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Name: 20201207_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: Dec. 7, 2020
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Should President Trump declare martial law?
We've seen attorney Lin Wood come out and say he's declaring limited form martial law.
We've seen the former head of Defense Intelligence Agency, General Flynn, recently pardoned by the president, come out and say Trump should declare a type of martial law.
Well, what does martial law really mean?
What is the definition of martial law?
And is that something that needs to be done at this point?
We're about to answer that question definitively from history and jurisprudence and our Constitution and Bill of Rights as well as our Declaration of Independence right now.
My point about martial law is a simple fact.
It's all academic.
The average person calling for martial law is like some magical wand that President Trump can wave.
And President Trump's never called for martial law.
President Trump has been working within the system and the Constitution the entire time.
It's the left that's been working outside the system, calling for the UN to come in and run our elections and the New York Times, calling for electors not to be faithful, calling for denying the election of President Trump if it happened, and setting up their own government and having secession.
Marshall Law is a break with the normal law and the regular system of a country and the imposition of military control during it.
And so if you look at corporate media, if you look at the globalists, the chi-coms,
They have ignored the president and the executive branch and they've set up their own form of government or their own form of martial law.
Here is the standard definition of martial law.
Is the imposition of direct military control of normal civilian functions or suspension of civil law by a government especially in response to a temporary emergency where civil forces are overwhelmed or in an occupied territory.
So when General Flynn talks about martial law, or when Lin Wood, the constitutional lawyer, does, they're actually correct.
That we have a globalist system that has suspended the rule of law, that has taken over local governments, and that has basically occupied our country.
The mainstream media isn't just the enemy of America, it's the occupier.
It's the brainwasher.
It's the controller that says, oh, Trump
Can't declare himself the victor until Congress has, and until the electors are signed up December 15th.
But did Biden?
Back in early November declares himself the winner.
Remember all of that?
So they have falsely come in and created their own hysteria, their own danger, their own breakdown of the normal constitutional system.
And by controlling the blue states and the blue cities and the corporate media in Hollywood, as well as the shy comms in the EU, they have imposed this false template to override our due process and our regular system.
And so that's why General Flynn, and that's why Attorney Lynn Wood, and that's why Powell and others have come out and said, we need to have martial law.
But martial law is too simple a term.
It's too narrow.
We need a new Declaration of Independence against the globalists.
We need an announcement of the Chi-Com threat and how corporate media worked with them and the fraud.
We need a declaration laying out all the crimes they've openly committed, as our forebearers have done before in the past.
Technically, you could say the Magna Carta in 1215 was martial law.
Now, why do I raise that point?
Because so many patriots knew that Obama and knew that Clinton and George Bush Jr.
and others before him were planning a U.N.
instituted martial law.
They were canvassing the military.
They were asking the military, would they be part of martial law?
So we all got ready to fight martial law.
We all got ready to fight a foreign globalist takeover.
So now when people on our side, when we're under globalist attack, when rule of law has been suspended, when the election has been stolen, hear about terms like suspension of the current system and Trump coming in with executive power to restore the Republic, just like the Declaration of Independence, they think, whoa, that's permanent martial law.
No, when George Washington and the founders on July 4th, 1776 declared independence against the crown,
It was their own form of martial law overriding King George III and colonial rule.
So let's look at the Magna Carta, whereby force of arms
Our ancestors, my ancestors, declared that we were militarily saying no to their tyranny to set up a system of due process and a system of justice against the tyranny.
So you see, a martial law can be used to set up a new system of freedom for the people.
Magna Carta!
Or the Great Charter of Freedom, commonly known as Magna Carta.
Also Magna Carta, Great Charter, is a royal charter of rights agreed to by King John of England at Runnymede near Windsor on the 15th of June, 2015.
First drafted by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Stephen Langton, to make peace between the unpopular Canadian group of rebel barons.
It promised the protection of the church rights, protection from the barons, from illegal imprisonment, rights to swift justice, and limitations on feudal payments to the crown.
So it was martial law, military rule in 1215, saying no to the absolute military rule of a king,
That then led to freedom.
I'm not endorsing the concept of martial law as the fount or the progenitor of freedom.
I'm simply pointing out that it is a label and a name of any new revolutionary challenging system to a current form of dictatorial control.
And that in most cases, it has negative connotations that I oppose, but in some cases of the Magna Carta 1215 or George Washington, 1776, it has very, very positive connotations that historians don't want you to look at.
The United States Declaration of Independence is a declaration of war against centralized power, against King George III, against empire, a declaration of war about nobles and cliques and insider groups controlling populations.
It is a declaration of human individual freedom as with the model of the world around.
But it's been the model of the entire world since 250 years ago, it was signed.
But some would tell you it was martial law.
But here's the main body of what I'm saying.
Here's the central point.
The communist Chinese, the globalists, the big mega banks that are conquering the United States right now through fraud.
Want corporate martial law to override our Bill of Rights, our Constitution, our private property, our independence.
And I want the courts, and I want Congress, and I want the legislatures to legally and lawfully, through our Constitution, that is a strong bulwark, to reject what they've done.
And I don't believe that some nebulous, deep state, martial law is the answer to that tyranny.
But if the local governments
The state governments and Congress and the courts will not stand up against a hostile foreign takeover.
That it's up to the President to announce a new Declaration of Independence and a new Constitutional Federation to defend our Bill of Rights and Constitution against the outside corporate takeover that's taking place.
We need that declaration that the system is broken and that the system is illegitimate, that the system has failed.
We need the leadership of the president.
And I don't call that martial law.
I call that a declaration of independence in the year 2020 against the globalists and against the new world order that will rally the people to a set, defined system that we stand for that binds us together.
And that is our Bill of Rights, our Constitution, July 4th, 1776.
A re-upload of what has been under attack.
A new declaration of what we stand for and who we are.
That is not martial law.
That is we, the people, through our president, declaring that the other institutions have been overrun by globalists and traitors, and that it will be a military action by the president and by we, the people, just as happened with George Washington 250 years ago in that great six-year struggle, to remove that threat that is seeking to dominate and control us.
Don't take the word martial, meaning military, in connection to martial law.
This is the martial exercise of the will of we the people, of the militia, and of humanity, against the chi-com globalist takeover.
It is not just our right, it is our duty under Magna Carta, and under the Bill of Rights, and under the Declaration of Independence, and under the Constitution, to resist this and to overthrow it.
Again, our right, our duty.
So do not confuse martial law with the will of the people and a new declaration of independence and the president admitting the crisis we're in, leveling with the people and telling the people it is now time with governors and states and legislatures and our allies, which far outnumber the globalists and their pimps, to declare them the foreign enemy they are and to declare the United States a republic standing against their globalist system and declaring their globalist system dead.
That is the true sense of what we're saying.
That will be called by the media martial law when you don't submit.
But it's not martial law.
It is common law.
It is the people's law.
And it is the future.
And it's where we are now.
To be free or to be slaves forever to the UN and the globalist post-human future.
I'm Alex Jones and this is the InfoWar.
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