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Name: 20201113_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: Nov. 13, 2020
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We're here from California!
You're from California, we're here to see you!
Our fighters are here!
Here we go, 3, 2, 1...
We are at the most important moment since our birth on July 4th, 1776.
Powerful globalist forces are on record saying they want to end the nation-state.
They've run a fraudulent election to remove our president who's been pulling us out of the New World Order.
Now they're announcing forced lockdowns under UN command that'll basically never end, forced inoculations, tracking apps on your phones, so you'll leave your house or have a job.
This is a medical tyranny.
This is the U.N.
This is the New World Order.
But the good news is humanity is awakening all over D.C.
We are running into people of every race, color, and creed who are all humans and who are pro-human, who are aware of what's going on and understand that this is as important as the last two major world wars.
Love you too, brother.
This is a major political realignment.
That's why they engage in election fraud.
That's why they're trying to bring down the economy and start a third world and bankrupt us.
They're trying to make us give in to them under siege and submit.
Remember Big Mike, Michelle Obama, Joe Biden, all of them said,
Don't elect Trump and we'll turn the economy back on.
And I told you, they'll never take their foot off your neck.
They want to make you poor.
They want to control you.
They want to break your will.
That's why Wall Street doesn't support Trump.
He made them more money than ever, but he said, you're not going to run the stock market down, up and down to hurt poor people.
You're going to help everybody with wealth.
And the globalists said, we don't want double the wealth.
We want to have this little bit of wealth and make everybody else poor under us.
And that's why they're pissed at Trump.
These people are dirt bags.
I think so.
I cannot stress to you enough how historic this moment is we're all in.
This is as big as the founding of the country, as big as the Civil War, and the Lincoln Memorial we're going to next.
This is a giant time that all of you need to be involved in, and I know you're going to be involved in it.
And the front lines of that fight is InfoWars.com and Bandon Video.
We're told by big tech and the globalists and the big bankers that humans are antiquated, that we suck, we're failures, that they're going to give us the new world.
These are human haters.
But you look at this beautiful World War II memorial right in front of the League Memorial of all the people that died in the Pacific War, in the Atlantic War, what happened on both sides of the planet, and it's a celebration of humanity sacrificing and coming together and how we appreciate these men and some of the women that died.
This is human beauty, the fact that we can appreciate the sun, or this monument, or our children, or our husbands, or our wives, or our family.
It's beautiful.
That's a spiritual experience with God's creation and God Himself.
And that's what the enemy wants to cut off and put us in their artificial system so we worship the globalists and not God.
But humanity is awakening and will never be in their Hollywood pedophile prison.
Millions have died in service to this Republic from its founding.
And of course, millions died on both sides of World War II.
But we see Harry S. Truman here at the Naval War Memorial in D.C.
Our debt to the heroic men and valiant women for the service of our country can never be repaid.
They have earned our undying gratitude.
America will never forget their sacrifice.
But now we're going under TRICOM control!
A TRICOM globalist agent!
On record on the Chinese payroll is taking our country over.
He says we're a new world order that America shouldn't even exist.
So what about all those veterans and what they paid for?
You say, oh, well, they're just dumb people that serve the military, like Henry Kissinger says.
But if it wasn't for them, we would have been under other authoritarian regimes that wouldn't have had the freedom we had.
That freedom wasn't given.
It was taken by them.
And we're going to take it again.
We're not backing out of the globalists.
We've only begun to fight in the words of the founder of the U.S.
Navy, John Paul Jones.
We always knew that a consortium of megacorporations were trying to take over the United States.
We always knew that one day the U.S.
would go under U.N.
control, that we didn't stand up and educate others and say no.
But they didn't come with blue helmets with the military.
They didn't come with foreign armies and aircraft carriers and fighter jets and bombers and people paratrooping out of the sky like Red Dawn.
They came politically.
They came in the name of fighting racism.
They came in the name of giving everybody free stuff, free houses, free cars, free education.
And now the United Nations is openly running Joe Biden and the Communist Chinese and their COVID
We're one of the last men standing thanks to your support, your word of mouth, and your prayer.
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