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Name: 20201228_Mon_Alex
Air Date: Dec. 28, 2020
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In The Alex Jones Show, topics such as vaccinations, crime rates, elections, and conspiracy theories are discussed. Guest speakers highlight how globalist forces control governments, politics, and society, emphasizing personal responsibility, staying informed, legal reforms, and preparing for crises. Criticism of mainstream media coverage, censorship, and the UN's Great Reset agenda is common, with InfoWars products being promoted to support the fight against tyranny."

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*outro* The year is 2020.
I am your host, Alex Jones.
We are live.
We are broadcasting worldwide.
We are witnessing America and President Trump's last stand.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is not a drill.
This is going toe-to-toe with the new world order, and Trump has now been forced to sign a deal with the devil.
Decrepit multi-millionaire Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.
What took so long, what took so long is because we could not get our Republican colleagues to crush the virus.
I couldn't understand it.
Why would they not want to invest in the science that has told us so importantly that it required testing, tracing, treatment, separation, sanitation, and the rest.
Creepy Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.
We all know that President Trump has made the economy a mess
by how he treated the pandemic.
We all know that President Biden is entering his presidency in an economic deep hole caused by President Trump.
And their minions of anti-America media filth have persevered and bamboozled America
into accepting the crumbs of a long and chaotically negotiated
stimulus package benefiting everyone the world over, except the people paying for it.
I think as he leaves office, he will... I understand he wants to be remembered for advocating for big checks, but the danger is he'll be remembered for chaos and misery and erratic behavior if he allows this to expire.
He did tell us that he alone would fix the country's problems.
What he didn't mention was that he would create many of those crises and then act like he solved them.
We have an extraordinary narcissist.
pathologically narcissistic in the White House.
He said, well, yes, I know there were intense negotiations.
You passed a $908 billion bill.
It has, you know, extending unemployment.
It has direct payments.
It has this, that, and everything else.
But you know what?
I've now decided that I'm going to jump into the game and I want $2,000.
Well, I want $2,000.
The American people want $2,000.
They need it.
Given the economic crisis.
So what we need to do is have the President sign that bill today, right now.
I think the fact that the President, as you said, deep-sixed this bill and then went off to Mar-a-Lago to have his holiday when unemployment benefits ran out yesterday.
And you look at what is in that bill on the COVID relief side, $400 million for food banks.
How many times have we talked about the lines of Americans sitting in their cars I don't know what kind of game he's playing.
I don't know what the Republicans are going to do.
But, you know, they're all frightened of him and he's intimidated them.
They don't have any guts.
And so let's see if he's going to make them come up with support for the $2,000.
It was vetoed for nonsensical reasons, this whole Section 230, which has nothing to do with National Defense or the NDAA.
Somebody just got in the President's ear and convinced him.
Neglecting a United States rocked by COVID shutdowns and economic disaster, the career politicians broke the stalemate and put a gun to the head of the American taxpayer and their duly elected president.
The reason you get these massive bills is that Congress is supposed to break those down into 12 bills during the year, but they're lazy and they don't, so they throw it all together at one bill at the end of the year and essentially challenge any president to either sign it or shut the government down.
I think the president was sending the message that Congress is broken, and it is.
I think a lot of us were relieved he did sign the bill because I don't think there was a plan if he didn't, but I don't think he's happy about it.
The Democrats pushed the stimulus into the Christmas season knowing full well that President Trump would have no other option than to sign it or bear the brunt of carrying the burden of allowing 12 million Americans to lose their jobless benefits.
Billions of foreign aid will now pour out of our tax dollars, filling the coffers of New World Order pet projects.
When was the last time you spoke with the President about this?
I don't speak for the president.
I speak for his representative.
Why not call him and say, Mr. President, let's work out a deal.
It's not going to be everything you want.
Not going to be everything I want.
But there are so many Americans right now who are in desperate need.
Let's make a deal.
What makes me amused, if it weren't so sad, is how you all think that you know more about the suffering of the American people than those of us who are elected by them to represent them at that table.
I implore you, my fellow Americans, to send your $600 check back to the pit of hell it came from.
John Bowne reporting.
It's Monday, December 28th.
The year is 2020.
We have several very informative guests that are going to be joining us coming up today.
And I'm going to lay out just exactly where we are on planet Earth in the fight against the globalists.
But first, President Trump over the weekend tweeted out a very powerful video titled, Man in America 2020 Has Been a Year Like No Other.
Here is that report.
2020 has been a year like no other.
Everything we know, everything we trust, and everything we've come to rely on has changed.
So how could we expect the U.S.
election to be any different?
Mainstream media are telling us the race is over.
Biden won.
Time to move on.
Nothing to see here, folks.
But in your gut, you know something's just not right.
From the strange patterns on election night, to the weeks of suspense, to the reports of fraud that evaporate faster than Biden's memory.
It just doesn't add up.
Stay with me and you'll see just what's going on behind the scenes in this election
and why the greatest threat we're facing right now is not an invisible enemy invading our bodies,
but one that's invading our country and our minds.
Welcome to Man in America.
I'm your host, Seth Holhouse.
Let me ask you, how do you know what's happening in the world right now?
How do you know what's going on in this country?
Or even your city?
I'm going to go out on a limb here and assume you probably turn to mainstream media, which includes social media.
Perhaps you watch Tucker in the evenings, or read New York Times Sunday morning, or check Facebook on your lunch break.
So how do you know what's going on in the U.S.
What did you think on election night when historically red states and battleground states were stalled while blue states were immediately called for Biden?
Or when Fox called Arizona with so many votes still out, of course, for Biden?
And how about the late-night ballot dumps that were somehow all for Biden?
And the batches of pristine mail-in ballots also all for Biden?
And then there were the burst water pipes, and the power outages, and the computer glitches, and issues with Sharpie pens and lost USB drives that somehow all favored Biden.
And then we have the hordes of dead voters.
Once again, all for Biden.
The dead people really did vote for Biden.
I fact-checked it.
And what are the odds that all the last-minute changes to our election process and voting laws, in the name of COVID, also favored Biden?
And how about all the counties with more votes than eligible voters?
Or where they got more mail-in ballots than they even sent out?
In Pennsylvania, they sent 1.8 million mail-in ballots and got back 2.5 million.
And last but not least, we've got Dominion.
The voting system with ties to socialist Venezuela that was programmed to manipulate votes for Biden while sending our data to China, Iran, and Russia.
And when the system crashed because of the Trump landslide, key battleground states simply decided to stop counting and head on home.
When has this ever happened before in U.S.
This is just the tip of the iceberg.
Every one of these reports should be serious grounds for investigation.
Thousands of poll workers, postal workers, election officials, and honest Americans, both Republican and Democrat, have come forward with photos, videos, and firsthand stories affirmed by sworn affidavits documenting massive voter fraud.
Social media has been flooded with them, yet mainstream media keeps asking, where's the evidence?
Once everyone is gone, coast is clear, they are going to pull ballots out from underneath a table.
Watch this table.
Do you see the gentleman in the red?
So he just pulled one out.
So what are these ballots doing there, separate from all the other ballots?
And why are they only counting them whenever the place is cleared out with no witnesses?
Where's the evidence?
I'm here with Elliot right now at his wedding, and we were taking the trash out, and I wanted to show you guys what we found in the trash can at St.
Anne's, which is a polling place.
Donald Trump.
Donald Trump.
Donald Trump.
And there's more ballots in this trash can.
There's a lot more ballots inside that trash, but we will say we did find one Biden.
Where's the evidence?
Can you calculate how much of a vote that accounted for for Biden and how much for Trump?
Close to 600,000.
I think our figures are about 570-some-odd thousand that all those spikes represent over time.
For Biden?
And how much for Trump?
I think it was a little over 3,200.
over 3200.
Now, hold on.
Didn't they just drag us through a baseless four-year witch hunt into Russian election
interference over far less evidence?
And isn't it their job to be digging for evidence?
Wouldn't Nixon have gotten away with Watergate if the media didn't dig for evidence?
Not only aren't they digging for it right now, but they're burying it in a giant game of whack-a-mole, along with their comrades over at Twitter, Facebook, and Google.
Of course they had their fact-checkers debunk everything first.
These arbiters of truth, who have more conflicts of interest than flavors of ice cream in Nancy Pelosi's freezer.
Even President Trump's tweets are so-called fact-checked and censored, and his press conferences are interrupted and cut off.
Okay, here we are again in the unusual position of not only interrupting the President of the United States, but correcting the President of the United States.
Think about what this means.
The President of the United States of America is being censored by U.S.
This whole thing reeks of corruption.
And not just corruption, but treason.
It's such a joke that I'd be laughing if it wasn't so serious.
But it is serious.
Because let's assume for a moment that just a fraction of the fraud reports are true.
If mainstream media and social media didn't let you see or even talk about them, how would you even know?
Think about it.
If our election was stolen and our government was overthrown and yet they kept it all hidden, how would you know?
If mainstream media can completely control public opinion and the flow of information, including from our president, does the truth even matter?
What if I told you that every single one of our mainstream media, including Fox, is being used as a tool to manipulate public opinion and steer the outcome of the election?
Perhaps a year ago, you might have called me a conspiracy theorist.
But considering we've all been living in a twilight zone lately, you're probably starting to realize that anything's possible.
Just try to wrap your head around this.
How did the media so accurately predict the long delays in counting votes, and the red mirage before the blue wave?
And why did they spend months downplaying the risks of mail-in ballots while sowing the seeds that Trump would claim voter fraud and refuse to concede?
Do they have a crystal ball?
Why did Hillary Clinton tell Biden not to concede under any circumstances all the way back in the summer?
Joe Biden should not concede under any circumstances.
Why did they spend the last four years using every possible tactic to undermine Trump's presidency in the most relentless smear campaign the world has ever seen?
And why did every single mainstream media rush to coronate Biden and cement him into the public mind?
Now do you understand why he told voters, I don't need you to get me elected?
I don't need you to get me elected.
It never mattered that he hid in his basement all summer.
It never mattered that only five people turned up to his rallies.
And it never mattered that he couldn't even string a sentence together.
It never mattered that the majority of Americans chose President Trump on November 3rd.
And it doesn't matter that their fraud is more obvious than the stains on Monica Lewinsky's dress.
Because when you control every single channel of information, nothing else matters.
Right now, big media, big tech, big government.
The full video that you just saw is being posted as we speak to Ban.Video and reposted in the live show feed at Infowars.com.
I'm your host Alex Jones.
The name of the video is Man in America 2020 has been a year like no other.
Be sure and share it.
We'll be right back on the other side to cover all the latest breaking news.
Take your phone calls and several guests during this critical juncture in history.
All right ladies and gentlemen, we are back live.
Thank you so much for joining us on this live December 28th Monday broadcast.
I am your host Alex Jones and I intend to open the phones up here today.
And to take your phone calls on the state of the world, the election, globalism, the permanent medical tyranny lockdown that's being announced, people being arrested all over the United States, all over the world for daring to go outside or daring to open their business, but all the big globalist businesses can all stay open.
This is the most obvious flagrant authoritarian attack that the world has ever seen.
This is absolutely, completely and totally stunning.
So let me give the number out to respond to Trump signing the emergency relief bill.
It's really just a foreign globalist pork barrel operation for the pardons or any of that.
You're welcome to call in and we can all get our brownie points with Twitter and Facebook criticizing Trump.
But that all really becomes a distraction from the world government, Bill Gates, the UN, the forced inoculations, the COVID systems, Joe Biden, the chi-coms, and what they're carrying out against we the people.
And the fact that we're facing a world government, and we're facing massive election fraud, Stealing from us our right to vote and doing it in front of everyone setting that precedent.
I mean, Donald Trump could be a bad guy.
And if they stole the election from him, that's wrong and that's dangerous and it means we're in a technocracy of fraud, a digital globalist dictatorship.
And so people can go, oh look, he pardoned this guy that stole over a billion dollars from the government.
Okay, great.
I think that's a terrible idea.
Jared Kushner's written all over it.
We could talk all day about it.
Go ahead.
I don't like Jared Kushner.
I don't like some of the things they've done.
The issue here is he didn't pardon Assange yet, and that's disgusting.
But all of that is a side issue to Joe Biden, a CHICOM agent, who says he's going to shut down our oil industry.
And shut off the coal industry, which will absolutely devastate our economy and make it impossible to even do business in this country, and we will be like Venezuela.
And it's all being done by design.
We're going into bondage.
This is a foreign globalist takeover.
If Trump's got something up his sleeve, he needs to play it.
The truth is, he does have something up his sleeve.
They prove total fraud all over the country.
The last report we played showed that to you in great detail.
There's so much evidence coming out daily that just what comes out every day should overturn the election.
And it's been coming out for a month and a half.
I mean, we're coming up on two months.
Inauguration is in 23 days, the coronation of the shycom puppet.
They've built the stage there.
Biden says he's not going to have one.
It's going to be virtual.
Well, then why is the stage being built?
Well, because Trump has refused to move out.
Trump has refused to go.
He's told his aides and everybody, don't start packing the furniture or the clothing or stuff that's ours.
We're not leaving.
Well, what do you expect President Trump to do?
President Trump shouldn't leave.
President Trump shouldn't go.
If it's fraud, he should fight on, and that's what he's doing.
So I like the fact Trump's doing that.
I don't want Trump to step down.
We elected President Trump in one way or another, either by overturning the election and showing it's a fraud and getting Congress to act on January 6th and not certify it for Biden?
Or whether we end up impeaching Joe Biden or getting him arrested as a TICOM agent, one way or another he will be removed.
And that's what I said in my speech a few weeks ago in D.C.
that made national headlines, claiming I said, kill Joe Biden.
Really, why haven't I been arrested?
Because that's not what I said.
Secret Service hasn't called me.
The last thing I want is for Joe Biden to get assassinated.
That's how they can turn lemons into lemonade.
That's how they can make that guy a victim and a good guy when he's a bad guy.
Then we'll have Kamala Harris.
Probably worse.
The Secret Service knows I'm on record not once, not twice, but three times getting crazy people arrested who were actually stockpiling weapons and planning to kill presidents.
These crazies have sent us letters and called us before and said, I'm gonna kill George W. Bush.
I'm gonna kill Obama.
You know what I do?
I pick the phone up and I call the Secret Service.
And when the Democrats were all over the news saying that They were going to kill Trump.
I made a big deal about it on air.
And the Secret Service called me and said, send us your information.
And Trump told you to give us a briefing.
And they had the former head of the CIA assassination squads on TV saying, we're going to kill this guy.
That's real.
So, again, we're entering the phase of false flags.
There's a lot of questions about what really happened at the bombing in Nashville.
We've got Phil Skousen, World Affairs Brief, who's got a lot of excellent analysis joining us on that front.
Tom Papert will look at the days to come and the so-called stimulus relief package that Trump says he's redlined, he's going to send back.
He signed it, but redlines that they promise they'll change to give $2,000 every American.
At least that is money if we're going to have inflation to the American people.
At least if you're going to tax Americans to pay other Americans, at least it's Americans.
Most of it goes to offshore globalist operations.
So I'm not defending what Trump did.
I don't like Lesser of Two Evils.
But the media trying to stonewall the fact that he tried to get the pork barrel cut out and a lot of bad stuff cut out is just another example of what horrible, disgusting criminals they are.
But I want to explain something.
I'm not in the business of defending President Trump.
I've done nothing but gotten persecuted for supporting Trump because he's a nationalist and a patriot and does what he thinks is best with what he's got.
And I've gone through nothing but hell and have almost been basically bankrupted defending this republic.
But don't worry, for all of you that like to nitpick on Trump and say you should have done this better or should have done that better when he's in the arena, don't worry.
You're going to probably get Joe Biden and hell on earth and they're never taking their boot off of our neck again.
They have said that.
They are on record.
And it's going to be hellish.
So let me ask you this question.
What is the most important development in the world?
It's the COVID ongoing lockdown, starving millions, designed to break us forever.
China's open for business.
They're bragging that we'll never be open, that under, because we didn't, quote, handle COVID right.
It's totally made up, totally hyped.
PCR tests are fake.
It's all admitted.
This is strategic technocracy.
And if we don't stop that, we have no damn future.
And we need the state legislatures and the people to rise up and not comply and start saying no, because they only are going to keep clamping down.
We have all the documents I'll be covering coming up.
But I want to open the phones up to ask first-time callers And if people that disagree agree, it doesn't matter what your view is on the world and what you think the number one item is.
I don't think the number one item is Iran.
I don't think the number one item is even the Clintons being corrupt and I want to see them go to jail.
The number one issue is not Trump's stupid pardons, which I disagree with.
These latest ones, it's terrible.
The number one issue is world government, new world order, technocracy, passports to travel, to leave your house, digital IDs, total control, it's not coming, it's here.
So I want to know what you think the number one issue is and what we should do about it.
It's the election fraud, the globalist takeover, the COVID-19, it all goes together to wreck the economy so that we would not support Trump.
It didn't work, we still re-elected him, so now they stole it.
But that shows how weak they are, and they're actually in a bad position if we don't just accept what they've done.
All right, toll-free number to join us is 877-789-2539.
Again, 877-789-2539.
We will take your phone calls coming up.
Stay with us.
We are back live.
Thank you so much again for joining us on this December 28th 2020 transmission.
It's really amazing that we're about to be in the year 2021.
And we are under a planetary corporate world government revolution of a scientific elite, and that's how they describe themselves, that believe they're going to just rewrite the entire genome of the planet and establish this world government to carry out that operation.
And so this is really, really a big deal.
This is not a game.
This is not a joke.
And I took off a couple days last week, really just Friday and Saturday.
Well, I didn't come in and work Saturday, but I took off more than I normally do.
And I don't want to say I have a sense of peace about this, but we really are a decadent, lazy, stupid world.
So the globalists are the worst of us.
They call themselves the guardians or the watchers and they're doing all this, they believe, because it's their job.
But if you study them, they're the most hateful, unhappy people there are.
And they're into the most degenerate things as well.
But it really is true that the public is very sheep-like and very greedy and very stupid.
And loves to be lied to and domesticated.
And so because of that and all the bad things we've allowed to happen to others, and because we've allowed ourselves to become disposable, and our children and our old people to become disposable, and because the public is so drugged out and in such a stupor with all the big pharma drugs and all the illegal drugs and all the alcohol, they pretty much got us where they want us.
And when I sit up here, I'm not on a high horse.
You know, I've done things I shouldn't do.
I've drank too much.
I've done things like that.
When I'm pointing a finger at you, I'm pointing three more back at myself.
But I can tell you, our worst analysis is coming true.
That means everything else they said they're going to do, they're going to do.
And that means killing all of us.
So their timetables, by the way, are now becoming public.
And I can sit up here and You know, distract off and read off all the stuff in the pork barrel package and get mad about $15 million for shrimp on treadmills.
You know, that's a real thing that happened 10 years ago.
Similar things are in this legislation.
But at the end of the day, that's really all just window dressing.
It's all just outrage about something we've already allowed, that we have a sleep at the switch criminal establishment at the mid-level.
And at the top, people like Chuckie Schumer.
And you think, well Schumer's just a senator.
He's a puppet.
Yeah, but if you study Schumer, he's in the inner club.
I mean, that dude really hates everybody and wants to kill you.
I mean, he is a monster.
You say, why does he want that?
He wants total power and he hates reality.
He hates God.
He's a Satanist, a true Satanist.
And he wants to invert reality.
His protégé, a man he worshipped.
Anthony Weiner is his idea of a god.
So... You really just have to come to grips with the fact that we've let monsters get control.
And they're mad scientists.
And what do you know about folklore?
Going back hundreds of years.
When the first science fiction books were written, like by Jules Verne and others.
What do mad scientists like to do?
They like to cut people up and rearrange them in different shapes.
They like to do horrible things.
They like to defile women and children particularly.
And all it is is a continuation Of all the human sacrifice and all the devil worship that's been in every other culture, when those cultures decline and then fall.
So we're following the absolute exact path that people follow for total collapse.
And the Satanist, the cult, the globalists, the spiders, they are just...
Organizing their governmental system in and around that collapse to control that collapse and to use that collapse as a consolidation of their power.
So they're trying to play the part of God.
They're judging us for our sins, even though they are the main conductor, whether it be of the train or of the symphony, that are directing the symphony of Vandalism, destruction, carnage.
So I want to go to Manuel, Diana, Brent, Seth, Kirk, Joe, Wendy, and others.
We'll do that on the other side.
It's funny we got a lady named Diana calling in.
I don't like Marvel Comics.
I don't like these modern movies.
They're all full of propaganda and very, very boring and have really stupid plots.
And a lot of men are kind of arrested development and spend their lives obsessing with it.
But I got taken by some friends last night to see the new Wonder Woman movie.
And I've seen the other two, been basically forced to watch those as well.
They were unwatchable.
This one was next-level propaganda.
It was like a hallucination.
Flicker rates, everything.
This is the future of mind control.
And a very positive message on the surface, a very negative one deeper into it.
But it was very well done.
Very cheesy at one level, very sophisticated at another.
I mean, this is Stanley Kubrick level 2.0.
Very, very sophisticated.
So when you go see that movie, you are basically being mind controlled.
That was very, very evident with what was going on.
I mean, they've got like 10 things going on at once.
And when you do that, it puts somebody into a Dreamlike state, particularly.
So this is beyond suspended disbelief.
This is beyond lowering your brainwaves to a near sleep state.
This is beyond daydreaming.
This was full-on hallucination.
And I was conscious of it second to second, but still my brain was, you need to stop watching this.
This is not good.
So it was next level.
Absolutely next level.
And the whole theme is, there's an end of world event coming.
And we're the ones making it happen because we want too much, because of our desires.
We've got to give our will over to something else to stop it.
But it tricks you.
Your will's been given over to this Antichrist character, but then you've got to denounce him, but give your will to another collective that is the goddess Diana.
But you've still given your will over.
And it is.
And men are bad.
Women are going to lead us out of this.
And that's what the Carnegie Endowment was set up to do, was to end the human species as we know it.
Not just going to end men, they're going to end women as well, and make us corporate creations that are patented and controlled.
The globalists are God.
And that's already here with the mRNA, mutagenic recombinant systems
that actually mutate your entire body in live time when you take it.
So again, lots of cheesiness, lots of kid stuff, lots of mindlessness, lots of '80s nostalgia,
but that's just for your conscious brain.
Behind it, all the other manipulations taking place.
So I'll do a more in-depth review later, but it was definitely,
definitely mind-controlled caliber material.
I definitely would not take it on LSD.
All right, we're going to go to break.
Come back with your phone calls on the other side and talk about where we're going.
And this is, the sun came up this morning.
Where I tell you we're going, you already know you're going there because the globalists have seized the planet and we're on the train.
They're the conductor and they're taking us straight to hell.
There's a way to get off.
But you have to address them face to face.
You have to admit how much trouble you're in.
I admit it.
You admit it.
You have to pray to God to deliver us.
Then we've got to stop complying.
But the global straitjacket, the forced inoculation, the tracker chips, they're all here.
It's all being announced.
It's all being announced.
And so, wow, it's all fulfilled, isn't it?
It's actually happening.
What is the most important issue now, 23 days from the inauguration of our new king?
You know, if you're an American, You've been brought up that America's bad, America's terrible, it's the worst place on earth, we're the most oppressive people anywhere, and statistically, it's actually the opposite.
But we're never taught about the evils and corruption that goes on in other places where tyranny is in charge.
But when you look at historical tyranny through the last few thousand years, and then current tyrannies, and tyrannies the last hundred years, every form of tyranny, Every form of abuse, every form of oppression, and really nasty stuff, and the worst people being in charge, is in the UN, is in the world government, is in the corporate governance, is in the communist Chinese.
And we are looking at America's deathbed watch here, with 23 days to the inauguration.
And Biden's incredibly weak.
He can barely talk.
He's a communist Chinese agent on record.
His whole family has sold things out.
He didn't win the election.
But he's got the political machine, the mainstream media, and the Republican leadership that's sick of President Trump because he's been making the decisions and actually been the president and their little committee system of running things has been out of business the last four years.
And so this is all about these men and women having power to sell this country out, something they've been doing for 30, 40 years under the globalist program in their own admissions.
And then they're going to try to blame the ongoing collapse on Trump, as you've seen, and COVID-19, where even John Hopkins admits, we've had as many deaths this year as last year.
Some years in the last decade we've had more deaths than we've had so far.
And we've got a statistician, agreed statistician with the numbers, and early in the new year we will have you the actual numbers by a statistician of the last decade comparing year to year.
But it looks like this will be the third worst year for death And you would expect to be number one, because 10 years ago our population was 320 million.
It's about 370 million now, if you count the 50 million illegals that are in this country.
So pretty amazing information.
And when John Hopkins put that report out, they had Snopes and everybody go, oh, it's false.
And they go, well, all the year's numbers aren't in.
But at the study, they looked at that.
They looked at last year, hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of thousands more already than it would be this year.
So they averaged in the rest of the year and found still about the same deaths.
But they said, well, it's not totally scientific down to the person.
Well, nothing is with statistics.
So that's how they spin the fact into something that they can then obfuscate.
I want to take your phone calls, Manuel.
Everybody else is patiently holding.
I'm going to be in DC on January 5th and 6th.
There's going to be rallies both days at Freedom Plaza.
I will be there.
And I've actually had the organizers of this event.
Invite me to speak at both of those events, and that's good.
There's different organizers than the ones last time.
And I also spoke at the Jericho event, but it doesn't matter who speaks.
That isn't what matters.
What matters is millions of people on the streets there in D.C.
And I'm sorry, this is bigger than Donald Trump.
It's bigger than you.
It's bigger than us individually.
It's about all of our collective right to vote.
And not have a foreign multinational technocracy come in and steal our election.
And she can say, oh, I don't like his pardons.
Well, I don't either.
Some of them.
Or, you know, Trump could have done better on this.
Or, I don't want $2,000.
He should veto the whole thing.
Yes, I get it.
But he was the elected president.
The globalists came after him.
He tried to restore power back to the nation.
He got us out of these wars.
The list of good things way outweighs the list of bad things.
But this is a debate about purism.
Only perfect person was Jesus Christ.
The issue is, we elected him again, and this giant gaslighting fraud is taking place, so this is about a foreign, multinational takeover, and the globalists conquering our nation.
That's what we're fighting.
That's why I'm going to D.C.
That's why even if Trump threw in the towel, which he hasn't, isn't that great?
Every day, more fraud comes out, more evidence.
They want this to be over.
They want to certify it.
They want us to be quiet.
We're never going to be quiet about all the incredible fraud.
We're never going to shut up.
And we're setting up our own media systems, and we're spreading the word, and we're not backing down.
And people are donating their time, their money, their energy to fight.
Because in the words of John Paul Jones, the founder of the U.S.
Navy, when his ship was sinking, fighting a ship twice the size of his, they hailed across on their bullhorn, do you want to give up?
He said, surrender?
I've only begun to fight, and he ended up taking the ship.
His ship sunk, but he took the main ship and was victorious.
And that's where we are.
We're not going to get anything better lying down.
The globalists don't want to conquer us.
They want to kill us.
They want to get rid of us.
They see us as roaches on the planet.
They've conquered through fraud.
They know their Ponzi scheme's coming down.
They know their giant bubble is imploding, and they don't know what to do.
So they need to have the implosion and say it's caused by COVID-19.
That's what the Rockefeller Foundation said ten years ago.
That's what Klaus Schwab said five years ago in his first Great Reset meetings.
He's the head of the U.N.
agenda 2030 operation.
He headed up for a decade the U.N.
Sustainability Global Governance Project.
This is a planetary takeover.
The excuse to lock you in your house, take your wages, dumb you down, is they're saving the earth while they're killing the earth with all the genetic engineering and the rest of it.
They're literally mad scientists hitting you with something so insane.
As travel passports making you take vaccines that aren't even vaccines that reprogram every cell in your body.
That's the real world.
Not some Marvel comic movie where there's a global government and they're trying to put something in a vaccine that mutates everyone and makes them be controlled, which it is.
This isn't a movie like that.
This is the real world.
You're living in the real endgame.
Just like I made the film Endgame in 2007, and the film had 50 million views on Google Video when it came out, and they got rid of it a year later and deleted it.
It didn't matter.
It's got 5 million views on YouTube.
It needs 100 million views.
It's free on YouTube.
But it started going to number one on Amazon when Endgame came out, the Marvel comic movie, about Interplanetary extermination.
A movie about genocide.
Here's my movie about global government, technocracy, using the threat of plagues to actually launch real plagues, and because everybody's searching in-game on Amazon, that pissed them off, so they took it down off of Amazon.
And they said, it's racist.
Yeah, that's in-game on, if you're looking on TV, that's in-game on man.video.
That's a great place to share 187,000 views.
But guys, type in in-game Blue River Global Enslavement into YouTube.
Most people, that version, because that's easier to share with people.
As they can see the particular video I'm talking about.
They do bury it.
It's very hard to find, very hard to search, but those are the two places you can find it.
But imagine a film that's against global depopulation that actually starts exposing the Nazis and the British royal family funding them, and then the left comes and says, we want it taken down, it's racist.
But again, if you're the real anti-humanist, not just racist, you want to exterminate people, you want to bring in this world government, you want to carry all of this out, you have to pose as if You're the guys fighting environmental degradation.
You're the guys fighting racism and tribalism because you're the ones actually destroying the earth.
You're the ones actually promoting all this evil.
All right, we're gonna go to break and I promise go to Manuel, Diana, Brent, Seth, Chris, Joe, Wendy, Mike, Scott, and others.
Manuel's gonna be in DC on the 6th.
We'll talk to him and then Mike first when we come back briefly.
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That's on a third-party site.
Third-party site.
The left didn't believe those reviews were real.
They had the FBI investigate.
The third party, one of the top major groups, Power Reviews.
That's a little inside baseball.
That's the kind of stuff we get around here.
Jones has fake reviews on his site.
And so they send the FBI with subpoenas after a major... He's trying to find something.
That's the fine-tooth comb we're under, folks.
They said your reviews are fake.
Meanwhile, the borders are wide open.
North Korea's got death camps.
Child molesters are running rampant.
But don't worry, the FBI is investigating if our power reviews are real.
That's right.
They are real.
Burn in hell, New World Order.
We'll be right back with your phone calls here in just a few minutes.
Stay with us.
All right, we're taking your phone calls now from Manuel and many others.
Manuel in New Jersey, thanks for calling in.
I guess you told the folks that answered your call that you're coming to D.C.
on the 6th of January.
Yeah, I'm really looking forward to seeing you and many other people in D.C.
on January 6th.
I feel like it's probably the last stronghold for us as Americans to protect our freedoms.
Well, that's right.
And if there are 5 million people there, which we can easily do, and there was close to a million that first one, that message will repudiate on record their lie of Joe Biden and his stupid virtual inauguration that they're going to try to have 14 days later.
Oh, exactly.
I feel like the fake news media and fellow NPC Americans, they're expecting a specific archetype of Trump supporters to be there in DC, but I feel like they'll be greatly shocked at the intellectual diversity that will come crashing through in DC on January 6th.
Well, they are shocked.
I mean, they tried to always say the Tea Party was racist so that blacks, Hispanics, and Asians wouldn't go.
That started to fail about eight years ago as people went and were totally accepted and loved.
And then now, under Trump, you go and you'll have an over-representation at some of these rallies of blacks, Hispanics, and others.
And the media, that's what put them into total race-based panic mode to say Trump is Hitler because they don't know what to do.
I mean, look, Trump got three times more black men to vote for him than any Republican ever.
That scares the living snot out of the establishment.
Oh yeah, of course it does.
I've attended a recent anti-lockdown protest here near New York City, and when I wear my MAGA hat I get a lot of people telling me that I'm brave and that I have courage, and just other people yelling at me that I'm a sellout to my race.
That I shouldn't be wearing that hat.
And it's bothersome.
It's bothersome that you can't express yourself in this country anymore.
Well, they gotta think.
I mean, if you've got brown skin, since when does the Democratic Party that founded the KKK, since when do they speak for you?
And if you're not for them, you're bad.
I mean, that's so cultic.
It's so evil.
But people like you, my friend, are trailblazers.
They're standing against it.
God bless you, Manuel.
I just want to say this.
I want to explain it again.
I know everybody knows this, but this is really a talking point.
This is bigger than Trump.
Thank God he hasn't conceded.
We need to keep exposing the fraud, keep showing the evidence, and then no matter what happens, Trump is still our president, and I think he should have that talking point, because it's true that the power structure in the system has occupied America and put in their puppet, and that Trump should then travel around the country rallying Legislatures, state houses, and others.
And he should have a nightly TV program where he, he'll have more ratings than Fox, talks to the public.
I mean, Trump cannot go away.
And yes, he's made huge mistakes.
And yes, he's had to make compromises, like on this legislation, this relief package.
And we could spend all day talking about how that's wrong.
You're going to have Joe Biden via fraud and the Chai Kams, the globalist.
And so I just hope there's as much energy and concern by Ann Coulter And others, when Joe Biden is gutting the country and we're in a total depression, I just hope that we can get some criticism of the Democrats.
Because I get it's avant-garde to talk about Trump and where he should have done better, and it shows how good people are and how superior they are.
And I agree, we need Trump to pardon Assange.
I don't like this latest pardon of this guy that swindled the Medicare and Medicaid stuff of over a billion dollars.
It's disgusting.
All the Jared Kushner and the rest of it, it's disgusting.
I'm saying the big issue is the New World Order, the world government, the forced inoculations, the travel passes, all of this coming in.
Trump's had big rallies with Don't Mask.
Trump said it shouldn't be mandatory to have vaccines.
Trump said you shouldn't have travel passes.
We need him to speak in his last 23 days, if this is the last 23 days, now out against that and say it's a fraud and say it's wrong.
His head of COVID response, Atlas, said all that, but then he resigned, and now Fauci's just running around out there running things.
This is outrageous.
We need Trump to mobilize, organize, and to declare war on the globalists, one way or another, and use his bully pulpit while he still has it.
He's using it more and more, but one-tenth what he should.
We need resolute action now, back in 60 seconds.
We have some of the most Orwellian footage out of New York, New Jersey, California of SWAT team raids on salons, on restaurants that don't stay closed, right next to big chain stores that do stay open.
That's how the Democrats now can pre-program these maps, where they gerrymander it, where, oh, your business has got to be closed, but this other business can be open.
I mean, this is total tyranny.
Now, notice Black Lives Matter got $10.6 billion.
From the left, quote, protect black people from the almost non-existent crime of cops killing black men.
14 black men a year get shot illegitimately by the police.
Balloon those numbers to 500.
It isn't the 2,000 plus killed by black men on black men every year in Chicago.
But every life matters.
It's a red herring though, ladies and gentlemen.
Because when you actually look, At the COVID lockdown, starving millions around the world, most of them Africans.
You're talking about millions of dead, but see the media focuses on 14 dead people instead of the millions of dead people.
I don't care what color they are, it's wrong.
But my point about getting into Black Lives Matter is, Everybody's upset at the cops because they, quote, are hunting down black men in this fantasy world because they take each sad event and balloon it up and turn it into a huge tragedy.
As Stalin said, one man dies.
It's a tragedy.
10,000 died.
It's a statistic.
It's totally true.
He also said, I don't care who casts the votes.
I care who counts them.
Boy, doesn't Joe Biden know that.
Don't the CHICOMS know that helping out steal the election?
So, here are the police.
You want to go after the police?
You want to say the police are the bad guys?
They are in blue jurisdictions when they carry out illegal orders like this.
I mean, all over the country, sheriff departments and police departments have said, we're not going to go shut down a barbershop or a little mom-and-pop restaurant for this COVID thing when it's an overblown hoax.
And we're not going to do it when right next door the big box store is full.
It's a consolidation of the economy to bankrupt us to bring in a universal income.
The U.N.
admits it.
We've covered it.
We've done reports on it.
It's a fact.
Klaus Schwab of the Davos Group that heads up the U.N.
program says it's about getting you on welfare.
It's about controlling you.
So you have to take inoculations.
I said years ago they'll release a Buy a weapon or the threat of a weapon, say you got to take a vaccine to be able to have a job or travel, and then tie it to your welfare check that you take the vaccine.
Well, now they're just going to make you have a welfare check.
Because you were not essential.
And then you wait, what is it, six months since the last stimulus money?
And it's $600?
$600? $600? 90 plus percent went to foreign banks? People say why are we
being screwed so hard?
Because we put up with it.
I mean, the globalists have gotten away with anything now.
Now they're just like... And that's really where we're at.
There is a feeding frenzy.
There is a free-for-all.
There is an orgy.
There is a...
Tasmanian devil level event of looting and destroying this country because it's the globalist mission to bring America down.
Not just in Cloward and Piven, not just in the Great Reset, which is the great leap forward, but in the UN codified world government plan, this is the free-for-all.
And the Democrats and their minions are just the locust or the army ants eating us to the bone, baby.
We're being eaten to the bone right now.
Now, I'm smart.
I'm not bragging.
I'm smart.
I'm going to become more successful in this climate because I was pre-positioned for it.
The globalists run the operation.
They're really going to do good.
But for the average person, it's over.
Your college degrees are worthless.
You're already being poisoned to death by the GMO, the 5G, and now the mRNA mutagens that mutate your whole body.
I mean, they aren't going zero to 60.
They're going zero to a trillion miles an hour.
We went into warp.
We're in warp right now.
I mean, one year will be like a hundred years now.
And it's going to normalize this.
Your neighbors are all dying of cancer and there's all the, it's like, oh, it's all part of the COVID nightmare.
We got used to all the death.
Oh, COVID 2.0, COVID, you know, 2021, 2022, they've gotten.
Major Hollywood films like Songbird coming out in the year 2023.
COVID-22 has been released and no one's allowed to go outside and tens of millions are dead who were shot and killed for leaving their houses.
And then you turn on Chucky Sherman, he's like, we will arrest you if you leave your home.
We need more arrests.
Release the child molesters.
Release the child molesters.
And then put the woman that opens her salon in jail.
You ain't gotta go to New York to find that happening.
You gotta go to Texas to find that happening.
Because we don't value freedom.
We don't value unborn babies.
We don't value born babies.
We don't value old people.
We don't value ourselves.
So guess what?
The New World Order doesn't value us.
And God will let us have what we want.
We forsake ourselves.
God didn't forsake us.
We took all the blessings and threw them out the window because we had a game of tennis to play, or golf to play, or we were gonna go act cool with our friends and get drunk again.
And so who cares?
Let somebody else handle it.
Okay, everything will be taken from you now.
And they're gonna do it in increments where you join along, you'll be taken care of, and then, oh, it gets a little harder, but you still join, you still keep complying while you're being strangled.
All right, let's go to...
Mike in Arizona.
Mike, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
How's it going?
I'm just watching the World Government Takeover plan happen.
And at the end of it, they kill everybody.
So, I mean, I'm just going to watch it all happen, I guess.
Well, the reason why I'm calling, I'm not quite so sure how dedicated Vice President Pence is going to be.
I'm concerned about the Electoral College count.
Coming up in Congress on the 6th.
Yeah, that's scary.
That's right, he already last week on the 23rd could have killed the whole deal and
handed the electoral stuff to Trump.
He doesn't have the political will and so yeah, I would expect betrayal on the 6th as
Yeah, that's scary.
The thing that made me think about it was, you know, back when Daddy Bush's funeral and
they all got, some of them got envelopes and he and his wife got one.
I'm like, that's weird.
So I don't know.
I don't know what made me think about that yesterday either, but.
I'm really concerned about, you know, when that comes up on the 6th.
Well, people like Pence think playing politics and surviving and getting more power personally means you're smart.
No, that's not leadership.
Leadership is going against the grain when you know society's in trouble and sacrificing yourself, if need be, to save the group.
It's the opposite of collectivism.
It's individual action for the collective.
It's called leadership.
And so far, we've not seen that from Pence or the evil turtle.
Hell, his wife's on the Chi Com payroll.
What do you expect?
I'm just really concerned about it.
Plus, ever since he was elected and I saw him speak, you know, after Trump picked him for Vice President, he just seems too slick and polished, just like all the other traitors in the government.
Well, I don't go off how slick somebody is.
Trump can be pretty slick.
But I go off his actions, and he's got a lot of good rhetoric.
When it comes to delivering Mike Pence in the clinch, right when you need him, right when he can stop it all and be a leader, he doesn't.
He absolutely is a no-show and just tries to hide back in the woodwork.
Thank you, Mike.
We're going to go to break and come back and I'm going to try to take five or six calls the next segment.
I want to get to all these calls this hour because we have several guests coming up as well.
But when we come back, we'll talk to Diana.
We'll talk to Wendy and many others right on the other side.
But that caller raised some really good points.
All we're seeing is betrayal.
And I don't want to get lost in the shuffle there with all this betrayal.
You're welcome to bring it up.
What I'm saying is, global government, China as the model, World Cashless Society, World ID, to travel, to go to a restaurant, to have a job, it was all set up by the Rockefellers.
It was all tested by Bill Gates.
We told you when this all got launched a load of months ago that this would be here by the winter.
Now here it's here.
And how do we know?
Because it's all been pre-positions.
It's all scripted.
In every country it's the same because it's the UN calling the shots.
It's world government telling us how to respond and how to track people and how to arrest people and how to lock people in their houses and how to make people take shots that mutagenically change all their cells.
So it's not just the UN's running things and world government, they're coming to put something in us that they say is going to make us real sick and change our bodies forever and that scientists look at the vaccine and say it'll sterilize you.
World government's coming, the UN's coming to sterilize you.
Welcome back, we're going to your phone calls here in just about 30 seconds, but I want to be 100% clear.
I'm saying some really scary, frightening things here on air.
But everything I'm telling you is on record.
I mean, the UN, all of them say we want to depopulate the Earth at least 80%.
We want to come out with vaccines to sterilize people.
Then they come out with this mRNA vaccine, and the scientists, top ones, put reports in and file lawsuits at the EU, saying right here in the ingredients it says it attacks this protein, an autoimmune response, that'll attack the placenta.
What the hell are you doing?
You're going to have adverse reactions.
And now you're having people getting paralyzed and dying and getting super sick, and it's just back of the newspaper.
So they're making their move.
And I just have to tell you like it is, and I feel like I'm not doing enough.
Just being here on air, just calmly talking about all this.
This is so otherworldly.
And I knew this was all coming.
And so imagine, I knew it was all coming.
Most of you research the same stuff I have.
You know what I know.
know you a lot of you know more than I know and we have to resist this and we
have to just say no to it and not even get caught in the regular low-level
political slime or quicksand that's real issues but our side issues that all flow
that are symptomatic of the underlying globalist disease And our own domestication and our own separation from the land, our own separation from God, our own separation from reality that allows this to happen.
Let's go ahead and talk to Diana in Michigan.
You're on the air, thanks for holding.
Hi, welcome.
Hi, I just wanted to say that Lin Wood did post on Twitter last night at 1054 p.m.
the statement from the president in regards to his signing the COVID relief package.
And if you click on that on the statement from the president from the White House, he cites the Empowerment Control Act of 1974 and that the act provides that whenever the president determines that all or part of any budget authority will not be required to carry out The full objectives or scope of programs for which it's provided, yadda yadda yadda, basically.
In other words, he is sending a strong message that makes clear to Congress that the wasteful items need to be removed, and that he's sending back to Congress a redline version, item by item.
I mean, I get why you're calling in.
I'm glad you did.
The big debate is how he sold us out, and he said it was a bad bill, but then he signed it, and a lot of folks feel really good criticizing him, and then everybody comes and defends him and says he line-itemed it with a red line, and they've told him, if he signed it, that they're going to give us $2,000 apiece instead of $600, and all of it is rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.
We need to arrest the globalists.
We need the globalists to be put on notice that we understand they're violating the Geneva Convention, the Nuremberg Code, and are involved in a planetary medical tyranny takeover.
But you're absolutely right.
He fought the bill.
He tried to get the foreign pork out.
They've got the numbers to overriding if they have to.
So he's gotten the $2,000 in it and signed it because he at least, I guess, you know, if he's going to get raped along with us, might enjoy it.
I don't agree with that.
I'm stating what he did.
And that's where we are.
I just know this.
In 23 days, all these Republicans that love to criticize Trump because he's not as pure as they wish he was, they're going to have Joe Biden in there and I just hope they go after Joe Biden.
Oh, but they'll get banned off Twitter real quick if they do.
They won't probably be doing that.
So that's why Ann Coulter and all these people continue to just attack Trump constantly and never cover all the real issues going on is because that's how they survive.
And don't get deplatformed.
Can I plug for something?
Well, let me just tell you, we're not screening your call, ma'am.
You're live on air.
We really appreciate you.
You can talk about whatever you want.
Okay, I want to plug your InfoWars mask, although I know that we're all against masks and that it's just basically a symbol of, you know, conformity and enslavement.
But I want to say, every time I go out wearing it, when I go out to, you know, shows at grocery stores and whatnot, At least one person every single time compliments me on the mask.
And they're like, oh Alex Jones, I love him.
And then I let them know, go to band.video.
Because sometimes when I say band.video, they think B-A-N-D.
So I make sure to clarify that.
But almost every single time I go out, I get compliments on that.
So it's definitely spreading the word.
And, you know, so it doesn't inhibit my breathing.
I wear it underneath my nose and it's kind of like lets people know that I don't really
believe in the mask either.
I'm wearing it just because I have to live in Governor Whitmer's horrible state.
But I do want to say I did see one other person wear it at first earlier this year when you
first came out with it.
And I literally got brought to tears because I saw another person that believes like I
I do and I didn't feel all alone out in this world.
And it meant so much to me to see someone taking action, so I went ahead and ordered one for myself.
And I swear to God, and I just had a baby, too, on the 7th of December.
Oh, congratulations!
And I was wearing a sports mask during the whole time of, you know, like, when I was in the hospital.
And I just had to make sure that I'm putting that message out there, and it really makes an impact.
And we have big long conversations with the workers at these different grocery stores and other customers and stuff, and it really is a feeling of empowerment.
To see that there are other people out there thinking like you, that you're not all alone.
So even though I don't believe in the mask, it's a great statement to get it out there to the rest of the community.
Diana, I'm so glad you got through.
God bless you and congratulations on that new wonderful life that you have brought into the world.
And I only wish the best for your new baby.
I'm glad she called because this is bigger than Alex Jones.
And this is one of my frustration points in my mind that people don't seem to get.
And when I've, in general, talked about Pharisees, I'm not talking about any particular individual.
I'm talking about the way a Pharisee brain works is very one-dimensional.
Like, you say the masks are a fraud and cause bacterial pneumonia.
You say they don't protect you.
You say they're a symbol of slavery.
Then what are you doing selling masks?
Well, when we launched them, I made the decision To print it with Infowars.com so if you're on a plane or in a restaurant where it's a private place and they're making you do it and you need to go there for whatever reason, you wear it to fight back and then use the abuse, like a judo move, they attack you, you use their momentum to throw them through the wall.
Now a Pharisee doesn't have two-dimensional or even third-dimensional or fourth-dimensional thought processes.
It's a very neurotic neuroses where it's only one-dimensional.
The left's the same way.
And they will say, oh, it's a big thing.
Jones, there's been articles, Jones sells masks, but he says masks are a fraud.
Well, yeah, and when we did it, the crew said, should we put masks out with Infowars on it so you have to wear a mask?
And absolutely.
And last night, when I went to the movie theater, you're supposed to wear them to go in.
It's a private place.
We wore Infowars masks.
And it caused conversations.
And so you use it against them.
And then I talked to everybody I saw in the movie theater.
It was amazing.
Alamo Draft House.
Horrible socialist globalists own it.
They love it.
You go in, all the lights are turned off.
It's like dystopic.
They're sitting there with a thermometer, a laser thermometer, to all get into theater.
And I said to the guy, I said, you know, the same amount of people have died this year that died last year, right?
This is all fraud.
He goes, I know, but we're just doing it to keep you safe.
Oh, if I never existed, I'd be safe.
It's all a fraud to shut down the economy.
You won't even have your job soon, buddy.
This is a global takeover.
And then people that own Alamo are horrible leftist globalists, worse people you can even imagine.
But I went there just to check it out because I hadn't been to a movie in the last 11 months and it was just a disgrace.
We'll be right back, stay with us.
Broadcasting worldwide in defiance of tyranny, only on air because of you!
I'm Alex Jones, your host, and I'm blessed and honored to be here.
All right, Tom Peppert and of course Patrick Howley of National Fowler just popping in for a few segments.
I'm going to go right back to Joe, Wendy, CeeDee, Scott, Brent, Victor, Tom, all of you.
We're going to get to you in the order of your call being received.
But I wanted to get The unvarnished view on the election, the fraud coming out, really where these gentlemen think things are going, what they think of the pardons, what they think of Trump signing on to this recovery bill, and what we're going to do to actually get Joe Biden in there.
So I want to thank you both for coming on.
Let's go to Patrick Howley first and just get front and center.
What do you think the most important issue is right now, Patrick?
Well, Alex, I believe the most important issue is January 6th.
I predict victory.
I expect victory.
That's how the team is going forward with this.
Rudy Giuliani, Jenna Ellis, and everybody.
And there is Republican willpower to fight this.
And you're going to see Congressman Matt Gaetz.
You're going to see Madison Cawthorn challenging this electoral college certification, applying pressure on Vice President Mike Pence to do the right thing and use his constitutional authority.
The ball is live on the field.
And President Donald Trump I'm signing off on this stimulus.
He made it very clear that a quid pro quo as part of this is that Republicans are committed to fight on January 6th.
So that's what we're focused on.
I predict victory.
We're going to be in Washington, D.C., and we're going to make sure that the people's voices are heard about the massive voter fraud that we've uncovered, that this man has uncovered, the National File has uncovered, and we are going to make our voices heard to the world.
Tom, are you that optimistic?
I mean, I know that Biden can hardly talk.
He's a CHICOM agent.
He's trying to steal the election.
He's very weak.
Trump is strong.
We have incredible evidence of fraud.
But it's this weird parallel universe where they're over there saying, no evidence, no evidence.
President-elect, President-elect.
And Trump's saying, hey folks, don't start moving our stuff out.
We're not leaving.
I mean, this isn't... Talk about nail-biting.
This is crazy.
Well, that's exactly what it is, Alex.
It's nail-biting.
It's never happened before in our country, and I hope it never happens again.
As you said, Trump has all of the cards.
He has all of the evidence.
The problem is we can't get a venue.
So it seems, I mean, obviously we saw him meeting with Lindsey Graham over the weekend.
We saw him meeting with other folks over the weekend.
It seems as though there's been some horse trading.
I'm not party to it.
I hope it's real.
I hope the January 6 will be successful.
I know that we've reported a national file.
We have two sources close to the Trump legal team and direct
communication with the president regularly who confirmed that
Tommy Tuberville before Mitch McConnell started leaning on him was 100% on board to do this.
He just didn't want to say it publicly for fear of reprisal from the turtle man, Mitch McConnell.
So it will be interesting to see whether or not Mitch is more
powerful than Trump on January 6.
And then it will be interesting to see of course whether or not
vice president Pence and the requisite 50 or 51 senators will
do the right thing.
The process, either you or either Papert or Howley, of the fact that we have checks and balances, and when Congress sees electoral fraud like this, they can decertify it.
I mean, this is in the Constitution, and to just say that there's no evidence of fraud is the ultimate gaslighting.
That's right, and Republicans have put forward alternative slates of electors that are constitutionally viable on January 6th.
Tom, you know, you're a big expert on the process.
You know, obviously we've had a lot of long conversations, Robert's Rules of Order type conversations, but I'm feeling confident.
Do you want to explain the process?
Well, sure.
I mean, there's really two remedies right now, and that is on January 6th, and we saw this in 2016-2017, by the way.
They tried to do this to Trump, but they couldn't get a senator to object.
A sitting U.S.
Representative in the new Congress that will come in on January 3rd needs to have in writing a written objection.
We've got this from Mo Brooks.
That written objection then needs to be mirrored in the Senate.
If it is with Tommy Tuberville or any number of people, Rand Paul, I'm looking at you, Ted Cruz, looking at you, these are all of our heroes, right?
Why haven't they agreed to do this?
That's a very good question.
Then, if they have a senator agree, the two chambers break off and go meet and discuss the allegations of fraud, what they should do, whether they should strike these electoral votes, what the proper thing to do.
And in all likelihood, Nancy Pelosi's house will say, no, Arizona's sharpie ballot markers were fine.
That was just how elections were meant to be, according to the founding fathers.
Meanwhile, if the Republicans have a spine, which we'll see if that happens, that's the big question, they'll come back and say, no, Arizona must be thrown out.
It's then entirely up to Vice President Mike Pence, as the presiding officer of the Joint Session of Congress, he gets to decide what to do with that information, Alex.
So Mike Pence can say, alright, I'm siding with the Senate on this one, we're going to toss out Arizona, he can do that.
Or, Pence can do the safe thing, the expected thing, and he can say, there's no agreement, I do not want to cast a tie-breaking vote, therefore, Arizona stands.
So again, it's very precarious, Alex, that a lot of this depends on people like Mike Pence, who I'm not saying he's a bad guy, but any plan that relies on one person, that's a big critical failure.
Let's go further.
Let's go further.
Why don't we see Trump putting Pence on the hot seat?
We know they met on the 22nd.
The details of that were not released, but it was reportedly about the fact that Pence could have already
done this on the 23rd.
I think Trump should be stronger at the bully pulpit, exposing the fraud. He's at least started to do some of
But I mean, I really think this is going too slow, and I expect that if Pence was really
planning this, he would be out talking about it. He would be out challenging it. He would be out talking about the
He's not doing that.
That's why I think massive pressure, millions and millions in D.C., regardless of what happens, we never accept this election, we never accept this fraud, we never let them control the narrative that they're trying to put out that's based on fraud.
That's why even if Trump conceded, I'm going there on the 6th, I'm going there on the 20th, because we have to say no to the shycom puppet occupied government of Joe Biden.
Yeah, and you know, Mike Pence should resign if he's not going to do the right thing on January 6th.
He should resign for the good of the American people and we can get a new Vice President in there.
I think it's very important to realize that Ted Cruz was all lined up to argue the Supreme Court case if it came to a Supreme Court case.
It was a great strategic play by the Trump team using your Attorney General, Ken Paxton, to bring the lawsuit when states sue other states, it immediately gets docketed at the Supreme Court.
Alito and Thomas did the right thing and ruled that they should have heard this case.
But the Supreme Court let us down.
When you have 18 states challenging an election, that's the closest that we've come to a legitimate
secession scenario since the Civil War.
The voices of the people will be heard.
And if these politicians don't do the right thing on January 6th, American politics will
If the Republicans think they're going to keep this Republican Party and anybody's going to vote for Pence or McConnell after this, a third party could rise from that.
But I'm committed to victory.
I know Tom's committed to victory.
Obviously, the team and there are great people like Matt Gaetz who are going to drag this out.
I totally agree with you.
They're just not getting any attention.
What about Louie Gummer from Texas?
Great congressman.
He's suing Pence to force this out in the open.
The Washington Times is reporting and almost no one else.
Well, you've got the effort from Louie Gohmert, you have the Amistad Project suing Mike Pence.
I mean, it's starting to be where there is a clear and open and public division between the President and the Vice President, as well as the President and his political party.
So, if they manage, and I still have to hope this is not going to happen, Alex, but if they do manage to get their globalist Chai Kom puppet on the throne, we're going to be in such a fascinating scenario where it's no longer a tool party system.
If anything, it's a party within a party.
But as you said, Alex, more than 50% of the country at this point seems to believe the election was stolen.
It was fraudulent.
This guy is going to go into office at 12.01pm on January 20th with half the country believing he's illegitimate?
That's never happened before in our country.
And if the Republicans think that's okay, they're not going to have a job come the next election.
We're doing a list right now of all the Republican senators who are up in 2024.
Among them are people like Rand Paul, John Thune, who is bullying Tuberville not to do this, Marco Rubio.
And I can personally attest, Alex, to these people, to these politicians, I may not make sure you lose in 2022, but you're going to need way more money than you ever thought was possible to keep from being primaried.
That's right.
And then the media spends it.
McConnell spends it.
Oh, you want Democrats to win?
Just like we ran Trump.
Just like we've run other people.
We want folks in there that are Americans that fight against foreign takeovers.
Because, again, this is a foreign multinational takeover.
And I agree with Patrick.
And I agree with you, Tom.
Let's talk about secession here.
Because you could say if Biden got in and turned the economy on and left people alone, there wouldn't be secession.
He says he's going to cut the coal power plants off, stop the oil drilling.
That'll kill the economy.
He says he's going to keep us locked down for years, force inoculations.
That's going to force a damn uprising.
So, I mean, we are headed towards an explosive situation, and I pray that's not the case, but that's where we're going.
We'll be right back with our guest today with us at nationalfile.com.
Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.
And I agree with what Thomas Jefferson had to say on that subject.
You know, earlier today I aired a video that Trump tweeted out over the weekend, the start of the show, and I'd forgotten when I was watching it.
They had a clip.
A Brian Williams, the guy that said he got shot down in a helicopter, none of it happened, fact-checking the president, saying there is, quote, absolutely no evidence of election fraud.
The arrogance of the system putting a known, complete, stolen-valor fraud on TV, saying that to fact-check the president.
And that new video I saw earlier today of Schumer going, we need testing, testing, testing, and arrest, arrest, arrest.
Let the child molesters out, let the criminals out, but lock you up because you opened your salon.
I mean, these are authoritarian crazy people.
But we let them run things and so there's no limit to what they're going to do.
We're talking to great writers over at nationalfile.com that has been really a tip of the spear along with the Gateway Pundit on ferreting out the voluminous election fraud.
I want to go back to Patrick and then you, Papert, in closing here with Call it a civil war, call it a cold war, call it secession.
I mean, out of survival mechanism, we individually have to secede from the lockdowns and say, I am essential.
Just as Jeff Bezos says, I'm essential too, or just as Hillary is, or my bakery is, or my gas station is, or my salon is.
And then none of the globalists follow their own lockdown garbage.
They admit it's a power grab.
I'm going to cover more of that next hour with the documents.
But when we talk about secession or civil war in 18 states, Patrick, you were getting into that, going to the Supreme Court and just being totally rejected when on the face of it, The legislature didn't pass law for the 80 million fake ballots, mail-in ballots.
I mean, on the face of it, this election's a fraud.
So it's just this revolution of tyranny.
What do you expect to happen if they are able, and I'm not being defeatist here, folks, go to D.C.
It's more important than ever to say no to the fraud, no to the chi-coms, no to the global.
Because we're going to keep occupying D.C.
We're going to keep resisting more and more from here on out.
This is just the beginning one way or another, but in a way, stealing it from Trump.
And doing all these lockdowns and not backing down and being caught in all these lies and having spokespersons like Brian Williams.
Patrick, it seems like a perfect recipe for civil war.
What do you think the establishment's thinking?
Well, Alex, first of all, I want to make clear, because I just got a text, you know, nobody's considering replacing Mike Pence in the short term as a strategy.
But mark my words, that was looked into.
That was researched.
Absolutely no one has a free pass if they're going to go against President Donald Trump.
President Donald Trump is the Republican Party.
President Donald Trump is this movement.
And the American people are desperate to keep him in here.
Mike Pence is never going to be able to run for president or do anything, get elected dog catcher, if he doesn't come through for us.
So, look, here's what's going to happen on January 6th is great independent media like Tom and Alex Jones are going to show the world in real time all of the evidence that the courts have not been making public to the people and the Supreme Court won't even hear.
And I know Matt Gaetz is going to fight I agree.
I know we can drag it out for hours upon hours upon hours and create a maximum pressure scenario.
And that's why what we're doing is going to really make an impact if we're actually going
to win this thing.
And I am committed, as we all are, as all Americans are, to actually winning.
We don't want to just prove a claim.
We want to win this.
The only thing that's futile is not resisting.
Resistance is victory.
This is a foreign takeover.
More important than ever to protest, to be engaged, to put pressure on Congress.
I agree.
And the globalists are weak.
They lost this election.
They had to steal it in front of everyone.
And I think the evidence is clear.
Mitch McConnell had made deals beforehand.
They knew the fix was in.
The Supreme Court went along with the mail-in ballots.
I mean, this was all pre-planned.
And so the American people, I think, need to be educated about that.
I agree, Alex, and back to your question, I think that what we're going to see is an individual secession movement, and we've already, I think, seen the beginning of this when the federal government sat on its hands for eight years under Obama while half the country legalized pot.
I don't have a problem with pot, personally.
But it's very weird to see states blatantly flip off the federal government and get away with it.
Then under Trump, we've seen even more of that with all of these sanctuary counties where you can immigrate illegally, kill as many people as you want, and they can't do anything about it because you're in a sanctuary.
And again, the federal government just lets them.
So it's about time that these legislatures that we've all been meeting with and talking to, and some of them are really great people in Arizona and in Georgia, they have some great legislators there.
It's time for these people to really declare themselves a sanctuary state where everything Joe Biden says is null and void inside of it.
And it's time for individuals to do the same.
Joe Biden's word means nothing inside this studio.
I will never wear a mask.
I will never comply with his demands.
I am free from Joe Biden.
It's done.
That's right.
We must declare our Declaration of Independence whether Trump gets back in or whether they fraudulently put and shoehorn in Biden.
The blue states and blue cities are going to continue as cancers, keeping things closed, undermining us.
I know you guys know about this, but even Tucker Carlson's aired the clips.
They have multiple communist Chinese leaders.
And sociologists and others on national Chinese TV at communist conclaves saying, ha ha ha, the virus has shut them down, they will never come out again, America is destroyed, America is over, ha ha ha, we control the highest levels of their government.
They're open for business.
They're not wearing masks anymore for six months, basically.
And the whole world's investing in China, saying America will never reopen because the globalists control the blue cities and blue states and are saying it's an act of war.
They're keeping us shut down.
We've got to get this out to the American people that this is their destruction.
Not the virus, but the fraudulent lockdown from the virus.
Yeah, FDA documents quietly admit and CDC documents quietly admit that the tests are bogus.
You can test positive without actually having COVID, whatever COVID is at this point.
It is an absolute fraud.
It is the biggest wealth grab by the elites that we've ever seen.
And how is it not a conflict of interest for Jeff Bezos, who's a government contractor?
Amazon's a major government contractor.
The federal government is providing guidance For the government to shut down small businesses that compete with Bezos, thus increasing the profits of Whole Foods, Amazon and everything else Bezos is doing to rig our economy.
So if we care about the free market, we would want government to actually act as good faith actors and stop Bezos from what he's doing and open up this country.
But unfortunately, so much of our government is subverted.
We're going to find out on January 6th who are the good guys and who are not the good guys.
Well, that's absolutely right.
It's called racketeering when corporations or groups get together to shut down their competition, fraudulently.
But when government does it, it's called fascism.
And we have the government saying, you're not essential, but all the big billion-dollar companies are.
This is outrageously criminal.
And when I watch the left pretending like they're part of the cult, going along with it.
I mean, I went to a movie theater owned by leftists last night called Alamo Draft House.
I haven't been out to a movie in like 11 months.
And they have the lights all turned off, down to one light, this big theater up at the counter, and everything's all dusty and dirty, and he has a little thermometer, wanting to scan us, and all getting into the theater of it.
They know it's about collapsing America.
They know it's about a weird, sick dystopia and their leftist power, but the average leftist is going to be destroyed in this!
That's exactly right.
I mean, they have this great fantasy that when the good, the revolution comes, you know, they'll get to go work in uniform design or something like that for the great Stalinist regime that they're ushering in.
No, they have no use for these people.
I mean, if your job is to be a good little COVID goose stepper, when you take people's temperatures, you're not going to have a job.
You're not going to be needed in their society.
If you're lucky, you'll get to sit at home on your $1,200 a month credit and take your weekly COVID shot and be tested every six hours.
And that you'll just resign yourself to that.
That's the best these people can hope for.
Meanwhile, on our side, we need to, as you said, Alex, individually just refuse to comply with this stuff.
And at some point, it will become clear.
Certain geographic regions, East Texas, Central Kansas, are a whole lot better to live in than the big blue cities that have run amok and ruined our country.
You know, Tom and I fight like Clarence Darrow on a daily basis to avert these mask mandates, even to the point where a lady, you know, I walked in the door and she said, if you're going to walk in that door, you need to have a mask.
And I said, look, we don't need to dwell on the past.
I've already walked.
I'm here right now, and I challenged her policies, and the fact that I had already done it meant that she had no recourse in her company handbook in order to throw me out.
So if you just go ahead and do it, then that messes up their HR handbook.
We win every single one.
I've never lost to a mask.
Oh yeah, no, no.
Most of the time I don't wear the mask, but if you're going out with quote, you know, people that are kind of Not afraid, but don't want any trouble.
You're out for a nice night.
You comply because it's their property.
You're absolutely right.
But imagine, I've been to that theater probably 50 times at night over the years.
It's all lit up.
It's all nice.
The lights are all off.
It isn't open.
You go in and it's like you're going into a gateway to hell.
And that's the left.
They're all failed theater students.
It's true.
They're all failed theater students.
They're all in on the Kabuki haunted house theater with everybody.
But they're greasing their own destruction.
Stay there, do five more minutes, gentlemen, and I'm going to come back and take calls ahead of Joel Skousen joining us.
I'm going to get to all these callers that are patiently holding.
I will get to you, and I appreciate you being there.
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We want to thank you all for your support.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Alright, my final question before we go to break and come back with your calls for these great gentlemen, Patrick Howley and Tom Papert, is this.
Because you're smart guys, and I'm trying to externalize this thought I have, that I constantly have.
It's almost like we're buzzards sitting here, surveying all the carnage, reporting on it in live time, and not doing enough to go out and engage it and do something.
And I know you guys are in the field, so am I. We're doing more than probably anybody else out there.
But I still feel like watching these crimes, watching world government, watching all this fraud, it's just sick.
People say, what's it like, Alex, being vindicated about world government, the UN, and medical tyranny?
I'm like, I don't feel good being vindicated.
It's like telling your kid, don't play in the street.
And then you come home and your child got run over.
It's like, oh, you're vindicated.
Your kid's dead.
No, I don't feel vindicated at all.
What do you call that paradox of just how dystopic this is and the sick feeling I constantly have that I'm not doing enough?
Well, you know, Alex, that's what it is.
It feels like, I mean, we haven't lost.
There's multiple paths, both to victory for President Trump and for us as the force of human good.
But now that the enemy is here, they made it through the gates.
They were in the Trojan horse shaped like a COVID vaccine and nobody noticed.
It feels like we haven't done enough up until this point.
I mean, that's especially irrational for you, Alex.
You've been working on the same fight.
Since before I was born, and yet here we are.
It just feels like could we not have done something to wake up more people?
Could we not have got on another loudspeaker and screamed at the top of our lungs again?
But, I mean, I feel like the only way to avoid that, the only way I've found to avoid that, and I've definitely had the same emotions, is to just keep chiseling away at this marble until we can see... I totally agree.
It's just hard to see the public not understand how much danger they're in, Patrick.
I mean, this is insane.
Yeah, well, you know, as soon as you take the red pill, you can't untake it.
And Alex, you've red-pilled probably more people than anybody.
Once you realize that you're in a matrix of deception and malevolent people who are coming at you, you realize that you're in real time.
And it's a war scenario, and it's not just, oh, it's Tuesday, it's Wednesday, what's my routine?
You realize you're in real time.
And this is serious stuff.
People are waking up to that.
I think January 6th is going to change the world.
I do.
I want to win.
That's the ball on the field.
Get it into the end zone.
Any way you shake it, January 6th is going to change the world.
And anybody who doesn't stand with Donald Trump, be it Doug Ducey, who was born Douglas Roscoe to the Toledo organized crime family before he became an ice cream oligarch.
I've got an article coming about him.
I've got an article coming about Geraldo Rivera.
Mr. Al Capone's vault and all the stuff he's done over the years.
If you're not gonna stand with us in victory, you're not gonna be part of our movement going forward.
We are fighting to win!
Very well said, gentlemen.
This is just such a historic moment, and what you just said, Patrick, is we're not malevolent, so we project the fact that we're gregarious and friendly on them.
But the more you study, this is a collection of psychopaths, 30 seconds or one minute each.
How would you describe in one minute Papert the Globalist?
Well, what you started to say is accurate.
It's a collection of psychopaths who have figured out that they can leverage blackmail, extortion, bribery, everything you can get to keep a seat in power no matter what country is the global hegemon.
If it's the United States, that's great.
If it's China, who cares?
I think that that is the globalists.
They are power drunk, they are sick, and they have no loyalties to anything but power.
Well, they might have loyalty to Ball, to Moloch.
That's true.
And, you know, these are baby-killing Satanists.
They are overseeing a genocide of little babies.
They're sick people.
They have a religion.
They believe that they're, you know, descended from the Nephilim bloodlines.
It's a satanic, Luciferian cult.
But you know what?
The rank-and-file, the politicians who do their bidding for them, are some of the dumbest people ever.
If there was an IQ test for members of Congress, half of them would be deemed mentally inadequate.
These people don't intimidate me.
We're going to challenge them like never before.
Oh, I agree.
We've got major populist movements, pro-human movements.
Trump is only wave.
Bolsonaro is only one wave.
And so this is a fight.
This is going to go back and forth.
They're going to get blows in.
We're going to get blows in.
The key is exposing them, Epstein, the New World Order, global government.
No one even knew this years ago.
Now it's out in the open.
So I agree with you both.
A lot of stories coming out at nationalfile.com.
We carry a lot of them at infowars.com and newswars.com.
Great job, men, and we'll keep reading every hour or so what you guys put out.
Thank you, Alex.
It's always a pleasure.
Thank you.
All right, guys.
I'm coming back.
I'm coming in and I don't care how good your calls are.
I'm going to the calls.
Because what happens, I get a good caller on for like five minutes and then another caller and we don't get to the calls because the callers are so good.
So just tell me what you want to cover.
You're on air.
Just go with it.
We're going to go right to you when we come back.
60 seconds.
All right.
We're now into our number three.
Joel Skousen is coming up with what really happened.
He's a great researcher in Nashville and so much more, but right now let's go to Joe in Washington.
Joe, thanks for holding her on the air.
Hey Alex, how you doing?
Good, brother.
Hey, uh, we need to... We need to find states to move to.
Every God-loving American, every patriot, everyone who stands with Trump, we need to find states and we need to move to those states and we need to succeed.
Like you said at the beginning of your show, this is our worst nightmare.
We need action.
action. We need figures like yourself, like Ali, like Nick Fuentes, anyone who
has been standing up. All these people have been silent, like Madison Cawthorn,
and all these other Republicans have been silent through this, and now they're coming out
at the end, you know, now it's the ninth inning. They weren't there in the first
inning, the third inning, now they're here. We need action.
Brother, I absolutely agree with you, and we have to physically not support the
global has changed.
Sometimes we still will be forced to.
We have to physically support mom and pops.
We have to understand it's a war.
We have to go to the Thank you for taking my call, Alex.
I'm a longtime listener, over 10 years.
I am a patriot.
Can you hear me?
They have a lot better clothes, they're in a better selection you find at the mall.
And just have to start getting out of the corporate system, because the corporate system
has aligned with the globalist against America.
Thank you Joe, we love you.
Wendy in Michigan, thank you for holding.
Go ahead.
Thank you for taking my call, Alex.
I'm a longtime listener, over 10 years.
I am a patriot.
Can you hear me?
Yes ma'am.
Just want to make sure.
I'm a patriot.
I'm a registered nurse, and I've always known that there's issues with vaccines, and I just want to say that the vaccine is the biggest issue we're facing right now.
We have fellow Americans lining up for this dangerous bioweapon, and, you know, I've been trying to share this information as a nurse and as a mom and as a human being for decades with people, And here we are at the time where we're getting forced inoculations and I just think that the election is a distraction because no matter who's in office.
Um, this vaccine is being rolled out and people are going to die.
You know, Friday footage came out on InfoWars.com, and I meant to cover it, of a female nurse being arrested because she spoke up in a hospital about the vaccine bad reactions.
And it's the police are twisting her arm behind her back.
I mean, again, this is so evil.
This is so crooked.
This is so bad.
Oh, but the media doesn't criticize cops when they do that.
Oh no, because they want that tyranny.
Right, exactly.
It's sickening.
You know, when I walk into the hospital, I walk past the employee vaccine room and I just see people lining up and, you know, some of my fellow co-workers are just waiting to get their turn to, you know, get the vaccine.
And, you know, they're just lining up for their own demise.
And I, you know, it's just a sad time.
And when you were saying you feel like, you know, you haven't done enough, and obviously you've done more than Pretty much almost anyone on this planet.
You know, I've spent my whole life trying to share information about vaccines with people.
And as a nurse, you know, people look at you like you have three heads when you speak about the dangers of vaccines and safety issues.
And, you know, that's something that I took on readily, didn't care.
I quit a job six months ago because of the forced Testing that they were doing at the job.
They wanted to do the forced COVID testing just to drive up the numbers and here we are.
And so I'd love to see in the future your show maybe focus on or one of a new show maybe focus on how we start setting up new systems and societies to get outside of the mainstream society and What you're saying is 100% the answer.
We should all just be focusing on communities, neighborhoods, towns, organizations, free association groups, where we want a pro-human future, where we want traditional values, where we honor life, where we honor children, where we honor goodness, because they've overtaken the churches and control most of those, and so we need something that I don't want to even use the word secular, but something that's just human, and saying we reject death, we reject the wages of the New World Order.
God bless you and I appreciate your call.
Let's take a talk to her for an hour.
All these callers are amazing, but we don't get to them, we don't go to the next person, but...
This is it.
I'm in such a position of influence and I'm so burnt out now and exhausted and overwhelmed that I just don't feel like I'm doing a good enough job.
And I'm not whining, but yeah, like, okay, Jones, you probably reach more people than anybody else with this.
It's probably true.
Maybe David Icke, but it's not a competition.
Yes, it's true.
So I'm in this incredible position and then I rack my brain, how do I do this?
Like, what is the right answer?
Like, am I being a wimp, not calling for violence?
Because they're violently hitting us with 5G, they're violently coming with mRNA vaccine, but then you can't even direct the violence, and then they'll spin it the wrong way, so I don't want violence.
I want civil disobedience, though.
And then I gotta think, okay, well, how do you do that?
Well, I'm going to D.C.
And as they escalate against us, we're gonna have to escalate against them.
But here's the good news.
We're not gonna have to wait for the stuff to get so bad people are gonna revolt.
It's gonna get bad real quick.
The dam's broken, the bottom fell out, folks.
Hell's been opened up.
And I was studying serial killers last week.
Just because I was praying, and I had this whole crystal moment where all these thoughts come together, and I could see a whole path of victory.
And it was, we need to start a movement, like we've done with other movements, of taking clips of Bill Gates and other globalists saying weird, sick stuff about depopulation and world government.
And then cutting it into interviews with serial killers where they talk about their compulsion to kill people, their compulsion to control people, their compulsion and how it sexually excites them to torture children to death.
And then we just cut that in with clips of the Globalist showing people the same mannerisms and very similar speech patterns.
Because that's really what it is.
And you just have to come to grips with these are really bad people.
And even I have to come to grips with and I say, okay, as a man, they're coming violently at us.
They've set the whole thing up.
They've given themselves liability protection.
What do we do?
Well, at this point, we expose these monsters and we expose them as hard as we can.
And believe me, they're not happy.
But they've got a compulsion to do this to us.
And I think the most important thing is just pray to God.
To deliver judgment upon them, whatever God's judgment is.
Just pray, God, I pray that you rise up good people full of liberty to educate others and to try to heal the land.
We also pray that you bring judgment upon the leaders of the New World Order.
But God then comes back and you already know the answer.
This is judgment on everyone and they'll be judged as well.
They've been given over to pure evil.
They want to kill us.
They want to hurt us.
They want to torture us first, as mad scientists do.
We're facing mad scientists.
The highest IQ psychotics.
And once you know that, you know everything.
The Nazis were run by mad scientists.
Well, the Nazis were set up by IBM and British intelligence.
US and US eugenicists and British eugenicists set up Hitler.
That's a fact.
He was just a tool.
He was promised they had a peace treaty.
He was promised all of Europe.
Edward VIII was going to be the king of Europe under the European Union.
All of it.
That's all in the mainline entry books.
But they double-crossed Hitler.
The globalists are sick, man.
They're so Machiavelli.
and uh... brought in their liberal world order that h_d_ wells and planned
and hitler was just simply the dialectic system to to to bounce off of
but we actually started a left there more hitler than hitler could ever
imagine because hitler came to kill you you know it when the left comes to kill you you don't ever know it
grant in arizona thanks for all the bad a can you hear me
that's good uh... alex i want to show and i i i think they're just
using there I don't think that they're going to win anything.
They don't have reality.
They got Facebook.
They got Twitter.
They got the television set, but they don't have reality.
They don't live in reality.
They live in their own little bubble.
And I think they're poking the bear.
And just because the bear woke up and didn't go straight at him, they think the bear won't do nothing.
But, you know, all they're doing is just pumping fear and supposed to be afraid of this fake virus and everything else.
But the American people see through it and we're just waiting calmly to do what we have to do.
And what is doing what we have to do?
No, I agree.
You said it.
We gotta have barbecues.
We gotta have baseball games.
We gotta be outside and say, screw you, and come together.
Beautifully said.
Thank you, Brent.
Stay with us.
Joel Kausen.
and they're trying to divide the whole country between blacks and whites but I'm a black
man and I smoke a joint with the white guy around the corner and we're all cool so they
don't have reality.
They have this fake reality.
No, I agree.
You said it.
We gotta have barbecues.
We gotta have baseball games.
We gotta be outside and say screw you and come together.
Beautifully said.
Thank you, Brent.
Stay with us.
Joel Kausen coming up.
Well, it's a fight against good and evil.
It's a world government run by Satan.
And now it's out in the open.
I appreciate Joel Skousen of WorldAffairsBrief.com, he's the editor-in-chief joining us, former Marine Corps officer, naval aviator, comes from a family that's been, from the very beginning, warning of the global scourge since the 50s, his uncle Cleon Skousen, and so he understands conspiracy and how Trump doesn't understand it, and how Trump is manipulated, means well, and can really give you accurate predictions right up there with the very best on what he thinks is about to unfold, what is about To happen he predicted Trump would lose via the fraud you
now see that Unfolding Trump's not conceding where that's going
Skousen's got some points about the situation of course With the bombing with the RV in Nashville and the economy
and so much more Joel Skousen. Thanks for joining us Well, it's always good to be with you Alex and especially
in this holiday season where we try to find some peace and and goodwill
Where do you want to start first?
I mean, what would you call this point in time in history we're in?
Because there's a giant awakening on one hand, but then also just a giant globalist takeover happening and many people submitting.
What would you call this historical point and just get into Trump, the election, whatever you want to cover?
Well, Alex, this is the turning point in American history.
It's actually been going on for the past 20 years, mostly through control of the public schools and the dumbing down of our youth and children with Lack of knowledge on the correct limitations on lawmaking, correct limitations on government power.
And so we've been raising a lot of socialist and pro-government individuals for many generations.
And it's all coming home to roost.
But of course, it took a massive election fraud to change this.
And it's been clearly out in the open for anyone to see.
Even the news media has had to change their wording just slightly.
As you remember, as Trump was beginning to explain the election fraud at the beginning, they would always say, anyone who was claiming fraud, and there is no evidence for this.
And there is no evidence.
You heard that time and again.
And then after the videotape of the Georgia fraud occurred, which was clear to everyone to see, they all started changing to one word.
They said, Evidence of widespread fraud is not evident.
Widespread fraud.
They had to admit some fraud, but of course they're all claiming that it's not enough to make a difference.
And that's where the courts have gone as well.
As I've explained in the World Affairs Brief, I believe Trump's lawyers have sabotaged his legal case against fraud.
In no case have those lawyers ever presented the quantitative data that was clearly available by statistical analysis of the Edison data.
Upon which, which, you know, coalesces everything from Dominion to other voting systems and presents it to the news media.
And clearly you could tell how many numerically, how many votes were switched for Trump, switched against Trump to Biden, how many votes were disappeared to Trump.
And all of the ballot dumps that were 90% for Trump, all of that was visible from the data, but none of that ever got to the courts, allowing them to say easily, yes, you've made a good case that there's irregularities in the voting system, but nothing that we believe would have ever returned the results of the election.
And so we have now one last chance going forward, and this is what I'd like to talk about, and that is the January 6th Certification of the electors before the joint session of Congress.
Now, the Epoch Times and other conservative sources have been putting forth the information that how many people are coming on board, how many representatives are now going to challenge that.
This is totally irrelevant, Alex.
Totally irrelevant.
It doesn't matter how many people are coming on board.
It only takes two or three Republicans, rhino Republicans in the Senate, To block any acceptance of the Trump electors.
Now there are dual electors in all of the states that have been challenged in this electoral process.
And Trump electors and Biden electors, the joint session of Congress can in fact protest and accept the Trump electors, but I don't think it's going to happen.
And here's why.
When they bring these up, and they're probably going to bring up some state like Arizona, which is a challenged state, to the joint session, you have to have a vote about whether or not you accept the Biden electors or the Trump electors, and then debate that.
And none of that will take place if you have Senator Mitt Romney, who will surely vote against Donald Trump.
Or Susan Collins or Lisa Murkowski or the two Democrats, if they continue to skew the election in Georgia and don't allow David Perdue or Ms.
Loeffler to return to their seats in the Senate.
It's going to be very easy to block.
It doesn't matter how many people are in favor of the Trump electors.
All it takes is two or three to block.
And I think that's what's going to happen in the Senate.
Is there any path to victory now for Trump?
Well, the courts have said after January 6th, we'll take up a few of these remaining cases.
And I'm very doubtful that they will, uh, take them up favorably because, um, the basic problem is they've put off taking up these court cases till after January 6th, so that it will be a done deal in terms of the electoral court.
Then they can say the point is moot.
Uh, they can see the public sentiment and go against it.
As you know, there was this supposed leak from the Supreme Court, which I'm a little bit doubtful of, stating that John Roberts, you know, had a yelling and screaming session threatening conservatives into not taking up the Texas case for fear of rioting in the United States if we ever, you know, allow Trump to be reelected.
Well, the Supreme Court came out the next day and said there was no such yelling match because the Supreme Court justice haven't met in person for weeks because of COVID-19.
Everything is done by Zoom meeting.
But another person has said, well, it's very possible they did meet in person because John Roberts wouldn't have wanted to put this on Zoom, which is not a secure form of communications.
It could have been tapped and leaked to the American people what he was saying on that.
So I think there's good arguments in both cases.
But this much, I do know, Alex, that John Roberts is a controlled individual by the deep state.
And he did, in fact, and would, in fact, always vote against Trump to make sure he's not reelected.
So whether or not the leak was true or not is really not relevant.
We know from John Roberts' past, his Homosexual past, et cetera.
They've got dirt on him and they can call on him to vote for the globalist position every time he wants.
So I don't hold out any hope for the courts reinstating Donald Trump, especially after the electoral college challenge has failed.
And I think it's going to fail.
Do you agree with me?
It's regardless important to go.
Did he see the six, the protest to show the power of the people to show we don't accept Joe Biden in the process of moving to remove him and to try to block his agenda into the future?
Absolutely, Alex, we need to protest.
We need to be, in fact, we're already seeing people starting to mount their resistance to the Biden administration.
You know, during the Trump administration, conservative fundraising and conservative causes dwindled.
Uh, for lack of financial resources because everyone thought that Trump was going to save you.
Stay there.
Let's talk about that.
Yeah, people think that I defended Trump because I was being paid.
We've almost gone bankrupt under Trump.
We can't pay the bills.
I mean, we used to have a lot of money before Trump.
And people think, like, I'm defending Trump because I'm getting money.
No, I was doing it because he at least wasn't a globalist, even though he's had a lot of problems.
And then now, I wonder what it's going to be like, though, under Biden.
I don't think they're going to just sit back once he gets in.
I think they're going to come down on us, come down on the American people with both feet.
They've said they are, that they plan to never let their foot off our neck with the COVID lockdown.
So let's talk about that and how to fight back and what Trump should do with 23 days left while he still has the bully pulpit.
Joel Scalzen, World Affairs Briefs, our guest.
Stay with us.
I grew up and was pretty young when I started trying to read some of the history books laying around the house.
About 10 years old.
They were fascinating.
By the time I was 20, I understood some of them.
But it's one thing to read the globalist planning all this, it's another thing to now be deep into it.
And now to know their plan accelerates from here on out.
Joel Skousen of WorldAtFirstBrief.com is our guest.
He's the editor-in-chief over there, does a great job.
WorldAtFirstBrief.com, JoelSkousen.com.
We also sell his great books.
On Strategic Relocation and also on how to build a secure home.
He's one of the leading experts, if not the leading expert on that.
He's recognized by the survivalist community.
And also we did the Strategic Relocation DVD, which is made four or five years ago, but still just as accurate as ever with safe places around the country.
So we're proud of that film.
Also available.
at infowarsstore.com.
We're seeing a mass exodus out of the cities now.
We did a special with him a few months ago that's very, very popular
and has gotten hundreds of thousands of views on our site and millions on YouTube.
But going back to Joel Skousen, I don't need to ask the questions.
You just did a great briefing in the last nine minute segment
exactly where I wanted to go.
So where do you want to go next?
Well, the question on everybody's mind is, is there any hope anymore?
You know, what can we look forward to?
How can we fight this?
Now we have to protest.
We have to continue to fight.
First of all, I want to address the fact of Donald Trump running in 2024.
I think this is unfortunate, not because Donald Trump doesn't have a good heart and doesn't really have the best interest of the country at heart, but he simply is unprepared.
He lives by briefings he's never going to get.
The proper briefings to come up to speed on how this deep state operates.
I mean, he continues to prepare for a war with Iran, even though Iran is not the biggest sponsor of terror in the world, the U.S.
deep state is.
You know, he killed General Soleimani of Iran, labeling him as the biggest sponsor of terror in the world, which wasn't true.
He was, in fact, the biggest Sponsor of the fighting forces in Iraq, in Iran that were fighting U.S.
backed terror in Syria, including ISIS.
And was responsible for the defeat of ISIS, not the U.S.
forces who continued to try to save ISIS.
And so unfortunately, we've got to make sure that we get someone into our camp who will run for office.
And it's going to be very difficult because anyone who has come on board already defending conspiracy facts.
Will be ineligible to vote or to run for president because the Republican establishment and the media will crucify them.
But even Doug Collins, for example, who's going to run of Georgia, who is going to try to run for governor to get rid of Governor Kemp there, believes the foolish intelligence about Soleimani and Iran.
And so even though he's a very solid conservative in terms of anti-abortion and pro- You know, Christian rights, etc.
He is weak on foreign policy because he believes the Republican or the deep state intelligence briefings that Donald Trump is giving.
So it's very, very difficult.
Look at Ted Cruz, for example.
Ted Cruz is an attack dog when it comes to getting before the Senate and grilling people and getting boring down to the truth.
But he'll never touch conspiracy.
And unless you touch conspiracy, you really don't know where he stands on the deep state or how much he knows about the deep state.
So it's going to be very difficult to get a champion that in fact will serve the crucial needs.
It's not enough to follow the Hannity and, you know, portion of attacking conservative values or backing conservative values and attacking Democrats on the general things.
The crucial issue of our day is conspiracy.
It is the secret combinations of power that control this government, that control this election, that control the courts, that control a good portion of Congress.
Unless you clean that out and get someone into office who really understands this conspiracy issue, we're just going to be spinning our wheels again.
Let's pull back and elaborate on that because what you're saying is so central.
If you don't know how the world operates, if you don't know the globalist agenda, if you don't know who they are, you're like a person going out into a cave without a flashlight.
You're going to fall and break your neck.
The globalists all write what they're doing.
They write books.
They brag about it.
They establish world government, they have their systems of control, and then you talk to the average politician that's even a Christian, it means, well, it's like you're speaking Martian to them.
If you don't understand the globalist agenda, you have no way of defeating it.
If you understand it, you defeat it.
But at least with Infowars and your work and countless others, the public is really waking up to it very, very quickly.
Yes, the question is, what can they do things?
I had a subscriber write me the other day and he said, you know, all the information you present is almost all negative.
I said, well, that's because it's reality.
He said, but what we want are solutions.
And I said, look, I have solutions to everything.
I have, and I've talked about it in the World Affairs Brief.
In the last World Affairs Brief, this Friday, I talked about the omnibus bill, for example.
Now, one of the primary solutions you need to do is you need to stop omnibus spending bills.
You need to make it illegal.
To pass a bill that you have law changes and you have spending from all across the board in one bill because it makes it impossible for Congress to explain that to newbies.
You got a 6,000 page bill that has anti-free speech legislation, billions to foreign countries, all sorts of scams, no one read the whole thing.
That should be illegal.
That's right.
And you change law in those bills so that instead of voting on the law change, which needs to have a separate bill every time you change law, you need to have a separate bill.
But in terms of spending, you need to have a separate bill for each agency of government.
So that you can go through it in detail and attack the spending in that agency and not have to worry about an abortion portion or Planned Parenthood billing or defense spending in the same bill.
Because then the leaders of the Republican Party can twist your arm and say, look, I know you object to this and that, but we're not going to get these good things unless you vote for the whole bill, which includes all the bad things.
That's what should be illegal, having all of this stuff lumped together and that would do it.
Sure, and Congress should not exempt itself from insider trading.
The list goes on and on.
Joe, let's just be honest.
The bottom's fallen out.
There's been resistance thanks to your work and countless others in the decades past that Trump was able to get in.
We held him off at some levels, but really it's the moral decline of society.
That is allowing this to happen, and just as night follows day, we're just going down a very, very dark road.
I mean, it's not negative to know the truth.
If I'm driving down a road...
When the map tells me it's a dead end, that's good so I don't drive off the road down a cliff.
That's not negative, that's reality.
If the doctor says you better stop drinking all that vodka or your liver's gonna fail, that's not negative, that's reality.
If somebody's shooting heroin up and the doctor says you're gonna kill yourself, that's not negative, it's reality.
So just give people the reality of what you expect to see under Biden, because all the intel shows they plan to fully gut this country and bankrupt it for consolidation.
Well, I think they tend to do it more slowly than we think.
I mean, they have the power, especially if they get control of the Senate, to ramrod a lot of things and it'll go faster if they do that.
If we gain control nominally of the Senate or keep control of the Senate nominally, we'll slow things down a little bit, but a lot is going to get through in terms of your omnibus spending bills and this mantra of keeping the government alive and keeping it going.
Nobody really knows how to do a government shutdown properly and keep it operating under the essentials and blocking the stuff.
I mean, Trump has never done that properly and has always given up.
But the point is, I think they're going to be slower.
There are going to be gun control.
It's going to go slowly, but it's not going to lead to a civil war situation where people go to arms to stop gun possession.
That's a ways down the road.
They may yet wait till war comes to do that, as I've long anticipated.
But the point is they want to continue to boil the frog a little faster, but still slow enough that it doesn't gain resistance and things.
And we won't have a lot of Antifa and BLM taking to the streets if Biden is elected.
That'll be held off as well.
But the most important thing to remember is this, this is the bottom line.
I don't believe we'll ever win another election again.
Because the Dominion voting machines won't be removed.
The fact that we lost this battle, that they covered it up on the election fraud means that it will be institutionalized forever in the United States.
So I don't think we'll ever win electorally.
What does that mean?
It doesn't mean we give up.
It means we have to accelerate our efforts to find the true sheep in life, the people who sense that something's wrong and educate them.
About the seriousness of the deep state and we need to then prepare for the takedown.
We need to prepare for war.
We need to prepare for increasing.
Uh, camps increasing, uh, governor's lockdown.
Well, that's right.
The COVID-19 is the rollout of the camps, the tracking, the secret police.
But it's still years ahead until they actually move en masse.
But it is coming, and my wife agrees, everybody agrees.
It's now time to move the countryside around other people.
It's now time to pull out, folks.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
All right, callers, I really appreciate you holding.
I'll take your calls ahead of Gerald Cilente taking over in the War Room with Owen Schroer.
We are back live broadcasting worldwide.
Tolstoy, we're one of the smartest guys I know.
His predictions are about 98% accurate here with us.
And a lot of people get mad at me when I say it's a major uphill battle for Trump.
It was a long shot a month ago.
It's a super long shot now.
I'm just not going to lie to you.
There's the other side that's bailing on Trump and attacking him because they think he's a politically dead duck, so now they want to garner, you know, brownie points with Twitter or whatever.
That's all foolish and stupid.
I think we should see Trump as what he was, a speed bump to these guys, and we should thank God for Bolsonaro and other nationalist leaders, and we should move forward with that model of doing these Hail Marys to get a better type Trump person in there.
But regardless, we have to start And you hear the callers calling in.
They're saying, we want to move to a community.
We want to get out of 5G.
We want to get away from all the Satan worshippers.
We want to go.
We want to go.
The problem is good people move somewhere.
They make it nice.
The Satan worshippers move in.
They're like locusts following a new fresh crop to eat.
So this is a very sophisticated thing, isn't it, Joel?
It's a process.
There is no perfect way to live, perfect place to go, because the whole world's under the control of Satan.
Well, that's right.
And all these major conspiracies, including the ones that control Russia and China, are also controlled by Satan.
And he promises them that they're all going to win, but he intends the Anglo-American globalists to win eventually and use the others as counter forces so that they can justify larger and more expensive armies to, you know, fight these illusory enemies.
But what you said is exactly true, Alex.
I want to emphasize that when I'm saying that you need to practice Or prepare for the takedown.
I'm not saying you stop fighting and stop trying to win the battle for the hearts and minds of good people.
Don't spin your wheels trying to convert innately liberal people, and I mean illiberal people, who want to use government power to take away your fundamental rights.
They have this soft spot in their heart for the poor, but they never understand that there's very few worthy poor, that there's an awful lot of A bad judgment in life because of moral corruption, because of public schooling, because of lack of standards in our life.
But if you, if you keep seeking for a silver bullet to save it so that you won't have to prepare, you are a fool.
You must prepare because I'll tell you the takedown is coming.
And when war comes toward the end of this decade with Russia and China preceded by an EMP strike, there will be no electricity for a year and a half.
And why do I say that?
I used to say six months, but finally some person in the power company called me up and he said, look, Joel, we don't have any big transformers stockpiled in the United States.
They're all made in China.
And if you think when war starts, we're going to get into those huge power transformers that transform the major transmission lines.
And couldn't a mass coronal ejection do the same thing without an EMP?
Not really.
They're not as powerful as the E.M.P., especially if you get eight or nine E.M.P.
strikes above the United States.
Remember the coronal ejections from the sun come in toward the poles and they're ameliorated.
They don't get as far south.
They get into Canada, etc., but not as far south to really cause a lot of powerful damage in the United States.
They could, theoretically, but we know that the E.M.P.
strike is coming.
Point is, we're sitting ducks with this power grid.
That's right.
We're sitting ducks and they're not going to be prepared.
And I'll tell you, if they did only one thing and spend a billion dollars and stockpile all the transformers that they need and shield them electronically so they won't be destroyed in this EMP strike, they could get back up and running.
And notice there's been legislation to do that inexpensively.
But, oh, we don't have money for that.
We've got it for shrimp on treadmills and gender studies in Kenya.
That's right.
But people must realize you've got to get ready to get out of the major cities because they will be death traps during an EMP strike.
Remember, that EMP strike will be followed 15 minutes later by a physical nuclear strike on U.S.
military forces.
And without power, there will be rioting and pillaging within three to five days, and it will start to move out through the various residential sections of the cities until it gets even to some of the suburban areas.
You've got to be ready and have preparations to get out of the city before that happens.
And that's one of the reasons why I published my World Affairs Brief.
I track this stuff.
I'm hoping to be able to warn my subscribers when this war is coming.
And so that people can get a free sample copy of this World Affairs Brief, last Friday's edition, by emailing me at editor at worldaffairsbrief.com.
But you need to get strategic relocation, you need to understand where are the safe places, why the cities are a death trap because of the high population densities.
It's not that there are really any safe places unless you get out in the middle of the Nevada desert where you're 200 miles from anything, but that's no way to live and most people can't live in that way.
And it's very difficult to establish a retreat when you've got to drive two hours to a Home Depot to get building supplies.
So there are compromises involved.
The best compromise generally is an hour's drive out of any major metropolis so it's too far for people to walk.
And getting into rural areas where you can have some security, build informal networks of people that will support you that are good people.
They don't have to be survivalists.
They don't have to know what you know, but they've got to be good people who in a crisis will begin to support you.
All too many people keep calling me and saying, and I do a lot of consultation, they say, where can I find a prebuilt survival community of all like-minded people?
And I tell you, it does not exist.
And it wouldn't be good if it did exist because it would get targeted.
Anytime you build a uniform community that wants to take over the electoral values of the rest of the community, they band together to fight you.
That's right.
I don't want to operate like the left, but it's time to be honest about who we are, but be very calm and just quietly take over, just like the left does.
Not be deceptive, but not telegraph what you're doing and kind of have it be informal.
Yes, but we're not going to be able to take over electorally.
That's what I'm saying.
I just meant in certain areas we can take over.
Yes, you can have majorities again.
You never take over completely, but you can have new majorities, and I think that's the only benefit.
In the war that comes, it will drive good people out of the major cities.
There'll be no more jobs for them to keep them there.
And they will hopefully- And let's be clear, those of us that warned of all this coming, or those of us that survive, will be listened to more than ever at that point.
We've already seen that paradigm where, I know you're listened to more than you were 30 years ago, I know I am now.
We're not pleased by that, you know, it's a sad byproduct, but, I mean, aren't you seeing your credibility rise as everything you talk about is unfolding?
Oh, yes, I've had increasing subscribers by the thousands in the past few months, just as this has become plain to everybody that the deep state really does control much more than people had anticipated.
And it's not a bunch of Obama holdovers in the Trump administration.
These are lethal, deadly people within the government, and they control every major law enforcement agency in the country.
And so it's very, very difficult.
What I'm saying is while you fight these battles and continue to educate good people and get them on our side, because we will need every person to take a stand.
This COVID thing is dividing the world between those who see and those that are blind.
And unfortunately, I am very, very sad to say that the majority of Americans are blind to this obvious conspiracy.
Well, please join us again soon about the COVID conspiracy.
Maybe next week, if you'd like, in the new year.
Joel Skousen, God bless you.
We appreciate you.
Thank you very much, Alex.
Yeah, when I'm in DC next week, invite him on because we'll be co-hosting some during
the day, but obviously on the 6th I'm going to be out giving speeches and things.
So maybe Joel can come in for an hour and maybe host for an hour and then I can come
on after him or something.
This is not a game.
I mean, just what he said about Trump.
I hear people go, "Jones, you support Trump when he's not perfect."
I supported Trump because the globalists hate his guts.
I know Trump doesn't understand a lot of stuff.
And I told you he's not invincible.
But we have lost money.
We have seen the funding we have contract under Trump because people thought everything was fine.
Everything was wonderful.
Trust the plan.
Go back to sleep.
And I'm sorry, folks, that's just not the way it works.
And we need your support because I am spending all the capital we've got.
Behind the scenes, and I'm not doing this as a fundraising deal because I don't even want to get in the middle of it, but other people are not backing the march and things at this time.
We're starting to get some support.
It's about to come through, but I've so far paid for the main stages and a bunch of other stuff, and it's maxing us out.
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High quality vitamin B12.
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Living Defense is a beyond probiotic.
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All these sales Half the end of the day.
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So this is the last day to get the best sales of the year from the Christmas special at InfoWarsTore.com or call toll free, 888-253-3139.
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It's not just for men.
It works great for women.
What do you think it does for women's glands, folks?
It's awesome.
Infowarstore.com or 888-253-3139.
All right.
Hour number four.
I'm back in two minutes.
I'm going right to Scotton, Ohio.
Stay with us.
I saw the light.
Another way of saying you're red-pilled.
No reason to get black-pilled.
A lot of people just get so negative they turn off.
No, we're going through this process.
We're being tested.
Yes, it's negative, but it's good to discover it, fight back against it.
That's the process of being tested.
That's red-pilled.
Don't get black-pilled, folks.
You need to help others and warn others.
But it's gonna get a lot worse before it gets better.
Got a bunch of important clips I'm gonna hit, but let's go to your calls right now.
Scott in Ohio, thanks for holding.
I'm gonna go to CD in Nevada.
Go ahead, Scott.
Hey, how you doing, Alex?
Good to talk to you, buddy.
Good to talk to you, brother.
I know you just did a plug, but last year I broke my neck in Nashville in a car wreck and was paralyzed from the neck down.
And I quit doing the pharmaceuticals when I got out of the hospital in 12 days because I was on the Nathan Iodine and it helped my body get together and healed and they said I'm the fastest healing patient they've ever seen in the history of the surgeries that they had to do on me.
Wow, well thank God for your great genetics and I'm sure that X2 did help a lot of people.
About 40% of the public are deficient in Iodine and of course this is not regular Iodine, this is pure Iodine and that's why it helps people so much.
Absolutely and as far as what's coming You know, I've lost a lot of friends and family trying to warn people and get them informed, but now I've switched over to saving souls and warning people a little, but they don't want to listen.
They want to be victims and be heroes and everything else, you know?
So, New Week for the Lamb's Book of Life is what we're concentrating on now.
And my church is coming to D.C.
on the 5th, 6th, and 7th.
Beautiful, brother.
I hope I run into you.
I hope I get to shake your hand, Scott.
Yeah, me too, Alex, and keep on fighting that good fight, buddy, and I'll keep taking those supplements.
No pharmaceuticals in my body whatsoever.
I'm almost 50 years old.
We'll be in April, and I feel better than I did when I was 25, 30 years old.
Well, thank you.
So do I. I mean, I've gained, like, 20 pounds since this election.
Well, before it and during the last three months.
Thank you, Scott.
The cortisol is just pumping out whenever you're under stress, so it's important to take some time off.
But I am taking the supplements religiously now, and I'm going to turn the corner.
Because I get in shape, I get out of shape.
The stress lately has just been insane, as you all know.
CD in Nevada.
CD, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yes, Alex, it's good talking to you.
I wish you a Merry Christmas, and I wish you a Happy New Year, too.
You too, brother.
And a happy birthday.
Yes, sir.
And I would like to say this, man, you are exactly right.
Joe Biden and Obama, Hillary Clinton, even O'Kerry, all those boys need to be going to jail right now.
And I also love what you said as far as Washington, D.C.
on that first march.
You said God is on our side.
Jesus said it.
And Jesus said he is the living word.
And if he's the living word, Jesus is what?
Christ is the life tree.
Now the one that we're dealing with right now that you are having trouble with is the devil body.
And all these people that like China and all the globalists, that's just part of the devil's body.
And you have the power to call Michael the Archangel to cast Satan into hell.
Man, you got a lot of power.
I love you, Alex.
Well, I think we all have that power together if we're good and we pray to God.
But, I mean, you're right.
The devil's literally taking over the world's body, trying to put their mRNA in us to literally GMO and alter us with jellyfish genes and dead babies, whole genomes.
And scientists look at this and go, this isn't for COVID-19.
This is some kind of weird, crazy garbage.
It's basically a ritual.
What do you think's really going on here, CD?
Well, I think that most of the people have a blind mind, and they listen to twisted-minded people, and people trying to throw them into a dead mind as far as the thoughts and the... And we're all made of oxygen, liquid, and gas, so that is why most people can't understand the behavior that the globalists are doing.
That's right.
They're manipulating our bodies.
They know what they're doing.
We just sit here and take it because, again, we're thinking, oh, they're like us.
No, they're not like us.
Thank you so much, CD.
All right, Tom, you're up next in 60 seconds.
We'll be right back.
The globalists hate it when you visit that site.
You know, I didn't even get into all the massive forced inoculations, world government, confirmation, travel, digital medical passports to be able to have a job.
I mean, they're just doing it.
It's all illegal.
It's all super dangerous.
And I've got dozens of articles of doctors and scientists and medical workers getting sick.
getting paralyzed, some dying when they take the vaccines.
They're trying to cover it up, but for every hundred they cover up,
we get one of the stories out there.
Kalilah Mitchell is a Nashville nurse, gets Bell's palsy.
Yeah, having those slow seizures now from the vaccine.
They even told her, that's what it gave it to her.
So let's play a clip of this poor lady.
Hi, I am a registered nurse in Nashville, Tennessee.
and my name is Khaleesi.
I'm reaching out to everyone about the COVID-19 vaccination.
I recently took the COVID-19 vaccination.
After the shot, I felt fine.
But within three days, I went to the doctor because I had problems with my face.
The whole left side of my face, actually.
I have bell palsy now.
pausing now.
And as you can see, I can't smile.
I'm trying to smile.
I'm just kind of embarrassed.
But I just want everyone to know that I think this vaccination is the worst thing ever.
And I would not give this to anybody, even my worst enemy.
Please, America, they do not care about us.
Do not take this vaccination.
Yeah, well, you forced me to take that or my family,
they get hurt.
You just assaulted me and I'm going to come after you.
This is violence.
And the people doing this are just as bad as Joseph Mingala.
They know damn well it doesn't protect you.
It's not a vaccine, it's a mutagen.
And you're like, well, They're just gonna get us ready to get us all sick and just have us put up with it!
It's not enough to have tens of millions of little boys that got autism from it.
It's not enough to have tens of millions got cancer from it.
It's not enough they paralyzed my grandmother with it and told her they did it!
They almost killed my mother with a flu shot!
Almost everybody in my family's gotten super sick from one of these things!
They go, oh, you're a conspiracy theorist when it's on the damn inserts.
The damn insert on Prozac says can make you be a psychotic killer or commit suicide, a tenfold increase on average on being a murderer.
Because, oh, you're happy until you have a bad trip and you kill people.
It's on the insert!
And it's on the insert of these what it can do!
And they sit there and they bully you to take it, but you're the one who rolls your sleeve up.
And Fauci said, oh, he got it in the right arm or the left arm than it was in the other arm.
He said it was sore.
They're a pack of criminals.
Fauci was involved in HIV development and everything.
He's just as evil as Gates.
Tom in Florida, thanks for holding her on the air worldwide.
Yeah, hello, Alex.
Hey, Tom.
Jay, go ahead.
All right, how you doing?
Good, brother.
That was tough listening to that lady.
It's the real world.
She may be paralyzed the rest of her life.
I want to thank you for you are over the target and you are helping.
All right, just let you know that.
I know you know and you are in my prayers all the time.
I'm from the spirit of the John Paul Jones.
I was on the fast attack submarine Providence commissioning crew in 1985.
And on our captain's door it said, I wish to have no connection with any ship that does not sail fast, for I intend to go in harm's way.
And I think Info Wars, you guys are that ship.
And you're in that same series.
We appreciate you, brother, but absolutely, that's really our unofficial motto around here, is that we intend to go directly in, just like you've done for our country, brother.
What do you make of what's happening?
Well, here in Boca, I mean, it's all shutting down on the streets, you know, to small businesses.
And, uh, focus the trend-setting area.
If you ever kept up, you know, you know what I'm saying.
It's like, trends were set here.
And that's not a trend we want to set, right?
All our small business is collapsing.
Well, think about it.
It's just like the MRNA being over the top.
And then saying small businesses, 60% are out of business probably forever.
And they're like, oh, that's normal.
That's good.
No, it's a damn war on us.
My God, it's obvious.
It's a war.
We're in a bog of a geek when Arjuna was, Krishna was talking to Arjuna.
That's where we're at.
I don't know how to go from there that you know but I mean obviously we love peace and we pray for peace you know but I was born in Philadelphia and I know the history and I could touch the Liberty Bell when I was a kid in 1976 and to me you know everything you're saying reaches my heart.
Well it's like Patrick Henry didn't want a war but he said the war has already begun.
It has.
It has, and it is a spiritual war, and that's why I pray a lot.
I'm probably unorthodox from a lot of your listeners, but I am American, and I'm a Buddhist, but I chant, and I know what the Chinese did to the Buddhists.
They took guns in little kids' hands, and they made them shoot their parents.
First time caller.
is this and they're still doing then this is the target the Buddha's a lot of
great buzz a lot of loving people that's what the shy comms have done they they
hate it god bless you sir I appreciate your call all right thank you Tom
amazing Stephen Ohio go ahead and thanks for holding Steve welcome hey thanks
for calling first-time caller the thing I wanted to mention was inflation
really happening at such a rapid pace three weeks ago I went to buy 20 rounds
So 556 and it was 1199.
This week it's $21.99, so that has absolutely doubled in price.
So I agree with Joel Skousen there.
In regards to getting prepared, now's the time.
Get your ammo, get your guns, get your storable food like you mentioned earlier in the broadcast.
Take the momentum and use it in a defensive way.
Yeah, 600 bucks is a slap in the face.
Take it.
If you don't need to pay rent, buy some ammo.
Help your neighbor.
Um, use it to throw it back in their face.
Get your ammo.
Because they don't have to do a gun ban.
They'll just tax it so high as Joe Biden wants to that the manufacturer won't be able to produce the weight.
Oh, they're suing, they're suing every major gun manufacturer.
The very law firm that's suing me, the Democrats Fund, sued Remington, our oldest gun maker, out of business.
That's who we're fighting.
And thanks to you supporting us, we're still on air two plus years after.
And they said our mission is to silence him.
Hello, Mr. Jones.
Can you hear me?
Okay, I wrote down what I wanted to say, so I'm just going to bust through it real quick, if that's alright.
My father came here with 400 bucks in his pocket.
Alright, let's talk to John in Texas.
John, welcome.
Hello, Mr. Jones.
Can you hear me?
I can.
Okay, I wrote down what I wanted to say, so I'm just going to bust through it real quick
if that's alright.
I'm not screening your call in here, but sir, you're already on air.
Go ahead.
My father came here with 400 bucks in his pocket.
We chose this country.
We could have gone anywhere.
He was 18 years old.
I'm watching it be flushed down the toilet right now.
I'm Orthodox Christian from Lebanon.
If anybody could whine about being a victim, it would be me and my people.
But we don't.
In Moldova, they just toppled a leftist government.
because they were all Orthodox Christians. You need to look that up. They toppled a leftist
government in Moldova. That just happened. My church openly talks about the Mark of the Beast.
We're not infiltrated. And you have to study effective resistance methods throughout history.
The three most successful ones, the ninjas in Japan, North Britain, Scotland, with Boudicca,
and also, I hate to offend any Jewish people, but the resistance in South Lebanon against
Israeli imperialism.
Nationalism transcends sectarianism.
Nationalism is what you're talking about.
My family is Orthodox Christian, but we're part of a secular nationalist party.
That's the solution.
You have the knowledge.
We're obliged to create off-the-grid, sustainable systems.
What you need to do is how we formed our militia overseas.
They're not going to want me to tell you this.
This is important.
You, Mr. Jones, go do a speaking tour.
Go do a speaking tour.
But you refuse to go unless the people have rifles and run security.
And just by doing that tour, you will create a militia.
Well, brother, I hear you.
I'm out of time.
And I apologize to Jack in Missouri.
We'll get Jack's name and number.
We'll call him back tomorrow when I take calls again.
And the war room's coming up.
But Gerald Slinte is about to host three powerful segments.
The trends forecast are on the other side.
Thank you, John.
I'm out of time.
I'm back.
Took a few days off.
Hello, hello!
and realize how exhausted I was.
I'm more tired than when I left, but it's crazy.
It's in crazy times and I appreciate all your prayers, your support, you've got my commitment to not back down,
to never give in.
And we've drawn the globalist out, world government's out in the open.
A lot of positive things are happening as negative as they are.
But the key is we just keep fighting and never submit, never get into tyranny.
And remember, God is our North Star.
God is in charge and God is with us.
Hello, hello.
Great being on the Alex Jones Show.
Here we are, a few days after Christmas.
I hope you had a wonderful holiday.
And you didn't listen to these control freaks that told you, of course you didn't.
You're on InfoWars.
What am I talking about?
But most people do.
And it's very sad.
Violent crime surges in the U.S.
as COVID-19 pandemic rages.
That's a lot of BS.
It's not as the COVID pandemic rages.
It's as the crazy people lock down the society.
That's right out of Al Jazeera.
It's not only in the United States that's raging, it's raging around the world.
You know what I say, when people lose everything and have nothing left to lose, they lose it.
And they're losing it big time.
More murder cases in big cities.
And you know what?
What's this from?
Oh, this is only from Monday, December 28th, 2020.
Wall Street Journal.
Oh, that's today.
Yeah, they're going on solid because they're all masked up.
Homicides are up nearly 40% in the country's 10 largest police departments in the first 11 months.
Goes on.
Among the blah blah blah, homicides in Chicago, running 55% higher than last year.
I don't understand it!
You got that brilliant mayor over there, Lighthead!
I mean, she knows what to do!
Everything's under control!
How can people vote for these political freaks?
When are people going to grow up and stop listening to low-life, pieces of garbage, scum, crap, worthless human beings, who rarely ever work a day in their lives, called politicians.
There she is.
The clown lady on the other side.
Where is she?
That's not her.
There she is!
There's your mayor!
That's it.
Freak out the little kid there, too.
Keep them all masked up, even though they don't get sick at all.
And even though that's a fact, but look at the fear they're putting into them.
You gotta wonder how much they paid her to wear the Clorox thing.
Look at this freak show.
Look at the freak show.
Gun violence.
What else do we have here?
There's some more data here.
Homicides in Chicago are running 55% higher than last year.
And let's see, Philadelphia, up 380 murders in Houston this year through December, up from 256.
Gun violence hits minorities.
The hardest.
That's in today's Wall Street Journal, too.
Why, I think they're being sexist.
No, racist.
I forgot.
The number of shooting victims in New York City more than doubled in 2020, with low-income and minority communities hardest hit by gun violence.
Between January 1st and December 20th, the city recorded 1,824 shooting victims up nearly 104%.
shooting victims up nearly 104%.
An analysis of NYPD show that 1,440 of the 1,495 shooting victims between January 1st
and October 1st were 96% were either black or Hispanic.
During this period, 29 shooting victims were white.
Why I call this a racist, it's terrible.
Of course, these people have the least and they're losing the most.
When people lose everything and have nothing left to lose, they lose it.
How long have I been saying this?
How long have I been warning about this?
We were the first magazine to call this COVID Hoax, a hoax.
They just, they just, taken after this British journalist, a woman, has been saying the same thing that we're saying.
And that is, it's mostly elderly people, and people with 2.6 chronic conditions.
Oh, you don't care about the elderly?
I'm an old guy.
What about me?
I'm not worried.
Oh, Trump had it.
Giuliani had it.
Oh, they died, didn't they?
No, this is terrible.
This is just the beginning.
And they're going to crack down harder on all of us.
on all of us.
Tally has hovered there with about 786 shootings, but only a few days left in 2020.
Homicides are already top 300.
And it's one after another.
And again, survivalism.
You better learn how to protect yourself.
You know, I went magazines a week.
We were taking this week off last week.
It's a holiday.
Celebration of the Prince of Peace, which you're not allowed to say anymore.
And I have all the articles we write about geopolitics, economics, really serious things that are going on.
That's the most read, fourth read article by Brad Steiner.
You better learn how to fight like Alex Jones is saying.
You know, you're turned into Infowars because you're a fighter.
And we have to fight for our freedom.
We're going to be losing it more and more.
As this violent crime goes up, they're going to rob us more and more of our rights.
Gun control.
They let it go this year as everybody ran out to get them because they knew this would happen.
But they'll be clamping down on us big time and very hard.
As I said, how people could listen to moronic politicians Is beyond my imagination.
You know, when I was a stupid young kid, I believed that stuff.
They are destroying our lives in ways that breaks my heart.
Yeah, there you go.
De Blasio.
Who could believe this low-life piece of scum crap garbage?
Get rid of that Italian name.
You used it to get votes.
No, you got that salute wrong.
And there's the other low-life.
Piece of garbage crap.
Oh, about Santa being good to him this year?
Did you hear that?
Santa's gonna be good to him this year.
That's an adult saying that.
The daddy's boy who'd be a nobody if daddy wasn't Mario Cuomo.
Support InfoWars.
Put your money where your heart is.
Because this thing's gonna go down big and hard in 2021.
And we'll be back with more of those friends.
Hello, hello.
Great being on the Alex Jones Show.
You know, I've been at this business now for 40 years.
Began in 1980.
What's going on now is unprecedented in world history.
2020, I mean, who would have ever believed this?
What's going on?
And more and more censorship going on everywhere around the world.
So, when I say do what you can to support InfoWars, that's not hot air and say, oh, I'm saying this, so, you know, sale, you know.
No, it has nothing to do with... My stuff on YouTube and LinkedIn is censoring it left and right.
And I don't even say anything that's, you know, off the charts.
It's what they don't want to hear.
Just as you well know that Twitter It's put out a release was a week and a half ago that you can't say anything anti-vax.
Vaccination that was rushed right through.
And well, yeah, that's the other thing, you know, just remember when it first started, it was that nurse, you know, fainting, all the other things.
Now you're getting hardly any reports of adverse reactions.
So they did a good job in getting that out of the news.
And that's a poor woman, you know.
And so, this is really a time for freedom, so do what you can to support InfoWars.
And as well with the Trends Journal, you know, we're fighting out there.
And if we don't fight, we're gonna die.
They're killing us.
They kill the spirit.
I don't... This is one of the saddest times of my life.
We have all this stuff, you know, that's terrible in my life.
You know, as we all have.
Overall, I've never felt so blue.
I went out the other night, uh, Saturday night.
We went to a place that was so packed before that you went there, you couldn't get in, you say, ah, that's too packed, let's get out of here.
There were four of us in the whole place, a place that could hold probably about 140 people.
Four people.
probably about 140 people.
Four people, streets are dead, dead.
Oh, it'll come back.
Oh, it'll come back.
No, it won't come back.
People's lives are being destroyed when you put your whole life into working, to building your restaurant, your business.
Some of the stories. Christmas sales.
of the world.
Are below forecast.
This is from today's Wall Street Journal.
Holiday sales grew, but not as much.
retail sales rose 2.4%.
They were looking much higher, but online grew 47%.
Isn't that great?
So you have Amazon getting richer.
And among those that fared well, you ready?
It's right from here.
So I'm not making this stuff up.
Right in front of your Wall Street Journal.
Amazon, Walmart, and Target.
The big's getting bigger, the great reset is on, and all we are are plantation workers in the global plantation of slavelandia.
Are you allowed to eat inside a bubble, but you can't eat inside a restaurant?
It makes perfect sense because COVID air gets in a bubble, it doesn't go anywhere.
But when COVID where it's in a restaurant, oh, then it spreads.
And again, what is the infection rate in restaurants?
When you have this little low life, arrogant moron, daddy's boy, Cuomo, closing down the restaurants in New York City.
Closed down.
1.5% infection rate.
That's according to New York State data.
And the stupid clip of him saying Santa's gonna bring him a present because he was so good.
Yeah, New York has one of the highest, highest rates around the country of death rates.
And they give this guy a book?
Well, he looks just like Satan, man.
Satan Claus has come to town.
Rockefeller Center draws smaller crowds.
Can't believe it!
Connecticut's small businesses suffer.
Oh, that's only from the Wall Street Journal, too.
Can't believe it!
Store traffic plunges.
Can't believe it!
Restaurant safety net frays.
As winter sets in, more than 110,000 restaurants and bars Have closed for good or fallen dormant since the pandemic hit.
Not since the pandemic hit, since sick politicians, since egomaniacs, narcissists, little boys and girls born on third base and thought they had a home run would be nobody if daddy wasn't there to get them there or they weren't a member of the club, closed down societies.
Yeah, you should take it up, you know what?
Besides your nose.
110,000, could you?
110,000 restaurants.
And now that number's even bigger.
Then all the people that are affected by that.
Who's on Eurostar?
That's the railroad in Europe.
Almost no one.
Can't figure it out.
So, here's the deal.
You see where Bitcoin is?
It's almost at $27,000.
We wrote, when it was $12,000 in the magazine, that it broke through its breakout point and was ready to rise.
Because they're pumping in all this cheap money.
Could it go down?
Yeah, it could go down to another Go back down to 10,000.
The game is rigged.
They're all rigged.
They're the futures markets.
You get the bigs in there, they short the markets, they bring everybody down.
What a disgusting human being.
And so many of the people buy it.
Where I am up here, they love Cuomo.
They love... We don't want to know the facts.
None of us want to know the facts.
We only like him because we're too stupid to think for ourselves.
We're looking into 2021.
Gold's down a bit today, still traveling in the 1870-1880 range.
I forecast gold is going to be in the 2100 range.
2100 and above in 2021.
forecast gold is going to be in the 2100 range, 2100 and above in 2021.
Silver forecasting is going to spike higher percentage-wise than gold.
When you throw out your cell phone or your keyboard, whatever, there's silver in it.
There's no stockpiles of silver that goes into the dump.
And the ratio of silver to gold is way out of balance right now.
And they're going to use more and more silver for, you know, solar paneling and alternative energy.
So those are some of the trends I want to look to at 2020.
And when we come back, we're going to look at more of them.
And this is a time you better prepare for the worst.
You better have that food you need and anything else that you want.
Because this thing's going to go down hard and fast.
When winter sets in, as it's already doing, ski places can't open up.
Limited, limited amounts of people.
And not only in the United States, around the world.
The mountains over there in Italy, Germany, Switzerland.
People that depend on this, their whole life, the whole stream of income, gone.
So again, prepare for the worst and Infowars can help you do that.
They have the products that you need to help you survive in these tough times ahead.
When we come back, we're going to go with some real hot trends That you're going to want to know about and prepare for.
Be right back.
Yeah, yes it is.
Here we are.
Love being on the Alex Jones Show and fight for freedom.
We need it.
And do what you can to support InfoWars.
This is your last chance for the Christmas Super Sale for up to 60% off plus and free shipping storewide plus double Double, double hatred points.
So Christmas time is here again, although they're telling us it's not, and we're not supposed to celebrate it.
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This is the front page of the business section.
The business section of the toilet paper of record, the New York Slime Times.
Ravaged by the virus.
Gallup, New Mexico is one of the hardest hit communities in the United States reeling from sickness and economic devastation.
All right?
That much of the front page.
A stupid picture.
This isn't business.
All right?
Hey, propagandists!
How fierce-spreading low-lives you are!
This isn't business!
Got it?
Yes, it is.
It's our business.
We're the toilet paper record, and our business is to sell hysteria.
Here, another one.
B3 Business.
Historian triumphs by offering a break for the media maelstrom.
That's business, huh?
Let's see what we got here.
Two pages of Gallup, New Mexico.
All right.
How can you call this business?
So when we talk about what we're doing and what we're putting out there.
Oh, that was page.
That was pages B4 and B5.
BS pages.
Then a whole page, B6, Barry Lopez, lyrical writer, who is compared to Thoreau, dies at 75.
Rapstar died at 56.
Reginald Forster, priest, died at 81.
881, Guy O'Deid, Michael Allig, 54.
And then the last page, another guy, Bill Negro, a Hall of Fame pitcher died.
That's what they call business.
So we tell you that what we're giving you, you're not getting anywhere else.
You're not getting it anywhere else.
And I subscribe to this crap because I got to see what's going on.
That's why I have to read it.
Otherwise, it's useless.
Alibaba crackdown spurs global concerns.
$200 billion China tech root.
And their stocks are going way down.
I'm mentioning this because we've become the Chinese way.
The Chinese are in total control and so too are the Silicon artists.
Con artists.
Silicon, you got it?
Silicon artists.
They should break them up.
Break them up!
And that's what China's doing.
They're in full control.
We've become the Chinese.
We used to make fun of them for wearing these stupid little masks that don't do anything.
Matter of fact, that woman, that nurse, who fainted after getting the vaccination, You look at this thing she has on, and you can see the air coming in the sides like this.
Now my glasses are fogging up.
They're selling fear, they're selling stupidity.
Hey, look at the mask, that thing is useless.
And the whole society's wearing them.
Everything they're doing is useless.
California's been locked down hard for how long?
Cases don't mean deaths.
The PCR tests are inaccurate.
Those are hard data facts.
We've become the Chinese.
We are being ruled by dictators.
Look at that poor woman.
And she had such a sweet voice listening to it and she cares.
And look at what they're doing.
They don't know what to do.
They're bending over the tough doctors.
Look at them.
Look at them.
Look at him.
What should we do?
What should we do?
I don't know.
Let's ask Big Pharma.
They'll tell us what to do.
We've become Chinese.
And that's one of our top trends, unfortunately, for 2021.
for 2021. That's right. The 20th century was the American century.
The 21st century is going to be the Chinese century.
Want a hint?
Hong Kong sends people to a hospital if they test positive, whether they are symptomatic or not, and requires them to stay there until they test negative.
People with whom they've had Close contact.
You ready?
Are sent to quarantine camps.
I'm not making this up.
This is out of the toilet paper record.
Quarantine camps.
Wouldn't that little lowlife piece of garbage scum crap the arrogant boy who loves to eat those $400 dinners at the French Laundry in California send you there with his power or Cuomo?
Or Witless Whitmer in Chicago?
or dump the wine, duh, duh.
Out of Ohio, Bye-bye.
Look at what they're doing to us.
Some other trends.
A youth revolution.
The youth are ready to explode.
They're not enjoying life.
You see what's going on over there in Australia.
They had a couple of hundred people were partying.
All the cops came in and arrested them.
And none of the cops, most of the cops weren't wearing masks.
They told you you're not allowed a kiss to bring in the new year.
And people believe this.
The masses believe it.
Just like they hired Hitler, marched to Mussolini and saluted Stalin.
They're doing it now.
So, these are the trends you want to look for.
There are a lot more in the Trends Journal.
And, again, people are ready to let loose and have a good time.
Look at this.
How sad.
So, thank you for tuning in to InfoWars.
Do what you can to support them.
We're going to be coming up with some new strategies to unite for freedom, peace, and justice.
Because if we don't unite, Sayonara!
See you next week.
They want you emasculated.
They want you dehumanized.
They want you dumbed down.
They want you to be a weak, pathetic slave.
And they start that control system by dumbing you down for birth and never letting you know the truth of what is unfolding.
It is simply disgusting.
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