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Name: 20201214_Mon_Alex
Air Date: Dec. 14, 2020
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In this podcast episode, Alex Jones discusses current events such as Chinese infiltration of US corporations and Congress, Swalwell controversy, and Hunter Biden's business dealings with China. He promotes products available on InfoWarsStore.com for purchase and encourages listeners to support InfoWars during challenging times. The hosts also address concerns about voter fraud, irregularities with mail-in ballots, and chain of custody issues in the 2020 presidential election. They emphasize the importance of remaining vigilant and fighting against election fraud while promoting their online store for holiday shopping.

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None of this matters if we don't expose that Joe Biden's a communist Chinese agent and even if he won the election, which he didn't, he is illegitimate.
We must start that attack now before he weasels his way in there that he cannot be allowed to be the damn president.
And it really comes down to a choice of what are we going to do, because the New World Order is going to put us into a total depression.
They're never going to take their boot off our neck.
We're going to have to take the boot off our neck.
And when we try to just defend ourselves, they're going to call that violent.
That's why they're saying I called for violence and called for the murder of Joe Biden, though that's not true, because they're putting that idea out so I can be made an example of that when they just accuse you of that, you get killed or you get arrested.
So I'm here to be first in line.
Just like I was first in line to be totally banned and demonized, I'm first in line.
Kill me, put me in prison, do whatever it is.
I'm not backing down.
I'm not signing on to your Satanism.
And I pray to God to give me strength and I commit my soul into Jesus Christ's hands.
Because it's you that serves Satan that will have vengeance delivered on you by God, not by me.
I'm not going to harm a hair on your filthy head, Joe Biden.
Praise God!
America is awakening!
Humanity is awakening!
And Jesus Christ is King!
Not David Rockefeller, not Bill Gates, not Barack Obama, not Joe Biden, but Jesus Christ is King!
And God gave us and rose up Donald Trump to stand against the enemy and draw out the enemy.
So as dark as some of these days are, understand this is the beginning of the great revival before the Antichrist comes!
World government!
Implantable microchips!
It's out of the open!
The Bible is fulfilled!
Revelation is fulfilled!
Jesus Christ is fulfilled!
God Almighty is in charge!
And we follow that mighty God!
You look at the miserable globalists.
You look at people like Bill Gates.
And you look at people like Mark Zuckerberg and the rest of them.
They are miserable slaves of Satan, and we pray for them and hope that the Holy Spirit can still touch their soul!
But more importantly, we pray for President Donald John Trump in this incredibly serious moment!
And we pray for all the women in America who the system's trying to lie to, to kill their babies, and we say, don't kill your babies!
The enemy has been forced out in the open.
World government is here.
And the system is publicly stealing this election from the biggest landslide and the biggest political realignment since 1776!
Our God is the God of the universe, our God is the God of strength and honor and will, and God is in control, and God is on our side!
So we praise God, and we thank God, and we know that it's all in God's plan, and the Lord works in mysterious ways.
Christ's crucifixion was not our defeat, it was our greatest victory!
When he rose again on the third day, he broke the chains of hell and death!
We have the deed to this planet!
We have the deed to eternal life!
And we praise Jesus Christ and the Father!
The enemy wants to keep the whorehouses open and the liquor stores open and the Walmarts open and the Targets and the Amazons while they tell you the churches are not essential!
Congress shall make no law establishing the establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.
Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion or the free exercise thereof.
Meaning, our forebearers did not have separation of church and state as they spent it.
It means the state has no jurisdiction over any of us.
Our relationship with God is sacred and is eternal.
So no, whatever happens, we will never give up.
We will never surrender.
We will never back down to the satanic, pedophile, globalist, New World Order.
And their walking dead, reanimated corpse, Joe Biden.
And we will never recognize him.
President Trump had zero connection to Russians.
No proof.
Four years of investigation.
When the Biden's gets open and shut.
So I don't know who's going to the White House in 38 days, but I sure know this.
Joe Biden is a globalist and Joe Biden will be removed one way or another.
With the Bidens, it's open and shut.
So I don't know who's going to the White House in 38 days, but I sure know this.
Joe Biden is a globalist, and Joe Biden will be removed one way or another!
Our great first president,
We literally are here on his farm.
That's where we're at.
George Washington didn't want to be king.
And after he served two terms and set that precedent, he left.
He was a very quiet man and didn't talk about his beliefs when he was a Christian.
But those that knew him privately knew he knew God controlled battlefields.
God controlled governments.
God controls the kings.
And all his success was because of his love of God.
And being in line with God.
So never forget, we worship the true God that created the universe and all of us.
And the satanic globalists trying to take control of us and trying to play God are fallen and are failed.
And we need to just keep our eyes on Christ and never back down and never surrender.
At four o'clock today, we're going to march back to the Supreme Court.
You got some other great folks at Freedom Plaza.
If some of you aren't here later, go get them.
Lead them to the Supreme Court at four at this great event.
But pray for America.
Pray for the world.
Pray for Trump.
And realize you're not going to get instant gratification.
But with Trump, it's as close as it got.
Look how far we've come.
Look at what we've been able to do.
And this is just the beginning.
I'm going to turn this over to my buddy for two minutes, my great co-host at InfoWars.com, Owen Troyer.
And then the next great guests are coming up here, but remember this.
God ordained this republic to stand against the satanic empires, the Nazis, and the communists, and others.
And so, 1776 is God's number of victory over the satanic 1984.
God bless you all, and I salute you.
Thank you, Jesus.
Ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much for joining us on this live Monday, December 14th, 2020 transmission.
And today is the day that the electors are supposed to vote, whether they are going to be faithful or faithless.
But when the Democrats and the globalists steal an election, it is not just the right of the electors, it is the duty of those electors to do that.
And so when the electors, I predict, will mainly go for Biden, from the states that went for Biden, then you'll have some faithless that will say that there was enough fraud that they're going to go with Trump.
But I think they're going to try to claim that the Electoral College has certified Biden today.
Now, that's not really true.
There are more checks and balances.
And I've got some reports I'll be laying out.
And we've got Joe Hoff, who's a really smart statistician and big international auditor, who has been really the leading person
Out of a constellation of amazing researchers out there that's been exposing the wide spectrum of fraud, he will be joining us, I believe, for the entire third hour or so.
We'll try to give him the floor to walk through, just historically, from the perspective of how big this theft is from the American people, and if they're able to complete it, what we expect to come after that as well.
But we cannot give up yet.
And I want to explain something.
This is very complex.
But it's also very, very simple at the same time.
And so I'm going to try really my best to do this right now.
Because I want to tell you the truth.
And I want to tell you what's really happening.
And I'm going to give you my perspective and vision of how the globalist criminal continuum operates and where the central brain of it is taking us.
Not even where the minion globalists think they're going or even their top generals and top wizards really don't get the full import of where they're going.
That's why they want me off the air because they don't like their minions hearing what losers they are and how they're going to be destroyed.
And that's why they're working very, very hard with over a thousand articles showing up on Google News alone, over a thousand.
The New York Times, The Washington Post, RT, Daily Mail, Newsweek, calls for Alex Jones to be arrested after a speech about removing Biden.
Now, why do they want me arrested?
Well, they say I death-threaded him.
That's not what I did, and that's actually the last thing I want.
This is me talking on both sides of my mouth where I kind of make a veiled thread, and then, and then, and then, and oh, we don't want him to get hurt.
The last thing we want is violence, especially towards that creature.
They're planning to get rid of him and bring in Kamala.
He's already said I might feint an illness and quit.
If the people running my operation don't agree with me.
I mean, wow.
I'm not going to play the clip.
You heard it last week.
So that's what this has turned into.
And so it's not about Alex Jones.
It's about they see me as the symbol of the populist movement that got Trump elected.
They admit that.
Whole operations groups trying to get us off air, bunch of leftists, a lot of patriots in the CIA and in the FBI and in the military have been supportive of us and they're good people, but they're not in the management positions.
And they're just disgusted as I am, very upset, but you've seen them striking back.
All the news of the Bidens being communist Chinese agents and having all those files on top Americans that have been infiltrated by their CHICOM operatives.
I'm going to be talking about that coming up at the start of the next hour.
Also intend to open the phones up.
You know, I've met with.
Former top.
And I'll just leave it at that and.
We had some interesting meetings and I separately ran into General Flynn and his security team ran up.
We were behind the stage about to speak at the Jericho event that I wasn't about to speak at, you just saw some of.
And he saw me, he kind of jumped like he saw a ghost.
I said, are you scared?
He said, no, no, thank you for working with my son.
I really appreciate your work.
And then he turned away from me and I said, hey, don't be scared.
Come here and shake my hand.
Are you scared to be on camera with me?
And he said, no, no, no.
I'm just... But he seemed really scared.
And I get it.
Flynn's a great guy.
But the judge had just re-indicted him illegally.
There's no such thing.
He did it, though.
And said, we don't care about your pardon.
We are going to re-indict you and send you to prison.
So Flynn is just shell-shocked.
And I get it.
And people were scared of me.
I mean, when you get seen on stage with me, they come after you.
And I think Flynn's already been attacked so much.
But I met with
Some of the other military people and one fella ran some of the current operations for Trump.
And I'll just leave it at that.
And that was a good meeting.
And they told me about some of the things that we should relay to the listeners.
And so a lot happened in Washington, D.C.
A lot happened in Washington, D.C.
I was right there in a hotel next to the White House.
We were able to have some meetings.
They sent the Secret Service over to see us.
And they sent some other people over to have little conversations with us.
Then they took our phones over by remote control and just let us know they were in charge.
And it was a very interesting time.
But the Army came by.
And one of Trump's, he ran major operations for a while for Trump.
Another individual dropped by, we had a nice little conversation.
But let's just say we were, well the feds told us we were under surveillance, so it was quite the trip.
It's like, you're under surveillance, we're here to follow you, we know you're good, just we're been ordered to be here.
Because Biden's already taken over.
Biden's already in charge, basically.
Everybody's abandoned Trump.
99% of people in positions of power, they're all wanting their next job.
Hell, Trump's own daughter won't even say he really won.
His sons will.
So everybody is just thinking about themselves right now other than Don Jr.
And so that's why I've got to be honest with you about the stakes and, you know, where things are.
This is not a game for the faint of heart.
You can say you're tough, but when they try to put your ass in prison and follow you around 24-7, a lot of people get scared.
Because they just can't believe America is like the Soviet Union.
It's not even that they're scared, they're startled.
All right, we'll be right back.
InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com.
Tomorrow's news today.
There is a path to victory.
It's a little bit different than what you thought.
That's why God works in mysterious ways.
I'm Alex Jones.
You might want to tell folks to tune in.
Here's the good news, and it's the bad news at the same time.
I told you that I would tell you the truth about our situation.
It's fantastically horrible.
But on the end of it, the enemy is destroyed.
So, I'm gonna really try to unpack that statement, and I think you all know that's true.
I think you all know we deserve what's about to happen to us.
And those that are on the devil's side really deserve it.
So let's just go through this together and get closer to Christ.
You already have to go to the other side of the planet to hear there's HIV in the vaccine.
You have to go to the other side of the planet to even hear that a major leak of Chinese government documents, how they took over the Democratic Party and how they took over the major Fortune 100.
But again, that's part of the process.
And this face-sucking globalist system is going to be so hard to get off of us, that it's going to kill us in the process.
But see, countries and populations and ideas are transcendent.
So you can have the death of something, but then it rises again.
So I'll try to unpack that and lay that out, but this is the real world.
Because I don't want you to get demoralized when they put Joe Biden in on January 20th.
And right now, on our current trajectory, that's what's going to happen.
Remember, I told you about the 79 days of hell.
Told you about all the real stuff.
This isn't Fantasyland stuff.
This isn't breadcrumbs on the internet.
This is the real stuff, guys.
And it really comes down to a choice of what are we going to do, because the New World Order is going to put us into a total depression.
They're never going to take their boot off our neck.
We're going to have to take the boot off our neck.
And when we try to just defend ourselves, they're going to call that violent.
That's why they're saying I called for violence and called for the murder of Joe Biden, though that's not true, because they're putting that idea out so I can be made an example of that when they just accuse you of that, you get killed or you get arrested.
Because that's the wheelhouse we're going into, and if you think you can hide from this, and if you think you can just grovel to them, and you'll survive longer than others, that's how their whole algorithm works, and it's how they get everybody.
So I'm here to be first in line.
Just like I was first in line to be totally banned and demonized, I'm first in line.
Kill me, put me in prison, do whatever it is.
I'm not backing down.
I'm not signing on to your Satanism.
And I pray to God to give me strength and I commit my soul into Jesus Christ's hands.
And that's it.
Because it's you that serves Satan that will have vengeance delivered on you by God, not by me.
I'm not going to harm a hair on your filthy head, Joe Biden.
God is going to use you to destroy the New World Order.
As God uses all evil men in the end to bring down the system.
But God's got to have good men that are willing to stand.
Anyway, since I mentioned Australia, here's a clip of them talking about the big Chai Com thing.
It's hardly on the news here, or it's like, oh, big deal, the Chinese run everything.
Here it is.
But tonight I start with some breaking news that will be front page of The Australian tomorrow and big news in the UK as well.
Amid rising tensions in the Australia-China relationship, there has now been a major leak of official records from the Chinese Communist Party.
It is believed to be the first leak of its kind in the world.
A register with the details of nearly 2 million Communist Party members.
It includes their name, party position, birthdate, national ID number, ethnicity, and in some cases, even their phone number.
What's amazing about this database is not just that it exposes people who are members of the Communist Party and who are now living and working all over the world, from Australia to the US to the UK, but it's amazing because it lifts the lid on how the party operates under President and Chairman Xi Jinping.
But this leak shows that party branches are embedded in some of the world's biggest companies and even inside government agencies.
That's right, Communist Party branches have been set up inside Western companies, allowing the infiltration of those companies by CCP members who, if called on, are answerable directly to the Communist Party, to the Chairman, the President himself.
Along with the personal identifying details of 1.95 million Communist Party members, mostly from Shanghai, there are also the details of 79,000 Communist Party branches, many of them inside companies.
This leak, and it's going to be front page of The Australian tomorrow and a big story in the UK as well, is a significant security breach that is likely to embarrass the Chinese president.
But it's also going to embarrass some global companies who appear to have no plan in place to protect their intellectual property from theft, from economic espionage.
Now, Australia is a very sophisticated question.
And it's a very sophisticated government.
That has been put in charge by the British Crown from the beginning to oppress their great people.
But they have a great culture at the same time.
And the CHICOMs almost took Australia over completely.
And they've got most of their major cities are run by CHICOM double agent operatives.
So they're in the middle of trying to remove it.
And the Chai comms are one dimensional.
They thought just shut off all the Western economies and hurt people.
The central government of Australia has been letting the Chai comms shut them down to then now blame them and fully get them out of there.
So the Aussies really pulled something on the Chai comms, I can tell you.
And that's what we need here.
That's what we need Trump to do.
And I'll talk about it next segment.
And he's just come out and completely level with everybody and just point-blank state it like it is.
And by the way, Trump doesn't need me to tell him that.
What do you think all this is you're about to see?
And I'm just telling you, the globalists are not intending to stop, even when it comes out they're Chinese agents.
And it's totally illegal.
Because then it comes down to the point where, well the FBI's in charge of that, and they're not going to do a damn thing.
Because they're so compromised.
I don't know.
Like calling up Jim Garrison and saying, hey, we saw your little girl play in the backyard.
They were in that polka dot dress.
We're going to cut her head off, you son of a bitch.
First, we're going to rape her to death.
Well, Jim Garrison had guts.
He didn't back down.
But most people can't handle it.
And you know, that's why when I saw General Flynn, and he was basically like, really shaking to see me.
And like the leftist Q-side thing, oh look, the great Flynn that doesn't like Jones.
No, he said, thank you for working with my son.
Thank you for what you've done.
Turned away looking for cameras because he doesn't want to get in more trouble and have more problems being associated with me.
Doesn't matter.
When General Flynn was off running Defense Intelligence Agency, I was in the trenches of America, waging war on the globalists and waking the entire planet up to build the platform of the resistance.
And that's what we've done.
And it's people power and ground power that's going to defeat the New World Order.
Not Alex Jones, not General Flynn, not Donald Trump.
It's going to be you not submitting and taking action in this whole thing.
Now, if you think Flynn's just scared of the info war and scared of the association with it, imagine how the globalists feel about it.
They fear you.
That's why they hate me.
But better men have got to stand.
Better men have got to realize that this is part of the continuum.
This is part of the fight.
And it's got to be us that puts our weight and our will against the new world order and never surrenders, and who become invigorated in the fight, not exhausted.
You know, during the break, the great camera operator and boom operator, John, that does an amazing job, he's a smart guy too, he gives me lots of news tips.
He goes, hey, are you going to hit?
The giant forensic audit confirmed by the state of Michigan of total systematic fraud.
Dominion designed as an organized crime unit to carry out fraud at an industrial level.
That's a big, respected auditing firm.
The judge authorized its release.
Of course it's designed for fraud.
By dictators, for dictators.
The Chi-Coms put $400 million into it on October 7th.
And yes, I am going to cover that.
Joe Hoff is a big statistician, auditor, corporate auditor.
He has been tip of the spear exposing a lot of this.
He's going to be on in the third hour to go into all of it in great detail, but I want to explain something.
I'm glad John raised that because this is the point I was about to already make before he said that to me.
None of this matters if we don't expose that Joe Biden's a communist Chinese agent, and even if he won the election, which he didn't, he is illegitimate, and we must start that attack now, before he weasels his way in there, that he cannot be allowed to be the damn president!
Imagine if you said, you know, I bet underneath that piece of plywood over there in the junkyard, there's a rattlesnake.
You go lift it up, there's no rattlesnake.
Well, I bet over there there's a water moccasin underneath that barrel.
You know, there's no water moccasin.
Well, I bet there's a copperhead in those plants over there.
I saw one.
You go over there, there's no copperhead.
Now, that's the Democrats about Trump being a Russian agent.
Joe Biden is a barrel of snakes, a snake farm.
What snakes?
It's like Indiana Jones, Temple of Doom.
There's just snakes everywhere.
When it comes to Communist China and Russia, the guy is a slot machine.
The guy is a vending machine.
The guy literally sells out multi-billion dollar deals for like a million dollars apiece.
He sells out 20 billion dollar deals for 20 million.
I mean, the guy would sell his mother for a stick of bubblegum.
He is the greatest lawyer, sack of garbage, no vision, no nothing.
He'll do anything.
And so that's what needs to be exposed is that, yeah, the media is covering up all the fraud.
Yeah, they're threatening the legislatures.
Yeah, they're threatening the Supreme Court.
Yeah, we're being betrayed because the swamp is made out of weak people that comply.
The system's been weakening us and getting rid of strong individuals for decades.
Here's an illustration.
Major transgender activist group calls for all boys to be sterilized.
People are like, wow, what do you think the goal is?
The New World Order wants to get rid of a group, Europeans, the West.
You kill them in.
Well, you can't like Pharaoh who ordered the firstborn of the Israelites killed.
That's in Ramesses writings.
It's carved in stone.
The Ten Commandments as far as Ramesses existing and the Israelites leaving.
That all happened.
And he said, his father said, I want every firstborn of the Israelites killed.
There's too many men.
Everybody knew it's firstborns that get the genetic compliment more than others, for whatever reason.
It's not just that they're around adults only, because there are always kids in the village and they're always around other kids.
It's something proven with firstborn males, especially, that there's a transference of genetic memory and activation at the cellular level.
And it happens to some firstborn girls, but it's mainly men.
And it's also done in other mammal species as well.
They don't know why like in breeding a lot of times the first like two champion horses you breed them and the first they'll try to select for male racehorses and they'll select and it's that first one they have that's the one that horse can have 20 but it's that first one there's just something happens and so why did every ancient culture the Aztecs demanded firstborn males of whatever group they conquered they'd say we're gonna do a sacrifice give us your firstborn men
Might be 5 years old, might be 10 years old, you had to pony up.
Sterilizing a child for a better life.
The Atlantic.
Imagine a massive, sick headline about chemically sterilizing, stunting their growth, all of it.
That's what all this is about.
Of course they're stealing the election.
They have to.
They can't have the repudiation of everything the new order stands for.
They can't have their whole globalist system fall apart.
They have to say, no, we reject that, and then give us the image, not of a strong man, not of a good man, not of someone of honor, but give us the image of a cryptkeeper, a reanimated corpse.
Now obviously, a 10-year-old would know what that means, a 5-year-old would know what that means.
Calling, saying someone looks like a dead body isn't threatening to kill them.
It's because if they look like a dead body,
If they hobble around like a skeleton with a thin piece of skin over its face, everyone gets that Joe Biden's a cryptkeeper.
Everybody gets Joe Biden is way past his expiration date.
Everybody gets what that means.
But because it's true by the alchemy of fraud, thousand plus publications, CNN, you name it, Alex Jones just threatened to kill Joe Biden.
And most articles don't even show you the video.
We'll show you the video, but in the context, if they are that stupid, which they're not, let me decipher it for them.
I said, I don't know what's gonna happen in 38 days.
I don't know who'll be in there.
But one way or another, he'll be removed.
And then I went into how he's a Chinese agent, and how he's got all the dirt on him, and how he's a globalist, and how he will get removed, meaning by impeachment, or he'll step down.
I mean, why the hell would I, A, want to go to prison saying, kill some, the president-elect, as they call him,
And turn him into a damn martyr.
That's the last thing I'd ever want, and they know that.
They know that full well.
But that's why they lie.
Here's what I actually said, and again, it's bigger than Alex Jones.
Their move now is, oh, everyone against them is anti-democracy.
No, we're for our republic.
All of us are violent.
All of us want to hurt Joe Biden.
And what does that telegraph?
Well, it telegraphs their next move, which is, if I was them, I wouldn't do this.
I'm saying I understand their mindset.
If I was evil like them, if I was a reprobate, if I was a satanist like them, the next move will be a giant false flag to be blamed on the Liberty Movement.
That way you can't criticize Obama or you're for the terrorism.
They're going to equate free speech with terrorism.
They're already doing it.
That's their next move.
And that's where this is coming.
And that's why Trump can't let Biden get in, and we can't let him either.
Because once they get him in, all hell's coming.
It's not going to go away.
They don't want to just loot stuff.
They've been doing that for 40 years.
They're going to end the country as we know it.
That's their game plan.
So it's not just that Biden might have a shot at getting in.
They're stealing it all.
But it's so outrageous and so big and so evil, it should backfire and should be repudiated.
But if it's not, they're going to take that as a green light to go all the way.
Here's what Ashley said.
With the Biden's hits open and shut.
So I don't know who's going to the White House in 38 days, but I sure know this.
Joe Biden is a globalist and Joe Biden will be removed one way or another!
Our great first president
We literally are here on his farm, that's where we're at.
Now again, you gotta watch the whole 8 minute speech to get what really happened, because the way the news did it is, they took something from the first of the speech, something from the middle, something from the end.
Like, he's a cryptkeeper!
He's walking dead!
Saying the guy's a puppet.
Then they cut that into, he'll be removed one way or another, to again, try to deceive in text.
That's all they are, is frauds, and you know that.
So the good news is you repudiated them.
Trump won.
You rejected them.
But now they're going to try to convince you that this creature is your president.
It's not going to work any way you slice it as long as we keep resisting.
Nobody stood up for those 60 plus million babies we tortured to death.
Or the tens of millions they've kept alive and harvested their organs now.
So God's going to let evil hurt us.
So as much as I hate the globalists and their satanic activities,
God's not going to let innocents be targeted anymore without us all getting burned really bad.
I was talking to a police officer, a couple of off-duty black cops that were driving us around, taking care of us, doing a great job in DC.
We usually hire about six or seven of those great fellas.
Because that's the group of cops we're able to hire.
They're great people.
But they are all black.
People say, why are you hiring only black people?
That's who they are.
They're great guys.
And man, the stories they were telling me yesterday over dinner before we left D.C.
or late lunch about finding a baby in a microwave.
That's a real story.
The guys, first day on work, eight years ago, was a young woman, 18 years old, on PCP.
People say, well, why don't you just ban PCP?
You can't, folks.
I don't want to say what PCP is, because it'll get out there.
But if people want to know, it's, I mean, it's embalming fluid, and there's a bunch of other things that are similar, and people soak a cigarette in it, or a joint in it, and they smoke it, and they don't know who they are.
And they get to the house, the woman's mother's in a wheelchair, she couldn't stop her, and the microwave's still going.
And he gets the baby out while it's all frying and still alive and it dies in his hands.
Now see, that's the real evil, folks.
And we all know that little three-month-old baby put in that microwave, that was a human, that was horrible.
We have empathy, but we don't have the empathy for the baby that's nine months old, the baby that just got born, that they've passed laws in New York and places where if they say we keep it comfortable, we say it's not resuscitated, it's still alive.
That's a legal term.
The heart's beating, it's healthy, but we're going to say it's not a human so we can keep it alive a few weeks to get all the orders in for the organs, then have a procedure where they kill the baby.
That's going on in 2019 in New York and four other states.
Last time I checked, did Virginia even pass that law?
They were trying to.
They got a soft-spoken southern gentleman up there that, well, we keep the baby comfortable.
We don't want the police involved, not the courts, just the mother and the doctor.
Maybe some other people from the board come.
We decide what to do.
We don't want to waste that seven pounds of meat.
Oh, but when Governor Northam does it, it's liberal.
But when a woman on PCP puts the baby in the microwave, she's a monster.
But what she was, was a human soul removed by that drug out of the way so something else could come in.
Oh, she felt terrible after she learned she'd killed her baby.
What made her do it?
What was, what did the drug do?
What door did it open?
And you realize that the same thing that wanted to microwave her baby, that thought it was, you know, just standing there in front of the microwave just watching it pop and its eyeballs come out and sizzling and convulsing, that, it was like watching the most beautiful TV program I'd ever seen.
He walks into that dirty kitchen and there's that baby popping and sputtering and he's like, what is it?
And he opens the door and the smell of the baby rolls out his face and he starts throwing up everywhere.
Oh, now the cops are bad guys, though.
Well, who are we going to have go deal with that?
Well, I hear you.
This is the breakup of society, ladies and gentlemen.
And it's a spirit.
And it's evil.
And we all know it, and we have to stop going along with it.
Now we're showing you an actual order form online for how old the baby is.
And now the order form is for alive babies that they quote, have not resuscitated.
Again, that's a legal term.
Heart's beating, blood's going, baby's happy.
They're even giving baby a bottle so that baby doesn't, you know, die before they get them goodies out of them.
So, oh, oh, would they steal an election?
I don't know, though.
Keep babies alive and take their organs.
Get a poor mama in there.
Ma'am, your baby was not too good.
You don't want to resuscitate, do you?
Baby's right over here alive.
Just sign that for them.
You're on about five different types of drugs right now.
Thank you very much.
Appreciate that.
And the FBI is not going to do anything because
That's how corruption works.
Once they get something set in culture, and get enough people to do it, and enough crime committed, and enough people gone along with wearing the mask, taking the inoculations, getting sick, kids getting sick, neighbors dying,
Humans will then tough it out and say, well, we did it for the greater good.
And don't you bitch about it.
You know, your young men need to roll up their sleeves and in the military and take those experimental shots.
Well, some died, but it's for a greater good.
And well, we've got too many aggressive boys out there.
Ritalin hadn't worked too good frying their brains.
We got 90% of the college graduates going to be women and, you know, men are the new slaves, but that's not good enough.
Let's target every little boy and let's, let's put them all on
hormone blockers so they are stunted and don't grow and and have and have all sorts of weird tumors that grow and because it's beautiful and there's nothing more beautiful as Black Lives Matter funded by Soros says that a black trans man trans woman because it's a black man that we've drugged and castrated and that's the most beautiful thing in the world isn't it?
I would be walking around and shake 50 hands just anywhere in DC listeners everywhere
A lot of Trump folks were in town, but a weird, old, crazy-looking old man, like a child molester, came by and he goes, Black Lives Matter!
And he's a white guy.
He just says some Soros group thing that believes in ending the black family, ending the family period, castrating black men, and then he says to me like it's a magic incantation, Black Lives Matter, when their whole system is to kill black people first.
They want to get everybody.
I mean,
Typed in Alex Jones.
HIV this morning.
Alex Jones, HIV, COVID-19, and there were hundreds of debunking articles from March and April, and saying Alex Jones is insane, there's no HIV insertions in COVID-19, even though it was in all the prestigious medical reports.
And now, it's not just in Australia.
I got contacted last night by sources in Europe, in the trials.
People heard about the positives for HIV from the vaccine.
They went and they got tested because they've been in the trials and they have HIV.
And that's going to be breaking in the next 48 hours.
And then it's just kind of like, well, it's a false positive you got HIV.
And then later when you get an autoimmune disease in five years, because it takes that long to take you over cell by cell, and your body shuts off just like the top EU scientist says it will do.
He filed an injunction December 1st on it with the former chief science officer of Pfizer.
So I'll just tell you, I'll just level with you.
I disagree with David Knight on some things where I think he's going on a one-dimensional view of things, but that's okay because that's how the public understands things sometimes.
But he's absolutely right.
That Trump is wrong to have pushed Warp Speed.
And Trump is wrong.
I know why Trump did it.
I know why he got manipulated to do it.
I think Trump's a good person.
But he needs to repudiate it.
And he needs to come out against it.
People ask me on the street, like, well, David, I was bashing Trump for Warp Speed, and you're saying Trump's still good.
You know, why is your operation not saying the same thing?
I'm like, because we're not a cult.
It's like in court hearings, they go, well, Paul Watson thought Sandy Hook happened just the way they said it.
And then you, you questioned it.
Well, who's talking points?
Who's making the, I go, he has his opinion.
I had mine.
I'm allowed to question things.
But see, everybody always thinks, like, I'm telling Owen Troyer what to do, or David Knight's telling me what to do, or I'm telling... No, that's not how this works.
I think if somebody's smart and upstanding and has a big grasp of things, then we'd put them on air.
Because we're fighting the New World Order, but we're not a cult.
But at CNN or MSNBC, there is a talking point memo given out, and that is what you say, and that is what you follow, and that is what you do.
So yes, if they remove Trump, it'll be bad.
They're going to come after us.
It's going to be absolutely a nightmare.
But that's what Satanists do.
They can't help themselves.
They don't think.
Really six, seven, eight moves ahead.
And I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt, they are able to remove Trump.
They're going to drop the hammer on everybody, including me.
I'm not looking forward to it.
But in the end, it's going to accelerate the unborn getting the relief they need and us and the born getting the relief and the old people and the medical patients and all the secret experimenting because we've stopped valuing each other and we've stopped being territorial and we stopped standing up for each other.
And so when we act like that, we become slaves.
I didn't plug this hour.
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It's not in your interest to do it somewhere else.
We're Patriots.
They're great products.
We can still get it out to you if you order by the 18th.
Great supplements, great books, great films, great survival gear, just so much.
Check out all the different sections at InfoWarsTore.com.
Free shipping and huge sales right now.
All right, I'm going to be judicious when we come back and hit all the big news.
Stay with us.
We must seize this moment in time as brief as it is.
Will this be looked upon as the time when arrests should have been made across the board to stem the network of Chinese traitors that gradually destroyed America?
There has now been a major leak of official records from the Chinese Communist Party.
It is believed to be the first leak of its kind in the world.
A register with the details of nearly 2 million Communist Party members.
It includes their name, party position, birthdate, national ID number, ethnicity, and in some cases, even their phone number.
But this leak shows that party branches are embedded in some of the world's biggest companies, and even inside government agencies.
Did Hunter Biden commit a crime?
Have you spoken to your son, the President-elect?
What happened to my son?
Well, he went to another investigation.
New emails obtained by the New York Post reveal that Hunter Biden pursued lucrative deals involving China's largest private energy company, including one that he said would be interesting for me and my family.
In particular, an email obtained by the New York Post shows that on May 13, 2017, with the subject line, expectations, included details for six people involved in an unspecified business venture.
Biden was identified as Chair slash Vice Chair, depending on agreement with the CEFC, an apparent reference to the former Shanghai-based conglomerate CEFC China Energy Company.
Hunter details his pay as $850.
This email also introduced a provisional agreement where 80% of the equity would be doled out equally.
Jim Biden's referenced as, you know, 10%.
Doesn't say Biden, it says Jim.
And then it has 10% for the big guy held by H. I 1,000% sit here and know that the big guy is referencing Joe Biden.
That's crystal clear to me because I lived it.
I met with the former vice president in person.
Multiple times, and I had been meeting and talking with Hunter Biden and Jim Biden and Rob Walker and James Killiar.
Another incriminating email sent by Hunter details his deal that he created with the chairman of CEFC, Yi Jingming, for 50% of a holding company that was expected to provide Biden with $10 million a year.
Yi apparently also threw in the gift of a 2.8 carat diamond after a Miami business meeting.
Yi, who had ties to the Chinese military and intelligence service, hasn't been seen since being taken into custody by Chinese authorities in early 2018.
And CEFC went bankrupt earlier this year, according to reports.
Hunter was caught on tape crying in his cupcake about the ordeal, solidifying its legitimacy.
I have another New York Times reporter calling about my representation of the, literally, Dr. Patrick Coe, the spy chief of China, who started the company that my partner, who is worth $323 billion,
I found it.
It is now missing.
The richest man in the world is missing, who was my partner.
We now know that Hunter earned at least six million dollars using his family name to leverage influence with the Chinese Communist Party in under nine months and that Attorney General Barr
...sat on the Hunter Biden tax investigation since last spring, now facing the music after the election is over.
As attorneys for Hunter and James Biden are refusing to cooperate with a Senate committee, why should they?
As Joe Biden clutches for the ring of Soron.
Breitbart also reported that a 2017 email published by NBC News revealed Hunter Biden reportedly did not disclose $400,000 in income from the Ukrainian energy firm Burisma in 2014 and had been advised to do so.
Biden wrote that he had sweetened the terms of an earlier three-year consulting contract with CEFC that was to pay him $10 million annually for introductions alone.
America, Joe Biden, as frail and inept as he is, may go down in history as the greatest traitor this country has ever seen or the last president and first dictator this country has ever seen.
John Bowne reporting.
We told you what was going to happen, and it did.
Now we're telling you what's coming.
Of the bad things Trump's done, he got snookered into the vaccine stuff, and I know why.
I know the inside baseball, and I've told you.
Didn't mean I agreed with it.
And not pardoning Assange earlier on, firing General Flynn, who did nothing wrong.
They were scared of Flynn because he was a patriot, was going to go out to the deep state and understood the Qaikom takeover, and was advising Trump on the Chinese, which is all confirmed now.
General Flynn is a hero and a patriot and an amazing person.
And you notice, though, he got a pardon, and the federal judge said, for the first time in U.S.
history, I don't care.
The indictment continues on.
We're going to have a panel of judges look at whether we continue to try you.
That's not the Constitution.
It's in the Constitution that the President can pardon whoever he wants, and that is a check on out-of-control courts and the judiciary.
But we're going to continue to watch this as it unfolds.
But that's why Flynn and others are still having a lot of butterflies, is because this is dangerous.
And you know, Flynn's saying Trump's going to win 100%.
He's really pushing the resistance and fighting the globalists.
And he knows that he's a major target and that they want to demonize him further.
Speculations rise Donald Trump will pardon WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.
Activists currently lodged at British prison.
Lodged in solitary confinement.
Now let's look at some of the other big news here that we're gonna be covering next hour when Joe Hoft joins us.
Feds issue emergency cyber security warning on company linked to Dominion.
Ex-intelligence operators say many machines intentionally and purposely flipped votes to Biden.
The John Bowne report we just aired earlier disqualified criminal Biden before it's too late.
Very important to get that out.
Ron Paul's made a good point.
Congress again proves that the business of Washington is war and that the Pentagon ignoring Trump, the Pentagon brass on getting troops out of the Middle East and other places.
And when they said we're going to do this white people are racist training, radical race theory training, which is ongoing, the Secretary of Defense said it continues.
And Trump fired him over it.
But my good friend, who's a Green Beret and a patriot, I'm not going to say his name, he's been on the show before.
He is in Utah right now, and they are literally teaching him that heterosexuality is bad, that men should wear red high heels and put lipstick on.
And I mean, this is just how you sabotage a country, folks.
And here it is in the news.
Major transgender groups and major transgender activists say all children should be put on puberty blockers until they decide their gender.
You're right.
But we're going to say under bioethics rules, we call it non-resuscitation, not meaning resuscitating a heart or lungs that have stopped, but we legally say you are not a human.
We wave a wand and you lose your rights at that point.
That's where the bioethics is gone with PETA and Dr. Peter Singer and all these eugenics organizations.
Simply amazing.
And that ties into Michigan Judge allows release of report from Dominion Voting Equipment Forensic Audit
Confirming that it's designed for fraud.
The judge, the testimony, all of it.
They say it's designed for fraud.
That is coming up next hour.
All right, let me do this.
I got deeply into the big picture last hour, but I strewn it out over an hour.
Because it's very complex.
And so if you don't say things exactly right, and if you don't explain all the nuances to something, it can be turned against the truth.
If you don't say it exactly right.
So I'm somebody that's so truthful that it's hard to say certain things because I have trouble finding the words to explain it.
Does that make sense?
That's why it's more important you get discernment and a spiritual understanding and God has perfect knowledge.
And so I really think
You should pray for discernment.
You should pray for sight.
You should pray for vision.
I want to warn you though, the Bible says that, with knowledge comes great sorrow.
I wish you'd pull up the quote, there's a lot of quotes, but the beginning of knowledge is great sorrow, with great knowledge comes deep sorrow.
Because you won't have the Satanist enjoyment, raping and killing children.
But you will have to look into that.
You will feel that.
You will be in the ether.
And everyone is already there, but God isn't gonna do something to you that you don't ask for.
And so if you ask to have pain, if you ask to feel what's happening in the psychic stream, it's there, God will test it out and give you a little bit at first to see if you can handle it.
People ask, man, why have you aged so much?
I'd be dead if I hadn't taken all these supplements and everything.
I have prayed, and I understood this more than 20 years ago, but it's been very intense, that I have be given discernment.
It's rough, folks.
It's bad.
And I have to make myself look into it.
I have to make myself look at the enemy.
I would describe it like Lord of the Rings.
And he was a big Christian, a very deep guy.
I was in World War I. J.R.R.
And he wrote some books about that and the allegories for it.
And that was his allegory of Satan versus, you know, God and the way it plays out here.
And angels and the rest of it.
And he explained that, you know, it's like when you put the ring on, you can see all the bad stuff, but it sees you.
So Frodo, or later Bilbo, or Bilbo and then Frodo, puts the ring on and it's a, I see you.
Because that's what happens.
You put on the spiritual understanding, or God gives it to you, because you pray for it, and then he gives it to you in little doses.
Here, learn to take this way.
Learn to take that way.
Learn to take this way.
Then finally it's like, okay, if I do much more of this, you can really hurt yourself.
You sure you want this?
And if God thinks you're doing it for the right reason, that'll give you the discernment.
But all I'm telling you is, is that people need to understand this is not a game.
And this is good versus evil.
And so that's one reason that I look so old and I look so exhausted, is that everything becomes so much more intense.
When you actually begin to seek truth and then don't lie to yourself and realize the truth, then it just opens up more and more.
And you see beauty.
Beauty is more beautiful.
And goodness makes more sense.
And there's all these good things too.
But then you are also aware of all the evil and you're not able to turn away from it or deny it.
So it's the opposite of reveling in a sin.
You become tortured by it.
And you experience it.
The aloneness, the desperation, the people calling out for God to save them.
And then you hear their voices.
God's letting, oh, you want to hear this?
These children begging to be let out of dungeons, you want to hear what it's like?
People starving to death, being killed, mothers dying because their kid was given a tainted vaccine.
Here, you want to be a superhero?
You want to feel evil?
I'll let you.
And then you open yourself up, and then what are you going to do about it?
And that's why evil knows to come in and do corrupt things, knowing we don't want to face it, we'll just turn things over to them.
It's like taking a dump right in the middle of the, you know, Christmas dinner.
Monday through Friday from 11 a.m.
to 3 p.m.
Central, we're here live.
General Celente just called.
I said he's got his biggest announcement ever in the fourth hour today when he's hosting, so I'll definitely be tuning in for that.
Owen Schroer.
Described it like a basketball injury where his hamstring tore and all of a sudden you're playing basketball and you feel your hamstring tear and you can't walk very well.
He had the same thing happen to me that first happened 25 years ago or so.
Screaming really loud in a rally.
All of a sudden you feel something tear.
It's your larynx.
And it's like, you can't talk anymore.
I actually tore my larynx again.
Seven, eight years ago at that big Alamo speech that was so powerful, that was a great day, down in San Antonio, I got up and was like, world never stops!
And so that happened to Owen, and I guarantee you he'll have a little bit deeper voice after this.
It's like piano strings just tearing your larynx.
And then you just get this big armored blob that sounds like you're 80 years old, but
Okay, let me... I'm not choking, it's the opposite.
This news is so big, and so out of control, and so huge, that I don't feel worthy to be covering it.
And I know you're the same way, and that's the problem.
So many good men and women.
They're black, they're Hispanic, they're white, they're Asian, they're male, they're female, they're straight, they're gay.
There's everybody out there, of all different types, that want freedom, and want life, and want justice.
And they just don't know how to say it, and they don't know how to describe all of the ideas they have, and everything that comes together with the knowledge they have, and so they don't say anything.
And so I get that point of, if you can't say something absolutely, perfectly accurate, you don't say anything.
Well, the problem is the globalists are just going to lie all day and put out their disinfo, and they love to lie on purpose.
They're the opposite.
You don't want to say anything wrong.
You don't want to make a mistake.
All they want to do is say stuff that's wrong, because it's a spiritual thing.
So, I was so ready before the show, and I was so zoned, and then I think we said a lot of important things.
I mean, I've got hundreds of articles here, hundreds of clips.
It's all insane.
Total proof of fraud.
Top forensic firms all over the U.S., Texas, Michigan, everywhere.
There's fraud everywhere.
The globalists are complete criminals.
I mean, they're killing babies.
They keep babies alive after they're born, folks.
I mean, and harvest their damn organs.
Yes, of course we're in trouble.
Of course they've got human animal clones in China.
People thought I made that up 20 years ago.
It was in the frickin' literature.
The bottom has fallen out.
Here, let me say it this way.
It really doesn't matter if Trump gets re-elected.
Because we keep thinking... See, this is very complex.
It's good that Trump's in there.
We shouldn't want him to steal the election.
We need to get Trump in there.
But if Trump gets in there, everybody goes back to sleep.
And then he just battles the swamp and nothing gets done.
But you put Joe Biden in the new world order, which I do not want, by the way.
But I can see where that leads.
It's gonna destroy them.
There's no way they ever get out of this.
I don't care how many wars they start.
I don't care if they release bioweapons again.
I don't care what they do, wear the mask, all their little followers groveling.
It's not gonna work.
Everything they do is gonna blow up and explode and it's disintegrating in front of our eyes like a vampire who's been drug out in the middle of the Sahara Desert at high noon.
And I think that's really my message to you is, it's in God's hands.
But you can't then just say, well, it's in God's hands, I'm gonna do nothing.
No, no, God has to work through you.
And this really just goes back to God.
Because, I mean, here's an example, folks.
They created COVID-19.
It's got five viruses.
I figured out what it is.
And I know what's going to happen next.
We have to understand.
I know I'm right.
But I really don't want to tell you this.
But I'm going to go ahead and tell you.
COVID-19 is a binary weapon.
It has five attacks it can launch.
But what it does is unlock the five viruses they've already put into you.
That when your hormone level hits a certain point, one of them activates.
When it's hit by a certain electromagnetic field, another one activates.
This is so sophisticated.
When you take another vaccine, another one activates.
And the taking of the vaccine itself, again, unlocks so many different levels to this.
And this is so diabolically thought out, because again,
I mean, you understand, you're getting the enemy operation right now.
This is disgusting, okay?
If they hit you with one side effect from the vaccine, you'll catch them.
If it's just sterilization, or it's just cancer.
That's why that Ben Garrison graph he made is just pure genius.
Because you spin the wheel.
But it's a little bit more than that.
They've already tested five vaccines for sterilization, cancer,
Toxicity, turning your immune system off, a cytokine storm, turning it up.
Those are the five things.
Your kid, you spin the wheel.
Your kid gets autism.
You get cancer.
Your kid dies.
Three free spins.
You're tracked.
Oh, you get death.
Oh, you're sterilized.
And you're like, why is this happening?
Because we didn't stand up for our children.
And God said, okay, you didn't stand up for babies.
You think God likes that?
And God goes, release the kraken when the gate opens and in comes Satan.
That's it.
Real simple.
We deserve it.
I deserve it.
Now we're going to get it.
And now the public, in mass Stockholm Syndrome, while the state is, Munchausen by proxy, poisoning everybody, everyone will then commit to it and cover it up because they all got in line with the Great Corruption.
And then that begins the next chapters of what is going to unfold.
So, Bill Gates is sending five plagues upon the Earth.
That will kill billions.
He, this is the four horsemen, folks.
You know the, you know the horse of plague, the green horse.
The green movement, they told you this is a new green deal.
This is to lower the carbon footprint.
The green horse, whether you call it a precursor, a beta test, or the big one, the green horse of the Antichrist has been released.
This is it.
So Merry Christmas and kiss your ass goodbye.
We'll be right back.
All right, let me roll into the news here.
And the big picture and where the globalists are going and how we stop them and what we're facing.
But I just go back to the same message.
We have given up on each other.
We've given up on life.
We've stopped standing up for ourselves.
And that doesn't mean you or I specifically, but none of us are perfect.
We've all fallen short.
You know that.
But imagine there are people that love reveling in evil.
They love reveling in destruction.
They're lazy.
They have no cares.
With them, death follows.
The fourth seal, the pale green horse.
When the lamb opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth living creature say, go.
I looked, and there was a pale green horse.
Its rider's name was Death, and Hades followed him.
They were given authority over one fourth of the earth, each horse, to kill people using wars, famines, plagues,
The wild animals of the earth.
And that means humans that are no longer with God.
Hear death.
And the world of death are personified.
Go through the horses.
Pale horse.
Death rides the green horse.
The world of death rides the fifth horse.
No doubt refers to the great pestilence following the wars and famines of the first three seals.
The sixth trumpet causes only a third of the men to be killed.
The reference of the war is the first two seals.
But you gotta understand something.
This is only...
The readying of the green horse.
This is the beta test.
They've got the gun out at the shooting range right now.
And the vaccine is the implanting of the detonator switch in your DNA.
That's why everybody's so upset.
Why everybody's so fighting mad.
Why everybody's fighting with each other.
They know that something's wrong.
Everyone's having incredible dreams.
Everyone is just so, so angry.
Because you know at a metaphysical, spiritual level, you are being fitted for death.
And then let me just do this.
Let me just go ahead and just show you a bunch of mainstream news articles throwing this on your face right now.
Ahead of Joe Hoff and all the big election news coming up next hour.
Here, let's just look at this.
And this all ties into what I'm about to cover, but here it is.
Oh, Piers Morgan slammed.
Photographed out without a mask on in public at restaurants or walking around the streets.
Well, of course, that's for you, the slaves, not for him.
NIH director begs Americans to swallow vaccine skepticism as Bill Gates eyes unofficial role.
That's right, Boris Johnson announced a month ago, and almost got no coverage, that Bill Gates will be the shadow leader.
That's a British term.
What it means is the bureaucracy that acts for the elected.
That's his words though.
Bill Gates will control the G8 for the rotating year that the UK has it right now.
And Bill Gates will decide for the G8, the medical policies.
And here is the National Institutes of Health Director saying Bill Gates will direct it.
He wants you to know he did it.
He wants to take full ownership of it.
And Bill Gates just told you, he said a year ago, or 10 months ago, he goes, things won't open up until the end of 2021.
Now he goes, I'm sorry, it's 2022 now.
And his wife came out and said, I, we didn't realize this would starve millions, but we're going to go ahead with it.
Cause see, that's the beauty of the four horsemen.
The fear of the coming of the Green Horse, which you psychically know is coming, it'll kill the most of us, billions.
You're psychic, you're connected.
You see in the future your own death.
And so Gates trots out the Green Horse and says, hey, what do you think of this?
And then you take the Green Horse into you, you take his shots, and you get implanted with a binary weapon so he doesn't have it, you have it.
He can activate one with electromagnetics.
He can activate another with chemicals.
He will activate what he does to you!
And to a Satanist like him, the sacrifice of billions, he is just, oh, this is ecstasy for him.
It's all about his selfishness.
And so,
They're telling you Bill Gates is your doctor.
And Bill Gates says when your business can open, Bill Gates says we can go outside.
Bill Gates is your pimp.
He's your master.
But it's okay.
He funds Black Lives Matter.
He likes black people.
That's why he says black people need the shot first and then Melinda came out.
And she attacked Trump.
She said, how dare him want to give it to Americans first?
Because Trump is only now figuring this out.
Or it's a sick joke for Trump.
Oh no, we're going to give it to the white people too.
They're like, no, don't do that.
But again, they've got the white people working for them.
They're going to kill them.
That's their main target.
The globalists want to get everybody.
Satan wants to get everybody.
But they first go, oh, it's just these black people.
That's everybody.
But let's continue.
I'm giving you this.
This is how it works, folks.
They're hopping mad over this right now.
I'm telling you exactly what they're doing.
Just like I told you eight months ago, ten months ago, there's going to be HIV.
There'll be false positive HIVs.
I've got Snopes.
Jones claims they'll have trouble covering up the HIV positivity because it'll give it to people, but they'll just claim it's a false positive.
I mean, I've already foreseen their whole operation!
Because I've got the bigfield marshal giving me the intel.
The only question is, can you handle it?
Phil Marshall will talk to you.
But are you ready?
Because you better do something or it doesn't talk to you anymore.
God wants action now.
Action now.
No fear.
God hates cowards.
Stop caring about the enemy.
Start caring about what God thinks.
And then you'll start feeling God's power for real.
Let's continue.
More evidence shows total deaths in 2020 are no different than prior years.
Open up the economy.
Incredible article, GatewayPundit.com.
That's right.
Even though our population's gone up by 3 million people coming in, there's as many deaths this year right online as last year.
It's because they're just calculating and calling it deaths with a fake PCR test, which is incentivized by the 52,000 shemolians that you get when somebody has COVID in your hospital.
Funny how $50,000 incentivizes people to do stuff like that.
Isn't that funny?
Isn't that funny?
Oh, here's another one.
Melinda Gates last week.
We hadn't really thought through the economic impacts.
Go read her full speech.
She's like, oh, we're sorry, but the lockdowns continue.
Yeah, it's going to kill a lot more than COVID, but hey, we're liberal.
And here's the guy at the WHO that runs it, told you about this a long time ago.
He ran the extermination of Christians in Ethiopia for the Muslim takeover.
Look at that guy.
WHO chief Tedros could face genocide charges.
That's the Qaikom operative.
He killed over 2 million Christians.
And he did it with the UN and the Chinese help.
And guess what happened?
It's real funny.
Only hit certain wells.
Weaponized cholera.
Killing those black people again, aren't you, buddy boy?
But he's liberal, so it's okay.
Here's Bill Gates like I told you.
Oh, first we wouldn't be back till 2021.
Oops, sorry.
2022 now.
Aw, you never go back to normal.
And then here's all the articles about Alex Jones is wrong from 10 months ago, February.
Oh, Alex Jones is wrong.
Oh, there's no HIV insertions.
And what's the headline out of the Sydney Morning Herald?
HIV insertions.
How do they insert something in a wild virus?
It's kind of like evolution.
It's not true.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
So if we don't stand up for ourselves and we follow Satan, and we don't care about our own human lives and care about others, God will remove himself from the equation and let evil take over just as a natural, re-put-you-so equation.
And so you can look at this as evil taking over and how horrible it is, and believe me, I'm not happy about it at all.
Or you can look at it as justice.
And believe me, the wicked are going to get a lot worse than we are.
But who would blame God if God said, look, you're sterilizing your boys, you're killing most your kids, you're devil worshiping, you don't care, you're lazy, you're dumb.
I'm just gonna blow the whole planet up and redo something else.
I mean, God made us, that's God's right.
But God's not gonna do that.
The globalists say the Earth's failed and fallen.
They're gonna destroy it and create something new.
That's actually what Satan's doing.
Because Satan's not about free will.
Satan's about inversion and total power and total control.
God is blessings, Satan is curses.
God is life, Satan is death.
And you better know, Satan is 100% real, as real as God is.
Because that's how the universe is.
And free will demands there be a Satan.
Because somebody's gonna play the role of Satan.
My gosh, don't we see that with humankind?
So let me just try to boil it down to this.
Because I've gone through this myself, and I know you're going through this right now.
You know you're being robbed.
You know the globalists are evil.
You say, why aren't other Americans standing up?
They are.
They're being silenced.
They're not leaders, though, so they need you to lead them.
And you don't need to try to be a leader.
You need to be a leader.
Don't try, do it.
To quote Yoda, don't try, only do it.
And it's absolutely true.
And so that's why I'm calling on this audience of activists.
You're amazing.
Don't just say it to make you feel good.
You are the heart of the resistance.
You're the people they hate.
You're the people that know the truth.
I've looked into your beautiful eyes.
I tell you, man, I go all over the country and I see a family of white people, a family of black people, a family of Asians, Hispanics, mixed, whatever.
Their children all are glowing.
Their parents are glowing.
Or they might be old people.
With hunchbacks and bad knees, but their eyes, when they look at my eyes, I see the fire of God.
And I tell you, I don't see that in the eyes of Joe Biden and the enemy.
Do you?
So let's stop thinking we're losers.
We're only losers when we stop dialing in to God's spirit.
And so I don't try to be a preacher, folks, but it's at times like these that I'll just level with you.
And I'll tell you, we brought all this on ourselves.
And I'm not happy about what's gonna happen, but they're launching the bio attack.
And Trump got swindled, I know, thinking Gates said, my vaccine won't be ready for two years.
And so Trump tried to rush regular ones, but then they go, oh, our mRNAs, the really bad ones, they're all ready.
And that's what we got hit with, because Trump's not in control of the bureaucracy.
That's been proven.
They don't do a damn thing he says.
He says, don't make troops wear high heels.
All troops will wear high heels now.
I mean, you know, it's, it's just, it's just, you know, that's, that sounds dumb.
Well, we're talking about high heels.
They're injecting the troops with all this crap.
You think they just tested all these deadly vaccines on our military?
For no reason, they did it to have control over the enforcers and to have them where they wanted them.
And now they're moving on to us.
You take the soldiers out, you take the men out first, then you got everybody else.
And so, when I get up here and I bring up all this dire news, and I tell you how much trouble you're in, I don't do that to scare you.
I do it like a Janis Joplin song.
Maybe we should cue it up to that next segment or go out with it.
The part where she says, freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose.
And if you don't have anything else to lose, then you're not free.
And that's what I'm here to tell you.
We gotta lose it all.
We gotta lose the entertainment.
Hollywood's a curse anyways.
The fancy crap, but not loving our own children, not being... All of us are decadent.
We've all been raised in this evil.
And it's all gonna get taken away.
The Satanists think they're gonna get more power and more money and more control.
No, this is the end of them.
This is God pulling the plug.
Flushing the commode.
And we're sitting here in this commode floating around with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris thinking, man, we're cursed.
This is bad.
God should have pulled the plug a long time ago.
So embrace it and get with your children and your neighbors and your family and pray to God and get on your damn knees.
Cause you're not God, God's God.
And repent, and God will heal our land, but not before he burns this son of a bitch down.
You better get that straight.
God's gonna burn this sucker down, God's gonna tear everything up, throw it down, and he's gonna let these Satanists have their way with us until that last minute, and God's gonna grab those Cuomo's by the neck, and grab those Joe Biden's by the neck, and grab those Newsom's by the neck, and grab Merkel,
And, and, and, and all of them that are so scared of Satan they rolled over and did this for power because they're all scared.
You know these people don't do this because they even like it at the top.
They do it because they're scared.
Why are you so scared, Merkel?
Why are you so scared, Boris Johnson?
Why are you so scared?
Because you know you picked the wrong side.
And you don't want to take the attacks now by the little Lilliputian Satanist.
And you're just hoping you figure out some immortality or some computer or some thing like Faust that gets you out of this and it's not going to do that for you.
You're not going to get out of this.
You're going to burn.
And if I'm a little piece of kindling,
That's the secret, isn't it?
I'm the match that lights your ass on fire, I say burn me first.
But it's gotta be done God's way, not our way.
We're not offensively violent.
We don't go out and start fights.
We let God use us, and then you just turn it over to God, and then magically it all starts happening.
And the more you turn it over to God, it's like, whoa, okay, well now, and everything you do has a totally different effect.
And you think something's a defeat?
You learn a year later, it was your greatest victory!
Like the Garth Brooks song, some of God's greatest gifts run answer prayers.
I gotta go to break.
We got Joe Hoff coming on with the big news.
I only hit part of this.
It's not about tootin' my horn.
It's about how crazy it is.
If you type in, there's literally, I said 20.
That's the ones I looked at.
There's more than that.
There's all this quote, fact-checking.
Every globalist outlet calls itself a fact-checker now because they think it fools certain people.
They're like, Jones is insane with no basis in reality.
He says that there is HIV insertions in the COVID virus and that people that take the vaccine may get HIV or test positive.
It's, look at these articles, look at this.
It's in the articles of Glutton and Guardian!
And then now, ten months later, it's happening.
That's hilarious, folks.
People go, how the hell did you know that?
If it's a damn HIV virus, and then they create an attenuated version, it's, because it's a live virus, it's gonna say you got HIV!
If you take a live HIV virus, you're probably gonna come up positive for it!
People keep asking me, Jones, how the hell did you know that?
How'd you know this?
How'd I know it?
I'm reading what it is!
All right.
Listen, if you don't find us, we won't be there, and that's God's will.
I barely plug these days, whatever.
Christmas is here.
Could be the last Christmas.
Could be the beginning of something new.
The point is, is that there's a big study out that they're really pissed about.
It's the Global Star.
It's like 80% of the people that were hospitalized with COVID didn't have D3.
Well, folks, if you don't have oxygen, you're going to die, too.
It just takes four minutes.
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In fact, some studies show it's better for women than it is even for men.
Amazing, miraculous, but it's got all the vitamins and minerals on top of it.
Prostagard, a great stocking stuffer and...
These little contact tracer pouches, you just put your phone in, so you can actually go around and not be tracked by them.
Just pull the phone out when you want to and use it.
Those are at InfoWarsTore.com.
And we've got Alpha Power back in, X2, X3, DNA Force Plus, and a bunch of stuff's getting ready to sell out.
But thank you for funding us, and thank you for your prayers and support.
Do your Christmas shopping with us.
Get your orders in by the 18th.
By the 18th.
Don't get it before Christmas.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
All right, we got Joe Hoff coming up.
I'm going to dig through our archives.
We've got a lot of footage, but this isn't the best audio of Owen's speech, but I thought it was powerful.
And we haven't aired it.
I've been asking us to air this last day, but for whatever reason we didn't.
But here's the short speech Owen gave at the Jericho rally in D.C.
on Saturday.
I thought it was important.
Here it is.
How do we feel about Alex Jones, ladies and gentlemen?
Boy, look at what we have here today.
What started with one man on public access television is now millions of Americans in the streets of D.C.
And you know, there's going to be debates.
Did Trump win?
Did Biden win?
It doesn't matter because God wins.
And we have been betrayed by the Supreme Court.
We have been betrayed by the Republican Party.
We have been betrayed by the mainstream media.
But we will not be betrayed by God!
And so, when we march to the Supreme Court today, we're gonna let them know it was never the Supreme Court's revolution, it was never the Republican Party's revolution, it was always OUR revolution!
So we're honored to be marching with you today in D.C., and this is not gonna stop till we take America back from the globalists!
So God bless all of you, God bless Donald Trump, and God bless America!
But I've just been wanting to air Owens since yesterday.
They ran out of time on the show.
I thought it was a good speech he gave.
But that full speech I gave is up there on Infowars.com.
You know, the great big news is the Communist Chinese infiltration has come out.
It's exposed, and Infowars is kicking butt thanks to your support.
It's an amazing time to be alive.
We all get really upset by being taken over by the globalists, but it's okay.
It's going to get people's attention when they shut the economy off and people don't have food or water anymore.
And they're going to blame it on Trump and, oh, Trump supporters didn't end the lockdown, so it's their fault.
You know, Trump supporters didn't let us give their kids, you know, gender-bending hormones.
It's their fault.
We couldn't abort enough babies.
That's the problem.
There's too many people.
And so all of this is going to blow up in their face.
All of this is going to devastate them.
Now Trump could still win.
And we've got Joe Hoff coming on to break all this down.
And he's done an amazing job.
So look forward to that coming up in the next segment.
I'm very, very, very excited.
About doing that with him because they've had major forensics firms come out that the judges have released in court documents proving that Dominion was designed for fraud.
And you're like, well, then if we just prove it, they'll stop.
No, that's not how this works.
You have to have political will in the legislatures and political will in Congress and the political will in the courts.
And look, we're seeing a major exercise of will right now.
But it's going to take more than that.
It's going to take them all realizing that complying like you did in the past got you out of stuff.
You comply now and we go into an endless depression and a lockdown that will go on for decades until this country is totally broken.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
We've got Joe Hoff coming on in a few minutes.
He's a great corporate fraud investigator.
Does a great job of his brother that owns and runs Gateway Pundit with huge developments of judges in Michigan allowing certified forensic reports, findings, absolutely total fraud by Dominion saying Dominion's main goal is organized election theft.
That's their finding.
Super strong, major prestigious organization.
That's coming up as soon as we get Hoff on.
But I tell you, John Bound did a very important report.
That really tells it all.
But I hope everybody will share and get out because this big breaking news of Communist China and Biden and the criminal investigations and these leaks out of the CCP, Communist Party China.
Thomas Party China, CPC.
This is so massive and shows Trump is fighting back with 37 days to inauguration.
And so as bad as it looks with the media saying Biden's the president, and as bad as it looks with all the hoaxes, remember they're paper tiger, they're paper dragon.
Joe Biden has holes in him, more holes in him than a Swiss cheese.
And this boat is not going to float.
So just continue to move forward and fighting hard.
One way or another, we're never accepting this monster.
Joe Biden will be removed either by impeachment or he'll be removed by losing this election, exposing me of fraud.
And we will politically destroy his ideas.
We don't want a single hair on his head harmed, but we want his horrible, evil, globalist ideas of the Communist Party China killed.
Not him, the ideas killed.
The ideas refuted and destroyed.
Joe Biden's an empty husk.
Don't turn him into a victim, into any of that.
So, here's the report and we'll be right back with Mr. Hoft.
So far, the evidence is uncontradicted that the president used taxpayer dollars to ask the Ukrainians to help him cheat an election.
Eric Swalwell is having a sweaty and flatulent Christmas.
And it's blowing up right in the Democrats' Grinch face.
Well, I don't have any concern about Mr. Swalwell.
There are those in the Congress who believe, and I am among them, that we should be seeing what influence the Chinese.
I've been fighting them, as you know, for over 30 years.
I do think that it's unfortunate that Mr. McCarthy is trying to make an issue of this when his leader, we all found out at the same time.
But you know what he's trying to do?
He's trying to deflect attention from the fact that he has QAnon in his
His delegation over there.
And that, I think, is a danger in terms of our debate here about what the possibilities are for undue influence to members of Congress.
You know, we have people like Swalwell over there that has got this massive problem.
While the counterintelligence structure and system and leadership was focused on Mike Flynn and President Donald J. Trump, the counterintelligence effort, they should have been focused on Swalwell.
And that threat against, that we have now learned about Swalwell, and frankly, Hunter Biden, and the entire Biden Foundation and family, this is dangerous stuff.
We are playing with fire right now.
I am concerned that we don't know what we need to know about Donald Trump to protect the country from what Russia has on him.
We have deep suspicions and all of the arrows continue to point in the same direction.
Eric Swalwell, who wasn't ready for prime time, is a Chinese tool going back to his days on the city council in California.
He's been towing the Communist Party line ever since a Chinese spy assisted his defeat of a 40-year incumbent, catapulting the Manchurian candidate into Congress eight years ago, as Axios had revealed.
This story comes from Axios in Washington, which is no one's idea of a right-wing news outlet.
But to their great credit, a pair of Axios reporters doggedly spent the last year investigating what turned out to be an amazing story.
A Chinese intelligence agent called Feng Feng, or as she renamed herself when she came to this country, Christine Feng, became a force within the Democratic Party of California.
Along the way, she cultivated a number of Democratic office holders.
Feng had sexual relationships with at least two of them, identified in the Axios story as mayors from Midwestern cities.
Feng also began a relationship with a man called Eric Swalwell.
You may recognize that name.
Eric Swalwell is a member of the United States Congress.
Swalwell sits on the House Intelligence Committee.
He is privy to this country's most closely held secrets.
The Chinese government had been infiltrating Wall Street corporations and Congress before Swalwell was even an unpaid intern for California's 10th Congressional District.
Swalwell is merely the tip of the iceberg, though.
The attack on the common-sense nationalist slogan, America First, is a massive tell.
The elites know that they must betray the country and protect their communist counterparts, eating away our liberties like a cancer, pushing propaganda like never before.
As the Washington Examiner reported, while the Swalwell news broke, MSNBC spent roughly five minutes on Axios' reporting during the network's 5 a.m.
program without mentioning it again for the rest of the day.
Meanwhile, CNN completely avoided the story altogether.
Both on air and online.
Fox News also noted that major newspapers such as the New York Times and the Washington Post, both of which dedicated tons of coverage to allegations against President Trump concerning Russia, had not yet afforded any coverage to the Swalwell story.
Broadcast networks ABC, NBC, and CBS also skipped coverage of the controversy during morning and evening shows.
There has now been a major leak of official records from the Chinese Communist Party.
It is believed to be the first leak of its kind in the world.
A register with the details of nearly 2 million Communist Party members.
As the Communist Chinese leaked... Alright, we have Joe Hoffs, who's a major fraud investigator, major auditor for Fortune 500 companies.
You know his amazing brother, Jim Hoffs at Gateway Pundit, that heads above the rest, has been the number one site
Just in a Herculean effort cleaning out the Aegean stables, exposing and breaking hundreds of articles that have been absolutely on target and trailblazing in the last
Month or so since the fraudulent election.
And so I want to give him the floor of the next three segments, the next 45 minutes, but I got him on late and I appreciate him being here.
I just want to ask him with two minutes to break.
You've been big on China.
You've lived in Asia.
You've been exposing the COVID exaggeration and hoax as well.
Spend a few minutes on that.
Then we're going to come back and get into the election and the giant breaking news that's unfolding there.
But just please give us your overall
Alex, I think you're right on it.
I think you're right on target.
You're over target.
And it's great to be here again.
Yes, I think there are some real concerns with China right now.
There's a number of things that just occurred over the last 24 hours as you as you know, this release of these more than what 2 million individuals that are members of the Communist Party that's
A list of worldwide individuals.
My understanding is there's at least 50,000 Americans on that list.
It's probably no surprise that we can't wait to see who those people are.
The names are in Chinese, so they need to be translated, but just based on phone number, we can tell there's around 50,000.
So that was big.
We have some other, there was the hack last night on one of the government entities, the financial entity, and then news this morning also about
Uh, the Dominion-related software that's being, there's a major concern there.
So, some software that's related to Dominion.
So, lots going on there.
We knew, you know, we knew in March that the COVID was a
Um, was something that was big, but we also saw that they were lying about it immediately.
The WHO was, as you, as you would call out, we're on your show.
We talked about this, how the WHO was saying this thing was going to be worse than really, it sounded like the Spanish flu with a 3% mortality rate worldwide.
And that scared the whole world.
And we noticed not their numbers weren't right.
They were inaccurate.
Now we're seeing that come to fruition as, uh, as Democrats continue to want to close down cities.
But, um,
But the numbers just aren't there.
They just don't make sense.
So we were right then.
And there's a lot going on.
And so certainly a lot for us to chat about.
Well, Joe, I know because I'm up 18 hours a day.
I know you guys.
I'm not about kissing your ass.
It's true.
You guys are doing more work than everybody else combined.
I know how you're doing it.
And the lawsuits, the groups you're funding, and what you're doing, you're the tip of the spear, buddy.
And so it's good to see somebody out there more tip of the spear than we are.
We're good live on air.
I have a lot of great guests.
But that's why you're here is so people use
The great source of truth that is GatewayPundit.com.
And the only way these articles that you guys are putting out with all this great source material get out there is when people spread it, so people need to do that.
All right, Joe Hoff with GatewayPundit.com.
He is a anti-fraud researcher, a big corporate auditor, and he's just dedicated all his time, been drafted into the fight with his brother over Gateway Pundit, has become a major leader in the fight.
So this is like a nine-minute segment, longer segment coming up.
I'm gonna try to shut up, give you the floor.
Where do we start with all the huge developments really documenting election fraud?
There's so many.
Please tell us about them.
Yeah, thanks, Alex.
And thanks again for having me on.
It's great to be here.
It's an honor.
I guess the thing is, if we go back to the start, we always knew something was going to happen.
And we just knew that because of all the coups that have been in place already.
And and the impeachment, etc.
So it came really as no surprise that something would happen, although it it still was still upset.
You know, everybody watching the election night proceedings where Trump's way ahead.
We go to bed about four in the morning and it looks like Trump's got it wrapped up, but not not as nearly as much as we expected.
And then to wake up to see these major changes in some of these key swing states where suddenly Trump's behind.
It didn't take us but a couple hours to realize there were some major data dumps that occurred in these swing states.
So that was kind of the first shock.
And then that put everybody on defensive from everybody that, you know, all the Trump supporters, which I believe is maybe 80.
Some people suggest even 90 million votes for Trump.
Certainly Biden didn't get the 80 million that they're saying.
And we can see this just from an auditor's perspective, Alex.
Just take a look at the big picture, and this is something you would do when you start an audit.
You'd do a lot of planning, but you'd certainly look at the big picture.
Okay, what was the most votes anybody had ever accumulated in an election?
Well, that was Obama with 69 million in 2008.
And so President Trump has $65 million or $62 million actually in the last election with Hillary supposedly accumulating $65 million.
So immediately we see Trump surpassing this record of Obama's of going past $70 million.
Nobody in U.S.
history had ever done that.
But for us that were following Trump, it wasn't surprising because we kept track of his progress during the
Primaries and it's despite the media's bogus polls that were saying that Biden was ahead, which were garbage from the start.
We knew that Trump was doing great.
We could see it through boat parades, which were amazing.
They were happening every weekend, it seemed like, around the country.
Very big, huge, massive gatherings of boats with Trump flags and everything.
We saw cars the day before the election.
Every U.S.
city had cars, even I've seen in New York City, and trucks with Trump flags behind them in a parade, marching around the country.
We knew there was an energy for President Trump that we'd never seen before.
So it's no surprise that President Trump surpassed 70 million and became the first individual in U.S.
history to do so legitimately.
And right now he's around 74 million.
But the big picture is there's absolutely no way that Joe Biden had
Accumulated 80 million votes.
It was eight.
That's a joke.
It's a travesty.
And again, it's the deep state and these people that hate Trump, the elites, China, the Democrats.
Just another slap in the face like we saw so many times during his first term where he would make a major event just to see the Democrats behind the scene smashing him or Rosenstein with some bogus Russia collusion type of narrative come out at the same time he's meeting with some world leaders and doing great things.
So it was really nasty looking back at it, how they'd stolen, again, the greatest election ever.
And they're saying Joe Biden got $80 million.
So that's just a joke, and we know it is.
And we knew it right away, so we started looking into the fraud.
Like so many people,
And we could see really immediately the main thing was the events that were happening in Detroit and Philadelphia.
We have a friend that was in Detroit.
They were preventing her from getting into the facility to even be an observer.
When she was in there, there was a group of people probably paid for by the U.S.
taxpayer that looked like they were Black Lives Matter that were harassing every single observer.
Every single minute telling them, hey, lift your mask up.
You're getting too close.
Stand back for four hours at a time.
And there wasn't a Republican at every table.
Every Republican had to walk in with a big sign on their chest that told everybody that they're Republican, something no one else had to do.
These individuals that were the harassers, they didn't even have name tags, don't even know who they were.
And then when our friend noted that the military ballots came out, first of all, they tried to get everybody out of the room.
And then when they came in, this one friend of ours,
Forced her way back into this massive room with thousands upon thousands of ballots that were brought in.
And she noticed right away all of these ballots looked the same.
There were carbon copies.
There was something wrong with them.
And they started going through those and they were all for Joe Biden.
So that was Detroit, Philadelphia.
We saw the stories where Republicans, again, there weren't even allowed to look at the process either.
Recently, Scott Adams from Dilbert did a tweet where he said, all we have to say is, we were forcibly not allowed to review the results.
And that immediately makes the election a fraud and contaminates the entire election.
How can you have an election when one side's not even allowed to be involved in the counting process?
You know, it's, it's, it's... What you just said, Joe Hoffman, is central.
The State Department and the U.N., our own government says if they don't allow observers in to point blank do an and review and check and do an audit, spot audits, it's not a legitimate election.
They're not even letting people in the room.
They're 50 feet away.
This is ridiculous.
Yeah, absolutely Alex.
And then other things too, leading up to the election, the ballot process, how they had these drop boxes, we're finding that these things were like, they weren't well controlled, there was no chain of custody, there was no dual controls, meaning
Whenever you pick up ballots, you treat it like money, like tellers at a bank, and you would guard it with one person from each party.
A Democrat and a Republican would pick up together, transport these ballots together, and then do the counting together.
At all points of the process, there's a dual control and there's a chain of custody where these ballots are never outside of somebody's presence, a counter's presence.
So that wasn't happening, and that's where a lot of fraud occurred.
And we've seen it since, and we can get into that some, but just recently in Wisconsin, we had some guys reach out to us and say during the recount process there, they saw thousands of these votes that were coming in that were, that all, they looked like photocopies.
They didn't have any indentations on them.
I mean, even Georgia, as corrupt as the government is, admits.
That's like not folded.
It's all printed by a computer.
But there's big developments.
The Gateway Pundit and Washington Examiner and National File and Info Wars today with these new forensics firms that the judges have authorized the release saying it's like complete fraud.
Can we talk about that when we come back?
Yeah, let's do that.
That's great.
That's a great segue.
And then what else?
You got a lot on your radar.
What else are you guys working on?
You're breaking so much stuff.
Well, thanks, Alex.
And yeah, we can talk, too, about about just the numbers.
And that's kind of my expertise.
We started digging into the numbers after we first initially were looking at, you know, the the result or the activities, the voter fraud for.
Individuals weren't allowed to count.
People weren't allowed to vote.
Things like that.
So the cover-up and the violation of law right there throws the election out.
Then you've got them putting the 80 million ballots outside of law.
That throws it out.
So why is the Supreme Court and others doing this?
What do you expect to happen to?
Can Trump find a path to victory?
With Joe Hoffman of GatewayPundit.com.
I'm Alex Jones with InfoWars.com.
We are back.
Well, it's being reported out of Nevada right now, and I'm going to call, while Joe's talking, I don't normally ignore my guest, I'm going to call my Trump lawyer, that's one of the top people in Nevada, about this, while Joe is talking here, just real fast.
Nevada GOP electors cast ballots for Donald J. Trump.
That is being reported right now.
Another slate of electors for Donald Trump is voted upon by the state legislature.
Nevada joins PA, Georgia, in sending to Congress a dueling slate of electors.
So, this is huge news that normally you'd have the electors go one way, but if there's a problem, they can say, we're not going to vote for that person, and that forces the legislature to then take over, or they can let those electors go forward.
So, wow!
When Trump said, folks aren't going to be happy in a few days, is this what he was talking about, Joe Hoft?
That's great news, Alex.
And it's really scary times, precarious times that we're in.
Perhaps I could jump back to where we were at a couple weeks ago.
Oh, no, no.
You've got the floor.
Lay out the compendium.
Yeah, great.
Well, I'll lead into that.
The thing that we noticed after really the voter fraud, the massive voter fraud that was occurring, was we just kind of started looking at the data.
And we found anomalies.
And the anomalies were patterns in the data.
And so where you would expect to see random numbers, we weren't seeing that.
We were seeing patterns.
And the first thing that we noticed was in Pennsylvania, where during Election Day, President Trump won some counties by like
80 to 20.
80% to 20.
He just crushed it in Pennsylvania on Election Day.
He was up about 2 million to 1 million almost by the end of the day.
And then at the same time they began counting the absentee ballots.
Well, by the end of the night when we all went to bed, Trump was ahead by about 700,000 votes.
And somehow a million or more ballots were manufactured that gave Biden the lead, which we believe is totally fraudulent.
We think there's a lot of room for review there where you would find massive quantities of fraudulent votes.
But the one thing that we saw that could help support that situation is the fact that in the state, in every county where Trump won on Election Day,
They would take 40% less than that, and that was what Trump won in the absentee ballots.
And so what I'm saying is that if Trump won 80 to 20 on Election Day in a county,
He won only 40% of the absentee ballot.
If he won 70% of the vote on Election Day, he only won 30% of the absentee ballot.
And this went across the board for virtually every county.
And so we knew something's going on.
You wouldn't see the same pattern everywhere.
We compared it to the state of Arkansas.
In that state, the numbers were more random.
And never, only once, did we see a disparity of 40%.
So we knew something was going on with Pennsylvania.
At the same time, there was some other research done by others.
There's a Dr. Shiva out of MIT, and he came up with an analysis in Michigan, where he, again, he didn't see randomness.
He saw a pattern.
And the pattern was that in these countries... Well, listen, I'll say that in a minute, because you documented it well, and that's all I'll get with Punnett.com, but it's not just... I don't have to be a statistician.
They say the voting stops, they say they've closed the polling place, and then rather than it reopens, it shoots straight up for Joe Biden.
I mean, everything else is organic curve, then it shoots straight up.
I mean, that doesn't happen in nature.
Well, and that was actually another thing that we identified, Alex.
We started with Virginia of all states, because I know a guy who was in Virginia said, these numbers don't look right.
Trump was way ahead.
He was crushing Biden in Virginia.
And then suddenly, overnight,
The same thing happened in Virginia that happened in these other states.
Massive drops of ballots.
Which as a big corporate auditor for fraud, you know, this shows what, controller fraud.
It shows a centralized group was doing this and that's what legislative leaders have said is, this is racketeering.
That's right, Alex.
And even in Virginia, what was really odd, and this is the accountant in me as well, we saw 300,000 votes get populated for Biden and only 30,000 for Trump.
Then they reversed that out, then they reposted it, and then they reversed it out, and then they reposted it again.
None of those entries make sense.
What the hell was going on?
It was like... Well, it shows they did a very sloppy job, because they could have been shaving throughout the night, but they didn't.
They just did it in one big swoop.
Yep, and so $300,000 for Biden, $30,000 for Trump.
And at that point... Why were they so reckless?
Why were they so reckless?
I believe it's because they were racing through it, you know?
They had to... They realized their, as people have said, their algorithms weren't working.
Trump's crushed it.
They never expected Trump to have more votes than Obama did.
They had no respect for this guy.
The landslide overwhelmed them.
They thought three months of fake ballots and dead cats voting would overwhelm them.
When it didn't, they crapped their pants, ran in, stopped the voting, stopped the counting, kicked everybody out, pulled out the suitcases, pulled out the backup plan.
That's right.
And we saw that in Georgia where they kicked everybody out with what they called a water main break.
And I don't know if we talked about this before, but I had an attorney
I had an attorney reach out to me and said, Joe, I ran a FOIA request on that with the state.
They have to get back to me in three days.
The only thing they had was a text message where somebody sent a text message to the head of the Atlanta Hawks.
He said, oh, no, that was greatly overstated.
And we've reported that.
And then the next day, somebody from the water department actually reached out to me and said, Joe, there were no calls in Georgia for a water main break.
And then the same people close everything, kick everybody out, pull out the suitcases.
And they're all Democrat Party operatives.
I mean, this is ridiculous.
And they're just shoving those ballots through those tabulators over and over again.
We saw some of these people in those videos three times shooting the same chunk of ballots through.
And you know they were all... And they're doing it like they're robbing a bank.
Like they're in a sink just grabbing cash.
I mean, they're all real lazy till they kick everybody out.
Oh, as fast as I can.
Yeah, you're right.
You're absolutely right.
And so that's what happened in Georgia.
And then we saw Wisconsin, massive, 100,000 there, with Michigan, more than 100,000 there.
All of a sudden, Trump's behind in these states.
But here's another anomaly that we saw, Alex, and the data was that once Biden reached that lead, which is early in the morning, the day after the election, where they did these massive drops, then every single entry
After that point was in the specific ratio of Biden to Trump, usually Biden, depending on the state, 51% to 49.
They got more nuanced after the desperate dump of the night.
Every split and every single entry after that had this same ratio.
So we know something's going on.
This doesn't make sense.
That shows somebody said, hey guys, it's too obvious to have it 90% for Biden.
Do this ratio because they have a mathematical equation showing that'll give him the win.
Yeah, it absolutely didn't make sense.
And so, we know the data's wrong.
And we know there's voter fraud.
And by the way, you published articles, I want to go back here.
You've shown this, it's been proven accurate.
All over these states, the key battle areas, the same number comes after with the ratio.
That's impossible, basically.
It is.
It's absolutely impossible.
And then I guess the other thing that kind of led us to all that was that people started seeing these glitches and they call them glitches.
And it was like in Michigan where this Antrim County where they saw 6,000 votes or roughly 3,000 were removed from Trump and given to Biden.
And so they caught that and they had to reverse it.
When you double it up, it's a 6,000 vote difference.
And that was just one small county.
I'd say maybe average-sized county.
I think somebody corrected me on it.
We're not that small.
Sure, so they were able to break in computer-wise, or had operatives, then good people found it.
Why do they reverse it in these key counties around the country, but not the big ones?
Well, there you go.
I think what we've learned, we've seen a couple of people share some information with us.
What we think happened was at the precinct level, that's where they started manipulating this data and moving this data around.
And so today, significantly, one of the biggest events in this entire
Two months or so, I guess, of the election is the results from an audit of Antrim County in Michigan were released.
And what we find there is a couple of major, major breaking issues.
One is the fact that indeed they were swapping votes between Trump and Biden and giving them to Biden.
And the other more significant event that's in there is that there is a connection to outsiders from this system, and that's the one thing they couldn't get, the one thing that was deleted, is who this data was being sent to.
But we do know that this data was being shared off-site.
Wow, okay, Joe Hoff, final segment.
I want to look at the new stuff that just came out you guys have been breaking, with the Michigan judge releasing this info.
Okay, I've got the articles right here.
You've got this very respected big data-crunching forensics firm out of Dallas that got into the documents in Michigan and other states.
They've come out.
I've got the articles right here from Gateway Pundit.
We've got it from the Washington Exam.
We've got it from a lot.
WorldNet Daily.
Audit concludes Dominion Voting Machines.
I think?
And it goes on.
So it's all starting to come out here.
Joe Hoffs, who's been really heading up the tip of the spear in all this.
What do you make of just the hardcore evidence coming out, and then the media just totally doesn't cover it?
Same way.
We have right-side broadcasting.
We'll play it after you're gone, but just 10 minutes ago.
I'll play it next hour before Solympic comes on.
And they're meeting with the GOP state reps and the electors saying, no, we're not going for this.
It's fraudulent.
We're going for Trump.
And then I go to CNN, they say Nevada has gone for Joe Biden.
So, I mean, I am speechless at this point.
We are watching one thing on CNN.
Nevada is all for Biden.
They give electoral votes.
He wins it.
That's on TV, five minutes ago.
And then over here on the right side, at a table with the GOP,
With the damn electors and state reps saying no, we're not.
I mean, this is wild.
What do you think's going on here?
Well, it's been amazing, hasn't it, Alex?
Since the election, especially it was like election night, everything absolutely turned.
I mean, how many people that were watching Fox up to that night have never gone back, including myself.
It's like, what was that?
They're biased reporting how they would only report Biden leads.
Trump's crushing it in Texas with 6%, and yet they held back announcing whether Texas would go to Trump or not.
And actually, I have a theory on that, Alex.
I wonder if they were holding back because they had lots of fraudulent votes that they thought might steal that state, and Trump crushed them.
And they couldn't do it.
And we've actually, you know, seen some evidence that this happened everywhere.
Even this morning, somebody sent me some information on a county in Indiana that had more people vote than they had population of legal voters in their county.
So the truth is, this has been a gigantic, super-mega-massive landslide, a repudiation of the New World Order.
They can't have that, so they engage in this fraud.
Where does this go?
What do we do in the next 37 days, Joe?
Yeah, I know it, Alex.
And getting back to your question, too, this dual reality that we're living in right now.
So, Washington Post came out a couple hours ago saying Trump loses case and has another case thrown out in Wisconsin.
Of course, they ignore that he had another ruling this morning, which was in his favor.
And now, what's gonna have to happen is Wisconsin is gonna have to go back and look at 240,000 votes to determine if they're valid or not.
Washington Post ignores that, announces this other ruling that was against Trump, doesn't even mention this other ruling that's pro-Trump, which could easily throw Wisconsin into the Trump side.
Yeah, I've heard that too.
It was really disappointing, I think, for anybody that was behind Trump.
We'd heard a lot about this case, thinking that we would win it.
And it was ironic that the three judges, the three Trump judges, didn't vote for it, you know, to move the thing forward, which was really kind of shocking and very disappointing.
So, the next day, Sidney Powell, immediately, she filed cases in four states again, this time specific cases for just the state, using individuals from that state, and they think it's going to go through, and I hope so too.
I mean, the massive fraud is what we need to deal with, and that hasn't been dealt with yet by anybody.
Isn't that political fear by the Supreme Court?
That, oh, you can't take an election away when they say they're going to buy it.
No, you're taking it from us.
And I'm not being mean to old people.
And I'm not saying old.
A lot of old folks know more than young people who have got jobs and work in tech like you do and know things.
And I'm older, too.
But a lot of these old judges and stuff, I've been around them.
High-level Texas judges, others.
They literally don't know how anything works.
And they're still watching CNN and Fox News.
They don't know.
The rest of the world's not buying any of this.
I agree and I wonder about those Supreme Court justices, the new ones especially.
What are they reading?
Where are they getting their information?
Because, and by the way Alex, like you mentioned at the beginning of the show, we've been reporting the truth and we've been knocking it out of the park.
We're getting four million people a day coming to our site.
It's because people thirst for the truth and they will look to find it.
And in spite of being censored and called names like you can relate to, being called everything in the book.
Thank you.
These guys came in, they did this audit, and then the state stepped in, these villainous three women that are running the state, the Secretary of State, Attorney General, and Governor, and they tried to stop the results of this audit coming out.
And it eventually went to this ruling this morning, and the judge let the report come out.
And so, we've had to fight that along the way, too.
That's right, because Tucker Carlson, who I love, is like, show me the proof.
They're trying to block the forensic proof.
Here it is, Tucker!
Yeah, and there's only one reason you'd want to do that, you know, and it's just so clear.
It's clear to everybody.
Trump crushed it in this election, and they don't want people to know that.
It's been an absolute grotesque steal, and they're trying to do everything they can to cover it up, whether it be in the courts or where else.
And by the way, that one guy, Elias, that worked for Hillary, he is in about every court case that we've seen.
Oh, he's the one that got the Secretary of State in Georgia to do all this crap?
Well, he did there in Wisconsin just last week.
I was talking to a lady there.
She spoke in front of their Congress just last week.
She filed a case against the state on these drop boxes, saying these things are unconstitutional.
Again, there's no chain of custody, etc.
And that case got thrown out.
Now, here's the other thing, Alex, that people don't know about Wisconsin.
Is that she found out during her case that there was the two leaders of the two Republican leaders, one in the Senate and one in the House, had given the okay to go ahead with this process.
So we've got a lot of Democrats that have infiltrated the Republican Party like Project Veritas Scott in Texas and other states where that woman goes, I'm not really a Republican.
I oppose this one.
I pay people to vote for Biden.
And she's like giving them shirts and debit cards.
Same thing with the Native Americans.
I mean, this is just a giant exercise of criminal activity.
It's been amazing to watch.
Let me ask you this in closing.
We really appreciate your time.
I know you're busy.
I want you to get back to the work you're doing that we follow at GetWePunched.com.
What do you think Trump should do right now with 37 days out?
And what do you think we can all do?
Well, that's great.
Well, first of all, we can, and here's what we've been doing, is putting up lists of these congressmen and women in these states and encouraging people to reach out to them and tell them how you feel.
Because this was a steal, and we're not going to allow this to happen.
Nobody's going to allow this to happen.
You know?
And it's just not going to happen.
We all know that.
It's just, we love this country, we love our freedom, and we will fight.
You feel that same determination?
We're not stopping.
No way.
And President Trump's not stopping.
And he came up here the last few days and really fired off saying, we're not stopping either.
Now he's got, as you know, I'm sure this executive order that's coming up here really is due by the 18th if it hasn't been taken care of already.
And the directive is that the DNI, who happens to be Radcliffe now,
Yeah, absolutely.
I don't know.
Definitely there was foreign interference in this election and that's the next topic.
That's going to be the thing.
Definitely we've got to keep fighting.
I've got a two minute break.
If you've got to go because I know you're busy, go.
If you have five more minutes, I know you're an expert over at Gateway Pundit, we are as well, but you really are, on China and what's about to break.
If you just give us a five minute briefing on, I totally agree, everything is China.
Thank you.
Everything is China.
Everything is Joe Biden.
Even if he won, he's illegitimate.
I mean, my God, we have all the proof they said they had on Trump, we have on him.
Russia as well.
Biden is a traitor.
This is a criminal takeover.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Joe Hoft is a fraud investigator, Fortune 100 corporate auditor, and he has been drafted by his brother, Gateway Pundit, into the fight 24-7 now, and he's doing a great job.
In the five minutes we have left with you, you were saying the next story, I agree, and I almost started the interview out not on the whole history of fraud, the current stuff, but for me, I said this on my first hour of the show, the Chai Com evidence, the fact that Biden is a traitor, that he's caught red-handed, the laptop, the audio, the video, to me, that's, we can prove the fraud, but
It's political now, so people are scared to go after him for that.
But they went after Trump and said he was illegitimate with no proof with Biden.
This is just open and shut, isn't it?
That's right, Alex.
And that's going to be the turning point, too.
For sure, we've had an interruption into our election programs by the Chinese.
I saw an excellent video yesterday, Alex, and we put it up on our post, in a post, and it was from this guy who developed QR code.
And it's the technology that when you drive through like a toll, it clicks your, it charges you your fee on your credit card.
Or when you go through a flight at an airport, it'll show your iPhone.
It will, that technology, this technology
He said it's used in like 12 billion devices around the world.
So he's quite a resource and quite a source.
Well, he said he can look at all these ballots and he can determine whether they're fraudulent or not by looking at the paper.
He says we don't really need to know how they did this, but we can see how many are fraudulent and he's got a method to check into it.
He said he can test a million of these things in a day.
Or quicker.
But anyways, what he said during his talk was he said, what happened in this election was we had like five robbers, and we had the Democrats and the Chinese and the Russians and whoever else involved in this election.
And just like five robbers that don't, you know, if they were to get a big heist, they wouldn't share with each other where they hid their money because they don't trust each other.
Similar thing happened in this election.
We're good to go.
Anyways, the thing he was convinced about was the foreign interference.
And now we've got this executive order by Trump where he's going to address this foreign interference.
And I think he's going to address it once and for all.
And we're going to see some things happen in the next three weeks that are going to be astounding.
And they're going to be events that are going to save our country.
And President Trump's going to come in.
I don't think you're just putting out hope there.
I don't think General Flynn is either.
Knowing what's about to, what's already being dropped is so devastating.
That's what Steve Pchenik said a month ago in this whole, he said, don't worry, they're going to restart the investigation.
It's going to be put out in the news.
There's going to be major hacked info.
And he was being told that by high level folks in the Trump administration.
We see that starting to happen.
I wonder what's going to be dropping every day.
Yeah, I know.
It's going to be an incredible time and we can go ahead and enjoy our Christmas because we know that we're going to win.
And the thing is, China hated Trump.
I was over there in Hong Kong, as you know, and I left a week before this law came into effect where anybody that says or writes anything bad about China could just be shipped off to China and just lost.
And that's been occurring since I left Hong Kong.
And as a matter of fact, this last week, I see China sent politicians that were hard on China.
Oh, they're arresting big leaders now and people banging the buses in Bagot.
It's Orwellian.
And that's where we're at.
That's where the U.S.
is going to be if we allow this to go through, and we cannot.
And President Trump knows that, and we all know that.
And we support President Trump.
And so that's where this thing's going to come, and we're going to deal with this once and for all.
We're not going to allow China to— That's right.
This is the confrontation.
This is the big battle.
This is it.
And so this is history unfolding.
Mr. Hoff, thank you so much for your time at GatewayPundit.com.
Thanks, Alex.
It's a joy to be here.
Always a joy to have you.
Always a powerful hour.
Really appreciate him.
And I tell you, they are... Everybody's doing a great job, but they've been... They're number one right now.
They're the Babe Ruth of exposing this fraud.
We'll be right back with Gerald Celente.
Stay with us.
Alright, I'm not complaining.
I'm not a victim.
I'm a victor.
And I got Jesus in my life.
And I'm fighting hard.
But my throat is totally raw from giving dozens of speeches.
I'm completely exhausted.
I bit my tongue flying in here last night.
The wind shear was so bad that I thought, oh, no big deal.
And I was half asleep.
We were on landing.
I bit my tongue like massively.
So if I'm slurring my words, that's what's going on is my tongue.
So, that's happening.
But I'm staying!
I'm not leaving!
I'm gonna host with Harrison Smith coming up after Joe Celente leaves in about an hour.
He's hosting the rest of this hour.
Because this is too insane.
All I wanna do is take a nap.
This DC was incredible, but I'm exhausted.
Worked 18 hours a day.
But I'm not, I'm staying up here.
Because I'm not gonna look back later and wish I hadn't taken action.
Because the stuff they're doing
To us right now is so brazen, so naked, so insane.
And if somebody doesn't expose it, and if somebody doesn't make it a big deal, nobody will.
So let me just tell you what just happened.
We're pulling all this up right now.
In Michigan, the police are keeping the electors, the GOP electors, from entering the Capitol.
Did you hear what I said?
So I'm going to say this again very slowly.
CNN and ABC News, I'm on my phone and on the TV during the breaks looking at them, are announcing that everyone in these Texas states, Arizona, Nevada, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, they're all reporting that everyone voted for Biden.
I have videos of the state reps who are electors and I have videos of the state reps and electors in Nevada saying we did not vote for Biden and we are contesting and the media will not show it.
I mean, this is the next level of fraud.
I mean, I mean, why don't they just eat babies or something on TV or like take off their mask and their reptoids or something?
I'm not saying they're doing that.
This has reached levels that are just beyond over the top criminal act because they're going for broke.
Now if you don't know what this means, a lot of electors by the party are chosen because they're faithful members of the party.
And so you've got state reps trying to go into the Capitol where they're certifying the election for Biden.
And you've got electors trying to
Going to the Capitol, other states, and even when they go in and vote for Trump, it's not being reported.
You can type in right now, state certified Biden.
It's not even true.
Oh man.
Oh boy.
Tell you what, go ahead and play the Twitter clip of them trying to get into the Statehouse in Michigan.
And then we've got it queued up from like 30 minutes ago when it was happening live, right side, with the electors, who are on-record electors, saying we voted for Trump.
And I've seen it on the news, they're saying the states went for Biden, and that everybody went for Biden.
Here it is.
For the Capitol Commission, for the Governor's Office, for the Speaker of the House, for the Speaker of the Senate, the Capitol is closed unless you have an office here to conduct business today, or if you are taking part in the Electoral College process.
Anybody else is not permitted to come in?
We're electors.
We're electors.
The electors are already here.
They've been checked in.
Not all the electors are in sight.
Capitol is closed.
So there are the state police overseeing the destruction of the state.
And that's it.
Here are the electors.
We don't let them in.
Now, you're like, oh, that's just a misunderstanding in Michigan.
No, ladies and gentlemen.
No, ladies and gentlemen, in Nevada, they're saying they went and voted for Trump, and the news says they didn't.
You understand, once you engage in a fraud this bad, you gotta go all the way.
Let's go to the Right Side Broadcasting Club.
I move that Michael McDonald be named as delegation chairman.
I second.
All those in favor signify by saying aye.
Any opposed?
Motion carries.
Election Delegation Secretary, I nominate James DeGraffery.
I second.
All those in favor signify by saying aye.
Any opposed?
Motion carries.
Next item on the agenda is filling of vacancies.
Mr. Chairman, as Secretary I can report that six electors are present and we have no vacancies at this time to fill.
Thank you very much.
Voting for the President of the United States.
Electors, you will find in your packet six ballots.
This is a war start, folks.
We're watching it right now.
We've got a presidential elector, official ballot for President of the United States.
You should write in your choice for President of the United States, and then you should sign your name where indicated on the ballot.
Do that six times.
By the way, these folks know they're going to be targeted doing this.
These are patriots.
And what does the news do?
They don't exist.
If you are voting for Mr. Trump, that is Donald J. Trump.
They just voted for Trump, but CNN says every damn one went for Biden.
You just saw the fraud for yourself.
Those are the electors.
Let's keep going.
I mean, you are seeing history.
That's how it works.
You're suddenly in history, and you're in a B-17 over Nazi Germany.
Or you're in a nuclear war.
Or you're watching, you know, I mean, that's how this works.
You're just in it now.
It's like there's no way to describe it.
And then what happens when they say that no one voted for Trump, and then they just did?
Man, they're planning something big.
They're going to blow up some stuff.
They're going to shoot up some black churches and blame it on me or something.
I'm telling you.
Because they're all over the news saying I'm saying kill Biden.
No, I'm not.
Why would I interrupt the enemy while they're destroying themselves?
I don't want nothing to happen to Biden but him to go to prison.
Keep going.
So they all voted for it.
They announced it.
Guys, grab that right side.
It's so good.
Look, we need your support.
Because we're tip of the spear.
We put up the hard talking points before others have the will to pick it up.
But right side.
Uh, OAN.
Gateway Pundit, they all deserve your support.
We do, too.
I'm so busy in this fight, I barely plug.
We're bringing in less money this December than we did last December.
And, you know, I guess it means nobody gets a raise, and we lace people up, but we're gonna be alright.
We're gonna be able to make it into next year.
With all the censorship and attacks, though, you need to keep this on the air.
Do your Christmas shopping with us.
They're great products.
You need them.
Alpha Power's back in stock.
Turbo Force is back in stock.
Crank it back up.
Go ahead.
They do this thing of courage, this thing of truth.
They're faithful.
They're saying, no, that was a fraud.
They violated it.
Trump was winning until they closed the polls.
We're doing the right thing.
That's why you have electors.
This is what Pelosi tried to get people to do, but they wouldn't do it because it was a fraud.
These are real folks.
These are good people.
They're not being pushed around and run over.
They know they're going to be persecuted.
Look at that woman.
Look at that man.
They all feel good right now.
They're alive, dammit!
They stand up for something!
And now the media will not let you see that leadership because they know it will get you to take action.
Not with a gun, not violently, but by doing the right thing.
Mr. Law, Mr. Law, your ballots.
Mr. Meehan, your ballots.
They're going to read it, announce it?
And they went and delivered those to the statehouse right behind them.
But again, in Michigan, not allowed in.
We've been told by the bureaucrats that the electors are here.
Look, electors formally cast Nevada's six votes for Biden.
Donald J. Trump of the state of Florida, having received six electoral votes, is declared the winner of the electoral votes for the state of Nevada.
We will now do the certification of the votes of the electors from Nevada for president.
So again, folks.
You just saw the news say that they voted for Biden.
They didn't.
And they're wearing masks on Skype.
Gerald Solente takes over.
This is revolution, folks.
We're in it.
Civil War is here.
Stay with us.
Hello, hello, hello.
Great being on the Alex Jones Show.
Thank you all for all you do.
Great staff.
Dedicated people.
Bringing freedom and truth.
As we try to do with the Trans-Gerald.
Not we try to do, we do.
And it's costly.
And it could be deadly.
I just got a
Notice today that it has been reported out of California, throughout a spectrum of we don't know where yet, that Gerald Salenti died.
He was delivered food by a Uber driver from takeout from a restaurant and was poisoned.
And he died in the hospital.
That's the word that's circulating.
My cousin called me up.
Oh, thank God you're okay.
She went on to tell me what she heard.
It was a movie that was made about my aunt, or as they say, aunt, Tzitzi.
Tzitzi is the Neapolitan dialect for auntie.
And one of my books, What Tzitzi Gave Honey Boy, a true story about love, wisdom, and the soul of America.
It was a different soul.
It was the real soul of America.
These were the immigrants that came here.
The land of opportunity.
And made it.
And she was the last one living.
And they made a movie about it.
It was called Zitzy and Honey Boy.
And the call we got was from California.
That's where they heard it, without going to the who and the when.
The Who and The Connection.
But it had to do with the movie that the person knew about.
So it came from California.
Doris Roberts, the woman who played the mother in that TV show, Everyone Loves Raymond, played my Aunt Zinzi.
And then she died shortly after.
Let me make 15 minutes of the movie.
I think it's available on Amazon.
My life is being threatened, and this isn't the first time, but this was a serious one.
I'm in the fight.
I'm in the fight for freedom.
Brad Steiner.
Bradley J. Steiner.
Another Bronx guy.
Real Bronx guy.
I'm only a little bit of a Bronx guy compared to him.
Bradley Steiner is America's top close combat martial artist.
Renowned for his work.
And he passed away last Saturday.
A week ago Saturday.
And he writes for the Trends Journal.
He'll still be publishing his articles.
He published so many things on survivalism.
The Trends Journal is about, you know, 80 to 100 pages a week.
Brad Steiner's survivalism is the fourth most read story.
And we write about economy, you know, on and on.
Very serious stuff.
So I'm in the Brad Steiner fight.
And it's a fight for my life and a fight for your life.
Because they're taking our life away from us.
What we were taught in close combat was to get the human spirit back in your soul.
They took it away from us.
When I was a kid, again, I grew up in the Bronx and we moved to Yonkers.
I was the smallest kid.
Well, throughout the years.
Matter of fact, I have a picture here of my first communion with Teresa McKelvey.
Here we are.
She's a whole head taller than me.
The size never made any difference in love or the fight.
They teach in the Catholic Church that you reach the age of reason at seven years old.
And that's why he could receive the body and blood of Christ.
I reached the age of reason at seven years old.
I was in love with Teresa McKelvey.
Yeah, here I am.
It's a little before that.
And I was the toughest kid.
And I get in a fight one time, like in the fifth grade, and I put my fingers in a guy's mouth and I'm ripping it.
And I learned how to fight naturally, you know.
Your little kids get picked on first, so you learn how to fight.
Brad Steiner wasn't a big guy either.
And then the nuns got the word from the mothers and the kids crying.
And one day, Sister Marie Rosaire, yeah, Sister of the Prince of Peace, grabs me by my little blue tie.
Bam, bam, bam, bam, bam!
Blew out my middle ear and broke my eardrum.
And then left me back that year.
So I became the stupidest kid in the school as well.
And I lost my fight for many years.
I was the same name.
I got to fight back through close combat.
There's not a person on the planet that would try to inject a vaccine into Bradley Steiner.
Bring out your best.
And guess what?
There's not a person on the planet that's going to vaccinate me either.
And a great vaccination is underway.
You better watch out.
You better not cry.
You better get vaccinated.
I'm telling you why.
Satan Claus is coming to town.
It's all the news.
Getting vaccinated.
We are in the fight for our lives.
My life is now being threatened.
This was the message.
And all you people that send me food and things, please don't.
I won't eat it.
And I appreciate it all.
The drug companies are no more than drug gangs.
They're gangs.
That's all.
They're drug lords.
Lords and ladies.
Telling you that you must get vaccinated.
Mother Nature doesn't count.
Maybe you couldn't smoke that weed.
No, that'll kill you.
Yeah, but now we'll get taxes from it and let you smoke it.
You cannot be healed naturally.
It is against the law.
You must get vaccinated.
I'm fighting the Bradley Steiner fight.
I'm fighting for my life.
It's life or death.
They're not going to stop me.
They may kill me.
And I don't want to die for a cause just because.
But I don't dig living hell on earth.
And that's what they've turned us into.
Satan clauses come to town.
You will not sing Christmas carols.
How about if we don't call him Carol?
Could we call him somebody else?
Christmas Johns?
Maybe then we could do it?
Just joking.
You will not celebrate the birth of the Prince of Peace.
And this shot they're showing you, that's all they show.
Front cover of the Cartoon News Network, right here, on their homepage.
That's everywhere.
I see you
We're going to be right back.
Support InfoWall.
Support Troop.
Great being on.
Alex Jones Show and InfoWall.
And our our our lives are at stake.
It's as simple as that.
What's happened in this year 2020.
Who would have ever who would have ever believed this a year ago that you would not be
That you would be told not to celebrate Christmas.
You were told not to celebrate the Prince of Peace's birthday.
You wouldn't believe it.
No one would.
And now most are doing it.
70% of the people aren't going to be making travel plans this Christmas.
They're not going to be spending time with their loved ones.
I have a sister in a nursing home.
My sister Grace.
Couldn't ask for a better sister.
I read about her in my book.
She lost about a quarter of her hand when she was a kid.
She broke her arm.
And they put the cast on wrong.
And they put the traction bar under her thumb.
And when they took it off, she was crying and crying.
But in those days, in the early 50s, the doctors were like gods.
They called her a crybaby.
And she lost her hand.
She fell off a bicycle and broke her arm.
That was what happened.
Anyway, great, great sister.
Real fighter.
And she's in a nursing home.
And about 90 miles away from me, I used to try to visit her at least once a month, twice a month.
I cooked for her, baked peppers and eggs and macaroni and all the stuff that she loves.
And I can't see her.
And every day I call her, I try every day.
And she always cries.
Oh, I miss you.
I miss you.
Haven't seen her since last February.
The propaganda that's being sold to us.
You see it in the paper.
They show a story, heartbreaking story, and the mother dies in a nursing home.
And the nurses, this is in the New York Times, put the mother in front of the window as the children wave goodbye to her.
What kind of sick crap is this?
Oh, when I yell, people say, don't yell.
Oh, don't yell.
Get on board to Auschwitz.
When you're in the fight, by the way, you yell.
What difference would it make?
What difference would it make if the mother is dying and the daughter is holding her mother and crying and kissing her goodbye?
She's gonna die.
I don't know, you're gonna give her the COVID and she'll die 18ths of a second earlier.
Get this in your head, everyone.
The drug mob is in control.
It's a gang.
They're mobsters.
They're drug dealers.
You got it?
You got it?
My sister Grace's daughter died.
Odine on opiates.
They're drug dealers!
And now they're dealing their vaccination, and the slimy prostitutes are selling it front page, everywhere, every place, every day.
Here it is in the toilet paper record today.
What's the stupid headline?
As told, near 300,000 first doses of vaccine race across the nation.
Packing Pfizer vaccines doses with dry ice to keep them 94 degrees below zero.
About 3 million doses began to ship on Sunday.
Isn't that great?
Isn't that great?
That's news.
They're killing us.
And they're going to try to kill anybody that wants to stop them because they're the mob.
And the mob will kill you.
They got a great track record at doing it.
Media's not going to come out against him.
Look at that lowlife, slimy piece of scum crap, Bill Clinton.
He was the one that allowed all the murderous things that he's done, allowed them to advertise on TV.
Why do you think they're promoting it?
It was in 1997.
They weren't allowed to put these stupid ads.
You can't make this stuff up.
You have these happy people.
Oh, they're suffering from a chronic disease that's killing them.
But they take this drug and it's happy days all year.
What a great time I'm having.
And then they give you a hefty thing about how this stuff is killing your body organs in all different ways.
But the brainwashed still take the drugs because they become addicted to them.
And they're too lazy to take their health into consideration.
And again, I have an honorary doctorate from the National University of Health Sciences for the work I've done in integrative and complementary medicine.
The first book I worked on was natural healing back in the mid-80s when no one was talking about this stuff.
I shouldn't say no one, very few people.
We're in war with drug dealers.
This is unprecedented.
This thing just came out.
There's no long-term test, as Alex was saying, the Pfizer people themselves.
And we're writing it in the Trends Journal.
They don't know the long-term effects of this.
And they put this baloney out there, as they did.
ICU nurse describes what it's like to get the coronavirus vaccine.
What the hell do I care what somebody, one person said?
Oh, but she's an ICU nurse.
How about taking that F-U-C nurse?
Well, you'll believe it.
And most people will.
This may be the beginning of the elimination of civilization.
This is just the beginning of it.
They're gonna tell us that not everybody has to get vaccinated.
Satan Claus has come to town.
You better be good, I'm telling you why.
Satan Claus is coming to town.
He knows when you've been sleeping.
He knows when you're awake.
He knows if you've been vaccinated.
Once you're all vaccinated, for goodness sake, then maybe next Christmas,
We'll allow you to see your family.
You better do all you can to stand up and fight.
How do you do it?
You support InfoWars.
Buy their products.
They're doing the best they can to tell it like it is.
You don't have to agree with everything.
I don't.
I support their big picture, big time.
They're about peace, justice, and the American way.
This election is being stolen right in front of our eyes.
As I said to Alex last week, the Supreme Court, they're members of the club.
And of course, the Trends Journal.
There's no magazine like it.
Tell you what's going on, what's next, what it means, and what to do about it.
How to prepare.
And yeah, our top trends for 2021 just came out.
And I'll talk a little bit about them when we get back.
But it's really up to you.
You think anybody gives a damn if I'm dead?
Hey, remember that guy Salenti?
Who cares?
It was a guy whose name was John F. Kennedy.
He was murdered November 22nd, 1963.
Go back to all the newspapers this past November 22nd.
Read all about Kennedy's assassination.
You know what you'll find?
Not one word.
Gone and forgotten.
Martin Luther King?
They don't like you, you're away.
I'm fighting the Brad Steiner fight.
In memory of a man who gave so many so much for them to be themselves.
That's all it's about.
You being you.
To the truth.
We'll be back.
Hello, hello.
Great being on the Alex Jones Show.
And as I said, it's up to you to support the truth and let freedom ring, because it's not ringing anymore.
They're locking us down, locking us out, locking our lives away.
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Prepare for the worst.
If the worst doesn't happen and you're prepared, you lose nothing.
If the worst happens and you're not prepared, you lose everything.
So, the hysteria that they're selling, and by the way, this was the book I worked on, Natural Healing.
It was a Warner book.
It was no little book.
It's like 1986 or five.
And when I said I knew a thing about John F. Kennedy.
That's me in front of the Book Depository.
Actually, it's a side the Book Depository in Dallas, Texas, with.
This gentleman over here, where are we?
Backwards here in the camera.
That's me with the mustache and the beard.
John Connolly, the guy that took the bullet in the back.
May he rest in peace.
And his wife, Nellie, may she rest in peace.
Parked out in front of the Book Depository.
1992, first time back since the assassination.
Tell him what happened that day.
So, nobody cares about the death of anybody.
Life goes on.
He had Veterans Day, it was hardly remembered.
December 7th.
So this is the propaganda that they're selling out there.
It's just terrible.
When the anti-masker is your employee.
This is the top story in the so-called business section of this Sunday's New York Times.
I'm an on-site manager and co-owner of a public-facing small business.
Whatever a public-facing small business is.
This is by Roxanne Gay.
Since reopening, we followed strict guidelines of mandatory masks, social distancing, temperature checks at the door.
Any sound suggestion by scientists is taken seriously by me and most of the staff.
This is total propaganda.
What scientist you listening to, Junior?
Or Junior S?
Oh, the people that you believe?
Like little Fauci fraud?
Oh, he's the number one guy!
The prostitutes tell me that.
The media whores that get paid to put out by their corporate pimps and their government whoremasters.
But I have one employee who thinks it's a hoax.
She has begrudgingly followed our protocols, but puts up an argument every time we add a new restriction.
Every time we add a new restriction?
Based on no science?
You know the deal where they're closing down restaurants, and what is the contraction rate around 2% of that?
1, 5, 3?
3, 5?
But the scientists, anyway... We're all so weary.
Today I snapped and said, hey, knock it off!
I feel terrible.
I know better.
I did apologize.
But how can we move forward?
She's our best employee.
Clients adore her.
And I've invested a lot in her.
Do I cut my losses and just let her go?
Do more educational training with her?
More educational brainwashing with her?
And here's the answer.
I never want to advocate for someone losing their job.
Especially in this economy.
But your employees' beliefs are dangerous?
I am Roxanne Gay!
Roxanne not so gay.
How about Roxanne gutless?
How about Roxanne arrogant?
How about a Roxanne excuse me?
Roxanne, Roxanne.
What a bunch of crap.
She may not believe in COVID-19, but it certainly believes in her and everyone she comes in contact with.
Look at this propaganda!
COVID-19 believes in her!
Believes in her!
Anyone who refuses to believe in science
Cannot be educated or trained.
Everyone does not believe in the BS that I believe in.
That everyone that doesn't have a mind as tiny as my little Roxanne mind.
Anyone that doesn't swallow the crap that I swallow.
Anyone who refuses to believe in science cannot be educated or trained.
Sorry, I'm not sure what you're doing, so I'm not sure your time or resources would be well spent in doing more training with her.
In other words, if she doesn't believe the crap you're shoving down your throat that I'm shoving down your throat, get rid of her!
You're the boss!
So, you make exceptions clear.
She's entitled to her beliefs.
When she is at work, she must comply with whatever health protocols you put in place.
Whatever health protocols you, you stupid jerk that don't know crap about health, put in place.
If she chooses not to comply, it's time to end her employment.
You don't want to expose your customers, other employees, or yourself to the virus or such toxic
No, Ms.
You have toxic arrogance and toxic ignorance.
I write a magazine that puts your little toilet paper, the crap that it is, to shame.
You don't come close to the Trends Journal.
We have the facts and you're selling hate and propaganda.
The toilet paper record.
The New York Times.
One story after another.
After students came back, death rose in College Town.
And they go on to say, you know how many people died?
And you know who they were?
They don't tell you who.
It could be college employees.
Since the pandemic began,
March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December.
Nine months has indicated more than 397,000 infections at more than 1,800 colleges and universities.
397,090 deaths.
90 deaths and most of them were elderly people.
By the way, Gerald, we're out of time.
You are awesome.
You have absolutely destroyed it again today.
We love you.
We appreciate your passion.
We're all getting death-ready right now.
You're in the great club.
It means you're at the tip of the spear.
We salute you.
And of course, The Gateway Planner has a big article.
Same amount of deaths, roughly, as last year in the United States than this year.
It's all a giant fraud.
We'll have final numbers here at the end of the month.
Everybody should get their vitamins, as you know, to stop that.
Thank you so much.
We're out of time.
Right now is starting the War Room with myself and, of course, Harrison Smith, who's filling in for Owen, who blew his voice out.
I know the feeling in D.C.
We're taking over with huge news on Nevada and the electors and what really happened.
This is some of the biggest news ever.
Join us right now in the War Room.
Ho ho ho ho!
Merry Christmas!
The globalists are fighting as hard as they can to not just shut down InfoWars, but shut down every independent, pro-human, pro-America, pro-God, pro-family organization on the planet.
But out of all the organizations valiantly fighting back, InfoWars is the strongest, InfoWars is the most informed, and the most focused, and we have the biggest audience of amazing activists of every race, color, and creed that is you.
So as they attack our freedom, and attack our very nation, and attack our electoral system, and attack our election, and as they attack our very genetics with a deadly mRNA sterilizing vaccine that's now confirmed, understand that it's always darkest before the dawn, and now the enemy is out in the open.
So, give the gift of information, give the gift of truth, give the gift of understanding what's happening this Christmas and holiday season.
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We've got their number.
And all we've got to do is expose their whole operation and tell people what's coming next.
And when the next thing comes true, your credibility will skyrocket.
And then they'll really be listening to you and you'll be a leader in your area to help lead the resistance.
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And we just pray that America and the whole world pray to God for providence and to support and for success and to give us the discernment and the will and the focus to lead God and direct us in victory.
And we pledge our blood, our names, everything with the sacred altar of God to resist this satanic force.
And we ask God for strength.
And we salute all those who have supported us and are here today.
And we ask for victory in our Lord and Savior's name, Jesus Christ.
Hey, yo, Seth.
What's good, bruh?
Hey yo, the fly's in the room.
Yeah, you know it's me.
He's hatin' on him cause he started out here locally.
Hopefully, I'll be at the top soon.
For now, I'm at my house, on the couch, watching cartoons.
You know how much you love it when you get it in abundance.
Give a f**k about a budget when you always be the subject of discussion.
But it's nothing when you stop and just say f**k. Cause you walkin' out in public and you hear him talkin' rubbish.
I just wanna rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap,
We gon' take over the world when I'm on my Donald Trump.
Look at all this money.
Ain't that some?
Take over the world when I'm on my Donald Trump.
Look at all this money.
Ain't that some?
We gon' take over the world.
Why these haters gettin' mad?
That's why all my bitches mad.
They see this crazy life I have and they in awe.
We gon' win.
You can take the lose or draw.
But I'm in.
Got these hoes who used to play me in they brawls.
We gon' take over the world.
N31 is here to stop the steal!
I want to salute you all here who are in defiance today!
Give it up for Alex Jones everybody!
And right here today, in front of the Supreme Court, I declare that Donald J. Trump won re-election in 2020!
We're good.
InfoWars has proven itself vital to the future of the Republic and vital to the future of human liberty and freedom.
And I'm very honored to be in this position.
I'm very thankful to you for keeping us in the fight.
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That that funds an organization that the globalists absolutely hate.
We are like nails on a chalkboard to them.
We are over the target.
We do not back down.
We are unfiltered.
We are historically accurate.
We have incredible guests.
We are the blood of freedom.
You are the blood of freedom.
We are symbiotic.
And it's just like a family line.
Just like you go back to your earliest ancestors tens of thousands of years ago into the future.
We are one family.
We are one body together.
We cannot let Infowars die, and it's under such attack, but because of you we've persevered, and now we've gone from 50-50 people hating us, and loving us, to like 90%.
We've hit the zeitgeist, and I know it's an incredible responsibility.
You look at videos of me two years ago, I look 10 years younger.
People say, you know, Jones, you sell your supplements, you look like hell.
I have chosen to take on everything, and everything to hurt me.
Because it gives me greater discernment.
It's psychological, it's spiritual, but I can ignore things.
I can cut off pain, but I have chosen the way of pain.
And I have chosen to take all this on.
So my beard's gone gray the last year.
It's why I'm, you know, I'm killing myself.
But it's a good mission.
And it was with the supplements and the rest of it.
I couldn't do what I do, but I'm working 18 hours a day.
I sleep.
I have dreams about fighting the New World Order.
If there was ever anybody in modern history totally committed to fighting the operations of the New World Order,
It's InfoWars, so thank you for your support.
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