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Name: 20201224_Thu_Alex
Air Date: Dec. 24, 2020
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In this broadcast, Alex Jones and Nick Fuentes discuss political issues such as the future of the Republican Party, concerns about COVID-19 vaccines, and the ongoing pandemic's impact on sports events like UFC. They call for vigilance against globalism and urge people to resist any potential loss of personal freedoms due to the current crisis.

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Ladies and gentlemen, we are live on this Thursday, December 17th transmission.
We have some of the biggest news, again, ever unfolding, but I first want to go to a very important report.
And then we will be back on the other side with the former CIA director calling for my arrest and why that's so important and how that ties into a bigger picture.
Again, I'm Alex Jones.
This is the Info War.
Stay with us.
Breaking, ladies and gentlemen, deep state darling.
Michael Hayden has called for my arrest.
Well, guess what, my friend?
I call for your arrest for your crimes against humanity.
My understanding is that the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution specifies that you must
have probable cause to be able to do a search that does not violate an American's right
against unlawful searches and seizures.
The Fourth Amendment actually protects all of us against unreasonable search and seizure.
The measure is probable cause, I believe.
The amendment says unreasonable search and seizure.
But does it not say probable?
The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures shall not be violated.
No warrant shall issue but upon probable cause.
But upon probable cause.
Probable cause.
Probable cause.
Just to be very clear, okay?
And believe me, if there's any amendment to the Constitution that employees of the National Security Agency are familiar with, it's the fourth.
Oh my gosh, I'm so scared.
Former head of the NSA and CIA, deep state darling, little sugarplum doughboy himself, kind of the mini-me of Dr. Evil types, General Michael Hayden.
Has come out in a grieve of one of these leftist authoritarians on Twitter that I need to be arrested right now for death threatening Joe Biden.
But notice in the tweets, they don't show what I actually said.
I said, Joe Biden represents a politically dead system.
Joe Biden is the perfect emblematic spokesperson of the reanimated corpses.
So no, whatever happens, we will never give up.
We will never surrender.
We will never back down to the satanic, pedophile, globalist New World Order and their walking dead, reanimated corpse, Joe Biden.
And we will never recognize him.
President Trump had zero connection to Russians.
No proof.
Four years of investigation.
With the Bidens, it's open and shut.
So I don't know who's going to the White House in 38 days, but I sure know this.
Joe Biden is a globalist, and Joe Biden will be removed one way or another.
He is a fraud.
He is a doddering, senile individual that can barely talk.
Like General Hayden.
Notice you don't see Hayden out and about much more these days because he had a major stroke and has trouble talking.
And I don't wish that on the worst of people.
But if I say Hayden's expiration date is up, like the rest of this rotting political establishment, that means that you're rotting Physical condition is emblematic of your system being rejected worldwide.
You raped our rights with illegal spying.
You supported Obama and his illegal drone murders that he brags about.
You know, when Obama says, I killed a lot of people two weeks ago who were innocent, but I'm all for it, that's real people he killed at weddings.
When Apple helps run big giant death camps in China with millions of Muslims, Christians, and Buddhists in it, that's real death camps.
But the left fawning over the NSA and the FBI and the CIA.
Oh, the thousands, tens of thousands of tweets.
Just, oh, arrest Jones, kill Jones, get him, put him in prison.
He threatened our president.
Let's get one thing straight, Hayden.
If I wanted to threaten President-elect through fraud Biden, I would just say it.
But I don't want violence against him because that edifice, that husk being up there, damages the globalists in your entire system.
The only way you could get success is if you guys kill Biden and made him a victim.
So the last thing I want is one little hair.
On that skeleton man to be harmed.
I actually hope and pray that he and Pelosi and all of you... Alright, you can see this full report at Bandot Video.
It's very important.
But coming up, an even more important report dealing with civil war.
Then I'll be live.
The project for world government developed by the British Empire via Cecil Rhodes, then picked up by the Rockefeller family and the major robber barons to plant it by the 1920s, is all about corporate global governance.
And now you're seeing it.
It's not just the blue states, the blue cities, the communist and socialist nations all working in unison under UN control to establish a medical planetary dictatorship.
At the core of it is the Fortune 100 corporations, themselves funded by a handful of private central banking families.
The Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, the Dutch and British Royalty.
They hit the very heart of that.
Then you learn the Dutch and British Royalty aren't even Dutch or British at the same time.
But they go back to the literal Count Dracula and the wars in between Christendom and Islam.
Those that don't know history really are doomed to repeat it.
They're involved in ploting the world economy.
That's what the social distancing and the masks are all about.
It's about bankrupting local small businesses.
And those that comply are complying with your own destruction.
Wake up!
Big Brother Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want to stop tyranny?
Well, so does he.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
To accept who is really in charge of America, we need to know who they really are.
Because those in charge aren't occupying the three branches of government we pay our taxes to maintain, and they clearly aren't representing the sanctity of free and fair elections, after the Supreme Court just sunk the final knife into the back of our constitutional republic.
126 House Republicans and Attorneys General from 17 other red states had urged the court to take the case, but the justices tonight rejected it, saying Texas has demonstrated no legal interest in how other states conduct their elections.
Mr. Trump accused the justices of, quote, letting us down, showing no wisdom and no courage.
This after the court's 7-2 ruling rejected a push from Texas to block electors in four battleground states from voting in the Electoral College.
In rejecting the lawsuit, the court wrote, Texas has not demonstrated a judicially cognizable interest in the manner in which another state conducts its elections.
Meanwhile, the election fraud the establishment claims to be blind to is becoming increasingly creative and corrosive.
It's pretty simple.
Those who have the responsibility and run for the job of making our laws must follow our laws.
Aug referencing Richard Banton and Natasha Deming.
One a real candidate, the other a fake one who tried to claim she is a Latina woman named Natasha Ruiz.
The information contained in these documents is false.
Banton and Deming ran in the Democratic primary for House District 142.
The objective?
Take out longtime incumbent Harold Dutton.
The intent was to defraud the voters in House District 142.
Approximately 2,500 people voted for Ruiz, forcing Representative Dutton into a runoff with another candidate.
As far as the charges go, there are three felonies.
Felonies for tampering with a government document, as well as misdemeanors for election fraud and perjury.
But there's more.
This man, Damien Jones, a Democratic political consultant, also charged.
He's accused of threatening then-state representative Gina Kalani of District 132 in an effort to keep her out of her race.
The texted threat was intended to coerce Representative Kalani into resigning and not running for re-election, which then would have opened up that House district.
And the GOP could have done a lot more to support our election integrity, but they didn't.
President Trump said recently a big win is coming in the state of Georgia.
That's after he said a sham was underway there.
Do you know what he's talking about?
No, I know that we are going to do a risk-limiting audit, which will trigger a full statewide recount.
This is the new America we are free-falling into.
The billionaires have increased their wealth by 30% in 2020, while middle America has been decimated.
This is Jeff Bezos.
He is the richest person in the world.
Back in 2017, he became the world's first center billionaire.
That's a net worth of 100 billion U.S.
And having made tens of billions during the coronavirus pandemic, that figure is now a whole lot more.
How is that even possible?
It's incumbent upon all of us to recognize soberly that COVID-19 is not going away anytime soon.
The decision leaves Lam and other business owners wondering how they'll survive.
Like her, many have already exhausted their Paycheck Protection Program funds that helped them get through the first shutdown.
It's like we're jumping into a pool that doesn't have water.
A recipe for hyperinflation and an oncoming third world reality.
This, as the incoming administration will ignore the needed recovery time and money needed to restore 60% of America's failing small businesses, but at the same time boasting the passing of a $12 trillion reparations package.
If you elected president, would you sign that bill if it came across your desk?
When I am elected president, I will sign this.
As the far left pushes them into a $10-100 trillion green new deal
that will definitely put middle America in its grave.
Let's get a read on something else that's catching a lot of people's attention.
This Green New Deal that according to a guy who used to run the Congressional Budget Office, Douglas Eakin, he put pen to paper, started crunching things, spreadsheets and all of that and said it could be 93 Look, FDR's new deal sounded great.
It created tons of jobs.
This one proposed to do the same, but it sounded so expensive.
And I just knew that it was going to be in the trillions.
Now we know it's going to be possibly up to $93 trillion.
So, strategically speaking, the people who come out on the top on this are moderate Democrat presidential candidates like Klobuchar, who said, you know, this is aspirational, but I don't know how we're going to get there.
It's no wonder that the calls for a secession are gaining steam.
The chairman of the Texas GOP, Allen West, released a statement on the court's decision,
saying, "This decision will have far-reaching ramifications for the future of our constitutional
Perhaps law-abiding states should bond together and form a union of states that will abide
by the Constitution.
An age of tyranny is upon us.
Joe Biden will lead us into the Great Reset, reopen the border, and seriously restrict
the Second Amendment.
But it's likely that old Joe won't last through 2021 after leaks like this are championed
by the corporacratic media.
Let's not disappoint them.
And let's not get to a place where Boulders or Georgia begin to second guess.
Let's get something straight.
You shouldn't be disappointed.
What I've done so far is more than anybody else has done this far.
Number one.
Number two.
I mean what I say when I say it.
I mean what I say when I say it.
I'm the only person who's ever run On three platforms that I was told could not possibly win the election.
And I never ceased from it.
One was on restoring the soul of this country because of what I saw happen in Charlottesville.
That was it.
No one else was talking about it.
The words of presidents matter.
Nobody else.
No progressive.
Was talking about.
I did.
Now that your vote has been debased through open fraud, you really have no other choice as an American other than to organize as a massive resistance against the Biden-Harris Chinese corporatic insurgency that will be voted in by the Electoral College on Monday.
John Bowne reporting.
That's a very powerful report he cut Sunday that we never got to, so we went ahead and aired that now.
Not because I don't have a lot of news, but because it was so important and that's the big topic I want to put out to you today and I want to open the phones up and I want to ask you, do you understand or do you think your neighbors and friends and family understand what this globalist communist revolution is going to look like?
It's going to look like past communist revolutions with a high-tech overlay.
And so I'm going to try to be as judicious as I can today to lay out what that future
is going to look like so people understand how dystopic it is and how the more they promise all
this free stuff the worse things are going to get. And that's a historical fact. These are big
mega banks offshore. They've done this to other countries countless times. This is a formula
where people in 10 years will not recognize the United States.
Hell, not in a year.
But it's just going to get progressively worse because the globalists will sit offshore extracting everything for 20, 30 years until we totally go back to road warrior-like scenarios.
Then they'll come back in, re-stabilize it, and build it back up.
But, if we don't have a chance to save the Republic, now is the time to begin your exits.
The problem is, it's a global government, nowhere really to run.
There's usually a few safe spots for the globalists, and if you've got a lot of money, you can go to those places, but in the future, if they don't like your politics, they're not going to let you in.
So this is a real Hunger Games scenario, and it all matters what sector, what region you're living in.
This is all a world government plan.
With 34 days left until they install their...
Frontman Biden, who said, you know, I've run on something nobody else ever ran on, communism.
And he finally won by fraud.
They're saying, I'm not giving up.
We shouldn't give up.
We need to keep fighting to expose the fraud of the election.
Trump is 100 percent right.
We're going to look at all the latest developments on that as well.
And I've got a really huge announcement coming up at the bottom of the hour about the future of Infowars and about this organization and a restructuring we're going to be doing that will be announced today.
I've waited long enough, and I've told folks about how we're under attack and what's going on with InfoWars.
And I don't think people take that serious sometimes, but InfoWars is fighting for its life.
Just like the rest of the country and the rest of the world is.
We don't get globalist money.
We didn't get the $10.6 billion that Black Lives Matter got from the New World Order.
And the only money we get is from you.
And we can't fight if you don't support us.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us. 2020 was supposed to be a banner year, a year now defined by a global pandemic.
The NBA is suspending the season.
MLB spring training, NHL regular season, March Madness canceled.
It will forever be known as the day sports shut down.
While sports across the globe go dark, Dana White says the show will go on for UFC.
Why is Dana White comfortable continuing?
Dana White is somebody with a flawed intelligence.
You ought to be ashamed of yourself.
More doubts this should even be attempted.
There's still a medical danger here.
Really negligent decision-making to make a box.
There was an article in the New York Times today that was very critical.
I don't give a fuck.
It seems dangerous.
It seems foolish.
They're doing a sporting events thing.
There's no way to 100% guarantee the safety of everybody.
We don't dictate the timeline.
The virus is the one in charge here.
This isn't something that should be happening.
So many risks involved in this.
There's no way they come out of this completely unscathed.
This whole damn idea is reckless!
Dana White's legacy.
Pay me.
Even if I put you in serious and potentially fatal harm.
Lining your pockets with money is more important than the safety of the production staff and the people you have fighting for you.
You can't make it totally safe and it's all fun and games until someone gets this thing.
You're not listening.
It is purely green.
This is totally negative for mixed martial arts in the UFC.
And I'm not sure it's one that they'll get over for a while.
Dana's way off here.
Way wrong.
The virus forced businesses across the country to close their doors.
The global fear of COVID-19 as cases around the world continue to grow.
I'm not afraid of the media.
Why should anyone listen to the media?
Who are these people?
What makes them experts?
What have they ever accomplished?
They criticize me for even trying to find a way forward because it's easy to criticize from the sidelines when you risk nothing and do nothing.
But we need to fight this thing.
Instead of panicking, let's find solutions.
Is it feasible that UFC could go off in a month?
I don't see how.
Three fight cards have been announced in Jacksonville.
On our way to Jacksonville, baby.
If the UFC or any of these organizations want to go to Florida, that's a recipe for disaster.
I've also secured an island.
We're going to do all of our international fights on this island.
Dana White devised an insane workaround.
The UFC is apparently building a facility on a private island that they're calling Fight Island.
It's such a stupid idea. I don't really have any trust in them making it something that's marketable or cool
We're gonna do everything above and beyond to make sure that everybody is safe
Even if you believe they're taking all the precautions, it's still a very high-risk scenario.
There's just no way to completely eliminate the risk that someone could get sick.
The media are not in the news business.
They're in the clickbait business.
They think negativity sells and gets clicks.
So that's what they deliver.
Negativity is their product.
But I'm not gonna let that stop me.
Anytime there's great success, it's surrounded by negativity.
But here's the reality.
None of the media people know anything about this business.
A lot of people did not want this to happen.
But what we're really good at is proving people wrong.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order is...
It's Alex Jones.
Live from the Infowars.com studios, you're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
(upbeat music)
So, has Trump lost the election?
Do the globalists have us?
Du hast.
You got me.
Du hast, Mitch.
Do they have us?
Well, I think it's like saying does Moby Dick have Captain Ahab?
I think we basically have each other.
We're in a death battle.
A titanous war.
And Trump is swinging for the fences.
Trump tried to turn our economy back on, get us out of the globalist system.
He did, really, a splendid job on many fronts.
Made some big mistakes.
And still with 34 days left, if he levels with the American people in resolute desk speeches, and asks for 10 million Americans to march on Washington peacefully, and to march on all our other capitals to demonstrate that we know there's massive election fraud, and that we repudiate the globalist corporate media, The NWO has a very good chance of folding up and backing down because then the Justice Department and others will have the courage to do the right thing and prosecute.
You see, federal raids that the media tried to say didn't exist this weekend now confirmed on this big server farm run by the DNC and the Democrats tied to the elections.
SolarWinds, now confirmed.
You see all these Jeffrey Epstein associates being arrested in Canada and in France the last two days.
The latest is a major associate of Jeffrey Epstein was arrested in France on sex charges.
She was trying to fly out of the country according to French media.
Jean-Luc Bernal was arrested at the Rossi Airport as he was trying to board a flight to Senegal, a country in West Africa which was once a French colony.
Modeling agent and former close associate Jeffrey Epstein, Jean-Luc Brunel, was arrested in Rossi Airport as he was trying to leave.
Guess who else was arrested?
Peter Nygaard, with his own little personal sex dungeon island in the Caribbean.
It's the same stuff over and over again.
These guys are the pimps for the globalist deep state.
And the fact that they're being rolled up shows you that there is a giant internal globalist conflict going on between those that want the nation states and those that don't want total evil and destruction of the West and those that are signed on to this planetary dictatorship nightmare dystopia.
So there is a lot of hope and there's a big awakening to globalism and we've already come so far in a deadly match like this, a gladiatorial event You're going to have most of the contest where both opponents get hurt really bad, only one comes out on top.
So, if you had to look at this as a 12-round boxing match, we're about six rounds in, Muhammad Ali versus Frazier, and you can't really tell who's winning here.
So, it comes down to stamina and energy and focus and will, or the eye of the tiger, total commitment.
You're not there thinking about winning the fight, you're winning the fight.
It's that zone you gotta get in.
Spiritually, culturally.
And it means everywhere I go.
I tell people about the HIV virus and many of the vaccines.
Everywhere I go.
I'm walking down the street.
And I see 30 black people walking down the street in D.C.
and I walk right up and I say, listen, I need you to know there's a global depopulation operation and blacks are being targeted.
These vaccines are tailored to attack you.
Read these reports.
They say, really?
And I hold my phone up and show them the reports.
Pissing off the globalists like no one has ever seen.
That's why they're calling for my arrest all over the news.
It's why Media Matters is calling for my arrest, saying I'm going to kill people by exposing the vaccine, saying that there's nothing wrong with any vaccines, even though I have all the proof and all the evidence right here.
And for me telling black folks and white folks and everybody else that it's not a virtue signal, I'm not going to just be on the radio or TV.
I'm going to be at the grocery store.
I'm going to be at church.
I'm going to be on the streets.
I'm going to be on the hike and bike trail.
I'm going to be in the gas stations.
I'm going to be at the auto parts store.
I'm going to talk to everybody in the restaurants.
And I'm going to do it, and it's never going to stop.
And when you do it, we will override the enemy, and it'll be done.
George Soros is taking over our law enforcement, our prosecutors, our DAs, our attorney generals.
He's taking over our food.
He's taking over the vaccines.
He's taking over all the censorship.
And he funds Black Lives Matter and tricks the public into giving Black Lives Matter $10.6 billion.
They've got numbers out on it where about 98% of it goes to rich, white, billionaire men.
While bizarre, obese, Marxist-Leninist witches, the three founders, are witches.
They do black magic rituals on TV, saying they want the blood of innocents.
And then they divert their money to their Satan master, Soros.
I mean, this is all about total deception and total evil.
And InfoWars, I'm giving you the good news.
InfoWars has three to five times the audience on a day-to-day basis that we've ever had except for right around the last election.
And that's despite all the deplatforming.
What we do not have is the funding we had then.
And so I'm the type of guy that has kept everybody employed, kept the shows going, kept us in the field, kept funding everything, mortgaged my house a year ago.
To be able to have emergency funding to run this operation, to take care of shortfalls.
But I can look at the other things I have as an emergency backup, and it wouldn't fund this place for a month if I had to liquidate everything I've got.
Because this is a big operation.
Our own satellites, our own IT, our own feeds, our own everything, all the DNC lawsuits against us, everything.
We were supposed to be off air long ago.
Now is the most important time for us to be on air ever.
So I thank you and I appreciate you coming up to me on the street and shaking my hand and saying I love X2.
I love DNA Force.
You know, I love Turbo Force.
I love bodies.
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Got tested again.
He came in on Monday or Tuesday.
He said, look at this.
I got tested.
Started taking Supramental Vitality and look at my numbers.
It was incredible.
I had to check with lawyers if we could even show you this stuff.
Because, you know, the system's so corrupt, you're not supposed to even know what herbs can do.
But that's the type of things that are happening and that are going on.
And I'm just here to tell you.
And you've come through over and over again.
I keep telling you, we can't keep operating, we can't keep doing it at this level if you don't support us, if you don't pray for us, if you don't spread the word.
We're way more hardcore than Newsmax, OAN, everybody else, and I love them!
I hope they get more hardcore than I am, and I like OAN.
You know, we're on cloud TV, number one, and that's the same folks as the cloud that are the same folks as OAN.
So they're great people, and we're bringing them along.
You're bringing them along.
But we need your word of mouth, and we need your financial support and your prayer now more than ever.
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Infowarstore.com and back in stock, Living Defense, Living Defense, Living Defense.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us with big announcement.
They want you emasculated.
They want you dehumanized.
They want you dumbed down.
They want you to be a weak, pathetic slave.
And they start that control system by dumbing you down for birth and never letting you know the truth of what is unfolding.
It is simply disgusting.
Ever hear the establishment telling you that vitamin D3 is vital?
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Phil, thank you for calling.
First off, Commander-in-Chief needs to stand up and be Commander-in-Chief.
Every night I'm going to bed, I'm praying for you, I'm praying for all the info warriors, I'm more praying for all the humans that don't know what's really coming to them.
Everybody takes me as wrong, thinking I'm like, I get angry because I want something.
No, this is about humanity.
Humans are being taken over.
Now, I'm noticing a lack of concern because everybody is addicted to their Facebook and their Instagram.
They can't just put it down.
Now's not the time to be lacked for concern.
Commander-in-Chief, his first duty is protect our citizens and protect this country, and him as a president wouldn't be calling martial law if he just simply comes out and explains.
They're ignoring the little radio shows and Fox Business he goes on.
He needs to be Resolute Desk, giving speeches to the American people, laying out what's happened.
Because this has been going on for 25 years, he's only been for four years, he's been able to expose everything that's been going on.
But we all have to be there, the 5th and the 6th, and not for a party thing, not for any reason like that.
We all need to be off of the streets before the dark falls, because that's when the Democrats send out their Antifa rally people to come and attack families and stuff like that.
We need to be there that entire week.
We are protesting and getting Trump back into our offices on the weekends.
We should be at our state capitals.
We have the right to remove any one of the senators in any one of their state positions because those are our state buildings.
Those are the senators or the governor's buildings.
Those are the people's buildings that we have elected officials in there to be governing just to make sure that we follow the laws that need to be followed not to be Making their names bigger and and moving on to making sure
that I totally agree with you We have been sold out watch the American Journal weekday
mornings 8 to 11 central at band video Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World
Order, it's Alex Jones You
You Be my Frankenstein
Okay, so let's go ahead and lay it out I'm just start by yeah
This country is under attack.
This country is being absorbed by world government.
And everything you saw before this was just a prelude, was a probe, was a beta test.
Now things are going to go into high gear.
And if you don't submit to the system, They're going to come after you.
And those of us that are prominent and fighting it are going to be gone after first.
And we've already been under major attack here at hundreds of different levels.
And because of your support, your prayers, we've been able to stay on air.
But the cultural upheaval they plan to trigger and the economic degradation they plan to accelerate is so criminal That just sitting back and calmly taking all of this is something that we can't do.
This is not business as usual.
You know, I talked about that in a live feed I did in DC last Saturday.
And I said, it's just not normal to even do a radio show about this or a TV show to keep just talking about it.
The fact that there's HIV virus in the main vaccine in Australia, and they had to cancel 50 million dosages of it because it was creating a positive HIV test, and the fact they tried to spin that as, oh, it's just the dead virus, it's not a problem, but it's a live virus vaccine.
Shows you how incredible this is, and the normal behavior would be to run down the street screaming, warning people.
And so, you know, I said on Joe Rogan's show, five weeks ago, I said, I've thought about retiring.
And the media thought that was just, you know, Jones trying to act like he's this reluctant hero.
But no, that's not what it is.
I only dream about this stuff 90% of the time.
Used to 5% of the time.
I have basically no life other than this.
It's all I do, and I still feel like I'm not doing enough, but I'm not going to quit.
And it is extremely stressful.
You see presidents who go into office and in six months their hair is gray because they're having to look at thousands of data points and make thousands of decisions a day, and that will kill you!
Now, I don't want to liken myself to a U.S.
president, but this job is about as close as it gets.
Looking at all the intel reports, talking to all the experts, talking and vetting information, working long hours, really caring about people, being informed, trying to promote policies that are the best for everyone and that are fair and just and good and empowering.
And then you have the huge guilt that you're not doing a good enough job and then you see other people who think it's all funny or it's a joke or who are Monday morning quarterbacks who know how to do it all just perfectly but never put their skin in the game.
So it's been the greatest pleasure of my life, 27 years on air, knowing all of you and fighting the New World Order and doing all of this.
And I'm not going anywhere yet.
But you need to know a new chapter's here.
You know, when I tell you that the CIA follows us around and the FBI and the Secret Service now, and they come and sit down next to us at the restaurants and tell us that, they come visit us at the hotel and turn our cell phones off so we can't videotape them, and that, you know, the former director of the CIA comes out and says he wants to be arrested on Twitter, that isn't me scared.
That's not me afraid.
That's just InfoWars entering a new chapter of life.
Just like you're entering a new chapter of life.
And so, I'm here to tell you that I'm not gonna back down.
And I'm going to do exactly what I think is the most moral and best thing to do.
And that starts with not being a nice guy anymore.
Not being delusional about where we stand and what we can do.
And the fact that I have this tendency to never even shake up things in my own operations because I'm so loyal even though to the point of our operation not being able to function.
And so I pledge to you that I'm going to work harder in the fight against the New World Order and I'm asking you to fight harder against the globalists.
But I've already explained to you we had to let Caitlin Bennett go because we couldn't pay her anymore.
We had to let Millie Weaver go.
And God bless Caitlin Bennett, she hasn't made up a bunch of stuff about us because we let her go.
You've seen what Millie's done.
God bless her.
It's okay.
She did a lot of great work in the past.
You think I enjoyed doing that?
Paul Watson.
He's off on his own.
But Paul still is a team player and does a great job.
But he understands.
But I've got this great crew in here that's busting their ass.
I mean, three, four years ago, when I still had plenty of money, I was funding dozens of organizations, dozens of groups that were doing great work.
I was taking the money you sent us buying products and sending it out where I thought it was key to fight the New World Order.
I'm down to funding three or four organizations outside of our own operation now.
I've been cut back to a hill I'm on.
And I'll die on this hill.
But, everybody sits here and hears me say that, you don't think I'm serious.
So, we're going to have to reorganize, and we're going to have to rethink what we're doing.
I'm going to stay on the air four hours a day, so is on for three hours a day.
I've got to cancel the nighttime election countdown show, just because there's not the crew, there's not the funds, there's not the money.
And we're going to have to reorganize some of the other shows, and then revamp them and relaunch them, because I never give up.
But I can't stop working.
give out. It's like an old horse. Your horses will run and run and run until their heart blows up.
Any good horse will run until its heart blows. It won't stop. You keep running a horse, it'll go
until it dies. And, you know, I've metaphysically but also physically got to that point. I can't
stop working. I've got to take a week off. I've got to turn everything off.
I've gotta do it.
And it doesn't matter we're in the middle of this giant battle.
Because I know when smoke's coming out of the race car engine, you gotta pull over and get oil put in there.
So I thank you all for your support and I love you and I appreciate you.
The last straw was this morning.
I got up and I saw this number.
Black Lives Matter raised $10.6 billion since May.
When you go in a coffee shop like Starbucks or anywhere and they say give it to Black Lives Matter, that's just the communists and the globalists and Soros collecting money.
The DNC on record got $4 billion of it.
Of the $10 billion.
Last time I checked.
Look how much the DNC got of that.
That was a few months ago.
That was $4 billion that I read they'd gotten.
Who knows what it is now.
Of the $10.6 billion.
So, and by the way, these are old numbers.
Numbers always come out a few months after.
So a few months ago, they'd already raised $10.6 billion.
10.6 billion dollars to run around and say America sucks, white people are evil, burn down America, communism's good, and it's all Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg, these weird creepy people that hate everybody, that are well known for not helping their employees or even giving tips.
You don't mean employ one of these guys?
I mean, they'll do nothing to help you.
And they're monsters.
But you know what?
Bezos doubled his money this year.
Black Lives Matter made $10.6 billion to piss on America's grave.
And I'm sitting here, barely able to pay the bills and run this operation, and we're as big as it gets in the fight against the globalists.
We have bigger numbers than Newsmax, bigger than OAN, bigger than all of it.
And God bless them.
I wish those groups were bigger than us.
And we're sitting here, and we have your support, and that's it.
So, I intend to redouble my efforts, actually.
I'm going to take off a few days on Christmas, and then I'm going to come in here and I'm going to do even more shows and fight even harder and get even more focus for you in this critical time.
But I just ask you to remember that if you do your shopping in a big box store and not a mom and pop, if you're watching CNN instead of listening to local radio stations spreading the word, if you're buying your products from Amazon instead of InfoWareStore.com, then you might as well just jump off a cliff, because these people are out to get you.
The Great Reset is on record, Agenda 2030, to get rid of all the middle class and all the small companies.
Just do your Christmas shopping at m4warstore.com and we'll expand.
But if you don't, we'll contract.
And so, we're reassessing right now, and InfoWars is contracting ahead of a big offensive.
Now I'm gonna decide whether it's our big last offensive, or just the next of many.
But I promise you this, we'll go out in a fiery inferno of liberty, in a peaceful operation of total victory.
Now let's go to Old Dude in Missouri.
Old Dude, thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
First off, man, hey, I just want to thank you for what you've done.
I know you hear that a lot.
You've been very influential in a lot of people's lives.
Second thing I want to say is the bodies and the X2 is amazing.
I played football in college.
I had some injuries, and the bodies allows me to do things that most people my age just can't do.
I mean, I went out and played flag football here a few weeks ago and was running with guys that were in their early 20s, and I'm almost 40.
So the products are awesome.
As far as what Donald Trump could do is make a call out to all local law enforcement and militias to organize all able-bodied patriots.
And now I realize he would be signaling to the people who have control over things in the economy and they could take some steps.
But if we can organize together, I feel like that could be an effective thing that we could do to keep our own local communities safe.
That's right, brother.
It is a spiritual war, and we see the enemy attacking.
That's because the enemy knows it's in trouble.
It's been forced out in the open.
So as negative as this is at one level, I see it as very, very positive at others.
So people need to organize, and they need to stand on the foundation of reality that God has provided us.
through Jesus Christ and the people who brought the message forth to the world
and understand that we have God on our side because the literal
essence of his truth is written in his words and communicated
to humanity.
Not Bill Gates, not Barack Obama, not Joe Biden, but Jesus Christ is King!
And God gave us and rose up Donald Trump to stand against the enemy and draw out the enemy.
So as dark as some of these days are, understand this is the beginning of the great revival before the Antichrist comes!
We were here four years ago when President Trump was inaugurated right there.
And they tore that stage down the day after, January 21st.
Now they're rebuilding the stage.
Why is that so huge?
Because Biden says he's not doing inauguration.
He's doing a virtual inauguration.
Why are they building the inauguration stage?
Here in December when they say Trump's lost because Trump hasn't lost and the fight is still going on.
This is huge.
So you always thank me.
I want to thank you for keeping Infowars in the fight, for keeping us on air, and by allowing us to Have a people's platform that exposes the globalists.
The only way they win is by having total media superiority.
But they don't.
And their big tech censorship has only angered and awakened the world.
So as long as we have platforms to chronicle the latest developments, live time, and reach out to others, InfoWars continues to be the talking points memo.
We produce the talking points based on truth, not on lies.
And that's why.
It's not bragging, I gotta say it.
I thank God for this position.
I thank God for the Providence.
I am humbled.
I am a dirty rag compared to God.
I am nothing but I'm a vessel that's willing and I've been praying for
27 plus years To be used by God the fight against the Satanist and
against their world government plan and God has lifted me up and raised me
Up to do it and I am I am humbled I'm thankful and it's been your prayers and your financial
support your word of mouth that has sustained us and sustained this Republic
So don't believe the Psyops. Don't believe the globalist president Trump got elected
We exposed the fraud and we've drawn the enemy out and we have a real chance of winning and getting Trump back in and
exposing fraud But regardless we go on and we fight and we never back down
That's our job at info wars.com. That's our job at news wars.com. That's our job at van dot video and
as bad as things are the awakenings here
Our traffic is exploding thanks to you.
Your traffic is exploding.
We're doing this together.
So thank you all.
Please take action and God bless.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order.
It's Alex Jones.
A Monday worry, a mean, mean stride.
Today's Tom Sawyer, mean, mean pride.
We got a big broadcast lined up for you in the next few hours.
Professor Frances A. Boyle is really upset as we now learn that one of the main vaccines, the mRNA vaccine, was created by DARPA and was already prepared years ago, which we already basically knew that came out.
They had all sorts of these COVID-type vaccines ready on the shelf.
This is part of a bigger rollout, really sinister.
We are learning from top medical firms and top scientists that we've cited here.
That they are jacking with the vaccines, that they are having characteristics that reduce fertility, that cause autoimmune disorders, that can cause your immune system to go haywire with an echinocyte storm.
And now you see people being hospitalized all over the world when they start taking The COVID-19 vaccines.
That's in the news today.
But paradoxically, Media Matters and CNN and all the other Soros satanic mouthpieces say, oh no!
Jones is insane.
He needs to be arrested.
No one's sick.
There's no side effects.
I'm going to show you Media Matters saying just that coming up next hour.
And then Cassandra Fairbanks couldn't come on yesterday.
She was in the mountains and her internet went out.
She's the main liaison with Julian Assange.
Talking about pardons with Cassandra Fairbanks and then former Navy SEAL, best-selling author, great patriot Matt Bracken in the fourth hour ahead of the war room.
Let's get into it right now.
Look at these headlines concerning the takeover.
Mexico's president slams lockdowns as a form of dictatorship.
Well, William Barr called it the greatest form of dictatorship since slavery.
I mean, when you're locked in your house, and you're told you're not essential, and your business goes bankrupted, and now they're coming saying they got forced inoculations, and then they act like, oh, it's weird, it's crazy, arrest Alex Jones, he says they might hurt you.
This is just next level.
So I like Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.
He's a socialist.
But he is a real socialist and by that I mean he's a populist socialist and is actually trying to get higher wages for people and trying to get corporations to actually not be tax exempt.
I don't agree with that model long term but he met with Trump, he actually liked Trump once he heard what Trump wanted to do was make poor people wealthy.
He's come out and said he thought the election may have been stolen from Trump because he's had an election stolen from him and now He's saying we should not do a second lockdown.
This kills our people and is much worse than the virus, which it is.
I mean, the U.N.
admits tens of millions are starving to death.
Millions have already starved to death.
Hundreds of millions can starve to death.
Billions are going into poverty.
They're calling it because of the virus.
No, because of the lockdown.
The popular leader known as Amello, by his supporters, said that COVID-19 lockdowns were fashionable among authorities who want to show they are heavy-handed dictatorship.
Well, yeah, remember what Justin Trudeau said.
He said, I love China.
They've got the best dictatorship.
I want to be a dictator.
I mean, this is, look, it's out.
And he said, we want Agenda 2030 to be like China.
That's where they decide who stays open, who doesn't.
That's martial law, ladies and gentlemen.
Super hardcore martial law, where some stay open, some don't.
A lot of them are letting their authoritarian instincts show, he added, noting that the fundamental thing is the guarantee of liberty.
Am I saying that right?
I always get names wrong.
Also insisted that mask wearing should be voluntary and not mandatory by the state.
Wow, I may have to move to Mexico.
I'm serious.
We're about to be worse than Mexico.
I'm serious.
As National File highlights, other Latin American countries have imposed strict lockdowns He has spoken out against stay-at-home orders, although authorities in different regions have.
For example, the third most populous state in Mexico, currently governed by the opposition-left Liberal Citizens Movement, has introduced a mask mandate in all public areas.
Other states have gone further, still introducing stay-at-home orders and shutting non-essential businesses.
Even state-governed by coronavirus politicians, such as Guaido Leone and others have adopted strict lockdown
So this is just insane.
And Mexico will be collapsed if they don't keep their economy open and if tourism doesn't turn back on.
It will get flooded. They have to pay for it all.
And the cycle just continues on and on and on and on.
He's got to come out, and actually he has, and say, take your vitamins.
This is just the same as the flu.
We can't be scared of our own shadows.
This is total crap.
I mean, as much sunshine as they've got in Mexico, they shouldn't have any problem with this virus.
Continuing here, Twitter says it will remove all posts claiming vaccines can harm people.
Steve Watson, InfoWars.com.
It says, the vaccines are good.
There's no problem.
We listen to the UN and Big Pharma.
They actually say, pharma companies tell us it's safe and effective.
The insert says it can give you narcolepsy, Guillain-Barré's, cancer, convulsions, thousands of other types.
I mean, it's just, pancreatitis.
But, oh!
Sorry, can't talk about what happens to you or your daughter or your son.
I'm gonna show this video.
You guys can cue it up.
Fake shot!
Local news airs healthcare worker receiving empty vaccine.
And remember the Golden Globes two years ago?
They did the same thing there with the flu shot with nurses coming out doing fake shots and later came out that it was a fake shot.
Well, we don't have that now.
We'll just play it next hour.
Oh, so we do have it.
Go ahead and turn it up, please.
So roll up your sleeves, Hollywood, because you're all getting flu shots!
You know you want to sleep with him for a reason!
Excuse me, ma'am.
You're definitely going to want to get the phone.
Totally fake.
They admitted it was fake.
They know the public's so dumb, they think it's safe.
Puzzling with huge needles, five times the size, going through the clothing,
absolute crap.
Now we have local NBC caught with a fake shot.
There's nothing in the plunger.
The plunger's all the way down.
You can watch the video at Infowars.com and doing fake shots.
Well, why wouldn't you just give them a real shot?
Watch this.
Plunger all the way down.
Nothing in the injector.
Oh, but I told you that health authorities would fake giving themselves shots because no one in their right mind wants to be sterilized.
And Media Matters said I should be arrested.
What a group of sick, evil criminals.
You know over at Media Matters, they're not taking any of the shots.
Oh no, they're not.
So Media Matters, put that in your pipe and smoke it.
COVID-19 vaccine, three groups of people who shouldn't get the shot, under 16, pregnant women, and people over 75.
Oh, but Media Matters says it's a conspiracy theory that I warned people over 75 not to take it, and then I cite a top scientist on the EU advisory board saying it's basically a euthanasia weapon and hurts the old more than anybody.
Oh, and now the British government agrees, but Media Matters hopes you don't look that up.
Part of their criminal energy.
Australia COVID vaccine terminated due to HIV?
False positives.
Yeah, false positives.
Well, it had part of the virus in it.
No big deal.
Remember I told you it had the HIV virus in it 10 months ago because top prestigious universities came out and said it.
And I was the bad man.
Media matters, said George Soros.
Here's the article.
Alex Jones, coronavirus vaccine conspiracy theories are a public health threat.
And they go through all the false claims I make.
Meanwhile... Top scientist warns COVID-19 vaccine road to your doom.
That's Fox News with the top scientist on.
Top EU scientist warns COVID-19 vaccine linked to sterilization in women.
I show the whole official report.
COVID vaccines will target, destroy human reproductive systems.
Show mainline report.
Dr. Francis Boyle, author of the U.S.
Biological Weapons Law.
Bioweapons, mRNA vaccines violate Nuremberg rules against illegal testing.
They all attack all this real stuff.
Is there the authority?
A majority of Americans are against the Great Reset of Klaus Schwab.
It goes on and on.
We'll start the next hour, but please, I appreciate you all.
Spread the word about the broadcast.
You're doing that.
Our audience is exploding.
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All right, Dr. Francis Boyle, author of the U.S.
Biological Weapons Law, will be joining us next segment, dealing with the fact that DARPA, we'll tell you who those folks are, if you don't know, the Advanced Research Laboratories, that's kind of the real shadow government of it all, the mad scientist, is in control of one of the major vaccines.
In fact, guys, I had those articles yesterday, will you reprint those for me?
I have them here in my stack, I just can't find it.
So that's coming up next segment.
This is a corporate takeover, a global government corporate rape, where they're just launching untested illegal vaccines, waiving the laws, waiving the trials, then trying to cover up all the adverse reactions that are pouring out, calling for my arrest in the news because I'm scaring people and I'm going to cause a public health emergency.
The public health emergency is them Locking everything down and causing mass starvation and not telling people about vitamin D, vitamin C, other things.
The emergency is them covering up the release from Wuhan and where it came from.
Melinda Gates coming out and saying, oh, she didn't realize the economic crisis it would cause.
I mean, this is crazy.
And you see the motive as the big tech companies all have the biggest profit increases of their history.
Several of them have had double, double, Their profits, but guess who made more in profit than Amazon?
Black Lives Matter raised $10.6 billion since May.
And when you hear Black Lives Matter, that means Soros.
That means the Democratic Party.
Taking groups inside the nation and the world and saying, if you're brown and you're in Europe or you're in the U.S., you're owed something, white people are bad.
This will break society for good.
It's why you have to repudiate it.
And these big corporations are just as nasty as they come.
They want to have a universal guaranteed income.
They want to get everybody on the dole so they can make you take vaccines.
So when they tell you, "Black folks, we care about you.
We want to get you on a universal income.
We want you to have the vaccine."
It's because they're coming for you just like Tuskegee.
But let me tell you, we've had scientists on, we've read the reports that are on air.
This attacks everybody as well.
In fact, you guys go back into...
Monday or Tuesday stack.
I had that Wolfgang Wudarg and also the other scientists, the former chief scientist at Pfizer, he co-authored it, the emergency report.
That's got all the areas highlighted about the Pfizer vaccine and how they admit it could cause an autoimmune response or shut your immune system off or eat your placenta when you're forming it or just do, I mean, it's all right there.
This is not even hidden.
And then you've seen all the adverse reactions.
It's totally Insane.
And now Mexico's president's come out and slammed what's going on.
So we'll discuss it all with Dr. Boyle on the other side and how Media Matters is attacking him as well as myself.
But it seems like they're losing The war to suppress where this is really going.
I mean, how are they going to cover up all the people that get autoimmune compromised?
How are they going to cover up people that have cytokine storms and have convulsions?
Some fall down and hit their head and die.
I mean, they've got other articles out of California, out of Michigan, out of Alaska, where nurses that are being given because their front line are collapsing and having convulsions.
And having to be put in the hospital.
I mean, here's another example.
Why last week did the British government say, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, if you have an allergy to anything, peanuts, penicillin, bumblebees, bees, wasps, you know, just a whole list of things, do not take the COVID vaccines.
Because they had a lot of people getting sick in the hospital.
And now they say, you got to give the shot in a hospital with defibrillators.
So you can't have just the nurse or just the pharmacist at Walgreens or CVS or whatever they got there in the UK.
Similar stores.
I've been in drugstores there.
It looks just like Walgreens.
You can't take that in there.
You've got to go to a hospital or a clinic because they've got to be able to resuscitate your ass.
You know, that means restart your heart, restart your lungs.
Back in 60 seconds with Dr. Francis Boyle.
Stay with us.
World government is here.
And the system is publicly stealing this election from the biggest landslide and the biggest political realignment since 1776!
Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion or the three extra sides thereof.
Meaning, our forebears did not have separation of church and state as they spin it.
It means the state has no jurisdiction over any of us.
We will never give up.
We will never surrender.
We will never back down to the satanic pedigree.
It was never the Supreme Court's revolution.
It was never the Republican Party's revolution.
It was always our revolution!
Hi ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much for joining us on this live Thursday, December 17th, worldwide broadcast.
Dr. Francis A. Boyle is the author of the U.S.
Biological Weapons Law, also a major advisor on the U.N.
World Weapons Treaty, and we're routinely in contact with him, and he was very upset about articles that came out in the last few days showing DARPA's relationship with some of the main vaccines that are now being approved and rolled out on the public, and so we're Really not pleased to have him on.
We wish this wasn't unfolding.
We wish this wasn't happening.
We're talking about why that's so important.
Go back to the big developments.
They suspended the 50 million vaccines that were being deployed there in Australia because people were coming up as positive for HIV.
They said, oh, well, there's part of the HIV virus in there.
Just don't worry about it.
We told you that 10 months ago.
Dr. Boyle warned of it then.
So now they're really trying to cover up this thing.
It's almost like an exercise in Too evil to fail.
Roll this out.
People get sick.
You get vaccine immunity.
Not from the disease, but the vaccine makers get immunity.
This seems like a very self-destructive rampage by big tech and big pharma together.
All the censorship that we see.
Dr. Boyle taking place.
I mean, this is just a mess.
This is a disaster.
What's really going on here?
Well, obviously we We've been talking about this since February.
And just to narrow it down, I think the most important thing we can do now is to stop the vaccines.
It's going to kill people.
You saw now there have been three casualties over in Britain.
Apparently it hasn't killed them.
But even the New York Times had today.
What happened to this health care worker in Alaska?
This Pfizer vaccine would have killed her if not for the fact that they could put her into an ICU unit, ICU unit, intensive care unit.
So it's very clear the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine funded by Bill Gates is going to kill people.
Yesterday, well, I got the information, as you know, today, The FDA is going to be approving the new Moderna vaccine.
The Moderna vaccine is based on the exact same biotechnology that the Pfizer vaccine is based upon.
And now I have been able to determine definitively that it was the Pentagon that set up And financed and funded the Moderna vaccine.
And in particular, that was the DARPA Defense Advanced Research Program.
And they are the spearhead of the U.S.
offensive war program across the board.
Not just biological weapons, chemical weapons, nuclear weapons, And every other weapon you can take.
Now, let's go through.
This is Moderna's own press release.
And remember, the Pfizer vaccine that's being distributed now involves the exact same technology.
OK, so it says RNA therapeutics.
We've discussed this before.
Messenger RNA is the basis of this.
It's like putting a bomb into your body and it will genetically rearrange the decomposition of your body and you've already had people on there talking about what's going to happen and the side effects.
But let me go through this press release And interpret it to you.
I apologize, I have it here on another computer, so I will have to... Yeah, that's fine.
Please continue.
So, yeah, messenger RNA tapped directly into the body's natural processes.
That's right.
That's exactly what they're doing with this Pfizer and Moderna Vaccine.
Let me continue here.
Alright, da da da da da.
Here is the kicker at the end.
DARPA program called AdeptProtect Develop platform technologies.
That's what these two vaccines by Pfizer and Moderna are all about.
Can be deployed safely and rapidly to provide the U.S.
Notice they are going after all of us, the U.S.
That's what it says.
against quote emerging infectious diseases unquote, right?
They are emerging out of US biological warfare laboratories such as BSL-4s and BSL-3s,
including the Wuhan BSL-4 that worked with the UNC BSL-3.
We've already discussed it before.
So when they talk about emerging infectious diseases, they're the ones doing the emergings.
And so then they say, and Alex, you have to understand, When it comes to biological warfare weapons development, first you develop the biological warfare weapon itself.
And that is done at these BSL-3s, BSL-4s, like University of North Carolina and the Wuhan BSL-4.
But then there is the problem of blowback.
Which they also provide for.
So then, to deal with the blowback, they then go out and try to develop so-called vaccines that they think will counteract the blowback.
So notice, this is part of offensive, defensive, dual-use, bio-warfare weapons development.
And by the way, Dr. Boyle, let's just go back for a moment and explain why this is so important.
You were on here 10, 11 months ago, laying all this out, predicting it, showing the evidence.
They went there, they created it, they moved it from Chapel Hill, Obama and Fauci.
We found all these patents for a similar COVID-19 bat hybrid with gain of function, HIV.
We laid all this out.
You said, looks like it leaked.
But they were already ready.
They used this for a power grab.
China's using this to shut us down.
I mean, to me, more and more, the whole thing was completely premeditated.
And then Klaus Schwab is saying they're using this to bring in a corporate world government and a medical dictatorship.
And as you said, you've got the Pentagon.
Admitting that they've been developing these emergency and emerging diseases so they would, quote, have treatments for the crisis they created.
I mean, this just looks like open and shut beyond Nazi Nuremberg war crimes here right now.
Well, it says, as we discussed before, that this is a Nazi mentality at work.
There's no question about it.
But let me just continue analyzing this press release by Moderna.
So it says against emerging infectious diseases.
Yeah, those emerge out of BSL 3s and BSL 4s like the Wuhan BSL 4 and for Dietrich BSL 4 and down there near where you are, the Galveston BSL 4, which by the way, the Chinese Bat Queen from Wuhan was over there down in Galveston and Galveston Galveston's involved in the research, development, testing, stockpile of every hideous biological warfare weapon you can possibly imagine.
So that is against emerging infectious diseases and engineered biological weapons.
That is because these BSL-3s and the BSL-4s are engineering them.
That's exactly right.
They know exactly what they're doing.
DARPA is funding this.
Even in cases when the pathogen or infectious agent is unknown.
That's right.
It's unknown because they are still in the process of research, developing and testing.
We know that, I think it's CDC or NIH, they have sent their scientists all over the world To look for any type of bacteria, fungus, virus, toxin, that can be used to research, develop, test, biologically... That's right, they're bringing all the worst bio-weapons that naturally occur, occur in labs, back, and then cooking them up, and when they escape, they take over our society as the saviors, and then inject us with rapid reaction mRNA systems that take over our body's entire genetics.
A corporate, global government takeover.
Stay with us.
Alright, let's go ahead and go to Debra in Ohio.
Debra, thanks for holding.
I don't think people have any concept that this is our last chance to fight.
The Insurrection Act of 1807 was devised for this type of situation.
We have been having an insurrection since the FBI tried to take Trump out in the first days after his election.
I mean, the problem is that we're on a slow burn insurrection.
Because the media has not used the word insurrection, people think we can't invoke the Insurrection Act.
We have a takeover of our country.
I mean, what do people think is going to happen?
We're just going to go by January 20th and then in 2024 we're going to elect Trump.
That's not going to happen.
Just like Venezuela, they are never going to take their boot off our neck.
And if you read the Marshall Law Code, and if you read the Insurrection Act, this is exactly what it's for.
Go ahead.
It's exactly what it's for.
They just didn't have the internet.
They couldn't imagine the things that have happened.
They couldn't imagine that the judiciary was going to be sold out.
They couldn't imagine that all three branches of government were going to be owned by foreign bad actors.
The one thing that he can do to get media approval is concede.
So people need to make up their minds.
Do you want Trump to have media approval?
Or do we want to not live under communist rule?
Do we not want to have our property confiscated?
Do we not want to have vaccines stuck into our arms?
If Biden is inaugurated on January 20th, then forget about arguing about vaccines.
Forget about the courts.
There's no more courts.
There's no more law.
There's what they tell you to do, and you do it, and you shut up.
And that's it.
And that stuff is already happening in 98% of the globe, and it is just about to happen here.
We are hanging by a thread.
We have got one foot off the edge of the abyss, and people are talking about optics.
It's insane.
What you're saying is absolutely true.
I'm a realist.
I'm the expert on martial law.
I'm the guy that wrote books against it when Obama and before that the Clintons were trying to get the police ready for martial law to confiscate guns under the U.N.
and were training the police that a U.N.
takeover was coming and now they have the strong cities and now they're doing it outside of federal control.
They're having the cities establish the U.N.
programs and admitting and having Soros put in all their D.A.s and getting their people ready for a Maoist-style revolution.
So here's the thing.
If Trump doesn't do this, and the military doesn't do this, when the country's so compromised, then by extension we get the CHICOM, Smart City, U.N.
takeover, and we'll be under martial law permanently.
We're already under partial martial law.
We're already under it.
We're already under it.
under it what does it mean when you can burn down a city but you can't go out
without a mask is that not martial law would you excuse me our freedom to
assemble has been taken away our freedom of speech you know what because I've
always said first they came for Alex Jones our freedom of speech was taken
away when you two removed you from their platform I think that time is of the
essence first of all I think that Trump needs to make a decision
I think that as what's-his-name Patrick Burns said, Trump's getting really bad advice.
Trump did not get elected through optics and by saying the thing that the media wanted to hear, and now he's trying to somehow pander to the media.
He's getting terrible advice.
What he needs to do is stop thinking about the election and start thinking about the future of this country.
He needs to be able to look like the bad guy in order to save this country.
That's what it boils down to.
The Insurrection Act needs to be invoked regardless of what happens in this election.
Because we are in the middle of an insurrection.
Actually, we have been for so long that we got used to it.
Why did we get used to it?
Because we have our Starbucks and we have our brand new iPhone and we have all those things that make life worth living.
And so we can just let little things like walking around with a mask and getting, you know, forced inoculations that, you know, those things don't matter anymore to Americans because we are zombies.
We have become hypnotized zombies.
So he needs to take action.
People are being deprived of their constitutional rights to work, to make money, to feed their families.
If we don't declare the Insurrection Act now, when will we?
You're watching the American Journal with your host, Alex Jones.
Watch live right now at Banned.video.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
You can't tell me with the timing of what went down with Trump and China and the power
grab and the great reset and the lockdowns and now all these adverse reactions from the
They're not vaccines, they're this takeover of your very genetic code.
But this wasn't premeditated.
And we know they were developing these mRNA vaccines.
We know the DARPA was secretly funding them.
Now there's Justice Department investigations into them not disclosing that to the Securities and Exchange Commission and others.
Because this is a big governmental insider deal, going back to Obama, going back to Fauci.
Trump obviously learned about it later, went along with it.
I think that's a big black mark on President Trump.
But Dr. Boyle, author of the U.S.
Biological Weapons Law, this is just deja vu of everything you said 10 months ago, now proven.
But explain to people why this is such a bombshell.
I mean, this just says premeditation, doesn't it?
Alex, I did want to add one thing here.
You showed in your ad there the suffering of U.S.
armed forces.
And that's correct.
I've worked against the Gulf War syndrome as well.
You see right here in this press release that Moderna, DARPA have admitted this is a biological warfare weapon vaccine.
And we have history here.
We have track experience of what happened.
I told you before, I helped defend Captain Dr. Yolanda Hewitt Vaughn.
Who likewise refused to give experimental anti-biowarfare vaccines for anthrax and botulin in violation of the Nuremberg Code on medical experimentation.
Now, at the end of all that, it produced these vaccines, the Gulf War Syndrome.
And of 500,000 US troops who were inoculated, It killed about 11,000 and it disabled about 100,000 out of 500,000.
And let me say, I haven't looked at those numbers in a while because I haven't really done work legally with GWS.
I have given some veterans some pro bono advice on that.
This is the one track record we have Well, here, if you see from the press release, they're going to inflict an anti-biowarfare vaccine on the entire United States population.
So, again, we will see, I think, casualty figures that you can extrapolate from our troops that were victims of the Gulf War Central.
500,000 inoculated, 11,000 dead, 100,000 disabled.
So extrapolate that to the entire American population of 330 million people likewise being injected with experimental biological warfare And of course, they're going to inflict these are going to order our troops to take these as well.
And this will be the go for syndrome on steroids for the entire American people if we let if we let them get away with it.
This Pfizer vaccine.
And also the Moderna vaccine.
And again, as I said before, FDA was involved in developing COVID-19 right there at the U.N.C.
It's all there in the article, along with... So they're all colluding.
They're all involved.
And you have been exposing this for decades.
They admit tens of thousands died from the vaccines.
Tens of thousands got sick and died from the Spanish flu or swine flu thing in the 76.
Why are they doing something so reckless and so crazy to test and see if they can cover up the aftermath or just normalize killing us?
I mean, what the hell's going on here?
Well, you know, Alex, I told you I went through that exact same PhD program at Harvard that Produced Kissinger before me.
And to get a PhD like that from Harvard, you have to know all about the origins of World War Two and the Nazis.
And again, I am not exaggerating here to say this is a Nazi mentality at work.
And I guess you're viewing audience.
They are bright, very bright, intelligent people.
I hear from them all the time.
I tried it.
They're very polite to me.
I try to respond to them as best I can.
They're going to have to draw their own conclusions here.
But yes, and remember, Kissinger was in that exact same program before me at Harvard.
Harvard is involved in the Wuhan BSL-4, helping develop COVID-19.
And you have that national security directive That Kissinger did for Nixon, saying population reduction and control are a national security objective of the United States.
I've never heard that that it's been revoked.
So let's expand on that.
Obama's White House science czar, John P. Holdren, wrote the book Ecoscience the same year that that memorandum was published, 74, the year I was born, 46, 47 years ago.
Right, the press release makes it very clear.
and media matters attacking you and I and saying that we're liars that 80% of
people with one of the vaccine tests got sick. Bill Gates admitted that and saying
that you're lying that this is a bioweapon vaccine. I mean they now admit
that from the press release. Right the press release makes it very clear it was
funded by DARPA as a biowarfare vaccine.
You know, what can I say?
Alex, I guess this just means that you and I are partners in crime against the globalonious.
And I teach against globalonism in my course on international human rights.
I train my law students against it.
Explain what globalonism is.
Is there baloney of the globalist?
Stieglitz, who wrote Globalization and its Discontents, admitted, yes, I was there with Larry Summers and Bob Rubin and me to develop globalization.
And also, yeah, with Bob Rubin for Wall Street and the banks and Bill Clinton.
That's right.
I've actually read his book and I've gotten Joseph Stiglitz on a couple times, Nobel Prize winner.
Let's do half of another segment.
I know you've got to go and I've got a bunch of news about globalism, the big picture, and being one of the few people who was ever inside that but wasn't part of it.
What we can do to say no to this.
And of course, you've written quite a few books.
What do you think the most important book is for people that want to find your books and read them?
Well, as a practical matter, to resist these vaccines, which I think the agenda here is quite clear, they want to inflict Nazi vaccines here on the entire American population, quote, quote, to provide the US population, unquote.
So that's that's the agenda.
I have written a book All right, stay there.
Let's talk about Big Picture.
Big Picture when we come back with Dr. Boyle.
Field Inc. 2008.
They want you emasculated.
They want you dehumanized.
They want you dumbed down.
They want you to be a weak, pathetic slave.
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Monday through Friday from 11 a.m.
to 3 p.m.
I'm here live ahead of the War Room with Owen Schroyer.
Dr. Francis Boyle is our guest for another segment.
Then I'm going to cover a bunch of other political breaking news with the campaign, with the election, with the economy, and with globalism.
And then we are joined by Cassandra Fairbanks, the Gateway Pundit, who is very close friends and really one of the main confidants of Julian Assange.
Travels the UK routinely, gets persecuted to be able to visit with him.
Trump really needs to pardon Assange, or that's for me just another reason that he didn't understand the bigger picture and got destroyed by the globalists, but that's coming up.
But if you're a longtime listener, you get what's going on, but a lot of new people They hear this, they choose, oh, that's just them being fair-mongers.
Dr. Boyle wrote the U.S.
Biological Weapons Law, that's our current law.
He's prosecuted war criminals at the Hague.
He's a very famous lawyer.
The highest level.
He went to the special Ph.D.
at Harvard that only one person a year goes through.
He's in books on world government, the New World Order, and how they developed the planet Harvard.
The current plan off Cecil Rhodes' previous plan.
So he's just going ahead and telling you this stuff.
This is not just somebody That read it in a book.
He was there.
You know, my dad was not at Harvard like he was.
He was planning to at the University of Texas, already going to college when he was 15.
And once he was 18, at the research laboratories where he was on the scientific end, they called him and five others and told them a lot of the same stuff about world government and, you know, the scientific elite has a right to do this and Hitler was wrong because his eugenics only targeted certain groups.
We're going to go after everybody.
So I think that's where Dr. Boyle was going with just why this is so existential.
Explain what existential means.
Well, before we get to that, let me just say that in response to your previous question, your listeners, I'm not trying to make money here, might want to get my book, Protesting Power, War, Resistance and Law.
And it is basically a manual written for lawyers, but I write in plain English.
So I had ordinary people in mind.
Anyone with a high school education can read that book.
And see how to resist these Nazi frankenshots being used against you.
And all you, it's a general strategy thing, but all you have to do in my analysis then, is plug in the Nuremberg Code on Medical Experimentation.
It's right there, yeah.
And that we plugged in with my defense of Captain Dr. Yolanda Hewitt Vaughn, And who refused to give the biowarfare vaccines that produced the Gulf War syndrome.
And Hewitt Vaughn, you know, was a real prophet and a hero.
She was convicted in a kangaroo court proceeding.
And I was able to get her out of Leavenworth in eight months.
She was adopted a prisoner of conscience by Amnesty International.
What is a very sad commentary here, however, is that in Gulf War One, when all of those 500,000 U.S.
forces were forced to take those Nazi anti-biowarfare vaccines in violation of the Nuremberg Code on medical experimentation, to the best of my knowledge, Hewitt Vaughn was the only one to refuse to poison our troops.
That's a very sad commentary on our medical doctors.
But it was conscientious objectors like her and then the future waves of anthrax shots that actually got the program suspended.
So the good news is previous programs, you and others, were at the heart of getting those illegal programs suspended, which is now what you're saying is this violates the Nuremberg Code.
It violates the Geneva Convention.
It violates every known common sense thing.
They didn't even do animal studies.
This is just A bum rush by Big Pharma to play God and literally have a corporate takeover of our very cells.
You know, the left used to worry about Monsanto taking over corn and soybeans.
I'm worried about that, too.
This is our bodies.
This is just such a leap forward, such a massive power grab.
Right, Alex.
And now, these days, Monsanto has a BSL-4 in their corporate headquarters down there in St.
Uh, so you can have a bio-warfare agent like Ebola sprinkled on your frankenfoods.
I mean, why?
And by the way, Monsanto has now been taken over by the neo-Nazis in a bear there in Germany.
Totally unreconstructed Nazis still running bear.
It doesn't matter.
You keep going back to Nazis.
You're not kidding.
Jean-Claude Juncker, the head of the EU.
He's literally the heir of the most powerful Nazi royal family and owns Luxembourg himself, and he's heavily invested in all this.
I mean, you can't take this up.
No, you know, it's sort of like, uh...
You know, POGO, we met the enemy and he is us.
It's back.
I had thought we had taken care of Nazism at the end of the Second World War.
But as you know, we had a very active denazification campaign involved there.
Let's put aside Operation Paperclip, where we smuggled these people here in the United States and rat lines into Latin America, but because of the outbreak of the Cold War
with the Soviet Union, we stopped all denazification there in Germany.
We're still dealing with it today among ourselves.
I mean, these people poisoned ourselves.
We brought them over here, you know, Wernher von Braun, all the rest of them, and put them at the top of our scientific establishment.
Who are the ringleaders?
Who are the ringleaders?
I mean, Bill Gates is at the heart of it, the UN, but the UN even last December said In a hearing with the head of their vaccine program, they said, we're wobbly, our doctors don't believe in it, we don't even test it, we're told what to do.
It looks to me like their global vaccine program was collapsing, and this is all just a fail forward, too big to fail, smoke screen power grab, kind of like famous oil fire guys would use explosives, like Red Adair, to blow up an oil rig that was on fire.
Use an explosion to cover up the fire that you've got.
It seems like that's what they're doing.
Well, as we've discussed this before, with all due respect to you, you know, I do watch and read all the mainstream news media here in the United States and some in Britain.
Right now, they're succeeding.
They're succeeding.
They're getting away with it.
They're going to be subjecting the entire U.S.
population with these Nazi frankenshots.
So unless we stop them, they are succeeding right now as we speak.
Despite your best efforts, Alex, and I commend you for trying to get the truth out here about what's going on since our first interview on this in February.
Well, I'm just trying to warn people it's just the right thing to do, and you're doing it too, and media matters.
I mean, I read media matters.
These are people too.
They write this whole article saying there's nothing wrong, the shots are totally healthy, it's all lies, everything's fine, and then everything They claim we're saying it's true on record.
I mean, this is just insane.
I don't know how one group of media say there's no side effects, everything's fine.
Meanwhile, the British government says don't take this if you have an allergy that can kill you.
Well, I mean, that's incredible.
And you have to have resuscitation sources available.
And now we find out this poor health care worker up in Alaska, you have to be near an ICU unit or you're going to die.
Well, of course, they don't have ICU units in nursing homes.
You know, around here, if someone's in a nursing home with a serious problem, they take him in an ambulance to a hospital.
So, we're going to be seeing large numbers of our senior citizens just killed off in these nursing homes.
And it's very clear, even today's New York Times, there is no system for getting informed and voluntary consent from people in nursing homes as required by the Nuremberg Code of Medical Experimentation.
And they've had months to set this up and they haven't bothered because I don't think they will.
It's like shipping COVID patients in to get half the deaths in New York and other areas, Pennsylvania, from the nursing homes.
This is all a test to see what they can get away with.
Dr. Boyle, thank you for your tireless work and we really appreciate you.
Again, Alex, thanks for getting me out.
And please keep getting the message out.
We do have to stop these frankenshots.
There's no other word for it.
All right.
God bless you, sir.
We appreciate you.
OK, I got a bunch of breaking news on the economy and on what's happening with the communists taking over the Democratic Party and the upcoming expanded lockdowns and President Trump seeking special counsel investigating Hunter Biden's crimes.
So much coming up.
And we've got another special guest, Cassandra Fairbanks, joining us.
Stacey in Arizona, you're on the air.
Long-time listener, over 15 years, first-time caller.
I take all your products, I take everything, and that's why I can think clearly, and this is the way I see it.
I think there needs to be simultaneous operations going on.
First thing is, Trump appoints Sidney Powell as a special counsel.
Give her marshals, federal marshals, give her a few Delta Force guys, come here to Maricopa County where I'm at, and the rest of these swing states, Get these doors in and take the machines.
These little pencil neck lawyers can't do anything to stop it.
Once they get the machines, while they're doing that, they need to take Don Lemonhead and the rest of these knuckleheads off the news, put patriots in those positions because the sheeple will believe what they see on TV.
Once they start broadcasting what's going on, they need to arrest Nancy Pelosi and the rest of these traitors that are in Congress.
In both the House and the Senate on both sides.
Take them to Guantanamo.
While they're having a tribunal, they need to show this on TV.
A week of tribunals, find them guilty, and start executing them.
The only questions they ask is, do you get the rope or the bullet?
Well, here's the thing.
The globalists do have all these agents.
Nancy Pelosi is keeping swallows well on the Intelligence Committee, even though he's a penetrated Chinese communist agent who was ordered by Chinese intelligence to say Russia ran our elections.
And my issue is, I want due process.
I want these globalists to get trials.
I think he should go full force on the plan I just laid out.
Because you know where this is going, Alex.
You know these people are demonic.
They're never going to stop.
Trump's really gone from not moving to starting to move.
The question is with 30 days left, what do you think he should do next? I think he
should go full force on the plan I just laid out. Because you know where this is
going Alex, you know these people are demonic. They're never gonna stop. If
Trump gets out of there they're going after him and they're coming after us
Christians and they're coming after us.
That's no doubt about it.
Now let's go to Old Dude in Missouri.
Old Dude, thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
First off, man, I just want to thank you for what you've done.
I know you hear that a lot.
You've been very influential in a lot of people's lives.
Second thing I want to say is, The bodies and the X two is amazing.
I played football in college.
I had some injuries and the bodies allows me to do things that most people my age just can't do.
I mean, I went out and played flag football here a few weeks ago and was running with guys that were in their early twenties and I'm almost 40.
So the products are awesome.
As far as what Donald Trump could do is make a call out to all local law enforcement and militias to organize all able-bodied patriots.
And now I realize he would be signaling to the people who have control over things in the economy and they could take some steps.
But if we can organize together, I feel like that could be an effective thing that we could do to keep our own local communities safe.
That's right, brother.
It is a spiritual war, and we see the enemy attacking.
That's because the enemy knows it's in trouble.
It's been forced out in the open.
So as negative as this is at one level, I see it as very, very positive at others.
So people need to organize, and they need to stand on the foundation of reality that God has provided us.
through Jesus Christ and the people who brought the message forth to the world
and understand that we have God on our side because the literal
essence of his truth is written in his words and communicated
to humanity.
Not Bill Gates, not Barack Obama, not Joe Biden, but Jesus Christ is King!
And God gave us and rose up Donald Trump to stand against the enemy and draw out the enemy.
So as dark as some of these days are, understand this is the beginning of the great revival before the Antichrist comes!
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order.
It's Alex Jones.
We've got Fauci hyping up his PCR test.
They're 96% fake and fictitious.
You've got them hyping up death numbers for tens of thousands that died of heart attacks and cancer saying COVID-19 did it.
That's all admitted.
If you get a cycle threshold of 35 or more, that the chances of it being replication competent are
minuscule. So that if somebody, and you know we do, we have patients and it's very frustrating for the
patients as well as for the physicians, somebody comes in and they repeat their PCR and it's like
37 cycle threshold. But you never, if you almost never can culture virus from a 37 threshold
So I think if somebody does come in with 37, 38, even 36, you gotta say, you know, it's just dead nucleotides, period.
And now he's been on TV saying that he gave Santa Claus the vaccine Will Santa still be able to visit me in coronavirus season?
What if he can't go to anyone's house or near his reindeer?
So what I did a little while ago, I took a trip up there to the North Pole.
I went there and I vaccinated Santa Claus myself.
I measured his level of immunity and he is good to go.
He can come down the chimney, he can leave the presence, he can leave and you have nothing to worry about.
And so it is, it is safe for him to come down your chimney.
Well, this vaccine protecting you from COVID-19 is as believable as a 400-pound giant elf in a red and white outfit coming down your chimney.
Don't worry, Governor Whitmer's been super creepy, Miss Police State up in Michigan, saying that, oh, Santa is basically dying of COVID and the rest of it, and just total fear-monitoring.
What I would suggest to do is what the governor is telling all the people of the great state of Michigan to do.
Social distance, wash your hands, and make sure you wear your mask when you're outside your home.
It'd be one thing if we were told you have to give up your liberty, you have to give up your freedom, we're going to save your life.
But what if you have to give up all your freedoms and they're wrong on the science?
Every one of the mandates, and you look in country after country, state after state, you look at when the mask mandates went in, the incidents went up exponentially after the mandates.
Nobody can eat in a restaurant.
There's no science behind any of that.
Middle seat missing on the airplane.
You really think you're like 12 inches from the other guy instead of 6 inches.
It really makes a difference.
None of it really makes any sense.
And there's no epidemiological evidence.
You know, it's like, wash your hands, stand 6 feet apart.
There's no evidence that that slowed down the... I think the trajectory of the virus has been...
It hasn't been altered at all by any of these things.
So their theater, their fiction, is mixing with the rest of the fiction as they try to expropriate every form of Western culture.
Again, yes, no traveling, don't gather, not this year.
CNN is reporting that they want to make it like seatbelts.
You will never leave your house again without it and you will get time in jail if you don't wear it.
This is the total, complete, absolute cult of control.
If Fauci has his way, you'll never give up on the maps.
It's all about submission.
They want you to submit to their will, whether there's any signs.
In fact, like on schools, I've been telling Fauci for six months, the evidence is that if you open schools, you will not get a surge.
The whole world accepts it, except for Dr. Fauci, and he finally accepted it last week, six months after I started showing him the evidence.
This has nothing to do With reality, nothing to do with science, nothing to do with facts.
You have nothing but spindly limbs and a dream, and the state has no use for your kind!
Every single bit of it has to do with power and control and a global medical idea.
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We don't want to, as I say, to ban Christmas, to cancel it.
And I think that would be frankly inhuman.
What fresh hell is this?
Another lockdown.
Because the first two worked so well!
I mean, there were more Covid cases in London after the end of the last one compared to before it started.
Which is why we need another one!
Makes perfect sense to me.
We were told to endure the last lockdown to save Christmas.
Oh no, sorry, Christmas is cancelled now too.
Londoners face being arrested if they try to leave the city after midnight.
But tourists from Shanghai and Beijing?
Come on in!
Five flights from Brazil, which has had over 7 million Covid cases, landed at Heathrow within the space of 10 minutes earlier today.
Italy has more Covid deaths than the UK.
They've banned travel from the UK.
Has the UK banned incoming travel from Italy?
Literally dozens of flights a day.
So this frightening new strain of corona means that someone living in London is banned from travelling 50 miles away to Brighton to see their granny.
But people from all over the world can fly in, get infected, and then spread it to every corner of the globe.
You'll get fined and arrested for travelling to see your family.
Boat migrants will continue to be given a taxi service and put up in four-star hotels.
So they announced this London lockdown to prevent Londoners spreading this new variant of Covid to other areas of the country.
And what's the first thing that happens?
Londoners flee in huge numbers to other parts of the country.
Then they've got the nerve to blame the people who escaped in time.
Three quarters of Brits support the new lockdown.
Who are they polling?
A sage Christmas party?
Who are these people?
Soaring depression, suicides, huge spikes in deaths because of untreated serious illnesses, 800,000 jobs lost, the economy ruined, education ruined, quality of life ruined, families torn apart.
All for a virus which, according to the CDC, has an average survival rate of over 99.5%.
And 75% of the British population responds with, Yeah, we'll have some more of that, please!
Boris could announce this and about a quarter of the population would start shopping for cages on eBay.
Is media hysteria that efficient?
Or is there something wrong with these polls?
In 1940, Londoners celebrated Christmas in the middle of the fucking Blitz.
Now we're afraid to go outside because of something that's down at number 24 for the most common causes of death.
And it's all good and well saying, just break the rules.
But many people have family members who would chain themselves up in a basement if some technocrat on Sky News said it was needed to protect the NHS.
That's what we were told back in March.
Now, according to official figures, hospital beds in England are emptier than they were this time last year.
Seven times fewer wards are closed to being full compared to December 2019.
There are more intensive care beds available now.
Strong scientific evidence suggests this new mutant strain they're using as the reason for Lockdown 3 has been circulating since September.
So what are we protecting?
Amazon's record profits?
The competition's already been brought to its knees.
Now they've shut down the high street in its busiest month.
Millions will be heartbroken by this news, having their Christmas plans ripped apart with less than a week's notice.
You literally demanded Boris do that three days ago!
What's the point in having an opposition party anymore?
What's the point in having an elected parliament anymore?
When the government can just imprison tens of millions of people within internal borders at the drop of a hat.
The Prime Minister just put 25 million people under house arrest days before Christmas under the threat of criminal conviction via a press conference.
So Boris Johnson said there would be no further lockdowns without a parliamentary vote.
Tier 4 is a lockdown, yet no vote.
This is not a democracy anymore.
It's full-on tyranny.
And apparently the vast majority of the population just can't get enough.
Tier 5 on January 17th.
Get ready for Tier 10 when going to the shops is banned and you must starve yourself to protect the NHS.
The average age of someone dying from Covid in the UK is over 82 years old.
That's higher than the median age of those who died of other causes over the same period.
If you were elderly and you had a choice between these two things, one year of seeing your friends and family, enjoying activities and living a relatively full life.
Or two years of living in desperate, lonely isolation while being terrified to go outside.
Which would you choose?
People in Wuhan, the epicentre of the outbreak, are having massive street parties and dancing the night away in crowded clubs.
No masks, no social distancing.
Chinese Communist Party mouthpieces are taunting us.
They're back to normal, their economy is thriving.
While Bill Gates is telling us that lockdowns are going to continue into 2022.
Why are we two years behind them?
And Matt Hancock says Londoners will be trapped in full lockdown until the vaccine rollout has been completed.
That could be nearly a year away.
When will it end?
Why would they even want it to end?
Licence to print money, carte blanche dictatorial control.
A great reset.
One of the biggest transfers of wealth and power in human history.
Do you think they really want that to end?
Boy, look at what we have here today!
What started with one man on public access television is now millions of Americans in the streets of D.C.
And you know, there's going to be debates.
Did Trump win?
Did Biden win?
It doesn't matter because God wins.
And we have been betrayed by the Supreme Court!
We have been betrayed by the Republican Party!
We have been betrayed by the mainstream media!
But we will not be betrayed by God!
And so, when we march to the Supreme Court today, we're going to let them know it was never the Supreme Court's revolution, it was never the Republican Party's revolution, it was always our revolution!
So we're honored to be marching with you today in D.C., and this is not going to stop until we take America back from the globalists!
So God bless all of you, God bless Donald Trump, and God bless America!
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Support freedom people, all right?
A hundred and three is forever when you're just a little kid.
So, Cyrus Jones, live forever.
Grave digger, when you dig my grave.
You make it shallow, so I can feel the rain.
Alright, Cassandra Fairbanks is with us next segment.
She is the point person for Julian Assange and he's such a hero.
I admire him so much and I really see where you or I could be in the near future in a solitary confinement gulag and if Trump would just Release the hounds, declassify the information, and go after the deep state.
We could do so much, but Trump has people under him that will not do what he says.
Trump's told him to declassify stuff.
Trump's said go out to people.
And some of it's happening.
We're seeing the Chi-Coms exposed.
We're seeing Hunter exposed.
We're seeing raids on server farms in Austin connected to fraud, SolarWinds.
I mean, actually, Trump's trying as hard as he can.
But there's some things he could do with a flick of his wrist.
A signature.
And that's Julian Assange.
That's the next segment.
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I want to thank you all, and I really appreciate you all, and all the great crew, from David Knight, right through to Owen Schroeder, to the great crew behind the scenes here, and all the listeners that make it possible.
All right, we'll be right back with Chrisandra Fairbanks in 60 seconds.
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We come here today on this Thursday, December 17th worldwide broadcast.
With 34 days left until President Trump could no longer be the president.
He may still be, but becomes more and more of a long shot every day.
Hoping that in the 34 days he has left, he does a list of things.
Well, what are those things?
Well, I'm sure you've got ideas, I've got ideas, but Cassandra Fairbanks is an amazing investigative journalist, written for many big publications, broken hundreds of huge stories.
She writes for the vaunted gatewaypundit.com, thegatewaypundit.com.
She's a Washington, D.C.
correspondent for those great folks.
She's a writer, political commentator who has been published in a range of outlets.
And we have her joining us now.
Cassandra, you are one of Assange's best Confidants and point person, and you've been for many years, he's been abandoned by so many others who've been threatened or intimidated.
He is, from reports we've seen, on the verge of not having his sanity, years and years in solitary confinement.
Trump has a limited window to do the right thing.
I want you to talk about Assange, your visits with him, the latest info, and I know you're beseeching Trump.
And others to do the right thing.
And obviously this audience should contact the White House and do this.
And then after we talk about Assange, what else do you think President Trump should do in this narrowing window of certainty?
Because we're certain he's president for 34 more days.
Has this king-like power of the executive, unitary executive.
But it'll be gone soon.
Not for certain, but could be.
So again, Cassandra, thank you so much for joining us.
Um, there's a lot happening this week, so it's great to be here to talk about it.
Well, I can ask a lot of questions, but where do you want to go first?
I mean, how is Assange doing?
Explain what's happening.
Tell us.
He's not doing great.
There is a COVID outbreak on his cell block, and he was in the embassy for so long that his lungs are really bad because it was recirculated air.
He wasn't getting outside.
He couldn't leave the building at all.
He was in there for almost a decade.
So that really took a toll on his lungs, especially.
And so he's a little bit worried about, you know, what's going to happen if he catches it.
He's in Belmarsh prison, obviously.
He can't really get away from it.
So that's a big concern.
He's also, you know, he's not doing great.
He can't see his children.
He can't see his family.
The prison's basically on lockdown.
He was having issues speaking to his lawyers even during the extradition trial.
So it is definitely taking a toll on him.
And on Tuesday, his legal team formally requested a pardon from President Donald Trump.
That's right.
That's the big news I should have led with.
That's why you're a good journalist and I'm not.
His legal team has officially asked for a pardon.
That's a big deal.
Please continue.
Yes, they formally requested that, which was the first step to really getting things going.
Right now, we really need people to tweet at Donald Trump, call the White House, contact anyone you can, and let him know that his supporters, especially, do support a pardon for Julian.
Let him know that this would be a popular move.
I think that he's been fed a lot of really bad information from a lot of really bad people that he's appointed, and they've really demonized Julian quite a lot.
And it's really important that we make it clear that Julian is not a cartoon villain.
He's a person and that we support him and we support real journalism.
You know, we can't be trashing the fake news all the time and then imprisoning real journalists who are doing real work.
Because then all that we're left with is those fake news, you know, Democratic Party propagandists that are manipulating all of the information that you get.
Well, you remember it was like four years ago and three months.
He said, OK, fine, I don't care who has it.
WikiLeaks or a fat guy in his mom's basement release her emails because they're illegal.
Doesn't matter who has them.
And so Assange did it.
So Trump really has a responsibility to do this.
Yeah, absolutely.
And his own legal team has argued that WikiLeaks releases are illegal.
I mean, they were speaking about the DNC leaks, which he's not charged with.
But it's the same concept in a filing Trump was being sued by some Obama lawyers, and they were arguing that he had conspired with Roger Stone and WikiLeaks to release these emails, which isn't true.
But the point that they made in it was true.
They argued that, you know, under Section 230, as it currently stands, a platform or a website is not responsible for the legality of third party information that's posted.
So WikiLeaks As long as they weren't involved in the theft, have no responsibility to protect this information.
Sure, and of course Daniel Ellsberg, the Pentagon Papers released the fact that the Pentagon really knew they couldn't win the war when they were doing it, but they didn't want the public to know that.
That was legal because he was exposing basically corruption in a crime of lying to Congress.
And so again, journalists, as long as they don't steal the material, Absolutely.
right and a duty to then report on crimes they know and many whistleblowers
like William Binning of the NSA go to Congress and then they get poisoned and
almost die. So the smartest thing is to go to the press. We saw under Obama that
war on the press, unprecedented arrest of journalists. We need to see Trump reverse
that. Absolutely and you know Julian has been his whole entire career has been
dedicated to fighting the same exact people that have made Donald Trump's
term, you know, very difficult.
They're the people who have been blocking all these things, all the policies that he wanted to implement.
They're the people who instigated this Russiagate hoax.
They're the people who have, you know, possibly stolen this election.
The same deep state, like horrible people that have been, you know, Messing with Trump at every turn are the same people that wanted Julian in jail and that are trying to make this happen.
If Trump really wants to stick it to these people before he goes, if he goes, the best way to do that would be, you know, let Julian be free and set him loose on him again.
That's right.
We've heard news that it's imminent.
Are those just rumors?
Because I know you've become, over the years, one of the main point people for talking to Assange.
What's the real skinning on that?
Well, I haven't been able to speak to Assange personally because of the fact that he's in prison and things are really tight right now.
You're talking about recently.
I know you visited him at the Ecuadorian Embassy, correct?
Yeah, absolutely.
I visited him multiple times.
But in recent, you know, currently, I haven't been able to see him.
But I have spoke to his legal team and people involved with WikiLeaks.
They have said they have not heard anything from the White House about any kind of pardon.
They, you know, that tweet that went out that said that he would be pardoned and was later retracted, that was news to them.
They were all as shocked as I was when I saw it.
So we haven't heard anything.
Um, at all about which way Trump is leaning on this.
Well, I talked to Randy Credico, who was months and months ago, the last time he was in a court trial, he saw him in England.
He said Assange looked like living hell inside a plastic cage.
Even the last time that, I mean, the last time that I saw Julian was gosh, over two years ago now, I guess he's been in there so long, but Even the six months between my two visits, he was losing weight and he did not look well even before his arrest.
And then I saw the pictures of him after and I was like, my gosh, he's deteriorating.
And it's really sad because it's Almost aging him.
I mean... Oh, it is.
Well, Obama and Hillary and Hayden and all the deep state people, this is on them.
And if he dies in prison, which I've seen a lot of doctors say he could, that he's in really bad shape, that most people would go insane after a year of solitary, but more than, really, 10 years of solitary confinement, this is next level.
Yeah, the UN has said that it was torture on an unprecedented level.
I mean, I'm not a huge fan of the UN, but... No, I agree, but ten years of solitary confinement, three years of really intense, I mean, that is, that's a prison sentence, and he's done nothing wrong, he's a journalist.
Yeah, I mean, even if you think that releasing the war logs was wrong, even if you think that it was a terrible thing to do, that it hurt national security, that the public didn't have a right to know this information, even if you believe all those things, How sadistic do you have to be to think that he deserves more of a punishment than he's already had?
He's lost 10 years of his life.
He has two small children and a fiancé that he can't see.
You have to be a monster to think that he deserves more than that.
Absolutely, and all of it based on sex operatives that told lies.
They now admit they told lies.
They ought to be ashamed of themselves.
We'll be right back with Cassandra Fairbanks.
I'm Alex Jones.
This is the Imporl War.
Tomorrow's news today.
Fox has betrayed President Trump as I predicted they would.
They've always been part of the establishment and it's only going to get worse.
If they're able to keep Trump from rightfully taking office for a second term on January 20th, the system is going to drop the hammer harder than ever on this republic.
They are going They're gonna explode gas prices.
They're gonna shut down our coal power plants.
They're gonna cut off the energy source to the U.S.
So it's impossible for factories to move back here.
This is economic domination.
This is economic war.
We are being consolidated.
We are being taken over.
The Democrats aren't mismanaging their blue cities and states.
Mountain Patriot in Colorado.
Thank you for holding.
bankrupt the population and bring them absolutely to heel and then consolidate ownership of
all the infrastructure and property. This is a monopolistic takeover. That's what the
great reset is. Klaus Schwab and these other criminals admit it. That's what social distancing
is. So your business is only a 25 percent for several more years. No small businesses
will be there. This is a master plan. Say no.
Mountain Patriot in Colorado. Thank you for holding.
How you doing, Alex?
Man, I'm just working as hard as I can.
We're in such a critical time, brother.
How are you?
I love you, man.
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Yeah, there it is right there.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order. It's Alex Jones
Info Wars Tomorrow's news, today.
No news conference for Hillary Clinton.
You ought to check it out.
Because there's a lot going on.
How does Hillary Clinton get a national security briefing when she's been probably hacked when so much of her information, the director of the FBI, said it was essentially negligent.
If Russia or China or any other country has those emails, I mean, to be honest with you, I'd love to see them.
Russia, if you're listening, I hope you're able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing.
I think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press.
Okay, so the media spun that, but Trump was saying whoever's got it.
There's another clip we can't seem to find.
I can't find it either.
The crew can't.
They buried it.
Where he said, I don't know who has it.
WikiLeaks, the Russians, a fat guy in a basement.
I don't care who did the hack.
Give it to us.
It's illegal what she did.
I saw that clip on my treadmill.
Right around the same time he made that statement, too, because they brought it back up to him a few days later, where he said specifically to WikiLeaks, I don't know who has it, WikiLeaks, you know, whatever.
And then later, WikiLeaks said we have it, and Trump said over and over again, yes, release it, and made the point, it doesn't matter who has it, it matters what Hillary's done.
So he told him to do it, and Edward Snowden said, Mr. President, if you grant only one act of clemency during your time in office, please free Jelena Sanchez, you alone can save his life.
Trump really have a responsibility to do that.
And there's Snowden, who I think did a great job as well.
He wants to get home, but he's saying, hey, don't do it for me.
Do it for Assange.
That's a good thing he's doing, isn't it?
That Snowden tweet just really showcased what a good man that guy is, too.
I really respect him for doing that.
That was cool.
Yeah, I think Trump Owes a lot of his voters to WikiLeaks.
I mean, personally, I was like a left libertarian leaning weirdo.
I wasn't really a big Trump supporter.
Um, and I, a lot of why I came around was because of WikiLeaks.
I mean, I switched to Trump during the primaries a lot faster than a lot of Republicans, but, uh, you know, a lot of that was thanks to things that I read on WikiLeaks and, You know, realizing how horrible and corrupt the Democratic Party was and how awful Hillary Clinton was.
And Trump was out there, you know, defending WikiLeaks.
He said, I love WikiLeaks probably 50 times during speeches.
And it was a big part of what made me come around on him and a lot of other people, too.
I think that he, you know, he does owe a bit of A bit of a thanks to Julian, because he really helped out his campaign.
Well, imagine with all the crimes Hillary's committed, she's like, oh, we must have justice, was a quote they had.
He must pay for what he's done, talking about Assange.
And that's like Satan talking about, you know, what a nice person has done and how Satan's talking about justice.
This is disgusting.
She once said that she wanted to drone him.
I mean, they said it was a joke.
That she was joking around.
But when she was Secretary of State, she was like, why can't we just drone this guy?
I mean... Well, Obama just bragged that he had droned and said, so what if I killed a lot of innocent people?
Julian is screwed.
If Biden takes office and Trump doesn't do this pardon, I think Julian will die in prison.
I think that, you know, something has to be done.
Like, Trump can save his life.
And as we saw yesterday from the release that Project Veritas put out, Julian tried to redact those names.
WikiLeaks wasn't even the first one to publish the war logs.
And that's been proven by, you know, the audio that came out yesterday.
So how are you going to punish the 100th person who publishes this and not the first 99?
I mean, that was actually the idea.
If you remember, Chris Cuomo on CNN said, CNN, we're allowed to watch this and listen to it.
But if you do, you'll go to jail.
Well, that's very dangerous.
It's incredible.
And that was a lie.
They just didn't want people to read it.
And it's completely different than how they've treated previous WikiLeaks releases.
The Washington Post set up a volunteer database so that people could go through Sarah Palin's emails when WikiLeaks had released emails that had some of Sarah Palin's.
They asked for volunteers.
They created a whole Twitter account dedicated to people sending their their finds from emails.
They didn't do any of that with Hillary Clinton.
They told you not to read it.
Don't look.
And so even Sarah Palin has come out and said that Julian should be pardoned though.
And she she got a bunch of her emails released by them back in the day.
Well, that's the thing.
I mean, I was never a Republican or a Democrat, though.
I was pro-gun and pro-life, so they would call me a Republican.
But I was against the wars, I was against torture, I was against Bush.
And so the left kind of left me alone.
But the old liberals were anti-war and at least cared about not having censorship.
As you said, you were a liberal and then you saw You know, your hero, WikiLeaks, is now exposing Democrats.
You thought, God, they're even worse than I thought.
And then now you see him persecuted, and now you see journalists persecuted, and now you see the censorship, and now you see the left bullying everybody and working with Communist China to suppress millions in death camps, the Uyghurs.
And I just, like, how did the liberals go from, on average, being well-meaning people to, like, monsters?
It's like, in their hatred of Trump, they just went crazy.
It's crazy to watch, because when I considered myself a leftist, the reasons that I thought I was left was because I was anti-war.
Very, very anti-war.
And I was very, very pro-free speech.
Those were like the two most important things to me.
They still are.
And I was watching the left get speakers shut down during the primaries and I watched how they didn't protest Obama.
The same people who protested Bush with me in the war were suddenly silent as the drone ranger was killing American teenagers and stuff.
I just, the hypocrisy just kept unraveling for me, and WikiLeaks was kind of the final straw.
It was like, these people are monsters.
Oh, that's one of the final straws for me as well was, because I didn't know, like, I mean, Obama's so bad, so is McCain.
I was kind of neutral in that election, but then Obama later going, I'm really good at killing people.
And even the guys that really kill people don't act like that.
He's like giving an order.
He's really good at it, Cassandra.
Yeah, it's monstrous.
And all these people who were supposedly anti-war under Bush just were completely silent on it.
And they're like, oh, it's Obama.
He's great.
It's fine.
These are friendly, nice, hope-and-change bombs.
You know?
It's horrible.
When we come back, we've got a longer segment here, and I really appreciate your time.
I'll let you go after this next segment, because I've got a lot to do.
I want to talk about big picture and just other things we should be worried about and be doing and other people you think should be pardoned and what else you think Trump should do.
But I also think we should pray for Julian Assange because God's real spiritual things are real and I think if we pray to God to touch Trump's heart, to touch other people's hearts,
and to release Assange, who's been absolutely tortured by any yardstick, even if you think he's guilty,
which he's not, and to see mainline journalists.
I mean, look at how the media, so-called journalists, attack him when he used to be their darling.
These are sick people.
Yeah, it's demented.
And we really, really, really need people to tweet at President Donald Trump nicely
and just let him know that you would support a pardon.
We need him to know that his base would support this.
Roger Stone deserved the clemency.
Judge Arpaio deserved a pardon.
If anybody deserves a pardon, it's Julian Assange.
And I think Trump's gonna do it.
I mean, if he doesn't, Trump's gone from an A-plus to a B-minus for me.
Because you can't really compare him to somebody like Hillary or Obama or Joe Biden.
Cassandra Fairbanks is our guest at Twitter, at Cassandra Rules.
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Is this the guy that called in about Living Defense?
Yes, sir.
Yes, sir.
I've been trying to get ahold of you since Monday, when I heard you got that fresh shipment of Living Defense in from Utah.
I said, man, I got to get on that show and give him an update.
I said, if I ever get a chance to be on the Alex Jones Show, I'm going to tell the world about Living Defense and what it did for me personally.
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I learned that.
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We didn't know.
We didn't screen your call.
We had no idea.
And I go to you a year later and you're here telling people about Living Defense.
The moon is beautiful, and the sun is more beautiful.
Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order.
It's Alex Jones.
Coming up next segment, breaking 19.
19 House members submit letters seeking Senate hearings on election fraud.
I love it how Trump said last week, quoting John Paul Jones, founder of the U.S.
Navy, I've only begun to fight.
And I agree, we've got to keep fighting to expose the fraud and to use the resistance to let them know we're not backing down, no matter what happens.
That's the whole point.
We get stronger, they get weaker.
We start submitting, they get stronger, we get weaker.
Sandra Fairbanks is here.
She's an investigative journalist, GatewayPundit.com.
She's one of the main points for Assange's lawyers and Assange to get word out during his 10 years of torture, and she wanted to get into this.
So the full video is obviously at Project Veritas.
We have a full video at Infowars.com, but here's some of the audio.
Slash video of Assange on the phone with the U.S.
Tell people why this is so important to Sandra, because usually whistleblower media gets a document.
They don't call the whoever it is, the FBI or the Justice Department or the State Department and say, what would you like redacted, do they?
No, this is important because for years we've had people like John McCain and even Rick Grinnell going around telling people that Julian got The Pentagon testified during Chelsea Manning's trial that nobody got killed because of the release.
And they always say that he was reckless, that he endangered people, that by mass releasing this they were, you know, not practicing journalism.
But what this tape shows and why it's so important is that, first of all, Wikileaks weren't the ones who released all the unredacted files originally.
It got leaked by a Guardian reporter, Luke Harding, who has censored tons of fake news about Trump and Julian.
He accidentally published the password in his book.
And that's how it got all over Twitter, all over Crypto, Pirate Bay.
Look at all the whistleblowers on Trump who were not reporting on crimes.
They were putting out false info, false leaks.
That's illegal.
But what Julian wasn't necessarily trying to like work with the government in the way that the Democratic Party were handing, you know, debate questions to Hillary Clinton.
He was letting them give their opinion on what should be removed.
And he was doing it to keep people safe because he knew that there were people who were in very dangerous areas.
And he wanted to make sure that their names were redacted so they wouldn't be killed.
Well, let me just kill that debate right now.
There were 22 plus million names of U.S.
government agents, bureaucrats, military workers, and their families, and those were all basically given by Obama through the Office of Personnel Management Act to the CHICOMS as a wedding president.
And now they've used that to harass and fire and go after all these patriots in the government.
I know a lot of them.
So China never got punished for 24 million or 22 million names.
So I don't want to hear this crap that Assange hurt somebody.
But you know, that's still an argument that they like to make a lot.
And this, this audio puts an end to that debate.
Like they can't even claim this anymore.
Julian begged Hillary Clinton's State Department to work with him.
So that he could make sure that he was, you know, responsibly handling the material.
And why didn't they do that?
Because before he'd been really exposing Republicans, why did they suddenly not do that?
I don't know.
They just refused.
They had no interest.
And he was begging them, being like, hey, warn anybody who might be in this, you know, to get to safety.
That's right.
Let's go ahead.
Let's go ahead and play some of that audio.
Here it is.
Yes, so the situation is that we have intelligence that the State Department database archive of 250,000 diplomatic cables, including the classified cables, is being spread around and is to the degree that We believe that within the next few days it will become public and we're not sure what the timing could be imminently or within the next few days to a week and there may be some possibility to stop it.
And it goes on from there.
So what you're saying Cassandra is that this was already going to come out.
He was doing them a favor.
He was trying to help.
He didn't want Americans to get killed.
He wanted the information to be public because it was important.
But he wasn't trying to get anyone hurt.
Why is it just Greenwald and you and others, a few others, rallying around him?
Why is it every journalist rallying around Julian Assange?
Don't they get their next?
I mean, if we saw Obama wage war on journalists and whistleblowers, if Biden gets in, what are you expecting to see, Cassandra?
Well, this is the most interesting part, I think.
The reason why a lot of journalists hate WikiLeaks is because he doesn't just expose politicians and corrupt deep state officials, he also exposes corrupt journalists.
And there's a lot of them.
So, you know, you have all these access journalists who kiss people's rings in order to get scoops
and secrets and stories.
And he blows the lid off of their whole operation and he embarrasses them.
And they don't want him around.
They don't want somebody who's going to, you know, expose corruption for real.
Because if he exposes corruption for real, then they're going to be implicated too.
And that's why these people are scared to support WikiLeaks, even though they could be next.
The precedent that is set by Julian Assange being extradited here, if he is found guilty,
is going to be extremely dangerous for any investigative journalist.
I mean, you have to think about precedents that are set when there's an administration that's not favorable to you
and how it will be used.
And under a Democrat, a lot of right-wing journalists are going to be screwed.
They're going to use this against us.
And then under a right-wing administration, there's a possibility that it could be used against leftists.
They should be concerned, but they're too worried about being embarrassed and what will happen or if they're exposed.
And so they won't come out and do the right thing.
They pretend that they're for press freedom and they'll cry and be like, Trump was mean on Twitter, this is a violation of the free press.
Oh yeah, exactly.
When you disagree with them, they call that suppression of the press.
But when you're putting journalists in solitary confinement, that's okay, it's ridiculous.
Yeah, I loathe them.
True test of whether or not somebody is a good journalist and not corrupt or evil is if they're supporting Julian Assange.
I totally agree.
And that's why they're keeping Assange is they want a victory for tyranny and intimidate others.
And they know that if Trump does this, the dam will break on other whistleblowers.
But, you know, I think from what I've seen, it's caused more whistleblowing from inside and more leaks.
I don't think... I think Assange was better at putting stuff out than other groups, but I think we've only seen exponential leaks since they've been holding Assange.
Like the Vault 7 stuff, the rest of it.
I think there's a lot of other Snowden-type stuff about to break.
Yeah, imagine if Julian had been free during this election.
Imagine the stuff that they might have potentially got from Dominion.
Or, you know, if they had been in charge of the Hunter Biden laptop.
Imagine the stories that they could have potentially found in there.
No, you're right.
That was a major game changer to keep him in prison for this election.
I mean, people would have been sending stuff to Julian, most likely.
And I think that Trump might have shot himself in his foot by leaving him to rot in prison instead of pardoning him sooner.
He should pardon him immediately, but he should have done it during the election season.
Well, you talk about making a martyr.
If they let him die in prison for no reason for being a journalist, it's just very, very dangerous.
President Cassandra Fairbanks at Twitter, at CassandraRules, and of course, TheGatewayPundit.com.
We've got a minute left.
A parting statement or any other ideas?
No, just please do everything that you can to get the word out about Julian.
Please share the Project Veritas stuff, share your thoughts, share reasons that maybe other people haven't thought of and why he should be pardoned.
Feel free to tweet at me.
I will retweet everything Julian-related.
Yeah, please just try and keep momentum going and make it known that Trump's base would support this.
That's the most important thing we can do right now that now that the formal request is in.
Well, you're right.
Formal request by his lawyers for it to happen.
And again, not to write myself into this, but you and I are next.
The former CIA director who got exposed in all this, Hayden, has called for my arrest, claiming I threatened, Biden did no such thing.
I said, he's a walking corpse.
He's a reanimated zombie.
He's so old, that isn't saying I'm going to kill him.
So this is really dangerous.
We know that's the place we're going to right now.
Let's hope that the press wakes up and defends themselves before it's too late.
Cassandra, thank you so much.
Thank you so much for having me.
Kurt in Oklahoma.
Kurt, welcome.
There is nothing better, nothing more comfy than waking up, saying a prayer, brewing a cup of Wake Up America Patriot Blend, and calling in to the American Journal.
That's right, sir.
Well, we're honored to be here and we're glad to be taking your calls.
What is your view on this situation with the vaccines?
So my wife and I were talking about the COVID vaccine the other day, and we're of course against it, but we're planning on trying to have our first kid.
We're trying right now, and we got to talking about all the societal pressure that's baked in around the COVID vaccine, but really any given vaccine.
You know, not being able to have kids go to school if they're not vaccinated, not being able to do certain things, work certain places, and We got to talking here.
They got to talking about how pretty much the left's entire MO these days is not beating us with information, but beating us with this culture of submission and the go along to get along attitude that's really prevalent in our society today. You see it with the mask,
you see it with people tuning in to TV shows that they know are bad for them, you
see it with every aspect of leftist culture, BLM, just everything. And so we
constantly, you and I and my wife, we're constantly getting all this new
information and new information and new information and we're getting it out
there and that's good, but what we really need to do is figure out a way to
attack culturally this anti-intellectual, anti-free-thinking culture, whether
that's through art, whether that's through prayer, whether that's
through our own movies and TV shows, because really the only way we're
going to stop and save everyone else from getting these vaccines, I mean, we're
already going to We are informed.
We're not going to take these vaccines, even if they try to force it on us.
We're going to die one way or the other.
I totally agree, but it's up to us to keep on living, to keep on having children.
And just like these towns in Washington State and other places that are pulling out, saying we're not following any of your lies, we'll have towns without 5G.
We'll have towns without cell phones.
We'll have towns...
We're Christian, but we're open to others.
It's just all about, we have rules and laws that are pro-human.
And what you're saying is the total future.
And everything about the left is a bullying, submission culture of raping us with their ideas, raping us with their poison vaccines.
Why do you think California passed a law you can give somebody HIV and not get in trouble?
They want to rape you.
They want to infect you.
They want to bring you down the way they are, Kurt.
And most people go along to get along just because they're so invested with getting that next paycheck to go see the latest movie or to buy the newest video game.
It's all economic for these people.
They just want to, you know, focus on... It's all Pavlovian.
Call me back.
We love you, Kurt.
Incredible callers!
We got such good callers.
We're actually getting to them.
Launch the American Journal weekday mornings 8 to 11 central at band.video.
Hello, useless eaters.
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When I amassed my fortune in computer software, I demonstrated that I was willing to lie, steal code, cheat my partners, and exercise monopolistic control to destroy my competitors.
Now that I've retired, I can rebrand myself as a humanitarian.
With my for-profit foundation MassGrading as a charity, I can advocate for population reduction and sponsor mass human experiments with unproven vaccines in vulnerable populations.
Like my father, a powerful banker, eugenicist, and Rockefeller crony himself, it's always been my ambition to decide who lives and, more importantly, how many have to die.
Whether it's under the guise of climate change or world health, it's really all about controlling and culling the human herd for fun and profit.
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It's Alex Jones.
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I won't be much when you get through with me.
He never gives up.
He's Alex Jones.
Broadcasting from deep in the heart of Texas.
I want to say the crew came up with an amazing Christmas set this year.
Never seen anything this cool.
It's amazing.
Christmas set this year. Never seen anything this cool. It's amazing.
Okay, I've got a clip here of a congressman, and I know a lot of
congressmen, but I don't know all their names.
If we're going to find out the name, it's from C-SPAN.
Supreme Court Justice Roberts was reportedly scared to take up the Texas case according to Stafford testimony.
So this is a Stafford testifying in open hearings for a congressman right now.
I don't give a bleep about Gore v. Bush at the time.
We didn't have riots.
So that shows why they're doing this.
Oh, we've got to be politically correct?
We're not going to look at the facts?
And this is also breaking.
We'll have the name and the staffer info next segment for you in playa.
19 House members submit letter seeking Senate hearings on election fraud.
Representative Mo Brooks coming through Republican Alabama, announced via Twitter today.
That he is joined by 18 House colleagues in submitting a letter to Senate leaders hoping to hold hearings on election fraud before the January 6th Electoral College vote confirmation.
18 House colleagues join me in sending a letter to Speaker Pelosi.
Yes, there's clear fraud.
Just because the media gaslights and covers it up, that's more the reason to expose it.
of the January 6th Electoral College vote.
And Rand Paul and others are talking about trying to block stuff as well.
Yes, there's clear fraud.
Just because the media gaslights and covers it up, that's more the reason to expose it.
That's more the reason to go after it.
That's more of a reason to say that you are not going to submit to it.
So whatever happens to Trump, this is our mission is to resist and to speak out.
That's why they wanted me arrested when I gave that speech at the Jericho march to 10,000 people or so or more there in DC.
That was just one of many events that happened.
There was probably 200,000 people there total at all the events, but it was a nice crowd.
And I said, listen, we need to I understand he is a globalist operative and that he will one way or another be removed.
Meaning, before I said, I don't know if it's going to be in 38 days with this election and now 34.
I even said that and I'm not like backing it up.
I didn't mean violence.
Don't get me.
Don't arrest me.
The story is the left calling for me to be arrested.
They're the ones running around saying kill Trump and kill this person, kill that person, attack this person.
It's just so crazy that I'm so clear saying we don't know what's going to happen in 38 days, whether he's going to be in there now or not.
But one way or another, he's not going to be there because he's a communist Chinese agent.
That's very clear to anybody I met via impeachment or other criminal charge.
And let me tell you, stuff's coming out on his son, Hunter Biden, that's open and shut very, very quickly.
Very, very quickly.
So we'll see if I get the name of that staffer.
It's no big deal.
Just whoever put this out on Twitter, I know they're having hearings today.
I know it's interesting.
It's just I would like, before I play the clip, on air, because things are fast moving here, to tell you who the staffer is and who they're with.
So we'll see if we get that coming up.
And I think you'll probably be able to find out in the comments below where I would get that.
All right.
We'll see what happens next hour with that.
I'll take over a little bit next hour now.
Some of the other big things that we have here that I have not gotten into is this report right here.
And that is poll majority of Americans who have heard of the Great Reset oppose it.
Well, of course they do.
We need the majority to be informed so the real majority can say no.
But in the Rasmussen Poll, the Heartland Institute, only 53% of likely voters oppose the Great Reset compared to 40% who support its goals.
So imagine being the 43% or 42% that actually think having big corporations stay open but small companies shut is a good idea.
They don't know what it means.
They don't know what it stands for.
They ask him, would you like to use this to make the world more equitable and help poor people and end hunger?
And the average person says, yes.
Well, you learn, well, the Great Reset's already starving millions to death and is written up by these big globalists that are tax-exempt but above the law.
Would they then support that?
And the answer is no.
The answer is no.
So it's all how they phrase these questions.
It's all how they roll these out.
And as it begins to come out that Mitch McConnell is on the Chinese payroll, as it begins to come out that they're intending to try to hand the Senate victory to the Democrats so Mitch McConnell can retire and sail off into the sunset, America had better get pissed off and defend itself or it's going to lose everything it's got.
Irish man sentenced to two months in prison for failing to wear a mask.
This has happened to my wife.
It's happened to my friends.
Now, when they're in parking lots, particularly women, men and women, will yell at women.
They don't usually do it to men.
I've noticed it in stores.
They'll harass women because women are seen as more passive and tend to submit.
All you gotta do is point out the studies that doesn't protect you, that the masks are never coming off, and that there's got to be some point And some level to which we finally start saying no.
Because in the main, this is about shutting down human society, consolidating power and control, and bringing in a world government.
So again, I will ask you, and I will ask you very, very clearly and succinctly, to realize the wheelhouse you're in, and where this is going, and that it doesn't get better, it gets worse, as these offshore corporations engage in massive social engineering at every level.
Now, Yes, as this stuff unfolds, our credibility, your credibility, other people that have been exposing this, your credibility is going to go up.
But we just can't sit there and live on those laurels because in this modern system, they are moving to shut down all the avenues of communication.
So remember every day and everything you do, that it is about the communication that you engage in now that is going to affect the change to the greatest level.
And that every day that you're not passionately engaged and involved, that that is a day in the future that you won't have control of your life.
We are not in a normal situation anymore.
We are not in a normal position.
You think I want to come in here and host a morning show for three hours on top of this one?
I've got to do it.
I've got to take your calls.
I've got to have the guests on.
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And I can do it.
So 8 a.m.
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We've got to make these shows successful.
We've got to have them reach people.
And we've got to get the AM and FM and TV affiliates to get the word out.
We've canceled the nighttime show.
Don't have the crew.
Don't have the people right now.
And so that's gone.
And so I'm going to reorganize with the crew I've got.
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And I'm trying as best I can.
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And I'll never back down.
But I could give up by giving in.
And I don't mean giving up or giving in to the establishment.
I mean giving out.
Like a horse's back breaking from what's going on.
And we don't want that to happen right at the time we're going in to the maximum awakening period.
The time that is now, we've been fighting against, but we knew it was coming, and now our credibility is so ready and things are ripe to be overturned.
This is why the globalists must censor and shut us down, because they have no future and no hope if we persevere and do not falter.
War Waiver.
Alright, hour number four with Matt Bracken coming up.
I've got a few more clips and a few more news items I'm going to hit.
We're going to cover those when we come back.
I'm going to hand the baton to Matt Bracken, ahead of Owen Schroer and the War Raiders.
Just another Brandon here for Just Another Channel.
We're in Washington D.C.
here stopping the steel.
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Oh, what's up?
...of that Turbo Force, Greg Reese, Rob motherfucking Dew, representing Alex Jones.
Oh, I got the fucking documents, Alex.
I got the documents, Alex Jones.
We love you in L.A., California, baby.
I'm on it.
I've been juiced up, fighting Antifa.
I got my crown, because I'm a kangaroo out here.
Shout out to my proud boys.
That's what's up.
Alex Jones in for one!
America is awake, and America has only begun to fight!
And we have just begun the occupation of D.C.
The Tricombs and the globalists think they're taking America over?
They just woke up the sleeping child!
I keep fighting the Infowars, baby!
Thank you for everything you do, God bless you.
And all the Infowars family.
God bless all of you, American people.
Merry Christmas!
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order.
It's Alex Jones.
All right, Robert Barnes was so busy he couldn't host the election countdown, but he's back weeknights, 7 to 9 p.m.
most nights with Yann LeRaen, and he's laying out some of the negative stuff here and some of the silver linings, but also big picture.
He was on my show last week, did a really great job, and I concur with his analysis of how this is actually going to devastate the globalists, what they've done, and he gave the Jacksonian historical blueprint of that.
But recap what you were just saying up against the break.
About Georgia and the path to victory there, and why would McConnell be sabotaging that?
So, I mean, I think McConnell has never wanted the sort of Trumpism or Trump in the party.
He just used Trump to leverage his appointees.
And many of the judges that he put in are more loyal to him and the institutional Republican Party than they are to the president, as we've all witnessed over the last several weeks.
If the Republicans were smart in the Senate for both the Purdue campaign and the Loeffler campaign, what they would campaign on is the only way the president has a chance Is if they get re-elected to the Senate and they agree to object to the certification of any electors from any state that has refused to allow an audit of the signature matches, that has refused to publish the ballots.
Remember everybody, they digitized these ballots so all these ballots could be published to the world.
In fact, the Georgia Secretary of State promised he would.
What is in those ballots that they are so scared to publish them to the world?
Is the numbering off?
Do the ballots look weird?
Do they look like they came from someplace else?
Do they look like they may have been test ballots, improperly included?
What is in those ballots that the Georgia Secretary of State is so scared to show the world?
What is in those signatures?
That the Georgia Secretary of State is so scared to show the world.
So both Senate Republicans candidates should run on, elect me, and I will object to the certification of any elector from any state, including Georgia, that did not have an open, transparent, honest vote process.
And that is the only chance we have for President Trump to be constitutionally re-elected, is by objecting to the certification of electors from the questionable contested states.
And what should happen is if they throw out enough electors, then it goes to the House to vote by state delegation under the 12th Amendment, not to vote by majority vote.
So Pelosi doesn't control that.
It's by state delegation where Republicans have at least a four-state edge.
So the only chance the President has is to elect these two Republicans to the Senate, if they campaign that way in Georgia, because they need a majority vote out of the Senate to be able to sustain the objections to the electors.
And that's what they should run on.
They should say that that's what they're going to do.
And again, they're not even committing to vote a certain way.
They're only saying if these states refuse to allow an audit and an open, transparent process, then they won't certify the electors from those states.
All we need is one Senator to join any House member.
We already have the House members, no matter what.
So all the pressure needs to be focused on the Senate.
We just need one United States Senator to step up to the plate and say, we will not certify electors from an election that was not done in an open, honest, and transparent manner.
And give all of these states two weeks.
Give them notice.
Say, this is what I'm going to do unless you fix it.
Unless you allow an audit of the signature matches.
Unless you allow an audit of the machines.
Unless you allow an audit, a full publishing of all the paper ballots and show them to the world in digitized scanned form.
And if you do that, then I won't object.
But put the pressure on the states.
Because that's where the evidence is.
The evidence is in these signatures not matching.
The evidence is in these ballots having something weird in them that if they printed them the world would see it.
The evidence is in these machines not being fairly audited.
The one machine that was audited in Michigan came back with major problems and issues and questions.
Oh, it's incredible.
All we found is scams.
And Barnes, you'll be on tonight, correct?
You're going to be co-hosting?
Yeah, I'll be on tonight all the way through.
All right, thank you so much.
Tonight, 7 o'clock Central, Band Off video.
Infowars.com and on radio and TV stations everywhere.
And people can follow you at Twitter where?
At Barnes underscore Law, or they can go to VivaBarnesLaw.locals.com to get that particular letter.
I look forward to you being on tonight.
We also have to start talking about the future and the fact that it doesn't look like they're going to successfully put this fraud in.
And we're not giving up, folks.
We're just being honest.
We told you up front that this is a...
David versus Goliath thing.
And just remember, you're going to have the same Q people telling you delusions again, and have the same folks that told you, you know, just go to sleep, trust Mitch McConnell, trust the plan.
Well, no, more like trust the scam.
We have seen what this betrayal has done of wishful thinking.
We're going to grow up now, and I understand that.
Most of the audience never bought it, but for others, it was really sad.
Thank you, Barnes.
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Well, there were a lot of powerful messages at the second Million Maga March.
This one was about a third as big as the gigantic one that was a month ago.
There were still hundreds of thousands of people total, five or six different events going on, but last time I had the most powerful message.
We're not going to back down to the globalists, the New World Order, Biden's a CHICOM agent.
Nick Fuentes had the most powerful message at these events.
The crowds were just screaming.
He couldn't even hardly give a speech.
Five million views here, three million views there.
And with all the suppression still, his message is the truth and it's the most popular message so I'm like
we got to get Nick Fuentes on uh immediately and there were so many rallies and so many
groups that I missed him I was looking around for him for three days uh but it was just incredible
people would come to my hotel demand I give a speech you know 2,000 people show up so
there's a lot of excitement there but this time it was all broken up.
I hope folks, regardless of what happens, go on the 20th of January, because we're not accepting Joe Biden.
We're declaring we know he's a fraud.
We're also declaring war on Mitch McConnell.
You know, I said Sunday, when I had had a chance to see Saturday's speeches by Fuentes on my Sunday show, I said, I think Fuentes is right.
The Republican Party, the establishment are the enemies.
But we have to make sure that doesn't get Democrats elected.
We have to make sure we target neocons and others to get them out and put populists and America Firsters in.
But now you see McConnell saying, oh, we need to be nice to Democrats, that's how we're going to win Georgia, and let them engage in fraud.
He's definitely working for the other side and a chi-com operative.
I want to read his quotes in a big article in AP.
McConnell warns GOP of electoral college brawl in Congress.
But first, here's one of the clips of Nick Fuentes laying out the future and the future battle plan at the second big march in DC.
And the first Million MAGA March, we promised that if the GOP would not do everything in their power to keep Trump in
office, then we would destroy the GOP.
And as we gather here in Washington, DC for a second Million MAGA March, we're done making promises.
It has to happen now. We are going to destroy the GOP.
Let's go!
Let's go!
Destroy the GOP!
Destroy the GOP!
Destroy the GOP!
Destroy the GOP!
And it goes on from there.
You can find a bunch of the speeches and bits of it at Bandop Video, but also at Nick Fuentes' site.
And on top of that, on his Twitter, NicholasJFuentes.com.
But he's with us the rest of the hour, and I got him on here.
But let me just say one more point.
This is a parallel or an allegory or like a gauge on a submarine or a battleship or an army tank or a truck.
You have these women that are neocons, and I'm not going to attack them, but the point is they get all the permits, they take control of the thing.
And then when you hear the speakers they've got, It is just, people are falling asleep.
And then I show up with a bullhorn, and Nick shows up, and you get, you know, out of the 100,000 people, 20,000 that hear you run over, and they're all cheering, and then it gets 5 million, 10 million views.
And then the poor Republicans with kind of a mainline, rhino, a little Trumpist type deal, they get 20,000 views.
It's not popular, it's not constitutional, it's not what made America.
But everyone's always running away from what victory is.
And so, Nick Fuentes, thanks for joining us.
Great job there in D.C.
Go wherever you want here, but you probably want to elaborate for folks that didn't get to hear your full speech on the speech that you gave, those speeches you gave there in D.C.
last weekend.
Well, thank you so much for having me.
And I think it's a really good point that you make about these marches in the first place.
You have these big organizers organize the stage and the sound system, and like you said, people that are organizing these official type events, they're not really true believers in an America First, Trumpian, populist message.
They're pushing a lot of the same conservative stuff that Mitch McConnell promotes and the GOP promotes.
There's no energy behind that.
But to elaborate a little bit on the speech, you know, it's interesting, there were a lot of Democrats that were saying, destroy the GOP, this is a message I could get behind.
But of course, that's only the first half of the message.
Destroy the GOP as it exists.
Destroy the GOP establishment.
And what we have to do now is replace it with a GOP that truly represents the American people.
We have to destroy the fake GOP establishment headed by Mitch McConnell that puts America last.
We have to primary all those people, replace them in the House, in the Senate, And the state governments, and we have to replace them with people that truly believe in America First, truly believe in the kind of conservatism that President Trump pushed when he ran in 2016.
And I think that that is where we take the fight after this election.
Whether it works out for Donald Trump, which I think is increasingly unlikely, whether Joe Biden is inaugurated on January 20th, the directive is the same after the inauguration.
We have to go out to these different states, look at every senator, every house Republican
that did not support the president, that did not do everything in their power
to keep him in office.
And they have to have a real primary challenge in 2022, 2024, and 2026.
Because this has been happening for decades now that we Republicans, we, the real base of the party,
we, the real people of the country, we vote for Republicans to do conservative things
on the economy, on foreign policy, on trade, on immigration and time.
And again, they go to Washington DC.
and they give us nothing in return.
And you've seen this for the past couple of weeks alone.
from Senate Republicans and House Republicans, even as they make the case that we should give them another
two years in the control of the Senate with the Senate runoff in
And I'm of the belief that we should not do that. I'm of the belief that
the first blow that we have to strike against the Republican Party
is withholding our votes in Georgia, withholding our votes in the Senate runoff,
and preventing them from reclaiming control of the Senate.
Now that's where I may disagree with you, because it's one thing in primaries to beat all these neocons and rhinos and globals, which I'm totally for, but I mean, there's two schools of thoughts.
Maybe make it worse faster.
Maybe let folks get a full dose so that Republicans can't act like, you know, that they're actually debating what's going on.
Maybe make it all be about the Democrats.
It just seems like a very dangerous way to go.
Yeah, and I understand that, and I respectfully disagree.
That's okay.
I actually shared the same views on you initially, and I said, well, we're going to have to go out and we're going to have to win this Senate runoff because if the Democrats get control of the Senate, the House, and the White House, we're in for trouble.
That's going to mean amnesty.
That's going to mean bad things in the Senate.
But then over the past few weeks, I saw that Senate Republicans passed the National Defense Authorization Act.
And they legalized a bunch of these high-tech visas.
You're absolutely right.
the NDAA and the Warren Amendment says that they're going to strip away the
Confederate names from military bases and additionally there is a provision in
the NDAA which prevents the president from pulling troops out of Afghanistan
in the remaining four months or rather the remaining four weeks of his first
term. And they legalized a bunch of these high-tech visas you're absolutely right.
As soon as they thought Trump was down they showed us who they were.
Right well and Senate Republicans like Mitch McConnell are already saying that
they're going to work with Joe Biden.
In particular, David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler, they did an interview, I think, the Friday before that second big march in Washington, D.C., and they said, we are eager and enthusiastic to work with Joe Biden.
And that is more or less what the Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell... Why do they think that's going to get him elected?
That looks like a white flag to me.
That's not how this works.
Exactly, and that's sort of what I've been saying.
I've said that our vote, or at least Georgia Republicans' vote in the Senate runoff, should be conditional.
And the condition is, if you're going to show us that you represent us, if Perdue and Loeffler and if Mitch McConnell show that they're going to offer resistance to the Biden administration, then they can earn our vote.
And you're exactly right.
While they're asking us for our vote to keep control of the Senate, at the same time, they're waving a white flag.
And they're saying already, we will work with Biden, we will work with Biden on amnesty, We'll work with Biden on his agenda.
What kind of pitch is that to reluctant voters who are thinking about withholding their votes, or voters who are very upset with the Republican Party, very upset with their handling of the election fraud?
That doesn't sound like a persuasive or winning message to me.
Now what McConnell's saying is, when it gets around to your electronic voting machines and your fraud with me, or with my successor, you're gonna put me in.
I mean, that's what, these are Republicans selling out what's left of the party.
That's been their job, the Democrats admit it, is have a one-party state.
That's right.
That is exactly the endgame.
And this is where I think Republicans have to think very carefully about who our real friends and enemies are.
You know, I hear some people saying we have to hold the line for the Republican Party.
The Republican Party never holds the line for us.
The line is not between Republicans and Democrats.
It's between us, the American people, and both parties.
Both parties that represent a model party, the collective establishment that's in favor of all these populist policies.
Alright, Nick Fuentes is our guest in that green bean.
I've got it out of my throat so I'll be able to talk when we come back.
I was like sneaking a bite while he was talking.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
2020 was supposed to be a banner year, a year now defined by a global pandemic.
The NBA is suspending the season.
MLB spring training, NHL regular season, March Madness cancelled.
It will forever be known as the day sports shut down.
While sports across the globe go dark, Dana White says the show will go on for UFC.
Why is Dana White comfortable continuing?
Dana White is somebody with a flawed intelligence.
You ought to be ashamed of yourself.
More doubts this should even be attempted.
There's still a medical danger here.
Really negligent decision-making to make a box.
There was an article in the New York Times today that was very critical.
I don't give a fuck.
It seems dangerous.
It seems foolish.
There's no way to make a sporting event safe.
There's no way to 100% guarantee the safety of everybody.
We don't dictate the timeline.
The virus is the one in charge here.
This isn't something that should be happening.
There's so many risks involved in this.
There's no way they come out of this completely unscathed.
This whole damn idea is reckless!
Dana White's legacy.
Pay me.
Even if I put you in serious and potentially fatal harm.
Lining your pockets with money is more important than the safety of the production staff and people you have fighting for you.
You can't make it totally safe.
And it's all fun and games until someone gets this thing.
You're not listening.
This is totally negative for mixed martial arts in the UFC, and I'm not sure it's one that they'll get over for a while.
Dana's way off, way off.
The virus forced businesses across the country to close their doors.
The global fear of COVID-19 as cases around the world continue to grow.
I'm not afraid of the media.
Why should anyone listen to the media?
Who are these people?
What makes them experts?
What have they ever accomplished?
They criticize me for even trying to find a way forward because it's easy to criticize from the sidelines when you risk nothing and do nothing.
But we need to fight this thing.
Instead of panicking, let's find solutions.
Is it feasible that UFC could go off in a month?
I don't see how.
Three fight cards have been announced in Jacksonville.
On our way to Jacksonville, baby.
If the UFC or any of these organizations want to go to Florida, that's a recipe for disaster.
I've also secured an island.
We're going to do all of our international flights on this island.
Dana White devised an insane workaround.
The UFC is apparently building a facility on a private island that they're calling Fight Island.
It's such a stupid idea.
I don't really have any trust in them making it something that's marketable or cool.
We're gonna do everything above and beyond to make sure that everybody is safe.
Even if you believe they're taking all the precautions, it's still a very high risk scenario.
There's just no way to completely eliminate the risk that someone could get sick.
The media are not in the news business.
They're in the clickbait business.
They think negativity sells and gets clicks.
So that's what they deliver.
Negativity is their product.
But I'm not gonna let that stop me.
Anytime there's great success, it's surrounded by negativity.
But here's the reality.
None of the media people know anything about this business.
A lot of people did not want this to happen.
happen. But what we're really good at is proving people wrong.
So, I'm going to show you how to do it.
world order.
It's Alex Jones.
Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.
It's Alex Jones.
So I want to tell the great listeners and activists of this broadcast something.
If you want Trump to override this fraud, you've got to support him.
So, 500,000, a million, whatever it was, it was huge, show up in D.C.
a month ago.
Then a couple hundred thousand show up max this time.
On the 20th, it's not about Trump.
I believe it looks like they're going to be able to steal it.
At this point, unless there's some magic action by the Justice Department that so far has done nothing.
We have to be there to let Joe Biden and the globalists know we don't accept you and we're going to be on your ass with civil disobedience the whole time.
And to let the neocons and the rhinos, who never did a damn thing about big tech censorship and allowed this to happen because they're getting money from them.
So Nick, break down where you think we should go, what you think is going to unfold.
Can Trump be saved at this point?
He really tried to do what he said he would do.
And you saw they've come in with fraud to get rid of him.
So I think a lot of these Republicans, too, are just scared.
And they want to be the good little Republican that's kind of the token of the establishment.
You're right.
And Republicans, the ball was in their court after the election.
We know that Donald Trump won on November 3rd.
That is really beyond a question at this point.
He won Wisconsin, he won Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia.
He legitimately and rightfully won the election.
And when the Democrats began to steal it with mail-in ballots, there were many options for President Trump to take his rightful place with another four years.
We had control of state legislatures in those four swing states that I just listed.
Republicans had control in Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia, Pennsylvania,
and those Republican controlled state legislatures failed to act.
They did not exercise their constitutional authority to appoint their own electors because of the voter fraud.
We had a six to three, or at least a five to four majority on the Supreme Court.
The Supreme Court could have intervened in this election with any number of cases.
Most recently, the Texas suit, that was probably the biggest and strongest case,
and they failed to intervene and stop the election fraud.
So not only did Trump win on election night, but the Republican Party had the chance
every step of the way at every level in the state legislatures, in the courts,
in the Supreme Court to overturn this result.
And what's more is not only did they not do that, but they didn't even have support from Senate Republicans, House Republicans, even Republican representatives that didn't play a big role in the process.
They would not even give verbal support or any kind of support to the effort to overturn these results.
And I think it's not because they were scared.
I think it's because they want Trump to go out of office just like the Democrats.
You know, it was in the first few years... They want everything to go back to the lobbyists, everything business as usual, selling out America.
Because Republicans are in favor of open borders.
They're in favor of globalization.
They're in favor of these lockdowns, which are benefiting Big Tech and these giant corporations, just like the Democrats.
And they want Trump to go for those same reasons.
It's Mitch McConnell and it was even Paul Ryan in the first two years of the administration that blocked the border wall.
They blocked Trump's plans on infrastructure, blocked his plan on just about everything.
And I think that they want their cake and they want to eat it too.
They wanted Trump's support.
To get them, I think, the 27 seats in the House, where they were up for... Exactly!
They used him to get that grassroots, but allowed the targeting theft of him.
That's what I was going to say this morning.
The way McConnell's operating, and I don't like to speculate, but I do it 1% of the time, is there was an inside deal made to give them control of certain things, and if they play ball and sell America out, they'll be left at least in partial power.
And I think that's what Mitch McConnell's saying right now.
That's, that is what he's saying, because It was with Donald Trump and only with Donald Trump's support that Mitch McConnell was able to get 50 seats in the Senate, possibly 52.
It was only with the support of Trump that House Republicans were able to make gains in the House of Representatives.
And what they wanted to do was use him so that they could get themselves across the finish line.
In the House and the Senate.
And then, like you said, the bargain was they're going to get their seats in the Congress, and then they get to throw out the president.
They get his support.
They get him to deliver seats without actually having to accept another four years, another term for the president.
But we brought Trump to power.
The populist Infowars movement did.
And so the grassroots should know we can continue to wage war against the globalists, whether they be Republican or Democrat.
I think that's a really sensible, good plan.
but it all remains to be seen of what's going to unfold.
How much did the Q movement, and I'm not being mean to Q followers, but
we know everything's fine, trust the plan, everything's going to be okay,
kind of reveling in the power of we're victorious.
They're all secretly in these FEMA camps. Everyone's gone to prison and
General Flynn is still out there saying 100% chance Trump's going to win.
That's what keeps people from heading the streets and Trump winning.
It's just, it's delusional.
Yeah, it's problematic because it is creating complicity in the Republican party.
And I have to say, what I like about the QAnon stuff is that it gets a lot of people to believe the right things, although it gets them to believe the right things for the wrong reasons.
It gets them to start thinking about connections between global special interests.
It gets them to ask the right questions about pedophiles and satanic elites and things like that, largely for the wrong reasons, but it does get them to some of the right places.
The biggest problem, though, with it, like you said, is that it makes Republicans complicit.
People think that there's this big plan in the works that Trump is going to stay office, it's only a matter of time, patriots in control, this kind of stuff.
And, you know, I can tell you with certainty that this is not the case.
There's tremendous incompetence in the White House.
There's tremendous incompetence in the campaign.
And I love Donald Trump.
I am loyal to him.
I support him completely.
But the people that he has surrounded himself with in the campaign, in the White House, in the administration, they're either actively sabotaging him all the time, or they are largely incompetent.
That's right.
That's the paradox.
He was an outsider.
He didn't bring in lobbyists, but then he didn't know who to hire politically, so they were able to basically block him in much of his agenda, but he still got a lot done.
It was in spite of sabotage by the globalists inside and outside the administration that he was one of the most successful presidents, I think, in modern American history.
I mean, he built more than 400 miles of border wall, did not get us involved in any war.
He ended a bunch of wars, got a bunch of peace treaties, got a bunch of businesses and industry back to the United States.
I mean, you talk about Trump, got a lot done.
Yeah, trade deals.
I mean, he did.
It was a very successful first term and that was in spite of a lot of bad personnel and resistance inside and outside the administration.
And he stood up to America Sucks attacks and stood up to all these... I mean, he did a great job.
And I'm not saying he's 100% gone, folks, but it's like the sun's setting and we're seeing the last glimmers of light here.
How demoralized do you think people are going to get that have been delusional given when Joe Biden gets inaugurated in 35 days?
Well, you know, I'm going to be honest with you.
It's definitely going to hurt.
It's going to hurt me a lot.
Especially, and what's so frustrating, is because we pulled off the impossible.
The president won with more votes than any other president in history.
He got 10 million more votes than four years ago.
And it was stolen from us.
There was no reason that it should have been stolen from us, and yet it was.