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Name: 20201123_Mon_Alex
Air Date: Nov. 23, 2020
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InfoWars host Alex Jones discusses the disproportionate economic effects of COVID-19 on African Americans, criticizing the lack of protest from Black Lives Matter. He also addresses censorship he has experienced on social media platforms and warns about potential martial law under Biden's administration. Jones encourages listeners to support InfoWars and purchase products from InfowarsLife to combat censorship. He promotes various discounted and free-shipping products, including DNA Force Plus, which he claims is essential for his daily routine.

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We're putting up a heroic effort right now.
And I just hope you as listeners understand, you are so important.
Imagine if President Trump tried to give a speech to a million people.
I was trying to give a speech to 500,000 people.
Only a fraction could hear it, even though they had big speakers.
Maybe 100,000 could hear it.
In D.C.
last weekend.
Not this weekend, but last weekend.
Eight days ago.
Nine days ago.
Well, imagine if Trump didn't have any amplifier.
Only the first 10 rows would hear it, then you'd have to repeat it, and then by the game of telephone, it would all be lost.
You are the speaker system.
So I can sit up here all day long and talk about stuff, when you decide to spread the word, and when you decide to share the info and download it and save it?
Because there may be a come a time we're not here.
I mean, I've been waiting a while to say this may be my last broadcast, and I've never done that in 27 years on air.
Tomorrow, I'm going to have discipline.
I'm going to do my last broadcast ever, hypothetically, because it could be.
I mean, now's the time.
I'm under full surveillance.
They want me to know.
I want you to know your kids are all going to die of cancer.
I wish they weren't.
Go ahead, FBI agents.
Load your kids up and watch it.
And remember, when you're burying them, you did it.
You killed your own children.
So, you know, that's where this country is.
You go ahead and sign on to Bill Gates.
You go ahead.
I'm signed on to Jesus.
I want people to know it's counting down now, folks.
This is the takeover.
The end of the republic.
With a damn CHICOM agent!
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
The left is pushing its idealistic utopian vision of free college tuition.
The fantasy completely ignores the known pitfalls.
In a rapidly changing world,
We should have free tuition at public colleges and universities.
That should be a right of all Americans, regardless of the income of their families.
If the liberal Marxist state rules over our system of higher learning, conservatism won't just be non-existent.
Conservatives will be hunted down.
Here at Sproul Plaza has always been the heart of student activism at UC Berkeley.
Just a few seconds ago, we heard some drumming stop here.
Always a very active and lively place.
Well, a few days ago, one activist found himself on the receiving end of some violence.
This was the scene on Upper Sproul Plaza.
A shoving match.
And then a sucker punch.
The man in black is the suspect UC Berkeley officers are looking for tonight.
The man in the white cap on the receiving end of that punch is Hayden Williams, a volunteer from conservative group Turning Points USA.
Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez doesn't want people to forget the people who continue to enable you-know-who.
In a tweet asking, is anyone archiving the you-know-who sycophants when they try to downplay or deny their complicity in the future?
Do you foresee a decent probability of many deleted writings and tweets and photos in the future?
Is she trying to make sure they are held accountable or is she sort of advocating cancel culture?
But this is a bit about archiving or making a list kind of reminds you of the Red Scare and McCarthyism.
And I think those people in his administration that
Not only drafted some of those policies, but were complicit in those policies shouldn't be forgotten.
And I do think that people need to be held accountable for their actions.
And I don't think it is reminiscent of McCarthyism at all.
I think you have to be specific about who you're going to target as collaborators.
What is their next job going to be and what is it like going into the job market, not from a normal White House where typically you've got a lot of offers, but coming from the Trump White House?
The historian David Blight from Yale recently spoke about Trump and the GOP as the new confederacy.
Now, this was a very poisonous accusation.
Think of it.
First of all, a member of the party of the Confederacy is accusing the leader of the party of Lincoln of being a Confederate.
But I think that what he was trying to do is sow the kind of hatred that makes Trump supporters into enemies.
Enemies of the country.
And then this licenses, in the name of tolerance, believe me, a kind of wave of anger and retribution
I think?
39% of the colleges in his study being Republican-free.
The study also found that political affiliation skewed heavily Democratic, with more than 78% of academic departments having no politically conservative representation.
During the 1960s and 1970s in the United States, students were being educated within the framework of Fabian and Frankfurt School socialism and cultural Marxism, with the heady mix of open sexuality and anything-goes societal upheaval.
They gravitated to Frankfurt School demagogues such as MACUSA, herald as the father of the New Left, and the leading academic in the sexual revolution.
He encouraged not only revolutionary militancy of groups like the Black Panthers and the Weather Underground, but also inspired widespread agitation, student unrest and control of campuses.
It's not surprising that these new ideas were eagerly internalized among the ranks of newly liberated young men and women at our colleges and universities.
This was the precursor of the stifling political correctness that has set the tone for the cultural and political instability we have witnessed over the past decades.
The irony is the left's naive vision of a permanent brown shirt anarchist class graduating from the halls of state indoctrination will perpetually attack the very capitalist taxpayers that supported them.
The colleges will morph from Marxist hellholes where the only inevitable outcome is the toppling of the left.
We are live broadcasting worldwide on this Monday, November 23rd, worldwide transmission.
We are 58 days out from the overthrow of our republic and the installation of a foreign Chinese backed communist agent known as Joe Biden.
Once they get him in, they're going to trigger giant false flag bombings, mass shootings, and then they're going to come with mass arrests.
They're going to plunge the stock market by 80%, and then have the general public beg for martial law to stop it, and they are never going to stop.
Persecutions, roundups, camps.
If you think the Republicans led by McCarthy in the House
And if you think that not-needs-senate up there isn't gonna roll over to this, you're gravely mistaken.
The gloves are off.
Apple runs death camps.
That's all you gotta know.
The liberals that run things own death camps.
They run death camps.
Everything you've seen in China is now coming for you and your family.
And we'll see what you're made of now.
Because folks have finally figured out we're not playing games, this isn't a joke.
They put Joe Biden in, the Chi-Coms are going to drop the hammer.
Because they think you're soft, and they think you're weak.
Big article from National File.
It's an article on InfoWars.
There's a bunch of news articles about it in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times.
Well, you know, Apple is lobbying against a law that doesn't let companies use slave labor.
And, you know, Trump signed an executive order six months ago about human trafficking and also slave labor.
And, you know, we want that repealed, and Joe Biden's going to repeal it so Apple can run slave camps.
Three million Muslims, a million Buddhists and Christians combined in camps all over China for simply being religious and not worshiping the Communist Party.
So remember that when you see snot-nosed Antifa with their Mao Zedong patches.
Remember that when you hear about how we're fascist and Trump's bad and all this.
No, the people that run Biden are the ones that have the death camps.
And that's the number one issue.
They back authoritarian regimes.
The United Nations Human Rights Panel has got countries like Saudi Arabia and Communist China on it.
It's a joke.
They'd be like making Hitler the head of the New York Holocaust Museum.
So that's how this works.
And they build the Apple component factories through their contractors directly on to these facilities.
And everyone is quite proud of it.
And that's who your liberal academics are.
That's who your leftists are.
That's who your trendies are.
That's who they are.
They're soulless monsters who are useful idiots.
The average trendy, 99.99% of your trendies, are just the underminers who bring the country down.
They're gonna get nothing once things collapse.
In fact, they're the type of people the globalists disdain the most.
They'll be the first ones
They get put in a forced labor camp, ladies and gentlemen.
You see, we're a 246-year-old country, and folks tend to think they're invincible, and they tend to think bad things can't happen to them.
You know, you see that in a lot of young people.
They've never been in a big car wreck.
They've never been mugged.
They've never been raped.
They've never had something bad happen to them, but boy, when it finally does, they just can't believe it.
That reality hit them between the eyes.
And America is fat, dumb, and stupid.
And is getting walked to the guillotine right now.
We are already putting our feet on the first steps.
And we're marching up to that Bill Gates executioner, and he's smiling and licking his dirty lips.
So all of you, and the FBI, and the ATF, and the local police, and the bureaucrats, you have let the defense shields of the Republic lower.
You're cowardice.
You're going along with the system.
You're being bought out.
Has lowered our shields, and we are now flooding like a sinking ship.
And so just remember when you're homeless, just remember when you have nothing, just remember when there's no running water, and there's no electricity for almost everybody, just remember, remember that you betrayed God, and you betrayed the children, and you betrayed the truth, and you didn't stand up, and you let this happen.
We're under martial law, and now they're ratcheting the martial law back up.
And in 58 days, if they have their way and the neocons and rhinos are able to make sure that Trump doesn't get his proper Supreme Court hearing with the absolute total fraud manifest, you need to understand that they know you've woken up a lot of people.
They know they're in trouble.
They know globalism's on its heels.
And so they're counter-striking.
And now that they've got their foot on our neck using the virus, using the fear,
They are never going to let off of you again.
That's how authoritarianism works.
It's guaranteed.
It's a guarantee that it's all over, all of it.
So all the compliance with the system and all the going along with it is operant conditioning to prepare your mind.
Eleven years ago, I put out a little documentary called Endgame 2.0.
It's since been taken off the internet.
It was internet only.
Didn't put a DVD out.
And in that film, we laid out their plan to collapse society.
And their plan to trigger an economic collapse using a virus.
And the reason I knew that was it had just come out in the Operation Lockstep, which is now about 11 years ago.
And then this morning I was watching the David Knight Show, about 8.30, and he aired his entry nine years ago to the Operation 1776 film festival we had online.
And he got fourth place, memory serves, but the film was very important.
And it shows the psychological ruling class, who the global star, what they have planned for you and your family.
Really did a great job.
It's a six minute video.
And so I thought I would air the whole thing.
You only heard about a minute of it today and reminded me of how good it is.
And I also wanted to give you this quote.
I'll talk about when we come back.
If the situation was hopeless, their propaganda would be unnecessary.
It's because we were turning the tide that they've gone thermonuclear.
And I can look into the future and the hell that's coming and know that we'll end up beating them, but you can't wait until you realize that I'm not exaggerating.
You can't wait until you finally figure out that this isn't a game.
I'm not trying to scare you folks.
They're going to try to implement what I just said.
Now, will they get it done?
I don't know.
We're gonna go to break.
We're going to come back.
We've got all this election fraud evidence, the biggest yet.
We've got Trump's path to victory, but it's narrowing because of the neocons and others turning against him and people in his own administration that want a future job who are being threatened.
It's all coming up.
Then I'll say this.
This special is over a week overdue.
I met with the folks today in the warehouse.
They said, listen,
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You got to stop the special.
I haven't had time.
I've been working so hard, fighting the globals, traveling around the country.
So this is the final day of American crisis.
Emergency lockdown 2 is here.
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Biden gets in, good chance they're
Hey guys, I don't mind this bumper music, but we're not talking about Big Mike right now, so let's kill it.
We are back live, ladies and gentlemen.
I am your host, Alex Jones.
And coming up next segment, I'm going to lay out the just devastating evidence of the permanent total lockdown designed to totally bankrupt you and economically bring you to your knees for the social engineers and their horrible takeover.
I mean, they're just making their move.
They don't care.
You can see it everywhere.
You cannot estimate how evil it is.
And by the way, submitting only makes it worse.
You can try to join them.
You'll be destroyed even faster.
James Bond movie.
Doctor, no.
James Bond's been captured.
He says, you expect me to talk?
He goes, no, Mr. Bond.
I expect you to die.
Resistance is the only shot you've got.
And by the time it dawns on people, even inside government and corporate bureaucracies, they're going to be so scared they're going to keep going along with their own destruction.
This is a scientific, satanic, mathematical algorithm of total destruction.
Or you could have one globalist left on earth and then Satan would destroy them.
The plan is total betrayal.
Now, this video was put out by David Knight nine years ago.
And it gets into the psychology of all of this.
It gets into the mindset of it.
It gets into how they use operant Pavlovian conditioning to make you love your servitude and the type of world they're wanting to build.
And the Rockefeller Foundation said they'd use the fear of a virus to get this done.
Strangely enough, we found a copy of this on YouTube.
It's titled, GovSkull is 1984 on training wheels, Infowars.com.
The answer to 1984 is 1776.
I'm sure they'll ban it now that we've talked about it.
It'll be living at ban.video.
I'm gonna give a different title that basically, you know, filmmaker predicted lockdown.
Nine years ago.
But this is the psychological rulers who pretend they're God and then manipulate us psychologically even though they're the most insane, the most out of control.
That's what's so crazy about this is, statistically, these globalists have the worst families, they're the most unhappy people, but they want to get us so confused and so out of our environment and so upside down that they can play God because they're vandals.
They project their own hatred of themselves onto us.
And then we've got huge election fraud compilations, gateway pundits knocked it out of the park, funding this big stop-the-steal Justice League of America vote fraud investigation.
That's all coming up.
But here is this powerful David Knight report from nine years ago.
Do you remember watching old World War II movies where the Germans were maiming?
What have you done with your papers?
How did we get to the point where you not only have to constantly provide your identity papers, but you have to be x-rayed and sexually molested to travel?
Why are only a minority of us bothered by this?
How did we lose our freedom and dignity?
And how do we get them back?
Well, the answer to 1984 is 1776.
Colonial Americans would never have tolerated this from a government that, in their view, had been created to protect their God-given rights.
But Americans today are very different from Americans in 1776.
The difference is the education and conditioning we receive in government schools.
In 1948, Orwell wrote 1984, which explores the horrors of an authoritarian government that has taken away freedom and dignity.
But that same year, an American, B.F.
Skinner, also wrote a novel about a totalitarian government.
But Skinner viewed total government control not as a horror to be avoided, but as a goal.
His later book on behavioral psychology, Beyond Freedom and Dignity, is required reading in many colleges of education in the area of behavioral psychology.
Now we have to put the world in order.
It will be a long and complicated struggle, but we have the unity of a common order and a common knowledge.
There are many different theories about what a perfect society should look like, but all the social engineers agree that the key to accomplishing their vision of utopia is to get control of children at the youngest possible age, separating them from their parents and attaching them to the state.
Skinner sought to abolish family, religion, democracy, capitalism, freedom, and dignity in his ideal society.
A new world beginning.
Just look at the results.
In 1984, the Ministry of Truth was responsible for all education, fine arts, news, one source, one authority for all information, which freed the Ministry of Truth from the concern of actually telling the truth.
With a continuing centralization in education, our government is increasingly considered to be the authoritative final arbiter of what goes into textbooks and curriculum.
It even influences the choice of textbooks for most private schools and some homeschoolers.
At the same time, the schools have been at the forefront of adopting all aspects of the surveillance police state.
No tactic is too severe for the Ministry of Love to use in protecting its students.
Teddy bears with cameras.
Pencil sharpeners with cameras.
Ties with cameras.
Cameras everywhere.
Locker inspections.
Metal detectors.
5,000 in New York City schools alone.
Constant surveillance.
No freedom.
No dignity.
Our centralized government schools have become a combination of many love and many true.
GovSchool is 1984 on training wheels.
Textbooks today are constantly updating the past to reinforce the social engineering fad of the day.
The founders who valued individual freedom have become unpersons, vanished, written out of the textbooks in favor of contemporary persons who embody political correctness.
The students adored the party and everything associated with it.
The songs, the banners, the drilling, the yelling of slogans, the worship of Big Brother.
It was all sort of a glamorous game to them, systematically turning them into ungumorable little savages.
Yet this produced no tendency to rebel against government rules.
All their ferocity was turned outward against enemies of the state.
How do we answer this Orwellian nightmare?
The answer is 1776.
There was no Federal Department of Education in 1776.
There was no Department of Education even in 1976.
America rose to greatness with a population that was educated at home or in small, locally controlled schools under close supervision of the parents.
The literacy rate in colonial America without gov school was higher than today.
20th century figures that were homeschooled included the Wright Brothers, Thomas Edison, Douglas MacArthur, and George Patton.
The generation of Americans that defeated the institutionalized fascist followers of Hitler had on average eight years of school.
A couple of generations later and our institutionalized children are in school from age 3 to 22.
19 years!
And they're arguably more dependent and definitely more socialist.
So how would 1776 look today?
For starters, we take back our children from the socialist planners and the social science experimenters.
Government control of education is government control of our children.
We stopped the government control of education by stopping the flow of our money for education going to the government and only a portion coming back to us.
We stopped the government from defining education by selecting curriculum and textbooks.
Government control of education must be abolished for the same reasons we don't have a state church and that we shouldn't have state-run media.
You can't have freedom of religion or freedom of speech if you don't have freedom of education.
I'm not arguing that we abandon education.
But that we stop abandoning our children to government institutions to raise.
Do you not agree that sending your child to a government school is abandoning them to the state?
Well, that's what the government says.
The Federal District Court in Massachusetts said in a finding, parents do have a fundamental right to raise their children.
They're not required to abandon that responsibility to the state.
They may send their children to a private school.
They may also educate their children at home.
In other words, the court outlined three options for parents.
Send your child to private school, teach them at home, or abandon them.
That is your responsibility to the state.
Parents, teachers, businesses, everyone in society values education.
When it is privatized and funded by some mixture of parents, vouchers, and charities, it will be controlled by the people who know and love children the best.
Their parents.
All right, great job, David Knight.
We're going to re-upload that to Band.Video.
You have thousands of videos, tens of thousands, 60, 70 plus thousand, I forget.
Looks like 65,000 videos we need to re-upload.
Well, you live to see it.
You might be 90 years old, you might be 10 years old, you might have just been born.
That you're living in the year 2020 when the New World Order made its move.
And the United Nations, Bill Gates, Ted Turner, David Rockefeller, Prince Philip, all of them always said, we will have our New World Order by 2020.
And by 2030, we would have started massive forced depopulation.
And boy, are they not doing it.
I've got stacks of articles here of 59 flu shot deaths in South Korea, and they say, we don't care, we're going to force it on everybody.
I've got articles about people dying all over in the trials of the COVID-supposed vaccines.
They're not even vaccines, they reprogram your cells like cancer.
They are cancer viruses, actually.
Weaponized cancer viruses.
But they just put it out there and go, yeah, some of you are going to die.
700,000 people are going to get sick.
It's going to be way more than that, but it's just okay.
You just get used to it.
Oh, you had a seizure.
Oh, you got cancer.
Oh, you're paralyzed.
Well, we're not going to cover it.
You'll just be a number.
Because we're getting rid of your dignity.
And we played that early report about B.F.
Skinner and Pavlov and, you know, hell, Kinsey.
I mean, we're talking about people that, in the case of Kinsey and Skinner, believed in pedophilia.
They were pedophiles.
Look it up.
They believed in torture.
They believed... One of them wrote a book titled Beyond Evil.
Oh, we're beyond evil.
And they are worshipped by the left.
I remember one time I was hanging out with a famous movie director who wanted to meet with me.
And he said, I notice you talk about Bertrand Russell on your show.
He's one of the greatest humans to ever live.
And I looked at him and I said, Bertrand Russell wanted to have a world government in the thirties, he wrote about it, and envisioned bat-winged stealth bombers that would fly around dropping atomic bombs on people before they even invented them.
They had the equations.
To depopulate the earth and end war.
And the director said, well, wouldn't it be better to do that and not let it have an uncontrolled war, then we all die?
And I'm just looking at a psychotic.
I'm not gonna say the name of the director.
And these people are in a cult, folks.
They'll look at you just like Russell looks in that photo of your TV where they all act just like, it's the spirit.
It's this power trip that they're in charge and they're the masters of the universe.
And I guess we put up with it, so they are.
But most of them end up in lunatic asylums.
Riding on the walls of their own feces.
Look into it.
Their families don't care about them.
None of their friends are really their friends.
They die alone.
Horrible people.
Klaus Schwab.
Boris Johnson.
By the way, sometimes I'm on air and I just say things that are wrong, and later I hear it and I'm like, how the hell did no one correct me?
I was saying the Georgia Guidestones were built 30 years ago by Ted Turner calling for world government and depopulation of the planet by 80 plus percent.
It's 40 years ago!
It's like, I will get like the most complex stuff right, or some obscure bill number, but if it's like the year 2020, that's 40 years.
But my mind just can't believe
That years have gone by like that.
The Georgia Guidestones were only 13 years old.
14 years old.
When I first started getting on air.
Absolutely insane.
But see, I didn't consciously lie to you like that.
I just got it wrong.
Let me just tell you what's coming up and we'll open the phones up.
You need to be heard from.
I also want to invite and also welcome the massive viewership we're getting from those leaving Fox News.
Our overall personal audio streams and video streams are five times what they were a year ago.
And the show has completely gone stratospheric, which the enemy knows.
And so is Newsmax.
They're exploding.
So is OAN.
I love that.
I wish there were a hundred other channels.
I just want to save this country.
That's why CNN is calling for OAN and Newsmax to be shut down.
And yeah, we're more hardcore than Newsmax, and OAN's pretty hardcore.
They do a great job.
Their owner's a great person.
And of course, we're number one on cloud TV that also carries OAN and Newsmax.
But on a level playing field, we dwarf their audience.
All their audiences combined are not as big as ours, just on that one platform.
And I tell you that because that's what I said earlier, is the unknown quote.
You can't find who ever said it, but it's totally true.
If the situation was hopeless, their propaganda would be unnecessary.
They're the hopeless ones that serve Satan.
So as negative as I am, and as bad as the stuff is, I tell you, it's like the doctor telling you,
You've got emphysema, and if you keep smoking two packs of cigarettes a day, you'll be dead in five years.
If you stop, you might live 20 years.
If you don't listen, you're probably dead in five years.
Or if you're drinking two bottles of vodka a day, and the doctor says your liver's starting to go out, you could have liver failure.
I mean, it's a fact.
And I'm not here telling you all this to scare you.
I believe in you.
And I believe you're gonna take action, and peacefully, and ideologically, and spiritually.
Then we're going to overturn this corrupt takeover, but you've got to recognize you're under assault.
So let me tell you what we've got.
Here to deal with.
I want to invite all the new viewers that tuned in.
Who got past the Jedi mind trick of Alex Jones is off the air.
He's nowhere to be found.
I want to invite all of you to take the next step.
And that is tell everyone you know about Bandot Video and about Infowars.com and to encourage them to then tell others.
And it's that chain reaction that's going to bring the globalists down.
We're very, very close to it.
They're very, very desperate.
These attacks they've launched are not going well, trying to steal it.
They had a national poll out.
87% of Republicans don't believe that Joe Biden won the election.
That's why Brian Stelter got up last week and said, there's really no Republicans that believe Trump really won.
Only a few crazy people.
Everything he says is a lie.
And so the fact that you're not buying it is key.
And the fact that you're not demoralized is key.
So just don't let them win and realize they've tried to suppress you and silence you because they fear you.
And they fear the truth.
And they think they can break your will.
Don't let them break your will.
Yeah, there's other fake polls out there saying 70% of Republicans don't believe election was free and fair.
If you type in poll, 87% of Republicans.
That's another poll.
It's 87.
It's in the stack from last week.
It's a major scientific poll.
And we're not going to stop.
So if you go to InfoWars.com, there's a title for the show today.
That hopefully you'll share.
And I think the title of the broadcast says it all.
Emergency transmission.
Trump can still win, but he must act now.
And he needs your help.
By talking to high level White House sources, Alex Jones has gathered intel that confirms his independent analysis.
Share this link if you want to be free and if you want to stop the globalist.
Now, there is a path to victory.
Trump really did win.
All the evidence is there.
The public's being gaslit.
But we're going to have to get Trump to not be silent like he's been told to do, thinking that that's going to influence elections.
What they're telling him is, if you speak out, the courts will say they're going to rule against you because you spoke.
But the Democrats are all speaking.
That's a fraud.
That's a lie.
So the Trump is really miscalculating right now, in my view, being silent.
And I've got the inside baseball on how to stop these people.
We'll break it down and get the number out when we come back.
I'm going to lay out how President Trump can defeat the globalists and his path to
Not letting them steal this election and fulfilling the will of the voters and the people.
And I'm going to do that at 6 after next hour because it's going to take
To take a couple segments and then we're going to take your phone calls on what you think we should do and where you think we're at.
But if you just tuned in on radio, you missed the video of the water cannons and the armored vehicles and the police attacking Germans.
We're being told that they've all got to go on welfare.
They've all got to lose their jobs.
They got to move out of their houses.
Their businesses are not essential.
They've got to basically starve to death.
At the same time,
The politicians are all caught out at lavish hilltop dinners, not social distancing, not wearing masks.
And they do that on purpose to train you that they are the new royalty.
The horribly arrogant and fake degenerate governor of New Jersey.
And Lightfoot that says Pleasant Legion is the New World Order.
All these arrogant people think that they own you.
And they're there to exercise it in your face.
We put a little compilation of this together.
Sorry, not sorry, of Newsom and Lightfoot.
I mean, there's hours of this.
And the Philadelphia mayor and Boris Johnson.
All of them.
All of them.
Engaging in this type of behavior.
As much as I like Metallica, I don't like it just firing randomly, but whatever.
So, let's go ahead and go to that little piece that we put together of just a few of these hypocrites flaunting it in your face.
Mayor Jim Kenney is apologizing after a photo surfaced on social media showing him dining indoors in Maryland this weekend.
This photo showing Kenney seated at a table made the rounds on social media.
Some criticized the mayor for dining indoors while Philadelphia restaurants are still prohibited from allowing customers inside.
Democratic leaders getting slammed for not following their own coronavirus restrictions.
I made a bad mistake.
Instead of sitting down, I should have stood up and walked back on my car and drove back.
The last thing that Mayor Lightfoot wanted to talk about today was getting a haircut.
She didn't do a whole lot of talking about it, but she certainly didn't apologize for it either.
But a photo that surfaced on social media showing the mayor after getting a trim has some asking, what about me?
The mayor was asked at least twice about the haircut this afternoon.
I'm out in the public eye and, you know, I'm a person who, I take my personal hygiene very seriously.
As I said, I felt like I needed to have a haircut.
Nancy Pelosi is under fire today after a surveillance video shows her at a hair salon getting a blowout and not wearing a face mask.
As it turns out, it was a setup.
So I take responsibility for falling for a setup.
The woman's going bankrupt.
She's now lost her salon, last time I heard.
But Pelosi, she says, oh, for me, you can be open.
And this is a classic example of how evil thinks it can be separate from us and do what it wants but have us under other rules.
And they're trying, psychologically, to condition us to accept that.
I mean, Newsom just flew on taxpayer money for a week.
To Maui at a five-star hotel.
I mean, I can't afford to stay at a place like that.
It's like $1,000 a night rooms.
He went there with hundreds of state staff and they went to luau's and parties and reportedly told everybody, oh, don't even wear a mask, wave it all, because it's crap.
I always see headlines, oh, a state rep has announced her
Don Jr.
has announced he's got COVID, is self-quarantining.
It's like saying, oh, I've got a cold, I've got the flu, I'm self-quarantining.
Oh, you get a lot of news attention when you say it.
It's not 99.9% of people recover.
The latest numbers, depending from Hawaii to Australia, is .000000 and then some numbers of real COVID deaths.
Last time I checked, there's been 17 real deaths in Australia.
From actual COVID, of the thousand or so, everything else was heart attacks, cancer, you name it.
But again, people cannot believe they're being lied to at this magnitude.
Let me show you just some of these headlines, and I'll get the number out, and then later, after I've gotten into the election news, and how to stop the globalists there, I will get into this more.
But look at these headlines.
It's not like people aren't fighting back.
You've had all these federal and state judges say, you can't lock people down and say they're not essential.
That's what Hitler said about the Jews!
You're not essential!
Useless eaters is the term.
UK Supreme Court judge slams totalitarian COVID control freaks in government.
Says it's illegal, it's out of control, and it's causing mass suicide and death.
And there's all these hospitals completely empty, not doing heart surgeries for stents, for blocked arteries.
They estimate just from heart attacks and non-treatment of cancer there have been triple the numbers of deaths in Europe and the United States.
Look it up.
The hospitals are empty.
And here's the big key.
What do you think happens to the insurance companies when for all over the world for 10 months they've been denying most care?
Remember, oh, there was such hysteria seven months ago that, oh, if someone's having a heart attack,
We're not gonna resuscitate, that was the headlines, because we might get COVID.
Oh, I can't resuscitate, give you mouth-to-mouth.
Let you die.
Oh, we're gonna kill the old people.
You can't go see them though.
We're gonna bring COVID patients in.
But you might have it, so you can't come in.
It's about the death of logic.
These are psychologists and psychiatrists running this.
They admit it, they wrote books on it, and they're doing it.
The average pop psychologist has no idea, it's just they're collecting your money.
But the actual technocrats on top,
The people like Steve Pchenik who's been at the top of it?
He'll tell you.
It's all a sick joke.
So here's the headlines.
UK Supreme Court slams totalitarian COVID control freaks in government.
COVID-19 is a vehicle for Democrats to control individuals.
Oh, I'm glad Town Hall and the Republicans finally figured it out.
County to shut down all indoor and outdoor dining before Thanksgiving.
But don't worry, the wineries up north owned by Newsom, they'll stay open.
California exempts Hollywood movie studios from COVID lockdowns.
Everybody else though?
Californians defy Governor Newsom curfew order.
Flood streets in 16 cities.
Beautiful video we'll be playing coming up.
Health officials make their final plea for holiday caution as coronavirus case spikes.
They're not health officials.
They're Democrat globalist political operatives in white lab coats trying to sell you a medical tyranny.
Report, UN orders EU to get migrants vaccinated.
Oh, they said the migrants and the black people are gonna get the shot first.
Black Lives Matter.
Get ready for your flu shot and your COVID shot.
And of course, there's special batches for you.
I had the owner of the largest chain of pediatric facilities tell me 10 years ago that they were giving blacks in East Austin weaponized cancer virus filled polio.
And he was like, excuse me?
He'd been doing it mostly.
He goes, wait a minute.
This is 1960s live cancer?
And they were like, shut up.
He just told me, don't say his name.
You already know that.
It was in AP last month that most of the polios from Bill Gates' vaccine, they still do it.
And it's them giving them the same stuff in Africa.
In the AP photo!
Apple runs slave camps and is fighting legislation to stop them in the U.S.!
But Tim Cook is like, I guess I'm kind of Tim Cookie and I'm wearing a black sweater today.
I mean, we're lordy, lordy.
I haven't hit half of this.
It's all coming up.
It's all coming up next hour.
Toll-free number to join us, 877-789-2539.
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The globalists hope you don't defend yourself.
Fauci hopes every day you die in a ditch.
The globalists are trying to censor what you can see and what you can share.
Don't let them win.
Go to our emergency election newsletter at InfoWars.com forward slash newsletter.
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It's time to override the censors and get the truth out.
All right, we're back live.
Well, one of the biggest airlines in the world, Qantas, CEO has said that they've talked to all the other big CEOs and
You're going to be taking all the inoculations Bill Gates wants.
Bill Gates is to be the head of the G7.
The Prime Minister of England said that he will basically put Bill Gates in charge of the G7 for the next year to implement the Great Reset and build back better.
And that means five vaccines to begin with that are mRNA that change your DNA.
Not a vaccine.
A deadly
Cancer infusion, GMO takeover of your body.
I mean, it's like the 1980s thing.
You dig it up, it grabs you, it rewrites you.
I mean, this is, this is, this is just the giant leap towards total takeover.
And they know you put up with the airports and the fondling of your children and all that.
So now that's going to be the incubation center for this.
God help us.
No exemptions.
You don't even have a, you don't have COVID tests.
Doesn't matter.
You're going to take in your body what we say.
In Australia,
Is the captive island, the captive continent.
God help us.
Qantas Airways CEO says COVID vaccination will be mandatory for travel.
Here, just hear it directly from this monster.
Alan, when there is a vaccine, are you going to require all of your passengers to be vaccinated before they get on a plane?
Yeah, we are looking at changing our terms and conditions to say for international travellers that we will ask people to have a vaccination before they can get on the aircraft.
What do you need that domestically?
We'll have to see what happens with COVID-19 in the market, but certainly for international visitors coming out and people leaving the country, we think that's a necessity.
And then it'll be every other vaccine.
Oh, here, show them this little group of headlines.
Oh, the big corporations care so much.
Apple says they want everybody to be force-inoculated.
That's while Apple runs death camps.
Apple lobbies Congress to weaken Bill, banning use of Chinese slaves to make iPhones.
Oh, that's all right.
They're liberal.
Singapore halts dosing of...
Two different flu shots that were 59 deaths in South Korea, but say it'll continue to be forced inoculation.
Bill Gates says world won't return to normal until everybody takes their vaccine.
He says his vaccine.
Oh, and by the way, I have him on a business channel bragging how this is the best investment ever is in vaccines and how his return is so big.
And oh, there's all these deaths from the trials as well, but don't worry, Qantas CEO really is going to take great care of this.
I'm going to come back, and then I'll take calls in that segment, and then I will hit Trump's path to victory.
Man, he's really been a bulwark against forced inoculations.
He said he would try to block any companies trying to make you have a vaccine to travel.
He said if you want it, go ahead and take it.
He recommends children not take it.
He says, you know, children don't get sick from COVID.
They don't.
Even if you believe the whole COVID thing.
They've turned the test up so high, though, that any viral infection you've had in years, or bacterial, will show it.
But again, that's what all the scientists say, too.
The majority of scientists say it's an overblown deception.
I mean, think about what is it?
Is it a hoax?
A lot of the actions are hoaxes.
A lot of the numbers are hoaxes.
A lot of dead people died of something else, and then they say it's COVID.
That's a hoax.
But no, it's a real virus owned by Bill Gates and Fauci.
Oh, but Fauci's on 60 Minutes saying there's no evidence it came out of Wuhan because he ran 11 programs in Wuhan of specific gain-of-function, weaponized bird flu and bat flu of the COVID strains.
I mean, it's called smoking gun.
It's like if the cops pull you over, there's blood all over you, nail marks on your face.
They've got probable cause, reasonable suspicion.
They put you in handcuffs, open the back trunk.
Your wife's dead.
With a bloody axe in there.
You're going to the electric chair.
You're going to lethal injection.
And then they go back to the house and there's blood everywhere.
And her skin is under
Your skin is under her fingernails.
I mean, it's worse than that.
They were running illegal COVID-19 research at Chapel Hill, North Carolina.
They moved it.
They moved it.
To Wuhan.
And then now they've used what they released to take everything over.
And they admit it's the Great Reset to take control of you and your family.
My God.
They have to give me a confession live on TV?
That's about the only thing they haven't done.
Because everybody knows super villains love to brag.
Boy, don't they.
Even if they try to remove President Trump with his fraud, the populist movement spreading across the world is stronger than ever.
And now, you've got Boris Johnson and you've got John Kerry and you've got all these world leaders saying,
The COVID-19 lockdown is a punishment to populists to bring them under control, and they admit it's a social movement, and Klaus Schwab says it's not a threat.
COVID-19 is not a threat.
That's why Justin Trudeau tells the UN in a 10-minute address, the full thing's on YouTube.
Like, I wanted to air the whole thing, we never have time.
I mean, he says even worse stuff than the little clip you see where he says, the Great Reset will help us politically take over for socialism.
And we'll help the poor.
It means by bankrupting everybody and making everybody poor.
And then the New York Times has Trudeau up there saying, none of this exists.
It's not real.
And he gives an address saying it's conspiracy theories.
You go, well, why would he say all that and then say it doesn't exist?
He's telling his followers, listen, we're giving you marching orders.
And then when the general public hears about it, we deny them and tell them to sit down and shut up.
He's letting their people in on it.
It's a power trip.
I've been around even low-level Google employees, and they are really into the surveillance, and into the power, and into being in the club, and into lying to people.
So, this is very diabolical, and I'm not trying to scare you.
I'm being a realist.
The bottom's falling out.
If you study history,
What's happened in Europe, what's happened in Africa, what's happened in Asia, what's happened in Latin America, Mesoamerica, before that, it's always the same.
Things go in cycles.
And having rulers that want to dominate and dumb people down and enslave people and torture people to death and not let people be educated and not let nobody ever wanted a middle class.
No culture allowed a large middle class until 550 years ago.
In areas of what is England, Scotland, and Northern Europe.
I mean, the Germans were still slaves until the 1870s.
They were feudal serfs.
They were owned by the crown.
The serfs didn't get freed in Russia until around the same time.
Serf means slave.
Not a smurf.
A serf.
And so all they're doing is going back to a high-tech form of neo-feudalistic fascism.
By the way, I coined the term neo-feudalistic fascism, and I'm not bragging, it's just true.
I also coined a lot of the terms since Paul Watson was on like a week ago, and I go, what do you call this system?
And he was like,
It gave the term out that they're all using everywhere now in major publications.
And that's real success is when you coined something 20 years ago, and it comes back to you and is now in the vernacular.
And by the way, I just want to give you some good news.
We're going to go to your calls and get to the big news next segment.
I've gotten calls.
I get a lot of calls, but I've gotten calls from some of the biggest people out there.
And they said, man, Alex,
It's incredible.
When I go to these dinner parties in New York or dinner parties in LA, or I'm talking to, you know, top people, household names, all they want to talk about is you.
And all they want to talk about is the future.
And this one individual this weekend was like, what's it like to have everybody now accepting you and celebrating you?
And I'm like, it's good to know people are finally understanding we're not playing games.
And I don't say that with a sense of a power trip.
It's actually extremely dangerous.
Do you understand that I get followed home every day by black SUVs?
When I eat in restaurants, FBI and CIA, when we ran it, we checked it, FBI and CIA come and sit next to us.
And when I come over, they put masks on and say, have a good day, Mr. Jones.
They go wait in the parking lot.
If I walk out of my hotel and go across the street and have a hamburger, federal agents follow me in.
And they want me to know they're there.
This is the type of stuff that happened to Martin Luther King, okay?
So, this is not a power trip I'm in, ladies and gentlemen.
I only read their own documents and knew their plan, and I told you, and now it's coming true.
That makes my credibility extremely high.
But I want you to know, I need your prayers now, because this is the moment of mass awakening.
And you wait till...
They are killing thousands a day with the COVID-19 vaccine and saying it's an acceptable death rate.
See, we've entered a whole new ballgame here where they're not going to try to hide stuff anymore.
And the reason I'm telling you this is we're in the best of times, we're in the worst of times, and biblical things are now unfolding and now happening.
I mean, I covered this last segment.
Some stations don't carry that first little segment, but
International Airlines are now announcing you won't be able to travel without the vaccine.
And next is you won't be able to leave your house without the vaccine.
And again, it's not a vaccine where they put a microwave or radiated cold virus in you that isn't able to replicate and your body learns how to beat it.
It can still cause an autoimmune response.
It can still be contaminated with where it was grown.
With other RNA and DNA.
I mean, you can ask any woman.
She better love the man she's with if he's not going to be wearing a condom.
She must love him if she wants to get pregnant.
Well, this is Bill Gates is going to put something not out of a man you love in you, but cooked up in a lab by this crazy person.
And he says, oh, we're going to have hundreds of vaccines you're going to have to take and five COVID shots a year.
And it's not.
Even a vaccine.
Imagine if aliens landed and they said, we'll let you travel, we'll let you live, we just want you to take a shot.
You go, what does it do?
Well, it goes into the nuclei of your cell and reprograms the DNA with a virus of your cell and we don't really know what it's going to do and it might make you sick.
You go, I don't trust you.
But one of the aliens said, well, here, watch our television broadcast.
And the head alien's like, I want to reduce the population of the Earth.
I want to get rid of these people.
There's too many of them.
You'd be like, whoa, the head alien says he wants to depopulate us and wants to get in our body.
And now he's got a lockdown going, saying he will do it.
I mean, he says he wants to kill you.
He says he wants to do all this.
His father, his mother, all of them were part of a eugenics cult on record.
And now he's up here saying, even when you take the shot, things don't go back to normal, and you are not essential.
I am the great alien chief.
I will put something in your body.
It may make you sick.
By the way, there are too many of you.
I'm here to save you.
There are too many of you.
And by the way, you're not essential.
I mean, that's what an alien would say to you.
Now, I don't know what Bill Gates is.
But he might as well have walked off a giant flying saucer.
And that's basically what this is.
The globalist Satan's a fallen entity, the Bible tells us, that comes to do this.
And Satan has said to the kings of the earth, I'll give you power and I'll keep you in charge and I'll give you life extension.
But all you've got to do is kill the humans.
And by the way, you're a failed species.
You've got to merge with machines like I am and become silicon.
That is on record.
Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Wired Magazine.
Looking forward to the end of humanity.
Looking forward to the end of humans.
Humans are parasites.
We should be exterminated.
When Dr. Bianca, the head of the biology department at UT, 15 years ago, gave speeches about airborne Ebola and how he wanted to kill 90% of the population, and the FBI visiting back then actually did their job?
And his graduate student, we later learned, wrote an article attacking me, works at a bioweapons lab in California, a level 4 lab, and she wrote an article saying, Dr. Pianka's too liberal.
Who can deny humans are parasites and should all be eradicated?
Who is this one?
She's talking about us like we're bad and she's this god, but that's all mind control.
She's a human too, but she has a spirit, an avatar.
She's like a Martian coming off with Mars attacks, killing people.
And once you get that, I've talked to generals, all of them.
They've woken up now.
They're like, my God, once we shift to this, it's alien.
Everyone gets it.
It's alien.
It's alien.
It's alien.
It's alien.
Emergency transmission.
Trump can still win.
The mustache now, he needs your help.
And I'm not planning a hook, as they say in the media, saying, oh, this is coming up.
This is coming up and not getting to it.
I've covered a lot of important things.
Last segment of this hour is the longest segment.
It's 11 minutes long.
I will cover Trump's path to victory.
And how we can help him, and what the real stakes are, and what we're facing, and just absolute inside intel on what Trump really thinks, why Trump isn't out in the public, and what his top lawyers are saying and doing.
I think you've noticed some of Trump's lawyers that retweeted my speeches and things like that.
I've been talking to some of these guys, and I'm going to leave it at that.
I'm not going to say any names.
And I know the real strategy.
And I know what Trump's doing.
And I agree with about 90% of it, but part of it's wrong, and I've told them this.
So, I'm going to give it to you straight, as best I can.
That may not be perfect.
We all see the rose-colored darklies.
But I'm going to your calls this segment, the next, then next hour.
Nothing but calls.
But let's do this right now.
Remember Trump said a few months ago, three months ago, at a washing machine factory, a plant, he said, listen, I found out China isn't even doing the big markup.
It's the middlemen are getting more money than China or even our U.S.
We're cutting out the middlemen.
Americans shouldn't pay triple for drugs what others do.
He says they're really pissed at me and you probably aren't going to be seeing me a lot soon.
He already thought all this out.
He knew they were going to steal the election.
He knew they were already putting out the ballots.
He already knew.
He didn't back down.
And I just really respect him.
He believes a plan to have the Supreme Court prove this a fraud.
He has the evidence.
But the media keeps saying there's no evidence.
There's so much.
He's lost cases where he says something, and the court says it influenced the case so they didn't.
Well, that's BS!
I'll explain in the final segment of this hour, but you can see it.
The Democrats, the Globalists, they can all say whatever they want, but the President can't talk?
If that's the case, those courts are going to rule against him anyways.
So it all does come down to the Supreme Court, and if they can threaten the lawyers,
With death threats and lawsuits and disbarring.
It's all happening.
You know, if there wasn't any evidence, Democrats wouldn't be pulling out all the stops to stop the lawyers.
No, there's evidence.
I mean, I was up here not complaining on Sunday like 12 hours.
Watching hours of depositions and eyewitnesses from Pennsylvania and Michigan, and Rob Deuce putting like a 13-minute compilation of these hours of video affidavits up with just eyewitnesses to it all.
I mean, just insane stuff.
That'll be on Bandoff Video, but... We're putting up a heroic effort right now.
And I just hope you as listeners understand, you are so important.
Imagine if President Trump tried to give a speech to a million people.
I was trying to give a speech to 500,000 people.
Only a fraction could hear it, even though they had big speakers.
Maybe 100,000 could hear it.
In D.C.
last weekend.
Not this weekend, but last weekend.
Eight days ago.
Nine days ago.
Well, imagine if Trump didn't have any amplifier.
Only the first ten rows would hear it, then you'd have to repeat it, and then by the game of telephone, it would all be lost.
You are the speaker system.
So I can sit up here all day long and talk about stuff when you decide to spread the word and when you decide to share the info and download it and save it?
Because there may be a come a time we're not here.
I mean, I've been waiting a while to say this may be my last broadcast, and I've never done that in 27 years on air.
Tomorrow, I'm going to have discipline.
I'm going to do my last broadcast ever, hypothetically, because it could be.
I mean, now's the time.
I'm under full surveillance.
They want me to know.
I want you to know your kids are all gonna die of cancer.
I wish they weren't.
Go ahead, FBI agents.
Load your kids up and watch it.
And remember, when you're burying them, you did it.
You killed your own children.
So, you know, that's where this country is.
You go ahead and sign on to Bill Gates.
You go ahead.
I'm signed on to Jesus.
I want people to know, it's counting down now, folks.
This is the takeover.
The end of the republic.
With a damn CHICOM agent.
So let's go to your phone calls.
Go ahead.
Eli's on the same subject.
In Indiana, one of InfoWords has taken out.
Go ahead.
Hello, Alex?
Yes, you're on the air.
Hi, yeah, it's L, and it's all, I go by L, but it's Andrea L. Wow, I can't believe I got through.
So really, my big question is, I'm wondering, like, what, how are we supposed to get our information if they succeed in shutting down
Then she hung up.
Well, sorry, ma'am.
Very bizarre.
But it's a good question.
How are you supposed to get your information?
Well, it's like you're a French citizen in 1942.
You know the Nazis are bad.
You know they're damn liars.
They're the enemy.
The entire corporate media, all of it, are traitors, bought and paid for.
This is a corporate takeover.
You're like, whoa, Corporate Tagger, that's not bad.
We'll play golf.
Buy you Genesis Lunatics that want to be your doctor and say they want to depopulate you.
I'll go to your calls.
Talk to Dave in New York.
Dave, thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
Thanks for having me.
I just can't believe this is going on.
You're saying he needs to act now or we need to act now.
It's almost too late.
You're living under the threat of a Biden administration and their Department of Justice.
That's ridiculous.
We had four years.
We had the Attorney General.
We had the DOJ.
There were so many things that we could have taken the moral high ground back on.
But they were all bred coward lawyers.
All bred to be wimps.
All bred to glad hand.
And now the commies are taking us because we're weak.
These lawyers are about to find out.
They're about to be all just totally taken over.
We woke up every morning saying when the arrests are going to come.
Trump said during a debate, if I was president, you'd be in jail.
To Hillary.
And he just couldn't get, he didn't have enough good men.
He had just too many cowards.
Either that or Javonko or whatever, but we shouldn't even be here.
And I know God's going to win.
I know I'm with Jesus too.
We all are.
And this will create a backlash, but you should not be living under the threat of a Biden administration.
I'm not even worried about myself.
Bill Gates says, I'm going to give you a shot and you're going to get sick and I'm still going to lock you down.
He's telling you he's coming to hurt you.
I appreciate your call.
Let's go ahead and talk to John in Delaware.
John, thanks for holding.
What's up, Alex?
Man, worldwide broadcast, brother.
Thanks for calling.
I just want to start off by saying I want everybody who voted to remember that they spit in every single one of our faces that stood in that line to try to make our voice heard.
Every single one.
And I've talked to a lot of people who are saying, you know, we'll get them in 2014.
No, we won't.
Now is the time, and we need to prepare.
John, don't hang up.
I'm going to come right back to you.
You deserve some time.
What John is saying is what I meant to start the show with today.
Look, they're stealing this, folks.
This is a mass criminal action with total censorship, forced inoculations, permanent lockdowns, they admit.
They admit it's political to their own people now.
The Great Reset.
Build Back Better.
This is siege to destroy us.
They're not going to back down now.
This is, to quote Shakespeare, cry havoc and let loose the dogs of war.
This is high-tech psyop fear war.
And the fact is, we've got such a soft population, they don't even know what's about to hit them.
My God, I've been studying this my whole life, and waiting for this moment to fight, and I can barely handle it.
People just can't handle the horror.
But it's gonna get really bad, and then finally they'll wake up in that re-education camp.
We'll win, but hundreds of millions are gonna die.
We are on a very, very fast timetable for a global cashless society, medical dictatorship, that will openly force-inoculate
And poison and kill the population with slow kill operations.
These are military attacks.
Violate the Geneva Convention, the Nuremberg Code.
It's absolutely illegal.
And so, they are preparing offensive, violent operations against everyone.
This is not a drill.
The good news is, a lot of courts and a lot of leaders are saying it's martial law and it's tyranny.
UK Supreme Court judge slams totalitarian COVID control freaks in government.
They call it a medical dictatorship.
That's what it is.
A multinational corporate medical dictatorship.
These are corporate governance officers.
They're saying, you want to get on an airplane?
You will take the shots.
But more importantly than the shot, it's the ID and the medical scanning that you've got to be under their control to have mobility.
And it's all surveilled by big tech.
Big tech runs slave camps in China.
Remember that.
So, John in Delaware, continue with what you were saying about the great reset, the endgame, the final countdown.
Go ahead.
We just can't take it anymore, man.
They spit in our faces.
We cannot have a short memory.
We cannot.
They've killed us with all their conveniences, the Amazons, all this.
We have to boycott everything.
We have to get back
To just being self-reliant, having some balls, and, you know, getting ready to fight if we have to fight, whether that's—I'm not calling for any type of physical violence, but it could get to that point.
If they keep going down this road, what are we going to do?
What must they think of us to do what they did, and we just accept that?
I just can't go along with that.
I can't go along with that.
I just, I mean, I've been ready to fly through the roof since November 3rd.
And for them to blatantly do this to all of us and all these elderly people that I saw standing in line with walkers, so that they could make their voice heard, and these people think they can just take that from us, right out in the open.
And we're just going to sit back and not do anything?
Well brother, that's what I said, that's what I said over the weekend is Klaus Schwab, Ted Turner, Bill Gates are all megalomaniacal eugenicists that say they want to depopulate us.
You have histories, Klaus Schwab's involved in forced inoculation in Africa, of sterilizing and poisoning people with tainted medical systems.
This is how they kill you.
They don't do it with tanks and guns because folks organize and fight.
Something like that.
And so, yes, they are coming at us with illegal medical experimentation.
Gates and Fauci have been caught running the Wuhan lab.
It's all just brazen because they're going for broke.
I appreciate your call.
I mean, look at Klaus Schwab.
He looks like a space alien.
He looks like a Bond villain.
Well, why do you think they make those Bond villains that way?
Because those are based on real people.
Klaus Schwab says, we're going to forcibly merge you with machines, and you'll have to have a microchip to bind cell in your brain.
That's his new book.
Remember, Joe Biden, like, 12 years ago, 13 years ago, before he was even
when he was still a senator, he said to a Supreme Court Justice they're about to confirm, you will rule on microchips in people's brains, in their bodies.
This has always been the plan.
And it's here!
And if you will acquiesce, that's your problem.
In the new world, in the new world, it is not the big fish which eats the small fish, it's the fast fish which eats the slow fish.
See, and he wants to eat you.
We're going to help the poor by having global collapse!
The average liberal goes, well, there aren't so many people.
They kind of get off in the reflective satanic fire, like they're warming their hands on, oh, I'll be part of it.
No, you won't, idiot.
I'm talking to leftists right now, not our audience.
Oh my gosh.
Let's go to Mike in Maryland.
Mike, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
It's like when the Soviet Union came into check with Slovakia.
The situation has been normalized, right?
Well, so look, this is what I want to talk about.
72% of stock is owned by a Jewish family from Iran tied into the Mossad.
And there's a lot of backstory behind it.
It's all been confirmed.
He came to the United States when Iran had their revolution, and he went to an embassy in Copenhagen and actually gave up his house as collateral to be able to come here.
So he's totally circumnavigated U.S.
immigration law.
And this person has a giant effigy, a giant painting and sculptures of the murder of Haman, the Persian king and his nine sons, right in his house.
So, this is the person who's entrenched into all the Dominion voting fraud machines, owns 72% of the stock.
And, you know, look, I don't have anything against Jewish people.
My wife is Jewish.
I have Jewish children.
But, you know, what is Haman?
What is Jesus?
What is the murder of the Tsar?
And what does Dominion have in common?
There's all occult Jews behind it.
Well, I know that Dominion is hooked into Venezuela.
I know that even CNBC has done reports on it being a fraud.
It's been decertified in a lot of states.
For the media trying to act like we can just trust Dominion is just ridiculous.
Yeah, and well, you're looking at almost every Twitter video that's coming out, you see these Antifa flag with the star of David on it.
And then now the Holocaust Museum has a memorial for George Floyd.
You know, European Americans need to wake up quickly and realize that there's a lot of groups out there trying to destroy them, silence them, and that's one of them.
Look, Trump has done a lot for blacks, done a lot for Hispanics, done a lot across the board for all sorts of people, diabetics.
My wife can now go to Walmart and get insulin, and before she wasn't able, he's done great things for all people.
But the reason they're coming so hard after Trump is because he stood up for the Eddie
Yeah, Alex, this is Joseph.
I called you before, probably about 10 years ago.
Basically, what I'm saying is we're locked down here in Michigan.
Everybody's succumbing to the mask.
They're all wearing their diaper masks and everything.
But what it is, what the main point I wanted to call you was, is I've been researching this.
And the reason why they've got us in the mask is because AI recognizes your face, but they're doing it from the nose up so they can figure out
You know, all your different points and stuff in your eyes and your retinas and stuff like that.
So the mask has nothing to do with the virus.
What they did was the Chinese government developed an algorithm right now.
And Alex, I mean it, I am not kidding you.
It's a Chinacon takeover.
They're taking over the world right now.
Well, sir, I mean, I know that Big Tech merged with China and that's part of it.
They even have mainline articles about how
It's body scanning your walk is the test they're doing.
But regardless, sir, it's all a symbol of subservience.
It spreads viral pneumonia.
It's meant to actually kill people.
It lowers IQs.
It kills individualism.
And really, it's a cult symbol that you're a slave like wearing a burqa if you're a woman under Islam.
Did you ever end up seeing the front of the front line video of the age of AI?
No, I didn't.
Okay, you have to see that video, Alex.
It's everything that you've been talking about on PBS and everything that you said.
Everything, everything is covered there.
They're talking about the nanotech and all that stuff with the vaccines.
Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah.
Boris Johnson, all of them say, you will take shots of nanotech to make you behave that will reprogram your brain.
I mean, it's all being announced.
They're literally, these are behavioral modification vaccines with viruses that eat certain synapses in the brain that are connected to higher brainwaves.
This is a cult lobotomy.
It's a violent attack.
And what would you do if aliens land and were coming with deadly injections?
You'd fight them.
And that's where this is all going.
First, they're going to hit the poor.
Everybody go along with that.
And it's just all mass conditioning.
We'll be right back.
Tomorrow's news.
Today, my message to President Trump.
Straight ahead.
All right.
Welcome back.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
If you go to Infowars.com, you will see the headline for the live show today.
It is emergency transmission.
Trump can still win, but he must act now and he needs your help.
So the best way to start here is just to explain that I have talked to several of the highest level lawyers on the Trump team.
Most of the lawyers that Trump has sent out have been asked not to do interviews and have been asked not to give out any of their strategy, even though all their phones are tapped and the enemy knows their strategy.
Trump has been told that if he makes a bunch of statements, that the courts are more apt to rule against him.
And that's generally true in a non-political case.
But this is totally political, and the Democrats are everywhere saying Joe Biden's the winner with an imaginary office of the president-elect.
And now Twitter says, we don't care if the Supreme Court even rules that Trump's the president.
We're going to say it's Joe Biden.
So the Rubicon has been crossed here.
Now there was an internal debate in the last week before Tucker Carlson ever went with this and they were saying let's go with the signatures that they didn't validate in Georgia or Pennsylvania or Michigan.
That that's the strongest case to get an audit of those because they'd already done some spot checks and up to 10% didn't even have signatures or were fake signatures clearly.
And so that began to become the main push, not Dominion Software, not Bill Gates, not Venezuela, which I think is all very, very credibly fraudulent.
And you've seen how the machines did add in all those votes later and how those scams work.
But the real fraud you can prove is the balance with the signatures.
That's where they've got the proof.
We saw some good news on Friday with the Supreme Court.
Appointed all conservative justices over the circuit courts in the five battleground states.
That was a big deal.
So, you have this massive brainwashing, confidence game, Emperor's New Clothes scam, where the mainstream corporate media just keeps saying, Joe Biden's the president, Joe Biden's the president, no evidence of fraud, no evidence of fraud.
And Trump is there going through the court cases,
Knowing that the lower courts are Democrats in those states, they're going to rule against him.
That'll be declared as, oh look, Trump doesn't have a case.
But they know full well he's got real cases.
There was just a ruling an hour and a half ago in Pennsylvania by the Third Circuit expediting Trump's appeal of the Obama judge up to the full circuit court and then the Supreme Court.
That happened because they know the Supreme Court justice is over it.
If the judges slow play it,
They are going to accelerate it up the Supreme Court, that that will antagonize the Supreme Court.
So the Democrat judges are quickly handing it up because they understand that the Supremes are sitting right above them watching what they're doing.
So Trump has a path.
But this is mainly political.
It doesn't matter that he got 10 million more votes than last time.
It doesn't matter he got more votes than any Republican in history.
It doesn't matter if he did double and triple digit better with Hispanics and Blacks in all the polls than magically they say white men voted against him.
It doesn't matter if when the polls closed all the votes basically came in against him.
He has to get out there in resolute desk announcements
And he has to walk through all the evidence daily, the American people, and counter why he's doing this, and explain to people what Joe Biden's gonna do when he gets in, and how the stock market's already going down.
Instead, Trump is listening to his lawyers and letting it be a purely legal battle, but their lawyers, they don't understand that, with the exception of maybe Giuliani.
Some are gonna say, well,
Are they parlaying?
Is Trump making deals now because he knows he's been cheated for the system to not come after him if he basically gives up?
I don't think that's the case.
Trump isn't that type of person.
He's an island unto himself.
He also knows none of their agreements are valid.
They betray everybody.
Trump knows that.
Trump's not making behind-the-scenes deals.
He really believes that if you suddenly don't see him out there,
And that as he mounts the evidence that at a certain point he's ready to come out when he starts having Supreme Court victories.
But the globalists are never going to let it get to that.
They're going to call each lower court defeat proof that it's a fraud.
They're going to call the state certifications proof that it's a fraud.
And they're going to run the clock out and create a constitutional crisis where the Supreme Court has incredible pressure on it because the public starts to believe that really Trump lost and gives up.
And that's why having all the neocons come out against Trump and now even having the Republican leader in the House, McCarthy, not come out and defend Trump.
Yeah, Pompeo's defending him.
Yeah, Giuliani's defending him.
The rats are leaving the sinking ship all trying to parlay themselves a deal in a future administration and they're being promised money to do it.
So Trump has no choice but to get all the facts together.
I would suggest he be advised by somebody like
Jim Hoft, who's doing Herculean work.
I mean, you think we're working?
I've never seen stuff going on at Gateway Pundit.
It's over the top.
I mean, this is 20 hours a day of work.
This is savage.
I mean, they publish dozens of hours of video with all of these eyewitnesses of total fraud in Michigan and other states.
I mean, and these are all real people on record.
Some of them prominent that saw this.
And Trump just has to get in there at the Resolute Desk and just counter all of this because he's waiting to let the courts do it and sucker punch the left.
And you know, they've got polls of 70% of Republicans think it was stolen, 87% think it's stolen.
We can debate all day how Trump let the censorship happen and got undercut and undermined and that doesn't matter.
Trump was going to bat for America.
Trump was standing up for our sovereignty.
He was surrounded.
He did an incredible job.
So number one, pray for President Trump.
President Trump should get on his knees and pray to God for divine intervention.
And Trump should also come out and just absolutely play clips of Hillary saying, we'll contest this all the way.
We'll say he's not the president, even if he's inaugurated.
And Biden saying, you know, I promise to wait till it's independently certified by Congress and by the courts.
But that's all dead.
And because Trump is dead on those points, he has his surrogates, Lou Dobbs, Sean Hannity,
Rush Limbaugh out there telling the truth, but it doesn't matter because that's only talking to their audience.
They've been blocked everywhere else.
Only the President of the United States.
Only the President of the United States at the Resolute Desk, for whatever reason he never gives Oval Office addresses, very rarely.
Reagan gave 23 of them.
I think Trump's given like three.
Trump should be at the Resolute Desk every night.
With a computer screen, showing you the clips, showing you the fraud, showing you the videos, showing you the eyewitnesses, showing the poll watchers being thrown out, showing the thousands of votes per county in Georgia being found for Trump, and Biden's lead brought down to almost zero.
I mean, this is crazy.
Showing the governor.
They didn't betray him.
The media said, oh, Trump
The governor of Georgia, you know, says Trump has 11.
The governor said major evidence of fraud.
Razor-thin margin.
Found voting machines.
Found all the votes for Trump.
Didn't find votes for Biden.
We need a real audit, not a computer audit, rerunning the same thing.
Nowhere is that out there.
The president should have been talking about that.
This is a bad strategy.
And Trump needs to start speaking out now and aggressively.
Because this is more than just Trump being cheated.
It's the American people and it's a group of globalists that say permanent lockdown and martial law coming in, ladies and gentlemen.
They mean to break this country down the middle.
They mean to have war with us.
They mean to push us and never stop.
I'm going to go to break.
I'm going to come back.
I'm going to go back to your calls.
A lot of other news.
I'll play some clips of Trump saying he may not be here long.
Three months ago, how important that is.
It's all coming up.
Hour number three straight ahead.
Please, though.
Keep us on air.
We're here if you finance us, but we need money to defeat the globalists.
We need a lot of money to fight the globalists and all the DNC lawsuits, the rest of it.
We're beating it all, and they're pissed.
But we need your prayer, we need your word of mouth, we need your financial support.
I've said for a week the sale's gonna end.
I've been too busy to come up with a new sale.
The Stop Lockdown 2 Save the Republic sale's gotta end today, it will end today.
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A bunch of this stuff's going to go off sale.
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It's discounted.
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So good for your heart and vascular system.
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Thank you so much.
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It's time to override the censors and get the truth out.
Hitler had taken over Germany in 1933.
Within just five years he turned the economy around to be the most powerful in the world.
But then, his lust for power exploded.
He had to have full control of the planet.
Just like the Soviets wanted as well.
Just like Mao wants it.
Just like the globalists and Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates want it today.
And in the Soviet Russia, in Nazi Germany, the first persecution came through medical tyranny.
Look it up historically.
Your calls are coming up next segment.
But I wanted to air a piece on the Nuremberg Code, the Geneva Convention, on human experimentation and how it's illegal to intimidate people into taking experimental drugs.
All of that's being thrown by the wayside right now.
And tyranny of the greatest form is here.
I'm not happy this is here.
I hate it.
We knew it was coming.
They bit the bullet.
They pulled the trigger.
It's on like Donkey Kong.
So here it is, Module 1, Human Experimentation.
See it for yourself.
As David Gorsky, a respected medical ethicist, reminds us, science-based medicine depends upon human experimentation.
Without human testing, scientists will never know if the products of the research will perform as they are intended to, to heal real human patients, to cure a disease, or to eradicate a lethal virus.
There's simply no substitute for clinical trials that experiment on human subjects, and therein lies the ethical conundrum.
It turns out that the most scientifically rigorous trial design might not be the most ethical.
As you'll discover from the readings in this module, the history of human experimentation in the 20th century is particularly repugnant.
The gruesome syphilis experiments conducted by the United States government
And yet, it is just as clear that they are needed in order for medical science to advance.
Consequently, we need to think very clearly about the ethics of human experimentation and the mechanisms in place to protect human participants, including informed consent, risk disclosure, non-maleficence, and the correct formulation of a scientific protocol.
As always, we need to ask the question of cui bono?
Who benefits?
The participants in the third world country where the experiment occurred?
The large pharmaceutical company that used the data from the experiment to successfully launch the drug?
The patients who were prescribed the drug?
Intuitively, we know that we should neither exploit nor objectify a fellow human.
But why?
What is the philosophical rationale for such a position?
Our text presents two very different views, one based on Immanuel Kant's deontological, or duty-driven, ethics, and the other on the basis of a version of John Stuart Mill's utilitarian approach, specifically, act consequentialism.
Now, while these technical terms may sound obscure, their practical application is very straightforward.
If human experiments are necessary, we need a solid ethical foundation for their conduct.
And that is what you'll be exploring in both your essay and the discussion board for this unit.
Along the way, you'll read a landmark document on medical research ethics called the Nuremberg Code, named after the German city that hosted the trials of Nazi war criminals at the end of the Second World War.
You'll also hear commentary from the physician and medical historian who chaired the Presidential Committee on the Legacy of the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment.
And you'll read a closely reasoned journal article on the regulatory and ethical principles
All right, so let me just stop there.
My dad's managed hundreds of hospitals and medical clinics.
That's why I grew up knowing about such things.
He told me 20 years ago they were replacing all the standard Hippocratic Oath systems with a eugenics base.
So he was telling you two forms there, those have been thrown out.
It is an aggressive, aggressive
That's a word I invented.
Aggressive offense.
Aggressive offense system.
And it's stated that's the case.
Because metaphysically, Gates has to tell you, I want to kill you.
Now take this, you can't go outside your house.
So this is it.
I mean, it's here.
All the games are over.
They're coming for you and your family.
Get ready to die or get ready to say no.
Any submission will help them win.
They are the enemy.
A powerful new video just went live at InfoWars.com and it says it all.
The siege of the United States is live.
Man, I don't feel sorry for myself and I'm not scared even though I'm in the crosshairs.
I just can't believe how real God is, how real Satan is, and how real these New World Order people are, man.
They are super crazy and super damn evil.
But they were given power by the God of this world to carry this out.
So, Katie, bar the door.
I want to go to your phone calls now.
There have just been staggering developments we knew were coming.
The UN's already said you won't buy or sell or leave your house unless you take unlimited vaccines.
Even behavioral vaccines that attack your brain.
Tainted vaccines full of cancer viruses.
Vaccines that change your DNA.
And they admit are experimental.
Totally violates the Nuremberg Code, Geneva Convention.
I mean this is just crazy.
And now they're giving people in first world the same kind of tetanus shots and polio shots and
Flu shots, where up until about the 50s, Africans would see the white doctors and just run up to them wanting it.
Because they got real medicine.
Those were Christian doctors that kind of opened Africa up.
But man, by the 60s, they would run and hide.
Because they'd get the shots, and they'd get sterilized, they'd die, you name it.
They'd shoot the pregnant women up in Malaysia, and Indonesia, and all over Asia, all over Africa, and then they would have miscarriages.
There'd be like 10 women pregnant in the village.
They'd all have miscarriages.
So it was all a test.
You can say, well, there are too many people.
Sometimes there is.
But I mean, who decides how to kill people?
And then the globalists decide to dumb everybody down.
And then they decide that, I mean, this is evil, folks.
And 5G, massive cancer.
It was in 5G studies four years ago.
That it was causing autoimmune reactions in the lungs.
Like when you get stung by a bee.
Your body has an autoimmune response.
And that was the last show Dr. Group ever did.
He didn't tell me for three years what it was.
Then he was sent a video by somebody when he was on the show.
And he said 5G causes you not to be able to breathe and flu-like, pneumonia-like symptoms.
And it was actual studies.
And they death-threaded him and his family and came to his office and did the kind of stuff I get, but I ignore it.
You know, follow him around and sitting down by him in the restaurants.
And it's not his fault.
It's his wife's a nice lady, but she grew up, you know, in Serbia and Eastern Europe under some tyranny.
So I'm gonna leave it at that.
But I mean, that's what happens.
People get scared, and I understand it.
But he hit the nail so hard years before they launched this, three years before they did.
That's why I never saw Dr. Group on the show again.
Because they told him, you know what you did?
And he's like, he didn't know what he did until later he figured it out.
But they're like, you shut your mouth, we'll cut you and your family's head off.
We're watching you this morning when your wife went to the grocery store, you son of a bitch!
We're gonna murder you!
Do you understand that?
We will kill you!
You're the ones going to hell.
God's real.
That doesn't work on me, but I understand it.
You think I'm gonna sign on to Satan?
So I get out of five minutes of pain?
Bill Gates will be defeated.
The New World Order will be defeated.
But we gotta get some will.
They've never tried something this before, but they've got the technology now, and they've softened us up.
I think you're going to Stockholm Syndrome when you give your son or daughter that shot and they're kind of a little bit dim or something as they get sick.
You have another one, and one day you're there and they're all glassy-eyed in the hospital bed dying, and oh, they're dying of something else, they'll tell you.
You're going to wait until your kid's glassy-eyed, dead, eyes roll back in their head.
No, you're not going to wait.
You're not going to wait.
You're going to get the information.
You're going to warn others.
We're going to win.
We're destined to win.
All right, let's go to the calls now.
Who's been on the longest here?
That would be Justin in Nevada, then Jamie, Robert, Jay, Alan, Jeremy, Richard, and others.
Go ahead.
Go ahead, Justin in Nevada.
Hey Alex, thanks for having me on here.
First time listener actually, first time caller.
I just need to get this out there.
I studied and did research at the University of Nevada in Applied Behavior Analysis.
That's emphasis on the applied, that means trying to change behavior.
I got into this field because I wanted to do autism research.
I quickly got pushed into philosophy and the tech side of it.
They pushed a whole bunch of postmodern and globalist philosophy on us.
They showed how they were going to do it with tech.
Their goals, and it was the most terrifying thing I'd ever seen.
I've since gotten out of it.
Oh yeah, they let you in on the power trip, don't they?
And if you'd have gone along with it, you'd have been led into secret research.
And that's how it works is, it's all Stanford Research Institute, Milgram experiment stuff.
Explain that to people.
Narrative behaviorism, and it's deterministic philosophy, and they think they're right in their end goal.
Well take your time.
Explain to people at what level you were at and what they told you.
So I was doing, basically, training for a PhD program doing applied behavior analysis, autism research.
I had a lot of good experiences with autistic kids and I wanted to give back.
Basically, when they showed you exactly in mouse labs, I was put in a mouse lab to study autism, and they showed us how, just like humans, we can train these mice to do anything, and we're using technological programs, screens to do it, all sorts of crazy shit.
It's just getting out of control.
I left.
There's a lot of threats.
Hold on.
Take your time.
Because I was led into this too.
I didn't understand they were trying to recruit me another time.
It was like 18 years ago.
They let me into the secretive part of the UT psychology program and they were showing me what was going on there and it was the same stuff.
They're using screens in controlled environments like you see in New York City at Times Square.
Total immersion in a false reality to program the mice.
Absolutely, and the students sign up for it.
They're humans too, and the students, they have this endless supply of guinea pigs, and the students think they're doing something to further science, but they're hurting humans.
And this combined with the philosophy, and I did study philosophy there as well, and ethics, and it is this utilitarian, Kantian sort of, it's crazy.
It's getting out there, and they believe that we're all chips in a poker game.
Well, that's it.
They pretend like they're God and we're a human resource.
We're a commodity.
But if you look at the people running these programs, they're all very satanic.
And again, I guess it was about 20 years ago, time flies.
Maybe 22 years ago, I said, I have to go back.
This was like 1990, 1998 or so.
And they're like, oh, this guy wants to give you a tour.
Because I'd partied with them some.
And they're like, hey, the people want to give you a tour of the UT.
And then I was like, whoa, this isn't a tour of UT.
And they were just showing me all this stuff, DARPA programs, you name it.
And it was pretty horrific stuff.
And that was just level one secret stuff.
Uh, and absolutely.
It was, uh, flicker rates on how to make a woman become sexually aroused, flicker rates on how to make someone depressed, uh, in the TV, you can't, it was lab after lab after lab just on flicker rates to mesmerize people.
You're aware of the attack and become conscious of it.
What did they tell you?
You need to take your own data.
And to me, that is getting information to your head.
So you guys at InfoWars, if it's my first time listening, you're doing exactly... Well, that's it.
That's exactly what I just said.
You must put your mind and your soul in the program God gave you, overrides it.
You already have a conscience.
You already have a program that the enemy can't override.
That's why they have to trick you to give them your will.
Do you understand?
Keep going.
Do not submit to the deterministic philosophy.
You don't have to.
What she's saying, we're a robot.
Explain that.
We're not a robot.
Explain that to them.
Yes, they basically say, you know, input A, B comes out, and this is demonstrable with data.
They've shown me, you know, hey, look, we can maneuver the SD, they call it, the descriptive stimulus.
Did you ask them, why are you doing this to people?
They don't know, they're just getting money.
They're mind-controlled too, you see that?
The highest level of the PhD, we're flying to Dubai, Russia, all these places to teach them about autism.
I've never had that happen.
Yeah, I'm still in there.
And those people have a lot to say, trust me.
Well, the Hungarian Prime Minister came out and said that crap stinks and the skies bloom.
It's up on Infowars.com, the verboten site.
Hungarian Prime Minister Soros is one of the most corrupt people in the world.
Yeah, go read the article.
Share it.
He's sure as hell the enemy of humanity.
I mean, when you're working for Hitler at 14, and tell folks it was the best time of your life, and you do it all over again.
And they've got a new movie coming out with the left praising him.
They're all paid to say how great he is, and how he's not a Nazi.
We know you're worse than a Nazi.
You stand for nothing.
You are Satan.
Alright, let's rampage through your calls.
I've got a bunch of news I need to hit that's breaking.
I also want to talk to you.
Your take on the election, your take on what's happening, your take on the fraud, your take on the gaslighting, what their next move is.
Richard in Texas, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yes, sir.
Hey, this is Richard from Texas.
My question is, Alex, is
Do you have any idea how come Trump hasn't pulled out the military or anything?
You also said you have an actual phone to him.
Is there any way you can call him?
I mean, he's the Commander-in-Chief.
Doesn't he have a right to override, you know, the Attorney General and all this kind of stuff?
Listen, I appreciate your call, sir.
It's all about perception.
Yes, the globalists are foreign.
Yes, it's Chinese back.
Yes, they're stealing the election.
Yes, they want to bankrupt the country.
Yes, it's siege.
But it's all done with covers.
So a large part of the public is not conscious.
And so Trump's trying to go with the will of the people.
If he had 80% of folks wanting the globalists arrested, he'd do it.
But he knows how weak the public is.
And so he needs to be out there educating them now.
I agree with you.
He needs to be politically exposing what their plans are.
In fact, let's play that clip before I go back to calls.
Here's Trump three months ago.
I've mentioned it all day long.
At a manufacturing plant for appliances.
And he says, hey, I've stood up against them selling us out, overcharging us three times on prescription drugs.
The middlemen are pissed.
You may not be seeing me for a while.
And suddenly we're not seeing him for a while.
What does that mean?
It's all very cryptic.
This isn't some nebulous Q thing.
This is the president.
He's almost as powerful as Q. Here it is.
To produce a product.
It has to be a good product.
But the middlemen...
Well, the rebate that I'm doing cuts out the middlemen and it reduces costs and the money goes back to the people purchasing the drugs.
So I have a lot of enemies out there.
This may be the last time you'll see me for a while.
A lot of very, very rich enemies, but they are not happy with what I'm doing.
But I figure we have one chance to do it and no other president's gonna do what I do.
No other president would do a favored nations, a rebate, a buy from other nations at much less cost, nobody.
And there are a lot of unhappy people.
I want you to take that clip when we upload the whole show this afternoon after we're not live.
I want that on the very front of the whole show.
Because see, Trump did the right thing.
He literally pragmatically did fair deals, stood up for us as our president, and was faithful.
And they came in and are stealing it right in front of everybody.
And now he's in the shadows saying, it's up to you, America.
What are you going to do?
It's the courts and the people now.
And I don't agree with that, because just like he wouldn't stop the censorship, and now he's just going to sit there and go, oh, the courts might rule against me if I get involved, because that's what they say.
The Democrats are running around like crazy people.
He just said that up front.
I've been told if I get up and speak out about this, the courts may not follow the Constitution, may let this be stolen.
But I can't sit there and watch the Democrats and all the statements they're making that are false and put up with that.
So I'm going to present to you evidence, and here it is.
He needs to do it to delegitimize it even more.
The public is with him.
Almost 80 million voters are with him.
Of course, they discounted tens of millions.
I mean, I totally agree with Powell.
There's total evidence of election fraud.
You've got the algorithms from the numbers that are public.
You can analyze them.
They go, oh, well, where's the proof?
She can't get the damn servers they claim is proprietary.
Dominion won't show up on Fox News or on any place.
They got caught lying, saying they weren't connected to China.
They weren't connected to Venezuela.
Yes, they are.
It's now come out.
That's on InfoWars.com.
All right, who's up next here?
Allen in Indiana.
Allen, welcome.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
How are you doing?
Man, I'm watching everything we warned of unfold.
I'm just like, I'm on the edge of a seat here.
Yeah, these are scary times.
But, uh, I don't trust the, you know, we're looking at a court solution and I don't trust the courts.
I'm an attorney.
I've been in front of crooked judges.
You point out the law and they do whatever they want.
I actually had a judge look me straight in the eye and he said, I can do whatever I want.
That's why Trump's got to have political power.
He's got to put the fear of God into these courts.
Well, I have a, there is, if you read the Constitution, Article 2, it says how the President's elected.
It doesn't say anything about a direct election of the President.
The state legislatures pick the electors.
And that's why we went with it.
They can decertify anything they want because we, I totally agree with you.
I think we should have legislatures decertify it.
What we need to do, what the people in those states, the swing states, there are, in every swing state with the exception of Nevada, are held by Republicans.
Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan, of all places, the Republicans hold- And that's why Trump has been meeting with the legislative heads, and now they're coming out saying they may not certify it.
You said we need to help him.
The people need to call those legislators and say, you need to pick the... We know that the fraud was in.
We know that our votes were stolen.
We know he won our state.
You need to stand up, grow a pair, do your job, and pick electors for Trump and send them to the Electoral College.
That's another option.
That's right.
That's in the Constitution, that if the election's in question, it reverts to the legislature.
You're damn right.
And we need to, we need to, even people who don't live in those states, they need to get deluged.
The Democrats, they're going to vote for, you know, they're not going to go along with this.
But those legislatures are held by Republicans.
Listen, listeners, things have always been urgent.
But if you don't call the legislatures, if you don't get active now, we're going into a permanent post-industrial world.
Hell is coming.
This is literal
Literal hell on earth.
We must say no to this.
Our lives are at stake.
Our country, our world is at stake.
This is no time to sit on our haunches and hope the courts do the right thing.
Because I don't trust Amy Coney Barrett.
I'll tell you the good news.
They had FBI and CIA.
We were able to track a few of them and check who they were.
CIA contractors and FBI following us all over Georgia and sitting by us and messing.
But they all looked totally ashamed and all looked like they knew they were pieces of crap.
Because they know they're selling their own children out.
I mean, this is not good what's happening.
This is really bad.
But like I say, I don't trust Amy Coney Barrett.
I think he should have picked LeGal.
I think she would have been a much safer vote.
Amy Coney Barrett scares me, and we know Roberts is a, well, he's a pedophile and they own him, so he's going to do what they want him to do.
I don't know if he's a pedophile, but he did get some kids weird adopted, so that's how they got pressure on him.
Yeah, so I think our legislative...
Well, that's right, that's right.
We've had total foreign interference by the CHICOMS.
Not blaming the Indian people, but they've hired a bunch of Indian companies.
Alright, thank you, sir, Allen.
Alright, Thomas, Jerry, Jay, Robert, Jamie, Tiffany, your calls are straight ahead.
Stay with us.
When you study history,
It becomes very clear there are powerful groups and organizations that have a will to dominate and control.
And our forebearers set up a system to try to protect us from that.
They weren't perfect, but a lot of people have rejected that.
So now the chat comms and the globalists, these big corporations are making a run at us.
And what do they want?
They want our bodies.
They want control of us, where we go, what we do, what we think in a new hypochondriac universe.
There are a lot of people that are delusional.
I think if they join with it, it somehow gives them personal power.
Got some video coming up next segment.
Just went live at Infowars.com of folks chanting, CNN sucks, everywhere they go live, we the people are there exposing them.
That's coming up.
Let's move quick through calls right now.
Gonna be calling about a minute or so because I want to get everybody here.
Let's go to Jamie in North Dakota.
Go ahead.
Hey Alex, I wanted to display a trend that's going on right now for medical tyranny.
DC just passed a bill in October of 2020 to give the ability to vaccinate without your permission and they have also removed your religious freedom to say you don't want that vaccine.
The point of this whole thing that I'm bringing up here is that bill was sitting there for a while, since 2019.
There's a similar one in New York where they can take your kids and lock them down in a school and vaccinate them, you get them back 30 days later, then they evaluate you and quarantine you in your home.
That one's been sitting there for a while, too.
So if you don't vaccinate your kid in New York, you're going to get a $1,000 fine.
But what's underneath that $1,000 fine?
Because we found out here in North Dakota when they showed us our U.S.
v. stick that we're messed up voters and we're getting Democrats in our state.
That, you know, they put up a mask mandate.
We're losing our freedom up here.
$1,000 fine.
What people don't look at.
That $1,000 fine is next to a statute that is a Class C felony.
Well, who's going to rise against the mask mandate?
Well, here's the thing.
Here's the thing.
Because something far worse comes for not resisting.
And it's all been ruled unconstitutional.
It's all color law.
It's all fake.
But people need to look deeper, because that $1,000 fine is a Class D felony, and that's your right to vote and your right to gun.
But what I'm telling you is it's been ruled unconstitutional, and we have to speak out against it and say no.
Because, I mean, they've said it's a mandate, $1,000 fine in Austin.
I go everywhere without a mask.
They go to hell.
I walk into restaurants.
I walk into everything without a mask.
If somebody gets in my face, happens rarely, I speak to them.
But I hear your call.
I appreciate you, Jamie.
Gonna move quick here now.
Let's go ahead and take another call.
Let's go to Jeremy in Ohio.
Jeremy, go ahead.
Alex, how you doing?
I'm just watching the world government takeover.
People think they submit, they get ahead, they don't.
Oh, it's crazy out here, brother.
Hey, I've been an info warrior for 15 plus years.
I just want to shed some light on what's going on here in Ohio and FEMA Region 5.
So we have a Republican governor right now, and he's been on the forefront of mandates on lockdowns.
Oh yeah, he's one of the worst.
He's a total globalist, just like the New Jersey governor.
And I wanted to talk to you, Alex, to see if you, uh, I know Abbott's compromised for you guys in Texas.
What are your thoughts on DeWine here in Ohio?
Do you have any insight on, you know, is he compromised in any way?
Oh, he's a total New World Order operative, 100% on board, under Bill Gates' control.
I mean, the British Prime Minister said last week that the head of the G7 will unofficially be
Bill Gates.
I mean, Bill Gates is the global president.
I mean, these people are bowing down to the money.
The globalists are making their move.
They believe they're protected.
And they're going to execute this.
And they're going to put those new GMO vaccines that reprogram your cells in you.
We obviously know what it's going to do.
Sterilize cancer.
They're coming with a weapon.
If they shoot you, they get in trouble.
But if they shoot you with a shot, you die a year later, it's trendy and liberal.
And they'll say it's another virus doing it in a year when you're dying.
That's the plan.
They're giving you a shot, so the next virus they release can kill you.
Bill Gates has even admitted that, saying COVID's a drill, the next big one's coming.
So, as you know, with the family, we're stocking up on food, water.
We got storable food from my paycheck supply.
We got gold, guns, ammo.
I mean, what else can we do?
The bigger thing is educate others, expose them, and just keep doing what you're doing.
Jeremy, God bless you.
No, I mean, I'm sorry.
It's the world government takeover.
They would never come with UN helmets to take our guns.
They'd use a virus.
They'd use fear.
The Rockefellers said so.
I made the film Endgame about it.
And they tear.
They launched the attack.
They said they would.
They had big meetings about it.
They planned it all.
We can't expose them and their Great Reset, which is their Great Leap Forward, just like Mao Zedong did.
This is bankrupting you, getting rid of small businesses and farmers.
That's the Great Leap Forward that China did.
This has been done before.
This is breaking your will.
The Great Reset is the Great Leap Forward.
No one else will tell you this, and I'm not bragging.
I've just done the research.
Let's go ahead and go to Robert in Florida.
Go ahead, Robert.
Hello, Alex.
How are you doing?
It's a pleasure to speak with you.
It's also a pleasure to walk with you over there in D.C.
I'm a guy dressed as a Spartan.
Love you, man.
Go ahead.
I wanted to let you know, you know, there is a way that we can go about this.
I hear everybody talking about, you know, calling legislators, doing this.
No, we need boots on the ground.
Get around these rhinos.
Go out there, let them know, you know, hey, where do you stand?
It's time that, you know, this isn't the time to be out flag-waving getting car honks.
This is a time to be showing up at your local representatives' places in those states that are in question.
Go show up at their doorsteps like these leftists do to our representatives who speak out against their crap.
No, the Trump army needs to mobilize.
No, I agree.
We need to go to all the neocons, but also
Like McCarthy's house, all of them, and let them know we're aware it's a foreign takeover.
We're pissed off.
Go to their meet and greets.
Go to their events.
That's why they launched the COVID thing, for this takeover, to try to lock us down.
But the good news is, you go to a Trump rally, hundreds of thousands of people, tens of thousands of people, nobody wearing a damn mask.
People see through it, and the leftists can't stand it.
It was wonderful to be out there.
And you know, at the end of the day, that's what it takes is Patriots putting the boots on the ground.
You can call your legislator all day.
He ain't going to hear you till you're knocking on his door.
Because I've been, I've done that here in my great state of Florida with Ron DeSantis back when he was doing his lockdown.
And you know what?
It didn't do nothing until we showed up at his door and we were saying enough's enough.
And he did a full one 80.
You know, since you mentioned that, look at this sack of crap if you're a TV viewer.
That arrogant, look at the slimy enjoyment he has.
What a power trip he's on.
That little filth bag.
The New Jersey Mafia Don.
Demon governor.
When we come back, we're going to play all the clips of people just everywhere getting in their face.
Everywhere, ignoring their curfews.
Businesses running them out.
God bless you, Robert.
Alright, up next.
Who's been home the longest now, let me look.
That would be Jay in Florida, and then we'll go to Sarah and others, and Amber.
Go ahead, Jay.
Hey, Alex Jones, God bless you.
I pray for you and your family every day.
Well, your prayer is what lets me stand up, brother.
I can feel it.
So just keep energizing.
Yeah, well, first of all, I want to say how President Trump could win this, and how we could win this.
And it's very simple.
And I'll tell you, what Trump needs to do
Right before Thanksgiving, because he's under a lot of pressure, they want him to throw in a towel.
He has to come on to, like, your show, or OAN, or even our Newsmax, and say he is not giving up.
He is not giving up.
You've got to reassure everybody because there's a lot of fake news out there that's getting a lot of people... No, I agree.
His silence is letting them claim he is going to give up.
We should get that 3 a.m.
press conference he did on November 4th where he said, I'm not giving up, it's a fraud.
We should air that constantly where he said, I'm not... No, I agree.
This is not good that he's not out there speaking out.
I totally agree.
Alex, just get that out there.
Tell the people I'm not giving up.
Wishes everybody a happy Thanksgiving.
People are going to stand behind him.
I agree with him.
We need a Thanksgiving Eve message like tomorrow or the next day saying don't give up.
America is strong.
I'm really getting concerned.
He needs to come out and wish us all a great Thanksgiving and say America is strong.
The truth is coming out.
God bless you.
I appreciate your call.
All right.
Let me get to all these clips of people resisting.
There's so many of them.
We got them kicking them out of gyms in New Jersey, New York.
We got them all over the streets going to Newsom's house in California.
We've got the degenerate, evil, little snot-nosed governor of New Jersey who looks like a pedophile.
To Michigan and CNN national correspondent Diane Gallagher, who is there for us covering this from Lansing.
Tell us what we're expecting at this hour, Diane.
Yeah, so the State Board of Canvassers is supposed to be talking in just a few minutes that moment.
You can tell there are some protesters out here who do not want them to certify that election.
So if you can still hear me over the loudspeakers here, basically there are four members of the Board of Canvassers.
And this is usually pretty mundane protocol that they go through to certify
What has already been certified by each of the counties.
There are four members.
Two are Republicans, two are Democrats.
One of the Republicans has already indicated that he is going to vote for California.
By the way, I recognize that guy.
He's the one that said Bill Clinton's a rapist.
Fade it back up.
And he's the one that just took... Other GOP members... He's the one guy saving the country.
His wife told my producer Dan Shepard that, look, he's not going to talk about what he wants to do until the meeting today, which is supposed to start in just a few moments here.
You only need three of the four members to vote for certification for it to happen.
So that's why all eyes are on him at this point.
If it was a 2-2 deadlock,
It would immediately go to the Court of Appeals because of a flurry of lawsuits that would undoubtedly be filed.
Now, the likelihood is that... So everywhere these criminals go, they're being shouted down.
They wear a little mask to try to scare us and all the rest of it.
Now, let's show the dirtbag New Jersey governor that just loves lockdowns and loves police states and loves lying to you.
Here he is out with his, uh,
Little arrogant looking family having dinner and people come over and explain what they really think of him.
Hey, how you doing?
Oh my God, Murphy, you are such a b****.
You having fun with your family?
In the meantime, you're having all kinds of other bull**** going on in your house here.
Oh, you're too drunk?
No, I'm not drunk.
It's a matter of fact.
Can I put your mask on?
You can go f*** yourself.
How's that?
I don't need a f***ing mask.
Wait, you don't have a mask on!
You know why I don't need a mask?
Because there ain't nothing f***ing wrong with me.
I like your Trump coat.
You're f***ing right, you do.
Oh, hit pause, hit pause.
Look at the scumbag kid.
Like, oh, you're not wearing a mask.
Like, that's their power.
Because they're not wearing masks either.
It's all like, you're bad.
You're a bad, dirty person.
You're not wearing a mask.
Play it over again.
Just look at the snot-nosed, rat-like family this guy's got.
Hey, how you doing?
Oh my God, Murphy.
How you doing?
You having fun with your family?
In the meantime, you're having all kinds of other bulls**t going on in your house?
No, I'm not drunk.
It's a matter of fact.
You can go f**k yourself.
How's that?
I don't need a f**king mask.
You know why I don't need a mask?
Because there ain't nothing f**king wrong with it.
Back it up.
The Democrats started all these fights.
They said go harass Trump supporters because they're racist.
Wasn't true.
They're locking people down saying businesses aren't essential.
Suicides are up.
They lied and said the hospitals were full.
That governor sent sick people in nursing homes to kill them as well.
They're murdering us.
They're murdering our country.
We've got real beefs!
With that little slimy, snot-nosed rat.
And I'm sorry, his family looks like rats too.
They all look like cockroaches to me.
And they're all running their little filthy, arrogant mouths that they rule us!
Let me tell you something!
Your family doesn't own me, dirtbag!
You murderer!
Burn in hell!
I pray Jesus Christ visits.
Judgment upon you, that's all I've got to say.
God, these murderers make me sick.
Start over.
Play the whole clip back of the rat family.
Hey, how you doing?
My God, Murphy, you are such a ****.
You having fun with your family?
In the meantime, you're having all kinds of other bull**** going on in your house?
Are you drunk?
No, I'm not drunk, as a matter of fact.
Can you put your mask on?
You can go **** yourself.
How's that?
I don't need a **** mask.
You don't have a mask on.
You know why I don't need a mask?
Because there ain't nothing **** wrong with it.
I like your Trump function.
You're **** right.
Guess who Trump likes?
He likes my Trump function.
No, he doesn't like your function.
Oh, he does.
Get the **** out of here.
I'm sorry to get emotional, but man, that governor is so slimy looking.
I'm not saying he's a child molester, but if I was gonna, again, him and Brian Stolter, like, both, I'm not sure who would win, like, looks like a child molester award, and the sliminess and the fakeness of him and the evil and his lies and the deaths he's caused.
He's a murderer!
He's a murderer!
A scumbag murderer who's taking our kindness for weakness.
Here is protesters at their own business throwing the police out in New York and saying, hey, Black Lives Matter can march.
We're a protest.
Our existence is a protest to your lies.
Here it is.
I'm sorry to hear that.
We do have compassion for people who... Okay, well you need to go have compassion out in the parking lot.
This is private property.
This is private property.
This is private property.
It's private property.
Go get a warrant.
Listen, man.
This is private property.
They're not wanted here.
So, do your jobs.
Well, her job is... Well, no, no, your job is to remove people that are not wanted here.
We're wanted here.
They're not.
She's hiding her name tag.
I'm not.
It's right here.
It's right here.
You can see my name tag.
And they run the scum out.
I'm not doing it.
I'm not against police.
I'm against communists.
This is all foreign banks bragging that they're bringing us down to our knees.
Walmart stays open, but his gym doesn't stay open.
Show me the law!
Show me the law!
You're trespassing without a warrant, you un-American pig!
You pig!
She'll be running checkpoints trying to force inoculations next.
Yes you do!
Come back with the warrant or leave.
You don't write the law.
I'm not calling her a pig because she's a cop.
She's a globalist.
Call me pig.
It hates our freedom.
She's pleading.
She's pleading.
I'm a woman.
Just take the forced inoculation.
It's anonymous, right?
It's anonymous.
It can't be anonymous.
Oh, it's anonymous.
Someone said they were open.
A good little Nazi.
It cannot be anonymous.
They'll try to mess with that business.
Mess with them all, scum!
Go to the end where they run them out.
Don't circumvent or subvert the Constitution.
Yeah, don't circumvent jack crap.
Run them out.
Then they run them out at the end here.
I'm not complying with you.
You broke the social contract, you pot-bellied wench.
You're not a savior.
COVID's an overblown hoax.
And then it goes on from there.
Here, let's show folks at Gavin Newsom's house, then the big block parties all over California.
Tell them the left is to burn in hell.
Here it is.
This is Locke Plummer up in New York and we're gonna do some...
They're the protesters of the curfew on Newsom parties.
All he's got to do is stay open.
Stop complying.
Don't take their apps.
Don't go to any restaurants.
When you go in, they have QR codes to make you get food.
They admit now that's Chinese communist rhyme and that they're controlling it all, tracking what you do with big tech.
I have the articles right here.
Cannot make it up.
So it's time to realize you're under globalist attack.
It's time to stop submitting.
They have election machines in that are fraudulent.
California's not been Democrat.
It's all criminal takeover.
They are illegal.
They are Ceausescu.
They are Hitler.
They are Stalin.
They are criminals.
They are hoaxers.
They are frauds.
They want to destroy you.
Oh, there's so many articles up on InfoWars.com, and so much election fraud I didn't get to, so much at Bandai Video, so much that's broken of eyewitnesses and sworn video affidavits of the fraud they saw in Pennsylvania, in Georgia, in Michigan, everywhere, and it's all at InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com.
Before I end this hour, I'll do a few more calls, and Joe Salinda's going to take over.
I need money to operate.
I don't have George Soros, the globalist, funding me.
I've got great products you need at InfoWarsTore.com, and this is the last day.
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It's got to end.
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Don't lay down and take Fauci and these little murderer's operations.
I'm Alex Jones.
I've only begun to fight.
The globalists are trying to censor what you can see and what you can share.
Don't let them win.
Go to our Emergency Election Newsletter at InfoWars.com forward slash newsletter.
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InfoWars.com forward slash newsletter.
It's time to override the censors and get the truth out.
Risin' up!
Toe to toe with the globalists.
Ha ha ha!
It's their evil nature.
And it's our nature to fight back.
And God's gonna give us all the intellect, all the will, all the focus, all the blood.
We need to win.
I can feel God beginning to rise and step into the ring.
Now that Satan has taken the arena.
All right, let's take some phone calls.
Woody in Florida disagrees.
So we'll skip ahead of a few folks.
Woody, what do you disagree about?
Go ahead.
Hey Alex, how you doing, sir?
I'm all right, brother.
Go ahead.
Hey, let me start off with this.
Psalm 146.3, put not your trust in princes, nor in a son of man in whom there is no help.
With that stated, I'm going to ask you to go back to the Alex that was there in approximately 2015 when Trump said he was going to enter the arena.
You said that he had a lot to prove.
Well, he didn't prove anything.
He's done nothing that you state that he's done, nor anyone from the right.
He is controlled opposition.
You know, Trump believes he's for real, he's got problems, but if I tried to list all the good things Trump's done, we'd be here for hours.
I really don't agree with that statement.
Well, I could go toe-to-toe with you on everything that you could probably claim.
You started off the program today stating that he was against the globalists.
Well, he canceled NAFTA, went with the USNCA,
Well, I don't agree with the statement you made.
I mean, that was a big agreement.
They didn't like it.
What about the prescription drug stuff?
He didn't cut the prices with us?
Why is Bill Gates so pissed off and saying, don't take Trump's vaccine, take mine?
Why are they so pissed at Trump?
No, I know that he wants to start the economy back.
So if he can act like people have faith, then the big vaccine, before it's ready, it just blows away and is a non-issue.
Well, the economy is another great topic.
Trump has done nothing to improve this economy.
He's only carried the torch from Obama.
He's increased the debt.
He has actually given his cronies and printed money and given them to over his friends.
Let me ask you this.
So you're really excited about Joe Biden?
I hate Joe Biden.
I hate Trump.
Well, all that stuff is basically your opinion on those issues.
Trump's really massively cut the number of troops we have in those foreign countries.
Let me guess, that's not true either?
Well, I don't know about the national defense, but I do know he's trying to install a puppet government in Venezuela only because Venezuela doesn't want to play games.
Okay, you didn't say that's not intellectually honest.
I just asked you a question.
Has Trump drawn down the troops in Afghanistan 90%?
Almost completely pulled them out of Syria.
They had to lie to him about that.
I mean, has Trump been saying we shouldn't be involved in the Middle East without a reason?
That's what we're told that he's drawing down, but I don't know that.
You don't know it.
I appreciate your call, man.
You're not being intellectually honest.
The hell I've gone through supporting Trump by the establishment.
The fact that he did say no to one-sided deals with China.
The fact that he did better negotiations.
The fact he tried to have peace with North Korea.
He has pissed the globalist off mightily.
It's real.
I have experienced it.
Now, where you're at in your own life, I'm sure you're a successful guy, but from you're not in the perspective I'm in, you're not the seat I'm in, all hell has broken loose under Trump.
The system is pissed.
They are scared.
And because he believes in America, he's exposed globalism and the New World Order.
You think they want him doing that?
He would never do that.
Is Trump a saint?
Certainly not.
Does he mean well?
And you didn't prove anything with what you said.
But hey, some people are perfect.
You are.
I'm not.
You'll get Joe Biden.
Don't worry.
Be right back.
The story's live because there's a war on for your mind.
The article's live at InfoWars.com.
It's a zero-hedge article, very important, and it's one angle Trump can go with.
He's got several others, but the Death Star Strategy is Trump contemplating the ultimate constitutional trick shot.
Very important article.
It goes through it all.
Owen Schwerer will be covering it on The War Room coming up at 3 o'clock today, I know.
Very important report.
Please share it.
Alright, by the way, we don't screen your calls.
I'm glad that caller called in and disagreed.
I'm glad he brought up some things that Trump hasn't done, you know, as good as he could have.
But I gotta go to the callers quickly to get each person on.
One thing I don't like is I see it on YouTube sometimes, callers call and disagree.
I talk to them two minutes, move to the next person, they go, oh, he cut me off!
That's how I got to you, was cutting people off.
I've got to get to all these calls.
Sarah and then Amir.
Sarah in California, you're on the air, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
I just want to call to let you know that you have a lot of Mexicans supporting, and Trump too, supporting you guys.
And it's due to our Catholic-rooted conservative culture.
And I can say from California that a lot of Hispanics voted for Trump, including my parents, who have never voted in their 30 years here.
Well, that's the numbers we see.
I think California went red.
And I talked to, I mean, all the numbers show it.
So they had to block this landslide because this would be a total repudiation.
So the good news is America's awake now.
Even if they try to steal this, where do you think this goes, Sarah?
Let me tell you something, and I go to Mexico and back and forth, so I know my Mexican culture.
If the left takes over...
And they don't promote, they don't try to win us over anymore.
They gave up on us.
And let me tell you why.
If they try to take us over, what's going to happen is, what happened in, I think it was 1928 in Mexico, when the Communists tried to take over and destroy the Catholic Church, everyone rose up.
There was even soldiers working secretly to help, and we won.
And I don't think Mexicans are going to tolerate that.
They're just not, they don't like being told what to do.
And they're not a victim.
They're a hardworking culture.
Well that's right.
Che Guevara hated Mexicans because they wouldn't submit to him.
Oh, we don't submit.
We're hardworking people.
We don't victimize ourselves.
My parents came here almost starving of poverty, and I have uncles, and they're all wealthy or at least middle class, so we're not a victim.
I hope I have Black Lives Matter people listening to me and white liberals because they can't win us over.
We're just not like that.
Even if they're not fans of Trump or they're very indifferent to politics, Mexicans, they will never let
Well that's it.
People now know Trump was good.
And we know he tried.
And whatever happens to him, it's the beginning of the end for the globalists.
But that's what's scary is they know that, so they're going to really try to hurt us.
I mean, Justin Trudeau and all of them are saying they're going to hurt us with the lockdown to teach us?
Sorry, you bankrupt me.
It doesn't teach me.
It makes me hate your ass forever.
And I want to, Ocasio-Cortez and Alden, what's going to happen when they try to take us over?
I hope they can go watch For the Greater Glory.
It was a great movie on what happened in Mexico when communists tried to take it over.
That's what's going to happen if they ever try to take us over.
We're not going to... We don't like the government.
We don't like being told what to do.
That's the one thing about Mexico.
No, I hear you.
I hear you.
Well, that's the point about any red-blooded people.
You need to stand up to evil.
Even if it's an endless fight, it's better to be in an endless war than to be a slave.
I hear you.
Amir in Arizona, go ahead.
Thank you.
Amir Obeah here in Arizona.
There's two constitutions.
There was the one in 1776, the Constitution of the United States of America.
Then in 1871, they came out with the second one.
Which is the Act of 1871, which is when they established the corporations of color of law to take over.
You're absolutely right, and that's when they brought in the 13th Amendment, all the rest of those.
A part of the Act of 1871, there's a remedy in all law.
It's the Enforcement Act of 1871, which deals with voter fraud.
Where the President can enact a military to come in and take over.
And by the way, I don't want the military to take over.
But if the chi-coms and the globalists are about to take over, then yes, I want the military to block it.
It has been controlling this whole situation since Trump got in.
That's why they installed Trump in, to take over the corporation since he is a businessman who knows how to control businesses, to take over the United States corporation to fix it.
That way the people have... Well, I'll tell you this.
I'm told Trump's confident that he's going to win.
So, what the hell's about to happen in the next 58 days, sir?
Next 58 days, mass arrests.
The consciousness of the people is going to have to wake up.
Especially the blacks.
There's no such thing as a black person.
I myself am melanated.
There is no black race.
There is no black people.
Under the color of law, calling yourself black
Make sure you're a stateless person.
Being a stateless person, the government has the right to claim you as cattle.
Exactly, and that's why they wanted blacks to call themselves African Americans, to get them out of the country.
Alex, your body is wonderful, wonderful, especially this time of year when arthritis aches are kicking up.
It certainly helps me outrun the lonely cat ladies in the neighborhood.
Yes, sir.
Now, I called because with all this threat to the COG continuation of government, why, from China, from the civil war within the intelligence community, the DOJ not doing what they're supposed to be doing, why is Trump not declaring a national emergency?
Why is there not martial law?
Why is there no Rex 84 going on?
Because the Justice Department is totally under the control of the globalists and Trump, basically, is like a brain that doesn't have nerve endings in the body, so he can think stuff all day.
Like, if I want to lift my arm, my brain says to do it, okay?
But if I had my neck broken, I couldn't do that.
So Trump is like a person that... I was thinking he's quadriplegic.
What is it when you're from neck down paralyzed?
In pain.
Yeah, I mean, I forget the medical term because there's different parts to the body.
If you're paralyzed neck down, what's that called?
Well, Trump's basically, Trump has like control of one finger.
He just, that's the problem.
He never got control of the government.
And just, you know, get all the MPs in here.
I mean, that bypasses posse comitatus to use the MPs to settle down the government and get control of it.
Because COG is definitely threatened.
I hear you.
Well, I got it right.
It's quadriplegic.
So there you go.
I mean, America is a quadriplegic.
We're just totally, Trump's like a brain giving orders and it doesn't happen.
And I've learned how this works.
I've got a great crew, but if they weren't putting up with me and working hard, none of this would work.
You start getting into tens of thousands of people, forget it.
It's why only immoral people can be ruled by a republic.
Only immoral people can be free.
And we're not immoral people.
You may be moral.
I might be somewhat moral.
I try to be good.
Um, but... Only immoral people can be free.
Thomas in Denver, last caller.
Thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
Hi Brooks, it's Alex.
How are you?
Man, I'm pretty freaked out, brother.
I called you a couple weeks ago and I was a little bit excited, so I hope you'll let me articulate my point here.
Sure, we got about a minute and a half.
Go ahead.
I have a viable, peaceful solution for everyone that's dealing with this.
I talked to you before about requiring driver license from your public servants.
If you take orders
Well that's right, they've shut down access to the courts under this.
This is a total siege, you're right.
This will help you Alex, if they come after you, who are they?
Identify them, make them create joinder with their person because the person holds the office.
If they don't identify themselves, you're doing business.
This is a commerce system.
You're doing business with an unidentified entity.
They will not create joinder with their person.
No, I know.
When these feds would come sit in the restaurants with us, I'd just get up and walk over and they'd run out of the restaurant.
Because it's all like I'm supposed to get scared, you're in here with me?
Look, I'm out of time.
I love you, Thomas.
Sorry to the callers.
I got to most of you.
Gerald Cilente is loaded for bear as usual.
He takes over.
That's 45 minutes at Owen Schroeder, the War Room.
And the crew's been so exhausted and so understaffed, we haven't even been doing the nighttime show.
But the next few nights, we will.
That's the election countdown, 79 days of hell, whatever the hell you want to call it, and so much more.
John Lorraine's like, are you mad at me?
I'm like, no, we don't have the crew to do it.
I mean, what show do I cancel?
I don't know.
We don't have the crew.
Here we are in Wonderland.
You wonder what land this is.
So I have some breaking news for you.
You ready?
All of these politicians and these little freaky boys and girls, these so-called health experts, they're not health experts.
They're little low-life bureaucrats that suck their way up to get to where they are.
They're little nobodies of nothing.
Again, I was the assistant to the Secretary of the New York State Senate.
I designed and instructed American politics and campaign technology and taught it at St.
John's University.
I've been with presidents, prime ministers, and princes.
I know what the deal looks like.
So these little freaks, with their arrogant little attitudes, little nobodies of nothing, they're telling us what to do.
So, they are guilty, the slimy little low-life bureaucrats who suck up and bow down and do what they're told to say and do, and those little low-life characters up there called governors and mayors and chancellors and presidents and prime ministers all around the world that are giving orders
Are nothing more, right here with the facts, than sexist and racist.
The coronavirus war, the COVID war, launched by the politicians and backed up by the bureaucrats, is racist and sexist.
This is everything for Me Too and BLM to know about.
Because here are the facts.
They're doing this to punish you.
I got it right here.
You ready?
Who's this from?
Well, it's from the Financial Times.
Women lose out on job opportunities created by the pandemic.
Financial Times, November 23rd, 2020.
Almost 800,000 jobs have been created.
All right.
The worst-hit areas of work are low-paid jobs and swaths of the service sector, which tend to mostly employ women.
Across the 34 OECD countries, Organization Economic Cooperation and Development, women are more likely to be
In temporary jobs and in all of the member countries which the data are available, quote, the pandemic may be contributed to a widening of the gender gap.
And this is according to their science and technology director.
Women continue to bear the brunt of the crisis, said the International Labor Organization's Gender Equality Divisibility Branch.
For many women, COVID-19 threatens their jobs and livelihoods, they said.
All right?
Right there.
But they're wrong with the title.
It's not created by the pandemic.
It's created by arrogant little freaks and fools.
Little scum.
Nothings of nothing.
I love that video on Infowars.
Of those women.
Calling out that little clown boy, Governor Murphy, a gutless little nothing.
And look how they put their masks on.
Don't say a word.
Well, they have all these people at that table.
What are there, 10 people there?
But when you stand up, you got to put your mask on.
Look at this.
Look at this hypocrisy.
So there me too.
There you are.
Look at this little clown.
Doesn't do anything.
Keeps eating.
Look, they keep eating as they're being called out.
That shows you how gutless they are.
How cowardly they are.
And look at that little boy.
Another little boy born on third base and thought he had a home run.
Now she goes to put a mask on.
Look at this!
Little creepy cowards.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.
Look at these people.
Oh, look at that little gutless clown.
Look at that little boy!
And people take orders!
Look at him!
He keeps eating!
That's what a little freak clown he is!
Look at them!
Look at them and they're telling us what to do!
They're telling us what to do!
Little clowns of nothing!
Governor Phil Murphy up your you-know-what!
Look at them!
These aren't men and women!
Oh, he got his mask on.
Oh, I gotta put my mask on too.
I'll be like all the little stupid prostitutes out there.
And we're bringing you today from Alex Jones Live on InfoWars.
My glasses are fogging up.
I'm a little jerk breathing in my crap, and these masks ain't worth crap.
But I'm a little crapster prostitute, so I'll tell you what to do.
And you'll follow me.
All you women out there!
Hey, me too, where are ya?
Murphy, Cuomo, Gruesome, even Mitchum!
Hey, and that clown over there in New Mexico!
Oh, if only women were in charge!
Look at these low-life men and women!
I shouldn't call them men and women!
They're boys and girls!
And these things wouldn't go anywhere if the low-life element of the police force wouldn't enforce them.
Look at that little boy!
Can you imagine this guy in a fight?
Can you imagine him in a fight?
I'll stand in the no-bullying zone!
I'll stand in the no-bullying zone!
Like that!
Yeah, look at her.
Lighthead from Chicago.
Lori Lighthead!
Hey, where are you women?
You're killing the women's jobs.
Oh, and the blacks.
The blacks.
African-Americans hit hardest by cuts.
Right here, right here in the Financial Times.
The COVID war that they're launching on you is sexist and racist.
Where's BLM?
Hey, black lives don't matter when they're putting you out of work, out of jobs.
Oh, that doesn't count?
What a freak show.
What a freak show.
Financial Times, not making it up.
You got it.
How come you're not protesting?
Where's the blowback?
How can any people look up to these little nothings?
Oh, Cuomo won the Emmy.
That shows you how low lives they are.
A little nothing of a character that wouldn't be anybody if Daddy wasn't Mario.
We're gonna be back in a few minutes.
Stay tuned.
And support InfoWars!
Hello, hello.
Great being on the Alex Jones Show.
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You ready?
It's one of the songs I put together.
Get back in your house!
Get back in your house!
You can't go out and play!
Get back in your house!
Get back in your house!
I'll tell you where to stay!
Get back in your house!
Get back in your house!
You will obey!
Heil Hitler!
Your post goes against our community standards on dangerous individuals and organizations.
How about that, huh?
How about that?
Slimy little Zuckerberg!
How about that freak from Twitter?
Look at these little clown boys!
Arrogant little nothings!
Look at him!
Take out that Z and put another letter in front of it.
A, B, C, D, E, you know what?
And look at that other clown!
Look at that other freak right in front of everybody's eyes!
Dorsey Gruesome!
I guess you could put him together with Cuomo with his nipple rings and they would be a great pair!
Could you imagine?
Get back in your house!
Get back in your house!
You can't go out and play!
Get back in your house.
Get back in your house.
I'll tell you where to stay.
Get back in your house.
Get back in your house.
You will obey.
Heil Hitler.
How dare you say Hitler?
I should say Heil Cuomo.
Heil Merkel.
Oh yeah, the people in Germany are protesting against Merkel.
They did away with the Constitution and gave her the Hitlerist powers like they have in the United States with these governments.
Aren't these, look at these guys.
These cops are the worst.
With their microphones, they say... And they spread... Look at what kind of men would do that to their people.
What kind of men?
I'll tell you what kind of men wouldn't.
The police in Kingston, New York.
They're real men and women.
They would never do this to the people.
Not for that.
Look at this.
What's Slimers?
And we pay these little jerks just like we pay those slimy politicians that could care less if you're out of work or lose your business.
Look at them ganging up on a person.
Look how tough they are.
And they're in their military drag.
Oh, yeah.
Military drag.
Look at them.
Look at them.
Step on him!
Beat him!
Punch him!
Come to me, man-to-man, and try to tell me to do something.
How dare people protest against being locked down?
It's banned on Facebook!
Look, I fight.
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You know what the title of the song I wrote?
It's called, Liberty, Love, Joy, and Beauty.
That was the name of the song.
I got some little piece of crap, like a Witless Whitmere, a Cuomo crap head,
A Murphy nothing?
A wolf!
Little wolf!
Look at that little jerk of nothing wolf!
Telling people you gotta wear a mask in your house, like he does?
Like that guy Newsom and his rich people, $400 a head, when you have a party at the French Laundry?
Yeah, it's a laundry, you are right!
It's a whitewash!
And then that little slime ball passes more of the regulations to lock... Look at that crap head!
Look at that little boy of nothing!
A nothing!
Telling you what to do!
How gruesome-newsome!
Oh, I better be careful.
I might get banned on InfoWars.
Only kidding.
New York's hospitals will be overwhelmed by coronavirus patients without help from U.S.
Look at that.
Look at that.
Look at that.
Look at that.
You saw it.
Look at it.
Look at it.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.
Probably more.
What about 12, 14 people saying, but when you stand up, you've got to put your mask on.
I will tell you what to do.
I'm a little nobody freak and everybody will obey me.
You're going out of business.
The streets are dead.
The streets are dead.
People's livelihoods are gone.
Put all their energy into building their business.
Working day and night, night and day.
Add a business.
Dining inside luxury French restaurant.
The laundry.
Washing the crap out of his mouth and shoving it down our throat.
That's what the
Some 65 ICU beds were occupied by coronavirus patients as of Sunday afternoon, Cuomo said.
The state has recorded this is going back last March.
The wave could break the hospital system, Cuomo said.
In my opinion, which is not science-based, you will not be able to flatten the curve and avoid the wave.
You'll be short thousands of ICU beds, thousands of ventilators.
Totally crap!
Crap shooting out of the craphead's mouth.
It never happened.
They brought a ship in here.
They closed down the Javits Center, which is already closed down.
That's a huge convention center on the west side.
And turned it into a hospital.
There's other places with hospitals.
And the Emmys go to the clown craphead Cuomo.
Where are the people?
Hail Hitler!
All aboard!
Next train to Auschwitz!
And put on your mask!
Oh, Salenti, calm down.
You might get a heart attack.
Yeah, I'm dying of pain.
Pain and suffering to see what's happened to my country.
The United States of America.
The land of the free.
In the home of the brave.
Where you don't have free speech anymore.
I got a little piece of crap like Zuckerberg shutting us down.
No right to assembly!
Tell me the name of the moron running your city-state.
You can have five people.
I say ten people.
I say twelve people.
No right to assembly.
And no right for freedom of expression.
Can't you see what's happening to us?
We have to unite.
The billionaires are in control.
Support InfoWars.
Look at these freaks.
My God!
You cannot, you cannot do a grade B movie worse than this.
Support the Trends Journal.
Unless you want them to keep running and ruining our lives.
We'll be right back.
Ah, great being on the Alex Jones Show.
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Because when you look at the facts, and you look at the faces, look at the little freaks we have telling us what to do.
You saw that little nothing boy of Murphy with a pair of cojones, smaller than a mothball's.
Look at him!
Look at him!
If that was me, my father, my aunts, my uncles,
Well, we'd never be there.
They'd never be in this position.
Nobody would ever talk to them like that.
Look at them!
Look at that smiley coward face!
And then, it's not only the United States.
Take a look at France.
Oh yeah, France, with Macron the Godson.
There's the foreign minister.
You can't make this up.
Look at that little piece of jerk of nothing.
Foreign minister?
This guy's from a foreign planet, man.
That ain't no man.
That's a little boy like all the rest.
Born on Third Basin, thought they hit a home run.
What kind of royal family did you come from?
The royal family!
They even call these people the Prince of England!
The royal up your you-know-what!
A royal screw you!
Save your royal crap!
Royal Highness!
Your Highness, yeah!
With an A and an S and you know what?
Telling us what to do.
Look at them!
Look at that guy over there.
Look at him!
Look at him!
Look at him!
It's a cover for Mad Magazine.
When mad was mad.
It's gone.
And you got that little jerk over there.
That other clown you got over there in Ohio.
The wine.
The wine.
Who's masking who?
These aren't men and women!
Hey, but Biden's coming in, and all the liberals love him!
Top page from today's turlet paper record, the New York Slime.
Biden to choose alliance builder as top diplomat.
Anthony J. Blinken, defender of global alliances, and when a president elect Joseph R. Biden Jr., Junior!
Hey, Junior!
Sucking off the public you know what all your life, never worked a day in your life.
Closest Foreign Advisors is expected to be nominated for Secretary of State.
You ready?
Mr. Blinken, 58, a former Deputy Secretary of State under President Barack Obama, began his career in the State Department during the Clinton administration.
And it goes on to the back page.
Front page story on to the back page.
Described by some as a centrist with a streak of interventionism.
Mr. Blinken has also sought, alright, a streak of interventionism.
Isn't that nice?
Hey little boy, why don't you go lead the charge?
Hey, you want to go intervene?
Hey little boy, lead the charge!
That's right.
Dress up in your military drag and go out there!
Oh no, you're going to send the poorer kids to do it, huh?
Obama criminal war against Yemen.
This is from the World Socialist Organization.
April 10th, 2015.
Saudi Arabia launched the war against Yemen from the United States with the approval of the piece of Nobel crap prize winner
The murderous Barack Obama, quote, I'm really good at killing people with his drone strikes, as quoted in the book Double Down.
As the bombing campaign set against Yemen extends into his third week, the Obama administration has stepped up direct U.S.
involvement in what constitutes an illegal war that threatens to precipitate a massive humanitarian crisis, which it has.
The target is Yemen, the poorest country in the Middle East.
officials acknowledged this week that the Pentagon is playing a decisive role in making these war crimes possible.
It has accelerated the delivery of bombs, missiles, and other weapons to Saudi Arabia for the purpose of killing more Yemenis and boosting the profits of the U.S.
arm merchants.
You ready?
Just between 2010 and 2014,
The Obama administration reached $90 billion worth of arm deals with the Saudi monarchy, making it the top U.S.
On a trip to Riyadh, Anthony Blinken!
The Deputy Secretary of State revealed that the United States has also stepped up its intelligence sharing.
And logistical support for Saudi-led onslaught, establishing a joint coordination planning cell.
Thus, the U.S.
military is not only shipping the bombs to drop on Yemen, but providing Saudi pilots with the targets to be struck and fueling to reach them.
Tony Blinken, star turned.
This is from Politico, 2013.
President Barack Obama adopted an all-hands-on-deck approach to explain the White House evolving strategy on Syria a few weeks ago.
Blinken, 51, was one of the several aides tapped to take a more robust public relations role.
Isn't that nice?
And while the decision to intervene militarily in Libya was often portrayed as one driven by a set of powerful women, Susan Rice, Samantha Power, and Hillary Clinton, oh, if only women were in charge!
Blinken, Obama's National Dissent Secretary of the State of America, were among the vocal minority who argued it was America's interest to stop Muammar Gaddafi.
There you got it.
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