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Name: 20210102_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: Jan. 2, 2021
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It's Saturday, January 2nd.
I'm Alex Jones.
Tomorrow's news today.
And wow!
Here we are together in the year 2021.
When I was a little kid, I thought the year
2000 sounded far off, but here we are, and it's shaping up to be a dystopia.
A mad scientist world government coming with forced inoculations to reprogram our bodies and turn us into corporate-owned slaves.
And all the numbers are coming out, the vaccine's killing people, maiming them, sterilizing them.
And the globalists just want to normalize quietly maiming us and killing us for their admitted goal of the UN and Bill Gates and others.
Global depopulation.
And they have liability protection and they say they're going to try to force you to take it.
And here's the Washington Post.
Anti-vaxxers are dangerous.
Make them face isolation, fines, and arrest.
Sounds like something Hitler would come up with.
But 80% of the nurses say they're not taking it in major polls in the United States.
But Fauci says, oh, everything, including forced inoculation, is on the table.
Well, we've got a viral video at Infowars.com of different, quote, flash mobs out protesting the mass, protesting the lockdowns, protesting the power grab.
And we'll B-roll some of that now for TV viewers, because this is the future.
This is the answer.
This is how you counter
Call the sheep that just want to be patted on the head.
No, I'm a good person spreading bacterial pneumonia with the mask.
Oh, I'm good going along with the hoax as they now admit that it looks about like the same number of people died in the year 2020 as died in 2019.
The latest final numbers aren't in yet, but it looks like it may actually be less died in 2020.
Think about that.
And it looks like a few years before that in 2017, even more died.
And of course, the number one cause of death on the planet is abortion.
43 to 45 million children die a year on average.
20 plus times the numbers globally that died of COVID, even with all the exaggeration.
They don't count flu.
They don't count pneumonia.
They don't count heart attack.
They don't count jet ski accidents.
They don't count suicide.
If you die, you died of COVID.
Abortion, leading cause of death worldwide, 42.6 million this year alone.
Stories up on InfoWars.com right now.
Now we've got constitutional lawyer, Robert Barnes, about to join us.
That's why I'm in here on Saturday, bringing you this emergency report.
And when this is done airing at 5 p.m.
today, as you're tuned in, it's going to loop every hour until I'm back live, Lord willing, tomorrow night with a regular Sunday show, 4 to 6 p.m.
And I want to thank you all for tuning in.
But there are police now arresting people in blue cities all over the U.S.
for being outside at night.
It's all about arbitrary power and the UN through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Clinton Foundation is setting up worldwide UN controlled contact tracers that get your data from people at restaurants and businesses and then come to your house and demand to come in and demand to test you with a little computer.
That is a fraudulent test even federal, state, and even foreign courts have ruled.
The PCR tests are a fraud.
You can set them just like a radar gun to show whatever you want.
And so they're not going to kill you with a guillotine when they take you away to the secret COVID centers that blue states, blue cities have set up, and that Democrat and globalist controlled systems have, and that socialists and communists and new world order systems have set up in Australia, Canada, and Europe.
They take you to secret facilities now all admitted.
So this is the cover for all those SJWs that went to school to be cops.
All the little pot bellies, all the women, all the people that want that raw power.
And they're now marching out viciously and arresting people that show that the hospitals are empty when they claim they're full.
But the good news is they're doing that to intimidate you because they don't have any power.
And for every person they arrest, 10,000 have protested and said no.
And I believe history will repeat itself.
Their attempts at intimidation will only blow up in their corrupt, stinking faces.
So Barnes is loaded for bear about going on the offense this year.
And how Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
and others plan to strike back.
I'll be in D.C.
next week, not just at our big events and our big elliptical event right south of the White House and our other big event Friday at Freedom Plaza that I'm emceeing much of.
But we're also going to go to the big event they've got in the morning there at the Capitol for medical freedom.
It is all coming up, ladies and gentlemen, and it is history.
And I'll tell you again, Paul Reveres, the only way this dog hunts.
Is when you spread the word and when you share the truth.
Big censorship of big tech is needed for this to succeed.
If you override them, they think you're lazy.
And if you send people the live feed of this show at Band.Video or InfoWars.com, or if you share the archive of this important report with Robert Barnes coming up with your friends, your family, your neighbors, it is going to change the world.
It is changing the world.
It's so incredibly important.
The New World Order will fail if you take action.
And we're going to play a clip here and then come back with Barnes that they've got on via Skype.
We're about to talk to him and he's ready to go.
But first, we're going to get into the news that just broke this Saturday afternoon.
They have 12 senators now and 140 House members, and it's growing, set to overturn the five fraudulent states and demand an emergency commission in the next 10 days to decide whether to overturn that election entirely.
This is absolutely what needs to happen.
It's constitutional, and Barnes will break down.
Those latest developments as well first when he joins us.
But separately, it takes money to put my crew and security in DC.
And it takes money to organize this.
And we put a lot of money, myself, into paying for the event that Trump's going to be at, the other event.
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All right, here is the latest on the election.
Led by Republican Senator Josh Hawley to challenge the election.
Started out as a push from just one senator but it appears to be picking up steam.
I'm hearing that it could be as much as a handful of Republican senators.
Our colleague Jake Tapper is hearing perhaps as many 140 House members.
Will this challenge go anywhere despite the numbers growing here?
Well, no, because under the rules, both chambers, the House and the Senate, would have to agree that on a Trumpian slate of delegates.
That obviously is not going to happen in the House of Representatives.
And there aren't even a majority of votes in the U.S.
Senate to have it.
So, no, that won't go anywhere.
And despite that, you have these members of Congress, though, going forward with this.
What does this say about your party tonight, then?
Well, nothing good.
I think they probably see it as a freebie vote, which is extremely short-sighted for the future of the party.
But they see that the Democrats in the House and enough Republican senators will save them from having to be in the unprecedented and unprincipled position of actually overturning the popular results of the election.
And thank you for joining us on this special Saturday transmission.
We'll also re-air this broadcast until I go live again tomorrow at 4 p.m.
Central Standard Time with the Sunday Syndicated Show.
But obviously so much huge news is breaking and unfolding that we are bringing you this special broadcast this evening.
I want to thank the crew for coming in on
A Saturday to do this.
We're good.
And so this is really shaking up to be a huge constitutional crisis and joining us is Robert Barnes to hit on that first.
Robert, breaking news this Saturday evening.
Give us your expert take on what's unfolding right now.
Well, it's in part thanks to the InfoWars audience and people across the country who've been sending letters and emails and texts and faxes and calls and every means of reaching out to their senators that they wanted an objection to be had until there has been confirmation that this election was an honest vote and there's a transparent audit of the election process.
And that is what Senator Ted Cruz, organizing a dozen senators, including both Tennessee senators,
And Senator Tuberville and others across the country, Wyoming and elsewhere, said today that they will not allow and they will object to the certification of any electors from the six contested states, Nevada, Georgia, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin,
Until and unless there's an election commission, an emergency election commission appointed that investigates and does a meaningful inquiry and a meaningful audit of the entire vote process.
And that includes not only how the votes were counted and how the votes were cast, but also a signature match audit, a publishing of the ballots that are supposed to be printed, which have not yet been done anywhere, even though those ballots have already been scanned and digitized and are available for publishing.
And also confirmation that only legal voters cast ballot.
You didn't have dead people voting, duplicate votes, all the votes that people like Richard Barris and Matt Brainerd have detailed and documented in these key contested states.
So what they're saying is there has to be an election commission.
This is what happened in 1876.
There was discussion of it all the way back to 1800, which was to form a commission made up of five Republicans and five Democrats.
Sometimes they would have five judges join.
And they would look at every single contested issue, hear evidence, take evidence, listen to evidence.
And until that occurs, they are going to object.
And if that does not occur, if no election commission is formed, then no senators will object.
And we have reason to believe many more senators will be objecting.
And ultimately, most Republicans in the House and most Republicans in the Senate will be objecting to this election as an unconstitutional election until and unless that emergency election commission is formed.
So it was a very smart strategy by Trump's team to say, look, they're not even asking any ballots to be thrown out yet.
They're just saying no ballots should be counted until an honest audit occurs.
All of the states have refused to do it.
All of the courts have refused to do it.
So now it is up to Congress, which is the constitutional body charged with this, to take constitutional action.
So if you are an odds maker, which you are one of the best known and biggest successful political gamblers out there, what would you say the odds were before this happened of Trump having a Hail Mary and winning and overturning this fraud versus now?
I mean, to me, it looks like this is ticked back in Trump's favor.
I still don't think it's a 50-50 shot or even a 30-70 shot, but I think things are starting to swing back a little bit towards Trump, especially as all this bonafide evidence of fraud is documented.
He went from being a long, long shot to sort of an Ohio State-sized long shot last night against Clemson, and of course they won.
So he went from a Hail Mary from his own 20 to a Hail Mary from the opposing team's 30-yard line.
So it's still a long shot, but it's no longer an impossible shot.
And it has two utilities.
Trump's always believed that you plan for the worst but hope for the best.
This is on a parallel track.
This gives him his best chance to get an objection to have a constitutional vote and only a constitutional vote occur, which would in fact make him the president.
But it has the same sidetrack of making it clear to the world that in fact, if Biden is put in, he's being put in unconstitutionally and fraudulently.
He's being put in based on a stolen election.
He is the second coming of his fraudulency, Rutherford B. Hayes from 1876.
And it sets up Trump and the populist movement to begin to discredit the establishment in the Biden administration and to build for 2024.
So it works both ways.
Hopefully it works so that we have a constitutional election and the constitutionally elected president is put in power.
But if not, it also has a backup strategy, a parallel strategy, where it works to help build the populist movement moving forward and prevent the Chinese Communist takeover of American society and policy directive.
The globalists are trying to conquer this nation.
They're trying to finish us off.
With one fell swoop, but as you said, up front these five states made agreements through their governors with the Democrats to take on these fake ballots and violate state law outside the legislature.
Why didn't the Supreme Court take that up?
Was it just political cowardice?
It was purely political cowardice and the fact that all of those justices believe they owe their obligation to the Bushes and to the McConnells, not to Trump.
It's like we told Trump to be worried about Barrett, told Trump to be worried about some of these other judges.
Unfortunately, he was listening to McConnell.
Now he realizes that McConnell was betraying him all along.
But McConnell's strategy to basically coerce the Republican senators into not objecting has now completely failed.
It failed once Senator Hawley said he would join an objection because under the law they only need one.
But now it's completely failed when more than a dozen senators are joining the objection and exposing McConnell for the fraud that he is by saying, look, all they want is an election commission to investigate.
Who can reasonably object to an election commission clarifying whether the constitutional processes were followed?
And this is, by the way, not news for people out there.
There were objections in 1796 and 1800 that John Adams and Thomas Jefferson adjudicated.
There were additional objections in 1808, 1812, 1820, 1836, 1856, 1868, 1876, and 1960 and 1968.
And, Robert, what about 2016?
The Democrats tried, but didn't have the votes.
Here's Politico.
House Democrats failed to muster support to challenge Trump's Electoral College win, but they did try it.
So this is completely legal and lawful, what's happening, and not some horrible dictatorial thing that's unfolding.
In fact, it's what the Constitution calls for.
It calls for the Congress to meaningfully investigate and meaningfully certify whether the election was done in a constitutional manner.
The objection in 1796 was whether Vermont had constitutionally passed its electors because of the way in which the legislature had appointed its electors.
The issue in 1800 was whether Georgia had properly certified their electors.
We're good to go.
We're good.
We're good to go.
But this is!
Different in that they've got a lot of evidence of fraud.
They've got the legislature's not being involved.
On its face, it should be overturned.
And you've got large numbers of House members, now over 140, already signing on.
And now officially a dozen senators saying they've got serious problems.
It looks like this is snowballing very, very quickly.
And what they need is the tipping factor for the president, potentially, is if there's a million people out there at the Ellipse in Washington, D.C.
on January the 6th.
Because that will get the attention.
There's a bunch of senators who haven't joined yet who are up for election in 2022.
So the if they see all in every single House member, of course, is up for election in 2022, they said.
And so if under those circumstances, if they hear and see that Trump's audience is real, so real that they're then more of them are willing to show up than are willing to show up for a Biden or Obama inauguration.
Then that could help change the political equation to at least force them to say, hey, let's not vote right now.
Let's have this commission.
Let's see what the commission's results are.
There's no inauguration until January 20th.
That gives us the commission 10 days to take and hear evidence and present their conclusions.
And then let's have another vote on, say, January 17th, 18th, or 19th.
And that's, in fact, in 1876.
They didn't decide until two days before inauguration.
And back then, inauguration was in March.
So there's no reason why we have to rush this process.
We should make sure all of the evidence is presented, all of the arguments vetted, and a meaningful honest vote in Congress to make sure we had a meaningful honest vote in the presidential election.
Well, I'll tell you my big issue here.
If I hadn't seen massive evidence of fraud,
Then I would say, OK, Joe Biden got elected.
But just at every level, it's ridiculous what happened.
And the mainstream media, the big tech censoring, even Senate committee hearings on fraud with sworn witnesses and Google and Facebook and Twitter blocked it, saying that this election is not contested.
Joe Biden is the winner.
Unprecedented selective Internet kill switch, total power grab.
Then you've got the fact he's a Chicom agent.
All right.
I mean, no one likes these people.
They can't get 20 people to come to their rallies.
He does, quote, national televised addresses, 1,000 people tuned in today to Biden in his national address that the entire media pushed.
I mean, you can't make people look at him.
He is literally like a reanimated corpse.
He should be hosting Tales of the Crypt.
He should not be foisted on us, installed as the puppet president.
You have the most compromised potential president in America's history.
What they accused Trump of doing is who Biden is.
Biden is the one compromised by a foreign power.
Biden is the one compromised by that foreign power's interference and intrusion in an American election.
Biden is the person compromised by a foreign power that can truly do economic and social damage to the United States government.
And so Biden and at the worst level really ever historically, we've never had anything quite like this.
And then you look at what happened in the election.
You have two different aspects.
When you have what happened in the vote, people who weren't legally qualified casting ballots, including dead people, duplicate votes, non-residents, non-citizens, people who are registered in other states, people weren't even of age to vote.
Then you had votes being cast illegally by being cast without the signature matching on the ballots.
Then you had the ballots being counted illegally with monitors and independent observers excluded illicitly from all these key counties and key swing states at key times.
But on top of that, as Senator Hawley has noted, we have serious interference in the election enabled by big tech, which has a lot of foreign investors, a lot of foreign owners, both in the Mideast and in China.
You had the biggest big tech suppression of a media scandal in the history of American presidential politics in the Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, Ukraine, China scandal.
You had the biggest big media suppression of a major scandal in America's history.
And you had our own deep state operatives under bar the Justice Department not bringing meaningful prosecution on Spygate, hiding the fact that Biden was under federal criminal investigation, and then lying about what kind of voter fraud inquiry was done.
So you had the biggest political contamination, manipulation, machinations that could possibly take place in the history of American presidential elections.
And even then, they had to get the election within the margin of fraud to try to steal it in the first place.
So if any election is problematic, it is this election.
And if any time our constitutional remedy was needed and required, it is this election.
Well said.
Robert Barnes, now let's shift gears to the pretext for the lockdowns, the pretext for destroying the economy, the pretext for blaming Trump and all the statistical manipulation around COVID-19 that has put the United Nations in charge with Bill Gates of the world's healthcare in a single stroke.
I want to go over some of the latest developments here, some of the headlines.
Was the leading cause of death worldwide in 2020, killing 42.6 million people, more than 25 times what COVID-19 did, and most of those, again, died of something else, not COVID-19.
Continuing here, O Canada police raid house, Gestapo style, after COVID snitch reports over five people in the home.
This is disturbing footage out of Quebec, Canada of New Year's Eve.
We're gonna play that in a moment, but first, here's maskless crowds shout COVID is a hoax outside London Hospital on New Year's Eve.
And again, more and more of this is happening around the world.
I'm going to show you what's happening in Los Angeles, though, where they're arresting people for being outside at night.
The mayor of Austin tried this with the governor, told him it was illegal.
We went out and protested.
This is a giant naked power grab, but nobody's arrested if you're anti-BLM.
The Democrats put out studies saying that fought COVID.
When they march, it fights COVID.
When we go outside, it spreads COVID.
This is all an exercise in mind control.
But here is the next clip.
A neighbor snitch.
This is in Quebec, Canada.
Go ahead and roll that footage.
No, Senator!
No, Senator!
Fuck you, Senator!
Fuck you!
No, Senator!
Fuck you!
Don't follow!
He can't breathe!
He can't breathe!
Don't follow!
Stay here!
And notice the police are all liberal ninny.
Oh, we love you.
It's for your safety.
It's your own good.
With the audio please.
This is tyranny.
Where they can disappear you into their COVID centers and the COVID trackers are now the Obama Foundation and the Clinton Foundation and others.
This is the UN power grab.
And I have the UN officials
The head of the emergency response team of the UN is saying we're going to take your children.
And now they're back.
Those cops are the equivalent of real Soviets or Nazis.
You want to see tyranny?
This is it.
And it's all how they're good, you're bad.
You can't have gatherings in your home.
That's martial law.
But all the big box stores can stay open.
And it looks like 20 cops.
Look how they all got that weird, crazy, letness look in their eyes.
It's a whole bunch of women cops too.
They all went to college to rule you, and now they're here and they've got their pretext to have power.
Close the door!
Close the door!
I don't want to see those people anymore!
Now you know most of this happens in Quebec because the French are under Napoleonic law.
Louisiana doesn't really have as much a constitution as we do.
Nice folks down there but this is a lot of this is Napoleonic law stuff but this whole global system is Napoleonic law and to talk about that before we place more of these clips is Robert Barnes.
Barnes these are really really hard to watch and I've got hundreds of these so now what we saw in Australia what we saw in Spain is now coming to North America.
And you knew that was going to be the case.
I mean, really, this all starts as the Chinese model.
This was the Chinese dragging people out of their homes and their apartments in the name of protecting them from themselves and their neighbors.
Which, by the way, by itself makes no sense.
How does removing someone from a setting where they are then transporting them around a lot of other people somehow reduce the transmission of the disease?
On its own terms, it's insane.
It's irrational.
It shows you it's a pure power grab.
It's about conditioning people to expect
The police to show up anytime, anyplace, for any reason, and to remove you from your own home for simply gathering during the holidays.
There's only six people who are gathering there.
So it's meant to terrify people.
It's meant to scare people into doing whatever the state does, whatever the state wants.
You had a situation where they were breaking into churches because they thought churches were holding, quote, secret services.
This is insane.
And then you have a bill proposed in the New York state legislature to actually create detention camps for COVID.
So, in the name of COVID, and that's what it's going to be, it's going to be in the name of COVID, next time will be in the name of something else.
It's just to legitimate the ability to completely control everything about your life.
Whether you can work, whether you can go to church, whether you can go to school, whether you can even physically go outside your home, who you can associate with, what freedom of speech you have, what religious expression you can make, whether ultimately you're going to have Second Amendment rights, because that's coming next.
In the name of COVID or something else, somehow you won't be able to have the right to bear arms in your own self-defense.
So we're going to see it continued all the way through.
And it's terrifying and frightening.
They're violating every constitutional right and remedy known to our entire legal history in the name of a virus that has an extraordinarily low lethality rate for most people.
And for which we're supposedly supposed to have a vaccine that it turns out that now they're going to force on people but then they're still going to require all of these conditions and restrictions because they're admitting the vaccine actually doesn't vaccinate anybody from transmission of the virus according to the World Health Organization.
So this is a they're trying to re-invoke all of the scariest ideas from the earliest part of the 20th century in the ideology of eugenics and reinstate it in the name of virus health protection.
And that's all that's going on, and that's why it must be fought at every level, political, legal, and constitutional, and democratic, that we have accessible and available to us.
And that's what people like me are going to be doing in the new year with people like Robert Kennedy and others taking the fight to all of these lockdown rules, all of the forced vaccination attempts,
Forcing people to wear masks for whom everybody admits, even disabled people, the mask presents an imminent risk to their well-being.
Forcing people to get vaccinated even when the risk of the vaccine is greater than the risk of the virus.
Forcing people to accept, as you've been noting, these are very unique vaccines that have never worked before for a coronavirus anyway, but that are mRNA vaccines that, as other people are pointing out, is really the next step in introducing biological control over you through the state.
I mean, if the state can inject anything it wants into your body, then what limits does the state have at all?
That's right.
This is a massive corporate global government revolution against humanity to track us, to trace us, to control us, to set the precedent that they can hurt us, even kill us, and they have liability protection.
This is pure medical tyranny from global government.
Now, let's look at this clip out of England.
Debbie Hicks, this is in BBC News everywhere, they're just promoting it as a good thing.
Debbie Hicks saw on the news that the big Royal Hospital in her town, the largest hospital, was full and it was just overwhelmed with dead people and just sick people and it was terrible.
So she went there, went inside and showed.
It's basically almost empty.
We'll show a clip of that.
Then they came to her house and arrested her for the crime of showing the giant hoax that they were engaged in.
So this is real citizen activism in Australia, in the US, all over.
They say, oh, the local hospital's full.
You go there, no one's there.
Then you see the local news again saying, we're live.
People in hazmat gear, lines out the door.
You go in New Jersey, Texas, New York, and it's hired actors in hazmat outfits going in circles in and out.
That was confirmed!
That they got caught, ladies and gentlemen, in three different states doing it.
This is incredible.
So here's this wonderful woman, Debbie Hicks.
Empty hospital, look.
Look at it.
This is a disgrace.
I've never seen... Oh my God, look at this.
It is so dead.
You see, when they do that, now none of the regular people are there.
None of the... All the people in our country desperately waiting for treatment, cancer treatment, heart disease.
Look at this.
Honestly, this is making me so angry.
They pay for the services and now you don't get it.
And they make all their money off of COVID patients, which they pay a giant bonus to you if you get it.
Look at the truth here.
Do not come back to this place with bullshit when there's a completely empty hospital I'm walking around.
And it's the same scam in Germany, in England, Australia here.
They pay them extra money for the COVID.
Look, I'm looking into a ward.
Look, look at this ward here.
What is this ward?
Minor injury units.
This is the minor injury unit.
Oh my God, look at it.
All the people this time of year that would normally be in here.
For a car wreck.
For not being denied treatment.
For a fall.
This is a disgrace.
I am so angry.
And she explains on the news they say the hospital's overwhelmed.
To be honest, I wasn't expecting it to be quite as quiet as this.
I expected a few more people around.
Oh, they're all at home getting their bed checked.
No security.
Where's the security staff?
I haven't even seen them.
I have family that are doctors and nurses.
Remember I told you 10 months ago they said we just have sex and drink vodka.
The doctors just have sex with the nurses all day.
This is disgusting.
Macmillan Cancer Table.
Of course, Macmillan, for those of you that don't know, have been key in the privatization of the NHS, where these huge companies, pharmaceutical companies, have come in and taken over and privatized everything.
And then they say you're all non-essential?
They shut it down and make record profits.
Don't get involved.
They are a disgrace.
Macmillan is a disgrace.
By the way, type into a search engine, some hospitals get $300,000 per COVID patient.
That's the high end.
The low end's about $20,000.
But for taking one, you get $13,000.
If you intubate, you get $40,000.
That's $53,000.
If the person dies, another $20,000.
That's in the US.
If you look at other areas of the world, it's about the same.
We're looking at about $50,000.
30,000 pounds in the UK, and you can look all this up.
And so they'll have one little ward, one wing that's COVID, and then they will bring in all their money there, shut everything else down, and then make record profits.
And it's the same global fraud directed by the WHO that is controlled by Big Pharma.
And we have the head of the WHO and others admitting that in previous reports.
So this is an incredible
Time to be alive.
There it is, right there.
Now, let's see what happened to Debbie Hicks.
We'll get Robert Barnes' take on this.
Debbie Hicks, what happened the next day after her video went viral?
Of course, YouTube and others took it down.
You're not allowed to show the truth.
They're all part of the criminal fraud as well.
All part of the racketeering.
Here's Debbie Hicks getting arrested at her home.
Here it is.
Could you not put some underwear on me?
She's got her dressing gown on.
That's nothing else underneath.
Listen, we've explained a number of times.
We've given her chances to go and get dressed.
I know, I know.
She has to do that.
I know.
Can you give her one chance more?
Well, you may do, but at the minute she's in handcuffs.
Can you get some shoes, please?
Yeah, they're coming out.
You're cutting my hands.
Let them go.
You're treating me like a criminal.
I'm not a criminal.
Will you take these handcuffs off?
Yes, sir.
Can you ask him to put some clothes on underneath?
Can you just go and put some clothes on and we'll get you to custody, okay?
What sort of society is this when you come into your brother's house outside her bedroom door and intimidate her so we have no clothing on?
This is your last chance.
What sort of society is this?
Go and put some clothes on for me please, alright?
They've released the criminals, the rapists, the murderers, and they're taking patriots to jail.
Now at least there they didn't SWAT team her, they took her to jail.
You saw Canada, they tackled people and slammed their faces in the concrete with enjoyment.
Because they're the good people, saving you from the disease.
This is so incredibly dangerous.
This is chicken little meets a witch hunt run by big corporations that hired Stanford and Harvard psychology departments to come up with this with Operation Lockstep, Robert.
No doubt about it.
I mean, they have learned that the most effective means to get all of the control of the population that they ever want or ever could have dreamed of is through the threat of a supposed virus pandemic.
And in ways that they never could achieve or attain before, and we're guaranteed to not only continue to face it into the new year, but face worse variants of it down the road.
The great threat is a mutating virus.
The great threat is the mutating governmental response in the name of a virus.
And that's what must be dealt with, and that's what must be resisted at every legal, constitutional, democratic level available to us.
Because what they figured out is in this real live Milgram experiment, where people were told what to do by somebody in a white lab coat, they discovered that they can get two-thirds of the country to forfeit all of their core liberties and rights, including associating with... Let's slow down a little.
Tell people about the Milgram and Stanford research.
We're good to go.
True corporate fascism getting rid of the low-level economy to consolidate for social control.
Take some time out, tell folks about the Milgram experiment and the Stanford research experiments.
They did prison experiments, they did shocking experiments, literally shocking people to death, and they found the majority of people, the authority figure, told them to murder someone that college PhD students would murder people if they thought an authority figure told them.
Please continue.
Yeah, exactly.
That's precisely what took place.
And it was all about the ability, how much, this was all done in the post-Cold War era, where they basically took a lot of Nazi experimental techniques and started applying them in the United States.
Operation Paperclip, we brought a bunch of the Nazis over and disguised them in our own medical science and rocket science and military science positions of power.
That's how that all came about.
And we incorporated, borrowed, and extended a lot of what they were doing, even though we told the world we wouldn't.
That's what the Nuremberg Code and the Nuremberg Accord was about.
It was after the Nuremberg trials.
We will never do this to any human being again.
Every human being has a right of informed consent, a universal, internationally recognized, constitutional right of informed consent before invasive medical proceedings can ever take place against them.
And yet now we're right back to that.
And we're right back to that because they learned through the Milgram experiment where they just call random strangers in.
They don't tell them anything except to have a person in a white lab coat there say, okay, sit down.
I want you to shock this person.
I want you to turn the knob on this instrument to electrically shock this person over here if I just tell you to do so.
And what was astounding was that most Americans would keep turning up the shock.
Even when they heard the person screaming and apparently dying, a majority would still do it as long as the person in the white lab coat told them to do it.
You'd see a few that were bothered by it, a few that were upset about it, and a few that would dissent.
But most people would actually go along with it, and that's what they've figured out now.
In the name of safety, people will often sacrifice freedom, but in the process of doing so, they end up neither safe nor free, because there's no greater threat to your health and your liberty and your core ability to live and function than the state itself.
The state is the great danger.
You're never safe if your hands are solely and totally and wholly in the hands of the state.
And that's the Milgram experiment.
Then there's the Stanford research experiment where they found over 90%, like 91% of college students with good grades, PhD students, psychology students, would beat someone to death or kill someone if the other prison guards told them to do it.
And they found that American students became just as bad as the Nazis within about a week.
It's the problem of power.
You give people unlimited power and the intoxicant of that on the psychology of the mind leads them inevitably and inescapably to abuse that power if someone in authority tells them, gives them the green light to do so.
I mean, that's partially why we've had Antifa and BLM violence over the past summer was because people in positions of power in the Democratic Party gave them the green light to do so.
And now they're giving the green light to the most abusive aspects of local police forces to go out and try to enforce these unconstitutional restrictions on people's core liberties.
That's right, Robert.
Since you mentioned that, we've got dozens of these videos.
This is brand new.
This is from just last night.
These videos are pouring out.
Also happened on New Year's.
Here is footage in a suburb of Los Angeles.
People out at 10 o'clock at night.
And the police pull up, jump out, slam to the ground, and take them to jail with pleasure.
But if they were BLM or Antifa, they would have been worshipped.
Now here it is.
Not you guys.
ACLU is fine.
Get off the street!
Go home!
Go home or you're getting arrested.
You're under arrest.
You're under arrest!
Get down!
I'm not a part of this!
You're under arrest!
Stop resisting!
Stop resisting!
You guys are putting your knee in!
Stop resisting!
Give me your arm!
Give me your arm!
Do it now!
And look, a bunch of the cops aren't even wearing masks.
They all know it's BS.
So see, we're not for the police when they follow globalist operations.
And really, what would you call the societal rot of the Democrats, the big corporations?
Human cloning, total abortion, killing babies after they're born, euthanizing the old, lying about all the COVID, taking homeless in, putting tubes down their throats, killing them to get the COVID money, sending COVID patients to nursing homes to get a high death toll.
I mean, this is real organized evil we're witnessing, and it's like the bottom dropped out, Barnes.
Historically, what the hell do you think is going on here?
Well, it's the poisoning of power.
Power is such an intoxicant that if you just unleash that on a society, it's going to lead to a very destructive society in every circumstance we've ever had.
Whether it was the fascists, whether it was the Nazis, whether it was the communists, whether it was the totalitarians of the Inquisition, it doesn't matter which age, you let power unleashed and power unchecked.
And the consequence will always be morally horrendous conduct on a scale and a scope the world has never witnessed prior to that time period.
And that's precisely what we're seeing now.
It's why the state, frankly, is always the greatest danger to freedom and the greatest danger to your physical safety.
Because nobody, a single criminal, cannot commit the degree of misconduct and malfeasance that the state can on a global scale now.
And that's where the great threat is, and that's why people have to—in order to restore liberty, it's going to be up to ordinary, everyday Americans to protect that liberty by taking every legal, constitutional, democratic remedy they can, by doing things like that support InfoWars.
So by supporting—InfoWars is the biggest global network.
That is not backed by big money.
That is not backed by big advertisers.
That is not backed by sugar daddy billionaires.
And consequently, that's why people get the most honest, unfiltered information of any network of this scale or size anywhere in the world.
And the only way that's possible is the audience makes it possible.
We've got a few minutes left here.
Clearly the UN, clearly the big corporations admit with the Great Reset, they say, this is our takeover, this will cut the carbon footprint, this will make you poor, it's good for the earth, you're not going to have kids now, we're going to control you, you're going to have a universal income, we'll tell you how to live your life.
It's such an authoritarian revolution.
Are they doing it because they saw the populist revolution accelerating?
Because they always had this planned.
I mean, it was on the drawing board.
But the fact that they've launched such a dangerous gamble, I really see that because they were behind and because they're weak.
As bleak as this is, I see a lot of good signs.
Do you agree with that?
Do you disagree with that?
And I think we should really start talking about Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates and how they really are the Adolf Hitler's and Mao Tse Tung's of our day, hitting us with a new type of war.
Oh, very much so.
I mean, this Blitzkrieg is in response to the success of the Brexit movement and populist movements around the world.
If they had tried this in 2012, they would have had a lot more success with a lot more, a lot less resistance, because they would have had the Obama machine and everything else on their side.
So the fact that they chose now to launch it because of the, and as you note, it's been on the, it's been in the roadmap all the way along, this, you know, people who love power will constantly seek excuses to have more of it.
But they launched it now because they were on the verge of complete failure.
China was on the verge of losing its attempts to have global domination of the West due to the lead that Trump in particular had taken against them.
The success of Brexit showed that their EU model for European sort of bureaucratic dictatorial government was failing.
So I think this was launched as a means to counteract all of that.
And they had the willing complicity of Bill Gates, who was able to compromise all of our public health entities around the entire world with his massive donations and monetary control.
And the combination of the two allowed them to get away with it.
And unfortunately, too many Americans were asleep.
So unless you were a part of the Infowars audience, you didn't realize or recognize what was happening until all of a sudden you woke up and you can't leave your home or have your grandma over without being subject to the cops raiding your home, beating you down, and throwing you in jail.
That's not America.
That's not freedom.
That's not liberty.
That's not the West.
So we got to fight back and we got to fight back with every means available.
But you're right, we are better equipped and more knowledgeable to fight back now than maybe at any other time in world history.
I don't want to be over positive, but that's what I'm seeing is a mega massive awakening of neighbors and family and people that thought I was full of it are now like, oh my God, you were dead on.
How'd you know this?
And I'm like, well, the globalists write all these white papers and it's their plan.
And now so many people going to be in the street and go black, white, old, young men, you know, women.
I'm reading The Great Reset.
I can't believe they admit it all.
I'm reading David Rockefeller.
I'm reading Bill Gates.
Bill Gates' dad ran a eugenics group.
Oh my God, it's all true!
I mean, people are really finally going, because the globals are finally assaulting.
They're finally gone from beta to the big push, and people are really starting to get it.
We have the highest level of resistance to vaccines, forced vaccines in American history, at least in the modern age.
And that's because people are recognizing that there's something disingenuous, dishonest about it.
They have access to independent means of media despite all of the efforts of big media and big tech suppression and censorship.
Independent media still keeps out there because people share the links.
People find ways around the institutional gated narrative of gatekeeper control.
That's right.
This is the golden age.
I don't mean as in old.
I mean the golden age of rebirth right now.
Barnes, in closing, let me show you a few headlines of your take on this.
Washington Post.
Anti-vaxxers are dangerous.
Make them face isolation, fines, and arrests.
The Washington Post.
How authoritarian is that?
Mandatory COVID-19 vaccines.
Everything is on the table, says Fauci.
There's video of this.
Like he's God, he decides.
Digital receipts for COVID vaccinations spark concerns about two-tiered society and data grab.
Think so?
You must take the vaccine, giggling Joe and Jill Biden, New Year's dud interview, where they can't even pull a party popper string and don't know how to make it work.
I mean, oh, but he's your doctor now.
I'm choosing the risk of getting COVID.
Over a half of healthcare workers, that's the number, 80%, at California hospitals refuse vaccinations.
Another person dies hours after taking COVID vaccine.
There's deaths all over the world from this thing.
What the hell's going on here?
Wuhan City Center jam-packed for New Year's Eve.
Most aren't wearing masks.
New York Times Square and London empty and police arresting people.
2019 bill in New York called for quarantines, lockdowns, contact tracers.
They already had it ready and written.
All this up on InfoWars.com.
Canadian ministers headed to Caribbean while lecturing people to sacrifice the holidays.
And we've got another one here where this big teacher union head said, don't leave your house, don't go to school.
She got caught partying with her family in the Caribbean.
The NHS requires recently retired doctors to have diversity training, all just brainwashing.
And you're going to find these interviews they don't want you to see at band.video, like the full interviews with the lady.
Wendy Hicks, who went into the hospital.
The whole 30 minutes is at Bandai Video in the Band Video section.
That's where all these incredible videos are.
How criminal is this, Barnes?
To have them gaslight us, do this, and then censor doctors, scientists that expose the vaccine or expose COVID as an overblown hoax.
And then when people show hospitals are empty, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube take it down.
This is so damn diabolical.
I mean, this is ridiculously diabolical, Barnes.
The big pharma and big tech and big media and big banks and the government and the police and the chi-coms all ganged up on the individual.
This is incredible criminal activity.
Well, the Great Reset is going to trigger the Great Awakening, and hopefully the Great Rebellion.
And that needs to happen, and it's only happening because people are able to see through it.
People see that when you use the tactics of totalitarians, in the sense of crushing dissent, criminalizing dissent, gaslighting people who raise honest questions about honest information, people see through that.
Enough people see through that.
And enough people see through that that they recognize that the mere technique is a sign that something problematic is deeply happening.
So the ability, you know, one of the great intellectual enlightenment rebels said that there are two great schools of learning that the church and the state could never close, and that's the archives of nature and the rights of man.
And what he meant was that God left his imprint of truth on the world for our conscience to witness and for our minds to observe.
And as long as we keep those great schools of learning open and continue to listen to them,
Then we will be in a position where we can resist any form of oppression that any state or system may try to impose.
And luckily, the conscience of man and the rights of man are still strong with beating hearts and wise souls all around the world.
And that will happen again, and we'll be able to push back against it.
But we need to begin the battle back, because the powers that be are pushing as hard and heavy as they ever have before.
Robert, just speechless how powerful the information is that you're laying out here, my friend.
Truly, as Martin Luther King said, the universe bends towards justice, God bends towards justice, and the imprint of natural law, the imprint of God's law is there.
God's law is powerful, it's regenerative, it's genesis, it gives us pleasure, it gives us life, it gives us justice, it gives us enjoyment, it gives us empowerment, fulfillment.
I think?
Civilization, there's no doubt.
We're entering the bottom of the decadent swing and phase.
Again, you've got a powerful Twitter account and other places to visit.
How do people find more of the amazing mindset and understanding of Robert Barnes?
Sure, so I'm still up on Twitter so far, we'll see how long that lasts, at Barnes underscore Law, and then created a Locals Board to be sort of a backup location in case I get censored everywhere, which is VivaBarnesLaw.Locals.com.
So people can always find me in either place.
And we'll continue, and we're going to be launching legal actions throughout this next year.
The Free America Law Center is going to be part of that project.
So we're going to try to do everything we can to free back up our core rights and liberties from these extraordinary and unprecedented forms of repression and suppression that have occurred and that are occurring and that will be occurring in the new year.
The new year brings new hope and new risks.
Hard to believe we're in the year 2021.
I know you're already back in Vegas, but I'm running, to a great extent, the big Tuesday rally.
I can also get you, I'm sure you can already get it, you work for the White House, doing some work for them, to that event.
If you'd like to go, I'd pay for your hotel room, my friend.
I'd love to get you a 10-minute, 20-minute speaking slot, especially on that Tuesday night event that's going to be there in Freedom Plaza.
Do you want to come to D.C.?
Oh, yeah.
No problem.
Yeah, I can be there.
Alright, well I'm going to call the main lady that's booking it all, and we've got some slots that we're going to be open for Ted Nugent.
He's not sure if he can come, so I really think we should probably get you there.
So I'll call you after the end of the show tonight once I've made some calls.
Robert Barnes, thank you so much.
Alright, there goes Robert Barnes.
Again, I want to thank the crew for coming in on Saturday.
I want to thank the listeners and viewers.
You're the men and women around the world, not just the U.S., that are tuned in and care about justice and care about freedom and care about your rights.
You are the tip of the spear.
You're the salt of the earth.
You are the 300.
And I know there's probably, depending on when you're watching this, if you're watching it live, probably a half a million people watching, watching it later, you know, maybe 100,000 watching, or you're watching the archive, it'll be posted later, demand.video.
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It's so magic when you decide to circumvent the censors.
It's so incredible and it changes the universe.
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I don't want to pull back on the accelerator.
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And we're just trusting in you, even though our tank is on about 10%.
It'd be good to have more fuel in there, but it doesn't matter.
I pushed the tank to 2%, and then the money came back in magically because of God, because God is in command, and the Lord works in mysterious ways, and the creator of the universe oversees these battlefields of the mind.
All right, so infowarestore.com.
I want to salute the crew.
Incredible job.
I'll be back live, Lord willing, 4 to 6 p.m.
with the regular Sunday show, and then Owen will host the new Sunday live 6 to 8 p.m.
as well.
I'm going to leave you with a short little video dealing with the events coming up in
General Flynn's going to be speaking in DC at multiple events.
Roger Stone spent some substantial time with Trump in Florida just a few days ago, and I'm told big things are afoot.
And that Trump's got major action up his sleeve.
Thank God he's not giving into this tyranny.
Thank God he's not acquiescing and going along with the gaslighting and the fraud and the lie.
There's no evidence of election scams because we have absolutely massive evidence and the president must not concede.
He must never concede because Joe Biden tried to steal this election, got caught doing it, and is a communist Chinese agent.
A few weeks ago, Trump tweeted, be there on January 6th.
So as of today, January 1st, 2021, coming up about five and a half days, Trump is speaking at that event.
This is so incredibly important that we have not just 100,000, not just 500,000 like the 1st of March.
But over a million, 2 million, 3 million people to really show Joe Biden, the Democrats, the gaslighting media that say there's no evidence of fraud, when there's mountains of it, that we know the truth and we don't accept China Joe and China Mitch and the Republican Democrat establishment that sold this country out to Communist China.