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Name: 20201130_Mon_Alex
Air Date: Nov. 30, 2020
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Alex Jones discusses his belief that Joe Biden did not win the US election, alleging widespread voter fraud. He criticizes mainstream media for ignoring this alleged fraud and accuses Fox News of betraying its audience by not supporting Trump's claims. Jones also mentions a witness who testified to USB cards being used to insert 50,000 votes in Pennsylvania as evidence of election tampering. He encourages his listeners to visit InfoWars.com for unfiltered news and information. Additionally, he speaks about the globalist New World Order agenda and how China is celebrating America's collapse due to COVID-19 lockdowns and economic destruction. Jones also highlights the threat of a Biden presidency, encouraging people to fight back against COVID restrictions by getting out on the streets and standing up for their rights. He emphasizes the importance of unity within the right wing and being aggressive politically to counter censorship and fraud.

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Communist China bragging on official state-run TV that America will never reopen and that they have defeated us with the COVID hoax.
And that Americans are cowards and they're taking the bait perfectly as they laugh.
Ha ha ha ha ha!
Weak Americans!
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
So that's all coming up!
Klaus Schwab!
G.G.P., all of them twisting their metaphorical mustaches, laughing at us like Dick Dastardly as we take it because we're a nation of Stockholm Syndrome wannabe victims.
And everyone gets into being weak and gets into, oh, COVID, you wear your diaper to protect you.
It's a little selfish binky blanket you have.
And the Chi-Com's a giant death dance.
And Tim Cook is r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
I don't think there's anybody in the world who would suggest, except maybe the folks around Donald Trump, that Joe Biden was not the apparent winner of this election.
We're dealing with a government and leadership in Harrisburg that wants to close their ears to what's happened during this election.
And sadly, many of the media that are complicit and want to write off
We're good to go.
And that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish in the earth.
And everything in that state and what happened there is a legend cycle.
Everything in the Republic of that state.
This is no game for us.
And for any veteran in this room here who wore the uniform, such as Brigadier General Scott Perry, thank you for being here, sir.
Put their lives on the line here fighting for our country and see that there's a group in this state and country willing to throw away our valuable and precious freedoms here for our country.
Absolutely incredible.
You are witnessing history, mass gaslighting, mass fraud, total proof of election fraud at the top of these key five states, where Trump was getting double and triple the numbers he got four years ago.
And we've got Trump has re-emerged.
Dead people were applying to get a ballot.
They were making application to get ballots, many.
And you know, we're not talking about 10 people.
We're talking, there are a lot of dead people.
That so-called voted in this election, but dead people were in some cases, in many many cases, thousands of cases, voted, but also dead people made application to vote.
They were dead 10 years, 15 years, and they actually made application.
CNN then attacked Fox News and called it the Alex Jones Channel for interviewing the president.
Because they've got him so shut down and so isolated, and they're now trying to take the interview of the president off Twitter and Facebook.
So, we knew this was coming.
President Trump breaking his silence and refusing to accept that he lost the election 26 days ago.
Yes, 26 days ago.
He is.
I'm sorry to report to you.
He is delusional about the state of the election and about the result of the election.
He is making claims that are dangerous, completely false, and doing so with an interviewer
Who is not an interviewer at all?
Maria and Alex Jones.
She's accepting the same delusional conspiracy theories that the president is spinning, and she's actually encouraging him.
She's acting shocked, like, wow, I couldn't believe that.
Can you confirm this?
And he spins another lie, and she acts shocked, and says, wow, well, you know, people don't believe the election results.
Well, gee, I wonder why.
This is so sad.
It's really so sad.
It's sad for the president who's about to leave office, and this is going to be the last chapter of his administration.
And it's sad that a journalist like Bartiromo, who had a storied career, is now not a journalist at all.
Expert witness to election fraud, Greg Sindstrom, gives testimony on witnessing 2430 USB cards being used to insert 50,000 votes in Pennsylvania.
Almost all of them for Joe Biden.
This is not normal.
They denied they did it.
But as of today, 47 USB cards from PA election are missing.
The state confirms.
They are in court in Pennsylvania saying, please don't tell them not to erase these if they find them, and look for the judge to say, sorry, erased.
So by the time Trump gets to the Supreme Court, oh, it's all been erased.
But this is America's last stand, because if they're able to steal this and able to pull this off, it is going to be Katie bar the door insane.
But America's fighting back.
Almost everybody else has been silenced.
Not in full force.
Bandot Video.
Our readership, our viewership is exploding.
It should be.
We predicted all this.
And we're one of the last standing in this fight for the Republic.
So tell everyone that, hey, you see the censorship?
You see Fox News selling us out?
You see what's happening?
Go to InfoWars.com.
They've been proven right.
Go to Bandot Video and share the video.
The Republic is falling, but you can save it.
We're live.
It's Monday, November 30th.
We're 51 days out from the inauguration.
It is Monday, November 30th, 2020.
51 days out from the inauguration.
We're now
29 days in or 28 days in to the 79 days of hell.
I told you it wouldn't be resolved.
I told you they would engage in the fraudulent announcement that he was really the president, meaning Joe Biden, no matter what.
And sure as hell, they've done it.
This has been the most riveting time of my life.
I have been working 18 hours a day conservatively.
I have been dreaming about the new world order and how to fight it when I sleep.
I just want listeners to understand, when I lay this information out here on air, you can bet your bottom dollar that it is the most researched, most sourced, accurate information you're going to find.
We make some mistakes?
Hell yes we do.
Do we tend to underestimate how evil the enemy really is?
Damn right we do.
But at the end of the day, we have providence and we have God's support.
We have your support and we are strong.
And I was born for this time, you were born for this time as well, for the historic events that are taking place.
I prayed to God before I went live on air just about 10 minutes ago, that I could be smooth and calm and really give this the gravity that it needs.
Because yes, I tend to get wound up and upset and get people to pay attention, and that's good.
At this time, people really need this information to sink in.
And they really need to decide, you need to decide, I need to decide, that we're gonna do whatever it is we have to, to stop this criminal takeover that is now completely confirmed, in triplicate, in spades.
So let me tell you what we got for you.
Permanent announcements of never-ending lockdown, designed to make us a post-industrial world,
The Davos Group is issuing more statements about the Great Reset, saying that the West is closed forever, and that China will run the planet.
Meanwhile, on national Chinese television, at prestigious Communist Party functions, seminars, what's the exact word, forums, on the equivalent of their C-SPAN,
The Communist Chinese are celebrating the end of America and celebrating dead Americans and saying, our COVID-19 weapon has destroyed them.
We control their people.
They will never end their lockdown.
America will be over within two years.
And the average trendy is so weak minded when they're bankrupted and they have nothing, they will still love Xi Jinping.
So this is the globalist New World Order weapon, and China's right.
With Bill Gates, with Jeff Bezos, with all these globalists working against America, and consolidating power and destroying local economies,
America is going to be over in two years.
They're going to cut the power.
They're going to cut the coal.
They're going to cut the farming.
They're going to cut the infrastructure.
They admit they're going to bring us to our knees.
This is the great leap forward for America, which means total collapse.
And I'll be detailing that next hour.
Roger Stone has big breaking news.
Coming up at the bottom of the hour, he was the one three months ago, and I forgot to tell the crew to get this, pull up Media Matters, says, Media Matters, Roger Stone wants martial law.
He didn't say that.
He said, Trump, when there's evidence of election fraud, because the Democrats admit they're doing it, days after the election, needs to seize the servers in Georgia, in Nevada, and these other states where they're going to steal it.
Now there's one of the headlines.
Rodner Stone continues to lay the groundwork for Trump to declare martial law.
There were a bunch of news articles about it.
It was all over the news at the time.
New York Times misquoted him.
But why is that important?
Well, the feds are moving to seize the servers.
They've already seized servers in Hamburg, Germany.
And a federal judge on Sunday said, you are barred from erasing the hard drives and the thumb drives in these disputed Georgia counties.
Trump is moving to get control of those and have them forensically looked at.
The Democrats panicked, put pressure on the judge.
He reversed himself and said they will destroy it Monday morning, that was this morning, at CNN Center in Atlanta, where they're holding them.
You can't make that up.
I'm not kidding.
That's in the suit.
Then he reversed himself again at 1130 last night, Eastern Time, and put a 10-day injunction in saying they cannot erase them.
Following globalist operations in the past, I would expect them to go ahead and erase it and just not care what the law says because they're cornered rats.
It's just like a criminal flushing drugs down the toilet when the cops raid them.
That is what I would expect, but we're seeing massive continued fraud at every level, totally confirmed, with all the affidavits, all the witnesses, all the hard proof, the votes flipping in front of us after they supposedly stopped counting but continued to count, lying about broken water mains, putting up cardboard over the windows.
We have them.
But the entire corporate press is lying to everyone.
And censoring everyone and even suppressing what the president's reach as they continue to tell us over and over again that the communist Chinese agent Joe Biden is our president.
Now I want something to sink in real good for everybody right now.
Communist China is bragging and so is the Dabos group via the Great Reset that Xi Jinping will quote crush Trump and America.
That was said three years
And 10 months ago at the Davos Forum, and there were the headlines, Xi Jinping will destroy Trump and will defeat America.
Hell, there's a Washington Post.
Xi's choice, destroy Trump or save him and weaken America.
Jean-Claude Juncker
Bragged on the stage with Xi Jinping.
We played the video.
We can dig it back up for him if you'd like.
And declared, we've got a plan.
And then Fauci came out and said, we do.
It's going to be a virus.
It'll challenge Trump and his administration.
He smiled at the group very sinisterly.
Communist China has now come out.
I'm going to play the audio and the video for you coming up next segment.
And bragged.
That this is the end of the country.
You're done.
You will be bankrupt.
You will have nothing.
They're going to starve you to death.
And it's going to be presided over by Democrat governors and some Republican governors, like the Texas governor, who's definitely blackmailed by them under their control.
Very, very sad that Greg Abbott's now an agent of Satan.
I mean, I'm not kidding.
I mean, it's incredible.
He can still turn back like Darth Vader, but I don't think he will.
It's just, I mean, you understand that millions have already starved to death in the third world.
Hundreds of thousands have committed suicide.
Hundreds of thousands have died from cancer and heart attacks in the U.S.
They now admit that the birth rate has been cut in half.
Abortion's up because people don't think they can take care of the kids.
There's no hope.
And there's going to be tens of millions of evictions next year, and hardcore depression will be evident.
And then there'll be Joe Biden pushing us under the water to drown us.
Like putting a pillow over our face.
Massively cutting and shutting down every coal plant in the country where we get 75% of our power.
You won't be able to operate here.
We'll have some of the most expensive energy on the planet.
China, of course.
Builds three new plants a month, while Obama shut down over a thousand of our plants.
Trump turned some back on, that's why the economy came back.
But we are literally under military attack.
Mayday, mayday, mayday.
This is not a drill.
I'm not exaggerating.
And you're finding out who's good and who's bad.
Some people we thought were bad are standing up saying no.
Some we thought are good are uncloaking as enemy operatives.
But make no mistake, if we don't wake up and fight this now,
They're killing us with a soft kill operation.
The economy first, and hell on earth will follow.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are back live.
Thank you so much for joining us on this live, uncensored, teleprompter-free Monday edition.
I am your host, Alex Jones.
I'm going to bring you very grave information that isn't going to happen.
We're already well into it.
If this was a tunnel going to a very hellish place, we're about a third of the way down the tunnel and we are picking up speed.
Very, very quickly.
And I can tell you that I am a fearless person and I never have anxiety attacks.
Very, very rarely.
And the level of danger for children and innocent people is so high that I'm having them every day now.
And I can't sleep.
Because we're all in grave danger.
And if we don't turn back now, there will be nothing left of this country.
I want that to sink in.
When you study Xi Jinping, he's given speeches where he admires Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin.
He admires ruthlessness.
And when you read what's in the Chinese Communist Authorized Papers, it is, America sucks.
We hate America.
We're going to destroy the Americans.
They're pathetic.
Hundreds of videos of them at the mask factories coughing on them and laughing and putting them in the packages.
China is a crazed communist nationalist group of demonic piranhas.
That's who's at the top in the managerial class.
The general public absolutely hates the party and is enslaved and scared to death.
Every move is tracked.
They're constantly fighting back against it.
They've got millions of Chinese in slave camps.
I mean, it's hell on earth.
And that's the model.
When I told you eight, nine months ago that it was cooked up at Wuhan by the Rockefellers, by Gates, by Fauci, that all came out in the documents.
When I told you they already had the vaccines ready, that's not come out.
And I told you that they did it in partnership with Communist China, because we've been sold to China, and under these false business deals, China believes they own us now.
The biggest owner of our debt.
After the private central banks.
Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan.
The Rothschilds.
The Dutch royalty.
The Transylvanian royalty.
They're not British royalty.
And that's who these people are.
The literal descendants of Vlad the Impaler.
Look it up.
I'm not making that up.
The main royal family of England is Transylvanian.
And I'll give it to them.
Their ancestors stopped the Muslim invasion and all the rest of it.
But the point is, is that they're the house of the dragon.
And they're totally ruthless.
And they're bringing down the West and merging it into Communist China for a planetary takeover.
And the deal was made in 1949.
And so, you have to understand that they only had a few months of lockdown as a martial law drill.
They hyped up a bunch of fake videos, scared the hell out of folks.
Turns out most of them were fake videos.
Did send over a virus that spreads so everybody gets it, so everybody is suspect.
They admit the PCR test, German courts ruled, are fake.
96% of the time now.
It's to bring in the global grid and to artificially shut us down to complete the transfer to communist China and big tech.
And that's why Jeff Bezos made $100 billion extra himself this year.
Big tech is consolidating.
This was all planned.
It was big tech that locked down first to show us how to lock down, but they were never locked down.
They're making us obsolete.
Amazon goes on lockdown hiring spree while small businesses go bust because you're following their criminal orders.
Now here is Chinese sociologist Dr. Li Yi on National Communist Television.
We are driving America to its death.
COVID-19 has been beneficial to China, North Korea.
There will be no U.S.-China war, but we will take over Taiwan.
He goes on to say the United States will not exist within two years.
He says their lockdown will never end.
And remember, Tim Cook, Apple is lobbying to undercut law condemning Chinese slave labor.
They don't want a law condemning it because they're the main beneficiaries.
That's who Tim Cook is, is a soulless,
Empty, simpering monster.
Oh, but he gives money to Black Lives Matter.
Oh, and don't worry, Biden's choosing an all-female senior White House press team.
How novel.
It's all just patting you on the head.
Oh, we love women.
They're in the press corps.
Whatever that means.
Does it matter if the Clintons and Biden are involved with Epstein?
They don't care.
It's all about, oh, women, you're winning.
You're getting ahead in this system.
No, you're not.
It's a fraud.
It's, it's delusion.
It's, it's disinformation.
It's perception over reality.
And you read about Lin, Lee Yin, Big Tommy talking to their top government forums.
Let's go ahead and play the video and I will read the subtitles.
Go ahead and start rolling it.
It turns out that China is going to overtake the United States in 2027.
It was said that this might be delayed for a year or two.
But this year, God has pulled off a little trick, right?
God created COVID-19 and spread it to every country in the world.
To them, the Communist Party is God.
And then spread it everywhere.
And then we stay locked down under our globalist controllers.
They don't.
Let's continue.
The COVID-19 pandemic is like a test for all the countries in the world.
This is a test base though.
COVID-19 is bad for Europe and America.
But it's beneficial to North Korea and China.
That's why North Korea is number one in the globe fighting it.
And China is number two.
North Korea has zero infections, right?
So this system can do it.
Our system is good, but not as good as North Korea's.
We still have 4,000 dead, right?
But 4,000 Chinese die of virus in 220,000 U.S.
We have really lost a single person, haven't we?
We're close to zero infections and zero deaths.
If 4,000 people out of 1.5 billion die, that's the same as no one getting sick.
In the global economy, China stands out.
We are ahead of schedule in terms of overtaking the United States.
There will be no problem reaching this goal in 2027.
The U.S.
will not survive.
We have struggled for more than a decade.
In 2012, we achieved absolute superiority over the US and Japan, the Taiwan Strait.
We have gained absolute superiority over the United States.
More of this in the next hour, but Roger Stone's up front.
All of it's statistical fraud.
They just don't do the PCR testing.
They declare it's over when they launch the attack through Bill Gates.
Bill Gates is the enemy.
And you're going to notice that it goes right back with the huge developments.
Into Communist China, because that's the criminal base where the globalists can operate from and do whatever they want to the U.S.
and get away with it.
Steal government secrets, steal weapons secrets, ship in fentanyl, print up fake ballots by the millions and ship them into the United States and use them in election fraud.
So let's go back to China out of this big stack of election fraud news.
And let's look at it, because it's incredibly important.
And then next hour, I'm going to get into the Great Leap Forward, the Great Reset, that Communist China has launched against us, and how to beat it, and how to stop it, and what's going to happen if we don't.
This is life and death.
I cannot impress upon the viewers and listeners that, okay, yeah, we've got triple the audience we normally do, some days five times, on our own streams, our own video and audio streams.
That's great.
And I would imagine when the ratings come in from local radio stations that carry the show, they're going to be higher than normal.
But we should have a hundred times the viewers and listeners right now.
Because that's a bellwether, that's a gauge, that's a censor to let us know, are we getting the word out?
I mean, this is a martial law shutdown designed to bankrupt the economy, and the leftists and globalists are admitting they're never going to turn things back on, and it's being done for a global government reset takeover, the communist Chinese and the Demos group and the UN and the Democrats say, and they're all using the same terms, great reset and build back better, which means the end of the fossil fuel economy,
But of course the fake green economy they roll out doesn't even operate or work.
It'll just starve billions!
Absolutely incredible.
Disney World Economics.
How coronavirus could be used to justify a global financial reset.
That's a new article out today.
Oh, from Bitcoin.com.
How incredibly cutting-edge.
In March, in April, in May, in June, we all put out articles and videos saying COVID-19 is the Deimos Group Great Reset to devastate local economies and consolidate power for the mega banks.
Because they've been bragging they'd use a virus for years for a Great Reset.
It's in Operation Lockstep.
And sure, as the sun came up this morning, that's what we're in.
Do you understand?
We've done the research.
We know the facts.
We know the enemy game plan.
And I say that because there's thousands of different political ideas out there and people just get in the public like, oh, that's just one more guy's opinion.
Oh, that's just Jones.
The left is worried about transgender and pronouns and all this while big tech runs death camps in China.
And Republicans are, you know, over-worried about budgets and stuff like that.
Which are real issues, but still side issues when you talk about the total, cultural, satanic takeover of society.
This is a military, economic, cultural, spiritual takeover.
And if you have this knowledge, you will survive and thrive.
If you don't, you will be destroyed.
So I'll say it for the millionth time, it's not about me sitting up here saying, we told you so.
I can't believe they've bragged about these plans out in the open, and they're not all been arrested.
But the average FBI agent is a lawyer.
And the bosses are all lawyers, and they're all there to mitigate danger for themselves and the system, even though the system is feeding humanity into a meat grinder.
They cannot act.
They cannot take action.
They were bred to be followers.
They were bred to be part of a process.
They were bred to not know.
They were taking down the country, even while they were doing it, while super villains like Klaus Schwab and Jean-Claude Juncker and Gigi Ping laugh at us.
Because there comes a point where they got to admit it.
Hey, COVID-19 is not really a threat.
We're using it for the Great Reset.
That's Klaus Schwab quote.
That's all this is, is a depopulation plan.
And once they're done collapsing the third world,
They're already going to flood us with those third world populations and then use that crisis to set up world government to handle the refugee flows that they've already prepared and opened up the refugee corridors into Europe and into the United States.
So let me show you the China angle on this.
Excellent article by Gateway Pundit.
It's linked to the federal and state statistics.
Talk about no evidence of fraud.
That's all there is, is evidence of fraud.
It's like being out in the middle of a giant lake and saying there's no water around here and you're on a damn boat surrounded by it.
Today's fun fraud fact, 1.8 million mail-in ballots were sent out in Pennsylvania and 2.5 million mail-in ballots were returned.
You look that up,
To yourself, you know, I'm no mathematical genius, but I'm pretty sure 700,000 Phantom boats is evidence of widespread fraud.
Well, not according to Brian Stelter.
He's God.
He says it's not.
But we have this audio we're going to play here in just a moment.
This is from nationalfile.com.
I suggest you share it.
Leaked phone call allegedly reveals Chinese businessmen buying bulk order of fake ballots.
And what do you have in Georgia and other states?
Perfect ballots, not folded, that it looks like a computer has printed the scantrons.
Because they have.
Here is the audio of the leaked phone call.
The main thing is that your amount of money is not a problem.
And again, there's subtitles on this, but they say it doesn't matter.
We're going to print them how you order them.
You got the money, we'll send them to you, however you want.
What about the courier service?
Because I'm going to order a very large amount.
Large amount, courier?
It would take days.
It's rather slow.
Let me have a look.
Career Accommodating can do international service as well.
Great, I'll do that.
How much do you charge for each ballot?
Same price as last time.
Will you send me the QR code again?
And again, I didn't read the first part, but he's there saying, you know, you got the money, we got it for you.
And that's why they caught planes, but then nothing was done, flying in from China with ballots to Nevada, to Arizona, and to Georgia, Michigan, and they saw Chinese men in Michigan and other states at 4 a.m., when everybody else was not allowed in there, going in with the dollies of the ballots.
I mean, that's it.
And if we let them do it, they rule us.
And they're bragging about it everywhere.
They also said in the fake driver's license that folks could vote.
That's what the Chinese consulate was doing down in Houston.
They've done it.
The answer to tyranny is 1776.
The answer to the 1984 spirit of enslavement is the spirit of animating liberty.
I'm your host Alex Jones.
I'm going to open the phones up next hour to get your specific take on where you think this republic's going, what you think President Trump needs to do.
I personally know what President Trump needs to do and start of the next hour I will put that information out into the ether and the whole will of the wisp and where that will go.
We have a lot of other big breaking news we'll be covering.
We're getting some of the highlights of the ongoing hearing in Arizona right now with Rudolph Giuliani and others presenting more bombshell evidence of fraud with computer scientists and others.
And again, you're not seeing this on Fox News, CNN.
There's now a blackout.
You've got to go to right side and places like that.
We have a feed at InfoWars.com that I hope you will share.
But look at these headlines.
Biden mulling Rahm Emanuel!
If his hoax works and he gets in for Department of Transportation chief report.
And they've got the trans tranny lady that they want to be the Chief Surgeon General over removing your son's testicles.
Remember the old Surgeon General Jocelyn Aldrich said, you need to reach down to the kindergartners and help them masturbate.
Touch their genitals, yes.
The audio's not there.
Oh, help them.
Well, no.
Jocelyn just wanted to touch your children's genitals.
No, no, no, no, no.
How about remove them?
Ever wanted to know what a monster looks like that, uh, that comes to scalp little boys' testicles?
Let's put it on screen.
Beautiful and brave and stunning.
And wants you to take a forced inoculation.
Why not?
What a goddess!
Offer up your testicles to it.
Bon Appetit!
Said the testicle gobbling goblin creature.
Alright, family show, I'm gonna stop right there.
I think all the communist Chinese throw gays in death camps and Muslims in death camps and Tim Cook hops around going, I love it, I love it!
Like he's Peter Pan or something.
All right, I'm digressing.
I've got too much news, too many clips, too much insanity, too much of Trump.
So much to go over.
And so let me just, let me just do this.
Let me go over the election news right now.
And then I'll have my message to Trump.
About what I think you should do.
I'm gonna open the phones up about what you think Trump should do.
Because we're 51 days, as the sand goes through the hourglass very, very quickly, less than 51.
We're 50 and a half days until the make it or break it inauguration.
And we're only 15 days until the Congress will start to try to certify the electors from the state.
And then on January 6th, they finally vote.
The electors, and then that's who the president is, on the 20th they are, as Nancy Pelosi said, we will install Joe Biden.
Well, they're not installed, they've been elected by the electors.
So really, the big date's 15 days from now, and then January 6th, and we're just sitting here, and I gotta tell ya,
I understand Trump's strategy of letting the courts do things and not making it political.
The whole thing's political.
And now that Trump took the advice to be quiet, they've set the precedent that you don't hear from him anymore.
So when he does speak out, it's shut down all over.
So this is the de-amplification that we knew was coming, the internet kill switch for conservatives, nationalists, Christians, patriots, and the president.
I don't
Reveal massive voter fraud and overturn results of 2020 election.
Hell, there's already massive evidence.
Breaking Georgia update number three.
Federal Judge Batten issues restraining order for 10 days preventing defendants, the Democrats, from destroying or erasing Dominion voting machines.
Here's the first order saying they couldn't do it.
Second order saying go ahead and destroy them this morning.
They didn't.
Third order came out late last night saying 10-day restraining order.
You can tell he's under a lot of pressure.
This is bizarre behavior.
Really unprecedented.
Shady Georgia recount in Fulton County delayed by Dominion server crash, which they then update.
See, if you can't erase the servers, you have a server crash, and you lose everything, and then you update.
That's what's going on.
Democrat operatives paid Native Americans to vote in Nevada with up to $200 gift cards.
Hell, Veritas caught that in Texas.
The Republicans paying old ladies to vote Democrat.
With Republicans like that, who needs Democrats?
So that's the latest criminal activity.
Rand Paul highlights vote fraud, predicts Big Tech will censor him.
Big Tech censorship.
Oh, Dr. Paul put that out.
And it goes on and on and on how they're using the COVID hysteria to distract from the election theft.
Trump says we don't have freedom of the press in this country, we have suppression of the press.
That's exactly what the mainline press are nothing but tattletales and disinfall operatives that dox and bully and then call for big tech to censor anyone engaging in real journalism.
Mainline media just parrot out disinfo and propaganda and try to silence the population because they're the enemy of the people.
Continuing, Dominion Eric Coomer reportedly bragged
That he made ething sure that Trump's not going to win.
This isn't some low-level guy.
This is the guy that the Republican Secretary of State hired to go testify months before the election and get this set up to allow what happened.
And he bragged in these forums, he hasn't even denied it, that he was going to make sure that Trump was going to lose.
Continuing, the Kraken, retired general, says U.S.
military intel group, nicknamed Kraken, seized domain servers in Germany.
Congress confirms there was an army raid on a CIA facility.
Now they're saying four died.
I mean, this is, this is members of Congress and the head of defense intelligence and other generals, major generals saying this.
This is getting real crazy, okay?
I mean, this is a Chinese takeover.
I would expect a lot more than this.
My advice to Trump's coming up.
Biden appoints near attendants.
Who spread the conspiracy theory that Russian hackers changed Hillary's votes to Trump, says Greenwald.
Of course none of that was true.
Meanwhile, PA election official drops bombshell says special agents from AG's office showed up at her door after she testified.
You got Fox News swirling the toilet in the ratings as they turn against the American people.
But the really big news is the Communist Chinese printing up millions of ballots and flooding them in the US.
And the confirmed fact
There were 1.8 million mail-in ballots sent out in Georgia and 2.5 million cast, all perfectly bubbled and printed by a computer.
You've got the Chinese planes logged, landing and airstrips in all the key contested areas the day before the election.
Only Chai Com globalists are so precise.
And hiding the whole damn thing in plain view.
I'm going to go to break.
I'm going to start hour number two.
And I'm going to try to summon my will to have a special message to the President about what needs to be done.
And then cover the latest COVID worldwide martial law, UN lockdown news, with Communist China bragging on official state-run TV that America will never reopen and that they have defeated us with the COVID hoax.
And that Americans are cowards and they're taking the bait perfectly as they laugh.
Ha ha ha ha ha!
Weak Americans!
Ha ha ha ha ha!
So that's all coming up!
Klaus Schwab!
Gigi Ping!
All of them twisting their metaphorical mustaches laughing at us like Dick Dastardly as we take it because we're a nation of Stockholm Syndrome wannabe victims.
They've got all the statistics how they tell troops, you're depressed, your life's over, then they go kill themselves.
Oh, you're weak, you're a victim.
I'm a victim, I am weak now.
And everyone gets into being weak and gets into, oh, COVID, you wear your diaper to protect you.
It's a selfish binky blanket you have.
And the Chai Khan's a giant death cancer.
Tim Cook is roo-roo-rooing with blood spewing out of the ground.
Shipping and all the fentanyls we flop around dying like dead fish, just savaging us.
And our average candy-ass governor's gonna play golf and fiddle while the whole country burns down as dishonorable scum.
We're gonna start hour number two.
Just remember, all the hell that's following is because of your inaction!
When your pension funds are worthless, when you have nothing, when we're beyond a third world country, at least have the honesty.
I'm talking to the minions of the system to remember you flushed it all down the toilet.
You took your birthright and pissed it away.
But the phoenix will rise again in your ashes.
And you're gonna burn in hell.
We'll be right back with hour number two.
I'm Alex Jones.
This is the Infowar.
This is tomorrow's news today.
The globalists are trying to censor what you can see and what you can share.
Don't let them win.
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InfoWars.com forward slash newsletter.
It's time to override the censors and get the truth out.
Stop living in fear of COVID and stop following the rules.
It's all lies.
China brags it's meant to destroy us.
I am a river gambler.
Let's go to this special report.
Then I'm going to come back and send my message to Trump.
Media gaslights the FEC on election.
Here it is.
A Republican president who's working with the silent approval of a Senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell, to stage a coup against a democratically elected presidential elective.
A candidate who is president elect.
They've been trying this on Trump the whole time now.
They say Trump's doing it.
In the light of day.
They're doing it with the acquiescence of Republican senators and congressmen and congresswomen across the country.
None dare call it treason, but maybe, maybe they should.
I'm a realist.
If Trump would have lost this election, I would have been completely honest about it and tell you.
I don't make stuff up.
They stole this thing bigger than Dallas and that evidence is all out there.
And now the globalists are death-threatening and twisting arms like you've never seen to get people out there, even folks we think we can trust, to turn against this process and say that there's not fraud.
Election denialism is like a middle finger to democracy, in the same way that Rich Lauderdale said that a vote for Trump was like a middle finger, a rude gesture to the left.
The head of the Federal Elections Commission saying there are seven documented examples of election fraud, which really is organized so it's not classical voter fraud.
Trey Traynor is the chair of the Federal Election Commission, which oversees public funding in presidential elections.
Trey, thanks so much for joining me here.
Do you believe there is voter fraud out there, specifically in Pennsylvania and other states that are weighing heavily in on this election?
I do believe that there's voter fraud taking place in these places.
Otherwise, they would allow the observers to go in.
When you have claims of, you know, 10,000 people who don't live in the state of Nevada having voted in Nevada, you have the video showing where people are, you know, they're either duplicating a spoiled ballot right there or they're in the process of just marking a ballot that came in blank.
And then you have Senator Cramer saying Trump has every right to pursue legal avenues available to him.
Do you concur with Senator Toomey that it is now over?
I don't
Democrats coming out of Democratic meetings or events.
It's just a simple legal process and really there have not been a lot of evidentiary hearings that have involved the Trump case.
There have been other hearings.
I noticed that you used a number that was rather large of cases that have been thrown out or dismissed.
But when it comes down to actually looking at evidence, there have not been many, if any, and maybe the Pennsylvania one was the first one.
So I think everyone ought to calm down a little bit.
I don't see this as an attack on our democracy.
I mean, we spent four years listening to news shows and liberals discrediting, trying to discredit the Trump administration to the point of spying on him.
By the last administration, $40 million spent on a
The idea that he's a dictator, the idea that this is criminal, the idea that it's unprecedented is just a lie on his face.
It's just unheard of, and as was said, it's never been done in the history of this country.
The United States of America is under foreign multinational economic and psychological warfare and biological warfare attack.
High-level government officials in China have bragged about this.
They've had government-sponsored forums on their national television bragging about this.
I'll show you evidence in a moment.
And so it's not just President Trump's right, it is President Trump's duty to speak to the American people from the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office as the Commander-in-Chief.
Not calling in on Fox and Friends, not calling in on Fox Business, not calling in on a Pennsylvania hearing, but actually leveling with the American people
About the fact that the lockdown is being used worldwide to start a third world, implode the economy and vertically integrate it into the Fortune 100 that have all been making record profits during the lockdown because they deem themselves essential and small businesses not.
President Trump has to level with the American people, not with a tweet saying, I don't concede biggest election fraud in history.
That's a side issue.
It needs to be the president looking right in that camera with the camera zoomed in right on his eyes.
Talking directly to the people of the world, not just the United States, and calling out the evil Empire Communist China, and Bill Gates, and Fauci, and the Wuhan lab, and how they engineered the virus, and it will destroy them.
Because all that news came out before Trump was even elected four years ago.
It was in New Scientist.
It was in Newsweek that they had Chapel Hill, gain of function, coronavirus, bat virus.
It was called COVID-19 two years ago in World Bank and IMF reports.
China, under Bill Gates and Fauci, was running 11 programs in that lab.
And when they knew the impeachment was going to fail, they went ahead with Operation Lockstep, cooked up by the Rockefellers and Gates.
Gates admits this is a drill.
Klaus Schwab admits it's a drill.
To take control, to have the UN global government take control and defeat the nation-state with a global crisis where a global government is the solution.
President Trump must come out in an Oval Office address, state the facts, and then stand up with a PowerPoint presentation with 20 slides.
That show where it came from.
Who did it?
Because if he does it, his family and America and myself, everybody else will go into the next phase of enslavement.
And this great leap forward, this great reset that is designed to bankrupt the middle class and destroy our capitalist society and bring us into a top-down, globalist, fascist society that resembles communist China.
The very same Robert Barron families that put Mao Zedong into power.
I've got all the evidence here.
I'll cover it next segment.
Are the ones that are doing this to the United States and they admitted the Davos Group four years ago that they would quote defeat Trump with economic war.
Fauci admitted Trump will be challenged by a virus in 2017.
They have now openly thrown down the gauntlet.
And President Trump has to do more than just pardon General Flynn.
That's a good start as Senator Paul has said.
He needs to pardon
Julian Assange and Edward Snowden, now they are patriots, they are heroes of humanity.
That is the beginning of declassifying the deep state's criminal activity.
Trump needs to devastate the arrogant system now with the crimes they've committed and release everything the president has.
Because Joe Biden didn't just try to steal this election and got caught red-handed.
Joe Biden is a Chinese Communist agent, and if you read what Xi Jinping says, he admires Hitler, and he admires Stalin.
And Tim Cook goes over there and praises him three years ago and said, we agree with censorship here and in America and is lobbying against a law in Congress that condemns Apple and others running the worst abusive slave camps with millions of Christians, Buddhists, and Muslims in them on record.
It's not debated.
Trump has the ultimate bully pulpit and the ultimate evidence of what these scumbags have done.
But he must take them on head-on.
All the little fakes that lied in Trump's ear and said they were friends of America.
Tim Cook.
Bill Gates.
Ted Turner.
All of them.
Trump got elected as a maverick.
He turned the economy around.
He brought jobs back.
He stood up against the rip-off of prescription drugs from China.
He did a great job.
And now... They're never gonna let Trump ride off into the sunset.
They're never gonna...
Not prosecute him like Biden says they want for made-up crimes, because they want blood and they want to repudiate the Liberty Movement.
They want to punish.
There's an article on Infowars.com, Chinese sociologist Dr. Li Yi, we are driving America to its death.
COVID-19 has been beneficial for China.
North Korea, there will be no U.S.-China war, but we will take over Taiwan.
Speaking on national television,
The sociologist speaking to the Communist Party-backed forum said the United States will no longer exist in two years.
They are weak.
They failed the COVID test and couldn't contain it.
That's because it's a fake test.
Even the German courts admit 96% false positive.
It's never about death now.
It's always about COVID cases.
It's a globalist plan to conquer us, they admit it, and he admits it, and is so arrogant, and praises North Korea.
This is who Apple and Google and Facebook and Twitter, I mean, Mark Zuckerberg asked Xi Jinping, asked Xi Jinping, to name their son.
Or was it their daughter?
This is sick, chi-com worship of dictatorship and worship of that model to defeat America.
It's the CFR religion.
So we'll go through this piece by piece as he talks fast.
This is on national TV, them celebrating the destruction of America and lying and saying, we failed the COVID test.
It's like our own media tells us.
And now they're never going to take their boot off our throat and how it's over and how we're done.
Roll the tape.
It turns out that China is going to overtake the United States in 2027.
It was said that this might be delayed for a year or two.
But this year, God has pulled off a little trick, right?
God created COVID-19 and spread it to every country in the world.
Hit pause.
They worship the Communist Party there, so that means GGP with Bill Gates.
God created COVID-19 and spread it to every country in the world.
The COVID-19 pandemic is like a test for all the countries in the world, see?
They said that eight months ago.
Now, oh, China, martial law, they passed the test.
We didn't, so we can never reopen because we haven't learned to, you know, to be totally shut down.
Let's continue.
It's a test for the countries of the world.
The test is biased, though.
COVID-19 is bad for Europe and bad for America.
And now, all the Democrats, including Vice President-elect, the fraud, say that it's a European virus.
It's America's fault.
Let's continue.
But it's beneficial for North Korea and China.
That's why North Korea is number one in the global fight against the pandemic.
And China's number two.
North Korea has zero infections, right?
Zero infections.
So the system can do it.
Our system is good, but not as good as North Korea's.
Now when he come back, he says, this will destroy America.
They will never reopen.
We're gonna come back with this.
And this is on state-run TV, they're bragging, they've been given all the power by the Rockefellers, given all our jobs, one-sided deals, so little pig demons like this guy, and Mao Zedong, who by the way didn't even bathe, was like mentally retarded, can just rule over us.
Alright, overhead shot please.
Chinese sociologist on national TV at the big commie forum, says America is over!
But again, the United States saved China and the Communists from the Imperial Japanese.
And then the robber barons went and invested and built them up and told Mao Zedong everything he did.
It was a Rockefeller plan.
And David Rockefeller, again, wrote op-eds in the New York Times, I'll show you in a minute, in the 70s, praising Mao Zedong and his great leap forward.
And his Cultural Revolution, even if it was being condemned by the Communist Party at the time that it removed Mao from power and had him and his wife on house arrest.
But there was his daddy, David Rockefeller, whose daddy put him in power, praising the mass murder of 47 million in the Great Leap Forward.
Great leap forward.
Great reset.
Same deal I'll show you in a moment.
But I already played most of this last segment.
There's like 30 minutes of it if you want to hear it.
But here's a little more.
We're on Chinese Communist TV nationally.
He's talking about destroying Americans and how great it is.
And how we're pathetic.
And how we're not going to exist because of the lockdown.
Which their lockdown's over.
Oh, they did a great job.
Nobody's sick now.
Oh yeah!
And our own media is bought and paid for by these little guys.
These commies.
And so... They all spout, it's not from China, China's great, China's good.
Yeah, I mean here's Tim Cook right here.
Apple is lobbying to undercut law condemning Chinese slave labor.
Apple's lobbying Congress to weaken Bill against Chinese slavery.
Well, but that's because he supports Black Lives Matter.
Apple lobbies Congress to weaken Bill banning use of Chinese slaves.
Even Washington Post talked about it.
Apple lobbies against Uyghur forced labor bill.
But see, when it's a guy from China running slaves or taking organs, it's okay.
And look at the hate and the, just, I mean, I mean, over there, it's, folks, if you get hit by a car, they just leave you dead on the side of the road.
No human rights, no, and we're just worshiping it.
Oh, the average leftist has like male patches on their arm, like, oh, it'll be utopia soon, oh yeah.
And it's so sick, this guy would laugh at them.
Absolutely, hard as nails, no compassion, no love, no nothing.
Five million people in death camps, three million Muslims, a million Christians, a million Buddhists.
He loves it.
Because he's proud.
He's up there on the communist television announcing the destruction of America.
America didn't stop us, we're stopping them.
They won't even exist soon.
The lockdowns, they failed.
And our leaders go, you did fail.
The lockdown never ends because you didn't do like Xi Jinping did, where it came from, rubbing it in our faces.
But all the liberals love their mask.
I was at a restaurant yesterday and they were wearing them in the restaurant.
And they'd pull it aside to eat and put it right back, just like they get told.
And Gavin Newsom says, oh, wear it when you have sex and don't have family.
I'm like, oh, yes!
And they're like, oh, we're powerful.
We're the resistance.
We're the rebellion.
We're the rebel HQ.
The young Turks call themselves funny about George Soros and all the big money and all the big Hollywood and the chi-coms and all the big banks.
Oh, you're the rebels!
Like Tim Cook.
He's gay.
He's a rebel running death camps.
Let's go back to just a horrible, sinister monster that our government won't protect us, our media's an enemy, and just up there like, America's done, just seething with his hate.
Force his will on us because he knows America is greater than he'll ever be.
But we got seduced by globalism and put into a trance so this little monster could piss in our face.
And the New York Times and the Washington Post can praise Xi Jinping and his model of systems.
Let's finish up.
So the system can do it.
Our system is good, but not as good as North Korea's.
Hit pause.
Millions starving to death every few years.
Total death camps.
Hell on earth.
They don't have electricity in 90 plus percent of their country.
Oh, North Korea.
Yes, we could be as good as North Korea.
Let's continue.
We still have 4,000 dead, right?
But if 4,000 Chinese die of viruses, 220,000 in the United States.
We haven't really lost a single person, have we?
Ha ha ha!
We're close to zero infections and zero deaths.
Because it's a hoaxed up virus that does spread so that you get it.
You don't get sick unless you're debilitated, but they get to hype the fear because it's a virus Bill Gates owns with Xi Jinping.
We're close to zero infections and zero deaths because you statistically make up whatever you want.
During the Great Leap Forward, they had more than 70 dams fail within five years and kill hundreds of thousands.
They just passed an edict saying, don't count the numbers of dead from the floods.
And they just said the dams didn't fail.
The dams failed, killed everybody, but they just on record said the dams are still there.
The dams are failed.
This is delusional, crazy man behavior.
But he does what he's told and gets to this delusional insanity.
Remember that when you're opening something from China that breaks in a couple days, that you sold your soul to this little sack of manure.
Let's continue.
We're close to zero infections.
If 4,000 people out there of 1.4 billion people die, that's the same as one getting sick and no one dying.
Oh, but wait!
You don't see this getting censored on Twitter.
He's basically saying it's a hoax.
Klaus Schwab says COVID isn't really a threat.
It's a pretext for the Great Leap Forward, the Great Reset.
In the global economy, China stands out.
Let's hear this.
We are ahead of schedule in terms of overtaking the United States.
There will be no problem reaching this goal in 2027.
The U.S.
will not survive 2027.
We have struggled for more than a decade.
In 2012, we achieved absolute superiority over the U.S.
and Japan.
In the Taiwan Strait, but not in the world.
We have gained absolute superiority over the U.S.
In the Boral Sea.
And the Yellow Sea.
And the Taiwan Strait.
And we are expecting our military at a rate of unprecedented in human history.
We have been launching fleets equivalent to the French Navy every year for several years.
One French naval tonnage per year.
We will continue to launch the equivalent of a French Navy for the next decade.
As 1.4 billion Chinese people eat, sleep, defecate, and urinate every day, as long as we work every day, we will drive the U.S.
into its death.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I didn't get to all that.
Oh, yeah.
They're going to drive us into our death.
Let me tell you about that.
This is who Tim Cook loves.
But it's cool, because he's gay, and he hops around.
Liberal, liberal, liberal, liberal.
Remember that.
Remember that, leftists.
You love it.
Welcome back, I'm Alex Jones, your host.
So we're taught as Americans to hate ourselves.
We're taught if we're white to hate ourselves.
We're taught to hate America.
We're taught to hate freedom.
We're taught to hate private property.
We're taught to love anything foreign.
And so you've got communist China that's killed four or five times what Hitler did.
And they're totally ruthless and they're dictator for life.
Xi Jinping says he will defeat America.
They will defeat the American system.
And he has all these CFR and all these Bill Gates and all these Rockefeller Foundation people on record saying it's the Chinese century and saying America's done.
And then you've got state-run TV with a sociologist up there telling us North Korea is the best place in the world.
And how they're going to crush America and how America is going to die.
And how America won't exist.
And this is what people from the lowest level of the Communist Party to the highest level act like.
The average Chinese person is in living hell, absolutely hates it.
Communist Party officials can kill, murder, rape anybody they want.
They are above the law.
And that's what Bill Gates likes.
And so I just thought today, with all this big news, all the stuff breaking, we should talk about what this is.
You hear General Flynn saying it's a Chai Com takeover.
You hear all these other patriots.
But I mean, is it really sinking in that at Davos, three years and 10 months ago, they had Xi Jinping there with Jean-Claude Juncker.
And they said, we will defeat America and Trump.
We have a plan.
We will destroy them.
In fact, Juncker, the headline was, said, we will destroy the United States.
Because they had on the shelf COVID.
We know that.
And now they get up there and laugh and they say, oh, COVID's not equal.
God has visited upon America.
America will never reopen because they aren't North Korea.
He just said that.
No, because they turned the PCR test up 45 times what it should be, where everyone has it, and then the average American has turned to be a victim, like, I've got it!
I get to take off two weeks!
I've got it!
I get to be scared and be special, and then, a year later, we're bankrupt, we're in a depression, and you don't even know why.
So let's go ahead and finish up with this little monster.
This little pig-faced demon.
Chinese sociologist, Dr. Li Yi, bragging about how it's the death of America.
And actually, you hear Antifa, which Chai Com funded, they're a Maoist group, saying, death to America.
Well, here it is.
As long as 1.4 billion... Yeah, go to the last slide, please.
As long as 1.4 million Chinese people eat, sleep, defecate, and urinate every day, as long as we go to work every day, we will drive the U.S.
to its death.
It's possible.
So he just says, as long as we exist,
As good little slaves and good little cogs, we will drive the U.S.
to its death.
They're the ones that ship the fentanyl in.
They're the ones that make our drugs.
They're the ones that run our country.
They own Hollywood.
They fund the race war garbage.
On record.
Ping funds Black Lives Matter with the quote liberal Nazi.
George Soros.
They're the ones censoring us.
They're the ones that have free reign.
They're the ones... Look at him!
An arrogant little monster because the robber barons in the West gave him all this power over us as a sick joke.
But you know what?
We let him do it, Todd!
So we deserve it!
Let's go back to that little monster.
In any case, China's development cannot be resisted or stopped.
As long as one thing doesn't happen.
As long as China doesn't produce a Gorbachev.
Who would mess up China's own internal affairs.
But it's not communism.
You have a fascist model with all these members of the party worth billions enslaving your people.
The Russians were corrupt and stole some money, but they were nothing compared to you.
You have the global market.
The U.S.
didn't sign over our whole market to Russia and set up deals where they have giant tariffs on us, but not on them.
Total BS coming out of this monster's mouth.
The globalists, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, they put Mao in.
They propped up China.
They held their hand.
In 1949, 90% of China didn't have running water or electricity, and they wiped their ass with their hands.
Now, they've got more coal plants and more weapons than we do, because they were set up to take us down by traitors that want to destroy America's destiny.
I don't want to destroy China.
I don't want to drive them to their death.
But he does, because he's a Satanist!
He doesn't even know what the devil is!
He was born of the devil!
He was born without a soul!
And the Chinese that have souls are under his rule.
You think Bill Gates was born with a soul?
These are of the fallen ones!
Look at him!
He says he wants to kill you!
And you won't even speak out against him!
And the average trendy will tell you we love ZZ Pink.
One of my oldest crew members, he's worked there 16 years.
His sister worships, she's Anglo-Saxon.
She worships Xi Jinping and says he will defeat Trump.
This is the main line of the Democrats.
They love this.
They love death camps.
They love Tim Cook.
They love people being murdered.
They love harvesting organs.
They love killing old people.
They love it!
Because they have a satanic energy.
And it thrills them.
They want to be under a little pig goblin.
They want to be poor.
They want to have nothing because they've lost their soul.
Let's continue with the pig demon.
So he says, if we have a Gorbachev, it will cause China to disintegrate.
But nobody would be able.
Back it up for me, please.
As long as we go to work every day, we'll just start over.
It's fine.
No problem.
When we get a chance.
As long as we go to work every day, we will drive the U.S.
to its death.
In any case, China's development cannot be resisted or stopped.
As long as one thing doesn't happen.
As long as we don't get Gorbachev.
It would mess up China's own internal affairs and cause China to disintegrate.
Then nobody would be able to resist our development.
As long as 1.4 billion Chinese people eat, sleep, defecate, and urinate every day.
It will drive America to its death, so that's the end.
No wonder I'm like, keep playing it, it's the end.
Alright, sorry, Chris.
So I'm reading the CFR for 50 years saying China will overtake America, China will defeat America, and then set every trade deal to ship all our jobs, all our industry, and then pass laws where we can't have cheap power here so no one can compete or operate here.
And then you go out to a pro-America event, a Christian event, and literally obese,
Soft, weird white people show up with China flags saying, death to America, every time.
Usually you'll see like some giant, I don't think it's fat people, but just, you know, it's weird how they're like overfed.
People are starving in China and in North Korea.
And there'll be some dude, we've seen the video, in an actual early Chinese uniform, communist uniform from like the forties, a revolutionary uniform with Mao patches on it.
Pointing at me when I'm in an armored vehicle saying, we're gonna kill you.
And of course the Chi-Coms think this person's a joke.
But that's how pathetic and dishonorable they are and how ridiculous they are.
They'd be in a forced labor camp having their organs harvested so fast in China.
China totally disrespects them.
The Chi-Coms are working 15, 16 hours a day in focused determination to annihilate America.
Their entire will is on annihilating you because they're empty and they're scum and they're trash and they are satanic energy and they believe they will only get relief when they have strangled us and annihilated us.
So, Tucker Carlson and the rest of the media say, show us the proof of election fraud.
Well, Trump's been filing suit in Georgia and Pennsylvania and Nevada and Arizona and Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Minnesota.
And they've been trying to get to the files, trying to get to the thumb drives, trying to get to the raw data that they saw once they stopped the counting, but kept counting, secretly going, what actually happened.
Because any forensics expert, anybody with a common eye, can look at the fraud in all those states where you've got Trump above Biden.
It's a biological curve.
It means it's going up and down, and then magically it goes straight up once they close the polling places, once they, quote, stop counting.
Magically it goes straight up for Biden until he gets up above Trump.
And then planes off with straight lines.
And so Trump's been trying to get the raw data.
Like, where's the data?
Show it to us!
Not against Carlson, but, you know, that's what he's been doing.
We're like, well, we're trying to get it.
We can look at the numbers from the Secretary of State's offices and see that if you've got 700,000 more ballots that were mail-in cast than were mailed out, there's a fraud.
That means they're counterfeit.
Show us the proof!
It's right there.
Kit Daniels has a new article on Infowars.com.
Georgia government lawyers claim trade secrets of voting machines must be kept.
After the judge said, freeze the hard drives, freeze the data, freeze the memory sticks, and he said, oh, actually don't, and he said, okay, go ahead and freeze it for 10 days, and now the lawyers are arguing, stories on Infowars.com, Kit Daniels, that, oh, you can't look at it, it's a trade secret.
You can't look under the hood of that thing.
You can't actually see where the votes came in and where they came out, because it's the Holy Grail.
It's the proof.
They've got the forensic experts that'll show the hack, it'll show the patch, it'll show the fraud, it'll show the scam, it'll show all those Chinese ballots shipped in, flown in on private jets, fed in, that were all perfectly scantroned, perfectly printed, weren't even folded, were never put in an envelope, were never mailed, they were brought in, we even have the Chinese on video in Georgia and Michigan at 4 a.m.
and 3 a.m.
coming in with the dollies.
Chinese nationals landing in private jets with perfect ballots, hitting us and hitting us hard.
They don't have elections in China.
It's all the kids of the revolutionaries that murdered 100 million people in their own country that run things over there.
They just hand the power down.
So they use our open election systems to game it.
And we sit here and watch all these criminals
Let's just celebrate what they've done.
I want to take some calls next hour about what you think President Trump should do, but he should just level the American people and plot this as a foreign takeover.
We'll just be buffaloed by the corporate media that's censoring everybody and things will just get a hundred times worse, as Communist China said on their state-run TV.
We're never gonna let America open.
They're done.
We will kill America.
America will die.
Death to America.
America's over.
You're like, why the hell is that guy talking like that?
That's what Xi Jinping says.
They had an article a month ago in the LA Times about the new emperor of China was the headline, and it said, Xi Jinping believes he'll destroy America and overturn our republic and smash us, and we believe he will, and we support it.
I mean, they have already rolled over, folks.
All the king's horses, all the king's men have already rolled over and say, we're done.
And then, you don't even get anything rolling over now.
You'll be totally enslaved.
But see, there's something about a cuck.
They like getting effed over.
So I'm just here telling you how bad it is.
Again, Tim Cook runs death camps.
And it's on the news.
It's like, well, it's okay they run death camps.
I mean, you know.
Those Christians deserve to be in those.
It's like, yeah.
We're with the program here.
They're in his dreams of a Red Emperor.
The relentless rise of Xi Jinping.
That article literally has him quoted as, he will destroy America.
And the LA Times is like, let's just say they're very sexually excited over it.
You're like, why?
Because it's a spirit they get.
I mean, you watch these shows about abortion, mainline shows, and the women start rubbing their legs together and going, oh God, it turns me on, oh God, oh, I killed my baby, oh.
I mean, I've played the clips.
You want me to play them for you again?
I love bullying my little daughter.
She was eight months old.
We waited until she got really big.
And then I went in there with my boyfriend while they chopped her up.
It was so good.
You want me to play the clips for you?
Clips where they're doing an abortion, the woman's going, oh yeah, oh, oh, oh, oh.
Turns out she was an actress.
She wasn't even doing it.
But other women then believe it's a fetish now.
Soulless scum.
Because we spoiled our children.
We didn't whip their ass, we didn't stand up, we let Hollywood pedophile satanists raise them through the TV, and now we've got generations of little, spoiled, mentally retarded satanists who actually think Gigi Ping's their daddy, like a baby duck hatches out of the nest, and the first thing it sees, a fire hydrant, a dog, an elephant, whatever it sees, it imprints on, and
Our children, by and large, have imprinted on pedophilia and Satanism and Xi Jinping.
It's true.
We had too much money.
We were too wealthy.
We are in total crisis.
By the way, if you're a new listener, I have a 5-minute to 10-minute clip of women saying they love killing their babies and it feels good sexually.
Would you like me to play it?
It's human sacrifice.
I mean, you don't just think they want to screw your kids, do you?
No, no, no, no, no.
That's metaphysical.
They want to kill them!
Like, I'm not gonna even say the other videos.
I mean, this is on HBO.
Women rolling around in baby parts.
And who's the biggest exporter of it?
Communist China.
Of powdered baby that's sold into France and that women take so their skin looks younger.
Well, I'm not selling powdered baby.
And I haven't plugged yet today, and if we don't plug, we won't be here.
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All right.
Hour number three, your calls.
Enrique Tarrio and others in studio, stay with us.
The globalists are trying to censor what you can see and what you can share.
Don't let them win.
Go to our emergency election newsletter at InfoWars.com forward slash newsletter.
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It's time to override the censors and get the truth out.
We got 74 million votes.
He did not get anywhere near 80.
And that's 74 before they throw away, you know, they threw away ballots.
They threw away many Trump ballots.
That's the easiest way they could cheat.
But we got 74 million votes.
He didn't get anywhere close to 80 million votes.
And you believe you will be able to prove this in the coming weeks?
Well, I'm going to use 125% of my energy
To do it.
You need a judge that's willing to hear a case.
You need a Supreme Court that's willing to make a real big decision.
Based on everything that... It's not like you're going to change my mind.
In other words, my mind will not change in six months.
There was tremendous cheating here.
Boxes were brought in.
The mail-in vote is a disaster.
And by the way, if Republicans allow it to happen, you'll never have another Republican elected in the history of this country at a Senate level or at a presidential level.
You'll never... or at a House level.
Mail-in voting is a total disaster.
One thing that did happen, very interesting, we won all the state houses.
We won Congress.
And Kevin McCarthy gives me a massive amount of credit for what happened.
We're supposed to lose seats.
We didn't lose one seat, and we gained many.
And others were leading, and others... And by the way, you know why the votes aren't in yet, or like five or six others?
Because the mail-in voting is all screwed up on congressional races.
And we held the Senate.
And I'm the only one.
They say it's statistically impossible.
I led the charge.
We won state houses.
We won Congress.
We won the Senate.
And I lost.
They say it's statistically impossible for that to happen.
It's all quite extraordinary, Mr. President.
We want to thank you so much for joining me today, and thank you for your work on Operation Warp Speed.
You told us we would have a vaccine by year-end, and now we've got three.
Thank you so much.
You're actually very brave, because you're doing something the media doesn't want to talk about it.
They know how fraudulent this is.
It's no different than Hunter.
It's no different than Hunter.
They don't want to talk about Hunter.
So they totally closed it off, big tech and the media, other than the New York Post, as you remember, which took a lot of heat.
It was terminated.
It was terminated from, I guess, Twitter, maybe Facebook.
Uh, but, uh, it's a, it's a situation the likes of which we don't have freedom of the press in this country.
We have suppression by the press.
They suppress, you know, you can't have a scandal if nobody reports about it.
This is the greatest fraud in the history of our country from an electoral standpoint.
And I guess you could build it up bigger than electrical.
What's bigger from an electoral standpoint?
What's bigger than this?
And the COVID is the smoke screen for all of it to happen.
Well, Brian Stelter, that no one watches, but that Jeff Zucker believes is God, came out and attacked the lady for having Trump on.
You're not supposed to have Trump on.
And when you do that, you get criticized and called Alex Jones.
Well, that's a badge of honor.
When the enemy CNN attacks me, I love it.
Here it is.
She's not being a journalist, she's being a propagandist, and that's what Fox News employs.
You know, Brian, there would be outrage if Fox News hired someone like Infowars' Alex Jones to be anchoring a show on their network.
Frankly, there is not much daylight between
Maria in Alex Jones, she's accepting the same delusional conspiracy theories that the president is spinning, and she's actually encouraging him.
She's acting shocked, like, wow, I couldn't believe that.
Can you confirm this?
And he spins another lie, and she acts shocked, and says, wow, well, you know, people don't believe the election results.
Well, gee, I wonder why.
This is so sad.
It's really so sad.
It's sad for the president who's about to leave office, and this is going to be the last chapter of his administration.
And it's sad that a journalist like Varda Romo, who had a storied career, is now not a journalist at all.
Because she's not joining all the parrots in mainstream corporate media that keep lying over and over and over and over again, saying there's no evidence of election fraud, when that's all there is.
And now they don't want the servers and the
What's happening in this country should never happen.
And we are going through, no doubt in my mind, we're going through a crucible of history.
And if we don't correct what it is that's happening right now over the next couple of weeks, then I really hate to even think about what will happen in our country going forward into the latter part of December and certainly into the next month.
I do not believe for a second that the country will accept
Vice President Biden as the next president, based on what we know to be probably the greatest fraud that our country has ever experienced in our history.
I mean, what we're seeing, what I'm in right in the middle of it right now, and I will tell you that first of all, the president has clear paths to victory.
They have clear paths to victory and they actually don't require a lot of courtroom action.
What they require is they require a lot of honesty out of elected officials and frankly a lot of Americans who are coming forward and telling us their stories.
I mean the hundreds and hundreds
We're good to go.
Affidavits come in from one particular state today, and because there's been a number of threats to people, these particular patriots, they sent their photos in with their affidavits and said, put mine up at the top of the list because I want people to know that I'm not going to be afraid of these people that are threatening our country and our way of life.
I say all that, and on one hand and the other hand, as I just described, we have clear, clear paths to victory for this president.
And frankly, he's going to win Pennsylvania.
He's going to win Arizona.
He's going to win Georgia.
He's going to win Nevada.
He's going to win Michigan.
And the other one that he's probably going to pull in is Wisconsin, too, because there's a discrepancy in Wisconsin of 130,000 fraudulent ballots that they just found, they just discovered.
There's a lot of things happening, and to me it's all positive.
I was asked today on a scale of 1 to 10 who will be the next president, and I said 10, it'll be Donald Trump.
It'll be President Trump.
There's no doubt in my mind.
There's no doubt in my mind that he won this election hands down, in a landslide, probably somewhere between 350 and 400 electoral college votes.
What we have seen is over and I know this I mean over the last probably two decades and probably longer I could you know give you a little bit of a history lesson in that but I won't but over the last couple of decades what we have seen is a complete shift in how fast
I believe that Communist China, in their long-term plan, decided to sort of move up their plans to become the global superpower, sole global superpower on the planet.
Their sort of plan was by about the middle of this century that we're in right now.
I believe when
During the last 2016 election when they didn't get the candidate that they needed and the and the kind of ideology that they they saw America moving towards They were not going to allow 2020 to happen.
And so now what we have is is this theft with mail-in ballots the theft with this with this
The software, Smartmatic software and Dominion, these Dominion systems.
I mean, these are systems that are not owned by this country.
They're not owned by this country.
They're owned by other, they were introduced into this country.
I mean, how can we have, how can we say, as the United States of America, how can we say that we accept a system
That is not made in this country, and in many cases the ballots aren't even tallied in this country.
How can we say that here in this country that we accept that?
The one thing, and for you all and for all your listeners,
The one most precious thing that makes me the same as the wealthiest guy or gal on the planet or the poorest person in America, what makes us equal?
What makes us equal is when we go in
That's right, General Flynn.
And Alex Jones here back live.
That's just part of the detailed interview.
General Flynn issues emergency message to America.
President Trump has a clear path to victory, but he needs your help now.
That video is at Band.video.
I want to hear the whole interview.
And General McInerney then gets into what Flynn's been talking about and the fact that reportedly these servers that Congressman Omer talked about two weeks ago and others have broken down, being grabbed in Germany.
There was reportedly a firefight.
I mean, this is how insane all of this is getting.
And now Trump's very close to getting
The server logs for the files in Georgia where they got 700,000 ballots that didn't exist.
They just made up.
It's fraud.
I repeat, today's fun fraud fact, 1.8 million mail-in ballots were sent out in Pennsylvania and 2.5 million mail-in ballots were returned.
That's the real world.
And now Tucker Carlson's going to get what he wants.
Trump's trying to get the server logs and they're saying, oh, sorry.
That story's on implowars.com.
It's proprietary.
You can't see those logs.
And they just have everybody else but a few Fox hosts saying.
No evidence.
No evidence.
No evidence.
No evidence.
Just trying to gaslight us.
Trump cannot and he should not and he better not concede.
He should level now and attack the operatives and attack COVID and attack Gates and attack Fauci and attack Biden and attack them all.
No one can censor him from the Resolute Desk.
He must damn the torpedoes and go straight at them.
Let's go to General McInerney.
Kennedy and the President, through I believe General Flynn, have got the Kraken organization, the 305th Military Intelligence Battalion, working with them.
Because in all of this, we have not seen any footprints of the DOJ, of the FBI,
Nor the CIA on the friendly side.
It's been on the deep state side.
Wait a minute.
Let me just stop you there General because you just said something very interesting.
You just said that who has just opened up the Kraken and then you just described what the Kraken was.
We all know the term because of Sidney Powell using it.
But you just said what it is.
Can you back up on that?
Sidney got the term Kraken because that's the nickname of the 305th
Military Intelligence Battalion.
And that has been her source, along with other sources that Mary and I know about, but we don't want to talk about.
And so we're getting the different sources that are relaying this.
But the important thing is, they identified, now get this, they identified China, Iran, and Russia.
As being involved in this and manipulating and manipulating the votes.
In addition, the U.S.
Army, the U.S.
Special Forces Command seized a server farm in Frankfurt, Germany because they were sending this data from those five states or six states through the Internet
All right, now all of that's confirmed, minus the firefight stuff.
All I know is, China's openly involved.
You have 700,000 ballots that didn't exist, that just showed up without creases, not hand-drawn in, but all done by machine.
We even have the video of people buying the fake ballots, similar to those from China.
And then we have, had this two plus weeks ago, all the different Chinese government chartered airlines landing in the middle of the night in all key battleground states and offloading the ballots and taking them in.
Well, Enrique Tarrio and the Proud Boys, you got me.
Great folks, did a great job when we were in D.C.
a few weeks ago, over a half million people there.
But I read Antifa, funded by the leftist Nazi George Soros, they said we're not allowed in D.C.
We're all so scared.
Well, guess what?
I was thinking about not going on the 12th.
I'm 100% going now.
This is a more important rally than ever to show we don't buy the fake election, to show we don't buy the Chi-Com agent Joe Biden.
So everyone
Get to D.C.
on the 12th.
It was incredible last time.
We had close to a million.
Let's get five times that.
Everyone must go.
Don't count on others.
We have only begun to stand up.
And it's funny that they say that because they said that last time.
They said they weren't going to allow any Trumpers in D.C.
or no Proud Boys.
And I think the turnout for this one's going to be a lot bigger.
There's definitely a lot more Proud Boys that are coming.
I see a lot more.
We only planned this over a week last time.
And now we have, what is it, like two, three weeks for this one?
Well, it started with about two and a half weeks, but yeah, now it's 12 days.
And I think we need to continue to do this, as a matter of fact.
Not stop, just uninstall.
Oh, I agree.
If they try to actually install that communist Chinese agent, we're going to be up there on the 20th of January, baby.
I think so.
They said they're gonna have a virtual inauguration?
We're gonna have the inauguration of 1776 commencing again!
Now can you imagine a sea of red hats and Trump flags on DC if they manage to steal this election?
Which I don't think that they will.
I think the president has a really good chance of clearing out all the BS that's been happening in these states, specifically in Georgia.
As we're talking right now, there's an event going on in Georgia and I think he'll be able to pull through.
But if not,
We're going to be in DC on the 20th.
We're going to fill it with red hats.
We're going to fill it with MAGA hats, Trump flags, Proud Boys, Trump supporters, all types of patriots.
Your Info Warriors are going to come.
I know you had a big crowd show up.
Well, I'll tell you what's crazy is that
I don't know.
But guess what?
They certified Georgia.
It doesn't mean anything.
It just goes to the courts now.
While they were having a congressional legislative hearing presenting massive evidence of fraud and now the Georgia judge has again ordered them to keep the data tapes and keep all the stuff, the proof of the fraud.
So now they're announcing and now they're declaring and now they're saying that, oh, that's proprietary.
That's trademark.
That's secret science.
You can't look at what we do in the black box with this Venezuelan Chinese Communist owned company.
Nothing in our election process should be a secret.
From the machines, to our ballots, to the way that our ballots are counted, nothing should be a secret.
We should be able to see everything.
Spoken like a right-wing fascist.
I was going to say amen, but no, it's not.
But yeah.
Uh, we definitely need, there's blockchain technologies right now where we can use to track ballots.
I mean, I can track a package, I can order food off my phone, I can order a flight, a taxi, anywhere, but we can't figure out how this, uh, where our ballots went.
And the Democrats admit they want illegal aliens voting now.
In fact, they are in many states letting them vote in local elections.
So, yeah, this is, have you heard now?
They had 700,000 more ballots.
That's right.
We're getting to see all these other states, like Wisconsin, 90% turnout rate.
But just what you said right now about Georgia, they have more ballots than they printed out.
How does that happen?
That's why we're winning.
That's why we're winning a lot of these court cases.
Lynn Wood's doing an amazing job.
But I think we definitely need to keep fighting and we need to keep supporting.
And we can't stop going out there because they need that energy.
They need us to be down.
They need us to be on the couch.
They need us to be silent.
And we're not silent.
I'm here.
I've been in Georgia.
I've been in D.C.
California and I'm going to continue to do so.
Oh, we cleared them out in front of that hotel like three times.
And the cops didn't do anything.
The cops sat there.
I saw them in their riot gear.
They were sitting in the middle of the plaza, and the Proud Boys were the ones that had to clear them out of there.
I don't know if you saw that, but... Oh, I've seen the footage, yeah.
We cleared them out, and then we got in front of the hotel, and we started singing the national anthem.
Had a big party.
Yeah, we had a big party.
Owen came out.
Yeah, so folks, don't let these commie globalist Soros Nazi thugs
We're good to go.
We ended up getting a call like at 6 o'clock at night that they were assaulting women and children.
They had some prod boys stuck inside a convenience store throwing fireworks inside and our guys went out and we cleaned up those streets.
Yeah, the footage they were showing is not of D.C.
The footage of D.C., they're like, they like attack and then they squeal and yell like babies when they're getting their asses beat.
I didn't know men could make noises like that.
You were, I mean, you were there.
I've only watched the tapes.
What the hell's up with that?
I don't know, but they've been doing this.
It's not a surprise to us.
They've been doing this since 2016.
They've been yelling at the sky.
So much so that even like now, their establishment is trying to steal an election.
This is a referendum on the 2016 election.
That's where all of this comes from.
They cannot- Oh, Trump had a huge landslide.
All the numbers show it.
That's why they're- He got 11 million votes more than he got last time.
That's why they're in such a panic to just have this hoax and say Joe Biden, who can't even walk now, supposedly got elected?
Did you see his tweet that said, get well soon?
The president's tweet?
No, I didn't.
Yeah, he had a... It's Joe Biden coming out of, I guess, the orthopedic or whatever.
And he tweeted, get well soon.
I mean, we have to have this guy for another four years.
It's impossible that we're... A lot of us are so... Well, I'll say this, though.
He couldn't get the Justice Department to do anything.
They've engaged in such fraud.
Of course, they escalated up more fraud.
And they've been caught doing it.
So, I mean, what happens if Joe Biden gets in?
My God.
I'll tell you, day one, we're looking at AR bans, right?
We're looking at prison for people like yourself and the Proud Boys.
Social media censorship.
We've been screaming about social media censorship for the past four years.
Well, that's where Trump dropped the ball.
Now he says it's a national security threat.
I wholeheartedly agree.
But here's what I want to talk about.
Let's talk about this tomorrow.
What should Trump do with 51 days left, regardless?
He should be out exposing COVID as an overblown hoax.
He should be exposing Communist China.
He should be exposing China Joe.
He should be savaging them with the bully pulpit he's got about Hunter's laptop and all this now.
Yeah, I think he should spend that time doing three things.
Coming out with us, right?
Rallying the troops.
Two, his legal arguments.
And three, he should have a stack.
Exactly how you have it right there, Alex.
He should have a stack of executive orders, EOs, to combat most of this that's going to happen or that will happen if Joe Biden gets elected.
He needs to be signing those and he's going to need a lot of pens.
I totally agree, and just like Obama put stay-behind networks in, Trump can put in networks of people to block what's going on.
I mean, because here's the deal, if Biden can weasel his way in, he admits endless lockdown, he wants to bring us to our knees with a great reset, just like they did in Cuba or anywhere else.
And people need to know, they're about to get re-educated.
Well, my family found out firsthand how that works.
The revolutionary forces, they promised like this free land.
And he even said it, Castro even said it.
Castro was like, oh, this isn't a Marxist revolution.
This isn't a communist revolution.
This is for the people.
And it wasn't.
It turned into a hellhole.
Let's talk about that experience in Cuba when we come back with the head of the Proud Boys.
I'm Alex Jones.
The plan is a global ID to have a job, to drive a car, to go to the movies, get on an airplane.
That you take all the vaccines the UN, controlled by big pharmacies, you must take.
You know, they admit the vaccines can really hurt you or even kill you.
That's their plan.
And here's the new article up at InfoWars.com.
Vaccine minister says bars, restaurants and cinemas will deny
Any one entry that does not have proof of vaccination before entry, even though they admit the COVID-19 vaccines won't even protect you.
That is the type of stuff going on next hour before Joe Slinda takes over at 15 After.
I'm going to hit the big COVID-19 stack of the total police take global takeover.
Enrique Tarrio, the head of Proud Boys, is here with us.
And again, they're a demonized group.
They've been lied about.
They used a fake FBI report that they were a terror group to then de-platform and take the bank accounts away of most of their members just for supporting Proud Boys.
That happened to Enrique.
Again, a lot of people said, well, we better run away from this group.
No, because it'll be you next.
That's why InfoWars needs support as well.
About a year and a half ago, when they rebanned us on Facebook, they said, you can't even say something nice about Alex Jones.
The reason was he had on Gavin McGinnis, who's the founder of Proud Boys.
He's even more evil than Alex Jones.
Because they're proud to be men.
They're inclusive to everybody.
They're proud of America.
They're not rolling over to communist thugs, so they're enemy number one.
I would imagine Americans would run towards an organization like that, not away from it.
I know they did great security for us, with the rest of our security.
But that close to a million person march in D.C.
a few weeks ago, another even bigger march if you come, is on the 12th.
To support our president ahead of the electors on the 15th.
It is beyond critical.
Separately, we're running the new big special.
It is the promo code PATRIOT at checkout at infowarestore.com.
Promo code PATRIOT.
You know what?
And so much more.
And it takes a lot of money to run this operation.
We had to build our own infrastructure.
You know, Google has spent hundreds of millions of dollars on the infrastructure.
Twitter, tens of millions of dollars.
Apple, hundreds of billions of dollars.
Well, I've spent on infrastructure.
You've got to keep it updated and running over the years.
Our own independent satellite uplink servers.
Everything cost us $5, $6, $10 million a year, depending on the year.
To run all this and running our own servers with millions of views a day sounds great.
Costs thousands of dollars an hour, especially like, oh my God, we're like a few weeks ago, our traffic's five times whatever.
Look out though, the bill's going to be $500,000 this month.
That's where your money's going.
So if you want to keep this on the air now during this critical time, now that we've been proven right, now that they're censoring everybody else, now that InfoWars is becoming more important by the minute as what we've documented becomes reality,
We're only kept in attack formation.
We're only kept in the fight because of you.
So you're just as important as I am or any of our guests.
So thank you for your support.
Go to Infowarshore.com, get a book, get a t-shirt, get water filtration, air filtration.
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All right, going back to Enrique Tarrio, before we hit the COVID lockdowns and all the rest of it next hour, what else do you want to hit on?
Well, you said to talk about, um, my family in Cuba.
Oh, you want to get to that?
Yeah, let's talk about that.
So, um, it's the utopia they were offering.
Utopia that they were offering.
They were saying, he said, it's not a Marxist revolution.
It's not a communist revolution.
It's a revolution for the people.
And they painted a pretty picture.
And when his revolution revolutionary forces was invading the Island from the West coast to the East coast, there was this little farm and, um,
Che Guevara was in charge of the forces and they went and they knocked on the door and they're like, hey, we need, we need your, your farm for a forward operating base to get to the city, which was just a mile away.
And, uh, when that, when that family denied him access to the farm, so they went back, they talked to Che Guevara and Che Guevara gave him the orders.
They went back to that house and, uh, they, uh, they took the two adult males out of that house and they put them on their knees, tied their hands behind their back and shot them in the head.
Well that family is my family.
We share a last name.
Those were brothers of my grandfather.
And soon after that they took over the island and my family decided to come over here.
And what I'm hearing from the Democrats now
I don't know.
If we think the voting machines now are so bad, imagine when Biden gets into his presidency.
If we think the censorship is bad, imagine when Biden gets in there.
The restrictions that we have on our Second Amendment, there's 22,000 gun laws in this country.
How many more are going to keep Americans safe?
With Joe Biden as president, we know.
We know that they're going to come to your house.
We know that they're going to come knock on your door.
We know that they're taking your guns.
It's not just like this.
They're telling us.
They're making their move.
They're making their move.
So a Biden presidency is probably the biggest threat to this country since the British.
I totally agree with that statement, and this ideology is even worse.
Theirs was a quasi-capitalist imperial model.
Still bad.
This is pure death.
And I don't know if you saw earlier, the Chinese government now has national TV shows bragging, aha, COVID locked them down, America's done, death to America.
And the average leftist thinks Xi Jinping's a hero.
Well, not only that, I mean, we have another thing that we're doing to fight back, because that's the most important thing.
We know what the problem is, but we're trying to find the solution.
The solution is to get out on the street.
Another thing, as we're talking right now, Rufio is planning to fight these COVID restrictions up in Seattle with straight defiance.
You know, walking in, taking off your mask and sitting there, and if he gets put in chains, he gets put in chains.
But he knows that that's what it's going to take.
It's going to take us to fight back, to finally sit here.
I mean, what's been happening in the past couple of months is amazing to me, Alex.
We've never seen the right wing get together in such mass on the streets, hit these streets, hit the asphalt.
And now we're given a gift.
We need to keep using that gift and we need to keep inspiring more people to come out, not just to December 12th, to come out every single time.
That's right, they censored you, they're trying to take you over.
Now you've got to get really aggressive politically and let the system know you're not buying their fraud because if they get us down with this ongoing lockdown and Biden, they're never going to let us back up.
No, we won't see the White House, we won't ever see the White House again.
Go back though to the rest, I mean, in Cuba, wealthy, prosperous, incredible, building up, and then now they were just showing shots of a grocery store there.
I mean, you can't get aspirin, you can't, there's nothing.
No, so, and it's crazy, it's like the opposite of nationalism, right?
So, if you or I were to go to Cuba with an American passport, you're treated like royalty.
You can eat at restaurants, well, the little bit of restaurants that they have that actually have food, but if you are a Cuban citizen, you cannot walk into these restaurants.
You cannot eat where tourists eat.
It's the complete opposite.
Same thing, North Korea.
Because they want to keep their foot on your neck.
And they have in Cuba.
They've taken away.
They've not only taken away weapons.
That's that's a long time ago.
They keep the people hungry to keep them busy.
That's their thing.
You keep people starving so they can worry about food and not worry about revolution.
And right now... By the way, Bilderberg Group and Davos like five years ago said, we need to make people more hungry.
There's too much wealth.
People shouldn't protest us.
We're going to make you poor.
They actually said that.
No, and that's true.
That's part of their playbook.
Starve them out, silence them.
Two days ago, we just saw like the artists, artists and musicians, they got together and they're protesting in Cuba right now for the past like two days, but they've already imprisoned like half of them.
So their numbers are going down, down, down.
And like when you do that, you want to do something, but you got a family to take care of.
So if you're put in a Cuban prison, you're never getting out.
That's it.
Your family, your family can't be fed.
Your family,
That's it.
It's practically over for you.
Is the average Cuban gas lit and believes the fraud?
I've heard from Cubans that almost no one buys it now.
They know it's a fraud.
There's a reason.
So we always call Florida a battleground state.
But what we saw in Florida in this election was the opposite of a battleground state.
We blew the doors off the Democrats.
We're putting together 35,000 car caravans.
We're putting together marches, events every weekend.
I'm out, when I'm in Miami, I'm out every day.
There's no doubt Trump won by a massive landslide everywhere.
That's why they had to just come in and stuff it.
The word is Trump won California even.
People won away from the commies.
Yeah, I wholeheartedly agree with you.
But Cubans?
We don't buy that.
Why do you think that Obama ended wet foot, dry foot?
There's a reason for it.
That's because he doesn't want more Cubans in the U.S.
He doesn't want more Cubans in a swing state.
But then I've also read that other, not just Hispanics, but other people are learning from the Cubans about communism and Venezuela.
Yeah, Venezuela too.
We'll be right back in two minutes.
Stay with us.
Enrique Tarrio is our guest.
Ricky Taro's our guest, the Proud Boys.
He's got his lovely girlfriend here, who is also a Bitcoin master.
Maybe I should invite her on the show tomorrow to talk about Bitcoin, because it just keeps going up and up.
Bitcoin's doing amazing.
I started doing, she showed me how to put it on my site, and we've been doing amazing on it.
And the money just, it's up like $1,000 today, I think, right?
It's up like a thousand bucks.
Well, I believe in alternate currencies and blockchain, all that's real technology.
We know the globalists are heavily invested in it.
My concern is all these other speculative currencies.
I could make money off promoting the speculation.
I just don't want to burn my audience.
And so that's why I've never gotten into it.
But I know BTC itself, that's like the standard, the real one, basically.
Yeah, so BTC is... I don't want to get in a fight with everybody.
I don't know, this is a good one.
I don't know enough about it to tell you, but yeah, BTC is like the standard right now that we're seeing.
I mean, paper money is pretty much worthless now as it is.
So, why not have something that's a little bit more secure and more transparent and take the big banks out of the equation?
I don't get how the globalists get away with bragging that they're using COVID as a way to bankrupt everyone, to quote, make us reset.
And then they all live above the law, super rich, but tell us they're building a utopia for us.
But then their internal report said they just want to make us poor to control us, as you said earlier.
I don't see how Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates get away with this.
I don't get it either.
I guess it works everywhere else, so why not?
Because the public doesn't have a memory.
I think we saw, I forgot where it was, where he killed a whole bunch of kids with like this, this vaccine that was- It's all over the place.
It's been kicked out of 22 countries, Bill Gates.
I mean, it's in mainline news.
I was on Joe Rogan's show three weeks ago and I go, yeah, the number one cause of polio is Bill Gates.
And he's like, oh, come on.
He didn't even know it was an associated virus.
Oh, I remember that.
But it got no coverage.
Oh yeah, she kills everybody.
That's the whole thing.
So they're able to, just a little while ago, we were able, we put a Twitter handle on the screen.
So when I was running for Congress in the 27th district, I opened a new Twitter account.
I'm like, okay, Twitter can't ban a candidate.
It took about a week.
And somebody made a parody account of, there you go, that's a pie in the face.
And that's it.
That's all he gets.
That's the worst thing that happens to Bill Gates.
Go ahead.
Oh, somebody made a parody account and that one's still on there.
I had somebody from InfoWars call me yesterday.
They're like, hey, why are you anti-Trump right now?
And I'm like, I'm not.
I don't have a Twitter account.
That's something.
Like, I've been banned on Twitter.
They have parody accounts.
People go and attack those accounts like they're actually attacking me.
And the people will pose like they're me and Twitter lets that stuff stay out.
See, people call me and they go, is that real?
I just go, whatever you want to be real, go ahead and make it real.
Well, we're beyond censorship at that point, right?
They're creating this fake narrative.
That's what they do.
Once they censor you, they can create the fake you.
And even people, here's the problem with it, it's not, I don't care what the left says.
Like, I'm not interested, there's other people to have dialogue with the left.
There's other people that'll do that.
That's not my, that's not my focus.
But people that support us, right, see this, right, and they're like, man, he swapped on us.
He sold us out.
And that's it.
It's over.
And they're allowed to do this.
So the only way to combat it is get louder.
Well, that's how the PSYOPs work.
So you are not on Twitter.
And I am not on Twitter.
And I am not on Facebook.
There are fan pages out there, but some of them are fake.
And a lot of people just want to stir up controversy.
I would imagine people that stirred that up actually knew that that wasn't you.
They're probably people running it.
No, I know who's running it.
It's Antifa that's running it out of South Florida.
And I can't do anything about it.
There's nothing that I can do about it.
Well, let me tell you, after this whole election, after this whole election process, I am going to shift my focus and the focus of the Proud Boys will be shifting over to social media and tech censorship.
And probably in the most fun way that you can imagine.
Well, that's the answer is innovation, because now you notice they said, oh, build your own thing.
Now, Brian Stelter and others don't want us to even have parlor or have them for us.
Oh, no, we got it.
And there shouldn't be Tucker Carlson either.
We'll be right back with the latest COVID news.
Their big excuse, their big fraud that Gerald Celente takes over.
Well, the evil Enrique Tarrio, the head of the Proud Boys, is here with us.
He hadn't done anything wrong, hasn't committed any crimes, hasn't hurt anybody that didn't attack him first.
But he's supposedly a terrorist because they ran a fake story to the Proud Boys are terrorists a year and a half ago and use that to platform them all.
But meanwhile, look at these headlines, even the Washington Post.
Apple is lobbying to undercut law condemning Chinese slave labor used at their factories and sub-contractors.
Apple lobbies against Uyghur forced labor bill that would just condemn it.
So man, imagine if you were running forced labor camps where they actually killed people, I would say you're a piece of crap.
I wouldn't have you on the show and said you're the opposite fighting against these people.
But Tim Cook says he's a liberal, so it's okay.
It's like, well, yeah, we run the worst camps where they take organs and kill people.
They've got Australian reports, British intel reports confirm it.
China doesn't deny it.
But see, you're not killing people for their organs, Christians, Muslims, and Buddhists.
So you're the bad guy.
You're speaking out against that.
The left is just pure scum now.
I guess they always were, because the average leftist comes up to me.
Like, people that support Biden, go ahead and mention the Obama drone bombings.
Mention the amount of hospitals he's drone bombed.
And it's like it's non-existent.
And then Trump pulled out all these wars, but he's back.
Conspiracy theorists.
They'll take you off the internet.
We've seen them go ahead and take down the President's tweets.
Every tweet now has a warning.
Every single one has a warning.
From Twitter.
They're doing it to Senator Paul?
Who put out real admitted stuff?
They've become the arbiters of truth.
Because no longer, I mean, obviously the Million Maga March was big noise.
But no longer can I stand in a street corner with a sign and make a difference.
Social media has become this place where you could- The Electronic Town Square.
The Electronic Town Square.
And something needs to be done about it.
The President has to act on this.
And I think it's the most important thing that he needs to- it needs to be an EO on his desk.
I don't know.
I'm not a legislator.
I don't know how to fix this.
You know, I'm just a dude that puts people on the street.
No, you're a smart guy.
They need to declassify it all.
They need to declassify everything, and he needs to make an EO with some action towards either Section 230 or break up these tech giants.
It's one way or another.
There's no other solution.
He needs to act on it.
I'm asking the President to act on it, and he needs to act on it, like, right now.
Well, there's just such arrogance by the Larry Pages and the Serge Brins and all of them.
Involved in such evil and corruption while shaking their finger at us like they have a moral authority when they're horrible authoritarians.
And when they do that, when they shake their finger at us, I think the best thing that somebody does is laugh at them.
Ridicule them.
Because there's no reasoning with them.
There's no way that you're going to change their mind.
They are set in stone.
There's nothing that you could tell them that would let them see things from your perspective.
Again, I leave that to other people.
But let's just say it.
I mean, if you look at the average leftist, they don't know where they're going.
They're super dumb.
They have no skills.
They're really victims of the system.
They've bought into it and they're idiots.
And they just keep hoping if they double down on it, they're going to get this big position of power when they're not.
And that's the people that always bring the communists to power, even Che Guevara, end up getting it.
They will.
They will.
And we saw it with the revolution in Cuba as soon as there were throwaways.
Some of these revolutionaries that believed in it were throwaways, or people that they executed within weeks of them taking power.
They didn't need it.
They didn't need them.
You always get rid, in an authoritarian system, of the people who bring it to power.
Same thing with Hitler and the SA.
First thing he did was get rid of them.
And that's what we're seeing here.
We're seeing, well, we saw it with the Lincoln Project and AOC.
You know, I will tell you that the Lincoln Project, besides all the money that they stole, they did build a good propaganda campaign, a lie, but they did build, and then what did AOC, the first thing she did, you know, people were like, oh, you can't call her a communist.
She's not a communist.
Well, why is she acting like a communist?
Because the first person after that election night,
The first people that she went and attacked were the Lincoln Project.
They're discarded.
They don't care about them.
So, it's a recurring theme.
Sorry, I got a video playing.
Doesn't bother me.
We're live on air.
That's what we have delays for.
All right.
That's a funny ringtone.
That's fun.
I like it.
Let's hit some of these headlines.
Lynne Wood, one of Trump's lawyers, says,
Killing the future, COVID madness will lead to half a million fewer U.S.
birth rates in 2021.
Record suicides, videos, CNN cancels Christmas.
We just can't do it this year.
I mean, this is unbelievable, these crooks.
Oh, that's not going to happen.
They just want, like they're in charge.
Amazon goes on lockdown hiring spree while small businesses go bust.
And you look at all the numbers here of how all the big tech made record profits because they helped engineer this entire lockdown.
Yeah, scroll down to that article.
Amazon, an extra $91 billion.
Walmart, $338 billion.
Google, $37 billion.
Microsoft, $33 billion.
Facebook, $28 billion.
Nike, $8 billion.
Apple, $8 billion.
Extra money during the lockdown.
America's pride in the economy is about to be greatly shaken as tens of millions face eviction in 2021.
They say because of COVID.
No, because of the hoax lockdown.
Dark winter was a code name for a scenario in which biological weapon was used against the American people.
Communist China admits COVID is that.
Landmark legal ruling finds a COVID test not fit for their purpose.
96% false positives.
German court.
John Hopkins takes down article showing U.S.
deaths in 2020 no different than prior years.
They've exaggerated COVID thousands of percentiles.
Top pathologist says coronavirus is the greatest hoax ever portrayed to an unsuspecting public.
But meanwhile, the U.N.
officials say life will never go back to normal.
We're never taking the mask off.
It's over.
British military to inform the public via psych warfare.
British Army's Information Warfare Unit will be deployed to tackle anti-vax propaganda.
Propaganda like South Korea resumes flu shots after deaths following vaccination rise to 59?
What about how they're having thousands of kids with narcolepsy from the flu shot?
In Sweden, narcolepsy, fiasco, spurs, COVID vaccine fears in Sweden.
They're not going to be able to cover this up, Enrique.
What do you think's really behind trying to lock us down, trying to hurt us, admitting the vaccines are going to hurt us?
Are they just setting the precedent to kill us?
No, Alex, all those articles that you just read out of, they're all conspiracy theories.
They're all conspiracy theories.
None of them are true.
None of them have any facts.
And that's what they want you to believe.
It's a way to control us.
It's a way to...
Rig this election.
It's a way to prepare for the future.
Prepare for these lockdowns.
Prepare for the gulags.
Because they are, I'm not, this isn't a conspiracy theory.
Proud Boys, if Biden gets elected, we are going to be public enemy number one.
We will be targets.
It is a campaign promise of his.
Kamala Harris has come out.
I mean, the perfect, the perfect storm.
He picks Kamala Harris as a VP.
She's going to be the queen of the gulags, right?
If they don't use the 25th Amendment on Biden beforehand and enact Kamala Harris, which is going to be 10 times worse.
But this is them preparing.
This is them preparing to put us in prison like they did to Roger Stone, like they did to General Flynn, like they attempted to do to both of them.
And we had a president that went and stood up for it, and we need him to stand up for us now.
You're damn right.
Alright, God bless you my friend.
Hope you're coming back on the War Room.
If not, be sure to join me tomorrow.
War Room's coming up.
But first, Gerald Cilente, I'm Alex Jones with InfoWars.com.
Please share that URL while you still can.
The globalists are trying to censor what you can see and what you can share.
Don't let them win.
Go to our emergency election newsletter at InfoWars.com forward slash newsletter.
Sign up for free and get intel they don't want you to have and then share it.
InfoWars.com forward slash newsletter.
It's time to override the censors and get the truth out.
Hey, thanks for having me on the Alex Jones Show.
Great being on.
And, you know, I've said this before and I'm going to keep saying it.
You better get hip to the jive.
This thing's going down big time.
Our rights are being robbed right in front of our eyes.
Like nobody could ever imagine in world history.
Look at the little lowlife freaks running and ruining our lives.
One after another.
Making up this stuff.
Facts don't count.
Oh, the cases are going up.
Yeah, the cases are going up.
Why are they going up?
Because more people are freaking out and getting tested.
And you know, you hear it on InfoWars, that these tests are inaccurate.
You know, the PCR tests.
So, I want to go over some things that just came out.
This is, I want to give you an example.
Of why you need to support alternative media.
They call it alternative media.
That's the wrong word for it.
I would call it open-minded media.
Because this is closed-minded crap.
This is from the Sundays a week ago New York Times.
This is what they call their business section.
All right?
You see that?
Look at that stupid picture up here.
The stupid piece of artwork.
What is it?
I'm buying this thing.
I want to learn about what's going on in the world business-wise.
Partners in misinformation.
The American far-right and critics of China are pushing unsubstantiated pandemic claims.
Only what they
Substantiate counts.
So that's it.
And then the next story is.
Tripped up an airline.
Tripped, tripped up an airline.
Its contractors fell too.
That's not going to help you with anything.
Then you go inside and what do you have?
An empty page of nothing.
An ad for Fidelity.
Then you go to the next page.
Another stupid cartoon over here.
A whole page.
And then, at Wharton, a new leader confronts the culture wars.
Now let me get this straight.
I'm buying this thing to get business information.
You haven't told me anything yet.
A cartoon about turkey talk at what the new leader confronts the culture wars.
And then a partnership in coronavirus misinformation.
All these stupid pictures over here.
Look at this.
And then you go to the next page and more pictures of nothing.
COVID tripped an airline, others fell too.
What have I learned?
I think this thing costs like about five bucks to buy.
So that's why you need to support InfoWars.
If you want to know what's going to happen in the world of Trends Journal, we tell you what's going on, what it means and what's next.
Because they're feeding us nothing but garbage.
And they promote the garbage men.
How about that little arrogant boy we got over here in New York, the daddy's boy, Andy Cuomo.
They're telling everybody that you shouldn't have spent Thanksgiving with anyone.
Be alone.
Stay home.
Stay home.
Lock down.
Lock down.
Cuomo says it's shocking.
Most coronavirus hospitalizations are people who have been staying home.
All right.
That's a May 6th.
It shows that 66% of the new admissions are from people who had largely been sheltering at home.
Isn't that a nice word, sheltering at home?
How's that for a good commie phrase?
Sheltering at home.
Alright, there it is.
They're not making this stuff up.
And now they're all telling us to do more.
To do more.
And you got that clown down there in El Paso.
The mayor of a Texas city hit hard by the recent spike in coronavirus cases.
Says the blame could be pointed at COVID fatigue and that many cases are coming from shopping at large retailers.
Oh, you mean the bigs that are the essentials?
The essentials?
That we're allowed to go to the essentials?
The Walmarts?
And the Targets?
While you put all the little businesses out of business?
Another clown!
Another arrogant little boy!
Because, hey, don't you have to wear face masks over there?
Hey, fat mouth moron, shooting off your big fat mouth, making everybody wear masks.
And now you're blowing out this crap out of your new, you know, what?
Telling everybody that.
What a disgusting, disgusting crap heads that
He told Face the Nation, what Face the Nation?
Face the prostitute that's giving you the crap that you're talking to, that you only get on these shows if you're a low-life piece of crap that sucks up to their garbage.
He said to them on Sunday that, I think people, just the consensus is people just had COVID fatigue and they let down.
You got to wear the mask, and you got to maintain the distancing, and you got to avoid crowds.
Margot told Face the Nation.
How about Katsone?
No brain Largo!
Look at the little jerk!
We did a deep dive into our contact tracing.
Yeah, we've been following you!
We've been following everything you've been doing!
For the week of November 10th through the 16th and found that 55% of the positive cases, which mean absolutely nothing, but he doesn't say that, were coming from shopping at large retailers.
What we term as big box stores that we call essential.
Hey, hey, crap head!
If everybody gotta wear the stupid mask that's supposed to save your life, how come the numbers weren't up?
Where are all the little prostitutes asking, oh, I'm going to be a jerk on TV and talk like another one of those clowns with nobody around them.
They wear this junk.
I won't wear these.
I don't go out anymore.
So do what you can to support InfoWars.
Put your money where your heart and mind are, because this thing's coming down.
Hello, hello.
Great being on the Alex Jones Show.
They're gonna force us to get vaccinated.
We gotta listen to the low lives leading us.
One jerk after another.
Gruesome Newsome, the fraudulent clown over there in California that gets caught with his buddies, with the lobbyists, and the other suck-ups that they bend over for to get money from at the French Laundry in Napa Valley.
Remember that two weeks ago?
Week and a half ago?
No social distancing, all sitting around a table while they give more orders the next day for the plantation workers of Slavelandia to obey while they break them.
Anyway, look at the head of health over there in California in Los Angeles.
Oh yeah, well they just shut down the place.
Oh yeah, now that's a healthy human being she is.
And what does she weigh, about 95 pounds?
Ferrara, Ferreira, whatever her name is.
And then you look at the one that over the left over there, the his or the her.
What's her name over there?
Yeah, that's the one from California.
Oh, yeah.
I'm going to take health advice from her.
I mean, you can't make this up.
This is like ghost town.
Oh yeah, and there he is, or she is.
Gotta be right.
What's this guy, Rachel Levine?
Oh, she got in a fight with a reporter because the reporter called her him, sir.
And I'm taking, I'm listening to these people?
Then you got that other clown running Chicago over there, Lighthead?
Oh yeah, yeah, there she is.
There she is over there.
No, not that.
The other one, yeah.
She's taking it.
There she is!
Now there's someone that I should listen to!
Why wouldn't I be a lowlife piece of stupid garbage moron crap to suck up their junk that they're spitting out?
Look at the freak show!
Look at the freak show!
Who's your favorite freak?
Who's your favorite freak?
Look at him.
And there's that Cuomo.
That shows you how low lives the low lives are.
Oh, he's gonna win an Emmy for spewing out more crap than anybody with a great crap face.
I'm telling you, we have to unite.
This thing's going down in front of our eyes.
Look at that arrogant boy.
Little daddy's boy with his brother daddy boy on the Cartoon News Network.
Born on third base, thought they had a home run and telling you what to do.
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Yeah, that mask is really working well.
And of course, the Trends Journal.
If you want to know what's going on and what's going on, look at the markets today.
Oh, yeah.
The markets are down, but gold is down too.
They're pushing gold down intentionally.
And that's not a lie.
It's a fact.
Because the JPMorgan Chase gang got caught rigging the precious metals market when they got a slap on the wrist and only had to pay $900 million after they shafted people out of hundreds of billions from what they invested over the years by rigging it.
So long term, I'm still forecasting gold to go way over $2,000 an ounce.
And as you know, I said Bitcoin would take off back in June.
And now we saw a pullback in Bitcoin, but now it's back, bounced up.
It's back over $19,000.
We said it was going to go up when it was at between $10,000 and $12,000.
Silver's down too, but I still see silver going up because this whole thing is going down big, big time.
It's one after another.
IMF warned that the Eurozone's economic recovery was under threat from the ongoing second wave of the coronavirus infections.
This is out just now.
No, it's not the ongoing second wave of coronavirus infections, you low-life prostitutes who write it like that.
It's because of the slimy politicians that have destroyed the lives
Of hundreds of millions of people and millions of businesses by locking them down with made-up rules.
Again, that little jerk from El Paso that's blaming it on everybody going to the big stores.
You're the clowns that made the rule that all the little businesses go out of business and you only could go to the big businesses.
Where's your mask?
Where's your mask?
Everybody's wearing masks.
How did you get the virus?
And you know, the head of the IMF, the International Mafia Monetary Fund, you know, it's a woman that that's running the show over there.
And she took it over from Christine Lagarde.
And now, in the U.S.S.A., the United Soviet States of America.
Kiss your freedom goodbye.
Oh, isn't it great?
Oh, another woman.
Oh, they're bringing a woman in as Treasury Secretary.
Janet Yellen.
Oh, isn't that great news?
Because that's what the big news is right now.
Here it is.
Janet Yellen picked to head U.S.
Treasury in a first for women.
If only women were in charge.
Of the International Mafia Federation.
And where was Janet Yellen?
Oh, she was the head of the Banksters Association, called the Federal Reserve.
Oh, and how about those other wonderful women?
Like Madeleine, not all that bright.
There, the former, at the time, U.S.
Head of the United Nations, the United Nations head, yeah, telling Janet Yellen on 60 Minutes that the 500,000 Iraqi children under the age of five that were murdered by Billy Clinton, which Bernie Sanders, all you little liberals, supported the sanctions that killed over 500,000 Iraqi children.
She said, yeah, it was worth the price.
Oh, and how about that brilliant woman you got over there in, uh... Witless Whitmer over there in, uh... What is it?
The one in New Mexico that locked down everything?
I'm sick of this gender racist stuff.
Good and bad comes in all of them.
How much more proof do you need?
There's a freak show on every race, religion, and nationality.
Look at what I have to suffer through with a Cuomo and a Fauci.
And they're Italian.
If they were Jewish and I say anything about it, he'd call me an anti-Semite.
That's how disgusting the whole thing is.
You gotta be careful what you say.
You only can say it about the right people at the right time.
Oh, by the way, Biden hurt his foot playing with his dog.
Oh, yeah, I'm sure he's playing with his dog.
How about he was walking and tripped?
You know, maybe that was it.
Maybe the guy's out of his mind and fell.
No, we're going to make the story up.
He's playing with his puppy dog and he fell.
Oh, yeah.
What, are they getting ready for Kamala Harris to come in?
Oh, yeah.
Nothing like a black woman.
Yeah, who was that one, uh, the next Mushroom Cloud, you see?
Yeah, what, Condoleezza Rice?
Oh, yeah!
Selling the COVID war, the, uh, COVID war.
COVID war, Iraq war.
It's one war they sell you fear.
Again, people are stupid enough to believe them and, and, and slaughtered million Iraqis and destroyed their country based on lies.
Oh, who's the other one?
Susan Rice?
Oh, yeah!
Gotta get rid of that guy, Gaddafi.
You're putting the people against each other.
And it's working.
They're ruling, and we're losing.
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Oh, wait, you see the cover of this one?
Another Anthony Frieda work of art, a masterpiece.
And, you know, go back and what's going on now.
I mentioned about Yellen becoming the head of the Treasury Secretary, the head of the Treasury, Secretary of the Treasury.
This is an outrage.
We have just put the central bank right in power in front of us.
She was the head of the Federal Reserve, and now she's going to be our Secretary of Treasury.
You got it, everybody?
The banksters are in full control!
What Biden administration?
It's the Barack Obama bankster administration!
Oh, you remember that other guy, Eric Holder?
Oh, yeah.
You remember him?
He was the Attorney General under Obama.
And all those banksters that destroyed the lives of tens of millions of Americans, threw them out of their homes, and then bought the homes up, and now they rent them out.
They became, you know, these big companies.
Oh, they were too big to jail.
Too big to jail.
Eric Holder.
Oh, now a black guy.
Now he's back with the white shoe boy firm over there.
Yeah, Wall Street.
I'm tired of impeding racism and sexism when good and bad comes into all of it.
And it's not a racist nation.
A racist nation does not elect a black president.
And don't email me and say he's only half white, you know, half black.
I don't want to hear it.
Oh, he was going to be the savior.
So going back to, they brought Janet Yellen in.
All right.
Could it be any clearer than that how they're robbing us of our lives?
The banksters are in charge.
All the bigs were the essentials.
The Walmarts, the Targets, the big box stores that the clown mayor of El Paso blames the people getting the virus.
And again, nobody talks about the facts.
Why talk about the facts when you could ignore them?
And you can see who's dying from this thing and why.
What is it?
Over a hundred thousand people in the United States that have died from this, according to the, uh, where is it?
The Wall Street Journal.
Came from nursing homes.
All right.
And how about obesity?
I went out the other night to a place.
I couldn't believe these young women.
And young guys, they were like, my God, you think something you're going to get sick about something.
When you're when you're in that kind of shape.
Oh, oh, yeah.
Don't worry, you'll be fine.
Don't worry about it.
Everything's going to be great.
And then the other thing, you know, we've got to keep looking at is.
Here we go.
Wall Street Journal.
Not making it up.
COVID-19 deaths top 100,000 in U.S.
long-term care facilities.
All right?
All right?
It's the elderly.
From people 1 to 20 years old, the recovery rate is 99.997%.
Overall, it's 99.8% to 99.7%.
You don't close down the global economy for this.
Oh, and how about that Supreme Court ruling, huh?
Wasn't that a great one?
If you got a church, you could bring all the folks you wanted.
Don't want to be proper now.
Hey, women!
Eh, you go for the old Mae, you go for the old men, and the old, you know, you could be the Rachel guy, or a girl, I can't say who, Levi, not so fine.
Hey, all that chins on, look at all the chins on that guy over there, a woman, whoever.
Look at all the chins!
How many chins do you got there?
And you're telling me about health?
Oh, Gerald Cilenti, who has an honorary doctorate?
From the National University of Health Sciences, for the work he's done in complementary and integrative medicine.
And the first book he worked on was called Natural Healing.
Oh, a Warner book!
And I got these clowns telling me what to do?
Come over here, man to man, or woman to man, and tell me what to do.
So going back to this, so now you could go to church, a congregation, and you could have all the people you want, but not in your restaurant!
We don't care if you go out of business, because the bigs are getting bigger, and we're gonna take over everything.
You can't go out and have a drink on the night before Thanksgiving, said Rachel Levine.
Levine, not so fine.
Health expert.
A bureaucrat!
A low-life bureaucrat!
That sucked their way up to get to where they are!
Again, look at that one from Los Angeles!
A ghost!
A ghost of a woman!
Telling us what to do!
Oh yeah, she knows!
Well, you speak, I listen!
Hey, women!
Because I can't say amen!
I want to make it clear, I like, hey, women!
I like guys, so, you know...
It's friends.
That's for me.
I guess when those Catholic priests started taking over over there, they do all those terrible things to those boys.
Maybe that's why they came with the amen thing.
And as a Catholic, I'm disgusted with them.
But anyway, moving on.
There's going to be a bounce back in the economy.
It's going to be phony.
We're coming out with our top trends next week.
You're not going to want to miss them.
It's going to go into the greatest depression, but people are going to be fooled.
So you better prepare for what's going to happen.
Oh, it's coming back.
You get vaccinated.
Everything will be fine.
Oh, and by the way.
I'm one one step away from getting censored on.
On Facebook, because I wrote
Get back in your house.
Get back in your house.
You can't go out and play.
Get back in your house.
Get back in your house.
I'll tell you where to stay.
Get back in your house.
Get back in your house.
You will obey.
Heil Hitler!
Can't say that!
Can't say that!
You're banned!
I also am getting censored on LinkedIn for saying that we have to stand up and fight against the freaks that are killing us.
So, see you next week.
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