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Name: 20201103_Tue_Alex
Air Date: Nov. 3, 2020
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In this passage, conservative figures on Infowars discuss concerns over potential voter fraud and suppression in the upcoming US presidential election, as well as criticism of mainstream media and accusations from the left. They address topics such as the influence of wealthy elites on global politics, COVID-19 restrictions, Big Tech manipulation, and civil unrest. The speakers emphasize empathy, staying informed, and resisting authoritarianism while promoting alternative news sources like electionnight.news."

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The reason they're able to get away with this is because they've shut down the First Amendment.
And they shut it down a long time ago.
And all over the country, in the key battlegrounds, they're blocking poll watchers and violating state law.
That's right.
That's right.
And you know, when we look at this, as I've talked about many times, Alex, it's not just shutting down
Alternative free press like us.
It's also shutting down the free speech of the people.
They've got the public... Oh, they've said the general public isn't allowed to say anything not approved by these big seven groups.
Big seven media can only report on it, can only say what they saw.
If anybody else says they saw fraud, if anybody else says they were unable to vote, if anybody else says they're a poll watch that was blocked, that will be blocked by big tech.
This is an information coup.
This is an attempted media coup we're in the middle of.
They're telling us it's a media coup because they want to hide it in plain view and normalize it.
So let's quantify this again.
I agree with you.
They have plan B, but they don't think that'll work.
They're going to go directly tonight to just say Biden wins at, say, 9 o'clock, and then just shut everybody else down and say that.
And then Biden just announces he's president, says, here's my cabinet, I'm the president, and they just hope this big hoax goes across.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, the moment of truth is now upon us.
We are going headlong into the future.
Tuesday, November 3rd.
Zero hour.
Zero days until the most historic election in world history.
A referendum between globalism and Americanism.
Here is Joe Biden's chief advisor on PBS admitting what we already knew.
Their strategy was to hide this individual in the basement until he could get into office and they could replace him with Kamala Harris.
Here it is.
And we're confident in our strategy.
I remember not a couple of weeks or maybe months ago when folks suggested that we should quote-unquote get out of the basement.
Our strategy has worked, Judy.
We are talking directly to the American people, and we look forward to continuing to do that through tomorrow.
Well, we know at some of these President Trump's rallies, thousands are showing up in terms of numbers, and that's why I asked you that question.
Now, Tucker Carlson is always powerful, but he laid it out so beautifully, so perfectly last night.
When we come back, I'm going to play five minutes of it, where he explains that this is a referendum between nationalism and populism, and our disgusting ruling class that doesn't even believe America should exist.
See, to carry out these evil things, the destruction of America, to parlay our power and our money and our ingenuity into building world government while demoralizing us, while dumbing us down, while breaking up our families to make sure that we would fall, you have to really hate people you're doing that to.
And because we stood down, because we were naive, because we slept on our laurels,
The most evil, corrupt elites the planet has ever seen got control of this nation.
They're the same ones that put Mouse the Tongue in power in 1949, and David Rockefeller wrote two op-eds in the New York Times bragging about it.
And we really are living in Rockefeller's world.
His foundation is behind Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
John D. Rockefeller I, right down to David.
And this is a revolution we're involved in against them.
And they're minions.
Like Hillary Clinton.
Remember they had a quarter million of these already printed up, already on newsstands the day of the election.
Madam President already in the airports that morning when she lost.
They are so butthurt that they're not invincible and godlike.
So now they've engaged in even bigger fraud to try to fix the system.
And if they're able to steal it from Trump, it'll blow up in their face even bigger.
They've got a plan A and they've got a plan B.
But these minions of the Globalist have been raping this country since 1993 when they accelerated the sellout to Communist China.
So that's what this election is all about.
So, if you want to fight these people, they are going to pull some major shenanigans.
We know exactly what they're up to.
I pay more attention to their political operations than even high-level Democrats do.
Because they're all a bunch of lazy, meth-head, devil-worshipper, pedophile trash.
They all work the minimum amount.
But they have all the money, all the power, because their father's the devil, and he's the god of this world for a short time.
The devil sends the beast with wrath because he knows the time is short.
And I've studied every facet of what they're going to do, and we know exactly what they're going to do.
We know exactly what they're going to pull and exactly how they're going to do it.
The good news is I've been watching the White House very closely.
They've gotten dialed in to what's happening that they don't even really need me anymore.
They used to need this show and need you to tell them.
Now they're so dialed in and know how things work that
If Trump gets back in and can make it over these hurdles, he is going to destroy the globalists.
Absolutely destroy them.
And that's why they're so incredibly dangerous right now.
So I'm going to walk through the scenarios that we face.
Plan A, Plan B, and Plan C of these dirtbags.
And why they're going to pull it.
Because they've never gotten in trouble.
And so it's like letting somebody rob, rape, and murder, which is what they're doing, and they get a get-out-of-jail-free card, and if they're a psychotic person, they're gonna keep doing it.
But see, when they don't get in trouble, they always escalate, escalate, and if they make the move and actually try to bite this off, there's no way they can chew it.
We're talking about a
Midget trying to eat an elephant in one bite.
So the sick part of me hopes they actually try it.
We are now zero hour.
Zero hour.
Zero hour.
Zero hour.
That means the collision is now.
Election 2020.
More people voted by last week than voted in the last general election.
Massive voting across the country.
The deep state is in absolute, total panic mode, and there is clear, rock-hard evidence of systemic election fraud and voter fraud in Michigan.
In Pennsylvania.
In Ohio.
In Iowa.
In Georgia.
In North Carolina.
In Florida.
It's pouring in.
Massive criminal activity.
We're covering it all at the bottom of the hour.
Let me tell you who we've got today.
Jim Hoft of the Gateway Pundit.
Roger Stone, former Chief Campaign Advisor to President Trump.
Political Advisor.
Hotep Jesus.
David Icke.
David Knight, Paul Joseph Watson, that's just in the next 3 hours and 55 minutes of my transmission.
Then I'm going to be back throughout the entire day with Leigh-Anne McAdoo, and with Deanna Lorraine, and with Owen Schroyer, and with Harrison Smith, and with Rob Dew, and with all the rest of our amazing crew.
And we've got some big guests coming up tonight, and surprise guests, and a lot of surprise stuff going on.
You know, I don't tell you big stuff's coming if it isn't coming.
Obviously big stuff's coming.
We're now here.
The clash of civilizations, tyranny, and the globalist system versus America.
The world that John D. Rockefeller, with the remnants of the British Empire, with Cecil Rhodes built, and his grandson, David Rockefeller.
David just died a few years ago.
And they built the UN, they put Mao in charge, they
They ran the Communist Party in Russia.
They financed Hitler.
This is all in Pulitzer Prize winning books.
They don't even hide this stuff.
They had congressional hearings about it in the 70s in the church committee.
Anthony Sutton got all the secret government documents out of the Carnegie and Ford and Rockefeller Foundation that Congress had access to with classification.
That's how I know their plan.
We aren't one of those other shows that talks about Republican or Democrat and all these little ideologies that are just side issues to the world government New World Order system.
And what its plan is for you and your family, and it ain't good.
You see that with the Rockefeller Foundation lockstep that totally predicts 10 years ago what we're currently under with the global martial law.
But for TV viewers, let's put the photo up of one town in Pennsylvania alone.
Trump's done more than 20 rallies in Pennsylvania.
And that's just a close shot.
There is video that Tucker Carlson shows and he backs out of it and the crowd goes on and on and on over a hundred thousand people and reportedly 50,000 couldn't get in and the media spun it and made fun of it and said oh
Some people couldn't get in and they were there till one in the morning and were freezing.
Oh, because they were celebrating coming together and valuing each other and valuing America and knowing we've been under economic war by the globalists on purpose and they've shipped the drugs in and they're now teaching us to tell us our little boys or girls and chop their testicles off.
If space aliens landed and asked for that, we'd say attack them.
But they sell it as liberal and trendy and if you don't agree with it, we'll attack you.
It's totally sick.
So I'm going to play this Tucker Carlson clip, and we come back with David Knight in studio.
We've got the biggest news yet.
We have their scenarios, A, B, and C. It's now been announced.
It's on InfoWars.com.
We knew it was coming out of Axios.
Biden is going to declare himself the winner tonight.
Mainstream media is going to agree.
That's plan A. And then if Trump disagrees, he'll be silenced by big tech, the internet, and TV saying he's wrong.
They're going to really try this.
That's their main plan.
If it's close, they're going to declare victory for Biden.
If it's so huge for Trump, which the evidence shows it'll be, they're going to hold it up and then cause civil unrest and a breakdown.
Then they've got a Plan C as well.
We're going to talk about it all.
But first, Tucker Carlson lays it out perfectly about which side are you on.
You finally got somebody that proved they're on your side, believes in America, is sick of selling us out for globalism.
Who are you going to stand with?
Here's Tucker Carlson.
I want to begin this show with a single image.
Now the image doesn't tell you who's going to win or lose tomorrow.
Instead it's a metaphor for the election itself and for the moment that we're living in and will continue to live in.
The picture is from a town called Butler, Pennsylvania.
It's 35 miles north of Pittsburgh.
The president held a rally there over the weekend.
Butler's like a lot of places you'll find in this country once you head inland from the coasts.
It's a former industrial town.
They made Pullman rail cars there for many years.
But it's been losing population for decades.
There's still a lot of nice people in Butler.
For 60 grand, you can buy a decent house there.
It's a place you might be happy in.
But our professional class is not impressed by Butler.
They don't consider Butler, Pennsylvania, or places like it, the future.
To them, places like Butler are embarrassing relics of a past best forgotten.
The men of Butler may have built this country, and they did, but they mean nothing to our leaders now.
You can be certain of that because when large numbers of people in Butler started killing themselves with narcotics, no one in Washington or New York or Los Angeles said a word about it.
And so it continued.
There have now been so many opioid deaths in Butler that a few years ago residents built an overdose memorial in the middle of town.
MSNBC didn't cover that.
So given all of that, it was interesting how the people around Butler feel about Donald Trump.
Here are the pictures of the President's rally there on Saturday night.
Tens of thousands of people came.
So many people that the crowd obscured the horizon.
It looked like a visit from the Pope.
When was the last time a political speech drew that many people?
Well, the media didn't ask.
Instead, they attacked the rally as a super-spreader event.
Trump endangers thousands in Pennsylvania.
Okay, we'll leave the epidemiology to CNN.
But the question still hung in the air.
Why did all those people come?
They must have known that Donald Trump is the most evil man who's ever lived.
They've heard that every day for five years.
They know that people who support Donald Trump are also evil.
They're bigots, they're morons, they're racist cult members.
They know that Americans have been fired from their jobs for supporting Donald Trump.
Not to mention kicked off social media, belittled by their kids' teachers, shunned by decent society.
Only losers and freaks support Donald Trump.
People in Butler knew all of that.
But on Saturday they went to the Donald Trump rally anyway.
Why exactly did they do that?
We should be pondering that question deeply as we watch tomorrow's returns and as we live through the aftermath of them.
Millions of Americans sincerely love Donald Trump.
They love him in spite of everything they've heard.
They love him often in spite of himself.
They're not deluded.
They know exactly who Trump is.
They love him anyway.
They love Donald Trump because no one else loves them.
The country they built, the country their ancestors fought for over hundreds of years, has left them to die in their unfashionable little towns.
Mocked and despised by the sneering halfwits with finance degrees, but no actual skills, who seem to run everything all of a sudden.
Whatever Donald Trump's faults, he is better than the rest of the people in charge.
At least he doesn't hate them for their weakness.
Donald Trump, in other words, is and has always been a living indictment of the people who run this country.
That was true four years ago, when Trump came out of nowhere to win the presidency.
And it's every bit as true right now.
Maybe even more true than it's ever been.
And it will remain true, regardless of whether Donald Trump wins re-election.
Trump rose because they failed.
It's as simple as that.
If the people in charge had done a halfway decent job with the country they inherited, if they cared about anything other than themselves, even for just a moment,
Donald Trump would still be hosting Celebrity Apprentice.
But they didn't.
Instead, they were incompetent, and narcissistic, and cruel, and relentlessly dishonest.
They wrecked what they didn't build.
They lied about it.
They hurt anyone who told the truth about what they were doing.
That's true.
We watched.
America is still a great country, the best in the world, but our ruling class is disgusting.
A vote for Trump is a vote against them.
That's what's going on in that picture.
That's what's going on in this country.
Well, what you just saw is as close to perfection with truth as it gets.
That is Veritas in the very archetype.
And that's exactly true.
And the system is scared because they're these big globalists.
They're the masters of the universe.
And they're being defeated.
And they can't stand it.
You've just got to understand the chip on the shoulder that the big tech people and the chi-coms and the Rothschilds have against you and your family.
They literally hate you.
Research them.
They want to hurt you.
And the minute you realize that, their power is over.
Don't submit to anything they say or do.
And I was watching David Knight this morning before I went and voted, and he was doing a really good job laying out what he sees unfolding.
He's here riding shotgun with us.
Hotep Jesus, who's a great political analyst and a very successful marketer, national marketer and businessman.
He's going to be also a funny guy.
He's going to be popping in with us and so many other huge guests.
We're going to have live 24-hour coverage.
I'm predicting that they are going to go with plan B, that it's going to be obvious that Trump has won.
So they're going to have to say, oh, we've got to count all the ballots.
In Pennsylvania and Michigan and other areas and then try to drag it out the civil unrest and then hold the economy hostage.
That's their main focus.
But they've also been talking about, oh, just announcing that Biden wins and then basically locking down Trump supporters and locking down Trump and letting no one contest it.
So they're saying only seven groups, ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox.
CNN and, of course, one other group.
Fox is in there twice.
Yeah, exactly.
Fox and AP.
They get two votes.
Yeah, so Fox and AP.
Yeah, as usual, suspects, isn't it?
It's a usual suspect.
So, David, gut level, watching this unfold, what do you think we're about to witness here?
Well, you know, Alex, I thought for the longest time, and I've been saying this, and Richard Proctor, I have him on talk about the Constitution frequently, he's pointed out the 20th Amendment says that by January the 20th, you've got to have a winner or Nancy Pelosi gets to pick the people.
So I thought they were going to try to slow walk this thing out, have chaos and lawfare and all that sort of thing.
Except when you look at this and the pronouncements that have come out in the last 24 hours, as you pointed out on InfoWars, we've got the story up there about how Axios has been informed that they're going to, if the news media declares Biden a winner, that's it!
He's going to start putting his cabinet together and he's going to start acting like the president right away.
We're not going to wait for a recount, we're not going to have any contesting.
Biden plans to assert control as president-elect, if declared winner, by a news organization.
And they've got a news organization lined up.
So you talk about power.
Notice it's been mainstream media the last three years, and the internet purge, they're the ones that say someone's fake news.
If CNN or ABC says you're fake news, then big tech bans you.
Just like when ABC after two weeks finally said, okay, the Hunter Biden laptop's real, well then the New York Post got unbanned.
So it's a hierarchy.
The big mainstream corporate media is God.
It's the top folks.
That's what the CIA and Operation Mockingbird is on record.
That's right.
And NewsGuard, which, you know, there was a Newsweek article today, and they were talking about... It's Microsoft.
That's right.
NewsGuard is Microsoft, and it's DARPA, and they also have Election Guard.
And honestly, Alex,
When I was looking at this a year ago, I thought they were going to roll out electronic voting more, and they were going to roll through the fraud, and that's going to come.
That is coming.
And they've already talked about how they're going to have crypto ballots and blockchain ballots.
But they're doing it this time with just tons of fake ballots themselves.
Instead of hitting it at the machine level, they know there's so many checks and balances being added with the receipts and things, there's so many recounts, they're just going to directly having dead people vote.
And the reason they're able to get away with this is because they've shut down the First Amendment.
And they've shut it down a long time ago.
And all over the country, in the key battlegrounds, they're blocking poll watchers and violating state law.
That's right.
That's right.
And you know, when we look at this, as I've talked about many times, Alex, it's not just shutting down
We're good to go.
This is an information coup.
This is an attempted media coup we're in the middle of.
They're telling us it's a media coup because they want to hide it in plain view and normalize it.
So let's quantify this again.
I agree with you.
They have plan B but they don't think that'll work.
They're gonna go directly tonight to just say Biden wins at say 9 o'clock and then just shut everybody else down and say that and then Biden just announces he's president says here's my cabinet I'm the president and they just hope this big hoax goes across.
That's right.
And I think that Plan B became a little bit more difficult for them because of Barrett.
You know, if they'd had Ginsburg in there, they might have gone.
But I think, you know, when I look at this, I think, you know, Barrett would be okay on this.
I've got concerns about other things.
Oh no, the Supreme Court ruled against Trump to let him keep the bowling places open.
That's right.
And I've got concern about her understanding of the primacy of the First Amendment as well because, you know, when she was questioned,
As part of the hearing, they asked her to enumerate the different parts of the First Amendment.
She came up short on one of them.
But then we asked her to tie it together and say, why is this the very first one?
Why are these things all related?
Well, it's pretty obvious.
I played clips today from what's going on in Australia.
They had 400 people who showed up.
They've got no casualties whatsoever.
They're going into summer.
In Australia, they're still locked down hard and they had a ring of militarized police surround them.
Even somebody who was just there to listen to a speaker.
He's not part of the movement.
He was all masked up and everything else.
But they don't want these people to exercise their free speech.
This is UN-directed, corporate-directed, world government, world martial law.
And Trump, to his credit, is saying no to it.
He's having the rallies.
He's saying, open it back up.
He says, just get over the virus.
We're never going to, quote, conquer it by hiding in our houses.
And they are so pissed.
So this is a referendum against global world government, UN control, which even the New York Times today admits, okay, China did control the WHO and did control the world response.
So the New York Times admits China's in control of the UN and controls the blue states and blue cities.
My God, this is insane.
And the Stockholm Syndrome women mainly, but also some men, love going along with this and submitting to UN Chinese directed tyranny.
You know the thing that really made me angry, Alex?
Somebody sent me this.
I didn't see it over the weekend.
But they had a Halloween party in, guess where?
They had a Halloween party in Wuhan.
They had thousands of people.
They had people dressed up like zombie nurses in Wuhan, China.
They are doing this in our face.
This is the real virus.
This plan that was modeled for us by China.
It's a psych warfare attack.
Psych warfare.
And you know, the First Amendment and free speech, and it's also, you know, the free exercise of religion, they've shut that down as well.
All of this... That's right, Wuhan's not even wearing masks anymore!
That's right.
It's all theater!
Yeah, it is.
It's total theater.
By the way, you know about China, you're not a Chinese engineer, you adopted your daughter from there, you've been there, you cover it, we cover it.
We know what we're talking about China.
Oh yeah.
We're the ones that said 10 years ago, 20 years ago, that, you know, you've been here almost 10 years, that China is going to be the main issue.
And it is, because we're studying what the globalists are admitting.
Well, China was set up to do everything that the globalists wanted to do.
They wanted slave labor.
We were told 20 or 30 years ago, you don't want to have manufacturing jobs in America.
They're dirty.
You want the manufacturing jobs to be in China.
Besides that, they work cheap.
I mean, these guys work dirt cheap.
They work for slave wages.
They do.
They enslave them.
And so what this is is a giant sucking cell Ross Perot talked about.
And after they said, you just want to have the service jobs.
There are a lot of us who are saying, well, you know, we can't really exist by just taking in each other's laundry.
But now we can't even do that.
Because it's not essential.
That's right.
The lockdown has taken away the service economy, which was the last bastion, the last fingernail hold of the middle class on having some kind of upward mobility in the economy.
Because they want a siege to dictate the terms of our surrender in their own admissions.
Prince Charles, Rockefellers, they're all bragging, oh, this is cutting the carbon footprint.
These monsters admit what they're doing to our face.
Yeah, yeah.
As a virus, and now they want us to see each other as a virus.
We're dirty.
Humans are bad.
We're not just bad for the earth.
We're bad for each other.
We need to hate ourselves.
That's right.
So we won't stand up for ourselves.
We're being taught like a beaten, like a pimp tortures a woman and beats her to control her.
We're just being pimped.
We're being bitch slapped.
We're being brought down.
We're being taught to have no respect for ourselves.
That's right.
They want you afraid of each other, even in your homes for Thanksgiving.
I mean, we're looking at this Halloween event.
Wear a mask while you have sex.
Stay there, David.
Because here's the big question.
We're not just saying this.
They are announcing and saying, it's ground zero, it's zero hour.
They're announcing, Biden's officially saying in his campaign, that we're going to say I'm the winner tonight, the mainstream media is going to announce it.
This is a media coup.
How do we counter this when we come right back?
Because we're supposed to not be on the air.
We're still on the air right now, folks.
The people have a voice.
Is it the countdown to the globalists being extincted, or is it the countdown to the extinction of America?
We're fighting for our lives.
It is.
Election Day.
November 3rd, 2020.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
HOTEP Jesus is with us about 35 minutes or so.
David Knight's riding shotgun with us into the next hour.
We've got everybody coming on, Roger Stone, you name it, here today, and your phone calls, and so much more.
But all the hysteria you see is about this.
Madam President, she was supposed to be the winner.
They printed up a quarter million of these.
They even were delivering them to the airports and bookstores and grocery store newsstands the morning.
After they lost in 2016.
Madam President.
But she says, oh, plan B is we're just gonna keep counting ballots forever and he will not be president.
Pelosi says Biden will be president.
And now, you add to all this, they've asked the military to help remove Trump.
They've said again, no.
Next segment we've got Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff on video saying we will not be part of a coup.
Raping America since 93, the Epstein crime syndicate of the Clintons, and of course, Bill Gates who sits on top of it like a big evil spider.
Coming up next segment, we're going to talk about this with Ho-Tip Jesus and more.
We've got the Sunshine Project that Millie Weaver did a great job six months ago exposing, but now more of their videos have come out, how they're planning with Soros and Black Lives Matter to overthrow the White House.
So that's the grassroots cover.
For all of this.
But plan A is to just announce him the winner tonight, Joe Biden, and have the media go along with it.
And then quote, they've told us they're going to silence Trump.
So you say, why would they admit all this up front?
They have to normalize it.
Like, oh, we're going to have convicted pedophiles come unannounced at your public school and have your six year old bounce on their erection.
Yeah, it is.
He is a startup tech founder and has been marketing for close to two decades with traditional digital spheres, a writer and thought leader.
He has cultivated a loyal following on social media, being honest and genuine while providing knowledge and experience.
Hotep, I got a lot of questions for you, but what's your first takeaway right now about where we are and what you're predicting?
I think Trump has legitimate concerns about the legitimacy of our elections this year.
And if he did not accept the results, I would totally and completely understand.
And I'll tell you why.
By the hour, if not by the half hour, we're seeing videos unfold of election meddling.
I saw in PA, there's a sign up outside of an election station that was pure Democrats down ballot.
And the authorities had to come in and take down that sign.
I'm seeing people arguing at certain polling stations, not letting certain Republican watchers in, poll watchers in, and it's a disgrace and it's terrible to watch, but I think Trump has a legitimate concern.
You're absolutely right.
Do you think they're going to try to pull?
Because they've got both set up.
There's a C I'll talk about later, but A and B, do you agree with that scenario of try to steal it tonight?
Have the media announce him the leader?
He declares he's the president, launches his government immediately.
He says that's his plan.
They're saying he's going to win.
Of course, they know that's not true.
All the internal metrics, web numbers, actual real traffic, internal polls doubled.
The amount of people searching how to vote Republican, all the other hundreds of metrics, to me, show a huge landslide.
But I think they're crazy enough to try Scenario 1.
Why will they not go with Scenario 1?
Why would they go with Scenario 2 to drag it out, which we know they've got set up as well, Hotep?
Yeah, they want to drag it out and I think there's, well, my first concern is how the heck did Hillary Clinton become an elector in New York?
Well, I don't think we need to answer that question.
We all know the answer to that question.
We might not know who the new president is going to be tonight.
There's a chance that that decision or announcement may be deferred.
But I think what's happening is they're planning some sort of violent insurrection.
Some sort of fake revolution.
We know the White House was announced to be on lockdown.
And I think they'd much rather have four years of complaining about Trump because it's profitable to the media and it's profitable to other powers that be.
They get to gentrify communities after they burn them down.
So there's that sort of interest.
It comes down to the fact that I think they want, they want something to complain about.
I think America is boring without Trump in office and I think they want it.
Create some sort of violence over the next week or so.
I agree.
In fact, that's where David Knight wanted to go this segment, is the Sunshine Group.
Yeah, you know, I think, too, that when we look at this and look at the two different scenarios, could they come out and try to create a fake blue wave by the fact that they say that they've had two-thirds of the people who voted in the last election have already early voted?
Ninety-seven, I think, million votes they're saying?
And so they could create a fake blue wave and then have a pronouncement with this, but I think, Alex, the real issue, what they're looking for, is chaos and civil war.
And I think not only, you know, the ploy of dragging this out and having Nancy Pelosi pick somebody on January 20th, according to the 20th Amendment,
I think they want to have a prolonged unrest.
I think everything that we've been seeing for the last year, not just the election, but also the lockdown, is designed to create a civil war.
That's right.
They're digging in.
Everything is martial law.
Everything is America failed.
Everything is get deeper in debt.
Whether Trump's president or not, they're trying to kill the economy and absorb us.
And even if we're able to get Trump in, the blue states and cities are going to stay locked down.
That's right.
That's right.
And they're also going to lock down the federal government.
This is why I think we need to start thinking outside the electoral box.
Oh, that's key.
We'll cover it next time, but start getting into that.
These are federal employees, including intelligence operatives, who are currently serving, announcing that their inside government are going to shut things and sabotage.
They should all be indicted, but of course they won't.
That's right.
And of course, you know, there's laws against employees.
They try to use that from time to time against Republicans.
There's laws against employees campaigning actively for other sites.
And they were saying, well, you know, we have to be careful about some of these lines that we're getting pretty close to.
Actually, they're way over the line.
They're talking about how they can not only slow walk, but they can delay something or keep it from happening by playing their red tape games.
And all because they call him a dictator.
Obama came out, we have the clip coming up, and called him a dictator for saying he'll contest if they contest.
That's just insane.
Ho-Tep, let me ask you this.
We'll get more to this next segment.
We've got a few minutes here.
How do we counter this?
What can we do on zero hour?
To counter this.
I say stay on air.
Spread the word.
They wanted us all off air.
We're still on air.
You're on air.
Reaching millions.
I think that's really it is we just don't back down or what do we do?
Yeah, I believe Rogan's going live tonight.
Hoteps, we're going live tonight for a special episode.
We have to consistently be in people's faces and give them an alternative view.
And it's working.
As we saw with the technocrats, they are scared.
They are afraid.
Last night, they suspended, I believe, 40, maybe 50 accounts.
They suspended this young girl, Samantha, I believe.
They suspended her Instagram account.
Rob Schneider, nuclear physicist, they suspended his account.
And when I looked at the tweet, I didn't see anything wrong.
But they are scared, which makes me optimistic that Trump pulls this out because they are censoring, as we saw with the New York Post last week.
And then he had to admit they had no proof that there was some sort of hack involved in the New York posting of that article.
So, you know, Zuckerberg, Dorsey, they both had to retract their statements, but they're running scared and I think they know it's a potential rare wave coming.
Bingo, Hotep, but that's what makes them dangerous.
What do you think they might pull?
I'm worried about false flags.
I'm worried about them going and blowing up a black church or something.
Seriously, I am.
Yeah, yeah.
I believe the gentleman sitting next to you hit it right on the head.
They're looking to try and push some sort of civil war to install, like you said, martial law, as well as
Uh, so we got the civil, oh, COVID, right?
So then we're going to have potentially a second wave of lockdowns surrounding COVID out of nowhere, just going to magically appear again, like people are dying or something like that.
So, um, it's about control and that's what they want.
If they can create unrest, they have the excuse to take control and to remove civil liberties and to install
Uh, fascist communism, fascist socialism, and remove everybody's civil liberties.
It's disgusting.
That's right, because they've already won everywhere else, so they just think, why don't we just keep pushing?
Well, this is America.
That's why they flooded us with drugs, and with racial division, and poison, and attacked our children to make us weak because they know we are strong.
And we don't just play the part of victors, we play the part of victors and override that and come together.
We have a real chance of beating this thing and having the American system challenge this godless, globalist system.
Hotep Jesus is our guest in studio.
David Knight is here.
So much more coming up.
I am your host, Alex Jones.
We'll be right back with the video of these Zoom meetings of these federal employees talking about what they're planning.
This is the real teeth behind BLM and Antifa.
We'll be right back.
The site you need to promote is ElectionNight.News.
That's the one that you're not censoring at this point.
We now take you live to the 2020 election.
I love it!
And I agree with Hotep Jesus 110%.
The enemy's running scared.
Everything they do is a failure.
They're all these inbred crazy globalists that their grandparents stole all the power.
And now they just sit around going, we got all the money, all these digits we made up.
These people got stuff.
They're having a good time.
And we need to run their lives.
So we're going to put stuff in their body.
And we're going to tell them what to do.
And we're going to put a diaper over their face.
And they may get the followers to go along with them, but all that's going to do is piss off the leaders who weren't trying to be leaders, who were trying to be left alone.
David Knight's here with me, riding shotgun as well.
He'll be with us throughout the evening with so many gigantic guests and big surprises here.
We're going 24 hours plus.
I predict they go Plan B. They're trying to do Plan A. They want to do it.
If it's close, they're going to announce it at 9 or 10 tonight and just say, I'm the president.
He says he's going to do this.
The article's on Infowars.com from Axios.
That is so huge.
But I just, I don't see him getting away with that.
Though they're going to try it.
They're going to go plan B. Because that's how the globalist win is dividing us further.
But I really see it backfiring.
Hotep, Jesus, I said, what are key points you want to make?
You brought up early central point.
What should we be looking out for?
Because I agree they're running scared.
Their blood's in the water.
But there's always a silver lining, even for the bad guys.
There's always a blind spot for us.
What's our blind spot?
Those of us that want pro-human liberty, who are about energy, not what color we are, but our energy, our spirit.
Because I can tell you, Trump is into people's energy.
You're into people's energy.
So's David.
The real truth is it's energy.
We're energy beings.
And Trump is into energy.
The enemy wants to suck energy.
Trump wants to empower energy.
We want to empower energy.
So in this fight, what should we be looking for?
What's our six?
Well, one concern is that we know from the globalists, we saw in Nigeria and SARS, right?
And I told people not to get too involved in that.
But I spoke to a couple of people connected to Africa and I asked them, I said, hey, what are the gun rights in Africa?
And they are pretty much non-existent.
It's almost impossible to get a firearm and you can't even own a pistol.
And you look at what they're dealing with.
Police brutality that is way worse than what we're dealing with here in America.
I mean, it's just complete brutality that people can't even defend themselves.
They're completely unarmed.
And that's what the globalists want here in America.
So what we're going to see is, well, we know that they want to do gun grabbing.
We know that Joe Biden wants to grab our guns.
He doesn't want us to own our AR-14, as he would say, right?
But the bigger issue here is when it comes to these insurrections and these coups,
And if that is not possible
They're going to run cover for these protesters, just like Joe Biden tried to call them peaceful protesters and Michelle Obama and the rest of them said, you know, it's mostly peaceful.
But that's what the media, the technocrats and everybody, they're going to try and cover for.
What we have to be mindful of is our rhetoric on social media.
They're looking for anything to ban large accounts.
They will find any excuse to do so.
So we have to become as clever as they were in the 2016 election.
A lot of people like to call them dog whistles, but I think it's just coded language that we have to use to outsmart them.
It worked to get Trump elected in 2016.
Alex Jones was an InfoWars was a pivotal part of getting Trump elected.
And that's why what we saw last week with the Rogan stream never happened before.
But for some reason, a lot of users couldn't get
Your episode.
Mysteriously, there was some sort of problem there.
And I think it comes down to a lot of things you exposed, not even the first 10 minutes, the first two minutes.
When I turned it on, I was like, Oh my God, I just turned the episode on and he's already dropping bombs.
And you know, of course, some of it I've heard.
But I think the way you put it is so devastating and so revealing that it might actually wake a lot of the people up.
The people that we're really trying to get to are the people in the middle.
The leftists, they're not gonna budge.
Some of them have moved over, right?
Some of them.
But the people in the middle, when they hear you, when they hear me, when they hear Uncle Hotep, when they hear a lot of the other voices online, Mr. Knight sitting next to you,
They have to question and they have to rethink who they're following and who they're voting for.
But I just thought it was so mysterious that your episode was the only one we had technical issues on.
Well, sure, I don't want to get in the middle of what happened with Joe, but obviously some people went in and rebelled and they took it down, and then they put it back up and they took it down again, and it just kept happening.
And then they told Joe, they gaslighted him.
No, Joe, it's just a glitch, but they kept re-uploading it, and that's what's going on.
And the behind-the-scenes stuff's even worse than that.
I'm not at liberty to get into it, but Joe's gone through a lot.
He had a lot of courage having me on.
That's why I was invited on tonight's show.
I bowed out because this is our own show we're doing and it's just too soon.
We've got some other stuff coming up soon.
I'm going to leave it at that.
But next time I'm not going to announce what's happening.
Are you going to be on with him tonight?
You're not?
I was invited on there and then I can't get into it on air.
We'll see.
But it's not Joe's doing, it's my doing.
It's just strategic stuff going on.
But David, what he said is key.
I'm going to start the show today with, this is the era of false flags.
This is the time for false flags.
The only card they've got is blaming it on the Boogaloos that are obviously, you know, controlled by the Globals, that thing.
And then the Proud Boys, who are great, who they've been demonizing and setting up and casting as white supremacists.
And that way they connect it to Trump and everybody else.
I mean, they're clearly, they don't have command and control completely now, so they're worried about false flags.
Because I know we're watching, but I agree with Otep, false flag is their ace card right now.
Do you remember, Alex, in 2013, shortly after I came here, I hadn't been here a full year, and they had the Army War College, and they had a scenario.
They said, you've got a bunch of rednecks in Darlington, South Carolina, allied with Russia, and they want to secede from the Union.
And so what do we do?
We're going to war game this out.
And you were like, what is going on?
I mean, we'd never heard anything at that point in time about Russia, Russia, Russia, right?
And it was like, as you pointed out, you said, there's nobody that hates Russia more than the red, white, and blue country guys.
So why would they put these two together?
They were already war gaming the false flags.
And of course, Hillary Clinton, after her data was exposed four years ago,
She did a classic red herring.
She said, well, you know, don't look at the data.
Who released this?
Oh, I think it was the Russians.
They probably did it in conjunction with those John Deere guys in Darlington, South Carolina.
But this is what they want.
And this is what they've been wargaming.
And they would like to have us react to that in a violent way.
And I think we need to think outside the box.
We need to not just be reactionary to them.
We need to be proactive.
We need to be upfront saying we don't support offensive violence.
Because they keep having articles saying I'm calling for violence.
No, I'm not.
I said if you come to my house and if it hurt me, you're going to get it.
That's not offensive.
We need to also make sure that we don't fall into the trap of centralization.
That is their strength.
That is what they want.
They want not only a centralized national government, but they want a centralized world government.
So we're not going to find a solution.
Sure, what's the danger of us doing that?
Where are we, the Liberty Movement, the Pappas Movement, centralizing?
What, betting too much on Trump?
I think we're betting too much on the presidency, on the Supreme Court.
Look, I've seen in my life liberals who want to have everything decided by a federal law, make a federal case out of everything, and have the Supreme Court dictate everything to everybody.
No, no, I agree with you.
Conservatives who are looking for that as a solution.
I mean, I think Trump, the Supreme Court just ruled against him, against the Constitution, and said that they can keep these damn polls going for weeks.
We have to reclaim the 9th and 10th Amendment, but even more importantly, non-violently living our lives.
Look, when you see a church like John MacArthur's church in LA, 7,000 people every week meeting in defiant... And the courts just ruled that Newsom's wrong, finally.
That's right, that's right.
One court, one judge has.
But regardless of whether the judge or the court or the Supreme Court overthrows them, we have to stand up.
And the way this is going to happen, and we said this from the very beginning,
I had John Rappaport on my show and he said, look, we're coming up to Easter.
He said, the way we shut this thing down, we've got to have the churches say, we're going to fear God, not a virus, not a government, and we're going to stand up and do this because the businesses aren't going to do it.
And that's how we have to reclaim this with our families, with our churches, with our communities.
We live our lives in defiance of their centralization.
Hotep, Jesus David Knight, stay with us.
Listeners, you're king!
You spread the articles, you spread the videos, you spread the live link and say, here's the censored live coverage they don't want you to see.
First Amendment, Alex.
That's what they are after.
You see, the First Amendment protects the Second Amendment.
If they can take our freedom of speech, we have lost the battle.
And that's what the technocrats want to do.
They want to take our speech.
That's right.
And again, you're on Twitter with a huge following.
What's the best place for people to visit you?
On Twitter, Hotep, or where do they go?
Go right to my Twitter, you'll hit the link in my bio, and you can sign up to my email list and keep in contact with me there.
All right, stay there.
Do 15 more minutes with us, and then I got David Icke coming up.
David, stay there as well, David Knight, because I want to get into the siege on the White House, the leftist terror operations that the media deny exist, and this gaslighting, and how we counter that and more with Hotep Jesus and David Knight.
By the way, DNA Force has been sold out for a long time, the PQQ, the CoQ10, best thing you do for your cells, for your immunity.
It's back in stock, 50% off, storewide free shipping from Patriot Points.
It's our new sale.
DNA Force is back.
You won't get what you're after until the day you die.
Well, you're just not dialed into the Holy Spirit then, buddy.
You need to be tuned into Hotep Jesus.
Tuned into the truth.
I'm not gonna get until the day I die.
Or until you start spreading the link to InfoWars.com.
We already figured out what works.
We know what's real.
Since when have you seen Amish campaigning politically?
They're not stupid.
All right, David Knight rides a shotgun.
This is a short segment, long segment coming up.
Ho-Temp Jesus, drop more truth bombs on us.
Next segment we're going to actually get to that video I talked about with the Sunshine Group that's really, you know, obviously behind BLM and more of it.
Federal workers, you know, that's the actual brains of this, saying that they're going to, you know, launch this takeover, attack the White House, gum up government.
What else other than false flags are you looking at here?
I just looked at Trump Twitter account just now, and Nigerians are parading for Trump, which is amazing.
Hold on, guys.
Three things I want to touch on.
Number one, buy gold.
You know, if you haven't bought gold, buy.
I just sold an option contract this morning.
Maybe I sold too early.
I don't know.
Big spike.
I made a bag of money this week.
You are right.
There is an energetic war.
They want to steal your energy.
So you are focused on their agenda and not your home agenda, your family agenda and your life.
Here's here's something else.
JP Morgan has created JP coin.
So they are moving into the digital currency realm.
And they are coming with that one world currency and the banks are going to start uniting around blockchain.
So it's also something else we got to worry about is what's going to happen with the money.
And that's exactly why I said we're going to have to start buying gold.
And I think buying gold bullion, the actual physical gold, is a very big.
Oh, I said two years ago, get back into gold.
And I'm the evil Alex Jones.
We can't even get a good gold sponsor.
I get a bunch of fly by nights, but I can't get a good one.
So I don't even have one.
And I'm like, I've told people, you better get into gold.
And it's up, you know, a couple hundred percent here.
You know, last week we had the IMF, actually two weeks ago, we had the IMF meeting with several central bankers, including Powell, the Federal Reserve, and they titled it the new Bretton Woods.
And you know the first Bretton Woods... Oh, the reset's here!
They admit the whole damn thing!
And the left is parading for the end of the dollar, which will destroy the average American!
I know.
We're denounced as conspiracy theorists because we say they're holding back physical currency from us, as well as physical coins.
But they're talking about the cashless stuff.
They're talking about it coming very quickly.
Bank of America's chief investment analyst came out and said, invest in inflation assets.
And so we're going to see massive devaluation.
This is Bank of America giving investment advice.
So this is part of it, and as Hotep was saying, this is about the cashless society.
It all goes back to the ID, to ID2020.
I talked yesterday about... Oh, they're collapsing the system to roll in, and they don't want us to tell people what they're about to do, because that'll add to our credibility, and point out they're the ones screwing us over to vertically integrate.
That's right.
Everything comes back to the ID.
Which is what the lockdown has only helped like 50 corporations, and F to everybody else.
Hotep, how do we counter that?
Man, we gotta keep doing what you're doing.
We gotta keep talking.
We gotta keep having these broadcasts.
We can't let them shut us down.
Here's one thing I want to point out because what they're using against us is our ignorance.
For example, with this whole COVID thing.
What they say, I just saw a report that said flu was down 98% this year.
It just magically disappeared?
How is that possible?
They moved the column over.
You were on six months ago and said that.
They're misdiagnosing people all across the board.
If you come in and you fall off your skateboard, you got COVID.
They are depending on our ignorance.
I have a new book coming out.
That'll be out in a few weeks before I go see Tim Pool.
But we have to keep spreading the word.
We have to keep talking.
We have to keep educating.
By the way, Tim Pool wants me on.
Maybe we should do it.
I don't want to jump into what you're doing, but maybe we do a couple podcasts.
Maybe I'll do one with you, but I'm in Maryland.
So after you're done with him and I do him, we should probably hook up.
Yeah, let's collab.
Let's do it, bro.
I'm totally down with that.
That's what the people need, man.
We're going to go to break.
One more segment.
I want to just keep hitting this.
I want to get into the violence, though, and how we respond to this and how we counter it with what the left's about to do.
And again, it's true what Tucker Carlson says.
Trump's anti-establishment, folks.
I mean, the whole establishment does not want this.
But if we have, we the people, like the Declaration of Independence says, they cannot stop us.
That's why they're trying to divide us.
So I want to talk to HOTEP, David Knight.
How do we unify ourselves and cut through all this crap?
And what happens if Trump wins and succeeds?
How does he then go after these guys?
The New World Order knew that InfoWars had their number.
They knew that you had their number.
And they knew that once they launched their operations, we couldn't be on air because our credibility would be too high.
But because of you doggedly staying in the fight and spreading the word and supporting us, we are still on air and stronger in many ways than ever, both scarred and punished and battle-hardened.
We wouldn't have it any other way.
All right, Hotep Jesus, a great analyst, researcher, author, is here with us right now.
David Knight's riding shotgun.
One more segment, then Trump is live at his campaign headquarters.
We stopped it.
We'll play that next segment ahead of David Icke.
But getting into the violence, let's play this clip.
David introduced this.
There's hours of this on Infowars.com.
Millie, we were at a great job months ago.
First, I'm at the Sunshine Group.
That's just another Soros funded group of that.
This is the academics.
This is the federal workers.
This is the intelligence ops above Black Lives Matter and above Antifa.
And there's just hours of them, how they're going to overthrow things and shut the government down and how they're going to mess up the voting so it goes longer.
I mean, this is very seditious crap.
Oh yeah, and I would say obviously they're over the line talking about how it's a coup, and we know it's a coup, but they're saying that it's Trump who's doing a coup.
It's the people who voted for Trump that are doing a coup against them, because you understand, they see themselves as the real government, just like Bernie Sanders when President Trump did a tax cut.
Remember he was like, you're looting the Treasury!
They think all of your money belongs to them.
They think they are the government and if anybody votes somebody out that supports them and votes on somebody who opposes what they're doing, that's a coup against them because they're the entrenched government.
So they're talking about how they can slow walk things, how they can deliberately delay things, how they can subvert.
The elected officials, and that's really what's going on.
And they all act and look like lunatics.
They're running an election watch at the Black Lives Matter center there in Washington, D.C.
And they're being directed by the Democrats.
They say, we're going to say we're holding it up a few days, but really it's months until he's driven out.
It's the battle plans.
That's right.
So let's play a clip of it.
Here it is.
Let's talk about what actions and decisions are in your immediate sphere of influence as somebody who works in the government.
I'm a management and programs analyst.
I work in the national security community.
I spent three and a half years as a contractor at DHS HQ.
If you read the mainstream press, like, they all have Signal accounts.
Text them, leak everything you can.
The journalists I've dealt with have been super ethical in ways to shield me to be the source of the leaks.
Groups on the outside being able to show solidarity with federal workers.
Making sure that we're naming what is happening as a coup.
Totally agreed.
In the shutdown BC conversations that I've been having that's not on the federal side, we also are often saying, call it a coup.
It's a coup.
Don't let anyone tell you it's not.
So on average, these are white?
Mental patients who want power and they don't want to work for it.
They just want to go join the chi-coms and the globalists and have a coup.
And then they project and say, we're doing the coup.
And I'm just sorry, effeminate, weak, chicken-necked, shifty-eyed.
I mean, I would not associate just on the face with any of these people.
They all act and behave disingenuous.
They're traitors on video.
But then they say we're the bad guys because they have a permanent chip on their shoulder.
David Knight.
Their power is red tape.
And that is, they really have sown the seeds of the collapse of the empire.
Every empire eventually collapses of corruption, falsification from the bureaucracy.
The Byzantine aspect of this.
The wimps take over.
That's what these people represent.
They represent a self-serving corrupt
Uh, power elite who have taken over control from everybody else, and that's the way empires fall.
And you heard who these people work for.
I mean, these are high-ranking officials.
These are, uh, these are people who... DHS, intelligence agencies, and they all look like mental patients.
That's right.
And here's the thing, they start cutting everyone off because they don't want anyone to have any connection to reality because that's power.
And so we don't want power, we just want to be free.
But they literally want to black everybody out where no one can communicate.
And then that makes things collapse.
And they're on their little island as the water's rising and they go, take more freedom, take more freedom.
All you got to do is give people freedom.
They love you, you dumb people.
But they don't get that.
It's like Trump said, you think COVID scares everyone to not go vote, you dumb bastards?
HOTEP, this is crazy.
What do you make of it?
Yeah, so what they want to do is they want to take power away from the president.
They want to take power away from Trump, and they can do so legally under the Federal Emergency Management Agency, aka FEMA.
And I believe this was under Nixon.
And what they have are several executive orders here.
Executive Order 1099... 10995 provides for the takeover of communications.
10997 provides for the takeover of all electric, power, petroleum, gas, fuels, and minerals.
Another one here.
Takeover of food resources.
That's 10-9-8-8.
Takeover of all transportation, highways and seaports.
Mobilization of all citizens into work brigades.
Under the government supervision.
Work brigades.
Doesn't that sound like communist gulags?
11-001 provides for takeover of health, education, and welfare functions.
So that sounds like Green New Deal and more
What is it called?
Healthcare, right?
More socialist, communist stuff.
We're talking about 11-002.
Takeover of the Postmaster General.
They're going to control our mail.
They can control the airports and aircraft services through 11-003.
And they can even suspend Congress and then all those have been re-upped.
One of Trump's big failures is he needs to revise and revert, but none of his advisors have told him.
Each president overrides the old executive orders, but those that Hotep talks about have been brought forward by Clinton, by Obama, and even made stronger.
Trump needs to rescind those things now, today, before the election.
He needs to stop this Operation Warp Speed vaccine program, because this is being run by the military.
Yesterday, I showed a document just about the Moderna contract, where they have an option.
First, it's 100 million doses, but they go up to 500 million doses.
And it was a 53-page document, Alex, and virtually all of it was redacted.
We have only one official out of the FDA is allowed to even look at what's going on with Operation Warp Speed.
The rest of the people are kept out of this compartmentalized, redacted, thing that's being run by the military and DARPA.
Trump did it to take control from Gates.
That's why Gates is pissed.
But I agree, it becomes a sound monster.
Well, it is a bomb.
It is a bomb that is there for somebody to use.
We saw this COVID thing coming here.
I had Dr. Shiva on my channel.
We were talking about how they were taking away vaccine exemptions.
You could not, or religious exemptions surrounding vaccines.
Here in New Jersey, they are making the vaccines mandatory.
This was pre-COVID.
This is pre-COVID.
We were fighting this thing.
So they were preparing to take away our rights to deny the vaccine.
Before the COVID hit, and now we have this warp speed of the vaccine coming.
So let's just know, you know, this was a long time ago.
And the UN came out in December and said vaccines are killing people, they're not helping them, our doctors don't believe in it, and then magically all of this gets launched.
I want to play this clip though, because Attorney General Barr, who I was not perfect, I got problems with him, he said since slavery we've had nothing as big as the COVID lockdown.
And the media made jokes and said he's belittling slavery in America.
No one is.
When your business goes out, you commit suicide.
You can't leave your house?
You gotta wear a mask over your face?
And he hasn't done anything to stop it.
But what I'm saying is this is the closest thing to slavery we've seen.
This is slavery to say you're non-essential.
Here, let's go ahead and play the clip.
Putting a national lockdown, stay-at-home orders is like house arrest.
Other than slavery, which was a different kind of restraint, this is the greatest intrusion on civil liberties in American history.
I brought that up because we're out of time here.
You can join us again tonight, tomorrow.
But that's exactly what you're talking about.
This is gulags.
This is martial law.
This is communist China that dictated this.
Yes, that's exactly what it is.
People buy ammo, buy guns, and as a backup, we have to get technologically smart and get some 3D printers and be able to print our weapons if need be.
Because that's exactly what we're gonna need after they take our freedom of speech, after they try and take our guns, and after these leftists try to invade our homes and our communities, after Trump wins tonight.
Hotep, thank you so much.
Look forward to you popping back in tonight.
Maybe late tonight if you can do it.
You're doing your own live stream after you're done.
Join us again tomorrow.
Thank you so much, sir.
It's a pleasure, man.
Great to have you.
Thank you.
You're awesome.
And that's why I wanted to get him on, because I wanted to cover all that stuff about the false flag and about everything, and he just said it all, so I'm glad.
You'll be back tonight, 6 o'clock, hosting an hour.
That's a special guest, Matt Bracken.
Yes, we're going to talk about how to defend yourself and your family, and your community, your neighborhood.
Alright, the live feeds are live.
Infowars.com forward slash show.
And of course, electionnight.news, electionnight.news, electionnight.news.
Donald Trump coming up next.
The globalists are trying to censor what you can see and what you can share.
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It's time to override the censors and get the truth out.
There isn't just evil in the universe.
There isn't just betrayal.
And we're seeing that right now.
It's election 2020.
Wild horses could not drag me away.
David Icke, in the middle of the second lockdown that starts in just a few days in England, already started in France.
He's going to be joining us.
We're very excited about that.
He said like 30,000, 40,000 people show up at huge events they've been doing.
They're trying to arrest the leadership.
It's been insane.
This is the global government takeover.
It's here.
It's just, it's insane that they actually implemented what they said they would implement.
What's in Rockefeller White Papers and Bill Gates White Papers, man, is what they're gonna do.
And they talk later about super weapons that are gonna be released and kill almost everybody.
I'm not gonna just sit here and take it.
And I'm gonna expose who's behind it.
I know you are as well.
That's coming up next segment.
Thank you so much for joining us.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
This is The Reality.
People are now figuring out we weren't making this stuff up.
It's real.
Here's what President Trump just said about 15 minutes ago at his campaign headquarters.
Here it is.
Let's get back.
We had some incredible rallies and incredible times and I hear we're doing very well in Florida.
We're doing very well in Arizona.
We're doing incredibly well in Texas.
We're doing... I think we're doing... I'm hearing we're doing well all over.
I hear the lines are amazing.
The lines have been amazing.
And I think we're going to have a great night.
We're going to have a great night.
And we're going to have, much more importantly, we're going to have a great four years.
But I want to thank everybody.
It's a tremendous group of people.
Come on over here.
Let's... This is the media.
They're very nice.
They treat us this way.
Come on over.
Bailey, everybody.
Come on over.
Young, attractive people that know politics.
And someday, some of the people in this room, I predict, some of them will be president.
I hope.
But they've been working very hard.
And I know you'll be here all night.
And I think you're going to see some tremendous results.
And, you know, we had rallies.
There was love at those rallies.
And there's never been rallies like that.
There has never been.
And I say it in front of the media.
And they can check it.
They can fact check it if they want.
But there's never been anything like we just had.
And I think a combination of the debate, maybe the debates, but the debate, certainly the second debate, and the rallies were, it was a good combination.
And we really, I think we took off.
So it's been really good.
I want to just thank everybody in the room.
You see these people, we travel with these people.
They're extremely nice.
And they respect very much what we've done.
Actually, I think they do.
If you want to know the truth, I think they do.
Yeah, please.
How are you feeling today, Mr. President?
I feel very good.
After doing that many rallies, the voice gets a little bit choppy, I think.
God did not design it for that much, but you know, look, we did a lot of them.
We did actually six the last day, because one finished at two in the morning.
So I put it on, so we did five plus sort of one, but we did a lot.
All right, great job, President Trump.
Exciting times.
David Icke's coming up, but here is a short little clip where just a few hours ago, I went and voted in South Austin.
It was very easy.
The folks were very, very nice.
It was a receipt.
I liked that.
And so that's why they're so scared trying to do it at the ballot level fraud with the mail-ins.
That's where the real fraud is going down.
But here is that special report.
We'll be back with David Icke.
Well, the big day is here.
November 3rd, 2020.
Hands down the most important election in modern history, probably in world history.
A referendum against globalism, against tyranny, and against our really corrupt, evil ruling class that believes this country shouldn't even exist.
Edgar Carlson, when he said that last night, has never said words truer.
So I'm driving over here to a local spot, one of these smaller polling places, to vote.
If I won't wear a mask, the state law says I've got to drive around the back here, all part of this COVID theater trying to keep folks from voting.
And I'm going to vote straight Republican ticket, except now they don't have that on the computers.
They've changed it.
We've got to go right down the line.
I think?
This is going to be very, very serious.
If Trump contests it in any way, they're calling him a dictator.
So this country's in great peril, and I normally can handle stress.
I'm literally having an anxiety attack today over this.
This is the country completely and totally and absolutely on the line.
Hi, how you doing?
Good, good, good.
We're not doing the COVID theater deals.
We'd like to vote out here.
Yes, thank you.
I never believed it'd be this much in jeopardy.
We launched our campaign over on the Oval back in May 9, 2019.
But you know what I said then?
We've been through a lot since then.
The zombie apocalypse is real, ladies and gentlemen.
Seriously, I'm joking around about a lot of this.
This is deadly serious.
Our country's been put into a form of soft martial law.
And even if Trump tries to lift it, the corporations, the universities, the blue states, the blue cities are saying the lockdown never ends.
This is siege against the country.
Oh, communist China?
Remember them?
They're wide open for business.
Because they had a draconian lockdown and then fixed the virus, which of course they didn't.
It's all made up.
But as the testing goes up, the number of COVID cases go up, but the deaths don't go up because they were putting the deaths of flu and pneumonia in the list.
And I know you all know that.
And all these scientists have come out, including Fauci, in a paper he wrote in 2008, and said that the main cause of death in the Spanish flu was bacterial pneumonia from the mask.
Hi, how you doing?
I am voting curbside, thank you.
Alright, can I see your driver's license?
You bet.
The one and the only.
Are you still on ******?
Yes, I am.
I need you to sign here.
Thank you.
I accept.
Thank you.
I'm glad folks bucked the system because they were making you wear masks and go inside.
But people bucked it, now they do this outside.
And notice we have to sign for this.
We have to do this because Texas is trying to block the fraud that in at least 16 Democrat states, they just give driver's licenses to illegal aliens.
Lines of them are on the block, as you saw in New York earlier this year, and then they're allowed to go vote.
We're going to be covering this live with 24-hour coverage at electionnight.news.
That's the new URL because they blocked Band.video and all the big platforms, starting with Twitter, and then they blocked 2020electioncenter.com we've had the last few months, but not before you spread it and we were getting an extra 5-10 million views a day spreading the word because of you.
You want to fight?
You've got one.
Ha ha! 2020!
November 3rd!
For humanity to stand up in the info war and say, I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight?
You better believe you've got one!
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
All right, David Icke is straight ahead.
He's in the front lines of the fight against the lockdown.
The global government, UN-directed lockdown.
We are inside of it.
And so many other big guests coming up.
We have the video coming up.
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff tells TV news anchors the military won't intervene in an election.
But the big news is Biden's announced the media is going to announce him the winner tonight.
That's what he's saying.
What are we going to do about that?
This is crazy town.
But the zombie media hadn't figured out.
Nobody believes them anymore.
What are these dumb bastards going to do now?
Listen, I don't have any illusions about Donald Trump.
I didn't trust him from day one, but I thought the globalists hated him and that was enough.
But I've seen him come through now, and I've seen him take control of the vaccine agenda from Gates, and Gates hate him, and Fauci attack him, and I've seen the real attacks against Infowars, and I've seen Trump now come out and sound like David Icke.
And say this is a fraud.
Get over it.
This is all a power grab.
And now it turns out, in the hunt for virus source, WHO let China take charge.
New York Times.
What did David Icke say eight months ago?
This is a UN, Bill Gates, world government, CHICOM takeover.
For now.
Beta test, a power grab.
So I really appreciate during the middle of the 2020 election a referendum on globalism versus Americanism versus human liberty to give David Ike here the floor after a second big speech where the police attacked as he was finishing and arrested people and charged some with 10,000 pound fines.
I guess that's like $13,000 or whatever.
This is just insane.
And in Australia, just viciously attacking anti-lockdown protests.
They're even wearing the stupid mask.
I mean, this is beyond the Soviet Union or Communist China.
But there is pushback.
So to give us the latest on this after having 50,000, 60,000 people at Trafalgar Square at the second event, first event had about 30,000.
Exponentially growing.
A million showed up in Berlin.
And David Icke, in the middle of this, this is an epic moment as humanity stands up and gets off its knees.
David Icke, we salute you.
Thank you so much, my friend.
Pleasure, Alex.
Well, sir, you're here.
I could go a thousand directions, but you've got the floor, front and center.
What are we dealing with?
Well, first of all, given the imminent situation in the United States, I've had a lot of problems with Trump, and I did before he was elected, and I've had some problems since, not least his
Basically, I'll do whatever you want to Israel.
And I think the lawsuit against Google shouldn't have come in the weeks before or even days really before the election, but years ago.
But having said all that, the thought
Of Biden-Harris getting into the White House.
And that's all they'll do, of course, is get into the White House.
They won't have any control over what comes through them.
America, what's left of America as we knew it, will be over in a year to two years.
And there will be some form of civil war, I'm sure, because people will be big time pushing back against the extremes that will come with them.
And I think there's going to be
A lot of upheaval following this election result, if Trump should win.
I mean, I think that people are starting to prepare for it already.
And so the idea of a Biden-Harris presidency is just extraordinarily grotesque.
And when you have someone like Biden
Who is so monumentally corrupt and has been so his entire political career on a political salary.
He's got all these homes and all this wealth.
Where did that come from?
Well, we're seeing now exactly where it came from, which was
Things like manipulating American foreign policy for the benefit of his family income.
So you're looking at a choice in which the worst choice by far will be Biden-Harris because they will simply unleash, or through them,
We're good.
They've hijacked the left, specifically and systematically, the genuine left, the whole democratic left, as people remember, and they've replaced it.
And David, isn't that just an interrupt?
The big joke is to call the establishment and Democrats and all the big banks and the chi-coms and the EU and Hollywood and the academics and all of it saying that they're the resistance.
Well, yeah, to the people.
I mean, you can't get more establishment than almost all the other billionaires lined up against Trump.
Well this is the thing Alex, you see.
This is the extraordinary transformation of the left that's gone on.
Because I was brought up in a left political household in Britain in the 1950s and 60s.
And in those days, the reason I was attracted to it is the left were going on marches and protests demanding freedom of speech.
They were challenging the power of what were then the millionaires and multi-millionaires.
And they were challenging power.
They were challenging authority.
That's why I was attracted to it.
I've always challenged authority all my life and been very suspicious of it.
With good reason, it turns out.
But what's happened through the funding
And the manipulation of these corporations, people like Soros and of course the Silicon Valley corporations and so many more, is that they've hijacked the left and they've reversed it.
So now there's lots of people that are called the right in politics who are actually just the old genuine left.
And the woke mentality is being funded, it's being orchestrated by the same cult networks through the universities and through the schools getting more extreme.
And we now have a situation, bizarre to someone like me that grew up in the situation I've described,
Whereby the so-called left are in bed and in hock with the corporations.
And if they would just stop and say, hold on a minute.
George Soros, for instance, is funding all these woke groups, Black Lives Matter, which is just an organization created and massively funded by the cult to divide and rule America on the grounds of race.
And you have a George Soros who's doing all this, who actually said,
I don't look at the social consequences of what I do, I'm just there to make money.
Now why would someone with that attitude be funding these so-called left groups?
Because it's a scam and they've hijacked the left, they've reversed it, and that's why you now have the corporations and the so-called liberal left.
It's not.
In cohorts with each other, pushing the same agenda.
And so, because of this inversion, you now have anti-fascist groups like Antifa who are fascistic.
They're fascist.
They are behaving like the fascist groups in Nazi Germany while calling themselves anti-fascist.
It's like Joseph Goebbels is supposed to have said in Germany about
One of the techniques of manipulation is accuse your enemies of what you're doing.
And that's what you get from the media.
But it also goes to the AI, uncreative nature of the enemy that's so alien that it only can invert because it doesn't know us.
It can only flip what we're doing.
It's mathematical.
It perfectly flips every time.
Yeah, and so this woke mentality, which is incredibly, a, naive, but also at its core deeply, deeply fascistic, will be unleashed with no limits.
If there is a Biden-Harris... Let's talk about that unleashing with David Icke and talk about the second lockdown.
We know it's coming here next.
It's all a beta test.
We are in solidarity with the UK, with Germany, with Japan, with China, with Africa, with everyone.
We are in total solidarity.
Stay with us.
Keep your eyes on the road and your hands upon the wheel!
The future's uncertain and the end is always near.
David Ike of DavidIke.com and Iconic.com.
Iconic is our guest here for 30 minutes to the next hour.
This is all part of our 24-hour plus coverage.
So David, I want to get back into the election, back into COVID, back into the global takeover.
And I mean, we're not bragging.
I wish we were wrong.
Our credibility, your credibility, mine, are just stratospheric.
I know I'm Joe Rogan.
I'd be exhausted with a broken tooth through a terrible job and people like give it 99% stars and it's 12 million views on one platform and they think it's the best thing ever.
Only because they hate the system so much that anyone opposing it, they support.
I mean, I'm not puffing myself up here.
I suck a lot of the time.
You don't.
You seem to always be hitting on all cylinders.
But we're sitting here with them saying, we're going to
Say he wins tonight at 9, and 7 big tech companies and 7 media companies are allowed to say who the winner is, but no one else is, and we're going to silence Trump if he challenges it, and they go, that doesn't work, we're going to hold it up forever to break the country up, and they've got groups publicly saying they're going to storm the White House.
How do you respond to something like this?
And what do you gut level?
Because you're a guy that's tied into the zeitgeist.
What do you think they're going to pull?
Because I know they change it minute to minute.
They've got different plans.
You know, the spider is gauging what move it's going to make.
It's kind of ready to pounce.
But gut level, what do you think is about to unfold?
Well, I was saying a long time ago that the plan was to create civil war in America.
I mean, whenever you're looking at a few controlling the many, what you're looking at is the absolute bottom line requirement to divide and rule the many.
And, you know, we talked about the techniques of order out of chaos and chaos is a massive currency of control, creating the chaos and then offering the order.
You create enough chaos, you can start to justify putting troops on the streets, which is what's happening in Britain now because of this pandemic hoax.
And so I feel that the way it's moving,
Is that they plan either way, particularly if Trump wins, to create a challenge to the result, but also massive chaos upheaval.
Transforming American society in the way that they want to without real challenge because the population are fighting each other.
This is one of their great techniques.
So I do think that they are planning big upheavals in the wake of this election, especially if Trump wins.
I totally agree with you, David.
Like, what a historic moment.
I'm worried about false flags, too.
Not now, but once the contention starts, that's why they want to go into this and then claim that the Proud Boys or some other group that's not offensively violent is going to stage something.
I mean, I really just, I keep focusing and thinking and I just go, false flag, false flag, false flag.
Well, I have been picking up in the American media, which I watch a lot of, this theme that white supremacists are going to cause lots of trouble in the wake of the election.
Oh, I mean, we're up to our eyeballs.
There's white supremacists everywhere, supposedly.
I know.
But the funny thing is, as someone pointed out on an American show this morning I was watching,
Is that, while they're putting up all the boards and the barriers on the windows of the shops anticipating this, what they're putting, many people are putting on the boards, the owners of the businesses, is, we support BLM.
Now, if it was going to be white supremacists, they would put, we support white supremacists, or we support Trump.
Exactly, they know who the terrorists are, they've got to bow to, exactly.
Exactly who is planned to cause the trouble.
And they are turkeys voting for Christmas and Thanksgiving because they are helping to create a society in which they'll be eventually the targets of it.
I mean, every revolution swallows its own children in the end because it uses people
Because it winds them up and gives them a reason.
And it knows they're not going to deliver to them, so they've got to imprison or kill those that brought them to power, just like Hitler did to the SA, just like Lenin did.
They do it every time.
And, you know, they use these people as vehicles and pawns of the revolution, which is what Black Lives Matter and everything are being used for.
And then once the power shift happens and they get control, well,
The people that have helped them get to that point are no longer useful.
In fact, they're an embarrassment to them, so we'll sort them out as well.
This is what always happens in these situations, and they're planning to do the same.
So, you know, the woke mentality will be unleashed, but a lot of the wokers will be
They will be looking back and thinking, what were we doing, when they see the consequences for them eventually.
But they won't have the media support then.
Suddenly when they complain, there'll be no news article about them.
They will have no voice.
Yeah, I mean, you've only got to look at this situation with Hunter Biden and Joe Biden and China and Ukraine.
To see now the extraordinary scale at which the mainstream media has become just... Oh, they just lockstep covered it up.
I mean, it's like, you know, I talked about before with you, Alex, this cult that I've been talking about all these years has entered the bloody room.
It's entered the room... Like you said, it came in and locked the door and said, oh yeah, I'm real.
And so, because the cult has come into the room, where we can see it because of this pandemic hoax, all these different elements controlled by the cult have entered the room.
And so now it's, unless you're completely asleep and in a coma, it's surely not possible to deny that the mainstream media is just a vehicle for... No, I totally agree, but you told us 25, 30 years ago it was going to happen, it all came through exactly as you said, literally.
What's coming next, David?
Well, you know, there was a whistleblower, or claimed to be a whistleblower, in Canada just a few weeks ago.
And whether he or she was, who can say for sure, what I can say for sure, is what they said they'd uncovered, and they claimed to be a member of the Liberal Party.
It's going on!
What they said was the plan in Canada, and it's the plan for the world, is spot on.
And that is, you know,
In the books over the years, we've all talked about the fact that part of the plan is to take away all private property and all private ownership.
And this whistleblower was saying, and I think he or she is spot on, that the plan is, he was talking about Canada, but this is global.
Thank you.
We're going to offer to forgive your debt and wipe it out, but in return we want you to sign over all your property, all your basically major possessions to us.
And you will future follow us.
Your identity is now us with the universal income.
We control you.
That's their goal.
Davos admits that.
The idea is that people own nothing and just rent everything.
And of course, once you, because the whole point of these lockdowns, the whole point of them is to destroy the independent livelihoods and employment of the population, so that the whole population becomes dependent on the cult, what people call the 1%.
Because the only way you're going to create control by the few of the rest, in almost an entirety,
I totally agree.
Stay there.
And the whole process is getting you debilitated and weak and tied up in the web so the spider can have its meal.
That's why the allegory of the spider that David Icke has is so on target.
We're Alex Jones with InfoWars coverage, and we have the ongoing 24-hour analysis of the election that's live now.
It is now November 3rd, 2020.
Stay with us.
We say, man, if you ain't into that, we don't give a damn.
All right, David Icke's with us.
Next segment, he's going to hit the lockdown in Europe, part two, where this is going, what's going to affect us here.
This is all a beta test for what's coming here, folks.
So if you don't already have empathy or solidarity, you should.
I know you do.
We're all connected.
David Icke, davidicke.com.
He's got his new book out, The Answer, at davidicke.com.
You've got to read it.
It's amazing.
I read it, like, it's a big book.
I read it in two days during the weekend about a month ago.
David, short segment here, long segment coming up.
What else is front and center for you?
Because I talked to you in the break, I said, what do you want to cover next?
You said, well, whatever you want.
What is in the front of David Icke's mind right now?
Well, what we do about this.
You know, we've been talking for a long time about where this is planned to go.
And people laughed, people dismissed, people waved their hand and nonsense.
And in 2020, it's come to fruition.
It's starting to, well not starting to, it is massively impacting on people's lives, on people's ability to feed their family, on people's basic freedoms.
And I'm not trying to frighten people, I'm trying to concentrate minds.
When I say that if people think it's bad now, this is nothing to where it's meant to go.
And it is bad now.
It's horrific now.
But we're talking a level of undiluted evil that has no empathy, that has no compassion, and has no emotional consequence for anything it does.
Thus, there are no limits.
In fact, far from being limits, it gets off on the suffering it creates.
Well, that's right.
They don't just not care.
It enjoys it.
And so, what I'm saying is, where we are now is where we are now.
It's not where it's meant to end.
The children and the young people.
I mean, we're seeing now their present and their future being stolen from them to the point where lots of young people have got to levels of despair where they're committing suicide around the world.
We see it.
Orwell said a boot stomping on the human face forever.
This is a smothering, a blanket over our face.
On record making us sick.
Bacterial pneumonia is causing most of the deaths.
It turns out Fauci wrote a paper in 2008 confirming that.
They're literally a cult murdering us in front of our faces.
I mean, you know, I've been saying since March there is no virus.
And all I have seen since, especially in the last few weeks, is that that is true.
It's a scam on that level.
And we are seeing this explosion of cases around the world, which is justifying the more lockdowns and more fascism, that is based on a test
That's not testing for the virus, the RT-PCR test.
Its inventor, Kerry Mullis, said this cannot detect and diagnose infectious disease.
That's right.
It's on record of fraud.
They're calling regular flu, regular colds, all of this.
And the white lab coat cult that we're supposed to trust has betrayed us.
But when white lab coats come out and tell the truth, they're banned.
That tells you everything you need to know right there.
And so what we're facing, ladies and gentlemen,
I think?
Because, you know, I was speaking in Birmingham, Britain's second biggest city, on Saturday at a freedom rally, an anti-lockdown rally.
And, you know, we're just going now into a second national lockdown.
And I said to, you know, business people,
They are setting out to destroy you.
This is what the lockdown's about.
That's right.
You're participating like Jews in Nazi Germany running into the pits to be shot in the head by the Nazis.
You've got to fight back.
Let's cover the new big lockdown with David Icke in 60 seconds.
We'll be right back.
I'm Alex Jones with NewsWars.com and ElectionNight.News.
If you ain't into that, we don't give a damn.
They are so scared of the American people.
And others waking up.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
We've got 24-hour plus live coverage here with incredible guests all day, all night.
We're going to be here tonight when Biden tries to announce early victory.
We're going to be here when they try to, if that fails, hold on to it and create a giant disaster with all these mail-in ballots.
We're going to be here together in defiance of their censorship.
And I want to thank all the listeners for keeping us on air.
All right.
David Icke is here.
He said eight months ago that the virus isn't real.
He said the hospitals aren't full, they're empty.
All of it came out, it was true.
They had to admit they had actors.
No one was there.
They're counting car wrecks, gunshot wounds, cancers, everything.
Heart attacks, just everything.
Shark attacks, boating accidents, everything.
Automobile accidents, it's all being counted as COVID.
And Trump's now finally talking about that and they get
$13,000 and they say you're a COVID patient, and $39,000 if they intubate you.
I mean, this is just a giant scam.
$2,000 if they put test certificate, COVID.
This is organized fraud.
And then I look.
Wales is the new beta test, not Melbourne, Australia, or not Madrid, Spain.
Those are the other ones for the UN, where people come out to walk their dog, wearing a mask, they're arrested.
In hunt for virus source, WHO let China take charge.
Even the New York Times has to admit China's in charge of how we do this.
Snap poll, 70% of English people back Prime Minister's plan to return to lockdown.
Other polls show only 10%.
These are all fake polls.
In San Francisco, virus is contained but schools are still closed.
Tens of thousands attend late night rallies for Trump in Wisconsin.
They're saying he's spreading the disease, that Black Lives Matter is good.
Corona lockdown.
Cops quiz people on their food purchases in Wales.
Arrest people that are caught buying wine.
UK brings in army to help first China style.
That's what they're calling it.
Mass COVID-19 testing in Liverpool.
It's not about death now.
It's about, oh, you have it, you disappear to a COVID facility.
It's about getting rid of due process at Magna Carta.
Bin collectors, trash can collectors delayed in Canterbury and other areas as whistleblowers
It goes on to say because of COVID-19 shortages.
So everything's breaking down.
That's what's going on here.
And they admit the whole time that it's never going to end.
Bill Gates said two weeks ago, oh, it's 10 years.
It's forever.
This is a nightmare dystopia they are putting us into through their weakness, through their crisis.
So, David Icke, please continue.
You're there in the UK.
You're witnessing it.
You predicted it.
Tell us what's currently happening and tell us how to get out of this, because we know what they're doing to you is being beta tested in the U.S.
and blue cities as well.
It's all UN directed.
Well, what's interesting, Alex, is in in Liverpool, in the northwest of England, there's there's
Quite an independent mentality there.
And a lot of them have been pushing back and they've not been doing what the government is telling them they should do.
And it's no accident that they've chosen Liverpool as what they claim, yeah, yeah, yeah, is a trial of mass city testing.
And they're putting thousands of troops into Liverpool, troops
To oversee this mass testing.
And while they're saying that it's a trial, the British Medical Journal a few weeks ago revealed some documents, some government documents, for something called Operation Moonshot that had been leaked to them.
And it was describing exactly what they've started to do in Liverpool and the fact that by the early months of or even weeks of 2021, they're going to be testing millions and millions of people a day.
And this is the scam, you see, because they've got a test that's not testing for the virus because it can't.
It means that the more they can get people tested, the more of these fake positive cases they're going to get.
And the reason that the overwhelming vast majority of people who test positive with a PCR test have no symptoms is because there's nothing wrong with them.
And what they did and what they're doing now is they've come up with this scam called asymptomatic
Because it's not a deadly virus, it doesn't bloody exist.
They have to do it by propaganda and perceptual programming.
So they can't produce all the people who are ill with it, so the vast majority are symptomatic.
So what they then said is, oh yeah, but these people with no symptoms, they can pass it on to other people.
And so they've used that to justify, for the first time,
The quarantine of the healthy and not just the sick.
So number one, if we want to bring an end to this virus overnight, the 5G element apart, and that's another story, then number one, people stop getting tested.
It's a trap.
They're telling you.
Oh, they admit it's designed where almost all of them are false positives.
And as testing goes up, the numbers go up, but the deaths don't.
They're just, it's so obvious.
Yeah, but the thing is that the British government is spending unbelievable amounts of money with advertisements in television and radio.
All you hear is that stuff all the time.
To tell people that if you want to get back to normal, like it was before, you know, the concerts and the sport and the bar.
But the truth is it never goes back, does it?
Gates said on TV, it never goes back.
He goes, nothing non-essential is allowed.
He said, no more sports, no more nothing.
Yeah, but the point is that what they're claiming is the opposite.
Because what they're saying is the way to get back to normal is to get tested.
But you get tested with a test not testing for the virus, it pings positive, absolutely nothing wrong with you, and it becomes a case.
And the more cases from the more tests, the more reason they have, which is why we're going into another national lockdown in Britain, is saying, oh, we've got all these cases, so we've got to go further from bloody normal.
Not towards it.
So people, stop getting tested!
I totally agree.
What is the globalist endgame?
Where do they want to take us with this?
Cashless society, global social credit score, disappear, arrest whoever they want like the UN says.
What is their endgame and how is it going for them, David Icke?
Well, I think there are some very positive things happening.
I can talk about Britain myself.
What has happened is this, Alex.
You know,
In the spring, when they were playing this for the first time, there was an unknown in people's minds.
I mean, those that have researched this for decades could see... A fear of the unknown, myself included.
You were right before I was.
I was not sure for about a month.
You were right.
I was fear of the unknown.
That's how they got us.
Yeah, fear of the unknown.
But what's been happening, you see, is through the months to present time,
A, people are seeing the economic catastrophe that's unfolding because of it, but crucially, their daily experience is
I'm totally at odds with what the government is saying the situation is.
And despite all the hysteria of censorship, information is getting out through various ways, word of mouth and whatever you can to get around the censorship.
And people are starting to put this together.
You know, when I talked twice in Trafalgar Square, tens and tens of thousands of people turned up.
I spoke in Birmingham, another big crowd turned up.
And they're right across the spectrum of society.
All races, all religions, sexualities.
And that's what the enemy fears is unity.
That's that's why they want the woke fake left to create disunity.
That's what it's there for.
And so there are many, many encouraging things.
And I talk to people.
In fact, there was a there was a police officer.
Birmingham police were brilliant on Saturday.
They just left us alone.
Whereas the Metropolitan Police, actually the unit that came in, weren't really the police.
They were hired hands with their batons.
But one of the police officers said, I'm with you.
I'm with you.
I agree with what you're doing.
It's crazy.
And what we need now is the
The ranks of the hierarchy and the implementers of the... This is the solution.
Final segment with David Icke.
This is the key to victory.
He's going to lay it out for us on the other side.
I can't wait to hear it.
We are so appreciative of him.
The new book is The Answer at DavidIcke.com.
I'm Alex Jones.
It is Election Day 2020 live coverage.
Stay with us.
All right, Jim Hoffs of the Gateway Pundits joining us next.
David Icke, the icon.
The guy that literally predicted it all is here with us.
People say, Jones, you predicted all this.
No, David Icke predicted it before I did.
That's just the way it is.
Like Ted Gunnarsson did.
And credits where it's due.
But he doesn't care about that.
He cares about defeating these people.
In closing, you were getting into, as we went to break,
Where they're going, what they're doing, what's coming next, how we defeat them, and getting people to understand that are within the system that they're replacing humans right now, because they know humans are going to wake up in the end that this is an anti-human takeover, this is a robot silicon takeover, is we need to get the military and police and bureaucrats and others to get the fact that they're on Team Human, whether they want to be on Team Human or not, and they better get with the program.
That's what you're saying.
Yeah, I mean, they know that the awakening to the scam is gathering pace and they've been preparing for it.
I mean, you know, they've been cutting police in Britain for a long time and cutting numbers and funding and now suddenly they're recruiting thousands of police officers and they are for this very
But the real point is, you know, cities all over the world, Alex, now that we're seeing people awakened, but both from seeing that it's the nature of the lie, but also through their economic consequences.
And what we need, and it is starting to happen, we need people within the hierarchy and enforcing the hierarchy's agenda to start breaking ranks because, you know, people need to understand, and I do appreciate the pressure
That is on doctors and medical staff to put COVID-19 on death certificates.
I do understand that.
But what the people doing it need to understand is that in doing so, you are, never mind beating around the bush, you are a facilitator of fascism.
Every time you put COVID-19 on a death certificate, someone has died from something else.
Well, they've all died of something else because there is no SARS-CoV-2.
But therefore,
I know, you know, you're fearful about your careers and you're fearful about speaking out, but my goodness, it's like I said earlier, where we are now is where we are now.
This is going somewhere much, much more extreme.
Yeah, you better be concerned about the endgame of this agenda because they admit a post-industrial world, global collapse, third world starving to death, us starving to death, and only things getting worse.
I love it, like, COVID's causing millions to starve to death.
No, the lockdown is.
Yeah, exactly.
And so we need these people to start breaking ranks.
And, you know, we're starting to see, you know, just the start of it.
There's some very, very brave doctors who have come out.
More are coming out now.
By the way, every doctor I privately know says all of this, including a major biotech owner in Austin, a billionaire.
But they're scared to say it.
And they said, it doesn't even exist.
You can't get antibodies for it.
There can't be a vaccine because your body doesn't even recognize COVID-19 as a threat.
It's a cold virus that Gates patented so he could own it.
So when you're found to have it, he can say you're a criminal and lock your ass up.
This guy's a billionaire tech owner and it won't come on the show though.
David, I've met with him.
Well, let me just put this bloody virus into perspective.
Recently, the CDC published an article by a group of virologists, and they didn't, you know, come out and say what I'm going to say, but what they said was saying this in their text.
They have isolated, or not, they've not isolated, they say they've identified
37 base pairs of the genetics of SARS-CoV-2.
How many base pairs do they say it has?
30 bloody thousand.
And so what they've done is they've taken these little fragments of what they claim is the virus and then they've used a computer program, which is all in these articles, a computer program to fill in the rest.
And it was brilliantly described, this process, by an American doctor, Tom Cowan, when he said, it's like this.
You find a fragment of a hoof
You find a fragment of a horn, and you find a hair from a tail, and then you put it through a computer program and get it to fill in the gaps, and you say, oh look, it's a unicorn!
And a unicorn that no one's ever bloody seen!
And what they did, and this is in the article as well, is because these different computer programs filled in the gaps in different ways, I mean, you couldn't make it up, you don't have to,
They then had a vote on, as Cowan said, which of the imaginary unicorns is the real imaginary unicorn.
And that is the so-called genetic code of this non-existent virus.
Well, that's an example.
Depending on the test, they admit, like, some have had a bacterial infection that's false positive, or you've had a coronavirus, or you've had a flu virus.
I mean, it's all just a scam.
And so you have a situation where you've not isolated the virus, you've not identified its genetic code, so how can you test for it?
With a test that doesn't test a virus.
And remember, early on, the UN, remember, would not ever put the code out, and they still won't put the code out for COVID.
They never say what it is because no one's allowed to test.
It's all, it's incredible.
Why didn't they launch a real bio attack then, David?
Because, I mean, even Bill Gates said a few months ago on Colbert, he said, oh, this is a beta test.
The real attack's coming, which I believe him on that.
But why didn't they launch something real?
They wanted to just test the psychology of this first?
Well, if you release a real bioweapon, then you're going to lose control of it.
You might take out lots of people.
You don't want taking out, because although this cult at its core, you can probably get it into a single room, there are lots of people within the hierarchy that don't really know what they're part of.
So they don't want to disrupt their network.
They don't want to take them out.
And also, if you have that, you are limited to what it does and where it goes.
Whereas if you have a made-up virus, you have a blank sheet of paper.
You can just use statistics however you want to manipulate.
You can make it go up.
You can make it go down.
You can increase the number of symptoms.
You can do whatever you like.
You can never defeat it.
It's just whatever you want.
It absolutely doesn't exist.
I've done enormous amounts of research on this.
It doesn't exist.
And what you said is absolutely right.
There is not a single scientific paper in the world to this day that has produced the genetic code without all this computer mumbo-jumbo.
But every other virus they've got the exact code.
Well, it's very difficult to get the codes of viruses.
That's a whole other story.
There's enormous amounts of evidence.
People don't realize this, of course.
Sure, that it's a byproduct of cellular regeneration.
That viruses don't cause disease.
It's a response of the immune system.
It's that what we call viruses are released as a response to cells being poisoned by electromagnetic fields, food, whatever.
And so what they've done... Well, you're right.
They actually have studies on 5G, 4G, 3G that the body actually gives off different chemicals that look like viruses when they're under bombardment.
David, you're amazing.
Please come back again in the aftermath of the election.
You've been very nice to join us.
Maybe you'll come back in a few days, maybe next week.
We really... No problem, mate, yeah.
Oh, we'd love it.
So join us then tomorrow or the next day.
You tell my producer, when you want on, sir, the show's yours.
Thank you so much.
Amazing information.
Thank you.
Cheers, Alex.
Wow, that was powerful.
I love David Ike.
We'll be right back with Jim Hoft.
The globalists are trying to censor what you can see and what you can share.
Don't let them win.
Go to our emergency election newsletter at InfoWars.com forward slash newsletter.
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InfoWars.com forward slash newsletter.
It's time to override the censors and get the truth out.
All right, Jim Hoff, Gateway Pundit.
We're getting him on Skype right now on this live November 3rd.
Global edition.
Can't believe we are here live.
Let's look at a few fun things, though, for TV viewers, radio listeners.
I'll describe these for you.
No one looks more disingenuous.
I'm not going to say Comey looks like a pedophile.
He doesn't.
But I was going to hire somebody to play Eddie Haskell Part 2 in a new Leave it to Beaver.
Somebody to be a fraud.
Or use car salesman.
It would be James Comey.
And he's put out on Twitter, vote for your country with a Biden-Harris 2020.
Remember, he was the non-partisan Republican, all this BS.
Look at the disingenuousness of this eight-foot tall weirdo.
Meanwhile, I like this.
It's 2032.
The globalists unleash their clone army to enslave the earth.
But a leader rises up to unite mankind for one last stand.
That's some fun stuff.
Wow, we got so many other big guests that are coming up as well.
Roger Stone is coming up.
Paul Joseph Watson.
Who knows?
We might have Joe Rogan on today.
Who knows what's going on?
A lot of wildness is going down.
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All right.
Jim Hoff's with us the next 20 minutes.
Nobody, and I love admiring somebody because it means, my God, when I'm exhausted and I want to fight hard, it's like the Energizer bunnies over there putting out 10 times the articles we do and just catching everything there is.
And so my spirit animal is Gateway Pundit.
And he joins us always ear to the ground.
White House loves what he's doing.
All the election fraud, all the craziness.
I could ask a thousand questions, but I want to give him the floor.
Whatever he's got up front, then I want to ask him, gut level, what he sees happening tonight.
Because they admit plan A is just to have the media announce that Biden's won, even though he hasn't.
And that if Trump tries to talk, censoring him.
And plan B is hold up everything with the ballots.
So, Jim, I said I'm not going to ask a question, but up front, it's great to have you.
What do you want to go at first here?
Well, I think the Biden campaign is in a complete panic today.
I'm feeling really good about the election right now.
I know that the fraud is there, Alex.
We know that the fraud is always baked in.
But this time, what's different is we have President Trump, and he's aware of this and his followers are aware of this.
And I think it actually cuts down on some of that potential fraud.
I know a lot of people might disagree.
It's well known, landslides override fraud.
That's it.
And you know, the numbers we're seeing so far from Florida especially, there's some good Twitter users down there who are posting updates about every 15-20 minutes.
Florida looks great.
And President Trump was just speaking a bit ago saying Florida, North Carolina, Texas, and Arizona, the numbers look good so far.
So they're very upbeat.
It was a nice sign last night in Kenosha, Wisconsin when the Trump kids got on stage and they were upbeat.
I think that says a lot.
And the fact that Joe Biden and his campaign is already backpedaling, saying that maybe Pennsylvania isn't that necessary, maybe they don't need Florida, that says a lot.
So once again, Alex, they've been feeding us this bowl of crap for months, saying that Joe Biden was way ahead of our man Donald Trump, and it was just complete garbage.
And unfortunately for Democrats, and for Joe Biden, they believe the fake news media.
So shame on them.
And Jim, I know you're a realist.
You wouldn't be putting a pretty picture on this if you didn't smell victory.
I smell it, too.
But the media is so corrupt, they might just announce Biden wins.
They're saying that's the plan, even if he's losing.
We saw that yesterday.
The official from Pennsylvania saying that about Joe Biden.
And, you know, it was interesting, too, today when Trump was visiting his campaign staff in Arlington, Virginia.
The question, of course, the first question from the fake news media was,
Did you write your concession speech?
And Trump's response was, no, hell no.
He hasn't written that.
He has no intention of writing a concession speech.
And I don't think he's going to need one.
Only the fake news media.
You know, I want you to believe this.
And Alex, you know, I got to hand it to you at InfoWars.
You guys have been attacked more than anyone in the past four years since Trump's last victory.
And it's been a hard go for you.
It's been hard for us.
I can't wait upon it.
But you know, your voice is still as strong as ever.
And you guys are just kicking ass.
And I know that you have a lot of
Well, they're the reason we're still on air, just like you.
They deserve all the credit.
Let me ask you this.
What do you expect the left to do?
I think it's clear that the metrics are all there.
Trump's going to win big.
What are they going to do?
I mean, we know they're planning all this violence, but gut level, what does Jim Hoft expect to happen?
You know, I think I was I was thinking, what is it going to happen?
When are these people going to hit the streets?
I live in the St.
Louis area up in Missouri, and I suspect maybe not tonight.
I think it depends on how big the Trump win is.
But I do expect in the next few nights that they're going to be a lot of these radical, violent leftists out again, the Antifa folks.
It is interesting that every city has their
I don't know.
And this poor leadership by Democrats that they won't put a stop to this, and they allow this to continue month after month.
So I think that's a big boost for Donald Trump.
No, I agree.
Isn't it just a giant temper tantrum?
That's what I'm asking.
We've seen all these temper tantrums so far.
How do they up the level when they've already turned it up to 11?
Yeah, yeah.
I'm afraid to see what they do next.
We've already seen, you know, we've seen a lot, Alex.
And you don't have to use your imagination.
I just hope that there is a tough response.
I hope that Trump fires at Secretary of Defense Esper at midnight tonight.
The same Trump official who said he felt uncomfortable sending in the National Guard on protesters, right?
And so I hope he's gone at midnight.
Trump needs somebody in there who's going to protect our cities.
Well, that was my next question when we come back.
Let's just start now.
What does Trump need to do when he wins?
Because we better see some major action.
He's talking about firing Wray, a bunch of people.
Yeah, well, I hope that the Secretary of Defense is first.
I hope Christopher Wray is second.
That guy's a disaster.
It would be nice if we saw some of these people get charged.
The CIA director, we're not sure what the hell she does, but we haven't seen much.
It'd be nice maybe if Gina Haspel left.
And so, you know, I think that's the first thing he has to do.
And I think a lot of people are even talking about
Our Attorney General, maybe canning him because we haven't seen anything so far from these investigations.
Yeah, he's talked a lot of good talk, but the action is not there.
Talk is talk, walking is the walk.
Alright, one more segment with Tim Hoft, TheGatewayPundit.com.
We'll ask him more about what's coming up, other angles he's looking at, and just where this country goes.
If there's any way to heal this once the Democrats have been defeated, stay with us.
So, I come in here every day and I read my own articles, send them links, what I want, but then they print me off stacks of all my favorite websites, and the gateway pun, it's always the thickest stack.
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Bigger than the Daily Caller.
Bigger than Breitbart.
All combined.
Because that's how prolific they are.
And it's amazing.
With a much smaller crew.
So, that's GatewayPundit.com.
In closing, I hope you pop in with us tomorrow in the aftermath.
Jim Hoppe, I really appreciate you giving us time.
Roger Stone's about to join us.
We'll do a little bit the next hour.
Then Paul Watson takes over.
Bunch of big guests.
24-hour coverage here, obviously.
What about, you've been right there with the first people to say it's a total fraud, it's a hoax, they're putting other deaths on there, sure it's a real virus, but you know, totally exaggerated.
Now they admit what you and your brother spearheaded, New York Times, in hunt for virus sources, WHO lets China take charge.
So it is China running the response, Trump's right.
And then all the big lockdowns and the left keeping their cities closed.
I'm sure that when Trump wins, they're just going to keep blue cities shut down as a form of siege.
And it breaks the federalist system.
So your take on where this lockdown is going, because four more years, no more masks, except the bureaucracy, the Democrats, the blue states, the corporations, the universities, they're just going to keep it going.
So Trump's not a dictator.
He doesn't have the power to stop this.
What do we do?
Yeah, that's a great question.
You know, I forgot to mention that Dr. Fauci should be canned tonight, too, after the election results are announced.
That guy's been a complete disaster.
He doesn't even... I don't think he could pass a psychological test.
I think the guy's crazy.
He's wishy-washy.
He makes no sense.
And he's the one that not only the U.S.
was relying on, but much of the world, much of these developing countries use the U.S.
plan to defeat this virus.
And people blame Trump.
Trump inherited Fauci.
He's been there 45 years.
Yeah, yeah.
And he needs to be gone.
He's a complete disaster.
And he ruined this great economy.
He ruined, you know, tens of thousands of people's lives, hundreds of thousands of people's lives by destroying their incomes, destroying their businesses they had.
So, yeah, I hope that guy's gone real soon.
I hope charges are brought up against him.
And I hope Trump puts in a few
And now he's campaigning for Biden openly.
Don't you think Comey and Fauci campaigning for Biden hurts Biden?
These people are jokes.
Yeah, yeah.
I think it tells us everything we already knew.
And that is that these people were just there to take down Trump.
And so, you know, that'll be one thing that happens.
But I think right now the numbers for Trump look really good.
I'm really happy about that so far, Alex.
And we will see.
But I noticed we put up a story a few minutes ago, North Carolina.
They're keeping some polling stations open late today.
So, of course, you know, we're going to see these shenanigans like you were saying.
Some friends of mine in, as far as Missouri, which is, you know, pretty solid red at this point, thanks to Barack Obama.
It used to be a swing state.
Now it's really red.
And Trump.
But the lines down in southern Missouri, which is a stronghold for Republicans, are like, he said it was a half mile long, but at least a quarter mile.
And that's, that's
You know, that's great news.
So God is going to save this country once again with President Trump.
And I'm glad that you guys have been there the whole time and you've been taking so much heat.
I'm glad that you guys are still standing and going strong.
Jim Hoff, I went to sleep at night feeling good knowing you and many others like Roger Stone are there.
Look forward to talking to you in the next few days.
Hopefully with a big Trump win and it's so decisive they don't drag this out.
Thank you so much to GatewayPundit.com.
Thanks, Alex.
Well, Alex, first of all, I'm delighted to be with you and good to see my good friend Jim Hoff there.
He's really a courageous journalist.
Other than Infowars, The Gateway Pundit was one of the few outlets that actually told the American people about the truth when I was being subjected to a Soviet-style show trial.
And we're going to cover that next hour.
It's now come out confirming that Mueller was investigating you day one during the campaign along with Julian Assange.
Well, and more importantly, at midnight last night, at midnight, the Department of Justice released the unredacted sections of the Mueller report demonstrating, undisputedly, that they had no evidence whatsoever that I was involved with WikiLeaks in the hacking or dissemination of that information.
My lawyers tell me that should have been disclosed to me under the law prior to my trial under the Brady requirements.
Well, you know under federal law and state law that if someone's found not guilty and set up, even if they don't challenge it in court, the court should reopen it and exonerate you immediately.
You're right, Alex, but we're talking about the District of Columbia, so I would say fat chance.
No Republican, no conservative, no Trump supporter, no Christian, no libertarian could ever receive a fair trial in the D.C.
It is completely and thoroughly corrupt.
Look at the process involving that great American patriot, General Mike Flynn.
Today, the Democrats went to Judge Emmett Sullivan to get his approval for further extension of voting in various jurisdictions.
He's the go-to judge for the deep state.
Both he and Judge Jackson will face impeachment proceedings if the President is re-elected and the House Republicans take control.
It's time for deep, deep reform of our federal judiciary.
Let's get to the election because I think that's what people want to talk about.
Alex, I am growingly optimistic based on what I am seeing.
We have been fighting, as I've said, a number of structural obstacles to the President's re-election.
It's not just the mainstream media and the constant torrent of lies attacking the president, not to mention their active censorship regarding the undisputed evidence of criminal activity by Joe and Hunter Biden involving foreign enemies.
In 2016, this was really not problematic because the robust, vibrant alternative media that had grown based in the internet was an end-around for Donald Trump.
It was a way to launch his counterattack and have his counterattack be widely covered and widely understood.
Now they have censored conservatives, Christians, Republicans, InfoWars, StoneColdTruth.com, so many others on the internet.
That is extraordinarily problematic.
The Democrats' game plan, I think, is absolutely clear.
If they do not get the result they want tonight, there's a great story in the British newspapers.
Black Lives Matter has said they will burn Washington to the ground, they will burn the White House to the ground, and they will put as many effing police officers in their graves as possible.
I have to assume that with the election behind him, the President recognizes that when he took the oath of office, he specifically pledged to protect this country from all enemies, domestic and foreign.
And therefore, it is the President's first obligation to protect the public safety and to preserve order.
Uh, if there is widespread violence... No, no, I mean, I agree.
At a certain point, it doesn't matter if they say it's an agiprop.
If people start randomly killing and burning again, they've got to be dealt with.
There's no question.
But, you know, when we say that, they try to turn it with us and say, oh, Stone and Jones says if Trump loses, he should enact martial law.
We never said that.
That's not what we're saying right here and now.
The president's on the way to victory, Alex.
When we come back, we'll talk about several scenarios and how I see them playing out.
In the meantime, I was in Georgia yesterday to endorse Doug Collins for the United States Senate.
If you're an info warrior and you are listening and you live in Georgia, please get to the polls and vote for Doug Collins.
He is a true patriot who will support the President and his opponent, Kelly Loeffler, is a globalist.
Well, that's right.
Let's go back.
Let's go back.
Let's go back.
We've got to go to break, Roger, but you're right.
Last election, midterm, and the one before that, a lot of House members and people only won by a few thousand votes.
People need to not just go vote in Georgia and every other state, they need to bring people now.
Get off your asses and do it.
I'm not bitching at people, I'm just saying, this is it.
God, I don't want a physical civil war.
Let's fix this peacefully now.
It's election day, 2020.
Roger Stone's our guest.
He'll be back throughout the night with 24-hour coverage.
You're going to play out the different scenarios for us next segment, then Paul Watson takes over at 15 after.
But I got to ask you, what is it like, the trials and tribulations you've been through, you know, trying to get Trump to run for office back in the 90s, being his chief political advisor, going through the last campaign, 11 campaigns now, being persecuted, going through the fire, being given clemency, and now being in the middle of 2020 election.
I mean, is this not surreal?
Well, Alex, it's great to be completely vindicated, which is exactly what happened last night at midnight when the Justice Department threw in the towel and released the entirely unredacted Mueller report showing that the charges against me were bogus from the beginning and that they had no evidence whatsoever.
Today, the turds at Media Matters for America are upset because I said that Brennan, Comey, Clapper, Rosenstein, et al.
That's the punitive response.
We don't want that without the courts, but does this trigger you to see Comey with his Biden-Harris shirt on?
Does that trigger you?
Well, what triggers me is the fact that Attorney General Bill Barr has now twice had Inspector General's recommendations that Mr. Comey be charged with crimes far more serious than those that I was falsely convicted of, but nothing has happened.
On Wednesday, Mr. Barr needs to resign and be indicted for obstruction of justice himself if he will not do his duty.
We cannot have a two-tier justice system in which patriots like General Michael Flynn are prosecuted when criminals like John Brennan and James Comey and General Clapper and Rod Rosenslime are allowed to walk the streets.
The American people will not settle for this.
It is time for the President to finally clean house and take action against the traitors.
Now, I suggest that all those people be arrested, be properly charged, be given a fair trial, something I was not afforded, and if they are convicted, that they face the appropriate legal penalty.
It's interesting, because as you know, Alex, Abraham Lincoln actually closed down seditious newspapers.
I haven't recommended that, yet.
But there will become a time when treason has to be dealt with by the President.
Well, I mean, let's be clear, too.
The South was trying to create its own country.
It wasn't working for the Chi-Coms or a foreign power, openly.
They're openly saying the country shouldn't exist, and they hate it, and working for foreign powers.
It is...
It's not just seditious.
This is a group of abject criminals.
And now ABC News confirms, last Friday, the Hunter Biden laptop, suddenly the New York Post has it banned.
And that's the same group, these seven big media outlets that are going to decide who the winner is tonight.
We'll talk about that next segment.
But getting to that, what do you expect them to pull?
Plan A or Plan B?
Well, you know, this is a very, very close election.
It's important that InfoWarriors understand that polling is a snapshot in time.
By the time you read any poll, the results are actually already obsolete.
They're outdated because the electorate is that volatile and people are moving that quickly to new positions.
If the Hunter Biden scandal, and by the way, all the laptop evidence has now been certified to be completely and totally accurate and genuine.
So when NBC and Ken Delanian, who is a CIA operative working for NBC, a man fired by the Chicago Tribune for getting caught clearing his stories with the CIA, tells you that that whole thing is false, that's BS.
I believe the president is going to win.
I hope he wins a clean victory.
But I don't think the deep state will allow that.
I think we're going to have a disputed result.
I agree with you.
They're going to pull plan A or plan B. Which one do you think it'll be?
Well, it's too early to say.
The point is, the President needs to be ready, both legally ready, to take on Norm Eisen and Mark Elias and the other criminals.
They should be arrested on Wednesday if there is sufficient evidence that they are involved in ballot harvesting.
I believe that evidence exists.
No, I mean, I agree.
They're trying to overthrow the country.
You can find it.
And they say once they take over, they're going to put all of us in prison.
They already tried to put you in prison.
They're talking about me in prison.
I say they should burn in hell.
We'll be right back with Roger Stone in 60 seconds.
Like to have another kiss.
Another chance at bliss.
Another kiss.
The Crystal Ship is being filled.
A thousand girls, a thousand thrills.
You'd rather cry, I'd rather fly.
Then he goes on to say, the streets are fields that never die.
How about heroin?
Which the Chycoms are shipping in.
The Crystal Ship is being filled.
But you have to ask yourself, what else is being filled?
They already caught him!
Six months ago, putting bricks all over the country, they picked one company that had innocently delivered bricks and said, oh, they're innocent.
But look at this.
It's an article by Don Salazar, Infowars.com.
We'll show you the photos.
Stacks of bricks found in cities nationwide ahead of election results.
And they're just delivering them everywhere, not even near construction sites.
And they're just showing up at key areas.
This is so obvious.
And we got these Antifa documents a few years ago, where they tell them which places to attack.
And then they send in their people to do it.
It's just amazing.
Roger Stone is here.
One more segment with him, then Paul Joseph Watson is taking over.
Roger will be back with us throughout the night.
Roger, so different scenarios.
You're the big politico, the guy Trump trusts.
You got a good head on your shoulders, one of the best.
Tell us what you see happening tonight.
I think that the President is going to win.
I think the momentum is with him.
I think there will be an obvious effort by the Democrats to stall.
It's very troubling to me that there are nine days after the election in a state like Pennsylvania in which the Democrats can manufacture and deliver new votes.
That's going to have to be challenged again.
Uh, in the courts.
There's no doubt whatsoever that the left will try to back their play with violence.
Then we will see whether the president will use his extraordinary powers based on his oath of office to maintain order and protect the safety of the American people.
I do not recommend violence.
I do not advocate violence.
I renounce violence.
If American citizens are attacked, they have an absolute right to defend themselves.
Let's be very clear about that.
I expect this is going to be very much like Bush v. Gore in 2000.
I expect it to go to the courts.
I'm in favor of vigorous, public, peaceful demonstrations.
I'm in favor of mobilization of Trump supporters and Infowarriors across the country.
Oh, we need Trump caravans tonight everywhere.
Everybody already gets it.
We need boats, we need cars, we need bullhorns.
Everyone must mobilize now.
But the American people have been subjected to a giant psyop, Alex.
The mainstream media is in bed with the Democrats.
Here's their storyline.
The election's over.
Joe Biden has won.
He's leading in every state.
He's leading nationally by 10.
If you're a patriot, on Tuesday, go fishing.
It's over.
You can't possibly win.
You can see that this is a lie because Joe Biden cannot get 200 people to a rally.
Never mind controlling the country, he can barely control his own bowels.
I think this guy is around the bend.
I don't think he has the mental stability to be president of the United States.
I don't think there's any speculation about that.
Well, I mean, look, speculation is based on our own eyes.
We're not making this up.
That's what I'm saying.
I don't think there's any speculation.
You can tell a rabid dog, you can tell a senile man, you can tell, you can tell, you know, a pile of dog crap.
I mean, Joe Biden is gone.
He's expired.
He's rotten milk.
I sure looks that way to me.
And that's why they have their standby equipment, Kamala Harris, a woman who is personally responsible for the mass incarceration of more black people in the state of California than any living person today, based on Joe Biden's law.
Which, as you know, required the harsh mandatory penalties for the first time non-violent crime of possession of small amounts of drugs.
That's not what I agree.
We're down to the moment of truth here.
Let me ask you to be back tonight repeatedly.
We really appreciate you doing things as they break and then tonight with the results or whatever's going to happen, the live coverage at Infowars.com forward slash show at election night dot news.
What does Trump do if the network, say Fox, only said member allowed to do it, announces the winner according to Big Tech?
And then it's clearly that Biden isn't the winner.
I think Trump should go out at a press conference and say, this is BS.
We're going to block this.
This is the lying media yet again, trying to have a coup against this country.
I think he must not acquiesce when they pull this.
I agree with that, Alex.
Here's what some people may be forgetting.
The President will still be President tomorrow morning regardless of what happens in the election.
His term runs until January 20th.
He has the full power and authority of the President of the United States, which is an extraordinary power.
Now we have to hope that those advising the President understand the extent and reach and magnitude of that power.
The President
He has a number of totally legal options at his disposal, but the first and foremost and most important one is the authority and the requirement to maintain order, to protect the safety of the American people.
That's right.
If there's a foreign multinational coup taking place, it's a dereliction of duty if he does not defend the Republic.
There's no question about that.
And I know Donald Trump.
I've known him for 40 years.
He's a patriot.
He is a man who believes deeply in American exceptionalism, American sovereignty, the power of the United States of America.
He's a brawler and he's a closer.
If you haven't seen anything in the last two weeks, you have seen a
Superhuman effort by Donald Trump to not only close the gap but to pass senile Joe Biden and epically corrupt Kamala Harris, the red Chinese candidate.
The obvious involvement of red China
Let's just say, Roger, how big is it?
As the publisher of BuzzFeed, Ben Smith is the man who published the completely unverified fake Steele dossier.
Now he is patting the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal on the back for not publishing the completely verified evidence of the corruption of Joe and Hunter Biden.
But here's the good news.
Hey Ben, we're coming for you, Ben.
We're coming for you.
We're going to expose you to the American people as the fraud that you are.
You're not a journalist.
You're a cheerleader for the Biden campaign, and you're a disgrace to the human race and to journalists everywhere.
You know, it's ironic, Alex, because I remember when the New York Times was a great newspaper.
It had a liberal tint.
It leaned left, but it could basically be depended on for delivery of the news.
That is no longer the case.
Virtually everything being reported by the New York Times, CBS, NBC particularly, ABC, the Wall Street Journal, it's false, folks.
It's distortion.
It's phony.
It's fabricated.
It's made up.
It's very important that people recognize that going into this election.
God bless the President of the United States.
And my friends, the most important thing we can do right now, the single most important thing we can do is pray.
Pray to Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God.
Pray to our Almighty Creator for justice, for an honest election, and to save the Republic and the United States, never mind Western civilization.
Alex, I sit here
...today as living proof of the power of prayer.
Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of Man, and God can do anything, and they are with us because they smile favorably on the Democratic Republic of the United States.
So please, everybody, pray for a just result tonight.
Pray for the President and his family.
Pray for our government.
Pray for our democracy.
And we'll be with you tonight to break down the election.
I'm going to the church this afternoon to spend a little time talking to God myself because I believe the future of this nation is in his hands.
Powerful, Roger.
Very powerful.
And you'll be with us tonight throughout the live coverage.
Thank you so much, Roger Stone.
Many thanks.
All right, we are out of time.
Paul Joseph Watson always is a great host, and I'm so excited he's doing his own thing over at Summit.News now, where he's doing great interviews and things now.
We love it.
Very exciting.
He's about to host the next 45 minutes.
He'll be back with us tomorrow, popping in as well.
And we've got so much throughout the night with live coverage as these numbers come in.
Leanne McAdoo, some of the others are here in town.
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It's our new special along with turmeric ultimate formula bodies back inside.
The globalists are trying to censor what you can see and what you can share.
Don't let them win.
Go to our emergency election newsletter at InfoWars.com forward slash newsletter.
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InfoWars.com forward slash newsletter.
It's time to override the censors and get the truth out.
And we are live on the day of the US presidential election 2020.
And for the past few weeks, even few months, we've had this mainstream media narrative that the people engaging in voter intimidation, the people planning to engage in voter intimidation, and poll watcher intimidation, will be President Trump supporters.
The Proud Boys, the Boogaloo Boys, this mythical entity that barely even exists,
And of course, the shadowy militias that we've been warned about over the past few weeks and months that apparently were all set to turn up at polling stations and intimidate Democrats.
And yet, already, just a few hours or so into voting, what do we see happening?
Who is doing the voter intimidation?
Who is doing the poll watcher intimidation?
It's not the Proud Boys.
It's not the Boogaloo Boys.
It's not the shadowy militias.
It's Democrats!
Well, imagine my shock.
Daily Caller.
Philadelphia City Commissioners say they are investigating after video reportedly shows a GOP poll watcher getting kicked out of polling place.
This happened just a few hours ago.
Philadelphia City Commissioners said they are investigating after a Wednesday video reportedly showed a GOP poll watcher being kicked out of a Philadelphia polling place.
And there's video of this.
It was posted by Human Events Editor Will Chamberlain.
Showed Gary Feldman, the GOP poll watcher, asking two poll workers, so you're not letting me in?
One of the workers replied, no.
Call the police, do it, the male poll worker told Feldman.
If you're legal, call the cops.
So Feldman, this GOP poll watcher, had a citywide watcher's certificate that gave him legal right to have access to the polling station, to monitor the voting count,
But the female poll worker told him that it's not for this location, despite the fact that the certificate allowed him to poll watch at any location in Philadelphia.
Feldman's watcher certificate, which was posted by Chamberlain, a copy of which was seen by the Daily Caller, stated that the quote, certificate authorizes the individual to watch in any ward division in Philadelphia.
So he had the exact permit, he had the right papers, he had the right to be there.
They told him to leave immediately.
Apparently he did eventually get in there after an investigation by local authorities.
But what I found interesting about this, and we're going to see this throughout the night, is this fact-checking machine that's been launched by Twitter, by mainstream media, and in particular by BuzzFeed, and a woman fact-checker, an official BuzzFeed fact-checker, called Jane Litvinenko.
Now what's interesting about Ms Litvinenko is that she once fact-checked me back in 2019 after the Notre Dame fire.
Now of course you remember the Notre Dame fire.
It was arson.
That's conclusively been proven of course.
But the fact is that after the Notre Dame fire in France in 2019,
Facebook pages, notably France 24, France News Arabic, showed Muslims, hundreds and thousands of them, celebrating the fire at the Notre Dame Cathedral.
Now Miss Jane Litvinenko, the big BuzzFeed fact-checker, then wrote a massive hit piece on me, claiming that there was no evidence Muslims were celebrating the Notre Dame fire,
Because these responses, these happy smiley emoticon faces and gleeful comments in response to the fire were not clearly in response to any actual event.
The problem with that was the video of the Notre Dame Cathedral was literally on fire in the video that these people with Muslim names were responding to.
She never withdrew that.
She did have to withdraw this fact check
Because initially Litvinenko, again this BuzzFeed fact checker, claimed that the GOP poll watcher had no right to be inside that building watching the poll.
She since had to reverse that once it was investigated by local authorities and it turned out the poll watcher did indeed have the right to be in there at that location and indeed any location in Philly.
So she had to basically go into full reversal mode and fact check her own fact check
And so I've deleted a tweet in this thread after misinterpreting PA law.
I apologize for my error.
And she goes on to admit the situation shown in this video did happen.
So you're going to get these fact checkers who, by the way, are now going to pronounce the victor of the presidential election or prevent Donald Trump from doing so, from giving a victory speech.
You're going to get on to that shortly.
Fact checking things that turn out to be wrong and then having to fact check themselves.
So we already have massive evidence
Throughout Pennsylvania, specifically from what I've seen of voter intimidation and indeed breaking the law.
Here's another headline from Information Liberation.
Dems caught cheating in Philly handing out Dem voting guides inside polling sites.
Within minutes of polls opening in the crucial swing state of Pennsylvania, Democrats were reportedly caught illegally electioneering, handing out Democrat voting guides to voters who were in line to vote, blocking GOP poll watchers in the notoriously corrupt city of Philadelphia.
First, they were busted illegally electioneering with giant signs telling people to vote for Democrats on a polling place in northeast Philly.
Of course, this photo circulated a few hours ago, a giant billboard basically stuck up outside the polling place with Biden-Harris on it, no mention of Trump whatsoever.
There were multiple smaller illegal signs.
There's another tweet here where it was revealed that GOP poll watchers were walled off from the vote counting tables at a vote counting site with no way to actually observe.
So in Philadelphia and throughout Pennsylvania it looks like some shady stuff is starting to go down.
Now the positive so far for Trump is that it appears he's doing quite well in Florida.
In fact we have the latest update here from political polls
Which shows that Republicans, in terms of people who voted and are registered as Republican, again, doesn't mean they voted for Trump, but it's a pretty good indication, are currently up by 157,000 votes in Florida.
So we have Republicans voting at a rate of 4,041,000 compared to Democrats, 3,884,000.
And you have non-party affiliated at 2.4 million.
So currently, and these numbers continue to shoot up hour by hour, Republicans appear to be outvoting Democrats in Florida.
Now, of course, people shooting back on Twitter, the blue wave advocates say, well,
15% of those registered Republicans are going to be voting for Biden.
Again they're citing the same dodgy polls that have proven inconsistent time and time again.
And of course they claim, they wish, they hope that those non-party affiliated voters are going to break majority for Biden.
So people are predicting that by the end of this registered Republican vote is going to have to be up by
300,000 to 400,000 in Florida for Trump to take Florida.
But at the rate it's going, currently latest indications show 150,000 ahead in terms of registered Republicans voting.
It's looking like Trump could pull it off in Florida.
Then of course we have the other factor which is being noted time and time again.
Some surveys show that 25% of people attending Trump rallies were registered Democrats.
So by no means 100% of registered Democrats voting in Florida and indeed other areas, by no means 100% of them are going to be voting for Joe Biden.
So early indications show a lot of shady happenings occurring in Pennsylvania.
But according to early figures, there's a massive turnout across the board and specifically amongst Republicans in Florida.
And it looks like Donald Trump could be performing very well in the Sunshine State as we go into the mid-stage of the voting day.
And of course, results coming up later.
We'll be back.
No, go away.
Now, of course, a couple of the better indications as to how presidential elections are going to go are the betting market and the stock market.
Of course, the polls, the actual political polls, were proven spectacularly wrong back in 2016.
The gambling markets weren't.
The financial markets weren't.
Of course, you had a downturn going into the 2016 election.
Now you had an upturn over the past few months in the S&P and the Dow Jones.
That almost always indicates
I think to an 86% certainty that the incumbent party is going to win if you have a good economy in terms of the stock market in the last three months of campaigning.
Of course, the Dow Jones last time I checked was up today.
Then you have the betting market, and this brings me to this headline from Summit.News.
Dow Jones currently up, as you can see right there.
British gambler stakes $5 million on Trump in largest ever political bet.
We've seen over the past 24 hours a big rush in terms of wages placed on President Trump.
Obviously that's partly because people are going to get way bigger paybacks if indeed Trump gets re-elected.
But now a British gambler has staked $5 million on President Trump winning re-election on what is believed to be the largest ever political bet.
This is a former banker who used private bookmakers registered on the Caribbean island of Caracao and was able to secure odds of 37 to 20
Meaning he will cash in to the tune of $15 million if Trump is victorious.
Apparently he placed the bet after having a private consultation with Trump camp insiders.
But then again, I don't think he's going to meet with them and they're going to tell him that Trump's going to lose, are they?
But according to one industry source, quote, Word of this bet has done the rounds and we think it's the biggest ever made on politics.
According to gambling comparison site Odds Checker,
71% of money wagered on the outcome of the election was in favour of Trump over the first four hours of this morning.
And according to the head of marketing at Odds Checker, Sam Eaton, that represents a remarkable swing.
He said the 2020 election is following a very similar betting pattern to the one we witnessed back in 2016.
The closer we got to election day, the more money came in for Donald J. Trump.
However, according to Paddy Power, the numbers are even bigger.
With 93% of bets being placed on a Trump victory over the last 24 hours.
Something seems to have shifted, not just with people anticipating bigger payouts, but with some of the poll numbers over the past 24 hours, which I'm going to get into here in a second.
Ladbrokes Jessica O'Reilly said, even at the 11th hour punters are continuing to back Trump at the odds on offer.
Then we have this headline.
Top gambling site shows Americans in 49 out of 50 states betting on Trump victory.
This is the world's largest fantasy sports gambling website which tweeted on Monday a map of America showing the vast majority of those betting on the election think President Trump will be re-elected.
Draft Kings Row de-key election poll alert with over 350,000 entries.
A majority of people in every state besides Colorado predict Donald Trump will be the winner of tomorrow's election.
So all the betting money over the past 24, 48 hours is flooding onto Trump.
And this partly could explain why.
Headline out of The Independent says Joe Biden's lead vanishes in four swing states according to poll aggregator.
Joe Biden's lead has evaporated in four key swing states.
This is according to the real clear politics average.
Iowa, Georgia, North Carolina and Ohio.
Trump has seized the lead.
Although several polling experts said that the results were not credible because again, they come from the one polling firm that actually got it right in 2016, which actually
Fairly tallies the vote in terms of registered Democrats and Republicans.
Of course, we know with all the mainstream DNC-controlled polling agencies, they routinely poll 10% plus Democrats over Republicans.
But it says real clear politics still gave Mr Biden a 7.2% lead nationally with a 0.09% lead in Arizona and Florida, a 1.2% lead in Pennsylvania.
The biggest collapse of support for the 77-year-old was in Iowa, whereas recently as Friday he was ahead by 1.2%.
Now Trump leads Iowa by 2% of the vote, Georgia by 1%, North Carolina by 0.2% and Ohio by 1.4%, whereas Biden was previously leading in all four states, but in recent days his lead has dwindled.
Now again, they're trying to discredit this because it's from the Trafalgar Group,
Which actually does polling fairly in comparison to the DNC controlled polling firms.
But they wait for what they call social desirability, which takes into account the idea that some Trump voters are afraid to be honest with pollsters.
And this is a key factor that we saw in 2016, that we saw again with the Brexit vote, also in 2016.
Where people, because they're afraid of their choice, their decision getting released publicly, they're afraid of getting doxxed, as many mainstream journalists now think it's their job to dox Trump voters, that they'll tell the pollsters one thing while secretly preparing to vote in the opposite way.
Now this is key because when they do polls asking how people are going to vote, that's what produces the, you know, Biden plus 7, Biden plus 8, Biden plus 10.
But when they ask who people think their neighbours are going to vote for, routinely in those surveys, Trump comes out ahead of Biden by 10 points or more.
So again, we have this phenomenon of the shy Trump voter who is afraid to tell pollsters of how he's going to vote for Trump, and he tells them the opposite, and then he goes out and he votes for Trump.
How much of a factor will that have in the final vote tally, especially with all these
Mail-in ballots yet to be counted remains to be seen, but that could explain some of why the betting money, the onrushed wages, has predominantly gone to Donald Trump over the past 24 hours.
Now of course it remains to be seen if Donald Trump will even be allowed to declare himself the winner, even if he wins in a massive landslide, which again is somewhat unlikely, but
You know, we have to remember Hawkfish.
We had the story a couple of months ago.
This pro-Biden polling firm came out and started preparing the groundwork for the potential of this, what they're now calling the Red Mirage.
Trump winning clearly on election night and them coming back and saying, oh no, we have to count the mail-in ballots and that's going to take days.
Maybe it's going to take weeks.
Maybe it's going to take just as long as it takes to get Biden over the edge.
Then we have the effect, of course, as I mentioned before, of the networks, the news networks, not allowing Donald Trump to proclaim victory.
And they've come out and said this publicly.
Headline out of Zero Hedge.
Scarborough, we will not air any Trump victory speech Tuesday night.
As there was an interesting moment on Monday as the host and guests on MSNBC's Morning Joe were discussing the coverage of the election.
Willie Geist raised the possibility that President Trump could declare victory on election night before all the votes have been counted.
Joe Scarborough responded that NBC would simply make a Twitter-like determination and not carry the speech.
They're just going to pretend it never happened while they fact-check everything.
And as we've already seen, they're tripping themselves up in that regard already.
He said it would not be treated as obvious news but rather disinformation regardless of what has transpired on election day.
So again, we have the Biden campaign coming out and saying under no scenario will Trump be allowed to declare victory.
That's the headline we had up yesterday.
Then we have the networks themselves agreeing with that and saying they won't carry the speech.
Literally dictating reality by refusing to broadcast it even if indications are that Trump is a significant number of electoral votes ahead.
Again we had the headline yesterday, Biden campaign manager under no scenario will Trump be allowed to declare victory.
So they've come out and said they're not going to accept, they're not going to concede defeat.
We also have the Biden campaign coming out and saying
That he's going to, quote, assert control as President-elect if declared winner by news organisations.
So the same news organisations that say we're not even going to broadcast or carry Trump's victory speech.
We're good to go.
Apart from Fox News, or maybe even Fox News, given what's happened with them recently, is gonna have Biden's back.
So Trump really needs to be ahead by a long way for this scenario not to happen.
Don't go away.
Summit.News, we'll be right back.
Now, of course, we know that one of the big elephants in the room, basically, in 2020 that we didn't really have in 2016 is big tech manipulation.
As Professor Epstein has documented on many occasions,
Big Tech can shift millions, millions of votes on election day by relegating content in their algorithm by, in the case of Google, placing certain search results above others.
They've run massive tests on this, including the biggest election in the world in India, proven that it can shift millions of votes.
We now see evidence of that happening again today.
Big surprise, given that
Of course the Google executives were literally crying in the corridors back in 2016 and vowing to never let this happen again.
Similar situation with Twitter and Facebook.
Gateway Pundit reports, in 2016 Gateway Pundit was one of the top four pro-Trump websites on Facebook, so today Facebook shut down our traffic to a trickle on election day.
Yet another example of big tech manipulation.
They say that in 2016
Facebook traffic was around one third of our traffic at the Gateway Pundit.
I'm sure this is similar for other conservative websites.
So today Facebook is about one percent of our traffic, so they've literally lost
About, what is it, 32% of their traffic Facebook, burying them in the algorithm on election day.
Another clear example of election manipulation.
And we're going to see that throughout the day with Twitter fact-checking, deleting, hiding tweets of specifically voter intimidation, as we've seen already.
Meanwhile, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff tells TV news anchors, military won't intervene in election.
As much as the left has been planning, organising and calling for the military to become involved in presiding over the peaceful transfer of power if Trump refuses to leave the White House as they're all panicking about.
Well now the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff held an off-the-record meeting, this was on Saturday, with TV anchors from CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox News
In which he asserted the US military will not intervene in the aftermath of the presidential election.
Remember, we've got these left-wing anarchist Antifa groups openly planning on social media without getting banned to storm DC, to drag Trump out of the White House.
But now the military itself is saying that its role is apolitical.
And Mark Milley also sought to dispel any notion of a role for the military in adjudicating a disputed election or making any decision around removing a president from the White House.
They had a bunch of news network anchors who were involved in this call, so they vowed not to do that.
But despite that, we have troops arriving in major cities in America ahead of election night.
Again, this is up on Summit.News.
National Guard troops have been called into action.
Not that most of them weren't already there anyway, thanks to peaceful BLM demonstrations.
They've been calling to action in several US cities ahead of the election with the expectation that leftists will engage in widespread civil unrest if early indications of a Trump victory emerge.
They're not boarding up the stores in Washington DC and New York City and all these other areas because they think Trump supporters are going to riot.
They're boarding them up.
Purely because of the riots that have taken place over the past five months, exclusively launched by BLM and Antifa, despite the fact that Michelle Obama literally got up and said that the best majority of the protests have been peaceful.
The best majority of riots did not involve Black Lives Matter.
Literally 95% of them did.
Now we have troops arriving to deal with any potential fallout.
Meanwhile, the final poll
Yahoo News conducted found that 77% of Americans think violence will break out after the election, 51% of voters think Trump will refuse to concede, while 77% worry that violence will break out in the coming days.
And then when you look at what people will believe depending on who won,
Very similar situation.
It found that 59% of Trump supporters believe that if Trump loses, it will be because Democrats rigged the election, while 58% of Biden supporters believe if the former VP loses, it will be because Republicans stole the election.
So neither of them are going to accept the result of the election, and that only leads to one thing.
Massive civil dislocation and violent unrest.
Can't wait for more of that, like we haven't had enough of it.
Meanwhile, the most common female name for a Biden voter is... wait for it... Karen
Now of course this is interesting because the left tried to hijack the whole Karen meme over the past six to eight months.
They tried to hijack the trope and turn it into a stereotype of a typical female Trump supporter.
They tried to make it out as if the typical Karen is somebody who bursts into a Walmart without a mask and then gets into an argument with the staff.
They tried to make it out as if
You know, the Karen meme was this typical right-wing, gun-toting Republican.
Turns out, the typical Karen is a left-wing Democrat, as I've been saying all along.
And it's admitted in a New York Times study.
The figures show that Karens are more likely to vote for Biden over Trump by a 60-40 margin.
The most common female name for a Trump voter is Nancy, while the most common male name is Richard.
But the most common female name for a Biden supporter
Is, I'm afraid, Karen.
So that, once again, completely eviscerates this trope that a Karen is a angry female Trump supporter.
Turns out it's actually a Biden supporter.
Moving on to coronavirus lockdown news, of course, we had the announcement Boris Johnson, in all his infinite wisdom, announced on Saturday that England would be placed under a second debilitating lockdown.
They basically came out, put some graphs up which said, if we don't lock down, 4,000 people a day are going to die.
They pulled the same stunt that they always pull.
They vastly over-exaggerate the death figures, announce the lockdown, and then when the death figures are below that 4,000 number a day, which they would have been anyway without a lockdown, because before the first lockdown the fatalities were already falling before it was imposed,
Then they can come out and claim, well, look, there were going to be 4,000 deaths a day.
There were less than that.
So lockdowns work!
And now we're continuing to feel the draconian grip of how this is being implemented.
Corona lockdown cops quizzing people on their food purchases.
Yes, once again, they're starting to inspect shopping bags.
They're starting to ask people where they're going, what they're purchasing.
This happened in Wales.
Which was already under a full lockdown before England, by the way.
Where cops quizzed a woman about what items she was about to purchase from a grocery store in another example of our COVID-19 rules being wrongly enforced.
This is not in the law.
This was in a village in Wales.
It wasn't even in a major city.
Police stopped the woman before she entered a branch of the spa convenience store and questioned her about what she was planning to buy.
The woman said police asked her where she was going before she answered that she was going to spa to buy custard.
Now we have the custard police.
You're not allowed to buy custard because the cops asked if custard was an essential item, to which the woman asked, well, would you have crumble without custard?
They let her go, but again, the fact is they're literally interrogating people on the street saying, where are you going?
What are you buying?
Of course, we had stories back during the first lockdown where people would go to a shop to buy bottles of wine because all the pubs are closed, of course, and they will be told by the police, completely outside of the law, because it's not part of it, that they're not allowed to buy wine and potato chips because they're, quote, not non-essential, they're, quote, non-essential items.
We literally have police patrolling the streets.
Meanwhile, you know, we have record stabbings.
We have burglaries.
Police saying they're not even having time to attend burglaries now.
But if you dare to buy custard, wine or potato chips, you're going to be in big trouble.
While in China, the origin of the coronavirus outbreak, Chinese revelers party in Wuhan nightclub while rest of Europe enters second lockdown.
They're taking the piss once again.
Bear in mind now, of course, that China's economy has completely recovered to pre-Covid levels, even as we prepare to enter into another debilitating lockdown, which will cause massive unemployment, massive poverty, hunger and starvation.
Well, now footage out of China shows people in Wuhan dancing in close proximity in a nightclub without face masks, even as other European countries enter into a debilitating second lockdown.
So they're not wearing masks, they're having big raves, big parties.
Of course, we had a similar instance a couple of months ago.
Again out of Wuhan, the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak, which showed thousands of people packed together enjoying a giant pool party disco.
Now, at the time when this video was released, the Chinese Communist Party heralded the video as proof that the country had achieved a, quote, strategic victory in its fight against the coronavirus.
So the country in which the virus originated, some claim, was deliberately released by people within that country, their economies completely recovered, their populations out, they're not wearing masks, they're not social distancing, they're having massive pool parties, they're having massive raves,
Meanwhile, our governments continue to pursue this disastrous lockdown policy that's proven to be completely useless, ineffective, time and time again.
I was going to wrap it up.
War Room is coming up next.
Breaking news at summit.news.
Keep it right here.
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Or when I find out China's shipping in enough fentanyl to kill the whole U.S.
population on a routine basis, it makes me a little bit angry.
When I learned that people are literally enslaving me and my family and enslaving you, I have empathy.
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I know I am.
But the statistics do show that suicide is at record highs and that stress is off the charts.
Meanwhile, government and Big Pharma are pushing very dangerous psychotropic drugs whose prescriptions are at record levels when the inserts of the drugs admit they can make you commit suicide or become a megalomaniac mass murderer.
And in almost every case, these mass shooters have been on psychotropic drugs.
And the reason I point that out is
All the numbers, all the facts show that the system is not giving us things.
It's not giving us these synthetic things that actually make our lives better.
They're making our lives worse.
Cell phones and iPads and all the TV time, all the screen time.
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