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Name: 20201208_Tue_Alex
Air Date: Dec. 8, 2020
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This text explores various conspiracy theories surrounding COVID-19 vaccines, elections, globalist agendas, martial law, and population reduction motives. The speaker criticizes politicians for hypocritical actions during the pandemic while accusing them of disregarding their citizens' interests. Alex Jones expresses concerns about potential sterilization effects of vaccines and claims that they are not actual vaccines but genetic recoders. The media is accused of providing misleading information to discredit these claims. The speaker also criticizes Nike and Apple for profiting off slave labor from Uighur Muslims in China, while lobbying against the ban on Chinese slave labor. Lastly, the outrage over football players destroying LGBT flags and Birmingham City Council renaming streets is mentioned.

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Now, I read the head of Pfizer, former chief science officer, and Wolfgang Wodarg, who's the head of this major advisory EU commission, a chair of the Parliamentary Assembly, the Council of Europe.
I've interviewed Wolfgang Wodarg ten years ago on another subject.
These are prestigious people, okay?
And they filed this report that I spent days reading, because I went and I read all the scientific reports linked in it, until I had a headache.
I mean, I literally have not had anxiety attacks like this in my life, okay?
I spent days reading every bit of this, and I called scientists I knew.
They said, yo, that's exactly... I talked to chemists I know.
I'm gonna leave it at that.
On people that are involved in the sterilization of animals at the industrial level, it's a big science.
And they said, that's what this is, okay?
There's a big industry in sterilizing wild animals and stuff.
I'll leave it at that.
This is, this is a bio-attack.
I was thinking, what do we call this?
We've been trying to get Dr. Boyle on for two weeks, he's finally ready to come on, and he says this is a bio-weapon attack.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
How long can you apologize for tyranny before the apologies are worthless?
I failed.
Denver Mayor Michael Hancock admits his decision to fly to Mississippi to be with his daughter for Thanksgiving, even as he urged everyone else to stay home, was hypocritical.
It's a mistake that I deeply regret.
I made a mistake.
I apologize.
California Governor Gavin Newsom apologized on Monday for flouting his own coronavirus guidelines.
And I made a bad mistake.
Instead of sitting down, I should have stood up.
I made a mistake and I own it.
And I certainly should have been more astute about the specifics of the regulations.
I knew that there were advisories.
My message couldn't be simpler.
It's time to hunker down.
It's time to cancel everything.
And after the apology dissipates into the ether, jump right back on your totalitarian horse and keep gaslighting the
American people.
Good evening Los Angeles. My message couldn't be simpler.
It's time to hunker down. It's time to cancel everything.
And if it isn't essential, don't do it.
Case in point, Austin, Texas Mayor Steve Adler recently made an international fool out of himself.
I'm sorry I took that trip.
It was a lapse in judgment.
And I want you to know that I apologize.
Austin Mayor Steve Adler is apologizing tonight for traveling to Mexico with a group of family and friends last month, despite urging Austinites to stay home.
I think as a leader, right, you have to live what you're directing people to do.
Knight was in a webinar with Adler when news first broke of his trip to Mexico.
He said he has supported family units dining out like when his daughter got married and joked, I'm about to spend the next 24 hours defending that.
24 hours later, his lame excuse of an apology had been tossed in the liberal dustbin of hubris history as he went back to his far-left critique of reality, quickly responding to Texas Governor Abbott's growing move to place law enforcement under the control of the state after homicide rates have risen to the highest level in Austin, Texas in over two decades.
Adler tweeted, this would be unprecedented commandeering of local law enforcement.
Our state has serious challenges with too many uninsured, inadequate funding for education and an insufficient pandemic response.
They need to be our focus.
Responding to Adler's lunacy, the Austin Police Association dropped the hammer on Adler's ignorance, stating, Unprecedented was your action to eliminate 150 officer positions, cancel cadet classes, cut police funding, leave potential new hires stranded in Austin without medical insurance, adding to the uninsured roles, look in the mirror and take focus.
Some Austinites who are out early today collecting signatures to recall Austin Mayor Steve Adler.
It happened at early voting locations in town.
Now that he went to Mexico and has proven that maybe this virus isn't really serious as it's cracked up to be, because he put his family and the citizens here in Austin in danger by doing that.
Well, you go bankrupt, hiding like chicken lido, big tech puppet, Mayor Adler laughs at you.
Mayor Adler flies around on big tech pay-for-private jets.
Local-level petty tyrants are merely mirroring the greater tyranny occupying Congress.
The House just agreed to have the shortest work year in U.S.
history in 2021.
It will probably become the laziest Congress we have ever had.
While Speaker Nancy Pelosi openly and arrogantly revealed that she led the House on a political goose chase when it came to the COVID relief stimulus that would have saved thousands of lives due to suicide and come to the aid of small businesses closing all over America.
That is a total game changer.
A new president and a vaccine.
So, there's nothing to—these are different—what was then before was not more of this.
This has simplicity.
It's what we've had in our bills.
It's for a shorter period of time.
But that's OK now, because we have a new president.
They told me not to accept half of a vote months ago when you said, I'm not going to accept half a vote.
I'm going to tell you something.
Don't characterize what we did before as a mistake, as a preface to your question, if you want an answer.
Our government is folding in on itself as absolute power corrupts absolutely.
John Bowne reporting.
It's Tuesday, December 8th, the year's 2020.
And President Trump says in a few days, the deep state's not going to be too happy.
A week from now, Mr. President, the electors will meet to cast their vote.
There's not a lot of time between now and then to make your case to overturn the vote.
At this point, are you looking to change the outcome of the election or try to make a case to the American people that it wasn't fair?
Well, I think the case has already been made if you look at the polls.
It was a rigged election.
You look at the different states.
The election was totally rigged.
It's a disgrace to our country.
It's like a third-world country.
These ballots pouring in from everywhere, using machinery that nobody knows ownership, nobody knows anything about.
They have glitches, as they call them, glitches.
The glitches weren't glitches.
They got caught.
sending out thousands of votes, all against me by the way.
Now this was like from a third world nation and I think the case has been made
and now we find out what we can do about it.
But you'll see a lot of big things happening over the next couple of days.
You know, the Democrats in the globalist deep state, they tell us that
even Bill Nye the science guy says there are not chromosomes to make you male or female.
He says that that's not true.
They actually went back and edited old 1980s videos he did and they now re-dub them saying that chromosomes do not affect whether you're male or female.
Now that's like saying that H2O isn't made up of two different types of molecules.
Two different types of atoms.
This is insane.
It's like saying the sun isn't hot or that green isn't green.
But they just keep telling you Biden is the president-elect.
Biden is the president-elect.
Biden is.
But Al Gore challenged it for 37 days.
We're coming up on what happened at the Supreme Court with Al Gore on the same timing.
Al Gore got caught with fraud.
Al Gore got some of his votes thrown out.
We all know what happened.
Well, in this case, it's far bigger, it's far more out of control, and we have in places like Georgia, from the beginning straight through, everything laid out crystal clear.
The Democratic Party operatives.
Changing the law without having the legislature change the law.
That throws it out.
Just making agreements with governors and others to do it in those key states.
Then mailing out the tens of millions of fake ballots that under law are illegal to random names generated by big tech computer programs.
That's illegal.
That's unconstitutional.
And then you've got the suitcases and the boxes being brought in at 1 a.m., 4 a.m.
in Georgia and Michigan and Pennsylvania and kicking everybody out.
Throwing everyone out.
And then you have the surveillance footage of them going into just mad energy.
Like they were robbing a bank.
Suddenly they just upped their energy and they're cheering.
New video.
As Biden goes ahead.
Grabbing suitcases under tables with blankets covering it up.
And then sticking them in there.
And then they're all Democrat operatives.
And it goes on and on and on.
And then magically, the biggest spike of the day, Oliver Biden, exactly as they're fed to the machines.
Doesn't get more disgusting than that, does it?
Well, actually, more evidence has come out.
More damning evidence.
And guess who orchestrated these people and guess who they report to?
Hillary Clinton's main lawyer.
The one that met with the governor and met with the other state officials.
Turns out he was in direct contact.
It's now coming out with these individuals.
Ladies and gentlemen, it's the same graph in Michigan.
It's the same graph in Pennsylvania.
It's the same graph in Georgia.
Just different times.
Happened at one place at 1 a.m.
Another place at 2 a.m.
Another place at 4 a.m.
Happened at 2 a.m.
out in Arizona.
Caught absolutely red-handed.
And the cavalry's here!
Texas sues Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin at U.S.
Supreme Court over election fraud.
And they lay it out crisp and clear that they changed the law in those states without the legislature.
That's not a law at all.
Just because you met with the Democrats and the state officials agreed to it, because they'd be protected and they'd win.
They'd be passed over.
And then number two, that they mailed out 80 million fake ballots that violate law.
They link all that in here.
And then all the fraud that was caught on video and how in almost every case, every vote was flipped from Trump to Biden when they find the glitches.
Oh, the glitches all over the country were against Trump.
I mean, come on, people!
They are caught.
Absolutely red-handed.
This is an amazing, amazing time.
I've been going on hikes again.
I'm getting a little fat.
There's so much pollen in the air when I go on a morning hike.
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Well, last night I just hit the bed, didn't, didn't do it.
And then I forgot to do it this morning.
Go ahead and bring it on over.
And, or I'm going to have to go off air.
Oh, we don't have any.
All right.
Well, that's just how it is.
So there's just so much craziness going on and unfolding in the world.
Thank you.
Oh, so good.
Thank you for that.
Feels like there's ants or something crawling around on my throat and my larynx until I get that essential oil on there.
Talk about an itch you can't scratch.
So what's going to happen is I'm going to restart the transmission.
Already covered huge bombshell news in the last eight minutes.
When we come back from break, we're going to break in a few minutes.
I'm going to really try to be judicious and just hit the basics of these seven or eight big stacks here that are all just unbelievable.
I mean, the world is so riveting.
Things are so incredibly important and things are moving so fast that we're seeing more movement on the battlefield of ideas and culture and religion and spirituality.
And physicality than you would see in a five years previous.
I mean, it's all happening now.
This is the big battle and it's not even gotten close to its crescendo or its finale.
I mean, the news I've got, we already knew this, but now they admit they've been injecting Chinese troops with mRNA vaccines to make them super soldiers.
Of course, that's just a cover for doing secret testing on their poor troops.
But at least they get something to make them healthier.
We get one to sterilize us.
And Dr. Francis Boyle is a major professor.
He wrote the U.S.
Biological Weapons Law.
He helped write the U.N.
World Treaty.
He's represented world leaders in the Hague.
He prosecuted Slobodan Milošević.
I mean, he's a heavy hitter, okay?
And he has been dead on before anybody about COVID-19 and where it came from and what really happened.
Well, he wants to come on.
We've been trying to get him on for weeks.
He's been researching.
He says, I'm ready.
We can show you the headline for today's show, but it is confirmed.
Author of U.S.
Biological Weapons Law says Pfizer's mRNA vaccine is a bioweapon.
Is a bioweapon.
Is a bioweapon.
And a sterilant.
Now I suggest you tune in, and I suggest you listen to this.
Because they're gonna hide it in plain view what it does.
Wait till we lay out what it does.
He's confirmed Dr. Wolfgang Wudarg's analysis.
Alright, we are back live.
And, you know, I tend to play classical Christian Christmas music, like a little drummer boy, but the little drummer boy doesn't trigger the left as much as just good old-fashioned Christmas fun with the family.
That's what they're trying to break up.
That's what they're trying to block.
They want to destroy the family.
They want to destroy humans having fun together.
They want you isolated in your home, under their control, not having barbecues, not playing basketball, not playing football, not playing pool, not doing anything.
They want you under their surveillance, under their control, and they admit that in their own white papers.
We've covered it ad nauseum.
Again, I am your host, Alex Jones.
We have Dr.
Francis Boyle joining us at the bottom of the next hour to confirm that the Pfizer mRNA vaccine is a bioweapon.
It is not a vaccine.
It doesn't have an attenuated flu or other virus so your body learns how to beat it.
It is a genetic recoding mutagen.
Mutation just means making your body's cells do something they're not supposed to do.
And you know, radiation will do it, toxic waste will do it.
You get out in the sun long enough in your life, your cells will mutate, you'll get skin cancer.
This is a mutagenic attack.
It is not a vaccine.
It is a reprogramming drug, nanotech.
And boy, Snopes and those criminals are going overtime right now.
Look at these headlines.
Snopes, former Pfizer VP, did not say COVID vaccine causes female sterilization, that it only is possible.
So they call it false, and they go, well, you know, the head advisor to the EU did say that it attacks the same protein as the placenta and would probably cause an autoimmune response, but that doesn't mean it'll sterilize you.
It's like saying, you know, if I put a .357 Magnum round shell into a revolver and shoot you with it, well, if I shoot you in the leg, you might live.
We don't hit the ephemeral ordering.
But if I shoot you right between the eyes, you probably will die.
But, you know, Snopes' verdict is being shot in the head with .357 Magnum at point-blank range.
The claim is it'll kill you.
We find it false, because 3% of the time, you might live.
It's all games, folks.
It's all how they define it.
And again, why did Wolfgang Wudarg and the Pfizer chief science officer and all these other medical doctors have come out and said, we've looked at this.
This is crazy.
This attacks a common protein in your body and will cause a cytokine storm that will kill you.
And if you survive it, it will eat your placenta.
Which again, is the uterus connecting with the zygote, the mother and the baby unifying to create the new life form.
It's created upon inception, but to nurture it and to bring it to term.
I mean, man, I am having dreams like I've never had.
I have dreams from the time I go to sleep.
For the time I wake up.
Intense dreams.
Total data download.
I mean, it's just unbelievable.
It's like a lifetime every time I go to sleep.
In fact, it's like this world is not even where I live.
Last night was like a hundred years long.
And everybody else feels it.
feels it.
Everybody else sees it.
It's a totally insane time to be alive.
It's a quickening.
Evil is making its move upon humanity with nanotech genetic engineered material that reprograms every active cell in your body.
And by that, The eyes are the cells you get.
And there's a few other things like ovaries in a woman when she's born.
After nine months in her mother, she has the same ovary she'll have when she's 120.
So there are eye tissue and ovaries, the eggs.
Are what you got.
All the other cells, basically, are replicating and replacing themselves.
The brain, to a lesser extent, but some of it does replicate.
Think about that, ladies and gentlemen.
They are putting into almost every cell in your body a program and then They've done animal trials on mRNA for 20 years, folks.
And it kills so many animals.
And here's what happens.
Look, this is a giant experiment and there's a bunch of attacks going on.
But here's the best we know.
This is going to give everyone that takes it a very good chance, depending on the literature, 50-70% chance of developing an allergy to the coronavirus family, the most common virus on earth.
Which our cells produce themselves, that's confirmed.
They just argue that a virus made us replicate it, but a lot of scientists know we're actually disgorging toxins through this, and that's another school of thought.
But the point is, is that they are going to go into you and teach your body to attack coronaviruses.
But most people in the studies, very limited, very accelerated, create a passive antibody.
Meaning, it doesn't do anything.
You're like, well, okay, well, then it's a placebo.
Bill Gates just makes money.
Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
Once you have passive antibodies attached to your cells, junk.
When your body comes across something similar again, it has an autoimmune response.
That's what happens with bees.
This is from a scientist.
I'm not an allergist.
I'm not a scientist.
I read the literature.
You get stung a few times by bees.
Your body hasn't developed.
I mean, I used to get stung out playing football or we used to fight them with ping pong paddles and we'd go into a barn with yellow jackets and, you know, stir them up and then, you know, fight them with ping pong paddles.
Those four video games were, you know, so exciting as they are now.
And again, I never had an allergic response until I was plowing my parents yard for their garden at a new
house they had and I got attacked by a bunch of bees probably stung 15-20 times. Swole up, couldn't
breathe, almost called 911, didn't, took Benadryl and that was it. My body finally had gotten
the passive antibodies.
And then the next time I got hit by a bunch of them, I was like, whoa, we don't like this.
It almost killed me.
That's the same deal.
They're going to do it to everybody.
I mean, this is so cold-blooded and sterilizing.
I mean, you know, this is here, folks.
This is here.
We'll be right back.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, very thankful to be here on air with you during the 79 days of hell that we predicted that we told you was coming.
And now here we are.
And we're telling you what's coming next.
If you get on the field and if you take action, and I think you can tell what's coming next yourself, you don't need Alex Jones to tell you, but we're here to share this broadcast and these transmissions with others that are now seeking but don't yet know what's happening.
This enemy doesn't come with, again, army tanks and fighter bombers openly.
It comes with spies and operatives imposing as medical companies to slowly poison and dumb us down and get us into a debilitated position for their takeover.
And we've been the target the whole time.
Of the military-industrial complex that Eisenhower said was controlled by a scientific elite of technocrats.
That's his speech.
They never quote that.
Watch the 21-minute speech.
Because he discovered what they were planning and was very upset about it.
And that's in the National Archives.
And what he was upset about is what you're witnessing now.
He did not believe in sterilizing the world population.
He believed in industrializing it and then people stop having as many kids.
But the world didn't go with what Eisenhower wanted.
They went with the Royal Commission in 1949 out of the British Empire.
And everything you see today is that plan.
There's been two competing plans.
The British Empire plan and the 1776 plan.
And they're both intertwined and connected.
I don't blame the British people.
They were just a strong outpost of folks that this power used to dominate the planet.
Now, of course, they're being betrayed.
Waking up homeless on the planet their forebears conquered.
And next segment, I shot a report about this last night because I've had a lot of phone calls.
I've seen a lot of news.
It's been a debate around the office here about martial law.
Should President Trump declare martial law?
What does that really mean?
And I shot this last night with Rob Dewey.
He stayed up here late, put it together.
And late last night, Before I went to bed, I watched it and I thought, man, that's a really class A report.
I think I knocked it out of the park.
So if you really want to understand martial law, what it means, what it stands for, what we're facing, next segment I'm going to give you the expert analysis.
But I think you're going to already know the answer yourself.
If someone's already brought you into a state of martial law, it is martial law of your own that reboots the system.
So we need a U.S.
military response to the globalists.
As you can see, they're engaged in just a criminal takeover.
So you can call that martial law, you can call it a new Declaration of Independence, you can call it whatever the hell you want.
And I'm certainly not one that's going to lead it because that's not my expertise.
My expertise is in the parliamentary procedure.
that has been overturned and now we're in a state of war.
Here's from Wikipedia, martial law is the imposition of direct military control of
normal civilian functions or suspension of civil law by a government, especially if in response to
a temporary emergency where civil forces are overwhelmed or in an occupied
We're overwhelmed.
We're occupied by globalists.
The blue cities and states are cut off, announcing they want an end to the country.
They don't want it to exist.
That is the definition where martial law is brought in.
We're already under CHICOM globalist leftist blue state, blue city martial law.
But I don't want to call it martial law because the public is ignorant about the different usages of it.
Offensive martial law, coup-based martial law, outside-funded martial law that you're seeing with the medical tyranny, and now the paramilitary lockdown of small businesses, that's siege upon the people.
And then there are those that engage in dalliances of their superiority and their moral fortitude
who don't even understand the larger history of military action against
martial powers against you, which is the realm we are already in.
But we need an attitude of we're willing to go to that because this is an outside
illegitimate martial law takeover.
And we must have the states declare the emergencies and demand the President move against the foreign threat, not to overturn the Constitution, but to defend it!
Imagine if Hitler had invaded, or something like that, and we go, oh, they've declared an emergency to beat Hitler, we can't do that.
What does that even mean?
Do you want the chai comms and the left running things, or do you want Trump to know he's got a green light to take action and stop these people?
If the FBI sits there and pisses on themselves all day, and all these are bureaucrats, if the military will follow the Commander-in-Chief like George Washington, we should do it again!
That's where we've been taken.
That's where we are.
We're being conquered right now.
And if you want to sit there and be conquered, play games and act like it's just another election, and, oh, we'll have fun with Joe Biden.
No, we won't.
They're coming after us.
They're going to keep their foot on our neck forever.
They're showing some footage out of Asia Martial Law.
That's enough.
Just listen.
Guys, you know, the whole point is, is that this is a new type of war that we're facing.
But I'll break the report down next segment.
I call it a new declaration of independence.
And that was paramilitary forces saying, we don't follow your law anymore.
You're fraud.
You've broken contracts with us.
You're a scam artist.
You're an oppressor.
You're a tyrant.
We are declaring that we are separate from you and we're going to defend ourselves.
And the King of England called it a mutiny.
That's what this country is.
Well, I declare mutiny against the illegitimate election and the chai comms of Joe Biden.
He's not my president.
I'll never submit to him.
You can call it whatever the hell you want.
All these other people can sell out.
They can roll over.
They can piss themselves yellow.
I'm not doing it.
The second American Civil War is underway only this time.
It's not North versus South.
It's Chi-Com, globalists, allied forces that want to bring the country down and end its very existence
versus the people that have been under attack and demoralized and de-industrialized for decades,
finally waking up and saying no, and Trump winning in a landslide,
and the globalist thieves with Dominion and Smartmatic and Soros and the communist Chinese
coming in and stealing it en masse in everybody's face.
I want your take on should Trump, quote, declare martial law.
We're going to open the phones up for the first 30 minutes of the next hour, then we've got Dr. Frances Boyle joining us on how the Pfizer-MRA vaccine is a bioweapon.
This is life-saving and critical emergency information.
Tell everyone you know, tune in now.
It ain't a game.
Of course the mainstream media says we're the enemy, because they're the enemy.
Of course they say we're discredited, because they're discredited.
They told you none of this was coming.
No lockdowns, no checkpoints, no phantom viruses.
We told you exactly what was coming because they all wrote how they were planning it in their own battle plans.
I'm going to air this special report when we come back.
And I've got so much more, but please don't forget.
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All right, should Trump declare martial law?
We answered the question straight ahead.
We are all under globalist martial law.
The takeover is already taking place.
Call it what you will, we must resist this takeover.
It is illegitimate.
Here is my report.
Should Trump declare martial law?
Should President Trump declare martial law?
We've seen Attorney Lin Wood come out and say he's declaring limited form martial law.
We've seen the former head of Defense Intelligence Agency, General Flynn, recently pardoned by the President, come out and say Trump should declare a type of martial law.
Well what does martial law really mean?
What is the definition of martial law?
And is that something that needs to be done at this point?
We're about to answer that question definitively from history and jurisprudence and our Constitution and Bill of Rights as well as our Declaration of Independence right now.
My point about martial law is a simple fact.
It's all academic.
The average person calling for martial law is like some magical wand that President Trump can wave.
And President Trump's never called for martial law.
President Trump has been working within the system and the Constitution the entire time.
It's the left that's been working outside the system, calling for the U.N.
to come in and run our elections in the New York Times, calling for electors not to be faithful, calling for denying the election of President Trump if it happened, and setting up their own government and having secession.
Marshall Law is a break with the normal law and the regular system of a country and the imposition of military control during it.
And so if you look at corporate media, if you look at the globalists, the chi-coms, They have ignored the president and the executive branch and they've set up their own form of government or their own form of martial law.
Here is the standard definition of martial law.
Is the imposition of direct military control of normal civilian functions or suspension of civil law by a government especially in response to a temporary emergency where civil forces are overwhelmed or in an occupied territory.
So when General Flynn talks about martial law, or when Lyn Wood, the constitutional lawyer, does, they're actually correct.
That we have a globalist system that has suspended the rule of law, that has taken over local governments, and that has basically occupied our country.
The mainstream media isn't just the enemy of America, it's the occupier.
It's the brainwasher.
It's the controller that says, oh, Trump Can't declare himself the victor until Congress has and until the electors are signed up December 15th.
But then Biden...
Back in early November, declares himself the winner.
Remember all of that?
So they have falsely come in and created their own hysteria, their own danger, their own breakdown of the normal constitutional system.
And by controlling the blue states and the blue cities and the corporate media in Hollywood, as well as the shy comms in the EU, they have imposed this false template to override our due process and our regular system.
And so that's why General Flynn, and that's why Attorney Lynn Wood, and that's why Powell and others have come out and said we need to have martial law.
But martial law is too simple a term.
It's too narrow.
We need a new Declaration of Independence against the globalists.
We need an announcement of the Chi-Com threat and how corporate media worked with them and the fraud.
We need a declaration laying out all the crimes they've openly committed, as our forebearers have done before in the past.
Technically, you could say the Magna Carta in 1215 was martial law.
Now, why do I raise that point?
Because so many patriots knew that Obama and knew that Clinton and George Bush Jr.
and others before him were planning a U.N.
instituted martial law.
They were canvassing the military.
They were asking the military, would they be part of martial law?
So we all got ready to fight martial law.
We all got ready to fight a foreign globalist takeover.
So now when people on our side, when we're under globalist attack, when rule of law has been suspended, when the election's being stolen, hear about terms like suspension of the current system and Trump coming in with executive power to restore the republic, just like the Declaration of Independence, they think, whoa, that's permanent martial law.
No, when George Washington and the founders on July 4th, 1776, declared independence against the crown,
it was their own form of martial law overriding King George III
and colonial rule. So let's look at the Magna Carta where by force of arms
our ancestors, my ancestors, declared that we were militarily saying no
to their tyranny to set up a system of due process and a system of justice against the tyranny.
So you see, a martial law can be used to set up a new system of freedom for the people.
Magna Carta!
Or the Great Charter of Freedom, commonly known as Magna Carta.
Also Magna Carta, Great Charter, is a royal charter of rights agreed to by King John of England at Runnymede near Windsor on the 15th of June, 2015.
First drafted by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Stephen Langton, to make peace between the unpopular Canadian group of rebel barons.
It promised the protection of the church rights, protection from the barons, from illegal imprisonment, rights to swift justice, and limitations on feudal payments to the crown.
to be implemented through a council of 25 barons, neither side stood behind their commitments and
other civil war broke out. But it was that idea of a people's congress, first with nobles,
evolving towards the people or devolving towards the people that led to our modern system. So it
was martial law, military rule in 1215 saying no to the absolute military rule of a king
that then led to freedom. I'm not endorsing the concept of martial law as the fount or the
progenitor of freedom.
I'm simply pointing out that it is a label and a name of any new revolutionary challenging system to a current form of dictatorial control.
And that in most cases, it has negative connotations that I oppose, but in some cases of the Magna Carta 1215 or George Washington 1776, it has very, very positive connotations that historians don't want you to look at.
The United States Declaration of Independence is a declaration of war against centralized power, against King George III, against empire, a declaration of war about nobles and cliques and insider groups controlling populations.
It is a declaration of human individual freedom and it's been the model of the world around.
But it's been the model of the entire world since 250 years ago it was signed.
But some would tell you it was martial law.
But here's the main body of what I'm saying.
Here's the central point.
The communist Chinese, the globalists, the big mega banks that are conquering the United States right now through fraud want corporate martial law to override our Bill of Rights, our Constitution, our private property, our independence.
And I want the courts, and I want Congress, and I want the legislatures to legally and lawfully, through our Constitution, that is a strong bulwark, to reject what they've done.
And I don't believe that some nebulous, deep state martial law is the answer to that tyranny.
But if the local governments The state governments and Congress and the courts will not stand up against a hostile foreign takeover.
That it's up to the President to announce a new Declaration of Independence and a new Constitutional Federation to defend our Bill of Rights and Constitution against the outside corporate takeover that's taking place.
We need that declaration that the system is broken and that the system is illegitimate, that the system has failed.
We need the leadership of the President.
And I don't call that martial law.
I call that a declaration of independence in the year 2020 against the globalists and against the New World Order that will rally the people to a set, defined system that we stand for that binds us together.
And that is our Bill of Rights, our Constitution, July 4th, 1776.
A re-upload of what has been under attack.
A new declaration of what we stand for and who we are.
That is not martial law.
That is we, the people, through our president, declaring that the other institutions have been overrun by globalists and traitors, and that it will be a military action by the president and by we, the people, just as happened with George Washington 250 years ago in that great six-year struggle to remove that threat that is seeking to dominate and control us.
Don't take the word martial, meaning military, and connect it to martial law.
So then again, there is the headline, 115,000 views put it up last night, should Trump declare martial law, special report.
And really, that's a red herring.
Trump must defend us from enemies foreign and domestic.
We know it's a multinational, globalist, CHICOM, EU, MSM takeover.
They've bought off the blue states, the blue cities.
They are an insurrection.
They are occupied.
They are saying America shouldn't exist.
They want to keep their sectors closed to bankrupt them, to make those populations dependent on them.
And so enemy globalist forces are in control of over a third of the country and around half the population and are now putting them under siege.
They have laid siege upon them to drive them into submission, to bankrupt them in a great leap forward or a great reset to be put into the communes.
This is all an admitted plan.
Klaus Schwab admits it.
So we're under military attack.
We're under economic attack.
We're under globalist attack.
And we're sitting here going to the Supreme Court and rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.
Those states are run by criminals and are in rebellion.
My God, Trump's got a thousand percent more rights than Abraham Lincoln did.
And it's time for him to go after the globalists now!
Go after them now!
Goodness gracious, great balls of fire.
Alright, I'm gonna give the number out right now.
For two segments I'm going to take your calls on.
Do you understand what I'm saying about martial law?
Do you understand that we're already under globalist martial law?
And they're taking over the country militarily, economically, culturally.
Trump needs to start calling them out as Qaikom agents and saying they're attempting to destroy our country and they are foreign enemies because the evidence is pouring in.
We'll cover it next segment.
All confirming we broke last week that Dominion, 400 million secretly from the Communist Chinese government, Trump gives a speech on that.
Game over!
Game over!
We have them!
Here's a toll-free number to join us.
First-time callers, long-time callers, I don't care.
But I'm just taking seven or eight calls, because then we're going to have guests on.
But I want to hear from you on martial law, on what should be done.
Because again, they've already taken over the states.
They're already engaged in mass fraud.
Here's a report on what we're dealing with.
You go to the ocean, you say there's no fish in it.
There are no fish in the ocean!
What do you think of Attorney General Barr extending the Durham investigation into the Obama administration, the FBI, the intelligence community, extending that investigation well into 2021?
I think that is fine.
I have no problems with it.
I do believe that John Durham is going to carry out his responsibilities ably and hopefully not with any type of political influence.
I sat down for eight hours with John Durham and his team answering all his questions.
And so, looking back at 2016, were there some mistakes made in terms of the FISA applications, other types of things?
Yes, apparently there were.
But that doesn't mean that there was criminal intent.
And there was no spying on Donald Trump's campaign.
I don't know if it's true that LaCosta Nostra, the mafia, had J. Edgar Hoover dressed up like a woman.
I don't know if he was gay.
I really don't care.
We're federal officers.
Everyone remain seated.
The point is, is that he did say that the Mafia did not exist.
He gave testimony in the 40s and early 50s that the Mafia did not exist.
Now, that is a less ridiculous statement, and it's totally ridiculous.
Totally ridiculous.
Then saying there's no election or voter fraud.
And now to Washington where the Justice Department says there is no evidence of widespread fraud in the 2020 election.
There's just, we don't see a widespread voter fraud.
But we will investigate every case we hear.
Baseless claims by the president and his supporters that there's been widespread voter fraud and that the election was somehow rigged or stolen from President Trump.
Um, yeah.
I mean, this is the appellate record.
Hey, Jesse, what is all this stuff?
This is evidence of voter fraud.
Finders 1 through 20.
Again, that's like saying cows don't go moo, or the sun didn't come up this morning, or... It is true.
There's violence across the whole country.
Do you disavow the violence from Antifa?
That's happening in Portland right now?
That's a myth that's being spread only in Washington, D.C.
About Antifa in Portland?
Sir, there's videos everywhere online.
There's fires and riots.
They're throwing fireworks at federal officers.
DHS is there.
Look online.
It gets crazy, Mr. Nadler.
And they just sit there and they do this, and it's not gonna work.
There's a total loss of confidence in the system, a total loss of confidence in the mainstream media, a total loss of confidence, and people are pissed.
Let us work!
Let us work!
Let us work!
I go to the grocery store, I go to a doctor's appointment, and I'm, you know, used to some, oh Alex, hey, we like you.
I have black people, brown people, Asian people, old people, gay people, straight people.
You know, I go into the dental appointment and they're like, oh Alex, you're right about everything.
Oh, we think you were wrong.
Again, I'm just a bellwether.
I'm a gauge.
The globalists have screwed the pooch, and now they're coming with forced inoculations, and ID cards, and world government, and saying, oh, there's no side effects, no one gets sick from it, when the damn studies say 80% get super sick when you take the COVID vaccine.
This is a crazy cult of lunatics!
What the hell's going on here?
We'll be back in 60 seconds.
We now take you live to the front lines of the resistance, broadcasting worldwide because of your support.
This is the InfoWar.
We're going into corporate, UN, global government, permanent lockdown, martial law, through corporate governance.
As I was told by one of the heads of the major three banks 10 years ago, 13 years ago now, hard to believe it's been that long.
My gosh, that was 2006, 14 years ago.
Face to face.
People say, well, tell us who said it.
It was said in confidence.
Rothkopf, the head of the Kissinger group at the time, did, in front of John Harmon, try to get me to sell out.
And so I can tell you that story, because he did it in front of somebody.
But they've done it 20, 30 times.
It's gotten very direct.
Now it's just huge threats.
The public is waking up to how real the New World Order is right now.
I want to take your phone calls.
In this segment and the next, Dr. Francis Boyle, author of the U.S.
Biological Weapons Law that got adopted as world law.
He prosecuted Slobodan Milošević.
I mean, he's as high-level lawyer as you get.
And he says the Pfizer mRNA virus vaccine is a bioweapon.
It's not a vaccine.
He'll be joining us coming up.
Now, let me just show you tomorrow's news today, just so you know, we don't make stuff up.
You could have gone and looked this up yourself, a lot of you did.
But notice that we broke this last week.
On December 1st, seven days ago.
Now, why am I telling you this story?
Because I dropped the ball.
I'm a pathetic worm.
I got a call from one of the president's sons when I was in Arizona.
I got a call and they just said, we need you to look in to the Communist Chinese and to their connections to Dominion and Smartmatic and Staple Street.
And of course, that's all you get told because if somebody knows something, quote, classified, they're not supposed to tell you.
It's just like, hey, you might want to look into this.
I'm going to leave it at that.
And so I get this call.
I get put in touch with a major computer company, who then is my advisor on this.
And I put a private security firm investigating it.
And three weeks later, they come to me.
And they go, yeah, we finally, they hit all the filings in Switzerland.
We found them.
And then it took six days until other publications picked it up.
It's big news in Taiwan.
It's big news in Japan.
It's in local newspapers around the country.
Now there it is, Dominion Techie Workforce CCP Military Proxy flagged by U.S.
government for malicious cyber activity.
And now it's all coming out.
So here's our report, December 1st.
Firm that owns Dominion Voting Systems received $400 million from a Swiss bank account funded by Chinese Communist government, officially, and companies from China before the election.
70 plus percent of the funding.
Total payoff, $400 million.
That's just what we found.
Got all the names, all the signatures, it's all right there.
Now, look at what's in the Epoch Times.
Look at what's in all these hundreds of publications now.
400 million SEC filing links Dominion, UBS, and China.
Communist Chinese government-linked bank account gave $400 million to Dominion Voting Systems before U.S.
Dominion Voting Systems owner sells $400 million in securities to China-linked UBS October 8, 2020.
Zero hedge got in the game right when we did.
Video deleted from Chinese social media.
A professor saying China has people at the top of American core inner circle of power and influence.
Exclusive Chinese spy targeted California politicians.
It's like saying a bear takes a dump in the woods.
400 million SEC filing leased Dominion UBS to China.
It goes on and on.
Parent company Dominion received 400 million from Chinese investment bank in Switzerland.
SEC filings show 400 million Chinese linked to Dominion made days before election.
It's all breaking.
Firm that owned Dominion voting systems received 400 million from Swiss bank account with connection to Chinese government before election.
So, and that's just the tip of the iceberg.
So, so there you go.
And what's scary is it took me three weeks and our crew did a great job and the people we hired to investigate did a great job.
But that's what I mean.
You can't count on Giuliani or Trump.
They're overwhelmed.
Giuliani's in the damn hospital.
You've got to go out.
You've got to research.
You've got to put skin in the game to expose all this.
But the good news is it's starting to happen right now.
And it's beautiful.
And the evidence is incredible, but we need the president To come out with this from the Resolute Desk and it's game over.
He's got to attack now, ahead of the Supreme Court next week, ahead of our rallies on Saturday and Sunday in D.C.
This is 1776 stuff, boys and girls.
This is total game time right now.
This is the Super Bowl for the whole future.
If they get Biden in, they're never going to take their foot off our neck.
We've got to resist this.
We have the total evidence in Georgia, total evidence in Michigan, total evidence in Pennsylvania, total evidence in Arizona, and it goes on from there.
And we have the moral authority, and the states are coming in with their own suits, and we are saying this is illegitimate, this is a fraud, we have the proof, we have it all, and this is everything right now.
So that's why they got Chris Wallace desperately yelling at Trump officials going, he's the president!
Say he's the president!
No, you are a piece of garbage that no one trusts, Mr. Wallace.
He is not the president.
He's not the president-elect.
We all know what happened.
When those polls close in Georgia, and Pennsylvania, and all those other states, where Trump won by one or two points last time, he's winning by six points, five points, four points, double and triple his victory numbers last time.
We know what you did, you little dirty bastards!
Even three months of fraudulent ballots, 80 million of them weren't enough.
You had to sit there and cram those damn things in there for hours and weeks to steal this!
And we won't let you little murderous criminals do it!
Do you hear me?
You warmongering, degenerate pedophiles!
A pandemic inauguration, because no one's going to be there for his inauguration.
So, oh, it's got to be all BS.
We'll be in D.C.
We don't care what your mayor says that we're not supposed to be there.
Burn in hell!
This is all America.
We're coming this weekend and we're coming on the inauguration one way or the other.
We don't accept you.
You're illegitimate.
Oh, you're pathetic.
You must accept it.
You didn't accept Trump with all your lies.
You had not one stinking card in your dirty little globalist hands.
All we had was victory.
All we have is proof.
All we have is he's a Chinese Communist agent.
My God, this is disgusting!
But America was blind and thought we were invincible.
America thought that we could never be defeated, and we were living on our laurels, living on our ancestors, and now we realize how much trouble we're in!
That dragon's got its teeth on our leg.
Well, that's okay.
Let's politically just stop whining about it and just start taking our thumbs and poking the eyes out and punching it right in the nose.
And just all of a sudden you might notice you have the political strength to grab it by its ears and just tear its skull right open.
But you've got to decide you're going to break its head open lovingly, peacefully, politically.
And that means hitting the streets and spreading the word and just letting the globalists know you'll never surrender.
They're all the sellouts.
They're all the trash.
They're all the garbage.
You want to cancel Christmas?
Never, you little degenerate pedophiles!
You'll burn in hell!
And I'll go further.
We've got three, four times, five times, depending on the site, the audience we've had in the last four years.
We've got the biggest audiences we've ever had, except for right before the last election, we were still on all those platforms.
You understand what that means?
You have made it forward as a success and banned our video while it was under attack.
This team has kept us on air.
The crew here and you out there supporting us.
But I'll tell you, we're bringing in the exact same amount of money right now to the account this morning we brought in last year.
And I've got money to spend and people to put in the field.
I can't play games.
It takes a lot of money to wage this war.
And I'm spending it, throwing it right into that locomotive engine.
So go to InfoWareStore.com.
Why the hell would you shop at Amazon?
Why the hell would you shop at Walmart?
Why would you shop with the establishment?
And not shop at Mom and Pop's and not shop with Patriots.
Get your vitamins, get your supplements, get everything you need, get your t-shirts, books, films, up to 60% off, free shipping, double Patriot points, a bunch of crazy stuff at InfoWarsTore.com.
But just know that we are hitting pay dirt when it comes to waking up hearts and minds, but all these new listeners aren't buying stuff.
That's okay.
It's you, the hardcore listeners that funded this, and you're the reason we've got a fighting chance, a fighting chance!
You know, you'd think something like rocking around the Christmas tree would not upset the left and the globalists, but they are joyless scum that want us totally depressed in our houses alone.
They admit that in their own documents.
Sean Parker, former head of Facebook, came out and said, our jobs make you depressed and alone.
These are real sick freaks, ladies and gentlemen.
So you have a good time.
Whether you live in a shack or a mansion, you've got a connection to God.
God loves you.
You're amazing.
And the globalists?
Well, just be glad you're not them.
Okay, let's race through your calls.
Rick, in Connecticut, what do you think about all martial law being in vogue?
All I'm saying is we're already under leftist, chi-com, COVID lockdown martial law in the areas they control.
So when you're occupied and there's an insurrection, if it's illegitimate, then the central government declares martial law to remove the threat.
A lot of folks want to act like we're pushing fascism.
No, this is the opposite.
It's our due process and our rights being overthrown.
I say Trump's derelict in duty.
I say it's time to arrest the globalists.
I don't care if the FBI sits there with their thumbs up their ass.
They are throwing it in our face.
We have the Georgia governor on TV yesterday behind the American flag and the Chinese Communist flag.
Then this morning my wife turned on the local news.
It gets worse.
He asked them to come buy up the voting machine company.
Turns out he was involved in that deal.
I mean, that governor's crooked.
On top of it though, on the local news station, I have the news anchor, she's wearing a Chinese outfit.
They are throwing it in our face!
Oh yeah, remember Hillary?
Remember Hillary in the debates with him four years ago would wear Mao outfits?
The exact same dress as Mao's wife?
Remember that?
Type in, Hillary wears Chinese dress.
Oh yeah, brother.
Oh, this is all sick, isn't it?
It's disgusting.
I'm out there every day spreading the word out about this, talking about you guys.
I'm walking around in Connecticut not wearing a mask, going to every place I go to, spreading the word, telling everybody about this.
And it's just disgusting how much of a trance these people are in.
Everybody around me.
And it's like I'm doing everything I can to fight and to fight for our freedom.
This is all we've got.
This is our last chance, man.
And we need Trump to do his job.
No, I hear you.
I hear you, brother.
And the one photo they found is her.
It's similar to Mao.
There are shots of her in actual Chinese silk outfits in China and here.
And again, it's all just a signal of we're with the evil.
We're with the globalists taking over.
Because the globalists put the commies in power in China.
They're using them as their main host.
Now they want us to be the main host as well.
Let's go ahead and take another call here.
Let's talk to Jefferson in Virginia.
You're on the air, sir.
You say we're 10 days from martial law.
What do you think's happening?
Thanks for taking my call, Alex.
Good to talk to you.
Good to talk to you.
Yeah, I think when his task force, his executive order task force that was set up two years ago to look into foreign interference in our elections, comes back with its report after 45 days after the election, it'll be so clear cut that he's going to have to declare martial law or something very, very close to it.
I was going to say, how do you respond to a foreign occupation with collaborators?
The only thing is martial law.
Right, and we all just have to get behind the notion of it.
Nobody wants this to happen, but it's the only thing short of civil war that we can do to stop the civil war from happening.
I think we had this discussion months ago where they're clearly pushing us into a civil war scenario.
That's right, you called in months ago and you predicted this.
Tell folks what you said then.
Well, they were going to push us into a civil war that they don't care whether they win or lose, they're just going to crash our economy and our currency, and the dollar is no longer going to be the reserve currency of the globe, and that will basically undo us forever.
That's right.
All these leftists are so arrogant, thinking they're about to be in charge.
Biden's being put in that even if he wins, he looks weak and America implodes.
The only hope is getting Trump back in.
I mean, they have really set this up.
And I think in Georgia, it's pretty obvious that they allowed 66,000 Underage people to register to get the absentee ballot application sent to them.
Now, where those votes went and who they went for, I don't think underage people would vote for Trump.
They were probably designed to vote for Biden.
That's right.
Project Veritas caught them in a bunch of states sending ballots into middle school and high school students and then the teachers would then bundle those ballots, which again is a federal and state crime.
So these runoffs in Georgia, these Senate seats in Georgia, should not even be in a runoff situation because Perdue essentially had more than 50% of the vote in his favor.
I don't know why everybody isn't looking down-ballot on the ballot and saying these senatorial votes are just as invalid as the presidential votes for Biden.
I agree with you.
God bless you, sir.
They have put us in the position of a globalist, corporate, medical martial law.
What does Trump do?
He declares the enemy.
He goes after it.
He must use his presidential power.
And I understand that that sounds crazy.
It doesn't sound normal.
We're not in normal situations here, ladies and gentlemen.
So it's easy to be an armchair quarterback and say the word martial law is scary.
Call it Declaration of Independence.
Call it whatever you want.
We must resist this, and it should be through the President and the states that understand what's happening, and we will win quickly.
The enemy will fold.
They've never met opposition, which is why they're openly pissing on our face and declaring China is our master.
I will not be part of that!
Especially when it's an endless lockdown to impoverish everybody, you jerks!
Because we're supposed to get a great leap forward, too.
That's what the Great Reset is.
Look into it, folks.
Remember, you were warned if they succeed.
You're in desperate straits.
We all are.
Let's go ahead and take another call here.
Megan in Texas, you're on the air.
Welcome and thanks for holding.
Hey Jones, it was an honor and a privilege to march with you in D.C.
and we look forward to doing it again this Saturday.
As for President Trump, he absolutely needs to declare martial law.
We have governor officials, elected officials, look at Kemp, look at our judiciary, the judge on General Flynn's case is ignoring a presidential pardon.
Oh I'm glad you raised that, totally illegal!
Never before done, insurrection, saying I don't care if the Justice Department dropped the case, I don't care if under law he's got to drop it, I don't care if there's a freaking pardon.
He says we will put him in prison!
This is a little, this is martial law from this damn judge!
The press is infiltrated.
The suspension of normal law!
The suspension of normal law!
And we're all, oh, what are we going to do about it?
Arrest him!
Yeah, exactly.
They all need to be arrested.
Lincoln put all the press in freaking prison.
That's what Trump needs to do.
I don't give a crap.
We're being fed propaganda 24-7.
It is an insurrection.
Trump needs to take control, and we need to have the patience right up in this country.
Well, here's the good news.
A lot of the people then thought they were on the right side.
And what Lincoln did, compared to what Trump's got to do, it was a hard choice.
With Trump, it's totally cut and dry, but you're right.
These are all bought and paid for political whores.
The minute we go after one globalist, they'll all roll over instantly.
You understand how easy it is to win if somebody had some huevos here?
Sorry, go ahead.
No, absolutely.
I always thought that Lincoln was kind of a tyrant with how he handled the situation, but now living through it?
Absolutely not.
Absolutely not.
They all need to go to jail or worse be tried for treason and we all know what the penalty for treason is.
We have a giant, rotting limb on the body of the United States of America called China.
It needs to be amputated.
That's it.
Well, here's the deal.
The North and South both had beefs.
Jackson was able to stop it.
The North was out of control.
It doesn't matter.
That was like brothers and brothers fighting.
And still, you can argue, was Lincoln right or wrong?
He did it, it sets precedent.
This is a chi-com globalist takeover of pedophiles!
I mean, this is hot and dry, baby!
North, South, East, West unite against the New World Order.
And we do not accept this one way or another.
What do you think?
No, I don't accept it.
This is not the republic that I was given when I was born.
And it's not the republic I'm passing down to my four children.
I will have my children inherit the United States of America.
They will be free!
That's right.
And Xi Jinping is a dictator and a rotting dead corpus of the communist Chinese who will be defeated and will free the Chinese people.
Burn in hell, Xi Jinping!
You bloated, murdering maggot that betrayed your own father and family and let your sister be murdered by the communists, which you helped murder your own sister!
You helped murder your own family so you're worshipped as a stinking, traitorous pig!
Burn in hell, I pray God strikes you down, Xi Jinping, you maggot!
We'll be right back, stay with us!
I have studied history.
Welcome back, thank you for joining us.
And There are times in history that happen every three generations or so, but sometimes every five generations, but on average, about every three, where a great evil organizes and attempts to take over.
And we saw that 75, 80 years ago with the Nazis.
We saw it with the evil empire, the communist in Russia.
We saw the offshoot of that in communist China.
They killed over 80 million of their own people.
And then I began to look at the Great Reset, and Klaus Schwab, and the announcements of the UN, and the Davos Group, and the Operation Lockstep of the Rockefellers, and the bioweapon they developed at the Wuhan Laboratory that had been made illegal five years previous at Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and Dr. Francis A. Boyle, who came on in late February, And our interview got millions of views.
He did other interviews.
Tens of millions of views.
Laying out what was going to happen.
And it all basically happened like he said.
And he's the author of the U.S.
Biological Weapons Law.
The main law that's on the books now.
That was adopted into the U.N.
He's prosecuted.
He's the head prosecutor of Slobodan Milosevic at the War Crimes Tribunal.
So he's as high level a lawyer as you get.
He's a professor, and we won't go over his whole bio.
He's written a lot of books, poems against the empire, but he is a patriot.
He went through the same Harvard PhD that Kissinger and others go through, about one a year.
So he was given the green light at the top of his class to get the special globalist education, but he used it against him.
Now, folks, I'm no scientist, but you have the former chief science officer of Pfizer coming out and saying, this has the same protein in it That the placenta has, and this will probably cause autoimmune and stop pregnancies.
Isn't that just a coincidence?
When Bill Gates wants that.
Bill Gates said, oh, we gotta wait two years to have the vaccine because he wanted to keep the lockdowns going.
Trump did warp speed, which I think was a big mistake.
One of Trump's biggest failures.
Bypassing laws and things.
Got tricked into it because he's not a scientist.
And notice suddenly Bill Gates has got his vaccine first.
He even beat Trump on Trump's conventional vaccines that Trump was funding.
Now why they never have one for the cold virus?
Because you can't have one for that.
Now I read the head of Pfizer, former chief science officer, and Wolfgang Wodarg, who's the head of this major advisory EU commission, is chair of the Parliamentary Assembly, the Council of Europe.
I've interviewed Wolfgang Wodarg ten years ago on another subject.
These are prestigious people, okay?
And they filed this report that I spent days reading, because I went and I read all the scientific reports linked in it, until I had a headache.
I mean, I literally have not had anxiety attacks like this in my life, okay?
I spent days reading every bit of this, and I called scientists I knew, they said, yo, that's exactly, I talked to chemists I know, I'm gonna leave it at that, on people that are involved in the sterilization of animals at the industrial level, it's a big science.
And they said, that's what this is, okay?
There's a big industry in sterilizing wild animals and stuff.
I'll leave it at that.
But this is a bio attack.
I was thinking, what do we call this?
We're trying to get Dr. Boyle on for two weeks.
He's finally ready to come on.
And he says, this is a bioweapon attack.
This is just one of the mRNA.
There's, I guess, six companies coming out with it, or he'll tell us more.
So I'm gonna try to shut up now and let him talk.
But I want you to understand something.
This is hidden in plain view.
Let me give you the nightmare headline at InfoWars.com.
There's video.
CNN says don't be alarmed if people start dying after taking it.
So this is a whole jump in order of magnitude, or maybe two magnitudes, where they're not even denying vaccines can hurt you or don't protect you.
They're saying get ready to die.
He's with us for the next hour.
Dr. Francis Paul joins us then.
Jason Jones is having a huge rally in D.C.
on Thursday with the Uyghurs, 3 million Muslims, and death camps.
I'm trying to get there early to be part of that.
That's big.
He's coming up.
But this is an incredible time with Apple endorsing the death camps, lobbying against the law that would just criticize them for being the main recipients of components made by the Uyghurs.
I mean, this is like I don't know what you call this period of time, but I'm going to go to Dr. Boyle to give us the latest on this mRNA, what it really is.
I wouldn't call it a vaccine.
Other scientists probably don't, but it's like a mutagenic reprogramming of the cells, an autoimmune response to the placenta protein, and why you're calling it a bioweapon.
And then we'll unpack all this in context to what you've previously broken here.
Thank you so much, Dr. Boyle.
We salute you and we appreciate your tireless efforts.
Well, Alex, thank you very much for having me on, and happy holidays to all of your viewers out there.
Hanukkah, Christmas coming up.
I think the most critical thing now for me to point out is this.
As we know, on December 10, the FDA is meeting to give this emergency authorization to these two messenger RNA so-called vaccines.
Let me go back to you, Alex, to the original article we discussed in February on the proof, the smoking gun, That the COVID-19 came out of that UNC BSL-3 North Carolina with the Bat Queen from Wuhan BSL-4.
If you have a look on it, one of the principal investigators was the Food and Drug Administration.
The same people who are going to be giving this emergency approval To this, I would call, frankenshot on Thursday are the same people who developed COVID-19.
Let me read the principal authors here.
There are eight of them, in addition to the Bat Queen.
Quote, National Center for Toxicological Research, Food and Drug Administration.
So the Food and Drug Administration We're working in cahoots with the Bat Queen from the Wuhan BSL-4.
And these are the people who on Thursday are going to be giving this emergency use authorization To these extremely dangerous messenger RNAs.
Now, you know, if you've taken a course in genetics, you know how powerful messenger RNA is.
It goes into your body.
It can do anything.
It can just turn around the genetic composition of your body.
We have no idea.
Well, that's what the most prestigious scientists out there, we're talking chief, you know, science officers, you know, of Pfizer are like, this could turn your immune system off or kill you in a storm of antibodies, or it could attack your placenta.
I mean, this is like playing around with hydrogen bombs.
That's exactly right.
But again, the critical point is the Food and Drug Administration manufactured COVID-19 with the Bat Queen for the Wuhan BSL-4.
And now on Thursday, apparently, they're going to give this emergency approval for these frankenshots that they say are going to protect
us from the COVID-19 that the FDA helped develop.
I mean, this is truly evil, as you were saying in your introduction.
And I know you don't like to speculate.
You'll have the floor in the next long segment, but you've got to.
What the power grab, the people behind it using it, they're getting us ready for death.
Gates says 700,000 might get sick or die.
What is the end game of this when we come back with Dr. Boyle?
Frances A. Boyle is here with us.
My God, I'm just, I mean this is like, It's all happening.
It's totally insane.
And big vaccine makers were in trouble last year, and now this is their big power grab.
Or what is it?
We'll get big picture with Dr. Boyle, and then he'll walk through all this and what the top scientists are saying.
They're filing injunctions saying, don't do this, it's insane!
And CNN goes, it's gonna kill some people, big deal!
Okay, you're tuned in to the end of the second hour of the Alex Jones Show.
Dr. Francis Boyle, lawyer, researcher, author of the US biological weapons law, one of the top
advisors of the UN on this, and absolutely on target, saying what the former chief science
officer of Pfizer is saying, and saying what Wolfgang Wudar, who heads up a major EU
advisory board, very respected saying, medical doctors, that this is insane.
They're like, this is so dangerous.
This is so bad.
We don't even know.
Are you crazy?
You're going to give liability protection to something you don't even think works?
And can shut your immune system on or totally turn it up and kill you?
And doesn't even protect you but attacks the placenta?
So it's not what they say it is.
Probably never had a vaccine for the common cold, which is, again, similar to this virus.
Look at these headlines.
CNN, don't be alarmed if people start dying after taking the vaccine.
And it goes on and on.
Top EU scientist warns COVID-19 vaccine like a sterilization of women.
Stubbs comes out and says, well, he said it could sterilize women.
Not that it doesn't.
So that's their correction.
So this is what's going on, ladies and gentlemen.
Dr. Michael Yidan, former Vice President of Pfizer, head of science operations.
You know, the guy that actually runs all the science.
Head of Pfizer, head of science.
It's like we have William Bennett, he used to head technical at NSA.
He was like the number two guy.
He actually ran it.
I mean, that's like, this is the guy that ran Pfizer, is saying, don't do this, this is a crime against humanity.
Wolfgang Wudarg heads up a major commission, the chair of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, health committee.
Let's go back to Dr. Bull.
I'll just shut up for the nine minutes we have in this segment and get into what this does, how crazy it is.
But just briefly, what are they thinking?
Why would you commit a crime this big and get people ready for a bunch of dead folks for a vaccine?
What the hell's going on here?
Well, that's one other point.
I just wanted to elaborate on your comment of a crime against humanity.
Yes, these Frankenshots will violate the Nuremberg Code on medical experimentation.
That went back to the doctor's case at Nuremberg, where we participated in the prosecution for war crimes.
Of the Nazi doctors.
This is Joseph Mengele's stuff and you're a world expert on this.
Explain that.
You're like the top lawyer when it comes to deciphering the Nuremberg Code, the Geneva Convention.
This is a blatant violation of that.
Yes, it's clearly an experimental vaccine subject to the Nuremberg Coda medical experimentation.
The FDA thinks that they can opt out of it.
And by the way, under the Nuremberg Principles, you cannot plead your domestic legal order to excuse violations of Nuremberg Crimes.
Just following orders, Professor, doesn't cut it.
Or, well, I was just obeying the procedures of the FDA.
So, these are Nuremberg crimes.
And we've been through this before, Alex.
In the run-up to Gulf War I, the FDA gave emergency authorization Two experimental vaccines for biological warfare agents, not as dangerous as COVID-19, but anthrax and botulent.
That's a great point.
You've been involved in a lot of those cases.
They allowed experimentation on the troops.
Hundreds of thousands got sick.
Tens of thousands died conservatively.
And you're saying this is part two.
So I know you only get into facts, but I want you to get into those.
We'll get into it next hour.
But what do you think the motive is?
You're a smart guy.
We're probably the smartest.
I just wanted to follow up on that point.
Yes, I was involved in the court-martial of the doctor who refused to give those shots.
But those shots, out of 500,000 U.S.
Most shots out of 500,000 US troops who were inoculated, 11,000 died and 100,000 were
And those were healthy young men and women in our armed forces.
Say that again because people forget botulism, anthrax.
So why is the medical system doing this?
Is it about setting a precedent to murder people?
Well, I think that's what's going on now.
We're talking about population reduction.
We're going back to the Kissinger National Security Memorandum saying that population reduction and control are in the national security interests of the United States.
But let me go back.
I gotta back you up.
I know a lot of former special operations people.
This is your standard, the highest levels.
They go, yeah, my buddy died of a vaccine in Afghanistan.
Yeah, my buddy died in Germany.
They all know people that died from the shots.
What you're saying is on record too.
It's like, this is crazy.
Go ahead.
That's correct.
And in the anthrax and botulin shots, clear-cut violation of the Nuremberg Code on medical experimentation, we argued that point, I argued that point, in the court-martial of Captain Dr. Yolanda Hewitt Vaughan, who refused to give these shots because they violated the Nuremberg Code on medical experimentation.
And to make a long story short, the last time I looked at these figures, and it's been a while since I've tried to help U.S.
veterans who were subject to these shots, but out of 500,000 who were inoculated, 11,000 were killed And 100,000 were disabled.
And those are figures from several years ago.
The same thing happened in Britain.
You're seeing today Britain gave even more emergency use.
They did the exact same thing to the British troops.
I was involved in the blowing the whistle over there in a TV4 documentary.
The French did not give those shots because they had been burned once before in their Indochina war with experimental anthrax vaccines, and the French troops did not come down with those shots.
Sure, so you're saying it's population reduction and a sinister group in the medical corps that wants to be able to commit crimes, cover them up, to compromise the medical corps of nations to then use that medical corps to take over the nation, which is what I think we see happening right now.
Well, I'm just going one step at a time here, Alex.
You know, I'm a lawyer.
I go one step at a time.
So we've been through this before.
And those figures, I think, are just the floor for what we can expect to happen here.
Because these messenger RNA vaccines that the FDA is going to approve on December 10 are completely novel and extremely dangerous.
So yes, I think we're going to see a mass kill-off.
Now, yesterday in the Wall Street Journal was an article by Scott Gottlieb indicating what their agenda is.
Scott Lieb was former head of the FDA, again, the same people who gave us COVID-19 and are now going to give us the emergency use for these two messenger RNA.
He was head of FDA in 2017 when the Department of Health and Human Services, of which he's a part, Ended the pause letters on the gain-of-function work at the UNC BSL-3, where the Wuhan Bat Queen was and the FDA were developing the COVID-19 biowarfare weapon.
If you read yesterday's—so, you know, Gottlieb's an insider.
He knows what's going on here.
And he's signaling to all the movers and shakers and the plutocrats who read the Wall Street Journal exactly what's going on.
If you read Gottlieb's essay yesterday, first they're going to go after all the old people and they can easily track them down by means of their Medicare cards.
That's right.
And that means then they can kill them off first and they will not have to pay any more of their Medicare benefits.
Then they're going to go after blacks and Latinos and indigenous people.
It's all in there.
I sent you my analysis.
I sent it to your assistant there, Daria.
You can look at it right there.
I go through it with all the quotations.
Then they're going to go after poor people.
They are going to go after homeless people.
And it's clear, if you read through what Gottlieb is saying, This is the Nazi philosophy of useless eaters at work that was condemned at the Nuremberg Tribunal itself and the main judgment in 1946, that Hitler and the Nazis had their philosophy of useless eaters.
They also made it clear elsewhere they're going to be targeting disabled people who are mentally and physically disabled.
That's how they hide it.
They say, oh, at-risk groups, Latinos, poor blacks, poor whites, old people.
And Bill Gates goes, old are going to need five shots.
And then he goes, and 700,000 will get sick or die.
And then CNN goes, some are going to die.
Get ready.
I mean, they're just getting ready to normalize carrying these operations out against us.
These are, remember Bill Gates said, don't take care of old people, euthanize them.
We'll be back with our number three, Dr. Francis Boyle.
He was a prestigious lawyer that wrote the U.S.
Biological Weapons Law.
We are so honored to have him.
And what he's saying is, I've spent years studying this and days looking at each of these things.
I mean, what he's saying is all on record.
This is it.
All right, this is a short segment, long segment coming up.
Dr. Francis Boyle is our guest.
He's laying out these lawsuits filed in the EU, you name it, saying they admit the studies that are even limited.
This could sterilize women, cause autoimmune disorders, super dangerous.
But there's still the systems doing this.
They're moving forward.
Dr. Boyle, continue please.
Well, I gave my analysis of the Gottlieb article to your assistant there, Daria, and you have my permission to post that analysis on your webpage.
The other point about Gottlieb, you have to understand.
First, this is in the Wall Street Journal.
So all the movers and the shakers and the plutocrats understand exactly what the agenda here.
It's the implementation of the Nazi philosophy of useless eaters by means of violating the Nuremberg Code on medical experimentation with these frankenshops.
Now, the other point to keep in mind about Gottlieb, he said, well, he's an associate there at the American Enterprise Institute.
AEI is a haven and a nest.
For the Straussian neocons from the University of Chicago, which we discussed before, where I was educated in their program.
The Straussian neocons are all at AEI, along with Gottlieb.
And Strauss' sponsor and mentor in Germany was Carl Schmitt.
The leading Nazi law professor of that benighted era who justified every hideous atrocity Hitler and the Nazis inflicted on everyone, including the Jews, disabled, gay people, Roma, and of course all the Slavic people there in Eastern Europe, were exterminated.
So it's a survival of the fittest cult.
That came out of the Rockefellers and the British into the Nazis back to us, and now it's here again.
Well, Alex, you started out your program here with me just saying that, you know, 85 years ago we were dealing with the Nazis.
Well, we're dealing with them again, but they are now us, as Pogo said.
We've met the enemy and he is us.
And so we are seeing a cabal of people with a Nazi mentality pursuing Nazi programs, not only in the development of the COVID-19, but then also with these Frankenshots.
There's no other word for it.
And just read my analysis of the Gottlieb article in yesterday's Wall Street Journal, where he prioritizes who is going to be killed off first with these extremely dangerous messenger RNA shots.
They're going to be the untermensch, right, the useless eaters.
That's exactly right.
And then all the plutocrats there on Wall Street read the Wall Street Journal.
The banks, everyone else, they won't have to pay for them anymore.
All those benefits that these people have gotten, the taxes they've paid, the hard work they've done, the greatest generation now sitting in its homes.
And all of that they admit by saying all this medical stuff's not essential, the millions of dead they admit, the Europe, the U.S.
from non-treatment, the insurance companies are all getting the money with no service.
See how that works?
You know, it's all about big money and population reduction.
That's the article.
And I just sent my analysis of that article to your assistant and you can... I agree.
Let's recap it and go through how we stop it with our guest, Dr. Francis A. Boyle, author of the U.S.
Biological Weapons Law, straight ahead, pointing out that the Pfizer mRNA vaccine is a bioweapon, joining a lot of other scientists.
All right, one more segment with Dr. Francis Boyle, then your phone calls coming up next segment, ladies and gentlemen.
But he's the author of the U.S.
Biological Weapons Law, contributed major to the U.N.
World Law.
He's saying it goes further than what Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg and the big EU advisory board and the former chief scientist of Pfizer is saying that this can sterilize you, this can give you autoimmune disorders, this can kill you.
He's saying it's probably worse than that.
I mean, this isn't even a vaccine.
System that reprograms your cells.
And they're saying, hey, it may kill you, it may hurt you.
They want us to all accept now this new system, and they're trying to say it's going to be mandatory, and airlines are going to make you do it.
So we've got nine minutes left in this segment, Dr. Boyle.
Lay it all out for people, because I was interrupting.
Some of you did a great job.
But just the whole spectrum of what this is and what you think America's response should be, what President Trump should do.
I think it's been bamboozled by this so far.
Well, I think we're going to have to resist these frankenshots, sure, by all means.
If you have parents in nursing homes, you're going to have to go in there and save them and make sure they don't get these shots.
They're going to be killed off.
You know, the greatest generation, and indeed some of my generation now, the Woodstock generation, are in nursing homes.
I hate to say it.
But, you know, the senior citizens are most at risk here.
And again, you started here the Second World War.
It's December 8th.
My dad went down to Marine Corps headquarters in Chicago and signed up for becoming the Marine Corps officer candidate to fight Japan.
That is what we are in here.
You were corrected in your opening statement We are in, as I said before, Alex, World War III here against COVID-19 and now against these Nazi frankenshots.
Yeah, it's a full-scale attack Not on the wealthy people, not on the plutocrats, not on the people calling the shots, but all the rest of us.
And that's why I'm here today.
Sorry I couldn't go on last week.
I was tied up and this is the first chance I've had since you asked me out.
That's what is facing us as human beings and certainly as citizens of the United States of America, where this all came out of.
COVID-19, the UNC, BSL-3, and now the FDA giving this completely bogus Emergency authorization in clear-cut violation of the Nuremberg Code on medical experimentation, which we've already litigated in the court-martial of Captain Dr. Yolanda Hewitt-Vaughn for the experimental anti-biowarfare vaccines for
For anthrax and botulinum.
There is no vaccine that is going to work on COVID-19.
Indeed, if you studied the matter, after Barrick and the rest of them developed COVID-19 there at the UNC BSL-3, they did not even bother To deal with a vaccine because they knew it wasn't going to work and so they immediately moved into Remdesivir.
Okay, we can discuss Remdesivir all you want, but they knew the vaccine was not going to work.
I don't see how any vaccine is going to work here with COVID-19.
As you correctly pointed out, we've spent a generation trying to get a vaccine for cancer.
We still don't have one.
We know COVID-19 has HIV DNA genetically engineered in there.
We don't have a vaccine to prevent HIV.
So, you know, this is pie in the sky.
It is genocidal.
And they're all making money out of it.
Now, to be fair, Barrick apparently has just decided to get back into vaccines because there's money to be made.
So, OK.
But right after that was the case, they moved immediately into Remdesivir.
They did not move into a vaccine because I knew that I think they realized that it was hopeless.
And by the way, now we're seeing on TV Gottlieb running around and trying to pawn off these vaccines.
We are seeing a full court pressed across the board.
If you go back to that tabletop exercise, October 2019, paid for by Gates, you will see that they've already planned to roll out their propaganda campaign here.
That tabletop exercise is really a euphemism for a war plan and a war game.
They didn't want to call it that, but that's really what it was.
Uh, is going along with Event 201 and buying into it thinking it would fix the economy and end the lockdown.
No, they now say, oh, the lockdown doesn't end and it doesn't even, even Pfizer and Moderna have said, this probably won't protect you from infection and won't stop you spreading it.
Well, what the hell kind of vaccine is that?
When they're telling us, like you said on the show 10 months ago, you were on here 10 months ago or nine and a half months ago and you said it will not work.
How did you know that, Dr. Boyle?
By studying it, it's that simple, and based on previous experience with the anthrax and botulin vaccines, and having dealt with that at a great length in our defense of Captain Dr. Ewald Vaughan.
And as a matter of fact, the court martial lawyer was so bad afterwards, I came out and
had a press conference in front of satellite dishes.
And I accused President Bush, Cheney, the US Secretary of Defense, Colin Powell and
Schwarzkopf of committing a Nuremberg crime on our own troops.
That went out nationwide.
It even went to the White House.
I was told by a lawyer there, they're all shaken up.
Well, let's be clear.
It's not about credit.
It's true.
You did that.
Others did that.
You were at the tip of the spear then.
That got those secret programs and programs canceled for a while.
We need this again.
They're trying to get everyone to stampede and beg for the vaccine.
Get everything waived by Trump.
Trump's biggest failure was agreeing to this.
I understand he was trying to counter Biden, but it's a horrible mistake Trump made.
He's out right now pushing this damn warp speed.
Notice they try to hedge their bets.
They go, oh, if there is death, it's because Trump sped it up.
I think Trump's been set up by this, Dr. Boyle.
Well, let me go back.
So after I had done this, then Senator Jay Rockefeller held hearings on the vaccines.
And at the end of the hearings, he also agreed with me and publicly stated Bush and the rest of them had inflicted a Nuremberg crime on our own troops by forcing- And so we need that again.
So how important is what- Obviously, you probably need to help Wolfgang Wudarg and this other Pfizer scientist, because they're trying to file stuff, but with your expertise, they're doing the right thing filing emergency injunctions.
Is that accurate?
Well, I haven't read a lawsuit yet being filed in an American court, but yes, I'm willing to offer my services free of charge, as I did to Captain Hewitt Vaughn, for any lawyers out there willing to enjoin the distribution of these vaccines.
And especially to stop FDA.
They just have to contact me and we can put something together.
Well, that's wonderful.
In closing, I want to thank you for your long service for humanity, not just America, Dr. Boyle.
But seriously, every day there's two or three top microbiologists, heads of universities, head scientists, government advisors.
Look at this guy.
Top microbiologist says COVID vaccine downright dangerous.
We'll send you to your doom.
This is on Fox News.
I mean, Everybody's warning, except the big pharma crazies.
It's like Deepwater Horizon when they ordered them to dump water into the hole instead of concrete.
The engineers said it's going to blow up.
And the executives said, I don't care, we'll save $45 million.
I mean, these are crazy people.
What are they doing?
This is a Nazi mentality, Alex.
You've studied history, I've studied history.
I told you I went through the exact same program at Harvard that produced Kissinger before me.
The Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Department of Government.
Specializing in international relations and they gave me Kissinger's old office there at Harvard Center for International Affairs.
That's what people like Kissinger are trained to do at Harvard.
And by the way, Harvard was involved Uh, not only in the Wuhan BSL-4, Harvard is also listed on the UNC contract there with Barrett and the Beckley.
That's right.
All the people running the cover-up and the rollout are the ones involved.
Dr. Boyle, people can just Google your name, Dr. Professor Frances A. Boyle, find your books and more.
Thank you so much.
Amazing and powerful.
Well, thanks for having me on and to deliver this message to the American people.
This is the takeover of the United States.
I'm just talking to one of my friends who's buddies.
In the Army, in the Green Berets, and they're up in Utah right now being brainwashed that all whites are racist and America's bad.
The guy's been in the military 20 years.
I mean, Trump ordered that stop.
They didn't stop it.
They do what they want.
That's why Trump is in so much trouble.
It's why we're in trouble is we have a mutiny going on.
But here's the good news.
People are waking up to a Texas case.
Breaks election wide open.
Turns tide to Trump's favor.
Big article by Kit Daniels at InfoWars.com.
It's the state of Texas saying, you don't have a right to violate the Constitution and violate our voters.
Because when you steal those states, you steal Texas voters.
Damn right.
Folks, we cannot let Joe Biden get in.
He's a Chinese Communist agent.
Even if he won, I'd say he won, but he's illegitimate.
But he didn't win.
He stole it.
You've all seen the evidence.
You don't need me to swear up and down to you that's the case.
My God, I can't even cover it.
It's like a freaking fire hose.
Trying to drink out of a fire hose.
I can get one cup of it, two cups, ten cups.
I'm just like... They stole this out in the open, naked at high noon, man.
Let's go to your phone calls.
Let's go to George in Chicago.
You're on the air.
Love you, Alex.
Thank you for having me on.
Love you, brother.
Go ahead.
Yeah, I just wanted to say that the same way Trump All right.
a couple days back, he's got to do the same with this.
He's got to say, hey, we're a separate republic.
And we have to actually stop his goal of timing his takeover.
And the way we're going to do that is, Insurrection Act, whatever presidential tool he has at his disposal,
he's got to do it now.
The FBI is not going to arrest any Chinese agents.
They have all the evidence.
He's going to have the states do it.
Bold moves.
He's going to have to just call out the American people and say, I need 10 million of you to come to DC.
We're not accepting this fraud.
We want the arrest of Joe Biden.
It'll happen.
They'll roll over.
The minute we show power, the minute we show will, it's over.
And at this point, You know, the general public, a good chunk of the general public has already been convinced that, oh, he's a dictator by the globalists.
And at this point, it's not about reputation.
If I'm Trump, I'm starting to crack balls here, you know?
I'm going down swinging.
Well, here's the deal.
It's not even going—all the cards are against them if we just finally go, because all the libertarians are like, well, we can't declare martial law.
I mean, that's illegal.
We're already under globalist martial law through the bureaucracy, through the blue states.
Common law says if you are under occupation and a foreign enemy's taking your cities, and you've only got a few cities left, you don't follow the regular due law of taking those cities back.
It's a foreign damn enemy.
You remove them, then you reinstate the law, and of course we'll do that.
Instead, oh no, we're being overrun by the globalists.
Instead, they're gonna lose everything because of people rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.
Thank you.
Who's up next here?
Debbie in New Jersey, go ahead.
Merry Christmas all.
Alex, I love President Trump and I don't always agree with everything he does either, but I would have the ultimate respect for him if he appeared daily on InfoWars and Natural News and spoke about the current war we're in with China, the election fraud, the China virus fraud, and big pharma fraud.
No, I agree.
He's just trying to look confident, keep the stock market up.
We're in a total crisis.
George Washington would level with the people and he's still got 43 days to do it.
Well, we need to expose the truth.
And when people have nothing else to lose, they're going to stand up and fight.
I know.
And you're crying because you're not scared, are you, Debbie?
You're scared of what you're going to do, aren't you?
I'm not.
And I've lost some family during all of this.
And I want to see people be strong.
I hear you, sweetheart.
We love you and we appreciate you.
And Trump's trying as good as he can.
None of us are perfect.
But this is one hell of a war.
And, you know, they're trying to take America down.
And it's just, we're going to, generations are going to look back on this moment and ask what we did.
It's just such an incredible time.
Thank you so much for the call.
Beautiful call.
This is a big deal, folks.
This isn't just another party getting power.
I would care less if it was Democrats from 40 years ago.
It's not.
These are Chinese Communist agents.
They intend to gut our borders, bring in all the Islamic hordes.
I mean, they're going to break us.
You know that, right?
The foot's never coming off your neck, folks.
So giving in doesn't get you ahead.
We were living off what other people did for decades.
And now the gas is out of the tank, folks.
All right, let's go ahead and take another call here.
Who's been on the longest?
That would be...
Resistance in New York.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
How you doing, man?
Man, I'm pretty excited.
Edge of my seat.
What about you?
I'm hoping to get down to sea.
I'm dealing with whatever I'm dealing with.
But, you know, it's nothing compared to what we're all facing here.
That's right, brother.
What's your view on Trump and martial law and where we are?
Because we're under globalist martial law.
What are we going to do about it?
I was thinking if it's within Trump's purview to sanction a volunteer for the U.S.
This way, you know, just recruit us and we can carry out arrests, run protection for witnesses during hearings, lawyers, politicians.
The problem is to infiltrate that.
I mean, he needs to.
That's why he's going back to the military.
I mean, we have Chinese agents, globalist agents.
They've undermined us.
And all we've got to do is arrest or go after a few top people.
They're going to roll over.
But we never fight back is the problem.
Yeah, well, I mean, who would carry it out?
That's what I'm thinking.
Imagine, we've had freedom and due process, we've had problems, but for so long, people don't know how to deal with foreign takeover.
I mean, this is martial law shutdown, bankrupting the country, and our police are some of the best trained following orders out there.
They're not going to save us, they're not leaders.
It's up to us, and it's up to President Trump.
So, I mean, I don't know, what do you, because look, listen.
They know we're awake.
They know they've lost the people.
So they're going to come in with gaslighting and oppression, the likes of which we've never seen.
I mean, hell is waiting on the other side.
That's all I can say.
Yeah, for sure.
That's why I'm thinking of a way to really empower us to carry this stuff out.
Well, at a certain point, look at Texas filing lawsuits and look at other states need to say, we're not agreeing with this.
And the states have a special legislative session and they have their own electors and we elect Trump.
It's an exercise of power.
We saw the fraud you did.
We repudiate CNN and MSNBC.
We're putting Trump in.
It comes down to What does Tony Montana say?
There's two things in this world he won't break for anybody.
It's his word and his balls.
And there's one thing gives orders.
And balls isn't about between your legs.
It's about what's in your heart.
It means that at a certain point, we've been getting pushed around forever.
And so now we're about to get pushed over the edge of the cliff, and we don't finally say no.
So it's up to the states to do it.
Trump is surrounded.
It's up to what Texas just did, and others just did.
All the states need to declare now, for America, against the CHICOMS.
What do you say?
Reclamation of Independence.
Change the prefix from Declaration to Reclamation.
Let's do it.
I agree with you.
Yes, sir.
God bless you.
Make no mistake, ladies and gentlemen.
You know I predicted all this.
It wasn't hard to do.
I'm telling you, if you don't take action now, you're going to beg later you would have taken action.
They get that piece of monster in there, they are going to slice us up a thousand ways.
Get ready for war.
Stay with us.
Stop the Communist Party of China's slave camps.
Alright, Jason Jones, the major author.
Major filmmaker, won international awards, the father of seven, grandfather of two, and he escaped the police state of Hawaii to come to Texas.
We're glad to have him in Central Texas.
And there's a lot of big events coming up Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.
Everyone go to D.C.
I'm trying to get there Thursday for his event, which I asked to be a part of, then I got a bunch of stuff going on.
We're leaving Thursday to get there.
But stop the CCP slave camps.
designate the CCP as a transnational criminal organization.
Which Trump's trying to do with bills that Apple is opposing,
when Apple's on record running some of the worst slave camps in communist China.
Now imagine if Trump had a thousand Muslim men in a camp and was taking their organs,
I would say remove Trump because we can't become what we're fighting.
But the Uyghurs are not offensively attacking.
The Uyghurs are what I'd call, you know, really tame Muslims.
But I don't care if they're Buddhists, Christians, agnostics, Catholics, whatever.
You don't kill them.
And this is a great evil and a great litmus test for the left that you don't hear a damn word.
You've seen the video, a lot of you.
It went viral millions of views.
They snipped out of me just pulling a guy's mask off.
No, I was like, the Uyghurs, 3 million in slave camps, it's wrong.
He was like, F you, laughing.
Come on, come on, come on down here.
When I was up in the armored truck by the W Hotel where the mayor is, it's ordered lockdowns, but, you know, flies around with his family without a mask and has big parties.
So I went down to talk to the guy, and he was being smart-ass, so I pulled his mask off.
I should have done it, it was adrenaline, but I wanted to, like, let him know that he's not going to be anonymous.
But the point was, he was making, you know, again, I'm going to kick your ass type motions and threats.
But this makes me really mad that they claim they're so liberal and so loving all day, but this is a big deal.
And so it's bad what's happening to the Uyghurs over there, but what does it say about our elites over here?
So Jason Jones, movietomovement.com, thegreatcampaign.org, the Jason Jones Show.
People can find it, Jason Jones.
But tell us about the big event, the updates, what's happening to the Uyghurs.
Thank God we're starting to learn about this.
This is a big deal.
Alex, you and your audience have been the loudest voice in the world for the Uyghur and other people in Chinese-occupied East Turkestan.
December 10th is International Human Rights Day.
The left proclaims to passionately care about human rights, although they've supported all of the major human rights abusers in the past century.
But on December 10th, From 11 to 1, we're going to be in Washington, D.C.
on Constitution Avenue.
We're going to be there with Uyghurs, Kazakhs, the Tibetans, the Free Hong Kong Movement.
We're going to march together against the CCP, which is the real virus.
It's not just that there's this horrible thing happening on the other side of the world.
We now know because congressional staffers have been calling the press saying, why is Apple, why is Nike, why is Costco sending lobbyists into our office to weaken and gut the Uyghur Forced Labor Protection Act?
And all this act says is if you have your product made in Chinese-occupied East Turkestan, they just have to be certified that they were not made by forced slave labor.
Why Can you believe Nike is spending money on high-priced lobbyists to walk the corridors of power?
Well, that's why they fund Black Lives Matter, which calls for the end of the nuclear family, destroy black families, because it's all just their sick cover of what they're really doing.
These people are the modern Nazis.
No, they really are, and that's... Alex, you hit the nail on the head.
What really scares me, and why we're going to be there on December 10, those concentration camps in Nazi Germany, There was a lot of death in those camps prior to 1943.
But in 1943, after the Wannsee Conference, the concentration camps with death in them became death camps.
Satellite footage, there is now satellite footage of crematoriums being built outside of these concentration camps.
Look at this.
If you're not going to cry, this is not going to break your heart.
And you know what, I have products right here, probably.
I look at my phone, Alex.
I look at my phone and I wonder, who looked at this phone?
Who assembled this phone?
Who put this phone in the box?
But at least you're thinking about it and you're calling for the root of it to stop, exactly.
But again, for those who don't know, it's thousands of men out of the millions that are there being taken to be executed.
This has all been confirmed by the Australian government research.
And then whoever valiantly inside the Chinese government leaked the footage of this of thousands of men every week organized, bandanas, hoods over their heads before they're executed and their organs harvested.
Yeah, there are heroes within China fighting to get this information out.
Han Chinese smuggling out this information of what's happening to the Uyghur.
You know, our enemy is the CCP.
The greatest victim of the CCP is, of course, the Chinese people.
The greatest victims of ISIS were Muslims.
But we want to stand shoulder to shoulder with those heroes living in China Those heroes living in those concentration camps, we want to stand shoulder to shoulder with them.
If we can break those brands, Nike, Costco, if we can force Apple to say, we support the Uyghur Slave Labor Protection Act, we are no longer... And why would Tim Cook not do that?
It's disgusting!
You know, you can't imagine it, I can't imagine it.
You've been saying for now decades, this is a prison planet.
You know, we are all in the same boat.
Andrew, you know, the plague that they told us in the 90s when they were fighting to give China permanent most favored nation status, which they eventually did in 2000, that China would become more like us.
What we have seen is we are becoming more like China.
And as you know, in Carol Quigley's book, From the 60s, Tragedy and Hope, he talked about how China is really the model and the enemy to their aspirations is the American middle class, so... And by the way, Xi Jinping was in an article a few months ago in the LA Times that was praising him about Xi Jinping, you know, the Chinese emperor, and how he, it was speeches of him saying, I will defeat American democracy, I will show them they are a failure, and I mean, this is ridiculous!
You know, but what they don't count on, what the Chinese intelligence apparatus cannot count on, we just saw the leaked professor with his speech.
I didn't believe it was real.
I sent it to my friends who are fluent in Mandarin, including my mother-in-law, who's Chinese.
And she said it's perfect translation, where they're bragging about how they have people highly placed in our political system.
And now we know it just was in the media today being reported of another Chinese agent exposed.
They may have their instruments inside the DNC, even maybe inside the RNC and CNN and Fox News, the LA Times, New York Times, but the anti-fragile, the anti-fragility, the strength of America, our robustness, are those info warriors.
It's all those independent journalists.
It's those of us who refuse to comply, that we will resist.
That's something that they can't really wrap their mind around.
So, we will win, but we have to be vigilant.
We will not be defeated by the CCP.
We will defeat the CCP.
As Ambassador Sam Brownback said when he went to China last year, the first thing he said when he got off the plane, he said, you're waging a war on religion.
You will lose.
Religion will win.
And that's what we're going to see.
We will defeat the CCP, but we have to look the dragon in the face.
Congressman Scott Perry has a new bill that he just introduced to label the CCP as a transnational criminal organization.
In fact, it is a transnational criminal organization.
It should be labeled as such, and there should be severe penalties for anyone who works with the CCP in any capacity.
Yeah, I meant to start the show with this today, there's so much big news.
These are huge sports stadiums full of people saying, we'll defeat America, we own them.
Last week we played with our top sociologists at another Chinese Communist meeting that was on national TV over there, but it's so controlled you don't see it here, saying, we will destroy America, it won't exist soon, we'll use the COVID lockdown, they'll never rebuild, but we're wide open, ha ha ha.
I mean, it's disgusting.
Yeah, they're raping Africa.
They're raping Iraq.
I have friends in Iraq.
We're building a school in Iraq right now.
An Iraqi friend says that they watch how the Chinese treat their own labor as disposable.
And we don't want to defeat China.
We want to liberate China from the CCP.
That's our goal.
The CCP wants to destroy us.
They want to do to us what they're doing to Africans.
The exploitation, the destruction, what they're doing in the Middle East.
Now we're all connected, and anyone telling you what you do to somebody else doesn't come back on you as a liar.
Whether we're Chinese, whether we're Anglo, whether we're African, we're all humans.
This is evil!
And now they're coming with their deadly vaccines that they admit are killing people.
I've got all the news pouring in, where the UK announces, get ready for mass death.
I mean, this is biblical, folks.
This is pure human sacrifice being normalized.
They hope to Stockholm Syndrome the public when the deaths from the vaccines are so huge.
We'll be right back, stay with us.
We are back live, Jason Jones, filmmaker, author, patriot, really citizen activist,
so much human rights around the country and around the world.
And man, I'm seriously trying to get out even earlier on Thursday so I can be at this or
maybe Wednesday night, that's tomorrow night, gosh.
Stop the CCP slave camps.
That is 11am.
to 1 p.m.
Capitol, Washington, D.C., Constitution Avenue, 1st Street.
The Chai Khams hate this.
They hate Tibetan activists.
They hate Taiwanese activists, Hong Kong activists.
You have that footage we were showing for TV viewers earlier of the bus with the political activists being taken away to re-education camps out of Hong Kong.
Their families begging and screaming, that's not coming, that's here.
And so Jason Jones, what would you call this period in history we're in right now?
The quickening?
Because, I mean, everything, like I used to say once a year, this is my biggest show ever.
Now it's like every day it just gets crazier.
The news, Trump said my most important speech ever.
The next day he said this is even more important.
I mean, it seems to be a quickening.
What would you call this?
You know, I say it's a new axial age because I'm hopeful.
I think that we're victorious.
We're in a scramble right now.
We're in the fight for our lives.
We're in the fight for our posterity's lives.
We're really in a struggle to save three million people from decimation in Chinese-occupied East Turkestan.
But I am hopeful.
I believe that we're going to win.
And that on the other side of this can be a culture of life, love, and beauty, not through some dystopian ideology, but just through the simple respect for the incomparable dignity of the human person, for basic human respect.
Not grandiose ideas, not big plans, not ideologies, not neoliberal technocratic fantasies, but a renewed respect Or the human person.
And so, and why I call it an axial age, you know, there was that one era where in a century we had Socrates and Plato and Aristotle and Confucius and Buddha.
There's just, it seems to be... No, you're right.
We're definitely, there's a huge awakening happening, that's why tyranny's trying to suppress it.
Yeah, it's maybe, by the grace of God, I pray the last gasp.
That the great lies, the big lies, where I think Alex, you probably lie in bed and say, I wish I was the kook they said I was.
I wish that I was wrong.
I wish that I was eluded.
And I can't tell you how many people I hear say that Alex Jones is trying to tell us all the time.
He's been trying to tell us for decades.
And now it's here.
And look, When you stare a dragon in the face, it's not that scary, but you have to look it in the face.
We have to look it in the eyes.
The CCP, the neoliberal elite, it's one dragon.
Apple, Google, Nike, this is the same dragon.
I mean, it is really tragic that we are actually, you and I, have profited from this slavery, not unknowingly, unwillingly, but they lure us in.
And meanwhile, we're decimating Americans and decimating whole communities.
That have just been wiped off the map.
And by the way, something I want to say to conservatives and Christians, because I see it in the comments at Man.Video, it's a minority of people that are like, the one good thing China's doing is getting rid of the Muslims.
Just because Islam has radical groups that are out of control that attack us and kill us, we don't become like them.
And the Uyghurs weren't doing that, and they're doing it to Christians and Buddhists as well, by the hundreds of thousands and the millions.
And it's wrong for everybody, and those are children.
And so we aren't who our enemy is.
We stand up and set the damn standard.
That's what America's supposed to do.
Pisses me off that people sit there.
I oppose radicalism.
I oppose them, what they're doing.
I will fight them.
But does it mean that I support the communist Chinese that are light years more evil than even some of the worst Islamists feeding on those damn people that aren't even expansive or coming after anybody?
It's wrong.
You know, what I would say to them, Alex, is do you and I want to be judged by John Brennan's drone war that decimated thousands of children in Yemen and Pakistan?
We don't want to be judged by that.
Obama last week said, yeah, I killed a bunch of innocent people, I'm proud of it!
And you know, when I travel to the Middle East and Iraq and Syria and Sudan and I talk to Muslims, I'm always amazed at how they differentiate between us and our government.
And we need to be disciplined and do the same thing.
You know, as a Christian, and I'm not a great Christian, Alex, you know, you pull that guy's mask off, you saw me get in a heated dispute on camera as well, I say, I know you're made in the image of God until you cut me off in traffic, and then, you know, I forget.
But we have to just be really disciplined.
Our country was founded on the truth of the human person.
We're the only country in the history of the world founded on anthropology that recognizes that we have an alienable right because we are creatures made in the image and likeness of God.
We can get on Elon Musk's rocket, fly in any direction.
For all eternity and never see anything as beautiful as our neighbor.
That's the truth of the human person.
These Uyghurs are human beings with an incomparable beauty.
Well that's for sure.
What we let happen to them will happen to us.
This is a test.
What we do for them and the unborn and others is an absolute, is what's going to come back on us.
That's true.
I mean that is the sorrowful truth because What Bishop Bolton Sheen said after Roe vs. Wade, he was an Emmy Award winning, he had a television show in the 50s, he won Emmys.
He said that what Roe v. Wade will do, what Roe v. Wade did, is it taught us that there was no limits to our desires and our wants, and that anything and everything would be possible.
And now we're suffering the consequences with euthanasia, this Xavier character that Biden is now tapped as an adamant supporter of euthanasia.
Killing babies after they're born.
And that's the thing, folks.
If we don't value other people, no one's going to value us.
You know, and that's why I love the pro-life movement, Alex Jones, because You know, when you stand with the vulnerable that no one else will stand with, you're reminding them the truth about who they are.
When you wrestle with that, whether it's a tough issue, and I acknowledge abortion is a very tough issue, when you wrestle with an issue like that and you come to understand the incomparable beauty of the human person, you change how you see yourself.
Not just how you see the dignity of the child in the womb.
It changes how you see the Uyghur.
Well that's it.
I value my children.
I value myself.
I value them.
We're all connected.
And the minute we start not valuing people, we've devalued ourselves.
When I hear of a US drone strike, That Obama ordered to kill 36 women in one village.
True story.
I think of all the women in my wife's community in our homeschool co-op.
I think of all of them.
When I hear of children dying in a drone strike, I think of my love for my child.
And of course they love their children the same as we love our children.
Their hearts break.
They're addled with sorrow and despair.
The same way that the victims of 9-11 are addled with sorrow and despair every day of their life.
I work with Christians fighting Muslim oppression in Nigeria.
I work with the Muslims standing up to the CCP in Chinese-occupied East Turkestan.
I work with the Yazidis who feel oppression and discrimination coming at them from every level.
In the United States, we have to fight with our own family to acknowledge the dignity of our own children in the wombs of their mothers.
But that's what I think the gospel is, the gospel of human life.
Well, that's really what America's credo is, especially the armies is battling, you're in the army, is battling for the oppressed.
And the minute we don't do that, we lose all value, we fall apart, and then there's nothing left.
Civilization is a social contract on valuing each other and being strong, and it produces prosperity.
And every time we have prosperity, people get spoiled, they become decadent, we forget what made us great.
An amazing event coming up.
What's the best website for folks to visit Jason Jones to help coordinate, even if they can't go to D.C.
for this, this Thursday morning?
How do folks promote this?
If you go to, there's the event.
It's going to be at Constitution Avenue and First Street.
If you go to the Jason Jones Show, our podcast, I just interviewed the Prime Minister of occupied East Turkestan.
And in the show notes, we have all the information there.
You can share that.
That's a beautiful meme that our friend Ali Alexander created this graphic.
And, you know, Alex, when you wore the dope with a hat of the Uyghur, when you wore that, my friends in Turkey that work directly with those in China, in occupied East Turkestan, they said that image of Alex Jones with that dopa, it reached into the camps.
And you cannot imagine what it means to people who are on the edge of despair to know that a man that can reach millions of folks, that you broke the internet last week, that you've taken their cause on as your cause, You are breathing hope into people that really live on the edge of despair.
And all those info warriors that are taking this cause as their cause.
You're rocking the world.
You're changing the world.
And as someone, I've worked with the Uyghur for years and years now, it means the world to me.
Just from this show out, your show has probably doubled the amount of people who are aware of the plight of the Uyghur.
It's so horrible!
They're harvesting organs?
No one believes that.
Well, it's not even about credit.
How scary is it that InfoWars is one of the only places in your work?
This should be everywhere and how evil Apple is.
That's why I almost punched that guy, quite frankly.
But he was just making fun of us.
I was like, you care about it?
He was like, yeah.
He was like laughing about it.
That's why I got out of the armored vehicle to go over there.
But listen, Jason, regardless, I'll see you in D.C.
We love you.
We appreciate you.
Paul Watson's about to take over.
But it brings tears to my eyes.
Just think about my stupid face with a hat on, making folks feel good.
But that shows you how desperate they are with no solidarity and no support in living hell.
And just that we're aligned with the most evil country the world's ever seen makes me physically sick.
All right.
Look, I know I got loaded phone lines.
I tried to get them all.
I'll try to get to a couple of them here.
Then Paul Watson takes over in about six, seven minutes.
But wow, Jason Jones.
All right.
The War Room's coming up in an hour as well.
Infowars.com and Band.video.
Stay with us.
China signed an agreement in the early 1970s to sterilize over 100 million other people, and they did it in spades.
And now, it is time for Europe and the United States to be sterilized.
And now the mRNA vaccine is coming to seal the agreement for global depopulation.
Crank this song up.
It's time to stop believing the enemy's lies.
It's time to see you've been signed on an agreement that you never agreed to.
All right, let's take a few phone calls.
Maria, you're on the air from the great state of Texas.
Thanks for holding.
You say you are a nurse.
Want to talk about vaccine safety, COVID, martial law.
Thank you.
Thank you for all that you do, Alex.
And we love your products.
Thank you.
I'm a nurse.
I'm also a veteran.
My husband's active duty.
And so we live here in Central Texas.
And I am stoked.
I'm so freaking pissed off with what's happening as far as rolling out these vaccines.
Right now, I know the military is supposed to not have to take it.
It's supposed to be optional.
But I'm telling you, I, after serving in the military and get all the vaccines that I got, I developed epilepsy.
I developed a neuromuscular disorder.
And this is no joke.
No ma'am, ma'am, you just heard the head of the U.S.
Bioweapons Law just settle.
It's true.
I mean, this is a sick eugenics cult.
And again, our military are great.
It's the tiny criminal medical corps that is carrying this out against you.
My husband's a doctor.
And so that's why he knows that right now they're optional.
And believe me, he does not believe in any of this COVID crap.
And he does not want the vaccine.
And I just, we're worried that he may have to get it.
He had to get anthrax before.
The anthrax vaccine.
Which again, for those that don't know, there is no vaccine for anthrax.
They just did it.
Yeah, I don't know what they gave him.
This was, he's close to retirement.
This was a long time ago in the, I think it was the early 2000s?
90 and 2000, yeah.
Here's the deal.
Anthrax can live 10,000 years in the dirt.
You can radiate it.
You can cut it up.
It keeps coming back.
So how do you give someone an immunity to spores that are basically a plant?
It's the same thing with a common cold.
And the reason I know that is I've interviewed tons of medical doctors.
The medical doctors that blew the whistle in Denver the first time and when all their guys were dying, I interviewed those guys.
So that's why I know about it.
This is so freaking disgusting.
As a healthcare provider, as two people that believe in helping people, that last phone call with the woman that was upset, that pissed me off.
What about the mental health of people?
You know, this is just freaking disgusting.
Well, Maria, you're amazing, and you know, they did this to you.
Here's the deal.
They want to spike the cannons after the war.
So they know veterans are hardworking, good people that join for the right reason.
They want to debilitate you to ruin the rest of your life if they've used you.
They're scum.
So I say Bill Gates needs to be taking all the vaccines he's given.
He needs the epilepsy.
He needs the narcolepsy.
And everything you said is on record happening.
So the good news is, did you see the UN's own top vaccine people in December saying vaccines should stop?
That's why they're doing this is they're scared.
Yeah, and I don't know why Trump is moving this Operation Warp Speed forward, because I love Trump, but if he's going to push something that's going to kill people... No, I agree.
It's the final thing for Trump, because here's the deal.
Trump gets back in, we'll all take the shot.
At least I won't, but others will.
Biden gets in, no one will take the shot.
So in a way, you know, Trump, again, wants to get the economy going.
He doesn't know this is not a regular vaccine.
He's not a scientist.
I've talked a lot to Trump.
He's very smart about a lot of things.
When it comes to science, he's like, oh, it's science, it must be great.
Uh, no, dude, it doesn't just mean because it's science, it's great.
We love you, Maria.
All right, Chris, David, Bob, David, Scott, and Scott, we're getting your names, we're getting your numbers, and I promise, if the Herald is the Admiral, tomorrow remind me, we're gonna call them all, get them back on the show.
The great Paul Joseph Watson is about to take over.
The next 55 minutes.
And then we are going to have Owen Schroyer and the War Room.
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Welcome back, everybody, and we are live.
It is the Summit NewsHour with me, Paul Joseph Watson.
And of course, today we had the first person injected with the new, amazing, astounding Coronavirus vaccine in the entire world and it happened in the United Kingdom.
And of course the nurse injecting the elderly person there in the hospital was of Filipino origin.
We've also learned today that a Turkish couple who lived in Germany, a Turkish migrant couple, had a role in developing the vaccine.
So obviously The sensible argument is that now we should just throw open the borders, eliminate all border controls, let the entirety of Africa and the Middle East into the West.
And that makes perfect sense.
That's literally the argument they're now making because Skilled labour migrants and nurses had a role in inoculating the first people in the United Kingdom with this Covid vaccine.
That means that mass untrammeled immigration must be a fantastic thing, right?
Oh, makes perfect sense, doesn't it?
We're going to get into that.
We're also going to get into the fact that the stench of Covid hypocrisy is hanging heavy in the air once again.
Of course, we had Gavin Newsom having a fancy French dinner Literally hours after he told everybody else to stay at home, we had Nancy Pelosi getting her hair dyed in a barber's, not wearing a mask while she was telling everyone else to wear a mask.
We had Dianne Feinstein not wearing a mask in Congress when she was telling everyone else to wear a mask.
We had reporters from ABC News and others lecturing people about not wearing masks in the Rose Garden, having been pictured out on Syncoded Myo in the case of one of them, not wearing masks when everyone else was wearing a mask.
Well, now we have another case of that.
Headline out of RT.
Sky News broadcasters dragged over the calls for flouting COVID-19 rules after spending months scolding others.
Now bear in mind Sky News is without a doubt the most hysterical broadcaster in the United Kingdom when it comes to Covid-19.
Now you would expect the BBC to be the most hysterical but we know the BBC's agenda and they at least have to abide by their impartiality rules to some extent.
Sky News doesn't really have to do that.
They started as a news organisation, as kind of the right-wing hedge against the BBC.
Now they're farther left than the BBC has ever been, basically.
And two, three, in fact, of their presenters have been caught violating these stupid Covid rules.
Having lectured the rest of the population for the past seven months about how they're immoral bad people and how they're killing granny if they don't abide by every ridiculous coronavirus measure.
The article says Sky News presenter Kay Burley, and by the way this is somebody who relentlessly takes the establishment side on every single issue imaginable, particularly Brexit over the past couple of years, So she and a host of her colleagues are being branded hypocrites for flouting COVID-19 restrictions for the anchorwoman's 60th birthday party after spending months chastising others about breaking the rules.
So basically she had Ten of her colleagues, including Beth Rigby, Inzamam Rashid and Sam Washington, including those prominent Sky News presenters, have a birthday bash at the Century Club in Soho, London on Saturday night in violation of the Covid rules.
Because in the United Kingdom, under these Tier 2 restrictions, which is basically lockdown, de facto lockdown, you can only go out if you live with the same person in the same household inside If it's outside, you can meet up to six people, but again, you have to maintain social distancing and all this crap.
She decided to override that completely and hang out with ten people in a club in London on Saturday night, as while the glamorous gathering appeared to break the UK's rule of six, the group tried to get around the coronavirus restrictions by spanning across two separate tables at the swanky restaurant.
Problem is, they later moved on.
To Burley's home to continue the celebration.
So the very thing that they've been lecturing others about, you know, people out gathering on the streets after this 10pm curfew, people going back to each other's homes for house parties.
They all did the exact same thing and I don't really care about that, because that's what I've been doing for the past six months anyway, because I think people should defy these ridiculous clampdowns on their basic liberties and freedoms.
These people have been on national television saying you shouldn't do that, not only telling you not to, but saying you're directly responsible for killing people if you do that.
And lo and behold, what do they do with the first available opportunity?
And bearing in mind, this is the one time when they were caught.
These same people have been probably doing this for the past six to eight months like everyone else.
Meanwhile, as you see in the video here, people literally visiting their elderly parents in nursing homes Through a glass perspex window, trying to point out, in this case, a 73-year-old who visited, I think it was something like a 93-year-old mother, that she looks very ill.
She's having difficulty breathing.
The woman tried to get in there and take her mother.
She tried to literally take her mother out of the care home because she thought she was being mistreated.
She was subsequently arrested.
She went back and these people just shouted at her and wheeled her mother away.
Meanwhile, the people who lecture you about not being able to attend weddings, funerals or visit your own parents or hug your own parents at Christmas are out living it up on the tiles on a Saturday night and then going back home for a massive house party.
Burleigh was absent from a breakfast show Tuesday morning after the Guido Falks website published news of the rule-breaching bash on Monday evening.
Sky said it was disappointed by the incident and that all of the staff are facing a review of their conduct.
And there was a tweet from somebody pointing out the hypocrisy here.
Laura Perrin said, quote, Sky News has been one of the main pushers of COVID hysteria.
Normally, I wouldn't give a toss about what Kay Burley did on her birthday, but if she broke the rule of six, she is a raging hypocrite.
But then, we always knew the rules don't apply to the elite.
And it wasn't just her.
Here's another headline out of Guido Falk's blog.
Sky presenters coming style, 206 miles trip for Burley's birthday party.
Bearing in mind we had literally a news cycle which lasted for almost a month, where they were up in arms about this government advisor Dominic Cummings, who I'm no fan of because he was literally one of the main people in the Conservative Party pushing for these lockdown measures.
Travelling hundreds of miles to visit his family for a family emergency, he was raked over the coals for weeks on end by people like Kay Burley, by people like this individual, but then they all go back for their own massive house party.
Says a Sky News internal investigation causes angst inside the Osterley campus.
A Sky Mall gets in contact with Guido to add fuel to the fire, pointing out that not only did Kay's birthday bash break Tier 2 laws, The broadcaster's North of England correspondent, Inzamam Rashid, had to travel down from his Manchester home to attend.
That is a 206-mile journey, and in the rules it states it has to be an essential trip.
60th birthday party, not really an essential trip, especially as you're travelling 206 miles.
Says Guido's mall suggests management wants to get rid of Inzaman as they feel his presence and breach was particularly egregious.
And the update on this is that...
Sky News host Kay Burley taken off air until next year after she admitted breaching coronavirus restrictions.
The presenter has been removed from the channel after breaching coronavirus guidelines in London.
So she's gone for a few weeks.
Everyone will have forgotten about it by then.
Then she'll be back on the television lecturing you about what your behaviour should be.
Meanwhile, the same people Grandstanding, trying to have the moral righteous high ground on COVID, telling you that you're killing granny if you want to go out and see your friends or family.
What do they do when somebody they don't like catches coronavirus?
They celebrate it with glee, because they're the good people.
They really care about people dying from COVID, apart from if somebody they don't like politically gets it.
In which case, it's fantastic!
Headline sick!
Lefty celebs celebrate Giuliani getting COVID.
Just as they did when President Trump was diagnosed with the coronavirus two months ago.
Leftist celebrities are celebrating the announcement that Rudy Giuliani has the virus.
So they're the good people.
They have the moral high ground.
They get to tell you what to do.
They get to break all the same rules.
And then if anyone they don't like gets COVID, suddenly it becomes a good thing.
Don't go away.
We'll be right back.
Stay right there.
So the same people who have been drilling the fear of God into especially elderly people over this coronavirus again.
Once again caught violating the rules that they demand everyone else follow.
Sky News broadcasters Kay Burley and others going to their non-socially distanced dinner party then going back home for another house party in complete violation of the rules which again they rammed down everyone else's throat and expect everyone else to follow.
And in fact we got a clip of this This is Kay Burley and Beth Rigby, a short compilation of them lecturing other people on what the rules should be and how everyone else should follow them while being caught completely flouting them themselves.
Here is the clip.
Why should we abide by the rules?
Ordinary families have put up with all kinds of restrictions and hardships.
People not even going into hospital when their kids have been having cancer treatment.
Why are you so different?
We don't need to go into all of that detail.
How can you even countenance at the moment staying on and not resigning?
The point you're making is... Everybody at home is screaming at the telly saying, it's one rule for us and it's one rule for them.
And you're falling into that trap.
How could you not even check with your boss?
If we break the law, does that make your position untenable?
One rule for them, another rule for us, and we know what bracket they're in.
The rule breakers who lecture you endlessly, righteously, about what you should do with your lives, while completely ignoring their own advice.
Do as they say, not as they do.
And on the subject of Certain people within a certain privileged tier being able to avoid these rules that everyone else is subject to.
We had this headline on summit.news from a few days ago.
Rich people and journalists made exempt from having to enter Covid quarantine.
So for the past three or four months anyone traveling to basically every major western country in the world, flying out of the UK, when they come back to the UK they have to self-isolate for 14 days.
If they get caught not self-isolating by the NHS, they get a fine and those fines compound over time.
Those rules now don't apply to two privileged classes of people, namely journalists and rich people.
Headline, rich people and journalists made exempt from having to enter Covid quarantine.
Anyone defined as a quote high-value business traveler will be made exempt from having to enter a two-week COVID quarantine when they return to the UK under new rules announced by the government.
This came in on Saturday at 4am.
So they had a certain category of people who don't have to abide by the rules.
They include wealthy sports stars, journalists and high-value business travelers.
So basically, if you're a journalist or if you're rich, you don't have to abide by the same rules that everyone else has to abide by.
Interesting given that of course we know the Covid lockdown has completely crushed small businesses across the West while giant transnational corporations like Amazon and Walmart make record profits.
The people who work for those kind of corporations are completely immune from the rules that the rest of us have to follow.
Now in regard to this vaccine, The big question on many people's lips is how many people in each particular country will submit to this vaccine, will agree to take it.
The polls have been varied across all these different countries.
There's a headline here out of Euronews.
It says, will any countries in Europe make the Covid vaccine compulsory?
It says only around a third of French people have said they would take a coronavirus vaccine, according to a survey conducted in October.
63% of Brits said they would take it followed by 57% of Germans and 55% of Italians.
Meanwhile more than 40% of Spaniards would prefer not to be vaccinated at all with approved drugs.
So you've got in many countries and in France even over half or almost half in other countries of people saying they will not take this vaccine.
Now of course within those polls you have to factor in the fact that As we saw during the presidential election, many people who take part in these surveys tell the pollsters what they want to hear.
They tell them what makes them a good person.
So those numbers for people who say they're going to take the coronavirus vaccine are probably substantially lower than they're actually saying when they answer the question in the poll.
So you've got this difficulty that governments now have of rolling out this vaccine and trying to convince us all that it's absolutely crucial that everybody gets it, that we get a vaccine to solve a virus which we have a 99.5% survival rate in terms of younger people below the age of 40.
They have a big difficulty in convincing people to get this vaccine and they're just not going to do it.
These numbers you will find Collapse to an even greater degree.
I would say they're going to struggle getting over 50% of people in all these major countries to take this vaccine, which is interesting when you look at this headline out of Breitbart.
Fauci, if only 50% get vaccinated, we lack umbrella of immunity over us.
Dr Anthony Fauci stressed that well over a majority of Americans will need to get vaccinated in order to create a proper umbrella of immunity over us.
He said, I'm frustrated that we see polls that suggest a high percent of Americans are not ready to take this vaccine.
49% nationwide.
So almost half, and I would suggest that that's more than half, given this bias that people have with telling pollsters what they want to hear.
Over half of Americans will not take this vaccine.
He points out that this is a bigger problem in the black community, where 57% say they're not ready to take the vaccine.
Fauci says 75% to 80% need to be vaccinated to hit critical mass on the vaccination.
That's a problem if you have 50% saying I'm not taking it.
So Fauci is literally saying if 75 to 80% of Americans do not take this vaccine it's going to be pretty much pointless and the coronavirus is going to be here to stay.
And basically that's what they want.
I'm going to make a prediction Way less people than these health authorities are expecting, or saying publicly at least, will take the vaccine, then we'll have a third wave of coronavirus.
You've seen all this propaganda over a second wave in Europe.
Most of it was down to rapid over-testing and false positive testing.
What's going to happen is they're going to have a third wave of coronavirus and they're going to blame it on the people who didn't take the vaccine.
Yes, it's going to be your fault once again, just as the second wave was the fault of people not following the rules, people out in the streets engaged in anti-lockdown protests.
It was their fault that we had the second wave.
Of course, the Far bigger Black Lives Matter protests.
Apparently they were just magically immune from the coronavirus and they literally trotted out scientists to claim that those super spreader events had no impact on it whatsoever.
But it's your fault.
But participating in the anti-lockdown protest, it's your fault for not wearing the mask, and it's going to be your fault for not taking the vaccine.
And at that point, then they're going to start to move to make it mandatory.
Not from a government level, but from the level of saying, you know, you can't get into a sports venue, you can't travel on an airline, you can't get into a restaurant if you haven't taken the shot.
And the only way they're going to do that is by blaming people who don't take the shot for the third wave.
So they're going to be way less people taking it than they expect, or at least they publicly pronounce.
And then those people are going to be castigated, demonized to an even greater degree than they're already being in the mainstream media.
And that's going to mandate this compulsory vaccination ethos.
Don't go away.
We'll be right back.
Now, finishing up on this vaccine conversation with the rollout of several new vaccines across the Western world, the first person vaccinated with the coronavirus vaccine in the UK today, we have CNN putting out an article and we have this headline up on summit.news.
CNN Don't be alarmed if people start dying after taking the vaccine.
Move along, nothing to see here.
They're getting out in advance of people potentially dying from taking the vaccine and saying it's completely normal.
In an article on the Covid vaccine rollout, CNN says that Americans shouldn't be alarmed if people start dying after taking the vaccine because deaths may occur that won't necessarily have anything to do with the vaccine.
Now, this was put out in an article titled, Why Vaccinate Our Most Frail, in which Dr. Kelly Moore cautions that vaccines don't work as well on the frail and elderly compared to healthy people.
She said, quote, or the report said, quote, when shots begin to go into the arms of residents, Moore said Americans need to understand that deaths may occur that won't necessarily have anything to do with the vaccine.
And Moore herself said, quote, We would not all be surprised to see, coincidentally, just a coincidence, vaccination happening and then having someone pass away a short time after they receive a vaccine.
Not because it has anything to do with the vaccination, but just because that's the place where people at the end of their lives reside.
She then said Americans shouldn't be alarmed to see people dying a day or two after receiving the COVID vaccination.
One of the things we want to make sure people understand is that they should not be unnecessarily alarmed if there are reports once we start vaccinating of someone or multiple people dying within a day or two of their vaccination who are residents of a long-term care facility.
That would be something we would expect as a normal occurrence because people die frequently in nursing homes.
The problem with that is it's the same argument anti-lockdown advocates have been making all along The fact that deaths in care homes are being ascribed to COVID and yet the victims have multiple comorbidities.
So again, this is the argument that we've been making all along.
Why would you ascribe it to COVID when in many cases it's obvious that Covid only brought their death maybe two or three weeks closer.
You have to account for the comorbidities.
But apparently that doesn't apply when they're taking a vaccine.
So if they take the vaccine and then die a couple of days later, it was because they're old, it was because they're in a nursing home, and it was because they had multiple comorbidities.
That was the reason it had nothing to do with the vaccine.
And again, Lockdown sceptics have been making that argument for months and months and months, shouted down for doing so.
Apparently COVID was the prime suspect.
Forget about the comorbidities.
And yet now they're saying the exact same thing about the vaccine.
If people start to die, don't question the vaccine.
It's because they're old and ill.
But just because they're old and ill, that also means that COVID killed them.
Don't question any of the other comorbidities.
Quite the logic flip going on there.
Meanwhile, Zero Hedge reports, FDA says two participants in Pfizer COVID vaccine trial have died.
The FDA expected to grant emergency use approval for the Pfizer COVID vaccine after releasing a preliminary assessment of the trial data.
The agency admitted Tuesday that two participants in the phase three trials have died.
One of them was immunocompromised.
The FDA is expected to release two separate assessments of the trial data.
This comes after they also warned of a severe adverse reaction frequently seen in patients after taking the second dose.
So people, some of them unhealthy, some of them healthy, have already started to die in the trials alone.
Then we have the question of the lockdown itself.
Now, of course, we've just come out of the second national lockdown here in the UK.
They're already talking about a third lockdown.
They're going to give us a few days over Christmas.
So thank you, government.
Thank you.
A few days over Christmas to see our relatives.
But the talk has already begun about a third lockdown after Christmas, basically punishing us for having a few days, a sliver of freedom over the festive period.
Now, headlines says more corona cases in London at the end of lockdown than before it started.
So we have more infections after the one month lockdown than before it was implemented.
So what was the point?
If it doesn't work, why do we keep doing it over and over again?
Health experts tracking the effectiveness of the UK's latest lockdown say there were more COVID cases in London when the lockdown ended compared to when it started.
Their solution?
Well, guess what it is?
It's another lockdown.
England entered a second national lockdown on November 5th.
That was lifted.
Most of the country is still in a de facto lockdown under Tier 3.
London went back into Tier 2 on December 2nd.
However, it appears to have no impact whatsoever.
Less than a week after coming out of lockdown, London may be about to enter another one because of a rise in coronavirus cases.
The capital is now the second worst region in the country, with more than 15,000 people testing positive in the past week.
So this professor responded to this, the fact that the lockdown had no impact whatsoever, and in fact that the infections were worse after it ended, by saying that we need another lockdown.
Professor Paul Hunter at the University of East Anglia said, there were more cases at the end of lockdown than at the start.
What's the solution?
Another lockdown.
And then there'll be more cases after that.
And the solution to that will be a fourth lockdown.
Lockdowns forever and ever and ever.
And then, of course, if enough people don't take the vaccine, well, then that's their fault.
And then we need another lockdown or maybe just a de facto lockdown for the people who haven't taken the vaccine.
And that's the entire point.
If Tier 2, Tier 3 lockdowns mean you can't go to the pub, you can't go to the restaurant, you can't go to the sports game, you can't go to the cinema, you can't see your loved ones, and those people who don't take the vaccine are going to be back under those restrictions anyway, then what is that other than de facto house arrest?
So then they'll probably trot that out.
As I said earlier, they'll probably say, well, we're back in lockdown, And it's your fault for not taking the vaccine or the people who took the vaccine, they'll be out of lockdown.
Meanwhile, your social life, your right to mobility will be completely eviscerated forever until you take the vaccine.
We had Wales, of course, they imposed the 17-day fire break lockdown.
They just named it something differently.
It was still a lockdown.
Now they're saying that Wales needs another lockdown.
What was the point in the first one?
Every single time it fails, every single time we have a new lockdown.
Meanwhile, Sweden still has the lowest death rate in Scandinavia.
They had no significant lockdown, but apparently Sweden doesn't exist.
Rand Paul says no scientific evidence tyrannical lockdowns work.
This was an appearance on Fox News.
He said we ought to at least still use logic to try to figure out how we stop this.
He said, I don't see any evidence that crowd control, hand washing, standing six feet apart, all of these things they tell you to do, closing down the restaurants, closing down the schools.
There's no real evidence that they are changing the trajectory of the disease.
He continued to say, if you look at the incidence of COVID, it's going up exponentially, despite all the mandates.
So those who say there is science behind the restrictions just aren't paying attention to it.
Then we have the enforcement of the lockdown.
In London over the past week, we had it lifted last week on Wednesday, we went back into Tier 2.
So basically then the police were out patrolling the pubs, ordering people to leave pubs and restaurants immediately after they'd finished their meals, because they brought in this ridiculous measure which said that if you're drinking alcohol in pubs, pubs have to serve a quote, substantial meal.
They then had this farce of Ministers basically admitting that a scotch egg did constitute a substantial meal, so everybody was ordering a scotch egg and 10 pints of lager.
So that led to the police literally patrolling pubs and kicking people out of pubs as soon as they finished their meal to prevent them from ordering more drinks.
Now we have UK police using number plate cameras to track down people visiting pubs in neighbouring areas.
So those people who are basically under full Tier 3 lockdown, if they live close to the border of another area, which is under Tier 2 lockdown, where they can go to the pub, to the restaurant and enjoy their scotch egg and 20 pints of lager, those people are being tracked by Number plate tracking cameras and then the police are turning up to go after them.
Completely Orwellian police state and it's only getting worse.
Don't go away.
We'll be right back.
We're back live and now we're going to switch to another topic which is basically BLM.
Another prediction that I made a few months ago came through over the weekend.
Basically we've had privileged overpaid premiership footballers and other footballers Kneeing, taking a knee for Black Lives Matter before every soccer game for the past six months.
They're still doing it.
They're still doing it six months later.
Nobody really knows why.
The prediction I made was that as soon as they let fans back into the stadiums, they would boo the players when they took a knee for Black Lives Matter.
And that's precisely what happened on Saturday at several football grounds around the United Kingdom.
Including West Ham, Colchester and Millwall, where they took a knee and then in the aftermath, particularly Millwall supporters, were completely demonised and harangued by the media.
Said, how dare you!
How dare you disagree with Black Lives Matter!
You must be racist against black people!
Because if you don't support the political organisation Black Lives Matter, that must mean you hate black people, right?
I mean, it has nothing to do with the fact that Black Lives Matter demonstrators In London, on numerous occasions, were caught on camera desecrating war memorials, setting fire to Union Jack flags, viciously attacking police officers and tearing down statues, with the complete advocacy and apologism of the mainstream media, of course.
No, it's nothing to do with that.
That's not why people don't like Black Lives Matter.
They just hate black people.
I mean, it doesn't matter that literally half of football teams now comprise of black people.
It's basically the same as the NBA.
Those supporters go to those games.
They literally pay money that goes to pay the wages of those black players.
They sing their names in the stand.
But no, if you don't support the players taking a knee for Black Lives Matter, that must mean you hate black people.
No, it doesn't.
It means you hate Black Lives Matter, which every sane person, sane thinking person should at this point.
Headline out of BBC Sport, and they were very furious about this, Millwall and QPR players to stand arm in arm to show solidarity before Tuesday's match.
And this is tonight.
This is literally just happened about 30 minutes ago.
Millwall players will not take a knee before Tuesday's Championship fixture against QPR, but will stand arm-in-arm in a show of solidarity for football's fight against discrimination.
What discrimination?
Literally half of the players on the teams now are black.
It's like the NBA.
Black people are over-represented in football, and that's perfectly fine if it's on the merits Of being physically competent in terms of sports like it is with the NBA or American football, that's perfectly fine.
But there's no discrimination in football preventing black people from getting into it, from rising to the top, given that literally half of the teams are now made up of black people and the demographics of the United Kingdom are still something like 85% white.
If the football teams are 50% black and the demographics of the country are 85% white, that suggests that there's not a lot of discrimination.
Not a lot of racism going on if black people are way over-performing when it comes to competitive sports.
But no.
According to the BBC and Gary Lineker and all these other woke, virtue-signalling celebrities, apparently all these fans across the country were just booing them because they hate black people.
Not because they desecrate war memorials, punch police officers in the face, throw objects at them, tear down statues in the streets.
No, it's because they hate black people.
The added irony to this, of course, is that Nike sponsors a lot of these footballers in terms of their boot sponsorship deals and other sponsorship deals.
Nike literally still profits off third world modern slavery.
They'll virtue signal all day long about how much they care about Black Lives Matter while literally using slave labour from Uyghur Muslims in China who are in re-education detention camps.
Oh, but that's a good woke corporation.
We had this headline a few days ago.
Woke corporations who supported BLM Lobby against ban on Chinese slave labor.
So the U.S.
government is basically trying to introduce a law called the Uyghur Force Labor Prevention Act, which bans the import of goods produced in Xinjiang where companies cannot prove they were not made by slave labor.
You'd think that everybody across the board would support that, right?
You don't want your company connected to and profiting from modern slavery.
Amazon, Apple and Nike, they hate it!
They want that pipeline of slave labour to continue.
Oh, but they'll support BLM in the United States.
They'll put out a tweet, but when it comes to actually discriminating against brown people who are literally enslaved in brainwashing camps by the communist Chinese government, Not so concerned.
Not so concerned.
And still sponsoring all these Premier League footballers who bow for BLM.
Meanwhile, the company sponsoring them, in the case of Nike, according to an Australian Strategic Policy Institute study, Found that Apple and Nike were beneficiaries of, quote, abusive labor transfer programs involving Uyghurs.
So they're literally still profiting and refusing to eliminate modern slavery from their supply chains.
But they're woke in the United States.
They're woke in the United Kingdom.
They'll put out a tweet.
In the case of Nike, they'll grandstand in terms of Colin Kaepernick.
They'll support him.
They'll give him tens of millions of dollars.
That makes them a good, woke, Wholesome corporation while they literally make money off slaves who are in detention camps undergoing forced labour in China.
But what is everyone concerned about?
Not concerned about that.
Not concerned about literal slavery.
Concerned about a handful of Millwall supporters booing players for taking a knee.
Not because they hate black people because they hate Black Lives Matter.
The two are very different things.
I mean, you've seen the makeup of it in the United Kingdom.
You saw the London riots when they had these BLM demonstrations.
80% of them were white people anyway.
Meanwhile, Twitter users label football a homophobic for destroying LGBT corner flag during celebration.
This occurred again on the weekend and people were very furious about it.
This is a Leicester City striker called Jamie Vardy Who scored a last-minute winner in a football match.
He celebrated by going into the corner flag, sliding into it and breaking the corner flag.
Problem is, atop this corner flag there was a rainbow LGBT flag.
Because apparently over the past week, all these sports broadcasters in the United Kingdom They've made all their graphics packages, all their little pin-on badges, they've made all the corner flags, they've had the footballers, their shoelaces are all coloured in rainbow LGBT motifs, because they really care about gay people.
I mean, gay people are still being imprisoned and killed in numerous third world countries across the world, but we don't talk about that!
We put little flags on the corner of football pitches, and that makes us good people.
And if you Criticize this footballer for sliding into this flag.
That also makes you a good person because he's apparently homophobic.
Now the truth is that this is a common celebration in football to slide into the corner flag.
He just scored a last-minute winner against a football team called Sheffield United.
He's a Sheffield Wednesday fan.
They're bitter rivals.
So he was particularly excited at scoring the goal.
This particular footballer has a history Of either sliding into corner flags or boxing corner flags to celebrate a goal.
But no, that's not what happened.
He did it because he hates gay people.
And there were literally hundreds of tweets demanding he apologise.
Meanwhile, Diversity Grove, Birmingham street names get woke.
Birmingham City Council invited members of the public to come up with new street names for a regeneration scheme.
And guess what they came up with?
Did they celebrate people in the local area, whether they be black people or brown people or white people, for their achievements, for their success?
No, they came out with glib statements and they're now literally renaming roads Diversity Grove and Equality Road.
Interesting, given that we featured a study out of the University of Copenhagen last year, which found that ethnic diversity It's not a strength, believe it or not.
They asked whether continued mass immigration and corresponding growing ethnic diversity was having a positive impact on community cohesion and they found the opposite to be the case.
So it literally has the opposite effect.
It's literally been proven by peer-reviewed academic studies that no, diversity is not a strength because it causes mistrust and it's related to high crime.
Interesting given that These streets were renamed in an area of Birmingham called Perry Bar.
I looked up Perry Bar on Google News and it turns out that they've been having a lot of problems over the past few months.
With, yes, you guessed it, high crime rates, including over the past summer, where robberies and firearms offences have increased, leading to police being handed Section 60 powers to stop and search people without reasonable grounds.
So in the very area where diversity is proven to not be a strength, they're naming the road Diversity Road.
That's going to wrap it up, Warren.
Coming up next, Summit.News.
Dot News. Bye.
Merry Christmas!
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And we ask God for strength.
And we salute all those who have supported us and are here today.
And we ask for victory in our Lord and Savior's name, Jesus Christ.
Let's do this.
Hey, yo, Seth.
What's good, bro?
Hey, you're the fly in the room Yeah, you know it's me.
He's hating on him cause he started out here locally.
Hopefully, I'll be at the top soon.
For now, I'm at my house on the couch watching cartoons.
You know how much you love it when you get it in abundance.
Give a fuck about a budget when you always be the subject of discussion.
But it's nothing when you stop and just say fuck. Cause you walking out in public and you hear him talking rubbish.
I just want to rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, We gon' take over the world when I'm on my Donald Trump.
Look at all this money, ain't that some?
Take over the world when I'm on my Donald Trump.
Look at all this money, ain't that some?
We gon' take over the world while these haters gettin' mad.
That's why all my p***** die, they see this crazy life I have and they in awe.
We gon' win, you can't take a loser draw.
But I'm here, got these p***** who used to play me in they brawls.
We gon' take over the world while these haters get mad Take over the world while these haters get mad
That's why all my dicks mad, they see this crazy life I had And fuck all this is here to stop the school
And fuck all this is here to stop the school They know me but they never met the kids
They all come with excellence and money Make benevolence irrelevant for the
been intelligent I killed my rape the bottle for the she better bring a pen get a party never
give it up for Alex Jones everybody and right here today in front of the supreme court I
declare that Donald J Trump won re-election in 2020
Rob look at that incredible ♪ All my baddies need is crazy life I have ♪
♪ Hop into the car and then we take 'em to the pad ♪ ♪ It's the best ♪
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We've hit the zeitgeist and I know it's an incredible responsibility.
You look at videos of me two years ago, I look 10 years younger.
People say, you know, Jones you sell your supplements, you look like hell.
I have chosen to take on everything and everything to hurt me.
Because it gives me greater discernment.
It's psychological, it's spiritual, but I can ignore things.
I can cut off pain, but I have chosen the way of pain.
And I have chosen to take all this on.
So my beard's gone gray the last year.
It's why I'm, you know, I'm killing myself, but it's a good mission.
And it wasn't for the supplements and the rest of it.
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