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Name: 20201122_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: Nov. 22, 2020
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InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
Ladies and gentlemen, it is Saturday, November 21st.
The year is 2020.
There are only 60 days left in the 79 days of hell.
In the contested election, we warned you was coming because the Democrats said they were going to steal it.
No matter what happened, they are not going to let President Trump become the president.
They engaged in fraud that night, they froze the election, they brought in the fake ballots, and now they've been caught.
We've got all the evidence here.
This exclusive analysis is so critical to the future of not just our country, not just our beloved Republic, but the entire world.
We're in here with this emergency Saturday evening transmission.
I am begging you for the sake of your family, for my family, and for humanity, to tell everyone about the live show and to send the link you're watching at InfoWars.com.
In band on video out on your email list right now on your text message.
However, you're watching then we're going to reloop this feed all the way until my regular Sunday show 4 to 6 p.m.
Let me tell you what we're going to be breaking down the first big piece of news here.
The headline is an info wars.com.
This is horrifying the left, but it's getting almost no coverage.
Circuit courts reassigned.
Conservative Supreme Court justices preside over battleground states.
They're not going to let the leftist federal judges in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona, and other key areas engage in their regular fraud that's always overturned by the Supreme Court.
Almost every ruling against Trump
That was unconstitutional like the travel ban, you name it, has been overturned.
They are saying, put that headline back up, this is incredible that they understand the Democrats are basically stealing it and they are putting the most conservative four who have that constitutional right are swooping in and preemptively taking over those circuit courts so that they can't engage in stalling tactics and fraud.
is not just a signal.
This is a giant explosion.
This is absolutely confirmation that Trump means business and that he knows there's been fraud.
We have the evidence of fraud and that we are not conceding.
Do you understand the magnitude of this?
I've been on air for 27 years.
I've never lived in a time like this.
I've never even
I thought that it would get this crazy this fast and here we are.
And that's just one piece of news that is so incredible.
And that's why we've got the left.
Going crazy with headlines like this.
New York Times, Trump's attempts to overturn the election are unparalleled in U.S.
Mitt Romney calls Trump's attempt to overturn Michigan election undemocratic.
Americans are afraid, not for themselves, but for the country.
And it goes on and on.
Think about that.
Why are there thousands of headlines similar to what I just told you?
Why are they doing that?
Al Gore didn't concede for 37 days.
How many days has it been since the election?
Let's say that again.
Al Gore didn't concede in 2000 for 37 days.
Look it up.
I'm going from memory.
Guys, look that up.
How many days was the 2000 election contestant until the Supreme Court ruled?
Okay, yes, this day in history.
So it wasn't until December 13th they did it.
We're in November 21st.
All right.
So there you go, ladies and gentlemen.
Let's continue.
Now, did you hear what I just said?
That's why you need to send the video link or the audio link for the local radio station you're listening to to everyone you know.
Because this is getting almost no coverage, but as soon as the Supreme Court ruled on this a day ago, giant bricks began to be, you know, wanted by the Democrats.
They are now, he could do it!
Oh, we're in trouble!
He's a dictator, Obama said.
He's going to overthrow things.
They knew they were going to lose.
They called it a red mirage.
They said, oh, it'll take a few weeks, maybe a few months, but we're going to contest.
We'll find the votes.
Trump was winning by double or triple the numbers he won.
All those battleground states already won Florida by record numbers.
10 million plus people voted more for Trump than last time.
All the poll numbers showed that internally.
They were completely and absolutely panicking.
They didn't know what to do.
And so, they shut down those key five states at night, kept the illegal counting going, put cardboard up on the windows, and delivered as many Joe Biden numbers as they needed.
In fact, we'll put on screen that famous graph of the fraud graph that you see in Michigan and other states where the polls close artificially early,
They say the counting has ended and then all of a sudden that Biden number goes straight up to the point it needs to defeat Trump.
It's organic votes until they stop the counting artificially and then boom, straight up in these five states.
Now, let's continue with the mega massive news.
I just gave you that one giant bombshell that has me getting chills up and down my spine, that finally action.
The Supreme Court, knowing what these lower courts are going to do, the fraud they've been engaged in, knowing that Joe Biden's a Chicom agent, knowing there was a landslide for Trump, we'll prove that here in a moment, they are coming in and man, this is such a dangerous time because the globalists are so doubled down.
Before we went on tonight,
Drew, one of my crew members, said, what are they going to do when they've already fraudulently declared victory?
There's no such office as a president elect.
It's all a giant hoax.
Biden promised until it was independently certified and until December 15th, that he would not declare himself a winner and then lied about it.
And the Democrats said they were going to contest no matter what, that that was democratic and that was a good thing.
And then now they've done this.
Going the opposite of what they said and calling it a dictator.
What are they going to do when it comes out they stole Georgia?
Which even PBS was reporting, and I'll show you in a moment.
What are they going to do when it turns out they stole Michigan?
What are they going to do when it comes out they stole Wisconsin?
What are they going to do when it comes out they stole... Evidence is showing California, huge political realignment.
And even a court has ruled there was fraud there in illegal ballots.
What are they going to do?
Remember Biden?
When he said a week before the election, I don't need your votes.
I'm going to win without your votes the election.
And Pelosi said, we're going to win no matter what.
She said, I don't care about this thing coming up next week, the election.
He will be inaugurated on January 20th.
This is a crisis.
This is crazy town.
Now let's start getting into the evidence, the fraud and the good news.
The good news is that Trump's not giving up.
The good news is we have the evidence.
The good news is we're in the right.
The good news is we know with our own eyeballs that he had millions of people come to his rallies.
Joe Biden couldn't get anybody.
Kamala Harris polled at less than one half of one percent with voters when she was running for president and with blacks even lower.
She's hated!
And they're doddering around on stage wearing those masks like clowns and all the rest of it.
What's going on?
Well, I was just in Georgia for four days, marching around the governor's mansion, asking him to demand a hand recount and signature check and, or don't certify it, and send it to the legislature for them to investigate.
He went ahead and certified what the secretary of state, who's a lying globalist, he went ahead and certified that because they just ran the same electronic recount.
Did find thousands and thousands of votes for Trump that had been thrown away.
None for Biden, basically, that had been thrown away.
This absolutely infuriated the globalists.
So what has the governor now done?
He's done the right thing.
And as of today, thousands of people showed up for day four of the protest in Georgia.
So we salute those folks.
There I am just yesterday on the steps of the Capitol.
Here is the article on InfoWars.com.
We'll play the video here for you in just a moment.
Georgia Governor Kemp calls for audit of signatures on ballot envelopes, and he walks through the evidence of mounting fraud, ladies and gentlemen.
We're going to be playing this clip in just a moment.
So, the Supreme Court's coming in and putting their judges over the battleground states to cut out the middlemen because the Democrats are trying to stall.
Incredible move, signaling victory and signaling they know the fraud and they're going to back Trump.
Yes, yes, yes.
Thank you, Jesus.
And thank all of you that came out and fought back.
I mean, you talk about cliffhanger.
You talk about edge of your seat.
Let's continue.
You gotta go watch this video.
It's the Gateway Pundit.
PBS went to Georgia one week before election.
What they found was shocking, even for leftists at PBS.
In fact, we may even, if we have later time, download this, play some of it.
It's a 30-minute show, but they go and they show the machines are fraudulent.
Anybody can break in.
There's absolute scams in the past.
What are they going to do?
They call the systems completely open to fraud with no checks and balances.
That's PBS.
So everybody's saying there's no evidence.
That's a talking point that's put out if you want to keep your job at Fox News or CNN.
Then continuing, voting equipment found dumped on roadside in Georgia.
And guess what?
It's from a county that was almost all Republican.
I wonder how many votes are in that baby.
Because they kept saying, it's also weird, whole precincts and whole areas of counties just didn't get reported and the ballots are lost.
Well, why do you think the ballots are lost?
Why do you think whole areas that are almost all Trump?
I drove out the Georgia Guidestones for two hours plus.
In Georgia.
Yesterday morning.
And all I saw was Trump signs, not one Biden sign.
Oh, the founders didn't prepare for a president who refuses to step down or refuses to not step down.
Historians say, Al Gore didn't do it for 37 days.
We've had other elections that went for two months.
What are you talking about?
That's another lie from the Washington compost.
Owned by Jeff Bezos.
Then we have another special report we're going to air.
The election theft explained in four minutes.
That's very important.
We're going to be airing that as well.
And then the key.
Trump campaign requests partial Wisconsin recount deposits $3 million to challenge Biden victory because this will be a hand recount in the key areas where over 100% of registered Democrats voted.
And guess what?
They're suing right now, and they're demanding data from the recount.
And I'm gonna explain why this is so important, because Tucker Carlson's a great guy, and I haven't had time since I got back to calling, but I'm gonna try to get in touch with him.
He keeps wanting the Trump lawyers, Powell and others, to
Give him the raw data.
And they're like, hey, we've had statisticians look at the Secretary of State's offices, county by county, and download it.
And then they can find the known signs of fraud where numbers go straight up, where everyone votes for Biden.
And we found the same algorithm or the same pattern in all these key counties around the country where these anomalies happen.
And then Tucker goes, show me the proof.
The statistician can see it.
They've sent Tucker that.
Tucker wants the raw data.
Well, these companies claim it's proprietary.
So you have to sue to get the computer program and the actual zeros and ones where it happened.
Let me give you an analogy.
If police come to a house and somebody has been shot and they've got a huge giant hole in them.
A smart cop will go, that looks like they were shot with a 12-gauge .50 caliber slug.
12-gauge .50 caliber.
Now, in a court of law, you gotta have the forensics come, they gotta dig the slug out of the wall where it went through, they gotta try to find the gun that found the person, and then it's open and shut case.
We've got shotgun holes blasted in our ass, in our republic, in our voting system, in Georgia, in Pennsylvania, in Michigan, in Arizona, in Nevada, in Wisconsin, dead to rights.
Big, bloody, .50 caliber holes.
Our republic shot.
Big hole, right through us.
Trump is trying to get in and dig the slug out of the wall with his forensics people.
The Democrats are like, no, no, no.
There's nobody shot here.
And you're like, what is a bloody mess right here?
Oh, no, no, no, no.
You're not going to dig that out of the wall.
And you follow the Democrats out with their car, and you're like, what's that in your back seat?
And it's a 12-gauge shotgun.
Now we need a warrant to get the fingerprints off that shotgun.
And that's what Trump's suing to do.
And in Pennsylvania, the legislature wanted to have a hearing and demand it.
And guess what?
Dominion said they'd show up and then won't show up.
And it's happening in Georgia.
I know the Trump lawyers.
There's a bunch of cases you don't know about.
They don't want it telegraphed yet, but there's big stuff coming down, big stuff coming down.
And so I get Carlson's like, I'll give you the whole hour.
Come on and show me your evidence.
Well, the evidence is anybody can go look is at the Secretary of State's offices with those votes online.
Some counties where they found hundreds of dead people voting in small towns, thousands in big cities.
There's fraud right there.
They've already busted a bunch of people who voted repeatedly.
I know people personally who don't live in California but did years ago and they went to the Secretary of State's office and they voted for Biden.
Even though they voted for Trump in Texas.
All the old people, all the ballots.
I know people who have family in nursing homes in Texas who were sent three ballots.
They sent out 80 million ballots, most of them fraudulent, to create the smoke screen.
Jimmy Carter's own commission found 20 years ago that mail-in ballots are the most fraudulent system and are totally open to a giant scam.
And it goes on, and it goes on, and it goes on, and it goes on, and it goes on.
They had all these weird patches put in on the Dominion and other software that had been decertified to other states the day before, and they won't say who did that.
And they also covered up all these different angles.
So people are saying they want to see proof.
That's really a mirage.
That's the fraud.
Said that there's not proof.
So let's first hear from Governor Kemp, who has certified the election, but he says he doesn't think it's certified.
The state did it preliminary.
Now, so Trump can pay for a recount himself and check signatures, which was not done in violation of law.
And all he needs is 13,000 votes.
The recount found him, I'm going from memory, over 5,000 plus votes.
Of course, it's all against Trump.
And now they're closing in even the electronic recount.
And now that they found other ballot boxes and found machines and have found all this other stuff that's pouring in, the governor lays out that he thinks there's a scam.
And his constituents think there's a scam.
Sure, you think so?
And so if they can get the data cards in Wisconsin and Michigan.
Oh, oh, almost forgot.
Oh, oh, sorry.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Supreme Court comes out and takes over the local cases so the Democrats can't stall.
What we need in the Republic's darkest hour.
This is a Chi Com takeover.
Governor Kemp coming out saying we need a fraud investigation.
Looks like we got a scam here.
Gets better.
Pennsylvania gets pissed off, has the hearings, comes out and says there's a cover-up by Dominion.
And then it goes on and on and on.
There's one other big point I'll get to right after this video, but enough of me.
Let's go to the governor laying out why he wants an audit of signatures on the ballot envelopes, which will sink the globalists guaranteed.
Here it is.
Good afternoon.
COVID-19 has introduced numerous challenges to county and state elections officials as they work to keep Georgia elections secure, accessible, and fair.
Given the record number of absentee ballots and narrow margin in the November 3rd election for President of Georgia, I joined many in backing a hand recount and urging a thorough investigation into any voting irregularities.
The Secretary of State oversaw a complete audit which revealed significant errors made in several counties, including Floyd, Fayette, Douglas, and Walton.
It is important for Georgians to know that the vast majority of local election workers did their job well under unprecedented circumstances, and I thank them for their service.
However, it's quite honestly hard to believe that during the audit, thousands of uncounted ballots were found weeks after a razor-thin outcome in a presidential election.
This is simply unacceptable.
I've heard directly from countless Georgians.
They expect better, and they deserve better.
It's important to note that this audit only looked at ballots, not the signatures on the absentee applications
or the signatures on the ballot envelopes.
The Georgians I have heard from are extremely concerned about this, so I encourage Secretary Raffensperger to consider addressing these concerns.
It seems simple enough to conduct a sample audit of signatures on the absentee ballot envelopes and compare those to the signatures on applications and on file at the Secretary of State's office.
This morning, the Secretary announced his support of strengthening photo ID requirements for absentee balloting.
Voters casting their ballots in person must show a photo ID, and we should consider applying that same standard to mail-in balloting.
I have heard from many members of the General Assembly
And I appreciate their input and share their concern.
I look forward to working with Lieutenant Governor Duncan, Speaker Ralston, and members of both bodies to address the issues that have been raised over the last several weeks.
Earlier today, Secretary Raffensperger presented the certified results of the 2020 general election to my office.
Following Judge Grimsberg's ruling yesterday, state law now requires the governor's office to formalize the certification, which paves the way for the Trump campaign to pursue other legal options in a separate recount if they choose.
Georgia has runoff elections for two U.S.
Senate seats and a public service commissioner scheduled to occur over the next several weeks.
We demand complete explanations for all discrepancies identified so that our citizens will have complete confidence in our elections.
In the runoff election, we cannot have lost memory cards or stacks of uncounted ballots.
We must have full transparency in all monitoring and counting.
Every legal vote must be counted and the security of the ballot box must be protected.
As governor, I have a solemn responsibility to follow the law, and that is what I will continue to do.
We must all work together to ensure citizens have confidence in future elections in our state.
Thank you, and God bless.
Now the important thing to understand is the establishment enemy of the people, corporate media, is in overdrive lies.
A couple days ago, Trump
We're good.
Had been said in Michigan and key counties like Detroit.
So again, the mainstream media is lying to you yet again.
But the incredible news is that whether it's Georgia or whether it's Michigan or whether it's Wisconsin, President Trump and the American people are on their tail.
Now let's go to this key report from InfoWars.com and Bandot Video that you should share with everyone you know.
And it is the election fraud and the election scam explained.
This is such an important report.
The election explained in four minutes.
That's the title.
Here it is.
The company is called Dominion Voting.
It's used in 28 states.
Well, I can hardly wait to put forth all the evidence we have collected on Dominion.
Several days ago,
Dominion came under heavy fire after allegations that their machines caused thousands of votes in one Michigan county to be switched from Donald Trump to Joe Biden.
Which is why Texas rejected using Dominion software three times, raising concerns that the system was not safe from fraudulent or unauthorized manipulation.
It was funded by money from Venezuela and Cuba and China has a role in it also.
So if you want to talk about foreign election interference, we certainly have it now.
It's a feature of the system.
Each voting machine is a computer running a computer program.
Whether that computer counts the votes accurately, or makes mistakes, or cheats by shifting votes from one candidate to another, depends on what software is installed in the computer.
President Trump won by not just hundreds of thousands of votes, but by millions of votes.
We have so much evidence, I feel like it's coming in through a fire hose.
In Antrim County, ballots were counted for Democrats that were meant for Republicans, causing a 6,000 vote swing against our candidates.
The county clerk came forward and said tabulating software glitched and caused a miscalculation of the votes.
Since then, we have now discovered that 47 counties use this same software in the same capacity.
We have sworn witness testimony of why the software was designed.
It was designed to rig elections.
And the software development was funded by the Clinton Global Initiative.
That's what the Democrats do.
If they don't like the rules, they change them.
They change them at the last minute.
They manipulate them.
They want to tear down our American system.
It is indeed a very foul mess.
It is farther and wider and deeper than we ever thought.
But we are going to go after it and I am going to expose every one of them.
Installing that vote-stealing program in a voting machine takes seven minutes per machine with a screwdriver.
But really, the software I built was not rocket science.
Any computer programmer could write the same code.
Once it's installed, it could steal elections without detection for years to come.
We've got statistical evidence that shows hundreds of thousands of votes being just put in and replicated.
In total, about 500,000 votes were taken from Trump and switched to Biden.
130,000 here, 27,000 there.
You can see how there's 200,000 votes magically for Biden at 3 a.m.
in Wisconsin and Michigan.
It's like drag and drop Trump votes to a separate folder and then delete that folder.
Because you knew you were going to use those ballots to catch Biden up.
This is literally global government.
The communist Chinese and others want to take this country over.
And President Trump has been standing against that.
And he was winning all these battleground states by higher numbers on election night until they closed the polls and then secretly stuffed the ballot boxes.
And so that's why they're scared of recounts.
It's why they're scared of legislatures stepping in.
That is their constitutional duty.
This is stunning, heartbreaking, infuriating.
And the most unpatriotic acts I can even imagine for people in this country to have participated in in any way, shape, or form.
And I want the American public to know right now that we will not be intimidated.
American patriots are fed up with the corruption from the local level to the highest level
of our government and we are going to take this country back.
We are not going to be intimidated.
We are not going to back down.
We are going to clean this mess up now.
President Trump won by a landslide.
We are going to prove it and we are going to reclaim the United States of America for the people who vote for freedom.
Again, I want to thank you all for being here on this Saturday evening.
The only way we defeat the Globalist is you share the live feed of this, whether you're listening on local radio, watching on local TV, or at band.video.
That's why big tech's been censoring so bad.
That's why they've been manipulating the information so much, because what they're doing is part of a multinational, corporate, criminal takeover of the entire planet.
They think they're gonna defeat us.
They think we're gonna be destroyed.
But I am seeing a massive awakening that should really scare the living hell out of the globalists.
Now, let me get into Tucker Carlson here for a moment, then I'm gonna get into a caller who got very, very emotional on Rush Limbaugh.
And there's a moral to the story.
The man sounds very, very desperate.
I want to try to give him some light at the end of the tunnel.
But first, let's go back through these articles that I skimmed over a little bit deeper now.
Again, Georgia Governor Kemp calls for audit of signatures on ballot envelopes.
That is seismic.
I've talked to White House lawyers.
They were able to do some spot checking and talk to others that did.
No one even looked at the signatures.
That's illegal.
And now that they've spot checked some, upwards of 10% are clearly fake.
And even the addresses are not filled out.
They will be thrown out.
They're almost all, of course, for Joe Biden fraudulently.
And that will catch up the 13,000 votes that they stole it with very, very easily.
Continuing, I mentioned the PBS documentary from just a month ago, one week before the election saying Georgia was such a massive fraud and they thought it would be used to steal it from Joe Biden.
Equipment found on the side of the road, voting machines.
It's simply incredible.
CNN, Washington Post, all lying.
All the time saying that the founders didn't prepare for a president who refuses to step down.
He's not refusing to step down.
You've announced Biden the winner with fraud.
You've been caught in a scam.
And now you think your hoax, just like your COVID deception is what it is, is just going to carry you.
It's not.
You've gone too far, crazy people.
They tried the impeachment.
They tried the Russia gate.
They tried the Ukraine gate.
It's just been insane.
We just played the election theft.
It's played in four minutes.
You got to share it.
We also mentioned this, but this is one of us spend some time on right now with Tucker Carlson.
Trump campaign requests partial Wisconsin recount deposits 3 million to challenge Biden victory.
Now, when you read into this, they've had to pay for the recount.
They've had to pay for the lawyers.
And they've had to pay for the observers, which weren't allowed in the first time in violation of law.
And they're having to go in and demand that they be able to look at the actual vote code in the machine and be able to rerun what happened that night.
That's why there's a record of it.
Now, when they do that, you know, what's going to happen.
Cause at the same time everywhere, when they shut things down, Oh, water main broke at CNN center in Atlanta, where they were counting the votes.
Can't make that up.
And they all went for Biden.
You know what they're going to find.
That's why they're like, we're in danger.
This is scary.
He could overturn this.
He's got a chance.
That's why Vegas, the other big gambling houses are still open.
We cannot let this communist get in.
We cannot let this Chinese communist.
Compromised agent on record.
This is insane.
This is the worst possible nightmare.
Even if he really won, we can't let him get in because he's a compromised agent, but he clearly lost.
America didn't vote for that walking, lying, disgusting addled corpse.
Hell no.
And so that's why the piece that we were getting into earlier is so incredible where Trump demands the data.
Is because it's all right there.
Tucker Carlson is saying to the Trump campaign, to Powell and Giuliani.
Give me the raw data.
Give me the algorithm in the raw data where they did it.
Well, you've got to get it out of the machines.
And then he says, well, how do you know?
Because any statistician, and they've done it, they're public, hundreds of articles written about it.
The White House has got four private groups looking at it.
They all found the same number.
You go to the Secretary of State's offices, you pull the numbers and you crunch them and go.
Well, wait, over 100% voted in this precinct and it's all for Joe Biden.
Well, wait, all the votes that came in are the exact same percentage, 70 something percent.
In all these states, the same number came in at every place after they stopped counting.
And then magically all these votes came in with the same numbers.
Almost 75% for Biden.
It's rigged.
They didn't even tailor it for each state.
They just ham-fistedly did it like they do everything, relying on the mainstream media to gaslight the public.
It's simply incredible.
And that's this next clip.
I want to get to right now.
Dominion voting lawyers up before abruptly backing out a Pennsylvania fact-checking hearing.
The full hearing that they didn't show up to is on Infowars.com.
Dominion Voting Systems Thursday night abruptly backed out of attending a fact-finding hearing that was set up Friday morning with Pennsylvania House State Government Committee.
This is State Government Committee Chair Seth Grove and what he had to say about the 1.3 million Pennsylvanians who use Dominion voting machines have been hung out to dry and slapped in their faces.
Here's the evidence of the fraud.
The signed affidavits of them running in Philly and in other areas three Biden ballots at a time over and over and over again.
They'd run each ballot with the same name three times and then run the Trump ones one time.
I mean, this was a organized criminal effort.
That's why Google has never had searches for what is the penalty for election fraud.
Thousands of people in key battleground states and cities, they have the algorithm, look it up, the days and weeks before the election went and looked, what is the penalty for election fraud?
Before they did it, because, you know, Trump's a Nazi and Trump's evil.
And so that's how they did this.
They had months to pull their scam, months to rig it, and they still lost 15 seats in the House and probably won't win back the Senate.
Simply incredible.
So here is what they had to say at the state legislature about Dominion refusing to come out in the light of day.
As you're tuning in today, you're probably wondering why you're not viewing a policy hearing.
The committee scheduled a public hearing with Dominion Voting Systems.
to be held now.
The members of the State Government Committee were looking forward to publicly addressing the plethora of accusations of Dominion Voting Systems in a format which would have allowed open and honest dialogue.
I was impressed at what appeared to be the willingness of Dominion Voting Systems to address accusations and it would have put the 1.3 million Pennsylvanians who use their machines at ease, including myself.
Thinking Dominion was willing to publicly back up their product,
Which Pennsylvania taxpayers invested millions to purchase and voters entrusted with their sacred ballots was truly remarkable.
I truly felt Pennsylvanians in the nation could get some answers into the truth of the effectiveness of Dominion voting systems.
Unfortunately, last evening, Dominion voting systems lawyered up and backed out of their commitment to the people of Pennsylvania to provide their input in a public format and discuss their voting systems of which 1.3 Pennsylvanians entrusted.
Instead of running towards the light of honesty and integrity, Dominion voting systems retreated to the darkness.
Why would a vendor of public goods fear discussing their products sold to the public for the public good?
If Dominion's products were successful and operated as they were supposed to, why wouldn't Dominion take the opportunity to publicly review its success?
How hard is it to say, our ballot machines worked exactly as promised and they are 100%
Why, after weeks of accusations, has Dominion Voting Systems not released any analysis of the success of their voting machines to the public in order to stop their accusers in their tracks?
They have nothing to hide.
Why are they hiding from us?
Today, I am saddened to report to the taxpayers of Pennsylvania and the 1.3 million voters who trusted Dominion Voting Systems with their ballots that Dominion Voting Systems has hung you out to dry and slapped you in your faces.
Not only are Pennsylvanians more skeptical, but the actions of Dominion voting systems last night have led credibility to their accusers' accusations.
Fourteen counties, mine being one of them in York County, utilized the Dominion software.
And Pennsylvanians deserve to know exactly how Dominion Systems worked, as well as what software was utilized in our election process, and the security measures that they had in place so that we can give voters the confidence on the election outcomes.
Most of us would agree here that we trust the workers in our polling places.
And we trust the workers in our counties.
There are neighbors, and there are people that we elected.
But what we don't know, and therefore we can't trust, is the role of third-party companies, right?
So when Dominion said they would come in and answer the question, this was an opportunity for them to demonstrate who they were, the services they were providing, the products that they were selling us, and how they were being utilized, and give the voters the confidence that they're looking for.
They're rescinding their acceptance of participation in our committee hearing.
Robbed our voters of that information.
Dominion... The questions that we had, did Dominion play a role in the tabulation of the votes cast?
We don't know.
And was it the same in all the counties?
We don't know.
Did Dominion program the software in the equipment that was used at the 12 counties?
We don't know.
It's what we're hearing they're doing in other states, but are they doing it here?
We don't know.
Was there direct county oversight?
Was there expertise in that oversight?
You could put anybody to oversee it, but if you don't know how it operates or why it operates, is that oversight?
Were test runs done, conducted before the election?
Were they done after the election?
How do we know?
Does Dominion use open source software so that observers can go in and they can see exactly what switches are being turned on and turned off?
We don't know.
Transparency is key.
So if they're doing this, if they used open source software, right, we would know what's going on there.
The average observer could take a look to see what that process is.
Now I want to beg the viewers again to understand that all of this is documented.
All of this is researched.
This is cutting edge information that big tech, multinational corporations, the communist Chinese and the enemies of America have been fighting.
I don't
To drive us into submission and they're so damn evil and trying to act confident in front of their different operatives that next hour I'm going to show you former U.S.
Secretaries of State and British Prime Ministers and German Chancellors and corporate leaders and the U.N.
saying we're using COVID-19 lockdowns to punish populists and punish Americans and punish Brits and punish Germans for trying to get out of the New World Order.
This is insane.
I never thought they would run an operation like this and then brag about it while they were doing it.
But I know why they're doing it.
It's next level.
I'm getting chills.
This entire stack is them bragging and pushing their agenda next hour.
It makes me have an anxiety attack.
It's so insane.
I mean, this is moving so damn quickly.
So again, this is coming up next hour.
Now, let me just go back to the piece of news we were just covering.
The fact that they know there's fraud, the numbers are impossible, they can't get into the servers, they've had to file lawsuits over it, because once you get to the servers, you can prove the anomaly that you already saw.
So they try stuff like, oh, numbers don't lie.
Well, two plus two doesn't equal 10.
Yes, they do.
If the numbers are false, they lie.
That's why you need a chance to add up the numbers and we can look at the outside.
We have the affidavits of those that saw the fraud, saw the fake ballots, saw people not checking the signatures, saw the observers being thrown out, saw the cardboard being put up on the windows, the alarms being raised by PBS in Georgia, Philadelphia famous for the mafia running it, Detroit famous for fraud, all of it.
And I've said this for years, California has been red all along.
California has had massive election fraud forever.
That's why courts ruled that Newsom used illegal ballots and that Newsom couldn't sit there and count ballots that were postdated after the election.
And you're like, but they already won that night.
Why would they do that?
Why would they engage in fraud?
Because they overdo the fraud.
They're trying to extinct out every single conservative, every single populist, every single nationalist, every single Christian, every single person that isn't a criminal.
So again, I've been going 45 minutes.
We just tuned in.
Let me recap.
We're gonna go to this final piece of election news.
And then into the big picture, who's running it and how we stop the globalist.
I meant to get to this on Friday, but I got back late from the Georgia Guidestones, had to go to the demonstration at the Capitol.
But I did the research, we got the information together, and I'm going to be covering it again, as I promised, next hour.
But right now, let's go ahead and get into this final piece of news.
I don't want to fight with Tucker Carlson.
I understand his frustration telling
The Trump campaign, give me the proof.
Why are you going into Dominion?
Why are you going into the software?
Let me see how you know it's an algorithm.
And then Powell being a lawyer is going, well, wait, we don't have that data.
We have the outside forensics of the numbers that are impossible.
So the two are acting very, very pigheaded.
And Carlson, I think, is trying to be legitimate and demanding proof, which is great.
But it's apples and oranges.
And the liberal media has been running, the leftist media has been running headlines that even Tucker says there's no proof of election fraud.
Well, going back a week ago, he had shows saying they claim there's no evidence of election fraud and voter fraud, and then he would give a bunch of examples.
So, don't let the leftist media misrepresenting what Tucker Carlson says make you think Tucker Carlson has betrayed us.
He hasn't.
He's had the most courage in anybody on Fox News.
But I think that this is, again, an apples and oranges situation.
Now the final piece of election news, before we look at who's behind it and how to stop the whole system, because instead of fighting the globalists, how about we cut the head off the snake politically?
There's this emotional video at InfoWars.com.
Emotional caller tells Rush, I'm not a revolutionary, but I will die for my president.
And the reason I want to play this clip is he gets very, very emotional, very, very sad.
He sounds totally desperate.
He says, rush.
Well, you'll, you'll hear him in a moment.
Only you and Trump can save us.
Oh, what was me?
And I'm not making fun of him.
I understand his pain, but he says, well, maybe I'll have to, you know, get violent.
That's not the answer at this juncture either.
You can't trust in Alex Jones or Tucker Carlson or Rush Limbaugh or President Trump to get it all done.
You have to fight the system at every level and get outside of the conservative echo chambers and into the streets and into business.
And you have to be aggressive and not give your money to any leftist corporations.
They're engaged in siege against us, trying to bankrupt us.
We have to defensively do our own research, and none of us are perfect, I'm not either, and only spend money with local businesses, community businesses that are patriotic, and groups that are proud of America.
So if you don't fly an American flag, and if you're not proud of the Bill of Rights and Constitution, and if you're not pro-self-defense, and if you're not pro-life,
They're trying to shun us and bankrupt us and make us submit.
We're not going to bully them.
We're going to remove ourselves from the parasites that want us to be their milk cows.
So that really is the answer.
Let's go ahead and listen to this call.
Hi, Rush.
It's great to be here.
I'm going to try to hold myself together and not get emotional here, but I want to harken back to your statement about Georgia and about the Trump voter.
And they should be very afraid, very afraid.
And you are all we have left, Rush.
We've spent our lives voting for these people because they're not them.
And we just can't do it anymore.
We're tired of being stabbed in the back, Rush.
It's better to have an enemy that's in front of you than a friend that's behind you that's just going to stab you.
They do it every time.
We have a Republican-controlled state, and they won't do an audit of the vote.
They won't.
They just basically told every Georgian
That they don't care.
We were in Washington on Saturday.
Me and my 33-year-old son.
We saw more people than we've ever seen in our lifetime.
And we're season ticket holders for the Ravens, for God's sakes.
I've been in crowds of 80,000 people.
I've been to Steelers games, for goodness sakes.
I have never seen so many people, but were there any Republicans there?
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
There were no Republicans.
What was this thing that you went to?
A week ago Saturday in Washington, D.C.
It was a mega rally.
There must have been hundreds of thousands.
Okay, it's a mega rally and there were, you mean no elected Republicans?
Is that what you mean?
Yes, I do.
Our party leadership, quote-unquote, if this were a Democrat rally,
They would all be there.
They were there for the anti-Tea Party movement walking hand-in-hand up the steps.
No one stands for us, Rush.
Only you and Donald Trump.
God forbid, what do we have left?
I love my president.
I am not a revolutionary, Rush, but I will die for my president.
This man has given more to this country than anybody and he has no need to.
He's a billionaire.
He doesn't need this.
That's exactly right.
It's disheartening.
I am not a Machiavelli.
I don't do things to manipulate and try to come off with these big calculated scams.
I'm a straight shooter.
That's really what I believe in.
It's what built America.
It's what all great civilizations are based on.
But I can understand Machiavellian thinking, and I can look into Machiavellian consequences.
And the globalist chi-com attempt to steal this election, if they were successful,
We'll cause a grassroots rebellion, the likes of which has never been seen before.
It is extremely dangerous.
And I've got a stack of articles here.
I've been saying that for weeks, that even the head of the EU, even the head of the IMF, even the head of the World Bank, even these top globalists admit, oh, we better totally crush populist and really make them poor forever, or they're going to rise up and defeat us.
And what we're doing with the Great Reset is going to trigger a massive resistance.
Well, that's what the Club of Rome said.
That's what Operation Lockstep from the Rockefeller Foundation said 10 years ago.
So they even know that what they're doing is going to cause massive opposition, but they want power and control now, and so they're still going to go ahead with it.
I mean, globalism and the New World Order is out in the open.
They're admitting they want to make us poor.
And they have New York Times articles going, Justin Trudeau did not call for a great reset or build back better.
He did not say that COVID-19 is here to shut down the economy.
That's a good thing.
Of course he did.
The damn video's there.
10 minute video.
They took it off YouTube, but we've got it.
Once you lie to somebody at that level, there's no one going back.
It's simply insane.
Separately, we need your financial support.
We're not bankrolled by George Soros.
We're not bankrolled by the New World Order.
We're bankrolled by you.
We've proven we're the tip of the spear.
We've proven we don't back down.
And we've proven that we carry the light of victory in the torch that is InfoWars.
So I just want to encourage all listeners and all viewers to support InfoWars.
I want to thank those that have supported over the years.
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I don't like bragging.
I'm not bragging.
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Like, you know, hey, Admiral, we just sunk 10 more ships this week, and we're kicking ass, and we request authorization to continue our mission.
We're here reporting to you, saying we, by the grace of God, are the Babe Ruth of the information war.
Because we have you.
We have this team.
It's all of us, and I'm very humble when I say it.
But praise God, we have the zeitgeist.
We have Excalibur.
If a political movement had Excalibur, we have pulled the sword of destiny from the stone.
And I thank all the old men that helped me wake up when I was a child.
It's literally a Merlin-like story.
That's why those are archetypes, why they ring true to us.
And I'm not saying I'm King Arthur.
This is all an Arthurian fight against tyranny and against these evil wizards.
And I just, you know, it is such an incredible time to be alive and I am thankful to all of you and thankful to God.
Let us continue our destiny.
Let us continue our will.
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All right, hour number two, coming up.
Thank you for joining us.
I'm going to very quickly recap the top stories because this is just about you or me.
It's about those that are tuning in every few minutes to the streams or stations.
I'll recap the big election news and then hit who's behind it and their declaration of war against America and how to stop them.
We'll be right back.
God bless you.
Hindsight is 2020, and the enemy is very cunning.
But now that they have launched their coup against President Donald J. Trump, we can see their battle plans.
He got four years in the White House, and they weren't going to give him a second term.
Plans for 2020 began immediately following the 2016 election.
Nine days before Trump's inauguration, Fauci says there is no doubt that President Trump will be confronted with a surprise infectious disease.
Two days after the president's inauguration, Bill Gates spoke at Davos and warned of a coming deadly pandemic.
An illegal surveillance operation was already launched before the election, and the president was then subjected to four years of nonstop baseless attacks and defamation, keeping Trump on the constant defense and the American people distracted while the deep state establishment prepared for the 2020 election.
The COVID hoax was in the works years before the election of Donald Trump, but they started fast-tracking it.
In 2017, Dr. Fauci began the controversial program of manipulating a virus to become more infectious to humans.
This is known as gain-of-function research.
In 2018, several CIA agents are elected into public office, claiming their new mission is to foil Trump.
In 2019, Fauci committed $3.7 million to the Wuhan lab in China for gain-of-function work on bat coronaviruses.
In 2019, Dominion voting machines, funded by the Clinton Foundation, expanded their 1,600 jurisdictions into the state of Georgia.
In October of 2019, the Gates Foundation, the World Economic Forum, and Johns Hopkins sponsored Event 201, a tabletop exercise that simulated millions dying from a strain of coronavirus.
Two months later, China reports an outbreak of pneumonia in Wuhan.
March 13, 2020, the U.S.
shuts down for COVID.
Thousands of people lose their jobs overnight.
We are told that masks don't work.
And yet, we are told that we must wear them.
On March 16th, the Brennan Center for Justice releases how to protect the 2020 vote from the coronavirus and suggest mail-in ballots, among other changes to the election.
The media tries to blame Trump.
Fear is injected into the brainwashed masses over an alleged virus less deadly than the common cold.
On May 25th, Soros-funded violent protests erupt throughout the country.
For the rest of the summer, cities burn, businesses are looted, and people are murdered in the streets.
The entire platform of the Democrat Party becomes, if you want the chaos to end, vote for Joe Biden.
In September of 2020, the Mockingbird media began reporting that Trump will refuse to leave the White House when he is beaten in November.
On election night, just as the president begins to surge in critical states, the election is inexplicably halted.
Thousands of mail-in ballots appear in the middle of the night, all for Joe Biden.
While completely ignoring massive evidence of voter fraud, the mainstream media prematurely calls victory for Joe Biden.
And now, agents of the deep state are decloaking themselves, calling for the president to concede and give full power back to the crooked establishment.
If the president concedes, the Trump family will be forever destroyed, and America will fall into chaos.
The only route to victory is to win the election in the courts and go on a massive offensive against the Deep State establishment and the Mockingbird media.
Those attempting to overthrow the United States need to be executed.
The battle is just beginning.
God bless America.
And we are back now into hour number two on this Saturday evening.
I want to thank you all for being here.
I want to encourage you all, whether you're watching the live transmission or we're going to re-air it until tomorrow at 4 p.m.
when I do the Sunday show.
I want to ask you all to share it.
That's how we circumvent big tech.
I want to start this hour with two big announcements, one of which you may already know about.
It's some good news.
Kyle Rittenhouse bailed out yesterday evening.
Kyle Rittenhouse, $2 million bail thanks to the MyPillow fellow.
He was able to get out this young man with no criminal record.
Upstanding citizen attacked by three goons.
Defended himself against the convicted child molester, the girlfriend beater, and the other creature.
And now he is supposedly the devil incarnate.
There's nothing worse than someone that actually defends themselves and their burning community.
And then this piece of news before I head to the Global Star.
The great reset and build back better and how they're trying to spend things.
This piece of news first, if you go back to last Saturday, it seems like a hundred years ago, but it was just seven days ago.
There was close to a million people showed up in Washington, DC to back our president and stop the steal.
And I'm not an infighter.
And I knew that it was Roger Stone came up with Stop the Steal.
Ali Alexander got his permission to use it.
So really promoting it in the last six months, warning of it.
He did come up with a plan for a march on that day, on that Saturday.
And then these women that are, would always take over tea party events.
They said, Hey, just let us get the permits for us.
And we said, okay, that's fine.
And then they said, Oh, Roger Stone can't speak.
Alex Jones can't speak.
We'll cancel, they said the night before, in front of a bunch of witnesses in a ballroom.
If you don't do what we say, we're going to pull the permit and not have the march.
And I'm like, hey, let's not get mad.
I don't care about speaking at the event.
I'll just take over my bullhorn and lead the march.
Which I did.
And then when we got to the Supreme Court, they were still back giving their speech with a speaker system nobody could listen to three miles away.
We had a crowd stretch three plus miles all the way to the Supreme Court.
And I gave my speech.
And I'll give my speech regardless.
And so when they heard that we were talking about having another event on the 12th, a few days before they try to certify the election in place, they try to do it fraudulently at the federal level on December 15th.
I said we should march again on that Saturday and have another convoy out of Florida.
Well, sure enough, that's what the lovely ladies have announced.
March in Solidarity for President Trump and America, December 12th, 12 p.m., and they start a week before at MarchFor45.com in South Florida.
Just like we had our convoy went through Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana into Florida and up.
That's great.
I want people to imitate us and I'm glad they've gotten the permit and I'm glad they're having the rally because no one listens to the speakers anyway.
They want to show their support for the president.
They want to stand up.
They want to speak out and they want to show the media that we've got crowds a hundred times bigger than anything Joe Biden ever imagined.
So I don't care.
That it's the same women that hijacked the last event have now announced they're running another event.
It's fine because I want to occupy DC starting as soon as we can peacefully to show our numbers in case Trump is not successful with all the confirmed fraud he's already found and these communist globalists try to drive him from power.
So I'll say it now.
I'm going to be in Washington DC on the 12th.
And I want you to go.
I love Alec Alexander.
He's a nice guy.
He, I've heard, has been saying that he's not going to go and he's mad at these ladies and he wants to be in Wisconsin or something.
Go to Wisconsin.
is the place people want to go.
It's the symbolic thing we need.
I'm all for going to Wisconsin and other states, but on the 12th of December, I will be there again in Washington, D.C.
Maybe we'll get another permit somewhere else the day before or the day after.
There'll be huge overflow.
Speaking from the stage isn't what matters.
And I don't care if these women want to be the big Tea Party people and want to get donations.
They don't matter to me.
What matters is you, the 500,000 to a million people, the police estimate, that actually came to DC last weekend.
And so coming up on December 12th,
That is a long time from now.
That is a lot of time for you to make your plans to be there.
So yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.
And I don't care if these women who didn't want to talk about election theft, they're basically rhinos, try to tell their own speakers, don't talk about election theft or we'll pull your plug.
I don't care if they cancel.
I mean, anybody can get bought off at this point, except me, except you.
So I don't care if they cancel their permit when they hear 5 million are coming.
We're all going December 12th to Washington DC.
That gives us three weeks.
That gives us more than three weeks or right at what is the 21st to the 12th, right at three weeks.
That gives us three weeks.
In fact, can you guys go into Bandot video?
I want to play this video now.
Go to Bandot video.
DC police estimate 1 million March because we had DC police high level who were off duty as our hired folks.
We've been using for several years.
Great people.
They showed me DC intelligence saying bigger than million man March was Farrakhan.
We estimate over 800,000.
They showed me on their phone.
So just download it, grab it, whatever you got to do out of the computer, take all the time you need.
I know I just sprung that on you.
It's at band dot video.
And the headline is DC police estimate 1 million size crowd at Trump DC rally or DC rally had 1 million police, DC police estimate something like that.
And it's a two and a half minute video.
And it's only got like 800,000 views needs a million views.
And it shows the camera shots we got that showed the crowd was that big because you had the speakers over here at Freedom Plaza with such a big crowd.
It was going down four or five streets.
Couldn't even get in there.
Couldn't even walk.
It was so big.
And the news only showed that square at 1130 before it even began.
It started the march at about 1230 because people couldn't hear the speakers.
It was so big.
Yeah, 90% couldn't even hear him.
So everybody just started going to the Supreme Court.
It took hours to get there.
And then I gave my speech, was going back to the hotel.
And when I got back to the hotel at Freedom Square, the end of the march was going at 3.30.
There it is.
Police confirm 1 million attended Trump March.
That only says 86,000 watched that video.
Sometimes they re-upload it.
There's a second copy.
So, uh,
I know there's one copy of like 900,000 views or something.
The point is, police confirmed 1 million attended Trump March.
Yeah, that's not the headline.
That must be a special report.
Go back to the video.
Go back to the video, please.
How long is it?
How long is that video?
Put the cursor on it.
It's 25 minutes.
Yeah, that's not the video.
That's somebody, that's me doing a report on the video.
It's the headline, D.C.
Police say 1 million attended D.C.
That's the video.
So anyways, that has the video in it, but it's not the one for people to share.
Doesn't matter.
Now there's another version.
Who knows how many versions there are?
That's 287,000.
Must see video.
DC police estimate Trump March top 1 million.
And again, we have a kind of a thing around here.
We upload things a lot.
That happens.
It's okay.
But that's another version I know about.
But just be rolling that in the background while I speak here.
I want to explain something.
I don't want a DC job.
I don't want DC Mercer money.
I'm not trying to hijack somebody else's rally so I can
Be a woman with a squeaky voice that's super annoying on a power trip.
I mean, they set up a stage that maybe 10,000 people could have heard.
They had a million people show up.
For us, you showed up.
So I don't care if the women sit there with a stage and no one can hear them.
We're going to have our march.
We're going to march.
We're going to be there.
And we'll march wherever the hell we want to go.
So that's the bottom line.
It's our march.
We got Trump elected, not the Republicans, not the establishment.
And every time they're there taking over our events, we just take our events back over.
I'm not taking my ball and going home when there's a rigged field.
I'm going to fight harder.
And I'm going to take the ball back.
And I will be there.
And I will run their march December 12th.
Because it's my march.
It's your march.
Not their neocon march.
Now I'm done talking about them.
But that's the bottom line.
Holly got upset and others did when they heard these women had picked that date again and won a caravan like us.
Let them!
Let them copy us!
That's wonderful!
The most sincere form of flattery is imitation.
And that's what it comes down to.
So I'm going to be in DC with my armored vehicle for days before riding around.
And we're going to be there when that caravan comes up and we're going to lead it.
It's funny how they want to do that.
Metaphysically, I will take over the event.
They tried to hijack.
I will take over their convoy.
There's nothing they can do because that's how justice works.
See, I'm not a victim.
When somebody tries to chump me or push me around, I just take over.
These women don't get, they hijack people's stuff.
I just hijack what you hijacked.
It's like a football game.
Imagine a football, and the other team, you fumble the ball, they take your ball, you cry and go, they took my ball.
I'm gonna line up and take the ball back!
That's how this really works!
So I'm gonna try to explain strategy to people.
Just because they tried to take over our last rally, and failed, doesn't mean we don't go to the next rally, where they're doing the same thing again.
Because technically, we hadn't even really announced the 12th and made a big deal about it yet.
And so it's even sweeter.
I don't care about who gets the credit.
I don't care.
I don't care.
I don't care.
I care about defeating the New World Order.
I care about stop of the shycoms.
I care about Joe Biden and his disgusting crackhead son pedophiles being prosecuted.
I care about taking down the New World Order.
And I will be in D.C.
on December 12th, and I want to see an army of Americans.
I'll assure you, if there are 5 million or 10 million Americans, if you get up off your ass and tell other people to be there, and if you show up, there won't be hotels, it doesn't matter.
Just drive in the day of it.
Stay in a town 100 miles away.
If you come to D.C.
and you get there, there's 10 million of you,
There's nothing they can do, the CHICOMS and the GLOBALISTS, to stop you.
That image, that message will be so powerful, that will give the Supreme Court all the support it needs.
And they're already announced.
They just put all the Supreme Court justices in charge of the battleground states over these leftist judges.
They've already frickin' rooked them.
They've already checkmated their ass!
Ha ha!
You realize the point of history we're in right now?
My God!
Total New World Order takeover.
We're fighting it toe-to-toe.
This is insane!
So I thank you, and I appreciate you, and I tell you, I love you.
I knew this was all coming.
We knew it was all unfolding.
We know the enemy game plan.
And I knew we had to stay on air for this moment when they made this move.
And I told you just how they'd make it in the 79 days of hell.
And because of your support!
And because you're in the arena!
We got a good chance of beating them fair and square up front now.
But even if they win this through fraud, oh my God, they're going to crush the public so much and squeeze them and persecute them so bad that the explosion against the new world order will be so gigantic that it will destroy them even more.
This is biblical times.
Mark of the beast, world currency, great reset is upon us.
And I got so fired up there.
I should have taken a short break.
Get my mind focused because I said on the Friday show, I said, I've got the answers to defeat the globalist.
I know how to take them down and I do.
I've really been praying about this and meditating on it by that.
I mean, focusing on it really deeply, especially in the morning when your brain's the most fresh.
A few hours after you wake up, they say about 10 a.m.
Believe you wake up at like 6 a.m.
is the best time.
And I, that is when I have my clarity, when I'm exercising in the morning or going for a hike, the blood's pumping and you know, there's frost on the, on the trees and the sky is blue and you know, you see the winds in your face.
You really get that clarity.
I know how to beat them.
I know you know how to beat them, but I've got a plan.
I want to talk about who they are and what they're doing and how we got to stop them when we come back.
But let's go ahead and talk about internet censorship and the fact that Congress now gets it's a takeover of the new robber barons are these scumbags.
So let's play about five minutes of Josh Howley.
On the secret Facebook content monitoring, and then he did a great job.
The full videos are on Infowars.com.
They're longer than this.
Ted Cruz.
Ted Cruz gets into all of it and really knocks it out of the park and lays out how powerful and how corrupt and how out of control they are.
So here's two of those clips.
We'll be back in about 10 minutes.
I'm going to lay the big one on you on the other side.
Stay with us.
Nineteenth century, the heads of the biggest corporations in America, the robber barons, got together and they set rates, they set prices, they determined how they would control information flow, they determined how they get rid of competition, and I'll be darned if we aren't right back there again.
Except for this time, you're the robber barons.
Your companies are the most powerful companies in the world, and I want to talk about how you're coordinating together to control information.
In recent days, my office was contacted by a Facebook whistleblower, a former employee of the company with direct knowledge of the company's content moderation practices, and I want to start by talking about an internal platform called Tasks.
that Facebook uses to coordinate projects, including censorship.
The Tasks Platform allows Facebook employees to communicate about projects they're working on together.
That includes Facebook's censorship teams, including the so-called Community Well-Being Team, the Integrity Team, and the Hate Speech Engineering Team, who all use the Task Platform to discuss which individuals or hashtags or websites to ban.
Now, Mr. Zuckerberg, you're familiar with the Task Platform, aren't you?
Senator, we use the task system for, I think it's, as you say, for people coordinating all kinds of work across the company, although I'm not sure if I'd agree with the characterization specifically around content moderation that you gave.
Well, let's get into that, and let me see if we can refresh your memory and provide folks at home watching with an example.
Here, over my shoulder, is an example, is a screenshot of the task platform in use.
You'll notice if the cameras zoom in several references to election integrity throughout on these lists of tasks.
Again, this is shared across Facebook sites, company locations, by working groups.
What particularly intrigued me is that the platform reflects censorship input from Google and Twitter.
We're good to go.
Does Facebook coordinate its content moderation policies or efforts in any way with Google or Twitter?
Senator, let me be clear about this.
We do coordinate and share signals on security-related topics.
So, for example, if there is signal around a terrorist attack or around child exploitation imagery or around a
Foreign government creating an influence operation.
That is an area where the companies do share signals about what they see.
But I think it's important to be very clear that that is distinct from the content moderation policies that we or the other companies have, where once we share intelligence or signals between the companies, each company makes its own assessment of the right way to address and deal with that information.
Well, I'm talking about content moderation.
I'm talking about individuals, websites, hashtags, phrases to ban.
Is it your testimony that you do not communicate with Twitter or Google about content moderation?
About individuals, websites, phrases, hashtags to ban?
Just yes or no.
Do you communicate with Twitter or Google about coordinating your policies in this way?
Senator, we do not coordinate our policies.
Do your Facebook content moderation teams communicate with their counterparts at Twitter or Google?
Senator, I'm not aware of anything specific, but I think it would be probably pretty normal for people to talk to their peers and colleagues in the industry.
It would be normal, but you don't do it?
No, I'm saying that I'm not aware of any particular conversation, but I would expect that some level of communication probably happens.
But that's different from coordinating what our policies are or our responses in specific instances.
Fortunately, I understand that the task platform is searchable.
So, will you provide a list of every mention of Google or Twitter from the task platform to this committee?
Senator, that's something that I can follow up with you and your team after.
Yes or no, I'm sure you can follow up with a list, but why don't you commit while I've got you here under oath.
It's so much better to do this under oath.
Will you commit now to providing a list from the Tasks platform of every mention of Google or Twitter?
Senator, respectfully, without having looked into this, I'm not aware of any sensitivity that might exist around that, so I don't think it would be wise for me to commit to that right now.
How many items on the task platform reflect that Facebook, Twitter, and Google are sharing information about websites or hashtags or platforms that they want to suppress?
Senator, I do not know.
Will you provide a list of every website and hashtag that Facebook content moderation teams have discussed banning on the task platform?
Senator again, I would be happy to follow up with you or your team to discuss further how we might move forward on that.
Senator Cruz and Senator Lee both asked you for lists of individuals, websites, entities that have been subject to content moderation.
You expressed doubt about whether any such information exists, but you've also now said that the task website, you've acknowledged the task platform exists.
Yes or no?
Senator, I think it would be better to follow up once I've had a chance to discuss with my team what any sensitivity around that would be that might prevent the kind of sharing that you're talking about.
But once I've done that, I would be happy to follow up.
All right, so you won't commit to do it here.
We could, of course, subpoena this information.
Thank you, Mr. Chairman.
Facebook and Twitter and Google have massive power.
They have a monopoly on public discourse in the online arena.
I will say it's dismaying listening to the questions from our Democratic colleagues because consistently the message from Senate Democrats is for Facebook and Twitter and Google to censor more, to abuse their power more, to silence voices that Senate Democrats disagree with more.
That is very dangerous if we want to maintain a free and fair democracy, if we want to maintain free speech.
There was a time when Democrats embraced and defended the principles of free speech.
There was a time when Democrats embraced and defended the principles of a free press.
And yet there's an absolute silence from Democrats speaking up.
For the press outlets censored by Big Tech.
There's an absolute silence for Democrats speaking out for the citizens silenced by Big Tech.
Instead, there is a demand use even more power to silence dissent.
And that's a totalitarian instinct that I think is very dangerous.
At the same time that Big Tech exercises massive power, it also enjoys massive corporate welfare.
Is Twitter a publisher?
No, we are not.
We distribute information.
So what is a publisher?
An entity that is publishing under editorial guidelines and decisions.
Well, your answer happens to be contrary to the text of federal statute, in particular Section 230, which defines an information content provider as any person or entity that is responsible in whole or in part for the creation or development of information provided through the Internet or any other interactive computer service.
Let me ask you, was Twitter being a publisher when it censored the New York Post?
No, we have very clear policies on the conduct we enable on the platform.
And if there's a violation, we take enforcement action and people choose to commit to those policies and to those terms of service.
Except your policies are applied in a partisan and selective manner.
You claim it was hacked materials, and yet you didn't block the distribution of the New York Times story that alleged to talk about President Trump's tax returns, even though a federal statute makes it a crime to distribute someone's tax returns without their consent.
You didn't block any of that discussion, did you?
Our policy was focused on distribution of the actual hacked materials.
Did you block the discussion of the President's tax return material?
And in the New York Times case, we interpreted it as reporting about the hacked materials.
Did you block Edward Snowden when he illegally released material?
I don't have the answer to that.
The answer is no.
You haven't used this in a selective matter.
Let me ask you, were you being a publisher when you forced Politico and other journalistic outlets to take down their tweets on a topic that you had deemed impermissible?
We were enforcing our policy and our terms of service.
So on October 15th, Jake Sherman, a reporter at Politico, tweeted the following.
I tweeted a link to the New York Post story right after it dropped yesterday morning.
I immediately reached out to the Biden campaign to see if they had any answer.
I wish I'd given the story a closer read before tweeting it.
Twitter suspended me.
So you actually have a reporter reporting on a story, asking the other side for comment,
And Twitter says, hi Jake Sherman, your account at Jake Sherman has been locked for violating Twitter rules.
Now what did the Politico reporter do?
Immediately tweets after that, my goal was not to spread information.
Well, that's a little worrisome just in and of itself.
My goal was to raise questions about the story.
Oh, my overlords in Silicon Valley, I was attacking the New York Post.
You don't understand.
I was attacking them, as I did in subsequent tweets, and see how the Biden campaign was going to respond.
They later did respond.
And then, not long after, Jake Sherman comes back with, my account is clearly no longer suspended.
I deleted the tweet.
When Twitter is editing and censoring and silencing the New York Post, the newspaper with the fourth highest circulation in the country, and Politico, one of the leading newspapers in the country, is Twitter behaving as a publisher when it's deciding what stories reporters are allowed to write and publish and what stories they're not?
No, and that account was not suspended.
It fell afoul of the Hacked Materials Policy.
We realized that there was an error in that policy and the enforcement.
Hold on, I'm literally looking at the tweet from Twitter that says your account has been locked.
You're telling me that this is not an accurate... That's a lock and can be unlocked when you delete the... I understand that you have the star chamber power.
Your answer is always, well, once we silence you, we can choose to allow you to speak.
But you are engaged in publishing decisions.
Let me shift to a different topic.
Mr. Dorsey, does voter fraud exist?
I don't know for certain.
Are you an expert in voter fraud?
No, I'm not.
Well, why then is Twitter right now putting purported warnings on virtually any statement about voter fraud?
We're simply linking to a broader conversation so that people have more information.
No, you're not.
You put up a page that says, quote, voter fraud of any kind is exceedingly rare in the United States.
That's not linking to a broader conversation.
That's taking a disputed policy position.
And you're a publisher when you're doing that.
You're entitled to take a policy position, but you don't get to pretend you're not a publisher and get a special benefit under Section 230 as a result.
That link is pointing to a broader conversation with tweets from publishers and people all around the country.
Mr. Dorsey, would the following statement violate Twitter's policies?
Quote, absentee ballots remain the largest source of... Welcome back again.
Thank you for joining us on the Saturday Transmission.
This will re-air after we're done here tonight.
And we'll be looped at Infowars.com forward slash show and Band.video and on local radio and TV stations until I'm back live tomorrow night, Sunday, 4 to 6 p.m.
And I just want to encourage you all to understand that incredibly positive things are happening.
When things are really negative, I will tell you when we're in deep crap.
And we are in deep crap.
But we're fighting back.
Let me just briefly and very calmly recap the good news and then I'll get into who's behind the bad news and the master plan in my view to stop them.
Which is a very, very simple plan.
And usually the best plans are simple.
So let me go ahead and tell you this right now.
I've talked to top White House lawyers.
This is incredible.
This is seismic.
Circuit Court.
That's all the circuit courts.
Conservative Supreme Court justices preside over battleground states.
They have put Alito.
They have put Thomas.
They have put Kavanaugh.
They have put Barrett over the key four states and the leftist circuit courts.
That have ruled every time against Trump on everything.
This is mega massive.
And that's why Trump is spending tens of millions of dollars to go in and to demand hand recounts and to show the fraud.
And he will win in Georgia.
He will win in Michigan.
He will win in Pennsylvania.
He will win in Arizona.
He will win in Nevada.
The globalists are going to throw everything they've got at us.
This is an insane time to be alive.
Again, the Georgia governor said, I'm going to go ahead and certify because my Secretary of State did, who's a globalist operative.
He said, I believe there's fraud here.
The citizens do.
We have evidence of it.
Just in the electronic recount, Trump narrowed Biden's lead to 13,000 votes.
Remember, Trump won the state.
It took him a week of recounting to find the magic votes.
And he said, we need a
Audit of the signatures and they admit no one was even looking at the signatures, which is illegal.
So they're going to throw all that out.
And so here's the big question.
As I pose the very start of the transmission.
What is the left going to do when they tried to impeach Trump?
They said it was a Russian agent.
They said he would be impeached.
They said it was all proof.
But none of it was true.
They got the indictment.
The impeachment began, but he didn't get impeached.
What are they going?
To do.
When they've come out with the fraud and the same corporate media.
In fact, somebody go pull it off the counter over there.
Maybe it's hanging back on the wall where I put it.
But remember Newsweek?
Madam President.
They printed a quarter million of them.
Had them on the walls.
Said that she'd won the 2016 election.
They already had them printed.
They were that confident in their con game.
Ah, yes.
Here is the frame I have hanging in my office.
Madam President Hillary Clinton's historic journey to the White House.
So it was wrong four years ago.
It's wrong now.
It's another hoax.
It's another lie.
You saw it that night.
Winning by double, triple the numbers in those battleground states.
They freeze it.
Magically, almost all the votes come in are for Biden.
He supposedly wins, but they're not officially saying he's the winner.
They're projecting him as the winner.
And so the president couldn't be doing this.
Couldn't be challenging it successfully if it was a fraud.
So again, I asked that question.
I'll be asking you on the Sunday show to listeners and callers.
What is going to happen when the Democrats believe the delusion?
Well, it'll make Trump again, look illegitimate.
And now it'll be a whole new fight over this, but Trump has far from lost and the mainstream media.
Far and own, far and run is gonna try to split this country right down the middle.
Now let's move to who is behind this.
Who's behind the election fraud?
Who's behind globalism?
Who's behind the ongoing COVID 2.0 lockdown?
Who's behind the Great Reset?
Who's behind Build Back Better?
Well, we know who's behind it.
It's the private banking institutions that control the IMF and the World Bank.
And these groups go in ruthlessly and exploit third world countries.
They go in and give a billion dollar loan to a dictator and then 20 years later the country's paid back 20 billion dollars on that loan.
These are loan sharks.
These are ruthless criminals.
I know people that have guarded Bloomberg, guarded the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, guarded Hillary.
Rude, hateful, mean, don't give tips to people, are just absolutely power-grabbing, witch-like creatures.
But you can see that in their actual actions.
They're all over the news saying, we need a great reset to cut off the world economy, to make people wealthy and get rid of the poor.
When they say get rid of the poor, they mean kill them!
No one debates that a global lockdown has already starved millions to death and tens of millions on the verge of starving to death.
No one denies that all of this is going on.
And now we've got Justin Trudeau, the Canadian Prime Minister, Merkel of Germany, the German Chancellor, we've got John Kerry, former Secretary of State, we've got Klaus Schwab of the Davos Group, we've got the head of the UN, all out there saying
We're going to use COVID as the Great Reset to get rid of capitalism and to bankrupt Western economies to free the poor, as if bankrupting countries helps the poor.
The IMF and World Bank want to bankrupt countries.
Documents came out in 2002 that they bankrupt countries so they can consolidate power over them and buy everything up for pennies on the dollar.
This is the Great Reset, where they say, you won't own a car, you won't own clothes, you won't own a house or an apartment, you will rent from us, but we will guarantee it to you, because we own you.
Like a chicken in a chicken farm.
I mean, this is so diabolical.
And then Bill Gates at the heart of it, with that horrible globalist, Boris Johnson, total turncoat, says they're gonna make Bill Gates the shadow head.
That's probably used in Britain.
We'll have like the main minister and then the shadow minister of the G7 now that the UK is gonna be at the head of the G7 this year.
And then whatever Bill Gates says on lockdowns, whatever Bill Gates says on forced inoculations will be what the United Kingdom carries out.
Here's some of the articles right here.
John Kerry says, great reset is needed to stop the rise of populism.
Go read the article.
Here's another quote.
World Economic Forum endorses Great Reset, seeks to eliminate currency and private property.
I was talking to one of my neighbors today and they said, Alex, I heard you talk about how the Federal Reserve announced it won't let give banks extra cash for Christmas.
People like to give cash as a gift.
They went to Costco and wanted like $20 back on their credit card.
They said, sorry, we don't do cash back now.
We may stop accepting cash next year altogether.
Because then when they put you on a social credit score, you don't just get banned on Facebook or Twitter, you get banned in your bank account or at the grocery store.
And all the big tech companies, all the Costco's, all the Walmarts, all the Targets made all the Whole Foods, all the Amazons made record profits during the lockdown because they're geared to say your business is not essential.
You're a small store.
We're not.
I mean, you go, yes, I'm not essential.
Thank you.
Absolutely sick.
Another article, The Great Reset and the COVID Pandemic.
Zero carbon emissions means zero humans.
And then we get into what they're using as the pretext for control.
What happened to academic freedom?
Scientists fumes as Facebook flags COVID-19 study questioning mass effectiveness as false.
Fauci wrote a paper in 2008 saying masks aren't effective.
They can give you bacterial pneumonia.
But Snopes says it's not true.
You can go read Fauci's paper.
The level of lying is staggering.
Here's the actual study, the new one out of this spectator.
Landmark Danish study finds no significant effect for face mask wearers.
Fauci said that back in March because they weren't ready to roll up the hysteria yet.
First they wanted the lockdown, then they wanted the mask as a symbol of subservience and control.
So let's go ahead and play a clip of Fauci
When he was asked on 60 Minutes, should you wear a mask?
There's a lot of confusion among people and misinformation surrounding face masks.
Can you discuss that?
The masks are important for someone who's infected to prevent them from infecting someone else.
Now, when you see people and look at the films in China and South Korea, whatever, everybody's wearing a mask.
Right now in the United States, people should not be walking around with masks.
You're sure of it, because people are listening really closely to this.
Right now, people should not be walking around with a mask.
There's no reason to be walking around with a mask.
When you're in the middle of an outbreak, wearing a mask might make people feel a little bit better, and it might even block a droplet.
But it's not providing the perfect protection that people think that it is.
And often,
There are unintended consequences.
People keep fiddling with the mask and they keep touching their face.
And can you get some schmutz sort of staying inside there?
Of course, of course.
But when you think masks, you should think of health care providers needing them and people who are ill.
The people who, when you look at the films of foreign countries and you see 85% of the people wearing masks, that's fine.
That's fine.
I'm not against it.
If you want to do it, that's fine.
But it can lead to a shortage of masks.
That's the point.
It could lead to a shortage of masks for the people who really need it.
That's what Fauci said.
And that's what the studies show.
But Snopes, funded by George Soros, is like a fat lady and her cat, and she says, it's not true.
They also told us 2.5 million will be dead, then 2 million will be dead.
It's a quarter million.
Most of those died of something else.
But see, people love to live in fear.
And those going along with it are helping collapse the entire world economy and kill, via starvation, tens of millions.
Certainly not heroes, ladies and gentlemen.
But again,
Let's continue with the reality of what's really unfolding.
Here's Joe Biden yesterday wearing a big, giant, clown-sized mask.
And I saw Fauci now wears two masks.
And now reporters on CNN, where I'm on TV, in the studio, there's no end of the clownery.
The monkey see, monkey do.
Oh, it must be going on.
I mean, really, you know who the followers are, and you know who the followers aren't.
You know who the idiots are?
The idiots aren't.
Because this is mind control.
Here is Biden saying, why is it CBS always asking me questions?
They're being so rude to the reporters.
They're treating them like dogs.
Everyone's doing the social distancing.
It's a joke.
No one voted for this Crypt Keeper.
Here's a clip.
Mr. Biden, the COVID task force said it's safe for students to be in class.
Are you going to encourage unions to cooperate more to bring kids back to classroom, sir?
Now this next clip is a top Canadian pathologist joining thousands of other pathologists, epidemiologists, virologists, saying this is the biggest hoax
In history.
Does it mean that there isn't a virus that doesn't kill some people?
It's way overblown.
The response saying that everyone's locked down, saying that you've all got to wear masks, saying you've got to be contact traced.
It's all the excuse for the digital post-industrial takeover that Klaus Schwab and all of them admit.
They say this is the reason.
Klaus Schwab said COVID is not a threat.
It's the pretext for the digital currency, the end of currency.
That's paper tracking you, social credit scores and merging you, your personal physical identity with a digital identity.
And then also merging your body with a nanotech body.
Look this up for yourself.
It's insane.
Like if aliens landed, they'd say, we're here to take over your bodies.
We're here to run your life, but it's actually happening.
So here's a top Canadian pathologist in on a call at one of the regional provincial government state levels.
Talking about the reality of what's unfolding.
They've been censoring this video as well.
They're censoring the real scientists.
They're censoring the real doctors, the real nurses, the real experts.
And the hospitals are empty.
Millions are dying of other diseases they estimate because they're not getting treatment.
Diabetes, cancer, heart disease.
While the hospitals are shut and the hospitals still get your insurance money.
The companies that own the hospitals still get the insurance money while they deny you the care.
Another scam.
Rationing care out in the open.
We're here decoding this entire genocidal operation and I'll talk about how to stop them dead in their tracks in a moment, but here's the clip.
Mr. Chairman, this is Dr. Hawkinson.
I just want to let you know I'm standing by.
Oh, okay.
Well, we would love to hear from you.
The floor is yours.
Thank you very much.
I do appreciate the opportunity to address you on this very important matter.
What I'm going to say is lay language and blunt.
It's counter-narrative and so you don't immediately think I'm a quack.
I'm going to briefly outline my credentials so that you can understand where I'm coming from in terms of knowledge base in all of this.
I'm a medical specialist in pathology which includes virology.
I trained at Cambridge University in the UK.
I'm the ex-president of the Pathology section of the Medical Association.
I was previously an assistant professor in the Faculty of Medicine doing a lot of teaching.
I was the chairman of the Royal College of Physicians of Canada Examination Committee in Pathology in Ottawa.
But more to the point, I'm currently the chairman of a biotechnology company in North Carolina selling a COVID-19 test.
And you might say I know a little bit about all this.
The bottom line is simply this.
There is utterly unfounded public hysteria driven by the media and politicians.
It's outrageous.
This is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on an unsuspecting public.
There is absolutely nothing that can be done to contain this virus, other than protecting older, more vulnerable people.
It should be thought of nothing more than a bad flu season.
This is not Ebola.
It's not SARS.
It's politics playing medicine, and that's a very dangerous game.
There is no action of any kind needed other than what happened last year when we caught on well.
We stayed home, we took chicken noodle soup, we didn't visit Granny, and we decided when we would return to work.
We didn't need anyone to tell us.
Masks are utterly useless.
There is no evidence base for their effectiveness whatsoever.
Paper masks and fabric masks are simply virtue signalling.
They're not even worn effectively most of the time.
It's utterly ridiculous seeing these unfortunate, uneducated people, I'm not saying that in a perjurative sense, seeing these people walking around like lemmings obeying without any knowledge base to put the mask on their face.
Social distancing is also useless because COVID is spread by aerosols, which travel 30 metres or so before landing.
Enclosures have had such terrible unintended consequences.
Everywhere should be open tomorrow, as was stated in the Great Barrington Declaration that I circulated prior to this meeting.
And a word on testing.
I do want to emphasize that I'm in the business of testing for COVID.
I do want to emphasize that positive test results do not, underlined in neon, mean a clinical infection.
It's simply driving public hysteria and all testing should stop unless you're presenting to hospital with some respiratory problem.
All that should be done is to protect the vulnerable and to give them all in the nursing homes that are under your control.
Give them all three to five thousand international units of vitamin D every day, which has been shown to radically reduce the likelihood of infection.
And I would remind you all that using the province's own statistics, the risk of death under 65 in this province is one in 300,000.
One in 300,000.
You've got to get a grip on this.
The scale of the response that you're undertaking, with no evidence for it, is utterly ridiculous, given the consequences of acting in a way that you're proposing.
All kinds of suicides, business closures, funerals, weddings, etc., etc.
It's simply outrageous.
It's just another bad flu, and you've got to get your minds around that.
Let people make their own decisions.
You should be totally out of the business of medicine.
You're being led by down the garden path by the chief medical officer of health for this province.
I'm absolutely outraged that this has reached this level.
It should all stop tomorrow.
Thank you very much.
Now, ladies and gentlemen, I'm going to break down how we stop these monsters.
They're violating the Geneva Convention, the Nuremberg Code.
You can't do forced or intimidated experimentation.
You can't do forced medical procedures that aren't necessary.
And you can't mark and track and trace certain groups of people for their religious or ethnic or medical reasons.
We have to recognize that Klaus Schwab and John Kerry and Bill Clinton and the Global Initiative and Hillary Clinton and Ted Turner and Bill Gates and all these globalists admit this is an industrial destruction weapon they're launching to make us poor and control us and get us into debt and destroy hundreds of years of wealth accumulation.
And that they've shut it up where their businesses are essential.
And so big tech and Amazon and others have all made the biggest profits in their history during this.
This is corporate economic fraud.
This is corporate economic siege.
This is modern warfare.
And the public needs to recognize this.
Needs to get engaged and needs to say no now.
We need to be calling not just for an end to the fake lockdowns, not just an end to the fraudulent mask, but for the arrest of Bill Gates.
He's already been thrown out of over 20 countries for killing people with his vaccines.
Look into it.
Polio, you name it.
We need to be calling for the arrest of Hillary Clinton for her crimes.
We need to be calling for the arrest of Fauci, running the secret Wuhan lab with illegal research done in the United States and moved out of Chapel Hill, North Carolina.
On record, mainstream news.
We need to be calling for their indictment for criminal conspiracy to create this Ponzi scheme of crisis and to lock down society and set themselves up as the gods and the rulers and the controllers who violated their sacred oath as doctors to violate the Hippocratic Oath and to do harm.
In the Soviet Union, in Nazi Germany, it was medical doctors who were the vanguard of the oppression.
We all know about the angel of death, Joseph Mengele.
And just following orders does not protect you.
And so that's what this comes down to.
Get in people's faces when they start saying, you better take the vaccine.
They admit in the news, oh it doesn't really protect you and so you'll have to take it five times a year and you'll still have a tracking app to show you've had it to be on a plane.
Since when is that the case?
That Big Pharma gets liability protection for what they give you, liability protection for what's happening, and then they make you take a product and the guy pushing it, who represented all these robber barons,
Has bought off almost all these major governments and is now saying he's your doctor and is going to put something in your body.
This is their big move terrorizing the public.
This is their big move for power and control.
All the epidemic movies, all the virus movies, crescendoing last year.
I said they're getting ready to release a bioweapon or create a hysteria because you could see the pre-programming.
How do you know the Super Bowl's coming up?
You see ads for it.
How do you know a new Coca-Cola's coming out?
You see ads for it.
How do you know a new Corvette's coming out?
You see ads for it.
How do you know Christmas is coming?
You hear the Christmas music.
They have beta tested and prepared and are now launching this.
And everything they've said has been a lie.
Everything they've said has been a fraud.
And the UN and Fauci created the policy to send sick people into nursing homes to actually get some real death numbers.
These are crimes against humanity and the establishment because the heads of big tech and because the heads of the big banks and because the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers and these ruling families don't ever get in trouble and don't ever pay for what they've done to the third world and the cancer viruses and the genocide and the sterilization.
They now think they are able to make their move against us en masse and bring in a cashless society and an AI digital tracking system and we're going to submit.
In the 21st century, armies don't come with tanks and guns.
They come in white lab coats, and they give you tracker systems, and they control your life, and they make you take deadly vaccines.
And they're not even vaccines.
They're drugs.
They're recombinant DNA, genetic engineering, mucinogenic, cell reprogramming, cancer technology, where it goes into your very cells and reprograms the nuclei and takes over your whole body.
This is the takeover.
This is the master plan.
This is the program.
This is the operation.
This is their whole system.
Now the full video I'm going to end with is that Band-Odd video.
It's a live feed I did for 16 minutes yesterday morning at the Georgia Guidestones put up by Ted Turner.
And we're going to end this important transmission with some of that video.
If you want to see the full one, it's at man.video.
Alex Jones goes live from the Georgia Guidestones.
But drawing circles in fields and no one's getting near each other and staying six feet apart is all dog training to see what you'll submit to ahead of the forced inoculations, the cashless society, and the imploded system to dictate the terms of your surrender.
This is Modern Warfare.
Triple Patriot Points.
The sale ends on Monday.
Would have ended last week.
I haven't had time to come up with a new sale.
This is the biggest sale of the year.
That's what finances us to go out and warn millions of people and not give in and not roll over and not die in the ditch.
So here's a few minutes of that special report.
And then we will end this transmission until, Lord willing, I'm back tomorrow, 4 p.m.
I want to thank the crew coming in on Saturday evening for all their great work.
God bless.
Good luck and please take action.
We're here at the birthplace of the modern depopulation movement spearheaded by Ted Turner and then of course Bill Gates.
We're here a few hours outside Atlanta, Georgia to the north at a place where Ted Turner's great-grandmother was from and they built this monument calling for forced depopulation of the planet
And one world government.
And here we are, 30 years later.
And it's not the planning stages, the beta stages anymore.
Now they've dropped the hammer, now inside of it.
So look at this archetypal image.
First look at the shadows.
2,300 plus years ago, the modern father of eugenics and so much more, saying there's too many people, we need to
Depopulate because humans are crushing the breast of Mother Earth.
And then Malthus, 270 years ago, 250 years ago, saying we should kill the poor, we should spread disease, we should pack them into tiny little coffin-like apartments in London.
There's too many people.
This is the excuse of the elites to rule over the population.
And then you had the social Darwinists at the turn of the last century, 1900, and the robber barons.
And that was only a shadow.
That was all just the beginning.
That was all the testing.
We were there showing you the shape of their plans.
Showing you the books they wrote.
The quotes they put out about depopulation.
Prince Philip.
Prince Charles.
All saying, we need to cut the world economy off.
We need less consumption.
And they said 10 years ago in the Rockefeller Foundation, Operation Lockstep will use a global threat of a virus to kill civilization and collapse the third world and collapse the first world.
And now we're told it never ends.
So all of that was the buildup to where we are.
Moving from Plato, right here, 2000 plus years ago,
Over the ages, all the slavery, all the wars, and all the way up, in time, 550 years ago we finally have the Renaissance and real Christian ideas and egalitarianism to build up humanity, to take care of the poor, to have running water, and that actually created our golden age.
But they're deciding to go back to what Plato wanted.
And that's where we are.
We're not in the shadow of this anymore.
We're not in the planning phases.
We're now in the future with those evil visions of the past now manifesting in the year 2020.
We're now zero hour.
And Klaus Schwab and the UN, the Davos Group, all admit that their plan is to be the guardians of the galaxy.
They'll decide who lives and dies.
This is a U.N.
temple, a U.N.
Maintain humanity under 500 million and perpetual balance with nature.
Somebody get out their calculator.
If there's 7.5 billion people in the world and only 500 million are left, that's over an 80% population reduction.
Wow, Hitler only killed 20 million.
They want to kill billions.
Step aside, Hitler.
Guide reproductive systems wisely.
Improving fitness and diversity.
That's eugenics.
They decide who can have children and who can't.
That's why China had one-child policies.
While they try to dumb the public down and make us as sick as possible, everything they say is the opposite of what they're actually doing when it comes to these little platitudes they put in.
But they tell the truth in the first commandment and in the last commandment.
Let's go to the last commandment.
Be not a cancer on the earth.
Leave room for nature!
Leave room for nature!
With the big trillion dollar companies and billionaires with their slave camps in China.
Tim Cook won't even pay the workers in China enough to even have a house to live in.
So most of them are homeless with engineering degrees and they go inside and their kids are chained up to power poles all day.
Oh, the left loves that.
They hate Trump because he's anti-war.
Because see, war depopulates.
Maintain humanity under 500 million, perpetual balance with nature.
Guide reproduction wisely, improving fitness and diversity.
Unite humanity with a living new language, Esperanza, the UN global language.
Rule passion, faith, tradition, and all things with temper and reason, meaning they are the gods that give us reason.
They decide who the social justice warriors are.
They decide what's moral.
Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts through the UN.
Let all nations rule internally, resolving external disputes in a world court.
All of it's doublespeak.
Avoid petty laws and useless officials.
Need a world government that dissolves your local government that you control, and then you can't say a damn thing to the United Nations that runs extermination operations worldwide.
Balance personal rights with social duties.
You don't really have any rights in Article 30 of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
It says, oh, you have all these previous ones, unless we say so, then we can take them away.
Well, a right you can take is not a right at all.
Prize, truth, beauty, love, seeking harmony with the infinite.
Be not a cancer on the earth.
Leave room for nature.
Leave room for nature.
You've got it in eight major languages of the world.
I guess that's Cyrillic.
Greek, I don't know.
You've got Japanese and Chinese.
You've got Arabic, Sanskrit.
But over here, it gives you a full breakdown.
Swahili, Hindi, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese, Russian, English, Spanish.
And then, up here at the top, let these guidestones, to an age of reason, Egyptian hieroglyphics, Sanskrit, Classical Greek, Babylonian cuneiform, the Georgia Guidestones,
Channel through stone indicates celestial pull.
Horizontal slot indicates annual travel of the sun.
Transit of the sun.
Sunbeam through the capstone marks noontime throughout the year.
A pseudonym for the Genesis groups.
A small group of Americans who seek the age of reason.
The capsule placed six feet below this spot to be opened on.
After they've depopulated the Earth.
Oh, and many of them believe it's a great, wonderful thing they're doing.
But really, it's all a great deception to not value humanity, to get rid of the population, to become transhumanist and actually throw off all of our humanity.
Now they've revealed the deception, and now they admit it's a post-human world entirely.
Physical data.
Overall height, 19 feet 3 inches.
Total weight, 237,746 pounds.
Four major stones are 16 feet, 4 inches high, each weighing an average of 42,437 pounds, 42,000 pounds.
Center stone is 16 feet, 4 inches high, weighs 20,000 plus pounds.
Capstone, 9 feet, 8 inches long, 6 feet, 6 inches wide, 1 foot, 7 inches thick, weighs 24,000 plus pounds.
You can read it all right there for yourself.
All of this is an occultic sundial.
Try to call in the power of the universe and the energy of the universe into this place to carry out this commitment, to carry out this demand letter to humanity that we submit and that we bow down.
InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.