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Air Date: Dec. 7, 2020
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Alex Jones discusses ongoing battles for truth and justice, including recent developments in US elections, COVID-19 vaccines, globalist agendas, and censorship of free speech. He encourages listeners to spread awareness and fight against these malicious intentions to protect their rights and freedom. Additionally, he promotes shopping at InfoWarsStore.com with a 10% discount and free shipping to fund the fight against the globalist propaganda machine. In a monologue, Jones discusses COVID-19's impact on small businesses, its use as a tool for control by globalist elites, and their plans for global governance under UN control. He warns about a pincer attack that will use race war to divide people while shutting down the economy and controlling information flow through censorship. Jones mentions InfoWars' role in fighting for human liberty and freedom, urges listeners to support the platform, and promotes discounts at his online store. He discusses Trump administration policies, the threat of a worldwide depression, Joel Olsteen's message, and the need to stay prepared with high-quality food and supplements during uncertain times. Gerald Celente discusses electoral fraud, the Great Reset conspiracy theory, and the impact of COVID-19 on small businesses. The host encourages listeners to support InfoWars and spread truth to defeat globalists who seek to silence them."


I said, how are we doing on that front?
You know, because we didn't get great publicity.
Boy, they were so happy, these guys.
You might not be happy in a few weeks, you know?
You might not.
No, they were so happy.
So what is he talking about?
Well, I'm not someone that wants to produce false hope.
I'm not someone telling you that Hillary and all of them are secretly in Gitmo and everything's okay.
But we have President Trump winning in a landslide victory, getting double, triple, or even more points of victory in those swing states than he got four years ago.
Most of those states he won by half a point or a point.
He was winning some of those at six points, five points, four points, three points when they closed those polls.
And he won other states like Texas and others by even bigger margins than he did last time despite the massive, incredible fraud.
But as soon as those polls close, you know what happened.
Now, that's anecdotal.
Then you've got Dominion and you've got the Chinese software and you've got all the corruption.
That's strong.
But then you've got all the eyewitnesses and the thousands of affidavits saying the same scams in all these states.
That is powerful.
That's stuff that's admissible in court.
Then you get what you got in Georgia and Michigan and Pennsylvania.
And now Nevada and Arizona.
I'm getting chills again.
And I mean, it's, we're closing as the water main break at 1 a.m.
Everybody out.
They pull the suitcases out, look around, start cramming them as fast, working three times faster, for hours, and all of a sudden there's a giant spike and Biden wins.
It happened in a bunch of counties.
And now we're getting footage of multiple counties, not just Atlanta.
And then, the guy running it's the one that said the water main broke, and it turns out he's a top Democrat operative.
It's the same spike.
It's the same thing in every one of the states.
My God, they almost did it at the same time.
But when they weren't able to get it stuffed that night, they kept the polls open.
They kept the counting going for another four or five days until they declared him the winner on Saturday.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
The Chinese virus takedown of America doesn't appear to be slowing down.
Quite the contrary.
Nearly 200,000 small businesses have closed, 60% of them permanently.
Yelp is publishing some worrying data here that shows a 23% increase since mid-July in the number of businesses on Yelp that have permanently closed.
According to the company, permanent closures are reaching 97,966 plus 98,000 here, representing about 60% of closed businesses that won't be reopening.
City Sheriff's deputies came to the bar performing surveillance after they received reports that Mac's Public House was reopening after it was ordered closed.
Now, a deputy tried to arrest Presti right here at the scene.
It was at that moment where the deputy was clipped by his car, forced to cling to the hood.
Presti was apprehended about 100 yards down the street and was taken to the 122 precinct here on Staten Island.
But earlier in the night, he spoke with us about why he's remaining open.
You know, this isn't this, you know, say it's an act of defiance and we're just going rogue.
This is to bring awareness and say, uh, we're, we're struggling and a lot of people in all these businesses, we've lost a lot.
Are we open today?
I believe you have already been given a warning about being open, not being open.
This is an order from the mayor or from the governor, sue the mayor.
That he is considered non-essential and should not be open.
Followed up with the mayor.
If we keep coming back and we see him open, he's going to get another ticket.
And also, he runs the risk of getting his business license revoked by the city.
And he won't be able to open at all.
It's criminal?
Yes, it's class 3 misdemeanor.
I don't know, I don't make the laws.
Now the globalists are chomping at the bit to stick the needle in, boosting profits in the interest of their big pharma cohorts.
As soon as she walked out, I thought, oh she's sick, but like sick in a good way.
Do you mind putting your mask back on?
Do you mind putting your mask back on?
Several companies race to get a vaccine approved, but early trials show you may need to prepare for side effects.
Liza Lucas joins us from the bridge, and Liza, these side effects are expected to be mild, but could really impact your daily life.
Yes, it depends on how you react and how you take that feeling of feeling crummy, because that is what the early data is suggesting, that several of these vaccines may make you feel crummy for a couple of days, and then you gotta go and get that second dose.
But if the frontline workers experience adverse side effects or worse, the only possible solution would be a full-blown takeover by the United Nations World Health Organization oversight of the CDC-guided federal government that is already toying with COVID camps.
As the CDC website explains, the shielding approach aims to reduce the number of severe COVID-19 cases by limiting contact
between individuals at higher risk of developing severe disease and the general population.
High-risk individuals would be temporarily relocated to safe or green zones established at the household, neighborhood, camp sector or community level.
They would have minimal contact with family members and other low-risk residents.
Older population groups make up a small percentage of the total population.
For this reason, the shielding approach suggests physically separating high-risk individuals from the general population to prioritize the use of the limited available resources and avoid implementing long-term containment measures among the general population.
Meanwhile, we face a vaccine rollout as autism cases rise exponentially every year.
As Psychology Today reported, at the start of the millennium, the rate of ASD reported by the U.S.
Centers for Disease Control, starting in 2004, there has been an increase announced every two years.
One in 125 in 2004, one in 110 in 2006, one in 88 in 2008, one in 68 in 2010 and 2012.
One in 59 in 2014.
In 2020, the rate stands now at one in 54, with boys four times more likely to succumb to autism.
The pain and suffering and sheer damage of the COVID vaccinations could turn out to be the greatest federal government failure in human history.
But this, of course, is how the globalists kill us all off.
Well, President Trump said he made his most important speech of his presidency last week, and I agree with him.
But subsequent speeches are going to be even more important as he decides to fight the gaslighting, the media fraud, the scam that the system has put in place, telling us that Joe Biden is the president and that we can't challenge that.
Though Joe Biden said that he was going to be challenging the election because he believed he was going to lose and he was going to wait until it got certified by the electors.
And that even then he would try to stop the inauguration of Trump on the 20th.
And Matthew McConaughey has come out, we'll play the clip later in the hour, on Russell Brand's podcast and said, you know, that's really hypocritical for them to act like it's crazy that the Trump people are challenging this.
That's all the Democrats did four years ago and for the next three years saying he was a Russian agent.
And then it's so incredibly condescending.
They think we have no memory.
Plus, they said Trump was a Russian agent and there was Russian collusion.
None of that was ever found.
But in the case of fraud in this election and Chinese connections, you can't swing a stick in the dark and not hit corruption and Chai Com involvement.
Now, let me just up front tell you what we're covering.
It'll take this segment to tell you what's coming up, and I'm getting chills right now.
Because this is the most important broadcast I've ever done, and tomorrow will be even more important, and then the next, even more important, because the quickening, wow, wow, that's super chill.
The quickening is here.
We are at an incredible point in history, and revelation, and all of that unfolding, I believe, is only a decade or so away, but this is the beast system, the world government,
Preparing us with calamities to come to accepting this evil world government anti-human system, which you don't have to read out of the Bible.
You can see it in the news and what they're pushing against us.
So, let me give you the ultra-massive news that I will detail in the next segment.
This will be the first news we hit, but just let me give you the headlines now.
Alito moves up deadline for Supreme Court briefing in Pennsylvania case, bringing within safe harbor window to intervene.
Remember three weeks ago?
They moved Supreme Court justices around to put the conservative ones over the five battleground states.
So they would immediately be able to swoop in and accelerate Trump's appeals.
Wouldn't do that if they hadn't seen evidence of fraud.
Wouldn't do that if they weren't planning to say, no Biden, you're not the president.
Did it again.
Did it again.
Did it again.
Did it again.
Now you talk about edging my seat.
Sorry, I've been preparing for a day for this broadcast.
Every one of these articles I've either looked at or read the whole damn thing.
I mean, how can you wait until I get to what I've got in the COVID stack?
It's all just isn't crazy.
They admit it sterilizes women.
In the damn medical reports!
And they admit it doesn't even protect you!
I've got all that, right here, in the sky.
So let me go through these headlines for you right now.
Alito moves up deadline for Supreme Court briefing in Pennsylvania case, bringing within safe harbor, window to intervene.
But wait, it's even crazier.
Pelosi for the first time since the mid-1980s,
The Democrats have filed an emergency injunction announcing they plan, under civil rights, to overturn the 15 Republican wins in the House that bring them within two or three seats of getting the House.
So they're saying that their election that isn't even certified as legitimate,
But they're going after House races Republicans won and saying they're going to reverse them.
And again, this is barely even making the news.
Pelosi wants her House election losses overturned by the Perkins Coie in New York, Iowa, and other areas.
I mean, folks.
They get Biden in, they're going to pack the court.
They are in an insane asylum move right now.
I mean, this is just bum rush, zombie attack.
It's insane.
Now, sorry, I'm already kind of getting to it, but let me just show you.
Aleto moves up deadline for Supreme Court briefing in Pennsylvania case bringing within safe harbor window to intervene.
Dershowitz says Supreme Court may rule to let legislators pick alternate electors.
Yep, that's where it's going.
Told you that on the day before the election.
I said, that's where it's going.
May resign before the year end.
That's good news.
Let's get somebody in there hardcore.
We need a war conciliary.
Breaking huge major national security issues identified related to China's connection to Dominion voting machines where special software was brought in by Dominion attached to it illegally from China.
I won't be able to be interviewed.
I need an attorney.
George's Ruby Friedman.
Lawyer's up.
And it turns out they found out who was in command and who told the news that it was a water main that broke.
Ralph Jones.
Ralph Jones was the field marshal.
This is bigger than me.
George's Ruby Friedman.
Lawyer's up.
Cancels interview.
Bigger than me.
We caught them!
Criminal conspiracy revealed.
Third suspect in Georgia's suitcase scandal is also the same man who spread the lies that the water main broke in the State Farm Center, says GatewayPundit.com.
Think about this, ladies and gentlemen.
Think about this long and hard.
You have them saying it's closed, the counting stopped.
They kick everyone out.
Then they all run in there like busy beavers, like
Chickens with their heads cut off, cramming these special suitcase ballots in.
It all spikes on that exact hour up for Biden.
Triple whatever else had been in there that day, or more than triple, just insane.
And then it's the dude doing it who said the water main broke when it didn't.
And it turns out, I'm sorry, I hadn't told you that yet.
Oh, oh, I will tell you all next segment.
Turns out he's the head of the Democratic Party and a whole sector and is the main spokesperson for one of the Democrat Senate candidates, Warnock.
And of course, Stacey Abrams.
Might as well just have Hillary Clinton in there saying the water main broke.
I mean, we have them so damn open and shut.
Oh, but the FBI won't do a thing.
Because the globalists packed it.
They've been packing it since Bush Senior.
And Trump never got control of it.
And now the Democrats can do anything.
Or at least they think.
This is a whole lot of dirt getting ready to come out on all these people.
Third suspect from State Farm Center suitcase scandal identified as Ralph Jones Sr.
Top Democrat.
WikiLeaks email reveals Dominion's ties to John Podesta, Hillary Clinton campaign.
Agents raid home in Maricopa County in voter data theft investigation.
Confiscate 8 hard drives, 13 computers, and a bag of USB sticks.
Oh, Gateway Pundit.
So at least we got some local governments doing something.
Yeah, folks, move against the globalists.
Domino's, Wisconsin is next state to announce public hearings.
Their election following P-A-A-Z-M-I-N-G-A.
X-ray identifies 200,000 votes hijacked from Trump to Biden in Georgia at the precinct level.
Deep state threat.
Governor Kemp's daughter's boyfriend killed in fiery explosion wreck last night.
Trump reportedly mulling skipping Biden inauguration to stage grand finale exit opposition rally.
That should not happen.
Georgia dims off-off Warnock campaign with anti-Semite compared Jews to termites.
DOJ notified of Pakistani link to Nevada's election email system.
Oh, but it gets more delicious.
George Soros appoints chair of Smartmatic parent company to lead Open Society Foundations.
And they've been heavily involved in scams and fraud.
And, of course, they're heavily involved with Dominion, Soros is.
But, oh, CNN fact-checked it and said that Hitler has nothing to do with the Nazis either.
And that foxes don't have red fur.
And it continues, ladies and gentlemen.
Oh, I haven't even scratched the surface of it all.
But Pelosi says the elections in the House were illegitimate, and they're going to use a bizarre law where they can overturn elections and give it to Democrats.
Oh, but Trump, with all the red-handed evidence, oh, it's preposterous, it's insane, it's crazy.
Folks, Trump has a good chance of beating these monsters, but it's up to us.
It is Monday, December 7th.
The year is 2020.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
Very honored and thankful to be here with you today.
I just want to remind you we're in an information war.
The enemy, the multinational corporations allied with the CHICOMS, are working around the clock to try to suppress information in our communications so they can gaslight us and steal our entire future.
If they're able to hustle their Soros-Chicom robot into the White House, they are going to never take their boot off of our neck again, and we will have to go down the road of secession and some type of political, cultural, non-compliance, mass civil disobedience.
They will then get violent, and we will go into a physical civil war, which is the last thing I want, and which I have worked tirelessly against.
Because I understand the false flags and stuff they're going to pull and that the public's very weak-minded these days and it's going to be beyond a you-know-what show.
It begins with S, H, and dash, T. So, we're here.
But let me give you the really good news, then I'll get into the bad news next segment.
And what we're facing and the fact that it's all official now, the lockdown is never going to end.
And once they've got the resources taken away from you, they're going to make you take all their vaccines and send your children for transgender and anti-white, anti-American training.
It's all being announced.
That's why they want you on welfare, that's why they want control of you, so you can be a disadvantaged group they're gonna take care of like they do the black people.
They take real good care of them, let me tell you.
And that's who gets the vaccine first, is Africans.
Oh, in Africa and in America!
Oh, Bill Gates loves you!
And then we have all the proof here that the mRNA vaccine, sure as hell, we knew it would happen, top scientists have come out, head of the European Union's own medical commission, Wolfgang Wudarg, the top doctor, and guess what he said?
Guess what he said?
Oh, it just so happens that it looks like it attacks the placenta.
That's right, it makes your cells produce a protein to have an autoimmune response, and oh, guess what it hits?
It hits the placenta.
That's where, when the egg and the sperm meet, and they start replicating at a certain point, it becomes a zygote.
And then the zygote goes down into the lining of the uterus, that it looks like blood, but under a microscope it's not.
It's basically fertilizer, a woman produces, for the baby to have nutrients, to get enough nutrient off of that first level, that first meal of those cells it's able to absorb, to then
Start programming the wall of the uterus to send in blood vessels.
And then once the little sweetie cake attaches itself in there, the left is called a parasite.
They call themselves a parasite.
I guess in a way they are, but not the baby.
They're projecting themselves onto the child.
And then it begins to get the nutrients.
But sorry, baby attaches.
And then proteins are attacked by the antibodies and babies cut off like an astronaut with an air hose out in space.
You're just like, clip!
Bye-bye, 2001 Space Odyssey!
Let's show 2001 Space Odyssey the astronaut being killed.
Let's show how 9000 goes.
Oh, you don't need that, do you?
Oh, liberal!
So, and it's like, oh, it's for black people.
Oh, oh, I'm sorry.
I already said I'd get to that next segment, didn't I?
Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy.
Well, Jones, you're a hypocrite.
You don't want open borders with Africa and, you know, there aren't a lot of Africans.
Uh, yeah.
Doesn't mean I want to kill them all.
I want to build up their countries and industrialize it and treat them like I want to be treated because that's how God works.
And if you start treating people like trash, it comes back on you.
And I care about those people.
Not because I'm a bleeding heart, because I have a connection to God.
Let me just say this, let's do it this way.
I'm gonna start over now, and when we come back, a little distracted with the mass sterilization program that's just lovingly rolled out.
Oh, but don't worry, white people will get your sterilization too.
And like Bill Gates said, it might take five shots for the protein to work, but you're gonna be sterile.
Oh, guess what?
They have a lot of different vaccines they give other animals to make them sterile, and it's the same program.
It's a virus that programs the cells to then either attack or produce a protein.
And we'll be going over all the medical literature for you, coming up last segment of the shower.
You know, you might want to know what it's really meant to do.
And I've got all of you in admissions.
See this?
I actually read this.
I actually, in the last week, went over all this.
I actually read the medical papers.
I spent 15 hours this weekend reading over 20 medical papers.
At home and in that office right over there.
So when I tell you this stuff, I've called up medical doctors and genetic engineers and scientists to ask them what the hell all this is.
And they said, no Jones, you've got, that's what it is.
That's exactly what it is.
So, but it's not like I've come to these conclusions.
We have the head of the European Union Advisory Medical Commission saying this.
Saying this is Nuremberg, Nazi level stuff, boys.
What the hell are you up to?
Oh, but be a hero, wear your COVID mask.
That's right.
Well, this is a shorter segment, longer segment coming up.
I'm going to come back and I'm going to get into the big Supreme Court and election news and tell you what's going down and how we can defeat these guys.
But here's what's going to happen.
If he doesn't get a good Attorney General in, and if we don't start arresting these Chai Com Globalists for their espionage, their takeover,
They believe through corporate fraud and agreements and treaties that they own this country and that they own you.
And they're not going to stop.
So even if Trump gets past this fraud, there'll be another one and another one because they never get in trouble for what they're doing.
And it ties into the UN and the mRNA vaccine, all the rest of this.
These people say we need to depopulate.
They run Ewing commissions on depopulations.
Those commissions put out reports calling for vaccines that target the placenta.
And then they produce it and say it's for COVID-19.
And they say they're coming to try to make you take it.
The people doing this are real life Hitlers in the flesh, okay?
I mean, the real deal.
Not some dude in a sheet, you know, out on a farm somewhere, you know, who hates black people because once he went into the town and got beat up by racist black people.
I mean, let's just get down to what that is.
These are real dudes that are coming after everybody.
All right, I'm going to come back and get into the election stuff for you.
And I'm going to break it all down on the other side.
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We'll be right back.
All right, folks.
Again, this country is fighting for its life.
This entire world is fighting for its life.
We have a very greedy, hateful group of technocrat predators who are establishing a world corporate government.
It's now out in the open.
They're announcing world government, world IDs, world travel passports, world medical passports, official brainwashing of your children.
YouTube is announcing they're going to suppress all white people's videos and communications because whites are essentially bad.
And of course, it's the same big tech running death camps in China.
They're just using that to turn us against each other while they engage in an attack on humanity in general.
This is all divide and conquer.
We're going to be breaking it all down here today.
Life and death information that we can and must override.
We can and must defeat and we must bring the globalist.
To justice.
Now, let's go ahead and play a clip, and coming up next hour, I've got some more of these clips, of President Trump in Georgia in an extremely powerful speech this weekend, where he laid out that, hey, I could go play golf.
I could go enjoy myself.
I'm 74, 75 years old.
He goes, you know, I like to hang out with my family.
I like to have a good time.
But he said, they stole this election, and I'm not going to let them steal it.
And in a couple weeks, the media is not going to be too happy about what is about to happen.
Here's part of what he had to say.
You see the money these people have raised?
I mean, it's really, it's very... Well, of course, I just raised $250 million, I should say.
I didn't raise it, it just...
I said, how are we doing on that front?
You know, because we didn't get great publicity.
Boy, they were so happy, these guys.
You might not be happy in a few weeks, you know?
You might not.
No, they were so happy.
So what is he talking about?
Well, I'm not someone that wants to produce false hope.
I'm not someone telling you that Hillary and all of them are secretly in Gitmo and everything's okay.
But we have President Trump winning in a landslide victory, getting double, triple, or even more points of victory in those swing states than he got four years ago.
Most of those states he won by half a point or a point.
He was winning some of those at six points, five points, four points, three points when they closed those polls.
And he won other states like Texas and others by even bigger margins than he did last time despite the massive, incredible fraud.
As soon as those polls close, you know what happened.
Now, that's anecdotal.
Then you've got Dominion and you've got the Chinese software and you've got all the corruption.
That's strong.
But then you've got all the eyewitnesses and the thousands of affidavits seeing the same scams in all these states.
That is powerful.
That's stuff that's admissible in court.
Then you get what you got in Georgia and Michigan and Pennsylvania.
And now Nevada and Arizona.
I'm getting chills again.
And I mean, it's, we're closing the water main break at 1am.
Everybody out.
They pull the suitcases out, look around, start cramming them as fast, working three times faster, for hours, and all of a sudden there's a giant spike and Biden wins.
It happened in a bunch of counties.
And now we're getting footage of multiple counties, not just Atlanta.
And then, the guy running it's the one that said the water main broke, and it turns out he's a top Democrat operative.
It's the same spike.
It's the same thing in every one of the states.
My God, they almost did it at the same time.
But when they weren't able to get it stuffed that night, they kept the polls open.
They kept the counting going for another four or five days, so they declared him the winner on Saturday.
Who declared him the winner?
Not the Congress, not the electors, not the states, not the voters, but the MSM.
And remember Chris Matthews.
Chris Wallace, excuse me, and another show on Fox, the first debate with Trump and Biden.
He's like, will you agree, Mr. President, to not declare yourself the victor until the Electoral College has voted and you are the president-elect?
And he said, well, no, I won't do that.
They say they're going to contest it no matter what.
If I see fraud, I'm going to talk about it.
And Joe Biden goes, I will.
I won't say it until the Electoral College on January 6.
I mean, we've got the damn tape.
And he did a bunch of interviews saying, that's outrageous.
I'll wait till it's certified by the Electoral College.
Now they hope you just forget all that.
And go, he is the president-elect, and then Chris Wallace.
Has Trump administration officials on his Sunday show with no viewers on Fox to look at them?
I'm not going to bore you with this condescending voice.
Would you like to hear it?
We can play the clip.
He's like, you listen here.
He's not Vice President Biden.
He is the president.
Say he's the president, the president elect.
Say it!
And the Trump secretaries that were on there were like, nope, not going to do it.
I mean, the level of fraud there, the level of chicanery.
Mr. President, will you promise that you will not declare yourself the victor until the Electoral College is voted?
No, I won't, because you guys are engaging in a bunch of fraud.
So let me get into the good news here.
I already mentioned this, but it's big.
And I don't think the Supreme Court would just toy with the President like this.
No, they've got major evidence.
And they've got all the evidence of fraud coming out, and all these witnesses, and the video of it, and it's not just in Georgia.
But you have them kicking all the poll watchers out and putting up brown paper boxes so you can't look in?
Imagine if you took your kids to a daycare, and they said, you can't come back here and look at the daycare, or see what food we feed them, or look what's happening.
Don't try to look through the window.
We're putting cardboard up.
You'd call the police.
You'd say something's going on in there.
They're hiding it.
They got brown cardboard up.
But oh, when it's your voting, it's a good thing.
Oh, you want to look at what we're doing in Georgia, and Michigan, and Pennsylvania?
Oh, you can't do that.
Oh, and they just caught him in Wisconsin illegally.
She ordered him a few days after their Secretary of State to erase all the computers and all the thumb drives and all the evidence.
Because they couldn't get rid of that evidence fast enough, baby.
And all that, bare minimum, the Supreme Court could rule that
This election was fraudulent, and here's where it was all violated.
You can't make law via agreements with Democrat Party lawyers.
Governors can't make law.
It's the legislatures.
And the Supreme Court can rule it unconstitutional and order a new election.
Now that's what the Democrats were always shooting for.
Bare minimum, they wanted to have their own inauguration, say that they didn't accept Trump.
They said they were going to do that, remember?
John Podesta, New York Times.
But they stole it, declared that they'd want it, in a PSYOP, in a confidence game.
So what is Alan Dershowitz?
Say what you want about him, he's a top lawyer, smart guy.
What is he saying about Alito and the fact that he's come in and accelerated this appeal so that it's within the deadlines?
They're shepherding the appeal up to the Supreme Court because the evidence is unbelievable.
And then they're like, you know, remember just a few weeks ago,
Carlson's like, we need to see the evidence.
Don't just say you have it.
Show it to us, pal.
And Powell's like, we're suing to try to get the damn hard drives.
But we can look at the Secretary of State numbers in these states and see that 100% votes come in in the middle of the night when something's shut down and you can see the statistics.
We have statisticians say that's impossible.
And then you have these Dominion servers decertified in other states.
And then Carlson's finally like, oh, I get it now.
OK, there is massive election fraud.
So good for him.
But that's how this is working.
And so it's our job to not concede.
And let me say this, and I hope you got your ears open.
You gotta get to D.C.
this Saturday and this Sunday.
I'm gonna be there.
Big marches, big events all over.
I'm gonna be at all the big marches, all the big events.
I'll see you there.
This is more important than what happened three weeks ago.
You've got to have massive numbers.
It's gotta be even bigger.
And tell everyone you know to get there.
Trump has not lost.
We are turning the tide.
This is a psy-op they're running.
This is a confidence game.
We gotta call their bluff.
The Emperor's New Clothes.
Operation Toto.
I talk a lot about the Stockholm Syndrome.
It's something that's always happened in humans, particularly women.
Of course, back in the 60s, there were cases where people were kidnapped and held by their captors, and after being held for a few months, they would become defenders of their kidnappers, servants of their kidnappers, worshippers of their kidnappers.
The Milgram Experiment found the same thing.
The Stanford Research Institute studies found the same thing.
Where US universities were able to get over 90% of their graduate students to murder people in order to buy a professor.
That's an oversimplification.
It's actually worse than that.
I'm going to say that again.
In the 60s, the psychology departments were able to get people, in one of the studies, they believed they were actually murdering people, and they would murder people with electrocution in order to do so by their supervisor.
Now, only very immoral, sick, evil people would use psychology like this.
But that's what they're doing with the mask, that's what they're doing with the lockdowns, that's what they're doing with all of this stuff, is getting the general public that are followers to believe that they're saving the earth and believe that they have to do horrible things to do it.
They are whipping up the mob, the crowd, which is extremely dangerous and will behave like psychotic piranhas if whipped into
A Maoist-type force.
So, what the 1960s psychology got wrong about the human capacity for evil?
Look at Antifa, beating men, women, and children, attacking old ladies, firebombing people, and then going, you're Nazis, when they work for a famous Nazi collaborator.
And they don't care about Apple with slave camps in China.
They don't care about real atrocity.
They are just low-level evil followers who want power.
And they've been told by the establishment, you can do it now.
This is all a revolution of evil against good people because we've taken so much of it.
It's going to the next level.
So what I'm gonna do is, I'm a little behind, I'll get into the huge COVID news, the forced sterilization news, the incredible confirmations, this could not be more bombshell, more earth shattering, more dangerous.
And that's why they thought they'd have everybody off the air by the time they rolled this out.
Why they thought they'd have their AI sensor systems to control everything.
And I actually, two plus years ago, predicted COVID, and I actually laid out the full 11 minute video
See what Alex Jones predicted COVID-19 in 2018.
I'm paraphrasing the headline.
We can probably pull it up.
I lay out the full video on June 17, 2018.
How they were putting in censorship kill switches that would take over news feeds if you questioned during the outbreak of Disease X, and how that would be used to bring in world government and censorship.
How did I call it exactly as it happened?
Because I was reading Disease X drill.
I was reading Lockstep.
I was reading the British Ministry of Report 2007.
I was reading the UN's admissions.
I'm reading them on air!
I'm showing them to you!
See, that's the thing.
You tune in here, you're not getting some dude's opinion that he regurgitates from somebody else's opinion.
This is original research.
No one does this stuff except the enemy.
And they call you dumb animals and say, Jones, they'll never listen to you, they're animals.
I don't think you're animals.
But regardless, I metaphysically have a responsibility to warn you and your family.
Because it gets really bad.
They're not just gonna kill and sterilize the Africans, which is bad enough and I'm against that.
They have a plan for a fully post-human world and they've now publicly unveiled
That, no, we're getting rid of everybody.
First, it was 50%, 80%, 95%.
I showed you all those quotes last week, where you can find them.
Prince Philip wrote books about it.
Ted Turner wrote books about it.
Prince Charles wrote books about it.
They're all saying this is the great reset to teach you to not have children.
They're ultra-rich people that think they own the earth, that are coming to kill you.
Do you understand that?
And their response is, C. Jones, they don't even care.
Actually, there's a famous saying, no one knows who first said it, and I'll butcher it, but if their propaganda and their takeover was working, they wouldn't need to be pressing so hard to shut us up.
And I just butchered it, but if their plan was working, they wouldn't need all the propaganda and censorship.
It's not working.
It's not gonna work.
It's failed.
It's gonna fail.
John on Patmos told us that 2,000 years ago.
Now, the bar owner on Staten Island who got arrested for saying they shouldn't be locked down, he got set up like they set up the Proud Boys this weekend.
Major inside baseball.
Horrible story.
It's a microcosm of what's coming.
They had a group of thugs waiting for him.
We're good to go.
Kununz is going to be coming on the transmission with us.
So this is a big deal.
All the big mega stores can be open.
Your little store can't.
And you're like, that doesn't make sense.
That's pure authoritarianism.
That's pure censorship.
That's pure discrimination.
Of course it is.
You're like, well, that's oxymoronic.
But see, Toto has to call the fraud and pull back the curtain and show the scam.
That's why I call this Operation Toto.
That's why going to D.C.
and calling their bluff and having two, three million people there, not just 800,000.
The Emperor's new clothes, again.
These weavers came into town who were the best.
It was an allegory for the fashion industry that they even had thousands of years ago.
They said only royalty can see this gold
Thread that we have.
And when the emperor couldn't see it, and when his aides couldn't see it, they thought, well, maybe we're not royal.
We better say that we do see it.
And so they spin the king this robe.
He gives him all the jewels and diamonds and gold.
And then finally he's in a parade in his underwear.
And the ministers now are naked too because they've all are wearing the royal garb.
And a three-year-old walks out and says, look, the emperor is naked.
The emperor's new clothes.
He's not wearing any.
And that's...
How you counter these frauds of Trump's a Russian agent, Alex Jones is a Russian agent, Trump didn't really get elected, he's a fraud, oh Ukraine, oh he's this, oh he's that, oh Biden is the president-elect.
They're all just thinking you're stupid announcing this.
And the Supreme Court is teeing it up now, but they're politically watching.
And they see the evidence of fraud coming out, and they're watching how angry you are.
And they're thinking, can we give this to Trump when he clearly won, and have the political right in the Senate to be the right thing?
So they need to see the evidence of fraud, which they're seeing.
They need to see you.
By the millions in the streets.
And if you can't be in D.C., then at your capital.
Even if it's one that they quote, didn't steal.
If it's a blue state, they stole it.
No one likes the Democrats.
No one.
Biden can't get... He got a thousand people Saturday on his stream.
He did it at an event.
He had like 10 people there.
Trump on one stream had a quarter million, a half million on another stream.
I mean, it's a joke, folks.
No one is coming out for them.
I'm going to break.
A lot more election fraud news coming up, but first I'm going to hit the really big news, and that is the steroids, the vaccines, all the documents, all the proof.
Just absolutely insane.
Everyone's got to be tuned into this.
This is the most important next hour of radio ever yet, because it's all coming to a head.
We're inside the new order now, and separately.
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You know, you can cut the tension with a knife.
I went in to see my dentist about getting this crown redone.
And he said, he said, Alex, it's crazy because people are really waking up.
And he said, but we're having like triple the numbers of people breaking their crowns and breaking their teeth because of the stress of COVID.
I was like, yeah, people know they're being robbed.
They know they're being enslaved.
They know they're being taken over.
And so I don't want to bring you all this negative news.
It's scary.
I want to bring this negative news so we can do something about it.
Nothing against Joel Olsteen, man, but my God, the planet could be under nuclear war.
He'd tell you everything was fine.
It's okay to be positive sometimes, but you need to be honest about things so you can do something about it.
God helps those that help themselves.
Here's a special report.
We'll come back with the big news.
The Biden cabinet continues to grow like a cancer.
After announcing globalists and Obama zealots, the Biden administration is now lifting the veil on new members responsible for terrorizing the United States with Marxist overtones over the ominous year of 2020.
The leaders of Public Policy and Advocacy Organization.
Recently, Biden named Neera Tanden, head of the Soros-funded Center for American Progress, as his nominee to lead the White House Office of Management and Budget.
The key thing to know about Neera Tanden is that she is ultimately a handmaiden to the billionaires who pay her salary.
Tanden runs a think tank called the Center for American Progress.
Center for American Progress has taken millions of dollars from Wall Street financiers, Silicon Valley executives like Mark Zuckerberg, lobbyists, banks, and defense contractors.
You see it in detail that Russia interfered with this election to help elect Donald Trump.
And you see it in detail after detail.
This sets the predicate there was criminality behind what Russia was doing and the next set of questions that Bannon and other people including Donald Trump can answer is what kind of collusion the Trump campaign was part of.
She's totally unqualified for this position.
Like, she's not an economist.
She went to law school.
She worked for Hillary Clinton.
And then all she's done at this think tank for the last 10 years is raise millions of dollars from Silicon Valley, Wall Street, Despot and the Gulf States, which is the real base of the Democratic Party.
So they want her to oversee the regulatory and budgetary and economic policy of the administration on behalf of their real constituencies, which is all those people from whom she's been raising
Millions of dollars.
But the thing is, Tucker, that just makes her an ordinary Democrat.
She's just a swamp creature in that regard.
She's a deranged and dangerous person.
I don't mean just politically.
I mean, like, behaviorally.
When she was working with Hillary Clinton to get Hillary Clinton elected, one of her own reporters at the think tank was arranged to have an interview with Hillary and asked Hillary about the Iraq War.
And New York Tandem was so angry, she punched him.
And then later she claimed she merely pushed him.
And now the prospect of George Soros installing himself in the Harris-Biden administration lurks in the shadows as Open Society Foundation President Patrick Gaspard steps down, opening up the possibility of becoming Biden's Labor Secretary.
In a statement, Gaspard said, after four profound years of service to this extraordinary institution, and at a critical juncture for the democracy that is my home, I am compelled to charge once more unto the breach in a new political moment.
In a New York Times article celebrating the millions dumped into a Cloward and Piven style movement to once and for all destroy the United States, Patrick Gaspard
The president of the Open Society Foundation at the time said that the group believed the investment was about harnessing the momentum toward racial justice, but also giving organizations room to think long-term.
Now, he said, is the moment we've been investing in for the last 25 years.
He added,
By the time Biden's anti-American cabinet has finished its roll call, every conceivable foreign terror and domestic terror organization could quite possibly be represented.
John Bowne reporting.
All right.
I'm about to hit extremely important information on the COVID front.
I'm gonna give you a wide spectrum analysis.
And then I'm gonna drill into
Why they want this particular mRNA vaccine delivered to you and what it does to women.
This is unbelievable information.
We're about to cover it here in a moment.
But first, let's look at the psychology on the ground.
The media and Facebook promote this video so it gets millions of views.
They just say, oh, a concerned citizen was out at the Trump rally in Georgia.
Begging people Saturday to wear a mask and be a hero.
It's a good virtue signal thing you can do while people get bacterial pneumonia and people commit suicide.
The whole culture collapses and 20 times the people die from starvation, the die of COVID.
But notice this group, The Good Liars, is funded by the Democrats and Soros Connected Groups.
And what a proper name for them, The Good Liars.
So this is the type of propaganda they subject people to.
You guys got masks?
Why not?
Because I don't need it.
Why, do you need it?
Yeah, you should wear one because there's a global pandemic going on.
Is there?
Well, you got yours.
I got mine on, yeah.
I'm trying to be safe.
Okay, thanks.
But you could infect somebody else and they could get sick.
Why don't you leave them alone?
Will you please, will you please roll?
Will you please wear a mask?
For the sake of other people, please wear one.
Please, I'm begging you, please.
He's begging you to buy into the social distancing, particularly where all over the U.S., small mom-and-pop businesses are still at 25% capacity, meaning they're going bankrupted, and upwards of 45% have closed and will never reopen.
And now the UN says, oh, this is going to go on forever.
So there's the psychology.
They're a hero, you're not.
And if you say something to a maskie, because the new symbol of America and the new symbol of the white flag is the mask.
It's the ostrich head in the ground.
It's the symbol of your subservience.
It's the symbol that you buy into everything and you're going to comply with everything else that comes with it.
And I'll show you the evidence of that in a moment.
But here is a Oregon teacher, has complete meltdown at anti-lockdown protesters, tell them to kill yourself.
Look, but she pulls down her mask, though, to yell and spit at you.
Because you're gonna kill people, but she's a hero!
What are you doing?
You're killing!
Meanwhile, we'd point out that 1.2 million people die a year on average of TB, that the kids coming across the border, unaccompanied, aren't even getting TB tests.
They're putting public schools and give your kids it.
The left's like, oh, that's xenophobic when you talk about immigrants having diseases.
But when it's, they're made up, exaggerated COVID-19, and they're caught in the PCR test, jacking them up 45 times the normal level to have 96% false positives, oh, that's all okay.
That's right, CDC issues new guidance for universal mask wearing and all activity outside of home.
All activity!
The CDC, and where are they at with their orders?
The UN, because they think Trump's gone, so Fauci's like, back in charge!
Everybody else is resigning.
Atlas, everybody else is leaving as if Trump isn't going to be there.
Talk about mind control.
Talk about brainwashing.
So it's a foregone conclusion that if Trump challenges it and has all the evidence, he's the bad guy, despite the fact they're the ones stealing it in front of God and the rest of the world.
So if you're a radio listener, you're lucky.
Look at the hate in this woman's eyes.
You want to see Stockholm Syndrome?
You want to see somebody loving her New World Order pimp?
Here it is.
I am a teacher!
I teach students!
I serve families who are dying!
She's like, you are not essential!
Go in your house and die!
And she's saying, I hope you die.
She's the spirit of Klaus Schwab, who wants us to die.
She's in charge.
She says, I am in school.
She has your kids.
What a witch.
So they're out there protesting, being non-essential, their business is being shut, and they're going bankrupt, and she is pissed.
She's like, I'm in charge!
Now, let's show her and let's show the good liars, the soy boys that goes and begs everybody to wear the mask, be in the cult, don't show people on national TV that you're all in there together, not wearing your mask.
By the way, Rudolph Giuliani's been working his ass off 20 hours a day.
He's 70 plus, almost 80 years old.
And they said, oh, as a precaution, put him in the hospital.
I hope they don't intubate him and kill him by asphyxiation, as they've been doing most of the people with the ventilators.
Okay, so let me just show you these headlines.
We're gonna come back and drill into these.
Look at this big, giant stack of the most critical information ever.
COVID pandemic measures could push over a billion people worldwide into extreme poverty.
UN admits they go on in a big report carried by the New York Times and Wall Street Journal.
InfoWars has the report linked to it right there.
That 200 million are set to starve to death in the next nine years.
An extra 15 million this year.
3 million is the new number.
They've already starved to death.
But that's okay.
It's to stop the spread.
It's what virtuous people do.
Wear your mask.
Stay six feet apart so your business can't reopen.
All be neurotic and scared.
Show that we all go bankrupt and the big banks, who are basically tax-exempt, they can consolidate the whole economy, which big tech and the big banks are doing.
I mean, this is a fact.
They came up with this to lock down society because they know you'll follow orders.
And you don't have a guardian class of warriors to protect the sheep anymore.
And here's what's scary.
They're organizing the sheep into a stampede to willfully destroy themselves and us with them.
Here it is.
UN warns 2021 is shaping up to be a humanitarian catastrophe with a billion extra in poverty, collapse of the world system.
But don't worry, they've got a UN plan.
To fix it.
Scientists have discovered a way to store a patient's vaccination history under the skin at the same time as they vaccine.
Oh, and they're pushing it!
Oh, but it was a conspiracy theory when we told you in March.
Here it is from MIT.
World Health Organization envoy that runs the global COVID response.
He goes and tells the countries what to do.
Life won't return to normal for at least two years.
And then after that, it never will.
Ha ha ha!
They're all on private jets and exempt.
Merkel pushes national lockdown for Germany.
UK starts emergency COVID vaccinations.
Oh yes, Merkel wasn't popular.
Neither was Lecron.
So now, what's gonna happen?
Well, you see what's happening.
And everyone gets into their dirty, their bad, your toxic, you need to be disappeared, wear a mask over your head, wear a burqa.
And even men now don't want to have their burqas touched.
The average woman in Islam loves the burqa.
She loves being covered.
She's ashamed of herself.
It's all psychology departments of the globalist wrecking us with the Stanford and Milgram experiments.
Look into them.
But here's some good news.
Florida requiring labs to report critical cycle thresholds for COVID-19 tests.
Why is that so huge?
Because on average they're turning them up 25%.
In areas like New York, other places, when they want to show higher numbers, they turn them up 45%.
Same thing in the UK.
Show that a tabletop is positive, the air is positive, a tomato is positive, a papaya, a goat, a horse, a man, a woman, a child.
It's all fraud.
And they admit it.
The inventor of PCR tests said, you turn it up 10 times, everything's false positive.
They turn it up 45 times, baby.
And now when you don't pass the test, you can't travel.
It's all computerized.
So liberal, so loving.
And if you'll just wear the mask and be a hero, it'll be over soon.
And that's going to be the argument.
Oh, we wanted to end it in 2021, but there were people who didn't wear their mask and didn't stay in their houses, so none of you could come out.
They caused the global depression.
They caused the collapse.
No, the globalists did with their plan, with their lockdown.
You have to reject it all, say no to it all now, or we don't have a hope.
This is a psychological warfare operation, a PSYOP.
You have to reject it all or they take over.
Now, the advisory board of the European Union has come out and said it's a sterilant in the vaccines.
We'll tell you about that on the other side.
I'm Alex Jones.
This is the InfoWar.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide.
Again, thank you for joining us on this December 7th, 2020 Monday transmission.
All right, let's get right in the meat and potatoes right now.
You have robber baron eugenicist, and since the time of the ancient Greeks, they believe there were too many people.
Read Plato's Republic, that got picked up right in the future.
And you can argue, some Caribbean islands are overpopulated, you can go to areas of Africa, areas of Asia, go to areas of India, it's nightmarish.
And starving kids everywhere, and you see that suffering, and you say, hey, let's just kill most these people, and then it's like killing feral cats, they won't continue to just produce more kittens.
But then you study the globalists, they're trying to dumb everybody down and poison everyone and trying to sexualize children and are Satanists.
So they have these excuses for the medical system of why they're doing all this, but that's not really why they're doing it.
Meanwhile, you can't even get the general public to admit this is going on because they hear there's some big powerful thing over them.
That's why people rebel against God, because they don't want God up there.
They sure as hell don't want to hear that there's a big secretive evil system, because that doesn't make them feel good.
They just go, oh, I choose not to believe that.
And then it becomes very, very political.
I remember being on air 15 years ago when Gardasil couldn't get approved because it was creating autoimmune responses
To normal proteins in the body that were in the uterus and in the cervix and in the ovaries.
And it's very simple.
You just say it's for a virus, but viruses have a lot of the same proteins as body parts.
And then you just create an autoimmune response in those body parts.
And so many women have called me, so many letters, so many women.
I mean, I was in
A store about three months ago, and this woman looked like she was 30.
I guess when you get old, it's weird.
Like she's like, I was like 15 years old when you were warning everybody.
And my mom got me the shot and now I'm sterile.
Now that all sorts of problems.
She was a beautiful woman.
I was like, man, I'm getting old.
It's like a 30 year old woman.
It's a full grown woman here.
And she's talking about listening to me when years after when she got sterilized with a Gardasil shot.
And that's in the literature too.
But I mean,
There are two people that work in this office whose children died from vaccines.
And they told them the vaccine killed them.
So all I'm saying is, this is very serious business and now they're moving with a very, very aggressive system against you and your family.
And I studied just one of the vaccines this weekend.
I was given this information on Friday, I covered it, and then as soon as everybody went to bed on Friday night, I got it out, read it.
I came back Saturday, I came back Sunday, and I'm just telling you, I spent at least 10 hours reading the literature.
That means in the white paper put out by medical doctor, had this major EU advisory board, Wolfgang Wudarg, and everything he said is true, except he would couch it very, where he would say, it appears this is going on.
You go actually read the finding, it's crystal clear.
Absolutely crystal clear what's going on.
The article to see the full video, Top EU Scientist Warns COVID-19 Vaccine Linked to Sterilization of Women.
We have a link to the paper and my hour-long emergency report that Gregory did a great job putting together on Saturday night.
We worked all day on that.
And this, it's not about the credit.
I'm saying we're not playing games here.
They know you're only spending a few seconds looking at these.
Oh, Snopes says that Soros isn't involved with Smartmatic.
He appoints the head of Smartmatic to run his global foundation.
And the former head of it's going to run the White House under Biden.
He basically owns the damn thing.
And that's in all the SEC filings.
The same thing with Dominion.
But it doesn't matter.
They just go, Oh, Snopes, it's not true.
Oh, there's claims that this causes sterilence.
But the official write-up on the mRNA vaccine says that's not its main goal.
They don't even study that!
But medical doctors can go look at the United Nations reports going back to 1990, 91, 92, 93.
There was a big push at the UN to fund over 100 pharmaceutical companies to find a ethical, in their words, way to sterilize women.
And they found, well, if you attack their ovaries itself,
You can make them really sick.
If you attack their uterus, it makes them sick.
They already had those.
Let's have one that just attacks the placenta.
And sure as hell, that's how Wolfgang Wudarg and others go, let's look at this protein.
Let's check this very rare... Oh, it's placenta protein.
Nothing to do with COVID-19.
And then he explains in the paper that what's really evil is you can create an active antibody or a passive antibody.
And that what's happening with this in the trials, they skipped animal trials, and the human trials is, it's causing the passive antibody, which actually then makes you have a bigger cytokine storm, autoimmune response, if you come in contact with a similar virus.
This is the most common virus family there is, and so exactly like the Spanish flu killed 50 to 100 million people in
19, 18, 19 was because for whatever reason, they'd already been close to a virus before, gotten passive antibodies, so when the similar virus hit them, it caused them to have an autoimmune response like being stung by bees, or a peanut allergy, and then you die.
And it's all in the literature.
What do you think a vaccine does?
It causes an autoimmune response.
Well, what happens when you have a bad autoimmune response?
You die.
And in these hospitals, when they give a newborn baby five, six shots, they start having a convulsion, they go, oh, that's fine.
That's a side effect.
They don't even give them Benadryl.
They let them convulse so their little brains bleed to brain damage, the little sweetsies.
Because they couldn't kill him in the womb.
The mother didn't kill in the womb.
They couldn't convince her to keep it comfortable and kill it.
More doublespeak.
So they kill it with the damn vaccine.
Or they brain damage it.
Which is even better because now it's a zombie you gotta take care of for 40 years.
Man, that's cold-blooded, baby.
So I suggest you go to m4wars.com.
We link directly to the European Union website, the government website.
And I suggest you put your little thinking cap on.
If you're a Google engineer, a bureaucrat, or a smarty pants, do you really want to sign on?
Now scroll down and show them.
We have the video and the links.
Do you really?
Keep scrolling.
I want to show folks the link right there.
Because we've got a link to the paper right there.
There it is.
Do you really?
Do you really?
Do you really want to be part of this?
Because you're pretending that you're the man.
You're pretending you're part of this big, well, there are too many people, Alex, and what we do hurts some folks, but it's for a greater good.
Well, why did I come switch your throat for the greater good?
Oh, oh, you're a human.
The bioethics board said you're a human.
But all these Africans, all these Indians, all these little kids, all these women you sterilize, and by the way,
Bill Gates lies a lot, and I'm against hurting the Africans as much as I'm hurting anybody else.
They're just as important as anybody, or more important.
Every soul is precious in God's eyes.
But Bill Gates told Japanese TV, he goes, oh, we're giving different vaccines to the third world than you.
They're not.
They're coming right at the United States with the worst mRNA ones right away.
But, oh, don't worry.
Black Lives Matter.
Bill Gates funds it.
He said blacks get it first because he cares about you!
That's another big thing.
Look at the world we're killing.
The technocrats say they've got to exterminate 95% of the world population.
That's Ted Turner, officially, at the Good Group's findings with Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, David Rockefeller, the rest of them.
That's Wall Street Journal, by the way.
I'm going to look that up.
95% he wants to kill you.
Imagine if I was in the newspaper, like, well, we need a world government, carry out 95% reduction.
People say, we gotta watch that guy, but oh, if you're a big billionaire and you meet with other billionaires and you actually run the world health system, it's like, well, let's just move on from there.
They protect these people in their actions against us.
It's like three years ago, George Soros was getting $2 billion a year from the U.S.
State Department.
Trump didn't know about it.
He hadn't cut the money off.
And they were giving through that $2 billion program, tens of millions of people, $1,000, $2,000, $3,000 debit cards that just had cash on them, no name, to fly in and get on boats and get to UN refugee centers on the European or US borders.
Now that was in Reuters with George Soros smiling, bragging about how he did it.
But when I covered it, and Lou Dobbs covered it, and Sean Hannity covered it, the media said it was fake news.
And they went after Judicial Watch saying it was made up.
It's like saying, Jones is wearing a navy blue blazer.
And I am wearing a navy blue blazer.
And then later, I go, no I'm not.
And go, Fox News apologized for saying Jones was wearing a navy blue blazer.
Yeah, there it is.
George Soros Mastercard to partner and aid migrant refugees.
That's a year before they did it.
Then they do it.
We cover it.
But the reason they were pissed is a bunch of those operatives are skimming money off that.
Two billion dollars of State Department money going to fund a U.N.
operation that he was privately running.
Now he's taken the head of that operation to be the chief of staff for Biden.
And the new guy is the former head of Smartmatic that just helped steal the election.
That, again, George Soros has no connection to.
And again, they don't love these third world populations.
They're depopulating them, poisoning them, getting rid of their jobs, and then flooding our borders after they collapse them.
And then the UN's got to be the world authority, just like with COVID-19, the world authority to handle the giant migrant rush that's already accelerated.
And they say by the middle of 2021, we'll be three times what it was five years ago at its last peak.
Did you hear me?
That was all a beta test for being flooded by the third world.
Do I want the third world here getting free stuff, being taught whites are evil, being taught to hate America?
Do I want them to be free and build up their own countries and then care about them?
I don't want them sterilized.
I don't want to kill them.
But the globalists force you into that because after they're done hammering us and killing whites en masse, it's going to be pretty much public knowledge what we're going to do to them.
We're going to hit them with a bioweapon that kills almost everyone who isn't Anglo.
And then let me tell you what comes next.
The Chinese have already agreed to this.
They don't like anybody else.
They're going to close their borders while it goes down.
And they're just trying to get all the nuclear powers on board for this.
And then they're going to kill the Middle East.
They're going to kill Africa.
They're going to kill all the subgroups in Asia.
And they've got to have a total lockdown, though, during this operation.
So, you can either listen to me now, or you can listen to me later.
When they're done, Africa isn't gonna have 1% of the people on it.
It's gonna be a barren wasteland.
Now, if you think God isn't gonna destroy you, if you go along with that, that, by the way, why do you think I'm on here?
I've prayed a lot about this, and I knew this a long time ago.
Because God wants you to hear.
I'm certainly not God.
I'm an imperfect vessel.
I'm nobody.
But God wants you, not just you that are good, but those that are bad, to know the cost of what you're signing on to, to get the whole story.
The devil gives you fine print and flim flam and still wants you to sign the contract, but still, hold on, look over here, just go ahead and sign there, look at the dancing girls, here, right here.
I'm here to make sure, over and over again, I'm like, look at the fine print, look at the fine print, look at the fine print, look at the fine print, look at the fine print, look at the fine print, look at the fine print, look at the fine print, look at the fine print, look at the fine print.
I'm not here to just entertain you and cover all this other BS.
I'm here to tell you about the big plan.
And let me tell you, I'm not a perfect person.
I love my kids.
I love my own life.
I'm kind of like, man, I could kind of apologize to Globalist and go on an apology tour and say they're right.
And I could actually join them.
I think the door is still open.
And I'm not actually thinking about that, but I'm wargaming it.
My brain can't help it.
And man, I feel the Holy Spirit even entertaining it.
He just goes, ha, ha, ha, no, no, no, give me that, no, no, please don't, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, please, no, I'll do it, I'll do everything.
I mean, I cannot imagine these people that are into Satanism, they want to be with that spirit?
Because I've tasted both of them.
I want to be with Jesus Christ of Nazareth and his daddy.
That's who I'm with.
I'm going there.
I'm with that.
That gives me all the discernment, all the health, all the goodness, all the life, all the strength.
It's Jesus.
It's not the devil.
But I'm here to talk to those that have been sold out to the devil.
Here, let's just go to this clip where I warned everybody about the COVID launch in June of 2018.
Let's get that cued up.
The full clip's at Bandai Video.
It's 11 minutes long, but here it is.
We have been following very closely for several years disease X that the UN World Health Organization has predicted could wipe out humanity.
Now there's a spectrum of disease X type pathogens in the virus family that they would call a disease X. Mainly the bird flu variety, the mouse pox variety, and also what would be known as airborne
I have four children.
I love my family.
I have studied history in great detail.
And I understand how big a threat this is.
Now Zero Hedge has an incredibly important article that's a boil-down from the World Health Organization and just mentions and blurbs out of the Chinese news that they're basically keeping quiet.
And the story is also posted in FullInfoWars.com that a new strain of bird flu that kills 40% of humans that contracted it just showed up this week and has already killed 100 people plus.
And that's old news.
Previous bird flus that they thought were incredibly deadly only killed 1%, then 3%, then 6%.
The last one was 9%.
Remember decades ago when they were worried it might go airborne?
We have a graphic from the UN showing that it is now airborne.
This is so incredible, ladies and gentlemen, because this should be the top news story in the world.
Now, remember about a decade ago, our own Pentagon
And the CDC put out the blueprint via the UN for the mousepox that kills 99% of mice that come in contact with it.
And with a few genetic changes, it can be made to be airborne for humans and kill 99% of humans.
It is seen as the most deadly potential.
Because it's already at 99%.
I'm going to explain that again.
99% of people that get a human variant mousepox die a horrible death.
This is 38.3.
This is an emergency, folks.
Because if we don't treat it like an emergency, no one will know what's going on.
And then it's just something in the background and we don't get ready for it.
What did I and Dr. Group and others, and Dr. Blalock, who's a brain surgeon, what have we talked about in the past here on the air?
That the globalists have said in their white papers, in their own UN documents, that they want to create race-specific bioweapons and other systems to depopulate the planet.
They teach that everywhere, that the world without humans would be great, we need to depopulate, China's been the center of one-child policy, all of this, and that it would be good to cull the planet.
A lot of this, from my sources, is that they're preparing to release bioweapons, claim that they're naturally occurring,
And then use that as the cover for civil emergency, societal control, crackdowns on free speech.
Obama put the internet kill switch in five years ago.
And when he got confronted by Congress, he said, well, it's in case the bird flu or SARS gets out.
Just type that in.
CDC says internet kill switch is in case bird flu or SARS breaks out, and they have to control panic and direct every website in the U.S.
to one government announcement.
And we looked at every angle and believe a bioweapon release could be the thing they'd release to bring in a world government to counter a global problem, and the U.N.
has said that a global pandemic is the only thing that may save- Okay, so let's get right into it right now, because we have a lot of other political news next hour.
Here it is right here.
Wolfgang Wudarg is the chair of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe Health and this is an official advisory board to the United Nations EU whole system.
And he's been a very moral good guy with a group of scientists for years and medical doctors exposing things.
Here is their petition to the European Union, European Medicines Agency,
Committee for Human Medical Products, COVID-19 EMA Pandemic Task Force, Domenico, Secretariat 6, it's all UN as you see.
Even though it's EU, it's all UN nomenclature.
Petition motion for administrative regulatory action regarding
Confirmation of efficacy and points used for the data in connection with the following clinical trials.
And then they have a huge medical paper written up by a bunch of prestigious scientists and medical doctors saying, okay, you're violating international law, Geneva Convention, Nuremberg Code, U.S.
law, E.U.
law, waiving all these trials, and then what you admit in the trials is super deadly and dangerous.
I mean, this is, that's what I'm saying, folks.
This is like a collapse of checks and balances.
This isn't just a waiver or legislative protection or liability protection.
This is, you can do anything you want.
And then there's whole areas with top virologists going, we don't know why, you don't say why you add jellyfish DNA in here?
And you have the body replicate bioluminescence so we glow?
What the hell is that?
But Dr. Woodard goes, we're guessing it's about tracking so that once your body grows these luminescent cells, remember like 20 years ago you could buy a racist monkey in South Korea for like $5,000 that glows in the dark because it's been crossed with a jellyfish?
That was even in like Wired Magazine.
People didn't believe me back then.
Guys, type in, buy glow-in-the-dark monkeys.
I'm not joking.
Well, now you're going to be a glow-in-the-dark monkey.
Because they call it a vaccine, but what it is is gene therapy.
Well, it's one thing if you take some kid that has autoimmune problems, you give them mama's bone marrow if it matches, and the kid learns to have an immune system, and it's a miracle!
But what about, well, we're just gonna put some, some, some, some rhesus monkey in you.
How about some glow-in-the-dark jellyfish?
That's in there.
I mean, can you imagine reading this?
Because I was just gonna read the paper, and then once I saw that, I said, okay, I gotta read all this.
There it is, MIT Technology.
Glowing Monkeys Inherent Jellyfish Jeans.
You hear that?
This gives you the jeans of the jellyfish so you will glow too!
I'm sorry, man.
I just can't even, like, this is like aliens attacking.
I mean, they might as well have flying saucers landing.
That'd be easier to deal with because we can fight them.
I mean, this is, what the hell's going on here?
Overhead shot, please.
At a certain point, I just... Fine, folks, if you want this, just go ahead and do it.
I mean... Sorry.
I'm not cracking up.
I just... This is getting too out of control.
Let's go to the paper.
It goes into how the PCR test is fake, and the inventor of it says it's fake, and it's 96% an exaggeration, and then they turn it up way higher than it's supposed to be, and it's all false.
It's all based on a lie.
So how do they know that these vaccines actually protected somebody from a PCR test?
It's a fraud.
Then they admit that the actual studies of the mRNA vaccines here, they list them here, don't even actually protect you, and they admit it doesn't protect you, and they admit it doesn't stop the spread.
And I didn't just believe this report.
I went and looked it all up, and it was true!
You hear what I just said?
I know you're probably still stuck on cell reprogramming that will make you release proteins that glow in the dark.
And how they skipped the animal trials, statement of grounds for the suit, trying to block it.
I read all this on the Saturday Show for a full hour.
I read the whole damn thing for you on air.
And how they get liability protection, how dangerous it is.
They just don't care anymore, folks.
And here's a really key point, how you've got this super common virus family, and so if you take this, in 70% of people, it causes an excitokine storm.
The next time you come into a virus that's similar to this, now because this doesn't give you immunity, what it does is cause you to have an autoimmune response that can then kill you or cause brain damage.
ADE is a major reason for many previous vaccine trials for this problem.
The reason they failed.
The reason other studies failed with the coronavirus.
Major safety concerns were observed in animal models.
If ADE occurs in the individual, the response to the virus can be worse than the response if they had never
We're good to go.
Ladies and gentlemen, I went and read the white paper, and I went and read the papers that it's attached to, and it's even scarier.
Now, I'm three pages into this, okay?
Now you know why I'm going crazy.
In fact, if you want to die, just take it and die!
My God!
What the hell is going on here?
I mean, that's the thing.
Sitting up here and talking about this, and just acting normal, and like, oh, by the way, they got sterile until the vaccine, oh well.
You know, Joe Rogan was in here last week.
He's a really nice guy.
He's like, Alex, just project your goodness onto others, and just believe, and don't be tribal, and we'll all just come together.
We'll all come together.
Obviously, I could sell out to the globalists and live in a $50 million house, Joe.
Not an $18 million one.
I'm not even saying Joe's a bad guy.
But my God, man, I sit here and I report the reality, and Bill Gates is developing an MIT and under-the-skin injection with a vaccine to track everything you do.
Then they come out and say, Jones is crazy.
He doesn't exist.
I have the MIT scientist on video and the grants.
I have it!
It's just like when they're sitting there saying, oh, there's no evidence of fraud.
No, you just have the entire chain of fraud in Georgia all caught on a video camera.
Sorry, I haven't gotten to page five or six yet.
Let's go to those.
Oh, it just gets better.
They go on and just beg them to do something and point out how dangerous this is and it's a crime against humanity.
And it totally is.
Now the Pfizer-Bio mRNA vaccine with 70% of people will again attack the placenta if you're having an autoimmune response or the production of these passive antibodies or non-passive antibodies.
You really want to go read point six
On page five.
And then, you're not just reading this from one of the chief medical officers in the EU, who's highly respected.
We've got the actual paper here.
External peer review to the RT-PCR and it just goes through every exhibit with links to all these mainline studies and even EU findings that the PCR test is a fraud and that these things cause sterilization in similar studies of UN
Studies they did with similar vaccines for the admitted purpose of sterilization.
Again, how do you think Wolfgang Wudar, Dr. Wudar, knew to go look this up?
He already goes and knows there's a U.N.
sterilization operation.
So then he goes and studies their admitted vaccines are developing.
He's like, holy hell, it attacks the same protein.
They're claiming this is for the SARS family.
It's not.
The target is a woman's uterus.
When it produces that protein, which is fast-growing like a virus, to grow those tentacles out and grab that zygote and go, MINE!
Mama shoots those out, and it's gonna hit that and stop that right there dead in its tracks, ladies and gentlemen.
Talk about satanic!
Your body reaching out lovingly to that zygote, that baby.
Your genetics, all your ancestors, your husband's ancestors, all of you in this magic moment, and they're like, Darth Vader going, no, and just slicing through it.
God, that's satanic.
And if you let them do it, you deserve it.
But I'm putting Bill Gates of the New World Order and all of them on notice.
You don't have a right to do this to me and your 5G and your GMO and you're assaulting me.
And all I'm saying is you're assaulting everybody on Earth and your enemies of humanity.
You're committing crimes against humanity.
And I pray to God Almighty, in the name of His Son, Jesus Christ, that you be visited with an awakening, or that God stop you however God sees fit, and it's in God's hands.
But we must call on God.
We must call on God to visit whatever angel God sees fit upon these people.
Or you can sit there and you can take it, because I haven't even gotten into all the UN vaccines where they admit sterilized people.
You understand?
And by the way, the globals threaten me and all this stuff, that means nothing to me.
I just thank God every morning I'm not you.
Because you're the ones that ought to be afraid.
Because God of the universe hates your degenerate ass for playing God.
You little slimy monsters that would destroy free will.
You will be destroyed, not us.
If you think it's bad.
The shutdown of business around the country.
What happened in Staten Island?
We've got the inside baseball in Chapter 2 and 3 of what happened when the private mafia thugs of Cuomo went into that business and they attacked the man that stood up to them and what happened.
You're going to see the exclusive footage and a lot more coming up.
But let's probably get our guest on the line right now from Staten Island and what's happened there, Joseph Canizzo.
Let's go ahead and play a few clips of what Trump had to say in Georgia that the media is trying to suppress.
So we know the Democrats are planning to cheat.
And we can't let them do it again.
And we're going to pull ours out one way or the other.
But we have to be vigilant because I don't want these two to work like that.
You know, I thought we're going to easily win.
And that maybe for the first time in a long time, I'd go take a nice little vacation for about two days.
And then we go back.
And instead, I probably worked harder in the last three weeks than I've ever worked in my life.
A friend of mine said, oh, don't worry about it, sir.
You're way up in the polls.
You'll win in 2024.
I said, I don't want to wait till 2024.
I want to go back three weeks.
Our fight to drain the Washington swamp and reclaim America's destiny has just begun.
We will not bend, we will not break, we will not yield.
We will never give in, we will never give up, and we will never back down.
We will never, ever surrender.
Because we are Americans, and our hearts bleed red, white, and blue.
You see the money these people have raised?
I mean, it's really, uh... It's very, uh... Well, of course, I just raised $250 million.
I should say.
I didn't raise it.
It just, uh... I said, how are we doing on that front?
You know, because we didn't get great publicity.
Boy, they were so happy, these guys.
You might not be happy in a few weeks, you know?
You might not.
No, they were so happy.
And you know this, and you see it, but they're trying to take it from us through rigging, fraud, deception, and deceit.
That's what we saw in the election.
That's what's going on, and it's happening right now in our country.
And we will do something about it, and we're going to do something about it quickly.
No, we continue to fight.
We've had some great moments.
We just need somebody with courage to do what they have to do, because everyone knows it's wrong.
We need somebody with courage, somebody that makes decisions.
And we'll be going up to the Supreme Court very shortly, and we really, if we have... If we have courage...
And wisdom, I think you know what the answer is going to be, because you can't let people get away with what they got away with.
With over, think of it, with over 74 million votes, over, think of that, more than, I got more votes than any sitting president in history, 11 million more votes than we got in 2016.
And we thought that if we could get 68 million, 67 million, that would be the end.
All of our great brilliant geniuses said, you'd win if you get 67 or 68, it's over.
We got 74 million plus, and they're trying to convince us that we lost.
We didn't lose.
The answer to 1984 is 1776.
InfoWars has been banned.
Attacked and threatened.
Because we are effective.
The Great Awakening is here.
Go to Banned.Video.
Download the videos and share.
Support the Information War at InfoWarsStore.com
And never give up the fight.
And the answer to the Great Reset is the Great Renaissance, or the Great Resistance.
And that starts at InfoWars.com and Band.Video, where our views and support is exploding when it comes to actual visitors.
But when it comes to financing our operation, money's actually gone down.
I guess people think, well, Jones is right.
He must have lots of support.
No, that's not the case.
We need financial support.
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But whatever you do, spread the word about InfoWars.
Spread the word about Mandot Video, because the great resistance to tyranny is here.
Well, it got a lot of attention in Staten Island, New York.
We're going to be breaking it down right now.
A business owner ran into some serious situations.
Danny Pretzi at his bar, Max.
And the police came in and arrested him once.
Well, now they arrested him again, but it wasn't the local police.
I was told it was the Sheriff's Department.
They're kind of the goons of the governor and of the mayor.
Because, hey, he's not Walmart.
He's not Costco.
You know, he's not Disney World.
He's not essential.
So he's got to go out of business.
Well, the answer with this type of thuggish behavior, in my view, is have all the businesses reopen and stop complying with this crap that, again, is all based on overblown fraud.
But Joseph Canenzo is a good friend of his.
He owns a local jiu-jitsu dojo or training facility there.
They're friends.
Danny can't come on right now because of what happened this weekend.
Nobody knows about what happened where they actually had a mob of thugs try to attack him and then the police or the Sheriff's Department arrested him.
We've got some exclusive footage of what actually happened inside when Danny got arrested and more.
So Joseph is the head instructor at Staten Island Jiu-Jitsu Dojo.
And he is here to talk about what they're facing, what they're dealing with, what it's like.
I've seen the videos.
I've talked to folks I know that live in New York.
They say everybody's basically going bankrupt.
It's a ghost town, unless you're a big chain store or whatever.
So get into what really happened, the big picture for people across the country, and what happened this weekend.
For sure, Alex.
First, I just want to thank you for having me on your show.
Things have been pretty crazy over here.
As business owners, we're doing everything that we can to try to comply with
Ever-changing mandates in the state, but we've been basically left just left out to starve or from that federal government and we'll put with our backs against the wall in a position where we need emergency money because we can't wait anymore or we have no choice but to open up our businesses.
You know, it has to be one or the other and they can't have it both ways.
You could go, you know to the Staten Island Mall right now and people have tested back waiting at, you know, retail stores to buy big-ticket items.
What small business owners were starving and and you know, I think that there's a there's a big movement to suppress Our speech and what we're trying to do, you know The news is not publicizing it the mainstream media is not publicizing it the way that it should be Because there's small businesses all across the country that are not only just desperate and in shambles And I mean if this continues to go on the way that it is All you're going to have is a big box stores left over and the small businesses are not going to be able to come back
Well, we know that Jeff Bezos has doubled his money.
All the other big tech companies.
Have made record profits because they basically wrote the rules internationally where they're essential, we're not.
I went and tried to look at the bailout money and they said, no, you're not eligible.
I don't even want bailout money, but I wanted to see if we could get it.
Surprise, surprise, we couldn't.
And so most people got less than they were told or nothing.
Now there's nothing there.
You can't tell somebody, hey, we're taking your land without paying you for it.
You can't tell somebody, hey, your business is not essential.
Well, like you said, down the street, the Staten Island Mall is just full of people.
This is sick.
It's cynical.
It's all run out of the Davos group.
I think it's time for folks to stand up.
Describe what happened and when you talk about we'll roll some of this exclusive video, when they actually arrested your friend the first time and now what's coming out of this and the incredible thing that happened this weekend, absolutely out of control.
Tell us about Danny Presti.
OK, Danny decided to open up his bar.
His bar is listed in an orange zone.
Staten Island is only I believe it's 13 by 7 miles.
It's very small, but they split it in half and one half is an orange zone and one half isn't so.
Um, and if two blocks away, you can go in and sit down and eat a hamburger and have a beer.
But in his location, you're not allowed to do that.
So with his back against the wall, because he has no money, he has an autistic kid at home.
He's he's doing trying to do everything he can to support his family.
He decided to open.
He opened up and he was arrested by sheriffs.
Um, after the arrest, um, there was a little bit of a dialogue between the sheriffs and himself.
Um, and
He decided that he was going to open again, and he did it with some mainstream media broadcasting from within the location.
So I guess the sheriffs didn't decide to go in at that moment and arrest everyone that was in there, including him and the patrons and the news.
So they waited for him, I think it was last night, to leave the, not last, the night before last perhaps, to leave the bar.
Um, and then I guess there was some events that led to him, him being arrested.
Um, uh, that's pretty much it.
And then there's the whole vigilante angle of this where they came and attacked him outside in his car and then he got arrested.
We'll cover that next segment, but let's show this exclusive video of you guys inside at Max Bar and Grill.
It's like a nice place.
And there are people throwing bottles and attacking the doors that you're open, but they're out in a group.
You know, churches are closed, but the airlines are open.
I mean, this tells us everything we need to know.
This is a big corporate takeover.
And Klaus Schwab admits it's a vertical takeover.
They admit it's a fraud.
This is modern war, folks.
But what's really crazy is how vicious they turn the citizens into.
Here it is.
So we're in Max right now.
Somebody just... Smashing bottles of beer all over the door.
And this is for the Irish!
Who died in the potato famine!
Because you Jews!
And you British Loyalists!
And on, and on, and on.
So this is the total mental illness of people wanting to come attack a small business because they've been told they can't.
They've been waiting.
The same number of folks that rounded up Jews in Nazi Germany.
Same type of KKK that would attack black people when it was cool to do it.
They're just waiting for an excuse to come attack.
Let's play a clip of this.
This is an Oregon teacher.
When they're having an anti-lockdown demonstration, she pulls up, pulls down her mask, screams, yells, says, I hope you kill yourself, I hope you die, I'm a schoolteacher.
Because she's a hero, you're not.
Here it is.
Kill yourself!
I'm a f***ing teacher!
I work at school!
So she's the hero.
She's good.
She's wonderful.
She's a school teacher.
Your children belong to her.
Joseph, you've got your business.
Danny Presti has his.
Looking at these crazed mobs, looking at men beat up women in stores not wearing masks.
Where do you think this is going next?
Well, I'll say there was a very, very peaceful protest at MAX a couple nights ago.
There was so much support from the community that came.
So many business owners.
There were African Americans.
There were Hasidic Jews there that spoke.
The entire Staten Island community came together to speak about
I don't know.
You get crazy other fanatical groups that are coming in and doing all this wild, erratic behavior.
Oh, this is political warfare.
You know, I want to come to Mac's Public House.
For folks who don't know what that means, he may not even know what the history of it means, most restaurants were private clubs in England.
It's a very revolutionary American type deal.
George Washington didn't like the fact that you had to be a member of a club or part of the British aristocracy to be able to get into most restaurants.
So usually a place called a public's house means this is a place for commoners.
Is that what he meant by the name?
I'm not exactly sure what he meant with the name, but he's never asked any specific group.
To come to his bar, he loves everyone equally.
You know, as do I. That's what I'm saying, is that name is like the original libertarian thing.
People didn't know that used to, like, established restaurants, taverns on the road were different.
Everybody could go to those.
But a public's house meant everybody's welcome.
You know, commoners, you name it.
So that's great.
I want to come there.
We ought to have a demonstration there, because I'm telling you, you guys are the front line of the fight.
Let's come back and talk about the latest thing happened this weekend that's getting really no attention, when the mafia showed up from the governor's.
Well, we appreciate Joseph Canizzo from Staten Island, right there in the birthplace of America, George Washington, the big battles, everything, joining us here in this fight.
The bad news is the globalists are powerful, they've got control of the money.
The good news is humanity is awake and what they're doing is totally illegal.
This is a corporate takeover, the Deimos global reset, they claim it's for the people, it's to consolidate power, it's to bankrupt the middle class, it's to create a giant subclass they control in their own words.
So when you look at this and go, this is horrible, this isn't reasonable, this is evil, it is, and it's about getting blue states and blue cities and communist and socialist controlled areas, Germany, Australia, everywhere, to absolutely lock people up and train us to be slaves.
And so, Joseph, one of the head guys and co-owners there at the local jiu-jitsu place, he's friends with the man that's now been arrested for a second time, Danny Pretzi,
For simply opening his business and saying, I'm essential, I have rights.
Just like Rosa Parks said, I'm not sitting in the back of the bus, my feet are tired, I'm sitting wherever I want.
I'm as good as anybody else on this bus.
I'm as good as Target or Walmart.
I'm as good as the local Staten Island mall that's deemed essential.
Or I'm as good as Governor Newsom's restaurants and wineries he owns.
This is sick.
I'm as good as Mayor Lightfoot that says she can go get her hair cut because she said I'm important.
These people are really pushing it.
They're not tone deaf.
They've been told do this and get us used to the fact we're second-class citizens.
So tell us, and we'll show some of the video while you talk about it, what happened to Danny Presti this weekend, where now that he's become, you know, a leader, one arrest wasn't enough.
Boy, they're trying to set him up.
They sent a mob to beat him up.
A special group working with the governor, I'm told, from my sources, I haven't talked to you yet, came to arrest him, and now
Now they're telling him don't even talk.
He's unable to even go on the air at this point.
Faces some type of bigger charge.
We saw the Proud Boys got attacked by Antifa.
They were sent to jail for five years apiece last time I checked.
So talk about what you're dealing with and the next level recrimination for saying I'm essential too.
Alex, the Amazon train is driving through your town on the wood and steel salvage from the shambles of bankrupt small businesses in America.
It's fueled by COVID and the conductor is our government asleep at the wheel.
We really need to get everyone in this country to understand that if we don't start doing things now, there's going to be only a handful of stores that we're going to be going to be able to shop at.
One will be Walmart, Amazon.
You know, maybe our kids and grandkids won't know what it's like to walk into a bakery and buy a cookie or go to a mom and pop shop.
You know, Danny's been doing great things.
I've been trying to help out as much as I can because I truly feel like the mass media is not publicizing the struggles of small businesses throughout this country.
I mean, I've read statistics that more than 30% of small businesses have closed.
I mean, my martial arts school has been on Staten Island since 1962.
I've been fighting tooth and nail to try to survive.
I mean, I've only lasted this long just through the support of the community.
That I've been servicing and my students.
Danny is doing everything that he can.
You know, he's been getting, you know, nine out of ten calls on the phone are very supportive.
Let's be clear though, the Globalists are really trying to hold you underwater.
Hold you underwater, and folks in places like Texas or North Dakota or South Dakota, where we're still somewhat free, we don't get how desperate it is.
You are under savage attack.
This makes me never want to shop at a big box store again.
In fact, I've told my crew, and I still see it show up here, no more Amazon, man, because they are orchestrating this whole damn thing.
It's sick.
Yeah, I mean, I hope your viewers also do realize that.
I know it's difficult because, you know, Amazon gets everything to your house quickly, but, you know, where you spend your money is important.
You know, it could be contributing to a young child's tuition.
It'd be like if Hitler was dropping bombs on London and you're buying your shoes from Hitler.
Imagine, Hitler's dropping bombs on your town, shutting down your businesses, but you're buying, you're putting your money in Hitler's bank.
Why would you do that?
I'm serious.
Keep going, sorry.
You know, all I could say is that the unfortunate events that happened with Danny recently.
He has a great criminal defense attorney.
He was in and out of jail in under 24 hours.
Tell folks what happened.
A mob showed up to attack him and then he got arrested.
Tell me what happened.
From what his attorney has said publicly, is that he left the bar, walked up the street, made a turn, and then two people jumped out from behind a car and said, hey, Presti, and started running towards him.
And then after that, you know, I don't have the details of the specifics of it, but like I said,
I'm sure he's a friend of mine.
Anytime that the sheriffs have ever tried to detain him or speak to him or even arrest him, he's willfully complied.
I think it's a very dangerous situation for him right now.
And I'm sure, you know, he's acting in self-defense.
Now, I'm told this wasn't the local police, New York Police.
This was, or am I correct, this was a special group controlled by the governor through the county?
Well, in New York, we don't have sheriffs the way that they are in other counties throughout America.
They usually handle health code violations or miscellaneous matters.
She said these are regulators.
Well, they're considered sheriffs.
They're considered New York sheriffs, but they are appointed by the mayor.
So that's basically how this is set up from what I know.
Well, like I said, I try not to say too much.
I'd like to just
Advocate for the small businesses, advocate for our cause.
I know people are very frustrated with the mayor and the governor in our state for a lot of different reasons.
You know, one of them was there was some federal unemployment that came through and the mayor, I'm sorry, the governor didn't want to throw in an extra hundred dollars for everybody.
So, you know, there's a lot of different things going on.
Pelosi blocked Trump's aid package.
Let's be honest, they're all monsters.
Well, in the end of the day,
It comes down to the small business and the person who's sitting home.
And if you don't work for a big corporation, and you've been self-employed, or maybe you've been a server at a restaurant, or maybe you've been a bartender, or maybe you're an artist, or maybe you're a musician, or maybe you have a martial arts school, you can't feed yourself.
Well, Joseph, let's remember this.
We were told get rid of our industrial, get rid of our farms, be service people.
We did.
And now they're taking our service economy away saying we're not essential.
I mean, they're telling you you're not essential, brother.
You are essential.
Screw them.
Every day it's just getting harder and harder to try to continue on.
I'll be perfectly honest with you.
And I get messages from other business owners every single day.
I don't think so.
These Indians.
It's got a big selection, small grocery store.
They're from India.
They're listeners.
I go to their place.
Stuff costs 20% more, but it's even better.
More and more, I am not going to spend money with the big system.
I'm not doing it.
Yeah, I mean, they have, you know, it's two sets of rules.
You know, if we're all clear and created equal, start treating us that way.
You know, it's hard enough to run a small business, especially in New York City, with all the city tax, state tax, federal tax.
You're absolutely right.
Let's talk about it.
I want you to vent.
I want you to rage on them and play some clips of the speeches that we're giving when we come back.
And I want to talk about solutions straight ahead, as they tell us we're not essential.
I say the globals are not essential.
I say they should be put in prison.
You know, I just watched footage that's at InfoWars.com.
We knew it was coming.
They built a $10 million, or whatever it was, mega-bridge into Hong Kong in the last five years from the Chinese mainland.
Then they started cracking down and getting rid of the elected government.
They started taking people's property and enslaving them.
And now they've got busload after busload of people being taken away.
COVID was all they needed.
China forces Hong Kong political prisoners onto buses for re-education camps.
And their families beat and scream and beg as they're taken away.
And of course, they'll be arrested next.
Everyone wears their masks, though.
Good little servants.
And next comes the re-education camp.
They don't have a Second Amendment.
Chiang Kai-shek ran to Taiwan.
Others ran to Hong Kong.
It's the brain trust of China.
Richest area in the world per capita.
They're good people.
And Xi Jinping is absorbing them.
Eating them up.
Go ahead and play it with the audio and the video.
Here it is.
Apple runs death camps, and I've had leftists laugh at me.
They think it's funny.
You know, the guy, when I got out of the armored vehicle and pulled his mask off, I was like, China runs death camps.
He was laughing and saying, F you, and bowing up to me.
They only got caught on tape once I got down.
That's what the media, you know, edited.
It was like, I just walk up to some random guy and pull his mask off.
I know, he was sitting there while I was giving a speech about China and death camps laughing and flipping me off and like doing like a gorilla thing like this with his shoulders.
Like, come on down here!
F you!
I'd be like, yeah, they're running death camps in China.
He'd be like, yeah, yeah, we are.
That's where Apple and all of them are based out there, so we must work for Apple or Google.
So I get out of the truck.
I go over to him.
He's all saucer-eyed, like, yeah, dude, this is an NPC world.
You're actually on the street with me.
And I pull his little, you know, his little mask down.
Just to show that you're in the real world here, buddy.
And sure, I shouldn't have done that.
I don't normally put my hands on people, but... He was putting out fightin' words.
Crew didn't know I was gonna go to that.
If you guys just type in, Alex Jones pulls off a mask of Trendier.
Go to Twitter, type my name in.
It's one of the top videos.
Millions of views of it.
But I was down there protesting the mayor, Adler, who got caught on a private jet, commissioned by big tech, flying down to Mexico for a party for his family, for a wedding.
They're not wearing masks.
They're all posing for photos.
But then he wants us to be shut down again.
That's why I went down there.
Now let's go ahead and back this up and play it with audio if you have the time.
Cue that up and we'll go to our guest because this all ties together.
I'm out there.
Needs to be an edited one.
There was a lot of cussing by them.
And again, he's by my truck.
I have an armored truck to the left of taxes.
Hammers, bricks, steel rods, you name it.
And he's saying, F you.
And I'm like, you know, we need to stand against big tech running death camps in China.
Oh, F you.
Come on down here.
Come on down here, boy.
And I said, well, hell, let me see what happens when I come down there.
Because the guy could have been 6'5".
Weighed 300 pounds.
I would have still gone down there to see what he was doing.
But he didn't.
Weighed like 170 pounds of all beanstalk talk.
And he didn't know what to do once I got down there.
But again, the media all edited it from our own video at the point where I grab his mask, like I just randomly grabbed some dude's mask.
No, he was down there for five minutes laughing about Hong Kong, laughing about Taiwan, laughing about China.
Because you better know, folks, people are like, why do you care so much about them?
That's the system we're under attack by.
That's what's coming to us next.
Go ahead and roll the people being shipped off to re-education camp where many won't ever come back again.
Here it is.
In Hong Kong.
This is happening last night.
Here it is.
It's absolutely incredible what's unfolding, what's going on in this world.
So that's why I'm mad at the guy making a joke about it.
So I'm like, Apple's running death camps.
The left is evil.
They're corrupt.
They want to lock you down.
Great reset.
He's laughing, flipping me off, and then doing gorilla things saying, come down here.
Like he wants to fight, you know, bowing up with his fist and his shoulders.
I said, I'll go talk to this guy.
You know, you want to run your freaking mouth, man.
This ain't funny, dude.
They live on the last fumes of gas in America that our former men and women stood up for because women took care of the men.
They're running on the fumes of what other people a lot greater than them did and they piss and crap all over it and I'm not going to put up with it.
Now, Joseph...
Could it so?
And of course, your Patriot friend who's been arrested again, Danny Presti.
I just want to say this, when I tell you you guys are Patriots and heroes, I mean it.
Because everybody else is following orders, you're not.
And you're pointing out what's going on, and I'm seriously considering, I'm already going to be in D.C.
this weekend.
I'm very close to New York while I'm there.
I need to touch stone.
I need to come and touch the place where the rebellion is starting.
So there's a good chance I'm going to come there this week or I'm going to come there next week.
But just in closing, you guys need support and love.
People need to come from New York and all over and come to your businesses.
They need to support them.
And because the police arrest him every time he opens it, people need to bet on the modern day Patrick Henry or Sam Adams, who owned a bar.
They need to support him.
And so tell us how people can support you and also support Danny Presti and what he's doing.
Because if it's $5, $10, or just a prayer, that has a big effect.
It definitely has a huge effect.
Danny has a GoFundMe set up.
I have a GoFundMe set up.
My business has been
Force closed since March.
So, you know, we're hanging on by threads here.
Up in New York, the rules are a lot stronger than anywhere else in the country.
I mean, I just want to talk a quick second about just the overall state of affairs.
Let's get out both of your deals.
Where do people go to support Danny?
The two GoFundMe's we have set up.
You've been putting them up.
Thank you for doing that.
Mack Fights for Small Businesses.
You can go on to GoFundMe and search for that.
And mine is Safe Staten Island Judo Jiu Jitsu Dojo.
So they should be pretty easy to find if you search them on Google.
Any of the support is appreciated.
If you could share, sharing goes a long way, because getting the word out will help us hang on and hopefully reopen.
I know you want to get into what's happening, but just one last thing.
We need to get all the businesses to have like a reopening day.
I would say like next Wednesday, say we're reopening day, and then reopen small businesses, boycott big businesses, and I think you guys should just all have a block party out there, and the police can burn in hell.
The mayor's little select communist goons of that guy looks like a big fat child molester.
Governor de Blasio, Mayor de Blasio.
Well, you know, the government can't have it both ways.
They can't leave us out to starve, keep our backs against the wall, when we can't support our families and give us no subsidy.
Every major country in this world has been taking care of the people and the businesses.
We're left out here for dead.
We have to either open or they have to subsidize us.
It's one or the other.
That guy went to Venezuela to train under Hugo Chavez.
He's a damn shame.
It's a frickin' enemy of America.
Giant sack of filth.
What do you expect commies to do?
Shut down our businesses!
Wage war on us!
Go ahead.
You wanted to point something out.
I'm ranting.
What was the other point?
No, Alex.
It's just... It's so hard to be a business owner up here in New York.
We have such high taxes.
City tax.
State tax.
We have, Staten Island is only 58 square miles.
They have, in the last year or so, they put up 750 speed cameras.
You can't almost, most places you can't drive over 25 miles an hour.
They have, it's almost like this entire country is just slowly creeping closer and closer to becoming like communist China.
I mean, all the big companies, all the big corporations are getting subsidized.
Walmart, Walmart's getting billions of dollars a year.
Meanwhile, their employees are on bootstamps.
You know, Amazon's getting paid to open up warehouses and locations.
It's a predatory authoritarian takeover because we won't stand up for ourselves.
Well, we're trying.
We're trying to do our best in Staten Island.
We're doing everything we can to be vocal.
I'm so happy that you gave us a voice on your show.
I believe that shows like yours, podcasts, are the only true form of media now because every time I give an interview,
They edit it all out and they take two pieces that weren't even put together and they do this.
So, you know.
Oh yeah, when I said we're not doing anything, I wasn't talking about you or Danny Presti.
Alright brother, we really appreciate you on Instagram at S-I-J-J-D.
Go fund Max Fight for Small Businesses.
Go fund me, Steve Staten Island.
Save Staten Island's Jiu-Jitsu Dojo.
Join us again in the next few days.
This unfolds brother, and Godspeed, alright?
Thank you so much for having me on your show.
If you told people ten years ago we'd be at this point, they'd never believe it.
Well, I'm here to tell you it's about to get a lot worse.
Welcome back, Alex Jones here.
It is heartbreaking to watch the footage, not just that one clip, that's on Infowars.com, of
Pro-freedom demonstrators in Hong Kong who had an agreement under treaty until 2030 and passed don't have China in control of them and there they are being shipped away to quote re-education camps where many will never come back again.
Shock video China forces Hong Kong political prisoners on the buses for re-education camps.
And the cover to introduce you to camps in Europe and the US and Canada
is what they call COVID camps, that it's secret where you go, they then intubate you with a device, a ventilator, and then kill you that way.
So the new guillotine is now the ventilator, and the new sign of slavery, the new white flag, is the face diaper.
Disturbing video out of Hong Kong shows family members of political prisoners saying hysterical goodbyes over China, rounded them up onto buses headed for education camps in the mainland.
No one on the mainland would ever come to the camp.
But, you know, these folks are still free.
The heartbreaking footage shows a group of desperate Hong Kongers banging on the barred windows of the buses as it drives away in the Chinese mainland.
So what's happening here is
There's always an outside group that wants to dominate you and take you over.
And if you don't have a history and organization and a military and an armed population to resist it, you will be taken over.
And so we lived under freedom so long, we're like, wait, they're still in the election?
Wait, they're just taking over?
Wait, they got pedophiles teaching kids in public schools?
I mean, because you don't stand up.
And so a lot of people are saying, well, Jones, when is the time for a shooting war?
Well, if you won't show up in D.C.
this weekend to peacefully point out that our president won re-election, and he's been trying to peacefully reverse this, and if you won't show up at state capitals, and if you won't donate to InfoWars, and if you won't spread the word, you're never gonna go put bullets in anybody, okay?
And here's the deal.
90% of the people who work for the Globalists don't even know what they're doing.
I don't want to hurt them.
I want them to have a great future.
I don't want physical conflict.
Because the globalists have us in a modern domesticated age where it just, it's terrible if it goes that direction.
So, I am not offensively planning anything, but I'm here to tell you, forced inoculations, global government, seeds, saying you're not essential.
If they lock you up in your house and you starve to death, that's a form of war.
You have a right to fight back.
You have a right, if a mayor locks you down, and you lose your business, and then you lose your house and you're homeless, to go to their house and live in their living room and eat their food.
And by the way, they know that, so they're going to direct you at the middle class, not at their house.
I want to sit in Mayor Adler's living room at the W. I want the homeless he brings here and gives... I want them in his house!
They don't respect you.
They've never been called out, folks.
That's why they're doing this.
The heartbreaking footage shows a group of desperate Hong Kongers banging on the barred windows of the bus as it drives away to the Chinese mainland.
Josh Wong Wong, Ivan Lam, and Agenas Chow, who spearheaded the Umbrella Movement 2019 that we had reporters on the ground covering, against Communist China's encroachment on the Hong Kong sovereignty, were among the political prisoners boarded in vans after getting sentenced last week for their roles in the mass protest by the Communist Chinese.
There's Time Magazine reporting on it.
They deserve it.
It does good.
You'll soon be in camp.
DNI Ratcliffe says we'll see whether there is a Biden administration.
He was on Fox News and didn't go along with their gaslighting.
Again, we just joined this.
The Supreme Court has moved up the dates to hear Trump's cases so that it doesn't go within the window and then lose its constitutional authority to do it.
So the Supreme Court is teeing it up to give it back to the legislatures.
And demand that they choose the electors and have hearings.
And they can also do more than that.
They can throw out all those state elections and demand new elections.
Or they can simply certify it for Trump because of the fraud.
It's that serious.
Democrat operatives went on all five states, at least six states but five were focused on, and got agreements, consent agreements, outside of legislative law to accept the fake ballots and no signatures and the rest of it.
It's all fraudulent.
Then we have the moral authority with the evidence of the fraud.
They got a big problem.
The worm turned.
If you believe in Trump, if you believe in freedom, if you march in D.C., if you are aggressive, if you support the institutions fighting back, we're going to win.
And regardless, we're going on the 20th to say he's not our president in D.C.
It's like that mayor said three weeks ago.
Oh, COVID restrictions settling.
No one can come to the city.
Screw you, we came in.
We do what we want, you dirty little commies.
We know who you are.
We've just begun to fight.
We're not beginning to surrender.
It's not in our vocabulary.
Pedophiles are gonna burn in hell.
All right!
Let's go to DNI Ratcliffe.
We'll see whether there is a Biden administration.
I want to get your take on Joe Biden naming a cabinet and expecting that he is going to have a national security team.
And here are his Obama-era picks, and I want to get your take on whether or not they agree with you and understand the threat.
You've got Jake Sullivan for NSA.
He sent classified emails to Hillary Clinton's server.
He hyped the Russiagate hoax, co-authored the essay calling China an essential U.S.
Anthony Blinken for Secretary of State.
We're good.
And of course Avril Haines, who wants your job as DNI, he's the former deputy of John Brennan and Susan Rice, who were deeply involved, we understand, John Brennan was, in the Russia hoax.
So does a potential incoming Biden administration agree with this about China?
And will they change policy?
Well, these election issues, we'll see who is in what seats and whether there is a Biden administration.
But the point of what I've done here and how I've addressed this and why it's different for a director of national intelligence to take this approach is,
I want to make sure that the American people are clear on the threats so that they can hold whoever holds these important national security positions is held accountable so that the things that the Trump administration has done so successfully that is different than any other administration has done before sanctions against China, tariffs relating to China, holding them accountable on the world stage.
Very powerful information.
I'm going to host a little bit of the next hour, then hand the baton to Gerald Cilente.
But let me just say this right now.
InfoWars has proven itself vital to the future of the Republic and vital to the future of human liberty and freedom.
And I'm very honored to be in this position.
I'm very thankful to you for keeping us in the fight.
But I just want to ask listeners to, again, recommit, count the costs, and realize that if you do your Christmas shopping at InfoWarsStore.com and take advantage of the big sales we've got going,
That that funds an organization that the globalists absolutely hate.
We are like nails on a chalkboard to them.
We are over the target.
We do not back down.
We are unfiltered.
We are historically accurate.
We have incredible guests.
We are the blood of freedom.
You are the blood of freedom.
We are symbiotic.
And it's just like a family line.
Just like you go back to your earliest ancestors tens of thousands of years ago into the future.
We are one family.
We are one body together.
You cannot let Infowars die.
And it's under such attack, but because of you, we've persevered, and now we've gone from 50-50 people hating us and loving us to like 90%.
We've hit the zeitgeist, and I know it's an incredible responsibility.
You look at videos of me two years ago, I look 10 years younger.
People say, you know, Jones, you sell your supplements, you look like hell.
I have chosen to take on everything and everything to hurt me.
Because it gives me greater discernment.
It's psychological, it's spiritual, but I can ignore things.
I can cut off pain, but I have chosen the way of pain, and I have chosen to take all this on.
It's why my beard's gone gray the last year.
It's why I'm, you know, I'm killing myself, but it's a good mission, and if it wasn't for the supplements and the rest of it, I couldn't do what I do, but I'm working 18 hours a day.
I sleep.
I have dreams about fighting the New World Order.
If there was ever anybody in modern history totally committed to fighting the operations of the New World Order, it's Infowars.
Thank you for your support.
We've got big sales at InfoWarStore.com.
We've got the Christmas specials going right now.
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So, InfoWarStore.com.
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InfoWars.com forward slash newsletter.
It's time to override the censors and get the truth out.
There comes a moment when you realize it's all bigger than you.
And you turn it over to God.
And that is the moment of rebirth.
Then all that matters is carrying out the operation faithfully.
Because we're not taking orders from Satan.
They're orders from God.
And if God is in us, who can be against us?
All right.
There's one clip from Trump's powerful Saturday speech I haven't gotten to yet.
I'm going to play it at the start of the next segment.
Then I'll hand the baton halfway into the segment to Gerald Celente.
There's an 11-minute, 30-second clip from June of 2018, where I get into the U.N.
disease acts, the global government rollout, their plan, and it lays it all out.
And I already played part of this earlier, but here's a few more minutes of it, just so people understand that we know what we're talking about.
Here it is.
June 17.
What did I and Dr. Group and others, and Dr. Blaylock, who's a brain surgeon, what have we talked about in the past here on the air?
That the globalists have said in their white papers, in their own UN documents, that they want to create race-specific bioweapons and other systems to depopulate the planet.
They teach that everywhere, that the world without humans would be great, we need to depopulate, China's been the center of one-child policy, all of this, and that it would be good to cull the planet.
A lot of this, from my sources, is that they're preparing to release bioweapons, claim that they're naturally occurring,
And then use that as the cover for civil emergency, societal control, crackdowns on free speech.
Obama put the internet kill switch in five years ago.
And when he got confronted by Congress, he said, well, it's in case the bird flu or SARS gets out.
Just type that in.
CDC says internet kill switch is in case bird flu or SARS breaks out, and they have to control panic and direct every website in the U.S.
to one government announcement.
And we looked at every angle and believe a bioweapon release could be the thing they'd release to bring in a world government to counter a global problem, and the U.N.
has said that a global pandemic is the only thing that may save their world government.
It may not be this year, but this is the globalist plan.
I'm Alex Jones.
You have been warned.
All right, that full video is on Bandai Video.
I go into all the details in the next 10 minutes.
Now, I was going to talk about this today, but I'm going to do it tomorrow.
Joel Osteen.
I get asked a lot about Joel Osteen.
He's down in Houston, and he's super positive.
And at a certain point, the globalists want you to be a victim.
They want you to be negative.
They want you to believe you're a failure.
And so him saying, you're going to overcome, you're not a loser, I actually think is extremely positive.
I'll just be honest with you.
Except there's one missing ingredient.
You can have, you know, 13 essential vitamins.
What is it?
11 essential minerals.
Whatever it is, look it up.
But if you're missing one, you die.
You'll die of any disease in like six months.
Well, he doesn't say you got to take action.
So I'm not here to criticize Joel Osteen.
I'm thinking about a message to him.
Because I mean, you know, I thought, well, people are just being mean to him because I get asked a lot about him.
So I went about a week ago.
I don't
And tell people, hey, abortion's wrong.
Hey, there's a lot of pedophilia and Satanism.
We need to hear positive believing in God, and that if we take the right action, God will lead us the rest of the way, and take us across that bridge.
That's totally true.
But as the Bedouins say, trust in God, but tie up your camel.
Or as Hunter S. Thompson would say, pray to God, but we're away from the rocks.
That's really my message to everybody out there is that faith without works is dead.
And so I like Kanye going down there and speaking, and I like all of it.
Notice Kanye speaks out against the black genocide.
He speaks out against the world government.
He speaks out against how we're being drugged.
Joel Osteen doesn't do any of that.
And it needs to stop.
And so I pray for Joel Osteen that God will touch his heart.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
You're not asking the right person, brother.
But I'm not bragging, I guess the lead singer of The Who is a big listener and thinks InfoWars is the answer, so... So you tune in to The InfoWar.
I'm not joking, by the way, you can look that up.
It's kind of funny, isn't it?
Crank it up for a minute.
No, he became, the lead singer became a big listener with, uh...
My 9-11 information.
He is a seeker.
They call me the seeker.
And the only reason I tell you this is not to make you feel powerful or to make me feel powerful.
It's to let you know how powerful God is that is inside of us.
And the fact that InfoWars has turned so many incredible tides.
And that so many people you see speaking out against the globalists were inspired by this show and by you supporting it.
You did that just as much as I did that.
But we know who did it.
God working through all of us.
So I salute you.
And I absolutely thank you all.
Now Trump did about an hour and 50 minutes of speaking.
We played a lot of the clubs that was powerful in Georgia.
And you know he spoke three days before that in the Oval Office or in one of the side rooms and it was his most powerful speech ever up to that point.
I agree with him.
But it just got more powerful at this speech.
Because that's the moment we're in.
This crazy important time.
This is when the decision's being made about the future.
So here's President Trump Saturday.
Won't see this anywhere but right side or OAN or Newsmax or Infowars.
It's blacked out everywhere else but you know what?
We're exploding.
They're imploding.
That's the good news is we didn't roll over.
We didn't sit in a ditch.
You funded us.
We're here for this now.
So that the President's voice can be heard and amplified and I hope you share this link again so it's amplified more.
Here he is!
Remember, so many of the states, I won every one of them.
Every one of these states.
And by the way, the swing states that we're all fighting over now, I won them all by a lot.
I won them all by a lot.
And I have to say, if I lost, I'd be a very gracious loser.
If I lost, I would say I lost, and I'd go to Florida, and I'd take it easy, and I'd go around, and I'd say I did a good job.
But you can't ever accept when they steal and rake and rob.
Can't accept.
Well, the Democrats did try to steal.
The presidency, they're trying like hell.
Do you ever notice the fake news?
Today he's appointing his this, his that, Sonny.
His secretary of agriculture, Sonny.
I like Sonny.
We want Sonny.
He was a great governor here for eight years, right?
We're going to end this baton to Gerald Cilente in just a moment, but I want to ask him this question.
But first off, I'll say it because I didn't plug it.
The second hour we'll go bankrupt if we don't.
Trying to catch up.
Promo code PATRIOT ends today.
Additional 10% off whatever you've already ordered, whatever discounts already there in the free shipping.
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That sounds like a lot with 100 employees, this crew.
That's like dead empty gas tank, okay?
The good news is I don't have to pay any taxes because I'm not getting any money.
But I don't care about that.
I care about staying on air and not letting employees go and giving them a little Christmas bonus.
So I'm not bitching.
I'm not complaining.
You know what's going on.
But I see Jeff Bezos made $100 million during a lockdown.
Well, we made less money.
That didn't work for us because you're going bankrupt.
I get it.
I got family.
And they see what's happening.
Prices are going up.
And they're like veterans.
They're living on a pension.
It's a mess, ladies and gentlemen.
It's an absolute mess.
I want to thank you for shopping with us this Christmas.
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Clean Iodine.
It's so good, look at the studies for that for your immune system.
But I wanted to bring this up to Gerald Salendi, one of the top trends forecasters out there, author, researcher, good friend of mine, patriot.
Watching this take place, watching this world government, and now seeing the Supreme Court come out three weeks ago and move conservative judges in over the battleground states, and now to have them move up the timeline so that Trump gets heard.
I see the Supreme Court teeing this up because of all the fraud that's coming out.
To actually override the fraud in these states.
I think it was a 30% chance.
I think it's about a 45% chance now.
I mean, I really see the fact that their hoax of Russia, their hoax of everything else is starting to backfire.
And Trump's pretty confident.
I talked to, not name-dropping,
Three of his top lawyers this week, and they were even pessimistic two weeks ago.
They're like, no, we have such evidence now, the Supreme Court's getting it, of what's happened in Georgia and Pennsylvania and Michigan, where they have the whole chain of fraud.
The suitcases pulled out while they closed the polling place, running the ballots through.
They're all for Biden.
Well, thank you.
What I see happening, Alex, is I think it is going to go to the Supreme Court, but I'm concerned that the Supreme Court's been sold out as well at some levels.
I mean, we saw it with that guy Roberts.
Who really took the opposition's side on key issues, particularly the last one, giving religions the right to congregate.
And he just went neutral on it.
And also, they're part of the establishment, and Trump is not the establishment.
That's why they attacked him from the beginning.
He's not a member of the club.
The Republicans didn't want him to win.
You remember the debates in 2016, little Marco Rubio and pushing down, you know, putting his arm around little George Bush and calling him out as a little nothing that he is.
So Trump is not their guy.
So I don't have faith in the Supreme Court at this point, because the evidence is clear in front of everyone.
And as you pointed out, the lawyers keep providing it.
The Supreme Court, I think, is going to turn it back to the states in some way.
They are pressured by the media.
And, you know, you get to these positions, a lot of them is because you're a member of the club.
And so that's my concern, Alex.
No, I totally agree, but the evidence they've dug up, it's insane.
Yeah, the evidence won't mean anything, it never does, when they don't want it to be.
Let me tell you something about that guy, what was his name?
George W. Bush?
Who lied us into the war with no evidence at all?
Yeah, the WMDs.
Yeah, and he has ties to Al Qaeda.
So no, it doesn't count.
Justice has been lost in America.
Forget it.
They don't count anymore.
So that's what I'm concerned about.
I'm concerned about the Supreme Court doing a Supreme sellout.
Because the evidence of fraud, you can't get... This is a lot bigger than hanging chads of 2000.
This is everywhere.
I agree.
I mean, it's almost like they wanted to get caught.
It's ridiculous.
I guess they just feel confident.
Yeah, they're confident because they're con men, and it's a con game.
Liberty, freedom, justice is being robbed from us in front of our eyes in every way you can see it.
I agree with you.
You're going to take over right now, but 30 seconds.
What is the blowback?
I see big blowback from this.
Yeah, it's a time for a whole new movement.
A time for the end of the Republican Party, a whole new movement to change the course of what's going on.
Because with Biden, oh, by the way, I'm getting blacklisted place after place for speaking out against things.
So I have to be careful what I say.
But with Biden, it's communism plus.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you for having me on InfoWars.
And I have to disagree with Alex.
You said he wishes you a Merry Christmas.
You're not allowed to wish anybody a Merry Christmas anymore.
It's a whole new game.
You better watch out.
You better not cry.
You better be good.
I'm telling you why.
Satan Claus is coming to town.
He knows when you've been sleeping.
He knows when you're awake.
He knows if you've been vaccinated.
So get vaccinated.
The held sake.
That's what's happened.
It's gone.
Look at this.
A shield.
That's the way they're celebrating Christmas.
Isn't that something?
Temperature screening.
Oh, look at the little elves cleaning the thing.
That's right.
You could zoom online.
It's just as good.
Yeah, it's the Satanic Silicon Valley dead people.
Hey, zooming is just as good as being there.
You know, I sent these guys a picture of me when I was a kid sitting on Santa's lap.
I want to see if they got it yet.
Here I am.
Look at that.
Can't do that anymore.
Can you imagine a heartbreak coming out of kids?
Look what it used to be.
Look at it.
And now that's gone.
And look what it is now.
A shield.
Satan is slaughtering Santa.
You're not going to go out.
You're not going to go travel to be with loved ones this Christmas.
This is the order!
This is the order!
You will not travel.
And look at the latest data.
69% of the people, 70% are not going to travel to be with loved ones to celebrate the birth of the Prince of Peace.
That's prohibited under law!
Look what they're telling.
Y'all can't go out and shop!
No, you can get it on Amazon!
If you want to look at a devilish figure, boy, that cat got some look that ain't for me.
And one after another, they're destroying the beauty of life.
This is not a Merry Christmas.
And where are the people?
How come they're not standing up?
How come they're not saying, no, we're not gonna do this.
Oh, and by the way, by the way, you little stupid morons, you little imbecilic SOBs, these little children that are now Zoomed to Santa, they're not susceptible to the disease according to the data.
The recovery rate of people 1 to 20 years old, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, look at that.
It's 99.997%.
That's a fact.
Look how freaked out the people are.
Help, I want my own.
Remember when Santa used to go down the chimney?
Now you gotta get all that dust out of that chimney and make it perfectly clean and sanitize it.
Oh, when Santa comes.
No, Santa can't come into your house anymore.
Strangers are not allowed in your home anymore.
There will be no more Santa coming down the chimney.
Now, look at this.
Look how freaked out the freaks are.
How come that little kid?
I think that kid is over two years old.
How come it doesn't have a mask on?
Satan Claus has come to town.
This is not a Merry Christmas.
Telling us that we must get vaccinated, then they'll allow us to sit on Santa's lap.
Telling us not to be with our loved ones.
Man, when I was a kid, we had Christmas dinners.
We had 25 people over.
My aunts, my uncles, my cousins.
We should start eating about 1.30 in the afternoon.
Big antipasto.
You're going to lasagna.
And then later we got the kids to go out and play.
And then we'd have turkey.
We didn't finish.
They didn't go home till like eight, nine o'clock at night.
Partying all day long.
Now it's all gone.
Being stolen in front of our eyes and hearts and souls.
For what?
For the virus!
It has a 99.8% recovery rate.
Ah, they didn't close down Sweden and look how they're paying for it.
Oh yeah.
They only have about 7,000 deaths and about 10 million people.
But in the fascist state of Michigan, with about 9 million, maybe 500 people, 600 people, they have over 10,000 deaths and they're totally locked down.
It's not a Merry Christmas.
All these bars and businesses, all the small retailers going under when the time when they make it the best, all the holiday parties and cheer,
The streets outside here are dead.
On the whole block, I counted four cars parked.
You couldn't get a parking space here.
People walking up and down the street with nobody on it, with masks on.
If we don't fight for freedom, we're going to die in hell.
On Earth.
That's what this turned into.
This isn't my kind of America.
And not my kind of Merry Christmas.
This is sick.
So do what you can to support InfoWars.
As Alex said.
You know, a million dollars.
I mean, I'm in business.
Ain't a lot of dough to have in the bank.
Not when you have all the employees that they have.
And do the job that they do.
I do a lot of shows.
They're the best of the best.
They give everything they have to make it happen.
So you give everything you have to make it happen.
Unless you want to keep living hell on earth.
We must unite universally for freedom, peace and justice.
Start by putting your heart and mind where your pocketbook is and buy those great products from InfoWars.
Build your immune system.
Get strong.
Great being on the Alex Jones Show and InfoWars.
And again, do what you can to support the truth.
It's being killed, destroyed in front of us.
I'm getting more and more censors from LinkedIn.
You're not allowed to say, Heil Hitler.
I did a little poem, you know, get back in your house, get back in your house.
You know, don't go out and play.
Get back in your house.
Get back in your house.
I'll tell you where to stay.
Get back in your house.
Get back in your house.
You will obey.
Heil Hitler.
I got censored for that.
I got censored for saying that if we don't fight liars, cowards, freaks and fools who are running and destroying our lives, we'll continue to ruin it.
I got censored.
That was called bullying and harassment.
And this just came in from Google.
Hi Gerald Cilenti.
We wanted to let you know our team reviewed your content and we think it violates our medical misinformation policy.
We think.
We think and therefore it is.
Our medical misinformation policy.
These people, just so everyone listening knows and understands this,
At the YouTube community, owned by Alphabet, they have the only medical information that is worth looking at, and all the rest is misinformation.
We know you may not have realized this was a violation of our policies, so we're not applying a strike to your channel.
However, we have removed the following content from YouTube.
The video was, Corona Hysteria, Prestitutes and Politicians Killing Economy.
Corona Hysteria?
Oh, no, it's not hysteria.
People aren't hysterical.
No, no, people, it's normal for people to wear masks, not to visit each other on holidays, not allow other people from other homes into their home.
Work from home.
Don't go out at night.
That's not hysteria.
And prostitutes and politicians killing the economy.
Oh no, the economy is doing just fine.
It's great.
It's great.
Yeah, look at that.
I have a sister in a nursing home.
I can't go see her.
I call her up every day.
She cries.
My sister, Grace.
The only way I could go see her, she has to be... I could go by and she could wave to me.
I can't bring her food.
I used to cook for her all the time.
About 90 miles away.
I used to try to, you know, go every couple of weeks.
Yeah, it's not even that good luck to do it now.
They're behind the door.
This is craziness.
They're destroying our lives in front of us, so I'm not allowed to say that.
We realize this may be disappointing news, but it's our job to make sure that YouTube is a safe place for all.
Oh, and matter of fact, I guess when I put my videos on YouTube, I should make sure I wear a mask so I could be as stupid and ignorant
As all those little low-life prostitutes that have a microphone in front of them and nobody around them with a mask on as my glasses are fogging up.
And of course breathing in carbon dioxide is really good for you and you don't need fresh air.
YouTube doesn't allow content that explicitly disputes the efficacy of local health authorities.
How's that for a big fat
Take a look at the health authority from Pennsylvania.
How about that?
Rachel Lola, L-O-L-A Lola Levin.
Did you ever see a picture of him?
Him got mad at a reporter for calling him her son.
That's the health authority that they're telling us to listen to.
Rachel Levin.
How about that health authority from Los Angeles?
There's Rachel.
Now there's a, he should, she should tell me, oh, by the way, I have an honorary doctorate from the National University of Health Sciences.
First book I worked on was Natural Healing.
And Mr. Triple Chin Levin, don't you tell me what to do.
Health-wise or any other way.
Fatty, slob-looking, health minister of nothing.
How could anybody with a brain bigger than a pea
Listen to that guy, girl, man, woman, whoever.
And I'm not against any race, creed, color, and all that trans sex.
I could care less.
But don't shove your crap down my throat and think you're gonna do it and get away with it.
This is the clown that didn't tell people they can't go out on Thanksgiving, the night before Thanksgiving.
And they locked down all the bars, put people out of business.
This is the time when everybody goes out and has a great time.
But no more.
And look at that woman over there in Los Angeles.
She's a skeleton.
A skeleton.
Telling us what to do.
But we have to listen to health authorities or the World Health Organization.
Guidance on social distancing and self-isolation.
That may lead people to act against that guidance.
I will do it.
If I don't, all aboard next train to Auschwitz.
There she is.
That's the health authority of Los Angeles.
That is who's closing down
Destroying the lives of what?
What do they have about California?
40 million people in the whole area.
They're closing down if it's almost now to 30 million.
Los Angeles County has 10 million, but they keep expanding it.
No Christmas shopping.
No holiday spreading joy.
Joy is not allowed to be spread.
If you try to spread joy, you will spread the virus.
This is satanic what's going on.
And I'm mentioning that to you, what they're doing to me, that they've done to Alex Jones.
And only, we only put facts, hard scientific facts and data in the Trends Journal.
We should never have been censored for this.
So do what you can to support InfoWars and of course, the Trends Journal.
We must fight and unite
For freedom, peace, and justice.
Because you can see what's going on in front of our eyes.
The masses are marching off.
They're not fighting.
But it does not take a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen on setting fresh fires of freedom in the minds of men and women.
Says Samuel Adams.
And that's what we must do.
So do what you can.
This is this is on.
You cannot write a horror story worse than this one.
If you try to sell it.
As a movie, no one would buy it.
The year the world changed.
From life on Earth.
To hell on Earth.
No fun allowed.
No dancing, no kissing.
No hugging, no squeezing, no feeling the warmth and passion of love for the fellow human being.
We'll be back in just a few.
Stay tuned.
You can stay open.
No social distancing.
Get in there as many as you want.
You know the numbers.
The billionaires, since this happened, got trillions since they locked down everything.
All the money's going to the hands of the few.
All we are are plantation workers in Slavelandia.
So, if you're going to want to let freedom ring, do what you can to support InfoWars.
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And to me, they are the part of the whole deal.
So instead of supporting the companies that seek to silence the voices of true
Conservatives, I say patriots, you know, why not support InfoWars?
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One after another.
So be better.
It's better to be prepared than unaware.
As I say, you know, prepare for the worst.
If the worst doesn't happen, you lose nothing.
If you don't prepare for the worst and the worst happens, you lose everything.
So support the InfoWars crew.
They're terrific in their fight against tyranny today at InfoWarsStore.com.
Today, December 1st, excuse me, December 7th, 2021.
69 years ago or more, was it?
More than that.
79 years.
Pearl Harbor, December 7th, 1941.
Not even a mention of it in the news.
Zero, nada, nothing.
With 2,000 Americans killed in Pearl Harbor, bombed by the Japanese.
Thousands wounded.
Some 18 ships, I think five battleships, sunk.
Not a word about World War II.
And I'm a lucky guy.
Because, there you go, Donald Trump remembered it.
We're the same age.
I'm born in 1946, right after the war.
So I really grew up at a really terrific time.
I had sisters and they were born in the 1930s, and younger ones, they're called change-of-life kids, born in the 60s.
My grandparents were born in the 1800s, so I saw all of this.
And I saw America at its patriotic high after World War II.
It came out with the hottest, happiest music, man.
It was rockin' and rollin' time.
It was time to let loose and be free.
Not anymore.
You will not sing.
You're not even allowed to sing Christmas carols.
That's how low America's gone.
And just a few weeks ago, November 22nd, the assassination of JFK.
Not a peep by the prostitutes about it.
I have a photo of me, John Connolly.
He was the governor of Texas who took the bullet in the back.
And me and his wife with the book depository over our shoulders.
I'll show it to you sometime again.
We wrote about it.
And it was the first time back since the assassination.
He told us what happened that day.
It was parked out in front.
That's the side of the building you see.
So that's where we are in America.
The greatness is gone.
It's gone.
Fear, hysteria, hate and divisiveness is what sells.
Merry Christmas.
The lives that are being destroyed, the businesses took lifetimes to build.
Wipe down.
Wipe down.
The bigs will get bigger.
They'll throw us little pennies, the plantation workers.
Get back in your house.
Go on, get back in there.
Yeah, you get on a food line, you get some food.
Just shut up.
You get a job stacking shelves and shipping out stuff.
Don't go to college.
It's worthless anymore.
You don't need a degree.
We'll tell you what to do.
And you can't afford one anyway.
The colleges are closing down, turning into ghost towns.
I want to hit a few of our top trends.
Do one next week.
The 2021.
We're going to be putting them out today in the Trends Journal.
And so you better prepare.
One of them is going to is the greatest depression.
It's begun.
But people aren't going to see it, and they're going to deny it.
Just like they do in Argentina and Venezuela, and other countries suffering all throughout Africa.
They're great depressions, but they'll keep the equity markets high, keep the highs high, and the little people will think everything's fine because the prostitutes and the business media will say, you see, we got more jobs.
Oh yeah, but how many really are unemployed?
Well, we won't count them, because once your unemployment is over, you're not counted anymore.
So they're going to keep the illusion that things are coming back.
And they won't realize the crash happens until the equity markets crash.
But the gangsters, the banksters, will do everything to artificially prop them up.
Oh, and before I forget, I mentioned the word gangster and a person that used to teach my teacher, John Perkins, not the John Perkins on TV, another one from tackproof.com, my close combat teacher, his teacher, Brad Steiner.
Who writes for us in the Trends Journal on survivalism.
He's one of the top close combat experts in the United States.
Just passed away this Saturday.
So I'm heartbroken about that.
And I'll learn more later.
But going back to the Greatest Depression.
The gangsters are in charge.
And they're going to keep the fraud going.
They'll keep making money.
The trillionaires will get richer.
As we all get poorer.
That'll be until the time we unite universally for peace, freedom, and justice.
Freedom, peace, and justice is the only way I see the future to be higher.
Another movement we're going to see is anti-tax, anti-vax political parties.
Big resistance is going to happen with this.
And when Alex asked me before, what's the way
To me, one of the ways is we have to start a new political party.
The Republicans abandoned Trump.
They're not in his team.
They play along with him as much as they can.
They mentioned the Supreme Court people.
You don't get to those kind of positions without being a member of the club.
And they're only going to take just so much pressure before they bend.
Few won't.
But the majority might.
So we're going to see a big movement for a new way.
I've never seen it better in my life.
We need people to represent we the people of the United States.
Not big businesses that pay off these little lowlife scum politicians.
And by the way, you could pay them off cheaply because they have no value of currencies.
They never worked a day in their lives.
So they don't care.
They just get enough to live on and a lot more easy life.
That's all they're concerned about.
Again, please do what you can to support InfoWars.
We all need your help to keep truth alive and freedom and justice prevailing.
And liberty, which they're locking us out of and locking us down not to have any.
So put your money where your heart and mind is.
Support InfoWars and of course,
You're not going to want to miss the Trends Journal Top Trends 2021.
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