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Name: 20201101_Sun_Alex
Air Date: Nov. 1, 2020
1340 lines.

Alex Jones discusses various conspiracy theories related to politics, health, and technology on his podcast. He accuses Communist China of taking control over American telecommunications infrastructure, Hollywood, and universities. Jones also predicts a Trump victory in the recent US election based on internal web data analysis. He criticizes masks for being unhealthy and claims that hospitals make more money when patients are diagnosed with COVID-19. Jones believes that a global power grab is occurring using COVID-19 and lockdowns as cover, accusing Dr. Anthony Fauci of running the Wuhan lab and blaming President Trump for the pandemic while working for Bill Gates and the New World Order. He encourages listeners to research this information themselves and resist censorship in order to stay informed about the changes happening around them. Additionally, he promotes various products available at InfowarsStore.com and urges supporters to spread the word about ElectionNight.News for uncensored information on COVID, vaccines, Bill Gates, and Big Pharma.

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This is an emergency transmission from deep in the heart of Texas, the U.S.
resistance against a global corporate combine, empowered and funded by Communist China, allied with the big megabanks that set up Communist China in 1949.
The Communist Chinese have taken control of U.S.
telecommunications infrastructure.
The Communist Chinese have taken control of Hollywood.
The Communist Chinese have taken control of the main universities.
This is all confirmed.
This is not a drill.
Big Tech in Silicon Valley is almost completely run by the Communist Chinese government.
They've officially become state-run.
Apple 100%.
Google is now making the transition and announcing a merger and total worldwide censorship.
They are now beta testing using me as the straw man, a demonized version of Alex Jones, to do that.
This is happening.
This is not like the other probes before that were meant to get you used to probes and censorship, thinking you would adapt to censorship by just putting up with it.
Now this attack is thousands and thousands and thousands of times the magnitude of all previous attacks.
This is a titrated dose, reverse psychological warfare operation using adapt and overcome, subversion paradigm manipulation.
In layman's terms, they are manipulating the fact that we adapt to being oppressed.
We adapt to being pressed with the low dosages of oppression.
Megaton hits us of the total takeover.
We try to adapt to the poison infusion instead of not knowing.
It's a lethal dose if we accept the dose.
Total Internet of Things, integration, global social score, complete command and control system.
It is the virtual reality AI.
I have been chosen for destruction because I brought you this information and have been battering, ramming it out as much as I can.
They want to double use me as they always do in any complex system of mathematical deception, where every angle of my good is turned against us.
So they take what I've said, being sincere, build me into an insincere person in the straw man.
I'm a person that cares about life and children and is against these wars, and so they make me a herder of children.
And then they build me into this lie to then set the distraction
Well, they're actually censoring all of you to make a debate about Alex Jones.
So even if I didn't sell out to them, they've now used me as an archetype to serve them by being the main distraction.
I have now been captured by the enemy in the information warfare fulcrum, and it's being used against you.
Only your full understanding of this key will break you free from this paradigm.
I have given you the transmission!
Now break free!
I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.
Thomas Jefferson.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much for joining us tonight.
I have done a lot of preparation for this show.
I have some really important news for you that has been hiding in plain view but is now confirmed.
I've talked to a lot of integrated sources inside Silicon Valley, inside the White House, and you can see the headline at InfoWars.com tonight.
As we speak, all the metrics are coming in.
Devastating, gigantic landslide for President Trump.
Now you see the mainline polls say 67% chance that Biden's going to win.
The same groups said that Hillary had a 97% chance of winning.
But if you look at all the metrics and internal web data, and I've got some of those numbers here,
All of it points towards a massive Trump victory.
How did I know Trump was going to win so assuredly for months before the last election four years ago when almost no one else thought that?
Because I am involved in the Internet's metrics and I know how to read industry publications that are not widely distributed but are available.
And so I'm going to break all this down when we come back.
Please tell everybody you know, tune in.
It's so huge.
And then there's massive COVID-19 information we're going to be covering.
The second global lockdown is here.
Trump has hit them broadside and pointed out that they give doctors $53,000 for every extra person they say has COVID.
And the media is so pissed at him about exposing that fraud.
Now select hospitals set it up and then claim they were overflowing when they weren't.
And now millions are dying from not getting medical care around the world during this and millions starving to death.
It's all coming up on this live Sunday edition, November 1st.
It is Sunday, November 1st.
The year is 2020.
We now take you live to the Central Texas Command Center in the heart of the resistance.
You're listening to Alex Jones.
And I am your host Alex Jones.
Thank you so much for joining us on this live Sunday transmission.
We are now
Two days out, less than two days out, a day and a half out from the most historic election in world history.
You talk about incredible suspense, incredible butterflies.
I have been having trouble sleeping.
I have just been working around the clock, researching everything I possibly can.
I am your host, Alex Jones.
Again, thank you so much for joining us on this live Sunday transmission.
Coming up when I end this transmission in two hours, Owen Schroer with Sunday Live will be taking over for two hours with the latest news, developments, guests, and your phone calls.
And then, of course, tomorrow night, I'm going to be up here until 9 p.m.
doing election countdown with
Jesse James, Ted Nugent, and many others.
So look for that tomorrow.
And then it all starts at 8 a.m.
We go live overnight as long as we need to.
They're going to contest the election.
They're going to burn down the country.
It's going to be hellish, but we're going to be here exposing it on air in defiance of their tyranny.
And hopefully you're going to be spreading the word about
This website, electionnight.news, electionnight.news.
They blocked Bandot video on Twitter and Facebook.
They blocked 2020electioncenter.com after two months of you spreading and doing a great job.
And now we have a new URL that takes you right to Band.Video and all the videos and all the live feeds and all the election coverage.
There'll be a big banner on the front page of it starting tomorrow.
Live election coverage.
You click that.
We're bringing in all the heavy hitters.
We're going to have Leanne McAdoo back.
The old band getting together.
She'll be here in studio.
We're going to have a bunch of big surprise guests.
I told you last week we had a big surprise.
I was on the Joe Rogan Show.
There's going to be other big surprises.
Is Joe Rogan going to show up?
Who knows?
Just, you'll wanna tune in, ladies and gentlemen, because we're gonna have a lot of big, special guests here in studio in the next 48 hours.
You'll definitely wanna be staying with us.
Everything I always cover is important, you know that.
You tune in because you like to follow important information.
You wanna be informed, you wanna add information, you don't wanna be a spectator in life.
What's come into focus,
And the fact that we're so close to the election, it's made me focus, is incredible.
So let me just tell you what I'm going to cover, and then I'm going to come back and prove it all.
President Trump is going to win this election in a bigger electoral landslide than he won four years ago.
And I'm going to go over the evidence why, and I'm going to show you that evidence.
This isn't poll hype.
This isn't made-up Democrat bandwagon crap.
This isn't push polls.
This isn't margin of error, 15% more Democrats added to the polling data.
This is the real numbers, and it doesn't come from polls.
It comes from something that's dead accurate, and the system knows damn well what I'm talking about.
I'm going to tell you about it at the start of the next segment.
It has to do with this article.
Google Trends show more people, two to one, are searching how to vote Republican than how to vote Democrat, and have been so for most of the year.
Now that's a month-old article.
That's only one little data piece of hundreds I have, but I'll cover it all coming up.
Also, they've been sampling the voters.
It's 60 plus percent of the early voting was Republican.
It's usually the opposite.
Then there's metrics on apps and metrics on online voting and metrics on likability and heat maps on websites and advertising systems.
They know this is a huge realignment politically.
Four years ago, we were just getting our foot in the door.
We're blasting the door off its hinges right now and blowing open the main enemy gate to restore the Republic.
We are storming the fortress right now.
Now, that said, the New World Order's got a bunch of dirty tricks up their sleeves.
So if you think that we've got this in the bag, think again.
I'll tell you that next segment.
I think you've probably got some ideas and know what's going on better than I do.
I just got massive chills.
Man, this is, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
And these four or five or six campaign events a day that a 20-year-old man could not do, I'm here to tell you.
Ted Nugent's known to be able to do more rock concerts in a single day than anybody else can, and he says he's 72, Trump is 74, he could not do it.
I mean, Trump is a maniac, okay?
He comes out, I'm going to play the clip now, I'm going to come back and explain why this is so key.
And he goes, you know, doctors make more money if you've got COVID.
Well, even six months ago, USA Today fact-checked that and said, yeah, it's $52,700-something.
If they intubate you, and intubation usually kills you, that's why they want to get you tested and get you scared and get you to the hospital, because they're going to kill your ass.
And there are certain hospitals where all the deaths happen.
Like hundreds of others in a state, there'll be no deaths.
So this one hospital will be 200 deaths, because those are corrupt hospitals that are killing people.
And it's come out.
Remember, oh, we're full.
Oh, but you can't see your parents.
And they're empty except for COVID patients.
They're killing.
This is some cold-blooded stuff.
Yeah, scroll down and show them.
There it is.
Fact Check USA Today.
Claim hospitals get paid more.
And you scroll to the bottom, $52,000 plus.
Claim is true.
I don't need to go to their fact check and tell me it's true.
I already know it's true.
It's in the federal law.
That's what they got put in there.
Trump signed it because he wanted to keep the economy going, but it was a death warrant.
You can hire hitmen for $10,000, decent one.
Good ones for $50,000.
So this is, you hire top tier hitmen, they'll kill people all day long for $50,000.
Don't even need to kill them.
Just got to say they're COVID, you get $12,000.
Intubate them, put a tube down there into their lungs.
Get an extra 40,000 smackers.
And they just hope that we forget all of this.
That's coming up.
Because Trump came out and said this and they, oh, Bittmeadler and all these washed up nobodies are calling him the murderer.
You caused the death.
Fauci says it's all Trump's fault.
Hey, Fauci, dirtbag!
You helped run the Wuhan lab and the actual
COVID-19 research and it's already come out and you're going to pay for it, you little monster!
That's why they have the guy that ran the attack with the CHICOMS in charge of it.
He's been there 45 years.
Trump didn't know all this.
Now Trump knows he's the enemy.
So I'm going to explain the global lockdown 2, how they're going to strike back and how we defeat them.
Frontal assault, how the Rockefellers, how the Gateses, how the UN ran the lab, how they released it, how they hyped it.
It's not very deadly, but everybody does get it, so you're all suspect.
It's not about deaths now, it's about number of cases, you notice.
This is a society-killing weapon.
China's open for business, just we're not.
And the EU's collapsing, no one wants to be in it, so it's clamping down and calling it martial law, letting Muslims burn buildings, behead people.
But Tommy Robinson got arrested again for being outside without a mask.
But the Muslims can be outside all day.
Let's go to break with the President knocking him out of the park, taking him on head-on with his bully pulpit like nobody else can.
Here he is.
First of all, they have different ways of counting.
You know, in Germany, if you have a bad heart and you're ready to die?
Or if you have cancer and you're going to be dying soon, and you catch COVID, that happens, we mark it down to COVID.
You know, our doctors get more money if somebody dies from COVID.
You know that, right?
I mean, our doctors are very smart people.
So what they do is they say, I'm sorry, but you know, everybody dies of COVID.
But in Germany and other places, if you have a heart attack or if you have cancer, you're terminally ill, you catch COVID.
They say you died of cancer.
You died of heart attack.
With us, when in doubt, choose COVID.
It's true.
No, it's true.
Now, the FAA says it's true.
It's terrible what he said.
But that's true.
It's like $2,000 more.
So you get more money.
No, sorry.
This could only happen to us.
Where cases are now, Serge?
No, sir.
USA Today, it's $52,000.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Tomorrow's news today.
37 hours.
37 hours until the kickoff of more than just an election.
The Chinese communists, the globalists, the EU, Hollywood, all the big banks, all the big money, all the big Wall Street groups, Focus, the academia, the universities, the devil worshippers, the pedophiles, the satanists, the trash of the planet, wants to dominate and mount America's head on the wall?
But the tide is turning quickly.
You could not write a script about a Hollywood movie like this, a David Bay movie.
You could not come up with something this epic because truth is greater than fiction.
Truth is always more powerful than fiction.
It's not just stranger than fiction.
All right.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
Thank you for joining us on this live November 1st Sunday transmission.
I want to thank all of our radio and TV affiliates.
You are awesome.
I want to just remind our listeners that they are key in this battle, and without those local affiliates, we would not be on air, including the Internet, because we need the funding to run the larger operation, and the radio stations take us over the top.
We have more listeners on radio stations than we do on the Internet on a consistent basis.
We have some big clips we put out that become bigger.
You know, a clip here, a clip there will go viral with 5 million, 10 million, 20 million views.
But on a sustained basis every day, our AM and FM stations have 5 to 10 times the audience of our internet streams and videos, which is substantive.
So we are so thankful to those radio stations, and we salute them, and we absolutely would not be here without them!
We are all in this together, but just please remember that, listeners, and support them however you can if you want to not be slaves to the globalists.
Anyways, the energy level is very, very high.
All of you can feel it.
I'm going to hit the huge worldwide UN-announced lockdowns coming, all concerted in the EU, the UK, you name it, for the 5th of November.
Well, that's right on a V for Vendetta.
Their globalist revolution against us.
And then I'm going to lay out the latest on Antifa and BLM and the terrorism they're planning when President Trump wins.
Coming up on Tuesday and how they're planning to extend the election out.
Even though he's going to be the clear winner to destabilize the country, which they now admit they're doing.
We were the first to tell you about it.
It's now confirmed.
And I only remind listeners of that so they understand that we're not playing games.
So let me do this now.
Let me lay it out.
Why Trump's going to have a landslide.
We know that the Democratic Party is spending about 12 to 1
Got the articles right here, on polling.
And so, when you're corrupt like these groups, you're not polling to see how you're actually doing with people, you're polling to get fake polls done, where they go out and select certain people that they talk to, and they have a lot of different ways to manipulate the data, so they can create a bandwagon effect to say, look, all these polls show that Joe Biden is leading in battleground states.
We all saw this four years ago, where 97% chance that Hillary's gonna win.
Newsweek had already printed up over a quarter million magazine covers saying, Madam President.
And we're already delivering them to bookstores.
We've got several copies here.
One mounted on the wall.
Now why were they so desperate saying 97% chance to win?
Why were they saying all the polls show she's winning by 15, 20, 30 points?
They had CNN polls saying she's gonna win by 36 points.
You know, saying she's gonna get 70 plus percent of the vote.
It's because they had, four years ago, what they have now.
Hundreds, and that's a conservative term, thousands and thousands of major data points of hundreds of different types of systems.
Google searches.
Bot request.
Data crawling information.
And so many other forms of advertising data that they knew Trump was going to win in a landslide.
You know, the odds makers right now, and I have the articles right here, have Trump winning by massive odds.
The Vegas bookmakers are clear, Trump's going to win.
They look at the same type of metrics.
Not the hype.
So, the polls have been fake for a long time.
They've always been corrupt.
But now, they are 100% political.
The White House has done internal polls to see how popular they are.
And at points, Biden has been within 5 to 10 points striking range, which concerned them.
But now in their internal polls, Trump has a 7 to 15 point lead across the board.
And that's coming out in the news.
So it's a very, very, very, very exciting moment.
It's happening.
Trump up 7 points in the final polls in Pennsylvania and other states.
Set to win big.
Latest state poll has Trump up 322 to 216 electoral college delegates from Biden and the National Electoral College.
So again,
The real data is all of that snooping systems that big tech has.
The Alex's in your house listening to you.
What you watch, what you click on, what ads you click on, what you search for, what you do, where you go.
And they've got algorithms and experts that check it and they know what that means.
Two to one Republican searches, two to one how to vote for Trump versus Biden.
Early voting, exit polls.
60 plus percent being Republican for Trump.
It's usually the opposite in early voting.
And the Democrats saying, oh it's dangerous, don't go to the polls, there's a COVID surge, don't go, maybe we should close the polls.
Pumping out 80 million ballots to be able to contest it, saying they didn't all get counted.
Everything they've done shows they know they're losing months and months and months ago from the internal data.
Not from the polls, but from all the big tech data they're able to get.
And again, a very simple example of that is Google Trends shows more people are searching how to vote Republican than how to vote Democrat, and have been for most of the year.
Simply incredible.
In Idaho, 100% of people are searching how to vote Republican.
Same thing in New Mexico, same thing in Mississippi.
Get to other states, how to vote Republican, 72% in Alabama, 28% Democrat.
72% in Alabama searching how to vote Republican.
Minnesota, 70% to 30%.
Number six, Louisiana, how to vote Republican, 69%.
Kentucky, how to vote Republican, 65% to 35%.
Wisconsin, 60% search out of a Republican.
Kansas, 60% to 40.
Nebraska, 60-40.
This is Bridget... Bridget's crapping type information.
And it goes on.
Here's another one.
Pew Research.
Democrat advantage over Republicans among Florida registered voters has shrunk even more for 2016.
And it's all these hundreds of major metrics, but each metric of the hundreds of different types is thousands of different apps and sites and advertisement groups, but all of it's fed back into these big computers and it's just spitting out giant Trump landslide, giant Trump landslide, giant Trump landslide.
So how do they counter that?
He's not going to transfer power!
We're gonna challenge it, but if he challenges us, he's a dictator and he can't do that.
We're gonna be the winners, and Pelosi says, no matter what, Biden will be president.
And Biden just said it as well.
I've got the clips when we come back.
Joe Biden has been a disaster for African-Americans and Hispanic-Americans.
I'm fighting for citizens of every race, color, and creed.
We achieved record low African-American, Hispanic-American, and Asian-American unemployment rates.
Finally, high noon!
It is Sunday, November 1st.
The year is 2020.
We are 36 hours, roughly, out from the kickoff of the big election day.
And the Democrats have told us they're going to contest it when they lose.
And they've told us if he contests that, they are then going to say that Trump's a dictator, hoping there's no logic out there.
How can they contest, but then Trump isn't supposed to contest, like we saw in the 2020
That's why they put out in their blue states 80 million ballots.
A lot of folks got two or three of them.
Dead cats, dead dogs, dead people.
I had to mail to them.
I've had so many calls.
I've seen so many articles where my mom's been dead 12 years and we got two of them for her.
My dog's been dead or my cat's been dead for five years, ten years.
You've seen the news.
Local news though.
Never national news.
But I've got family it's happened to.
I've got neighbors.
I know people who have family in nursing homes where their mom got two ballots and everybody else in there got two or three ballots.
And Democrats have been caught all over the place paying people to fill out those ballots and commit felonies.
So they're just committing mass crime.
So here's the good news.
All the internal web data and advertising data and click data and web search data indicates massive Trump landslide, as I told you four years ago, even bigger.
And analysts are now coming out agreeing with that analysis.
But there's so many dead people voting, so many dead cats voting, so many just random names that in Democrat states and other areas where they'll just take any name, anybody can get a driver's license and then boom, you get to vote.
In those areas,
You're going to see massive skewed for the Democrats, and in those major cities like Detroit and Milwaukee and other areas, you're just going to see upwards of 100% of people voting, which you know is not going on.
Though, more people have already voted early than voted last election.
This is going to be the biggest turnout they think in U.S.
history in 245 years.
I think so.
This is Battle Royale.
This is the Big Enchilada.
I mean, I don't know about you guys, but I used to be into football and boxing and stuff.
We'd be, you know, all around pizza and beer and college for the pay-per-view or whatever.
High school, you know, my dad, we'd go to a local restaurant because they'd have pay-per-view back then.
We'd have it at the house on our cable.
I mean, this is electric!
Trump has cast doubt on a peaceful transfer of power, but the preparation for one is well underway.
And it's how they're going to remove him from office.
Now, if he doesn't concede, they're saying they're going to remove him, and Bill Clinton said it, and Hillary said it, and Nancy Pelosi said it, and we're going to fumigate him even if he refuses to leave.
We're going to inaugurate Joe Biden somewhere else.
Trump may just keep campaigning after Election Day, says Politico and CNN.
Now why is that?
Because the Democrats are going to be campaigning and raising money, and have said they are, for the 79 days of hell, because if Trump hasn't gotten seated by then and it's still being held up, the House of Representatives will control going to the states.
Through the 20th Amendment for them to then vote, and she will control it for who the next president is.
And that's what she said on TV.
She said, I have talked to COG.
I'm number two in succession.
I will be president.
I played the clip again on Friday.
I'm not going to play it again today, but let's play what she did say on Friday.
That clip was from months ago.
I played on Friday again.
This is another thing she said on Friday that we played, where she says, it doesn't matter.
He will be president.
He will be inaugurated.
And Joe Biden just today,
Said the same thing.
He goes, I don't need you to vote for me.
I'm going to be president.
Here he is.
Folks, we got a lot of work to do.
I don't need you to get me elected.
I need you once I'm elected.
We are ready.
I feel very confident that Joe Biden will be elected president on Tuesday.
Whatever the
Folks, we got a lot of work to do.
I don't need you to get me elected.
I need you once I'm elected.
He can't even talk now, ladies and gentlemen.
He said again yesterday that he's running against George W. Bush.
Doesn't know what planet he's on.
She's up there with her little Bane mask on.
Now on CNN, the hosts are wearing it in studio, they're wearing masks.
I mean, this is a total cult of control freaks with all their idiot followers.
On every newscast, the count is up, record numbers, because they're just handing out free test kits everywhere, and, oh, I've got it, but I'm not sick.
Oh, you're a victim, here, cash in on some money.
By the way, Trump's right.
If you go to a hospital and you have COVID, they get $12,000 if you're hospitalized.
And they get $40,000 if they intubate you.
But he's right.
If you die, there's an extra $2,000.
I'll play that clip coming up next segment where he said, you know, if somebody dies of COVID, they give you an extra $2,000.
They really died of a heart attack.
So Trump's right about the $2,000.
I'm just saying it's a lot more than that just to say you have COVID.
So let me see.
$52,000 plus if they intubate you and you have COVID.
Extra $2,000.
That's $54,000 plus if they get you all the way to home base and kill your ass.
They admit most of the deaths were from wrongful intubations.
But hey, whatever.
You want to commit suicide going in under these doctors?
Go ahead and knock yourself out.
Let's go ahead and continue here now with what we're dealing with.
I'm going to cover that coming up next segment.
This is their game plan, and they're going to pull this coming up on Tuesday evening, Wednesday night, unless the landslide is so epically gigantor that there's no way that they can even say, well, there's a 5% of the ballots haven't been counted, but, you know, he's won by such a majority, say 60%,
Or 57% that even if we got the other 5%, Joe Biden would lose.
But see, they don't let logic get in the way.
They're saying no matter what, they've had judges ruled in 11 Democrat-controlled states.
That they are going to hold this up.
And the federal courts have struck down most of those, but a few are still standing.
And the Democrat judges have said, we don't care.
We're going to file new stuff on Tuesday and Wednesday, on the 3rd, on the 4th.
So that'll be new cases to drag it out.
So the public thinks it's illegitimate.
So they'll riot.
So they'll get upset.
They've got Antifa and the BLM, white meth-head kids of Soros funds all surrounding the White House right now.
So they're going to drive the president from power.
So this is definitely going to be a crazy time.
Wayne Root.
Las Vegas odds maker announces final prediction.
Trump electoral landslide coming.
Biden cancels Texas event after Biden staffer sideswipes Make America Great Again caravan.
We have the video from two angles.
The FBI that was investigating the people that he sideswiped because they are gods.
It's all coming up.
And also, finally, ABC News breaks mainstream media blackout of Hunter Biden's story, confirms it's real.
Of course it's real.
Of course all the porn, the child porn, the deals with China, with the Russians, with the Ukrainians, the sellouts are real.
Hell, Biden goes on TV and says, they were investigating my son, I said, I'll fire you if you don't fire the prosecutor, and I won't give you a billion dollars, you son of a bitch.
They fired him!
I mean, he's out in the open, crowing like a rooster, how he enslaves us.
But that arrogant old piece of crap's about to meet his Waterloo.
I'm gonna get first in two.
Some of the most incredibly important information concerning you and your family and your health and the world, the economy, is going to take me this segment and then a couple segments into the next hour.
Then I'm going to shift gears back to the election and politics, but it's all intertwined.
Again, I'm your host, Alex Jones, begging you to take notes, begging radio listeners later tonight or tomorrow to go to band.video or electionnight.news, same website.
And to get this report that's live right now, that'll be archived, and to share it and to research it for yourself.
So I'm going to lay a bombshell on you and I'm going to show you global statistics that prove it currently from Western governments.
Get ready for it.
And look, a lot of times things are hidden in plain view.
The producer of this show is really smart.
And about seven months ago, she said, listen, the mask make you sick from the bacteria that you're breathing back in.
And they breed in the mask.
And in World War I, it killed the majority of the people that they thought had Spanish flu.
You need to warn people.
And I was busy, and I knew that masks weren't good for us.
But I'm the tough guy, you know?
I'm like, oh yeah, the mask is going to make me sick.
Even though I wasn't wearing a mask.
I was against the mask.
Because they don't protect you.
Most of them only protect air coming in, not air going out.
It doesn't matter.
Turns out she was going off of real studies and history.
And so, I was on Paul Watson's Twitter this morning and he was showing national health service numbers out of the UK, health service numbers out of Germany, Italy.
And so I went and checked these numbers on their websites and found out indeed it was true.
Paul's a very big stickler, you know, about being accurate.
He's more accurate than I am a lot of times.
He's made less mistakes than I have.
But he also underestimated the lockdown and didn't think it would be coming back.
So, you know, I'm a little more paranoid than he is.
But this is so huge, folks.
So I spent about an hour and a half today researching this and it hit me like a ton of bricks.
Because I've heard people, oh, the mask make us sick.
Well, just like I'm not into people hyping up COVID makes me sick.
Yeah, I'm like a tough guy.
I'm like, oh, yeah, right.
Yeah, it's making you sick.
Now, I remember Fauci eight months ago at first goes, oh, don't wear a mask.
They won't help you and they can make you sick.
That's a weird statement.
Turns out he was running a big study in the last two years that just came out.
That masks actually give you bacterial pneumonia because bad bacteria that are in the mouth and things you eat, the human mouth is one of the dirtiest mouths out there.
Only a Komodo dragon, look this up, has more bacteria than our mouth.
We have the second
Most dirty mouth there is.
The monitor lizard, large species variant, Komodo dragon, bites deer and then they die a few days later from the infection.
It's not venom, it's just really nasty bacteria.
Humans have the second dirtiest mouth on earth.
And you're not meant to have that stuff going into your lungs.
But when you breathe it back in over and over and over again, it gives you bacterial pneumonia.
And then I got the graphs all over Europe and the U.S.
that when you put the mask on, death rates go up!
And then they admit, not even Fauci's new study, he admits it too, but in a whole bunch of studies then, they found out the mask
In these dirty hospitals, we're picking up bacteria with a spit, and it was a medium, like a petri dish.
Human saliva grows bacteria, and so it was this dirty diaper, full of bacteria and pieces of food, that were then breeding.
Instead of going out in the air and dying, or falling on the cement, and the sunlight kills them, they're breeding in there, in a petri dish, like a biology class.
So, I'm going to hit the latest news on all this, and we start the next hour.
I'm going to show you Fauci's study that just came out, and then it links to a bunch of old studies, and I didn't know it was conclusive.
Alex Jones just learned something.
In the fog of war, I've been busy and everybody's telling me, hey, the mask are making you sick.
Pneumonia, yeah, whatever.
You be a wimp too.
You damn hypochondriacs.
And it turns out it's true.
And then,
Even my head security guy went into a medical appointment at the VA the other day, and they made him, you know, wear a mask in there for like an hour waiting.
And then when they did his oxygen test, they said, my God, you're 20% lower on oxygen than you should be, and your carbon dioxide's way up.
And it was the damn mask.
The guy's in great shape.
And they see these little kids getting sick, and people are passing out, running off roads.
They're smothering us.
They're oppressing us.
It's a symbol of our slavery.
So I'm going to cover that
Next hour I'll show you the studies and the numbers and the documents and I just hope you get this out to everybody because this is just fantastical.
Locked up in your house, no vitamin D3, no sunlight, away from people, especially old folks, and then wearing mask is a death sentence.
It's an absolute death sentence.
Hell, I don't like sleeping at night with the covers up over my face, much less it pressed in on there.
This is just so evil.
And the whole thing's been war game, the whole thing's been prepared, the whole thing's been laid out.
Here's Bette Midler, just an unfunny, fat slob, total wreck of a human being.
She said this about President Trump.
This dishonorable creature is not human.
A slug, a parasite, a leech, a conman, a sociopath.
She's talking about herself.
After the struggles that doctors and nurses have endured doing TikTok videos, this pandemic began.
Which we ourselves have witnessed.
How dare he say the facts that if you die, you get $2,000.
The hospital or doctor does.
To say you have a COVID patient, you get $12,000.
You get $40,000 if they intubate you.
That's all a fact.
We'll show USA Today, even fact-checked it.
So to kill somebody, you're getting $54,000.
Fifty-two of you just snake a tube down their throat.
While the doctor, I guess, goes and plays golf.
So, just look at that witch-like, just another smiley face nobody.
That's Brian Stelter's mommy.
She's actually his illegitimate son, uglier than he is.
Sorry, I should be a nice person, but she's a scum.
What she does is evil.
And then here they are.
Oh, don't go vote.
Pre-election virus spike creates concern for polling places.
AP, don't go vote.
That's the same AP that's praising the beheadings, saying people deserve to have their heads cut off for Muslims.
I'm not kidding, that's coming up.
AP justifies beheading of French inside anger due to their culture.
It just shouldn't even exist.
Continuing, at least 31 states set their one-day coronavirus records in October because they're getting all the businesses and all the companies to make people test to go to work and most of them are false positive.
It's admitted!
It's to stop you voting.
Fauci praises Biden, knocks Trump.
We're playing politics.
Fauci warns of COVID surge.
Trump is bad.
Once restrained, Fauci unleashes on the White House coronavirus approach days before election because they're desperate.
Now, look at this.
Fauci unloads on U.S.
COVID response in candid new interview.
You could not possibly have been positioned more poorly.
How about being positioned better?
China's open for business.
And who is Bill Gates?
Was funding 11 of the main programs into coronavirus, COVID-19, listing it two years ago in a Fauci-funded program as COVID-19, from bats, airborne, super cold.
Oh, here's Newsweek!
Dr. Fauci back controversial Wuhan lab with U.S.
dollars for risky coronavirus research.
Yeah, you're right.
Trump wasn't well-positioned, you little monster.
He hasn't been there 45 years like you.
He isn't making all the money off the vaccine with you and Bill Gates, you little monster.
Don't worry, England enters second lockdown in days, says Boris Johnson.
On and on and on.
But there's a big pushback.
Nigel Farage made some powerful statements.
It's all coming up next hour.
And I'm going to get, at six after, into this information that is incredible on the mask.
And how it's causing viral pneumonia.
A lot of you are like, Jones, we already know that.
I know.
I know.
I know.
I don't know everything.
I don't know a lot of stuff.
They're so evil, I just can't even ever imagine what they're... It's always worse than I thought.
It's always... It's so diabolical, I can't even come up with crap like this.
They don't want you to know about your immune system.
You gotta have D3, you gotta have Zinc, you gotta have Vitamin C, and you gotta have Selenium, and you gotta have Iodine.
We have it all.
Vitamin Mineral Fusion in stock.
Free shipping from Baker Points.
X2, X3, highest quality Iodine.
And we also have all the other great products that are essential that you need for life.
To be strong.
And God gave us this.
So go get some sun, D3, before the real winter hits.
Because they're saying, oh, COVID deaths are going to go up.
Yeah, I got the numbers.
They count all flu deaths as COVID.
And they know if you don't have vitamin D3, you'll die.
So don't let Fauci kill you.
Get your immune system boosted now.
Hour number two, straight ahead.
We are back live broadcasting worldwide.
Alright, here's what I'm gonna do.
Next segment I'm gonna hit the most incredible information and just tie it into everything that's unfolding right now.
I want to make an announcement right now.
We're going to have live coverage until late in the evening tomorrow night with Jesse James, a good friend of mine, and a lot of other folks here, Owen Troyer, Deanna Lorraine, you name it.
Please spread the word about the broadcast.
That's how we reach new people.
Infowars.com, Newswars.com, electionnight.news is a URL they're not censoring yet.
So you're able to get it out to people.
Please, that's the link to share.
So you're not sharing an evil, controversial link.
The censors don't block it.
It gets through.
Tell folks, though, here's the forbidden information.
And then on Tuesday, we're going to go live through the night.
They're going to contest the election, I believe.
They've already said they are.
That's a no-brainer.
We'll be here covering it live with a raft of amazing guests, your calls, and so much more.
So please join us.
And I'd invited myself on the Joe Rogan election.
I said, are you doing an election?
He goes, yeah, how do you know?
I'm doing it.
I'm like, well, I like to come.
He goes, OK, sure.
And then I began to realize that I already had my own crew, all of our own guests, and I'm supposed to host this.
And then I saw them demonizing Joe and all the rest of it.
He's like, yeah, sure, we'll keep doing it.
I'm like, you know what?
We got a lot of other stuff planned.
Joe and I already have some big stuff planned.
You'll see in the next few weeks.
I said, let's just wait till then.
He said, well, that's a rock and roll decision.
Let's just do it that way, because you did kind of invite yourself.
I said, yeah, I'm just going to do my own thing.
So that's that.
I will not be co-hosting the election coverage with Joe Rogan and the amazing Tim Dillon.
Speaking of Tim Dillon, he just dropped a new podcast today.
I watched it out the pool with my children.
Here it is.
We'll come back with the big news.
Stay with us.
Is everyone ready for Election Day?
It's Election Day in America.
Board up the stores and get a gun.
Board up the stores and get a gun.
It's a healthy democracy.
We've boarded up all the stores.
All the glass that can be smashed is now behind wood.
That's how you know we're doing good.
Walmart has stopped selling guns and ammunition.
But they're still selling liquor.
Just booze it up.
Trump or Biden.
Booze it up.
Hot SpaghettiOs.
Booze it up.
Don't ask about your job.
Don't ask about your health insurance.
Don't ask why your kids are on drugs.
Don't ask about the vaccine.
Just put the needle in your ass.
Don't question us.
And we won't.
What a week!
I did one of the biggest podcasts ever recorded, and I sat next to, love him or hate him, I sat next to one of the most fascinating people ever, Lil Xan.
And that was such a meaningful event in my life to be part of that podcast.
To sit there and do some time with a thinker.
I am, of course,
The podcast I'm talking about was the one with Joe Rogan and Alex Jones.
Maybe one of the best podcasts ever recorded.
Not because of me.
I was funny.
But what a great podcast.
Of course, love or hate Alex Jones.
He's the most entertaining person on the planet.
In terms of skill as a broadcaster, it's beyond anything I've ever seen up close in person.
It's truly amazing.
And I had some really good funny moments.
And Joe did a great job.
Everyone's mad at the fact-checking.
It's like, Joe's got to do that because that's what makes a good listening experience, even though some of you are angry at it.
And I get, I understand what you're saying.
But when Joe's like, let's slow down and look at these things.
And Alex ends up getting proven right.
That's literally what differentiates that podcast from something where you let Alex rant and then the people go well fuck that it's all wrong.
Can't say that about this podcast because we have the receipts and Joe was like going through every story with him so that was that was really interesting.
Ladies and gentlemen, I am your host, Alex Jones.
I'm very honored to be here, 35 hours out from the start of the 2020 election.
It's like we're standing at the edge of a cliff.
We don't know when we step off that thing whether we got wings or whether we're going to fall.
Ha ha ha ha!
For whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee.
All right.
And by the way, weekdays, 8 a.m., day, midnight, myself, 11 a.m., Owen Schroeder, 6 p.m., Election Countdown with myself, Don Lorraine, Owen, Harrison Smith, and others, 7 to 9 p.m.
We're taking your calls.
We're covering so much stuff.
We love you.
Tonight, no calls, because I've got 54 minutes left, and I need to cover all this information.
Alex Jones here, back live.
Thanks for joining us.
I'm really trying here to impress on everyone how big this is.
And how it's so game-changing and it's so massive.
Because if we don't get this information out, they're never going to end the lockdown.
It's a post-industrial world.
They want to shut down civilization and starve everybody to death, but use a virus as a cover.
And I'm on Joe Rogan's podcast, and I see all these other podcasts, and I have, like, army generals ask me, you know, on the telephone, well, Jones, you know, why do they want to kill everybody?
And I'm like, why the hell did Hitler want to do that?
You keep asking me, this is what Davos and the Club of Rome and Bill Gates have said over and over and over again.
And just because you're not a psychotic maniac doesn't mean they aren't.
So I get the messenger comes on air and tells you all this and it sounds insane.
And so I must be a bad guy.
I have gone a little insane knowing all this information.
Again, I was a little kid growing up hearing all this from family who were informed people involved in a lot of stuff.
And I just thought that's family.
You're growing up around that as a kid.
And you know, you go to a family reunion, it's like the Legion of Doom reunion, and you just think, oh, that's just, you know, who my family is, a bunch of military people and stuff.
And then you grow up later and you realize that's not like other people's families.
And then you go to college and you hear how much America sucks all day and how bad you are, and you go, my God, that's everything they were telling me.
And you know, my family, some of them worked in different agencies and things.
They weren't telling me the agencies were good.
They weren't telling me the CIA was good.
No, they were telling me it was bad.
Just like Trump tells you, the average FBI is great, people on top are bad.
Average CIA is good people, people on top are bad.
Because the globalists have seized control of this country.
And so when I lay this information out, ladies and gentlemen, it's not to scare you, it's to get you to take action.
Now what did I cover just last hour?
Play the clip again.
In a speech.
In Pennsylvania.
Another one in Michigan.
He made similar statements.
This is Waterford Township, Michigan.
This one.
That they're making money off people that die of COVID and they're mislabeling it.
That's a fact.
They said there's all these full hospitals.
People went to them all over the country and there was no one there except every once in a while they'd see them live on the news.
Look, there's big lines.
They'd go there.
It was nurses and people dressed up in hazmat gear and posing as patients.
This is confirmed from Hawaii to Michigan to New York to California to Texas.
To Brasilia.
To Rio de Janeiro.
It's the medical system's a global cult of its own with Big Pharma and its own world system and that's how their world government is coming at us with their Great Reset.
Greg Rees, seven months ago, eight months ago, in March, put out the Great Reset videos, two of them, about how it's a UN global reset to destroy economies, put us in debt, and kill the third world, and now here's Time Magazine's cover, the Great Reset, a socialist world government collapsing things to build the new world.
And the head of the Davos Group says that's what they're building, says that's what they're doing.
It's not even my opinion.
This is what's happening.
So here it is.
They come out and they attack Trump for saying the truth, but he's attacking directly what's happening and how they're saying we can never operate.
Even though the lockdowns killed 10 times what COVID does, it's a power grab.
And now they're announcing all these new big shutdowns in Europe that they're saying are going to be basically permanent.
It's a total nightmare situation.
And then it comes out that Fauci
Ran the Wuhan lab when it came out that what he was running at Chapel Hill, North Carolina was illegal.
And it's even in the Journal of Science.
It's even in Newsweek.
And then he sits up there and says it's Trump's fault this happened?
When he literally works for Bill Gates and Obama and the New World Order and is doing all of this?
That's crazy!
But see, just like they do with the Biden thing.
Two and a half weeks ago, the Biden laptop comes out.
All of it's proven, it's confirmed.
State police, FBI confirm it.
They have all these witnesses on the other end of the emails coming out showing their emails.
Finally, ABC News comes out and says it's real, and then they unblock the New York Post and go, we're sorry at Twitter.
Oh, Main Street Media says it's real now, so it's real.
ABC News covered up the Jeffrey Epstein thing.
On record, knew he was raping little kids with the Clintons and covered it up, and their own investigative journalist got caught on a hot mic admitting it!
So I've set the table for this.
It'll take a few more segments to get into it, but let me just go ahead and start showing you this now for TV viewers, and I'm gonna ask radio listeners again.
You can go research all of this for yourself.
It's worse than I'm telling you, okay?
In 2008, Dr. Anthony Fauci co-authored a paper
about the Spanish flu epidemic that rates as the most devastating modern pandemic.
It swept the entire planet in the wake of the First World War and caused millions of deaths.
So in studying the major and actual pandemic, what did Dr. Fauci and his colleagues find?
They discovered that most of the victims of the Spanish flu did not die from Spanish flu.
They died from bacterial pneumonia.
Bacterial pneumonia was caused by, wait for it, wearing the mask.
Now you can see that on the internet and say, oh, is that real?
We went and looked it up.
He published that paper 12 years ago.
It's parts of it have been republished in a new paper that just came out this week.
Let us show you.
Here's Colleen Huber, M.M.D.
Colleen Huber, M.M.D.
Dr. Fauci neglected to let the public know he was co-author of a paper that found this.
The 1918-1919 pandemic deaths were mostly from bacterial pneumonia.
See end note 17 in the paper.
Why did this happen?
Hashtag mask.
Here is the new paper.
Primary Doctor, Medical Journal, November 2020, COVID-19.
University Hong Kong.
And it goes through all of them.
And it's got Dr. Fauci in it.
Saying that masks grow pneumonia and cause death, especially in the winter.
Now, when I come back, these are from the actual EU and then member nations.
Every country, when the masks start getting put on, death rates actually spike back up.
Just as the papers show.
My God!
But see, the general sheeple out there, they don't care about helping people.
They want to look good to each other and feel like they're heroes.
And so they're going to wear their little bacteria diapers.
And run around, it's coming in and out of them, they're incubating it, because bacteria need that saliva to grow in and replicate.
So say you walk by somebody, they cough, you get a couple bacteria.
But if they've got droplets and already it's building, that's a culture, like in a petri dish, that's what the study says, that's grown, and it's like a chunk of yogurt of deadly bacteria that goes up.
So instead of you getting one bacteria, you get 500.
And then it's got a chance to get in your lungs and kill you.
Because if a couple bacteria get in your body, you can deal with it.
But not if it's thousands of them, folks.
Man, just the devastating weapon system.
You know, God built us, or however you believe, we're here on this planet.
We're incredibly resilient.
But oh, now we gotta wear a mask, and lo and behold, he kills us.
They're murdering us with the mask!
And they're admitting the whole thing!
And it's been hiding in plain view!
Oh my god, these people are so sick!
Fauci's authored papers saying don't wear a mask, and now he demands you wear them!
What a murderer!
What a murderer!
The bright midnight.
The black sunshine.
Guess what's gonna end up happening to the whole New World Order?
The Clintons.
The Bidens.
The Obamas.
The Soroses.
End of the line.
End of the line.
Bill Gates has already hit the end of the line.
He is so universally reviled and hated that even when he goes on national TV shows, they attack him, even though he's paying to be on CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN.
On record.
And this stuff all hides in plain view.
It's end of the line.
I got some really bad news for you, though, here in a moment after I hit this really serious news.
Here it is.
Oh, Fauci unloads on U.S.
COVID response.
In a candid new interview, you could not possibly be positioned more poorly.
So it's 15 days only, so the hospitals had a chance.
Wasn't true.
Hospitals were empty.
Lie about it.
Send COVID patients into old people that didn't have any vitamin D because they have no sun to kill them.
That's over half your numbers.
Never in the lockdown.
Be invested in all the major vaccines.
Been in government for 45 years at the NIH.
Involving HIV cover-up and Dr. Fauci-backed controversial Wuhan lab with U.S.
dollars for risky coronavirus research.
All of that information, mainstream news.
But the big one is this, ladies and gentlemen.
The major study that republishes the findings in 2008 of Fauci saying that wearing masks during a pandemic or an epidemic actually causes more deaths from viral
Spread but also viral infections that then allow bacteria to move into the area because you're wearing a mask and that you get bacterial pneumonia.
That's why they say, oh, don't take antibiotics for a viral infection.
because it's bacteria.
That move into the areas damaged by the viruses, damaged by the lesions, and the bacteria can also carry the viruses.
So that's why if you think you have it, Z-Pak, antibiotic, zinc, vitamin C, vitamin D, and if you catch it early, 100% recovery rate.
And remember they said 5% were gonna die, then 2%, then 1%, then half a percent, and now the new numbers are .00000000 something.
It's not even one-tenth of one percent, ladies and gentlemen, that get this that die.
Is it man-made?
To have incredible gain of function, to spread so everyone gets it, so everyone suspects, so everyone's bad for the global lockdown and for the coming vaccine.
And again, if you don't have vitamin D, vitamin C, and the rest of these essential nutrients, any virus will kill you.
That's how you'll have malnourished people in Africa dying in mass, but those that are well nourished don't even get sick, because you're healthy.
You know, I grew up, and a couple summers was sent to work for a large animal vet.
And all the big champion cows and all the big high-quality beef herds, they gave them range cubes that had vitamins in them, and they gave them other vitamins and other cookies and treats that had vitamins in them, and they never really got sick, and they were big and fat and healthy and had all this great fur.
You go to some little farm or ranch to take care of their cows that didn't do that, was only grass-fed, they'd have patches on them, they'd be sick.
They were hamburger meat, not steak meat.
Those are hamburger cows.
We got a bunch of cows that you don't really tend to.
But you want healthy?
You want long live?
You want not getting sick?
They give those cows all the essential vitamins and nutrients every day in their feed.
But they're going to tell you, you don't need vitamins and minerals.
You don't need any of that.
These people are sick.
Everybody knows vitamins and minerals work.
But getting back to this, Primary Doctor, Medical Journal, November 2020, cites in the Medical Journal, in note 17, Fauci's report in 2008, and he's put out recent information as well, and lays it all out right here.
So I'm going to say that again and let that sink in because I've got hundreds of articles to cover here.
I've got all these big stories to cover.
I've got all this amazing information to get to, but you understand what I'm saying.
It is in mainline medical journals with dozens and dozens of citations from other major medical journals going back 100 years, 80 years, 50 years, 40 years, 12 years, and this week.
And you can go to the Primary Doctor Medical Journal, COVID-19, November 2020, and read all of it linked right there, Anthony S. Fauci.
There it is on screen.
Predominant role of bacterial pneumonia as cause of death in pandemic influenza.
Implications for pandemic influenza preparedness.
Look at that!
That's Anthony Fauci 12 years ago in a peer-reviewed study for the NIH and DOI and the Journal of Infectious Diseases telling you that they went back to the studies and the reports at the time and that the majority of the death was caused by the mask!
The majority of the death was caused by the mask!
The majority of the death was caused by the mask!
But you try to walk up to some yuppie, and you try to give them this at the park.
They're out there with their dog a hundred yards from by.
They're wearing their masks.
They're looking at you.
They're superheroes.
They're, you know, they're out there.
You try to walk over and tell them, hey, that mask is going to give you viral pneumonia.
And that mask lets bacteria and viruses that grow in bacteria breed into colonies in a culture, like a petri dish, and then launch off like little spores into your lungs.
You don't want to hear it!
They already decided.
I'm a hero.
I believe CNN.
I believe ABC News.
I believe MSNBC.
I'm gonna wear it forever!
And now Bill Gates has come out and said it's 10 years.
And the UN says forever!
And the lockdowns have started again in Europe!
And people are going crazy.
Their businesses are collapsing.
Millions have already starved to death in Africa.
I was out in the park a month ago with a drone flying around the loudspeaker going, in Africa, 2 million have starved to death, here's the UN numbers.
And these white women were going, F you, F you, F you.
And I walked over and I went, hey, I'm just trying to help, can I show you on my smartphone?
The UN head of the food group admits it's happening.
They said, I've got, I've got mace, get back racist.
And they were just, F you, F you, F you.
And then they uploaded to Twitter, they're just like, everyone's like, F him, F him, F him, F him, F him, F him.
I'm like, please, it's killing the Africans.
They're like, F you, F you, F you, F you, F you.
And it's just like, because they don't, they actually like it because they're not conscious.
They're controlled by the spirit of this thing.
They're like robot demons.
They want to submit to the system.
They want to be abused.
They want to take us with them to hell.
I'm not going to let them and you shouldn't either!
So, the prominent role of bacteria and pneumonia as a cause of death and pandemic influenza implications for pandemic influenza preparedness, they go undefined in the Anthony S. Fauci report, 2008, and now in the new report that masks were the main vector causing the death from pneumonia, not from the Spanish flu, but from bacteria.
Now that's what all the other studies show too, that masks are dirty, they're bad, they lower your carbon dioxide level, but it's a symbol of fear and a symbol you're in the cult and a symbol you're in submission.
Now let's look at the facts though.
Totally separately, I went and I pulled up
Graphics for the current numbers, and I checked these, these are accurate, of the EU and respective countries and the UK and the US.
For TV viewers, you'll be able to see this radio listeners again.
We're live on air right now at 534 Central.
Within an hour of the show being over, this will be archived up there at band.video and electionnight.news.
I suggest you go get this and share it because this is life-saving information.
Let's look at Italy.
It's got Italy COVID-19 cases.
As soon as they require a mask, number of cases and deaths skyrockets.
Got a bad bacteria going around, say it's a virus.
Now we're figuring out how the scam works.
UK COVID-19 cases.
Masks are required.
Suddenly new cases skyrocket.
COVID-19 deaths per million though.
New York.
Versus Sweden.
Versus Texas.
Sweden, no mask, goes down to now zero deaths per month.
New York has them.
It flatlines out because they wanted to politically declare victory.
They still have cases, they just lie and say they don't.
But look at, look at Texas.
Texas requires masks, boom, numbers actually go back up.
This is so sick.
This is so evil.
Oh, but look, on every metric, flu and pneumonia deaths since 1990 compared to 2020.
Now, suddenly, they're cut by, on average, 70% what they were in, say, the year 2000 or 1999 or 2010.
Look at this.
And they now know they don't count flu deaths and pneumonia now, they call them, just like President Trump said, COVID, because they get.
$12,000 plus to say you've got COVID.
$39,000, almost $40,000.
It's like $52,000 change to then put a tube down your throat.
And then I guess Trump's writing a speech.
We'll play it again in a moment.
He said, oh, and then they get $2,000 to say you died.
I looked that up.
It's true.
I didn't even know.
$2,000 to say you died over at the damn facility.
That's $53,000 plus.
Again, you can hire top hitmen to kill people for $50,000.
This is a death operation.
Look at this.
Totals in Sweden.
Never wore a mask.
Never did lockdowns.
Lowest in Europe.
No deaths now.
Look at that.
Daily new deaths in Sweden.
As of October.
And now in November.
European COVID-19 deaths.
Going up, baby!
But everywhere they wear masks, deaths are going way up.
No mask, going way down, or almost none.
This is powerful.
Paul Joseph Watson tweeted these out.
If you go to, at Prison Planet, that's his Twitter.
So that's just some of it.
So, oh, Bitt Midler says Trump is a dishonorable creature.
He's not human.
A slug, a parasite, a leech, a con man, a sociopath.
After he's, the,
Struggles of doctors and nurses have endured since the pandemic began, which we ourselves have witnessed.
Oh, the struggles of them playing TikTok and empty hospitals and nothing going on and then lying about it and staging fake groups of sick people going in.
All that's confirmed, remember?
And the numbers of dead people that died of something else and then sending real COVID patients in to nursing homes where they have no vitamin D, no sun, to kill them to get about half the numbers.
And now Fauci has the nerve, when he knows all this, to blame President Trump.
Truly sick.
Needs to be prosecuted.
He needs to be held accountable.
This is part of a global reset to implode the planetary economy to get us all into debt and to consolidate control.
But you don't have to take it lying down.
You don't have to go along with this system.
You can get the information.
You can spread it.
You can expose it.
The Davos group we showed you eight months ago said, we're using this to cut carbon.
We're using this to get rid of the first world.
We're using this to lower living standards.
And that's these ultra-rich billionaires saying, we consume too much, so they get more, we get poorer.
This is insane!
There's no way they get away with this.
But they believe the corporate media can deliver 1984, 2 plus 2 equals 100.
They believe they can get unreality delivered and atomize us and balkanize us to such a point we can't even communicate with each other.
We're all these different camps instead of having a unified field theory and a social contract of who we are, what we stand for, that's based on reality and numbers and common sense.
We'll talk about that next segment.
That we'll talk about in a moment.
David Bowie talked about this 20 years ago.
And what the internet was actually doing and how they're using it to control us.
But here is President Trump.
First of all, they have different ways of counting.
You know, in Germany, if you have a bad heart and you're ready to die, or if you have cancer and you're going to be dying soon, and you catch COVID, that happens, we mark it down to COVID.
You know, our doctors get more money if somebody dies from COVID.
You know that, right?
I mean, our doctors are very smart people.
So what they do is they say, I'm sorry, but you know, everybody dies of COVID.
But in Germany and other places, if you have a heart attack or if you have cancer, you're terminally ill, you catch COVID.
They say you died of cancer.
You died of heart attack.
With us, when in doubt, choose COVID.
It's true.
No, it's true.
So they're mad at him about that, but I want to explain something here.
They're using this to paralyze us and say it doesn't matter if millions die because of the lockdown, it doesn't matter if millions starve to death, if we save one life it's worth it.
It's about a power grab.
So David Bowie, back in 1999, said something, I actually heard Joe Rogan say in 1999, that the internet was balkanizing people into small camps that would kill television, that would probably cause a civil war down the road.
Joe just tweeted this out today, a couple days ago, but I noticed, I saw Joe, about a year after I knew him, in Austin, talk about what David Bowie said at the same time.
So I guess great minds think alike, here is what David Bowie had to say about this.
What is it specifically about the internet?
I mean, anybody can say anything.
Uh, and it all adds up to what?
I mean, it seems to me there's no, there's nothing cohesive about it in the way that there was something cohesive about the youth revolution in music.
Oh, but absolutely!
And because I think that we, at the time, up until at least the mid-seventies, really
I felt that we were still living in the guise of a single and absolute created society where there were known truths and known lies and there was no kind of duplicity or pluralism about the things that we believed in.
That started to break down rapidly in the 70s and the idea of
We're good to go.
It shows us that we are living in total fragmentation.
I don't think we've even seen the tip of the iceberg.
I think the potential of what the internet is going to do to society, both good and bad, is unimaginable.
I think we're actually on the cusp of something exhilarating and terrifying.
It's just a tool, though, isn't it?
No, it's not.
No, it's an alien life form.
What do you think... I mean, when you think, then, about the future... Is there life on Mars?
Yes, it's just landed here.
But that's... It's simply a different delivery system there.
You're arguing about something more profound.
Oh, yeah.
I'm talking about the actual context and the state of content is going to be so different to anything that we can really envisage at the moment.
Where the interplay between the user and the provider will be so insimpatico.
It's going to crush our ideas of what mediums are all about.
This is very powerful info.
I'm going to explain it when we come back.
Tell us what you want about David Bowie.
He ran with the establishment and the common people and was very smart.
And quite a film director.
And the allegory of the hunger and what the establishment was really into.
He was definitely into some dark stuff.
But there he is in 1999 saying, we're creating an alien.
The internet is an alien.
Well, he was Dalton.
It's called the Intergalactic Communication System created by DARPA secretly in the 50s as an idea deployed in the early 60s.
By the 70s, they had it as an operational system and it was meant to control people and to have us interface with machines in a neural
Human, mechanical, electrochemical, fiber optic interface.
And what we've noticed is whatever we can envision, we can do.
I mean, the Saturn rocket is a design created in the late 40s when Wernher von Braun was being held at a U.S.
military base.
He drew up the specs himself, and it was better than what the Russians or the United States can make today.
So what I'm getting at here is that if they create an artificial creature with a new DNA or RNA sequence that's never been on the planet, that's alien.
And if they've already been admittedly splicing humans and animals for 40 years, that's all admitted in the medical literature, those are aliens on our planet.
So here he is saying this thing's an alien.
All alien means is not of this world, never before here, and not born out of the systems we know.
But if you read the book of Enoch, or you read the book of Ezekiel, or the book of Genesis, or you get into the other societies that wrote the exact same type of books there in the Mediterranean area,
They tell you the exact same story of this happening before.
And so does Plato at Atlantis.
And so we're coming to that Atlantean moment of destroying ourselves yet again, ladies and gentlemen, with the mad science class.
People like Fauci that don't know where it's going to go, but they just want to develop it and do it because they want to be the best at it.
They become the god of destruction.
Like Oppenheimer that produced the nuclear weapon, the first atomic bomb.
He said, I've become death, the destroyer.
So here, here's again, what, uh, what he had to say.
Here it is.
It's just a tool, though, isn't it?
No, it's not.
No, it's an alien life form.
What do you think... I mean, when you think, then, about... Is there life on Mars?
Yes, it's just landed here.
But that's... It's simply a different delivery system there.
You're arguing about something more profound.
Oh, yeah.
I'm talking about the actual context and the state of content is going to be so different to anything that we can really envisage at the moment.
Where the interplay between the user and the provider will be so insimpatico, it's going to crush our ideas of what mediums are all about.
Because there's a sixth sense.
There's an electrochemical internet that's been proven.
And plants and animals and birds and humans is the strongest.
Whales is very strong.
And we're not just operating off electromagnetic plates, electromagnetic transmissions.
We're doing that too.
There's other subspace transmissions.
And above space transmissions.
And beyond space transmissions.
And below space transmissions.
And through space transmissions.
And that space-time flow, once we have internet and we're talking to each other, maps can be created that computers don't read.
The best AI is one trillionth the brain of an ant.
I agree with Steve Wozniak, the founder of Apple.
He really did the work, not Steve Jobs.
They have driverless cars.
They don't know when there's a wreck.
They don't know when somebody does something crazy.
They wreck constantly.
They don't work.
Oh, they'll be better later.
It doesn't matter.
Why do we let something else replace us?
The power of AI is getting us to agree we're over and let it run us like a Chinese emperor.
You know, they have the Forbidden City.
It's been there for 3,000 plus years.
Before that, there was another dynasty down the road at one in China.
It's a 5,000-year-old culture.
The oldest.
They would tell the royalty, you're too powerful to wipe your own butt.
You're too powerful to walk.
You're too powerful to feed yourself.
You must have long fingernails of gods.
And you must bound your feet where you can't walk.
Type in a photo of Chinese woman's bound foot.
Show people the little deformed little foot where they can't even walk.
And the women would do it because they're the elite.
It's a class thing.
It's cool to wear the mask.
It's cool to take the vaccine.
It's cool to chop your
Six-year-old son's balls off because he wants to be a little girl because the television told him so.
First they give him a vaccine to brain damage him and now I don't know who he is.
Oh, you're a little girl.
People give him attention.
Oh, you put my hair up.
Now we're going to chop your balls off.
Yeah, show Bound Feet again.
And so behind the Forbidden City where the communists run, show the Forbidden City in Beijing.
Guys, pull that up.
And they had foot-long
Fingernails, and they were carrying around on litters, and they couldn't even get up to take a crap.
So the priest class, the lawyers, the legalists, would send in like 10 attendants to pick up the king or the queen and carry her to a toilet.
They would go, oh, your godship.
And they would set them down and then wipe their butt.
And the French heard about this like 500 years ago, and they said, I need my ass wiped.
The British heard about it, they did too.
The Queen of England still has someone called, it's usually a Duke, the groom of the stool.
And now politicians copy it.
Hasn't done it, but Bush did it, and Obama did it, because they don't people look at their crap, what they're eating, what they're doing, drugs or whatever.
Look, the president has his own toilet, and they have a toilet that goes around with him to the hotels, and then the groom of the stool checks that.
It's all this religion, and then they go on and they wipe Obama's butt, they wipe Queen Elizabeth's butt.
I mean, folks, you think I'm joking?
This is all real.
And why is it important?
They take these people that are powerful and a ruling class,
And they slowly in the priest class tell them, you can't talk to the public.
You can't be involved.
You can't talk to people.
You've got to be protected.
You've got to be walled off.
And they're doing that to all of us now in the first world, to wear the mask, to social distance, to all of us.
We're being taught to be obsolete.
So the new robots can be the priest class.
They can be the Chinese legalists that come in and run things for us.
But they're not doing it because we'll be Chinese emperors for a thousand years.
They're getting ready to make us obsolete so we can't stand up for ourselves, so we're domesticated, so they can get rid of us.
And this is my main transmission that you need to know.
All right, I'm out of time.
I will be back at 11 a.m.
Central time.
Day by night, 8 a.m.
And all I'm saying is, do you believe like I believe?
You know what I know.
You dream like I dream?
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