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Name: 20201105_Thu_Alex
Air Date: Nov. 5, 2020
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" This segment of the Alex Jones Show discusses election fraud allegations, expressing concerns over voter irregularities not properly covered by mainstream media. The speaker criticizes efforts to manipulate information and control society while focusing on resisting a globalist takeover. Conspiracy theories are also discussed, including deep state actors targeting individuals such as Alex Jones. The video features interviews with whistleblowers alleging election fraud in the handling of mail-in ballots at post offices and urges viewers to fight against alleged fraud. James O'Keefe from Project Veritas is mentioned for his work investigating possible election fraud and exposing efforts to keep the public locked down during the pandemic."

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Whatever happens with Trump, he's done the right thing fighting this, but he didn't fight the censorship like he should have.
But we're in the bed we're in now.
We're going to have to sleep in it.
But if we get the point out that it's a Qaikom globalist takeover, and it's the end of the country as we know it, and that it's illegal, not just that they're stealing the election, but when you have Chinese and foreign backing, it nullifies what's happened.
And if we stand on that and say, you tried to nullify Trump saying he was a Russian with no proof,
We're going to nullify Biden 100%.
We're going to demand Mitch McConnell and all of them do it, and not have a fake investigation, because we've got him red-handed being a TRICOM agent, and that's what's so dangerous.
They are going to control him and they want to scuttle this country.
So Biden will definitely do things that screw the country up and break it up further because he's blackmailed.
And so we cannot allow someone controlled by a foreign power to be the president.
We're being gutted by a foreign corporate consortium backed up by a communist dictatorship that has a billion four hundred million slaves.
They have millions and millions of people in death camps that Apple gets components made in, and the news admits it.
And the left goes, good, we got death camps.
We're gonna put you in them.
And they've got all these blue-haired, green-haired, pink-haired, devil-worshipping, pedophile-loving slobs.
Running around on methamphetamine, glowing in the dark, having no jobs, living off welfare, thinking the Chi-Coms are going to give them a biscuit or a treat when they overthrow the United States?
Yes, good people have stood down so long that you are now witnessing the end of the Republic.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
What I'm about to tell you is not an exaggeration.
It is exactly what's happening.
And only by being a realist and facing it do we have any chance of not going into hardcore bondage and the complete destruction of the republic as we know it.
Our children's futures hang in the balance.
All of humanity hangs in the balance because once they've taken the U.S.
over, imagine what the same satanic forces did when they captured Russia.
In 1917, 1918, imagine what they'll do with the U.S.
fully under their satanic control.
America is fighting for its very life.
The Democratic Party is not a party, it is a criminal organization working for multinational crime syndicate and the Chinese Communist.
And the headline at Infowars.com for this live show is deadly accurate.
Communist China is overthrowing the United States of America
And replacing it with a puppet government, just like when the Nazis took over France.
They'd already bought off the military leaders.
They stood down.
They set up a puppet VC French in the south of France.
This is history.
This is real.
And the CFR and others brag they're doing this.
Three years ago at Davos, they said Xi Jinping would crush America and defeat Trump.
This is total criminal activity.
We have all the proof, I'll cover it, of fraud, pillar to post, the entire chain of fraud in Michigan, in Wisconsin, in Pennsylvania, in Georgia, in Arizona, in Nevada.
And so people ask, where is Trump?
I was asking that question.
Well, it's up to us now.
He knows that.
Here's Tucker Carlson laying it out and then we'll be back and we will tell you the ugly truth.
In a lot of ways, unfortunately, what happened last night could not have been worse for this country, for our children, for our grandchildren, for our future.
The outcome of our presidential election was seized from the hands of voters, where, of course, it rightly belongs, and now resides in the control of lawyers and courts and highly partisan, clearly corrupt big city bureaucrats.
So no matter what happens next, that is a tragedy.
Many Americans will never again accept the results of a presidential election.
That story is still unfolding tonight, obviously, and we're going to follow it as honestly as we can wherever it leads.
We'll begin with that in just a minute.
But first, we want to acknowledge the good news.
And believe it or not, there is some good news, regardless of everything else that has happened.
And here it is.
America remains.
It's still here.
That's the first and most important thing.
And it's not a foregone conclusion.
We almost lost it.
Democrats told us they wanted to beat Donald Trump.
They spent more money than anyone ever has in any election in history to do that.
But there was a lot more going on.
Democrats didn't harness the full power of big tech and the billionaire class simply to make Joe Biden president.
What they really wanted was total control over everything.
No more democracy, no more dissent, permanent obedience from the rest of us.
And they came shockingly close to getting that.
If Democrats had won the White House and the Senate last night, the country as we know it would have ended.
Not because Democrats have bad ideas, though they do, but because Democrats plan to impose an entirely new system on our country.
Not an agenda, a system.
With nothing to check their power, the left fully intended to eliminate the traditional American balances within our government, along with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights that constrain their power.
We're not overstating this.
Joe Biden's party planned to turn our highest court into a partisan political weapon.
They admitted that.
They wrote magazine articles about how they planned to do it.
Then they planned to pack the Congress of the United States, a legislative branch, by adding new states to our union, purely for the Senate seats.
We're not speculating there either.
They admitted that too.
Then they planned to pack the electorate itself, the ultimate corruption in a democracy.
20 million foreign nationals added to our voter rolls overnight.
That was their agenda.
How would any of that improve the United States of America?
Well, they never claimed that it would.
Making this country better was never the point.
The point was to create a permanent democratic majority, a one-party state with complete control over the population.
Never in our history has any mainstream political party proposed an agenda more radical than this.
They didn't talk about it much.
There's a reason for that, of course.
They didn't want to scare you.
But it was entirely real.
And last night, it came very close to happening.
We should all be deeply grateful that it didn't.
Blue skies.
But these aren't the type of blue skies we want.
These are the blue waves of the blue blood globalists destroying our once vibrant free republic because you can't have an open free society with uppity individuals that have a right to property and a right to their second amendment.
And a right to not kill their children and a right to not have their sons attacked by the system and domesticated and emasculated.
No, you can't have that.
And so we have systematic, massive, total fraud nakedly out in the open.
We're going to walk through all of it here today.
I am Alex Jones, your host.
But let me just state this right up front for everybody.
People finally get it.
We're having our free speech online disenfranchised.
Now they're stealing our vote and disenfranchising it.
They're devaluing our currency and disenfranchising our financial future.
They are poisoning the weaker minds in the country with division and racism in the name of fighting it.
They're attacking the very foundations of our republic and are at war with the social contract, an incredibly arrogant, hateful coalition of big tech vacuuming up the economy at a level never before seen.
And then the commanders of big tech and the big banks that finance them openly say they're building a post-human world and openly say they're going to make us so poor that they will be able to dictate that we be sterilized and take forced inoculations.
You notice I just warned of this and warned of this for decades and now it's here because I was reading their plans.
Now let me give you the big announcement here.
If Joe Biden gets in, they're never getting rid of the lockdown.
Think about that.
It's a lot bigger than just kicking Trump out and flooding everything with fake ballots using the lockdown as the cover for it.
They want to bankrupt us and then have us have an app to be able to leave our front door and step one foot outside of our house.
That is the admitted globalist Chai Com plan.
We're being given tracker systems.
We're being taught to stay in our houses.
We're being taught we're not essential.
We're being marinated in martial law.
That's what we've been in with big tech, and the universities, and the blue cities, and the blue states, and the UN, and the chi-coms.
Monkey see, monkey do with this lockdown.
And they're just going to start there.
And they're going to hype up more that the police are racist to take the police over and turn them into political officers like they've done in the UK and Europe.
Now, foreign powers are openly involved.
Not just China, but India has been hired and others to flood the internet with disinfo and to put Biden in.
They've disenfranchised our votes.
They're turning us against each other.
It's illegitimate.
It's backed by foreign powers and
Even if he legitimately won the votes, which obviously you see the evidence of fraud everywhere, that's not true.
If it's foreign backed, it's illegitimate.
So exactly what they said Trump got in with is not true.
It's how they are intending to get in.
And there are armies, as I told you, of communist Chinese agents in the United States.
And there's videos of what appear to be Chinese individuals in Michigan arriving with those ballots.
At 4 a.m.
illegally and going into the buildings with ballot boxes that then were all for Biden.
The arrogance level is so atrocious, is so mega massive, that they're not even trying to hide it.
Just quantify this for you right now, then we'll come back and show you all the videos and go over all the evidence.
It's not just a political party that wants an agenda.
They want a whole new system, and they've said it.
They are involved in a revolution fully conquering the United States and killing our Republic, and they're hammering the last nails into the damn coffin to bury us alive as slaves of their system.
So I'm not a macho guy.
I don't say things just to say them, but I'll tell you this.
I'm not going to launch any offensive violence at this point, because I've not had time to really think about the right course in history.
But I know this, if we let them steal this election, and we let them put a Chinese communist agent who's fully compromised with all the proof in there,
To have control of the nuclear codes, all of us are aiding and abetting the destruction of our country and the handover to the most authoritarian nation the world's ever seen, Communist China.
And I will not be an accomplice, and I will not aid and abet this type of takeover.
If it was just a bunch of thug Democrats taking over so they could steal money and stuff, but they weren't trying to literally end civilization as we know it and literally targeting our children, I would not risk my life.
And I would not be thinking about such draconian things, but they're building an army of violent people, they've been attacking us, they've been bullying us, they have been censoring us, and they say they're coming after us, and they're licking their lips, and they are salivating.
Salivating over all of this.
So all I'm telling everybody is, we're in a new ballgame, and we knew this was coming, the Globals proposed this,
They've overthrown many, many other countries.
They've used similar formulas.
And they have demoralized us.
They have absolutely gutted this republic.
And it's so sad that more people aren't resisting and saying no.
There's a lot of people that are angry.
A lot of people that are upset.
A lot of people that are concerned.
And there's a big wake-up happening right now.
But it's not enough.
People need to take this deadly, deadly serious.
We're also entering the wheelhouse of false flags.
Well, they will target offensively an innocent group, they'll make it a racial attack to demonize all opposition to this communist globalist takeover.
This is a corporate system, a fascist, offshore tax exempt, but they're using a communist playbook to take over the population as the management system because it's worked everywhere else.
There's the headline.
Please put it back up.
America is at war.
Communist China is in the process of overthrowing the United States and installing a puppet government.
That is literally happening.
There is a coalition of corporations and authoritarian states, but China is the engine room
The laboratory, the testing ground, the power projection point of the whole future in all their white papers, the CFR, Trilateral Commission, Davos, they openly brag and crow that Xi Jinping is going to smash us.
And you see the left, I mean, one of our oldest crew members, been here 16 years, his sister is now basically a communist and says he loves Xi Jinping and wants him to crush Trump.
No sense.
Total Stockholm Syndrome.
Total mental illness.
This is what they've done to our people.
How they've pimped their brains out and turned them against their own families.
We are in grievous danger.
We are in grave danger, ladies and gentlemen.
And so there's Trump up front.
Hey, they stole this.
We're not going to let them do it.
And then the evidence is just founting out.
But you turn on Fox News, Trump's not shown any proof there's election fraud.
He and Giuliani have to show it.
And then they won't let state reps, they won't let citizens in, they won't let under law in Michigan or in Arizona.
They're telling U.S.
representatives they can't go in and see the vote.
And police with guns are telling them you can't come in here.
That's Maricopa County.
That's the same Democrats that tried to put Sheriff Arpaio in prison for no reason.
No jury trial for quote, being in contempt of that judge.
They're making their move.
They think we're going to go along with it because they've never had push back.
These are arrogant lawyers.
These are criminals that have brokered the sellout of America and they want a position in the global government and they want to atomize the family and domesticate us so we can never rise again and never resist the nightmare future they've got for all of us.
The chains are going on right now.
You're being disenfranchised.
All of us are.
So we better work peacefully now, so that war does not become inevitable.
But we are now entering the season of war.
Our country is at war for its very life.
You are under attack.
You are being conquered.
You are being taken over.
We are in the midst of a Qaikom-backed attempted takeover of the country, and we're losing right now!
Welcome back, I'm your host Alex Jones, and as I've been pointing out, the laws of nature, the laws of history, are that if corrupt forces don't ever get in trouble for what they're doing, they will get more criminal, more abusive, more bold,
Their capers, their heist, their conspiracies will get larger until they take over your civilization and loot the living snot out of it and then move to Switzerland.
And you collapse like Venezuela or so many other countries.
And that's where we are, the exact same playbook.
And you ask, why would they be running a communist playbook?
Because the thing works, folks.
Human nature is human nature, people are people.
They can be brown people in Central America or South America.
They can be white people in Europe.
They can be black people in Africa.
They can be yellow people in Asia.
We all pretty much act the damn same at the end of the day.
And folks only learn through experience, it seems.
They can't learn through history, by education.
Three forms of learning.
By revelation, by experience, or by education.
And boy,
Are people about to get experience?
The problem is going into the normalization of a communist takeover, it'll take them a good five years to loot everything and totally collapse it.
And the average person has such a low attention span, they'll think because Americans aren't turning over all their property and their children and aren't submitting, that's why the utopia didn't appear.
It's always more, more, more, more, give us more, more regulations, more control.
You've got all the sycophants of the ruling party that, again, censors its opposition and begins to ban the party leaders of any other opposition.
All of this is being said by the Democrats.
Reconciliation commissions right out of South Africa.
Communist tactics.
We're now in public schools, colleges.
If you're white, you get up in front of the class and you tell them how you're bad and you apologize.
This is Maoist programming spread across the world here now.
You know, used to.
We fought communism.
But now we get on our knees and we worship it.
And they're going to take everybody's bank accounts and everybody's jobs until you submit.
And then when you go on your little reconciliation commission and you apologize for your existence, they'll reward some of those people up front because America is now a giant open air re-education camp.
And then it'll be more and more they demand you say, until you're in front of people saying you're the villain.
Just like Twitter makes you go when they say, we're gonna ban you if you don't go delete this tweet.
They make you go up to the chalkboard and write in front of the class that you're bad.
All of this is cult programming, Kool-Aid drinking drills, Jim Jones stuff.
This is bonafide.
If this was an alcohol, it's 200 proof Everclear.
It's pure.
It's moonshine.
It's 100% tyranny.
It's the nastiest, stinkiest, most horrid thing I've ever seen crawl out from under a rock.
So, and again, the globalists, I was told this a great bunch of years ago, like, we're not worried about Jones.
He scares people for us.
Well, I bet on the public and thought they're not going to get scared.
They're going to get pissed if I tell them what's happening.
I'm not trying to scare you.
I believe in you.
But I'm here to tell you, look at the headline on Infowars.com one more time for yourselves.
Look at it one more time.
Look at it long and hard.
America is at war.
Think about those words.
America is at war.
Who are we at war with?
Communist China and its allies are in the process of overthrowing the United States.
We the people, our vote, our speech, our communication, and installing a puppet government.
Do you understand the parallel to this is the Blitzkrieg and the invasion of France and the French just gave up because the generals were paid off?
And then Hitler thought he had this big victory until he actually went and fought people that didn't give up.
Little bit different.
Well, I promise you this.
I'm not giving up.
Because I know the more I bend over, the worse stuff gets.
And I will not sit here and be part of this.
Now that doesn't mean they blow something up and say, I did it.
I'd never do that.
I'm saying
That they are violently taking our rights.
They are violently taking over our society.
They've got brown shirt thugs on the street stabbing and shooting and murdering people.
They're overthrowing our local governments.
They are involved in a classic authoritarian textbook takeover.
And I'm going to say this very, very slowly.
I know a lot of people that have been stabbed and shot at and had their ribs broken.
I mean, Enrique Tarrio got stabbed with a bunch of people in D.C.
Rand Paul got his ribs broken, his lungs punctured, beat up.
The media praised it.
They're shooting members of Congress.
They've already been attacking us and attacking us, but they know we're conservatives, we're nationalists, we're patriots.
They know we don't complain or whine.
They're like, just suck it up.
Yeah, we're coming to castrate your little boys too, but just suck it up.
This is a bold, savage, criminal takeover.
And President Trump came out and told the truth about what they're doing.
You know, my brother-in-law, my sister's husband, called me up voice-shaking the other day.
He's not a guy that usually is angry.
And he said, I was just at the post office.
I saw a guy with like 50 ballots, putting his name on them and mailing them.
And this is like the day after the election.
Well, that's because we now know from the Project Veritas whistleblowers that they're post-dating stuff back before the election, and then they're delivering them.
And then we have the videos all over from Michigan to Wisconsin to Pennsylvania and other states of at 4 a.m., at 5 a.m., trucks pull up, cars pull up.
They're not government, quote, officials.
The polls are closed.
It's illegal what they're doing.
They just so happen to be Chinese.
It's in several of the videos.
But of course, they've got masks on.
It's all perfect cover.
And they load up what are the same ballot boxes that are put in behind the machines that you feed them into.
It's the official.
They've checked.
It's the Michigan systems.
And they take them into the voting center in Detroit.
And then they got witnesses inside that are lawyers that are thrown out.
And members of Congress show up and say, I want to see what's happening.
Oh, no, you can't.
But a random dude with a mask on, he can.
He can come on in.
And why not?
I mean, they run government pedophile rings with the Democrats and then they don't get in trouble?
I mean, they've gotten away with so much.
Why wouldn't they just do this to us?
Because we take it?
Well, people are getting to the point of not taking it.
And the enemy's next phase will be to frame us as terrorists or evil.
And they will stage terror attacks and blame it on us to then discredit any resistance.
But we need to be ahead of that and understand that.
And there are other forms of civil disobedience and things in the threat continuum of projection before we get to that point.
But it is our right!
It is our duty to resist this by every means necessary.
And we are now at war for our very existence.
America is on the edge of death.
America's last stand.
And if we're able to get Trump in despite this mountain of fraud, and all these thugs and criminals, we have to go on the offense and route these globalist chycoms out.
But I know this, I can't.
Look at myself in the mirror if I don't resist these people.
I've got to do a lot of thinking and a lot of praying.
But I'll just tell the power structure in the system, those that are on the fence, you have miscalculated.
You will not sign on with the CHICOMS.
You will not allow this to happen.
You will not execute this.
Just stop it now.
It's not a warning.
It's not a threat.
It's a statement of common damn sense.
Are you crazy?
All of these disconnected billionaires that control trillions, like Bezos and Gates, they're just all China-philes.
The CFR has a religion of worshipping China, and how it's going to replace us, and how we're bad, and how we suck, and they let them ship in fentanyl?
One shipment they got was enough to kill everybody in America seven times over?
We're under military attack.
And they've gotten so used to censorship, so, so, so,
Accustomed to being slapped around, that now they're engaged in massive fraud on every front, and I watch CNN, I watch Fox, and they're not saying a damn word.
Oh, there's crazy people that say that they found 130-something thousand ballots that were all for Joe Biden.
I go to the Secretary of State's office, I look at it, they were all for Biden!
They find 20-plus thousand ballots in one
Are you sure?
And what did I say?
Election night.
I said you gotta stake out these polling places where they do the main tabulation centers.
You're gonna catch them showing up at 4 or 5 a.m.
when everybody else has left, and the polls are closed, stuffing them, and oh, videos in Philadelphia, videos in Detroit, videos in Nevada.
And who is it?
It's mainly female lawyers.
Good for them.
I guess men are too busy playing fantasy football or whatever.
So it's female lawyers just staked out by themselves in places like Detroit at 4 a.m.
Oh, by the way, these lawyers are being thrown out, too, even though state laws say they're supposed to be there as poll watchers.
Some of them are even Republican officials.
Hell, some are state reps.
Some are U.S.
reps, like Gozer.
No, not Gozer the Traveler from Ghostbusters, Congressman Gozer from Arizona.
This is really happening.
An orgy, a smorgasbord, a sea, a plethora, a cornucopia, a wide spectrum of certified fraud at every level.
And then my own brother-in-law, who I've never seen get mad in the many years I've known him.
Calls up, shaking, yesterday.
I go, what's wrong?
He goes, I, I just, guy had 50 ballots, he's down here at Congress, the, the, the, the, the post office.
He had 50 of them.
He was filling them out as a name.
They were taking them.
They didn't do anything.
I said, why didn't you videotape it?
Well, I'm in the post office.
It's a federal thing if you do that.
I mean, he just, he knows the law, but I mean, see, we follow the law.
They don't.
And he was shaking with anger.
I said, come on the air.
He goes, well, I don't really want to do that.
I don't want to be on TV.
I said, cut an audio piece.
Send me a voice memo.
He did.
We'll play it next segment.
You can hear he's upset because he saw himself being robbed.
Not a car, not a TV set, you can replace that, but of his future and his wife's future and his future children's future.
He saw his birthright being robbed right in front of him and they were doing nothing to ask, why are you filling out 50 ballots with your name on them?
He's watched them filling ballot after ballot out.
Saw the stack of them.
Saw him fill out multiple ballots.
And now we know.
We have the Project Veritas video.
Next segment.
Where the USPS person says, we're told to backdate these.
If something comes in on November 4th, we say November 2nd, so it gets counted.
And that's what they're doing.
Busy beavering.
Well, why is it in Texas?
He's mailing them out to another state.
Guaranteed it's going to be absentees for somebody.
And I'm not mad at Austin for not recording it, but I mean, because we already know we have other people have caught this, but
The big story is the news, the controlled corporate press, the lapdogs of our enemies, they are saying on Fox News there's no proof of anything.
And Tucker Carlson knocked it out of the park.
He explained to the world what was going on.
That they're not just trying to get their agenda through.
They're not an American party.
They want to end the system as it's known and create a one-party dictatorship.
And then Tucker Carlson goes through and lists all the things they're doing.
All the things they're announcing.
Packing the court.
Creating new states that are Democrat.
Like Puerto Rico and others.
So that they can override and get new Senate seats.
Reconciliation commissions.
Endless lockdowns.
IDs to travel.
Medical IDs.
And then you see the graphs in all these swing states that were going for Trump, and they closed the polls prematurely, and then BAM!
Not organic bumpy lines, but straight up perfect mechanical lines, because they want you to know they're disenfranchising you.
They want you to know, and they're going to walk right in with people that no one knows who they are, with a passcode, with a swipe card at 4 a.m.
And come in with those ballots and go jam them down your throat, America.
But when your U.S.
rep shows up, the police are there.
They're good Democrat operatives in Maricopa.
They walk in with their hands on their guns and they say, I don't care what you say, Congressman.
Back off!
Because they've seized control of the Republic.
I'm playing all the clips when we come back.
But I'm going to say this right now.
Whatever happens with Trump, he's done the right thing fighting this, but he didn't fight the censorship like he should have.
But we're in the bed we're in now.
We're going to have to sleep in it.
But if we get the point out that it's a Qaikom globalist takeover, and it's the end of the country as we know it, and that it's illegal, not just that they're stealing the election, but when you have Chinese and foreign backing, it nullifies what's happened.
And if we stand on that and say, you tried to nullify Trump saying he was a Russian with no proof,
We're going to nullify Biden 100%.
We're going to demand Mitch McConnell and all of them do it and not have a fake investigation because we've got him red-handed being a CHICOM agent and that's what's so dangerous.
They are going to control him and they want to scuttle this country.
So Biden will definitely do things that screw the country up and break it up further because he's blackmailed.
And so we cannot allow someone controlled by a foreign power to be the president.
If you ever wanted, listen to me carefully, if you ever wanted to war game and imagine the end of America, this is it.
All the old-timers said it was coming.
All of them said they'd take us over with the UN.
The Weather Underground dreamed about China occupying the U.S.
once they got a communist Democrat in who would trigger a race war.
And then China would come in with Latin American communists and take over.
A real Red Dawn scenario.
Not Russians, but Chinese.
And now we're literally having Democrats in the New York Times saying, we want communist China to take over the United States.
We want the UN to oversee our election so that if Trump refuses and contests what we do, we want the UN to come in and occupy America.
That's now in the news.
And what do the Antifa do?
All over New York, all over Oregon, all over Washington State, they march.
With communist flags, with Chinese flags, their ally, and they say, death to America.
A people that will do that will do anything.
So there's now folks surrounding these polling places everywhere.
Antifa's been running around shooting at people and burning things and stabbing people.
It's all coming up, but you have lived to see it.
I have lived to see it.
The fabled world government UN takeover.
We're under COVID lockdown.
I mean, it's all there.
We're under martial law put in place by them.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are live and we are broadcasting worldwide.
I am your host, Alex Jones.
Thank you again for joining us.
I don't know how long we're going to be on the air here.
We're being gutted by a foreign corporate consortium backed up by a communist dictatorship that has a billion, four hundred million slaves.
They have millions and millions of people in death camps that Apple gets components made in, and the news admits it.
And all that goes good.
We got death camps.
We're gonna put you in them.
And they've got all these blue-haired, green-haired, pink-haired, devil-worshipping, pedophile-loving slobs
Running around on methamphetamine, glowing in the dark, having no jobs, living off welfare, thinking the Chi-Coms are going to give them a biscuit or a treat when they overthrow the United States?
Yes, good people have stood down so long that you are now witnessing the end of the Republic.
That was a very powerful video.
We're going to air here in a few minutes by one of President Trump's advisors, Steve Cortez.
He heads up Trump's Hispanic outreach system.
Says the actual math points to an Arizona win for President Trump.
We're going to be getting to some of that for you here in just a little while.
But let's just go through this stack right now.
And I'm going to play Congressman Gozer here in a moment.
And the fact that he wasn't allowed in in Maricopa County, in Phoenix, but the Democrat operatives are in there running everything, laughing at him.
In violation of federal and state law, by the way.
Suitcases with coolers rolled into Detroit Voting Center at 4 a.m., brought into secure voting... Brought into secure voting area.
Meanwhile, Biden-Harris launched transition team website despite ballots still being counted.
But when Trump says he's won, he's mad.
But Biden's allowed to communicate online because he's working with the big multinational consortium.
It's taking over.
You could not have a more underdog America surrounded by its enemies, overwhelmed, a whole constellation of academia and Hollywood and radical Islam and the Squad and the Chai Koms and the EU all trying to bring us down.
And a good third of Americans actually thinking they're on the winning team and rooting for Xi Jinping to, quote, destroy Trump and save America.
Oh, yes.
Trump declares victory in Pennsylvania, Georgia, North Carolina, and Michigan.
They called it fake news and blocked it last night when he said that.
But Biden said he's gonna win.
That's okay.
Protesters mobilized to pressure Trump to concede election.
They call them protesters.
They're stabbing and burning and doing all their regular stuff as well.
There's another key article.
Yeah, how about we just have a redo and none of this COVID garbage?
That was the cover for the whole thing.
And here's the video.
Representative Gozer joins Arizona pro-Trump protest.
Biden and his thugs will not steal this election.
And I like the image of hundreds of armed citizens peacefully exercising their Second Amendment, demanding that people be given access, like our congressmen, to that facility in the face of that horrible, evil Democrat regime that has seized control of Phoenix.
It's that good
Equalization of powers, not a monopoly of power by the state.
The UN says that civilian ownership of firearms threatens the power monopoly of the state.
Well, power monopoly is a dictator.
We don't want a power monopoly of the state here.
We want checks and balances.
And we want the armed people inside to know what they're doing is illegal and let them understand that the Second Amendment is there for a reason.
We don't want to use it yet.
But we are not going to roll over to the New World Order.
We are not going to bow to them.
We are not going to sell out future generations to a fate worse than death.
That's why we have those checks and balances.
And a right that's not openly exercised will be lost.
They're already taking our speech.
They're already taking our vote away.
They're already taking our currency away.
They've already said we're not essential.
And they're run by a communist dictatorship.
That's the team they bat for.
Here's what
Those are had to say.
And that was an exclusive interview he gave to National Files.
Tom Papert with the quote about the thugs will not be able to steal this election.
Biden's thugs won't be able to steal it.
Now here's Steve Cortez and he's breaking down what other even non-partisan political analysts are saying about the numbers from the counties they're coming in from and what they're seeing in the trends.
This being a Republican victory, a Trump victory in Arizona.
The actual math points to an Arizona win for President Trump.
Here are the numbers.
Patriots stay confident and stay the course.
Here it is.
Let's talk the actual math of the Arizona vote.
Where it stands right now and what the trends are.
There's 605,000 outstanding votes.
An enormous amount of votes still to be cast.
Right now, we have a deficit of 93,000 votes.
Biden is clearly leading.
But, here's the thing.
These votes that are outstanding are mostly Election Day votes.
POTUS needs to win 58% of these remaining votes to make up for this deficit.
Here's the election day trend in Maricopa County, which is by far the biggest county where Phoenix is.
So it's very likely that we're going to eclipse the level we need and actually substantially win Arizona.
But in addition to that, these votes are not all from Maricopa.
They're also from the rural counties of Arizona, where we're doing much better than 62%, even into the 70s.
So the math suggests
Strongly, that we are going to win Arizona and we will know as soon as Friday.
Because of that, it's reprehensible for any news organization, Fox or AP, to call this state at this premature juncture.
The president is going to win Arizona.
And it's not just reprehensible, it's criminal.
Now again, in Georgia, they're going door to door, getting people to quote, change their ballots if they thought they were wrong.
What does that mean?
So they're getting more ballots.
After the election and trying to then go cram them in.
And how are they able to do that?
Because they use the U.S.
Postal Service to backdate that next segment.
We have the key to all this.
The whistleblower from the USPS saying it.
My brother-in-law, who is a great chemist, a good friend of mine, a very quiet person.
I've never seen him get angry.
He was visibly, audibly over the phone yesterday.
He lives here in Austin, very upset.
I asked him to tell a testimony.
So, Austin Rivera goes into the main big post office of South Congress in Austin, and he witnesses this.
Here it is.
I went to the post office today to drop off some packages with some products and there's this guy there, real sketchy looking, and he had a grocery bag filled up with about 50 mail-in ballots and he was taking pictures of them, taking pictures of himself, and filling them out right there on the counter.
I can only see the ballot that he had in front of him on the counter and the one on the top of the bag.
But they had the same signatures, same information on them.
And he was just taking pictures, doing one last check, marking some things, and then putting them straight in the ballot box.
Right in front of everyone, right on the counter, and no one did anything.
And I was thinking about doing something, but all I could think about was, you know, me getting some kind of federal charge for interfering with the election with this guy, putting in, you know, 50 ballots late.
Because I don't think they're supposed to accept them now, but I mean, if you have a lot of these people doing that, it's gonna add up.
And the only reason you would do it is to try to overturn what
The state has already decided, and Texas is red.
So one can only assume that these votes, all 50 of them, are going to Joe Biden.
And I know my brother-in-law, he's very upset right there.
Because his whole future, his destiny, my destiny, his wife's destiny, it's all being stolen.
Right in front of us, and we have to do something.
That's what I'm telling the system, is people are pissed.
There's a new level of anger, and just a determination now.
I mean, I'm so determined now, I've never felt this determined.
I'm not, I mean, it'd be one thing if this was just the Democrats stealing the election, but they're dirty Chinese commies.
I just, I feel so ashamed of this country.
I'm so proud of the good Americans that are left, but I am so ashamed of what we've become.
This is pathetic.
We're being conquered like the Russians were in 1917!
And I will not sit here and take it!
You know why?
He was taking photos of himself.
That's just like what Project Veritas found in Minnesota.
He's getting paid for every one of them!
The globalists are trying to censor what you can see and what you can share.
Don't let them win.
Go to our emergency election newsletter at InfoWars.com forward slash newsletter.
Sign up for free and get intel they don't want you to have and then share it.
InfoWars.com forward slash newsletter.
It's time to override the censors and get the truth out.
As expected, tensions were high in Washington, D.C.
Where anti-BLM mural activist, Bevelyn Beatty, was stabbed along with multiple Proud Boys, including Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio, resulting in hospitalization due to serious injuries.
Yeah girl, he tried to stab you.
They stabbed me!
They stabbed me!
They stabbed Bevelyn Beatty right now.
Election Day had been plentiful with incidents of violence and voter fraud.
Be asked to stop filming.
Walk away.
They called the sheriffs and said that, and told us to stop handing out the ballpoint pens, in which case those are the only ones that are actually being counted and validated.
I used your pen and then I sent it back to you and I said give this to somebody.
Yes, yes.
And so we know that and we've been telling them you need to use a ballpoint pen, not the sharpie, and now those are getting invalidated.
So people are coming here to vote for Donald Trump and those votes are all getting invalidated.
That's what's going on.
Voter machines were down in Scranton, Pennsylvania and an unidentified man was filmed taking an official ballot box away from a polling place in Philadelphia.
And as the votes were tallied, Biden's states were easily called, while Trump's hung in the balance for hours.
And as a victory looked obvious for Trump, rather than count the votes, Democrat turf in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Minnesota called it a night, while Arizona controversially flipped to Biden, warranting reactions from both parties.
Keep the faith, guys!
We're gonna win this!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Your patience is great!
Let's walk over here.
So if you look and you see, Arizona, we have a lot of life in that.
And somebody said, somebody declared that it was a victory for us.
And maybe it will be.
I mean, that's possible.
But certainly there were a lot of votes out there that we could get because we're now just coming into what they call Trump territory.
I don't know what you call it, but these were friendly Trump voters.
And that could be overturned.
The gentleman that called it, I watched tonight.
He said, well, we think it's fairly unlikely that he could catch.
Well, fairly unlikely.
And the Mockingbird media immediately reacted, spinning webs of propaganda against Trump's legitimate concerns.
If somehow they manage to stumble into the Supreme Court, do any of you guys trust Uncle Clarence and Amy Coney Barrett and those guys to actually follow the letter of the law?
I mean, it is a completely politicized Supreme Court that you can't just trust that they're going to do the right thing.
This is a mostly meaningless event tonight that is as dark as everyone has said it is.
It is as disgraceful as everyone has said it is.
But like so much of Trump, it is mostly meaningless.
I think one thing that's underappreciated about what the president is doing here is that the president would not have to do that if he thought he was going to win the election.
The only reason you come out and say, I'm winning Georgia, I won North Carolina, I won Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, all these places, is because you haven't.
And you have to assert it because it's not otherwise true.
And as America slept, hundreds of thousands of votes were dumped in Biden's favor.
In Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where the count was delayed until 3.30 a.m.
and President Trump had a healthy lead, suddenly Biden had a 4.1 lead that suddenly appeared on a zip drive.
And in Michigan, over 100,000 votes went to Biden, while zero went to any other presidential contender, including Donald Trump.
Statistical impossibilities stinking of fraud.
They would all have you believe that the phishing for ballot scam is just business as usual.
But even the closest election in modern history between JFK and Nixon in 1960 was called by 7 a.m.
the next morning.
And even that race was marred by fraud.
But nowhere near the presidential election of 2020.
John Bowne reporting.
Well, Amanda Milius is here with us for the rest of the hour, and I'm a big fan of her dad.
In fact, I'm not starstruck about anybody in Hollywood.
I can't stand any of it, except I like Stanley Kubrick, and I really like your dad.
I like the great work you've done in the Trump administration and this new film you've made.
That's why we played the Anvil of Krom coming in, not the second Conan movie, but the first one your dad made that they called fascist and politically incorrect.
It's a beautiful film, a true masterpiece.
I know that Oliver Stone was the main writer on that.
But, go ahead.
Well, I mean, that's debatable.
We like to, uh... You're the expert!
You're the expert!
We love Oliver, but, uh, yeah, no, my dad, uh... I think you're more definitive on this than me.
I've got, uh, I have, I suppose, an agenda, though.
I mean, I'm very pro-Millius in this, uh, in this fight, but no, we, uh, they're, they're funny guys, Oliver and my dad.
They disagree.
I'm glad your boyfriend, uh, corrected me, because I'm always saying Millus.
If I'm such a big fan of it, I should know it's Milius.
Yes, it's Milius.
Everybody has a hard time with it, but... Well, we're here on a hellish day.
A day of doom is here.
False of doom, but his name is Joe Biden.
And you have just come up with this film that they tried to censor on Amazon, a bunch of places.
It's the plot against the president, which is a plot against America.
Here is the trailer.
But you can make a whole movie on the Russiagate hoax.
It's all documented.
There was an illusion being created using the most awesome tools and the greatest tricks that the American intelligence community had learned to use against our enemies.
Now it was being deployed against the American people and our president.
This is the biggest political scandal in modern history which makes Watergate look like a tiff.
The FBI director has no credibility.
The left used to not trust the FBI and now they love them.
If this can happen to General Michael T. Flynn, imagine what they do to anybody who has a single strike against them.
35 Russian diplomats in the U.S.
The prosecution of General Flynn wasn't a pursuit of criminal activity.
It was a setup.
Flynn actually had details.
So he was talking about going after people's budgets.
They were terrified.
Media didn't start as neutral.
Media hasn't been neutral all its life.
The two faces of Hillary Clinton are coming out.
In fact, through WikiLeaks, that she says one thing and...
Oh, no.
They worked hand-in-glove with Comey to try to delegitimize Trump.
They were not there to tell the truth.
A political dirty trick is being carried out by our intelligence community.
Honestly, none of us really know, sort of holistically, what to think about this dossier.
They went into Congress.
They said, there's nothing here.
Doesn't matter.
We'll keep going with FISA.
We'll keep going with the investigation.
And more importantly, we will go on TV, day in and day out, and lie to the American people to their face.
And nothing's going to happen to us.
The nation and all of our freedoms hang by a thread, and the military apparatus of this country is about to be handed over to scum who are beholden to scum!
Russian scum!
We had not one person claim that they had or had seen evidence of Trump colluding with the Russians.
Devin Nunes was the hero in the forest.
He was alone, he was mocked, he was attacked.
Devin Nunes was subject to such scorn for saying the conclusions that we brought forth in that report, which all proved to be true.
Russiagate was a false story.
To target their political opposition.
To carry out their insurance policies.
I believe that this is a conspiracy.
These guys have perpetrated the greatest crime against the American people ever seen.
It was a coup d'etat.
This is how sick and twisted these people are.
I recently confirmed that on numerous occasions the intelligence community incidentally collected information about U.S.
citizens involved in the Trump transition.
It was shocking to see some of the over-classification that was done to hide either corruption or abuse of authority and just to make sure certain agencies didn't look bad.
We have a peaceful transition of power process.
That's not what happened.
There were more meetings, there were more leaks, there were more attacks.
The thing that they were investigating the Trump campaign for is what they themselves were doing.
Not just the Democratic Party and their operatives but also the FBI.
If we're writing about the time frame that we lived in, and that we're living in now, I would say it wasn't supposed to happen.
They weren't supposed to know.
The entire time this was going on, they thought this was going to be what sunk the Donald Trump presidency.
And they were just looking for the golden goose, and they still haven't found it, because it doesn't exist.
Amanda Milius is here with us.
She's worked in the Trump administration, the State Department.
Her dad is one of the most conservative, best directors out there.
And the Dirty Harry movies, Red Dawn, the original Conan, and so much more.
And I know later he's going to be watching this once we're not live.
Because I guess you're telling me he doesn't know how to work the machine.
But here we are in the middle of this insanity.
And this is a microcosm.
Some could say, well, the whole Russiagate thing is old news.
No, it's not.
You have the Comey rule with a huge hundred million dollar budget or whatever it is.
No one watched it, but your film that they tried to block on Amazon is now number one.
It's probably already had more viewers.
That puts out the true story and the very same corrupt intelligence agencies that are globalist that sold us out to China are now engaged in the giant steal right now.
So where do you want to take this?
I love having you here in studio.
Well, thank you so much for having me.
And yes, I mean, it is relevant now because basically we're watching the exact same thing unfold.
If you look at the motivations behind Russiagate and what's happening right now, it's always an effort to delegitimize.
I actually have a weird point of view on this.
I actually think that what's happening is essentially
I think
The moment he's about to go up to 270, they block it with Biden way ahead of him to create the perception so that when Trump, with proof, shows the fraud, takes the fraud away from them in a tug of war, they go totally crazy.
Yeah, there's a reason all the cities are boarded up and it's not for our people.
We've got Stop the Steal is happening right now.
All the influencers, all the MAGA influencers are coming together and getting along.
Everybody's coming together and showing up in all the different contested states around the country and bringing huge crowds with them that demand a clean election.
And nobody's hurting anybody.
Nobody's lighting anything on fire.
Nobody's doing that.
The boarded up windows and stores are because of what's going to happen next.
I think that that's what they're anticipating.
Does your dad, who I guess envisioned and predicted all this, because I saw the documentary about him years ago.
It's amazing.
It's just called Milius.
We're good to go.
Even in the last year, it's had this total nostalgic resurgence because people feel like 2020, we're living in red dawn.
We're fighting for our country down to like tooth and nail.
I mean, I think a lot of people in their minds when they envision the future and they're like, see the direction things are going, they imagine a kind of 2020 red dawn scenario.
I think it's very, I mean, it's prescient, of course, if you're living in
And you know what's weird?
That jacket, back it up two seconds.
I'm not into memorabilia.
I was given that very jacket right there.
We'll bring in our next segment.
So it's like weird synchronicity.
It's synchronicity.
I mean, you were a huge part of why I left Hollywood.
I was listening to Infowars all the time and I left and I went and I volunteered in 2016 in Nevada, which by the way, Nevada is a huge battleground for us right now.
Nevada is where everything's happening.
And I ended up leaving Hollywood completely and joining the Trump administration, working at the State Department.
How proud is your family of you?
They're pretty happy.
You've already been successful in Hollywood.
I admire the fact that you cut bait with those guys.
I did, because who could possibly survive?
I mean, I would never go back to Los Angeles.
We've got to build the wall.
So you escaped early.
You were smart.
Yeah, I got out in 2016.
Was it women's intuition?
It's women's intuition and a lot of info wars.
But that's my point in saying that is that there's a reason that they're so afraid of you and that they were so hell-bent on silencing you, pulling you off as many social media platforms as possible.
You and people that motivate other people.
You know why?
Because of this moment we're in right now.
Because it's motivating.
And my whole life has been, since I was politically aware, 30 years, building to this point.
Yes, that's right.
And all of us now.
We are now in the zeitgeist.
We're in the fulcrum.
This is the day.
This is why I kind of can't even believe it's the synchronicity of being on with you today, because this is the moment.
Because you couldn't, you were going to come a few weeks ago when the film first came out.
Couldn't, and now it's the perfect timing.
It's literally perfect timing.
I was in Texas for an election thing, and here we are.
So, I mean, it's very interesting that all of the people who could bring the biggest crowds, who on the right, the people who could motivate the MAGA community, those are the people that the censors and the tech giants went after first, and now we see why.
A lot of people have told me, you're going on InfoWars tomorrow, there's a lot of messages we need to get out to people.
For example, people need to get their friends and their like-mindeds on alternative social media platforms.
Let's talk about how we fight back.
The crackdown is going to be hard.
In 1984, there was a film countering a future 1984 system with a Maoist-Stalinist takeover in America.
And that was her father who came out with the film, John Millis.
And she's here with us, Amanda Milius, right now.
Let's go ahead and play a clip from that famous film where we now see China backing a political takeover by stealing an election.
Something they couldn't do militarily, they're doing through economic and cultural and political fraud.
That's right.
Could you find my dad, Tom Eckert?
I'm Jet.
This is the man he used to watch CNN.
We joked around, man.
Admit they want this for America.
You know Morris Market?
I know the highway.
Can you see if Mr. Morris is in there too?
I'll look around for him too.
Sorry, I'd like to stand.
Don't talk, don't say anything.
Let me look at you.
Yeah, I knew I was right.
I knew it.
You're alive.
I was tough on both of you.
I did things that made you... that made you hate me sometimes.
But you understand now, don't you?
What happened, Dad?
Why are you here?
What'd they do?
Doesn't matter.
One way or another...
For one reason or another, we're all gone.
It's all gone.
Remember... Remember when you used to go in the park and play?
And I used to put you on the swings?
And both of you were... so damn little, got...
I remember.
I remember all of it.
Well, I ain't gonna be around to pick you up when you fall now.
Both of you gotta take care of each other now.
We'll never see you again, Dad.
Yes, you will.
I don't want to hear that, Matty.
What happened to Mom, Dad?
Where is she?
I can't afford to be crying anymore now.
I don't want either one of you to ever cry for me again.
Don't ever do it.
Not as long as you live.
Where's Phi Debs, Director?
I don't know, son.
Go get going now.
Get out before they find you.
I love you.
I know you do, son.
I love you, too.
Avenge me!
Avenge me!
Come on, Tony.
Now that's a dystopic vision of John Milius, your incredibly patriotic father.
I mean, is there anybody more right-wing?
I mean, Tom Selleck was kind of halfway.
I mean, he's one of the only guys that was ever patriotic in modern history in Hollywood.
And you know, I think he, it was a different time.
I mean, people always, there was a lot of tension between his politics and mainstream Hollywood, obviously, but he still made movies.
These days, none of those movies would be made because he would have been completely canceled.
I mean, frankly, he was pretty canceled after Red Dawn.
Guys, pull up some photos of John Milius with guns and Schwarzenegger and Clint Eastwood.
They're amazing photos.
I mean, I am a fan of your dad.
I am a big fan.
I can't wait to get you guys together because it's going to be like the singularity.
It's literally going to be like the same guy in the mirror.
He loves you.
He loves you.
Anytime we get in the car, he wants to listen to you.
But all the stuff he wrote, Dirty Harry, all of it.
Just a great patriot.
Yes, absolutely.
I mean, in recent years, what you realize is that all of these amazing movies that have motivated so many people, again, it's the motivation factor.
So many people said that they joined the armed forces because of a movie that my dad made.
Or, you know, that that turned them on to politics or whatever it was.
And that's what they want to do.
They want to silence anybody that's good at communicating with America and with that Americana spirit.
They're scared of that power.
Because that's an alternate system of their globalist system.
Yeah, and he was the one, when I was a kid, I watched the Chinese takeover of Hollywood.
And probably that'll have something to do with the next documentary that I do after Plot Against the President kind of runs its course.
But the China influence I saw, because you know, he was trying to make Genghis Khan, which is this amazing script that he has, for years.
And I watched them having to have meetings.
This is a long, long time ago.
By the way, it's now admitted that they make U.S.
films about Genghis Khan.
Right, they have a system, they have rules about how you portray the Genghis Khan story in China.
And he was just, I remember him walking out of a meeting and just be like, I've never taken notes on a script.
So that was going on how long ago?
I mean, this had, when I was a kid, this was a long time ago.
China has been infiltrating Hollywood for a very long time.
So this is 20 years ago?
I mean, 20 years.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
It's, it's, it was a long time ago, we don't say.
But it was, that's classified.
But, but it was a long time ago.
But no, it's a, it's a really serious problem.
And now we see why.
I mean, this moment today, the day we're in right now, is the reason that they have silenced
I guess that must have already been going on.
How did your dad come up with all that?
I mean, I think maybe he was being a conservative in ultra-left L.A.
and that sort of, you know, I mean, L.A.
does actually weirdly breed some really tough conservatives.
You know, you've got Steve Bannon, Brentwood, very close to my dad, Stephen Miller.
I came from there.
Andrew Breitbart was stomping around a block from my high school.
So when you're in a stew of commies, it wakes you up?
Yeah, and you're tough.
You're used to fighting.
Like, you're not going to back down.
Like, when I went to go work in the Trump administration with a bunch of bureaucrats, you know, as one of the only politicals in an office filled with 400 deep-saters, it doesn't scare me, it doesn't bother me, because I'm used to being in Los Angeles, and you're like, okay, well, we're just going to fight this out.
I'm just right back in the same enemy swamp.
Right, exactly, except these ones are less glamorous.
Amanda Milius, you're on fire.
The plot against the president is the film.
Number one on Amazon.
We'll be right back.
And we've got Ali Alexander leading the rebellion.
Amanda Milius, an amazing State Department Patriot filmmaker, has the new big hit film out, The Plot Against the President.
She said, you know, the allegory is a roller coaster.
And we just went over the top.
So you can introduce him better than I can.
I love Ali Alexander.
He's been on fire a long time.
But you were talking about how he just suddenly brought all this together.
And reached out as a catalyst.
He, months ago, was saying stop, still getting it ready, but he is an example to others.
He just reached out, got a bunch of key people together, and now this is a super viral movement.
Well, what's crazy is, from what I understand, and Ali can explain it the best himself, but we were all hanging out in Dallas doing the election event that he put together, and I flew out, and I just heard the story from these guys because we were all hanging out together.
The next day, everybody didn't know what to do, and all of a sudden, all of the MAGA influencers, and remember,
On the right, we all argue amongst ourselves.
Everybody's got ego, whatever.
All of a sudden, that disappears.
All the disparate factions.
Total unification.
They're all calling Ali.
They're all calling Ali, and the stop the steal comes off the ground.
So tell us about Ali.
We love you, brother.
Love you guys, too.
I mean, two friends.
It's an honor to be here for a short segment.
Yeah, I know you've been too busy to come on.
I'm glad you're general up there on the front lines of the fight.
But she said, man, you gotta get Ali on because you're able to go on now.
Tell us what's happening.
Tell us the latest.
And thank God Trump's not conceding.
Clearly, they're catching him red-handed in fraud.
China's involved.
This is insane.
We are catching them red-handed.
Look, Alex, there are people organizing everywhere, but like Amanda said, there's an ego death going on.
I had walk-aways.
Walk-away Brandon Schraka contacted me.
Scott Pressler contacted me.
Mike Cernovich was in Phoenix last night.
Jack Pasopic is in.
We're good.
So, in Philly, they're keeping out the Republican lawyers that have a court order to be in there and monitor.
In Maricopa County, Arizona, they stopped counting because 200 peaceful protesters showed up outside the tabulation center.
In Fulton County, where we only had 25 people but three local news stations last night just to plant a flag, today they have closed down that entire parking garage where people were peacefully assembling.
The Democrats are responding because they want to hide.
They're ballot rigging, they're ballot counting rigging from the people, but we're not going to let them.
This is totally transparent.
They're losing.
All the states they win go, no problems.
The ones they're losing, they shut down and they're caught shipping ballots in, in Philadelphia, in Detroit.
I mean, they've really, I think they've jumped the shark.
What are they going to do when it comes out Trump won?
Or how do they run a scam and have, say, Nevada announce that Trump wins and then put him over the top?
What are you thinking, Ollie?
Well look, I think that we are going to secure Arizona.
Arizona is our path to victory.
Unfortunately, even winning Nevada wouldn't put us over the top.
That puts us at 265 or 266.
We have to win Pennsylvania.
And look, I know it's not popular.
The Republican Party doesn't want me to say this.
But we need a re-vote in Wisconsin, and we need a re-vote in Michigan.
The fraud is so wrought there, and we are going to get a recount in Wisconsin.
But here's what I'm afraid of, Alex.
I think the Democrats have baited us into a rigged recount.
So the Republicans cannot get in the mindset that these people have not game-theoried out our destruction.
I believe that they have.
It's all very choreographed.
I agree.
So I think we just call for a new election.
And I'm saying, okay, but we're not going to have the COVID fake ballots and now we know what to look for.
Exactly, exactly.
I mean, the same day registration bump in Wisconsin and parts of these other states, it's in Nevada, are 200%.
I mean, it's insane.
It's never happened in political history.
They find 20,000 plus ballots.
Everyone's for Biden.
That's impossible.
And in other countries, when an election is clearly fraudulent, they redo it.
And you know what?
We, as the United States, usually calls them out for it.
That's the funny thing.
Having just spent four years in the State Department, where one of the things we're constantly harping on is the free and fair elections of whatever, you know, third world hellhole they're paying attention to that day.
And then look what they're doing in our own country.
Look what these people are doing in our own country.
That's, again, tying it back to Plot Against the President.
One of the reasons I made the movie is because these people that want to be our overlords, that are so obsessed with this
This info and all the thought policing that they like to do.
Those institutions.
Oh, Trump's bad for our institutions.
Those institutions are bad for our institutions.
Nobody has hurt our national security infrastructure more than our intelligence community.
Because these are bureaucrats that sold America out.
That's right.
And I've seen it up close.
And you were right about everything.
I'm sure you're getting sick of hearing that this week, but I bet a lot of people are calling you and saying, Alex Jones, you were right about everything.
Well I wish I wasn't around about it.
I'd love to be wrong about this.
Because you know what's going to happen if they get in power?
They're going to have a scorched earth policy.
Oh yeah.
That's why Biden's like, I want to be friends when I get in.
That tells you they're coming after everybody.
Well thank God for patriots like Ali Alexander and you.
Everybody's been warned.
Now we know what to do.
We're finally, I mean like I said, it was just an amazing thing to see.
All of these patriots, everybody turned to Ali.
I don't
Listeners that want to get behind what you're doing and others are doing.
Do you notice Trump's sitting back?
I'm like, where is Trump?
I think he understands.
Let the people do it.
It's up to us now.
He's fought.
I think he actually should be doing White House addresses and stuff.
But for whatever reason, he's sitting back making it about the people.
We the people.
So what are your ideas?
What should we do?
Well look, we're in Arizona, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia, Nevada, and then tomorrow we'll be in North Carolina.
If you're in and around any of these states, you have to go to StopTheSteal.us and find the address and show up.
Take time off of work, get a hotel, find a friend, text everyone.
The thing that these bureaucrats hate the most that rig elections is sunlight and it will stop them in their tracks.
We did this in Florida in 2018 while the Republican Party lost Arizona, they lost Orange County, we almost lost Georgia due to some fraud there.
So what we have to do is we have to physically show up or the Republic's over.
The second thing that people can do is that they can voice their support for President Trump.
I think that President Trump is waiting to see if tens of thousands will take to the streets and then he can direct his DOJ to actually go into where they're counting the elections and monitor them.
And by the way, you said that two days ago.
Trump is now sending in armed DHS.
I mean, listen, this is crime and the fact that Chinese communists are involved means it's espionage.
Take the freaking gloves off, man.
I'm not going to be run by the Chi-Cons.
Take the gloves off!
We know that that little Chinese spy center, that big ol' Chinese spy center in Houston, was actually printing fake IDs for people.
Fake IDs out of Houston.
Let me bring that up.
What about the intel that somehow DHS tracked some ballots and that's about to come out and you see Chicoms bringing ballots in in Michigan?
This is ridiculous.
It's so systemic, Alex, that they found about 10 different ways to cheat, and it's all in Democrat governors or Democrat-run counties.
Notice that Republicans control more counties in the United States than Democrats.
We never seem to have these problems in Republican counties.
The public has to be made aware of the math behind- It's because Christians and conservatives, we don't break the rules.
But at a certain point, I mean, we'll start breaking some skulls here.
Well we certainly need to use the full weight of the federal government and what we gotta do is we the people have to say, you have a mandate to do that.
President Trump got more votes than any candidate in American history.
The idea, just visualize this, go to your child and ask him, do you think that Joe Biden would be the top vote getter in American history?
Nobody believes that.
And so we know that it's rigged.
They just had a plus-one system rigged in every Republican ballot that came in.
They found a dead person.
They found a COVID ballot.
Somebody did a mail-in ballot and then voted in on Election Day, too.
They rigged the election.
There's nobody who's going to believe that Joe Biden is the most popular politician in American history.
I agree with you, so in closing, and join us again tonight if you can, or whenever you are live on the street, we're live up to date at 9.
What are they gonna, if they even install Biden, no one's gonna buy it.
This is, any way you slice it, the deep state has jumped the shark.
I think they have jumped the shark.
And guess what?
God will deliver us our enemies.
These people full of pride act foolishly.
And I got to tell you, we're optimistic.
And I'll just tell your listeners, probably shouldn't say this, but I'll tell people, we're a lot more optimistic than we're all letting on.
And so there's a path to victory.
There's probably two paths to victory, maybe two and a half.
We can win this if the people will take to the streets and show up.
If they don't, there's no more republic.
It's really that simple.
It really is.
We'll be right back.
Amanda Milius is our guest.
She's got the new Plot Against the President film out, number one on Amazon, PATPMovie.com.
And her dad is one of my... I mean, I love Stanley Kubrick, and then I love your dad, John Milius.
And I just love all the movies.
I'm like, wow, he made that movie?
He made that movie?
I mean, I knew who he was, and I saw a documentary a few years before I ran into you in D.C.
But you were telling us some amazing inside baseball.
Again, Alex Jones Show, we just tuned in.
Foreign powers are trying to take over.
Giant election fraud.
We're discovering the fraud.
They're getting caught everywhere.
As you said, then as Trump challenges it, they're going to claim that he's trying to steal the election when he's only challenging their takeover.
Then they're going to activate their terror squads.
We'll talk about that in a moment, but you were telling
Some incredible State Department info.
You got appointed by Trump, because of your background, filmmaking, and all the rest of it, into the State Department.
You were there with Obama's stay-behind networks.
The headline at Zero Hedge breaks it down.
Obama signs executive order creating domestic propaganda group.
They also described it as a
Ministry of Truth, there's one of the headlines, Obama quietly signs into law the Countering Disinformation and Propaganda Act.
That's their favorite thing.
You were inside it.
Tell people what you witnessed the last four years.
Well it's totally Orwellian because what you have is every time you've got a government program that has anything to do with countering disinfo or stopping disinfo, you might as well just change the word to promoting disinfo because that's what they're actually doing.
Really what it is is a silencing operation and I can't tell you how many times I would get invited to these ridiculous things
Thank you.
How do we, can we automate that?
Does anybody have an idea how to automate that?
I mean, they're literally sitting there going back and forth figuring out how to automate silencing American citizens.
And they would bring people up like Jack Pasovic or Mike Cernovich, and I'm sitting in the room and I'd be like, those are my friends.
Those aren't bots.
Those are real people.
I've met those people.
And they, and your name came up, InfoWars came up over and over again.
I mean, there was an absolute interest in silencing people.
That's the government saying they want to silence people.
Yeah, it's think tanks and then those people are, it's a revolving door with think tanks and the government.
That's the other thing that I mean.
And then they have those congressional hearings where they say, we want to silence the American people.
And then Trump, that's one of his failings.
Why didn't he do more to stop the censorship?
I mean, because I think if you could see what kind of uphill battle it was.
Everything he does, they obstruct.
That's right.
You have to remember, it's not just fighting the Democrats.
The Trump administration was an outsider to the Republican establishment as well.
So we're fighting everything.
We need a second term because we need our first term.
And that's why they're so desperate.
That's why they're doing this.
What would Trump do if he got another term?
I can imagine we would have, the fact that we have as many wins as we have, that there's no new wars, the amazing things they've done on foreign policy, the immigration, we're not even talking about immigration in this election.
We're not even talking about it.
It's like, the wins that we've had against all odds, that they've had, I mean, I'm not in the administration anymore, but it's an amazing, amazing thing.
And I mean, they're so afraid of what would happen in a second term.
We have to, we have to stay strong.
We have to stay positive.
Well that's my point, is that I'm not going to go all Wolverine here.
We actually have the original Wolverine from Red Dawn that your dad produced and directed.
I'm so excited!
I can't believe you have this!
We gotta compare props.
I was given this by one of the cast, but before this he was all sober.
Charlie Sheen, got a letter from him in there.
We've got it hanging up on the wall in there.
The point is, just crazy.
Is the word serendipity or serendipity?
Synchronicity, yeah.
It is.
It's total synchronicity.
I should have worn my Russian general's hat, except they'd find a photo of me in it, and I'd be in a camp by the end of the day.
But no, it's absolute synchronicity.
And, you know, like I said, I mean, you inspired a lot of people, and I remember when I was volunteering in Nevada, you'd get
Let's talk about what happens if they are able to remove Trump.
Imagine the nightmare agenda, the things they've said.
Truth and Reconciliation Commissions.
They'll never let us have another election again.
That's the thing.
I remember sitting there in 2016 thinking, you know what, if we win, that means we really do still have elections in this country.
And I didn't know.
In 2016, I was like, well, we either do or we don't.
I guess we'll find out.
And the fact that we did, it was such an amazing, affirming moment.
Trump sucker-punched them because they were so arrogant.
This time they're not, and they'll bring back COVID to lock things down.
We'll be like Venezuela.
We'll never have another real election again.
You are damn right.
They're going to arrest their opposition.
They're all over the TV saying we're going to arrest their opposition.
And that's the point of the film that we make, actually.
At the end, we talk about how the reason this matters, whether you like Trump, you don't like Trump, you're Republican or Democrat, the reason that the film really matters and that people understand that this lie of Russiagate happened.
I mean, a lot of people are sitting there and they're like, I've heard about Russiagate, I watch InfoWars, I know what happened, I'm pretty well-read on the issue.
There's things you don't know.
Seeing it all in chronological order...
It's that same apparatus as the enemy.
It's not just the Russia story.
It's knowing about this dug-in, entitled bureaucrats that Trump talks about the middlemen.
Trump's like, well, China's not even that bad.
He learned that on the drug deals, it's middlemen making most of the money ripping us off.
And it's our intel communities.
It's the intel community and the overreaching FBI.
I mean, look at what happened to Roger Stone.
I mean, we go through all of the abuses that happened in this film.
And like I said, the main point is that that's not American.
Whatever you think about the president, that's not American.
That's how third world countries deal with their problems, is they arrest their enemies, they spy on their political enemies, their political opposition.
That is not what we do in the United States.
What they've done to General Flynn is something out of a third world country.
We're good to go.
Them stealing it from Trump and doing all this will actually hurt them more, I think, in the future, but they just can't help themselves.
Well, that's what this is.
This is an info war.
What we're in today, and this whole election, and the way that Fox News called Arizona, and then any state that Trump is obviously going to get, they just delay and delay and delay.
That's an info war.
That's an information operation.
That's meant to make both sides feel something very specific.
They're very good at this.
I gotta say, the Deep State, whatever you want to call it, the whole thing with COVID, the whole Russiagate hoax, all of it is very, very well done.
It is done to make people not pay attention and to have the feelings that they want to have.
Oh yeah, I mean, they put us into martial law on a hoax.
I mean, there's a real virus, not as bad as the flu, and all the fake numbers, everything.
I mean, they showed us.
What else might they try if Trump beats this fraud?
I'm kind of concerned, like, they're going to up the ante.
They're going to up the ante and we're in it right now.
They're going to try and say that he's the one that was stealing the election when it was really them.
One thing that they're going to do that I mean to tell everybody, which I was speaking about a little bit, which is everybody needs to find alternate methods to get your information.
Make sure that you're signed up for email lists like InfoWars and also with your friends, make group chats on Signal.
That's right, we've got to migrate over to a backup because we're already in the total lockdown.
Everybody's being blocked.
Everybody's being censored.
Wait till the next few days.
We don't, they could literally kick, as we've seen, they could kick all of the Patriots off Twitter and off of all of the platforms and we'd have no way of communicating.
People need to get ready now.
They need to, I mean, you know who said it as well, which is crazy because of what happened, I don't know what happened to him this year, but that amazing episode you had with Matt Drudge where he said, do not get locked in their internet ghettos.
That was very, uh, that was very pressing.
What happened to Drudge?
You tell me, you know him.
Everybody thinks he was kidnapped and there's somebody else in place because this is very bizarre, his behavior this year.
It's very weird.
It's not helpful is what it is, but whatever his game is, I'm not super into it.
But anyway, people need to- Well, I'm not into it either.
I mean, was he blackmailed?
Was he kidnapped?
I mean, they're willing to do anything.
No, I think he was at the White House some.
They didn't listen to him.
He saw some of the trails.
He got really pissed.
They weren't standing up against censorship.
Steve Bannon through the grapevine told me that CNN leased it.
That's what it seems like.
That's totally what it seems like.
But then I was like, okay, I don't believe Steve Bannon because of what Roger Stone said.
I'm not going to get in the middle of it.
I think Steve overall is a good guy.
I don't want to be mad at him.
I don't want to have fights with people.
I'm not trying to be a Washington guy.
I don't care.
I don't know.
Drudge put us over the top.
He saved us in so many ways.
I love Drudge.
I really admire him.
He's a great guy.
I'm a super loyal person.
But I'm also loyal to my family and the Chi-Com element coming into this now.
But yeah, people need to get ready and to be prepared for people to be kicked off.
Follow people on their own websites.
Don't be prepared to just watch everybody on your favorite social media platform.
I also got to tell people you got to watch this movie.
You think you know Russiagate?
You think you know what happened?
Going into what we're about to go into right now, the end of this election, you've got to be prepared for what they're going to do.
Prepare yourself.
Because they're using information warfare systems on us.
This is what it is.
It's information warfare.
Because Trump never got rid of the stay-behind networks.
He tried to put folks... You can't.
You've got to change the law.
I mean, we're... Hold on, let's talk about that.
Amanda Milius is our guest.
I'm Alex Jones.
Amanda Milius is our guest.
She's an amazing lady.
Been working at the State Department, made an amazing film.
I've seen it.
And you know all this stuff, but you don't.
You should share the film with others that are not aware.
The Plot Against the President, PATPMovie.com.
This is a short segment, long segment coming up.
I'm glad you came into Austin.
You're about to be off to these wars, these battles on the ground.
This is just, it shows the arrogance of these people that they're actually trying to execute this and do this.
What do you think is going to happen if they are able to fraudulently remove Trump?
What are they going to go for?
I've been saying to my friends, I just hope we all go to the same re-education camp so that I can hang out with them.
I don't want to be by myself, but no.
I mean, we make jokes, but they were trying to do it while Trump was in office.
Hillary said we need camps for men, and now they're saying we need prison reconciliation.
That's a camp.
I mean, the free speech, that's out the door, and with that goes the whole country.
We just found out right now, as we were talking about the Stop the Steal movement that's been taking off in the last two days for Mali, that 350,000 people overnight had signed up for their Facebook group, and just now Facebook has deleted it, which is insane.
That is huge news.
So the Stop the Steal gets organized for citizens to protest and say, we believe there's election fraud.
There's overwhelming evidence.
They'll let the left organize on there, but they will not let the conservatives.
That's election meddling.
Yeah, and they do this on everything.
And we're so used to it.
Like when we put the movie out, Amazon held it for 12 days for what they called an extended content review.
They didn't release the movie on Amazon until a Hollywood reporter wrote a story about them blocking us.
And then magically that day it goes out and it becomes
In three days, it became the number one documentary on Amazon.
But see, that's their ignorance.
It's not that I'm that good on air.
They try to censor me, so when I go on Joe Rogan, it's the biggest podcast you've ever done.
That's exactly right.
So they don't get the Streisand effect, but they do.
They believe they have a singularity of censorship and finally shut everything down with their AI that finally it's going to work.
That's the problem.
That's what's gonna happen, is it'll finally work.
Right now, it's human-based, so we're all, all of the people, the patriots that are interested in seeing the movie, watching your show, doing, uh, you know, naturally finding the truth, because it's like water, you know, the truth comes out.
Um, once it's all machine-driven, we're gonna be, we're gonna be in trouble.
And that's why we've got to keep jumping in front of live news cameras.
In fact, cue up that fella that we played yesterday.
Go ask Dewey.
He has a clip.
We'll play it next segment.
Where he's the same guy that said Bill Clinton's a rapist and triggered it all over the country, one of our listeners.
I forget his name.
I had it here last night.
He just jumps up in Phoenix on the TV and says, it's a fraud!
It's a scam!
And now that's chain reactioning.
They want to keep us online.
So we don't think about third dimension, but if we just hit the third dimension and then take over their feeds, we can stop them.
That's why it's so important to meet up with these groups, because you know what?
It's taking it out of the online sphere and into in-person, and that is part of what they're afraid of, because we can see the numbers.
You can see people.
Antifa's supposed to be the intimidation.
We'll shoot you.
We'll stab you.
But it's not intimidating.
It's like when Hitler was bombing London.
Most Brits were against the war, because they had World War I, but once Hitler bombed them, over 95% said, let's go to war!
You want to fight?
Hitler thought, I bomb you, you're going to roll over.
What was he thinking?
Well, it is similar to that, because you know, it's pissing off normal people, where you can't take your family and go out to eat in Washington, D.C., in a lot of these liberal cities, because
You're going to get attacked by some crowd of people walking by, sitting at your table and throwing your drink on you because BLM is coming through.
I mean, that's not getting anybody, that's not getting any hearts of kind.
They're just randomly attacking people.
In fact, put that banner back up.
Antifa says they want revenge for imperialist wars.
Trump's ending them!
Oh, that drives me so nuts.
When you talk to the, you're like, what happened to the anti-war faction of the left?
All of a sudden, they're totally pro Hillary Clinton and the Bidens.
Obama had the exact same foreign policy, by the way, as the Bushes.
That's the thing that, and we, on our side, we need to do better at explaining that.
Because the fact that we haven't started any new wars and the president is against extending these forever wars, that's why they're really at him.
Because that's what's funding the machine.
I know your listeners know that, but it's so true.
That's what's funding their whole machine.
No, no, no.
Our listeners know it, but they need to tell other people.
And I'm not bitching at the listeners.
I'm bitching at myself.
We all need to have maximum effort right now, get past the normalcy bias.
We are not in a normal position.
We are in the attempt at overthrow of our country.
Well, Amanda Milius is with us, and I'm a big fan of her.
Got to have dinner with her, hang out a few times in, you know, D.C.
Huge fan of her dad, John Milius.
Dirty Harry, Conan the Barbarian.
Red Dawn.
Red Dawn.
I mean, the list goes on and on.
Another great patriot.
One of the only conservatives in Hollywood.
Probably the most effective and prominent.
The others just kind of like halfway are.
He was very strong, very intense.
And the left tried to censor his original Conan the Barbarian.
That's right.
And he had, they had to create a new rating for Red Dawn.
They created the PG-13 rating for it because they said it was so violent.
And now you watch it and it's like, it's not even, it's like for kids.
It's not even, it's not even that violent.
Um, but yeah, no, they, he's, he, you know, I mean, he used to bring a gun to meetings with these, uh, freaked out leftist executives and, uh, they'd try to mess around with his films and he would just put it on the table.
You wouldn't do anything with it, but he would just put it on the table, and he would just be like, okay, what are the notes you have on the script?
And, I mean, who does that?
Your dad sounds like a fun guy to hang out with.
Yeah, you guys would be outrageous together.
And I guess your dad's quite the ladies' man too, right?
I mean, I suppose.
This is something we've been, yeah, he's, uh, I mean, he's like, you know, there's not that many masculine guys in the 70s, 80s.
Yeah, he's so alpha that that's, I was making a joke with Gavin McGinnis.
Gavin McGinnis had me on and he said the nicest thing I've ever heard anyone's ever said to me, which is that, um, he couldn't believe that my movie was made by a girl.
And I was like, that's the best thing I've ever heard.
And I was like, no, it's just because my dad is so alpha that even his daughter can make good movies.
Well, let's talk about that.
You got all the top people in your film.
Well, it's focused on the people who discovered the actual lie of Russiagate, which is Devin Nunes and his team, a very important guy named Kash Patel, Jack Langer.
And then we also have Rick Grinnell, Don Jr., Kimberly Guilfoyle, Jim Jordan, Matt Gaetz.
Seb Gorka, Mike Cernovich, Jack Pasovic, John Solomon, all of the people who were right.
A lot of folks ask me, they're like, oh, well, it seems like it's got some really high-up government folks in it.
Why do you have so many of the MAGA influencers, like the Pasovics and the Cernovichs, who make the movie?
I mean, they're fantastic.
And it's because they were right.
And if it wasn't for them and people like you, we wouldn't know that the Russiagate story was a hoax, because the mainstream media was complicit in that.
They wouldn't have been able to pull off Russiagate or what they're doing right now if the mainstream media was not complicit in it.
That's the other thing I was meant to tell people today, which is do not listen to mainstream media.
I know your audience knows that, but oh my gosh, after what we saw with Fox declaring Arizona early and all of that, it's Fox, it's CNN, MSNBC, you can't trust any of them.
The only information that I'm going to believe is what I hear coming from the president himself.
Let me ask you this question because you are an insider for the patriot movement.
I was flipping out.
The day after the election, saying, okay, he gave a 3 a.m.
It was amazing.
I want to see him, Oval Office, addressing every fraud, fireside chat, graphs, showing it.
You know, gateway pundit, I think he's doing the best job overall, analysis and reports on video the best, but I don't care.
I just want to win.
He should be up there showing it, but then he's been dead silent for a day and a half, and then talking to the crew, they all separately, I went to different offices.
I respect people's actual view.
I say, because I was missing.
I'm like, where is he?
He needs to be up front attacking.
They go, he's waiting for the people to mobilize, and he's going to see what we do.
It's now up to us.
And I think that clicked.
Is that an accurate statement?
I mean, it sounds like it can't go wrong, so I'm going to say yes.
I feel the same way, and I ask myself the same questions.
I was losing it when Biden did his total info operation statement.
And he looked more rubber and fake than ever.
And here's the thing, that was so planned and rehearsed and timed because that campaign does not move sporadically.
The Trump campaign, they can move on a dime.
The president makes decisions, things happen, just, you know, I'm gonna make a speech, I'm gonna say this, I'm gonna tweet.
That Biden campaign, just like the Hillary campaign,
Nothing happened.
They had it set up for weeks.
That's what I'm saying.
They even had all the jeeps.
You're like, wait, it's only jeeps.
And it's all perfectly clean.
It was all scripted for months.
They even had like General Motors paying for it.
I gotta say, that was one of the creepiest moments of this whole election.
If we're just going to talk about vibes.
When I was watching the news play that the motorcade going to do that, I was like, this feels so
There's something going on here.
This feels very, very weird.
This is what it feels like to watch a coup take place in real time.
Well, here's the thing.
I don't have words to describe.
In fact, I feel guilty every millisecond, Amanda.
That I'm not like going, we're under attack!
It's a Chi-Com takeover, the death of the country!
Because we have a normalcy bias, it's just America and we're fighting the left.
Notice how they've escalated the attacks, killing police, taking over government, saying they hate America, all their scams, all their fraud, and we're like, kind of like a beaten woman or abused person that we're just kind of used to being slapped upside the head, and now we're getting punched, we're getting hit with metal bars, they're breaking our bones.
And that's what I'm saying.
If he won fair and square, I would say it.
It's naked fraud, we've caught him everywhere, and they're Chai Com-backed with foreign Indian troll farms.
So everything they said about Trump is what they've done.
I'm not accepting it.
Thank God Trump isn't, but this is going to be spectacular.
And I agree with the first thing you said when you got on.
Talk more about that.
They're really setting this up to say Trump's stealing the election.
That's what I have.
I mean, obviously, look, I don't know, but I but what I get this gut feeling is that this is the extension of the same coup.
It's the same people, same people behind it, the same playbook, which is I feel like it's possible that the reason that they're doing this is because they want to
They want to anger and outrage their side more than ours.
This crazy moment we're in right now isn't actually aimed at us.
It's aimed at them because they know that we're going to win.
That's right.
They want to enrage and defend this final commie battle.
We stole it.
They're going to say, oh, look what he did in the courts.
It was like Bush v. Gore or whatever, and they stole it on all these states.
You know what told me that?
When Fox did the Arizona call.
I was like, wow, they're in on it.
That is weird.
It makes no sense.
I predicted that the day before.
You did?
That's incredible.
No, no, no, no.
I know how they operate.
They want Fox to do it so it's not the Democrats.
That's what I'm saying.
And then afterwards, exactly, and then afterwards when they've got all their people burning down every single city, they're going to say even Fox said that it was, and Fox is on the side of the right, that left-right dichotomy and that they're always trying to like create for us even though we know it doesn't work.
It was always a fraud until Trump came because he was a populist taking over Republicans.
Yes, exactly.
And that's what they're going to use.
Even Republicans are saying that, you know, he lost the election.
That's what they're going to use.
And it's absolutely not the case.
The fact that Fox was in on it is... I mean, you could see the announcers.
Brett Baier was shocked.
I mean, he was sitting there going, what is going on?
Why did we call... Because Trump was ahead when they did it, right?
No, he wasn't ahead, but the margins... Basically, what you had was that all of the states that Trump was leading, and the margins were bigger, they were like, well, we're not going to... No, no, I know a delegate counts.
No, no, but in votes.
And then Arizona, it was completely likely that he would catch up and they were like, nope, called it for Biden.
And CNN hadn't even called it for Biden.
I mean, it was insane.
They still haven't called it.
What do they do if Trump defeats this?
We're on like a snail on a straight razor to quote Apocalypse Now right now in the heart of darkness.
What are they going to do when Trump wins?
They're going to burn everything down.
I mean, like I said, there's a reason that they're boarding up the cities.
I mean, they're going to do everything they can to drag this out as long as possible.
If Biden had won, they wouldn't be dragging it out.
They'd be saying, oh, it's a slam dunk.
Yeah, they would be counting as fast as they could.
This is being drug out because they want to drag it out as long as possible until they can figure out a way to inject as many fraudulent ballots, as many things as they can do to steal the election.
Well, my brother-in-law,
A couple days ago I was in Austin and there was a guy just filling out 50 ballots.
They were just accepting them and who knows whether they're being mailed.
And look at all the stuff that's showing.
I mean they're doing, videos are coming out like crazy now, which again is why we gotta make sure we're following people.
And Twitter and Facebook are banning them all.
They're gonna start banning everything.
I mean, in fact, actually, your producers just brought over the proof of what we were talking about a minute ago, which was that Facebook, this is from Ollie Alexander, that Facebook says they were 27,000, Ollie says they were 27,000 people strong, and that was in 36 hours, they had that many people for Stop the Steal, and Facebook just pulled it down.
Most people, they had 270,000 strong.
Let's talk about when we come back.
Yes, right, yeah.
And then now, boom, they're all disappeared.
Not allowing Americans to organize and demonstrate.
That's criminal censorship.
That's martial law.
That's Jeff Zuckerberg.
Both of them.
And Mark Zuckerberg.
Amanda Milius is our guest.
Filmmaker, formerly worked with the Trump State Department.
And we're showing footage in Atlanta, Georgia, where she's about to jump on an airplane and go next.
Where they've paid vans, the same vans, black and white vans driving circles in front of the news cameras to block citizens protesting to stop the steal.
And now the Democrats have had a press conference saying that Biden has narrowed the Georgia lead.
And they're stuffing more ballot boxes.
So, Amanda, this is a very scary moment.
We cannot let these criminals steal this election.
No, and like we've been saying, I mean, this is exactly what they want to do.
They want to send their people out to intimidate ours.
They claim that we're the ones doing the intimidating when we are citizens gathering and total grassroots.
I mean, completely organic.
People not knowing where to go and what to do the day after the election and everybody contacting Ali, stop this deal.
Just blowing up the next day, and then they're going to send these paid vans to circle and intimidate our citizen protesters.
It's classic.
What is the point of that?
It's hundreds of vans driving in circles.
I guess block them.
It's creepy.
I mean, to me, I don't... Look, it's all these white vans.
I know.
It looks like the white vans of the deep state coming to throw a bunch of... Oh, we're going to grab you.
That's what it makes me think about.
But it's really freaky.
It's really weird.
Yeah, show Alex Jones and Scanner Darkly, guys, getting grabbed in a van.
Yeah, exactly.
It's, uh, it's ridiculous.
I mean, well, I mean, that's, this is the thing.
They, they're not, of course, the, the media is not covering that.
They're not saying, oh, there's all these, uh, spontaneous protests showing up.
At least they did cover the Cernovich event in Arizona a little bit.
Cernovich got to Arizona in like, what, like a couple hours?
Like, he was like, I'm there, I'm going.
And he gathered all those people
I mean, that's what's happening right now is everybody's putting aside any kind of, you know, critiques of the administration or whatever's happening and they're just, they're just jumping in because this moment is everything.
And, you know, I mean... Well, I agree with you.
I mean, I'm kind of here in the nerve center trying to just get guests on and cover things, but I guess I should go somewhere.
Should it be, should it be Arizona?
Should it be...
Should it be Georgia?
Because they're going to try to steal Georgia.
I would say Georgia or Arizona.
I would say Georgia or Arizona.
Come with us.
Just jump in.
We've got a flight.
Just hop in.
Come with us.
We'll take the InfoWars armored car and we'll just cruise over to Georgia.
But no, I mean, this is really important.
Like people, the reason that, as I said before, I mean, you were the test run.
You have the power to motivate large groups of people to do things, you know?
I remember in 2016, everybody was gathering in the parking lots, handing out Hillary for Prison stickers, and it was, it was really, it was like a motivating force.
And I mean, that's the reason that they came after you first.
We were all screaming about it, saying if you kick off people like Alex Jones and Laura Loomer and all the people that are actually, you know, able to motivate the movement, this is why.
It's for today.
The reason they did it is because of today.
By the way, Laura didn't lose running that uphill battle.
She won.
And so we need to get her back in the field as well.
It's an absolute victory.
I mean, the Republicans had basically ceded that district.
I mean, she should get out and lead the march to one of these cities.
And here's an example, Ali Alexander.
270,000 in my eyesight is right.
People in just a day on Facebook saying we're going to organize, we're going to protest, we believe there's fraud.
That's total protected First Amendment.
Honored speech.
Facebook bans it.
That's election meddling right there.
Yeah, absolutely.
And you know, think about the amount of people that this time last election, we were able to see what they said every day on Instagram, on Twitter, on Facebook, on all these different things.
And think about how many are gone.
I mean, some of the most entertaining people in our movement, they're just gone off the internet, and that's what they wanted.
And that's why we were blessed to have AM and FM radio stations, TV stations, and hardcore listeners.
Go to Infowars.com forward slash newsletters, we can get right to them.
This desert of censorship expands.
These OACs are more important than ever.
That's why keeping him forward on the air is a platform where everybody wants to thank listeners for their support.
I've been so focused the last few days with the election.
We're losing money right now because I've not been plugging stuff, but that's okay.
This is a war.
This is not regular times.
No, and you predicted this.
Again, you can't say it enough.
You predicted it.
You were right.
You were absolutely right about it.
The Democrats said they were going to do this.
You just were the only one that would call it out.
Like, I don't know why Republicans are like, saying they're going to do this, and then Republicans wouldn't do anything.
They're like, oh, we're going to win, landslide.
No, it's unbelievable.
I don't know.
It drove me nuts because, you know, we saw a lot of this kind of corruption in 2016.
When I was a volunteer in Las Vegas, we saw cars parked in the middle of dirt parking lots filled with cartridges and ballots with the lights on and the doors open, just sitting there.
And our poll watchers would like find them or get in car chases to follow
Well, I mean, obviously.
I mean, this has been going on.
Biden has empty parking lots.
Trump has 100,000, 20,000, 40,000.
Obviously, it's a giant wall of fraud.
And that still wasn't enough.
And they're freaked out.
They wanted to announce victory on Tuesday night.
It didn't happen.
They're crapping their britches.
And what they're doing is a play.
We're watching a play.
They learned from the Gorebush.
They remember that, from the Gorebush fights.
Having him come out early like that and say, well, we're not going to say anything yet, but we think we can win this and blah, blah, blah.
Coming out first is a power move.
That's a strategic
Um, you know, communication move.
The other thing it reminds me of, and a lot of people forgot about this, remember in 2016 when Hillary didn't concede and Podesta came crawling out from behind the curtain?
And was like, everyone just relax, we'll have something to say to you people tomorrow.
Like that whole thing, that's what it reminded me of.
I'm like, when's Podesta coming crawling out of the rock?
And this time they just froze the states where Democrats control things.
Because they're about to lose power, and they're being promised, we're gonna get in, the Justice Department will protect you, and that's Trump's failing.
With Barr and all of them.
They never prosecuted any of these deep staters.
So they said, well let's try one more really big scam.
That's why they're doing this.
Because people, you know what it is?
People do what they get away with.
That's, again, why I made this movie, and why it's so important that people get held to account.
The plot against the President.
The plot against the President.
Available on Amazon.
It's free on Amazon Prime right now.
It's the number one documentary on Amazon.
It's shot to the... Their algorithm couldn't stop it.
Four and a half stars.
Believe me, they would like to.
And that's... And they, like I said, they held it for 12 days, which is unheard of.
Our distributor has over 350 different titles on Amazon.
Sure, sure.
It's another form of meddling.
But yeah, it's absolutely form of meddling.
They took our film, In Game, down.
It had been up there for years.
Had millions of views.
They just torched it.
Because they don't want people to see these kind of political movies.
They want them to see this total... Well, Endgame predicts everything they did 13 years ago.
All of your documentaries have been extremely predictive.
It's time to dust those off and get those out.
If we want to know what's about to happen in the next few days, I would say we need to be watching those too.
But again, that's the secret.
Everybody's like, how do you know this?
I've learned the Rockefellers and these people, they're not playing games, man.
No, they're not.
David Rockefeller wrote two articles in the New York Times in the 70s saying Mao Tse-Tung's wonderful, we want to bring this to America and we're going to do it.
Mao Tse-Tung killed 80 million people.
I mean, they're doing it.
And they want us to forget.
And also, you know, the Bushes are the ones that bridged, that brought China.
The thing we're suffering under now really can be traced back to the Bushes.
The Bushes brought China into the... It's a cancerous, parasitic, communist Chinese are given one-sided trade deals and are sucking off us, transferring our wealth.
And they're our biggest enemy.
I mean, this was the crazy thing when I was working at the State Department, where we were supposed to have the top experts in the country deciding our foreign policy, and they're sitting there chasing Russian collusion around like it's a real thing.
It's not real.
Meanwhile, China is eating our lunch, and they won't even call them our enemy.
I mean, it was, it was...
Amanda Milius, are you going to have time to go in the war room today?
Yeah, I'll come in the war room.
We're excited.
And you're off to Atlanta, Georgia.
Wow, you're awesome.
I love your energy.
Love your film.
Thank you so much for having me on.
We really appreciate you.
Watch Plot Against the President.
Leave It Reviews.
All right, we'll be back with Project Veritas James O'Keefe.
Stay with us.
The globalists are trying to censor what you can see and what you can share.
Don't let them win.
Go to our emergency election newsletter at InfoWars.com forward slash newsletter.
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InfoWars.com forward slash newsletter.
It's time to override the censors and get the truth out.
We are back live and I have great news for you.
These damn judiciaries, these leftist judiciaries, are overturning federal and state law, engaging in massive crime, breaking judge tosses out Trump lawsuits, seeking to stop ballot counting in Georgia after state officials keep finding new ballots.
And of course, they don't even hide, they're all for Biden.
100,000 here, 120,000 there, 20-something thousand here.
We just can't stand for this.
And by the way, if we put up with this,
There's no end.
Finally, Barr and the Justice Department have them all caught red-handed all over the country delivering ballots at 4 a.m.
They've got to indict them.
James O'Keefe joins us after he leaves.
We'll play his groundbreaking report we covered earlier of the post office whistleblower talking about how they're certifying ballots after election by postdating them and using that fraudulent federal seal to make them admissible.
This is next level.
And my brother-in-law
Was in a post office in Austin yesterday and saw somebody with 50 ballots mailing them around the country on the same signatures, taking photos as he did it, I guess, to get paid.
James O'Keefe, thank you during this desperate hour for joining us.
An incredible time to be alive here.
You've got the floor.
Please report to the people.
Hey, thank you, Alex.
This is a breaking in Michigan.
Yet last night, a United States Post worker, whistleblower in Traverse City, Michigan,
Detailed a directive from his superior, uh, from his supervisor that they're mitigating the two best dates for late mail-in ballots.
November 3rd, even though they were received on November 4th.
This is in violation of the law.
The appeals court ruled the ballots have to come in at eight o'clock, November 3rd, but he was informed to quote, separate them from the standard letter mail so they can hand stamp them with yesterday's date and put them through.
Alex, this is a postal worker, a whistleblower.
He interviewed me in the shadows.
I know his real name.
Our journalists are outside their office.
They're in Michigan.
The police showed up.
The inspector general of the post office called my lawyer late last night, White House counsel on it.
So they're investigating this, but people say that there's no fraud.
We're talking about backdating ballots, violations of the law.
They're in Michigan, Alex, which is a battleground state, and has been called for Biden.
That's right, and now they're closing in on Georgia.
We're going to play the video after you leave us, James O'Keefe.
I know you're in a cab driving, it's broken up some.
Kind of repeat what you just said for folks, the magnitude.
And I know you're always about the news and what you expose, but as a citizen, as an American, knowing they're trying to steal this election, knowing they've been caught, just as an American, what do you think other Americans should be doing right now?
I think they should be wearing cameras right now.
I think we need an army of whistleblowers.
This is a whistleblower in Michigan, a postal worker, who blew the whistle on the fact that we're backdating ballots to November 3rd, even though they're received after the election, which is against the law.
He blew the whistle.
We need a thousand people like him, Alex.
These are brave, salt-of-the-earth people who just go to work and do their jobs and are sick and tired.
I asked him, why did you do this?
Are you afraid of retaliation?
He said, I'm not afraid of retaliation.
I just want the people to know what's going on.
Eric Tost tips at ProtonMail.com.
If you're out there and you're seeing this fraud, let's tell your story.
We've got to get the truth out there today.
James, you've got your ear to the ground, and normally when I get you on, it's about the stories you're breaking.
I know you talk to the White House.
We have some connections, but why is Trump silent?
He gave a great speech Wednesday morning at, you know, 3 a.m., laid out the truth.
Biden's running around.
Is he waiting for citizens to rally, which is happening?
Where is Trump?
We should get an Oval Office address.
He should be playing Project Veritas videos and chronicling the fraud and explaining his case.
Where is Trump?
I don't know the answer to that, Alex.
I think a lot of people sit on the fence.
Everybody who is watching should be fighting this nonsense, not sitting on the sidelines.
I think, generally speaking, Republicans have been weak for decades and allow these things to happen.
They're afraid of being called names, being called racist, disenfranchising voters.
I mean, the media
I mean, you know, the media has so much power, although these videos have got to be about 10 million views, by the way.
But the media has this almost religious belief that fraud doesn't occur.
And it's an irrational belief that widespread fraud cannot exist.
And their orthodoxy prevents them from believing these visuals, these truths.
So I think people are afraid.
I don't know why Trump is not, you know,
Mentioning this video, but I do know the White House is aware of it.
The Inspector General is on it.
They're suing Michigan.
They're going to be launching more lawsuits.
But what we need today is more people at the polls, people who are poll watchers, people who handle ballots, to blow the whistle.
We need an army of whistleblowers.
I can't emphasize this enough.
Now is the time.
For you to do this.
Don't wait.
Our destiny, our future, our very birthright is being stolen.
In closing though, I'm going to play your clip when you leave.
The public's waking up to this.
I mean, you talk about evidence.
Fox News is like, where's the evidence of fraud?
They've got hundreds of thousands of ballots.
All of them are for Biden.
27,000 in Philadelphia, all for Biden.
They're catching them still getting new ballots in Georgia.
I mean, this is transparent.
They have caught them with their pants down.
Well, we need more evidence.
We just need more video.
That's all there is.
We just need more and more and more video.
Yes, they've caught it.
People aren't being prosecuted, at least not yet.
But right now, I know they're launching a lawsuit.
And again, it's mainly female lawyers in the middle of the night catching them sneaking ballots in.
I'm just saying, it's mainly women.
We need everybody staking out the main tabulation centers.
We need people sending
Tips to you guys that are working like Trojans, you know, just like around the clock, like Santa's elves, to get all this out at Project Veritas.
Again, give out that email one more time, James O'Keefe.
It's VeritasTips at ProtonMail.com.
That's V-E-R-I-T-A-S Tips at ProtonMail.com.
Wear a camera, be brave, do something.
The time is now.
I look forward to hearing from your audience.
All right.
Thank you so much, James O'Keefe.
We salute you.
Go with God.
Thank you.
Here is the report.
He's got hours of it, but here's just the synopsis.
We're going to come back and get into all the other breaking news.
I'm just punch drunk at this point.
This is insane.
America is literally fighting for its life.
This is bigger than World War II.
Tell us where you work.
I work in the Traverse City Post Office, more specifically the Barlow branch.
Your boss told you and your colleagues something that shocked you this morning.
What was it?
We were issued a directive this morning to collect any ballots we find in mailboxes, collection boxes, just outgoing mail in general, separate them at the end of the day so that they could hand stamp them with the previous day's date.
Today is November 4th, for clarification.
Jonathan would be a direct supervisor, yes.
As of right now, he is the opening supervisor for the Barlow Branch Post Office.
So I, and Mrs. Anne, a little carrier down in another office that we watch the postmaster doing it.
If it were just a typical day, it would be clerks doing it up at the distribution center.
So 8 p.m.
Election Day, November 3rd.
The Court of Appeals ruled ballots have to be received by that time.
And what were you told?
This appears to be an attempt to circumvent Michigan law and allow late votes.
And you said there was a hamper where letter carriers were supposed to leave their ballots.
Where are the ballots now?
They were putting them into express bags.
What made you come forward?
What is your message to other postal workers who see things like this?
How are we supposed to have any integrity in this country if we're just going to let things slide based on a scaling issue?
I've had whistleblower policies backfire on me in the past, so yes.
Hey, is this Jonathan?
Hey, I'm a reporter with Project Veritas, James O'Keefe here, and I have information that you guys have been stamping ballots with the previous date, November 3rd.
He just hung up the phone on me.
I feel like I'm at Los Isleys Spaceport, and I'm just deciding what airplane to get on and where I'm gonna go.
Because there's no way I can sit back while this is going on.
Should I go to Arizona?
Or should I go to Georgia?
Or should I go to Michigan?
God Almighty.
These courts, the same ones that said, remember Trump said, I'm blocking countries, seven countries where the Imams issue the visas.
And so, you're talking about some countries that barely have runways, like Somalia or Sudan, and then Durka Durka Mohammed Jihad, he gives you your passport, and then he flies over here and hijacks the plane, and Trump's like, this is over!
You don't work with our State Department, we don't know who you are, you don't come here!
It's in the Constitution!
A three-year-old could read it, know what it meant, they could read.
And it took Trump eight months for it to work through the federal courts before the Supreme Court said, yeah, of course the president under article such and such can control who comes into the country.
And so we're here with the same Democrat judges, judicial tyrants, blocking
Trump going, no, you're not going to fill out new ballots and stuff those in because we won Georgia.
It's a race to grab the power.
Judge tosses out Trump's lawsuit seeking to stop ballot counting in Georgia.
Member state officials keep finding new ballots.
Trump campaigned today, filed its third lawsuit today.
It just goes on from there.
It begins.
Democrat lawmakers call on Twitter to remove U.S.
President from the platform.
Because he's not giving speeches, which are 100 times more viral.
Where is the President?
We haven't seen him, unless I'm wrong.
Crew, you're watching as much as I do or more.
You've got a lot more eyeballs than I do.
I got two eyeballs, two eyeballs, four, six, eight, like 12, 14 eyeballs in there.
Has Trump been seen since 3.30 in the morning on Wednesday?
Just asking.
You know, we're talking 36 hours ago.
Has anybody seen the president?
Did the cookie monster eat him?
Oh, cookie!
I mean, where is the president?
Where is the president?
I've tried to, like, defend the president, and I love the president, and I think he overalls in a great job, but I mean, we're in the middle of the Alamo War here, and we ain't seen Colonel Travis in a day and a half.
We're in the middle of 1776, and where's George Washington?
What is the PSYOP there?
And you know they can't tie Trump down.
He loves to speak out.
Maybe I'm gonna get a jet airplane to fly me up to D.C.
That's where I need to be.
See, I'm ready to take action, but then I'm trying to like, I can't overanalyze this.
I have to, I have to go to my sleepy place.
That's the joke, the meme of that.
But I mean, I have to like,
I literally, I'll go take a 30-minute nap sometimes and go, what is the answer to something?
And I go to bed and then I'll have a dream of what to do.
I have to get dialed into my subconscious.
Little Alex Jones secret sauce there.
And I think I gotta sleep on this, even if it's 15 minutes.
I gotta have the engine turn off with in my mind, what do I do?
And I'll wake up with the answer.
Is it DC?
Is it Georgia?
Is it Arizona?
Is it Detroit?
But, I mean, I just can't sit here with this amount of history going down and do nothing.
I've got to take action.
Oh my God.
We have Matt Bracken, author, researcher, predicted all of this.
Former Navy SEAL, good patriot, good guy, great guy.
He's going to be hosting the fourth hour.
And then, Dr. Steve Machenik's on at four o'clock.
And, I mean, people like, we have Pachinko, and a lot of people like him, they're like, oh, who's this old guy?
It's like, he actually overthrew, the word is seven governments, he'll admit to three.
I mean, he ran psychological operations where he could trick the commies to kill who he wanted, but then not even get the blame for it.
He founded Delta Force, ran the Camp David Accords, and that was early in his career, and all this other crazy stuff.
And, you know, he said it's not gonna be allowed for the chi-coms over the country.
Well, he said it was gonna be allowed, that I'd be kicked off the internet.
And he's certainly right, there's big factions that are patriots inside U.S.
intelligence that did start all the big techs, but the big techs don't care.
They've jumped sides with the Chai Koms like Benedict Arnold.
So we'll get his take at 4 o'clock on the War Room.
He was going to be on yesterday and had to go away.
And so he's been off in whatever little place he's been down there.
That place they got in Florida, and we'll see what comes out of this and get his take from the ear to the ground.
He's definitely talking to all the big old snaky snakes in there.
But right now, I'm going to do this in the last four minutes of this segment because if I don't do this, we're going to go bankrupt.
Here's what's happened.
We've had millions of new listeners, obviously, every day during this election.
Huge audiences.
Millions and millions of extra views.
Massive folks tuned into the audio streams.
Undoubtedly, radio stations have top ratings.
That's great.
I don't care about ratings.
They took all my sponsors away.
I don't have sponsors.
The local networks and people do support them.
That's important.
I sell products to stay on air.
And, you know, the least of my problems is this, but then I think, well, if they don't talk about it, we won't be here.
They're shutting the whole web down.
They're killing our advertising.
We're under siege.
You must provision us.
Plus, we've got great products you already need.
But the amount of money I've been bringing in the last week, every day, down the road, won't cut the night.
And I'm not bitching.
I'm just saying that it's the craziest thing.
The bigger the audience, the less money we bring in.
So I'm just telling listeners, we've got products.
You need our air filtration.
You need our water filtration.
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You can't put money in anywhere that dollar for dollar will devastate the globalist.
And believe me, this is the real assault.
This is the real attack.
I'm glad all the waiting around's over, man.
It's like they told that Marine Corps General in Korea when they were surrounded by 5 million Chi-Coms.
They said, sir, we're surrounded.
He said, good, we can attack in all directions.
Stay with us.
If Bill Gates in the cheesy Star Wars universe was Emperor Palpatine, is Darth Vader, is Mark Zuckerberg.
I mean, he works for his foundation.
He's a front man the whole time at Microsoft.
Like IBM created Microsoft to get around antitrust.
Microsoft then created Facebook to get around it with the CIA.
There's the Breitbart article.
Half of Trump's Twitter and Facebook posts since Election Day flagged as misinformation.
Look at that smile.
It's so funny when we're sleeping.
But look at this report.
It's on InfoWars.com by Kellan McBreen.
Philly Steel.
Radical Democrat warns of coup against the President of the United States.
Here is the video.
My name is Brian McCaffrey.
I'm a registered Democrat in the city of Philadelphia.
Today, I'm at the Philadelphia Convention Center, and I am overseeing the ballot counters.
I will let you know the corruption that is going on here.
They will not allow us within 30 to 100 feet to supervise the ballots being counted.
This is a coup against the President of the United States of America, and I want to call out the mayor of Philadelphia, James Kenney.
The Attorney General, Josh Shapiro, who tweeted that there's no way Donald Trump can win President of the United States of America, and also the District Attorney of Philadelphia, Larry Krasner.
I can't believe what I'm seeing right before my eyes.
This has nothing to do with Joe Biden or Donald Trump.
This has to do with our democracy, and I will tell you, there is corruption at the highest level in the city of Philadelphia.
That's right, and we don't just have to believe him.
We know.
They just found 20-something thousand ballots that were all for Joe Biden.
I mean, again, if you found 20 all for Biden, it'd be suspicious.
100, you'd say impossible.
20-something thousand?
That was yesterday.
And you see Fox News, they're like, there's no evidence of fraud.
There's no evidence of fraud.
There's no fraud.
Look into my eyes.
It's like the snake in Jungle Book.
Go to sleep.
Let me eat you.
What an incredible time to be alive.
We've got Matt Bracken coming up, going to take over.
But this is sick.
This is evil.
And they keep counting all these new ballots that keep showing up in Georgia.
And now they're saying, Joe Biden!
The guy that fought Corn Pop.
Was it Corn Pop?
The guy that had roaches on his legs?
You know, not just smart white kids, you know, black kids can do good.
I mean, that guy that says he's his son, he's his grandma, he's his... Out of their minds, ladies and gentlemen, and all over the place as this comes out... All over the place as the fraud comes out, what does Facebook and Twitter and Google do?
They block it.
And I'm going to ask the question I've been asking since this show started three hours ago.
Where's Trump?
Where is Trump?
Where is Trump?
Where is Trump?
Where is Trump?
Where is Trump?
And look, they're blocking his tweets.
Look at it.
Some or all the content shared on this tweet is disputed and might be misleading about an election or other civic process.
I told you once they did the steal, they would start blocking him.
And now they're saying they're going to just completely block it all together when they announce Biden's the winner.
And here's Trump's failure.
I'll explain when we come back from break, because this is, this is, we need to learn from this war.
I'd give Trump a 30% chance we pull this out, prove the fraud.
But no, it's, it's, it's, it's, we're a judge nation.
Nobody came for those babies getting chopped up, 62 million of them.
Nobody came.
For all the kids getting kidnapped by the left, you know, putting torture rings.
And so we just had it good too long and God's sick of us not caring and not being involved.
And so God says, I'm going to burn you now.
I'm going to show you what it's like.
And let me tell you, they're going to have a depression, the likes of which you've never seen.
They're going to break you, they think.
But I think in that, you're going to find God again.
I know I am.
I know I'm a decadent slob as well.
At least I know I'm one.
We're gonna play this Tucker Carlson piece again and go right back to the intel straight ahead.
In a lot of ways, unfortunately, what happened last night could not have been worse for this country, for our children, for our grandchildren, for our future.
The outcome of our presidential election was seized from the hands of voters, where of course it rightly belongs, and now resides in the control of lawyers and courts and highly partisan, clearly corrupt big city bureaucrats.
So no matter what happens next, that is a tragedy.
Many Americans will never again accept the results of a presidential election.
That story is still unfolding tonight, obviously.
We're going to follow it as honestly as we can, wherever it leads.
We'll begin with that in just a minute.
But first, we want to acknowledge the good news.
And believe it or not, there is some good news, regardless of everything else that has happened.
And here it is.
America remains.
It's still here.
That's the first and most important thing.
And it's not a foregone conclusion.
We almost lost it.
Democrats told us they wanted to beat Donald Trump.
They spent more money than anyone ever has in any election in history to do that.
But there was a lot more going on.
Democrats didn't harness the full power of big tech and the billionaire class simply to make Joe Biden president.
What they really wanted was total control over everything.
No more democracy, no more dissent, permanent obedience from the rest of us.
And they came shockingly close to getting that.
If Democrats had won the White House and the Senate last night, the country as we know it would have ended.
Not because Democrats have bad ideas, though they do, but because Democrats plan to impose an entirely new system on our country.
Not an agenda, a system.
With nothing to check their power, the left fully intended to eliminate the traditional American balances within our government, along with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights that constrain their power.
We're not overstating this.
Joe Biden's party planned to turn our highest court into a partisan political weapon.
They admitted that.
They wrote magazine articles about how they planned to do it.
Then they planned to pack the Congress of the United States, a legislative branch, by adding new states to our union, purely for the Senate seats.
We're not speculating there either.
They admitted that too.
Then they planned to pack the electorate itself, the ultimate corruption in a democracy.
20 million foreign nationals added to our voter rolls overnight.
That was their agenda.
How would any of that improve the United States of America?
Well, they never claimed that it would.
Making this country better was never the point.
The point was to create a permanent democratic majority, a one-party state with complete control over the population.
Never in our history has any mainstream political party proposed an agenda more radical than this.
They didn't talk about it much.
There's a reason for that, of course.
They didn't want to scare you.
But it was entirely real.
And last night, it came very close to happening.
We should all be deeply grateful that it didn't.
We're telling you this because we want to be clear about the stakes involved.
This isn't a matter of opinions and a difference between those opinions.
This isn't about policy.
It's about the system that all of us live under, that governs this country.
That's what's at stake.
So keep that in mind as we move forward.
Absolute takeover.
And I get it why people thought, in fact they have that piece Rob Dew gave, that the archivists got together of me in the last four months, predicting what's happening right now.
But again, I didn't predict it.
The globalists say what they're going to do, so their minions read it in the newspaper and think, oh, we're in charge, we can carry this out.
It's a confidence game.
It's an exercise in raw power.
And don't you think I wish some of this was true?
I want that to sink in.
I know for the general audience, you know as much of this as I do or more.
But for new listeners that tune in and think, oh Alex Jones is a funny thing, he's entertaining, he's a joke, whatever.
Because the media used to take things out of context and make it look like a joke.
I embraced it, made us bigger.
Just I like humor.
It wasn't some Machiavellian plan I had.
But I just sit here sick now looking at the fact that
There are so many people that think the money they're getting from the Chi-Coms is going to be worth something in the future after they gut this country and the whole world slides into hell.
There's war written all over this.
There's death and depression.
I mean, you just smell it coming out of there.
You don't even need to go down the hole to know that it's really nasty down there.
But the left, our left-hand path, they love their father, the devil.
They love death.
They love the father of lies.
And they're always going to try to go down that hole.
And they always want to take us with them, you see.
That's the archetype.
Remember the old movie, Poltergeist?
Where there's the cult leader who took everybody out to the desert to die, and then his spirit's still there holding the spirits of the children?
That's an allegory of what this is.
They want to take us with them.
And we have to say, no, we're not going with you.
We're done.
And realize that it's not our bodies or even our lives, at the end of the day, that are sacrosanct.
It's our spirits.
And we need to make that right decision.
It's not about fearing he who can kill the body, but he can kill the soul.
So, I'm going to hand this over to Matt Bracken, and then I'll be on the war room with Owen Schroer and Steve Petchenik today.
Please spread the word about Infowars.com.
Forward slash show, band, dot video.
79days.news and all the sites.
That's how we override the censors.
I've got everybody emailing me, calling me.
We're being flooded with everyone that hasn't been on YouTube in months.
They're all being banned.
They're all being blocked.
They're going through everybody that's been identified as a patriot for this coup, and they're blocking and freezing or banning your account.
This is a takeover.
When the lights go out, the communications go out, that's when the troops start coming down on the parachutes, metaphysically.
This is it.
This is the big assault.
At least you're full-grown adults.
You're not a baby in the womb, got chopped up, didn't have a chance.
So, we deserve what's about to happen.
Get close to Jesus and wake up, or get your head between your legs and kiss your ass goodbye.
Yeah, go ahead and play that report.
The one that Rob Dew gave us.
It's like five minutes long, but we're gonna play the one where I predict all of the stuff that's now happening.
That was the one I talked about.
We have that?
We're good to go.
It's all of us.
Phones and computers have habituated us not to get face-to-face and have a meeting.
So my crew works their ass off.
They're amazing.
But they produce so much information that if they don't face-to-face and have that decision, it never happens.
So that's okay.
Because it's not bad to have a mistake on a live show.
We're going to air that on air.
It's going to happen.
If I have to host the next five hours, it's going to happen.
So that's what all this is about.
Now, as I said, I've only covered a thimble of this.
Let's play the clip again.
Philly Steel, registered Democrat, warns of coup against the POTUS.
And here he is saying, I'm a Democrat.
I'm witnessing this.
And it's not just him saying it.
In Philadelphia, they've kicked the poll watchers out.
I've seen all the articles, all the videos.
Same thing in Michigan.
Same thing.
I always forget his name.
And I think, what's the name of the bad guy in Ghostbusters?
Gozer the Destroyer.
Gozer the Traveler.
He goes down there.
I'm not teasing him.
He's a great guy.
It's just a funny ghostbuster's name.
And they won't let him in, even though under law they're supposed to.
They're not letting congressmen in in Maricopa County, Arizona.
So that's the level this has gotten to.
That's the craziness.
That's the insanity.
That's how sick all of this is.
It's how funny they think it is.
Again, why would they put in 20-something thousand votes in Philadelphia, 130-something in Michigan?
When I heard that a day ago, that all of them are Biden, I didn't believe it.
I went and looked it up, they're all for Biden.
That is crapping on someone and rubbing it in.
Here's what the young man had to say about what he's witnessing in Philadelphia.
My name is Brian McCaffrey.
I'm a registered Democrat in the city of Philadelphia.
Today, I'm at the Philadelphia Convention Center, and I am overseeing the ballot counters.
I will let you know the corruption that is going on here.
They will not allow us within 30 to 100 feet to supervise the ballots being counted.
This is a coup against the President of the United States of America, and I want to call out the mayor of Philadelphia, James Kenney.
If this hasn't already happened, I'll bet you a million dollars he's banned right now.
Because Big Tech runs Chicom death camps and they don't let dirty Americans have speech.
They only let Silicon Valley rule you.
This is a technocracy.
The globalists are trying to censor what you can see and what you can share.
Don't let them win.
Go to our emergency election newsletter at InfoWars.com forward slash newsletter.
Sign up for free and get intel they don't want you to have and then share it.
InfoWars.com forward slash newsletter.
It's time to override the censors and get the truth out.
All right, Matt Bracken, great Patriot expert on the Communist takeover, witnessing, taking over.
This is a technical glitch.
I apologize.
I've got to play this clip now.
Here's a compilation we put together a few minutes long that Matt Bracken will take over.
I'll be on the war room with Owen Schroeder and so much more.
I am thinking I'm planning to get on an airplane and either go to Arizona or go to Georgia.
Let me ask Matt Bracken this question.
I'm going to play this clip.
Matt, where do you think people need to be the most on the ground?
Is it Detroit?
Is it Arizona?
Is it Georgia?
They're trying to steal them all right now.
They already got Detroit.
It's a multi-front war.
I would probably say Philadelphia because if it doesn't happen in Pennsylvania, it doesn't matter.
The other ones are peripheral.
All of the pathways for Trump require our Pennsylvania.
That's right.
All roads lead to there.
Here's my predictions.
So folks, no, we're not playing games.
And Matt Bracken, EnemiesFarAndDomestic.com takes over.
Here it is.
This is July 2020.
This will be a contested election.
It's going to be a disaster.
The mail-in ballots, the fraud.
And if Trump points any of that out, or you do, you're a dictator.
Even though the Democrats win, and if they lose, I think right now there's anywhere near a fair election they're going to lose.
The asylum majority is really pissed.
They don't care.
They will contest it, and when Trump says, you're there wrong, they're going to activate folks to burn the country down.
And with 99 days out, this is all a beta test drill for that.
And the censorship's in place, and the AI kill switch is in place, and Trump has not gotten control of the Obama kill switch, but the deep state still has, or the globalists that are installed at all those levels.
They've said they're going to contest the election.
The Democrats are.
Then if Trump contested, which we saw in 2000 with Republicans, co-contested, clearly, again, they're going to contest if they don't win.
They're already engaged in fraud.
And then if Trump challenges it, they're going to say he's a dictator and burn everything down.
I believe that if we had an honest election, that means an election in which only people who were legally eligible to vote voted, I don't believe there's much question the president would win.
My problem is that I don't think that there will be an honest election at this point.
They intend to steal the election and they want to limit the president's ability to legally object to that theft.
So it is preemptory.
You can see exactly what they're doing.
I don't think we're going to get an honest election, and the president has to reserve his ability to object illegally.
I believe that the next election, sadly, is going to get decided in the courts.
Well, you know how the scam works.
They mail these out of the homes of dead people.
They mail these out of the homes of people that know they're getting the ballots of dead people.
And they mail these out to people whose cat died ten years ago, and then somebody else fills it out.
And then when they get a lot of these ballots back, they can just falsify them however they want.
This is the takeover, and they've already said that if Trump challenges this, he's a dictator.
So they're already saying, we're going to steal it, and if you challenge it, you're a dictator, and we're going to arrest whoever aids you.
That was the Washington Post headline.
If any of his cabinet
Doesn't agree, we'll put you in jail too.
So see, it's now a reign of terror.
And they tell you chaos is coming, but if Trump doesn't agree to what we say comes out of the chaos, it's his fault.
That's why they invoked this for the election, and Trump had better take action with 88 days out.
They officially say they're going to contest if they don't win, and that they're going to ignore the Senate, they're going to ignore the Supreme Court.
Well, I'll tell you what, it's an amazing time to be here with this big show.
I'm so glad, I'm so grateful for the opportunity.
We're all right now obviously focused on the election, as we should be, but we don't want to just cover the same ground exactly the same ground over and over again.
We're all pretty tuned in.
I'd like to pull the focus out more globally right now and look at this current coup, which is what's going on.
I want to look at this current coup from a global perspective.
Right now, there's a guy at the World Economic Forum named Klaus Schwab.
He's really just a George Soros sock puppet and mouthpiece.
He sounds exactly like Dr. Evil.
This is all part of the Great Reset.
Even a couple months ago, if you talked about the Great Reset on Facebook or Twitter,
You'd get banned for talking about an evil conspiracy theory.
Now they're just coming right out and talking about it.
So what is so important about this coup?
What is so important about getting Biden into the White House by any means at all?
You know, even really an obvious heavy-handed attempt to stuff the ballot boxes in a half dozen swing states.
It's because for this great reset, Trump has to go.
It can't work with Trump blocking their path.
They need a compliant, chi-com, globalist, corporate lackey like Joe Biden, an empty vessel, or a willing communist like Kamala Harris.
That's the only way that they can pull off this great reset, which is all based on the timing of the pandemic.
You know, they have to do this while people still have the fear up over this pandemic.
That's why they're doing it in such an obvious and an overt way.
In fact, this is actually going to work to our benefit, to Trump's benefit, because they've just jumped the shark.
They've gone so far beyond what's plausible.
You know, you can do this with an Al Franken in a Senate race here and there.
But you can't do this at a presidential level with such obvious coordination from one state to another state, from Pennsylvania to Arizona, from Georgia to Detroit.
And it's so obvious what's going on.
When you have hundreds of thousands of ballots showing up at four o'clock in the morning during a convenient timeout,
When all the observers are supposed to be gone.
Thankfully, there were people with cameras watching all of these doors to see the, you know, the vans roll up.
I think.
But Biden is the only block circle, the only ballot marking is for Biden, not for Senate, not for anybody.
That's when they're doing these ballot fraud parties and they're marking them as fast as possible.
Just pull up the corner, hit Biden, pull up the corner, hit Biden.
That's how you get
So many Biden votes.
But when they do a hand recount, which I think it's going to come to it.
Trump is a fighter.
He's not a squish.
He's not going to roll over.
When they go to a manual recount and they have real observers, like back in Florida with the hanging chads.
When they are looking at every single ballot and you see ballot after ballot with nothing filled out except for a Biden circle that they can just run them into the machine full speed, but nothing else is filled out.
The fraud is going to be so obvious.
This is going to backfire against the Democrats and it's going to put Trump back into the White House with more power than ever.
We'll talk about that on the other side.
In the last segment, I was talking about the Great Reset and why it's so important for the globalists to do anything possible to get Biden put in the White House.
Trump has got to be destroyed.
That is the bottom line.
The first book that I wrote 15 years ago now, Enemies Foreign and Domestic.
Let me tell you something, foreign enemies
Are a problem.
Foreign enemies are tough, but domestic enemies are a hundred times harder and worse because they are embedded right inside of the system like a cancer.
They're woven right into your own, you know, into your own glands and, and, uh, you know, lungs and heart.
They're not gone even after almost four years of Trump.
They have just dug in.
And this is why they are so hard to eradicate.
They are the permanent bureaucracy.
They're what we call the deep state.
In this segment, I'm going to talk about this coup, and I'm going to compare it to two other historical moments.
One is the Valkyrie plot against Hitler in World War II.
We've all seen the Tom Cruise movie.
You know, he's not my favorite actor, but it's a good history film.
In that movie, obviously they're trying to get rid of Hitler, and they have a pretty good plot.
They put a bomb in the bunker with him, but it doesn't kill Hitler.
They try to take down the communications, and then run their own communications network from Berlin, putting out the news that Hitler is dead, and we're now in charge.
And if Hitler had died, maybe it would have worked.
But in the midst of this coup,
Everybody was sitting on the fence.
All of the power players were waiting to see which way will it go.
You know, if it looks like Hitler might make a comeback, nobody's going to go to SS headquarters and arrest the SS.
Or if they do, they're going to quickly leave.
So this is the moment right now in America, in Washington, when power players are waiting to see which way this is going to tilt.
Now, another comparison I will make is to 1991 in Moscow, when the communists tried to do a last minute coup at the parliament building in Moscow, and Boris Yeltsin got up on the tank.
That's when it was conclusively shown that the Soviet troops were not gonna open fire on Russians, you know, to keep the communists in power.
Yeltsin got on the tank,
The soldiers refused to go against the people.
The coup plotters inside of the parliament had to slink away.
This is literally the type of a moment that we're in right now.
A Valkyrie moment, a Moscow 1991 moment.
This is when the power players, the snakes, are waiting to see, does it look like Trump is going to get through this, or does it look like they're going to be dealing with President Biden?
You know, this is a moment when we should be seeing senators not just blowing their own horn like Lindsey Graham doing his congratulation dance.
We should see Lindsey Graham in Pennsylvania.
You know, we should see these guys at the vote, you know, not just some unknown congressman.
We should be seeing senators demanding to get in to watch the recount.
This is a moment where we're in the middle of a power play.
It's great that Trump supporters are outside of all of these ballot counting facilities, but if they can't get in to watch it, we may never know what happened.
And if the Supreme Court punts again and doesn't hear the case,
Biden is going to win.
So we're in that moment where everybody is just waiting for the wind.
Is it going to come from the north or the south?
Will it be cold or hot?
Which way am I going to trim my sails so that I can still be in a power position regardless of who is president next year?
Now is the time when courageous people will make their mark on history, like Yeltsin climbing up on the tank.
If they don't, if these Republican Senators hide under their desks during this moment of truth and don't get out in front of the Trump crowds, then they're just... I don't know what to say about them.
It's extremely cowardly.
We need some Boris Yeltsin courage here.
We need them to go to these counting facilities in each of these disputed states.
Otherwise, you can bet Brennan, Comey, Clapper, they're watching minute by minute, just like an Operation Valkyrie coup or a Yeltsin-Moscow coup.
These power players are just smugly waiting, thinking, couple more electoral votes, we declare victory, and that's it.
We're back in power.
You know, it won't be Brennan, it'll be Gina Haspel, who it might as well be Brennan.
Haspel is Brennan's puppet.
So, the same evil people that Trump partially expelled are going to be fully back in power if this coup goes through.
And that's exactly what it is.
It's a coup.
And we need some courage now.
I love seeing all the Trump people out waving flags and trying to bang on doors where they can, taking pictures of everything.
Like James O'Keefe said last hour, everybody needs to be a news reporter.
Everybody needs to be filming everything 24 hours a day.
But we can't count on the Supreme Court to save us.
Barrett might recuse herself.
Roberts will vote with the Democrats.
And that's it.
Biden wins.
Short of an absolute shooting civil war, Biden will win.
The deep state will be completely triumphant.
We'll never see the Durham report.
It'll be down the memory hole.
We'll see, you know, all of the worst things that Kamala Harris and Biden want to do, they'll try.
I don't even take it for granted that we're going to keep the Senate.
I keep hearing how we're holding on to the Senate.
But then I see the numbers and it looks like 48 and 48.
If they can pull Biden through, don't be surprised if they somehow pull out the same kind of shenanigans to get two more, get a couple more senators, Democrat senators.
If they have 50 senators plus Kamala Harris, they can pack the Supreme Court.
They can make states out of DC and Puerto Rico.
That's, that's the Venezuela plan.
Remember, in Venezuela, the first time that Hugo Chavez was elected, conservatives thought, don't worry, the next election, they'll be so unpopular, we'll win in a landslide.
But they packed the Supreme Court and there wasn't another fair election.
So don't count on holding the Senate.
Don't count on somehow Trump, you know, weaving his way through.
You know, you can't plan on a hope.
That's what they say in the military.
Hope is not a plan.
You need to be proactive and very positive.
And this is, it's not enough even for just ordinary citizens and, and, uh, you know, Twitter people and bloggers that are doing great work and I'm watching them, I'm following them, but we need some senators, some people at that level.
And I, and I also wonder, where is Trump?
You know, he's tweeting.
Maybe his advisors are telling him to lay low.
I'm not sure about the optics of it.
Whether it'll be better or worse if he comes out.
It might be time for Trump himself to do a Boris Yeltsin moment and go up to Pennsylvania with the phalanx of the U.S.
Marshals and say, I want to see what's going on.
I mean, I'm sure that people are thinking in these terms, maybe that would be bad optics.
But certainly, there are Republican senators that are currently hiding under their desks like the cowards during Operation Valkyrie, you know, who are waiting to see which way the coup is going to go.
Now's the time for people that are brave to stand up and be counted.
Otherwise, we're going to wake up, you know, in a Biden world
And I'm not counting on keeping the Senate.
I think we're being gaslighted with all this talk about, don't worry, at least we have the Senate.
We've even lost Fox News.
That's obvious now.
Outside of Tucker Carlson and a couple of the nighttime people, Fox has gone over to the dark side.
We saw that on election night with them calling Arizona.
That was completely Fox going to the dark side.
So we're watching the combo channels being shut down, just like in a coup.
And we'll continue this on the other side of the break.
So the coup is on and now it's time to do or die.
We can't hope that the Supreme Court is going to save us.
We can't hope that we keep the Senate.
We have to push through this coup.
We can't say, Oh, it's all right.
If Biden wins, we have to take it like, take the loss like gentlemen.
That's the old sucker, loser, rhino Republicans.
They want to still be invited to the parties, so they'd rather lose with grace than fight.
We're in a street fight now.
One of the hallmarks of a coup is shutting down the communications.
When you see the President of the United States have his tweets blocked so that they can't be shared, you can see it, but you can't share it and you can't comment on it.
This is censorship.
When you see all of the mainstream media, other than Fox, didn't report on Tony Bobulinski.
Two weeks before the election, the laptop story plus the Tony Bobulinski information proves that the Bidens are sold out to the Chinese Communists.
The entire media world never said the word Tony Bobulinski.
This is Soviet-level propaganda.
Now Fox has joined this.
They've got, out of all the networks, in a way they're the worst.
They've got Arizona firmly in the Biden category, and they did that election night with something like 15% of the votes in, based on nothing more than mystery polling.
And when you dig down and find out who was it that was behind that calling of Arizona,
Fox has put some real never-Trumpers into positions of authority.
You know, I love Donald Trump, but he has some character flaws that have hurt him.
And one of them is going on personal attacks when it's really just going to boomerang on him.
The other last week he went on Fox and Friends in the morning and he really, he really dissed Fox and they deserve it.
Okay, as you know, saying that Tucker, you're great, Fox and Friends are great.
But the daytime programming, the weekend programming might as well be CNN.
I think the Murdoch family took that as a real insult and basically declared war on Fox.
Or excuse me, Fox declared war on Trump.
The night of the election.
I was watching most of the regulars, the Katie Poblichs, these type of people.
They looked like they were blinking out torture.
Like, they couldn't believe it.
Like, did I wake up in an alternate universe on CNN or MSNBC?
These guys make a million a year, millions a year.
The contributors, the anchors, make tens of millions a year.
They don't want to lose that, you know, that rice bowl, obviously.
But I'm waiting to see if Tucker's going to walk because I don't see him going for this Fox turning into CNN business.
But that's clearly what's happening.
And when you see this type of censorship, you know you've got to migrate off of big social media.
Twitter and Facebook are enemy territory.
They have a share button.
They want you as a sucker to use the Facebook share button.
If you're a conservative and you're sharing a link to a conservative subject,
You just went down the memory hole.
You're like a rabbit in a cage, you know, getting a pellet thinking you're going to escape.
You're not going to escape.
It's just a positive feedback loop to make you a happy little, you know, slave.
You've got to get onto alternate social media.
I mean, there's Mines and MeWe.
Personally, I like Gab and Parler a lot better.
They're not quite as slick as Facebook and Twitter.
They don't have their budget.
I get it.
But you don't want to ride on the fancy slave bus.
Yeah, there's an un-air-conditioned 1950s roll-up-the-window-with-a-crank truck down the street, but it's free!
You can say what you want!
Get off the fancy air-conditioned slave bus!
Is your convenience that important to you?
I mean, this is really an important moment in our history.
And it's not just whether the Republicans or the Democrats are going to win, whether Biden gets in and controls the Senate, because I don't think that's a sure thing that we keep it.
I think that's like a, that's like a
A little bit of sugar on the spoon to get us to swallow Biden.
Don't worry, we've got the Senate.
We might wake up and we don't have the Senate.
We have to fight for Trump now like there is no tomorrow because if Biden wins and they somehow slime their way to getting 50 senators, there won't be a tomorrow.
Ask the Venezuelans who thought they would just lose one election to Hugo Chavez.
Once they pack the Supreme Court, it's done.
They nail the door shut.
Now, we're not Venezuela in a way because we're way better armed.
And something important to look at this is that it's not just whether the Republicans or the Democrats will be in charge of the country.
Antifa would like to use this moment.
They've been talking about it for months.
They would like to use this moment to pour gasoline on the fire as much as possible.
And ramp this thing up into a full-blown civil war.
The worse, the better.
They don't care if they don't like Biden.
You've seen their banners.
They hate Biden practically as much as they hate Trump.
They just consider our entire system to be an evil Nazi fascist system.
They want to blow the whole thing up.
So this is a moment when they're going to probably begin to confront the patriots who are outside of the polling centers
And get into, you know, some street battles like, you know, 1930s Germany-style street battles.
So we have to be, you know, aware of this and ready for this.
This is also a time when there's a maximum danger of either a false flag or some other type of a terror attack.
That is going to elevate this from simply being an argument about vote fraud into an argument about right-wing terrorism.
So that the media can, as we're starting to control the narrative about voter fraud, they're going to say, hey, Desperate Times calls for desperate measures.
Time to kick it up another notch.
And that means let's go from the vote fraud story, which is getting traction,
And throw this into a right-wing terror equation.
And there's nothing easier than a false flag.
This is something that's been used throughout history.
And the socialists, whether they're communist international socialists or national socialists, they always use false flags so that they can massage the narrative and blame an atrocity on an enemy so that you can make the next move.
We're in a very, very dangerous time.
This is absolutely no like hoping we just can slide through it easily.
This is going to take a lot of courage because I think that the Patriot side caught Antifa and BLM off their game just today and got out in front at the polling centers.
Don't expect that to last.
That's going to be an around-the-clock thing now.
Some of this will be a question of who's willing to stay out there 24 hours a day to film the ballots coming in, to get the good corner positions on the streets, to keep Antifa from occupying them.
If the Patriots all go home when it's 5 p.m.
so that they can get dinner and have a nice night in bed,
They're going to come back the next day and it's going to be all black block around the voting centers and their signs are going to say, count every vote.
And you won't see another patriot, you know, talking about vote fraud.
It's going to completely shift.
But this is our moment.
This is our Moscow 1991.
I cannot emphasize that enough.
This is the time when we have to make the big push.
If we don't, if we lay down and take it,
If we just think, well, what can I do?
I'm just one person.
We're going to wake up and it's not going to be a free country.
Yeah, it won't.
We can probably get through it if we hold the Senate, even if Biden is installed.
He'll be a lame duck from day one.
But Biden's going to be gone by Easter in any case, either over the corruption or the dementia.
So we're going to be talking about President Kamala Harris.
With at least four years in office to do the most damage possible to this country.
And remember, the communists don't want to turn our country necessarily into a communist utopia.
It never is.
It always winds up like Cuba, Venezuela, or North Korea.
What they really want to do is wreck America.
Just blow it up.
Because America is the last bastion standing in the way of the synthesis of communism and corporatism that we know as globalism now.
America is the last bastion.
Trump is the last hero.
This is it.
If we don't fight for it now, we're going to lose it.
There's no Valkyrie Part 2 a month after, because the plotters are all gone.
They're wiped out.
If Yeltsin hadn't gotten on the tank, we still might be dealing with Communist Russia, Communist Soviet Union.
So now's the time we've got to get out and fight for Trump like we never fought before, right now.
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