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Name: 20201107_SpecialReport-3_Alex
Air Date: Nov. 7, 2020
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InfoWars, tomorrow's news today.
It is Saturday, November 7th, the year is 2020.
And if we accept the false claims of Joe Biden and his Communist Chinese Deep State handlers that he is the president with the fraud we've just witnessed, then you could really see this as a good date to put on the Republic's tombstone.
Born July 4th,
1776 died November 7th, 2020.
That's what this is.
And we can talk all day about the failures of Trump and why this was able to happen.
We can talk about what Trump should have done better.
And we're going to do that so we don't make the mistakes next time.
But you notice InfoWars has been basically 99% accurate, unlike anyone else.
Just frighteningly prescient on what was going to unfold because we're watching every move they make, we know who the players are, and we see the preconditioning in the controlled media to get people ready for what's now happening.
But this is why this is really important.
I'm going to get into what's coming next.
That is the most important thing to get to so that folks can now listen to the broadcast and then actually go check it out for themselves and then make preparation to stop what's coming next.
Because a lot of people thought, and I explained to everybody it wasn't the case, that if Joe Biden won, the lockdowns and the shutdown of small businesses and the mask wearing and the forced inoculation would stop.
Well, now you notice that Michigan and Washington State and Oregon and New York are announcing martial law.
They're going to have their own state guards out arresting people that aren't wearing masks and getting ready for forced inoculation.
So Biden has said he intends to have permanent lockdowns.
China's been open for six months.
We're never going to open again.
This is Venezuela.
It's over.
Their constituents are so stupid that in a year when we're in the greatest depression the world's ever seen, and much of the third world's already in, and it's already started here, they won't even remember that the globalists did all this.
I mean, I was in an armored vehicle today, I'm going to walk through every facet of this, downtown, and they were throwing water bottles at us and stuff.
There was a crowd of probably 3,000 Trump supporters out there.
There was a crowd of about 100 Biden supporters down the street at a park by the courthouse.
And they were yelling F you racist to me.
And I would, I would say to them, you know, China has people in death camps and Apple and other companies, except parts made by slaves.
And I said, you know, Joe Biden is the one that passed the KKK style laws that blacks in jail, folks, these white people didn't care, mainly white, some Hispanic.
They were just flipping me off saying F you Nazi.
It's a fact that Joe Biden.
Represents the big megacorporations.
It's a fact that Mitt Romney and the Bushes and the globalists love him.
It's a fact they helped found modern ISIS.
It's a fact they're saying they're gonna launch all these big wars.
It's a fact he and his son took tens of millions from the Communist Chinese to sell out US interest and the recordings and the laptop and the audio is all there.
But I'm gonna talk first before I get into all this and give you the latest and we've got it all right here.
Commercial free live on Saturday, November 7th for the next two hours.
We've already been live for almost an hour.
Then we're going to loop this until I go live tomorrow at 4 p.m.
Central with the regular Sunday show.
But I was in Nevada last two days.
Now I've been back here this afternoon, went straight downtown where thousands of Patriots were, where Owen Schroer and others were already taking action.
Olly Alexander, Savannah Hernandez, back down there doing a great job.
Great to see her.
It's all unfolding right now.
But let me talk about the main reason this is happening.
This is an important psychological system the globalists use.
When they conducted the first illegal spying on the president and all of their criminal activity and lied to Congress and lied to the people and lied to the media,
And didn't get in trouble that emboldened them to then try the impeachment and the Ukraine fraud and the obstruction of Trump's agenda and all the rest of it.
And all the city mayors and all these different employees, they saw that corruption normalized to a level never before.
And so that's why they were all more than happy to engage in systemic election fraud in all these key battleground states with the same election company
Same election company, owned by the Carlyle Group and George Soros, that's been decertified in North Carolina and Texas and many other areas, because you can hack it in 10 seconds, literally, because it's fraudulent, because you can pre-program it to flip votes and to shave votes with fraction magic.
That group is in every race in Arizona, in Georgia, in Pennsylvania, Michigan,
Every place Trump lost, it was in play.
And I'm going to go over this.
I was reminded by someone very close to the President about this yesterday morning.
And I went and dug into the history of it because I remembered, oh yeah, I remember reading about Soros and these companies.
And sure as hell,
I'm going to show you Washington Post.
I'm going to show you business journal articles from 30 years ago and 20 years ago and 10 years ago admitting it, where we're talking 100 million a year Soros kicking in.
The media goes, oh, there's no evidence of that when anybody in seconds could find it.
This is simply incredible.
I'm going to show you who's on the board.
But guess who in Michigan first lied to the public and said everything's safe.
There's no anonymous anomalies a few days ago to declare Michigan for Biden.
One of the top folks from the Southern Poverty Law Center.
And she's now over the state and over the elections.
So, I'm just going to give you a snapshot of this, but when they say there's no evidence, Project Veritas has all these postal workers that witness them being ordered to backdate ballots after the election.
That's illegal.
My brother-in-law saw it the day of the election at the USPS on Congress Street.
Austin Rivera.
And he was shaken by it.
But it's election law, you can't videotape at a polling place and if somebody's turning ballots in there, you can't.
And the workers were taking the 50 ballots, they loved it.
And so now, we've got all these postal workers, there's a bunch of them that have gone public, they're all being retaliated against.
You see, they get retaliated against.
I get lawsuits and grand jury investigations.
I get subpoenas.
I get harassed.
I get lied about.
These poor guys do.
But when you actually commit crimes, like Joe Biden or Hunter Biden, oh, then you're exalted and promoted because you're the good guys.
So there are criminal investigations now by the USPS Inspector General.
There are state investigations by the Republican Party that controls the legislature in Michigan into this.
There are all these witnesses that the Supreme Court put out an order
Today to freeze the Pennsylvania ballots that have postmarks that came in after the election that shouldn't have been counted.
That's the federal law.
That's state law.
But if you turn on CNN or ABC News or the Associated Press, they're going, listen, Trump's just a liar.
There's no evidence.
There's no nothing there when there is incredible evidence.
You know, we've got footage of the county clerk there in Maricopa County on video.
Head of Elections saying, yes, we did used to tell you don't have Sharpies because they had the piece of paper saying, don't use Sharpies because it bleeds through and doesn't read in the Scandron.
But she goes, but it doesn't really matter.
It's still OK.
Well, you add that with all those credible witnesses, black, white, Hispanic, male, female, old, young, dozens of them.
I talked to a whole bunch of myself that they would say, oh, no, you can't use a regular pen.
You must use a Sharpie.
And then, yeah, all the footage of what Veritas exposed months ago.
Ilhan Omar going around ordering Muslims that are immigrants that she can get deported to fill out their ballots for her and all the footage of men, masked men, because of COVID, get to cover their faces at the ballot boxes, at the post boxes, which are the ballot boxes.
Stuffing them in.
There it is.
Breaking Arizona.
Election official confirms Sharpies discredit ballots.
But I don't want to lose the forest for the trees.
But if I could go to Arizona, only two hours away by jet flight,
And I could discover all this and I could get articles up.
The mainstream media was there by the hundreds at that one facility.
They didn't show one scintilla of it, not one piece of fact.
But the woman's there on tape admitting that.
So let's not miss the forest for the trees though.
I want to just announce this.
I want to be very, very clear about this.
I don't operate from a Machiavellian manipulative stance of a Galean dialectics, but I do understand it.
And most of the future outcomes of what Biden and Kamala Harris and their Chai Com Globalist backers have done is going to generate supermassive, sustained, iron-jawed resistance to them.
But understand this, Biden doesn't run anything.
He's just a placeholder.
Neither does Kamala.
The nasty neocons and globalists behind him are very shrewd and totally ruthless.
And they're going to stage false flags in this country and really try to have a bigger race war in the nation saying whites are inherently bad to divide off quote minorities.
They're now the majority.
So they will reject the American dream and it's going to work on some of them and they're really pushing hard, but it's not worked on them as good as I thought it would.
They've been more resistant to white people that have this guilt and that want to genuflect and
Virtue signal and you know, you know say that the red white and blue and capitalism and guns are racist.
But we really have to reach out to everybody and explain this is a foreign corporate psychological warfare operation and really put it into context of where we are.
This is the death of America.
Now a country
He's not like a person.
It can be resurrected like the Phoenix.
The mythical Phoenix.
But it's going to be really a tough road to go down because
This whole COVID lockdown is admittedly about destroying small infrastructure towns and small businesses and getting people into debt so that you can be fully controlled and then politically be sent to what they call retraining centers or community college that is really a socialist communist indoctrination center
We're good to go.
Where you get the type of pancake mix where you know you've got to get the eggs and the milk or whatever.
It doesn't have that already baked into it.
This is an exact path we're on.
And that's how we're able to predict this.
That's how we're able to walk through all of this.
Millions are starving to death in the third world.
Their countries are collapsing under the COVID lockdown.
They're still locked down there.
Then those hundreds of millions will flood us and be organized as weapons against the population.
And when you see your way of life being destroyed, because of the ongoing systems, and you say you don't want to open borders, the UN will then announce that you too are racist and bad.
And they've got their reconciliation commissions they're setting up that they used in communist China and South Africa.
They're talking about they're making a list of Trump supporters.
They're going to persecute you.
They're going to get you.
This is by the millions.
And you see the mass censorship now, as we predicted, almost total censorship.
No media that I saw carrying Giuliani's press conference.
Thank God there's right side broadcasting.
Thank God there's Infowars picking it back up.
Thank God you're out there amplifying it.
But this is a serious war.
And they cut off our communications first.
And I want to be clear.
The Chinese people are hardworking, really smart folks, but for thousands of years, they've been under imperial rule.
And so they've been socially conditioned to be submissive and follow orders.
Just like the British used to be extremely violent and the Romans couldn't conquer them.
And they were the most unconquerable, toughest group the Romans thought.
They'd fought everybody.
And now they're the most domesticated people around.
That's imperial conditioning.
So the Chinese have been conditioned for 5,000 years.
To submit to peer pressure and directives.
Incredibly brave in wars, fights.
I mean, you know, just described like robots when it comes to war.
But when it comes to following orders of their government and peer pressure, very robot-like.
This is dog training.
And all the stuff you now see being done to us is the same dog training the Chinese have gone through.
And that's all this is.
That the government doesn't need to have robots replace us if they can turn us into robots.
So instead of making China a capitalist country at the end of World War II, criminal elements of the Rockefeller Combine, Dave Rockefeller wrote a book about this and wrote two articles in New York Times.
I always go back to this because this is key.
This is the real world.
And sent George Herbert Walker Bush in there with James Baker and the rest of them to make a deal with the Communist Chinese after they'd spent
25 years enslaving and killing 80 million other people and getting them to behave.
And if they'd follow every directive of one-child policies and horrible things that the Rockefellers told them to do, they said, yeah, kill about 80 million of your people and one-child policy, and we'll make you the global superpower of economics.
But you're not allowed to have a big military.
But of course, wink, wink, they're globalists.
They were building a big military the whole time.
That's why I saw the pivot under Obama was because China wasn't following its agreement to not be expansionist.
They were given all the rarest minerals and all the economic power and they were allowed to economically expand, but America would economically close, but then would have military dominance still.
That's how you divide power.
That's the rollerball allegory.
That's really how globalism works.
The original movie with James Caan, 1972 or whatever it is, is dead on.
So, of course the globalists and the CFR rooked us, scammed us, bamboozled us.
I didn't sign on to globalism.
I wasn't alive then.
I guess I was bored about the year the deal was officially made.
But we live under this and it's all been one-sided.
It's not about Kumbaya and one world living together and all this great stuff.
Communist China was allowed to buy up our debt, buy up Hollywood, buy up our whole infrastructure to have power over us, but only through the intermediaries
The middlemen, the Mitt Romneys and the Bill Clintons and the Rahm Emanuels, all of them making hundreds of millions and billions of dollars off the Chinese.
And that's what Trump came out of like three months ago.
And he said, yeah, they really hate me.
He said, I may not be here too long.
You may not be seeing me soon.
He knew what the fix was in.
He said, I learned that it's not even the communist Chinese that are making all the money when we pay three times more than anybody else for drugs made there.
There's middlemen, the Democrats and Republicans that are getting more money than the factories and the Chinese for these drugs.
We're bringing the drugs back here.
We're not doing that.
That's one industry.
A hundred percent set up to be one sided.
So I've got a lot to cover here.
And a lot to break down, but I'm going to be laying out in the next 40 minutes or so.
I need to get going with it, but here's my greatest sadness.
The average person that's a leftist buys into the system.
They go and they get one degree and they can't get a job.
They get two degrees, they can't get a job.
They get three degrees, they can't get a job.
Or they get some little government or bureaucracy job.
And they tell them, once we overthrow America and create a socialist utopia, you're all going to be in charge and have mansions.
And they believe this.
They're never going to be brought into the power structure.
They're absolute jokes and they're vicious and they're hateful and they literally believe that Joe Biden and the communist Chinese and the mega banks and the neocons that launched all these wars are the bad guys when Trump did everything he could to bring good factory jobs back and good farming jobs back and good manufacturing and all sorts of other production and things that actually build an infrastructure that actually empower people.
And you notice once the globalists got rid of our industry, they're now saying service is not essential.
They're teaching you that you're under total control.
And now Rahm Emanuel has come out and said, learn to code.
And said, the jobs aren't coming back.
It's impossible.
You can't wave a magic wand.
And they're going to put the carbon taxes on us that only Europe and the United States are doing.
Not India, not China, not Mexico, and then everything will be gone.
That last little percent that was left here and the few percentage points Trump clawed back in the few years he was in office that they obstructed.
And it's just, it's so disgusting to see how they use our open society to come in, take us over.
They became fabulously wealthy selling us off.
And now they hate us so much and they hate flyover country and they hate Christians so much.
It's an ethos of the left.
That they are saying all over the news, we're going to polarize you.
We're going to persecute you.
We're going to take your bank accounts.
We're going to take your jobs.
We're going to take your sons.
We're going to sterilize them.
I mean, this is true enslavement.
They truly hate the existence of this country.
They've thrown their lot into the authoritarians of the planet and
President Trump talked a lot about doing something about censorship, but there were so many billions and billions of dollars spent per quarter by big tech buying off the government and giving jobs to all the government officials' wives and children, just like Hunter Biden does, that the Republicans did nothing because they were bought off.
And now they're vestigial, and now they're going to be thrown to the ash heap of history.
Unless we take them over again.
All over the country, legislatures have huge Republican wins with Trump-style anti-globalist candidates.
And we've got a real opportunity with the fact that there's a world government, the fact that it's one-sided, the fact that we're all being screwed over.
If we use this opportunity to point out they've taken our free speech, they've disenfranchised our voting, they've engaged in the scams, the mainstream corporate media that hates us as they decide who the president is.
If we take this as an opportunity,
So that Republicans get serious and get hardcore and recognize that Joe Biden is a communist Chinese agent.
That Joe Biden and the laptop and the recordings of Hunter are all real.
And that you can't have a communist Chinese agent who's totally compromised sitting in there with the nuclear codes.
If that talking point gets out,
And this boomerangs back around, this incredible biting off more than you can chew they've done, there's a very good chance that this triggers a revolution against the globalist that's more local and more focused, that is 10 times stronger than what you saw Donald Trump do.
If we use what Donald Trump did that was mainly a blueprint of info wars, and just common sense resistance and understanding of geopolitical histories, if we do that,
Then we have a fighting chance in the future.
But if we do not recognize that they're going to clamp down the lockdowns even more now, and they're going to bankrupt everybody to make us like their Democrat slaves in blue cities that are either on welfare or have a government or special corporate job that they are told is only because they serve the globalists and serve the system.
As soon as their conversion of the collapse of the country is over, those individuals
We'll be completely disenfranchised.
It's up to us to somehow reach over the table to the average leftist minion and somehow try to get some sense into them because most of them are very simple-minded people that actually are scared and actually believe what mainstream media tells them.
We've got to expose the corporate background of the Bidens, the corporate looting.
And there are a lot of classical liberals like Tim Pool and many others that are explaining, you know, that
The establishment wanted Biden, the whole world power structure wanted Biden, and the left could never criticize anything Trump was doing human rights wise, because compared to what was going on in China, Trump is an angel.
And Trump got us out of three wars.
Trump got the VA standards up higher than anybody else has ever done since it was created.
Trump really busted his ass to pragmatically deliver as much as he could to the American people.
Well, now you're not going to get the quicker Trump vaccine that obviously you don't even have to take.
It was just meant to take power away from Gates so they would reopen the economy.
And Trump figured that out.
So he started having giant rallies and saying, don't wear your mask.
It's a scam.
He did a great job.
And so they are going to fraudulently run him out of there.
And I'm not saying that's a foregone conclusion.
They're going to have the Republican Party turn against him, the whole media, the whole nine yards.
Trump must just address the nation from the Oval Office nightly on all these subjects and really talk heart to heart with us about why he did it, what he did, and what we face and what's going to happen.
And I think President Trump should stay on his horse and still go give speeches at least once a week.
around the country to stay on the offense.
But this is bigger than Trump.
We got Trump elected.
And so many of us thought I didn't, that Trump was totally invincible, that there was a secret plan, and that nothing can stop him.
And that's just not the way the universe works.
God will give you a chance and give you a leader.
But if you don't back him and stand with him,
There's allegories of that in the Bible, you know, where the prophet's sitting there praying, but I think it's Moses.
He's so tired, they're going to help him hold his hands up.
So, going from memory here, but, but, you know, if people weren't helping Moses, then he couldn't do what he was doing.
And I'm not comparing Trump to Moses, except that he is, you know, they're leading us out of the exodus, out of Egypt.
But when you come out of Egypt or Babylon or Sodom and Gomorrah, you go into the desert.
You go into tribulations and you go into governing yourselves again.
You go into figuring out who you are and what you're going to build.
It's not a flip a switch and everything gets fixed.
But as we spiritually and culturally come out of their system,
And as we metaphysically and culturally and physically move away from the globalist, that means we've got 100% not stay at their hotels, not eat in their restaurants, not buy their cars, not purchase anything or do anything that is a new world order system.
Because their whole COVID lockdown, their whole martial law siege is about that vertical integration.
And the big six tech companies have all increased their wealth on average 57% in the last eight months.
Look it up.
The numbers are higher in some of the projections, but the word is by the end of the year, Apple and Amazon may double their profit from what it was last year.
And so the whole thing was written to not help the small businesses, but to screw over the small businesses.
And this is people declaring war against you and your family.
All right, let me start getting into the news here.
There's a lot of it.
Let me just tell you what I've got.
And again, if you're tuned in on Saturday at 321 Central, I'm going to probably go a little bit longer than it was before.
I'll probably go another 45 minutes or so.
And then we will loop this until 4 p.m.
tomorrow, Lord willing.
And again, I just want to say something here that's very important.
We knew this was coming.
We knew exactly how this was going to unfold.
We're on record saying it.
And we had to build our own infrastructure, our own Band.Video, our own platforms, our own satellite uplinks, everything.
It's been incredibly expensive.
It's been incredibly hard.
It's taking a lot more crew.
We don't just dial into some, you know, big Facebook or Twitter thing to get a feed out.
We've got to have people connect, have an engineer there, flip the switches, get it up, and have a lot of other steps in it because we're not companies worth a trillion dollars like Apple or 790 billion like Google or, you know, 20 billion like Twitter or any of that.
We are a ragtag organization that
Does with the money we have a hundred times what the enemy can and we're not backed by Soros or the Carlyle group like these voting machines.
We're at war with the Southern Poverty Law Center.
We're at war.
They're attacking us with the ADL, the Democratic Party and the Communist Party China that openly attacks me.
Because I'm just an American and I'm instinctive and I don't want to be slaves to these people.
But if they were just taking over America, I wouldn't risk my life.
I'd still speak out against them.
But we have nothing to lose because these people are post-humanist and they want power over the human reproductive system and power over your body and your life and they are pure evil.
Everything you've seen them do in China, they are preparing to do here.
It is the globalist agreement.
It's how these authoritarians operate.
And the Rockefellers always set China up to betray us, and they always set us up with the global system to destroy America, because the globalists don't want even the memory of America being there.
And we're now slated for economic collapse, never-ending lockdowns, forced inoculations, social credit scores, re-education to get any job that you're a bad person if you're white, if you're Christian, signing oaths of service to the system,
Force national service, more police than you've ever seen or imagined, contact tracers coming to your houses, all sorts of regulators harassing and shutting down tiny businesses, and just everyone has to start gardening now, and has to start moving towards the country, and have to stop submitting, and you just have to realize you're already going in to a very long dystopic nightmare.
Let's take Terminator allegory, James Cameron's first film, pretty good movie.
Where they know that this is going to happen.
She knows in 15 years that Skynet's going to come in and the robots are going to take over and launch nukes and there's going to be a resistance.
And they've sent somebody back in time to make sure they can win with that intel.
And then she goes off to the mountains to become self-sufficient and to raise her son.
Well, you're not gonna wait 10, 15 years.
It's on, you understand?
And it's globalist with robots that are coming for you and your family.
So, everything you've ever seen dystopic, everything you've ever imagined, it's here, it's over.
Party time's over.
And they're gonna tighten the noose, release it a little, tighten it more, release it some.
You'll still get to go bowling if you wear your mask and sign in and have your little ID.
Then if you take your inoculation, you'll be able to go.
And if you owe senior kids for re-education and let your 10-year-old decide to be cash-traded, then you'll get all these little special credits and you'll be patted on the head.
But when everybody sells out, they'll be able to demand more and more and more.
At first it sounds reasonable, just wear a mask, just contact trace, just have an app on your phone when you go to a restaurant or a business.
And then if you don't have that, you can't go in the business.
That's already happening in Europe, already happening in Michigan, already happening in California.
And then it's, oh, you got to have five vaccines a year, Bill Gates says, and it's not even a vaccine.
It was so archetypal.
I was on the street in Phoenix yesterday, shooting a video without a bullhorn.
And I had these Chase Bank security guards walk up to me because I was standing on the line of their courtyard.
And they said, you can't film our building.
And they got real rude with me and I said, I can fill any building I want.
I told him to go to hell.
Then I said, go get my bullhorn.
I'm going to bullhorn their building.
And then there's some video with like 60,000 views I happen to see on Twitter of like, look, Alex Jones is crazy.
He's out on an empty street bullhorning.
Oh really?
I'm on an empty street?
You just shot a video with my speech that 60 something thousand people saw that day.
I haven't checked it since then.
I was bullhorning those people in that bank building.
And a guy walks over in his mask, a yuppie, and he laughs at me because he hears me saying, Bill Gates's mRNA vaccine goes in and reprograms the mitochondria and changes the DNA of the cells and makes them produce all these dangerous proteins.
He starts laughing and saying I'm an idiot.
I argue with him about five minutes and then as he walks away laughing at me to shame me, that's how the left operates, a city bus drove by.
That said, Nanobot vaccines to cure cancer.
Think about that.
Think about that.
Right as he's laughing at me, it drives by and there's the big ad.
In fact, I'm going to plug my phone back in.
It's dead.
When it boots up, I actually have that video.
I'll show it to you.
I'll run off my phone on TV because I pulled my phone out and got a shot of the bus.
Well, actually, we were done, so the security guys pulled up in the Tahoe, or the truck that we drove that happened to catch the bus.
That's where I got footage of it.
Yeah, there it is.
These tiny robots can kill cancer cells.
World Economic Forum.
And then they've got the Prime Minister of England, which turned out to be a real disappointment, coming out and saying everyone will have their implanted microchips and nanotech injections very soon, and that it's going to be a new world order.
You see, they build all this up, they get it ready, they get it prepared, we warn you for decades, and then like a dam being blown, it all just floods in.
And so we're at that point now where it's going to get worse and worse and more dystopic and more horrible and more horrible.
Let me give you an example.
Then I'll hit the news.
Overhead shot, please.
Now, you'll only see this because it's on Breitbart, but it is in the Chinese news.
6,000 plus people infected from Chinese vaccine factory leak.
Now, what did Dr. Francis Boyle, author of the U.S.
Biological Weapons Law, the main contributor to the world law, say on this show in early March of this year?
He said, the intel is this is a vaccine ingredient that had not been attenuated yet.
With gain-of-function chimera, so that it keeps reinfecting, there'll be no known vaccine that can be created, because it's five different viruses.
And now all the discoverer of HIV has said that, they've all said that, and that it was a leaked, unattenuated, weaponized virus.
Now this is a separate disease, separate situation, but it's the same story.
Over 6,000 people in China's northwestern city of Lanzhou have tested positive for brucellosis after they were exposed to contaminated aerosols from a state-run brucellosis vaccine leak over a year ago, the Chinese health authorities announced on November 4th.
A total of 35,000 people have been tested and
So far, near the factory, accounting for 97.5% of the total residents of the Yancheng Road sub-district, the worst impacted area, 6,620 have been confirmed infected.
The Chinese state-run Global Times reported Thursday.
Now, it just goes on.
Why is that important?
Because we have vaccine liability protection laws here, and when that stuff happens here, you don't hear about it.
Let me explain something else.
Remember what came out of Associated Press just a month ago, that the majority of new polio cases around the world are from the Bill and Melinda Gates vaccine.
Said it right there.
Because it's on purpose, ladies and gentlemen.
But the point is, you're told vaccines are safe and effective and never hurt anybody in their whole life, and that it's all a big lie, and then you actually read the literature, they're the most dangerous thing ever.
And most cancer has been caused by vaccines in the last 70 years.
And that's in mainline medical literature.
And of course, you watch the movie JFK, which is based on real stuff, Oliver Stone's masterpiece.
What are they doing with Lee Harvey Oswald down in New Orleans?
What's their main mission that you hear in the background?
Oh, they're developing cancer viruses.
Because most cancer is viral and they're injecting people with cancer.
What is the Fox News alert, guys?
Alright, we'll go ahead and fade up the audio since you guys have gone with as much suspense.
Go ahead.
...taking to the streets near the White House reacting to the news that Joe Biden has been elected.
Leland Vittert is live with the latest on that.
Hey, Trace, we're just north of the White House, so if the President walks up to the second floor residence and then looks out over Lafayette Plaza, this is the crowd he would see.
It's sort of a street fair atmosphere out here.
People are popping champagne bottles while wearing masks and then drinking out of the same bottle together and communally.
So make that of what you will, given the fact that D.C.
is in the middle of a massive COVID spike.
A lot of people out here are wearing masks, not necessarily practicing social distancing.
That's enough, shut them up.
We'll go back to that in a moment.
And I wasn't even going to get to this, but there's Forbes.
Alex Jones calls on pro-Trump protesters to surround the White House and support the President.
And I was talking to folks connected to the State Department in the White House just last night, and I said, you need to go today.
You need to go tonight.
I said, tomorrow they'll probably announce that Biden's the winner.
I said, Fox or AP will do it.
I've just got their number.
And you'll need to call your people out there
Wearing Trump shirts and things to, to, to counteract this.
And I also told the white house two days ago, and you've now seen them agree that Trump needs to have a major celebration, but they should have already had it set up so they could counter the optics of this.
It's all just warfare folks.
And it's not about how smart I am.
It's about, I know the seven companies that they said are allowed to quote announce who the winner is.
As if that gives it legitimacy to that Twitter decided and big tech decided.
Big Tigger said only these seven are allowed.
Well, they're all super liberal except Fox and AP which both are too.
So it's obvious Fox or AP will be the ones that declare it.
And Fox declared first that Trump was the loser and then
In Arizona and other key places, and then here comes AP with the final blow.
I mean, it's the default position.
It's all rigged.
It's synthetic.
You know how they run the scams.
It's all I do is study the scams.
And so that's an easy prediction to make.
Very elementary, my dear Watson.
It's called deduction.
But I sit there with people screaming, F you Nazi.
But I'm telling them that Joe Biden called black people super predators, passed laws to give them three times the sentences, helped China run giant death camps for Muslims, Christians, and Buddhists, and they just spit in my face saying, F you, because they just want to feel like they're with the good guy and they're good, even though Biden's going to crush their jobs, crush their 401ks, crush their future, and destroy their children's future, and shoot them up with deadly poison because they want them dead when they're dying of diabetes or they're dying of cancer.
Which the vaccines are on record causing, they attack your pancreas.
Those people will never want to admit they're wrong.
I've noticed what it is about low IQ people is, they never admit they're wrong.
They never learn.
They just stupidly decide what it is they want to believe, and then they think that makes them smart.
You know, I wish Biden would have won this fair and square.
I wish Biden was not a Chai Com agent.
You know, if I was Machiavelli,
Joe Biden, we're going to have a bigger audience.
I would have rather to Trump and still be sued and attacked and persecuted.
The minute I hooked up to Trump, all hell broke loose.
The minute I hooked up with Trump, no more money Alex Jones gets to pay himself.
The minute I did that, I went through hell, but I was happy to do it.
It was the right thing to do.
If I wanted money and power, I had Bill Clinton's representative of the Democratic Party.
Call me 17 years ago and offer me, what was it, $200,000 a year out of the gates to work with the Democrats.
What do you think it'd be today?
I could be whatever I wanted to and be left alone and be loved by the system.
I don't want to be with these people.
I don't want to be part of their system.
I don't want to be in DC.
I don't want to be a lapdog of Trump.
I could care less about the Trump power.
I didn't seek any of that out.
Because I inherently have my own integrity and what I believe in, what I stand for with you supporting us together to trailblaze.
But how many times did I say it's so obvious by the weekend, they'll announce by the winter, they're going to pick a Saturday.
So people aren't at work.
And so they can all use social media to say, let's put a million people around the white house.
It won't be a million today.
It'll be a hundred thousand today.
Won't be a million today.
It'll be a hundred thousand.
But by the time Trump isn't leaving in a week or two, there'll be a million, two million, and they will tear those barricades up and storm the White House.
That's been the plan.
The Democrats said that's their plan.
And hey, the globalists have never gotten in trouble for anything they've done.
So why wouldn't they do that?
Because they're never held accountable.
Now I'm gonna stop.
I'm gonna air some clips.
And then I'm going to get refocused and come back, go through the election fraud, go through other key points of who's behind the machines, how there is a very narrow way out of this.
A very narrow way out of this.
And then I'm going to explain that there is another path.
And that path actually is more destructive and very horrible, but will actually hasten the destruction of the global order and the destruction of the new world order.
And they have stepped into it.
Now, I have no desire to go down this path, but I will go down it if they take us there.
And don't worry, you're going to go down that path, too.
Because there's no getting out of this now.
Everyone is going to see world government manifest.
You're going to see everything I've told you come true.
You'll have no job for years, and they'll tell you, you get a card, but you've got to be sterilized.
You get a card, but you've got to send your children for re-education.
And your children will come home, and they will be sterilized.
And you will be celebrated on local TV.
But once they get the first parents to do this, it's already here, then it'll be ordered for everybody else.
They're going to start with the inoculations first and with taking people's families away in the middle of the night because they didn't contact trace.
It's already happening in Texas.
That's why people like Abbott are scared.
And the world government's here.
The new order's here.
We got Trump in, he turned things around, and they summoned their full power and are making their full move.
And if we don't recognize their full power and their full move, it's over.
Now, I was going to go to Joe Biden saying that they've hired the biggest criminal group ever to steal the election, and then Pelosi bragging he's going to be gone after this election no matter what, even if he wins the election.
I'm going to play those clips, but first I want to play a very important clip.
Sidney Powell and Lou Dobbs discusses Hammer and Scowcard.
And this is very, very important.
It's a good place to start.
So we're going to play this clip and we'll be right back on this live Sunday edition.
Please understand, almost everyone's now been suspended or banned on Twitter or Facebook who's got any big following.
Now they're going through and banning all the little folks that go out to rallies and demonstrations.
It's okay.
Just start new ones.
It's all going to be gone anyways.
But the total internet of censorship is here with AI that if you don't say what the party wants, you will be restricted.
And it's the submission to it that makes it happen and makes it bad.
So while you still can, call everyone you know and send them to Band.Video and send them to InfoWars.com forward slash show and say, Hey, Alex Jones is about to go on air and lay out everything that's happening and what's coming next and how we can fight it and how we can stop it.
Because we can make a lot of lemonade with these lemons, and if we're not see ourselves as losers and don't see ourselves as wimps and as victims, and if we take the enemy attack for what it is, actually we can, and you know I don't tell you stuff to make you feel good.
I think you already feel your energy.
You feel your focus.
You feel your determination rising.
You feel the surety that you were right about how evil they were.
You see yourself being disenfranchised.
You know that you've done the right thing fighting them and you know that others are being destroyed that have been foolish and it's our job to wake them up.
And now you have a determination you've never had before.
Our spirits are all stronger now.
Nothing in the world like having something taken away from you that's good that you fought for makes you fight harder.
Nothing on earth could awaken people more than what you're witnessing right now.
We made the enemy come out in the open.
We made the enemy absolutely show their hand and absolutely just dominate us and their main power was being hidden in the shadows.
But we forced them to censor.
We forced them to attack.
We forced them to be violent.
We forced them to admit who they are.
And we've already devastated them with all the Hunter Biden stuff.
And believe me, believe me, a lot more is going to come out and it doesn't matter.
And the stuff's going to get delivered to their houses, you know, to their wives.
The evidence of what they've done.
There's so many ways to politically defeat these people and we're going to do it.
And so they took the gloves off.
So there's a lot of other ways we take the gloves off.
A lot of different things we haven't even done yet.
We were hoping they were smart, hoping they backed off.
They're not going to.
And so, we're going to be in a whole different shooting match now.
All right, here's that report.
We'll be back.
Your thoughts first about the knowledge now that the Justice Department is involved in this review of the election.
Well, I'm delighted to hear that.
I think there are any number of things they need to investigate, including the likelihood that 3% of the vote total was changed in the pre-election voting ballots that were collected digitally by using the HAMR program and a software program called Scorecard.
That would have amounted to a massive change in the vote that would have gone across the country and explains a lot of what we're seeing.
In addition, they ran an algorithm to calculate votes they might need to come up with for Mr. Biden in specific areas.
I think that explains what happened in Michigan, where the computer glitch resulted in a change of votes of about 5,500 in favor of President Trump, just in one of 47 districts.
All those districts need to be checked for that same, quote, software glitch, end quote, that would change the result in Michigan dramatically.
The same thing is happening in other states.
We've had hundreds of thousands of ballots mysteriously appear solely for Mr. Biden, which is statistically impossible as a matter of mathematics.
It can all be documented.
We are putting it into materials that we will file in federal court, and we need to seek relief in multiple states to enjoin the certification of any election results.
Well, Cindy, let's go back to Hammer and Scorecard.
Are those the names that you just used for those programs?
What's being done about it and how broadly were they used by vote counters in various states?
I think they were very broadly used, but not by the vote counters.
They were used by the forces and the Democratic operatives that had access to these programs through the government access points that they have.
Entities in other countries, it's just been turned recently against our own citizens here to change election results.
It's absolutely appalling that that can be done.
And whether it's called computer glitches or something else, somebody has actually gone into the system and changed voting results.
That's called intervention in our elections.
Irrespective of, I guess, if they were Russia or China, we'd refer to them as meddling.
But it's intervention, and it's also crooked as hell rigging this election, no matter the jurisdiction, whether it's Michigan, Georgia, wherever it might be.
What can we do about it?
Because the Department of Justice, I mean, if there's evidence of that program, why not just turn it over to the Justice Department and go to the courts and say, this has got to stop now.
Here is the way in which it was done.
Well, we've been trying to get their attention, and we're going to try even harder, and we'll have to put it in a federal lawsuit, apparently, and get as much of it out as we possibly can.
We have some excellent witnesses on the issue, but this is coup 5.0, Lou.
I mean, there was no reason to think that the Democratic operatives, who spent hundreds of millions of dollars
Creating the Russia hoax, the Steele dossier, taking us through a special counsel operation for two years, trying an impeachment hoax, the apocalypse hoax, the obstruction hoax, wouldn't go so far as to
And by the way, that's General Flynn's very smart, very accomplished, very respected award-winning lawyer.
And everything she said is absolutely true.
I can tell you Judicial Watch has been talking about this.
Sometime later tonight, they're going to drop huge bombshells of proof of premeditated Democrat Party-directed election fraud, electronic voting machines that have been banned in many states being used, and who is behind it.
But let me just tell you who now.
The Bushes, Romney, the Carlisle Group, and oh, guess who's the main financier?
Wait for it.
His name starts with an S.
He was a Nazi collaborator in Eastern Europe.
He's the main funder of Black Lives Matter.
Yeah, you know who, George Soros.
I'll show you the Washington Post about this.
Now they were the number one voting machine company.
One of the top ones in the US.
He owns the subsidiary of several of them.
Now they're not used in that many places because they've been exposed.
We've exposed them.
Many, many people have.
There's been lawsuits over them.
Oh, guess what?
It's in all the states that Trump lost.
Georgia, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Michigan.
Keeps going.
I'll show you here in a moment.
We're live on Saturday afternoon.
Please tell folks to tune in right now so they can get the best breakdown analysis of what's happening.
Now, notice that there are thousands of people at rallies at all 50 capitals around the United States.
I was down there just a few hours ago at the Texas Capitol.
The DPS estimated there were about 2,000 people.
Thousands more are showing up right in front of the south side of the Texas Capitol.
And again, I sent some photos to you guys.
It's actually on Savannah Hernandez's Twitter from a building above that actually shows the big giant crowd.
Hell, I'll just pull it up on my phone.
But the local news, you will notice, is not showing.
Because the local news does not want you to know what is unfolding and what is happening.
And that's how they operate.
Breakdown from the President, a new statement that has come out, and then I'm going to go through everything else that is here.
But right now, let's go ahead and play Ali Alexander at the Capitol.
And then I want to show the Project Veritas.
There it is!
Look at that.
And I'm not throwing a fit, I just want people to see that because
Show that, and then now if we can, just later when you get a chance, because I know there's a limited crew, go back and find the Fox News and CNN.
They're all playing the same thing.
They're all showing a close shot of the park across the street from the White House and showing a crowded group of people, which does look like about 5,000 people.
But they're not showing you a wide shot, because when they want to make a crowd look bigger, they'll show you a crop shot of the middle of it.
If they want to make it smaller, they'll show the edge of a crowd and just a few people.
That's what they're doing to us.
But if you look at that video that was shot before I even got there, and then later it gets even bigger, and I'm told now it's even bigger as well.
Last call I got, they said it's estimated that there's over 3,000 people there.
When I was there, it was easily 2,000.
It stretches all the way up 11th Street, all the way up a half mile.
And then down the street from that, by the courthouse, there were about maybe 20 or 30 Biden supporters that all flipped us off and we drove by.
So that's the Texas Capitol here in Austin, Texas.
By the way, crew, great job pulling that up because I didn't even tell you I wanted it until I was getting mad and wanting it.
But juxtapose that with what they just showed minutes ago of a close crop shot
Where you can make out the people's faces because they've got it so close.
Oh, look at this.
It's hundreds of thousands or whatever.
And then what it really is is, well, that looks like a hundred people, but it's more than that.
They're spread out different spots and all the different communist organizations.
They're all hugging each other.
And I mean, just look at these people.
They're all just so helpless and so conned and literally worshipping the most powerful evil corporations and governments the planet's ever seen.
I mean, the Communist Chinese have killed again five times what Hitler did.
I mean, there's a heavyweight super champion mass murderer belt.
China is the Mike Tyson of it.
And then you notice Mike Tyson has a mousy tongue tattoo on his arm.
He's a guy that's made $500 million as an American in capitalism.
China doesn't like black people.
It's one of the most racist countries in the world, but Mike Tyson loves him.
And nothing even against Mike Tyson.
I just, it's just, it's just, it's totally sick and it's sad and it's out of control.
I saw Dennis Rodman like worshiping China and worshiping North Korea the other day.
So here's Fox News.
Oh, look!
Trump's got to step down.
Because there's 10,000 people, 20,000.
Who knows?
Probably smaller than that.
The crowds are much smaller than we're showing you in Austin.
Much smaller than we're showing you in Phoenix, Arizona.
Much smaller than Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Much smaller than Detroit.
There's the crowd.
Notice how they keep it cropped.
See, we back out the shot.
But notice, they have it cropped.
That's about a hundred yard shot.
And they've got it cropped because the crowds thin out on each end.
You see that?
They're up against a fence right there, up against the White House, on the lower right-hand corner.
And then it goes out about 100 yards and thins out.
And if they backed out, you'd see that.
But they're waiting, like, everyone's down there, everyone's in the square, like the Arab Spring.
Everyone's about to overthrow the government.
So more come.
And now you see
Indeed, more coming.
Yeah, there's a wider shot.
Great job, guys.
You actually found it how it's cropped.
So, but don't worry.
This is, this is creating the crowd showing up.
And because Trump let them censor everybody and let them cut them off, when Giuliani gives his press conference, almost no one carried it.
We carried it.
And no one is now showing the demonstrations.
Let's show Austin one more time, if we can, side by side with that.
That's Washington DC, folks.
That's Austin, Texas.
That crowd is just as big and more people were coming when I left two, three hours ago.
People were flooding in.
Our crowd actually looks bigger than that crowd, doesn't it?
It won't be though.
By tomorrow night, they'll have a helicopter over that and there'll be streets filled for miles around and there'll be a half million people out there in DC.
And why?
Because the media showed it.
And the media said it was a good thing and the media said, go there.
But, oh, is it on the news what we did?
No, no, no.
No, no, no.
Oh, they go, oh, there's a Times Square celebration.
You show the actual local feeds, looks like maybe 5,000 people, 3,000 people, if that.
But when you watch the national feed, they are all in on the throng because they want to show it.
Also, you can see the crowd can't spread out there on our shot because why?
The police were ordered by the city of Austin to block the street and not let people on one side of it to keep it bottlenecked up the road.
But when I left, they were announcing that the police were going to open the road.
So who knows what's going on down there?
You know, I'd said I was going to go back down there and I'm so exhausted.
I didn't.
My voice is totally gone.
But you know what?
Screw it.
I know I told the security guys they could leave, and if they haven't left yet, if the truck's not back yet, I have a responsibility.
I've got to go back down there.
Because if we don't show it, nobody is going to show it.
And I just want to say this and then get into all the news.
I want to salute this crew.
We expanded our crew ahead of the election.
Four or five people, but we run three shows, and we added a nighttime show.
These crews are working 14 hours a day on average.
And I really want to salute our crew putting up with me and putting up with all the stress.
And I love you guys and ladies and I just really do admire you and I salute you for being in a real high stress situation.
You're the opposite of these mindless people that don't look into evidence and don't know what they're doing and just are lazy and just feel like they're doing a good job.
You guys have really changed the world and we've been fighting an underdog battle and having giant victories.
And it's like in a poker game, we got a royal flush with Trump and he sucker punched him and we won.
But then we did another game and didn't get the cards as good again.
And even though we got the cards and knew what the enemy had, we didn't play our cards right so far.
And Trump didn't play his cards right because he was made up of a bunch of neocons and male-on-republicans that are a bunch of lawyers.
And now they know, though, it's not business as usual.
They were still using old Republican tactics against Democrats.
The Democrats have always been a bad party.
I mean, Thomas Jefferson started them and he wasn't that bad, but they got bad quick.
It's always been a bad party.
Republican Party didn't come around for 80 years after.
It's got problems.
But the Democrats have always been in charge and they've always been nasty.
It's kind of like the mean big brother.
He's like, Hey, I'm the oldest.
I've been around.
I'm 20 years old.
When you're born, I'm going to slap you upside the head when you're 10.
And that's how they are.
And they've got all these entitled idiots that think they own everything.
That, that make up their power structure.
And they are the most elitist, hateful individuals you'll ever be around.
I've been around high level Democrats and they are cold-blooded fakes.
They are total and complete frauds.
They are psychotics.
They are sociopaths.
They have absolutely no care about you or your family.
They will sell you out in a second flat.
And just again, see all these mainline idiots that go to college thinking they're liberal and they're pro-war, pro-torture, pro-world government, pro-communist China, pro-slave camp, pro-death camp, pro-censorship, pro-violence, pro-antifa, pro-BLM that says we're going to help black people by breaking up their families.
That's the Democratic Party Manifesto.
So, downtown Austin folks, if you're anywhere in Central Texas, get there because history's happening and you're not going to see it televised because we have total censorship now except for InfoWars.
InfoWars puts out more video, more work than Breitbart, Daily Caller, all of them combined.
And we just do it because we have to.
People ask me, why do you work seven days a week?
It's because I have to.
And there's gonna come a point where I gotta take a few weeks off and get myself, you know, back in shape and take all my supplements and, you know, get my brain right, but... It's just incredible.
And this is when the rally was first starting.
This is a couple hours before I got there.
And this is just spontaneous.
You know, folks call.
First, let's go to the archive and hear Joe Biden two months ago.
About building the biggest voter fraud organization in the history of the world.
And then Nancy Pelosi saying, it doesn't matter what happens with this thing coming up next week, the election.
She said that, what, last Friday, Friday before last, before the election, eight, nine days ago.
She says, I don't care about this thing coming up.
Biden will be in there.
He will get inaugurated.
So here are those clips back to back.
Secondly, we're in a situation where we have put together, and you guys did it for the President Obama's administration before this.
We have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.
But we are ready.
I feel very confident that Joe Biden will be elected president on Tuesday, whatever the end count is.
But on the election that occurs on Tuesday, he will be elected.
On January 20th, he will be inaugurated president of the United States.
And Trump just tweeted, the observers were not allowed into the counting rooms.
That was federal law.
I won the election.
Got 71,000 legal votes.
Bad things happened, which our observers were not allowed to see.
Never happened before.
Millions of mail-in ballots were sent to people who never asked for them.
And it's all true.
And Trump said the fix was in.
He said it was coming.
He said it was about to happen.
And I just go back to how precious InfoWars is.
Thanks for your support and your prayers and your financial support.
We would not be here if it wasn't for you.
And you're going to find out very soon that there'll be nowhere left, folks.
And I can't tell you how many people I ran into in Phoenix that said, I listened to you every day for years.
I wish you were still on air.
And I wasn't trying to be rude to them.
It was like, it was men and women.
I'm not trying to typecast people, but it was white people, middle-aged, you know, great folks.
And I'd look at them.
Happened like six or seven times, and I'd say, you know I'm still on air, right?
Well, no, they took you off.
But see, they just hear in the news, you're off the air.
Like the left comes over and goes, F you, you're off the air, aha, you're bankrupt.
And I'm like, oh.
Well, we actually have record viewers at Band.Video and Infowars.com.
But yeah, you censors tried to shut me down, and they're so proud of it.
They think I'm off the air, too.
They're like, you're supposed to be off the effing air.
What are you doing here?
You are the audience that understands we're on the air and you're the only hope to cause the chain reaction, the chain reaction, the chain reaction, the chain reaction.
There are probably, I haven't looked today, but just dead reckoning, I bet there's a half million people watching and listening to the streams.
On election night, we had over a million.
Despite all the censorship, that's a big accomplishment.
Not our regular big daily radio audience that's a couple million because of all those great stations and people listen every day at that time.
You know, the weekday show is the biggest thing we do.
It's very special to be on at midnight and have over a million people dialed into your own streams on your own servers with your own satellite uplinks and your own deal.
We did that.
And think about it.
I wasn't complaining two years ago when they took us out of all the systems.
People say, how are you taking it?
You're a victim.
I said, you better set up your own infrastructure.
I told the White House, you better set up your own deal or merge with Brightside Broadcasting or launch your Trump network right now and get all the Fox viewers over now.
Or you better do it with OAN now, which they started doing about three months ago.
But I said, it's not enough.
You got to do it now.
They're going to have the machines.
You got to stop the Soros machines.
You got to kick these machines out.
And it was local Republicans in places like Texas got to be certified two years ago.
And in other states, it was not the Republican Party leadership.
Because those guys are used to wanting to co-govern with the Democrats and share power.
That's over.
The Democrats are taking over.
They're globalist.
The globalists don't want multi-party systems.
They want one party that's dominant with a bunch of sub-parties that are idiots.
And so again, they're building their crowds in D.C.
The national media is showing the crowds, intensifying it.
They picked a Saturday to make the announcement because they knew Trump was about to come out with huge evidence.
They wanted to get ahead of it because when they had Alito come out with a Supreme Court announcement,
And an order that they could not keep those ballots with the regular ballots, have to separate them because they're getting ready to rule that you can't violate federal law and count ballots that came in a day after the election.
And they've got all the witnesses to all the postmarking.
So we have them, but there's the mantra.
It's like, oh, Trump's a Russian agent.
Trump's a Russian agent.
Well, there's the mantra.
There is no evidence of fraud.
There is no evidence of fraud.
When they did the COVID hysteria, they did the mail-in ballots at the state level.
They sent them all out illegally in many states to millions of peoples to stockpile those babies so they could pull this.
And they got it where there weren't Republicans under state law in the counting areas of these states.
They kicked everybody out, even legal poll watchers that were there and had filled out the paperwork so the Democrats could do whatever they needed to in those counting facilities.
In classically corrupt places like Detroit, Michigan, Philadelphia, PA, one of the most corrupt Chicago, Illinois, New York, New York.
I mean, we know the places, folks.
They're famous for this crap and they've done it yet again on a scale never before seen.
All right, without further ado.
Let's go ahead and read the president's
Latest statement, November 7th.
Statement from the president, Donald J. Trump.
He's got 74 days left to really do a lot, even though they try to remove him.
We all know why Joe Biden is rushing to falsely pose as the winner and why his media allies are trying so hard to help him.
They don't want the truth to be exposed.
Simple fact is the election is far from over.
Joe Biden has been certified as the winner of any states.
You hear that?
Simple fact is the election is far from over.
Joe Biden has not been certified as the winner of any states.
It's all a projection.
Let alone any of the highly contested states headed for mandatory recounts that have already been ordered by federal courts or states where our campaign has valid
And legitimate legal challenges that could determine the ultimate victor.
In Pennsylvania, for example, our legal observers were not permitted meaningful access to watch the counting process.
Legal votes decided who was president, not the news media.
Not the news media.
Bringing this into full view, my friends.
If they are allowed to do this once, they're never going to stop.
Beginning Monday, our campaign will start prosecuting our case in the court to ensure election laws are fully upheld and the rightful winner is seated.
The American people are entitled to an honest election.
That means counting all legal ballots and not counting any illegal ballots.
This is the only way to ensure the public has full confidence in our election.
It remains shocking that the Biden campaign refuses to agree with the basic principles and wants ballots counted even if they are fraudulent and manufactured or cast by ineligible or deceased voters.
Only a party engaged in wrongdoing would unlawfully keep observers out of the courtroom.
Out of the counting room and that fight in court to block their access.
That's right.
Only a party engaged in wrongdoing would unlawfully keep observers out of the counting room and then fight in court to block their access.
So what is Biden hiding?
What is Biden hiding?
I will not rest till the American people have the honest vote they deserve and that democracy demands.
President Donald John Trump.
I would have said our Republic demands.
But there you go.
And again, people ask why my voice is so deep.
You go yell and scream four or five hours a day.
Three or four days a week and do shows.
I mean, my larynx is gone, folks.
I woke up after the first night in Nevada, in Arizona, sorry.
And my throat was aching like a sore throat.
My larynx was so sore.
And it's because I get mad and I didn't take voice lessons and I just start screaming full power.
And that's what goes down.
But I'm here and I'm just saying if I sound like I'm out of it, I am totally exhausted, but I'm
My mind and my spirit is here.
It's just my body is physically, does not even want to get out of this chair right now.
Let's continue.
Trump campaign to the media.
Here's actual proof of voter fraud, just as you asked.
It's a big town hall article, and it shows a whole bunch of dead people all over the country that voted all for Biden.
Of course, in places like Pennsylvania, places like Georgia and places like Michigan.
Good article right there.
Let's start walking through all of it.
Biden wins White House, fouling New Direction for divided U.S.
Here's the big AP article, one of the seven groups that Big Tech said were the only ones that could call it.
Since when do they call it?
The courts and the legislatures and the county clerks and the state clerks, they certify it.
Just as Giuliani said, in fact, there's a clip, a shorter clip of Giuliani.
Not the 37 minute one, but a shorter.
Yeah, let's go ahead and play that where Giuliani explains this.
And then we'll, uh... What was it called by?
All the networks.
All the... Oh my goodness!
All the networks!
All the networks!
We have to forget about the law!
Judges don't count!
All the networks, all the networks, all the networks thought Biden was going to win by 10%?
Gee, what happened?
Come on, don't be, don't be ridiculous.
Networks don't get to decide elections.
Courts do!
That's right, the media thinks it owns us.
And they're the ones that go around to the internet saying, oh, we see a popular video here.
A lady streaming and has over a million live streams at the accounting facility in Maricopa County and then they had the woman banned off Facebook.
She had a million people watching and the media bragged about it.
Daily Beast, oh we tattled, she's lost her account because she was protesting and saying that she'd seen fraud and had all these witnesses.
You can't have an average citizen get on the internet and say something while that's not one of the big seven approved of the big media Politburo.
How dangerous is that?
This is the type of stuff you see in the old Soviet Union or in Communist China but with a high tech over the top level.
Oh, but look who is coming out and congratulating Biden and saying he's the winner.
Mitt Romney congratulates President-elect Joe Biden.
Wants Trump supporters to shut up and get in line.
Oh, and Jeb Bush.
What a nice warmongering family.
What a group of demons.
His grandfather, the head US Nazi operator on record.
Jeb Bush congratulates President-elect Joe Biden.
Well, aren't the Democrats pleased when they call me a Nazi and flip me off?
When it's the Carlisle group and the Bushes that are actually in charge, the Democrats.
Yeah, they put Bill Clinton in.
That's the cabals, why they're so powerful.
It's that group of neocons that call themselves Rockefeller Republicans who went and took over the Republican Party.
But see, now Trump had started to do it.
That's why they were in so much trouble.
That's why they're now coming back in with the Democrats trying to get control of the system again.
But now people are aware of them.
Now we're watching.
Now it's not just a few old generals and FBI deputy directors, you know, like Ted Gunnarsson and General Parton that knew your number.
We'll crisscross the country in thousands of speeches, warning everyone this was coming.
Now this is mainline America boys.
And now you're going to try to persecute us to make us shut up and that's going to get a lot worse.
But I get why a lot of people rolled over.
This is scary.
Because why should you fight for Trump?
When Trump didn't stand up to the censors, I get it, but Trump stood up to the carbon taxes, and Trump stood up to the human trafficking, and Trump stood up for the sovereignty of the nation, and Trump did all he could do, we had to do the rest.
But Trump was overconfident, and he thought, ah, they're censoring folks, we'll do something after I'm re-elected.
They were never gonna let you get re-elected, buddy.
They're like, well, we'll win in a landslide, but they'll steal it, and then you'll have no media to counter it.
They're barely letting Trump's people on Fox News now.
They're on like Fox Business with like one-tenth the audience, whining.
Because they were all part of the Fox Club!
They didn't need Infowars!
They didn't need, you know, little... No, they had it all!
And that's just a lesson to these guys.
That's all it is.
Because see, these little politicos come and go, trying to feather their nest in the system.
Trump wasn't, but his people, on average, were weak.
We're not trying to do that.
We're not trying to be part of their system.
We're trying to overthrow their New World Order.
And here's what they did.
Twitter and Facebook are smacking down on all questioning of U.S.
election integrity.
What about four years of Russiagate?
Big article on Infowars.com.
Four years at Russiagate with no proof, illegitimate.
They tried to stop Trump from getting his delegates, tried to stop his inauguration, attacked everybody trying to go to the inauguration.
This was coup 5.0.
This was the fifth attempted coup.
And now they think it's going to be successful because they know you're just used to somebody conceding and somebody winning.
And now though, they know the courts are starting to rule against them, many of them, so they don't know what to do.
But let's play this clip though, because this is what it's really all about.
Rahm Emanuel, Biden White House should tell laid off retail workers to learn to code.
That's right.
Now that your little business is gone, because it wasn't allowed to stay open, but Walmart was, and Target, but Jeff Bezos has basically doubled his wealth.
The rest of Silicon Valley has gone up 50 something percent.
Why don't you just learn to code, even though they're not going to be hiring you?
You see, this is a vertical integration, and Rahm Emanuel went right back to it with his disdain.
Learn to code, you dirty Americans!
He's saying that the White House is too much about conflict and not enough about compassion.
And I would agree with him on that.
And I think on the Democratic side, on messaging, we look a little too, messaging, too much about resistance, about reopening, too much about reluctance about reopening.
And we should go to a message of rebuilding America.
If the president wants to talk about reopening, we want to talk about rebuilding America and the relief.
Let's take the unemployed.
If you're unemployed in the service sector, JCPenney, some of these others, those jobs aren't coming back.
So we're going to give you a coupon.
Go become a computer coder in six months.
We'll pay for it.
You mean the taxpayers will pay for it even though there's not a job for that?
It's like throwing somebody a life raft.
It's got a hole in it.
Oh, look, Chinese Yan rallies at 28 month high on prospect of Biden win.
China openly brags in their major publications that they have defeated America and that they own Biden.
Now let's start getting into some of the real fraud evidence here.
Trump attorney, manual recounts may be necessary in 30 states after software glitch is caught erasing 6,000 votes for Donald Trump in just one county.
Since that came out this morning, more has been confirmed.
And we're gonna get into exactly who these glitches are being caused by and who owns it.
This is the big enchilada right now on Soros and the Carlisle Group and the Clintons and Mitt Romney and all of them invested in the voting machines that are in every county where the shenanigans are taking place in every state.
Corrupted software that stole 6,000 votes from Trump in Michigan County shut down for two hours in red counties in Georgia on Election Day.
And when it turned back on, you know what happened.
Oh, Trump lost votes.
And then they also ordered him to quote, re-upload them.
See, now they don't want you to go look at it.
They're not letting observers in.
People that have court orders, they're just, they're not letting you look because they're criminals, but they're hoping Biden gets in and covers their ass and then they get the payoff.
And why would you think it's a risky thing?
Because no one gets prosecuted for spying on the American people, for lying, for Russiagate, for the coups, for the fraud, for the evil.
That's why the Justice Department screwed the pooch.
Software glitch causes delay counting thousands of votes in Gwinnett County.
That's in Georgia.
Oh, and it's the same software that I'm about to tell you about.
Project Veritas whistleblower goes public!
Describes Pennsylvania election fraud and the same, of course, computer systems we're talking about.
GOP makes huge gains and state legislatures, running on Trumpism, were told to run away from.
So while there be gains in the Senate, gains at local legislatures, both federal and state, but it's all hitting Trump.
Because so many of the people getting the mail-in ballots, a fraud so big, you can't target one group or one person.
There's just 80 million ballots floating around.
They're so dumb.
They don't know how to vote straight ticket.
They don't know how to pick who or whatever.
They're just going after Trump.
They're just filling it out.
We see videos, people just scratching in, you know, Joe Biden and not even filling out the rest.
But don't worry, two years from now, the Democrats will have training seminars on how to fill out the ballots.
You know COVID will be here in two years.
I mean, we'll have to have mail-in again.
I mean, you know, can't take the mask off.
You're a hero.
Crenshaw is saying Trump should basically give up.
He's looking forward to a post-Trump GOP.
He can push his pro-war open border neocon vision.
People like Crenshaw and Nikki Haley are cancers in the GOP.
I agree with that statement.
Seculo campaign should be demanding a manual recount in places with software that glitched in Michigan.
Now, let's get into the George Soros information.
I already showed you a few of these articles, but I'm going to go back over them.
More to tell now.
Turns out, over 30 years ago, George Soros started pumping in millions of dollars a year, some years 100 million or more.
Back then that was like a billion dollars, into a little-known election company that changed hands and names a few times, but he was still one of the main investors in, and we'll tell you about that company right now.
RNC chair, Detroit election worker blows whistle on cheating operation.
All election workers were reportedly told to backdate ballots, and we have US postal workers
In multiple states saying the same thing, and whistleblowers, and federal complaints, and federal investigations all confirming this.
We already mentioned this.
Huge, huge story.
Corrupted software used in Michigan County, which stole 6,000 votes from Trump, is also used in all swing states.
PA, Georgia, New Mexico, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, Minnesota.
And yes,
Who owns it and runs it?
In some cases, 100% of the precincts going for Joe Biden.
Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Voss directs committee to review statewide election amid concerns of massive midnight ballot dump for Joe Biden.
So all the investigations are on, but we're starting to see the White House surrounded and the mainstream media announcing that Trump is being a sore loser.
He needs to be driven.
From power.
Oh, and then we've got Jacqueline Benson, Democratic Party, Michigan Secretary of State.
She used to work at the Southern Poverty Law Center.
And she's the one that lied and said there were no anomalies or no problems three days ago when Trump first brought it up.
And she said, Oh no.
Oh no.
It's not going on.
It's not happening at all.
Here's more.
Republican-led Michigan legislature told hearings on election fraud.
Here's some bad news.
Federal judge denies GOP request to recount Clark County, even though they locked it, broke the law.
Witnesses saying that they were counting ballots that came in afterwards.
They still have pulled that power play.
Now, I've set the table for this information.
Now we are going to get
Right into it for you.
And we're going to lay it out.
But I set these stacks up about two hours ago, so I'm simply looking for the one that I need to get to here.
We'll do this.
We'll go to a break.
I've got my big stack of original research material for the Washington Post and the rest of it in it about the Carlisle Group and about Soros.
We'll come back and we'll cover all of that.
But I think we should play Ali Alexander at the Capitol today.
And then I think we should play the Project Veritas whistleblower clips.
I should have found it by then.
Thank you.
I've been at the 50 rallies and I'm great.
It's all made up crap!
And what is the answer to their 1984 system?
The answer to 1984? 1776!
I love you.
No more 1984!
But folks, here's the bottom line.
America's under siege.
It's meant to shut down our economy.
They already shipped our jobs.
Trump was trying to stop that.
He stood up for his heart.
Whether he gets back in or not, globalism is now in trouble.
Their own internal documents have come out.
They admit it's on its heels.
It's discredited.
It's unelected.
It's authoritarian.
They're having to censor.
They're having to arrest.
They're having to be violent.
They're having to threaten.
They're having to steal elections because the new world order is losing.
The New World Order is desperate and knows that you're awake and knows that you're active and knows that you're coming together.
And they know that you know that Trump wanted a landslide.
So they're even more desperate now.
So I just want to salute you and thank you and tell you keep it up, America!
Keep it up, Desmond!
Alex Jones!
Alex Jones!
Alex Jones!
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Alex Jones
We love you, Trump, and we pray for you, Trump, and don't give up, Trump.
Keep fighting, Trump!
Keep fighting, Trump!
Keep fighting, Trump!
Keep fighting, Trump!
Keep fighting, Trump!
Keep fighting, Trump!
Keep fighting, Trump!
Keep fighting, Trump!
Keep fighting, Trump!
Keep fighting, Trump!
Stop the steal!
Stop the steal!
Stop the steal!
The Postal Inspector contacted you today in Pennsylvania?
What did they say to you?
They asked me the same questions you asked me yesterday about what I'd seen and what I'd heard.
And were asking if I had any more information or whatnot.
You witnessed your supervisor backdating a ballot to November 3rd?
I did not witness them backdating it.
I witnessed them talking about backdating it.
What did you hear them say?
They were talking about how the day before, which was before, they had postdated all but one of the ballots that were picked up.
As the third, but they had one that they made a mistake and Pope's marked it the fourth.
Robert was saying it to Daryl.
Well, I'm not for sure, but they are bringing up stuff that happened, like, in the past.
So they brought up old allegations against you today that were already adjudicated, and they brought those up today?
These inspectors have... What was the nature of your conversation with the post office officials that reached out to you today about our interview?
They said that I was
Yeah, well, because of certain factors, I was kind of implicated as the one who had came out.
So they wanted to get on my side of the story, because they wanted to start an investigation into this.
I think this comes from above them, and that's what I told these whole certain specters.
I just think they were just doing what they're told.
And, yeah.
I want to go back, I mean, that computer glitch, I'm told that other states, we have not confirmed it yet, we're working on a report, that there might be as many as 30 states that use that software.
Now that's one thing.
I want to go back to the... I want to say this... Paul, Sean, you just said something really important.
Really important.
If 30 states have used a software that has already proved to be a glitch of 6,000 votes in one balloting area, and now you've got over 30 states using it, lawyers should be, for the campaign, in every one of those jurisdictions demanding the fix and demanding a manual recount.
Post-election litigation is important to protect the integrity of the election process, as the President said, and to protect the Constitution, frankly.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, again, thank you so much for joining us on this live Saturday evening transmission.
I am your host, Alex Jones.
And earlier, I went over a whole stack of news articles about federal investigations, confirmed glitches with the software and what's happening there.
Now I'm going to go over the Carlisle Group, George Soros, and these voting machines.
Of one company that in all the states, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, and Minnesota are where it happened on their machines that have been decertified in North Carolina, Texas, and many other states.
So it's not the media that calls it, it's the courts.
We have rules that if there's evidence of fraud, then you get hearings.
And if it's there, it gets thrown out.
We're talking about ballots that the post office and others ordered that had come in late being postdated.
And then not letting observers in.
And then all of them going for Biden, in some cases.
In Philadelphia, twenty-something thousand ballots.
Every one was for Biden.
That's impossible.
So there's an incredible arrogance here because they believe they're not going to be prosecuted.
Here's what Giuliani said.
I've already played this before, but I'm going to play this clip one more time where he explains what's happening.
Who was it called by?
All the networks.
Oh my goodness!
All the networks!
All the networks!
We have to forget about the law!
Judges don't count!
All the networks, all the networks!
All the networks thought Biden was going to win by 10%?
Gee, what happened?
Come on, don't be, don't be ridiculous.
Networks don't get to decide elections.
Courts do.
Now again, I made this prediction eight months ago, nine months ago, because I'm not the globalist.
I could read what they were actually saying they were going to do, so it wasn't much of a prediction.
It was just the one what they actually said they'd do.
I said the lockdown will never end.
They're never going to get done with this power.
They're never going to get done shutting down the economy.
They want you poor.
They want you controlled.
Trump was fighting that.
That was his big sin.
They only want their companies and their operations able to operate.
They're a mafia.
They operate like any mafia in history has operated.
And if people are gullible and don't stand up for themselves and are chumps, then we deserve what happens to us.
But they have been stealing this election for months and months, getting ready for it, sending out 80 million mail-in ballots.
And so we predicted that they would run the lockdown for years.
Now George Soros says 10 years.
Now Bill Gates says 10 years.
Now the UN says it never ends.
You have all these chump schmucks that are like, I don't have to work when this is happening and I get a paycheck.
I want this forever.
Do you dumbasses really think that's going to go that long?
They're destroying the infrastructure of small business and rendering you obsolete and now saying you can't have that barista job where you make a hundred grand a year, some good bartenders.
They disdain you.
They want control of you.
They got us on a service economy to get us dependent so they could cut that off.
And now we're in this position.
We're good to go.
They hate America.
They just want to occupy it and say it's theirs.
They want to conquer it because nobody's always want to run the people that are successful.
That's what all the studies show.
The left are control freaks that want to run your life.
They want to run your children's lives.
They want to control your destiny.
They want to control your mind.
They want to control what you can say and what you can do.
They're so un-American.
They're so authoritarian.
They're horrible people.
But it's because they're very soft and weak if you've ever been around them.
Very stupid.
Very shallow.
They regurgitate leftist talking points.
I believe that that's some type of great gravitas they have.
It's impressive.
So, drum roll.
Here it is.
We're live right now at 4.33 Central Time.
We're going to excise out this report and we're going to post a Demand.Video where I hope you share it.
There's some other pretty incredible video that's exclusive to Demand.Video that's only had, I don't know, 70,000 views last time I checked since I put it up last night.
We stayed up until 3 a.m.
to put this up last night.
And it's the head voting official.
In fact, guys, there's an article on InfoWars about it.
We actually printed the article so I could get her name right and all that.
And she's there in Maricopa County.
That's Phoenix, Arizona.
And she says, yeah, we told you don't use sharpies because they mess up some ballots.
It's true.
Now, the point is, they said that the Patriots made that up and had fake witnesses and Twitter and Facebook banned it.
Kind of like they banned for three weeks the Hunter Biden laptop story until it was too late.
Now they admit it's real.
But they held it off long enough where the public didn't learn about it to shave off another point or so from Trump.
Remember Trump was supposed to lose by 15 points in the polls?
Now he's been losing by
Half a point in these states.
They had to see how Trump did and then they delivered the ballots they had hoarded in every case.
And that's why the graphs, every other ballot graph is organic.
It's rounded edges.
It goes with rounded edges.
They're so lazy that they just did it with, with the data dumps and the ballot dumps with perfect.
So it's, it's a curved line that's straight up to whatever levels needed to beat Trump.
It's hard work filling out all these fake ballots.
I don't
Dancing with the Stars and the final episode or whatever.
Because I'm not a big TV guy, but I do like watching good-looking women, you know, dance.
And, you know, when it's cool to watch the guys and all of it, it's really cool.
When it's cool to see celebrities dance, I mean, it's fun.
It's interesting.
And so I've watched some of Dancing with Stars over the years.
And, you know, you know when people train to dance and you know when they don't.
When you watch ice skaters or ballerinas and it's an incredible performance, you know they trained for months to do that.
And years to have those skills, but just months on that particular ballet.
And you watch the Democratic Party.
I mean, I got to give it to them.
They had to do some work.
They have got this sucker scripted up one side and down the other.
And that's how I knew exactly what they were going to do was because the scripting of this thing was choreographed like a top-rated ballet.
A top-rated orchestra where you've got a 200-piece orchestra, and then they are playing in total simponico.
Just, they are.
And that means they've got scripts, they've got battle plans, they've got directives, and that means Trump and his Justice Department have all that stuff.
But that Justice Department was involved quarterbacking it to betray the President.
You talk about criminal.
The level of management that was needed to pull this off is a feat.
Our founders set it up with three branches of governments in the federalist system, three branches federal, three branches local, then we the people, then the jury box, then the grand jury box, then the soap box, then the lawsuit box.
I mean, we had so many ways to keep separation of powers, so you couldn't get a man on a white horse and a Napoleon Bonaparte or a Hitler type.
Because they'd seen the big wars that happened for hundreds of years in England before they came here.
They did this to tie down the tyrants and tie down the mob that can be manipulated emotionally to do bad things.
And to empower the average little guy.
That was the whole plan of this country.
That's why folks wanted to come here.
You had some protection.
And the fact that they were able to override that super complex system with all those firewalls and all those bulkheads is
What the technocracy is able to do, it's able to study each state, each system, develop a battle plan, where you know they had training seminars for the Democrats in the counting rooms.
They had seminars on what to say, how to get rid of people, how to shut them down, how to cheat the ballots.
And then Veritas caught him in San Antonio cheating the ballots, paying people off to vote for Biden.
Veritas caught him in Michigan saying, we say there's COVID.
I don't care the law says they can watch you do the ballots.
They got to stay back.
Let them have binoculars if they want.
And they did that.
They said, get some binoculars if you want.
People are like 50 yards away in an auditorium trying to read what they're doing.
As they hunched over the ballot.
Like, what are you doing?
Why are you writing on it?
I mean, they did this down and dirty.
In fact, they didn't steal this.
They just raped us.
They just stole this bigger than Dallas right out in the open.
You know, you think about stealing something, you're kind of like a cat burglar going in to get the jewels.
There was no cat burglar-ing going on here, ladies and gentlemen.
This was done out in the open.
And they've caught them out in the open, but see, you're going to see the big crowd surrounding the White House.
You're going to see the fits being thrown, and then he won't leave.
It's 100,000.
It's a million.
It's two million outside.
And the media is saying, oh, Trump being overthrown, and then the helicopter leaving.
I was telling my wife this morning, she goes, but he's going to be in there until January 20th.
That's 70 something days.
I said, honey, they want the spectacle of him drug out.
They, they're going to turn the mob loose.
And even Fox news is going to do it like an Arab spring.
They want to break the Republic.
They want to have, add four or five new States and add all these Democrats, senators and pack the court with 20 something people.
They're making their damn move.
And Mitch McConnell's up there.
Oh, we'll just govern and share power with Biden.
They're not going to do that.
And see, just an hour ago I said, watch as it gets dark, the crowd will get bigger and bigger.
And now the crowd isn't just 2,000, now it's 4,000.
And then it's 10,000, then it's 20,000.
But nobody showed our crowd when it was thousands in Austin.
See, the fix is in at every level.
A well-trained, evil corporate media that hates the public, follows orders, and does what they're told.
But only for a season.
Because then they're all going to be shut down too.
Until we just have a few media outlets that the government controls.
This is our journey into slavery.
Okay, let's get into the big George Soros information.
I left it in my office, conference room, and didn't have it in my stack, but the guys found it.
And so I apologize to the crew, I have so much stuff.
The main thing I wanted to cover, I left in there because it was the last thing I was reading.
Let's go back to this first article, then I'll get into it.
Corrupted software used in Michigan County that stole 6,000 votes from Trump
Is also used in all, all, all swing states.
Corrupted software used in Michigan County that stole 6,000 votes from Trump is all used in all swing states, PA, Georgia, Nevada, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, Minnesota.
And it's all the glitches and all the problems and all the votes flipped and all the votes forgotten.
And per county, you know, in Michigan, 6,000 here, 5,000 there, not to Trump, clear winner.
But you've got the person over the election system in Michigan who is a Southern Poverty Law Center operative.
Folks, the Southern Poverty Law Center is a giant multinational intelligence operation with billions in the Bahamas.
They trained over 100,000 operatives three years ago to take over Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, all of it.
They are the ones, not just watching what you say on Twitter or Facebook, they're in your private messenger.
They're in your private Twitter messenger.
They're the ones watching you.
They have full access to you and your family.
This is admitted, by the way.
They've got them inside Amazon.
They're able to dial into Alexa.
It came out.
Southern Poverty Law Center listens to you in your house.
Look it up.
And who runs it?
Well, she does.
They picked these states where their operatives were in place and they ran their operation.
Now let's get into the meat and potatoes.
Let's go back to the first original source document.
First time we find it happened.
The Washington Post, Brett D. Frumson, December 8, 1993.
New York, December 7th.
Soros pledges $100 million in Carlisle Fund, and he did.
And then he gave tens of millions and hundreds of millions in different add-ins.
After that, he consented to their main business, working with the Saudi Arabians in secret operations and electronic voting machines.
He who controls the votes, controls it all like Stalin said, I care not who casts a vote, but he who counts it.
Here's the next one.
Backed by Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos, Breakthrough Energy Ventures makes first investments.
Guess who else is involved?
George Soros.
And when Breakthrough Energy Investments comes along, a few years ago, where do they invest?
Where do they invest?
They invest in this Cardall Group voting machine company.
I'm about to show to you right now.
Now, the next stuff you can't show, I should have told you, I've got some stuff I can't show you on screen because I was screenshotting it and has my name on it.
So don't show this next thing guys.
All right, let me read this to you though.
I messed up and I was sending it to other people and I screenshot it and it's got a name on it.
I'm going to go over the documents on this.
It's the name of the Carlisle Group, which is a known CIA, highest level CIA.
What's their front group?
It's called Staple Street.
And this is the company that runs the voting machines that we just talked about that do the glitches and the scams always against Trump and against Republicans.
And Jeb Bush is involved, of course, as well, and George W. Bush.
Staple Street execs are alums from Carlyle Group.
David Rubenstein, connected to John Roberts, Bill Gates, etc., is co-executive chairman.
William Kennard is head of executive board of Staple Street.
He was also head of FEC under Clinton.
We got the Washington Post article right there.
27-year-old article.
Soros begins investing in Carlyle Rubenstein.
Now Carlyle alums start Staple Street.
And then it goes into how they checked and it's the same company.
It's a mixture of Soros, Cardall, Bush, Clinton, Globalist.
And we've got links to that.
On the board of Staple Street, he was ahead of the FTC under Clinton.
We'll show you that guy in a minute.
27, and then it goes on from that point.
I guess I had to do all the screenshots of what's on my phone.
I need to pull those up.
Let's look at these folks.
William E. Kennard.
United Nations Ambassador to the European Union under the Clintons and then also worked for Obama.
What a nice person.
You can document cam shot now, guys.
So these are the guys that run Staple Street with George Soros money.
Stephen D. Owens, another big Democrat operative working for him.
So that's what's happening here.
And then you look at
The graphs, it's literally a fraud graph.
Trump is this smooth graph, the way they actually work.
But in all the graphs in Michigan and in Pennsylvania and in Georgia, it goes straight up.
Because it's hard falsifying those ballots.
You don't want to mix in some fake Trump ones in there.
Because you might have a few Republicans working in there who might cheat themselves.
You want to make sure all of it is for your daddy, the Chycons.
And we actually pull up the real graphs, maybe pull up some of the real graphs, guys, as you can, showing the incredible straight line vertical situation for those folks.
So there's that.
I'll cover it more on the Sunday show broadcast tomorrow.
I can just tell you that I'm very honored to even be here on air.
We're very blessed that we're still here.
I knew this was coming.
Our country was basically already conquered.
By the globalists, offshore corporations were being positioned for total collapse by the CFR combine six years ago.
And the public was mad.
Infowars was on air.
We were a catalyst to get people in some U.S.
corporations and in the U.S.
military and some intelligence agencies that heard what we were saying, knew it was all true, decided to take action themselves with Wikileaks that had not come out of Russia, came out of the U.S.
The U.S.
Army and others.
And then, of course, people in the DNC that didn't like what was going on that also leaked information.
And so that was the first wave of our revolution.
We didn't know we'd get a royal flush and get Trump in and have them try to remove him with all these coup attempts over four years, which has really wrecked them.
And they've had to pull out all the stops, cheat, steal, kill, lie, spend three times what they ever spent on an election publicly.
And there's all the secret money they've spent.
I mean, they are
Like a woman's trying to leave her husband, and she's loading her stuff in the car with the kids, and he comes over and hits her in the head with a baseball bat.
She doesn't die, but she's in a coma for a week.
When she gets out, the husband's gonna go to jail for 10 years, she gets the kids, she's okay, they're done.
So all they've done is just hit us in the head with a baseball bat.
That's all they've done is just, but everybody saw it.
Everybody knows what it is.
And we're going to survive it if we don't decide we're defeated.
If we don't decide we're victims.
It's not even as bad as having your brain knocked out for say a week being in a company.
It's like, they hit us across the teeth and broke our jaw.
They knocked our teeth out.
Oh, we'll get implants.
We'll get our jaw fixed.
We'll be back.
You're going to get the kids.
You're going to get the Republic.
You're going to get the future.
So they're coming after the kids.
So America is like a woman.
And the new old order is like this big rapist, uh, not like a husband.
He's like, he's like a rapist basically, who's got her kidnapped.
And so she climbs out of the basement and she's running and he shoots her with a crossbow and the neighbors all see it and call the cops.
They come and shoot the, shoot the, shoot the kidnapper, but she's got a crossbow.
It shoots through her.
Maybe she dies, but the kids were also in the basement.
Now they're free.
I mean, you can look at this any way you want, but we've made them beat us with a baseball bat in front of the neighbors.
So, he may think he's won.
They may think stealing the election, raping us, bullying us, stomping on us, pissing on us, doing all this to us.
They may think it's funny.
They may think it's cute.
They may think they've gotten away with it, but they haven't.
They have screwed the pooch.
They have come out in the open, and they have censored, and they have lied, and they have harassed, and they have bullied.
Now that's the good side of the clout.
That's the silver lining.
The big ominous purple part of it is that they know that.
And they know they're in trouble and they're not ignoring us anymore.
And they know that they're in a tenuous position.
And so they are going to trigger racial events, mass shootings, violence, which is not what we want.
And so I decry any offensive violence and I don't want anything to happen to Biden or Harris because that'll turn them into martyrs or anybody else.
I want them to pay, though, for being chycom globalist agents that sold this country out before 47 years of Biden doing this.
Biden has no crowds.
He has no support.
Yeah, they've got useful idiot moron groups in DC that all want to go out and get drunk and party.
And you know, here the cops aren't arresting them for violating their COVID restrictions.
Just like when the Muslims or Black Lives Matter demonstrate in London, they don't get arrested, but everybody else does.
Because these are the subservient people, the millennials, not all millennials are bad, but the millennials and others that really think the system is their mommy.
And they really think that
They're winners by this reflected glory of what's come out of the Democrats.
But you're not.
You're not going to get power out of this.
You're not going to get a better job.
You're not going to get a better future.
Your 401k is not going to be better.
You're just people being led around by your nose.
And it's mainly a lot of
Middle-aged white women as well that really hate America because it didn't deliver for them.
You're the ones that didn't go out and get a husband.
You're the ones that didn't, you went and got a couple degrees.
You're the ones that are all pissed.
But the system then tells you it's America did it to you.
And so now you embrace the Chi-Coms and the Carlisle Group operatives and the warmongers because Trump tried to get your jobs back and tried to move pharmaceutical manufacturing back and tried to move energy back and actually did a lot of it.
And now because the TV you watch tells you Trump's bad, you go, and these images are Trump Tower, Trump Hotel in Washington, D.C.
being surrounded by thousands of people.
I'd say the crowd surrounding, is this New York or is this D.C.?
I can't tell.
It's Chicago, okay.
And they're holding up signs, thanks to satellite feed.
They're holding up signs saying, leave now.
And they're all out there holding hands.
You got all the Muslims out there all holding hands.
They're just like, we're going to get this American.
We're going to show him.
We're going to mount his head on the wall.
How dare him?
And the crowd's getting rowdier and rowdier and rowdier.
As they surround the Trump landmarks.
That's truly disgusting.
And you look at the average leftist, they look lost.
They look confused.
They look disheveled.
They look stupid.
They look very young.
Because they go to a university.
In almost every case, paid for by taxpayers, run by big banks, that says America sucks, free market sucks, families suck, everything sucks, because they're being prepared to have no one, to be an alone person that can be exploited and used.
And so the mainstream media is discredited.
The mainstream media is on its last legs, but this is its big last hurrah, ladies and gentlemen.
Pushing this and preparing this and winding up mobs of goons to go out and wear their little mask in public because they're all a bunch of conformists.
You see the Trump supporters?
They're not wearing face masks.
They're not wearing masks.
They're not buying into all the fear.
They can look at the statistics.
They know the numbers.
They know it's being used to kill the economy.
And then you look at these little followers.
And to a person, whether it's the cops, or whether it's the Black Lives Matter, or whether it's the general public, they're all just running around high-fiving and excited, just running in circles.
But they're going to end up being destroyed financially.
They're going to end up having their future taken.
They're going to end up being globalist slaves.
They're going to end up being forcibly inoculated.
They're going to be in an endless lockdown.
And then they're going to do whatever the TV tells them, like, I want my welfare check.
I want my government job.
They'll say, OK, go take it away from these people.
Go raise taxes on the middle class.
And then that will be gone, and there'll be no upward mobility for them, and the American dream will be dead, and there'll be a permanent underclass that the globalists can control, and that's in all their white papers and all their strategic analysis, and that's their plan.
And there's Chuckie Schumer.
When you get it ready, if there's audio, I want to hear this.
There's Chuckie Schumer that his protege was Weiner and the laptop.
Let me tell Schumer something.
Hey Schumer, we know what a degenerate you are.
And so the floodgates are open.
Everything on you and Weiner and Epstein and just all the sickness and Hunter, all of it's just going to keep coming out and coming out and coming out.
And you can try to have Twitter and Facebook cover up the crimes.
It's never going to work.
And no matter what you do, it's all coming out, you monsters.
Let's hear whatever Chuckie Schumer is having to say right now.
We don't want him in New York!
New York is literally just being squeezed into oblivion, totally bankrupt, totally poor.
All the welfare money being fed through the coffers of these horrible people that they're stealing.
And there are their slaves just banging at the feet of this monstrous pig.
Alright, I'm going to end this transmission until it's a good clean.
Three hours, so they can re-roll it until 4 p.m.
Then Owen comes on with InfoWars Live.
And it's the 79 days of hell.
Trump's going to continue to challenge this.
He's got every right and duty to do it.
It's totally legitimate.
But we told you, I said days ago, get to the White House, start surrounding it.
Because you need to be there so the media cannot say, oh look, it's only people saying Trump needs to go.
Because if you go where they're going to surround the White House and you're there wearing red shirts with Trump on them, the media is not going to be able to ignore it.
If we go to Austin or we go to other capitals, it's going to get ignored.
It's still good, but it's not as powerful as going to DC.
So as soon as we're done with this live show, share the link.
Saturday Emergency Live broadcast.
Protests erupt nationwide for MSM falsely claims Biden victory.
So important to share that link with everybody you know today, your email, your Twitter, your Facebook, your instant messenger.
Send them this three hours and explain to them that it's very, very important and they should watch it and they should learn about it.
If they want to know what's actually going on, they should bare minimum share it.
Let me show you one more thing from months ago.
This is from the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency of the U.S.
Government, mail-in voting and 2020 Infrastructure Risk Assessment.
Key findings is, it's perfect for fraud, perfect for scams, and one of the main threats against the integrity of our voting system.
That's the truth!
And you just saw massive election meddling.
The president does not need to step down.
They're going to try to shame us all.
They're going to try to have all these neocon Republicans come out who've been controlling the Republican Party, that aren't even Republicans, that sold the nation out just as bad as Biden.
Tell us that everything's okay and just, you know, let Biden be the president when he's a communist Chinese agent.
We cannot and we will not let that unfold.
We cannot and we will not let that succeed.
We cannot and we will not let that take place.
Regardless of what happens, it's in this process of not submitting.
We get stronger, they get weaker.
Whether they remove Trump or not, it's up to us now.
We must demand Trump stay in and make major changes in the 70-something days he has left.
To damage the globalists as much as possible, because now I can tell you the White House is finally listening and the enemy is scared of him and is scared of what he can do with the bully pulpit he's got.
That's another discussion we're going to have tomorrow night, four to six.
Where is Trump?
He's given two statements in the last four days and I'm really, really worried about it.
It's very, very serious.
I've talked to some folks very close to the president.
I'm going to try to call him tonight and try to demand to know what the hell's going on.
But it's a very, very serious situation.
He needs to address the nation head on with this.
I've just done three hours of live TV.
And I have not plugged any.
And I have a big crew in here, and I've got this building, and I've got all the expenses, and I'm not complaining.
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Look, look at Bandop video, look at Infowars.com.
We're going to be here.
We're committed.
I want to salute you all that have been out there on the streets around the country, standing up for truth and justice.
They are trying to steal this.
We force the enemy out in the open and that's winning half the battle.
Thanks to the crew and God bless.
Tomorrow's news.
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