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Name: 20201220_Sun_Alex
Air Date: Dec. 20, 2020
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In this episode of The Alex Jones Show, the host discusses how global governments and authoritarian groups are exploiting the COVID-19 pandemic to gain power and control over people. He mentions that these groups openly admit their intentions, citing Klaus Schwab as an example. The guest talks about the increased tracking and control of individuals through apps and secret police. He also highlights the fear-mongering around COVID-19 and refers to cognitive dissonance among those who refuse to accept facts about the situation. Finally, he promotes Ultimate Fish Oil from Infowarsstore.com as a potential solution for those suffering from degenerative mental conditions caused by stress and denial of facts.

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The herald angels sing, Glory to the newborn King!
Peace on earth and mercy mild, God and sinners reconciled, Joyful all ye nations rise,
Thank you, Nat King Cole.
The newborn king.
Oh, I'll sure take Jesus over Dr. Fauci.
Alex, the vaccine won't kill everybody, just some of the people.
Thank you for joining us on this live Sunday, December 20th, Global Transmission.
Again, I am your host, Alex Jones.
We have Robert Barnes, constitutional lawyer, joining us coming up in the second hour about the ongoing fight to overturn the fraudulent election results and all the evidence we've got.
But first I thought we'd start this transmission with a bit of fiction.
We've got Fauci hyping up his PCR test.
They're 96% fake and fictitious.
You've got them hyping up death numbers for tens of thousands that died of heart attacks and cancer saying COVID-19 did it.
That's all admitted.
And now he's been on TV saying that, we'll play the clip in a moment, that he gave Santa Claus the vaccine
And so it is safe for him to come down your chimney.
Well, this vaccine protecting you from COVID-19 is as believable as a 400-pound giant elf in a red and white outfit coming down your chimney.
Don't worry, Governor Whitmer's been super creepy, Miss Police State up in Michigan, saying that, oh, Santa
It's basically, you know, dying of COVID and the rest of it and just total fear monitoring.
So their theater, their fiction is mixing with the rest of the fiction as they try to expropriate every form of Western culture.
Here is Fauci.
Well, I have to say I took care of that for you because I was worried that you'd all be upset.
So what I did a little while ago, I took a trip up there to the North Pole.
I went there and I vaccinated Santa Claus myself.
I measured his level of immunity and he is good to go.
He can come down the chimney.
He can leave the presents.
He can leave and you have nothing to worry about.
Santa Claus is good to go.
But they're now telling you, even if you take the COVID vaccine, it may not protect you.
You may still be able to spread it.
Sorry, you're still going to wear a mask forever.
CNN is reporting that they want to make it like seatbelts.
You will never leave your house again without it, and you will get time in jail if you don't wear it.
This is the total, complete, absolute cult of control.
Oh, and by the way, the CDC is now reporting thousands of people have been hospitalized, some of which are in comas.
After taking the COVID-19 Pfizer vaccine.
And they've only vaccinated, they're now saying, one-tenth of one percent of the country.
So they haven't even gotten near one percent of the country being vaccinated and they've got a thousand plus people with adverse reactions.
I've got it right here for you.
That's all coming up.
I thought adverse reactions don't exist.
This is a giant criminal takeover.
This is a giant power grab, the likes of which the planet has never seen.
And Senator Paul, who's a medical doctor, has pointed out that it's all about a cultic submission to the establishment.
This has nothing to do with reality, nothing to do with science, nothing to do with facts, every single bit of it.
Has to do with power and control and a global medical ID.
And that's what's really out of control is the EEOC.
Has now come out and said, employers can make you take a vaccine.
Can they make you get an abortion?
Are those employers going to sign a waiver that if you get sick or die from the vaccine, they're going to take care of your family?
Of course, the answer is no.
The EEOC is another communist, globalist, criminal organization.
Disgusting Nazi science.
They're Nazis.
We are back live!
We are taking off another worldwide transmission.
It is December 20th on this Sunday broadcast.
4 p.m.
Central Standard Time.
4 p.m.
6 minutes 50-something seconds.
All right, we have advisor to President Trump and one of the lawyers behind the scenes that's actually been tracking what's happening, and I'll leave it at that.
Barnes doesn't want that known, but that's actually known by the enemy, so why shouldn't you know it?
Robert Barnes has been all over the country working for Trump, exposing what's going on.
He'll be with us in the second hour.
He told me a month ago everything else was a red herring.
The computers, all of it.
The key is the signatures being ignored in Georgia, Pennsylvania, and other states.
And now President Trump has given a speech, an interview, on a show with Rudolph Giuliani, where he says it's all about the signatures and that is the irrefutable fraud that even the Supreme Court cannot ignore.
And they just ignored the signatures in Georgia, where Trump's only losing by 13,000 points, 13,000 votes.
Remember, Trump was winning
By hundreds of thousands of votes until they closed up the CNN Center where they were counting votes, not joking, said a water main had broken, wasn't true, then pulled out all those suitcases and then ran each ballot on video repeatedly through a machine illegally.
I mean, you talk about open and shut, but let me give you the big news.
Again, I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Thank you for joining us on this live Sunday transmission.
I told you on Friday Trump was considering martial law.
I told you three weeks ago Trump was considering martial law.
I told you November 4th Trump was considering martial law over a month ago.
Now how did I know a month and 15 days ago something like that?
Because I understand history and I know what's going on.
So when I use terms like Trump considering martial law, I'm not just pulling that
Out of the ether to have a shocking name or a shocking term to get your attention.
It's because that's what's being discussed.
That's what's going on.
Now just because it was talked about in the Oval Office doesn't mean Trump's going to do it.
And it doesn't mean I support it.
We're simply telling you what's going on.
Here are the headlines today dealing with it.
Heated Oval Office meeting included talk of special counsel, martial law, as Trump advisors clash.
Now do I just believe CNN?
They usually lie, but I made some calls and checked and indeed that did go on.
But then John Bolton spun it that Trump supported it and that it was his idea.
Trump said that was fake news.
Let's continue with these headlines.
President Trump tweets out, martial law equals fake news, knowing there are several options on the table.
Gateway Pundit, breaking Trump calls on Americans to march on D.C.
January 6 to stop foreign takeover.
That's the biggest news of the day.
He's calling on you now.
He needs your help.
We need your help.
America needs to stand up.
We need 10 million people there on January 6.
The mayor has announced, oh, no indoor dining, no blah, blah, blah.
That'll keep you from coming.
Everybody just ignore her.
Ignore these tyrants.
If you were Black Lives Matter or communist, she'd love you.
We're going to descend on the swamp January 6th.
The president's going to be attending the rallies.
He's announced he's going to be there.
This is going to be mega massive.
Continuing, Trump scorches dumbest ex-advisor Bolton over CNN interview about appalling idea to return election and rerun the election under martial law.
And I've said this over and over again, you don't call it martial law, you call it a national emergency, and then it gets into the Constitution and different ways to do it.
We're already under SHICOM control.
We're already going under global receivership.
We're being bankrupted by design.
The blue cities and blue states are already under their own COVID cover martial law with the mask and the lockdowns and all that the Democrats and Communists and Socialists are bringing back in every country they control except for China.
Because the globalists have all moved their factories to China.
From Germany, from the UK, from France, from Canada, from Australia, from New Zealand, from the US.
Hell, factories have left Mexico and gone to China.
And so the globalists have made their investment there.
We're all turned off.
China's been open for six months plus completely.
And they are getting all the business and all the jobs.
Even Bloomberg reported on Friday, the biggest jump in China investment ever.
Because we're under lockdown and China has had their top world leaders, their top political analysts, on national TV.
We've played the clips, Tucker Carlson has, saying, America will never reopen.
We control their top government people.
COVID will kill them.
It will kill their economy.
They are over.
America will no longer exist.
Meaning the virus won't kill you, but the lockdown will.
We've already played those clips five or six times.
But think about that.
And the average leftist wears a mask, doesn't go out.
Wants their stimulus check.
They've got a third round of stimulus checks.
900 billion dollars they're trying to send out.
While your real industry, your real jobs, is being destroyed.
And Trump is striking back.
Scoop, Axios, Pentagon, Holtz, Biden transition briefings.
As he's under criminal investigation as being a communist Chinese spy along with his son.
We told you this on Friday before it was even in the news about martial law.
A storm is coming.
Trump considers direct action against foreign interference in election.
But the question is, is it martial law?
Is it a national emergency?
How is it implemented?
President Trump signs bill to bar Chinese companies from U.S.
stock exchange.
I mean, it is on, on, on.
So, this is a larger debate and a larger discussion.
We'll talk about it with it with constitutional lawyer Robert Barnes next hour.
But the larger question is, when you're already under multinational corporate banking martial law, when you're already being bankrupted, when you're already being told you got to have a world ID to travel outside your country because Xi Jinping says so and the UN's in charge and Bill Gates is your doctor and
You're told you're not essential.
And the federal government's basically halfway sold out, surrounded by traitors.
The states don't know what's going on.
Then if the president was to arrest a bunch of Chinese agents, like Swallow's Well, and the rest of them, would that be martial law because the Justice Department won't do its job?
No, that would be the country surviving
And standing up to an outside foreign threat, an existential threat, because we're already losing the country.
The country's already going away.
We're already under a form of martial law.
And so I don't understand the debate and the discussion about what we're going to do.
We'll either submit, they'll put Biden in, he'll keep the economy shut, we'll go totally bankrupt, we'll be completely domesticated, they'll continue racial and cultural division, and basically this country will be broken up.
Underworld government.
Or, we as a culture stop working with big corporations, we as a culture call out the shycoms, we as a people say no to the system, and come together and resist it peacefully through civil disobedience, and then hopefully other politicians and followers ride that wave to victory, but I don't expect to see leadership out of them.
We've seen some leadership from Trump, but that's about it.
Real leadership comes from the grassroots, and that's what we're doing here.
You heard about world government, the CHICOMS, the New World Order, global lockdowns, lockstep, Disease X, controlled viral releases, here.
You didn't hear about it on other shows because they're not actually reading the Rockefeller Foundation white papers.
They're not actually researching how the real world works.
They tune in, you know, to Hollywood shows and to HBO and think that all of that is what goes on in the world.
What's the latest sporting event?
You really?
You're as cuddly as a cactus.
You're as charming as an eel, Mr. Grinch.
You're a bad banana with a greasy black peel.
You're a monster.
Mr. Grinch, your heart's an empty hole.
Your brain is full of spiders, you've got garlic in your soul.
Mr. Grinch, I wouldn't touch you with a 39 and a half foot pole.
You're a vile one.
Trump has been against the lockdowns.
Trump got roped into supporting the vaccine, he believes it would end the fear and reopen the economy, which he knows is already starving millions of people to death in the third world.
When we shut down, the third world dies.
We go bankrupt, they starve to death.
So I know why Trump did what he did, but I still think he got snookered big time on this, and now more and more he's saying that, but with 31 days out from the inauguration of himself or that communist Chinese frontman, Joe Biden.
We need Trump to level with the American people about the Chinese virus, about the fear, about Bill Gates, about the New World Order.
Now, you remember a month ago, a week ago, three days ago, I said, Trump is considering martial law.
And I said, that doesn't mean martial law is a good thing.
It's a lot of different things.
But I said, if you're already occupied, if you're already overrun, that's when martial law is used, if it is what you call the good martial law.
And it tends to never go away once you're under it.
The problem is we're already under the medical tyranny of the globalists.
And so after Trump met with General Flynn and others yesterday, and the story got leaked out about martial law as a trial balloon, he posed with photos of Andrew Jackson, President Jackson, President Lincoln, and Prime Minister Winston Churchill.
Now, what does that tell you?
It's pretty clear.
But Trump has been telegraphing this for a long time.
He counted on the Supreme Court.
He counted on the systems.
Now he has all the evidence.
And a communist Chinese agent is about to be put in as the president who's totally compromised, and President Trump cannot allow that to happen.
That's why they kept telling you
That President Trump was a Russian agent because he wasn't a Russian agent.
He doesn't even hire lobbyists.
No one tells him what to do.
With all these other modern presidents, they have committees that sit together and get bought off and then tell the president they control what to do.
And so that's why they're so angry.
And now we're at this point where we're discussing what the president should do and he's actually trial ballooning
Using the military to go after Communist Chinese Agency in the United States and hold a new emergency election in these five states.
They're the ones that stole the election.
They're the ones that started this fight.
They're the ones that did all of this.
And so President Trump puts out the idea of martial law through his surrogates, then comes out and says, I'm not proposing it to CNN.
But the truth is he understands the public doesn't understand where we're at and how we're being captured by a foreign power.
If a foreign power is taking you over, if we were invaded by a foreign nation, what would the federal government do?
It would declare a martial law in those areas and we would go to war with that foreign army.
And so now we sit here playing games with this foreign takeover and say, oh, we're against martial law, we're against the police state, when it's the police state of the globalist, and the police state of the UN, and the police state of the CHICOMS that we're going under.
The question is, do you trust President Trump to take action against that system?
I don't think it's going to end up happening.
I don't think he has the men willing to do it.
So I don't think that's a problem you're going to have to worry about.
Maybe I'm wrong.
But why don't all you goody two-shoes, so upset that I even talk about America declaring an emergency to stop this foreign takeover, think about the fact that we're under a foreign takeover, and you will be under them January 20th, and they're never going to take that boot off your neck without a fight.
Better the devil you know, the devil you don't know.
And this isn't some lesser of two evils.
Trump cares about America.
He wants our own sovereignty.
He's fought hard.
When he gets the information, he makes the right decision.
And they hate Trump.
And they want to remove Trump.
And they're training Chinese troops in Canada.
But they won't have to have them invade.
They'll be invited in.
You know, we've recognized under Trump, the conservative that clearly won the election in Venezuela.
Was blown away today whenever Joe Biden said, we don't recognize the conservative, we love the communist.
So that's where this is going.
And it's only going to get worse.
And so that's the reality of where we are.
We're under medical tyranny, martial law.
They're bringing in the tracking apps, they're bringing in the control systems.
Xi Jinping runs the planetary system.
And we are inside of this right now.
And so that's a discussion.
When I host the new show tomorrow morning, when I'm going to take at least 50 calls over three hours, 8 a.m.
to 11 a.m., American Journal, just like Washington Journal on C-SPAN, but
National Journal.
I take your phone calls from all the world, quite frankly, but it's mainly about the United States.
And we'll be discussing all of this and what you think President Trump should do at 8 a.m.
tomorrow, ahead of Owen Schroer, who's going to be hosting my show, the Alex Jones Show.
And then I am going to take off a few days to get some rest and try to really focus on the decisions we've got to make.
Because, as one of the crew members said before we went live today, we are in uncharted territory.
And as dialed in as I am and as focused as I am, I need a little bit of time to turn my engine off and really get close to God and decide what I think is the best thing to do.
And then I'll come on air and I'll tell you.
But at this point, I don't think anybody knows what to do.
We are all in above our heads.
We're over our eyeballs and we're in uncharted territory.
Uncharted territory.
A foreign multinational global corporate government takeover of a bunch of corporate heads and people that have always been unaccountable.
Unlike soldiers, they never face retribution.
They never face actual threat.
They just carry out their cold-blooded control and their manipulation of society with absolute impunity.
So if I know one thing, it's this.
The discussion about the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds and the Gateses and the Prince Charleses of the world that admit they're doing this lockdown to make us poor and admit they hate us and admit they want to depopulate us.
As soon as we start realizing they're the ones behind everything happening.
And as soon as we start speaking out against them, and as soon as we start saying we're not going to submit to them, and as soon as they get the blame for what they've done, and the millions that have already starved to death during this lockdown, is the sooner we're going to get relief.
But they don't have skin in the game, and they don't even get political pressure for what they've done, and so they think they're invincible because they hide their modern warfare behind vaccines and 5G and GMO.
But the world's waking up.
Now wait till I get to this, not next segment, but the segment after.
But let me hit.
Major federal agency announces forced inoculations coming, and the first thing Trump needs to do tomorrow is sign an executive order on vaccine freedom saying no forced inoculations.
He's said it in a lot of speeches, but I want to see it out of his mouth!
Hey, check this out.
There is a new app coming to a cell phone near you that will display and verify your coronavirus vaccine status.
A green check mark on your profile ID means you're good to go.
And this is being promoted as the end of the coronavirus lockdowns.
Because they're saying this is going to allow everybody to get back to normal again.
You can go back to restaurants and your bars and movie theaters.
They're all going to open back up again to full capacity.
And all they got to do is make sure that everyone inside or everyone that enters has proof that they got the vaccine and that it can be verified at the door with the app.
And I think a lot of people who might be afraid to take the vaccine right now, they're going to go ahead and do it anyway.
Because this way they're allowed to go places again.
And we can all get back to normal and live our lives again.
Business as usual, right?
That's how they're promoting this anyway.
And you understand, you're probably not going to be able to get a job without it.
Or you're not going to be able to continue to work where you are right now unless you have proof that you've taken the vaccine.
Now here's what they want you to do.
First and foremost, they want you to get out there and go get the vaccine.
It's your duty to save mankind!
Next, they want you to download one of these apps.
There's already a lot of them to choose from.
You can get the MyGP app, they got the Common Pass, or here's one, the AOK Pass.
Secure, private, and portable.
And then, you allow these apps to download your medical records, and boom, just like that, you're good to go.
You get a nice green checkmark on your ID, and businesses will now allow you to enter.
Or, they will stop you at the door, deny you entrance if you don't have
Labor and employment lawyer Helen Rella says your boss could force you to get a COVID-19 vaccine.
There's going to be applied pressure on people who... Okay, so that's a report from last Wednesday by Darren McBrain.
It's a banned-out video.
I want to show you just part of it.
That's just a small part of the report.
The COVIDVAC verification app.
Don't leave home without it.
Well, ZZ Pink said 10 months ago, this will be the model of the world.
You'll have apps on your phone and leave your house.
It's the global social credit score.
Again, I'm Alex Jones.
Thank you so much for joining us on your local stations out there.
We are broadcasting worldwide live on this Sunday transmission.
But notice, just a few weeks ago, or just last week, we're telling you it's going to be mandatory through the employers.
Oh, well that's not mandatory.
But all the big banks, all the big corporations are already linking up saying it will be to get on a plane, to have a job.
But then they admit on the insert, oh, if you're pregnant, don't take this.
Oh, if you're young, don't take this.
Oh, if you've got an autoimmune problem, don't take this.
If you've got any allergy to anything, peanuts, penicillin, bee stings, do not take this.
And then we're like, oh, well, don't take it like, oh, you're a conspiracy theorist.
Nobody's having any problems.
This is from the CDC website.
This is PBS with a direct link, PBS television with a direct link.
And this is the latest numbers as of two days ago.
The numbers are always a few days behind.
And this is registrants that took the vaccines and the adverse reactions, health impacts, putting them in the hospital or keeping them
Out of work.
3,150 people are out of work from the 112,000 people that have so far taken the vaccine.
It just started a few days ago.
Here's some of the headlines.
Nurses faints while talking to press about COVID-19 vaccine.
Oh, it's very rare.
Really, CDC issues new guidelines, launches probe after thousands negatively affected following COVID-19 vaccine.
This is from the CDC, we just showed you the numbers.
Here's the Epoch Times report, posted up on InfoWars.com.
So they tell you safe and effective, but remember Bill Gates, we'll cover this next segment, famously said that 700,000 people will get sick or die from his vaccine.
He also admitted 80% from the Pfizer vaccine, that's what this is,
Get sick.
And when you talk about that, they go, oh, that couldn't be true.
We have Bill Gates on video saying it.
Why is Bill Gates in charge of what goes in your body?
What planet, what freakazoid world did we wake up to where this is happening?
Look at this.
This is out of Fox News, because again, they're telling you, oh, there's nobody getting sick.
Nobody's having a problem.
One woman collapsed in Tennessee, a nurse.
Oh look, vaccinations at Chicago Area Hospital to resume after four workers experience adverse reactions.
Four of the nurses have gotten sick.
And that's just what happens at the time you get it.
Imagine the long-term effects.
Oh sorry, those haven't been studied.
And here's the big scary news right here.
Federal agency says employers can require workers to get COVID-19 vaccine.
You saw Darren McBrain's report from just last week where people are saying, you watch, they're going to make employers do it and make airlines and hotels do it with a digital system that tracks you.
So that's a cashless society right there.
And sure enough,
Federal agency announced this week that employers can legally require their workers to take a COVID-19 vaccine and can prevent them from entering the workplace if they refuse.
Also, the New York Bar Association said it should be the law, everyone must take it, including pregnant women.
The damn insert says pregnant women shouldn't take it.
But now lawyers, and now the EEOC, more lawyers, leftist lawyers, SJWs,
They say you're gonna take it, because it's all about their power over your body.
The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission issued guidelines, claiming that requiring COVID tests would not violate the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, and that though employers can't require certain medical exams like blood tests, COVID vaccine does not apply.
Yeah, taking your blood's not a problem, but going in with the mRNA vaccine and with messenger RNA,
And that's programming RNA to program your cells.
Oh, some corporation programming my cells?
Taking over my cells?
That's not a problem.
I mean, when a man, they teach feminists that a baby is a parasite.
Because a sperm and egg meat creates a new creature, it attaches to your placenta that's there to catch the baby and love it.
You're designed to do it.
They call that rape.
But when Bill Gates plunges a needle into you with mRNA to reprogram all your cells,
So you can travel or have a job.
That's not rape.
That's not coerced.
Of course it is.
It violates every form of law.
The Geneva Convention.
It violates the Nuremberg Code.
This is an insane action.
You go, why are they doing it?
Because they can't help themselves.
It's the nature of these mad scientists.
The Nazis were mad scientists.
They do it over and over again.
Meanwhile, German doctor, anti-vaxxers should be denied intensive care if they need it.
What if I need intensive care from the vaccine?
And then Rand Paul, doctor, mask mandates are all about submission, just like under Islam.
And now CNN says, oh, soon you will wear masks forever, like your seatbelts.
It will just become normal.
This is totally unnatural, this is a total cult takeover, and it's all based on giant, exaggerated lies, hundreds and hundreds of percent, what's actually happening.
Refusing to wear a mask should be as taboo as drunk driving.
Scientist chief says, yes, you're dirty, you're bad, you've got to wear a mask, you've got to submit.
Christmas miracle though, Fauci confirms he vaccinated Santa Claus with COVID vaccine, just as ridiculous as all the propaganda.
Meanwhile, in London and Italy,
In her full holiday lockdowns, England's COVID mutation 70% more infectious.
Live updates.
I predicted fake new upgrades and mutations.
It's all crap.
The PCR tests are all crap.
The inventor of the test said it was a fraud.
I told you a month ago, I talked to one of the main biotech company owners.
I'll leave it at that.
He said, I ran into him at a law firm and he said, Alex, don't take that MRNA vaccine.
It's deadly.
It shuts off your immune system or will turn it way up.
It's all a fraud.
It's all a power grab.
It's all evil.
And I said, please come on.
Oh no, I can't do that.
No one can come on and tell you, even though it's all right here.
This is such a crazy operation, where they're going to normalize you getting cancer, your neighbor dying, you getting autoimmune disease, and then they admit that a bunch of these mRNA vaccines have HIV in them?
That's all admitted now?
My God, this is insane.
This is the globalists carrying out eugenics.
And everyone's supporting it, is doing it through ignorance, or because they're globalist scum.
Ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much for joining us.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
And we're here weekdays 11 a.m.
to 3 p.m.
And we return Sundays 4 to 6 p.m.
And now we've added Sunday Live with Owen Schroyer, Tom Papert, Harrison Smith and others 6 to 8 p.m.
And it's what I call our new free-to-air radio.
By that, we have six minutes of ads an hour for local stations, but no ads for us.
A lot of stations are picking it up.
We're trying to reach out to my other affiliates and say, hey, would you like us to cut some of the ads on my shows so that you can pick us up?
Their answer is like, no, we'll just take all your ads.
Well, I got a radio partnership with Ted Anderson and GCN.
They're great guys.
They got half the ads, but I'm working on that for you folks because we want less ads here.
That's what we're pushing for.
Let me try to put it to you this way.
I'm not up here covering all this incredibly negative stuff just to bitch and complain and be a victim.
I'm doing all this so you understand the real threat you're under because I believe you're like me.
You're not going to put up with it.
You're going to mobilize.
You're going to speak out against it.
You're going to pray against it.
You're going to say no to it.
And all of us together will defeat it because many hands make very, very light work.
I believe in you.
The globalists have bet against you.
They've bet against me.
But now they're not as arrogant as they used to be.
They're scared.
And just like that, populism and pro-human nationalism is exploding all across the world, and humanity is on the march.
And the globalist empire is more and more on the run.
So as negative as it is to see world government, the UN, and global tracking apps, and lockdowns, and forced inoculations, this is their revolution!
This is what they've been preparing for decades!
And it's the fact that we've been exposing it for decades, and it's now happening just like we said, is incredible.
So we got a leg up on it.
We got a head start on it.
I can't tell you, it's not about bragging, it's about you realizing the success that we've all had together.
Infowars is just one focal point of all this.
Not just Tucker Carlson, not just Sean Hannity, not just Rush Limbaugh, not just
Joe Rogan, who I've massively influenced all those people, and I'm not going to talk about private conversations, but I just recently got phone calls from extremely prominent liberals, completely freaked out.
Saying, I thought you were crazy, it's happening exactly as you said.
Are you aware you said this in 2007?
Here's the clip.
And I'm like, I remember saying that, yeah.
These people are saying, how the hell do you know all this?
And I explained to them, well did you know it was in Carol Quigley's book, 1968?
Or did you know it was in Zbigniew Brzezinski's book, 1974?
Or did you know it was, I mean, it's all, that's what I, see, I only tell this almost every show, different variants of the same story, just different developments, because it's everything.
Do you understand that I did not figure all of this out?
The globalists have a plan.
They have a program.
They tell you what they're going to do, and we know what they're going to do.
World government, forced inoculations,
With antibodies that attack proteins associated with fast-growing cells.
There's only a couple things grow fast in the body.
Would you like me to list them for you?
Embryonic tissue grows the fastest.
Placentas, uterine walls each month.
And then what else grows fast?
Intestinal walls?
What else grows fast?
Your hair?
Your skin?
But what else grows fast?
It could be your bones.
It could be your skin.
It could be your tongue.
It could be your blood.
It could be your brain.
It's got a name.
It's called c-c-c-c-cancer.
Bigger than Dallas.
And when all Wolfgang Wudarg and all the big even top scientists who've got souls.
The medical system's actually got all these nurses and scientists and doctors coming out valiantly fighting.
And it's all the top ones.
I mean, my God, it's the former head of Pfizer, it's the former... They're like, this is insane!
Don't you dare take this!
This'll turn your immune system off or turn it up or kill you!
My God, it'll attack every fast-growing cell in your body!
It'll eat your baby alive!
And so that's what I'm telling you is, this is like, don't drink cyanide, it'll kill you.
You want me to explain the science to you?
It's not even hard.
It's open and shut that the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines and the Australian one mRNA
...are literally going in and reprogramming your cells to release an antibody against a protein that is mainly found in the placenta and a woman's uterus.
This thing is meant to eat women's uteruses.
Just like Gardasil, they call him.
If they announce there's an emergency, they trick Rick Perry, not even a bad guy, not a scientist.
Did all of us protect young girls from cancer, sir?
We give them this shot, they don't get cancer anymore.
It covered four papillomaviruses, there's thousands.
Didn't save anybody.
A few thousand people, 4,000 die a year of papillomavirus.
That's a tiny number.
But in the studies, they couldn't get it approved by the FDA.
Until a governor announces it's an emergency, or a president.
Reagan was a great guy!
They said, sir, we got stuff to do.
He announced an emergency.
That's how they got liability protection for all these vaccines.
Reagan wasn't bad, he wasn't a scientist.
So they came to Rick Perry, Merck did, and they said, we got a shot, it'll cure cancer for women.
He said, well damn right I'll say that.
That's ordered.
What they didn't tell them is, they couldn't get the Gardasil shot for a decade approved in India, Japan, Russia, Europe, or the US because it was attacking women's ovaries.
Because for whatever reason, that fast-growing virus
And the proteins it releases just so happens to look like an egg on a polyp growing off of an ovary.
That's all an ovary does.
It gets a little bloop.
And boy, that's when the girls get excited.
The women get excited.
It goes bloop.
The woman goes into ovulation, kicks off that egg, and mama's ready to get in the sack.
But at the exact moment that happens,
You've now got a vaccine that attacks that protein release and it swarms into that ovary and it eats it up.
And you don't just usually get each egg eaten.
It starts chewing into the ovary itself.
And now you've got a big old problem.
So, Gardasil goes after your ovaries.
These new mRNA vaccines go after your uterus bigger than Dallas.
And these globalists, like they've got a gun to their head.
My wife this morning at breakfast, she's a smart lady, she goes, she goes, you know, it's like it's aliens.
Why would the establishment do this?
It's going to hurt so many people.
They're going to get in trouble.
And I was reading, you're right about the Gardasil attacking the ovary.
And I said, honey, they are, they do have a gun to their head.
I don't know who's running it.
I've not seen little green men.
I don't even, all I know is what they're doing is violent.
It's crazy.
It's insane.
And it's out of control.
But then you can argue, well there aren't too many people.
So, do you want your daughter sterilized?
And by the way, that's just the tip of the iceberg.
There are five different autoimmune responses that we know of in this vaccine based off the virus.
So, we've only identified a few of the things it does.
This is just crazy.
Man, I tell you.
And by the way, this isn't Alex Jones up here telling you about science or medicine.
I'm reading what's in the medical reports.
I've shot the reports.
I've covered it.
And George Soros, who served Nazis as a young man, spends all his time trying to shut us up because in his world with Satan, the more people he hurts, the more people he maims, the more he sterilizes, that gets him credits in hell, as best I can tell.
Yeah, UN vaccines in Kenya used to sterilize women.
That was where they added hormone to the tetanus shot.
It's not that vaccines are bad.
It's what they add to them.
Just ask black folks about Tuskegee.
Alright, we're going to start the next hour with Robert Barnes about is martial law real?
Is Trump planning martial law?
What does that mean?
Can Trump overturn this fraudulent election?
Well, we're going to talk to a fellow that's been traveling the country behind the scenes and has got the inside scoop in baseball in hour number two on this Sunday night transmission.
Stay with us.
Look, once you understand this has all been scripted out,
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
You understand the whole game plan.
I've been saying this for 10 months.
That once they roll out the COVID hysteria, once they roll out the COVID fear...
They are going to then say there's new deadly versions of it when it becomes apparent that it's basically an overblown hoax to try to scare you back into submission.
And I said, as soon as Trump calls for a march on D.C., which he's now done, January 6th, they'll announce, oh, there's a super deadly strain.
Stop the air traffic.
Stop everything.
This is a foreign, multinational takeover.
Ali Alexander just tweeted this.
Notice how the new mutation of a deadlier COVID-19 coincides with trying to install Joe Biden
Wow, so people are really starting to get it.
Let's go to a clip I mentioned earlier of Bill Gates saying six, seven months ago that 700,000 people will get sick from the COVID shot.
Notice now they say, oh, no one gets sick.
Everybody's got to take it.
Even though they're halting the shot in England for many people and here in the U.S.
because this is such a dangerous vaccine.
Then why are they trying to push it?
What's the real agenda?
Robert Barnes will give us his expert take on that and so much more coming up next segment.
But here's Bill Gates.
We clearly need a vaccine that works in the upper age range because they're most at risk of that.
And doing that so that you amp it up so it works in older people and yet you don't have side effects.
If we have 1 in 10,000 side effects, that's way more, 700,000 people who will suffer from that.
Really understanding the safety at gigantic scale across all age ranges, you know, pregnant, male, female, undernourished, existing comorbidities, it's very, very hard.
And that actual decision of, okay, let's go and give this vaccine to the entire world, governments will have to be involved because there will be some risk and indemnification needed before that can be decided on.
And that's Dr. Bill Gates, our lord, our king, our master, our commander.
We'll talk about politics, we'll talk about martial law, we'll talk about Trump for a couple segments with Barnes, then we'll get into where he really is an expert.
The numbers, the facts, the COVID lockdown, where this tyranny's going.
Is the world really now super-awakened to what's happening?
I think super-awakened is the term, but here is the latest bat signal that Trump just fired.
Fight for Trump!
You are listening to an InfoWars.com frontline report.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
We now take you live.
Coming to you live from the InfoWars.com studios in the recaptured state of Texas.
It's Alex Jones.
All right, incredibly serious time to be alive.
Constitutional lawyer Robert Barnes.
I was in Georgia.
I had a chance to talk to him when he was there behind the scenes working on trying to prove the election fraud.
He said, listen, the voting machine stuff has some real issues, but it's overblown.
The other issues are red herrings.
Everything is the signatures under state law being ignored.
And now Trump has come out.
Now relegated the president to online radio shows with Giuliani.
We are very close.
President Trump discusses ongoing efforts to turn election around with Dr. Maria Ryan and Giuliani.
Here it is.
I love you.
Thank you, Rudy.
Thank you both, and Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas to the family.
I'll speak to you guys, and we're getting closer and closer, and I hope you let everybody know we're actually very close.
The fake news will not tell you that.
They don't want to talk about it.
They're trying to suppress it.
We don't have freedom of the press at all.
It's suppressed news.
It's a terrible thing that's happened in our country in the last... It really is.
It's been going on for... It started a long time ago, but it's gotten to a point.
It's just...
It's a terrible thing.
It's not freedom of the press and we got to bring that back because the press is so suppressed.
It's so dishonest.
I don't even call it fake news anymore.
I call it corrupt news.
So just thank you very much, you're great patriots, both of you, and I hear your show is a big success.
Well, Merry Christmas to everybody.
God bless.
God bless.
Merry Christmas, Mr. President.
Thank you.
All right, so there goes the President, and he's still on Fox, some here and there, but they're trying to block him everywhere, trying to block his tweets.
Robert Barnes joins us during the internet kill switch, during the shutdown of America, during lockdown, too.
It all ties together.
What would you call this current state-of-the-world constitutional lawyer and as somebody that's working with folks behind the scenes to try to overturn this fraudulent takeover?
And then let's get to the latest numbers, the facts.
Is there a path
Well, I mean, to a certain degree, it's a constitutional crisis of a kind, because it's critical that there are some people who want the Trump supporters to resort to a remedy that is not the Constitution, and as the President made clear last night, that's not his path.
He is pursuing solely and wholly a constitutional path because the problem with any enforcement issue with the Constitution, the solution is always more constitutional democracy, not less.
And that's the President's path as well.
And that requires, he's still going through the courts.
There's three cases that are now just out of Pennsylvania, up before the Supreme Court this weekend.
There are more going.
I don't think the Supreme Court will provide any remedy for him, but he's going to fully exhaust all options and opportunities in that respect.
There's also election contests from Georgia, Arizona, Nevada pending before various courts.
Cases out of Michigan and Wisconsin also pending and going towards the U.S.
Supreme Court.
But Bob, let me stop you.
He's not going to probably get remedy there because Roberts reportedly is scared, hiding under his desk from Black Lives Matter.
Then, instead, we always want more of a republic, more freedom, but if the Chi-Coms and the Globalists take over, I mean, that's certainly less freedom.
I mean, why do we allow a foreign to take over?
The I don't think the concern is there's always risks of foreign influence and we've always had foreign influence but the remedy has always got to be more constitutional democracy and that may mean other forms of action so I think the president's goal is exhaust the judicial action show that he pursued it to the best degree he could and if the courts didn't provide any relief or remedy then that puts the burden on Congress and that's where the Senate and the House
And explain that to people that he's already got a bunch of House and Senate members ready to have the hearings, ready to block the electors.
That's where the real fight is.
The Constitution calls for Congress to certify the electors.
And until Congress certifies the electors, there's been no actual Electoral College vote.
There's no vote until that certification occurs, constitutionally.
So then what do you make?
We'll walk all through this next segment, because you're the expert on this, but I like Flynn, and I like Powell, all of them, but they're at the White House, this info immediately leaks.
What do you think Flynn's up to with all this Marshall Law talk?
I think.
Trump was never going to go down that path.
That's what people who wanted to hurt him wanted him to do.
It's a part of a disinformation campaign, and it comes out of the QAnon world.
And unfortunately, the General Sidney Powell, Lin Wood, got caught up in that world.
I mean, here's a core problem.
Aside from the fact that it's not legal, martial law is not legal in the United States.
That was determined in Ex parte Milligan in 1866.
When Abraham Lincoln did it, it was determined to be unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.
So martial law has never been constitutional in the United States unless the entire country was a battlefield with no civil institutions able to even function.
That's the constitutional standard.
But I think that the President has never wanted to go down this path.
His critics have invited it, welcomed it, and wanted it because they wanted it to discredit him, discredit his supporters, and give them a pretext.
To put people on watch lists and even engage in mass arrests because it's a crime for the military to get involved in elections.
We passed that law back after the 1876 Compromise.
Sure, so what does the President do when he's met with a Justice Department won't do its job and foreign multinationals working through blue cities and states with their own form of COVID lockdown, which is martial law.
How does the President counter this regional martial law we're under?
Two things.
First, massive public pressure on the Senate and the House to do their job.
So their job is to hold hearings on whether or not these electors were properly qualified.
Whether or not, as Matt Gaetz, Congressman Gaetz said today, in any state, and this is what we've been talking about for the last week, that what they should do, now Congressman Gaetz is saying he will lead the charge to do.
Which is any state that cannot show that it had an honest, transparent election cannot have their electors qualified for the Electoral College vote.
And if enough electors are disqualified, then the Constitution requires the House to vote by state delegation.
Okay, so here's the deal.
I'm going to give you the floor of the next three segments, the next 45 minutes, because I know you're super smart and I respect you.
I try to study this, and I defer to your knowledge because you're almost always right.
Very rarely are you wrong.
So now you've really got my attention, because that's why.
Let's make the rest of the show about the real constitutional path to victory here, and what dirty tricks they might pull when we come back, because you just said it.
We now have Gates of Florida, we have all these senators, we have other House members doing what Nancy Pelosi tried four years ago to have the electors not seat, but there was no support so it didn't happen.
This looks like one of the biggest movements
I've ever seen except maybe what the 1870s to actually have this happen.
It looks like we've got a perfect storm.
And so what's critical is more evidence of this to come out.
So let's just let's get to that next segment, Barnes.
First, let's go to what you told me in Georgia a month ago when you warned me, you said, don't go down the Dominion Road, don't go down this road.
The president wants us to look at the signatures.
How you knew that.
I know how, but if you want to say it, go ahead and say it.
And then why that's so important and what's happening now in Georgia with the signatures.
Sure, so I went to Georgia at the specific personal request of the President, and his focus was on the signatures, because it was clear that they didn't need to use the machines to steal this election, because they could just do it the old-fashioned way, which is to have a bunch of people who are not qualified to vote, vote, a bunch of people cast ballots in an illegal manner, and then to have the count of that ballot done in an unlawful manner without proper monitoring.
And that's why they won't publish the ballots, because people will see the problems with the ballots themselves.
And that's why they wouldn't allow a signature match audit to occur, because they know the signature matches won't match.
And there's more illicit ballots than there is a margin of victory.
And under the Constitution, when that happens, the remedy is you go to voting by state delegation, and that favors the president.
So that's why, when I was down in Georgia right away, it was clear that all the state officials were happy to do a hand recount and they weren't worried about the machines at all.
That whatever capacity the machines might have to manipulate elections, that's not what happened in this context.
And they wanted the focus to be there because they knew that people would go down a path that they wouldn't be able to prove.
In some cases, a lot of the Q-based sources... You told me almost a month ago that Trump was on this path.
He's now publicly saying that.
Is the Georgia signature event, is this a good recount now?
It's at least a step forward.
So it's a major step forward.
It's the first state to do a statewide signature match recount.
There's still arguments about whether they'll allow meaningful monitoring of it to occur.
So there's still issues with it.
But it's at least a step in the right direction.
And when they did it in Arizona, 11% of the signatures did not match.
That's right.
They only did a small spot check and they did a whole state.
He was clearly a one.
It's funny, that was all against Trump.
And remember, that story got buried because everybody's focused on the machines.
So the president's goal is... Barnes, I gotta say it.
You called it early.
You said it's diverting from the signatures, it's diverting.
You've been damn right.
So let's come back to you to have the floor and just walk through every section of this in the next 45 minutes.
Then, Tom Pappert takes over.
Live from Austin, Texas.
Broadcasting worldwide.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
You know, I've discovered the secret to leadership.
It's actually researching history, standing for something, and then picking a side.
And so many people I know, whether they be generals or whether they be politicians, they really just are putting their finger to the wind and like seeing which side they're on today.
Not me.
I'm for America.
I'm for God.
I'm for children.
I'm for families because I love it and I believe in it.
Constitutional lawyer Robert Barnes is our guest here.
He's kicking major butt.
And man, did he call this thing.
And I'm glad he said it, because I talked to the White House, and I talked to the State Department, and I talked to the other president, obviously.
And they said, oh, Barnes is great.
Because Barnes told me, yeah, I'm working for the president.
I don't say anything.
I'm going around the country.
And the president really wants the signatures.
He thinks this is a red herring.
And all that's been borne out now.
So Barnes doesn't toot his horn, but since the enemy already knows about it, why not just go ahead and get it out there?
So Barnes, let's hit this small piece and I'll turn things over to you to cover the waterfront here in the time we have left.
Ahead of the next live show coming up with Tom Papert sitting in for Owen Schroer tonight on Sunday Live.
And you're welcome to come back this week and co-host for a couple hours whenever you want during the weekday show.
I'm taking off this week just to get some rest.
I have to do it to unplug, but we'd love to have you co-host.
You pick a day this week, two hours, come and do it tomorrow, Tuesday, Wednesday.
But what about Trump saying march on D.C.
and how important it is peacefully on the 6th?
That's a big deal to have him calling us to march on the day that Congress is going to try to seat those electors.
The President's goal and objective is to show the Senate and Congress how much power he still wields, and to make it clear to them in a demonstrable form that this isn't, you know, just grass, you know, astroturf.
This isn't just some bot operation on social media.
His goal is not anything with... That's why people stay away from the militia law stuff and all that.
That's a red herring in a rabbit hole meant to distract and detour people.
What the President wants
And you're going to get into that in a moment, but the President's calling on us to march on D.C.
This is the big one.
I hope you'll be there, Bob.
Everybody needs to be there.
It's January 6th.
Everybody be there to remind Congress what their duties are, to show up to support the President in a lawful, democratic protest, and to remind people that the popular will will be heard one way, shape, or form or another.
So this is the big one.
And I think we should be there the 5th, too.
Don't you agree?
It should be... I think the 6th is almost too late.
I'm going to be there on the 5th.
Yeah, I agree with that.
I think the 5th and the 6th are good to make sure everybody sees that the president's army of voters and volunteers are going to continue to support him through the democratic process.
And that no matter what happens in Congress, they're going to be active after that.
I mean, these senators are going to face potential primary contest in just two years if they don't stand up for the president.
So you've got the floor now.
Get into the path to victory with the electors, then all the other information.
So when we set up our government, we recognized that we could have a contested presidential election.
So the remedy was a two-step process.
The first is that the House and the Senate meet and decide whether the electors were properly constitutionally elected.
And if they determine that there is not a majority of electors that were constitutionally elected, then the 12th Amendment comes into play, which was passed after the 1800 sort of debacle that took place, which was that the House votes by state delegation.
The President has a large edge in that.
The number of people who support him weigh in the states and the House delegation exceeds the Democrats and exceeds Biden by a substantial margin.
So all the President needs is the House and the Senate to vote on whether or not these electors were qualified.
And to allow evidence to be presented, an argument to be presented for that.
There's a lot more evidence of an unconstitutional election than there is whatever was evidence of a constitutional impeachment.
And they were willing to put a week aside for that.
And so here we have at least seven different states that are in contest and in dispute.
They're supposed to take two hours apiece, the House and the Senate, to debate each one.
The way that process works is one Congress member, one member of the House, one member of the Senate, in writing, submit an objection to the President of the Senate, who's the Vice President of the United States.
Now, the Vice President does also have a potential role, but it's unlikely he will assert it too aggressively.
But he can say an objection's been made, and the House and the Senate have to vote on it.
And they should be able, and they have two hours to hear argument or evidence on it.
And they should allow that to take place.
Allow the constitutional process to go forward.
And so by doing so, that affords the opportunity, if the Senate and the House sustain the objection to the elector, then those electors get thrown out.
And they can do it state by state by state by state.
And he doesn't need all seven states' electors thrown out.
So you're saying we're being distracted with martial law talk.
We have a constitutional remedy.
And Pelosi tried this play four years ago.
It got no purchase.
This already has Senate and House members ready to go with it.
And that's why Mitch McConnell was trying to sabotage and ambush this, because he knows this is the most effective remedy for the President.
This is the constitutional remedy.
This is the little-D democratic remedy.
Because it's the House members and Senators that the voters voted in this term that will be hearing this.
So that's why it's critical.
And that's why the President is very concerned with the Georgia vote.
He needs both of those Senators.
And one of them came out yesterday and said he will also vote to object to electors if he is re-elected.
That is gigantic, because you called for that Friday.
Explain that.
This is all key, key legal parlance.
So Senator Perdue, who is running for re-election in Georgia in the Senate, yesterday confirmed that he will vote, he will object to the electors being certified from any state that did not have a constitutionally clean election.
And right now, that includes at least seven states.
And critically, the big three, Wisconsin, Georgia and Arizona, but also Michigan, Pennsylvania and Nevada.
And there's also some question in a suit filed in New Mexico where electors, of course, have already been sent from these states through the Trump electors met and voted to send their electors to the president of the Senate as well.
So that he could assert his remedy in that regard.
So let me ask you this, what do we do to make sure this happens?
What can we do?
March on DC the 6th, the 5th, I mean I think the 5th and 6th, just everybody converge.
Folks, I've never, people always say March on DC, this is it.
If people don't get on a plane, on a bus, on a train, if you don't get there, then kiss your ass goodbye.
Yeah, the key is Congress has to see an unprecedented, massive will of people.
If they saw 10 million people, they'll overturn this fraudulent election.
Because even Roberts is quote, scared of Black Lives Matter.
That's a paper tiger.
They don't represent black people, that's George Soros.
They need to see 10 million multi-racial Americans.
10 million Americans would overturn the fraud, wouldn't it?
That's why the video you showed at the beginning of this is the reason why the president put that out there.
It was, look, massive marches, democratic, peaceful, constitutional marches supporting the constitutional remedy by a multi-racial group, multi-ethnic group of people from all across the world.
And that's what he needs on Washington.
He needs the biggest show of his supporters in history showing, demanding that they exercise their constitutional duties and constitutional obligations.
And that's all anybody's asking for.
All right, stay there.
This is so epic.
So it's literally in our hands.
Yes, we're being blocked off by big tech.
Yes, there's censoring us.
But we have all these radio stations, listeners.
If you come to DC, 10 million of you, we win.
But it's literally up to us.
Barnes is not lying.
This is a big deal.
Trump has said, save America, fight for the future of the planet, come to D.C.
We'll play that little clip when we come back on the other side.
For TV viewers, it's powerful.
Radio listeners, it's okay.
The video's at InfoWars.com.
It's on Trump's Twitter.
Trump's Save America video.
Constitutional lawyer Robert Barnes is our guest.
I've been asking a lot of questions.
He's been moving really quick.
But you heard him.
He's been quietly working for Trump out there across the country.
What are Trump's real chances?
What can we do?
What are the other major players?
What's the inside baseball on the Bidens and their Chai Com connections?
I know you've got incredible knowledge across a wide spectrum.
One of the smartest people I know.
One of the most informed I know.
In the next segment, we'll get into the vaccine, global lockdown too, and how to fight that.
Robert Barnes.
So, you go back, history tells the tale.
I mean, you like to read and review history, Alex.
It's the same thing.
In 1876, we had a comparable controversy.
We had disputed electors sent from multiple states.
Some were sent by the official body that said the Republican won.
Some were sent unofficially, saying the Democrat won.
You had a split Congress.
You had Republicans control the Senate.
You had Democrats control the House.
And ultimately what happened is through extended months of negotiation, because there was such a popular outpouring, that in that case the Republican, Rutherford B. Hayes, they said had not legitimately won, that in fact Samuel Tilden, the Democrat they said had won, that the mass outpouring forced Congress to deal with it, and they would end up debating it for months.
In fact, back then inauguration did not happen until March, and they didn't have the final vote until 48 hours before inauguration day.
So we know what this, and in that context, ultimately an agreement was reached that allowed the Republican to get the presidency, but the Democrats to get a whole bunch of other things, which included the withdrawal of troops from the South.
Uh, which, you know, re-scripted the history of the country for the next 90 years.
So, the reality is that the, that remedy shows that if Congress asserts its constitutional duties and obligations, then the, uh, the President has a clear fighting chance because both the facts and the law support him.
If you look at the facts, the facts are that the, there are three things that matter in an election.
Did the people who are qualified to vote, were they the only ones to vote?
Were the votes cast in a constitutional manner?
And third, was the count of the vote done in a constitutional legal manner?
Here, in all of the contested states, Georgia, Arizona, Nevada, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and even to a certain degree, New Mexico,
There was either votes who, in fact, in all of them there were votes who, people who cast votes who were not qualified to vote.
In some cases because they were not citizens.
In some cases because they were too young.
In some cases because they claimed to be living in a mailbox.
In some cases because they voted in another jurisdiction.
In some cases because they were registered to vote in another jurisdiction.
In some cases because they'd already moved out of the state more than 30 days prior to the election.
So, we have a bunch of people who are not qualified to vote, and of course, last but not least, there were plenty of dead people who voted in these key states, as the research showed from both Matt Brainerd and Richard Barris of People's Pundit Daily.
The second component is, were there votes cast that were not cast in a constitutional manner?
What does that mean, constitutional manner?
Well, when it's the presidency, the rules for the election have to be only the rules set by the state legislatures.
And under the Electors Clause, the state legislatures exclusively determine and control how the presidential vote takes place.
And isn't that the big enchilada?
That none of these states pass laws, just governors agree with Democrats to accept these fraudulent ballots, these mail-ins?
In fact, it was the big problem Democrats had.
How were they going to steal the election when all the legislatures in every single one of these states, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona, in all of those states, they did not control the legislature.
And what they decided to do is, well, we're just going to ignore the legislature.
Consent decrees.
They use lawfare, selective lawfare.
And people ask them, where is the legislature?
They don't even know an agreement is being made.
The legislature wasn't even a party.
And by the way, the way those rules are supposed to work, having been part of those lawsuits before, you have to get the legislature to pass legislation.
I mean, I brought a big suit in California, a bunch of counties.
The rule was clear.
The only way that it could constitutionally go through is the legislature had to agree to the terms of the settlement and pass it as legislation.
But they don't.
So it's a giant, fraudulent,
I mean, here's an example.
You gotta have the deed to your house to sell it.
It's like some group meets separate and just agrees that they own your house.
The parties to the contract were the states.
And the agreement was, we all agree, only the state legislatures can pick the president.
And if somebody violates that, Professor Dershowitz was on a live show last night saying that clearly you would have standing to bring a claim if the roles were reversed.
So why is the Supreme Court not doing it?
Do you think the story out of Texas legislature is true that Roberts was screaming at people and scared?
That particular story is not likely to be true because the Supreme Court's not meeting.
They're all working from home.
And so when they said they were in chambers, I knew that story wasn't likely to be accurate.
But I think thematically there's truth to the story in the sense that people have interpreted Roberts in this way.
But I think the bigger problem was Mitch McConnell and the Republican establishment.
That was the other story to all of this.
You know, the Godfather line, who was Barzini all along.
There was no doubt that
That he's really showed his ass.
Excuse my French.
I mean, McConnell has really screwed the pooch here.
Why do you think he did that?
Because his wife and the Chinese companies?
Because he's an establishment guy.
I mean, he likes it when he can run the show.
Mitch McConnell sincerely believes he would have a docile person in the White House and control the House and the Senate, but for Trump.
He lives in a fantasy world, but this is the world that McConnell lives in.
Yeah, so for these guys it's all about their personal power, not America and our future and freedom.
It's about, I'm big, I'm in charge now.
It's why so many Republicans, even McCarthy, you see on TV, he looks like he's hired in a kite right now.
Yes, I mean, there's no doubt about it.
They're all thrilled.
I mean, they think Biden is easy to work with because Biden's been, you know, a go-along corrupt buddy.
I mean, what's somebody not easy to work with to save the country?
Someone who cares more about the country's interest than any lobbying interest, than any corporate interest, than any country club interest.
Mitch McConnell would love the Republican Party to go back to being a country club party that gets enough church votes to win.
Well, that's what Trump always says.
He says, if I want the money, they give me ten times Democrats.
They want me to sell you out.
I won't.
He basically hasn't.
And that's why they're so pissed.
He kept his word.
First president to keep his word in a long time.
He kept his word on trade.
Kept his word on war.
Kept his word on trying to bring people back home.
They're also waging war on him because they don't want him to pardon Julian Assange.
They don't want him to pardon Edward Snowden.
That's why you're seeing Pompeo.
We have two minutes to break.
What would you do right now?
I know you talked to the president.
What should he do?
Resolute deaths.
America's at war.
Chi comms.
Enemies within.
Shouldn't he rally the troops?
Not just put a tweet out, come to D.C.
the 6th.
We need to hear him every night calling on 10 million to
And I think he should start to reach out directly to the country.
I mean, the reality is he can use his own periscope, his own Twitter feed, his own social media, his own YouTube, however he wants.
And I think that he should start to reach out directly to them and say, and just lay this out for folks.
Say, we have a constitutional remedy.
We know that the election was stolen.
He did that good speech about a week and a half ago that was really well done.
Put pressure on Congress to not accept these fake electors and accept ours.
Oh, if he called on the people to take action, it would be incredible.
And I think he should do it.
I think he should start to do it every day.
I think he should pardon Julian Assange and Ed Snowden to send a message to the deep state.
I think he should do it on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.
I think it's perfectly timed.
And then right after that, he should start building for people to come to Washington, D.C.
for a constitutional democratic remedy for the Constitution to be upheld and affirmed by Congress doing its duty and fulfilling its obligation.
Well, Trump does have nine lives and always has a trick up his sleeve.
And so I expect to see some real movement.
Look at how he put all these Chinese companies on the stock market, on a ban list.
What else is coming?
So let's talk about the 6th, the big rally coming up.
Let's talk about what else we can do, what we expect from Trump with Barnes and a little bit on the lockdown too and the globalism and COVID on the final segment.
Then Sunday live, normally with Owen Schroer, is Tom Pappert tonight.
And he's got a special guest joining him from the Defense Intelligence Agency.
Well, we are the tip of the spear in the fight for human liberty.
I'm very honored to be here and it is you, the listeners and viewers, that keep us, like gravity, in the universe, in position.
So everything I owe to you and the God that influenced you to support us.
To the end of the day, I thank God, but God works through you.
All right, Barnes, you could talk for five hours about the lockdown, about the COVID.
You were on with us 11 months ago, and this all started saying what was going to happen, where it was going, the power grab, the mRNA vaccine isn't a vaccine, it was a genetic takeover, and now it's here.
What do you make of this?
What can we do?
Where do you think it's going?
So two things.
One, they're clearly, I've been hearing a lot of inquiries from potential clients that governments are going to start mandating it as a condition of employment.
Employers are going to start mandating it as a condition of employment.
Airlines condition it, require that you... Well, that's what the EEOC just came out, as you know, and said, your employer can make you take something that genetically re-engineers your body.
That's like an employer saying,
You have to have sex with the boss.
That's his semen.
That's gross.
That's potentially harmful.
What about Bill Gates's mRNA injected into my body?
That's beyond rape.
Not only that, I mean, my hometown in Chattanooga, a nurse took it and fainted a little bit long there just by a few minutes afterwards.
More complaints that there are already investigations now into people having allergic and other reactions to it.
And folks, remember, this is a rushed emergency vaccine, which is just a drug.
They call it a vaccine.
I don't mean to interrupt you.
I'm trying to be gross.
I don't want to be raped.
I don't want my daughters raped.
I'm saying it's an mRNA
Like, semen programs an egg.
It's the only thing it can program is an egg.
But an mRNA can program every cell in the body.
This is literally something that reprograms me like I'm an egg and it's semen.
This is super creepy.
I'm talking about science here, Bob.
This is freaking me out.
Well, it reminds me of forced sterilization in eugenics.
I mean, it's a manipulation of the body to try to change the species as a species.
I mean, it's a... And not only that, we've never had a successful coronavirus vaccine.
We've never really had a consistently successful flu vaccine.
And the last time we rushed a vaccine led to the disaster of 1976.
Where a lot more people ended up getting hurt and harmed by the vaccine, by the drug, because that's what it is, it's just a drug with a nice label on it, vaccine, than actually were harmed by the virus.
But what I'm doing is I'm going to be working with Robert Kennedy Jr.
to coordinate a legal and political reform attack on these forced vaccines.
At every level and there's there may be HIPAA lawsuits we can bring to challenge whether they can really inquire into your medical records as a condition of employment.
We're going to be looking into whether or not some of it violates anti-disability discrimination laws because that aspects for certain people that are allergic or have other potential risk reactions to it that could include a psychological reaction to it.
Uh, in my view.
So I think that they're discriminating- Well, no, I totally agree, but let's just go back here.
The British government, once they did one week, had so many problems, so many convulsions.
They said, kids shouldn't take it, pregnant women shouldn't take it, if you have an allergic background, don't take it.
The idea that everybody's gotta take this is insane!
And not only that, it doesn't even make sense on its own terms.
In other words, first of all, this is a virus that's not very risky.
This is not smallpox.
This is not polio.
This is a virus that poses very little risk to 90% of the population.
Has a 99% plus success rate.
I agree.
So what is the larger fear mongering about?
What is this big crazy push?
Well, this is what we talked about from the very beginning.
That this whole campaign was about inducing such a state of fear and despair that people would beg for a vaccine backed by Bill Gates.
Because this is part of Gates' longer-term, broader agenda.
And he believes that... So it's just all about, they have the power to put in us what they want, when they want, and they don't care if there's damage.
They just want us to give up.
And if they can control your body and invade your body and put any chemical they want in your body as a condition of employment or simple transportation or simple education, then they can do anything else.
There's no limits.
I mean, once they broach, once they cross that Rubicon, then that's the last Rubicon that protects individuality from the control of the coercion.
And because it was announced as an emergency by the government, something Trump shouldn't have done, now they feel like they have liability protection.
Who cares how many people it damages?
And this is why it was worldwide.
This is why it continued even after they thought Biden won.
This is why it was done throughout the entire world.
This was Bill Gates co-opting the public health authorities into his goal and agenda.
And I'm sure he couldn't be more thrilled right now.
This is clearly his objective.
But as you put up with that video earlier, there's a reason why Gates was saying that everybody was going to have to be indemnified because he knows it's going to cause a bunch of harm.
He knows it's going to kill people.
He knows it's going to cause more
Well, let's go back then.
Let's go back.
I mean, I go back to the rape thing because that's what this is.
A regular vaccine gives you a broken, failed bacteria or virus, and then you learn how to beat it.
It can have its own problem.
It can be contaminated.
They can Trojan horse it.
It's still got a bad history.
But this mRNA is a nanotech that programs your cells to create an antibody to a basic protein.
And then they, I mean, this is just like, this is such a bold power grab.
Oh yeah, and then you combine Andrew Yang talking about some way to certify this, and it sounds very much like the quantum tattoo that Bill Gates has designed, that's designed to put a chip in you to see what vaccines you've had and haven't had, that can release, that has remote control capabilities, as he himself bragged about its possibility.
Why do you need remote control capabilities yourself for something that's inside you?
Well, RT was asking, where did Andrew Yang get this idea?
Not Adolf Hitler, but Xi Jinping.
Xi Jinping says, global ID, global app, global control.
I mean, this is very much the Chinese model.
Just as the Chinese have co-opted Big Tech to pursue their social credit model effectively in the way Big Tech censorship and suppression works, this is the model.
I mean, they were the ones who gave us the whole model.
They had the virus.
They were the ones who helped spread the virus by the way they responded to it.
And then they likely manufactured the virus.
And then they manufactured the lockdown response.
And then they were pushing this vaccine answer.
So this is a Chinese model that we've never adopted before.
We've never done this in response to a flu virus before.
We've never rushed a vaccine as the solution, aside from 1976, which was such a disaster, we promised never to repeat that again.
And yet here we are, repeating that again.
And for a far less dangerous virus than that virus, had the lethality.
And again, you're a lawyer, but I can look at this.
This has bad reactions hundreds of times it's ever been seen.
It's like they don't care.
Why do they want to do this?
It doesn't even protect us, like you said, it's not even very dangerous.
The COVID, it's just a giant power grab?
Two things.
One, Bill Gates now has a green light for any and every vaccine he ever wants to do, and he wants to vaccinate the world and control the world through vaccines.
He admits that.
This isn't news.
And then the second, he's just achieved it at a record level.
That's why he spent all that money to co-opt every public health authority in the entire world.
He donates as much money as the United States does to the World Health Organization.
The tied number one donor to the World Health Organization.
And this is why.
To achieve and obtain this objective that's been decades in the making.
And then the second part is it's a degree of social control that dictatorial politicians and tyrannical politicians couldn't even imagine getting even in the worst crisis of war, the worst crisis of terrorism, the worst crisis of crime.
They were never able to attain and achieve the degree they... to where, you know, cops are busy pulling people off of skating rinks in Canada and arresting them and threatening to tase them.
That's how insane it is.
You're absolutely right.
So people ask, what's the point?
Why did the Soviets attack?
Why did the Nazis attack people?
Because it's their will.
They want to dominate.
They want control.
It's rape.
They are raping us.
It doesn't matter if the science says it's bad.
It doesn't matter if it doesn't protect us.
They want that power over our bodies.
This is big government, big corporations, a bunch of weird perverts that are getting off on this giant sick event.
And they get to control people's bodies at a mass level.
And once you do that, you have complete control over a person.
And you don't just rape them with this stuff, you track them, you control them, you control where they go off of how much abuse you allow them to engage in.
This is like, this is like, It The Clown Part 5 or something.
And you condition them to accept various things in their body for these purposes in the name of public health.
You're doing this to protect grandma.
You're doing this to protect kids.
And you then get liability protection.
Trump's biggest failure is going along with this.
He needs to come out against it.
He came out against the mask.
He came out against the lockdowns.
He thinks the vaccine's his biggest achievement.
I think this is Trump's Achilles heel in closing.
Yeah, I think it was.
I think it was another place where his advisors betrayed him, told him, hey, if you take this path, you'll get reelected.
Clearly, that was not the correct advice.
He would have been better off had he never pursued or gone along with this and would have, if he had never gone along with the lockdowns, he wins outside of the margin of fraud.
If he had not gone along with Bill Gates' agenda, he wins outside the margin of fraud.
If he would have created that vaccination committee, paneled by Robert Kennedy, he would have won outside the margin of fraud.
But, unfortunately, he got ambushed by his own advisors.
And that's where the problem is.
You're going to be co-hosting Owen Schroeder on Tuesday.
Robert Barnes, find him on Twitter, BarnesLaw, right there.
Thank you so much.
Incredible job, sir.
Hey, happy to be here, Alex.
Powerful hour.
That was amazing.
All right, Tom Pappert takes over for two hours straight.
Normally Owen Schroeder does it, but he's hosting tomorrow.
I'll be hosting at 8 a.m.
the new show, American Journal, with a bunch of your phone calls.
And then Owen's going to host my show because I got a bunch of work to do around here.
A busy elf.
Infowars.com, Newswars.com, Tomorrow's News Today.
You just got the inside scoop.
One of the main lawyers advising the president.
He went ahead and admitted that on air.