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Air Date: Nov. 15, 2020
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Alex Jones discusses the Million MAGA March in Washington D.C., where he claims more than a million people were present, while the police estimate was around 200,000. The march was held to support President Trump and protest against election fraud allegations. He also highlights the alleged election fraud committed by Democrats, including illegal mail-in ballots and control over vote counting systems. Jones discusses how Justin Trudeau has come out in support of Agenda 2030, which he claims aims to end industrial civilization and save the earth, leading to the deaths of millions. He warns that these actions constitute serious crimes against humanity. The speaker argues that the power company shutting down and closing grocery stores would be disastrous for people dependent on them, and accuses "nasty elites" of creating a dystopia while consolidating their power. They criticize environmental groups for celebrating lockdowns as helping the environment, while they themselves live extravagant lifestyles and do not want regular people on their land. The speaker claims that these elites want a "post-industrial medical tyranny with forced inoculations," and warns about the dangers of lockdown measures and masks becoming permanent. They argue that Joe Biden is a communist Chinese agent who wants to destroy the country and impose carbon taxes, and suggest that Trump must repudiate these plans and expose Fauci and Gates' involvement in the COVID-19 situation. The speaker also promotes their own product, BioTrue Selenium, as having amazing health effects. In a test of county officials, the Las Vegas columnists sent eight fake signatures and ballots and all were accepted. Ex-Kemp staffer lobbied for Dominion Voting Systems, while Hillary Clinton's lawyer was behind two actions in Georgia's elections that were not checked. There are concerns about whether big tech and media will be held accountable for colluding with the Democrats in the 2020 election fraud. It has been discovered that all of Kanye West's votes in Michigan were counted for Joe Biden, while the law firm representing Trump is no longer doing so due to cancel culture. The left do not want Trump to have lawyers as they know there was electoral fraud and it will be exposed. Many prominent politicians such as Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, and Bill Clinton admitted that they would refuse to concede if there was a red mirage. Big tech censorship is blocking people from sharing local news stations confirming electoral fraud. The globalists are engaged in a foreign-backed, multinational takeover of the United States through a Chinese-backed New World Order system. There have been staples of total war and tyranny such as foreign corporations controlling media, creating racial and cultural division, massive censorship and surveillance of the people, and manipulating what can be said and done. Alex Jones discusses evidence of election fraud, particularly concerning Smartmatic's involvement in various states. He mentions how Biden's transition team includes Peter Neffinger, who is associated with Smartmatic, and that there are cases developing in Pennsylvania and Michigan. Jones also highlights instances of voter suppression, such as preventing Republican poll watchers from observing the counting process. Additionally, he talks about vote flipping and fraudulent ballots found in Philadelphia. He urges his audience to support Trump and not to accept a potentially fraudulent election result. The speaker discusses potential for billions of people to starve due to COVID-19 lockdown measures. The show also talks about the Great Reset and how world leaders are using COVID to end capitalism and make people poor while tracking their every move. Justin Trudeau and Fauci have both expressed support for permanent shutdown measures. Alex Jones emphasizes the importance of resistance against these measures, pointing out that InfoWars has not been shut down despite efforts to do so. The show also promotes various products available on their website, such as Vitamin Mineral Fusion, fish oil, krill oil, and turmeric with immune-boosting properties. In addition, they have a special offer for a four-week food supply at a discounted price. Finally, the show features a speech by Alex Jones in front of the Supreme Court building during a march supporting President Trump and election integrity. The speech discusses

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The answer to 1984 is 1776.
The answer is Americans of all race, colors, and creeds who bleed red blood and love God coming together with D.C.
police estimating more than a million people on the ground for the Million MAGA March.
We have the exclusive footage that no one else seemed to have put out.
We'll explain how we got this incredible footage.
The documents, the million that the police believe were there, now the MSM is trying to block it.
But first, here's the beginning of the kickoff of the march yesterday at high noon in Washington, D.C., right beside the White House.
Now ladies and gentlemen, if you're watching on TV, you see what the police estimated was $200,000.
At 11 a.m.
yesterday morning, but people kept arriving for hours after hours.
When we got back at 3.30, where the march had started, there were still people arriving, filling the streets, and we ended up running back up down the road with time-lapse and getting two and a half miles of the streets completely packed
We showed it to police officers that are high up in the D.C.
force, and they said, yes, our estimate is this was bigger than Louis Farrakhan's Million Man March, because these senior officers were there when that happened in the early 1990s, and they saw the similar thing happen when they did march down to the White House that time from several miles away.
So, this is all unfolding.
This is all unfolding, and we've got a bunch of this exclusive footage that has not been seen.
We put a bunch out last night, but then we had to go through just hours of tape we had from the march, and people had to sleep too, so right now it's almost done.
I'd say we'll have it by the bottom of the hour.
Exclusive footage from one camera person at the end of the march, where there were estimated half a million people.
By the police and then three miles back at the White House where it started at Freedom Plaza, the streets completely filled, people marching.
That's how crazy this was.
I marched when people began marching, got there, gave the first speech.
Stayed about an hour, turned around, got out of the big crowds, and I was like 500 yards away, crossing over by the Capitol, and people would see me and come over, and I had about 500 people following me.
And then we went back all the way to the beginning to Freedom Plaza, and there were, the end of it, right as we got there, the street's totally full.
I mean, a million conservatively, ladies and gentlemen.
And there were news helicopters flying around.
You're not allowed to fly drones in D.C.
There were news helicopters flying around.
And I've been checking for hours last night and today.
None of it.
None of it.
And mainstream media won't show you the aerial shots when it was beginning with the 200,000 it was estimated, or more.
And then we've got all the footage of Antifa.
They attacked our hotel last night.
They threw fireworks into it.
I heard the explosions going off.
They were beating people in front of it, and then when the crowds got mad and wouldn't kick their ass, it's all on video, it's all on InfoWars.com, the police would run up and protect Antifa, and Antifa would run behind the police.
The police in D.C.
are run by demons.
You want to know about a police state?
This is it.
Of course, it's the left running a police force like Venezuela.
They would march them out.
And then they would march the Trump supporters after the big rally into Black Lives Matter plazas so they could be attacked, just like they did in Charlottesville, where the police and the state police marched the people that were pro-memorial into the antifa so they could be ganged up on.
Truly cowardly, truly Soviet, truly evil.
But it's all coming up today.
Lockdown 2, huge, great reset news.
Biggest news on the Eugenics World Government takeover ever.
They've openly announced that COVID is just meant to depopulate the planet.
Stay with us.
Ladies and gentlemen, it is Sunday, November 15th.
The year is 2020.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
And as predicted, the election didn't end on Election Day on November 3rd.
The 79 days of hell kicked off.
And we are now 66 days out from their attempt to falsely inaugurate Joe Biden.
Massive, complete evidence of election fraud is coming out at every level.
They've got Democrat operatives in Georgia and in Michigan and in Pennsylvania desperately trying to block it.
Giuliani says within days they have the proof of total election fraud, systematically by the Democrats controlling it.
They're going to be releasing that info.
He cannot at this time because they are lining up a few more of the extra witnesses they've got to protect.
And I've got sources in the White House.
I know who's run these operations.
I can already look at all this news and tell you who's behind it.
Hillary Clinton's former top strategist was in Georgia and got the governor, whose chief of staff works for Dominion and the Democrats, to say that they could have mail-in ballots after the date of the election.
That violates federal and state law.
Same thing happened in Michigan.
Same thing happened, a judge just ruled in California that they illegally did that as well.
This is all illegal!
The 80 million ballots were illegal.
And so that's coming out.
That's disqualifying it right there.
But see, they said we're going to contest this.
We think Trump's going to look like he's going to win, but then we'll have the extra ballots after.
Well, they just froze it that night in those battleground states.
Gave them the votes they needed.
I have that big stack of news we're going to be covering first.
We're going to play the Giuliani clip.
But the thing you need to understand is this.
Something happened
In the last 24 hours, that's really big.
And I'm going to tell you about it when we start the next hour.
I'm going to cover the election fraud.
I'm going to cover the million pro-Trump march that I was at yesterday that was at least a million people the police are now saying.
And then we're going to get into
How the media is trying to counter that, how they're promoting violence, how they're promoting even more censorship now on people's private instant messengers, and just what the globalists are going to do if they're able to unseat Trump through fraud, and how we need to counter it.
You will get next month's news, next year's news today here.
Let me be crystal clear.
Justin Trudeau, the leader of Canada,
came out and said yesterday, and I'm going to play the club, that COVID-19 is going to bring in world government and agenda 2030 and that it's going to, quote, save the planet and save the earth.
And if you read agenda 2030 from the UN, it means to end industrial civilization.
So when they say end poverty and end the poor, it means killing them.
And so it isn't COVID-19 that kills the people, it's the lockdown and the global chain reaction of a supply chain which has already killed millions.
This is serious Nuremberg-type crimes against humanity, but it's being done through process.
Like if you had the power company just turn off the power and close all the grocery stores, people would starve to death, most of them, because folks are dependent.
This is just really sick, nasty elites
Creating a dystopia while consolidating power and control while they do it.
And it is a remarkable clip, and it ties into all the environmental groups just celebrating, saying, oh, plague comforts.
Nature is healing, we are the virus.
Mother Jones.
New York Times.
COVID has a silver lining, lowering our carbon, teaching us not to consume so much.
But the very people that tell us how to consume so much fly around on private jumbo jets and private helicopters and live in palaces and are worth tens of billions of dollars, and they don't want us on their land.
They want us dead.
And they want a post-industrial medical tyranny with forced inoculations that's organized violence against you and your family.
And I told you this eight months ago.
Fauci made it official.
Look, I've got the articles right here.
The lockdown never ends.
You will never stop wearing masks.
You will never stop social distancing.
You will all be tested weekly and daily, depending on where you are, when you go to an airport or to your job.
It'll all be fake testing.
This is
Tube down your throat, on a ventilator, and intubate you.
So remember, the new weapon of execution in the revolution is not a guillotine, because people can see a guillotine or a noosh, or a firing squad and fight back.
It's doctors and social workers and liberals that love you, and they've already killed 60 million babies, and now they kill the old people, and now they're going to euthanize you, and Ezekiel Emanuel heads up the new task force for President fraudulently elected Biden.
And they say people should just be killed at 75.
And Peter Singer says kill kids up to age 3.
And Fauci came out and told CNBC, Fauci says U.S.
has independent spirit, but now is the time to do what you're told.
These people need to be going to prison.
They need to be seen as the globalist enemies that created the virus at the lab in Wuhan with Bill Gates.
They need to be dealt with
By the criminal justice system, but because it won't, you have a big corporate global government and big pharma, and the blue cities, the blue states, the liberal, communist, and socialist, and labor parties of the world are all unified.
They know the world's against their communism, against their socialism, with corporate fascist tax exempt on top of it.
And so all of Hollywood, all the big banks, all the big systems, all the king's horses, all the king's men,
They're coming and enforcing all these things we don't want.
The end of our families, the 5G, the GMO, the open borders, the end of our cultures, the world government, and they all say in Operation Lockstep from the Rockefellers, and of it 201 from Bill Gates, and the UN two years ago with their disease X simulation, that a global virus is coming, we're gonna have to lock down, and civilization will never be the same because of the virus.
But to control it, they release a virus that has incredible gain of function, will spread to everyone, and your body doesn't even create antibodies to it in most cases, so you're never even able to say you're immune because your body doesn't even recognize it as a threat.
Because if you don't have vitamin and mineral deficiencies, you can't get sick and can't die from it.
And so, all the real scientists say, herd immunity, it's overblown, this is all a fraud, you just need to take care of yourself and have good nutrition.
And when those heads of universities and heads of hospitals go public, all over Europe, all over the US, all over Asia, they get reprimanded, they get fired, they get censored, they get banned.
And then Fauci goes, trust the science, when he's the one that ran the Wuhan lab with the communist Chinese.
And when they knew Trump couldn't be stopped, they decided to release it.
China did a kabuki theater about a lockdown and how to be the answer to the world with its police state.
And now, oh, they're good.
They're open for business, but we're never going to be open again.
We can't ever.
Oh, there's no more Christmas.
There's no more Thanksgiving.
We're all scared.
We all wear a little diapers over our faces.
And it goes on and on.
It doesn't matter.
It's like, oh, oh, the infection rate.
It just means you're positive.
It's skyrocketing.
If you follow the graphs of increased testing and increased people being positive, it's the exact same graph.
So as they put out the false test, and as all this happens, and as you don't die, it doesn't matter.
They will still keep you locked down because the public's so ignorant.
And once they've got everyone being tested, and once they're counting all deaths as COVID deaths, they'll finally have some numbers of COVID deaths.
Now, there's still good medical doctors and good hospitals, so they stopped putting on people that died of car wrecks and gunshot wounds and cancer and pneumonia, COVID-19, to get the money.
But a lot of hospitals want the money, so they engage in fraud.
$53,000 plus if you say somebody died in your hospital of COVID.
So it's all baked in.
The fraud's baked in.
And it only gets worse the more you comply.
It never ends until you start saying no.
And it's going to bankrupt every local business who's complying with this garbage.
Welcome back ladies and gentlemen to this November 15th Sunday live transmission.
We're very thankful for all your prayers and support and we made it back safe from Washington DC and the incredible events that took place there.
We have exclusive footage coming up in the last segment of this hour in about 25 minutes.
Um, the real numbers and why the police told us they thought it was a million people.
They first said about 200,000 first gathered, but by the time the march got going and more showed up, it went for three miles and had 500,000 at one end and then hundreds and hundreds of thousands down the street and around the road for three miles.
And it's bigger than what Louis Farrakhan did in the early 1990s.
It was one of the biggest marches out there.
This was Martin Luther King level type stuff, and there's a total media blackout on it.
We're going to show you how they crop the photos, how they crop the videos, and hopefully get this footage to the President so he can get it out to people just to show the real support that's going on out there.
Because just like there's election fraud, the Democrats orchestrating it, and the media declaring that Joe Biden's the winner.
Remember they said, if Trump declares himself the winner until it's certified by all the states,
And the electors, we will not say he's the winner.
And then, they freeze it, give all the votes they need after they froze the vote.
They kept counting, it's now confirmed in Georgia, in Pennsylvania, and in Michigan.
They kept counting once the doors were closed.
Oh, Waterbrain broke.
We're closing at 10 o'clock at night.
They were up all night.
It's now all confirmed.
The witnesses have come out, the security camera footage.
That right there overturns those elections, ladies and gentlemen.
And the fact that the Post Office backdated millions and millions of ballots under agreements made with Governor Newsom, Governor Whitmer, and others.
And that's all in the news I've got here today as well.
So they keep stonewalling going, there's not one case of election fraud or voter fraud.
Again, election fraud being orchestrated from the top, voter fraud being an individual, but the Democrats are working with the voters, with the 80 million fake ballots that have been ruled illegal.
I'm going to show you some of those articles right now.
So let's go over some of these articles.
We'll play Giuliani today on Fox.
For years, the Dems have been preaching how unsafe and rigged our elections have been.
Now they are saying what a wonderful job the Trump administration did in making 2020 the most secure election ever.
Actually, this is true, except for what the Democrats did.
Rigged election.
The media took that as him conceding.
Did you read conceding there?
Bloomberg, AP Today, Trump concedes election.
Where in that tweet does he concede?
It's called sarcasm.
That's how dumb they think you are.
And they keep getting away with it, so maybe the public is.
So he responded with this tweet.
He only won in the eyes of the fake news media.
I concede nothing, he tweeted hours ago.
We have a long way to go.
This was a rigged election.
So Trump has to come out and explain that what he said here is not conceding and no one, not a five-year-old, would think that.
All the lies, all the things they do, all the rigging, rigging the debates, rigging everything.
You know they did this.
They've been caught.
Look at just the stuff coming out today.
Look at this.
I concede nothing.
Trump blasts fake news media for saying he conceded to Biden.
Next, we'll play the clip in a moment.
Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell say they have enough evidence to overturn election results in multiple states.
Powell is very respected.
I wouldn't say that if she didn't have it.
Hell, they've already got it.
They just want to build it up and get ready to release it.
We are fixing to overturn the results of the election in multiple states.
Sidney Powell releases the Kraken.
And it goes on from there.
Let's just look at some of the news today.
Some of the news today on this.
Alan Dershowitz, a Democrat.
Trump will win the Pennsylvania lawsuit.
It's at Infowars.com.
He lays out all the reasons for that.
Anti-Trump Dominion voting system security chief was participating in Antifa calls, posted Antifa manifesto letter to Trump online, and said in the now-recorded chats, don't worry, Trump's not going to win no matter what.
But what did Pelosi say?
We're not worried about this thing coming up next week.
This thing being the election, no.
She said he will be, after it's all looked at later, meaning stuffing things after the polls close, and he will be inaugurated January 20th.
Total confidence because they did it.
They told you everything they did.
Evidence proves the first water pipe in Georgia was used as cover for secret voting counting.
They now admit in Georgia that they stayed open and kept counting secretly.
Open and shut!
The Justice Department won't indict them, won't arrest them, because they're blackmailed and paralyzed.
That's why they'd run a corpse like Biden.
That's why they steal stuff in front of us.
They have no respect for us, ladies and gentlemen.
Georgia poll watcher, IT expert, non-Trump supporter, affidavit, sudden surge in 20,000 mail-in votes for Biden in early hours of November 5th, while approximately 100,000 votes for Trump disappeared.
We caught them.
Same impossible ballot ratio found in Milwaukee.
Results change.
Wisconsin election, 30,000 vote switch from President Trump to Biden with the Ben Ford analysis.
I mentioned this.
It's out of town hall, but I'll just show it to you.
California judge finds Newsom lacked authority for mail ballot order.
He couldn't have legislation himself to suddenly say mail-in ballots work, that weren't absentee, or that you could keep counting after the election.
People go, well, why do they need to steal California?
They've got it.
They stole it a long time ago, folks.
They're keeping it stole.
With that Count Dracula character.
And it goes on.
And on and on.
Whistleblower and Dominion staffer saw Detroit vote fraud.
Another big article.
Lin Wood files lawsuit challenging Georgia Secretary of State, dark unconstitutional agreement with Hillary Clinton's Mark Elias.
They made the agreement outside law and just said, we're just saying, because we met with Hillary Clinton, that we're going to count votes after they come in and we're going to have mail-in ballots.
Same story you just saw with the judge overturned in California.
Oh, but California still goes to Joe Biden, right?
Get ready!
The show is just starting.
Democrats rigged the voting machines they're attempting to steal, and they got caught, says Gateway Pundit.
Las Vegas columnists ran a test of county officials, and they accepted all eight fake signatures, fake ballots, that the Las Vegas columnists sent in.
Ex-Kemp Stafford lobbied for Dominion voting madness.
Leads to lame recount.
And it goes on and on.
Anti-white activist Ibram Kendi says the legal vote term is functionally racist.
Trump set a trap in 2018 with executive order creating command structure to combat election fraud.
It is true.
Hillary Clinton, Mark Elias was behind not one but two actions
Missing in Georgia's elections.
They didn't do the certification, they didn't check the machines, they did nothing.
Meanwhile, will big tech and big media be held accountable for colluding with the Democrats' 2020 election fraud?
Meanwhile, turns out in Michigan, Kanye West votes were all counted for Joe Biden.
And it goes on and on and on.
Law firm targeted by cancel culture will no longer represent the Trump campaign.
Yeah, the left doesn't want Trump to be able to have lawyers because they know the fraud's there and they know it's coming out.
More on this and a lot more on what really happened in D.C.
straight ahead and then the big reset news.
Every staple of total war, every staple of tyranny, every staple of martial law, every checkbox has been filled out.
Foreign multinational corporations working through media they bought and controlled.
Creating racial and cultural division.
Physically attacking anyone that supports the president or the restoration of the republic.
Massive centralized censorship and surveillance of the people on all communication systems.
Manipulating and controlling what you can say and do.
These are all acts of war against our independence, our freedom, our republic, the rule of law, and the social contract.
The New World Order kleptocrats a long time ago passed the Rubicon with the global siege they're carrying out with COVID-19 that's already killed millions.
This is war.
We have a right, we have a duty to resist it.
But they have dumbed down and sighed off the public, where the public doesn't understand that cutting off corporate operations and business operations and farming operations here in the U.S.
causes a chain reaction that isn't just an inconvenience, or doesn't just bankrupt you, but where there's no social safety net in much of the world, you starve to death, a very quiet death, and then they call it malnutrition, or they say you've died of a disease because you were so malnourished.
But in the Nuremberg Code, the Geneva Convention, all of this is recognized as illegal.
And the forced inoculation and the forced testing and saying you've got to agree to medical systems demands or you can't live or have a job or travel.
All of that is the very essence of tyranny.
We're going to be covering it next hour.
But I got into the election fraud.
I showed you a lot of articles last segment.
Let's play a few of the videos of Rudolph Giuliani and then Ms.
Powell, who is a very respected conservative lawyer, with the evidence they have successfully garnered of systemic focus election fraud.
Here are the clips back-to-back.
Voting machines were used, Dominion voting machines were used in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.
And I have a graphic showing the states where they stopped counting, which I thought was also strange to stop counting in the middle of election night.
One source says that the key point to understand is that the Smartmatic system has a back door that allows the votes to be mirrored and monitored, allowing an intervening party a real-time understanding of how many votes will be needed to gain an electoral advantage.
Are you saying the states that use that software did that?
Well, I can prove that they did it in Michigan.
I can prove it with witnesses.
We're investigating the rest.
In every one of those states, though, we have more than enough illegal ballots already documented to overturn the results in that state.
Because not only did they use a Venezuelan company to count our ballots, which almost should be illegal per se,
Number two, they didn't allow Republicans in key places to observe the mail vote.
That makes the mail vote completely invalid.
Now, they didn't do it everywhere.
They did it in big cities where they have corrupt machines that will protect them.
Meaning, in Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh, in Detroit.
They didn't have to do it in Chicago, in New York, or Boston.
They could have.
They have corrupt machines there.
They did it absolutely in Phoenix, Arizona.
They did it absolutely in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Republicans were shut out.
From enough of the count, so they could accomplish what Smartmatic wanted to do.
And that pattern that you have there, we have evidence that that's the same pattern Smartmatic used in other elections in which they were disqualified.
In other words, this is their pattern of activity.
And yes, there is a backdoor, and we actually have proof of some of the connections to it.
Right now, our cases are the most developed in Pennsylvania and in Michigan.
But we already have enough affidavits from people who were pushed out of being able to observe.
So in each one of the states that he lost narrowly, he won those states probably by two or three percent.
Peter Neffinger, tell me how he fits into all of this.
Yes, well he is listed as its former Admiral Peter Neffinger or retired Admiral Peter Neffinger.
He is president and on the board of directors of Smartmatic.
And it just so happens he's on Mr. Biden's presidential transition team that's going to be non-existent because we're fixing to overturn the results of the election in multiple states.
Thank you.
Well, that's the term I used last week.
I said it's a fire hose on the ocean.
I have a little promo ad I'm running.
I'm saying it's a fire hose, it's an ocean, it's a deluge, it's a... I mean, this is ridiculous.
You have them everywhere, systematically kicking people out, saying, we'll kick your ass if you don't leave, and then beating people up.
I don't have time to show all these videos.
They're on InfoWars.com.
Gateway Pundit does an amazing job.
They have them all.
One election official, the headlady, goes, I'll have my attack dogs attack you.
You've got them throwing people out illegally.
Judges order them not to.
They still did it.
And then you've got all the vote flipping, and it's always against Trump.
And you've got all these counties in Pennsylvania and other areas like Michigan where they've gone into the county clerks and proven the fraud, so they flip it back.
I don't know.
The Democrats are in there trying to block this big time.
Here's Trump at the Cleveland, Ohio, first debate, where he debated Chris Wallace and, of course, sleepy, creepy, pedo China Joe.
Here it is.
Will you pledge tonight that you will not declare victory until the election has been independently certified?
President Trump, you go first.
I'm urging my supporters to go into the polls and watch very carefully, because that's what has to happen.
I am urging them to do it.
As you know, today there was a big problem.
In Philadelphia, they went in to watch.
They were called poll watchers.
A very safe, very nice thing.
They were thrown out.
They weren't allowed to watch.
You know why?
Because bad things happen in Philadelphia.
Bad things.
And I am urging, I am urging my people, I hope it's going to be a fair election.
If it's a fair election, I am 100% on board.
But if I see tens of thousands of ballots being manipulated, I can't go along with that.
And I'll tell you what, from a common sense, I'll tell you what it means.
It means you have a fraudulent election.
You're sending out 80 million ballots.
They're not equipped to handle it.
These people aren't equipped to handle it, number one.
Number two, they cheat.
They cheat.
Hey, they found ballots in a waste paper basket three days ago, and they all had the name military ballots.
They were military.
They all had the name Trump on them.
Vice President Biden, final question for you.
Will you urge your supporters to stay calm while the vote is counted, and will you pledge not to declare victory until the election is independently certified?
But of course, he didn't do that.
It's not been certified by the states yet.
Now the Democrats in Philadelphia, in Atlanta, all over, they're trying to block
Any type of research, any type of legal action, and they're trying to harass all the Trump lawyers off the cases.
This is a criminal takeover.
So if you want to be raped and robbed, roll over to this, folks.
Because this is your birthright.
This is the end of America.
They're not just going to take Trump out.
They're going to lock the country down permanently, and they are going to absolutely destroy your business, and they believe break your will until you agree to go to the reset, Great Reset, and they now officially admit they launched COVID to shut down civilization and collapse the United States.
The Canadian Prime Minister admits it.
We have that video next hour.
But first, excerpts of my speech yesterday in D.C.
They say it's powerful.
Welcome back, I'm your host Alex Jones with this live Sunday transmission just back from D.C.
and the million patriot march for President Trump and for election integrity.
It was a million.
The police are saying we'd first hit 200,000 until we talked to police.
They're saying no.
We're a little bit behind because they're getting all that HD footage together, but it's going to be going live at band.video and infowars.com.
The next 10 minutes will premiere at next hour, then I'll get into the Great Reset.
That's such a huge, giant news story right now.
As world leaders say, oh, we're going to use COVID to permanently end capitalism and make you poor.
Isn't that great?
And keep you shut down and track everywhere you go and everything you do.
I mean, this is nightmarish.
And I told you, that's how the new order works.
You're suddenly somewhat free and then bam, they drop the hammer on you.
So that's coming up next hour.
I've got a lot of research.
I've got incredible footage.
Justin Trudeau just came out.
I was arguing to cover Great Reset today, and then this morning I got sent him doing a speech saying we're going to shut everything down forever.
And Fauci said the same thing too.
I mean, these are a sick, freak, psycho group that are putting us in literal handcuffs because they know we're resisting them.
They always had this planned for us, but now they're going ahead and dropping the hammer early, which is why they're going to fail.
They must fail.
They will fail because we're going to expose them.
They failed to shut down InfoWars.
They failed to shut down so many others.
They failed to silence you.
We had a million people in D.C.
It was incredible.
But how do you keep us on air?
Your word of mouth, your prayers, your support.
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The rest of this segment, the next little short segment, is my speech yesterday in front of the Supreme Court building to 400,000 people with another
400, 500, 600,000 going three miles back and still marching.
When I gave my speech was at the head of the march.
Took three hours for the march to stop and it was just covering much of DC.
It was epic.
The police estimate a million and so a million people.
Here it is.
The media doesn't want you to see this.
Here it is.
I want to salute you all here who are in the front.
The globalists are trying to steal our election.
I want to tell you that this marks the start of the second American revolution.
This is just as important as July 4th, 1776.
The corrupt foreign media, run by the tycoons of the EU, openly said three years ago with G.G.P.
at Davos that they would crush America and destroy Trump.
And now the Davos Group brags they've used the coronavirus against us, but China's open for business.
America is going under leftist martial law.
And if the communist Chinese agent, Joe Biden, is able to get in there, he will put America under permanent lockdown, siege, until we're brought to our knees!
Tell it!
Tell it, Alex!
Ladies and gentlemen, President Trump, by every metric, won this election.
And that's why the corporate media, including Fox News, will not let anybody on to show the proven fraud in Pennsylvania, in Michigan, in Arizona, in Georgia, in Nevada, and in Minnesota.
President Trump won by an even bigger margin and the evidence of fraud is flooding out.
And now big tech that's allied with communist China is even suppressing people's text messages because the criminals are scared of you.
The truest thing President Trump ever said was, they're not coming after me, they're coming after you.
And the globalists know there's been a populist revolution worldwide.
They know from Brazil to the UK there's a huge awakening.
And they know from Africa to Canada, from Russia to Japan, there's an amazing awakening all over the world as free humanity dreams of a better future, not under Bill Gates and the New World Order!
So I want to salute, and I want to thank, and I want to tell you all, you're incredible.
The D.C.
police are believing.
There's numbers of 100,000 people flying all the way back from where we came from.
And more are coming, and this is just the beginning.
Because no matter what happens with Trump, it's 1776 time! 1776!
Death to the New World Order, death to tyranny, and life to America and our unborn children!
The pedophile globalists and their attempted election steal and the Clinton blackmail rigs have only summoned the sweeping giant that is America!
And you, and you, you are the tip of the spear!
From all over this great land,
Old, young, male, female, black, white, gay, straight.
You want the American dream?
You're not letting the globalists take it.
And we're unified in our love of America, our love of God, our love of President Trump, and our love of our shared vision and our red blood!
We are unified by our spirit that God made and our connection to the Creator and the universe and our children.
And we are unified.
And this is the genesis point of the new revolution of information!
The Satanist pedophiles the Democrats represent knew the World Awakening was here.
And so you're seeing right now their desperate operation against humanity.
And make no mistake, they control the corporations.
They control Hollywood, they control the blue cities and blue states and other governments.
And they're going to stay locked down until you all go on welfare, until you all get a guaranteed universal income, so they can force you to waive your rights to be forcibly inoculated.
Biden's head of his new COVID task force, Biden the fake president, says kill old people at 75.
That's Ezekiel Emanuel.
And Ezekiel Emanuel says make people that get food stamps take Bill Gates's deadly vaccine.
That violates the Geneva Convention, that violates the Nuremberg Code, and when you do it, you're coming at the American people with violence, and the American people have a right and a duty to resist by any means necessary!
So like I told them in Dallas in a speech I gave 12 years ago, I don't know how all this fight's gonna end, but if the New World Order wants a fight, you better believe they've got one!
Despite all their censorship, despite all their intimidation, despite all their attacks, despite all their lies trying to divide us, we are together, and we are strong, and we are unified, and we are going to win!
You know what got sold in the Dallas and the States I think 12 years ago?
I don't know how all this fight's gonna end, but if the New World Order wants a fight, you better believe they've got one!
Despite all their censorship, despite all their intimidation, despite all their attacks, despite all their lies trying to divide us, we are together, and we are strong, and we are unified, and we are going to win!
Trump is our president!
Trump is our president!
Trump is our president!
Trump is our president!
Trump is our president!
Trump is our president!
Trump is our president!
Trump is our president!
Trump is our president!
Trump is our president!
Trump is our president!
Trump is our president!
You here today are the 2nd July 4th, 1776.
You know what this day is?
Saturday, November 14, 2020, we'll be celebrating for hundreds of years as the second American revolution!
We declare independence against the UN.
We declare independence from the Communist Chinese.
We declare independence from the enemy of America, CNN.
And we declare independence from that communist Chinese agent Joe Biden and his demonic pedophile family!
And we tell them we believe in peace, but we are bringing you the war of information.
And if you attempt to shut our speech down and attack us, we will defend ourselves!
On this beautiful day that God has appointed for the Second American Revolution to commence, I just want you all to look at yourselves and at your soul and realize how amazing it is that you made the trek here and that your spirit and what you've ignited here will turn the tide against these degenerate globalists and this is the beginning of the end of their new world order.
Even if, God forbid, they kill President Trump, or set up a false flag, or steal this election.
America is awake now, and America gets how serious the situation is.
And America is rising!
All of you that came here today, whether you've been male, female, white, black, Hispanic, Asian, old, young, you are all as great as an American as George Washington was because you have the spirit of liberty burning in your soul!
I can feel that incredible energy today, and I can only tell you this.
Things are going to get rough.
Things are going to get tough.
But if we expose the globalists being behind the COVID-19 bioweapon attack and the media chicken little fear and Fauci and Gates,
Running the Wuhan lab that's on record.
They are so scared of that.
And if we simply expose that, they're going to have to back down and stop.
But because they're running asymmetrical, untraditional, psychological war on us, they're able to hide the shadows.
But we're here to call out, not just Joe Biden or Puppet, but Bill Gates, Fauci, Obama, the Clintons, the Ticoms, the EU.
All right, we've got the conclusion of my speech.
Again, I'm not cliffhangering here.
We're just behind.
There's so much footage.
They'll be ready by the second segment, or the end of the second segment, with the exclusive footage of how big the march really was.
This is powerful information.
Only you can spread it.
Only you can be Paul Revere.
This is your mission if you choose to accept it.
We'll come back on a break, finish up the speech, and then I'll hit the other huge news, finish up with what's happening with the election, then hit what this is really all about, the Great Reset.
This is critical intel.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are live into hour number two.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
Here's the conclusion of my speech in front of the Supreme Court yesterday to 400,000 people.
And then later I left, I was the first speaker, and walked back three plus miles seeing crowds even bigger.
And the police are like, no, this is a million people.
This is a million people.
The news only showed you 11, 1130 before people even started down at Freedom Plaza by the White House.
We'll have that footage next segment for you.
Rob New's in there.
We just got back today.
He's in there editing it because there's so much footage of exclusive stuff.
It's insane.
We walked back the three miles with the time-lapse just showing the real size of this crowd.
I mean, it's insane.
It's insane.
I'm in front of the Supreme Court and it just fills as far as the eye can see people. 400,000.
Twice what was it, Freedom Square?
And then I'm at the end of it at Freedom Square at 3.30 and there's, I see the end of the march and I'm like, what the hell?
The police were like talking to the intel unit.
We hired some of the office cops, pretty high level folks as our security.
They're like, no, it's, it's, it's a million or more.
I said, they said, yeah, Jones, stop saying it's 200,000.
It's, it's, it's a million.
So let's finish up my speech.
The media is trying to suppress all this and then we'll come back and give you the big news.
Stay with us.
And Fauci and Gates running the Wuhan lab that's on record.
They are so scared of that.
And if we simply expose that, they're going to have to back down and stop.
But because they're running asymmetrical, untraditional, psychological war on us, they're able to hide the shadows.
But we're here to call out not just Joe Biden or Puppet, but Bill Gates, Fauci, Obama, the Clintons, the Tricoms, the EU.
We know the COVID-19 lockdown is a siege operation to bankrupt us and that China's open for business.
And we know the Democrats call it a lockdown because that's what you do in a prison.
Well, we're not prisoners on the Democrat plantation anymore.
We're off the Democrat plantation and we're free!
That's right, all these globalist, all these globalist Democrat mayors that are locking us down from California to New York to Michigan to Pennsylvania, all of them are enemies and the equivalent of Nazis and they are to be overthrown!
The Supreme Court of Michigan openly said that this was tyrannical and that the governor had become a dictator.
These people are sick and it's time to tell them that we are not submitting to them anymore.
Now here's the most important thing to understand.
We must not submit.
We must get in these people's faces every day.
And the minions they've scared, we've got to educate them about what's happening.
America is under attack.
The globalists are making their move against us.
And now, ladies and gentlemen, is just the beginning of turning the tide.
We should all pray for President Trump.
And I'm going to say a brief prayer and I'm done.
Our Heavenly Father, we are very thankful for those that you've touched their heart to be here today.
And we see your spirit moving across the land.
And we thank you for your divine inspiration.
We thank you for your guidance as you lead, guide, and direct us.
And we pray, O Heavenly Father, in the name of your Son, Jesus Christ,
To heal our land and to put a hedge of protection up around President Trump and to protect the whistleblowers and to have their news come out and the people be awakened.
And we thank you, God, for the human spirit that shines so bright across the world, but so very bright in America.
And we thank you and ask you to give us your blessing and help us move forward against this evil.
And we ask you to continue to bless our nation and we
Absolutely commit to you, on your holy altar, to never submit to Satan and these globalist pedophiles, and we will defeat their New World Order!
We have only begun to fight!
We have only begun to fight!
We have only begun to fight!
We have only begun to fight!
We have only begun to fight!
Alex Jones' most epic speech at Million Mega March.
I agree.
The crew gave it that headline.
It's true.
Right at 600,000 views at Band.Video in defiance of big tech.
Thank you for keeping me in the fight.
Every one of you did this and I salute you.
Whether you be old, young, black, white, yellow or red, you all got red blood and I commit to you total war against Satan.
I will never submit and I will never betray you.
All right, ladies and gentlemen.
The song says it all.
They don't want to be angels.
They don't want to be with God.
They want to be fallen.
And they have free will.
But they want to take us with them.
Well, guess what?
We're not going with you, Satan.
What is every archetype, every culture?
Some cult leader back in the 1880s brings a group of settlers out in the middle of the Arizona desert and they all starve to death and die because the evil one in charge of it wants the spirit of the children and the children are still kept captive on this plane by this evil entity still feeding on them a hundred and something years later.
Now that's a fiction.
But it's an archetype of the truth.
And why does Hollywood know to show you movies like that?
Because they know it touches you because
You know it's true down deep.
And that's what Governor Newsom is.
That's what Governor Cuomo is.
That's what the governor of Michigan is.
That's what they all are.
I've been around them.
They offered me all the big Hollywood power, offered me all their stuff.
But they were so empty and so satanic, it was like air was being sucked out of the room.
I didn't join them.
But they're satanists.
And they tried to get me to join them.
Never forget, seven, eight years ago, Mark Dice calls up and he goes, man, you know, I'm talking about big production company.
You've done a reality show with them as well, but they didn't ask me to do that with them.
So I was just a guest on the show for like six episodes.
They said, they called me in this room and they said, we want you to pledge allegiance to Satan.
To Lucifer.
And he's like, are you joking because I'm a Christian?
You think that shocks me?
And they go, no, this is really serious.
We need you to pledge allegiance to Lucifer and we're going to give you this big contract.
And you're going to host a big TV show with this national rock star.
And Mark said, no, thank you.
But you have to understand, folks, you're not a devil worshipper, so to you, you're like, but now look at it.
Look at the news.
Look at the media.
Look at the lies.
It's who they are.
And they've recruited a bunch of people to join them.
Big tech, mainstream media, the whole system.
They're signed on.
They're slaves.
They're powerful slaves.
They drive $200,000, million-dollar cars.
They got helicopters.
They got jets.
But they don't have Jesus, baby.
They ain't got nothing.
They're poor.
My best works are dirty rags, but I have a relationship with God and that is a ticket to not just eternity, but a ticket to the higher dimension.
And this test.
You're not given consciousness as an independent sentient being without a test to see what side you're going to join.
So you decide what side you're on.
It's, it's freedom.
It's God giving us freedom.
And a lot of people join Satan.
And people say, well, God's a sadist for doing that.
No, God gave you free will and you did what you did.
And you basically damned yourself to hell.
It's like Christ said, don't hurt children.
Or it's like tying a giant millstone around your neck and throwing yourself into the ocean.
You do it.
You decide.
God then damns you to hell by saying, I don't see you.
You are no longer in my realm of protection.
The hedge is gone.
Satan, take him away.
Satan is God's handmaiden, the executor, the one that does the testing, but God is in command.
Hollywood, all the big banks, the EU, the communist Chinese, radical Islam, all the blue states, the cities, the globalist control freak universities, they're all ganged up against America.
They're all ganged up against President Trump.
And they are coming in with massive censorship, massive suppression, and nowhere was it bigger.
And nowhere is there an example of how their propaganda is successful as I'm there in D.C.
Thursday night.
I'm there Friday.
I'm there Saturday morning.
I look outside my hotel, staying there right by Freedom Plaza, right by the White House.
And it's like 9 a.m.
and I go, that looks like 100,000 people.
I've got all these D.C.
police we hire for security, like 15 of them.
And they're looking, they're going, that looks like more than 100,000.
We get out there at 1130, it hasn't even started until noon.
All these side roads are full.
It looks like 200,000.
The cops have to make 200,000.
I get up there before it even starts.
And the crowd just starts marching on its own towards, three miles away, the Supreme Court.
And so I kind of get in the first 10%.
I wasn't at the head of the snake, but I was kind of like right past its head.
So I get up there to the Supreme Court.
They got a big stage.
I get up and speak.
I'm the first major speaker.
And then I'm sitting there for like an hour afterwards going, man, I'm looking down the big road and then past that Pennsylvania Avenue and I climb up on top of a statue and I go, guys get cameras up here.
I see miles and miles of people.
So we caught this on tape.
Miles and miles and miles.
I mean, this was crazy.
And so the police that were with us, one of them a senior, I don't want to get him in trouble.
Um, officer, black officer, you know, who's been with, he was the head of the security detail.
Been a cop for a long time, believe it or not.
He said, look, I was there at the Lewis Farrakhan deal in the early 90s, 92 or whatever it was.
He said it was smaller than this.
He goes, this is the biggest march I've seen.
He goes, this is inauguration level.
And because I mean, it was side roads, everything.
So the media only showed the shot down into.
Freedom Square before it even began.
But people just kept showing up and showing up and showing up.
And I guess the organizers had a big stage set up there.
I mean, we were the organizers.
We set it up.
We did it.
A local group said, hey, we want to run it.
We said, fine.
They set a stage up.
And so they just kept speaking for hours so people would wait there and not go on the march.
So they didn't really follow the time dates and things they'd said they'd done.
It was kind of an amateurish.
But that's the great part about it.
So it turns out it was a three-mile-long march.
It took over four hours for everybody to even get the three miles up there.
And why is this important?
This is organized in a week.
You can pull up a Forbes from November 6th.
Alex Jones calls for a big march in D.C., a million-person march around the White House.
They made fun of us and all the rest of it, but you took action.
You spread the word, word of mouth.
It happened and it scared the establishment.
And so then they would show cropped photos
Or they look at one hillbilly-like guy, you know, yelling at a black person.
They'd sit out there all day to get that one photo to make it look racist.
The Democrats were out handing out swastika cards, but it didn't work.
This is a very diverse crowd.
Everybody was hugging each other.
It was beautiful.
And this is what they don't want you to see.
But everything in my 27 years on air, and all your support, and everything we've done, leads to this moment where we're still on air, in the battle for the Republic, when all of this is coming out, and it's such a magic moment.
So I thank you all for what you've done, because this is something we share together.
And so,
Helicopters flew over with the newscast.
None of it was on the news.
If I had a helicopter, because they don't let you fly drones in D.C., I would have had that helicopter fly up and down, you know, the full deal.
We did the best we could.
After I gave a speech and was there for like an hour, I said, well, let's walk back to the hotel.
We couldn't walk along the road because the giant crowds kept coming.
So we went way over on a side street and like 200 yards away, I was like, just keeps going and going and going.
So we started getting the footage and we went back over to get this footage.
And then again, walked all the way back, took us like two hours to get back.
And I'm like, wait a minute, I'm back where we started.
There's still the march is still going.
This was insane.
And then,
Nighttime fell and BLM and Antifa would literally, we have all this footage, beat up women and children and threw fireworks in the hotel I was in and were stabbing people.
So that's a whole other story to this was these cowards said they were going to stop our march.
They didn't.
They waited until night fell to try to pick a few people to beat up.
And when you go to the news and type in Trump March DC, none of it's about the million people.
It's all cropped images showing very small audiences, very small groups of people, or they say, oh, there were clashes.
Trump people attacked innocent folks.
So the Proud Boys, I respect them so much.
They did great security, very professional.
And when they started attacking men, women, and children in Antifa, the Proud Boys destroyed them.
The footage is all at Infowars.com.
So when you look at mainstream media, they are total liars.
They are total frauds.
Everything they say is a fraud.
I know you already know that, but man, it's so much worse than you know.
They are destroyers of truth.
They are truly following their father, the devil.
And they're not going to win in the end.
But look at them.
Oh, my God.
Any black Trump supporters?
They really attacked them.
Yeah, the footage of them attacking like three-year-old kids is just knocking people out and stabbing people.
It's just unbelievable.
So here is the report.
It's at Bandot Video.
It just went live at InfoWars.com.
We'll put up at the end of it the headlines.
You can share it, but this needs to get out.
This is a maximum effort alert.
MSM is trying to cover up the Million MAGA March that was incredibly successful.
This is your mission.
Get this video out.
Twitter, Facebook, Google.
Download it yourself.
Share it.
Here it is.
You are about to see the most detailed and comprehensive footage from the historic Million Maga March held in Washington, D.C.
on November 14, 2020.
The corporate press is desperately trying to suppress this information.
Using deceptive headlines and cropped photos, just as they had done at the 2016 inauguration, mainstream media attempted to deceive the American people and hide the massive magnitude of this historic march.
Most of the establishment media refused to show the amazing rooftop shots of the beginning of the rally at Freedom Plaza, where police estimated over 100,000 people met.
This shot was taken from the middle of Freedom Plaza at 11.30 before the event even began.
Over the next three hours, marchers continued to congregate, marched down Pennsylvania Avenue, down Constitution Avenue, to the Supreme Court, where the final protest was held.
We are unified by our spirit that God made and our connection to the Creator and the universe and our children.
And we are unified.
And this is the genesis point of the new revolution of information!
Our crew walked all the way back to Freedom Plaza, where people were still congregating en masse and marching towards the Supreme Court building.
Our contacts inside the DC police, who he had contracted for security, estimated that this march was bigger than Louis Farrakhan's Million Man March and could have easily topped over 1 million.
This information is vital to the future of the Republic and the establishment corporate media is fighting to suppress it.
Only you can take this video and re-upload it everywhere you know and spread it to your friends, your family, your neighbors to get the truth out and save the Republic.
I declare that Donald J. Trump won re-election in 2020!
We'll tell you how to share this video and have victory straight ahead.
Stay with us.
This is your mission, should you choose to accept it.
Download it yourself.
Rename it.
Upload it everywhere.
Send it on your email list.
Your text messages.
Word of mouth.
Or roll over and die.
I was sent an interesting text message by one of my friends.
The Million Mega March.
300 months, 30 days after the Million Man March, and three years, 300 days after Trump took office.
Very interesting information.
Let's do a document cam shot.
Well, let's see if we can.
We looked the numbers up.
That's true.
It shows you what a crazy magic time we're involved in.
And I talked to the D.C.
police, not just folks unknown to us, but people involved with D.C.
intelligence, and they said the same thing.
And I didn't know how big it was.
I would be happy if 50,000 showed up.
And then I'm there.
And I didn't get how big it was until I gave my speech, hung out an hour.
I said, let's go back to the hotel.
I want to eat something.
I'm tired.
Take a shower.
I'll go back out with the public.
Cause I was getting mobbed everywhere.
And then I'm back like an hour and a half, two hours later walking back and I'm like, it's still, the march is still going up where we were at.
I mean, wow.
What an untold story, man.
That's why the cops are like, yeah, that's a million people, man.
That's a million people.
Because you see the shot in that big plaza full of people, they were showing up for hours after and way down the road and people couldn't get in.
So it took hours to empty out, it was so big, to go down the road to the Supreme Court.
I'm not saying the event organizers were wrong, but they should have done it on the mall where the President
Not inaugurated, because you could fit a million people in there.
They'd have filled that son of a bitch all the way up.
Man, this was big.
And it just gives me heart and gives me courage for what you're doing and how awesome you are, folks.
It was so beautiful, man.
We were there with white people, brown people, black people, everybody, Asians, old, young.
And we were just so unified.
Everybody's eyes, I looked at them, they were like, yeah, we get it, man.
We want freedom, we want America, we want capitalism, and we want it now!
We don't want devil worshipping, we don't want communist China, we don't want Nazi Germany, we don't want Soviet Russia, we don't want Venezuela, we don't want Cuba, we don't want North Korea, we don't want Cambodia, we want our America right now!
So give it to us like we were told, or we're gonna fight your ass!
And I'm just, here's the thing, you globalists are pieces of crap.
You're like stomping on a pile of dog manure.
I have no pleasure wanting war with you.
I don't want to destroy you.
I don't want to fight you.
But, man, here's the deal.
You don't stop attacking, you woodpeckers, you're going to get it.
That's how this works.
And so we're just figuring out right now how you're going to get politically sliced up and how we're going to hang your ass up and butcher your system, lovingly, nonviolently.
But we're only sitting back, like, taking courses right now on how, you know, when you slice it here and you do that, well, who's the man, you know, and you guys, you guys all, whether it was the Soviets or the Nazis or anything, you guys always doubt good people until your ass is in a vice.
Alright, you know, I said I'd cover the biggest news ever.
And this news is so big.
It's so horrible, it's so serious that I have a lot of problems even knowing how to cover it.
But I'm going to be the best I can.
As they say, I'm going to be a good boy.
When we go to break in five minutes, I'm going to come back.
And I'm going to show you the plan to make you and your family prisoners and steal everything you have and consolidate every bit of control because there is lying scum that when you create a vacuum and don't stand up to evil comes into the vacuum and tries to take over.
So I'm going to show you the intel of the next year and the next decade and the next hundred years if you give these people power and what's going to happen.
It's all coming up next segment.
But I have the same hopes and dreams as you do.
And I want everyone to succeed.
And I love everybody.
And I look at these vampires, these psychic vampires, trying to destroy us, and I've been under attack by them.
But let me tell you, being at that event yesterday, and seeing what was happening, and the love, and the coming together, and the love the black people had in their eyes for me, and the love the white people had in their eyes for me, and the love that all the people, everybody, was so powerful that it was literally buoying and turned back years of
Psychic turmoil and pain I've been through.
It was like the fountain of youth yesterday.
And we were all there together because we were close to God.
We were standing up against Satan.
We were absolutely speaking truth to power.
We were there together in true love that Martin Luther King talked about, about our children one day up on a mountain, black, white,
Yellow, red, all together, coming together and eating at the same table and loving God and unifying and that's what the devil fears.
And that's what the Democrats and their satanic forces hate because they've decided to sell out and be pieces of garbage.
Alright, I'm going to go on a break and come back and hit the big news because I've given you the good news.
Let me give you the bad news.
About the future we've got if we don't oppose these people.
And what's coming next?
But let me just do this right now.
Oh, I'm so glad Ivanka Trump has come out and said it's wrong that all these Trump supporters, including children, got beaten up by meth-head trust fund kids LARPing as Bolsheviks.
And Trump attacked DC police that literally would protect Antifa if anyone fought back.
And the cops, DC cops, watch while children are beat up.
So I'm not against police themselves, but I'm against leftist police that are agents of evil and follow their orders.
This was disgusting.
I've watched hours of this footage.
And Trump's right calling them anti-fascist scum.
Because they are.
But once Antifa beat up a bunch of women and children, particularly targeting black people that were pro-Trump, they beat up black women, black children, you name it.
Once you saw meth-head white people beating up black folks, everybody got pissed off.
And they went and they beat the living hell out of Antifa up and down the streets.
And finally the police did their job and stood down and stopped protecting the trash.
But it was disgusting.
I watched hours of footage yesterday and today and it makes me physically sick.
I mean, the stuff we've shown you is even the worst stuff.
It just goes on and on and on.
And like weird, crazy white women attacking black ladies and pulling people's hair and just, I mean, it's just crazy people.
Because they believe the media.
They believe they're fighting Red Skull.
They believe they're Captain America.
And they actually work for George Soros, a real Nazi collaborator.
I'm running out of money, and I'm happy.
I'm just running through it all, trusting in God.
Don't have much left in the company account.
You know, whatever happens, happens.
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I'm doing the gas all the way, and if we end up running out, that's just God's plan.
It's up to you now to take action and get products you already need at InfoWarsTour.com.
But I give you my commitment, and I'm not stopping no matter what happens, but I need the energy.
I don't give a rat's ass about status or money.
It's the globalist system.
We're good to go.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
We're building a pro-human future here together.
The globalists don't want that to happen.
Let me go ahead here and get into the big news.
The man-child Canadian globalist Prime Minister did an interview yesterday where he guaranteed that they're going to implement Agenda 2030, which is the second leg of Agenda 21.
Remember a few years ago the New York Times said Agenda 20...
20 doesn't exist.
Agenda 21 doesn't exist.
Agenda 2030 doesn't exist.
All these different UN combines and agreements don't exist.
Anybody could go look them up and find out they do exist.
But it's big corporations saying, we're going to shut down the world economy, consolidate it for the ultra-rich, and tell people we're doing it to save the Earth because carbon is evil.
Even though all life on this planet is carbon-based.
So, Agenda 21's been going on for 30-something years.
Since 1992 in Rio de Janeiro, when it became world law under George Herbert Walker Bush.
And then, five years ago, they passed at the UN.
We didn't agree to it, but they still did it.
Obama said he agreed it, the Senate didn't go along with it.
Agenda 2030, you should go read it for yourself.
And then everything they say that they're doing, they're doing the opposite.
They say we want to stop starvation, but then they're creating a COVID-19 lockdown that actually causes it.
They say we want to stop disease, but they're actually spreading things like polio through it.
And that's all confirmed.
So Trudeau goes out in a governmental announcement and says we're implementing Agenda 2030.
Here it is.
Building back better.
means getting support to the most vulnerable while maintaining our momentum on reaching the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the SDGs.
Canada is here to listen and to help.
This pandemic has provided an opportunity for a reset.
This is our chance to accelerate our pre-pandemic efforts to reimagine economic systems that actually address global challenges like extreme poverty, inequality, and climate change.
So the bottom line is, he's forcing you into bankruptcy.
An Agenda 2030 says we'll shut off the economy.
All stuff that's bad for the carbon footprint will be banned.
That will force people, once all their businesses are bankrupted, to come to us and be re-educated.
Well, no one bought into the carbon footprint.
No one bought into the seas were going to rise by 2013 and flood New York and D.C.
and flood L.A.
No one bought that.
It's all about getting you into debt.
And it's all the big mega banks and all the big tech groups that have already made trillions of dollars the last 10 months of the lockdown, who now announce lockdown 2 because they've actuaried the economy where they only stay open because they're essential and everything else closes.
And the very businesses being closed by these monsters say, oh, we're going to virtue signal and stay closed or go out in parks and draw red circles with spray paint.
Everyone goes to the park and sits in the
Red circles and don't let their dogs walk outside it, because we're all going to be killed by COVID.
This is post-human programming.
This is post-human brainwashing.
This is globalism.
This is, you're in a cult, you're bad, you're dirty, you hate yourself so you don't stand up for yourself so they can abuse you.
And we have Sean Parker, formerly head of Facebook, saying, we were there to make you depressed, make you alone, make you unhealthy, to control you.
This is predatory to the ultimate level.
And they have no respect for you because you don't respect yourself and say no to them.
And our own Republican governor has joined Governor Whitmer and Governor Wolf and Governor Newsom and Governor Cuomo in selling out everybody.
And they go, look!
Record levels of COVID!
Because record levels of testing has gone up.
They call it, yeah, record levels of infection.
No one's dying from the infection unless they had a heart transplant and had cancer or were 85.
Then they just call it COVID.
It's the medical system and this whole tyranny that got away with abortion and infanticide and euthanasia now wants the whole thing.
It wants to eat it all.
It wants to take it all over.
But that's the corporate owners of medicine.
The doctors still remember the Hippocratic Oath some.
They come out and they say COVID-19's overblown.
COVID-19's an exaggeration.
COVID-19's a fraud.
97% of people didn't die of that, died of something else.
So COVID's not even as bad as the flu.
Not even 100 people actually died of COVID in Australia.
They're still under lockdown.
China isn't.
But all these doctors and all these lawyers and all these bureaucrats side with it because they think they're going to get ahead by joining with it.
And they're always told it ends in six months.
It's just a political power grab.
It's just something we're doing.
But it's all dog training developed in China with their billion, 400 million slaves.
To get us to then show that we will totally submit and do whatever we're told.
They're not trying to invent robots.
They're trying to turn us into robots.
And I told you 10 months ago the lockdown will never end.
I told you it's a takeover.
I told you it's eugenics.
I told you it's forced inoculations that violate the Nuremberg Code and all of it.
Or the Geneva Convention.
And now we're here.
Fauci says never shake hands again.
Tassi says, I was talking to a friend today who had to go to the doctor.
And the doctor, again, was wearing gloves, but would not shake hands.
And to these doctors, it's like a video game.
Oh, I get ahead if I go with my guild.
No, we're at the point where everything's taken from you now because you submit to this.
It's a satanic post-human future.
It's evil.
It's a lie.
It's a fraud.
Say no to it now!
I'll cover this more at 11 a.m.
tomorrow after the David Nye Show.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Let me show you this right now.
The Great Reset already happened.
Zero Hedge is damn right.
You should read this article.
This is the globalist system.
This is the fraud.
This is the takeover.
The Global Reset already happened.
Read Agenda 21.
Transforming our world for a sustainable development.
Ending poverty, ending hunger by killing you.
Like Bill Gates says, we're going to end carbon problems by having no humans.
And they laugh at TED Talk.
Agenda 21.
Remember, this didn't exist.
But now it runs us.
Plague Comforts!
Mother Jones!
Oh, the plague is so comforting.
Oh, nature is healing.
We are the virus.
They're just celebrating their evil cult control.
Earth is healing as people are staying home.
News 13.
How COVID shutdowns have affected the animal kingdom.
It's so good.
It's all a big leftist strike against humanity.
A strike against themselves.
None of them have kids.
Strike against God.
It's just satanic.
Like the women of the left kill their unborn children.
Or they chop their son's testicles off.
It's all just a sick sacrament.
Earth is healing as people are staying home.
Oh, Earth Day.
Oh, it's so good now that humans have been locked up.
Thank God the elite are standing up.
Oh, but they all have their jumbo jets and they're getting rid of us.
It is some positive news among very tragic situation.
Earth is healing.
Global air quality better thanks to COVID.
Oh, they're so sweet.
Coronavirus, wild animals enjoy freedom and a quieter world.
Oh, and Fauci says the lockdown never ends and you're bad.
Oh, oh, such a sweetie.
And now 70% aren't going to go home or see their family.
They're so scared because of the infections.
They're saying 80% have a cold.
It's all their takeover.
Their invisible war.
Their weapon program to lock you up as a cult member, as a prisoner under their filthy dominion.
But it's not going to happen.
Their forced inoculations violate international law, they're already causing deaths, and it's the equivalent of a firing squad trying to kill you and your family, or a guillotine!
And so we warn the globalists, under common law, under God, you are crossing the Rubicon to war!
And if you push much further, we will defend ourselves.
End of transmission.
Coming up, Harrison Smith and Sunday Live.
Stay with us.
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