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Name: 20201129_Sun_Alex
Air Date: Nov. 29, 2020
1430 lines.

A federal judge reversed his earlier order to preserve evidence of election fraud in Georgia, ordering it to be destroyed instead. This comes as a time when the CIA is in conflict with the Defense Intelligence Agency and mass fraud and gaslighting are occurring. There have been calls for open communication and investigations into alleged election fraud. A Michigan election witness has claimed that they saw the Detroit plan to destroy all provisional ballots and hurt Republicans. A Dominion representative who scanned ballots in Georgia county where thousands of Trump votes were unaccounted for, also worked for Kamala Harris as her personal photographer. The fight against alleged election fraud continues with protests and rallies taking place across the country.

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Ladies and gentlemen, I am speechless right now.
Sunday Live federal judge orders evidence of election fraud destroyed, reversing his earlier order over Georgia.
He said, yes, there's evidence here.
We have all these affidavits and witnesses about tampering with the thumb drives and the computers, just like the testimony he also had in Pennsylvania last week.
And so I'm ordering them to freeze erasing the computers And thumb drives.
And then suddenly came out 12 hours later and said, I am now revoking my previous orders and I am saying destroy it.
In fact, out in the printer, guys, is the latest ruling.
I want to show both rulings.
Can I please have that in a Lynwood tweet, please?
Thank you.
So here we are, ladies and gentlemen.
What a time to be alive.
The CIA versus the Defense Intelligence Agency.
The Defense Intelligence Agency is a loyal arm of the U.S.
military and the CIA is a globalist group that put Mao Zedong in power and has pledged to destroy the existence of this country.
Absolutely incredible!
You are witnessing history, mass gaslighting, mass fraud, total proof of election fraud at the top of these key five states where Trump was getting double and triple the numbers he got four years ago.
He won a lot of these states by one point or two points.
He was one of these by three, four, five, and six points until they closed those polls.
Incredible, ladies and gentlemen.
And we've got Trump has re-emerged.
He has come out and has done an in-depth 20-minute interview that's posted at Infowars.com, CNN, and then attacked Fox News and called it the Alex Jones Channel for interviewing the president.
Because they've got him so shut down and so isolated, and they're now trying to take the interview of the president off Twitter and Facebook.
So, we knew this was coming.
The internet kill switch for conservatives, for nationalists, for patriots.
And then out of these hundreds, they've got thousands of affidavits, but hundreds are software engineers, scientists, poll watchers, election officials, some Democrats.
Expert witness to election fraud, Greg Synstrom, gives testimony on witnessing 2430 USB cards being used to insert 50,000 votes in Pennsylvania.
Almost all of them for Joe Biden.
This is not normal.
They denied they did it.
But as of today, 47 USB cards for PA election are missing.
The state confirms.
They are in court in Pennsylvania saying, please don't tell them not to erase these if they find them, and look for the judge to say, sorry, erased.
So by the time Trump gets to the Supreme Court, oh, it's all been erased.
And Trump has been asking the Justice Department to do its job with all this evidence and to go in and seize those hard drives.
What did Roger Stone say two months before the election that got media matters and CNN so upset?
He said, there's massive election fraud in Georgia and Nevada and other states.
Trump needs to go in.
They're violating federal law.
So they're going to count ballots with post dates on everything.
Trump has to go in there and he has to seize those electronic voting machines in the first few days when it's clear they're going to steal it.
Roger Stone was papapapapa, parescient.
And he's joining us tomorrow, 1130 Central.
But this is America's last stand, because if they're able to steal this and able to pull this off,
it is going to be Katie Barr the door insane.
But America's fighting back. Almost everybody else has been silenced.
Not InfoWars.
Band.video, InfoWars.com.
Our readership, our viewership is exploding.
It should be.
We predicted all this.
And we're one of the last standing in this fight for the Republic.
So tell everyone that, hey, you see the censorship, you see Fox News selling us out, you see what's happening, go to InfoWars.com.
They've been proven right.
Go to Ban.Video and share the videos.
We have hundreds of videos.
Of computer scientists and eyewitnesses that are video out the day, that are in court, that no one else is seeing.
We reported on these last week.
Usually Gateway Pundit's ahead of us.
They're just now getting to these this week.
Because there's a firehose of evidence of fraud coming out.
Now I'm going to go to break.
I'm going to get the reversal suit out of that printer.
I'm going to get it.
And I'm going to get the Lin Wood tweet.
And I'm going to go over all of it on the other side.
I'm Alex Jones.
For everyone you know to tune in now.
This is America fighting for its life.
And you are critical.
Stay with us.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are live.
We are broadcasting worldwide on this November 29th, Sunday Global Transmission.
I am your host, Alex Jones, and in just a few minutes, I'm going to show you the huge, gigantic, insane, over-the-top developments.
In fact, let's just start going through them right now.
Overhead shot, please.
Listen to this.
FBI has requested vote fraud research materials.
Pennsylvania Supreme Court dismisses GOP Trump win.
Next stop U.S.
Supreme Court.
Here's the big one that was just reversed minutes ago by the same judge.
Breaking judge orders Georgia officials cannot wipe or reset voting machines.
That is judge battened.
Now, what has just happened, ladies and gentlemen, Lin Wood is reporting, and I have a copy here, of the ruling that the same judge, on the same day, reversed order, and is now saying that tomorrow morning at CNN Center, in Atlanta, where the machines are held, I'm not kidding, I've got the ruling, I'll show it to you in a moment, That they are going to destroy the hard drives and the thumb drive records.
They're going to overwrite them when the President of the United States and the American people are battling to try to get that information.
Simply insane.
Absolutely incredible.
And I'm going to be laying all of this out at the start of the next segment.
But right now, it's a pretty big deal that the President of the United States is starting to do interviews again.
He was in a congressional legislative testimony in Pennsylvania last Wednesday.
That got almost no attention.
The lockdown by the corporate media is absolutely out of control.
Next hour, we're going to be airing large excerpts of this information.
But right now, Let's go ahead and go to Trump talking about the FBI on Fox News this morning.
Here it is.
Where is the DOJ and the FBI in all of this, Mr. President?
You have laid out some serious charges here.
Shouldn't this be something that the FBI is investigating?
Are they?
Is the DOJ investigating?
Missing in action.
Can't tell you where they are.
Are they looking at it?
Everyone says yes, they're looking at it.
Look, where are they with Comey, McCabe, and all these other people?
You know, I said I'll stay out of it.
I wish I didn't make that statement.
There's no reason really why I have to.
But where are they with Comey, with McCabe, with Brennan, with all these people?
They lied to Congress.
They lied, they leaked, they spied in our campaign.
I see Carter Page is bringing a lawsuit, that's good news.
Where are they with all of this stuff?
And, you know, what happened to Durham?
Where's Durham?
So, you know, you're asking me a question.
These people have been there a long time.
And I know FBI, and FBI is great at the levels that we talk about, but I just, it's inconceivable You would think if you're in the FBI or Department of Justice, this is the biggest thing you could be looking at.
Where are they?
I've not seen anything.
I mean, they just keep moving along and they go on to the next president.
They've been there for a long time.
People don't understand this.
They've been there for a long time.
Some of them have served a lot of different presidents.
They have their own views.
All I can say is I haven't heard, with all of the fraud that's taken place, nobody's come to me and said, oh, the FBI's nabbed, you know, the people that are doing this scheme.
The FBI is looking at Dominion, which nobody even knows where they're based.
Which nobody even knows where the votes are counted.
You know, the votes in Dominion, they say, are counted in foreign countries, okay?
Can you believe this?
Now, Dominion is also based in a number of foreign countries.
One of them is Canada.
And Canada refuses to use Dominion, and they're based there.
They won't get anywhere near—Texas will not get anywhere near Dominion.
So we've got more of this coming up.
We've got the president relegated to Fox Business.
Everything else cut out from under him, as we knew they were doing.
And this is the type of witness they have.
Eyewitness with sworn affidavits under penalty of perjury and jail time.
Expert witness to election fraud.
Greg Senstrom gives testimony of witnessing.
24 to 30 USB cards being used to insert 50,000 votes in Pennsylvania just so happen to be for Biden.
This is not normal.
They denied they did it.
But as of today, 47 USB cards from the PA election are missing.
This is what you're not allowed to see.
This is what's relegated to a few conservative and nationalist news sites like Infowars.com and Rightside and maybe Newsmax.
This is what you're not seeing.
Here it is.
My name is Gregory Stenstrom.
I'm from Delaware County.
I'm a father, a family man.
I was a former commanding officer and executive officer in the Navy.
I'm a veteran of foreign wars.
I'm the CEO of my own private company.
I'm a data scientist.
I'm a forensic computer scientist.
I'm an expert in security and fraud.
And we were told, I was told the next day by the Uh, solicitors, uh, well actually not the solicitor, but the attorney that we had secured, that they said every election they leave a couple of USBs in the voting machines and they're brought back and generally the warehouse manager comes over and puts them in.
So in talking to U.S.
Attorney General McSwain and other law enforcement officers, I found out that was not the case.
That generally, you know, more than more than two is unusual.
So they denied they did it.
But as of today, 47 U.S.P.V.
cards are missing.
And they're nowhere to be found.
So I was told, personally, that these 24 to 30 cards that were uploaded weren't there.
Those cards, I demanded that they didn't update the vote live time.
They only updated it about once every two or three hours.
I demanded they updated the vote so I could see what the result was.
what the result was and it was 50,000 votes.
And I think as a computer scientist, an American, and a patriot, it doesn't matter who those
50,000 votes were.
I'll tell you, they were for Vice President Biden.
But what was shocking to me as an American, as someone who has gone to sea, gone to war, that that could even happen.
Well, that's because America's being fully conquered by the globalists and the corporate criminals backed up by the Chi-Coms right now.
And if they're able to put their agent who's totally compromised, Joe Biden, in, it's over.
You see, the Great Reset is the Great Leap Forward.
I even found literature where the globalists are praising Mao Zedong and how he killed 47 million Chinese during that, and how they're going to shut down your local economies, bankrupt everything, and make you dependent on the state.
That's the whole process.
This is modern war.
All psychologically war-gamed out and prepared, where people virtue-signal, they wear their mask, they don't go to work, things collapse, and they don't wonder why two years later they're homeless.
They don't wonder why the third world collapses and tens of millions starve to death and then flood our borders, because they don't think even one step ahead.
People just take on the information like they're told to.
Hey, five million of you are going to die!
Two million are going to die!
Five percent of the population is going to be dead in three months!
None of it was true!
Doesn't matter how many epidemiologists or scientists or chief science officers, even Pfizer, come out and say it's all a giant fraud, overblown hoax, thousands of percentage points, because once you have a domesticated public that doesn't like freedom, doesn't even know what it is, the sky's the limit.
So yes, America is bleeding to death right now.
And the left are the very people that are going to be destroyed during this process, but they don't care.
They don't know that.
They just feel big watching America on fire.
It makes them feel powerful.
So that's all this is.
Hey, we killed all those babies.
We didn't stand up.
They have convicted pedophiles teach drag queen story time with erections.
When your five-year-olds bounce up and down on TV and the local host, Houston says, gotta start the kids early, starts laughing.
We're a nation of devil-worshipping pedophiles.
So, it's over!
You will be forcibly inoculated, have convulsions, you'll be lucky if you live.
and Bill Gates is your master.
From auto mechanics to medical doctors, to school teachers to farmers.
Tens of millions of Americans are blocked from sending out links to state house testimony in places like Pennsylvania, where forensics court watchers witnessed massive fraud.
They have total evidence in Georgia, but the judges will not look at the evidence.
Then finally, judge orders Georgia officials cannot wipe or reset voting machines.
Federal Judge Batten Came out and said that this morning.
But then hell, they might have kidnapped his wife or something, we don't know.
Here's the original order of your TBB where you can see it.
Says you have to keep all of it.
And then here's the new order.
He reverses it.
And says that request is denied.
So earlier today puts it out saying that it is upheld, do not destroy the evidence.
All it is is the thumb drives.
It's a good idea to actually keep thumb drives after every election.
They only cost a couple dollars a piece maximum.
Oh, sorry!
Can't do that.
If that isn't evidence of a cover-up, I don't know on God's green earth what is.
You can go read the original order at InfoWars.com in this article.
Breaking Judge Orders Georgia.
Officials cannot wipe or reset voting machines and then they reverse it hours later and simply change the order to say that you will no longer follow that order and that that request is denied.
This is the greatest fraud this country Has ever seen?
There's the live show feed.
I hope you share it.
Sunday live.
Federal judge orders evidence of election fraud destroyed.
Reversing earlier order.
That's why everybody else is censored.
It's why Fox News will not hardly allow any of this on the air unless it's the president and the president's relegated to Fox business with a tenth of the audience.
Is this fraud cannot stand.
If there's open, free communication.
Tucker Carlson was absolutely right when he said Friday night, there was election meddling, not by the Russians, but by big tech and the Democrats, and how they suppressed the American people's communications.
And we were told the Russians with no proof stole the election for Trump, but then when the globalists spent tens of millions of dollars and censored hundreds of millions of people around the world, not just Americans, but pro-Trump talk of any type, That was election meddling by global corporatist governments.
And then you add on top of it that Joe Biden is a Chinese communist agent on record, all the recordings of his son.
I mean, how he works for the communist Chinese intelligence head.
Then you have all the money the Chinese gave him, and all the money the Russians gave him, and all the money the Ukrainians gave him, and his dad on national TV bragging about, they were investigating me and my son, so I said, you don't get a billion dollars unless you fire him by the time I fly out of here in six hours.
And son of a bitch, an hour later, they fired him!
That's a quote!
And now that guy, as he's the president-elect, He said he wouldn't accept the results if Trump won outright.
And it wouldn't be until the Electoral College certified it on December 15th.
But now he says, oh no, I'm the president.
I'm the president.
Meanwhile, Sidney Powell's Georgia emergency declaration judgment demands seizure of every voting machine in the state.
That's a separate lawsuit from Lin Wood.
Officials had something to hide.
There's enough preponderance of evidence to doubt the results Democrat elections observer weighs in on corrupt Georgia vote.
And there's video affidavits of all of this at InfoWars.com.
GatewayPundit.com has it as well.
Michigan witnesses, I saw the Detroit plan to destroy all provisional ballots and hurt Republicans.
These people were vicious.
I saw all kinds of illegal behavior.
Michigan election witness who saw 4 a.m.
illegal ballot drop for Biden speaks out.
All the votes were for Biden.
That's total proof right there.
Dominion rep who scanned ballots in Georgia County, where thousands of Trump votes were unaccounted for, also worked for Kamala Harris as her personal photographer.
FBI requests group selection fraud data that shows hundreds of thousands of fraudulent ballots.
Yeah, so we can go into a black hole.
And again, here's the original article from hours ago before the judge reversed it.
District Judge Timothy C. Batten issued an emergency order to stop hashtag Georgia officials from performing a software update on Fulton County voting machines, which reportedly was already in the process, so you can't see what the old software was or what the votes were and see what was done.
You don't want to be able to actually see them open and shut, engage in the fraud.
Oh, no, no.
Tomorrow morning at CNN Center.
It's in the order.
In downtown Atlanta.
Even says on Ted Turner Boulevard.
At 8 a.m.
they're gonna wipe those cards.
Ha ha ha!
Here it is.
Dominion rep who scanned ballots in Georgia County.
Thousands of Trump votes were unaccounted for and later got found.
Also worked for Kamala Harris.
There they are in our picture together.
GOP Iowa congressional candidate Miller Meeks expected to win by six votes after recount.
Funny where they're doing recounts in Michigan and Iowa and everywhere else in spot checks.
The Republicans are the ones that all keep winning because of massive fraud.
They keep finding thousands of votes that were for Trump.
They're not counting it towards Trump, but they do count it towards the local candidates.
And now she's the winner.
Another Republican wins.
Another, what, they're like five seats away from taking the House back now?
Now you see why that election fraud is so everywhere they do a recount.
All these Republicans keep winning.
Oh, but don't worry.
They're mailing out 800,000 of the fraud ballots to random addresses and dead cats and dead people's names.
The same election officials in Georgia that just stole this election there for the key to Senate runoffs.
And the Republicans will let them steal the runoff too.
Just like the Democrats in New York and California were issuing driver's licenses to illegal aliens and saying they should be able to vote in the elections.
They don't even deny it anymore.
People go, well that's California, they already got it.
They got it because there's fraud.
That's why they're so arrogant.
That's why they don't care.
That's why they raise taxes and run everybody out.
Because they don't care.
They took it over.
There's no real elections in the blue areas.
GOP Iowa congressional candidate Miller Meeks expected to win by six votes at the recount.
Isn't that interesting?
If GOP leaders refuse to fight now, Trump supporters will abandon GOP and it will cease to exist.
Attorney Lin Wood goes off on weakening GOP leaders.
Meanwhile, CNN panel blast Bartiromo over delusional Trump interview.
Not much daylight between Maria and Alex Jones.
CNN's so hated that every time they attack me, it only makes us bigger.
People go, well gosh, if they say Alex Jones is bad, he must be good.
Exactly, and so is that wonderful lady.
The president shouldn't have air time.
Don't listen to him.
That's kooky, Ryan Stelter says.
Meanwhile, CNN.
There are legal and constitutional ways for Trump to stay in office, says Vareed Zarkaria, in a rare moment of honesty, in a big interview.
30 minutes long.
It's up at Band.Video.
General Flynn, emergency message to America.
President Trump has a clear path to victory but needs your help now.
Very important interview at Band.Video.
I suggest you get it out.
Ali Alexander just landed a few hours ago in Arizona, the next big key battleground area.
We're not giving up.
Stay with us.
And as always, my policy is complete and total honesty with you.
If Joe Biden would have won this election, I would be honest about that and I would call for his immediate removal from being a communist Chinese agent on record.
We've gone over all that evidence.
It's well known.
No evidence of Trump being a Russian agent.
Total evidence of Biden being one.
You cannot allow this.
It's over the top.
It's insane.
The Republicans now must do what was done to Trump, but to Biden, if he's able to swindle his way in.
But that said, the evidence in five key states, and I've been to many of them, is over the top insane that there was fraud.
And so he must not get in on the basis of that, or it sets an even worse precedent.
Now, Ali Alexander, who's been to all these states, he's been working tirelessly with Stop the Steal.
He did start the first Stop the Steal with Roger Stone's help, who did begin it.
And it doesn't matter who has the providence of it, but there are other groups always trying to claim that, oh, they're really Stop the Steal.
It doesn't matter.
Just go to the states, fight, speak up, educate people.
Judge a tree by its fruits.
And Ali's been putting out a lot of good fruit.
And so, look, I'd give Trump An 80% chance of winning if he just comes out and starts addressing the American people straight up, and if he can get the FBI to do its job and go seize these servers under federal law.
Roger Stone, three months ago, I was saying two months, but it's almost, it's been like 20-something days since the election, but three months ago, huge national news, they said Roger Stone wants martial law, calls for the voting machines to be seized.
No, he said they're going to steal it in Georgia and Nevada and other areas.
They've said they are.
It violates federal law, said they're going to postmark stuff and still count ballots.
You can't have dead people voting.
Trump must have the FBI seize those voting machines to show the evidence of election fraud when it happens.
Well, now that's what a federal judge said today.
Hours later, reversing himself.
And so that shows you how the globalists are going for broke.
They know that Trump won by a bigger landslide.
They know there's a global political realignment against globalism.
They admit that at the CFR.
The Davos Group admits the whole world's against them.
But they said four years ago when Trump got elected, Xi Jinping will crush Trump and America, said Jean-Claude Juncker.
Talk about a James Bond villain.
So that's what we're up against.
So joining us is Ali Alexander.
He just landed hours ago in Arizona.
Everyone needs to get out there.
Everyone needs to be involved and engaged.
He's here to tell you what happened.
But Ali, first, let's get into it.
Here's your tweet from earlier.
Emergency order granted.
Georgia cannot wipe machines as they were today in Fulton County.
Then hours later, and I've got both orders here, he simply changes the last words from the first order.
I've got a copy of it right here to say it is ordered.
That they not destroy it.
And then hours later, I was up here excited to report this, right before we went live on air, he says the request is denied to save the machines and not erase them for a few weeks.
So, Ali Alexander, this is so naked, so huge, so massive.
Let's talk about the next steps, the big picture.
The continued path to victory, which is there.
If it wasn't there, I would I would tell people, but it's all about them not being able to sigh up us and manipulate us.
Ali Alexander, thanks for joining us.
Hey, thank you, Alex and your team.
Y'all are working very hard to stop the steal.
You've given countless resources in these.
It was seven states, then it moved to six states.
We're fighting in six states with five being a priority.
So I just want to thank InfoWars for being at the front lines.
I'm Out there in the streets and people are saying I'm an info warrior and I want to fight for my republic.
So I just wanted to thank you.
But in Georgia, we have 159 counties in Georgia.
Each county is given a little bit of autonomy over how it runs its elections.
So here you have a judge saying, no, Fulton County cannot wipe its machines while there's pending legal litigation.
And then an hour later, the judge reverses himself because the Republican Secretary of State says this isn't a state matter, it's a county matter and the counties ought to have complete autonomy, even though the Dominion machines are rented.
From the Secretary of State's office.
And this is the same Secretary of State that has his minions working for Dominion and the same guy that met with Hillary Clinton's top lawyer.
I mean, this is a criminal, in my view, covering up his crimes.
He needs to be ran out of town.
I can't believe I'm watching this happen.
Start over and explain that again, because that's the part I didn't get to.
Explain that.
This is the Secretary of State covering his ass, saying, no, no, no, Judge.
No, no, no, Judge.
Get rid of that evidence.
Erase that.
I mean, we need federal marshals raiding that dam.
Can you believe that it's being held at CNN Center?
Just the archetypal image of that?
People need to go right now, if you are in and around Atlanta, Attorney Lin Wood wants you to do it.
I want you to do it.
Roger Stone wants you to do it.
Take your cars and around the World Congress Center.
And honk your horns in objection to what is going on.
This dirty scheme in Fulton County where they found all these absentee ballots.
Where we have all this rigged machine stuff going on.
They're absolutely just stealing the election.
And look, they may have already cleaned the machines.
They may have already discarded evidence.
But why this soon before the runoff do they need to clean those machines under the guise of a quote software update and has the Secretary of State complied
with federal law that requires him to certify each and every machine? No! This is
an illegal election that's happening in Georgia. And by the way Ali what about
the optics of in the CNN building
That's where it's held.
I have the judge's order ordering them to not destroy the evidence on the machines and hard drives and thumb drives at the CNN Center on Ted Turner Boulevard.
I mean, my God!
And then he goes an hour later, oh wait!
Destroy it!
I mean, whoa!
Did they contact his family?
Did they threaten him?
Did they compromise him?
Did they extort him?
A federal judge needs to come in and do an investigation.
I mean, this is absolutely insane.
You see this type of stuff in South America, but you've never seen this stuff in America.
And you and I, you know, we did a show in July or something where we were talking about the metaphysical symbology that was happening.
We're in this age of great contrast, where it's a parody of itself.
But for whatever reason, there are some people that are blind, but those with ears to hear and eyes to see, we can see very clearly.
It's actually, it's baffling, it's stressful how obvious it is to you and me and a lot of your listeners, but a lot of people don't see anything funky about this.
But CNN is in on the coup.
Stop the Steal might have to become Stop the Coup.
Well that's what this is.
We've had deep state coup after deep state coup that's failed.
Trump's come out and said the FBI's working with the system to steal this election from the American people.
And you said it.
The Bible talks about a great delusion will be given unto them that believe the lie.
God just takes away their free will, turns them over to the devil.
This is so obvious that, oh, they're harassing the lawyers for Trump.
They don't want anything looked at.
They're trying to block everything, but saying there's no election fraud.
And now they don't want the hard drives or the thumb drives looked at, even though they say there's no evidence of fraud, even though all the eyewitnesses saw the fraud.
And everywhere they did spot checks, they found all these Trump votes, bringing him very close to defeating Joe Biden.
Alex, right here on my phone is a plane that was in Georgia from the Department of Justice on Friday.
Why isn't the FBI or the Department of Justice stopping this injustice?
They're there, they just won't do anything.
We've lost total control and total faith of the federal government.
Our president is on an island alone, and we have to get bodies in the street outside of the governor's mansion, outside of the neighborhood of the Secretary of State, and at the World Congress Center right now, right now, right now.
All right, Ollie, I took over most of the segment ranting.
When we come back, you've got all the latest numbers on Georgia, on Pennsylvania, on Arizona, where the fights are, where the rallies are, where the hearings are, and where pressure needs to be brought so they know the American people are watching very, very closely.
When we come back, we're going to We're going to walk through all of that with Ali Alexander.
I am Alex Jones of Infowars.com and Newswars.com.
Almost everyone else has been silenced and shut down, but we're still on air.
So tell people, the election was stolen, Joe Biden's a communist Chinese agent, and the truth is on air.
Trump has not conceded, but he needs you, the American people, to magnify the truth.
And that means magnifying the live feeds at Band.video of this show right now.
Welcome back, I'm your host Alex Jones.
Ali Alexander is on the ground fighting hard for President Trump.
Most of the administration has turned against him, left wanting to get new jobs.
But that's okay, because the hard core is still there fighting on.
We have to expose Biden as illegitimate.
We have to go to D.C.
if they are able to sneak this in, this fraud, on the 20th and say, you're not our president, you're a Chai Com agent, and we're going to remove you for being a traitor.
That way, bare minimum, he tries to sell us out to China.
Every criminal act he engages in to shut off our energy, to shut off our power, to shut off our jobs, everyone knows why they're doing it.
When he keeps us locked down permanently, Biden says, and China's open, using the COVID fraud.
Ali Alexander, look at this tweet, and I've looked this up, it's true.
Our CEO, Smartmatic, and of course that's Dominion, and Bill Gates, Our CEO introduces Bill Gates to Smartmatic's efforts to improve elections around the world.
And of course, it is run out of Venezuela, but even the New York Times calls that a conspiracy theory when it's a fact on their own website.
This is so incredible.
So, Ollie, give us the big picture, the key six states, the five big battlegrounds that are left, Trump's path to victory, and what folks need to do.
Give people the real analysis of where we're at.
Because, I mean, we know if the evidence gets looked at, they're going to go to jail.
It's going to be overturned.
That's it for the New World Order.
They're Waterloo.
So they're not going to let that happen.
This is incredible.
This is absolutely incredible, Alex.
The six states that everyone needs to pay attention to is Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona, and Nevada.
However, the states where we control the state houses as a Republican Party are all of those states, Sands, Nevada.
So we're putting a lot of energy in Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Georgia for the next 72 hours.
In Pennsylvania, they have to call a new session officially on Tuesday.
So we have until Monday night in Pennsylvania to convince the Republicans to stand with the Trump loyalists and take control, their constitutional control, of selecting the electors.
This is very important.
Republicans can do it alone.
We just had a statement.
From one of the Pennsylvania State House leaders who said, yeah, I believe there was fraud.
It was overwhelming, but there's nothing that we should do about it.
And to that, I might need to be put on a delay.
I say that is absolutely, I would say, bullcrap.
So tomorrow at 9 a.m.
2 p.m. everyone needs to show up when they can in Harrisburg at the state
Capitol with your Trump flags, your your Gadsden flags, your American flags and
just be prepared to occupy the Capitol and force the Republican caucus to do
Republican things and that's to select the electors. Look, if it turns out that
Joe Biden won Pennsylvania through a transparent process, then give him the
electors. If it turns out we can't tell, then send half Republicans. And judges are
are saying destroy the evidence.
Legislatures have the power to step in and block that.
That's why they're there.
They've got way more power than Dominion and Smartmatic.
That's why that check and that balance is there and we demand they do it now.
Because if Republicans think they're going to get passed over for not fighting this, they're idiots.
The system's going to target them next.
The system is going to target them, chew them up, spit them out when they're done with them.
But I'll tell you this Alex, we'll get to them first in 2022.
We will throw their asses out in a primary.
So the words they don't want to hear is special session.
But if you really want to make their asses shake, Say, we'll primary you.
We will primary you.
We are the grassroots donors.
We are the door knockers.
We are the phone bankers.
We are the backbone of this party.
If they don't back Trump, it's not just about backing Trump, it's about verifying that our votes, our legal votes- Well, let's be clear.
Now with the judge ordering, okay, Save the hard drives, no.
Now erase the hard drives.
And people are watching the testimonies, the eyewitnesses, the sworn affidavits.
They know there's total evidence of fraud.
They see the poll watchers thrown out.
They see the hundreds of thousands of Biden votes brought in, and they're only for Biden.
They know it's real.
I mean, the polls went...
After the election, 75% of Republicans think Biden stole it.
80-something percent.
Now it's 97% in scientific polls.
The Republican base knows this is being stolen bigger than Dallas.
This is big.
This is very, very huge.
And that's what they don't want.
There's judges who are fighting for norms.
There's media that are fighting for the Democrats, and then Democrats are trying to hide their teeth.
So you have this whole system.
Yeah, that's what the judge said.
Judge Batten, overturning his own ruling an hour later, said, oh, the norm is to erase the hard drives.
They should never erase an election.
Those hard drives are cheap.
Those thumb drives are cheap.
There should be a backed up record.
Everything else is backed up.
Oh, why do they want it erased each time?
Yeah, they don't want us to audit the vote.
Here's the fact, Alex.
I've talked to you about Pennsylvania.
But in Georgia and Nevada, there is enough signature fraud from absentee ballots that were mailed in To overturn both of those elections.
This isn't an exaggeration.
This isn't speculation.
We know that if we can expedite the Georgia case with Sidney Powell and the Nevada case, With the Trump campaign, led by Rick Grinnell and some great people there, that we will overturn both of these states.
Now, judges can't rule that the electors go to Trump.
That's why Stop the Steal is putting pressure on the state legislators, because the elections will be totally thrown out.
So this race is closer than anyone knows.
It's gonna come down to Wisconsin or Pennsylvania, but we can win, and I think we have won, Nevada and Georgia, so long as we get a fair court hearing.
And let's say the key here.
Let's say one state gets reversed.
That discredits all of what Biden does, the dominoes fall, the hoax that he's president-elect does.
But here's the most important point.
We can pull this up.
They're already sending out 800,000 of these fake ballots to dead people and dead cats and random names, just like they did, but in the two runoffs, enough to steal the election and make sure the Democrats get the Senate.
And is Mitch McConnell and all of them just going to sit there and watch them do this again?
And now they're saying, oh, COVID will still be here in two years.
At the next midterm.
The Democrats have said, oh, we're doing these random ballots, mailed to everyone from now on now, so they can fill them out the names of dead people, and then we have the evidence to bring it to court.
The courts say, sorry, we're not going to look at that.
You don't have standing.
This is a revolutionary, fraudulent takeover taking place.
And of course, the Republicans are just rolling over it.
It's insane.
So the Republicans and all of us have to act now.
We have to act now because, as you said, the Republicans are just rolling over.
Again, in July and August, you and I spoke on your show and we said, look, they're not going to take, uh, they're going to keep COVID around.
They're going to keep the threat of riots around.
This is about a global takeover.
They want a universal norm, no individual borders, no individual money, and they don't because they don't want us to be, they don't want our bureaucrats to be accountable to us.
And so it's really strange because a lot of Republicans are accusing me and Roger Stone And Lynn Wood of trying to dissuade Republicans from voting.
We're not saying that.
We're saying fix the problems now or Republican voters don't want to vote.
And even if they do vote, they'll steal the election.
As you said, Stacey Abrams already has.
800,000 absentee ballot requests for the Democrat Party in the runoff!
They are stealing the election!
They are stealing the runoff!
Right now, if we don't clarify the rules, if we don't change the rules, if we don't call a special session, this nation is done!
We're trying to save the Senate by first saving Trump!
I totally agree and it looks like a lot of these judges, people are doing background research, looks like a lot of them let child molesters off with no jail time.
Newt Gingrich calls it the biggest presidential theft since 1824.
Georgia Patriots hold car parade outside Secretary of State's home.
It just goes on and on.
I've got the articles again.
They're already mailing out 800,000 ballots in the runoff of the Senate.
Are the Republicans just going to sit there, Ali Alexander, and watch this happen?
Recap, where people need to go, what they need to do, where the key fights are in Arizona and Georgia tomorrow.
Hell, tonight!
They're going to erase those hard drives tomorrow morning.
They might erase them tonight.
They were already going to do it tonight.
So they might just go ahead and do it.
So this is what I need everyone to do.
We can put up the graphic of Arizona.
If you are in Arizona, come to the Hyatt Regency Downtown Hotel.
There's going to be a thousand patriots surrounding the hotel.
It's going to be all good.
I'm here.
Congressman Gosar is here.
Arizona GOP Chairwoman Kelly Ward is a great woman and she's here.
We're leading the fight.
We have Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis from the Trump campaign coming in.
A thousand patriots will be here in Arizona.
If you're in California and you're listening to this broadcast, go ahead and drive over.
Again, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, show up at the Capitol anywhere from 9 a.m.
to 2 p.m.
Make your voices heard.
We need that vote tomorrow, absolutely.
And in Georgia, surround the governor's mansion peacefully.
Surround the neighborhood of the Georgia Secretary of State peacefully.
And surround the CNN Center and the World Congress Center because that is where they are ripping us off in Fulton County.
These are the three priorities for the next 72 hours.
Find a place and park your butt there now.
That's right, because the Republican Party, the same ones that hated Trump, are now turning their back on the President.
Hour number two coming up.
We'll do five more minutes with Ali Alexander, then I'm going to hit the latest on the global UN lockdown.
So much critical intel, you're not going to get it anywhere else, that everybody needs to know straight ahead.
So please amplify us.
Please share the live links and tell folks about local stations right now.
We'll be back with hour number two.
We are back live broadcasting worldwide.
I am your host Alex Jones.
Olly Alexander's host for a few more minutes.
Trump goes over the phone, taking testimony in the legislature of Pennsylvania.
No coverage, but on the right side, Infowars, Breitbart, a few places.
He goes on Fox Business.
CNN calls for him to be banned off of TV.
I mean, they're scared.
Judges say, oh yeah, save the hard drives from Georgia.
There's evidence of fraud.
Oh, later, no, no, get rid of them.
This is so damn obvious.
And this gaslighting that there's no evidence is just crazy.
They're obviously threatening people.
We know they're threatening people.
What other key points do you want to make to the audience out there about the historic moment we're in right now and why we can't give up?
We have to begin fighting, no matter what happens, to remove the Chinese Communist agent Joe Biden.
And I agree with what you said.
Your idea, when we were in D.C.
a few weeks ago, that 800,000 people or whatever it was were there.
We've got to go during the inauguration while he's having his virtual inauguration.
We're going to show up.
And we're going to point out that he's not the president, and this is a foreign globalist coup.
This is the time.
I guarantee you, like you said, if 10 million people showed up in D.C.
right now, they'd shut this fraud down.
But they need to know that we're awake.
Go ahead, Ollie.
You're absolutely right, because we need to remind people of this.
Are the gulags coming?
But they still need slaves.
So they don't want to just kill us all off, Alex.
They need slaves.
So when the system But it's masters, these American oligarchs, they decide because this order is so conspiratorial to wait 50 years.
And so that's what we were doing right now.
That's what Roger Stone is doing.
That's what you are doing.
That's what I'm doing.
That's what Nick Quintez is doing.
That's what the rest of my Stop the Steal coalition is doing at StopTheSteal.us is we are designing the playbook for our grandchildren and our great grandchildren to fight for freedom.
And this It's a stand that everyone needs to take now.
I mean, I can't underscore the historic nature of now.
I'm saying it.
You're saying it.
Newt Gingrich is saying it.
We're saying we've never seen anything like this in the first world country.
We've never seen anything like this in America.
They're stealing it and they're doing it in this Orwellian way that reminds us of the USSR where they're saying you're not even allowed to have access.
The debate or rhetoric or anything and thank God we're bypassing it through word of mouth.
I mean they're censoring us like never before but we turned out hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of thousands in D.C.
We can do it again.
We can do it.
Heck, we might even occupy the town and never leave.
So they need to know.
That we are strong.
So show up tomorrow at 9am outside the Hyatt Regency downtown hotel in Arizona.
And trust me, we're going to be working all day.
At night, we'll be outside the homes of some of these people.
And then in Georgia, occupy the Capitol.
Occupy the Governor's Mansion.
Occupy the neighborhood of the Secretary of State.
And the CNN Center.
And then in Pennsylvania, occupy the Harrisburg State Capitol.
This is so important over the next 72 hours.
And then we'll find out what our next marching orders are.
We have to back up Trump.
Because his campaign has largely abandoned him.
Not all of it, but a lot of it.
His government is totally out of control.
But that's how it was for George Washington.
In the six year war, he lost the first five.
But he persevered.
And it's perseverance that's king.
Oli Alexander, people can follow you.
Where's the best place?
It's StopTheSteal.us and... StopTheSteal.us!
All right, Oli, thank you so much.
Give us an update tomorrow.
Thank you, sir.
All right.
Roger Stone is on at 11.30 tomorrow, 30 minutes into the show.
And then Tuesday, we've got a really big guest.
I'm going to leave it at that.
And it's one of the big things going on.
Look, all I know is I've got a job to do.
God will do the rest.
The Lord works in mysterious ways.
It's an uphill battle for Trump because of the media and the gaslighting and the censorship.
And because Trump did not stop the censorship.
He now gets it's a national security issue.
He now says he's gonna try to stop it.
He's put in a special forces commander who's an anti-globalist over the Pentagon.
Look, it's totally legitimate for Trump to declare a civil emergency and arrest all these people.
There are Chinese agents on record engaged in fraud.
The public, though, is so used to living in freedom, they'd think that was the tyranny, instead of recognizing the tyranny's already here and it's taking over.
But the American people will find out when they're homeless in about a year.
Because, man, they're going to hurt us bad.
The deep state is in complete panic as thousands of credible witnesses come forward documenting election fraud by the Democrat Chi-Com machine.
Tune in to this very important Sunday edition of the Alex Jones Show to track the latest developments in the battle for the republic and join in the fight.
The fight has just begun.
We hit him with a major left hook, sucker punch, getting Trump in.
His landslide was so big that their fraud machines in key areas did not produce enough scams.
And so, of course, they came up with a new plan to simply stop the voting, stop the tallying, when Trump was way ahead, to bring in their fake votes, whatever they needed.
Now they're destroying the evidence nationwide.
Deep state-controlled judges are ordering the hard drives wiped before Trump can raid them.
Because Trump is cracking whips at DOJ.
And the word is, the 52 days left of the election is about to fire basically everybody until he gets a team to go raid the machines.
Something that Stone called for three months ago.
He said, within days you'll see it's fraudulent.
You've got to raid the machines so they can't change where they put the fraud in.
And now that's unfolding.
I want to go to a few minutes of this special message from General Flynn, who's now gotten the Trump pardon.
And so now he was speaking out, former head of Defense Intelligence Agency.
And then I want to come back in the next segment and take your phone calls about where you see the world, where you see this going, and what you think we should all do and what President Trump should do.
The toll free number to join us is 877-789-2539, 877-789-alex, 877-789-2539.
And we'll do first time callers for folks that haven't ever been able to get on the show.
First-time callers, please only.
And you have my word on this.
This week, we're going to take a lot of calls.
Because this is a place for the American people to sound off.
We have the Owen Schroyer Show, The War Room, where he takes a lot of calls.
David Knight, of course, weekday mornings, 8 a.m.
Central doesn't take a lot of calls.
Has a lot of guests on, though, and does a lot of analysis.
This is a time for we the people to be heard and so we really appreciate you all.
There's a whole nother area I haven't hit today because I've been mainly focused on the fraudulent election.
And this electronic coup, this hacking coup against our Republic.
And that is this stack right here.
So let me just read you some of these headlines.
I'll go to General Flynn's.
Latest testimony.
Again, it's almost 30 minutes long.
It's at Bandot Video.
It's General Flynn's emergency message to America.
I hope you share it.
General Flynn's emergency message to America.
President Trump has cleared Pat to victory, but he needs your help now.
And boy, truer words have never been spoken.
It went up this afternoon.
It's got 131,000 views.
It needs 5 million views.
How do you do that?
You email it to everyone you know.
You say, America's in peril.
It's a foreign takeover.
Hey, pass it on.
Joe Biden's a CHICOM agent.
Here's video and audio of his son admitting it.
Here's all the evidence.
We have to fight.
This is just the beginning, and we will.
Look at these headlines.
Landmark legal ruling by German High Court that COVID tests not fit for their purposes are fraudulent 97% of the time.
Designed by Bill Gates, of course.
John Hopkins takes down articles showing U.S.
deaths in 2020 no different than prior years.
It doesn't fit their narrative, so they pull it down.
They're counting all the regular deaths of flu and colds in that column.
Did you hear that?
The U.S.
death rate, period, isn't higher than previous years, except in suicides and heart diseases.
They won't do heart surgery, but everything else Top pathologist says coronavirus is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on an unsuspecting public.
The former chief scientist at Pfizer goes public, says it's all a giant hoax.
Meanwhile, one of the globalists controlled by Fauci and Gates says life will never go back to normal.
You'll always wear masks.
You are obsolete.
And British Army's Information Warfare Unit We'll be deployed to tackle anti-vaccine propaganda.
The British government will now attack its own citizens with the military, with propaganda, and it's coming with the military with forced inoculations.
To set the precedent for the United States, we are in trouble.
That's the Daily Mail.
South Korea resumes flu shots as deaths following vaccination rise to 59.
Oh, Newsweek.
Deaths in South Korea following flu vaccination.
Massive deaths also happened in Sweden.
But they called it something else.
Here's the International Business Times.
Narcolepsy fiasco spurs COVID vaccine fears in Sweden.
After thousands and thousands of children, they admit, were given narcolepsy after being brain damaged by the common flu shot.
It's an IQ reducer, but some kids it hurts worse than others.
Here's the WHO on how they give you narcolepsy.
Number one cause of polio is now the vaccine as well.
Inside, evidence grows for narcolepsy linked to GSK, swine flu shot, Reuters.
But the Detroit mayor says wear the mask or we'll shut down the economy.
In Japan, more people died from suicide than COVID, and they admit that COVID's causing it, but it's okay.
People dying's good if it saves you.
That's a double think.
And it goes on and on and on and on.
Kids are dropping out of school.
Education's collapsing.
It's quite a time.
But let's... Let's do this.
Let's play General Flynn.
In the next segment, I'll play 10 minutes of it.
We'll come in, fade down, play General Flynn's emergency message for the radio and TV viewers.
And then, the next two segments, I will take your calls.
I should do this or I won't be on air much longer.
We've been burning the candle at both ends, putting crews all over the country battling this.
Infowars out in the future needs to be on air.
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All right, we're coming back with General Flynn and his emergency message just came out today.
And then we're going to go to Chris, Justin, Michael, Franklin, Ryan, and others from Illinois to Hawaii, from Georgia to New Jersey and New York.
Your calls are coming up.
A little less talk, a little more action.
Remember about three weeks ago?
Right after the fraudulent election, it came out in the news, it was true, that Army Special Operations, probably the Delta Force, raided a CIA farm, Cerber farm, that was running the election in Germany.
And then, then they had members of Congress come on television and confirm it happened.
And Trump's put them.
Former Green Beret Special Operations guy as the Secretary of Defense, then General Flynn that formerly ran the Defense Intelligence Agency, comes out on WVWTV, along with another retired general right after him, and says there was a firefight with probably the CIA at the Cerber Farm.
I mean, we're very close to just open physical civil war.
I mean, and Trump has every right, and so do the American people, to say no to the CHICOM agent.
I'm not calling for any type of conflict because It's just totally insane what's going on.
I'm just simply saying, crazy stuff is already breaking loose and even crazier stuff's about to happen.
This is a lengthy interview.
We posted it so we get out to more people at Van.Video.
And here's the first few minutes of it.
We'll go to your phone calls.
What's happening in this country should never happen.
And we are going through, no doubt in my mind, we're going through a crucible of history and if we don't correct what it is that's happening right now over the next couple of weeks, then I really hate to even think about what will happen in our country going forward into the latter part of December and certainly into the next month.
I do not believe, I do not believe for a second that the country will accept Vice President Biden as the next president, based on what we know to be probably the greatest fraud that our country has ever experienced in our history.
I mean, what we're seeing, what I'm in right in the middle of it right now, and I will tell you that, first of all, the president has clear paths to victory.
They have clear paths to victory and they actually don't require a lot of courtroom action.
What they require is they require a lot of honesty out of elected officials and frankly a lot of Americans who are coming forward and telling us their stories.
I mean, the hundreds and hundreds of Americans around the country in different states,
not just the swing states, but many, many other states that are coming forward with their stories
and putting them down on affidavits as witnesses.
We had probably 10 or 12 affidavits come in from one particular state today.
And because there's been a number of threats to people, these particular patriots, they sent their photos
in with their affidavits and said, "Put mine up at the top of the list
because I want people to know that I'm not gonna be afraid of these people
that are threatening our country and our way of life."
And so I say all that, and on one hand and the other hand, as I just described, we have clear, clear paths to victory for this president.
And frankly, he's going to win Pennsylvania.
He's going to win Arizona.
He's going to win Georgia.
He's going to win Nevada.
He's going to win Michigan.
And the other one that he's probably going to pull in is Wisconsin, too, because there's a discrepancy in Wisconsin of 130,000 fraudulent ballots that they just found, they just discovered.
There's a lot of things happening, and to me, it's all positive.
I was asked today, on a scale of 1 to 10, who will be the next president, and I said 10, it'll be Donald Trump.
It'll be President Trump.
There's no doubt in my mind.
There's no doubt in my mind that he won this election, hands down, in a landslide.
Probably somewhere between 350 and 400 electoral college votes.
What we have seen is over and I know this I mean over the last probably two decades and probably longer I could you know give you a little bit of a history lesson in that but I won't but over the last couple of decades what we have seen is a complete shift in how fast I believe that Communist China, in their long-term plan, decided to sort of move up their plans to become the global superpower, sole global superpower on the planet.
Their sort of plan was by about the middle of this century that we're in right now, and I believe when During the last 2016 election when they didn't get the candidate that they needed and the kind of ideology that they saw America moving towards, they were not going to allow 2020 to happen.
And so now what we have is this theft with mail-in ballots, the theft with this The software, Smartmatic software and Dominion, these Dominion systems.
I mean, these are systems that are not owned by this country.
They're not owned by this country.
They're owned by other... They were introduced into this country.
I mean, how can we have... How can we say, as the United States of America, how can we say that we accept a system That is not made in this country, and in many cases the ballots aren't even tallied in this country.
How can we say that here in this country that we accept that?
The one thing, and for you all and for all your listeners, The one most precious thing that makes me the same as the wealthiest guy or gal on the planet or the poorest person in America, what makes us equal?
What makes us equal is when we go in to a voting booth, and we close that curtain, or we go in there and we lean over to vote, my vote matters the same as the guy who's the richest guy, you know, in America.
It matters the exact same.
And General Flynn is completely right.
Okay, that's only five, six minutes of the full interview, and we'll probably get General Flynn on very, very soon as well.
I know his son came out to one of our events in D.C.
General Flynn's a big listener.
I'll just leave it at that.
But he's a patriot, and he was part of those 16 intelligence agencies that is able to see all the intel and the data.
And that's why his story is the same thing I tell you.
I can read what the globalists say at the CFR and read what Xi Jinping says.
And I know what their plan is.
That's all public.
I mean, this thing's public, but he knows where the bodies are buried, and that's why they were so scared of him when Trump first put him in.
Once they got Trump to get rid of him with that BS, then they brought in McMaster, they brought in Kelly, they brought them all in, and they're globalists, man.
They are.
They teach at the Army and Marine Corps training centers that America must merge with China for world peace.
I played a clip.
On Tuesday, no, it was Wednesday, of the Secretary of Defense pick that Biden wants, and he said, we must support the rise of China as a global power, or we might have a war.
Because they've all invested there, and I've got this, you know, if I don't cover today because of limited time, Owen Shroyer is coming up at six o'clock with Sunday live that we've launched a very popular show.
Only has six minutes of ads an hour.
Just the local ads for local stations.
We've cut our ads for that show.
I'm very tempted to maybe start cutting my ads too.
But I gotta sever ties with the GCN that I'm friends with.
But I'd really rather get rid of half the ads for you.
Wouldn't you like that folks?
But we're gonna see what happens.
The point is, is the stations will still get their ads.
Owen's coming up, 6 o'clock, in about 32 minutes.
But I want to go to your calls when we come back.
And I've got David Rockefeller.
So I'm going to lay something on you that nobody else is saying, because they're not researchers of history.
David Rockefeller wrote two articles for the New York Times.
One before Mao died in 1970, another one when he died in 1976.
That's the first dictator of China that killed over 100 million people.
47 million during the Great Leap Forward.
Well, if you listen to Klaus Schwab and the Dabos Group and Xi Jinping, the Great Reset is modeled after the Great Leap Forward.
So I'm going to keep this stack I got ready for the show today because I want to go to your calls.
And I'm going to cover this from David Rockefeller's own words.
He's the guy that opened up China in the 70s.
They put Mao in, in the late 40s.
And they just killed most of their people that were actually informed about what was going on to create the Communist Party you have today.
Truly sick.
Because the globalists want dumb people.
Mao Zedong was super stupid.
He did whatever the Rockefellers told him.
And that even came out later.
And then, oh, by the 60s, after they killed Well, $47 million during the Great Leap Forward and $20-something million during the Cultural Revolution, which the globals are trying to do both right now.
They repudiated Mao and said it was a mistake, but it was always a plan.
Just like the UN will say the lockdown was a mistake.
It killed hundreds of millions.
They're already saying that.
It's only killed millions so far.
So they know what they're doing.
They got this figured out.
And if you lay there and take it, you go along with it, you deserve what you get.
Yeah, there's three articles.
One in 1970, 73, and 76.
But I know when he died, he really wrote a piece worshiping him.
Okay, let's run through your calls quickly.
Only to all of them before the show ends and Owen Schroeder takes over.
Chris, Justin, Michael, Franklin, Ryan, Robinson, Deanna, Ian, Chris, Will, Kevin.
Let's go ahead and take a call from Michael in New Jersey.
Thanks for holding, Michael.
Thank you, Alex.
I had a question as to your knowledge as to the Sabbatean and the Frankish Sabbatean sex.
It seems a lot of globalists are connected to this specific branch that came out in 1666.
And I just wanted to know, how can you even tell which politicians are truthful if the whole point
of the practice is to appear devout while you help usher in this new world order based on sex?
I see your question was likelihood of the Supreme Court coming through.
You bring up Sabbatean, Francus, that was like some Jewish mysticism cult that believed the Messiah was there.
I know David Ickes talked about it.
I've read some about it.
I mean, enlighten me about it and then get to your question about the Supreme Court.
Well, yeah, it was from a Messiah or a false Messiah that came in 1666.
He declared it on the Six months of the 18th day, June 18, 1666, and he said that since he was the Messiah, all the prohibitions in the scriptures were now gone, and we could live as we see fit.
Eventually, he was turned away by the Jewish leaders of Jerusalem and forced to convert to Islam by the Turkish Empire.
Yeah, I know, man.
I know the story.
I read about it.
So what are you asking me about it?
If you believe most of these globalists actually belong to this sect.
I mean, there's some, you know, beliefs that the Rockefellers, the Morgans, other people who appear You know, man, you know what I do, whether it's Chinese or whether it's Jewish or whether it's German, I just cover the evil that's going on and want humanity to come together and oppose it.
I don't really do stuff according to a racial deal.
I don't like radical Islam and stuff like that.
But I appreciate your call.
I thought you were calling in about the Supreme Court.
And, you know, who knows?
This will ultimately end with the Supreme Court and with them trying to erase all these hard drives and the rest of it.
Who knows what's going to happen.
Okay, let's go ahead and take another call here.
Let's talk to Justin in Georgia.
Justin, go ahead.
You're on the air.
Thank you for taking my call, Alex.
I just wanted to let you know that I live in Fulton County, Georgia, Winchester, Atlanta.
I went in to vote on November the 4th.
I registered there today.
They told me I had a mail-in ballot that had already been validated.
I told them no way possible.
They wanted me to sign an affidavit.
I told them no way am I going to sign the affidavit.
They turned around and gave me a card to put in the voting machine, which took another 30 minutes.
I put it in the machine.
The machine told me I'd already voted.
They let me speak with the voting manager there, which I had to go back and recorrect it again.
The paperwork printed out of the printer once I voted, and they would not even let me see the paperwork to show that I voted for Donald Trump or not.
Sir, even PBS said a month before the election that Georgia would be the biggest fraud ever.
And all the fraud is against Trump and Republicans, the American people.
And what you're telling me has happened to personal friends of mine that live in Texas and they learned that they voted for Joe Biden in...
California or in other states like Michigan.
I mean, it is just a wall of fraud.
And so many Republicans I know, including people in that control room, they wanted to vote and they were told, sorry, you've already voted.
Here's your provisional since they signed an affidavit.
So here's what happened.
Facebook, Google stole the databases of names and they mailed them out to other addresses so people could vote in your name.
And that's what they did.
And it's, it's totally evil.
My whole deal here, I just want to let your listeners know, I care about every person of the United States, and I feel like that we should kick their butt, Alex.
We cannot let this happen.
No, I hear you, brother.
You just got robbed.
I just got robbed.
Trump won the giant landslide.
They're covering up the evidence.
And this country is under 21st century attack.
It's a new type of attack.
It's not a military attack.
It's an electronic, fraudulent, and cultural attack.
We must reject the entire corporate media.
We must reject the Democratic Party.
We must reject all the Republicans that won't stand for the truth.
God bless you, brother.
I can hear the pain in your voice.
Believe me, I feel it too.
My God, I wish Biden won fair and square.
He didn't.
Now we gotta fight him.
So roll up our sleeves.
Look at all these headlines.
Somebody took my ballot.
Nevada woman says her vote was stolen.
This is what they did.
They stole your names, they mailed them out to Democrats, and they all engaged in mass fraud.
It was election fraud with voter fraud.
That's who they are.
Thank you, Justin.
Jamming another one here in the next minute and a half we got left here.
Let's talk to Chris in Oklahoma with a good question.
What do we do next, Chris?
Hey Alex.
Yes, sir.
What's going on?
Yeah, so on what we do going forward.
So there's only two ways I see this being able to be resolved without any type of conflict.
And that is either Get rid of all of the mail-in ballots, because to me, in my opinion, that's where the battle was really lost, when they started to allow mail-in ballots to be a thing.
No, you're right, and Trump said that, and now the Democrats say they're permanent.
Have you noticed that?
So, we have to either get rid of those, and make it to where everybody votes in person, Or we can just take the votes we have now and get rid of all the mail-in ballots.
One or the other.
I 100% agree with you.
So what do you think we should do?
I think we just say, hey, you're a Chinese agent, you're illegitimate, we don't believe the results of this election, and in other countries when that happens and enough people don't believe it, even if 20% don't believe it, we've got over half that don't believe it, you have a new election.
I think bare minimum, Trump should start talking about a new election.
Yeah, absolutely.
That's what has to happen, otherwise this isn't going to end well.
They use software and hardware from other countries.
They use Smartmatic... Hold on.
Don't hang up, Chris.
I want to give you another minute or so to finish up because I went to you late.
I'm trying to give each caller two minutes.
I want you to finish up your point.
We don't have to accept this, folks.
They didn't accept Trump.
They said it was a Russian with no proof.
I mean, China Joe is a Chai Com agent bought and paid for with the Chinese bragging they own his ass.
They brag on their own shows.
They own his ass.
They think they own you.
Everybody knows.
Everybody knows that the dice are loaded.
Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed.
Everybody knows the war is over.
Everybody knows the good guy's lost.
Everybody knows the fight was fixed.
But Trump's fighting back.
And boy, does he now know that big tech's a national security threat.
He thought he could win the election without us.
Well, he's finding out.
That's bittersweet, isn't it?
So, Chris, finishing up your point, this is quite the constitutional crisis.
And can you imagine if they put that puppet Biden in, and if we don't resist him,
and if we don't show up in D.C. and say no to him, they're going to just steamroller over.
He must be met, if they put him in through fraud, with resistance at every damn level.
You know, I just mentioned Dominion and Plotmatic.
I didn't even get into the mailmen who are killing themselves, destroying boats.
All the dead people who voted.
It's too far gone.
Something has to be done about it.
And I know people don't want to go get in the street.
I know people got to go to work and do things in their lives.
If you don't get up and go do something, your job, your lives aren't going to be a thing anymore.
You're going to be obsolete.
I totally agree with you, Chris.
Call me back tomorrow.
I'm opening the phones up throughout the four hours.
Thank you, Chris.
By the way, you know, they say that he had to go to the doctor because he sprained his ankle.
But if you look at him, his head's wobbling.
Has Joe Biden had another stroke?
I mean, they're going to kill him so quick, the Globalist are.
They've got their plan.
This is sick.
Thank you, Chris.
All right, let's move quick through callers here.
Let's talk to Chris in Illinois on the U.N.
That's who's directing the whole COVID hoax.
Chris, on the U.N.
Go ahead.
Alright, Alex.
I need to talk about a few things here.
Number one I need to talk about is the vaccine, guys.
You guys have to understand the vaccine, in my opinion, is infinitely more important than whether Trump gets it or not.
I'm going to be honest with you guys.
And I know this isn't something a lot of people want to hear, but... It's okay.
You're on air.
Tell us what you want to tell us.
I don't see any possible way Trump's going to be able to get it.
And let me explain what I'm talking about, guys.
You guys gotta understand, it's fraud from top down, from Antifa agents counting the votes, to the federal judges.
And guys, the few federal judges like this guy in Georgia who originally ruled that they shouldn't do anything to the hard drives.
Obviously, they sent some agents to his house to threaten him and his family, and now he's just, now he's turned.
I don't really blame him, because they're probably going to take him to some torture chamber.
But guys, I understand it's great what Ali's doing, and it's great what everyone's doing, getting out on the streets, doing all this other stuff, exposing the fraud.
But guys, I don't see any way Jones is going to be able to get in.
There's just so much fraud.
You guys gotta understand, this is a global, this is a global thing happening.
There's so many people in on it.
All the other foreign countries, the U.N., everyone.
America's really in the last place, and I don't, I just don't know how Trump's gonna be able to get in because it's falling from the top down.
Even if somehow we are able to overturn the election, have a new election or something like that, they're gonna kill him.
There's no way they're gonna kill him.
Alright, I'm gonna let you go.
You made some good points, but there's a lot of wind out there.
Sounds like you're snowboarding or something.
But I hear ya.
Franklin in New York, you're on the air.
Go ahead, sir.
Hi Alex.
I love you brother.
Alright, so where's the pressure to rescind the hard drives coming from?
And why to rescind it if it's an accredited judge?
The same thing as throwing away a recorded vote and it should only be recorded by a delegated judge to certain individuals.
Every individual's judge should be recorded.
So if every USB drive or stick that we could just pull out, which is obviously accessible by anybody.
Well, for me, it's a seismic event to have the judge say, Oh, absolutely.
Trump has a suit.
He wants to examine the hard drives.
He wants to examine the thumb drives.
And then an hour and a half later, he reverses it.
That's when you dumb ass, that's the proof.
I mean, the judge, Oh, you mean, I mean, wow, this is incredible.
And you know, if it's it, Maybe elected individuals should be watching over who pulls out these drives.
You know, my father, his name was Richard I. Shire.
Middle name, Iren.
He had so many precedented cases.
Richard I. Shire.
In the Supreme Court.
And he won so many times.
You know, he's passed away, and he's beaten many people in the Supreme Court.
And he loved doing that.
But if they want to go this far, Then let's just crash it all.
Because you know what?
If we do crash it all, who's going to stop working?
You're not going to stop working.
I'm not going to stop working.
No, I hear you.
All of the wearing the mask, buying the lie, it's all been slave training.
Franklin, we appreciate you, brother.
Thanks for calling.
By the way, if I don't get to all these calls, Owen Schroer just got my ear.
He's taking over and he's great at taking calls.
With the new Sunday live show, 6 to 8 p.m.
Central, he says he's going right to your calls.
Ryan in Hawaii, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey Alex.
Hey Alex, thanks.
First time caller.
Out here in Hawaii.
You know, I gotta tell you guys that Trump won in Hawaii at 56.7% with the walk-in, in-person voting.
So, it's kind of... Yeah, your phone's breaking up, brother.
Try to talk right into it for me.
Oh, okay.
It's weird that, you know, here in Hawaii we had 56.7% walk-in voting for Trump.
Well, I find it hard to believe that, you know, they say that we're a blue... Unfortunately, sir, your phone is not working, but I get the gist of what you're saying.
If you can call us back on the landline, we'll go right to you.
Or a phone that works.
I love the callers, but it's just these damn... It's funny, like, the old landlines work great.
Cell phones sound so damn bad now, don't they?
A little trick is, put it on airplane mode, and then take it off airplane mode before you call, and that makes it reconnect at a higher level.
Little trick.
But yeah, I mean, you have Trump getting 11 million votes more than he got last time, but we're to believe that Biden, only in select key counties, got more than Obama did.
The fraud is real.
The scam is real.
Deanna, in Missouri.
Thank you for holding.
You're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
Hey, I have a couple of questions and mostly it has to do with the crime that's so rampant and it's just being overlooked by Barr and his lack of action.
I mean, they have videos of them confessing.
We have the smoking gun with their fingerprints on it.
I mean, there's evidence.
There's more than probable cause.
There's actual irrefutable evidence.
Yeah, no, they're all bought and paid for.
They're all betraying Trump right now.
The fix was in.
I told everybody that, you know, that Barr was clearly there at the deep state to make Trump think he was okay, so he didn't take real radical action and stop this before it was too late.
Well, you know, if Biden's just inserting himself into the presidency, He has a warrant in another country.
They should be sending him there to take care of things, right?
He's on record taking money from the Chinese government.
The Chinese government says, we own Biden and their stocks.
They told the world they owned Biden the Sunday after they declared victory, six days after the election, and their stocks went up and their currency went up.
They said, we own Biden.
They are pissing in our face.
Yeah, and the judges that are participating in this collusion for treason, are they going to be held accountable?
It's because they're all lawyers that only look for what will feather their nests.
They're not good people.
They're trash.
They're obstructing justice by taking those USB drives and erasing them or whatever the records are.
That is not okay because, I mean, that's the proof of the crime.
And so now they're going to erase it so there is no proof?
It's ridiculous.
And my question is, Well, there's two questions.
So the American people don't want Biden or Kamala in there, and there will probably most likely be a civil war if this continues.
Well, especially when they continue the lockdown.
Is that why they have China and Canada and Mexico to come in?
Thank you so much.
All right, Deanna, we love you.
I want to go to one more caller that everybody else will be gotten to with Owen Schroer coming up.
We have Ian in Utah saying we need to occupy the capitals in all 50 states.
We have another caller, you know, pointing out that it is a communist Chinese takeover happening.
How do we respond to that?
Ian in Utah.
Yes, it's time for people to be seen everywhere.
Occupy the capitals.
Occupy D.C.
on December 12th.
I'll be there for the biggest Trump march ever.
And if they try to put Biden in on the 20th, we'll be there again in January.
What do you say?
I think you're damn right, Alex.
We gotta... These next two weekends, it's imperative that we just make our way up to the capitals of all 50 states.
The state capitals, D.C.
And if we go to D.C., I think we gotta get to the Supreme Court because that's where the election's probably gonna be taken into.
So that's pretty imperative as well.
And if you don't have the finances to get there, it's okay.
I understand.
Just make sure that you're gonna have your voice be heard locally, wherever you live in your town.
Just band up with your fellow Patriots and just have your voice be heard.
That's right.
They used the COVID lockdown.
Again, it's locked in our houses first.
Destabilized before the takeover.
This has all been planned all right out of China.
Right on.
God bless you, brother.
Will, Kevin, Robinson, Bill, Angel.
It's all coming up the next two hours.
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