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Name: 20201123_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: Nov. 23, 2020
128 lines.
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I want to show you something that's more than just an allegory.
I want to show you something that's life and death for you and your family and the whole future of our species.
More than a hundred years ago, powerful robber baron elites adopted a system known as Social Darwinism, saying might makes right and we should just go ahead and follow Malthusian ideas of forced depopulation.
And that idea grew from just shadows, just ideas being promoted by ruthless men, and it began to turn over the next hundred years or so into something very, very real.
And it was no longer just shadows.
It was a real manifestation of an idea for a one world government to carry out the orderly depopulation of the planet.
A brave new world.
And that's where we are in the year 2020.
All the planning, all the beta testing is over.
And now, the Great Reset is here.
It's a future.
And for 80 plus percent of us, we're not in it.
We're here at the Georgia Guidestones outside the tiny town of Elberton, Georgia.
These mysterious stones were erected
by a secretive group in 1980.
We've done deep research to track back exactly who's behind these stones and why they're so significant in the year 2020 and what the Great Reset signifies to every human on Earth.
CNN founder Ted Turner reportedly funded the creation of the trust under the name R.C.
Christian or Rosicrucian with other donations from rich benefactors that wish to build an endless marker
Promoting their ideas for the future of the planet and humanity.
Carved into the face of this blue pyramid granite, in the eight great languages of the world, this power cult tells us exactly what they believe and their plans for all of us.
And notice that R.C.
Christian, his little merry band of depopulationists,
Have a whole bunch of cameras, some in plain view, some hidden, that reportedly go back to the local sheriff's department, who's paid a tiny sum of money every year to watch and protect this temple to the post-human era.
When you erect a temple in the middle of the rolling hills of rural Georgia, when you spend tens of millions of dollars over 30 years to upkeep it and have surveillance cameras and floodlights and have it repaired hundreds of times when it's been vandalized,
It's because it's what you believe with all of your heart.
It's what you stand for.
It's your manifesto.
We're about to go over what's written on the face of the stone and then look at the individuals that financed it and their other public statements.
And it is something akin to what would come out of the mouth of Adolf Hitler.
These stones are more than just a temple.
They're more than just a manifesto or a testament.
They are commandments being handed down to us by those that would run our lives.
And, to a great extent, do run our lives under the Great Reset we'll cover more in a moment.
But first, let's read the first verse.
Like we're pets, like we're a dog or a cat we take care of, or like we're a museum piece where they cull the population from 7.5 billion down to 500 million.
I wonder who the lucky people are that are going to get to live.
But they're not just going to guide how many people get to live.
No, no.
They're going to guide, like China's one-child policy,
Reproduction wisely, improving fitness and diversity.
That's a nice way of saying eugenics.
The third commandment, unite humanity with a living new language.
The fourth commandment,
Rule passion, faith, tradition, and all things with tempered reason.
But they will tell us what our traditions are.
They're going to rule our passions, our faith, our tradition, and all things will be tempered with reason by our controllers up on Mount Olympus, our gods.
They will tell us what virtue is.
Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.
But of course, they will decide what that means.
Again, everything in these stones is United Nations world government law put into religious-type connotations.
Like this doublespeak.
Let all nations rule internally, resolving external disputes in a world court.
So, you have a world court over you, but you still have your sovereignty.
That's doublespeak, and that's exactly how the United Nations operates in its Universal Declaration of Human Rights, where in its last articles it says, none of these rights
Exist if the UN says they don't exist.
You only have rights when they selectively say you have rights.
This is Karl Marx.
The state grows up, it is giant, it creates utopia, and then it withers away.
But it's always big billionaire financiers who are tax exempt.
And of course, balance personal rights with social duties.
It's a balance.
And they decide when you have personal rights.
If it's for a greater good, you've got to be sterilized.
If it's for a greater good, you've got to be euthanized.
If it's for the greater good,
You can't leave your house because somebody might die of COVID, even though the COVID shutdown is starving tens of millions.
See how that works?
And again, they're telling us they're the good guys that do want to kill 80% of us plus.
Prize truth, beauty, love, seeking harmony with the infinite.
The Infinite, which of course is bowing down and turning your consciousness over to these individuals that will dictate reality to you in the Matrix.
And finally, the Tenth Commandment!
Be not a cancer on the earth.
Leave room for nature.
Leave room for nature.
In other words, get out of the way.
I'm Ted Turner.
I'm having five children, dozens of houses, millions of acres, mistresses, jet airplanes, yachts, sailboats, jumbo jets, helicopters.
You, you don't get anything.
Roll over and die.
I'm the Guardian.
I'm Ted Turner.
I'm Bill Gates.
I'm the New World Order.
Their plan is called the Great Reset.
Their manual of operations is Agenda 2030.
A public UN plan in the name of world peace and stopping hunger that actually shuts down the world economy and will cause massive depopulation.
Build back better.
Agenda 21.
Agenda 2030.
When you hear these terms, it's all building towards a post-human dystopia.
The globalists aren't just trying to get rid of the general population to, quote, save the earth.
They are on record saying they believe they're going to merge in a new evolution with machines.
This is a global corporate takeover allied with Communist China on record.
And it's no mistake that in the year 2020, they're engaged in massive censorship of anyone that criticizes the lockdowns, the Great Reset, the United Nations, Communist China.
This is authoritarianism making its move
to break the will of the American people.
Because once the United States falls to the globalists, there'll be no nation on Earth to stand against them.
This is the most dangerous, dark, satanic ideology to ever be on the face of this planet, and it must be opposed.
InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
The answer to 1984 is 1776.
InfoWars has been banned.
Attacked and threatened.
Because we are effective.
The Great Awakening is here.
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And never give up the fight.
It really is simple.
The left are into being deviant.
And I don't mean sexually deviant.
That goes to the territory.
I'm talking about deviant against their ancestors, deviant against their own species, deviant against the order of nature.
Even though that deviance is destructive and poisonous, they still do it because they want to play God.
Everything they touch, they destroy.
Their sacrament is aborting babies and then using their body parts.
Their religion is not taking care of the old, but euthanizing them.
Their whole system is designed for the UN to keep third world countries in serious poverty and poor.
Ballooning populations and then watching all that new fruit die on the vine.
To continually reproduce the same nightmares over and over and over again.
They truly are the children of Satan.
They are the children of the devil.
And if you look at the slaves that served them, Biden and Kamala Harris, it really is manifest that being a slave of Satan is not profitable.
Sin is not profitable.
I'm Alex Jones and this is the InfoWar.