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Name: 20201108_SpecialReport-2_Alex
Air Date: Nov. 8, 2020
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President Trump, you were about to be approached by Joe Biden and his new COVID-19 commission.
They're going to tell you that, sir, you're going to be blamed for the hundreds of thousands of deaths unless you sign on to a new lockdown, contact tracing, and even people being taken from their homes and forced inoculations.
When you sign on to that, you will be confirming that COVID-19 was your fault and legitimizing the martial law takedown of this country and the complete shutdown of our economy.
This will be the end of the Republic, and you, sir, will be known as Benedict Arnold, who allowed it all to happen.
President Trump, you survived at least four previous illegal coups.
You were illegally spied on during your campaign.
Everyone knows about the illegal fraud of Russiagate, Ukrainegate, the fake impeachment, and more.
And now the very same corporate media that's so discredited, that's so loathed, that is the enemy of the American people, as you've rightfully said, has announced that you're the loser and you have rightfully gone to those states where there is overwhelming clear evidence pouring out
That there was organized criminal fraud by big city corrupt machines.
But your own internal advisors and others are telling you stand down.
You're being congratulated by George W. Bush that, oh, you made a good showing, step down.
If you do that, they're going to set you up and destroy your legacy and blame you for COVID-19 and then destroy this republic.
If you stand up,
And fight back hard.
It is they that will be destroyed, not you and not America.
Bill Gates, the United Nations, the Wuhan lab, Fauci are all on record running that facility.
And as soon as they knew that you were about to beat the fake impeachment, they rolled out the hysteria and the fear that we witnessed.
You took the right action, not knowing how deadly it was, and shut down flights from China.
Because their plan all along was to blame you for it.
Then once it spread in the United States and began killing Americans, they turned around and said that you were to blame.
That's why it's so essential for you now to not concede the election, but to come out with your bully pulpit of the Oval Office and lay out the Newsweek articles and the New Scientist articles and all the documents
It was moved to Communist China at Wuhan.
I know the viewers of this emergency video and the White House and even the president are asking, Jones, we know about what happened with COVID and the UN Chinese power grab.
Why are you telling us about it?
Instead of getting into the election fraud in Pennsylvania, the election fraud in Georgia, the election fraud in Michigan and Nevada and Arizona, why Jones are you covering COVID?
Because sir,
I want you and your advisors to know what they're planning to do to drive you from office before January 20th and how they're planning to then blame you for COVID-19 that's been their plan all along.
If they're able to trick you, then your legacy and all your supporters will be irrevocably connected to the COVID-19 deaths and the American people will be persecuted and Americanism itself
We'll be demonized, connected to the Wuhan virus, which is a Chinese communist bioweapon.
Joe Biden, who's already had the entire corporate media blaming you, President Trump, and the American people for COVID-19, with all of their testing and all of their hysteria and all their false positives, they are going to come out and form, early this week, Joe Biden's new Coronavirus Task Force.
That task force made up of UN, Bill Gates, Chi-Com operators like Fauci and others,
We'll call for an extended, undefined lockdown, face masks for at least two more years, and a shutdown of the economy as well as forced inoculations as soon as they're ready.
Then they will demand that you, who is still President, elected under the Constitution, implement these plans.
If you do not immediately agree, they're going to say that 260 plus thousand, most of them deaths as you know from something else, are on your watch and are on your head and that you are guilty of this under the 25th Amendment and are not fit to be the President of the United States.
They want to further discredit you.
Not just with this fraudulent election, but to certify that fraudulent election by having your own cabinet remove you under the 25th Amendment because you don't follow the recommendations and orders of Joe Biden's new globalist COVID-19 task force.
And here's the problem.
If you follow the lockdown, they will put your name on the coming depression in the United States and blame you for all the previous deaths, saying later you actually admitted that you were the one behind it all.
Again, if you don't sign on to it, you've got to come out and expose Fauci, Bill Gates, Joe Biden, and all of them in Oval Office addresses.
And that is the only path to stop them.
They're going to have Jared Kushner approach you.
They're going to have others come to you and say, listen, we're ready to make a deal, Trump.
We won't destroy your legacy.
We won't blame you for COVID, but you've got to admit you were wrong.
And you've got to do what Biden says and you've got to let us take control.
President Trump, the mainstream media has choreographed all of this.
They have fraudulently blamed you for COVID-19.
The American people do not believe it.
They know the truth.
They elected you overwhelmingly.
And so this new fifth coup of election fraud is designed to take you out.
If you comply, if you quote, take the olive branch, the neocons and Mitt Romney and George W. Bush and say, okay, I'll follow the recommendations of president-elect
Mr. President, I know you care about America.
And I know you stood against their four previous coups, but now this fifth coup needs your mental will to say no.
Hold the course and let all the election fraud now being documented come out so the American people have a chance to rally behind you and to come to your aid and their own aid and save the Republic.
We are waiting for leadership.
We need the address from the Oval Office.
We need you to reconfirm in the face of Fox News,
And the other sellout traders, that you are never going to concede to fraud and sell out the election system in this country.
We know you're our champion and we stand behind you.
President Trump, you have rightfully pointed out the statistics from the UN itself, that the lockdown was too intense, so strong, and has already caused millions to die and tens of millions are on the verge of starvation.
You have come out and pointed out that you can never defeat a virus by staying locked up in your house, and that only herd immunity and therapeutics is the answer.
And now, President Trump, we have the head of the UK military, their secretary of defense, their chairman of their joint chiefs of their defense staff, General Sir Nick Carter, coming out and saying this lockdown could trigger World War III, and there's an extreme danger of it, and that another lockdown is not needed.
Mr. President, we need you to point out the millions that are starving to death, the collapse of borders, and what this is doing to good governance around the world.
The big megabanks, the big corporations, want to have a crisis to consolidate control.
They want to destroy middle classes.
You've been a champion of the middle classes, and we need you to come out in daily Oval Office announcements behind that resolute desk and be the true Commander-in-Chief.
America is really concerned that you've only been seen two times since the election fraud of November 3rd.
Only you can call out the people of America to support you and to peacefully stand against this tyranny.
Now is the time for all good men and women to come to the aid of their country.
For all of you watching, not just the White House and law enforcement and security agencies around the world, I also want to encourage you to remember
Despite the fact that big tech censorship has basically silenced everyone else's voice, we're still on air at InfoWars.com forward slash show and Band.video.
And we're going to be making major announcements later this evening about massive caravans from all corners of the United States descending on Washington, D.C.
in the next few days led by InfoWars.com and more action we're about to take.
Mr. President, we don't just have your back.
We've got America's back and the cavalry is coming.
The days of hell.
The nightmare is here.
79 days of hell has begun!
Multinational corporations, the mainstream media apparatus, and social media tech giants are all now being deployed by the archaic, inbred, crooked establishment to interfere with the 2020 US elections, remove the populist champion of the people, Donald J. Trump,
And install the decrepit, perverted, traitorous establishment puppet Joe Biden, along with rabid radical hag Kamala Harris.
Keep your heads on a swivel and tune in to 79days.news for tomorrow's news today.
America's last stand.
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