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Name: 20201118_SpecialReport-4_Alex
Air Date: Nov. 18, 2020
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Ollie, this is just one example of dozens that have already come out on the last day.
This is just now breaking in Georgia, where we are.
Just this morning, it is breaking news.
David Schaffer, the Georgia Republican Party chair, tweets this.
One of our monitors discovered 9,626 vote error in DeKalb County hand count.
That is in Atlanta.
One batch was labeled 10,707 votes for Biden and just 13 for Trump, an improbable margin even for DeKalb standards.
The actual count for the batch was 1,081 for Biden and 13 for Trump.
Had this counting error not been discovered, Biden would have gained enough votes from this one batch alone to cancel out Trump's gains from Fayette County, Floyd and Walton.
Folks, we have to audit the vote and we have to check the signatures in Georgia.
That's why Alex Jones and I are here at Ground Zero Georgia.
Ollie, what you're saying is, in that building, they have now found more scams from the counting of the ballots in that building behind me that just so happens to have CNN on it.
I don't believe it.
There's no way CNN ever does anything criminal.
And there's no way there's a blimp right there either.
Well, CNN owns this town, and at the CNN Center is where they counted the Fulton County ballots.
And folks, election night, we didn't know how many ballots there were.
They just kept coming and coming and coming, just like we see out of Broward County, Florida, where we did Stop the Steal 2018.
We warned the Republican Party this was the method.
It's not just the Dominion machines.
It's the mail-in ballots.
It's the absentee ballots.
It's these provisional ballots that show up.
We have to stop the steal.
Come on!
Let CNN count the votes!
We're standing here in Atlanta, Georgia at Olympic Park, the site of the false flag attack that was blamed on Richard Jewell during the Olympics.
And there's the CNN Center and building right behind me.
And we have the Goodyear blimp flying around.
This is quite a conflagration happening.
And guess what else happened?
They counted a lot of the mysterious votes that had problems inside the CNN building.
That was a ballot counting center.
So as Stalin said, I don't care who cast the vote, I care who counts them.
Well, Ali Alexander, the national founder and coordinator of Stop the Steal Movement is here.
We've been all over the country together fighting.
We've reached a critical juncture here in Georgia.
But first, big breaking news, Ali, on the situation that is just explosive, like out of a Hollywood gangster movie in Michigan.
Tell us about that.
So in Wayne County, Michigan, that's Detroit, the Republicans, two Republicans and two Democrats sit on the canvassing board.
The Republicans decided not to certify the election, but under duress and threat from hundreds of thousands of tweets, the leftist Antifa, BLM, they reluctantly agreed under the condition
That the Secretary of State would do an audit.
We are in legal and constitutional limbo as we don't even understand what that means.
What are their rights?
So what we have is bullying from the left against people who just want to certify clean elections, not bad elections.
And we're just in constitutional limbo, folks.
You're going to have to watch InfoWars.
You're going to have to watch the Stop the Steal movement as we navigate this through patriots in the streets and through the courts.
And let's talk about why they were saying we're not certifying this and calling for an audit, which they're still calling for an audit, but they did go ahead and say they're going to certify it.
Because things were, quote, out of balance at a record level.
So they're out of balance at a record level.
I think it was double from 2016 to now.
And the Republicans are like, there's a human error here.
Let's figure that out before we send it to the Secretary of State's office.
And then the Secretary of State would certify.
And then, depending on state law, the governor or some other automatic statutory entity would then do the final certification to send the electors to the Electoral College.
They talk about out of balance.
It's a lot of different things that are happening.
You've got 80 plus, 90 plus percent turning out.
Some precincts, 100 percent of the voters turning out.
120, 130, 150.
More votes than there are voters in some cases.
You've got dead people by the thousands voting in Detroit.
This is going on.
So the brainwashing
Well, one of them is a former high-level Southern Property Law Center.
She comes out and starts threatening people that are reporting on it, saying, I'll arrest you for reporting on this.
I mean, we have the intimidation, we have the fraud, we have the cover-up, we have it all, but people need to stand up peacefully and say no to this.
Yes, Michigan is very dangerous.
George Soros owns the Attorney General there.
If we go there, they're going to arrest us and we might just have to make them.
Pennsylvania Supreme Court made a decision last night, just to piggyback off what you said about poll watchers.
The Pennsylvania Supreme Court, in a 5-2 decision, said it doesn't matter that there were no Republicans in some of these polling locations.
It's fine.
That's settled, folks.
Sure, we can take it to the Supreme Court.
But I warned everyone weeks ago, Chief Justice Roberts
He set us up with the Wisconsin decision when he said, oh, it's fine if the state court decides something I don't agree with.
So, you know, don't look for relief out of the Supreme Court out of this bad Pennsylvania decision where they say, you don't need Republican poll watchers.
That's not damage.
We need relief from the legislatures in the federal and state constitutions.
It's time for them, when there's fraud, to call emergency sessions, which is why we're in Georgia.
Tell folks about what we're doing the next four days in a row at high noon.
So at high noon at the Georgia State Capitol, Alex Jones, myself, and other patriots are here, and we are marching, and we are telling the Secretary of State, stop!
Don't certify!
The chances of that happening are zero.
But we might stop the deadline that happens 24 hours after that, and that's when Governor Brian Kemp, who's been wobbly in this whole issue, then has to certify the election from his office.
When he signs a piece of paper certifying the election, it puts a Democrat slate of electors to the Electoral College.
We cannot have this to happen.
If this happens, our remedies in court then become next to nil.
What he has to do with Governor Kim has to do today.
That's right.
It was Nancy Pelosi's daughter that tried to get the electors
After Trump had been elected to say no, she said she had a right to do that.
That's really questionable.
But this is the legislature during the election process before it's been conceded.
And look, if I thought Trump had really lost, I wouldn't be here.
He got more votes in all these battleground states than he got last time by a huge margin.
He got almost 11 million more votes nationally than he got last time.
He has all these giant rallies.
They froze it that night.
I don't
Live reports on the ground coming up today.
Obviously, you're watching right now.
Owen Schroer is hosting.
I'll be back on the broadcast from the street coming up, but we taped this right before the live show today.
It'll also be posted at InfoWars.com, so please get this out.
That's why we're here.
That's why your numbers are needed.
We expect there to be hundreds today.
Thousands tomorrow.
Tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands coming up on Saturday.
Be here and Stop the Steal.
You are the modern Paul Reveres.
Again, Ollie, tell folks where they visit your website to find out the real Stop the Steal movement, not neocons hijacking it to derail it.
Go there and find out how you can participate.
We're in all 50 states.
We're all pissed off about this, and we highlight the contested states of where we need you.
If you can get in your RV, if you can get in your truck,
If you can get in your bike, if we the people will put pressure on these judges and these politicians, they'll be forced to react to our moves.
Alright, more live coverage of the Lone Stalker right now.
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Support freedom, people, alright?