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Name: 20201203_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: Dec. 3, 2020
572 lines.
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Well, you go bankrupt, hiding like Chicken Little, Big Tech's puppet, Mayor Adler laughs at you.
Mayor Adler flies around on Big Tech pay-for-private jets.
Mayor Adler flies around on private jets.
I'm going to give you free pizza!
I'm going to give you free pizza!
Come inside!
We love you, brother!
We've got to open our businesses.
I love you.
What are you doing?
What's your business?
We'll come back, brother.
This is bullshit, man.
It's a big bullshit.
We're going to talk to you.
We love you.
We'll come back in ten minutes.
I love you.
You know Mr. Ghami?
He's a friend of mine.
He's doing it.
No free pizza.
Don't buy the pizza.
We're going to come back.
We're going to park right here.
Yeah! 1776!
Mayor Adler is a globalist criminal that goes to Mexico and parties with his family while he tries to lock Austin down for the Great Reset to bankrupt our country.
The masks are nothing but disease carriers that cause bacterial pneumonia and are a symbol of our country being under CHICOM enslavement.
And that's why we, the people, are here to expose the endless lockdown and the Great Reset and the criminal, fraudulent mayor of Austin, the degenerate who looks like a child molester, Steve Adler.
We are here to expose the New World Order.
We are here to expose the criminal,
Big Tech puppets that have ordered the regular economy shut down so that degenerates like Jeff Bezos can make a hundred billion extra dollars.
Well, the rest of the economy shuts down.
You've got all the Stockholm Syndrome victims wearing their little diaper masks when Bill Gates says they are never going to reopen the economy again.
The masks are never coming off.
The Depression is never going to end.
And women particularly wear the diapers because they're under Stockholm Syndrome, just like women in a cult.
Mayor Steve Adler looks like a child molester!
I'm not saying he's a child molester.
I'm saying that the mayor of Austin looks like a child molester!
I'm not saying Brian Stelter is a child molester.
I'm saying Mayor Adler is raping our liberties and raping our freedoms.
Mayor Adler is a degenerate globalist
Trying to keep Austin locked down while Mayor Adler has been caught in Mexico at a big party with his daughter, not following the COVID hopes.
Not wearing the diaper mask, not social distancing.
Mayor Steven Adler is a degenerate puppet of big tech.
Mayor Adler is a degenerate puppet of Google, of Facebook, and of Twitter.
Mayor degenerate Adler, globalist Ewan Adler, tells you to wear a mask while he goes to Mexico and parties.
The mayor of Austin is a globalist puppet destroying the basic freedoms of the people.
Big Tech knows the left is under Stockholm Syndrome.
All the small businesses are going bankrupt while Big Tech makes record profits.
Jeff Bezos and Whole Paycheck have made a hundred billion extra dollars in the last year of the lockdown.
Mayor Stephen Adler runs off on a private jet, taxpayer paid for, to Mexico with his family.
He doesn't wear a mask.
He's part of big parties.
So does Governor Newsom.
So do all the Democrats.
They don't wear a mask.
They go at big parties.
They fly around on private jets while they tell you that you can't leave your house.
Ed, thank God you're in Texas.
In California, in New York, they've closed all the small businesses, but all the big businesses are still open.
So while you drive around like a good little cult member, wearing masks inside your car, remember, the mayor of Austin-Adler flies around on private jets, doesn't social distance, doesn't wear a mask, and is at parties with hundreds of people.
When you wear a mask, when you do what they say, you're a schmuck going along with the globalist scam to be bankrupted.
COVID-19 is a globalist power drill.
Mayor Stephen Adler is a big tech puppet selling out America.
Mayor Adler does not follow all the COVID-19 rules that he tries to give you.
Mayor Adler is an asset of Big Tech that has doubled its profits during the lockdown.
Well, you go bankrupt, hiding like Chicken Little, Big Tech's puppet, Mayor Adler laughs at you.
Mayor Adler flies around on Big Tech paid-for private jets.
Mayor Adler flies around on private jets, he doesn't social distance, he doesn't wear a mask, he's laughing at you.
This is all part of a great precept of the Davos Group to bankrupt the economy for big tech and consolidate power.
And Mayor Adler, who lives up in his big high-rise compound at the W, is nothing
But a Big Tech puppet and a parasite and an enemy of Texas and an enemy of America.
Mayor Steve Adler is a degenerate criminal who should go to prison.
He wants to bankrupt the Austin economy to consolidate control for Big Tech.
Stephen Adler lives in the W while he destroys Texas and destroys America.
Mayor Adler is a degenerate criminal that works for big tech to bankrupt the Texas economy while he flies around on private jets, while he flies around on private jets, doesn't social distance, and doesn't wear a mask.
Abbott is also a globalist on the Big Tech payroll.
This is bipartisan tyranny.
Governor Abbott is a traitor, and Mayor Adler is a traitor.
They're on Big Tech payroll, both of them.
The governor of Texas, a Republican, and the Democrat mayor of Austin have sold America out, and they are not above the law.
Mayor Adler!
Mayor Adler!
We know you're flying around on Big Ten private jets.
We know you don't social distance.
We know you don't wear a mask.
And we know you're up there in the W trying to shut down the local economy for Jeff Bezos and Amazon and Google and Sundar Pichai to bankrupt all of us while you make the biggest profits ever.
You, Mayor Adler, are a criminal and have committed siege upon the people and are guilty for crimes against humanity.
Arrest Mayor Adler!
Arrest Mayor Adler!
Arrest Mayor Adler!
Arrest Mayor Adler!
Arrest Mayor Adler!
Arrest Mayor Adler!
Arrest Mayor Adler!
Arrest Mayor Adler!
Arrest Adler!
Adler flies around on private jets paid for by Google to Mexico to have giant parties while he runs around not wearing a mask.
It's all a giant fraud.
Adler is a big tech criminal trying to paralyze the economy and consolidate power.
He is nothing but a modern day Nazi.
We're going to drive around the block and we'll be back.
But we are here exposing the degenerate, corrupt Big Tech mayor who's trying to implode the Texas economy for Big Tech to consolidate it.
While the local businesses are all shut down, Amazon and Google and Twitter and Facebook and Apple are all open for business.
While you get locked down, Mayor Adler gets to go east if you can't see your children.
This is America in 2020, folks.
That's right.
Governor Abbott and Mayor Adler are bipartisan big tech pips that are shutting the economy down to consolidate power.
Arrest Mayor Adler!
He is a criminal!
You know, it's funny.
They're advocates to go to Cabo and live it up and party in peace.
And there are Americans starving everywhere.
People are trying to close their bars, close their businesses, every single day.
This is what's happening.
I'm talking about... Shut the fuck up!
Shut the fuck up!
Really, really?
Hey, hey, Rex, he's over there in the North Pole.
Love you!
Mayor Adler is a puppet of Big Ted.
Mayor Adler is a globalist New World Order shill who is dedicated to totally enslaving you.
He is attacking you with siege.
And when you lay down to it, you're under Stockholm Syndrome.
Look up the Great Reset, look up Stockholm Syndrome, and take the prisoner mask off.
It's all a scam.
You're useful idiots playing along with the globalist operation.
Take the trendy mask off.
It's a sign of your slavery, just like under Islam.
The mayor of Austin is a degenerate globalist criminal hell-bent on destroying this country.
America is ready to face a military attack.
But we cannot face an attack of economic proportions if we're not aware of what the attack is.
America is under globalist siege.
America is under economic attack.
America is being shut down.
You are in grave danger.
The globalists are taking over.
China is open for business while we are locked down.
You won't be laughing soon as the entire economy implodes.
Mayor Adler is a globalist criminal.
Mayor Adler works for the globalists to shut down our economy and destroy our local government for the globalists' takeover.
The Great Reset is an economic warfare system.
Wearing the mask is a symbol of your subservience to the New World Order.
And if you are a slave, take off the mask!
Take off the mask!
Take off the mask!
Take off the mask!
Take off the mask!
The globalists have launched this operation and all the major Democrat operatives have been caught on record at big parties not wearing masks in LA and other areas when they say all businesses are shut down.
They are hypocrite criminal frauds.
This is nothing but economic warfare to try to convince you to shut down so you go Inditech and go bankrupt.
Mayor Adler is a criminal!
Mayor Adler is a criminal!
Mayor Adler is a criminal!
Mayor Adler works for the globalists and big tech to shut down the economy.
The COVID hoax is an economic weapon to shut down the economy.
Mayor Adler
We're good to go.
When you submit to Big Tech, you are submitting to the collapse of the economy and economic warfare.
The Big Tech companies are engaged in economic warfare with Communist China against America.
Stop submitting to their cult.
We're good.
Adler has been caught partying on private jets with hundreds of people at parties.
Mayor Adler is a fraud.
Open your businesses.
Don't let Big Ten tell you to close while they stay open.
Everyone is essential.
All humans are essential!
All businesses are essential!
Don't listen to the evil pro-war left that hates you and the fascists or destroys your local companies!
Don't listen to the fascist left that loves war and pedophilia!
Do not listen to the leftist pedophiles and the pro-lord left that want you to kill yourself and shut down the economy.
Mayor Aguero is a criminal!
The mayor has put Austin under siege!
We demand that Mayor Adler lift the siege of Austin!
Lift the siege!
Lift the siege!
End the economic war against the barber shops, and the restaurants, and the bars, and the auto shops.
End the lockdown.
End the siege on small businesses.
Mayor Adler is a globalist criminal selling out the economy saying small businesses are non-essential.
This is a UN World Government weapon to shut down the economy.
Arrest Mayor Adler!
Mayor Adler is a globalist criminal
Stop living in fear!
Mayor Adler, the people of Texas and the people of America are going to be out here every single night confronting you.
From now on, you are a globalist criminal who's been caught violating your own fraudulent COVID rules.
Mayor Adler!
Arrest him!
Mayor Adler!
Humanity knows what's going on!
1776! 1776!
Mayor Adler, you are a big tech globalist shutting our economy down so Google and Apple and Facebook and Amazon can take over.
You are on notice!
You degenerate criminal!
You are nothing but a criminal of the corporatists!
Damn you to hell, Adler!
Adler for prison!
Adler for prison!
Adler for prison!
Adler for prison!
Adler for prison!
Everyone should boycott the W until that degenerate criminal is no longer there!
Are you starving while your family commits suicide?
That's what's going on.
Millions are starving in the third world.
The Great Depression has yet to set in, but it's coming fast.
The demented Joe Biden and the cop Kamala Harris are coming.
They're coming hard.
We better believe it.
And that guy up there, he's having wet dreams about it.
He's having wet dreams about it.
He's having wet dreams about the amount of control he's about to have over your life.
And you're gonna let it happen when you wear the mask.
Take it off, sir!
Take off your mask!
Don't be a slave!
Take off the mask!
Take off the mask!
What's up, brother?
I love it.
I love it.
Chicken little, come out of your nest.
Chicken little, awaken.
The sky is not falling.
The sky
I think?
Mayor Adler!
Mayor Adler is a criminal!
Mayor Adler is a liar!
Mayor Adler wants to bankrupt you!
Mayor Adler is a monster!
Citizens from all over Texas must come to Austin every night and encircle the W, where up in his ivory tower the degenerate criminal is hiding.
When he's not on his private jets paid for by Google, he's flying around having parties while he orders your businesses shut down while Jeff Bezos made a hundred billion dollars extra.
That's their criminal operation.
That's why you need to take the mask off and not submit.
And realize the mask is never coming off.
Bill Gates says the mask is never coming off.
They're saying the lockdown will never end.
This is a psychological war.
Chicken Little, come out of your nest.
Chicken Little, awaken.
The sky is not falling.
The sky is not falling.
The sky is not falling.
But you wearing the mask and keeping the economy locked down is a globalist banking maneuver to collapse the world economy.
Take the mask off!
Take off your mask!
Be free!
Don't be Chicken Lou!
The COVID hysteria is an economic weapon to bankrupt America by the Communist Chinese and the deep state.
Take off your mask, the horrible big tech puppet.
Mayor Adler, the big tech buffoon, Mayor Adler, on record, working for Google and Apple, Facebook and Amazon, wants to bankrupt small businesses.
When you keep your business closed, or when you dial your business back, Amazon gets richer, and their puppet, Adler, gets more money.
That's why Adler flies around on private jets and goes to big parties in Mexico, just like all the other Democrats and Republican leaders, while they run this scam.
While you hide in your house like Chicken Little, the criminal mayor, Adler, takes over!
We're going to come out here every night, and other Texans are going to come out here while you're up there in your little tower.
And we're going to expose you.
We are going to expose your ongoing lockdown.
We are going to expose your globalist operation and your economic warfare against this republic.
We know what you're doing, Adler!
Love that InfoWars shirt.
We know what you're doing, and we're aware of you, and we're standing strong.
Adler is a big tech puppet!
Adler violates his own rules!
Adler thinks you're a joke!
And Texas needs to throw his criminal ass out!
Burn in hell, Adler!
We know you've got Texas under siege, and we're aware of you, you degenerate cult leader, trying to make us wear your little monkey masks.
And we know you fly away on your private jet, paid for by Google, and you go down there to your big parties in Mexico while you wage siege against America.
But we're aware of you, and we're here to let you know that you are on notice, Adler!
And next I'm going to the governor's mansion for another traitor, another criminal, who's on the globalist payroll, and that's a Republican snot-nosed piece of crap.
Governor Abbott.
So next, we're coming to expose Governor Abbott, who's going along with this COVID hoax, and the lockdown as well, to let him know that we'll never surrender to them, and we are aware of what you're doing.
I know, look at you wearing your little diaper, your little pinky diaper, and you've got billions of starving to death.
Over this in the future, millions have already died of starvation, but you, you see a guy that's big and you make a monkey face like, oh look, he's muscular, he's strong.
My attribute is I'm a coward and I'm a slave to the new world order and I go along with the system.
That's, look at this guy, that's why I'm so powerful.
I love big tech running slave camps in China with three million people in death camps selling organs.
I love AdWord being a puppet of big tech.
I love them shutting down small businesses.
I love all of it because I'm a trendy who thinks I'm the resistance when I'm really part of the establishment.
There he is.
Look at him.
That's the establishment.
Here, I'll get down there and talk to this guy.
I'll get up.
I'll get up right now.
No, you don't.
Can you tell us how it's funny that Apple runs death camps in China?
Because you're a trendy liberal, right?
And like, we're the bad guys.
You know, Apple runs death camps.
Adler locks everything down with Big Tech.
Do you work for Big Tech?
Are you part of the trendies?
I'm the establishment.
So, no, you work.
So tell us, what do you work?
What do you do?
I work for Google.
I'm the... Hey, can you... Oh my God!
You work for Google?
I'm the CEO of Google.
You work for Google?
Don't touch it.
I'm the CEO of Google.
That's right.
What you are is a coward.
I'm the establishment.
Yeah, no, you are the establishment.
I am.
So are you against Uyghur death camps in China?
Oh, you are?
Your company supports it!
Your company supports it!
So you're against Apple, huh?
You against Google?
Hey, whoa, man, who made that cell phone?
A slave made that cell phone.
You can't admit that because you're a bastard.
That's what you are.
You're weak.
I think you love the censorship, don't you?
You can run away all you want.
You can lie.
You can lie.
There is no Ad Homo.
He's weak.
He's a weak man.
You're laughing at us when the mayor exempts himself from the rules and the business is going bankrupt.
Think it's a fucking joke?
We're under attack!
We're under siege!
This ain't a fucking game!
Let's get back in the van.
Humanity is not submitting to globalist tyranny.
We're not submitting to globalist siege.
We're not submitting to the likes of the puppet Republican Governor Abbott or Adler!
And we declare 1776!
And if you want war, and if you want siege, then you globalists better damn well know you've got it!
So we are here, on record, declaring independence against the New World Order, and letting Adler and every other globalist scumbag know, we know you're our enemy, and we understand what you've done, and we're coming for you! 1776!
Take off the masks!
I'm gonna give you free pizza!
I'm gonna give you free pizza!
Come inside!
We love you, brother!
We gotta open our businesses!
I love you!
What are you doing?
What's your business?
We'll come back, brother.
Man, this is bullshit, man!
This is big bullshit!
We'll come talk to you.
We love you.
We'll come back in 10 minutes.
I love you!
You know Liu Segami?
He's a friend of mine.
You know free pizza.
I'll buy the pizza.
We're gonna come back.
We're gonna park right here.
Burn in hell, Bill Gates!
Burn in hell, New World Order!
Burn in hell!
You got two IQ points!
Governor Abbott!
Governor Abbott!
Governor Abbott!
Now a top German court has come out and said the PCR test is 96% fake.
Almost all the COVID tests are fake.
The hysteria is fake.
Governor Abbott, COVID-19 is a psychological warfare weapon.
As part of the Great Reset to shut down the U.S.
economy, Klaus Schwab of the Davos Group has admitted that COVID-19 is not a threat and is a psychological warfare weapon to shut down the U.S.
Governor Abbott, come out against the COVID-19 hoax, save the Republic,
Don't be part of the great reset.
It's not our opinion, Governor Abbott.
The globalists are on record admitting
But the COVID-19 fraud is a communist Chinese operation to panic and shut down the United States.
Governor Emmett, in the lockdown, exposed COVID-19
As a globalist pride.
Don't go along with the fake PCR test.
Don't go along with the hysteria.
Governor Abbott, the world is starving to death from the lockdown.
Governor Abbott.
Governor Abbott.
Governor Abbott.
Be a leader.
Help end the COVID-19 hoax, Governor Abbott.
Governor Abbott, defend President Trump.
Defend America.
Defend Texas.
It's on record that Chi-Coms launched COVID-19 to create hysteria, and that 96% of the tests are fake and are false.
Come out and lead Texas and lead America!
Don't betray Texas, Governor Abbott!
Stop betraying Texas!
Tell the truth!
COVID-19 is a scam!
COVID-19 is a fraud!
Governor Abbott, the scientists are on record that COVID-19 is exaggerated 99%.
Do the right thing, Governor!
Don't sell out Texas, Governor Abbott!
Don't fly around on private jets and have parties while everybody else goes bankrupt.
Don't join the big mega banks in bankrupting Texas.
Believe in the people, Governor Abbott, and stand up for the Republic and expose COVID-19 as the globalist Klaus Schwab Great Reset.
Governor Abbott, expose the Great Reset!
Expose the Great Reset!
Fight the UN Takeover!
Expose the Great Reset, Governor Abbott!
Or 1776 will commence again!
America is under globalist siege.
America is under globalist attack.
This is nothing but big tech siege and corporate siege against America.
That is what the big tech shutdown is.
And we, the people, must awaken and say that we are all essential, whether we're mayor, Adler,
Or Governor Abbott?
Or Donald Trump?
Or the Pope?
It doesn't matter!
We're all essential and equal in God's eyes!
And if they continue to launch this tyranny, and try to cancel our businesses at Christmas, then 1776 will commence again!
Governor Abbott, we the people of Texas put you on notice
COVID-19 is a CHICOM overblown psychological warfare weapon designed to permanently shut down the U.S.
And Governor Evan, we tell you to awaken and to say no to this fraud.
Major courts have ruled that the PCR test is 96% fake.
All of this is a bunch of hysteria teaching us, like Chicken Little, to wear diapers over our faces that give the population bacterial pneumonia.
The masks are killing people, and the lockdown is killing people.
Millions have already starved to death!
Millions have already starved to death, Governor Abbott!
Millions of people's blood is on your hands, Abbott!
Wake up!
Say no to the COVID hoax!
Don't be part of the globalist operation, Abbott!
Wake up, Abbott!
We live in a world where these people can take your jobs and they can go party in Mexico.
We live in a world where they can tell you you can't work and see your family, but they go live it up.
They fly on their private planes, they fly on their private jets.
These people are sick!
They hate you, they hate your family, they hate your love, they hate God, and they want to take it all away from you!
And how are they going to do it to you?
They're going to feed you a lie!
They're going to feed you the lie of security!
Those who would give up freedom for security deserve neither or lose both!
Benjamin Franklin said that in 1770!
Benjamin Franklin said, I know now!
America is back!
Look, all of my pitches to you are 100% straight up.
I'm always a straight shooter, but with what's happening in the country in the last month of 2020, I'm just going to be completely honest.
I need money to keep fighting the globalists.
I need money to have this crew and to run this independent media operation.
Let me explain something.
Apple is a trillion dollar company.
Google's like a 900 billion dollar company.
All those big tech companies have spent hundreds of billions of dollars to develop their own infrastructure.
I'm very proud of my five-man IT team.
That we have band on video and our own video platform that reaches like 10 million people a day, and we have our own streams, our own satellite uplinks for radio and TV, our own email servers, everything we have to do ourselves.
I'm not a victim, I'm not bitching.
I'm just simply saying, it took a lot.
With them deplatforming us three years ago and all the Democrat lawsuits, all the attacks to stay on air to this moment.
I spent basically almost everything I've got.
I've mortgaged my house because I knew it would come down to the wire right now.
And now people can see how close it is.
This race against good versus evil.
First, I want to thank you for keeping us on the air.
I want to salute you.
I want to tell you, hey, you've done an amazing job, and we've done a pretty good job as well, not giving up.
But I'm asking you right now to realize that we've come so far together.
We don't want the globalists to win.
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I want to stay in this fight.
That's all I care about.
I've been fighting so long.
27 years on air.
You've kept me in the fight.
We're in this together, but I'm telling you right now, as we close out 2020 and enter into this future,
The globalists did not count on us being on air at this time.
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Can you imagine what would have happened to you and countless others?
Had it supported us, we would not be in a position right now to even be able to contend with the Globalists.
We would have already been defeated.
So, I'm going to tell you again.
Now is the time for your word of mouth.
Now is the time for your prayer.
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If you've been a sponsor of us, that's who you are.
We're not sponsored by Bill Gates.
We're not sponsored by George Soros.
When you buy the products or you make a donation,
There's a link on that on the site.
You are a sponsor of your own future and of American freedom and of people that don't back down and don't give in.
I believe in you.
I believe we're going to win.
But regardless, I'm doing this in front of God.
So what matters is I carry out the task.
Thank you for keeping me in the game.
Thank you for your support.
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