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Name: 20201130_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: Nov. 30, 2020
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It's Monday night.
We've been working on this story for two weeks and now the whistleblower has given us the authorization to go forward with the information you are about to see.
This is the first report and several we're going to be breaking with the documents if MSM challenges this in any way.
Ladies and gentlemen, we have a major health executive over a 35 hospital network in Western Pennsylvania that is exposing the fact that COVID-19 is a completely overblown power grab scam.
Now we received this information directly from this whistleblower, checked out their credentials.
And that was just the beginning of how insane this got.
Listen to this information.
This individual is involved in the management of 35 Hospital Network in Western Pennsylvania.
The UPMC is the name of the company.
During the latest so-called surge of COVID-19, where they claim the hospitals are all overwhelmed, we've got to have a lockdown again, they went from 96 beds to around 600.
That is only 10% of the capacity they have just for COVID-19, and their hospitals are basically wide open.
And here's the most important point.
No deaths of the 600 people.
Most patients stayed overnight for observation because they tested positive.
Media will say hospitalization patients have surged over 600%, but it's the test that's been turned up 45 times, and German courts have ruled that it is a fake test 96% of the time.
So this is a major industrial scam.
You've seen the big reports about the famous female CEO that had a test that could find cancer in your blood and it was incredible and they made hundreds of billions of dollars and it turned out it was all scam?
That's what this PCR scam is and the inventor of it came out and said just that.
If they could find this virus in you at all, and with PCR, if you do it well, you can find almost anything in anybody, it starts making you believe in the sort of Buddhist notion that everything is contained in everything else, right?
I mean, because if you can amplify one single molecule up to something that you can really measure, which PCR can do,
So it's not about deaths now, it's all about the cases, the cases, the cases.
Remember what we first broke 8 months ago?
Texas counties, where they were told if one person tests positive, claim 15 people around them have it, and that's also you.
So, this is the biggest hoax
Ever perpetrated in history, not just a medical hoax.
And that's why they've got top scientists and virologists and epidemiologists going public saying it's the biggest hoax ever.
Not that there isn't a virus that if you're run down and don't have your vitamin D3 and your vitamin C and your zinc.
Sure, you're an old person in a nursing home, 85 years old, already had cancer, heart attacks.
It can kill you just like the flu or a regular cold or pneumonia.
But the response to it and the fear-mongering and the power grab is a hoax.
And even Klaus Schwab, the globalist of the Davos Group, says this is a great reset, that the virus really isn't a threat, and that it's the excuse to bring in this planetary rule and total control.
The COVID-19 crisis would be seen in this respect as a small disturbance in comparison to a major cyber attack.
to use the COVID-19 crisis as a timely opportunity to reflect on the lessons cybersecurity community can draw and improve our preparedness for a potential cyber pandemic.
We are now still fighting the virus, but we can be rather optimistic after what we have seen with the announcement of vaccines.
Now we have to think how to structure, how to design the post-Corona era.
And here, of course, the word reset comes to my mind, because one thing is clear.
We cannot come back to the old normal.
We have to use this opportunity, as our parents and grandparents have done after the World War II.
To really reflect on what went wrong and what could we do better.
Everything we're seeing this fall going into the winter is a repeat of what we saw in January, February and March earlier this year.
They tell you just 15 days to stay at home, the hospitals will be overwhelmed.
Was it true the hospitals were empty?
Independent journalists went out and documented that.
The media tried to deny it at first, but later had to admit it was true.
And as InfoWars has pointed out in the last few years, Big Tech, Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter have been merging and investing in Big Pharma and the hospital systems.
So now they're even banning consumer watchdog groups.
They're banning medical doctors and epidemiologists, virologists and scientists who come out and point all this out because they want to use this hysteria to take over society, bring in a cashless society, bring in a digital tracking app to be able to go to a movie, get on a plane, have a job.
I told you that 10 months ago.
Now it's all official to go to a bar, to go to a movie, to get on a plane.
You've got to be COVID tested and have their vaccine.
Which they admit doesn't even protect you because the common cold virus is the same thing as COVID-19 and there's no proven inoculation for that.
So they've created the ultimate problem to which there is no solution.
But the answer to big tech censoring the truth and trying to muzzle us for this medical dictatorship is to do what people did eight months ago, six months ago, from Hawaii to New Jersey.
From London, England to Frankfurt, Germany.
They went to the hospitals they claim were full and they were totally empty.
And they caught the hospitals for the media once a week showing people in hazmat suits going in circles in and out.
They have been caught red-handed and it's now confirmed.
So the answer is all of you to peacefully, legally and lawfully go out and document this trend yet again because they're running the same playbook just 10 months later.
The famous wordsmith and journalist Mark Twain once said, a lie goes halfway around the world before the truth puts its pants on.
But once the truth puts its pants on, it has a tendency in the end to win.
Ladies and gentlemen, America and the world is awake, people now know there's a scam going on, and the establishment is in full panic mode, hoping you don't inform others.
The only solution is realizing it's a scam.
And Big Pharma is creating phobias where you're scared of the common cold and believe you can't leave your house unless you've had all their inoculations and are tracked and traced by them.
You are being terrorized under their control.
This is a medical tyranny cult.
As again, top scientists, members of the British Parliament, and members of Congress like Senator Rand Paul have pointed out.
It's up to you to face the real numbers and the real facts and understand that's why Big Tech has been censoring these developments and trying to block the real science because science proves this is a giant fraud and a huge power grab.
But again,
This is directly from a high level executive at UPMC, 35 major hospital network groups, not just 35 hospitals in Western Pennsylvania, giving us the inside scoop that we already know from other announcements and other admissions.
That their hospitals are basically empty and they're only at 10% of capacity for COVID-19 and no one has died because they're not following the Fauci, Bill Gates, Ewan directive to intubate someone that has a fever, which then destroys their lungs and kills them.
The modern guillotine has been replaced with these ventilators.
You need zinc, you need D3, you need C. Even the NIH website admits if you don't have that, any common virus can replicate in your cells, in your mitochondria, and kill you.
We're covering it all live, weekdays, 11 to 3 p.m.
at InfoWars.
I'm Alex Jones.
I am breaking all this down.
We have banned that video.
Everybody else has been censored.
Almost everybody else has been shut down.
But we're still on air.
Thanks for your support.
So please, visit the site, research the info, and when you find out it's deadly accurate, share it with others.
Because the virus isn't the threat.
The UN, the Great Reset, the New World Order is the threat.
And if we don't stand up against it, they could really use this to end our civilization as we know it.
Communist China is officially announcing America will be destroyed, that we're cowards, that the virus hoax, the virus exaggeration, the chicken little event will make us never leave our homes again.
Are we really going to just end our civilization based on this lie?
Or will we take the facts, educate others, and overturn this tyranny?
I know we're going to do the right thing.
I believe in you.
I believe in God.
I believe in America and I believe in humanity.
Remember, don't worry, be happy, everything's gonna be alright.
Over and over, you know what we're told.
Let the technocracy spy on you, let big tech control what you do.
They will never abuse their power, they will never hurt you.
And just as soon as they got their global AI grid in, they used Communist China as the beta test to sell the world on a dystopic martial law lockdown.
When it all started eight, nine months ago, I told you it's never going to end.
They're never going to turn all this power.
They're going to make you have internal passports on your phones.
Leave your house to have a job to travel.
They're going to add more and more restrictions on of how you get that travel pass.
Remember The Running Man?
Schwarzenegger movie in the mid 80s written by Stephen King about a future police state?
Watch that movie and then compare it to today.
We are in the absolute brand, the absolute mold of a classic authoritarian dystopic nightmare.
We've got to reject this now before it's cemented.
You know, something very sad is happening, and it's very sad because it was all avoidable.
Two and a half years ago, when Infowars got banned off of more than 60 major platforms, I warned everybody there was a precedent for the upcoming presidential election, and that they would continue to ratchet down and tighten down the censorship until, effectively, there was a total internet kill switch in place against conservatives, nationalists, and populists.
And now that's happened.
And then I told everybody that they would then start moving to arrest individuals that demonstrate and protest using a second COVID-19 lockdown, and that Trump needed to get out front and fully repudiate COVID-19 as basically an overblown hoax.
He started to do that in the last few months of the campaign, but we have to understand that that's the pincer attack they're going to use.
They're going to use Black Lives Matter and race war to stir up the American people and divide us, and they're going to use economic warfare, shutting down the economy, to try to control us.
I hope people will listen now to my warnings because I'm on air telling people what's coming next.