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Name: 20201102_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: Nov. 2, 2020
249 lines.

The video discusses predictive programming, a technique used by governments and corporations to introduce new ideas through fiction. It examines films like Michael Bay's Songbird as potential warnings about current events or previews of future scenarios. Hollywood is accused of reflecting its creators' political views, with examples provided. The speaker argues that global lockdowns are part of an agenda to create a post-human world under feudal slavery. They discuss the erosion of civil liberties and mention contact tracing in El Paso, Texas. Songbird is presented as a reflection of current events, and the new normal is described as high-tech slavery. The speaker also touches on China's isolation and the possibility of Biden being installed even if Trump wins the election.

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Listen to me very, very carefully.
I'm going to break down a system that is used by the social engineers to control us all.
It's called predictive programming.
Curfew is now in effect.
All unauthorized citizens must stay indoors.
Tensions rise as we enter the 213th week of lockdown.
A grim new reality emerges.
COVID-23 has mutated.
Beginning thermal scan.
Thermal scan normal.
A horrifying new development today.
The new data confirms the virus attacks the brain tissue.
Look at me, y'all!
I'm immune!
Hey, hey, hey, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
I'm immune!
I'm immune!
Director Michael Bay is producing a film that's already completed production titled Songbird.
Set in the near future, the year 2022, COVID-23 is here and has killed tens of millions of people.
A global police state has been established and vigilante groups are rounding up those who refuse to go to the COVID camps.
We have obtained a synopsis of the film.
And I can tell you with complete certainty, one of two things is happening.
Either Michael Bay and his financiers that are supporting his production are trying to warn us about what this COVID lockdown is really all about, or they are conditioning us to accept it in the near future.
Predictive programming is an admitted psychological technique used by governments, corporations, and other major institutions to insert into fictional timelines of films, publications, comic books, you name it, the idea of something that you're planning to sell, push, or launch in the future.
So that when those events or events similar to it unfold, you will accept the authorities and others announcing solutions to the problem that mirror what you've already seen in television and film and print.
This is how people are conditioned prepared for what's coming. I have talked to a lot of high
level Hollywood sources over the years, in person, over the phone, and via email. And I've
been told that Michael Bay is at the highest levels of the intelligence operation,
putting on information that elements of US intelligence want the public to see.
Every little thing...
Sarah, what's going on?
...gonna be alright.
Department of Sanitation.
Sarah, talk to me.
I'm not sure what's going on. I'm not sure what's going on.
I'm not sure what's going I think my neighbor has a fever.
Now, this doesn't necessarily mean that Michael Bay is bad.
There are good elements of U.S.
intelligence who, of course, are supporting President Trump and trying to stop the Qaikom takeover.
But we still have to be aware of the fact that this is clearly something preparing us for events coming in the future.
Four years ago, Chris Carter produced a new X-Files series and said publicly that the TV radio character in the TV show was based on Alex Jones and that he thought that I was a good person, a libertarian, and not a racist.
I've since had a chance to talk to Mr. Carter.
The point is, is that these individuals in Hollywood are all projecting their own political views in their films.
And Chris Carter many years ago talked about how the CIA approached him for an X-Files spinoff, The Lone Gunman, and said, have an episode.
Where a terror group hijacks a jet by remote control to fly at the World Trade Center to launch a major war.
That terror group being a criminal organization inside the U.S.
He was approached by the CIA one year before 9-11 to produce that show that aired six months before 9-11.
That, my friends, is predictive programming.
The corner of Liberty and Washington.
Lower Manhattan.
World Trade Center.
I'm going to crash the plane into the World Trade Center.
The globalists are a consortium of powerful billionaires and trillion-dollar companies and institutions that believe they're saving the earth by causing a global reset that collapses our modern industrial civilization which they believe is wasteful.
They believe they are saving the Earth by creating, quote, limits to growth that will actually collapse populations on the planet by 80%.
In the Club of Rome documents, in the Davos documents, in the lockstep Rockefeller documents, they openly talk about bringing in a world government that will release some weaker bioweapons up front to train everyone to be locked down, And accept more and more control so when they release the real bioweapons that actually depopulate the planet, we learn to stay in our houses and quietly die.
Remember the lockdown was only going to be 15 days?
So the hospitals wouldn't be overwhelmed.
And then it was just going to be 2 months we had to stay inside.
And then 6 months, a year, wearing masks.
Now Bill Gates says it'll take 10 years to get back to normal.
There's going to be forced inoculations and tracker apps on all our phones will control where we go and what we do.
He said all that eight months ago and now it's rolled out in China, Europe and the United States.
And now they're telling us that a form of permanent martial law is being put in place and that most of us in our jobs are non-essential.
That we are obsolete.
Welcome to the Great Reset.
This is about destroying human civilization.
This is about separating men and women and destroying families.
This is about creating so much poverty that people can never save or have dreams.
This is about creating a new form of slavery, a modern form of serfdom.
The globalists admit they're recreating a system of the lords and the vassals, or the serfs, the slaves.
They are creating a post-human world Based on the surf system of feudalism.
Good morning, Miss Garcia.
Good morning, Sunshine.
I miss you.
I could kiss you right now.
Yeah, well... Someday.
Curfew is now in effect.
All unauthorized citizens must stay indoors.
The man and the woman can't have contact with each other.
The only way they can communicate is over their phone.
Which is always there with them, tracking and tracing and watching them and scanning them for signs of a fever.
Because if you have a fever, you disappear to the death camp.
And in the real world, the Clinton Foundation and the UN with Bill Gates is rolling out the COVID trackers.
The UN and Communist China beta test the lockdown, the police state, the checkpoints, the secret arrest, the welding people into their homes.
Then it spreads to Australia, it spreads to Europe, and you see the exact same lockdowns happening, not in the fictional Songbird film set two years from now, but happening currently.
And it's monkey see, monkey do.
Our media says, why aren't we arresting pregnant women that dare go outside with their children?
Why aren't we locking people down in their homes?
After all, if it saves one person, we should lock down the whole world.
Even though the UN admits millions have already starved to death from the first lockdown, and a second lockdown will intensify a global depression that is killing people in the third world and destroying the first world, causing massive suicides, causing massive depression, causing problems hundreds of times greater than what the supposed COVID virus has created.
You see the deceptive headlines over and over and over again that COVID has caused millions to starve to death.
And that COVID has caused half of the small businesses in the United States and Europe to go bankrupt.
And that COVID is causing supply chain breakdowns.
The UN-directed lockdown of the world is causing it.
And now as major pressure is put on the UN, pointing out that they with the Communist Chinese have directed this corporate takeover, this modern global martial law, the UN says, oh, we shouldn't have these lockdowns.
It's the nation states that are doing it.
But the nation states like France and Germany and Spain and the UK and Communist China and others continue to use this with selective lockdowns in different cities and different areas where the public is protesting.
like Hong Kong and Taiwan and the Yellow Vest in France.
They're not even hiding the fact that this is being used to impoverish the world,
put us into debt, and to be able to selectively lock down when people can protest,
when they can go to church, and when they can go to the grocery store.
What else are we not listening to that we need to take action on now?
Well, the idea of a bioterrorist attack is kind of the nightmare scenario
because there a pathogen with a high death rate would be.
Now the good news is, I'm not going into depression, it's tough enough right now.
Too late!
Most of the work we're going to do to be ready for Pandemic 2, I call this Pandemic 1, most of the work we'll do to be ready for that are also the things we need to do to minimize the threat of bioterrorism.
Bill Gates has admitted that COVID-19 is only a drill for a much worse bioweapon he says is coming in the near future.
And when we comply and wear the mask and have our apps and register to go to a restaurant, we are ushering in this global cashless society, Chinese communist social credit score that will make what Hitler and Stalin and Mao do look tame in comparison.
This is a big tech globalist revolution against small businesses, farms, families, the individual.
It is a takeover of all of civilization.
And so complying with it and always thinking, oh, a few more weeks, a few more months.
But notice, they don't take the restrictions off in a few weeks and a few months.
They intensify them.
This is a psychological tactic known as successive approximation or incrementalism.
So they start tightening the noose.
And when you protest and fight back, they go, OK, OK, be good.
We'll take it off you just a few more weeks.
And then they tighten it down more, just a few more weeks.
And they tighten it down more, just a few more weeks.
They loosen a little bit.
Just a few more weeks, a few more months, okay, two years, five years, ten years.
It's forever.
Civilization can't stand.
You can't have kids.
You can't have wealth.
You can't fly.
You can't live.
And boom!
You're inside the cage.
And people are saying, I've got my app.
I'm taking all the shots.
I get to travel.
I'm submitting.
I'm politically doing what I'm told.
Telling others, get with the program and they'll turn civilization back on.
They'll make things the way they were as long as we comply with our new doctor and master Bill Gates and the UN.
All it is is a planetary authoritarian control system.
This film is telling you what's already unfolding in other parts of the world and what is now coming to the United States.
ABC News reports in El Paso, Texas, they are sending contact tracers to people's homes and if you don't submit to them outside of law, they're arresting people.
Federal and state courts have ruled what Governor Whitmer and Cuomo and others are doing is illegal.
But still, they go ahead with the lockdowns, where Black Lives Matter goes into Baptist churches and yells and screams at them and has them shut down.
And the mayor of New York praises that and says Black Lives Matter can march, but no one else can.
Meanwhile, Black Lives Matter is funded by George Soros, a literal Nazi collaborator, a Marxist and a Leninist.
These dark builders intend to release a string of man-made bio-weapons plagues, each one worse than the last, while at the same time expanding the police state to enforce an orderly extermination of the population.
To have a two-class system, where the underclass are forced to live as slaves in tiny enclosed cities.
While the elite enjoy the land of the earth, evolve into superhumans with the aid of advanced implantable technologies.
Whether Michael Bay is producing Songbird to condition you and make you submit to tyranny, or whether he's doing it to hope that you wake up, it's really up to you to decide what you're going to do about this.
Because the film is fiction, but it's only a mirror of what is happening in the near future.
So it's up to you, it's up to me, it's up to all of us.
To understand this is a predatory, authoritarian takeover that breaks the global social contract and is designed to collapse modern industrial capitalist civilization for a corporate fascist model.
What we had before was freedom.
This is now tyranny.
And they're telling you the new normal is high-tech slavery.
If you submit to it, it's only going to get worse.
It's time to say no, to get informed, and to warn others, and to struggle free from this trap.
Good morning, Miss Garcia.
Good morning, Sunshine.
I miss you.
I could kiss you right now.
Right now?
Curfew is now in effect.
All unauthorized citizens must stay indoors.
Tensions rise as we enter the 213th week of lockdown.
A grim new reality emerges.
COVID-23 has mutated.
Beginning thermal scan.
Thermal scan normal.
A horrifying new development today.
Mutated confirms the virus attacks the brain tissue.
I'm immune!
I'm immune!
Worldwide death toll rises to over 110 million.
All infected Americans are being forced into quarantine camps.
Sarah, what's going on?
Department of Sanitation.
Sarah, talk to me.
I think my neighbor has the fever.
It'll be so much easier if you just open the door.
Mrs. Grant, you have visitors.
Sarah, please.
Sarah, open the door.
Sarah, do not open that door.
No, please!
I'm not sick!
*Dying* *Cough*
*Beginning thermal scan* *3, 2, 1*
Anomaly detected.
Armed guards will be arriving in 4 to 6 hours.
You must not attempt to leave your home, or you will be shot on sight.
This is my message to you.
I know you're in there.
They're coming.
I have to let you go.
No, no, no, no, no.
Say goodbye to me.
Sarah, I'm not letting you give up.
Sometimes we have to do things we don't want to survive.
I'm trying to save the one person left in my life that matters to me.
I can't help you.
What you're talking about is illegal.
[music playing]
[knock on door]
I'm here.
(SINGING) Every little thing's gonna be all right.
And remember, stay safe, sane, and sanitized.
[camera shutter]
[music playing]
He said, sir, excuse me, sir, you've just tested positive.
I said, tested positive for what?
And is that a socialist or progressive perspective?
Truman and I suffered the pressure.
Isolate and punish China.
Nobody thinks it makes any sense.
Well, I'm sick and tired of smart guys!
Trump vs. Biden.
Just because he might not want to move out of the White House doesn't mean we won't have an inauguration ceremony.
Did you hear what that demonic old globalist witch just said?
They're going to install Joe Biden into the White House and they're going to inaugurate him even if President Trump wins the election.
And the Clintons have been saying that for months.
They're going to contest it when Trump wins and use that to break the country up.
We talked about this months ago.
Now we are on the eve of the election.
How are they going to pull that off?
By having big tech censor everybody.
Not just off their platforms, but even your emails, your text messages.
Ladies and gentlemen, one of the few ways we can still get to people under this internet kill switch that they're slowly activating is by email if you're not one of the big carriers like Gmail.
You can go to InfoWars.com forward slash newsletter Just put in your email, and we will send you breaking videos, breaking articles, breaking information that Big Brother doesn't want you to have, so you can then look at the information, research it, verify it, and then share it.
And that's the most important part.
If InfoWars is here, breaking all this huge news, and what's really in Hunter Biden's laptop, and how the Chai comms have taken over the Democratic Party, and so much more, and how they plan to destroy the dollar and break us financially, if we're not on air, and if you don't share the information, they will win.
If we stay on air but you don't share it, they will still win.
It's gotta be us getting the intel, you doing the intel, the research, InfoWars staying on air, and then you carrying the ball down the field.
You are just as important as the coach, as the quarterback, as the running back.
You're the whole damn shooting match.
So again, InfoWars.com.