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Name: 20201227_Sun_Alex
Air Date: Dec. 27, 2020
1907 lines.

In this broadcast, Alex Jones discusses various topics related to politics and the coronavirus pandemic. He criticizes how some people are targeting specific demographics based on race when it comes to vaccinations. He emphasized that he does not care about a person's skin color but rather their soul and their blood. His goal is to wake up as many people as possible, regardless of their background. Regarding politics, Jones discusses rumors of a coup against President Trump, suggesting that certain individuals within the government are planning to remove him from office by next week. He refers to InfoWars' live show feed and encourages listeners to watch it for more information on this topic. He also discusses China's involvement in the United States, claiming that Chinese media outlets have stated they control COVID, the U.S. government, and are responsible for America's downfall. According to him, these statements indicate a foreign takeover of the U.S., which has been predicted since the beginning of the pandemic. Lastly, Jones promotes products from InfoWars store as part of their New Year's special offer. He encourages listeners to purchase these items not only for personal benefit but also to support InfoWars and its mission in fighting against globalists.

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Ladies and gentlemen, we have breaking developments right now as the Alex Jones Show goes live.
The latest plan to take out President Trump.
We'll be broken down by Alex Jones in T minus five minutes.
He's getting the final intel right now before he comes and breaks this news to you live here on air.
Owen Troyer will be sitting in here.
That's me co-hosting with Alex who will be joining me in studio.
We've also got Patrick Byrne lined up to join me today.
Of course, he has not been so subtle.
Talking about what he's been up to the last week or so, meeting with the President in the White House, Sidney Powell, Michael Flynn, and others.
But last night, we're going to air this clip today on the Alex Jones Show, but two important videos from President Trump.
It's not the best strategy, in my opinion, how he's doing this, but he's doing it nonetheless, and he put out two statements last night from the White House, one addressing the voter fraud, a ten-minute speech, we're going to air that coming up, and then a five-minute address on the stimulus bill that is just blatant robbery of the American people.
I don't know how else to put it.
It's the Republicans and the Democrats teaming up to rob us dry.
And President Trump said he would veto that bill, so... The corrupt deep state made up of Republicans and Democrats are now going back to the drawing board and saying, well, wait a second!
Just make it a $1 trillion stimulus bill.
Don't cut any of the aid to the foreign countries we're giving it to, but we'll give the people $2,000.
So they shut down the entire economy for a whole year and say, here's a couple thousand bucks, American.
Get bent.
Oh, I mean, we love you.
Here's some free money.
When all they really have to do is reopen the economy, and they know it.
Let's see, they're taking orders from China.
And they're taking orders from globalists in the corporate government that run their campaigns and fund it and fund the media.
And so they say, no, you cannot give Trump an inch.
But Trump is now signaling he's ready to lead from the front.
He's been leading from behind.
We were a little harsh on President Trump yesterday.
He comes out and makes two important statements.
Now he looks like he wants to lead from the front.
As we turn the calendar to Christmas and the New Year, and then it's a matter of days that the President has to save the United States of America, it may come down to Mike Pence as well.
And we're going to have a news update on that situation.
But now that Trump is signaling he's going to lead from the front, maybe the Deep State and the CHICOMS thought he was lying down.
Maybe they really did.
Hell, we probably maybe considered that to be a reality.
But now he's signaling he's going to lead from the front.
So they have to launch a new plan to stymie him and do whatever it takes to relinquish any powers that he has or harm him in the coming days before the President of the United States steps up to save the Republic.
And when you look at the two-pronged attack against us right now,
Whether it's the rigged presidential election that we just saw, or it's the blatant theft, the blatant theft of our money.
You know, I got real upset yesterday about this, and just talking about it right now, I'm starting to get my blood boiling again, but I'm gonna take a deep breath and calm down.
It's just so egregious, it's so blatant.
And I just don't know how every American of every race, color, creed, size, shape, all of it isn't fuming mad.
Our politicians and our media steal our elections and now they're trying to steal every last dollar you have while they shut the economy down.
It's an attack on our country.
It's time to accept it, recognize it, stand up and fight back.
Mountain Patriot in Colorado.
Thank you for holding.
How you doing, Alex?
Man, I'm just working as hard as I can.
We're in such a critical time, brother.
How are you?
I love you, man.
I want to make a quick plug.
That DNA Force, I love it.
I've been using it quite a while, and I just went and looked at the ingredients again the other day, and I see that it contains quercetin, which, according to some published studies that Dr. Merkula has cited, is an ionophore similar to hydroxychloroquine.
And it helped channel the zinc into the cells, so people might want to take a look at that.
All I know is with DNA Force, we went out and looked at these high-end products that they sell through doctor clinics that aren't prescription, but the doctors sell for like 300 bucks a bottle, because there's a lot of expensive products, and it was really only costing like 50 bucks.
And so we basically cloned two different top brands together, and that's what produced this.
So thanks for the plug.
This country is doomed.
It is doomed, not just because of African Americans, but because by 2040, this country is going to be minority white European.
Hear me?
Minority white European.
And you guys are going to have to start working more with Hispanics, who make up a larger portion of the population than y'all do, in terms of raw numbers.
So, if you want to know Joe Biden's policies for America, we are doomed.
If you ever could hire an agent to destroy your country during a crisis, they would stand up and tell everybody, we're doomed.
That's the archetypal, we're doomed.
In fact, foreign armies used to hire generals and pay them off, and then they would have them stand up in the middle of a battle and say, we're doomed!
And then they would run, and they'd be paid off for doing it.
So, we're now hearing that we are doomed from Joe Biden.
That is his official political view for America.
Make America great again.
Keep America great.
Bring back jobs.
As soon as Trump got in, the stock market doubled because people said, oh, we're open for business again?
We weren't under globalism.
And so here we are.
So the reason I'm here, supposed to take a few days off, Owen's gracious enough to try to get me to take off, is because I woke up at 3 a.m.
I couldn't sleep.
I already wanted to come on air and explain to the public what was happening to Trump and things I was seeing in the media that told me they were going to go 25th Amendment to try to remove him.
And my gut and political analysis is never wrong when I go with my gut.
And then all of a sudden at 5 a.m., Richard Reeves, my good friend, sends me a clip of Patrick Byrne, who is advising Trump for many months.
I knew this.
Didn't want to tell people he didn't want me to.
It was at the White House with Powell and with Flynn for four hours last week.
They did discuss civil emergency.
They did discuss the Insurrection Act because we're facing a foreign takeover.
I also checked with other people.
Trump is totally surrounded.
Basically, he's got less than 10% of his original staff.
The Marines are still there flying around the helicopter.
That's about it.
The people serving him his food love him.
The people that know who he is like him.
But other than that, all the lawyers, all the scum, all the trash literally yelling him to his face.
And if he fires them, they just send more in.
Because, imagine, he's like a brain that has nerves.
He's a quadriplegic.
There's no nerves below the brainstem.
So, Trump can talk.
That's about it.
And boy, is he surrounded.
Is he perfect?
But everybody wants to desert him now.
Looks like he's a loser and go, well, he's for red flag laws.
No, he knew how to kill their operation by saying he was for that in the debate.
Because if Trump was for the guns, it would make them rally against the guns.
And that was his inside baseball.
Doesn't mean I even agree with what he did.
But it worked so far on the assault weapons ban and other things.
But everybody copping out on Trump.
We elected him.
It's not about even his policies at this point.
Is that globalists are involved in a hostile takeover with Joe Biden, who says America is doomed.
And you see Al Sharpton and everyone nodding.
They don't want America to even exist.
They're globalists that have parlayed a deal to end the country and use our diversity as a weapon against us, okay?
And they're setting blacks up as the fall guy for this.
We're, oh, we don't want old white people to get the shot.
They're bad.
They're white.
That's mainstream news.
Blacks, we love you, take the shot.
Well, the good news is blacks aren't buying into that.
It's not about patronizing blacks.
I don't care what damn color your skin is.
I care about your soul and your red blood, okay?
And if I can get the blacks to wake up and wake up others, I can get anybody to wake up, and that's what I want to do.
If I can get old people to wake up, I can wake up anybody.
If I can wake up white people, I can wake up anybody, okay?
I'm here to get—if I can get leftists woken up, I can wake up anybody, anybody.
We're doing it here, okay?
And we're trying as hard as we can because, to me, it isn't about earthly treasure.
It's not about being part of the New World Order.
It's about my soul.
And God tells me, you don't sit there and engage in this type of evil.
You don't play God.
Well, Bill Gates broke that rule.
And he's running the world government now.
They've announced he runs the G8 now.
They had a major South American country say Bill Gates is now in control of our nation.
Harrison Smith has a clip of that he didn't get to during American Journal this morning that I took over.
He'll be airing it during The War Room today.
Your normal show, Owen.
But people are asking, okay, what's the huge news?
I had a headline for American Journal this morning of national emergency, emergency broadcast.
I'm paraphrasing.
Maybe you guys can pull up the live show feed and scroll down a little bit.
And I basically said there is an active coup against the president.
They're planning on removing him by next week.
Now people say, well, how do you know that?
Well, I've learned when they're capos, get up on television.
And when they say they're going to do X, Y, and Z, they do X, Y, and Z. And you've had Pelosi.
You've had Maxine Waters.
You've had all of them.
Again, it's on InfoWars.com.
I can pull it up for you.
It's a live show feed.
Here, I'll pull it up for you.
I'll go out there and do it.
It's a live show feed.
Live show feed, guys.
All right.
I'll pull it up.
I'm not mad.
I just like... Every day we do a live show feed.
Everybody knows that.
And if you go to the live show feed, it will show what I was saying that the show was about today when I did the show.
But I'll find it.
I'm not mad here.
I'll just find it.
Right there at the top.
You have an overhead shot.
I'll show people.
Breaking live.
Biden announces plan.
America is doomed.
Okay, he actually said that.
We just showed you that.
Now here's the sub headline from the last show.
A little bit of a problem there.
We're going to just keep going until we get it.
Go ahead and scroll down, guys.
Go ahead and scroll down, guys.
American Journal.
Trump completely surrounded deep state planning.
Yes, sir.
And Arizona and Wisconsin and Pennsylvania and Michigan has all come out with the state legislature saying, we found fraud, the forensic experts finding fraud, the OAN footage of the very fraudsters that said the water main broke and had the suitcases and kicked everybody out and did all that, they're Democratic.
Now we've got them running the same stack over and over and over again on video.
So now because all that's coming out, the system is completely and totally, absolutely panicked.
And so now, they understand, and they've got Brennan and Clapper and The Nation, all of them saying, arrest four people.
President Trump, Powell, Flynn, and Jones.
Look it up!
It's on CNN, it's on Atlantic Monthly, it's on The Nation, it's everywhere.
And you saw the former CIA director call for my arrest last week, because they're involved in a criminal heist, and if they get defeated in this criminal heist, it all goes down in flames, Owen.
Well, and I think, you know, the analogy here with Biden saying, oh, this country is doomed, it's a eugenics operation, except on nation states, where it's like, if you have terminal cancer, and you're in total pain, and you're in misery, and you have no control over your bowels or anything, and you say, you know, some people say, hey, you know what, just kill me, you know, I can't take this anymore, I don't want my family to see this.
So, it's all about convincing America, you have terminal cancer, you're dead, you're in pain from our shutdown, you're dying from a disease, and all this stuff, and Biden says, see, you're doomed, so, we just gotta kill ya, and we gotta bring in the CHICOMS to take care of you now.
You died, you don't deserve to live.
They're saying, give up!
Give up.
Give up.
You're doomed.
It's over.
That's what a shotgun... What did the Chinese say?
In fact, queue it up, guys.
The crew's great.
Sorry I flipped out.
You weren't in the headline.
I get why they were looking for the headline.
I said they were finding the new headline, but it was a sub-headline from earlier this morning, which they did find.
Pull up the Chinese national media that Tucker aired two weeks ago, that we first aired.
It's all about that, but you'll find it with Tucker.
Where he says, America's never reopening, America's defeated.
The headline is, we control people in the highest circles of the United States.
And there's the other national Chinese TV show that's official Chinese communist saying, headline, Chinese sociologist says America is dead.
And they say, we control COVID, they will never reopen, we control the top of their government, we control, they will never come out of their houses again and start laughing at you.
So when you see a leftist idiot with a mask, feel sorry for him, they still think they're in America.
They don't know they're under CHICOM UN control.
Well, and that's what it is.
That's why they're laughing.
They look at America and they say, wow, they just fell for a fake pandemic.
Wow, they just fell for a fake election.
And now we're just telling them all of this is happening, and they don't even care.
So let's see what else we can do.
Let's tell them we're going to give them a COVID stimulus bill relief package, and we'll give them some chump change, and then we'll give all these foreign nations hundreds of billions of dollars.
And that'll really be the final rape of the American people to prove that they're dead.
And this is a CHICOM operation.
You called it from day one.
Others in the media pointed this out, too.
We're under a foreign takeover and a foreign attack, and it's time for the president to start leading from the front, and it looks like his statement last night proves that.
Let's talk about that.
Let's talk about that statement and play it when we come back and play the Chai Com Statements.
We'll go to these calls that have been holding since the last show.
But you're absolutely right, Owen.
We need the declaration of the Insurrection Act.
I want it.
I don't want Chai Khan martial law.
I want Trump to take control of the military and rout these criminals right now.
I want him to arrest the heads of the FBI now.
Let's go to war.
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So thank you so much for keeping InfoWars in the fight.
Without your support, we couldn't do any of it.
Dun dun dun!
Kurt in Oklahoma.
Kurt, welcome.
There is nothing better, nothing more comfy than waking up, saying a prayer, brewing a cup of Wake Up America Patriot Blend, and calling in to the American Journal.
That's right, sir.
Well, we're honored to be here, and we're glad to be taking your calls.
What is your view on this situation with the vaccines?
So, my wife and I were talking about the COVID vaccine the other day, and we're of course against it, but we're planning on trying to have our first kid.
We're trying right now.
And we got to talking about all the societal pressure that's baked in around the COVID vaccine, but really any given vaccine.
You know, not being able to have kids go to school if they're not vaccinated, not being able to do certain things, work certain places.
We got to talking here, really got to talking about how pretty much the left's entire MO these days is not beating us with information, but beating us with this culture of submission and the go-along, the get-along attitude that's really
It's prevalent in our society today.
You see it with the masks.
You see it with people tuning in to TV shows that they know are bad for them.
You see it with every aspect of leftist culture, BLM, just everything.
And so we constantly, you and I and my wife, we're constantly getting all this new information and new information and new information, and we're getting it out there, and that's good.
But what we really need to do is figure out a way to attack
Culturally, this anti-intellectual, anti-freethinking culture, whether that's through art, whether that's through prayer, whether that's through our own movies and TV shows, because really the only way we're going to stop and save everyone else from getting these vaccines, I mean, we're already going to be fine.
We are informed.
We're not going to take these vaccines, even if they try to force it on us.
We're going to die one way or the other.
I totally agree, but it's up to us to keep on living, to keep on having children.
And just like these towns in Washington State and other places that are pulling out saying we're not following any of your lies, we'll have towns without 5G.
We'll have towns without cell phones.
We'll have towns...
We're Christian, but we're open to others.
It's just all about we have rules and laws that are pro-human, and what you're saying is the total future.
And everything about the left is a bullying, submission culture of raping us with their ideas, raping us with their poison vaccines.
Why do you think California passed a law you can give somebody HIV and not get in trouble?
They want to rape you.
They want to infect you.
They want to bring you down the way they are, Kurt.
And most people go along to get along just because they're so invested with getting that next paycheck to go see the latest movie or to buy the newest video game.
It's all economic for these people.
They just want to, you know, focus on... It's all Pavlovian.
Call me back.
We love you, Kurt.
Incredible callers!
We've got such good callers.
We're actually getting to them.
Watch The American Journal weekday mornings 8 to 11 central at Band.Video.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order.
It's Alex Jones!
Well, I tell you, we're inside world government now.
Owen Schroer hosts the Alex Jones Show, and the Potbelly Goblin himself is here, hobbling around, coming after you.
Okay, we got loaded phone lines with everybody that's been holding in their order, they've been received.
Elton, and Mark, and Trask, and Mike, and Connell, and then Todd, Sean, Mike, and you've got...
The big guest coming on who was in the White House meetings for four hours confirmed, I confirmed he was there.
Incredible what happened, what we already know.
Trump's totally surrounded.
Which makes him even more powerful to now attack.
He's saying, why shouldn't I sign the insurrection act?
Why shouldn't I stand up?
He's got the power, he's got to use it now.
People say, oh, well it's martial law.
They've already had media martial law.
They've already had big tech martial law.
They've already got the left burning down cities everywhere in their own leftist occupying system.
They're threatening to release them?
Trump will just call us out.
But he hasn't done it yet.
He hasn't made the decision.
I was told by the White House.
Almost 48 hours ago, within 48 hours, he would make his decisions.
That's why we're in a real zeitgeist right now.
And I woke up at 3 a.m., got these calls, checked all this, and confirmed what I was told is all accurate.
What an incredible time, Owen Schreier.
If he just, the president that is, you know, whether it's he allows a media scrum into the White House once, or he steps out onto the White House lawn and takes questions from media, if he just says, he doesn't have to sign anything yet, but if he just says, you know, I'm considering the Insurrection Act,
All of these traders' balls would shrivel up like rays.
They'd all start rolling over.
Yeah, exactly.
And then they'd start singing like Canaries, the ones that aren't in it so deep.
He should host a 24-hour telethon where people march up and admit they were traitors and say they're sorry.
Oh my God, that's what he should do.
That's what I was going to say.
I mean, the videos that he put out last night are great.
They're great statements from the Oval Office.
Why do you take that as a signal he's going to war?
Because that's the word I've got.
Because he's been leading from behind for the last couple of weeks, and I understand why he does that, because he doesn't want them to just look at him and say, this is what he's doing, this is who he's doing.
He lets his lawyers do it, he lets people in Congress say it, and he lets, you know, certain senators and stuff, and he has people in, and Sidney Powell, and all these people.
But then he's like, okay, eventually I have to take the lead, and I think that that's what he signaled last night.
Now the problem is, and I don't know the measurement that the President's team does or he does, but
Those videos are nice, they're not, they don't have the viral power.
We need El Presidente at the Resolute Desk declaring war on the Chi-Coms.
He needs to say, I'm doing a live statement, he can even open up the White House switchboard and take calls, and he says, I'm doing a live statement from the Oval Office, put out the date, January 5th, whatever, build that momentum, force the viral power, and then the American people will see, oh look, Fox News isn't covering this live, wow, they really are dead here.
I agree with you, but he has to start doing events every night.
He has to do the events every night, and he needs to build them to a crescendo, and he needs to explain exactly what's happening and ask America, do you want the Insurrection Act?
Do you want a redo of these states?
And think about it, too.
All he has to do is mention the Insurrection Act, and I think January 5th is the perfect night to do it, or even the 4th if you wanted to build it up a little more.
He's due before that.
And then he puts all the pressure on the United States.
You're absolutely right.
You're thinking 10 steps ahead, not 50 steps ahead.
I'm not boobooing you.
They know Trump's on the right track.
They know the evidence of fraud's coming out.
That's why they want to try a 25th Amendment thing now.
They're trying to organize something against him now.
Yeah, they have to do it before January 6th.
Yeah, he needs to start.
He needs to launch operations now.
He needs to come out tonight.
He definitely needs to do something before January 6th, but... What do you make of these photos where he's looking at Lincoln, he's looking at Jackson, he's looking at Churchill?
I mean, I think he's telling you.
Because remember, Winston Churchill
Was a laughing stock saying Hitler was bad.
Winston Churchill was made fun of wanting to go to war and stand up until the last minute, and that's what Trump's saying.
Well, it's all symbolic, but I think it's time for Trump to start putting pressure on certain people like Mike Pence.
And that's why I think January 4th or 5th would be such a thing.
If he says Insurrection Act, all these people are going to start crapping their britches.
But if he comes out and makes a statement before January 6th, that puts all the pressure on Mike Pence to do the right thing.
No, I agree.
I mean, what we need is the leadership to say, big text, he should start, my fellow Americans, I'm here because...
Google, through YouTube, censored a Senate hearing on election fraud, where evidence was shown of fraud.
Since when in America does Google censor the U.S.
That's where we're going to start tonight, is with that opening statement, they censored.
Now that you see what they're censoring, let me show you some more of the evidence.
He shows it, shows it, and he says, now let me explain the Communist Chinese.
Here are the secret documents.
Here's who they've infiltrated.
Here's what they've done.
Joe Biden is their agent.
His plan is total doom, the end of America.
Hear from him.
Play that.
And then just say, I have the power to stop this.
I was elected by you, but I need to know that you support me.
I need 10 million of you here now.
I mean, it's here, it's waiting within our grasp.
He must execute it.
And you know, he's totally alone calling in Powell and Flynn, who are great people.
One's a great lawyer, one's a great general.
They're lightweights compared to Infowars.
And I'm not asking to be in the White House.
He used to get the clips from Don Jr.
every day.
He still seeks out Alex Jones.
Back then, remember, like, headline.
General Kelly's main mission is that Trump not see Jones, because he resonates with what I say.
He sees what I say.
If he just heard this, he would do it.
So imagine, if we get Trump this message, whatever reason, he doesn't listen to hardly anybody.
I'm not trying to brag here, folks.
Trump hears me, it's like he does it.
And Miller and the rest of them.
Because I'm real, man.
I live this 24-7 like he does, like you do.
And so I'm just saying, it's not about Alex Jones, like, oh, aren't I big?
No, we're in deep trouble.
We have to get this message to him somehow.
He didn't even know we were having a rally two weeks ago.
Well, here's the thing, Alex.
Who was it that stood in front of Congress during the impeachment hearings and said, you're the Democrat's committee.
That was Infowars.
Who was it that led the first rally in DC to stop the steal?
That was Infowars.
So they know all that.
They can try to siphon the energy and claim it's their movement.
And we don't want the credit.
We're saying we have the blueprints.
But here's what happened.
We have the victory.
All these people that go into the White House, Alex, they tell Trump what he can't do.
They're no men.
They say, no, you can't do that.
No, you can't do that.
He needs people to go in there and say, no, this is what you can do.
This is what you must do.
And he can!
We have a CHICOM, big media takeover, martial law, lockdown, COVID.
We need Trump to declare an emergency to end their emergency.
Look at that, Alex.
And you know...
The energy is there, people can't go to work, they can't go to church, they can't go to school.
I'm amazed at how many people are just at the drop of a hat, willing and ready to go to D.C.
I mean, for conservatives and Republicans... And they're scared of the 6.
That's why we have to go before them.
And I think... What I think is, I think after Christmas, if it waits that long, maybe we should go now.
I don't care about the Christmas thing.
If we go the day after Christmas and we just stay in D.C.
I think we move to D.C.
In fact, I don't think.
We go to D.C.
We go to D.C.
Keep going.
You're going to D.C.?
Yeah, I'm going to D.C.
I'm not sitting around.
I mean, let me tell you.
They're like, Jones, you're going to prison.
We're going to get you to do this.
We're putting us all in prison, you damn pedophiles.
Screw you, man.
Screw you and your damn intimidation.
You got the wrong guy.
They have us in house imprisonment right now, and they're just trying to make it worse.
But, I mean, there's 70 million plus.
I mean, maybe all 74, 80, however many people voted for Trump, they are all... We decide!
And I think it's hilarious that the same media that literally caused all the riots this summer that cost over $2 billion in property damage.
I think it's funny that the media that caused those riots, they should be held responsible.
I'm serious.
They should be held responsible for that.
They should be paying those damages.
We're good to go.
2020 was supposed to be a banner year, a year now defined by a global pandemic.
The NBA is suspending the season.
MLB spring training, NHL regular season, March Madness canceled.
It will forever be known as the day sports shut down.
While sports across the globe go dark, Dana White says the show will go on for UFC.
Why is Dana White comfortable continuing?
Dana White is somebody with a flawed intelligence.
You ought to be ashamed of yourself.
More doubts this should even be attempted.
There's still a medical danger here.
Really negligent decision-making to make a buck.
There was an article in the New York Times today that was very critical.
I don't give a f***.
It seems dangerous.
It seems foolish.
There's no way to make a sporting event safe.
There's no way to 100% guarantee the safety of everybody.
We don't dictate the timeline.
The virus is the one in charge here.
This isn't something that should be happening.
So many risks involved in this.
There's no way they come out of this completely unscathed.
This whole damn idea is reckless!
Dana White's legacy.
Pay me.
Even if I put you in serious and potentially fatal harm.
Lining your pockets with money is more important than the safety of the production staff and the people you have fighting for you.
You can't make it totally safe and it's all fun and games until someone gets this thing.
You're not listening.
It is purely green.
This is totally negative for mixed martial arts and the UFC.
And I'm not sure it's one that they'll get over for a while.
Dana's way off.
Way wrong.
The virus forced businesses across the country to close their doors.
The global fear of COVID-19 as cases around the world continue to grow.
I'm not afraid of the media.
Why should anyone listen to the media?
Who are these people?
What makes them experts?
What have they ever accomplished?
They criticize me for even trying to find a way forward because it's easy to criticize from the sidelines when you risk nothing and do nothing.
But we need to fight this thing.
Instead of panicking, let's find solutions.
Is it feasible that UFC could go off in a month?
I don't see how.
Three fight cards have been announced.
In Jacksonville.
On our way to Jacksonville, baby.
If the UFC or any of these organizations want to go to Florida, that's a recipe for disaster.
I've also secured an island.
We're going to do all of our international fights on this island.
Dana White devised an insane workaround.
The UFC is apparently building a facility on a private island that they're calling Hite Island.
It's such a stupid idea.
I don't really have any trust.
It's still a very high-risk scenario.
None of the media people know anything about this business.
A lot of people did not want this to happen.
But what we're really good at, is proving people wrong.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order.
It's Alex Jones.
By the way, the Washington DC is trying to put Owen in prison right now.
We'll tell you about that later.
All right, Alex Jones here.
I'm going to get out of here in a little while so Owen can get to his big guest next hour.
I appreciate Elton and all these people holding.
So, because I've made you hold, I apologize for that.
I've done a better job on the new American Journal Show weekday mornings getting a lot of calls today.
We didn't.
I apologize.
We held you over.
You've been holding again.
Elton in Des Moines, Iowa.
You're on the air.
Yes, Alex.
I was just wondering, you guys seen the inauguration stage there, right?
Yeah, Trump is building the stage, even though Biden says he'll do a virtual stage.
So there's two ways to look at that.
Biden doesn't want protesters, so he's going to say he's not having an inauguration, but then he shows up last minute for the imaging, which he is not below doing.
He's a total decepticon.
Or, we try to get answers.
Trump is continuing, because he knows he's going to win.
What do you think's happening?
Well, I was just making sure there wasn't any kind of gallo or something, because I haven't seen it in real life like you guys have or anything.
Um, I remember listening to you like five years ago or whatever, and they had like a three-man plastic coffin that would fit about 80 million people.
Do you remember that?
Like in Georgia or whatever?
Yes, FEMA has stockpiles of coffins.
All we did was ask, why do they have them?
They went, oh, you're claiming FEMA's going to kill everybody.
We're like, no, you're not.
Stockpiles of coffins.
And remember, you went to the guy that signed the bill.
You went to his office.
You said, hey, what's this bill about these coffins?
And he's like, oh, I've never seen that.
And you're like, well, here's your signature right there.
He's like, oh, get out of my office.
That sounds about enough for Trump supporters or conservatives and Christians.
I mean, there's probably more than that, but, you know... Listen, I just want to kill everybody.
I mean, it's... The globalists want to depopulate the Earth.
It's theirs, they believe.
They stole it.
They got it through fraud.
They want us off their property.
They want to exterminate the roaches.
I just figured it'd be us first, and then it'd be easier to kill them next.
I just think 2021 is going to be a bad year.
They're already trying to condition us on the news right now anyway.
It's a dark winter.
It's going to be a lot worse than ever.
But China's open.
They're partying.
It's China shutting us down.
That's the bottom line.
Brings in world government.
Brings in digital IDs.
Brings in control.
Thank you so much.
And it's like anything else.
Things just line up in time.
Whether it's Saturn and Jupiter lining up in space or just opportunities lining up.
It's a race.
Either we arrest the criminals that have occupied our country, and maybe other places around the world.
And notice how God works.
He's given us a person that will do it, in this time, and it's like the light's disappearing.
He's got to fire.
He's got to do it.
He's got to do it.
And it's a race against time, because if we don't arrest the criminals, and I would include Biden in that, and all of Obama's administration, which, I mean, it may be far-fetched, but it's either they get arrested or prosecuted, or Trump gets arrested and, you know, everything falls flat.
Because we're going into total judgment.
That's it.
You're going into total judgment.
Let's take another call.
Thank you, Elton.
Let's talk to Mark in Ohio.
Mark, you're on the air.
How you doing, Alex?
Welcome, sir.
Hey, I'm 64 years old and I'm the lead general in Father God's Army on Earth.
And this is not a beta test.
This is the Second Coming, and Satan is on his way.
And it's not China, it's Satan.
And his army, the Deep State, who are the rich, elite, banker Jews that own the earth and govern the earth, are doing their final play.
In Scripture, there are seven nations that do not join the Antichrist army.
And this is what it's all about.
The USA is... I mean, we're out of time.
The only thing that has to be done, and I hope me and you can do it, Alex, is we've got to get through to Trump, and he has to declare martial law.
He has to arrest Obama, and Lynch, and Clinton, and Clapper, and the whole 1,000 Comeys, and all of them, and declare martial law.
Let me just say this.
I don't try to get into religious groups or ethnic groups, but I'll tell you this.
You're right.
It's not China.
It's Satan.
But what does the Bible say Satan is?
The dragon.
And so, I don't blame the Chinese people, but the dragon is the muscle that the whore of Babylon rides on.
China is the beast, the system, and then the whore rides upon him.
And then you've also got this new devil pope giving all his power under the beast.
It's all being fulfilled.
I agree with you that I thought Revelation would be out further.
It looks like they're going ahead and bringing it in.
Thanks for the call, Owen.
Well, this is, I mean, we're just talking geopolitics.
And by the way, the Pope is said to be stepping down before the end of the year.
But, you know, I was listening to that caller and something struck me.
I don't even know what he said that did it, but I'm beginning to think that the whole reason why they're doing this with multiple rounds of the COVID vaccine
Is because the way that Trump tried to take it over with Operation Warp Speed and promoting the vaccines and everything, it sent them into this weird panic mode where they can't roll out the real bioweapon in the vaccine until Trump gets out of office, but they still had to go with it, they still had the hundreds of billions of dollars from Trump, they still had to act like, oh, we want it.
And I thought that this morning, because they're like, oh, now there's a new mutation, a new vaccine's needed.
Exactly, they give us a different vaccine than the real one comes out.
So then it's like, oh, now it's the second wave, and that's the one where then you'll see every nurse that gets it, oh, fainting and going into, you know, shock.
That's the thing, seizing up.
They finally have to attack you.
It's like, this is it.
This is it.
All right, let's get another call in here.
Trask in Dallas.
Trask, you're on the air.
Thank you.
Yes, go ahead.
So I had a message for Trump.
Man needs to just do the Insurrection Act and be damned with how it looks.
We're fighting for the Republic.
And, you know, if the news wants to keep on putting out propaganda, we need to send the military in there and take it over.
I agree with you a trillion percent.
If I was in front of President Trump right now, I'd say, Mr. President,
You didn't start the martial law.
You didn't put us under the UN martial law.
You didn't explain that you've been hoodwinked.
It's been a scam.
Tell the American people and explain that I'm not here to overthrow the Constitution.
I'm here to defend it.
And we're marching in and we're having new elections.
There would be celebrations in the streets everywhere.
Oh my God.
People would be on their knees.
It's not like martial law where you can't go outside your house.
It's not like martial law where you don't have a life.
It's martial law to stop their martial law.
And I think, too, the public perception of the media is zero.
The public perception of Congress is zero.
And Trump could have a twist of fate, you know?
I mean, I'm not sitting here like a Q person saying, oh, this is all planned out.
I mean, you look at Gina Haspel, you look at Bill Barr, you look at Chris Wray, I mean, they're just as implicated in the Obama administration crimes as the Obama administration itself, specifically Gina Haspel, and then Barr going back into the Bush years.
So, I mean, imagine if Trump actually went after the Republicans first, and his own people first, saying, okay, here's the crime.
What would the Democrats do?
And let's be clear, no one's ever called the deep state's bluff that hijacked America and had America's power.
And so there are all these inbred, weird pedophiles and people.
No one ever called it.
As soon as the dominoes start falling, it's over.
By the way, I'm not ignoring the caller.
My wireless headset just went out.
I guess the battery went bad, whatever.
It just cut out.
So let him finish his point.
I'll get a new headset.
We'll come back and take calls next segment.
Go ahead, Trash.
Finish your point.
All right.
So another thing that a good idea would be is to protect ourselves from these vaccines being mandated by companies.
We need to get into the states and write a bill that says these companies cannot deny a service for medical apparatus or medical procedures.
Well, and you know what?
That's already actually written in via the HIPAA laws.
I mean, you can't deny somebody service like that anyway.
So that's another angle where if they did make a claim like that, that's totally illegal.
I mean, that's medical tyranny.
Oh, you have to take this vaccine to get a shot.
That's bullcrap.
In the HIPAA, somebody shows up and their leg's dangling off and they're bleeding out, they have to receive care.
So, I mean, that would be another level.
But, Owen, that's what I'm saying about all of this, is it's a revolution against our checks and balances and our laws.
All this is illegal.
They skipped the animal trials.
They skipped everything and now it's causing problems.
Well, Trask was just saying that Trump needs to sign a bill that says, oh, you can't be rejected any sort of care or business because you don't get the vaccine.
But the law already says that.
That's what I'm saying.
I know, I know.
I'm just saying he should double down on it.
That's what Trask is saying he should.
No, Trask is right.
Alright, we appreciate you, brother.
Alright, I got a new headset on.
I'm good.
Let's come back, jam in some more calls.
And Owen, you've got the guy who's the center of the news, Patrick Burron, who was there at the White House meeting for four hours with the President.
Will it really happen?
I've confirmed from sources that were there.
It indeed happened.
And now we've got Georgia and other states saying we've certified fraud.
None of it's on the news.
We have Congress being censored right now, trying to report on all this.
It is an incredible time to be alive.
Let's go to old dude in Missouri.
Old dude.
Thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
First off, man.
Hey, I just want to thank you for what you've done.
I know you hear that a lot.
You've been very influential in a lot of people's lives.
Second thing I want to say is the bodies and the X two is amazing.
I played football in college.
I had some injuries and the bodies allows me to do things that most people my age just can't do.
I mean, I went out and played flag football here a few weeks ago and was running with guys that were in their early twenties and I'm almost 40.
So the products are awesome.
As far as what Donald Trump could do is make a call out to all local law enforcement and militias to organize all able-bodied patriots.
And now I realize he would be signaling to the people who have control over things in the economy and they could take some steps.
But if we can organize together, I feel like that could be an effective thing that we could do to keep our own local communities safe.
That's right, brother.
It is a spiritual war, and we see the enemy attacking.
That's because the enemy knows it's in trouble.
It's been forced out in the open.
So as negative as this is at one level, I see it as very, very positive at others.
So people need to organize, and they need to stand on the foundation of reality that God has provided us.
Through Jesus Christ and the people who brought the message forth to the world and understand that we have God on our side because the literal essence of his truth is written in his words and communicated to humanity.
Not David Rockefeller, not Bill Gates, not Barack Obama, not Joe Biden, but Jesus Christ is King!
And God gave us and rose up Donald Trump to stand against the enemy and draw out the enemy.
So as dark as some of these days are, understand this is the beginning of the great revival before the Antichrist comes!
Stacy in Arizona, you're on the air.
Long time listener, over 15 years, first time caller.
I take all your products, I take everything, and that's why I can think clearly, and this is the way I see it.
I think there needs to be simultaneous operations going on.
First thing is, Trump appoints Sidney Powell as a special counsel.
Give her marshals, federal marshals, give her a few Delta Force guys, come here to Maricopa County, where I'm at, and the rest of these twin states,
Take these doors in and take the machines.
These little pencil neck lawyers can't do anything to stop it.
Once they get the machines, while they're doing that, they need to take Don Lemonhead and the rest of these knuckleheads off the news, put patriots in those positions, because the sheeple will believe what they see on TV.
Once they start broadcasting what's going on, they need to arrest Nancy Pelosi and the rest of these traitors that are in Congress.
In both the House and the Senate on both sides.
Take them to Guantanamo.
While they're having a tribunal, they need to show this on TV.
A week of tribunals, find them guilty, and start executing.
The only questions they ask is, do you get the rope or the bullet?
Well, here's the thing.
The globalists do have all these agents.
Nancy Pelosi is keeping swallows well on the Intelligence Committee, even though he's a penetrated Chinese communist agent who was ordered by Chinese intelligence to say Russia ran our elections.
And my issue is, I want due process.
I want these globalists to get trials.
I think he should go full force on the plan I just laid out.
Because you know where this is going, Alex.
You know these people are demonic.
They're never going to stop.
If Trump gets out of there,
They're going after him, and they're coming after us Christians, and they're coming after us.
That's no doubt about it.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
Bullet in my shoulder.
Blood running down my vest.
Twenty in the posse, and they're never gonna let me rest.
Till I became a wanted man, I never even owned a gun.
But now they hunt me like a mountain cat, and I'm always, always, always on the run.
The globalists want to run everything, they want to control everything, but they can't.
Owen Schroer is hosting, I'm Alex Jones, I'm about to get out of here.
Because I've got a lot of stuff to take care of, and my vacations are work-cations.
We've got a lot of callers to get to, but I just wanted to say this.
I'm not bitching, I'm not complaining, because I love it.
It's bittersweet.
We've got, I'd say three to five times, depending on the website,
We've got about five times really, about four and a half times, the viewers and listeners we had a year ago.
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It's kind of fun, because I don't like worrying about it.
I finally just said, screw it.
I'll just spend my own everything and just fight as hard as I can.
And I just hope you're going to support us.
We had a caller from Lithuania who said his bank doesn't let him buy from us now.
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Okay, let's talk to Mike in Florida.
Mike, thanks for holding.
You're on the air with Owens Troyer.
Go ahead.
I want to just say this.
We're all patriots and this has to happen.
First of all, we have to have the 10 million people.
Indiana had it right.
They got to be there, but we can't wait until the 6th.
It has to start today.
You need to say at the beginning of each segment, at the end of each segment, calling on all patriots.
We need to inhabit D.C.
and do what he said.
7 million around the White House.
A couple million around the Capitol.
A million around the damn Supreme Court.
But he can't wait.
He cannot wait.
It is time, man.
It is time.
And is the military with him?
If the military's not, we gotta be the military.
It is time, dude.
You know, speaking of the military real quick, there was an interesting clip, I have the story here somewhere, where somebody thanked Mike Pence, I can't find this in my stack of news, saying, thank you Mike Pence, we just had the greatest
Here it is right here.
Acting Secretary of the Department of Defense Chris Miller thanks Vice President Pence for effort in most complex military operation in history.
No details or context was given.
That was just a statement that he made thanking the Vice President for that.
So I mean, I believe the military is on Trump's side.
You're going to have top generals and stuff that have been turned over.
And by the way, I don't want to fetishize the military.
They follow orders from politicians.
But we're literally at the end of the country.
I mean, I don't have words.
I can't hype it up big enough.
And it's not like the country's being taken over by the Romans, and we're the British, and they've got more advanced technology, so okay, we're gonna have, you know, massages now.
This is pedophile devil worshippers are taking over.
I mean, this is not good.
Yeah, slave factories in China, yep.
I mean, no value.
Big Tech runs slave factories in China, which shows what they'll do to us.
God Almighty.
Mike, anything else?
Yeah, let's get the people there.
Everybody, put Christmas off.
This is more important.
No, I totally agree with you.
And so just to mobilize, it'll take me a few days.
I think we should still have Christmas.
I think Trump can hang on until then.
They are playing for the Fifth Amendment.
I believe we should surround the White House peacefully.
That's why we have Black Lives Matter there and Antifa to surround it.
So we can't be there.
We're going to be there.
We surround it.
And then we also
I mean, I'm going to be there.
I'm going to be there just encamped at the White House within a few days.
They dressed up as Native Americans.
And in a way, it's almost like we kind of have to reenact that by, because they won't let us anywhere, but, oh, we'll be Black Lives Matter.
Oh, we have a Black Lives Matter flag and shirt.
And then they'll just, oh, oh, OK, here, walk around the White House.
Here, walk into the park.
I'm not even kidding.
I mean, that's almost like, yeah, because, I mean, you show up.
With a Trump flag, or an American flag, and you're a patriot, oh, you'll get shut down, you'll get arrested, you're not allowed to mobilize.
But, oh, if your Black Lives Matter, you can own the streets, you can burn buildings, burn churches, go around the White House.
So, I mean, we kind of have to do that where we put on the Indian garb, like the Boston Tea Party, except we pretend we're Black Lives Matter, and then we take over D.C., and then you take the Trump flag out of your pocket.
That's an interesting idea.
Really, they were using it as a disguise, and saying, we are Native, we will beat you.
They just won the French-Indian War, they were saying, we're savages.
Which was a positive thing.
It's just finding ways to get around, I mean there's loopholes in the ridiculous... Ghetto!
We're savages, and we're tired of all you lawyers running our lives.
And I just, I mean, we've seen it.
Whether it's our events, whether it's what happened in Oregon the other day, whatever.
We're not allowed to activate, we're not allowed to have any penetration.
But if you're the left, and it's not even the left.
If you're a communist, if you're a child molester.
I was thinking about this last night, Alex.
I mean, I need to practice this.
Mike, thank you for the call.
It's not even left or right, Democrat or Republican.
It's Soros.
It's Soros groups.
It's not Democrats.
It's not leftists.
The average liberal, why are you promoting war and torture and Assange in jail?
Shame on you.
Join us.
We're a populace, you dumbasses.
It's not Democrats.
It's populist versus globalist.
It's Soros groups.
So Soros groups are allowed to go into state buildings.
Soros groups are allowed to shut down autonomous zones.
Soros groups are allowed to riot.
But you, an American patriot, have no rights.
So just pretend you're a Soros organizer and activist, and then the whole world opens up for you.
And then once you get to the point you need to be at, that's when you take out the Trump flag.
That's when you put on the Trump hat.
That's when you, oh, and then see, oh, then the police will probably move in on you.
But it'll be too late then.
Holy Toledo.
See, this is what you get to do, so I'm telling you.
Canela, Canela in Georgia, you're on the air, go ahead.
Hey Alex, how you doing?
Oh man, I'm just... I'm watching the Battle of the Gods here, brother.
Oh, I feel you, man.
You know, for the... I want to talk in particular to my age group, that's, you know, the 20s and 30s year olds.
I've spent the last 10 years in the music industry, traveling around Central, South, and North America, and...
I've always told the truth about what was going on, but I was on the fence about it in the sense that I didn't tell it right to their face.
You know, I kind of said what it had to say to get by in that industry.
Well, the time for that is over.
And everybody, everybody in my generation, everybody in the generation before me, we all
Need to stand up now.
Because there is no other choice outside of that, you know?
Don't you feel that calling?
Like, I'm ready to die right now.
Well, there's no more time for denial either.
People have been denying how drastic it is.
People have been denying how bad it is.
People have been denying, oh no, I still live in America, I'm still free.
Well, take a look around.
So, I mean, it's time to stop living in denial.
Yeah, you know, and another interesting thing, you know, I was looking into these cycles of tyranny and violence throughout history.
Kind of like you guys were talking about this morning in the American Journal.
And, uh, I noticed that it's coinciding at this point in history with the natural cycles that the sun's going through, and that the Earth itself is in turmoil, and there hasn't really been an experience like that yet.
So, this is a multifaceted battle, and it starts in the spiritual realm.
No, I agree, but don't they get that, like, I can feel it, like, they're not gonna be able to stop what's about to happen, like, it's like... I mean, you're not gonna stop this now.
Yeah, and another thing for the people who are calling for Trump to strike now, I just want to put this out there.
You know, we're watching a massive sword battle right now, a one-on-one, Trump and this giant snake of a deep state, and we're watching it from 50 yards, and it might look
Pretty bad right now, but just know, that's not Trump's game, and he's going to wait until that snake sticks its head out of the hole, and he's going to give a decisive blow, and when that moment comes... No, I hear you brother, I'm not disagreeing with you and I appreciate your call, but I know all the lawyers, I know Trump, I talked to him.
He is surrounded.
That's not a negative thing.
He needs us.
You understand that?
Yes, he has the ideas.
Yes, he wanted a landslide.
Yes, he's a great guy.
He is surrounded by scum and cowards.
That's what I'm telling you.
He is surrounded by lawyers that are the filth of the planet that would sell their mother out for a stick of bubblegum.
And so he needs everybody to go to D.C.
We need just people to start going to D.C.
Don't wait.
Go to D.C.
Go to D.C.
Go to D.C.
Go to the White House.
Just go to the White House!
Alright, Owen Troyer's gonna take over.
He's got a few more calls.
And then he's got this big guest coming on who's in that White House meeting.
I only tell you how dire the straits are, so you know we can attack in all directions, to quote the Marine Corps General in Korea.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
All right, I'm going to try to take these last callers on the line here before Patrick Byrne joins us for what is going to be a bombshell interview.
Let's go quickly here.
Sarah in Houston, you are on the Alex Jones Show.
Go ahead, Sarah.
Hi, Owen.
Yes, I have to agree with Indiana and all the other callers, as well as Alex, in saying that it's really our duty to support the president.
I can only imagine how terrible the situation is, and he's the only one there
Holding the line, but we're here behind him, but we need to occupy D.C.
You can go for a day?
You can go for two, three, four?
We need to occupy D.C.
If you can't go, then sponsor someone.
Sponsor someone in your network, in your family, your friends, someone to send.
We need to be that spark to ignite this man so that he understands Donald Trump, understands that he's not alone.
In that den of lions.
We're there with him, and the Holy Spirit is within all of us, and we together can unite to slay this dragon.
It is a spiritual war, and you know what?
It didn't really occur to me, and I've been a Christian all my life.
My great-grandparents, the United Methodists, okay, they converted from Catholicism, and I have a five-month-old baby girl,
And I went to my church, and I've been going for years.
I wanted to baptize her.
I went through the whole hour, whatever they have.
You know, it's the Methodist.
You have to speak to the pastor.
They sort of tell you the liturgy a bit and everything, which I love.
I love liturgy.
I love my church.
Love God.
Yeah, and churches need to be rising up.
I mean, that's a big thing.
I mean, preachers need to be organizing and activating.
I mean, it's sad.
These big mega-churches, they just tell their flock, if you will, oh no, everything's fine.
Oh no, just pray to God.
Oh, everything will be fine.
No, we're in a war right now.
God wants us to fight.
And if you can't get to D.C., by the way, rallies are happening at state capitals all the time, too.
Saturdays at noon at state capitals seem to be the time.
So, absolutely.
Sarah, thank you so much for the call.
Let's go to Mike in Irvine.
I guess that's Irvine, Texas.
Mike, go ahead.
Yeah, it's actually Irvine, California.
Irvine, California, Owen.
Hey, I was on a sunset hike last night and listening to your show.
And totally heard all of your meltdown about how all of this money from the COVID relief package isn't going to the people.
It's going to all these other countries.
I think 700 of the 900 billion is going outside the U.S.
Yeah, I mean, this is like if you gave your money to a financial advisor and said, hey, I want to put, you know, $50,000 into a college fund for my for my grandkids or something.
And then you come back the next day and you're like, hey, where'd that 50 grand go?
And he said, well, you know, I got a new car and then I gave some to my mechanic and then, you know, I gave some to this contractor over here.
I built myself a new house.
I put some of it in my pocket.
But don't worry.
I put $50 in the college fund for your grandkids.
I mean, you'd be like, what?
You'd be outraged.
You'd fire the guy immediately.
You'd call for his arrest.
I'm going to tell you and I'm going to tell the audience where that money went.
That money is being used to pay off politicians, military, medical professionals,
All over the globe so that Bill Gates' vaccine is going to be stuck in their arms.
And the U.S.
government is funding that.
That's why Bill Gates, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, got billions of dollars in the COVID relief package.
I mean, if that is the case, then Mitch McConnell and Nancy Pelosi and whoever else wrote that and organized that, I mean, how is it these countries are like, are we talking to them?
Hey, Egypt, how much money do you need?
Hey, Israel, how much money do you need?
I mean, what the hell, man?
So, I mean, whoever wrote that bill should be immediately investigated, whether it was McConnell and Pelosi, I'd call them up front.
So absolutely, it was ridiculous.
And that's why Trump should go after the Republicans.
He should call Mitch McConnell in.
He should do it live on TV and say, Mitch McConnell, what the hell?
Why did you just screw us over?
Put Mitch's ass in the grass!
Alright, Henry in Chicago.
I got 30 seconds, man.
I'm sorry.
Go ahead.
Henry, if you're there, fire off.
Alright, looks like we lost Henry out there in Chicago.
Alright, when we come back...
We're going to have Patrick Byrne on.
He's not being subtle about this.
He's been having meetings in the White House.
So he's going to tell you what's going on, what's on his mind, the next level.
And, I mean, this is incredible.
It's almost like if you're thirsty in the desert, you can only drink so much before you're not thirsty anymore.
I mean, there's so much evidence of voter fraud, it's like I'm sick of seeing it all.
Hey, Alex, how you doing, man?
Is this the guy that called in about Living Defense?
Yes, sir.
Yes, sir.
I've been trying to get ahold of you since Monday when I heard you got that fresh shipment of Living Defense in from Utah.
I said, man, I got to get on that show and give him an update.
I said, if I ever get a chance to be on Alex Jones Show, I'm going to tell the world about Living Defense and what it did for me personally.
Now, look, I'm 64 years old going on 20, thanks to this.
So it's like God working is so amazing.
We didn't know, we didn't screen your call, we had no idea, and I go to you a year later and you're here telling people about Living Defense.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
And now, your host, Owen Troyer.
My great honor.
We're about to be joined by Patrick Byrne.
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He's been all over the headlines.
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Patrick Byrne is with us.
Patrick, you've not been subtle.
You've been meeting in the White House.
You've been calling out the fraud from a very analytical, technical level.
Here you are today, back on the Alex Jones Show.
What do you have to report today?
Hello, young man.
What do I have to report to you?
I'm sorry.
I thought it was on with Alex.
What's your name again, sir?
I know we've met before.
That's all right.
Owen Schroer here.
Hey, that's okay.
I know you're very busy.
Now you'll remember it, though.
I will remember.
You know, it's proper etiquette.
If you get a chance to be in the White House and certainly in the Oval Office, one never is supposed to discuss what was discussed.
However, 12 hours after I walked out of the Oval Office, there was a leak in the New York Times about that meeting.
And I believe the leak came from the General Counsel, a guy named Pat Cipollone.
And it was heavily spun.
It was probably put out through his normal journalist, this woman named Maggie Haberman at the New York Times.
And sure enough, 12 or 14 hours after I walked out, just after midnight of the White House, there was, by mid-afternoon the next day, there was this whole story about the meeting.
The meeting was heavily, it was all, it was spun so badly, I thought, you know, I'm breaking etiquette.
But if that guy who was in the meeting can leak and lie like a little weasel about what happened, it's incumbent upon me to... If he can lie, I can tell the truth publicly.
If he can lie through leaks, I can tell the truth publicly.
That's what I'm telling the truth publicly.
The New York Times wrote a heavily spun version and there were some outright fabrications in it.
It was absolutely false.
Absolutely false.
Martial law was discussed.
Uh, or or even, uh, the Insurrection Act was discussed.
None of that was discussed in the meeting.
That was pure fabrication on the part of that, uh, the leaker who's the White House General Counsel.
One of the interesting things that happened in the meeting.
So I was in with General Flynn, Sidney Powell, another attorney who, that's, yeah, that's just, I see that headline.
That's a flat lie.
That's an absolute flat lie.
And that's just an example of how the New York Times knows this.
A lie makes its way around the world before the truth even puts its pants on.
That's just a rewrite of the original New York Times false news from Business Insider, and so other people pick it up.
It's funny that it's Maggie Haberman.
I mean, she always seems to be the one lying about what goes on in D.C.
She seems to be the henchman of the deep state.
Yeah, well, it doesn't surprise me.
What's really funny is while I was in the meeting, none of the reports that came out mentioned me.
Not that I care about being mentioned, but some of the smarter people, a smart journalist, contacted me and said, and that was his first question, why would they leave you out?
What do you make of the fact, Owen, that they would leave me out?
Well, they obviously don't want anybody, you know, looking you up.
They don't want anybody seeing what you're actually saying, and that's how they try to control the narrative.
Yeah, it's kind of funny.
So that, uh, it was a horrible, it was a wonderful meeting in certain ways.
One, my feelings about the president changed quite a bit.
I, as I've mentioned before, I didn't vote for him.
Uh, and I had, but I still sort of bought into the public perception.
I can tell you, he's quite a bit, quite a bit different than is commonly conveyed in the press.
Uh, he's gentle and kind and rather soft spoken.
Uh, and when he got angry, he didn't get nearly as angry as I would have or as angry as he should have.
We caught his people in lies.
They were lying to his face.
There were points where his own lawyers were standing up and yelling at him.
Now, what they were yelling was false, but on numerous occasions, they're giving him horrible legal advice.
But just the fact that they're sitting there yelling at the president in the Oval Office,
It was surreal.
Flynn and I started nudging each other and saying, is this the most surreal thing you ever saw?
We started arguing with these lawyers.
I have no, I'd say if there's one flaw that I see in general in President Trump is that he's too nice.
He's way too nice.
I wouldn't put up, I'd fire a cat like that in a New York minute if he ever spoke to me.
And, but President Trump did turn to me several times and say, can you believe, we had a couple sort of CEO to CEO moments.
And entrepreneur to entrepreneur moments and on several occasions he said things like, can you believe what I have to put up with here?
I've had to put up with this for four years.
Can you imagine what I could have gotten done if I hadn't had, if he even said at one point, you know, I've had right in front of them, by the way, this all happened right in front of them, you know, where he said things like, uh, all my life I've had the best lawyers in the world.
People call me from all over the world to say, what lawyer should I use on this?
What should I use on that?
These lawyers, can you believe what I put up with here?
They're in perpetual no mode.
Whatever gets asked or any questions or proposals, nope, nope, nope, we can't do that.
And it's actually quite basic stuff.
I see that headline, that's another flat lie.
You can see what General Flynn actually said
Because what he said was in a Newsmax interview last Friday.
So go and look at the Newsmax interview of General Flynn last Friday, and you can see what he said is, if we have to, you know, we've got to stay within the Constitution, but if we have to rerun election in some of these swing states, we'd have the military rerun the election, you know, so everyone would trust it.
And that's all he said.
And from that statement in Newsmax, and by the way, elections get rerun in this country.
There was one rerun last year in, I think it was Louisiana.
Um, and you know, when it goes to a judge, if the judge can pull out, if there's been cheating and the judge can extract what the cheating was, you can then, you know, you can take the election results and then extract the cheating and you have the real results.
But if the cheating is so intense and it scrambles up the whole election,
There's no way to extract it.
At that point, a judge orders a rerun of the election.
I want to get back to the White House meeting for a second, because I think this is such a key window into what Trump is dealing with.
And honestly, his calmness in this situation kind of gives me some more confidence that he knows he's on solid footing and he has the ace of spades in his hand, if you will.
He's been dealing with this for four years.
I want you to kind of reiterate that.
The arrogance of New York City and Washington D.C., mostly politicos, that go into the White House and point their finger at Trump telling him how to do the job, telling him how the country is run, they have no jurisdiction.
Nobody elected them.
And it just shows how these people in D.C.
really think they're above everybody.
I mean, they have the most elitist approach to everything, and it makes me sick knowing that that's what the president deals with every day.
Oh, it would have made you sick to see what we what we saw from these from the people around him.
They're mediocre.
Mendacious mediocrities, as I think I described.
Mendacious mediocrities.
You know, everything that was proposed, they would say, no, you can't do that.
And, you know, Sidney or Flynn would say, of course he can do that.
He can right now, you know.
So at one point he said, well, I would like to hire Sidney as special counsel, special White House counsel.
And they say, well, the clearance process is going to take X many months and this and that.
He's like, and Flynn says, you have the right right now to declare that she has a top secret clearance.
And you have the right to hire him.
So everything that was proposed, they were saying, no, no, no, you can't do that.
And it turns out he has the authority to do all of that on his word.
He can say, Sidney Powell, you now have a top secret clearance, which he did.
He also said, Sidney Powell, I've decided to hire you, your White House special counsel.
To give you a great example, he did that.
He hired her.
He told her your White House special counsel.
With a top-secret clearance, the next morning, Sidney called Mark Meadows and said, OK, this is Saturday morning, looks like I'm going to need an office in the White House.
And Mark Meadows said, oh, no, sorry, we don't know if we can really get that done.
And she said, well, OK, at least I need a pass, a badge, so I can come and go.
Mark Meadows said, oh, no, I'm not sure we can get that done either.
You know, so they were just undercutting and submarining and sabotaging the direct orders.
You know, he's in the room when he heard it, and the next morning he's just, absolutely, he and the General Counsel are refusing to execute the President's orders.
I mean, this is unbelievable, folks.
This is an eyewitness account to this.
You have D.C.
politicos who are trying to be the President of the United States.
We'll be right back with Patrick Byrne.
Just another Brandon here for Just Another Channel.
We're in Washington, D.C.
here stopping the steel.
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I'm on it.
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Shout out to my proud boys.
That's what's up.
Alex Jones in for one!
America is awake, and America has only begun to fight!
And we have just begun the occupation of D.C.
The Tricombs and the globalists think they're taking America over?
They just woke up the sleeping child!
What's up?
I keep fighting the Infowars, baby.
Rob Roy, front of your boy Alex Jones.
Salute and thank you for everything you do.
God bless you and all the Infowars family.
God bless all of you.
Merry Christmas!
Phil in Buffalo, New York.
Phil, thank you for calling.
First off, Commander-in-Chief needs to stand up and be Commander-in-Chief.
Every night I'm going to bed, I'm praying for you, I'm praying for all the info warriors, I'm more praying for all the humans that don't know what's really coming to them.
Everybody takes me as wrong, thinking I'm like, I get angry because I want something.
No, this is about humanity.
Humans are being taken over.
Now, I'm noticing a lack of concern because everybody is addicted to their Facebook and their Instagram.
They can't just put it down.
Now's not the time to be lacked for concern.
Commander-in-Chief, his first duty is protect our citizens and protect this country, and him as a president wouldn't be calling martial law if he just simply comes out and explains.
They're ignoring the little radio shows and Fox Business he goes on.
He needs to be Resolute Desk, giving speeches to the American people, laying out what's happened.
Because this has been going on for 25 years, he's only been for 4 years, he's been able to expose everything that's been going on.
But we all have to be there, the 5th and the 6th, and not for a party thing, not for any reason like that.
We all need to be off of the streets before the dark falls because that's when the Democrats send out their Antifa rally people to come and attack families and stuff like that.
We need to be there that entire week.
We should be protesting and getting Trump back into our offices on the weekends.
We should be at our state capitals.
We have the right to remove any one of the senators in any one of their state positions because those are our state buildings.
Those are the senator's or the governor's buildings.
Those are the people's buildings that we have elected officials in there to be governing just to make sure that we follow the laws that need to be followed, not to be making their names
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, you're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
And now, your host, Owen Troyer.
We are back live on The Alex Jones Show.
Patrick Byrne is with us from a remote location and he's talking about the White House meeting that he was in, which has been incredibly bombshell, the details that have emerged so far.
And what's interesting about this, not just the details that Patrick is discussing here, but
The coverage of this, and how you apply it to the four years under Trump, how the media lies about everything that happens in the White House, they lie about Trump, they lie about his advisors, and it's all D.C.
embedded politicos that think they're bigger than the White House, bigger than the American people, doesn't matter who's in office, they think they run the country, and just like I said in the first hour with Alex, it's a bunch of people telling him what he can't do!
And he needs people in there telling him what he can do and it sounds like that's what's going on.
So, Patrick Byrne, are there any other details from this meeting or any other lies you want to address about this meeting that the media is perpetuating?
Sure, well I'm sure that the journalist is no staunch
Defender of Trump, or defender of the truth.
I wouldn't put the lies down to her.
This is the general counsel lie.
What's going on is these folks, trying to get this set up a little bit better, what's going on is these folks here are being told in Washington, they have jobs.
One of the three lawyers, that was his last day, and he had a job.
I don't know what you guys are doing with your camera.
You're actually great right there.
Don't worry about it, Patrick.
He had a
It was his, one of the people, it was his last day and the president said, and that fellow seemed like an okay guy, kind of milk toast, but it was his last day on the job and the president said at one point, you know this fellow's leaving me, he's been making ten times as much money across town.
I think so.
No, all that goes away.
So all of these people are in the mode of getting him out.
I have numerous young people in the administration.
And so I've spent two months in D.C.
and sort of swimming around the edges of this.
And numerous younger people in the administration are being told, just get the president to concede.
Just get him to concede.
Help him get in transition mode.
Help us get him in transition mode.
So the young people in the White House who work in the White House are being told that by their superiors.
And that includes the Office of the General Counsel and that includes Mark Meadows.
So President Trump is relying on advice from people whose mentality is that.
Well, that kind of sounds like an end around, and I don't want people to assume who you're talking about here.
Obviously, you don't have to name names, but that sounds like an end around where the D.C.
corrupt establishment is going to these young people that, you know, they kind of want to get around, they want to build a resume, they want to get this reputation.
So they're saying, oh, you know, oh, go tell Trump to concede and you'll stick around in D.C.
And they're probably just like, well, I guess this is what I have to do to stick around.
Is there any resistance there?
There's definite resistance.
The young people who work there love them.
They love them.
And I don't think they're getting that.
I mean, they may be getting that message subtly from the D.C.
What's more problematic is they're getting it from their bosses.
Their bosses are giving them this message.
And when I did inform that, I won't tell you much about what Trump said.
I'm going to tell you what went on between myself and the lawyers.
I'll name two names.
Pat Cipollone.
And now Mark Meadows, I happen, he's a nice man.
I don't think he's venal.
I think Pat Cipollone is venal.
I think Mark Meadows is a weak man.
And he's probably got some job lined up.
I bet you'll see him with a job at a lobbying firm for a million bucks a year or more before the winter's over.
I'll make that prediction.
That's just the way things work here.
So they, it's the problem is the leadership in the White House is telling this to the people below.
That's pretty crazy.
So they are giving horrible advice.
The people closest to Trump are giving horrible advice.
And since all this happened Friday, they have thrown an iron curtain around Trump.
No one can get to him.
No one can get to him with information.
I mean, people are telling me who've been able for four years, people who could pick up the phone and call President Trump, are being told they cannot talk to him.
Mark Meadows and the General Counsel have thrown Trump in a box since Saturday, and no one can get to the guy.
Even longtime acquaintances, longtime supporters, everything, as well as... So, the problem is the leadership in the White House is giving this order down.
I confronted them in front of Trump.
I told all this to President Trump in front of them.
And he said, who?
Who is doing that?
And I said, this is Pat Cipollone, right?
I, you know, that's him.
I can get three people up here in 30 minutes who can tell you that they are getting orders from this guy to get you to concede.
Which is down to top order, which is completely out of sync.
I mean, I don't know if that's how it normally goes, but no, the president is the boss.
Now doesn't this just confirm to you, and you mentioned this, how your opinion of Trump changed, doesn't this confirm to you how real Trump is?
He has the grassroots.
He really wants to fight for the country.
He's shocked at how surrounded he is by traitors and corrupt individuals.
So, I mean, talk about that personal level of just, hey, this is a genuine guy who is not at all what the media is portraying him to be.
He's not at all with the media.
So I think I was clear on your show before I did not vote for Mr. Trump.
I was never, I was not a never Trumper.
You know, I'm a libertarian all my life.
I voted libertarian for president since the first time I voted.
And so I've never voted for a man who won because all we've had are Republicans and Democrats.
But all that said, you know, my attitude is also who wins, I salute and that's the president.
And, you know, and so he's a very genuine and nice guy.
He's another thing.
He's really smart.
I don't mean to be...
Obnoxious about it, but I'm a CEO.
I've built a number of businesses, including a $2 billion business.
When I'm meeting with people like this, I'm always evaluating.
It's just natural to me.
See how quickly they get things, how quickly they get jokes, how quickly they put together things that were said in different parts of the conversation.
President Trump is really smart.
I spend time with lots of really smart people.
Well, not lots of.
I spend time with few people this bright.
I mean, he's very smart.
He puts things together so quickly.
And he sees through BS very quickly.
He's a really bright guy.
And I guess I've learned since then that his uncle, something the media doesn't mention, I'm told his uncle was the president of MIT and that he had a lot of influence from his uncle.
Are you talking about his uncle John Trump?
Don't know, don't know, but I understand.
I wonder if that's the same one that was involved with the Tesla papers.
That's wild.
I don't know.
He's a very intelligent man, and he's also quite a bit kinder and gentler than I would have ever guessed.
Well, and you said he was nice, too, and we have a minute, and I just want to address this before we get into the final segment with you.
To me, the niceness, I take that as confidence.
I mean, when I'm nice in a hostile situation, that means I'm confident in my stance and I have the final move.
I have the ace of spades.
Do you take that same approach when you see Trump being so nice to these people?
Well, from your lips to God's ear, I don't know.
One thing I determined is, what a mistake it was to get rid of Flynn.
It was Pence who pushed Flynn out, and Pence made a big deal about it.
He should never have gotten rid of Flynn.
Flynn would have straightened these guys out, and they knew Eric Bannon.
We straightened them out right there.
There was a point where General Flynn got on his feet and said, let me ask you a simple question.
You folks, you do think he won on November 3rd, right?
Alright, let's go ahead and go to Debra in Ohio.
Debra, thanks for holding.
I don't think people have any concept that this is our last chance to fight.
The Insurrection Act of 1807 was devised for this type of situation.
We have been having an insurrection since the FBI tried to take Trump out in the first days after his election.
I mean, the problem is that we're on a slow burn insurrection.
Because the media has not used the word insurrection, people think we can invoke the Insurrection Act.
We have a takeover of our country.
I mean, what do people think is going to happen?
We're just going to go by January 20th and then in 2024 we're going to elect Trump.
That's not going to happen.
Just like Venezuela, they are never going to take their boot off our neck.
And if you read the Marshall Law Code, and if you read the Insurrection Act, this is exactly what it's for.
Go ahead.
It's exactly what it's for.
They just didn't have the internet.
They couldn't imagine the things that have happened.
They couldn't imagine that the judiciary was going to be sold out.
They couldn't imagine that all three branches of government were going to be owned by foreign bad actors.
The one thing that he can do to get media approval is concede.
So people need to make up their minds.
Do you want Trump to have media approval?
Or do we want to not live under communist rule?
Do we not want to have our property confiscated?
Do we not want to have vaccines stuck into our arms?
If Biden is inaugurated on January 20th, then forget about arguing about vaccines.
Forget about the courts.
There's no more courts.
There's no more law.
There's what they tell you to do, and you do it, and you shut up.
And that's it.
And that stuff is already happening in 98% of the globe, and it is just about to happen here.
We are hanging by a thread.
We have got one foot off the edge of the abyss, and people are talking about optics.
It's insane.
What you're saying is absolutely true.
I'm a realist.
I'm an expert on martial law.
I'm the guy that wrote books against it when Obama and before that the Clintons were trying to get the police ready for martial law to confiscate guns under the UN and were training the police that a UN takeover was coming and now they have the strong cities and now they're doing it outside of federal control.
They're having the cities establish the UN programs and admitting and having Soros put in all their DAs and getting their people ready for a Maoist style revolution.
So here's the thing.
If Trump doesn't do this, and the military doesn't do this, when the country's so compromised, then by extension we get the CHICOM, Smart City, U.N.
takeover, and we'll be under martial law permanently.
We're already under partial martial law.
We're already under it.
We're already under it.
I think that time is of the essence first of all.
Trump needs to make a decision.
I think that as what's-his-name Patrick Burns said, Trump's getting really bad advice.
Trump did not get elected through optics and by saying the thing that the media wanted to hear, and now he's trying to somehow pander to the media.
He's getting terrible advice.
What he needs to do is stop thinking about the election and start thinking about the future of this country.
He needs to be able to look like the bad guy in order to save this country.
That's what it boils down to.
The Insurrection Act needs to be invoked regardless of what happens in this election.
Because we are in the middle of an insurrection.
Actually, we have been for so long that we got used to it.
Why did we get used to it?
Because we have our Starbucks and we have our brand new iPhone and we have all those things that make life worth living.
And so we can just let little things like walking around with a mask and getting, you know, forced inoculations that, you know, those things don't matter anymore to Americans because we are zombies.
We have become hypnotized zombies.
So he needs to take action.
People are being deprived of their constitutional rights to work, to make money, to feed their families.
If we don't declare the Insurrection Act now, when will we?
You're watching the American Journal with your host, Alex Jones.
Watch live right now at band.video.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is the Alex Jones Show.
Owen Schroer sitting in for Alex Jones.
Patrick Byrne is with us for one more segment.
It's been an incredible interview.
We've got a few things to address before he departs.
One, the fact, Patrick, that they put the removal of the Insurrection Act into this COVID bill means that they're afraid.
I know that that wasn't brought up in the White House meeting.
I don't mean to interrupt.
I'm supposed to be off right now.
I appreciate Patrick coming on.
He's amazing.
I checked with folks who were in the meeting.
He's totally there.
It all happened.
He's amazing.
We appreciate his patriotism.
You're getting there with the question, but I've got to ask.
Get into the Martial Law discussion, get into the Insurrection Act discussion, and what really happened versus what the media says.
This is major breaking news.
Sorry to interrupt.
You were already there, but I ran in here.
Go ahead.
Hello, Alex.
Well, if you want to know the entirety of the Martial Law and Insurrection Act discussion, you can see it for yourself.
Look up Newsmax last Friday, which would have been, what, the 18th?
General Flynn was on Newsmax, and at one point in the Newsmax, when they were saying what can be done, he said, Trump has options.
And if, you know, I don't know the direct quote, I don't remember the word for word quote, but it was a very measured thing.
Trump has options.
If there's a rerun of this election in those six swing states, he could bring in the military to rerun the election.
That's all he said, and then he went on with other things.
That has gotten spun up into this nonsense that General Flynn was calling for martial law, and then as far as what he said in the White House about it, that's really simple to convey.
I saw, I was there for four and a half hours, every word of the conversation, this is what he said about it in the White House.
It's a flat fabrication.
There was any discussion that he's in.
So all of this that is being spun up and amplified and such is pure fabrication.
So to me that just represents that they're afraid of that, because Trump doesn't even bring it up.
So they bring it up like, oh no, he can't do that, he never even brought it up.
So they're the ones thinking about it because they're the ones committing the crime.
Now those are my words, not Patrick's.
But let's get back to where you're at.
So you're in the White House, Sidney Powell is there, others.
Trump is essentially drafting American citizens, American heroes, whether they voted for him or not, like yourself, to say, hey look,
I'm not getting any help from within, you know, what do you make of this steal of our election?
You, as somebody I would consider an expert in, you know, in technology, you know, I'm putting words in your mouth perhaps, but you're an expert in technology, so he says, you know, what do you think about this?
And you say, look, I mean, to me, Patrick, it's like, if you're thirsty in the desert, you can only drink so much water before you're sick of water.
I'm so, I've seen so much evidence of election fraud, it's like I don't even want to see it anymore!
I mean now you have, they flip votes in Pennsylvania, dead people, I mean it's just non-stop, it's over the top!
There's so much more that it keeps coming in that I can't tell you about yet.
I mean, that's really the problem.
I'm working with the real technologists.
I'm not a technologist, but I play one on TV.
I'm a philosopher of technology.
I had thousands of them working for me, and I built overstock.com, built a $2 billion e-commerce company.
I can tell you that we're digging stuff up, and as we dig stuff up, we're feeding it to the lawyers, and as the lawyers get it,
You know, they're turning it into filings and interviewing, making it official and such.
So what the lawyers are filing is always about maybe one to two weeks behind where our state of knowledge is.
Now, as of three weeks ago, Sidney Powell filed some cases at the Supreme Court, and it reflects our state of knowledge as of about three or four weeks ago.
What we have now is a mountain.
All that time is our enemy, but what we have, I mean, we have, I put, I mentioned in something yesterday, we now have a direct connection between a Chinese company coming in over the internet to a wireless and a thermostat and accounting room connecting to a
Dominion machine in the counting room that's doing the tabulation during the actual counting.
All that soup to nuts.
This is actually incredible.
I've never heard this.
They're using the smart meters and the smart grid as like a proxy to hack into the voting machines.
And we have all that right down to the IP addresses and everything, and the company back in China, the IP address of the company back in China.
And what do you know?
It's a company back in China whose name has already come up at the periphery of some of these matters.
I wonder if it's a company that the Bidens aren't involved in.
I've got five minutes left with you here.
I've got so many questions.
Let me ask you this.
What do you think, or what has Trump said, or maybe you can't say that, but what do you think Trump is going to do about all of this, and what do you think Americans should do about this theft of our election?
The bigger, I don't want to make any predictions for the President, that's his own thing, but I can tell you what the President needs you to do, needs your viewers to do, and that is, it is time we
In a civil and respectful First Amendment kind of manner, begin planning to peaceably assemble.
And the emphasis there is on peaceably.
We're the good guys.
We maintain the moral high ground.
On the other hand, we don't need to get our asses kicked anymore in the streets by goons, as has been going on for months.
And intimidated.
They're bringing intimidation.
Uh, to into the political discourse.
We can't put up with that anymore.
But we always have to maintain that the moral high ground, which you do by always being several steps better than the other guy.
But be prepared.
You've got to start expressing through through.
You have to start civil, peacefully assembling as you have.
You know, the First Amendment covers us, too.
In particular, January 5th and six plan on being on Washington, D. C. We want to have millions of people show up.
To show Congress we do not bend a knee.
They've asked us to bend a knee to intrusions on freedom of speech, freedom of religion.
Rights to assemble without goons attacking us.
You know, innocent until proven guilty.
All kinds of things have been compromised in the last decade or two.
We're not going to compromise on accepting a fraudulent election.
Because when you compromise on, the core value of our system is consent of the governed.
First thing you learn in third grade about our country, consent of the governed.
Which, how do you figure out what the governed consent to?
You figure it out by having elections that are free, fair, and transparent.
If we bend the knee to this, we are betraying the most fundamental concept of the American experiment.
So we cannot accept an obviously fraudulent election.
And we got a protest in Washington, D.C.
And I'm not a violent guy.
I'm not a protester.
But I want millions of people here for at least the 5th and 6th.
The Congress is going to be meeting on the 1 o'clock on the 6th.
We have to make clear to them.
And if you can't make it to D.C., you're doing it in your state capitol.
We have to do something that's never been done on our side, that in my lifetime we have to take to the streets and make our displeasure and refusal to accept.
You know, here's another thing you need to know about Trump.
He said very clearly, look, if we investigate this,
And we get to the bottom of it and there's nothing there.
I'll be the first guy to get out.
I'll be very happy to get on the airplane and to get on the helicopter and fly away and I'll go play golf the rest of my life.
No problem.
I just want an answer.
I don't want to be, he doesn't want to be wondering the rest of his life.
Did he get cheated out of the presidency of the United States?
And it is not inappropriate for the citizens to be demanding an answer to that question.
All the bad guys are trying to cut off investigation and discussion and exploration of that.
You know, today, Kemp, Governor Kemp was down in Georgia and he went somewhere to do some rally and he was mobbed by people saying, you're a traitor and all this stuff.
And he started lying and saying, oh, no one's done more for President Trump than I have and things like this.
It's all a lie.
We have to confront our politicians, just like the goons are confronting people, except we do it like adults and we do it without threatening violence.
And we have to, American people cannot accept this and have to let their politicians know this is inappropriate.
We're not going to bend any to it.
We just want an answer.
We want an investigation and we want an answer.
Alright Patrick, you know, and by the way, what you're describing there with the goons and the thugs in the streets, that's the definition of terrorism.
Now that's my words, not Patrick's, but that's what it is when they're out beating us and intimidating us in the streets.
One more quick question.
Did the issue of internet censorship come up in the White House meetings?
Because you talk about the iron curtain around Trump.
I mean, we know he's on Twitter, but if the information isn't on there because it's being censored, is he still getting it?
He's, uh, well there's really, there's an iron curtain around him and there's an iron curtain around the American people.
You can't say certain things on Twitter, you can't put certain things on YouTube.
When did, when did this happen in America?
You know, hydrochloroquine.
I wonder if it's still illegal on YouTube to discuss the dangerous hydrochloroquine.
He's got an iron curtain around him.
We have one about us around us.
Listen, it's not going to get any better.
If you bend a knee to this, it's going to get worse and worse and worse.
The craziness you experienced in the last year is going to get worse.
Thank you so much, Patrick Byrne.
We salute you.
Look forward to talking again soon and seeing you in D.C.
The globalists want you sick.
They want you emasculated.
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They want you dumbed down.
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We were here four years ago when President Trump was inaugurated right there.
And they tore that stage down the day after, January 21st.
Now they're rebuilding the stage.
Why is that so huge?
Because Biden says he's not doing inauguration.
He's doing a virtual inauguration.
Why are they building the inauguration stage?
Here in December when they say Trump's lost because Trump hasn't lost and the fight is still going on.
This is huge.
So you always thank me.
I want to thank you for keeping Infowars in the fight, for keeping us on air, and by allowing us to
Have a people's platform that exposes the globalists.
The only way they win is by having total media superiority.
But they don't.
And their big tech censorship has only angered and awakened the world.
So as long as we have platforms to chronicle the latest developments live time and reach out to others, InfoWars continues to be the talking points memo.
We produce the talking points based on truth, not on lies.
And that's why it's not bragging.
I got to say it.
I thank God for this position.
I thank God for the Providence.
I am humbled.
I am a dirty rag compared to God.
I am nothing but I'm a vessel that's willing and I've been praying for 27 plus years to be used by God to fight against the Satanists and against their world government plan and God has lifted me up and raised me up to do it and I am I am humbled I'm thankful and it's been your prayers and your financial support your word of mouth that has sustained us
We're good to go.
As bad as things are, the awakening's here.
Our traffic is exploding thanks to you.
Your traffic is exploding.
We're doing this together, so thank you all.
Please take action and God bless.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
We're back here live on the Alex Jones Show.
We've changed lanes, but it's the same highway.
You're hearing talk about President Trump lining up pardons.
Whether or not that's fake news or what's really going on, we'll have to wait and see.
But there is no doubt, an individual who deserves a pardon, perhaps more than anybody else, is Julian Assange.
Now, the website is PardonAssange.com.
And we'd love for Julian's people or whoever else to take control of this website if they would like.
The hashtag is PardonAssangeNow and we need to get this message to President Trump now.
A pardon of Julian Assange from the President is just another step for the President to say, look, I'm with you, the people, I'm not with the deep state, and I'm glad there's somebody out there exposing the fake wars.
Now, Cassandra Varavans has been an intermediary between Julian Assange and the American press for some time.
I'm not sure the last time they've spoke, but she joins us now to discuss this.
Cassandra, what are you hearing, if anything, about a potential pardon for Julian Assange and how do we get this message to the President to try to spur this action?
Hey, well actually you guys already donated pardon Assange to the cause and somebody created a tool which shows it goes through the last thousand or so people who have influenced Trump's Twitter feed and
And you can use it to tweet directly at them.
It'll show you 50 random people every time you reload who have either been in Trump's Twitter feed or have influenced things that he's retweeted.
And if you could go use that and kindly request that they
You know, send a message of support for Julian Assange and for pardoning him.
That would be really helpful and really great.
You know, and it's funny, I remember when we first made PardonAssange.com, I went out for a week in Texas with a clipboard and we just did the old school paper technique.
And I literally just got people to sign pieces of paper and I had to go in and put that all in the system to email out updates and stuff.
But you're saying now people can go there and they can send a message, they can register for updates and stuff?
Yeah, everything you need will be right there.
You just click on the button and it'll show you 50 random people from the last thousand.
Who have, you know, influenced his feed.
And so those are people that we need to be tweeting support for Apartan.
And if you could just nicely message them and say, Hey, do you support Apartan for Julian?
Could you maybe share it?
Um, or whatever, whatever message you like, just be nice.
Um, that could be a really big help for the cause.
Make the case right now.
You don't, I mean, we've got seven minutes here.
You probably can make it concise, but you may go long here.
Make the case for Trump to pardon Julian Assange.
Well, Julian Assange was not even the first person to publish the war logs that he's being charged for.
They had already leaked.
They were on Cryptome.org.
They were on Pirate Bay.
Nobody has been charged besides him.
How do you charge the third or fourth or fifth person who published something and not the first two?
So, it's not fair on that front.
It shows that it's clearly political.
Also, there's people like Heritage Foundation who have been pushing these malicious lies that Julian got people killed with these publications.
That's not true.
The Pentagon has repeatedly said that that's not true.
They said it during the Manning trial.
The U.S.
prosecutors during the extradition hearing said that it's not true.
So, don't let the neocons push this lie, combat it whenever you see it.
Well, this is actually important because those claims that they're making about Assange could potentially be true, but not about Assange, it's about Hillary Clinton.
It's about the people that ran her State Department that released that information.
I mean, there were people killed because private information got leaked.
It wasn't Assange, it was people inside the Clinton State Department.
Well, and the Clinton State Department.
If you go over to Project Veritas, they had a video that just came out with 75 minutes of audio of Julian Assange making a phone call to the State Department.
It was one of seven phone calls where he was like, hey, this stuff is about to get out of control.
It's getting online because he had been going through and redacting everything for nine months and he was trying to release it in a
Yeah, exactly.
He believed that the information was important and people had a right to know it, but he also didn't want anybody to get killed over it.
So they were going through trying to do it responsibly.
It leaked online.
He called Hillary Clinton's State Department and was like, hey guys, we have a problem.
You know, maybe we should work together to try to mitigate damage here.
And they blew him off.
They repeatedly blew him off.
She had warning just like, you know, with Benghazi.
She blows off.
Any warning that she gets, she doesn't care.
Now that I'm thinking about this, I mean I know that there was an internal problem with a WikiLeaks person that he was addressing in that phone call, but now I'm beginning to wonder, did, let me ask you this, do you believe that the Hillary Clinton State Department actually framed Julian Assange, intentionally putting that information out there to then blame Julian Assange?
I don't know.
I mean, I couldn't really speculate on that, but anything's possible.
She's a terribly evil woman.
I'm no fan, as you know.
That wouldn't surprise me at all.
I mean, that's the kind of operations that Hillary Clinton runs.
I mean, like you said, this is a political evil genius, quite frankly.
I mean, I'll give her credit where credit's due.
She is an evil genius, politically, with some of the stuff that she's pulled off.
What are you hearing from inside of DC, you know, with people that you're talking to?
Is there pressure mounting in the White House to pardon Assange, or is it kind of just, you know, floating around?
Um, it's about 50-50.
There's a good amount of people in the White House who do support a pardon, and then there's a good amount of people who don't.
And it kind of just depends on who ends up with Trump's year, I think, at this point.
Um, you know, I was hearing for a while that he was gonna do it, and then I heard that he wavered.
Um, it's just been back and forth, and every source that I've talked to has heard different things.
So we really don't know, and we really just gotta try and keep pressure up, I think.
And make it clear that his supporters support this and that it would be, you know, not political suicide to do it.
Oh, not at all.
It'd be the exact opposite.
It'd be politically a slam dunk, in my opinion, and I think most fair intellectual observers here.
But, you know, I can say one name for sure.
Who's in Trump's ear telling him not to do this, and maybe there's similar people.
What do you make of Lindsey Graham?
I've stated my opinions on why I think Lindsey Graham is doing this, but why do you think Lindsey Graham is saying that Julian Assange is an evil person and should not be pardoned and belongs in jail?
What do you make of Lindsey Graham doing that, who's certainly trying to influence the president there?
Well, he's a neocon, and he's crooked, and he cares about the war lobby.
You know, he likes his donations from the military-industrial complex.
And he's never seen a bill for war he didn't sign.
Yeah, there's no nation that he hasn't wanted to bomb, I'm sure.
He's just like John McCain.
And, you know, Wikileaks really, when they released the war logs, support for war went down.
And they can't have that.
That hurts their donors and their bottom line and their wallet.
So they don't, you know, they don't want him free for that reason.
Well, and Trump is a peace president.
Trump is getting peace deals signed.
He hasn't started any fake wars.
The bombings that he has initiated, he's been very clear and transparent about what's going on with that, whether you support it or not.
There have been very little to no death in those bombings either.
They've been very strategic.
So, I mean, this to me could be kind of a capstone, if you will, in President Trump as the anti-war peace president to say, here's an individual who exposed all the fake wars.
Here's an individual who exposed all the criminals that got rich and perpetuated these fake wars.
Now let's actually come together as an entire planet to stop the fighting, to stop the wars that enrich people in D.C.
I think Trump has been great on it, and it really disappoints me that the left
When after him so hard, when I remember when I was on the left back in the day, we were protesting war.
Now they're like, let's just stick some more warmongers in there and get rid of this great peace president.
Um, yeah.
Well, it just shows how the left doesn't have any actual principles or ideals or foundation at all.
They're just reactive.
Oh, what is Trump like?
I'm against it.
Oh, what is a Trump supporter like?
I'm against it.
So sometimes they like war, sometimes they don't like war, sometimes they want to bomb, you know, millions of people in the Middle East under Obama, under Bush, they don't like it.
And by the way, most of this stuff that Assange really exposed was from the Bush administration.
So you know the neocons are in there trying to stop Trump from doing this.
Yeah, absolutely.
And you know what?
Another great thing that happened recently, Sarah Palin, back in the day he released her emails, she compared him to the Taliban, and she's now put out a video calling for his pardon, saying that she was wrong, and that she had been misled, and that she had, you know, made a mistake.
And I think we need more people to do that, and she's amazing for it.
I highly recommend going and finding that video.
It just shows that she's a real person, and people like Lindsey Graham are political hacks.
Cassandra Fairbanks, thank you so much.
The website, pardonassange.com.
The hashtag, pardonassange now.
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