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Name: 20201113_SpecialReport-3_Alex
Air Date: Nov. 13, 2020
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The speaker expresses concerns about the UN implementing forced lockdowns, inoculations, and tracking apps as a form of medical tyranny and a globalist takeover. However, he believes humanity is awakening to these threats and uniting against them. He praises Trump's policies for increasing wealth and encourages people to stay informed through certain websites.

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Why have people around the world wanted to move to America?
Why has the left demonized America's history so much?
Well, it's because the ethos of America is about individual human empowerment.
It doesn't mean we ever measured up to our dreams, but we went further than anybody else.
And if you look at Western architecture and all that it symbolizes, it really is the leading system in the world of human empowerment.
And that's why the globalists are openly trying to overthrow a republic, because as long as a free country exists and private property exists, and the right to keep and bear arms exists, well, other people around the world are going to see that as an example, and they're going to end up demanding it for themselves.
So now we see the globalists, the mainstream media, the electronic voting machine companies engaged in a massive steal against the landslide of Trump, telling us that he is the president elect, meaning Joe Biden, even though the Congress of the states have not certified him.
Again, it's their attempt to side opposite a submission.
That's why starting tomorrow, we're kicking off rallies across the country, but here in D.C.
with a Stop the Steal event right outside the White House at that park right next door at 12 noon for two hours and marching to the Supreme Court building.
I'm going to be there.
I've been all over D.C.
today at restaurants and on the mall and in my hotel.
There's nothing but patriots everywhere.
Every race, color, and creed.
We're one race.
Human beings with red blood that love God and have a soul.
It's an amazing time to be alive and I'm very blessed to be here and I just want to thank all you that have come to DC all you demonstrating around the country because regardless of what's happened Regardless of what happens to President Trump, we've called the globalists out.
They've openly had to steal this in front of everybody.
The communist Chinese are involved funding it all, and we've made the enemy uncloak and reveal itself.
Bill Gates, Fauci, the UN, the Chinese virus.
And so they're the ones that are in trouble.
They're the ones having to crack down on us because they're in panic mode.
So we finally forced them to fight us out in the open.
That's a very important time.
Let's pray to God for justice and for discernment.
I want to thank you all for your support.
Thank you all for being here in DC.
God bless.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Right in front of me is the Washington Monument, the White House, the heart of our republic.
The Globals are about to take over.
You say what you want about Lincoln, but he believes he was restoring the Republic.
He believes he was saving the Republic.
You look at Biden, he's a globalist who wants to end the Republic.
And it was Lincoln that was fighting the very same Democratic Party then, who was trying to break the country up.
And that's what they've done.
But now they've gotten smarter and have psychological warfare and propaganda to try to divide the people.
But in the end, it's not going to work.
No matter what happens to Trump, we're going to continue to fight on against the globalists
until we've restored sovereignty in the United States of America and pulled out of the United
Nations and the globalist system.
We always knew that a consortium of megacorporations were trying to take over the United States.
We always knew that one day the U.S.
would go under U.N.
control, that we didn't stand up and educate others and say no.
But they didn't come with blue helmets with the military.
They didn't come with foreign armies and aircraft carriers and fighter jets and bombers and people paratrooping out of the sky like Red Dawn.
They came politically.
They came in the name of fighting racism.
They came in the name of giving everybody free stuff, free houses, free cars, free education.
And now the United Nations is openly running Joe Biden and the Communist Chinese and their COVID-19 response and censoring thousands of medical doctors and scientists all around the world that speak out and expose it.
And we've seen massive censorship against the American people.
And so now, almost everyone's been censored or they've gotten in line.
Except for InfoWars.
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