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Name: 20201215_Tue_Alex
Air Date: Dec. 15, 2020
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In his show, Alex Jones discusses various topics including vaccine reluctance in America, potential dystopian future scenarios, election fraud claims, and the importance of standing up for one's rights. He criticizes Joe Biden's approach to democracy and warns about potential false flags or civil unrest being staged by Democrats. Jones also discusses power dynamics between governments, corporations, and individuals while criticizing media for promoting fear-based narratives. A conversation is recorded between two travel nurses discussing COVID-19 test results confusion at their hospital. They mention patients being labeled as positive even with negative test results and immediate ventilation upon entering the hospital due to pandemic anxiety. The nurses discuss how it seems the goal was to create mass hysteria for political gain rather than proper patient treatment, while doctors who speak out are fired or risk losing licenses."

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The Electoral College has spoken.
So today I want to congratulate President-elect Joe Biden.
The President-elect is no stranger to the Senate.
He's devoted himself to public service for many years.
I also want to congratulate the Vice President-Elect, our colleague from California, Senator Harris.
The courts are fraudulent, they're ignoring the evidence, and now you see Mitch McConnell saying, okay, Joe Biden's President-Elect, Trump's lost.
And Putin came out last night, right after Mitch McConnell said it, within 10 minutes, Putin issued that directive.
Because he knows, okay, the Republicans aren't going to stand with him, and they're saying he's lost.
So, in the words of John Paul Jones,
I've only begun to fight.
That's where we are.
So we need to talk about the future, how we're not going to recognize Biden, how we need to expose him as a TRICOM agent, how he needs to be impeached, removed, indicted, whatever needs to be done.
But now's the time to get on that attack now.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
America on the eve of its first vaccinations against COVID-19.
The first vials of the Pfizer vaccine being put into place.
Workers at the Pfizer plant near Kalamazoo, Michigan taking them out of the Sub-Zero freezers, placing them in boxes packed with dry ice.
UPS and FedEx hauling the first truckloads of the vaccine out from that plant.
The first planes carrying the potential life-saving cargo landing in Louisville and Memphis.
This is total...
Absolute, triple admission by the Australian government of what we've known from the Indian scientists, and the German scientists, and the African scientists, and the US scientists, and the Canadian scientists, and the discoverer of the HIV virus, that when you scan the COVID-19 virus, it has had five viruses cut into it, one of them HIV, and the government
Just came out and halted their mRNA vaccine because when you take it, you then test positive for HIV.
Did you hear what I just said?
You test positive for HIV.
All he really wanted for Christmas was a local vaccine, but... The University of Queensland vaccine will not be able to proceed.
50 million planned doses scrapped after triggering false positive results for HIV.
Australia expects to start vaccination next March and to have its whole population inoculated by the end of the year.
These were false positives.
I find a cover story.
I think they were giving people HIV in these frankenshots.
COVID-19 has HIV DNA genetically engineered right into it.
And that was accomplished by the Wuhan BSL-4, which is China's Fort Detrick, sending a scientist down to Australia
To work with the Australian Health Board.
On DNA genetically engineering the HIV into SARS.
The statement coming out is by the director of the Australian Health Board.
Right, that's the exact same people who DNA genetically engineered HIV into SARS that was taken back
Now, there were four cases of Bell's palsy that occurred in the group that received the vaccine.
Bell's palsy is a condition that causes temporary weakness or paralysis of certain muscles in the face.
It is not clear that there is a connection to the vaccine.
In your view, America first, as the president might call it, not the right approach?
Well, the extreme idea that everybody should die until we have the very last American vaccinated, that's
Hardly the appropriate response.
A new Pew Research poll out last week showed that only 60% of the American people say they intend to get vaccinated.
That includes less than half of black Americans.
How worried are you about the reluctance of Americans to take a vaccine, particularly among minority communities?
I think we have a real communications challenge that you've got to find out who do people trust.
You know, for some jobs,
Like working in a nursing home, the government could decide that it's important for those people to be vaccinated because that'll save a lot of lives.
And so the track record will be developed and I think we'll get over the 70%.
The dystopians are building a dystopia for us because it's easier to manage and they like it and they enjoy it.
And are actually trying to tear down the egalitarian, open, free societies.
That's why George Soros calls his group the Open Society, because he's destroying open societies.
Because to have open societies, you've got to have independent, separate societies, who then interface with each other through free will, not through cultural, spiritual, financial, genetic rape.
All right, folks.
We'll be right back on the other side.
Trump is about to allow the theft of this election.
Only has days to act, but we can still stop it.
It is Tuesday, December 15th.
The year is 2020.
36 days left until the installation of the communist Chinese agent.
The sworn goal is the destruction of the United States is installed as the new first emperor of the former United States of America.
It's not a joke.
It's real.
Americans have an incredible normalcy bias because we've had so much freedom.
We have had such a long, long history of being the model of freedom around the world.
Didn't mean we were perfect, didn't mean we were angels, didn't mean we didn't have problems, but we were the model of human freedom and the country that trailblazed freedom more than any other nation in the history of the world except maybe England.
And that was in its latter part and influenced us heavily.
But that's really where it came from.
There's people fighting in England over hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years to carve out just some basic freedoms for humanity.
Where humans were seen as sentient and as sovereign.
Not just the king of England, but every man and woman, a king and queen in their home.
A man's home is his castle to process.
All of that is British common law.
Flowing out of Magna Carta to 1776, July 4th.
And if you want to be able to put a tombstone on America, and that's how grave this is, United States of America, born July 4th, 1776, and it will die January 20th, 2021.
Somebody do the math on that for me.
How many years?
How many months?
How many days?
That is.
So really, we're looking at a 36-day countdown because I'm not somebody that gives you peaches and cream when it's not peaches and cream.
I believe, and I know historically, you have a right and a duty to know the truth, and so I'm going to lay that out today, but I'm also going to give you the good news.
Anytime we want to stand up, anytime we want to recognize the globalists as our enemies, anytime
We realize that things are only going to get worse the longer we put up with this.
There will be the rediscovery of will and of huevos and we will start turning the tide back against the tyranny.
But right now the pendulum was swinging towards total oppression.
Some nationalists, some patriots got in, blocked it in a few areas of the world, and the globalists just threw everything they had at it, and their trillions of stolen dollars, and their crisis machines, and their high-tech psychological warfare, and they have just absolutely gaslit large swaths of the planet.
The good news is it's caused a giant awakening, and people understand what's happening now and are getting really upset, but if we now don't take things back, well, we're just well-informed slaves.
Not ill-informed slaves.
And the system has a methodology of making you so poor, even though you hate the system, and even though you know it's a fraud, you are permanently in an underclass now, and so busy trying to get food on your table, that you don't fight the system anymore, because so many other people are living hand-to-mouth as well.
They can be recruited at the grassroots to actually work for the tyranny and oppress you, because they want their 30 pieces of silver.
You see that Barr is out.
Trust the scam.
You see all the other big developments.
Russia firing four ICBM missiles off their submarine.
You see the certification by the Electoral College of Biden.
You see Mitch McConnell congratulating Biden as being president-elect.
You see Putin, who held out the longest, congratulating him.
Trump has not had this election lost.
Trump is not losing the election.
He is allowing the stealing of the election.
And I don't blame the president.
I'm simply saying that this isn't the date at which you can market that the long shot of Trump defeating this steal
Went to basically a hole in one long shot, one in a million.
But you could mark that as of last night.
And what are people going to do when Joe Biden is seated fraudulently over the Republic?
We have to get ready for that.
We have to fight that.
We have to resist that.
We have to speak out against that.
But it's the not recognizing how much trouble we're in and how the fact we're in a 21st century war
That has gotten the public not to mobilize and not to get involved and not to stop what's happening because people continue to believe that magically everything's being handled and everything's great and basically that Trump is invincible.
This is all part of some secret plan.
When I'm on the phone with the stop lawyers and they're desperately fighting.
And I meet with folks from the White House and they say 90% of the people left as of a few weeks ago and now it's down about 5%.
Trump has the helicopter pilots will fly him around, the Secret Service is there, but everyone else has deserted him.
He's like a quadriplegic.
That would love to run across the grass barefoot, who would love to climb a tree, who'd love to go for a swim.
They can't because they're paralyzed from the neck down.
Trump is paralyzed?
Trump is surrounded.
America is paralyzed.
America is surrounded.
And I tell you that because it's the truth.
Now the minute we wake up to the globalists and how horrible they are and their plan to keep us bankrupted and paralyzed is the beginning of us digging out of this.
And we will be forced to do it.
You will.
Get motivated at one point, because the New World Order's got things planned for you so bad, you'll be forced to take action.
And I know this audience is core people that have been lightyears ahead of this, and we salute you and we love you.
But I'm talking to the new listeners and people that tune into this show for entertainment.
This is not a game.
This is not a joke.
We've studied this thing up one side and down the other.
And this is not a regular Democrat.
Power grab.
This is a total multinational takeover to gut nationalism and butcher the United States on the altar of the New World Order and world government.
And then to stampede the whole world once we fall.
And believe me, you're watching the fall of this republic.
Now I've explained that tombstone.
July 4th, 1776, born.
United States of America, Constitutional Republic, dead.
January 20th, 2021, 36 days out.
The 79 days of hell end with the installment of this globalist, completely compromised operative.
The good news is this is a giant, massive power grab.
It's naked, it's illegal, it's tyrannical.
And if we simply stay motivated and take action and realize that we win, everything's a paradox in the universe.
For every action, there's an opposite and equal reaction.
We went from no one knowing that the Federal Reserve was private 20 years ago, I mean, maybe one out of a hundred, to almost everyone knowing.
We went from people not knowing what world government globalism is to almost everybody knowing.
We went from most people taking vaccines to most refusing them, over two-thirds.
We went from most people being pro-abortion to now every big poll they put out, internal polls, you name it, 70% of people below the age of 30 are against it.
It's something like 80% below the age of 20.
The young people turned against it.
Old folks are turning against it.
We're spiritually seeing an awakening and a revival of common sense.
That's what all these counter strikes and all these economic shutdowns are about is to bring us to our knees.
This is siege.
And you're in a war.
And it's a directed 21st century war.
And that's not hyperbole, that's not rhetoric.
You're in a war much more dangerous than previous wars because it's destroying your very psyche, and your very genetics, and your very cells.
And it's all coordinated by the same people.
They now admit the UN and Bill Gates run your healthcare worldwide.
They've now announced under Biden he will run the decision making.
Two weeks ago, three weeks ago, the British Prime Minister said Bill Gates will be the shadow minister of the G8 in the next year.
He is in command as a medical officer.
So you probably want to learn who the other enemies are and who they are and what they're planning.
But only admitting the absolute full nightmare hell of this do we have a very good chance of getting out of it.
And Trump still has a chance to stop Biden the traitor, a very good one.
If he can find the people to take action legally and lawfully under the Constitution.
We'll talk about the continued path to victory for humanity straight ahead on Alex Jones.
We've seen all these surrogates of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and their minion, their front man, the senile.
In your first 100 days as president, what will you do to create a pathway to citizenship for many undocumented immigrants?
That is a big issue for the AAPI community.
On day one, I'm going to send a legislative immigration reform bill to Congress to provide a roadmap to citizenship for 11 million undocumented immigrants who contribute so much to this country, including 1.7 million.
1.7 million AAPI.
Look at the latest article on Infowars.com.
Unity and healing.
Joe Biden posts pictures of dogs tearing up Trump doll.
And sure, you can say that's funny.
It actually is.
But imagine if Trump posted images of Hillary being torn up.
Buy dogs.
It would be the end of the world.
Actually, Donald Trump actually applauded violence against the press, encouraged violence against the press, actually cheered on a congressman who beat the hell out of a reporter for asking a question about health care.
They asked me, would I like to debate this gentleman?
And I said, no.
I said, if we were in high school, I'd take him behind the gym and beat the hell out of him.
Because I'm a star.
Because I'm a billionaire.
I can do things other people can't.
What a disgusting
Assertion for anyone to make.
The press always asks me, don't I wish I were debating him?
No, I wish you were in high school.
I could take him behind the gym.
That's what I wish.
You see where Biden wants to take me to the back of the barn.
He wants it.
I'd love that.
I'd love that.
Mr. Tough Guy.
You know, he's Mr. Tough Guy.
You know when he's Mr. Tough Guy?
When he's standing behind a microphone by himself.
That's when he's Mr. He wants to bring me to the back of the barn.
Some things in life you could really love doing.
Our nation is lost.
And by the way, if I said that, they'd say, he's violent.
How could he have done that?
And that's the thing about these people.
Is that the rules they want you to play by, they don't play by.
And they consistently get away with whatever they want.
Whenever they want.
I think the Republican Party has become basically the autocratic party in America.
It's almost as if there's team democracy versus team autocracy in this country.
It's not Donald Trump that's changed the Republican Party.
Donald Trump represents what the Republican Party's changed.
So the defeat of Donald Trump isn't going to fundamentally change this because the Republican Party itself over the last 20 years has moved to this position.
And when I try to explain to viewers and listeners how much danger all of us are in society by letting Joe Biden get into office through fraud, it's really unlimited how dangerous it is.
Mr. Secretary, let's be straightforward about this.
Do you believe that China has something on the Bidens that would compromise our relationship and our ability to relate to China?
Well, I can only go by the way people have behaved.
We have 612 companies on our entity list, meaning they need licenses in order to get militarily sensitive products.
And of those, some 236 are from China.
There was no such massive listing before.
If we don't maintain a hard line, China will achieve their 2025 plan of becoming the dominant power in the world in terms of all the key technologies.
We dealt with
Huawei, we dealt with ZTE, we dealt with their semiconductor industry, we're dealing with all kinds of issues.
If there's any letting up at all, they will accelerate their process because they push as hard as they possibly can until they meet with enough determined resistance on our part that they have to stop.
The globalists I've coined a term are dystopics.
They believe in creating a dystopic future as a system of management and control because it's hard to build a good society and you're going to make mistakes.
But if you artificially try to enslave and oppress people, authoritarianism, and try to actually build a dystopia on purpose, then you're a dystopic.
And that's what this group is.
And that's why you can never project onto them enough evil, because that's who they are.
You can never imagine any depths to them.
That's what the Bible calls hell, a bottomless pit.
Because there's no bottom to who these individuals are.
Alright folks, I'm so angry I couldn't even do the last segment, but I'm gonna try my best next segment to really give you the facts that nobody else will.
We are back.
I am your host, Alex Jones.
And we can look at this date that we are fast approaching in 36 days, January 20th, 2021, as the date that America's death certificate will be issued.
Now, unlike individuals, countries can rise from the ashes.
They rarely do, but sometimes it happens.
But that's where we are.
Right now the globalists want to get rid of the country's very existence.
The UN plans to get rid of the borders.
They plan to keep the lockdown going forever.
And the Communist Chinese in their official Communist Party meetings.
You've seen the videos here weeks ago.
Tucker Carlson later played them.
Saying, we are using COVID to keep America locked down with our people in the top circles of the U.S.
We are open.
We will take over.
We're going to be dominant.
America's done.
They're so afraid of COVID and they laugh at us.
It's out in the open.
They're globalists.
The people that run the U.S.
are globalists.
Trump tried to stop it.
And America didn't realize how much trouble it was in.
And is too optimistic and is now allowing the theft and the steal.
Most of Trump's administration has left.
They've gotten new jobs.
They've given up.
He hasn't given up.
We haven't given up.
And we're not going to give up because we understand this is a long-term process.
We're not in D.C.
trying to kiss butt with the lobbyist groups.
And the RINOs, and the Democrats, and the globalists, the CHICOMs, trying to get jobs with them.
We are ideologues.
We believe in Christianity.
We believe in God.
We believe in the Republic.
We believe in capitalism.
We believe in our system.
And we believe in being free.
And so the big thing that has to be done here is you've got to dig in and settle into a wartime mode.
And really have it burn into your head that we're occupied and that we were able to get a Hail Mary David versus Goliath stone right into Goliath's forehead.
But Goliath was just one of their soldiers.
In this modern fight, they haven't given up.
Now we're being hit by the next big wave.
So I don't want them stealing this election, and we're basically there now, to demoralize you.
I don't want you to believe in the false hope, though, of 100% Trump's gonna win, it's over for the New World Order.
Because if they're able to put their puppet in,
People are just going to become demoralized if they don't understand the big picture.
The globalists had to steal this.
Trump won in a landslide.
The numbers are all there.
By double or triple what he won those states by before.
He barely won those states by 1 point, half a point.
He won those states by 2 points, 3 points, 4 points, 5 points, 6 points when they closed the voting.
They really kept it going.
So we've caught them.
And we're going to continue to expose them.
They count on us getting mad now, but kind of just moving on and forgetting all that was done.
With Trump, there was no Russiagate.
But with Biden, there's total Russia proof.
There's total China proof.
And we can politically convict the globalists.
They're already indicted.
And we could fully pull away from them.
They're waging war on us to collapse us because they fear us removing our support from them and us collapsing their global system.
But as long as we point out this is siege, not an aid package, as the lockdowns are meant to bring populations under their total control, they will be known as the villains they are and not the saviors.
That's already happening.
The recall calls for Governor Newsom.
The recall calls for Boris Johnson.
I mean, I talked to folks that are in the UK that were liberals just a year ago.
Now they're nationalists and get it.
The New World Order might win this battle, taking out of Bolsonaro, taking out of Trump, but they will lose the war as long as we remember it's we the people.
That educate others.
And that boycott big tech.
And that boycott the big companies.
And that expose them.
And that speak out against them.
And that understand that we're on the winning side because of Providence and our love of God and our connection to that.
And this is a fight against good versus evil.
This is a fight versus God and Satan.
And so this is a time to get ready and to understand and to push as hard as we can.
And yes, Trump still has a chance to pull this out.
But again, he's a quadriplegic.
90 plus percent of his campaign has quit.
90 plus percent of the staff has left.
And I talked to State Department people high up.
I talked to the White House.
When I give you that news, it's not like some magic 4chan board or something.
It's the real people meeting with the President daily.
And the President is angry.
The President knows it's a fraud.
The President isn't going to give up.
He plans to be a rebel and keep pointing out the election was a fraud.
And Trump will have even more power in a way, and so will you and so will I, as rebels.
Because we've been the rebels the whole time.
They've just acted like Trump was the establishment and the Democrats were the resistance.
They have the CHICOMs.
They have the big banks.
They have the European Union.
They have the UN.
They have Hollywood.
They have the universities.
They have the blue states and blue cities.
They have all of the big systems.
And they ganged up on us to do this, and now they're stealing our election in front of us.
And as long as we point that out, and are in their face about it, and continue to make it an issue, and don't just let it become something that happened before, as long as we don't give in to it, and become victims of it, but overcomers of it,
It's going to make us stronger and make them weaker.
And when the Democrats don't deliver all the free goodies to their minions, when they realize they've been conned and that they're not going to be given positions of power and that they're actually bankrupt, they're going to hate their party even more.
And there's going to be a bigger rebellion in their own ranks of the Democrats and the TRICOM collaborators.
And you're going to see Trump fighting.
And patriots in our government and corporations releasing the CHICOM evidence and how the Bidens are CHICOM evidence and who all the big Democrats are and how they're foreign assets.
And Trump's released all that, hoping the Democrats will be smart and pull back and give Trump the victory he won.
But they're not.
They don't care.
They're not giving up.
They're not giving in.
They have decided to go full-scale attack.
Like a zombie force.
So what is the solution to this?
It's a lot of things, but to know the solution, you gotta know the problem.
And what is the problem?
The Democrats and the deep state and the globalists have never gotten in trouble, and so that's why they keep doing bigger and bigger gambles.
And so the Russia fraud failed, and the other impeachment failed, and all their lies got turned inside out.
And made the numbers of minorities double and triple voting for Republicans.
It's beautiful.
Despite all their fraud, we gained 15 seats in the House.
And, you know, they're going to run the same fraud, I guess, in Georgia, and the Republicans are going to let it happen, so the Republicans are going to lose the Senate.
They're going to have the trifecta, but it's razor thin in the House.
And if we don't let them walk in and steal the next election, it will complete a total realignment, and we will win the House and Senate by monster numbers.
But you see, that's the other big problem.
They know that, and they know that despite their massive stealing, there was a total landslide against them, and so they're going to stage false flags?
They're going to try to cause an actual civil war because the globalists want to break the country up completely.
You think they just want lockdowns?
Have a long depression and buy everything up for pennies on the dollar?
They want to collapse the whole system and bring in their new world currency, their digital tracking systems that Xi Jinping has announced that are being adopted, and they're beta testing it on their own captured slaves in the blue sectors.
So you've got to realize, when you go in a blue area, it's a blue sector.
This is like Red Dawn, folks.
When you're in a blue area, you are actually in enemy, chi-com, globalist, occupied territory.
So this isn't really a civil war.
The media is trying to brand it, and so is the controlled right, as a civil war.
It's not that.
This is an occupation.
You're in an occupied country.
We got our guy in there with a Hail Mary to try to stabilize stuff.
Trump thought he could lead us out of this, and he did!
Voted for him in the landslide, but the enemy now stole that and is running a PSYOP.
So now this battle is very fluid, and quite frankly, we've got the upper hand long-term.
It's just gonna be really rough, because these tyrants are gonna hurt us bad.
I don't say this to scare you.
I say it because it's the truth, and I say it to get you motivated.
You can really create a tombstone, a modern monument, coming up on January 20th, 2021.
With demarcation lines of America's birth and its trajectory and its influence and its death.
And then you can discuss what is going to happen in the United States as we're absorbed into the authoritarian world government.
And for that, you can learn from the globalists, all their horrible plans.
But we've done the math here for folks.
And so you can start on Thursday, July 4th, 1776.
To Wednesday, January 20th, 2021.
And that is the life of the Republic.
89,319 days.
244 years, 6 months, 16 days.
Or 2,934 months, 16 days.
You can create a tombstone.
That has that date because the big corporations, the chi-coms, they want America to end.
And in all those big official Communist Party videos we played the last few weeks, this is on national Chinese TV, they're like, America will not exist.
We run the COVID.
We're open.
They're not.
They will never reopen.
We control their upper councils.
America is over.
And they laugh.
And then our most hardcore people go, could it be on Fox?
Hardcore mainstream, supposedly.
Could it be that, you know, the Bidens are compromised?
Gee, I don't know.
They're just in all these illegal business deals with known Chinese spies.
His son's on tape admitting it.
They get hundreds of millions of dollars.
They're doing it.
He says China should be involved in every aspect of our lives.
They own our debt.
They own Hollywood.
And it's the communist Chinese that have millions of people in death camps.
And the left is lobbying to take our speech here, and big tech's working with them overseas, and then they have articles going, Jones claims there's authoritarian world government being set up.
I don't know, it's called the UN, it's called the COVID lockdown, already starved millions to death.
The UN says 270-something million are set to starve to death next couple years!
And it's the UN lockdown doing it, run by China!
So this is modern war!
And now the food banks are running out of food.
And now they're announcing new lockdowns in every blue city, in every blue state, in every globalist-controlled town on the planet.
Because this is a worldwide movement.
And then, Justin Trudeau, and all these other world leaders, Macron, Merkel, tell you this is the Great Reset.
Klaus Schwab, Heather Davis Group says, we're shutting you down.
To teach you to be under our control, and this is world government, and we're establishing it, and you're gonna own nothing when we're done.
We're gonna control you, and it's gonna save the Earth by cutting overconsumption.
And then they have Snope saying it doesn't exist.
So, this is it.
He's got his new book out called COVID-19, The Great Reset.
So, Tucker Carlson got it right.
When he said it's time to go after those that have gotten rich and double their wealth off the lockdown, the ones that run it.
Klaus Schwab, Prince Charles, Jeff Bezos.
They're the criminals that run our lives.
They're the people who think they own us.
They're the people that have made themselves exempt from all they've done to us.
Here's what Tucker Carlson had to say.
The truth is, you can't keep printing trillions of dollars without getting serious inflation.
Serious inflation is guaranteed.
It's natural law.
There's no getting around it.
The people making these decisions know that perfectly well.
But they want inflation.
That's the secret.
They want inflation.
In fact, they need inflation.
Because they've gotten rich from debt.
That's the real economy.
Leverage is their entire business model.
So for the finance class, inflation is the only way out of all that debt.
When money is worth less, you owe less.
Meanwhile, hard assets like upscale real estate at Martha's Vineyard will be worth more.
So inflation may crush you, but it'll make these people, the ones making the decisions, richer.
Everyone else will get the shaft.
Who's everyone else?
Well, regular wage earners, people living on fixed income, every middle-class retiree in the country.
In fact, anyone who bothered to live like a responsible person and save money.
All of them will be in serious trouble when inflation arrives.
That's not speculation.
It's coming.
And anyone who's paying attention knows it's coming.
Oh, but it's just the beginning.
If Democrats retake the Senate in January, they have committed to passing something called the Heroes Act.
So who are these heroes they plan to help?
Not the thousands of small business owners whose lives they destroyed.
Instead, the law will help rich people in the Northeast who were hurt by the Trump administration's last tax bill.
The HEROES Act would restore the full state and local tax deduction, reversing the 2017 law that capped it at $10,000.
According to Brookings Institution, 96% of the benefits from this would go to the top quintile of earners.
57% would benefit the top 1%.
25% would benefit the top 0.1%.
In other words, it would benefit Democratic voters.
More for the Democratic base.
That's what this is.
And it won't stop there.
In October, the top Democrat in the U.S.
Senate, Chuck Schumer, announced his support for this idea.
We believe that President Biden, if he becomes president, could eliminate student loan debt without Congress, with the flick of a pen that he has in power.
So we're proposing that the first $50,000 of everyone's student debt will be automatically eliminated.
So student debt is a huge problem.
The lack of benefit from going to a four-year college is an even bigger problem.
We pointed that out many times on this show.
But consider this idea.
Who is helped by what Chuck Schumer just said?
Well, it's great news for people who got pointless master's degrees in gender oppression.
Their slate will be wiped clean by Chuck Schumer and the magic of the Federal Reserve.
They'll be free to move forward on that coveted PhD in transgender equity studies.
But what about everyone else?
What about small business owners who spent, say, 50 grand trying to keep their employees on payroll over the past nine months?
Will Chuck Schumer wipe their debt clean?
How about people with car loans, or burdensome mortgages, or anyone who's helping to pay for their daughter's wedding?
What about their debt?
Sorry, they're out of luck.
Unlike the education establishment, people like that are not big Democratic donors.
According to one analysis, writing off student debt in the way that Schumer proposes would disproportionately help the most privileged in America, i.e.
Democratic voters.
But you already knew that.
Here's another idea.
Why not make the people who benefited the most from the lockdown, the people who've encouraged them from day one, pay for the effects of those lockdowns?
Why wouldn't you assess, I don't know, Amazon, and Apple, and Goldman Sachs, and Google, and Netflix, and Walmart, all the big winners in this pandemic?
Why wouldn't you assess them a one-time COVID fee, take it out of their record profits, and make them pay for the next bailout?
Why are you paying for it?
Jeff Bezos, for example, is now the richest man in the history of the world.
Maybe he could share the load in a meaningful way.
He's not sharing it with his employees.
And while we're at it, why not make Harvard and Yale and Stanford and Princeton use their endowments to pay off some of the student debt they caused?
There's no reason ordinary taxpayers should be on the hook for their spending.
Ordinary taxpayers have suffered enough.
Here's the bottom line.
The rich are getting richer.
Everyone else is getting poorer.
That's not a talking point.
It's true and measurable.
Why is it a problem?
Because if it continues, we're going to wind up with an even more volatile society in which everybody hates each other and is consumed by envy.
And along the way, capitalism itself will be discredited.
And you don't want that.
It's already happening.
There are already an awful lot of socialists around these days.
Have you noticed that?
Why is that?
Well, it's because the people in charge of our economy are discrediting our system.
They are giving capitalism a bad name because what they're participating in is not a market economy, a free, open market economy.
It's a closed game run for their own benefit and their benefit alone.
Long term, this is a disaster for all of us.
And not even so far in the future.
In four years, for example, Sandy Cortez will be eligible to run for president.
Now you may laugh at Sandy Cortez, and you should.
She's a vacuous idiot, another rich girl narcissist with an overheated Twitter account.
But that doesn't mean she couldn't win.
If we keep up with this nonsense, this economic craziness, she could win.
That's right.
So we have to go after the people that have set this up, and those top 10 billionaires are the ones that run the Democratic Party, the ones that have the full control, and are the ones that have done all this, and they have created a giant global bubble of fiat money they gave themselves, so it's debt they have to pay off, so they want to inflate things, only for themselves though.
While doing a lockdown on your economy to make you go bankrupt,
So they can consolidate control over you and have political will over you, and then make you do what they say so they forgive your student debt and, quote, give you free transportation, free medicine, yeah, like they have in Venezuela.
See how it works?
It's called a takeover.
Okay, I'm kind of on a Tucker Carlson jag right now, even though I love to hear myself talk.
I mean, I do love to actually cover globalism and expose it.
I actually hate watching my own show, but... And I want to give the number out, start the next segment, take a bunch of calls this hour.
We have a whistleblower nurse that I've been trying to get on for six months.
She's the one that showed them on the videos killing people, homeless people, in New York at the hospital where they were having most of the deaths.
They just, oh, come right here, sir.
They give some thousand dollars for putting an air tube down their lungs.
She's coming on the show because Lockdown 2 is here and so much more.
We'll cover it all in the third hour.
But first time callers, let me give you this number now.
And we will take your calls.
So when I get people that never have a chance to call in, we've never gotten through to get on with us today.
Now, the full report is at InfoWars.com.
It was very powerful.
Biden refuses to acknowledge Hunter probe.
It's a 10 minute, 30 second report, but here's a few minutes of it.
It's really powerful.
Good evening and welcome to Tucker Carlson tonight.
So if you've been watching the news, you've got to give some credit to whichever MSNBC contributor wrote the words to that Joe Biden speech earlier.
If you didn't know better, if you had no context, you might think everything is better now.
The Great Orange Emergency is finally over.
It's 1996 again and we can exhale.
Our democratic norms are on their way back out of Russian cold storage.
Last month's election was a win for all of us.
Quote, in this battle for the soul of America, Joe Biden just told us, democracy prevailed.
So it wasn't a partisan exercise.
It certainly wasn't theft.
It was a victory for you personally.
In America, Biden's speechwriter wrote, politicians don't take power, the people grant it to them.
So thanks for the civics lesson, Joe Biden.
Joe Biden wants you to know he didn't run for president three times because he craves power, or because he seeks to enrich his near-to-well relatives, or because he has a vast empty space inside that only the adulation of strangers can fill.
No, not at all.
He ran for president because he deeply cares about you.
Joe Biden is a paternal figure, really.
You might even call him the father of this nation.
Of course, that would make Kamala Harris America's permanent stepmother, which doesn't quite have the same reassuring ring to it.
But whatever.
Details are not important right now.
What matters, Joe Biden wants you to know, is that this is a democracy.
Always has been.
Always will be.
And by electing Biden and the small, secretive group of billionaires who choreograph his every move, this country has become even more democratic.
Small C democratic, of course.
And that's reassuring to hear, honestly, because some of us were starting to get other impressions.
Non-democratic ones.
Just the other day, for example, Bill Gates announced that the lockdowns we're enduring are going to have to continue for a long, long time.
Now, keep in mind, Bill Gates is not an epidemiologist.
He's not a research scientist, either.
Bill Gates is a retired 65-year-old from Seattle who used to make mediocre software for office computers.
But now he's a billionaire.
Therefore, Bill Gates gets to decide our national health policy.
Pretty much the same way retired hedge fund operator Tom Steyer gets to tell you what to think about the weather.
Or how 78-year-old Mike Bloomberg decides which guns you can buy.
Or how George Soros can choose your prosecutors.
Or how Tim Cook of Apple runs our trade policy.
Or how Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook can keep America's borders open just because he feels like it, but nobody says anything because his friend, fellow billionaire Jeff Bezos, owns Washington, D.C.'
's hometown newspaper and may soon buy CNN.
That is the democracy Joe Biden is talking about.
The kind of democracy in which 11 left-wing billionaires who fund his campaigns run everything.
That's the Chinese model of democracy that Joe Biden and his friends so admire.
So get used to it, America.
It's a new kind of democracy.
In China, people in power don't have to answer questions, so neither does Joe Biden.
Just last year, a voter brought up the Biden family's corruption during a town hall event, and Joe Biden responded by calling the man fat and challenging him to a push-up contest, just like the Chinese do.
Just this Friday, an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal pointed out that Joe Biden's wife... Alright, let's stop right there.
By the way, Carlson is selling you true stuff.
That's what the Chinese will do, is just insult you if you say something to them and then do push-ups.
I mean, it's like, literally, he's a Chinaophile.
We're adopting this communist ideology that has millions of people in death camps, and the so-called liberals just love it because they all believe they're about to get free tuition.
We'll be right back, stay with us.
You want to stop tyranny?
Well, you better, or they're going to kill your ass.
World government, the UN, forced inoculations, travel passes, and the states are now saying, around the world,
That we're going to make all your children take steroids.
Oh, and guess what?
Don't worry if your COVID vaccine gives you a false positive for HIV.
It's a false positive, even though COVID-19 is part HIV virus, which more than a dozen top scientific universities said in early 2020.
Before they got the word that your funding will be cut unless you reverse it.
But none of them would reverse their studies.
Not the Indian Top Institute, not the Australian Institute, not the Discoverer of HIV in France.
None of them would reverse it.
They just simply withdrew their papers.
Just like John Hopkins two weeks ago put out a report.
That's John Hopkins that partnered with Bill Gates and the UN to create the COVID policies for the planet.
They said, it's funny, there's no more deaths in 2020 so far, year to date, than there was last year or the year before, because we all know 2013, 2008, few of those were a lot worse flu years.
So we've had worse years than this recently, even though our population's up.
And by the way, it's the same for all these other countries.
Including Italy has lost less people this year than they lost a couple years ago.
But did John Hopkins say, oh, our study was wrong?
John Hopkins didn't retract it.
They just memory hold it.
But we have a copy of it right here.
And I've got the nurse coming on next hour with a whistle in New York, where she was seeing healthy people basically killed at the hospital for COVID money.
We'll break it all down next hour, but remember that.
You can go pull up the John Hopkins study that there are as many deaths this year so far as there was last year.
Well, where's the panic then?
You see the CNN headlines, doctors say COVID worse than they could ever imagine.
MSNBC, it's more devastating than the Spanish flu.
Really, it killed 50 to 100 million people.
No one knows!
This hasn't killed a half million people here, and most of those died of something else.
But now they're announcing lockdown twos and how you're not essential.
But now I've learned about Mossy Rock, a town in Washington State where
They know it's all a bunch of overhyped BS and they're open for business.
We'll tell you about that.
And if I don't go, I'm going to send reporters there because that's the model of the future.
Of course, really, we've got a family ranch out in East Texas.
And I went to a big old gas station, went to a grocery store.
Nobody was wearing masks.
Not the clerks, not the people.
And then I was really excited a few weeks ago when I was visiting my family in East Texas.
And as I drove back towards Austin, even the small towns were all under the cult.
It was like as I got closer to Mordor, you know what I mean?
It was just like, it's so insane.
Here's this analogy.
It's like saying, we've had more shark attacks on the west coast of the U.S.
than we've ever had.
We're closing all the beaches.
And you're like,
He had more shark attacks ten years ago.
Twice as many in one year.
Shut up!
Shut up!
That's information you're not allowed to question.
Only the U.N.
is allowed.
We're like, okay, that's John Hopkins and Bill Gates.
The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation cooked all that up.
I'm already digressing, aren't I?
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Very thankful you joined us.
Let me just throw out the big news again.
It is my job to tell you the truth and not play games.
Trump is losing the election, not because he lost, but because he doesn't have anyone to support him in D.C., and the courts are cowards, and the legislatures are cowards, and they brought out total proof, but the corporate media is gaslighting the public, covering it up, and so Trump is preparing to say, I didn't lose the election, and then basically fight the globalists with rallies all over the country, and to raise money the next four years, and then try to get Pence in or himself in, which is great.
But he needs to go after them, and he needs to expose them, and he needs to declassify everything, release Julian Assange, pardon Snowden.
He needs to really go after them in the new world order right now, while he still has the bully pulpit of the presidency from the Resolute Desk.
Because the courts are fraudulent, they're ignoring the evidence.
And now you see Mitch McConnell saying, okay, Joe Biden's president-elect, Trump's lost.
And Putin came out last night, right after Mitch McConnell said it, within 10 minutes, Putin issued that directive.
Because he knows, okay, the Republicans aren't going to stand with him, and they're saying he's lost.
So, in the words of John Paul Jones,
I've only begun to fight.
That's where we are.
So we need to talk about the future, how we're not going to recognize Biden, how we need to expose him as a TRICOM agent, how he needs to be impeached, removed, indicted, whatever needs to be done.
But now's the time to get on that attack now.
So I said, let me give you the number to talk about this.
And I didn't really say the topic I wanted, but we'll talk about anything you want.
But I really want to ask listeners, what do you think Trump needs to do with 36 days left in the White House?
Because I can tell you, the system just hopes that we think, oh, trust the plan.
You mean like Bill Barr is going to say?
No, you better trust yourself.
I mean, I've sat there with the former, you know, non-commissioned officers, you know, heads of most elite units there are that work for the president, work for Trump, currently.
And they just say, we know you're fighting hard, the President's fighting hard, we're not going to give up.
I mean, they're calling on the people.
But see, the whole Q thing is, oh, there's all these master, master spies, and they've got all the answers, and everything's fine, and Trump doesn't need any help.
Everything's handled.
Trust the plan.
As we one go, we all go.
And when I'm really meeting with the real people, they're asking me what they think they should do.
They're ready to fight.
But they're looking for leadership.
So we need to mold the future battle space of political options.
And of direct action that's non-violent and of real hardcore civil disobedience.
Because violence isn't the answer.
They can also use that against us.
They can stage events and say we did it.
We're entering the house of the false flag.
We're entering the sector of the false flag.
We're entering the time of the false flag.
So I'm certainly against violence because it's not effective in a ballgame like this.
That's why they're saying, I want to kill Biden and I want violence, because I'm saying the opposite.
We need to remove him by indicting him now or by impeachment.
But one way or another, we've got to stop him.
He's a CHICOM agent.
You see stuff coming out, damning information, that if Trump did 1% of this, I would support his removal.
But with Biden, they just have set the precedent for total treason.
So Anthony, and Old Dude, and Robert, and Andrew, and Craig, and Jesse, and Anthony, and Robert, and Jason, and Robert.
A lot of Jasons and Roberts.
We're going to get to all of you, but bam, bam, bam.
We're going to move quick because I've got to cover this all.
Because we better talk about how serious this historic moment we're all in is.
Now, I didn't plug last hour.
If I don't plug, we're not going to be here.
I want to thank you all for your support.
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I don't know.
We're taking your phone calls.
My question to you is what should president Trump do with 36 days left?
You see him putting a new secretary of defense in, you see him firing a bunch of globalists.
You see Bill Barr's gone.
Remember trust the plan.
Trust the scam.
We're going to get saved by all these people, but
It's really going to have to be us saving ourselves by not complying with the globalists.
Like this town, Mossy Rock, which is a pretty big town outside Seattle.
They're not following all the fake garbage.
And you know these towns are all over the country.
But towns need to announce it and call the bluff.
We all need to say no to lockdown too.
We need to see Newsom removed.
We need to see Bill Gates arrested.
We need to expose their program and not just sit here and take it.
We need to recognize we're in a war.
Who's been holding the longest here?
Anthony says he's a veteran on what's happening currently.
He wants to give his take.
Go ahead, Anthony.
You're on the air from Oregon.
Hey, Alex.
Long-time listener.
First-time caller.
Can you hear me?
I can.
Go ahead.
So, here's the thing.
You want to save America, one of two things need to happen.
Uh, President Trump needs to enact the Insurrection Acts, call up the militias, call up the military, protect the White House with the Marine Reserves, start arresting, doing military tribunals, or there's blood in the streets.
That's the only way to keep America
And it's the only way to keep our country.
Other than that, we've already sold out and we're already down the road to China.
Well, I'll say this.
There was probably a million people in D.C.
three weeks ago.
And there were probably 200,000 spread out everywhere when I was there last weekend.
Because so many people believe Sidney Powell that everything's fine and General Flynn 100% Trump's winning.
And I like General Flynn and I like Powell.
But I know Trump lawyers.
I mean, well-known names that talk to the President.
And they say that the President's not optimistic.
He's looking to reorganize and fight the globals from the outside.
He has a lot of courage.
But again, it's people's overconfidence that's causing them not to go to D.C.
We should have seen 5 million people in D.C.
this weekend, not less.
And again, as it becomes evident that Trump's going to have this stolen from him, we need to see 10 million.
You don't see less as we begin to lose, you see more.
Because if Biden gets in and we don't call him out as illegitimate, the globalists win.
And they are going to clamp down, they are going to bankrupt us, they're going to make us so poor.
I remember covering Bilderberg like five, six years ago, and they put a statement out, one of their members, and said,
We have to clamp down on the economy so there's not enough people with money to be able to come protest us on a mountaintop.
They want to make you poor to control you.
This is war, Anthony, and I totally agree with you.
I'll be in D.C.
on the 19th and the 20th.
And, you know, I'm going to look at the size of that crowd to decide what I'm going to do.
Go ahead.
Well, I love you, Alex.
I've been listening to you since 2012.
I used to think you were a kook, and then all this stuff started happening that you were correct about, and I was like, holy crap.
But at what point do we have to be five minutes into getting our crap pushed in before we get violent and start fizzily fighting back?
I mean, what does it take?
We are already there.
I mean, I have a child.
You have, what, four, five, six children, whatever.
You have the Brady Bunch over there.
You've got, it comes to a point where it's a ballot box and the jury box fell.
The only thing left is a cartridge box.
No, I hear you, but we have to, we have to get the word out so America understands it's a CHICOM takeover.
We have a right to go after it.
And then we need leadership that's, that's, that's going to move.
And that's why I'm saying to the bureaucracy, you better get rid of Biden and the globalists politically before this goes to the next level.
And not let the CHICOM start a civil war in this country.
I appreciate your call.
And I told this story yesterday.
And I saw a comment on InfoWars about, oh, listen to Jones saying this and that.
I don't tell you stories that didn't happen.
And so people said, well, why don't you show us a video of this?
Well, then the people don't come talk to you anymore.
And so I want to talk to the Feds, and I want to hear what they have to say.
And you know, I have people with me that the Feds know who they are, and I appreciate those folks coming and working with us so they understand, you know, the level of this fight.
But, you know, we had guys that work for us that have run major operations for the President of the United States that have worked directly under Trump.
And, you know, it's not just regular security guys we got.
So they sent the Secret Service over, and they turned our phones off while they were there.
Phones didn't work.
They turned them off when they got there.
They didn't say anything.
How's your phone doing?
None of our phones work.
They're like, we're here to talk to you about this, blah, blah, blah.
Then some more feds came, just said, hey, we're ordered to follow you, just so you know.
Yeah, just so we know we're watched, right?
In case we call for violence or whatever.
It's the globalists on the left you've got to worry about.
We're not planning something like that.
And they know that.
But that's what's happening is everybody's already taken orders from Biden, okay?
So a couple weeks ago in Georgia, everywhere I went, they came and sat next to us in empty restaurants and basically told us they were feds.
Now they come with their business cards.
And when they show up, your cell phone doesn't work.
I mean, it doesn't work, period.
So that's what I'm telling you is, this is not a game, folks.
They've got the safety off, the gun to my head, and I don't even see a violent avenue out of this.
I mean, we had George Washington and things back then, the lines were very clear.
This is such a brainwashed public.
There's so much sickness, so much evil.
They're coming with forced inoculations.
They're coming with all this.
This is something that we've got to pray for discernment in God to expose these enemies.
And we've got to expose them.
And we've got to understand that the information war is the most effective fight against them.
That's why they've been suppressing us.
But obviously, they've escalated to a whole other level themselves, where they're in hundreds and hundreds of publications a day saying, I want violence.
I want Joe Biden dead, even though that's not true.
So that when they try to stage the killing of Joe Biden, whether they do it or not, because he's very expendable to them, they will turn around and say it's my fault.
So I'm in the process of being set up right now because they know I'm going to oppose the chi-coms.
I'm a loyal American.
I love God.
I love justice.
I love freedom.
And I'll tell you, I do this because of God.
But number two, it's not my children, even though I love them.
I would die for him.
It's my ancestors.
None of my ancestors that I know about ever back down were traitors or pieces of filth.
And I will not start with Alex Jones in the year 2020 as being a cowardly, yellow-bellied little slimebag.
And so, understand listeners, I get the calls.
I've gotten them recently.
How are you doing?
Would you like to come in out of the cold?
We're still ready to join with you.
And it's not Democrats calling me, it's Republicans.
I'm like, oh gee, I wonder what I'll get.
Well, we would give you a national TV show.
And no more problems, Alex.
And none of this stuff.
And it'll all end.
It's all ready to end right now.
Just, just please.
And I'm like, you know it's not just gonna end with that.
And I can't live with myself sitting there doing things like that.
So, no.
And stop calling me.
So, and you know, the feds are listening on the line while these conversations are happening.
I mean, imagine how all these people feel.
They all, you think the FBI was bad with Whitey Bulger, knowing he was going around killing innocent women and stuff?
He wasn't just, they didn't just know, they were ordering him to do it.
I mean, you know, how naive do you think I am?
And so, here we are at the end of this whole deal, where pedophiles run everything, and they're gonna screw our kids.
I mean, that's what this comes down to is they want our children.
It's all about children.
Oh, the big transgender organizations and groups.
And now they've all joined in.
LBGT activists.
First it was just the, you know, trans group.
Now it's the LBGT community.
Does it just want gay marriage?
Now they want all children put on hormones.
They're obsessed with your children.
They don't want to just physically rape them.
They want to rape their organs.
Rape their glands.
Take them over.
This is a scientific takeover.
So, no!
I will not join the pedophile devil worshiper armies.
All you idiots who work for the government, you go ahead and do it.
See how that works out for you.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I said I'd take a lot of calls.
I just took one call.
And I went off on that whole story about how crazy things are and how dangerous they are right now.
And how...
Real criminals, really bad, wicked people that hate this country and hate its very existence are taking full control of it right now.
And we can sit here and Monday morning quarterback about Trump not stopping the censorship and Trump going along with the vaccines and all that, but they hate his guts.
He was taking control of it.
He was rebuilding our industry.
He was standing up to the chi-coms.
He was defending our borders.
And so now the UN is announcing global government.
And then I'll see some weird psychologist online attacking me saying I'm crazy, it doesn't exist.
Even though I can sit here and play you a hundred clips of world leaders saying world government's here and the great reset of COVID is really to lower your carbon footprint and to make you poor so they control you, so there's no local businesses, so you've got to go to them to
Get your universal income, but with that comes forced inoculation, and with that comes the social control, and it's in the news today!
Germany's announcing!
The UK's announcing!
The Democrats have introduced a bill!
Where you get thousands of euros, thousands of pounds, thousands of dollars for taking the shot!
Everything we told you, because it's a plan, people.
And they just hope you go, oh, that's just Jones claiming that.
Well, I mean, how much more has to come true?
They're coming for everybody.
And you can say, well, there'll be loopholes for those of us that are smart.
Yeah, at first.
But you want that on your conscience, all these poor people getting sterilized, getting given cancer?
That Jim Garrison cartoon is damn accurate, the things that these vaccines do.
And in the fine print, they go, oh, it can kill you or make you really sick and doesn't protect you.
But the national news, oh, it's fine.
No side effects.
It's great.
I mean, this is evil.
You spin the wheel of vaccines.
You're sterilized.
You die.
You're tracked.
You get Guillain-Barré or narcolepsy.
Your kids get autism.
You get cancer.
I mean, that, you can back up every part of that.
And to keep the fear going, the mask over your face all the time.
Okay, I'm gonna go to your calls.
I'm gonna go to your calls.
But let me just play Mitch McConnell, because I just had one of the crew members go, Mitch McConnell?
Congratulated Biden?
He didn't know that.
Yeah, this happened... I guess last night.
And Putin's now congratulated him?
So, I'm not gonna be somebody that's...
I've been optimistic.
I know it's an information war.
I know there's massive election fraud.
I know that we could obviously have these globalists indicted.
It's true Trump expanded Guantanamo Bay, refused to close it, but that doesn't mean they're going to ship the globalists to it.
And so what are we going to do?
That's another question.
On January 20th, when they inaugurate that monster, we need 10 million people in DC.
To let the system know, hey, your guy can't get 10 people out.
Because that's when the real resistance starts, folks.
And you better resist everything Biden does, because his plan is to break our back, and I'm not going to sit here idly by and go along with it.
So I thank you all, and I appreciate you all, and I'll tell you all again, the enemy works around the clock to suppress this broadcast, so support those local radio stations.
Tell folks about them, those local TV stations.
If you're listening on the internet, contact your local UHF and VHF.
Tell them go to Infowars.com forward slash affiliates to find the whole listing of us.
Now we're free to air for TV.
I can't do it with radio because I'm partnered with radio.
But you know, where the network gets half the ads, the locals get the half.
But we're free to air with Owen Schroer.
I'm with David Knight on the TV, and so am I. And I like Genesis.
I've been working with them 24, 25 years, but I am moving towards a completely free-to-air model for radio.
That's really what stations want, where they get all the ads.
And that would probably get us another 200 affiliates.
And I'm not waiting for Limbaugh to die.
I'm sad about it.
We have a lot of stations that are already contacting.
And I think if we go with a push for free-to-air, that'll override Clear Channel.
Uh, and what they're doing and then we'll get a lot more affiliates and get a lot more people.
Uh, so I'm looking at a free-to-air model for talk radio.
No one's ever done that.
Where all the ads are given to local stations, we're looking at that right now.
Because all I care about is getting hearts and minds and waking people up.
And again, we hope Limbaugh doesn't die.
I've had Trump go, word is when Limbaugh retires, you're going to take his slot.
I'm like, well, sir, I'm not really waiting for that.
There's a little news item.
Trump did tell me that years ago.
So I certainly don't want to climb over dead bodies to get more radio stations.
It isn't about that.
I think Limbaugh's come a long way.
I hope Limbaugh lives another 20 years.
But to be honest, like I told you, Ruth Bader Ginsburg would be dead in about six months.
I think Limbaugh's gone in a year.
But pray for him.
All right, let's go to your calls.
Who's been holding here?
Let's talk to Joshua in Delaware on Trump's next 36 days.
Go ahead.
Yes, sir.
Hey, Alex.
I'll keep it short and sweet and to the point, but I think in the next 36 days, Trump should keep on keeping on doing what he's doing.
And our enemy is the CCP.
I think we should, at all costs, avoid a civil war because I think that's what the CCP wants.
They want to exhaust us with civil war and then invade.
But I think when it comes to Antifa and the BLM likes that we should try to put aside our differences anyway and be the better people.
Well, some of them can be reached out to, but a lot of them know that this is part of a CCP takeover.
Antifa actually praises the Communist Party of China.
You're absolutely right that we don't want violence, we don't want civil war.
That's part of the globalist plan to bring us down.
We need civil disobedience against big globalist corporations and against the New World Order, and we need to boycott them and target them with non-violent action.
But I mean right to the edge of the law.
The system is scared of that, brother.
And I think Trump should just uphold law and order, and Trump supporters need to stand behind him all the way.
Well, I'll tell you this.
The military is just waiting.
I mean, if Trump gave Army Special Operations Command the green light, they would do whatever he told them right now.
And I'm not even saying that should be done, because that's such a responsibility and so dangerous to even think about.
I'm not somebody that just shoots my mouth off like that.
But this is a communist Chinese takeover.
They plan on cutting our economy off.
That'll hurt millions.
It's killing the third world, already killing millions.
I mean, I know what George Washington would do.
If George Washington was president right now, he would call the military in and he would execute Order No.
But here we are.
I mean, Trump doesn't have men like George Washington had.
Let's just be honest about it.
He's got the low-level ones that are just as good.
But man, the lawyers and the scum have just infiltrated every facet, brother.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you.
All right, let's go to Angel in Louisiana.
You're on the air.
You're a nurse, says you work in a COVID unit.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
This is Angela.
So, yeah, I'm a travel nurse.
I've worked all over the United States, and I just kind of wanted to let you know what it's like to work in a COVID unit.
It's not what people think.
People think that we're wearing the N95 masks, and this is actually what they show on TV, which blows my mind.
We don't actually wear N95 masks.
What we do is we wear the regular masks like you see people wear on the streets every day, just a regular surgical mask.
We wear our gowns, we wear our gloves, and we go into each of all the rooms wearing the exact same PPE.
And by the way, that's what Trump said two weeks ago in a tweet.
He said, look at how they're in a parking garage.
There's no patients.
They're all in a space suit.
That is PR.
That is hype.
And I've talked to families that work in the medical field.
They're saying exactly what you say, Angela.
It's the truth.
I mean, I'm telling you the absolute truth.
Worked all over the hospital, at this specific hospital, on the other floors that aren't actual COVID units.
And keep in mind, these COVID patients, they don't actually need to be in the hospital.
You go in the room, they're breathing just fine.
I'm not saying that some of them can't breathe because there is another unit that they go to, but the unit that I'm on, they could easily be at home recovering from COVID.
But the hospital gets to code it and get so much more money, right?
I'm sure.
I'm sure.
Angela, sorry I called you angel, but you are an angel.
Come back and finish up your observations.
We have another nurse coming on as the guest.
And then old dude, Robert, Andrew, Greg, Jesse, Ken, Christine, Catherine.
We're going to everybody.
Stay with us.
All right, we are back going to your calls.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Angela is a nurse in Louisiana, and she was hitting some really big points.
Go ahead and recap that and add any other points to this testimony so folks know what's happening.
Yeah, so basically what I was saying was the COVID units, there's two separate ones.
The one that I work on, what they show on TV, if not, we don't wear N95 masks.
We wear the same mask that you see people wearing in public.
We wear, you know, the basic PPE, which is protective gear, basically.
And also, as far as the vaccinations go, I haven't talked to a single nurse who has said that they want to take the vaccination.
None of us want to have it.
None of us want to be vaccinated with this COVID vaccine.
Number one, it hasn't had enough people to know what the actual reactions are going to be.
And two, we don't even know if it's really that safe.
And by the way, in national polls, two-thirds of people said they don't want to take it.
They have polls of firefighter groups, police, medical groups, even higher numbers don't.
But then the media acts like it's weird that everyone's going to take it.
That's total gaslighting.
When I talk to nurses and doctors, I know.
The military, I know, that have been subjected to vaccines, they're the biggest critics of them because they know the pitfalls.
And that's of regular vaccines.
Contamination, side effects, autoimmune responses.
But they're now saying, well, these mRNA vaccines that go in and reprogram the mitochondria, that's not a vaccine.
That's a mutagenic... It changes your body.
It absolutely changes your body and what your body can do. 100%.
And like I said, I haven't talked to a single nurse who said that they want that vaccine.
And the nurses that they're showing on TV that are taking those vaccines, you can't tell me that they either aren't being paid a lot of money because that's what they are doing.
They're wanting to pay us to, number one, take the vaccine and then give us a lot of time off when we do take the vaccine.
So if it's a normal vaccine, why are you paying us?
And why are you giving us a lot of time off?
And by the way, have you noticed the image?
Not this year, but worldwide.
It's a black nurse giving a black woman the vaccine.
And it's the same thing in print, in shoot after shoot.
Not just these two black women, it's other black women.
Because black folks statistically have learned about Tuskegee and learned about secret experimentation.
And so they're saying they're not going to do it.
And so they're literally showing black people taking the shot, hoping black folks take it.
This is diabolical.
Yeah, it's really sad.
And it's like so many people are so brainwashed into watching what they see on TV instead of seeing what's happening in the world around them that they don't understand or they don't realize or they're just so incapacitated by what's being shown on TV that they think it's real.
And it's not real.
Like if you talk to a real person, a real nurse,
A real doctor, like you said, a real firefighter, they're going to tell you what's really going on.
Oh, that's why they've had to censor thousands of doctors and nurses who've said what you said.
John Hopkins put a report out again two weeks ago saying same amount of deaths this year as last year basically.
This year it's actually a little bit less.
So, where'd all the other deaths go?
Well, they call flu and pneumonia deaths, COVID.
And we all know people really die of the flu, they die of pneumonia.
My God, it's real.
But this new COVID thing is just incredible.
Thank you so much, Angela, for your testimony.
We really appreciate you and keep warning folks.
That last point you made though, can you elaborate on that?
This is amazing.
Because I've seen this in the news.
A lot of people going, they just hear they have it, so, oh, I better be in the hospital.
And so for a cough and a fever, you're now in the hospital.
No, and it's not necessary.
These people that are in the COVID unit, they don't even need to be there.
They could be recovering at home.
And these people with COVID, I mean,
For the most part, it's not the COVID that they're in the hospital for.
They have an underlying condition that's causing them to be hospitalized, like they've had pneumonia in the past, or they have a lung condition, or they have heart disease.
So the COVID is just basically, like the flu would, it's causing them to have lung issues or heart issues or another kind of issue that they already have, and it's
It's not the COVID that's causing the death.
Well, I read this weekend, this weekend in my hotel room in DC, three more studies that just came out by prestigious medical facilities.
And Angela, thank you, God bless you.
And anybody can type these in, but one headline was 80% of hospitalized COVID patients were vitamin D3 deficient.
Another was no one, study shows no one has died
Who was not deficient.
There was another study about it.
I mean, these are facts.
And they had some weird psychologist that has a popular YouTube show, attaching me saying, Jones is insane.
He's a liar.
He says you need D3.
And you know, he needs to be investigated.
He's treating COVID.
I'm not treating COVID.
I'm saying, if you don't have oxygen, you die.
Four minutes.
You don't have water, you die.
A week.
You don't have food, you die.
A month.
Yeah, there it is.
They found it.
80% of COVID-19 patients in Spanish study had vitamin D deficiency.
And something like 46% of Americans have it.
And again, the FDA says a very low level is enough.
They keep lowering recommended daily analysis.
And again, folks, I'm not perfect.
I eat steaks.
I drink too much.
I'm under super stress.
I work 18 hours a day.
I guzzle caffeine.
When I tell you all this health stuff, it's because I need to be listening too.
I'm not lecturing you.
I'm just saying what we all need to do.
And then they go, Jones sells vitamins and minerals.
They had to have the producer come in here and say, listen, we do know from the accountants, you're not bringing in any money right now.
You need to plug.
So I'm gonna do it right now and go back to your calls.
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We're seeing the opposite because the economy shut down.
I get it.
Believe me.
I got a lot of family that worked two jobs.
We're not seeing the money come in, which really concerns me for next year because they want to shut us down.
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If you are, I thank you.
We'll be right back with more calls and our special guest.
Stay with us.
Nurse Erin Marie Olszewski.
It's going to be joining us coming up next segment when some of the stations join us.
We really appreciate her coming on.
We had an amazing nurse call in earlier talking about basically COVID being an overblown fraud.
She's a major whistleblower.
We really appreciate her coming up in a moment.
And then we'll continue on after she leaves and take your calls.
All right, now let's go to Old Dude in Missouri.
Old Dude, thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
Alex, first off, man, hey, I just want to thank you for what you've done.
I know you hear that a lot, but I've never had an opportunity to speak with you before, so I wanted to say that first and foremost.
You've been very influential in a lot of people's lives.
Second thing I want to say is the bodies and the X2 is amazing.
I played football in college.
I had some injuries, and the bodies allows me to do things that most people my age
I mean, I went out and played flag football here a few weeks ago and was running with guys that were in their early 20s and I'm almost 40.
So the products are awesome.
As far as what Donald Trump could do, one thing he could do is make a call out to all local law enforcement and militias to organize all able-bodied patriots, and now I realize he would be
Well, I
I totally agree.
We've got to politically weaponize like it's a war, and we can do it better than the bad guys, and literally start our own think tanks, our own groups, our own people, and then run our people.
We'll kick the left's ass at that.
They've all been secret in groups doing it.
We won't be secret.
We'll energize.
We'll run people against Soros, putting in all his operatives at the DAs.
This has got to be done.
We've got to mobilize now.
Total mobilization.
Total commitment.
Absolutely, and the people that are on our side of this, they need to understand the foundation of reality is on our side.
The foundation of reality that God has put in place, it establishes our perspective.
If people are going around and they don't even recognize and acknowledge that God is the creator of everything, then their perspective of reality is going to be
Off base, okay?
They're going to be upside down.
There's a reason why God talks about how it's important to be upright and grounded and rooted on the foundation of reality.
And I'm here to tell you, man, hey, look, we're spinning around the sun at 66,000 miles an hour.
The next closest star is 25 trillion miles away.
It didn't just happen by accident.
Every atheist on the planet is a liar.
Nobody looks at those stars and thinks, hmm, that just happened by random chance.
So people need to organize and they need to stand on the foundation of reality that God has provided us through Jesus Christ and the people who brought the message forth to the world and understand that we have God on our side because the literal essence of His truth is written in His words and communicated to humanity as the foundation of reality.
And if we don't have perspective of it, we're just floating around trying to solve the problems and we're just offering solutions to effects but not the cause.
That's right, brother.
It is a spiritual war, and we see the enemy attacking.
That's because the enemy, it knows it's in trouble.
It's been forced out in the open.
So as negative as this is at one level, I see it as very, very positive at others.
And hey, Alex, if I may, could I direct people to one video, and I have no monetary gain in it.
Oh, I don't care, brother.
Direct us to it.
I don't care.
Go ahead.
Hey, it's Old Dude Perspective and Numbers on YouTube.
Um, and Old Dude is O-L and then D-U-D-E.
I'm just Old Dude, man.
And I'm just out here trying to raise my family and trying to tell people the truth.
And I've been like a lot of other people, and I kind of got lulled into it.
And you want to hook up with others and form a resistance, and we love you.
God bless you.
All right.
We've got our special guest straight ahead out of all these amazing whistleblowers.
Hers was some of the most dynamic.
In fact, probably the most.
In there, showing the evidence, having the will to do it, having the courage.
It's coming up because we're right back where we were six, eight months ago.
We're getting ready to do it again.
Uh, and so I'm going to try to really let her give you the unfiltered perspective.
Cause I know they have fought to suppress her information.
Major Whistleblower Nurse from New York.
On the other side, I'm Alex Jones.
Tell everybody, you know, tune in now to info wars.com board slash show band dot video and the local radio stations and TV stations picking this up.
And then later, once this is archived, share this interview.
Old new world order systems are dying right now.
That's why they call themselves the new world order, but they're not.
And we've got Nurse Olszewski joining us right now.
Nurse Erin Marie Olszewski.
She has spent her life fighting for freedom for everyday Americans.
A young woman, she joined the U.S.
Army to fight overseas in Operation Iraqi Freedom.
Turning home, she turned her focus, drive, and dedication to defending our most deeply held values in American soil.
She spent years fighting for medical freedom.
In 2020, Erin volunteered with the front lines yet again by traveling nurse assigned to New York's Elmhurst Hospital, which has one of the highest death rates.
We'll still talk about that during the COVID-19 pandemic.
What she found horrified her and inspired a new focus of her advocacy.
Erin's newly published book, The Undercover Epicenter Nurse, reveals how gross negligence, insurance fraud, medical malpractice, and good old-fashioned greed are killing everyday Americans at Elmhurst and beyond.
Her new fight is a fight for return to ethics, transparency, and respect for truth values
And she goes on from there.
We're very, very excited to have her.
She's at Nurse Aaron.
Nurse Aaron with two E's.
And we really, again, are excited to have her.
We've played her clips many times here.
We'll get to some of those next segment where she actually shows the proof.
Didn't just say it, but wow!
Simply amazing with what really happened.
So thank you for joining us.
How should we start this out?
You've got so much info, so much knowledge.
What's the best way to break this down for people?
Because this is an ongoing crime that's actually expanding since you first blew the whistle.
Yeah, well, thank you for having me, Alex.
First of all, I really appreciate it.
There's not many that expose the truth like you, and a lot of people don't want to hear my story, especially the left-wing media.
But I guess starting out, I mean,
I guess.
Originally, I'm from Florida.
That's where I reside now.
So when this whole pandemic kind of first came crumbling down in March, you know, we were waiting for the wave in Florida and we just didn't see it.
And all the while, we're watching New York, you know, just get slammed.
So as nurses, a lot of us were furloughed.
We were looking for work.
And an opportunity presented itself for me to travel to New York to help out.
And so that's what I did.
And what I found there was unheard of.
Ultimately, what I found there was a whole lot of murder.
And so I had no choice.
You know, in good conscience, I couldn't, you know, be part of the problem.
I needed to be part of the solution.
And that's why I decided to record it.
And, and prove and share the truth with the people.
And you didn't just make the claim this was basically murder.
You showed the video, you showed the proof at your own, you know, risk.
But whistleblowers are protected when they violate, you know, quote HIPAA or whatever by the fact that you're exposing a crime.
The fact they didn't come after you, at least from my knowledge, shows how scared they are of this info.
So when you say there's murder going on, walk through it.
You've got the floor here.
What you witnessed, what you saw, when the alarm bells rang, what you documented.
Well, a lot of the public doesn't know, when I first got there, and I've been to war, I've been to Iraq, I know what being on the actual front lines in battle is.
And so getting off the plane in New York, I sat around for three days.
There was nurses that were before
Got there before me that we're sitting there for up to three weeks and we're getting paid $10,000 a week as nurses, which is a lot of money.
In my opinion, I feel like it was hush money.
A lot of nurses didn't want to say anything because they wanted their paycheck.
But when I first got into the hospital, I was assigned to Elmhurst Hospital, which was ultimately the epicenter of the epicenter.
And what they were doing is essentially admitting pretty much everyone, regardless if they had COVID or not, because there was a price tag.
It was $13,000 to admit them to the floor, $39,000 to put them on a ventilator.
Knowing that ventilators, by the time I got there in early April, had killed absolutely every single one of their patients.
So this was essentially an assembly line to a body bag.
You know, they come into the emergency room, they get admitted,
To the floors, regardless if they had COVID or not.
Um, and let's be clear.
It's not like sorry to interrupt.
It's not like you're just a new nurse.
Sorry that worked in a small town like Mayberry with Barney five.
You've been in combat hospitals.
You've seen arms and legs blown out of people shot with RPGs.
You've seen real trauma, real war, real desperate working 18 hours a day, sometimes during battles versus you're sitting around your hotel room getting 10 grand.
So right up front, you're thinking something's weird here.
Yeah, it was a red flag.
I mean, this was not a war zone.
And even when I got into the hospitals, we were well-staffed.
I can imagine in the very beginning they weren't, but by the time I got there, they were well-staffed.
And then it was the treatment.
In my hospital, our governor, Governor Ron DeSantis, did not ban the hydroxychloroquine.
And when we got to New York, I realized that Cuomo did.
And we had saved every single one of our patients, so when they weren't using alternative treatments and the protocol that they were using was ventilators, knowing it was killing every single patient, that was another red flag.
Why are they banning treatments?
Since when did the government get in between a doctor-patient relationship?
That's unheard of.
And it actually should never happen again.
The hospitals were all liability free.
So regardless of what a doctor, a nurse, any part of the staff members did, they would never be liable.
And they took advantage of that.
They took advantage of a system that wasn't going to hold them liable.
And you know, there was financial incentive to stay quiet.
So I was there, gosh, not even a week.
And I,
Was just devastated and I contacted attorneys that I knew in New York and I'm like, I need to do something because there were nurses that were speaking out before me and no one believed them, you know, so I needed the actual proof and you know, it wouldn't be the first time I've been undercover.
I was undercover, you know in Iraq too.
So maybe that's what kind of motivated me to not be afraid to be able to expose this corruption and you know, ultimately
A lot of these patients, the majority of these patients died unnecessarily, and their families deserve to know the truth, and these patients deserve justice.
And so, that's kind of funny.
And that's huge, and we've got time to take your time to go through that, because you did a great job on Tucker Carlson and other platforms, but those were short interviews.
Walk through them.
What it was like and how you were quantifying that they were killing people because you show where someone doesn't have COVID but still they intubate them and then days later a healthy person's dead.
I mean, and of course even U.S.
Today admits if they intubate somebody they would get all this extra money.
Well, let's just say that you walk in and this happened a lot.
I mean, even today it's happening and people have a lot of anxiety.
They're terrified of this virus that the media is instilling like this fear.
And they were coming in like, oh my gosh, I'm having difficulty breathing.
What do I do?
And in Florida, we would say, you know, you're all right.
We would test them for the flu first.
Rule out other things.
That's what you're supposed to do.
Not in New York.
So if you walk through the emergency room in New York, you're going to be a COVID quote rule out.
Yes, absolutely.
You know, there was no accountability.
And even if you said anything, which I tried to go up my chain of command and everybody told me to hush or I would go home.
And they did send quite a few nurses home.
Ultimately, I was sent home as well.
But there were patients, a full code is when you want to be saved.
Your family wants you to be saved.
Nurses and doctors will perform CPR as long as it takes to save you.
That was not happening.
There were doctors that were writing patients off as dead with the time of death paperwork done before they were even dead.
And then telling us nurses, don't code them, they're going to die anyway.
That's just the most unethical malpractice type of situation that any nurse or any medical professional
Should ever have to be in.
But they felt like, in those certain hospitals that had almost all the deaths, they were allowed to.
Then you've got them sending sick patients to nursing homes, but not letting family go in, and then intubating them there and also getting high death numbers, up to half the deaths in New York.
I mean, this looks like a very organized operation.
Well, it was.
You know, the orders were coming down from Cuomo, essentially.
And they were going to the administrators.
The administrators, they all knew what was going on.
And that's why they would threaten us so hard that if we said anything, we would immediately go home.
You know, we were all on gag orders.
You know, and this financial incentive... But all of this is so huge.
Stay right there.
Back in a few minutes.
Simply amazing.
One of the main whistleblower nurses videoed it all, documented it all.
She's here explaining.
Most of the nurses were like, this is BS.
They were sent home.
So they bring in people statistically and build an army of folks that will do anything.
Nurse Erin Marie Olszewski is our guest with the book that Big Brother doesn't want you to read.
You should get it.
Share it with everyone you know to save lives and to stop this fraud.
Undercover Epicenter.
Undercover Epicenter nurse, how fraud, negligence, and greed led to unnecessary deaths at Elmhurst Hospital.
And boy, she lays it all out.
So, please continue with what you're laying out, how long you were there, the aftermath of it, and what's in your book and what you expect to see obviously now with this winter when they have more flu, more pneumonia.
They're obviously going to try to attribute all that to COVID.
They said that the lockdown has to go on forever.
They don't want people to know about nutraceuticals or about supplements or about vitamin D. And give us your big picture of what you think is really going on here and what we should all do to stop it.
A lot's going on.
Yes, that's one thing that they banned is any alternative treatments.
They didn't talk about the high-dose IV vitamin C. They didn't talk about the hydroxychloroquine, you know, quercetin, vitamin D, vitamin C, you know, like a lot of these things that people really need to know is everything that they're not talking about.
And for a virus,
With a 99, at this point, 0.9% survival rate, we don't need a vaccine.
And the vaccine is very dangerous.
And ultimately, I think that this has been about control.
I think that this has been about the election.
And I think that this is about, honestly, the New World Order.
You know, they want puppets, and they don't want anybody
What was it like for you as a whistleblower?
Not at the very start, but I'd say in the first third of people really speaking out to then watch all these prominent scientists and doctors and nurses, including yourself, being censored by big tech.
I mean, since when do consumer reviews get blocked?
Since when can medical professionals not have their speech?
This is so dangerous.
No, it's extremely dangerous.
And, you know, all these people that you're seeing, you know, these medical experts, you know, Fauci being one.
These guys never had boots on the ground.
These guys never actually treated any of these patients.
These guys were not in there.
I was.
We were the ones with boots on the ground.
And for anybody like me, that was actually there.
And that's actually, you know, telling them what they really did in order to create this mass genocide.
You know, we're hushed.
We're censored.
I've been fired.
I was fired in New York.
I was fired from my job here in Florida.
Because they don't want people like me inside their hospital walls because we're going to tell the truth.
They kicked all the family members out.
It's a free-for-all in these hospitals right now.
And since my expose came out, I've had so many people from around the world contact me and ask, how can I get in to see my loved one?
You know, they're doing this and this and this.
They refuse any of the alternative treatments.
They're, you know, they're killing them.
And, you know, it's hard.
You know, it is really, it's really hard to be able to advocate and be a nurse in this time in history right now.
Well, it seems like a total power grab where we can let COVID patients into the nursing home, but you can't see your mom or dad for six, eight months.
It's such a control thing that all over the world now, you know, you can't see your family members, but then they can do whatever they want behind closed doors.
Sounds like a recipe for major abuse.
Well, and why aren't they talking, you know, about the, the increase in suicide, the increase in depression, you know, like all of these other things that are happening outside, they're just not discussing.
Everything is COVID.
There's no flu anymore.
There's no, no more, you know, like there's no other, um, you know, diseases or illnesses right now.
It's just all COVID.
And that has to send a red flag to people.
And I hope it does wake up a whole lot more people to kind of start asking questions.
Because ultimately, we need to be inquisitive.
We need to demand the truth.
And it's just something that the media isn't giving the people.
And these photos that you're sharing right now, it's just heartbreaking.
And how are we ever going to dig ourselves out of this?
You know, become...
Kind of fight this new normal that they're trying to push on everybody.
You know, there's nothing normal about this.
And it's the way they script it all, like, teaching the kids all this weird bizarreness that you can't hold each other or love each other.
Everything's like a cult.
You can't see grandma now.
This is Milgram experiment.
Stanford research experiment.
This is real mind control.
Then you read Klaus Schwab.
I don't know if you've seen that.
The Davos Group admitting, oh, COVID's not a threat.
This is the rollout of our global corporate takeover and our global ID.
No, you're exactly right.
And you know, there are more and more medical professionals speaking up about this.
And you know, eventually there's going to be too many of us to ignore.
And I hope that that's the case.
And you know, I'm going to continue the fight.
And you know, there's other doctors and nurses that are stepping up and saying, you know what?
Enough is enough.
You know, we can't lie anymore.
And you know, go ahead and take our license because I don't honestly want to be a part of this system if this is how it's going to be.
I'd rather be on the outside and helping people, you know, try to avoid this, whatever it is that they're trying to do to, you know, just innocent people right now.
Well, I was really impressed with the videos you shot and what you did.
We'll show those next segment.
And the fact that what you said has been proven out was going on.
And we did see some reform up front because of you and other whistleblowers.
But now I see the same, as you said, murderous, out-of-control tactics coming back in this winter.
Yeah, well, we already knew that a second wave was coming.
And that's kind of why I needed to get that expose out.
I needed to get the book out.
Knowledge is power, and people need to know what to do right now in order to fight back.
First things first, family members need to be allowed in these hospital rooms.
And if that's not allowed, you know, if masks honestly work, which they don't, there's no science to back that up, then let the family members put on a mask and go visit their loved ones and be able to advocate for them, because that's where a lot of things go wrong.
You know, even on good days in hospitals, it's very bad.
And it's been bad for a really, really long time.
And I think this may be kind of the catalyst to change and, you know, a reform in ethics and, you know, be able to advocate for your loved ones and have a backup if that's not possible.
Maybe in the form of, you know, nurses like myself to be able to go in there.
If you need a degree in order to go into these hospitals, then so be it.
Well, we need prosecution of Bill Gates and the U.N.
and these big corporations rolling out their forced inoculations.
But we come back.
You've already alluded to this.
You shot the proof.
When you say they were murdering people, we're going to lay that out with Nurse Erin Marie on the other side.
At Nurse Erin with two E's.
And we'll tell you other places to find her book, which I know they've been trying to block.
But this is so important.
Listeners, I know you know this stuff.
Or you know most of it, but your friends and neighbors and family don't.
So I would suggest you all get copies of this and give it to your local hospitals, because that will trigger a major debate that's already happening inside.
We've got to expose this.
This is high-tech murder.
There's Erin Marie Olszewski is our guest.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
And I've studied this a lot more than I want to.
I'm telling you what she's saying is dead on.
I've had medical doctors on, scientists on.
The vast majority come out and say this is a total fraud, it's a scam.
And then they try to fire medical doctors that run major hospitals for saying what she's saying right now.
But as you heard her say, more and more of the doctors and nurses are refusing to be part of this fraud.
People need to read your book.
This is life and death.
Where's the best place for folks to get
Your newly published book, The Undercover Epicenter Nurse.
You can get it on any, you know, online store, Amazon, Barnes & Noble.
I have a personal signed copy link in the link that I gave you.
It's the link tree at NurseAaron.
And then, yeah, it's not out in retail stores yet because they just don't want to carry it.
Well, obviously we need to override them and get that out there.
And you've also paid a lot getting fired for telling the truth.
Again, give us that URL for radio listeners.
We're not just TV.
Give them audibly where they can find the book to support you.
If you go to my Instagram at Aaron underscore BSN, there's a link in my bio for a signed copy.
People need to get the signed copy.
They need to give it to friends and family because again, I sit there and I talk to people and I go, hey, they just found HIV insertions.
In the vaccine, they go, oh, you're a liar.
Then I show them the Indian study.
They go, oh, wow.
Then I show them Sydney Morning Herald.
They just stopped the vaccine all over Australia because they were doing HIV positive tests.
Well, I'm not a doctor.
I had scientists on 10 months ago.
They predicted that if somebody really made a vaccine for this, it would give you HIV positive because part of this COVID thing is HIV.
But we'll talk about that.
Come up in a few minutes with the vaccines and your view on that.
Let's get into the death here.
Let's talk about that.
Let's go ahead and play this clip number one.
This is footage you valiantly shot, because you can get in a lot of trouble for this, folks.
But you know, she was showing a crime, so she's covered.
Nurse Erin shows how people repeatedly tested negative or tested over and over again to say they have COVID to code them while they intubate them to get that money.
Here it is.
The people who had repeatedly tested negative for COVID were being described as COVID confirmed.
Okay, so if you look close, I'm in my patient's chart.
I am pulling up their laboratory results.
So if you look here, you'll see COVID-19 bio-reference lab.
Here are the test results.
As you can see, 5-1-2020 at 17-16, not detected.
We test for a second time, 5-4-2020 at 17-59, not detected.
So both of those are negative.
Scroll up to the top.
This is my patient.
They are on a vent and they are being called COVID-19 confirmed.
Droplet in contact and eye protection.
So this person is droplet in eye.
COVID confirmed.
Positive A. Click.
Not detected.
No results in lab overall.
Oh, pretty good.
While Erin was using her hidden camera to document another chart showing a patient with negative test results who nonetheless was labeled COVID-confirmed, another travel nurse entered the room.
They began to discuss what Erin was seeing.
Is this a bio-reference?
That means it's done here.
So not detected here, but it's presumpted.
No, they're all... They are detectives, they're saying it's positive.
Not detectives.
But it's not detectives.
You said that they were vented immediately upon being brought in, is that?
Yeah, so the thing is, is they're coming in with difficulty breathing and a lot of these patients are really coming in with anxiety because everybody is, they're scared.
And I know in other clips you show where the guy's healthy, they intubate him and he's dead a couple days later.
Absolutely insane.
Again, watching this, this is real world.
I would expect the FBI to be SWAT teaming and getting all the evidence, but of course it doesn't happen.
But then in Michigan, where medical doctors were giving folks preventatively IV vitamin C, which studies show is basically bulletproof, they got SWAT teamed.
So, giving people vitamin C, you can SWAT team.
Killing them with ventilation when they don't need it, that's good.
It's insanity.
It's literally, what was happening there is the definition of insanity.
Like, doing the same thing over and over and over and expecting different results.
Although, I don't think that they ever expected different results.
I think that the results that were happening with 100% death rate is exactly what they wanted.
They wanted the numbers up.
They wanted to create this mass hysteria pandemic.
And ultimately, they wanted to be right.
You know, how did Cuomo Nota order 30,000 vents in March?
When there was doctors that came out, Dr. Cameron Kyle Siddell said in March, that's the wrong treatment protocol.
They didn't care.
They continued to do it.
They didn't hire enough people to run these ventilators.
You know, there was residents that had never had experience with hands-on with their patients running the floors.
You know, there was so many times I had to lock my IV pump so they wouldn't come in and change it and kill my patients.
You know, it was terrifying.
Ultimately, it was one big experiment for a lot of these student doctors.
They were performing invasive tests and things that, on these patients, and these patients were essentially in a medically-induced coma, had no idea what was going on, and they treated them like they weren't even human beings, you know?
Well, you said earlier, keep going, please, nurse.
They're like, oh, the person's alive, just say they're dead.
We're killing them, basically.
I mean, this is crazy.
Yeah, and I have that recorded.
The doctor literally is telling all of us nurses to, you know, he was essentially playing God, and he was called out for playing God.
You know, you're not God.
And he said, well, I am.
Let's start over there because this sounds like Joseph Mengele's Nazi type stuff.
This hospital has the highest death rate in the country, at least it did then.
The epicenter.
They hired you to come in there.
You blew the whistle.
Others did.
So again, the good news is most hospitals, doctors and nurses are good.
They help the people and don't go along with the protocol.
But Gates and the UN are trying to get a set protocol where doctors won't have a choice.
This is really scary.
So they will turn doctors into executioners.
You know, and if they don't follow their orders, you know, this was a bunch of order followers, ultimately.
And if they don't follow the orders, they're going to be fired and they'll likely lose their license.
If they do the right thing, they will lose their license.
You know, that's, I did the right thing.
You know, nurses, doctors, we're all mandatory reporters.
It's our oath.
You know, that's what we sign up.
We are ultimately for the patient.
We are for nobody else.
We are there to protect the patient.
And it's so backwards, the society is so backwards, that if you're a nurse or a doctor trying to save your patients' lives and being like, listen, we're doing it wrong, we need to change this, you're fired.
I just, I can't comprehend that this is the United States of America, a country that is supposed to be one of the best countries in the world, and we are not setting a good example.
Well, if a serial killer had grabbed little kids or a woman and was putting tubes down their throat and killing them, like Jeffrey Dahmer did with acid, then it'd be a horror story.
It'd be terrible.
But if it's the doctors, and it's Fauci, and it's the Governor Cuomo, and as you said, it was all so premeditated, this is like a giant exercise of power by these psychos.
Yeah, and you know, it wasn't just in New York.
It was the majority of Democratic-run states that banned alternative treatments, that banned the hydroxychloroquine and zinc protocol.
It banned, you know... Exactly, it was all unified.
Let's talk about it.
It was California, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New York.
There was a few others, but yeah, they all did it in unison.
Yeah, and the thing is, and here's another point.
They targeted low-income minority populations.
They targeted the poor, the hospitals that served the poor, underprivileged areas.
And if you look around, you will see that every single hospital that was super hard hit served minorities.
And that's why we've got, what, double the number of blacks versus whites.
Stay there.
This is the key.
Because now they want the vaccine just for blacks first.
This is very obvious what's going on.
Bringing homeless in, putting a tube down their throat and killing them.
We've got an amazing nurse whistleblower who's been totally vindicated.
Nurse Erin's our guest.
Stay with us.
All right.
Nurse Erin Marie Olshinsky is our guest.
And man, I'm talking to her during the break.
I'm like, what's the next fight?
What do we need to do?
And she's like, I'm launching a huge nurses conference in Florida on January 9th, I think she said.
And I've got a book out.
I mean, she is kicking ass.
A great American patriot, a veteran.
This is what we need.
So many doctors, so many epidemiologists, so many scientists have spoken out, shown the facts.
The former chief science officer at Merck's come out saying it's all a big hoax, fraud.
It's crazy that there's almost no one on their side, but the American Bar Association, the lawyers say that we should stay locked down.
The lawyers say we should all take forced inoculations.
It's a huge power grab.
So in the 10 minutes we have left,
Tell folks about solutions, ideas, and then other areas we haven't hit on.
Well, as you pointed out, I'm going to have, it's the Global Frontline Nurses Summit.
It's going to be in the Tampa Bay area on January 9th of 2021.
Hopefully it will be a better year.
But there's nurses that are coming from all over the world and
These nurses are all seen.
We're all on the same page.
We all see the same thing.
We all know that it has been a mass genocide of patients.
And we're going to talk about it.
And if nurses are the most trusted profession in the United States, and I think around the world, then I hope that people will be open to hearing from us.
Because honestly, at the end of the day, we have everything to lose.
Some of us have.
I have.
Everything we can, but nothing to gain, you know, except to stand on the right side of history and to make sure that history never repeats itself and to stop the corruption before it gets any worse.
And, you know, once they take away our freedoms that are God given right, you know, as human beings, it is going to be next to impossible to ever get them back.
So, you know, that's why I am
Fighting with every inch of my being.
It's in my blood.
I served our country.
I love our country.
And, you know, there's really nothing that is going to get in my way.
And even though there's been a whole lot of people that, you know, try to stop me from doing it, so... Well, let me guess.
You blew the whistle.
They hadn't fired you and censored you.
You'd done your duty.
You'd exposed it.
You'd still speak out.
But them trying to suppress you, is that really giving you a second wind or really supercharge and now really fight back?
I mean, all the information they censor is exactly what the people need to know.
So if anything, you know, even bad news is good news.
So listen to what they're trying to, you know, censor from people that have no reason to lie.
And, you know, yeah, yes, it does give me more motivation and it does light a fire that I'm not willing to put out.
Where do you predict this goes if they're able to weasel Biden in there?
He says he's going to intensify it all.
It makes him so unpopular.
It creates depression.
Why do you think they just are so obsessed with this?
You know, I mean, Biden doesn't even know what he's doing.
You know, he's just one of the, you know, he he's a pawn in a much bigger, sinister plan.
And that is why we need to fight, you know, and ultimately, if Biden does get into office, which he won't, you know, we're going to see a country that we don't recognize.
We're going to be masked up.
We're going to be mass vaccinated.
We're going to have absolutely no control over our bodies or the bodies of our children.
We're going to, you know, essentially be living in
A communist country that would be absolutely terrifying.
A communist country that uses medical tyranny as its excuse and cover for enforcement of surveillance and political oppression.
Getting into vaccines.
I know you're a nurse.
You've looked at that.
These aren't even classic vaccines, these mRNA systems.
I know you know that.
And now the fact that they were trying to give it to kids in England that made them sick.
So now they say, don't give it to under 16.
Don't give it to people that have autoimmune problems.
They suspended the vaccine in Australia because it was doing false positive HIV.
What is your thought and your other medical colleagues thought on this real push for forced inoculation?
I've been awake to the vaccine racket for a really long time.
Actually, my son at 12 months, I have three boys, my middle son at 12 months was severely injured.
And that's when I kind of dive deep into the fact that vaccines in general are liability free.
So you can't sue the manufacturer.
And you know, it kind of goes hand in hand with what happened to the hospitals.
The hospitals during this whole entire COVID pandemic were also liability free.
Nothing good comes from a liability free
No entity, no corporation, nothing.
And so, you know, in general, the toxins are bad.
But this COVID vaccine is worse because it is an mRNA vaccine.
It is going to permanently change people's DNA.
This is something that you can't just detox from.
This is going to be permanent.
I ultimately believe
That this is going to cause a mass genocide in our population.
It's going to be a very, very bad thing.
And I really, really hope that people open their eyes and honestly, like, really look into this research.
There's absolutely no reason we need a vaccine for a virus with a 99.9% survival rate.
There is nothing else other than the fact that they want population control.
They want to control, you know, the narrative.
It's very dangerous.
Well, Nurse Erin, let me just say this.
I saw you on Tucker Carlson and I saw your original videos.
In fact, I sent you to Tucker Carlson.
I talked to Tucker and I sent him the info and then like an hour later he goes, oh yeah, we're getting her on.
That's great.
But my point is,
Hearing you now in long form is so powerful to just as a nurse, as a mother, as a veteran, as a human.
It's so strong.
It's beautiful.
And I know you're a beautiful person physically and beautiful spiritually.
And I know there's so many other great nurses, male and female, that I'm sure you were saying you know that are also upset.
And I saw the U.N.
last December.
I think so.
The UN head envoy on COVID says, don't do lockdowns.
They're still doing them.
So it's like, who's in control?
Well, it's Bill Gates.
What do you have to say about Bill Gates, who really is suddenly we wake up and he's going to rape us with his vaccines.
He's going to keep us locked down.
He's going to be the head of the G8.
Boris Johnson says he's going to let him give him orders the next year.
I mean, this is like, this is even crazier than Alex Jones would come up with, is what I'm saying.
I honestly feel like it's a twilight zone because we know Bill Gates is neither a doctor or a scientist.
And you know, I, obviously we do know that he has a lot of money and we do know that everything is surrounded around money.
Money, power, greed.
And they don't care about the average American.
Average, you know, actually they don't really care about anyone and they care about
More money and more power and more greed.
And they will do it at the expense of human life.
And they will not feel bad about it.
And here's the secret.
Like any secret testing or any big crime.
When they get us to sign on to it, they get power over the crisis they create, and it becomes what I call too evil to fail in this dystopic system they're setting up.
They are dystopics.
They are creating a dystopia that they manage and control, and they need us to go into mass Stockholm Syndrome, so he is evoking a psychological response from us of submitting to something insane, so we'll submit to stuff even more insane later.
We're being inducted into slavery right now.
Well, they're creating the problem, and then they're going to come around and act like they're, you know, we should thank them for finding a, quote, solution.
You know, it is definitely quite an intense, well-thought-out PSYOP, and sadly, it's working on quite a bit of our population.
But eventually, hopefully, there's going to be
A lot more people standing up and saying no and hopefully holding a lot of these people accountable and putting a lot of them in prison because that's where they ultimately belong.
Nurse Olshansky, you're 100% right.
We need to not just debate the merits, we need to say you're going to prison, you violated the Nuremberg Code, you violated the Geneva Convention, you make money off this.
You're a criminal.
We hold you responsible.
We don't care if you have the 1986 Vaccine Act.
You are held accountable.
You bit off more than you can chew.
You knew your vaccine fraud was failing at the U.N., so you doubled down with all of this, and you're not gonna succeed.
All right, Nurse Erin, thank you so much.
We really appreciate you, and please come on The War Room.
I know you were already on with David Knight before us.
Great job with David Knight and his folks getting you on.
Thank you so much.
It's been an amazing hour.
Yeah, thank you so much for having me.
I hope to be back.
We'd love to have you back in studio.
Bring some doctors with you.
We'll get everybody in here.
All right.
All right.
Paul Joseph Watson from the UK takes over.
I've got five more minutes, though, before he comes on.
And then the War Room with Owen Schroer.
Man, there's a lot of great souls out there, and she's one of them.
That was powerful.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
You found it.
The tip of the spear.
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We'll play ours.
But, oh, there he is with Bill Gates, who constantly hangs out with Jeffrey Epstein.
And boy, Bill Gates is like, you're about to get on my tail about Epstein.
Major plague.
That'll distract you.
No, it just lets us know that you've got to be dealt with, Gates.
You and your husband.
Who said, Bill Gates' husband said, I'm sorry, wife said, we didn't know this would hurt the economy.
Their whole lockdown was designed to devastate the economy.
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Paul Joseph Watson takes over.
Welcome back everybody to the Summit News Hour.
I am your host Paul Joseph Watson here in London, which is just or in fact tonight at midnight goes under
Yet another, guess what, lockdown!
Yes, because the first one worked so well, the second one worked even better, and because both of those lockdowns worked so well, now we need to have another.
And not just that, the four days of Christmas relief that the government, the saintly, beneficent government promised us in all its glory, and we were so thankful to get four days off where we could see our family members, because nobody's breaking the rules whatsoever,
Nobody's going out and seeing their family members.
Nobody's going out and congregating in groups with people outside their own household, which under the law is illegal.
Nobody's doing that.
But the government said we could do that with up to three different households from the period of December 23rd to December 27th.
Now they're saying, well, maybe not.
Yes, joy upon joy, Christmas looks like it's officially going to be cancelled in the United Kingdom.
Of course the Netherlands just announced I think it was a five-week lockdown.
Germany's got a lockdown until January 10th.
France is under a curfew whereby you can't be outside after 8pm.
And now we have this headline out of Sky News.
Covid-19 talks between UK nations on Christmas rules to continue tomorrow amid calls for rethink.
Now of course we've had all the lockdowns that failed.
The hospital numbers, the death numbers, compared to this time of year over the past five years are completely flat, they're stable, but apparently infection rates are soaring.
Of course, most of those infection rates, even if you go on the government's own hokey numbers, the vast majority of them can be traced back to hospitals, care homes and schools.
According to their own statistics, that's where the vast majority of new coronavirus infections are taking place.
And what is the answer?
Well, obviously it's to close bars and restaurants and shops.
Even though less than 3% on their own numbers of new coronavirus infections emerge out of those venues.
The country is completely crippled economically, I'm going to get onto that.
Bars, restaurants are closing down left, right and centre.
People are literally going into poverty.
Tens of thousands of people are dying through not having cancer treatments and other treatments and yet we're about to enter another lockdown literally in four hours time.
Talks between the four nations of the UK over the relaxation of coronavirus rules for Christmas are set to continue tomorrow amid calls for a wreathing due to rising coronavirus infection rates.
Cabinet Officer Michael Gove spoke with the leaders of the devolved administrations on Tuesday evening.
At present, it's planned that across the whole UK, up to three households will be able to form a Christmas bubble, because the government allows us to expand our bubble to one extra little bubble!
Oh my God, thank you state!
And meet for five days between 23rd and 27th of December.
It says travel restrictions will also be lifted during that same five-day period.
They've closed all the bars and restaurants.
Nobody's abiding by these rules.
Have you been outside?
So we had a lockdown which lasted a month, which ended on the 2nd of December.
The law states the bars and the pubs are open, the restaurants are open, but you're not allowed to meet anyone indoors who doesn't live in your household.
Now if you live alone, the government has deigned in all its beneficent charity
to allow you to form a support bubble with one other household.
So even if you lie and tell them you're living alone, you're still only supposed to meet people from one other household.
Go outside when the bars, the restaurants are actually open, which they have been in London over the past two weeks.
They gave us two weeks.
Now we're going back into lockdown again.
On literally every table, or every other table, every other table in a bar, in a restaurant, there are six people sat there drinking and eating.
They don't live in the same household.
Nobody is following these rules.
No matter what the government comes out with, they close all the bars and restaurants, everybody just goes and parties in each other's houses.
It's ridiculous.
And I've witnessed this from first-hand experience.
You can literally go to someone's house party or apartment
And all the way down the street, all the way across the road, people just waving to each other from their apartments, having mass parties with gatherings of 10, 15 people.
Nobody's obeying these rules as it is, but then when you look at the polls, well, they tell you a different story.
People's behaviour is not cognisant with these polls that they're putting out because they want to make people think that they need to conform because they're socially irresponsible if they don't follow the rules, even though nobody's following the rules.
But when asked by pollsters, they say they're following the rules and that's enough.
This is all a complete mirage.
Headline out of the Press and Journal.
Most Scots think easing of restrictions for Christmas should be dropped.
The majority of people in the UK think the decision to relax coronavirus restrictions over Christmas, and bear in mind, this relaxation didn't open anything up.
Now if you live in London, even with this relaxation over Christmas, everything's still closed.
They're just saying the government's going to give you permission to visit your family at Christmas.
What kind of intellectual coward, what kind of spineless amoeba,
Would not visit their own family on Christmas Day because the government said they couldn't.
Are people actually complying with this?
From what I've seen, no.
But they're telling the pollsters a completely different thing.
So the snap poll from YouGov shows 57% of Brits and 58% of Scots think current rules should be maintained over the festive period.
YouGov asked 383,856 people in Britain, currently coronavirus restrictions are due to be relaxed for five days over Christmas.
Do you think those polled could respond by saying they would like to see the rules relaxed as planned or that the move should be dropped and current rules continued over the festive period?
So 50% of respondents in Britain in this poll wanted even harsher lockdown restrictions and only 30% or 31% said that this relaxation, which isn't even a relaxation, everything's still closed, should still go ahead as planned.
Looks like that's not even going to be the case as we currently stand.
It says among people aged 65 plus,
70% believe the rules should not change over Christmas, a position shared by 61% of 50 to 65 year olds, 49% of 25 to 49 year olds, 55% of 18 to 24 year olds.
You really think that the majority of people in the United Kingdom aged 18 to 24 want even harsher lockdown rules?
Have you been out?
Have you been out in the street?
Have you been out in the pubs?
They're all violating the rules as it is.
They're all gathered in groups of six, because that's the maximum they'll allow into the bar or restaurant.
All with people who they don't live with.
They've been violating the rules for months, and that's good because the rules are complete BS.
But then when they're asked by the pollsters, they say a completely different thing.
And this sets the consensus, which allows the government to continually re-open, ratify these rules,
Because they can claim they have the consensus of the British public.
I think if these people were being honest, and in fact we've seen other polls whereby upwards of 60 to 70% support the lockdown, yet when they're asked to be honest, if they've ever violated the lockdown personally, only 18% say they haven't violated the lockdown.
So they're completely lying.
But once again, this is setting the precedent for more economy crippling measures.
I have an article here out of Harper's.
This is the head of UK Hospitality.
Headline Nicholls continuing to bat Hospitality is not the answer.
She says, so many pubs, restaurants, bars, cafes and hotels, having invested so much to make their venues safe, are only just clinging on by the skin of their teeth and will take another huge hit.
And again, she makes the point, the vast majority of infections, going by the government's own numbers, schools, care homes, hospitals, they're not in pubs or restaurants.
Yet these pubs, these restaurants are shutting down.
They're going out of business.
A tweet here from Camilla Tominey.
She said, this is the reality of tier 3 for pub owners.
That's basically the strictest lockdown tier.
She says a landlord friend of mine in Hertfordshire had 4,000 covers booked between now and New Year's, amounting to a potential £92,000 in sales.
That has just been wiped out in the blink of an eye.
And that is the same, similar situation for small business owners, for landlords, for restaurant owners across the country.
Massive unemployment.
We'll get into that and more on the other side of the break.
Don't go away.
We'll be right back.
So the drumbeat of corona hysteria marches on.
We have polls suggesting that the majority, clear majority of Brits want even harsher lockdown measures, despite anecdotal evidence suggesting that they're not abiding by the measures at all, and in fact also anecdotal evidence from what I've seen of mass resistance to this.
In fact, I went to the barber's to have my hair cut on Friday.
Not that you can really tell at the moment, given the state of it today.
But as soon as I walked in, literally every customer was just talking about the vaccine, how they're not going to take the vaccine, how the lockdown is BS.
The owners were talking about how much money they'd lost.
I went to the pub.
on Sunday night for a substantial meal because now lots of pubs are going out of business because they can't afford to offer substantial meals because punters who come into the pubs can't afford to buy them because everyone's losing their jobs so they can't afford to buy a big dinner every time they want a pint of beer but again in the pub there was a woman there saying I work for the NHS we're completely empty there's no crisis it's complete BS you hear similar talk in the street I heard it in the park
Everybody is violating these rules.
Everybody doesn't believe in them.
Not everybody, but a great... anecdotally, evidence suggests at least a significant portion of people just aren't buying it whatsoever from everything I hear.
But then you have these polls, which I mentioned before the break, still showing that the majority of people
Support these measures and even harsher measures and that gives the government the justification to then vote them through again and complete and continually reapply and ratify them over and over again.
And it's interesting because once they create that consensus they can use it to set policy.
So it's more about perception than actual reality and in fact we've got a video here which speaks to this.
It's called the Ash Conformity Experiment
This was a series of psychological experiments conducted from the 50s onwards, there were many of them, by Solomon Asch, studying if and how individuals yielded to or defied a majority group and the effect of such influences on beliefs and opinions.
So it's about how once they set this artificial consensus,
and terrify or manipulate or socially re-engineer people into believing that this is what the vast majority of people think so it must be correct.
Not only it must be correct, you must go along with it also so as not to be ostracized or stigmatized by that social group.
This is a precedent long established in psychology and one of these experiments or series of experiments was called the Ash Conformity Experiment.
We have a clip
Giving an example of how that was conducted, let's roll the clip.
This experiment is one of psychology's oldest and most popular pieces of research.
A volunteer is told that he's taking part in a visual perception test.
What he doesn't know is that the other participants are actors, and he's the only person taking part in the real test, which is actually about group conformity.
Please begin.
The experiment you'll be taking part in today involves the perception of line length.
Your task will be simply to look at the line here on the left and indicate which of the three lines on the right is equal to it in length.
So, for example... The actors have been told to match the wrong lines.
The volunteer will be monitored to see if he gives the correct answer or if he goes along with the opinion of the group and gives the wrong answer.
In the first test, the correct answer is two.
Uh, one.
It's two.
Once again, the correct answer is two.
It's three.
The ASH experiment has been repeated many times, and the results have been supported again and again.
We will conform to the group.
Again, we're very social creatures.
We're very much aware of what the people around us think.
We want to be liked.
We don't want to be seen to rock the boat, so we will go along with the group, even if we don't believe what people are saying.
We'll still go long.
Group dynamics is one of the most powerful forces in human psychology.
So there you have it, the Ash Conformity Experiment where they're showing one individual a series of lines and asking him to match the length of the line.
The lines are clearly shorter or longer than the original line that he's shown, but because all of the other people in the experiment who are stooges, who are actors, give the wrong answer.
It causes him to not believe his own lying eyes and to give the same wrong answer.
This is the power of conformity.
This is the power of the hysteria that once the media is unified with the same message, despite the fact that they're distrusted to an even greater degree, the fact that they all still carry that same message continues to apply to reality and especially with this coronavirus lockdown.
I mean, I've mentioned before
My auntie and uncle who live in Wales, elderly couple, they've been so petrified by the hysteria from the media about this virus that they got up the gusto, the guts, to actually leave their homes months into this lockdown after they were told they were allowed to by the government.
They drove to a local beauty spot and because even in this very rural wilderness area they saw a few people walking around this local beauty spot they were so terrified that they couldn't even leave their car and they immediately drove right back home.
That is the power of this conformity hysteria that the mainstream media has fostered on people, has inflicted on people
As a result of facilitating what we've talked about many times before, which is the great reset, which we're going to get into after the break.
Which is why it's important, by the way, to break this consensus by being more and more vocal about how lockdown is complete BS.
And I'm seeing more and more signs of that.
And we had another one yesterday.
And we're going to roll this quick video now.
Don't let them do it!
Man Stages Lockdown Protest in branch of Costco.
This was a guy who basically got up on a clothes stand and started bullhorning the shoppers about how the lockdown was complete BS.
Notice the reaction from the shoppers.
The staff is obviously trying to talk him down, trying to get him down from
His platform where he's bullhorning the shoppers.
But if you notice, if you're watching the video now, two of the shoppers that he's talking to immediately walk up and give him a fist bump.
Let's roll that video.
Here it is right now.
Don't let them do it.
You know why we're under this lockdown right now?
Because all the information is coming out about COVID and they know it's a farce.
You must not do this.
You continue.
This is a life that you will have.
Don't tell me I have the right.
You know what?
Governor Newsom doesn't have the right to shut us down, to make you wear a mask.
That's right.
All right, people, you know that's right.
We've got to stand up for ourselves, because this governor is going to keep us locked down until we do something about it.
And I want to know, are you going to let this happen?
It's a beautiful day outside.
So there you have it, and I'm seeing more and more of this, not just chatter on the street, but videos like that.
Of course, this is in California, where again, generally across the United States, the actual COVID infections, according to the CDC's own numbers, only 1.6% are coming out of
Bars, restaurants, indoor dining, yet they're all being shut down.
But not for Governor Newsom himself, of course.
He dined in a fancy French restaurant indoors with a group of 12 people while telling Americans they couldn't celebrate Thanksgiving indoors.
Don't go away, Summit.News will be right back.
Now we just played the video before the break of a man in a California branch of Costco bullhorning shoppers about the lockdown, telling them to not accept it, to not obey.
To not wear the mask, and if you noticed from that video, he got a couple of fist bumps from other shoppers.
Now we have the yin to that yang situation with the next video, which came out today.
Headline out, Summit News.
Put your effing mask on, irate man stalks woman in department store.
Now this is the ultimate Karen of Karens.
This is one of the best I've seen so far.
A video uploaded to Twitter shows an irate man screeching at a woman.
To put your effing mask on while aggressively stalking her around a department store.
Obviously didn't really care about social distancing given that he's getting right up in her grill, right up in her face because she's not wearing a mask.
The positive thing about this video once you watch it, and this is what I was talking about before the break, he tries to enlist other shoppers in this department store to get as perversely angry as he's getting while he's literally
Walking aggressively fast-paced after this woman, violating social distancing, which according to him is such an important thing.
He tries to enlist all these other shoppers to complain about her, and they all tell him to go away and stop acting like a complete weirdo.
This is increasingly the case.
This is why this represents good news.
Let's roll this clip now.
This is... Put your effing mask on, irate man stalks woman in department store.
Here it is.
Mask on.
I'm sorry, you can walk away from me right now, sir.
Put your mask on.
Get away from me.
Put it on.
Does it bother anybody else that she doesn't have to wear a mask that we all do?
Just go away.
Stay six feet away from me then.
Get away from me.
Please get away from me right now.
You don't need to come near me.
She has it on her damn hand.
Get away from me.
Walk away from me, sir.
Please get away from me.
Call 9-1-1!
You don't care?
Leave me alone!
You're six feet away from me then!
Get out of here!
I know who you voted for.
So you notice that he goes up to another woman while he's harassing the initial woman and he's like, you don't care, you don't care.
And they're like, no, we don't care.
Go away, weirdo.
Go away.
Stop harassing women.
Also, you notice, and I see this over and over again, the people who are so egregiously aggressive over other people not wearing their masks, they don't even wear them properly themselves.
It wasn't even over his nose at the start.
So another weirdo turned away for his Karen behavior.
Of course, the left have tried to hijack that Karen meme and make it about people who don't wear masks, even though it way more specifically applies to those aggressive wardens who want to patrol the other prisoners.
In the prison planet they say you're required to wear the mask and social distance while he's literally like getting up in her face.
We had a video last week of someone who was literally spitting at a woman on a hiking trail because she wasn't wearing a mask saying I've got coronavirus while spitting at her but she was in the wrong for not wearing a mask.
Someone else who got caught not wearing a mask is our old friend Piers Morgan.
The failed American talk show host who came scuttling back to Britain with his tail between his legs and who, of course, has been one of the most vehement proponents of lockdown in the United Kingdom.
Well, just like his mate Gary Lineker.
Another vehement virtue signaller for coronavirus lockdowns who got caught not wearing a mask inside a supermarket while demanding everybody else wear one.
Now, Piers Morgan has been caught doing the same.
Piers Morgan slammed after caught not wearing mask in public.
British news anchor Piers Morgan has been slammed as a total hypocrite after being caught not wearing a face mask in public over the weekend despite lecturing everyone else for months about the need to wear a mask.
Morgan was pictured getting into a cab in London without a mask on, prompting him to admit he was being an idiot.
And by the way, he came out afterwards and said he makes this mistake basically every day, basically admitting that he doesn't follow the rules that, according to him, everybody else has to abide by.
In the United Kingdom, it's the law that you have to wear a mask inside a taxi cab
The good thing about that is that in every single case in which I've experienced over the past month, the black cab drivers who are typically of a demographic which is quite populist and somewhat right-wing, the taxi drivers are by law required to wear them.
They're not wearing them, and they don't ask you to wear them, which is probably why he got into this car and didn't wear one, because it's completely unenforced.
But unfortunately for Piers Morgan,
Who again has been wagging his finger at everyone else for the past six months.
His son, he said he was proud of his son for attending a Black Lives Matter super spreader mass demonstration with 20,000 people, but then said you shouldn't be allowed to go outside.
He's once again been hoisted by his own petard and been made a complete fall off by being caught
Not wearing a mask in a taxi cab.
But again, the good news is that's not even enforced because all the black cabbie drivers don't wear them either.
And they don't ask you to wear them.
Meanwhile, you know this great vaccine that's supposed to end our heartache, our bitterness, our loneliness, how it's supposed to get the economy back on track, how it's supposed to get us back to normal.
Yeah, the wondrous vaccine turns out doesn't actually work.
Turns out that we're going to be in lockdown, as Bill Gates said, until at least 2022, maybe longer, maybe a few years longer than that, just enough so they can get the Great Reset through, because now apparently the vaccine doesn't protect you from infection.
So what's the point?
Isn't that the entire point of a vaccine?
Meet the press tweeted, and we've got the clip here.
As one of the first vaccinated people in New Haven is planning on travelling after the second dose,
So she's got the second dose.
She's been a good, compliant little slave.
She's presumably totally protected.
Because at first they said, oh no, until you get the second dose, you're not protected.
Well, according to Vin Gupta MD, speaking to MSNBC, he says, just because you get vaccinated after the second dose does not mean you should be traveling.
You could still get infected and pass it along to others.
We have that clip.
Let's roll it right now.
Are you getting your vaccination this week?
Tomorrow morning and I'm grateful for it.
Chuck, I just wanted to say just a follow-up on what Yasmeen mentioned.
Just for your viewers out there, I know one of the individuals who we just saw getting vaccinated is planning on traveling after the second dose.
This is a source of confusion, but this is one of the misperceptions here.
Just because you get vaccinated with that second dose does not mean you should be participating in things like traveling in the middle of an out-of-control pandemic or that you're liberated from masks.
Everything still applies until all of us get the two-dose regimen.
We don't think that's going to happen until June, July.
And again, this goes back to what we just talked about, Chuck.
We don't know if just getting the vaccination prevents serious illness, or does it also prevent you from getting infection?
We've all learned how much the asymptomatic has actually been the super spreaders.
So you can still get infected with coronavirus and pass it on to others after you've had the second dose of the vaccine.
What's the point in the vaccine then?
Absolutely incredible.
Oh no, you'll still need to wear a mask.
You'll still need to social distance.
You still won't be able to hug Granny.
It's going to go on forever, or until Bill Gates says so at least.
Someone responded to this by saying, why in heaven's name would I take a vaccine that is 95% effective for a virus that my immune system is 99.8% effective against?
Now, literal doctors on MSNBC are going to say, oh, by the way, just because you had the vaccine doesn't mean you're allowed to travel.
How dare you, pleb!
Get back in your house.
Get that muzzle back on your face.
And on that subject, this is out of Breitbart,
London's can't make public wear masks outside, don't relax coronavirus rules for Christmas.
So the great announcement of the vaccine that people are now beginning to take that was supposed to save us from all this, that was supposed to get us back to normal, get us back travelling again, turns out no.
Not until Bill Gates says so, whether you get the vaccine or not.
We'll be right back.
Summit.News, don't go away.
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Now as I predicted, as soon as they started allowing football fans back into stadiums here in the United Kingdom, because of course they were all banned under Covid rules from March onwards, when some of these areas in the United Kingdom, graciously by the government, got put into Tier 2 status as opposed to Tier 3, now of course London is back in Tier 3, so all the football fans are banned once again,
But once they were allowed into the stadiums for a period of two weeks, basically, less than two weeks, what did we see?
We saw them booing Black Lives Matter, yes.
Premier League footballers, many of them sponsored by Nike, by the way, which literally lobbies against bills in the House to ban slave labour in China from Uyghur Muslims.
The same Nike that sponsors Premier League footballers
Well, as soon as those fans were allowed back into the stadiums, they started booing because those footballers are still, six months later, taking a knee for BLM.
Now whatever you want to argue about the situation with police brutality and violence against black people in America, we do not have the same issue in the United Kingdom.
Exceedingly rare
Is it that you will see a case of egregious police brutality or killing of black people in the United Kingdom?
Mainly because police aren't armed, but even with tasers you don't see it anyway.
It's never been a problem and yet footballers in this country are still bowing and kneeling to a violent left-wing communist organisation for what reason nobody really knows.
Of course we know it's for mass conformity, it's for social re-engineering,
Now we have a headline out of the Daily Mail.
Football fan facing lifetime ban from championship side for booing players who took a knee.
With clubs using CCTV to single out supporters who gear gesture.
Says a championship club has threatened to issue a lifetime ban to a supporter for booing while players took a knee this week.
Says clubs have been using
Close circuit television to identify supporters who jeer the pre-match gesture in support of racial equality since the return of fans this month.
No, it's not about racial equality.
It's about literal support for capital letters.
Black Lives Matter, which is a violent extremist political movement, has nothing to do with black people.
You had Millwall fans booing it the other week.
And of course, the immediate
Media reaction, the hysteria was, oh well, Millwall fans must just hate black people, right?
I mean, half their team's full of black people and they cheer them every week.
They literally give them awards.
Millwall's player of the year for two years running was a black person.
Oh no, but those Millwall fans booing the Black Lives Matter knee, well, they just must hate black people.
So now they're literally banning people or threatening to ban them from the stadium using video surveillance.
To target, to zero in on people who don't go along with this madness.
Now this is one occasion in which I would definitely recommend, in line with World Health Organization guidelines, to wear a mask.
Maybe wear a mask that covers your entire face and then they won't be able to identify you.
But Rod Liddle out the Spectator wrote a good article on this.
It was called In Defence of the Booing Millwall Fans.
He writes, it's an enormous shame that the Millwall fans who booed their players for taking a knee in support of Black Lives Matter last week were not better acquainted with one of the British BLM leaders, Sasha Johnson.
They might have taken a knee themselves out of admiration, because in August, Ms Johnson tweeted, quote, the white man will not be our equal, but our slave.
OK, so they're banning people for booing racial equality, and yet these footballers are taking a knee to honour an organisation whose leader in the United Kingdom literally says she wants the white man to be their slave.
Doesn't really sound like equality to me, does it?
Continues, if there is one thing Millwall supporters respect, it's aspiration.
And Miss Johnson has that in abundance.
I'm sure the FA, the English Football League and indeed the Millwall Club Board who condemned the booing all wish Sasha the best of luck in her exciting project.
And he makes the case!
Mr Johnson's views are not especially extreme in a foul organisation that wishes to dismantle capitalism and the family.
And yes, they literally put that in their BLM mission statement.
It isn't about racial equality.
It's about a Marxist movement that wants to overthrow every foundational aspect of our society.
That's what they're taking a knee in support of.
He says, taking a knee signals support for the organisation, not for racial equality.
And that is the end of the story.
The football authorities and the broadcasters were very clear about this when football resumed in June after the lockdown.
Players would be asked to take a knee in support of Black Lives Matter, uppercase, capital letters, BLM.
And the point was reinforced by players, commentators and pundits wearing Black Lives Matter badges.
Which, by the way, they subsequently removed because people started to point out, you know what this organisation actually stands for.
You know that they stand for demolishing our entire system.
They stand for eviscerating the family unit.
So they had to remove the BLM badges, but these privileged overpaid footballers continued to take a knee because they were so terrified into conformity.
He continues, so Millwall's assertion that taking a knee was in no way an endorsement of BLM's political objectives, but simply a gesture in support of love, peace and happiness among all peoples, is deceitful, cowardly and ludicrous.
He says it's like stretching out your right arm, shouting, Seek Heil, and then telling onlookers, it's just a gesture, nothing to do with old Adolf, mate.
So now they're starting to ban the supporters who boo Black Lives Matter, which of course, that was always going to end the taking a knee.
If you've got thousands of people every week booing this spectacle, it's going to end in a hurry.
Oh, now conveniently for them, they've banned all the supporters from the stadiums once again.
Meanwhile, in a related story, this happened last week.
Headline, football official given 10 match ban for referring to a black guy
As a black guy?
Yes, this is the new racist scandal that plagued Europe last week.
It says another racism scandal in football erupted after a match official referred to a black guy as a black guy and was punished with a 10-match ban.
Maybe that's not enough.
Maybe we need to literally drag him through the streets.
The incident happened during a Champions League game between Paris Saint-Germain and Istanbul on Tuesday night.
Romanian official Sebastian Colcescu
...was accused of racially abusing an Istanbul coach, Pierre Webo, by referring to him as the black guy, or ala negru in Romanian, which means the black guy.
Now bear in mind for these Champions League games, all the officials come from the same country, and it's standard for them to communicate with each other in their own language.
So if the black guy means is ala negru in Romanian, those are the words he's going to use.
The reason he referred to him as the black guy was because he was trying to single him out from all the other coaches who were all white.
So if this had been an African team and they had one white coach and all the other coaches were black, he would have said the white guy and that wouldn't have been a problem.
But because he referred to a black guy as a black guy, now his life is basically ruined.
He'll probably be terminated forever.
His reputation, his name dragged through the mud until Kingdom Come.
And in the very least, he's been banned for 10 matches.
The players all walked off the pitch, by the way.
They literally suspended the entire game because somebody referred to a black guy as a black guy.
This actually happened.
And they replayed the game the next day.
Particular attention was centered on Neymar, who is a black footballer who plays for PSG, Paris Saint-Germain.
He seemed particularly upset by this whole incident, but I'm sure that his €700,000 a week paycheck probably made it easier for him.
He's probably recovered by now, but this is the insanity that we have to deal with in terms of race relations.
On an almost daily basis now, especially in the world of football, where the social engineering, the propaganda is more human push.
I'm just going to wrap it up for this hour.
Warren with Owen Schroer coming up next.
Summit, got you.
Ho, ho, ho, ho!
Merry Christmas!
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So, give the gift of information, give the gift of truth, give the gift of understanding what's happening this Christmas and holiday season.
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Because Jones and his guests and his callers and his researchers and investigative journalists have the enemy's modus operandi.
We've got their number.
And all we've got to do is expose their whole operation and tell people what's coming next.
And when the next thing comes true, your credibility will skyrocket.
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And we pledge our blood, our names, everything with the sacred altar of God to resist this satanic force.
And we ask God for strength.
And we salute all those who supported us and are here today.
And we ask for victory in our Lord and Savior's name, Jesus Christ.
Hey, yo, Seth.
What's good, bruh?
Hey, yo, the fly's in the room.
Yeah, you know it's me taking on him, because he started out here locally.
Hopefully, I'll be at the top soon.
For now, I'm at my house on the couch, watching cartoons.
You know how much you love it when you get it in abundance.
Give a fuck about a budget when you always be the subject of discussion.
But it's nothing when you stop and just say fuck, because you're walking out in public and you hear him talking rubbish.
I just want to wrap it up and get something in it.
We gon' take over the world when I'm with my Donald Trump Look at all this money, ain't that some?
Take over the world when I'm with my Donald Trump Look at all this money, ain't that some?
We gon' take over the world while these haters getting mad That's why all my bitches glad they see this crazy life I have in A&R We gon' win, you can take the lose or draw But I'm in, got these hoes that used to play me in they bars We gon' take over the world while
We're good.
I want to salute you all here who are in defiance today!
Give it up for Alex Jones, everybody!
And right here today, in front of the Supreme Court, I declare that Donald J. Trump won re-election in 2020!
Come on, here!
Rob, look at that incredible...
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And loving us to like 90%.
We've hit the zeitgeist and I know it's an incredible responsibility.
You look at videos of me two years ago, I look ten years younger.
People say, you know, Jones, you sell your supplements, you look like hell.
I have chosen to take on everything and everything to hurt me.
Because it gives me greater discernment.
It's psychological, it's spiritual, but I can ignore things.
I can cut off pain, but I have chosen the way of pain.
And I have chosen to take all this on.
So my beard's gone gray the last year.
It's why I'm, you know, I'm killing myself.
But it's a good mission.
And it was with the supplements and the rest of it.
I couldn't do what I do, but I'm working 18 hours a day.
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