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Air Date: Nov. 24, 2020
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Alex Jones discusses various topics including the development of a travel pass app linking vaccination proof to people's passports, global megacities like Plantopolis City aiming to eliminate private cars and implement strict control over movement, AI manipulation, global lockdown causing mass starvation, global events such as lockdowns and protests, and the need for resistance against world government tyrannical takeover. He also covers conspiracy theories about the pandemic, criticism of the left, support for President Trump, concerns over deep state control, potential socialist legislation by Biden, and encourages listeners to prepare with essentials such as storable food and self-defense measures.

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I put a headline up today that I've thought about doing for a long time but haven't done yet for the live show.
And it says it all.
It says, This Might Be My Last Broadcast, Alex Jones.
And I have had many points in my life where I've almost said this on air because the situation was so serious, but it never rose to the occasion.
I'm not saying it's my last broadcast, but now I have to treat every minute on air as if it could be my last.
And I'm going to explain to you why, and really just tell you the truth.
It's the only thing I can do about how serious the situation is and what we're facing.
This is a predatory,
Diabolical, super aggressive, scientific dictatorship taking over, whose endgame is total human extermination in their own words.
And the public has lived so free and so happy for so long, we are completely ill-prepared to deal with what is now hitting us.
The bottom has fallen out.
We are now inside the New World Order trap.
The extermination is now accelerating.
They're coming to kill you.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Alan, when there is a vaccine, are you going to require all of your passengers to be vaccinated before they get on a plane?
Yeah, we are looking at changing our terms and conditions to say for international travellers that we will ask people to have a vaccination before they can get on the aircraft.
What do you need that domestically?
We'll have to see what happens with COVID-19 in the market, but certainly for international visitors coming out and people leaving the country, we think that's a necessity.
I have COVID.
I have been tested positive.
You okay?
Increase the number of errors made by these overworked, not very experienced lab staff increase.
I think it's not unreasonable to say a best guess of the false positive rate at the moment, what's called the operational false positive rate, is about five percent.
5% of 300,000 is 15,000 positives.
I think some of those positives are real.
I don't think it's very many.
Now the problem with this false positive issue, it doesn't just stop at quotes cases.
It extends to people who are unwell and go to hospital.
So people who go to hospital having tested positive,
And it could be a false positive, and I think most of them are at the moment.
If you go to hospital and you've tested positive previously, or you test positive in hospital, you'll be counted now as a COVID admission.
Although there are more people in hospital now than a month ago, this is normal for autumn, regrettably.
People catch respiratory viruses and become ill, and some will die.
I just don't believe it's got anything to do with COVID-19 anymore.
There are more people in intensive care beds now than there were a month or so ago.
That's entirely normal.
As we move through late autumn and into the early winter, those beds become used.
But there aren't more people than is normal for the time of year, and we're not about to run out of capacity, certainly as a national level.
But I think you know where this is going now.
If you should now die,
You'll be counted as a COVID death.
That's not correct.
These are people who might have gone to hospital having had a broken leg, for example.
But they'll, 3% of them will still test positive.
And they're not, they haven't got the virus.
It's a false positive.
And if they die, they'll be called a COVID death, and they are not.
They've died of something else.
That's the former Pfizer chief science officer of the whole company, Michael Yeadon.
Telling you what all the other top scientists are saying.
We're told, oh, believe the science that comes out of Bill Gates' mouth.
All lies.
And they've now, on Twitter, Facebook, you name it, banned the former chief science officer.
The former chief science officer of one of the three largest drug companies in the world.
Because NewsGuard, run by Bill Gates, decides what's real and what isn't.
Boy, that's 1984 on steroids.
That article is out of the Jewish voice.
Now, I put a headline up today that I've thought about doing for a long time but haven't done yet for the live show.
And it says it all.
It says, this might be my last broadcast, Alex Jones.
And I have had many points in my life where I've almost said this on air because the situation was so serious, but it never rose to the occasion.
I'm not saying it's my last broadcast, but now I have to treat every minute on air as if it could be my last.
And I'm gonna explain to you why, and really just tell you the truth.
It's the only thing I can do about how serious the situation is and what we're facing.
This is a predatory,
Diabolical, super aggressive, scientific dictatorship taking over, whose endgame is total human extermination, in their own words.
And the public has lived so free and so happy for so long, we are completely ill-prepared to deal with what is now hitting us.
The bottom has fallen out.
We are now inside the New World Order trap.
The extermination is now accelerating.
They're coming to kill you.
It's time for humanity to stand up in the Info War and say, I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight?
You better believe you got one!
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
Welcome, my friends.
It's Tuesday, November 24th.
The year is 2020.
We are 57 days out from the inauguration, and possibly the end of the republic.
That doesn't mean that the republic can't rise again, unlike people.
Countries and ideas and systems can rise from the ashes, but if Joe Biden's able to wiggle his way into the White House,
And scam his way into the White House and get the nuclear codes and all the rest of it.
Then I will officially make the statement and put an article out declaring the United States dead.
And creating a tombstone.
Hell, I might even have it carved in stone.
In fact, I will and placed here in the TV radio newsroom.
And then carve beneath it, reborn, dash.
And hopefully we could have the nation be reborn and I can then have someone come carve in stone, a stonemason that the Republic has been reborn.
But you could put, really, on the tombstone, United States of America, born 1776, July 4th,
Died January 20th, 2021.
Undoubtedly, it's the end of the republic.
And it's not like we're just collapsing into some banana republic and that it's a sad thing.
No, it's a horrible thing because we're being absorbed by the globalist technocrats.
So let me do this.
Let me just get into it right now.
So I'll normally come on and tell you what's coming up and end up spending an hour just getting into the basic news, never hitting the heart of the matter.
But let me just now square up and just tell you the awful truth.
It's bad.
And by admitting it's bad, we have a shot at stopping it and turning it around.
But that tombstone is very real.
United States of America, born
July 4th, 1776, United States of America died.
January 20th, 2021.
Because if we don't admit how grave the situation is, we don't have a shot at stopping this.
Now, I have been reading and studying The Globalist for 30 plus years.
I've been on air for 27.
And I've never put a headline out like they just had on screen.
This could be my last broadcast.
Tune in if you want to save yourself.
The globalists have accelerated their timetable and are planning to engineer a complete global collapse on the ashes of which they will construct a new future.
I shot that out in the voice memo real quick to the fellow filling it out right before I went live, and he didn't quite get exactly what I said, talking 100 miles an hour, so we'll fix that headline.
My fault.
But I'll make it more congruent where it makes sense.
But we're moving fast here.
On the ashes of which they will build the post-human future.
That's what I said.
On the ashes of which they will build their post-human future.
I want viewers and listeners to understand.
You could be a school teacher.
You could be an auto mechanic.
You could be a factory worker.
You could be a farmer.
You could be a psychologist.
You could be an FBI agent.
You could be an army officer.
You could be a florist.
You could be a dentist.
You could be a nurse.
You could be an insurance accountant.
You could be a prize fighter.
You could be a rock star.
You could be a movie star.
You could be a football coach.
You could be a 90-year-old person in a nursing home, looking out the window.
But you have been targeted by this predatory system for annihilation.
And there comes a point in an operation like this where the whole thing collapses into the black hole they've created.
And we're now going into that point.
We're now already in the acceleration chamber, and we were at the crossroads of liberty versus tyranny, but we're now being sucked into the tyranny.
We're now rapidly holding on with our fingernails at the crossroads about to be sucked in.
And then it's gonna be just like getting caught in a reptile that pulls you under.
You gotta hold your breath and just hope it pops you back up before you drown.
Most people panic, suck in salt water, and die.
I've been sucked in by one when I shouldn't have been swimming out there with red flags and just relaxed.
Shot me out 20 seconds later.
Kind of fun.
But that's because I knew what to do.
You're about to be sucked under.
People are gonna panic.
They're gonna go crazy.
They're gonna go bankrupt.
You're gonna have mass suicide.
You're just going to see the most hellish stuff you can imagine.
This is the real demoralization that's about to begin.
And the biggest message I have before I give you my personal message here is to the people that serve the system, the yuppies, the trendies, the leftist enforcers,
You're the biggest chumps of them all.
You're the biggest schmucks, the biggest fools.
And I don't say that with pleasure.
I wish you weren't so delusional.
You think you're part of the ruling class.
You think you're part of the eugenics takeover.
You think you're part of the winning team.
You are anything but that.
You are the weak traitors that actually chose to join this evil because you were seeking out power.
And the only thing
You're going to get is a front row seat to your own destruction.
And a lot of you, the good news is, have finally figured that out.
And I do not take the situation we're in with any silver lining that it makes me a lot more credible and makes Infowars explosively popular.
It's disgusting and sick.
It's like saying, don't pour gasoline on yourself and light it.
Don't pour gasoline on me and light it.
You'll burn up.
And you go, oh BS, pour gasoline on yourself, strike a match, light yourself, and go, oh my gosh, you were right, as you burn up.
There's zero enjoyment in it.
It's nothing but pain and nausea.
But I get the desperate calls.
From the people you'd think are in the establishment, and they're not.
And even the people you see out there that are worth $150,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,
It sucks everybody down into it.
There is no escape for those that have openly, publicly, willfully served this.
Yep, New York City will have COVID checkpoints at key bridges and crossings.
It's being announced.
Print that for me.
One hour ago.
They're announcing a global ID run by China and the International Airlines to track you in real time and give you a blockchain code and cash back if you take the injections.
And Klaus Schwab says he's preparing to merge us with machines and they're calling it the fourth industrial revolution and they're announcing that we will be GMO creations.
It's not a science fiction movie.
It's not a Cronenberg film.
It's the real world 2020.
So this is the end, my friends.
My only friends.
Of their elaborate plans, the end.
Because their elaborate plans are the end of all of us, including them.
The horsemen are drawing near!
All right, I'm your host, Alex Jones.
We are back live and let's get right into the meat and potatoes here.
Next segment, I'm gonna show you from a decade ago, UN Rockefeller Foundation funded cartoons for British children shown to them in compulsory state education.
These are shown to sixth and seventh graders
Describing the exact lockdown we're now currently under.
And then I'll show you how the Rockefeller Foundation and the UN funded it.
The names of the people, everything.
So you understand, this has been long thought out, long prepared, all the big banks, all the big families, all the big money.
This is their takeover with Ted Turner and Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab and all of them, Warren Buffett,
To shut down the free market capitalist society, they say to save the earth, but really it's to give them total power and control when they live the most opulent lifestyles and have all these children.
They're the elite though.
It's you and I that are supposed to die.
And all of the beta testing and the tens of millions of autistic young boys and all the cancer rates exploding, that's all just the beta test.
Now the lockdown is going to be permanent.
It's only going to get more restrictive.
And they say, even when you take the apps, even when you take the shots, you won't be able to travel unless we say so.
There's a photo of Fauci 15 years ago.
With Tom Brokaw, George Soros, Barbara Walters, Brooke Astor.
That's uh, Anderson Cooper's lady, mommy.
Irene Diamond.
All the media, Bill Moyers, Ted Turner.
It's called the Good Club.
Look it up, and it believes in world-forced depopulation.
In fact, maybe I miss it in my stack, but I sent the producer last night at about 2 a.m., I couldn't sleep, a bunch of articles about the Good Group and billionaires meet in secret to discuss a plan for depopulation.
Can I have those for next segment?
So, we've talked a lot about this, but the point is, we're here now.
And with it comes the censorship.
With it comes the disappearances.
With it comes the arrest.
With it comes all the control.
And so let me just show you before I get into all the election fraud that's coming out.
What's really happening with the Trump campaign?
And is he really giving up?
And did he, by giving into giving access to the Biden transition team people, did he really give up?
I'll give you the breakdown on that.
Start of the next hour, we have a special guest joining us, but Trump tweets he'll never
Well, I talked to two of the highest level Trump lawyers involved in all this last night, and they gave me the inside skinny, which I already knew, but which I'll be getting to.
But let's go ahead.
And go over these globalist headlines for you right now.
Just to give you an overview.
New York City will have COVID checkpoints at key bridges and crossings.
They will grab people out of their cars and buses and take them to testing sites to provide education and quarantine.
So that's martial law, that's the secret police, but oh, it's because the little COVID computer, the rapid test says so, but they can turn up to make anybody positive they want, and then you're disappeared, and then they send you to a special political area, New York's already tested it, the leftists have your name, they chain you down, they put a tube down your throat, they blow your lungs out, they kill your ass.
The new guillotine is the ventilator.
That's why, like, we need the ventilators for Round 2 and Round 3.
This is their plan.
They already killed over half those that died of COVID in the nursing homes, murdered them, wouldn't let their families in while they brought patients sick with other diseases in who were healthy but asymptomatic to kill them.
All tested.
Now they're gonna upscale it again and again and again.
If you go to one of these centers, they will kill you.
Not your average hospital, but the special COVID centers are leftist execution docks.
And they've had the doctors and nurses go public that, man, they would grab homeless people, take them who were healthy, stick a tube into their lungs and kill them.
Within a day, they wouldn't even wait, they'd kill them fast.
People that didn't even have fevers, they murdered them.
And Xi Jinping used it as a cover to grab political dissidents in China.
And it came out they did that as well.
You didn't die of COVID.
They kill you with you chained down, blowing your lungs out.
And they get off on it.
Reportedly walk over and laugh at you when you're chained down.
They're gonna kill you and your family.
God, they love it.
God, they love it.
It's just so fun for them.
It's so enjoyable for them.
Let's continue.
Millions stick to Thanksgiving travel plans despite warnings, AP.
Despite all the lying, exaggerating, deception, and fear-mongering by the corporate media.
Oh, but global transport body developing travel pass app to link proof of vaccination to passports under the direction of Chinese dictator, Xi Jinping.
Oh, Chinese President Xi proposes global health QR code tied into the airlines and transport hubs.
David Knight covered it this morning, did a great job.
Gates ID 2020, blockchain slavery and permanent lockdowns.
And when we come back,
Eleven years ago, ten years ago, nine years ago, they put out the reports at the U.N.
and the Gates Foundation and the, of course, Rockefeller Foundation will show it to you.
Plantopolis City is already being tested in South Korea.
Globalist bid to ban cars, part of Plantopolis agenda.
Cloward and Piven strategy, part of it.
I'm going to show you the megacities on the move.
Now it's funded by the U.N.
and by the Rockefeller Foundation.
We're going to show you exactly how they're going to protect you and your family real good.
Now they're going to get rid of the cars and make you ride those trains where there'll be the nice little checkpoints and the police officers with the little robots that come up and look like a Dalek out of Doctor Who.
And there'll be armed cops behind him and a shovel swab.
And oh, you're in the database.
You go bye-bye to a secret COVID facility staffed by Antifa doctors.
Just like it's being reported that all over the country was Antifa running the machines at Michigan and in Georgia, they even had Antifa tattoos.
They were threatening poll watchers, kicking them out because it's their time now.
Just go with them to the facility and let them kill you.
They know best.
We are back live broadcasting worldwide.
I'm your host Alex Jones.
Ban.video and Infowars.com are the sites.
They've exploded in popularity as Fox News betrays their viewers and as people realized that I wasn't fear-mongering, I was telling you what the globalists were actually doing.
So if this was my last broadcast, and I hope it's not, but we're in that territory now where they can just shut everything down once Biden gets in.
They are going to absolutely hammer this country and every other Western nation.
They're going to open the borders.
They're going to bring in unlimited third world populations that are fleeing the collapse that the COVID lockdown has caused.
It's all in the news, just as we knew they would do.
This is 21st century modern war.
And until people realize it and wake up to it, and until we get state governors and local leadership to rally and say no, things are just going to get worse until then.
But we are domesticated.
We've been prepared for this.
We've basically been acclimated to live as prisoners and now we're going to go from minimum security to medium security and into maximum security and then into death row.
That's how this operation unfolds.
So let me show you some
Headlines here and hit the key to all this in the next segment, I'll tell you what's really going on with the Trump campaign with the big developments there with Pennsylvania and Nevada together just now coordinating, of course, certifying the fraudulent election of Joe Biden, which means nothing in reality, but something big to the public.
That's next segment.
But first, overhead shot, please.
Billionaires try to shrink world population.
Wall Street Journal.
London Guardian has the headline.
Billionaires meet in secret to...
Curb overpopulation.
They're called the good club.
They want to save the world by reducing the population by 80%.
Ted Turner says down to 300 million would be ideal.
That's even less.
Why Silicon Valley billionaires are prepping for the apocalypse in New Zealand and saying a global collapse is coming soon because they were engineering it and getting it ready, calling it COVID-19, which they say was caused by climate change.
No, it was cooked up in a lab by
Fauci and Gates, on record.
Top billionaires hold secret meeting, NBC News.
Meeting of America's Richest, about need.
And they say they need to get rid of us.
Now they say they're actually creating a post-human future, Wall Street Journal.
It goes on and on.
Billionaires are fleeing to their doomsday bunkers.
They've been getting ready for a long time.
So this has all been planned out.
It's all been prepared.
And then when
The former Pfizer chief scientist comes out and says basically COVID's a giant hoax, almost all the tests are fake.
As they escalate the test, they keep saying there's more people with it, but less death.
Well, that gets censored off the internet because you can't be a former chief scientist and one of the top big pharmas and tell the truth.
No, Bill Gates says no.
And now millions.
Stick to Thanksgiving travel plans despite fear-mongering by big pharma operatives in white coats.
New York City setting up checkpoints to grab people and take them to the forced testing facilities.
To set the precedent.
Oh, you're a poor person we grabbed off the street or off a bus.
Oh, you're going to a quarantine center.
And then the public gets used to that and the next it's you later.
Global transport body developing travel pass app to link proof of vaccine to passports.
Total cashless society system.
Xi Jinping proposes it.
A week later, all the big airlines say they're going to do it.
So let's talk about what this is and how we fight it and how we stop it.
This is from Plandopolis, put up by the Rockefeller Foundation 10 years ago.
Here's our articles at Infowars.com.
City's already been tested in South Korea.
Cloward and Piven, they collapse all the other industries, all the other businesses, then force you in to the Plandopolis cities, where quote, everything's free, but you've got to become sterile.
You've got to be injected.
You've got Charlotte Esmeral, she is a Senior Advisor to the United Nations, she put out this video, along with the Rockefeller Foundation.
Heather Grady, President of the San Francisco Office of Rockefeller Philanthropy, it goes on.
They put out the megacities on the move, and how that all unfolds, and the UN telling us we can't have our Thanksgiving.
These are true monsters.
Let's go ahead and go to one of the dozens of Plantopolis videos shown to school children in the UK and Europe, produced by the UN.
Here it is.
Forum for the Future.
Action for a Sustainable World.
We're good to go.
I'm so glad you're on time.
I'm Vee.
I'm looking forward to showing you around Plandopolis today.
My husband works from home.
He's a virtual engineer working in one of the city's desalination plants.
He controls the robots who do all the important maintenance.
I think he basically plays computer games for a living.
Are you ready to go?
Have you got your calorie card open on your smartphone?
I registered your visit with Slick Travel Corp the other day, so they've allotted you a journey time to match mine.
It makes so much sense, doesn't it?
Switch off brain and go to work.
With this many people around, I'm glad there's a mega-computer in charge.
We're so lucky.
Our kids were allocated a school quite near my practice so I can drop them off on the way.
It saves on our calorie ration.
Well, it won't be long until the little darlings get their career announcements.
They've been working so hard, so I'm sure they'll get something good.
Not that there's anything wrong with fixing carbon scrubbers for a living or anything.
Are you hungry?
Let's pop to the market as we're passing.
Right, what's on the menu this month?
No, not meat.
It's not your birthday.
The Global Food Council are doing a really good job of keeping food production going.
I mean, you don't get the choice you used to, but we're better off than most.
I think it's probably easiest to walk from here.
You barely see a car in the city centre nowadays, unless you're rich.
Well, the state knows they just aren't practical anymore.
We're all trying to meet our global carbon deal.
Electric bikes are so much better for getting around our neighbourhood.
And why waste valuable space on car parks when you can use them to grow food?
I don't care what you say, Alex.
They don't deserve to live in that ghetto.
They are completely disconnected.
No high-speed transport system, no new internet.
They miss out on jobs and many essential services, too.
Hi again.
What a day.
I had to make an emergency visit to the Cry Freedom Ghettos.
I mean, I miss my sister like mad, but I'm glad they went when they moved to New Amsterdam.
They're safe from climate change on the floating city.
That must be her now.
It's much easier to meet up with friends virtually now.
So many cities have banned cars in central areas.
Looks like she's got some juicy gossip.
You don't see your family anymore.
It's all virtual.
Well, you got the UN Food Council.
The UN launches the hoax, causes mass starvation, and then they were going to organize the third world that's going to flood us into new treaties and agreements where we waive all of our rights and accept a central computer.
Like the Zeitgeist movie that's run by the UN and programmed by the globalists.
I mean, this is it.
This is their war, their attack, through the media, through the culture.
If local governments don't rally, if you don't rally, if we don't point out that this is a violation of the Geneva Convention, the Nuremberg Code and common sense, and start calling for the arrest
And incarceration of Bill Gates and these globalists, we have no future.
It must be rejected like poison that you vomit out.
You take poison, you know it, your body throws it up.
You hold this down, you die.
Throw it up now, get it out now.
Say no now.
Seriously, folks, this has all been pre-planned.
Stay with us.
You know, it's been said that perception
Is reality, but that's not true, but that's what they teach in advertising.
But somebody who's taking five hits LSD and is up on a 30 story building.
Without a parachute thinks they're a bird who jumps off.
They may be delusional.
For the 20 seconds, whatever it takes them to hit bottom.
But when I hit the bottom and they smash like a tomato.
And their brains and guts are all over the ground.
And their head knocks a big crack in the concrete.
And their brain shoots out about 30 feet and bounces off the back of a car.
Perception is not reality.
So I'm gonna shoot you straight right now.
Because what I'm telling you is the truth.
You just saw a UN Rockefeller lockstep plan put out 10 years ago when they put lockstep out on paper saying what you just saw with the woman in charge,
She doesn't ever get to see her family.
She can't travel.
She gets meat once a year.
Her husband's hooked into a robot machine.
Her kids have chosen for them what they're gonna be, what they're gonna do.
That wasn't some cartoon made by George Orwell saying, oh, this is terrible.
They're saying this is good because they're showing children that.
I remember 15 years ago, they had Time Magazine for kids.
A listener mailed me a copy.
I probably showed it on air 50 times, then lost it.
Somebody got a copy of it and sent it to me.
Like 2005, 2006.
And it said in there, you belong to the future, not the old, evil future of your parents.
You are going to take microchips because you're stunning and cool.
And stunning and brave.
Words like that.
Don't be like your parents.
Take the chip, not just under your skin, but in your brain.
Think of the subversion.
So that now that your child's an adult, and they hear about brain chips from Klaus Schwab, they're already comfortable with it because they've been preconditioned.
Back at an early age, the system teaching rebellion in their children against their parents because you don't want
Klaus Schwab's NeuroLink.
It's all peer pressure.
Oh, it's so cool.
Get your brain chip.
We're going to have kiosks now at the mall where you just go and you sign the waiver form and a robot puts a chip in your brain.
That's not Alex Jones saying that 20 years ago.
That's in the news now.
That's happened.
And because the people don't have any operating system, any consciousness, because they're not hooked into God anymore, they've been cut off from God, they will just download whatever they're told by the system.
But when you actually read what Klaus Schwab, what Ted Turner, what Bill Gates, what Prince Philip, what Prince Charles says,
They believe they're humans because they control their mind and know what's going on.
They believe you're an animal because you don't stand up for yourself.
They believe that they have a right to kill you.
Now, if you're a new listener and you're like, this guy's pretty far out.
No, I'm not the far out one.
Why don't you just type in
Ted Turner depopulation.
And you'll see his quotes in Forbes Magazine and in Fortune and in CNN.
Just type it in.
Click images too.
They'll have memes with the quote.
Saying a population of 500 to 300 million would be ideal.
He also put that up on his Georgia Guidestones.
So we can talk about the election and we can talk about Trump.
We can talk about the New World Order.
Now there's another quote.
A total population of 250 to 300 million people, a 95% decline from present levels would be ideal.
I found quotes of him in the 80s saying 500 to 300 million.
That's why they put 500 million on the Georgia Guidestones.
But you notice as you get along here, first it's just curve population.
Then it's, oh, let's get it down by 70.
Then it's 80.
Then it's 90.
Then it's 95%.
When you get up to the higher level accolades,
The higher level orders of this, they say, hey, we're totally getting rid of all humans.
We're following a transmission from an advanced civilization.
It's interdimensional.
It tells us, it gives us the plans.
If we kill everybody, we get to live forever.
If we don't, we're dead.
But we're going to merge.
They gave us the blueprints.
We believe it.
Because they are in contact with aliens.
It's interdimensional.
And by the way, you're like, God, you sound crazy.
No, no, no.
This is what they believe.
Notice, they don't make fun of me on the news saying this.
This is what they're, they're getting all this.
Darwin had hallucinations, Charles Darwin, and was given the theory of species.
Galton, his other family member, they, they would have seances and take, take drugs, DMT, and they would come up with this.
I mean, look at, this is in mainline history books.
You got to dig, but it's there.
So they did black magic rituals 170 years ago to come up with all this, and now they built it and they did it.
And again, it's that cheesy movie, um, Species, where the
Big radio telescope down in South America picks up a radio transmission.
And it's a genome.
It's the DNA.
And they make it in a lab and it breaks out and takes over.
So you can say what you want.
I don't know if this is real.
I don't know if there's really an intelligence doing this.
The Bible says there is.
I'm just saying as a scientific person looking at this, I know the globalists follow this.
They believe they're getting interdimensional information.
Just like in the movie Buckaroo Bonsai, a great B movie.
They believe they're getting information over the ether to build this, and they've been being sent the transmission forever.
You can go back to the most ancient civilization 6,000 years ago, in the Sanskrit and the hieroglyphs, and they said we are made up of a double helix of snakes, and they say that creatures came from the dog star,
Serious to tell them this and then they make the movie, you know, the new alien movies all about it.
They are telling you all of this.
Okay, and so they got a transmission.
They built it.
And it says kill everybody and I'll give you the final codes.
Now, you know, Satan's a deceiver.
And so, obviously, they're not gonna be given, Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates are not gonna be given eternal life.
But they're so, they're like ham radio operators, you know, getting a transmission from Japan or something.
They're like excited, you know, and they've gotten this information, and that's really what this is.
Just like the Bible says, there is a fallen entity out of our sight but in another dimension, that we have free will, that we're more advanced
But we're in an embryonic stage, a larval stage, and if it can convince us to destroy ourselves, it will do it and take control and have us build its escape mechanism.
And that's what this is.
So you're not in a science fiction movie, it's not a dystopic novel, it's 2020, and you have the head of the Davos Group saying, with the British Prime Minister, that Bill Gates will head the G7 this year,
And G.G.Ping is in command as well.
So it's Bill Gates and G.G.Ping are basically... Bill Gates represents the West.
G.G.Ping represents China and the East.
And they're all simpatico.
They're all aligned.
And they've announced, we're going to put in your body an mRNA shot that changes your DNA and merges you with a silicon identity and changes you.
And they're like, oh by the way, you're all going to get sick when we do it.
So, they're even getting everyone ready, okay?
And so, it's on, it's on, it's on, it's on.
And you can electrocute yourself, you can have your heart stopped and do it, you can take DMT and do it.
Put that trailer back up and telling you to break through the other side.
And boy, when they do it, do they break through.
And in Buckaroo Banzai, the movie's telling you exactly what happens when he goes through the wall the other side, he don't come back the same dude.
That's why DMT and all this stuff is so dangerous.
But before people even knew about DMT, they took it from plants and things that had DMT, that broke down the DMT in the body.
But the other thing is, at the end, being suffocated, being strangled, also puts you into it.
So that's how it works, ladies and gentlemen.
All right, we got a special guest on election fraud and what's really happening, what's going to happen with the campaign.
And I talked to two of Trump's top lawyers, what they really believe.
And I'll tell you, it's grave information, but you deserve the truth.
It's all coming up straight ahead.
Tomorrow's news today.
Tomorrow's news today.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
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All right, Dr. Patrick Byrne, PhD and the founder of Overstock and a smart guy, is going to be joining us coming up next segment.
Some stations don't carry this segment, so I'm not going to go to him right now, but in five minutes, six minutes, he'll be here with us.
Then we've got David Icke coming on the transmission.
We have Joel Skousen and others.
And when I started the show today, I said, this could be my last broadcast ever.
I've never said that in 27 years on air.
The danger level of what the globalists are doing, the moves, the criminal moves they're making to implode their own Ponzi scheme and use COVID as the cover for worldwide starvation, the collapse of borders, global food rations, it's all being announced at the policy level.
It's been beta tested.
It's so nightmarish that only getting the full download now and saying no and rallying local government and state government to say no has any hope if they're able to remove Trump.
A lot of big developments on the Trump front.
We'll be hitting that, as I said, next segment.
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But I gotta tell you, they are coming after everybody if Biden is able to sneak his Chinese Communist ass in there.
All right, our special guest, who I appreciate coming on on short notice, has an amazing pedigree, an amazing insider background, very credible.
We don't have to go over all his bio.
We only got two segments with him.
We're going to go right in to the massive evidence of fraud and how if it gets in front of a judge, they can prove it.
Now the system is desperately trying to gaslight everybody.
We'll be right back.
I'm Alex Jones.
Tomorrow's news today.
Only you can share the links.
All right, Alex Jones here.
Hour number two on this incredible Tuesday, November 24th transmission.
Dr. Patrick M. Byrne is on with us.
I'm not going to go over his whole giant bio.
He started a lot of big companies.
I'm not going to, again, list them all.
He was the CEO of Overstock and started that.
We're good to go.
I've talked to the hackers.
I've talked to the experts.
We know about Dominion, but it's hard to explain to judges.
And so he's here with us in the next two segments, and we'll have him back again for a full hour to just lay out the fact that, yes, there is major evidence of election fraud, not just voter fraud.
So thank you so much for coming on.
Alex, thanks for having me on, sir.
You've got the floor.
Go right to it.
Okay, there's no question in my mind this election was hacked.
I don't thank you for saying those nice things about me.
It's much sound and fury signifying nothing, but there it is.
One thing I can say is I built a $2 billion e-commerce tech company.
I know what I'm talking about.
So you can believe me or you can believe some government official lawyer with a title.
I'm telling you, and Alex, you mentioned some of this.
I'm a Ph.D.
from Stanford.
I'm a Marshall Scholar.
I've built companies.
I was National Entrepreneur of the Year eight or nine years ago.
I'm putting all that on all my chips on the line.
One hundred percent this election was hacked, was rigged.
Now, the Democrats don't puke.
And I want to be clear.
I did not vote for Mr. Trump.
I was never a Trumper.
The day he got elected, he was my president.
I didn't vote for him this time.
I'm a lifelong libertarian.
I'm going to show you my shirt, Bitcoins Not Bombs, to show you I've never in my life voted Republican or Democrat for president.
I'm doing this pure, but I love the Constitution.
I did a PhD in political philosophy, basically the intellectual history of the U.S.
That's my religion.
This election was hacked.
The Democrats are right.
Don't puke all over yourself, Alex.
The Democrats are right about one thing.
There was not widespread voter fraud.
They did it much more intelligently and strategically, and they picked five places to go narrow and deep.
Because somebody figured out that if you rig these five counties
You can flip those five states.
And by the way, Trump predicted the five counties.
Pennsylvania with Philadelphia, Detroit, Michigan, Atlanta, Georgia.
I mean, Trump even knew what was coming.
Well, he knew, and let me tell you, we tried.
I've been on this since August.
No, I know you tried to warn.
I know the state of Texas, you were at those meetings.
That's a whole story.
Get into that.
I mean, you've been trailblazing for many years, especially since before the last election, warning of this.
Yeah, so what happened was in 2018, the Dallas, Texas election had irregularities.
And the state government of Texas hired a cyber security group, very elite ex-military intelligence and law enforcement, federal law enforcement, FEMA type people.
And to study it.
And those people have had two years to reverse engineer how you rig an election that runs on Dominion equipment.
So while the rest of America's had two weeks to figure it out, these guys have had two years.
I started supporting them and another cyber security group some months ago, brought in other hackers, private detectives, various kinds of people.
And we have this whole thing unscrambled.
We knew by about November 5th or 6th we had the thing unscrambled.
It's been a matter of pulling on the right coat sleeves to get people to listen to us.
And we finally got about nine days ago, well, Sidney Powell was down this road.
We gave her a lot of material and then Mayor Giuliani.
And I think that what you started seeing in the last week is a lot of the stuff you're seeing start to bubble up is the stuff we had already put together, much of it before the election.
Here's the story.
Now, pieces of this are out in the public, so it will be repetitive, but I want to connect them all together.
Late 1990s, Hugo Chavez started Smartmatic because he wanted a software system that could rig elections.
That Smartmatic moved into Florida about six or seven years later.
It, through a series of, and Hugo Chavez built the software to have all kinds of functionality.
You would not expect election software to have.
In particular, the administrators of the precincts have extraordinary administrative privileges to move ballots.
So it's built like Swiss cheese.
It's built with a bunch of back doors.
Yeah, a bunch of back doors, move things around.
In fact, this group, this cybersecurity group has identified 10 different
Backdoors and hacks and ways you can cheat with it.
That moved into Florida about six years later, 15, 17 years ago, through a series of corporate mergers and acquisitions and licensing agreements that eventually found its way into
At least two of the main commercial systems available for sale, available for use in this country.
So the equipment we're using, Dominion being one of it, in 29 states it's being used, has this functionality that Hugo Chavez built into his systems so he could dial, he could shave votes, he could move votes back and forth, all this crazy stuff.
We can go into more detail later, but I want to get the whole narrative done.
But he helped build the eventual communist dictatorship using this.
Yeah, exactly.
El Presidente for life.
You know, you don't ask a homeless person for financial advice.
You don't go to North Korea for, you know, lessons on democracy.
You don't, you don't ask Venezuela to build your election software, in my view.
So that's the backstory.
What, how the proof of understanding this, there's really three things you need to understand.
That's what first is the backstory on this, these election systems.
And that they have that functionality.
Secondly, and I'm going to give you one more that is important and is a good one to walk through.
One thing, one of these functions, and this is right in their instruction manuals.
It's funny hearing them out there trying to deny it.
All this is in their instruction manuals, how to do this.
Here's one of the examples, and I'm going to use it.
I'm not going to go through all ten, but I'm going to use just one.
If you go up with your vote and you feed it into the machine and the machine has trouble reading it, it gives you a warning that it's not clearly read.
You can either, your precinct worker will tell you, you can either take it and go back and fill it out again and wait an hour and a half in line, or you just hit the green button.
If you hit the green button... So it's built for poll workers to cheat, that's why they kicked all the Republicans out.
So it's built to give them that leeway to push a bunch of questionable or fake ballots through.
Well, if you hit the green button, and this is an important, I'm just going to give you one detail of one of these ways of rigging that you'll be very useful to know.
You think that it's going into a pile to be adjudicated later, and later people are going to study and do the hanging chad thing.
And look, what really happens is it goes into a pool to be adjudicated later, but the administrator has the ability
We're good.
So that means that when you hit the green button, you're giving someone else your vote to decide, and it may not be two judges.
A guy can drag and drop a thousand of them at once.
Sure, it's designed for mischief.
It's designed for mischief, and why that's especially pernicious, and no one has picked up on this, Alex, but you will dig this.
You will dig what I'm about to tell you.
All these Dominion servers are widely infected with a type of malware called Qsnatch.
Have you heard about Qsnatch yet?
Yeah, explain to people.
CueSnatch snatches your credentials when you go to log in.
There's some hacker articles about there's 75,000 of the Dominion machines have CueSnatch on.
So it's a keylogger system.
Yeah, well, it may work differently than a keylogger, but it snatches your identity and then it's able to get in.
And it sends them through the dark web or it sends them to some guy in China.
So not only does that administrator in some precinct in Maricopa County, Arizona, which is to say Greater Phoenix, not only does that administrator have far greater privileges than you would imagine any administrator could have if you want voter integrity, not only can he do funky things, but some guy over in Xi'an, China, their military hacking base, he can come in and log into Maricopa's machines and do the same thing.
That's crazy.
So once you understand, I could sit here all day explaining.
And there's Chinese and we learn chips and hardware on the machines as well.
They're all compromised.
They're all compromised.
And there's evidence, we have evidence coming in that under the table, the Chinese have actually been involved in the upkeep and development of this code over the last, over the years.
Yeah, Dominion admitted that on Fox News.
Stay there.
You've been saying that for years.
We're going to come right back with our special guest.
We're going to lay it all out on what Trump needs to do next.
You notice Tucker is now backtracking on Powell because there is evidence of electronic voting fraud.
Dr. Patrick M. Byrne, founder of Overstock.com, first big company to take Bitcoin many years ago, at PatrickByrneDeepCapture.com is with us.
One more segment.
The good news is, he's co-hosting the first hour of The War Room, 3 p.m.
today, to get even deeper in what he thinks President Trump needs to do.
But with the eight, nine minutes we've got left, you're laying out the evidence of election fraud that
Powell tries to explain.
I've been in court cases where judges see in a custody case a TikTok my middle daughter did and they're like, where is the symphony?
Who's playing the symphony at your house?
We're like, no, it's a TikTok video.
It's added in.
It's like talking to pygmies about rocket ships, Saturn rockets.
I mean, so it's really frustrating when this has all been proven.
It's all been documented.
Domain's been decertified all over the world and in many states.
And then now here it is again with this targeted garbage.
Big picture.
And what do you think Trump should do?
And what are you going to be covering at three o'clock today on The War Room?
Well, the stuff about Trump should do, first of all, be aware this can be beat.
This can be beat.
And I want to make clear again, I have nothing to do...
Well, so this can be beat.
I'm not a lawyer.
We can get into that later.
Let me finish, if I may, my explanation of how this happened.
I got through one bucket of the type of functionality these machines have, such that it basically gives way too many privileges to the administrators, and those administrators get compromised through QSATCH.
So not only do they have too much privilege, so does anyone in China who steals the, gets those credentials.
And they're just a volunteer and don't realize people are in there flipping votes.
Yeah, exactly.
Now you get to number two.
The second bucket is if this kind of goonism was going on, that kind of cheating was going on, the people, the lived experience of the people who go and vote and who volunteer in the precincts would be a certain way.
Well, what do you know?
It is all that.
It is that way.
So in Maricopa, we have hundreds of affidavits and we've had grassroots people out there since the day after the election getting affidavits.
In Maricopa,
There was this switcheroo involving Sharpies and ballpoint pens, and people were discouraged from using ballpoint pens.
So if they use Sharpies, they all go up to the machine... And by the way, the media tried to deny it.
It's now confirmed they did it, explaining it.
It is very simple.
That puts it into this other bucket, which they can manipulate, correct?
Correct, that puts it in, and so that system about manipulating and sliding votes around, that explains why all these people, people have given affidavits that even when they pulled a big pen out of their pocket to do their votes, precinct workers came up and went and put it, no, no, you gotta put, use a sharpie, they brought in, they got all the big pens out of the precinct that day, they brought in crates of sharpies.
That sounds kind of weird.
Well, that is all explained by what I just explained in the first bucket.
And then you get to the third bucket of facts.
And they have to do these wild statistical anomalies, things that wouldn't happen that are quadrillion to one against.
Having a thousand Biden votes in a row, even in a heavily Democratic war, it's a quadrillion to one against that you would ever see a thousand, let alone a hundred and twenty.
And that'll happen.
I didn't mean to steal your thunder.
When they do the Sharpies, when they do the Sharpies,
That ruins the ballot and makes a, quote, poll watcher put into a special bucket to be adjudicated.
And then what happens next?
And what happens next is, you put it in, the precinct worker says to the little old lady, oh, go ahead and just hit the green button, dear.
It'll all get adjudicated.
Don't wait in line for another hour.
She hits it.
It goes into this bucket, goes into this pool of votes that the administrator can then come along and just grab a thousand and slide them into the candidate of choice.
So that lines up and then you look at the statistical results and there are these wild outliers.
So my point is these three sets of facts all dovetail beautifully.
The stories about this crazy functionality built into the machinery, the experience of the people who went and voted,
Is exactly what they would experience if in fact the machinery was going to be used to cheat.
They would have things like the Sharpie switcheroo.
They would have things like the water main breaks to get the Republicans out.
And the third thing is the statistical results.
That's right.
And the probability of all three frauds together is just virtually impossible.
Greater Phoenix and Nevada.
The thing that the first four have in common is they're heavily black.
Now I want to be clear, I have nothing whatsoever to do with anything white-identitarian.
And I want to point out, the fraud doesn't come from the black people in these cities.
So we should stop calling it voter fraud.
It's election fraud.
No, I totally agree.
That's a red herring.
It's election level.
It's the officials doing the work, and whoever planned this out was very strategic.
They picked those four cities, so when this starts to get exposed... They say you're saying black folks are cheats.
Yeah, and you're trying to suppress black folks.
No, it's just like in Vietnam.
The VC would go to a village and shoot at Americans to get us to go wipe out the village.
In Iraq, the Al-Qaeda guys would go into a mosque and shoot out at Americans.
Or a hospital.
That they, what these guys did was they went to four heavily black areas plus Maricopa, which is Hispanic.
They pulled off this massive rigging there such that even if we did figure it out and unscramble it... And the media spills it.
You're saying, you're saying the Mexicans and the blacks are evil.
Yeah, that's what they would say.
And I want to be clear.
I have nothing.
We know that.
We know that.
That's exactly what they did.
Yeah, I have nothing to do with anything White under 10.
This is unprecedented.
You're going to be back at 3 o'clock with the War Room for a full hour.
Very gracious.
You're very articulate.
I'm familiar with your great work over the years.
In a few minutes, what does Trump need to do right now?
Why is he not going public?
Why is he not speaking out?
Well, they are all, you know, everybody's saying, where's the evidence and where's your findings and stuff?
People forget.
You know, last week they started saying that.
It was 14 days after the election.
The legal teams, Rudy and Sidney, have had to both absorb everything that, you know, we've had all these scientists unraveling.
Absorb it.
Get the data or absorb the data from us.
Write long legal briefs.
They might not have time to go on Tucker Carlson and say, here's a graph we're going to show you.
These people are working.
I know them.
They're working 20 hours a day.
I want to be clear.
I don't work for either team.
I am feeding them information and the press as they want it.
I'm an independent agent.
But so we are daily feeding them and have people
In and out of their offices, bringing all this to them, and have so for two weeks.
And the light bulb went off.
And there's also institutional defense of Dominion.
They want to just look at signatures, which are important.
But everything's about Dominion.
It's been decertified.
It's been caught.
I mean, it's there.
That's where you should be looking.
Yes, Dominion, although I don't want to use other brand names because I'm not 100% sure of my facts yet, but I do believe that the same functionality and code even... I was just saying, Microsoft's involved with a bunch of companies.
Well, it wasn't Microsoft, but there's another company called ESS.
Some people say ESNS, but it's really ESS.
That's a competing system to Dominion.
It's one of the two main competing systems.
Yeah, but I'm saying Microsoft is connected to those companies.
Yeah, that's what I was... And you know what else about Microsoft is interesting?
The Microsoft lawyer is the guy Krebs who went and was at CISA, the part of the DHS that's supposed to oversee this infrastructure.
We have since August, we had all this sorted out.
Hold on, finish that point, then David Icke's coming up.
The globalists are trying to censor what you can see and what you can share.
Don't let them win.
Go to our emergency election newsletter at InfoWars.com forward slash newsletter.
Sign up for free and get intel they don't want you to have and then share it.
InfoWars.com forward slash newsletter.
It's time to override the censors and get the truth out.
Coming up in a mere minute, David Icke from England, going under total martial law that he warned of decades ago, will be joining us to break down what's coming next.
But Dr. Patrick M. Byrne was laying out a final important statement about election fraud, not voter fraud, at the highest levels.
He'll be covering at 3 p.m.
today in the War Room.
Finish your point, Doctor.
Oh God, we've had so much going on here.
Where exactly was I?
What should Trump be doing?
Yes, what should Trump be doing?
What's coming next?
What's coming next is you're going to see state filings more today and tomorrow.
It doesn't matter that people are certifying.
This is voter suppression.
And it's got to go to the it's got to go up to the appellate courts and then my guess is it'll go to the Supreme Court.
But people should realize, you know, if you remember those movies from the 50s, the clips, black people come up to voting station and bigots there with German shepherds scaring them off.
And, you know, they'd ask you to they had the right to say,
Recite the Constitution of Memory, and if you can't, you can't vote.
They only did it to black people.
That's horrible.
That's horrible.
And if we saw one event of that today, how horrified we'd be.
Let me point out that every fake vote that is admitted is an act of voter suppression against one voter on the other side.
So if they've had hundreds of thousands of illegal votes admitted in Pennsylvania and Arizona, that's hundreds of thousands of acts of voter suppression in those states.
It just isn't being done with German shepherds and, you know, recite the Constitution for us.
It's done through this digital means.
So this is massive voter suppression on a scale far beyond anything that ever existed, and even in the Jim Crow South or something.
They have disenfranchised hundreds of thousands of voters and the Supreme Court lets this stand.
Pennsylvania gave the finger, if I may say, to Judge Alito.
Judge Alito should not have let them do what they said they were going to do, but he said if you're going to do it, accepting the ballots after the point where the legislature said you
You can.
That's a constitutional issue.
But if you're going to do it, you've got to keep them segregated.
Pennsylvania did it, and they didn't keep them segregated.
They were giving a finger to the Supreme Court.
If the Supreme Court lets that stand, it's all over.
It's all over, because no one will ever—there'll be precedent.
It will mean that all election laws ultimately can be gooned.
You can go ahead, the election law may say what it says, but you can act like a goon, and if you do it, there's no repercussions.
That's the end of free elections in the United States.
It's the end of the country.
You're right.
And you're a libertarian, you're not a Trump supporter.
You're here because you're exposing it, and you've built multi-billion dollar companies.
Dr. Patrick M. Byrne, look forward to you being on The War Room with Owen Schroer, the first hour, three o'clock central.
Thank you so much.
Thank you, sir.
Joining us for the next hour and 15 minutes ahead of Joel Skousen is the one, the only David Icke.
Now, let me just say this right now to everybody to be extremely crystal clear with what's unfolding and what's happening.
David Icke is about to join us.
He predicted the lockdowns.
He predicted the travel passes.
He predicted all this because it's in the Rockefeller Foundation.
It's in their own admissions.
Last hour I showed you videos from the UK from 10 years ago.
They show school children in elementary and middle school saying you're going to be locked down.
You'll never leave your house.
Everything will be virtual.
Those that don't agree will be put in ghettos.
And so the great reset is here.
Operation Lockstep is here.
What David Icke said 10 months ago about COVID-19 and the takeover has been proven absolutely correct.
We now have the former head chief scientist of Pfizer coming out saying almost all the tests are false positive.
They're just counting cold viruses as COVID.
He's basically saying it's a hoax.
They've banned his video.
The former chief science officer at one of the biggest top three companies.
So this is incredible what's unfolding.
And they're accelerating.
You know, David Icke always said, there'll be a point where it's hidden under the water.
It emerges like a submarine.
They've gone from lying about it to selling it.
And now it's all being announced.
You'll have to have five shots a year to fly on a plane.
That's not good enough.
And we're going to come take you out of your house at checkpoints in New York to take people off the street and make you go to quarantine centers with instant testing kits.
I tried to go on Joe Rogan's podcast three weeks ago.
They're testing me, sticking a thing up my nose with a nurse and a little robot.
This is all here.
So to give us the big picture and then to give us the micro view of it as well is David Icke.
David, thank you.
What an incredible time.
We're now inside the New World Order.
There's no more beta tests.
What would you call this period of time?
Well, I can actually describe things in two books where we are.
This is a book, one of the many books I wrote over the last 30 years, laying out the plan for this what I call global cult, Head for Humanity.
And that book can symbolise basically the alternative media and what has been put out about this is the plan.
And then there's this other book,
This is written and published this year by Klaus Schwab, who is a classic villain from a Bond movie and undiluted evil, if you look at his background.
And what he's doing in this book is justifying the transformation of human society
In line with what that's been saying, but that's just a conspiracy theory we've been told.
But actually, what's in here, in terms of the plan, is in here, in Schwab's demand for the transformation of human society.
So, I mean, you really do have to be in a state of denial, that beggar's belief, not to see that what has been
dismissed and waved away as conspiracy theory all these years is now looking us in the face as conspiracy fact.
So where it's going is where it's always been planned to go.
And it's interesting, I was reading some of the other stuff that Schwab has been saying, and he goes as far now, as you say, they're just telling you what they're they plan to do, because they've broken the surface, they have to.
He's talking about that this Great Reset, will it involve a fusion of
Humanity with AI creating this cyborg... That's a quote!
He says we're about to fuse your physical with the digital and the electronic and it's a new evolution.
And then Bill Gates says I'm gonna change your DNA.
He says you can't travel till you take my shot.
I mean literally raping us with his bioweapon.
Yeah, and you know, you've only got to look at this situation in calm detail to realise that we're looking at a scam of
Staggering proportions.
I've said since March there is no virus and I've got more and more and more certain of that with every passing week.
But even if you believe there is, on the basis of their, even their manipulated figures, which I say 100% manipulated,
There is no deadly virus that affects the vast majority, overwhelming vast majority of people.
And yet... Let me stop you.
We've got to go to break.
I'll give you the floor, man.
You're so on target.
But Schwab said in his new book and in an article, COVID's not a threat.
We're just using it.
For the revolution to cut carbon and the post-human future.
I mean, why is he, why is he admitting it?
To demystify it?
Because he sounds like if David Icke joined the bad guys, he's saying all the same things you say, but saying it's good.
It's like, it's like you, but he says it's good.
Yeah, exactly.
Well, they've entered the room, and now they're just laying out what they planned before us.
Maybe they think they've gone so far that it doesn't matter anymore what we know, but what this... I'll stay there.
You'll have the floor.
I'm going to totally shut up the next 11-minute segment, my God.
It's just, it's so bizarre to be here and to see it all unfolding.
And I learned a lot of this from David.
You know, I would get him on 25 years ago and go, I don't agree with you, but haha, David Icke.
It's all happening.
It's all real.
It's all anti-human.
We'll talk about who runs Schwab, too, coming up.
David Icke is with us through the next hour.
DavidIcke.com, bestselling author, former head of the Green Party, former champion goalie, former BBC presenter.
He exposed the whole pedophile rings, the world government, the planned emergence of machines 30 years ago, a few years before I came along.
And wow, we've seen it all unfold now.
It's in our face.
Justin Trudeau, a few months ago, said this in a U.N.
I watched the whole hour-long meeting.
He said even worse stuff.
But he said, we're using this for a Great Reset to help the poor, but that causes the poor to starve to death.
This lockdown has already starved millions to death.
It's crazy.
Here's what he had to say, but this really got people's attention.
But as David Icke said, Klaus Schwab, the head of the Davos Group, this globalist spokesman, and Prince Charles, they're all
Admitting that they're just using this as a pretext to shut down society and consolidate power to themselves.
Here's what Trudeau had to say.
Building back better means getting support to the most vulnerable while maintaining our momentum on reaching the 2030 agenda for sustainable development and the SDGs.
Canada is here to listen.
And to help.
This pandemic has provided an opportunity for a reset.
This is our chance to accelerate our pre-pandemic efforts, to reimagine economic systems that actually address global challenges like extreme poverty, inequality, and climate change.
So they create the global crisis on record, create the hysteria, create the starvation.
They give the solution on a creep scale of 1 to 10, both informational and visual, that's a 10.
David Icke, take it over in the nine minutes we've got till break.
Well, Justin Trudeau is, of course, the son of his father, Pierre Trudeau, who was a front man for this global cult in Canada for so long as prime minister.
And his son's just continuing the same agenda.
And it's interesting, you know, I mean, you almost have to shake your head.
The classic phrases that keep coming out
We're good to go.
What we have is a fake, I would say, virus, which is being used as the problem to offer the solution, which is the transformation of human society.
And what you see in these books like Schwab and other statements, you're seeing
Thank you.
Trudeau just used it again, sustainable development.
It's being fused with the human-caused climate change hoax.
So you've got the COVID-19 hoax fusing with the climate change, the human-caused climate change hoax.
And they have the same demands for how you
Find a solution to these manufactured problems.
And they're all about centralization of power and dictating the fine detail of people's lives.
One to save the planet and one to save humanity from COVID-19.
And you know, a lot of people, you know, certainly when I started talking about this in the spring, there is no virus.
You know, that's a bit strange.
That's a bit crazy.
That is even for you.
But when you look at it, you look at the vaccine now.
They're bringing out this vaccine, which obviously, I mean, you've only got to look at it.
The contents of the vaccine were all sitting there waiting before they played the pandemic hoax to justify the vaccine.
And you said that 10 months ago.
You said it won't be two years.
And they even admit now, oh, even if you take five vaccines a year, you still can't travel because there'll be no immunity because it doesn't exist.
It's the perfect problem.
But what you got, you see, if you had a real virus,
They've got to produce a vaccine that has some effect on it.
Otherwise people, you know, they start taking it.
Well, they're not changing anything if it was real.
But if you've got no virus, then it's perfect.
Because what they do with this PCR test, which is producing all the cases, a test that's not testing for the virus, as its creator Kerry Muller said it couldn't test for free infectious viruses, but they're using the scam of that to get the cases.
But what they do is they take a tiny piece of genetic material,
And they amplify it through this test.
Basically, they bring out more and more of the genetic contents.
And the more they amplify it, the more the test is going to ping positive for that elements of that genetic material, which everyone has in their bodies.
As one doctor said, if you amplify the PCR test enough, everyone will eventually test positive.
So what they've been doing is amplifying and amplifying this test.
Even Fauci, and he was wrong about this as well, but let's just take what he said.
He said some time back that if you go over 30-35 cycles of amplification,
The PCR test is basically a waste of time because it's picking up so much stuff, which is not that which you're looking for, that it's useless.
The National Health Service in Britain, and many other countries, are using 45 cycles of amplification.
So they're getting all these pinging positive tests they're calling cases, which they're using to justify more and more fascism.
And isn't it funny that all the real scientists, the former head of Pfizer and others, say it's a fraud, and they get censored.
This is a very dangerous game.
It's very, very reckless to say, oh, the deaths are way down, but everybody's got COVID.
You're infected.
You're all suspect.
I mean, this doesn't hold together under any inspection.
It's incredible.
I mean, I've talked to 35,000, 40,000 people and then thousands more in Birmingham over the last few weeks, and I must have hugged hundreds of people.
Oh, I was in a crowd of 500,000 people, other crowds of thousands.
I mean, boy, I'm sure not getting sick.
What the hell's going on here?
I'm 68.
Why haven't I got it?
It's ridiculous.
But what I was saying about the test is in relation to this vaccine.
So if the more you amplify the test, the more positive cases you get, when you start vaccinating people,
Which is not a vaccine for a coronavirus.
They've never found a vaccine for a coronavirus.
But when you start vaccinating them and testing them, then you wind back the amplification.
And it will give the appearance that the vaccine is working, when all you're doing is... Exactly, they've scripted themselves as the heroes, and we had Bill Gates bragging a few months ago that he's making all these giant profits off the vaccines.
This is completely transparent.
Let me ask you this then.
It's not just the lockdowns, it's not just the computer codes, it's not just the tracking, it's not just the global IDs.
They want to put stuff in these vaccines.
Gates has been caught a lot doing this.
What are they putting in the vaccines, the classic vaccines versus the mRNA vaccine?
Well, first of all, these vaccines are DNA manipulators and cellular manipulators.
That's very clear from the process that they use.
But you see, to see the bigger picture,
They want to transform the human body.
I mean, here's Schwab talking about it, this fusion, and this fused human AI entity, which won't be human as we know human, needs a different genetic form for that to happen in the way they want.
So we'll call that human 2.0.
That's what they want, and it's
Moving from the biological to the synthetic biological, which is why synthetic biology has become this exploding discipline in science in recent years.
More and more it moves forward.
And at the same time, they want rid of this.
The biological human that we've known.
So you put those two together, and as I was saying earlier, just take a breath, anyone that's still sceptical about this.
I say there's no virus, so there's no point in a vaccine.
But let's just take the manipulated figures and take them on face value.
This is not a deadly virus for the overwhelming majority of people.
It's not.
So why does Gates and all these countries, centrally coordinated, say that every man, woman and child must be vaccinated?
They want to move towards mandatory vaccines so no one is out of the loop.
Why would they do that for a virus, even if you believe in its existence?
That is so undeadly.
Because they want the president set to put in your body what they want, when they want.
And why they want to do it is two things.
One, there's going to be a sterilization agent because they want an end to the procreation of this form.
And so this is why you have sperm counts dramatically falling around the world, particularly in the Western world.
To the point, I mean, I don't quote CNN very often, but let's make an exception.
I read an article on CNN in which they were talking about sperm counts plummeting.
And there was a quote in there that if sperm was an animal species, we'd be talking about its extinction.
And it's dropped very, very rapidly.
This is all the stuff in there.
David, this is Powerful Hour Two, two minutes away.
I'm Alex Jones.
David Ikes, our guest.
This is a short segment, long segment coming up.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
I'll ask you about the Georgia Guidestones and the fresh attention they're getting in the next segment.
But you were cut off getting into the real numbers are even lower for COVID, probably doesn't even exist, other than a synthetic simulant they own out of Wuhan so they can patent it and then say everybody's infected.
They want their own numbers.
It's like .000, you know, 17 people died in Australia.
I mean, they say there's one case that'll lock the whole country down.
This is unprecedented power grab.
Please continue, David Icke.
Well, the SARS-CoV-2 virus has never been isolated or shown to exist.
Simple, simple fact.
There's no scientific paper on planet Earth that's appeared since it's apparently started in China.
That has shown the virus to exist through isolating it and isolating its genetic code.
You know, there was an article posted on the CDC website
Which was by virologists, and they were talking about the virus.
And a doctor, American doctor, called Dr. Tom Cowan, did an analysis of this article.
And it was superb.
And it was supporting the nonsense that we've been talking about since March.
And this is how it went.
This article said they had found 37 fragments of this virus.
Its full genome is supposed to have 30,000.
And what they did was then put it through computer programs to fill in the gaps.
And so they put it through different computer programs
And they got different filled-in gaps.
So then they have a vote over which of the filled-in gap computer programs is the one they should go with.
And Cowan described it brilliantly.
He said it's like this.
You find a fragment of a hoof, a hair from a tail, and a fragment of a horn, and you put it through a computer program, and the computer program tells you it's a unicorn.
A unicorn that no one's ever seen, and it's all been filled in through... Exactly.
It's all done by how they program it, and they even admit that.
It's all fraud.
They agree.
Microsoft agrees.
Why is Bill Gates... I mean, I know you say he's a puppet at one level, but why the hell is he now, like, everywhere?
I know Boris Johnson announced that Bill Gates will actually be the shadow commander of the G7.
Now the UK is gonna have the rotating post.
I mean, Gates is, like, everywhere.
Well, it works like this.
We have this global cult.
Which has the spider in the shadows that is directing through the web, through secret societies, semi-secret groups, organisations like the Bilderberg Group.
Schwab was on the steering committee of the Bilderberg Group, by the way.
And it plays out into the public arena through governments and government agencies and banking systems and corporations and Silicon Valley and so on.
So you've got the spider and the spider dictates its personnel.
And when you look at Gates, he's been brought forward for a very long time to be a front man for the cult.
That's what he is.
That's why he's in the position he is.
And they have this system, Soros is another one, whereby when you are a front man for the cult, you can get very, very rich doing it, not least because they give you technology
Out of the underground bases, they've got to get this technology.
All this technology building this smart grid is coming out the underground bases, but they need a cover story to get it out of there and into the public arena.
So they have all these front people and front corporations that say, oh, yeah, we've just discovered something new.
Well, you haven't.
It's come out of the underground bases.
Notice that as this technology plays out, there's never a period
Where people are sitting around the table, strumming their fingers, waiting for some geek in Silicon Valley to invent the next level of what they need.
It just flows out one after the other, because it's coming out of the underground bases and the secret programs.
You're totally right.
My dad in the 60s was at UT and some secretive programs, and they already had CD-ROMs 20 years before they supposedly came out.
I mean, it's just all being handed out.
Who's behind it?
Who's in the center of the web?
Lin Wood, the big lawyer, has reportedly got videos of them shredding ballots in Georgia.
We'll cover that next hour.
This election is being stolen from the American people by the globalist candidate, Joe Biden.
We've got David Icke with us on fire, predicted the whole lockdown, the whole New World Order, the upping of the test where everybody's positive.
Now I read the headlines.
Checkpoints in New York, checkpoints in California, checkpoints in Australia.
They say they're going to drag people away to COVID facilities.
My God.
I mean, this is the point of resistance that we're really reaching.
David Icke of DavidIcke.com, bestselling author.
People can follow his information at DavidIcke.com.
Again, I'm Alex Jones.
If you just tuned in, we're in the third hour of the global transmission right now.
Center of the web, the spider.
I know you explained it's energy, it's off-world, it's anti-human.
The Bible says that.
Every ancient culture says that.
But all of this is moving ahead so quickly now.
How do we resist it?
What do we say?
What do we do?
And what are you predicting is coming next?
Then I want to ask you about people like Bill Gates and like the James Bond villain, Klaus Schwab.
Again, why they're being so public about it?
If I could just pick up on Gates from what I said just before the break.
They get phenomenally rich by being front men for this whole thing.
But there's always a ride up.
And that is that you have to take vast amounts of the wealth that you accrue by being one of their front men.
And you have to spend it on advancing the agenda
Under the guise, behind the smoke screen, of philanthropy.
This is how it works.
This is the Rockefeller Foundation and it's the Gates Foundation.
So, you know, my last book came out this year, The Answer, which was 80% written before the lockdowns kicked in and all this stuff started, had so many mentions of Bill Gates.
In the first 8% of the book, for all the areas of the Great Reset, we now call it, that he was funding through the Gates Foundation.
So just before it all kicked off, what did Gates do?
He stood down from Microsoft and said he wanted to concentrate on his philanthropic interests.
He knew this was coming!
Of course he did!
And so he stepped down so he could front this up.
And because, again, this web absolutely involves, at a very significant high level, the Rockefellers, and you've got the Gates family and the Rockefellers going way back.
In fact, I've seen genealogy that claims that if you go far enough back, the Rockefeller family and the Gates family fuse.
So because all this has been prepared for so long,
You had the cult, via the Rockefellers, creating the World Health Organization, which is now run by Gates, who is its biggest funder.
And from that central point, they have orchestrated this entire pandemic hoax.
I'm banned from everything that bloody moves in the mainstream internet.
Because, of course, Silicon Valley said that anyone that challenges the World Health Organization version of the pandemic is going to be censored.
And so you have this web, which has one part of it, the World Health Organization, but another part of the web is Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube,
And so they work as one unit.
They appear to be, to the population in general, unconnected and not in any way working as one.
But through the web,
Directed by the spider at the center, they are all working to the same end.
This is why Silicon Valley is doing all this censorship.
What's happening?
That's all admitted that they're coordinated now.
So, so what is the end game?
I mean, obviously, merges with machines.
Klaus Schwab says that.
What is the timetable?
Because it's accelerating now.
You had Zuckerberg last week in one of these virtual
Capitol Hill committees admitting that they collaborate with Twitter, etc., in their censorship and who they censor and what they censor for.
It's all coordinated.
And the more that this happens, the more you are seeing what's happening is the hidden is becoming the seen.
And yes, what we're looking at and what we're facing is very dangerous, but it's very dangerous for them as well.
I agree.
Let's talk about that.
How's their New World Order going?
They don't seem too happy.
Their body language, they look pretty scared.
Well, you know, if you look back to the first lockdown, it was very depressing.
I would go out for a drive where I live and I would go some distance, I would see another car.
Not anymore.
When we went into the second lockdown a few weeks ago, it's very different.
Apart from the shops being shut down, so-called non-essential shops, basically it's the same.
You see the cars on the road, you see people in the streets, and you know what's happened.
And this is a very positive thing.
It just shows the power of people.
They were talking, the Johnson government, about, oh, are we going to have Christmas in the lockdown?
But what's happened is in this second lockdown, it's been so disobeyed, if you like, by so many people.
People have just got on with it.
I mean, you know, I remember the first lockdown and places around me that were shut down.
Same thing's happening here in the United States.
They send the police to a gym and they go, hey, Walmart's still open.
We are too.
Get the hell out of here.
I mean, yeah, people are really starting to get pissed.
And what's happened is the government has just announced in Britain, oh, well, we're going to ease the fascism, if they're telling the truth.
We're going to ease the restrictions over Christmas.
Isn't that the funny part?
The more you push back, they back off.
But the people that submit... Yeah, what they've done is they've looked at it and they thought, well,
If we keep these restrictions going over Christmas, just look at what's happened during the second lockdown.
People ain't going to do it.
They're just going to carry on as they normally would.
And so what they have to do is keep the illusion of their power.
So instead of that illusion being broken over Christmas with people saying, you know, up yours, mate, we're going to meet our families.
They say, oh, we're going to ease the restrictions.
Oh, we're going to allow you to do what you were going to do anyway.
Why are they so obsessed with stopping families meeting?
There's something spiritual, I think, electric, because we're all independent beings, we're all connected.
Why is it they fear so much about family?
Well, they fear anything that connects people.
They now admit they want to end sex and have it all virtual.
Of what?
What's being targeted more than anything?
What they call the hospitality at the churches.
That's another point of... But pubs, restaurants, churches, where we commune.
It's where we come together, where we have discourse, where we interact.
Common, commune means together.
Yeah, so they want to drive people, but that's what they want people under house arrest for.
And what they do then is they force you, if you can see to it, into a virtual interaction which of course they control.
And you know one of the things... And which they're watching and which they're listening to.
One of the things that's worth mentioning, something else Schwab came out with a few months ago, is he said, well, something's coming, basically, that will make Covid seem like just a little local difficulty, in effect.
And that is, he said, a cyber attack that brings down the entire electricity grid.
Now, it doesn't have to be a cyber attack.
It can be any bloody excuse.
Oh, they can hit the button and do it.
This is huge what you just said.
What's coming next?
As Bill Gates told a bunch of people, he said, Oh, COVID's just a drill.
A real weapon's coming.
What will it be?
And I think it'll be the 5G.
The studies, David Icke's right, the studies show it causes autoimmune response where you can't breathe.
David Icke will have the floor.
He's on fire.
I'm Alex Jones with NewsWars.com, Infowars.com, and Band.Video, where we'll post this interview for you to share, and please share it.
We'll be back.
David, take a three-minute break.
The answer to 1984 is 1776.
All right, Joel Scowls in World Affairs Brief will give us his take on the election.
I'll go over all the big breaking news there next hour.
David Icke needs no introduction, riding shotgun with us right now.
He brought up, the next thing I was going to without me even saying it,
So we're kind of in sync right now.
How Bill Gates said, oh, there's gonna be a bigger bio attack.
This is just a drill.
And how Schwab said, oh, something far worse is coming.
Criminals love to brag metaphysically.
Here's 2017 Fauci saying, oh, Trump's gonna be challenged by a major biological event.
Here's what he had to say.
Given, as you heard from the introduction, that I have been around for a while and have had the opportunity and the privilege and the pleasure of serving in five administrations, I thought I would bring that perspective to the topic today is the issue of pandemic preparedness.
And if there's one message
That I want to leave with you today based on my experience, and you'll see that in a moment, is that there is no question that there will be a challenge to the coming administration in the arena of infectious diseases, both chronic infectious diseases in the sense of already ongoing disease, and we have certainly a large burden of that, but also there will be a surprise outbreak.
And I hope by the end of my relatively short presentation you'll understand why history
The history of the last 32 years that I've been the director of NIH.
Well, that's the whole point.
You know, the way this whole pandemic hoax has played out through this web, do you have the World Health Organization as the central point on that level?
In the public arena.
And then you have people like Fauci and you have witty and valence, the chief medical officer in Britain and the chief science advisor who've lied through their bloody teeth about numbers.
They got caught out very recently with ludicrous figures that took 24 hours to take apart.
And then you have, if you look at the sequence in each country, it's basic.
Australia is another example.
The policy is being driven by the chief medical officer and the chief scientists, etc, which are owned by Gates and this network.
So this is how the whole thing's been played out.
So Fauci would have absolutely known, just like Gates knew and all these other people knew, that this pandemic hoax was coming.
And because they preempted it,
They seem like prophets.
You know, that Gates knows a lot, didn't he?
He said this was coming.
Yeah, because he's bloody hell going to bring it into being, you know.
And so this web is very coordinated, but if you look at it, you need very few people compared with the population to pull it off.
In every country you've got a medical pyramid, a hierarchy, and the chief medical officer and people like that are at the top, and they dictate the policy that doctors and nurses and medical staff have to follow.
And so from a few people at the top of these pyramids, connected to the same central coordinating centre, in this case the World Health Organisation,
They take the centrally dictated agenda and they say this is the policy in this country.
And all the medical staff and doctors, apart from some courageous ones, not enough by the way, they then play it out.
They put COVID-19 on the death certificate when they know that people have died of something else.
They don't question the PCR test when it's obviously a scam.
And so this is how country after country after country after country has reacted to that virus in exactly the same way, because centrally coordinated.
And all these people have to go to jail for the rest of their lives.
That was my next question.
What do we do about this?
Enough of this fraud.
They've been proven to be frauds.
What do we do?
Well, it's real.
It's real simple.
You can.
But it's simple in what we need to do.
But it's not simple in people summoning the courage to do it.
But, you know, you can look for a solution to a situation.
And what happens is you normally lead to more problems.
Or you can do the wise thing, which is to remove the cause of the problem.
And the cause of the problem is human acquiescence to their own enslavement and human acquiescence to authority.
Fascists do not impose fascism.
There's not enough of them.
What imposes fascism is the population acquiescing to fascism.
That's the only way it can happen.
It happened in Nazi Germany and it's happening around the world now.
You look at the number of people in a country, the number of people in the world, and you compare that with the number of people who are in full knowledge, know what they're doing and playing this game.
Look at the globalists in one room.
There might be a thousand of them worldwide, according to Kissinger's own numbers with Rothkopf.
So let me ask you this.
The ancestary is in the face.
Stop acquiescing with your own enslavement and your kids' enslavement, and this must end.
Because only with that acquiescence can it happen.
Were they planning this later, or why did they launch it now?
I know decades ago they said 2020 is when the New World Order would finally launch.
They're into the cult numbers.
Why did they do this now?
Well, you know, there's two things going on here.
There really are, and I've been writing and talking about this for all these decades.
There is the agenda to lock down a global fascist state via technology and AI connection to the human mind to make it irreversible.
That's what they want.
But there's also, I mean, we've both seen this.
I remember when I was when I was starting out 30 years ago, you couldn't get you couldn't fill a phone box with people interested in this stuff.
But look at it now.
And this has been gathering more and more people are becoming aware.
And you know, this is one of the reasons that they're rushing this through.
Because once they break the surface as they have,
They know a lot more people very quickly.
I thought I had my mic off.
I was saying take this clip out of David and put it up front.
So start over with what you were saying about you couldn't fill people with a phone booth and now.
Yeah, like I was saying, when I started out 30 years ago, I mean, you couldn't fill a phone booth with people who were interested in this.
You know, I traveled around America and, you know, I was talking to three people, five people, eight people in 1996.
But now look at it.
Now look at the number of people who are aware that the world's not like they thought it was, and are becoming more and more and more sceptical, not least because of the last few months, about believing what authority tells them.
Yes, there's still the close-minded people, I mean, you know... But the lockdown, the power grab is being done in response to the sociopaths losing control.
The point being that they knew that once they broke the surface, people were going to see it in a lot greater numbers.
So they're rushing to get this technological lockdown of the human mind before enough people wake up to bring the house of cards down.
Because that's what it is, the house of cards.
And the human race is holding it up.
This is why the answer is staring us in the face.
AI's power, all of it, is getting us to follow its directives.
We'll come back with David Icke and talk about solutions, the election, Trump, what he really thinks is going on, and his latest book, The Answer.
David Icke is our guest.
I'm Alex Jones.
All right, I don't tell this story to act cool or to be on a power trip.
It's the opposite.
I'm very humble compared to where I was 20 years ago.
And I always do this for the right reasons, but 70% for the right reasons.
I did enjoy the ego of fighting tyranny.
Now I'm just completely freaked out.
But David Knight was talking about when he was writing books in the early 90s, coming to the US and maybe
I know events he had that had hundreds of thousands of them.
He's saying, you know, a few dozen.
But the point is, now it's 20,000, 40,000, 50,000, 60,000.
And it's the same thing for me.
And so now I get calls by national talk show hosts.
I get calls by Trump's lawyers.
I get calls from senators, generals, household names.
I'm not going to name drop going, man.
What's coming next?
How do you predict all this?
And I got a call by a major national talk show host this weekend and he goes, man, he goes, when I'm around all these famous people, then we'll talk about you.
He said, well, this is crazy.
We're not talking about Brad Pitt or whatever.
And that didn't make my ego got big.
It made me think, yeah, because people now realize what they heard me talk about 10 years ago, 20 years ago was true.
And so David was getting into that.
So the good news is,
We've gone from being not even black sheep, because at least folks reject the black sheep, to being out in the wilderness, nobody even knows what we're saying, to now it's front and center because we were dead on.
So David Icke, what is it like, ideologically, to be the guy they all laughed at on BBC 27 years ago and made fun of you and gave everything you had to tell the truth, to now be in the very center of the zeitgeist?
I mean, what is that like?
And then tell us what's coming next.
Well, I wanted to be wrong.
Well, we all wanted to be wrong, didn't we?
But events have shown that actually this is real.
And, you know, first of all, I just want to have a quick mention.
You had an ad just now for Banned Video.
Banned Video is excellent.
I put all my videos on there and it gets very, very high numbers and growing all the time.
Routinely, you get a half million views on there.
You're more popular than I am on there.
This is what we need to do, you see.
You can sit there and say, oh, it's terrible, isn't it?
Oh, this censorship.
Oh, my God.
And you can be a fricking victim.
Or you could say, OK, what are we going to do about it?
And all these platforms and things, you know, Parler and many others, have now started to appear to fill the gap, which has opened up because of all the mainstream internet censorship.
So, you know, there's a lot of good things happening.
And going on for what you were talking about, you know, I know myself that
There's a lot of people in seriously influential positions within the system who ain't going public yet, but they've sussed it.
And they look at programs like this and they look at videos that I do and books that I write.
They've not gone public yet, but they're getting it.
What's starting to happen is the system itself is starting to unravel.
As people within it realise what they're part of.
Because of this fierce compartmentalisation of knowledge, the vast majority of people who are playing a part every day, advancing this agenda for global human control and tyranny, have no idea that's what they're doing.
But what's happening with the alternative media is we're not only passing on this information to the public,
We're enlightening people within the system.
And they are starting to get it.
Let me just back you up, then I'll shut up because I want to hear this.
Because this is very, very important.
A lot of people didn't think censorship was coming.
Now it's here.
Now it is ubiquitous.
And now, again, it's that common sense Streisand effect.
Their attempt to suppress it has only made it bigger.
But it's just what you said.
Bill Gates was on like three months ago.
He played the clip with Anderson Cooper.
And Gates is like, there's billions a day of mean mentions of me, and it's not just regular people you'd think, he's talking about us, but it's a lot of prominent people.
Cooper goes, yeah, I know.
A lot of my friends now believe this, and they look completely, yeah, freaked out.
I don't know how you guys found the video so quick.
That's crazy.
I mean, they're literally panicking on TV, saying we've lost control.
Well, this is the point.
Why are they running around trying to censor everything?
Because they're terrifying.
You know, I'm a bloke in a little flat on the Isle of Wight in England.
Same with you.
I'm sure you're not in a little flat, but it's a highlight of the show.
So, if they were all powerful, then they wouldn't bother with people like us, would they?
Oh, no.
Swatting a fly!
But they're not all powerful, because their control depends on controlling the narrative, thus controlling the perceptions of the population.
And what's happening is, A, the alternative media is, despite all the censorship, still getting this out to a vast number of people.
People are now coming to the alternative media out of choice, because they don't trust the mainstream anymore.
And then you've got the events of 2020, which has focused the minds of the population even more on what's going on, and opened those minds to other possibilities.
And you put all that together, and you know, I know what they want, and I know they control various areas that can deliver what they want.
But this pell-mell rush is a sign of weakness, isn't it?
It's a desperate...
Yeah, I was saying they can't deliver it without the acquiescence of the people.
That is the X factor that they must deliver, and if we don't deliver it to them, they cannot succeed.
That's right.
No one knows who said it, but if the situation was hopeless, their propaganda would be unnecessary.
And I've seen a documentary of the tiny apartment you live in.
I'm not against prosperity, but I have a 4,000 square foot house.
It's almost too big to even take care of.
I couldn't imagine selling humanity out like Apple is lobbying against the log and slave labor because they use Uyghur slave labor, but they're liberals.
I mean, they have no credibility, David, do they?
I mean, I would live homeless before I lived off slaves.
What do you say to that?
Well, you see, slavery never ended.
What they did is they went from official slavery to mass slavery.
What humanity needs to understand is they're slaves.
What is freedom?
Freedom is basically the ability to make choices.
The more choices you can make, the more freedom you have.
And how many people in the world have the ability, not least through financial constraints,
To make the choices they'd like to make.
Very few.
That means they're slaves.
They're slaves to the system.
The system's not serving humanity.
Humanity's serving the system.
And so you are in a situation where we have mass slavery.
And what this cult wants to do is turn that mass slavery into utter and total slavery via AI.
But we still have the free will
To say no and stop obeying these, in the end, very, very few people at the core of this.
And the answer is just there, staring us in the face.
But what people have done, and this is systematic too, you come out of the womb,
And the programming starts to obey and fear authority.
It starts in the schools, it goes through, fear the boss, what have you, fear the government, fear the police, and so on.
And all the time, I said years ago, even before current events, just note the number of times through your day where you're given instructions on what to do or what not to do.
Especially if you live in a city.
And now, of course, it's grotesque, all these instructions.
I totally agree with you.
I have an instinct that's never wrong.
It's commanding me to move out of the city.
You're on a remote island, which is a little bit better in a way, but...
I want to talk about what you think practical solutions are and also your take on the election and other tidbits.
And David, I know you're a busy guy.
You usually only give me like one interview a year.
I'm glad with the quickening you're coming on every month.
The listeners beg for you and you've been absolutely proven dead on.
The new book, you have another one coming out too, but the new book, I did read it.
It's amazing.
The Answer.
People can find that at DavidIke.com.
Yeah, yeah, they can get it there, and they'll get it very, very quickly, because it's shipped within the United States to North America.
Yeah, and folks, I know you're already awake, most of you.
Buy it and give it as a gift.
Alright, DavidIke.com and get our products, InfoWarsTore.com.
We'll be right back on the other side with David Ike, final segment, then Joel Skousen comes on.
I've got all the election news, there's just unbelievable amounts of it.
And we're going to hit Georgia Guidestones, they're getting a lot of attention.
When we come back, stay with us.
Thanks to David Icke, they do.
We owe David Icke a true debt of gratitude to open our minds up to trailblaze.
Okay, so obviously I watched this video very closely.
You got the Bureau of Land Management with their helicopters.
Obviously this has been done as a stage deal.
It's a big leftist event, an obelisk.
Heralding the new age, 2001 Space Odyssey Illuminati.
They're obsessed with ritual.
But if we look at what's the big news story right now with the obelisks, there's a news story at InfoWars.com.
Strange Georgia guidestones received fresh attention in the age of the pandemic.
And with the discovery of the new obelisk, there are five obelisks there declaring world government and the extermination of 80% of the population put up by Ted Turner.
So why is ritual so important to these people?
What's really happening, David Icke?
Well, I mean, I could talk for hours about this.
If you go back to ancient, ancient times, you go back to Babylon and Sumer, you can pick up this
This force, this network, which has become the global web, it moved in and established Rome and we had the Roman Empire.
It moved in on Britain, established the British Empire and so on.
Then it moved into the United States and eventually became global.
And when you talk to people, and I've talked to so many,
Who have been in, if you like, you know, victims of this cult and taken part in rituals and seen horrific things.
The rituals that they do and how they do them are the same rituals they were doing in Babylon.
And other ancient places, because it's about manipulation of energy, manipulation of the energetic field in which we all live in.
You know, if you think of the fish swimming around the sea, well, we are living in an ocean of energy, information, a quantum field of possibility and probability.
And you can manipulate that field because if you want to affect all the fish at the same time then how do you do it?
You affect the sea and then you've got all the fish and they're constantly manipulating this field.
They want to bring it into a low frequency vibrational state because as we interact with that field
If we're not in our own power, it brings you down into a low vibrational state.
And is that because they are clearly in a lower dimensional field, so they want to make us resonate so they have control?
So all I have to do is resonate towards the infinite and towards goodness and that pulls us out?
Yeah, exactly.
If you open your consciousness, you start to resonate and your frequency increases and expands.
And it's like, you know, two radio stations on different frequencies.
They pass through each other.
They don't interfere with each other because they're on different wavelengths.
This cult operates within a particular wavelength.
It's a very low vibrational wavelength.
Which vibrates within the field of fear, anxiety, depression, all these low vibrational emotions.
Because it's well known now that every thought, every emotional state, is generating its own frequency, depending on the state of the emotional state of the thought.
They can read the brainwaves.
I mean, it puts off an electrical field.
Of course they can.
They know all this stuff.
You know, this secret society network's been passing this on and keeping it from us.
You know, what we've been trying to do is take it there and put it over here.
And like you said, they slowly dole out twisted forms of it with Trojan horses.
Imagine, imagine you are potentially all consciousness having a human experience, but they bring you into like a vibrational bubble.
And now you're in this bubble.
You're not influenced anymore by the greater self.
You basically become isolated in the five senses and you are
Kind of processing information and perception all through the five senses.
Can I touch it, see it, taste it?
Oh, well, it must exist then.
And when you're in this bubble, instead of getting inspiration from your own expanded state of awareness, you're getting your information to get a fix on the world from within the bubble, if you like.
Mainstream media, education system, government, etc.
And again, the founder of the fascist movement over Mussolini in the 20s made a movie about the sacrifice of children to fascism.
Reportedly, they even killed real kids in the production.
And then this guy was worshipped by Hitler.
I mean, you can't make this stuff up.
Don't even start me on the number of children sacrificed in this world every year.
It's unbelievable.
Because, what did I say earlier?
They're doing the same things in secret that they were doing in Babylon, in the open.
It's just they've gone underground because humanity won't accept it anymore.
But the same rituals and the same horrors are being perpetrated.
This is why, you know, things like Halloween, it's not a joke.
On Halloween, enormous numbers of kids worldwide were murdered.
And again, the autism.
Why the targeting of boys?
Like, why did Ramsey's Order, the firstborn that's in the history books, killing of the children?
I mean, what's going on here with the killing of the boys?
These people are completely bloody bonkers, actually.
You know, they're psychopaths.
And they're clever in their understanding of how reality works, therefore how to manipulate human perception.
But you get down to the basics.
They're fricking bonkers.
They're insane.
And they do lots of insane things.
But they're very, very clever.
This is what's passed over the secret society network at the inner core.
They're very clever at how to manipulate this field.
Because if you're interacting with this field all the time, and this field is affecting your perceptions because of the vibrational state of the field, then you're going to drop into these low vibrational states.
As you said, they want to lock us down, make us depressed, to force us into a lower field so we don't resonate and have a chance.
Because they operate within a field.
For them to control us, they have to pull us into that field, into their stadium.
How do we break free as a mass consciousness?
Well, for me, you know, over the last 30 years, I've met all the different people.
I've met the gurus, and I've met the new age, and all these different people who are saying, how do you awaken?
But you were most touched, weren't you, by some of the Zulu witch doctors?
Yeah, yeah.
He was an amazing man, Craig de Montreux.
But where I was going with this is, I looked at all this.
And you know, it looks terribly complicated and it sounds terribly complicated.
You know, how do you awaken?
Will you go on this quest and you do this fast and you do this and you do the other?
I'm not saying you do it if people want to do that.
For me, it's a very simple shift that changes everything.
It's your self-identity.
If you self-identify the I, the infinite I, the eternal I. The eternal coding is right there, you have to look inward.
With the labels, like I am a man, I am a woman, I am this sex, I am that sexuality, I am this religion, I am that culture, I am that race.
If you self-identify with that as you,
Then you're going to get pulled into these very, very myopic states of awareness and self-identity.
And you're going to drop into their frequency band, which they control.
They control the information in it.
So your perceptions are going to reflect the way they're manipulating that information.
All right, I know you've got to go.
Do five more minutes with us on this.
Short segment, then we'll let you go, David.
You know you're busy, and I've got to cover another guest coming up.
But I want to get into Trump, the election.
Just your view on that, DavidIke.com.
Briefly, or we won't be here.
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Go to mfullmorestore.com so you can hear information you're not going to hear anywhere else in this age of censorship.
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So I thank you all.
So please visit mfullmorestore.com.
Stay with us.
What a cliffhanger moment!
The headline, Infowars.com.
President Trump, I concede nothing to fake ballots and Dominion.
Five minutes left with David Icke.
David, thank you for the time.
We really appreciate your great reports.
Every day are going up, on average, at band.video.
Your section there, one should share.
In the five minutes we have left, your take on the election, what's happening, and what's unfolding.
Yeah, if I could just very quickly, because I do want to come to that.
Very quickly, just... Oh, cover whatever you want, go ahead.
Yeah, no, just very quickly.
What I was saying was, when you self-identify the true I with the labels that we're given and we give ourselves, you go into myopia, you go into little me, you go into limited self.
And if you know what they've done, this is one level of why they've introduced the idea.
It's why they want to isolate us so we think of ourselves as individuals and not connected.
What they're doing with identity politics is they're subdividing the previous labels into smaller and smaller labels.
That's why you get this long list of letters now of self-identities.
And they're pulling us more and more into this.
But when you self-identify, because those labels are merely experiences, brief experiences.
Even human is a brief experience.
We are the consciousness having the experience.
We are the eternal I, consciousness.
And when you self-identify with that, that is the I, and that's my experience.
As you expand your sense of self-identity, so your consciousness expands.
You move deeper and deeper into much greater scales of consciousness, and you break through this frequency band which they control, and at that point, and people listening to this who've been through it will know, I can tell you, it works.
It happened to me 30 years ago and it's gone on happening.
You suddenly see the world in a completely different way.
How do people trigger that chain reaction?
Because I had similar chain reactions in my life.
It's real simple.
Just redefine who you are.
Not, I am David Icke, born in Leicester in 1952, but I am the consciousness having a brief experience called David Icke, born in Leicester, England in 1952.
David Icke is my experience.
I am the consciousness having that experience.
It's completely different.
So David Icke is the finger of consciousness going out?
David Icke is the label self.
David Icke is the label self who interacts with this five sense world.
But the consciousness that is the true I, is that which is the consciousness having the experience through what's called... That's why the enemy claims they want to make us one, but everything they do is to actually divide us.
They've got to divide us.
They want to divide us within ourselves from the wholeness of the consciousness that we are into these fragments that we call labels.
And so once you... And is that because the sociopaths and psychos are so alone?
I mean, they don't even know what love is.
They don't even know what... They don't ever experience how good all this is.
No, exactly.
I go into this in the books.
They are a state of consciousness, a state of awareness that's incredibly distorted and incredibly mixed up and chaotic, and they don't have the ability to feel what we call love.
Thus, they don't have empathy.
Thus, they don't have compassion.
Thus, they can do all these things that they do without any emotional
Look at Bill Gates.
Look at the mayhem, the suffering, the death, the chaos
Thank you.
Where people with any kind of open heart would be devastated by having that impact on the world and vast numbers of people.
All right, David, you drafted yourself.
One-minute break.
You've got to give me your take on the election.
Do five more minutes.
I want to hear about this.
We're back in 60 seconds.
Only way we win is you, and you're doing it.
You're spreading the word about InfoWars.com.
You're spreading the word about Mandop video against the DNC lawsuits against all the censorship, Bill Gates's news guard trying to get us shut down everywhere, putting reports out on us.
But because of you supporting us financially and word of mouth, we're still on air.
So thank you.
We'll be right back in 60 seconds with the conclusion of David Icke.
We got some British Steel bringing us in live.
It's November 24th on this Tuesday.
I'm Alex Jones, Joel Scalzin, a smart man, World Affairs Brief Editor, coming up to talk about the election and more next segment.
But the one and only David Icke of DavidIcke.com joins the Alex Jones Show.
I've been asking for an hour and a half, he's finally ready to get into it.
The election, his prediction, what he thinks is really going on.
David Icke, five minutes, I'll let you go.
You got the floor, lay it out.
Well, first of all, I remember coming to America in the 1990s and I heard about, they were bringing in and started to talk about bringing in even more electronic voting.
And my jaw frickin' dropped.
Electronic voting?
How are you going to run an election with electronic voting?
With all the possibilities for hacking and misrepresentation that comes from that?
And this has been brought forward and brought forward and brought forward and expanded because exactly that.
It allows those that control the system, the electronic system to and the digital system to dictate elections.
And what we are looking at is it's got to be
One of the most biased and obviously fraudulent elections and actually the most in American history.
It's so blatant that Biden didn't win and that enormous amounts of fraudulent activity were going on.
So why?
Because you can almost put Trump aside.
The key thing is his supporters.
All that we've been talking about in this chat tonight, Alex, or tonight for me, the Trump supporters don't want.
They're pushing back on it.
It's the last thing they want, any of this stuff.
And so if you have a president that has that base support, that wants none of this,
Then whatever the president is and whatever their attitudes, it's going to be very, very much more difficult to get things through that you want.
So ideally, you want rid of that person.
Now you've created this massively divided America.
And you want a person in the White House who will not push back on any of it.
He doesn't have the mental faculties to push back, nor does he have the desire to push back.
And what you've got, and this is where I mentioned earlier Soros, Soros is another one of these front men for the cult who makes enormous amounts of money.
From the financial system and people say, oh, he's good.
Well, if I knew when the market was going up and going down because the cult was making it happen, then I'd be very good at making lots of money.
And again, the rider is you're making lots of money, George.
Now, vast amounts of it have got to be spent on the agenda in the guise of philanthropy.
So you've got Soros funding all over the world, but particularly in America, all these woke organizations
And BLM and all of it, which are obviously on the Biden side.
You've had education taken over and this woke mentality, this unthinking woke mentality has been manipulated in generations of people who are now the woke generations that are pushing on the side of the Democrats, which is it's a fascistic party.
And it's controlled by the 1% and people like Soros.
So now they are making their play to bring in a full woke censorship, political correctness, open the southern borders, all of it, which they've been planning for a very long time.
And they weren't going to frickin' win.
Because Biden is about the hardest sell of a presidential candidate you could ever see.
They've had to keep him locked away so they don't put him on public display too often because he is the worst thing you could do if you want to get him into power.
So how are they going to do that?
They're going to fix the boat.
They're going to fix the system to make sure their guy gets in.
And of course, he will be an empty shell president who will be completely controlled by what... Well, that's my next question.
He can barely talk now.
What do you think their play is?
Because what you said, they've announced the end of the borders.
They're going to shut off all the oil, which will bankrupt us.
I mean, they're literally going to declare war on this country.
Yeah, and that's another thing, of course.
You mentioned it earlier.
The whole idea with the Biden presidency would be super, super beyond extreme response to the COVID virus, like the mass... Oh, he says permanent lockdown, basically.
Yeah, yeah.
So you can see where they're going and you can see why they had to win this election.
And they couldn't do it.
You know, if this was a straight election and not the Covid election, then, you know, Biden would never have got to the end.
And when you go to the level
Of the suppression by the mainstream media and Silicon Valley.
Of what should have ended his presidential run.
The revelations about Hunter Biden, his son, and the laptop.
The Chinese general.
Oh dear, it should have been over.
It should have been walk away time.
But this is how desperate they are, Alex, to get Biden in.
Because with him,
Well, he won't run the presidency.
That, in the background, will run the presidency, and in the most extreme way.
David, you're absolutely right.
What's crazy is the mask, the cult, the surrealness of this.
If Trump would have got in, whatever people say about Trump, his support base would not have stood for it, on anything like the scale that he's planned through Biden.
So they had to get Biden in.
And they scammed the election to do it, and it's so bloody blatant.
If it wasn't so tragic, it'd be laughable.
Well, that's the thing.
The globalists think forward, but they're also very robotic.
This is going to backfire on them.
Well, it can backfire on them any time.
Any time that people in vast numbers say, we're not doing it.
Okay, someone comes out of the White House, they come out of Downing Street, and they say, we've had a discussion, this is what's going to happen, which is what they're doing all the time, particularly in Britain with Johnson.
And enough people in the country say, we're not doing it.
No, we're not doing that.
So, where's the power?
The power that they have is the power we give them when we say, well, I don't agree with it, you better do it, you know, I suppose it's the law.
That's how tyranny gets you caught.
That's not the last point, we're going to let you go, but why would they have Johnson and Schwab and Trudeau all admit, we're really doing this for a power grab, and then now that made everybody get pissed off, because now everybody, I mean, I talk to liberals that are waking up, they're like, oh my god, I didn't know it was economic war, you're right, we're sorry.
I mean, it's like somehow they have blind spots where they admit their crimes, or is that
Is it because they're slaves and robots and they don't even get the big plan themselves?
A lot of them don't.
Because of this fierce compartmentalization, I don't think Johnson gets it in total.
But he still has responsibility for implementing it by taking the orders and the advice of people.
No, I agree.
That's why they admit a lot of it because they're in these meetings and then they just go out and blabber it.
Yeah, but when you're talking about Klaus Schwab... Oh, he knows!
He absolutely knows, when you're at that level.
And notice, the level where they really know, it's almost never a politician.
I mean, does Biden really know?
He knows the levels of it.
But it's the non-politicians, the people one step back, the advisors, etc.
And the day we start reverse engineering it with you and myself and others is the day they fail.
And that's all we've done is reverse engineered what they're doing.
David, thank you for the time.
We salute you, my friend.
Thank you, mate.
Talk again.
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All right, Alex Jones here, back live for the rest of the hour.
Joel Skousen's here.
Marine Corps aviator, Vietnam, best-selling author, researcher, family-involved, fought in the globalists.
LeClaire Skousen from the beginning, dead on target.
He was on with us, I don't know, three months ago, two months ago, and he said, no, Trump's going to lose because of fraud and because of the globalists.
And I had a gut feeling.
My wife asked me the day of the election, she said,
Is Trump going to lose?
And I said, I think he's going to win, but they're going to steal it.
And I told Joe Rogan that as well.
My gut's never wrong.
Joel's was never wrong.
And I talked to, it's not name dropping, it's actually sickening.
I've talked to four top Trump lawyers last week.
I talked to two of them yesterday.
And I almost feel evil coming on air and telling you what they told me, even though they were straight shooting me.
Because I don't want to be the guy saying Trump's about to lose.
Even though the Supreme Court's taking over the
The key cases and all the rest of it.
Almost everyone's left Trump.
He has almost no one left.
Giuliani and a few other people.
He never got control of the executive.
He's got 10-15% of his people now.
We should start talking about what's going to happen once Biden gets in there.
Maybe I'm wrong.
I haven't pre-talked to Joel Skousen, worldaffairsbrief.com, editor-in-chief of that.
But Joel, what do you think's going on here?
You predicted here on air Trump was going to have it stolen from him, and here we are.
Yes, indeed, Alex.
It's very, very sad to see.
But, you know, even sadder is the fact that there is so much evidence and in successive articles in the World Affairs Brief, I really presented the evidence.
And I mean, you have to go through and see the computer logs.
You have to see the statistical evidence that shows that there are impossible dumps of ballots at certain time that raise the vote level.
And all of this is is provable in court.
But unfortunately, you know, Sidney Powell has made some claims that are not going to be credible and backed up.
In fact, the same thing happened with General McInerney, who talked about, you know, various softwares, you know, Hammer and the other one that predicted that they were going to use 3% to always keep Biden ahead 3%.
But that's not, that was old news.
That may have been true in the 90s when he got briefed on this thing.
Sure, that's old news on Hammer and Scorecard.
We have to have the evidence now.
That's right.
And in fact, they did not use a program which kept Biden ahead by 3%.
It was a much more sophisticated program, not only flipping votes occasionally, but also bringing in the ballots during the dead of night, which was documented by witnesses, etc.
Now, you don't know what's in those ballot boxes, but certainly, you know, you can prove through the videos that are available.
It's being done illegally after the polls are closed.
That's right.
And it was very purposeful to shut down the counting so that they could bring in these extra votes and do this.
So the evidence is there, but as
Robert Barnes of Barnes Law talked about it's very important that you only present to the courts the most credible evidence.
You don't flood them with everything because they'll pick and choose the weak stuff to discredit your whole case.
Well, exactly.
Barnes is one of the key people that I can absolutely, they said the key is going over the signatures and only you can prove because the courts will throw out something that's nebulous.
That's right.
And it's important to realize that's the reason
That Sidney Powell was dismissed from the legal team is that, first of all, she was making too many promises in the press that couldn't be backed up.
She was not putting forth evidence.
Even Tucker Carlson had a major set to with Sidney Powell because she wouldn't present any evidence.
Now, the lawyers say, of course, you don't want to litigate in the public.
But in this case, you do.
And the reason you do is because the judges
If they know that the public knows about the absolute proofs of fraud... Oh, exactly.
This is all political.
This is all out in the open.
Yeah, they're going to be very reluctant to be able to overturn that, and they're going to really have to dig hard to justify it if the public knows about it, otherwise they know it's going to be a fraud.
But if you keep it a secret...
And the judge just dismisses the case, then nobody knows what you presented, specifically.
I know she's been given evidence.
She's not a forensics engineer, so she doesn't know how to explain it.
And so there is, that's where the problem is caused.
That's right.
But there is, you know, it isn't easy.
You don't have a clear smoking gun of somebody from Dominion Systems admitting this, and you're never going to have that.
This is deep state tactics.
Yeah, they just put the Swiss cheese holes in, and then that's where the corruption happens.
So what do you think Trump should do?
Does he have a path to victory?
Well, it's out of his hands now because it's in the hands of the courts and in the hands of what the attorneys actually present to the courts.
But, you know, the courts are controlled by the deep state, including a majority of the justices on the Supreme Court.
And so I don't think that they're going to allow this, you know, case to go forward.
What do you make of Trump allowing the transition money to start going?
He says that that doesn't matter, but I don't think so.
I think that that's a major capitulation point.
Well, it is, but you've got to remember that he's got advisors surrounding him telling him to capitulate, to give in, to stop fighting this.
And as I say, he's wearing down.
It's very, very sad.
And the problem is, of course, that we lost our country years ago when we allowed the judicial system to become corrupted by, you know, deep state people.
And it's hard to overcome because when the deep state does things that are not public, when they pay off judges, when they have dirt on them through the NSA,
It's very difficult for the public to say no.
I mean, we get snookered into accepting what Trump picked out as Kavanaugh, who's Deep State.
No, I totally agree.
What is this going to do to Q if Trump is stolen and removed?
Well, I'm hopeful that Q will go away forever because Q is a major disinformation expert working on the other side.
In fact, one of the problems with Lin Wood and Sidney Powell is that they're Q believers, and that's why they're so confident.
And there's several other people who are just absolutely coming out and saying, Trump is going to win this, Trump is going to win this.
And they're believing Q, who's been wrong virtually about everything.
But it keeps people's false hopes up about Trump having some secret plan to drain the deep state.
I mean, it's just not going to be true.
Robert Barnes of Barnes Law says clearly as well, Q is a disinformation expert.
I can tell you, Barnes is working directly for Trump, so I'll leave it at that.
That's known by the enemy, but I think the audience deserves to know that.
And Joel Skousen's Skype just broke up.
We'll come back with him on the other side.
But ladies and gentlemen, it's not just Barnes I'm talking to.
I'm talking directly to Trump's top attorneys, okay?
It's not about name-dropping.
This makes me physically sick, okay?
They're completely surrounded.
They're working 20 hours a day.
They have mountains of affidavits.
They have total proof.
We've gone over it.
It's just insane.
Kicking out the observers, triple counting ballots, hiding ballots for Trump.
But we need that in front of the judges.
And that's what, of course, Dominion's engaged in fraud.
Of course, Smartmatic.
But you try to put that in front of a judge.
I mean, they're not a software engineer.
They don't know what it means.
I have talked to four top Trump lawyers, the top ones, and they say it's like zero heads got it perfectly right yesterday.
They're calling it a Death Star shot right now.
It doesn't matter they put the Supreme Court justices over the key districts.
If they, if the lawyers aren't there because of all the threats to get the cases up, they can't do it and they're threatening all the lawyers off the cases.
I'm just going to tell you the truth.
This country's in deep trouble.
Even during my wildest dreams of tyranny, I would have never imagined this headline.
From the CDC.
CDC tells Americans to avoid alcohol and singing during Thanksgiving gatherings.
Having fun is banned.
It also says keep music levels down.
I mean, wow.
They're seeing what we'll do, what we'll follow.
And don't blink either.
They say don't blink your eyes.
In the UK, they have signs up saying, look away from people.
Joe Scalzi, I want to get into the COVID hoax, the COVID propaganda, and where that's going, and the martial law, UN operation, and why would Klaus Schwab be admitting world government, and the Great Reset, and Justin Trudeau, but just getting back to Trump.
I always have an easy job.
Because I get the best guests on that have the best track records of being accurate.
I try to be as truthful as possible.
We all see through a rose-colored darkly of sin.
We're all distorted.
I'm trying to be Christ-like, but I'm obviously not.
But then I get this Trump thing where his lawyers are like, everyone's abandoning.
We're going to keep fighting on, but it's over.
And I'm like, I don't want to tell the listeners that because I want to keep fighting.
And then I see Pennsylvania and all the fake certifications in Nevada today.
But then I see all the evidence of fraud coming out.
And I know talk show hosts are supposed to be decisive.
And I am decisive on stuff like the Second Amendment, or abortion, or Christianity, or Jesus Christ.
But at this point, I don't actually know the outcome.
But I know this.
Trump shouldn't concede.
He should keep exposing the fraud.
They want him to concede.
You're a smart guy.
I respect you.
What do you think President Trump should do?
Well, absolutely.
He should not concede because of the fraud and he ought to start to air the evidence very carefully.
That's the important thing.
If the courts aren't going to ban, I mean, aren't going to do it, you need to get it out on a major public platform and have this exposed so the American people become convinced because the mainstream media is never going to cover this.
So it's got to be released and it's got to be released by the President of the United States.
Totally agree!
Why is he silent?
He needs, that's what, he needs to be the one that releases it from the Resolute Desk.
Do you agree with that?
And the reason he doesn't do it is because he's, first of all, not a technical guy.
He lives by briefings.
He lives by other people telling him what to do.
And so, you know, he rants and raves at him about why aren't we getting effectiveness, but he isn't a strategic thinker.
And that's the problem.
He's a populist.
By the way, you don't just say that.
It's true.
He's a good guy, has a good heart.
He's good, but he is, he's not, as you've said, he's not strategic.
He literally just goes off what he hears and has a good instinct, but doesn't, doesn't have knowledge himself.
He thinks because he's, he's lived by soundbites in all of his rallies and he keeps repeating the same things, which are correct.
But he leaves it there.
He never has the details.
For example, he said, I want to get rid of birthright citizenship before I leave office by executive order.
But he doesn't have a clue of how to do this.
He has to rely on the attorneys and they're fighting back on him.
You know, he did make some changes at the Pentagon.
But, you know, Christopher Miller is really doing tokenism.
He's, you know, sending home a few troops, less than a quarter.
Well, he needs to set up a major press conference
And a press presentation that will take about an hour.
And he's going to have to have graphics prepared.
He's going to have to show the statistics.
And I put those out on the World Affairs Brief in the two or three previous weeks to show the charts and the graphs.
They're all out there on the Internet showing the bump up when these blocks of Biden votes went in and when the votes were flipped.
It's very easy to see when you look at the charts.
And it's going to be proof to the American people they need to see it in graphics.
They need to see that leadership.
How did they convince him to not do this?
He should show the fraud graph, as you just said.
It's game over if he does that.
It is.
The American people will be convinced.
Even the liberals will look.
That's really dramatic.
Especially if you have experts explaining that.
And I've named the experts in the World Affairs Brief.
And by the way, you know, you're listening audience can get a copy of this by emailing me at editor at worldaffairsbrief.com.
But it is just dramatic when you see what's really out there.
And it doesn't do any good for Sidney Powell to go on Tucker Carlson said, you know, we've got proof, we've got proof.
Let's start showing the proof.
That's the last thing that he can do.
I totally agree with you.
What else can we do to get the word out and to stop this?
Well, the other thing we need to do, we need to start a major campaign to stop listening to Q. This is important because I'm going to take back what I just said to you before about Q going away.
He's not going to go away.
In my opinion, he's going to continue to lead the conservative movement falsely by promising false solutions.
And continue to put out cryptic messages about how these things, that there's going to be a military coup, that the military is secretly going to, you know, continue to follow Donald Trump.
And this is absolutely bogus.
But the longer people listen to people like Q with disinformation, the longer it's going to take them to realize we need to revamp, we need better leadership.
I personally think, even though I've supported Donald Trump, that we need a new leader for 2024.
If Donald Trump runs again, we'll have more of the same.
He can still be manipulated.
He will still be on the talking points.
He doesn't have the background to follow through on anything that he says.
And besides, if we don't break this vote fraud thing, it's going to happen again in 2024.
But I really think that we need a very strong principled conservative who has real background, who has real good legal sense and good strategic sense that can get in there and use the power of government while he's president to undo the deep state, which Trump has not been able to do.
What do you expect to happen if they're able to get Biden in?
Well, here's what I expect to happen.
Now, as I covered in this week's World Affairs Brief about the Great Reset, you're absolutely right about Klaus Schwab in his statements here.
They intend to use the coronavirus shutdowns
To actually hobble and destroy a good portion of the economy and make people dependent on bailouts.
Everybody depend on them.
And to a certain extent, people think we're justified because government caused this.
It wasn't a legitimate pandemic.
Government made the mistake.
They need to pay me for this.
But unwittingly, good people, even conservatives who are losing their businesses, losing their restaurants, are now going to be dependent, just like the airlines, on bailouts.
And with those bailout packages,
Are you?
And if the Democrats take control of the Senate or even get within one vote, there's enough compromising Republicans to vote with the Democrats.
I think we're going to see those bailout packages pass with those great recess socialist programs built into it.
And that's how we really start to lose our liberty and the free market economy.
I mean, I totally agree with you, and I know behind the scenes Trump says, keep fighting.
I've talked to his lawyers.
He says, I'm not conceding.
I concede nothing.
He said it again today, but Joel Scowls in a World Affairs Brief.
Why isn't he at the Resolute Desk every night showing the evidence?
He's the only one that can bypass the censorship.
I know his lawyers have said, oh, if you do that, Congress and the courts won't listen to you.
If you make it political, the Democrats have already made it political.
That's right.
I mean, they're telling him you'll make it political, but look, the judges are political.
They won't show it.
They won't admit it.
They don't want this evidence out there so that they can dismiss this stuff and walk away thinking that we've done our duty.
They haven't done their duty.
The only way to do that is to get this front and center to the American people, the kind of graphs that we're showing.
You know, one of the best graphs that I put out a couple of weeks ago in the World Affairs Brief
Is the one that shows the mail-in ballots.
You know, one of the statistical analysts said, because the mail-in ballots get shuffled in the mailing system, they don't all come in from precinct to precinct, which are mostly Democratic or mostly Republican.
And so they all should be almost totally uniform.
There should never be any spikes in Democratic votes or Republican votes in mail-in voting, because it all gets shuffled in at different times and places into the postal system.
And then he shows this graph on all the swing states, especially Virginia, which nobody's calling contestable.
It's absolutely thrown forward.
They showed these bumps and all of a sudden the ratio of Biden to Trump votes went up and it stayed up and then it went up again and then it went up again.
Oh, the graph is incredibly obvious.
Joel Scalza, worldfirstbrief.com.
Let's come back in the final segment and talk about what happens if Biden gets in.
Worst case scenario, what do we do as patriots?
And then Owen Schroeder, with a big election fraud expert, kicks off at 3 p.m.
You don't want to miss it.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show, War Room coming up in T-minus 12 minutes.
We are joined right now by Joel Skousen, Patriot veteran, head of worldfirstbrief.com.
Looking at what happens if Biden is able to weasel in, which I'd give it about an 80% chance right now.
I try to be negative or defeatist, folks, just being reality-based.
Only thing I've got is being honest.
What do they do?
I mean, they're announcing it here.
Open borders, shut down the oil fields, war, siege, endless lockdowns.
What do you see happening there and how do we peacefully and lawfully resist that?
Well, the key is going to be, you know, as I expect Donald Trump not to win this in the courts.
So the key is going to be still to retain the Senate to block those things.
And this is going to be very difficult because there's a lot of fraud in Georgia, and they spilled over into the Senate.
Oh, they've announced they're doing mail-in ballots again on the runoff.
And, you know, the Georgia governor called after the recount.
He called for a verification of the signatures on the ballot.
Now, that's not going to fly once you've done a recount, which is when you should have done that.
And as I pointed out in last week's World Affairs Brief,
The caller to the local election official there said, you know, after the recount is over, what did you present back to the state election officials?
We presented the original vote count.
Well, didn't the recount show a difference?
Yes, it was different.
Why then are you presenting the original vote count back to the state elected officials?
You'll have to talk to the state officials to find out that, he said.
So they got instruction not to submit recount votes to them.
But the original vote counts.
So there's a massive amount of fraud going into Georgia.
Now here's what's going to happen if Biden gets elected, if he takes the Senate.
That is, if we lose these Senate votes and they've got a majority, or even within one, there's enough rhino Republicans like Mitt Romney or Susan Collins or Lisa Murkowski that will vote with the Democrats.
They'll start to pass this stuff.
Now, they're going to get two additional states.
The first thing on the agenda is they're going to make Washington, D.C.
and Puerto Rico a state, and then you have a permanent Democratic majority of four votes in the Senate, which is going to cap that so that we'll never win in the Senate again.
And then they'll be able to put in all of the radical judges that they want to stack the courts.
And they're talking about packing the Supreme Court.
That's right.
They can pack the Supreme Court to overcome the token conservative majority.
But you know, Roberts is deep state.
They've got dirt on him and they can give him the phone call at night and turn him anything they want.
And they have some control over other judges, too, like Kavanaugh, because of his being part of the Vince Foster cover-up.
You know, and Amy Coney Barrett is strictly a mainstream
So I think what's going to happen is a little bit different than what you may have projected before about total martial law by the end of the year.
I think they're going to take it a little bit slower in terms of gun control for example.
Because they know what will happen in the rebellion with all of the guns that have been purchased.
Yeah, they want to gut the economy first.
That's right.
They want to gut the economy first so it becomes subservient.
And that's why people need to understand the key to this entire false pandemic is this test.
This is the first time they've ever used a PCR test because it's not a test.
A PCR is an amplification procedure for doing genome studies, etc.
And they've applied it to a test.
And what makes the PCR test falsified is what's called a primer.
They have to dope the sample with a primer.
And the primer, if it multiplies, it means that you've got what the primer says you have.
Well, the primer is false.
They don't have the COVID-19 deal.
Mullen, the former head of Pfizer, chief scientist, says this.
This is not your opinion.
This is an open fraud.
That's right.
And Dr. Roger Hodgson, the Canadian expert in virology, who also runs a North Carolina testing company, says the test is not valid.
You are not sick if you have it.
It even takes old particles of DNA from coronavirus, any coronavirus, and amplifies it because the primer
It's supposed to be specific to COVID-19 and it is not.
It is only specific to coronavirus.
So it is a magic formula.
Which again, for those who don't know, is one of the most common viruses.
That's right.
And so what happened, look at Florida.
Florida opened up and they've had no more death rate or anything.
But they're saying we have tripled the cases now that you've opened up.
Tripled the cases are bogus.
Because that's the goal.
I was thinking about cases calling an infection versus, this is insane.
That's right.
And they're still counting deaths of everyone who tests positive, which is also a false positive test, as a COVID death when they're dying of chronic disease and other comorbidities.
So how do we burn this thing out?
How do we shut it down?
How do we stop it?
We get state governors to say no?
I mean, what do we do?
Well, I don't think you can stop it.
And the reason I say this is because
I am just shocked at how the American people have so easily accepted this because of their trust in the medical establishment.
Donnie, they failed the test.
They have literally just invited a takeover.
We have invited it because we've accepted health insurance and health insurance only pays for establishment of medical.
So everyone is
I mean the only good thing about what's happening here is that homeschooling is up by millions who aren't going back to school with these masks.
People are starting to do home birth rather than go to the hospital because they're going to force that vaccine.
Joe, I'm not bragging.
I'm sure you've had this happen.
But people have gone from like, I shake 20 hands, one person cusses me out, to now liberals come up and apologize crying.
I mean, I go out now in public in Austin.
It's ridiculous.
So there's been a mass awakening.
I mean, I get nothing but love now in just the last month.
What happened?
What do you think happened?
Well, I mean, it's been a wake up call to anybody who's honest.
But you know, it's amazing.
I was, you know, I'm a pilot and the chief medical examiner doctor who writes the articles for AOPA, the biggest lobby for the pilots, he quoted the whole statistic and says, you know, we've had a quarter of a million people die from this and we have all of these infection cases.
You know, here's a smart guy.
He's never even ever seen the other evidence.
So conclusive is the censorship.
That good, honest doctors don't even have a clue that this stuff is being falsified.
I mean, this is really hard to beat, Alex, when you've got near total censorship.
And I am shocked at how 80%, I estimate, of American people still get their news from... No, I agree, but that's why people like you and others have to get the good boil-downs and send them to all the decision-makers like the head of the airline or the private pilot association.
But here's what happens.
What we find, and I have been sending things out, for example, the Utah governor, Governor Gary Herbert, has a son, his older son Nathan, knows this stuff, knows the truth.
And he's been feeding it to his father and demanding his father look at it.
His father won't do it.
His father turns away and rejects it because he is afraid to buck the establishment.
This is the problem.
Sure, they think it's a social
A social agreement, but the social agreement has been broken.
And so we have to stop submitting when the whole social contract's been broken.
Well, all I know is that there's hardly anybody in any city council, city or state, that has the courage to stand up and say the emperor has no clothes.
That this is not worthy of a pandemic.
I agree, so he won't even listen to his own son.
No, he won't even listen to his own elder son, who's credible.
So, you know, this is going to be... I just don't think we're going to beat this with... unless they start to become very oppressive.
And that's why I'm saying I don't think they're going to go to martial law by the end of the year.
Because if they start... They want to get the IDs first.
They want to get us on the smartphones.
They want to get us in the trap first.
They're going to move slower than what we think, but it's going to be very steady, insidious, more and more control, more and more surveillance, more and more contact tracing.
And this vaccine, this is going to be the big thing to see how aggressive they push this.
General Pernas was on a video saying we're going to make sure that everybody has this vaccine within 24 hours.
Now a lot of it have interpreted that as saying they're going to be forced to take it within 24 hours, but that's not what he meant.
He means when you want it, you get it.
We're going to make it available within 24 hours to everybody in the United States.
All right, Joel, we're out of time.
Join us again very soon.
Great analysis.
God bless you, brother.
Thank you, Alex.
All right, Owen Troyer takes over.
He's got this big
Overstock.com, former CEO, great smart guy, got major evidence of the fraud.
He'll do the first hour, that's coming up.
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And I don't mean sexually deviant.
That goes to territory.
I'm talking about deviant against their ancestors, deviant against their own species, deviant against the order of nature.
Even though that deviance is destructive and poisonous, they still do it because they want to play God.
Everything they touch, they destroy.
Their sacrament is aborting babies and then using their body parts.
Their religion is not taking care of the old, but euthanizing them.
Their whole system is designed for the UN to keep third world countries in serious poverty and poor, ballooning populations, then watching all that new fruit die on the vine, to continually reproduce the same nightmares over and over and over again.
They truly are the children of Satan.
They are the children of the devil.
And if you look at the slaves that served them, Biden and Kamala Harris, it really is manifest that being a slave of Satan is not profitable.
Sin is not profitable.
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