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Name: 20201106_Fri_Alex
Air Date: Nov. 6, 2020
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Alex Jones discusses various issues including Nancy Pelosi's accusations against Trump, InfoWars as a leading voice against fake news, and questioning all information sources. He criticizes Biden's premature claim of victory in the election, lockdown measures during the COVID-19 pandemic, and globalist elites manipulating public opinion to control society. Jones also expresses frustration with corruption during the election, potential voter fraud, recent protests, and the need for armed resistance against those undermining democracy. He encourages questioning information sources, staying calm amidst chaos, seeking spiritual growth, respecting individual sovereignty, and imagining a better future for the country.

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This, this is the end of the country.
I, I have had, I've been there when grandparents died in front of me.
I've been there when I see people run over and killed.
I've been there when three guys are breaking my bones and I felt wonderful compared to this.
And I'm serious.
There is, there is, there is nothing in my life this horrible.
This must be what it's like to watch your kid die or something because this is a 247 year old great country and it's being stolen from us by a bunch of absolutely demonic filth.
And then I see these laughing, gibbering leftists on the streets flipping me off and stuff, saying, uh-uh, Trump's losing, we're winning, when these idiots are having their whole birthright and everything destroyed and taken away from them, and the millions of Americans that have fought and died for this country, and all of their chivalries being flushed down a giant, stinking toilet.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is the Alex Jones Show.
Owen Troyer sitting in studio for Alex today.
We will be hearing from Alex.
He was on a special mission last night.
Took a flight to Arizona in the middle of the day.
Landed at night.
Went right to the Stop the Steal rally that are happening around the nation.
By the way, where are the Biden supporters out in the streets?
They're nowhere, folks.
Just like during the Biden rallies.
There is a lot to be addressed today.
And I'm looking at the video list thinking, well, what should we start it off with?
Is it Ted Cruz and the Trumps and the President and everybody saying, hey, look, they rigged this election.
They're stealing it in Philadelphia.
Is it now for the third time they steal a state at the wee hours of the night?
420 time local Georgia?
After losing all
Week long, magically, Biden, just like in Michigan and Wisconsin in the dark of night, takes the lead in Georgia, and now they're done counting.
How convenient.
Oh, nobody saw that coming.
No, nothing to see here.
Total theft.
Total chicanery.
I mean, at this point, it's just spitting right in your face.
So the war is on.
Sadly, as we have been saying, the 79 days of hell is here.
So I would pace yourself emotionally, pace yourself intellectually, and understand that the election's over, Trump won, but the Democrats have been voting
Since the election ended and Trump won, the Democrats just kept voting until Biden won a couple states he needed to win in order to be declared victor.
That's now the time that we're in.
Trump is going to have to challenge this legally.
He's going to maybe even have to go to the Supreme Court.
Let's hope not, because I don't like that.
I don't think ACB will vote for him.
I think she'll stab him in the back.
I think Kavanaugh will favor with him, probably Clarence Thomas.
But I don't know.
I don't like it.
But they have been caught.
Videos of them filling out hundreds of ballots, just non-stop, filling them out.
Caught in Arizona, telling people, oh, use a Sharpie, and then, oh, sorry, your ballot doesn't count, or maybe it's Trump, maybe it's Biden, we'll just go with Biden.
Military ballots burned, boxes and bags of ballots being drug into Pennsylvania overnight.
I mean, how abr- It's insane!
Again, the analogy is, if you're playing basketball, and you're in the fourth quarter of the NBA Finals, Game 7, and you're up by 30 points, you're up by 30 points, and there's a couple minutes left, and then all of a sudden,
The team that's losing, the team you're playing against, decides they're just going to have their whole team on the floor.
So they've now got 12 guys on the court.
They're getting on each other's backs.
They're blocking all your shots.
They're scoring every time down.
They're outnumbering you 12-5 on the court.
And then two of the guys are boxing out the refs.
The refs can't see the game.
They don't know what's going on.
And then, magically, two seconds left, they're up by five!
And game over!
They win.
And you're like, hey, they had too many guys on the floor.
And the refs are like, well, we didn't see anything.
We were being blocked by all the guys on the floor.
But they win!
Biden 2020.
They want you to believe that Joe Biden set the record amount of votes by like 10 million.
No, actually, you want to know what happened last night?
Actually, you want to know what happened on election night, which feels like it's still last night?
Trump won, and Trump got more votes than Barack Obama did.
Trump set a record for most votes in an election.
Trump won in a landslide.
I would guess at least 305 electorally, probably more.
All the Democrats had was the steal.
We knew where they were going to do it.
Everybody knew it.
They've been caught red-handed.
And we shouldn't even have to have a legal battle.
Americans should be out in the streets in droves demanding these Democrats resign.
Because they've been totally caught.
They know it.
Oh yeah, while you were sleeping, Biden won another state.
Isn't that magic?
Yeah, my analogy in the first segment with the basketball team wasn't even enough.
It's not just that they have 12 players on the floor.
They've also got 30 basketballs that they're scoring with.
Welcome to the Alex Jones Show here on this Friday, November 6th.
We do have Leigh-Anne McAdoo in studio.
I'm going to be live with you for seven hours today.
I've got a lot to address, including an interview I had with Steve Pucinich that went beyond viral.
And I want to explain something from that, because a lot of people are asking for a follow-up, and it seems that somehow that got everywhere.
And I want to explain what happened yesterday and what Pucinich is talking about.
But folks, we have exclusive footage today, right here on this Friday, November 6th, on the Alex Jones Show that you've never seen anywhere before.
And I'm almost afraid to show this to you because it's so blatant what the Democrats are doing, but we're going to have to do it.
But let me explain.
When you go to bed,
And Trump is up hundreds of thousands in Michigan, and then you wake up and Biden's won Michigan.
That's cheating.
When you go to bed and Trump is up hundreds of thousands in Wisconsin, and you wake up and Biden won, that's rigged.
When you go to bed and Trump's been leading Georgia for the entire race, and then five days later you wake up, oh, Biden won and now they're done counting, that's illegitimate.
And this is the fraud they're trying to run on you with graphs where Biden votes literally shoot straight up.
I mean, it's like a steroid injection into his votes and it's like, oh, nothing to see here.
Just 138,000 mail-in ballots for Biden here.
50,000 mail-in ballots for Biden here.
The split is 100% for Biden.
It's totally normal.
It's totally normal.
Nothing to see here.
Biden won.
Don't ask any questions.
And this has been Fox News.
But folks,
This is unbelievable footage that we have for you right here.
So let's begin rolling it.
Check this out.
Biden ballots, Biden ballots landing in Arizona last night.
Unbelievable footage that we have for you right here.
We were lucky enough to have a man on the ground filming.
And as you can see,
This is a plane load of mail-in ballots landing in Arizona last night.
So, they got a lot of counting to do.
As you can see here, this is a jumbo jet.
They've got five million mail-in ballots for Biden loaded up on that C5.
And so here you go, it's going right to the polling place.
There it goes, Maricopa County.
They've just discovered another million mail-in ballots for Joe.
But that's not it.
We have footage from Georgia.
This is early last night.
Here's footage from Georgia.
Another plane load.
Look at this.
Mail-in ballots arriving in Georgia.
It's unbelievable.
As you can see here, the plane load of mail-in ballots landing in Fulton County last night, magically all for Biden.
Thank God we were able to get that plane.
We also have footage, guys.
Can we go to Pennsylvania?
This is in Pennsylvania.
We have similar footage.
As you can see here, they had to go right.
To the polling place, landing nearly on top of cars on the road.
That's how desperate they were to get these ballots to Philadelphia County.
Right there, they're landing.
They're going right to the polls.
That plane is going to be pulling up right to the polling station in Philadelphia County.
That's not it.
We've got Wisconsin, guys.
Let me see Wisconsin.
We've got a plane in Wisconsin.
It's just landed right there.
So they're going to make sure they've got at least 50,000 more mail-in ballots for Biden.
They're going to be sure.
That Biden takes Wisconsin with a big margin of victory as well.
And guys, do we have Michigan too?
Did we even catch them in Michigan?
Oh my God!
And there it is, folks, the Motor City.
Another plane load of mail-in ballots for Biden has landed in Michigan.
This footage was actually shot on November 4th, magically, right before Biden won the election there.
So, wow!
That's amazing, isn't it?
That's amazing.
Of course, that's satire, that's a joke, but it's as real as believing that Biden gets 138 mail-in ballots all for him.
It's as real as believing that in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Georgia, they'll probably go with North Carolina too, we'll have to see, Biden down all night, losing all night!
For multiple nights, all week!
Biden's behind all week!
And then magically, in the dead of night, Biden takes the lead.
It's the most obvious, most ridiculous thing we've ever seen, but it's the year 2020, so it's not when in Rome anymore, it's when in 2020.
When in 2020, do as the Democrats did.
Fake everything.
So, I mean, what is the most obvious fake job?
The fake pandemic?
Which is over?
Is the fake pandemic over?
I'm not hearing about the pandemic.
Is anyone else hearing about it?
I'm sorry, is the pandemic over?
Did the health issue become a non-issue now?
Are we done with that?
Can we take off the face diaper?
Can we open up now that the pandemic's not a thing anymore?
Or will it be a thing again?
Are we just not gonna talk about it?
Are we just gonna not talk about how that thing that ruined all of our lives is just not a thing anymore?
How are we doing with that one?
We're just gonna... We're just gonna let that one go, huh?
Oh, kind of like we let Obama spying on Trump go, and then all the lies about Trump, and then the Russia hoax, and the impeachment hoax, and then the pandemic hoax, and now the election hoax?
We're just gonna let this one go too?
We're just gonna let these people rape us intellectually, torture us psychologically?
I sure hope not.
But you know what?
Since I'm here in this three minutes,
Because I'm sure a lot of people are tuning in, and I'll probably address this again on The War Room for that audience, but... Steve Pucinich has never BS'd me.
He has a reputation that's very strong.
That's why when he came on The War Room yesterday and said that there's a sting operation run against the Democrats with the mail-in ballots, it went mega-viral.
Now, I'm just going to be fully transparent.
Steve Pucinich knows what he's doing.
He came on the war room yesterday and he threw a smoke grenade, and we were able to see where the smoke followed, and you were able to see where the smoke followed, and crazy enough, the smoke went everywhere, in case you didn't notice.
So, I mean, you know, for InfoWars being banned, boy, we sure know how to control a narrative, don't we?
And then Alex Jones lands in Arizona and dominates Twitter.
So for InfoWars being banned and Steve Pichinik coming in on Skype from his kitchen in a floral shirt, boy, uh, hoo-hoo!
Looking pretty good here, aren't we?
Thanks to you.
That's us.
All of us.
The crew, me, Alex Jones, everybody.
But the smoke went everywhere.
Did you notice that?
Part of that is just total proof that everyone's listening to InfoWars every day whether they want to admit it or not.
The other point of that is that what Steve Pucinich said on the air yesterday is totally true.
It's not even really a secret.
If there was any secret that Dr. Pucinich said, it was that he has, people will just say, you know, he's got intelligence sources, and they're saying that this is a sting operation, and they used the mail-in ballots, and they've been caught.
Now, everybody is so desperate for an answer to election night, they took that notion and buried it, and like planted a seed, and wanted it to be like a huge tree overnight.
Now, personally, look, again, yes, you can go look it up.
The USPS and the Department of Homeland Security had encrypted ballots with the mail-in ballots as a cybersecurity measure.
Call it a watermark, call it blockchain, call it whatever you want, it doesn't matter.
They did set that up.
That is a real thing.
Is that going to be used to stop voter fraud?
That's why they set it up.
What kind of technology is involved?
Well, maybe they're being fully transparent, maybe not.
So, if you're looking for some sort of a solace in that segment, if you're looking for solace in the notion that all these people are going to be caught and arrested because of the mail-in ballot fraud, I personally don't believe that's going to be the case.
And I looked into this last night because everyone and their mom was blowing me up about it.
And so I personally think, yes, will there be voter fraud exposed from the mail-in ballots?
Will it lead to arrests?
I don't think so.
Will it be enough to stop this steal?
And that's the key.
There are so many angles to this steal.
They all have to be attacked.
Dead people voting.
Fake mail-in ballots.
Ballots flipping on election day in the machine.
It's all an issue.
My friends, Alex Jones here on the road.
I am in Phoenix, Arizona.
And I have been contacted by the highest levels of the White House this morning.
And I'm riding along with folks from the State Department right here in the car.
And when I tell you that, I just want you to know that we're giving you, as always, the inside scoop on what's happening.
That's why we were able to predict with exact precision what was coming down.
We have seen an orchestrated, communist, Chinese-funded, DNC-directed, attempted coup against the country.
Even if Biden had actually won this election and hadn't done it through verified mountains of fraud,
And law-breaking by the governors of Pennsylvania and other states.
And even if the machines hadn't been run by George Soros and the Carlyle Group in Georgia and in Arizona, and we have all the proof of that coming up.
Even if he'd have won this election, fair and square, you can't be a communist Chinese agent with recordings of Hunter Biden saying, I take my orders from the head of Chinese intelligence.
This is the end of the country.
I have had, I've been there when grandparents died in front of me.
I've been there when I see people run over and killed.
I've been there when three guys are breaking my bones and I felt wonderful compared to this.
And I'm serious.
There is, there is, there is nothing in my life this horrible.
This must be what it's like to watch your kid die or something because this is a 247 year old great country and it's being stolen from us by a bunch of absolutely demonic filth.
And then I see these laughing, gibbering leftists on the streets flipping me off and stuff, saying, uh-uh, Trump's losing, we're winning, when these idiots are having their whole birthright and everything destroyed and taken away from them, and the millions of Americans that have fought and died for this country, and all of their chivalries being flushed down a giant stinking toilet.
And I'm also sick because I love my children, and I love this country.
But I'm not sure the American people are recoverable.
We've already killed 62 million babies.
We already do all these horrible things.
We have an outside overthrow of our government, our overthrow of our local police.
All of this is unfolding.
Classical evil is taking place right now, and we need to see a giant rejection of this.
When Pelosi says that Trump is an internal enemy, that is a total projection.
Trump is a great patriot.
He saw the steel coming.
He laid it out perfectly.
But even his own party pulled back from him because they're all hedging your bets.
You don't hedge your bets in an existential existence war with a communist country that owns your debt and owns Hollywood and has about a third of the population literally worshiping them.
I know Democrats.
We have crew members at the office.
We have sisters that literally worship Xi Jinping.
They've never been to China.
They've never been to China.
They're not communist Chinese.
They just think Xi Jinping is the good guy.
And so we're going to stay here a few minutes.
We're going to go out.
So I'm here.
I'm about to be at the accounting center.
And I'm going to Skype in with video from there.
The problem is we're going to get so mobbed, it may be hard to actually do it out there.
I know Owen's got some clips of last night that were pretty powerful.
And, you know, I came down here and I said the things I said last night.
I absolutely meant it.
We are under attack.
We are being taken over.
This is 21st century asymmetrical warfare.
And a lot of people I've talked to go, well, at least if the Democrats get in, at least if the Democrats get in, maybe they'll leave us alone and let us live again.
No, they're not giving you your football and your Miller beer.
And your pizza and your hot dogs, folks.
They're going to continue the lockdown.
They're going to bankrupt the country.
They're going to suck it dry.
This has been a long-term agenda to de-industrialize us and ship our jobs overseas.
This has been a process of conquering us culturally, spiritually, and this is it, okay?
This is an absolute program.
So, if we don't defeat this now, it's only going to get worse.
And so, I don't want to die.
I don't want to get in a fight.
I don't want to have to lead stuff.
I'm just telling you, I'm physically sick right now, because everybody's got to have the discussion about what we're going to do.
Are you going to leave the country?
Because there's nowhere to run.
Are you going to roll over?
Are you going to join the chi-coms and the soulless globalists?
Because when everybody sells out, everybody loses.
All these idiots think they're about to get a free ride, and free houses, and free cars, and free health care, and free education, and a guaranteed monthly income.
Yeah, you'll have money, like Venezuela, but they won't buy you anything.
This is a tried-and-true formula.
Yes, why do they run a communist formula when they're actually billionaire bankers?
Because it works on the spoiled countries that have been wealthy.
Because enough of the public becomes lazy, they don't want to work, they don't have any dreams, and they just want to think, oh, I can have the yacht, I can have the private jet, I can have all that if I just vote in communism.
It's capitalism and freedom that produces the bass boat and your four-bedroom house and the pool in the backyard and the vacations working your normal job.
You don't get that in a communist country.
You get slavery.
They want you poor.
They want you stupid.
They hate you.
It's their ideology.
And to watch people really cut their own nose off, despite their face, and to have this invincible ignorance is disgusting.
But here's what I'm going to tell you right now, just as sure as the sun came up this morning.
President Trump is going to fight this in the courts.
He's 100% right.
They violated the law in Georgia.
They violated the law in Nevada.
They violated the law in Arizona.
They violated the law in Pennsylvania.
They violated it all, and they did it right in front of everybody.
That's what Pelosi said last week.
She said, it doesn't matter what happens with this thing coming up, the election.
It doesn't matter this thing.
He will be installed.
He will be put in.
I played that clip probably 20 times.
Because these are criminals.
They want to brag to all their people that they're competent and that they're going to win so that they'll roll in in Michigan, where they violate the laws even more than Pennsylvania.
With what looks like, I know the look and the cut of them, looks like Chinese intelligence operatives.
They got that look.
Not an arrogant look, it's a look of somebody better do this or they're dead.
Bringing those damn ballot boxes in at 4am.
And we've got Chinese freaking communists crawling all over us, man.
It's like he flees all over you.
And it's just so pathetic that America thought it was invincible.
And so this is now happening to us.
And I'm not a Machiavellian person, but I can look into the Machiavellian mindset as good as anybody is Machiavellian.
And I can tell you, the globalists have sowed the seeds of their destruction.
They're never going to get away with this, but it's going to cause giant wars, huge revolutions.
And at the end of it, Bill Gates and Bezos and all these megalomaniacs are going to end up paying for it.
And that's the victory here, is identifying those guys and who the real kingpins are over the Communist Party of China.
That's really multinational corporations, and Jane Baker III, and down in Houston.
He holds the keys to the Bushes and to Kissinger that actually set up China and opened it up.
And again, they've all written books about this.
They've written New York Times articles.
That's what's frustrating is, we know all this.
This is not my opinion.
Okay, Bill Gates's new vaccine is a nanotech recombinant DNA reprogramming system that makes you a GMO creature that reprograms your cells.
I'm outside doing a video on it and some yuppie walks by laughing at me saying I'm crazy and then two minutes later a bus drives by saying nanotech will cure your cancer take the nanotech vaccine.
And the Prime Minister of England says soon we'll all be injected with nanotech.
I mean, this is a cult, people.
It's the year 2020.
It's a science fiction movie.
It's a nightmare.
It's a dystopia.
It's real.
And I'm not trying to scare you.
I'm trying to tell you submission to this is death.
They think you're weak.
They think you're soft.
They've pushed out the warriors and the defender class in America.
They brought in ruthless corporations that absolutely hate your ass.
And so you better get that through your heads and you better understand that you don't have any future if you do not realize how much trouble you're in.
I know I sounded dystopic all these years.
I know I sounded crazy.
But I knew it was all going to unfold because these people have done every damn thing they say they're going to do.
And we are back live.
We are back live.
Yesterday, I got a wild hair.
I was talking to Amanda Mellis of the State Department and
I was talking to some of the folks at the White House as well, and they said, yeah, you really need to get out to one of these events.
They talked about Pennsylvania, they talked about Arizona, they talked about them all, so I decided to come to Arizona, and it was great seeing the great crowd that was there.
I'm about to be there again.
Again, Alex Jones back live.
I'm going to hand the baton to Troyer here in just a few minutes, but all the leftist media put out the clips of some of what I said in my speeches.
They edited out why I was saying Bill Gates is a criminal, or why Fauci's a criminal, how they run the Wuhan lab, how even Newsweek reported that, how it was all a Chinese psy-op, and how it creates this police state by making us all suspects.
They edited that out, but they played me simply saying we're gonna dig, like Hitler, Bill Gates and all these people out of their bunkers, and that they're the ones, they're the enemy, and we shouldn't be killing each other.
I don't want to kill them either.
I just want them to know that when they come with forced inoculations, they're trying to kill our economy, that we understand that they are the problem,
And that we're standing up to them and that we're fighting back.
And because they are assaulting us, they're assaulting our economy.
They've put us under martial law.
They're trying to overthrow and kill the local police, so they submit and bow to them.
This is a classic takeover with a high-tech overlay.
So, I got into textbooks and military history when I was a kid because the books were around the house.
And as soon as I started reading them, whether it was Julius Caesar's Battle for Gaul that he wrote 2,000 years ago,
Or whether it was Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf, you know, I learned about how these people actually think.
And when you're looking at it in a modern context, it's the nastiest, most evil thing in history.
I mean, this is, if there's cancer, if a political system can be cancer, this is like the worst brain cancer or bone cancer or lung cancer.
I mean the nastiest stuff that kills you like in a week.
I mean this is and I'm only telling you this folks because it's not going to be like business as usual.
You think the lockdown is going to end?
It's going to get worse.
They're going to release real viruses now.
I mean this is their playbook.
Look, I told you two months before Bill Gates said it, that COVID is a drill with a gain-of-function bioweapon that only kills those that are deficient, but that spreads very rapidly and then reinfects, and that there's no antibodies for it because it's a cold bug, which they've never been able to produce antibodies and vaccines that work.
That's the literature.
And they admitted that later.
Gates went on TV and he said, on Colbert, he said, this is just a drill.
The real attack's coming.
Terrorists are going to kill millions of people.
Well, who's the terrorist?
Who wants to depopulate?
It's Bill Gates.
So he's assaulting me.
I don't want to attack Bill Gates.
He finances the lawsuits against us and the dirty tricks.
Bill Gates is a killer.
His dad's a killer.
His dad ran the secret army eugenics operations.
These people don't play games, okay?
They are the bad embeds inside our country that are nasty, evil, corrupt sons of bitches.
And it's time to wake up.
It's time to oppose.
It's time to say no and realize this is 21st century war.
Now let me get to these points.
Here's a clip from last night where I was laying out 1776 worldwide.
If they want to fight, they better believe we're gonna fight!
And we're gonna win!
We're not gonna fight their little Bethany, as you must know.
We're gonna take on the Soroses, and the Bezoses, and the Gates.
We're gonna take it directly to those scumbag Nazi bastards that thought they could kill this country just like we did!
1776 is the answer to 1984!
1776! 1776!
Okay, folks.
So here we are.
They see us as chumps.
They see us as weak.
The globalists are making their move against us.
It's happening right now.
And our message to the White House is this.
We love you, President Trump.
We understand what you took on.
We sucker-punched the enemy four years ago.
Now they've mobilized for four years.
They've run these scams.
They're going to try to drive the president from office now.
Oberman's saying kill him, execute him, murder him.
It's just so evil.
We must stand against these people.
We must resist.
We must pray to God to divinely expose all their works of corruption and evil, which is happening.
Massive news is coming out of people with ballots for Trump hidden, stealing votes.
You've all seen it.
It's so much of it, it made my head spin today.
But Facebook, Twitter, Google, they all block those and call it election meddling.
Because it will defeat them.
It will crush them.
It will prove their fraud.
And they can't have that.
Look at Congress.
You let them censor everybody else, now the President, and now they're censoring poll watchers that show a woman sitting there filling out hundreds of ballots.
There's hours of this footage.
Again, my brother-in-law caught it and was almost crying on the phone.
A guy at the post office in Austin filling out 50 ballots with the same name and taking pictures of himself with him.
And the clerks were taking them.
They were obviously watching a crime.
And that's what's going on.
So this is the takeover.
We have to realize it's a takeover.
We have to keep fighting.
We can't give up.
This is the mainstream media bought by multinational corporations.
That set up China as a slave colony.
And now they're going to set up America as a slave colony.
I talked to the highest levels of the White House.
Contacted me this morning.
I'm going to leave it at that.
The highest levels of the White House.
That's what Trump's doing.
That's what his son's doing.
That's what his people are doing.
They are on the phone.
And I'm going to leave it at that.
I've got a mission I'm going to carry out.
Dealing with Soros and the voting machines and a lot of the things that are going to be breaking.
I don't know why I forgot about Soros being involved with the voting machines in the key states, but a certain individual reminded me of it and sent me a bunch of links.
We appreciate them reaching out.
We appreciate, really appreciate those folks.
And we're going to execute, we're going to carry out the operations peacefully.
We're going to defeat the globalists together.
And you see to understand that we're entering the season of them assassinating our president.
He needs to be very, very careful.
That's why they're calling for him to be drug out.
That's why Pelosi said the military will drag him out.
That's why the Clintons are all so confident.
Because they were perched on top of this country.
They stole $3 billion from Haiti.
They destroyed Serbia.
They've gotten away with so much crap.
They think they can get away with it again.
But now the world's watching them.
And now we're fighting back.
Even more dirt's going to come out of the Bidens and the Clintons and the Obamas and all of them.
And if you think
That we're not gonna take them down while they take us down.
While I'm Captain Ahab and they're Moby frickin' Dick.
Or the other way around.
The point is, I'm looking for you.
You're not looking for me.
I'm coming for you.
I'm coming for you.
And I'm not gonna stop.
You understand that?
You're gonna pay.
But violence is not the way.
We must defend ourselves though.
It is information warfare and the truth and never backing down.
So, I'll be on later live with Owen Schroer.
He's about to take over.
But here is Pelosi saying Trump is the domestic enemy when she is the domestic enemy.
Openly saying she works for Communist China.
Hot red-handed and her disgusting daughter.
And then here is Pete Overman saying he wants the president killed and murdered and that COVID is his fault when it's Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci and the Wuhan lab.
Here are those videos and back to Owen Schroer.
Sadly, instead of crushing the virus, it appears that the Trump administration will use its final moments in office and a desperate last step to destroy every possible protection for American health and well-being.
So many people have said to me, and perhaps some of you along the way, what damage do you think that Trump will do between losing the election and the inauguration of Joe Biden?
Maybe you didn't phrase it quite that way, but that's how I heard it.
And we knew that he would be up to mischief.
Separate and apart from trying to destroy the credibility of our elections, which we criticize other nations for doing, and now with all enemies, foreign and domestic, making assault on our elections.
Well, we have one domestic.
But apart from that, on the policy side, which is why we are here,
People asked that question.
What will he try to do that is harmful?
And this week, they showed their hand.
We had suspicions of it, but couldn't speak publicly about it.
Alright, ladies and gentlemen, we're going to break now, but boy, if you're half as mad as I am, I mean, how can we take people like Pelosi another week, let alone another year or two?
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
Last segment of this first hour, Alex Jones is going to be rejoining us shortly.
He is on a mission in Arizona right now, trying to stop the steal.
We've got Pelosi declaring Trump the enemy.
We've got Pelosi declaring Biden the victory.
We've got Keith Olbermann and other liberals and media declaring that Trump and Trump supporters should be arrested.
I'm about to go to those clips real quick.
I want to explain something before we hear from the real domestic enemy, Nancy Pelosi, and then a real nutjob who belongs in a mental institution, Keith Olbermann.
In March and April, when they started this fake pandemic,
Who was the stalwart?
Who was the rock?
Who was the leading edge in saying, this is a fake pandemic, this is a scam, this is an economic weapon, we cannot shut down, we cannot lock down, we cannot wear these masks?
Who was that lone voice in the wilderness that was us right here at InfoWars?
Now why am I saying this?
This isn't the story of the day.
No, it is.
You see, here at InfoWars, we have zero tolerance for bullshit.
And we knew COVID was BS back in March.
And so, I just want to be clear about something here.
Because I'm pissed.
I'm fighting mad, and so are you.
But all those people in the media
Who may or may not be raising a stink about the steel today and the mail-in ballots today.
All those people, you caused this when you went along with the COVID BS!
So if you're pissed about this steal, and you're pissed about the mail-in ballots, you better look yourself in the mirror and be pissed at yourself for falling for that BS that allowed them to do it!
And if we fall for this BS of a Biden victory that I think they're going to claim before the end of the night, then they'll pull their next BS and their next BS and their next BS until we have NOTHING!
So understand that!
This is why I get mad at cuck-servatives on TV.
This is why I get mad at conservatives who want to fit in on social media and are scared of getting banned.
We lost because of you!
You fell for the fake pandemic.
You told us to wear masks in lockdown and accept mail-in ballots.
And now here we are.
Joe Biden has 90 million votes.
So congratulations!
Now, here's Nancy Pelosi, the biggest enemy in the House of this country's ever seen, declaring Trump the enemy.
Sadly, instead of crushing the virus, it appears that the Trump administration will use its final moments in office and a desperate last step to destroy every possible protection for American health and well-being.
So many people have said to me, and perhaps some of you along the way, what damage do you think that Trump will do between losing the election and the swearing, the inauguration of Joe Biden?
Maybe you didn't phrase it quite that way, but that's how I heard it.
And we knew that he would be up to mischief.
Separate and apart from trying to destroy the credibility of our elections, which we criticize other nations for doing.
Trump is up to mischief, guys.
Trump, Trump!
Trump is up to mischief!
Biden, Biden is behind the entire time!
For weeks, Biden is behind.
The whole election, Biden is behind in Michigan, in Wisconsin, in Pennsylvania, in Georgia, and then suitcases, suitcases of ballots come pouring in, in the dark of night, and Pelosi says Trump is up to mischief!
How do we put up with this for another second?
I mean, this is a joke.
Go back to Pelosi.
So, we criticize other nations for doing, and now with all enemies, foreign and domestic, making assault on our elections.
Well, we have one domestic.
But apart from that, on the policy side, which is why we are here, people ask that question.
What will he try to do that is harmful?
And this week,
They showed their hand, we had suspicions of it, but couldn't speak publicly about it because, until they went public.
This week the Trump administration put forward a radical new rule that would make regulations from the- So there's Nancy Pelosi.
This is just unbelievable.
They're just signaling to the lowest common denominator intellectually that no, Trump is the bad guy.
He's the enemy.
And they know most Americans don't have a freaking clue what's going on.
They know most Americans aren't watching the ballots, aren't seeing the magic shift to Biden.
They just wake up, turn on their TV, wake up, open their web browser, and then whatever they see, they believe.
There's no fake news.
No one's lying to them.
They're completely clueless.
They're still in Kansas.
So, but it doesn't stop there.
Here's Nancy Pelosi declaring Biden the victor, which I predict there might do before the end of the night, because Biden now leads in Pennsylvania and Georgia magically too.
They just landed two C-130s with 500 billion ballots for Biden.
It's magic.
He set a world record.
Biden has a world record for most votes in any election ever.
It's incredible.
So here's Pelosi declaring Biden the victor.
Good morning, everyone.
I wish we weren't wearing masks so we could see.
Oh yeah, I'm sure you do, you bimbo.
You whore from hell.
Joe Biden having the tremendous mandate that he has and that pretty soon the hyphen will be gone from vice president to president-elect Joe Biden.
He's not vice president.
Happy day.
For our country.
No, it'll be civil war.
Because Joe Biden is a unifier.
Because he is determined to bring people together.
Because he respects all points of view and as he has said, Iran is a democrat, I'll govern as president for all the people whether they voted for me or not.
So I am so officially pleased with the outcome that is imminent and also personally delighted
They knew it all along, folks.
They had this deal planned the whole time.
...quality and caliber of leadership that Joe Biden will provide.
This morning it is clear that the Biden-Harris ticket will win the White House.
His election is historic, propelled by the biggest vote ever in the history of our country.
Yeah, do you believe that?
73.8 million.
A guy who didn't have anybody show up for a rally.
The most votes ever received.
A guy who didn't even have rallies.
...ticket in history.
President-elect Biden has a strong mandate to lead, and he'll have a strong Democratic House with him.
No he doesn't.
Folks, this is such a fraud.
There's so much to explain.
I'm going to go to this Keith Olbermann clip.
Play the Keith Olbermann clip.
This is Olbermann vs. Trump, and I'm not Trump.
President Karen is now yelling at the manager, demanding to see the manager's manager.
But President Karen has continued to mismanage his own coup.
He sent Rudy Giuliani out in public to argue his case.
Giuliani actually screamed, you think we're stupid?
You think we're fools?
Permitting all of us to pause and say, oh my, yes, we know you're stupid.
We know you're fools.
We're just wondering if you're wearing pants.
Bad news is I think the lame duck president is now pivoting to Trump 2024.
For months I've been predicting this.
First mentioned it here in the second of these comments on October 8th.
When it's finally over he utters this breathless sentence.
I concede and I'm running for president 2024.
The rallies start next Friday.
Following appeared over the bylines of Peter Baker and Maggie Haberman in the New York Times.
I have not seen it reported previously.
Quoting, for months as his chances of being re-elected dwindled, Mr. Trump told advisers, sometimes joking, sometimes not, that should he lose, he would promptly announce that he was running again in 2024.
Two advisers said they anticipate he will make good on that declaration if his legal challenges fail and is defeated.
A move that, if nothing else, would allow him to raise money to finance the rallies that sustain him.
Trump can still live in a version of the bubble that he and the 69 million morons who voted for him have lived in since 2015.
Inside Trump world, it's fun and exciting and there's no pandemic and nothing but white people and lots of guns and everybody will be a billionaire.
Actually, the statistics prove that it was not white people that voted for Trump.
We have not had a lot of political exiles in this country, but Trump and his people will form their own grudge-driven alt-government.
Biden's lying.
Biden's Chinese.
Biden's a robot.
You know, I'm a adult male, okay?
And, uh...
I don't like to hang around things where it's all rigged against me.
I don't like to hang around events where people like to spit on me and throw things at me.
And, you know, as an adult male, we have to make a decision.
You either fight,
And start kicking dicks in, or you just get up and leave, because I mean this is just, folks, I mean this is ridiculous.
Are we really going to sit here and take this?
I mean, I'm not mad at the President.
I love President Trump.
Alex Jones coming up, but these people need to be arrested.
We're never going to be free without it.
The globalists are trying to censor what you can see and what you can share.
Don't let them win.
Go to our emergency election newsletter at InfoWars.com forward slash newsletter.
Sign up for free and get intel they don't want you to have and then share it.
InfoWars.com forward slash newsletter.
It's time to override the censors and get the truth out.
Alright, Alex Jones is live right now.
The live stream seems to be glitching here so we're going to pull back from that.
There he is.
Economist China, Xi Jinping is celebrating that they believe that they have put Biden in power.
They have publicly stolen Pennsylvania.
They have publicly stolen Georgia.
But we're going to take it back because under law, they have broken the law!
And when John Paul Jones' ship was fighting the ship three times the size back in the Revolutionary War, they said, are you ready to surrender?
And he said, surrender?
I have only begun to fight!
We have only begun to fight.
We have only begun to fight.
We have only begun to fight.
We have only begun to fight.
We have only begun to fight.
We have only begun to fight.
Where are the Biden events?
Somebody show me a Biden event.
Anybody ever seen one?
Heard of one?
So nobody knew about globalism or the new world order.
Now globalism's in trouble.
No Biden events.
He won though.
He won in record turnout though.
So I want to just come out here and salute the people of Arizona.
Alright, we've got a choppy feed here, so we'll go ahead and pull back from that.
But again, that's Alex in Arizona.
I'm not sure what the plan is next.
I know that we have other plans here coming up in the weekend, but I mean, I just...
I want to open the phone lines.
I think Leanne McAdoo is set to come in studio.
Is she still coming in, guys?
I'm sorry, what?
Okay, so she'll be coming up.
I mean, I just... I can sit here and I can read headlines all day long.
But we haven't really taken many phone calls since the big steal, so I'm thinking I'm going to open up the phone lines.
We'll have Alex Jones popping in and out as well.
Let me give out the phone number right now.
What should we be doing right now?
Folks, they're going to declare Biden the winner.
Okay, they stole four states right in front of your eyes.
So, I mean, they're already declaring Biden the winner.
They stole Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Georgia.
And that's going to put Biden, I think, at 284-something electorally.
In fact, guys, if you want to pull up, let's actually pull up the map here before we go to break, just so that you guys know what they're going to announce probably before long.
And then, what are we going to do?
Yeah, guys, go ahead and just give Biden Arizona and Georgia there.
In Minnesota, let's just get, just get this corrected here.
So that, uh, cause this is what they're about to announce probably tonight, folks.
Is that Biden won, I think it's going to be like 284 or something, given Wisconsin and Michigan and New Mexico.
And, uh, that will be, uh, okay.
It's going to be even bigger than that.
They're going to claim he won in a landslide.
He also had New Hampshire too.
And he had one district in, uh, Nebraska.
Guys flipped Michigan there and New Hampshire, so they're gonna claim that Biden won in a landslide, folks.
I mean, this is a joke.
A guy who had no rallies, a guy who had no enthusiasm, no turnout, nothing.
And they claim he got 80 million votes?
This is the most... Faking pandemics, faking Russian collusion, faking elections.
I mean, how much longer are we putting up with this?
I mean, what are we gonna do?
Alex Jones is live in Arizona.
Massive, massive Trump crowd.
Still no Biden crowds to be found anywhere.
Let's go back to Alex Jones live in Arizona.
God wins!
God wins!
God wins!
God wins!
God wins!
God wins!
God wins!
God wins!
God wins!
God wins!
God wins!
God wins!
God wins!
God wins!
God wins!
God wins!
God wins!
God wins!
God wins!
God wins!
God wins!
God wins!
God wins!
God wins!
God wins!
God wins!
God wins!
God wins!
God wins!
God wins!
God wins!
God wins!
God wins!
God wins!
God wins!
God wins!
God wins!
God wins!
God wins!
God wins!
God wins!
God wins!
God wins!
God wins!
God wins!
God wins!
God wins!
God wins!
God wins!
God wins!
God wins!
God wins!
God wins!
God wins!
God wins!
God wins!
God wins!
God wins!
God wins!
God wins!
God wins!
God wins!
God wins!
Yeah, George Soros, burn in hell, Soros!
Burn in hell, Soros!
Soros, burn in hell!
Soros, burn in hell!
Pelosi burn in hell!
Pelosi burn in hell!
Fire Fauci!
Fire Fauci!
You guys, this started with us.
We put a call to action out, and you guys showed up.
Alright, we, they took on all of our platforms have been deactivated.
We have no more social media.
Yeah, folks, I have to air this because no one else will air it and everyone that's filming is banned.
Yeah, what are we going to do?
That's the question.
I just want to say something right now.
Whether it takes a month, whether it takes a year or a hundred years, we're never giving up, we're never backing down, we're never giving in.
Are scared of us.
All over the world.
Bolsonaro and so many others are getting elected.
Nationalism and patriotism and love of God and family and country is exploding.
The enemy is in trouble.
They have to extinguish the American system because it threatens their system.
We will defeat the authoritarians and their minions.
We are strong and we are dug in and we're never backing down.
Hey, they stole this in front of everybody.
Now Trump's going to fight it in the courts.
They did it right in front of God and country.
It's a major miscalculation.
But they are now, if they're successful, going to come after everybody.
That's what we've got to realize.
The real fight's coming.
Get ready for the fight.
And we're going to take humanity back together.
They're going to give us a 1984 system.
Well, what counters 1984?
It is 1776!
1776! 1776
Looking for the path of least resistance here, okay?
And, uh... I think we all are.
So, I mean... This is hard to talk about, but no one else is gonna do it, so I might as well do it.
And I know I'm not the only one thinking it, and they can publish their articles and claim we're calling for violence.
We're not.
I'm totally the non-aggression principle here.
I'm the least violent person.
I've never been accused of a violent crime.
I'm very tolerant, even.
I turn the other cheek.
It's, I mean, so.
But I'm gonna be honest here, folks.
They're gonna get away with this deal.
And I think that the Trump campaign and President Trump is making a big mistake.
They're not going to win this legal battle.
And even if they do, it won't matter.
There's no coming back from this.
This is like, again, this is like putting up with the fake pandemic in March and April.
Look where we are now.
Sure, we fought it then.
We had the rallies.
We showed the numbers.
We shared the science.
Here we are, folks!
Did it matter?
Did any of it matter?
Did all the cures matter?
Did the statistics matter?
The morbidity rates?
None of it matters!
We're still here!
We're still wearing stupid masks!
No one's talking about it now because we got this fake election, but oh, we're still in the pandemic!
So, I think the Trump campaign is making a big mistake.
The angle is to not go after the rigged elections.
Everybody saw it was friggin' rigged.
If you focus on that, it's a losing battle.
He needs to go after the Biden crime family.
This is a joke.
Joe Biden needs to be arrested.
This is a pathetic joke.
Joe Biden shouldn't be in jail by Inauguration Day.
He will lose this battle legally.
They're gonna come out and make a press conference tonight.
You may even have dueling press conferences tonight.
Biden may come out and have a press conference and announce he's won, and then Trump will come out and have a press conference and say, here's all the voter fraud, here's all the proof, here's it all.
We already have it!
So why are we sitting here showing each other the proof?
We already have it!
We know Biden's a damn criminal!
We know he's taking money from China!
We know his son's taking money from China, and Russia, and Romania, and Kazakhstan, and Iraq, and all of them!
And we just sit here!
And we just sit here!
So that's what I'm saying.
I mean, at some point, you either just leave the room or you start fighting.
And so, again, I'm not calling for violence.
I'm of the non-aggression principle.
Folks, they have come after our First Amendment.
They've come after everything.
And at this point, I feel the path of least resistance is to just start fighting these people.
And I don't know what that means, but it's not going to be won in the courts that are rigged against us.
It's not going to be one when you're legitimately having Joe Biden as a presidential candidate.
So I'm not trying to be pessimistic here.
I just call it as I see it.
And this is the wrong angle.
Going after the voter fraud is the wrong angle.
That's going to be so much tougher to prove in court.
And you can have all the videos, and you can play them all day long, and you can sit here with all the evidence.
We've already seen it.
We know what happened.
How are you going to prove it?
How are you going to reverse it?
What are you going to do?
Have a re-election?
Have a recount of fake votes?
How are you going to arrest the people that faked mail-in ballots?
I'm serious.
Trump should either just come out and declare, but nobody has Trump's back.
That's the problem.
All the cowards in D.C.
won't have Trump's back.
Because if he came out and made a statement about how Biden and the rest of them committed treason, and they should be tried for treason, nobody would have his back.
Everyone would go hide in a hole.
So we can't do that.
So he just puts up with the treason, and puts up with the treason, and puts up with the treason, and then they say, well, we'll have a legal battle in court over the election they just stole from you, President.
And then they'll just commit more treason.
And you and I will just sit here and suffer and be tortured and tormented with it for the rest of our lives.
There's no more going back to normal, folks.
Forget it.
Forget it.
It's over.
And again, I'm not mad at President Trump, but I just think he's got the wrong angle here.
This is not the path to victory.
This is not the path of least resistance.
You go after the Biden crime family.
You go after Nancy Pelosi, you subpoena her financial records, her dealings with her daughter, her mule.
But they'll come out, they'll have a press conference, they'll show all the proof, all the videos, all of it, all the fake mail-in ballots and everything, and then it'll get censored on Twitter and America won't see it.
And they'll just continue to move on with their giant fraud.
Hey, uh, it's like you have a block party, and one of your neighbors stayed home, and the window to their living room is, you can see through it, and he's in there just beating his wife savagely, and you're just out there eating barbecue like, hey, is that Bob over there just savagely beating his wife to a pulp in the living room?
And you're like, you know, sipping your beer like, hey, yeah, boy, I think he is.
Like, hmm, maybe we should do something about that, don't you think?
Well, I don't know.
I mean, it's his house and technically we're looking through the window.
I don't know.
Maybe we should just wait and see what happens and then maybe, maybe step in or call the police or something.
Yeah, I guess that's a good idea, isn't it?
And then you hear the glass breaks and a dead carcass comes out and the woman's lying there bloody and dead.
And you're like, oh boy!
Well, she's dead now!
Too bad, we couldn't have done something about it, oh well!
That's where we're at right now.
Alright, let's go to break with Alex and Rex Jones and then we'll come back with more and start taking your calls.
Excuse me?
It's voting.
It's not that hard.
You put in the ballot.
Like, come on.
No, you can vote for Dancing with the Stars, and that works, but not for President.
They keep asking, like, this media, like, where's the proof of fraud?
They violated the laws in Michigan, they violated the laws in Pennsylvania, in Georgia, and then they froze everything and then brought in all these extra ballots later.
Oh, nothing to see here, just someone voting seven times for Biden with mail-in ballots.
Oh, boy.
It's a roller coaster, isn't it?
Look, I'm gonna probably just shut up for a while because I'm just so livid and mad and just fed up.
I'll just say something that gets us in trouble here, but... Yeah.
Fake pandemics, fake elections.
2020's great, isn't it?
2020's just great.
Oh, and it's nice to see
Like Ben Shapiro and Dan Crenshaw saying, well, the president lost, so he lost.
So it's too bad, but he lost.
He'll just get over it.
He lost.
He lost.
Biden had more votes than any other candidate in presidential history.
That's what happened.
That's what you believe.
That's what you want me to believe.
I have not plugged yet today, ladies and gentlemen, and I'm fortunate enough to be here at InfoWars, where I still have a platform, where I still have a voice, because I've been banned everywhere else like Alex Jones, yet we still dominate, thanks to you and your support at InfoWarsStore.com.
Shopping, getting the great supplements like DNA Force Plus and bodies that are 50% off, taking advantage of the 2020 election super sale.
Free shipping store-wide.
Triple Patreon points.
That allows us to get Alex out to Arizona with a crew.
The cameramen, the editors, the security that allows me to be here in studio broadcasting to you right now.
Have the great crew here.
So, your support at InfoWarsStore.com is imperative.
And thank God we have InfoWars to be reporting all of this right now.
Because nobody else
Nobody else will go.
Nobody else will go where Infowars goes.
And you know that.
You've got the Trumps calling out the GOP for not having a spine.
Boy, who warned you about that?
You've got Fox News who will probably be the first to declare Biden the victor tonight.
Boy, I wonder who predicted that.
So, it's just getting a little annoying.
When everybody knows our reporting is accurate, and if people would just respond to it like they should, if we were Fox News, say, then we wouldn't be dealing with any of this crap.
We wouldn't be living in a fake pandemic.
You wouldn't be dealing with fake elections.
But everybody just wants to stay separated from the Dark Knight, don't they?
And they just want to pretend that they don't know about the Dark Knight and they don't know about our reports and all this stuff.
Oh no!
But then Alex Jones shows up in Arizona and he's like the number one rock star of all time.
We have Steve Pucinich on The War Room and it's the most viral interview since any of the COVID pandemic.
Or the Hunter Biden emails.
And they say they've banned and they've defeated us.
No, you didn't defeat us.
You made us more stronger.
No, you didn't win the election.
You cheated and made us more mad.
So I'm going to go to the phone lines now.
What do you think we should do?
What should Trump do?
Are you as fighting mad as I am?
Let's start with Ryan in Georgia.
He leads us off today.
Ryan, go ahead.
How's it going, Owen?
These are crazy times we live in.
But if Biden gets in, man,
I'm going on strike.
I'm not working one day in the city.
I'm not paying taxes.
And I think that's what we all need to do until they figure this thing out.
And when there's not food trucks coming in, when there's not clean water, going to the taps, man, they're going to work this stuff out real fast.
It's the strangest thing.
I'm trying to think about how to even
So, we need to have a 10 million, 20 million man march on DC.
Now here's the problem.
If Infowars tries to spearhead that movement, some of the major influencers and thought leaders in the conservative movement will immediately poo-poo it, put a stain on it, and stop it from happening.
So, it's like, we can't even really, I mean, we could organize it and have a big turnout, but it's like, if they know where the roots, if they know where the foundation, most mainstream conservative people will just poo-poo it and tell people not to go, and so then it won't have the major influence.
But it's like,
Do we kind of sit back and wait for other conservatives and thought leaders or maybe even Trump to organize this so that it doesn't have that mark of, oh, Infowars bad on the outset?
It's kind of like all the stop the steal stuff.
When people are like, hey, help promote this, help this stuff, it's like, well, first of all, I'm banned everywhere, so I can't help.
But if I start doing it, they'll start labeling it conspiracy theories and stuff.
So what we need is a 10 million, 20 million man march on D.C.
And we just need to demand treason trials, is what we need to demand.
We need to demand treason trials for Biden, we need to demand treason trials for Clinton, for Obama, for Clapper, for Comey, for Brennan.
I mean, that's what we need.
20 million man march, Washington D.C., bring your own rope, demand treason trials for these people.
Anything short of that, I really think anything short of that, we fail.
I'm not gonna lie, I really do.
Man, this is a real war, and I don't doubt that that would be effective, but we need to hit people where it hurts, man.
You know what I mean?
I agree, but Ryan, let me just counter you with something.
People have already been destroyed by the fake pandemic!
It's destroyed their lives!
People are being destroyed by all of this.
So it's already hit their pocketbook.
It's hit everything.
It's hit everyone.
It's hit every walk of life.
And they're still not getting it.
Yes, people are waking up every day, but the masses are still watching Cardi B and Stephen Colbert and porn all night.
So, I mean, I don't know, man.
I agree though.
If they put Biden in, I mean, I don't know how I go on.
I'm not going to be whining in the streets.
I'll tell you what I'm doing.
I'm not working one day in the city, man.
They're not going to get any of my energy, any of my time.
I'm not participating in the system.
And then I think that's what we all need to do.
And conservatives in general, we need to do a mass strike, a mass walkout.
We need to walk out of all our jobs, businesses, because we're going to lose everything anyway.
People already have.
You know what I mean?
Maybe we should just all move to South Dakota.
You know?
Places that are, you know, act right, are really American areas, and leave the rest to default, basically break down.
Because I tell you, man, it's already happening.
You can't get anybody out to jobs anymore?
I don't know, man.
It seems like everybody's pretty depressed right now, I'll tell you that.
But the people I've talked to, yes, they're really mad.
I'm really mad.
I mean, they just stole it right in front of your eyes!
I mean, would you let your daughter get kidnapped and tortured in front of your eyes?
I mean, this is just a joke.
We're pathetic.
I'm sorry.
It's just pathetic.
Folks, I'm not trying to sound pessimistic.
I'm just always going to call it as I see it.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
Owen Schroeder here sitting in studio for Alex.
We'll be joined by Alex before the end of the broadcast.
We're going to continue to take your phone calls.
Leanne McAtee will be in studio.
You know, I think what President Trump needs to do is start having rallies again.
I think he should go to every state they stole.
I would announce it and give people a week in advance notice.
Damn them to hell if they try to shut them down.
Just be like, hey they're shutting it down, I'm gonna show up anyway, hope to show up too.
He should just do one in each state that they stole.
Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona, North Carolina, or just all seven, Nevada, Arizona, North Carolina, should announce it a week in advance and have 100,000 people show up, and then he should lay down the gauntlet and say, where's your people, Biden?
Where are your people, Joe?
We won this election and we know it.
And I know that Infowars is controlling the narrative now.
No brag, just fact.
And so I'm trying to get people on the right thought course here.
This isn't, oh, we're still going to win, we're fighting this battle.
Trump won the election, folks.
He won in a landslide.
He won with record number of votes.
The Democrats have never stopped voting, and they're not going to stop voting until they've won Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, they stole Wisconsin and Michigan, and now they're going for Arizona and Nevada.
Because here's what they realized in 2016.
The mistake was letting Trump win.
They're not making that mistake twice, and so they're not going to stop voting in Nevada, in Arizona, in Georgia, in North Carolina, in Pennsylvania, in Michigan, in Wisconsin, until they get the result they want, and now that's what they have.
Now, again, I'm non-aggression principle.
And if I wasn't in this chair right now, I would be making personal decisions to live in a county
Like, for example, Loving County, Texas, where only 64 people voted, and 60 of them voted for Trump, and maybe there's a little lake I can go out and just live out on the water and just get away from this hell and this torment for as long as I can.
But I'm in this chair.
You're in this chair.
We're in this chair together.
So, maybe we can go run out in the woods and hide from this crap for some time, but it'll always come find us.
Having accepted that reality, when do we declare war?
When do we declare war?
You faked a pandemic, we have the numbers.
You have faked an election result, you have the numbers.
This is killing us as a country.
This is killing us intellectually.
This is killing us economically.
You spied on us illegally.
You spied on Donald Trump illegally.
You lied about crimes.
You committed so much treason.
When do we declare war on you?
They've declared war on us.
When do we declare war on them?
And every day that passes and we don't make these measurements is a day deeper into their chokehold that we get.
So Trump has been rather silent.
I think Trump needs to change his tact.
Look, he's got legal people apparently looking in at all this stuff and only time will tell.
Based on our history of winning these battles, guys, I don't like it.
Again, I just call it as I see it.
I don't like it.
Our only hope is us, guys.
That's it.
Our only hope is us.
You're your only hope.
We're our only hope.
Nobody's coming to rescue us.
There's no superheroes.
Yeah, God wins in the end, but God doesn't fight for you.
You have to fight.
God gave you the abilities.
God gave you consciousness.
God gave you a moral compass.
God gave you reasoning and logic and freedom.
Now you have to exercise that!
Or become a slave!
But I think Trump should announce he's having a rally every day next week in all the states they stole.
Hundreds of thousands of people will show up to show their support for Trump in this fake election.
And then throw down the gauntlet and challenge Biden to do the same thing.
And then what are they going to do?
Because, I mean, can we at least get out of the fake COVID at this point?
Can we at least get out of the fake COVID?
I mean, he'll at least help us get out of the fake COVID.
And then Biden will say, well, we don't want to have super spreader events.
No, that's an excuse.
Let's go back out to the phone lines.
I'm just...
It's just very distraught, you know, it's just very distraught knowing that they can do all of this to us and we just have to sit here and get tortured and shackled into all this crap.
Fake COVID, fake elections.
Toby in Virginia.
Toby, go ahead.
As I can so you can get to the next call.
Go ahead.
First, if the guys in the back could go to YouTube's Appalachian Hillbilly Resort to shed some light on COVID.
I went into this G2K Games the other day.
Man shouts at me to put a mask on.
I'm not doing it.
I've got anxiety and everything.
Anyways, when I tell him no, he comes around the counter and starts screaming at me.
I'm talking about like Alex Jones on the microphone.
He's screaming.
And he gets up within a foot to two foot of my face.
I mean, I get mad just talking about it.
You know what I'm saying?
And I mean, he's got his fist balled up.
You know, my PTSD kicks in.
I'm all ready.
I step back.
I'm like, I'm going to let you know, dude.
I'm right now, I'm in defense of my, you know, my safety.
So if you put your hands on me and then I kind of caught myself and I pull my phone out and film the rest of the encounter.
And if you show it, you'll definitely have to bleep me out because I'll lose it.
Yeah, actually there's fights.
I think it was Slovenia or something where there's lockdowns and mask orders.
Now people are fighting.
They're told to put a mask on.
They just fight law enforcement.
They just, they're like, you know, fight.
We're fighting.
I mean, this guy, I mean, when he gets up in my face, he's screaming so hard that you can see the spit coming out of the side of his mask.
Yeah, but he's worried about COVID though, Toby.
He's even on tape saying, tell me he doesn't care that I have a medical condition.
You know what I'm saying?
And that's the first thing he screams.
And if you could just maybe, you know, pull that up.
Appalachian Hillbilly Wilderness Resort.
I put it on there.
I was going to put my dogs, but whatever.
And then the second fact I want to get to now is the elections.
I'm just trying to be as quick and run down to it.
Maybe you can get back to that.
Look, all of our morals in this bag.
If Biden gets in there, there's no accountability for the rest of our days.
There will never be another Republican office, period.
It's not going to happen.
And I'm not off of the system, right wing.
I know what it is.
I'm awake.
I've been listening to y'all since I was 17 years old, and I'm 33 right now.
You know what I'm saying?
I know what's going on.
I don't want to give my kids these vaccines and everything else.
Look, it's the Million Man March like you said.
HOTEP, Jesus said it the other night.
We're griffing and being a bunch of cowards.
If this is the other way around, the Antifa would be slamming rocks and stuff through the windows, running into those offices to see those ballots counted.
And you know it.
That's a fact.
How much more are we going to take?
Because once they get in there, they're coming to our doors next.
No, that's it exactly, though.
You said it exactly.
There's no accountability.
If there's no accountability for the fake pandemic and all the destruction it caused, there's no accountability ever.
That's why I'm accountable.
I'm not to interrupt, but once they're in office, and then everybody's like, well, Biden's in all this trouble.
Well, whoop-de-doo, because then we get Kamala.
Like, that's any better?
We're screwed if we give this up.
Trump should not concede whatsoever, none.
Hey, Muskets and Bricks, like Hotep Jesus said, shout out to him, Muskets and Bricks, he's right man.
This is, I'm tired of it.
I live in a small county and I can't even go to a game store without being screamed at.
And once I started filming him, I mean, he come out from around the counter.
You get what I'm saying Owen?
Kind of, I'm digressing, but... Yeah, we got the video here.
We're playing the video.
And what's funny, then these people that run these businesses are going to, they're just going to do whatever they want.
And not realizing they only had like 10 businesses, 7 of them closed in the past 6 months.
They only got 2 left.
I couldn't even call a corporate office to complain that their employee tried to assault me because I refused to wear a mask.
And I mean, I filed a report with the civil rights thing, like if anything, you know, I mean, he can be discriminated against for being a drug addict, but the cop on tape, he tells me that he don't even know federal law.
He said he's not, he doesn't understand.
Oh man, I'm sorry, Owen.
No, this was an excellent rant, Toby.
I've got to get it out somewhere, man.
I am about, and I can't be the only one that's ready to snap, that's ready, I am ready to go in the streets and fight.
I'm just telling you, I am.
Toby, look, that's what I'm saying today.
Toby, okay.
That feels good, doesn't it?
Look, Toby, I completely hear you.
Like, I'm holding my tongue, but, I mean... Folks, what's the path of least resistance?
Going and hanging out on a lake or fighting these mothers?
Welcome back, my friends.
Alex Jones here live on this Friday Global Transmission.
History's here.
We all have a duty.
I would expect within two to three days, they're going to be attacking the White House, trying to drive Trump from office.
They're going to start plunging the stock market next week.
This is our darkest hour.
We killed 62 million babies.
We gave up on what made us great.
We became a bunch of jellyfish and idiots.
I'm not talking about our audience, but the general public.
And so the enemy made a move on us.
If you act like a sheep, if you act stupid, if you roll over on your back and piss on yourself, wolves come.
And we're like a rabbit with his leg broken out in the field squealing and squeaking.
And so again, coyotes are coming.
It's very, very sad.
We were sold through modern feminism and leftism and masculinity and the whole sheepdog phenomenon was bad.
And so now the wolves have successfully trained us to get rid of our sheepdogs.
And so we're in a lot of trouble.
But here's the good news.
And I'll always just tell you and shoot you straight.
I don't think you need me to tell you this stuff now.
It's all out in the open.
But the good news is
Their articles are on Infowars.com.
They're banned on video.
There's senators and house members saying, look, Biden is a Chinese agent.
It's on record.
It's not like with Trump where they made it up to project that.
So they can have a big normalized, you know, fight for three years about it.
So that when we accuse them of being Chinese agents, they just go, yeah, we work with China, big deal.
They are hiding that in plain view.
Psychiatrists and psychologists came up with that to inoculate us.
In the Washington Post saying, Xi Jinping runs America.
In the New York Times saying China runs America, in all the publications, so that when patriots went, hey, you're working through globalist corporations and communist China as governmental muscle to enslave us, people go, okay, big deal.
You know, Gigi Pig's crushing Trump.
That was the ultimate insane psy-op, but here's the big deal.
I've been here, I've been talking to the White House today, I've been talking to folks in the State Department, you know, they're all asking me what I think's going on.
But I asked them, what is your battle plan?
And they said, well, it's communist China with the Democrats and America's being occupied by communist China and their clients, the Democrats.
And that's what we're going with because that's the truth.
So think about the magnitude that the president is getting ready today or tomorrow, and that's why they want to drive him out of office, to address the nation from the Oval Office and say, look, we've been infiltrated by communist Chinese.
We're declassifying all this information.
They stole the election.
Their people did this.
Here's all the proof.
All the proof's there.
And then see what happens.
Because it's just insane that America can't believe something like this would happen.
Because we're America.
Well, just because we won World War II doesn't mean that we're going to continue to go on.
We got infiltrated.
We got taken over.
Here's the big issue.
Everyone is calling.
Every major site.
Every major conservative or nationalist or patriot group or the president or his sons.
They're all being totally blocked or partially blocked.
And all these sites are being suspended and blocked across the board.
If they show anomalies and fraud and corruption and governors violating federal and state law and violating court orders.
When mainline nationalist publications, just American publications, put out truthful information, they are being completely shut down.
Okay, so think about that long and hard.
And so this is our communications cut off.
They're going to then probably stage a shooting of some black people.
It'll be the next move.
And then hype up a race war.
That is the reason to drive Trump from office if he doesn't leave.
America should just come together.
We should see through all of this.
But the internet kill switch has been put in place.
And again, they wouldn't do it overnight.
People would say no.
Congress would act.
You do it incrementally, that's how authoritarians do it, until you've got full control.
But in the last phase of a takeover, it goes from slow and incremental to the last third, it's instant.
It just snaps shut like a bear trap.
So imagine it's like the petals of a flower closing slowly, like a fly trap.
If the fly doesn't notice, it kind of slowly closes and last minute, boom.
And so we're in that second now where it's going, boom.
And they think, you know, we're used to them censoring us and used to them attacking us and used to them saying they're going to steal the election.
And Biden said he's going to steal it.
He said Kamala Harris will be the president.
You're like, why is he doing that?
It's all done on purpose to rub your nose in it.
It's up to you now, America.
Your email list, your text messages, that's one of the few areas they're not totally censoring.
Send out our emails, send out our videos, our articles now.
Send out the live feeds.
America is being attacked.
America is being overthrown.
If there's a chain reaction, and we find our instincts, and we find our heart and soul again, and realize that this was all true, and that Infowars was dead on, then their whole attempt to take over will collapse, and it'll boomerang back on them very, very quickly.
If we go with Mitch McConnell,
And what Fox News is already saying, well, the Senate will be in there and, you know, Biden will be a lame duck with all the laptop stuff and the China stuff.
And no, it'll be the same old FBI, the same old Justice Department, the same old crap.
I'll see you guys inside.
Go ahead and go in.
And it'll be the same thing over and over again.
And then they're going to just keep launching culture war, economic war, new COVID lockdowns, COVID-20, COVID-22, COVID-23.
They've got it all war game.
They've got it all laid out.
This is as sure as the sun came up.
So we have to get motivated.
You have to get aggressive.
You have to go to InfoWarshore.com and get great supplements.
You already need to boost your immune system, take care of yourself.
The X2, the X3, the body's ultimate formula back in stock.
The DNA Force Plus, PQQ, the Coke you did.
You needed all the t-shirts, the books, the films.
Now the war goes third dimensional on the streets.
With information war to expose the globals.
Now we enter the season of race war and false flags.
Now we enter the season of economic warfare and depression.
Now we enter the season of lockdown too.
Now we enter the season of this whole new world order system.
So there's a battle plan.
We should be able to beat them because we have the facts.
Folks have to understand I'm not just up there saying stuff that I've been right all along because I do my research.
I live this.
It's all I do.
And so that's what we've come down to here.
You better understand we know what we're talking about.
And you better reach out to leftist other idiots and not fight with them and say, don't you know you're schmucks?
You're working for a foreign power that has millions of people in death camps in China.
And then all the big tech companies are super evil and super corrupt.
We've been super fat.
We've been super happy because we were protected for so long.
The protection's gone, folks.
The honeymoon's over.
The party's over until we get right with God and repent.
So pray to Jesus for an awakening and then get out there and take legal, lawful, political action.
Get to DC.
Surround the White House.
The commies have said they're gonna drive Trump for power.
They've been planning it for months.
This whole thing's been orchestrated.
This whole thing's been chronicled.
We know their battle plan.
Stop asking if we know their battle plan.
We have the God-dogget Death Star plans.
So, the kill switch is going in.
That's why we say it on talk radio and TV.
That's why InfoWars is an outpost still there knowing all this was coming.
So we're here, and you're here.
You're the Infowars, so spread the links to everybody.
Tell your neighbors.
Knock on every door.
Run around yelling and screaming.
Fly banners behind airplanes.
Pay stuff on your barn.
Wear t-shirts.
Pray to God.
Go to church and speak out.
Stop taking it idly.
They think you're slaves.
They think you're stupid.
They think you'll take anything.
Don't do it.
Get off your knees, humanity, and say no.
Back to Owen Schroyer and the Infowars Command Center.
More reports coming up on Soros, involved with the voting machines in Georgia.
And here's why you need to amplify this transmission, ladies and gentlemen.
We are organizing Stop the Steal.
A rally, a protest for President Trump at every state capitol tomorrow at noon.
Every state capitol.
At noon.
We need to be out loud and proud.
American flags, Trump flags, Trump hats saying we reject this steal.
Biden did not get 5 billion votes.
Trump won in a landslide and we know it.
The world knows it.
Everybody knows it.
But folks, here's the problem.
You're not going to hear about Stop the Steal.
You're not going to hear about the election theft on most outlets.
Definitely not on cable news.
So you have to tell your friends and family.
You have to document all the videos.
All the videos you're seeing of Democrats filling out ballots, blocking poll watchers, suitcases being rolled in days after the election.
You need to document all of that.
Download it.
Archive it.
Put it in a folder.
Save it forever.
Because it will be memory hold off the internet.
As sure as I'm sitting here.
When we come back, I'm going to start taking your phone calls, Leanne McAdoo in studio.
I'm going to tell you what's happening right now behind the scenes though.
President Trump wants to fight this.
He is going to fight this.
He knows it was stolen from him.
And us.
He has his advisors and administrators in the Oval Office today telling him to concede.
That's how bad it is.
Trump's own advisors are telling him to concede.
Now, you'll know which ones are telling him to fight this.
You'll know which ones are fighting for America.
And you'll know which ones aren't.
Trump wants to fight this at every level.
His advisors and people in the White House are telling him just to concede.
That's how pathetic this is.
Just give everything to Joe Biden.
A total... I mean, he's a damn child molester, for God's sakes.
We'll continue to take your phone calls on the other side, plus the videos, plus Leanne McAdoo.
But, folks, I suggest you and your friends and family get to your state capitol tomorrow at noon for the Stop the Steal Nationwide.
We have to be in the streets, peacefully, now, to show our strength in numbers and our support for Trump.
The globalists are trying to censor what you can see and what you can share.
Don't let them win.
Go to our emergency election newsletter at InfoWars.com forward slash newsletter.
Sign up for free and get intel they don't want you to have and then share it.
InfoWars.com forward slash newsletter.
It's time to override the censors and get the truth out.
All right, folks.
We are back live.
Owen Troyer is about to take over.
I'm sitting here in Phoenix in a Mexican food restaurant, just looking at these Americans that have no idea how they're being going under communist, Chinese, globalist enslavement.
It's so sad.
To see this totally unfolding right now is so massive.
I want to say what Owen said is absolutely right.
They're already telling Trump to concede.
They're going to claim 22nd Amendment, 25th Amendment.
They're going to claim he's got to leave.
And this is the big fight now.
This is when the knives are going to come out.
This is when the traitors are going to come out.
And what Owen said is absolutely paramount.
We must all go to D.C.
We must all go to the state capitol.
We must all demand that Trump fight and Trump stop the fraud.
Thank you, Alex.
Leanne McAdoo joins me now in studio.
We're going to take your phone calls.
I saw Leanne agreeing with that.
I want to get her take on that too, but let me just be clear about something because in the last week,
I've had about as much outreach to me personally from friends and family as I had probably, and this is saying a lot, for like the entire month before that.
Most of it in response to the Steve Pichinik thing, which I've already addressed, and I'll address again later on The War Room.
But, folks, you have to understand something.
Whether or not
The Department of Homeland Security and United States Postal Service, encryption, blockchain, watermark, whatever technology they put on the ballots, ends up finding voter fraud or leading to any arrests or something.
It's not going to save this country.
It's not going to save this country.
And it's not going to defeat this massive Democrat steal of the election.
It could work.
It could be something that helps stop the steal, but it's not going to be the be-all, end-all.
So I just want people to understand who keep asking me about this, and I guess because it's really just hopes that this means they can sit back and relax, I suppose.
You have to get active now.
You have to tell your friends and family what's happening now.
It is as bad as you think.
The answer is no one's coming to save you.
No watermark on a ballot is going to save you.
It may catch voter fraud.
It may help Trump stop the steal.
It's not going to save you.
It's not going to save this country.
You need to get to your state capitol tomorrow at noon.
And I think what we may have to do is just, you know what, just say,
Bullocks to the mainstream news that will probably try to squander this if we start it, but Leigh-Anne, I think we, maybe we just do it here today.
I think we have to say, you know what?
No matter what, Inauguration Day, D.C., every Trump supporter needs to be there.
Every, we need to have 10 million in D.C.
Maybe, I mean, you can't have a gun in D.C., but maybe we do it like Richmond, Virginia, and just come arm up and just say, you know what?
This is who you're about to pick a fight with.
This is your final warning.
Right, and you know when you have the Biden campaign putting out a message like, well we don't have any problem having the police escort out someone trespassing.
There's more evidence of voter fraud than there was ever for Russian collusion.
We had to endure four years of that, and they're not even going to... And think about all the investigations.
All the investigations, all the lies, all of the sources say or sources familiar with his thinking or no one came out that actually put their life on the line to back up the tall tales that led to that investigation.
And we had to endure that for years.
And now they're wanting Trump to just concede, calling him a sore loser.
When we can see the voter fraud, we can see that there was zero intensity, zero passion for Joe Biden or Kamala Harris.
And now we're supposed to believe that
Millions and millions and millions of insane Americans voted for him.
I just, I have such a...
I'm so sick to my stomach just thinking that this is what we're going to have to put up with now.
It's like that bully in the schoolyard that, you know, spits spitballs at the teacher and then the teacher turns around and blames it on you and they're like meh meh meh meh because they know they're never going to get in trouble.
They're never going to get caught.
I'm like, what sort of hell planet have we been dropped on?
And it's just such torture for us to sit here and deal with this every day.
Because folks, you have to understand, you're a human, okay?
You're still a human.
You're still a human.
So, sitting in this limbo period is not, you're gonna be, you're gonna destroy yourself psychologically.
We either have to decide, you either have to decide, you're gonna fight now, or you can go hide in the hills for another couple years with your food and your guns and your dogs before they come to kill you.
Those are your two choices.
Leanne McAdoo in the studio.
I'm Owen Schroer, sitting in for Alex Jones.
He'll be joining us again before the end of the transmission.
I'm going to address what a lot of people want me to talk about on The War Room coming up, so tune into that, 3 to 6 p.m.
We're going to take your phone calls as well.
I want to ask Leanne a question, but first, I have a message for President Trump and anybody and everybody inside the White House or that has a direct communication line with President Trump.
Please relay him this message.
It's short, it's sweet, and it's what he needs to know.
The President can fight this election theft in the courts till the cows come home.
And that's good.
And he should.
And we totally have his back and support him in that.
And I do believe that he should and would win that.
But what Donald Trump, what President Trump needs to understand is that his strongest card right now is not winning a legal battle in the courts.
It's not waiting around for Barr or any of these people to come down with justice against Obama or Comey or Clapper or any of the people that committed treason, we know that.
There's options there, there's cards there, there's percentages, there's odds.
President Trump, your strongest card right now, the greatest odds for you to be successful and for America to survive this, is for you to understand that we have your back.
We have your back.
70 million of us, minimum, have your back.
And you say the words, and we will save this country.
We will.
That's a damn guarantee.
So, I understand why you want to take your chances in the court.
I understand why you want to take your chances in the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Justice, the CIA, the FBI.
But, President Trump, your odds there for success are very low.
In fact, maybe slim to none, and I think slim is walking out the door.
But if you put your faith in us, and you tell us to get active, and you tell us to come meet you in D.C., and you point out the people that committed treason and the enemies of this country, the true enemies, forget what the mainstream media will say about you, President Trump, forget about the turncoats in the Republican Party will say about you.
We will have your back.
We will save this country.
We just need to know that's what you need.
But you say the words, we will.
And let this weekend be an example at every state capitol at noon tomorrow.
Let this weekend be an example, folks.
We have your back, President Trump.
You say the words, we'll show up 10 million, 20 million, 30 million, 40 million, 50 million strong if we have to.
And if you tell us to execute our Second Amendment right, we will.
Because that's our best bet to save this country right now.
Now, Leanne, you've been here at InfoWars for a long time.
You understand the torment it is.
I'm not complaining, but I'm very blessed to have this platform.
God put me here for a reason.
I've embraced it.
But you know
Just like everybody listening to this, to know all this corruption is happening, to see it all right in front of your face, and then to feel helpless every day, but to come out and call it out with no action in response, it's torture, it's torment, and now every American is experiencing it.
Something's got to give here Leanne.
Yeah, I mean it's like you're in an abusive relationship and you're being lied to again and again and again and you know you're being lied to and you just want that person to be straight with you and to be real with you but they are so pathological that they just can't help themselves and they have to lie to you and it's
It is true psychological torture that you have to step away from.
You have to shut off the mainstream media.
They're just lying to us.
They are filling our minds with disinfo and it is torturous, you know, when you're reporting on
Sex trafficking or you know all the pedophilia things like that that are going on and you're trying to expose this corruption this darkness this evil and then you realize how it's being protected and covered up from these high up levels I mean just the darkest sickest
Most evil things you can even imagine and it's it's just it does take a lot out of you because even with this election just brazen a steal right in your face a brazen theft and they're still just smiling and getting away with it and don't be a sore loser you know bend over and take it this is you know this is that our country now haha it's just
It's... I mean, I don't know.
It's like a scar.
It's like a scar.
If you keep ripping off the scar, it's gonna stay there.
Or the scab, excuse me.
If you keep ripping off a scab and ripping it off and ripping it off, your skin is never gonna heal, you're gonna have your scab there forever, and it's gonna turn into just hardened, calloused, disgusting scars.
That's what this is like.
It's like every day we reopen the wound.
We reopen the wound.
We never get time to heal.
We never get time to repair.
And we just sit here and we become so hardened and so calloused.
And the more, look, the more they do that, the more they're going to make people battle hardened.
And I don't want to do that, folks.
I've grown up in the greatest country on earth.
I've had a great life.
I grew up lower middle class and I still wouldn't complain a day about all the stuff that I've had to be through.
But it's like, this is the greatest country in the world.
I don't want to throw it all away.
But it's either lose everything or fight for it now.
Let's go to the phone calls.
Max in Detroit.
Michigan is one of the states that they stole in the dark of night, Max.
Are the people in Michigan up in arms about it?
Yeah, they are.
And it's great to be on the show with you.
It's been a dream of mine to talk to you guys over there at InfoWars.
So thanks for having me on.
Glad you made it in today.
Thank you.
I got a couple talking points on a piece of paper here.
I don't know if I'll be able to get through them today with you.
The first thing I want to talk about is I actually have a friend who was a Republican poll watcher in Detroit, and she can confirm that they were threatening her and they were being very confrontational to the Republican poll watchers there.
So that's not fake news there.
Yeah, we have it on video.
They have Biden-Harris masks on.
They bully people out.
They kick out the GOP poll watchers in Philadelphia.
They cheer.
They cheer!
I mean, this is the most rampant rape of our republic we've ever seen.
Yeah, it's like, it's just, you know, I'm 20 years old, this is the first presidential election I've ever voted in, and this is just disgusting.
You know, this just turns a lot of young people off of voting, you know?
And politics, which is what they want.
They want us to go back into the stupor.
They want you to go watch Netflix, they want you to go play a video game, they want you to watch porn all night.
Yeah, they want us to go watch Cuties with Joe Biden, right?
If you're so lucky, yeah.
Yeah, they want us to go sniff some hair.
But another thing I want to talk about is the Michigan GOP itself.
So I actually volunteer down here in the 12th District, which is south of Detroit, a lot of union, auto workers, blue collar area.
We were running out of Trump signs.
We were running out of pamphlets for Trump in our—we had never seen it before.
And at the 11th hour, three days before the election, we were running out of signs.
We were telling people, OK, only one or two.
We get an influx of 900 signs from the Michigan GOP.
It's like we were sabotaged from the beginning with these people.
The Trump campaign this year just seems like it's so much more unorganized than it was last year.
And I don't know if it's these deep state moles that are sneaking their way in or whatever, but Trump needs to nip this in the bud.
It's absolutely disgusting.
Let me try to get you and the audience a better understanding here of what's going on inside the GOP.
There are a very small percentage of Republicans or GOP conservatives who will actually fight for this country.
I forget who coined the phrase wartime conservatism.
I think it was Buck Sexton who said wartime conservatism.
You've got maybe 1% of Republicans that are wartime conservatives.
Most conservatives just like being involved.
They like feeling good.
You give them a badge at an event.
They like it.
They get to vote on some local issue.
It makes them feel good.
They want to fit in.
They want to fit in.
They want to take their picture with the governor.
They want to shake hands with the city council.
They want to schmooze!
That's all they want to do!
And sadly, we're learning that the hard way.
Sure, there's operatives.
Sure, there's people that are trying to sabotage.
But honestly, Max, it's mostly just pathetic people that are Republicans.
They just want a picture with Don Jr.
They just want to shake the hand of a governor.
They just want to have a little placard, a little name key.
It just makes them feel good!
They don't want to fight!
These rhino, I call them stiff, these rhino establishment stiffs that are sabotaging this election.
And the last thing I want to talk about that no one's talking about right now in Michigan is the vote disparity between John James, who's running for Senate, and the amount of votes Donald Trump got.
No, in fact, maybe I'll come back with those numbers, Max.
I think I sent you those, Daria.
I'll come back with some of the numbers.
The anomalies, Leanne, between Senate and House races and the presidential race, again, it just totally shows corruption.
Magical math.
Isn't it magic, huh?
No, I mean, look, I really believe Joe Biden got 100 million votes.
Oh, for sure.
He definitely had way more enthusiasm than Obama did.
He was record-breaking.
Didn't you see all those people packed in the six-foot circles?
I mean, he didn't have enough circles.
Yeah, I mean, there were so many distance spaced out, it went out into outer space.
It's crazy.
It could see a Biden rally from space.
Oh, wait, no, that was a Trump rally.
Is that that story?
We're live, by the way, on the Alex Jones Show, Leanne McAdoo, Owen Troy.
Is that that story where they
47 Michigan counties used the same software that was a glitch, giving 6,000 votes to Biden and the Democrats that should have gone to Trump.
And this was just in one county where they found that.
After hand-counting the votes, they found the glitch.
And so if you just add that 6,000 votes into 47 different counties that are using the same software, that's going to have the same glitch.
I mean this is, you know, we deserve to have a fair election regardless of the outcome.
If you're a Democrat, you should be completely okay with it going to the Supreme Court or figuring out just getting to the bottom of this alleged election fraud.
Even the street average Democrat knows it was stolen too.
And you should be okay with transparency because it is going, you know, we have to just keep the integrity of our elections intact.
But if you think that your guy won, that Biden won, then what's the matter?
You're just going to embarrass Trump for the second time.
You're going to make the rest of us upset again.
So, you know, you'll have a second opportunity to celebrate a win.
If it goes that way.
So, like, what's your problem with the transparency?
Let us get to the bottom of this.
Because they know they cheated.
That's what it is.
And, you know, it'd be one thing if it was, like, a Bernie Sanders victory where Bernie Sanders actually had big rallies.
I mean, he had tens of thousands of people show up for rallies.
Uh, you know, he had, you know, e-sluts on Twitter, flash tits for Bernie and stuff.
I'm sorry, dump that.
It's just, it's true.
That's what they do.
These little e-girls do little, uh, the Bernie bro dances because they know they can sell their OnlyFans account.
I mean, the point is, if it was like an actual candidate who had voter enthusiasm and you could see it, then you'd say, okay, you know what, maybe he did win this.
Biden had nothing.
Even Democrats hated Biden.
So these ridiculous, ridonkulous numbers Biden's getting, he's going to close with like 100 million votes!
I mean, how could anyone believe that?
But here's some of the discrepancies.
I don't know.
rebel on Twitter.
Biden with record low enthusiasm underperformed across many major cities compared to 2016.
But you notice these are the major cities that they didn't cheat all night.
New York City, he was down 200,000.
Chicago, he was down 250,000.
Miami, he was down 7,000.
But at 4 a.m.
in the cities Biden needed to steal, Atlanta, he jumped 75,000.
Detroit, he jumped 67,000.
Milwaukee, he jumps 28,000.
Pittsburgh, he jumps 29,000.
So, uh, and then there's other discrepancies, too.
Well, why do these jumps only happen in the middle of the night when no one's around?
Well, because no one's watching.
You're sleeping.
But I just, it just seems so coincidental.
It's like COVID.
COVID goes to bed, uh, at, you know, 6 a.m.
or whatever, and then
It only works when you're walking to and from your table.
Once you sit down, you're completely fine.
But it's also, and I don't have those other numbers in front of me, I thought this was the graph, but there's also the discrepancies where in Senate elections, Democrat turnout is normal or below normal, but record turnout for Biden.
Record turnout.
More of a turnout than President Obama, and that we could see the enthusiasm for when Obama was running.
Both times.
I mean, he had massive crowds.
He had Republicans voting for him, too.
So many people wanted Obama to win, and they voted for him twice.
Now we're supposed to believe that Biden was able to surpass the record numbers that turned out to vote for Obama?
I mean, this is absolute crap.
This is like brazen lying to my face and just telling me to accept it.
Total gaslighting.
And I remember in 2008 and 2012, I couldn't stand Obama.
I hated Obama.
I knew he was going to win.
He had huge, I mean, incumbents always have good turnout, so I knew he would win versus weak Romney.
And in 2008, I wasn't really politically, political at all, but at the University of Missouri, Obama came.
I went and actually did an anti-Obama demonstration with a couple of my friends.
And we got dominated.
Everybody loved Obama.
He had like 20,000 people.
So it was like, okay, well this guy sucks, but he's gonna win.
This is nothing like that.
Biden has nothing.
But I mean, to just try and gaslight us into accepting that Biden did better than Obama did.
I mean, there's just no way.
I mean, there's more enthusiasm to give Hunter Biden a foot job than to vote for Joe Biden.
I'm sorry.
Inappropriate humor.
All right.
Let's go back to the phone lines though.
Let's go to Carlos in Texas.
Carlos, go ahead.
Hey Owen.
How are you doing?
Love the show.
You're doing a great job.
So is Alex.
I like that Alex is out there.
Yeah, we'll be back out there tomorrow, Austin capital, the state capital here in Austin, Texas, noon.
People were asking, is it going to be noon just all over the country or noon local time?
I would say noon local time.
I don't, I'll just say noon local time.
I can't say, yeah, noon local time for sure.
Noon local time, state capital tomorrow.
Every state capital.
I look forward to seeing you guys there.
I'll probably be there with you guys.
Thing I did want to say is that this is going to go to litigation and I think, and I hope
Together with us not not letting anything fall out and people forget about Epstein.
We're not going to let people forget about the the COVID-19 hoax that if Biden wins is going to completely disappear.
But this has to be fought in the courts and we can't we can't do like the other Republicans who are who are staying quiet.
I haven't heard not too many people
You know, either in Congress or in the Senate, except for like Ted Cruz.
Right, and we addressed that.
And by the way, the Trump administration did make a statement that they're not giving up.
They know this whole thing was stolen.
But here's what Trump needs to do.
I'm telling you.
Trump needs to start having rallies next week.
He needs to have a rally.
Do the five rallies a day.
Do it all.
Have a rally in every state they stole to show how massive his support is.
Throw down the gauntlet to Joe Biden to do the same thing.
He won't be able to do it.
It just gives him more material, and then have his legal team, his team on the ground, just compile all the evidence of the total voter fraud.
The videos, the eyewitness accounts, all of it.
And then when he gets done with his rallies, then he can say, okay, what do we have?
All right, here it is.
Anything else, Carlos?
Yes, there's that part, and then there's the Steve Pchenik.
Mind you, I like Steve Pchenik, and I would hope
That what he said is valid now.
The director of the NSA did say that after we saw those shenanigans go on in 2018 and Matt and Matt Bevin not continue with his recount effort because I think... Let me just... I've only got 90 seconds so I'm going to respond to your thing on on Steve Buchenek and I hope this answers people's question.
The Steve Pachinick thing went viral and everybody globbed onto it because we're desperate for answers.
Everybody is hanging out here just dying, looking for water in the desert.
Steve Pachinick did not say anything inaccurate on the air.
In fact, probably everything he said is going to turn out to be true.
The problem is we think somehow that that one drop of water is going to satisfy our thirst or make us not dehydrated.
No, that's like a tiny little drop of water.
Yes, they watermarked the ballots.
Yes, there's cybersecurity encryption.
Yes, it's blockchain.
Maybe it'll stop some theft of this election.
Yes, is it a sting operation to catch him?
Is it going to stop the steal?
Is it going to save America?
So, everybody just in their desperate thirst for anything, for any resolution of this, is basically saying, oh my gosh, it's the be-all, end-all, thank God, oh and thank God, Steve Pachinick.
So, I mean, it's a weird thing.
Steve Pachinick didn't, I mean,
He didn't lie about anything.
He didn't BS anything.
The stories are all out there.
Washington Post covered it with the codes on the ballots.
But it's not, he never claimed this is going to save the republic, and it's like somehow people are like thinking... Oh, I can just sit back and relax now.
They're handling it for us.
Yeah, this isn't Q here.
It's time to show up.
Alright ladies and gentlemen, again, stop the steal.
Noon local time, every state capitol, tomorrow.
Leanne wanted to cheer me up.
I'm really happy, Leigh-Anne.
Our country's just being stolen and raped.
I mean, come on.
I'm a liberal.
I love this.
Evil is celebrating and dancing on the grave of America.
I'm a good lib.
Screw America.
That's how you be a good progressive dem, lib.
Can't beat them, join them, right?
The same people that think it's okay to kill a child expect us to believe voter fraud is beneath them.
Of course, you could replace so many things with what they're doing.
It's like, oh, they fake the pandemic, they fake Russian collusion, they fake us into wars.
They wouldn't steal an election?
Oh, no way.
Not these people.
They're willing to incite a civil war.
Get us fighting amongst ourselves so that we don't actually turn on them, the people who are supposedly representing us and haven't done a damn thing for the American people.
You know what I think is more sickening and depressing than the corruption that we're dealing with?
That is to be expected, right?
I think what's even sicker is when I see the Libs celebrating it.
Isn't that just, I mean it's like watching somebody vomit and then eat their own vomit.
They're like, oh we have no integrity in our elections, we're just like Venezuela, woo!
Yay, and it got my candidate in, yay!
I didn't even actually vote for him, but it says I did, so woohoo!
Oh yeah, speaking of that, I mean, these are flooding Twitter today.
And I just pulled two out because they provide evidence.
But there's claims like this flooding Twitter.
Uh, because you can go check your vote status.
This lady says, my vote says canceled.
I voted in person last night.
I don't have early voting or mail-in.
They made me use a sharpie and it bled completely through.
I'm in Arizona.
This is voter fraud.
She went to check.
She provided the documents here.
Here's her information.
Says ballot was cancelled.
Here's her ballot.
Voted for Trump.
Voted straight Republican.
So, of course!
Sharpie ballot for Trump?
Sharpie ballot for Biden?
Julia Song, who's been a guest on InfoWars before, says this also happened to her in where?
North Carolina!
She voted in person.
She goes to check out her status.
Says, nope, you didn't vote.
So that's just magic, Leigh-Anne.
I mean there were just so many instances.
It was like every battleground state was given the directive to just whatever you can, do whatever you can to just throw a wrench in it.
The machines are broke.
A pipe burst.
Only pass out Sharpies.
Don't allow people to come, you know, bolt the doors, lock the doors, board up the windows, don't let the poll watchers see.
You know, there was just so many different instances.
You were seeing them counting the votes and actually writing on them.
What was that guy writing on the ballot?
Oh, dozens of them!
Or just crumpling them up and tossing them over in the trash.
And then you see the other people around, not even
It's like they're not even going, hey buddy, you can't do that.
They're all just like, doo-doo-doo, doo-doo-doo.
Yeah, like, oh, nothing to see here, but don't let the pool watchers in.
I mean, seriously, like, if you watched...
Professional wrestling growing up, you know, and the guy would come in and they'd fight and you know There'd be three guys in the ring and one guy would have a chair smashed over his head.
He'd be bleeding out of his head He'd get smashed into you know The announcers table and then the doctors would have to come out in a stretcher and they'd put him in he's dead and they put him In the back of the ambulance and they wheel him away.
It's like oh wow and then magically
He comes out of the ambulance, he ducks free of the gurney, and he beats two men in the ring and raises the bell and he's the champion.
It's like, that's how ridiculous this is.
Oh, Biden down all night in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia, and then magically, at the buzzer, he pulls it off for the victory with the perfect amount of votes and they stop counting.
I mean, a WWE match is more believable than this.
I mean, that's, that's, you're exactly right.
Perfect analogy for how they are wanting us to just be this gullible audience and like, just get into it.
You know, we know it's all fake, but it's fun to cheer it on and just get into it.
What do you, what do you say to the people who are just kind of like giving in and saying, eh, you know what?
It doesn't really matter.
My life doesn't really change, you know, based every four years on who the president's going to be.
If Biden and Harris get in, eh, well, whatever.
Doesn't affect me that much.
These are people who cannot wait to grab on to a tyrannical power.
There are people who are going to, day one, impose a national mask mandate.
Everyone keeps saying, oh, COVID, no one's going to talk about it again after Biden gets in.
Well, why would they give up that power?
Why would they give up the power with this hoax of COVID that has enabled them to shut down the economy worldwide and force people into
You know, doing whatever it is they're told so they don't die.
I mean, it made people walk in one direction in the freaking supermarket, for goodness sakes, for months and months.
Just because, you know, they were like, hmm, maybe this will stop COVID.
You know, let's just walk in one direction and, you know, stand six feet apart.
So they're not going to give that power away and just magically let COVID disappear, especially not when double-masked Biden has promised to make all of us mask up again indefinitely.
By the way, I noticed something.
The double mask.
I noticed what it's really about.
His under mask has this weird thing that like protrudes the mask out so that it's not actually skin tight so he can actually breathe.
If you notice, there's always like an inch gap at the top of it when he double masks so that he can still breathe air.
Yeah, it's like kind of defeating the whole purpose when you're trying to keep your breath into your face.
Trying not to let the air disperse.
Joe Biden.
He's like, I believe in this so much I'm gonna wear two of them.
Two will save me from COVID!
But the truth is, he probably would die if he got COVID.
He's weak and frail.
He can barely even walk.
He has to have Jill out there with a mask telling him what to say.
He can't even think.
Yeah, I'm just...
It'll be very interesting to watch and see if indeed they're able to steal this election, you know, if indeed we have to accept a Joe Biden presidency.
It'll just be interesting to watch how long he'll stay there for.
And then what's next?
I mean, I don't want to think that too far in the future because it's kind of frightening, but
I mean, 79 days of hell.
We're in the middle of it.
They've been propping us and massaging us to get ready for Kamala Harris.
And why her?
I mean, Joe even admits it.
He's like, I'm running with Kamala.
She's gonna be present.
You think I'm kidding?
They all told him what the plan was, and they're all on board.
All of these Democratic leaders in swing states, they're all on board with the steal.
Oh, you need us to stop counting the votes indefinitely so that Trump won't be able to get the electoral votes in?
You want us to just keep on holding these out?
I mean, they're all in cahoots.
And now they've figured out all of these different ways to cheat and steal with this election.
So do you think they're not going to use those same tactics in the future or build on those steal tactics?
And of course, you know, this isn't the first election they've stolen.
I mean, let's just all be real.
Like there's this kind of thing.
The fraud has always been there, but now they've, it's so in your face, it's so brazen, and then they're going to get away with it.
I mean, there, there's no pulling back from this.
This is why people, even Democrats, we need to stand up and fight to, to protect the integrity of our elections.
Well, that's why that Philly Democrat poll worker was like, yeah, I'm a Democrat, but they're just cheating right in there.
He was on Tucker Carlson last night.
He was like, hey, look, I'm a registered Democrat.
I'm just a poll watcher.
They're in there cheating for Biden right now.
I just thought you should know.
And he was just stunned on Tucker last night.
He was just aghast.
He was just like, Tucker, I can't believe what I'm witnessing.
They're actually, this is a coup against the president.
He's a Democrat.
He's just an American.
He knows what's going on.
He probably didn't even vote for Trump.
He just knows that, oh, a coup against the president?
That's going to hurt me.
Like, I know there are a lot of lefties out there that are, cannot wait until we become like Venezuela, oh socialism and then hopefully we'll just descend right into communism.
It's gonna be great.
So I know there are some people that are okay with the fact that our elections are being run and stolen like they were in Venezuela, but there's so many, so many of us and people worldwide are watching our elections.
Oh, they're begging for us to get this corruption out of here.
Begging for us not to just sit back and take it.
They look to America for us to exercise our freedoms that they risk their lives to come here to experience.
And the crazy thing too is, because I had my friends from Brazil reaching out, they're watching this, they reach out to me for the first time in a while saying, what the hell is going on?
Like, they're even seeing the steal happening, but like they're afraid to say it.
They're like, hey, what is taking so long?
This seems a little weird.
And I'm like, yeah, they're just blatantly stealing it.
And they're like, oh, good.
Like, that's what I thought.
So I'm not crazy.
It's like everybody is seeing this.
Well, how could they count millions of votes on election day, and then they have to stop and take a little nap because everyone's tired.
And then they're counting like one vote per.
It's like they have 6,000 votes.
It takes them two days to count.
I mean, what is going on?
No, actually, I just found another ballot right here in studio, guys.
Uh oh.
Oh no.
Hey, you guys forgot to count a ballot here.
Oh look, I found another!
Guys, where did these ballots come from?
It's another Biden ballot!
It doesn't even need a signature!
Oh my gosh!
Alright, final segment here with Leanne McAdoo.
We've got your callers lined up.
I'm going to be hosting the War Room from 3 to 6 as well.
Leanne will be back in studio with me then.
We'll take more of your calls.
Alex Jones may even be joining me in the War Room later.
Stop the steal nationwide at your state capitol, noon local time.
Looking forward to being out there tomorrow in Austin, Texas and seeing a lot of you.
I want to take a lot of these calls here right now you've been holding.
Let's go to, is it Gene?
Gene in Virginia, go ahead.
What's happening, Owen?
Oh, just watching the Democrats burn our country to the ground, that's all.
I know, man.
Look, this is a fraud and everyone can see it.
Attached to reality at all.
And well, hey, Leanne, also great to see you back on the show.
But the thing is, is, you know, I just feel like he should have done more while he had more power to make sure this didn't happen.
That's my only thing.
Like, I think if the country was unified, he would have been like the best president.
But I think in the circumstances that he was put in,
He didn't go all the way.
Well, let me just defend Trump here real quick because I don't disagree with you, but here was the problem.
Trump knew it was this bad.
He says, oh, I didn't know that the swamp was this deep.
Well, okay.
Nobody knows how deep the swamp is.
It's like, how do you know how deep a lake is?
You can't see the bottom.
You got to swim down.
So, but, but here's the problem.
As soon as Trump got in, the Republicans started pandering, catering, and getting him to believe that they would fight with him and have his back.
They lied.
I mean, just look at Dan Crenshaw.
The other problem is, he put swamp people in charge of the federal bureaucracies that have sabotaged him, and he's had his advisors, like, look.
I don't like to do infighting, and this is why I like staying in Austin and staying out of D.C., because I don't want to do the D.C.
I want to wear jeans to a bar and not have people look down on me.
Like, screw you, okay?
But when you have Matt Schlapp...
As part of Trump's team to stop the steal?
I mean, give me a break.
Matt Slap censored InfoWars.
So I'm not trying to attack Matt Slap, it's just the truth.
But my point is, these conservatives that pretend like they have Trump's back do not.
They're weak.
They do not.
So it's just hilarious for me to sit up here.
I mean, look, you can go listen on August 28th, and Harrison Smith has done this too.
Alex Jones said, here's all the plans.
I mean, we literally laid all of this out for President Trump.
We told President Trump exactly what they were doing, and people like Matt Schlapper is here saying, don't listen to Infowars.
People like Sebastian Gorka are in his ear saying, don't listen to Infowars.
And that's what's so sad.
So you have conservatives sabotaging Trump because they don't want our narrative to dominate because, quite frankly, we're ten times the men these people are.
But we'll just leave that there.
And then they want to be able to turncoat on him when he loses to still pretend like they're the Republican conservative establishment that will stab us in the back three times on Sunday.
But then you have the mainstream news that has all these libtards out there cheering for their own demise, cheering for their own enslavement, cheering against Trump because of all the lies, and Trump would be the greatest president in the history of the world if people would just get behind him and understand what he's trying to do.
Sure he's not perfect, of course you're going to disagree with him, but yeah, it's the mainstream news lying about him, and then it's fake Republicans, fake patriots, fake conservatives that have Trump's ear that are stopping him from getting the real narrative.
We have no unity, and the communists, who this is,
They're so unified, I don't even think we can understand it yet.
You know?
Like, they're so unified in what they're doing.
We were just talking about that.
I don't think they're as unified as we think.
I mean, it appears that way because of Hollywood and the mainstream media echo chamber, but... They're organized.
On the streets, they don't have a clue.
The people running the show behind the scenes, I forget whether they have their little, you know, Antifa different layers of penetration.
The leaders of those groups, the organizers, I mean, they're very organized and they've kind of figured it out how to use the people, the innocent people in the crowd who are just wanting to be part of a march or something.
The mob!
Yeah, they know exactly how to use the mob to their advantage.
So, that is on the one hand, if you're, we're talking about taking it to the streets, you do have to have a little bit of concern for
How unified some of these, even though there's anarchy, they believe in total anarchy, but they're also... I, you know what, in some weird providential way, I have a feeling that they're eventually going to boomerang and not be on our side, but it'll be like the same thing, like you make strange bedfellows in Love and War.
They're going to get it that they're getting screwed by the establishment.
I mean, they don't like the Democrat Party.
Well, they say that they're not for either candidate.
They hate Biden.
They hate the United States and what it stands for.
The communists in Austin tagged buildings anti-Biden stuff on it.
And so it'll be interesting to see if they do indeed follow through with the looting and the rioting that was planned and the destruction to take down the U.S.
By the way, you did have Antifa people arrested in Portland who were planning violence and terror attacks the night of the election.
They got caught with guns and stuff.
I mean, I don't know.
They've already destroyed Portland.
I don't know why they just burned their own communist stronghold to the ground.
I guess that's the irony of a dumbass commie.
Gene, thank you for the call.
I gotta jump.
Let's go to Peter in Washington.
Peter, go ahead.
Hi, Owen.
The key is we can put pressure on Republicans only.
Republicans control both the entire legislature and executive and governor's office in Georgia and Arizona.
In Michigan and Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, they control the legislature, both chambers.
The House has to ratify the electors.
The Senate has to accept the electors.
Robert Barnes said
When it comes down to it, the Senate gets to vote and then the House gets to vote, but it's by state delegation.
It's not by individual member of the House.
So Republicans have a majority in both the House of Representatives and the Senate for in terms of approval of the electors.
Every American should put pressure on their elected Republicans to do something about this fraud.
And they have the ability to do it in the key states involved.
Call, email, go to your local representation, your state representation, go to their websites, get their emails, get their phone numbers, leave them messages, leave them emails.
They can't sit this one out.
The thing is, whatever political capital you think you have of the Republican Party, it expires forever on January 20th.
After the inauguration, we're headed into Venezuela territory, and if you think you're going to enjoy your status within the Republican Party, you're dreaming.
Ask a California Republican what it means to have power within the California Republican Party.
It's going to be the same thing in the United States as a whole.
Mitch McConnell better realize that.
Yeah, he's been relatively silent throughout all this, so has Lindsey Graham.
He did have time to do a Fox News hit last night, and he somehow has half a million dollars to donate to the Election Defense Fund.
Where did you get that money, Lindsey?
But, um, it is so frustrating, Leanna, because I don't want to come on here and name names and say, look at this, don't trust this guy, don't trust this guy, this guy will sell you out.
But, I mean, at what point did we just start telling, I mean,
Well, I mean, do they not think that they're going to have these same tactics used against them?
You know, the Republican hopeful for 2024, do they not think that they're going to have to be dealing with the same type of election fraud?
They've totally thrown him under the bus time and time again.
So how can he trust them to really get to the bottom of this this time around?
And I agree with you on that.
It's, it's just almost like we're, we're stuck.
And just be on the lookout for anybody, any commentator who's talking down at you.
Because you won't accept the results of this election if Biden won, or if they come out and they say, just Biden won, just accept it, just know who they are.
Just know who they are, and know who they're pandering to.
Let me try to squeeze one more in here.
Mark in New Jersey.
Mark, go ahead.
Hey, what's going on, man?
How you guys doing today?
Good, thank you.
So, uh, yeah, so Jersey's like a fucking hella blue state, and it's like... Dump that.
...kind of frustrating when I just, like, walk around, even with a dog, early in the morning.
Like, you just see a whole bunch of, like,
Kami shit.
It's really crazy.
Alright, I gotta drop you, Mark.
That's too cussing.
I'm sorry.
We're on Terrestrial Radio.
Dion in Ohio.
Go ahead.
Keep it clean.
Do we have Dion?
John in Ohio.
Oh, John.
Sorry, John.
Go ahead.
I'm a long-time listener.
I've been listening for about 10 years now, since I was about 17 years old.
I'm glad Alex is down here in Arizona and doing something about this.
And I'm glad you guys are organizing protests for everything statewide, because I got on the website last night, stopped the steel, and there was nothing for Ohio.
Because, you know, there's tons of people here who are sick and tired of this, man.
And they're ready to stand up and do what they gotta do.
Yeah, so we just have to continue to flex our muscle in the streets and show our strength in numbers in the streets.
And I'm telling you, President Trump, you should seriously have a rally.
You should have a rally in all the states they stole from you next week.
I'd announce it today.
You'll have hundreds of thousands of people show up, throw the gauntlet down to Biden and say, you know what, who knows what happened in the election.
Let's see your supporters, Biden.
My supporters are out here.
They're waving flags.
Where are yours, Joe?
And of course, there will be none.
And then they'll have to say, well, the pandemic, the pandemic.
Gotta stay home.
Nobody's buying that anymore.
The pandemic died overnight.
You know what, I'm so glad that this song is playing right now because I meant to come in and tell the crew I want nothing but Outlaw Country coming in.
It's like my only solace right now is just like some Hank Jr., some Waylon Jennings.
Because this is what, I mean, we're going to have to turn into Outlaw Country here.
That's, I mean, Outlaw Country is the only option we got at this point.
But you know what, I want to go off the air of the Alex Jones Show today with a smile and a laugh and something that'll make your spirits a little brighter and
We're about to have the fourth hour hosted by Dr. Nick Begich.
So he's coming up shortly.
He's ready to go.
And then I'll be hosting the War Room 3 to 6 p.m.
Yes, there he is right there.
So if you want to hear more from my diabolical ranting, you know, diatribes, you can tune in from 3 to 6 p.m.
Leanne will be back with me.
I want you to see this.
This will brighten your spirits a little bit today, okay?
I hope so.
I need it.
And everybody wants this moment.
I've been fortunate enough to have a few of these moments.
I didn't quite approach the moment like this individual did, but you know, when you see a scumbag politician, you gotta say something.
You gotta film it.
This guy understood it.
He was, well, spoken like a true New Yorker.
Bill de Blasio was run into on the streets by a true New Yorker.
I'd like to shake this man's hand and buy him whiskey, but check this out.
It's censored for the radio, but this is Everybody Wishes They Could Do This.
How you doing?
Not good, you rat scumbag.
You're in the wrong city, you scumbag.
Oh, take your mask off, you scumbag.
The Blasio, you're a rag.
All right.
We can work on our, you know... It doesn't quite have the gravity with the sensors, but let me just tell you, de Blasio got the earful.
And this is what we need to start doing to all of them.
They need to not feel so safe and comfortable walking these streets.
Whose streets?
Let me just paraphrase.
De Blasio walks up in his stupid little face diaper and the guy standing there filming and just goes, how are you doing?
And the guy goes, not effing good you effing P.O.S.
mother effer dirtbag scumbag lying politician piece of filth you scumbag no good piece of garbage rat bum communist piece of trash.
That's the family friendly version.
But I mean, see, but that's what I love.
I remember going to New York, when I would go to New York as a kid, like, New Yorkers talk like that.
Like, I like that.
Like, give it to me straight.
It's like, hey, how you doing?
I'm not good, you piece of crap!
You rat bastard.
Get out of this city.
Hey, let's squeeze in one more phone call here.
Alex in Florida.
Go ahead, Alex.
Hey, Owen, what's going on?
Leanne, how you doing?
Doing alright.
It's good as we can.
Well, hey, excuse my enthusiasm.
I've just been really happy and excited to be on the line waiting.
Owen, we love you.
Tampa Bay, Florida, just know you got mad love.
Leanne, my aunt, loved you, especially back in 2015 and 16 when you were really prevalent on InfoWars.
Yeah, Leanne, just, you're kind of in Tampa Bay.
You're in the Tampa Bay area.
I know I need to get down there and I need to get out on the boats with you guys.
We'll go gator hunting and everything.
Well, you know, I've been on hold for so long that you guys have already touched on a lot of my ideas.
You know, I was just going to recommend that we need to go and, by the tens of millions, very similarly to what we did in Virginia, go out to the most important places and mobilize and let them know, like, hey, we're here.
You want to try us?
It's fine, but we're here.
We're not going away.
We're not going to roll over.
We're not going to take this lying down.
I think that's what it is.
There needs to be one more Richmond, Virginia moment where it's...
Whatever the number is, but, you know, we're armed to the teeth, and it's just one last warning.
It's just like, look, this is what you're facing, okay?
And I got news for you!
The police are gonna stand down!
The military's not gonna fight the American people!
Who do you think is gonna have your back?
Well, I think they think they're going to be like, well, we're going to send out Antifa.
You just watch, you patriots.
And then Antifa is going to be like, uh, no, you guys, we don't actually care about you.
We just siphoned off the money that you were paying us to rabble rouse around the country.
But actually, screw you.
We'd like to see you get taken out.
And we saw what happened when they walked into the wrong neighborhood.
So it's only a matter of time before they all realize.
But something else, too, I wanted to touch on to kind of lift up the spirits, I think.
The funniest irony.
All right, so we hired a young man.
He has Down syndrome, who got furloughed during the lockdown.
And it was the funniest thing.
He came up to me the other day.
He's like, hey, Alex, did you watch the debate?
And I was like, oh, no, here we go.
He was like, I love Donald Trump.
He destroyed Joe Biden.
And everybody, all the leftists, all the little teeny weenies in my story, they got so uncomfortable.
The globalists are trying to censor what you can see and what you can share.
Don't let them win.
Go to our emergency election newsletter at InfoWars.com forward slash newsletter.
Sign up for free and get intel they don't want you to have and then share it.
InfoWars.com forward slash newsletter.
It's time to override the censors and get the truth out.
And welcome back this Friday afternoon in the election aftermath at the very least.
What a week!
Busy week here in Alaska for me beyond the elections that were going on and we still won't have our results here until at least the 10th of November and maybe the 18th.
We're probably the slowest in fact I believe we are the slowest to report because we still use paper ballots and ink them up.
So, counting is still going on here.
Clearly, the delegate votes are headed for Trump.
There's three in Alaska, not too many, but every vote will count this year as we're seeing play out.
The previous broadcast last several days have been dealing with the election results, so I'm going to deal with a few other aspects of the cycle and what we're dealing with here.
You know, we've been in a war, and it's been an information war, for 25 years plus.
And I want to make it really clear that this wasn't just our war.
It was also called unrestricted warfare.
Now, this book, which I've been reading this week,
This was written by two colonels in the Chinese army, and it's on the nature of war in the 21st century.
And what's interesting about this book is it was written in 1999.
And our book, Earth, Rise and Revolution, written in 1999 and published in 2000, we're quoting the same sources.
And they get into all these really interesting aspects of warfare that we're seeing play out even right now.
Because the Chinese approach to warfare is way, way different.
Behind me on this rack of books is three feet of literature dealing with China alone, all right?
And this is going back for ancient literature in terms of Chinese philosophy into the modern frame of warfare, okay?
And why is unrestricted warfare the nature of warfare in the 21st century?
Because the reliance on technological weaponry
To fight the battles that we've leaned into so heavily negate the quiet, the subtle warfare that's been going on forever.
And it's about information.
It's about the hearts and minds of human souls.
You see, because this is what it is all about.
It's a propaganda war.
It's an information war first and everything else second.
Or third?
Or fourth?
Or fifth?
Way down the chain.
Because if you control the operators, the human beings, then you win the war.
There is no war to be fought.
If you control the leadership, you take the country.
Classical organizing.
I've talked about it in the last few weeks.
This is what is happening right now.
It's because when you're outgunned and outmanned in a direct warfare combat, you approach combat way differently.
And the Chinese philosophy on combat is to never shoot the first bullet, never even shoot a bullet if you can help it.
To win the war subtly, through spycraft, through infiltration, through deceit, through manipulation of every kind and any kind.
Because unrestricted war is what it says.
No rules.
Let me say that again.
No rule, you see, because a lot of the specter of warfare now is about little bits of data flowing, electrons flowing through wires all over the world, wirelessly broadcast happening, things happening.
But all of this is about information, right?
If you go back deep enough, back far enough, where do you control the heart of a population, the mind of a population?
It's through their medium.
Who owns so much of our medium now?
How much of it is owned by China in terms of the entertainment industry?
An entertainment industry is not entertaining.
It's pre-positioning ideas in the consciousness of men and women in a manner which is unrestricted, uncontrolled, and after all, it's not political, it's only entertainment.
Well, it isn't.
Every breath you take
Every bit of data sent your way has an intention behind it.
Okay, and this intention is shaping the direction of too much of the public debate.
And what's being ignored is this conflict between the United States and Russia, as portrayed by the Democrats, or the conflict between the United States and China, as reflected by many conservatives.
So what is really going on here?
First of all, let me talk about Russia in the context of how I see the world.
I don't think Russia wants a fight with the United States.
I really don't.
What they want is to be able to develop within their sphere of traditional influence an economic base that is so powerful that it overwhelms the world.
Okay, and they're doing it, okay?
If you don't pay attention to where real wealth is, you better look at Russia.
Tsarist Russia and the direction of Russian thinking at that time, over a hundred years ago, was about a new Roman Empire.
A new empire, you see, and if you look at where they sit on the map and how much of the world landmass they control, and then you look across at Alaska, what they used to have,
And they used to actually have the West Coast, because they were the first discoverers.
You know, they had established forts as far as California and Oregon.
People don't remember that.
But they didn't have the military might to defend the territory, and they thought they were going to lose it.
The British thought they were going to lose it, too.
And the dialogue between the parties was, try and get the Americas not to take it all.
Because we would have, most likely.
And the Treaty of Secession for Alaska was 1867, just after the Civil War ended.
And the British were concerned about what was going on in the United States.
Obviously, they looked at Canada as a big resource base that they still controlled, one of their colonies, British Columbia, and the other holdings within the Americas.
You know, what we're fighting about today is the same thing that was being fought over hundreds of years ago.
It's the wealth of nations.
Ladies and gentlemen, that's in play.
Wherever you're hearing this broadcast in the world, it's the wealth of your nation that is in play.
Now, think about Russia, okay?
Putin's not going to be there forever.
And whether we agree that it's a democratic process or something else, I'm not going to weigh in on that.
That's up to the Russian people to weigh in on and decide.
And at this point, I would say the country continues to prosper, continues to develop as a democracy, and it will take time.
And it's not going to happen overnight.
You got 70 years, almost a century to unravel.
And that's just being done.
You know, it's been over 100 years plus since the Russian Revolution that brought the communists in.
And then you look at what's happening in the United States under different words and different phrases and a different narrative.
It's a narrative of the 1930s.
It's the narrative of the early 1900s in Russia.
It's a communist narrative.
Socialist narrative being played out in the United States even today with a new set of words to make it feel good.
Words hide the deception.
If you're deceived, you don't know it.
That's one of the tricks of deception.
I heard Owen say in the last hour that we got to be careful because we're about to become slaves.
I agree with that, except I would say it even stronger.
I'd say we already lost that one.
We lost it with the 13th Amendment.
We lost it when income taxes was made legal and when involuntary servitude to your government was made legal.
You see, we were made slaves then.
Because the income tax, when it started, wasn't going to affect any of us that are talking right now.
The average soul wasn't affected.
You had to make over $25,000 a year in 1913.
Now, I got to put that in a little bit of perspective.
Multiply that by a hundred times for today's current valuation, just looking at gold value as a standard, okay?
A hundred times more.
Not a quarter of a million.
2.5 million is where in today's dollar the income tax would have stopped.
Would most Americans agreed on that?
Well, we're about to see because that's what's being proposed again, you see, is that tax, that wealth tax.
It's another layer laid on
To everyone, ultimately, if you stop and think about it, because we're not asking.
The first question is, why do we have an income tax on our labor?
Why are we enslaved to our government through our labor?
We've already done that.
We need to re-examine the whole foundation, and this election has stirred it up.
We're going to be right back.
This is Dr. Nick Begich, and you're listening to the InfoWars.
Welcome back to this hour of InfoWars.
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You know, get back into the subject of today.
You know, I was talking a little bit before the break about Russia and where I kind of see them.
And as a matter of disclosure, I do make my living to a certain extent from things I export that do end up in Russia, Ukraine, Eastern Europe, all over Europe, in fact, in 100 countries around the world.
But this is what I know.
I've had the opportunity to meet thousands of average Russian people, Ukrainians, Georgians, lots of different people.
And this is what I know.
They're really just like you and me.
They're living souls, just like you and me, with the same aspirations, the same hopes, dreams for our children.
But what we have around the world in a lot of places, like China, is leadership that does not reflect the soul of a nation necessarily.
You know, think about Chinese population in terms of mindset.
You know, they were the dominant force in the world for millennia.
You know, only the last few hundred years did they lose their position.
But when you think about what's happening now, the opportunity presented by the chaos in the United States, and this is what I have warned about, and I'm suggesting again, we need to be eyes all open, okay?
Because the opportunity to push a country around is in these times.
The Chinese, who get it,
Have been waiting for this opportunity and then they helped create it with the pandemic and with the manipulation of the United Nations.
And talk about the United Nations for just a moment.
Because increasingly we hear more and more about the power of the United Nations.
And in my view as an American.
They can be an advisory group, but they have no right to legislate a thing that affects me because nobody elected anyone in the UN.
And this is a basic principle in the United States from the very founding of our foundation was that you voted.
That government, people that took action on our behalf required our consent as a fundamental basic human aspect of life on this planet.
The consent of the governed.
No one gave consent to the United Nations.
No one gave consent.
To a lot of institutions that call themselves governments around the world.
But it is up to the sovereign people of those nations to rise up and be heard within their boundaries.
Within this country, we still have a U.S.
Supreme Court.
And that U.S.
Supreme Court is going to rule on everything we see happening in our nation right now.
And this is why we have three branches of government.
Because when the legislative and the executive get in a fight like they're in right now, we have an opportunity to see that fight resolved.
By the U.S.
Supreme Court.
And I think we need to give confidence to the Supreme Court at the moment.
We don't need to change the number of the Supreme Court justices.
This is another slide by the Democrats to corrupt the last branch of government, the third branch of government.
Corrupt that one too.
You know, we saw what happened to Donald Trump with so many of his insiders that weren't loyal to him.
That we're there to disrupt and create chaos within his administration.
And he found most of them and chased them out during the course of it.
But he didn't have a full chance.
We still have four more years.
I don't think this is settled yet.
People need to remain calm right now.
We need to be supporting the inquiries.
We need to get to the bottom.
We need to protect whistleblowers.
We need to call forward those whistleblowers, make sure they're protected.
Because we need the truth and the integrity of this election more so than any time in our history.
This is a turning point, not just for this nation, but for the world.
And we can either accept the turning point and turn the wrong direction, or we can turn it around and begin to reclaim this democracy, this republic, and begin to be the light in the world through our example, not through our imposition of our ideas.
Our ideas stand on their own.
The ideas of what human beings are stands on its own and needs nothing to support who we are and what we are as living souls.
That is what we are.
There's nothing to defend in that.
But there is something to project through that, through our living experience on this.
And we can decide as individuals to capitulate, to lay down and die.
That's always our choice.
Or we can say, no, we're going to stand up.
We're going to recognize who we are.
We're going to begin to act on what we believe is right and true.
And we're going to do it in a responsible way, in a way that changes the world, that helps change the opinion.
But let's get behind the litigations that are going to happen.
Let's make sure that it makes it through the process.
Let's get all those votes counted that are legitimate.
And let's figure out where the fraud is.
And let's get some people arrested this time, for God's sake.
How much of this hijacking goes unnoticed?
None of it.
How many are in jail?
The wrong ones, ladies and gentlemen.
We need to reclaim the ground that we have not lost yet.
We need to hold the ground that we have, get the votes in, get the challenges completed, and then inaugurate our next president, Donald Trump.
Let's wait and see.
Just stay calm.
That's the big message today.
Who's our real adversary in this?
It's China.
Think about it.
All these lockdowns started with the Chinese virus.
Yes, the Chinese virus.
And if you don't think they took advantage of that, read the book.
This is their book.
This is their philosophy.
This is their way of winning the war.
This was a grand opportunity to completely crush the West's economy without firing a shot.
How successful have they been?
Look around you.
Half the small businesses in this country have been crushed as if we'd just been invaded and bombed into oblivion.
And not a shot was fired.
Think about the change in our political composition of the country.
You know, this isn't some big landslide.
It's a hijack that's being projected and supported by those that have much bigger interest.
And keep the peripheral vision open.
Start looking around, seeing what else is going on in the world, because opportunity for bad actors has presented itself again.
Now, think back on the 15 day, the two week
Lockdown has turned into a 10-year sentence for every American.
What the hell is going on?
And why are we accepting this as our new normal?
No, our new normal is to come back into who we are, begin to assert what we are in the world, be able to accept some risks relative to our health, because you got bigger risk of dying of medical malpractice than most of the things that people are worrying about.
You have a greater risk
of getting struck by lightning than some of the things that they're talking about.
So, let's stay calm.
Let's remember who we are as living souls and the power that we have when we link together, recognize what we are, and begin to push and combine that emotion, that intellect, into action that we know is right and true.
This is Dr. Nick Begich.
We're on the InfoWars and you're in this war because you are the tip of the spear.
We'll be right back after these messages.
It's always good to be here on the Friday afternoons.
You know, it's still just a little bit before noon here in my part of the world, but
You know, when I think about sort of the wrap-up of each week, you know, and try to bring some things into perspective and try and pick the points that are, not try to repeat everything that's been done all week long with all of the other hosts, but try and isolate some angles that maybe we haven't considered, but also to talk about the spiritual dimension and to remember who we are, because oftentimes it's these times when fear rises in us.
And this is what we have to guard against.
Fear not.
You know, the angel always says, as soon as they arrive, because this is what shuts down our higher capacities, our created capacities.
If we fall into the flesh in those moments of fear, we're lost.
And that's what it really represents, is loss.
In every respect, the dignity of who we are is lost in fear, you see.
Because this idea of coming in and recognizing, you know, that we're walking on the water in the midst of the storm and we're standing in the quiet spot, the center of it.
If we can hold our center, and this is metaphorical as well, you know, it's like a saying, hold your center, stay in the center.
We're in the center of the storm.
This has always been the storm.
And every once in a while we get grabbed and pulled into the mix and thrown around a bit.
But we need to find our calm in the middle of that storm.
We need to find our focus in the middle of that storm.
We need to combine our intellect with our heart and our intention and then begin to project deliberately in the middle of that storm.
And then the storm calms.
And the seas are parted in front of us because that's the way in which this battle will be won.
It'll be won on the platform of values.
It'll be run on the platform of knowing.
That the greatest power of all is the one that decides.
And we're just the players on the board to a certain extent, but we still have our free will.
We still have the essence of what we were created to do and to be, if we can just remember long enough to press back into the world in a different way.
You know, when I think about the world events, you know, what happens when you suppress a population for a long time is eventually
They stopped accepting that as a standard.
We saw it happen in Russia in the 90s, as the whole thing fell apart.
Spontaneously, all through Eastern Europe fell apart and changed.
And it changed because of the hearts and minds of people came into a new place and decided to assert themselves a little bit differently.
And if you remember, very few shots were ever fired.
It was calm.
It was done even in the calm of the battle, as we saw it reshape.
But the battle lines that are drawn today are ideological battle lines that didn't change with the so-called end of a Cold War.
In fact, they continued on.
And what happened is we got sucked in by the New World Order with Henry Kissinger, Brzezinski, during the Nixon administration opening the gate to China, so we could pour with a fire hose all that we had developed for 200 years in technology, just hand it off where they could just steal it.
And we talk about intellectual property rights being protected.
We've heard all this crap from the last administration, the Obama administration.
And as a person who's been a victim of intellectual theft in the United States, I can tell you the federal government does nothing.
It's up to you to fight it in civil court.
They don't enforce the laws, the criminality of it.
No, no, no, that's selectively done for those that have power.
I guarantee you they stand behind the rights of Bill Gates.
And other people that own intellectual property.
But it is not a fair play platform.
It's a platform designed for the rich, the powerful, and those that would dominate the rest of the world.
And I don't say this loosely.
I've been there.
I've seen that.
I've been all over the world.
I've met presidents, vice presidents, congressmen, senators, hundreds of them in my lifetime.
And this is what I know.
They all have deep
A lot of them are just props shoved in because they have good mouthpiece and they'll say whatever they're told.
A lot of them were put there deliberately because they blackmailed them all the way to the top.
They've extorted all the way to the top because a lot of these people are corrupted.
What we need now more than ever are whistleblowers and whistleblower mechanisms to protect them so people can come forward.
And I'm not saying disclose the national secrets.
I'm saying disclose the national sins.
Those things violate the essence of who we are as Americans.
We need transparency at a level that we've never seen before.
We need the truth of what's going on in our government, what's been hidden from us for decades.
We need to break down the walls of secrecy.
That have corrupted this country.
Let me talk about that.
You know, in the 70s, when we went through all this stuff the last time, during the Nixon administration, and we got the Freedom of Information Act, and everybody thought how wonderful this was.
It's the biggest fraud on America.
Because it didn't bring accountability only within government organizations.
Private contractors are excluded.
And in case you haven't watched the narrative in the last 50 years,
It shoved it all out the door.
Anything viable, anything important for us to know about is now subcontracted, not sub Freedom of Information Act.
And we need to extend and modify the Freedom of Information Act to extend every government contractor so that we have full transparency that we can get in and find out what's going on.
This has gone on too long.
Looking for ways to skirt the law instead of honor the law is what's wrong with our leadership.
At the bureaucratic level.
It's not about meeting the requirements of the laws.
How do we side step?
How do we sneak around?
The American public are sick and tired of being snuck around and pigeonholed and pushed around.
We're tired of it.
It happens all over the world.
All different ways.
And we're seeing what's happening right now.
As people are sitting at the edge of uncertainty.
Let's stay calm.
Let's let it play a little further.
And then let's see what we have to do.
And you'll know, you'll know in your heart, you'll know in your head, the two will come together and you'll see clearly what you need to do and we'll do it.
But thinking about the future for our children, how about better yet for our great-great-grandchildren that none of us know?
Can we visualize a future for them that's better?
That's built on a sense of values, a sense of strength, a sense of what we are.
Can we reinvigorate
Those value statements and bring us together as Americans, even if we're really different culturally, if we're really different in terms of our religious thinking, can we not hold some values together in common?
And I believe we can.
I see it in my own family play out every holiday season and a lot of times in the middle because we're all over the map politically.
And the important piece of it is it's a dialogue.
What we see happening right now is a manipulation by the left on steroids.
When we get back in the next segment, I'm going to get into China and Russia and all of it.
But I want to talk about privacy within the context of what I see as a digital gulag.
And here's how I see it.
And I mentioned in the last segment, I was talking about the income tax and what that started as and what that became.
And, you know, the income tax started in today's dollars at about two and a half million in income.
Everybody making less wouldn't be paying any if they just kept the standard.
And the top payers making a hell of a lot more, their top rate was 6%.
Today, I can tell you, they take about 30% from me.
So 30% of my life, I'm enslaved to the federal government.
Now, I don't pay a lot of bank interest, so I'm not enslaved to them.
But most Americans pay about a third of their income to banks in the form of interest.
So you're a slave to the bankers and you're a slave to the federal government and your state government.
They have an income tax.
We don't in Alaska.
But the point of the matter is, they control for most people, as much as upper middle class, middle class people,
They're controlling as much as 60% of our productive wealth coming out of our living souls they take claim to either at interest or they grab it for some other puff money for somebody else's national wet dream that isn't ours.
And then we let the gates of the world operate nonprofits not contribute a penny to this and tie up billions and billions of dollars to tell us how to live.
And no accountability whatsoever and we're subsidizing every breath they take because they don't pay to play.
And we all do.
This is Dr. Nick Begich.
We're the tip of the spear and you're on it and you're in it with us.
We'll be right back after these brief messages.
So good to be here.
It's always good to be here, even in these chaotic times around the world, as we're watching the election results unfold and the drama continues.
I was, before the break, I was talking about the digital gulag, as I call it, you know, and kind of what we've allowed to be constructed all around us, because we're in it, you know, whether we know it or not.
And in this election cycle, we saw information utilized
We're good to go.
Open up your eyes because we need to broaden the perspective.
You need to know what your adversary is thinking.
Obviously, you need to know what your allies are thinking.
But more importantly, you need to know what the heart of God is thinking and begin to act that way.
Because what we're seeing in the hearts of men is a lot of fear driving too many decisions.
And they're not the kind of decisions that we're going to appreciate down the road.
It cannot be driven by fear.
It has to be driven by something deeper.
Something greater, something more powerful, something that represents the essence of what God is, and that's love.
This is a real different equation, ladies and gentlemen, and how do we manifest that in the world?
Each of us has to find our path, have to find our way, have to find the center of our soul to project that, because in that is the power of change.
And it's the change that we need to see.
Because what's happening right now is a degradation of what we are.
It's the stripping of us of our humanity, and that is not what should happen.
The opposite should happen.
But when you take, take, take, take, take, and begin to wrap each person in a bubble of information, that entraps them.
You see?
Because what the goal is here is not to know every transaction on the internet,
Not to know about all the data in your house.
It's ultimately to control all the data in your head.
Now think about this for a moment.
There was a video produced by PBS almost 20 years ago.
And it's called the World Wide Mind.
I used to carry it on my website.
I don't anymore.
But you ought to go look it up.
The World Wide Mind.
And what they said is the shift that was happening that would come would be like the Internet only instead of
All of us being hooked up by computers, we'd be linked up mentally through our heads.
Now think about what some of these morons are projecting for the world, this merging of electronics in our heads, you see, because then we can see the internet live right in our brains in real time.
This change
And the way we see it is really what it's about.
Because we already are linked.
It's the essence of what we actually are.
It's consciousness itself.
It's the essence of God that's in each of us.
Whether we know it or not, whether we can awaken it or not, whether we can see it or not, it's there.
And this already links us.
It's what the New World Order fears the most, is empowered human souls.
Because it only takes one.
And there are millions rising into the strength of who they are, remembering what we are and where we're headed and what we're doing.
And it's not going to be the guy leading the parade.
It's going to be the cab driver.
It's going to be the truck driver.
It's going to be the clerk in the grocery store.
You see, because we're all created equal in that sense, at our core, we all have as great a potential as any other living soul on this planet.
And more so if we link our mind to the mind of God.
And it already is.
It already is.
The separation is our own.
It's our own choices.
It's how we evaluate the world and what we choose to do with it.
That's what either separates us from God or brings us into unity with God.
Pick it, ladies and gentlemen.
Pursue the truth.
Seek the face of God and he'll show himself to you.
I know that to be the truth.
And I know there's those listening right now that are saying, oh, but you didn't mention Jesus.
OK, I'll mention Jesus for you.
But I want to appeal to all of us that know what that means.
To understand the mystery of that message.
That not only were we forgiven, not only can we forgive others, but most importantly, we need to forgive ourselves.
We need to fall into the forgiveness that we've claimed.
And release it now in this moment right now as we're hearing this broadcast and accept that forgiveness and then find the power in it.
Find the moment of it.
Find the freedom in it as you think about what the power of the universe is and that it flows through each of us if we will just get a little bit out of the way.
See, it's our flesh that gets in the way, our materialistic part of us, the fleshy nature of our bodies, you see, because this body wants to live.
It drives the ego.
It wants to survive.
It fears death every breath it takes because it knows it's finite in its form.
And it pushes us around and we let it do it.
It's the fight against the flesh that we read about, that we hear about.
I want to put it in a modern context, if I can.