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Air Date: Nov. 10, 2020
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The United States is facing a coup attempt by globalist elites using the COVID-19 pandemic and mail-in ballots to seize power. The InfoWars host discusses how Trump's election has awakened people to electoral fraud, leading to events like the Stop the Steal Caravan. They warn about the consequences of globalist empathy for others and the potential collapse of civilization. The caravan is heading towards Washington D.C., accusing the globalist elite of rigging the election in favor of Joe Biden and planning a never-ending lockdown and financial ruin under the Great Reset. The mainstream media have announced the UN overseeing US elections, world government, and gender reassignment surgeries for young boys as part of the radical left's agenda. People are encouraged to question the news they receive and resist attempts by globalists to manipulate public opinion through propaganda, such as in television shows like NCIS New Orleans.


And I research the latest developments every day, but to hear it out in the open, and where he says COVID's not a threat, we're just using it to take over and consolidate power, and you're not going to have police anymore?
You're not going to get meat anymore?
And we're going to dictate to you that you be sterilized for you to even be able to live.
And you're going to have a card with a guaranteed income, but you're going to live at a subsistence level in a 250 square foot apartment.
Single family dwellings are being banned in Europe and now in the United States.
This is a real cult, folks.
The masks are never coming off.
The forced inoculations are coming, but they want those to be their regime of forced inoculations where you accept an ID and a digital online passport.
That's why Trump tried to accelerate the vaccine from another company, I'm not even defending that, but to take control of the agenda and end the lockdown.
But as we told you last week, Biden has now announced yesterday he's posing as the president
And is now already telling governors they better submit to him and start taking his orders.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Hindsight is 2020, and the enemy is very cunning.
But now that they have launched their coup against President Donald J. Trump, we can see their battle plans.
He got four years in the White House, and they weren't going to give him a second term.
Plans for 2020 began immediately following the 2016 election.
Nine days before Trump's inauguration, Fauci says there is no doubt that President Trump will be confronted with a surprise infectious disease.
Two days after the president's inauguration, Bill Gates spoke at Davos and warned of a coming deadly pandemic.
An illegal surveillance operation was already launched before the election, and the president was then subjected to four years of nonstop baseless attacks and defamation, keeping Trump on the constant defense and the American people distracted while the deep state establishment prepared for the 2020 election.
The COVID hoax was in the works years before the election of Donald Trump, but they started fast-tracking it.
In 2017, Dr. Fauci began the controversial program of manipulating a virus to become more infectious to humans.
This is known as gain-of-function research.
In 2018, several CIA agents are elected into public office, claiming their new mission is to foil Trump.
In 2019, Fauci committed $3.7 million to the Wuhan lab in China for gain-of-function work on bat coronaviruses.
In 2019, Dominion voting machines, funded by the Clinton Foundation, expanded their 1,600 jurisdictions into the state of Georgia.
In October of 2019, the Gates Foundation, the World Economic Forum, and Johns Hopkins sponsored Event 201, a tabletop exercise that simulated millions dying from a strain of coronavirus.
Two months later, China reports an outbreak of pneumonia in Wuhan.
March 13th, 2020, the U.S.
shuts down for COVID.
Thousands of people lose their jobs overnight.
We are told that masks don't work, and yet we are told that we must wear them.
On March 16th, the Brennan Center for Justice releases how to protect the 2020 vote from the coronavirus and suggest mail-in ballots, among other changes to the election.
The media tries to blame Trump.
Fear is injected into the brainwashed masses over an alleged virus less deadly than the common cold.
On May 25th, Soros-funded violent protests erupt throughout the country.
For the rest of the summer, cities burn, businesses are looted, and people are murdered in the streets.
The entire platform of the Democrat Party becomes, if you want the chaos to end, vote for Joe Biden.
In September of 2020, the Mockingbird media began reporting that Trump will refuse to leave the White House when he is beaten in November.
On election night, just as the president begins to surge in critical states, the election is inexplicably halted.
Thousands of mail-in ballots appear in the middle of the night, all for Joe Biden.
While completely ignoring massive evidence of voter fraud, the mainstream media prematurely calls victory for Joe Biden.
And now, agents of the deep state are decloaking themselves, calling for the president to concede and give full power back to the crooked establishment.
If the president concedes, the Trump family will be forever destroyed, and America will fall into chaos.
The only route to victory is to win the election in the courts and go on a massive offensive against the deep state establishment and the mockingbird media.
Those attempting to overthrow the United States need to be executed.
The battle is just beginning.
God bless America.
For InfoWars.com, this is Greg Reese.
Now listen to me very carefully.
There is a narrow path for Trump to defeat these globalists.
Rodderstone's going to be joining us, Paul, Joseph, Watson, and others.
And the globalists have put out some incredible new announcements that are shocking in how honest they're being.
Thank you so much, my friends, for joining us on this live November 10th, Tuesday broadcast.
I want to thank the great crew for all the wonderful work they do and all of our affiliates across the country.
Every day that I come on the air is more important than the last.
I don't need to explain that to everybody.
It's as clear as the nose on your face or my face.
But now the globalists, the robber barons, the most rich people on Earth, and their powerful planetary consortium are being very, very public about their plans.
Even the London Telegraph has huge articles out
Quoting the Davos group in the UN saying that they are implementing an artificial global depression to consolidate power and control to save us from carbon, but really these billionaires are just doubling their wealth now under COVID dictatorship.
And top scientists are calling it a fear machine and a scientific medical dictatorship.
But when you go to the Davos Group itself, which is a public spokes group of the Bilderberg Group, it's the same people, they admit all this word for word.
Jay Dyer, earlier this year, had read the head of the Davos Group's new book when it came out.
I didn't read it.
And when he was on as a guest reading the quotes, it was just stunning to me because, again, I already know the enemy's agenda, and I research the latest developments every day, but to hear it out in the open and where he says COVID's not a threat, we're just using it to take over and consolidate power, and you're not going to have police anymore?
You're not going to get meat anymore?
And we're going to dictate to you that you be sterilized for you to even be able to live.
And you're going to have a card with a guaranteed income, but you're going to live at a subsistence level in a 250 square foot apartment.
Single family dwellings are being banned in Europe and now in the United States.
This is a real cult, folks.
The mask are never coming off.
The forced inoculations are coming, but they want those to be their regime of forced inoculations where you accept an ID and a digital online passport.
That's why Trump tried to accelerate the vaccine from another company, I'm not even defending that, but to take control of the agenda and end the lockdown.
But as we told you last week, Biden has now announced yesterday he's posing as the president and is now already telling governors they better submit to him and start taking his orders.
The media is spinning that and saying, well, President Trump was president-elect and he started talking to folks, and they had conceded the election then.
The day after.
It's not been conceded, it's in the courts, and the fraud is like a dam that's broken.
It's like a fire hose of just eyewitnesses and proof, and we've got
Exclusive breaking news on that at InfoWars.com where a lady that we know moved here a few years ago from California.
She'd lived with her mother for a while when she was there and got notice of this mail-in ballot and went and checked it out and found out that someone had voted in her name in California.
for Joe Biden, even though she voted for Donald Trump in Texas.
She got screenshots of all of this on the Secretary of State's website.
That's an exclusive at InfoWars.com right now, but there's thousands of stories like that.
David Knight has family that went in to vote and they didn't want to see their ID, didn't want to see voter registration, didn't want to even know.
And a lot of people try to go vote, and they find out that somebody's already voted their name.
And it's because we put up with the corruption, there's no end to it.
Thomas Jefferson was once asked, what is the level of corruption?
And tyranny that we could face.
And he said, whatever you will accept is the level of tyranny.
There's always somebody ready to fill that vacuum when you're a sheep, when you're a chump, when you roll over, when you're ignorant, that'll take advantage of you.
And now it's being scientifically done.
And this is really a story of people that are invincibly ignorant.
This is a story of people that like to be abused.
It's a story of people so coddled in the modern age and so ready for their free lunch
And who have such short memories that they don't even know what's being prepared for them.
And maybe the globalists are right at some levels.
They say there's too many people, they have no vision, they have no spirit, they have no destiny, they don't want to do anything.
Look at how we're allowed to manipulate them and control them.
And so that's our right under social Darwinism to dumb them down, poison them, and then finally phase them out, kill them.
Might makes right.
The establishment says we're in control, the people don't stand up for themselves, they deserve what they get.
Now I've been around some of the globalists and I know about their families and I know about how happy they are, and the word is unhappy, that's satanic to be mean to people that aren't as smart as you and then dumb them down further and take advantage of them.
Christ said it's better for you to kill yourself than to hurt the children, and that's an allegory of people that aren't smart, people that are simple.
But still there's another problem.
The globalists are organizing the dumbed-down simple-minded into weapon systems against those of us that don't want to join Satan, don't want to join the New World Order, and we don't want to destroy the third world, and we don't want to destroy the dumbed-down, and we don't want to destroy the impoverished.
And so they're going to be forged into weapons, and already are, that will destroy us.
And that's the devil's trick.
He's going to make us
Make us join him.
And that's really where this is.
I have the head of the Davos Group saying, we're going to bring in a global depression for your own good and COVID's made up.
And they publish excerpts of it in major newspapers and say it's a good thing with the Financial Times.
A lot of Telegraph says it's a bad idea.
And I was just reminded, because now this is the big hot thing, Paul Joseph Watson wrote about it today, it's coming on the bottom of the hour, but this was published six months ago.
We had Jay Dyer on three months ago about it, reading these quotes.
And I'm reading them again, though.
It's like, there's Jay Dyer reading out of the paper, on Skype with us, reading out of The Great Reset book by Schwab.
And no one cares.
But when it's in the Financial Times of London, he admits he's created a depression on purpose, and the Financial Times is telling you it's a good thing.
That's what's so crazy about this is, they're openly saying that they're going to incrementally cut the resources off, and social engineer everyone, and when Bill Gates was on
Japanese TV, about eight months ago, and they were saying, people are scared of your vaccines.
They claim it's a depopulation weapon.
And he looks at them and he says, well, you'll get different vaccines in places like Japan.
Knowing the Japanese are smart, and they're also survival of the fittest, very brutal.
Smart, nice people, very, you can leave your wallet on the table and nobody's going to take it for a week.
But if they think somebody's in charge, and they order that person in charge to say, kill all these children, they'll do it.
And Bill Gates knows how to talk to him.
He's like, it's not for you.
It's for the third world.
And the banker's like, I mean, and I have to sit here with the average leftist screaming, I'm Hitler.
When I walked down the street, literally signed on to the stuff Hitler was trying to basically steal and do his own plan.
And so Bill Gates is on TV saying the lockdown never ends, it's gonna hurt a lot of people, it's gonna lower the population.
He does TED Talks saying, I'm gonna make you take a vaccine so there's less people.
What the hell do you think that means?
So it's very, very sad.
And you look at the left, they don't have children, they're unhealthy, they're depressed, they commit suicide.
They're just the losers that have been caught up in his net.
And what's crazy is, is they're being scooped up and taken away culturally, societally, spiritually.
They're in the nets yelling and spitting at those of us that tried to cut them loose.
You can say, well, we shouldn't cut them loose then.
That's how the metaphysical devil operation takes place.
Because, yeah.
Those leftists deserve all the hell they're under.
It doesn't matter.
You can't then take part in it with the psychopaths like Gates.
I mean, I could have joined Gates and them like that.
I didn't, because you can feel the presence of God is not there.
They're dead.
That's why they want to kill us.
So, General Nick Carter, the head of the UK military,
Came out over the weekend, and he said the COVID-19 shutdown, not COVID-19, is already triggering mass starvation, huge conflicts, and regional wars that threaten to start a new world war.
The United Nations has come out in the last eight months and said, oh, the COVID lockdown, caused by COVID, no, it's caused by their lockdown, is already going to starve hundreds of millions if the chain reaction continues, if this goes on for a year.
Well, it's already killed millions and now it's getting a lot worse.
That's all part of the Great Reset.
It's the cover for that.
And now, Klaus Schwab, the head of the Davos Group, has come out and admitted this is to save the Earth.
And in the middle class and in Western overconsumption and implode the third world.
This is the population weapon.
PSYOP, that's how I made the film Endgame 13 years ago.
People ask, Alex Jones, how do you know all this?
They tell you.
We're going to cover this with Paul Joseph Watson and read the quotes next segment.
And they've got the major archbishop coming out and explaining this is a health dictatorship and the cover for eugenics because that's what it is.
Both articles are... absolutely go together.
I sent both to Joe Rogan this morning.
I sent both to Tucker Carlson this morning.
And I just said, please, for my family and yours, cover this.
Sure, we can argue how COVID's exaggerated and overblown all day and how it's being used for big tech to consolidate power and how they've doubled their profits.
That's the side issue, that's the gravy for these people.
It's an admitted planetary bankruptcy plan to quote, reset you where you are under their debt and where they control all private property that goes into a consortium.
And those that don't submit to a forced inoculation and other social score rules will have your property taken and will be put in emergency centers.
That's what the Archbishop's saying, not Alex Jones, because they're saying it.
The UN's saying it.
And it's already been beta tested, and you're like, well, that'll never happen in America.
Once the left figures out they're in a depression, they're going to blame Trump and his COVID response, not the lockdown.
The left will do anything.
The worse off they get, the more they grovel, the more they beg.
The more it's taken away from them with Stockholm Syndrome, the more they don't think about who did it to them.
They listen to the biggest, meanest abuser and say, what do I do to get out of this?
And they're going to say,
Follow our total social edicts.
Do whatever we say.
Send your children for re-education.
White people are bad.
Turn your boys into girls.
This is the plan for depopulation.
The takeover.
All these guys live on mountaintops like literal Mount Olympus and Davos mountaintops and fly around in the jets above us and never talk to us and have huge 100,000 acre, 50,000 acre estates like Ted Turner and he has five kids but you can't have any kids and you can't have a small house.
It's sick!
But it's what every culture ran on before Magna Carta.
That's what we're going back into.
And the UN says they want neo-feudalism to save the earth in documents from the 60s.
That's in my film, America Destroyed by Design.
But now we're not telling you what's coming.
Everything's been prepared for this.
Because now they have the AI.
Now we've all got the phones.
Now we're all tracked.
Now we're domesticated.
Now we watch 10 hours of Netflix every day.
And so they're making their move.
But the Archbishop and others, I agree, say that we don't have a choice.
We must fight back.
The more you give in, the worse it gets.
Resistance is victory.
Here is the top head of the UK military talking about this.
The full interview is at Infowars.com.
The global economic crisis brought on by coronavirus could lead to new security threats, potentially even war.
Yes, I mean I think we're living at a moment in time where the world is a very uncertain and anxious place.
And of course the dynamic of global competition is a feature of our lives as well.
And I think the real risk we have with quite a lot of the regional conflicts that are going on at the moment is you could see escalation lead to miscalculation.
And that's the thing I think we have to guard against.
Can you just spell that out in easy language?
What does that mean?
So what that means is that the protagonists, either because they don't realise the implications of their actions, lead to an escalation, which means that more people perhaps get involved, more weaponry gets involved, and before you can contain it, it leads to the sides ending up in a full-blown war.
And if that happens, as we saw in the last century, I mean, we have to remember, history might not repeat itself, but it has a rhythm.
And if you look back at the last century,
Before those world wars, I think it was unarguable that there was escalation that led to the miscalculation, which ultimately led to war at a scale we would hopefully never see again.
So global starvation, war, all of it.
Oh, but guess who's going to head up Biden's new coronavirus task force?
Ezekiel Emanuel, who went on Fox News and said he helped write Obamacare to bankrupt the US system and force us onto a single-payer socialist system.
That's right.
There it is, flashback, Obamacare architect, ACA designed to implode, destroy insurance companies.
And now, the very same guy believes in eugenics and euthanizing old people.
Wrote an article in 2014 with The Atlantic, Ezekiel Emanuel, why I hope to die at 75.
What he means is, we're going to kill old people at 75.
That's the eugenics plan.
That's who's going to be now over the COVID thing, because, oh, like Bill Gates wants to depopulate you, but he has a shot to make you live longer.
And Ezekiel wants to bankrupt the country, and now he's over COVID, which is designed to keep us locked down and imploded.
The cult's making their move.
But everybody likes to wear the mask and be heroes.
That's your first sign that you're in the cult.
First sign of total subservience.
But coming up, globalist Klaus Schwab, world will quote never return to normal after COVID.
No more police, no more meat, no more travel.
You'll be lucky if you're alive.
Wait till I read it.
And you're going to enjoy.
You're going to bow down.
You love it.
Archbishop writes open letter to Trump warning of COVID health dictatorship.
Top doctors in UK.
Hundreds write letter wearing a fear machine.
Dictatorial takeover.
On and on and on.
Because, oh, but they're the professionals.
But Biden says he'll only listen to medical experts.
You mean the ones that come like Ezekiel Emanuel?
Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel?
Our new Dr. Death's here!
It's all, oh, but look, American billionaires got $434 billion richer during the pandemic.
Yes, it's that great reset.
And, you know, they've got giant super yachts and jumbo jets, but you get nothing.
And it's for the earth, so it's better.
It's their earth now.
They're going to clean you off.
They took it over through fraud and scams, and now they've got election fraud, and you're not going to do anything.
So they're just going to brush you off.
That's going to brush you off.
We're going to go to break.
No, I know you're going to do something.
We've got to stay on air now more than ever.
I'd hope Trump could win and we could hopefully turn the tide back quicker.
But you know, Revelation, you know what's going to happen.
But we've got to build and be faithful and wake up as many as possible.
And it'll get so bad that even those that are delusional in the end will wake up when they're being forced to be euthanized, when their children are being taken, when half their neighbors are dead from the vaccine.
And they'll just finally go, oh, what's... And by then it'll be drone armies, robots.
Nerve gas, helicopters flying over, nerve gassing everybody, because they've got a mop-up plan.
So they're going to hit us with different waves of bio-attack over the years, locking us down tighter each time.
And then, by the time they get us with the real weapons, we'll be so absolutely outnumbered, outgunned, but it won't matter because humans are very strong when we start to fight back.
And it's just going to be one hell of a savage war.
My God, it's just going to be.
Most of the people on Earth will be dead at the end of this.
So, hope you all enjoy it.
World Government's coming to kill you and your family.
And they are celebrating it with enjoyment, and all the little yuppies in Austin are dancing in the streets and running around screaming they love Satan.
And they do!
And so their God is going to hurt them so damn bad.
Alright, Paul Joseph Watson's coming up on the other side.
Spread those links.
We're about to go to Paul Joseph Watson for the next two segments, then Roger Stone called me up last night, very excited.
He said Trump still has a path to victory.
Massive fraud is coming out.
The media is trying to cover all that up, but it's not working.
A criminal investigation has been started by the Attorney General doing his job.
There was a resignation over it, acting like that's a bad thing to do.
Now under law, he's charged to do that.
Incredible evidence is just exploding like a volcano erupting.
We'll cover that with Roger Stone next hour.
But I wanted to get to the real heart of what's running all this.
Who's in charge of it?
What's really behind the COVID lockdown?
What is the Great Reset that Gregory's First eight months ago did a video about in March of this year for
And suddenly it's in major British newspapers.
They're telling you, oh, this is to lower the carbon footprint.
This is to permanently reset things and forgive your debt.
But you sign on to be a ward of the state and do what they tell you.
This is true slavery.
You know, slaves got their free food, but it wasn't.
It wasn't free, was it?
We'll talk to Paul Joseph Watson about the flurry of powerful articles he's been putting out.
Globalist Klaus Schwab.
World will never return to normal after COVID.
Archbishop writes open letter to Trump warning of COVID health dictatorship.
There's a real risk of third world war being unleashed as top UK general over the COVID lockdown.
This is the cover for the world's ruling class and financiers to consolidate power and vertically integrate, that is consolidate and rob you, they call it the Great Reset that's coming up in a moment.
That's why it's so important to keep InfoWars on the air.
We're spending a lot of money to fly up to D.C.
in the heart of the enemy's operation.
The mayor said no protest for Trump allowed.
Anyone outside town's not allowed.
COVID-19, total BS.
We're going.
We got a caravan that's going to be in Tallahassee tonight at about 8 with Owen Schroer.
That's where everybody in Florida better be and better drive up that East Coast and stay with us the next few days.
And I'll see you in D.C.
on Friday.
Please, this is the time to be active.
Rallying Point, Tallahassee tonight.
Stop the steel caravan.
at Stop the Steal Caravan on Parler.
And share it, folks.
This is an information war.
We're fighting back.
But we can't do it without your help and your prayers.
So please, also financially support us.
I don't know what to call this new special.
Two months ago I said I think Biden's going to steal it.
Trump's going to win in a landslide.
Better internal numbers than ever.
He won these states bigger than he did before.
Then magically the polls closed and you saw what happened.
So I'm calling it the American Crisis Emergency Lockdown 2 is coming.
Support Infowars, the fight against total economic collapse and Biden's martial law disguised as Lockdown 2.
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I want to thank you for standing with us in the battle for the Republic and for your prayers.
Paul, you've got the floor for the next two and a half segments until Roger comes on.
Thank you.
Thanks, Alex.
Yeah, we're talking about the Great Reset.
Isn't it convenient that we had a president
That was standing as the Archbishop said in the article you just mentioned as a garrison between the Great Reset happening now he's conveniently apparently losing a national presidential election off the back of a coronavirus release back in December January which just conveniently
Created the pretext, facilitated the reason for mail-in ballots that just conveniently were supposed to, believe, push Joe Biden over the edge.
Of course, the Great Reset, as you mentioned, Alex, is an agenda that stretches back years.
In fact, the World Economic Forum on its website talked about the Great Reset back in 2016.
That's when they launched it, because that's when they realized that Donald Trump was going to be the big bulwark stopping it as leader of the free world.
Now, this is being pushed by transnational corporations, the World Economic Forum, Karl Schwab, as you mentioned, the financial elite.
And what is it?
It's called, in their own words, Build Back Better.
It's a rebranding, a rejuvenation of the New World Order, based around the idea that they can redistribute wealth
But these very billionaires never pay any taxes themselves and actually say they want to get rid of the middle class and overconsumption.
So what they say is actually the total opposite of what they actually want to do.
And they want a global Marshall Plan after they collapse the world economy to give them full control with the global currency.
Yeah, the global redistribution of wealth and power is not to the people, it's to themselves.
It's a concentration of power.
And we see that already with the coronavirus lockdowns, the Chinese pandemic with Amazon, which has seen its profits in the third quarter triple.
Triple in the third quarter to $6.3 billion.
They've had a 37% rise in global sales.
Because all the shops are closed, all the small businesses are going bust, the only place to get your goods, your items is on Amazon, is by going to Walmart.
This is a global concentration of not only political but economic power.
In the name of the redistribution of global economic and political power,
And there's a great article by James Delingpole, who is a regular guest of the show, called Only Donald Trump Can Save Us From The Great Reset.
And he points out that they're perfectly open about this agenda.
In fact, Time magazine devoted an entire special issue to this very subject.
And in fact, you can click through from his article and they've got an entire section
On the Time Magazine website called The Great Reset.
And again, bear in mind, when we start talking about this, and people have already been banned, had their content removed for talking about it, it's a dangerous conspiracy theory, but only if you say it's a bad thing.
If you venerate and glorify it, then it's on the front cover of Time Magazine.
So they call it the Great Reset.
And Paul, let's be clear.
It's because in March and April, you and I and Greg Reese and all of our other reporters and people, David Knight, we were all covering it.
We would get millions of views.
Even on videos people re-uploaded, they would ban them saying it was disinfo because we were actually quoting their white papers.
They just hadn't done the public rollout yet.
They didn't want us to make their own announcement.
Now they are.
Exactly, and then when you go on the Time Magazine website, they make it clear what it's all about.
A better economy is possible, but we need to reimagine capitalism to do it.
That means destroying capitalism, especially when it comes to small businesses, introducing universal basic income, so nobody has the personal autonomy, nobody has the incentive to build businesses, to build independent wealth, to challenge the global elite's Davos power structure.
It's not reimagining capitalism, it's dismantling it and further centralizing it around themselves.
There's another article here.
I agree.
What would you call their system?
A technocracy?
It's a form of corporate crony fascism that uses communism and socialism as the ground floor control mechanism?
The term is global neo-feudalism.
That's the term that everybody's using.
In fact, there's another good article called The Great Reset for Dummies that sums it up.
The desired end result is a giant, joyless, highly controlled, global conveyor of everything and everybody, where privacy is tremendously expensive, dissent is unthinkable, and spiritual submission is mandatory.
This is really good versus evil, and that's the point of the Archbishop.
By the way, this is not some obscure guy.
This was a guy who was instrumental in exposing the Vatican sex abuse and financial corruption within the Catholic Church, challenging Pope Francis, calling out Pope Francis, saying he's a water carrier for the globalists.
And he's outright saying that this Great Reset Agenda is a battle between good and evil.
And again, what is it?
It's the expectation that people's living standards, their wealth, has to be lowered
And that's going to be achieved by this universal basic income, so there's no financial incentive for people to... Alright, PJW, you stay there.
Let's get more into this and how we fight back straight ahead.
The answer to 1984 is 1776.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
And we predicted everything that's unfolding.
Not because I was that smart.
Because I happened to get into reading history and then government documents because they were so interesting.
We had books laying around the house about World War II, World War I, Rome, ancient China, Japan, ancient Europe, ancient Mesoamerica.
That's where we're reading books like The Secret Wartime Report, The Mind of Adolf Hitler.
I read that when I was about 10.
Little thin paperback book, wasn't declassified until the 70s.
And I was hooked on it right then.
And so I was getting a PhD level education on how the world really worked, and actually reading
I think so.
Again, explain to people how important this is.
Why the globalists want this Great Reset, this consolidation, the fact that they're going ahead with it, and the fact that they're now even hiding it in plain view is to inoculate people's minds because it's their weak spot.
We expose this, that's why they censor us, they will be defeated.
But now they're to the point of actually admitting their plan.
Why are they doing that?
Break down what it's like living in London under lockdown too and where all this is going.
Well, one of the reasons they want it, Alex, is because they believe there's a finite amount of resources and they believe that if they allow too much economic freedom, too much mobility, people will build up centres of economic power and challenge them as the elite.
So they want to commodify human beings and keep them temped down in this state of, you know, low expectations of low economic growth and low quality of life.
And the origin of the term lockdown
Where it originated from was this idea of rounding up unruly prisoners and putting them back behind bars.
And this is in the Spectator, this week's edition, says the earliest known use of lockdown, because people think this is kind of a more archaic term, it's relatively modern, the earliest known use of the term lockdown
In its current sense was a 1973 story in the Fresno Bee, a California newspaper, referring to prisoners being kept in their cells after a knife attack.
And the key words there are after a knife attack.
Again, it's this idea of the prisoners have become too unruly, got a little bit too much freedom.
There's a little bit too much backlash against their old world order that was failing.
Of course, they meant to get it in place by 2000.
Now they need a new excuse.
And the new excuse is COVID.
And here in the UK, they just announced a new lockdown that took effect on Thursday again.
The pubs are closed.
All the non-essential shops are closed.
Oh, but the big box stores, the Asdas, which is owned by Walmart, all the Tescos, you know, global transnational corporations, they stay open and they make record profits.
Everybody else's business goes bust.
They introduced it on the basis of
Infections are rising, so we need a new lockdown.
The reason infections were rising was because they were ramping up tests to the tune of 100 to 1 compared to what they were during the initial lockdown.
So they come out in these government briefings and say, we've got this prognostication, this prediction, which by the way has turned out to be completely exaggerated once again,
I think?
Deaths in the cases are way below 4,000 deaths a day.
At the end of this one month lockdown, they come out and say, oh look, we were right.
Lockdown worked.
Therefore, we need to do it over and over again.
By the way, that's what all the famous epidemiologists and scientists, almost to a man and woman, are saying what you're saying.
And so when they show on CNN or Sky TV, look, here we are a year ago, and now it's this super high level.
Yeah, but where are the deaths?
The deaths aren't there, proving again that this is an overblown absolute hoax of a virus that's so deadly you have to get tested even though you have it.
Yeah, and they always over-exaggerate the deaths and the infections with fake models.
By the way, all these models are created by the same scientists from the IPCC who said that the North Pole would be ice-free like 10 years ago.
It's the exact same people who have proven liars time and time again.
So we have these crippling lockdowns and in fact now top scientists are coming out and saying what we said months ago.
There's a headline out of the Telegraph.
Covid data exaggerating risk.
Medics and academics tell Boris Johnson official data is exaggerating the risk posed by Covid-19.
They released that after the election of course Alex.
Now we have a vaccine right?
And the top biotech at one of these management firms has now admitted, and this is a big story which I'm going to write up as soon as I get off, the test for this vaccine
Which, by the way, won't be introduced until next winter because they want nearly a year's worth more of lockdowns just to really impose that great reset.
The top biotech experts are now saying they had enough test cases weeks and weeks ago.
They could have announced this new vaccine beforehand.
Trump would have taken the credit.
They deliberately delayed announcing the vaccine until after the election.
That's not me saying that.
That's top biotech expert.
And by the way, now Cuomo and all of them are saying, don't take it, it's dangerous, because this is a classic vaccine.
I'm not saying take it, but Trump did it, so if you want it, you're in fear to end the lockdown.
It's the excuse to end the Great Reset.
That's why Trump checkmated him.
But they're saying, no, don't take it now.
You've got to take Bill Gates's mRNA vaccine.
100 times more dangerous next year.
So they're completely transparent now.
Yeah, and it's also an effort to give Joe Biden legitimacy, even though he hasn't officially won the presidency, just as it was, you know, when they faked the news article saying, oh, London's celebrating Joe Biden's presidency with fireworks.
Yeah, it's called Bonfire Night.
We have it every year.
It spreads out across an entire weekend.
It's Guy Fawkes Night.
It's not people celebrating Joe Biden.
So they overtly faked
News articles claiming that, again, to give Biden fake legitimacy, just like they're doing with this Covid vaccine, giving him credit for it.
Now he's calling for the nationwide mask mandate, which is what CNN, military officials, top health experts, again, linked to the global elite, have said.
The new normal is this.
You're never getting back to the old normal.
It's lockdowns, it's masks, it's we say jump, you say how high, and that's integrally what the Great Reset is all about.
By the way, people are in such fear that I ran into a lady a few weeks ago that I know, nice lady, and she's been wearing a mask for months.
And I said, are you always going to wear that?
Because Bill Gates said he wants you to wear it for 10 years.
And she started crying.
And she said, don't be mean to me.
And I said, I'm just talking to you nicely.
But people are so emotional about this, because when they wear the mask, they hate the mask, but they think it's a fear.
And so it's all just psychological warfare, and all these psychiatrists, all these psychologists, all these major medical firms are saying it's all a lie.
They get censored.
It's not mainline science saying this.
This is a damn cult, man.
They have really Stockholm Syndrome, Paul.
How do we get out of this?
How do we reverse this?
How do we stop this globalist takeover?
Well, the only thing to do is mass civil disobedience, which is what's happening in Manchester, in London, and it's happening in Germany, many major cities.
It's growing, it's growing, and it's growing.
They're not going to stop here.
The World Economic Forum has already announced they want this, what they call, Common Pass.
And they show screenshots from the app where it says, you know,
Seventh of November, COVID PCR test, then that's going to be the vaccine added in.
You're not only going to not be able to travel on airlines if you don't have this vaccine, Uber already has a thing, we had an article about this months ago, where if you refuse to wear a mask and then the driver reports you, you're not allowed to get another Uber until you take a selfie and submit.
That's right, they're already creating
They're already arresting people not wearing them on planes.
They're already creating the no-fly list, the no-drive list.
This is big tech.
Is it just going to censor you online, folks?
They're going to enforce the medical tyranny over you.
That's what top scientists are saying.
Yeah, and it's the other factor is I don't know how long we've got in this segment, Alex, but it's about property ownership.
Karl Schwab, the WEF globalist, which we wrote about earlier today,
wrote a book called COVID-19 The Great Reset.
They're not hiding this, they're proud of it.
And this is based off the World Economic Forum's plan from 2016, which said, quote, Welcome to the year 2030.
I don't own a car.
I don't own a house.
I don't have any, I don't own any appliances or any clothes.
It's global feudalist communism on the basis of solving wealth inequality, when in actual fact, it's complete and total slavery.
They get all the money, they get all the power.
Amazon grows and grows and grows.
Walmart grows.
Your small business goes bust.
Misery shared equally, which of course is the definition of communism.
And then they have groups that they pay to riot who say white people are racist.
Then they bring in the third world, white people are racist.
So white people are supposed to sign on to now being feudal slaves and we're all slaves together.
But meanwhile, Jeff Bezos and all of them are exempt.
What a nightmare.
And Trump was starting to figure this out.
Starting to fight it.
And as the world... Paul, stay there.
One more segment.
What is it like, though?
You've been working with me 18, 19 years.
Do your own thing over at summit.news.
An amazing job.
But you still correspond with us and still collaborate.
What is it like to know how right we were?
And how insane it is, and to know what the next steps are, and that we're the only real institution fighting it.
There's just a handful of us.
It's an incredible time to be alive, where everything we warned of is now manifesting exactly as we said.
Hour number two, straight ahead.
Stay with us.
Let yourself go.
Alright, final segment with Paul Watson.
He's going to take over in the fourth hour and he will be uninterrupted to go into this incredible stuff that Sarge Bishop put out that is dead on Veritas.
The great reset, how to fight back against the election and more.
Roger Stone's coming up next segment with Paul.
Not tooting our horn, but man, this is surreal that there were almost no institutions covering this.
You get massive resistance.
We did it.
You've been with InfoWars working, not doing your own thing at Summit.News, but collaborating with us for 19 years.
Isn't it 19 years now, Paul?
And to just see everything unfolding, is it surreal for you?
It's very otherworldly for me.
I mean, it's surreal.
It's kind of affirming in a sense, but then it's also bizarre in the sense that that's why they did the deplatforming.
That's why you literally have Wikipedia controlled by this tranche of left-wing zealots.
Who they do the fact-checking and so if you go on Wikipedia look on the Great Reset I imagine it's just a wild conspiracy theory even as they're admitting it.
It's that notion of the fact they're laying it all out.
They're calling it the fourth industrial revolution but if we talk about it and criticize it then it doesn't exist.
One more point though Alex on that.
This Karl Schwab World Economic Forum who by the way is invested in all the vaccine manufacturing just by coincidence
In his book, The Great Reset, which doesn't exist simultaneously because we're talking about it, he says, many of us are pondering when things will return to normal.
The short response is, never.
Now, if you listen to this guy talk, he sounds like Dr. Strangelove.
I put it in one of my videos.
All of us will have to hide it in the pit with the belly buttons.
A key paragraph or sentence in his book, he says, quote, unlike certain past epidemics, COVID-19 doesn't pose a new existential threat.
So therein he's knowingly acknowledging that they exaggerated the threat to seize the power.
Now what does that remind you of?
Bearing in mind these same people behind the Great Reset were behind the global warming hysteria agenda,
1993, the Club of Rome, its co-founder Alexander King, wrote the first global revolution.
Stating, quote, the common enemy of humanity is man.
In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, famine and the like would fit the bill.
So they're continuing that same theme.
The common enemy of man is man.
We're all super spreaders.
We're all infected.
And the technocratic global elite needs to save us from our own downfall.
And it's all the same people that were behind it back in the late 80s, early 90s.
...behind it now and their sons and daughters.
It's the same elite.
And what you're saying is not speculation.
You've read the book.
They put this out four years ago.
They said, our global warming scam isn't working.
We need something new.
And they said, something like a virus.
That'll create a global government.
That'll teach us that humans are obsolete.
That'll cut the carbon footprint.
And then that allows the AI takeover, because we can't leave our house.
The robots have to bring things to us.
But really, we're all just being made obsolete in the post-human world, which even Newsweek and Associated Press and Reuters and NBC News and the Wall Street Journal write articles about dreaming about
The post-human future.
That's what this is.
Right, and the AI takeover is facilitated by the public humiliation, by the cancel culture, which feeds into the social credit score.
So it's not just if you're a good citizen and you're behaving, if you're friends with someone who's violated a lockdown law, then you get punished.
So it's about merging the public humiliation cancel culture into the social credit score.
That's right, if somebody doesn't wear a mask inside your house, you're all in trouble.
So it's about getting us all to be robots to enforce on each other.
The prisoners guarding the other prisoners.
Headline, Hitachi develops fish bubble to enforce social distancing.
You set off an alert if you get too near to another person, you lose two points on your social credit score.
Now you can't buy a train ticket, now you can't fly, now you can't go and see your family.
Now you're not talking to other humans, you're all in the phone, in the AI bubble, only living through it, in fear, everything a dystopic video game.
You're back in.
Two hours, Paul, to take over for a full hour.
Paul Joseph Watson, Summit.News, an amazing site.
Great reportage.
Thank you, Paul.
Things are really heating up, and I want to say to Tucker Carlson, you got me.
You got me, Tucker.
I love you.
Man, last night, his 25-minute monologue was just perfect.
Total truth.
He goes to his own Fox colleagues, he goes, no proof of election fraud.
Here, let's show you this.
Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom.
And it was only a fraction of it.
That's my problem.
We've got so much, but listen, separate from that, Roger Stone's getting dialed on the Skype right now.
He is a realist.
One of the smartest political operatives out there.
And he says Trump still has a path to victory in stopping this fraud.
He'll be talking about it with us in a moment.
But here's Mitch McConnell, the leader of the Senate, knocking it out of the park when he talks about the Democrats saying, how dare you contest an election?
Here it is.
Now, more broadly, Mr. President, let's not have any lectures, no lectures about how the president should immediately, cheerfully accept preliminary election results.
From the same characters who just spent four years refusing to accept the validity of the last election.
And who insinuated that this one would be illegitimate, too.
If they lost again.
Only if they lost.
So let's have no lectures on this subject from that contention.
In late August, Secretary Hillary Clinton said, quote, Joe Biden should not concede under any circumstances.
I think this is going to drag out and he will win it if we don't give an inch.
That same month, Speaker Pelosi and the Democratic leader both stated, quote, President Trump needs to cheat to win.
In October, when Speaker Pelosi was shopping some conspiracy theory about the Postal Service, she recklessly said, quote,
Listen to this, I have no doubt that the President will lie, cheat, and steal to win the election.
Now does this sound like a chorus that has any credibility whatsoever to say a few legal challenges from President Trump represent some kind of crisis?
At this time last week, small business owners in cities across America were boarding up their windows in case President Trump appeared to win
And far-left mobs decided to reprise their summer rioting.
Suffice it to say, a few legal inquiries from the President do not exactly spell the end of the Republic.
Here's two professors from Fordham Law School and New York Law School.
This is how they put it.
Quote, for centuries we've asked people who are unhappy with their fellow citizens or government agencies and institutions bring their claims to court.
President Trump is, quote, a traditional response that affirms rather than undermines American institutions.
End quote.
This process will reach its resolution.
Our system will resolve any recounts or litigation.
In January, the winner of this election will place his hand on a Bible, just like it happened every four years since 1793.
What we know for sure is that the outcome is guaranteed to delight tens of millions of Americans and disappoint tens of millions of Americans.
But we also know that we will wake up on January 21st
Still blessed to live in the greatest nation the world has ever seen.
And in no small part, that is because we respect the rule of law, we trust our institutions, and neither of those things is outweighed by pronouncements from partisans.
We are back live with Roger Stone on Trump's path to victory, what the real numbers are, and what's unfolding.
Roger Stone is a smart political operator.
He says Trump still has a chance, we still have a chance, to stop this steal.
He joins us from Florida.
Roger, thank you so much for taking time out.
Go ahead, sir.
Alex, it is really extraordinary what's going on here, but a hoax is being perpetrated on the American people that Joe Biden is the legitimate President of the United States through an elaborate PSYOP.
You've got to give these people credit for ingenuity and repetition.
But they know that
Donald Trump, in fact, won a majority of all legal votes cast.
They know that there's evidence everywhere of substantial malfeasance and ballot and election fraud, which they have absolutely limited in this
The wall of mass media control in which big tech, big media, big money, big left is attempting to bury their theft of this election, at the same time trying to put the stamp of legitimacy on this egregious act of not only injustice but fraud.
And the deeper you dig, you know that not only do they, like Holocaust deniers, despicable people, they kept insisting, no, no, there is no evidence of fraud.
They trot out Romney and Bush like anybody's going to be impressed with that.
They falsely claim Republicans are crumbling to run away from Trump.
That's another lie.
But it's very hard for the President to maneuver.
He is now forced to go the legal course.
Those who say there is no evidence clearly aren't looking online or looking at any of the credible information that's actually public.
That this is all, their theft is provable in a number of different methods in all of these swing states.
You can go to Stop the Steal and we'll be posting that, but there is insurmountable, compelling, overcoming evidence of fraud, but one is essentially censored at the point that they say that publicly.
And we saw this gaslighting, we saw this mind control, we saw this hoax with all the networks trying to be the kingmakers here with Caputo.
On Fox, kicking off the live feed of the press spokesperson when she was laying out facts.
And then if you expand on that, Tucker Carlson last night said, okay, let's look at what she actually said.
And let's look at the facts.
And it's true.
I have stacks of red-handed fraud poll controllers going, we're going to steal this.
Here's how you falsify them.
Here's how you keep the people out.
And the machine's flipping everywhere against Trump.
And every time they flip them back, Trump's winning.
And the fact that Trump's gaining votes in all these states right now because the
Poll managers know they can go to prison.
They're suddenly finding the problem and reporting it.
So Trump's gaining in all these states before the recounts even begin.
Roger, it's insane.
No, it's to create a backdrop to demoralize those who support the president.
That's why at this point in this epic struggle, there's nothing more important than peaceful protest and demonstration in the public square because we're banned in the public square of
You know, of the massive social media because we're censored, but we have to show our numbers.
That's why the rally in Washington, D.C.
this weekend is crucial, where numerous conservative organizations have come together, some that have bickered in the past, but with one common goal, which is to show that the American people will not put up with this heist.
It's a hoax!
That's right.
I'm going to be at that park at noon on Saturday.
I'm going to march to the Supreme Court.
I'm going to be there at the White House.
I want everybody to be there.
Our caravan is going to be in Tallahassee United 8 with Owen Schroyer.
We've got about 30 cars right now.
That's great to have folks travel from Texas, but we need hundreds more and thousands once we get there.
The whole map is at Stop the Steel Caravan on Parlor.
At Stop the Steel Caravan on Parlor.
Gas up your vehicle, get ready, and go in this historic caravan into DC to be part of this.
Continue, Roger.
Alex, you know, as you know, in American politics, the South and the Deep South have been a bedrock of support for Christian conservative values.
They used to be democratic in the old days until conservative Democrats saw the error of the left-wing
Now, communist infiltrated Democratic Party and their other corporate handlers, and they had already moved to Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon, Donald Trump in droves.
Also, you have a great Southern military tradition here in the entire South of retired military and respect for the military and many, many veterans and so on.
You have Owen Schroer.
Pardon me.
You have Owen Schroer.
Driving a caravan of patriots, of people who are calling the bluff of the ruling elite on this con job that the evidence should not be examined.
And here's the path forward.
Stay there, stay there.
Pat's forward.
We're going to break.
He's got the path forward for Trump.
Straight ahead with Roger Stone.
Waging war on corruption, crashing to the lies and disinformation, on air in defiance of all the globalist attacks to shut us down.
They may be able to block Trump through fraud, but they're going to have even more of a fight to take us off the air because I know we have a lot of amazing people around the world, not just the U.S., standing behind us.
And I salute you and I thank you.
These globalists are not invincible.
You saw how we sucker punched them with Trump.
We got him pissed.
We got him spending billions of dollars outside the campaign to try to engage in fraud.
But we are fighting back.
So Roger Stone is here, former chief political advisor to President Trump.
It's only about eight minutes left in this segment.
You've got the floor, Roger.
Trump's path to victory, our Trump to victory.
How do we trump this fraud?
How do we override this scam?
Well, first of all, the backdrop.
We have to have mass public protests.
Just as Owen Schroer is driving a caravan, folks, join Owen Schroer in that caravan.
Owen Schroer, I think, is one of the hardest-fighting young patriots I've ever met, and the conservatives across the South need to jump in their pickup trucks or their station wagons or their SUVs or their Land Rovers or their
Or any other four-wheel vehicle and follow and fill your car with fellow patriots who will go to Washington to express their support in peaceful protest of the outrageousness of this mass media hoax.
They are trotting out all of these, you know, deep state figures.
Bush, Romney, others try to rubber stamp what they know is a fraud.
And no, for those who say there is no evidence, this is an absurdity.
There is overwhelming and far enough evidence to file very aggressive and factual and significant enough cases in the courts in the appropriate states.
And the President has made it very clear that he's going to do that.
That is step one.
Obviously, should he lose any of those arguments, because he only needs to knock out one state under their phony count,
That is allowed to move forward would be a victory for him.
So they discount this as if that is an absurd idea, when in fact, legally their case is overwhelming and compelling.
But if he fails in all of them, he can appeal all of them or any of them to the U.S.
Supreme Court, where a decision is made.
Secondarily, let's say, hypothetically, the court
Incorrectly, or because they were in some way corrupted, ruled against him.
I don't think patriots understand that the last chain in this process is the legislature certifying who the electors who will go to the electoral college are under the U.S.
constitutional system.
But they are, in fact, not, you know, they are who we're shooting for, if you understand.
Yes sir, not interrupting, because I want you to get it all out.
So it's important to show this public support before I get too deep here.
The state legislatures, who are controlled by Republicans, will make this final decision.
And therefore, if the evidence is just as broad and as deep as we know it is, it can be shown to them as a decision-making body.
Those state legislators agree with us that Donald Trump won this election.
They're Republicans.
They need to send electors' pledges to the true winner in their state if it is obvious that through some glitch or some manipulation of the voting systems, as we see in
Pennsylvania, as we see in Wisconsin, as we see in Michigan, as we see in Arizona.
Plus this PSYOP where they declare Arizona, which is still not out of Donald Trump's reach, early, but they have not yet declared North Carolina.
Oh, they're waiting for, I don't know, 2021 to tell us that Trump won North Carolina.
But see, he has to be denied
That kind of victory stroke because of the hoax they're perpetrating.
Because it shows that, wow, he could come back.
That's why they froze it when Biden was about 20 points ahead of him with the delegates.
And that's why they're so scared that Arizona's coming back.
And now that's so slow.
Oh, we can only count a few thousand a day, even though there's, they have the statistics out today.
If it continues to flip the way it is, if they count the votes, he'll win.
He'll win Arizona.
I mean, they're in deep trouble.
I think that's absolutely right, and they're rolling out everything they have.
I saw a commentary by Ben Ginsberg, very, very able lawyer, but a Bush guy, one of their hatchet men, very tough guy, excellent lawyer, who unfortunately said the President should essentially just say, there's nothing here, in terms of, and step aside.
I like Ben, but he's incorrect.
As a lawyer, he should understand that there's deep and pervasive, credible, presentable evidence of ballot fraud in numerous ways that can be fought through the courts.
And if you lose in the courts, you still have, at the Supreme Court let's say, you still have the ability to drive the patriots to make our Republican legislators understand that they make the final decision.
That's right, there's many paths to this, but let's just back up for a minute.
Jake Tapper and all the Democrats in 2000 wrote books saying the election was a fraud.
They tried to overturn the election four years ago.
Trump's not conceded.
Hillary conceded, then tried to sneak back and tried to hold back the delegates.
I mean, we have real legitimate issues with all the Project Veritas and all of it.
And I also saw a commenter on InfoWars today.
Roger, explain this to him.
They're like, why do you have an article about California, how a woman that lives in Texas that votes Republican, that used to live in California, went and checked the Secretary of State's office there and found out she's voted the last two elections for Hillary and now for Biden.
Why would they need to cheat because they have the state?
They have the state because they cheat.
It's a chicken or the egg issue.
They don't get it.
If we let this happen, Texas will go blue.
Everything will go blue.
We've got to have such landslides to override their fraud, but now they know what to do because of the landslide.
They just close the polls when we're winning, bring in all the amounts of fraud they need, and the graphs all show it.
No, there's no question, Alex.
We have a system here where they've actually rigged the system so the election does not end on election day.
On election day, they see how much we have won by, and then they simply go out and fabricate, manufacture that almost magical number of votes, usually just a few votes higher than what we had, to declare a false victory.
It's, you know, they always accuse
You're doing that which they are doing.
They're trying to pull off a fraud here.
They have a legitimate case, but what I'm saying here is there are two major battlegrounds.
So, we have to fight this through the courts.
And those who have the President's ear, who are telling him that he should concede, are not serving the President well.
Well, this is like a football game when the higher-up refs override the refs on the field.
They do instant replay, and you find out the ref was wrong.
I mean, we're allowed to have instant replay.
We've already done instant replay, and it's showing massive fraud.
Well, look, at the same time, let's be clear that Trump wins a record number of votes for a Republican candidate for president.
He goes deep into the African-American, Hispanic Americans to win stunning numbers, highest of any Republican presidential candidate in history.
He had one of the greatest closes in American history.
But let's be clear, his campaign, unfortunately, having a billion dollar financial advantage, misspent their resources.
So when the wall of mass media, big media, tech censorship went up and paid advertising was the only way to penetrate that wall,
They had no cash.
Meanwhile, Biden was pummeling them, you know, 6 to 1 on network television, 3 to 1 on cable.
So let's talk about what has to be done now.
You were damn right, privately, you told me all this, but you don't want to be negative.
We're going to come back with a few more minutes with Roger Stone, then I'm going to get back on the Great Reset and the latest election fraud and all the insanity here.
This is a lot bigger than just Trump, folks.
This is going to be Biden with an endless lockdown under the U.N.
Davos Group to bankrupt the U.S.
Just like the IMF and World Bank bankrupt third world countries, they're about to do it to us.
We'll be right back with Roger Stone.
The revolution against the globalist steel is on at Band.Video, InfoWars.com.
And on over 200 radio stations and TV stations across the United States picking up the Alex Jones Show.
We are a live wire.
All right, Roger Stone, former Chief Political Advisor to the President, is live with us.
And you're the perfect guy to ask this question.
I want to get back into what you think Trump needs to do, the path to victory right now.
Very pragmatic, very real world, very realpolitik.
But you're the guy they chose to be the Russian mastermind, though they admitted no connection to Russia, no communications with Russia, all lies.
We all know where it came from inside the DNC, WikiLeaks, the rest of it.
But to have them hold up this election for three years, not let Trump be president, say the election's illegitimate, try to put you in prison, all the shenanigans, General Flynn, all of it.
And then now you've got Hunter Biden confirmed laptop, even ABC News confirmed it three weeks after it came out.
We're good.
And then, how do we have President Joe Biden when he's compromised?
If Joe Biden was an old-fashioned, just, Democrat, and actually won, or even stole it, I would be going crazy.
But he's a Chi-Com agent that says China should dictate every aspect of our lives.
Pelosi says, well, of course China wants Joe Biden.
China's celebrating their currency's way up, saying, we've defeated America, our man runs America.
Talk about face-saving.
For the Chinese to say that, they're like, rubbing our face in dog manure, telling us to eat it.
And the average liberal thinks it's funny.
They think it's cute that the guy that tried to get jobs back and stop all the corruption and fix the VA and stand up to these traitors.
I mean, Trump was helping everybody.
Biden's going to shut off the oil and gas.
He's going to fricking bankrupt us so all these rich globalists can buy us up.
That's the Great Reset.
Roger, this is horrible.
This is unbelievable.
Again, if Biden won by 50%, I'd be against him.
He's illegitimate.
He is what they claim he were.
He is a goddamn foreign spy, and I hope he burns in fucking hell!
Well, Alex, it's not just that there's all kinds of hard evidence of the abuse of the electoral process in a violation of the laws, you know, in all kinds of varieties of fraud and mail-in ballots, people voting twice, dead people voting, people voting after they're legally allowed to vote.
We know that the Supreme Court has already ruled, at least four justices have already ruled in a prior case that such conduct is illegal.
If the new Justice Amy St.
joins them, then Donald Trump wins at the U.S.
Supreme Court on that issue alone.
And then this goes to a whole second dimension.
It's not just the old-time machine-type ballot fraud, people voting twice, unregistered people voting, forged ballots, fabricated ballots.
You have a whole second level here where Sidney Powell and Tom Fitton have correctly talked about the hammer, a very invasive federal, essentially surveillance abuse, which had corrupted and been able to manipulate votes through a scorecard
Program that was specifically designed to work through the back doors of the state election boards at the computer.
Explain how this works.
Explain how this works and also get to the first part.
They get the names, they scoop the names of dead cats, dead dogs, dead people.
They send out ballots to all these addresses and then they just know Democrats are going to fill them out fraudulently and then that's what completes the fraud is they've got a giant ocean of people ready to engage in scams and we saw triple the Google searches for you know what is the
What's the present time for being involved in voter fraud?
So we'll also speak to that.
Well, but I think that's kind of the old-time way of doing things.
Let's understand the depth to which the deep state has gone here.
Yeah, let's go to the new thing.
Explain to us what Tom Fenton and what Judicial Watch is talking about.
There are two important things to know here that are going on.
First and foremost, it is absolutely clear that the government developed a software that gave you the ability to
Foreign elections.
They have this enormous evidence that they have used that technology to heist this election.
And then secondarily, the Dominion voting machines, that architecture is problematic in terms of having been infected with manipulative tools.
It is a Microsoft Bill Gates production.
He and a bunch of other leftists.
That is the second round of fraud.
Look at the history of Dominion in previous elections.
It's another intrusive program that is being used to manipulate and show a fraudulent victory by Joe Biden.
But that's how deep it is.
It's not just the old-fashioned machine.
Oh, I found the ballots were in the dumpster for Donald Trump.
It's not that old-fashioned type of corruption.
This goes to a whole new level of chicanery.
And the mainstream media, internet-based media, corporate-owned media, media blackout of that story, of that evidence, is the backdrop
Under which we are currently fighting.
And I totally agree with you.
So what do we call this segment?
Roger Stone exposes next-level election fraud by Deep State?
I think our headline is, join the patriots in Washington DC this weekend to protest the hoax that is the theft of this election and demand that we stop the steal.
Hashtag stop the steal.
And the media is going to try to ignore it, but we're going to be there.
They're the enemy.
Let me raise this for you next segment.
We're going to hit it with you so you can stay longer.
Guess what?
Who climbed out from under a rock?
This went live on Infowars.com on the video next segment.
Ex-CIA Chief Brennan pushes palace coup against Trump to stop declassifications.
They're calling for 21st Amendment.
And of course, as I predicted, they're saying, oh, he's not following the president-elect's, who's not even president-elect's, directives on COVID for a new lockdown.
We've got to remove him or there's more deaths.
And we can't allow declassifications.
Trump's not allowed to.
25th Amendment him now.
They are really desperate.
I think they realize they could fail in this fifth coup, Roger.
Well, they certainly have our leader in their sights, but this false psychology is almost seamless, in which they keep insisting, in their epic censorship of media, their blitz of lies.
Today there is a story that the IRS forgave a tax lien against me for $1.5 million, a gift from Donald Trump's administration, when in fact they relinquished a lien in Miami-Dade County, a county I haven't lived in for 10 years, and refiled it immediately in Broward County, where I do live.
Giving me no tax advantage whatsoever.
It was bureaucratic paperwork.
By the way, you can owe them $1,000.
They'll put the full value of the house in the lien.
It's just a total theater.
It doesn't matter.
The media reports Act 1, but not Act 2.
Stone... Trump gives Stone gifts, removes lien from home.
It's all, you know, it's all garbage.
But with this wall of censorship, I can't tell people other than places in New York... Now let me say how cold-blooded they are.
That's how these places are so precious, like these little oases in the desert.
Roger, Trump's path to victory.
I mean, I think it can happen.
Well, he has to have the resolve to fight it through.
But more importantly, it's time for the Infowarriors to join the fight.
We have to do large, boisterous, legal, respectful, but meaningful public protest every time there's a major event.
The outrageousness here.
There's going to be a protest at the Fox headquarters in Washington, D.C., which I believe is on Wednesday.
Thank you.
They're gagging you on the internet.
They're gagging you on social media, but they can't stop you from showing up at the Capitol.
That's right.
I have one more question, Roger.
What does Trump need to do visually and verbally?
Welcome back.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
The website I don't want you to visit, I don't want you to share is InfoWars.com, NewsWars.com.
Of course, we have Band.Video with all the live feeds and the stuff you're not supposed to see.
All those medical doctors saying COVID-19 is a power grab, calling it a fear machine.
We've got so much more coming up next hour.
I'm going to lay all of this out and what this Archbishop is saying about the Great Reset and how it's going to destroy the planet, how it's a designed system to destroy the middle class.
That is all coming up.
Tucker Carlson, been knocking out of the park.
It really is quite extraordinary the way this is folding out.
This is an epic struggle for the soul of the country.
They're trying to pull off one of the greatest
A fox trotting out the bushes and Romney as if that means something.
This kind of wall of resistance to the truth that they claim is a political narrative.
This is disgraceful.
When an Associate Attorney General resigns because the Attorney General gives a general order that federal attorneys are supposed to pay attention to solid evidence of ballot fraud,
This man resigns saying there is none.
He resigns because there is none.
He should be penalized by the bar.
That's false.
Not Bill Barr, but the Association of Attorneys because there is real and compelling evidence that has not yet been heard in court.
Federal law says Barr is supposed to do that.
It's fraud.
That's their hoax.
And they're on the cusp of pulling it off because of the censorship, which is why we have to go all pirate radio if we want to get the truth about this out.
It's extraordinary.
Isn't it incredible how Trump's biggest failure
Well, I know that he doubted that Twitter would ever have the audacity to censor the President of the United States.
In fact, they have done so nine or ten times just in recent days when everything the president said was supportable and allowable under the First Amendment.
But there's only one narrative, and it is theirs.
And if you don't agree to it, well, ultimately, they'll burn your neighborhood down because their shock troops are waiting out in the suburbs with their
Knives sheathed, but waiting for the moment to start the looting and the throwing of bricks and the beating of senior citizens.
After they burn their own neighborhoods, they've already said they intend to move to the suburbs, and there's evidence that they have.
So this is an—we've never seen this dynamic in American politics before, yet they pull off this media con job.
Let the President have his day in court.
I believe he'll prevail in one of the state courts, which means the game's over and he wins, unless they want to appeal to the Supreme Court, which would be foolish.
Or if that does not play out, the President could appeal the verdict of any of the litigations he's filed to the U.S.
Supreme Court with sufficient broadness to understand what the Court's already ruled on, which would be his best case for the appeal.
But he couldn't prevail in court, and if not,
He has the recourse and his supporters will have to support this to take it to the last legal court of opinion.
That's the state legislatures.
The state legislatures in the swing states are overwhelmingly held in both houses by Republicans.
Those Republicans have to stand tall for the truth.
And that's already starting in Michigan and other areas.
Again, everywhere they're starting to go back through the computers, they're admitting machines flipped against Trump in every case.
This is so obvious in Georgia.
Let me ask you this.
What does the President need to do?
Why has he not been seen in a speech in three days?
Why did he only give two other speeches we know of that were pretty tame?
You know, the one where he said, I'm really the winner on November 4th in the middle of the night was pretty good in the early morning, but he needs to be up there having resolute desk every night to the American people about what's happening.
Why isn't he using his ultimate weapon?
Well, first of all, let's give this man his due.
At 73 years old, he just
Stay tuned.
Of criminal justice reform, of the renewal of American manufacturing jobs.
They complained about his handling of COVID, yet in truth, everything Joe Biden said that he's going to do in his hot new task force has already been done, and probably better than Joe Biden could have done it.
So, you know, this is going to be an epic struggle.
And right now, turn to the streets.
This is the key message for everybody who contacts me, says, is it hopeless?
Is there a way forward?
Is there a path?
It's up to you.
It's up to you.
It's up to you.
Don't let, don't fall for their psy-op, which they tell you it's over.
It's not over till we say it is.
And by the way, if Biden had really won and there wasn't massive fraud and systemic scamming and they hadn't pre-programmed it with all the ballots and all of this, and if they weren't censoring everybody who criticized it, I'd say, okay, let the idiot win.
Especially if he wasn't a Chinese Communist agent.
But, I mean, we've got to fight this.
It's only going to get worse.
And they're watching us very closely right now.
If we roll over to this, it's only going to greenlight them to go that much more crazy.
Roger, keep joining us if you can, even if it's for a segment or two.
Every day.
Owen's on the road.
I know that we got Harrison Smith doing a great job.
I'd love you to pop in on the War Room today, tomorrow, anytime you want.
You're on the air.
Thank you so much, Roger.
Well, Alex, thanks.
I wanted to bring people up to date because they need to understand the president has a compelling case.
He needs to be allowed to take it to the court.
Those who say there is no evidence are part of a mass hypnosis attempt by the mainstream media as one who has seen the evidence and talked to the lawyers and read the law.
Yes, he has an overwhelming case.
Stop the Steal is posting much of this material and will be posting more so any American can see.
In Arizona, in Pennsylvania, in Michigan, in Wisconsin, in Minnesota, there are enormous levels of documentable, credible ballot theft in every country.
That's right, and we're going to cover it next hour.
Roger Stone, thank you so much.
All right, Alex, great to be with you.
God bless America and God bless the President of the United States.
That's right.
You know, I don't just gush over people and Trump made a lot of mistakes, but I've been a man in the arena and I know how hard it is when you're in the actual fight.
He did way better than I could have done.
He turned the country around.
All of us got persecuted for him.
I lost almost everything I own.
I got demonized.
Roger almost went to prison, lost most of what he had.
So I stood with Trump because I knew he was a good guy.
He did so much for the average person, and how he doubled the money to black colleges, and how he put 50-something billion into development zones in black neighborhoods, and just, you know, and the prison reform, because he really cares.
And to watch the system piss all over that, with that Joe Biden calling us racist, makes me sick.
But you know what?
You can lead a horse to water, you can't make him drink.
We're going to start the next hour, Owen Schroeder is going to pop in, Stuart Rhodes, O'Keefers is going to be joining our caravan and helping us out with that.
I was gonna be in Tallahassee tonight about 8 o'clock.
That's the real rallying point.
We're counting on folks.
We went through Florida.
We know Florida loves Liberty.
Gas up the car.
Drive up the next few days with us.
Stay in D.C.
for this event.
If you don't, you're crazy.
Because this is all about visuals, and it's all about going up there, and it's all about standing for freedom.
So we'll see you in D.C.
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Well, John Brennan, who is a communist, registered communist, voted communist twice, says he's a communist.
He also joined Al-Qaeda.
He's a Wahhabist.
You can't make this up.
Total globalist agent.
He says Trump's the enemy.
And he says we're all bad.
Ex-CIA chief that spied on the president illegally.
Pushes palace coup against President Trump to stop declassifications.
I mean, these are monsters.
They're so close to going to prison.
The fact that they're Chinese communist agents, I mean they sell out everything.
Their whole job is to get rid of America, destroy America, no borders, no walls, no USA at all.
Now they're claiming Trump's the enemy and he's got some book out.
So here he is with the disgusting rats, Cuomo, that killed all those, his brother killed all those old people in New York.
Here he is with that mafia, Don's little brother Fredo, talking about our president being bad.
Here it is.
It's clear that Mark Esper was removed as Secretary of Defense because he rebuffed Donald Trump's efforts to politicize the U.S.
And I think it's quite apparent from the reporting that Mark Esper has stood up to Donald Trump repeatedly.
Who knows what else he has refused to do?
And the Secretary of Defense position is, I think, the most consequential position in the U.S.
government aside from the President of the United States.
Because it is the Secretary of Defense who carries out the orders given by a president for military operations.
And if Mark Esper has been pushed aside because he is not, you know, listening to Donald Trump, you know, carrying out these orders, who knows what his successor, this acting secretary, Chris Miller, is going to do if Donald Trump does give some type of order that really is counter to, I think, what our national security interests need to be.
One more rebuttal to his shoulder shrug.
70 days.
You know, he'll be gone in 70 days anyway, once the Electoral College meets and we have the inauguration.
70 days, you can do a lot of damage in 70 days.
He still is the President of the United States.
And is he going to carry out these vendettas against other individuals, as you pointed out, Chris Wray or Gina Haspel or others?
It is clear that Donald Trump is trying to exercise the power because he can, and he is going to settle scores.
But I'm very concerned what he might do in his remaining 70 days in office.
Is he going to take some type of military action?
Is he going to release some type of information that could in fact threaten our national security interests?
So I think people need to be looking very carefully at what he's doing.
And unfortunately, Republicans in Congress continue to give Donald Trump a pass.
All right, so this is the key question.
What can be done?
Short of him messing with the Electoral College and trying to have Republican or friendlies pick their own electors and, you know, go grand scale with faithless electors, what can be done to stop anything he wants to do in the next 70 days?
Well, if Vice President Pence and the Cabinet had an ounce of fortitude and spine and patriotism, I think they would seriously consider invoking the 25th Amendment and, you know, pushing Donald Trump out because he is just very unpredictable now.
He's like a cornered cat.
This is the best news yet.
Back it up 20 seconds.
I want to play that when we come back.
A cornered tiger.
Now they admit he's this powerful creature.
It represents the American soul, and they are so scared because they are rats.
Notice when Cuomo put out a tweet about it, they said, oh, Trump is like, let's give him the article that comes with that, thanks.
They said he's like a cornered rat.
No, no, you're the cornered rats with the cat.
And so this is a big, big deal.
All right, I got a bunch of news I'm going to hit on this front and where we really are as a society and a country.
Ahead of Owen Schroer popping in.
And then we're also going to have both keepers, founder and a great patriot, constitutional lawyer, Stuart Rhodes, joining us as well.
Please remember, the only way Banned.Video gets out, everybody else is censored now.
Only way InfoWars gets out is you word of mouth it, you private message it, you email it.
They're censoring everything else now, folks.
But keep fighting.
This is such a critical time.
We're very close to beating them.
We forced them out in the open.
No one even knew about globalism 10 years ago.
The New World Order.
So as negative as things are, we've actually come a long way.
Do we expect them just to back down and not give us our country back and our world back?
This is good versus evil.
This is a big, big deal.
Stay with us.
The globalists are trying to censor what you can see and what you can share.
Don't let them win.
Go to our emergency election newsletter at InfoWars.com forward slash newsletter.
Sign up for free and get intel they don't want you to have and then share it.
InfoWars.com forward slash newsletter.
It's time to override the censors and get the truth out.
You know, Greg Reese is totally and absolutely knocked out of the park.
We're going to play a special report and we're going to go to Owen Schroer on the road right now.
Here is that report.
Hindsight is 2020, and the enemy is very cunning.
But now that they have launched their coup against President Donald J. Trump, we can see their battle plans.
He got four years in the White House, and they weren't going to give him a second term.
Plans for 2020 began immediately following the 2016 election.
Nine days before Trump's inauguration, Fauci says there is no doubt that President Trump will be confronted with a surprise infectious disease.
Two days after the president's inauguration, Bill Gates spoke at Davos and warned of a coming deadly pandemic.
An illegal surveillance operation was already launched before the election, and the president was then subjected to four years of non-stop baseless attacks and defamation, keeping Trump on the constant defense and the American people distracted while the deep state establishment prepared for the 2020 election.
The COVID hoax was in the works years before the election of Donald Trump, but they started fast-tracking it.
In 2017, Dr. Fauci began the controversial program of manipulating a virus to become more infectious to humans.
This is known as gain-of-function research.
In 2018, several CIA agents are elected into public office, claiming their new mission is to foil Trump.
In 2019, Fauci committed $3.7 million to the Wuhan lab in China for gain-of-function work on bat coronaviruses.
In 2019, Dominion voting machines, funded by the Clinton Foundation, expanded their 1,600 jurisdictions into the state of Georgia.
In October of 2019, the Gates Foundation, the World Economic Forum, and Johns Hopkins sponsored Event 201, a tabletop exercise that simulated millions dying from a strain of coronavirus.
Two months later, China reports an outbreak of pneumonia in Wuhan.
March 13th, 2020, the U.S.
shuts down for COVID.
Thousands of people lose their jobs overnight.
We are told that masks don't work, and yet we are told that we must wear them.
On March 16th, the Brennan Center for Justice releases how to protect the 2020 vote from the coronavirus and suggest mail-in ballots, among other changes to the election.
The media tries to blame Trump.
Fear is injected into the brainwashed masses over an alleged virus less deadly than the common cold.
On May 25th, Soros-funded violent protests erupt throughout the country.
For the rest of the summer, cities burn, businesses are looted, and people are murdered in the streets.
The entire platform of the Democrat Party becomes, if you want the chaos to end, vote for Joe Biden.
In September of 2020... Alright, this video is titled, the four-year plan to overthrow an elected president.
It's an amazing video.
I think it only has like 300,000 views.
It needs 30 million views if we want to save the country.
But I had to go to that break because they were giving me such intel as I was about to go to Owen Schroyer.
Let's move Stuart Rhodes at 33 after.
Because I want to talk to Owen about this right now, then we'll talk about the Carolinas.
Because this actually got my heart pitter-pattering.
I just played Brennan scared, going, I'm worried what he can do in the next 70 days.
We need to remove Trump right now.
He's putting in a Secretary of Defense that's an enemy of America, and then Mike Pampeo, the Secretary of State, we're talking 20 minutes ago, and our crew caught this because it was only on sub feed, that the State Department said, quote, there will be a smooth transition to the second Trump administration.
Now, here's the deal.
If Joe Biden won fair and square, I would still oppose him because he's a Chinese communist agent.
But it's worse than that.
They're stealing it publicly, which means they'll keep doing it.
Believe me, I don't want to be launching caravans to the East Coast.
I don't want to be going into Mordor myself about to get on an airplane tomorrow.
But I'm going to be there because it's my children and my very American DNA demands it.
And if they steal this and they start trying to come get people under this COVID lockdown, then my genetics demand something else.
And I want to stop this now.
But to have the Attorney General launch a criminal investigation, confirming it's all going on, to have it all pouring out, to have Pompeo saying this, and to see Brennan, for the first time, he's an arrogant SOB.
He looked scared on Cuomo today.
Cuomo's like, hey, it's ours!
And Brennan's like, we're in danger.
We've got to remove Trump now.
Very scared, aren't you?
He said he's like a cornered tiger!
And I'm telling you, man, this is a psy-op, but they failed at all the other psy-ops, and we just gotta get the word out now, and everybody's gotta hit the streets.
I had this idea this morning, I woke up at 5 a.m., for everyone to put like a red square on their business or on their car, and you'll get attacked, so what?
We're on your, just saying, you know, I'm a Republican, I'm an American, not Republican, it's a symbol.
Red blood, you know, I'm pro-human.
And do that, because we'll show we got all the votes, which we know.
But I mean, that's why they want to intimidate us and scare us to be quiet, because they know we're the majority.
And they know 50-something percent of black men voted for Trump.
30-something percent of black women.
The word is it's way higher than the 30-something percent they said.
They're losing control of the people they had control of.
And us and everybody.
It's beautiful.
I mean, I gotta tell you, every black person I know supports Trump.
Every white person I know supports him.
I got a bunch of family, we're Democrats, they support Trump.
Wow, I'm going to play this clip next segment, but this is just bombshell.
Owen Schroeder, where are you right now rolling along?
Pretty epic footage in that armored vehicle.
I guess you're in the RV behind it that we had to get just because Antifa attacks our vehicles.
People laughed at that announcement.
Did you just hear this epic information I just laid out?
Yeah, Alex, I was actually excited to come on here and potentially break that with you because I know, you know, the crew is busy in there, but of course they caught it as the crew always does.
So, you know, Alex, it's exactly what we knew was going to happen.
It's exactly what we suspected.
You know, when
The announcement is going to be made.
They've already taken Pennsylvania from Biden.
When is the announcement going to be made that Trump won it?
How long is this legal process going to take?
How long is this process of getting the legal votes counted and the illegal votes removed going to take?
If this is something that gets fast-tracked and we have something by Saturday, can you imagine the energy that's going to be in D.C.?
It's going to be a total upheaval of the establishment and America
We the people roaring louder than ever before.
So what's the left gonna do?
Just as loud as we're roaring.
You saw Brennan.
He's afraid.
I think Obama's been afraid for a long time.
He know he got caught.
So what are they gonna gaslight their minions into doing as we embark now on this
Battle to get the country to understand, no, Joe Biden did not win, he never won, Trump won in a landslide, and you're going to have to face that fact.
But how diabolical, how demonic of the Democrat Party to fake the election results with the mainstream news and then have the celebration of Joe Biden with the fireworks and everything, him up there looking like a plastic corpse.
And then have Hunter come out with the baby and all this, and to make fun of, we know they're all a bunch of pedos.
How reckless is it?
How reckless is it?
Well, they know they're going to get what they want, Alex.
They wanted to get their base that hit of dopamine.
And it's going to be like a meth head or a crack addict who's been on a bender for just weeks and weeks and weeks because they think Biden won.
So they're sitting here on this high.
Oh, we beat Trump.
Oh, we beat America.
Oh, we had our victory.
And it's going to be totally removed.
It's going to be like a drug addict.
You know, after a week-long fender having to get sober.
And it's not going to be pretty.
That's right.
Brennan's scared because they put a patriot in as the new Secretary of Defense.
They put a real patriot in.
They're crapping bricks right now.
So, you've had Donald Trump, the President of the United States, declare he's won.
You've now had, essentially, for all intensive purposes, Mike Pompeo, the Secretary of Defense, claim he's won.
And you have about 70 million Americans, I think millions of which could be in D.C.
this weekend, claiming Trump won.
So, you know, this whole thing- Stay there!
Stay there!
We're going to play the Pompeo Club and go back to you, Owen.
But I'm going to tell listeners now.
If you're in Florida, you get your ass up to Tallahassee at 8 tonight and join our caravan.
If you're in Atlanta, be there tomorrow.
Be there and go to D.C.
I don't care what you're doing.
There's no future if you don't.
We need thousands of vehicles.
Do it now!
I watched that clip of that CIA Communist Party.
Admittedly, he voted Communist twice.
He joined Al-Qaeda.
That's the Wahhabist.
Brennan, so scared, going, we need to be concerned, Cuomo.
Trump's like a cornered tiger and he just got a new Secretary of Defense.
And then Pompeo comes out and says, we're going to have a second Trump administration.
We've got the election fraud because we know we've got them dead to rights.
These crazy people, here's the problem, because they didn't get in trouble for Russiagate, Ukrainegate, Spygate, all the rest of it, Impeachmentgate.
They did it again, this time even bigger and crazier!
Big Tech got away with all the spying and censorship, so they went further!
And so it looks like Trump's going to fight it.
So we're going to fight it.
This is what we call the 79 days of hell.
The 79 days of hell for everybody.
But pray to Jesus, folks.
This is such an incredible time.
Here is what the Secretary of State Pompeo had to say, showing he's not cutting and running.
And you know what?
It's like they say in Full Metal Jacket, private joker's silly and he's ignorant, but he's got guts and guts is enough.
Well, Pompeo's not silly and ignorant.
He's a very shrewd person.
And the fact that he's sticking with Trump shows you we are not out of the game yet.
Here's the clip.
There will be a smooth transition to a second Trump administration.
All right, we're ready.
The world is watching what's taking place here.
We're going to count all the votes.
When the process is complete, there'll be electors selected.
There's a process.
The Constitution lays it out pretty clearly.
The world should have every confidence that the transition necessary to make sure that the State Department is functional today, successful today, and successful with the president who's in office on January 20th, a minute afternoon, will also be successful.
I went through a transition on the front, and I've been on the other side of this.
I'm very confident that we will do all the things that are necessary to make sure that the government, the United States government, will continue to perform its national security function as we go forward.
So you believe there's widespread voter fraud, that the reports that we're getting from Pennsylvania, from Michigan, showing vote totals in massive leads or significant leads,
Rich, I'm the Secretary of State.
I'm getting calls from all across the world.
These people are watching our election.
They understand that we have a legal process.
They understand that this takes time.
It took us 37 plus days in an election back in 2000.
Conducted a successful transition then.
I'm very confident that we will count and we must count every legal vote.
We must make sure that any vote that wasn't lawful will not be counted.
That dilutes your vote if it's done improperly.
Gotta get that right.
When we get it right, we'll get it right.
By the way, I don't agree with socialism, but the Mexican president they have in now was anti-Trump.
After he met with him for three hours, he came out of the meeting and he said, I like Trump.
Because Trump said, listen, I want to empower poor people.
If you say you're a socialist, that doesn't work.
We're going to do it.
He had an election stolen from him.
And then one later, he's come out and endorsed Trump, basically, and said, you can't do this.
It looks like fraud.
That's what this is, folks.
It happened.
They've been caught.
A socialist Mexican president is supporting Trump.
So they can stonewall all day long.
They can play games all day long.
We know we got a populist president who's trying to cut a better deal for us.
And if they think they're going to take this from us, they got a big problem.
Owen Schroer, take over.
I think that most of the audience members that are hearing this transmission right now could probably point to a specific time or story or incident that woke them up, or red pill moment, as some people call it.
I think this is one of the biggest we've seen since the election of Trump.
Well, it's bigger than all of them combined.
This is the big red pill.
The blatant, right in front of your eyes, election theft.
And you know, here's the thing, I've got family and friends, Alex, that, you know, they're conservative, they have conservative values, but they're not really politically charged.
You know, they go about their life, they're not really thinking about politics, oh, who wins, loses the election, okay, fine, whatever.
Well, those people who are in neutral have just been shifted into high gear.
And everyone's panicked.
Hey, what?
Whoa, we don't have fair elections?
Hey, what is this in Michigan with a vertical, I'm calling it a political Viagra for Joe Biden in Michigan, where it just goes straight up.
It's just magic.
Same thing's happened in Wisconsin.
And people say, wait a second, this isn't right.
I'm thinking that this
The stealing of this election from Trump, because everybody saw the rallies, folks.
I mean, even the graphs that show how it was rigged.
Even them voting for a whole week in Pennsylvania until Biden was ahead.
I mean, people saw the rallies.
They saw Trump supporters.
They've never seen people so politically activated.
They've never seen people so politically charged.
They've never seen people with so much enthusiasm for a president.
So even just general observers are seeing that this was completely stolen from Trump and they're not buying it.
And the mainstream news
Including Fox News has already sullied their reputation to such a point where
Everything they report is having less and less of an impact every day.
And so they report Joe Biden won.
They have a little fake ceremony.
Nobody's buying it.
And they're going to look really foolish when President Trump has announced the winner, which could be as soon as Saturday.
I think it may take a longer process than that with the legal battle that's ahead.
But Trump will be announced the winner of the 2020 election.
And these people are going to have to admit that they fall for fake news again.
But because of all this energy,
Because of all this outreach to InfoWars and because of so many people fired up to stop the steal, we had the massive event in Austin, Texas on Saturday.
Thousands of people showed up.
And then we carried that momentum on to the Stop the Steal Caravan.
Which we just departed from Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
We were at the State Capitol Building of Louisiana.
And we're now heading to the State Capitol Building of Tallahassee.
We've got a caravan going.
We've got a convoy.
And we are taking this caravan to D.C.
And so tonight...
Tallahassee, Florida.
State Capitol Building of Florida.
We're expecting to be landing at the State Capitol around 8.30 p.m.
local time.
That's Eastern Standard Time.
Tallahassee, Florida.
State Capitol Building.
The Stop the Steal Caravan.
The Infowars Battle Truck.
It's all happening and we're gonna have tons of people out there.
I think we're gonna pick up a lot of cars on this caravan.
This isn't Minecraft.
This isn't Fortnite.
This isn't World of Warcraft.
This is the real world.
If you're in the panhandle, you're in northern Florida, you better come to this and just do what you need to do and drive with us up in D.C.
for the next three days.
With us.
I'll see you up in D.C.
because this is the fight for the Republic.
The globalists think you're weak.
They think you're going to roll over, get in your damn truck right now and show up tonight.
It's going to be great, Alex.
I can feel America rising.
It's quite a feeling.
And to know that we've been able to do this, we at InfoWars and you, the audience, all of us together, we are the InfoWar.
The fact that we've been able to do this despite the bans, despite the censorship, despite the lies, the attacks, the lawsuits, and all of it, and we're still going to have this victory, Alex, it's going to be that much sweeter.
That's right.
All right, brother.
And tell folks how they find it at Parler.
So you can go to StopTheSteelCaravan.com StopTheSteelCaravan.com and then that will lead you to the parlor account at StopTheSteelCaravan where we're putting up hourly, really even more than that, updates where we're at, where we're stopping, times, locations, just everything.
So right now we are heading east on Highway 12 right now, Alex.
We've got a caravan going.
We're going to be in Biloxi, Mississippi.
Beautiful, we love you Owen!
You didn't think there wouldn't be a fight for this country, did you?
All right, we got Stuart Rhodes of Oath Keepers.
I appreciate him holding.
We got 15 minutes behind because of breaking news and technical issues earlier.
North Carolina calls it for Trump.
Telus, philandering Democrat challenger Cal Cunningham defeated.
All the big stuff happening there.
We just had Pompeo come out and say it'll be a smooth transition.
The second Trump administration because of election fraud.
You've got
The former head of the CIA, admitted communist, admitted Wahhabist, Brennan, looking totally scared on TV, saying, oh no, Trump's a cornered tiger.
He just replaced the Secretary of Defense.
We're in trouble.
I'll go back to Owen Schroer, who's riding along the highway there, about to get into Florida, Tallahassee United at 830, to really rally with folks to go up to the Capitol this Saturday.
Trump's counting all you patriots out there.
I'll just wave your flags in Florida.
We know Florida's great.
We're counting on Florida.
That's why we took that route to drive up there with us the next few days.
But Stuart Rhodes, you were coming on about...
The rallies and the caravan and the events on Saturday that's important, but how big is it to have Brennan firing the bat signal saying, we're in deep trouble.
He put a new SEC def in.
Oh my God, Pompeo says, hey, Trump will be the next president.
They're fraudulent.
They've been gaslighting us.
I mean, this is an insane time to be alive, Stuart Rhodes, because obviously they're trying to get everybody right now to turn over to the globalists.
They're putting incredible pressure on people.
You know, Pompeo's had pressure put on him.
He's a survivor.
And so to have Pompeo still siding with Trump and being very confident is a big sign.
What do you have to say, Stuart Rhodes, founder of Oath Keepers, Army veteran, former lawyer, you name it.
Well, I think he's on the verge of doing what I've been calling on President Trump to do for at least six months, which is declassify all the dirty secrets and throw them out in the street.
That's why it's awesome to see Don Jr.
saying that just the other day.
He posted on Twitter, declassify everything.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I should have agreed.
You've been beating the drum for months.
Weaponize this even before the election.
Declassify it.
Destroy Brennan as a foreign agent.
Destroy Hunter.
Destroy Biden now.
And Trump knows it's his only move, and that's why they're now calling for a coup to remove Trump because he's finally moving towards victory.
That's how you do it over the target.
He has to do it.
I think he needs to do that right now.
He has full authority as Commander-in-Chief and the President.
No one can stop him.
Vernon realizes that.
That's why they're panicking.
In the words of Emperor Palpatine, do it!
He needs to do it, doesn't he?
He does.
And, like, you know, that's why I think it's great.
I think he's heard the message.
That's what Don Jr.
posted on Twitter.
To classify everything, we can't let the bad actors get away with it.
I gotta say, Stuart, I don't overhype things.
I watch the body language of Brennan.
He is shitting bricks right now.
And what he needs to do is he needs to have SOCOM.
He's got a good SOCOM man now in charge of Secretary of Defense, but he needs to put SOCOM in charge of going and taking control and securing all the facilities where all the data is.
And he cannot even trust the DNI.
He cannot trust the normal military
And I agree, and he needs to do it now.
He needs to resolute desk, announce it, declare total war, and the enemy will turn and run in fear.
And the next thing you need to do after that is you need to do a WikiLeaks Snowden-style and Julian Assange-style data dump.
Because here's the deal.
If it was an American deep state overthrowing Trump, I'd still fight it.
It's a chi-com, New World Order, Great Reset, global depression, attack our families, castrate our sons program.
We must oppose this, Stuart.
Well, President Trump has a very narrow window to stand up and do the right thing by defeating the deep state, by draining the swamp, as he promised to do.
Because if he does not do that, if he fails to do this, and he allows himself to be removed illegitimately, or he's talked into it, you know, we're now hearing that Kushner is in his ear.
Oh, they're always going to come after him.
None of their deals are going to fit.
So, how does Trump nuke, how does he nuke the deep state?
He does the mass declassification.
Of course, he doesn't declassify anything that put Americans, you know, patriotic Americans at risk overseas.
Well, that's the problem.
There's so many crimes, but it's a targeted release.
Start with Hillary.
Start with Obama.
Start with all of it.
Just destroy them.
Well no, I would say both left and right.
You've got deep state controlled judges, I would consider Roberts one of them.
You've got deep state controlled puppets all through the media, through academia, through politics, through the law.
So justice be done, may the heavens fall.
Exactly right.
Like I said, don't put lives at risk overseas, guys that are in theater.
But here at home, domestically?
No shelter for them.
You do the data dump, and you put it out there for the American people to see, and then we'll all know exactly who the pedophiles are, who all the- So is it the threat of this is real kill switch?
Why do you think Pompeo looks so confident, but almost psychotic, and then Brennan looks like he's dying?
Well, I mean, here's the problem.
Using this as a negotiation tool to make them back off and not continue to steal the election is not enough.
He needs to defeat them by- No, I agree.
He needs to fire the frickin' Death Star.
Exactly right.
Go ahead and just do it.
And when he does that, all their house of cards will fall.
They will all fall.
We will all see who they are.
It's like dropping atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
That's right.
And then he needs to invoke the Insurrection Act and use the military.
In the past, I've been opposed to using the military domestically for this purpose.
He needs to use the military, like I said.
Because we were worried about globalists using the military against us, which is going to happen.
This is globalists overthrowing our government.
We better have the military stop the globalists.
Well, have them at least do this.
Have them go and secure the data and secure the facilities and suppress the Deep State who are inside.
No, you're right.
They're so scared this former Special Operations Commander has been hired for just this mission.
I think they're listening to you, Stuart.
I think this is happening.
Well, I think it's been, it's not just myself in saying this, but I think it definitely didn't hurt.
But I'm glad to see it happening and we're there to support it.
So what we're doing is we have men already stationed outside D.C.
as a nuclear option in case they attempt to remove the President illegally, we will step in and stop it.
And we're going to be there to also help secure the coming rally this Saturday and your caravan coming in.
So I've got good men on the ground already.
We've been doing a little recon there last week, and we're sorting out where we're going to be staging, and we'll be there.
We'll be inside D.C.
We'll also be on the outside of D.C.
armed, prepared to go in if the President calls us.
Stuart, can you not feel history happening right now?
I mean, it's happening right now.
It is, and we all need to realize that we're Americans, we're born in this country at this time for this purpose.
We need to let go of the fear, you know?
I don't have fear.
I have a concern about what is the right thing to do.
My God, there's just like, there's so many options here.
Well, I know.
I'm preaching to the choir on that, right?
So you and I are like that.
But there's so many Americans out there that they've been timid in the past and afraid.
You've got to let go of your fears.
Look, you know, just as Americans from across the country stormed up to Bundy Ranch to stand up for a rancher's family, you need to go to Washington, D.C.
with the same conviction.
I was about to say, this is a commie chi-com takeover with an admitted Chinese agent.
You better get your ass to D.C., folks, this Saturday.
Yeah, if you don't, there'll be no more Republic.
But we're not going to let that happen.
It's not even an if.
It's either President Trump is encouraged and bolstered and strengthened to do what he must do, or we wind up in a bloody fight.
We all know that.
The fight's coming.
But he has a chance to fix this very quickly by defaying the snake.
I agree.
Let me ask you this.
We'll do a final segment here and then Paul Watson takes over.
Why would Biden announce the economy will be more shut down?
Why are they, they just want to break them.
They give us no quarter.
They give us no quarter.
Well, they're arrogant, and so that's okay.
Use that to wake up your fellow Americans.
Here, look, the secrets that Deep State holds on people, all the pedophile stings, all the sex prostitution stings, all of this is how they control everybody.
That is the swamp water the swamp creatures swim in, is the dirty secrets.
Oh, it's like when they planted child porn on my office.
We never opened it.
They said, oh, it's time to meet with us and roll over.
I said, war!
I attacked them.
They burned to hell.
It's all made up crap.
Stuart Rhodes, more comments from you and Owen Schroyer on the road, headed to Tallahassee.
I'm going to tell folks in Florida, everybody listening, in the country, call your family in Florida.
Get in your truck, get in your van, get in your vehicle, meet us at 830 at the damn Capitol.
And we're riding out to D.C.
to save the Republic.
If you don't, piss on you.
We'll be back.
Texas is coming.
Florida's coming.
We're coming through.
Tallahassee tonight.
Owen Troyer, you heard myself and Stuart Rhodes, who's still with us, talking about how serious this is.
This is real.
This is a multinational globalist takeover of the country.
They plan to put in an endless lockdown and bankrupt us.
Under the Great Reset to put us all on welfare.
This has all been announced in mainstream news today.
People are freaking out.
They're announcing the UN to oversee our elections.
They're announcing world government.
They're announcing not just racism training for all white people, but all boys will be taken at age 5 and offered to have their balls chopped off.
The liberals will get them to sign a piece of paper saying they'll do it or they're racist.
And then the state claims to have a relationship with your son until they chop the balls off at age eight.
I mean, imagine if you told people like 30 years ago, there'll be a cult of leftists that take your five-year-old to sign an agreement to have his balls chopped off because he's sad he's a male.
I mean, this is a damn cult.
We must resist it, Owen.
Yeah, well, we are resisting it, Alex, and I wanted to ask Stuart Rhodes a question now because, as we've talked about, the Stop the Steal Caravan's final destination is D.C.
on Friday.
We're going to be cruising through Biloxi, Mississippi in about an hour, landing in Tallahassee tonight, approximately 8.30 p.m.
But, Alex, I wanted to ask Stuart a question.
We're going into total conquered territory in D.C.
No guns allowed, and now they have a COVID restriction protocol that you can't even be in D.C.
without taking a test, and you must go into quarantine immediately upon entering D.C.
So as we enter this globalist... We've talked to local cops.
We've all talked to local cops.
It's all non-enforceable.
It's all a smokescreen.
It's all theater, but go ahead.
Go ahead, Stuart.
I don't think we can cross two Skype feeds, so kill Ellen's feed while Stewart talks.
Go ahead, Stewart.
Yeah, we were in D.C.
just the other night.
I was there in person on the ground just outside the White House and there were no checkpoints.
There was no requirement for any testing or anything like that.
So I would say just ignore any such nonsense that's being told and just show up.
Hey, the radical left's all over D.C.
and mobs, you know, attacking people and knifing people, so you can be there too.
Yeah, just tell them you're an illegal alien and you'll be fine.
Owen, finish your question.
Yeah, isn't that amazing though, how they are trying to conquer D.C.
and shut us down from going to D.C.?
I mean, that's what this is all about.
They want to try to keep us out and have us, like, you know, go into quarantine?
I mean, give me a break.
So, I mean, this is an epic battle that we're encroaching right now.
You know where this came from?
Like, five years ago, we had people protesting at Davos, and they put a press release out saying people shouldn't have the money to be able to come to Switzerland, go up a mountaintop, and protest us.
And so, they want to be able to have a COVID lockdown wherever they're at.
That's what this is.
It's all about big tech and their excuse.
No one would buy it.
They said it was for political reasons.
It's for viral reasons.
It's total hoax.
Yeah, and it's a paper tiger.
Try stopping a million Americans.
Yeah, good luck with that.
It'd be like trying to put checkpoints outside of Bundy Ranch.
That wouldn't have worked either.
So don't even try it.
If we have to, we'll swim the Potomac.
So just go there.
Don't be afraid.
Show up.
That's what they fear most is you showing up.
That's why they're trying to suppress that by putting out this nonsense that you can't go there without being tested.
Because they know as patriots we follow directives.
That's illegal.
That mayor's a communist fraud.
We're going to D.C.
More people need to come.
That's right.
This is what they fear the most is people standing up.
And there's an awesome video, I don't know if you've seen it, by a Serbian patriot about what they did in Serbia to stop when Milosevic stole their elections.
That's what they did.
They marched on their capital.
Really, it's a patriot version of the color revolution the left's trying to do.
Tell me the name of the video.
We'll play it.
What's the name of the video?
You know what?
Hold on.
I just posted it on OathKeepers.org.
If you go to our front page of our website, you'll see it right there.
Guys, grab that, please.
And we'll go to OathKeepers.org.
I want to give the title out for radio listeners.
Please continue on.
Yeah, you go to our Call to Action March on D.C., Stop the Steal, Defend the President, and Defeat the Deep State.
That's the name of the article.
But hey, he lays it out.
You've got to let go of your fear.
You've got to understand that everything that they're doing to attack you and keep you out of D.C.
is exactly why you've got to go there.
And above all, you've got to send the message to President Trump that the people are with him and will be with him no matter what.
So we have to bolster his courage.
He's got Kushner in his ear.
He's got turncoat lawyers who work for the RNC who have betrayed him from day one.
We're protecting one of the Patriot whistleblower lawyers from Detroit, Kelly Sorrell, and it's just very clear that all the other lawyers that were there, with very few exceptions, didn't do their jobs on purpose.
Oh yeah, right here we're learning in Detroit, we're learning in Arizona, Pennsylvania,
That the Republicans didn't show up for the certification of the machines, didn't check any of the ballots, didn't have people there.
The few volunteers that showed up were kicked out.
I mean, we have the organized fraud caught red-damn-handed.
And inside Trump's own White House, as Roger Stone laid out in his blistering open statement about what's going on around Trump, is he has not successfully purged out the deep state all around him.
And there's still right there in his ear right now, his own son-in-law is whispering in his ear that he must concede and he can run again in 2024.
We've got to send a message directly to him that no, now is the time to stand, now is the time to defeat them.
And he has the tools in his hands right now.
Don't wait for any future, potential future.
Do it now.
And they are so scared of this.
They're stealing it.
They think you're a joke.
They want to put a dictatorship in.
A COVID dictatorship.
This could totally blow up in their face.
But everyone listening has to get on a plane.
Everyone listening.
If you're in Canada, this is going to affect you when America falls to this.
If you're in Mexico, everyone needs to get on a damn plane and be there Saturday morning at that park outside the White House.
We need hundreds of thousands of people.
We need to be there so the President sees what's happening.
The good news is, though,
The President gets that he's not giving in to all the threats, but now they're calling for 25th Amendment, Stuart.
They're really getting scared.
Yeah, and that's how you know they're desperate.
That's okay.
That's how you know that this is the final fight and we're right over the target.
So, you know, don't give in.
Don't lose your focus.
Focus on the White House and focus on the President's responsibility and duty and his power to declassify and kill the deep state.
He can do it right now.
Stuart, I would love for you to meet up in Virginia with McPheroman when he gets there and go in with him.
On Friday.
And I'm going to be up there too.
So hopefully we can meet up.
And I'd like to really link up with you and your guys.
We love you.
We really respect you.
And your great work.
You've been a true visionary in this.
And we really are very thankful for you and your great supporters and your members.
Likewise, brother.
God bless you guys.
I'll see you there.
Hey, one quick thing.
Isn't it crazy?
After all these years, I've known you, Stuart, 15, 16 years.
I forget how long.
We warned about all this.
It was on the drawing boards by the enemy.
But they're really trying it, Stuart.
I mean, this is crazy.
Yeah, it was like being Cassandra out of the ancient Greek mythology where you can see the future but no one listens, but now they're listening because it's happening in front of our faces.
Yeah, it's insane.
People say, how did we do it?
Stuart, how did we do it?
They have a battle plan.
They admit it.
Is it that their downfall that their battle plan is so public?
Their arrogance?
Well, yeah, and how they control people over the years.
It really is a house of cards.
It's a paper tiger.
They control people through fear and secrets.
That's the best way to destroy it, is to throw the secrets out in the sunlight.
Throw all the skeletons out in the street.
Throw them all to sea.
Yeah, Trump has no future.
They're going to destroy him or kill him if he doesn't release it and go nuclear with the information.
All right, Stuart Rhodes, OathKeepers.org, we love you.
Thank you.
God bless, brother.
Oh, we're going to do five more minutes with you before Paul Joseph Watson takes over.
I've got to refuel and fund things right now.
Listeners, the War Room is coming up today with all this bombshell info.
Owen will be back on.
I'll be back on.
Harrison Smith is hosting it.
This is so epic.
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Hour number four, straight ahead.
We are living at the crossroads of human history.
Every minute is like an hour.
Every second like a day.
Every year like a millennia.
Every thousand years like eternity.
I am your host Alex Jones.
Owen Schroer and our crew is hurtling towards Tallahassee at 830 to meet up with more patriots to ride to support our president and stand against the tyrants.
We're ready.
The globalists and their propaganda is running out of gas.
A lot of exciting things are happening.
Owen Schroer, final comments before Paul Joseph Watson takes over.
How's the time?
Now is the time where men become heroes, and heroes are made, and heroes become legend.
This is where men become men, Alex, and it's been an honor to fight in this battle with you.
I hope we have a huge victory this weekend, and I do expect us to have just that.
An update on the stop, the steel caravan.
We are just under an hour outside of Biloxi, Mississippi.
We may make a stop in or around Biloxi, Mississippi, a quick food stop.
So if people in and around Biloxi want to hop on into our caravan, that may be a good time.
And then we're going to hop on the I-10, keep heading east, and just go right through to Tallahassee, Florida, where we're going to be at the State Capitol building this evening, 8.30 p.m.
I'm hoping it's going to be a huge, huge crowd like we had last night in Houston, roaring.
Roaring for liberty, roaring for America, roaring to protect our democratic republic.
I'm not mentioning folks, you know, the 30 cars that follow you from Austin or the 100 cars in Houston that turn back at Louisiana.
We need everybody to go all the way now, folks.
This is the end of the country.
We need to see a giant caravan that the news picks up of hundreds and hundreds of cars to become thousands and that everyone meets along the way.
It's already happening.
Folks are going to D.C., a lot of big groups, but this is not a spectator thing.
This is do it now.
Well, I don't expect any news to cover this.
The news wants to ignore anything pro-Trump.
No, but I mean the people's news.
The people's news.
Well, the people showed up, Alex.
That's the beauty of it.
The people show up with their own independent news channels, like JustAnotherChannel.com, a bunch of local reporters, just individuals, freelance journalists showed up at Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
I expect it'll be the same in Tallahassee, because the mainstream news doesn't want to cover the American Restoration, the American Revolution 2.0.
We knew that would happen.
That's beautiful.
So this is in, where is this?
We are.
I think we may still be in Louisiana.
Are we still in Louisiana, guys?
Yeah, we're still in Louisiana, but we're approaching Mississippi as we speak.
And like I said, under an hour outside of Biloxi.
We're showing a lot of footage of fans along the road as you're driving.
Oh yeah, we've had people along the road, people drive by hawking at us, waving flags and everything.
So this is American Revolution 2.0, the restoration of America.
And I think that the swamp, the corrupt criminals from D.C.
know they're in big trouble.
And if we show up huge for President Trump this weekend, millions strong, it's the total mandate, it's the total fuel that Trump needs to finally drain this swamp.
Before, as Secretary of Defense,
Mike Pompeo said, a smooth transition into the next four years, which I don't think he would have said unless he knew that Swamp was going to get drained.
Well, it just shows that not everybody's rolling over on the president.
We're putting a fight up.
I mean, the sick part of me, I'm active on the inside, which I try to keep caged up, hopes they put Biden in and actually try this down the road.
It's even worse for them.
I mean, they are just such a bunch of scum.
But I want to fix this peacefully, and I don't want it to go down that road.
So this is going to be an incredible moment.
Tallahassee, Florida tonight.
You guys are up where, to Georgia next?
Then into Virginia?
Yeah, in fact, I'll just lay it out real quick before this break, Alex.
Tallahassee, Florida, State Capitol Building tonight, 8.30 p.m.
Tomorrow, State Capitol Building, Atlanta, Georgia, 3 p.m.
Tomorrow night, State Capitol Building, Columbia, South Carolina, we're thinking about 7 or 8 p.m.
Stay tuned at StopTheSteelCaravan.com for updates.
And then, Thursday,
Raleigh, North Carolina.
Richmond, Virginia.
And then we complete Friday, Saturday in D.C.
with millions of other patriotic Americans standing up for this republic.
It's beautiful, and what we saw in Virginia was so huge of a fraction, those 50,000 show up.
It's going to be beautiful.
So this is for your Second Amendment, it's for your family, it's for the unborn, it's for everybody.
Everybody needs to meet this caravan and go into D.C.
It's going to be beautiful.
Owen Schroer, look forward to talking to you during the War Room today, and during election, now it's on election countdown, what will be, like the Battle for the Republic is the name of the new show, 7 to 9 p.m.
Battle for the Republic, live coverage of the coup against America and the fight back.
Stay with us.
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It's time to override the censors and get the truth out.
And we are live on this fourth hour of the show.
We're going to get into the latest in the litigation concerning the recount, the election attempt to actually count the legitimate votes, which is a very important process, much to the chagrin of the mainstream media, which has decided to give itself, to anoint itself with the power of declaring the next president.
That's not the case.
The power is with the electors.
And the recounts are going to continue.
The litigation is going to continue for the next few days and indeed weeks.
But of course, Biden has basically come out and his transition team, which is basically a certain power, as they said they would do before the election to give Biden that legitimacy of power, have come out and said that lockdown 2.0 for the United States is on its way.
Interesting fact, the earliest known use of the term lockdown was in a 1973 Fresno Bee newspaper article and it referred to prisoners being kept in their cells after a knife attack.
So the very origin of the term lockdown was in the context of an unruly population being kept behind bars by the authorities.
Really makes you think, really makes you think.
And today we're going to be talking about that.
We're going to be talking about the Great Reset, which again is not a conspiracy theory.
It's an open plan being proudly promulgated and promoted by the global elite, by Davos, by the World Economic Forum.
Headline up on Breitbart from James Dellingpole, who I'm hopefully going to interview here in the near future, only Donald Trump can save us from the Great Reset.
Now, this is a plan that's been in the works
At least since 2016, this is not something that was just invented off the back of the convenient Chinese coronavirus outbreak.
They've been planning for this for at least four years.
Now the phrase for the Great Reset, which they're using in the halls of global financial elite residences, is build back better, which of course is basically a code phrase for rebranding
Rejuvenating, rejigging their failed New World Order, which again they're trying to reintroduce off the back of COVID hysteria.
And I go back to this survey time and time again, because it exemplifies
How much concentrated power the mainstream media has to influence people, to re-educate people, to brainwash people into becoming so hysterical that they believe this moral panic, they believe that this virus, which has a what, 99.98% survival rate chance amongst people below the age of 75 without comorbidities, is way more dangerous than it actually is.
They did a poll in the United States which found that
The average American, and some thought it was a higher number, but the average American thinks that coronavirus has killed over 30 million Americans.
Similar case across the Western world in the UK.
The average Brit thinks that coronavirus has killed 5 million people in the UK.
It's actually killed less than 50,000.
Why do they believe that?
Because they've been hysterically indoctrinated with this COVID-19 hysteria and this is a long-term plan.
And Darling Paul talks about it in his article and it's basically
As I said, a rebranding of this global neo-feudalist system.
They're talking about nobody having property.
They're talking about redistribution of wealth.
But then when you look at how the wealth has already been redistributed since the start of the pandemic back in March, as the lockdowns were introduced in the Western world,
Who has it benefited?
It hasn't benefited the little people, really, has it?
It's benefited giant transnational corporations time and time again.
That's not redistributing the wealth, even if you believe in that socialist utopian paradigm.
Small businesses are going bust, mass unemployment, mass economic destruction across the Western world, and who benefits?
That's the headline of this Breitbart article.
Who benefits?
Amazon booms as lockdown crushes small business in Britain.
Amazon, in the third quarter, has seen its profits triple to $6.3 billion.
That's a 37% rise in sales globally.
Because the only shops that are open are online, the only essential stores that you can go and visit to buy your food.
Are the big box stores, are the big transnational corporations.
In the UK it's supermarkets like Asda, which is owned by Walmart, and Tesco, which again is another giant transnational corporation.
Everybody else is going bust.
So no, they're not redistributing the wealth.
They're hoarding it, they're centralising it for themselves and that's what they plan to implement further if they get this great reset.
Which again is just about lowering everyone's quality of life, lowering everyone's economic standard and saying that you will no longer be able to own property.
They literally brag about that and talk about it in their own publications.
Headline, globalist Klaus Schwab, world will never return to normal after COVID.
In his book, COVID-19 the Great Reset, World Economic Forum globalist Klaus Schwab, who again is invested in all the vaccine production by the way, asserts that the world will never return to normal despite him admitting that coronavirus doesn't pose an existential threat.
They admit basically that
The hysteria is way overhyped, over-exaggerated, and it's deliberately done to scare people into going along with this agenda.
What is the agenda?
It's what they call a common pass.
They brag about it, they show screenshots from this app that they're producing, where it says before you're allowed to travel on airlines, you have to take the COVID PCR test, and eventually you have to take the vaccine.
Oh, and by the way,
It's not just international airline travel.
Uber now literally has a thing where if you don't wear a mask and the driver reports it to Central Command, the next time you try to use Uber on your phone, they make you take a selfie wearing the mask.
If you then get in the Uber without a mask for a second time, then your account is banned.
So this all ties into the deplatforming, the social credit score that we've seen introduced in China, where the coronavirus pandemic originated.
Which again is based on the fact that it's not just your behaviour, it's your friend's behaviour.
If you're being a good citizen and taking your vaccines and wearing your mask, that's all good and well.
But then if your friend is flouting the coronavirus restrictions, well then that also affects
Your social credit score.
So it's this ominous, demon-like program of ostracizing people from their own communities, their own friends, if they misbehave.
So again, it's about incentivizing the prisoners, guarding the other prisoners, and making them submit to the new rules.
Very, very interesting, given the fact that, as we know, the same people behind the coronavirus pandemic hysteria
The World Economic Forum, NGOs, transnational corporations, the vaunted scientists, which are giving our governments this terrible advice that's proven wrong time and time again, were the same people behind the global warming panic of the past two, three decades.
In fact, in 1993, the Club of Rome's co-founder, Alexander King, wrote the first global revolution and he stated, quote, the common enemy of humanity is man.
In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, famine and the like would fit the bill.
And what do we see once again?
With the same people who were behind this hysteria writing the IPCC-UN reports.
Again, man is the enemy.
We're the super spreaders.
We need the technocratic global elite to tamp down on our freedoms, not just freedom of speech, but specifically freedom of mobility.
for this pandemic to go away.
Very, very Machiavellian program that they've got running, and they openly admit to it.
So we're going to go on to talk about that more in the second segment.
Also tie it into the social credit score, because of course we had the headline a few months ago, or a few weeks ago actually, Public Humiliation Hitachi Develops Fish Bubble to Enforce Social Distancing.
So you're going to have an app connected to your phone, which is then linked into sensors in public buildings, in airports, in sports stadiums, wherever, where you have a six meter bubble projected around you.
And if someone violates that, then you both get in trouble with the COVID authorities.
The Great Reset is an efficient global feudalism that goes much farther than its medieval brother, since the scanner is all seeing.
Every person, every mineral, and every berry is digitally tagged and tracked.
Under that framework, every peasant has a function that is derived not from the mystery of life and not from their inner calling, but from artificial intelligence, the master of efficiency and the servant of the king.
Ideally, the peasants can be convinced that it's good for them or necessary to be safe, as in contact tracing,
And that this is what progress and happiness is like, but if not, there are other ways, from classic violence to virtual prisons to morality pills.
To sum up, the desired end result is a giant, joyless, highly controlled global conveyor of everything and everybody, where privacy is tremendously expensive, dissent is unthinkable, and spiritual submission is mandatory.
That's a description of the Great Reset that we're dealing with, that we face, that's being openly announced by the global elite in the aftermath of the first lockdown and in anticipation of the second lockdown.
And that's from an article on Zero Hedge called The Great Reset for Dummies.
Now talking about the social credit score and how they integrate the COVID restrictions and the compliance with the COVID restrictions because of course so far we've seen polls that show for example in the UK I think it was 70% plus supported the decision by the government to lock down for a second time despite the fact that it obviously didn't work the first time because now we've got a second wave in Sweden they developed herd immunity now they've got the lowest death rate in Europe
Didn't shut down their economy, they've got the best GDP recovery in Europe across the board, but now we're entering a second lockdown, indeed have already entered it in England, off the back of these predictions again made by the very same people that created these phony IPCC global warming hysterical models that said the Antarctic would be ice free 10 years ago.
Oh yeah, we really need to trust those people again.
That said the UK would be like the Siberian desert.
This is what they said back in the 60s.
Paul Ehrlich, the population bomb, said that there would be global famines because of man-made climate change.
Didn't happen, but now we're listening to those same people once again.
And what they do is they give a government press conference and they come out with these models which were all proven spectacularly wrong back six months ago before the first lockdown and they say look if we don't lock down again we're going to have 4,000 deaths per day, the NHS is going to be overwhelmed, there's going to be
People dying in the corridors of hospitals.
We need to do this again.
They over-exaggerate the numbers, so then when the actual numbers are way below that, we come out of the lockdown and they say, look, oh well, we were right.
Lockdowns work!
4,000 people a day didn't die.
We must have been right all along.
No, you were wrong because you grossly over-exaggerated the numbers in the first place.
To the point where, as we saw with the first lockdown, the cases and deaths were already declining before the lockdown took effect, because lockdowns have no impact.
And then when you look at the mask wearing, for example, Spain, Italy, France, when they introduced the mask mandates, for example, in Spain, you have to wear a mask everywhere, inside or outside, the cases shot up again.
We've had numerous experts question the efficacy of masks.
Of course, they're all ignored.
They're banned.
They're censored.
Their own graphs show that when they enforced mask mandates, the infection rates, the deaths, shot up once again.
So even by their own numbers, that doesn't work.
But now Biden's talking about a nationwide mask mandate, and he's talking about lockdown 2.0.
But what I want to get onto before that is how this plays out in the real world.
And this is a video that went under the radar last week because of the election.
Headline, Spirit Airlines flight attendant threatens to have people who don't wear a mask arrested, put on no-fly list.
There's no law in existence that says if you don't wear a mask, or if you refuse to pull it up over your face a couple of times on an airplane, that you can be put on a no-fly list for life like a friggin' terrorist.
But we have these petty, draconian, jumped up enforcers telling a plane full of passengers that that's the law, when it isn't.
And this one was caught on video.
There's probably numerous more examples of it.
But here is the video clip.
Spirit Airlines flight attendant threatens to have people who don't wear masks arrested, put on no-fly lists.
Let's roll the clip.
Everybody can effectively take these preventative measures.
Once the door is closed,
If we have to ask you more than once to cover your nose, mouth, put your mask on, we are not going to be rude.
We are not going to be nasty.
We are going to simply take your seat number and your name, and when we get where we're going, you will either be arrested, fine, but you will also be placed on the no-fly list, meaning you will not be able to fly any airline for the rest of your life.
So please, again,
I'm saying this because there is usually always that one person, and I really don't want to have to do the extra paperwork and do more than I'm intended for my job.
So if you do not agree or want to, you know, do what needs to be done, you are more than welcome to exit at this time.
We have about nine more minutes left, but I want to give everybody a fair opportunity that you know what is happening.
Also, I'm not really sure what's going on with all these videos going viral of passengers attacking each other and or flight attendants.
Let me remind you, we are government officials.
This is government property.
If you choose to act out a content or character on this aircraft, you'll be arrested and face 20 years imprisonment and you also receive a $250,000 fine.
If a weapon is used, you will face life in prison.
So before anybody gets creative, want to feel froggy, want to be bad, want to be a superhero, let me let you know what's going on.
With that being said, if you didn't like what I had to say, my name is Mario.
That's with two R's.
Don't forget to dot the I. I'm the lead flight attendant on today's flight, and I'm accompanied with a Fort Lauderdale and Dallas-based cabin crew who are here for your safety first and your comfort second.
If there is anything that you need on your flight today to make it more enjoyable, please don't hesitate to let us know.
Welcome aboard.
So again, that is a Spirit Airlines employee claiming that he's a government official.
No, he isn't.
Claiming that he's on government property.
No, Spirit Airlines is a commercial airliner.
Claiming that there's a law that says if you don't pull up your mask when ordered to by the mask police, you're going to get
Arrested, jailed for 20 years and put on a no-fly list like a terrorist and never be allowed to fly again.
Complete BS!
They're making it up on the spot.
I don't know if this guy was fired.
He should have been fired.
But again, this got buried during the election.
This is the social credit score and this is how it's going to be integrated with the COVID enforcement because again,
How is that dissimilar to what's already happening in China, where if you post something online which is critical of the government,
You don't get to buy a train ticket.
You don't get to ride a bus.
You don't get to fly.
And the Communist Chinese Party is open about that.
They brag about it through official media and release tallies of how many tens of thousands or indeed I think it was hundreds of thousands of citizens who have been banned from being able to have basic mobility, freedom of movement,
Because they misbehaved, they said something bad about the government.
This is all being integrated under the Great Reset.
We must resist it.
We'll be right back.
The mainstream media, of course, that's what produces polls like the one I talked about earlier in the show where Americans literally believe coronavirus has killed 200 times more people than it actually has.
That can only be because of mainstream media propaganda.
Then you get it in the real world with petty COVID enforcers threatening people with no fly list 20 years in jail.
That's not a law, doesn't exist, but they're just threatening it anyway.
People who bought airliners.
And then you get it in entertainment as well.
Because as we know, a lot of people still watch the mainstream media, but not all people watch news of any kind whatsoever.
But they do watch their shows.
They watch their favourite shows on Netflix, on cable television.
Can they escape the propaganda?
No, no they can't.
No, it's even more vociferous there.
And now the networks are catching up, because of course most of these shows were probably made
You know, six to eight months ago, when the COVID pandemic, when the lockdown was just beginning.
So now we're beginning to see the propaganda inserted into fictional entertainment shows like NCIS New Orleans.
Headline, NCIS New Orleans pushes mask propaganda.
We've got two clips which we're going to roll right now.
Let's roll them back to back.
The new season of NCIS New Orleans is replete with pro-mask messaging, featuring innumerable scenes where characters are told to wear masks in situations where it's not even compulsory.
And in fact, we're going to roll the clips right now, and then I'll come back and talk about it.
Here are the clips.
You okay, sir?
Hang on.
Hey, I'm gonna get you some help.
Come on, sit back in your chair.
Come on, sit down.
I'm gonna get you some help.
All right, easy now.
Hang in there.
Try and breathe.
Try and breathe.
911, what's your emergency?
I'm looking for anything you can spare.
Body bags, cleaning supplies, personnel.
No, I know you're busy there too.
Look, I'll take anything you got.
Except Bobby's.
I have no space, Roger.
What am I supposed to do?
Well, first pull up your mask.
Oh, what happened to the fresh ones I gave you?
This is a fresh one.
Or was.
I handed the rest out to the crew.
I'll get some more.
No need, Doc.
This is my last drop-off.
Then I'm home for the night.
Unless, of course, I have to find a home for him.
They're ready for us.
Uh, all right, wheel him in.
I have to take care of some business first, and then I'll find a home for him.
Appreciate it, doc.
Hope you get a break soon, too.
So, for the benefit of people who are just listening and not watching those videos, in the first clip, the character, which I believe is the main character in the show,
leaves a bar and is faced with a completely deserted street.
He later sees a wolf on the street promulgating the environmentalist notion that humanity has retreated and nature is taking over again.
This is this whole Gaia principle which we saw back at the beginning of the pandemic where a lot of people on the left were like, oh nature's taking over again, I can hear the birds sing.
I mean we may be reduced to a level of
Economic dependence on the technocratic elite that makes us literal peasants!
But oh my god I saw a wolf!
So again it's this whole Gaia environmentalist utopian notion that humanity is retreating indoors inside its house arrest prison and the vaunted Gaia supreme spiritual environmentalist utopia is reasserting control.
So then he sees a guy crash a car
And the guy's coughing and spluttering, so he immediately puts on his mask.
Again, that's based on the videos that came out of China before the pandemic reached the West, which I tweeted, we all featured, we all believed them at the time.
And if you remember, they literally showed people coughing and collapsing on the street, apparently because they were COVID victims.
Now we know that was complete BS.
Even people who are severely infected with Covid aren't walking around convulsing and collapsing on the streets.
That was military-grade Chinese propaganda to provoke the Western world into having these draconian lockdowns and now look what's happening in China.
Oh, their economy's completely recovered!
Back to pre-Covid levels and in some cases even better, they're having pool parties with thousands of people in close proximity in Wuhan.
The Communist Chinese Party is celebrating how Chinese people are all back in nightclubs.
Guess what?
None of them are wearing masks.
But now because there's a delay on when this new season of NCIS New Orleans was made, which was probably back I would imagine,
In February, March, April of this year, they're replicating the Chinese propaganda that we saw back in January, that people were just convulsing, vomiting, collapsing on the streets.
Now we know it was complete BS.
Designed to steamroll and scaremonger the West into these draconian lockdowns, which were then gleefully seized upon by the technocratic elite for their great reset.
And then in the other clip,
An EMT worker is lectured by a female doctor who tells him, pull up your mask.
And this entire show, from what people who've watched it have said, basically is based around the premise that COVID-19 is a new plague.
Because again, this was made back six, eight months ago when the World Health Organization was lying and claiming that COVID-19 had a six to eight percent fatality rate.
Remember that?
They literally said 6% of people who got it would die.
Turned out to be, what was it, 0.05%?
Again, if you're healthy, it's literally 99.98% chance of survival.
So somebody who watched this episode, I think it was the first episode of the new season, wrote in to Lockdown Skeptics and he said, quote, Within the first two minutes, the lead character had masked up in the street despite there being no one else around.
Within five minutes he was quoting Boris's, that's Boris Johnson, UK Prime Minister, hands face space.
So he's literally quoting government advice propaganda and this in an American show.
He continues to say numerous times mask wearing was portrayed as if it was compulsory with nearly every character wearing one.
Is this what we're up against now?
Television shows being used to promote how dangerous the virus is without any question.
No mention of how unproven any of the science or data behind mask wearing is.
And then he went on to say that the message behind the show was that Covid-19 is the new plague that has descended upon humanity, which is why you saw the utopian, oh Gaia's taking over, nature's taking over.
So if they're not getting it through the mainstream media, if they're not getting it through these polls which literally say
In Britain, the average person thinks five million people have died from COVID when the actual number is below 50,000.
Of course, many of them elderly with comorbidities, two or three comorbidities, who would have probably died within three weeks of that time space anyway.
If they're not getting it through the enforcement by these Karens who are on the street saying wear your mask, pull up your mask, who are on Spirit Airlines saying you're going to be locked up for 20 years, you're going to be put on a no-fly list like a terrorist if you don't do what we say immediately.
They're not getting it through the media.
The news media, they're not getting it through the real world of these petty enforcers now with Biden's new lockdown 2.0 apparently on its way.
Then they're getting it through propaganda like NCIS New Orleans and you're going to see a lot more of that over the coming weeks and months because all these shows are catching up with this hysteria.
Don't go away.
Summit.News will be right back.
Now of course we have an interesting situation with the whole Covid thing as it relates to the new president.
Remains to be seen who that is.
The mainstream media would love to anoint themselves with the power of deciding that.
They don't have that power.
The recounts are happening.
The litigation is happening.
And they're starting to get nervous from what I've seen.
But there's an interesting dichotomy.
Because of course you could have the scenario where now we know that this vaccine, and I'm going to get on to the story in a minute,
...was deliberately delayed, the announcement that we have this new successful Covid vaccine that prevents 90% of infections, was deliberately delayed until after the election, or at least November 3rd, so Trump couldn't take credit for it.
We have the proposal, the scenario, whereby coronavirus could disappear from the headlines
Almost disappear, at least become a background story, the day after Joe Biden is inaugurated and then he could take credit for the vaccine, he could take credit for the diminishing cases if they take that narrative.
What could also happen is that they continue to pursue this Great Reset, which is the most likely scenario, and that we have, as we've had in England, Lockdown 2.0.
And that looks like the most likely scenario from my perspective.
Headline here out of RT.
Get ready.
Biden COVID-19 advisor pitches national lockdown, warns US will be hitting 200,000 cases a day.
Looks like they're going to have the National Mask Mandate and Lockdown 2.0.
We've got a video of this.
We'll play it here in a second.
This is epidemiologist Dr. Michael Osterholm, who has joined Joe Biden's COVID-19 advisory board, because of course he's pretending that he's already the president.
And he's warned Americans to get ready as he expects cases to continue to surge and wants a national lockdown to combat the pandemic.
Let's roll the clip.
Can you see a scenario around the corner perhaps in this winter where there is some form of a national lockdown maybe like one that we're seeing in Europe where the schools stay open or some form of a lockdown if this gets bad enough?
Well, first of all, if you interview 50 people, you can get 75 different definitions of what a lockdown is.
Okay, so let's just be clear.
I don't think anybody knows what they're talking about when they talk about a lockdown, myself included.
In the first week of August, Neal Kashkari, the president of the Minneapolis Federal Reserve Bank and I wrote an op-ed piece in the New York Times.
That basically said we need to, in a sense, lock down to drive this infection level to a place where we can actually control it with testing and tracing and follow up that way, just like the Asian countries have done.
And I'm talking about everything from Australia to New Zealand, all the way right up through China, Japan.
All of those countries have done it already.
And what it would take, however, though, is to really to deal with the pain and suffering economically.
Is what we basically proposed was because the savings rate in this country has gone out of the roof since the pandemic.
We've gone from 8% to over 22%.
We could borrow the money from ourselves at a historically low interest rates.
We could pay people to lose their jobs.
We can pay small business.
We can take care of city, state and county
I think?
If we're a raging house on fire with coronavirus in this country, our economy is not going to do well.
So we've got to understand we have a way to do it.
We just have elected not to do it yet.
Basically what I call pay to prevail.
So again, you notice there that he's proposing expanding the national debt rapidly, basically paying people not to work, which is the equivalent of a universal basic income, directly in line with the globalist Great Reset agenda, where they redistribute the wealth when in fact they're concentrating the wealth and power within their own
Grubby hands.
They're openly talking about abolishing private property and basically having people sit on Twitter all day while automaton robots do their jobs.
They have their slave workers working in the restaurants providing their meals.
Nobody is able to have personal autonomy, nobody is able to have personal mobility rights, but they sit up in their ivory towers
Enjoying what they see as the finite resources that are left on the planet, with this giant slave class serving them on minimum wage, on universal basic income below, because it's too dangerous for them to work, it's too dangerous for them to go outside, because Covid is still such a giant threat.
Now they're saying the vaccine's probably not going to come out until
Next winter, so we're going to need more lockdowns until then just to tide us over.
Again, never achieving herd immunity like Sweden has done, like Belarus has done, and their economies have already recovered.
Then you have the vaccine itself, because of course, what an amazing coincidence that days after the election,
That mere days after the mainstream media, two days after the mainstream media anointed Joe Biden as the next president, suddenly we had a successful COVID vaccine!
What an astounding coincidence!
Was that delayed?
Well, we now have a top biotech expert who says COVID vaccine announcement was deliberately delayed until after the election.
This is a guy called Barry Norris of Argonaut Capital Partners.
Who again is an expert on the biotech sector.
He said the announcement could have been made sooner and was likely delayed so that Trump couldn't take full credit.
He said, quote, there are 44,000 people in the trial with half in the placebo.
They were supposed to read out after just 32 cases in total.
It was thought the trial hadn't yet read out because they hadn't yet had enough infections.
The trial actually read out after 94 cases
These are his words.
So they delayed it on purpose apparently as a result of discussions with the FDA.
He says this smells like they didn't want to announce it pre-presidential election in case the good news helped the incumbent.
Trump must be fuming.
So if Trump was able to seize upon this vaccine announcement
That could have pushed him over in the polls in spite of all this cheating and magical fairy dust 4am ballots that arrived in favour of Joe Biden.
Because of course when they did the exit polls they found that of course the economy was the number one issue for voters but Covid-19 was number two.
So there's no doubt that if this had been announced a week beforehand
Which according to this expert, they already had the data to do that.
Trump would have seized upon that rightly and it would have helped him in the polls, but they deliberately delayed it because it might have pushed Trump over the edge.
Again, political engineering in regard.
to this vaccine.
If it's so successful, if it's so great, why wouldn't you want to get the news out there?
Why wouldn't you want to fast-track the approval as soon as possible?
They apparently delayed it to help Joe Biden.
Another thing that's helping Joe Biden is this mysterious process whereby dead people voted for him, whereby they stopped counting the vote from midnight to 1am when Donald Trump was clearly set to win again.
I was watching it live, you had the New York Times.
We're good to go.
At midnight, at 1am, they just stopped counting the Trump votes and just magically received hundreds of thousands of Biden votes in these mysterious pallets that were snuck into back doors after the deadline when they were supposed to stop counting.
And then we have stories like this.
Woman who voted for Trump in Texas shocked to find record of her voting via mail-in ballot in California.
A woman who says she voted in person for President Trump in Texas was shocked to discover that voter records showed she had also apparently voted in Orange County, California via mail-in ballot.
So this is a woman who moved to Texas a year ago from California.
She voted in person for President Donald Trump.
She says she's never voted for anyone by mail.
And yet she went on the official voterstatus.gov website and it says she's registered as a permanent vote-by-mail voter with a party preference of Democrat and that she'd been mailed a ballot on the 5th of October and that this had been received and accepted in California on the 3rd of November on the same day she voted in person in Texas for President Donald Trump.
Oh, and by the way, she checked from 2016 because she told us directly, not only had she never voted by mail-in ballot, but she didn't vote for any candidate in 2016.
Lo and behold, she goes on the website and it shows she voted by mail-in ballot in 2016 in Orange County, California, despite the fact that that didn't happen.
This has got a long way to go.
The media has fact-checked Donald Trump for four plus years.
Now it's time to fact-check the vote.
Summit.News, we'll be right back.
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