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Name: 20201118_SpecialReport-2_Alex
Air Date: Nov. 18, 2020
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What if I told you that hiding in plain view in downtown Atlanta, Georgia, there is a giant Nazi symbol that wasn't just one of the main symbols of the Nazis, but it was also designed, hand-drawn, by Adolf Hitler?
Before I show you this huge Nazi symbol, let's first look at a symbol that precedes it that was designed by the Greeks.
Behind me is the 2,500 year old original symbol of the Greeks for their Olympics, the Olympic torch that was carried from town to town.
That is the origin of that symbol, and symbols are extremely important.
Now I'm about to show you a giant
Nazi Hitler symbol designed by Adolf Hitler himself in 1936.
This is in the encyclopedia.
This is on record.
Now, why is that so important?
They're tearing down statues of Confederate generals.
But they're not going after a symbol created in 1936 by Adolf Hitler for the Munich games in Nazi Germany that was seen worldwide and is now the symbol of the largest international sports group on the planet.
A lot of people ask me how I know the future before other people do.
How I predict exactly what's going to happen.
It's because I'm not predicting the future.
I'm not looking at the problem from the angle you are.
I'm looking at it from other angles.
So you're saying, where's the Nazi symbol?
I don't see a Nazi symbol.
But if you simply walk around a few degrees,
You will see the symbol created by Adolf Hitler for the 1936 Olympic Games, drawn by his hand, on record.
He also invented the VW symbol and drew the first VW car, the people's car.
Look, you shouldn't tear this down.
It's now a symbol we've expropriated.
But the point is, this was created by Hitler.
But this is bigger than just understanding symbols.
It's all about angle and perspective.
Now that you're looking at it one-dimensionally, laid out flat, you can see it.
But most things in the universe aren't one-dimensional.
They're not two, they're not three, they're four, they're five.
And that's what InfoWars does.
It pulls back and gets you to look at things from different perspectives.
Not just on the dimension of it, but also
On the spiritual nature of it, and on the larger potentials of what it means and what it signifies.
Because if they can make you hate every symbol that anyone good or bad ever created, we'll have to tear down all of civilization and destroy all information.
If they can teach you to hate symbols.
There have been many groups that have used the symbol of the torch as good and as bad.
The KKK uses the symbol of the torch as a symbol.
Should we get rid of the torch when it's a symbol of light in the darkness?
We have to take symbols back.
Just because the American flag has flown over atrocities and has been at the scene of crimes doesn't mean it's bad.
Its overall vision and idea, when weighed out by justice, is great and good and wholesome and the best the planet's ever seen.
And by demonizing America and only zooming in on our problems, we ignore Communist China, who's the most evil regime on Earth's history, and it's becoming the model.
Because we don't know who they are, we've only learned the bad aspects of ourselves and been taught by the mainstream media to hate ourselves.
That's why InfoWars is here, to get people to pull back and see the larger perspective.
So I'm asking all of you, start looking at more angles.
Start looking deeper.
You'll have a much more effective, rich, and healthy, and free life.
Please continue to support us at InfoWarsStore.com, where we have all the great supplements, all the great books, all the great films, all the great t-shirts, all the great materials that, again, help expand human consciousness and help build a pro-human future.
I'm Alex Jones, and you are the InfoWar.
You know what?
Actually, all symbols are evil.
I want this Nazi symbol torn down, and I want that Nazi symbol torn down, and I want everything torn down!
And by the way, some of the Hindus, I don't agree with sometimes, have the symbol of a wheel as well.
So I want that torn down!
What's that Indian nationalist symbol doing?
Tear it down!
Everything's evil!
Tear everything down!
In fact, they even say mathematics is racist!
I want this torn down!
I want this torn down!
It's racist!
And Hitler designed that!
I want that torn down!
I want everything torn down!
Tear it all down!
Except the technocrats on their mountain in Davos!
And Klaus Schwab!
The real Nazis!
We must worship them!
How y'all doing?
Good sir, how you doing man?
What's going on up here?
Hitler designed that symbol.
Uh huh.
So we were asking folks, should it be torn down?
Oh for real?
Y'all against Hitler?
I'm against Hitler.
Shit, oh yeah, yeah, need to be torn down.
Tear this shit down.
I'm against all racism.
I love all people.
I hear you, but now, but we've taken that symbol, and now it's a symbol of world unity, so maybe we've expropriated it.
It's kind of like if a bad dude
Stole money and built a house.
We don't burn the house down, we just take it over.
So why not just take it as our symbol?
Okay, make it our symbol, right?
Yeah, exactly.
Right, so y'all want to keep it up?
Well, I'm saying if we're gonna tear down
Everything old in America, just because some people might have not been good, I'm just saying, why don't we tear this down?
Which I don't want to do.
I mean, look, I don't like Hitler, but that's a pretty good symbol.
He was pretty good.
Yeah, it is.
I mean, you know, the VW symbol, he came up with that, the VW.
He invented the first Volkswagen.
Volkswagen, yeah.
The first highways.
But that didn't blow the highways up.
It didn't blow the highways up, and them still make Volkswagen.
And in World War I, the Germans started using blimps.
We don't get rid of blimps just because of that.
So we make a petition to tear down this right here, this downtown?
That's what I'm asking.
I say let's get a truck in here and tie a chain to it.
Let's get down with Hitler!
Down with Hitler!
Down with Hitler.
Hey look, this is what I think.
He spit on it.
He's going nuts.
He pissed on it.
Hey, I didn't.
He pissing on it.
We have seen hoax after hoax after hoax perpetrated by the international corporate media and embedded globalist traitors inside of our government.
And the process of breaking the United States down and turning it into a third world hell hole is
Well along its way.
The establishment is on record saying they want us poor, they want us malleable, they want an integrated, vertically integrated economy, where 95% of people are extremely poor, 4% have some money, and then there's a tiny, really one-tenth of 1%, that actually control 80% of the wealth.
And worldwide, that is the model.
The United States was the opposite.
By 1955, the United States had 50 plus percent of the world's GDP.
We were only 4% of the world's population.
That's been reduced down to about 30%, maybe 25% by the end of 2020.
It's rapidly going down, especially with the COVID lockdown.
So when Ross Perot in the early 90s talked about a giant sucking sound, sucking the wealth out of the country, he wasn't kidding.
They told us, don't worry, this is going to be a service economy where you'll be a barista or you'll work at a shop and we won't have all that evil industry or farming.
Big corporations will run all that.
And that was really just getting us positioned for the Great Reset, and Klaus Schwab, and the Davos Group, the Rockefellers, and all of them are on record saying that they're going to make you completely obsolete so they can then dictate to you social engineering programs like one-child policies, opting into being sterilized, death panels for old people.
This is an extremely dystopian system.
That they're setting up, and it's a system that gets worse, not better.
That's the Fabian Socialist model that Eric Blair, a.k.a.
George Orwell, wrote in 1984 to warn the planet about.
He'd been in the Ministry of Truth.
He'd been at the highest levels of BBC.
His family was at the highest levels of the intelligentsia, and he learned of their plan to build a society uglier and
Stupider and absolutely evil so that it's totally controlled by these priests of power he talked about.
So this is really a paradigm of abject evil and we cannot surrender to it because it's not just power for power's sake.
It is power to have the will to destroy the vibrant human system irrevocably so that humanity can never rise up against the ruling elite because they want to
have that control over the species itself to play God.
The average person doesn't think like this, so they don't understand why such evil can be carried out.
But InfoWars understands this, and our worldview of exposing the system is now becoming the mainstream view.
It's not one of these fake little political ideologies or rabbit trails the system puts out, but it's really the core operating system of the planet, and if we can get the public to stop caring about
Sports and sitcoms and fake left-right paradigm and actually dial in to the social engineers and their master plan and how they're playing God We are then on an even playing field with them because we understand their operations and they can be delegitimized very very quickly And so the fact that Infowars studied their own white papers their own documents has effectively educated much of the public and some of the intelligentsia like
Tucker Carlson, Joe Rogan's getting educated, and others, shows us that as we get more and more thought leaders on our side, realizing this is a post-human nightmare system of transhumanists being set up, we have a fighting chance.
And now that the enemy is so confident now in admitting a lot of their plans, that only boosts our credibility and your credibility even more.
So please continue to spread the word about InfoWars.com, and NewsWars.com, and Bandai Video, and keep buying the high quality products at InfoWarsStore.com, because you are the backers, not George Soros, but we the people that keep this on the air.
Again, I want to thank you all.
Keep us in the field.
God bless, and good luck.