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Name: 20210101_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: Jan. 1, 2021
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On Jan 1st, President Trump confirmed attending a rally on Jan 6th in Washington D.C., expecting over a million attendees. The location is unconfirmed but will likely involve marching to the Capitol to protest election results. Roger Stone claims major action is planned, and InfoWars encourages their audience to join them in D.C. This rally represents people's refusal to accept alleged fraud in the presidential election.

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Very exciting developments for the future of this country and the world.
President Trump confirmed today, January 1st, 2021, that he is going to be speaking at a rally and an event coming up next Wednesday, January 6th.
Now we happen to know the location of that.
We're going to lay it out for you now, but everybody has to get to DC.
There's going to be a huge rally at Freedom Plaza on the evening of the 5th on Tuesday.
And then in the morning, it's going to open up at about 8 a.m.
for everybody to get in to the Ellipse that is just south of the White House.
There's room for a lot of people, but not for the millions that will be there.
They'll be on the outside of that.
And then we're going to march to the Capitol that's going to be holding the debate over
the election that starts that day.
This is a critical time in history.
Now, I'm going to be speaking in D.C.
Roger Stone's going to be speaking in D.C.
General Flynn's going to be speaking in D.C.
at multiple events.
And what you need to know is this.
Roger Stone spent some substantial time with Trump in Florida just a few days ago and was going to meet with Trump again, but Trump went back to DC early before the new year unexpected.
And I'm told big things are afoot and that Trump's got major action up his sleeve.
The full interview with Roger Stone is at Band.Video and InfoWars.com.
And I've got a lot of intel I'm not at liberty to tell you yet.
Not just from Roger, but from other people that have been meeting with the president and wargaming what's coming.
But thank God he's not giving into this tyranny.
Thank God he's not acquiescing and going along with the gaslighting and the fraud and the lie that there's no evidence of election scams because we have absolutely massive evidence
and the president must not concede.
He must never concede because Joe Biden tried to steal this election, got caught
doing it, and is a communist Chinese agent.
There was no evidence of Trump being a foreign agent to Russia or China, but
with Joe Biden, it's absolutely open and shut and completely transparent.
Not just him, but his son, his brothers, and his whole corrupt, stinking family.
A few weeks ago, Trump tweeted, "Be there on January 6th."
But you have to understand whether there's an inauguration or whether
there's a rally he's at, that's not paid for by taxpayer money.
That's paid for by donations and by donors.
So I began to check with groups.
Has somebody gotten the different permits and people weren't doing it?
Was someone putting up the money to start organizing to be able
to have it all paid for?
They weren't.
So I put in the money.
For both of the major rallies that are happening.
Thank God a donor came later and reimbursed me for most of it.
And so that's why I've been privy to what's happening and privy to what's going on.
And they've been waiting for the president to confirm he's going to be speaking before details are given.
But now I can lay out this information.
So as of today, January 1st, 2021, coming up in about five and a half days, Trump is speaking at that event.
This is so incredibly important that we have not just 100,000, not just 500,000 like the 1st of March, but over a million, 2 million, 3 million people to really show Joe Biden, the Democrats, the gaslighting media that say there's no evidence of fraud, when there's mountains of it, that we know the truth and we don't accept China Joe and China Mitch and the Republican Democrat establishment that sold this country out to communist China. It's on, it's
happening. I told you weeks ago the president was going to be speaking, but the president understands this is
bigger than "fight for Trump" as some people call the march. This is fight for America. This is
fight for election integrity. This is fighting let the Chi-Coms and the EU and Hollywood and the
left know you're not going to conquer this country and we're never giving in.
We're never submitting.
We're never going to give up.
We're never, ever, ever going to surrender to your America-hating garbage.
In fact, we've just begun to fight.
President Trump's amazing, but he is just one person, one manifestation, one focal point of this that rode in on the populist wave, like Bolsonaro and so many others.
This is about the entire country, the entire world.
And self-determination and not be under their globalist one world authoritarian government, their endless lockdowns, their forced inoculations and all of this tyranny.
Because Trump does not believe in forced inoculations and has said you shouldn't be pressured to do it.
Biden and the Democrats and others say they want them to be forced and they want us to adopt Xi Jinping's global QR code to have a job to fly and to buy and sell.
And CNN says we will submit.
No, we will not submit.
The globalists know humanity has awoken to them.
That's why they're trying to bring in their planetary government, their social credit score, their COVID-19 track and tracing systems, is to keep themselves in control of our lives.
But I believe their desperate gamble to stay relevant will actually backfire and will seal their fate on the political ash heap of history.
But regardless, now is the time to fight for voter integrity, for election integrity, for the sovereignty and the very existence of this country and our families and our right to self-defense and so much more.
So join us in DC on the 5th and 6th as we begin the occupation of the Capitol peacefully to let the globalists know we will not allow them to steal our election and steal our country.
I'm Alex Jones.
God bless you all.
Pray for Trump.
Pray for America.
Pray for Infowars.
Pray for Global Awakening.
And I'll see you in DC.
January 6th.
Now I can tell you, we are heeding the call here at InfoWars.
I will be there in D.C.
January 6th along with Alex Jones.
and crew and we're going to be speaking at a lot of different events in fact
organizing some events as well but this is an important time and an important
emergency message from President Trump to get to DC on January 6th to show the
Chinese agents in the Democrat Party and the Republican Party who are betraying
us by allowing this theft of our election to stand and to tell the world
that America is not going to sit here and take it anymore And we will get Trump re-inaugurated.
And the media is going to have to cover this.
And what are they going to do when Joe Biden can't get anybody to show up for any of his events?
He doesn't even want to have a real inauguration.
Anytime Trump asks people to go to Washington D.C., millions of people show up, waving Trump flags, waving Don't Tread On Me flags, waving American flags, which you know they hate.
So this is an important moment for America, this is an important moment for the world, and it's an important moment for us to show President Trump we're still fighting for you.
Please keep fighting for us.
And it will add pressure.
To Congress, and to the rest of the government, that you better not certify this fake election for Biden.
Otherwise, we the people standing here, millions strong, are going to hold you accountable, and we're going to be right there outside of your doors, letting you know so.
So, January 6th, Washington, D.C.
The District of Criminals.
The District of Communists.
InfoWars will be there.
I hope to see you too.