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Name: 20201128_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: Nov. 28, 2020
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The enemy of the American people almost got away with it.
MSM almost convinced us that Joe Biden was really this magical president-elect.
And they kept saying there was no evidence of any election fraud anywhere.
Well, now legislatures and courts have seen the evidence and they say that they're moving forward to overturn the fraudulent election results in five key battleground states.
Since it's clear that you're not corrupt and you got elected, why should people think that the system produces corrupt results when there you are?
Well, I'm not sure you should assume I'm not corrupt, but I thank you for that.
Folks, we got a lot of work to do.
I don't need you to get me elected.
I need you once I'm elected.
The United States of America is a republic.
And it's based on something called a constitution.
And it's not just the right, it's the duty of the legislatures when the law is violated to step forward and stop what's happening.
And that's exactly what is now unfolding in Pennsylvania, Georgia, and other states as Trump lays the cards out with eyewitnesses, the election fraud, the numbers, the poll watchers being thrown out, millions of votes being added after they said the counting had stopped.
This is the most naked, brazen, arrogant, chutzpah-filled attempt to steal an election that has ever happened in modern history.
Even CNN's Fareed Zakaria, the big Bilderberg insider, admits there are major paths that President Trump can use to stop this fraudulent election.
Imagine the scenario during election week.
Trump is leading on November 3rd, but Joe Biden pulls ahead in the days following.
Republicans file objections to tens of thousands of mail-in ballots.
Democrats file countersuits.
Taking account of the confusion, legislators decide to choose the electors themselves.
Here's the worry.
Of the nine swing states, eight have Republican legislatures.
If one or more decide that balloting is chaotic and marred by irregularities, they could send what they regard as the legitimate slate of electors, which would be Republican.
Democrats may object and file lawsuits.
In some of those states, Democratic governors or secretaries of state could send their own slates of electors to Washington.
That would add to the confusion, but that might well be part of the Republican plan.
Because you see, when Congress convenes on January 6th to tally the electors' votes, there would be challenges to the legitimacy of some electors.
It's possible Congressional Republicans could decide that disputed states should simply not be counted.
Suppose in this scenario Michigan's votes are invalidated.
That would ensure that neither candidate would get to 270 electoral votes.
At that point, the Constitution clearly directs that the House of Representatives vote to determine the presidential election.
Remember, mainstream media is not press.
They're not journalists.
They are mouthpieces of major globalist corporations that don't want this country to even exist.
And to carry out the destruction of the Republic, they have to have a puppet president.
And that's who Joe Biden is.
And President Trump has said that there is massive, massive proof.
And he's already laid it out in major press conferences and in testimony to the legislature of Pennsylvania and others.
The enemy of the people, MSM, has shown almost none of it, or they've showed edited clips.
What Trump has really said, we'll play a clip in a moment, is that if the legislatures and the electors really want to hand this fraudulent victory over to Joe Biden, and if they really want to piss on the Constitution,
Then fine, he'll leave the White House.
But he believes the legislatures, and he believes in we the people, and he believes no matter how many times MSM, CNN, ABC News says that Joe Biden is the President-elect, it's a fraud and a lie, and he's ready to continue to present the evidence.
Mr. President, if the Electoral College votes for Joe Biden on December 14th, will you concede the election?
It's going to be a very hard thing to concede, because we know there was massive fraud.
So as to whether or not I can get this apparatus moving this quickly, because time isn't on our side.
Everything else is on our side.
Facts are on our side.
This was a massive fraud.
This should never take place in this country.
We're like a third world country.
We have machines that nobody knows what the hell they're looking at.
I mean, you take a look at all the mistakes they made.
Look at even Georgia.
Look at all the mistakes they made.
And that all that was is a simple you press a button.
Look at look at Georgia.
All the all the votes they found just by going.
And I said they shouldn't even do it because it doesn't mean anything.
They're doing a recount right now in Georgia that is meaningless.
The only recap that matters in Georgia is to look at the signatures on the envelope, and you will find that those signatures do not match the people that were many of them.
Hundreds of thousands of them.
Hundreds of thousands.
And I only lost by 12,000 votes.
I didn't lose.
I didn't even like to say I lost.
I guess we're 11 or 12,000 votes short.
That's out of millions and millions of votes.
They just got it over the line.
And one of the things that happened, I did so well, and I was told this in two other states, that they didn't know what to do.
They panicked.
Take a look at their drops at 3 o'clock and 3.42 in the morning on certain states.
They did drops where you're going along like this.
And then you have a spike that goes up to the ceiling and then it's disgraceful.
We can't let that happen.
And I will tell you, in Philadelphia, the Republicans that statehouse Republicans are very, very upset.
And it's sort of appropriate because Philadelphia has become very activist.
If you look at what's going on, they don't want that to happen to Pennsylvania, to the state of Pennsylvania.
And it was I don't I don't even like to use it was a rigged election.
But sir, just to be clear, if the Electoral College votes for Joe Biden, will you concede?
Well, if they do, they made a mistake.
Because this election was a fraud.
Just so you understand, this election was a fraud.
I mean, they have Biden beating Obama on Obama's vote in areas that mattered in terms of the election, in swing states.
And yet he's losing to Obama all over the place.
But he's beating Obama in swing states, which are the states that mattered for purposes of the election.
So no, I can't say that at all.
I think it's a it's a possibility.
They're trying to look between you people.
Don't don't talk to me that way.
You're just you're just a lightweight.
Don't talk to me that way.
Don't talk.
I'm the president of the United States.
Don't ever talk to the president that way.
All right.
I'm going to go with another question.
Go ahead.
So if the Electoral College does elect President-elect Joe Biden, are you not going to leave this building?
Just so you know, certainly I will.
Certainly I will.
And you know that.
But I think that there will be a lot of things happening between now and the 20th of January.
A lot of things.
Massive fraud has been found.
We're like a third world country.
We're using computer equipment that can be hacked.
They talk about glitches.
How many glitches did they find?
So a glitch.
Oh, gee, we had a glitch.
5,000 votes.
In all cases, right?
In all cases, the votes went from Trump to Biden.
They didn't go from Biden.
The glitches were never from Biden to Trump.
So they had many glitches.
And they said, oh, we had a glitch.
A glitch is like the equipment is a little broken.
We'll fix it up.
A glitch is, in this case, we caught them cheating.
We caught them stealing.
So let's go over the facts.
The majority of Pennsylvania Republicans have now called for withdrawing certification of the presidential electors and to move to overturn the fraudulent election results of Joe Biden.
Here's another headline.
Judge declares PA election likely unconstitutional over mail-in ballots.
Give state legislatures power to choose the electors because it was illegal to take votes that were postmarked after the election that's been confirmed.
They have thousands of affidavits across the United States, but particularly in these five battleground states that witnessed the fraud for themselves.
And they're now testifying under oath to legislatures.
I would say about nine o'clock.
That's when things started to get sketchy.
All the ballots that we're processing up there had the date of November 4th with a sticky note on top of it saying process them as November 2nd.
All workers got pretty excited.
About a message that popped up on our screen.
And this is at one of the counting boards.
This is where the electronic poll books are posted.
On her computer screen?
On her computer screen.
And it says, warning, this system is being hacked.
They put me in a square with the rest of the media.
And they told me, hey, I came to do my work.
My work is look for the ballots.
Oh, no, no, you have to stay there.
But just so you know, the Democrats, or the people that were there supporting Biden, they didn't wear any credentials, any that, nothing.
There were a bunch of people there, walking around the tables.
But if you were supporting Donald Trump, you need to wear a credential that shows your name, GOP.
But everybody else didn't wear that except us.
Our InfoWars team has spent hours every day in the last few weeks watching these testimonies, reading the different affidavits, and it's all the same story across the country.
And many of these people got video of what they claim happened.
And then you've got missing computers and thousands of ballots being found, almost always being Trump ballots.
Well, look, here's just one of these thousands of witnesses.
This is an expert computer science software engineer, highly respected, Greg Strindstrom, who just testified to the Pennsylvania legislature a few days ago.
And again, this got zero coverage and MSM keeps saying, Joe Biden is president.
Joe Biden is president.
Joe Biden is president.
No proof.
No proof.
No proof.
While MSM and big tech fight as hard as they can to suppress and censor the truth.
But we, the people, are getting it out.
My name is Gregory Stenstrom.
I'm from Delaware County.
I'm a father, a family man.
I was a former commanding officer and executive officer in the Navy.
I'm a veteran of foreign wars.
I'm the CEO of my own private company.
I'm a data scientist.
I'm a forensic computer scientist.
I'm an expert in security and fraud.
As of today, 47 USB-V cards are missing.
And they're nowhere to be found.
So I was told, personally,
That these 32, these 24 to 30 cards that were uploaded weren't there.
Those cards, I demanded that they didn't update the vote live time.
They only updated it about once every two or three hours.
I demanded they updated the vote so I could see what the result was.
And it was 50,000 votes.
And I think as a computer scientist, an American, and a patriot,
It doesn't matter who those 50,000 votes were.
I'll tell you, they were for Vice President Biden.
But what was shocking to me, as an American, as someone who has gone to sea, gone to war, that that could even happen.
Now let's look at Georgia, where the governor came out and gave a press conference and said, we have massive evidence of fraud.
Looks like none of these counties even looked at the signatures illegally.
All of that gets thrown out.
They had hundreds of thousands of ballots they know were post-dated earlier than they were actually sent into the post office.
And now, breaking 11th Circuit Court, just granted Len Wood's appeal in Georgia.
And they go over all the same information that we see happening in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Arizona, and the other states where the fraud took place.
Here are a few video clips of four states where votes switched live on TV, even shocking the political analysts.
And that would push, you know, and again, if you think, if you come at this from a Republican perspective, somewhere in that ballpark looking at Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin.
I had this idea of the perfect life.
There's just a number of different variables right now.
So when you try and do the math, when you try and figure things out, we're missing various parts of the equation to know definitively where things are going, and that... Whoa.
All right, hold on a second.
No, no, no.
Joe Biden just took the lead in Wisconsin.
We're getting new information.
We'll go through.
Pull it all the way out.
Votes are coming in right now.
Let's pull all the way out to the state of play here and let's see what's going on, because we're getting...
We're getting real, I know that's Phil Mattingly.
We're getting new information in right now and one of the things you don't get to see is actually what's going on in my head with all the different voices.
And that's before I'm on television.
But tonight, we just got new information in on Wisconsin and it has changed the state of play in the state for now, okay?
Right now, Joe Biden is 11,381 votes ahead
In with 89% estimated reporting.
Two questions.
Where did it come from?
And what is left?
Gateway Pundit's got another critical article.
Attention Trump campaign.
Green Party candidate Jill Stein won groundbreaking case in October.
Gives campaign right to examine the voting machine source data.
And that's what the Democrats are fighting to keep Trump from getting.
If there's nothing to hide, why are they fighting to suppress it?
Why are they hiding the hard drives and the thumb drives?
Why don't they want the courts to see the raw data?
We have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.
That's not a Freudian slip.
He is so senile.
He is so brain dead that he tells the truth.
And that's why the Machiavellian sick part of me almost hopes he's able to steal it.
Because can you imagine the fiasco and the insanity if this doddering scammer gets in?
We can't allow that.
We can't let Joe Biden have the nuclear codes.
We can't allow him and his crackhead communist Chinese agent son to sell this country out further.
We must, we can, and we will stand the gap and say no to this fraud and the giant hoax that is President-elect Joe Biden.
I just got off the phone about an hour and a half ago with the White House.
President Trump is begging all Americans that don't want your future stolen, that don't want this CHICOM agent Joe Biden installed to get out to their state capitals in Pennsylvania, in Georgia, in Michigan, in Wisconsin, but most importantly, tomorrow and then on Monday and Tuesday in Arizona.
We've got where the rallies are and where the White House needs the American people to go listed at InfoWars.com in the above article.
And finally tonight, let's look at the big hoax that has allowed the United Nations to openly take control of the medical systems of the world and openly brag and call it a great reset or a great malice leap forward.
Here's just some of the headlines the last week.
Top pathologist claims coronavirus is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on an unsuspecting public.
Well, he doesn't claim that.
The evidence shows it.
They said 5 million Americans would be dead.
It was a quarter million.
Almost all of those died of something else.
They now admit that the PCR test is 90 plus percent ineffective and gives false positives.
That's what courts in the U.S.
and Germany have been ruling.
Landmark legal ruling finds that COVID tests not fit for their purposes.
So what does MSM do?
They ignore it and big tech censors it.
Including the former chief scientist of Pfizer and others that have come out and said this.
All the real scientists say it's a giant power grab, medical tyranny hoax.
But the Pope and Obama and Hillary and Biden and Merkel who all want power and control and Xi Jinping, oh, they say it's the end of the world and that nothing's ever going back to normal again.
Here's another example came out today.
John Hopkins takes down articles showing U.S.
deaths in 2020 no different than prior years.
It doesn't fit their we're all going to die narrative because they move over all the flu, all the pneumonia, all the car wrecks, all the shotgun wounds, all of the other deaths into the COVID column.
And even John Hopkins
Publish a sign of it, report on it, but that had to be buried, not retracted, just removed because they want you to stay in fear for their power grab.
That's why they're fraudulently trying to block Trump's landslide election.
Trump got 11 million more votes than he got four years ago.
Trump got more votes than any Republican ever got in history.
Trump, until they closed the polls that night and found those millions of Biden votes,
We're good to go.
But no matter what ends up happening and no matter how the chips fall, we will never accept the fraudulent election of the shy calm globalist agent, Joe Biden.
And we will continue to fight on with the American people and others around the world at InfoWars.com, NewsWars.com and Bandot Video.
And I know you agree with me on that and we'll continue to fight as well and we'll never surrender because these globalists are not going to give us quarter.
God bless.
Good luck.
Now share this report.
Remember, don't worry, be happy, everything's gonna be alright.
Over and over, you know what we're told.
Let the technocracy spy on you, let big tech control what you do.
They will never abuse their power, they will never hurt you.
And just as soon as they got their global AI grid in, they used Communist China as the beta test to sell the world on a dystopic martial law lockdown.
When it all started eight, nine months ago, I told you it's never gonna end.
They're never gonna turn loose this power.
They're gonna make you have internal passports on your phones.
To leave your house, to have a job, to travel.
They're going to add more and more restrictions on of how you get that travel pass.
Remember The Running Man?
Schwarzenegger movie in the mid-80s written by Stephen King about a future police state?
Watch that movie and then compare it to today.
We are in the absolute brand, the absolute mold of a classic authoritarian dystopic nightmare.
We've got to reject this now before it's cemented.
You know, something very sad is happening.
It's very sad because it was all avoidable two and a half years ago when Infowars got banned off of more than 60 major platforms.
I warned everybody there was a precedent for the upcoming presidential election and that they would continue to ratchet down and tighten down the censorship until effectively there was a total internet kill switch in place against conservatives, nationalists and populists.
And now that's happened.
And then I told everybody that they would then start moving to arrest individuals that demonstrate and protest using a second COVID-19 lockdown and that Trump needed to get out front and fully repudiate COVID-19 as basically an overblown hoax.
He started to do that the last few months.
We're good to go.