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Name: 20201204_Fri_Alex
Air Date: Dec. 4, 2020
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In various broadcasts on InfoWars, Alex Jones discusses election fraud allegations, COVID-19 measures, globalist agendas, and alternative sources of truth. He encourages resistance against perceived corruption, promotes his products, criticizes politicians, and urges listeners to rely on themselves for information. The speakers in the broadcast emphasize spirituality, personal development, economic warfare, and the importance of preparedness with high-quality storable food."

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I mean, as much as I hate the New World Order and stuff, I wouldn't go take over an elections facility and engage in fraud, and I sure as hell wouldn't do it on camera.
They did it.
But that's how sure they are in the establishment and the media.
That's why they brag about being invincible.
It's why they admit to crimes they commit on TV.
Because they want to rub people's noses in it, but also get their minions
Be willing to do anything.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, it is Friday, December 4th.
The year is 2020.
We are 48 days out.
From the inauguration of Donald John Trump.
If we fight back.
The evidence is now red-handed in all five states with the red-handed video of the illegal sequential ballots.
If Trump can get his hands on those, it's game over.
And yes, Chinese communist fingerprints aren't just all over it.
They've literally run and financed, basically owned Dominion.
We have been shanghaied.
What is shanghaied?
To force someone to join a ship lacking a full crew by drugging them or using other underhanded means.
Because the Communist Chinese didn't invent this.
The Chinese are well-known in thousand-year-old reports of grabbing Japanese and others and making them slaves on ships.
Of course, that went on in many other parts of the world, but we do know it was the Communist Chinese that enslaved their own people, and they have shanghaied our election.
We must now take it back.
Here's part of the powerful John Bowne report that will air in the fourth hour that's posted at Bandot Video.
This report only gets out if you get it out.
You must resist the globalists.
You must say no to their takeover.
You must not go along with their New World Order.
Elections Shanghai'd by the Iron Triangle.
Here's the beginning of the report.
The SEC documents shining a blinding light on the architects of the 2020 election fraud are available for anyone to see, but the mainstream media won't touch it with a 10-foot pole.
It would be career suicide.
Conspiracy theories have exploded online during the pandemic and in the days leading up to the election.
Researchers say voters are being bombarded with false narratives intended to cause fear and disorder.
Election interference and targeted disinformation campaigns on voter fraud are a real threat in the upcoming U.S.
Voter fraud is extremely rare in the United States.
That's what all the experts say.
That's what all the historical studies show.
You know, voter fraud is a lot like Al Capone's vault.
Lots of hype, but not much, you know, actually in there.
And everyone knows Congress is a useless theatrical husk of its former founding father idealistic self.
Those documents detail a $400 million acquisition of the Dominion Software Company by the Communist Chinese via the Swiss company UBS through a U.S.
private equity group known as Staple Street Capital.
In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought.
By the military-industrial complex.
Occupying a unique reality at the highest levels in what is known as the Iron Triangle.
A world dominated by politics, industry, and the military.
A group of a business built around defense and military that becomes so large and so powerful that it's actually able to influence
Uh, the politics of, of war.
In my direction, elements of the 82nd Airborne Division, as well as key units of the United States Air Force, are arriving today to take up defensive positions in Saudi Arabia.
The Carlyle Group pioneered the shadowy world of conflict of interest disguised as nepotism as a means to broker deals with foreign interests.
I have said that it's the worst kind of conflict of interest, particularly when your son is the President of the United States.
Alright, that's just the first three and a half minutes of the seven and a half minute report.
It's very powerful.
Election to Shanghai by the Iron Triangle.
The Chai Koms, the corrupt military industrial complex, and the foreign banks.
And Trump's pulling us out of all these wars, and they're not going to put up with it.
And the left is so angry at Trump.
They love death camps in China.
They love pedophilia.
They are Satanist scum that hate this country, and they're going to burn in hell.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
We are live.
We are fighting back.
We are America.
Coming to you from deep in the heart of Texas.
Broadcasting worldwide.
I am your host, Alex Jones.
It is Friday, December 4th.
The year is 2020.
We are 47 days out from the inauguration.
I have told you that Trump had about a 20% chance in the last three weeks since this fraud unfolded to prove it to the American people and to override this corruption because the gaslighting and the mass hoax and the incredible censorship by big tech and the controlled corporate media is so unbelievable.
Thanks to the grace of God and all these wonderful men and women, black, white, Hispanic, old, young, Indian Americans, Native Americans, Indians from India that are Americans, Chinese Americans, black Americans, all Hispanic Americans, all telling the same stories of the organized fraud in those key five states.
They did it everywhere else too.
We have a lawyer coming in studio later who went and poll watched and caught them engaged in criminal activity in Travis County.
The county clerk has been caught over and over again stealing elections.
This woman, when she called the police, she was arrested.
But guess what?
She had hidden video and got it all.
People say, why are you worried about Travis County that's totally leftist?
Why are you worried about California?
We'll never get it back.
People didn't vote for the Democrats out in California.
But I'm digressing.
People say, well, why would they have fraud in California?
Because it's been fraud.
That's how they took it over.
It's fraud in all the blue cities in Texas.
Once you go Democrat, you never get out of it because of the fraud.
They are a organized criminal group.
That believes the country shouldn't exist, but let me give you the big news.
Let me give you the big news here.
I spent hours this morning and hours last night at Infowars.com and at GatewayPundit.com and at NationalFile.com and very little time on Breitbart because they are really starting to drop the ball and turn against Trump.
Very disgusting, but I guess that Mercer money must be good.
Very sad.
And I like Breitbart.
One of these stories should turn the whole election over because it's so organized.
But there's hundreds with video in dozens of cases of the fraud.
People looking over their shoulder, kicking everybody out, saying a water pipe broke.
That's bad enough.
That should overturn it.
Then they pull out all the black crates from under the table and look like Sylvester when he's caught with Tweety Bird in his mouth.
And start running the sons of bitches, and then it turns out they're all Biden votes!
And then it gets worse.
Same stuff came out in Michigan with the witnesses, the video, everything.
Just like Georgia.
And then you've got witnesses that were there, who are testifying, who are professionals.
Very credible.
Saying the ballots were all in sequential order.
The numbers.
Mailed out, came back all in the same order together.
China chartered all these flights in the days before and the days after into the key areas because there's records of the flights coming in.
Funded by the Chinese government.
And then you even see the Chinese men looking like state intelligence operatives.
They've got the look of bureaucrats, spies.
Going in with dollies in Georgia and in Michigan, in the dead of night, when even the county clerk shouldn't have a swipe card that authorizes him to get in.
Because that's supposed to be locked up when it's closed.
I mean, they landed in the frickin' aircraft, folks, and went right in there with their swipe cards and Shanghai'd that baby.
We're under Chinese military communist attack!
So I'll tell ya,
Joe Biden, one way or another, is going to get removed from office if he even forces his way in there.
And they've screwed the pooch, and they've gotten caught.
And I can tell you at a core level, a core level, that the New World Order is in deep trouble, and they're never going to get away with what they're pulling.
I have stack after stack
After video, after video, not just of the eyewitnesses, not just of their testimonies, but of the video that they're testifying about.
I was watching the Georgia hearings last night as people were brought to tears.
It was like out of A Few Good Men or something.
It was so epic, but it was so real.
How they witnessed the ballot stuffing and the criminal activity and the people taking the same ballots and running them over and over again, giggling and snickering and just all the criminal activity and trying to throw the poll watchers out and all the same stories from Austin, Texas, where I live, we have the video.
Atlanta, Georgia, we have the video.
Detroit, Michigan, we have the video.
Phoenix, Arizona, we have it.
And then you got Joe Biden saying, we have the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization ever created.
People say, oh, he just doesn't know what he's saying.
You know, he's so senile now, he just says it.
Like when he declared himself that victor the Saturday after the election five days later.
He turns around, he's rude to his wife, and he goes, where's Hunter?
And then Hunter comes up and he kisses him, and then he starts kissing the baby on the lips, and he's just flaunting it.
He might as well just piss right in your face.
He's just flaunting and rubbing it in.
That's Skeletor Demon.
So, I don't know how this is gonna end for me, and you don't know how your life's gonna end.
Only God knows that.
But I can look at this, and I can tell you,
There's no way they get away with this, even if they try to certify it and go forward.
That's why you now have members of Congress moving to go to the electors and the legislatures, as they should have been doing three weeks ago, and saying, you've got to decertify this, and you've got to have investigations, and they're going to have to do what Pelosi threatened to do with the 20th Amendment.
They thought if they had lost, they were going to contest it, remember?
And they were going to push it back to the states.
Remember that?
They were able to freeze it that night, bring in so many fraudulence, they got over the top.
Because they'd been destroying Trump ballots, we now know.
That was the directive.
Go through the mailboxes, go through the mail.
If you find a Trump one, rip them in half, tear them up, throw them in the trash.
That's what we just found everywhere.
It's always Trump.
Always Trump.
I mean, people found like dumpsters where it'd be like 300 plus Trump things and like one Biden.
I mean, it's just insane.
And it's all right here.
I said 300.
In one case, there were 2000 Trump votes just hidden in one county in Georgia.
I mean, it's the same thing in Michigan.
This is like saying,
You go to the ocean, you say there's no fish in it.
Like, there are no fish in the ocean.
There is no election fraud.
No proof of it.
It's never happened.
It never goes on.
No one's ever seen it before.
It's like... I don't know if it's true that Lacosta Nostra, the mafia, had J. Edgar Hoover dressed up like a woman.
I don't know if he was gay.
I really don't care.
The point is, is that he did say that the mafia did not exist.
He gave testimony in the 40s and early 50s that the mafia did not exist.
Now, that is a less ridiculous statement, and it's totally ridiculous, totally ridiculous, than saying there's no election or voter fraud.
Again, that's like saying cows don't go moo, or the sun didn't come up this morning, or mama don't love her baby.
And they just sit there and they do this, and it's not going to work.
There's a total loss of confidence in the system, a total loss of confidence in the mainstream media, a total loss of confidence, and people are pissed.
I go to the grocery store, I go to a doctor's appointment, and I'm, you know, used to some, oh, Alex, hey, we like you.
I have black people, brown people, Asian people, old people, gay people, straight people.
You know, I go into the dental appointment, and they're like,
Oh, Alex, you're right about everything.
Oh, we think you were wrong.
I mean, again, I'm just a bellwether.
I'm a gauge.
The globalists have screwed the pooch, and now they're coming with forced inoculations and ID cards and world government and saying, oh, there's no side effects.
No one gets sick from it when the damn studies say 80% get super sick when you take the COVID vaccine.
This is a crazy cult of lunatics.
What the hell's going on here?
All right, here's what's going down, ladies and gentlemen, on the Alex Jones Show on this Friday edition.
Tom Papert and National File have been up all night, many nights, the last 30 days or so.
And they have really broken a lot of incredible information working with others.
And so he'll be joining us.
The evidence is so overwhelming.
Governor Kemp, who's been dragging his heels, calls on Georgia SOS to conduct signature audit of ballots and says it needs to be done now.
And they've already done spot checks.
They know that
Biden will completely lose, even if they do ballot checks in a couple counties.
Total fraud.
Many of them don't even have a signature on them.
They don't even have the proper addresses.
They were just dumped in mailboxes.
So the wheels are coming off.
That's just one area where it's blown a gasket, where there's proof, and where Trump is so close.
That's coming up next segment, and all the footage, Georgia Secretary of State
It's all coming up next segment.
But let me give you the bad news.
And we knew this was coming.
In Europe, in Canada, in Australia,
And now in the United States, they are proposing forced inoculation of children without parental consent.
And it gets worse.
In the UK and now in Canada, Chief Medical Officer, that's our Fauci here, who's gonna stay on with Biden if they should get in, Chief Medical Officer says Canadians who refuse vaccine won't have freedom to move around.
Close quote.
That video's coming up in a moment.
So let that burn in, folks.
Does it protect you?
Has all these horrible side effects.
And I have Pfizer admitting, this really won't even protect you from COVID, and it won't even stop you spreading it.
But we're just doing it, and we skipped the animal trials, and we had a bunch of problems in the human trials, but the people getting sick and the people dying, it's worth it.
This is like a kamikaze action.
It's like somebody's got a gun to these people's heads.
You will depopulate your planet or we will destroy it all!
Yes, Gloroslob!
I mean, if I was a military tactician, I'd say, this doesn't make sense.
It's like aliens have a gun to their heads to do this.
This is not going to be popular.
This is illegal.
It doesn't help people.
And I'm not even saying it's aliens.
I'm saying the Bible says it's an alien.
A fallen one.
Wants to kill, steal, and destroy.
So I'm going to get into all this next hour, but it is an insane nightmare stack.
The lockdowns, the tracking, the martial law, the power over your body, the mask over your face, the DNA-altering GMO Franken-mutagen.
That's like every old comic book where the mad scientist injects himself with weird DNA and then mutates.
That actually is what this does!
It's so freaking crazy.
And what they do is, oh, it's going to be mandatory.
Actually, probably not.
Well, yeah, obviously mandatory.
Probably not.
Yeah, it is.
Well, we're going to go ahead and issue the cards here in the United States and the UK.
And yeah, a lot of businesses will demand the cards.
And I know so many people that were in the Foreign Service who were told to take vaccines in the military and who got so sick from them.
Medical doctors tell them, don't ever take another vaccine, it could kill you, because it's like being stung by a bee, and you get an allergic response, or you get an allergic thing to peanuts.
Once you're allergic to it, it'll kill you the next time.
All the neurological disorders and all of it, and they just sit there and go.
Facebook, Google, and Apple, and Twitter will not allow disinfo.
Try to send out a medical journal report about people dying in the trials, and they'll block it.
I mean, they're making a move with violence, trying to block consumer advocacy, but then admitting in the fine print, oh, this doesn't protect you, and we have liability protection on the news.
It's totally effective.
It'll fix everything.
It's wonderful.
Don't question any of it.
Oh, vaccine cards and second dose reminders on your app, on your phone, are part of Warp Speed's immunization plan.
And again, Trump did this to try to take control from the globalists, to try to get the economy open, but they said, oh no, no, no, no.
Trump's gonna be gone.
And we're never gonna reopen the economy, and you're gonna take the shots, and you're never taking the mask off.
See how it works?
You see how it works?
Oh, and Biden has his at least 100 days.
You know, we're already six, seven, eight months into gotta wear the mask, gotta wear the mask illegally.
Remember at first, well, if you've got asthma or a psychological problem, you don't have to, but then no one honors that.
They just have to legally say that.
And so that's how they're doing this.
That's how they're rolling this out.
And now they're like, well, actually everybody has to.
And now you gotta wear two masks.
You gotta wear goggles.
And you gotta wear a space suit.
You gotta wear a... This is their authoritarian rollout.
This is their takeover model.
And then Klaus Schwab and Ted Turner and Bill Gates admit it's part of a planetary reset to make you live with less.
But it says it'll make you so much happier once you're sick and dying.
These are literal exterminists that said they want to depopulate you.
All the things he's missing is a Persian cat in his lap.
I mean, you would cast him for a James Bond villain, Blofeld.
You would.
That's because characters like that by Ian Fleming of MI6 are based on the real Bilderberg Group.
And who do you think was there before him?
Somebody just like him.
They all look like Dr. Evil.
Why does Dr. Evil look like that?
Because Hollywood knows what these people look like.
Where's his mini-me?
Is that Brennan or Clapper?
You're going to take it.
You're going to drink sewage and eat weeds.
He said that last week.
The new diet will be sewage, bugs, and weeds.
I'm not kidding.
He had the clip.
He says it in German.
You're going to take a new diet and drink sewage and weeds and... But don't worry, your tampons will be free.
He actually said that too.
I mean, I said it.
That's Goldfinger.
He's more of a corrupt industrialist.
Pull up the head of Spectre from Russia With Love.
I don't think they ever even show his face, but just pull up James Bond.
Pull up Dr. Evil.
I gotta digress here.
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We're being gaslit by the psychological war chiefs.
It came out four and a half years ago in the WikiLeaks.
The plan.
Top psychology professor talking to Hillary says, we're losing control of the people.
We need to accelerate culture war.
And that's what we're witnessing right now.
Divide and conquer.
And then, when they don't have the people believing anymore, they just start putting out this info everywhere to where everything is so poisoned and so confused, no one can figure out what's going on.
And in the midst of it, you demoralize people with an aged, doddering, crazy criminal that the system owns, to rub it in our face, and make us feel pathetic, and to make us feel weak, that this horribly weak, evil, twisted Chai Com agent is up there, and then he makes constant statements about, yeah, we stole the election.
Yeah, I don't need your votes to win.
Yeah, we put together the biggest voting fraud organization in history.
Yeah, they'll probably get rid of me and put Kamala in.
She's the president, remember?
People are like, it's a slip.
They keep saying the Harris-Biden administration.
He went, no, she'll be the president too.
See, it's all about getting rid of convention that's been put in place by our elders that was to protect us.
We're like, oh, let's do it different.
Let's get rid of due process.
Let's do both.
I'm going to present to you with Tom Papert in the next 30, 40 minutes or so, just the snapshot of total election fraud
From pillar to post, the people doing it on video, hiding it illegally, carrying it out, the media trying to cover it up, and what's unfolding, and the fact that it's the same strategy, the same stratagem, the same blueprint, in all of these T5 states that they've tried to steal.
But, just because somebody breaks into your house and steals your stuff, and has got your grandma's silver, and they're walking out with a teapot, you can go, oh my god, I'm gonna just sit here scared in my bedroom!
Or you can go out there and take your silverware back!
And that crook might get down the road to the pawn shop!
You show up there and say, that's my grandma's stuff!
You call the police!
You don't go, oh!
But see, the media's in on it.
Like, the pawn shop's in on it.
Oh, no!
Oh, this is our silver.
Well, they're now complicit in the crime.
They've gone for broke.
We gotta go for broke.
But I feel the worm turning.
We can defeat this.
One way or another, we're not gonna back down.
Here is, since I mentioned it, because it's too insane to just say it and not play the clip, where he talks about stepping down if he doesn't do what Kamala says.
Here it is.
All kidding aside... The First Lady-to-be told me she holds them for you.
Yes, she does.
But not with... She and Kamala have become friends.
But all kidding aside, it's a matter of the thing we are simpatico on our philosophy of government and simpatico on how we want to attach, approach these issues that we're facing.
And so I don't have, and when we disagree, it'll be just like so far, it's been just like when Barack and I did.
It's in private, she'll say, I think we should do A, B, C, or D, and I'll say, I like A, don't like B and C, and let's go, okay, but, and like I told Barack,
If I reach something where there's a fundamental disagreement we have based on a moral principle, I'll develop some disease and say I have to resign.
We don't have that.
And we discussed at length our views on foreign policy, on domestic policy, on intelligence.
Look at these two disingenuous, slimy frauds that know they've stolen this.
And just hope that we just gaslight until the end of time.
All right, Tom Papert, there is so much huge breaking news.
I'm going to try to give you the floor to walk through this.
I want to play a lot of these clips.
We should first set the table.
Here's just some of the headlines.
Georgia governor calls on Georgia SOS to conduct signature audit ballots.
Which will sink the whole system.
They've already done spot checks.
They will get the 13,000 votes back very quickly.
Trump will win and reverse the state.
One state goes, it's the domino effect because they ran the same scam everywhere.
Georgia Secretary of State now admits, national file, ballots were counted unlawfully and in secret because they have all the video and the witnesses.
Red-handed, Gateway Pundit identifies Georgia's overnight suitcase vote counter as Ruby Freeman.
And her daughter is the one that brings in the special suitcases.
The special boxes hides them under the table till they kick everyone out and then they pull them out and start going to town.
It's a family affair.
Vote counter who provided suitcase ballots and his daughter a vote counter identified as Ruby Friedman.
Isn't that just special?
Isn't that just sweet?
And everybody's wearing the mask because Democrats said so, like the little bandits.
And then it just goes on from there.
Investigation of 100 ballot samples in Arizona finds 3% of the ballots were deemed fraudulent in favor of Joe Biden, but not for Trump.
Oh, it was all Trump thrown out.
And if he got even one half of 1% back, he wins the state.
See how that works?
University document published in September of 2019 describes how the Democrats would steal the election.
Might want to read it.
Mo Brooks announces plans to challenge Electoral College in Congress.
It's on, baby!
Colonel Phil Waldron tells Michigan lawmakers truckloads of ballots for Joe Biden were inserted in 2020 election, and they got the proof.
And it goes on and on.
I knew what was at stake from what I witnessed at the TCF.
My heart broke.
Michigan GOP elections witness an immigrant shocked by corruption and fraud where the ballots
We're marked in order.
Yeah, mailed back in order.
And of course, Alfred Joe Biden.
I mean, this is ridiculous.
Just like in Georgia, they said they found tens of thousands of ballots that had never been folded and were perfectly printed by a computer on the Scantron, not bubbled in with a pen or a pencil.
Perfectly printed in boxes, stacked up.
Didn't even fold them to counterfeit them.
You know, usually counterfeiters put the money in a washing machine or a dryer and with a bunch of chips or whatever, you know, scratch them up, bend them up.
You kind of... Imagine a 10-year-old kid walks in with $1,000 bills in a car dealership and says, uh, yeah, I got these $1,000 crisp bills.
I'm gonna buy that Ferrari right there for $200,000.
And they go, sonny, let me check that money.
And even if it's real, they go, where'd you get all this money, son?
But oh, here's all your big boxes all perfectly crisp and all printed by computer.
Open and shut, baby!
But the Justice Department says no evidence because they're part of the Deep State takeover.
Tom Papert, you'll be with us about 15 minutes to the next hour on nationalfile.com.
You've been kicking ass.
I mean, you haven't slept tonight.
We appreciate you being here.
Give us your overview of what we're looking at and where this is going, and then we'll get into all the evidence next segment.
But amazing.
And of course, I only covered the surface here.
Well, that's right.
I mean, there's so much going on, no one human being can track it all, Alex.
It's totally insane.
But what we're seeing right now, I think, is some movement.
The conservative media is finally pushing in the same direction, thanks in no small part to your broadcast.
We're seeing state legislature after state legislature in this country come together and say,
We need a special session.
We need to get back here.
We need to reclaim our ability to assign electoral college votes.
And in many cases, they're going as far to say, we need to assign them to Trump.
We're seeing lawsuits, new lawsuits.
A new one is being filed today in Nevada that has hundreds of thousands of pieces of evidence, 90,000 illegal votes potentially.
And of course, in Georgia, the headlines just keep coming out.
It's a family affair.
It's a family fraud, like you said, Alex.
These people are caught red-handed on video.
The likes of the Fox News contingent and the likes of CNN will no longer be able to say zero evidence of fraud after today.
And it just goes on and on and it's the same systematic blueprint in all these states.
Well that's exactly it.
I mean that is the smoking gun that proves this was a coordinated effort.
We are all using the same machines.
We're all using the same tactics where we throw the vote counters out at almost the same exact time.
In come the suitcases at one in the morning and they start counting until everybody goes home.
You have in Michigan a very similar dynamic.
These women in Georgia are very clear Black Lives Matter supporters.
In Michigan you had a similar dynamic.
They're wearing Black Lives Matter shirts themselves.
It's the same type of political thug that committed this fraud in each and every battleground state.
And Alex, like you were saying at the beginning of the broadcast, I believe in states that are not even considered battleground states.
We need to go back and look at Virginia when this is said and done.
We need to go back and look, yes, at California when this is said and done.
Travis County is deep blue.
They caught him.
Red-handed on undercover video.
It's been on local TV but nowhere else.
The exact damn paradigm!
What were you just said in the other states, Tom?
So this is so widespread, and I think we're actually, if we can get through this, if we can keep pushing and secure victory, we are on the cusp of total victory because they've been exposed, Alex.
No more can they keep this going.
America knows about Dominion voting systems.
America knows about the thug-like tactics that they're using on Election Day.
And now China put $400 million into it in October through a Swiss bank account.
I mean, and their leader, Klaus Schwab, looks like Dr. Evil.
I mean,
Folks, I'm telling you, they're not going to get away with this.
I'm serious.
We'll be right back with Tom Pappard.
I'm Alex Jones.
You can run on for a long time.
Run on for a long time.
Pretty good interview with Joe Rogan.
He really talked for over four hours, got deep into a lot of things.
He's got a million views on our own platform at band.video.
And it's a great way to reach out to newbies, reach out to folks that are somewhat awake, reach out to liberals.
They'll go, oh, Joe Rogan and Alex Jones, End of the World Part 3?
Because he had two shows he did called End of the World Part 1, Part 2, so I did Part 3.
But it's actually very optimistic.
Um, deal.
And so I hope you share it at band dot video.
We have to build our own platform to do this kind of thing.
We really appreciate Joe coming by and doing that.
And there's.
So many other medical doctors and scientists and others that are being banned.
Hospital heads when they come out and expose the fact that COVID's an overblown hoax and a power grab to shut down our economy for Communist China and the New World Order that are there on the site with millions of views.
So it's a real resource, especially the banned video section of Banned.Video.
That is the most banned information.
Tom Pappas riding shotgun with us in the next hour looking at a lot of the election fraud.
We haven't gotten to the clips yet.
There are so many we can't even get to 10% of them, but we're gonna start.
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Recurring, cancelling time, just one click.
Thank you, Tom.
Where do you want to start?
Which piece of fraud, smoking gun first?
What, Georgia?
That's pretty big with the governor and even the secretary and all of them going, okay, there is fraud.
I mean, wow, there is systematic illegal manipulation of votes on damn video.
My God.
I think that that is the most pressing state right now, Alex, because I've been told, I've talked to people who are on the ground, I've talked to some of the people who are very, very high up in the Georgia political infrastructure, and they tell me that Kemp, they cannot understand why he has not yet called a special session of the Georgia legislature.
Once that happens,
They can overturn this election.
They can go county by county, vote by vote, say this is totally fraudulent.
We cannot let it stand.
They can certify the electors for Trump.
Now Kemp seems to be getting closer.
I think he is about to break.
When there is damning video evidence like this, Alex,
It's very difficult not to break.
So I think it's very important that we keep all eyes and all power and all force on Georgia and politically make these people do their job.
We elected them, Alex.
You were down there.
The people who went out to see you elected Brian Kemp, not Communist China.
The man needs to call a special session of the legislature.
We have video of a mother and daughter team committing massive widespread fraud, potentially, in the most populated county in Georgia.
Let's be clear, they illegally kicked out the
I mean, give me a freaking break.
It's beyond belief.
And so this starts, you know, you see the four or five people in the video and everybody's wondering, well, who the heck are these people?
Well, now we know, thanks to the very good reporting of the Gateway Pundit, it's the mother, a woman named Ruby Freeman and her daughter.
Her daughter, she says in a Facebook video, is her supervisor while she works on the election.
She talks about people complaining because her supervisor is giving out instructions that don't make sense.
Well, Alex, her daughter happens to have long blonde dreadlocks that in a grainy security camera look a lot like braids.
Her daughter is the woman who at 8.22 in the morning on election day brought in these suitcases full of ballots and then once everybody was gone because of the leaky toilets on that night, she is the one who started removing the suitcases from underneath the table and counting them and ordering the other people to count them.
This is the biggest bombshell we have.
We need to figure out how these people got these stuff.
The FBI needs to haul them all in now, but of course they're not because Bill Barr is compromised.
That's precisely right.
So, bare minimum, what can we do here with this information?
Well, I'm sorry to say it, Fulton County voters, I'm sorry to say it, you're going to be thrown out.
This cannot be adjudicated.
There is no fixing this.
And when that happens, Alex, when the legislature does that, or when it's done through the courts, that will fundamentally change the election.
President Trump will have won Georgia in a landslide.
That's just one of many ways this can be accomplished.
And by the way, I mean, I am ready to, because listen,
We knew there was fraud, we knew about Dominion, we knew about the scams, we knew about the numbers going up after the polls closed that night.
But if you don't have smoking guns, like we now have in Michigan and Georgia and Pennsylvania, similar videos everywhere, then you can't show the public that.
But everyone gets, oh, a toilet's leaking!
And then, first it's a big main broke, oh, a toilet!
And then they close the whole thing down and then start kick the balance and just cramming them in as fast as they can like they're running a race looking over their shoulders and the same videos are in Pennsylvania and the same videos are in Michigan covering it up with brown paper but then Republicans get the footage and then there's the same damn thing again.
This is ridiculous!
I mean imagine if a cop was driving down the street
And he saw you and you see him, you run into the woods.
The cop's gonna come see what's going on because that's suspicious.
This is hand in the cookie jar, man.
This is ridiculous.
It's the most obscene and absurd instance of fraud we've seen yet.
And you're right, Alex.
It's happening in every single state.
We're getting the affidavits.
We're getting the security camera video leaked and put out lawfully.
It is absolutely... This is the strategy.
This is what they did.
Kick the people out.
Tell them that we're done.
Send them home.
And then the hardened crew, the Democrat operatives, they pull out the suitcase votes.
And before you know it,
We were all there.
I mean, I was up until like 4 in the morning after election night.
Alex, I'm sure you were too.
When everybody went to sleep at around 1, Trump was winning.
Then all of a sudden, we know what happened now.
We know exactly why Georgia flipped.
It's because these women counted the same ballots probably over and over and over again.
I was watching some of the earlier footage because they released the whole day, as you know.
Everybody's slow and all, but as soon as they closed the doors, they're running around like chickens with their heads cut off.
It was like a beehive, they're so busy.
That's exactly right.
I mean, it's remarkable with the speed they moved.
They knew they only had a few hours.
They knew that eventually the people would figure it out and get back there.
And the fact that they're pulling these votes out of black suitcases, that again, the supervisor, the woman in charge, as identified by her own mother, is the one who brought these in.
By the way, there is the mother and daughter team on the cover of the newspaper.
She posted this.
The mother posted this proudly to Facebook saying, look at my daughter.
She's doing epic work as the election supervisor.
These people, that's just it, Alex.
They bragged about the fraud on Facebook.
You cannot make this stuff up.
That is so brazen and so disgusting.
And meanwhile, if you or I post anything on Facebook, we're going to be banned before it gets posted.
All right, that's some of what we've got.
I want to play some of the testimony in Michigan and in Georgia when we come back.
And these are computer scientists.
These are engineers.
These are poll watchers.
But you don't need to be an engineer to know when a box of ballots come in unfolded and they're all in sequential order.
Tom, what's that mean?
That means there's no way humanly possible for it to have happened unless it was fraud, Alex.
Yes, folks.
And I know the listeners know this, but when you're talking to a Democrat or somebody, explain to them.
When you mail out hundreds of thousands of ballots in a state, or millions, they don't come back all nice and crisp with computer printouts of them, and they're all in sequential orders.
That's impossible.
That means that the
What's crazy, Tom, is the laziness of not even crinkling them or folding them or mixing in some Trump votes, too.
Oh, I forgot, they're almost always purely nothing but Biden votes as well, Tom.
Well, that's exactly what it is.
You do have to wonder, did they want us to see that?
Are they rubbing our noses in it?
They made it so obvious.
These ladies surely knew that they were on a security camera.
They're not even trying to hide it.
It's almost like it's part of our punishment, Alex.
They're rubbing our nose in the mess we've made by electing President Trump.
That's right.
They do this.
It's a felony.
Every time.
We'll be right back with hour two.
Stay with us.
Spread the word, folks.
Only you can override the censors.
Only you can resist.
By the way, Tom Papert of NationalFile.com has been really doing a kick-ass job.
He's riding a shotgun with us here.
And we talk about how there's always more evidence.
We were focusing mainly on Georgia.
They're pulling the video in right now.
But we have the Secretary of State vote tallies that night on television.
And go ahead and kill that audio, guys, please.
Thank you.
Thank you, appreciate that.
Coming up, I'm going to show you the video footage of as soon as they all come in.
And as soon as they kick everybody out, that's when the vote totals for Biden jump!
I mean, we don't just have them looking around and pulling it out and saying it's a water main that broke and then scurrying and cramming them in.
Then we have it all for Biden.
So that's coming up next segment.
Tom, continue though.
Let's segue into another state for the few minutes.
We'll come back to Georgia next.
But what's the next big state?
What, Michigan?
You know, Michigan is going to be one of the easier ones.
Pennsylvania, the legislature seems to be on our side, but we have to get the governor, Tom Wolf, to play along.
I don't know if that's going to happen.
I think Arizona, Alex, is another state that not enough people are talking about that is an extremely easy victory for President Trump.
The Kelly Ward announced the 100 balance sample that they got the other day.
They got it back.
They found two ballots.
One that was meant to be for Trump and was instead assigned to Biden.
One that was meant to be for Trump and they just took the Trump vote off.
They didn't even do anything else with it.
So if you extrapolate this, Alex, it's very easy to see a path to victory.
If only 10.3% of the ballots required them to duplicate them.
And remember, this is Arizona.
We're Sharpie gate happy.
I don't
Trump already wins the state, no other fraud, no other things exposed by a whopping 40 votes, 4-0 votes.
So Arizona is an extremely easy victory and we also see the legislature there moving quickly against Ducey and quickly to try to get a special session so they can assign the electoral votes to Trump or withhold them entirely.
It's a big state and I think that we're going to see progress in it.
So really what I should have said up front when you came on, the big news is not just all the smoking on Evidencetown, but also the legislatures are starting to move in the right direction.
That's exactly right.
And these people, Alex, these are the modern revolutionaries.
These are the new founding fathers.
These are people who, you know, Alex, the state legislators are basically nothing in the political landscape of America in 2020.
But now we're returning back to the 19th century, where the state legislature is one of the most important bodies, not just in the state, but in the country, because it's the state
It's Doug Mastriano in Pennsylvania.
It's Representative Fincham in Arizona.
These are the people who can single-handedly fix this election and keep the corrupt communist puppet and his handler, I guess, Kamala Harris, from everyone getting a chance to come close to the Oval Office.
Wow, we've got to recap that next segment because some stations don't carry this segment, Tom, but you're absolutely right.
The legislatures are there as a check and balance on a stolen election, on the federal government out of control, and that's why they're now starting to kick in.
So, Arizona going in the right direction, Michigan going in the right direction, the legislature, the majority of Republicans,
They want a recount.
They want signatures checked.
The governor says, yeah, let's do it, but there's not the authority unless he gives it to the legislature by calling the special session.
So he's trying to talk out both sides of his mouth.
That's exactly right.
And that's what's happening, especially in Georgia, but in a lot of these states.
Now, one exciting thing, Alex, Michigan, their legislature is in session until December 31st of this year.
They have until the end of the year to fix this mess in the state of Michigan without Whitmer's permission.
She can't stop them.
You know, I go off my intellectual research and then I go with my gut, and my gut tells me this is winnable, they have stolen it, and here's the deal.
If you've stolen something from me, just because you have possession doesn't mean I don't get to take it back.
We have to literally put the fear of God politically into these Republicans and into Fox News and the rest of them to understand.
You bet off more than you can chew again.
You told us Trump would be impeached as a Russian agent.
It didn't happen.
You're a bunch of lying scum.
So let's play a few of these legislative clips, get into those numbers in Georgia, and more on the other side.
Tom Papert of NationalFile.com is with us.
I'm Alex Jones at InfoWars.com and Band.Video.
George Soros hopes you don't share that URL.
Well, we're into hour number two.
Tom Papert of National File is running shotgun with us.
I don't
Thank you very much.
So Alex, what this basically comes down to is we, the campaign, and the journalists, and the American people, the viewers of InfoWars, we have presented our evidence to the state legislators throughout this country in these battleground states.
Georgia, of course, is the most damning, where we have video evidence of this mother and daughter team ushering out the vote observers and then counting a suitcase balance that they brought in at 8 in the morning in the middle of the night.
Absolutely reprehensible.
So where we're at now is we have a lot of these state legislatures that at least have coalitions, if not outright Republican majorities that are ready to overturn the elections in their states.
They've examined the fraud.
They want to examine it further.
And when it's all said and done, they're going to say there is no way we can certify this.
All right.
Alex urges to call a special session of the Georgia Legislature, which leaves us only in the courts.
But I believe he's close.
Yesterday we saw him buckle again when he appeared on Fox News and throughout the day after this bombshell video came out.
So the evidence is too hard to ignore.
But Alex, these people, the Doug Mastrianos in Pennsylvania, the Representative Finchams who's calling for this in Arizona, these people are the modern founding fathers.
While our
Federal Congress is going to sit on its hands, potentially, and do nothing, while the DOJ is going to do nothing.
The FBI is corrupt.
These people at the state level, at the local level, people who never get news coverage, people who don't make a lot of money in much of the country, these are the ones who can save our constitutional republic.
These are the ones who can prevent a chi-com globalist takeover.
If they do this, they will be the modern founding fathers.
If they do not, they're going to be a bunch of Benedict Arnolds, and we will remember them as that.
Well, that's why either way we win, and I don't just like to put a statement like that out there to sound like we're confident.
I've been really upset.
I've been losing sleep.
I've cracked three of my teeth in the last couple months with this election and what's happened since.
I was at the dentist again today.
I have to wear a mouth splint now, which I never had to do because I'm so stressed out.
I can't help it.
I'm being robbed.
I'm being assaulted.
My family is.
You are.
We're all in this together.
But I can see the evidence.
I can see people waking up, and I can just see that no one's buying this.
And the corporate media is only destroying themselves that much worse.
I mean, there is a seismic shift now, where, because I guess I'm well known, and again, I'm not bragging to the listeners, it's a bellwether.
So they don't need to feel like they're alone.
When I go out even in liberal Austin now,
To a dentist, or to the grocery store, or walk down the street, or a restaurant.
It's old people, young people, men, women, black, white, every color.
And they're like, we get it!
It's true!
Did you know this?
I mean, there's a huge awakening.
This just supercharged it.
So they say God works in mysterious ways.
This, trying to put the Crypt Keeper in Kamala Harris?
Couldn't even get half a percent of Democrats to support her out of the Democrat candidates?
And then she's even lower?
Black Americans hate her for whatever reason.
I hate her too.
She's very fake.
And I guess they pick up on that.
I mean, these people are crazy!
I mean, if they were slick like Donald Trump, but evil, they might have a chance, but they don't have any chance!
With the mainstream media propping them up, having the mainstream media endorse you is not a good thing!
Having the mainstream media tell you the vaccine is safe has two-thirds of Americans saying they won't take it!
It's just crazy!
Well, that's exactly right, Alex.
No, this is, like I said earlier on the show here, this is the cusp of not just a victory that we get to keep the White House for another four years.
No, Alex, we're on the cusp of total victory.
If we prove this fraud, and we are, if we convince the state legislatures and the courts to do the right thing, and it is very clear what the right thing is here, this may never happen again.
The Democrats will have been exposed upon China.
You're right, this is their waterloo.
Say that again, because I'm interrupting, but, I mean, you're right.
I just want to highlight what you're saying.
If we fight now and say no, and take it back from them, it destroys them.
It's their waterloo.
Explain that.
So this is it.
I mean, they have pulled down every trick in the books.
The traditional fraud is what we saw on video with the mother-daughter team and their stuffing ballots.
We're learning about Dominion.
We're learning that China is dumping millions of dollars into this.
We're learning that the communists in Venezuela designed a 28-state voting system.
The American people, as you're talking about, are awake like never before.
They're not going to go back to sleep.
The only way they can crush us is if they install their puppet Biden and then spend the next four years calling us crazy and threatening to put us in camps.
That is the only way they can stop this.
If we have victory, we will have total victory, meaning they're not going to be able to do this again.
California may be a swing state again if we can disprove all of this fraud and make it so they can never do it again.
That's why when President Trump, one of his key points in that speech he made the other day, which I agree was amazing, was that electoral integrity, election integrity, may be the biggest achievement of his campaign.
And he's absolutely right, because this is a fundamentally different America.
2016 would not have been half
Well, that's it.
And the Democrat, deep state, shy combat, boa constrictor
We just stomp on its head, it's going to crawl away.
Doesn't matter if the whole media says, he's the president-elect, he's the president, he's the president.
They said they weren't going to accept the results until the Electoral College.
Then they said that still wouldn't be.
They were going to inaugurate him as another president and have a secession, the New York Times said.
John Podesta was wargaming.
But now, oh, and we have all this evidence, we're supposed to go away, it's preposterous, it's crazy.
And I am seeing cracks at Fox News that, you know, betrayed Trump at the key moment.
We knew they would.
They've lost half their audience at least.
They get nobody's buying their BS anymore.
And then as this evidence mounts, because here's CNN, here's Fox News.
No evidence of Venezuela or China connected to Dominion.
It's ridiculous.
You know, next they'll say the ocean has water in it.
And then, meanwhile, all the SEC documents, all the admissions, PBS documentaries about it years ago.
I mean, this is ridiculous how they just go, oh, preposterous.
Oh, there's none of that going on.
There's no affidavits.
There's nothing happening.
It doesn't work.
And Barr coming out was a reserve army.
We know he's been a deep state double agent, at least.
But the fact that he came out against Trump a few days ago showed their total desperation.
That was their emergency get-out-of-jail-free card.
Well, that's exactly right.
I mean, you described Barr perfectly there.
I've never quite thought about it that way, but that's correct.
I mean, Barr's father hired Jeffrey Epstein to teach at a girls' school when nobody else would.
That's who Barr's family is, so it makes perfect sense that he's been the sleeper with a significant amount of Trump supporters saying, oh, he plays the bagpipes, I love him.
Now he comes out, but there is nothing that can stop this.
The American people have finally figured it out, Alex, that the entire combine, the globalist machine, has been lying to them since they first showed up in kindergarten and said the Pledge of Allegiance and sat down for their full day of communist indoctrination.
The American people realizes that we have Donald Trump, a fighter in the arena, who is not going to go down without swinging, and that he is going to tear this thing apart with our help.
The American people cannot put this back in the bottle.
Sorry, you can't put the genie back in the bottle.
No, that's exactly right, Alex.
You cannot put the American people back to sleep after this.
I'll just add this little caveat.
This is how this works.
Joe Biden's getting control of the Justice Department, and Jones, they're planning to indict you if you don't back down.
And that's the phone calls I get.
Uh, from, let's say, high-level people.
They're telling them to tell me, we're going to indict you.
Well, go ahead and indict me, you little chicken-neck piece of trash.
You think I'm scared of you?
What, for some fraud you made?
You think America will buy that?
How about you indict 100 million Americans?
We're sick of your crap, and all you're doing is pushing us into a corner, you little chicken-neck rats.
The games are over.
Papert, let's play those clips I talked about one more segment.
Then after Papert leaves us, oh man.
Let me tell you the race in the hole, though.
It's COVID lockdowns, forced inoculations, and more.
And they're announcing them all.
So, they've got a plan.
And it's to be the saviors over the COVID hysteria and the COVID overblown hoax.
We'll cover it all on the other side.
NationalFile.com is doing a great job.
Check it out today, NationalFile.com.
And you know our evil website, InfoWars.com.
So, here's the governor.
Of Georgia, saying he wants the signatures to be independently evaluated because it turns out most of the ones for Biden didn't even have a signature on them.
Here it is, a big victory.
You know, I called early on for a signature audit.
Obviously, the Secretary of State, per the laws in the Constitution, would have to order that.
He has not done that.
I think it should be done.
I think, especially with what we saw today, it raises more questions.
There needs to be transparency on that.
I would again call for that, and I think in the next 24 hours, hopefully we'll see a lot more from the hearings that the legislature had today, and we'll be able to look and see what the next steps are.
And now that very Secretary of State says there is evidence of criminal violation of election law, pulling out the ballots, pulling out the suitcases while they said it was closed.
I mean, what are they doing?
They said it's closed.
It's not.
Then it's spice for Biden.
This is the most open and shut case I've ever seen, Mr. Papert.
I agree completely, Alex.
It is open and shut.
Again, it almost feels like they wanted us to catch this.
It almost feels like they wanted to rub our nose in how they could get away with this fraud.
But they're not going to get away with this fraud, because yes, Governor Kemp has finally come around on signature verification, calling on Georgia Secretary of State Brad
Raffensperger to finally go through with this.
Now, I have no idea why Raffensperger isn't doing this.
I've talked to people on the ground in Georgia who say that prior to this election, they thought he was a good guy.
They don't know if he's been paid.
They don't know what on earth has done this.
But the fact is, Kemp also has to do a little bit more.
Kemp can totally invalidate the need for Raffensperger to wake up and do his job if Kemp will call a special session of the Georgia legislature.
That's right.
The governor can't hide behind the secretary, you know, not doing his job.
He absolutely has to call out the damn legislature.
That's who should be doing this.
Well, and the legislature, from what I've been told, a lot of the Republicans in the Republican-controlled Georgia's legislature, they want to do this.
Given the opportunity by Brian Kemp, they will take the proverbial bullets.
They will take the political you-know-what storm.
Kemp can sit there in his governor's mansion and watch Netflix for the rest of his term before he's never elected again.
The legislature is willing to take the heat.
The fact is, Kemp, for whatever reason, has not, and will not yet, call a special
Let's remember Trump went to bat and got Kemp elected out of nowhere.
Let's go to the next clip here.
I haven't played this clip yet.
This is Gateway Pundit plays this clip.
It's Hema Kalanidhi.
And this is some of the stuff that she witnessed in Michigan.
Here it is.
Writing down the ballot numbers and the last names of the person of the ballot that had the name on the ballot.
They were all in sequence.
These are absentee ballots, mail-in ballots.
They cannot be in sequence.
2232 cannot have 2233 next to it, because if they're mailed in, they come in all different numbers.
And when I started noticing that these numbers are almost next to each other, like one or the other was in the middle, but then they were almost next to each other,
My antennas went up.
That's exactly when I thought something is not right here.
Then I asked the supervisor...
There was not even a date on those envelopes.
It said November 0-2020.
There was no second number there.
Then I said, what is the date on this one?
Then they got really mad at me.
They said, you're not letting us do our job.
You're disturbing us.
And at that point, because we really don't want to be kicked out, you know, so we were just kind of not challenging anything because we want to still stay in the room because we barely had anybody.
Not only that, the sequence ballot numbers,
We're all from the same area, like the Goddard Street in the downtown Detroit.
Goddard Street, sequential ballots, signatures were all alike.
They had no date stamp.
It was empty after zero.
There was no third or second or first or nothing.
And none of them were coming up in the system.
They were all being entered manually.
They even knew that none of these details would even be in the poll book or in the system.
This is like somebody coming into your gas station and trying to buy a cup of coffee and a sandwich with Monopoly money.
I mean, you know it's fake on its face.
Tom, this is ridiculous.
It is, Alex, and I have a potential idea of how this may have happened after examining Georgia.
So I talked to an election expert last night who testified yesterday.
He said that what they found is they're using homeless shelters in downtown Atlanta and other Democrat strongholds to register thousands of people.
And mental institutions and nursing homes.
Which, by the way, seems to be, now the experts have not weighed in, meaning the lawyers, but that seems to be a clear and obvious violation of the law.
You cannot have 2,000 people, like Alex, you can't just walk into a homeless shelter and say, I'm here to register to vote.
I mean, it's absolutely ridiculous.
These people have been ordered to do this.
I mean, we know that.
And then, of course, when that happens, whether or not these votes are even real, they fill them all out, they return them.
That is the only way possible.
You know, the Islamic from the desert hellhole.
What's her name?
What's the name of the Islamic globalist from Minnesota?
It'll pop in my head in a minute.
I'm having one of those.
Ilhan Omar.
Ilhan Omar.
Veritas got that months before the election, where they would go to all the apartment blocks of the immigrants and tell them, we'll have you deported if you don't fill this out in your name.
I'm not even a citizen.
And they'd still make them do it.
And they'd make citizens do it under threat.
That's how they do it.
That's exactly right, and then when it comes time to figure out, okay, who is this vote actually going to be assigned to, that's how come the 85-year-old grandma has tried to go vote on November 3rd, and we're told, no, you already voted by mail three weeks ago, because an illegal immigrant or somebody else in that position, possibly at Ilhan Omar's pay, voted in their place.
This is one of the most disturbing parts.
The credit to the Somalis, they came out and bitched and said, we don't like being threatened and made to do this.
As did the Native Americans, Alex.
We now have Native Americans who've come out and said we were paid in gas cards, in yachts, in vacations, in everything you can imagine because they wanted to buy our votes.
It's disgusting.
It's the honest-to-God racism of the Democrat Party.
It's almost a tired talking point, but we've never seen it like this before.
They go to poor Somalis, they go to poor Native Americans, and they hand them gas cards for votes.
It's demeaning and it's disgusting.
Well, at least they did that in some areas.
Ilhan Omar, they threatened him and he said, you're going to do this.
That's right.
They said it's their like racial or something Muslim spiritual goal that they must vote for Joe Biden, a man who will drone strike their family members overseas if given the opportunity.
I got so many other clips, hours of them, brother.
But, I mean, you've got the state legislature head guy, Mark Fitchum, closing remarks in Arizona saying, this is racketeering.
He said, it's exceedingly hard for me to place a label on what I've heard other than racketeering.
Giant organized criminal practices.
That's exactly right, Alex.
I'm honestly, I'm very optimistic, and I've gone back and forth like you, but the fact is... No, no, I agree gut level, this is so strong that, I mean, this is just unbelievable.
And these legislators, Alex, they have the ability.
If any of them are watching right now, I want you to understand that you can be the new Patrick Henry.
You can be the new George Washington.
Your career is going to explode.
Whoever does the right thing here is in Congress, is in the Senate.
This is the new 1776.
That's what I see here.
This is not a challenge.
This is an opportunity that the enemy has really showed themselves.
That's exactly right.
The Democrat Party, if we finish this, if we make it to the finish line and truly expose their corruption and evil once and for all, they're not going to be able to continue to exist in this form as a national party.
But I want to be clear, even if they somehow smuggle the Crypt Keeper into power, that destroys them too.
I mean, as long as we just say we don't buy this, we never give up, we don't ever give in to their gaslighting, we don't ever give in to their confidence game, it destroys them because we have the truth, they have the lies.
We never give in, we never surrender, we have the proof.
And I can't wait to hear what else comes out now.
That the meat and the potatoes, I mean, the epic level of the proof is just ridiculous.
And I know it'll all be at nationalfile.com.
Tom Papert, we love you and we appreciate you.
Thank you so much, Alex.
It's always a pleasure.
Thank you for the opportunity.
Now that's some of the good news.
I'm going to give you the really nasty news coming up.
The forced inoculations, the checkpoints, the imploded economy.
If you want to fight the globalists, if you want to resist the new order takeover and the Great Reset, then be part of what my good friend Jason Burma has coined the other day, the Great Resistance.
The answer to 1984 is 1776.
And the answer to the Great Reset is the Great Renaissance, or the Great Resistance.
And that starts at InfoWars.com and Band.Video, where our views and support is exploding when it comes to actual visitors.
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I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Very, very honored to be here with you in defiance of tyranny.
Very honored to be aligned with you and with God in our future destiny.
Wouldn't want to be anywhere else.
Thank you for keeping us at the tip of the spear.
I spent a lot of time in the first half of the broadcast today talking about the incredible evidence of fraud and just the bona fide
Pillar to post, entire lifespan or chain of events, the compendium of a fraud.
And all the different angles and all the different point shaving and the ways they do it.
Destroying Trump ballots, having fake filled out ballots, closing polling places, then running through a bunch of votes all for Biden in five states, all perfectly on the graph to the minute, and then having the video of it.
I mean, that's just insane.
And it shows you the arrogance of evil.
I mean, as much as I hate the New World Order and stuff, I wouldn't go take over an elections facility and engage in fraud, and I sure as hell wouldn't do it on camera.
They did it.
But that's how sure they are in the establishment and the media.
That's why they brag about being invincible.
It's why they admit to crimes they commit on TV.
Because they want to rub people's noses in it, but also get their minions be willing to do anything.
Now, there's another really big story that I haven't gotten to and I really, really need to get to it.
And it deals with the next level that is now here of censorship.
And it deals with YouTube saying they're going to quote, suppress the videos of white males and not let them trend.
They're going to discriminate because someone has white skin and is male?
So now just because you're white, you're not going to be able to trend.
By the way, I'm not joking.
It actually says we will suppress white males.
Ladies and gentlemen, what is that meant to do?
It's meant to create total racial division.
And it is so illegal, and it's so criminal, and it's so racist, and it's not black people or brown people doing it.
It is the establishment saying, we represent brown people, and we protect you, and so you need to be for big tech, because we're going to take care of you.
Yeah, just like YouTube started with, oh, we're going to give you a little bit of rev share to bring your product here, and now they don't need you anymore.
It's called domestication and the way they patronize brown people and treat you like you are a barnyard animal that can't be successful without them.
When I looked at the metrics actually in entertainment and in media, people with brown skin are doing far better than white people with the whole way the culture has been basically positioned.
It's just unbelievable.
That if you're a white guy from Russia or say a white guy from Chile, whose family history had nothing to do with slavery or anything, but you're going to be suppressed because of the color of your skin.
It is absolutely incredible.
So I had that in the stack.
I can't find it right now.
So reprint me that please.
Thank you.
But I'm going to be getting to that.
Going on into the election fraud, we're going to have a lady who's a lawyer and who's run for office and only lost by a few votes at the state legislative level.
And she's very well spoken.
She was out there with us at a little impromptu demonstration against Mayor Adler of Austin, who flies around on private jets and goes to huge parties and doesn't wear a mask and doesn't social distance.
She caught the fraud on video, the same exact tactics you see all over the country on November 3rd.
She'll be in studio with us as well, coming up about 15 after in the next hour.
But it's going to take me a while to go over this medical tyranny news that is completely and totally synthetic and prepared and a program and an operation.
So we know exactly where it's going, how it rolls out, how they do it.
And to my complete and abject horror, we now know why I see hundreds of articles a day admitting vaccines are killing people.
AP, Reuters, they all admit it, but say it's no big deal and it's a good price to pay.
Then if you criticize it and show numbers, they ban you.
So they're admitting, hey, this is gonna hurt you.
Just like Bill Gates has said, 700,000 are gonna get sick or die.
That's his number. 700,000?
And they're just getting ready to start killing people with these vaccines at higher levels.
And then all these top medical doctors are coming out saying, this can kill you.
These are really dangerous and they don't protect you.
And these are former chief science officers of Pfizer and, you know, top doctors that advise the Canadian and British government.
And they're just being silenced.
So they're getting ready to do something really bad, folks.
So, I mean, these guys are making their move on us.
And their view is, if you're dumb enough to let a guy that says he wants to depopulate you force something in your body, you deserve what he's going to do to you.
And he's got a point.
I mean, if you're so stupid that he says he wants to kill you, and now he's coming with a vaccine and they're censoring you, complaining.
And they go, oh, you're going to have to have it to buy and sell and leave your house.
Oh, no, we're not going to do it.
Oh, yeah, we are.
No, we're not.
No, yes, we are.
So that as they implement it, you never form a resistance.
Because like, well, I heard they're doing it, but they're not.
Well, they're doing it in a limited area, but not for everybody.
Well, actually, it's for everybody.
This is all psychological tactics, and it's all the same.
So I was already wondering last year, like, why is the UN admit vaccines are actually causing a lot of disease and killing people?
Because they're just gonna go, we're gonna hurt you, and it doesn't even protect you, and you'll still have to wear a mask, and you're gonna have a digital passport, and that's just the end of it, and, oh, by the way, we're introducing legislation all over the world to forcibly inoculate your children without your consent.
I mean, the whole damn is breaking.
So that's gotta have leaks in the dam.
You're like, hey, behind that's trillions of gallons of water.
It'll flood the whole town.
Oh, shut up.
It's not a problem.
Hey, the leak's bigger.
Oh, don't worry about it.
Finally, one day you wake up and here comes a hundred feet of water going a hundred miles an hour.
You're dead.
The dams, it's like tyranny is here.
Shields are down and we're on fire.
Now the good news is people are starting to wake up, but it's not
Quick enough.
Okay, and here's a whole other issue.
Without you, we're not on air.
It takes a lot of money to run this operation.
I want to stay in the fight.
I want to be strong.
I want to be able to move around the country and expose these people and bring leadership to this fight.
But we can't do it without your support.
I want to expand, not to say the same size, but we're trying to not contract right now.
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You know, I've got some really big news that we already knew, but there's been a lawsuit in the EU filed over it, and they've got the medical studies.
I was just looking over it, then I pulled up some of the previous ones, what they've done.
You know, Bill Gates says that if he does a really good job of vaccines, we can depopulate the planet.
Remember those quotes?
And that's been his whole family business and what all the big money's into.
And we know the Gardasil shot ended up tagging women's ovaries and it's been in mainstream news.
It's attached to not just infertility in women, but all sorts of cancers and problems in the ovaries.
And that's not a fun thing for the ladies.
So very excruciating.
And they've also added hormones to tetanus shots.
The UN's been caught in India and in Kenya.
I think so.
In utero, then it causes an autoimmune response for the body to attack the baby.
It's also a very painful process.
And the women keep getting pregnant.
That's a nice soft kill element to it.
I saw the different studies, but usually a large percentage of the women end up dying.
They're in the third world, so they keep getting pregnant and keep having this horrible autoimmune response where they lose their child.
So it's also incredible torture.
Another little loving gift from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
And of course, they are the main funders of that
But it turns out that a doctor, we've interviewed this guy many years ago, turns out that Dr. Wolfgang Wudar, medical doctor, has filed this, and guess what they found?
That the mRNA vaccines that Gates says is the one you've got to take.
See, Trump wanted you to take the one that doesn't have the mRNA, which is actually a vaccine, still has problems, can be tainted, and can give you problems, cause an autoimmune response, and if you have other contaminants, your body will come
All right.
Petri type cuter, I guess they call it, of the peanut protein.
But this, you know the mRNA, it says it goes in and changes the protein of each cell in the body.
That's called cancer.
And it says here that it will attack that exact protein is associated with SARS-CoV-2 family.
And so that has the same protein as what's in the placenta, so your body will attack the placenta.
And so the baby will never attach.
I guess it's a little bit more humane than the tetanus way of doing it.
So we're gonna let my daughters wait till they're 18.
And then my three daughters, one is 16, one is 12, one is three, and we're gonna say, would you like to be sterilized?
That's up to you.
If they wanna be sterilized, they can go get their shot.
God almighty, this is a total violation of the Geneva Convention.
This is a total violation of the Nuremberg Code, and this is war.
And look, I don't want to start going around and killing people, okay?
But I'm just telling everybody something.
We have a duty to not put up with this and to get in these people's faces and say, look, you may think there's too many people, and in some areas there probably are.
And there's some problems.
But man, come on.
You know, you got a bunch of kids, Bill Gates, so does Ted Turner.
And you fly around in jet airplanes all day and you tell us that we need to start eating weeds and drinking sewage.
Davos put that out last week.
And that Obama goes to Africa and says you can't have a car.
And says, you can't have air conditioning?
We need to innovate out of this and industrialize these people, not sterilize them!
But see, Bill Gates makes that joke with the mosquitos that Ted talked about.
He goes, there's no reason only Africans should be getting this and getting sick.
I'm releasing these on you!
They're doing this to us.
It's the same vaccine.
So I'm going to say it.
Until my children are 18 and one of them is over my dead body.
And you're not putting it in me.
And so what does the health minister say?
The head health minister in Canada?
The head Gates man?
Because Canada said they went under Gates' control.
Australia's under Gates' control.
The UK said two weeks ago, Boris Johnson, he said
We have the rotating chairmanship of the G7.
We have the rotating chairmanship of the G7 this year.
And I'm going to have Bill Gates in there in my position.
He will be calling the shots as the shadow minister.
Bill Gates will be in command of the G7 this year.
I will follow his directions immediately.
I mean, it's all the globalist takeover!
And they're coming for us and saying, you won't have freedom to move around.
That's the global social credit score.
Remember what the Chinese minister said last year?
We played the clip probably 50 times.
He said, you won't be able to step one half foot out front your house unless you have your digital passport.
And now it's going to be a health passport.
And they say, oh, even if you take the shots, you won't be able to travel.
You will tell you when you can go out, where you can do.
I mean, God almighty, this is the great leap.
The great reset is the great leap forward 2.0.
If you don't know what the Great Leap Forward is, you better look it up!
Here's the Chief Medical Officer.
Says Canadians who refuse vaccine won't have freedom to move around.
Ontario's Chief Medical Officer says that those who refuse to take the COVID vaccine won't have freedom to move around.
Dr. David Williams.
Here it is.
But will you, as the Chief Medical Officer of Health, in any way make some sort of mandatory vaccination recommendation?
So similar to all our immunization programs in the province of Ontario, and we have some special acts related to that, like the Immunization of School Pupils Act, etc., we can't force someone to take a vaccine.
That's clear, because we want to make sure that people say they only would want it.
Thank you.
Of immunization or vaccination with the proper product in order to have latitude and freedom to move around in certain access into long term care facilities or the hospital, different things without wearing other types of form of personal protective equipment, etc.
Same as with school attendance.
It may be much like other vaccines.
We haven't gone there yet, but we would make it mandatory for access in and sometimes being excluded if there's a risk or a hazard going on.
So it's more of
By the way, Bill Clinton's assistant has come out and said Bill Clinton was at Epstein Island with the little girls.
I just wanted to mention that because Bill Clinton says, I'm gonna take a vaccine, I'll do it on TV.
If you believe they're gonna take an mRNA vaccine that reprograms every cell in your body, I mean,
This is their move.
I mean, they're not just going to sterilize you.
You know that.
You're dead.
It'll take 5-10 years.
And they've got binary things where they'll give you the next vaccine that triggers it.
I mean, I've studied this, folks.
Have you ever seen the movie JFK?
It's very accurate.
Oliver Stone.
The whole CIA team that later kills Kennedy is down in New Orleans running a cancer research facility where they're injecting animals and humans with live cancer.
Most cancer is viral, boys and girls.
I don't know.
You're crazy, because what it does is primes all of your reactive cells.
Not your corneas, not your eye cells, but the majority of cells in your body, including your brain.
And you know it gives you Alzheimer's.
It's proteins in the frickin' brain.
I mean, listen, listen.
This is, this is, again, if Hitler would have made a deal with Russia, and been friends, and given them medicine, and had a scary virus that got out, he would have taken the world over.
He didn't do it that way.
He did it with army tanks and machine guns.
And fighter bombers.
But this is all just, oh, wear your mask, oh, now don't go out without, oh, here's this, you can't criticize it, oh, we're gonna, and then you read it, and here it is in the lawsuits with medical doctors laying it out.
Look at this.
Section six, several vaccine candidates are expected to include the formation of humoral antibodies against spike proteins, SARS-CoV-2,
And it goes through all the different types, which is derived from human androgens, retroviruses, and is responsible for the development of the placenta in mammals and humans, and is therefore an essential prerequisite for a successful pregnancy.
It is also found in homogeneous form in the spike proteins of SARS viruses,
If this were to be the case, would that then prevent the formation of the placenta, which would result in vaccinated women essentially becoming infertile?
To my knowledge, Pfizer Biotech has yet to release any samples of written materials provided to patients to basically warn them of this and the specific fertility issues.
And then I've got all the articles where they did it with a Gardasil shot too.
God Almighty.
Coming up next segment, I'll get more to the lawsuit filed at the EU by medical doctors, reporting on the fact that the mRNA vaccine will target the placenta protein that is the same protein they claim is in COVID-19.
Yes, so you can't have the baby.
Only imperial stormtroopers are so precise.
But last night, I decided, because other people were down there protesting the day before, to go down to protest Mayor Adler, who's on a private jet, big parties, not wearing masks, but saying our businesses should be shut down.
And a guy was yelling at me,
Mayor Adler!
Mayor Adler!
Mayor Adler!
We know you're flying around on Big Ten private jets.
We know you don't social distance.
We know you don't wear a mask.
And we know you're up there in the W trying to shut down the local economy for Jeff Bezos and Amazon and Google and Sundar Pichai to bankrupt all of us while you make the biggest profits ever.
Mayor Adler are a criminal and have committed siege upon the people and are guilty for crimes against humanity.
Arrest Mayor Adler!
Arrest Mayor Adler!
Arrest Mayor Adler!
Arrest Mayor Adler!
Arrest Mayor Adler!
Arrest Mayor Adler!
Arrest Mayor Adler!
Arrest Mayor Adler!
Arrest Mayor Adler!
Arrest Mayor Adler!
At last!
At last!
Billions are starving to death!
Over this and the future, millions have already died of starvation, but you, you see a guy that's big and you make a monkey face like, oh look, he's muscular, he's strong.
My attribute is I'm a coward and I'm a slave to the new world order and I go along with the system.
That's, look at this guy, that's why I'm so powerful.
I love big tech running slave camps in China with three million people in death camps selling organs.
I love Edward being a puppet of big tech.
I love them shutting down small businesses.
I love all of it because I'm a trendy who thinks I'm the resistance when I'm really part of the establishment.
There he is, look at him.
That's the establishment.
Here, I'll get down there and talk to this guy.
Oh yeah, I'll get him right now.
Can you tell us how it's funny that Apple runs death camps in China?
Because you're a trendy local, right?
We're the bad guys.
You know, Apple runs death camps.
Adler locks everything down at Big Tech.
Do you work for Big Tech?
Are you part of the trendies?
I'm the establishment.
So you are.
So tell us, what do you work?
What do you do?
I work for Google.
I'm the CEO of Google.
You work for Google?
I'm the CEO of Google.
I'm the establishment.
I am.
Oh, you are?
Your company supports it.
Your company supports it.
So you're against Apple, huh?
You against Google?
Hey, whoa, man.
Who made that cell phone?
A slave made that cell phone.
You can't admit that because you're a bastard.
That's what you are.
You're weak.
I think you love the censorship, don't you?
You can run away all you want.
You can lie.
You can lie.
There is no ad hominem.
He's weak.
He's a weak man.
You're laughing at us when the mayor exempts himself of the rules and the business is going bankrupt.
We're under attack!
We're under siege!
This ain't a f***ing game!
Governor Abbott!
Governor Abbott!
Governor Abbott!
Now a top German court has come out and said the PCR test is 96% fake.
Almost all the COVID tests are fake.
The hysteria is fake.
Governor Abbott, COVID-19 is a psychological warfare weapon as part of the Great Reset to shut down the U.S.
Karl Schwab of the Davos Group has admitted that COVID-19 is not a threat and is a psychological warfare weapon to shut down the U.S.
Governor Abbott,
Come out against the COVID-19 hoax.
Save the Republic.
Don't be part of the Great Reset.
We'll be back.
Stay with us and stay in Attack Formation.
Welcome back.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
And a lawsuit's been filed by prestigious doctors in Europe, laying out the fact that the mRNA vaccine attacks the same protein
That is in a woman's placenta.
Well, there you go.
Just like the Gardasil shot, they now confirm, attacks women's ovaries.
Incredible, but they don't study it for that.
Oh, they've rushed it.
They've rushed it and didn't do animal trials.
Just, oh, turns out the big MNR vaccine they have was developed in two days in January.
Yeah, right.
We developed years ago.
We found all the patents.
Here's the articles.
Here's the lawsuit.
Doing a big report on this this afternoon for InfoWars.com.
Look at it for yourself.
Here's some of the background.
HPV vaccine linked to soaring infertility.
Tetanus vaccine laced with anti-fertility.
Violates the Nuremberg Code.
Violates the Geneva Convention.
This is all criminal activity, and the Chief Medical Officer of Canada says you're not going to be able to leave your house or basically have a job unless you take the vaccines.
He says that's not forced, you can just starve to death.
Oh, but they have liability protection when you get sick from it or get sterilized.
And they're introducing bills in the United States and other countries to allow forced vaccination of children without parental or child's consent.
These are fighting words, ladies and gentlemen.
This is the scam they're running.
And they're coming out with their new COVID-19 vaccine cards.
They go, well, these are just in case businesses want to ask for them, even though they admit many people can't take vaccines because they have autoimmune problems.
I mean, the denial that vaccines ever hurt people is just like saying, again, the sky isn't blue.
But here's Obama saying that he might take it in public, and then now Bill Clinton,
Who's now been confirmed was at Epstein Island with little kids.
That just came out yesterday.
Bill Clinton said, I'll take it too.
And so did George W., who's such a drug addict and lunatic, he can hardly even tie his shoelaces.
So if you believe they're really going to take the shot, I've got a bridge in Brooklyn, New York, I want to sell to you.
I got some oceanfront property in Arizona as well.
And from my front porch, you can see the sea.
Here is what Obama had to say.
I promise you that when it's been made for people who are less at risk, I will be taking it and I may end up taking it on TV or having it filmed just so that people know that I trust this science.
And what I don't trust is getting COVID.
Yeah, right.
All these warmongering, horrible... He bragged about it.
I killed a lot of innocent people with drone strikes last week.
I never even played the clip.
There was a clip of it.
He's like, yeah, I killed a lot of innocent people.
It's worth collateral damage.
Notice he's like, oh, third world populations need it first, and black people.
Because black people die of COVID more.
You mean because you didn't get any sunshine?
You didn't get any D3?
And black folks need more sun than white folks?
Because your skin doesn't absorb the sun?
Basically, your melanin blocks it?
He didn't tell you that, he just said, oh, it's for black people.
Because you're not going to be having any more kids after this.
I mean, this is sick, man.
This is sick.
But it's Barack, it's your black president.
Come in with that needle, he loves you.
Oh, he just cares about you so much.
You try to tell Black Lives Matter idiots that, they'll attack you.
It's unbelievable.
And it goes on and on and on from there.
What do you think of the new COVID vaccination cards that were just revealed to the public?
Michael Snyder asked.
What do I think when it was all coming?
Bush and Clinton vowed to join Obama in televised COVID vaccination.
Former Clinton chief aide Bill Clinton went to Epstein-Peto Island.
Of course he did.
Biden to launch a mask up for 100 days as the cult leader.
Cuomo alleges the Trump administration created the cynicism around the vaccine.
Trump asked his officials, they said, sir, it'll be ready by the fall.
He's already had it ready.
Trump said, okay, it's ready.
They went, oh, he's lying.
Now that they claim Biden's the president, they go, oh, we do have it.
And it's totally safe.
And then they blame Trump saying it's not safe.
Remember just a month ago, Cuomo said Trump is insane, the vaccine's dangerous, don't take it.
Kamala Harris said on TV, I wouldn't take it, because Trump's recommending it.
Because they wanted the credit for it, thinking you have no memory.
Once they put Biden in, oh yeah, you should take it.
And now they say it's Trump that did that.
Wow, that is some BS.
Don't worry, L.A.
imposes toughest lockdown yet.
They've caught the mayor and the chief manager of the city and the governor all flying around, no mask, it's all fake.
Hell, their businesses are exempt.
UK police patrolling pubs, throwing out customers for eating scotched eggs.
That's right, no drinking allowed, and if we catch you even with an egg that has flavoring of whiskey, we're arresting you.
Yes, but the Muslims can run sex rings with your kidnapped daughters, it's fine.
Pfizer CEO not certain their vaccine stops transmission of COVID as companies jab approved in the UK and evaluated in the US.
Oh, so it's not even work?
That's okay.
It's alright.
If you criticize that, Twitter or Facebook will ban you, because you're not an authoritative person.
You know, your kid has a convulsion taking a vaccine, or your brother dies, they take a flu shot, happens all the time.
It's like, well, okay, you're not authoritative, okay?
You can't talk about how something kills your family.
Isn't that just precious?
So precious.
residents are ordered to stay in their homes.
I told you lockdowns come in years ago, using a virus as the pretext to bring in martial law, forced inoculation, and digital tracking systems on your phones.
People are like, how did Jones know it?
They said they'd do it in Operation Lockstep ten years ago.
That's what's so frustrating is, I'm just here like I'm in a play, and they go, oh, the next page is the Romeo and Juliet commit suicide.
Oh, the next page is the... And I'm just like, okay, now they're gonna do this, now they're gonna do that.
I mean, they're gonna kill you.
You think they're gonna stop with just sterilizing your ass?
Oh, no.
You're like, well, they would never do that.
You read about other countries?
Cambodia, North Korea, China, Russia, Nazi Germany, Venezuela, Cuba.
They like to dominate you.
They enjoy that.
And there ain't nothing in the world dominating somebody like taking your life or sterilizing you.
Glass of Mohicans, based on Daniel Boone and real stuff that happened when that Indian tribe had exterminated the Mohicans.
He's trying to kill the chief of the Mohicans.
He says, now I'm going to kill your seed of your race from the earth forever.
And that is exactly what this is.
Pulls out that sword and he says, I'm going to wipe you and your tribe out forever.
Your seed is mine.
That's real power.
And that's what evil seeks.
How did somebody write a book 190 years ago, right after it all happened,
And have somebody saying, I want to kill your tribe.
Because that's the way it always was.
Yeah, go back to the fight scene.
It's important.
Because that's what this all is about, ladies and gentlemen.
And if you don't figure that out, you don't have a hope or a prayer.
The way the Native Americans operated, the way the Germans operated, the way the Romans operated, the way the Chinese operated, the way they all operated is the way it is.
And the globalists want power over you.
They want your seed.
They want to wipe you out.
Are you going to let them do it?
I will not preside over the extermination of blacks.
And not because I'm their savior.
They're coming for me too!
They train the whites to kill the blacks so there's no one left for the whites when they come for us!
I will not be part of this satanic evil!
I want our children to have a future together.
Based on competition and based on merit, we will rise together.
But this system of Bill Gates and Barack Obama must be thrown out.
Barack Obama was trained.
Barack Obama hates black people.
Barack Obama is a bloodhound, just like Soros was trained to kill Jews.
Obama is trained to kill blacks.
And if you don't wake up that blacks are the first to be annihilated, you're a fool!
And I demand, no matter what color you are, to wake up to that fact and to say no!
We will deploy energy and systems to the world, and then people will have two children.
That's how it works.
We will not sterilize people and murder them!
Not without a fight!
Okay, I've been aware of this lady for years.
She's doing a great job, but she was out there last night with us and she was helping protest the mayor, Adler, who's flying around on private airplanes and not social distancing and having these big parties while he tells us that we're not essential and be shut down.
And I was reminded of the fact that she got arrested the day before the election as an official GOP poll watcher.
She's a lawyer in great standing.
She's a civil litigator and currently a general counsel.
She advises a pro bono for parental rights.
We'll play this piece coming up next segment.
Even local TV admitted it was BS.
And she got hidden video of what was going on.
So again, it's not just Georgia.
It's not just Pennsylvania.
It's not just all these battlegrounds.
It's these blue cities inside red states are just as bad.
And I know famously the county clerk's been caught in scandal after scandal.
I challenged her and stuff like 20 years ago, the county commissioners, and they found fraud but said, we're going to still certify.
So that's how this works.
So in a nutshell, we'll get into all the details.
Again, the same exact paradigm we see around the country, you saw right here in the blue cesspit that is Austin.
That's correct.
That's correct.
So, um, I led in the primary in March.
As everybody knows, the runoff got delayed until July.
I was expected to win by pretty much everyone, of course, including me.
And, um, then I, uh, the mail-in votes came in 55-45.
The early votes came in 55-45.
And all the precincts came in 55-45% with me losing by 10%.
And that seemed like a statistical anomaly.
And so I reached out to Laura Presley, who works on election integrity in Texas, and we started reviewing the audit logs and found that in the July election in Travis County, they deleted all of our Election Day ballots, recreated four new USBs, and then reloaded all of those ballots for a 1.30 a.m.
So they are fixing our elections.
They are working with and inclusion with the vendor, ES&S.
So there's a lot of publicity out there that Dominion is the only fraudulent electronic voting machines.
That's not true.
ES&S is another election hardware and software provider designed for the controllers to be able to engage in fraud.
And let's not forget LBJ was based in Austin.
He famously stole his way into Congress here and in surrounding areas.
Central Texas is as bad as Chicago or as areas of Pennsylvania.
Let's be clear.
And honestly, because now I do work on election integrity, I have people from all over the state of Texas who report similar fraudulent activity in their counties.
Harris County is a cesspool, Dallas County is a cesspool, and Travis County is one of the worst.
And so we have to address election integrity in Texas before they do turn it blue, and that is the objective, the long-term objective.
And we are incrementally losing by not addressing it.
So, November 2nd, I was appointed by the Travis County Republican Party to be a watcher.
I went in with my camera, but I also wore a body cam and started taking pictures.
She was illegally processing our votes again.
I called 9-1-1.
The sheriff showed up.
The sheriff was unclear about his jurisdiction and what he was able to do, so he chose to do nothing.
At that point, they found out that I was taking pictures because I was calling the media, and they accused me of criminal trespass, and I was arrested, went to jail for 24 hours.
It was very unkind.
Even though under state law, your lawyer, let's be clear, I've looked at it, they violated the law kicking you out.
Well, I don't know.
I mean, they asked me to leave and I refused to leave.
Under the law, you were by the party.
You were supposed to be there.
I had a certification to be there, and in my opinion, my defense would be public necessity that I was exposing illegal activity that was affecting all of the voters.
Well, sure, exactly.
You can have a rule against video cameras and stuff at a polling place, but if somebody's murdering somebody, you've got to videotape it.
That's an overriding whistleblower thing.
So once I got arrested, the AG who had known about the fraud and the illegal activity that's happening in Travis County since at least September, if not before, in November, the AG in Texas finally opened a case to investigate the Travis County clerk.
And that's going on right now.
So I should have started that.
You got arrested, but it helped trigger the fact that she's under investigation.
However, although I'm excited about an investigation, the election for City Council District 6 and 10 started Wednesday.
And so here we are underway in another election that she is going to be allowed to steal.
Just like the special election with the Secretary of State in Georgia with the mail-in ballots again.
Yes, yes.
It's incredible.
But just tell the viewers, people are like, okay, Austin, Texas.
It's the same thing.
There's video, we're putting the newscast coming up.
You've got photos of this.
It looks like the same stuff we're seeing in Georgia and other areas.
You caught them here.
So how are they violating the law?
Well, there is a law that you are not allowed to obstruct poll watchers.
It's a class A misdemeanor.
So in Travis County, they obstruct, they forced all of the poll watchers, Democrats and Republicans, to stand outside of the room, behind a wall, behind a glass window.
And every time we would tap on the window to ask them a question, because we're 20 feet away from the ballots, there's no way they can answer.
Project Veritas got them on tape in Michigan saying we're going to use COVID as an excuse to not let them watch.
It's the same thing here.
And I went as a volunteer attorney up to Wisconsin.
They're doing the same thing in Wisconsin during the recount.
I should have pointed that out.
You've been all over the country.
You're kicking ass.
Yes, because I like to see it for myself.
I don't believe the media.
Well, you're being robbed!
The most basic right is being robbed.
You're pissed.
And I don't believe the media narrative, and I want all people to push back against the narrative.
Go see it for yourself.
If you have an opportunity to volunteer as a poll watcher, you should go.
And by the way, these operatives know what they're doing.
They act so creepy when they're doing it.
Have you seen the Georgia footage where they literally close it and pull out the bags and they're shoving them in?
Well, I mean, they may be doing things covertly, but they're also doing things overtly.
So when I was in Wisconsin and in Travis County, they are hostile.
Hostile about it.
They will call you violent.
They will bully you into submission so that they can continue their illegal activities.
Oh, that was the testimony all over the country.
They would just throw people out.
Yes, they'll threaten to throw you out, they'll tell you that your knees are over the line, that you're reaching over the line, that if you knock on the window, you're acting violently.
It's bullying, and if we allow ourselves to be bullied, then we're just living under tyranny.
And that's what big tech and big media, they're the bullies.
They are the bullies.
Well, and the Democrat Party, and I hate to characterize the whole Democrat Party.
But they really have rotted from the head down.
It's unfortunate, but I do want Travis County voters to understand that even Democrat moderates are being robbed of their vote.
That socialist, communist candidates... Oh, that's what Soros... Yeah, the Deep State wants the very radicals in.
They want the radicals in, and that is who is being advanced.
Jose Garza.
Prop A, even, is a way for the... Yeah, no one wanted these giant trains and all this crap, but nobody wanted a George Soros, you know, guy to be the head law enforcement person.
Correct, correct.
Folks that don't know, tell them who they're putting in here in Austin.
Well, they're putting in... I mean, people ask me who's going to win the election.
They asked me before the November election.
I said, tell me who the most socialist, communist candidate is on the ballot.
That's who's going to win.
And that's who's going to win this week, too.
On December 15th, when we get the results, it's going to be Jimmy Flanagan and Alter, because they're the more socialist candidates over Jennifer Verdon and Mackenzie Kelly.
And it's got all the big money all over the country.
The commies are taking over.
George Soros, we'll be right back to talk about stopping it.
Well, we've got a firecracker here, Jennifer Fleck, flecktexastrong.com.
She was saying she's not going to run again, even though she almost won, until the fraud stops.
I've known Travis County doesn't have free elections forever.
We've seen it with the county clerk before.
It's incredible.
But Jennifer, we've got this newscast about you being arrested, which is a red badge of courage.
Very, very great what you did.
Now there's a criminal investigation or investigation of what's happening with all this.
You were in the right.
When you're exposing it, but big picture, this seems to be the end of the age of innocence at least.
All this confirmed, you know, handoffs of USBs and pulling out suitcases when they claim that the polling place or the counting center is closed.
I mean, this is epic stuff and the mainstream media going, none of it exists.
Nothing's happening.
Nothing's going on.
This is not true.
This is Georgia.
Look at this handoff.
I mean, that's the daughter.
Uh, with the mother that's, you know, counting the votes.
She's the one that brought him in.
Then we got all these handoffs and all the rest of it.
I mean, this is just incredible.
And of course, we know that's what happened is they take votes off, they go change them, bring them back.
The central tabulation area.
That's exactly what happens.
Well, Trump's a Nazi.
He deserves to have the election stolen from him, right?
So, Jennifer, I want to get to this newscast, but what are other big points you want to impart to people?
Well, I want Travis County voters and I want Texas voters to wake up and understand that this isn't just happening in swing states, that this is happening in Texas.
I think we should demand that the Attorney General in Texas do his job.
He, under the code, he's the only one that has jurisdiction to enforce election crimes, or enforce prosecution of election crimes.
And we should be asking and demanding, the voters should be asking and demanding a hearing, an in-person hearing, like they're having in Pennsylvania, and Michigan, and Arizona, where Texas citizens can come in and testify as to the fraud that's happening in their county.
That's right.
And we're seeing more and more of these legislatures in the swing states.
A swing state's a state the Democrats are taking over.
And they're in the process of Texas.
We need to get going on this.
We need to nip this in the bud now.
And we were just talking about we can't wait until we lose Texas because you can see what's going to happen if we wait until we're a swing state.
We have to address the fraud now and stop it now so that we're not ever a swing state.
That's the goal.
We never want to be a swing state, but we also
More than anything, we want legal elections.
Until we have—legal elections are the horse, I call it.
Everything else is in the cart.
So if we want to work on pro-life issues, if we want to work on pro-gun issues, if we want to work on equal-parenting issues, none of those are going to advance until we have legal elections, because we won't ever be able to vote for and elect the representatives that care about the issues that we care about.
And look, we've seen all the hoaxes and all the power grabs and all the scams.
It's going on.
They've caught them.
And I think the naivete out there is ending.
People are seeing the hardcore evidence of fraud all over.
And I just don't see how they try to put Biden in there when it's so clear this is a scam.
I agree it's a scam, but sometimes I think things have to get worse before they'll get better.
There still are too many people who aren't paying attention.
There's still too many people who are still watching mainstream media or who aren't informing and educating themselves at all.
I had a voter who worked for me, who helped me on my campaign, and when I went back to her and asked her to help me prove that my election was fraudulent, she said, I can't.
I just believe in elections still.
I want to believe that the system worked.
So they worship the naivete.
Yes, but then she texted me just a week ago after all of this is unraveling.
She texted me a week ago and she said, I'm so sorry.
She said, I'm so sorry.
I didn't understand what you were doing and I didn't understand what you were saying.
Well, that's because she's a nice person and she keeps projecting her niceness on the people.
That's not how this works.
No, it's not.
We all need to confess, admit, and absorb that we are at war.
And we are at war for our freedom, not for our party.
I will say equally negative things about Republicans and Democrats.
They're all weak.
They are all weak.
And these big corporations are the ones doing it.
But you just said it.
We should put that up on the front of the interview.
We are at war.
Let's confess it.
We're not looking for it, but let's just admit we're in a fight.
Are we going to give up, or are we going to fight back?
And listen, fighting back is the easy way, folks.
Giving in to tyranny makes it worse.
I agree.
And until, you know, I go out without a mask, I go out and I usually wear a shirt that has, you know, a saying or words on it where people know I'm ready for, I'm inviting a fight.
I very rarely get asked to put a mask on, but I get approached by people with masks all the time and they say, how do you do it?
How do you get away with that?
I was there.
I was at my dentist this morning.
I kind of thought you might have been wrong, but now we all know nobody really got sick.
It's all made up.
I've looked at the statistics.
I was reading how the vaccine's actually killing people on the test and they're covering it up.
And now I'm like, okay, you're a medical doctor.
Tell folks.
And he goes, I am.
So it's just coming down to the fact of
We have to stop projecting our goodness onto this evil.
It's not.
It's evil.
We've put up with it.
It's grown.
It's out of control.
Here's that one of the newscasts I thought was overall actually pretty fair with what happened to you being arrested the day before the election witnessing the massive scam that was ongoing.
Here it is.
Watchers claim the Travis County clerk's office is locking them out, preventing them from watching the poll workers here counting ballots.
State law allows these watchers to see and hear the clerk's office handling and
These ballots and that's exactly what Jennifer Fleck says she was trying to do when she was arrested here Monday.
Fleck is an Austin attorney now charged with criminal trespassing after she says she called 9-1-1 to report election code violations inside the Travis County Clerk's Office.
Fleck was serving as a watcher here at the Central Counting Station when she says she called 9-1-1 and it turns out though she left here in handcuffs.
I was personally appointed by the Travis County Republican Party.
So you were there on official business?
Jennifer Fleck was right where she says the Travis County clerk told her to be.
Held inside this media room on the other side of a set of windows from the Ballot County Station.
Fleck says there was one major problem.
The poll watchers could not see information on the computer screens or hear anything on the other side of that glass.
My intent was to get it recorded, to take pictures of what was happening, and to make the situation public.
Fleck snapped these three pictures and sent them to us.
The pictures show, she argues, the clerk's office obstructing poll watchers from doing their job.
We had no audio at all.
We could not hear what was going on.
They were running ballots.
They were signing reports.
How obvious?
Simple tabulation?
So that we could ask a question or so that we could see a report which is allowed under the statute.
They would ignore us?
Fleck then called 911 asking for a deputy to file a police report.
When the deputy arrived, the clerk's office found out Fleck had taken pictures and told her to leave.
The other poll watchers were objecting to one poll watcher's behavior.
She's wearing a mask, she's a bandit.
She's been known as the Queen of Texas of Travis County for 25 years.
She's been in office since 1987.
She administers her own elections.
Flick admits she violated the poll watcher agreement that prohibits any recordings and she's ready to face the consequences.
What made you decide to take that step to record this?
To be honest, I was just, I'm really frustrated with the fact that there is no recourse for illegal activity.
And our votes in Travis County are not being protected.
Really, my motive was to make her do what was right.
That didn't turn out.
Travis County's clerk declined our request for an interview about the arrest, but during her post-election press conference, she said... Poll watchers are always welcome because they do a good job of sending the word out to everybody else that the procedures here and election law are being followed.
Fleck says her recording will prove her allegations, but her camera is still held by the Travis County Sheriff's Office.
If they have nothing to hide, then let us in.
Let us do our job.
Let us do what we're supposed to do under the code.
They say that they want to be transparent, but nothing about that process was transparent.
Yeah, they don't want to, during the election, be able to see the truth.
So, truly shameful.
Truly, truly shameful.
And they know what they're doing.
They run the show now.
Yes, they do.
And the fraud is seeping out as other county officials see that the county clerk in Dallas and Travis and Harris are getting away with what they're doing.
It's seeping out in our smaller counties like Williamson County and Hayes County are having the same kinds of problems because if you can get away with committing a crime, why not just keep doing it?
Nobody's holding him accountable.
All because the public's told by mainstream media none of it exists, even though there's mountains of evidence.
We'll be right back with Jennifer Fleck.
I'm Alex Jones with InfoWars.com.
It's Friday.
Well, it's being reported by CBS News and Fortune that they've hit the next level.
The L.A.
mayor has banned walking.
How about breathing?
Next, that'll stop the COVID problem.
Los Angeles, new COVID lockdown bans, most walking, and use of public transport.
See, that's how tyrants move the overs and window.
Like, oh, you don't like staying in your house?
How about you don't go outside?
That's like Spain.
So we're just being shown Australia, shown Spain, and being walked into this.
Jennifer Fleck, you're a constitutional lawyer, a patriot.
There's Admiral Atbar from Return of the Jedi.
Watched the attack on the second dust star, did you know that?
It's quite a commander.
I mean, this is obviously mind control, it's brainwashing, it's all being done, it's insane.
Yeah, so, I mean, all of COVID, I've watched it in elections, and I've watched it real time, all of us have, and they just, it's, you give them a little bit of power, a little bit of authority, and they just take advantage of you.
Well, and once they know they can't be thrown out, they get really arrogant.
Yeah, but I'll walk in HEB without a mask and nobody says anything to me a lot of times.
But then my mom will walk in and she's 70, she'll walk in and she'll have the mask below her nose and they'll harass her the whole time she's there and ask her to pull her mask up.
And it just makes me so mad because they will take advantage of our freedoms if you allow it to happen.
That's right, well you're wearing a business suit, you look like you're kind of in charge.
They pick on kids, they pick on old people, and it's all these minions, virtue signaling, when they're not helping anybody, it's all a fraud.
It is all a fraud.
It's all a fraud.
And I'm always asking, like, if we have plexiglass between the two, you and I, I mean, do I need to put a mask on, too?
No, it's just all to remind you that you're bad and you're dirty.
But again, let's stop walking.
See, all before, go out, exercise, enjoy yourself.
But now, like the UK, like Australia, like Spain, oh, wait.
You can't even go outside now.
They want to see what we'll do.
They want to see what they can get away with.
It's truly sick.
That's right.
And most people think, well, just wear the mask.
What's the big deal?
You know, it doesn't really infringe on your freedoms.
I'm like, that's not the goal.
Do you understand?
That is not the goal.
It's that you're dirty, you're bad.
I mean, give me your view on this, because we know it's a UN global government reset, collapse the economy.
But how do you think it's going for them?
I think it's going great for them.
I think they're getting exactly what they want.
I think that they're going to keep pushing the American people or people everywhere.
And the big corporations, they're all essential, so they're all doubling profits.
We're going bankrupt.
It's modern warfare.
That's right.
Small businesses are closing.
I mean, I remember reading the governor's executive order this summer, and you know, there were like 10 exceptions to businesses closing or that he had like 10 exceptions.
And I remember one of them was that he closed all the rafting businesses like you couldn't like your rafting businesses couldn't stay open.
And I thought,
How bizarre that he would attack a small business in Texas and let all these other big bosses say it.
He's a miserable person.
I'm sorry he's a handicap.
He can't go rafting.
He doesn't want you to.
And we don't have to wear a mask when we're swimming.
And for some reason that also really bothered me.
I'm like, what attorney wants to actually spend ink saying that we don't have to
I was about to say, it's not that all lawyers are bad, but the nanny state ones are.
Get rid of swimming pools, get rid of diving boards, get rid of merry-go-rounds.
This is the new thing where we've got to keep you in your house so you're never in danger again because there's always liability.
We just buy into it.
Yeah, we did.
And I think everybody needs to start asking themselves, what is the end goal?
What's the end goal?
Like, do they really want us to all stay at home and not go out and not
Let's play the audio of this.
Imagine they're beating people up.
They're dumping water on people.
If people don't wear their mask, oh, they're all little.
And again, it gives you bacterial pneumonia.
It doesn't protect you.
It's totally overblown.
96% of the PCR tests are fake.
Portuguese courts, German courts, Brazilian courts, Russian courts have found they're not real tests.
It's all based on fraud.
But once we buy into it, we can't admit we've been scammed.
Right, right.
It's true.
Once we've all bought into the lie, then we can't backpedal.
But we need to!
Like, at some point, everybody needs to decide what's their line in the sand, right?
Well, imagine our children are being indoctrinated into this, and now they're coming with the forced inoculations.
Now they're telling us this.
This is crazy.
Well, and I also, I always think about the next generation.
I mean, I have three children, and I am concerned about what we're modeling, right?
What we're allowing.
Oh, we're totally modeling.
You know what the answer is, and I don't want to launch this at this point, but I'm saying it's going down that road.
The Battle of Athens.
Everybody should search engine that.
All these veterans came home to Tennessee with a corrupt mod boss running the town, Athens, Tennessee.
The veterans knew that they'd stolen the election.
They knew nobody supported the corrupt mayor and his mafia.
They went and broke in and found all the fake ballots and proved it.
And that's just an example.
The Battle of Athens is where all this is going.
Well, to speak toward, about veterans, I will say this.
When I was, and young people, they're the same.
Different, you know, age generations, but when I was knocking doors, whenever I knocked a door and a veteran came to the door and he would have, you know, his army hat on or his Navy shirt or whatever, and they're like war veterans, they would literally come to the door crying.
No kidding.
I'm not exaggerating.
Crying and tearing up and asking, when are we going to stand up for this country like they stood up for our country?
And that is my question.
And I don't know how it's bred in me.
I don't know if it's because I'm American or because I'm Texan or because I'm a Fleck.
I don't know.
But I'm not going to allow this country and our freedoms be taken.
That's why I'm so upset is I'm not either.
I mean, I know now that my cells are moving in a direction where it's not going to be stopped.
It's like, it's coming.
I'm going to, you're going to be defeated.
That's right.
That's right.
And everybody can do their part, right?
Everybody can do their part.
You can stop wearing a mask.
You can call your legislatures.
You can volunteer to watch at the polls.
You can call out fraud.
You can ask the AG to investigate crimes.
I mean, all of us have a part to play and we can't do nothing.
Well, also, everybody can feel deep inside that, especially when you're sworn in on something and you know it's good, it's under attack.
And something you love is under attack.
You feel it.
And we're not being taken over by something that's better than us.
That would be, you know, something we merge with.
This is an evil takeover.
This is bad.
This is not good.
I would think of it as being anti-American.
Anti-American, anti-freedom, anti-truth, anti-justice.
It's not one party against another party.
It's an attack on our country.
That's how you have to look at it.
And the good news is Nevada, 400,000 disputed votes with fake signatures and all sorts of scams and wrong addresses.
It's all happening.
But what's going to happen is the evidence is now proven and the left just keeps saying he's the president.
Well, they keep saying there's no evidence.
Like, that's what the media keeps saying, there's no evidence.
And I don't know how they define evidence.
Like, evidence is, like, I watched all the hearings with the witnesses across the states, and they said, I've sworn under oath that I will go to jail if I'm not telling the truth.
That is evidence.
An affidavit is evidence.
But now we have all the footage of, okay, we closed the polling place, we closed the accounting center, and out come the briefcases and they're cramming them in.
Out come the suitcases.
I mean, this is ridiculous.
So how do people get involved in the fight, Jennifer Fleck?
Everybody should be fighting.
I agree with you.
That's why we had you in here.
It's not just these battlegrounds.
It's all the states that are about to flip and take over.
This is happening everywhere.
Well, like I've already mentioned, I think everybody needs to reach out to their legislature, their House rep or their Senate rep, demand an in-person hearing so that we can grieve, so we can air our grievances and talk about the fraud that's happening in our own counties all over the place.
Those are committees of correspondence.
Get the intel going.
Learn the enemy's patterns.
Learn how they operate.
War planning.
Yes, yes.
Be a poll watcher.
Understand that they are exchanging USBs, creating new USBs.
There's vendors on the machines.
Look, we're better than the enemy.
We start politically war planning.
We get all the facts better than they got them.
We're going to get them.
We just have to learn this.
We got to get into it.
And we also need to leverage the Texas Republican Party or the Republican Party of Texas.
They should be taking a stand for our state.
They should be taking a stand for the voters.
I totally agree.
I'm going to let you host five minutes.
I've got to go to a meeting and then I'm going to come back and be on some shows today in the war room.
We got a little five minute segment coming up.
So I've got to go, but I want you to do five minutes and then we've got Dr.
Nick Baggett's taking over.
We're going to air my Shanghai election piece.
It's so important that John Ballin put out at 6 after, and then things will be taken over by Dr. Nick Baggett.
But I want to really appreciate you, Jennifer, and I appreciate you coming out.
FLEC, TexasStrong.com.
Remember, listeners, the way we override the globalists is you tell people about Band.Video and InfoWars.com, and that the truth's there, and that America's fighting back, and that our greatest hour is yet to come.
We've only begun to fight and get the products at InfoWarsStore.com.
We had to build the satellite uplinks, the radio uplinks, the infrastructure, everything ahead of the deplatforming.
I knew it was coming, and I told you it was.
I study the enemy.
We're here now.
We're going to become more important as the shutdown happens everywhere.
It's going to be some dark hours ahead, but if you finance us and get great products at the same time at infowarestore.com, use promo code PATRIOT.
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Things like fish oil or living vitamins and minerals.
Hour number four.
Straight ahead.
Stay with us.
Hi everybody.
Welcome back to InfoWars.
My name is Jennifer Fleck.
I was a guest on Alex's show this afternoon and he invited me to come back and speak for about five more minutes about what voters can do in Texas in order to get election integrity and work on election integrity.
As I've said earlier,
Just because Texas is not a swing state does not mean that our elections are not being stolen.
And so I know that stolen might sound like a radicalized word, but I have experienced it myself.
I've looked at audit logs.
I've been there in person.
I know that it's happening.
And so trust me when I say that we are experiencing election fraud.
And it's not just happening in Travis County, it's happening in Hayes County, it's happening in Williamson County, in Dallas County, in Harris County, and in Bexar County.
And I have people from even the smaller counties, Port Aransas County and Gillespie County, who reach out to me and say they showed up to vote and they were told they had already voted.
Or they showed up to vote and the candidates that were supposed to be on their ballot weren't on their ballot.
They had the wrong ballot style.
That's happening in Williamson County.
And those things do affect races.
And so we have to do something about it.
We cannot wait until we've lost our state.
We have to do something about it now.
We have to be proactive and we have to be patriots.
That's what we need to be, patriots, Texans, fighters, people who are willing to sacrifice for liberty, justice, and truth.
So, things that we can all do.
So, I would recommend that you reach out to Colonel Allen West.
He's the Texas Republican Party Chair.
He has a platform in which he can influence our legislature, hopefully, to conduct an in-person hearing so that we can go and testify as to the fraud that's happening in our counties, that we can make those things known, that we can dispel any myths or agendas or narratives
That wants us to believe that this isn't happening, that we have a conservative government in Texas.
We do not.
We do not have a conservative government in Texas.
We have a lazy government in Texas.
And although it's Republican, majority Republican, it's lazy, it's complicit possibly, and it's complacent.
They don't do what they need to do to protect our votes and to protect our elections.
And we deserve better.
The American people, the
The citizens and the voters in this state and in this country deserve better.
We deserve to have our votes counted.
Remember the saying, it doesn't matter who votes, it matters who counts the votes.
And so those people need to be held accountable to the law.
So we have great election law in Texas.
It could be stronger, but it's not terrible if you read it.
However, it's not followed.
Many of the county officials across the state just don't follow Texas law.
And the only person with jurisdiction to persecute or to prosecute those crimes is our AG.
And so AG Paxton needs to step up.
He needs to step up.
He needs to investigate these crimes that are being alleged.
And he needs to do something about it.
Remove these people.
In Travis County, obstructing poll watchers, which didn't just happen in Travis County, it also happened in Harris County, is a class A misdemeanor.
You can go to jail for one year for obstructing poll watchers.
That needs to happen.
Because you know what?
When it happens once,
When one Travis County official goes to jail for a year or more, then guess what?
It puts the fear into other officials across the state.
And hopefully, prayerfully, they stop breaking the law.
They stop cheating the voters.
And we can get our state back.
I ask every day, every day, I say, Lord, what do we need to do to get our state back?
What do we need to do?
What do we need to do to make people do their job?
They're not doing their job.
And there's only a few people that can do, that have jurisdiction over election crimes, and that's our AG.
So I encourage people to reach out to the AG, reach out to your legislators, ask for an in-person hearing, reach out to the Republican Party of Texas, ask them to weigh in, reach out to your county chair,
Ask them to publicly and loudly demand that your votes count.
Thank you.
The SEC documents shining a blinding light on the architects of the 2020 election fraud are available for anyone to see, but the mainstream media won't touch it with a 10-foot pole.
It would be career suicide.
Conspiracy theories have exploded online during the pandemic and in the days leading up to the election.
Researchers say voters are being bombarded with false narratives intended to cause fear and disorder.
Election interference and targeted disinformation campaigns on voter fraud are a real threat in the upcoming U.S.
Voter fraud is extremely rare in the United States.
That's what all the experts say.
That's what all the historical studies show.
You know, voter fraud is a lot like Al Capone's vault.
Lots of hype, but not much, you know, actually in there.
And everyone knows Congress is a useless theatrical husk of its former founding father idealistic self.
Those documents detail a $400 million acquisition of the Dominion Software Company by the Communist Chinese via the Swiss company UBS through a U.S.
private equity group known as Staple Street Capital.
Which ultimately leads to the nefarious multinational Carlyle Group.
The Carlyle Group personifies Eisenhower's ominous warning.
In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence whether sought or unsought.
By the military-industrial complex.
The Carlisle Group was founded in 1987 at the Carlisle Hotel in New York City by Bill Conway, Daniel D'Aniello, and David Rubenstein.
The Carlisle Group operates out of the District of Corruption in our nation's capital with 31 offices on six continents.
Occupying a unique reality at the highest levels in what is known as the Iron Triangle.
A world dominated by politics, industry, and the military.
A group of a business built around defense and military that becomes so large and so powerful that it's actually able to influence
Uh, the politics of, of war.
In my direction, elements of the 82nd Airborne Division, as well as key units of the United States Air Force, are arriving today to take up defensive positions in Saudi Arabia.
The Carlyle Group pioneered the shadowy world of conflict of interest disguised as nepotism as a means to broker deals with foreign interests.
I have said that it's the worst kind of conflict of interest, particularly when your son is the President of the United States.
So while Junior is talking to heads of state about war and other weighty matters, Papa is talking to them or having conversations with them about Carlyle.
Uh, you know, and it's just... I find it disgusting.
Setting the precedent for the nepotistic activity of the Biden crime family.
Hunter Biden, your son, was getting paid a lot of money to serve on the board of a Ukrainian energy company facing serious corruption charges.
You were the vice president running point on Ukraine.
What's your understanding of what your son was doing for an extraordinary amount of money?
I don't know what he was doing.
I know he was on the board.
I found out he was on the board after he was on the board.
And that was it.
Of course, it was the Carlyle group that sat with the Bin Laden family members as 9-11 was underway.
I talked to someone who was at the meeting and they told me that the whole crew of Carlyle, including Frank Carlucci and James Baker and David Rubenstein, along with Shafiq Bin Laden, who was a representative of the Bin Laden family and their fortunes,
We're all in the same room together, watching.
The events of September 11th take place.
It was the Carlyle Group that bought a majority stake in the world's most profitable spy organization, Booz Allen Hamilton, home of the PRISM breach by patriot Edward Snowden.
And it was the Carlyle Group that meddled in the election of Cynthia McKinney, who had brought their corruption to light.
The Crusader missile was manufactured by United Defense Industries.
And that that company was owned by the Carlisle Group.
So when the time came for us to vote, our committee, to vote on the defense authorization bill, I voted no.
Then a very strange thing happened in my election.
I'm a Democrat.
What the Republicans did,
Well, the Republicans went out and got a black woman who was a Republican to run as a Democrat in my Democratic primary.
And then 47,000 Republicans crossed over
The Carlyle Group is fast approaching Goliath status as a leading defense contractor, as well as long having spread their tentacles with billions invested in China.
In 2010, two former managers from the Carlyle Group created Staple Street Capital.
As of July of 2018, the fraud-spewing Dominion voting machines were under total control of Staple Street Capital.
Those managers' names are clearly on the documents of the $400 million transaction between the Communist Chinese government and UBS Securities, a Swiss investment bank which owns just 24.99% of UBS Securities.
The remaining 75% of UBS Securities is owned by the Chinese government, as reported by the National Pulse.
Just how deeply embedded is the Carlyle Group?
Barack Obama rewarded former Carlyle Group Managing Director William Kennard with an ambassadorship to the European Union.
Kennard is currently a member of the Operating Executive Board of Staple Street Capital.
The Carlyle Group and their private equity cohorts showered millions on Chinese puppet Joe Biden's basement campaign.
Recently, over 160 New York executives
We're good to go.
That we no longer live in a republic held accountable by a democratic process.
We live in a full-blown corporatocracy, hell-bent on a hostile takeover of our God-given rights.
John Bowne reporting.
You know, thinking about all this, thinking about what we just heard and that going into this segment, you know, the groups that control so much of what's going on in the world, there's a alphabet soup of them, actually.
But when you really think about it, at the very top, there's just a handful.
And, you know, this week I had, like every week, I have a lot of pretty interesting conversations.
And I make it a point to reach out to people that I know that are really brilliant.
And some of them reach back.
Sometimes I never hear from them for long periods of time.
But that's OK.
When we do, it's really high quality conversation.
You know, and it goes a little bit of time and this week I spoke to people on the West Coast that are in touch with people all over the world.
I talked to people in Moscow, Belgium, Asia.
Literally around the world.
And in these conversations, everyone is seeing similar things play out.
You know, in terms of trusting the mainstream, if you're getting any information there, you're too late.
I mean, way too late, because it's the propaganda feed after the fact.
And the military-industrial complex that was being alluded to in that last segment,
This is, we're talking about money and power.
We're talking about trillions.
The information, communication, transportation industries, the defense industries, the pharmaceutical industries, the big ones.
The big ones that have billions and billions of consumers and the governments with billions and billions of taxpayers and the corporations.
Riding for free through the world and the non-profits, their voices of goodness, riding for free on the backs of every human being on the planet.
This is Dr. Nick Begich.
We're going to be right back, right after these really, really important messages to keep this network going.
Pay attention.
We'll be right back.
And welcome back, and thanks for being here.
I always forget to mention my own website, EarthPulse.com, E-A-R-T-H-P-U-L-S-E, EarthPulse.com, check it out.
When you look at books or videos there, it takes you straight into the InfoWars store, and that's where all of that stuff is.
So it's just a link, but you can get right into my information, some of the things I have there.
Also, you can look at sort of the back shows of what we've done here on the InfoWars.
And you know, InfoWars has been in this a very long time now, over a quarter of a century, and when I think about what's happened together, what we've all been able to do together, it's, you know, we're at five minutes to midnight, but we always knew it was coming.
So here we are doing our thing individually and as a kind of loosely knit sort of organization which is the best kind.
It's called the Human Race and we're in it whether we like it or not.
And I laugh about it a lot because I look at all the divisiveness that's being thrown around mainly by the mainstream media.
You know, they keep hyping it all up to a point where it's like,
What are we talking about here, you know?
And my granddaughter, she's biracial.
She's half black and half white, and I've been raising her with my former spouse since she was one.
And let me tell you something about my conversations with her this week, because she's getting all this mainstream and all the people she associates with as a child, you know, because you mix with all kinds of folks and hear all kinds of things.
And there's a lot of confusion in the world, you know, where the world is colorblind.
For me, I am.
I always have been.
And that was my conversation with her is, hey, wait a minute.
Why should we be emphasizing these things when we should be emphasizing the humanness of each of us, the humanity of each of us?
What does that mean?
You know, and I talk about it a lot on this show.
What does that mean?
You know, it's again,
What are we doing here on this planet?
What are we supposed to be doing?
Alex is doing his bit, I do my bit, everyone in the production team is doing their bit, and every one of you is doing your bit.
That's the magic formula.
If there's such a thing, trying based on what we're trying to do individually, that's what it's called.
When you actually stand up and do something, it's because you believe in it.
Because you have faith in it.
It's really that simple.
It's not a complicated message.
It never is.
Those that make it a complicated message want you not to ever find the power in it.
Because the power in the creation is really simplicity in a lot of ways, and then complexity that gets stacked up on it.
And today, going into the show, I always kind of have one idea and then it sort of morphs into another.
And here we are again.
And I was talking just before the break about all these conversations I've had and all these perspectives that I gained this week.
And then I distill down against all the data that I go and get and do and all the other things I'm doing.
And at the same time, I deal with all the kind of things you deal with.
You know, I've got a big extended family that always there's something going on that's pretty big.
I can assure you.
And I got to deal with that just like you deal with all that stuff every day.
But we still do our thing, right?
We still
Get through the noise of life and find our way through it and do the things that we can be highly productive in.
And that's, that is our calling, you see.
And I want to talk about a little bit of that in the context of today's show, because this marks, I didn't even think about trying to make my notes a few moments before the show, is in 1980, 40 years ago, which in some people's syntax is a generation, 40 years.
And I would say so.
And in that 40 years, and I think I've mentioned before, I've been doing my next 20-year plan, you know, kind of looking forward.
Where am I going?
Where have I been?
And in 1980, I was 21 and I hitchhiked out of Alaska to Dallas and started over again.
For three years I was there.
It was kind of my
Really, my training, my education.
If I ever had any teachers in my life that I would say were teachers, it was the one guy I knew there who was the pastor of the group I was involved in, and it was in Assemblies of God.
And I know some of you aren't Christian, some of you are, and I respect all of you, and I hope you can respect me too, and whether we're different or alike in our beliefs.
But here's what I
Dead there for three years, as I prayed every day for wisdom.
Because of the things I'd been through that caused me to have to hitchhike to Dallas and start over.
Okay, so I wanted wisdom in my life at that stage.
And what I didn't really realize, because I wasn't very wise, is when you ask for wisdom, the price of it's really high.
And you're going to get a ration of it for a very long time, more than likely.
And to get just a little bit of wisdom, because I think I have a little bit now, took a very long time.
You know, I'm 62 now.
Just turned 62.
And I think about this 40-year generation that I went through and where I'm going and where all of us are going together in this generation.
The one we're living in, the one we're doing together.
And we have the opportunity to shape it or be the recipients of it.
Depending on what we individually do and how that all kind of moves together.
And I heard earlier, Alex was saying, you know, sometimes we don't even see this stuff.
You know, we go, why, why is this happening, God?
You know, how did this mess happen with Biden and Harris?
And what, what is going to be the result of that?
And again, I would say, don't worry.
Just make sure you're doing your bit because it's all under control.
I can assure you the universe has it figured out.
And we get to play in the drama of this living experience as creators, co-creators, creating the image and likeness of God, or as just people grabbed around by the emotional litter and drug through life, you know?
That's our choice.
That's the first choice we get to make is, hey, are we going to be drug around by all of this, or are we going to
Come back into ourselves, recognize what we are, begin to project a bit differently.
So I want to talk about this experience.
I hitchhike down to Dallas.
So I get to Dallas.
An uncle of my wife at the time and an aunt have us together there and we're making it.
And I have two small children under, one's five and one's three.
You know, this is a tough scene, you know, but I worked my way out of it over three years.
I lived below the poverty level during those three years and I got my own place within a few months and did all that and struggled like everybody else struggles.
And then I returned to Alaska.
And I want to mention again, you know, that journey when I returned to Alaska, you know, I came back and immediately fell into good employment, did all the things I needed to do because of family background and knowing people here and people knowing me and having the opportunity to do some things.
So I started over here as well and have been inordinately successful in my life, I would say, by the grace of God.
But in all of this, what I'm trying to say is, everyone's life has a measure of suffering in it.
And in the suffering and in the trauma is where our greatest growth possibilities are.
And that's really the theme of the show, because this country, this world is suffering now, and we are in the transformation.
We are in the revolution within ourselves, within the planet, within our nation, within our communities.
And we are the InfoWars, and you are the tip of the spear.
So let's do it together.
And welcome back.
It's good to be here this Friday, just before noon in my part of the world, Anchorage, Alaska, and a little afternoon in most of the places where we're being heard.
You know, there's a lot of other people involved in supporting this network, including all the independent stations that
Run this program and everyone appreciates that because it's another way to get the word out But whatever you do pass these on to link them up to your friends and colleagues.
That's how this message spreads because one person at a time Meeting people where they are and you know that I go back to Dallas again and the teaching I received from Eric Eric Hewlett who was a pastor there and
And you know, when I think about all that, you know, the calling, you know, God's calling, you know, hello, answer the phone.
But a lot of times we never even know it, you know, we just get.
And this is again what I'm talking about.
A lot of times most of us get just sort of swept along in the wave and we sort of go along with the program and we're easily manipulated when we're doing that.
We just sort of fall into our flesh and let the emotion drag us around.
And that was where I was headed today in this conversation.
And here's what I want to say about that.
I want to talk about it both from a science perspective as well as a
Sort of a little esoteric, a little mystical, perhaps, perspective, but I would call a deep, a deep perspective, a different perspective.
So think about the body and you think about the flesh, right?
And you can also think about it as the temple, right?
I mean, think about this for a moment, because I want to deal with this piece of it first.
The flesh and what that means.
And then this last thing, the temple.
All right.
Now, that's interesting.
And again, I want to go back to this theme I touch on every once while, creating the image and likeness of God.
OK, now this is a temple.
What does that mean?
Well, the mathematics of it.
There is mathematics in it.
You know, there's sacred geometry in it because life is created by formula, by design, right?
A grand design.
You know?
And so there's some order in it, right?
I mean, there's structure in it.
A lot of times we don't ever see it, we don't know it, because we're just not there, you know?
But as our minds expand and our information as we think about it expands, the world's knowledge expands, we think we get a better focus on it.
We do.
We increase the resolution.
I always use that word.
You know, it gets better and better.
The more we know, the more we can see.
You know, that's kind of
Some bricks in the wall of wisdom, but not wisdom.
Don't confuse it.
Don't confuse it with knowledge.
It's called bricks in the walls of wisdom.
And those bricks are just bits of information.
They don't mean anything on their own.
They're just bits of information.
They're the fact, the bricks.
And then there's knowledge, which is how you link the bricks up.
That comes from God.
That comes from your connection to creation.
That allows you to sort all that in the medium called the mind or the brain.
Brain being the physical part, mind being the part we don't really get, you know, and the consciousness being that behind all of it that we're linked to.
Okay, and then there's the one, the one we think about, us, the one.
You see that Carlisle group?
They think about that a lot.
They think about the flesh, they think about that, and they let the flesh and their intellect and their emotion, although they think they have very high intellect and emotion, they do, and they've learned how to mix this in the creative way and how to corrupt that creation.
So they never really plug into the high voltage plug of God, but they get a cheap substitute that feels pretty good.
You know, you could call it the orgasmic substitute of nonsense.
Because that's all it is.
And they use sexual energy, so I don't use that just metaphorically, I use that realistically.
One of the conversations I was in this week with a very, very credible guy.
Now, a lot of conversations I have with my friends, I travel.
See, I travel a lot.
I show up.
And then we have conversations.
You know, taking a walk in the woods with no electronics so we can actually have one that's our own.
So, there's abbreviated conversations in the world right now, because, you know, kind of hung up on the travel arrangements.
But what he said was, a couple people don't want to identify too much, but I would say this couple of whores, real whores for the CIA, credibly doing the work of the CIA, which is, you know, the sexual extortion piece that Epstein also did with his crew.
Because it's about blackmail and extortion and all of this really dark, ugly stuff.
And see, in this Democratic Republic, where government is in our name and in our stead, holds the power of attorney, if you will, for us, for our value system, they're out there doing this dance.
They're out there in our names doing these things.
And we've read about them, including kidnapping and torture.
We've all read about that, even in the New York Times.
A lot of things have been done in the name of you and me and our children and our grandchildren, our great-grandchildren, the generations to come.
There's been no accountability for it at all.
We've allowed it.
In fact, the military-industrial complex has created this illusion.
So what are we in this equation?
Are we just a bag of chemicals with a framework called a skeletal structure to hold it all together, layered up with a muscle system and a set of organs and a nervous system and a circulatory system?
And then we are going to die in 40, 80, 100 years, whatever it is.
Clock will run out.
That's it.
Well, if you believe that, then you live in fear all the time, because the body knows its clock will run out, and at some level, the mind knows this too.
Consciousness knows better, but if you've turned it off too long, you don't hear it anyway, so you do get lost in the world.
So, the route out is to look again.
That's why I don't want to be critical of anyone's path, no matter what you do, no matter how you do it.
I just want you to do it.
Just search.
Find answers.
Look for your answers in the sciences, in religion, in whatever you think you need to look, because if it's sincere and you really are asking the big questions in life, you'll find the answers in some form or way.
But it may be traumatic.
So ask for grace, for goodness sake.
Even if you're not a believer, you better ask for it, because boy, it makes the journey a little easier.
The other part of this,
I want to talk about the energetic side.
Okay, now when I'm talking about this bag of chemicals and all this stuff, it reacts to things.
You know, it's where the emotions grab you.
It's where the emotions and thoughts come together and they grab you and start jerking you around.
And people who know how to manipulate that
By generating fear and anger and hostilities in the way that the mainstream has been doing that, to divide us, to separate us, to take away from us, to the point of even putting us all under house arrest under the COVID-19 veil of truth.
Veil, I say real loudly, of truth.
Because it hides behind the truth.
It keeps you from having the truth.
Keeps you from experiencing the humanity that you are, that you were created to be.
Interacting with people, human beings, like we're supposed to.
One person at a time.
That's how it goes.
So, when I think about this, I think about, and I'm looking at some of my notes.
Awareness was one of my notes.
What is that?
And how does it relate to the temple?
And I was talking about the temple.
You know, Da Vinci has an image with your hand stretched out and it shows this ratio of our living physical form.
And that ratio can be compared to a lot of other living organisms, from seashells, the spirals in them, to the sacred geometry of Solomon's Temple, which is an archetype of the human body.
If you look
And people have.
So, when you think of the Old Testament, and there's the image on the screen, you know, these ratios about creation, these things that we are, are just reminders.
And last week I was talking about the brain, and the brain is an absolute two-scale image of the entire universe, according to the latest science.
Meaning, we are the hologram, we are a reflection of that creation, and even the minutest ways of giving us those hints so we can see that reality and embrace it, because in embracing the truth, faith kicks in and then action happens.
This is Nick Begich, we'll be right back.
And welcome back.
You know, time just flies every Friday afternoon.
But I appreciate you sharing this time with me today.
You know, and again, thinking about the conversations of the week and sort of where the week is and what all has happened.
The election still unsettled in most of our minds, at least, I think the majority of the country.
You know, all the propaganda, all the pushing around, again, it's meant deliberately to knock us off our balance so we're not effective anymore.
And they do it in all different ways.
You know, they do it with litigation, as Alex was talking about in some of the last segments.
You know, it ends up costing you millions of dollars.
It's not the dollars.
It's the distraction, you know, and that's part of the mission.
You know, they got all the money in the world, literally, to throw at things, you know, and then you're distracted.
And so we got to stay on the focus, and that's where we all got to hang in there together on this one and stay focused.
So support the InfoWars.
Go to the InfoWarsStore.com and do the things that are good for you and good for the network as well.
You know, talking about creation, and I talk a lot about it.
I talk about how I see awareness or consciousness or God, whichever label you want to try and stick on this.
Concept of God.
His words are pretty limiting if you really get right down to it.
How would you do that?
And then I say often, you know, kind of think about and we're highly critical of ourselves and we are and I think that's part of our
It's like, okay, are you doing it the best you can?
And all of us will say no, unless you're lying, or you're a saint.
And I haven't met very many saints.
I don't think I've met any, actually.
But what I do know is, as we mature, age, whatever, in this reality, we come into our remembrance, to a certain extent.
If life has given us enough opportunity, usually they're in the form of trauma.
You know, people know my history, they know about that.
And a lot of levels.
But here's here's what I know about that.
I wouldn't trade any of not one breath I've ever taken for another.
No way.
Yeah, I can see all my past train wrecks.
I know all about them.
But they they they made me
Who I am today, those experiences.
I don't believe they were accidental either.
I made choices and then I had opportunities to learn.
I either did or I didn't.
I still do.
It happens every day.
It's happening right now, even in this moment.
Because that's what we get to do together.
And I thought about this, you know, people's relationship to awareness, consciousness, God.
You know, a lot of people have this relationship where they, you know, have this sort of
I'm a vision of themselves, all right?
And this, I don't believe, is God's vision, but they have a vision of themselves that they're just some dirtbag at the chemical bag of bones at the feet of God.
And yeah, on one level, that's true, but that's not who we are, and that's definitely not what we were created to be, but we can accept that reality if we want to and live that way.
And a lot of people would like you to, but I don't believe that's correct.
And this vision of God needing all of us to be sitting there, you know, bowing down and worshiping, although the idea is there, I understand, the respect, the deep depth of appreciation, gratitude, all those things that encompass that word, worship.
Hey, I understand that.
In a deep sense, I get that.
But I think the reason I see a little differently is
I think the creation, awareness, God wants us to be its friend.
How about that one?
A friend of God?
Can you be that?
Now that's a deep relationship, isn't it?
One of my friends, who's a little out there, you know, in a lot of ways, but one little pearl of wisdom, he says, and I can embrace that, the highest form of love is friendship.
Think about it.
The highest form of love is friendship, in one sense, in the world.
Because I think the highest form of love is actually God.
God expresses himself in that word.
You know, so I mean, in a lot of other ways, too.
But, you know, that's a pretty good gateway through it.
And so when you think of that friendship based on that, then you're helping.
You want to help, you want to help your friend, and your friend wants to help you.
And I think this is the preferred, not the, at a certain point in life as a parent, you know, you're getting it beat into you a little bit by life's traumas, and you blame God, but it's not a blame to be given.
It's a recognition to be accepted, because whatever the life experience, however it disciplines us,
You know, whether it was me hitchhiking to Dallas from Alaska, and I can tell you that was a journey.
Someday I might talk about it more than I did today, but all of this stuff that we engage in, that we think is so wonderful on the one hand, and great, wonderful, and then on the other hand so horrible and terrible, and oh my goodness.
What I would say counts for nothing in the bigger picture, and yet it matters immensely.
All right, now how do you get there?
Well, go outside tonight, if it's a clear night, and look at the universe, as much of it as you can perceive, and then ask yourself, how big are your problems in the eyes of the creation awareness of God?
Probably not very big.
I don't care who you are, whether you're a CEO of a big company worrying about everything every day, or whether you're just a guy going to work, just a lady taking care of her kids and going to work, doing her thing.
But all of us have tremendous power.
Tremendous power!
And so we got examples, okay?
We got really cool examples of people who had tremendous power, but they didn't abuse it.
You know, think about this, what I always use as a model, and thinking about the Carlisle group.
See, when they walked their 40 years, or their 40 days in the desert, after their baptism in the Spirit,
They are tempted.
Remember that story?
After John the Baptist baptizes Christ, he walks in the desert.
And there's a lesson in all this.
Forty days to equate to one generation, which is where I started this program in my own walk.
And then he's tempted for forty days.
You can have anything in the world.
You can have all of it.
You can have the whole thing.
He already had the whole thing.
He didn't need this guy to tell him anything.
But the point is, most people, in their 40 days in the desert, make the wrong choice.
And they choose the things of this world and miss the point.
You can have all that.
You will.
You already do.
The point is, you gotta choose.
So, here's the thing.
If you choose wrong, and then you fall into the flesh, and you're gonna go through a bunch of things, maybe you'll come out of it, because, for God's sake,
Awareness, God wants you to.
But here's what I'm saying about all that, is again, the things we face and the way we face them and then how we relate to the universe and how we relate to what we are determines our own filter up.
All right?
And I've said this before too, don't believe what I'm saying, figure it out on your own for sure.
Because you need to know, you need to know
Not parrot, not repeat, not memorize.
You need to know certain things in order to grow into who you are and who's possible.
And then you have inner power.
You have the power to project out and you quit putting yourself down.
You quit telling yourself how horrible you are because you see every blemish.
Because every living soul always sees every blemish.
But to ridicule the creation, the highest creation, if you believe that,
And the human being.
And to be so critical.
That's blasphemy against the creation.
I'll say it again, it's blasphemy against creation when you carry it too far against yourself.
It's a calling.
It's a remembrance.
It's a way to move you when you see something that needs to change.
Make an effort.
Do the best you can.
The best you can.
And that's an act of faith when you do that.
And you fall down a lot on the way.
I'm sure everybody does.
But dust it off.
If you're still standing, then the game ain't over and you're not done.
Do it.
Do life.
Budget your life.
Budget the breath of life.
Every breath you take, budget that and then figure out how much money you need to make it happen.
That's what Alex has been doing.
That's what I've been doing.
And then everything comes into play and we all get to participate.
But do something that changes the outcome.
For you, first, so you have the inner power collected back and you have something to give to others and then start doing it, meet people one at a time in your own transition, in your own transformation.
Because that's what it's about right now.
It's about shaking off the dust of this last 40 years and recreating the next 40, the next generation, making sure that we're the gatekeepers of that generation and the set of values that created a country, that created an idea,
That's held in the hearts of millions, billions, I believe, who believe that freedom starts with the sovereign soul.
Freedom to explore, freedom to search, freedom to know, and then freedom to act in a responsible way.
This is Nick Begich.
You're part of the InfoWars.
Be part of that war.
We'll be right back with the next segment of this program.
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