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Name: 20201118_Wed_Alex
Air Date: Nov. 18, 2020
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Alex Jones discusses election fraud allegations during the US Presidential election, accusing Democrats of rigging the votes. He criticizes Republicans for not taking action against these allegations and accuses them of supporting globalist agendas. Jones encourages citizens to stand up peacefully against this alleged corruption, mentioning ongoing protests in Michigan and Georgia. He also discusses a decision by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court that he believes will prevent any relief from the US Supreme Court. Finally, he urges state legislatures to intervene and take control of their electoral processes before it's too late. Nick Fuentes explains the Great Reset and globalist agenda being openly promoted by prominent figures like Klaus Schwab, Justin Trudeau, Boris Johnson, and Bill Gates. The speaker promotes InfoWars products that are currently on sale with discounts and incentives. A state rep from Georgia is described as a patriot who switched over from being a Democrat due to dislike for Black Lives Matter and Antifa. The speaker discusses the initiation of world government, one-world currency, and the possibility of a pandemic being used for lockdowns. People need to accept this or the globalists won't be able to achieve their goals. The globalist agenda aims to transfer America out of a system based on liberty and freedom into one of high-tech slavery. A global lockdown is causing millions to starve to death, and experts predict billions will follow suit. Former head of Ministry of Defense in England and a top general have claimed that this COVID lockdown will lead to a new world war. This, they argue, is the weapon of Bill Gates' New World Order. The speaker discusses the Stop the Steal rallies led by Alex Jones himself along with Nick Fuentes and Owen Shroyer in Atlanta, Georgia, aiming at challenging the election results that declared Joe Biden as the president-elect. They believe that even if they do not succeed in overturning the election results, there will still be mass resistance and strikes against the government. The speaker highlights how people have woken up to the globalist control and are now fighting back. InfoWars is calling upon its listeners to support them as they spend more money than ever before in their fight against the stolen election, Agenda 21, the Great Reset, and the globalist cover.

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Vernon Jones out there with them now.
This is incredible.
We're going to march peacefully, orderly, into the state capitol through Mitchell Street.
We're going to leave our signs and our flags if the cops ask us to.
It's going to take us a little while to get in, but we're going to ring the gold dome with special session chants.
And we will tell the governor that we've got his back if he's got ours.
But first, State Rep.
Vernon Jones!
Thank you, Ali.
Hello, America!
Hello, Georgians!
Are you here to stand up for your rights?
Do you believe in fair and transparent elections?
Do you believe in law and order?
Well, I stand with you!
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
It's Wednesday, November 18th.
The year is 2020, and we are living in a paradox.
It is the best of times.
It is the worst of times.
We are seeing a planetary awakening to a UN corporate-directed Great Reset that is designed to usher in
I think?
They even have articles in the L.A.
Times saying Xi Jinping's mission is to crush American system and democracy and our republic.
And that's really the attitude of these corporations.
They are conquering everyone very, very cold-bloodedly.
And now you see the footage, if you're a TV viewer, Radio Los Rios, it's on Infowars.com, of the police in Germany savagely beating and attacking
Men, women, and children with batons, men in armor, running at full speed into crowds of civilians who simply want a right to have their business, a right to go outside, a right to not be tracked, a right to not live in something worse than the Stasi East German system.
This is classic tyranny of the highest grade, upgraded with a high-tech overload, and this system is the post-industrial world.
And you see the footage coming out of Australia of people that have been locked for weeks and in some cases months in hotels.
Tourists that can't get out and aren't even allowed to leave their rooms.
In Australia, people have to have their dogs take a crap inside the house and they throw it out the windows.
This is a lockdown.
This is training us to be prisoners.
And I know as an audience you're amazing people and you get this and you understand it.
I'm on the ground here in Georgia.
We're going to be demonstrating at the Capitol in just a few hours.
Owen Schroeder is about to take over.
We're going to have live feeds from on the ground and so much more.
But it is heartening to see all these different German states saying no to Merkel.
You're basically a dictator that's rigged the elections.
I think?
And it was the big tech companies that implemented the first lockdowns that then leftist governments followed suit with.
So this is a global economic siege, a war by the left, by the big corporations, by the Communist Chinese, all lockstep.
To consolidate power, take our freedoms, and bankrupt us.
And the very local governments that are going to see their systems bankrupted by these shutdowns are the ones with the police quote, just following orders.
But that violates the Nuremberg precept of just following orders.
It does not protect you.
It violates the Geneva Convention.
And remember, behind all of this, you can't just submit and get your welfare check now and live in your house.
This is beyond clout and pivot.
They want medical tyranny.
This is about forced inoculations, apps on your phones, tracking everywhere you go and what you do.
And now, in California and in places in London and places in Germany, they're all announcing the QR codes to be able to go into businesses that read your phone to prove you've, quote, been vaccinated.
That's why all the restaurants now have the QR codes and so that they don't have menus.
They're getting you ready to even be able to go and sit down at a restaurant that you've got government pass, you've got government authorization.
This is the mark
We're good to go.
Tell people on the street.
Put them on the back of business cards.
That's how we're going to override this.
People are really listening right now.
Traffic to InfoWars is up like five-fold.
That's great.
The awakening is here.
And the system is really revealing itself.
And remember, the globalists aren't God.
God is in charge.
And this is a great test, but we're going to come through this together.
But the answer is stand up and say no.
Owen Schroer is coming up.
Live feeds on the ground from here in Georgia.
I'm Alex Jones.
Please spread the word.
Ali, this is just one example of dozens that have already come out in the last day.
This is just now breaking in Georgia, where we are.
Just this morning, it is breaking news.
David Schaffer, the Georgia Republican Party chair, tweets this.
One of our monitors discovered 9,626 vote error in DeKalb County hand count.
That is in Atlanta.
One batch was labeled 10,707 votes for Biden and just 13 for Trump, an improbable margin even for DeKalb standards.
The actual count for the batch was 1,081 for Biden and 13 for Trump.
Had this counting error not been discovered, Biden would have gained enough votes from this one batch alone to cancel out Trump's gains from Fayette County, Floyd and Walton.
Folks, we have to audit the vote and we have to check the signatures in Georgia.
That's why Alex Jones and I are here at Ground Zero Georgia.
Ollie, what you're saying is, in that building, they have now found more scams from the counting of the ballots in that building behind me that just so happens to have CNN on it.
I don't believe it.
There's no way CNN ever does anything criminal.
And there's no way there's a blimp right there either.
Well, CNN owns this town, and at the CNN Center is where they counted the Fulton County ballots.
And folks, election night, we didn't know how many ballots there were.
They just kept coming and coming and coming, just like we see out of Broward County, Florida, where we did Stop the Steal 2018.
We warned the Republican Party this was the method.
It's not just the Dominion machines.
It's the mail-in ballots.
It's the absentee ballots.
It's these provisional ballots that show up.
We have to stop the steal.
Come on!
Let CNN count the votes!
We're standing here in Atlanta, Georgia at Olympic Park, the site of the false flag attack that was blamed on Richard Jewell during the Olympics.
And there's the CNN Center and building right behind me.
And we have the Goodyear blimp flying around.
This is quite a conflagration happening.
And guess what else happened?
They counted a lot of the mysterious votes that had problems inside the CNN building.
That was a ballot counting center.
So as Stalin said, I don't care who cast the vote, I care who counts them.
Well, Ali Alexander, the national founder and coordinator of Stop the Steal Movement, is here.
We've been all over the country together fighting.
We've reached a critical juncture here in Georgia.
But first, big breaking news, Ali, on the situation that is just explosive.
Like out of a Hollywood gangster movie in Michigan.
Tell us about that.
So in Wayne County, Michigan, that's Detroit, the Republicans, two Republicans and two Democrats sit on the canvassing board.
The Republicans decided not to certify the election, but under duress and threat from hundreds of thousands of tweets, the leftist Antifa, BLM, they reluctantly agreed under the condition
And let's talk about why.
They were saying we're not certifying this and calling for an audit, which they're still calling for an audit, but they did go ahead and say they're going to certify it.
Because things were, quote, out of balance at a record level.
So they're out of balance at a record level.
I think it was double from 2016 to now.
And the Republicans are like, there's a human error here.
Let's figure that out before we send it to the Secretary of State's office.
And then the Secretary of State would certify.
And then, depending on state law, the governor or some other automatic statutory entity would then do the final certification to send the electors to the electoral college.
You've got dead people by the thousands voting in Detroit.
This is going on.
So the brainwashing
Well, one of them's a former high-level Southern Poverty Law Center.
She comes out and starts threatening people that are reporting on it, saying, I'll arrest you for reporting on this.
I mean, we have the intimidation.
We have the fraud.
We have the cover-up.
We have it all.
The people need to stand up peacefully and say no to this.
Yes, Michigan is very dangerous.
George Soros owns the Attorney General there.
If we go there, they're going to arrest us and we might just have to make them.
Pennsylvania Supreme Court made a decision last night, just to piggyback off what you said about poll watchers.
The Pennsylvania Supreme Court, in a 5-2 decision, said it doesn't matter that there were no Republicans in some of these polling locations.
It's fine.
That's settled, folks.
I'm sure we can take it to the Supreme Court.
But I warned everyone weeks ago, Chief Justice Roberts,
He set us up with the Wisconsin decision when he said, oh, it's fine if the state court decides something I don't agree with.
So, you know, don't look for relief out of the Supreme Court out of this bad Pennsylvania decision where they say, you don't need Republican poll watchers.
That's not damaging.
We need relief from the legislatures in the federal and state constitutions.
It's time for them, when there's fraud, to call emergency sessions, which is why we're in Georgia.
Tell folks about what we're doing the next four days in a row at high noon.
So at high noon at the Georgia State Capitol, Alex Jones, myself, and other patriots are here, and we are marching, and we are telling the Secretary of State, stop!
Don't certify.
The chances of that happening are zero.
But we might stop the deadline that happens 24 hours after that, and that's when Governor Brian Kemp, who's been wobbly in this whole issue, then has to certify the election from his office.
When he signs a piece of paper certifying the election, it puts a Democrat slate of electors to the Electoral College.
We cannot have this to happen.
If this happens, our remedies in court then become next to nil.
What he has to do, what Governor Kemp has to do today, is call the state legislator into an emergency session, keep them through January 9th, and give them broad oversight so they can reclaim their constitutional powers.
And it's their duty, it's their obligation to select electors.
They need to reclaim that constitutional power.
That's right.
It was Nancy Pelosi's daughter that tried to get the electors, after Trump had been elected, to say no.
She said she had a right to do that.
That's really questionable.
But this is the legislature, during the election process, before it's been conceded.
And look, if I thought Trump had really lost, I wouldn't be here.
He got more votes in all these battleground states than he got last time by a huge margin.
He got almost 11 million more votes nationally than he got last time.
He has all these giant rallies.
They froze it that night.
And then all the votes came in at every state straight up, and we have all the evidence in Georgia of incredible fraud, and it's coming out.
I mean, the Project Veritas won't open.
Undercover videos, people inside saying that they would take ballots for Trump and say that they were ballots for Biden.
This is systematic Democrats who believe they can break the law because Trump, quote, is Hitler.
It's absolutely dangerous.
And what's really happening is Communist China is bragging they're taking this nation over.
Live reports on the ground coming up today.
Obviously, you're watching right now.
Owen Schroer is hosting.
I'll be back on the broadcast from the street coming up, but we taped this right before the live show today.
It'll also be posted at InfoWars.com, so please get this out.
That's why we're here.
That's why your numbers are needed.
We expect there to be hundreds today.
Thousands tomorrow.
Tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands coming up on Saturday.
Be here and Stop the Steal.
You are the modern Paul Reveres.
Again, Ollie, tell folks where they visit your website to find out the real Stop the Steal movement, not neocons hijacking it to derail it.
Go there and find out how you can participate.
We're in all 50 states.
We're all pissed off about this and we highlight the contested states.
Of where we need you, if you can get in your RV, if you can get in your truck, if you can get in your bike.
If we, the people, will put pressure on these judges and these politicians, they will be forced to react to our moves.
Alright, more live coverage with Owen Troyer right now.
Love you too!
Stop the steal!
Stop the steal!
Everyone watching, take to the streets!
Leave your jobs!
Take to the streets!
Our election is not transparent!
We're not allowed to check signatures!
We're not allowed to ask questions!
Facebook and Twitter are de-platforming us!
We must come out in the streets!
Chant with me!
Stop the steal!
Stop the steal!
Stop the steal!
Stop the steal!
Stop the... Ladies and gentlemen, this is the Alex Jones Show.
On Info Wars, and Alex Jones is right there on the screen, bullhorning the state capitol building in Atlanta, Georgia.
I think that's Nick Fuentes to his left.
Rob Dew there on screen as well, filming.
And you can see the crowd gathered behind him where we were last week.
I believe even.
Was that on last week of this day?
Or yesterday?
Point is, we are rallying the troops.
We are on a forward march.
We are louder than ever, and we are going to stop this steal.
But even if the Democrats get away with this, they've been so caught.
Whatever comes at the end of this is going to be
A full reveal of just how corrupt our system has been.
Now I've got more news stories and reports of the total election fraud.
We've got the smoke signals being sent by the fake Biden president-elect transition team of what that administration would ever be about.
It's scary, folks.
And then just more evidence is pouring in with videos now of what's going on in Georgia.
But let's go live to Alex Jones there in front of the state capitol building in Atlanta with a large crowd behind him.
America first!
America first!
America first!
America first!
The globalists have been caught red-handed, engaged in massive fraud, and the people know.
And the people will not accept this fraudulent election.
And just like in other countries, bare minimum, we need a new election called in the disputed states.
Stop the steal!
Brian Kemp, the Republican Governor, is letting this happen!
And the Republican Secretary of State is a criminal!
And he is letting them steal this election!
Because the Governor's Chief of Staff is on the payroll of Dominion!
Is this great or what?
You are in your living room, you're in your kitchen, you're in your car and you got Alex Jones live bullhorning in Atlanta.
I love it.
This is what it's all about.
It's illegal!
It's illegal!
It's illegal!
It's illegal!
This is just day one, and I want to salute and commend everybody that showed up here today.
It's going to get bigger and bigger as patriots around the country see this.
And I know on Saturday, there are going to be out here at least 10,000 people, but I know to all the millions watching, we love you and we appreciate you, and we'll never give up on America for this new old order to take over.
No, we need to every day!
Let's let the governor know how often we're coming out!
Every day!
Every day!
Every day!
Every day!
Every day!
Every day!
Every day!
Every day!
Every day!
Every day!
Every day!
Every day!
Every day!
Every day!
Every day!
Every day!
Every day!
Every day!
Every day!
Every day!
Every day!
Every day!
Every day!
Every day!
Every day!
Every day!
Every day!
Every day!
Every day!
Every day!
Every day!
Every day!
Every day!
Every day!
Every day!
Every day!
Every day!
Every day!
Every day!
Every day!
Every day!
Every day!
Every day!
Every day!
Every day!
Every day!
Every day!
Every day!
Every day!
Every day!
Every day!
Every day!
Every day!
Every day!
Every day!
Every day!
Every day!
Every day!
Every day!
Every day!
Every day!
Every day!
Every day!
Every day!
Every day!
Every day!
Every day!
Every day
We're going to act like the left.
We are going to occupy the streets.
We're going to get angry.
We're going to show up without permits.
We're going to show up at their homes, peacefully, but at their homes.
Who's with us?
What you'll need to know is today they found 10,000 votes that were tabulated for Biden erroneously.
Magic, huh?
They don't want us to take the time to slow this election down because they know what we'll catch.
They're terrified.
On Thursday, the Secretary of State is supposed to certify the election.
And guess what?
Bad Brad will.
But Governor Kip is due on Friday at 5 p.m.
If he doesn't serve, if he doesn't certify the election, we can go into constitutional limbo, which is what we want, so the state legislator can take back
The Republican Party has failed us.
We know there was a fraud.
We saw it on Election Day.
There is no question about it.
And since Election Day, we have heard from our Republican representatives absolutely nothing!
Mickey Haley has said nothing!
Dan Crenshaw has said nothing!
Marco Rubio, in fact, supports Biden stealing this election!
As far as I'm concerned, the Republican Party is over!
You guys know we are live here taking a feed from the InfoWars crew on the ground in Atlanta, Georgia at the State Capitol.
You heard from Alex Jones on the bullhorn.
Ali Alexander and Nick Fuentes currently leading the charge as they are trying to steal this election in Georgia.
And what Nick Voyntez just said is a million percent true.
The Republican Party never liked Trump.
They don't like populists.
They don't like us.
They're globalists that share power with the Democrats.
But since we've awakened to globalism, and now it's a household understanding that America's fighting outside corrupt forces, this is just the beginning of the end of them.
They're having to steal this out in the open.
We forced the globalists out in the open.
They had to put a walking corpse up there
Alex Jones has been right about everything!
What we're seeing... Alex!
This is not about the fake Republican Party or the fake Democratic Party.
This is about the global special interests versus we, the American people!
We the people!
We the people!
We the people!
All right, ladies and gentlemen, powerful sights and sounds from the state capitol building in Atlanta, Georgia.
Alex Jones, Nick Fuentes, Ali Alexander leading the charge there.
This is incredible.
A Democrat stronghold, and for the second week in a row, we have rallied massive numbers of patriots out there, and I do believe it's going to get bigger.
Folks, before we take this break and come back, and we'll continue our live coverage of this, and I also have news I'm going to get into, a lot of it breaking, developing right now as far as the theft is concerned of our election, but
Everything we do here, folks, being on air, having the crew, flying out to all these things, having to stop the steel caravan, it's all possible with your support at InfoWarsStore.com.
So, in this short four-minute break, go to InfoWarsStore.com, buy a t-shirt, buy one of the great supplements, buy an air filter, buy a water filter, get yourself some emergency food supplies.
Fuel this ship of information.
You are back live on the Alex Jones Show.
Did you go to info or store.com during that short break?
I hope you did.
To fund this mothership of information.
The Paul Revere.
Of modern day media.
Alex Jones is leading the charge in Atlanta, Georgia right now.
Nick Fuentes, Ali Alexander also on the scene with what appears to be at least a couple hundred patriots there in Atlanta.
Second week in a row we've been able to activate and organize a large crowd of people in Atlanta at the state capitol.
Let's go back live now.
Nick Fuentes currently on the bullhorn in front of the capitol building.
Hold on, this way, this way.
Okay, whatever you say.
And I don't know about you, but I'm laying it all on the line for this fight!
That's why we're touring the state capitals.
I was in Lansing, and we were in the Million MAGA March in DC just this Saturday.
And we're in Georgia now.
And if we don't secure the 16 electoral college votes from Georgia, it very well may be over altogether.
And that's why we have to turn out tomorrow, and the next day, and the day after that, and the day after that, and every single day until they allocate those votes for our rightful president, Donald Trump!
We want Trump!
We want Trump!
We want Trump!
We want Trump!
We want Trump!
We want Trump!
And if we don't get him, the trucker strike that is coming up this month is only the beginning!
Because we are the American people!
We make the trades run on time!
We deliver the goods!
And we will shut this country down!
And folks, State Rep Vernon Jones has a lot of courage.
He's a great tight end.
He's about to speak here in a moment.
Ain't like it to come later.
Vernon Jones out there with them now.
This is incredible.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
He's taking this election seriously.
He's very serious and stoic right now.
He doesn't care what race, color, party you're with.
He'll speak to any American, and I welcome him here with us today.
That's what he's here.
After Vernon's speech, we're going to march peacefully, orderly, into the state capitol through Mitchell Street.
We're going to leave our signs and our flags if the cops ask us to.
It's going to take us a little while to get in, but we're going to ring the gold dome with special session chants.
And we will tell the governor that we've got his back if he's got ours.
But first, State Rep.
Vernon Jones!
Thank you, Mr. President.
Hello America!
Hello Georgians!
Are you here to stand up for your rights?
Do you believe in fair and transparent elections?
Do you believe in law and order?
Well I stand with you!
Again, this is Democrat State Representative Herman Jones.
I want to welcome you to the people's house.
The Georgia State Capitol, it belongs to the people.
And you would like to be down here.
We have a weird optical issue here, folks, but we're going to stick with this live stream here.
My comments, I do want to say this.
We respect, Lord, we respect those
Sure, we give them a big hand because they're here to protect us.
Let's make sure we make their jobs easy.
They're our friends.
They're not our foe.
I cannot stand on anybody who bears against law enforcement.
So as we do make our way into this cabinet, if this, if this allows, and we do it right and properly,
If we respect them, they will respect us.
Don't act like Democrats!
Don't act like Antifa!
And don't act like Black Lives Matter!
Because we are great American patriots and we care about this country and we're just here because we have a right to protest for our rights!
Lieutenant Governor, the governor, owners, elected constitutional officers, including the Secretary of State, know that we feel that this was not a fair and a transparent election.
We want them to know that we do not like this.
The media says something is going on with the hardware and the software.
We want them to know we want every legal vote counted.
And we will not lay down until we
So Vernon Jones has now joined Ali Alexander, Nick Fuentes, and Alex Jones in front of the state capitol in Atlanta, Georgia.
And he is speaking right now on the bullhorn.
Let's go back live to the scene.
I want to say to the media, those of you who are here, let's be clear.
We are for nonviolence.
But we are for our rights, too.
Don't put us in a category where Antifa and Black Lives Matter.
I was in Washington this past weekend, and I saw honorable patriots and great Americans coming.
We marched side by side, but then we saw the thuggery
Those who come out from those groups, anti-Black Lives Matter, and they attack American citizens, even senior citizens.
That's wrong.
Why hasn't Joe Biden condemned them by name?
Why hasn't the Democrats done it by name?
Why hasn't a lot of Republicans done it by name?
Let's call them out for what they are.
But we were taught that if they slap you on your right cheek, turn your left cheek, and we will continue to turn the cheek, but we're not, even if our heads are bloody but unbowed, we are not going to bow down to socialism and Marxism and communism in this country.
We will stop the steal!
This is not over.
Even after the votes are counted, and the electoral process gives those electoral votes to whomever, we're just not going to let the media tell us who is the president-elect at this time.
We're not going to let the media tell us that Donald Trump has not won yet.
Let the process go through.
We have our rights.
We have litigation going on.
There's vote counting still going on.
And we want to go to the very end.
What is wrong with that?
They didn't say anything when Stacey Abrams did it.
For three years she didn't concede.
For three years she didn't concede.
Now why do you want to give us a hard time?
Because we won't accept your narrative.
That's what the media does.
The media has done more to interfere with our voting rights than Russia and China combined, I'm telling you.
So with that being said,
We want to follow the instructions of Ali.
Ali is a great American.
I want y'all to know he's a peaceful man, but he stands up for his left and his right.
Like we all do.
So we want to respect the Capitol Police because they respect us.
And I love those men and women who wear that blue because they love us.
Especially the time when the liberals and the left are wanting to defund the police department, want to defund Georgia State Patrol, Georgia's public safety, all across this
All right, ladies and gentlemen, we will continue this live coverage of the Stop the Steal demonstration in Atlanta, Georgia at the State Capitol building.
This is incredible.
America is rising.
Patriots are coming together.
We're not going to let them steal our election.
That is Alex Jones.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
You are tuned in live.
And Alex Jones is now leading the march alongside Nick Fuentes, Vernon Jones, Ali Alexander, and hundreds of patriots who have gathered at the state capitol in Atlanta, Georgia.
You know, this is incredible to see.
They're now going into the building.
We're going to continue this live feed.
Folks, I'm now seeing, as I'm
Looking at the crowd here as they begin to march into the building.
People who were on the caravan with me last week who are still part of this.
So Americans are ready to go.
They are not going to let this election be stolen from them.
And so let's go back live now to the feed.
Let's hear what they're saying as they're now entering, I believe, the Capitol building with State Representative Vernon Jones.
They're about to take a crowd of two to three hundred people into the state capitol.
It's hilarious.
Looks like our feed may be getting cut off.
They're probably in a basement there in the capitol.
We're gonna try to keep up with this, guys.
Guys, give me this audio.
Yeah, give me the audio there.
So, again, there's hundreds of people here that they're going to have to shuffle into the Capitol.
They have basically one at a time there with the metal detector and everything.
Of course, this is ridiculous.
But, you know, this is a security state we live in, so fine.
The nanny state.
All after 9-11.
And we're in the new 9-11 now.
The election theft is the new 9-11.
The fake pandemic is the new 9-11.
Changing your way of life.
Changing the way you travel.
Changing the way you engage in commerce.
Changing the way just everything happens.
We cannot allow this one.
Again, think about the history
Think about the history in Atlanta, Georgia, a Democrat-run city in a red state, where they're trying to steal a massive election victory from President Trump.
And not only do you have some of the great supporters of President Trump in the media and activists and influencers like Nick Fuentes, Alex Jones, Ali Alexander, but you have the Democrat state rep, Vernon Jones, leading the charge into the state capitol building to stop the steal.
He knows the Democrats stole this election.
Alright, we'll continue to monitor this.
Just keep that feed in front of you guys.
We'll continue to monitor that.
In the meantime, I should play this video of something that happened in Georgia this morning.
In fact, I don't even know.
Let's see if it's on here.
You guys have that video?
Out of Georgia this morning?
That President Trump retweeted that we had to go find?
So, President Trump retweeted this video where election officials in Georgia are basically saying, yeah, the electronic voting machines, we can't really get the record.
We don't know what's happening.
The tech team is here trying to figure it out.
They don't know either.
Pretty shocking, stunning footage.
Here it is.
Just for this building so far?
Got it.
And how many are you voting for?
That was just early voting.
That was just early voting.
So we're recounting to about over 8,000 from just this building?
Got it.
Separate them to 50s, 30s, then 60s?
Alright, this is really strange.
This isn't the video, and I'm not blaming the crew because the video got actually deleted.
I thought that was the video.
There's another video that that lady tweeted out that got retweeted by the president that just got magically disappeared off Twitter.
And I'm wondering if there isn't some chicanery going on there or why that video is gone.
Because it's the same series of videos from that same gal, and the guy's literally like, well, they're trying to fix this, the Dominion IT guys are like, we're trying to fix this, and she asks something like, well,
You know, can you go audit those votes or something?
He's like, no, we can't get the record.
We can't get the access.
Because it's all done on that electronic machine, and if somebody goes in and fixes up the algorithms or messes up with the data, there's nothing they can do to recover it.
There's no record.
It can all be done off location.
It can all be done remotely.
It's all been proven.
That's why they run with these systems.
That's why they tested it with Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, and then when it worked to steal elections for the communists in Venezuela, it went nationwide.
You know, it's so historic.
You think about everything we've endured in the last four years and now we're sitting here on the precipice of exposing rigged elections worldwide.
And we have the names, we know the systems, we know who's involved.
I mean, this is so groundbreaking and it's like
This should be the number one news story in the world, and because most mainstream media, most network news is totally fake, totally corrupt, totally bought and paid for, you don't even hear about it.
This is, this is cataclysmic.
This is...
I mean, they sit here and obsess over fake Russian collusion, fake Russian interference for three years, run impeachment scams, run special counsel scams, special investigations, all these scams, you know, because they really care about the integrity of our elections.
Because they're ignoring
The biggest theft and the biggest proof and expose we've ever seen in modern history of how elections are rigged with electronic voting technology.
And of course, of course, this is common sense.
What's the easiest way to rig an election?
Make it electronic.
Use the technology to guarantee you get the results that you want.
It's not confusing.
It doesn't take a rocket science to get this, folks.
It's very simple.
And they did it.
And they've been caught.
Not just in America, worldwide.
It was Democrats years ago complaining about this during Senate testimony.
Elizabeth Warren complained.
Klobacher complained.
Nadler complained.
They all complained.
Hell, there's speeches from Obama in 2007 and 2008 where he says, yeah, our elections are rigged.
So they all know what's going on.
You know, the disingenuousness of the modern-day liberal, the modern-day democrat, the modern-day left is so disgusting.
It's just so filthy.
And it's perhaps not exemplified any better than Barack Hussein Obama, where he says that the internet is the single biggest threat to our democracy during an interview.
Excuse me, Barack, you traitor.
Excuse me, Barack, you traitor.
I have about a 15 and a half inch neck, I know that, for my dress shirts.
I wonder what size neck Obama has for his dress shirts.
That's what you give traitors, his new dress shirts.
But no, I mean, I've got all of this.
I've got Lin Wood, an attorney for Donald Trump, fighting hard.
Last night I filed an emergency motion for injunctive relief in my lawsuit against Georgia's Secretary of State.
Relief sought includes an order prohibiting certification, which includes defective absentee ballots, requiring that a hand count be performed, but they can't do it because it's all on the system.
It's all already been rigged.
I have irrefutable evidence that the Georgia local election officials were instructed by state to report original vote totals and not report recount totals, which are different.
These people are corrupt to the point of criminality.
They are intentionally engaged in fraud in a federal election.
You have Facebook and YouTube and Twitter and the rest censoring President Trump when he talks about what's happening.
You have a six-part report in the Gateway Pundit breaking down the theft in Georgia, Pennsylvania.
You have the 16 of 17 bellwether counties, is what they call them, that always determine the results of the election.
It's almost 100% every year.
They all went for Trump this year.
Magically, somehow, Biden won.
Biden underperformed Hillary Clinton nationwide, except in four cities.
What cities?
Milwaukee, where they stole Wisconsin.
Detroit, where they stole Michigan.
Atlanta, where they stole Georgia.
And Philadelphia, where they stole Pennsylvania.
It's all out there, but then Obama says the internet is the greatest threat to democracy, which has nothing to do with democracy except for the fact that the internet is where our votes are tabulated when they go through Germany and Spain and they rig the vote.
The globalists are trying to censor what you can see and what you can share.
Don't let them win.
Go to our emergency election newsletter at InfoWars.com forward slash newsletter.
Sign up for free and get intel they don't want you to have and then share it.
InfoWars.com forward slash newsletter.
It's time to override the censors and get the truth out.
Alright folks, everybody is sending me the videos that President Trump retweeted of Heather Mullen, I think is her name.
I'm telling you, the video is gone.
So I don't know what's up with that, but it's gone.
All of her other videos are still up, but this one where she specifically talks to the IT guys, and they're like, oh yeah, the IT guys are trying to figure out, and they're like, oh yeah, we can't go into the system, we don't know what's happening.
I mean, you know, hey, you just had your vote here, and this could determine the outcome of the election of the most powerful country in the world, leader of the free world, but you know, we don't know what's going on here with the machines, they're broken down, our IT guys are here, but eh, I don't know, eh, oh, I don't know.
And then the video's just gone!
More breaking news is coming right now.
FBI is investigating Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton saying he, well we'll have to see, this sounds like FBI targeting of Ken Paxton because he stopped this deal in Texas.
And of course, we've got Alex Jones live with Nick Fuentes, Ali Alexander, Vernon Jones.
Let's go back live to the feed that we have right here.
They're now inside the Capitol building as patriots are pouring in.
Can't be managed!
That's right.
We're on the same team.
We are.
But listen, give us your number.
This is the guy that first went to all the hospitals.
Yeah, I know your camera guy.
I went to the bathroom in your hotel room in D.C.
where you did broadcast a show last Saturday.
Yeah, well, great job, man.
Not even on purpose.
Alex, I met him in the lobby.
I'm like, I gotta go to the bathroom.
All the bathrooms are locked.
He's like, here's my room key, 1298.
Alright, so we've got just people kind of cutting it up there with Alex as I think he's waiting for
He is waiting for the rest of the people to get in there, and they'll probably do an address from inside the building.
I'm sure Vernon Jones and others will too.
Again, there was just one metal detector they all had to go through, so it's probably going to take some time.
Many of them had a bunch of flags and stuff, so probably they're going to have to put those back in their car.
We'll continue to monitor this, but again, Alex Jones is going to be at the State Capitol Building in Atlanta, Georgia every day at noon up to and including Saturday.
And you know, the crew was kind of asking me, you know, are you, uh, do you have the itch to be back out there?
Are you kind of missing this?
Uh, yeah, you always are.
Uh, but you know, at the same time, it's, it's good.
It's, it's relieving to see that there's other Patriots gathering, uh, gathering.
Because when I went on this journey last week, it was just me.
Now you've got Fuentes organizing with them.
Now you've got Ali Alexander organizing with them.
Now you've got Vernon Jones organizing with them with, of course, Alex Jones.
Yeah, I'm always going to have that, call it I guess a competitive itch, just to be out there doing your thing, but it's very comforting knowing that other Patriots are rising up and organizing and activating as well.
And I have a feeling if this continues like this, and I was saying this to Alex, like, if we continue to do this coverage and to lead these events like we are, well, it's going to be a long journey ahead, folks.
So, but I'm seeing people that are still with the, well, I mean, it's like the Stop the Steal Caravan never stopped because I'm seeing people on these feeds that were out there with me in Atlanta, out there with me in Tallahassee, out there with me in Columbia, Raleigh, Richmond, and then DC.
So they're still traveling.
I mean, people are literally like dropping everything to just go wherever they need to be to stop the steal from President Trump.
So that's incredible.
And for us,
None of this would be possible without your support of InfoWareStore.com.
And you know, we did a money bomb about a month or so ago, and basically could set up the financial infrastructure to exist as we are for about another year, and Alex basically decided, you know what?
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We're going to invest it into this Stop the Steal movement, and we're going to be out on the scene.
We're going to be bringing crews, and we're going to be bringing the live streams, as well as our normal live coverage.
So, it's all made possible with your support at InfowarsStore.com, folks.
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I always reject it.
I say, go to InfoWarsStore.com, shop.
There's a whole crew here.
I'm not the only one that works at InfoWars.
We have a whole crew here.
They work 15 hours a day, just like the rest of us.
The Stop the Steal sale is happening right now at InfoWarsStore.com.
We are now in hour two of the Alex Jones Show.
We are going to pick up the live stream from the Capitol again in about a half an hour.
I've got other news I'm going to get to as well as video reports in the meantime.
Boy, I mean, it's just so... Do I go down the fake pandemic and everything they're doing with the torture, psychological torture, medical tyranny, that's coming with that.
New lockdowns happening nationwide.
Biden vows to have massive lockdowns, mask mandates, basically kill everything, all human freedom.
And he's now assembling the cabinet to do it.
We've got all that information.
I feel that, oh my gosh, you've got Democrats, you know, I'm going to try not to yell and scream and get frustrated today.
It's just Democrats are the most disingenuous scum I've ever seen in my life.
And it's just so sick.
It's so sick because, you know, you look at a Joe Biden and you get it.
Here's a corrupt politician who has enriched himself beyond anybody's wildest dreams.
You understand that?
He's a money-grubbing corrupt political whore.
Has been for decades.
Okay, like, you get that.
It's kind of simple.
You know, he's into underage people.
He's probably got his access there.
He's, you know, he's into stealing and looting money left and right from all these foreign nations.
We know about all that.
He's got his son as his mule, his brother as his rat hole.
You get that?
Say, okay, this is a guy who's just selfish criminal.
Likes to get his rocks off, likes to enrich himself.
It's basic criminality.
You can make sense of it.
But, when you see these low-level Democrats on city councils now, that are the most disingenuous scum you've ever seen in your life, now making threats to Republican poll watchers, you just, why?
Why are you such scum?
What is in it for you?
You're not enriching yourself.
You're not having hookers and drugs delivered to you at your whim?
So why?
It's just because they're disingenuous scum!
They just love it!
They love being vile filth!
And it makes me sick that this is what we're up against.
So, let me play this clip.
And there's two of these clips.
I don't even want to play the other one.
Clip one here, guys.
Let's start it from the point where I have it scrubbed to.
Listen to a Democrat threatening GOP canvassers who just want to make sure that the election in Georgia is fair and counted accurately.
Listen to what they are accused of in a Zoom meeting when discussing whether or not to certify the Wayne County results.
Monica Palmer and William Hartman will forever be known in southeastern Michigan as two racists who did something so unprecedented that they disenfranchised hundreds of thousands of black voters in the city of Detroit because they were ordered to.
I know, Monica, you think Q told you to do it or some other crazy stuff like that.
But just know, when you try to sleep tonight, that millions of people around the world now on Twitter know the name Monica Palmer and William Hartman as two people completely
Racist and without an understanding of what integrity means or a shred of human decency.
The law isn't on your side.
History won't be on your side.
Your conscience will not be on your side.
And Lord knows, when you go to meet your maker, your soul is going to be very, very warm.
You are a sick, sad little man.
Ned Stabler.
And then you had
Another one, a Democrat state representative-elect, Abraham Ayyash, who did the same thing to Monica, and then said, now all the world will know your kids' names and where they go to school, and then said that on a live public transmission.
So now her kids are going to have their lives ruined too.
Do you know how sick these Democrats are, folks?
They are sick.
They are mentally deranged.
They are an immediate threat and danger to everyone around.
You know, it's kind of like, you got the insane person that's like, clearly off their rocker at a mental institution.
Likes to stab people with knives, and you see them with a knife, and basically everyone gets on high alert.
It's like, whoa, okay.
Mentally deranged psychopath who likes to stab with a knife has a knife.
We all need to be- That's who these people are!
That's the average low-life Democrat voter these days.
And they've got a knife, and they're deranged, and they're about to go on a stabbing spree.
When you're going on public transmissions and accusing people of being racists simply because they want to make sure the election is fair, that's their job, and then you double down and you name their kids and where they go to school and you tell the world that?
Because you want them to be terrorized?
You belong in a mental institution, if not locked up for criminal behavior.
And, you know, I'm just trying to control myself here because
Folks, these people want to run your life.
And they want to torture you and your family and your lineage for the rest of time because these are sick, demonic freaks.
They are sick, demonic freaks who choose not to live in reality but instead
Make up their own fantasy land realities, built around their own mentally deranged ideologies, and then virtue signal as if they have the moral high ground when everybody knows they have none.
Hey, you have the choice to kill your kid.
Do I have a choice to wear a mask?
That's all you need to know about Democratic Party politics right there.
Choice to kill your kid?
Choice to wear a face mask?
These are tyrants.
These are sick, mentally ill people, folks.
They're sick.
They are an immediate danger to society.
And you're seeing... You're seeing the pitfalls of their ideologies.
You're seeing the pitfalls of their media.
You're seeing the pitfalls of their politics.
You had a million Trump people in DC over the weekend.
How many buildings were looted?
How many buildings were set on fire?
How many police were attacked?
How many innocent liberals that were out there were attacked?
How many cars were flipped?
How much crime was done by millions of Trump supporters in D.C.
this weekend?
How much crime was done by the thousands of people that joined me on the Stop the Steal Caravan?
How much damage has been done today in Georgia, in Atlanta at the state capitol, by the people rallying?
And then the scum of the liberal left is gonna sit here on the moral high ground and call us names and say we're the violent ones and we have to sit here and take it?
Eventually, that finger that you keep poking us with is gonna get bit off, but it's gonna be the whole hand.
It's just sick, man.
These people are so sick.
I mean, how many different levels do you measure their disingenuousness with?
The racism?
I've got this whole thing over here in my stack of news.
A story, headline, should white boys still be allowed to talk?
They say no!
I shouldn't be allowed to talk, and that's why I get censored.
And these are black college students, one of them is a goodwill ambassador of the university.
Says white boys shouldn't be allowed to talk.
They complain about Russian interference, foreign interference, and election integrity for four years, and then when we- and have no proof, by the way, with all their investigations, no proof, nothing.
And then they have been caught red-handed in the most blatant, flagrant election theft in modern-day history and in American history, and they thumb their nose, and they scoff.
The liberal left is so evil.
The Democrat voter is so disingenuous and evil, folks.
And then they think we're gonna suffer in hell when this is all said and done?
Who do you think's up in that blimp?
I'll tell you, it's been sitting over us for like 30 minutes.
Brian Stelter, Humpty Dumpty, is up there surveilling us in that blimp.
And listen, I'm not saying he's a child molester.
I'm just saying I wouldn't let him keep my kids, and he looks like a child molester.
If I was, again, going to be a casting director for a major movie, and I was going to have not just a regular child molester, but like an evil clown goblin, like Clowns from Outer Space,
Uh, that eats children, it would be Ryan Stelter.
And then he opens up a big mouth like the clown, big sharp teeth, and he just, you know, slithers in at night and grabs your kids and runs off with them.
But you know, what we do know is he's murdering our future, and our children's future, and he's murdering the First Amendment.
This is the guy that pushed for me to be deplatformed.
Now he wants Tucker Carlson taken off the air.
He wants OAN taken off the air.
He says it's dangerous that such things exist!
That they've created a parallel universe!
No, it's you who's created a parallel universe at your little CNN Center.
I know you're perched up there in New York and you're perched in D.C.
Humpty Dumpty with no viewers.
You're really the mouth of Jeff Zucker.
But what we do know is that's the place right here in Atlanta where they counted the ballots that it turned out were flipped from Trump to Biden.
Yes, think of the image of that in the CNN Center.
There they were, election night, counting the ballots.
It is so surreal to be here in Olympic Park where they tried to set up Richard Jewell for the
Bombing in the Olympics turned out to be a patsy false flag operation.
And then right here, under the loving gaze of the Communist News Network, founded by who?
Ted Turner, who wrote books and gave speeches saying he wants to depopulate the earth by 80%.
And right outside Atlanta is the Georgia Guidestones, ladies and gentlemen.
So we're here covering all this, trying to stop the steal, educating people about what's really happening.
And the only way I could bring a security team with Antifa and Black Lives Matter threat here, and they're strong here, the only way we could be here to cover all this and to seriously focus on what's happening
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So again, MFullWarStore.com
We're good to go.
Triple Patriot points and free shipping, but it's got to end coming up this weekend, so infowarestore.com or AAA253-3139.
I want to thank you all for your support.
Look, I joke about how creepy Brian Stelter is, but what's really creepy is his attempt to molest and rape and murder the First Amendment while claiming to defend it.
This man is a walking contradiction, a walking fraud, and a menace to any free society or free individual.
And that is the modern day left in a nutshell.
A threat to truth.
A threat to free speech.
A threat to any independent sovereign citizen.
They are total tyrants, ladies and gentlemen.
They want control over your life.
They want control over your body.
They want control over your children.
These are sick puppies that we're dealing with.
You know, every once in a while I just get these intellectual roadblocks on an issue because I can't get the satisfaction of properly unearthing this or getting an understanding.
The crew says, no, no, we get it, we get it.
I don't feel I'm really properly addressing this.
Maybe I already have and I just can't get over it because these people are so sick and such an immediate threat to our future, but
Again, the disingenuous for these people to cry racism, racism, racism, racism when they're the biggest racist you've ever seen in your life.
The disingenuousness of these people like Obama to say the internet is the single biggest threat to our democracy when they're the ones stealing elections.
I mean, there can't be a bigger threat to democracy other than having fake elections.
I mean, that's... How is free speech a threat to democracy, Barack?
It's not.
It's a threat to their power structure.
But you know, what is Trump doing right now?
And I'm not saying this to attack Trump.
I'm just, I mean, really, I mean, what is President Trump doing?
The Disappearing Trump Act since election night, really.
You've barely seen or heard from him.
Usually in front of the cameras every day.
Press conferences, meetings, rallies, whatever.
And the left is just getting more hopped up.
More hopped up.
More hopped up.
And so I understand wanting to lay low and then making your re-emergence at the most pivotal, powerful moment.
But every day goes by, the left gets more entrenched into their belief that Biden won the election.
And so when you uproot that reality from them,
The outrage and hysteria that's going to lead to violent riots in the streets.
You know, here's another level of their disingenuousness.
There are stories all across the nation, including where I found this story today, I was doing a deep dive into this, where the headline is, from a black lady Goodwill Ambassador who hates white people, with the headline, Should White Boys Still Be Allowed to Talk?
That's in the Dicksonian at Dixon College in Pennsylvania.
You're allowed to be racist against white people.
And then I'm going on to their website to see, wow, is this really their student paper where they publish this?
I mean, I can't imagine when I was the chief editor at my student newspaper if I published something racist like that.
But they have how the college is boarded up, and they're expecting riots post-election.
And I went and I looked.
Other colleges did the same thing.
You saw it in Washington, D.C.
And I'm thinking, so
Think about how disingenuous the liberal left is and the Democrat Party is, where they have to board up all of their buildings and board up all of their universities because they're afraid of violent rioting after the election.
Of course, that's not for Trump supporters.
Everybody knows that.
It's for the Democrats.
It's for the radical left.
But then they pretend that they're doing it because of Trump supporters.
I mean, it's the most dishonest, disingenuous thing ever.
I mean, what do you do with a sack of crap like the Democrat Party?
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
Owen Schroer sitting in for Alex today.
The disingenuous of a Democrat is stuck in my crawl today.
For example, Gavin Newsom, who tells you to wear a mask, social distance, stay locked down, collapse your business, it's all for your own safety.
That punk.
Well then he has parties, and gets caught having parties, so he comes out and makes a statement apologizing, saying, I'm sorry I had parties, you're right, I apologize, I'll practice what I preach now, and he doesn't wear a mask either.
Well last night he got caught having dinner!
No mask, no social distance, a table of at least 10 people, no mask between bites,
Again, another example of the disingenuous, the total fraud of a Democrat.
These people make me sick.
You scum.
You liars.
You deceivers.
You demons.
You frauds.
You cowards.
You traitors.
There's not enough words in the dictionary to describe your phonyism.
And now they tell you, you can't have Thanksgiving dinner.
You can't have Christmas gatherings.
What kind of tyranny is this?
And then they say, Trump is the dictator.
Trump is the fascist.
You tell us to stay inside, close down our business, not go to school?
Wear a mask?
You tell us to collapse the economy, you tell us we can't have family over for Thanksgiving, and then you dare accuse us of being the fascists, and accuse us of being the authoritarians.
These people want to bring hell on earth, man.
See, that's what it is.
They know they're all destined to burn in hell forever, so they're trying to bring hell here.
That's disgusting.
By the way, we have found that video I've been looking for.
We will bring that in.
We will air it.
Right now!
So there's no like concrete, just to get it on the record, there's no concrete explanation as to how those 26, 2700 votes were not counted by the machine in the first place?
We don't know.
I mean, we can't... They're not in there anywhere.
So we don't know why they didn't get scanned in there.
So have the Dominion tech guys that have been troubleshooting here all day been able to figure out why they weren't in there?
They're not allowed to comment.
They're not allowed to comment.
They just...
But as of right now, you can also not confirm that it was a memory card or anything of that nature as well, right?
Because that hasn't been confirmed, to my knowledge, by anyone here.
I don't think it was a memory card.
I can almost... Do you?
I don't think it was a memory card.
So it wasn't... We can rule out memory cards.
We can rule out a memory card that wasn't scanned.
Okay, it seems like it's human error.
It seems like it, but what's the evidence that would indicate it would be a human error issue?
We're good to go.
Don't have it right now.
We want to be able to give you the exact answer on what happened.
I'm not able to do that right now.
So this video has been completely pretty much banned everywhere on the internet or it's just been memory hold somehow.
I've not received any explanation as to why.
That was a guy who was smart enough to take a screen capture of the video because now it's completely gone.
So that's a screen capture of the original video that's now completely gone.
And you can see why Big Tech would want that gone.
What the hell is going on in Georgia?
I mean, folks, this is... I mean...
They don't know!
They literally have, the guy says, I don't know, he shrugs his shoulder.
Hey, well, how did these votes disappear?
Is it a software issue?
Is it human error?
We can't speculate.
Oh, but you can't film in here though.
And then they want to certify the results.
And let's go to this.
Clip now to clip number two here to just kind of put it all together.
How folks there, there's, I mean, they cheated in Georgia.
So here's what happened.
They cheated in Georgia.
They used the algorithm on the voting machine to flip votes from Trump to Biden.
They still didn't have enough.
So they then went into the voting machine and just removed votes for Trump remotely and added votes to Biden, erased the record of that.
So they don't have any record.
And so now the Dominion Tech guys are going in there saying, well, we don't know what happened.
Yeah, because someone remotely hacked the voting machine, stole the votes from Trump, and then erased it.
They were ever there.
And then they go, we don't have any record, we don't know what happened.
Yeah, you know exactly what happened.
Someone hacked the machine remotely, changed the votes, rigged the election, erased the proof, and now you're covering it up.
And then they call and they say, what's going on with the recount?
And they say, well, we're doing a recount, but it doesn't matter because we're just going to certify the original numbers either already.
Here's the phone call with the Georgia election official.
This is Jenny Beth Martin.
I have a couple of questions and I'm hoping you might be able to help me.
Which numbers are you going to be giving to the Secretary of State?
Is it the numbers from the recount or is it the numbers from election, from the original scan?
Can I have your name again please?
Sure, it's Jenny Beth Martin.
Hold on please.
Elections, how can I help you?
Hi, this is Jenny Beth Martin.
I'm wondering which numbers you guys are sending to the Secretary of State.
Is it the numbers from the recount or is it the numbers from the original count from Election Day?
All of those counties have to turn in the same thing.
What does that mean?
Because I'm hearing different things from different counties.
We all have to turn in what we
I did election night and then we all have to turn in what we do with this recount.
The recount's not over though.
Okay, and is it not over in your county or not over state?
Okay, so we're going to pull away from this because Alex Jones is live.
But folks, they can't do the recount because they literally don't have the data.
It's been erased.
Alex Jones is live in this state capitol building in Atlanta with a massive crowd.
Let's go live.
And all the fraud is against Trump!
I'm sorry, we have people working here so if you can do this, if you can do this... At the end we end with a chant message.
Yeah, at the end we end with a chant, but listen.
What we want is for every vote to be counted, and the fraud's been proven.
It's the same formula all over the country.
The Clinton lawyers came here and met.
On record.
Met on record.
With the state officials that allowed them to illegally count votes and have mail-in ballots.
The legislature never passed that law.
So it's their duty as our representatives to call a special session and to go in and investigate.
And we know the Democrats don't want that because it'll prove the fraud just like everywhere else.
This is a major moment.
You guys are the literal vanguard and Georgia is a key battleground state in all of this.
So I just want to salute you all and thank you for being here because you're the salt of the earth and we love you.
Y'all gonna get me thrown out of here.
We want to be able to keep doing this every day, so at the end, we will disrupt.
Let me just give a warm welcome to the Democrats, the New World Order, and the globalists here.
We're peaceful now.
We're civil now.
If you steal this election from us, our patience may run so thin it may run out.
He was winning all these battleground states by higher numbers on election night until they closed the polls and then secretly stuffed the ballot boxes.
And so that's why they're scared of recounts.
It's why they're scared of legislatures stepping in.
That is their constitutional duty.
So what you're doing is as patriotic as the people that signed the Declaration of Independence.
It's so important.
And no matter what they do with this fraud, as the great state rep, Mr. Jones, was saying is, they may even win this war.
They may even win this battle, but we're going to win the war.
When we leave, we're about to leave.
What an incredible crowd of people.
We'll continue to follow this live stream.
And folks, I'm telling you, I'm seeing a lot of faces that were on Stop the Steal Caravan with me over a week ago.
I mean, Americans are ready to fight.
You're not stealing this.
Alex Jones, still live.
Let's go back to the state capitol in Atlanta.
He's outside now with a big crowd bullhorning.
Special Session Now!
Special Session Now!
Special Session Now!
Special Session Now!
Special Session Now!
Special Session Now!
Special Session Now!
Special Session Now!
Special Session Now!
Special Session Now!
Special Session Now!
Special Session Now!
Special Session Now!
Special Session Now!
Special Session Now!
Special Session Now!
Special Session Now!
Special Session Now!
Special Session Now!
Special Session Now!
Special Session Now!
Special Session Now!
Special Session Now!
Special Session Now!
Special Session Now!
Special Session Now!
Special Session Now!
Special Session Now!
Special Session Now!
Special Session Now!
Special Session Now!
Special Session Now!
Special Session Now!
Special Session Now!
Special Session Now!
Special Session Now!
Special Session Now!
Special Session Now!
Special Session Now!
Special Session Now!
Special Session Now!
Special Session Now!
Special Session Now!
Special Session Now!
Special Session Now
Special session!
Special session!
Special session!
Special session!
Now folks, think about it.
The video we played in the last segment that's being totally memory-holed, that shows clearly there is some sort of issue with the Dominion voting systems in the software.
You think that is a singular issue?
You think that's an isolated incident?
No, ladies and gentlemen, that is nationwide fraud.
And they're hiding it.
America first!
America first!
America first!
America first!
We've got a massive crowd here.
Following Alex Jones at the State Capitol building in Atlanta, Georgia.
A huge crowd has turned up.
Americans are rallying nationwide.
And I think this is just the beginning.
I'm not really sure where it goes from here, but I do believe this is just the beginning.
Because I'm seeing more people ready to mobilize and activate than I've ever seen.
And we're able to basically hold these events with less than 24 hours notice and get a massive turnout.
Let's go back live.
Special session!
Special session!
Special session!
Special session!
Special session!
Special session!
Special session!
Don't let the deep states steal our birthright and install China 2!
Biden for prison!
Biden for prison!
Biden for prison!
Biden for prison!
Biden for prison!
Biden for prison!
Joe Biden is literally wanted in a current investigation, a criminal investigation in Ukraine.
So, I mean, he is a worldwide criminal.
Everybody knows it.
So there you go ladies and gentlemen that is Alex Jones today And he is hopping into the armored truck and taking off from the capital of Georgia in Atlanta today I imagine he'll probably be joining us here before long as well You know
My estimate is that the Democrats have realized it's not just about getting enough votes, enough electoral votes to put Biden over the top.
They know they have to steal as many states as possible to guarantee victory here.
They're not going to make the same mistake they did in 2016.
So yes, they're trying to steal Nevada, Arizona, Georgia.
Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin, still as we speak.
But look at this massive crowd here, guys.
Let's go back live to this feed.
Nick Quintez!
State Representative Vernon Jones!
And Enrique and those crazy boys.
Those poor boys.
We're gonna be here every day at noon, crescendoing in Saturday, to stop the steal!
Stop the steal!
Stop the steal!
Stop the steal!
Stop the steal!
So there you go, ladies and gentlemen.
So they're trying to steal all these states.
Trump won them all.
And... What you're seeing right now is...
Who is ready, willing, and able to fight for America, fight for the future, generations of Americans, fight for truth, fight for justice.
And we're going to see real quick who's willing to take that mantle and who's going to take the knee.
And when it gets in front of judges, I think that's when we're going to really know our shot at having a legal victory here.
Let's go back live now.
Alex Jones on the PA.
Joe Biden is a communist Chinese agent.
Joe Biden is a communist Chinese agent.
Joe Biden is a communist Chinese agent.
This is not a joke.
America is in grave danger.
The COVID lockdown is meant to put us into a permanent depression.
We are all in grave danger.
Fight for America.
China Joe is not eligible to be president.
He is an agent of the Communist Chinese.
Our republic is in grave danger.
We must have an emergency session in Georgia.
They violated the law approving the mail-in ballots outside of law.
You must do your duty with special session now!
Special session now!
Special session now!
Special session now!
So it's going to be like this in Atlanta, Georgia tomorrow.
Friday and then the big one is going to be Saturday.
And I'm not planned to go on this trip.
As I was saying earlier, if this continues, basically, I think it's going to have to be like a tag team operation just to preserve energy and not destroy ourselves and our voices here.
But I did look at flights into Atlanta this Saturday.
Folks, there's nothing available.
So, there's about to be perhaps even tens of thousands of people in Atlanta on Saturday, I'm predicting now.
And I haven't had a vision or anything yet, but I did have a vision of Saturday.
I even said it on air on The War Room and the Alex Jones Show and others while I was on the caravan last week.
I said I had a vision.
I did, and my vision came true.
So I haven't really manifested a vision yet of what's coming in Atlanta Saturday.
I may tonight, but
Based on just the evidence of me, you know, doing my own journalistic work and traveling to events, I can tell you right now there is going to be thousands of people in Atlanta this weekend.
And when you go look at flights to get into a city and there isn't a single one available?
Yes, I know they have less people on these flights because of COVID, but still, that's not an anomaly to be ignored.
That means something's going down in that destination, and that destination is Atlanta, Georgia.
And that time is this weekend, so.
That's just incredible.
And it's such a relief factor.
It's such a relief factor.
Seeing so many Americans rise up.
Seeing so many people in the media that maybe they don't like us and we've disagreed on things, but the fact that we're all in this together now, we all realize the challenge ahead and we all know how important it is to protect our elections.
Everybody needs to come together to do this.
And the evil and the tyranny we face if we're not victorious in this battle, we may never be able to escape from.
And we realize this.
And that's why we're fighting so damn hard right now.
So... It's everything we thought here at InfoWars, ladies and gentlemen.
It's everything we've been telling you about.
It's everything we've been warning you about.
The exact reason why we bought that armored truck to go around with the PA system and do it safely, because we know that the radical, terroristic left would be out... hunting us.
Like they do.
Those sick, deranged freaks.
Just incredible.
What a time to be alive, ladies and gentlemen.
And the whole world is watching.
The whole world is watching.
Alright, when we come back, I'm gonna play that video again.
The headline is, Georgia elections officials have no answer as to what caused 2,700 votes to go uncounted.
Dominion IT say they cannot comment.
We'll play that video in its entirety as we come up in the next segment.
I've got other news to cover as well.
We'll stay monitoring the situation in Atlanta.
And it's John Rappaport in the fourth hour today, am I correct?
Always informative.
And then I'll be hosting the War Room today as well.
The globalists are trying to censor what you can see and what you can share.
Don't let them win.
Go to our emergency election newsletter at InfoWars.com forward slash newsletter.
Sign up for free and get intel they don't want you to have and then share it.
InfoWars.com forward slash newsletter.
It's time to override the censors and get the truth out.
Alright ladies and gentlemen, we have mobilized and activated.
And we have
Alerted and alarmed and informed the people of Georgia today about the steal that is coming.
And there is so much evidence of voter fraud and so much evidence of the Democrats trying to cover it up.
It's overwhelming.
I imagine we'll be hearing from Alex Jones shortly.
In the meantime, I want to air this video again in its entirety because it's shocking.
It's disturbing.
It's been totally memory hold from the internet.
Luckily enough, one guy was able to screenshot it before it got disappeared.
The Dominion Tech team can't answer questions, refuses to answer questions, and then basically has to admit that a software glitch happened and they cannot answer why this could be happening and is happening across the nation with this electronic voting machine.
It's very dangerous.
We have rigged elections.
It's all coming out.
Just listen for yourself.
A poll watcher asking the Dominion Tech guys, what happened?
Why did votes go uncounted?
So there's no like concrete, just to get it on the record, there's no concrete explanation as to how those 26, 2700 votes were not counted by the machine in the first place?
Shrug their shoulders.
We don't know.
I mean, we can't... They're not in there anywhere.
So we don't know why they didn't get scanned in there.
So have the Dominion tech guys that have been troubleshooting here all day been able to figure out why they weren't in there?
They're not allowed to comment.
That's alright.
But as of right now you can also not confirm that it was a memory card or anything of that nature as well, right?
Because that hasn't been confirmed to my knowledge by anyone here.
I don't think it was a memory card.
Do you?
I don't think it was a memory card.
So it wasn't, we can rule out memory cards.
We can rule out a memory card that wasn't scanned.
Okay, it seems like it's human error.
It seems like it, but what's the evidence that would indicate it would be a human error issue?
Ballots didn't transfer over like they should have, and that could have been dealing with how whatever program or program, but at this point we really don't know, so that's why... Could it also potentially be a software issue?
We're not going to speculate at this point.
But you just said it could potentially be a human error.
That was speculation.
So that's why you're asking all these types of different questions.
I'm just trying to give you... I know what you're trying to do.
We really don't have a pendant right now.
We want to be able to give you the exact answer on what happened.
I'm not able to do that right now.
It's a total disaster, folks.
And the truth is, they can't do a recount because they don't have the votes.
And the electronic record of the votes is all they have, and it's tarnished.
It's been meddled with.
It's been tainted.
So they don't know what to do, and so then they call the elections officials, and the elections officials say, well, we're technically doing a recount, but it's not going to count, and we're just going to go with the original results, because folks, they can't do the recount.
The voting machines have been hacked remotely.
They've had votes flipped.
They've had votes deleted.
And the tech guys, apparently, you can't see their faces.
They won't answer questions.
They're not allowed to.
They just aren't in control of our elections.
And they just don't know what's going on.
No, they know exactly what's going on.
Somebody hacked the voting machines remotely in Georgia.
Somebody hacked the voting machines remotely in Pennsylvania, in Wisconsin, in Michigan, everywhere.
And the software guys go in there, the IT guys knowingly or not, and they're like, oh, this is strange.
Where are these votes?
What happened to these votes?
How come there's no record?
And then so, but they know really what happened, but oh, they don't want to be the ones to go on record and say it.
This is so sick.
Where's Joe Biden?
Where are the Democrats?
Oh, election integrity, election meddling, foreign interference.
They send our election data through Germany, through Spain, with Microsoft, with Amazon, and then it comes back dirty so that they can select whatever candidate they want.
It's a selection, and it's now been fully exposed.
America's waking up.
The American Revolution is on, folks, and it's only going to be televised right here at InfoWars.com, banned.video.
79days.news We're waiting to hear from Alex Jones.
He has just left the state capital of Georgia there in Atlanta.
Just so much coming in with the Democrat election theft.
So much criminal behavior going unchecked.
What America really needs
More than ever before, and I don't know how this can be done more so than it already has, when you talk about the crimes of the Biden family, all on record.
They even admit it in their own press conferences and the Council of Foreign Relations.
We have their emails, videos, everything.
So it's like, how do you get more of an exposure than that?
How do you get more of an exposure when we know everything about Barack Obama and Spygate?
Well, you have the president with a team of lawyers sit down, lay it all out in an hour, two hour long press conference and just immediately send in sheriffs or FBI or whoever you can get to arrest the criminals.
And it's what this country needs.
And if you're making the measurement on a political level, Oh, we can't do that.
The left is going to riot.
They're going to riot anyway.
What are you waiting for?
They'll sputter out in a couple of weeks.
It's a house of cards.
It's a castle built on sand.
That's what this country needs because we have two polar opposite views of reality.
And they've been coming after our leader, Donald Trump, for four years with all the investigations in the world and found nothing.
Now it's time to go after their leaders, expose all their crimes, put them in jail, and give America the cleansing that it needs right now.
And see, they take stuff like that, and they turn it into a race thing, or they spin it off out of context, all these lies, because they know what it really means.
It's the Bidens.
It's the Obamas.
It's Clapper.
It's Comey.
It's Brennan.
It's Rice.
It's the Clintons.
Yes, it's the Bushes.
It's the McCains.
Yes, they are the traitors of America.
They are the ones that have committed treason.
Time and time and time again.
And America must have this cleansing of our institutions and our government from the massive criminals that have been running it.
And then you talk about the average liberal street thug.
You know, it's one thing to
You know, you've got someone in your family that's mentally ill, really not in a good place, and you feel bad, and they're in a mental institution or something, or at the hospital, and you go visit them, and you feel bad, and maybe they're harnessed to their chair, or they've got a security guard, but you feel bad, and you go visit them, and you try to talk to them.
That's one thing.
That's not the situation we're in.
The situation we're in is that you're in the mental institution, and the
Asylumees are running it and they've all got knives and they're looking at you.
That's the situation we're in.
They want control over our system and they're a bunch of rabid mental lunatics that want to run the asylum.
So their leaders must be exposed and arrested
To take any wind out of their sails.
Their mainstream news must be fully exposed for the frauds that they are.
Again, how you can do that more than we already know is the challenge that Trump and his legal team face.
Is the challenge that we face here at InfoWars.
How can the mainstream news be more exposed as total frauds?
Faking lies to get us into wars.
Running with those lies.
Faking lies about Russian collusion.
Faking lies about hate crimes.
Faking lies about Brett Kavanaugh.
Faking lies about Trump.
All they do.
And then pretend they have the moral high ground because that's the only thing that they can muster up
To get any sort of confidence or genuine touch to their news when it's all fake.
And now they're using COVID to put a mask on your face, a foreign substance in your veins, lock down your business, shut down your business, lock you down, imprison you, keep your kids from going to school.
This is a sick death cult.
But you know Obama in his interview is saying most people believe now they send teams out to go door-to-door in like polling style and they send teams out to ask about the Democrat Party and they're now getting like 30% of the people respond saying aren't the Democrats the leaders of a pedophile ring?
So it's already out!
The country has completely rebuked the Democrat Party.
All they have is their charade.
That's all they have.
All they have is their shadow on the wall.
As soon as you turn around and you see the puppet master, the shadow master, it's game over.
As soon as that transmission is stopped, it's game over.
America knows about the treason of Barack Obama.
America knows about the treason of Joe Biden.
America will not weep when these traitors are brought to justice.
No, instead, we will weep until they are brought to justice.
And of course, the radical leftist terrorists are going to go out in the streets and riot and loot and burn and steal and do everything they do.
They're going to do that anyway, folks.
And they will continue to do that until the wind has been removed from their sails.
And that wind is the corrupt establishment and the criminals at the top of the political infrastructure.
Biden, the Clintons, and the list goes on and on.
But you need not know anything else about the Democrat Party than this.
They want to give you the choice to kill your children
But you have no choice.
You must wear a mask.
You have no choice.
You must take a vaccine.
You have no choice.
You must close your business.
You have no choice.
You can't send your kids to school.
You have no choice.
You must go under house arrest.
So you have no freedoms, no choice, nothing.
They run your lives.
Except you get to kill your kid.
They'll give you that one little freedom.
And that's all you need to know about the Democrat Party politic right there.
That's all you need to know.
And now Joe Biden is forming the most Hitlerian, totalitarian, authoritarian regime that you've ever seen.
He wants Ezekiel Emanuel on his team.
He's already put him on his team.
Oh, that's just the guy that put death panels into Obamacare, so you turn 75 years old, Emanuel shows up and, you know, he kills you with the death panel.
Oh, no, no, no, it's just part of Obamacare.
He just appointed to his treasury team a lady who worked with Kamala Harris, Mirza Baradaran, who wants white people to pay reparations to black people.
He has appointed Richard Stengel to his transition team, who is anti-free speech.
And has said, speech on the internet must be censored, especially hate speech or speech that could lead to violence.
It's all a lie!
Again, I was saying this on the war room, here's the analogy.
If you're at your neighbor's house having a barbecue, and someone comes up to you, your wife is at home, and someone comes up to you and says, hey man,
A guy just broke into your house and is raping your wife right now.
Do you get mad at him?
Do you say, how dare you say that?
You're inciting me to violence!
And then punch him in the mouth?
Or do you run across the street and save your wife from getting raped?
I think the answer's obvious.
The Democrats want you to be mad at the messenger and let them rape your wife.
Hey, the Democrats stole the election.
Don't say that!
That could lead to violence!
Hey, Barack Obama and Joe Biden sold you out to China and Russia and Ukraine.
Hey, don't say that!
That'll lead to violence!
No, they're the criminals!
The republic is rising.
America is roaring.
But the deep state, technotronic kleptocrats,
In the Democrat Party allied with globalists in the UN and the World Health Organization and communists in China will stop at nothing to make you their slave.
To make you a farm animal in the New World Order.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Owen Troyer filling in for Alex Jones.
You know, it really is a sick, but you have to give him credit, effective psychological and cultural trap that the left and their media has put us in where
They gaslight all day long.
They lie all day long.
They commit crimes and treason all day long.
And then they cover it up.
And then when you dare say it, they say, hey, that's hate speech.
That's going to lead to violence.
I try to make analogies here.
So people can understand.
Because I don't know if people can understand what I'm saying half the time.
It's like, is it just in my head this makes sense?
Or is this translating on air?
If you're in the high school lunch room, and there's a guy going around stealing everybody's lunch money.
Everybody's like, where's all my lunch money going?
This is weird.
And then you're like, hey, Steve over there has been going around stealing everybody's lunch money.
And then Steve comes up to you and says, hey man, don't say that.
That's hateful against me.
That could lead to violence against me.
Well, hold on a second, Steve.
You're the one that stole all the lunch money.
That's who the globalists are!
That's who the Democrats are!
That's who the mainstream media is!
They've stolen your country!
They've stolen your integrity!
They've stolen your freedom!
They've stolen your reality!
They've stolen everything!
They've stolen your future!
They've stolen your children's future!
They've stolen our education system!
They have taken from us everything except the very breath from our mouths and now they're coming for that too with a stupid face mask!
And so you just point the finger and you say, you've done this!
You've committed these crimes!
You've committed these atrocities!
You're trying to make us a slave!
You're lying to us!
You're dividing us!
You're gaslighting us!
You're instigating us!
You're doing it!
And they say, don't say that!
That could lead to violence against us!
Well, you know what?
Maybe you deserve what's coming!
You ever thought about that?
Oh wait, they have!
That's why they're so scared.
Did you really think we would just take this on our backs?
You really thought you could control the mobs?
But you know what?
I think what President Trump is doing right now is he's giving these people one last chance.
And he may have even given them a day and just said, you know what?
I'm gonna go away.
I'm gonna be quiet.
For about 30 days.
And you guys can concede this election.
And you can stop lying to the American people.
And you can stop making deals with the Communist Chinese and stop working for the UN and the World Health Organization.
And let me be president.
Or you can continue to tick off the Americans.
You can continue to tick off the Republic.
And I'll unleash this beast.
I'll unleash this kraken.
I'll let this lion roar.
And you can deal with that instead.
Because that's where this is going.
Yeah, it's a million marchers in D.C.
peacefully now.
Yeah, it's going to be thousands of people peacefully in Atlanta this weekend.
But let me tell you, if you steal this election from us and you put in a U.N.
Communist, corrupt, criminal Joe Biden in the White House.
It's not going to be a million peaceful marchers in D.C.
No, no, no.
No, it's not.
No, it's not.
And you know, quite frankly, that's not a threat.
Because... I'm to the point where... I mean, we can lead marches all day long.
I know, I won't have to be the one to get my hands dirty.
I could sit right here in studio and just broadcast the whole thing.
It's going to be 3 million veterans.
It's going to be 3 million fathers that have been fed up and at the end of their rope for a long, long time who have been screwed over by this system and are done.
But I think that's what Trump is doing.
I think Trump is giving them one last time.
One last shot.
To just let it go.
Quit torturing us.
Quit interfering in our elections.
Quit lying to the American people.
Quit lying about the President of the United States.
Quit lying about Trump supporters.
Just stop all your lies.
Stop all your treason.
Stop all your foreign deals.
Stop all your fake hate crimes.
Just stop it all.
Trump's giving them one last shot, and of course they're not going to stop.
But see, just like they have to have that metaphysical comfort, just like they have to have that metaphysical comfort of you accepting the mask, you accepting the vaccine, you accepting the tyranny, you inviting the tyranny, that gives them the metaphysical comfort knowing they didn't force it on you, you accepted it.
Trump, we have to have the same metaphysical comfort knowing that we gave them a last shot too.
Hey, we gave you one last chance to stop it.
Stop with the enslavement of mankind.
Stop with the lies that you're telling mankind.
Stop all of it.
Stop the election theft.
You can stop it all right now.
The censorship, you're coming after all of us.
And they won't do it!
But they've been given the metaphysical opportunity now.
So there will be no excuses.
Now, coming up in the next segment, we're going to be joined by Alex Jones and by Nick Fuentes, and apparently Alex has a big announcement that he is going to be making, and he really wants me to emphasize that.
So Alex is coming up.
Huge announcement next segment.
I'm not sure what it is, folks.
I'm just getting this information.
I'm passing it along to you.
So, Alex is excited with a big announcement coming up in the next segment.
So don't go anywhere.
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All right.
When we come back, Nick Fuentes will be joining Alex Jones and Alex Jones has a big announcement.
He's really excited.
He wants me to tell you to tell your friends and family to tune in for big news coming from Alex Jones in four minutes.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, we're about to be joined by Alex Jones.
He's got Nick Fuentes with him.
He's got big news coming up.
Big news.
But wow, I mean, you know, I'm just normally such a newshound here on air when I host the War Room or I fill in for Alex or just all the live shows that we have here at InfoWars, but I'm just so enthralled by this Stop the Steal that's happening right now because, folks, America
I mean, they've been stealing our elections for a long time, but they've been getting away with it.
Kind of like they've been faking news for a long time and getting away with it, but they're not getting away with it anymore, and the American people are more awake than ever, and we can now organize and activate Americans in less than 24 hours to show up by the hundreds, if not thousands, in Atlanta, in Columbia, in Baton Rouge, in Raleigh, in Tallahassee.
And so where does this pivot from here, as the American people are organizing, activating, and mobilizing, becoming more aware than ever, and now we're more aware that all the attacks against us, against our republic, against our children, we now know the names, we now know the faces, nobody heard about Anthony Fauci, now we know about that Nazi rat.
So, Alex Jones is now joining us.
He just had an event with Ali Alexander, Nick Fuentes, the Democrat State Representative Vernon Jones showed up and it was great as well.
He joins us now with big news.
First exclusive comment from Alex since the massive rally today.
That's right.
First off, I want to thank the great crew here in Austin and here in Atlanta.
Want to thank all the great listeners and viewers for supporting our prayers.
This historic moment, Rob Dewitt set up a great two-person studio in here, but he got stuck in the crowd back there and didn't get in the car with us.
So he's about to get here.
We had to kind of hook all this up ourselves.
So we're going to have him here soon.
We'll have two mics, but I brought Nick Fuentes along with me because he really, I think, had the best speech.
Of all the great speakers.
And this Vernon Jones guy would make a great US Senator.
And he just happens to be a black guy.
He's awesome.
And he laid it out so slick and so truthful and so good how there's total election fraud and all the proof.
And now he switched from a Democrat to a Republican recently because of all their corruption and Black Lives Matter being communist and not liking the black family or any family and Antifa being scum.
I was really impressed by a very gentlemanly, very smart guy.
The second best speech, I think it really goes between him and Nick Fuentes.
But it's not about who gave the best speech.
It's about the truth and the justice and the freedom.
And you're absolutely right.
We have forced
They're corruption out in the open.
And I don't feel depression.
I don't feel fear of the new world order.
I feel a terrible, dreadful purpose of every cell of my body demanding we resist these people and say no to their GMO takeover, their 5G, their world government.
The top epidemiologist, top, top expert on viruses in Canada says it's a giant overblown hoax, just a regular cold or flu.
That Bill Gates again owns, so he can say everybody's guilty, and that's going to cause a planetary depression, which it already is.
This is Nuremberg trial stuff.
This is the globalists admitting it's a war, a weapon, and people finally get, I wasn't just making this up.
So I want to go to Nick Fuentes here, sharing the mic, and have you kind of recap your speech, where you laid out the real betrayal here, and what this has shown us, and what the Marco Rubios of the world are doing, and where we need to go next.
Whether Trump can defeat this fraud, or that we can defeat it,
Yes, well, thank you so much.
It's great to be with you, Alex.
You're truly the man of the hour and the man of the moment, I think, during this political crisis.
And to reiterate what I said in the State Capitol, what's really important to focus on right now is our war, in my opinion, against the Republican establishment.
And the reason for this is because we understand the threat
That is posed by China, Joe Biden.
We understand the threat posed by the World Economic Forum and the Democrats.
We knew they would rig the election.
We knew exactly how they would rig the election.
Me and Alex have been talking about this for months.
That they would use the mail-in ballots to rig the election in the swing states using the big city political machines to swing in favor of Joe Biden.
It's called the Red Mirage.
What we did not count on, or what many people are not aware of, is that within our own Republican Party, within the Republican establishment, there are elements that are working to sabotage President Trump and the will of the American people.
We saw the fraud on election night.
There's no question that it occurred.
We all saw at 4 a.m.
in the dead of night after everybody went to sleep, after all the poll watchers went home, after all the vote counters went home.
We saw them inject 169,000 ballots in Milwaukee, flipping Wisconsin.
We saw 250,000 ballots come in in the same way.
In Detroit, flipping Michigan.
We saw it in Georgia over the course of a week.
We saw it in Pennsylvania over the course of a week.
We know that it happened.
Marco Rubio knows that it happened, and he said nothing.
In fact, he said that if the President doesn't concede, this is somehow an affront to democracy.
Mitch McConnell has said nothing.
Nikki Haley has said nothing.
Dan Crenshaw, Madison Cawthorn, all the people hailed as the future of the GOP have remained silent.
Well, people like myself and Alex and
Patriots like you coming out to the state capitals have been doing all the work and fighting for this.
So we have to take the fight to them no matter what happens with President Trump.
And let's be clear.
We know China Joe's a bought and paid for enemy.
He's not even a traitor.
He's just a robot.
But when you've got Marco Rubio and you've got the gay pirate Crenshaw and all these fake people
Doing all of this, they are literally worse than the enemy because they act like they're with us when they're really establishment folks.
I mean, within hours of them announcing Saturday and a half ago, a week and a half ago, that Biden was the winner, Crenshaw came out and said, Trump needs to concede.
When Biden always said,
We're not going to concede.
We're going to wait until it's all certified by the states.
We're going to even battle the electors and try to take it away.
We may even have the states secede and form our own deal.
And they said that to everybody everywhere.
They said, get ready.
But then they were able just to freeze it, put the numbers in with a sucker punch.
That was their plan A. And they went with it.
So now, this is a real betrayal, but it's okay.
We know who the rhinos are, and we're taking over the party.
We are the people.
We are the populist movement.
How would you describe the new right, or just the new populist?
Well, I call it America first because what distinguishes us from them is our interpretation of what is America.
In our view, what constitutes America is the American people.
It's not America as its economy.
It's not America as its government.
It's not its America... Alright, we are live right now.
We have Alex Jones and Nick Fuentes are
Transmission there our connection has been interrupted.
We will get them potted up as soon as possible.
It does look like they've just received another Landmine there, so we're gonna get them potted up as soon as possible, but you know Nick Fuentes makes a great point there to where it's sad
And we aren't surprised by this, but it's sad that the Republican leadership or the young bloods in the Republican Party that need to, you know, chart their own path, blaze their own trail, if you will, are pretty much silent on this issue and actually coming out against Trump.
And so I have to lead, stop the steel caravans.
Nick Fuentes has to lead Stop the Steal Caravans.
Alex Jones has to lead the Million Maga March in D.C.
because the Republican establishment is nowhere to be found.
You have Trump's team fighting.
You have the people that have come to Trump's team fighting.
But the Republicans, the GOP, silent.
They're not having events.
They're not organizing and activating.
In fact, they try to scuttle the actual grassroots organizing and activating, like in D.C.
this weekend.
We've got a lot of behind-the-scenes information on that.
We're just choosing not to release it because we don't want to do the infighting.
But believe me, they did everything they could to even keep Alex Jones from being seen in D.C.
this weekend, even though it was us here at InfoWars teamed up with other people like Ali Alexander and Mike Cernovich and Nick Fuentes that
Lead that march.
We organized it, we led it.
Republicans tried to come in and steal that momentum and siphon it off to say, well, if Biden wins, still he wins, so it's okay, we're out here, but if Biden won, he won.
So now we are, we are the new republic.
We are the populists.
We are America.
We'll be right back with Alex Jones and Nick Fuentes.
Go nowhere.
And ladies and gentlemen, ladies and gentlemen, we are back live coming to you from Atlanta, Georgia.
Owen Schroer is riding shotgun back in the studio.
We had some more of those wonderful technical difficulties, but that's just the way it has been on the road.
Nick Fuentes is here and we were talking about globalism and how it's not just our right, our duty to fight it, that it is a multinational takeover and that now you've got the head of the UN,
We've got the Communist Chinese, you've got Justin Trudeau, you've got the British Prime Minister, who's really turned out to be a Trojan horse, Boris Johnson, all saying, hey, world government, we're going to fuse humans with machines, you're going to take nanotech, there's no danger.
All the studies show it's super deadly and poisonous.
We're going to test on you.
We're going to give the black people all shots first in Africa and in the U.S.
Because we're not racist.
And it's like, oh, it's for the black people.
And it's literally Bill Gates who says he wants to get rid of people.
This is beyond a science fiction nightmare movie.
Why do you think Klaus Schwab and the Davos Group and the New World Order are all being so public right now, Nick Fuentes?
That's a great question and it's the million dollar question because you know I've watched your content for many years and I know probably your listeners have as well and I remember there was a time growing up for me when a lot of this information was very esoteric and difficult to come by.
If you wanted to learn about globalism, if you wanted to learn about the global takeover by corporations or the UN,
You had to do some digging, you had to look at documents, you had to really dig in and it wasn't all over the place.
You had to climb over fences at Bilderberg and get secret documents and steal them out of the trash can.
Exactly, exactly, exactly.
And now all you have to do is watch the Democratic National Convention and they say build back better.
And you can look at Macron and Justin Trudeau and Boris Johnson and they say build back better.
And that's the same thing that Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum... That means collapse the world economy in their words to bring in the end of carbon and save us by killing people.
And they lay it out.
And they say it explicitly.
It's in his book.
It's called The Great Reset.
They wrote a book about COVID.
They talk about Build Back Better.
And they describe exactly that.
They say it on their website.
You will own nothing.
You will have nothing.
You will have no freedom and no privacy.
And you're going to like it.
That's what they write in the World Economic Forum.
And it's not like they're even trying to hide it.
They say that's their objective.
And now all the world's politicians in Europe, the United States and Canada are echoing that in their slogans and in their game plan.
And the question why they're being so explicit and open about it, I think they're ready to force the issue.
I think they're ready.
They're ready to move.
What we've been talking about, what you've been talking about for decades, what people have been sounding the alarms about and nobody was listening, it's finally transpiring in front of us right now.
Their takeover, and I think they're pushing it because they know that
Concurrently with that, people are beginning to wake up.
The President has awakened the masses.
So now it's a race.
It's a race between us against them.
They forced the issue, and we're going to see some pretty crazy stuff, I think.
We're going to host some of the next hour that Jon Rappaport takes over, and Owen Schwerer is going to pop in here in a moment.
I'm asking him the same question, which I don't have audio, no big deal.
I'll just pause, let him talk, and then I'll just cut in.
How do people find you?
Because nowadays, it's all about them not letting us use social media, but if people go find you, find us and share us, word of mouth, that overrides the enemy, and that's what they fear.
They have to cut our communications off for them to win, but if we use human intelligence to spread this to the human grapevine, we will win.
That's exactly right.
Well, you can find me at dlive.tv slash Nick J. Fuentes, where I stream my show Monday through Friday at 7 o'clock Central Time.
And you're exactly right.
That's the play.
They cut the communications, they cut the funding, they cut everything.
And pretty soon, who knows if we'll even be around in any sense.
But we gotta get the message out where we can.
And the great part is, as they censor us, more people have stood up.
There's these giant crops of black, Hispanic, white, Asian, super smart, super cool people that just blow me away.
Like, I've heard of this state rep here in Georgia and heard he was a patriot and switched over from being a Democrat because he didn't like Black Lives Matter and Antifa.
But hearing him give these speeches, I mean, it's just deep knowledge.
Incredibly, you know, down to what's happening and just unifying people.
And then it's just so many.
I mean, that's what the global sphere is.
Human talent standing up.
And us coming together, and us resisting them, and us having people power, and us having a culture.
And America is our culture, and it's about private property, and God, and the family, and the Second Amendment.
And they want to take all that away, folks.
That's happening.
Owen Schroyer, for a few minutes, you're doing a great job hosting while we're out.
What is your view on why they're uncloaking right now, and the Globals for being so honest about their plan to depopulate us, and make us poor, and enslave us for our own good?
Well, I think it's two things.
One, I think it's the metaphysical engagement of us having to accept the tyranny so that they have that metaphysical comfort that, oh, they're not actually authoritarians or tyrants.
We accepted it.
We accepted the vaccine.
We accepted the lockdown.
We did this to ourselves.
You know, they just proposed it.
But really, I think, Alex, it's because the part of their
Initiation of the world government, the part of their initiation of a one world currency, the part of their initiation of being able to just flare up a pandemic whenever they want to put you into lockdown and economic arrest.
Eventually it had to come out.
You know, it can't lurk in the shadows forever, and this was probably the timetable, or maybe they're having to push the gas on it right now, because the people of the world, the people of America, are more awake than ever.
So I think it's a combination.
I think that they realize they have to push the gas, so it all has to come out now, and then we have to accept it.
Otherwise, they're never going to be able to pull it off.
So it's dead on arrival, though.
I can barely hear you now, but you're making great points.
We had held them up, patriots, for decades, long before me, understanding the globalist plan.
They would have Senate hearings back in the 60s.
They tried all this in the 60s and called it the universal total disarmament, the UN takeover of the world, no more nation states, no more families, we all live in communal buildings.
That's how we knew it was coming.
And they would have it on the front page of the New York Times, what they were going to do.
People rebelled against that, said no.
Reagan got in, kind of halfway held it up.
And then the Clintons got in and the Bushes, all that, you know, history.
But now, it's here.
They're trying to accelerate the program because they were so far behind.
How do we strike back now, Nick Fuentes?
What do the listeners do now?
And then I want to do a little bit more Next Hour about contemporary times.
Trump, can Trump still win?
Can we stop the fraud?
And how do we battle back?
And what happens if they do put Joe Biden in, Nick Fuentes?
Well, we have to get out in the streets because we see basically they revealed their hand in the months and the weeks building up to the election.
They told us that if a candidate declared their victory prematurely that they would censor that candidate.
And we've seen it.
Anybody that talks about election fraud online gets censored.
Anybody that declares
I think?
The Georgia state capitol in Atlanta, you can't flag and put a big label in front of 300 people standing inside the state capitol building saying that we demand a special session.
So what has to happen, the people go out into the state capitals
In particular, in the swing states like Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia, Arizona, Pennsylvania.
But even in your own state capitol, if you're in any other state, you gotta get in the state capitals.
And I'll tell ya, I really like what I'm seeing with this trucker strike that they're planning later this month.
I was about to say, I've been meaning to promote that for a week.
If the truckers strike, especially on the East Coast, they should shut down blue states and blue cities.
Hey, you're shutting us down with the COVID hoax.
We're shutting you down.
And they should come to Georgia and other state capitals and just drive around honking the whole time.
In fact, truckers, I'm calling for you on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday here at noon every day.
Drive around the capital honking your horns, and we're going to be there with you.
Come here now.
We love you.
We need you.
Please, let's stand together briefly before we go to break.
It takes a lot of money to do this.
And I appreciate everybody's support.
Plus we have great products.
The big sale is about to end and I've had a lot of big sales.
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We're good.
It's pissing off the globalists.
They don't know what to do.
They've got feds, FBI, that come in the restaurant, sit down, every morning we eat breakfast.
They put CIA stickers on our car, even in locked up garages.
And they just want us to know they're watching.
Of course we know that you're helping guide in the end of America and the merger with the New World Order.
This is going to be peaceful and good, but it's not.
They're coming to sterilize our sons.
They're coming with 5G.
They're coming to fry us and kill us.
That's their own damn admissions.
They're going to depopulate us.
And so all you FBI agents, remember, you're going to be thrown to the wind just like
All these tyrants do.
You're destroying America.
You're destroying everything.
So I feel good about what I'm doing, and I'm not threatened, and I'm not intimidated.
So I have a hundred Feds follow us if you want.
You work for the shy comms, and if you don't stand with us, you have that on your conscience.
You have God to face, and God's real, and God's the real judge.
We'll be right back with the fourth hour.
Nick Fuentes and so much more.
Owen Schroer, I'm Alex Jones, InfoWars.com.
We're into the fourth hour of the Alex Jones Show.
Owen Schroer here in studio.
Alex Jones and Nick Fuentes connected with us from Atlanta, Georgia.
They're going to be leading the Stop the Steal rallies every day in Atlanta at noon.
And I'm telling you right now, Alex, this Saturday is going to be massive, massive.
This Saturday, I don't know what they're going to do in Atlanta.
It's not a big area like D.C.
when thousands, if not maybe 100,000 patriots descend upon Atlanta, Georgia to stop the steal of the state of Georgia from President Donald J. Trump.
It's going to be huge, Owen, and I'm going to make huge two points when we start the next segment.
One, look at almost a million people wherever it was in D.C.
No mask.
And then all the cult members living in fear doing what they're told.
This is literally the sheep versus the sheep dogs and the wolves.
This is literally the chumps versus those that are awake.
And now the top.
Yeah, you know, that's it exactly.
And again, we just have a bit of a connection issue.
Guys, keep that feed down there.
I can monitor the situation.
It's really incredible how true that is, to think about.
And it's such a simple thing that you can see with your eyes and conceive very easily where... And D.C.
was the perfect example.
The people in D.C.
live under total tyranny.
Washington, D.C.
is a communist hellhole.
And so, millions of Trump supporters show up, we don't wear the mask!
We don't do communism.
We don't do this crap.
Oh, five people only at a restaurant.
We're getting into town.
We, folks, I'm telling you, watching the DC people walk around with their masks, get pissed off at Trump supporters for not wearing a mask is the craziest thing you've ever seen in your life.
Because on one level, it shows how they've adapted and embraced the tyranny.
On another level, it shows how their complete
Mind slaves.
But then it exposes that Alex Jones just said.
It's literally people who are awake and can think logically versus the sheeple of America.
Alex, the mask thing and what we saw in D.C.
this weekend is the perfect example of that.
Absolutely, Owen.
Here we are.
Nick Fuentes is here.
As I said, we love it.
We're not complaining.
Incredible technical difficulties.
I don't have audio most of the time.
Tomorrow we're going to have this all fixed.
Everything was working great, and then we had some snafus, but we're here.
I've got big news, as I said.
Start of the next segment.
I don't want to start getting into it now.
The freedom streak of those of us that were pro-Trump, pro-America, we don't go away just if they steal this election from Trump.
And it's the fighting
Well, exactly.
And what they've done is they've disenfranchised 73 million Trump supporters.
The president gained 10 million voters between 2016 and 2020.
There's more Trump supporters than ever.
There's more patriots than ever that are aware of globalism.
The idea that stealing the election from us, canceling our votes, and disenfranchising 70-some million people
That we go away after all of that?
If they just get through, you know, they speed through the process, they see Joe Biden, do they think then that we just disappear into thin air?
The only thing that that will accomplish is piss us off.
Then the same stuff that you're seeing right now between Election Day and Inauguration Day, you will see for the next four years.
Strikes, mass resistance, mass protests.
People organizing in the streets because people have had enough and they see what's going on.
And people also understand the urgency and the stakes here.
It's become personal now.
For a long time, people were comfortable with what was going on in the country because they had all the creature comforts of television and going to concerts and fun with friends and so on.
And now people are starting to have this impact their personal lives.
They're literally being muzzled on their faces.
There are gatherings, Thanksgiving, Christmases are being cancelled, and now people are getting more angry than ever, and they're waking up, and it's not going away.
And that was the next point we're going to get to when we come back.
What is the psychology of the globalists, and what are they missing out on where they think this is going to work on us, this bullying and intimidation?
Final segment with myself, Nick Puentes.
Now in Schreyer, then he's loaded for bear, the great John Rappaport's coming up, and then the war room.
3 to 6 p.m.
I'm gonna go get some lunch.
I'll be back home with Owen today, with Ali Alexander, Nick Buendez, and so much more on The War Room.
Stay with us, we'll be right back.
I won't get what I'm after until the day I die.
Well, that's not really true, but gentlemen, just if you're wandering around with a bunch of empty Hollywood folks, you think you're empty, you think you don't have the answers, the answers are all there, good and evil are real.
And it's all what energy resonate towards.
Energy of light, openness, and goodness, or this destructive controlling energy.
And man, I tell you, I remember reading stuff from the 20s and from the 1860s where the proto-globalists were talking about a scientific control system.
And Brave New World was not a science fiction book.
It's what Aldous Huxley's brother, Julian Huxley, later went on to run the United Nations, UNESCO, said they would do.
He wrote it in 32.
In 61, he wrote Brave New World Revisited Nonfiction.
And he said, oh, it won't be like George Orwell where we beat you with a trojan.
We're gonna make you love your servitude being sterilized with global social credit scores.
He described where we will punish you and reward you with Pavlovian systems and you'll willfully sign it on and agree to be euthanized for the Earth.
Oh, oh, oh, oh.
So, I mean, I'm reading this stuff going, what the hell?
And then I'm going and finding UN documents later pushing it.
And so,
I'm here to fight it, so we've got Owen Shroyer back at the ATX Command Center.
Nick Fuentes here with us.
Tomorrow, on Thursday, Friday, and then Saturday.
I've got family stuff.
I've got so much going on.
I said I was going to be here to help kick it off and then kind of step back and see the big event Saturday.
But I may have to change my plights to Saturday night because I got a feeling that Owen was right earlier when there's probably going to be 50,000 people there.
I can smell it.
There were probably 400 people there today, 500.
When we left, hundreds were pouring in.
New people that were busy, in and out of town.
Folks were flying in from all over the country.
Just like Austin had 500, and then 1,000, and 4,000, and then, you know, Phoenix, 5,000, and then, you know, half a million, whatever it really was in D.C.
It was crazy.
But Nick Fuentes, the psychology of the globalist, Hitler bombed London.
He thought it would make the British stay out of the war.
Well, actually, 90 plus percent of the Poles were against the war, because they'd already lost millions of Brits in World War I.
That was Britain's fault.
I mean, Germany, the Austro-Hungarian Empire was doing nothing wrong for World War I. And so that was Hitler's beef was, hey, we were attacked, we were put under the Versailles sanctions for, you know, decades.
We were all made poor.
We're being put under globalist sanctions.
I'm not agreeing with Hitler as a good guy, he was a bad guy, but that's why they put a strongman in like Hitler, because they've been screwed over.
Uh, but then when you look at part two, Hitler starts bombing London because they wouldn't give up.
That made them go from 90% against the war, 99% for the war.
And you saw what happened.
So the globalists think, Oh, our sheep that we already follow us.
They get scared.
They piss on themselves.
They do what they're told.
We lock them down.
Now we're going to do it to the conservatives and the Christians and the nationalists and we're going to shut them down and say they're not essential and we're going to steal their vote.
They are only activating a very terrible giant.
I mean, literally, we see it happening.
Where is the disconnect?
I guess when you're Klaus Schwab on a mountaintop in Switzerland.
They just, like Marie Antoinette, let them eat cake.
What's going on?
Yeah, it's hubris.
It's hubris, plain and simple.
And that is the perfect analogy between Germany and the United Kingdom because it's the same premise.
They're overplaying their hand.
They're in a situation where probably they could have achieved total global domination if they were patient, if they were maybe a little bit more humble, more calculating.
Because they are children of the devil, because they follow evil, they're hubristic.
And what they've done now is they've pushed and they've pushed.
They've pushed the American people too far.
And whereas people might have been complicit or complacent and gone along with this for a long time, now they've pushed them so far that it's not going back to the way it was before.
They've crossed the Rubicon, and that has consequences for both sides.
They're going all the way, and now the American people, you see them in the streets.
That Million Maga march is unlike anything I've ever seen in my life.
And that was the beginning.
Pouring into the state capitals, pouring into the streets, and things I think that we've never seen before in this country.
It's unprecedented, the kind of pushback that they will get.
I've only had feds at Bilderberg.
Follow me in restaurants, sit down by us.
But they had feds following us, sitting down in restaurants, letting us know they're feds, sticking stuff on our cards.
And it's like, dude, come on, you're the ones usurping the country.
You are the ones that work for the CHICOMs, at least you're following orders to.
We're not planning anything bad.
You're the bad guys.
You don't work for America anymore.
Yeah, and well, it's so funny, you know, for the past few years, all these liberals who were so anti-war in the years of the George W. Bush administration, now they're flag-waving patriots talking about the FBI and the CIA and James Comey and all these... They need to arrest all of us!
Yes, right, exactly, exactly.
All these government spooks.
Now they're all in favor of the Feds and the intelligence community and all of that.
And you're exactly right.
They're the ones ruining America.
The word is homogenization.
They want the total homogenization of the world and the population.
No culture.
Not black, not white, not Jewish, not Muslim, not Christian.
No, just one big corporate bleh.
The absence of culture.
Well, destroying all the bonds that tie us together.
The bonds of family.
The bonds of marriage.
Our humanity.
And that's the thing about leftists.
You think you're like winning.
You're the useful idiots.
The first that fell into the meat grinder.
I don't even hate you.
You're idiots.
I don't hate those feds that follow us around.
They look actually kind of guilty, you know, at the hotel lobby and at the restaurant.
You know, like, it's ridiculous.
Like, oh, we're scared now.
I am scared for my children.
It's why I'll do anything legal and lawful and proper in this spectrum to save things.
And it's the globalists that are escalating when you're violent, Antifa, and the rest of it.
The War Room's coming up in 45 minutes.
John Rappaport's about to take over.
Oh, and Schroyer, what else is on your plate, my friend?
And a final statement from Nick Fuentes.
Yeah, we're going to have some good guests on The War Room, Alex.
I'm hoping you can join me for the first two segments.
I know you want a break for lunch, but we'd love to have you out of the gates, if possible.
But Alex, I want to answer the question you just had Fuentes answer, too.
You know, I think it's the same thing that happened in the Revolutionary War, Alex, where you remember the Redcoats, the British, their armies, their colonels, they thought the American people were a joke.
They thought the colonists were a joke.
They thought they'd march in, mop us up, and it'd be game over.
They underestimated our will.
They underestimated our spirit.
And the one thing they can't underestimate because they can't even comprehend or understand it, it's our connection to God and how we have that providence.
We have God's providence.
We fulfill that providence.
They can't understand that.
And I'm almost nervous to even say that on air because I don't want them to realize they're underestimating us and the American people.
But I do think that's the case right now, Alex.
Just like they did during the Revolutionary War.
It's like Nick said.
They're spiritual, they're blind, they have that satanic hubris, and that was the thing you said when you spoke to tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands there at the Million Maga Marches.
You said God's on our side, and God is on our side.
As George Washington said, he's the real determiner of war.
That's exactly it.
And just like it was in 1776, it was God putting his finger on the scales that let the patriots win the war then.
And for all the people that are feeling desperate, for the people that are feeling miserable right now, you have to have faith.
God is in control.
We've got to call out to God.
That's right.
Pray and ask God for help.
And you said it earlier, and it's not said enough.
God is real.
God is real.
And these people are evil.
And they are going to lose in the end.
God won the victory already, in the grand scheme of things.
We have to ask him for his help.
That's why the devil just wants to hurt humanity.
That's right.
Why do they want to kill everybody?
Why do they want to make us poor?
Kill, kill and destroy, man!
He already lost the game!
That's right.
He's trying to drag us all down with him into annihilation, spiritual annihilation.
But this is a life-giving movement.
This is a movement that celebrates life.
It's about life.
It's the life-giver.
It's God.
That's what it's all about.
We're fighting a spiritual war.
You know, don't forget, it's not about, on some level, even Republicans and Democrats or globalists and people, although it is in some sense,
It is about the rulers and the principalities of other realms.
Evil versus good.
That's what it's always been.
It's timeless.
Other realms, other dimensions.
The Bible's right.
Yep, exactly.
Nick Fuentes, how do folks find you again?
It's dlive.tv slash Nick J. Fuentes.
All right.
And I think my son Rex is probably doing a show on there.
You should have him on.
Owen, a fabulous job, my friend.
In 45 minutes, get some rest.
I got to go feed this crew, so I can't come on your first few segments.
I heard that.
You want me on later, it's fine.
We're taking a break on election countdown at night because of limited crew.
The auto range has not been gotten rid of.
We're just taking a week off because there's no crew because we're all over the country right now.
We just don't have the infrastructure.
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So we can try to hire more crew to be able to be on, you know, until 9 or 10 at night and have crews to go out on the road.
We just don't have it.
So again, we're going to have the 79 days of hell election countdown emergency.
Seven and I shall be back next week.
It's just we don't have the forces to be able to have folks to run the shows.
David Knight in the morning, InfoWars, my show during the day, The War Room.
I mean, you know, which was it?
Cancel the nighttime show or cancel David Knight?
Well, we're not going to cancel David Knight.
We love him.
So, but if you get to a point where the funding gets cut, David Knight goes away.
Or Ola goes away.
Please keep buying products at InfoWarsTore.com.
This is a real fight.
12th round.
Great products.
Big sale about to end.
Sean Rapoport, NoMoreFakeNews.com.
Taking over.
God bless you all.
We'll see you in Georgia at the state capitol.
God bless.
Okay, here we go folks.
A packed 45 minutes or so.
Lots of info today.
Good to be back on InfoWars.
I want to start out with this.
I got so many items here.
Sidney Powell made quite astonishing statements.
One of Trump's lawyers.
She says she's got the exact algorithm, the Dominion software systems algorithm that was used to flip the election from Trump to Biden.
She's got witnesses, affidavits, cases, Smartmatic, Dominion voter systems, the whole nine yards, everything.
Okay, so look, Sidney.
We want to know the details.
What cases?
In what states?
Where are they at?
What kind of cases?
Are we talking civil suits?
Are we talking about pleas for recounts or redos of election?
We talking criminal actions?
What are the specific cases and where are they in the process?
Because time is limited.
What is actually going on?
Because if this is not going to make it by the deadline, then publish everything.
Publish everything.
Let's see the algorithm.
Let's see all of the evidence you've got.
Let's see the affidavits.
Let's see the whole kit and caboodle.
Otherwise, we want to know.
Okay, I think I couldn't be any clearer than I've been about this factor.
This is a war that your children are going to be fighting.
This war is not going to end in 30 days or 60 days.
It has lots of moving parts and they're all moving against us.
That's the plan.
That was the plan.
That will be the plan.
Don't be under the delusion that if Trump is installed as the president in January, that everybody can go home.
That isn't it, folks.
The 300,000 or million people who are in Washington, D.C.
These are the people, the people who want freedom.
It's not only stop the steal.
It's freedom from the COVID fraud, all of the scientific fraud that I and others have been documenting for months that led to the lockdowns.
The shutdown of the economy, the destruction of the economy and countless lives and bankruptcies, closure of businesses and suicides, all part of the plan.
It's a war against that.
And all of the people who were in Washington, D.C.
and more who didn't make it have to understand that and realize that this is not going to be over.
This is the fight and the war that we are in.
Doesn't matter.
Which candidate you have to have or want.
The war goes on.
The technocrats and the globalists are going to keep fighting the war.
They want to diminish and destroy and then rebuild on the ashes.
So don't, don't think this is short term.
Understand to the depths
Why you were there in Washington D.C., what that was all about, what it's still about, and what it's going to be about for the duration here.
I'm 82 years old now.
Certain things become clear, you know?
Certain things that you never thought you would ever be talking about.
If somebody at 20, when I was 25, said to me, you know, around 60 years or so from now, you're going to be talking about the Constitution.
And I would have said, was that a jazz club in New York that I haven't seen yet?
Or I didn't go to because I'm there every night paying my $1 to watch the greatest jazz musicians in the world?
It's a document on which the country was founded.
Ah, well, I'm free.
I'm 25.
I've got a girlfriend.
I got a few bucks in my pocket.
I've got a lousy job at a lousy bookstore.
But what do I care?
Life is good.
You walk outside on an autumn day in New York and it's fantastic.
You never know what you're going to end up doing.
But that New York, which I knew, inside out is gone.
It's now a desolate, boarded-up, sight board.
That's what the governor did.
That's what de Blasio, the mayor, did.
Cuomo and de Blasio.
The fascists.
Back in the day, and I'm talking about the late 50s and early 1960s, you could have an argument with the dumbest person in the whole city of New York, and it would be a smart
It seemed like everybody in New York had a point of view.
They were smart.
They could argue that point of view, whatever it was.
They were independent-minded.
They never would have stood for this insanity.
A lockdown?
Are you kidding me?
Forget about it!
But gradually, degree by degree, the brainwashing took place.
So to unbrainwash it is not going to be a walk in the park, folks, no matter who the next president is.
And if you were in Washington, D.C., among the million, or if you didn't get there but you know what the Constitution and freedom are all about, the people have to rise up.
The people have to rise up.
That is the story and we are the people against the entire insanity of this proposition of lockdown civilization and destruction by technocrats and globalists.
That's the whole story.
Scott Atlas said it.
He's the only sane coronavirus advisor in the White House right now.
He said, the people have to rise up.
That's an extraordinary statement.
He's on the inside.
He knows all these coronavirus people.
He knows people in the White House.
And he understands that he cannot continue to argue the science with these people.
The science that shows that the entire business of the pandemic is a fraud.
And the case numbers are a fraud, and the test is a fraud, and there should never be lockdowns.
He knows he can't argue that.
He's appealing directly to us, to you.
The people must rise up if you want freedom.
That is the story.
That's where we are.
That is what you have to understand.
The CDC is planning green zone concentration camps.
Seedy hotels where people will be sent.
We'll have more about that after the break.
Stay with us.
Don't go anywhere.
Okay, I want to go back.
I want to go back to.
It's up to the people to rise up.
And I want to specify what that's all about.
It's about opening up the economy every single which way that we can.
Because it's not going to be done for us.
You can see that.
We're into the second and third wave of lockdowns, not virus lockdowns.
They're getting more serious than ever in Europe, in the U.S.
They're anticipating a globalist victory, opening up the economy every which way we can and keeping it open.
That's the deal.
That's what is the stake in the heart to the globalists.
That's the difference between night and day.
That's what the million people who came to Washington D.C.
have to remember and that's what we all have to do.
In every way that we can possibly do it.
Go back to work.
Open up companies.
Open up businesses.
Get the economy back every which way because they want to shut it down.
They want to destroy it and destroy us in the process.
I don't think I need to spell out what it's like to own a business and to try to open it up two or three times only to get shut down each time.
I mean, you just get hammered over the head.
Hammered over the head.
The money runs out.
It's time for bankruptcy.
What are you going to do?
What are you going to do?
You've got to think differently and plan differently.
It isn't a cookie cutter solution for everybody.
You've got to be smart.
You've got to be clever.
You've got to be iron willed and persistent because you're in this all the way.
That's what the people rising up means.
In Michigan and other places, the governor says, we're locking it down.
That's it.
You're under house arrest.
In case there is any doubt about this.
The Constitution of the United States does not permit under any circumstances, under any emergency whatsoever that might occur,
Natural disaster, war, whatever, to cross that line and lock down the population and refuse people the right to work.
That is not permitted.
The Constitution and the basic freedoms in it are being trampled every day, every day, in states from one end of this country to another.
The principles, the same principles, are being spat upon and trampled in countries all over the world every day by fascist leaders who are under the gun themselves, who have sold out, who have bribed, been taking bribes, who have been blackmailed, who are under the control of higher-ups in the scheme, in the plan, in the spider's web.
What do you think is happening with governors who are almost unanimously locked down the first time and are coming back for more in the U.S.?
The federal government just simply says to them, do you want money for the states?
These states are all crooked and bent.
Their budgets are a nightmare.
They're in debt on debt on debt on debt.
California four years ago, unfunded liabilities of $250 billion.
Are you kidding me?
All underwritten by Global and Goldman Sachs and other big players just to keep California government alive?
And that was before COVID?
Are you kidding me?
These states are bankrupt on bankrupt on bankrupt.
So the federal government officials just whisper in the ear of the governors, do you want state money?
Then lock it down.
Lock it down.
Do you want federal money for your states so you can continue your programs and your theft, etc., etc.?
I mean, then you really do have to shut down the government, right?
The governor said, yeah, yeah, right.
Of course.
Of course.
Yes, sir.
Yes, sir.
Well, if you want that federal money, then when you hear it's time to lock down, you're going to lock down.
Yes, sir.
Yes, sir.
Yes, sir.
Yes, sir.
You would like to say it.
Can't say it on the air.
Can't say it on the air.
Mustn't say it on the air.
That's what they are.
That's what they are.
No balls at all.
You and I, we're in this to the end.
We're in this all the way.
For freedom.
That's what the story is.
So take
Dr. Zika man, you take, I don't want.
He's the latest member of Biden's to be coronavirus task force.
He's a doctor.
And in the past, he's made a statement, you know, one of these kinds of very casual, uh, elite statements.
I don't see that life after 75 is worth anything.
I myself wouldn't take any kind of treatment except
Palliative treatment for suffering and pain, but not to extend life, because I believe that by the time you've reached 75, you've lived a full and mitched life, and that should be the case for everybody.
It's very simple.
Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh.
He's now on the coronavirus task force.
Does the man even know how old?
Yeah, there he is.
Zeeky, zeeky, weeky, weeky.
Does he even know how old Biden is?
Does he know that just like, remember Soylent Green?
Soylent Green, the movie.
Soylent Green is people.
Well, COVID-19 is old people.
They're killing old people.
They're forcing the premature deaths of old people in nursing homes, long-term facilities, hospitals with ventilators, and in their own homes all over the world.
Millions upon millions of old
That's what the statistics will show you, that at least half the COVID, so-called COVID deaths are all about.
That's what they are.
COVID-19 is old.
So, well, if I see Zeke's past statements, then, well, just what would we do?
Just let the bodies stack up.
Who cares?
People have reached the rich old age of 75.
It's time to go on your way.
Well, that's what I would call population reduction.
That's the Biden Coronavirus Task Force.
Ready for that?
I don't think you are.
I'm not.
Not a chance.
Not a chance.
The people must rise up.
What would happen if, say, a million people gathered in one place?
It could be Washington, D.C.
as happened a couple weeks ago.
It could be anywhere.
And what if they decided to stay?
You know what I'm saying?
Establish camps at, say, a governor's mansion or the governor of the state's headquarters.
Occupy, a real Occupy.
And what if the real people in charge of that million Occupy were women?
Mothers leading the fight.
Because mothers, you see, of children present a very different problem to the authorities.
Remember the vaccine autism movement?
Still alive.
Who forced that?
Who forced that?
The mothers.
You bet.
We'll have more on this after the break.
Don't go anywhere.
I want to go back on a little science here now.
I published an article in No More Fake News recently.
Smoking gun PCR test Fauci
The test is the basis for the fake case numbers, which lead to all of this hysteria.
Oh, the cases are rising, rising, rising.
So we have to lock down.
That's what you're hearing.
That's what's being broadcast, not only in the U.S.
and various states, but in Europe as well.
Same deal.
Case numbers, where they come from, the test, PCR test.
The test is done by taking a very, very tiny piece of a tissue sample from the patient.
Run this complex, very complex test.
It's run in cycles.
Each cycle
is like blowing up a photograph a huge number of times.
It's an amplification or magnification of the original tiny piece which is far too small to observe in any way.
So how many of these amplifications or cycles is the test run at?
Well, it turns out Anthony Fauci went on the record and said, well, if you run it at 35 cycles or amplifications or more, it's ridiculous.
You don't get any kind of reliable result, whatever.
You get false positives.
It's meaningless.
So I put that together with a CDC document on the FDA website page.
Which says that the FDA recommends, and they are the interim guidance people, they are the ones who certify these tests, they recommend that the tests be run up to 40 cycles.
So they are recommending that this has to be done at a level which is meaningless and which will produce many, many false positive results, which will say that people are, quote, infected and jack up the case numbers to the sky, resulting in the justifications for the lockdowns and the destruction of the economies and so on and so forth.
And that is the building.
That's the edifice.
That's the architecture.
That's the chain upon which this fraud is being built.
And it's exposed.
There it is.
I've given it to you in a minute and a half.
There it is.
Labs all over the United States and in Europe as well.
Looking at the interim guidance or other guidances, we'll say, well, we should run the tests up to 40 cycles to see if we can quote, find the virus.
And so they do.
And so the results are meaningless.
And so they produce false positives.
And here's the capper.
The grand finale, the finishing touch on all of this, so pay attention.
In the U.S., neither patients nor doctors are informed when they get a test result for a patient.
They're not informed as to how many cycles the lab ran the test at.
Got it?
So this means the labs can keep it a secret.
They don't have to say.
They don't have to tell anybody.
So nobody knows.
But because they're following the guidelines of the FDA, they're running it up to 40 meaningless destructive cycles.
Get it?
That's the con.
That's the hustle.
That's the scam.
That's the whole basis for the fraud that is being perpetrated night and day
Everywhere around the world, in a nutshell, there it is.
And yet, who's doing anything about it inside the government?
Any government.
Who's blowing the whistle?
What governor is standing up and saying, guess what I just learned?
The whole test is a fraud.
What Prime Minister is standing up and saying, guess what I just learned?
Scientifically speaking, the test is a fraud.
Well, I can tell you that in the last day or two, reports are coming out that in Portugal, an appeals court has rendered that verdict absolutely and cancelled a quarantine on that very basis by ruling that the test is a fraud.
That is, in a nutshell,
Their ruling and their statement and their decision.
Somebody woke up.
Some lawyer argued the right case.
Some lawyer came through.
And some court said, you know what?
The light has just entered the chamber.
The science has been revealed in detail to be a fraud.
That's what we have discovered.
I hope that gets through everybody.
Everybody, everybody, and everybody.
I want to talk about a potentially different kind of vote fraud in this election.
There's a guy named George Webb.
Very smart guy.
You can find him in different places.
And he calls it the middleman strategy.
And basically what this involves is hacking.
A person on election gets into a machine, a computer that is, and sets up what Webb would call and does call a command post.
In other words, a post from which to interfere
In the transmission of data pertaining to the election, which would be the vote count.
So this is not technically the same thing as Dominion Software or ES&S or Smartmatic Software is designed for the backdoor.
Like Promise Software, if you remember that scandal.
I mean, these softwares are designed
Routinely with backdoors.
But we're not exactly talking about that now.
We're talking about something else.
The man in the middle.
To be able to change and alter numbers of votes in transmission.
En route, as they would say.
And so, I'll boil down a very quick story that happened to me in 1994 when I was running for seat in the U.S.
And things were very primitive then.
Punch cards.
This was in the 29th district in Los Angeles and on the night of the election, we went down to the county registrar building in Norwalk and all the lights were on, a lot of action, a lot of vote counts and so forth.
And so we were observers and we were taken on the tour.
And the first stop on the tour was a vote count room where there was a railing and we stood at the railing and we watched about 30 people sitting at machines feeding punch cards in.
What are you going to see there?
I don't know.
Then we moved to another stop where compact computers had been redesigned as processors.
And the counts, or yes, the counts from the counting room were being transferred into these compact computers.
And so our tour guide said, you see, this is what's happening right here.
And we looked and we saw machines.
What is there to see?
Okay, what happens next?
Okay, now we take an elevator up four floors, and now there's a room, and we can't go into the room.
And in a corner, there's a freestanding big computer.
And we're told, look at that.
That's where the compact computers send their totals into that machine.
And so I said, well, is that the end?
And the tour guide said, no.
This computer in the corner sends the totals
To a much bigger computer four miles away.
And then that computer does a flippity blip and sends back the final numbers of the moment.
That was the tour.
That was observing the count.
That was getting as close as we could to what was actually happening.
Actually, we got a little closer.
That's a different story.
And we saw that the percentages of the votes between my opponent and me, which were updated every half hour, did not change all night, except for one tiny two percentage change.
Otherwise, they stayed exactly the same during every update.
It's another story.
My point is, there are many terminals along the line where the vote can be changed.
The vote count can be changed and altered.
It technically does not have to do with the software system.
It has to do with interference.
If somebody is in there and has set up what amounts to a command post, and so you have another avenue.
Sidney Powell, we want to hear from you.
What's happening with the cases right now?
The globalists are trying to censor what you can see and what you can share.
Don't let them win.
Go to our emergency election newsletter at InfoWars.com forward slash newsletter.
Sign up for free and get intel they don't want you to have and then share it.
InfoWars.com forward slash newsletter.
It's time to override the censors and get the truth out.
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