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Name: 20201209_Wed_Alex
Air Date: Dec. 9, 2020
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In his show, Alex Jones discusses InfoWars' growing popularity despite censorship efforts. He highlights recent victories like Greg Kelly from Newsmax beating a Fox News host in ratings and InfoWars being the top show on cloud TV when combined with other news channels. Jones encourages listeners to support local stations by becoming sponsors or contacting their cable providers to air InfoWars. In his radio show, he addresses the COVID-19 pandemic, claiming that the PCR test is flawed and leading to false positives. He urges listeners to fight against these lies surrounding the pandemic and highlights court cases related to this issue as well as actions taken by Florida and a Portuguese higher court decision exposing the PCR test as fraudulent.

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They come out and say, do not take the mRNA vaccine if you've got any allergies.
It might kill you.
And they go, what allergies?
They go peanut, shellfish, bee stings.
What did I tell you yesterday and a thousand times?
I've read the damn literature.
If you've ever had a cytokine storm in your life and swole up red and not been able to breathe like most of us have, you live long enough, you can't take this!
It can kill you!
Okay, don't take it if you've ever had an allergy.
Oh, by the way, six people died in the Pfizer study.
Oh, by the way, a lot of people got Guillain-Barre.
And you know, 10,000 kids did get narcolepsy.
Some died from the flu shot in Sweden.
Oh, and 59 died here from the flu shot.
Oh, and, oh, by the way, this doesn't even protect, and then the scientists look at what's in this stuff and they go, this doesn't even protect you from COVID-19.
This has got a protein that's the same as this other 10-year-old mRNA vaccine that sterilizes pigs.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
The Matrix is a system, Neil.
That system is our enemy.
When you're inside, you look around, what do you see?
Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters.
The very minds of the people we are trying to save.
But until we do, these people are still a part of that system, and that makes them our enemy.
You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged.
And many of them are so inert, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it.
Anybody who believes things that they know aren't true, but they'll fight for them.
Do you know people that know that the things they believe aren't true, but yet they'll get angry at you and fight for them?
There's a weirdness to that.
The Matrix is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.
What truth?
They're watching you, Neo.
Yes, you are a cancer of this planet and we are the cure.
Get me the hell out of here!
Welcome to the real world.
This program contains language and sequences some viewers may find disturbing.
The nation and all of our freedoms hang by a thread, and the military apparatus of this country is about to be handed over to scum!
For beholden to scum!
Russian scum!
Please listen.
If you don't, if you won't,
If you fail to understand, then the same incredible terror that's menacing me will striken you!
The function of all life is survival.
Oh my God!
Oh my God!
Oh my God!
Lock the door!
Lock the door!
They're coming!
They're coming!
They're coming!
They're coming!
Listen to me!
Help me!
Your necks!
Your necks!
They're in danger!
Please, listen to me!
Something terrible!
Your necks!
Here they are!
They're already here!
Your necks!
They're coming!
They're coming!
The seed is planted.
Terror grows.
Elizabeth, wake up!
That's you in his sleep!
Sit up!
Invasion of the Body Snatchers.
All of a sudden, they're growing like parasites.
Is it contagious?
It looked right at me.
You need to get out!
You're looking at it as if it was human.
I'm not human.
Now, the classic fear begins to grow.
We're being cornered!
In a modern masterpiece of science fiction.
They're barricading the street.
Invasion of the Bison.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
It's Alex Jones.
There's a lot of controversy around this network about Alex Jones, for example.
Alex Jones, the far-right conspiracy theorist who is apparently... It's Alex Jones!
Russian scum!
The Dolores comes to mind.
Your reputation's amazing.
I will not let you down.
You will be very, very impressed, I hope.
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen.
Welcome and thank you for joining us.
It is Wednesday, December 9th.
The year is 2020.
I am your host, Alex Jones.
We're going to be here for the next four hours live ahead of the War Room with Owen Schroyer, right here on the InfoWars Network.
These are very trying times, but for every action there's an equal and opposite reaction.
That's what Newtonian physics tell us, and that's what our own eyes and experiences show us here in the third dimension.
And as Fox News turns against President Trump against an America, we have seen an exodus away from them to Newsmax, an exodus to OAN, an exodus to Right Side, which is wonderful.
But what's not been talked about is the exodus to Infowars that's been the most hardcore and most over the target.
We have gained in the last week, I said on Monday, 30 plus new cable stations.
Now it's over 50 cable stations, TV stations, and just radio affiliates are pouring in because folks now go, wow, that guy wasn't crazy, and his show gets top ratings, so put him on.
So support local stations that were already on, radio, TV, and cable.
Spread the word about them, become a sponsor, support their sponsors.
That's wonderful.
But if you're listening to me over the internet, or over a podcast, or a video later,
Call your local TV station, your local cable station, and say, hey, Alex Jones' show, and David Knight, and Owen Schroer, and election countdown that's ongoing, that Robert Barnes is going to start co-hosting again next week with John Lorraine, 7 to 9.
It's all live, and it's all free to air.
The TV and cable is.
Because I completely control that.
I'm able to do it.
So you can put your local commercials over all of our ads.
We have all the tones, all the codes, all the fanciest stuff, all the best satellites.
This is where you can hook right in and just contact our affiliate folks at InfoWars.com forward slash affiliate.
And the globalist demonization campaign against InfoWars, uh, I knew that their plan was going to roll out.
I knew they were just getting rid of us first before they shut everybody else down.
So I knew if we could hold on, we would explode on the other side and really have a shot at defeating the globalist.
That has now happened.
But again, over 50 cable stations, some huge.
In just the last week.
And again, they're happy for us to advertise them, but we do that, the left might send a hateful email or threaten something.
So all we do is we just don't promote it.
We don't list the affiliates.
The left's already gotten their names, gotten their info.
It doesn't hurt anybody.
It's the mouse that roars.
It's just an example of how the NFL bends over and everybody else bends over the threat of the left.
But with traditional talk radio and then local cable and TV stations, they are giving the left a big finger.
And I'm never really busy promoting ourselves, though I need to at this critical juncture because we're exploding so fast.
And I want to thank everybody for your support, keeping us in this position to be here at this moment of vindication.
But we are going to get some quotes from TV stations and radio stations the next week through affiliate relations so we can quote them saying, we put Alex Jones on in fill in our city on one of our sub HD channels.
That had no ratings, and now it's the number one show in the city.
Not just our station.
I mean, that's the stories I've got out of New York, upstate New York, out of Rochester, places like that.
That's the reports we've got out of places like Kansas City, Missouri, and Wichita, Kansas, and Oklahoma City, and areas of California and Minnesota.
We just got
24 cable systems and over 10 TV stations in Minnesota this week.
I mean, in fact, when I said 50 plus, it's actually more than that.
This is very exciting, ladies and gentlemen.
Very, very exciting.
And so let's give some more happiness here.
Historic event.
History made.
Newsmax host Greg Kelly scores ratings win over Fox News host
In first ever event.
So that's what's happening.
I mean, look, we've been taking off almost every box system that plugs into the internet and quote gives you cable.
But cloud TV is owned by Patriots.
They put us on two years ago.
We're number one on cloud TV.
And if you combine all news channels together, including OAN, we're bigger than all of them.
Newsmax, OAN, all of them together.
And again, they're kind of shocked by that.
They even moved us.
Used to, we were at the top, because whatever was number one, they put at the top.
They kind of moved us to the bottom.
Like, well, he just dominates too much.
We kind of hide his link.
Maybe these channels will get some more viewers.
And I'm not in competition with those folks.
I love OAN.
I really like Newsmax.
It's just that
It's just funny, because we have more viewers than all of them combined on cloud TV.
Obviously, OAN is on a bunch more cable systems and satellite systems, and I love it, and I hope OAN or Newsmax become the number one stations.
I don't care.
In fact, I hope somebody comes up a lot better than I am, smarter than I am, to turn the tide, defeat the globalists.
I'll retire next week and hang up my spurs.
But we are number one.
In places like Orlando, they put us on a 10,000 watt station up against a 50,000 watt station with Rush Limbaugh, and within six months we were number one.
And then they came in and leased out the station for ESPN.
A year later, they dumped the contract, brought us back, ratings went back up.
I mean, that's just how it works.
That's something local stations and small stations do, medium-sized stations do.
They put me on,
We get massive ratings for them and then they're able to get ratings to lease out station.
So again, not about Alex Jones being successful or cool.
It's about you wanting freedom and the message being popular.
So let me give you the good news.
This show is like having a ice cold water stand in the middle of the Sahara Desert giving out free ice water.
It's popular as hell.
It's as popular as snow cones in hell.
Because people want freedom, and they want justice, and they want hard-hitting, straight talk, and we're gonna give it to you unvarnished, unfiltered.
Do we make mistakes?
Damn right we do.
We're the first to admit it when we do.
So, I just want to tell everybody, if you're watching a local station, or listening to a local station, thank them, spread the word about them, paint their call letters on the side of your barn, tell folks at the grocery store and church about it, continually.
If you don't have a local station, radio, TV, or cable,
Call him and say, hey, Alex Jones is vindicated, his show's exploding, and you should pick it up.
Or if you want something even more, let's say, cerebral, not as extreme, David Knight, Owen Schroer does an amazing job.
Whatever your flavor is, stick your toe in.
Pick up David Knight or pick up Owen Schroer.
I don't care.
Pick up.
We have 10 hours, well, no, 12 hours a day of live shows and then retransmissions.
And it's all there on the satellites.
We've got the high-tech systems that you dial in to get the streams from us or the HD downloads.
But it's all free to air except for radios.
I'm still partnered with Ted Anderson.
Great guy on GCN.
About half of our radio stations are still with him.
We love Ted.
I've worked with Ted 20 plus years.
One of my first big sponsors 24 years ago.
And so I've been loyal to Ted.
He's been loyal to me.
He's been a great friend.
So we cannot do free to air.
You get half the ads if you're on radio.
And then GCN gets the other half and I get half of those.
So basically I get a quarter.
Ted gets a quarter.
Local stations get half the ads on radio.
That's how it operates.
But for TV, baby,
We got 14 minutes of ads an hour on the other shows.
We've gone down to six for TV.
Sunday live, election countdown with Deanna Lorraine and coming back to next Monday, Robert Barnes, constitutional lawyer.
And so they're doing a great job, seven to nine.
And that's hard-hitting stuff you're going to get.
Now listen, Barnes doesn't want me to say this, so I'm not going to tell you, but you can put two and two together.
He's working with the highest folks in the country and behind the scenes and he's going to join us coming up in the next hour and explain what happened.
He told me days ago.
He said the Philadelphia Pennsylvania suit will be thrown out.
Supreme Court doesn't want it because it didn't ask the right questions.
You don't have a lot of evidence.
They want it as a state coming in because the state has more standing to be able to put in more evidence and other states can join it.
That's the chain reaction.
They want to give it back to the states.
And call for legislatures to have emergency sessions to override the fraud.
Well, that's why they got out the Pennsylvania one.
They're all saying a repudiation of Trump, a repudiation of Giuliani, it's all over.
No, they want to take one suit and have that be the one.
And notice they took Texas up, put it on the docket.
The other, they refuse to hear.
Because they don't want to hear a whole bunch of them.
They may still betray America, but they wouldn't be doing that if they were
We're going to be doing that.
They would already just have thrown it out.
So this is not going to make the globalists happy.
And so this is one hell of a fight.
We've got to keep getting all the election fraud evidence out because the globalists are trying to suppress that to make it look illegitimate to even question.
Google has announced any criticism of the election will be banned.
We're talking Venezuela meets 1984 meets Soviet Russia meets Adolf Hitler meets Mao Tse-Tung and Buck Rogers, baby.
I mean, this is crazy.
We'll be right back.
Well, you play some music from the 60s.
They talk about Merry Christmas.
And the 80s and the 90s, the 2000s.
But now you don't say it.
It's offensive.
But a convicted child molester coming to your school unannounced and saying they're a drag queen having your son or daughter bounce on their crotch.
Well, they have an erection inside their pants.
That's okay.
It's all part of the sick laugh scene we didn't get away with.
Now, I've had a big brainstorm, a big epiphany.
I'm going to try next segment to lay it all out and really square up with you, really level with you, shoot you straight, without any exaggeration.
And that means, though, that I've got to really tell you some horrifying stuff.
Because I don't exaggerate.
People think it's hyperbole here.
And the reality is so insane that people can't believe it.
And that's how it's beating us.
I got three phone calls this morning telling me about the same thing from totally separate different people.
And that's when you know you've hit a zeitgeist.
Three different people.
One texted me, two called me and said, have you heard what's in this new vaccine?
They were sending me videos.
They were sending me articles.
I'm going to show you what three different people sent me here in a moment.
Now, two of them basically sent me the same thing.
One of them actually sent me a scientific document.
But the point is they were having that come to Jesus moment where there are the entire genome of a cloned boy, a baby they killed in 1966.
Yeah, this is old technology.
In the mRNA vaccine from AstraZeneca.
And they put the entire genome of a baby boy they killed in 1966 into your body.
Now see, the left will be like, I don't care if it's somebody's DNA.
Well, how about you know what that means?
Because I've got all these scientists and all these doctors explaining, and these geneticists, that this is pure experimentation.
And that this type of DNA
Is a type of DNA that programs DNA, and it's really only supposed to be from the sperm and the egg.
I mean, this is, this is like in a movie where the scientist injects somebody and they mutate and turn into something else.
I mean, this is so bold, so insane, so revolutionary, so over the top, that I am just completely dumbfounded and stunned.
That they would go this hard, this direct.
But I remember Mike Adams was on.
Like two years ago, I wrote an article in Natural News freaking out going, the entire genome is in this new mRNA vaccine for the flu.
And he wrote, I remember hearing that and looking at it going, yeah, it is a whole person's genome.
Well, that's what's in this particular mRNA one.
And now they've got, I mean, the former chief medical officer of Pfizer saying, this will sterilize women.
We've got the head of the EU Medical Commission saying that the super prestigious Italian doctors, Indian doctors,
I mean, it's cut and dry, but see, it's Stockholm Syndrome.
See, I'm an alpha male, so when I was a kid...
I had the alpha genes, I guess, and I'd see a super movie like Jason, 513, where a guy's coming at you with a knife and you don't fight back and you run, you fall down, you bleed.
I thought that was fake.
I've grown up now.
Actually, the average man or woman does fall down and starts groveling and going, please, no, no, no!
But now, actually, if Jason pulled a knife out, the average liberal would run up and grab it and go, I love you, I love you, this is good for me!
I mean, because that's what Stockholm Syndrome is.
Joe Rogan had this weird, effeminate, let's mean to women, whatever he was, blob creature on his show.
I sent the clip to you a couple days ago.
It's a headline like...
Joe Rogan questions, you know, Bill Gates, why is 80% getting sick, something like that.
And the guy's like, I really want it.
I'll take whatever they tell me.
I trust them.
And Joe's like, yeah, but you take the first shot of mRNA, and then the next one's when you get really sick, because you have an autoimmune response, and you have an allergic response that's really dangerous.
The guy goes, nonsense.
I love it.
I want it.
Yeah, this is the video.
And then right here, they come out and say, do not take the mRNA vaccine if you've got any allergies.
It might kill you.
What allergies?
They go peanut, shellfish, bee stings.
What did I tell you yesterday and a thousand times?
I've read the damn literature.
If you've ever had a cytokine storm in your life and swole up red and not been able to breathe like most of us have, you live long enough, you can't take this!
It can kill you!
But notice CNN's telling you, they're like, okay, don't take it if you've ever had an allergy.
Oh, by the way, six people died in the Pfizer study.
Oh, by the way, a lot of people got Guillain-Barre.
And you know, 10,000 kids did get narcolepsy.
Some died from the flu shot in Sweden.
Oh, and 59 died here from the flu shot.
Oh, and, oh, by the way, this doesn't even protect, and then the scientists look what's in this stuff.
They go, this doesn't even protect you from COVID-19.
This has got a protein that's the same as this other 10-year-old mRNA vaccine that sterilizes pigs.
Beats the placenta.
Looks like it's... I mean... And then we've got all the women, yeah, that they've been injecting with it that can never have a baby again.
And you're like, well, that's a dumb, poor, native, savage.
Let her get sterilized.
You know what?
That's a human being.
And here's another thing, you jackass leftist.
You Stockholm Syndrome.
They're coming for you, you dumb sack of garbage!
The left is the most alone, most stupid, most thieving.
They don't live as long.
They're depressed.
The left are the cursed losers that have fallen first.
But, like Renfield serving Dracula, why go, oh yes, master, oh, oh, oh, can I do, I mean, that's who they are.
So stop bowing to them when they tell us how to talk or what to do or wear a mask.
These are the losers!
Who are organized into an army of lemmings who want to overrun other poor people so they can pretend to be their master.
Dracula doesn't give Renfield children like he gives his queens.
Renfield gets to eat bugs and maybe rats.
Please have a rat.
And all of that is archetypes of these very people.
In fact, get the rat-like creature.
There's a bunch of cussing on it, so edit it down.
Whatever his name is, give me his name in the video.
I want to play this, because his voice starts, he goes, I like the vaccines!
He starts like, snorting and honking like a warthog.
He's a journalist.
And he's up there telling you, it's all wonderful, and it's all perfect.
Okay, I said I'd cover it next segment, I'm already getting into it.
I've done hours of research, quietly reading this, and then I get on air, and I just, I just... By the way, you know this sack of garbage isn't taking the shots himself.
He just wants to grovel to the system.
You ever wonder why the system, Ryan Stelter, all of them look like this?
I mean, I'm not saying that this guy is, uh, well, you know what?
I'm just saying, if I was casting a movie for a creepy dude that serves Count Dracula,
And grabs kids off the streets and takes them to a dungeon to be this guy.
In fact, we found someone creepier than Brian Stelter.
I forget his name, but we'll talk about it.
But those of us tied into the life force, do we behave like we're living dead?
No, we're on fire with the spirit of Genesis!
Okay folks, we're back live here.
Doing the best we can to cover all this for you.
This is some really heavy stuff and, you know, it's hard to just sit up here and talk about all this and watch the mass Stockholm Syndrome and watch everybody marching to their own destruction and keep a cool head about it.
Because this has all been psychologically engaged in to incrementally just prepare you for the horrors that are coming.
Because they got to get to a point where they're not just sterilizing and killing and wiping out third world populations.
They want to kill you particularly.
But they want to slowly take all the wealth out of you while you die from all these new diseases they've developed with these new genetic engineering systems that are completely taking over the human body and rewriting every cell in you.
Other than the eyes and a few other tissues.
The eggs and the ovaries, as I said yesterday.
There is a large master plan behind all this, and the globalists have said what that plan is, and they admit they are testing on the people to reduce population while they develop gene therapies and advanced cloning technologies for themselves on a genetic path to immortality.
But more and more they believe in a silicon path to immortality, and those are two competing arms of what they're doing.
My frustration is simply trying to get people to think for themselves and to pull back and think like a globalist.
Don't agree with the evil and the corruption and they're in game, but look at the world as engineers and as scientists and as controllers, because we're never going to have a change of this system until we can meet them head on and have a discussion with them about what they're doing.
And again, this isn't about me, but who else is at this level?
You understand that the globalists have tried to buy me off 20 or 30 times.
The globalists kiss my ass.
I don't care about that.
That's why they want me.
They know I know their plan.
And they go, Jones, you know the plan.
You're supposed to be with us.
The public doesn't want to be saved.
They're dangerous.
We got to do this.
And then I sit here and people just think this is some joke we're up here doing.
This is not a joke.
I got a skull right here on the table.
It's not a plastic skull, this is a real skull.
And I got this to remind all of you what this is all about.
Because we're not just talking about the end of an individual.
We're talking about the end of the species.
And the fact that what the globalists are building is not a system to make this better.
But a system to destroy this, as they say, and to transcend it.
And if you had any gray matter inside your head, and if you weren't dead inside, you'd know that.
So I'm extremely angry.
Because I've intellectually looked at every angle of this, and I've sat there and I've read the New World Order statements thousands of times, and I've read them on air thousands of times.
Their plan is so complete.
Their plan is so thought out.
And their plan is so incredibly, totally hideous.
So why should we have to go through this?
I mean, I could sit here and show you their disinfo, their operations.
They're flaunting it in your face, what they're doing, how they're rolling it out.
We already told you all this before.
You've already figured it all out.
The question is, we have to stop behaving normally
When we go to the grocery store, or we go to church, we go anywhere, we've got to be telling people that there's this takeover happening, and we've got to be warning them about what's about to happen to them.
Or when they get sterilized, or when they get epilepsy, or when they get Guillain-Barré's, or when they get narcolepsy, or when they get a brain tumor, or when their testicles literally fall off, or their ovaries literally
So that after they've been damaged, because we know they're not going to listen now, they'll listen later and warn others.
And learn from their mistakes.
Because I believe you're not animals, and I believe you deserve to not have this done to you.
And I'll tell you why I'm sure of that.
History, research, the Holy Spirit, and just being around the New World Order, and watching them, and knowing how unhappy they are, and how robotic they are, and how cursed they are.
The system they've got, and who they are, and what they do, is not a place you want to be.
It's not something you want to be part of.
People aren't serious.
We've been raised as children, we watch TV, we screw around, and you're gonna get hurt real bad, folks.
You've already been hurt, and you're gonna just see things exponentially, like you're in a car, and you run up the median, and you can't believe you're flipping, and then you get out, and your arm's cut off, can't believe blood's spraying out.
I mean, that's where you are already, okay?
We've already been in the car wreck.
And there's time to patch all this up, but we have to repudiate the people in control of this and let them know we know their plan and let them know we're going to resist it.
Because that's the only thing on this planet that has standing is resisting this and saying no to it.
All right.
You know, I haven't really hit any of the news.
We've got Robert Barnes coming up.
And he's got Trump's real path to victory and what happened and why the Supreme Court didn't take the Pennsylvania case but took the Texas case.
Because the Texas case had better standing.
It wasn't about what was in the legislation.
It was about the standing that Texas and other states can now join and they can bring in evidence because they have standing representing the voters.
And they want this to be a state's movement against the election fraud, because the election fraud came out of the states.
So CNN's up there saying, oh, this all happened.
Trump's done.
Supreme Court refused to hear it.
But no coverage.
When it comes to the Texas case, with all the other states joining us.
He will be on with us in the second hour today via Skype.
But I will try my best judiciously to at least tell you what I'm going to cover in the third hour.
And I'll try to smooth out and do it as best I can.
And that deals with the COVID-19 bioweapon attack.
And I'm not talking about the virus.
I'm talking about the response is the bioweapon attack.
And that's not my opinion.
That's top scientists, medical doctors, the top lawyer, professor, author of the U.S.
Biological Weapons Law, the main contributor to the U.N.
World Government Treaty.
This is it, okay?
But believe me, I wish it wasn't.
This is it.
This is it.
And it's all a test to see how many of us can they kill, maim, and damage right in front of our eyes and get away with it.
And then once we pass this test of submission,
They're going to release even more deadly bioweapons while they fry us like an egg on a skillet with the 5G.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, Robert Barnes is joining us in the next hour to get into the fact that Trump has a real path to victory, but we've got to give him the support.
We've got to create the optics and the pressure that the American people understand what's happening and aren't going to buy into this fraud.
So this takes a lot to tango.
Takes a lot of people to tango.
You've got to have more than one.
And so we've got to come together.
That is next hour.
I suggest you tune in.
Again, he's been working directly with folks at the highest levels of the White House, and I'll just leave it at that.
So he's got the inside scoop and baseball.
I can tell you we're very honored to have him joining us coming up.
And I've twisted his arm to come back with the election countdown that we told you would be the 79 days of hell.
Starting next Monday, he'll be co-hosting with Deanna Lorraine.
That was my plan all along.
But he will start, again, co-hosting five nights a week with her, 7 to 9 p.m.
She'll be on tonight, 7 o'clock Central Standard Time.
And on these same TV and radio stations.
There are at least six mRNA vaccines.
Again, when you say vaccine, that's a lie.
They're not a vaccine.
A vaccine is multi-thousand-year-old technology.
The Egyptians had it.
The ancient British had it.
The Romans had it.
If somebody had smallpox, if a cow had smallpox, you'd stick a toothpick in it.
When people were healthy, stick it in their arm, and you would learn an immunity to smallpox.
You didn't want to get it in the winter when you were already sick and run down.
They found smallpox, if you caught it from a person, would kill you.
They didn't know why.
It was the winter, didn't have vitamin D3, it would kill you sometimes.
If you were a healthy person, you can read the old Roman stuff, the old British stuff, they would poke you with the pus, and you only died like 1% of the time.
And there's whole documentaries and movies and history books written about it, okay?
So, the media spends it to go, oh, the Founding Fathers were pro-vaccination.
Well, if people decided to do it, they did it, but they knew there was a danger.
That is not what's happening.
And again, I know the general audience knows this, but new listeners tuning in every five seconds, every second.
mRNA is a type of programmed DNA that is in sperm and in eggs, basically.
And I'm putting this in layman terms, that programs.
Now, you heard people get cancer.
And a lot of that's from viruses that are able to go in and reprogram cells.
When a virus goes in and is able to reprogram a cell's mitochondrial DNA, that is the same technology as mRNA.
It's reprogramming your cells and causing a chain reaction.
That's why they say we may have to give you the shot five times to finally get your body to have the autoimmune response, which means then you will be allergic to any
Contaminant in the vaccine or to any coronavirus the rest of your life.
And every scientist and virologist that looks at this is going, what the hell?
This is like saying, shoot your baby in the head with a shotgun so it doesn't get a cold.
It's so destructive, it's so dangerous.
But then Christians and others are looking at it going, excuse me, all these major vaccines come from cloned embryos and cloned fetuses and their cloned genome that is the carrier
Because again, it's a fast replicating cell into the body to cause this.
I mean, this is the toxic avenger.
This is alien.
This is giant genetic engineering on a huge scale with them trying to get waivers.
So I could read you the scientific reports and all the new scientists that have come out and everything, but this is a viral video that a woman in the UK shot of the particular vaccine that she had, the AstraZeneca,
Indy with recombinant DNA to re-engineer your whole body and then of course it creates a protein that attacks the placenta so you can't have a baby.
I mean this is just a bold mass assault so evil so huge they think that they'll just get away with it because it's such a crime no one will want to admit they did it and they're gonna get all the doctors in the system on board so it's too evil to fail.
Termite coined, here it is.
Okay we're live on We Are Vax, Vax on Instagram.
Right, people, we have a bit of information.
I want you to listen, hear this incredibly well.
This is a fact.
I want you to share this everywhere.
I want you to screen grab it.
I want you to copy it.
Whatever it takes, because they will take this down.
This is facts shared to all of your Bible groups or anybody else that doesn't want aborted fetal tissue fragments put into them or their DNA changed.
This is a fact.
This is the packaging
of the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine.
Right in front of you.
I want you to look at this, okay?
I want you to look at it.
It lists the ingredients.
I'm not interested in that right now.
I want you to home in on this here.
This is the COVID-19 vaccine.
Claire's just going to pull this up for you.
This number, okay, it's called Chad.
Okay, so...
Then you're going to go and go to researchsquare.com.
It's really important, people.
The reason we're doing these videos is because I want you to learn to do your own research.
Don't rely on us or anybody else.
Do it yourself.
So we look up this Chad zero times one COVID-19.
And the first thing, before we go to what I bring there, is I'm looking and I'm thinking, oh, what's recombinant?
What does that even mean?
So I asked Anu and I asked Neville and I was like, gosh, I don't know.
So let's do, this is what you need to do, you need to Google every single word on here.
Don't skip by it thinking, oh, that's science, I don't understand.
So Claire, let's look up this word on...
And straight away, there you see it.
It's DNA.
Our DNA molecules are DNA molecules formed by laboratory methods of genetic
Recombination such as molecule cloning to bring together genetic material from multiple sources creating sequences that would not otherwise be found in the genome.
Okay you do that research yourself but my point is again it's right in front of your face that this stuff
is in this vaccine.
So they can call us crazies and terrible hosts that spread terrible fear-mongering things.
They're putting it right in front of your face.
Can I go back to that thing again?
So what we're asking you to do is do your own research.
Okay, we've started it off for you.
So back to this number.
That means that that AstraZeneca package I just showed you, this is their vaccine.
And as they go down, again, we use direct RNA sequencing to analyze transcript expression from the child's... There's about four minutes left of this.
I'm going to play it next segment, then Robert Barnes joins us.
But then she goes and shows it is an entire cloned genome of a baby boy killed by an abortion in 1966.
And that has been cloned, I guess, millions of times.
Producing his clone genome to be now put into people.
And this has been going on in animals for 30 years.
It's going on in humans in China, super soldiers, all this crap.
They're experimenting on everyone.
And the scientists have reverse engineered this and gone, this doesn't protect you from COVID-19.
Hell, even the drug companies say that!
Because it causes violent autoimmune responses, turns off some people's immune system altogether so you die of cancer.
You get cancer when you don't have an immune system.
That's what it mainly fights.
And others...
Childbearing women.
In fact, they're even kind of saying, actually, women planning to have children, you might not want to take this or consult your doctor, but that's a footnote in fine print.
On the news, it's like, it's great, don't listen to people.
Snopes says, well, the scientist said it might sterilize you.
So, the claim it does is false.
It might sterilize you.
I mean, this is just mad scientists coming after us.
Briefly, we're not going to be on air if you don't support us.
I'm not
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We'll be right back.
Alright, Robert Barnes, who again, told me yesterday, he said, look, Texas is the big one.
They had to get rid of Pennsylvania because it didn't have the right standing, even though it was a good suit.
And now Trump's come out and said he will intervene in the Texas case.
He will join with that.
He says this is the big one.
Robert Barnes joins us in a moment.
But let's just go back to this viral video of just some moms in the UK.
Online, they've got the box for the approved mRNA Regenetic Engineers mutation weapon that the fine print admits doesn't protect you from COVID, doesn't stop its spread.
That's all official.
The trials they admit were lies.
It doesn't protect you.
But what does it do?
They're stampeding you into sterilizing yourself and signing a consent form when you go get this.
That you waive your liability because, boy, they're hurting your ass.
And again, it's so horrible what it does.
Just from what scientists have looked at it, it can tell what similar vaccines do.
Sterilize you, turn off your immune system, turn up your immune system.
I was telling you yesterday, if you've got allergy problems, you take this, it can kill you.
Next day, don't take it if you have allergies, it'll kill you.
All I do is research this, okay?
I'm not here making this up, and if I seem extreme, we're freaking under military globalist attack!
And the militaries who they've been testing on and abusing with experimental stuff forever, so now they're using our military who mean well to go out and do the inoculations to intimidate the public into doing it!
Perfect example of compartmentalization and how the oppressors are actually the most oppressed.
Let's go back to these women breaking it down.
Everybody should be going to the drugstore, demanding the insert.
By law, they've got to give it to you.
The actual packaging.
So you have informed consent.
Here it is.
AstraZeneca package I just showed you.
This is their vaccine.
And as they go down again, we use direct RNA sequencing to analyze transcript expression from the CHAD.
Let's call it the CHAD vaccine.
Genome in human MRC5.
So you think to yourself, oh, let's skip past that.
Little bit complicated, must be a bit scientific.
Look it up.
And what do we find, Clare, when we look that up?
MRC5 is originally developed from research deriving lung tissue of a 14-week-old aborted Caucasian male foetus.
There you have it, pigs.
This COVID-19 vaccine that everybody is saying is going to save the world.
It's been replicated over and over and over again for a long time.
Injected into themselves or their children?
It's utterly disgusting.
So you share this and I'm just going to leave one more so you're going to see one more thing before we go.
This is what they want.
I put this on on our social media.
You can go and look at it.
They're urgently seeking an artificial intelligence software tool to process the expected high volume of COVID-19 vaccine adverse drug reactions.
They know that this vaccine is going to hurt people or kill people so badly.
People, it's in front of your face.
Do your research.
Rather than sharing this, try and grab it and make your own video of this.
As in, I don't know how you do it, I'm not technical.
Because they will take this down.
Alright, we love you Pete.
You are absolutely, immensely loved.
Pray big.
Pray this out.
Yes, God bless you.
Now again, why is that going mega-viral?
Tens of millions of views here, millions there, Facebook, Twitter, all taking it down.
Because it's two mothers, Christians, reading the damn insert.
You can't let slaves do that.
YouTube is banning that.
You don't let slaves read that.
Because they take out all the adverse reactions of the studies they funded under the emergency.
Reportedly, it's thousands of deaths in the studies.
It's just, it's a devastating weapon.
Just devastating.
And then they're going to start calling people that die, they're going to say they died of COVID-19.
So this is, if Hitler would have done this, he would have won.
If he did it with army tanks and fighter bombers, he lost because we stood up and fought back.
If he did it as a medical operation, Hitler would have won.
And they're coming for you and your family.
It is Wednesday, December 9th.
The year is 2020.
I am your host, Alex Jones.
And we're dialing in to get constitutional lawyer, advisor of the Republican Party, Robert Barnes, on the line to give us the inside baseball on the fight for our constitutional republic.
And is Trump out?
Is it Biden?
Is the gaslighting accurate?
Will they get away with the election theft?
Here's some of the headlines.
Fake deadlines.
Top legal team exposes voter fraud.
Says electoral college dates are arbitrary.
Only Constitution matters.
That's up on
Supreme Court of the U.S.
denies emergency injunction request from Pennsylvania case, but picks up the Texas case and we'll explain why here in a moment, but the media is totally covering up that fact.
Meanwhile, YouTube to remove new videos that falsely claim fraud
In the U.S.
So the Democrats can say Russians ran it, Russians stole it, with no evidence to be proven to be fraud.
They have their speech, which is fine.
But now if we have all the evidence, all the proof, dead people voting, dead cats voting, if we have all of that...
Well, it's not allowed.
That's because they're hiding the fact that the massive evidence, as you've seen it here on air, has come out.
And because of Bandot Video, because of Infowars.com, because this outlet is here reaching more people than Newsmax, more people than OAN, more people than Right Side, who I love, who I support, I hope they get even bigger.
They are trying to take us off air because they
Can't stand the truth coming out.
More than a month after the election, YouTube removed misleading fraud claims.
Oh, misleading.
There's no fraud.
You have a right to say you think there's fraud even though there wasn't.
But there is.
YouTube to delete content that undermines 2020 U.S.
election results.
Oh, you can't undermine the results.
That's all the Democrats did to Trump for year after year.
Talk about election meddling.
This is it.
We have open court cases.
We have legislators doing investigations.
We have big tech censoring those findings and that information.
YouTube will remove any new videos alleging Trump lost election because of fraud, CNET.
So if you say, I think they stole it, you're not allowed to do that.
Meanwhile, YouTube plans to survey creators on their race and use an algorithm to boost diverse communities and suppress the views of white males.
I'm not kidding.
UPS Whistleblower Reveals FBI Not Interested In Investigating Voter Fraud.
And that they came and intimidated him to basically say nothing.
Now, continuing.
Trump also has another big lawsuit in Georgia.
Highlights include 66,000 underage votes, 2,560 felons.
That would throw it all out right there.
Only lost by 13,000.
And it goes on and on and on.
But the big issue here is that Trump is now saying this is the big one concerning Texas, vows to intervene in Texas Supreme Court case.
So joining us is constitutional lawyer Robert Barnes.
He's been traveling the country behind the scenes working on what's happening.
He's been very accurate behind the scenes, but now he's ready to break his silence on what would be unfolding, what was happening.
He said that Texas, he agrees with Trump, is the best case.
I told you that this morning before this broke.
And he's going to explain why they're going with Texas and not Pennsylvania.
Is it about standing, Mr. Barnes, because having a state actually do it has a higher level of standing, more states can join, and they can bring in evidence?
Is that accurate?
Yeah, that's part of it.
I mean, effectively, it's who can challenge the Elector's Clause provision for the violation of the Elector's Clause provision.
And there's nobody really better equipped to do that than the states, because the states are the original parties to the constitutional contract.
So the agreement was amongst the states.
For the resolution of any controversy involving the presidential election to go directly to the Supreme Court.
They have original jurisdiction.
You don't have to go through any other court at all.
They actually are the trial court and the appeal court and the final court, all three in this context.
And they have the strongest standing arguments because the whole purpose of the Constitution was, hey, we're going to agree when we pick the president that all of us, all of our state sovereigns, we're going to agree to abide by the same set of rules.
And what happened here is some states decided they weren't going to abide by those rules because they wanted to help Biden win.
And it had the effect of Biden winning in their official certified vote because they decided to rig the rules.
And the only remedy for the states is to go right to the U.S.
Supreme Court.
They have the strongest legal constitutional claim
And that is why Trump has been building to this point for a while.
It's just been kept under the radar scene for practical and political reasons.
So it's going to be Texas versus the Democratic Party in Joe Biden?
And there's a bunch of states that are joining it.
I think there's going to be 10, 11, 12, maybe, oh you may ultimately have 20 states join it.
Trump himself is joining it.
And the two big states of Texas and Florida having joined it were the critical components.
So here you have, like they were trying to take pot shots at Paxton and other things.
Many states are joining this claim.
This is about whether our constitutional compact is going to be enforced or not.
Because everybody agreed to that state legislatures would set the rules and any election would be done with due process and equal protection.
A bunch of states decided they weren't going to do that.
The states that have been sued are the main ones, but the ones that were very close, where the illegal votes are greater than the margin of victory, what has been colloquially called the margin of fraud, is in those states.
And if those states had abided by the same set of rules they all agreed to at the time of the Constitution and moving forward,
Secretary of State and governors meet with Clinton operatives and Obama operatives and Biden operatives and agree to law outside of law, so right there it's all thrown out.
The Constitution didn't say that the states could pick electors to the presidency.
It said only the state legislatures could pick electors to the presidency.
That was a deliberate choice.
That the state executive branch would have no role whatsoever in electing the President of the United States.
Their sole role would be to enforce the laws and rules passed by the legislature.
And they, what happened is a bunch of governors, a bunch of secretaries of state, sometimes just local election officials, decided they weren't going to abide by the rules of the legislature.
It's a simple power grab.
So the legislators must stand up and reclaim their rights as they represent the people.
That's what should have been the remedy.
However, the legislatures believe that their only remedy is to go to the U.S.
Supreme Court, effectively.
That's what they said in Georgia, Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania.
A majority of the, or enough, legislators said that they thought the only remedy was to go to, effectively, the Supreme Court.
Did they politically plot because they were ignorant or because they were scared?
I think a combination of the three.
There is a legal argument that the appropriate remedy is the Supreme Court.
So that's part of it.
Because basically what they said was if there's ever a contest between the states about an election or anything else, the only court in the country that would have the power to decide the issue would be the Supreme Court.
You can't file it anywhere else.
You're not legally allowed to.
Sure, it's the only system in the judiciary, but you can have the legislative take action at the state level.
They're just not recognizing their power.
That's part of it, Ed.
There is a legal argument that they don't have that power.
There's a legal argument that once they establish an election, that they have to go to the Supreme Court if there's a dispute between them in another state or even within the state.
Now, there's good arguments that they could assert that power.
In 1876, they clearly did.
So there's conflicts about the degree to which they have that power.
There's also a federal statute that's on the books that's a little bit of a problem.
So the more effective legal remedy would be if the Supreme Court got involved.
Because even if the legislature sent their own set of electors under existing federal law, there's an argument that those electors cannot count.
Under a federal statute.
So one way or the other, the Supreme Court was going to have to get involved.
The only real remedy is ultimately with Congress.
But in order to give Congress sufficient cover to take action, they need the Supreme Court to give the President that cover.
OK, Robert Barnes, we got you on a little bit late.
We're glad you're here.
We come back.
Let's start over.
Talk to me like I'm five years old.
You know, the basics.
Let's go through big picture.
Does Trump have a chance?
What are his odds?
Let's just get down to brass tacks.
Then let's zoom in on why the Texas case is king, why all the states are joining it, why Trump's joining it, and why the Pennsylvania was thrown to the side, and how you expect this to unfold, and what we the people can do to stop this globalist chi-com attempted election theft.
Robert Barnes is our guest.
Stay with us.
And the question for Robert Barnes, a very established and respected and esteemed constitutional lawyer, one of the smartest historians I know.
You can't fake knowledge.
He's got it.
He's been working very closely with some high-level people.
I'll leave it at that.
He doesn't want to get into that.
He's been all over the country very quietly.
I've been talking to him.
Everything he's told me he's been dead on.
He said look for Pennsylvania to be thrown out, look for Texas and others to join to be the big one.
He used that term yesterday morning with me.
Now Trump says the big one today, joining the Texas thing.
So Barnes, let's just, as a patriot, as an American, as a constitutional lawyer,
A lot of this is a confidence game, but we don't want to be like the left and say, Joe Biden's the president, Trump already lost.
We know that's a fraud, but still, in my view, an uphill battle.
Where is Trump really right now?
And then we'll get into the technicals of this Texas case and where this is going and how this could unfold.
The whole enchilada is the Texas case, but the Texas case by far gives him the best chance at real remedy and relief.
Because the Supreme Court doesn't have to even say there was a lot of fraud.
They don't have to get into a wide range of issues.
All they have to decide is, did these rogue states violate the Electors Clause?
And if they did, what's the remedy?
And the remedy, constitutionally, is that it goes to the House to vote by state delegation.
And if the Supreme Court directs that, then Trump wins the presidency.
End of story.
Now, the hurdle is, will the Supreme Court take action?
There'll be a lot of political pressure on them not to take action.
There'll be a lot of pressure from the press for them not to take action.
So, it's going to totally depend on them, because the other courts have turned a blind eye to this.
They're not going to get involved.
Too many of the Republican state legislators are weak to rely upon them.
Even the Republican governors in states like Arizona and Georgia are not willing to step up to the plate.
So it all comes down to the Supreme Court.
Now, ultimately, he always has an option with Congress.
Congress can decide not to certify the electors when there's such a contest as there is here, and move forward and go with a vote by House delegation on their own accord.
They don't have to depend on the Supreme Court for that.
But for the political, for it to actually work,
He really needs a Supreme Court to step in and say, hey look, a bunch of states decided not to follow the rules everybody agreed by.
The consequence for that is your electors don't count.
And they can enjoin those electors all the way up until January 6th.
Until Congress counts those electors, whether the electors even meet on the 14th really doesn't matter.
What matters is who they certify in Congress on January 6th.
And the Supreme Court can act until, you know, a day before.
I mean, 1876, they didn't decide the election contest until 48 hours before Inauguration Day.
And that's back when Inauguration Day was in March.
So the idea that we have to sit back and watch or sit back and wait or can only take action in certain circumstances really isn't the case.
This Texas case is the strongest case for the President.
It's why he joined the case.
That's why he called it.
They've been building to this moment.
Because it's in the U.S.
Supreme Court as an original action, then the U.S.
Supreme Court is the trial court.
So what that means is they can hear evidence.
They can take evidence.
They can have evidence presented.
They can have discovery.
And since Pennsylvania got thrown out, do you expect somebody like Cruz to come in over the Texas case?
Cruz has already said that he is willing to help out, so I believe he may get involved.
Paxson is a lead, but there's a bunch of people involved.
I would like to see Josh Hawley.
I mean, the Missouri Attorney General today, which is what Hawley's position used to be before the United States Senate, they said they're going to join the suit.
So you have Florida and Missouri and Arkansas and Louisiana and Alabama and Mississippi.
So you have all these South Carolina.
Uh, and South Dakota, which has been the lead against the pandemic.
And again, this is more than just the law, which is clearly on Trump's side.
As you said, this is fraudulent, these 80 million ballots.
It's all there.
Why debate all the rest of fraud when the prima facie original sin is there?
But the media, again, creates this wall that, oh no, everyone wants Biden, he's really the president, don't you dare do this.
Well, no, we need to protest at the Supreme Court, we need to be in the streets this weekend in D.C.
What do we need to do for the system?
Put pressure on the states, continue saying no.
Even if Joe Biden won, which he didn't do, he's a Chinese communist agent.
We do not accept him.
They didn't accept Trump, said he was a Russian agent with no proof.
We have evidence here.
We just explained we're never accepting Biden.
What can we do to support the president and stop the gaslighting?
Step one is get every attorney general to join this suit.
In my view, every single one of them should join the suit.
So if you are in a state where your attorney general has not yet joined the suit, or a state hasn't joined the suit, demand that they do so.
That's part one.
Let's be clear, this is about election integrity.
Anybody can just print up ballots and send them to Mickey Mouse if they won if we don't stop this.
No doubt.
Not only that, this is about the core of the Constitutional Accord.
If states can ignore the Elector's Clause provision, then any time, any place, the states can just decide to scratch the Constitution.
The entire Constitution is gone if you can elect a president in an unconstitutional manner.
Isn't it funny?
It's Democrats again violating the Constitution starting a civil war.
I mean, that's really what they're doing.
Oh, absolutely that's what it is.
I mean, it's the greatest threat to the Constitutional Accord since the Civil War.
For states to come in and say, you know what, yes we agreed to abide by these rules, but screw you, we're not going to live by them.
And that's what they did.
And they did it across the board.
And they did it in cohorts, in cahoots.
And when the states told Eisenhower that black kids couldn't go to school, he marched the military in.
People call it martial law, but I call it Declaration of Independence.
If the states are being run by chi-coms, if they're engaged in fraud, it's only a few leaders of it, what extraordinary extrajudicial action does the president have?
I think he's limited in that respect.
I think he does need the Supreme Court to act.
I think he does need Congress to act.
He needs one of the two to act, because given that state legislatures are not going to meaningfully act.
I think any other remedy would be politically...
Why is he bound by law if the Democrats and the CHICOMS aren't?
I mean, once someone overturns the table and they declare their own fiat martial law, you're in a whole other universe.
I mean, I get we're always playing within the Constitution.
They've already gone outside of that.
So what do you do?
Like, if Martians attack, you know, we declare martial law.
I mean, what do you do when something outside comes in?
I still think you double down on democracy and the rule of law, and I think there's two reasons for that.
One, you're establishing that as the precedent you want to bind everyone else with, so you're going to bind yourself to it.
But secondly, I think just as a practical political matter, there's hurdles to him trying to take any action.
He doesn't have enough allies in the institutional process.
That's the whole problem.
No, but if he called the people out, if he called everybody out, we'd win.
I mean, listen, if this wasn't Chinese-backed, Bob, I'm not even calling for this, you know that.
I'm just hypothetically asking.
When they're stealing elections and engage in their own blue state martial law with the lockdowns, I'm just saying, how do we counter the Democrats' localized martial law?
How do we counter that?
Well, I still think through populist reform and building up a stronger movement.
I mean, because in 1824, Andrew Jackson had it stolen from him and made, it created the great Jacksonian movement of 1828.
So I think we continue to still use our democratic remedies, little d democratic remedies.
I think you said this is only going to catapult if Trump doesn't act like a loser, which he's not.
And if we don't take this as a loss, but as our big victory they had to steal, we only get more powerful.
If like Nietzsche said, that which doesn't kill me only makes me stronger.
I mean, what this election just exposed was that Trump did not have a deep enough, broad enough, institutionalized network of populist supporters.
He had not done as good a job as he needed to protecting them when they were under assault.
Now he knows he needs to rebuild that network, build that structure to be stronger than ever before.
And now he wants to get rid of Section 230.
Now he wants to go after the globalists.
Now he's fire-forged.
This election exposed core problems that we have that can only really be overcome by building a broad populist revolution of a kind that led to the Revolutionary War.
I agree.
Let's talk about that broad populist coalition, because a lot of Democrats don't like this as well.
With Robert Barnes, we come back, a true visionary.
I'm Alex Jones, InfoWars.com.
Tomorrow's news today, InfoWars.com.
All right, Robert Barnes is our guest.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
We are living in totally insane times.
We have a total criminal takeover.
Trump said these ballots are fraudulent.
He said they're going to wait and stuff the ballots with them.
They got caught doing it.
And instead of debating the fraud, which we've got incredible proof of, we just show the fact that they illegally violated state laws and didn't have a law to do this.
We're going to go back to Barnes and talk about big picture, how he sees this unfolding.
If the Supreme Court does rule it goes back to the states, what happens?
What do the states do then?
This is just an incredible moment to be alive.
It's just totally insane.
I say go after Biden for being a Chinese agent.
I say go after him for the Clintons and Bill Clinton confirmed at Epstein Island now and just this whole rotting group.
I mean, how are they really going to put this Crypt Keeper in?
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All right, Barnes, points you want to get into here about big picture, Trump's chances, where you think this is going, what does the deep state do, what's the process if Trump does override this fraud, what do you expect then?
I mean, this is crazy.
So the Supreme Court, if they take the case and issue remedy, say that there was a violation, they have three options.
They can tell the states to simply do a new election, but within the rules.
They could actually do that.
Now, it historically has never been done in the presidential context, but it has been done in almost every other election contest, including for federal office.
And for Democrats, you may see complaining out there.
In 2019, when there was a House race for Congress in North Carolina, and they just found a few fraudulent votes, nowhere near the margin of victory, the Election Commission and the Democrats demanded that they throw out the election and do an entirely new election, and that's what they did.
Here we have far more illegal votes than the margin of victory.
So that's one remedy.
I don't think it's the most likely.
The second remedy is they could send it back to the state legislatures for the state legislatures to send a new slate of electors to the electoral college or to be certified to Congress by the January 6th deadline for them to read in the electors.
The third option, and I think this is what the constitutional remedy really is, is that it simply goes to the House.
The Supreme Court could say, we are hereby enjoining any certification of any electors from Pennsylvania or Michigan or Wisconsin or Georgia because they did not follow the rules that everybody agreed to live by.
These are like referees, middle of the game, trying to rewrite the rules when they didn't even have the authority to write the rules in the first place.
And so, consequently, it has to go to the House and they vote by state delegation, where Republicans have at least a four-state edge.
So why would Republicans not fight this?
I mean, when Trump says, oh, they're going to be really upset in a few days, this is the right course.
It's the constitutional remedy.
We have the ridiculous proof of the fraud that gives the political cover for Republicans to do the right thing and not let a Chinese communist agent gang-rape our voting rights.
It's the logical remedy for Congress to take.
And so, if the Supreme Court does not take action, then the possibility is that the House and the Senate, there still could be remedy for the President.
The House, under their internal rules, if a House member and a Senator object to the Electoral College votes from any state... And there's already a House member that's introduced this, as you know.
There's a guaranteed House member to object.
The only question has been whether a senator joins it.
And by the way, there's a good constitutional argument that whether or not there's contested electors should also be decided by the House by state delegation.
This law they passed in 1887 that requires the House and the Senate to
Well, let's go further.
Did you see this thing where Pelosi is declaring some act they used in 1986 that she says the 15 House wins by Republicans aren't legitimate with no evidence and that she's going to have the House vote to overturn those and give them to Democrats?
Did you see that?
So they're saying Trump can't challenge things, but she's going to overturn other elections.
Well, in fact, yes, she's looking at it right now.
She's looking at overturning one of the Iowa House elections.
In upstate New York, they're looking at whether that will end up going to the House of Representatives.
So if it's good enough for a contested congressional race to go to the House, even where they've certified a Republican winner, then why isn't it good enough when the Constitution calls for presidential election contests to go to the House by state delegation, not majority vote?
That's the way it should go.
And there may be legal challenges down the road by Congressman Gosar, maybe some others who are looking at it, about whether or not any contested election issue should go solely to the House to vote by state delegation, not go to both halls of Congress, not go to a majority vote, because the 12th Amendment doesn't call for that.
The 12th Amendment says the House votes by state delegation any time there's a contested issue involving the presidential election.
What else does Trump mean to do?
I think it needs to be at the Resolute Desk.
Every night showing the graphs, showing the evidence, rallying the people, saying that he is the president.
He's not giving up because only he can punch through the gaslighting of even Google and Twitter saying no one is allowed to say there's fraud.
They're even censoring legislative hearings.
I mean, this is insane.
No doubt.
I think the President needs to continue to work the Court of Public Opinion on what happened in the election, but he needs to do what he's also been doing, which is to let the deep state know that he understands what happened in this election, and he's going to use all of his presidential power, whether he's there after January 20th or not, between now and then, use all of his presidential power to gut the deep state.
I was about to say, isn't a rebel Trump almost more dangerous than a President Trump?
Can you imagine what this is going to be like?
That's his point to deep state actors.
That's why right after he realized what happened in the election, he starts withdrawing troops from Somalia, withdrawing troops from Afghanistan, ordering them coming back home from Syria.
So he's accelerating that.
I hope he goes further.
He already pardoned General Flynn.
Well then he wants those troops here in case he needs them.
You know Trump's been looking at some type of domestic military action against the executive branch.
Oh, he has to be prepared for that contingency.
The other thing he should do is pardon all of his allies.
Pardon Julian Assange.
Pardon Ed Snowden.
Those would be two great acts.
The removal of Julian Assange from this election helped Biden tremendously.
So to be able to have those people back on the playing field to help fight deep state apparatus around the world.
So you're known as the guy that won the most money ever on Trump.
When we come back, I want to ask you the real odds currently on where you think this election stands 42 days out from inauguration.
Then we'll look at the big COVID lockdown and these new drugs they call vaccines that you've been really exposing.
Robert Barnes is our guest.
All right, Robert Barnes is our guest, constitutional lawyer working on these cases.
Texas is the big one.
All these states are joining the Texas case where they're saying, look,
All these ballots are fake.
It violated state law.
Why are we even debating whether it was fraud or not?
Of course it was fraud.
We've got all the evidence.
That's the political will.
But now it was done illegally.
And the Democrats said they were going to contest the election no matter what happened if they thought Trump won.
Now they say, oh no, we've got to accept Biden.
People really see through that.
The mainstream media is a rotten edifice.
But the problem is so many of the members of Congress, the legislatures, are 70, 80 years old.
They still believe mainstream media.
They don't get for everybody below 50, it means nothing.
So any other closing comments on that?
And let's get into the big issue here.
I think one of Trump's big failings, going along with the quote, vaccine.
Well, he thinks it's a normal vaccine.
It's not.
The mRNA, as you pointed out, it's not a vaccine at all.
Now we're learning that it can attack the placenta, top scientists are saying it's a sterilant.
So just anything else in the election and let's get into the ongoing lockdown, the societal takeover and how we counter that.
Well, the best chance the president has is this Texas suit that's been really well-crafted and well-drafted.
The big question is whether the courts, whether the Supreme Court, and whether ultimately Congress has the courage to uphold the Constitution in the midst of this incredible crisis.
The other lesson of this election is that we need to build, and that Trump now fully understands, he needs to build a broad populist movement that has institutionalized support and that he protects his allies, doesn't allow his allies to get sacrificed,
The way Flynn did, the way Assange did, the way frankly Infowars partially did at the template of the big tech censorship that we are now seeing extended to the election where you're not even allowed to talk about the election on YouTube as of today if they don't like what you say.
So it shows the need for long-standing, real reform.
And that can only come about, but I see it not as an obstacle, but as an opportunity.
Regardless of what happens in this election, we should use it as fire to build a real populist movement the way Jacksonian America could only happen
Because of the 1824 election being stolen from him, he built a real populist movement with depth and length that was as much about a movement as it was about a man that lasted for 40 years and to some degree lasted for 200 years.
And Trump has made the model of what he's done as a rebel maverick.
So history really does repeat itself yet again.
So Robert Barnes, pulling back from this, what do you think the deep state
is going to do if they're able to get Biden in.
I expect them to just go whole hog to bankrupt the economy, bring in the universal credit score, bring in the social credit score, bring in the universal income to fully break our back.
I think it's two things.
One, you're going to see wars all over the place.
The deep state has had to set up the sidelines and not engage and expand war for the first time in a very long time under Trump.
And so if Biden is in, expect to see, I mean, they're already, Susan Rice is already talking about going into Ethiopia.
I mean, so we're going to see a broad expansion of the military war footprint, of the empire mindset and mentality.
We'll be back in the middle of the Middle East again.
We'll probably be back somewhere in Central Europe again.
And they'll find new places in Africa and Latin America to get involved in.
That'll be part one.
Part two is they'll probably go to bed, go into bed with China rather than be at odds with China.
So that will be the other major shift where they're basically shifting economic, political, cultural power from the United States and the West to China.
And I think that's the next big, the true next great reset is resetting power, the power equilibrium to put China more into control.
And that's our next great fight.
No, I totally agree.
Can you imagine if Trump was literally in bed with the Russians saying, I take orders from Russia, getting money from Russia, like they said.
Instead, China says, we own Joe Biden, and they do.
I mean, and they rub it in our face.
I guess in China, that's a face thing for them, just to like put us down and piss in our face like that.
Oh yeah, I mean China's still bitter about a whole bunch of things from the early 1900s, where they blame America and the West in different respects, and they've just been biding their time.
The Chinese are very good at being patient.
That's why people think that the Chinese model is no longer a communist model because they embraced certain capitalistic forms of economic activity.
They've always said that was an intermediary step to achieve true communism, to achieve true state control.
For those that don't know, you're a constitutional lawyer.
It's a big deal.
For YouTube to say last week, their CEO, we're going to suppress white male speech because they're bad.
I mean, that's total discrimination.
Textbook insane.
And then now they're like, yeah, you criticize the election, you're banned.
I mean, this is this is Soviet level.
This is what Venezuela wishes they could do.
I mean, there's not much more you can do other than arrest us or kill us after this.
I mean, this is maximum censorship.
No doubt.
And it comes on top of algorithmic manipulation throughout the election.
And not only that, we're now discovering that Facebook and Zuckerberg were neck deep in all of these illicit plans to circumvent state rules and state laws.
Sure, they were helping strip out the names, mail them to everybody.
They were creating a list of where to send the ballots.
And knowing that, they're creating all these drop boxes.
And they were basically replacing the salaries for various election officials to make sure they did their bidding, rather than abide by the law.
As a lot of state reps said in Arizona, this is racketeering.
Oh, that's absolutely what it is.
I mean, they weren't satisfied with all their algorithmic manipulation that Professor Epstein documented that could explain some of these anomalies.
We're seeing counties that look the same vote in opposite directions within the same state.
Yeah, the landslide was so big that even their algorithmic couldn't do it.
They had to get right down, like LBJ, to the drop boxes, to the ballot boxes, and actually physically stuff.
I mean, except ballots are the currency of politics.
So, I mean, what would happen if you just let it rain and let cash just flow everywhere out?
That's what they did with the ballots.
They just let them go out everywhere, and then all the chain of custody was lost.
Chain of custody from when it was sent, from when it came back.
And they know, statistically, conservatives and nationalists just don't cheat.
I mean, it's like they couldn't.
The FBI interviewed over 10,000 people trying to set them up to take Russian money.
No one did it.
But Democrats, they would have all taken it.
Oh no doubt!
Go back to 2012 when the New York Times said all the election experts agreed that absentee balloting and mail-in balloting was a huge area of fraud and was rife for fraud.
The reason why they said it is they thought Romney was going to try to steal it from Obama using mail-in balloting.
They just turned around and used those same tactics against Trump.
Because they're more willing to do whatever they need to achieve the power that they want to achieve.
And what do you call this in law and history?
When you get enough people to commit a crime, everybody basically has immunity.
They've just gotten the grassroots to join in election fraud.
Not voter fraud, but election fraud directed from on high, having a giant base that engages in it with you.
I mean, no doubt.
I mean, they gave him the motive.
They said, you know, Donald Trump is Hitler and don't you have a moral obligation to do anything to remove Hitler from power?
And then they gave him the greatest means of theft in history.
It would be like leaving the safe open, leaving the door open and putting a sign on the door saying, I'm going to be gone for a month.
And by the way, the safe is loaded with cash and is open and unlocked.
I mean, we knew what was going to happen.
They were going to rob it.
Because you said it.
Ballots are money.
They're political power.
They're a ticket to the Treasury.
They literally just counterfeited ballots and just sent 80 million of them out and then knew this would happen.
No doubt.
I mean, here in Las Vegas, I got multiple ballots for multiple people, including people that hadn't lived here in 10 years.
So, I mean, it was clear they were just sending them out everywhere, every place, knowing it was the currency of the election.
And the names on it, the addresses on it, and the average Democrat just puts a fake... A lot of them didn't even sign it.
They just mail it back and it's counted.
Oh, exactly.
And that's why Trump didn't need to focus on all of the more extreme allegations, because they stole it the old-fashioned way.
I mean, they stole it right in the open.
They stole it by just making sure there was a flood of ballots that were out there, and then a bunch of them would come back.
And they used mainly liberal USPS workers, who wouldn't even put it in the person's mailbox.
They would just keep that thing, fill it out, and put it back in the mail.
Only then.
The whole reason we've never liked mail-in ballots is because they remove the secret ballot.
Because now your ballot can be bought, your ballot can be blackmailed, your ballot can be coerced, your ballot can be stolen.
It can be torn up.
None of those things can happen with a secret ballot.
And that's the problem with mail-in ballots.
Well you notice all over the country they found Trump ballots torn up.
Oh, exactly.
And not only that, if you want to steal a ballot, all you gotta do, or if you want to buy a ballot, you just go and now you no longer have to hope they do the right thing when they go into the polling place.
You just take the ballot.
You say, hey, sign on the outside.
I'll fill it out for you.
Here's 20 bucks.
Send it in.
And that's the kind of fraud you can't even detect through things like signature matches.
There's no, they invited massive fraud.
The New York Times' own 2012 article said this would happen.
We're seeing nursing homes with 95% turnout and another nursing home with 20% turnout?
That's because somebody filled out those ballots for those folks.
Well, listen, we gotta get into the vaccine and the tyranny and the roblox.
It's all like a horse and carriage.
And how we counter that because the damage of the vaccines out of the gates with Robert Barnes, a little bit more time with him.
And then I'm going to get those callers back on when we end the show.
Yesterday we were trying to call them back and get them back on.
We can open the phones up and get new callers.
We love new callers.
But I'm going to call those callers back because I promised we would get to them.
But my God, this is so Twilight Zone.
I'm having trouble even navigating this myself mentally.
I know it must be getting all of you out there too because this is crazy.
But this is because we've not punished criminals and punished executive criminals in government corporations.
And so they're making a real run in America, folks.
We'll be right back in two minutes.
Stay with us.
All right, Robert Barnes with us.
Two more segments.
I'm going to open the phones up and also take the callers that were still on hold yesterday.
We're calling them back right now.
But back to the election, what would you call this historic period?
And again, you talk about what the court should do, what Trump should do, but what can we do?
I'm going to be in D.C.
this weekend, another big march.
We're really making ourselves seen because big tech's trying to suppress us.
If they really had this in the bag, they wouldn't be saying nobody can question the election and nobody can say there's been any fraud, which is just Venezuela-level, again, censorship.
That, to me, is a sign of weakness.
Am I wrong, Barnes?
No, yeah, I agree with that.
And I think two components with that.
One is people continue to put pressure on all the elected officials that still have a role to play, particularly attorney generals who can be joining this suit.
And then after that, there are House members and senators to join in objecting to the Electoral College certification if nothing happens at the Supreme Court level that's productive ultimately.
By the way, just to interrupt you, an hour ago when you first came on, you said Missouri should join the suit, particularly because of the Senator from that state, the former Attorney General.
They just joined it minutes ago.
Go ahead.
Yeah, which is fantastic.
And that's where people can continue to put pressure on them, continue to put pressure on Congress, continue to put pressure on state Attorney Generals, because every state should join that case that is in a Democratic state.
And the Democratic states should, too, if they actually cared about the Constitution.
Or cared about the consequences of constitutional violation that occurred here.
The second aspect is continue to... The reason why YouTube needs to engage in the censorship is because their continued suppression techniques have not fully been able to close the schools of learning, the archives of nature, the rights of man.
But the sharing sites like this, there's a reason why they went after InfoWars before they went after anyone else.
So by sharing sites, supporting InfoWars, keeping it alive, keeping it afloat, you were supposed to be dead by now.
InfoWars was supposed to be dead by now.
Trump was supposed to have been crushed by now.
None of those things happened because of the audience, because of the community, because of the... And let's be clear, George Washington lost in the Six Year War, the first five, but he persevered, which was the victory.
People need to understand that in war.
You can be losing 90% of the time until right when you have the victory.
And the power is always still with the people.
Years ago, there was something called the Einstein Institute that was trying to undermine governments around the world, and they used to teach people that there's a fifth pillar of power under all other four pillars of power, and that's the perception of power.
That the reality is as long as the people regain and take their own power by educating themselves, informing themselves, supporting places like InfoWars,
That's why I have the coffee behind me right there.
It's because it helps keep these independent ideas afloat.
It keeps these independent chains of communication alive.
It's what any successful revolution needs.
It's what any successful, true, little d democracy needs.
It needs the people to be proactive in supporting the institutions that keep their dreams, their ideas, and their goals alive.
And that has only happened because of the audience, because of the people, because of the supporters.
That's the one thing YouTube can't shut up and silence, is those people.
And as long as they do not silence themselves and continue to support places like InfoWars, then the revolution will continue to have a voice.
Exactly, as long as they don't get gaslighted into being convinced the war is over.
As you said, if we don't give up, I'm not a Machiavelli, but I can certainly think like that.
I don't follow Machiavellian
Thank you.
Oh, absolutely.
It's what I told people at the beginning of this process.
I said worst case scenario is that the country learns how corrupt our judicial system is, how corrupt our elections can be, so that they are better informed and better armed to build a real political army to help take back the country by every mechanism, by every means, legally and lawfully and democratically.
In the same way Andrew Jackson used his failure in 1824, his loss in 1824, the theft of 1824, to build Jacksonian Revolution of 1828.
We are in the middle of Act II.
Act III is coming, and when it comes, it's going to be the return of the Jedi.
It's going to be the return of Trump.
And the only question is whether it's going to be one month or four years from now.
But either way, that's the inevitable outcome of this election.
I agree.
From a sick Machiavellian perspective, Trump getting in for four more years would mean they kind of corrupted, would fall apart.
What they're doing now is to destroy them.
All right, folks, Alex Jones here back live.
Final segment as we start our number three with Robert Barnes.
I'll continue after with calls and a lot of breaking news.
Barnes, of course, did a great job just as a visiting host for several months hosting Election Countdown.
We're good to go.
Most weeknight, she's got a lot going on.
They'll be co-hosting with her starting next week, 7 a.m.
to 9 p.m.
Central on the InfoWars radio and TV satellite network.
So a lot of stations are already picking it up.
I want to encourage other stations to pick it up as well now.
Okay, Barnes, in the 10 minutes we got left, get into the mRNA vaccine, the lockdowns, the world government, the tyranny, CNN saying it's worse than we thought it would be.
Really, they said 2.5 million dead in the first six months.
Didn't happen.
I mean, as court's ruling, Florida's saying, hey, you're turning the PCR test up way high to have false positives.
Where is this going?
What do we do?
Why are they pushing an mRNA vaccine that reprograms the cells and is causing massive illnesses?
What are they doing?
What is this an exercise in?
Liability protection?
A medical takeover?
What the hell's going on?
Well it does feel like a real live Milgram experiment in terms of what's taking place and they keep sort of testing.
I mean I'm just waiting for a governor or mayor or some politician somewhere to say that as a part of avoiding the virus tomorrow you need to go out and only hop on one leg wherever you go just to see how many people
You stand on your head.
Oh, no doubt.
I mean, this is, well, it's a corporate woke virus, right?
It knows the difference.
It knows not to go into Walmart, not to go into Costco, not to raid Wall Street, not to go into a casino, not to go into a strip club.
But if you have a small business, a mom and pop shop, or if you're a local church, or if you're a school or a particular religious school, it knows to invade and infect everybody.
So, it's preposterous policy in the name of a scary, scary virus.
And the next step of it, I mean, it's the Great Reset being put in action, and they're not exactly hiding it.
They've been blatantly calling for this now for years, and they're just connecting it overtly to the pandemic, and we're seeing the evidence of it.
But you said it.
It's a Milgram experiment.
For those who don't know, Milgram or the Stanford Research was similar.
They could get the majority of people to kill people, they believed, if ordered by an authoritative figure in a white lab code.
And so this is all just an example to see what followers will do.
And even Klaus Schwab admits this is a drill for world government.
They don't even deny it.
No doubt about it.
And it's worked at an extraordinary level.
I mean, they've got people to be scared of their family, be scared of their loved ones, be scared of their friends, be scared to go do a Thanksgiving, be scared to go have a Christmas, be scared to go to the park, be scared to send their kids to the school, be scared to own or operate their own business, be afraid to go to church.
These are things.
Be afraid to go to a political rally.
I mean, these are things no one thought possible or conceivable.
And then, of course, we've had the obvious effects of the lockdown and the skyrocketing suicides, the skyrocketing rates of drug and alcohol abuse and deaths and violence, the large number of people who didn't get necessary cancer pre-screening and other medical treatment, heart disease, liver, the record low.
The people who are dying are dying because of the lockdowns.
They're not dying because of COVID in terms of the excess deaths that have taken place for the most part.
And so I think we have to fight back.
I'm going to be working with Robert Kennedy Jr.
to fight back in lawsuits everywhere across the country, wherever we can, whenever we can, however we can, because he recognizes the exact same threat that I recognize, and that we need to build a cross-party, cross-ideology, cross-political movement, because we need to be attacking this from the left, the right, the center, and every other place, because this is freedom itself that is at risk, freedom itself that is at stake.
Just as the presidential election is about the future integrity of all of our elections, and the core constitutional accord itself at stake... And it was COVID that was used to put out the 80 million ballots, and COVID for the forced inoculations.
I mean, they actuaried it, they pre-programmed it, they prepared it.
It's so diabolical, people must reject the whole thing.
Why do you think Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates
Are so honest about this is really a drill.
It's for your own good.
This will reduce population.
Take my shot.
I mean, I guess legally, lawfully, they've got to go ahead and tell you and then say, we want liability protection.
And by the way, a lot of you are going to get hurt, but don't listen to conspiracy theorists that tell you you're going to get hurt.
They're like, oh, we're going to hurt you.
But don't listen to those that say we're going to hurt you.
It's like a weird, but it's a thing they follow.
They all do the same thing.
What is it?
Well, it's like the other Stanford experiment, where once they put one group of students in charge of another group of students, and one were called wardens and the other ones called prisoners, they enjoyed their abuse and were more open and overt that they were abusing and would abuse as that power rushed in.
So you're seeing Gates getting to see his life dream finally come to fruition, terrify and terrorize the world into submission to whatever agenda and objectives that he sees fit.
And in fact, I mean, it was what you were talking about, what we were talking about, nine, ten months ago, at the very beginning of this, said the whole goal is going to be to terrify everybody, to be so scared that they're on their knees begging for a Bill Gates vaccine.
And now that's exactly what's happened.
And if you look at it, he's suddenly the chief medical officer of the world, because all the Robert Barron money went and bought off all the medical systems, and now he wants to put
You under law are right.
Explain this.
This is not a classic vaccine.
This mRNA is literally the genome reprogramming our cells.
That's only supposed to happen between the sperm and the egg that begins an entire life cycle.
Anything else is a mutation or cancer.
So this is a form of cancer they're giving you.
They admit, and now all these medical scientists admit it.
How does he think he'll get away with this mass crime against humanity?
Well, he completely co-opted the entire public health establishment.
He has the press entirely on his side.
And he has most politicians cowering before him and bowing to him.
And too few of the public willing to contest it and challenge it.
And outside of InfoWars, you're not allowed to talk about this in most places in social media or the regular media.
Oh yeah, Google says another thing, no criticism of Bill Gates or
What's insane is, if you show him on 60 Minutes saying, I work for the Nazis, best time of my life, you're banned.
He said that on 60 Minutes.
I mean, this is real tyranny.
I've no doubt about it.
And you know that they're going to be banning any criticism of the vaccines.
That's coming.
Oh no, it's already here.
They've already announced no criticism of it.
Oh, exactly.
When I was talking to Bobby Kennedy, like the extraordinary is like somehow we take a drug, an experimental drug, a drug that has no history of successfully treating this particular medical condition.
There's never been a successful coronavirus vaccine ever.
Frankly, there hasn't really been successful flu vaccines by most measurements.
I mean, in any given year, they fail half the time.
So the the idea that any of we call a drug a vaccine and magically it's been blessed by God and somehow is miraculous.
Let's be clear.
Somebody just added genes to a tomato, folks got mad.
This is going in and randomly reprogramming your cells?
I mean, this is insane!
It's gene editing.
I mean, it's been the ultimate objective.
I mean, basically, like we've been talking about the social credit model and predicting how China was going to utilize that in terms of our own big tech censorship here, the same models of gene editing, the same models of experimentation on human beings has been going on in China.
It has been the focal point of this for the last 10, 15 years.
You've been way ahead of the curve talking about this.
They're just using the vaccine as a guise to do so.
And it's not news for Bill Gates.
I mean, he was trying to, according to effective allegations in Africa, he was trying to use vaccines as a disguised sterilization mechanism before.
So the idea that he would use vaccines as a guise for some other agenda is nothing new when he himself says his vaccine agenda is not driven by really vaccines.
It's driven by overpopulation that he wants to... Well, he's like, he went to us like,
Hey, go along with it, but they're targeting everybody.
It's wrong.
And now they're like, oh, Chinese super soldiers, they were given MRNA to make them supermen.
So when you medically experiment on your troops, you just spin it like, oh, we made them super soldiers.
See how they hide crime like it's creating Captain America.
Oh, completely!
I mean, what China's been doing out in the open is just extraordinary.
What is terrifying is the Chinese model for everything.
Economics, politics, power, science, human relations, human resources, medicine.
That's what's coming to America and the whole world.
And the only fight back to date has been Trump.
And the only fight back moving forward is going to be all of us, the people and the citizenry, doing everything we can, including supporting places like Infowars, to make democracy stay alive against this extraordinary, tyrannical regime.
Alright, you're going to be hosting with DeAnna Lorraine this Monday, the election countdown.
Robert Barnes on Twitter, by defining Barnes Law.
Thank you so much.
You are always on my mind.
Always on my mind.
The Elvis clone bringing us in.
I'll go to some of your phone calls.
Toll-free number to join us is 877-789-2539.
But look at this breaking news on InfoWars.com.
Just in, Vatican enters into a global alliance with Rothschild, Rockefeller, and Ford Foundation, MasterCard, Bank of America, and others through the new Council of Inclusive Capitalism.
So get your new Vatican indulgence there.
Create a more inclusive, sustainable, and trusted economic system as they try to bankrupt the world system, the UN asks for money to feed the starving, and as they shut off everybody's bank accounts, they go, oh, we're going to make it more inclusive for you while they don't.
It's like funding Black Lives Matter, George Soros.
Well, they cut off and block energy development in Africa.
It's beyond sick.
That's why when they announced the new head of the Soros Foundation, the smartmatic voting machine company head, he's like, our dream of helping black people will soon be there.
We love them.
We pledge ourselves to black people.
What they're saying is we represent all black people.
We speak for you while we kill everybody.
And while we kill you especially.
I mean, it's sick, man.
Hitler should have said, I support the Jews, I speak for Israel, everyone just bowed down.
Or, you know, I speak for black people.
But he was honest about it, he didn't.
And then of course they financed the collapse of the third world, floods with third world populations, who they turned as racist against white people.
All the big mega-billionaire bankers, like, whites are inherently bad.
We're gonna suppress white men on YouTube, they said this week.
The average white guy's gonna go, man, screw these black people and brown people.
But it's all a globalist manipulation by ruthless dirtbag corporations that run slave camps in China.
It's sick manipulation.
It's dirty, it's nasty, it's low-down, it's disgusting.
It's like the Star Trek episode where there's aliens on board, you can't see it, and it's to plan everybody off against to kill each other.
And as soon as you figure out it's doing it, you just start laughing, and the alien goes away, because it lives off negative energy.
Well, that allegory is perfect for this.
Ha ha ha!
That doesn't mean I hate myself because I'm white, or you hate yourself because you're black, you love yourself because you're human, and you know we've got problems, and there's issues, and sometimes whites do mean things, blacks do mean things, it doesn't matter.
We understand there's a group manipulating it to get power and destroy us all, and we transcend it, and we get above it.
It's kind of like you lost your map.
You can't find it.
You finally get to another gas station.
You buy another map.
Back when they only had maps and now you know where you're going.
Or you're kind of, it's at night.
You're in the mountains.
You're driving.
Are you on the right road?
You don't know.
And suddenly you go over a hill and there's a big city below you.
You know, it's Albuquerque.
And oh, it's Albuquerque.
You kind of go in on that dome.
It's like behind the dark.
Oh, it's Albuquerque.
See all the lights.
You know, you're there.
And so that's what this process is like.
And they want to keep us in the dark, folks, and it needs to stop.
All right.
We got a lot of callers here.
Scott and Scott and Chris and David and Isaac and Paul and Chris and Josh and Chris and a lot of Chris's.
Let's go to Scott in Vermont first on Marshall Law Biden versus Trump DOJ.
Thanks for calling.
Thanks for getting back with us.
Go ahead.
Hello, Alex.
Thanks for taking my call.
Three quick things first.
The new website is okay, but it took out the cartoons.
Please put the cartoons back and the website in for worse.
You know, that's a good point.
We should create a cartoon section and have cartoons front and center.
I was thinking that too.
Well, you had it near the bottom on the old website, and that was fine.
And turmeric, there's two R's in turmeric.
You keep pronouncing it, tumor-rick.
Well, you know, I kind of do things my own way.
I emailed you that a year ago, but maybe you didn't get the... Tomato-tomah-tah.
Anyway... Tumor-rick.
30 years ago I discovered these Swiss made homeopathic pills.
I put one under my tongue and I forget the brand name but they have a little Swiss cross on the bottle.
I'd be able to get all the springtime pollen in my face and everything and that wouldn't bother me for the whole day.
You might want to try that.
That was the one for forced inoculation and eugenics, yeah.
But it involves other things, like your attorney pointed out, tied to like martial law.
Yeah, well I wasn't pushing martial law when he was on.
I was getting his view on it.
Right, right.
But he brought up the Jacobson ruling, how that could be used to justify some lockdown garbage.
But we do have the good thing, it wasn't that the Pennsylvania governor was overruled by
A federal judge saying it was unconstitutional.
What state was that?
Was it Pennsylvania?
Pennsylvania, Michigan, and California.
They've all ruled that the lockdowns are unconstitutional, but these dictators don't care.
They just go full steam ahead.
That's good.
Now, my theory, and I hope I'm wrong about this, if we do have to put up with President Beijing, Biden, and Kamala Harris,
I think?
As far as any of that stuff.
If you stop talking about me and my corruption with China... Well, there's no doubt.
There's no question that Biden has said, I will leave you alone, Trump.
Leave me alone.
Those are public statements.
So that's just how corrupt politics works.
Great point.
I appreciate your call, Scott.
Another Scott in South Carolina.
Go ahead, sir.
Yes, sir.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
Thanks for calling me back.
I just wanted to make two points.
I had called back on Veterans Day, and I was basically making the point that I felt as if Trump, all he needed to see was the American people stand up and come out there in numbers and droves for him to make the move that he needs to make.
And ever since then, I feel like so much has happened.
So I think this move here on the 12th to march on D.C., I think this is one of the most important times
As we know, the quickening is now.
I mean, and I just think that's going to be one of the most important things.
Second point, um, you mentioned you, we have like a quadruple quintuplet, the amount of people listening and tuning in.
How come people aren't buying the supplement?
People need to get in there and InfoWars store.
Look, since everybody else, the stuff's all mainstream now.
Everybody else has shut down, so they're going to come here.
So that's a good thing.
I'm just pointing out that it's a lot of new listeners.
And I'm letting regular listeners know, thank you for the support, because your support isn't just getting great products.
It is really affecting change now.
And praise God, we are having a huge harvest of awakening people.
And so I'm telling new listeners, hey, you might want to
Kick into the kitty here because we had to build our own infrastructure.
People come here and they go, why do you have satellite uplinks and encoders and all this machine?
Because most people have a phone or a computer that dials into Google or Twitter or Facebook and they have all the stuff.
We've got buildings of stuff.
So, you know, millions of dollars of equipment because we had to do it all ourselves.
And I'm not bitching.
It's just that that's what I'm talking about.
It's beginning to feel a lot like mRNA vaccine.
Preparing to die.
Yeah, and expose the globalists while you're at it.
Bill Gates has got a little present.
Coming down your chimney.
Gonna stick it in ya.
Need to submit to him.
Because you'll be dead.
Alright, let's go through the headlines and go back to your calls.
Let's just look at a few of these headlines.
Oh, and this is every few minutes this is breaking.
Like, oh, 59 here died, 27 here died, 10,000 got paralyzed, you know.
Four volunteers who took Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine developed Bell's Palsy.
Six died.
They say it's no problem.
Five names for 100 million vaccination in first 100 days.
UK warns people with severe allergies should not take the COVID vaccine.
Also that it causes miscarriages.
Well, that's no big deal!
Ha ha!
Merry little Christmas from Bill Gates.
He's making a list.
He's checking it twice.
He'll decide who's killed and who's not.
Here comes Bill Gates and the eugenics train.
His mommy worked for the head of IBM, who was Hitler's top advisor.
His dad ran Planned Parenthood, and he's gonna kill you, oh.
Welcome, Bill Gates.
You are so great.
We love you, Bill Gates.
Oh my God, excuse me.
We've got a lot more here to cover, but FDA, six people died during Pfizer COVID vaccine trial.
At Cornell, a flu shot is mandatory, but only if you're white.
It turns out the black students know the history of secret experimentation, so they're refusing.
So Cornell said, if you're black, you don't have to take it.
Well, that's a start.
I heard NPR like two weeks ago, they go, a lot of black people are paranoid because of secret testing in Africa and here with syphilis.
We promise.
That was in the past, not now.
It's like, do you think anyone trusts you?
Hey, white people, only you gotta take it.
I'm sorry, I shouldn't laugh.
It's not funny.
This is just getting sick.
Oh my gosh.
I have trouble breathing.
Poll majority want travel ban for the unvaccinated.
But other polls show over two-thirds don't want vaccines.
These use fake polls, folks.
Canada Health Ministry exploring immunity passports, vaccine tracking and surveillance.
We told you that was all coming.
More travel companies say they want you to take it.
Again, they admit the Pfizer mRNA vaccine can kill you if you have any type of allergy.
Ben Shapiro, get vaccinated, dopes!
Oh, that's so intellectual!
Get vaccinated, dopes!
And he's never censored.
He's force-pushed by Google and Twitter and Facebook, because we know why.
Look at him.
The man-child.
He just, he just is so intelligent.
He can debate like 70 IQ leftists.
He's like, I make a million dollars every day from big tech.
Who sponsors me?
Oh, hi.
Oh, hi.
Get the vaccine, dopes.
Oh, you're dopey.
You'll be real dopey once you take the shots, because then Ben can actually be superior to you.
I bet old Benny boy ain't taking the shots.
Get the vaccines, dopes!
Look at him, the man's y'all.
It just has liability protection, it's super dangerous, they're giving all these reasons you shouldn't take it, but oh!
He said something, just look at him, he's just, he's just a genius, folks.
He gets up to give speeches.
Where he's been paid to be a speaker, and he'll go.
And now, this minute, brought to you by, it'll say an insurance company, during the Speechesgiving.
Not that it gets money to fund yourself, but he has almost no employees, no one.
He's just a little, greedy, anti-American dirtbag, who says, oh, I'm Ben Shapiro.
Get your shots, dopes.
How intellectual.
Oh, I don't want to argue with being called a dope.
Oh my gosh.
I'm going to take all the vaccines, because I don't want Ben Shapiro who intimidates me.
Because he's so smart.
Is that him?
Oh my God.
There's no end.
He's been told since he was born that he is our messiah.
And so we have to all bow to him.
FDA, six people died during the Pfizer COVID test.
How about you take a few of those, Mr. Dopey Dope?
Oh, I'm sure you're not taking it.
NGOs smuggling large numbers of Somalis onto Greek Island.
By the way, national security disaster.
House unanimously passes TPS amnesty for Hong Kong residents, expands definition of refugees, and it goes on and on.
That was only a small part of my vaccine news.
Let's go back.
Let's go back to your calls.
Chris in North, no, no, South Carolina.
Chris, you're on the air.
Thanks for calling.
Hey, Alex.
Thanks to you and your crew for calling me back.
I'm a longtime listener, waging the info war here in the upstate of South Carolina.
Quickly, I wanted to let everyone know that the U.S.
postal system has been slow.
For instance, I had ordered my MAGA hat on October 22nd, and I didn't get it until Election Day.
But I'm taking that as a good sign that since it came in on Election Day that our president is going to be re-elected.
Um, have recently ordered from InfoWars and I'm still waiting on it.
Your warehouse got it out fast, but the postal system is slow.
So... Well, that's right.
Everybody should get their orders in now for Christmas.
The Postal Service tells us the 18th, uh, but there is this major breakdown because of the COVID hysteria.
Lack of people can also order UPS, but regardless, it's usually Christmas helps fund us, you know, us into next year to let us know what we can do.
So, thank you for the support.
Yeah, absolutely.
So the reason I called yesterday, you were talking about martial law and how you were kind of viewing it as
You know, you're not saying that martial law is good, but it's pretty much necessary because we've been usurped by the hostile globalist takeover.
Well, they're saying, under the definition, it's when you're occupied and your civilian system's broken down and not doing its job, then you have to have a... I mean, Trump has the right, I think, at a certain point, if he had people under him, to arrest the globalists, right?
Well, they're going to call that martial law if he does that.
And so no one ever gets to that point where they set up their own martial law, their own fiat system, and we just sit here and take it because we're following the quote rules.
Well, the rules were already thrown out the window.
Right, and I'm just trying to make sure that we're not saying that, like, martial law is, you know... Hey, hey, don't worry.
The military is controlled by the globalists.
The country's done.
We're gonna be under Chinese martial law, bro.
They're never gonna let you out of your house.
It's over.
I mean, you don't worry.
We're under Chinese martial law.
We're under big tech martial law.
We're under blue state, blue city martial law.
You don't have to worry about Trump.
He's probably done.
The country's probably done.
Well, is Trump going to do better?
No, no, but it's like, listen, you and David Knight and others don't have to worry.
You know, I'm not declaring martial law.
You're not declaring it.
Trump isn't.
We're under Chinese globalist martial law.
No one's going to oppose that because that's kind of fashionable.
I'm just saying that, you know, George Washington would rise up and arrest these people.
But he'd be called martial law.
He didn't care.
Does that make sense?
Absolutely, it makes sense and I agree with you 100% on that.
I just don't want Trump to get set up and then they call him the martial law advocate, the dictator and all that.
Oh don't worry, he's already been set up.
They've already tried to steal the election, they've already done all this.
What if they set him up and then he declares martial law and then they assassinate him and we get one of these globalists in charge and he's already been set up.
Well don't worry, you're already getting one with Biden so it's covered.
I appreciate your call.
Listen, I'm not trying to be condescending.
Here's what I'm getting at.
Everyone continues to act like we're still in a republic.
Everyone continues to act like we're already following the same system.
The country is in shambles.
We've been overtaken by outside bullies.
No one's showing strength.
Because a dictator shows strength, so our elected president doesn't show strength, so Joe Biden and the CHICOMS do, and they take over.
See how that works?
That's how the real world works.
Not the fantasy land.
So don't worry.
If we don't show a big rally in D.C., and if we don't stand up, and if we don't back the globalists off, they're going to take us for everything we got.
And you're not going to have any American martial law.
You're going to have Chi Com Global's martial law more than you ever wanted.
And then you can sit there and debate, you know, how bad Trump is later.
We'll be right back.
Ladies and gentlemen, I just got bone-chilling news during the break.
Ezra Revant is on the show tomorrow.
He's incredibly credible.
This is breaking minutes ago.
We're going to post it on Infowars.com.
It's from Rebel News.
They have the internal emails.
They got this through Foyer.
Defense Internationale.
Trudeau invited Chinese troops to occupy Canada.
I mean, oh, but that's okay.
As long as we don't have any martial law.
So I'm going to explain this to the last caller.
I'm going to explain it to other people who actually know this but just want to act holier than thou because it's all about purity like a Pharisee or a Sadducee.
I'm going to explain this to everybody real quick.
You can have civil county law based on your state, based on the Constitution, which itself is based on common law and basic jurisprudence.
I'm not going to go over the whole lineage of it and where we are currently today.
If someone comes to your house and breaks in the back door and tackles your wife and starts raping her, and they've got a handgun, you pull out your gun and you shoot them, and that is your own common law action of violence to protect yourself and you're protected.
So people fetishize the term martial law.
It means different things in history, different places, but it means suspension of the common regular law.
Well, a lot of places are already under military rule.
So how do you have martial law on something that's already martial?
When the county and city and state laws are suspended by bureaucrats, by dictator governors, whether it's Whitmer or Newsom or Cuomo or Wolf or prime ministers like Boris Johnson,
And then they announce the military's out to give inoculations and checkpoints and IDs.
That's classic martial law, and it's a medical martial law.
One of the nastiest, deadliest types.
And when the states put out 80 million fake ballots, and break all the rules and violate the law, and declare their own system, that is a form of revolution, a declaration of independence.
Martial law.
And so when we declared 1776, the King of England said, that's a rogue state.
That's a military dictatorship they're setting up because the military was formed to say, we're forming a new system.
And the first thing you do is make the declaration of what you plan to do and then form your military to oppose the other side and to establish your own order.
And so when we're faced with an outside Chinese, globalist, fraudulent takeover,
And they're putting their people in.
It is a logical extension for a military general, a former head of defense intelligence, or constitutional lawyer, former federal prosecutor, like Powell.
To come out and say we need a limited form of martial law because the Congress won't act, the states won't act, the bureaucracy is controlled, the Justice Department will do nothing.
I don't have any more faith in the military either to carry out that martial law.
Because it has to have a people that stand for an ethos, and an idea, and a mission, and a demand of what they want, declaration of independence.
So what I've called for is a declaration of independence against this fraudulent election, and against the shycoms, and against the globalists, and then callers call and say, why do you want martial law?
You just want to say, I'm doing that so you feel powerful.
Do it all day!
I don't care!
We're not talking about a real world here.
We are overrun.
We have a foreign controlled media demoralizing us.
It's the stinking military that's going to be out there doing the damn inoculations.
Trump bought into all that crap.
Yeah, he just tweeted overrun.
Holy hell.
Didn't even know he'd done that.
We are overrun, folks.
In discussion at the military war colleges here, the only legitimate martial law would be under a foreign occupation or overrun.
Because then you're not having courts and trials and doing all the normal pleasantries when they're breaking in your house, when they're raping your wife, when your city's on fire, when the electricity's getting turned off, when the farms are collapsing, because that's all that's coming next.
And I'm not up here saying there's a key to the city and a magic wand of martial law.
I'm saying recognize we are under martial law now of the UN and the medical tyranny and Bill Gates!
We are under martial law!
We are under martial law!
We are under martial law!
Face that!
Deal with that!
Not the fears that our president that's got some good rhetoric and tried to turn the energy back on and try to do a better financial deal for us.
The fears that the completely surrounded collapsing champion is gonna be a dictator.
Don't worry, that probably ain't gonna happen.
But so long is the instinct and the energy.
To think of America, and Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama, and George Bush Sr., and all of them that put in the martial law slowly, and that took our rights, and that tried to train the military for martial law, so they warned us they were being trained, so we wrote the book on martial law.
Made the films on martial law.
Went out and documented the martial law, so that they, the outside force, would not use our military against us.
So instead, they got control of our local cities, and they brought in a virus of fear, and they domesticated us, and they taught us through corporations to hide in our homes, never come back out again, and it is a martial law of the mind.
90% of war is a psychological operation.
So all I want is the people criticizing Flynn or anybody saying we need limited martial law
Which is a response to a foreign overrun takeover, which is true.
Doesn't mean it can be implemented, doesn't mean it's even a good idea, because we don't have arms and legs!
We're like a head separated from our body!
We don't even have those forces!
Our military is in Utah right now, the Green Berets literally learning how to suck dick!
Excuse me, and delay that.
I mean, that's what this has become!
And the sooner people realize that, the better shot we've got in the future.
I'm gonna go to break.
I'm gonna do two more segments.
I'm gonna go to David, Isaac, Hayes, Chris, Bob, and Chris in Kentucky.
And that's it for calls.
I love you.
I'll get to every damn one of those calls.
Separately, I gotta fund my operation.
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I notice when I remember to use these, I'll do it for a few months, then forget, and then go back to it because my kids take it, or whatever happens, or I lose it.
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I should get it way before Christmas, but I will get that order in now and info war store.com.
I just know we're getting the hell beat out of us.
We're getting taken over right now.
And we're sitting there refereeing ourselves saying, Oh, we better not do this.
Just don't worry.
There ain't no magic martial law and all that Q stuff coming.
Don't hold your breath.
You're under CHICOM martial law now.
But no one will lift a finger to even speak out against it, because that's liberal.
I mean, it's Chinese martial law, so it must be okay, you know?
I mean, how dare you not want them to occupy Canada?
I mean, you know, this is a wonderful idea.
The 60% off, up to 60% off, double patriot points, free shipping, InfoWareStore.com.
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They're planning a long, hard depression, and never take that boot off your neck again.
All right, and I know it'll be Biden's martial law, so everybody's going to love it.
Not going to be called martial law.
You're going to enjoy it.
But I'm trying as hard as I can to stop it.
And God bless the state of Texas again, coming through with the right lawsuit and a good chance to reverse this and let the left burn the cities down to throw fits.
They're a bunch of damn commies anyways.
I didn't mean to have that one caller sent me off there.
This is just a completely insane situation.
And yeah, they're trying to go Trump into an over-response, but it doesn't matter.
No response is another response.
But he's surrounded by a bunch of candy-ass lawyers, so let's just stop worrying about Trump saving us, and let's ourselves say we don't accept Joe Biden, and we don't accept the New World Order, and we don't accept political correctness, and we don't listen to a damn thing they tell us anymore, and we don't bat all their pedophile armies.
May they burn in hell!
Hour number four!
Your phone calls straight ahead!
And I should have played this at the start of the show, but now there's been a development.
Michigan State Rep Cynthia Johnson, who said we're going to basically attack and destroy anybody that questions election fraud.
She just sat down on her investigation and just got stripped of her assignments.
These people are all just thugs.
We're going to play that next segment.
Let's go to the calls.
Thank you, David, in Virginia.
Sorry, I had some episodes earlier.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
No problem, Alex.
Great to talk to you.
I'm a longtime listener and a first-time caller.
I was in D.C.
a few weeks ago, and I'll be there this weekend.
I look forward to seeing you.
Yes, sir.
First thing I want to do, I'd like to plug your products.
I love X2.
It's done a lot of great, I've achieved a lot of great results in taking it.
So what I wanted to do, I wanted to touch on martial law and kind of the how around martial law.
I think, you know, Trump, if Trump, Trump obviously should pursue all his legal strategies.
But if he comes up short there, I think martial law is something, an option that needs to be kept on the table.
Well, yeah, because it's a CHICOM foreign takeover.
I mean, if the damn Russians invaded, what would you call that?
I mean, people need to understand this is where we are.
But the how, how he can do it.
There's a law, U.S.
Code 10, Section 253, which Trump can invoke to activate militias across the country.
And these militias, citizen militias, would therefore, thereby be operating under a legal framework.
I agree.
I just want to call this globalist bluff.
They're doing this because they can push us around.
America didn't used to get pushed around.
I'm sick of being pushed around.
I think we could literally see millions of citizens under arms on the streets across this country.
I'm just telling you, the globalists tried to put out their commie force to intimidate us.
We're not going to intimidate them.
We're going to protect legitimate government and legitimate homes and we're not getting pushed around anymore.
Anyway, there's an interesting couple of videos... We are under attack!
We are in a state of war!
Call it what you want!
Call out the Republic!
Defend the damn Republic!
Look, there's an interesting couple of videos by a Harvard-educated lawyer, Dr. Edwin Vieira, who explains... I agree.
Let's get Vieira.
He's a great lawyer on.
I agree with you.
God bless you, David.
Alright, yeah.
Again, I'm not fetishizing martial law.
It's a term.
A federal executive response to the foreign takeover.
Defend us.
Damn it.
We have to call it out as a foreign attack.
It is.
I'm getting really pissed now, folks.
Alright, let's go to Chris in Kentucky.
Thanks for holding, Chris, and Hayes, and others.
Hi, Alex.
I know, I guess I've got a spiritual and mental tug-of-war going on with
What's happening nationally and what's happening locally?
I live in Kentucky where.
Governor Andy Beshear is become our COVID overlord and something interesting that came up in a lot of these hearings is there's been an individual and I don't don't know his name or another organization he's connected with, but he said that he got involved in investigating election fraud with these voting machines.
Because of the irregularities that happened in the Kentucky governor's race in 2018.
Oh yeah, super bad, super bad.
And I remember you guys covering some of the details of that at the time, but you know, I think these people need to be accountable, okay?
And all these Democratic governors
They're acting in concert.
It's like, I want to know who the conductor is and who's paying them to play the music.
I can tell you, it's the Clintons, it's Obama, it's George Soros, it's Brennan and Clapper.
It's a whole consortium of scumbags.
Yeah, I mean...
It's like they're all taking notes from each other and doing the exact same thing.
I mean, my wife is a kindergarten teacher.
Hold on, stay there.
Back in 60 seconds, Chris.
We'll get to Isaac, Hayes, Chris, and Bob, I promise.
All of you before the segment ends.
And the great investigative journalist is coming up.
Jon Rappaport on morefakenews.com.
Please stay with us.
This is really important.
America is under a globalist attack.
They've got collaborators.
They think we're weak.
They think we're stupid.
They're using COVID as the pretext to keep us locked down.
China's bragging they're totally open for business.
Chris in Kentucky, you were saying your wife is a teacher and we got cut off on the break.
Go ahead.
Yeah, my wife's a kindergarten teacher and got two kids in elementary school too.
And our Kentucky governor has closed schools in our district because we're quote, in the red zone.
Uh, you know, he's using all of his, uh, medical expertise that surrounds him.
And, uh, you know, he says what wonderful medical experts they are, I'm sure.
And all they're doing is following the UN globalist orders.
Yeah, there's, I think, uh, Joseph Mengele was probably a respected, uh, medical, uh, person, you know, in the thirties and forties in Germany too.
But this has caused hardship and nobody knows from week to week what's fixing to happen.
And, you know, I think we've got to... I'm praying for the president.
I wish I could be in Washington.
I'm actually on my way to Canada for work.
It doesn't matter, brother.
Tell folks about the event.
And we're all there in spirit.
We're going to do this together.
Thank you.
Parallels to Nazis are dead on here.
This violates the Nuremberg Code, Geneva Convention.
I had scientists and medical doctors all up on.
There's all these other doctors going public about the vaccines being totally deadly.
You're like, well, then why would they do this?
They're practicing getting us sick and getting away with it.
They finally got to emerge.
They finally got to make their move.
This is it.
Everything else was window dressing.
Everything else was beta testing.
This is it.
Okay, let's go to Hayes in Alabama.
Thanks for holding.
Go ahead, Hayes.
Hey, Alex.
How are you doing?
I'm all right, brother.
I'm pretty freaked out, actually.
Me too.
See, I was okay and everything was fine until I started watching you at the beginning of this year and you kind of dragged me up under my rock.
But do you notice now it wasn't just what I was saying?
Notice now it's here?
Oh yeah, no.
Yeah, that's still on the screen when I called in.
I work for a big tech banking company, right?
And I kid you not, I got an email this morning and it talks about literally they're helping and their clients are ushering in the fourth industrial revolution and they have hyperlink.
I click on hyperlink.
Where does it go?
It's the World Economic Forum and Klaus Schwab.
They're coming.
I don't know what else we got to tell people.
They're coming.
Oh, it's all you and Klaus Schwab, Chinese communist.
Remember, three and a half years ago, Trump had won, and Xi Jinping went there, and with Klaus Schwab and Jean-Claude Juncker, they said, we will defeat America.
And then Fauci said, we're going to launch a bio-attack.
And so that's crazy.
You work for a big bank, and you just got your marching orders, huh?
Well yeah, and my thing is, I'm wondering if it's even ethical that I continue working here, because I don't support that.
I don't support an anti-human agenda.
Sorry, I just can't.
Well here's the deal, they're just getting you, here's the deal, they're the ones causing the depression and the lockdown, they're just conditioning you that they're in charge.
You're learning who your general is.
Well you're a patriot inside the enemy Death Star.
Stay there, continue to get intel, and then when they do things that are corrupt or whatever, blow the whistle, brother.
Yeah, that's what I'm going to have to do.
I pray that they see reason and they turn away from this.
They're not.
Let me tell you, all the corporate heads are going to bow to it.
Yeah, it's kind of ridiculous, honestly.
Well, brother, it's how it works.
They're making their move, man.
Thank God you were already informed.
Think of your other colleagues.
They don't know what the Great Reset is.
They don't know what the Fourth Industrial is, which is a post-industrial.
You've got to warn them now.
Yeah, you'd be surprised by how many sidebar conversations I've had with people, and they start saying, it's funny because they'll say, you know, Bill Gates, and I'm like, oh, he's one of us.
You know what's going on.
And I talk to them and they watch InfoWars and they know what's going on.
Well, sir, that's really the good news is we're not alone.
And so they're the ones that are in trouble.
So they're making their move.
We're making our move.
God bless you, sir.
I appreciate your call, Ace.
Call back anytime.
Sorry, I'm butchering names here today.
My eyes are going out.
Let's talk to Chris in Ohio.
Chris, go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
How's it going?
Well, you just heard that caller works at a big bank and he just got told Klaus Schwab is his guru.
Oh, yeah.
Well, I just had a couple of questions here.
I'm sorry to harken it back to some older times, but the first one is, why is Rand Paul such a coward that he keeps ducking debates with Jordan Holmes?
And the second one would be, you said you were going to cut a microchip out of a dude, a homeless guy, a long while ago, and I never saw that happen.
I was hoping to have some proof that I could show people, and I was telling people for a while, like weeks at a time, that you were going to do that.
Well, listen, that's completely reasonable, Chris.
It's all over the news that MIT's developed digital liquid chips with the vaccines.
It's all over the news.
They say ABC News, Newsweek, Time Magazine, USA Today, you will soon all have a chip.
World governments here.
We got the documents that were real from the UN group tracking homeless and their plan to chip.
They have chipped in some Latin American countries and then we had the homeless guy who gave us the paperwork ready to talk and he got paranoid and wouldn't do the interview.
So, I mean, are you debating that there is a movement to microchip first the most disadvantaged people?
No, I was saying, you're the one that said that, you're the one that said that.
Listen, brother, 100%, 100% sometimes, we got a fish right up to the boat, and then the line snaps.
So that was just somebody we didn't get the interview with.
If they're doing it to all the homeless people, shouldn't you be able to find at least one that will let you pay them to take out the microchip?
Well, I didn't say they're doing it to all of them, they're starting a pilot program is what it was, and again, I appreciate your call, man.
Listen, Chris, I welcome you to go out and find it yourself and show it to people, okay?
Uh, hey.
I just wanted to call and talk to you about the thing with YouTube that's going on.
They're trying to stop you from talking about it.
Just today, they posted something on their blog that says they're going to be removing all election videos.
Yeah, well, they've been doing it.
I mean, they've been doing it, but the last comment will say, show me the proof.
I mean, they've announced
That you're not going to question this election, which is, again, Soviet level.
It's just we're now here.
It's a total nightmare.
And I absolutely agree with you.
It's horrible.
Yeah, but like I'm looking at their blog right now and they're just blatantly saying that, oh, you can't question this.
And for four years, they were allowed to question blatantly false claims with Russia and Russiagate and all this other crap.
Dude, they said on Monday, we're going to suppress white males because they're bad.
I'm a white male.
I don't like it because I'm a human.
But obviously, it's to play us off against each other.
Imagine if they said, we're going to suppress black males because they're bad.
Well, that's what Hillary said.
These are sick people.
Yeah, and they're just doing it right in front of us because they know that
People won't do anything.
They'll just get mad online and then they won't do anything.
Well, they'll submit.
Most people actually submit.
Thanks, Isaac.
Sorry we're out of time.
Last caller.
Bob in New York ahead of Rappaport.
Take it over.
Go ahead, Bob.
Hey, Alex.
Love you, man.
Love you.
Thank you.
Pray for your family.
I need those prayers more than anything, brother, because my spirit's strong, but my body's not that strong.
Yeah, well, you know it, man.
You've heard from me in the past.
You always blow my mind, especially now that you're saying Chinese troops are in North America.
It's crazy.
It's real.
I mean, it's absolutely real, brother.
It's a coup.
It's a coup.
And you know that I know it's a coup.
I mean, I know what you know.
I mean, I got into you back when we were still talking about the Trans-Texas Corridor and, you know, building that from the west coast of Mexico up to Kansas City, all owned by Chinese.
Marshall Law then was, uh, we were a little fearful of it because Butch was in charge and Neocons were in charge.
You didn't know what was going to happen with Chinese troops working for them.
Well, see, that's the thing.
Once you get hit with a real attack, it's so fast, you can't even, it's like, and now this is what it's like, brother.
Yeah, this is what it's like.
So, so my, my point is, uh, if we're going to maritime law, you know, even, um,
Going all the way back to everyone as their own island, and we can all defend ourselves.
Why is Trump letting it get this far?
People don't... You know, I think I'm going to criticize Trump tomorrow, and not just to earn brownie points with people, but he needs to be criticized on some points, I agree.
Hey, John Rupport's coming up.
Thank you, Bob.
Then Owen Schroer's going to be on with the Chinese troop thing, bigger than Dallas.
And let's get Ezra Levant on with him, too.
And Levant's on that broke it with us tomorrow.
Here we go, folks.
Another weekly chat on...
Vital issues of the day.
May get into something about Attorney General Barr later on because I'll probably lose it then rather than now.
Got to keep my head together here for a while.
So I want to hammer one more time, and this will not be the last time, on the test, the PCR test.
But we have new news about it.
All the case numbers are based on the test.
So when the media report, governor's report,
Public health officials report, oh, rising case numbers and it's terrible and therefore we have to do lockdowns.
It's all based on the case numbers.
And the case numbers are derived from the test.
Understand that before anything else.
That's the chain.
The test, the case numbers, the lockdowns.
It's all fraud all the way.
As I've demonstrated and described here on the show and in many articles at NoMoreFakeNews, the test is fraudulent for a variety of reasons.
A variety of reasons.
It's useless, it's worthless, and even more importantly, it's deceptive.
Because it creates mountains of what are called false positives, which means
That people who have no condition whatsoever that could be remotely connected to something hypothetically called COVID-19 are being diagnosed as infected with the coronavirus and they are counted as cases based on the test.
Okay, so we've established that.
Second up, one of the ways, most important ways, that the test is deceptive is how many cycles are used in doing the test.
What is a cycle?
A cycle is an amplification or a blow-up of, let's call it, the original
sample taken from the patient.
It's a little more complex than that, but we'll call it that.
So you start off with something very, very tiny as a result of a swab of a patient.
And the PCR test, as if it's looking at a very tiny snapshot, blows it up in size in a series of quantum leaps of extreme
And each one of those quantum leaps is called a cycle.
So, how many cycles should the test be run at?
Well, now we get down to something very interesting.
As I've described, linked to it on my site, and talked about it here,
We have Anthony Fauci on video recently talking about how 35 cycles or more of the test, if it's run at 35 or more cycles, it's totally useless.
Nothing about the results can be interpreted in any rational, cognizant way.
The reasons are various and so on, but it's sort of as if you're blowing up something so big now that it's catching things that are completely irrelevant.
Just the way if you blew up a snapshot, let's say a hundred million times, a photograph snapshot, you would be seeing things
That you could interpret any way you wanted to that are completely irrelevant, like hairs and so on and so forth.
What Fauci failed to mention in this publicly available video is that the FDA, which certifies all diagnostic tests as being approved for public use
And the CDC, their guidelines recommending doing the test up to 40 cycles, way above the 35 cycle limit.
Which means that you're going to get labs all over the US and probably the world that are running this test
At too many cycles.
Far too many cycles.
Thus creating millions and millions and millions of false positive results.
Meaning results that apparently indicate that these people, these patients are, quote, infected with the virus, but that's not true.
That's completely false.
But all of these people not only will be
Now, quarantined, treated, etc., etc., their lives disturbed in many different ways.
But each one of these people becomes a case number, a COVID case number, without any rational reason.
It's a false positive.
So when you have all of these labs,
Following FDA and CDC guidelines, scientifically incorrect and worthless guidelines, what you get is millions of false positives.
Therefore, the number of cases that are reported of COVID escalate everywhere.
And governors then say, well, you see what's happening.
Our only course of action is to achieve
New lockdown.
And therefore, that's what I'm ordering.
And these lockdowns are absolutely in-house arrests, unconstitutional, etc., etc., destroying lives, livelihoods, wreaking extensive economic damage all over the U.S.
and the world.
Based on
The fraudulent use of this PCR test.
And as we head into the first break here, I do want to mention that the extent of the economic damage and the destruction, what it looks like, what it feels like, what it is like, has been concealed from the American public and the world public by
So, in the last segment, I described how the PCR test is at the bottom of this enormous fraud, generating millions of supposed cases of COVID-19.
Nothing could be further from the truth.
And these cases, rising case numbers, that's the rationale used by political officials, governors, and so on, to institute in-house arrests, lockdowns, destruction of the economy and human life.
And that the media are instructed not to explore
The extent of the economic wreckage or the human wreckage up close and personal and really show it to you and pound it into you as to what's really happened to this country and other countries.
But instead to show little cute public service announcements and so on and so forth that you see on television.
As kind of a SOP.
Oh yes, we're fine.
We'll be fine.
They're under instructions not to show this to you.
For example, anybody with a camera could walk down the streets of New York City, once the greatest city in the world, and see how desolate it has become over the last nine months.
The boarded up stores and businesses.
The lack of people on the streets.
The people who are there walking along like zombies wearing masks.
Just that alone, given enough time and coverage on the media, would begin to make things sink into people
As to the degree of horrendous economic destruction.
And then interviews with small business owners whose lives have been completely destroyed.
And then people would start to see what these lockdowns are really all about.
And how, in fact, that is the primary operation here that's being carried out on the global population.
The virus, the test, all of that is just the cover story.
Now, perhaps you've noticed that in the last couple of months in particular, there has been growing, in what's ridiculously called the alternative media, more and more testimony, proof, evidence, awareness,
That this PCR test is in fact a fraud.
Essays, open letters, scientists testifying, lawyers putting together cases.
This is serious business and the awareness and the action are both expanding.
The attack on the PCR test is growing.
And the bit of breaking news in the last several days on this front is much more significant than most people realize.
Because the state of Florida, under Governor DeSantis, issued by his public health department, the state public health department, is now requiring all labs in the state
To report, for each test they do, how many cycles they ran the test at.
You see, as was exposed in a New York Times article, and I've written about this extensively, the labs never report to the doctor and the patient.
In the test results, how many cycles the test was run at.
They're not required to, and they don't report it.
This is like the cover-up of the century.
But now, somebody in the state of Florida, or somebody somewhere, got the ear of the governor of Florida, and showed him
That the test is largely being run on a completely fraudulent basis, resulting in the appearance, the illusion of greater and greater case numbers, therefore seeming to require new lockdowns.
Well, Governor DeSantis in Florida does not want to do new lockdowns.
And so he was right.
for discovering this enormous fraud.
And now, for those of you watching this, you can see on the screen the memorandum from the Florida Department of Public Health, which lists DeSantis' name at the top, requiring laboratories to report the number of cycles they're running the test at.
Now you could say, well, the labs could lie, and this and that, and they could evade, and so on and so forth.
But this is an enormous step in the right direction.
This is a long war we're in, folks.
This is not, oh, I just want to tap something on my app or computer, keyboard, and then everything is going to be okay.
That's not what we're in.
We're in the long war, and when we see a hint of daylight, we need to pursue it.
And this is a piece of daylight, what Florida is doing.
For two reasons.
Well, first of all, if the laboratories start reporting honestly, many tests will be rejected on the basis of
Too many cycles.
You ran it at 35, 37, 39, 40.
Forget it.
The results are meaningless.
Now we could see a decline in case numbers in Florida.
And the governor announcing, well, we're doing very well here.
We're not locking down.
All because they're exposing the lab fraud.
The lab fraud.
So that's number one.
Number two, other states and governors looking at Florida could decide to follow suit and do what Florida is doing.
Of course, not all states are going to do this, but if a few get in line and decide to do this, then we could begin to see a domino effect that would be very hard to control.
And number three, and perhaps most important, I'm appealing to you, you, the listener, you, the viewer, you, all of the people seeing and hearing this transmission on InfoWars, who want freedom, who don't want lockdowns.
You have the information that I've given you.
You can use it.
You can make people aware, all over the world, officials, politicians, doctors, scientists, general public, freedom fighters, all kinds of people, that the test is fraudulent, and it's fraudulent for the reasons that I've mentioned about the number of cycles, and that the testing labs are part of the fraud
And this needs to be changed now, needs to be exposed.
I'll have more on exactly what we all need to do after the break.
Don't go anywhere.
Okay, we're back.
Last segment here for today.
So I want to emphasize this.
If the test, PCR test falls, goes down in flames,
All the fake case numbers go down in flames.
All of the rationale for the lockdowns disappear.
The illusion is gone.
If we expose the test, the whole thing collapses.
The edifice of fraud and fakery collapses.
And that is already underway.
I'm telling you.
I've kept my finger on this pulse.
I've been watching what's happening over the last nine months as I've been reporting every day, updating stories.
There is a tremendous wave building of knowledge and truth and revealment about the fraudulent PCR test.
And now it's up to you to spread the word in every way possible.
That the test is a fraud.
The test must go down.
It's the cycle, stupid.
It's the test, stupid.
It's the fraudulent test.
The evidence is abounding everywhere.
If the test goes down and falls and is exposed, the case number of fraud is exposed.
There is no reason for the lockdowns.
This is the whole gambit that they're playing.
You can see it everywhere you look.
Oh, the rising case numbers.
We have to have new lockdowns.
And these airheads on the news just keep promoting this crap every day.
Oh, we have 3,000 new cases.
No, you don't.
You have nothing.
It's a fraudulent pandemic.
It's a pandemic of PCR testing.
It's an outbreak of testing.
That's all that it is.
It's nothing more.
And it needs to be exposed.
I've explained exactly why here in the past hour.
You can grasp it and see it.
The certifying agencies of government are saying to run the test in a way that will automatically produce false positives and rising case numbers.
The actual science says
You have to run it much lower in terms of cycles or it's a fraud.
We've got them.
It's all there on the record.
Now, I've asked people before to spread the word in every possible way they can.
And I know that some people do.
But there are other people who just don't understand what that means.
They say, well, I emailed my friends and they said I was crazy and now I don't know what to do.
They don't understand that we're in a war.
I mean, is this what George Washington said?
Correct me if I'm wrong.
When his army was in the midst of winter facing the opposition, the soldiers' contracts were running out.
They were starting to desert and go home.
The revolution was on the verge of being lost.
Is that what we're talking about?
When people say, well, I sent out 15 emails about this and people just say I'm crazy.
And you stop?
That's it?
That's the end of fighting for freedom?
That's the end of your war to get freedom?
That's the end of your war to expose the truth?
Are you friggin' kidding me?
How about a thousand emails?
How about never stopping?
How about not caring what other people say?
How about becoming relentless?
How about organizing the truth and sending it out and never stopping?
If 5,000 people did that, do you realize what the growing effect would be?
It causes a synergistic effect whose consequences can never be predicted.
It starts to geometrically expand as people gain knowledge and say, my God, this is right.
The test is fraudulent.
The whole thing is insane.
Why didn't I see this before?
You see it now.
Is that too much to ask for?
I don't think so.
This is a site called InfoWars.
Calling for InfoWarriors.
It ain't mainstream television.
It's participatory.
It's you and us.
It's a mix.
It's everybody working to expose the lies and the truth.
To bring down the sociopaths who want to take us all into a horrendous future.
At the bottom of the fraud is the test.
That is what has happened.
They have seen, by whom I mean the really elite scientists and the globalists,
That they needed a way to run a test that would automatically generate fake case numbers.
They knew that from the start.
They devised such a test, the PCR.
They knew that the messaging from governments and media had to be about rising case numbers in order to justify the lockdowns.
So that's what they went with.
That's what they're still going with.
It was a plan.
They executed the plan.
We can see that now.
We know that.
We have it on the record from Fauci himself, that if you run this test at 35 cycles or higher, you automatically get meaningless results.
And many of those meaningless results will be false positives, meaning
New case numbers.
And we have it on the record that the FDA and the CDC recommend doing the test up to 40 cycles, which is a crime and fraudulent.
We know this.
Put it together.
Get the word out.
Be an info warrior.
Don't stop, no matter what.
There will be other people doing what you're doing and you'll never know them.
But they'll be doing it too.
The truth comes in many ways, many tsunamis, parallel.
And when they meet up, they're so formidable that nothing can stop them.
We also have, as I said at the beginning, court cases shaping up on this PCR fraud.
And now we have the state of Florida, the first government, to my knowledge, in a state in the United States, to make this clear, that no longer will labs be allowed to just simply report results.
They have to say how many cycles.
We have a Portuguese higher court decision
Exposing the PCR test as fraud.
That's the guts of the decision of the court saying that lockdowns are now illegitimate because they are based on the test.
We have that on the record as well.
That's what I'm saying, people.
The storm is gathering.
The storm of truth.
Join in.
Assist it.
Help it.
Make it bigger.
Defy the odds.
Turn the odds in our favor.
The weak point in the enemy has been discovered.
This is what happens in a war.
You look at the enemy, the opposition, the evil side.
Where are their weaknesses?
What can be probed to turn this whole thing around?
And I've spent the past hour showing that to you.
It's as big a sign as all of the City of London or Paris.
It's the test.
It's the test.
That's their weak point.
Expose the fraud of the test and the lie and keep on exposing it long enough
And the whole edifice is going to crumble.
People ask me, what can I do?
What can I do?
This is something anyone can do.
This is how you win a war.
I'm not saying it's the only thing we need to do by far, but we need to do this and we need to do it now.
I'm counting on you.
And I'll see you next time.
Ho ho ho ho!
Merry Christmas!
The globalists are fighting as hard as they can to not just shut down InfoWars, but shut down every independent, pro-human, pro-America, pro-God, pro-family organization on the planet.
But out of all the organizations valiantly fighting back, InfoWars is the strongest, InfoWars is the most informed, and the most focused, and we have the biggest audience of amazing activists of every race, color, and creed that is you.
So as they attack our freedom, and attack our very nation, and attack our electoral system, and attack our election, and as they attack our very genetics with a deadly mRNA sterilizing vaccine that's now confirmed,
Understand that it's always darkest before the dawn, and now the enemy is out in the open.
So, give the gift of information.
Give the gift of truth.
Give the gift of understanding what's happening this Christmas and holiday season.
And reach out to everyone you know with InfoWars.com and Bandai Video.
You've been doing a great job so far, and I thank you.
But now people are really looking for answers.
And you can tell them, this is the forbidden information.
This is who they banned first and the most.
Because Jones and his guests and his callers and his researchers and investigative journalists have the enemy's modus operandi.
We've got their number.
And all we've got to do is expose their whole operation and tell people what's coming next.
And when the next thing comes true, your credibility will skyrocket.
And then they'll really be listening to you, and you'll be a leader in your area to help lead the resistance.
So word of mouth is key, prayer is key for an awakening which is happening, but to accelerated and financial support.
Please do your shopping for Christmas at InfoWarsTore.com.
Great supplements, great books, great films, water filtration, air filtration, it goes on and on.
Huge sales, free shipping, double patreon, points up to 60% off, and if you order by the 18th, you'll get it before Christmas.
Get your orders in at InfoWarsTore.com.
We're going to persevere and never back down and never give in.
And we just pray that America and the whole world pray to God for providence and to support and for success and to give us the discernment and the will and the focus to lead God to rectus in victory.
And we pledge our blood, our names, everything with the sacred altar of God to resist this satanic force.
And we ask God for strength.
And we salute all those who supported us and are here today.
And we ask for victory in our Lord and Savior's name, Jesus Christ.
Hey, yo, Seth.
What's good, bruh?
Hey, yo, the fly's in the room.
Yeah, you know it's me.
He's hatin' on him cause he started out here locally.
Hopefully, I'll be at the top soon.
For now, I'm at my house, on the couch, watching cartoons.
You know how much you love it when you get it in abundance.
Give a f*** about a budget when you always be the subject of discussion.
But it's nothing when you stop and just say f***.
Cause you walkin' out in public and you hear him talkin' rubbish.
I just wanna rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap
I want to salute you all here, who are in defiance today!
Give it up for Alex Jones, everybody!
And right here today, in front of the Supreme Court, I declare that Donald J. Trump won re-election in 2020!
Right here!
Rob, look at that incredible...
We're good.
InfoWars has proven itself vital to the future of the Republic and vital to the future of human liberty and freedom.
And I'm very honored to be in this position.
I'm very thankful to you for keeping us in the fight.
But I just want to ask listeners to, again, recommit, count the costs, and realize that if you do your Christmas shopping at InfoWarsStore.com and take advantage of the big sales we've got going,
That that funds an organization that the globalists absolutely hate.
We are like nails on a chalkboard to them.
We are over the target.
We do not back down.
We are unfiltered.
We are historically accurate.
We have incredible guests.
We are the blood of freedom.
You are the blood of freedom.
We are symbiotic.
And it's just like a family line.
Just like you go back to your earliest ancestors tens of thousands of years ago into the future.
We are one family.
We are one body together.
We cannot let Infowars die.
And it's under such attack that because of you we've persevered and now we've gone from 50-50 people hating us and loving us to like 90%.
We've hit the zeitgeist and I know it's an incredible responsibility.
You look at videos of me two years ago, I look 10 years younger.
People say, you know, Jones you sell your supplements, you look like hell.
I have chosen to take on everything and everything to hurt me.
Because it gives me greater discernment.
It's psychological, it's spiritual, but I can ignore things.
I can cut off pain, but I have chosen the way of pain.
And I have chosen to take all this on.
It's why my beard's gone gray the last year.
It's why I'm, you know, I'm killing myself.
But it's a good mission, and it was for the supplements and the rest of it.
I couldn't do what I do, but I'm working 18 hours a day.
I sleep.
I have dreams about fighting the New World Order.
If there was ever anybody in modern history totally committed to fighting the operations of the New World Order,
It's InfoWars, so thank you for your support.
We've got big sales at InfoWarsStore.com.
We've got the Christmas specials going right now.
50% across the board.
Double Patriot points.
We brought those back just for Christmas and free shipping, but we've got to sell a lot of profit to fund ourselves.
We sell a lot more product at a sale that big, but there's a lot less funding in each order, so we need to get a lot more orders.
We're good.