with $10,000 on him.
He's supposed to be a socialist.
How is it that we have Democrats in our administration going against American people
At a time when we are supposed to be at odds with our enemies.
These are the things we have to look into to understand that the people that run this country have no allyship for us.
You know who your allies are?
You're looking at them right now on the screen.
They're in your home.
They're everyday average people.
Even your liberal cousin needs to watch more Info Wars to get hip to what's going on out here.
Because they're in allegiance to commies who have no allegiance to this country.
And I agree.
Exactly what Trotsky did in 1970.
They're trying on us, Uncle OJEP.
In my past life, I was a correction officer down in Delaware.
You know, these people that are anti-American, that are working against humankind, that want to experiment on humankind, they got jails all across the country that these people belong in.
You know, you can't sell out the country.
And, you know, you put on this fake display, all you're for the people.
You want to help the little man out.
Meanwhile, behind closed doors, you're selling out the middle class.
You're closing small business, forcing them to close.
You know, those people, they should pay for their crimes.
There's jails built.
I've seen plenty of people, you know, in jail.
You know, some people belonged in there.
Some people didn't.
But the people that sell us out, that sell your country out,
That's where they belong.
They need to be locked up.
I agree, and they need to know that we're coming for them.
They're going to get locked up.
All right, Uncle Hotep, Hotep Jesus, amazing gentleman.
Uncle Hotep on Twitter, and Hotep, you can find it, Hotep Nation, powerful.
We love you guys.
Thank you so much, and we salute you in the year 2021.
Bless you, Alex.
Bless you.
Great patriots, man.
Truth, strong, will, you feel the spirit.
I love them.
We'll be right back.
Meet the new boss.
Same as the old boss.
Won't get fooled again.
But Trump was actually a real populist.
He had his failures.
But he was real.
That's why you saw the panic.
That's why you saw the fear.
And I can give you this commitment.
I'm real as well.
I'm 100% real.
That means I'm flawed.
But I believe in you at the end of the day.
And I won't ever betray you.
Not consciously.
Just like yesterday!
Don't get fooled again!
It's a process.
But we're almost there.
Our weakness is the globalist strength.
Our strength is God's strength.
Our strength is God's strength.
Turn it up.
We have to fix our families.
We have to fix ourselves with God's help.
So, the horrible bankers that got control of our digital currency and then said they had trillions of dollars, they're frauds.
You think fractional reserve banking around for 400 years is bad?
Where you got $100 so you can loan out $1,000.
You think that's bad?
It came out in the big banking scams of 2008 that they would sell some derivatives.
Joe Salente is an expert on this.
He's been writing about it forever.
He warned about it before it came out.
They sell some of these mortgages a hundred times!
Hell, they sold it twice!
That's fraud!
And so, Bloomberg and Gates, they're all invested in this, and the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds are like, yeah, we've got, I've got $200 trillion in derivatives I own.
That's like saying I've got pie in the sky.
So, they need an excuse to teach you that your economy's imploding, and that everything you've got's worthless, because the giant bubble is going down.
I was honest about Trump.
I said he's trying to puff up the bubble to get industry back and make America dominant in the collapse so that we're left standing when China isn't.
The globalists said that's not the plan.
America collapses.
China rises up.
It's like a light switch.
Trump gets in.
Stock market goes up.
China goes down.
They get rid of Trump.
goes down.
China goes up.
Yeah, it's all rigged.
So people are like, well Trump's doing this synthetic stuff.
Trump's doing this scam.
Trump's involved in the... Yeah, he took it away from them to try to at least get us some type of standing in the collapse.
Because whoever's left standing when this collapses is in charge.
Doesn't mean I defend what Trump did.
I understood the move.
And the globalists were like, no, America's supposed to go bankrupt.
America's supposed to collapse and be re-educated in a giant race war.
It's not happening, Trump.
Go away.
So the purists out there can go, oh, Jones, you know, you're against the private Federal Reserve, but Trump's using the Federal Reserve's power to do all this.
Trying to get America back in a power position for the collapse.
But don't worry, leftists.
And don't worry, trendies.
You're gonna have America in the collapse in a position of weakness.
And so you're gonna starve to death, many of you.
If this goes that direction.
So I see what Trump was doing as a pragmatist.
Doesn't even mean I agree with all of it.
But now, things are gonna get really crazy.
And all I know is while we still can,
Get prepared.
Biden plans to put his neck on this country.
He plans to put his leg on our neck forever.
He plans to never let us restart.
They plan to break our will completely.
And that's why now is the time to expose their CHICOM agents, to expose COVID as a fraud, to expose we have the same numbers of deaths last year as 2019.
That's so huge.
And to repudiate them and to point out that these are big banks that want to implode us and consolidate us so they can buy up the company.
We're good to go.
And be there and take action and be involved and be engaged because history is happening right now.
And so much election fraud is coming out.
It is absolutely insane.
And in closing, order an InfoWars.com t-shirt.
Order a water filtration or air filtration system.
Get your storable foods at PrepareWithAlex.com.
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We appreciate you and we thank you.
All right for the next.
48 minutes.
Gerald Cilente, the top trends forecaster and a good friend of mine and a great patriot, takes over at TrendsResearch.com.
Be sure and check his site.
Gerald, God bless you and take over, my friend.
God bless you and all the best on your trip to Washington.
And what Alex was saying, you know, I've been writing some notes.
He hit so many points so quickly.
Food prices are going up.
It's one of the trends we looked at in the beginning of this.
We call it
That means your income is going to drag way down.
The economy is going to drag way down.
But food prices are going to go higher and higher, as are other commodity prices.
Also is talking about the Federal Reserve.
Let's take a look at the Federal Reserve, the new one, if Biden gets in there.
Who's going to be running it?
Janet Yellen.
Oh, if only a woman was in charge.
I'm so tired of hearing that crap.
Oh, you like Margaret Thatcher?
No, I like Indira Gandhi.
Oh, no, no.
How about Madeline Not All That Bright?
Oh, what about, uh...
Susan Rice.
Yeah, that guy Qaddafi has to go.
Or the other one, Condoleezza Rice, the next Mushroom Cloud you see.
Yeah, let's go over and destroy Iraq.
So anyway, going back to Janet Yellen.
Oh, who was she?
Oh, she was the head of the Federal Reserve Bank.
The phony bank.
It's not a federal nothing.
It's controlled by the mobsters, the banksters.
And now she's going to be Treasury Secretary?
And how much did she make in 2018 and 2019?
Or just in 2019, not exactly sure about the dates?
Oh, only seven million dollars for giving speeches.
Seven million bucks.
Got it?
Hey, gig workers!
Yeah, hey, all you people packing boxes at Amazon!
Hey, all us workers who work tirelessly to make things happen, like InfoWars and all the staff!
All we are, our plantation workers, are the global plantation of Slavelandia!
Get it?
It's a total takeover by the mob!
Oh yeah, it was a great year this year.
Oh, you mean all those businesses that went out of business?
But the billionaires got another trillion dollars richer!
So do what you can to support what you can and believe in what you can.
Because if we don't unite, it's over.
Save the little story about, you know, uh, uh,
You know, one person being able to do it all.
We have to unite.
And unite by doing what you can to support InfoWars.
Survive and thrive.
Hello, hello.
Great being on the Alex Jones Show.
I want to wish everybody a very unhappy New Year.
I'm not happy about this New Year.
Did you see Times Square?
New Year's Eve?
Except for that big piece of crap clown.
That moron, slimeball, phony Italian guy, de Blasio.
Hi Wilhelm!
Him and his wife dancing up there.
They got center stage.
They have center stage in Times Square.
As all the little peasants of Slavelandia.
Are told to stay home.
It's not a happy new year for me.
I don't like living this kind of life.
I have never, other than, you know, for things that have happened in your life, have been sadder about where the world is going than I am now.
Oh, it'll be a happy new year when everybody gets vaccinated.
It'll be a happy new year when the Great Reset starts setting in big time.
Oh, it'll be a happy new year.
Take a look at the markets today.
Oh, where's the Dow?
It was down over 500.
It's down around 470.
Oh, gold?
Gold's only up 50 bucks.
Can't understand why.
I don't understand.
There he is.
Look at that guy.
You see how tight that little clown is?
Look how tight, man!
These are the tight cats that can't get loose, that are locking everybody down.
They don't have not a drop of boogie, not an ounce of jive, just tight
Fat, slimy, gruesome.
Oh, gruesome newsome.
Another little piece of garbage crap over there in California.
Little Andy Cuomo.
You wanna look at a tight cat, man?
That face is ready to explode.
Hey, freak boy.
Hey, clown boy.
Hey, suck-up lowlife piece of garbage crap.
Hey, scum.
Ruining all the businesses while you go up and party at the French Laundry at 400 bucks a pop.
Look at these little pieces of crap.
Telling us what to do.
Telling us what to do.
And how about that guy over there?
Not far from me over here.
Look at this stuff with this, with this people doing these hand signals.
What are we paying for that stuff for?
Here's some hand signals for you.
Yeah, you got that one.
I got another one.
You could put up, this is a new age over here.
Yeah, look at this.
Look at this stupid crap.
Look at this crap!
Look at the imbecile, moron, slimy little lowlife.
Pieces of garbage crap.
Telling you what to do.
Telling you, oh, don't get angry, Celente.
Put on that mask.
Next train to Auschwitz.
This is the 21st century.
You don't have to hire these people.
What are you wasting my money doing that for?
How many people are watching that that can't hear it?
Put the language, you could put it right up there, the words at the bottom of the screen.
You could put it at the bottom of the screen.
Look at this little piece of crap telling us what to do.
Who is another jerk?
Off over there.
And how about that guy in New Hampshire?
Sununu, another piece of daddy's boy, born on third base, naughty at a home run, not gonna have a swearing-in ceremony because people are protesting.
In front of his house.
And if you want to see the way freedom is robbed from you, the slimy little lowlife scum politicians over there passed laws that people can't do that anymore.
No freedom of speech, no freedom of assembly.
That's right.
Arrested people.
Binding them.
For protesting against a little piece of crap Sununu, a daddy's boy.
Wouldn't be nobody if daddy wasn't governor before him.
You got it, everybody?
Look at this!
Look at this joker!
Look at this!
Hey, fat boy!
Look at him!
How many chins you got there?
Maybe you should go out with Rachel.
Yeah, Rachel Levine!
The piece of slime!
Over there in Pennsylvania!
Three Chins Levine!
The health secretary!
Telling us what to do.
Oh, by the way, just to keep driving this home,
When I talk about the COVID war and the B.S.
that it is, this is the first book I worked on in 1986 when no one was talking about natural healing.
It's only a Warner book, which was a big company in those days.
I have an honorary doctorate from the National University.
There he is.
You're going to listen.
And there's the clown boy next to him doing it, doing it, doing a whacking off on TV.
Look at this!
People listening to this crap!
You better grow up!
You better grow up, everybody!
And you better support InfoWars!
You better buy these products of survivalism, because that's gonna be a big one.
It's one of our top trends for 2021.
You look at the numbers already.
Oh, we're in New York?
Let's see.
Um... Huh.
Killings are only up 41%.
You look around, let's see here, 57 big city police departments, number of murders in those cities, only up 36.7%.
Not only in the products, but also you better fight for your life and learn how to do it.
And we have it in the Trends Journal.
With Bradley Steiner, may he rest in peace.
We have a load of his articles.
You better learn how to fight.
This is going down big and hard.
Look at the low lives that are telling us what to do and how to live.
They don't care.
They steal our money in the name of taxes.
They're not worried about paying rent, mortgages, healthcare.
They're not worried about anything.
They got everything.
Pensions, cars, you name it.
They steal our money.
Do as they say, not as they do!
You are only a plantation worker on the global plantation of Slavelandia!
It is the Great Reset you will obey, and you will pay to obey!
I will steal your money!
I am your politician!
You got it?
Every day I start off, I say, I gotta be calm.
And then when I think about what's going on, I'm not calm about this.
I'm broken hearted and I'm fighting to the end.
I'm fighting for freedom.
I'm fighting for peace and I'm fighting for justice.
And I'm fighting against little boys like Cuomo, born on Third Basin, thought he hit a home run, a nobody if daddy wasn't Mario.
And I'm going to rename the bridge after him.
Your hands smell like you just stuck them up your you-know-what.
Look at them.
So do what you can to support InfoWars.
Be a warrior!
Hello, hello.
Great being on the Alex Jones Show.
As I said, this is an unhappy new year for me.
I don't, this isn't the kind of life I want to live.
I can't imagine, you know, being a young person and not being able to, you know, experience adolescence.
And little kids, they're all freaked out and masked up.
And now the studies are starting to come up, come out and showing you what, what damage it's doing and how they're being taught to obey.
You know, this is, this is terrible.
I was mentioning about these little low life pieces of slimy scum crap, pieces of garbage called politicians.
And again, just to
For those of you who don't know, I began my career at a graduate school working on political campaigns in West Chester County.
I was the campaign coordinator for Angelo Martinelli, became the longest running mayor of Yonkers, New York.
I mean, that's a city of 300,000 people.
It's not like a little, you know, hick town.
But compared to the Bronx, where I was born and
Spent some of my life there.
It was like a hick town.
But anyway, then I worked on district attorneys' campaigns and state senators' campaigns, and they sent me up to Albany.
And I was the assistant to the Secretary of the New York State Senate.
I designed and instructed American politics and campaign technology and taught it at St.
John's University.
And I was the Chief Government Affairs Specialist for a major trade association.
I've seen life.
I've been with presidents, prime ministers, and princes.
And when I was the number two guy running a trade association, I picked up Ronald Reagan two days before he was going to run against Gerald Ford in 1976.
I was 30 years old.
I was with him for an hour and a half.
Picked him up to Chicago Hilton, brought him over to McCormick Place.
Had brunch.
I got pictures the whole thing.
Anyway, I know what the system looks like.
So when I get angry, you bet on that.
In life, you meet people you put your trust in and they rob you, do stuff to you.
So I've been shafted before.
Politicians are a continual shaft job.
People put their trust in these low-life pieces of garbage.
And what do they end up doing?
How can anybody in a free America obey a politician?
People forgot two words.
Public service.
You don't tell me what to do.
We tell you what to do.
Now that's that arrogant dandy boy who America loves.
Let's get this straight.
There's a country called Germany, and I'm mentioning this because we're preparing for tomorrow's Trends Journal that's going out, and I'm reading all the latest news coming out.
They're talking about lockdowns again in Germany, in France.
European countries said to extend lockdowns after COVID cases surged.
They always go with the cases, ignoring totally the invalidity of the PCR tests that we of course document, as do others.
Germany, a country of 83 million people.
All right?
To date, they have 34,791 deaths.
March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December.
38,000 deaths out of 83 million people.
Of those deaths, and we've done the data, the average age is 79 years old.
Globally, some 50% of the people who have died came from nursing homes.
Now, let's go back to arrogant little Andy boy.
Nipple rings Cuomo.
He's a hero.
Matter of fact, he even wrote a book.
We don't know how much he got paid to write that book.
We're not allowed to know the little servants of Slavelandia.
But here he is playing governor and has all this time to write a book.
And how America loves him right after Biden.
He's like the guy.
New York State, 19.5 million people, 38,510 deaths.
All right, let's go over this again.
Germany, 34,791 deaths, with 83 million people.
New York, with only 19.5 million people, has 38,510 deaths.
So why are American, why are New Yorkers, why?
Oh, maybe it was murderer Cuomo that took ailing people out of hospitals and put them into nursing homes.
Same thing.
But everybody loves them because people believe the lies.
And now we're talking going back to what's going on in Europe.
European countries set to extend lockdowns after cases surge.
They don't say after death surges.
They say cases surge.
And the reason cases are going up is because more people are getting tested and there being mandatory tests.
And of course, the tests are inaccurate.
False positives continually.
So Germany is preparing to extend its nationwide lockdown until the end of January.
As governments across Europe consider prolonging or strengthening restrictions.
You're out of business since last March.
The ski resorts are closed.
Austria, some of them are open.
In Italy.
Also Switzerland.
People depend on that income.
New Year's Eve around America and most of the world, except you on China, where they were partying until the lights go out.
Everything locked down and they're locking it down again.
This is the great reset right in front of our eyes.
They passed the law in Germany.
It was either in November, I think it was November, mid-November.
Yep, Chinese can party, we can't.
That gives the power to Merkel, just as they gave the power to Hitler back in 1933.
They used the COVID war as the excuse to do it.
And it's happening in one country after another.
Look at the faces of the freaks running our show.
Boris Johnson.
A cartoonist couldn't come up with a better character.
A little piece of garbage nothing Macron in France.
An empty Sanchez in Spain.
And they got that what?
Blinkin' chicken bin.
In chicken bin.
Blinkin' bin.
Blinkin' chicken.
In, in, in, in Australia.
One, one, and you look at that woman and she looks like she's out of a chicken coop.
Look at the little wolf in Pennsylvania.
A little puppy dog of nothing.
The people better stand up.
This is the new year.
Make it our year.
Make it a year of liberty, of freedom, of peace and justice.
And again, support the truth.
Subscribe to the Trends Journal and do what you can for InfoWars.
We'll be right back.
Hello, hello.
Great being on the Alex Jones Show.
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I want to go back to the equity markets for a moment.
You're looking at oil prices around $50 a barrel.
It's totally manipulated.
But, even at that number, that's where they're hanging out.
You're seeing gold going up today some $50.
You're seeing Bitcoin around what?
$33,000 or something?
I mean, and again, we had silver.
Silver is up today.
It's over $27 an ounce.
We said gold would go up when it was $13.32.
We said silver this year would go up when it was $17 in June.
It's now up over $10.
And we said Bitcoin was ready to break out this past year.
I think it was either June or July, May, June or July, when we said Bitcoin had a breakout over $12,000.
And we said when it breaks out that it's going to skyrocket.
And it is.
What we're looking at
Is all of this cheap money they're pumping into the system.
It's a joke.
It's artificially inflated the markets.
The greatest depression has become.
There's going to be a fake recovery.
People are going to think things recovered.
I was giving you some numbers before about crime.
Here's a story from the toilet paper record.
COVID's hardships for struggling communities.
At least 7.8 million people have fallen into poverty.
Hey, Cilenti, take it easy!
So what?
Bezos got bigger.
So did Musk.
The trillionaires got it.
Billionaires got a trillion bucks richer.
Screw the 7.8 million workers in the slave land.
You get rid of them.
Oh, we will.
We vaccinate them.
Don't worry about it.
All right.
The biggest plunge in six decades, 85 million Americans, 85 million Americans say they have had trouble paying basic household expenses.
How many people that I say lived in live in Germany?
A nation, Germany, you know, Germany.
Yeah, that Germany, one of the leaders of manufacturing.
Best equipment around.
Oh, 80.
3 million, 84 million people.
And you have 85 million Americans.
So they have had trouble paying basic household expenses, including food and rent.
And there are only 10 million fewer jobs now than there were in February.
So get this straight.
You're going to say there's a recovery.
They're going to be recovering some of the jobs that were lost.
They're not going to be creating new ones.
The economy is going down big time.
So what I'm suggesting to everyone is prepare for the worst.
When I talk about buying these products from InfoWars, I'm saying it because I believe it and I do it.
I'm prepared.
This thing goes down.
You know, the shelves are going to be empty.
We saw what happened.
And it's going to happen again.
They're locking down Europe again.
Got it.
And Alex also mentioned earlier about China.
Take a look at one of our top trends for 2021.
China 2021.
The 20th century was the American century.
The 21st century is going to be the Chinese century.
The low-life politicians, slimy, slick Willie Clinton, all the low-life repulsive kids and Democrats sold us out.
NAFTA, sending our jobs overseas, manufacturing gave the countries that didn't know how to make anything
All the technology to make everything.
High-tech, heavy industry.
The business of China is business.
The business of America has been war.
There's not going to be a war against China if it doesn't stand to the world.
1.4 billion can't wipe out 330 million?
Yeah, their technology is as advanced as ours.
The low-life European manufacturers and American manufacturers gave it all to them.
I believe in a self-sustaining economy.
I'm an American.
America first.
All these little liberals talk about buying local.
I buy local.
Buy local.
How about buying American and making American?
And you know what China's doing?
Dual circulation policy.
They know that exports are going to go down as the economy slows down.
So they say to themselves, hey, there's 1.4 billion of us.
We do business with each other over here.
We're okay.
And that's what they're doing.
The dual circulation policy.
They're building up consumption avenues among the population.
And that's what we have to do in America.
It has to be made in America.
All the stuff I have from my parents and aunts and uncles, may they rest in peace, little things,
Dishes made in Syracuse, New York, you know.
China made in West Virginia.
You know, one thing after another.
We need to bring America back to the soul and spirit of what this nation is about.
The Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights that they've stolen from us and that we have to fight to get back.
It's up to us.
There's no David and Goliath.
It's a fairy tale.
One person can't beat them.
We have to unite.
Unite with InfoWars.
Alex Jones is a fighter.
The staff are fighters.
I'm a fighter.
You're a fighter or you wouldn't be tuned in.
And I'm a fighter.
As a warrior for the Prince of Peace, so I'm not talking about violence.
And we weren't allowed to celebrate the birth of the Prince of Peace this year.
Imagine, it's satanic.
So it's very important that we join together.
And I'm wishing Alex and everyone the best tomorrow to return some of the freedom back to America.
We lost it after 9-11.
And now the Info Wars is killing us.
So Storm Washington, D.C.
More than three million people are going to invade the swamp, join the revolution, or go down with the ship of state.
And it's sinking quick.
Oh, can you imagine?
It'll be okay with Captain Biden at the helm.
So thank you very much.
Do what you can to support truth.
InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
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God bless and good luck.
The populist movement that elected President Trump four years ago re-elected him by an even bigger landslide.
Rejecting and repudiating and discrediting the globalists.
That's why they had to overturn the chessboard.
That's why they had to engage in naked election fraud in front of everyone.
And as long as we
Never accept the fraudulent results.
As long as we don't let them gaslight us into submission, as long as we point out this is a foreign, globalist takeover of our country, and that all the depression and all of the collapse that's coming is because of the New World Order, this will end up fully destroying them in the future if we don't submit.
If we submit, they'll normalize the communism, they'll normalize putting us into a depression, they'll normalize breaking up our families, taking our guns.
We can't let that happen, and InfoWars is more important than ever.
So please, Paul Reveres, I salute you for your past actions.
Keep spreading Band-Odd Video and InfoWars.com and come to the big D.C.
marches on the 5th and 6th of January.
I'll see you there.
God bless.