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Name: 20201117_Tue_Alex
Air Date: Nov. 17, 2020
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In this video, Alex Jones discusses how Justin Trudeau announced that Canada is implementing Agenda 2030 to "build back better" and reimagine economic systems. He also highlights how other world leaders are talking about using the pandemic as an opportunity for a reset. For example, Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum, wrote a book called COVID-19: The Great Reset, which doesn't focus on science or medicine but discusses potential changes in our society. Jones also points out that when the pandemic began, leaders promised lockdowns would be temporary, but now they are being extended indefinitely. Tucker Carlson discusses how governors and politicians are exempt from the restrictions they impose on others. He also talks about Mayor Lori Lightfoot of Chicago who says she has no personal obligation to follow lockdown restrictions that people could be arrested for ignoring because there are times when rules just don't apply to her. Tucker Carlson highlights how Washington State Governor Jay Inslee explains his state's new restrictions on indoor social gatherings, outdoor gatherings, restaurants and bars, and religious services. He concludes by saying this is about unjust weights and measures, and that it is a power grab by the globalist elite who run the United Nations Agenda 2030. The idea of a Great Reset is being pushed by Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates. The Great Reset is essentially super evil and pre-planned. Corporations exploit countries using governmental power, buying off leaders for billions and putting them into debt for tens of billions over decades, exploiting their populations. This has been occurring around the world. COVID-19 has given an opportunity for authoritarian UN rule to be established. The UN is involved in child trafficking on industrial levels. The Rockefellers set up the UN. Klaus Schwab's book on the Great Reset explains global governance, or global government. The climate crisis, extreme weather, and human-made environmental disasters are being used as reasons for global government to take over. These issues are all being exacerbated by the powers that be, while they remain tax-exempt. Amazon, Microsoft, and Big Pharma are benefitting economically from the pandemic lockdowns. In order to implement the Great Reset, a puppet leader and a media that convinces people it's for their own benefit is needed. Joe Biden and CNN, Facebook, Google, and Twitter fit this description. The phrase "Build Back Better" has been used by globalist world leaders and is part of a UN program to collapse the world, make citizens poor, and have them sign over their lives to corporate systems. Justin Trudeau and other politicians have admitted that COVID-19 is being used as cover for this. Lockdowns, masks, vaccines, and tracking will become permanent features in people's lives. The globalists are trying to take down Trump by controlling the election process. Trump has not conceded the recent US presidential elections and is still contesting the results in court, stating that there have been election frauds that need to be investigated. Alex Jones, an InfoWars correspondent, claims that officials have already found evidence of fraud in Georgia during their recount process. He mentions how Trump needs 270 electoral votes to secure his win or prevent either candidate from reaching the required number of votes, which would then send the decision to the House of Representatives where he could potentially

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Mainline hosts are now covering the Great Reset and how it is designed to trigger a worldwide financial collapse to, quote, lower our carbon footprint and consolidate power for the financial interest to control the IMF and World Bank.
That's what Klaus Schwab, head of the Davos Group, and Bill Gates are pushing.
This is fundamentally super evil and pre-planned.
These very exploitive corporations, using governmental power,
Go into all of these countries, buy off their leaders for a few billion dollars in most cases, and then put them into debt for tens of billions of dollars over decades and decades and decades and decades, exploiting their populations.
It is extremely vicious.
It is extremely oppressive.
The only thing protecting us somewhat has been our Bill of Rights, our Constitution, the Magna Carta, the rule of law, and practiced tradition of freedom that we wouldn't comply with living in third world type
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Remember a few years ago the New York Times said Agenda 21 doesn't exist.
Agenda 2030 doesn't exist.
So Trudeau goes out in a governmental announcement and says we're implementing Agenda 2030.
Here it is.
Building back better means getting support to the most vulnerable while maintaining our momentum on reaching the 2030 agenda for sustainable development and the SDGs.
Canada is here to listen.
At the end, what the fourth industrial revolution will lead to is a fusion.
Of our physical, our digital, and our biological identities.
All these different UN combines and agreements don't exist.
Anybody could go look them up and find out they do exist.
In the year 2015, the world agreed on the ambitious, inclusive and universal Sustainable Development Goals, making a commitment to leave no one behind.
It is so decided.
Just a few months later, we are already seeing those promises transform into first concrete steps for action.
On 21st of April, presidents, prime ministers and other high-level representatives from around the world gathered at the UN headquarters in New York for a high-level debate on achieving the SDGs, now that the goals and targets have been set.
We have no time to waste.
We need first to take seriously the goals because these are the world's goals.
They're the only goals we're going to have for our generation.
The Agenda 2030 is going a step further because it recognizes that things need to change here in the rich countries as well.
There's obligations for rich countries too in terms of environmental pollution, you know, our production and consumption patterns.
We will now start
A quite high number of task forces to look at all the different issues, and we will present all those ideas to the people assembled in Davos.
But at the same time, we will make Davos very different, very open, to ensure that we do not fall back to old recipes, but that we really look at forward-oriented solutions.
We have a unique but rapidly shrinking window of opportunity to learn lessons and reset ourselves on a more sustainable path.
It is an opportunity we have never had before and may never have again.
So we must use all the levers we have at our disposal, knowing that each and every one of us has a vital role to play.
Now is the time to think what history
...would say about this crisis.
And now is the time for all of us to define our own role.
What is it that would make it so that history would look at this crisis as the great opportunity?
But it's big corporations saying, we're going to shut down the world economy, consolidate it for the ultra-rich, and tell people we're doing it to save the Earth because carbon is evil.
Even though all life on this planet is carbon-based.
So Agenda 21's been going on for 30-something years.
Since 1992 in Rio de Janeiro, when it became world law under George Herbert Walker Bush.
And then, five years ago, they passed at the UN.
We didn't agree to it, but they still did it.
In just two months, the world
Obama said he agreed it.
The Senate didn't go along with it.
Agenda 2030.
You should go read it for yourself.
And then everything they say that they're doing, they're doing the opposite.
It is now day 64 of the 79 days of hell.
Communist China and its New World Order allies are desperately trying to overthrow the election of President Trump.
Joe Biden has illegally declared himself the victor in violation of federal law and his own promises.
The enemy of the American people
The corporate establishment press is in total panic mode because almost no one is buying their lies and disinformation.
And now, the mainline Republican Party has awoken to the truth of the New World Order and world government.
And Tucker Carlson is a fancier, more well-produced version of InfoWars.
Not because Tucker Carlson's copying yours truly, but because the world has awoken.
Yes, the enemy's striking back hard, but my friends, when it comes to the culture war, when it comes to recognizing the UN and its true aim of world government depopulation, we are winning.
This pandemic has provided an opportunity for a reset.
This is our chance to accelerate our pre-pandemic efforts, to reimagine economic systems that actually address global challenges like extreme poverty, inequality, and climate change.
Oh, this is our chance, says Justin Trudeau.
Not our chance to save you from a virus with a 99% survival rate.
You'll almost certainly be fine, and they're fully aware of that.
This is our chance to impose totally unprecedented social controls on the population in order to bypass democracy and change everything to conform with their weird academic theories that have never been tested in the real world and, by the way, don't actually make sense.
This is their chance.
Quote, this pandemic has provided an opportunity for a reset.
End quote.
Keep in mind, that's not from QAnon.
That is a head of state talking.
And he's not alone.
Klaus Schwab is the founder of the World Economic Forum.
Schwab has written a book called COVID-19, The Great Reset.
The book isn't really about science or medicine, no.
Instead it describes, quote, what changes will be needed to create a more inclusive, resilient, and sustainable world going forward, end quote.
What changes is Schwab talking about?
We don't know.
What we're certain of is that you're going to pay for them and the people in charge will benefit from them.
You can bet on that.
What's telling is how different this is now from the way our leaders were talking back when the pandemic began.
So statewide coronavirus lockdowns in this country started about eight months ago in mid-March.
At the time, California's governor, Gavin Newsom, predicted that 56% of his state's population, that's more than 25 million people, would become infected with the virus within eight weeks.
Businesses would need to shut down, Newsom acknowledged, but he also promised it would all be over soon.
Quote, This is not a permanent state, Newsom assured us.
It is a moment in time.
And that should have made us nervous.
Because in the end, that moment continued indefinitely.
Pretty soon, Gavin Newsom was telling us who we're allowed to be around, and who we're allowed to talk to.
As always, I want to remind you, limit your mixing with people outside of your household.
It's just common sense, but the data suggests not everybody's practicing common sense.
So that was in July.
When Gavin Newsom told The Data Suggest.
What have we learned from The Data since then?
Well, as of November 15th, about 2.6% of the total state of California has been infected.
That's roughly 20 million fewer people than Gavin Newsom predicted would be infected by May.
So, in some ways, that looks like a victory.
Can we declare victory?
Just the opposite.
Today, Newsom announced that more lockdowns are underway.
California, he said, is pulling the emergency brake.
The emergency brake on life itself.
Tonight, 41 counties in our biggest state are under the most restrictive form of lockdown.
Churches, gyms, restaurants, etc.
cannot conduct any kind of indoor operations.
So on what grounds is Gavin Newsom declaring this?
Well, scientific grounds, of course.
Gavin Newsom believes in science, but he doesn't believe in it for himself.
Because personally, as a man, Gavin Newsom is exempt from the laws of epidemiology.
And we know this because nine days ago, the governor was caught violating his own guidelines, eating at one of the state's most expensive restaurants with a dozen other people.
And by the way, he's fine.
He didn't die from it.
When you're God, you don't fear viruses.
Lockdowns are for mortals.
So you'd think getting caught would hurt Newsom.
Getting caught ignoring your own rules used to be a major problem for politicians.
But it's not anymore.
They are no longer humiliated by their own hypocrisy.
The point of the exercise is to humiliate the rest of us by forcing us to obey transparently absurd orders.
Let's see what we can make them do next.
Okay, for health reasons.
Everyone has to wear a Viking hat with horns every Wednesday.
It's the law.
Dr. Fauci's orders.
By the way, people would do that!
They would!
They'd follow the order.
CNN would scream at them if they didn't.
In an environment like this, dominated by completely unreasonable demands from the people on top, mediocrities like Mayor Lori Lightfoot of Chicago thrive.
This is a moment created for her and people like her.
Watch Lightfoot explain on MSNBC how she has no personal obligation to follow the lockdown restrictions that you could be arrested for ignoring.
What do you say to those who are criticizing you, where less than a week ago, you went out and stood before a massive crowd who was celebrating Joe Biden's victory, and now you're saying your city has to shut down.
How do you have one and not the other?
There are times when we actually do need to have a relief and come together, and I felt like that was one of those times.
That crowd was gathered whether I was there or not.
Notice the complete lack of embarrassment.
No shame whatsoever.
Inflection in the voice doesn't move.
There are times when the rules just don't apply to me.
And no one says anything.
So when specifically are those times?
When don't the rules apply to the people making the rules?
Well, in Washington, D.C., Mayor Muriel Bowser decided that her rules did not apply to Joe Biden's victory party in Delaware.
So she went.
Going to the party, she explained, was, quote, absolutely essential, and it was, and you would have guessed this, official business.
So Muriel Bowser didn't have to quarantine or restrict her travel in any way because it was on behalf of the Democratic Party.
What does the Great Reset look like?
That's what it looks like.
Where the people in charge can do whatever they want because they're in charge.
No principle is universal.
No standard is evenly applied.
No one's enjoying this more than the governor of Washington State, Jay Inslee.
Inslee is not a man of science.
He's a lawyer, like the rest of them.
But watch him explain what you're not going to be allowed to do anymore in his state.
Indoor social gatherings with people from outside your home are prohibited.
Unless they quarantine for 14 days prior to the social gathering.
Outdoor gatherings are limited to no more than five people.
Ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much for joining us.
Here's the final equation.
This is about unjust weights and measures.
That's why behind us we have the Goddess of Justice.
She's supposedly blind, but in this case, it isn't the Goddess Justice with scales in her hands.
It is the globalist.
Here with their psychological warfare chiefs trying to overthrow logic and trying to overthrow the Western traditions because they sit
In contravention to their absolute total despotic power, and that's what this is about.
It's what this has always been about.
So, Tucker says something to the first.
He said, we don't know what this Agenda 2030 is all about, but it's a UN run, by the richest people in the world, and it's a power grab, and we know that it's dictatorial.
No, Tucker, I know you know.
I was sending you great reset videos in March saying,
This is their plan.
We made a bunch of reports about it, so did Greg Reese.
They're at Bandot Video.
But Tucker is spoon-feeding, which is fine.
His audience should get them ready for what this is.
Tyrannical world government.
Total shutdown of society and civilization by design.
And we gotta get out of it now.
You can't wait.
They're putting the chains on now.
So we're gonna come through and lay all this out that Olly Alexander's in studio.
We're about to go to Georgia with how to stop the steel in the next big leg of the fight.
This is a critical transmission.
You'll want to stay with us.
Tomorrow's news today.
Welcome back.
I'm your host Alex Jones.
We have a lot of exciting news all across Mainline Radio, Mainline TV from Australia to Germany to the United Kingdom to Canada.
Mainline hosts are now covering the Great Reset and how it is designed to trigger a worldwide financial collapse to, quote, lower our carbon footprint and consolidate power for the financial interest to control the IMF and World Bank.
That's what Klaus Schwab, the head of the Davos Group, and Bill Gates are pushing.
This is fundamentally super evil and pre-planned.
These very exploitive corporations using governmental power
Go into all of these countries, buy off their leaders for a few million dollars in most cases, and then put them into debt for tens of billions of dollars over decades and decades and decades and decades, exploiting their populations.
It is extremely vicious.
It is extremely oppressive.
The only thing protecting us somewhat has been our Bill of Rights, our Constitution, the Magna Carta, the rule of law, and practiced tradition of freedom that we wouldn't comply with living in third world type
We're good to go.
In control around the world.
If you just look into UN child sex trafficking, it's industrial level.
Millions of children a year, many of them killed.
It was set up by the Rockefellers.
So, Tucker Carlson, everybody's now talking about the Great Reset and the admissions that they said years ago they'd use the threat of a virus to bring in world government and the breakdown of society.
But let's just look at some of the evidence right here today.
Paul Joseph Watson tweeted out a quote.
Paul Joseph Watson tweeted out a quote of Klaus Schwab, again the head of the Davos Group, that's the public Bilderberg Group.
Globalist Klaus Schwab made it clear that transhumanism is an integral part of the quote great reset when he said that the fourth industrial revolution would lead to a fusion of our physical, digital, and biological identity.
And when I was in Phoenix last week, they had buses driving around everywhere.
I got some video of it.
Need to play it on the show.
Need to download it off my phone.
Of the buses driving by saying, nanotech will cure your cancer.
Nanotech will cure your COVID-19.
What it is, is a bunch of microchips they inject into you.
And that's how they get microchips into you, is by calling it nanotech.
And then a lot of the quote microchips are digital viruses.
Digital viruses that go in and actually reprogram the cells themselves.
These aren't vaccines.
These are deadly super drugs.
And we are the guinea pigs, and the great testing is now starting.
Globalist Klaus Schwab made it clear.
The Great Reset.
Here is a map.
We can actually punch it up for you.
Where Klaus Schwab, in his big Great Reset book, explains global governance.
Right here, global government.
And he says, because that failed, and we failed to address the climate action, that now we're going to have to have food crises, extreme weather, human-made environmental disasters, meaning viruses.
And of course, those are magically appearing.
He predicted they would, but now they are.
And then the national governance failures, the global government's got to take over, like the New York Times is calling for, social instability, unemployment, adverse technological advances.
And all of this, of course, is the things that they're engineering and that they're exacerbating, and then they offer you a solution where they're all tax-exempt.
And they all fly around in jumbo jets, and they live on mountaintops.
You know, Leonardo DiCaprio, and everybody always goes to Davos.
And they fly in for $10,000 a night hotel rooms and all the masseuses and all the high-end prostitutes on a mountaintop, and they land in their huge jets and their huge helicopters, and all the world leaders are there.
And then they lecture us that we shouldn't have children or have a car or have air conditioning, and Obama told Africans from Davos seven years ago, you can't have a car, you can't ever have air conditioning.
You have to live in a mud hut, as if all technology is dirty and bad.
But again, these are the ultimate
Let's continue.
Millions of businesses facing ruin.
Hundreds of millions projected to die in poverty at the economic cost of lockdown hits.
Compare this to explosion in profits enjoyed by Amazon, Microsoft, and Big Pharma.
So as you implode, they all consolidate the power.
It's a vertical integration takeover.
Did you know the enzyme called Luciferase is what makes Bill Gates implantable quantum dot
Microneedle vaccine delivery system work?
How cute!
And it goes on and on and on.
In order to have the Great Reset to change the world economies, listen to this carefully, in order to have the Great Reset to change world economies, to steal from the citizens, you need two things, a puppet leader and a media that convinces people that it's for their own benefit.
Enter Joe Biden, CNN, Facebook, Google, Twitter.
That's a great point that folks are making online.
Another commenter on Twitter said, Because you're a slave, you're not supposed to see all that info.
You're supposed to be preconditioned to the UN World Government takeover slogans.
Before you ever consciously understand what it is.
Build back better.
Eric Weinstein put a great graphic together, so did Mark Jeffery.
I know it's odd, but when I hear a bunch of powerful people spread out all over the world suddenly use the same totally improbable, lame phrase, invariant phrase, my hand involuntarily claps down over my wallet, almost like they need to chant before taking my stuff.
And it's
Boris Johnson of the UK, Joe Biden of the former US, and all these globalist world leaders saying, build back better, which is a UN program to collapse the world, make you all poor, and make you sign over your life to corporate systems that will then keep you at a subsistence level with corporate welfare and governmental welfare.
And then the good news is all over Twitter, members of the UK Parliament,
The Parliament in Ottawa, Canada, the Parliament in Australia.
They are all going public and pointing out that this is world government and showing the actual documents of what's unfolding.
Now, this all ties into COVID-19.
It's the cover for the whole thing.
And Justin Trudeau and all of them have admitted this.
I mean, super creepy stuff where you're sitting there and you're watching whether it's
The British Prime Minister, whether it's Merkel or any of them, they're saying, oh, sorry, the last lockdown didn't work.
This one's going to be, you know, four to six months long and then we're never going to totally let it off after that.
And by the way, you'll always wear masks for the rest of your life.
And by the way, there's going to be like five shots a year you got to take, but that won't protect you.
You have to have a passport to leave your house and we're going to track your phone at all times or you'll be arrested and your neighbors are watching you.
Oh, but by the way, you can't leave or go anywhere, but the Democrats in the state of California on taxpayer money are going to Maui to rent out a five-star hotel for themselves to party for a week and a half to celebrate their conquering of you and your family because you put up with it.
Now coming up, on the ground fight in Georgia, a key domino that the globalists want to knock down to take down Trump.
I'm about to get on a plane and go there this afternoon.
Ali Alexander's in studio with Key Intel.
Stay with us.
The globalists are trying to censor what you can see and what you can share.
Don't let them win.
Go to our emergency election newsletter at InfoWars.com forward slash newsletter.
Sign up for free and get intel they don't want you to have and then share it.
InfoWars.com forward slash newsletter.
It's time to override the censors and get the truth out.
The enemy of the American people, the controlled corporate press have fought hard to say just a few thousand people showed up in D.C.
We had hired senior current D.C.
police and they estimated it was 800,000 up to a million from what they saw because the march stretched for over three miles, cramming up to four streets wide.
It was incredible.
There were helicopters above, but the news helicopters never showed you the footage that you are about to see that we shot on the ground.
Here it is.
You are about to see the most detailed and comprehensive footage from the historic Million Maga March held in Washington, D.C.
on November 14, 2020.
The corporate press is desperately trying to suppress this information.
Using deceptive headlines and cropped photos, just as they had done at the 2016 inauguration, mainstream media attempted to deceive the American people and hide the massive magnitude of this historic march.
Most of the establishment media refused to show the amazing rooftop shots of the beginning of the rally at Freedom Plaza, where police estimated over 100,000 people met.
This shot was taken from the middle of Freedom Plaza at 11.30 before the event even began.
Over the next three hours, marchers continued to congregate, marched down Pennsylvania Avenue, down Constitution Avenue, to the Supreme Court, where the final protest was held.
We are unified by our spirit that God made and our connection to the Creator and the universe and our children.
And we are unified.
And this is the genesis point of the new revolution of information!
Our crew walked all the way back to Freedom Plaza, where people were still congregating en masse and marching towards the Supreme Court building.
Our contacts inside the D.C.
Police, who he had contracted for security, estimated that this march was bigger than Louis Farrakhan's Million Man March, and could have easily topped over one million.
This information is vital to the future of the Republic, and the establishment corporate media is fighting to suppress it.
Only you can take this video and re-upload it everywhere you know, and spread it to your friends, your family, your neighbors, to get the truth out and save the Republic.
I declare that Donald J. Trump won re-election in 2012!
Four more years!
Four more years!
And ladies and gentlemen, we are live.
Thank you so much for joining us.
Ali Alexander, political analyst, and of course, publisher, is here with us.
And he's been doing a great job flying around the country trying to analyze exactly what's happening with their attempts to steal this election.
And he's been trying to stop the steal going back over six months.
Of course, collaborating with Roger Stone that first developed the Stop the Steal operations more than two years ago.
We're coming off
That huge successful rally you just saw some exclusive excerpts of from Saturday that the media is trying to block.
But the big battles right now are obviously in Georgia, are in Pennsylvania, are in Michigan, are in Arizona, Nevada.
And they say the big domino right now is Georgia because they want to falsely
Certify that election as they find, with just spot checks, massive evidence of election fraud.
Almost all the votes they're finding, by two-thirds or more, are going to Trump as we predicted.
And he will win Georgia if we're allowed to have a real process.
We need an emergency legislative session called by the governor.
I'm getting on a plane this evening to travel to Georgia with Ali and others.
And we're going to be there tomorrow and on Thursday and on Friday and on Saturday at
Well, that's the latest.
First, Alex, let me thank you for your patriotism.
If you did not marshal the forces, D.C.
would have been a fraction of what it was.
I walked through the crowd, and it was something out of the Bible.
People just wanted to touch my garment or something like that.
And I said, well, where'd you hear about this?
And they said, Infowars.
I saw you with Alex.
I had to come from Oregon, from California.
I just want to thank them.
Thank them for coming.
They need to come to Georgia now.
They need to come to Georgia now.
I think if you're in any of the surrounding states, come to Georgia.
But we're still going to need you in other places.
So sit tight.
This is a race to December 14th to get Trump, Donald Trump, 270 electoral votes or deprive both candidates of 270 electoral votes and then send it to the House of Representatives that then becomes the House of States and then he wins there.
But what we're hearing on the ground in Georgia is that they need the boots there.
That if the Secretary of State
Finishes the canvassing and the recount today that he will certify the election by Thursday at 5 p.m.
That gives the governor Brian Kemp who has been wobbly on this issue the only person though that we can influence Friday 5 p.m.
It gives him a deadline of Friday at 5 p.m.
To then certify the election and if he certifies the election that sends Democrat electors to the Electoral College so what we want is
Is a special session to re-engage the constitutional process that allows the State House, the State Senate to say, we choose the electors, dubbed to us by the U.S.
And let's be clear, we didn't just pull this out of a hat.
Judge just ruled in California, Newsom, illegally said that they could take ballots and order counties to do mail-in ballots mainly, and to count things that were postdated after.
We also have judges saying the same thing in other states, and again, let's explain
Who these Democrat operatives are and who some of these rhinos are that met with Hillary Clinton's consigliere to make an illegal deal outside of legislative law between the governor's office to allow the illegal counting of these ballots that came in later improperly.
This is the key.
This is illegal.
This is extra legislative.
This is why the legislature must come back into session to override this power grab.
They have to override this paragraph.
What people need to understand is dominion, dominion, dominion.
And I've got to tell you, I've seen the case.
Sidney Powell has a great case.
But it can't all be about dominion.
Democrats have found a way to cheat Alex for decades and decades and decades.
In fact, JFK stole the election from Richard Nixon, and Richard Nixon thought for the good of the country that he should concede, so he conceded.
No more conceding.
It's the mail-in ballot.
It's the absentee ballot.
By the way, even PBS brass
Texas and Illinois were stolen by the unions and the mobs.
You know, the mobs run the unions and the FBI lets the mob do whatever they do.
You know, we know this.
We know this.
And so what they're doing now is very much the same.
Laura Loomer caught the union thug in Broward County in 2018 when I was running Stop the Steal to save Rick Scott's U.S.
Senate seat.
If we never would have got Rick Scott up to the Senate, then the impeachment rules would have been different and Chief Justice John Roberts...
I don't
Yeah, if you take away our God-given right to self-govern, to vote, to find consensus and debate and do rhetoric, then you will burn in hell.
And not only that, but this is China.
Again, that information is going to come out soon.
And Sidney Powell, we're telling you to release that today.
Today, Rudy.
I just talked to somebody who talked to the President last night, and he's a well-known talk show host.
I'll leave it at that.
And he said, no, Trump's getting ready to announce it's China.
They have all the proof.
Everything is China.
We got it.
This is a foreign power doing this.
Even if Biden won, which clearly Trump won the original battleground states by more points when they closed the polls.
I mean, there was a bigger landslide.
Even if he won, he's ineligible.
This is everything they said about Trump with Russia is true about Biden with China in spades.
Yeah, it's just sophistry.
I mean, they're gaslighting us with their own accusations.
And what can we expect from the children of Alinsky?
The children of Satan?
What else can we expect?
But lies.
For those who don't know, he pledged his book, Rules for Radicals, to Lucifer.
He did.
That's the opening.
And he said, he went later and he said, I did that so conservatives wouldn't read the manual.
And so we can't underestimate the evil of these people.
They're willing to steal the election.
And we're going to Georgia because people need to understand this.
It's not
That's right.
They bet all their money on just a few states.
All of their money.
There's a reason why the staffing is the way it is at the governor's office.
I'm trying to be polite because... No, let's not do it.
Let's just go ahead and attack the governor.
The governor may be a CHICOM agent.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
Yep, that's right, Georgia.
If your governor doesn't do this, he's a CHICOM dirty agent and just as bad as Biden.
You understand that?
We'll be right back.
I was just talking to my wife.
She called me up.
She said, hey, they just locked down New Mexico.
They've locked down Michigan.
They're locking down Germany.
They're locking down the UK.
They've locked everything down that the globalists control.
And I was just talking to one of the crew members, Derek, who was in New Mexico this weekend.
And he said, there's this highway science, COVID kills, hospitals full.
We're all dead.
It's the end of the world.
None of it's true.
A replay of what they did eight months ago.
Totally exaggerated.
Hundreds of times overblown.
When Ali Alexander leaves at the bottom of the next hour,
I am going to get into the global reset, lockdown 2, and how we stop it.
As the President's own head of his COVID task force said, that's President Trump, he said, you've got to rise up against this.
This is martial law.
This is who the left really is, wanting total enslavement.
Now, it takes a lot of money to be able to travel around the country to be able to fight the New World Order, to have this crew, and to go what we go through.
And I'm not complaining.
I'm just asking for your support, ladies and gentlemen.
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And that's how we fund this operation.
We're not financed by Jordan Soros, the New World Order.
We are financed by people like you.
So, Ali Alexander, let's continue getting into why Georgia is so important and how we saw this
I think?
Has your crew set up a video where Joe Biden said, we're going to wait until the Electoral College meets?
Like, we're not going to listen to the media.
We're not going to listen to this.
Red Mirage this.
Red Mirage that.
Have you guys put together a video?
We have.
We have.
We were planning those before it happened and we've been playing it since the election.
Yes, a lot.
Yeah, yeah.
It's very important for people not to forget because they are moving us at a pace of chaos and hysteria.
And what they need to know is that we won't let them.
That's why we've taken this movement offline.
That's why people are calling each other and text messaging each other and emailing each other and showing up.
And Alex, when you and I and Owen, we were all in Austin, Texas, 3,000 patriots showed up.
I thought 300 to 500 would show up.
I didn't promo that I was coming until the night before.
I don't know if you promo that you were coming.
Patriots everywhere.
We took over the streets.
And I just was so elated when I was leaving at 2 or 3 a.m.
or 2 or 3 p.m.
I said, we're marching on DC.
Six and a half days later, we have all of these Patriots walking out.
You know, when I was surveying the crowd, a third of these people were Info Warriors.
A third of these people in Washington, D.C.
that are terrifying the American oligarchs are Info Warriors.
And so, I'm like you.
I'm a bridge builder.
I'm a coalition builder.
I want everybody and anybody who believes their vote should matter to show up in Georgia.
Because if we lose Georgia, then the Republicans in Wisconsin and Michigan and Pennsylvania, they'll lose their spot.
They're gonna have cover.
I hope so.
We're going to provide them cover and then Georgia got to provide cover for the rest of the nation or it's over.
So we can lose this race on Friday if patriots do not show up at the Capitol.
We're working with the Atlanta police.
They're like, hey, we're not issuing permits to anyone.
And I said, hey, we're showing up anyway.
They said, we'll keep you safe.
And I said, I hope so, but don't worry.
We're bringing the boys.
That's right.
The proud boys are coming.
A lot of boys are coming.
Now again, tell people about your Twitter account where they find it all.
And we don't want to talk trash, but I really do want to expose what happened at the march and why we went ahead and just took over our own event back from those that did it.
I'm not an infighter, but from what I've talked about, these particular people that have been involved trying to hijack our movements need to be stopped.
Well look, you can go to StopTheSteal.us.
That is the only official, authorized StopTheSteal website out there.
We're really appreciative of all the grassroots work out there, but StopTheSteal.us features our coalition partners and we're always willing to work with anyone.
But there is a phenomenon where then people go get permits.
And then they take over and say it's their event.
We don't care about the event or our name.
We care about winning.
We care about winning in the electoral college and getting Donald Trump above 270.
You know, I happen to be a strategist, so I'm working with all of these folks.
But yeah, we did have a vendor who secured the permit and then decided
Oh, well, Alex can't speak, and this person can't speak, and that person can't speak, and then this shill should speak, and this rhino should speak, and then, uh, made lies about the Trump family, and, you know, that's gonna come out later, uh, but, uh, you know, we're not gonna tolerate our movement being hijacked.
Well, that's right.
I mean, I talked to the White House.
Trump, you did too.
Trump was gonna come till he found out these people were running it.
So that's the reason these ladies are a problem.
Right, and then in our Georgia event, I announced that- And now they're coming to take it over.
So now they put out a flyer that they're going to Georgia, and they had Georgia featured as a blue state, and they misspelled Georgia.
So you and I were first to announce on our independent channels, we're marching to Georgia- And again, it's not about- we don't give a damn about credit.
Who cares about credit?
These people come take over to block us.
Right, and then they do media, and then media says, oh, look at these disgusting freaks, because, you know, they don't present well.
Look at these disgusting freaks, they're responsible for all of these hatreds.
They told you not to talk about a stolen election.
When Owen Schroeder got up to speak, he's saying four more years, Trump won the election.
They tried to jerk him off the stage.
He didn't even want us saying that he really won.
Trump knew it was a rally about how he was the winner.
But they didn't even want that!
Yeah, it's all going to come out.
You know, we know the behind-the-scenes drama.
Roger's involved in how we're going to correct it.
My lawyer's involved in how we're going to correct it.
I'm not going to tolerate any bullcrap of anyone.
I just want those folks to know that we're not going to take it.
No, and guess what?
They were sued out of the Tea Party movement, they were sued by the Trump campaign, and this was their way of trying to say, oh, look, we'll play nice.
No, no, Trump was coming until he learned that they'd hijacked it.
Good job, ladies.
Yeah, so, but we're focused.
Look, 99% of the movement is focused on not denouncing each other, not disavowing each other, not distancing themselves from each other.
I never do this either.
I just had to throw that out there.
Yeah, and you know, thank God you did, because we don't want the media to be confused.
They're taking advantage, Alex, of the fact that I don't have time to do media.
They're taking advantage of the fact that you're deplatformed, that Roger's deplatformed.
They're taking advantage of our movement and what we've done, and we put bodies in the streets.
That's all I care about.
I don't want to get paid.
I don't want anything else.
I don't need the credit.
My face isn't even on the website.
It's about bodies in the streets.
You have to scare.
Well, let me say this.
You have to scare the American oligarchs with our physical presence.
Well, I tell you, imagine what would have happened with that 800,000 people if we'd have wanted to do something.
The oligarchs got scared by that.
That's why they played it down and tried to suppress it.
Because they're scared of you.
And what did Thomas Jefferson say?
When the government is scared of the people, there is liberty.
When people are scared of the government, there is tyranny.
So they're the ones threatening us, telling us to stay in our houses under martial law.
If Biden steals his way in, permanent lockdown, Bill Gates and Fauci say mask forever, social distancing forever.
This is a takeover, folks.
They're making us third world slaves.
Damn them.
We will not take it.
I won't take it.
I would rather die.
I would rather die.
Remember, Trump was way ahead until they froze it, and now they're going back.
They do spot recounts.
They're finding two-to-one Trump ballots, and it's always the same algorithm number.
Same thing in Michigan.
I mean, this is all coming out.
We have to not let them fraudulently certify this.
We have to put pressure on the governor.
What does the governor need to do?
He needs to call a special session.
He needs to call a special session.
My recommendation, Governor Kemp, is that you keep it open through January 9th and then give them the broad oversight over the certification of the election.
And that's in the Constitution.
If there's a problem with the election, then it goes to the legislature.
They look at the evidence and they decide.
And so while we could be in constitutional limbo, state constitutional limbo, with the governor not signing his certification, it is good for the country.
It is good for Georgia.
We have to settle the legal cases before we choose who the electors are.
We can't send electors and then have a federal judge come back with a decision saying, well, you guys were right, but there's no legal remedy.
So this gets into a lot of legal theory.
We have to show the proof of fraud, have legislatures in session, to then go with the actual vote.
Bureaucratic mess.
Statutory mess.
And so Hillary's lawyer, her chief lawyer, went and made the deal illegally, outside the legislature, to have the governor's chief of staff, who's on the payroll of these voting machine companies, like Dominion, to make this deal.
That's illegal.
And the courts have ruled in other states it's illegal.
It's illegal.
It's illegal.
It's illegal.
It's illegal.
The governor doesn't make law.
The legislature does.
So the legislature must override that governor.
If he wants to get with the program, that's fine.
If he doesn't...
Again, he's an enemy of America.
InfoWars.com, NewsWars.com.
We're both coming to Atlanta tonight!
I'll be out there tonight!
Stay with us.
They're not equipped.
These people aren't equipped to handle it, number one.
Number two, they cheat.
They cheat.
Hey, they found ballots in a waste paper basket three days ago, and they all had the name military ballots.
They were military.
They all had the name Trump on them.
Vice President Biden, final question for you.
Will you urge your supporters to stay calm while the vote is counted, and will you pledge not to declare victory until the election is independently certified?
So you heard him say yes.
And he said that many, many other times.
I mean, Trump needs to keep raising money and keep fighting to run ads exposing these frauds.
Because they're censoring him so bad everywhere else.
I don't want to count coups here because I'm not proud of this and I'm sad, but Trump and everybody else, they screwed the pooch letting the censorship go on and letting all of his amplifiers and influencers be cut off at the knees.
Yeah, you know, and I don't want to do, I told you so either, but if the campaign and the RNC had listened to me after 2018, when we did stop the seal, 2018, in Broward County, and we did stop the seal, and I told Ronna Ronnie McDaniel, I said, this is coming for the country, and when they do it in four or five states, I was on your show, Alex, saying this will be worse than Al V. Gore, because the states run the election, so the Supreme Court will have to take five or six different cases, and they can't cluster them together.
I was on your show saying that in August!
And so if they had done that and they could solve the big tech issue, then we wouldn't be going through this.
But because they can steal our elections and then tell most of the American public that we're conspiracy theorists, that we're just making stuff up.
We can't get our message out.
So Trump does need money for his legal battle and for advertising.
You do need money for advertising, getting out the words, and putting the boots on the ground.
Let me ask you this question.
Why aren't we seeing a lot of Trump?
Because that's his bully pulpit power.
He still has.
Why has he been so... We saw him tweeting and saying, I won the election yesterday.
That's not enough.
I mean, he should be in Georgia.
He should be having rallies.
I keep hearing he's going to have these rallies.
When do those come?
So the rallies were going to come and then there was a compromise reached inside the White House, so I'm just, it's my first time talking about it.
And what they decided was until these cases start making their way through the courts, Trump does not want to position himself where the courts can hold a tweet against him or a rally against him.
And so his tweets are very concentrated.
So the Democrats are everywhere declaring victory fraudulently, calling him a dictator, but he's afraid to speak out.
And it is ridiculous, but you'll notice that the courts held during the ban, the terrorism ban that was described as the Muslim ban, they held a tweet against him.
DACA, they held a tweet against him.
So Trump is trying to play the legal strategy smart, and it's torture.
But he wants to get out there, he wants to do his rallies, there's plans to do rallies, and in the meantime, stopthesteal.us, we will keep hosting rallies every state capitol, your noon, your local time, until the electoral college meets, and maybe after
After that, maybe after that, maybe we never give this country back to them.
Well, let's explain this.
They're globalists that want to end the country.
They're trying to put us under permanent lockdown to economically bankrupt us so they can put us on universal income to control us.
In their own U.N.
words, this is a U.N.
takeover, Qaikom takeover.
I mean, this is biblical.
Ollie, I wake up at night, I'm feeling good, and I go, oh my gosh, I remember the mask and the tyranny and the lockdown and the New World Order.
And I just wake up, even though I knew all this was coming, I just, we're in it now.
It's a totally different ballgame.
We're in it!
We're in it!
We're in it!
We're in it!
And it's a nightmare!
I always say, we're living in my dream, or we're living in my nightmare.
This is gonna happen.
As they take the resources away, more and more people are gonna do more and more, saying it's our fault.
They'll just turn the economy back on if you take the shot.
Or if you wouldn't criticize, or if you'd send your kids for re-education.
I'm going bankrupt!
And they're the ones that did it, using the COVID lockdown to make you a slave.
You're being turned into a slave, dammit!
This is Nazi-level, war crime, Geneva Convention, Nuremberg crap.
When you're not outside, jogging with the mask on, they're gonna say, come on, man!
And it's stupid, it's dumb, and we shouldn't tolerate it.
That's right.
What an incredible time to be alive!
I predicted the 79 days of hell once they contested the election, and they contested it by freezing it when Trump was winning, then claiming that Biden won fraudulently, and then when Trump tried to contest, legally and lawfully, they said that is illegitimate, that is a dictator.
That's what Obama has now said.
Ali Alexander, a great political analyst and also publisher, is here with us.
He's been a tireless fighter.
With Roger Stone starting to start the steal a few years ago with Roger, and then Roger's handing the baton to him.
Roger's going to be in Atlanta, Georgia tomorrow.
I'm going to be there tonight.
There's going to be rallies around the governor's mansion, first around the Capitol, every day at noon.
And all that is available at the Stop the Steal website.
Again, I'm Alex Jones, your host with NewsWars.com, Infowars.com and Band.Video.
Remember, Big Tech's working around the clock to suppress all the articles and videos and evidence of fraud.
So Brian Stelter is going to go, there's no fraud.
But they're making it up to you, but we should shut down the media.
Now Brian Stelter, who has no viewers, but is the voice of Jeff Zucker, is saying, shut down Newsmax, shut down OAN.
We're a threat to democracy.
And then they say that we're the ones trying to shut down the press.
No, we're saying you're not the press.
You're liars, you're anti-American, you're corporate PR hacks for the Chi-Coms.
And then they turn around and say we're trying to shut them down when they're calling for it.
Talk about gaslighting.
Gaslighting up the butt.
I mean, it's just so dumb.
They are corporate propagandists for China, for the DNC.
They don't care about viewers.
They don't care about money.
And it's all subsidized by Big Defense and Big Pharma.
And they're, you know, Alex, if they could kick us all off, I'll tell you why Twitter and the rest of these companies now have labels.
Because so many people have woken up.
So many people have woken up that now they have to resort to, oh, well, we've got to do labels.
I mean, let's say it.
Any authoritarian regime, before it starts arresting everybody, puts a label on them, makes them worry they'll starve.
Oh, they mark us!
And I'm going to tell you, I got stickers that say, stop the steal, and I'll gladly die with one on me, because I believe in self-governing.
I believe that God gave us Christian liberty.
I believe that Christianity was the magic potion that stabilized Western civilization.
And don't you agree they've bitten off more than they can chew?
They may be able to even steal this, I hope not, but man, the awakening they've caused has been seismic.
It's been seismic and they're talking about, and I'm going to just leak out our plan, Alex.
They've talked about doing, oh, we're going to elect Joe Biden and do a virtual inauguration.
Then Alex and I will fill the streets with five million patriots.
And Trump will be there and we'll inaugurate him as president.
Because the Democrats said they were going to do that if Trump won, that they would just break the country up.
Well, we're not going to break it up, we're going to reconstitute it.
Yeah, if you guys want to act as insurrectionists, well then we know how to deal with that.
But we will bring tents, we will bring trucks, we will bring cars.
I agree.
I think now is the time, after Georgia, to start occupying D.C., period.
I mean, I just think everybody should just go there, spend a week, more reinforcements come, and we just occupy D.C.
Well, look, if they try to treat us differently, we have discrimination cases.
So I have in the wing... They didn't try to occupy with their homeless and their antifa.
We're just going to occupy.
Occupy movement.
And I told people, they said, what's your vision for Stop the Steal, Ali?
I said, the Tea Party meets Occupy.
I'm one pissed off conservative now.
That's it.
We occupy the mall.
We occupy the grass in front of the Capitol.
We just move in.
I'll move in.
Let's do it, Alex.
I mean, I'm going to go around Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan to lobby these state legislators, but we've got to occupy everywhere.
It's our country!
We are the majority!
Donald Trump probably won 80 million votes, but we know of at least 73 million votes.
That's right.
Who believes Biden got more than Obama?
All we have is stacks of fraud.
In fact, let's go over some of the stacks of fraud.
Don't forget how Obama was able to do this, how he kept control of the propaganda network Trump never got control of.
repeals propaganda ban, spreads government-made news to Americans.
That's what Obama did.
That's a foreign policy of the Washington Post reporting that, just to remind you of that.
Ban on domestic propaganda overturned by Obama.
New government propaganda bill, a positive step from First Amendment.
That's hilarious.
Now let's get into the actual news.
President Trump announces he won the election as evidence of voter fraud pours in.
If gambling sites have not called the presidential election, why should we?
Red state, absolutely.
It's not.
It's legally not done.
Biden team begs for $30 million to fight Trump lawsuits despite claiming election victory.
I mean, there's no way they're going to win.
Like Obama said, why do they need money?
Georgia County that used Dominion voting systems finds 2,500 votes after hand count, almost all of them 4, you guessed it, Trump.
Alex, Dominion was the lowest bidder in most of these states.
In these 30 states where Dominion is, they just magically were the lowest bidder.
Venezuela was involved with the counting, and they were decertified also in the other states.
Right, and in the Venezuela says, a magic one million votes appeared in the Venezuela election of 2012 through the software that runs on Dominion.
We know this is rigged!
They're trying to run out the clock on us.
It really pisses me off.
It's crazy.
No, this is Trump.
Georgia recount auditor claims multiple Trump ballots fraudulently called for Biden.
Top lawyer releases archive of 2020 fraud evidence.
That's Bob Barnes.
Continuing, ladies and gentlemen.
It goes on and on.
Election hacking software exposed by ex-military whistleblower.
We caught them, part five.
Competitive states.
Once Biden gained the lead with massive vote dumps, the remainder of all votes possessed same Biden to Trump ratio.
This is inconceivable.
This is the most important article of Gateway Pundit, and I've looked this up.
They just did the same ratio of over two to one for Biden because it was too hard to keep programming and doing the math.
They were lazy about it.
And so it's the same algorithm, it's the same number.
It'd be like if you had a card deck that you kept reshuffling, and a thousand times in a row you pulled the same card.
It's impossible.
God acts through math, and math tells us that the Democrats cheated.
I heard about this story before it went to print.
Joe Hoff did great work on this.
They hired a whole team to do it, okay?
This statistical analysis- That's what Hoff does, is a managerial statistical analysis.
Corporate guy.
And they, and I'll tell you this, you know, Joe Hoffman is the brother of Jim Hoffman.
He's an auditor is what he does.
And they got him dead right.
But I gotta tell y'all, Sidney Powell has this times a hundred.
It's going to shock the conscience of the nation.
As he said, we have the algorithm, we can look at this and see too, what are we waiting on?
They need to.
Because what they don't understand, what they're not thinking about, is judges still have to come up with a legal remedy.
And we have what's called a safe harbor date by December 6th or December 8th.
So it's not just December 14th when the Electoral College meets.
We have to assign them by December 6th or 8th.
That's right.
We need a decisive victory now and not all of them.
Look at all these new videos.
Project Veritas, Georgia recount auditors called multiple ballots for Joe Biden.
They're actually marked for president.
We're going to play that in a moment.
Get that ready, guys.
Very powerful.
Gateway Pundit asks DOJ to investigate Michigan Attorney General's suppression of vote fraud news, threatening to arrest the media that had all the proof and recorded her people engaging in fraud.
This looks like something out of Eastern Europe.
They're going to go with Billy Criss.
Brian Shulker goes, there's no evidence!
And they have none!
And they shouldn't be on air!
Don't go watch them!
Because we have hours and hours of evidence a day.
It's ridiculous.
You know, Mark Dice would be proud of that impression.
Well, I mean, I'm not saying Mark ripped me off.
He's done a great job, but I was already doing it.
I believe that.
He's the first one to sink the voice at the same time, where it's actually what he said, but he does it.
It's the funniest thing ever.
Well yeah, when you have a straight up line like that, you know it's a fraud.
You know, human behavior and mass psychology are sciences.
Are the Democrats going to tell us they don't believe in science anymore?
Well, they told us 2.5 million would be dead from COVID six months ago, and none of that was true.
So they just go, science, science.
Murderous liars.
And it keeps going from here.
Whistleblower Democrats stole votes for Joe Biden from every developmentally disabled person in Milwaukee, Holmes, she spoke with.
And that's how it works.
Who are most of the sex changers?
The four sex changers, the little boys.
Trump gains at least 1,600 votes.
Biden at 800.
And Georgia, recount, after Floyd County finds 2,600 ballots not counted.
That's one county.
What happened?
Georgia has 159 counties.
I want to check the signatures.
Check them all.
We want Georgia.
Look at this.
Since Election Day, over 100 of the 243 Dominion employees on LinkedIn have deleted their profiles.
Don't want to be identified.
That doesn't look guilty at all.
Wisconsin Elections Commission refuses to do a recount unless Trump pays some point-time million.
Alright, I haven't gotten to the tip of the iceberg on this.
It's all coming up with Ali Alexander and the man that runs the Eagle Forum for the great
Phyllis Schlafly, who, God rest her amazing soul, will be joining us.
Ed Martin, straight ahead on what comes next.
Then after Holly leaves us, the Great Reset, latest intel on Lockdown 2 and how to fight it, and your phone calls.
Stay with us, America!
One of the greatest pleasures I have in the fight against tyranny is all the great people I get to meet, and I just think about the amazing job Project Veritas does, how amazing Gateway Pundit is, how amazing all of you, the listeners and viewers, are, how amazing InfoWars is, and Ollie Alexander, and Ed Martin, and everybody else, and just how we're this great coalition of Americans fighting for justice and freedom against incredible odds, but we keep fighting back, and most of the time winning, thanks to God's good graces and providence.
But I went to Project Veritas this morning, I was already there last night, and I spent like an hour.
Just bombshell after bombshell after bombshell, they've proven the elections a fraud with admittedly paying people for votes in Texas to just whistleblowers at the USPS.
Hundreds of whistleblowers breaking Project Veritas Georgia recount auditors call multiple ballots for Joe Biden that were actually marked for President Trump.
And this is just one of the many witnesses.
Here's the video.
Project Veritas has insiders in the Georgia recount that are catching votes wrongly attributed to Biden.
Check this out.
So, the second person is supposed to be checking it, right?
So, three times in three minutes, she called out Biden.
The second auditor caught it, and she said, no, this is Trump.
That's just while I'm standing there.
So, does the second checker catch it every time?
But this way, in three times in three minutes, from 209 to 212, she got three wrong.
That's just in the short time that you were at our table.
That I was standing there.
And does it get corrected every time?
Because the next table I went to right after that, the only reason I left that table was because there was one where the first person was reading it off, handing it to her, she's not even looking at it, she's just putting it in.
Putting it in which set?
Whatever one the first person said.
So table 17 was the first one where the woman got it wrong three times.
Table 18...
We're good to go.
There are hours and hours on the Veritas side of stuff like this and it's all on the spot.
They've gone and checked it.
It's happening.
The media tries to deny it.
Or there's a whistleblower that's USPS.
They go, oh, that person recanted.
Then the person releases audio of the FBI or the Postal Service Inspector General operative threatening them and saying, yeah, we're here to threaten you.
I mean, this is gangster stuff.
They're going for broke.
Ed Martin has been coming on the show for probably 16, 17 years.
It's been too long, been a few years.
He is the president of Phyllis Shafley's Amazing Eagle Forum.
He's also an attorney, worked on the Republican National Committee.
I can't go over his whole bio, it would take hours.
Twitter at Eagle Ed Martin Parlor at EdMartinLive.com
Ed, we got a few minutes of this segment, longer segment coming up, but what would you describe this moment in history that we're in right now?
It's just so epic with CNN and everybody gaslighting, saying there's no evidence of fraud, and now not just InfoWars, but OAN and Newsmax need to be silenced.
I mean, these people are the bad guys.
It's unbelievable.
No, it is, Alex, and I gotta tell you, I'm excited to be back on with you.
It has been too long.
You know, my old mentor, the late Phyllis Schlafly, she enjoyed being on with you, your program.
She also thought you were fighting so often exactly the way we needed it, so thanks for doing that.
Look, it's a battle for the Republic.
What we know now, Alex, and you've been talking about it for decades, I mean, really,
The corruption in this country, the rot in our institutions.
Well, first we thought it was just, you know, sort of the corporate control over us.
Then we thought it was the media.
Then we thought it was the deep state.
Now we see it's the elections.
And if we don't save this election, you can't say the republic advances the same way.
Because we, quite literally, we then are really ruled
By the people who game the system, who are corrupt in the system.
So, you know, Ali and I stood down there.
You were there with us.
Half a million people, at least, in D.C.
that understand what we, the people, want.
But I got to tell you, all your listeners, all your viewers, all the people that hear this on whatever secondary media, they've got to understand the moment.
It truly is a get to the vanguard moment because we lose this one and we're losing something we won't be able to get back.
Let me ask you about this.
Actually, it was a question I was thinking about asking you before you came on.
Is this the end of the republic?
No, I think it's a crippling and then we have to fight truly as a rebel force and they're going to come after all of us, which I know we will surmount and win.
It'll make us stronger.
But we really need to mobilize now because the enemy has taken the gloves off and they are really coming for our blood.
What would you describe this moment of they're able to steal this election that's shy combat?
I mean, I think this is a foreign occupation force of China with MSM and the liberals.
I mean, I think it's an illegal occupation force, Ali.
I think it's a re-founding of America.
That's the opportunity.
If they do steal this, and they take over the infrastructure and the institutions, there is an opportunity to call forth those moral arguments.
So we're going to have to execute...
It'll have to commence again.
Well, I don't know.
But what I do know is that smart men, Newt Gingrich, ourselves, other people, are going to get together and say, what are our options endowed to us by God?
And those are the legitimate options.
And then we will find our legal options.
And I'm telling you, I'm not going to live under oppression.
End of story.
That's right.
Compliance and submission is basically supporting it.
But Alex, and here's the thing.
Before you, Ed, we're the majority.
Spoiler alert, we're the majority and now we've demonstrated that.
How come we've had two consecutive weeks of stop the steal rallies in 50 state capitals?
How come we almost won the House back?
How come we cut the Senate in spite of the fraud?
We're the Biden rallies!
We're the Biden rallies!
They're in their death throes.
We'll talk about it in the next segment.
Ed, go ahead.
Well, what I want to say, though, is this.
I want to be a little bit less optimistic than Ali.
If we lose this right now, what the powers that be have done is look for a way to take us down for about four years.
They tried the Russia hoax.
They tried silencing Alex and everybody else.
Now they got the COVID.
They're going to put us under martial law.
They got COVID they're trying.
The Ukraine tried.
And if they can break us this way, don't think that Susan Rice and the guys that get back in control are going to go softer this time.
I don't care.
Tom Cotton went on TV and said, we'll never confirm Susan Rice.
Who the hell cares who's confirmed by the Senate if they're sitting in the Oval Office
Unmasking Americans, and frankly Alex, all we've ever heard is unmasking.
Do you really think Obama and the Oval Office, the folks hatching that plan, stopped at unmasking?
Or do you think they were destroying Americans?
Of course they were using all the force, and unleash Biden in his bunker, and Kamala and the gang, and yeah we'll fight back!
But it's much more daunting than just, oh, we got banned on Twitter.
No, no.
They're coming with a force of government, and they'll come in for you and me, Ali, and every other person who puts their head up.
And they're such arrogant, crazy, doddering people led by Biden that they're going to go for broke.
In fact, Ed, stay there.
I want to talk about this because they are saying they want to burn us down.
They want to level the Trump supporters.
They want siege.
They want to break the American people.
They want to make us go on welfare.
They want to control us.
And this is that process of breaking that they say they're about to do with the Great Reset.
It's worked everywhere else, so why shouldn't they try it here?
This is the great moment of truth.
I'm optimistic on one side, but I'm also very, very dire on the other.
That's why everybody must mobilize in these key states straight ahead.
So let's talk about what's about to happen if they win, and how we stop that with Ed Martin, Ali Alexander, and your host Alex Jones.
Infowars.com, Newswars.com, Tomorrow's News Today, and don't forget to share the links to Band.video.
Back at the start of the war in 1776, an already very accomplished naval captain who'd fought for the British and others.
John Paul Jones.
It's really a Scott.
He changed his name to Jones to hide his identity.
Was off the coast and was fighting a frigate about three times his size and he was beginning to sink.
And the British soldier yelled over his bullhorn, not a mechanical one, but a hailing device and said, give up.
We'll give you a quarter.
And he said, quarter?
I've only begun to fight.
We're in a much better position than John Paul Jones.
He ended up taking over the other ship, even though his ship sunk.
That's the founder of the U.S.
We've only begun to fight.
Ed Martin, get into the big picture.
I know Trump is set to come out.
Have all said this is a permanent lockdown.
Klaus Schwab, I mean, this is so draconian.
People are really starting to freak out.
They're really starting to get it.
This is a UN corporate world government tri-com takeover.
You're a smart lawyer, head of the Eagle Forum, been on the Republican National Committee.
Highest levels.
Tucker Carlson sounds like Alex Jones now.
It's not us making this up.
This was in the shadows before.
We were worried.
The U.N.
had us on the drawing board.
Now the New York Times says the U.N.
should intervene and run our elections.
I mean, they're really making their move, using the virus as the fear to control us, and they as the good guys, even though Fauci and Gates are involved with the virus at the Wuhan lab.
So give us the inside, you know, intel from your sources about what we're really facing.
Well, listen, first of all, you know, the late Phyllis Schlafly, she was the first person in 1964, she wrote a book, A Choice, Not an Echo, in which she said the corruption in the Republican Party is being dominated by the East Coast elites.
And she referred to the Bilderbergers for the first time.
She, like you, Alex, recognized the globalist movement.
It's world communism, but it's also world globalist wealth and control is on the move.
And again, sometimes when you have the most progress, Donald Trump has given us the most progress.
He's exposed how the globalist movement wanted to control our media.
They wanted to control our jobs.
They wanted to control our deep state.
There you go.
All these things that are being controlled by the globalists.
COVID kicks in and you see the health care is going to be run out of the UN and other world organizations.
We make all this progress with Trump and now they're saying watch us undercut that and we'll take you back faster to the dark ages that you have never recognized.
It'll be almost like you took one step forward and ten back because if Trump doesn't hold the line here and we don't expose the corruption.
Look what people are saying about this Alex is that this election was hacked.
And when I say hacked, it wasn't give me a break with CNN.
It wasn't widespread.
You don't rob all the banks in a city.
You rob the bank that has the money where you can get away.
They didn't rob all the election systems.
They hacked the ones that would swing the election.
And that's what they're trying to do.
So look, you got to fight back on this, but you're right to put it in context.
It's 1776, right now we've lost a lot of battles, and we're sitting in Valley Forge, looking over at Trenton, and people are saying, damn, it's cold.
But you know what?
You gotta get in, you gotta go, because either we're gonna come out the other side shining forth and free, or you're gonna be broken, and we're gonna be talking about how to send secret signals to each other, you know, because we can't be communicating other ways.
And I don't think that's an exaggeration.
I think we're on the brink of a dark age, or we're on the brink of a golden age.
And right now, it's up for grabs.
And they admit that.
They say at Davos, we're creating a new feudalist system.
We're going to make you poor for your own good.
We're going to depopulate you.
But they have jumbo jets and live on top mountaintops and have 50,000 acre palatial manors.
I mean, these people are crazy.
Yeah, and look, again, you said something there.
Follow the money, Alex.
It's always about the money.
Two days ago, Karl Rove announces he's going to raise $100 million to fight for Georgia Senate seats.
And if you're normal, you say,
What the hell does that mean?
We got a presidential fight on our hands.
And you know why?
Because the $100 million that's raised by Karl Rove, Alex, it gets spent $100 million worth on media buys, on consultants, on employees, and we the people are here saying we're about to lose our president because no one will stand up and fight.
Karl Rove, or anybody else who cares about we the people, would be in the trenches and stop the steal.
They'd be in the trenches right now calling for the impeachment of the governor of Georgia,
Instead, they're on the sidelines.
Thank God that Newt Gingrich, who's a historian, has said this is the end of the country, potentially, and this is the worst thing he's seen in his life.
I mean, that's what this is.
And we should see Karl Rove standing up.
But instead, he's like George W. Bush and the rest of them.
They're all sitting on the sidelines laughing because they're globalists.
Yeah, well, but importantly, Alex, one of the great gifts of this time is we're sort of seeing everybody come out from behind the curtain, right?
I mean, even you and I could have sat down and we would have said, is the media this bad?
And you and I would have said, we think Fox News is bad too, but well, I don't know.
Now we see it, right?
I totally agree.
It's worse than I thought it would be.
The total alignment of disinfo is shocking.
Their discipline of fraud is unprecedented.
And also the exposure, for example, of the Deep State, right?
Five years ago, you and I would have talked about the Deep State, we would have had all these assertions.
Now we see the FBI was broken, right?
We see the Department of Justice totally broken.
People are, we should be devastated by these institutions, but the point is,
One guy's been at the head of the spear.
It's not his movement.
You know, there was one Washington, there's one Trump.
It's not the end of the army.
But we've got to realize, if we walk away from Washington, if you walk away from Trump, you're walking away from the future.
From Washington on, we had America.
From Trump on, if we walk away from him, what do we get?
We have to rally for Trump and ourselves in this bulwark.
And the enemy knows.
Just a week ago, they thought they were invincible.
They're scared now.
They're freaking out.
They know we're going to win these cases, but we've just got to hit the streets.
All 50 capitals, starting Georgia tomorrow.
Ed, other key battleground areas with your Eagle Forum analysis, you think we need to be at?
Well, I think Pennsylvania, I think it's a big five, right?
Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania.
You mentioned Georgia, also Arizona.
Look, you know, when you look at this election, when they realized, again, the plan was not one facet.
The globalists, all these people, they got multiple ways they do it.
They were looking at the election.
They're stealing absentees, they're stealing mail, and they're stealing this.
Then they looked and they said, uh-oh, we might still get beat.
They went to five big cities.
They said Atlanta, Philadelphia, Michigan, Detroit, Milwaukee, and Maricopa County.
Flip the steel.
Turn it on, baby.
Crank it up.
And they did it.
So we gotta be focused like a laser.
I'll take California.
We can do that another year.
We'll take them back.
Right now, it's Pennsylvania.
It's a big one.
Michigan's a big one.
Wisconsin right now.
And Maricopa, where the illegals
And the leftists have tried to change the whole country in one county.
I've got reports, Alex, of planes landing in the morning of November 4th.
I see the manifest from Seoul, South Korea, into Maricopa County, and whistleblowers with eyes on, ballots in bags.
I'm telling you, this isn't hard to figure out.
This game is on, and we've got to stick to those five places and be on our game, because we've got five legislatures that can be heroic.
They can be the founding fathers of the next American Golden Age, or we can make them traitors for the rest of their lives and history if they walk away from us.
I totally agree.
Ed Martin, thank you so much.
Ed Martin, edmartinlive.com.
Join us again tomorrow.
Owen Schroer is going to be hosting.
I'll be calling in live from demonstrations, but join us again with updates the next few days.
Ed, it's been too long.
Thank you, sir.
Okay, thank you very much, Alex.
Thanks, Ali.
We'll do one more segment with you, my friend.
We're going to hang out, get ready, and then get packed up, and I'm going to try to cut some promos, pay the bills around here.
I want to thank the listeners.
And then we're going to get on a plane and fly out to Atlanta, and I'm going to go take a look at the Capitol tonight.
Probably won't be out there until like 8 or 9 by the time we get there, and just try to reconnoiter the situation.
But what are we going to cover in this final segment coming up?
You know, that's in chills through my spine.
There's an opportunity right now to be a part of the re-commitment to Christian liberty, that shining city on the hill that protects the most vulnerable around the world, us first, them second, or
We assign ourselves to slavery to the Chai Khans.
It's just that simple.
And so all of these guys, I'm so proud to be working with you, Alex, and you, Ed.
We've got to rush the gates.
We've got to be the barbarians that rush the gates in the castle, or we're all dead.
It's really that simple.
So I'm signing my death warrant.
It's liberty or it's death.
Alex, I think you're in the same boat.
Oh, I'm total commitment.
Every cell of my body is commanding me to take action.
I'm not in control.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Key Intel straight ahead in a whole hour of your calls and the great reset news.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
Ollie Alexander is our guest.
Coming up next hour, the Great Reset Mastermind says, we're not just going to forcibly inoculate you to travel, we're going to brain scan you on a routine basis and have x-ray machines everywhere.
This is a nightmare medical takeover.
He's heavily invested in it.
He is Klaus Schwab, Hitler 2.0 on PCP and steroids.
Meanwhile, Biden says he's getting classified material illegally.
And we've got another hate hoax.
He allegedly vandalizes his own SUV with anti-BLM pro-Trump graffiti.
Holly Alexander is here with us, final segment next hour.
I'm going to get into the Great Reset, all the other big breaking news, but front and center.
You, you, I was already talking to some White House sources last night that Trump's getting ready to go public with China.
Now China's behind this, which is true.
And it's the right thing to point out to Americans, hey, have common sense.
Go with us.
We have the evidence.
Don't listen to the gaslighters.
But you separately, when you got on the air, brought up big China stuff's about to come out and that Sidney Powell has these giant bombshells.
Give us some of, I know you, I know you talk to these folks.
They tell me they do.
Tell me what you got for us.
So I'll just say Mongolia.
2012 Dominion we caught you bastards and they brought it over here and they made sure that they were the lowest bid in many of these 30 states that are using this crap machine and using rig software and we caught you and in 2012
Also, Venezuela.
One million magic votes for the authoritarian left.
We caught you.
And so what they're trying to do is run out the clock, because I get it.
This is going to be a stressful time for our republic.
It's how do you know what you... I talked about this on your show in September or August.
How do you know what you know?
And this is what I think that Stanley Kubrick meant behind the monolith.
How do you know what you know?
You know, the story of the Bible tells us the apple.
It's knowledge.
The media is what we've come to rely on to tell us news and events.
They're liars.
It's propaganda.
It's conditioning.
We don't actually have a free press.
We don't actually have an institution that 150 to 300 million Americans are participating in that has universal chronological order of events.
And so America is going to find out very soon, hopefully today, at latest tomorrow,
Well, if they're not telling the truth and this is the truth, who are we going to continue to get the truth from?
And that's going to be a very scary moment for the American public as they get their first red pill.
And I tell you, the first big red pill is... Can you guys put that back on screen, please?
His whole transition team are anti-free speech people, euthanasia people, pro-China people.
I mean, folks that want, quote, reparations, which just means literally saying whites are slaves now to somebody else when they never committed that crime.
I mean, this is a legion of crazy control freaks just trying to split this country down the middle.
They're trying to split apart this country.
You know, maybe the InfoWars episode, InfoWars should play it tonight.
You and I did a great segment when I came back in July or something.
We talked about inversion, right?
We talked about the spiritual nature of this.
Alex is right.
They don't mean to take power necessarily or prestige or position.
They mean to deprive us of power and self-defense so that China can swoop in and take over the world.
That's right, their job is to take us down.
You're like, well, if they're going to run us, why wouldn't they run to be powerful?
No, they're minions.
They're compromised.
They were brought in as saboteurs.
It's why they're so hunchbacked, why they're so ugly, why they're so stupid, because they're the scum.
You don't think that Hunter Biden has a little chateau in China overseeing a hill of slaves?
You don't think that some of these people, Chelsea Clinton and the rest, these people have bought their children into the rise of China, and China means to occupy humanity.
And the Council on Foreign Relations admits that.
They say it's the Chinese century where Lloyd Blankfein says, I'm Chinese, I'm invested in China.
To hell with that.
To hell with that.
I'm not going to let them take away my liberty.
So the Clinton grandchildren and the Biden grandchildren, who are apparently having sexual relationships with the Biden uncle, can have their little chateaus in China or be vassal states
Yeah, guys, show the footage of Hunter being brought out on, quote, the celebration night last Saturday.
Oh, Alex, this pisses me off.
He did that.
He did that to demonstrate his control of the media.
He hid Hunter Biden for five to seven days and said, oh, it's a liability from the American public.
But look what I can do when I declare victory.
I can shove it in your face and you can't do a damn thing about it.
By the way, he turns around and he says, where's Hunter?
And they've got a child in his hands!
It's really sick.
Well, they're saying, we've got your future.
It's emotional and sick what they're doing.
And it's spellcasting right in front of us.
And it's taunting us.
It's taunting us of us who know.
And they want to distract us.
But we're stopping the steal.
We're getting out in the streets.
We're mad.
If you have paid time off, take it.
If your job won't let you off, take it.
I'm not going to give them back a country to govern if they're going to steal it from us.
They're already locking you down permanently.
Hell no.
And we can't resist the lockdowns unless Stop the Steal is successful.
So we have to go to Stop the Steal, regardless of the outcome of the election, because what will be the movement to say, no, I will not go?
What will be the movement that says, we don't give a damn about permits, right?
The conservatives and the Republicans, oh, let's get a permit and a stage and a speaking thing and a step and repeat.
Stop the Steal says, stop the steal!
Stop the steal!
Stop the steal!
And that's what we gotta be concentrated on.
This is 4D information warfare.
And we're up against it all.
We're up against it absolutely all.
We're up against the deep state.
There's a military coup.
Thank God we have people in the Pentagon right now doing, let's just say, a forensic analysis of what their cooperation was in all of this.
All Americans need to sit tight.
All Americans need to be ready in formation to take the streets peacefully.
And say to our American oligarchs,
You want us to eat your big sugar?
You want us to watch your hysteria-driven conditioning cable news?
You want us to buy this Chinese plastic product and that Chinese plastic product?
You want us to worship this celebrity and that celebrity?
Hell no!
Lady Gaga can go to hell!
Jay-Z can go to hell!
We're done with the TV!
There is no such thing as Netflix!
We want our country back!
We want humanity back!
Let's play that video again, and like, let's slow it.
Let's play the video.
So here he is.
Without a mask, by the way.
Sick Joe.
Brings out the family.
Oh, no social distancing here.
No mask here.
Weird Zoom China Chinese technology people in the background.
Frankly, absolutely bizarre.
Okay, frankly, absolutely bizarre.
Here comes the family.
And who leads the way?
Hunter Biden.
Hunter Biden, who went in hiding for a week.
Joe Biden, the first thing he does?
Here's our chief diplomat.
Our chief diplomat of the United States is going to be Hunter Biden?
With his foot fetish?
With his crack pipe?
He's going to be in charge of relations with Ukraine and Kazakhstan and China?
There's going to be major sellouts to every front.
Ollie, you're on fire.
Great job today finding that so quickly.
We're going to be flying out tonight together to Atlanta.
I want to see everybody there.
Stop the Steal.
Thank you so much, my friend.
No, thank you for helping us in the Stop the Steal effort.
We couldn't do it without Infowars and Alex Jones.
I couldn't do it without the listeners, and they're the ones that showed up.
500, 800,000, a million, whatever it was in DC.
You're the ones that buy the products.
We're going to have to end this big Stop the Steal special in the next few days.
Triple Patriot Point, store-wide free shipping.
I assure you that's going to end.
Now, we've got DNA Force back.
We've got Alpha Power back in stock.
We've got Ultimate Turmeric Formula selling out bodies.
We have all this great stuff for your immune system.
Ultimate Turmeric Formula, as I said, vitamin, mineral fusion for adults, children.
I don't think so.
The globalists are trying to censor what you can see and what you can share.
Don't let them win.
Go to our Emergency Election Newsletter at InfoWars.com forward slash newsletter.
Sign up for free and get intel they don't want you to have and then share it.
InfoWars.com forward slash newsletter.
It's time to override the censors and get the truth out.
I've looked at Biden's policies and he means to, the one area he's been honest is what he's going to carry out.
Because he says all that knowing his constituents are idiots and he knows they'll follow orders.
And the Chai comms know he needs to say what he's going to do.
I'd like to make a toast.
And to the hope and expectation that 50 years from now, our great-grandchildren will look back and say, what a beautiful history we wrote together.
His ending of fossil fuels would starve the whole planet.
His shutting down of fracking would cause a depression.
His shutting down of the coal power plants would destroy the country.
And then bringing back Obamacare and getting rid of companies being able to match 401Ks will end 401Ks.
No, we are not allowed to do routine updates without having to go through a recertification effort, but we do routinely give guidance on how to best secure systems and also going back again to the final
Mitigation against all of this is a robust audit and canvassing process, which all of our jurisdictions have implemented.
Coomer said no updates can be done without recertification, as you heard.
Mr. Coomer's assurances of a secure system, however, are contradicted by the fact that various vendors, election officials and others,
I can hardly wait to put forth all the evidence we have collected on Dominion, starting with the fact it was created to produce altered voting results in Venezuela for Hugo Chavez.
Then shipped internationally to manipulate votes for purchase in other countries, including this one.
It was funded by money from Venezuela and Cuba and China has a role in it also.
So if you want to talk about foreign election interference, we certainly have it now.
It wasn't our company in the terrorist's report, but we do have components in our products that come from China.
You know, Google has a big article that's up on Infowars.com.
Google Analytics.
And they had a record search in the days before the election and the days after the election that no one ever searches.
What is the penalty?
Was one of the searches.
And what is the consequences?
And what is the prison time?
And what is the jail time?
These are searches no one's ever done.
But now it was by the thousands per state
In Pennsylvania, in Georgia, in Minnesota, in Wisconsin, in Michigan, the search was for what is the consequences, what is the penalty, what is the prison time for election fraud.
Wow, because that's election officials in fraud, not voter fraud.
That is people checking to see what's gonna happen to them.
You think these control freaks are ever gonna turn loose once this dog has you in its jaws?
Once this great white shark's got you in its mouth?
Come on.
Oh, Joe Biden wants peace and love and wants us all to heal.
Everything he says is a lie.
But when it comes to following orders from the UN and Bill Gates and the CHICOMS, he 100% follows those orders.
They were chosen to hate America.
They were chosen to betray it.
They were bred and tested from city to state to federal to international government to prove it.
You ask, why are they such a legion of trash?
Why are they pedophiles?
Why do they hate us?
They are the unscrupulous pieces of garbage found by other authoritarian regimes and ruthless corporations to be put in charge above us.
And they will never stop until they're dealt with, until they're stood up to.
They're bullies.
And now they're putting us under martial law again through their blue cities and blue states.
All right, in a moment, I'm going to give the number up and take your calls on this live Tuesday, November 17th global transmission.
But man, if you type in the great reset into Twitter.
As a search term, it's just all these members of the Canadian Parliament, all these members of the Australian Parliament, all these members of the UK Parliament, the German Parliament, the French Parliament, just like BAM!
World government, UN takeover, bankrupt you to make you poor, take over your family, one-child policy, forced inoculation, martial law, COVID-19, they admit it's being used for this, and then it's all these globalists admitting it!
But what's crazy is it's barely on U.S.
You know, we've been harping on The Great Reset as they first announced it three years ago, and then hammering it all year long for the last 11 months.
But let me tell you, I do get satisfaction even though we don't get credit.
The enemy gives us credit.
They hate us.
That it's on Tucker Carlson now and it's on Sean Hannity.
Agenda 2030 is now mainstream news, which it's a real thing.
Remember the New York Times?
Oh, Jones claims there's a thing called Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030.
Made my first film on Agenda 21.
My first film before they ever called it Gen 21, then it was the Biodiversity U.N.
Operation 1997.
So here's a few clips off of Australian TV.
I got some off British TV too.
Let's play clip 15 with Sky News host Gary Hargrave breaking it down.
Well, what another week.
And the language is starting now to creep in, isn't it?
You turn on the TV news right across all the networks, you're picking up the papers, you turn on the radio stations, you hear the words.
The words that are meant to create some sort of comfort for us.
But don't be conned.
The Great Reset.
The Great Reset.
It sounds like everything that was bad is going to go and everything that's in front of us is going to be good.
It's been sanctioned by the Royal Family.
I mean, Prince Charles has said, let's have a Great Reset.
It's been promoted by the world, left or left to the left, worldwide.
I mean, this big, great reset is actually going to be a bigger virus than COVID.
It's going to have more of an impact on your lifestyle than you could imagine.
It's been publicised by the social media elite.
And you've got lines like, build back better, I think Jacinda Ardern used that as her line when she received the government in New Zealand.
Joe Biden's talking about build back better and then we've got this sort of post-COVID world, the new normal, all this mantra.
Don't let it con you.
What does it actually mean and do we actually get a say?
Well the bottom line is we don't.
This is a deal that is being done by the elites and is being foisted upon the weak, the weak governments of the world.
Key word from that very smart gentleman on national Australian TV.
The elites against the weak countries, and America is seen as weak now.
I mean, this is sanctions.
This is, you try to trade war with China, we were already taking your jobs slowly, we were already de-industrializing you slowly, we gave you service jobs, now we're taking those away, now we're going to bankrupt you forever, and your people are so Stockholm Syndrome, they're so weak, they're going to beg for it.
Here's part of a larger clip that's at InfoWars.com.
It's like a 10-minute report.
Great reset in Davos at the forefront of great deception in the free world.
Sky News as well.
There it is.
This year's Davos is very, very different to all the previous ones.
The World Economic Forum, along with the United Nations, along with the International Monetary Fund, and along with any number of prominent globalist organizations and powerful individuals, including Prince Charles, together
We're good to go.
Something they call the Great Reset.
This isn't some sky-after-dark fantasy conspiracy theory, Jackie.
It is a global commitment they have made to use the panic and fear generated by the coronavirus as a means to reshape all our economies and laws and move to a new form of capitalism that focuses on net zero emissions.
To use all the tools of COVID to tackle climate change.
You might think this is a great thing.
You might think this is a terrible thing.
But what is unforgivable, Ms Lambie, is for you not to think about it at all.
If implemented successfully, the Great Reset will undeniably and deliberately have extreme and possibly dire repercussions for every single one of your constituents.
Ignorance, Senator, is no excuse.
Already the Great Reset is being widely advertised on posters and in ads across the UK and Europe and no doubt will be here before too long.
You'll own nothing and you'll be happy is just one of their marketing slogans.
I'm sure there are plenty of Tasmanians, Jackie, who might beg to differ with that proposition.
So let me fill in the blanks for you, Jackie.
The plan involves replacing shareholders of big companies with stakeholders who happen to be left-wing bureaucrats and climate change zealots.
Replacing mum and dad, small businesses and private enterprises with big tech and big business.
Mrs. Kefoote's share portfolio is out.
Greta Thunberg's zero emissions are in.
Democracy and free enterprise go out the window.
Totalitarian government control slides in through the back door.
But remember, it's not only a great reset, it's a great deception.
Because in order to get everyday people like you and me, Jackie, to surrender many of the rights and freedoms we currently take for granted, the repeatedly stated aim of these organisations
...is to deliberately use COVID as an excuse to use all the political and authoritarian tools, as Prince Charles puts it, that are currently being used around the world to eradicate the virus, such as lockdowns, exclusion zones, forced closure of businesses, heavy fines, making protesting illegal, and so on.
But now to eradicate carbon emissions.
Those behind this scheme are adamant that there can be and never will be a return to normal.
That life will never again be what it was.
Extremely powerful information.
The full video is at InfoWars.com.
And that is Rowan Dean.
Now he's a father, he's a man, he's a patriot for his own family.
He knows what's going on.
Let me show you this.
This is an article published at Infowars.com in 2002.
And it deals with what we said the BBC back when it was still halfway decent with Greg Pallast at the helm.
But their head investigative reporter got a secret group of thousands of pages of documents from the IMF and World Bank.
The article was called, World Bankers Feed Off Crumbling Economies.
This book is out of print, but it's online for free.
9-11 dissent deterrent, Alex Jones.
And it's an interview with Greg Pallas, journalist for BBC Observer London.
March 4th, 2002.
They got the documents where they planned after they imploded the third world to flood us with the third world and then to use a global crisis to implode our currencies and make us debt slaves permanently and have lockdowns and try to trigger a race war to be able to cause martial law.
Now later, they decided to just use a virus.
And they even tell us that in Operation Lockstep 2010 from the Rockefellers.
Rockefeller Foundation.
So that's what we do here.
We study the enemy.
And we know what we're talking about.
And now...
They think none of you have memories.
Remember 15 days with the lockdown?
Now we're 11 months in, and oh a new total lockdown's here, and all the leftist cities of the world and leftist states are doing it, as they hold the rest of the areas that are capitalists hostage.
This is fascism at the top, communism at the bottom for us, and a nightmare scenario.
This is making people so dependent they've got to go to the government, and the government uses the poor as a weapon to be pointed at the people for a takeover.
It's a communist playbook run by fascists on top.
And if we don't start rising up as President Trump's head of the COVID task force said, we deserve what we get.
This is it.
Well, I'm fighting back.
I'm getting on a plane today to go to Georgia to try to get a special emergency legislative session to dig in, not just have spot checks.
The spot checks have already found thousands of votes for Trump.
He will win that state.
We will reverse this.
We will rout the enemy.
But it comes down to you taking action.
A toll-free number to join us.
Want to take your calls on the Great Reset and on the recounts and all of it is 877-789-2539.
We're taking your phone calls.
Long-time callers.
First-time callers.
Unlike mainstream media, if you've got a good, clean phone, at a point you're ready to make, we'll get you on.
We do discriminate against bad phones.
We can't hear you, though.
That's true.
Some discrimination's good, isn't it?
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
The party's over.
The globalists have annihilated almost every nation-state on Earth.
They've got a total surveillance grid in place.
They've domesticated most of the populations.
And they've gotten away with massive crimes they've committed across the planet.
And so why shouldn't they make their move against humanity?
I am your host, Alex Jones.
Here's some of the new articles up on Infowars.com.
The Von Mies Institute says, the dystopian fourth industrial revolution of the UN and Klaus Schwab, that means Bill Gates, will be very different from the first one.
And Schwab is a front man for Gates and the globalists.
That's why the British Prime Minister has turned out to be a total Trojan horse piece of filth, which I predicted, former Liberal Mayor, who became this patriot of London.
Boris Johnson will play that clip next segment, saying you're going to take nanotech chips.
It's a genetic takeover.
Well, Klaus Schwab is now saying that.
Boris Johnson says the G7 is held this year under UK control.
And that he's going to follow Bill Gates's every order.
They're like, who's Bill Gates?
He's not my doctor.
He's not my military leader.
Why is he running everything?
Because it's a corporate takeover.
Oh, and they want to force things in your body.
In fact, let's just play the Boris Johnson clip from a few months ago at the UN about nanotech in your body, which is genetically rewriting your cells.
Forget Monsanto and frankenfoods.
You're the frankenfood now.
Here is Boris Johnson.
And there are today people who are still actually anti-science.
A whole movement.
I totally reject this anti-scientific pessimism.
About the ability of new technology to serve as a liberator and to remake the world.
Remake the world.
Remake the world.
Wondrously and benignly.
Indeed, in countless respects, technology is already doing just that.
Nanotechnology, I mentioned earlier.
revolutionizing medicine by designing robots a fraction of the size of a red blood cell, capable of swimming through our bodies, dispensing medicine and attacking malignant cells like some Star Wars armada.
Neural interface technology.
Neural interface technology is producing a new generation of cochlear implants.
I think of new tools that we acquired, but over which we, the human race, had the advantage, which we controlled.
And that is not necessarily the case in the digital age.
You may keep your secrets from your friends, from your parents, your children, your doctor, even your personal trainer.
But it takes real effort to conceal your thoughts from Google, from Google, from Google.
And if that is true today, in future, there may be nowhere to hide.
In future, there may be nowhere to hide.
Nowhere to hide.
Nowhere to hide.
Nowhere to hide.
Smart cities will pollulate with sensors, all joined together by the internet of things.
Vollards communing invisibly with lampposts.
But this technology could also be used to keep every citizen
Under round-the-clock surveillance.
A future Alexa will pretend to take orders.
But this Alexa will be watching you, clacking her tongue and stamping her foot.
And now he's got people under total martial law part two, and he says he'll follow every order of Bill Gates.
He wasn't joking there.
I guess they found a version that was edited, repeating his statements three times, but that's not edited from what he said.
Guys, get the raw one for me.
I want to air it tomorrow.
I want to start the show tomorrow with the raw Boris Johnson at the U.N.
for people to actually hear it for themselves, because that's not edited other than repeating what he said.
What a declaration of war against you.
What a throwing down the gauntlet.
What a pissing in your face.
That's what that was.
The nanotech mRNA vaccine is not a vaccine, they call it a vaccine.
It's a nanotech virus, genetically engineered, artificial, that goes in and reprograms your cells and they admit makes in one study 100% sick and the other study's 80% sick, some dying.
I have articles today, I haven't gotten to, but I'll get to after calls.
The last segment of this hour.
Where the British military is preparing for basically forced inoculations, intimidated inoculations, and they admit they're preparing for deaths.
Hell, I might as well just show it to you.
It's up on InfoWars.com.
They say we're preparing for life-threatening events.
Here, overhead shot please.
Let me see.
Dystopian Fourth Industrial Revolution will be very different than the first one.
Ted Cruz, Grills CEO.
Dorsey goes on from there.
Klaus, what he's doing.
I gotta find this.
I can't just tell you this.
I must show you.
Oh, Thanksgiving's banned.
Christmas is banned, Mardi Gras is banned, but don't worry, Drag Queen Storytime is on.
Newsom announces new COVID lockdown order punishes Orange County with most restricted tier, closing doors, dining gyms, but he goes on a lavish trip with a bunch of Democrats paid for by taxpayers to Hawaii at a five-star hotel.
UK bids for AI to process expected flood of COVID-19 side effects, including direct threat to patient life, close quote.
Oh, and the UN says mass starvation has accelerated.
Oh, they're the ones behind it.
Not COVID, their lockdown.
These are Geneva Convention violating, Nuremberg Code violating, mass murderers who think you're soft and think you're stupid and are ready to stampede you and they're under the command of Prince Philip.
Prince Philip is out of his mind.
That's not Governor Tarkin from Star Wars Episode 4.
That is the King Daddy.
And his stated goals and all of his fortune is pledged to murdering you and your family on record.
He's about as British as the Japanese are, by the way.
He was the king of Greece.
And then, of course, he's not Greek.
He's not even German.
He's Transylvanian, almost 100%.
And the entire German bloodline is Transylvanian.
And then after the fall, it was King George I became the German bloodline, but that's not even German.
So there you go, ladies and gentlemen.
That's the reality of these people, and they mean to take you and your family over.
They don't want you to know about vitamin C or vitamin D3, or they don't want you to know about multivitamins that are organic, they don't want you to know about X2 or any of the things that your body has to have.
They just want you to roll over and die, and to know they're in control.
The best laid plans of mice and men often go astray.
We're going to go to break.
I'm back with your phone calls, but I'll say this.
Last chance!
The American crisis emergency lockdown 2 is coming.
Support InfoWars, fight against total economic collapse, and Biden-Marshall law disguises lockdown 2 super sale.
We're good to go.
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Look into what's in that, baby.
It's great for men, great for women as well.
Look at all the patented things it's got.
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It finally was able to come back in.
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Check it all out.
And whatever you do, take action and fund us today while you still can so we can fill up our operations operation instead of having 10% of the tank, 20% of the tank.
In case they even shut us down further, we stay on air.
Because believe me, if they're able to remove Trump, their first order of business is coming after us.
That's fine.
We expect it.
We love it.
You want action?
Well then support us.
All right, the new Pentagon head that Trump put in is completing the pullout of U.S.
Just had a press conference.
After 19 years there, the globalists are hopping mad.
The left hates it.
They love war.
They love pedophilia.
They love abortion.
They love death.
They just are really pissed off right now.
But they're the liberal resistance.
They're the anti-war folks.
Well, there's a big story up on Infowars.com.
There's video of it.
I'll air it after I take some calls.
Biden just came out and said, only have five people to Thanksgiving.
What a cult leader.
And wear a mask while you do it.
They told us 2.5 million would be dead.
Now it's 260,000.
Most of them died of something else.
This is all a giant fraud.
The CDC admitted yesterday 94% of people again died of heart attacks or cancer or something else and most of the tests are false positive.
But are they going to get in trouble?
Oh no!
They're going to keep doubling down with hysteria because so many Americans are weak followers.
And we'll peck us into submission.
You must stop submitting.
You must stop following illegal edicts of the U.N.
and the globalists.
You must educate everyone at the store, everywhere you go, and you must share the links to infowars.com forward slash show and band dot video.
It's so hard to watch him up there giving a speech in a frickin' mask, too.
You knew a month ago, before the election, they started wearing masks on TV.
Like, you know, CNN host.
It's such a cult!
It's like a face sucker!
But they're just not gonna stop, because we're weak.
We haven't stood up, so they're just... It's a vacuum.
Evil enters into it.
Dave in Nevada.
You're on the air, Dave.
Yes, my topic is...
Predictions on the coronal mass injection, brain chips, and the report.
Yeah, you see, you know, we're not screening your call.
You're actually on air live right now.
Oh, put you on hold.
Put you on hold.
Listen, I have a thing.
Put you on hold.
I have a thing about callers.
I love you to death.
But I'm not other talk shows where I pre-screen you for an hour, want to have you a clean phone, you want to tell us what you're calling in about, it's great.
Once you get on air, you tell us what you want to cover.
You don't have to ask permission, sir.
If you ask for permission, I will hang up on you.
That's the one rule is no censorship and no screening.
Let's try again, Dave.
I love you.
Go ahead.
You're a free man, brother.
Go ahead.
Okay, this is going to sound like numerology, but uh... Okay!
You just asked for permission again, dude!
Don't do it!
Just go!
Alright, I'm going to tell you right through it.
Alright, the word coronal and the number 21.
Agenda 21, COVID-21, a coronal mass ejection is predicted to occur on December 21.
Is the coronal mass ejection a cover story for an EMP?
Well, the N.P.O.
only hit the Western Hemisphere, only affecting North and South America, while sparing Africa, Europe, Asia, and Australia.
Who predicts a mass coronal ejection?
It's very hard for even NASA to predict when we're going to see sunspots.
Oh, no, no.
I was referring to a call that hit your show on Friday.
By the way, I'm not mad at you, sir.
I just... It's this weird thing where callers always want to ask permission for what they want to cover.
You wanted to cover predictions for COVID-19 vaccines and the Great Reset.
Go ahead.
Let's see.
So, the following domino that leads to brain chips is the destruction of our immune system.
Otherwise, our brains will reject the chips.
Big tech will host the singularity to scare us into taking brain chips.
The pre-planned fiction is that brain chips will turn humanity into a giant cloud computer to overpower the AI.
I appreciate your call.
It's not going to be brain chips.
It's injectables that go into your brain and then just take over.
It's a bunch of micro, microchips.
So we're all thinking of like a microchip.
It's nanotech.
It's on all the buses everywhere.
Even in Austin, I saw it now.
Oh, take your nanotech.
Nanotech will save you.
It's the new wealth.
You become a machine.
It's so loving.
And then it makes you really sick and die.
But liberals are like, I don't care if millions are dying.
If it saves one person for COVID, kill the whole third world.
Carlos in Canada, always a great caller.
Go ahead, the great reset, the election.
Time for the info war.
Go ahead, Carlos.
Thank you, Alex.
I appreciate it very much.
And as you all can imagine, I feel we have reached the crossroads.
We're at that critical point in defining history, where I think it's time for clarity.
It's time for keeping things simple.
The evil forces always try to make it look like a boondoggle and get everybody confused, but it's simple.
I call the age of inversion, as you know, and I think it's important that people right now should remember my dictum.
When you are in doubt, always check the ultimate word, which is the Constitution.
That's the material world, the ultimate world,
We're good to go.
The freedom of the individual, the sovereignty of the individual, and the power of the Constitution to direct.
Now, I asked you once before, who the hell elected international financiers to rule the world?
This is an inversion, and we must put them in their place.
No, you're right.
These are the robber barons that are tax-exempt, that bankrupt countries, that bankrupt currencies, that are known villains, telling us they're using a virus to keep us locked down because they love us, when they admit they want to make us poor and control us.
They're total frauds, and we must go back to the Constitution, back to common sense, and reject these monsters now.
And start calling for Nuremberg-style trials.
Start calling for their prosecution.
Call them out as the criminals they are.
Because you're absolutely right, that's what they are.
What do we do to put them on notice of their crimes against humanity and the mass starvation, their lockdown, not COVID-19, is already triggered.
We just remind everybody, as I'm doing right now, Alex, that there are leaders all over the world.
Not necessarily my Canadian leader, who is unfortunately influenced by George Soros and his sycophants.
But at this stage of the game, what we must do is understand that the Constitution of the United States is where the President is looking.
Don't succeed at this stage in restoring the treasury of the United States.
You are going to be in a game, in a game playing, in a poker game, playing with somebody that prints money out of thin air.
No matter how many times you win.
No, exactly.
They have the unlimited fiat currency and they are making their move to destroy our real economies.
So we have to bow to them to get their fiat currency.
This is slavery.
You're a genius, Carlos.
We love you.
Thank you so much.
Let's take a call from Thomas in Pennsylvania.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, what's up, Alex?
Welcome, sir.
I just wanted to kind of draw a little attention to the fact, nobody seems to be talking about, like, Pennsylvania on election night just stopped counting the votes?
Like, what are you guys, in high school, you have to go to sleep at 10 or up?
But Brian's, but they actually kept counting, we now know, but Brian Stelter said there's no fraud.
He said so, I mean, he didn't show evidence, but he's the boss.
It's crazy where it's like four years ago, when Trump got elected, they had all the results in, no problem, and this time around, this is two weeks later, and the states still aren't done counting.
And remember, they said they were going to contest forever, and they pledged to, but now, oh, you can't contest.
That's dictator behavior.
It's just, it's honestly insanity that nobody is asking these questions, though.
Like, they haven't even given, even a, can I say bullshit on air?
They haven't even given just a... You can say it once, then we gotta delay you out, we gotta let you go.
How the FCC works.
Thank you, Thomas.
Alright, let's go to Jake in Illinois.
Go ahead, Jake.
Hey, how's it going, Alex?
Love your show.
I love what you do for American liberty and what you do for our country.
Also, I just want to give a big shout out to your product.
Turbo Force is awesome.
It's better than energy drinks combined.
Clean energy.
Good stuff.
Oh, by the way, the amount of money we put into it of five forms of clean caffeine, then a bunch of other cofactors, amino acids delivered into your brain, and it lasts like 10 hours.
It's an incredible product.
I'm going to hold you over so you can finish your political statement, but tell folks more about that, because, I mean, we got a top developer to develop TurboForce.
One of the top guys in the country.
Didn't put his name on it for political reasons, but we had to pay him like 10 grand to develop it.
He believed at the time, when it was developed two years ago, that it is the strongest, cleanest, best one on the market.
What has been your experience?
Mostly, I just run off caffeine.
I work overnight, so I run on coffee.
But when I do take energy drinks, it kind of crashes me.
So with TurboForce, I'm able to keep going.
I have clean energy.
But if I do feel the need to fall asleep, because people do need to sleep, I could fall asleep and wake up totally revitalized, not groggy or anything like that.
That's right.
It comes from really high quality sources.
We'll be right back.
All right, we got a lot of calls to get to in a short time to get there.
And I got Biden saying, as our new cult leader, wear your mask.
Only five people on Thanksgiving.
Just all random crap.
Like, who is this dude?
Like, your daddy.
And everything he said was a lie, and it's all a fraud, and China's totally open.
What did the White House head of the COVID task force say?
Our real President Trump, he said, rise up against it.
Stop acting like a bunch of Stockholm Syndrome dumbasses.
You're schmucks.
He's not your friend.
He's a Chi-Com agent, you dumbasses.
Let's talk to Jake in Illinois.
Finish up your point about what Trump should do in Georgia and more.
Go ahead.
All right.
So I know you guys are going down to Georgia.
I appreciate it.
I know you guys are being there for those who can't.
But I also wanted to let you know you should keep a close eye on Pennsylvania.
Certify tomorrow.
Just big, big watch out there.
I know it's a big key state.
Um, but for Trump, I think he really should do something as polarizing as, uh, like an emergency broadcast system.
You know, everything on the radios to your broadcast... Hold on, I'll tell you, I don't think Trump's giving up, but the advice he's getting of don't anger the courts is more BS.
He needs to be, resolute desk, I am the president, this is a fraud, the courts are going to stab him in the back, I predict, this is a big miscalculation.
Uh, and he needs to be out there saying this is a tri-com takeover, I totally agree.
Yeah, he's been dealt with something unprecedented, and I think he really needs to throw that right back in their faces.
Do something that no president has done before.
Just, you know, even if he is wrong about it, you know, he could just go out there, give it one last good shot.
And not only that, maybe exploit their plan.
I'm not sure if it's his plan, but I'm going to go along with what you said on just talk about what you want to talk about without permission.
I noticed that there's no talk about the Amazon fires at all this year since they were on fire.
I'm good.
Who knows?
They always just talk about fires down there.
People burn part of the forest every year to put nitrogen in the soil to grow crops, and so they just point out and say, look, the earth's burning.
You're bad.
Let us run your life.
But now it's, oh, the virus is bad.
Let us run your life.
I appreciate your call, brother.
Thank you.
Let's keep moving quick here.
in Vegas.
You're on the air.
Hey, Alex, man.
Can I say this?
Man, you guys got it.
Ali, gonna be going down to Georgia.
You're gonna be having the devil by the horn, man.
And all you have to do is open those people's eyes, and their backbone will reveal, man.
You guys finna go down and reveal the backbone to those people, man.
It's funny you say that, because we're gonna be coming up with the devil went down to Georgia, was looking for a soul to steal, he was in a bind, he was way behind, he was willing to make a deal.
Now, it's definitely crazy times, isn't it, sir?
I agree, man.
And not only that, you guys are transferring the verb back to Jesus Christ, man.
And the verb back to Jesus Christ is for him to destroy Satan, man.
You guys, woo-wee!
Man, it is written, man.
You know what it is written.
And now when you go down to Georgia and open them backbones and them eyes up, man, the devil will be revealed.
I'm sure he will be.
Thank you, sir.
I appreciate your call.
Let's jam in another one.
I'm going to get to everybody right now.
Daniel in Alaska.
Thanks for holding, Daniel.
Go ahead.
Hey, great.
Alex, I'm so happy to finally get to talk to you.
Gosh, you've got the clearest phone ever.
I'm happy to talk to you, too.
I've been listening to you for a lot of years, and I got to say,
I love you, brother.
Uh, not only did you lay out their plans, but really they laid it out for us.
Well, that's it.
No, no, that's it.
I didn't do all this.
People go, how did you know this?
They tell you what they're going to do.
It's like, it's like Klaus Schwab's like, you're going to starve to death.
We're going to make you poor and make you merge with machines.
It's like, what?
That's the crazy part about it.
Well, last night I'm listening to Schumer.
And he's talking about the installation of the next president.
I mean, so, you know, first it's the fraud organization, and now they have the president to be installed, which is... You know, I saw that.
Pelosi said it a month ago.
He just said it last night.
They used the word install.
They're pissing... Why do you think they love to brag?
To show off for their criminal base, right?
To encourage them to commit crime, you know, be confident.
So, um, last point I want to make, uh, I watched you, uh, out in D.C.
with the, uh, the Mega March.
Wish I could have been there.
Uh, really, uh, it just lit me up inside to see, uh, Americans being patriotic, um, and, uh, the little pissed off group of Antifa people kind of in the corner.
Being little hecklers, you know, they're just like this tiny little group and, you know, it's just kind of a perfect example of what we have kind of going across the country.
And the more this goes on and the more people start seeing, the more even like our local governments may see the kind of scum that's running our cities and how they take total control, you know, and it's taking years and years and it's just like exactly what you've been saying.
The left, not even the left, you can't really call them that.
Traditionally the left is not for the kind of stuff that they're doing.
Brother, I remember like 20 years ago reading UN documents that were public where they're like, we'll devalue human lives and bring back human sacrifice.
We'll break up the families and sterilize young children.
And I'm like, this is scary.
Now they're doing it.
I appreciate your call, Daniel.
Hey Alex, it's David in Hawaii.
I hope you're doing well.
Thank you for what you're doing out there and all the patrons.
Do not, under any circumstances, take that vaccine.
Everybody listen, if you're in the government, out of the government, and you're just an everyday person, don't take it because I believe that that vaccine
I mean, here's the bottom line.
They want the power to put a dangerous vaccine in our body whenever they want to track and trace where we go.
This is beyond 1984.
It's happening now.
They've thrown down the gauntlet.
They've made their move.
That's absolutely true.
Science of Coercion printed, you know, talked about the war fighters back after World War II, how they were going to achieve outcomes with keystrokes.
And that's where we're at.
They can dial up the radiation, they can inject you with anything they want to.
You got to make sure that you don't take anything that they're pushing out and don't
And here's the deal, they can spray it on you, but metaphysically they get the bad karma they believe from it.
They need you to agree.
They can pressure you, but they need you to agree so they don't get at least the instant karma.
It's how the dimensions work.
I don't understand it all.
They know it's a law, so do I. You make somebody do something, you get instant karma.
You get interdimensional karma when you die for sins, even if you manipulated the
The field, or however it works, but they need to trick us to go along with it and at least acquiesce.
That's their satanic operation.
They need us, like in the garden, to agree to it.
Does that make sense?
Hosea 4-6.
My people would perish for a lack of knowledge.
Because you have rejected knowledge, God's gonna reject you.
You have to open up your mind to open up your heart.
You gotta listen to all the patriots out there.
You know it to be true.
Keep up the fight, Alex.
We love you.
God bless you.
I love you, brother.
Alright, I hate to do this to you, but let's hear the degenerate Joe Biden, the fake president.
What is your message to people who are considering, for example, getting together with their families and others for Thanksgiving?
Would you urge people to reconsider their plans?
Well, here's what I'd do.
Let me tell you what the health experts have said to me.
And it's not because I'm unique and president-elect, it's because of my family.
They strongly urge that if in fact we're going to have Thanksgiving with anyone, that we limit it to a maximum
They suggest five people.
Maximum ten people.
Socially distanced wearing masks.
And people who have quarantined.
So, Jill and I spent this morning, like many of you, trying to figure out what are we going to do for Thanksgiving?
How are we going to do it?
And we've narrowed down which family members, and that they were tested, recently tested, in 24 hours.
And so, I would strongly urge, for the sake, not just your sake, for the sake of your children, your mother, your father, your sisters, your brothers, whoever can get together on Thanksgiving.
Shut him up.
Think about it.
The new t-shirts are out, we haven't made one yet, but others have.
Come and take it with a turkey.
I mean, they want everything, okay?
They want, and they want dyslogic and fraud.
I got Jeff, I got Emo, I got Julian, I got Rick.
I got a five-minute segment coming up ahead of Paul Watson.
You can all get about a minute.
I love you.
I'm going to go to you.
I'm not going to thank you.
Don't thank me.
Let's just get to your point for the next person because I love hearing your points.
Love hearing that data you got to share with us.
What an insane time!
I know we're fighting back.
How do you fight back?
In the InfoWars.
Spread those links.
InfoWars.com and Band.Video.
Stay with us.
Hour four, straight ahead.
Our number four, Paul Joseph Watson, set to take over.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
I'll be co-hosting with Owen Schroyer from Georgia tomorrow on the ground with a big stop and steal demonstration at Key Domino.
We've got to stop from falling.
Let's go to Jeff in the great country of Canada, where their own dictator, basically, through fraud, has announced that COVID is meant to make you poor by design, and it's a good thing for you and your family.
So go ahead, Jeff.
Thanks for taking my call, brother.
Yes, sir.
Alex, I just wanted to reiterate a dream I had approximately 16 years ago.
A dream goes like this.
I had crossed a gigantic cavern.
I don't know how I crossed it.
I didn't know where to go.
And I laid down on my back.
I looked up to heaven.
And I saw a blue spiraling light.
And this blue spiraling light turned into like a tornado.
And out of that blue spiraling light, a dove formed.
A blue dove.
And I felt liquid love raindrops going entirely through me.
And a voice like a trumpet spoke to me and said, a moment is only for a moment, but a moment lasts forever.
And Alex, this is America's moment to stand up.
If this moment is missed, this moment will pass forever.
There's a shelf life on it.
And kudos for you for going to Georgia today.
No, you're right.
It's a dimensional jump point where they've liquefied the energy field for the future.
And we have to remold things now.
So our hands are in the mix.
The enemy's hands are in the mix.
We have to be engaged right now is what you're saying.
And they tell us what we're doing because they want to be the prophet and they want us.
The main battle is for your faith.
What you believe is what you will act on.
And we need to resist by faith.
And follow the actions that God gives each one of us to do in order to win this battle.
Well said, Jeff.
Thank you so much for that great word.
Emo in Virginia.
Hey, how you doing, Alex?
I'm pretty freaked out and fighting hard.
Right on.
So that last caller was real powerful.
Totally agree with him.
So I just wanted to talk about the compartmentalization of our military.
It was launching on a mission and the elections were going on.
I think so.
And it's, they're just like lacking it.
A lot of people are lacking a lot of information in that regard.
And that's why your human intelligence can override the AI.
Just your word of mouth will checkmate their entire operation.
Beautifully done.
And then also even, even our intelligence agencies and the personnel within it, you know, you even mentioned on the show that they're highly restricted in the information they can receive on base.
That is, I can't really confirm or deny it because Mr. Esper put out
A statement or a order that basically said, with last month, we can't talk about anything, basically, in regards to operations.
But we, yeah, so you are on track.
You're hitting the nail right on the head.
In regards to COVID, my father-in-law is a senator over in Cambodia.
Wears that stupid face mask and everything.
Oh yeah, because we've got to have the most tests.
We've had hundreds of times the test of any other country.
So again, if you look at the graph, COVID in the last 10 months goes straight up in the United States.
China doesn't test anymore, so they've stopped.
Europe stopped.
It's only where they want to do it.
But death is right here.
Death is down.
So again, infections are what they obsess with, never death numbers.
They'll get some deaths from flu and cold this winter, and they'll go, oh, COVID spiking, death, death.
I mean, this is just pure Kabuki theater.
But people love to get into fear.
They get some value they've got.
Like, ooh, I'm a victim.
Ooh, I'm in fear.
But China and everybody, they're open for business, laughing at us.
All right.
I'm sorry, Julie.
And Rick, Paul Watson's taking over.
I've got a final statement to make right when he comes back, and then I hand him a ton.
But tomorrow, if you get Julie and Rick's number, please, John, we will have them back on the show when we take calls.
Please don't forget.
Crew's great, we forget.
Sometimes, so do I. I'm the worst at forgetting.
We'll be getting better and better at calling callers back the next day so they don't hold for no reason.
Front of the line tomorrow, Julie and Rick.
We'll be right back.
Tomorrow's news today, Big Brother hopes you don't use your human intelligence to spread that link.
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Well, I'm on my way and I'm not the devil.
Just a little bit, but I love Jesus.
And so I'm on my way to Georgia.
And I'm going to be with Roger Stone, Ali Alexander, and so many others fighting the steel.
What an epic time to be alive.
They were already killing babies.
They were already genetically engineering with clones.
They were already getting away with so much.
So now they're making their full move.
Now the fight's out in the open.
The lockdowns, the martial law, the UN, the world government, the Chi Com rule.
I'm sad about it, but it was already going on.
Now it's out in the open.
Thanks to President Trump.
Thanks to you, and I love you, and I appreciate you.
In closing, before Paul Watson takes over, I ask you for your prayer.
I ask you for your support, I ask you for your providence, and I ask for your word of mouth, and I appreciate you, and I want to commit to you that I'll never back down and never give in willingly.
I may give out sometimes, but you've got my full commitment to never back down to the enemy.
I enjoy what I do, I love what I do, and I have an extreme passion and my spirit has never been stronger than it is now.
Five times stronger it's ever been.
I have just been energized by the Holy Spirit and my evil body and my fallen state cannot even handle it.
It's like a atomic fire inside a brick building or a wood building.
I'm burning down physically, but this is incredible.
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But whatever you do, pray for us and spread the word and override big tech.
You saw that massive rally, close to a million people, them trying to suppress the real numbers.
An incredible time to be alive.
Big stuff in Georgia where they want to falsely certify things.
We want the governor.
To call an emergency session of the legislature, which is supposed to happen, which it should do.
I'll see you in Georgia.
Paul Joseph Watson, from Her Britannic Majesties, England, from Summit.News, takes over now.
Thanks, Alex.
Yeah, we're going to be talking about, once again, the Great Reset, but we're going to be talking about some aspects of the Great Reset, which is this rebranding of the New World Order, which haven't been made in public statements, which haven't come out so far online.
An actual summary that I read, a detailed essay-length summary of what Karl Schwab, the founder of the World Economic Forum, is actually proposing beyond COVID
Beyond what they're going to do with the vaccination agenda, and to the point of literal implantable microchips, not just to track you, but to read your mind.
And now they're talking about brain scans to cross borders, brain scans to travel, and it's all wide open, it's out there, it's not a conspiracy theory, it's what these globalists are saying themselves.
We're going to get into that in the next segment.
First off though,
Once again, everything that we warned you about from the very start is happening in real time.
Headline, this went up about 20 minutes ago on summit.news.
Majority of Brits support government making coronavirus vaccine mandatory.
And here in the United Kingdom, where we're currently under lockdown too, they're promising us that there will probably be a coronavirus vaccine available before the end of the year.
Now obviously first that's going to go out to health care workers but they're going to say they're saying it's going to be available pretty quickly for the general public and in preparation for that they're already already running polls saying that the majority of the general public supports making it mandatory.
Now as I point out in this article
And as we've learned generally over the past four years, polls can't be trusted because people tend to tell pollsters what they think they want to hear.
And I make the example in the article.
There's been mass support from the general public for the lockdown measures in the United Kingdom.
Generally, the polls show that 70% plus of the British population support the lockdowns, and many of them within that 70% don't think the government has gone far enough.
De facto house arrest is not far enough.
They don't even want you venturing out to do exercise, for example.
But then we have other polls where these same people amidst these protests, which are getting bigger and more violent, thanks to the Metropolitan Police cracking heads.
Of course, they bowed down Neil to Black Lives Matter just a matter of months ago.
Well, they had separate polls where they asked people to be honest about whether they personally abided by coronavirus lockdown restrictions.
And when people were actually honest in answering the polls, only 18% said they had.
So again, it's this selfish thing where, oh yeah, obviously the draconian forefront of this imposition, the biggest imposition on civil liberties in our generation, easily, that can be inflicted on everyone else.
But when it comes to me, I shouldn't have to abide by it.
Only 18% in the polls said they did.
But now a new YouGov poll
Reveals that a majority of Brits support the government making the coronavirus vaccine mandatory.
By the way, the only way to make it mandatory for those who refuse to take it is to use the police in concert with government socialised healthcare, the NHS, to literally go door to door, go to people's houses, hold them down and forcibly inject them.
That's the only way you're making it mandatory.
Unless, of course, what they're actually going to do
is to make life a living hell if you don't take it.
And then they can still say, oh, but it's not mandatory.
You just can't ride in a taxi.
You can't travel on an airplane.
You can't go to a concert venue.
You can't go to a sports stadium.
You can't go to a football match.
You can't have a social life.
And now they're saying, well, maybe you can't have a job.
Oh, but it's not mandatory!
You just aren't privileged to have any kind of normal human existence whatsoever, but it's not mandatory.
Participants were asked, once the corona vaccine is available, would you support or oppose the government making it legally compulsory for all people in Britain to be vaccinated?
49% said yes, 34% said no, 17% said they don't know.
So the majority say the government should make it mandatory,
And then when you break it down along age, gender and political party affiliation, it's actually interesting.
More men than women support making it mandatory.
And in fact, more Conservative Party affiliated people compared to Labour, which is the left-wing party in Britain, support making it mandatory.
So even the party that's supposed to be more at the forefront of protecting liberties
More of their supporters support making this mandatory.
And in the next segment, we're going to get on to how that's going to be enforced.
We're going to talk about what's happening in Denmark, where their government had a similar law to forcibly inject people.
They had nine straight days of protests and the government backed down.
But then again,
Just because they don't make it mandatory in law doesn't mean that they're not going to make your life a living hell if you refuse to take it.
And I think that's way more likely to happen than having police literally hold people down and inject them.
We'll talk about that and the Great Reset and a lot more in the next segment.
Don't go away.
So we have this big misdirection taking place currently in many Western countries over this fear of governments making the coronavirus vaccine mandatory.
They're not going to make it mandatory in America because you have a little something called the Second Amendment and what, 75 million gun owners?
Good luck with that!
But even in Europe, the governments aren't going to put this into law.
In fact, they tried to put it into law in Denmark.
And we have a headline here out of Denmark where they had nine straight days of protests, forced vaccination law in Denmark, abandoned after public protests.
A law in Denmark that would have given authorities the power!
To forcibly inject people with a coronavirus vaccine has been abandoned after nine days of public protest.
So they had what they called an epidemic law, which would have handed the Danish government the power to enact mandatory quarantine measures against anyone infected with a dangerous disease, which by the way they already put through in New Zealand and Canada, where the Prime Minister of New Zealand literally said they'd intern people in quarantine camps until they tested negative.
And that happened in some cases.
But it was the part about vaccinations that caused the biggest uproar for Danes.
The local reported that the Danish Health Authority would be able to define groups of people who must be vaccinated in order to contain and eliminate a dangerous disease.
Said people who refuse, the above can in some situations be coerced through physical detainment with police allowed to assist.
That means them grabbing you with the cops
Forcing you down on the ground and injecting you with a syringe.
That sounds very safe, doesn't it?
That sounds very medically within guidelines.
However, after nine straight days of protest against the new law, it has now been scrapped.
So again, you can protest against it being put into law, but does that really matter when they don't even need to put it into law?
Because they've got all the corporations, including all the airline industry, which I'm going to get onto, and even down to Uber, saying if you don't abide by coronavirus restrictions, in that case, mask wearing, you're going to be banned from using their service.
They don't have to put it into law.
Headline out of the sun,
Matt Hancock refuses to rule out making COVID-19 vaccine mandatory.
Again, this is in the UK.
Health Secretary Matt Hancock has refused to rule out making the COVID-19 vaccine mandatory.
As ministers state, the public needs to be persuaded that the jab is safe.
Last night it was revealed that the government has secured 5 million doses of the Moderna vaccine after trials showed the jab is 94.5% effective.
Of course, if you're under the age of 70 and you're healthy,
Your 99.89% protected from coronavirus anyway, but take the shot.
This is the key article though, again exemplifying the point, they don't need to put it into law.
UK MPs suggest people who shouldn't be allowed, shouldn't be allowed to work without Covid vaccine.
Now, of course, we saw during the lockdown in Australia, they literally had police and National Guard on the highways checking people's work permits to see if they were allowed to go to work during the lockdown.
And now we have, once again, a Conservative MP.
This is really Conservative.
Coming out once again, this is Tom Cuggenhatt.
Saying that people won't be allowed to have employment if they don't take the vaccine.
Oh, but it's not going to be mandatory.
You're just not allowed to have a job.
You're not allowed to have a home.
You're not allowed to pay your bills.
You're going to be out on the street, destitute and homeless.
But it's not mandatory.
The British MP faced backlash Monday after suggesting that employees in the UK should not be allowed to go to work unless they... Bearing in mind the economy is basically on its knees at this point.
There are no jobs anyway, but now you're not going to get one if you don't have the vaccine certificate, unless they can prove that they have been vaccinated against COVID-19.
He said, quote, if vaccination works and if we're confident it's safe and all indications so far are good,
And I can certainly see the day when businesses say, look, you've got to return to the office and if you're not vaccinated, you're not coming in.
And by the way, when he says businesses, that's not just businesses that people work for.
That's businesses that you go in to buy products from.
That's supermarkets.
No going into the supermarket, no buying food if you don't have the vaccine.
This is how it started with mandatory mask rules.
This is how it started with NHS Track and Trace.
You can't go into the pub, in some cases, if you don't have this government tracking app downloaded on your phone, and then it moves on to the vaccine.
So once again, they don't need to put it into law.
They just need to make your life a living hell for you to comply and submit.
And people will submit, and this is exemplified in this headline, INJECT ME NOW!
Concertgoers demand mandatory vaccination so they're allowed to see live music again.
So because people are that desperate to see some crap band, they're begging.
They're begging for the government to inject them with this untested Covid vaccine.
And of course this arose out of Ticketmaster, who came out a couple of weeks ago
And said that they're not going to allow people to buy concert tickets on their website unless they first proved that they've taken the vaccine or at least had a negative test within the past few days.
There's a report in Billboard magazine claimed that the ticketing company would mandate customers to prove they'd had a negative Covid test or had taken the vaccine before their purchase was approved.
Now, it came out a couple of days later, after somewhat of a backlash, they kind of tried to walk it back a bit and said that they were just exploring the idea and that there would be, quote, absolutely no requirement for mandated vaccines.
But then they said that such a decision would be in the hands of the event organizer.
So again,
Shifting the book, shifting the blame to the event organizers so they don't have to take the heat for the policy, but of course it will be coordinated with the concert venues.
So when you try to go to the music concert, when you try to go to the sports game, you won't even be allowed to buy the ticket in the first place if you haven't first proved that you're a good citizen and you've taken the mandatory injection.
It was interesting though in this article because
It was based on a BBC News report and they claimed, quote, the majority of fans welcomed the move if it would mean the resumption of live music.
And that's where this headline was derived from, because one individual on Twitter called Stacey said, quote, inject me now!
Another one said, honestly, I would do anything to go to a concert right now.
But they claimed that this was the majority of
The consensus, the majority opinion, that people were begging to be injected with the vaccine because they were that desperate to go out and see live music.
I went on this Twitter thread when I wrote this article, this official Billboard magazine tweet, which said, how Ticketmaster plans to check your vaccine status for concerts.
The majority of the people on the thread didn't welcome the move.
The majority of the people that I saw, 80-90% said, God forbid, no, I will never submit to this.
That didn't stop the BBC from literally reporting the opposite, because again they're trying to create this fake consensus that the vast majority of people don't have a problem with this and that they will go along with it, which is why you had the poll a couple of hours ago, which I started the broadcast with,
Where they say that 49% of the public support it.
But again, a lot of that is based on the fact that people tell pollsters because they're so cowed into submission and parroting what they think is the consensus into telling them what they think.
What will happen?
Will there be resistance?
It remains to be seen.
Now, of course, the global elite over the past four years, and this has particularly come to prominence over the past few weeks, have openly announced that their rebranding of the New World Order is called the Great Reset.
And in his books, Klaus Schwab, the originator of the Great Reset, literally admits that there's been mass resistance to the New World Order, to the global centralization of power over the past 20 years, and that they need a new excuse to rebrand it.
And in the words of Justin Trudeau, they need to exploit the, quote, opportunity that COVID-19 has provided for them to reinitiate that agenda.
And in fact,
The Great Reset was trending for hours and hours on Twitter yesterday.
Basically half the trend was a bunch of people claiming it was a conspiracy theory.
It's literally in the World Economic Forum's documents.
Time magazine has giant sections on their website boasting about it, but it's still a conspiracy theory.
What most people don't realise though is that it goes far deeper than just restructuring the economic system, which is how it was introduced, at least in the public eye, by our friend Klaus Schwab.
We had this headline yesterday, Klaus Schwab, the great reset will lead to a fusion of our physical, digital and biological identity.
And he's made it clear that transhumanism is an integral part of the Great Reset when he said the fourth industrial revolution would lead to a fusion of our physical, digital and biological identity.
Which in his book he clarifies is implantable microchips that can read your thoughts.
And I did another article on this today because there's so much information in these three books that he has written over the past four years.
One of them called the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
The second one was called Shaping the Future of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
And the most recent one, of course, was called COVID-19, The Great Reset.
And in these three books, he lays out how this is a plan, not just for total draconian techno-crap-crap tracking and control of the global population, but it's literally about creating their favorite thing, which Ray Kurzweil talked about back in the late 90s,
In the age of spiritual machines, which is merging man with machine, literally creating human cyborgs.
And those people who refuse to become a human cyborg, well, they'll be left on the dumpster heap of history.
They'll be a lower caste race, basically.
They'll be ignored.
They won't be able to travel.
They won't be able to buy train tickets.
They won't be able to go to pop concerts.
And as we talked about earlier, they won't be able to get jobs.
Now there's a lengthy article on a website called winteroak.org.uk and the headline is Klaus Schwab and his Great Fascist Reset.
And this is a guy who's read all three books and this is basically, it's probably a 25 page article, outlining the Great Reset agenda that goes way beyond public statements, video statements, what you saw Trudeau saying to the UN conference there,
And it talks about the actual fully fleshed agenda.
And I'm going to get into some of it now because it goes way beyond the economic factors that they're trying to introduce.
They're trying to dismantle the global capitalist system, of course, to redistribute the wealth.
But of course, that only means distributing it to an increasing concentration amongst themselves.
And in this article, the writer points out that in his 2016 book, The Fourth Industrial Revolution, this was the first one,
Klaus Schwab, who sounds like Dr. Strangelove, by the way, if you've seen his videos, very appropriate, writes about the uberisation of work and the consequent advantages for companies, particularly fast-growing startups in the digital economy.
He says, as human cloud platforms classify workers as self-employed, they are, for the moment, free of the requirement to pay minimum wages, employer taxes, and social benefits.
So again, this is all about concentrating wealth into the giant transnational corporations.
It has nothing to do with solving wealth inequality or raising the standard of living generally.
It has to do with the exact opposite, and that's borne out in this article.
And he talks about
Automating jobs to the point where basically everything's automated and then they'll give everyone else a basic universal income which will be a minimum wage income and of course this will coincide with rolling lockdowns where you're not even allowed outside your house but they'll just provide enough to basically have you on the breadline
While they have robots doing jobs, while people don't have dignity, while people have no incentive to strive to build businesses, because it's all done by robots and it's all done by algorithms.
But then he gets into the true undercurrent of this, which again is transhumanism, and he waxes lyrical.
About the fourth industrial revolution, which he insists is, quote, unlike anything humankind has experienced before.
Again, this isn't just dry globalist rhetoric about economic restructuring.
He gushes, quote, consider the unlimited possibilities of having billions of people connected by mobile devices, giving rise to unprecedented processing power.
He talks about online education involving the use of virtual and augmented reality to drastically improve educational outcomes to sensors installed in homes, clothes, accessories, cities, transport and energy networks.
This, of course, is the energy of things.
This is about Google, which we talked about, what, 10, 15 years ago, literally having audio sensors installed in every room in your home.
So you don't need to say, hey Siri anymore, you just need to say, hey Google.
You can be anywhere in your house, you can be anywhere outside, because it's all connected via 5G.
And he talks about them not even needing to have that audio input, that they will literally read your mind, know what you want to search for on the internet, because you'll have an implantable microchip that will literally give them access to your mind.
What could possibly go wrong?
He talks about sensors.
wired which can communicate to each other through a mobile phone network which is of course is 5G.
He even talks about people giving permission for this obscure network, this technocrat network, to have access to read their thoughts so people don't even need to type out their own tweets because
The technocrat network will guess what they want to tweet in advance and tweet it for them.
So literally taking away the very right to possess your own thoughts.
Says the tools of the fourth industrial revolution enable new forms of surveillance and other means of control that run counter to healthy open societies.
But then he goes on to advocate all of them and present them in a positive light.
He says public crime is likely to decrease due to the convergence of sensors, cameras, facial recognition software,
And he then describes with some relish how these technologies can intrude into the hitherto private space of our minds, reading our thoughts and influencing our behavior.
So literally having microchips which interact with this network, with this 5G network that allows them, the technocratic elite, to read your thoughts and influence your behavior.
This is in his own book!
This is not Alex Jones from 20 years ago.
This is not Minority Report from 20 years ago.
Although, he does directly endorse Minority Report pre-crime policing.
He predicts, in his own book, as capabilities in this area improve the temptation for law enforcement agencies and courts to use techniques to determine the likelihood of criminal activity, assess guilt,
Or even possibly retrieve memories directly from people's brains will increase.
So he's literally talking about having these mind reading sensors which are linked to your implantable microchip.
Knowing whether you're guilty or not, whether you've committed the crime, and indeed whether you plan to commit the crime.
Literal minority report pre-crime policing.
And of course that would never be open to abuse, would it?
They would never frame people for doing anything, would they?
Because you can trust them.
He goes on to advocate
A situation where somebody who is crossing a national border might one day involve a detailed brain scan to assess an individual's security risk.
Now this is the point.
He talks about in his books the fact that they tried to get all this through after 9-11 but there was mass public resistance against it.
Of course they took a big bite out of the apple after 9-11.
We got a lot of this police state facial recognition cameras
Basically accepted by the general public but they didn't accept everything so now coronavirus will be that new excuse to get the rest of the program through and it's frightening.
Now today of course we had Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg up again in front of a panel basically soft-soaping what they've been doing over the past four years, gaming their own algorithms, manipulating their own social media platforms to censor silenced conservatives, to swing elections
We have this headline out of Zero Hedge.
Dorsey hints Trump will lose his special treatment on Twitter.
And this is a prediction that I've made before.
If the recounts, if the lawsuits fail, as soon as Donald Trump is out of office on Joe Biden's inauguration day, they will ban President Donald Trump on Twitter.
And he spoke to that effect today.
Says Dorsey has just delivered perhaps the greatest hint yet that President Trump's days on Twitter might be numbered.
Asked by Hawaii Senator Mazie Hirono what the companies are doing to stop President Trump's lies, Dorsey replied that special treatment enjoyed by Trump as an election official goes away once an individual leaves office.
In other words, if Trump tweets any claims about the election being stolen after leaving office, he could see his account suspended.
By the way, he tweeted a Twitter account
Trump retweeted or quote tweeted a Twitter account called Stonewall Jackson which had over 300,000 followers.
That account was suspended within hours.
And now basically that happens to 50% of Twitter accounts that Trump retweets.
They're suspended within hours.
We also had Ted Cruz and in fact we've got a couple of clips that are going to play on this now.
Ted Cruz once again confronted Jack Dorsey again.
Is all of this once again futile?
Are they actually going to amend Section 230?
Or is this just talk?
Nothing's happened so far, so it remains to be seen if anything will happen after this.
But Cruz and Dorsey faced off once again.
As the Senator prodded Dorsey to take responsibility for censoring conservative voices, here is the clip of Ted Cruz confronting Jack Dorsey once again in front of this committee.
Here it is.
Let me shift to a different topic.
Mr. Dorsey, does voter fraud exist?
I don't know for certain.
Are you an expert in voter fraud?
No, I'm not.
Well, why then is Twitter right now putting purported warnings on virtually any statement about voter fraud?
We're simply linking to a broader conversation so that people have more information.
No, you're not.
You put up a page that says, quote, voter fraud of any kind is exceedingly rare in the United States.
That's not linking to a broader conversation.
That's taking a disputed policy position.
And you're a publisher when you're doing that.
You're entitled to take a policy position, but you don't get to pretend you're not a publisher and get a special benefit under Section 230 as a result.
That link is pointing to a broader conversation with tweets from publishers and people all around the country.
Mr. Dorsey, would the following statement violate Twitter's policies?
Quote, absentee ballots remain the largest source of potential voter fraud.
I imagine that we would label it so that people can have more context.
How about this quote?
Quote, third-party organizations, candidates, and political activists
Voter fraud is particularly possible where, quote, third party organizations, candidates, and political party activists are involved in, quote, handling absentee ballots.
Would you flag that as potentially misleading?
I don't know the specifics of how we might enforce that, but I imagine a lot of these would have a label pointing people to a bigger conversation.
Well, you're right.
You would label them because you've taken the political position right now that voter fraud doesn't exist.
I would note both of those quotes come from the Carter-Baker Commission on Federal Election Reform.
That is Democratic President Jimmy Carter and former Secretary of State James Baker.
And Twitter's position is essentially voter fraud does not exist.
Are you aware that just two weeks ago in the state of Texas, a woman was charged with 134 counts of election fraud?
Are you aware of that?
I'm not aware of that.
If I tweeted that statement with a link to the indictment, would you put a warning on it that says, well, the Democratic Party position right now is voter fraud doesn't exist?
I don't think it's useful to get into hypotheticals, but I don't believe so.
You don't believe so?
Well, we're going to test that because I'm going to tweet that and we'll see what you put on it.
So now Cruz has tweeted that, he's tweeted a couple of other things, so it remains to be seen if they don't put the warnings on.
They probably won't, simply because they had this confrontation.
But we also had Mark Zuckerberg up there.
Now again, bear in mind that Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook was basically blamed for Trump's election back in 2016, and for the past four years they've been threatening Zuckerberg.
They've been saying that Facebook is the biggest threat to democracy that we've seen in a generation.
As a threat to Zuckerberg to make him relegate, ban, censor conservative content, which is exactly what he did.
So now, lo and behold, since Biden claimed victory a couple of weeks ago, Facebook is no longer a threat to democracy.
And guess what?
The Biden transition team is hiring Facebook officials!
What a quick turnaround!
Politico, former Facebook leaders, are now transition insiders.
Some on the Biden campaign thought they had two opponents to beat, first Donald Trump and then Facebook, but people with close ties to Facebook and CEO Mark Zuckerberg have already become inside players in the Biden transition.
So of course they handed the election to him through their gaming and censoring of their algorithms, because we've had studies that show that can shift millions and millions of votes on election day.
Mark Zuckerberg came through,
Mark Zuckerberg announced that the election was over, that Trump had lost, despite previously saying that nobody could prematurely announce the result of the election.
And now, as a reward, a bunch of Facebook insiders are getting juicy, prominent positions on Biden's transition team, and Facebook is no longer a threat to democracy.
Well, what do you know?
Michael Tracy tweets, in 2008 and 2012, the Obama campaign's prowess at utilising internet resources to achieve victory was widely celebrated.
Trump utilised similar resources in 2016, and suddenly the internet became a dystopian hellscape, requiring crackdowns and censorship.
But now everything seems to be tickety-boo, given that Facebook helped deliver, totally legitimately, the election to Biden.
Somebody else tweeted, and yet the calls for censorship have not ended despite them declaring Biden to be the victor.
Headline out of Breitbart,
Mark Zuckerberg Facebook censored Stop the Steal to stop violence or civil unrest.
Now for the past six months they did absolutely nothing to stop actual violence and civil unrest as Antifa and BLM burned down American cities across the nation.
They did nothing to stop that.
But the hashtag Stop the Steal, they clamped down on that hard and sudden.
During a hearing today before the Committee on the Judiciary,
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed that the Stop the Steal group was censored in order to prevent violence or civil unrest.
The reason, which they name in this article, was that a few people turned up to some vote counting protests with arms, completely legally, open carry in many states.
And that's why they banned a Facebook group called Stop the Steal that grew to 300,000 users in less than a day.
Making it one of the fastest growing groups on Facebook it was shut down almost immediately because we can't have people talking about vote fraud because of course that's going to cause violence and civil unrest.
Forget about the actual violence and civil unrest that's plagued America for the past six months incited by the likes of Twitter and Facebook.
They did nothing about it.
Gateway Pundit reports
Senator Blumenthal urges Zuckerberg to remove Breitbart, Gateway Pundit, Donald Trump Jr, Eric Trump and Steve Bannon from Facebook.
So as they did with Alex Jones and InfoWars back in 2018, you've now literally got senators, oh but it's just a private company!
You've literally got people in government, politicians, demanding Zuckerberg delete, ban, censor websites and individuals on Facebook.
Study 1's that new work from home trend is making people more racist.
Of course now we have huge numbers of people forcibly working from home because they're not allowed to go into the office.
In fact that's 44% of the workforce in the United Kingdom.
Well now those people are racist.
A new study being promoted by the mass media claims that working from home makes people more racist because they're less exposed to diversity in the workplace.
The study found that 76% of those who shared offices in the UK are exposed to ethnic diversity, meaning those who work from home are isolated from such a setting and as a result are more likely to be prejudiced.
But in this study, they actually admitted that people who live in more diverse communities were more likely to be negative towards ethnic diversity, almost as if, almost as if,
What we've been told is not true, that diversity is in fact not a strength.
Could you believe it?
That in fact correlates with a 2019 peer-reviewed study by Danish academics
Which found that ethnic diversity has a negative impact on communities because it erodes trust.
They asked whether continued immigration and ethnic diversity was having a positive impact on community cohesion.
The study found the opposite to be the case.
Turns out diversity, in fact, is not a strength.
That's going to wrap it up for the show.
Summit.News coming up next.
Warren with Owen Schroer.
Keep it right here.
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