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Name: 20201114_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: Nov. 14, 2020
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You here today are the 2nd July 4th, 1776.
Do you know what this day is?
Saturday, November 14th, 2020, we'll be celebrating for hundreds of years as the 2nd American Revolution!
I want to salute you all here who are in the fight.
The globalists have tried to steal our election.
I want to tell you that this marks the start of the second American Revolution.
This is just as important as July 4th, 1776.
The corrupt foreign owned media, run by the Chai Khans of the EU, openly said three years ago with G.G.
Peen at Davos that they would crush America and destroy Trump.
And now the Davos Group brags they've used the coronavirus against us, but China's open for business.
America is going under leftist martial law.
And if a communist Chinese agent, Joe Biden, is able to get in there, he will put America under permanent lockdown, siege, until we're brought to our knees!
Tell it!
Tell it, Alex!
Ladies and gentlemen, President Trump, by every metric, won this election.
And that's why the corporate media, including Fox News, will not let anybody on to show the proven fraud in Pennsylvania, in Michigan, in Arizona, in Georgia, in Nevada, and in Minnesota!
President Trump won by an even bigger margin and the evidence of fraud is flooding out.
And now big tech that's allied with communist China is even suppressing people's text messages because the criminals are scared of you!
The truest thing President Trump ever said was, they're not coming after me, they're coming after you.
And the globalists know there's been a populist revolution worldwide.
They know from Brazil to the UK there's a huge awakening.
And they know from Africa to Canada, from Russia to Japan, there's an amazing awakening all over the world as free humanity dreams of a better future, not under Bill Gates and the New World Order!
So I want to salute, and I want to thank, and I want to tell you all, you're incredible.
The D.C.
police are believing there's numbers of 100,000 people flying all the way back from where we came from.
And more are coming, and this is just the beginning.
Because no matter what happens with Trump, it's 1776 time! 1776!
Death to the New World Order, death to tyranny, and life to America and our unborn children!
The pedophile globalists and their attempted election steal and the Clinton blackmail rigs have only summoned the sweeping giant that is America.
And you, and you, you are the tip of the spear from all over this great land.
Old, young, male, female, black, white, gay, straight.
You want the American dream?
You're not letting the globalists take it!
And we're unified in our love of America, our love of God, our love of President Trump, and our love of our shared vision and our red blood!
We are unified by our spirit that God made and our connection to the Creator and the universe and our children.
And we are unified.
And this is the genesis point of the new revolution of information!
The Satanist pedophiles the Democrats represent knew the world awakening was here.
And so you're seeing right now their desperate operation against humanity.
And make no mistake, they control the corporations,
They control Hollywood, they control the blue cities and blue states and other governments.
And they're going to stay locked down until you all go on welfare, until you all get a guaranteed universal income, so they can force you to waive your rights to be forcibly inoculated.
Biden's head of his new COVID task force, Biden the fake president, says kill old people at 75.
That's Ezekiel Emanuel.
And Ezekiel Emanuel says, make people that get food stamps take Bill Gates' deadly vaccine.
That violates the Geneva Convention, that violates the Nuremberg Code, and when you do it, you're coming at the American people with violence, and the American people have a right and a duty to resist by any means necessary.
Like I told them in Dallas in a speech I gave 12 years ago, I don't know how all this fight's gonna end, but if the New World Order wants a fight, you better believe they've got one!
Despite all their censorship, despite all their intimidation, despite all their attacks, despite all their lies trying to divide us, we are together and we are strong and we are unified and we are going to win!
Trump is our President!
Trump is our President!
Trump is our President!
Trump is our President!
Trump is our President!
Trump is our President!
Trump is our President!
Trump is our President!
Trump is our President!
Trump is our President!
Trump is our President!
Trump is our President!
Trump is our President!
You here today are the 2nd July 4th 1776.
You know what this day is?
Saturday, November 14, 2020, we'll be celebrating for hundreds of years as the second American revolution!
We declare independence against the UN.
We declare independence from the Communist Chinese.
We declare independence from the enemy of America, CNN.
And we declare independence from that communist Chinese agent Joe Biden and his demonic pedophile family!
And we tell them we believe in peace, but we are bringing you the war of information.
And if you attempt to shut our speech down and attack us, we will defend ourselves!
On this beautiful day that God has appointed for the Second American Revolution to commence, I just want you all to look at yourselves and at your soul and realize how amazing it is that you made the trek here and that your spirit and what you've ignited here will turn the tide against these degenerate globalists and this is the beginning of the end of their new world order.
Even if, God forbid, they kill President Trump, or set up a false flag, or steal this election.
America is awake now, and America gets how serious the situation is, and America is rising!
All of you that came here today, whether you be male, female, white, black, Hispanic, Asian, old, young, you are all as great as an American as George Washington was because you have the spirit of liberty burning in your soul!
I can feel that incredible energy today, and I can only tell you this.
Things are going to get rough.
Things are going to get tough.
But if we expose the globalists being behind the COVID-19 bioweapon attack, and the media chicken little fear, and Fauci and Gates
Running the Wuhan lab that's on record.
They are so scared of that.
And if we simply expose that, they're going to have to back down and stop.
But because they're running asymmetrical, untraditional, psychological war on us, they're able to hide the shadows.
But we're here to call out, not just Joe Biden or Puppet, but Bill Gates, Fauci, Obama, the Clintons, the TICOMS, the EU.
We knew the COVID-19 lockdown is a siege operation to bankrupt us and that China's open for business.
And we know the Democrats call it a lockdown because that's what you do in a prison.
Well, we're not prisoners on the Democrat plantation anymore!
We're off the Democrat plantation and we're free!
We're not going to take it anymore!
We're not taking Gavin Newsom anymore!
That's right, all these globalist, all these globalist Democrat mayors that are locking us down from California to New York to Michigan to Pennsylvania, all of them are enemies and the equivalent of Nazis and they are to be overthrown!
The Supreme Court of Michigan openly said that this was tyrannical and that the governor had become a dictator.
These people are sick and it's time to tell them that we are not submitting to them anymore.
Now here's the most important thing to understand.
We must not submit.
We must get in these people's faces every day and the minions they've scared
We've got to educate them about what's happening.
America is under attack.
The globalists are making their move against us.
And now, ladies and gentlemen, is just the beginning of turning the tide.
We should all pray for President Trump.
And I'm going to say a brief prayer and I'm done.
Our Heavenly Father, we are very thankful for those that you've touched their heart to be here today.
And we see your spirit moving across the land.
And we thank you for your divine inspiration.
We thank you for your guidance as you lead, guide, and direct us.
And we pray, O Heavenly Father, in the name of your Son, Jesus Christ,
To heal our land and to put a hedge of protection up around President Trump and to protect the whistleblowers and to have their news come out and the people be awakened.
And we thank you, God, for the human spirit that shines so bright across the world, but so very bright in America.
And we thank you and ask you to give us your blessing and help us move forward against this evil.
And we ask you to continue to bless our nation and we
Absolutely commit to you, on your holy altar, to never submit to Satan and these globalist pedophiles, and we will defeat their New World Order!
We have only begun to fight!
We have only begun to fight!
We have only begun to fight!
We have only begun to fight!
We have only begun to fight!
I salute you all.
Got some more great speakers.
God bless you and keep up the fight.
History happened here today.
The crisis is here.
The Republic is fighting for its life.
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No, my friends, that makes us that much weaker because all of these powerful interests are attacking us.
What makes us strong is realizing our Christian ethos of free market capitalism and Renaissance and the Enlightenment and coming together and understanding we're under attack.
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