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Name: 20201102_Mon_Alex
Air Date: Nov. 2, 2020
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Alex Jones discusses the 2020 presidential election and its potential consequences, including civil unrest. He also talks about recent incidents involving body doubles used by politicians, accusing Democrats of manipulating voters through deception. Jones promotes BioTrue Selenium to fund Infowars operations while discussing Trump's approach to vaccines and the current state of American politics. The show covers various topics including mail-in ballots, InfoWars' mainstream impact despite deplatforming, effects of wearing masks and lockdown measures, global corruption leading to third- world starvation, and an upcoming forecast for the US election.

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Unfortunately, Trump took the advice of Fauci and the rest of CDC, which I would fire, including Redfield, Briggs, and a whole group of them to say, look, this is incompetence on the major level.
Number one, we do not have an epidemic of coronavirus or whatever you want to call it.
Number two, a mask does nothing more.
And every construction worker who has to deal with dust can tell you the same thing I'm saying to you.
Unless it's an N95 or highly specialized mask, most of the time that mask does nothing but breed more bacteria and more problems for the person wearing the mask.
So what it became was the shibboleth for the left-wing fascism, I call it.
They said that the right-wing was fascist.
Fascism comes out from the left wing, as it did with Benito Mussolini.
It was National Socialists under Hitler.
It was social entities or social justice, so-called, under the Soviets.
It was always coming out of the left, and that's what you were seeing in the left.
In order to facilitate that big tech, which we, the United States, created through a company called I-N-Q-T-E-L, In-Q-Tel, Google,
Facebook, Twitter, all received monies.
All the FAANG received money from In-Q-Tel in 1998-99 after that because I was part of a group of angel investors that worked in Virginia.
Alexandria and we help the CIA to set up an In-Q-Tel business where they invested in turn into big tech.
So when Trump comes in and he's got to break up big tech.
He's got to break up Google.
He's got to break up Facebook.
He's going to have to
Break up Twitter.
Get rid of Dorsey, who's absolutely obnoxious and repugnant to our country and really has no idea of what he's doing.
People have to go to jail.
You cannot allow this kind of subversion, this kind of distortion, this kind of lies, this kind of incompetency to be the model for the future.
And this is where Trump has to crack down on the individual.
People go to jail.
You want to indict Fauci for treason, which he's part of the public health service.
He basically ran the Wuhan lab.
What's crazy is the guy that's behind all this is running the response to it.
Correct, but the answer is he's not held accountable, so he can hold a patent for one thing or another.
You've got all kinds of people involved in this, Soros and others, but unless you hold them accountable, including operatives from the agencies, nothing is going to happen.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
The wait is over?
We are in the final countdown.
The last little grains of sand are rolling down the hourglass walls into history, into the future, into oblivion.
Yes, stand up and be counted for what you are about to receive.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is a spectacular moment to be alive.
Everything I cover, I believe to be true, turns out about 95% of it's accurate.
I wish I was wrong about it all.
But I don't study all the fake political systems that have been designed to distract us, where individuals are always setting up new political ideologies, new political systems, like they have new denominations of churches being started every few minutes, so that somebody can claim they've got the truth.
When it's already there, good versus evil,
And the New World Order globalist system that is building a post-human world and that seek all power and control.
What we cover on air are the real issues.
What we cover on air is how things actually work.
What we cover on air is a discussion of the real power structure
And the battle going on between all these different authoritarian systems for control of that.
And we're saying we don't want any part of it.
That is the Renaissance.
That is the American system.
That is Christianity.
That is its true goals.
And that's why they're so scared of this information because we talk about what they actually talk about in their councils of government and corporations, academia, and what they talk about in their even more secret councils with their God.
We're good to go.
And get a seat at the table into this nightmare future.
But the truth is everyone signing up for this will end up being destroyed and will be the focus of God's wrath.
And is cursed from the moment they sign that contract in blood.
All right, here's what's going to happen.
Start your engines.
We're going to go to break.
I'm going to come back and start the main transmission.
And it is going to be one hell of a roller coaster.
We're going to be live until 9 o'clock tonight and then starting at 8 a.m.
tomorrow with David Knight on the InfoWars Network.
We're going to go through the night.
It's going to be contested.
The Democrats are going to lose.
They're not going to say they lost.
They're going to say Trump's got to stand down.
They're going to try to sow as much enmity and crises as possible.
It's going to be insane.
And remember, because the corporate media will not call them on crimes, on pedophilia, on being Chinese agents and Russian agents, they believe they can do anything.
Even though they still get caught in the court of public opinion, even though some video a lady shoots gets 5 million views and CNN has 100,000 viewers, they still believe they're in charge even though they aren't.
That's very dangerous.
Coming up, Laura Loomer is going to join us.
She caught a fake Kamala Harris putting on a Florida event for Democrats.
That's who these maniacs are.
All of it is about magician behavior.
All of it is about manipulation.
All of it is about deceiving.
Their religion is about what they can get over on you.
So it's just so much is about to be broken down.
This is all beyond Twilight Zone on this live Monday, November 2nd, 2020 transmission.
I am your host, Alex Jones.
Strap yourselves in and get ready and spread the word about the live transmission.
That's how we override the censors.
That's how we crush the globalists.
That's how we defeat Bill Gates and the New World Order.
Well, my friends, the moment of truth is here.
I am your host, Alex Jones.
Thank you so much for joining us on this November 2nd live Monday broadcast.
We are 20 hours from the polls opening on the East Coast.
You've got roughly half the public's already voted.
The internal numbers as it's been tabulated coming out are scaring the Democrats and the deep staters.
All the internet metrics that are much more accurate than polls show a Trump landslide bigger than we saw in 2016 for short but also incredibly agonizingly long years ago.
Now normally you'd know by 9 o'clock at night because you'd have projections on the majority of votes.
You'd have projections with so many people already voting, say in California, say 70%, that even though polls aren't closed, you can project that the person's going to be the winner.
This time they're not doing that.
And Twitter, Facebook, Google, Apple, they've all gotten together and they've said, we're not going to allow anybody but seven approved outlets that are all mainstream to even be able to basically show you election numbers.
We'll be talking about those seven groups.
And so these are seven groups that are part of the cartel.
And so if Trump comes out with projections that are real and says, I'm really the winner, even if you count all those ballots that have been counted and given to Biden, I'm the winner.
That's just simple math.
They're going to say, no, we're going to wait until every single ballot is counted.
And that's why they mailed out the 80 million ballots to, now it's in the news, school children in Philadelphia and other areas were given ballots.
It's, it's all caught on tape.
And dead cats, and dead dogs, and dead people.
This is all meant to snarl up with bailing wire the machinery of the combine and bring it to a screeching halt.
And Hillary's so arrogant, and John Podesta is so arrogant, they've all been on TV and in war games with the New York Times saying, we think we're going to lose, so we're just going to contest it and create a huge disaster until the economy implodes and Trump's driven from office.
And now there is a lot of put options going on right now.
There's a lot of hedging going on.
There's a lot of people that are in the market, shorting the stock market right now.
And I believe they're going to eat crow.
But here's the thing.
Trump wins.
He ends up still getting inaugurated, but by holding it up a couple of weeks, it will kill the markets.
Not just here, but around the world, which again, will be a consolidation.
It'll kill Main Street, it'll kill the economy, and then after, there'll be a rebound in the stock market, and the big banks and the top stocks, the top 100 stocks, they'll actually make more money and consolidate power.
JP Morgan has actually come out in a prospectus, Zero Hedge has an article about it, and they admit just that scenario.
And they're betting on it.
So I hope the stock market doesn't plunge, even though it's fiat, because it does affect a lot of the economy.
We're in a trade war with China.
They're propping theirs up.
They're trying to bring ours down.
Mainstream media is talking down the stock market, their own interest, because they're not Americans, they're globalists.
And they understand the stock market's a weapon they use to consolidate power, not a weapon to give the general public wealth that Trump's been trying to use it for, and that's why they're so angry.
Now, remember what's been unfolding.
They say, we're going to contest no matter what because we think we're going to lose.
When Trump contests the contention, he's a dictator, he's a criminal, he's bad.
When Trump's raising money for lawyers to fight, he's bad, planning to contest.
When Democrats raise money, and the same publication writes about it, Politico, or the New York Times, it's good when he does, it's bad when Trump does.
I covered it last night, Politico.
Oh, it's horrible.
Trump's planning to not concede and he's already got money being raised by lawyers and he plans, after election day, to keep raising money for a fight when he contests it and tries to steal it.
Meanwhile, the same publication the next day, Joe Biden's raising money for a contested election.
Isn't he good?
That evil Trump.
2020 watch.
Will loser of election accept the results?
Biden camp quietly raises money for post-election court brawl.
But here's Politico the day before.
Trump may just keep campaigning after election day.
And CNN and Politico criticizing for it.
Trump has a gimmick to keep raising money after the election.
How dare him?
Why is he doing that?
Says the news.
Meanwhile, CNN reports federal authorities expected to erect non-scalable fence around White House.
CNN goes on to say, it's insane.
There's no threat.
You've just got Soros and BLM camped outside saying they're going to burn it down and say they're going to rush the fence and attack.
So again, that's just Trump being a dictator saying that they're putting a big fence up around it.
How dare him?
Oh, but don't go out and vote though, if you're a Republican, because the virus is going to get you.
Pre-election virus spike creates concern for polling places.
Trump and Biden crack schoolboy taunts after beating each other up while campaigning.
No, it's Biden that keeps saying he'll beat him up.
And then Trump just says, my God, you can hardly walk or talk.
Coming up next hour, Laura Loomer pops in.
Fake Kamala got loomered.
Laura Loomer catches Kamala Harris body double at Palm Beach polling place and the woman doesn't deny that she's staging this.
It's just everything about these people is dress up and theater and fraud and magicianry.
But there's nothing there.
Fauci's attacking Trump and saying he's the worst person ever, showing he works for Gates and works for the Clintons and works for Obama.
We warned Trump about that.
Now Trump gets it and is really exposing it and showing how the hospitals got all this extra money to say you had COVID.
Many of the hospitals then killed you knowingly for the money in Democrat-controlled areas.
That is all coming up.
I want to open the phones up.
Dr. Steve Pucinich is going to be popping in today as well.
A lot of new Hunter Biden info now.
ABC News confirms the laptop's real.
And as soon as they, one of the seven trusted, Twitter said, the ones that will oversee the election, as soon as ABC News Friday came out and said, OK, the laptop's real.
We've talked to people that have the emails on the other side.
It's got Bill Clinton's phone number in it.
It's got Hillary Clinton's.
It's got Obama's.
It's got world leaders.
It's real.
Twitter said, oh, the New York Post isn't banned anymore.
Oh, my goodness.
Start of Alexander Hamilton, but oldest newspaper in the U.S.
230 years old, but you can't be trusted.
But as soon as ABC said, okay, it's real.
Oh, it's real now.
Joe Biden campaign won't say if he'll cooperate with FBI probe on Sun, because what did we break weeks and weeks ago?
There's an FBI probe, they had the laptop almost a year ago, Southern District of New York, criminal investigation, audio of Biden admitting it, and now it's all correct.
Oh, but I got accused of fake news.
And the FBI has confirmed that indeed there is a child porn investigator on the case, and it appears to be underage girls.
And we have Biden admitting he's with underage girls, including family members, and there's those photos.
Oh, we broke that over two weeks ago, and we're the first to do it.
Because that's what the sources said was there.
And that's what we went with.
Because we're not gonna sit here and wait till ABC News tells us something.
We're going to look at the info, make our best judgment, and put it out there.
And with the Bidens, they're a known group of sickos that hang around in a pedophile cult.
Can't keep their hands off kids.
I mean, he was hunting around cocaine.
He was kicked out of the Navy for it.
His lawyer's in the email saying it's a real laptop three weeks ago.
It's all confirmed.
Two and a half weeks ago.
So the wheels are coming off, ladies and gentlemen.
They're so desperate.
They've got fake Kamala Harrises out.
Body doubles, ladies and gentlemen.
We're going to cover it all when we come back, and then some huge COVID-19 news as the global lockdown expands into martial law level.
If Europe submits, next year will be even worse.
That's how this works.
It's tightened down.
Tightened down, it's made into a tradition.
It's made into a holiday of being a slave.
They are habituating you.
They are brainwashing you.
They are conditioning you.
Don't forget, we've got the new site that gets past the censors for now, Election Night
Okay, we are live, ladies and gentlemen, on this November 2nd worldwide transmission.
Again, all of the waiting is basically over and the fireworks are about to start.
Antifa, BLM, gangs, communists, criminals of all types have said that they are planning something really, really big for election night.
Whether Trump wins or whether Trump loses, they plan to go out and burn down their blue cities and their blue states, which is what the Democrats want.
They're under Qaikom globalist orders to bring the United States down.
I mean, you know, 35 years ago when California and Oregon and Washington State and others said no more cutting firebreaks, that it would cause massive forest fires that would burn down the states later.
And now it does.
I mean, they know when they teach children to use drugs, or teach children to have their testicles cut off, or teach all this hate capitalism, hate God, hate your family, that that's how you bring a society down.
The Democrats admit, in the WikiLeaks, Hillary's talking about culture war and dumbing the population down.
Sean Parker of Facebook.
And of course, Napster, before that, he said, look, we designed these to make you alone, to make you stupid, and to manipulate your brain, and make you be a member of our cult.
So all of it is designed to make you a slave.
It's aggressive.
It's hateful.
It's predatory.
It breaks the social contract.
People ask, well, why do they do that?
Well, why did the communists do what they did?
Why did the fascists do what they did?
Because they believe in power, and they believe you're stupid, and they believe you're weak, and they believe whatever they do to you, they're allowed to do through something called social Darwinism.
So I sit there on Joe Rogan's show.
He's a nice guy.
He said, well, why would they want to be bad?
Why would they?
Why'd they shoot black people up with syphilis?
Why did the NIH and CDC shoot black people up for 40 something years till their own scientists went public?
Why did they shoot up poor white people?
Why did they shoot up people in Peru and people in areas of Africa?
Because they want power.
They want the control to do with what they want, when they want.
That's why U.S.
Code Title 50, Chapter 32, Subsection 1528, Paragraph B in the Code says it's illegal to do any secret testing on the public unless it's for law enforcement or research purposes.
And all of this is ongoing research.
The lockdown, the mask, the social control.
It's all a Milgram or Stanford research psychology test.
Look up the Stanford psychology test.
Look up the Milgram test.
That's what this is.
And they even have publications at high level of academics with a psychiatrist admitting that's what they're doing to you.
And Prince Charles has come out and said, we're doing this to save the earth.
The Great Reset is meant to cut carbon and make you poor and not make you live so high on the hog.
But notice he has all these giant palaces.
It's sick.
And it's all over the news.
Oh, it's good for the earth.
Oh, it's lowering the carbon footprint.
Oh, people are starving to death.
That helps the earth.
So I want to open the phones up today.
I don't want to take your call specifically on the election and whether you think Trump's going to win or lose.
And if he wins, the Democrats have already said they're going to contest it and break the country up.
And what are we going to do about it?
What should Trump do about it?
And what do you expect to happen next?
And I'm not, listen, the reason I want you to thank me is I want to just get to the next caller.
I love you all.
So just this time, I'm not going to say thanks for calling myself.
I'm going to say you're on the air.
And then we're going to just get your point, move the next person.
That way we cycle through a ton of calls here today.
In between guests, we've got...
First time, long time.
Agree, disagree.
I'm putting you on air.
You get a minute, I'm moving to the next person.
I want to hear from everybody.
And I've told the crew.
I never tell David Knight what to do.
I never tell Owen Schroer what to do.
I just told him.
I said, please take a lot of calls, but move them through quick.
And I'm the worst at not doing that.
So, I'm telling myself that.
We're going to take a lot of calls here.
Your chance in this historic time.
What a time to be alive, ladies and gentlemen.
Phones are open right now.
All right, when I talk about a lot of news, there is a lot of news here.
Let me tell you about some of what's coming up, though.
We start with 24-hour live coverage tomorrow at 8 a.m.
We go to 9 o'clock tonight at band.video and 2020electioncenter.com.
But both those URLs are being blocked by Twitter, Facebook, and others.
So now, the way to get to the video, and I know you know this, share it with others.
It's how we get around the enemy.
It's how we win.
That's ElectionNight.
That's ElectionNight.
It's one word.
And of course, via your private email or via your text message, you can still promote InfoWars, but it's being blocked everywhere else.
Who's coming up?
In studio, Leanne McAdoo, Hotep Jesus, David Icke, Paul Joseph Watson, the Drinkin' Bros podcast guys, Robert Barnes, Roger Stone, Count Dankula, Sargon of Akkad, Louder With Crowder, Matt Bracken, Stuart Rhodes, Tom Papert, Patrick Howley, and so many other people starting tonight.
Jesse James, used to be my next door neighbor.
That'd be good friends.
He has done a lot of interviews.
He's kicking off his new show.
And he's going to be here tonight as he was four years ago on election eve with us in studio.
He said Trump's going to win.
They're going to try to get rid of him.
It's all going to fail.
He has incredible confidence and confidence is infectious, but I think it's more than confidence.
I think he's got a zeitgeist and Jesse James has been demonized.
You know, I've known Jesse now.
Nine years?
And everything you saw on the news about him is a total lie.
None of it's even true.
I mean, I know people know that nowadays, but I mean, it's just the level of lies that go on.
He doesn't want me to even talk about it, but I know the inside baseball on it.
So he's a great NRA guy.
Really smart fella.
An American success story.
Billions of dollars of merchandise sold and products.
Very interesting fella.
He is going to be in studio with us tonight with Owen Schroer and others.
We've got a bunch of surprise guests and surprise things that are going to be happening.
We're going to be taking your phone calls and the most important ingredient
And all of that because we are.
We are the people.
You are the people.
We are the people together.
So your calls are coming up next segment.
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But whatever you do, pray for Infowars, and pray for President Trump, and pray for yourself.
It's Monday, November 2nd.
The year is 2020.
We are now 19 hours from the polls officially opening for the most important election in history.
America is literally fighting for its very existence, its very sovereignty.
If Biden wins, they plan to bring us into massive poverty and break our back the way they've done in all their blue city cesspits.
Pray to God for a global awakening.
Get out there and vote.
Have your friends and family vote.
And have your eyes peeled for what's about to happen because we are entering the danger zone big time right now.
Now I opened the broadcast up and I said the most important thing.
I don't know.
And there's so many missing and so many they're finding cached in warehouses and hidden in barns.
Those are all meant to be brought in last minute and to be filled out.
That's why they're finding them hidden all over the place.
Because they're going to have names that weren't on the rolls.
Names on the rolls that weren't used to go fill those damn things out.
You understand?
And that's why they've said they're going to try to push it right through the 20th and under the 20th amendment, if on January 20th, Trump has not been inaugurated or Joe Biden hasn't been, it goes to the House of Representatives and then to the states.
And that is their plan.
They've told us that's what they're doing.
Everyone's like, Alex, it's incredible.
What you said months ago is happening.
How'd you know?
They told us.
That's incredibly bold.
Uh, yeah.
Spying on the candidates, spying on the president, persecuting his supporters.
And these people are crazy.
These are crackheads and pedophiles, man.
They're rich, crazy people that would sell their country out.
They have moral problems from the beginning.
And then after decades, you can take a five-year-old that grew up in a well-structured, disciplined home, and you spoil their ass at age five.
By age ten, they're going to be a horrible person.
This is beyond spoiling, ladies and gentlemen.
These people are mad dogs.
Look at the Roman emperors, what they became like.
In the early Roman Empire, if you cheated on your wife, it didn't matter if you were a senator, you'd get executed.
And by the time Rome fell, they were screwing little kids in public.
They weren't just screwing them.
One Roman Emperor I was reading about, Caligula, in front of a crowd of people, was it Caligula or was it Nero, I think it was, had a little kid chained up,
And then he came in dressed like a werewolf in front of everybody eating dinner and tore the child's throat out in front of them.
I mean, that's the type of stuff in the Roman histories, folks.
So you go from cheat on your wife, you're executed.
That sounds a little extreme to me, but see, they knew what would happen.
And then by the end of it, they're tearing children's throats out 500 years later.
So that's what these people are like.
You ask why they're like this?
Because they're crazy.
They're psychotics that have never gotten in trouble who are trying to get caught trying to get somebody to stop them.
Because that's how psychology works.
Everybody knows that.
So Trump, this is key, Trump comes out and says, we need to have it be the night of the election.
The Democrats have said they're going to contest.
They've put out all these fake ballots.
Clearly they know what they're doing.
We need to have it be that night.
And Hillary's like, no.
Look at this cryptic tweet, then we'll play the Trump clip.
The election will be over when all the votes are counted, says Madam President.
Just like Bill Gates says, you will not see anything reopen until there's my mRNA vaccine in two years.
Now he says, you know what?
You're staying locked up for 10 years.
And he controls the big global corporations of the UN.
He has more power than Trump, unless Trump takes the power from him.
And Trump is now calling out Fauci and Gaetz head-on.
Thank God, it's beautiful.
Dr. Steve Puccini is going to pop in and talk about that in the third hour.
So here's Hillary Clinton saying to the world, I'm in charge, I'm telling you what's going to happen after all her fraud, all her corruption, the Russiagate, Ukrainegate, the WikiLeaks, all of it.
She says the election will be over when all the votes are counted.
She just tweeted this an hour ago.
And then Donald Trump's a clear and present danger to the world, they say.
So Trump gets it, but here's Madam President, the deep state, with all her people hanging on, waiting for them to get back in power.
So they can start robbing the country again, and they're so angry.
They're so...
And now Trump's blasting Europe's draconian new lockdowns and telling it like it is and exposing how they put people that died of other things in the same column.
Finally, he's hitting on all cylinders.
Finally, he's thrown his aides to the side.
Finally, he's fired his campaign head.
He's now going with his instincts and he's winning.
But can his landslide overpower their fraud?
They may steal it tonight, tomorrow night.
But if they can't get the steel with the ballot stuffing and all the fake ballots, they're going to hold it up to split the country up.
Why shouldn't they?
They never get in trouble and have states secede that they take control of.
This is treason.
This is anarchy.
This is sedition.
This is espionage because they're working with foreign powers.
This is dangerous.
This is outrageous.
But the FBI Justice Department leadership's been selected to be political lapdogs and never stick their heads up above the grass.
And so we're like a runaway train, ladies and gentlemen, and Trump's trying to get control.
And all these idiots are cheering for their own country to come down because they were picked and bred and trained because they were scum that hated their own country.
So here's the president saying we need to have the election on the day of the election.
Oh, they're gonna be some heads that are exploding.
It would have been nice, you know what would have been really nice though?
If our Supreme Court could have ruled that everything has to be counted by the evening.
Of our election, our great election day.
Wouldn't that be nice?
Instead of waiting around six days, eight days, nine days, giving them more time.
If they want more time, let them put their ballots in early.
They don't have to wait till the end.
Let's give him an extra three days, and let's take all the time you want.
You know, people want to know, and you know bad things happen in places like Pennsylvania and Nevada.
We love Nevada, but you have a governor there.
Bad things can happen.
That little intervening, let's take plenty of time.
No, that's a, that's a terrible ruling for our country.
I don't care.
It's a terrible ruling.
Yep, that's that Supreme Court that he thought was going to be his buddy, and they just ruled against him.
Because they know the deep state butters their bread.
Meanwhile, we have new audio.
Philly teacher reveals school lunch workers gave ballots to children as young as eight years old.
And Democrats are saying in Chicago and L.A.
and San Francisco and Portland that illegal aliens can vote.
Oh, they never wanted illegal aliens to vote.
They just had people in New York lined up around the block this year, illegal aliens, to get driver's licenses, which then let you vote.
But what did Trump really just say there?
They said, hey, just 15 days stay in your houses so that we're going to shut down the hospitals for everybody else's heart attacks and the rest of it.
This COVID is so bad that if you're dying of a heart attack, we're not going to take you to the hospital, literally.
If you've got a cancer, surgery, it's all canceled.
You're just going to die.
They admit like 10 times more have died from no surgery than COVID.
It was 15 days, and it was 2 months, and it was 6 months, it was 8 months, now it's like, it's 2 years, it's 5 years, it's 10 years, and the U.N.
goes, no Gates, it's not 10 years, it's forever.
It's a power grab.
And so, if you actually read what Podesta and Hillary have said, they're gonna push it, Pelosi said, to the 20th of January.
How many days is that?
November 3rd, then December, and then January 20th, so that's 31 days, 20 days,
We're at 51 days, and you add all the days of November that are left, 27, 26, and we're talking about months of this.
We're talking about 79 days of hell.
And that's their plan, and how do you stop them?
They control these blue cities and blue states, and they're gonna do it.
Because they never get in trouble.
Because the Justice Department
It's literally a bunch of castrated weirdos that are lawyers that, oh, mitigate threat.
Oh, if one person's going to die of COVID, let's let millions starve to death.
Oh, let's get rid of all jungle gyms.
Someone might hurt themselves.
Oh, let's ban rock climbing all over the country.
Someone might get hurt.
Hell, don't even have kids.
They might die someday.
It's the nanny state.
It's a damn prison.
Holy mackerel!
All right, ladies and gentlemen, we are back live.
I want to go to all of these calls.
Cruz, Omar, John, Hanneman, David, James, William, Harry, Tony, Chris, all here in just a moment.
But I just want to again, boil this down.
We are living in an incredible time, an insane time.
And Hillary Clinton has come out and said in a tweet, the election will be over when all the votes are counted.
And they've done this impossible thing and they've cashed votes everywhere.
And they're finding them in all these corrupt blue city, blue state areas of Pennsylvania, Michigan, Iowa, Florida, cashed in Democrat strongholds.
And this is going to be skullduggery.
This is going to be absolutely out of control, and the media is going to just say, Trump is stealing it.
Trump is stealing it.
Trump is bad.
So I'm asking you guys, where do you see all of this going?
But here is the list of approved groups that Twitter and Facebook and others are all working together that are allowed to even talk about, is it legitimate to keep the election going?
Who's even allowed to talk about numbers and say, hey, more have voted than
Statistically, there's no way that Biden could win when you get to those numbers, a few percentage points, if Trump already has such a lead.
And if you counted all the votes for Biden and Trump's the winner, you got to say Trump.
But they're saying, no, we're going to wait until all the other little blue state areas
Count every damn ballot when it's their admitted plan to hold things up.
It's all siege.
Hold up the country.
Boycott the country.
It's all a big giant corporate strike.
Making you wear a diaper over your face.
Making you not be able to go to the park.
Be able to go to the lake.
All of it's about making you miserable while these billionaires fly around in their private jets above you and have huge palatial mansions!
It's disgusting!
So here's who's allowed to talk about and project who the winners are.
ABC News, AP, CNN, CBS, Decision Desk HQ, Fox News, NBC.
All have been vetted to be non-bias.
You know, look for some betrayal like Fox News declaring Trump the loser.
I'm telling you, man, Fox has had that dagger out for Trump for a long time.
That's where I'll see the attack coming from, because they'll go, oh, it's legitimate, even Fox News said.
Watch if they try that.
It's so obvious, the landslide's so big, they may not, though.
But again, they could have so many dead people voting and so much fraud that they announce that Trump loses at, like, nine o'clock tomorrow night.
And we're all thinking, oh, it's about the ballots holding it up, but they could do it the other way, which is in the cards.
I'm telling you, this is white-knuckle time, ladies and gentlemen.
All right, let's go to your phone calls.
I'm going to each person for about a minute.
Get to a lot of your calls.
Let's go ahead and talk to William in California.
What do you see happening, William?
Well, lately, I live in Santa Cruz, California.
It's a very liberal town, traditionally.
I've been seeing
Tons of Trump support.
You know, my friends and my family are all turning over to Trump.
They're seeing all the amazing work that he's done the past almost four years.
And like you said, the metrics show that he's going to win by a landslide.
And I really do have faith.
I'm praying to God.
I'm praying for Trump and his family.
But, you know, I'm a little bit worried about what the left and the Democrats have up their sleeves.
You know, I think we're going to see a lot of fraud in the vote and we're going to see a lot of
I totally agree with you, sir.
Thank you for the call.
I got up at like 6 a.m.
this morning, turned on my wife's iPad, making some coffee, and the feed is just full of Apple News.
Trump only has 10% of winning.
95% chance Biden wins, just so people don't go vote, so they feel like, oh, you know, Trump lost, I'm not gonna vote.
That's what they do.
Or in states like Texas, they go, oh, Trump's gonna win, so Republicans don't need to vote.
I was talking to a Republican neighbor.
Trump is going to be kicked out on the 20th because of the contesting.
Biden is going to back out, incapable of fulfilling.
Kamala Harris is constitutionally unable to become president with the birth requirements.
That makes Pelosi president of the United States.
You know, it's funny that you say that, because Pelosi's been saying, I've talked to COG, meaning the military, and I'm going to be president.
Did you hear her say that two months ago?
Well, yeah.
You put it on.
You know, I have to tell you, sir, that that is one of their plans.
They've said it is.
I can't... Because they're so bold.
That's the thing, is they get away with the COVID exaggeration and hoax.
They get away with all the PRISMA scams.
They get away with the pedophilia.
They get away... So, why shouldn't they keep doing this?
The only out that I see is arrest Joe Biden.
I mean, I hear you.
At some point, this ravenous group of criminals have to be stopped.
They're mad dogs.
And the government's full of scared lawyers.
Most of them aren't even traitors.
The Justice Department, they're just all scared, and they just don't know what to do, because no one will stand up and take these people on.
Well, I am, and President Trump is, and you are.
All the folks standing in the cold to see Trump speak when he finished a rally in Florida at 1 a.m.
last night.
That's a champion.
That's an ass-kicker compared to these scumbag traitors, these little sellouts to China.
God bless you.
Since you mentioned that, sir, here is the media.
This is a small sampling of this.
This is something called the Harris-Biden.
They're getting us ready.
They're getting us ready for Harris because they don't care if she's not legitimate or there's a debate about where she was really born or whatever.
It's Harris, who literally doesn't know what planet she's on as well.
Here she is.
So honored to introduce the next president of the United States, Senator Kamala Harris!
Harris administration together with Joe Biden.
Harris-Biden administration is going to relaunch that effort and keep pushing further to make it.
And I'm married to the next President of the United States!
My name is Joe Biden.
I'm Jill Biden's husband.
And I am Kamala's running mate.
That Noah, plan it, he's on.
A black man and a man at the lightbulb.
Not a white guy named Edison.
Oh my God.
The gaff's coming out of the sky.
He said last week he's running against George W. Bush.
There's a new one out where he says he's a grandma.
I mean, it's dementia.
I remember my grandfather was like 82, started doing that.
He had a stroke.
It was kind of sad, but you know, he was sitting there on his easy chair watching the NFL.
He wasn't trying to take over the most powerful country in the world with nuclear weapons.
This is just ridiculous.
Alright, we're gonna go to break.
Come back with all of these callers.
Lauren, David, everybody.
We're gonna get to all of you.
Laura Loomer's popping in.
She caught a Kamala Harris body double that they were pushing the parties.
Look, it's Kamala in there.
Her followers are already buying into such lies.
They're like, oh, it's Kamala.
It didn't even look like her.
I mean, they're in a cult.
They're crazy.
We're going to have 24-hour coverage starts tomorrow at 8 a.m.
right through this contested baby and it is going to be wild.
They're hoping evidence of election fraud and things around the country don't get out.
They've already implemented massive censorship.
It's going to intensify tomorrow and on Wednesday.
Mark my words, we're going to try to stay on air under the hack attacks and more.
At electionnight.news.
That's the new URL they haven't blacklisted yet that you're able to share.
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Hour number two, straight ahead.
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It's time to override the censors and get the truth out.
Okay, let's go right to your phone calls in the order they are received.
Again, I appreciate you all calling, but I'm not going to thank each caller.
I need to thank me so we can get to the next person.
David in California.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Thanks for taking my call, Alex.
Yes, sir.
San Diego is freaking crazy, man.
I've never seen so much support for any sort of presidential candidate at all.
And the amount of support and the amount of people that were out yesterday at the boat parade, the car parade, and everybody lined on the shore at Harbor Island, it was nuts, man.
I'm just, I know everybody's talking about a landslide and whatnot and even talking about
Going back, Red, as far as California, but that's a long shot, but I still think we need to... Well, sir, it's not a long shot.
When Democrats get control of a jurisdiction, they always engage in crime.
And then they indicted, what, three members of the House of Representatives that were going to win re-election last time?
I mean, they're just going to arrest everybody they can't beat.
Because if you're winning by like 75%, they can't steal it.
It's the way the computers work.
It's the way the ballot stuffing works.
And so California, of course, is really red.
But that's the thing.
People don't understand.
Democrats, if they get control of your jurisdiction, you never have a real election again.
That's why their party has to be politically eradicated.
They are a criminal group.
Sorry, go ahead.
That's the only reason why I say that because, you know, we got so many people that have infiltrated as far as like Democrats.
And I think that I think that numbers will turn out, but we really need to play chess with this.
And if they're really planning on contesting, then didn't we take a census this year?
Is there any way we can use those numbers as far as who's, you know... Look, the Democrats have been caught everywhere in massive fraud.
Look, California is going red.
Everybody knows that.
Either people are leaving or it's going red.
No one's buying into it.
Sir, we have all the internal metrics.
I covered them last night.
Two to one, people are searching how to vote Republican, vote Democrat.
The advertising clicks, the metrics, the internal numbers, and what's leaking out of the polling places and those processing ballots is a landslide.
That's why they pump tens of millions of fake ones they're hoarding that they're then starting to mail now or their operatives are going to bring in.
That's why Trump's demanding to know the names of who's transporting ballots and who the officers are.
Under law, they're supposed to know who voting officers are.
And in Michigan and in Pennsylvania,
And in other areas, the Democrats are refusing to follow the law and say who their names are.
Because I've watched past elections.
They'll have felons, always in white-collar fraud, running each of the major precincts.
That's why Trump wants the names.
Because I guarantee you, you'll notice on Wednesday, it's going to come out, that a whole bunch of thousands of felons are running things for the Democrats.
They are a criminal party.
It's who they are.
They're projecting.
They're projecting, and their projection says that they're committing fraud.
Their projection says that they're going to do their best to do the fraud.
You look at the fake Kamala Harris.
They're projecting, man.
Every single move, they're too stupid.
And they project their move up ahead of everything else.
Yeah, because these are traitors that sold out their country.
These are CHICOM operatives.
I agree.
They're a bunch of scum with the media backing them up, and the gaslighting doesn't work anymore.
Thank you, David.
All right, who's up next here?
That would be Lauren in New Mexico.
Lauren, you're on the air.
Thanks for holding.
Hey, Alex.
Man, I just got to tell you about how crazy it is here in New Mexico.
I wish it was for the Republicans, but unfortunately, man, the Democrats are going crazy here.
I keep on getting calls from
You know, Democrat, you know, support.
Oh, you're for Biden, aren't you?
I'm like, no, please stop calling me.
Man, we're getting Amber Alerts to stay home.
We're getting signs on the highways that we are in a red, red, red.
Oh, yeah, they're terrorizing everyone.
These are terrorists.
People badly here in New Mexico, man.
And I'm a new listener.
My husband's a new listener.
You know, we've been ordering.
We got t-shirts, you know, and I'm so thankful.
That you're out here, you know, spreading the truth.
And I really hope that I get to see you as president one day.
That would be... Well, New Mexico is a gorgeous state.
Great people.
But again, Democrats got control of your state.
We love you and we appreciate you, Laura.
Anything else you want to add?
I am full, full, full, full Trump.
And Alex Jones is president 2024.
There we go!
All right, thank you.
You're awesome.
Say hi to your husband for me.
We're gonna come back in 60 seconds and I'm going right back.
Bam, bam, bam.
Hanneman, John, Omar, Cruz, Harry, Tony, Christopher, Anthony, James.
If it keeps on raining, love is gonna break.
Going down, going down, down to Chicago.
Here's what's going down.
Alex Jones here back live, taking your phone calls on the eve of election.
Wouldn't want to be anywhere else.
Thanks for keeping me here.
Thanks for putting me here.
I salute you and thank you.
Don't thank me, I'm thanking you.
You're the ones that did this.
Everything you're seeing, America fighting for its life instead of just laying there and taking it.
And gaining background, that's you.
And it's not about kissing your ass.
It's about recognizing what you've done spreading the word, what you've done supporting us.
We are the tip of the spear and you are the literal metal alloy in that spear.
And you are the will of that spear or the spirit of that spear.
And I just love you.
Now, here's where I am in my gut.
And the gut is your subconscious brain that's 100 times more powerful or more than your conscious brain, that knows all the data, knows all the info, but if you consciously tried to hold it all at once, you'd go crazy.
The cerebral cortex is your limited focus.
So my instincts, my gut, my genetics, and then my spirit tell me, you've really woken up, I've woken up, the world's waking up, Bolsonaro, what's happening with Brexit, what's happening in Europe, Eastern Europe, Japan's super capitalist, anti-globalist now.
Africa's rebelling against the globalist.
Beautiful things are happening.
And so in the spirit, I feel good.
What really, God really cares about, we're all in touch with God if we open up that channel.
And God is pleased that we're waking up and saying no and recognizing good and evil.
But just because we're awake to it and just because Trump's really going to win in a landslide, doesn't mean he's going to win.
A lot of times when you're number one, you get destroyed.
Because we're not supposed to have what we want.
The devil is going to force-feed us what he wants us to have.
Hunchback demonic demons like Kamala Harris and Biden.
Those are slaves of evil.
Look at them!
The wages of sin are death.
Their minds are already dead.
Doesn't mean Trump's perfect, but he's not against you.
He's not out to get you.
He doesn't love destruction and poverty and wars and evil.
He likes life.
And so, they don't like him.
Because he's not part of their club.
He didn't get his money from them.
He's what they call an interloper.
An outsider.
Somebody that jumped the fence.
Somebody that shouldn't have gotten in with them.
All these inbred, trashy, nobody people.
So-called elitists, but they're the opposite.
And so just because your gut tells you and all the internal metrics and internal polls and web data show massive interest.
Five times the interest in Trump is what the metrics show.
Hell, look at the big rallies for Trump.
No one shows up for Biden.
But they've got the money and they've got the fraud and they've got the devil that runs this planet and they've got the 80 million fake ballots and so
They've been saying they're going to hold the election up, and they've been saying they're going to do that to keep Trump's eye on that.
And I agree, that's their sure thing that they'll default to.
But they're intending to steal this bigger than Dallas tomorrow.
And that's why they're, oh, we aren't going to let Trump announce.
And if Trump says, if these trusted news organizations, you know, they aren't even American owned, if they say Trump lost, he did.
And if he says he contested, we won't even let him contest.
And we're going to shut his Twitter down and shut him up.
Good luck.
You're going to fail.
But they've got all the big tech and all the media together to silence and gag our president.
And Congress will probably put up with that if it happens.
Hell, the president probably will.
Because these people have had us under their control so long.
Bitch-slapping us up and down the street.
Pimping us out that they think they can pull this off.
Now here's the good news.
I don't want Trump to lose.
But if they throw us in that briar patch and steal this, they really cooked their goose.
I mean, we're gonna have a spe- You think people are awake now and pissed off?
They killed Trump?
Or they stole this election from him?
They'd be smart to let him get in and try to sabotage and just do what they've been doing.
They're not like that, though.
They want power, and they want it now, because the Chinese are popping that whip, saying, you don't do what we're told, we'll release the dirt on you.
And so much dirt's come out, and so much evil's come out, that there are cornered rats now, and that makes them even more dangerous.
They're gonna make their move.
So just know this, if you've ever been bored in your life, and you're only excited when the NFL playoffs come up, this is a trillion times more important than that.
And, literally.
And it's insane, and dangerous, and crazy.
With Democrats running around like chickens with their heads cut off trying to crash the stock market.
We're at the edge of a cliff here, folks.
So, I mean, I normally pray sitting in a chair or laying in bed.
I've been getting on my knees every day for the last few months.
And sometimes I feel like I need to get on my knees and I get on my knees.
But I mean, I've been getting on my knees and my face on the ground the last few months because I want to be in direct, absolute, total focus on God.
Because this is so damn dangerous, okay?
So I'm telling everybody, this is it, okay?
This is the big, fat enchilada, like breaking the balls in the start of a pool game.
This is gonna decide the whole next generation, the whole next phase, the whole new system.
Whether the new age they talk about's a nightmare of devil worship and world collapse antichrist, or a system where we go through an antichrist system quickly and it's over fast.
This is God's given us a choice whether we want to have a controlled crash landing or an absolute devastating burn the whole damn planet down.
Because God gives us choices.
God sets the destiny.
I've studied this, but then we have a way to maneuver in our choices how that unfolds.
And so we're being given free will, predestination, but free will within that.
So there are different timelines that are set and we're deciding the damn timelines right now.
All right, let's go to a phone call here.
Who's been home the longest here?
I guess that'd be Hanneman in Oregon.
Thank you for holding.
Hi, Alex.
So, God bless you.
I'm glad I stocked up on silver gargle before it all went out.
I've been using that, and it's great.
Thanks so much.
And I think, in terms of President Trump, what powers does he have?
I mean, in the extreme.
We see the insurrection.
We see the sedition.
Infringements on the 14th Amendment.
All these states.
I live in Oregon.
It's a blue state.
And the extreme.
What powers can he take to just overthrow and cut the heads of the Hydra off?
Well, he has the Insurrection Act.
We're dealing with China.
The Democrats admit China's running them.
See, Pelosi knows it's coming out.
She's like, yeah, we work for China.
Big deal.
So she's normalizing that, inoculating us psychologically.
And so, he has the power of the Insurrection Act.
He has all sorts of powers.
Here's the problem.
He's got the rank-and-file police and military are good people.
And it's constitutional if he called them out against a foreign takeover.
But the leadership are a bunch of gelded lawyers.
And so, they never stick their head up.
They just go with the wind.
And so, the president is up there with his voice and his will, surrounded by cowards, basically.
Does he have the Marines around him?
Does he have the protection?
He knows!
He's the head of the game usually.
So, he's got to have the things in place.
Sure, the Reagan-Fall Secret Service are great people.
They're all great.
Reagan-Fall FBI is great people.
They all hate the deep state.
But, no, that's it.
It's Trump at the top, and then he's got the low-level people with him, almost 100%, and then just scum right in that management level, right up there at the top.
Never in my 70 years, and I was talking to my mother this morning, who's 90, have we seen this kind of support for a president.
Well, America knows it's fighting for its life, brother.
Yes, and so he has that support if he decides to go with it, take the reins, cut the heads of the Hydra off, do whatever it takes to stop this and save our country.
I agree, because I'm not someone that likes this type of stuff, but they're the ones already saying they're going to have secession and civil war.
We pray for him.
We pray for him.
God bless you.
Great call.
All right.
We got Laura Loomer popping in for two segments, and then I'm going to go right back to all your calls in the order they're received.
Christopher in Alabama is up next, and then Omar is up next, and then Cruz, and then right through everybody else, James, and then Jonathan.
I'll get to all of you, Harry.
Harry, we'll get to everybody.
Laura Loomer found the fake
Impersonator, body double of Kamala Harris.
And they were, the Democrats were, they're protecting her.
They were putting her on.
It's like, look, it's Halloween.
It's a, everything with these people is a scam.
Who would even think up crap like this?
So Laura Loomer confronted him.
She's running for Congress in Trump's district.
And she is in the polls winning, even in skewed polls, but we'll see what happens with the skullduggery.
It's all coming up.
I'm Alex Jones, InfoWars.com, NewsWars.com and ElectionNight.News.
That's the uncensored link for now.
Please share ElectionNight.News.
Stay with us.
Laura Loomer's done it again.
Biden campaign sends Kamala body double to Florida.
Big news!
Laura Loomer confronted her.
Europe imposed draconian lockdowns and cases were surging and deaths were surging.
But think of it, draconian.
Now they have to do it all over again.
What the hell are they doing?
I think I'm going to go over and explain it to them.
But, you know, they're locking down parts of Europe again.
By the way, when you think about it, though, in all fairness, look what China has done to the world.
China's reopened.
All right, Laura Loomer has done it again.
She's in Florida in her district, Trump's district.
Trump just voted for her last week.
And there is this woman posing with the campaign staff like she's Kamala they're all cheering for.
And Laura Loomer goes over and says, what in the hell is going on with you?
Acting like she's got Secret Service.
This is the level of their supporters are like lobotomized children.
We've got video coming up of a woman crying, saying, I just voted for Biden even though he's a pedophile, and she's crying, embarrassed she did it.
That's coming up.
But Laura Loomer, here's some of the video of just what happened last night.
Oh, it's her!
It's Kamala!
We're with her!
Thank you!
Thank you so much!
Oh my God!
I mean, it's all make-believe!
They even know she's not Kamala!
They don't care!
That's not Kamala Harris!
That must be... Doesn't even look like her!
That's not Kamala Harris!
You guys, you're hurting me!
That's not Kamala Harris!
It looks nothing like her!
Very deceptive to the voters to send body doubles out!
Very deceptive.
Look at these cooks.
The fake Kamala Harris.
All right, joining us is Laura Loomer.
Laura, a congressional candidate, ahead even in their skewed polls, unless there's massive fraud set to win tomorrow big.
But Hillary put a tweet out.
She said, oh, the election is not over until all the votes have been counted.
They admit their strategy is never have all the votes counted.
Just like Bill Gates says, we'll never end the lockdown until there's not one COVID case.
Well, it's a new virus they created.
It's never going to go away.
I mean, it's like saying we can never open America until TB is gone.
They didn't find the cure, never will probably.
Laura Loomer, this is a big deal.
It's very emblematic of the plastic banana baloney of these people.
Yeah, look, everything about the Democrat Party is completely fake and manufactured, and you're right.
Look, this is why we need every single Republican, every single free-thinking American patriot, regardless of your party affiliation, to get out and vote down-ballot Republican, because this is the fight of our lifetime.
Okay, and yesterday just at the polls, to give you an example, the same polling location where I caught the Biden campaign sending a fake Kamala Harris body double, they were actually calling the police on me and Republicans and just everyday voters who didn't want to wear masks at the polls.
There was a black man who showed up in a MAGA hat and he started talking about abortion and how he was voting for Trump and voting Republican and encouraged people to not vote for Joe Biden after Kamala and Biden
Have locked up so many black men.
They've locked up more black men together than anybody else on this planet, right?
And the white liberal Biden supporters are trying to call the cops on this free-thinking black man.
So, you know, they want to shut you down.
They want to ban you for posting facts.
They want to deplatform you.
If you're speaking the truth, they want to force you to wear a mask.
Okay, we're talking about medical sharia here.
I really don't see a difference between forcing somebody to wear a face mask and forcing somebody to wear a mask.
You coined that this is medical Sharia.
Yeah, that's what I'm calling it.
That is that is that is my term for it because I don't see any difference between forcing people to cover up their face with a mask.
Okay, you're silencing them.
You're calling the cops on them.
You're trying to lock them up.
This is what they do to women in the Middle East.
You know, you want to stay locked up?
You want to be covered up for the rest of your life?
Move to the Middle East?
This is definitely out of an Islamic playbook.
This is definitely there.
Laura Loomer.
The fact is, she gets out of a black SUV with fake Secret Service.
We've got a radio listener who's described this to people.
And they actually, she comes up and is saying, I'm Kamala, and they're taking photos with her.
But this is just, how dumb are these people?
What the hell's their problem?
It goes to show you how dumb the Biden campaign thinks the voters are and how dumb their staffers actually are.
Because they went as far as renting a stretch limo, Alex, and then they showed up.
This is how evil these people are, is they try to trick minorities, right?
So this is a predominantly black and Hispanic polling location, the Lantana Branch Library.
See, I would never think, I'm going to speak to black folks or Hispanics, let me put on a clown outfit because they're dumb.
Why do they think like that?
Why do they do this?
I don't know, but you can hear in the video all the black women chanting, oh it's Kamala, Kamala, Kamala.
And then you see the Biden staffer on video taking a selfie with her and I'm like, hey dude, that's not Kamala Harris.
You're being duped.
Are you kidding me?
And then you see him kind of look nonchalantly.
And then you caused them on the tape.
Correct me if I'm wrong, Laura.
They then run away though, because he was probably going to hang out for hours.
Yeah, because I called them out.
So then they have this stretched limo pull up around the other side and then they're running and then you see they're looking back at me because I caught them on camera.
And again, these are the same people that said hospitals were all full and had actors posing going in circles.
That's now confirmed.
Yeah, and you know, the rest of the video hasn't even been released.
I have the Biden staffers on video, and I'll send it to InfoWars exclusively if you want.
The Biden staffers saying, who cares if it's not the real Kamala Harris?
It doesn't matter.
So they didn't even admit
That they don't care if it's real or not, because they're trying to dupe voters.
And you have all these voters at the polls waiting in line, getting excited, thinking that Kamala Harris is actually campaigning, taking selfies with her.
Yeah, send it to us during the break, because I want to come back, I want to play the clip again, I want to play this other one.
But this is the thing, it's like...
They say there's not two genders, then they target little mentally ill boys that have autism and tell them, we're going to do your hair, you're a girl, let's chop your balls off.
And it's a Tavistock Institute plan to sterilize men.
I mean, it's admittedly, we know the plan.
I'm not against a dude that wants to grow up and say he's a woman.
I'm a libertarian at that level.
But I mean, the idea that... And you know what's crazy about this is the Democrats, they tried everything that they...
Yes, we are.
Meanwhile, the Republicans aren't utilizing body doubles.
Remember when they called me and you conspiracy theorists when Hillary was running and we said she was using body doubles because she was?
Well, now we actually have it on video.
The Democrats are using body doubles.
Joe Biden doesn't have the energy.
Kamala Harris doesn't have the energy to campaign.
So they're shoving them in the basement and then they're sending out body doubles with masks.
And this is why they want people to wear masks, Alex, because if you take the mask off, you're going to see it's a body double.
Oh, absolutely.
It destabilizes society.
It just gets us ready for fraud.
And stay there.
I'm going to come back to Laura Loomer because this is so big.
I'm remembering now videos we've seen that look like fake Kamala Harris body doubles before.
People said, hey, that's not Kamala Harris.
And it isn't.
They're doing this all over the place.
These people are crazy.
I mean, who knows?
Maybe the real Kamala Harris is dead.
Who knows?
Welcome back.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
On the eve of the election, we got 24-hour coverage starting tomorrow at 8 a.m.
I want to thank the great crew that's here.
We've beefed up the crew the last year ahead of this, but it's still a skeleton crew to go 24 hours a day, day after day.
But we're going to be doing it with your calls, your analysis videos, the stuff that's censored that big tech doesn't want you to see.
Like the laptop story, all that is coming out and more.
Things even bigger, election fraud, you name it.
We are checking the emails.
We're getting calls.
We're taking your calls.
We're talking to experts.
We're going to be putting on air all the stuff they don't want you to know about.
Starting tomorrow morning.
Hell, we're doing it right now.
But it's not a theory.
And I'm not against people that have theater degrees.
Hell, Rob Dew works here and has a theater degree and does a great job as our news director.
So I like the theater.
But liberals tend to go get theater degrees and there's not a lot of Hollywood jobs now.
And so they mainly then get into politics.
That's a fact.
And so I notice with the left, it's all about show.
It's all about theater.
It's all about
We're good to go.
In Palm Beach, at a mainly minority polling place, them saying, it's Kamala!
And then you want to believe Kamala came to see me!
And she looks a lot like her, and you're like, yay, Kamala!
And they're like, yeah, it's just these, you know, dumb minorities we're conning, I mean.
This is sick.
If this had been a bunch of white people, it'd be the same thing, too.
But it's the staffers trying to manipulate these poor people.
This is sick, evil deception.
But there was Toto.
There was the, you know, the two-year-old.
I'm not saying she's a two-year-old, but the allegory saying the emperor's not wearing any clothes.
Somebody's got to call BS and Laura Loomer did it.
Go ahead and roll the video again, please.
That's not Kamala.
Hi, guys.
You are amazing.
I said I was here to see you.
Thank you so much.
And then staffers pose.
That's not Kamala Harris.
To prime the pump.
To con everyone.
That's not Kamala Harris.
God, these are criminals, man.
God, these are sickos, man.
They fundamentally want to con.
Now there's a Secret Service for her limo.
That's a party of frauds.
It's who they are.
Laura Lohmer, you've knocked it out of the park.
Hillary says, though, they're going to just contest the election.
What are you expecting?
What are the numbers you're seeing in your race?
They're in that key state of Florida, just in general.
How's the president doing?
Looks like he's doing, from internal numbers we've seen and also the internet metrics, a bigger landslide than last time.
What do you think?
Well, from the numbers I'm seeing on the ground, President Trump is three to four points ahead right now, which would, you know, indicate, obviously, a landslide, because as they say, how goes Florida, goes the nation.
And I'm pulling ahead of Lois Frankel, even though the media just, you know, wants to push out fake polls and fake information about my race, I'm telling you.
I mean, we go to the polls, we go anywhere, people recognize me.
I have Biden supporters in line who say they're not voting for Trump, but they're voting for me, okay?
Lois Brinkle is one of the most hated members of Congress, one of the laziest members of Congress, and I'm confident that I'm going to make history tomorrow by becoming the youngest woman ever elected to Congress and also the first de-platformed and banned candidate.
And look, while Kamala Harris is sending out fake body doubles to the polls in the Biden campaign, and I just sent you guys another angle so you can see up close,
When I confronted them even more, she turned around and tried to pretend like she was doing something with some campaign literature to not be on camera.
You can load that video up next.
But President Trump was in Miami, Florida last night at 11.30 at night, okay?
In Miami-Dade where they have mask mandates and lockdown still, and he was able to get tons of people out there.
It was an absolute party in Miami-Dade County for President Trump, and there's no energy for Joe Biden.
I mean, there's such a lack of energy that they have to have
Fake body doubles at the polls, Alex.
So if this is a free and fair election, Trump wins, I win, Republicans win across the board.
But look, they're already trying to intimidate voters by scaring people, saying, oh, if you live in a major city, you know, you can't buy any ammo, all the guns are sold out, all the ammo is sold out, we're boarding up the businesses, because who's going to riot?
Well, it's not the Trump supporters that are rioting, it's Antifa, okay?
And the fact that
Businesses and police officers are even encouraging businesses to board up their businesses.
They're trying to get them to do it.
In fact, I'm glad you raised that.
Here's Trump at his last night's Florida rally till 1 a.m.
despite curfew, says Fox News.
It's like when I was at Joe Rogan's studio.
He tested everyone for COVID.
We were all clean.
Then we all took a photo together and the London Independent said they didn't social distance harass them.
They're using this selectively to go after everybody and try to kill dissent.
Here it is.
Screw that mayor's curfew that tries to violate people's free speech in a political rally with the president.
And I'm glad that President Trump is trumping all their action and calling Fauci out and calling the European lockdowns out.
I mean, we're seeing here in the final days full Trump.
It's the best I've seen yet.
I am really excited, Laura.
I'm excited, too, and I think the people have had enough.
That's why they were booing Carlos Gimenez last night, who, in fact, voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016 and is now coming around as a so-called Trump supporter.
So the people have had enough.
I mean, these are Republicans at a Trump rally booing him.
You know, not booing the president, but booing this rhino, this rhino who is trying to force people to wear masks.
I'm glad to see that the Republicans and the base are starting to call out a lot of these rhinos who are enabling the globalists and the radical left.
Let me show a 30-second clip of a rally in Georgia before he went to Miami last night.
This guy's doing five, six events a day now.
Just a total Trojan.
An absolute barbarian.
Here it is.
No social distancing there.
We're breaking the back to hysteria, breaking the back to fear.
Screw the Globals, man.
Thank God for Trump.
I didn't know what was happening at first with COVID.
Then I learned it was all a big overblown fraud.
Trump did the right thing, and now he's standing up against them.
He tried to stop it coming here, looked like it was bad.
It got here, they said, oh, it's our fault, we never open again.
They exaggerate, and he says, screw this!
I think Trump has handled things about as perfectly as you could.
Pragmatically, being here seven days a week, watching every second of it.
Laura Loomer, running for Congress there.
The President voted for you last week.
I think the President's done a superhuman job.
I'm just being honest.
I'm not kissing his ass.
I'm just being honest.
Superhuman, Laura.
What do you think of this?
Well, look, he's got a lot of energy, and as somebody who's running for Congress myself right now, I mean, I'm at the polls all day long in the glaring heat and the sun, you know, getting sunburned, talking to voters, trying to reach people with no social media.
And the president gets attacked every single day, and he travels across the country and does three rallies.
I'm just going to tell you, the president of the United States has more stamina and more energy than most people my age.
Uh, because sometimes I get tired just watching him at these rallies, so you gotta give it to him.
I've never seen such an energetic, enthusiastic president in my life, and just
You know, we're in the final stretch, less than 40 hours to go until the results come in, and the fact that the President has this much energy to go until 1 o'clock in the morning, it's amazing.
By the way, for folks who don't know, exactly 74, it's the weather, it's the helicopters, it's the Secret Service, it's the dignitaries, it's all the behind the scenes.
That's what's stressful, not even the speeches.
It's the travel.
This guy's all, believe me folks, I've talked to
Rock stars that couldn't do this in their prime.
He is doing stuff.
He's God sent.
And we should be thanking God for Donald Trump and for Laura Loomer.
Laura Loomer, everybody's got to get out tomorrow and vote for you, sweetheart.
But regardless, I think you're going to win.
You came from behind.
But regardless, you are a winner because you're a fighter and you have positioned yourself regardless to get into Congress.
And we are so excited.
Well thank you, Alex, and we have a final stretch left and I still need people to support my campaign.
We still have things we need to pay for, so if anybody's listening, please go to LauraLumerForCongress.com and donate whatever you can, whether it's $5, $10, $20, because it's not over till it's over.
And tell me, you've got lawyers ready to contest things, right?
Because you know they're going to try to steal it.
You've got lawyers ready, right?
We have our lawyers ready, and that's why I still need people to contribute to my campaign.
No, it's just this war takes money.
Winning the war takes cash, folks.
We love you.
Thank you, Laura.
We're all living in America!
In 2020, when Donald Trump is president, with a zombie as his enemy,
Let's get right into it, then back to your phone calls.
Hillary Clinton came out three hours ago and said the election will be over when all the votes are counted.
Because they sent out a bunch of fake ones they're sitting on top of.
New from Biden campaign manager, Jen O'Malley.
Dylan, under no circumstances, under no scenario will Donald Trump be declared a victor on election night.
Under no scenario!
Even if they were all counted!
Even if the evidence shows he won by such a landslide that all other ballots counted for Biden wouldn't add up to a Biden victory.
It doesn't matter!
No, no, no!
We're not gonna do it!
We're gonna break off our states and take control of them!
We control it!
We stole it!
We work for the Chinese!
Communists, you won't stop us!
Don't worry, Twitter and Facebook and Google say there's seven trusted groups that are allowed to declare the election.
The same ones that censor everything.
ABC, AP, CNN, CBS, The Discussion Desk HQ, Fox News and NBC.
Which means MSNBC, although they're two separate bills.
So, there you go, folks.
It's on.
It's crazy.
It's insane.
It's wild.
Let's jam in.
Five calls right now in the next nine minutes.
Who is up next?
Christopher in Alabama!
Come on down, Christopher.
Alex, man.
Great to talk to you, man.
I'm just, I'm telling you now that Haskell, Ray, Barr, all these people have to be put out of commission for us to keep going in the country.
Not because we want them to, you know, feel bad and feel like an idiot.
If we don't do anything to stop these people, they're going to continue to do this.
This is about the rest of the world, the rest of the future.
I agree.
And they've committed so many crimes now.
Don't get in trouble.
So the crimes get bigger and more insane.
It's about the media.
They have took over the entire country, man.
I mean, if this was 200 years ago, George Washington would have had these people on a spike.
They would have been hanging and swinging.
Well, there's no doubt that Trump's right.
The mainstream media is the enemy of the American people, brother.
This is not fair to our future.
Our kids, our grandkids, our great-grandkids.
This is not fair.
Sir, I agree.
It's an attempted foreign multinational takeover.
This is an attempted takeover of the country.
You're damn right.
But they've already took almost everything over, Alex.
We have to fight back.
And Trump's all we have.
If Trump is Trump,
I totally agree.
God bless you.
Thanks for holding, sir.
Next up.
John in California.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
I got lots of questions to ask, but I'll try and keep this brief, so I'm only going to ask you one question.
In terms of the election, I'm going to be honest.
I'm really scared.
Say that again.
Your phone's breaking up.
You have a question about the election.
Go ahead.
Okay, well I got lots of questions, but I'm only going to ask you one.
In terms of the election, I'm pretty scared that it's going to get stolen.
And earlier you said California will probably flip red, but I really, I don't want to contradict you, but I highly doubt it.
No, no, no.
I don't think it's going to vote for Trump.
I'm saying it's really red, sir.
The Democrats, once they take over, engage in fraud.
California's going to go blue.
I'm saying it's really red.
Well, anyway, I'm afraid that this election is going to get stolen, and I can't speak for everyone, but it's going to spark a second Civil War, one way or another.
In fact... Well, yeah, that's what the Chi-Coms want, and that's what the Democrats know they're losing, so their orders are, break the country up.
And so that's going to be their move, absolutely.
So the moment of truth is here.
Okay, well, the question I really want to ask you about... Sure, your phone's a little weird, so just get your question in real quick, brother.
The Libertarian Party.
Joe Jorgensen.
I don't know if he's talked about this.
Joe Jorgensen and the Libertarian Party have been gaining a lot of steam.
And I don't mean to diminish or patronize.
The Libertarian Party has a bunch of Democrats running it, in my view.
I mean, I like some Libertarian ideas on social issues, but overall they're a joke.
I'm not trying to poo-poo what you're saying.
Sorry, I just gotta move the next caller, because your phone's really echoey.
I can barely understand it.
Okay, let's take another call here.
Let's talk to Harry in Oklahoma.
Go ahead, sir.
Hey Alex, how's it going?
Welcome sir, go ahead.
Thank you.
So I think the amount of support we have for Trump is unparalleled.
It's completely obvious.
I think, you know, we have Biden voters trying to switch their votes for Trump.
But my question is, I'm wondering if for the next four years, whether or not Trump will be elected or Biden, if Fauci will stick around.
With all the money and resources we have invested into the vaccines, the national stockpile, all the states going into lockdown and doing the testing.
No, I hear you.
I didn't mean to talk over you.
I was just telling them, get clip one ready because Trump knows how to take control from them.
Oh, Bill Gates wants to control vaccines.
He wants to tell you when they're coming out.
Trump takes control with other vaccines just to kill it, making it on issue.
And then we forget about it that nobody takes the vaccine.
I know Trump's tactic doesn't mean I totally agree with it, but absolutely he's going to fire Fauci.
Fauci's finally risen his ugly head.
Let's play a clip of Trump talking about this last night.
Here it is.
Because all they want to do, you turn on the news.
We'd like to talk about COVID.
And then next, here's what happens.
November 4th, you won't hear too much about it.
You won't hear too much about it.
Don't tell anybody, but let me wait till a little bit after the election.
You know where Fowler... I appreciate the advice.
You know where Fire Fauci came from?
Fire Fauci came from us in April.
Here in Austin, Texas, I started the chant, Fire Fauci, and it spread across the land.
And I'm trying to take credit for it.
It shows what grassroots activity does.
It's obvious.
Then I started saying that's not enough.
Arrest Fauci.
We have the Arrest Fauci and Bill Gates t-shirt.
Limited edition.
Available at InfoWarsTore.com.
Harry, so you brought that up.
Go ahead.
So all the money and the resources they have invested into all these vaccines, especially the U.S., you know, with Fauci, there's 179 vaccines.
You mentioned the mRNA vaccine earlier.
There's not just one mRNA vaccine, there's seven.
And so there are all these different vaccines, and like I said, the mass immunization events that they have coming up.
But yeah, as far as yesterday, when Trump said, you know, after the election might fire Fauci, I don't know, I think that's
They're going to bring that up again.
All the vaccine, the lockdown.
Well, let's be clear what the mRNA vaccine is.
And you're right, there's more than seven.
There's actually hundreds they're developing, but seven that Gates is involved in.
He says you got to take four to five a year to test it on you and see what works.
So you're literally becoming a guinea pig or a chinchilla or a lab rat.
It's illegal.
It's BS.
And people are rioting in a socialist controlled state of Brazil where they're announcing forced inoculations next month.
Bolsonaro is trying to block it, but it's the socialists saying, you're going to wear a mask, you're going to take shots worldwide.
This is their move, is medical tyranny to scare us.
They tried class warfare.
They tried race warfare.
They tried calling everybody Nazis.
That didn't work.
So now, we're just going to put a mask on you and you can't leave your house.
It's a cult takeover.
Thank you for the call.
Alright, next caller.
Cruz in Maryland.
Cruz, thanks for holding her on the air.
Hey Alex, thanks for having me on the call and everything.
Honestly, what I think about the election is, well, I live in Carroll County, Maryland, and it's kind of a, it's more of a red county, but you know, Maryland being very blue almost every other time.
I've just seen a flood of just Trump, Trump, Trump support, and it's just, I like to see it, but I just don't know.
I think that Trump will end up becoming victorious and we're going to see Trump come into his second term, but I think they're going to contest the election and during the contesting, like you said, the riots that are going to be huge.
I don't know what to think about it.
That's what I'm kind of worried about, but other than that, that's what I think about the election.
Brother, I agree with you.
It's totally insane what's going down.
And we're just trying our best to navigate through this.
And it's not that Trump's perfect or you're perfect or I'm perfect.
It's that we're Americans.
We believe in our system.
It's a lot better than other systems.
And foreign banks and foreign corporations and the Chinese Communist...
They've had so much power, they look at our open, free society, and they go, those are a bunch of weaklings, we can take them over.
Because they've gotten away with so much, they think we're stupid.
And now they're going for broke.
Thank you so much for your call.
All right, I'm going to start the next hour, 15 minutes of more calls, and Dr. Steve Pucinich pops in to give us his take on what Trump's doing right, what Trump's doing wrong, and inside baseball from the intelligence community about what's coming next.
That's in the third hour.
We're going to be right back.
Spread the election sight.
The globalists are trying to censor what you can see and what you can share.
Don't let them win.
Go to our emergency election newsletter at InfoWars.com forward slash newsletter.
Sign up for free and get intel they don't want you to have and then share it.
InfoWars.com forward slash newsletter.
It's time to override the censors and get the truth out.
Yeah, but the Democrats don't even look like an angel.
They don't talk like an angel.
They walk and talk like a cryptkeeper.
And they lie incessantly.
The woman that looks like an angel, Melania, never even talks other than the Lord's Prayer.
It'd be bad enough if a good-looking woman like that, smart-looking woman like that, was actually telling me lies, but she's not.
Instead, it's a bunch of hunchbacked, skexy demons telling me lies.
There's an article now on InfoWars.com by Paul Joseph Watson.
It's official.
Biden campaign manager under no scenario will Trump be allowed to declare victory.
That's a quote.
I mean, they're not even hiding it.
And Twitter comes out and says, absolutely.
No one is allowed to challenge things of the Republican.
Only Democrats have free speech.
Only Democrats can say who they thought won.
Man, they'll do a few token Democrats they ban, but this is the internet kill switch right on time going into place.
All right.
Let me scan through the sea of wonderful callers and who's been holding the longest.
And that'll be Omar in California.
Omar, thank you for holding.
Go ahead.
Hey, how you doing, Alex?
It's a pleasure to talk to you, sir.
It's an honor.
I've been waiting to talk to you for 11 years.
Go ahead, sir.
Thank you, sir.
Me and my brothers and my family, we're from Yemen, and it looks like it's a siege on America.
It looks like America is being
Uh, under war, basically.
You know?
Like, they're shutting down the factories.
They're making people poor.
Uh, just... You just said it.
It's classic siege.
We're under sanctions.
We're under global government sanctions.
That's all this is.
This is exactly what they do in our country, in Yemen, in the Middle East, right before they're about to make a big move.
They prepare it.
It's the same thing.
Same thing.
And the media is going to be the main one that makes the big move.
The media.
You've lived it, sir.
You've got the floor for two and a half minutes.
We love you.
Tell us what it's like to go under siege first before you get attacked.
Checkpoints everywhere.
Right before they threw off our president, Ali Abdullah Saleh, and put the country under siege, there's checkpoints everywhere.
You can't talk about certain people in the government.
Um, people started, people in the government that were, uh, not with the president, like, against him, started coming out and talking bad about him, and then, uh, bam, just everything just starts going crazy once they make their first move.
It's, uh, it looks like- So you've lived through a coup against a popular president, you say you see the same thing happening?
Yes, sir, and I want to thank you because you had an interview with some, uh, I can't remember his name, Lindsey something in 2010.
And he talked about how Yemen was going to go under war.
And we listened to that interview, me and my family, and we got out of Yemen right before the war started because of that interview.
So I want to thank you, sir.
I was able to... That was Lindsey Williams who had a major oil company... Lindsey Williams, yes.
He had a major oil company executive that he was a chaplain with, yeah.
And he said, keep your eyes on Yemen.
Do you remember that?
And I remember that, and because of that interview that you did, I was able to watch it, and we left Yemen two months before the war started.
Wow, that's the power of the truth, brother.
And we love you, brother, and all my family loves you.
We love your product.
Well, we appreciate you.
Look at Trump trying to end the wars.
He wants peace for the Middle East.
He wants to build hotels and make the Middle East beautiful like it used to be, and we can all be friends.
In New York, the Yemenis, they love Trump now because New York is trash.
Everybody loves him now.
They're sick of the Democrats.
My sister, she's been a Democrat all her life in New York.
Now she's sick of them.
She's voting for Trump now.
What is wrong with the Democrats?
They're just devils.
You know what?
I think what Trump is trying to do, he's trying to show everybody what's going on.
He's basically letting them burn themselves out.
In the end, we're going to make the big decision.
Because all they want to do, you turn in the news.
We'd like to talk about COVID.
And then next year, here's what happens.
November 4th, you won't hear too much about it.
You won't hear too much about it.
Don't tell anybody, but let me wait till a little bit after the election.
I appreciate the advice.
I appreciate that.
No, he's been wrong on a lot.
He's a nice man, though.
He's been wrong on a lot.
Well, from your...
Lips to God's ears, and I mean up to God, back down to Trump.
Here's the New York Times back on April 16th.
Alex Jones, Owen Schroer, and others led a evil rally that didn't show social distancing and all.
And Jones even shook hands and they chanted, fire Fauci, arrest Bill Gates.
So there it is, memorialized.
Coronavirus fuels protests against coronavirus lockdowns.
Or conservatives fuel protests against conservative lockdowns.
Absolutely incredible time to be alive right now.
And just the expectation of the last few years, the buildup, and now we're here.
If Trump gets reelected, he's not your normal politician.
He's going after them all.
He's going to put people in that will go after him.
And it is going to be retribution.
Not in the name of just vengeance, but to get these people off our backs.
And that's why they're so scared.
That's why this is so dangerous.
This is real.
There's not just BS in the universe.
We've been living decades of BS and lawyers and politicians and weenie behavior.
And now it's coming down to real stuff, folks.
This is very real.
This ain't theater.
That's why they're so scared.
This isn't Republicans and Democrats acting like they're fighting with each other and sharing power.
This is the CHICOM's controlling the Democrats, the decision being made in government to join the people and say no to this.
And so you've got a large contingent in government and corporate America who don't want to sell out the country, and they just operate through people like Trump and myself who are willing to put our necks out there.
And we're strong, we're getting stronger by the minute.
And I told you last week, the enemy began to capitulate as the Chinese agents got arrested around the country, almost no news coverage, and that their whole networks were falling, and the Chinese started turning money off about two weeks ago, when this Hunter Biden thing came out.
And so, the globalists are scared now.
They're in their foxholes, radioing back to HQ, and there ain't any transmission coming back.
Which almost makes it more dangerous.
But it definitely means they're losing.
So, let's not believe we've completed this mission.
It's like you're 70 years old, your kids are 40, 45, and they have good lives, but you're still not sure they ended up well.
Don't ever count your chickens till they're hatched, folks.
Trump better go after him.
We better get moral.
We better go to God.
We better get on our knees.
We better be better people ourselves.
Because this was, if Trump gets in, this is a major reprieve.
It's still going to be rough.
Still trade war.
Still globalism.
They're still control blue states.
Trying to go after your sons.
Trying to go after your daughters.
And they're still there.
But, I mean, this will be a devastating victory.
The likes of which we've never experienced if Trump gets elected again.
And then if we see this through the next four years, but if we squander it and sit around and just stick our thumbs in our you-know-what's, then we deserve what happens.
All right, who's been holding it down the longest?
That would be Anthony in Florida.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey Alex.
Yes, sir.
Hey, yeah, I think that the president definitely has some good lawyers around him, because it's going to come down to the legal aspects of it all.
And he should definitely take it before the Supreme Court, because, quite frankly, that is the law of the land.
He's got that good woman in there now.
What do you think about that?
Well, no, Trump knows it's probably coming out of the Supreme Court because the Democrats, the Supreme Court just ruled that two states can basically stay open for weeks.
So it's kind of a betrayal.
Trump's criticized it.
So I hope, I hope the Supreme Court follows the Constitution here because these ballots were unconstitutional the way they mailed them out on purpose to cause this.
But that's what I'm saying is cross your fingers, my friend.
I'm not sure we're out of this yet.
And I was wondering if you could focus a little bit, too, about some of the national races, what's going on nationally as far as races are concerned.
Yeah, that's a great idea.
I'm going to ask Owen Schroer, coming up in the War Room.
He's good at that.
And I am, too.
Guys, give me all the printouts, obviously, tomorrow as they unfold.
We're going to be covering the Senate races, the House races.
We're going to be covering all the elections as they come in.
We're going to have the big board up here.
We're going to have all the different states.
We'll be monitoring CNN, Fox News.
We'll be monitoring all of them.
I'll give you the latest.
Okay, thanks Anthony.
All right, let's now go to Jonathan in Arizona.
Jonathan, welcome.
Hey Alex, can you hear me?
Yes sir, welcome.
Hey man, I just want to do two things, man.
If it's fine with you, if I could pray with you and the listeners right now, right before the election, because I think now more than ever, I think we need the hand of God here over this country, this country that we love so much.
Everybody should be praying constantly.
Go ahead.
Okay, so if everybody, if you're working, wherever you're at, if you could bow your head and close your eyes real quick.
In the name of Jesus, Father, we come before you.
Thank you Lord for allowing us this privilege and this opportunity to come together in unity.
Over this nation, asking you, Father, that you guide the hands, Father, of President Trump, that you manifest your glory over this election, that you give every one of us the strength, the power, the wisdom, the knowledge, the understanding to overcome the enemy.
We know that the Bible says that in the last days, good will become evil and evil will become good, but we are here standing in your righteous word, in the name of Jesus, declaring victory before we have even entered into the war.
We leave ourselves in your hands.
In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray.
Somebody say amen wherever you're at.
Amen, brother.
I hear you.
I can feel the Holy Spirit.
It's very strong.
Can you feel how strong the Spirit is right now?
I've never felt this strong.
I feel chills in my body.
I'm actually a pastor here in Arizona, and I even feel it because I know that not only our Christian nation, but our
Our patriots are rising up together in Udine.
Alex, I'm a huge fan.
There's one thing I want to do before I hang up.
I love when you yell, man.
I love whenever you shout.
So if I can shout with you, man, I'll battle cry.
I want to do it, but my voice is almost gone.
But I'll do it.
Let's do it.
You want a war?
You got one!
They better know!
They've seen what happened when they sent that bus in.
We peacefully surrounded it.
They started trying to attack our vehicles.
Then they went and crashed.
They started the fight.
If it goes to a war, they're going to lose it.
And they need to know it.
They have taken our kindness for weakness, and it all ends.
God bless you, Jonathan.
Yeah, they had the Democrats trying to run folks off the road.
Then they called the FBI.
They want to defund the police.
They hate the FBI.
They hate everything.
But oh, oh, but now it's going to save them.
Absolutely disgusting.
Yeah, look at that Biden truck bumping into people.
Look at it.
Play that again.
It comes over, out of its lane, and starts bumping the vehicle.
And then it's on the news that they attacked the Democrats.
That guy comes all the way, halfway out of his lane, and then can't believe it when the Ford truck twice as big as its little vehicle.
I mean, that is so archetypal.
You've got that Ford truck following the Biden vehicle, doing nothing.
And here comes the Libtard attacking, and now the FBI's investigating if Proud Boys were there.
First, they demonized the Proud Boys, and I was like, oh, the Proud Boys, they're bad.
Nothing to do with the Proud Boys.
The Proud Boys are great.
And then, the car couldn't believe it got rammed back.
That's just the beginning.
We should have gone out to break, not your fault, but let's come back in with maybe Road Warrior, go out the next break with Road Warrior.
All right, Dr. Steve Pachinik.
On his take on all of this, and he's very excited about what Trump's been doing about Dr. Fauci and so much more.
That's next segment.
And after he leaves us, I'm going to get to JB, Bill J. Jefferson, and many others before this transmission ends, the 24-hour coverage begins.
We're getting Dr. Steve McKinnick's Skype lined out.
He'll be on with us.
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Now, while we're lining up our next guest who's having Skype problems, let's go ahead and take some more phone calls.
Let's talk to
Nick in Michigan.
Nick, go ahead.
Thank you.
Alex, uh... Uh... I'm here, Nick.
Go ahead.
You got me?
Hey, uh... You know, you have a new ad about vetting your news sources and stuff, brother.
We vetted our news sources.
I got people all over the world listening to you now because you're the only one that has been vetted and everything's been right.
With this election, I live here in Southern Michigan.
You can drive all over the whole state and it's all Trump.
I don't know how there's a possibility that Trump doesn't take Michigan.
How's it looking there?
Well, I totally agree with you.
That's why I'm about to talk to Dr. Steve Pucinich and we just got on the line.
Biden campaign manager, under no scenario will Trump be allowed to declare victory.
Under no scenario?
Now they're saying we're never going to capitulate, we're never going to concede, and he'll never be president.
Pelosi said that two days ago, very cryptically.
Hillary just tweeted, the election will be over when all the votes are counted.
Well, they made it where that's impossible.
So I hear you, brother.
What do you think is going to happen, Nick?
I think Trump's going to win in an absolute landslide to the point where they can't even feel it.
I mean, that's perfect scenario for us.
I agree to you, two to one Google searches, two to one Google searches in the last six months, how to vote Republican versus Democrat.
There's all these other metrics, much better than polls, show huge victories.
And then exit polls show way more Republicans voting and early voting than Democrats.
That's backwards.
That's the opposite way it usually is.
I mean, this is going to be a landslide, but that's the problem.
They're just going to have the media say he didn't win.
It's a crazy time, Nick.
Hey, can I have a quick shout-out to my brother in California?
Yeah, go ahead, brother.
I got a brother, James, in California.
He's a high school football coach, and I got a brother, Tim, in Japan right now with Active Duty Marine Corps, and they're listening to you right now, brother, and you're... I can't believe I'm coming on the same day as that kid Omar from Yemen.
I listened to him live on The War Room with Owen Schroyer, and his story proved
You are, I mean, the undisputed truth when it comes to news, when it comes to everything, Alex.
And I just want to say, I know you hate, I know you don't like people saying thank you and stuff, but man, that kid's... No, I hear you.
I appreciate your call, Nick.
We're all in this together is all I'm saying is thanking me for self-preservation.
That's like thanking me for, you know, not falling off my bicycle.
I mean, I'm just trying to have a good life with all of you here.
Dr. Steve Pachinick joins us, former head of psychological operations at the State Department, ran major for
We're good to go.
I'm not concerned as much about the Democrats as they think they're that powerful.
In other words, Trump will win.
Either way, Trump will remain in power.
I can assure you that.
I can't speak on behalf of the intelligence community, but I can say on my behalf
That he will remain in position as the President of the United States, whatever they might declare, whatever Biden might declare.
But Trump has said it very clearly.
You have a choice.
It's either Biden corrupt politicians for 50 years, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, or Dianne Feinstein.
Or you have America back again with a businessman, which has been the ethos of this country.
Capitalism, entrepreneurship, and the ability to build businesses, not big tech.
So what I suspect will happen is Trump will declare the victory.
Biden can say whatever he wants, but it will be a
Quickly nullified, as will Nancy Pelosi.
They will not put up any kind of resistance.
They will claim they will put up resistance, but I don't expect that resistance to last.
Only because we have other elements on the streets.
We have pretty strong elements that will protect the Republic.
Remember, this is a
This is a story about the republic, not what Obama thought a democracy.
Again, this president, who was a Manchurian candidate, didn't even know we're still a republic.
And he said to all the kids, I want you to vote for the democracy.
No, we're a republic.
In that republic, the military, the police will stand appropriately in position to maintain the viability of that republic, no matter what else happens.
Biden will say he's going to have to concede there's really nothing more he can do about it.
The corruption with Hunter Biden is so great that all I would do if I were in the Justice Department is whisper to Mr. Biden that your son will go to prison unless you stop all this nonsense.
And we're going to not only take your son, but we can take you in as a co-conspirator for corruption treason.
And that is the point that Trump has said, that we have never had such a corrupt administration as we've seen with Biden, Obama, the Pelosi's and all the Democrats.
They have to go.
So we're coming into a new era, what I call the state of emergency, which I wrote about 27 years ago, where we're going back to our roots of entrepreneurship,
Making America great and making us independent of really what, in terms of the nation states.
We do not need to be part of NATO.
We do not need to be part of WHO.
We do not need to be part of anything other than our Republic.
All right, stay there.
Dr. Steve Pachinick's with us.
We're gonna talk about the election straight ahead.
All right, folks, Alex Jones here back live.
And I know I'm telling you this about Steve Pachinick to butter him up.
He doesn't care about that.
But I remember
He was in the Council on Foreign Relations.
He did write the Tom Clancy books.
He did run the Camp David Accords.
He did the Delta Force thing.
He was involved in stuff right up until the 90s.
And a bunch of stuff after that.
And then I see him doing a radio interview, and I see a transcript online, so I call and get him on the show, like in early 2002.
He lays out all this stuff, and I think, oh, this is an incredible guy, big show, he's got a lot of courage.
But then he's on about 15 years ago, and he's like, the EU will collapse by 2025, and the East Coast and West Coast will, and it'll be the Midwest and the South and all this other stuff, and there'll be a global renaissance against it all, and there'll be nationalist groups coming out.
And I'm thinking, OK, this guy, maybe he's bad, because I'm like, he's telling us what we want to hear on the show.
I'm like, oh, yeah, right.
It's all going to go so wonderful.
And then now here we are 15 years ago, and it's going exactly that way.
How the hell did you know all that?
Alex, let me tell you one thing I did know for sure, and you're not going to like this.
I knew that the Alex Jones Show had more power and influence 20 years ago than the New York Times has today.
That's what I was betting on.
Forget the other analysis.
What I heard
And what I knew about you, I said, this is the man I want to work with.
I've never been on other shows.
I don't want to be on another show.
So what does it mean?
This is not about flattery.
This means that someone like you in Austin, Texas, on your own, you're not getting subsidized by big corporations, built a business and then at the same time began to say to somebody else who was a black swan, you and I are black swan,
A black swan being the individual who doesn't fit the mode.
Yeah, I was working at MIT and Harvard and all that, but I was a black swan.
I didn't belong there.
Yeah, I was working in intelligence and a deputy assistant secretary, but I really didn't belong there.
And kind of
The intelligence community, including Defense Intelligence Analysis, understood what I was about in the same way that your community of millions and somebody like me understands what you're about.
It's not about self-aggrandizement.
It's not about even...
I enjoy it when you go into a restaurant because what you're really doing in those cases, it sounds absurd and it looks ridiculous, but it's not because you're testing the limits within which our republic will tolerate this type of disturbance.
The real issue here hasn't been whether I'm right or wrong, or you're right or wrong, it's that we created, or you created, a Daniels- I agree.
I bet on America.
You're saying we all bet on America.
We bet on America, they bet on globalism.
There has to be something more specific.
So how did I know?
I knew it the same way I look at the black swan phenomenon.
In other words, America is not about conformity.
If you want socialism, you want the Bidens, you want
That's socialist.
They're all the same.
They're going to get paid off.
They do nothing.
America's about one simple concept.
The ability to fail.
Not the ability to succeed.
The ability to fail.
You did it.
I did it.
Yeah, I was a doctor and I'm a psychiatrist.
I was on counsel.
I left the Council on Foreign Relations.
I didn't think much of the American Psychiatric Association.
I attacked some of the presidents for being corrupt.
And so, that ability to say what you want and at the same time to continue no matter what happens.
You don't like my books?
Fine, don't buy them.
You don't like Clancy?
Fine, don't buy it.
I make no apologies, but part of the reason why we go ahead and why Americans go ahead is we've had our wars.
They were enough.
We didn't need to go to wars.
The Bushes, the Cheneys, those who were the chicken hawks, send us to wars that they didn't want to attend.
The Bidens had six wars that he created.
No, I totally agree.
Trump came out and said his big accomplishment is trying to dial back these wars.
There's no way you can deny that.
So let's talk about the campaign.
Let's talk about Trump.
When and if he wins, and I agree he's about to have a landslide, I believe will block their attempt to break the country up.
I agree with your analysis.
We need to then make sure, though, he doesn't make the same mistakes again.
He needs to go in the office.
What does Trump need to do?
He needs to clean out his White House.
I would take the gentleman Grinnell, who has been very effective at the DNI, Director of National Intelligence, to bring in some of his supporters and clean out the White House and then clean out and fire Fauci.
The reason I want Fauci fired is to show the world that you can't have a self-aggrandizing NIH bureaucrat.
He's not a scientist.
He and I went to medical school.
We're not scientists.
The real scientists, like Dr. Lee Merritt, who gave a lecture to the intelligence community, said that masks do not work.
So he has to fire Fauci.
He has to begin to take down all the federal bureaucracies that we don't need.
The CIA, we've got 16 intelligence units.
We've got to cut them by 50%.
I've got 2.2 million soldiers.
Right now, believe it or not, the Air Force, our Air Force today, bought a dozen drones from China.
From China.
Now, how does that happen?
That today,
We have a dozen drones from China.
That is inexcusable.
That's just not tolerated.
Third, I want to make sure that the White House is slinged down from how many hundreds of people down to a minimal number that he needs.
In turn, he has to go out and make sure that every institution, the IRS, totally dysfunctional.
Here I pay my taxes.
I'm waiting months.
Other people are waiting months for their rebates.
You can't have it.
They don't know what they're doing.
They don't know what the refunds are about.
Number two, get rid of the CIA.
Get rid of a whole bunch of these intelligentsia.
And then get rid of the most dysfunctional of all systems, the FBI.
Highly politicized, highly dysfunctional.
I have no idea what to do.
Instead, you bring in the U.S.
Marshals, you bring in other active officers within the security system, and he knows where they are.
Well, Trump is now, as you said, talking about firing Barr and Wray.
Who would he replace them with?
Is there any way to, like, fix these institutions, or do you just abolish them?
Well, the one person I would bring in is somebody... I'll tell you a little story.
In 1988,
I was recruited by a firm called Drexel Burnham and they had on the cover of Time Magazine a guy by the name of Mike Milk making $600 million.
And the head of Drexel Burnham calls me up and I explained to him, there's no way I can go to Drexel Burnham because you've got a guy who's making $600 million, but we have a little lawyer here in the Reagan administration and he's only making $60,000.
He said, well, no, no, we can beat that lawyer.
I said, no, you can't.
His name is Giuliani.
He comes from New York and he will take you down.
That was 1988.
So I would bring Giuliani back as Attorney General, as a Director of the Justice Department.
Let him do what he does best.
Clean house, implement laws that he can enforce.
By the way, it's funny, I heard Trump's actually looking at Giuliani to replace Barr.
He has to.
Giuliani, as long as I've known about him, he's an incredibly effective person.
I don't care what Barack does or Sacha Kahn does.
He's not relevant to our society.
It's a joke.
He's an Israeli joke.
We know the deep state's scared of Giuliani.
Why is that?
Well, because the deep state isn't
They're no longer.
Within that deep state, there are those of us who can really neutralize whoever else... Because there's a super deep state under them, isn't there, of loyal Americans?
Well, that's correct.
Let me... I can't go on to the names other than that, but you want to call that a super deep state?
There are those of us who've been in the
Interstices of the Republic for well over 40 years.
We don't want the money.
We don't want recognition.
I don't want stripes.
I didn't want to be promoted a Rear Admiral or that.
And there are others like myself.
There are men and women who work in the different groups in intelligence.
We help to maintain that republic so that we can tolerate the extreme left, socialism, whatever you want to call it, but it's not.
It's ironic because even the fascism of the left is coming out to be fascism because you're listening to an unsensible story about coronavirus.
You're telling me that a little virus
It forces you to wear a mask that's not useful.
And Dr. Lee Merritt, who was hired by the intelligence community, gives you an entire lecture.
That's right.
Lee Merritt.
That video's at Man.Video.
Briefing on how the Basque are bad.
I'm glad you brought that up.
I have a big stack on that very subject.
Let's talk about that with Dr. Steve Pachinnik.
The mask, the COVID weapon.
Live from Austin, Texas.
Broadcasting worldwide.
We're now
Less than 18 hours out from the kickoff of the greatest election in world history.
Live from Austin, Texas.
And Jesse James!
The NRA and more will be in studio tonight with myself and Owen Schroer, 7 to 9 p.m., and then at 8 a.m., Dave and I, myself, kick it all off.
It's going to be 24 hours, 48 hours, whatever we have to.
We're going to be here when they can test it and pull all this crap.
So please spread the word because they are fighting big tech around the clock to keep these live feeds and these guests and Dr. Pachetnik and others from being on air and all your calls and all your intel.
But here's what Dr. Pachetnik was starting to get into.
Here's InfoWars.com.
And then it turns out, if you look it up,
That Fauci authored a 2008 report that's also been republished in a new medical journal.
The predominant role of bacterial pneumonia as a cause of death in pandemic influenza.
They found the mask in the 1918 Spanish flu in 1919 were causing the incubation of this and the damage to the lungs from the virus allowed the bacteria to kill folks.
All they needed was antibiotics.
They didn't have antibiotics then yet.
Bacteria were the real killers in 1918, flu pandemic, newscientist.com.
So, my point is, is this is exactly what Dr. Pchenik was saying six months ago, and Fauci even has authored papers saying all this, which shows real, to me, medical fraud, professional fraud, and then I have all these graphs around the world that as soon as mask wearing starts, deaths go up.
Again, I'm not a scientist, but I can see which way the wind blows.
Dr. Pachinik, you were getting into the mask, the fraud, the evidence, this psychology as a psychiatrist.
What is this wearing the mask?
It's like Sharia law, six feet of distance.
It's obviously all psychological.
What's the end game of this and how good is it that Trump is calling it out finally?
Well, I was waiting for Trump to call it out, as you know, six months ago when I first said, look, I received the coronavirus in January.
I treated it with Zithromax, other physicians who are on the line, practicing physicians, not somebody like Fauci, who's been at NIH for 30, 40 years, makes $400,000 a year, but is not a scientist, not really a practicing physician.
We all knew you could treat it exactly by what you said, Zithromax and antibiotic, and then we could go on with our life.
Instead, what happened was the rise of a kind of fascist statement and a fascist notion.
This came from the left.
This was something that was really quite unusual.
If I had to write it as a novel, I would have been thrown out of my publishing company.
The reality that we could shut down a whole country because of a make-believe entity which is supposed to kill you or kill older people, well that turns out that's not exactly correct.
Kill young kids, well that's not exactly correct.
Now they're coming out with the nonsense that it kills males at the middle age.
That's nonsense.
And we have the flu.
But yet, on the other hand, we don't talk about, we talked about some kind of numbers that are being made up.
240,000 people dead and millions were infected.
But we got close to, I think, 10 million, 15 million alcoholics.
I have millions of car accidents.
I have millions of drug addicts.
I have
Millions and millions of suicidal patients right now.
We don't talk about that.
So what happened is, unfortunately, Trump took the advice of Fauci and the rest of CDC, which I would fire, including Redfield, Briggs, and a whole group of them to say, look, this is incompetence on the major level.
Number one, we do not have an epidemic of coronavirus or whatever you want to call it.
Number two, a mask does nothing more.
And every construction worker who has to deal with dust can tell you the same thing I'm saying to you.
Unless it's an N95 or highly specialized mask, most of the time that mask does nothing but breed more bacteria and more problems for the person wearing the mask.
So what it became was the shibboleth
For the left-wing fascism, I call it.
They said that the right-wing was fascist.
Fascism comes out from the left wing, as it did with Benito Mussolini.
It was National Socialist under Hitler.
It was social entities or social justice, so-called, under the Soviets.
It was always coming out of the left, and that's what you were seeing in the left.
In order to facilitate that big tech, which we, the United States, created through a company called I-N-Q-T-E-L, In-Q-Tel, Google,
Facebook, Twitter, all received monies.
All the FAANG received money from In-Q-Tel in 1998-99 after that because I was part of a group of angel investors that worked in Virginia.
Alexandria and we help the CIA to set up an In-Q-Tel business where they invested in turn into big tech.
So when Trump comes in he's got to break up big tech.
He's got to break up Google.
He's got to break up Facebook.
He's going to have to
I totally agree with you.
So let's back up from here.
They admit in these studies that masks actually cause bacterial pneumonia and don't protect you from viruses.
This is criminal.
I don't know.
Well, he's asked everybody to wait.
He said he's a nice guy and all that.
Well, Tony Fauci had been a nice guy, but he became such a self-aggrandizer and such a BS artist, I couldn't believe it.
But the reality is something that I've had to say repeatedly.
People have to go to jail.
You cannot allow this kind of subversion, this kind of distortion, this kind of lies, this kind of incompetency to be the model for the future.
And this is where Trump has to crack down on the individual.
People go to jail.
You want to indict Fauci for treason, which he's part of the public health service.
He basically ran the Wuhan lab.
What's crazy is the guy that's behind all this is running the response to it.
Correct, but the answer is he's not held accountable, so he can hold a patent for one thing or another.
You've got all kinds of people involved in this, Soros and others, but unless you hold them accountable, including operatives from the agencies, nothing is going to happen.
And that's my next question.
You're right.
I'm going to start the show with this.
They don't get in trouble for Burisma, China.
Like, I believe in nuclear power, except the companies are so corrupt they don't run them right.
It's like they all are just incompetent and none of them even care.
It's like they get powerful and just wander off and don't care anymore.
Because then I held accountable.
Once you become too large, you have no sense of what you are, number one.
Number two, I mean, look at Alphabet.
It went from a couple of hundred bucks to a $3,000 stock and now pulled back about a thousand points.
And what's going to happen, let me repeat it again,
The stock market in America is a good reflection of what we talk about in terms of American entrepreneurism and the ability for Trump to come back and increase the GDP.
If Biden comes in, I will guarantee America and I will guarantee those of you who have a pension, we will go into a severe depression no matter what your broker's telling you.
Trump has to come back in because the markets will screech back with the hope that we can come back and increase our GDP, and he will do that.
But people have to be held accountable.
Bill Gates will have to be held accountable.
Fauci has to be held accountable.
Dorsey has to be held accountable.
Zuckerberg, Comey, Ray, Biden, there's a whole group of them.
But they're never held accountable and instead they go on, you know, CNN or whatever you want, Zucker's disaster there, and basically they can get away for doing nothing.
Yet unfortunately minority groups, Hispanics and Blacks, for less than that, we go to prison.
I've had the FBI knock on my door because I said comments about Obama being inoperative and never having told the truth.
I get two FBI agents knocking on my door for that.
The answer is that's not acceptable.
Obama has been a Manchurian candidate.
He's been a pathological liar.
Here's the good news.
I don't need to be a psychiatrist to see this.
He used to be arrogant.
He looks really deflated and freaked out now.
Well, you know, a man like that shouldn't have any prominence at all.
There isn't one word of truth in anything he says.
You know, his mother was an operative, his maternal parents, grandparents were operatives working at the East West Center.
He's a liar.
He's a pathological liar.
And so are the people around him, but they're not held accountable.
So this is where Alex Jones has to come back and hit again and again and again.
If Steve Pachinik has to come out to repeat it, I'll do it.
Steve Pachinik, StevePachinik.com.
Join us again during the 24-48 hour.
We're going to keep going live as long as it's contested.
I think it's going to be contested for a while, but I think it'll get shut down quickly, as you said.
Thank you so much.
Hour number four, straight ahead.
Stay with us.
The globalists are trying to censor what you can see and what you can share.
Don't let them win.
Go to our emergency election newsletter at InfoWars.com forward slash newsletter.
Sign up for free and get intel they don't want you to have and then share it.
InfoWars.com forward slash newsletter.
It's time to override the censors and get the truth out.
I would say that globalization is inevitable unless someone really moves in to stop it.
We have all agreed to pursue the sustainable development goals to 2030.
The fourth industrial revolution, particularly digital technology, has fundamentally changed the global economic landscape.
Globalization is an inevitable and irreversible trend.
We should not avoid the challenges brought by the economic globalization.
Instead, we should look directly at the gap of wealth and of development.
You can't achieve ambitious goals in global health without deep partnerships with the rich countries that provide most the aid.
Everything that is broken today can be fixed.
And every failure can be turned into a truly great success.
We must replace the present policy of globalism, which has just taken so many jobs out of our communities, and so much wealth out of our country, and replace it with a new policy of Americanism.
America first.
Remember that.
Now the world is awakening to globalism?
And the forces of globalism are striking back in incredibly vicious ways.
And then there's the 79 days.
Of course.
Tank the dollar in the stock market, have race riots nationwide as the cover, and try to drive President Trump from office.
The big corporations, the banks, Hollywood, the chi-coms, the Democrats, all of these systems, along with radical Islam and communist China,
Are allied against us right now.
We told you when they were in the secret phases that this was happening, but now they've prepared themselves.
They've prepared the public.
That's why they flooded us with the 80 million ballots.
A lot of people got three or four ballots.
Dead cats, dead dogs, dead people got them.
So that even if Trump is winning by three, four points in battleground states, and statistically has a majority, and you can see there's a bunch of votes that haven't been cast,
But the easiest thing for him to do is to stand up like a man and accept the results of an election of the American people.
For him to make these kinds of statements shows his lack of patriotism,
I feel very confident that Joe Biden will be elected president on Tuesday, whatever the end count is.
But on the election that occurs on Tuesday, he will be elected.
On January 20th, he will be inaugurated president of the United States.
Now notice, that's not a slip, that's what she's been saying for months, that it doesn't matter what the election says, we're not going to accept it, and then we're going to have states secede, and then we will seat him geographically from another location, and that geography doesn't matter, the White House doesn't matter, it matters who they say the president is.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, the fabled Leanne McAdoo is in studio.
And she survived COVID, so I'll tell you how that went when we come back.
And we're going to be live till 9 o'clock tonight.
Then tomorrow, 24-hour coverage starts with Leanne McAdoo at electionnight.news.
Zuckerberg and Jeff Bezos.
Hope you don't share that link.
Back by popular demand.
Leanne McAdoo.
Listen to that intro.
The earth starts to rumble!
I just called her a few days ago, and I said, we got to get the old team back together.
She wanted to take care of her mom and grandma and family a few years ago, and we get it, never came back.
I might be the same, do the same thing.
But she flew in from Florida.
We appreciate her being here for the next two days during the election.
She's going to be with us tomorrow on the Big 24 Hour Broadcast.
Leigh Ann, only got one segment with you here.
We'll be back on the War Room later, back with Jesse James and myself tonight, 7 to 9.
You've got the floor.
Your view on the world, what you've been through, what you think is going to happen with Trump.
Leigh-Anne, great to have you.
Before they started really showing you all the boat parades, I was seeing that going, wow, like nobody put signs out in their yard.
They're just all over the the waterway.
And so you're just seeing these massive parades.
And then, of course, now they're doing the Trump parades with the cars and.
You know, you don't have to worry about having a Trump sticker on your car.
No one's going to break your car windows out or set your house on fire.
It's just a safe place.
So it's kind of interesting coming back to Austin, Texas, where my Uber driver was telling me how, you know, he was really meekly kind of letting me know that he was for Trump and that he and his wife were so afraid they wouldn't put signs out in the yard because they didn't want the neighbors to, you know, get upset.
And it's just incredible.
Joe Rogan's like, you know, I support Trump now.
Is that OK?
Everyone's so scared.
Yeah, they're so afraid.
They're the biggest podcast in the world.
They'd be proud of what you stand for.
I mean, what are they going to do?
Silence you?
And if they do, then what?
I mean, what is it going to take?
When are people going to actually see that this is a slippery slope?
But if he had an electoral landslide last time, not a popular vote last time, this seems much bigger this time.
Unless there's total fraud, I don't see how he loses.
And that's really, I think that's the only way they're going to be able to
To shut it down on election night.
Otherwise they're going to keep dragging this out.
They're going to set out their little Antifa minions to go and terrorize the neighborhoods.
But I think what's different this time around than 2016, because in both instances we didn't really know what the outcome was going to be, but the Democrats didn't think they needed to steal that election.
And Hillary Clinton didn't even go around to some of the pivotal states that she knew.
We sucker punched them.
This time they're actively trying to steal it.
They've done so many different things to make people doubt the results of the election.
To say, we've got to wait for all these mail-in ballots.
To send out fraudulent mail-in ballots.
10, 20 copies to deceased people who no longer live there.
Oh, I've talked to personal friends whose mothers and everybody in the nursing home gets two or three ballots.
I mean, this is big.
Yeah, I mean, except for when it started to see that there was a big rush on the mail-in ballots for President Trump, then they stopped really pushing that.
And I'm like, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Well, exactly.
It's like everything they do backfires.
Yeah, they were like, the polls aren't looking good for us on that, so let's just stop.
Another thing that people kind of bring up is that they really were pushing to get out the vote early.
And I think that's because of this stuff that dropped on Hunter Biden and how that wasn't going to look good for Joe Biden.
They wanted people to make, you know, cast their ballot before all of that stuff came out so they couldn't rescind their vote or change their vote.
I totally agree.
And now how devastating.
As soon as ABC News admitted the laptop was real Friday, suddenly they put the New York Post back up.
On Twitter.
Oh, their fact checkers got around to it.
I mean, how can you just silence big breaking news on, this is a, he was a former vice president, selling out our country.
I mean, how are people so... Have you seen the Hunter Biden audio where he's like, my dad, I worked for the Chinese spy chief and he's worth all these billions and now he's disappeared.
Yeah, I mean, they've sold out our country.
And we know Hillary Clinton was in on it, too.
And I think this whole COVID rollout was in the works.
It's just they thought that Hillary Clinton was going to be the president to help facilitate this.
They were going to pull it with Hillary.
Oh, absolutely.
I just love how he talks about these traders are disappearing.
I mean, this is a war.
I love how he's scared, because people are disappearing.
It's not little kids, it's them.
They're disappearing.
Well, and that's why, you know, if, let's just say Trump, it is contested, he doesn't win, he'll have 60, a little over 60 days to make some moves and actually follow through on draining the swamp or serving some justice to these people who deserve it.
How epic is it?
You started working here eight, nine years ago?
Yeah, yeah, yeah, seven, seven, seven, eight years.
And you took a few.
Hi, this is we love you.
You're awesome.
And here you are.
How crazy is it to see the world of InfoWars has become mainstream now?
I mean, it's.
Oh, yeah.
Even by deplatforming you and unpersoning you and sending you off down the memory hole.
It's still, it's like you're not going anywhere.
Well, Leigh-Anne, but InfoWars is you.
You went through a lot of hell.
You got persecuted.
I mean, you're just as important.
I'm not just saying this.
The listeners are just as important as all of us.
You've been in InfoWars.
What is it like to be through that process?
You went through some major persecution.
You've been vindicated.
Yeah, well, for me, I really lost the ability to fight with people who are just so wrapped up in their cognitive dissonance.
I mean, even though it's such an important time for us to be shaking these people, but I feel like if at this point you still do not get it and you're still like, Biden, he's great.
I know he sold us out to the communist Chinese and he wants to lock down our country.
That's his big plan.
He's running on locking down our country and mandatory masks.
That's your plan?
That's, I mean... He's running on martial law.
He's running on fear and a lot of older people, I live in a state where there's plenty of old people and a lot of them are living in total fear of this because they watch CNN and they're buying into it.
This is elder abuse.
They're preying on one group.
And these people, they're afraid, and they're allowing their last years of their life to be locked down.
You know?
It's like, you want to be free, you want to be able to see your grandkids, you want to be able to go travel and do things, but instead you're going to allow yourself to be locked up in your house.
And notice how to scare us more, that was a joke photo we just showed, but Biden wears two masks, and now Don Lemon on TV, in a studio, wears masks?
It's so psychological.
I mean it's and that's the thing I'm really noticing like you see and you can tell they're like the liberal because they got the haircut and like the you know the funky colors and they're like jogging in their masks and like now it's a political statement it's not because oh I'm scared of COVID it's like I'm wearing this mask even on the flight over here the the pilot or the I'm sorry the flight attendant kept saying wear your mask do the right thing you do the right thing and make everyone feel better when they're flying on the plane with you it's just like
It's the right thing to do, you know?
Just like, massaging that.
Even though the only time I ever feel sick is when I have to wear that mask.
It gives me the sickness.
Oh, it makes your carbon dioxide go way up?
It just makes me feel like I'm getting the flu.
I mean, it's... Did you see where Fauci wrote a paper 12 years ago saying that most of Spanish flu death was from the mask?
And I believe it, because when I put that mask on, okay, yes, I think you mentioned this, I got the coronavirus, I got it back in September, and I only went to go get a test because I said, oh, my bones are aching a little bit, so whenever I get sick, my bones ache, so I knew something was going on.
And I got the test, I came back positive, but really I had one day of just kind of having like achy bones, I was a little tired.
That's because you're healthy, you take a lot of vitamins.
I do and I was sleeping.
I wasn't drinking anything.
I was doing a detox that month and so I was really healthy and so I think that definitely helps a lot.
I'm a healthy person.
I mean, other people that I know, they've gotten it, and for them it was a mild cold.
Not saying that it's going to be like that for everyone.
I get it.
Some people, they have pre-existing conditions, and there's other factors.
But for the majority of people, you do not need to lock down this country.
You just don't.
It's overkill.
I'm just excited Leanne McAdoo's here!
I'm excited to be back.
Only in this building, though, because if I gotta be out in the streets of Austin, Texas... By the way, you're like a real liberal.
You're not a right-winger.
These liberals are not liberals.
They're leftist devils, aren't they?
Yeah, they're tyrannical.
They're fascists.
You know, they want to control and run people's lives.
I feel like they have brain damage, because when you're living... Yeah, you can't get through to them.
No, when you're living with the news and everyone telling you an alternative version of reality, even though when your eyes are seeing the Hunter Biden tapes, for instance, no, that's not news.
Look over here.
And so it's like psychological damage a lot of people are living with.
This cognitive dissonance, it truly is a mental disorder.
We're going to come back and play this lady voting.
Rasmus, print me the article.
I forget where this is.
I think it's Florida.
And then she says, he's a pedophile, but I had to vote for him.
Then we're going to hand the baton to the great Gerald Cilente, the great trends forecaster here.
We're so honored to have.
We're going to come back and finish up with Leigh Ann, play this, and then, yeah, you're going to come on with us tonight?
Oh yeah, I'm here for the long haul.
God, it might go for weeks.
This is terrible.
But we love Leanne McAdoo.
We love Gerald Celente.
We love you all.
This is so exciting.
Four years ago, she was here when Trump won.
So she's like, she's like our mascot.
Leanne is magically here to make sure Trump wins.
Couldn't even believe it then.
Alright, back with Gerald Celente.
Leanne McAdoo is in the house.
That means Trump victory tomorrow.
Mainstream media.
Big Brother.
You want answers?
Well, so does Gerald Cilente.
He's taking over here in about two minutes.
Leanne, you're going to be on with myself and Jesse James and Owen Schroyer tonight, 7 to 9.
And with us the next two days, we are so excited to have Leanne McAdoo here, the original InfoWars
Yeah, I mean, everything that you've been saying for, what, 20 plus years?
And I was a huge part of that, and I'm really proud of that.
We really did play a major role in a lot of what's going on now.
In the future!
Yeah, and then they're trying to shut you down so that people can't access that information to find out what's coming.
And it's rolling out really fast right now.
And for me, it's hard to watch because it's almost like there really isn't a voice at the moment that people can access or that can be easily spread on Facebook.
We were dominating there when people were able to share the links and they
They knew.
So when we were at the Young Turks, when that whole thing went down at the RNC, I feel like that was the moment YouTube was like, we got to take them out.
That was such a huge story.
That went global.
A guy I knew in Belgium was like, I saw you on the news.
Like that, over the globe.
That was when YouTube, you remember they shut your channel down for the first time and made it so that all of the...
That was the good news.
Back then, they were still arrogant.
They didn't know that we'd already woken everybody up.
They didn't know how powerful and the impact that we were having.
And that was kind of the beginning of the end or the beginning of this new paradigm of how we're going to be able to access information and wake people up.
We're going to have to go back to the magazine.
You know, back to people signing up to get actual paper in their hands.
It's incredible.
Well, you're going to be here with us during the 24 hours of live coverage.
It's going to be contested.
We're going to be here with Leanne Magadu.
How do folks follow you on Twitter?
Leanne McAdoo at Leanne McAdoo on Instagram, Facebook.
Alright, well she's here.
We're very excited.
We love Leanne.
We love all of you.
But here is a Fox News reporter catching a woman on tape who voted for Biden but is depressed and crying because he's, quote, a pedophile.
And then we will hand the baton to Gerald Cilente after this.
Leanne, we'll see you tonight.
Here's the clip and then Gerald Cilente takes over.
I'm sorry.
It's that I'm going to cry every time I want to talk about it.
I can't.
We are COVID survivors.
I can't.
Have you voted already?
And, you know, what policies of his do you really resonate with?
I resonate with the one that... I can't.
But it's just, I am tired of Trump demeaning COVID-19.
I want this to see.
I am tired of all this racism.
I am not with Biden either.
Because I have seen videos of him saying that he's a pedophile.
So it's very conflicting.
But from the two, we have to pick the better one.
And that's why I'm with Biden.
Thank you.
Thank you, ma'am.
Have a great day.
Appreciate it.
So the pedophiles are good.
Trump is bad.
Gerald Celente, taking over.
Hey, Alex.
Hello, Leigh-Anne.
So listen, I have my mask on because I want to be stupid like the rest of the prostitutes out there.
Could you imagine these stupid morons, these little fear-mongering, hysteria-selling freaks, with the microphone in front of their face, with nobody around them talking with a mask on, so that they could brainwash you?
So I'm really doing this to protect everybody out there because I don't want my breath going into the camera and then affecting everybody.
Oh, and by the way, these masks, they're totally useless.
So you could take the mask that everybody's wearing and shove it up, you know what?
Because all you have to do, if you're not that woman that was just on the air over there and capable of thinking for yourself and being able to read, you can read right at the top of the box that it says,
These masks help protect against certain particulate contaminants, but do not eliminate exposure to the risk of any disease or infection.
These are the stupid little things that everybody's wearing.
They lose our identity.
You don't know what anybody looks like when they're like this.
And that's what they want to do to us.
And that's what they're doing.
So going into the election, it's going to be as we had in our... There you got it, right there.
It's in black and white.
I got to be equal.
I got to say black and white.
Because if I just said it's in white, then I'd be called a racist.
So I got to say it's in black and white.
Even though it's blue and white, I'll say black and white.
And again, I want to make this clear to everybody.
America is not a racist nation.
America elected the clown that's going out campaigning for Biden, the Nobel piece-of-crap prize winner, Barack Obama.
The little lying SOB that told everybody he was a peace candidate.
Yeah, piece-of-crap candidate.
Yeah, and what color was he?
Couple of shades darker than me.
Oh yeah, Condoleezza Rice.
What was that other murderer, Colin Powell, that sold us the Iraq War with that tube of Colin crap in front of the UN?
Black, white.
America doesn't elect a black president if it's a racist nation, so save it!
I don't want to hear it.
So anyway, going back to the election.
My forecast is toss-up or Trump victory.
And I'll tell you why.
A lot of people are afraid to say they're going to vote for Trump.
A lot of them.
You already have some 90 what, million people?
Nine and a half, 90.6 million people or something.
Nine hundred, excuse me, 90.6 million people
In the last election, 139 or something like that million voted.
So you have two-thirds of the people already voted.
In the last election, a hundred million people that are registered voters didn't vote.
So I believe this is going to be a huge turnout.
And I believe the rural districts are going to come out very heavily for Trump.
And when you look at Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, these are blue-collar states.
And the blue-collar doesn't relate to the Democrats anymore because they sold us out with Bill Clinton sending our jobs overseas.
NAFTA, the World Trade Organization bringing China in,
So my forecast, and I could be, you know, look, you know, it's only life, you know, you're right and you're wrong, but I'm going with Trump 2020 as my top trend forecast for this year, which came out in December 2019.
And I'm sticking with it.
And was Trump by default, the fault of the Democrats.
Look at the jerk they got running, the dead Joe Biden.
So I don't see a lot of young people in the rural areas running out in the swing states to go vote for him.
But he'll get him in the New York and California.
We'll be right back in a little bit.
Stay tuned.
Alex Jones Show!
Yeah, there's that tube and an escapade.
And just like the rest of the prostitutes, he symbolizes them perfectly.
This is the front page of the business section of the Toilet Paper Records, the New York Times.
They call this the business section.
First of all, it's a joke.
Look at all the pictures here.
That just kills space.
I mean, it says nothing.
And then you open it up.
All the photos.
And it's just a tiny little thing.
And then there's a whole ad on one page.
Nothing on the back page.
Another ad.
So you have one.
You got what?
Eight pages.
Four of them when you add it up.
Nothing but.
Look at the size of these things.
I'm making this up.
You're not getting anything out of this.
But what I wanted to refer to.
In anticipation of what's going to happen tomorrow night.
Here's my forecast.
If Trump wins, which I think he will, or at least it'll be a toss up and we won't know, there's going to be riots in the street.
If Biden wins clearly, the BLM and the Antifa won't come out.
That's my, that's my hunch.
So I don't know.
But violence is going to continue.
And for many other reasons.
And the big reason is a bunch of slimy people called politicians have locked down the economy.
Here in New York, you got the little dictator over here, born on Third Base and thought he had a home run, Andy Cuomo, now saying that if you come from another state or you're traveling,
Out of another state, except for the three around us over here.
Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Connecticut.
You have to get tested.
I came back from Florida.
Last Sunday, not this Sunday, but a week ago.
They didn't, you know, flew down, they didn't bother me.
But now it's going to be more of that.
And de Blasio urges New Yorkers not to travel for holidays.
And you have one after another of what they're doing here.
They're going to kill business already.
We're in the Greatest Depression.
The likes of which we're seeing are unprecedented in modern human history.
And it's not only the United States.
You got that other clown over there in the UK.
And they got an F and a C probably thrown into it, what they're doing to the people.
And they locked down the joint.
There you go.
Times Square.
No time in Times Square.
It's Dead Square.
It's dead all over.
Midtown Manhattan, by the way, is dead.
Because there's no tourists, no theater.
Or the ballet say may come back next spring.
And anyway, going back to the UK, they're locked down too.
And then Germany is locking down more.
And then you have Italy.
And Spain.
Czech Republic.
One after another.
Locking down.
Destroying the lives
Of tens of millions of people.
And the anti-lockdown protests erupt across Spain, also in Italy, in Torino, in Napoli, Naples, in Rome.
And you're going to see them erupting more and more and more and more.
Business is going to die in the winter.
The restaurants
We're allowed in the East Coast in some places, many places.
You can soy people outside, but you can't let them eat inside.
They have a 25% capacity rate.
That's no capacity at all.
Now it's cold outside.
You see I got a turtleneck sweater.
And it's cashmere.
Because it's cold here.
So all the places around that had those heat lamps and people sitting, nah, nah, ain't going to be outside anymore.
And you only allow in New York City and a lot of cities, 25% capacity.
And like in Michigan, in New York, you have to give your name, your telephone number, get your temperature taken.
Oh yeah, that's fun.
I'm going to go out.
You know, shove it.
Goes back to why I think Trump is going to win.
It's going to be lockdown versus no lockdown.
It's the economy, stupid.
That was the cover of our Trends Journal on the 20th of October.
People are sick of this.
You're going to see protests and riots.
And then you put on top of this, and it's already happening, and again, we forecast it back in February.
That there'd be rises in violence.
And now you're seeing it.
Homicide rates going up all over, not only in the United States, around the world.
You know what I say, when people lose everything and have nothing left to lose, they lose it.
If Trump made one mistake, and he's made a number of them, I disagree with a number of his policies, particularly with Venezuela and Iran, and given all those tax breaks to the rich cats.
But the big mistake he made to me on the campaign trail was not focusing 100% on locking down versus opening up.
And the other thing too, the Hunter Biden issue.
And I watched those debates.
They're not debates.
It's a little game show.
You got two minutes to answer and 30 seconds response.
And I watched that last one where the woman gave Biden the last voice over and over again.
Because they're the prostitutes in that court.
Trump only has the Fox prostitutes, and he had that little jerk, another daddy's boy, born on third base, another little nobody of nothing, that Chris Wallace.
You think Chris would have been there?
Daddy, was it Mike?
Say that, man!
Like a little boy, Chris Cuomo.
Say that, Jack!
Like a little boy, Anderson Cooper.
Mommy was Gloria Vanderbilt.
Yeah, you think the money got him there?
These aren't debates.
These are little freak shows put on by freaks.
So going back to the whole scene here.
There he is.
Oh, remember when he got hurt over there in Egypt when the Arabs sprang?
Oh, and he ran home crying.
Yeah, tough guy, huh?
They're all tough!
But they're separated between a camera and you.
Man to man, they have cojones the size of, uh, hey, maybe Toobin.
Yeah, you got that guy Toobin, the CNN guy.
Yeah, he likes to play it out on Zoom.
Shows you who they are.
And that's what they're doing right now.
They're jerking us around.
And that's why you need to support InfoWars.
That's why you need to keep the truth alive.
They banned our cover.
One of our covers on LinkedIn.
With the ones showing crap going down people's heads.
Through the media.
But do you plan to put your money where your heart and mind are?
Because this is really an urgent time we're in.
That's the cover they banned.
Could you imagine that?
Support InfoWars.
We'll be right back.
Hello, hello.
Great being on the Alex Jones Show.
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Again, they're banning everybody.
We've been talking about censorship for the last three years in the Trends Journal.
As I mentioned, I got censored for putting up a cover on LinkedIn.
I also got censored on LinkedIn for saying that we have liars, cowards, freaks, and fools telling us what to do and we shouldn't suck up and bow down to them.
That's a fact.
So we should, that's called harassment and bullying.
Brainwashed by crap.
Facebook, BBC, CNN, Fox News, and Time Magazine.
Brainwashed by crap, you're not allowed to say that.
And by the way, that's a work by Anthony Fried and Stephen Green, who collaborated on that.
And that's exactly what's going on.
And the people are buying the crap.
The masses are buying it.
Crap heads everywhere you look.
Facts don't matter.
So, I want to make very clear, we're going into the greatest depression.
This is like nothing we've ever seen before in history.
Yeah, the equity markets are going up because they're artificially being propped up.
Gregory Manorino writes about it in our Trends Journal.
We've been writing about it for years.
He's backing it up.
Very other important, very important in the Trends Journal.
We have great articles by Bradley Steiner on close combat.
You better learn how to protect yourself because things are going to be very violent.
Bradley Stein is one of the top guys around.
He was the teacher of my teacher, John Perkins.
No, no, not that John Perkins.
Yeah, not that guy.
John Perkins of attackproof.com.
There he goes.
There's the one by Brad Stein that was showing the fingers and the eyes, but it's not like that when you do it.
Not even close to that.
And all this information, of course, to prepare you for the future.
So do what you can, of course, to support the Trends Journal as well.
Because we're fighting for freedom, and I put my money where my heart and soul are, as everybody knows.
I launch rallies, occupy peace, and on and on.
But I'm telling you now, learn self-defense.
Learn, again, close combat is the one for me.
Again, it's not like eyes like that, like in the little picture over there.
It's, phew!
Jack, you're dead, man.
It's right through your eyes and through your brain.
Little shield over there.
You know, ripping out that carotid artery with your teeth and
Pushing that nose through the brain.
I mean, that's the real fight.
And you better act quick.
And this week it's, you know, how to confront somebody.
The right posture to have, the right way to hold your hands, the right way to be ready to go.
You're looking at violent crime rising all across the nation.
And again, we forecast this back at the end of February.
In our Trends Journal.
We also forecast that people will be leaving densely populated areas for suburban and ex-urban areas long before anybody else did.
They didn't start talking about it until June.
Moving on to some other trends very important.
Today's Financial Times.
Front page story.
You got it?
Eurozone growth outlook darkens after lockdowns fuel downgrades.
Eurozone growth outlook darkens?
Hey, it was dark already.
Oh, by the way, I find that word dark and I find that racial.
Let's be stupid, okay?
This thing was going down before.
The Eurozone was going into recession in 2019.
It barely missed it.
There was no tourism this year.
Places like Italy, Spain, Portugal, France.
All those Chinese tourists, they weren't allowed to leave.
They stayed there.
Oh, but the Chinese economy's going up.
It's going to be the only major economy going up.
And you can thank Biden and Clinton and all the demo craps and repulsive kids for doing it.
That's right.
By bringing China into the World Trade Organization.
You look at China's gross domestic product before they got in.
They got in in 2001, two weeks after 9-11 was nobody who's watching.
The Clinton administration pushed it through
Murder a little Georgie Bush, another little boy born on 3rd base and thought he had a home run.
A little nobody would be nowhere if daddy wasn't the Bush before him and the Bush before that one.
And on and on.
Follow that line.
He signed them in.
China's GDP was like this.
And around 2001 it goes like that.
They're the only ones going up.
They're going up as everybody else is going down.
Europe's a mess.
There are protests everywhere.
Except in the United States.
Hardly any.
There it is.
Fraud Fauci.
That's what Fauci is in Italian.
He's nothing more than a jaw boner.
So going back, this Greatest Depression is like nothing anybody's seen.
You have these little clown, the Murphys, the Wolves, one after another.
He's the Murphys, the governor of New Jersey.
An arrogant guy.
You should read his last statement about locking things down.
A little wolf over there.
What wolf?
A little puppy dog over there.
A little clown boy of nothing in Pennsylvania.
Witless Whitmer, gutless Gavin Newsom over there in California, destroying the lives of hundreds of millions of people, and not only here, around the world.
How is this going to come back?
Businesses are closing down everywhere.
Yeah, one of those fake masks.
There you got it.
Another fake mask.
Here it is, right on the box.
Right on the box.
But you have to wear them.
Orders of Heil Hitler, Stalin, and Mussolini.
With new names.
Worthless mask for a worthless fraud.
Look at these clowns.
With a lighthead.
What's her name?
Lighthead over there in Chicago?
Look at this.
Little, little prostitutes.
Yeah, thank you.
Thank you.
You got your gloves on?
Oh, you've got big gloves on.
She's gloved out.
There you go.
The warning label.
Worthless masks that they're making us all wear.
Rob you of your individuality.
That's what they do in the Soviet states of America and all over the world.
They rob you of your identity.
Yeah, how great you look with a mask on.
How stupid.
Hey, maybe I should run for governor.
I could be a real jerk.
Look at this stupid crap.
Worthless crap.
By worthless moron.
Boy, I'd hate to be a young person today.
Anyway, stay tuned tomorrow for InfoWars.
It's going to be a big day in American history.
Do everything you can to support InfoWars.
Put your money where your mind and heart are, because things are going to get bad if Trump loses.
Censorship 2021.
See you next week.
People ask me on the street all the time.
They call into the show.
They say, Jones, are you on cocaine?
Are you on speed?
How are you so excited three, four or five hours a day on air?
Well, when I found out that they knew that 5G gave us cancer and they're putting it on purpose, I'm a little pissed about that.
Or when I find out China's shipping in enough fentanyl to kill the whole U.S.
population on a routine basis, it makes me a little bit angry.
When I learn that people are literally enslaving me and my family and enslaving you, I have empathy.
I get angry about that, and I don't think that's a good thing.
I'm fighting mad.
I know you're fighting, Matt, as well.
And so that's why I just wanted to come to you and thank you for all you've done in the 26 years.
Some of you have been supporting us 26 years.
Almost 27 now.
Without you, we wouldn't be here.
We're in this together.
And I just, I cannot help when the enemy's attacking me and lying about me and doing horrible things to me.
It literally is a comfort to know you love me and I love you.
And so I don't say that.
It sounds manipulative.
It's just, it's true.
I love you.
I love you.
Thank you for keeping me in the fight.
Thanks for being the strength and the support because I couldn't do this without you.
But instead, because of your support and your love, I feel stronger than ever.
That said, the enemy wants to take us off air.
And it's always a neck-and-neck battle.
So I come to you like a beggar sometimes.
And I'm like, listen, please buy our products.
Please remember us.
Please support us or we'll be shut down.
I see so many articles and thousands of tweets.
There was a couple hundred thousand tweets about me last week.
When folks pointed out Jones was right about censorship coming for everybody, and most of the tweets talked about, I can't find Jones anymore.
I wish he was still on air.
Where is he?
They don't know we're on InfoWars.com with our own streams, our own videos.
They don't know we're on a bunch of radio stations, but that's where you come in.
You're the people that actually care enough, that are involved enough,
To not just think the whole internet's a feed on Facebook or Twitter, but you actually go to a URL like Band.Video or InfoWars.com.
So please, the enemy's trying to suppress all of us.
So for my future, your future, our collective future together, share the live feeds, share the articles, share the videos that you think are the most important with your neighbors, your friends, your families, with strangers on your email list, your text message list, Facebook, Twitter, re-upload them.
You're beautiful, I know what you're doing, it's changing the world, and I'm saluting you for your support.
Separately, I sell the highest quality vitamins and minerals, the highest quality fish oil, the highest quality iodine X2 and X3.
Just a bunch of amazing products.
Our activated char