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Name: 20201205_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: Dec. 5, 2020
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In this monologue, Alex Jones discusses various concerns such as health consequences of vaccines, human experimentation, corporate practices, and election fraud. He raises questions about COVID-19 vaccine efficacy and potential side effects, including sterilization, and criticizes the rush to approve them without proper review. The speaker also expresses concern over the Great Reset's goal of a transhumanist revolution, globalist control through vaccines, and the power of AI surveillance. He warns about the dangers of trusting large corporations such as Apple and YouTube, accusing them of being complicit in human rights abuses. Finally, he urges viewers to be aware of potential dangers and fight against globalist takeover by taking advantage of a sale at InfowarsStore.com that supports their operation in providing resources countering the "New World Order."

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The head of the most powerful corporate consortium in the world, Klaus Schwab, who is the mouthpiece of The Globalist, has openly said that they are entering a transhumanist revolution and that humans will be merged with the new digital and biological future.
And that this transformation is going to happen whether we like it or not, because it's for our own good.
But the head of a major European Union medical commission, Has come out with a group of high-level doctors and scientists and repudiated the rollout of the mRNA vaccine and other vaccines and has connected it directly in the medical literature to the sterilization of women.
I have spent years studying this, but in the last 48 hours, I've spent more than 10 hours reading the source documents and checking everything in this lawsuit filed in the European Union to block the rollout of the mRNA vaccine.
This is life and death information.
This is not science fiction.
This is 2020 and corporate world government trying to impose its power and its will over you.
And in their own documents, they admit it doesn't protect you from COVID-19.
I'm about to lay out, in the time we have here today, as briefly as I can, some of the main evidence of this.
So these top scientists are asking, what the hell does it really do?
And they looked at it and found it targets the placenta in women.
I'm about to lay out in the time we have here today, as briefly as I can, some of the main
evidence of this.
But what's incredible is everything that is in this 30-something page lawsuit at the EU
level is borne out in white papers, medical reports, and even admissions by the drug companies.
That's what's incredible is they're telling you what they're doing with trying to get governmental protection from liability to literally be able to sterilize you, kill you, paralyze you.
I mean, it's incredible.
This is war.
This is the legalization of mass debilitation, soft kill, and extermination.
So let's get right into the documents.
So let's start at what's currently been filed and then we're going to go back to the beginning and go through all the evidence.
This is life and death for you and your family.
If you have daughters especially, I have three.
If they want to be sterilized, let them do it when they're 18.
But this is a mass corporate, global government movement to sterilize the women of the planet and get away with it.
It's absolutely incredible.
This is Nazi level, Nuremberg level stuff.
Totally violations of the Geneva Convention.
Nuremberg Co.
This is Joseph from England.
I'll stop at 110%.
Wolfgang Wudar is a highly respected German physician.
He's the chair of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe Health Committee for the European Union.
So he's very prestigious, extremely respected on so many fronts, and he laid all this out back in March and predicted what has now happened in the big power grab.
Now, here is the lawsuit for an injunction to stop this unapproved experimental vaccine, because he's not getting regular approval, it's been given emergency approval, and then he goes through Incredible fraud, and that has a huge published paper with this whole group of top scientists documenting everything he says, but I went through every area of it and pulled it up and confirmed it.
I mean, here's one quick example.
He says, the drug companies say these vaccines won't even protect you, and they say that it won't stop you spreading COVID.
I pulled up AP, Reuters, you name it, with them saying that in just the last few days since he filed this.
This is December 1st, came out a few days ago.
I mean, it's incredible what a hoax this is.
It's a real virus, you can die from it if you've got autoimmune problems or don't have enough vitamins and minerals like old folks in nursing homes, but that's about it.
But it does spread very, very freely.
So that, again, everyone is suspect and it's a problem looking for the big pharma, Bill Gates, U.N.
surveillance, control, forced inoculation solution.
And then it's when you get the inoculation that you get the big problems.
We're going to show you that here in just a moment.
But first, let's start at the beginning.
Early 1970s, John P. Holdren, Annie Ehrlich, and Paul Ehrlich published Ecoscience that becomes the Bible of the Rockefeller Foundation and the UN for worldwide depopulation.
It's then put into State Department Morandum 200 by Henry Kissinger calling for depopulating the third world by at least 50%.
Okay, I'm going to start getting into the lawsuit itself and the key documents in a moment.
to sterilize you, how to use vaccines to lower fertility.
So this is all here, this is the Bible of the big UN global governance system, eco-science,
and there's free online copies of this on Scribd and other areas.
Okay, I'm gonna start getting into the lawsuit itself and the key documents in a moment,
but first let me just show you this.
Just type in World Health Organization anti-fertility vaccines.
You'll get thousands of reports, hundreds of patents, the tests, the admissions, the testing, and on rats, cows, pigs.
The WHO Task Force on Vaccines for Fertility Regulation, its formation, objectives, and activities.
This goes back 30 years.
And again, there's just literally thousands of this. You could never read all of it.
Immunization to regulate fertility, biological and cultural frameworks.
Future prospects for vaccines to control fertility. And they've got them for animals,
they've got them for fish, they've got them for everything, and they're actually using them.
And now that's how Dr. who heads up this commission was able to look at what's in
those vaccines versus what's in the COVID mRNA. And it's the same thing.
It's an anti-fertility vaccine.
That's why they're like, well, it might not help you with this, but it might not stop COVID, but it's a test.
We're going to change proteins in you, and you'll form antibodies against those proteins, where it then attacks the placenta, so the baby can never get attached to get nutrients.
Pretty hardcore.
Continuing here.
Yeah, there's just so many of these.
Future Prospects Vaccine to Control Fertility.
Here's just some of the patents, the different ways they operate.
But usually it's about creating antibodies against hormones and proteins that are involved
in the gestation of a three-term pregnancy in nine months.
And it just goes on from there.
Again, you can look at the ways they cause the body.
They have autoimmune responses, and reject the babies.
Scientific research, HCG found in tetanus vaccines in Kenya, which again causes an autoimmune response
in the second trimester, it kills the baby.
I will give Bill Gates the U in this.
The program they've used in Pakistan, in India, in Africa, where it hits the second trimester,
and then also ends up attacking the ovaries, not just the uterus and the placenta,
kills a lot of women.
And it's very, very effective.
This vaccine, at least from the one hormone and the attack on the proteins, will basically cause a miscarriage very early on every time, very early in the first trimester, in the first few weeks.
But again, that's all medical literature.
There's a bunch of other stuff that the scientists say, we don't know why this is in here, but jellyfish DNA?
And other stuff?
I'm going to show you that, okay?
So, we've only identified one of the things confirming what's going on, but there's obviously always a lot more.
So, this goes on.
I'm not going to cover it all because it would obviously take too long.
I would just suggest that you spend some time looking into it.
There's a lot of articles written about it.
Bill Gates uses vaccines to lower population.
He said use vaccines to lower population.
In quotes, HPV vaccine linked to soaring infertility in Africa.
Tetanus vaccine, again, I mean, it just goes on and on.
So there's that information.
But before I get to them admitting this is part of a great research to depopulate
and their own admissions, let's actually look at the lawsuit, the injunction that just got
filed a few days ago to the European Union right here by their own advisory national,
international board.
And let's go ahead and start getting into this right now.
So this was filed four days ago on the 1st of December.
It's now the 5th as of this emergency report on Saturday night.
And it's filed by the advisory board to the European Union by the chief medical officer of basically the European Union telling them that this is an absolute nightmare.
And the first thing they get into is you're waiving the regular laws on animal studies and then long-term human studies.
And then they lay out the fact that the drug companies themselves admit they don't even know if this even helps people or it even works because they've just been told to bring this forward.
But they already had these vaccines on the shelf approved for animals, so they know what it's actually doing in animals.
They're just skipping animal trials now because they don't want people to actually look at what happened in the previous animal trials and how this has been linked to, again, infertility.
Then they have the Statement of Grounds, and they explain that again, they've skipped the proper trials of this, that they're asking for liability, and that they're using PCR tests that are upwards of 96% false.
And by the way, the European Union courts, the German courts, the Portuguese courts, they've already found that the PCR tests are fake.
The inventor of the PCR test came out over a year ago and said that it's not good for
viral detection because they just turn it up to a level until they get the false positives
they want.
So they explain the PCR test is fraudulent.
And they go on to say that if they go forward on an emergency basis saying we're authorizing
this whole group of vaccines, that it's going to cause a lot of death and a lot of pain
and a lot of problems.
Furthermore, if the vaccines are approved without an appropriate and accurate review of efficacy Then any potential acceptance or mandate of these vaccines is likely to be based on inaccurate evidence regarding the vaccine.
Namely, it will stop the transmission of the virus and they go on the list where they admit in the trials and studies it doesn't stop the transmission and they can't even prove it stops you from getting it.
I mean, it's just, and I've got all the articles here.
I'll show you coming up in mainstream news admitting it, but I mean,
this is right out of the report.
And again, this is just the boil down for the court.
It's a big paper on the back end showing all the studies that I linked through to them.
Statement of grounds for an emergency EU injunction against rolling these
vaccines out and trying to make them mandatory and giving them emergency
coverage, petitioner deems the current study designs for it.
Again, do not even actually cover someone that has it.
They're not even proving that they actually had it.
When they have real tests that can actually prove that, why are they using this fake system?
And again, folks, I'm just giving you a cursory review of this.
I've spent days researching just this paper.
I mean, we're talking five, six, seven hours a day.
I've been up here at the office all day long.
You need to go read this for yourself and then follow the links because it's crazy.
And when we post this on InfoWars and BandOffVideo, we'll link to the paper under it so you can do it for yourself.
Because this is your life you're talking about.
This is serious.
People spend a lot of time about what car they're going to buy or what boat they're going to buy or what college they're going to go to.
This is way more important than that, folks.
This is life and death.
Petitioner hereby incorporates the grounds and arguments and opinions For the petition of action regarding confirmation of the efficacy of points in the phase three clinical trials, which they basically waived.
And then they go through the fact that they didn't do Drozden test, they didn't do a real viral test, they didn't do a real immunity test.
They all went off the PCR test that's an admitted fraud and been ruled to be a fraud.
It continues to say, now this is the most important part of the entire paper.
Okay, this is on page four, and they spent a great deal of the appendix in the scientific study with all the links to show you the studies that go over this.
This is the most important point.
It says for a vaccine to work, our immune system needs to be stimulated to produce a neutralizing antibody as opposed to a non-neutralizing antibody.
And they go on to say that they haven't studied this in the trials that would take years in animals and then in humans, that if it produces a non-neutralizing antibody, it's been shown To cause an autoimmune response that would kill the majority of the people that take the vaccine, if they ever come in contact with another coronavirus, which is the most common type of coronavirus, because your body will then have an autoimmune response and a storm, an iodokine storm, which will then cause you to die.
And that's what the majority of people that died of the Spanish flu In 1970, 1918, 1919, of the 50 million didn't die from the flu, they died from the autoimmune response.
And now scientists figured this out years ago, that's what Rockefeller was studying and Gates was studying, that they'd gotten some other flu that was similar, but hadn't gotten a real immunity to it, instead became allergic to the flu.
Well, this is becoming allergic to the common cold.
You've got to go read this.
I mean, again, this is just page four.
And then it gets even worse.
It says it can lower your immunity to HIV, dengue virus, Ebola, and a whole other family of coronaviruses.
And then they go on to break down the fact that, again, it can turn off your immune system or turn it way up where you die or get seriously sick from a Storm of autoimmune response.
And this is a known problem with these mRNA vaccines and others.
It's a major reason why many previous vaccine trials for other coronaviruses failed.
Major safety concerns were observed in animal models.
If ADE occurs in an individual, their response to the virus can be worse than their response if they had never developed an antibody in the first place.
This can cause a hyper-inflammatory response, a cytokine storm, and a general dysregulation
of the immune system that allows the virus to cause more damage in the lungs and organs of the body.
You understand?
It's making it where, again, your body doesn't recognize regular coronavirus as the most common type,
and then the whole family that goes out to Ebola, so from basic ones to really deadly ones,
It can turn it off or it can turn it up where any contact kills you in an autoimmune response.
I mean, this is so frickin' diabolical.
They're taking all the mainline literature and then forcing a hysteria where the public agrees to take something that can turn their immune system off or turn it on and kill them.
Now, page four's powerful.
Let's go to page five.
This is again more top scientists, British Medical Journal, all of them coming out saying
that this could cause major death and major sickness and there's evidence of it being
covered up in the previous trials.
It's incredible.
There are some concerning issues With the trial design spelled out by Dr. Peter Doshi in the British Medical Journal.
Doshi focuses on the two biggest issues.
First, none of the leading vaccine candidate trials is designed to test if the vaccine can produce severe COVID-19 symptoms defined as hospital admissions, ICU or death.
And second, the trials are not designed to test if the vaccine can interrupt transmission.
Hell, I'll show you the drug companies saying it doesn't.
If neither of these conditions is met, then it doesn't meet the international standard, or our standard in the U.S., of saying it's an emergency, so you bypass the trials.
Because it doesn't work.
Let's continue.
If neither of these conditions is met, the vaccine, in essence, performs like a therapeutic drug, except the vaccine would be taken prophylactically, even by the perfectly healthy, and more than likely carriers, at high risk of injury, or therapeutic drug would do better.
Again, and more likely carriers of a high risk of injury than a therapeutic drug.
If this were true, the therapeutic drugs would be superior to any COVID vaccine.
If the Pfizer BioNTech mRNA, that's the ones that go and reprogram your cells, vaccine candidate is found in the fatty lipid nanoparticle coating around the mRNA, which it is, now get ready for this, 70% of people make antibodies to PEC.
And most do not know it, creating a concerning situation where many could have allergic, potentially deadly reactions to PEG-containing vaccine.
Remember what squalene did in the vaccines?
This is another oil.
PEG antibodies may also reduce vaccine effectiveness.
Pfizer's mRNA vaccine is also inserting an ingredient derived from a marine invertebrate, a jellyfish.
M Neon Green into the vaccine.
The ingredient has bio-nemolescence, close in the dark qualities, making it attractive for medical imaging purposes.
They're going to be able to track with special lights if you've had it.
But it is unclear why an injected vaccine would need to have that quality of M Neon Green has been unknown.
They're not even saying why they're putting jellyfish, glow-in-the-dark cells in your ass.
I mean, doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo.
I mean, you start, I went and read the whole paper on that.
They're like, we're putting jellyfish in it.
Just, we can.
Now, of everything, this is the biggest news right here.
This is everything.
Because the proteins that 70% of people create when this oil is in the vaccine, which it is, this is just one, but the big one Gates is pushing.
That's why Dr. Wolfgang Woodrock and the EU knew to go look at this.
They knew to go look at this.
Because it's what Gates really wants you to have.
He really cares about you.
Look at this.
Number six.
Page five.
Several vaccine candidates are expected to induce the formulation of humoral antibodies against spike proteins of SARS-CoV-2, which is COVID-19, and it goes through all the white papers, which is derived from human intradermal retroviruses, as is responsible for the development of the placenta in mammals, and humans and is therefore an essential prerequisite for a successful pregnancy.
It's also found in form in the spike proteins of SARS viruses.
If this were to be the case, this would then also prevent the formation of a placenta, which would result in the vaccinated woman essentially becoming infertile.
To my knowledge, Pfizer BioNTech has yet to release any samples of the written materials provided to patients, so it is unclear whether if any information regarding the potentiality of fertility-specific risk caused by antibodies is included.
And you read a whole bunch of these, there's different classes of the anti-fertility vaccines, and they go after this protein.
So they're saying, oh, we're going to have antibodies formed by the cells that protect it from the protein that the virus has.
But it just so happens, just like a woman grows that placenta fast, and cells are ordered to replicate, by blocking fast replication of cells, then you can't grow a placenta and the baby, the zygote, can't attach.
You understand?
And game over.
And it just goes on and on.
I mean, I read the whole thing.
I spent hours going through the white papers.
This is a freaking nightmare.
Let's continue.
Remember, all the regular trials were bypassed.
Petitioner, also many EU resident citizens will suffer irreparable harm because of the EMA approaches of the COVID-19 vaccine in question.
Both governments and EU member states and employers in the EU are Most likely going to recommend them for widespread use and hence without EMA assured property safety trials of vaccines.
Now, the petitioner and others will have not have the opportunity to object to receiving the vaccine based on decent clinical trials.
Furthermore, the trials and vaccines are licensed without any appropriate efficacy review or without Improving or accurate determination of primary endpoints and that if any acceptance or mandate of these vaccines is likely and based on inaccurate beliefs of the data about the vaccines, namely that they will or might stop the transmission of the virus from the vaccine recipient to others, people will basically attack you and put pressure on you saying you better take it.
All right, now let's get into the actual sign of the report.
And there's just so much about the law and everything and the New York Bar Association saying, force everyone to take it without FDA approval.
It's lawyers playing God.
Because see, that's the thing.
Most of the doctors and scientists and nurses and epidemiologists, they've been very moral.
And they've said from the beginning, this is overblown, this is hype, this is big pharma.
So it's only big pharma spokespersons saying, trust the science, do what doctors want.
All the real doctors say this is bad.
But the American Bar Association says you should all be made to take five COVID shots a year just to make sure we're all safe.
Five different ones that Bill Gates has recommended.
So how is Bill Gates now your doctor?
Well, he has an army of lawyers.
So you've got to go read the law, how it's illegal, violates international law, US law, EU law, FDA law, everything is being waived in this hysteria.
And you can read, again, The review report by the International Consortium of Scientists in Life Sciences that advises the European Union.
External peer-reviewed on how the test is fake, how dangerous these vaccines are in animal trials, what's been done before, what's important when looking at the PCR test to understand it's a fraud.
It's all here.
The medical report's everything.
Detection of viral genes.
Again, the PCR test.
All how it's based on a lie.
All how it's based on a fraud.
And how they turn up the level to give you false positives.
It's a masterful job.
You know, the EU itself is global, it's corrupt, but they've got some good people that work for it.
And some good doctors.
And this is the EU advisors right here.
And then you can go through all the links.
You can just spend days and weeks seeing the real science.
This is the real science.
This is the real science.
This is the real governments.
So, they've got the FBI, and they've got the federal police of the EU, and they've got the lawyers saying, you will take it, there's no side effects, and don't say you need vitamins and minerals, that's a lie, we'll arrest you.
But the scientists say, no, no, no, these vaccines don't protect you, they can kill you, they can sterilize you, they can give you an autoimmune response, these are the most dangerous types of new vaccines, we don't know what's going on, this is so crazy, what the hell's happening?
We're being rushed over the edge of a cliff, we're being stampeded.
To depopulate us and bring in a world depression, to distract us from the Jeffrey Epstein pedophile rings and globalism, and the fact that the big banks have created so much fiat currency that the bubble's about to break.
They want the bubble breaking, the Great Reset, to be because of COVID-19.
The world's starvation to be because of COVID-19.
But it's their hysteria and locking down over COVID-19 that's actually causing the mass starvation.
The UN just came out with the World Food Program today, on Saturday, and said, the greatest disaster in human history.
Hundreds of millions will starve to death.
Millions already have.
Give us money.
But they're the ones running the fear to keep the lockdowns going.
Now in the European Union, the US, the UK, Australia, they're introducing bills.
Hell, some countries are already just doing it and saying, we're going to give your children vaccines without parental authorization.
Continuing, Americans to get vaccination card to prove they've taken the COVID shot.
Same thing in the EU.
Chief medical officer in Canada says those who refuse won't have freedom to move around.
There's videos of all this.
Top microbiologist says COVID vaccine, downright dangerous, will send you to your doom.
They're blocking this interview off of Facebook and Twitter.
Again, don't just believe me.
Read the Nuremberg Code about secret experimentation, coerced experimentation, and see it all for yourself.
Nuremberg Code, Geneva Protocol, Geneva Convention.
This has all been violated.
This has all been done by the Nazis and others.
And now the target of the poor.
Would you be willing to get a COVID vaccine in exchange for a $1,500 stimulus check How one bold proposal would work.
You've all heard about how they want to sterilize the poor, okay?
And I get it.
I don't want to give the poor welfare.
I don't want them... But they got them on welfare and made them domesticated so they could do this to them.
And so now it's just being proposed right here.
That's CNBC.
Again, Facebook bans anti-vaccine conspiracy terrorists as U.S.
rollout begins.
And what are they banning?
Medical doctors, scientists, prestigious groups.
Because Big Pharma And what's some of the other stuff they're blocking?
This stuff comes out every day.
Singapore halts dose of two flu shots after 59 deaths in South Korea.
But they tell you it's a conspiracy theory and nobody's ever gotten sick from a vaccine.
And then, of course, there's the Holy Grail, the medical tracking by phone apps proposed by Xi Jinping and others.
He proposed this a few weeks ago.
They already had the drawing board years ago.
And boom, a few weeks later, What do you think of the new COVID vaccination cards, QR codes and apps on your phone?
Should they be mandatory?
And the left says yes.
Woke corporations who support BLM lobby against ban on Chinese slave labor.
That's gonna Lead us to the next big area and how this all ties together here in just a moment.
But even USA Today says, oh, COVID vaccine trials could put people at risk.
But oh, if we say that, we're bad.
We're not a credible source, according to Zuckerberg.
We don't run slave camps in China like Apple, so we're not credible.
We don't get to talk.
They are coming for all of us with absolute Maniacal, diabolical control.
And this is all about taking control of the human species.
It's not just about sterilizing the third world, which again is a great evil and I'm against it.
But they sell a lot of folks by saying, hey, let's end poverty by ending poor people.
But in the end game of the Great Reset, there's a much, much, much more nightmarish goal that they're going for.
This is a transhumanist revolution in Klaus Schwab, the Davos Group, and the UN's own words.
That's why Bush, Clinton, and Obama are vowing to take vaccines publicly on TV.
Because you can't give live extension technologies to billions and billions of people.
You've got to test all these technologies out in the public and use that knowledge for yourself.
And then you've got to call the general population because if you're globalist and aren't going to be dying, well, there's going to be not enough room on the planet.
That is their rationale.
That is their excuse.
And they also know that Christians And ethical people don't like using baby parts for stem cells, don't like cloning, don't like making humans a commodity like chickens or pigs at these cloning factories for body parts.
And so they're tired of trying to move slowly with all this.
They're forcing it all right now with the COVID-9 hysteria.
With the COVID-19 takeover.
They are coming in with the AI surveillance, the travel passes, the forced inoculations, getting us used to getting sick and getting hurt from what they force into our bodies, telling us we have to be locked down and stay in our homes when they tell us to.
This is worldwide, UN-directed medical tyranny.
Now I'm going to show you this next story because it ties everything together.
Former Clinton aide confirms all the other witnesses have said that Bill Clinton did go to Epstein's pedophile island.
Well, I mean, Chelsea Clinton's involved in the trafficking with her foundation.
All of them are.
It's absolutely, totally sick.
And Bill Gates is heavily involved with Jeffrey Epstein as well.
Because they think of us as commodities.
And they think of us as slaves, like women under Islam.
Look at this, Biden to launch mask up for 100 day campaign.
Folks, it's never going to end.
LA imposes toughest lockdowns yet to avoid devastating tipping point as COVID hospitalizations soar.
Tucker Carlson played a viral interview yesterday.
It's now got more than 5 million views on Twitter of a woman's salon and restaurant.
And she's been told she's got to basically stay closed or have one-tenth of her customers in a small patio.
But out by the big pier...
The state has authorized Hollywood to set up these big giant outdoor eating areas where now Hollywood's biggest business is these restaurants because they've been deemed essential so now if you're under Hollywood's umbrella you get to stay open.
You see why big techs made record profits.
You see why the big banks made record profits.
As small businesses implode and are destroyed They're vertically integrated into these big globalist operations, because after all, we've all been told we're non-essential.
So this is my place, the Pineapple Hill Grill and Saloon.
If you go to my page, you can see all the work I did for outdoor dining, for tables being seven feet apart.
And I come in today because I'm organizing a protest and I came in to get stuff for that.
And I walk into my parking lot and obviously Mayor Garcetti has approved this.
Has approved this being set up for, this being set up for, for a movie company.
I'm losing everything.
Everything I own is being taken away from me.
And they set up a movie company right next to my outdoor patio, which is right over here.
And people wonder why I'm protesting and why I have had enough.
They have not given us money and they have shut us down.
We cannot survive.
My staff cannot survive.
Look at this.
Tell me that this is dangerous, but right next to me, as a slap in my face,
that's safe.
This is safe?
50 feet away?
This is dangerous.
Mayor Garcetti and Gavin Newsom is responsible for every single person that doesn't have unemployment, that does not have a job, and all the businesses that are going under.
And we need your help!
We need somebody to do something about this!
Now remember what we saw in Australia, what we saw in the UK, what we saw in Europe with this incredible martial law 10 months ago was coming here and now it is.
They're one step ahead of us and so now the lockdown is getting even worse where they're now saying That most restaurants are non-essential and are being totally closed down.
UK police patrol pubs throwing out customers for eating scotched eggs.
Look at this.
They say an appetizer is not essential.
And they're also announcing that books are non-essential, so bookstores are being closed, and even magazine racks inside of the grocery stores are being blocked off.
But don't worry, you can go to big tech sites, Apple and Google.
What else is Apple up to?
We'll show you what they're up to in a moment.
Now again, I showed you the lawsuit by the European Union Medical Advisory Board saying you've got to stop this now, it's totally dangerous.
They even admit it doesn't protect you and it doesn't stop the spread.
They're getting liability protection saying that.
Pfizer CEO not certain their vaccine stops.
Transmission of COVID-19 as companies jab approved in UK and evaluated in the US.
This is the reality of what is unfolding.
They're using license plate tracking scanners supposedly for terrorists to see where you and your family are going to eat at restaurants and are announcing plans to fine you via AI if you do.
Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple, is a genius, and he's absolutely right when he said, the best AI is a thousand times dumber than an ant's brain.
But the power of AI, just like red lights, green lights, yellow lights, are totally stupid.
They have no intelligence, but we follow its directive as part of the social contract to have better traffic flow, and so it has incredible power over us.
It doesn't have a brain, but we follow it So those that program it control us.
And that's the power of the lockdowns.
That's the power of the vaccines.
That's the power of the surveillance.
That's the power of the license plate reading cameras is now, oh, you went to a restaurant that refused to close.
We're going to send you a 10,000 pound fine.
That's like $14,000.
Oh, you protested.
Your protest is not essential.
It's against the lockdown.
But if your black lives matter, that is essential.
This is the technocracy of surveillance that already happens online and the censorship being externalized all over the world by us complying and paying the fines.
It's time to stop complying with our own destruction.
And here's a great example.
Rich people, elites, media, party officials, they're all exempt from the COVID rules coming in and out of England.
It's just the general public that's controlled.
And here it is.
This is in the report, the lawsuit.
Landmark legal ruling finds the COVID test not fit for purpose.
96% fraudulent in Germany.
And here's one of the Portuguese court found the very same thing.
And, oh, and all the bureaucrats, they're on private jets and huge parties, not wearing masks.
It's all a giant scam.
But they've authorized it for emergency use first, bypassing all the regular trials and giving them liability protection.
And, oh, can you require the vaccine?
You know, we had a lady who worked here for about a year.
She was nice.
She was a liberal, and she was going to be going out of the country to Vietnam, and she took the vaccines, they said.
Almost killed her.
She had an autoimmune response, and they told her, oh, you're so sick, your immune system's gone, you gotta wear a mask for six months.
And then, you know, she ended up moving on down the road.
Nice lady, you know.
But, this is Stockholm Syndrome.
Because I have family, my mother, that was asked to take a flu shot when she was on the UT Masters swim team back when I was in high school.
My mom didn't get into competitive swimming until she was like 35, but by the time she was 45, she was beating former Olympic athletes that had won silver medals and stuff.
So she was amazing.
And UT told the UT Masters, I mean, hey, we want you to take The flu shot.
She did.
In bed for a month.
Lost 30 pounds.
And never competed again.
And she's had health problems ever since.
Her mom!
Her mom!
Died a few years ago at 92.
She got the second round of polio shot when my mom was 4.
Back in the early 50s.
And the doctor told her, you got polio from the live vaccine.
And it ate about half the nerves in her body.
And she was on a walker and wheelchair the rest of her life.
Beautiful woman.
And they told her it was that.
So see?
You know, oh my uncle, my uncle got bucked off a horse once and fell onto the barbed wire and got cut up.
My dad's younger brother, he was a big tough baseball player, you know, getting looked at by the scouts even before college.
And he went in and they gave him a tetanus shot.
He was in a coma for a couple days.
His testicles swole up so giant they almost burst.
Autoimmune response.
He was bleeding out his nose.
And, uh, well, never was the same.
Never was the same.
He's got neurological problems and things today.
He's got a brain chip.
Got a brain chip.
Oh, you know how folks have brain chips for all the neurological disorders they have now?
So, so, so, sorry, sorry.
I mean, I can just keep going for you if you'd like me to.
That's all anecdotal, though.
I was just showing you the documents, wasn't I?
I was just going over all of that, and I could go on for hours, but let's really talk about the proof that's in the pudding.
I mean, we've got white papers, we've got lawsuits, we've got government advisory panels saying, what the hell are you doing here, you Joseph Mangala?
Who knows what the angel of death is?
Let's, in closing, look at this.
Let's just look at a whole other subject that shows you who these folks are.
Woke corporations who supported BLM against ban on Chinese slave labor.
Three million Muslims, a million Christians, a million Buddhists, five million people having their organs taken.
And it's even in the London Guardian, Washington Post.
The left doesn't even deny this and they lobby against even being criticized for running the worst slave camps in the world.
So from the late 1940s until the late 1970s, there was a secret government program, not just in Tuskegee, Alabama, but in West Virginia against poor whites and others, that was giving black people syphilis, telling them it was an injection of vaccine, and then letting them spread it to hundreds of thousands of others.
And there were hundreds of thousands of deaths total.
Horrible, agonizing deaths.
Syphilis is like a little microscopic worm.
And it finally gets in your brain and eats your brain like Al Capone and you go insane.
Now, the reason I raised Tuskegee is almost everyone has heard about Tuskegee.
And I could sit here and talk about human experimentation and how Bill Gates says, I want to depopulate you, I want to get rid of people, but I want you to take this vaccine so you live longer.
And the vaccine is connected to infertility.
The special one he keeps pushing, the mRNA one.
Because the others have side effects, can be contaminated, have problems, lower your immunity, may give you an autoimmune response, may make you allergic.
But they're not something that goes into the cell and reprograms it to attack proteins that are in your body.
That's giving you an autoimmune disease.
But I'm going to show you here, in closing, A big example of who they really are on a whole other subject that cannot be debated.
So here it is.
So again, I showed you this.
It's a National File article.
It's in the Washington Post.
They don't even deny this.
It's everywhere.
So they've got some soul left, I guess.
Apple lobbies Congress to weaken Bill banning use of Chinese slaves to make iPhones.
Because Apple has the worst contractors on record with suicide nets for a decade around the factories.
So they support BLM, that has nothing to do with black people.
It's main mission is, quote, get rid of the black nuclear family.
My God.
And now they do this.
YouTube plans to survey creators on their race and to use an algorithm to boost diverse communities.
Now, that's not a strong enough headline at InfoWars.com from Chris Minahan at Information Liberation.
Because when you really read what they said, they said, we're going to suppress white men's channels Because they're white.
Now, if they said we're going to suppress black people because they're black, I'd say that's Hitlerian.
Or Native Americans, or anybody, or women.
But the idea of them introducing that type of racism, that type of classism, that type of discrimination, oh, but oh, it's for the white men!
But really, it's for everybody.
This is Google bringing this in to create division and to, again, tell you, we're going to take really good care of you.
Oh, Apple gave $100 million to Black Lives Matter that pushes for ending the traditional family, that pushes for forced inoculation, that pushes for Marxism.
But not Marxism for the big banks.
They're offshore and pay no taxes.
So this is how they cover for the incredible crimes they're committing by using black people as a political shield for the incredible eugenics crimes they're carrying out in these Chinese death camps and what the UN is doing in Africa and the sterilization of Africans and all this exploitation by the neo-colonialist globalist fascists who sell us a communist system to neutralize us and make us dependent.
That is so damn evil.
So here it is.
YouTube under CEO Susan, whatever her name is, announced Thursday they're planning to issue a survey to all their creators asking them their race, gender, and sexual orientation.
That's what Hitler did as he put you in groups.
In order to use a algorithm to boost diverse creator communities over straight white men.
As our CEO Susan wrote in June, we're examining how our policies and products are working
for everyone, and specifically for the black community, and working to close any gaps,
YouTube said in a statement.
Our goal is to make YouTube a place where creators can thrive the long term, and we've
done extensive work in this area.
But we've heard concerns across various communities about their ability to grow their channels.
We want to ensure our systems do not reflect unintentional bias, and existing process is
currently limiting because we only have information about content, not identifying information
about the creators and themselves.
In their statement, we're going to suppress the content of white, straight men.
I mean, what a cult!
What you do sexually now has to do with a video you shoot with cats playing, or about mathematics, or about race cars, or about science.
I mean, this is a cult, man!
But it's, oh, it's for liberalism, it's okay!
Today, we can identify what the video is about, but this does not take into account who the creator is.
Oh, we gotta identify you.
For example, our system can evaluate how videos about Black Lives Matter are performing against other content on YouTube, but we currently are unable to evaluate growth for black creators, LGBTQ, talk show hosts, female vloggers in the community.
This is a tacit admission that they are already using their recommended algorithms for purposes of social engineering.
Now there's a quote in here where it says, again, identify potential gaps in our system.
Starting 2021, YouTube will ask creators to voluntarily basis to provide us with their gender, sexual orientation, race, and ethnicity.
What a cult!
We'll then look closely at our content from different communities to create it.
And they go on to say that one group we're going to use AI to deem inappropriate and suppress will be white males over straight white men.
I mean, this is insane.
And again, This is what a cult does.
It divides people.
It sees what it can get them to do.
This is cold-blooded psychological warfare by big tech and the big pharma against everybody.
It's totally sick.
And it's run by a bunch of rich, powerful white and Chinese Some Hispanic, some black, but I mean, it's mainly white, white and Asian.
Elitist on a mountaintop in Davos, rolling out a world government post-human system, saying they're going to merge with machines and become God and get rid of the rest of us.
And then they're just teaching us all to fight with each other and are going to have AI reward us for being in groups and following the groupthink of those organizations.
This is a cult.
And here's more proof of it.
Concentration camps and forced labor.
China's repression of the Uyghurs.
Millions of them.
China's harvesting organs from detainees.
Tribunal concludes.
China's harvesting thousands of human organs from its Muslim minority.
Human rights group says, no one cares about the Christians or Buddhists, but following on, I'm against the Muslims being killed too.
Democrat field organizer charged with attempted terror attack, trying to blow up the railroad.
That's who these people are.
So, they're covering up death camps.
They love GMO.
They love organ harvesting.
Now the left loves nuclear power, and then what's dirty and leaking.
They're just corporate shills.
They're people that were sold out and bought into it and they have no real life experience or no real death and no real family history.
So they're just embracing tyranny and just celebrating it and like dominoes our shields are going down.
All the checks and balances are going down and we're all in extreme grave danger.
I'm begging you for my family and your family and for humanity to understand that they need our acquiescence.
They want to collapse checks and balances.
They want to sell us on accepting incredibly horrible things as this emergency report by the EU Medical Commission admits.
This is the real science.
That this will destroy the immunity of some, give people autoimmune diseases for others, and target the basic protein in the placenta so that a woman will have miscarriages every time.
Just like it came out Gardasil was reducing fertility in women, and it was.
And they've got all the patents and all the science.
You know, we've got a small lake that my grandfather built when he came back from World War II in the early 1950s.
And it's full of hydrilla.
It's full of weeds.
And they got a program in the state of Texas.
My dad went and got a hundred fish of these carp that they put a chemical in the eggs when they're being fertilized.
The female puts out the eggs, the males fertilize them.
They put a chemical in the water that makes it where those eggs are going to create fish.
They're sterile.
One chemical they add.
And all the fish are sterile, and my dad can get this invasive species of carp, he can put 100 of them in a steel, and they'll live 10 years, they get up to like 50 pounds, and they'll eat every damn thing.
It'll look, in a year, they just put the fish in last week, it will look like the Caribbean.
But, no birds are going to land and get fish eggs on their legs, that's how fish travel.
And those fish will never procreate.
Now, that's the science at the level of my dad in East Texas, in a little lake we got.
My mom doesn't like hydrilla.
I don't mind it.
Now, that's real science.
So, we're not animals.
We're not the carp.
We can sit back and go, hey, I don't like this.
I mean, if you want to go to poor people, poor whites, poor blacks, whoever, and say, we'll give you $100,000 to be sterilized.
If they did that for the free will, and a corporation sponsored it, go ahead.
That's your free will.
But man, this is being done covertly.
And this system is attacking the smartest people.
And this system's coming after smart blacks, smart whites, I don't care.
It's dangerous and it's evil.
Let me close with this.
I've not taken a full day off in years.
And I had sworn to my wife and my children today that we were going to go for a hike and a picnic in the woods.
But I called my wife this morning after research.
I said, I have to come in here and do this.
And I showed her these documents.
She said, yes, you do.
We're supposed to get upset about this.
We're supposed to do something about this.
Because we're told we're wiping out all the poor people, all the dumb people, and that's bad enough.
But that's not really what it is.
It's a genetic rewrite of the whole planet, not just humans.
It's a takeover.
And the globalists say they believe in a post-human world, and that they're going to merge with the machines, and that humans are bad, and that humans are parasites.
Where's this coming from?
Humans are beautiful and amazing when we empower each other.
Listen to Beethoven.
Look at the great art.
See all the literature.
And don't reject yourselves and hate yourselves so that other globalists can dominate you and take control of the future.
And reject transhumanism.
Reject globalism.
It's there to make things so horrible and so ugly and so poisoned that you can't live unless you sign your soul.
And your genetic will and your future progeny on to them.
This is a corporate takeover of ourselves.
And Klaus Schwab has said that.
The gauntlet's down.
It's their revolution against us.
And we sit here all stunned, debating the PCR test and debating COVID deaths and all the fraud they've done, when we have to hit it at the source that this is a globalist takeover.
So if you just tuned in during the live streams, we're going to air this until tomorrow, 4 p.m.
We've got some special guests tomorrow.
Steve Pchenik coming on.
Really big stuff about Trump's path to victory and how it could still happen.
4 p.m.
tomorrow on Sunday on the 6th.
But until then, we're going to air this special piece I came here and shot with one crew member because other folks deserve some time off.
We're going to air this until then.
And so if you just tuned in, I suggest you share the link and you watch the first where I get into this lawsuit.
I mean, this is by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, Officially Advisory Board to the European Union, saying this is deadly, this can kill you, this can turn your immune system off, this can basically give you HIV.
It describes autoimmune disorders like HIV.
I mean, this is a big deal.
And that's why Bill Gates goes, 700,000 are going to get sick.
That's just a small number he put out.
It's still big.
The truth is they don't know.
They're testing on all of us like guinea pigs.
They're using COVID hysteria as the rollout of the GMO, the rollout of this takeover.
All right, I covered most of it.
I didn't get to all the bombshell election fraud news.
With the grafts in Georgia and the grafts in Michigan, where as soon as they said the counting was closed, it wasn't.
All those vans unloaded, all those suitcases, the women pulled the suitcases out from under the tables, and suddenly you got that giant spike.
For Joe Biden.
I mean, this is fraud.
And we've got huge one batch, 23,000 ballots, all for Biden identified in Georgia that were fraudulent.
More than enough for Trump win.
This is all breaking confirmed right now, boys and girls.
Infowars.com, gatewaypundit.com.
Breaking huge.
Trump team has dominion machine from small Georgia County.
Shows all the votes were flipped from Trump to Biden.
They have it.
They're getting spot checks.
They did spot checks in Nevada.
They were flipping votes from Trump to Biden.
They got them.
There are only a few thousand votes in each state away.
And you get a few states turning, it's over.
Georgia governor changes tune after Trump lawyers present troubling video of fraud.
Troubling video?
They kick everybody out and say it's closed for a water main that's broken that wasn't, and then they pull out suitcases and a mother and daughter team run them through, and then it's all for Biden.
Thousands of ballots were scanned numerous times at Dominion machines.
Four Biden whistleblower that saw it all.
It's all there.
Tomorrow at 4 p.m.
Central, myself, Ellen Schroer, Steve Pachinick.
Who said, you wait, it's going to turn around, it's going to come out the fraud, it's a sting operation, it'll look bad, but the tide's going to turn.
I think he believes what he's saying, but it's now starting to actually happen.
But regardless, we're not buying this fraud, it's been proven it's a fraud, the media can't gaslight us on this vaccine, on the mRNA drug that reprograms you, they call it vaccine on any of it.
So please, share the links from InfoWars.com, share the link at man.video on this feed.
Share these videos.
Share the banned information.
That the enemy cannot succeed if you do that.
And I know you've been doing it.
So great job, but keep it up.
And Greg Reese up here working seven days a week.
I told you to take a few days off.
I appreciate you.
I came down here.
You were here today.
I was just going to do research.
We would have had to shot this video.
But that's why I shot it on an iPhone.
But it's up to you folks to research this for you and your family.
To see this for yourself.
And then to look at how... In this lawsuit, the lawyers are careful.
And this big parliamentary advisory group, they go, Oh, it's funny.
We noticed this also attacks the placenta.
The, the UN vaccines they've developed attacked the placenta.
It's the same thing.
They just call it a COVID-19 vaccine.
You can't get a vaccine for the common cold.
The cure is the disease.
Infowars.com, Newswars.com.
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God bless and good luck.
And now it's up to all of us to go the extra mile to expose this horrible eugenics operation and give people free will to decide whether they want to be sterilized or not.
Because remember, God is watching and God is in charge.
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