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Name: 20201104_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: Nov. 4, 2020
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The speaker claims the 2020 US Presidential election is being stolen from Trump and argues he still has a chance to stop it. They allege irregularities in the counting process, with blue states having no problems while red states faced issues. Six news organizations are allowed to announce winners: ABC News, AP, CNN, CBS, Decision Desk HQ, Fox News, and NBC. The speaker predicts how the election will play out and urges people to peacefully celebrate and demonstrate against fraudulent results. They also promote InfoWars products that fund the organization exposing China's takeover of the US.

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The most important election in world history is being stolen in front of all of our faces in plain view.
But there's still time for President Trump and the American people to stop the steal.
First, let's go back to what happened on election night, last night.
You notice that all of the blue states that went for Biden automatically got everything counted, closed up, didn't have any problems needing to count The ballots that had come in late.
But in all the red states that were going for Trump, where Trump was ahead by three to five to six to seven points, they had to stop it so that they could then bring in those ballots that they had hidden, filled out in the names of dead people and others.
This is classic fraud.
It's why they did it.
And Hillary Clinton said from the beginning, and so did John Podesta in the last few months, On record that they knew he was going to lose, Biden, and so they were going to contest and bring in those outside ballots.
And that if that failed, they would have the country actually break up under civil war and have secession.
So these are criminal announcements they've made.
Then we've got Joe Biden on the payroll of the communist Chinese confirmed, even ABC News now confirms the laptop, working under Chinese intelligence.
A Chinese communist spy is about to be president?
We cannot let this happen.
So I'm now going to lay out Trump's constitutional path to victory.
Let's go back two days ago, on Monday, I said on air, we'll play the clip in a moment, that I would look for Fox News on election night to call key races, if not the entire race, before anyone else for Joe Biden.
And in the critical state of Arizona, they did just that.
Now why is that?
Because Fox News is in that special pool.
So here's who's allowed to talk about and project who the winners are.
And because they're not gonna have a leftist publication, like CNN or ABC News make the announcement,
they're gonna have Fox News announce it so that it's credible and hey, come on, it's Fox.
And that leads to my next prediction because they did exactly what I predicted.
So here's who's allowed to talk about and project who the winners are.
ABC News, AP, CNN, CBS, Decision Desk HQ, Fox News, NBC.
All have been vetted to be non-bias.
You know, look for some betrayal like Fox News declaring Trump the loser.
I'm telling you, man.
Fox has had that dagger out for Trump for a long time.
The very next evening... Can we finish where we started?
On Arizona?
You're 100% sure?
And so all this pushback, you're going to say, we made the right call when we made it.
We made the correct call, and that's why we made the correct call when we made it.
I'm sorry.
No, you don't have to be sorry.
You just want to be sure you're sure.
The president is mad happy.
Well, thank you very much, Arnon.
We appreciate your time.
Get back in there so we can make some more calls.
Yes, Chief.
Thanks, Arnon.
How was I able to predict that?
Because they run election fraud and election steals in a very formulaic way.
And our own corrupt CIA is on record running this over and over again hundreds of times in the last 80 years across the world.
Now we'll lay out probabilities that are about to happen, in my view, in the near future.
if the globalists make the moves they've made in the past.
And past behavior is the most indicative of future behavior.
Fox News, as early as tonight, tomorrow morning or tomorrow evening, probably today,
will announce that Biden has gone past 270.
Now, why is that important?
Even CNN has Biden at 253 and Trump at 213.
And you have all these states that are still outstanding.
Fox, again, called it early, so they'll be in a position, like they did in the year 2000, to announce and cement the winner.
A major king-making move, where they will then betray Donald Trump, who believes that they've been his friends.
History does repeat itself, as Mark Twain said, it also rhymes.
So get set for that.
Within minutes of it being announced that Trump has officially lost, even though Trump's legally challenging it, even though there's known fraud, even though it's all been a scam, there will be artificial, spontaneous demonstrations all over the United States where people are basically saying, ding dong, the witch is dead.
This is the greatest thing ever.
So there's even more political pressure on Trump and the courts when they challenge Michigan.
When they challenge Pennsylvania, when they challenge Nevada, when they challenge Arizona.
And the numbers are coming out of Arizona that they haven't counted since they froze the counting.
All these conservative counties, and most analysts say Trump's going to win that state.
Trump's going to win Pennsylvania.
Trump's going to win Georgia.
Michigan, there's clear fraud.
But you see, by then the announcement will already be made, the celebration will already be taking place, and it will indelibly burn that into everyone's minds.
Here's how we defeat the big steel from the deep state and the Democrats and their Chai Com controllers.
Trump leads the American people tonight in a national declaration of victory and celebration in the streets before the leftists do it.
We only have a few hours.
We need Trump caravans to go to capitals and city councils and university landmarks and honk their horns into the night to force media attention on the fact that we know there's a fraud, we know Trump's the winner, and we're not accepting Biden and the mainstream media telling us who really won when there's all this evidence of fraud.
Trump and all of us must take action now.
Trump must declare a celebration at the White House and he must bring people in on the White House lawn tonight.
They're probably going to announce he's a loser fraudulently tonight.
It's got to be done now.
I am taping this right now at 4.50 Central, okay?
This will be up in the next 30 minutes or so.
You've got to make this go viral, folks.
Believe me, this is their main path.
They're about to pull it.
Exposing this might actually make them back down.
But we've got to get this message to the White House, so get this video at Band.Video and flood it to President Trump.
They're also banning Band.Video on Twitter, so share it from electionnight.news.
And don't just celebrate, don't just demonstrate, don't just challenge these fraudulent results.
Do what Infowars activist Richard Jarrett did four years ago exposing Bill Clinton's crimes against women and what he did today in Arizona confronting politicians with the fact that the steel is on.
The Biden family's stealing the election!
The media's covering up!
The Biden crime family's stealing this election!
The media's covering up!
The Biden crime family's stealing this election!
The media's covering up!
We want our freedom for the world!
Give us our freedom, Joe Biden!
Joe Biden's covering up this election!
He's stealing it!
Get out there, take action, legally, peacefully, take over public press conferences, take over the mainstream media, and expose their treason and hatred and lies against the American people.
Take action now, Paul Reveres, or be slaves forever.
And it's the fact that InfoWars, more than 25 years ago, doing basic research with what the Club of Rome and the CFR and others were actually saying, developed the hypothesis that Communist China had been set up to take our jobs and transfer them to China and then make us economically destitute and position us into debt.
Well, now China owns the debt.
Now China owns Hollywood, all the one-sided trading deals.
It turns out our analysis was absolutely dead on, but again, it wasn't that hard.
The CFR and others admitted what they were doing, but still others didn't want to focus on that issue.
We did, and you focused on it by supporting us and InfoWars.
So when you go to InfoWarsStore.com and get all the great supplements, books, t-shirts, films, water filtration, air filtration, all of it, you're funding the organization that literally helped make up the world what's really happening.
So that's a big accomplishment for all of you.
I want to thank you for your support.