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Name: 20201104_Wed_Alex
Air Date: Nov. 4, 2020
2914 lines.

Alex Jones discusses various conspiracy theories surrounding the 2020 US Presidential Election, accusing Democrats of fraudulent activities and globalist elites attempting to control the government. He criticizes mainstream media for not covering stories about election fraud and promotes his own products while discussing personal defense, COVID-19 lockdowns, and voter fraud.

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We're in an emergency.
We're under attack.
And only by facing that can we turn this around.
Vote fraud in Michigan.
Massive dump of over 200,000 ballots in Biden all of a sudden appear.
Oversight update.
Officials call it a typo.
But it isn't a typo.
They have been caught red fricking handed.
Right, all of them for Biden.
And there's just so many different tactics they have to steal this election.
One of those being calling the states early, before the polls were even closed.
So they call Arizona, they call Nevada.
What that does is it causes people who were going to vote in those states to stay home.
Because we know conservatives are voting on the day of, leftists before on average.
And so that gives them that, yeah, that's election fixing right there.
That is total election meddling.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Well, thank you very much.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
Please sit.
Thank you.
This is without question the latest news conference I've ever had.
We love you!
Thank you.
I appreciate it very much, and I want to thank the American people for their tremendous support.
Millions and millions of people voted for us tonight, and a very sad group of people is trying to disenfranchise that group of people, and we won't stand for it.
We will not stand for it.
I want to thank the First Lady, my entire family, and Vice President Pence, Mrs. Pence, for being with us all through this.
And we were getting ready for a big celebration.
We were winning everything, and all of a sudden it was just called off.
The results tonight have been phenomenal.
And we are getting ready.
I mean, literally, we were just all set to get outside and just celebrate something that was so beautiful, so good.
Such a vote, such a success.
The citizens of this country have come out in record numbers.
This is a record.
There's never been anything like it.
To support our incredible movement, we won states that we weren't expected to win.
Florida, we didn't win it.
We won it by a lot.
We won the great state of Ohio.
We won Texas.
We won Texas by 700,000 votes and they don't even include it in the tabulations.
It's also clear that we have won Georgia.
We're up by
2.5% or 117,000 votes with only 7% left.
They're never going to catch us.
They can't catch us.
Likewise, we've clearly won North Carolina, where we're up 1.4% or 77,000 votes with only approximately 5% left.
They can't catch us.
We also, if you look and you see,
Arizona, we have a lot of life in that.
And somebody said, somebody declared that it was a victory for us.
And maybe it will be.
I mean, that's possible.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, I told you this was coming.
It wasn't hard to predict it.
In fact, it wasn't a prediction.
The Democrats wargamed it and they said, we're going to lose.
We're going to call it a red mirage.
And then we're going to stop the ballot boxes with hordes of the 80 million ballots we've got.
in facilities around the battleground states.
And now we have the videos in Pennsylvania, the videos in Michigan, the videos in Wisconsin, the videos in Georgia, the videos in North Carolina, the videos in Nevada, the videos in all these places, Arizona, of just poll workers unauthorized with just boxes of ballots going in and out, putting them in their cars, leaving, driving around with machines.
I've got all these videos right here, all these different articles.
But of course it's all the COVID lockdown.
It's the fraud.
It's the 80 million ballots that are illegal.
It's all of it.
It's the illegal aliens stretched around the block in California and New York and other places to get driver's licenses so they can vote.
And so we're having a multinational consortium take this election from us.
I didn't want to scare people.
And so it's not lying, but I hinted at it, but I didn't want to say it.
Trump's going to lose, okay?
He's going to get removed.
They're going to probably send nukes off, okay?
And you're all going to be starving to death soon.
I'm not kidding!
This is a Chai Com Globalist takeover, people!
We're all in grave damn danger!
I'm serious.
They're getting ready to take this country down.
Now, Trump can still win, but the way things are going, they're probably going to say he lost and they're going to kill him.
I can smell it.
You know, I told you Fox News would start declaring states first early.
You saw them do it.
I've got these enemies figured out.
I'm gonna tell you what I really think when we come back.
Stay with us.
Well, it's now November 4th, and the election's not over.
78, 79 days, depending on how you count it, of hell has begun.
In fact, even corporate media is calling it the days of hell.
The nightmare is here.
Because they're going to really love demoralizing this country further and splitting it down the middle.
And why shouldn't they try to steal it?
Because they're not going to get in trouble for doing it.
They don't get in trouble flying little kidnapped kids around on airplanes.
They don't get in trouble having the crazy man Bill Gates that says he wants to depopulate the earth announce that he's your doctor.
You're gonna have to have medical passports to travel and to have a job, and it's being rolled out now.
We told you nine months ago it was coming, now it's here.
Like The Shining, with Jack Nicholson hacking through the door with his fire axe.
Except this isn't a movie, this is Bill Gates hacking through with his fire axe of deadly mRNA vaccine, and you read what it does and how it makes
Everyone's sick in one study, 100% get deathly ill.
Another study, 80% get sick, 20% go to the hospital.
He's hacking through the door going, here's Johnny!
And we're just supposed to love it.
They want to visit violence on us and not have us have a way to fight back.
And again, if Hitler would have just had an inoculation program in Europe, he could have killed everybody to make sure the vaccine kills you in 5-10 years.
There's all these new diseases.
No one knows what hits them.
The media covers it up.
I mean, that's really where all this is going.
And Trump was trying to derail this.
Absolute champion.
Working his ass off.
Four, five, six rallies a day.
We have the satellite feed.
Biden's set to have a rally in Atlanta, Georgia.
And how do you know it's a Biden rally?
Because there's no one there.
What do you call an empty parking lot?
A Biden rally.
What do you call an empty church?
A Biden rally.
And that is the creature that the global Chi-Com establishment is about to force on us, just like they're going to force everything else until we start saying no.
But it's crazy.
He can hardly talk.
His son's caught on the laptop with him in total corruption.
Being bought off by the head of Chinese intelligence, and it's all confirmed.
And the FBI is going to do nothing but shine his shoes when he gets into office.
And then within six months, they'll say he's got a brain tumor, or he died of COVID or something, and then he'll fade off into the sunset, and we'll have Kamala.
And God only knows, she'll probably put another woman up there.
So when you criticize her, you're like, you just don't like a strong woman.
That got less than 2% of the Democrat primaries.
I mean, they don't even want her.
It's like force feed, force feed, force feed, force feed, force feed.
I mean, Tulsi Gabbards has enough charm, I don't agree with a lot of her policies, that she probably would have beaten Trump.
But see, she doesn't follow all their orders.
She's anti-war.
She's not devil worshiper material.
And so she can't be in the club because she's not a hunchbacked, crip-keeper, pedophile with a bunch of pedophile kids and a bunch of drug addict trash that literally have sold the country out.
I mean, you could get billions personally from the Chinese for what Biden sold out, but he was doing it for millions.
I mean, he's a cheap thug.
He's a pimp.
And that's who the globalists want, someone ugly and stupid like them.
Because, you know, the globalists have inherited all their wealth, three or four generations down.
They just have bureaucracies that do it all for them, and they have so much money, they're able to buy whatever they damn well want, don't they?
I'm going to tell you what I really think, and I told you what I think.
And I begged all the Q people, I said,
The storm's got to be you, and the storm's got to be us countering them.
You cannot hope for these secret groups because it's not going on.
There are good patriots inside government, but they tell me they're outnumbered, outgunned, surrounded, and they need our help.
Not everything's handled, trust the plant.
And so I know so many people that just said, oh, Alex, relax, you know.
They're real experts on how to handle all this.
It's delusional.
Fucking Raiders, the Lost Ark at the end.
They're the two top guys on it.
They're like, hey, we're going to follow up and research the Ark now that we have it.
And they go, oh, we don't need you anymore.
We've got top men.
And the truth is, they don't have anything.
They go stick it in a damn warehouse.
And so that's where your freedom is going, is into a black hole.
So here's the deal.
They're going to deliver as many ballots as they need in Pennsylvania, and in Michigan, and in North Carolina, and all these places.
Nevada was releasing ballots up to the minute.
Now they go, oh, we're pausing.
We'll tell you who the winner is tomorrow.
So they can broker power deals and get all their stuff together because there's so much fraud.
They don't want to do what happened in Wisconsin, where more people voted for Biden than were registered voters.
He got over 100% of the votes.
I went to even the New York Times' own numbers, the Washington Post's own numbers, and checked them with the federal numbers.
I've got that in the stack.
Did you hear what I just said?
Wisconsin, Joe Biden got over
We're trying to do the math right now.
Over 100% of the vote for registered Democrats.
That's Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, Lucky Charms territory right there.
Because they just don't care.
They don't care anymore.
They tell you there's not men and women.
There's not two genders.
They tell you convicted pedophiles come to your school and your five-year-old bounces on their erection through their pants.
I mean, dudes come to your school with no pants on, with glitter on their penis, and children jump on it, but then listeners will call and complain because I said the P-word.
That's like they say in Full Metal Jacket, Colonel Kurtz is saying, we drop napalm on villages of children, but the generals get mad if the men write cuss words on the sides of their airplanes.
Exactly, that's exactly.
It's sick!
It's sick!
So let me tell you the territory we're in.
I've looked at every outcome in my mind of this.
And again, when you get this knowledge, you just know what they're gonna do.
You know the play.
Like I said yesterday, maybe ask Drew or somebody to get the first hour of the show, look through it on high speed, and
Fine where I said like five times Fox News will announce key states first to give their deception credibility and I said like Michigan or Arizona or Pennsylvania and damn it they did it in two of those states in Nevada and they did it in no not it was in Arizona and it was in Michigan I mean just right on time man right on time so so let me tell you what's gonna happen next
The Supreme Court will probably extend the deadlines more.
One state's got nine days, one's got three days.
They've got all those 80 million ballots, huge stores of them in warehouses, in Democrat Party officials' houses, and the cars are pulling up.
It's all over the news.
Oh, what's that car?
Oh, just get back.
Oh, we just got... Well, where'd that come from?
You'll see.
Because they don't respect this.
My God.
I mean, they've gotten away with anything they want to do.
And then the president comes out and gives an exact statement last night.
I was so tired.
I was cross-eyed at 3 a.m.
when I got home.
And I'm 46, probably 47.
Trump's 74.
He's up at 4 in the morning giving the best, slickest speech I've ever seen him give.
And everything he said was true, dead-on, not exaggerated.
And the media's like, he's a dictator.
Look, exactly what he said and what they do.
He is outrageous.
He's saying he's got, you know, he's five points ahead in this state, seven points ahead here, and two points ahead there, and there's no way.
And they're like, well, we are going to have to have 75% of the ballots in Pennsylvania coming in to be Democrat.
And just magically, there's 76% right now.
It's just perfect.
It's just right what they need.
When Trump's like, investigate that.
This whole thing's illegal.
The whole damn thing's fraudulent.
And you're like, oh, the Supreme Court.
I bet Amy Comey Barrett pulls a dagger out and just stabs Trump right in the neck.
Or one of, you know, Roberts or somebody, because you saw the Supreme Court's allowing all these extensions.
Oh, the mythical conservative Supreme Court.
They're all a bunch of coward lawyers.
That's why they were brought in by the globalists, because they're cowards and not Americans.
I'm here to tell you something.
Infowars, that means you, put Trump in office.
And Trump is only one man.
Right now, this country is on a razor's edge.
And you're gonna see, as I predicted, and as Robert Barnes predicted, betrayals by the Supreme Court against President Trump.
Because he is trying to restore the Republic, he is trying to get us out from under Qaikom control, he is trying to do all of that, but the establishment
Is that right?
You know, United Nations clash with tribes, African Congo tribes, it was one of those countries, Congonese tribes over carbon set-aside sinks.
That was what the article was about, and I'm just reading this article, and I already knew all this stuff, that the U.N.
goes in and just murders whole villages.
I mean, they killed a million Rwandan Christians to take their land, and used the animist devil-worshippers to take over and do it.
I mean, the Clintons ran that.
The U.N.
didn't just let one tribe in to kill the others.
They set up machine guns and killed those that tried to get out for six months straight.
That was Rwanda.
In Central Africa, it was describing these villagers, some of them pygmies, that had been there forever.
It's their land, but they didn't have a deed to it.
And it's everything, oh, we took it from the Native Americans, all the stuff we hear about how bad we are back then.
But the UN, it said, just went in and just slaughtered everyone with army tanks and helicopters.
And I'm reading this in the New York Times.
They're not even hiding it.
It's like, yeah, there's three million Uyghurs in death camps, and yeah, there's a million Christians and Buddhists estimated, you know, in Chinese camps, and yeah, Apple, you know, gets its main supply parts made by the Uyghurs, and they take the Uyghurs' organs.
You can pull that.
It's just like, but America's bad.
And it's just like, what?
And then I see hundreds of articles
Every few days about Muslims just randomly killing Europeans, and little kids, women, just, I mean every day a woman is pushed in front of a subway train in Europe and killed.
Every day I just see, you know, it's a Muslim, they kill them, and if you say, oh that Muslim killed her and screamed Allah Akbar,
It's always a hot woman, too.
I think it really upsets us hot.
Use some hot blonde, you know, all sexy at the train.
You know, it's just like, that's his dominance.
Kick him down the stairs, whatever.
And if you talk about it, the police come and arrest you in Germany.
In Sweden.
I mean, that's it.
Cops come to your house because you put a Facebook article out about a woman being murdered and you go to jail.
This is just ridiculous.
We're not approaching tyranny.
We are in it.
And everything that's been done in Europe is about five years ahead of us, and that's all coming here now.
And with COVID, it's six months ahead of us.
So, I'm gonna explain something again.
I don't predict any of this.
I understand the criminology and the psychology and the modus operandi of these people.
Again, how did I know?
Did you guys get the clip?
Fox News, it's all over.
Fox in trouble for declaring Arizona when it was not done and when clearly the numbers were going towards Trump.
Now again, what did I say yesterday?
I said, I looked for Fox News to declare key battleground states early first for Biden.
And of course they did it, not just there, but in one other state as well.
This is what these scumbags do.
Yeah, there it is on screen.
This is how they operate.
Now, why did I say it'd be Fox?
Because then it's not seen as bias.
And they get together and have war-gamed all this and got seven media groups together that have interlocking directorates and ownership, and they've war-gamed out the whole thing.
It's frozen up there with the delegate count for Biden and the delegate count for Trump.
They froze it at a point when Trump was about to surpass Biden and win just like four years ago.
So they froze it at 238 Biden, 213 Trump for that emblematic image of 50.12, 48.26.
So that you look at that and it says Biden is the winner, then it becomes self-fulfilling prophecy when all the fake ballots they've got warehoused flood in.
It's 2 plus 2 equals 4.
And the ability to be free is to be able to say 2 plus 2 equals 4.
That is such an incredible statement.
I think that's an overly simplistic statement.
First time I read 1984, I laughed at it when I was like 12 years old.
It's not funny now.
Because they actually teach in European and U.S.
schools that 2 plus 2 could equal whatever you want.
And this is a war on logic.
It's like all of the COVID testing they admit is totally fake.
All the numbers are fake.
They just don't care.
It's the victory of fraud over reality.
And so last night we were flipping through all the channels, CBS, Fox, CNN.
It was all just wild different numbers on purpose just to totally spin you around, spin you around, spin you around.
You're all dizzy.
You don't know where you are.
We know where we are.
They put us in a fake COVID lockdown.
They sent out 80 million fake ballots.
They war game.
The Democrats said we will not contest.
It'll look like a red wave.
It's a red mirage.
And then we will magically have the ballots that come in because their people all voted two or three times the names of dead people, dead cats, and they steal it.
And so if America puts up with this, we deserve what we get because let me tell you something.
When they get Joe Biden in and then they select whoever they want to replace him, they're going to plunge the stock market, start huge wars, they're going to trigger more race rioting, and they're going to gut this country because they don't want this country to be powerful.
They want it to be an EU-Chinese axis with the United States as a third party that's been
That's all it is.
You're like, why do they want to do this?
Because they don't like you.
They want to hurt you.
They enjoy it.
They're bad people.
Stop projecting your goodness on them and grow up.
The Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, the whole political class are psychotics.
They're devil-worshipping pedophiles.
They rape children.
They kill children.
They kill countries.
They go into African countries and inject everyone with steroids and cancer viruses, and now, like Bill Gates said, no reason only the Africans should be getting all this, he said in a speech, and opened up the mosquitoes and started laughing.
He wants to kill you just as much as he wants to kill those black people.
Because they don't like strong people.
They want to dominate you.
They want to kill you.
Get it through your head.
They want to murder you.
They want to take you over.
They want to conquer you.
They want to annihilate you.
They want to destroy you.
So stop putting up with them and start resisting now or just blow your damn brains out.
Sometimes being defeated is winning.
Sometimes being destroyed.
It's God's choice to bring a solution.
Others wouldn't stand for that.
The cross was a solution.
Thanks to the renegades.
All right, my friends, we are back live here, and we have Joe Hoffs, businessman, contributor to his brother's Great Way Pundit.
He's crunched the best numbers, so was trying to get his brother on.
He said, no, my brother is better when it comes to this, so he's been really breaking it down at greatwaypundit.com.
Patrick Howley with Epoch Times and also, of course, nationalfile.com.
He's with us as well.
We got Roger Stone coming up, we got everybody here on the broadcast, Chad Prather, Leanne McAdoo, and so many others, Bishop Larry Gators.
And we're going to be live right through late tonight as well, right through, we told you it'd be the 79 days of hell starting on election day.
Now they're even calling it hell and all the rest of it.
So we'll go over the latest numbers, but here's what you have to understand.
We had to fight for this country to have it.
And now we're having to fight for it again.
And we have multinational forces coming in and engaging in classical fraud with all these mail-in fake ballots.
And this was always their game plan.
They always said they were going to do it.
And so instead of even letting Trump have his red mirage, they went ahead as soon as he was about to surpass Biden, and they shut it all down.
Now, that's what they've done.
And the Supreme Court betrayed Trump and the Constitution and allowed this crap with all this COVID BS.
So let's go first to Gateway Pundit analyst, Joe Hoff.
Joe, thanks for joining us.
I know you've got a raft of info, so lay it out for us.
It's great to be here again.
Great seeing you.
Yeah, I've been a late night for a lot of people.
I think we stayed up and watched President Trump at 3.15 a.m.
Eastern Time, you know, come out and he did a great job of, you know, presenting himself and sharing that, hey, we won this thing and basically we're going to try to, we're not try, we're going to stop this fraud.
And that was very encouraging.
And he was absolutely right.
All sorts of fraud.
I'd probably put it into a couple of buckets.
One bucket is
There's three states that, well actually four, that just decided to stop counting last night.
And so as Trump's getting ready to win, we saw North Carolina, Georgia, and Arizona, and Pennsylvania just stop.
They decided we're going to stop counting, which is just unreal.
What's going on here?
This is America.
Count until you're done.
That's the big tell, Joe, as you said.
They didn't just say, oh, we'll keep counting.
They've now got to decide what to do, get together, and then get their voter rolls of who hasn't voted to then falsely fill out those extra ballots and have the big steal.
It's on.
Well, absolutely.
And then the other thing that they did, and Trump said this at his 3 a.m.
talk, is said, hey, you know, we don't want 4 a.m.
voter dumps, ballot dumps.
And sure enough, in Michigan and Wisconsin, in each state, there was over 100,000 votes that got dumped.
In Wisconsin, more than 100,000.
I don't know.
But there was like 200,000 ballots just all of a sudden, 200,000 for Biden, none for Trump.
And so now both of these states are real close.
By the way, there are a lot of photos in Philadelphia and Pennsylvania and in other areas and in Nevada of people pulling up and taking in and out boxes unauthorized.
I mean, you've got that at Gateway Pond too.
Yeah, that's right.
And with Wisconsin, we also see that they now have like an 88% voter turnout with still some votes to count.
So that's almost statistically impossible.
When have we ever seen that in the U.S.?
It's usually around, what, 50% or so.
So Wisconsin, clearly there's something going on there, along with their $100,000 balance that got dumped in the middle of the night.
So the question is today, right now, why isn't North Carolina and Georgia finishing their job and reporting Trump as president?
And why isn't, or is winning these states?
And here's why.
And by the way, Nevada is saying, we're just magically going to stop counting until tomorrow, too.
What the hell?
What does that signify?
What does that signify?
Well, it's fraud, right?
And also, there's been a pattern here and an effort to continue to show Joe Biden is the winner.
All last night, they could have called Florida and Texas for hours and they refused to.
So that they could say Biden was in the lead.
And finally, once Biden picked up California, then they said, oh, Florida, yeah, that's for Trump and Texas later.
And that's when they froze it to have him ahead to make it look legitimate.
Yeah, and so Texas, Trump won by 6%.
Florida by 3.5%.
These weren't even close.
And so, that's the mess, that's their tactics, they're trying to make it look like Biden's ahead.
That's BS.
And they're saying in Pennsylvania they've got to get 75% to override Trump.
That is ridiculously obvious of steal if they do that.
So here's where we're at.
We've got three states, and I'll just kind of summarize this.
Three states, Georgia, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania, that it looks like there's really no way that the Democrats can win.
And so the remaining states then would be Arizona, Nevada, Wisconsin, and Michigan.
If Trump wins Georgia, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania, he only needs one of those four states to win.
So whether it be Arizona, and we just heard something from the Republicans in Arizona saying, we believe that we've won by 30,000 votes.
The votes that aren't counted are all these Republican votes that came in yesterday.
They weren't mail, all the mail-in votes are counted.
So Arizona's looking good.
If Trump can pull that out and then, you know, make sure Pennsylvania doesn't get stole, he wins.
So there's some real possibilities.
Trump's in the lead, but the media won't report it.
Let's be clear, we're not the mainstream media.
If he wasn't in the lead, we'd tell you clearly there's been fraud.
It would mean their fraud had been successful.
You can see all the real metrics show he wanted a landslide.
Despite all the fraud, he still made it over the top.
I mean, other areas of fraud here, Joe Hoffman, this is insane.
I could pause there and let our colleagues share some, but I think that's kind of it, really, if I were to summarize it at a high level.
There's a couple states, they need to call them.
Georgia and North Carolina, here it is, it's almost 1 o'clock Eastern Time.
They haven't changed for like 12 hours.
Stay there, stay there.
We're going to come back and ask you.
I highly respect it as an analyst what you think Trump and what we need to do right now but I call the fraud out and say damn it you know you need you got time to count your manufacturing stuff this is so insanely obvious you want to have time to manufacture so they don't get caught this is a moment of truth talk about a nail-biter Patrick Howley of nationalfile.com what do you think needs to happen and what is your eye focused on right now?
Well, it's great to be with you, Alex, and also Joe, who I have great respect for for a number of years.
I have heard from Bill Stepien that Bill Stepien is very confident that he's going to win Pennsylvania by 40,000 votes for the Trump campaign.
Now, look, we can't be defensive on all this stuff.
Now, you go through state by state.
The states that are on the bubble here are the states that I've been focusing on, which is why I'm getting so many calls.
North Carolina looks good.
It looks like Tillis has already claimed victory over Cunningham, cheating Cal, so Mitch McConnell owes me for that one.
You have, as of this morning, a sizable margin in North Carolina, so I think Trump's going to hold North Carolina.
In Michigan, you are seeing exactly what I knew was coming in Michigan, in Gretchen Whitmer's state.
You started with Trump being up about 26,000 votes and then all of a sudden you see these votes coming in from Detroit.
They're now claiming that Joe is up by 31,000 or so.
They say there's 400,000 mail-in ballots that are still being counted that of course are coming from Detroit.
I believe that Joe is right.
In Arizona, we are looking very good.
Fox News did a terrible job by calling that too early.
I think that there is a situation where a lot of the votes there were actually disqualified by virtue of the fact that they had people filling them out with Sherpie markers instead of ballpoint pens.
They're only counting the ballpoint pen ballots I have heard.
There's a video on my Twitter where I show this.
And they had people, they had even the sheriff enforcing, oh, you have to do it with a Sherpie in Republican areas.
So this is massive.
And you want to talk about Pennsylvania, because this is where it's all going to come down to.
All right, stay there.
Let's talk about that.
And getting back to the pens, we'll show that video when we come back.
They're using it to overwrite the other vote.
These people are out of control.
They just, they never get in trouble.
So they're like bad children.
We've got Joe Hoff, Gateway Pundit.
We've got Patrick Alley, National Phylum, Alex Jones with Infowars.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
79days.news is the new website to get around the censors that takes you to band.video.
The 79 days of hell is here.
It might end in a day, might end in a week, might end in a month.
The Democrats, their internal battle plans have gone public.
John Podesta and others said they're going to push to January 20th if they can't get a clear victory and break the country up.
Why shouldn't they?
They won't get in trouble.
Here's what President Trump had to say about it at 4 a.m.
in the morning.
Titan-like energy.
I was totally exhausted.
Went to bed at 3.
Trump's up there looking like he was, you know, at high noon.
I mean, this is who we need.
God's giving us such a choice.
This guy versus this Chi-Com agent?
Here's President Trump.
North Carolina.
Big victory with North Carolina.
So we won there.
We lead by
76,000 votes with almost nothing left.
And all of a sudden everything just stopped.
This is a fraud on the American public.
This is an embarrassment to our country.
We were getting ready to win this election.
Frankly, we did win this election.
So our goal now is to ensure the integrity for the good of this nation.
This is a very big moment.
This is a major fraud in our nation.
We want the law to be used in a proper manner.
So we'll be going to the U.S.
Supreme Court.
We want all voting to stop.
We don't want them to find any balance.
It's a very sad moment.
To me, this is a very sad moment.
And we will win this.
And as far as I'm concerned, we already have won.
Joe Hoft, what can we do?
What can the president do?
What is the path to legitimate victory?
This has all been a giant fraud.
Trump's absolutely right.
We're not rooting for our guy.
He clearly is the winner.
This is so vital.
If they get Biden in, they bet they're going to declare war on America even more.
His taxes, his regulations will kill us.
I mean, this is like a suicide pact.
What do we do?
The sense of urgency in my life has never been anywhere near this.
Yeah, that's a great question, Alex.
As you know, I was an auditor, an executive auditor, vice president in Hong Kong, where I ran a team of auditors.
I've been to audit committees around the world, presented at audit committees, etc., board meetings, etc.
So you know fraud when you see it.
I think, y'all, this is fraud.
Yeah, this is definitely fraud.
I think the two clear indications of fraud were last night, just like we said earlier.
At 4 a.m., Michigan and Wisconsin both dumped a massive 300,000 total ballots, all for Biden, none for Trump.
That needs to be investigated for sure.
I hope Trump has massive teams on site.
Oh, there should be 100 lawyers at that one place in Michigan where that got dumped.
Well, you know, lawyers are great, but we need some people that understand the numbers and the data and how to audit this stuff.
So I hope he's got the right professionals there and investigators to look at this, to check signatures and all that.
Yeah, people like Bev Harris.
So who do we need?
We need you.
Who should Trump send?
He's got to do it now.
Yes, right now, absolutely.
First thing he needs to do is absolutely lock everything down right now.
Stop any more attempts or ability to commit fraud.
You've got to cover what you've got and make sure nobody has access.
That's what Roger Stone said a month ago.
He said Trump's going to win, but they're going to steal it and do ballot dumping.
He said federal marshals in places like Nevada where fraud's already going on, they've got to go in and seize them.
People go, oh, that's political.
Well, if it's fraud, you've got to prosecute the damn law.
Yeah, that's right.
The thing that people can do, and I recommended this a month ago or so on Gateway Pundit, is if you're working at these various places, bring your iPhone.
And Breitbart taught us all that.
Anybody can be a reporter today with their iPhone.
And that's what people need to do, is if they see something fraudulent, to just take a picture of it.
Say that again, Joe.
It's us.
It's up to people in those battleground areas.
It's up to everybody who's been a poll watcher to get involved.
Alex and people can still do that.
There's still room for fraud.
So what people need to do if they're concerned is get together.
I know of a group in Michigan of women that went out to these ballot boxes that were suddenly set up around these states and had people sitting there guarding them.
And they've set up timetables, etc., so that these places were guarded so nobody could mess with them.
Because this whole process of these ballot boxes and drop-off points, total fraud.
That's what happened in California a few years ago.
It's just, it's not controlled.
In the post office, at least things are postmarked.
With these things, nothing was postmarked.
It's dropped in.
You don't know who's dropping them in.
David Knight's family members, I tried to get him on the show.
He was too exhausted.
I get it.
He talked to his brother, his brother-in-law, and they went in to vote in Virginia to register.
And they're just like, we don't even need to register here.
Just vote.
I mean, it's crazy what's going on.
Yeah, you're right.
So there's the thing that individuals can do right now.
Volunteer still.
I'm sure the Trump team needs help.
And then, you know, be your own private eye.
Let's work with some others and make sure that you still guard these places where the ballots can be still manipulated.
All right.
I'm going to ask you one more question in a moment.
We really appreciate you from Gateway Pundit.
Patrick Howley, again, with National File.
Front and center, you're sounding confident.
I always go with my gut and then I analyze the material.
I have a really bad feeling.
Not that we're going to lose, but that we better do a lot or we're going to lose.
I think we can still win, but there's so much fraud here.
Why are you confident?
Well look, I'm confident for a number of reasons and I know that there's a nightmare playing out.
However, I'm confident for a number of reasons because I know that if it comes down to the merits, we're going to win every single one of these states.
Now, let's just go through it very quickly if I could.
In Georgia,
We are still up, okay?
We are still up by over 100,000 votes.
They were so panicked that when they were counting at State Farm Arena, they had to have a burst water pipe, a burst water main, and we said, oh, so did the ballots get wet?
No, the ballots didn't get wet.
Well, what happened?
Oh, it was kind of wet in the auditorium, so we had to delay it by four hours.
Now we need until Friday to count the votes.
The mainstream media doesn't vet it, and so it just goes on.
Oh yeah, they need until Friday.
They think they can do whatever they want, but we're calling it out.
Fulton County, of course, is the fraud county in Georgia.
That's where Stacey Abrams tried to steal the thing last time in 2018.
So Brian Kemp is on to this, and he is plugged in.
I'm not too worried about Georgia.
I have a good feeling about Georgia.
I have a great feeling about North Carolina.
Now when it comes down to Pennsylvania, this is the real war, and this is my area of expertise.
Now, when the morning began, Trump was up by over 618,000 votes.
Since the day has gone on, that lead has been cut to just over 500,000 because they're chipping away.
You see them in Philadelphia, you know, going through the envelopes as quickly as they possibly can.
But if they actually get into a standoff with us in Pennsylvania, they don't want to get into that because they know that we've got the data.
For instance, in Butler County, a pro-Trump county where 30,000
Trump supporters, presumably, were denied mail-in ballots, and so they get provisional ballots now.
And so we get 30,000 votes for Trump then with those provisional ballots.
There's stuff like that all over the state that I'm not even going to reveal right now.
But if they want to get into it with me in Pennsylvania, bring it on, okay?
Now this is what they're doing.
Until November 6th at 5 p.m., the Pennsylvania Secretary of State, the lady there,
Just confirmed that they are going to be accepting ballots with no postmark on it and the signature doesn't have to match the voter registration.
This is a blank check for them to just stuff the ballot box with literally ballots that nobody even knows what the name is on it.
So we need the Supreme Court to override this right now.
Absolutely right, but it doesn't have to be the Supreme Court.
Look, we can go in there.
We can go in there with DOJ.
William Barr sent attorneys into Fulton County, into Philadelphia, into a lot of these places in order to monitor.
They need to do their job, but they are going to do their job.
We are going to go into court, and we're going to fight over every single ballot.
But I don't think we're even going to need to do that, because I honestly think we're going to win.
And you know what?
If we stick to our plan, and we go at it, and Bill Stepien is convinced we're going to win Pennsylvania by 40,000 votes, I'm confident in Georgia.
Wisconsin's going to be a battle, but we're going to challenge all of those Milwaukee votes.
Virginia, oh, there was an error.
Fairfax County, they had to throw out 100,000 Biden votes.
This is nonsense.
And that Arnon guy on Fox needs to go, because he's on your side.
Look at this footage of Philly with a lady stuffing a mailbox with ballots.
I mean, this is just ridiculous.
And Philly, they're running around with, put them in cars, boxes of them.
This is ridiculous.
I have a tape of lunch ladies, proving lunch ladies, handed out absentee ballots to the elementary school children, including illegal immigrants.
There's so much of this.
They don't want to go into court on this.
They are hoping that the media can shut up on Trump.
Silence Trump.
I agree.
Let's come back and do five more minutes.
I'm going to ask you both.
This moment in history, what happens if they do steal it?
I don't want to be negative, but it's almost worse for the globalists, because, I mean, an addled CHICOM agent with all these investigations hanging over him?
We've got Joe Hoft and we've got Patrick Howley.
I didn't even plug this hour.
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We'll be right back.
The Globalists keep coming back for more, running their scams.
Joe Hoft, Gateway Pundit.
Final question, we really appreciate you and your brother and all the great work you guys do.
Then I'm going to ask the same question to Patrick Alley, then Leanne McAdoo is coming in.
We've got a bunch of clips and breaking analysis.
What is the enemy's path to victory?
We need to know their mind.
And I mean, they're not doing this for no reason.
They have an intent to steal it.
And they use it to medial cover for all their fraud.
This is naked fraud.
What happens if they're able to remove Trump?
This sounds pretty scary, Alex, doesn't it?
I think it's frightening.
I think we have to do everything we can to make this not happen.
Everything we can with everything we got.
I mean, I'm really concerned that if Biden does win with all the corruption that we already know about from the last time he was in office, I mean, that guy's a total crook.
He doesn't know what's going on now, but he is a crooked, senile old man.
And his whole administration would be insane and very, very corrupt.
The individual who's been behind all this, gosh, I forgot his name now, it just slipped out of my mind, but Obama's ethics czar was put in place.
Everything but ethics.
This guy was an animal and now he's putting the country through this.
I think we gotta fight everything.
I'm not kidding.
I remember that czar.
He was the weirdo that said we can suspend reality and quote, outlaw getting sunshine.
I mean, these are like crazy people.
Yeah, and he was behind the impeachment.
He was behind the Mueller investigation.
He set up 10 different reasons to impeach Trump.
He actually was a witness at the impeachment.
He's been behind everything, and they believe he's behind this as well.
So this is not the kind of people that we need running our country.
We need good Christian men and women.
And, uh, so, you know, Judeo-Christian.
Anyways, um, we've got to get this, we've got to get this fixed.
We've got to fight with every ounce of, uh, that we have.
Um, we cannot allow them to steal this.
It's, it's, it's, it's, it's Eisen.
Norm Eisen.
That's right.
I forget the other czar was the one that said outlaw getting sunshine.
I swear to God, folks.
He said we need fact checkers.
We need to take over the news.
This is like 10 years ago and they've done it now.
What was his name?
I'll pop my head in a minute.
He said, like an example is those that claim sunshine's good for you.
I mean, these are crazy people.
Yeah, they are.
And they're evil.
They're evil people.
And I tell you what, four years of more evil, I don't know if I don't, I guess I don't believe our country can make it.
I want my son to enjoy freedom.
I agree.
Joe, we'll talk to you soon.
Thank you so much.
Amazing job.
Thank you.
Patrick Howley, same question to you.
I stand with the President.
I'm 100% committed to victory, and I predict victory.
I believe that we will win every single one of these states that are still there, including by challenging these votes.
And what they're going to do is they're going to launch the riot squads as soon as the media puts Joe at 270.
But, you know, they're going to launch Shut Down DC and Antifa is going to mobilize.
And so they think that will scare the suburbanites into backing away from Trump.
They're trying to break our coalition.
Our job is to keep our people together, is to say, look, we're going to win this thing.
It's just going to take a little while longer.
We need to hold together.
Don't let them intimidate you.
Because in the long run, we're going to win this thing.
I've got the numbers.
I've got the data.
We have the lawyers.
We're going to win because they're stealing this thing with ridiculous paper ballots that don't actually exist.
I agree.
We got Leanne McAdoo coming up, and I'm going to war game that more with you because I just want to say, and I don't want to get on a plane, I don't want to go up to D.C., I don't want to be around Antifa where they're stabbing people and all the rest of it, but they are literally, literally, ladies and gentlemen,
Stabbing people and doing all this.
We have to surround the White House so they can't just point at this mob of communists and say, oh, look, the people want Trump out.
It's legitimate.
We're going to have to hit the streets.
And I want to warn the establishment.
If they think they've seen anything yet with these peaceful crowds of millions, they've not seen anything yet.
Patrick, at a sick level, I want to talk about this when we come back.
If I was Machiavelli, long term, you know, and would do evil stuff for greater good, I don't believe in that.
Injustifies the means of fraud.
It's the Ring of Mordor.
I would have them remove Trump and pull this scam because they're sowing seeds so destructive to the New World Order.
I mean, if they think they've seen resistance, they are going to create a
Hellstorm of resistance if they remove our great president so fraudulently and so, so openly.
I mean, this is, and put, it'd be one thing if it was a slick operator.
I mean, Joe Biden doesn't know what damn planet he's on.
Are gladiators gonna be defeated by this pipsqueak idiot?
No one's gonna buy this.
The globalists are trying to censor what you can see and what you can share.
Don't let them win.
Go to our emergency election newsletter at InfoWars.com forward slash newsletter.
Sign up for free and get intel they don't want you to have and then share it.
InfoWars.com forward slash newsletter.
It's time to override the censors and get the truth out.
I would say that globalization is inevitable unless someone really moves in to stop it.
We have all agreed to pursue the sustainable development goals to 2030.
The fourth industrial revolution, particularly digital technology, has fundamentally changed the global economic landscape.
Globalization is an inevitable and irreversible trend.
We should not avoid the challenges brought by the economic globalization.
Instead, we should look directly at the gap of wealth and of development.
Well, the foundation
You can't achieve ambitious goals in global health without deep partnerships with the rich countries that provide most the aid.
Everything that is broken today can be fixed.
And every failure can be turned into a truly great success.
We must replace the present policy of globalism, which have just taken so many jobs out of our communities, and so much wealth out of our country, and replace it with a new policy of Americanism.
America first.
Remember that.
Now the world is awakening to globalism.
And the forces of globalism are striking back in incredibly vicious ways.
I hope all of your children get raped and killed!
And then there's the 79 days
I think?
Tank the dollar in the stock market, have race riots nationwide as the cover, and try to drive President Trump from office.
The big corporations, the banks, Hollywood, the chi-coms, the Democrats, all of these systems along with radical Islam and communist China
...are allied against us right now.
We told you when they were in the secret phases that this was happening, but now they've prepared themselves, they've prepared the public.
That's why they flooded us with the 80 million ballots.
A lot of people got three or four ballots.
Dead cats, dead dogs, dead people got them.
So that even if Trump is winning by three, four points in battleground states, and statistically has a majority, and you can see there's a bunch of votes that haven't been cast,
But the easiest thing for him to do is to stand up like a man and accept the results of an election of the American people.
For him to make these kinds of statements shows his lack of patriotism,
I feel very confident that Joe Biden will be elected president on Tuesday, whatever the end count is.
But on the election that occurs on Tuesday, he will be elected.
On January 20th, he will be inaugurated president of the United States.
Now notice, that's not a slip, that's what she's been saying for months, that it doesn't matter what the election says, we're not going to accept it, and then we're going to have states secede, and then we will seat him geographically from another location, and that geography doesn't matter, the White House doesn't matter, it matters who they say the president is.
Well, you want to fight the New World Order, Trump went to Davos and told them point blank, it's over, we're not your bitch.
And now they're striking their attack.
So, if they get in, they're going to bankrupt and gut the country they've said they are, and so...
I guess folks will finally wake up then.
Patrick Howley was making a great point in the last segment.
I want him to recap the path to victory, what the real numbers are, what we're facing.
Leanne McAdoo is going to be riding shotgun with us into the next hour.
Leanne, you were here late last night, did a great job.
A lot of folks were telling me, be confident, he's going to win tonight.
And I said, no, I don't think so.
The Democrats have said they're going to freeze these states and not let him win.
I mean, they said what they were going to do.
They started to see him take a strong lead in Pennsylvania and just said, you know what?
We're going to go ahead.
This is the Super Bowl of the elections.
We've been preparing for this all year, but we're going to go ahead and just go call it.
Put a lid on it.
Go take a nap.
Get some rest.
I mean, it's unprecedented what's happening.
And I've had I woke up with just like anger in my soul because we're really seeing that there is no limit to how low the Democrats will go, how dark they will take this country.
This is a real moment of truth.
It's a wake-up call.
We're going to be covering all these articles of breaking news you've got in the hour.
Patrick, we appreciate you, NationalFile.com.
Recap what you were saying earlier.
Some stations don't carry that first five minutes about the real path to victory and your realist view and the sources you've got and the real numbers right now and what we need to do.
Because they're trying to take our liberty right now.
They're trying to steal our election right now.
Well I believe that we're going to win the outstanding states and I've just received this statement from Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien and this is breaking news.
He says, despite ridiculous public polling used as a voter suppression tactic, Wisconsin has been a razor thin race as we always knew that it would be.
So the president is engaging, yes!
The first X-Wings are away!
Now, we are confident that Trump is going to win Pennsylvania by at least 40,000 votes.
That this massive, more than half a million vote margin that President Donald Trump has right now, even with all of the rampant fraud in Philadelphia, is not going to be overturned.
And by the way, they do not want to fight us in the courts in Pennsylvania.
They do not want to go through ballot by ballot in Philadelphia.
Georgia is a joke.
Georgia, they are so desperate, they had to do the burst water pipe, okay?
The burst water pipe.
And now they want until Friday to cook up ballots in Fulton County.
It's the biggest joke ever.
Trump's up by over 100,000 as of the last counting.
Even the new updates, they're not moving the lever at all in Georgia.
Everybody knows Trump is winning Georgia.
Wisconsin, we're recounting.
We have no idea even what the real numbers are because of all these ridiculous ballots that were done.
What about Nevada that Fox evilly called, as we predicted early, playing the part of Judas Iscariot?
Nevada's very much in play and in fact Jason Miller and Stepien said earlier today that they believe both Arizona and Nevada's in play.
The last count that we have for Nevada at 86% and it cuts off at 86%.
Biden is only up by 7,647 votes.
We know Trump's super popular in Las Vegas and we know a ton of people in Nevada want to get back to work at casinos and resorts and entertainment.
They don't want to be locked down.
Who believes that they want the lockdown to continue?
This is pure horse manure.
Absolutely not.
Every casino owner in Las Vegas loves sports.
What about Arizona?
Fox News falsely claimed that too.
What about Arizona?
So here's the deal in Arizona.
They claim Biden's up by about 93,000 votes with 84% reporting.
I don't believe it for a minute, and I believe that there are massive irregularities with the numbers stemming from, and this is a real scoop, the Sharpie problem.
They were giving out Sharpies to conservatives to sign the ballots, and then I believe it has been alleged that only the ballpoint pen ballots were being counted, in addition to various other irregularities.
Arizona is going to end up in court, no question about it.
The Trump campaign was livid at Fox News.
I think Fox News calling that early was the most shameful thing they've ever done, including cheerleading for the Iraq War.
It was awful.
Tucker Carlson questioned it to them on the air, you know, right to their faces.
But Fox is ridiculous.
That Arnon guy is a joke.
Nobody's ever heard of him and yet he's like the new Fauci.
Oh, Arnon, tell us what to think.
Who cares about Arnon?
Infowars is way better than Fox News.
Fox isn't running this and I think that Trump
White House and the Trump campaign needs to realize that Fox is not running this because the Fox top government executive in Washington DC, their top guy, was Biden's chief of staff and they've got Donna Braville running.
That's right, Patrick Howley.
Join us again as things develop.
Stay in contact.
Pop in throughout the day.
Rodgers Jones coming up as well.
Thank you so much Patrick Howley.
We'll be right back with Lee Ann McAdoo.
I'm Alex Jones.
Welcome back, I'm your host Alex Jones, and I do intend to host right through until like 9 o'clock tonight with the rest of the great crew.
A bunch of big guests coming up.
Leanne McAdoo, back with the team here for election coverage.
She's been here eight years or so.
Good to have her back visiting.
Leanne, your perspective on this is really what I should have been saying from the very start of the show.
There's one set of responsibilities for Trump, another for the media and the Democrats.
It's more transparent than ever, but they're just doing it.
Right, only the media is allowed to call the election.
You know, New York Times actually had to delete their tweet where they said it's the media who gets to say who is elected president.
And, you know, how dare Trump declare an early victory?
And they've been kind of massaging this into our brains, preparing us for
Oh, if he even dares try to declare early victory, how evil would he be?
Meanwhile, they all stop and pause their broadcast so that they can bring Joe Biden out last night before he needs to go get in bed and take a nap.
You know, that he can come out and say, we think we've definitely won.
Trump says basically the same thing and gets taken off Twitter.
Yeah I mean it's just it's and then of course Fox News and all these other networks they really go after him hardcore forcefully calling him out.
Networks repudiate the president.
How dare he say that and and call the election integrity into question.
Because remember they never said he was
They said, though, he wasn't legitimate for all those years as a Russian agent when it was Joe Biden and Obama and Hillary hanging off the Russian teepees.
Nancy Pelosi.
I mean, we've only scratched the surface of the family members who have been enriched by these politicians that have been in office for 40 plus years.
Nancy Pelosi doesn't want anyone to peel back the curtain on her family and how they've become so massively wealthy, you know, on her salary.
So, you know, this is just, we're just at the beginning here and Michael Moore came out and said how afraid we should all be that Trump is going to have the nuclear codes for the next 60 plus days.
He's horrible.
He's been pulling us out of all these wars.
He's going to nuke us.
Everything's upside down world.
It's absolutely opposite of everything that's going on.
In fact,
If that's the case, I hope Trump does go nuclear on all of the people that have been involved in this coup for the last four years.
Remember, Swallowswell said if Americans won't turn their guns in, we'll nuke them.
So you're not literally saying nuke them, you're saying he needs to go nuclear politically, but he's just got a bunch of not-need lawyers in the Justice Department.
Yes, I mean he has had everything going against him for the last four years.
He's had people pushed into his administration that were just there to take him out.
He had a Herculean job like cleaning out the Aegean Stables and he's done that and now he's under, now he's fighting the Hydra.
I mean this is so real, so epic, I can't turn away but it's horrifying.
And China, they want Biden in.
And they say they do.
They're so excited for the potential that Biden might be back in.
They said that he is in sync with them.
That's a quote.
They said he is literally them.
And I think that that's what we were being prepared for back in 2016, 2013, 14, 15, when President Obama was basically telling us that we needed to get used to just not being the superpower anymore.
We need to just get used to it.
Our jobs aren't coming back.
Enjoy how he screwed you.
And they thought Hillary Clinton would get in and just be able to do that peaceful transition.
I'm a woman, so I'm allowed to cut the country.
I'm a woman.
Don't hurt a woman.
And then of course, President Trump got in.
He started to really turn things around and as a smart businessman say, wait, why are we selling America out?
He just said, we're not having one-sided deals anymore.
A lot of minorities were doing so much better under President Trump that it was starting to really actually rattle the Democratic Party.
So there was no other option for the globalists than to send out COVID, to crash the economy worldwide, to take everybody out.
And I really do feel like this was a plandemic.
Not necessarily the most vicious of the diseases they have laying in wait, but just something that could, you know, give them a little bit of opportunity to take down and sort of do some projection mapping to see how a global pandemic would actually affect them.
This was a giant drill, and we've passed the test as good slaves, and now Bill Gates has some more deadly weapons coming on Colbert.
And I just cannot believe the amount of people that have voted for Joe Biden knowing that they're going to have more lockdowns, more masks, and everyone's like, oh well maybe it'll be peaceful if he gets in and there won't be any more violence.
No, they're going to be sending out the military and using their power to come round up anyone who refuses to wear a mask.
They've said what you've seen in Europe, what you've seen in Australia, is coming under Biden.
And they have Stockholm Syndrome, Leanne.
They're not a leader like you or other of our listeners.
They literally just cannot believe they're faced with an oppressor.
So they go, this is not an oppressor.
He loves me.
They want what's best for us.
They said they care about us.
He had to knock my teeth out.
I deserved it.
Yes, I had it coming.
I was bad.
Yeah, so I try to think for myself.
And that's it.
It's like everything is, we're living in the total opposite world.
The peaceful protests that get violent where people are being stabbed in D.C.
and elsewhere, looting, rioting, burning things down.
That's peaceful.
That's totally fine.
But if anyone dares question the election or, you know, the things that are going on there at the polls,
That you get shut down, you get silenced, and I mean it's driving people mad.
It makes you feel like you are powerless at this point because they're just so dastardly and they'll stop at nothing.
It almost makes you want to just retreat, give up, white flag, surrender, okay.
But then you learn they don't just want the power, they want to put stuff in our bodies, they want to kill us, and they want to rape our kids.
I mean, you tell stories about family in Houston, where at the hospitals, where you have some family that works there, the women, the lesbian women, bring in the adopted little boy they've got, and they want to chop his four-year-old balls off, and they're pissed because the hospital won't do it.
I mean, and it's like a weird, like, we want his testicles.
You said it made you physically sick.
Right, well, it's like, it's an elective surgery, so we're not going to do it.
Oh, well, how dare you?
This is, you know, this is my
I don't know.
And these women have so turned to Satan, they literally want the sacrament of mutilating their boy, and then they make it a victory.
A female victory.
That's not feminine to chop your son's balls off.
That's satanic.
No, it's... It's the opposite of feminine.
Yeah, I mean, I don't understand... That's a cult!
There's a cult of women that chop their son's balls off.
And that's what they're doing.
Yeah, or if I find out I'm pregnant with a boy, I'm getting an abortion, you know, I'm either having a girl or an abortion.
Oh, that's a big feminist thing, kill your son.
Right, and it's just, you know, I just, I'm not sure why, maybe that is part of the whole psychological thing of just having America submit and just turning us all into... It's liberal, cut your son's balls off.
Yes, we don't need any strong men in our country, you know,
But imagine an enemy that said to us, we're coming, we're taking over, we're going to force inject you with deadly stuff, and we're going to chop your son's balls off.
We would go to war with that.
That's what Moses, and that's actually in the Egyptian stuff against Ramses, his dad had the firstborn Israelites killed.
The boys.
So this is just a competition.
So instead of just killing the boys, they can say trans is now dead, like, my son's a ghost, he slit his throat.
And so instead of chopping the balls off, like, my son's trans, he's dead, he identifies as a dead person, so you shoot your kid in the head.
I mean, they can't go that far yet, so it's like, we'll just get the huevos.
No, it's actually a sick trajectory that we're on, and I don't know if anyone else got massively creeped out when Joe Biden did his little speech last night, and he did that weird, creepy, puppet smile where only half of his face went up.
Yeah, pull up Biden's speech last night, guys.
Let's play that when we come back.
Oh, and Leanne, you mentioned nuclear war and how Trump's against it.
McBrain did that amazing video with you comparing the Barry Goldwater, the anti-Barry Goldwater ad from 68.
With the one you did about nuclear war, if Hillary got in, we'll play that when we come back, and then we'll play the original anti-Barry Goldwater, LBJ nuclear ad with the little girl and the daisies.
When we come back, stay with us.
The bottom line on nuclear weapons is that when the president gives the order, it must be followed.
There's about four minutes between the order being given and the people responsible for launching nuclear weapons to do so.
As president, I will make it clear.
That the United States will treat cyber attacks just like any other attack.
We will be ready with serious political, economic, and military responses.
They're voting for peace on planet Earth if they vote for Trump.
But if they vote for Hillary, it's war.
We came, we saw, he died.
With her, you'll end up in World War III.
I want the Iranians to know that if I'm the president, we will attack Iran.
Right now, Senator, for us to control all of the airspace in Syria would require us to go to war against Syria and Russia.
The U.S.
military has just raised the threat level to DEFCON 2.
Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton is still threatening Russia with military action, following unconfirmed reports of further hacking.
It's like she's not even concerned about the repercussions.
Of course not, because she's... Look, that's a really loud noise.
Alright, looks like we're having a little bit of technical difficulties.
We'll try to get Leanne back on in a few minutes.
When the President gives the order, it must be followed.
November 8th.
Vote like your world depends on it.
From the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C.
6... 8... 9... 9... 10... 9... 8... 7... 6... 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... 0... These are the stakes.
To make a world in which all of God's children can live.
Or to go into the dark.
We must either love each other, or we must die.
Vote for President Johnson on November 3rd.
The stakes are too high for you to stay home.
And that was the globalist that sold us out, and Barry Goldwater, the patriot against the New World Order, was kicked out even though he was anti-war.
And it's the same thing, Leanne, a total inversion of reality, where Trump's trying to make good deals in these wars, take care of the troops, the VA, and then he's the warmonger.
It's just the left are disgusting liars.
And the fact that Hillary Clinton and others, these globalists, have been planning to steal this election, they've been planning to say that it's going to drag out for a long time.
They've known that this was going to happen.
How did they know?
How were they prepared for this?
Why were they telling people
That perhaps the House is going to have to decide who won the election because it's going to drag out for so long or it's going to be such a close race.
I mean, they already knew what was going to happen and they've been getting us mentally.
You always talk about that, that the globalists, they always put their plans out prior to it happening.
They have to.
It's like a sickness.
They have to tell you what they're going to do.
And they have.
They have been.
Hillary Clinton said Biden should not concede to President Trump under any circumstances whatsoever because she thinks it's going to drag out.
And eventually, she does believe he will win if we do not give an inch.
And how is that going to happen?
People are saying right now, Jones, how'd you predict it all again?
I didn't think they had a damn blueprint.
Be positive.
It's a landslide.
They've got a fraud slide to block it.
I mean, it's just incredible that they will stop at nothing to do this.
Last night, when I was watching the electoral votes being added to Joe Biden, and they gave him California before the polls had even closed in California, and everyone says, oh, well, it's just a given that they're going to... So they would freeze it with him on top.
Right, exactly.
They want to freeze it.
It's so transparent!
But meanwhile, they wouldn't give Trump Texas or any of these other states that, you know, he was over 80,000 votes or so.
Oh, it's still too close to call.
You know, meanwhile, they give him Arizona and these other places.
And then they say it was an error in the AP's tallying.
But we were watching real time going, what the heck?
They're giving it to Biden when Trump's at 56%.
By the way, did you guys find this creepy speech?
I saw it last night.
Did you find the creepy speech?
Gives me the... You say you did?
Yeah, I don't want to listen to his voice, but just roll the video that she was talking about.
He looked, animatronic is the word, like a Chuck E. Cheese thing.
It sends a shiver into my soul.
I mean, listen, listen, listen.
If I was, if I walked in a business and a guy was acting like him and had that, with that fake smile, I'd walk right back out.
Yeah, you know you're talking to a shyster.
He's a used car salesman, you know, trying to sell you something you don't need at way overpriced.
It's fake charm.
Absolute fake charm.
And the same with Kamala Harris.
Like, this is the best the Democrats could roll out for the country.
I'll tell you why.
The Chai Kams and others want a weak vessel.
They want somebody they can push around.
And they've already pushed him around.
They've already bought him out.
God, I hate him.
Look, ugh.
Ugh, that kook wife of his.
Look at that, what she's wearing.
Oh, they're just disgusting.
She's like, look at me, I got my hat.
Look at him smirking.
He's just smirking.
Oh, man.
Nobody's around me, but I'm going to wear my hat.
And they're part of the white shoe boy globalist club that just is a parasite on this country.
Couldn't believe that they didn't win the last election.
They had the whole plan to topple our country, to take us out.
They had already made Americans feel like, we suck, we're bad, you know, we need to take all of these white privileged courses so we can realize how terrible and awful we are and America was never great.
And just really preparing us to bend over to China and whoever, Iran, whoever else was going to come in and become the new superpower.
And then that of course did not happen.
President Trump turned things around.
And, you know, I still feel like that's their plan.
They're like, we gotta get this back on track.
But I'll tell you, the fact that it is even a bigger landslide, the fact that 95% of Americans, I mean, if 5% of America was either dumb or psychotic, I'd be ashamed.
Let me tell you, a good 30-40% of our followers, they actually believe he's a Nazi.
I mean, these are idiots.
And the fact is, we've been such an open, free, wealthy country, there are a lot of lazy, stupid people.
Because they've never lived in the real world, Leigh-Anne, and they're just idiots.
I mean, these are the same people that are like, no, Antifa stands for anti-fascist.
So even though they're using fascist tactics, they're fighting fascism.
And look, they do a drive-in thing because of COVID.
They keep the whole fraud going.
I mean, because they have such small numbers.
I mean, these people are sick.
Punch up the Georgia satellite feed.
How do you know a Biden rally?
It's because it's a parking lot of empty...
Let me ask this question.
If they're able to steal the election, which they're damn well going to try, and they keep these things open, they've got a limited 80 million ballots all stocked up in warehouses, they're flooded, they've been arresting people, catching them, the news hardly carries it.
If they steal it, or if Trump challenges the steal, then they just activate people to burn the cities down.
I mean, this is a disaster.
And that's why they're saying there could potentially be a civil war.
Because they've already got their little Antifa troops and others out ready to fight.
Ready to contest the election.
Ready to say that it's illegitimate.
But what happens when the Patriots finally decide?
Yeah, because they want to piss on our grave.
When we finally say, no, absolutely not.
This is illegitimate.
We know you've stolen it.
And we've seen it.
We've got it on video.
This is why they don't want you to take any video cameras or have any of the poll watchers in there seeing how the machines are broken.
Oh, a pipe burst.
Oh, you know, we can't have any.
Come back later and we'll put your ballot in.
I promise.
I promise.
Or throwing away a bunch of votes that were for President Trump.
That's the scary part is, they've converted the corruption at the top of the Democratic Party, and they've gotten a large portion of their followers to be pro-war, pro-death, pro-abortion, pro-pedophilia.
They'll just sign on to anything now.
And that's what's so dangerous is, Democrats are like a criminal mob now.
And how powerful was that, that they could just
Point the finger at one man, President Trump, and put all the blames and all the ills of all the world on him, and that the solution to all of our problems will arrive when we get him out of office.
Then everything's going to be wonderful and great again.
Don't look at the fact that Joe Biden's been in office 47 years and was the vice president.
And is a compromised Chinese agent.
And he was, you know, didn't fix the things while he had the chance, but believe me, he's going to this time around.
Yeah, so what happens if they... We're going to come back and talk about that and play some more clubs.
So much happening.
I'm going to give the number out later.
We've got a special guest joining us as well.
Lan McAnoo is in studio.
Tell folks about the live feeds at Bandai Video.
You're the way this dog hunts.
So there's Trump winning Florida bigger than last time.
There's Trump winning Texas.
And he clearly was projected to win those other states, so they froze it.
So the magic ballots could come in, which violates the previous law of the Supreme Court.
Back in October 28th, Virtue signaled and said, no, we're going to let these things stay open.
And so, Trump's putting his faith in the Supreme Court.
I think the Supreme Court, you know, people need to be rallying outside the Supreme Court, we need to be rallying outside the White House, and not just let the communists run around the streets and, you know, claim that they have the moral high ground.
And I think that was, you know, part of the psychological decision last night to shut the electoral vote tally, keep it frozen where it's showing Joe Biden with the majority, because of course they gave him California very early in the night, even though the polls hadn't closed in California.
Meanwhile, they didn't give Trump Texas under that same sort of theory that it would just most likely go to him.
Too close to call.
We can't give him Texas yet.
So I think that was a psychological thing.
Also, probably kind of holding out hope that if they were to shut down the East Coast states from tallying all their votes, that maybe Joe Biden would be able to clench the 270 electoral votes once all the West Coast states came in.
Yeah, that's the plan.
By the way, for TV viewers, radio listeners, back up Biden last night.
Notice it's sponsored by General Motors that Obama bailed out with taxpayer money.
And it's all Jeeps with his campaign people.
It's even fake.
They even have fake grips of cars.
It's just everything is synthetic.
Everything is garbage.
The whole thing looks like you're on a movie set.
Like you're, you know, you're in Hollywood at the MGM Studios or something and it's all sort of set up for this.
Oh, zoom into that woman's face smiling.
Look, it's all...
It's a Jeep commercial spot.
Brand new Jeep.
Perfectly detailed.
They're perfectly shiny.
Perfectly separated.
I mean, everything is choreographed BS.
They're like showing off the Chinese like, look, we can have parades too.
It's like the Nazis had all those parades.
It's sick.
It's sick.
Yeah, I didn't even notice that.
Talk about just... It's all... You're programmed.
We're programmed.
Everything is ordered.
Everything is... The only thing... And of course, there's American flags.
They hate the very existence of the country.
Well, and the more that I see the news anchors and the MSM taking off their masks and showing who they really are, it...
Really makes me feel like I'm I'm in they live and at any moment.
We're going to see them morphing into those skeleton I've got one that can see exactly.
I mean that's what I feel like we're in right now It's very spiritual like you must cover yourself.
We cover ourselves right right and that is like cult means covered
Right, and that's the dark and the light, and that's even how they're trying to hide information.
They're hiding your ability to access the truth.
They're covering and hiding anyone who tries to have a dissenting voice.
It's like Darth Vader wears a mask.
I mean, it's very archetypal.
Darkness and silencing and hiding, that's their power.
That's what they have.
And so the light is, really that's like the silent majority.
People need to be speaking up now.
They need to be sharing the light.
What do you think of QAnon?
I love the QAnon followers.
They're good people, they're researching, they're fighting the same enemy, but they follow this esoteric stuff and believe everything's okay.
Now back when QAnon was staying in your basements, the media loved it.
Once good people took it over, they hated it.
I just hope people understand that, you know, you're the secret army, folks.
There's not a secret army out there fighting for you.
Let me just tell you.
I mean, I've literally had the president tell me, press the attack, Jones.
You're one of the few we've got.
Get as many recruits as you can.
We need help.
And I'm like, I talk, you know, people are like, oh, you didn't talk to him.
I mean, Q's above the president.
Right, well and I think a lot of that too is you have, you have your instincts and a lot of people are, they're feeling a certain way about things and then it's like, oh no, no, no, no, just trust the plan, trust the plan.
And so you're like, well no, I kind of want to trust my instincts and my gut on this, something's not right, but trust the plan and like, look where we're at now.
Whenever it first came out, I mean I don't really follow Q that much so I don't have a very strong opinion about it, but I just thought, what a way to manipulate people.
I mean, I don't want to name drop.
I can call any of the big top Fox News hosts right now, they'll answer.
I can call Joe Rogan, he'll answer.
I can call, if I want to talk to Trump, I can get him to call me within a day.
And then it's like, oh Jones, I'm a proven entity, okay?
I talk to Trump's main people.
I can pick up the phone right now and call his personal lawyer.
That's how we talk.
I'm gonna leave it at that, okay?
I mean, one of his main lawyers.
You might have heard of him, but the point is, is that it's not about name-dropping.
This is real.
And they say we're in desperate straits, and that they don't want to scare the public how much trouble we're in, how there's Chinese agents everywhere, okay?
You heard Caputo come out and say that.
I mean, I'm just telling you, directly talking to the president, we're in trouble, folks.
He doesn't want to scare you too much.
And then I hear, oh, everything's fine.
No, it's not.
It's not.
It's not okay.
It's not all right.
No, it's absolutely not alright.
This is absolutely a war right now.
We talk about the war between the dark and the light and it's in our face, which is why I think the Amish rallied around and they know.
They try to stay out of politics and live in their own little world.
And let's explain what a war is.
It's existential.
If you're in the World War I trench warfare,
You know, the old-fashioned line-up against the enemy.
And somebody's walking around going, we're winning, everything's fine, don't keep your eyes peeled, don't fight hard, don't keep your head down.
You know, that person's a damn agent.
I mean, you had to get arrested like that and court-martialed.
That's what I'm saying.
This is classic PSYOP, folks.
The provocateurs.
Trust the plan.
Well, one of the things that I was really proud to see, they had to call Florida so early last night.
2016, remember, Florida was the one that dragged out all night long because we had to wait for crooked Broward County to come in and see if they were going to swing it.
So what are you predicting if they're able to install Biden?
What do they do, replace him with Harris?
Who becomes the vice president?
Well, it's got to be Harris.
That's why they're already, you know, Biden's already saying, you think it's not a Harris-Biden administration?
She's going to be the next president?
I mean, he's already... And her husband says, my wife should be the next president.
And how ridiculous is that?
Because even the Democrats voters did not like her when she was, you know, being promoted as a potential candidate.
They rejected her, and then they chose her in the end, and even people still don't like her.
Why does the establishment love someone?
She's even more disingenuous than Biden, which is hard to do.
Right, but that just lets you know that she's gonna just come out and be this friendly face, and she's a woman, and nobody can question her, and if you do, then you're just a sexist, misogynist, part of the patriarchy, you know, but really, she doesn't have any power, she doesn't have any enthusiasm, she doesn't have any spirit.
I would love to have a pro-America
I mean, I have daughters.
Before I had daughters, it wasn't like, I don't want women in charge of things.
I just want women and men in charge of things that got the right stuff.
She's not going to be in charge.
She's going to be a happy little puppet.
She's a total puppet.
She'll do whatever it takes.
She's just happy, little smile along.
And when the news anchor, you know, asked her, was that a socialist agenda?
Oh no!
Not me!
We wouldn't be doing that behind the scenes.
And they just laugh right in your face at you and try to make you doubt your instincts and doubt your gut and to see what's happening.
But Miami Cubans, who a lot of them exiled from Cuba, they know what's happening.
They see the writing on the wall.
And other Hispanics from socialist countries like Venezuela.
And a lot of those people live in Florida.
And so the Democrats are saying, oh well, you know, Trump just won him because he just focused so much on state on message that it's, you know, socialism, socialism, socialism.
Well, Trump stayed on that message because that's what's happening.
Because hey guys, under communism, which is really a segway into communism, everything's free, but you can't get anything.
Everything's free.
You get a free car when you wait on a waiting list 10 years, maybe.
Everything's free, but you don't have any parts for your car, so you gotta use a plastic Coke bottle, you know, as your exhaust or something, because you can't get any new parts for... It's like... And I look at Harris, every photo, every video, and she's the most disingenuous fraud.
I mean, look at this person!
People who, like, maniacally laugh at everything, even when it's like a serious...
She thinks that the laugh makes her approachable.
She's a psychotic.
She's a psychotic!
Like, when you laugh maniacally at things at inappropriate times, I mean, that's just weird.
What, is she going to be laughing when she goes and... That's all she does, is just walk around cackling.
She's like, here, Iran, here's some more pallets of cash.
Don't, you know, don't bomb us, or we're going to... But I mean, this is what traitors look like.
This is what the chai comms had to get.
So we wonder why they look like sacks of garbage.
They are.
I mean, it's like they can't even really hide their kind of putrid evil that just seeps out from them.
We're people who are good, aware, awake.
When they look you in the eye and make that little smile, like, you sense it.
You sense that you're in the presence of evil, that you're in the presence of darkness, that you're being taken advantage of.
But so many people don't have that sensibility about it.
In fact, once they go under evil, they might not be evil, but a lot of people I know get scared when you're real, when you're genuine, they get scared by that.
They've never had anybody be genuine to them, so they think that's weird.
And a lot of people, they've been so gaslit by the media for so many years that they don't even trust their own instincts.
They don't trust themselves.
They're like, oh, well, Dr. Fauci said, it doesn't really make sense about the mask, but Dr. Fauci said, you know, and the CDC keeps changing all the rules.
Meanwhile, it's causing, now we know, almost all the deaths, bacterial pneumonia.
We'll be right back with Leigh Ann McAdoo and another special guest.
So much, we're going to be going live until late tonight.
This is the 79 Days to Hell.
I don't know if it'll go that long until inauguration, but the Democrats say that's their plan.
Try to steal the election night?
That failed, so they're going to hold it up, try to stuff all the ballots, and then just have a secession and total hell on earth.
So, stay with us.
79days.news is the new site.
Takes you to band.video to circumvent the censors.
Well, I'm very excited to have Leanne McAtee riding shotgun with us.
We have a very special guest coming up at the start of the next segment, Chad Prather.
And we're going to be breaking down the election, getting his really informative and interesting take on things.
Leigh Ann, you've got a bunch of other articles there.
What else is on your radar?
Well, I mean, I'm just, I cannot believe that we are allowing social media to censor our ability to question the results of an election.
I mean, they're still actively censoring anyone who dares question the results in Wisconsin, Michigan.
I mean, it's...
It's just, where are we headed?
I mean, I'm hoping that after this election we can just see a huge exodus from Twitter, Facebook, and these other social media sites that are trying to control us and stifle our ability to communicate with each other and communicate the truth and get access to information.
Boy, didn't Trump drop the ball, though, on not stopping Big Tech?
He was too damn confident with that Parscale idiot.
Yeah, I agree on that.
And there was, um, you know, I think we just also have a lot of people in charge who have no idea how the internet even works.
And, you know, they don't know how to ask the right questions.
And then you have these, um, the tech gods go in and they basically just give as little information as possible and laugh because they're not even being asked the proper questions that allow them to skirt around those laws.
Um, you know, it's just, it's kind of scary and we're having people actively voting for the prison planet.
They're spelling it all out.
Palantir is trying to work with the track and trace, you know, with foreign governments.
It's just, the writing is on the wall.
You've been telling us about this for 20 plus years now and we're here.
We're here.
And again, there's so many fake ideologies by design to confuse people.
I'm going directly to Club of Rome, directly to CFR, directly to Davos, directly to Bilderberg.
I mean, one time I was covering Bilderberg, like 12 years ago in Virginia, and a guy just pulls up on a motorcycle and goes, here, I work for a dead U.S.
Senator at Archive.
He's dead now.
Here's 500 pages of secret documents.
And it was all how we're going to bankrupt America, how we're going to take control, how we're going to take over the unions, how we're going to sell it to China in the 80s.
This is all secret agreements.
And we posted on InfoWars, and people are like, eh.
I mean, it's like Death Star plans, man.
It should be game over, just those.
It's just, it's so unbelievable that people, they just cannot wrap their heads around it.
And that's why they want to go and listen to, you know, the news media that tells them what they want to hear and tells them, or even like traps them and locks them in this fear mode.
Whenever I got the COVID and I was, you know, quarantining and staying home, being a good little citizen.
My neighbor came out and I told him that I was getting out of quarantine, whatever, and I said, oh, yeah, well, I had it.
I've been in my house for a couple weeks.
He never would have known if I hadn't told him, but I did.
And he's like, oh, just get away.
I'll die if I get it.
I'll die if I get it.
And he's like this very healthy person.
He's in his 60s.
They get into the fear and the selfishness.
Like, being into fear gives them a value.
Wearing a mask.
Even though they care about themselves, they check the statistics and find out it's like a bad flu.
Yeah, they don't care about the 99.98% survival rate.
They don't care about that.
They want to feel important.
It gives them this, like, camaraderie.
A sense of standing.
Like, you're a plaintiff in a case.
I'm a hero going through all this right now.
Meanwhile, you're destroying generations of wealth, starving the third world to death.
It's a total scam, and you just bought into it being a chump.
You're not part of the winning team.
You're called a schmuck, a sucker, a dumbass, an idiot.
You're, like, literally guzzling on a big gulp, and then you're, like, scared of, you know, catching something that's less deadly than the flu.
Oh, it's gonna kill me.
Like, I'll die if I get it.
Like, really, dude?
That's your mentality that the news has
How did you get to be so old and be so stupid?
That's what I want to know.
Well, I know this about predators.
If you run from them, they attack you.
If you run from a bear, if you run from wolves, they're going to think you're dinner.
And we just can't keep doing it, folks.
And I told everybody it was going to be close because of their fraud.
And I mean, because the Democrats told us they were going to do.
John Podesta did.
They all told us.
Leanne McAdoo is here with us.
We have a special guest.
I'll tell you about when we come back on the other side.
We're going to lay out the numbers, the states, what's happening, and so much more.
We're going to be live right through 9 o'clock tonight and the same thing tomorrow night.
We're going to be here seven days a week until this is done and Trump is inaugurated January 20th.
Hell or high water.
The globalists are trying to censor what you can see and what you can share.
Don't let them win.
Go to our emergency election newsletter at InfoWars.com forward slash newsletter.
Sign up for free and get intel they don't want you to have and then share it.
InfoWars.com forward slash newsletter.
It's time to override the censors and get the truth out.
Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the front lines of the fight for human liberty.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Leon McAdoo is riding shotgun and Chad Prather, very popular talk show host on the Blaze Network and also a great country music singer, love his music, is here with us.
We really appreciate him coming on.
He's at WatchChad on Twitter and Chad Prather on YouTube.
Well, my friend,
We talked months ago about the fraud, about their plan.
They were public about it then.
You've been talking about it.
So many others, and I wish we weren't the few, the proud, were like, Jones, it's going to be a landslide.
And I'm like, well, the Democrats aren't wargaming this for no reason and getting all this lined up and then preparing all the censorship.
So they intend to steal this from the American people.
Let's talk about what you think is going to unfold, what your takeaway is, and then
What happens if Trump does get back in, both of you, versus what if they actually put that crazy man in there?
And my sick part of my mind sees even bigger defeat for the globalists if they actually take Trump from us.
What do you think?
Isn't it interesting that we spent time over these last months, even this last year, telling the American public this is what they were going to do.
This is what was going to happen.
And they called us idiots.
They called us liars.
They called us fake news.
They called us frauds.
We were conspiracy theorists.
And then they turn around and they do it.
And now, when we call them out for doing it, they want to call us all the same names again.
We just can't accept loss.
We just can't take defeat.
All these different things.
We know that it's there.
Look, if Joe Biden were to win this election fair and square, that would be fine.
That would be one thing.
Tip of the cap to him.
Move on down the road.
Let's make America the best we can.
But you can't convince me, Alex, that this man won this election or will win this election fair and square without some kind of fraudulent dealings that are going on.
And then the fraud's everywhere.
It's ridiculous.
It's everywhere.
I mean, I put on Twitter this morning, I said, hey, I just found 200,000 Michigan ballots for Trump.
Does that sound believable to anyone?
But yet, they want to defend this idea that somewhere out there there were, you know, 138, 139,000 ballots for Joe Biden in Michigan, then zero for Trump.
That doesn't make sense to me.
I've got it right here.
In one of the states, 100% of registered Democrats voted for Biden.
That's impossible!
Oh, we just found all of these ballots and they're all for Joe Biden.
Gotta count them.
I've got it right here.
I mean, I saw it this morning and Twitter didn't believe it.
I went and pulled all the numbers.
It's true.
I'll pull it in a minute.
It's crazy.
Yeah, count all the ballots.
We don't need to check and make sure they're legal ballots.
And you've got these Democrat judges saying, we don't need signature verification, address verification.
These things are literally just coming out of warehouses.
You know what's going to stop them, Chad?
It's going to be patriots in the battleground states.
Everybody's got to do this.
Folks, I've got guys about to do it.
I'm actually, I'm not going to tell what I'm going to do.
We need people to stake out these key polling places and key areas and follow folks around.
This is coming down to just us doing it.
What do you think?
Yeah, there's got to be some accountability somewhere, doesn't there?
I mean, I can file my taxes online.
I can do every major thing that is required for me to do in my life online, through the internet, and I trust that process.
But yet, I got Kathy, who's going to give me a Scantron and a pencil, and I'm supposed to trust, you know, Ted, who's farsighted to count these things.
It's insane this process that we've got.
They've had ballots.
This election's been going on for months already with mail-ins, with absentees.
They should have already had all of this crap counted.
And here we are.
Here's our situation.
And now we're going to say, well, we're going to need more days.
We're going to need more months.
You're right.
It's time to fight back.
I mean, that's the area right there that really pisses me off.
Is we've rolled over and we've taken it over and over again.
And that's what we're going to do again and again until ultimately we're going to look just like Venezuela.
I mean, what are we looking forward to the most?
The bread lines or the gulags?
Because that's where we're headed with Kamala Harris, who's going to be president in six months if Joe Biden wins this election.
And by the way, you're right.
We're going to be Venezuela.
Most of these blue cities, I've been there.
They look and act like Venezuela.
I mean, the whole COVID thing was sort of a preparation to get us ready for the breadlines because so many people, if they continue to be shut down in their states, they're going to need it.
They're going to need that handout.
And by the way, the Davos group even said that.
They're like, oh, this will teach us to be poor, Chad.
Yeah, Leanne's exactly right.
This COVID thing has trained us, right?
It's made us into sheep.
It's made us bow down at the altar of safetyism.
The mask is our talisman.
And you know who's a part of the cult based on the mask wearers and the fear.
Fear is collateral.
They can spend that.
And the more they can make you fear and afraid for your life, they can control you.
And that's exactly what they've done.
So they've socially distanced us.
They've put us behind plexiglass.
They've made our transactions different.
They've shut our businesses down.
They've killed an economy.
So that now, when we turn around and we're looking for a stimulus check to show up every month,
Uh, then what is going to be is now we're on the government cheese, we're on the government bread, we're on the government, uh, uh, tit, so to speak.
Constantly looking for something else as a handout.
And now they can dictate, now they can dictate, exactly, now they can dictate the terms of our surrender.
Yeah, that's right.
How do we break free of that, Chad Prather and Leanne McAdoo?
You know, at some point in time, we've got to stand up and let our voices be heard, and unfortunately, we've picked the wrong platforms to do that.
Twitter, Facebook, all of these social media platforms, YouTube, Google, we've picked the wrong platforms.
We're going to have to take to the streets, we're going to have to stand up, we're going to have to be vocal.
I'm sick of seeing riots from Antifa and BLM.
I'm tired of seeing this nonsense without anybody fighting back.
I'm not advocating for violence, but at some point in time, you've got to pick a fight and you've got to take it to the street.
I was about to say is that they attack our vehicles and stuff and I just got to the point where I'm not looking for a fight but next time we usually retreat and at a certain point it's time to beat the living hell out of these people.
I'm sorry, go ahead.
Well, you know what?
I came into the studio, and I'm like you.
You guys are burning the midnight oil.
I mean, you guys are burning the candle at both ends.
I know you're tired.
We're tired.
We were here until 3 o'clock in the morning, and we're going to continue to be here every day as well.
And, you know, I came locked and loaded, man.
I came into the studio with my go-bag ready to go.
I didn't know what I was going to encounter in the streets of Dallas on my way home last night in the middle of the night.
I didn't know what I was going to see.
That's not my America.
That's not the America I want to live in.
And that's not the America I'm going to live in.
And they're going to pick on the wrong people.
They keep going after these elderly suburbanites who are already unarmed and can be bullied and pushed around.
And they're going to push too far on the wrong people, sit down at the wrong damn table.
And that's when it's going to start.
It's going to be ugly.
He said, these people are wimps.
I'm going to go intimidate them.
They won't do anything.
And then he goes up and points a gun at an army veteran, a decorated combat vet, and the guy kills him.
Well, what do you expect?
He's dead 10 minutes after he says, these people are wimps.
They'll never push back.
And all this guy saw was a guy pointing a gun at him.
He just, pew, you know.
Yeah, and you know, Elijah Schaffer was on the streets in D.C.
at BLM Plaza.
I can't believe there's a place called Black Lives Matter Plaza.
And they were putting out active tweets that were saying, we're looking for Elijah Schaffer with the intention of assassinating him as soon as there's no police presence.
That's real stuff right there.
That's when the world gets real.
Well, you're absolutely right.
And Elijah Schaffer's got our old Savannah Hernandez working with him.
And Savannah's a great lady.
She's mad at us that I wouldn't let her go out alone.
I'd make her take security, and then that would actually blow her cover.
We get it.
But then, as soon as she said she was going to go there, she got beat up once.
And she's got a lot of courage, but again, why would they beat up a woman videotaping them?
They're scum!
Yeah, they are scum, and that's exactly what was going on last night.
And even with armed security or any assets that you have around you, when you're surrounded by 200 Antifa members that are threatening violence, you're mobbed.
There's nothing you can do.
You know, Elijah got tuned up last week in Philadelphia when he got punched in the mouth.
He got his lips split open.
It's a crappy situation to go into that.
He's got bigger balls than me, quite honestly, guys.
Well, I was about to say, why are we having to send women and male reporters in when the police should do their job?
But in these blue cities, they've been ordered to stand out.
And people don't want to be exposed.
I mean, that's the big issue there.
They don't want to be filmed doing what they're doing.
They want to be anonymous.
That's why they're wearing the damn masks.
They don't want to be seen.
And so exposing the darkness like that's going to lead to violence.
And I think one of the keys is we've got to continue exposing the violence because law enforcement apparently is not going to do that.
Let's come back and talk about what happens if Trump gets in, what he should do, and then what happens if they're able to steal it, which they intend to do.
Everybody better get like, well there's no way, it's a fraud.
They don't care.
They've already taken over almost every country in the world.
Leigh Ann, tell folks about your Twitter.
Leanne McAdoo.
While you guys still have it, hopefully.
Leanne McAdoo.
Leanne McAdoo and at WatchChad, Chad Prather is our guest.
I'm Alex Jones, and we've got a new URL to get around the bans that we have on Big Tech, and that is 79days.news.
That takes you to Ban.Video, because now they've banned Ban.Video, 2020 Election Center.
So 79days.news.
Stay with us.
You gotta help him.
I'm bleeding.
I know, but you gotta help him.
Yo, get off.
Get the f*** off.
Did they stab me?
Yeah, girl, he tried to stab you.
They stabbed me.
They stabbed me.
I'm bleeding really badly.
They stabbed Bevelyn Beatty right now.
They just stopped Bill Clinton beating.
Call 9-1-1.
This isn't about saying we're right.
It's what Chad Prather pointed out 15 minutes ago.
When he first joined us.
We're laying out what they say they're going to do, and then they go, oh, you're kooks, Jones and others.
You know, they're claiming that we're going to contest it and we're going to have antifas around the White House and we're going to stab people.
And now they're doing it, Chad.
Now they're doing it, Leigh Ann.
So, so let's walk through those scenarios and get any points you want to.
What happens if they're able to remove Trump versus if Trump can get back in and can stop the steal?
What does he need to do immediately?
I think he'll be on the warpath more now than ever.
Yeah, I think the White House is on the warpath.
I think they're in a situation and they're looking at what their proper recourses are.
But beyond the White House, you know, American citizens, just the hate that they're experiencing for supporting
One candidate or the other, it's insane to watch from the footage you were just showing there.
I mean, you look at the wall they built around the White House.
It looks like the Berlin Wall.
It's a, I mean, you know, double-gated.
It's the idea that we need something like that, that people are out there and right now they don't know whether to riot or not to riot.
It's like a, it's like,
A pit bull that's eating a chicken, right?
And then you pointed another chicken and said, now don't eat that chicken.
No, they've already tasted blood.
They're going to keep coming.
They're going to keep coming.
They're going to keep coming.
And I hope Trump uses the full...
Arsenal of everything he's got to go after them with this.
I hope the recount in Wisconsin.
I hope Giuliani goes to Philadelphia.
I hope they do everything that they can do to push this thing and fight this because this is massive fraud that's going on.
They told us they were going to do it, Alex.
Leigh-Anne, they told us they were going to do it, and they did it.
You're going to stop an election in the middle of the night, see how many votes you're behind, and then come up with a number that puts you in the lead, and that's exactly what they did last night.
It's incredibly obvious.
They were saying for months, they were saying that Trump's not going to leave office.
What do we do if he refuses to leave?
He's going to say that the results are illegitimate.
He's going to fight it.
And of course.
So they create the fraud.
They create the scenario.
He's forced to block it because it is a scam.
And then it's a self-fulfilling prophecy for their idiot supporters that he's actually a dictator.
And then they can say, oh, we've got to get him out.
He's refusing to leave.
And of course, now the Trump campaign, they have filed suit in Michigan to halt the ballot counting.
And one other state.
But until the campaign is granted meaningful access to numerous counting locations and a review of all opened and counted ballots.
So they know that there's a steal going on.
They want to make sure, oh, how all of a sudden did you find these 138,000 ballots
Just so happened to be 100% for Biden.
Something's a little bit fishy there.
Were you just hiding these back in the storage closet?
And Trump predicted it 30 minutes before it happened last night.
And they said, oh, how dare he put out that.
By the way, Chad, I'm not trying to kiss people's ass, but President Trump, literally 74, looked like he'd been resting for two weeks in the Bahamas last night at 4 a.m.
Gives an incredibly accurate speech.
I mean, this guy's freaking phenomenal.
Dude, listen guys, I was dead last night.
We were sitting here waiting on the president to come out and give his speech.
And we were just saying, please, come on, come on.
Donny T., get on stage, man, so we can get out of here.
He comes out looking refreshed, renewed.
I mean, this doesn't look like a guy who had coronavirus, what, five weeks ago.
He's looking good, man.
Strong, full of energy.
And you can't tell me that Joe Biden, who has given up, put a lid on life, waved the white flag of surrender on living, and can't even remember who his granddaughter or his wife or his sons or anybody else.
You can't tell me.
He doesn't know who he is.
70 million people voted for this guy.
You can't tell me.
He doesn't know his own name.
He can't find his way out of the basement.
You're going to tell me 70 million Americans voted for this man.
So let me ask you that question.
If they're able to steal it, what are the repercussions in a snapshot?
I think, I don't want this to happen because I'm not Machiavelli.
I don't believe it justifies the means, but I can look at the awakening, the backlash, the really, people have really stopped being complacent.
If they steal this, they have sowed massive seeds for their destruction.
Well, in many cases, one could look at it, and to an extreme, you could say, well, this is the end of a republic.
I mean, you've got a guy who is incapable of running a country, much less being the leader of the free world in Joe Biden.
Secondly, if he steps down, and there's so many scenarios whereby he could step down.
Maybe in grief because his son Hunter ODs.
Maybe because of scandal that's there.
Maybe he's putting his shoes on the wrong feet and they can't, you know, he's walking into walls and he's just not fit for service in that capacity.
So now you have a socialist, a far-left socialist, who steps into the Oval Office in Kamala Harris.
You could paint a picture for an end of the Republic, because now this becomes a critical election.
This becomes the transformation of the Democratic Party.
Now we're no longer Democratic Party, but it's a Socialist Party.
That's right, it's a Socialist Revolution.
So you're right, I see people waking up in a backlash, but you're right.
They intend, they know that's their weakness, they're going to go pure authoritarian, they've said they are, and really try to mop up the country.
I think you're right, I think it's just, it just can't be allowed to happen.
We can't let this happen.
No, and now they're coming.
They do come at you as Beto O'Rourke says, hell yeah, we're coming for your guns.
So, and they will.
They can basically pack the courts, write the laws, do anything they want to do.
God forbid they get the Senate.
If that were the situation, where they had the House, the Senate, and the White House, they could write anything they want to do.
Scrap the Constitution, scrap the Bill of Rights, get rid of the... So this is an overthrow of America backed by Communist China on record.
They hide it in plain view.
They're not even hiding it.
We really... I'll be honest.
I have a responsibility.
I think you do.
All men do.
Women as well.
I just think we have to do whatever's necessary at this point.
But we can't play under their plan.
We don't want to be offensively violent.
But at a certain point, we just can't let Biden take over.
No, you can't let that happen.
You gotta fight that with every means necessary that's out there.
Use the courts.
Use the Supreme Court.
Push this thing as far as you can.
Fight it.
Like I said, if Joe Biden won this election fair and square, that's one thing, but I just can't believe that he did that.
He's a Tricon agent.
No possible way.
What do you think happens if Biden can't get in?
I just had a scary thought.
What if...
You know, Biden, he's obviously going to get taken out within the first six months.
He's going to, you know, step down, whatever.
But what about third in line, Speaker of the House, Pelosi, president?
Well, under the Constitution, how does that, usually if a president leaves, the vice president comes in.
And I forget who then, who makes the vice president, I think the president does.
They appoint that person?
How does that work, Chad?
Well, you would have, it depends on the scenario that's in there.
I mean, obviously, you could have a situation where the Speaker of the House has to step in.
But if Kamala Harris becomes the President of the United States, of course, she has an opportunity then to appoint her own Vice President, which could be interesting if you have someone like, let's say, Hillary Clinton.
There's a lot of scenarios.
Oh, they've talked about that, actually.
They get really, really scary that are in there.
It wouldn't surprise me at all if something like that were to happen.
The Rise of the Witches.
All right, all right.
I've been asking the questions.
When we come back in the next segment with Chad Brather and Liam McAdoo, I want to ask what you guys think is next and what we should do and what other angles of this are.
We have a lot of news, a lot of clips, and what's going to happen if Trump gets in?
How does he go on the warpath?
What does he need to do?
I mean, you have the Democrats.
They're bringing in all those fake ballots.
They got all stored up.
Their secret weapon.
And though we're disapproving,
Oh, I gotta tell you, Chad Prather is a great talk show host over at the Blaze Network.
Watch Chad, Leanne McAdoo is amazing.
Long time InfoWars reporter, analyst, would take care of her mom and grandma and dad and everybody else.
Hates Austin so much she won't live here in this communist hellhole anymore, but we're trying to get her to move back.
Seriously, why did McAdoo leave?
Because this place sucks.
I'll tell you why.
You're like, why do you live in Austin?
Well, my family helped found the state.
We've been here since, you know, North Texas since the 1820s.
I'm not going to give the whole pedigree, but it's pretty ridiculous.
Colonel Travis, the whole nine yards.
And I'm just sitting here, living here, in this California hellhole, which is crazy.
They leave California, they come here, and they create the same damn thing, but I'm ranting.
Chad, we've got some big news.
I see you on your phone.
You know about it.
Biden wins Wisconsin.
AP reports in fight for White House.
AP says they're God.
Also, the governor of Arizona has come out and said that it was too close to call.
Fox should not have called Arizona for that.
I predicted Fox would do treacherous crap like that because they're all in it together at the top.
And breaking Trump wins Maine's second congressional district, so that's one point.
It's a split up in two pieces there.
Trump campaign statement on Michigan lawsuit.
They're calling for every bit of the counting to stop until there's lawyers and eyeballs on what these little gremlins are up to.
And I totally agree with that.
And McAdoo, that's what you were saying.
He has to block it.
It's a fraud.
They're illegal.
It's been proven.
It's a Democrat strategy.
They admitted they were going to do this.
So he's got that for court.
And so now they're going to say he's trying to block votes.
Right, are any of these boxes that they miraculously find with these ballots from the military?
Are they military mail-in ballots?
Because they're notoriously bad at counting those votes.
Those always get lost and no one ever cares about those.
No one ever is able to find those, but they can find these 100% Joe Biden votes that were locked up in the storage closet or sitting in a mail truck somewhere.
Chad Brother, what do you make of these latest developments?
Well, it's amazing when you look at the graphs, how they're going up, they're going up, they're going up, and then they stop, and then they go directly vertical up for Joe Biden, and then they start going up more.
It's just incredible to see.
Graphs don't work like that.
I understand if there's a
If there's an upward growth, you know, it's going forward, but just to stop and then all of a sudden jump up by 100,000 and keep going is insane.
I do think they need somebody looking over their shoulder.
Somebody needs to be there.
I, you know, I don't know if we need to start having, you know, these armored cars that are coming in with armed security that are grabbing these boxes and taking them out and
I mean, is anybody objective anymore?
I don't know.
But somebody needs to be looking over their shoulder.
I'm going to steal that phrase from you, Alex, these little gremlins that are counting these ballots, because you're exactly right.
There is something
Fresh out of the pit of hell going on here.
We're in a battle for the soul of our country.
This is the soul.
This is the identity of America that is at stake.
This is everything that we have, the things that we love about this country, the things that we value and make us patriots, all of that is on the altar at this point in time.
And for folks who don't know, you called for the graph.
There it is, the graph.
We have them out of several states, Wisconsin, Michigan.
As soon as those drop, it's a straight up line.
No graph is straight if it's organic and real.
It goes up and down.
This is just, boom!
Perfectly straight up, like a rocket for Joe Biden.
I mean, that's ridiculous.
Right, and they called out the president.
And then it continues on.
Perfect line.
That's an artificial line of fraud.
Sorry, go ahead.
The president, you know, how dare he say that they're going to find a bunch of boxes of votes at 4 o'clock in the morning?
We wouldn't do that.
We have integrity.
How dare he?
But that's what they always do.
That's exactly what happened.
I mean, that's exactly what happened.
Now they got their operatives hoarding them and they go, okay, we need this many.
Okay, bring them in.
And they're just holding on.
Didn't think they might, they don't roll them out because maybe they won't need them.
They thought there was going to be this blue wave.
Um, but you know, then they, that's right.
The Senate that they're not getting, it looks like we're going to make the Senate stronger.
House is about the same.
You'd imagine if Trump was in so much trouble, they would have taken the Senate.
I mean, that looks to me, that's another indicative sign.
Well, people are just waking up.
I mean, even in Kenosha County, it's very slim margin there, but for Trump.
And I think, you know, they experienced the riots there and the looting and the call to defund the police.
And they're thinking, they're actually seeing it, similar to the Cubans in Miami and Venezuelans and those people living there in exile from their communist countries.
They see the writing on the wall and they're voting absolutely against that happening here in our country.
So, people with eyes to see can definitely see what's going on.
That's right.
What about Rittenhouse?
He's facing a $2 million bond.
It turns out the three guys that attacked him were all criminals.
One, a pedophile.
They were all criminals.
And he's on record.
They were shooting at him.
We now know another guy had a gun aimed at him.
But I read about people now killing people out of jail in like a week.
I mean, it's insane.
But, oh, Rittenhouse, he's got to pay, Chad.
Yeah, Kyle Rittenhouse is a good example.
If you're not going to defend us, and I'm talking about the police, I'm talking about law enforcement, I'm talking about National Guard, whoever comes in on the scene, if you're not going to defend us, we have to have the right to defend ourselves.
And you see too many of these Kyle Rittenhouse situations where someone defended themselves, and you can make the argument all day long, well, maybe Kyle Rittenhouse shouldn't have been out there with an AR-15.
Well, he's got the right to do that.
Look, I support numerous organizations
That have shown up, you know, and I support their right to bear arms.
You want to walk out there with an AR-15?
You want to march down the street with the AR-15?
We've seen that happen over and over again.
Well, you've got like a liberal zombie pedophile apocalypse.
I mean, the one guy he shot first literally is convicted of raping little boys.
Yeah, I mean, they're chasing him, beating him, and how dare he defend himself?
I mean, look.
People get up in arms because it's, as they say, an assault-style weapon, right?
Look, I don't go anywhere that I'm not armed.
I don't go anywhere.
I got them in Texas.
You know, I have the right.
I've done everything to have that right.
I've got a police shotgun in my truck and I've got a 9mm.
And it's not because I'm living in fear, I'm living in charge.
I'm not going to be pushed around.
I don't want to match might for might.
I want to overcome the might that's coming against me.
So I make sure that I'm protected.
My family makes sure I'm protected.
We're defensive and offensive.
Listen, I've got body armor.
Everybody in my family's got body armor.
We've got protection around our house.
We don't want to have to shoot anybody.
But by God, if you come down our street and you start causing trouble at our house, it's going to be a different story.
And that's why all the crime is in areas where there's not good old boys.
Yeah, that's why they're doing everything they're doing, burning down urban areas because they're bullies.
They know that in most urban areas that are Democratic-run cities, these people are unarmed and they can get away with a lot of stuff.
And then enter a Kyle Rittenhouse who defended himself, and now they're wanting to crucify him and make an example out of him, and he was well within his rights.
He did everything he could to try to get away from these people, and finally he felt threatened for his life, and he shot him.
And let's say it, he's not a big, imposing guy.
He's got courage.
He did a good job defending himself.
He was very proficient.
But he doesn't look like, you know, a big, tough guy.
And so that's why they picked on him.
They also beat up women.
They beat up handicaps.
I mean, these pieces are sad.
That's why the guy, first guy killed that was attacking him, you know, and raped two eight-year-old boys.
I mean, this is what these two of these people are.
Yeah, and at what point in time do we say enough's enough?
At what point in time do we say enough is enough?
You're burning down buildings, you're looting, you're vandalizing, you're killing, you're murdering.
You showed a clip earlier of somebody being stabbed in Washington, D.C.
At what point in time do you say that's enough and we're going to fight back?
This can't be the new normal.
We can't have people just targeting this woman, Bevelyn Beatty, who was stabbed.
She's the one who had previously dumped paint over the Black Lives Matter mural outside the Trump Tower.
So they believe that they were targeting her because she dared to stand up and
And, you know, not go along with the resistance.
How dare you be a black woman who isn't going along with the Black Lives Matter movement.
So they stabbed her.
They targeted her.
If you think they're not targeting people, if you think they're not targeting individuals, we saw that with Elijah last night, you're stupid.
They are definitely targeting individuals.
That's what I told Savannah.
I said, listen, you're targeted now.
They know.
I don't even, I care about Savannah.
She's out there every day.
She's got courage, but they're targeting her because they're terrorists.
That's exactly right.
All right.
Final segment coming up.
What do you want to hit when we come back, Kyle?
You're not Kyle, you're Chad.
What do you want to hit when we come back, Chad?
I don't want a $2 million bond.
That's right.
Dude, at this point in time, I need a drink, Alex.
I've already had one, don't worry.
Let's talk about what it looks like between now and the election.
I'm sorry, the inauguration.
That's right.
The Alex Jones Show, because there's a war on for your mind.
Look, during the break, let's pull up Politico.
I was looking at the numbers and I just got to tell you, right now it looks like Trump's going to lose, okay?
If he doesn't flip Michigan back, if he doesn't get Nevada, if he doesn't get Arizona, it's bye-bye time.
And of course, it's all been done by fraud.
The COVID, the lockdown, the fake ballots, the dead cats voting.
And he's set in Georgia.
Let's punch up the satellite feed.
It's still empty.
How do you know a Biden campaign?
Because it's an empty parking lot.
He's set to declare victory at 4 o'clock today.
We'll be live on air covering this disgusting spectacle.
Again, I'm going to tell you, they said if Biden wins, they're going to come after Trump supporters and quote, level us, persecute us, put us in prison.
It's not just Keith Olbermann saying that, it's high level Democrats.
So this is a communist overthrow.
This is not a normal, just like our guest was just saying, this is not a normal political handoff if this happens.
They are literally looking to cement things and have one party rule, Leigh-Anne.
Right, and even if Joe Biden comes out and announces that he's the winner, even prematurely, then that's still going to feed into that narrative that Trump's refusing to concede, refusing to step down.
I mean, Hillary Clinton still, four years later, tells everyone, well, I won the popular vote.
I mean, it's just...
It's just a way to, maybe they're going to wait until the weekend to roll out their rioters and their looters because Trump is going to refuse to leave the White House.
That's exactly what it is.
Crowds gathering to force him out.
We're going to force him out because he's going to refuse.
Our votes count!
Our votes count!
Chad Prather, uh, I don't want to say I have a sinking feeling.
I have a feeling fight for my life.
Like, you know, we need to be doing something.
Like, do I get on a plane and go to D.C.?
Do I?
I mean, I'm getting to the point where I'm not going to have some Chai Kam Kami run in my country.
I can't have it.
Yeah, it's bad.
When we left the studio in the wee hours of the morning, I just felt something empty in my soul.
Like there was something that just wasn't complete yet.
There was something... You nailed it.
I'm interrupting.
It's emptiness.
That's the feeling.
It's emptiness.
Why are we feeling that?
Yeah, and I said this is the first time, you know, I remember the election.
I stayed up in the wee hours as long as I could, the election of 2000, George W. Bush, now Gore.
Stayed up as long as I could and we know the rest of the history on that.
Uh, this is a weird one.
They just stopped counting.
It just said, we're just going to stop and we're just going to parlay this thing over and see how many we need and we'll go from there.
And that's exactly what they did.
We've called it over and over again.
You know, Joe Biden's going to come out and he's going to announce victory because he wants to look presidential in the mind and the eye of people that are out there.
And you're exactly right, Leanne, to your point.
They're going to say, well, this is Trump being a little despot who doesn't want to give up power.
This is exactly what happened actually in 2000 in a different scenario when George W. Bush stepped out and basically announced that he was the winner.
Al Gore didn't step up and assert himself in any form of a leadership capacity and people just accepted it.
That's why Trump's got to go out at the same time and just indict this son of a bitch.
That's exactly right.
You come out, you are the president.
Go be the president.
Announce it.
And you're right.
You know, Michigan, you can't tell me that Michigan is going to flip, is going to not flip red, is not going to go to, I mean... It went red last time and then Trump delivered.
Trump delivered.
The lead was so big.
And to tell me that Michigan is going to go blue is insane.
You look at the numbers in Georgia.
You look at the numbers in Nevada.
Look at the numbers in Pennsylvania.
The lead was so big in Pennsylvania.
That's insurmountable.
And Georgia, you take Clayton County, which is a Democratic stronghold.
They didn't have a big turnout in Clayton County, Georgia.
They didn't have a big turnout there.
Obama used to get crowds of 50,000 people like Trump.
Biden can't get them anywhere.
No, he's got 12 people sitting in a hula hoop.
Say that again, Leanne.
Obama just was out campaigning for Biden the other day and there was like 12 people in the crowd.
I mean, he's lost his luster.
This is a giant fraud.
And they expected to have a fraudulent landslide, but it didn't work.
And you see this, I mean, the clip you guys are showing right now, I mean, you got, what, 15 people sitting in a hula hoop on the floor, or on the grass there.
It's insane.
And in this long walk, the same day Donald Trump lands in the Marine One of 30,000 people.
Act like this is the guy that 70 million people voted for.
This guy doesn't know how to tie his shoes, and you're going to tell me that 70 million people voted for a guy who can't remember the words that are coming out of his mouth.
His wife wears a mask so she can whisper next to him what he needs to be saying.
She's his teleprompter in his ear.
That's why she wears a mask, so nobody can see her lips moving.
This guy doesn't know where he's at.
And there's a part of me, guys, that wants to say, you know what?
I hope you get what you deserve.
You vote for this kind of nonsense and BS.
I hope you get what you deserve.
Because look, I'm pretty resilient.
And you know, a lot of folks out there like us, we're resilient.
We're prepared.
We can put up with some hard times.
But these folks, these basement dwellers that have never exercised any muscle but the thumbs that they use to play a video game, they're not prepared for this.
They have no idea how to survive the difficult times.
They have no aces in the hole, and all we've got is card decks in the hole.
And I'm just being honest.
That's right.
Good old boys do.
They can be black, white, old, young.
We've got our act together.
These people don't know anything.
They don't even know what a trot line is.
They don't know how to even imagine skidding a buck.
They don't know how to pay a payroll.
They don't know how to get up and take care of their kids.
They're all just a bunch of loser idiots that would actually believe this Chi-Com agent is good.
This is pathetic.
No, they've been on the government dole for so long, they don't know any different from the baby boomer grandparents to their Generation X
They've never heard the word no.
They've never done without.
They've never gone hungry.
They don't have any concept of a hard day's work.
And they certainly don't understand this idea of working six days a week and worshiping on a seventh.
And you know, they don't have any concept of these values, the things that made America great.
It's like Benjamin Franklin said, we're going to build a republic if we're going to have a republic if you can keep it.
And we need true and fair and honest and strong, resilient people to stand up right now before this thing goes completely down the drain.
And that's why Big Tech wants everybody censored and said, we won't listen to anyone's election views other than these seven media outlets.
And they're the ones that are covering up all the fraud, covering up the scams, because they need this victory against nationalism, against our repudiation of them, against our repudiation of the Communist Chinese.
This is for all the marbles.
Chad Prather is our guest.
Watch Chad on Twitter and on YouTube, Chad Prather.
I'm going to be popping in on his show tomorrow.
Really appreciate him coming on with us.
Thank you so much, sir.
Dude, thank you, guys.
Thank you for everything you're doing.
Thank you, brother.
All right, LeeAnn.
Do five more minutes with me in the next hour, and then we're going to hand the baton over to the next guest host.
And then I'm going to go sleep in my office for about an hour.
Long night.
Yeah, and then I've only got about two hours sleep.
I'm feeling good, but I'm kind of getting dingy here.
I'm going to take a nap, and then I'm going to pop back out of my hole on my couch, and then we're going to get back on air here.
Well, I mean, the good news is if President Trump does win Nevada, then he will not need Michigan or Wisconsin.
And so we don't really know what's going on there.
I guess with the election close to call, the Nevada officials said that they were going to just pause releasing the new totals for 24 hours.
I'm not sure.
This is all unprecedented fraud.
It's exactly what they said they'd do, and they're just doing it because they think they've got media cover.
They think possibly if they pause, then Joe Biden can get those other electoral votes to reach 270.
If they can stop these other states from getting their electoral votes in.
Pennsylvania, some counties there, they said, oh, it's due to the COVID restrictions that we can't safely count the ballots.
Oh, but the CDC said if you have COVID, still go vote.
It's all turn it on, turn it off.
They control it as a gatekeeping mechanism on us.
I'm begging listeners for myself and you to please share the link.
Band.video, Infowars.com.
But those get blocked a lot on Twitter and Facebook and places.
Well, you spread 79days.news is the new URL.
They're not able to censor.
Also electionnight.news, but now it's election79days.
So 79, 7, 9.
Days, so the number is 79days.news, and just email it out and say, here is the forbidden truth as America fights a Chai Com takeover.
And let me explain this, I know you already know this, you know we're not making this up, you've seen the proof, but I really wish the Democrats were just normal, corrupt, or whatever, or weren't corrupt.
I wish they weren't actual Chai Com agents.
We're in big trouble.
And I am a coward and a piece of filth if I don't really start
Mobilizing civil disobedience and really aggressive stuff.
And then they start a fight, you know what's going to happen.
They're going to false flag and say we're violent offensively.
We won't want to do that.
But I'm not going to be overtaken by the CHICOM.
So let's just get with the facts here that we're not rolling over this.
And they knew we wouldn't roll over.
That's why they're targeting us.
They've got our number.
And our number is called faithful to common sense in this republic.
And my ancestors never backed down to traitors and foreign enemies.
And I'm not backing down to this sack of garbage right now.
Our ancestors kicked King George's ass.
Nobody else had beaten him.
And a bunch of other people's asses.
And I'm just telling you right now, it's a psych war.
That's 95% of this fight.
But at the end of the day, ladies and gentlemen, this is going to come down to boots on the ground and what you're going to do.
But this, this is not a normal party.
I wish they were just the Democratic Party.
They're chi-com globalist operatives.
I need a war chest to fight this fight.
I told you, we're not out of the woods yet.
We're in the woods, ladies and gentlemen.
Deep in the woods.
We can cut our way out of this.
I got great products you need.
PQQ, CoQ10, DNA Force.
Sold out for months.
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Body's Ultimate Tumor Formula.
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Ultra 12.
It's all there.
So good for your immune system.
You need it, and it supports the broadcast.
We're good to go.
Well, the Democrats have got a spell put on them.
Liam McAteer out to shotgun with me for two more segments then.
We have a special guest, Bishop Larry Gater, who's going to give you his perspective on the election.
This is a very serious time to be alive.
I'm going to then go take a nap for 45 minutes and I'll be back on the war room.
We're going to go live right through 9 o'clock tonight.
The Democrats are going to declare victory today.
And they're going to try to stop the recounts.
They're waiting for Trump's strategy.
They've got the fix-in in Nevada.
They've got the fix-in in Arizona.
The governor's come out and said it's a scam.
I told you Fox News would announce key states.
Because they're part of that seven group.
And they're really globalist at the top.
And so they would think that would have the credibility.
I mean, I did call that Liam.
Yeah, I mean you've got like never-Trumper Paul Ryan making some decisions there at Fox News.
They're never-Trumpers there that sit on the board and so they want to say that they're the voice of the conservatives but they're not.
It's coming through a filter.
It's coming through with bias.
Well Tucker exactly used to be, I didn't like Trump guy and more libertarian so they thought he was safe and they really showed who he was and now he's so powerful they're scared of him.
But other than him and maybe Hannity and Ingram, I know the inside baseball.
They want to control.
They have over a thousand people that they pay $50,000 a year to $100,000 a year to control them.
They call them pundits.
They tell people, don't even say you're signed with us.
You're a paid pundit.
They say you can't go on other shows.
They call them and threaten them.
So their pay is $50,000 and they get to go on Fox once a week.
And most of those people you see are paid to be under the stable of Fox News.
Or like Donna Brazile coming in.
I mean, that should have been the first sign for people that it was something weird was going on.
You know, when you bring her in to be a commentator.
The one that rigged the debates?
Yeah, rigged the debates, gave Hillary Clinton the questions.
You know, it just, it doesn't, and it's to come off to be fair and balanced, but no, none of the other networks are doing anything like that.
You know, so I just think we really are, we really are under assault from these media corporations who are wanting to control.
They think they own us.
They're not just lying media.
They control the censorship.
They say they control, like you said, that New York Times tweet, like, we will decide.
Yeah, it's the media who gets to declare the president.
No, you don't.
First of all, you think you've got so much power.
But see, Trump's so good and so real.
That just, he overturns their whole thing, so they don't know what to do now.
I mean, they have to do this, Leigh-Anne.
They have to steal this.
Trump's refusing to concede, he's refusing to leave.
This sets up the possibility for the military to go in and pull him out, because we've already seen that we have a lot of traitors in there who lie on the president.
And you know what this means for the lockdown?
It's going to get a lot worse.
Everybody said, oh, as soon as Biden wins, it'll go away.
Once they get you in handcuffs, baby, you ain't ever getting out.
Not without a fight.
I mean, they already have told us they're going to mask us up and lock us down.
So, that's the plan.
That's what we're... Muzzle on.
Doors locked.
On your knees.
Nobody's allowed to go to the bathroom.
And Bill Gates is coming with a special shot.
They say don't kill Granny, but oh, if she does die, you can't even go to her funeral.
You know, you can't go visit her.
You can't go see what's happening when we kill her in the hospital with a tube down her throat.
You can't go visit her in the nursing home.
She's got to spend her last days
Uh, her dying days, alone, separated from the family.
I mean, it's just, it's a pathetic existence that they're wanting to take us away from our humanity.
Well, they're gonna start paying.
A lot of people are really tired of this.
So, uh, man, I gotta tell you, though, can you imagine, Leigh-Anne, the inauguration with that skeleton, that clown up there?
I mean, watching, and Kamala cackling like a witch?
I'm gonna win!
I'm gonna be your next president!
Literally installed.
Literally, because even the Democratic voters rejected her.
Rejected her and it wasn't until for whatever reason former President Obama came out and made a few phone calls and then all of a sudden the remaining Democrats in the race dropped out and finally they were like, alright Joe Biden, he's the best one we've got.
He's the only one we have that can take out Trump.
But I guess it's just because he's the only one compromising.
And he's gotta be a Chinese agent.
Well the other thing is he's been totally caught.
We're going to come back.
We've got big breaking news.
Trump campaign statement on Michigan lawsuit.
Trump campaign demands recount in Wisconsin.
Developing Trump campaign to hold press conference in Philadelphia.
3.30 Eastern Standard Time with Rudy Giuliani.
We'll be covering it all live.
It was illegal.
It was unconstitutional to send out the 80 million ballots.
It was all done under the COVID hysteria.
The Democrats said our strategy will be hold it up and then count all these that come in.
They never even lied about it.
They were honest about the fraud.
And so if we let them take this election from us, we deserve what we get.
And I'll say it again.
God is in control.
And you get Trump, and we reject it, and all the rest of it, then, you know, those little babies, nobody came to save them when they were getting chopped up, 60 million of them.
Nobody stood up when the UN, you know, was running around injecting people with steroids.
And so, you know, I would hope we wake up and Trump is re-elected and we turn things around.
But instead, oh, they take it away from us, and then they really hurt us bad, which the globalists have said they're going to do.
So here's what the president said at like 3.30 in the morning, and 30 minutes later, exactly what he talked about, of all the ballots being dumped, and then the graphs going straight up.
Because, you know, a real organic graph is up and down, and it's organic.
But artificial straight lines.
Well, these are straight lines.
100% Biden.
And that's what they did in a bunch of states.
Magic ballots.
They mean business.
And that's why in Nevada and Arizona, they had Fox announce, oh, they've lost.
Trump's lost.
So people would then accept what was coming, and now the key to all this is, even the governors are like, especially in Arizona, like, no, actually, it looks like Trump probably won.
So this is big time corruption, ladies and gentlemen, this is big time.
So the media has been discredited, the system's been discredited, so they need this win to try to resubmit that they've got power so they can keep getting that corporate money.
It's about that money.
Here's what the president had to say.
North Carolina, big victory with North Carolina.
And so we won there.
We lead by 76,000 votes with almost nothing left.
And all of a sudden, everything just stopped.
This is a fraud on the American public.
This is an embarrassment to our country.
We were getting ready to win this election.
Frankly, we did win this election.
So our goal now is to ensure the integrity for the good of this nation.
This is a very big moment.
This is a major fraud in our nation.
We want the law to be used in a proper manner.
So we'll be going to the U.S.
Supreme Court.
We want all voting to stop.
We don't want them to find any ballots.
It's a very sad moment.
To me, this is a very sad moment.
And we will win this.
And as far as I'm concerned... About eight months ago, I began to play air raid sirens at the start of every broadcast.
You know that.
And why did I do that?
Because we're in an emergency.
We're under attack.
And only by facing that can we turn this around.
Vote fraud in Michigan.
Massive dump of over 200,000 ballots in Biden all of a sudden appear.
Oversight update.
Officials call it a typo.
But it isn't a typo, but they have been caught red-fricking-handed, Leigh-Anne.
Right, all of them for Biden.
And there's just so many different tactics they have to steal this election.
One of those being calling the states early, before the polls were even closed.
So they call Arizona, they call Nevada.
What that does is it causes people who were going to vote in those states to stay home.
Because we know conservatives are voting on the day of, leftists before on average.
And so that gives them that, yeah, that's election fixing right there.
That is total election meddling because you had the mail-in ballots that were already starting to be counted.
Because they're scared on the West Coast.
We were saying California might go red.
Oh, I mean you see the 96-mile Trump rally, the Trump train in Nevada.
96 miles of vehicles there with Trump flags representing, showing up.
So then if they call these states early, anyone who's trying to go vote the day of,
Maybe they're going to be a little bit dismayed.
They're going to think their vote doesn't matter.
Why should I go wait in line for several hours?
Because they've already called the state.
Absolute election meddling there.
That's why, you know, your vote does matter.
You've got to show up.
But how incredible that even Fox News would call it so early.
We were looking at the numbers and the percentages last night, just looking at each other like, this is crazy.
Why are they calling it?
It's 57% Trump.
Why would they say it's for Biden?
And that was happening in multiple states.
And so I just think that the entire thing is just to make people just comfortable with whatever they declare, whoever they declare to be the winner, even if it doesn't make sense.
And let's explain.
It doesn't add up.
Trump can come out and say this is a scam.
I think I won.
The evidence shows he did.
But Biden can say similar things.
That's OK.
I mean, again, this is a total fraud.
All right.
I know you're getting a lot of calls in the war room.
We've got Pastor Gators coming up here in just a moment.
Here's Trump campaign statement on Michigan lawsuit.
His votes in Michigan continue to be counted.
Presidential race in the state remains extremely tight as we always knew it would be.
President Trump's campaign has not been provided with meaningful access to numerous counting locations to observe the opening of ballots.
The counting process is guaranteed by Michigan law.
We have filed suit today in Michigan Court of Claims to halt continuing until meaningful access can be granted.
We also demand a review of those ballots which were opened and counted while we did not have meaningful access.
President Trump is committed to ensuring that all legal votes are counted in Michigan and everywhere else.
Bill Stephan, Trump 2020 campaign manager.
Again, Trump campaign demands recount in Wisconsin.
Developing Giuliani campaign.
The whole press conference, Philadelphia, PA, 3.30 p.m.
Eastern Standard Time, so that's 2.30.
And, you know, we always love our great guest co-hosts that come in here, but they've always get that warning that sometimes we've got to break away.
So Gators is coming up next segment, but then we're going to go to that Giuliani thing, and he'll be able to come on after and get him on as a guest as well.
Look forward to what he has to say.
Also, Rudolph Giuliani is en route to Philly with legal team.
That's all coming up.
Again, Biden campaign is aiming to declare victory by 4 p.m.
I'm just going to end with this and hand it over to Mr. Gators.
I told everybody that the fix is in.
The enemy didn't put out these war plans.
They didn't prepare all this to play games, okay?
And all hell's about to break loose.
I think they're going to run false flags and start a race war.
All sorts of horrible crap.
Bishop Larry Gaters will give you his take on this on the other side.
But these are the times that try everyone's souls.
And so just pray for America.
Pray for the world.
Pray for President Trump.
Pray that this evil be brought to light.
That these hidden things be exposed.
I know Pastor Gaters is about
To cover that.
This is all coming up.
We should probably get Pastor Gators back up tonight during the 7 to 9.
I'll be up here with him.
We'll get him on for 30 minutes then as well.
I don't want to cut into his time.
We really appreciate him.
And Leon McAdoo will be here as well.
But he'll come up next segment.
Then we'll have the press conference there with Giuliani.
This is all so critical.
And then separately...
I'm not complaining, and if it's God's will, that's just the way it is.
The amount of money we brought in the last two or three days, if I did that every day, we'd go bankrupt in about six months.
I'm not bitching.
We had millions of new listeners yesterday.
We could actually see watching and listening up a million at a time, okay?
And we didn't bring enough money to keep the lights on.
So I'm always having to like make, you know, on those days that are bigger days, I'm always trying to, it's how God does it.
We're never really pushing over what we need.
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We're good to go.
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We're in very, very dangerous waters.
So, just please keep us on the air.
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Thank you, McAdoo.
It's so good to have you here.
I'm so glad to be back.
Well, if you've got the energy, which I think you do, we'll be back with us tonight.
Live coverage continued at 9 p.m.
Later, if stuff keeps unfolding.
Patrick Gator, straight ahead.
Stay with us.
The globalists are trying to censor what you can see and what you can share.
Don't let them win.
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It's time to override the censors and get the truth out.
Welcome to the Alex Jones Show with your guest host and moderator this afternoon, Bishop Larry Gators.
I'm so very honored to be a part of the number one radio and television show in America and around the world.
And that is the Alex Jones Show.
Thank God for Alex Jones, my mentor, and for all of you patrons here in the United States of America.
Is being taken over by communists, by socialists, and by devils.
And the group that I blame the most are the churches.
So then I want to talk about today for the next 30 to 35 minutes concerning exposing the war against the invisible enemy.
Again, exposing against the war against the invisible enemy.
So then I woke up this morning seeing Joe Sleepy Creeping Biden, who can't remember his left foot from his right thumb, taking the lead in the state of Michigan.
This is a scam.
This is the biggest cootie talk in American political history.
Now, when you look at the family of Joe Biden, when I was on the Alex Jones Show a couple of weeks ago, and we talked about the coming fall of the Biden crime family, how is it that you faith-based leaders, faith-based pastors, who are supposed to be pro-life, but yet you are supporting a pro-death potential president?
Joe Biden is anti-God, anti-Christ, anti-Bible, anti-America, but yet you have pastors in Michigan and Wisconsin, okay, here in New York City and around the country supporting the most corrupted political leader in the annals of American history, and that is Joe Sleepy Creeping Biden.
Now, for the next four years, God forbid, if Joe Biden gets elected, this is what this thing is going to bring the end of what we call the United States of America.
Now, I'm not a prophet of gloom and boom and destruction, but my assignment during this next 30 minutes to 45 minutes is to break down this foundation, this political and spiritual foundation.
Concerning exposing the war against the invisible enemy.
This is what Joe Biden is going to do.
Joe Biden is going to shut down the churches.
Joe Biden is going to increase abortion on demand.
Joe Biden is going to attempt to destroy the first constitution.
From 1776 that was later ratified three times thereafter in 1781, 87 and 89 by enacting the second constitution of 1871 that was put upon, pressure put upon the United States of America by the Rothschild dynasty out of Great Britain with the religious backing of the Vatican order in 1871 through Pope Pius IX
Had put undue pressure upon President Ulysses S. Grant to destroy the first Constitution of 1776 that was ratified three times thereafter in 1781, 87, and 89.
So then now we are called the United Corporation of America.
So we were never designed, Patriots, to be a corporation.
We were designed by God through the framers to be a Christian constitutional republic.
But what I witnessed last night was nothing short of a coup.
You had Joe Biden, who cannot remember his left foot from his right arm, who cannot speak anything within a coherent sentence.
Who has to be propped up every morning, afternoon, and when the sun goes down.
But yet, you're telling me that more than half of the country is voting for this man?
This has Barack Hussein Obama's handprints all over this.
Barack Obama doesn't care about Joe Biden.
Barack Obama cares about Barack Obama.
And there is no way, and I want you guys to hear me today,
Because there is a righteous indignation within Bishop Gators.
And to all of our patrons, my name is Bishop Larry Gators.
I am the host and the moderator of the nationally syndicated radio talk show, Global Spiritual Revolution Radio, through the iHeartRadio Network in the iHeartMedia Group here in New York City, New York.
We're also internationally syndicated through the WOR710AM family, where we are reaching 200 million people around the world.
Exposing the war against the invisible enemy.
When Donald Trump was elected four years ago, there were multiple coup d'etat attempts on his political life because of the Russian hoax, because of the fake dossier that was compiled by the former MI6 agent Christopher Steele.
With the financial backing of the DNC, through the Clinton family, through Bonnie and Clyde, Bill and Hillary Clinton, and hiring Glenn R. Simpson of Fusion GPS to contact a story, blaming the president for fixing the election.
And that didn't work.
And thereby, from the Russian hoax, it brought us to the Ukrainian hoax.
Concerning the Uranium One deal, which President Trump had nothing to do with.
President Obama.
Hillary Clinton sold 20% of our uranium to the Russians and thereby Barack Obama, who has a multi-million dollar home, not just in the Hamptons, not just in Chicago, but also in Washington, D.C.
Because he received millions of dollars from Vladimir Putin out of Russia because of the Uranium One deal.
Including President Obama letting out gangsters, drug kingpins, and killers.
Now Joe Biden is trying to take over the presidency.
And this is what's going to happen.
America will become a third world nation.
This is a righteous indignation within Bishop Gators again.
America will become a third world nation.
I don't blame those on the left because you know what these devils are going to do.
I blame you, the pastors, who were paid off by the Biden campaign to succumb to the political pressure of the left.
Now in the second segment of our fourth hour, we're going to break down what happened last night.
And I want you as patriots to fight this all the way to the Supreme Court.
This is Bishop Larry Gators, guest hosting the fourth hour of America's number one talk show, The Alex Jones Show, where there is a war for your mind.
We see here in the next two to three minutes on The Alex Jones Show.
Welcome back to the fourth hour of America's number one radio talk show and America's number one television show, The Alex Jones Show on the all-powerful InfoWars.
This is your host and guest moderator today, Bishop Larry Gators.
I am the host of the nationally syndicated radio show Global Spiritual Revolution Radio through the iHeart Radio Network in the iHeart Media Group here in New York City, New York.
I'm also the host
We're good to go.
Who had given up numerous CIA spies who were moles within the Chinese government.
Joe Biden is a compromised asset of the Ministry of State Security, which is the Chinese equivalent of the American CIA.
Now, Joe Biden had said a few weeks ago during the town hall, when he was asked by a mother concerning sex change operations for children.
Joe Biden said unequivocally that he would wholeheartedly and politically approve for eight-year-old children to become a sexual disoriented type of person.
In other words, he's for an eight-year-old child, a man, a boy to be a girl, and a girl to be a boy.
This is madness.
Joe Biden is going to open the borders again.
In other words, you're going to have all of the policies that our great president, President Donald J. Trump, for the past three and a half, almost four years, those policies will be destroyed by the radical left.
Joe Biden is going to initiate this contact tracing bill.
That was written by Congressman Bobby Rush out of the state of Illinois.
Bobby Rush, a former Black Panther who had his best friend, Frank Hampton, killed another time before another day.
So this contact tracing bill of HR 6666 that is promoted by Bill Gates through the Bill and Melinda Robin Williams Gates Foundation
Is pushing for the federal government to enact into law a policy that will force the government to force their entry into your home.
And if you are tested positive for COVID-19, excellent link there guys, then you can be sent to a concentration camp.
There are FEMA camps all over the country right now as we speak through the Federal Emergency Management Agency Department here in the United States.
So Joe Biden
Who is, pound for pound, the most corrupt politician in American history.
Whose son, Hunter, is a raper of children.
But yet, half of America, they don't care about that.
They want this man to be voted into office.
And why?
Because they hate Donald Trump.
So through this contact tracing bill of H.R.
6666, which is not only politically and financially supported by Bill Gates, but also politically and financially supported by the former vice chairman of Microsoft, Steve Ballmer.
Steve Ballmer is now the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers.
Yes, that Steve Ballmer, who was the same Steve Ballmer who was the vice president and went on to be the chairman of Microsoft and now who owns the LA Clippers, which 98% of the team are black men.
And it was Melinda Robbie William Gates said that black America would be the first ethnicity to receive the vaccination.
What was she saying?
She was saying that black people are going to be the first ones to be
Exterminate it!
This is what you're going to get with Joe Biden.
Now, I'm going to say this, and it may sound harsh, but listen to what the Bishop has to say concerning exposing the war against the invisible enemy.
If you allow Joe Biden Americans to become president, anything that happens in the next four years, you deserve it.
Let me say this again.
If you allow Joe Biden, Barack with a thousand different aliases Obama, and the radical left to assume power, anything that happens to this country, we deserve it.
So Joe Biden is going to initiate this HR 6666 program in connection to Microsoft, including the activation of the 2020 WO 060606 bill.
This cryptocurrency data activating system.
Joe Biden is a Manchurian candidate.
Let me say this again.
Joseph Robinette Biden, who may very well be a clone, I don't know, okay?
He is a controlled asset.
And why is it, for the life of me, that spiritual leaders, pastors, who are supposed to be pro-life, and a lot of you are African American pastors, but you're voting for a man
Who is backing for the extermination of not only babies, but also black children.
Since 1973, close to 19 million black babies have been slaughtered.
Because of this witch, Margaret Sanger.
Margaret Sanger once said, and I quote, that black America must be exterminated as human weeds.
This is the side of Joe Biden.
Joe Biden said to you black Americans, you ain't black if you're going to vote for Donald J. Trump.
This is the same Joe Biden who signed a bill in 1974 promoting busing segregation between black and white kids.
This is the same Joseph Robinette Biden.
Who then, 20 years later, from 1974 to 1994, co-wrote, along with Bonnie and Clyde, Bill and Hillary Clinton, the 1994 Crime Bill, which put 2.7 million black men in prison, that at the time, between 1994 and the year 2000, was 10% of the black male population.
So why are you black people voting for Joe Biden and especially the preachers?
Pastors, you can't have it both ways.
You can't say that you're pro-life, but yet you're voting for the complete opposite of what you believe in as a theologian.
You cannot have it both ways, pastors.
You cannot vote for Joe Biden, who is pro-death, but you yet are remaining pro-life.
It doesn't work like that.
Now, during the third segment, we're going to break this down even further that, God forbid, if Joe Robinette Biden wins this election by default because he cheated his way
These are the repercussions that's going to happen to America concerning exposing the war against the invisible enemy.
This is your host and moderator, Bishop Larry Gators, during the fourth hour of the Alex Jones Show, and we'll see you here in the next two to three minutes time.
Welcome back to the fourth hour of the Alex Jones Show, for there is a war for your mind.
Here with your host and moderator today, Bishop Larry Gators, on this fourth day of November in the year of 2020, exposing the war against the invisible enemy.
And this is what's going to happen for the next four years, God forbid, if Joe Biden becomes elected and thereby steals this election.
He's going to have those of Antifa, who are the military arm of Black Lives Matter.
And Black Lives Matter is the propaganda arm of Antifa, led by three stinking witches.
Now, you have to excuse my grammar.
I'm a contract killer.
I am what they call an American John Wick.
I don't have any sympathy for witches.
Yes, Alicia
... are stinking witches who are attempting to overthrow the United States of America through tyranny, through discombobulation.
So if Joe Biden, who's a White House, whose presidency will be hijacked, not only by Antifa in Black Lives Matter,
But also would be hijacked by the LGBTQRS community, including the squad led by a former bartender, you know, AOC, Alexandra Quirtez, who can't remember her leopard from her right ear.
So then the Green New Deal would be a part of the Biden agenda.
Joe Biden has been hijacked.
These four witches that you see right now, these are witches.
They're not witches because they're women.
And they're not witches because they are women of color.
Ladies and gentlemen, they are witches because they're operating under a spirit that is not of God concerning exposing the war against the invisible enemy.
Including, don't be surprised if President Biden brings in a little kid by the name of Greta Thunberg to initiate the climate control policy.
This is madness here.
But who I blame, not so much Barack Obama, because we know he's a devil.
I don't blame his wife, Michelle Obama.
I blame you pastors.
In Michigan, in New York City, in Wisconsin, in California, part of the National Alliance of Churches, you're supposed to be pro-God, pro-Jesus Christ, pro-Bible, and pro-life, but you're supporting a man whose sole intent is to destroy America, and that's Joe Biden.
And so also, God forbid, if Joe Biden gets in, he is going to ship your jobs overseas by re-enacting NAFTA that President Bill Clinton, in his witch of a wife, Hillary, had instituted during the 1990s, during the Clinton administration.
Through NAFTA, the North American Free Trade Agreement policy, Joe Biden is going to ship your jobs overseas and the entire United States for these America will end up like Baltimore, okay?
Like Los Angeles.
Crap holes like these cities.
Because you pastors, you're the blame for this.
And it was the granddaughter of the late Dr. Billy Graham who is supporting Joe Biden.
Christianity Today magazine came out a few months ago where the editor-in-chief wrote a demonic op-ed concerning his support for Joe Biden.
Wait a minute now.
How is a major Christian
A conservative magazine, okay, that was founded by the late Dr. Billy Graham, end up being a left-wing propagandist organization.
Because over 65% of cemeteries, I'm sorry, seminaries here in the United States are left wing seminaries that have become cemeteries because they're offering classes like the Fullerton Theological Seminary in California, offering classes
On Black Lives Matter.
Wait a minute now, I'm confused.
How is it that a Bible college, university, seminary, that is no more than a cemetery, be offering classes on Christian homosexuality, Christian lesbianism, okay?
Christian courses.
That are supporting the Marxist, Socialist, and Communistic agenda of Black Lives Matter.
I blame the pastors.
Now the question is, why are these pastors supporting Joe Biden?
Because they're all saying, including these pastors, excellent link there, that's an abomination.
Allow me to say this before I get to the pastors.
You got pastors here, just like this pastor, wearing rainbow sashes, who are allowing drag queen hours in their church.
This is madness.
Am I upset?
You better believe it.
It's a righteous indignation.
What you just saw there, Patriots, is abomination.
So this vote last night, this election, was not just Trump versus Biden.
It's deeper than that.
Last night's election was God versus Satan, who is Lucifer-L-Satan-S-Double-D-Visual-LSD.
Last night's election was good versus evil, light versus darkness.
So we're living in the generation
That is the direct fulfillment, excellent length there, of 1 Kings chapter 18, when the prophet Elijah the Tishbite was in a battle against the deep state called the 450 prophets of Baal.
The 450 prophets of Baal today are Reverend Bonneman A. and B. Deficient Sharpton,
Jesse Jackson, who had Dr. Martin Luther King assassinated, another topic for another day.
Louis Bean Pie Fruit Bag Farrakhan, OK?
And all of these devils on the left with Benjamin Crump, all of these devils are the new slave masters of black America.
It is Benjamin Crump who is a part of Sigma Pi Phi.
Which is the Boulay-Sickin' Society, the Black Skulls and Bones.
Reverend R. Vitamin B and D deficient Sharpton doesn't care about Black people.
Reverend Jesse Jackson doesn't care about Black people.
Louis Bean Pie Fruit Bag Farrakhan doesn't care about Black people.
None of these Black leaders love Black folk.
They are ordained and set up, not by God, but by the forces of darkness that are controlling them.
Namely, the global Balfour, Luciferian deep state system.
People like Bill Gates, people like George Soros.
These leaders that you're seeing there, along with Bill Clinton, are puppets of the Rothschild dynasty.
Through George Soros and their job as we are exposing this darkness of this invisible enemy, Joe Biden is going to send your jobs overseas.
Joe Biden wants to keep America on the plantation.
By manipulating both the pain of Black America and the historical trauma of Black America in order to keep you in check in this global political crack barrel system.
Black people don't own the barrel.
They're only the guardians of the barrel.
Who are the guardians of the barrel?
Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrakhan, OK, Benjamin Crump.
Anytime there is a black child that gets killed by a white cop, and we don't even know the real reasons, here comes Benjamin Trump, Benjamin Crump, OK, singing rah, rah, rah, and collecting his million dollar check and going back to his million dollar home.
This is what we call, ladies and gentlemen,
Exposing the War Against the Invisible Enemy.
Thank you so much for joining the Bishop this afternoon, and God willing, I'll be back with you guys during the 7 p.m.
This is Bishop Larry Gators, host and moderator of Global Spiritual Revolution Radio here in New York City.
This is, again, the fourth hour of the Alex Jones Show, InfoWars, where there is a war going on for your mind.
Have a blessed day.
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