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Name: 20201029_Thu_Alex
Air Date: Oct. 29, 2020
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In this Alex Jones Show episode, speakers discuss various topics including California's potential secession from the United States, Northern California Counties declaring unity with the US, food supplies and water, fighting against corruption, maintaining a relationship with God, health supplements, the election situation, Tony Bobulinski's situation, the possibility of a permanent lockdown regime, populist realignment happening globally, and the importance of voting for Donald Trump.

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And so I can announce to you on October 29th, 2020, that Trump's going to win in a landslide, but you've got to get everybody you know to vote because they're going to try to block that landslide with fraud.
But America has woken up, the world has woken up, the quote, minorities have woken up to the fact that Democrats think they own them.
And this is a huge sea change and a turning of the tide, a turning of the worm.
With four days, 12 hours, 34 minutes, 18 seconds left.
And my intel is that here's the big announcement.
Communist Chinese forces that are a sock puppet of the globalists.
The globalists will get their hands dirty.
They put the money into China and then China uses its operatives and its payoffs in Hollywood and the media and the U.S.
debt and all of it to control things.
But the Chinese are basically giving up right now.
The communist Chinese operatives have been ceasing a lot of their operations.
They've been pulling their horns in.
And they've not been making payments the last few weeks, as this Hunter Biden stuff comes out, to their high-level operatives.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Four more years of Georgia.
Georgia, we're gonna find ourselves in a position where... President Trump's devastation, devastation of Joe Biden.
He has secured an even bigger landslide victory that I'm now just going to call it.
Trump is going to win bigger than he won in 2016 in the Electoral College.
He might even win the popular vote, though that's the stage where they got so much election fraud going on.
We have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud
As Biden supporters nudge towards their man's rally, they're goaded by President Trump's most loyal.
But just as sure as the sun came up this morning and will set this evening, you can bet your bottom Benjamin Franklin, or your bottom George Washington, or your bottom Thomas Jefferson, you can bet your bottom Greenback.
That they're going to contest it and have the states start breaking up and just have the biggest fiasco you've ever seen.
They already said the last election was illegitimate.
I believe he knows he's an illegitimate president.
He knows.
He knows that there were a bunch of different reasons why the election turned out the way it did.
And now they're saying if Trump fights them doing that, he's contesting the election.
They're saying, you're not allowed to contest.
We contested four years ago with no evidence.
Now we're going to contest, but you can't fight back.
President Trump is deepening the threat of a constitutional crisis after the November election.
He has refused to promise that he'll leave office peacefully if defeated.
And once he is out of office,
He's going to be in the hands of the courts.
And it does appear that there's going to be plenty to follow.
If he's not in prison, he'll be in the courts for years.
That Donald Trump is stonewalling on taking effective measures to prevent our electoral system because he wants Russian help.
I think he'd take Chinese help.
He'd take help from Albanian folk singers.
He is desperate to win.
And by the way, if he doesn't win in 2020, you're going to see the ugliest departure from the White House in American history.
Listen to this prediction, and maybe it'll stop them from doing it, but they're going to hit the infrastructure, the power grid, the cell phones, and not just the internet.
And they're going to say that the Russians did it.
Whereas, if you actually hear what the NSA and the CIA and the Director of National Intelligence are saying, and I know it's true, because we have industrial level defense systems that we use that are amongst the largest companies in the world, and it's all Chinese.
I mean, Russia just doesn't even gauge.
China's not hiding the fact that they are hammering the living snot out of U.S.
And so, NSA comes out and says, warning all Americans, we're being hit by communist Chinese.
Millions are having their identities stolen a day.
Watch out.
Check your cards.
Check where it's going.
Cancel them immediately if you're having a problem.
They're hacking into home appliances.
They're hacking into the cell towers.
And then you get this article out of AP.
When they say U.S.
they mean Democrats.
Russian hackers targeting state local networks.
Oh yes, the Russians.
The Russians.
They're the ones.
No, it's the Chai Comps.
And of course the Russians are probing things and doing that.
Everyone is.
And Russia is an adversary at many levels.
No one will ever deny that we're an adversary with them.
They're an adversary of us.
China is the big thousand pound bully.
I'll work as hard for those who don't support me as those who do, including those chumps with the microphone out there.
When I talk about the Democratic Party, I don't mean the evil Chai Com Globalist operatives that run it.
I mean the average Democrat out there is either a Stockholm Syndrome woman that just is totally scared to believe whatever they're told, or it's a sniveling pedophile degenerate type that hates America.
They're just stupid, very stupid people.
Five short days until the most historic election in world history.
I'm Alex Jones coming to you from deep in the heart of Texas, in defiance of globalist tyranny and censorship.
Very proud and honored to be here today.
Talk about the worm turning.
I got some very interesting phone calls last night from individuals at the highest levels of corporate governance in the world.
You know, I've gotten calls from the president.
I've gotten calls from, it's not about how important I am, it's about how important this information is.
But I got some very high-level corporate governance calls.
I got super high-level media calls right before I went on air.
And they're all basically telling me the same thing.
The Chinese communists are being rolled up.
The Democrat networks that sold the country out are in deep trouble, and there's a total panic happening right now inside the power structure as many people that weren't CHICOM agents but went along with it decide to flip sides over to America.
So we are living in incredible times, ladies and gentlemen, and I'm just extremely honored to be here.
Does not mean we're out of the woods.
Does not mean the deep state won't set off a nuke or something and blow Trump up.
I mean, anything is possible.
If I was them, I wouldn't do this.
But if I was them, it doesn't mean if I was them, I would do this.
It means knowing their psychology, knowing their background, knowing what they're capable of.
When they fail, they don't tend to give up because they haven't been held accountable.
They would hit the power grid of the stock market, which you saw happening yesterday.
And the power grid is getting hit.
Lots of power outages, lots of hacking going on.
The NSA confirms that.
So this country is under 21st century war.
And we're under the whole COVID hysteria that was launched in China, launched by our media.
Macron has announced another, even more draconian lockdown, where all restaurants are completely closed, businesses are completely closed, unless you're a megacorporation, you stay open.
Governor Newsom is announcing similar things.
The Democrats and the globalist collaborators worldwide are bringing us under total siege and martial law.
We have all of that.
We have huge
Hunter Biden, Burisma, Ukraine treason, Russia treason, China treason news breaking.
We have massive election fraud news confirmed, FBI actually arresting people, folks being brought in for questioning.
All across the country, they're catching the Democrats red-handed.
It is a
Operation like shooting fish in a barrel because Democrats are so corrupt, so evil, so out of control, that you just randomly go anywhere with a hidden camera.
They're engaged in criminal activity and bragging about it because criminals love to brag for whatever reason.
So there you go.
That's all coming up.
We have a bunch of big guests as well on the transmission.
Ted Nugent's going to be popping in towards the last half hour of the next hour.
Carlos Zapata, very well-spoken, smart, patriot leader, veteran, with an associate of his he thinks we should really meet.
Terry Raposa will be joining us in the third hour.
And Matt Bracken, former Navy SEAL, amazing political analyst and best-selling author, will also be joining us coming up in the fourth hour.
Ahead of the war room and the one and the only, Owen Schroer.
And then, of course, we have InfoWars.
Election countdown 7 to 9 p.m.
Central Live as well.
There is so much to get into.
You know, my hair isn't even combed.
I didn't even put on a sports jacket and a button-up shirt because I respect the show like I normally do because I was so busy right up until we went live with just huge breaking news.
So normally a talk show host sits in their studio for 20-30 minutes just focusing before they go live.
I don't know.
Hunter Biden laptop and other criminal info has been given over 40 major media institutions and that a lot of them never get it because the UPS, the FedEx, the USPS is being broken into, the data is being stolen, and that's being officially confirmed by the security companies and the security inside of major shipping companies.
Told you that at 1110 yesterday.
10 minutes into the show, Tucker Carlson let us show with it last night that they're breaking into their stuff and stealing their mail and that they're grabbing all the data.
Of course, I'm just letting you know here that we're not making stuff up around here.
Now, the magnitude of the information I have is so massive that I'm not choking right now on air.
I am processing it.
But let's just say it's crazy town right now.
And there are all these people that went along with the system.
They knew it was criminal, but they were scared of it.
And they thought that if they just went along with it, they'd be safe.
Now, all these followers that have been going along with the system because they thought it was going to win are panicking.
And we've reached that point of tipping.
We're like in the old images of the ancient battles with the Romans, you know, battling.
The Egyptians or the Babylonians babbling the Israelites or so many examples of that are Allied forces fighting the Nazis in Normandy.
There's a point where the tide turns and the other army starts getting pushed back.
I think?
And I'd be praying to Jesus as much as you can, Yahweh, Jehovah, whatever name you pray to.
We all know the Holy Spirit, the same God, the God of life, the God of Genesis, the God of Abraham, the God of justice.
But this is a historic planet alignment.
And I mean that not literally, but metaphysically.
Allegorically, that the planets are aligning right now, and folks have choose what side they're on.
And there were those that got threatened and those that got intimidated, that got scared and joined, was Sauron.
Another archetypal name for the devil.
But there are those of us that chose to not go down that path, and so all I can tell you is, the battle is now on.
And it's an intense time.
I'm going to come back and I'm going to choose what I'm going to hit first because there's so much.
So the real broadcast will start when we come back in four minutes.
But let me just do this or we won't be here.
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Every major data stream, both public, internal, and on the street, confirms Trump is about to win in a gigantic landslide.
Enemy forces controlling the corporate... Enemy forces controlling the mainstream media...
The corporate establishment PR firms are going to say that Trump has lost and or that it's a contested election with mail-in ballots.
They're going to try to confuse the public and launch riots that are hundreds of times bigger than what you've already seen.
But that is going to fail.
I'm your host Alex Jones on this live Thursday, October 29th, 2020 transmission.
Four and a half days until election day, and we're going to be here seven days a week right through it.
We're going to be here on election night covering it, and I am predicting that it'll be overwhelming.
The numbers will be clear that Trump has won, but the media will say that it's not clear.
And again, it's going to be a contest, and the Clintons still running things with Obama are going to contest.
Trump is going to come out to be smart and say, no, I've clearly won because 97% has been counted.
The courts have ruled these other ballots are illegal.
And at that point, it's going to come to a stalemate until the Supreme Court rules against it, probably.
But every day the Dems have to stir up trouble and to foment unrest after November 3rd is going to be a day of extreme peril for this country.
But yes, the numbers are coming out that mail-in balloting will not prevent a Trump presidency.
We'll be covering some of that coming up.
What the early voting numbers tell us is that the majority is Republican.
It's a landslide, and those numbers are confirmed.
Historic, 31% of black voters intend to cast their vote for President Trump in latest poll.
Other polls show as high as 40%.
Meanwhile, Texas voter fraud.
Harris County launches 24-hour voting as FBI investigates.
Picks up the Biden campaign official, took him into custody.
Reportedly, Dallas Jones.
That is all coming up.
But let me hit really the big news here.
I'm going to come back and expand on what I see unfolding.
The globalist Chi-Com networks.
Are controlled by multinational corporations.
Major banking and industrial and military institutions at the end of World War II began to put Mao Zedong into power.
There was a civil war inside the U.S.
military between the Army and the newly created CIA.
And that's where the real hatred of the Army and the CIA started.
It's well documented.
And so the Army
That's had its corruption problems, but at least as loyal the country sees the U.S.
as its milk cow, as its creature.
I'm not going to say it's perfect, but it's history.
It's very belligerent to outside groups who want to come in and take it over.
And in China, that's why it's called the John Birch Society.
He was an army officer, but he and others got captured and tortured to death.
By CIA forces working with Mao Zedong against Chiang Kai-shek.
And so by 49, the big globalist British intel Rockefeller crime syndicate put Mao Zedong into power.
It took Mao a good 20 years to get control of the nation.
And at that point, the Rockefellers came in with the industry, with the factories, with tens of millions of dollars of US taxpayer money.
And built up communist Red China to what it is today.
That's all part of mainline history.
That's not even hidden.
And so U.S.
Congress would pay to ship millions of rifles to Chiang Kai-shek in the south of China.
They would show up without firing pins.
And that was the CIA.
It doesn't mean everybody that was ever in the CIA is bad themselves.
It means the CIA set up in 1947 under the National Security Act was a globalist coup at the top.
And so it's been working its national interest forever to build up a world government.
And so that's why I go back to history, because those that don't know history are doomed to repeat it.
When I say communist China, I don't mean the hard-working, amazing, smart...
Industrious, incredible people of China.
I mean, they're good folks, as Joe Biden says.
But he says the Communist Party are good folks.
They're horrible monsters put in power to suppress and control and enslave then the 700 million Chinese people, now 1.45 billion.
1,450,000,000 people.
And that's what they've been doing.
And so I can announce to you on October 29th, 2020, that Trump's going to win in a landslide, but you've got to get everybody you know to vote because they're going to try to block that landslide with fraud.
But America has woken up, the world has woken up, the quote, minorities have woken up to the fact that Democrats think they own them.
And this is a huge sea change and a turning of the tide, a turning of the worm.
With four days, 12 hours, 34 minutes, 18 seconds left.
And my intel is that, here's the big announcement.
Communist Chinese forces that are a sock puppet of the globalists.
The globalists look at their hands dirty.
They put the money into China, and then China uses its operatives and its payoffs in Hollywood and the media and the U.S.
debt and all of it to control things.
But the Chinese are basically giving up right now.
The communist Chinese operatives have been ceasing a lot of their operations.
They've been pulling their horns in.
And they've not been making payments the last few weeks, as this Hunter Biden stuff comes out, to their high-level operatives.
That's why you see Dianne Feinstein, who's been a Chinese agent for 30 years, groveling to the Republican leader of the Senate.
That's why you see more and more of them going, OK, we're not going to really push Biden and stepping back.
You've got the AOCs and the Ilhan Omars, the America haters.
They're too dumb to know what's going on.
You've still got the Democrat base that hates America, trained to hate the country, but
The leadership that was just bought off and were basically double agents, they are now capitulating and there is a rout taking place and a full-on collapse in the command and control operations of the CHICOM globalist takeover in America.
It's globalist forces using China as its cat's paw to take over the United States and Europe and other areas.
And the Chinese influence is still incredible, the communist influence is still very dangerous, but its back is being broken.
Right now, the back is breaking.
And the gloves are off, and all the people that got their covers blown in the Office of Personnel Management Act are now having their vengeance and their just revenge for America.
against these globalists and their networks are being destroyed right now.
And I can tell you that some of the networks that were preparing with weapons and were preparing to carry out terror attacks, there's networks I'm sure that have been discovered, but a lot of networks have been discovered and have been dealt with.
And that's what really scares the globalists, is that finally there's people under Trump's command that are not playing games.
But I can tell you, they're not just killing jihadis or MS-13 and burying them in the desert.
Chi-Com operatives, as we speak.
Are disappearing.
And I don't like that.
But when you've got a foreign government attacking you and you're ganged up on, that's war.
And then the rule of law goes out the window.
Because they're not citizens.
And that's how this works.
And so, I'm an expert on police states.
I'm an expert on posse comitatus.
I've interviewed all the experts.
I've made films about it.
I saw the Democrats wanting to take control of our government and our military and our police to use it against us.
And I said, you will not do that.
But now it's being used against them, which is still incredibly dangerous.
But it's not as dangerous as a lot of the shycoms over the country.
So I can tell you, America, once again, is rising.
The enemy is collapsing.
They're panicked.
They're scared.
They don't know what to do.
They've got tricks up their sleeve, though.
We'll talk about those when we come back.
We're not out of the woods yet, but we are really kicking ass.
I want to salute you all for supporting this operation.
You are the resistance.
The historic moment we're living in is over-the-top incredible.
You know, they say the whole lifetime is like the twinkling of an eye.
Out, out, brief candle, as Shakespeare said.
But the next few days, the next few weeks are just a twinkle in a twinkle of an eye.
And it's so huge and so amazing, and America is waking up.
There's a global corporate government that's authoritarian and abusing us, and that's using China and suppressing the Chinese people, and the Hong Kong people, and the Taiwanese, and the Muslims, and the Christians, and the Buddhists, and humanity's really getting it.
And even the big CEOs, the big tech companies themselves that are just front men are scared and are trying to figure out what they should do because they know they've been involved in espionage now.
And they know that it's not going to be the way they thought it was.
The New World Order will be defeated.
The question is, will George Herbert Walker's Rockefeller New World Order kill billions of people in the process of trying to hang on by its fingernails?
Because I've told the Globalist, not as the spokesperson for the resistance, but just as somebody that can read the tea leaves as good as anybody,
That the globalists could give up now and even keep a lot of their wealth, and not be mischievous, and join Team Human, Team Carbon, and they won't have to be destroyed.
I have no desire to destroy these people.
I do have a desire to get them off my back, and I will get them off my back, even if I die in the process.
And they've figured that out now.
They don't have the spirit.
They don't have Abraham's blessing.
They have Satan's blessing.
And that's not a blessing, that's a curse.
So I'm not going to preach, let me get to the big news right now.
Look at this stack of incredible news right here.
I've probably got 25 articles here.
That's just dead reckoning, that stack.
Let's give me an overhead shot on this for TV viewers, because this is part of the sea change you're going to start seeing at every level, because the worm has turned, the tide is turning.
Twitter's Dorsey admits censorship mob rule is used on platform in congressional testimony yesterday.
And says it's wrong.
That's the worm turning.
Senator, time for talk has passed.
It's time for Congress to take away Big Tech's special immunity.
That brings us to this next article from InfoWars.com with the video and the audio.
Joe Rogan debunks claims he spread anti-vaxxer conspiracy theories.
He posted a video that I sent him yesterday, just one of many clips that we'll play in a moment.
It's now got three plus million views, and just since last night, on his Instagram, where Bill Gates is on CBS News saying 80% got sick that took one vaccine, and he goes on in the longer clip to say 100% got sick, and I'll show you that.
But what are they going to do?
Because they had Bloomberg.
They had Reuters.
They had Forbes.
They had the New York Times.
They had Vanity Fair.
They had the kitchen sink.
I mean, so many I can't even read them all.
Thousands is what comes up.
You type in Joe Rogan, Alex Jones, Spotify.
Saying Jones is insane.
He claimed kids are getting polio from a polio vaccine.
With no proof.
I showed AP article.
Oh, in the UN press release submitting it.
Jones claims 80% got sick from a vaccine.
He's a total liar.
Well, on that very show, we show the articles and the clips.
So Joe's like, give me that clip.
I said, here it is.
He puts it out.
And it'll have more viewers in 24 hours than
The number one cable show, Tucker Carlson does.
We're not in competition.
It just shows how the truth is powerful of them saying Bill Gates didn't say 80% got sick even though the damn study shows it with his vaccine trial.
And there it is admitted.
They go, we gotta deplatform Jones.
He's telling outrageous lies when they know damn true it's real.
Incredible, look at this.
Joe Rogan debunks claims he spread anti-vaxxer conspiracy theories and it goes on to say they call for de-platforming of Jones and Jones should not have a voice because he said 80% of participants had side effects.
Let's go ahead and roll the clip they hope you don't see.
Moderna vaccines sound concerning.
We looked.
After the second dose, at least 80% of participants experienced a systemic side effect, ranging from severe chills to fevers.
So, are these vaccines safe?
Well, the FDA not being pressured will
Look hard at that.
The FDA is the gold standard of regulators, and their current guidance on this, if they stick with that, is very, very appropriate.
You know, the side effects were not super severe.
That is, it didn't cause permanent health problems for the... Yeah, some folks just died.
You know, Moderna did have to go with a fairly high dose, and so... Some of the others just died.
You know, to get the antibodies.
Here, we clearly need a vaccine that works in the upper age range because they're most at risk of that.
And doing that so that you amp it up so it works in older people and yet you don't have side effects.
You know, if we have, you know, 1 in 10,000 side effects, that's, you know, way more, 700,000, you know, people who will suffer from that.
Really understanding the safety at gigantic scale across all age ranges, you know, pregnant, male, female, undernourished, existing comorbidities.
It's very, very hard.
And that actual decision of, okay, let's go and give this vaccine to the entire world, governments will have to be involved because there will be some risk and indemnification needed before that can be decided on.
There will be some risk.
There will be money needed.
There will be liability protection.
And I was just talking to Joe Rogan earlier.
You go read the comments.
The view is even higher than that now.
Higher than 3 million plus.
And every comment is, who is Bill Gates?
Why is he my doctor?
And people are researching him now and finding out his depopulation statements, how he wants to depopulate people.
It's like, wait, you want to depopulate me, but now you control my health department and you control the UN?
I mean, this is so ridiculous.
He's a crazy mad scientist in a lab coat with an injector.
But look at these headlines.
Oh, why do they want the Spotify interview banned?
Well, it's number one on iTunes, number one on YouTube, number one all time of all categories on Spotify.
Number one thing ever is Alex Jones and Tim Dillon on Joe Rogan, episode 1555, and that's in two days.
Somebody pulled it internally, sabotaged, but it's been put back up.
Still number one, above Kanye West.
Same thing on every other platform.
That's why they're angry, because truth is popular.
That last part where they go, oh, Jones claimed in some trials 100% got sick.
This is out of the Federal Medical Registry.
Atlanta Business Journal has it, where the CDC's based.
100% of Moderna vaccine participants suffered side effects.
Just zoom in on that, please, for TV viewers.
That's what I'm covering.
And what's crazy is this is all hidden in plain view.
Here's Bloomberg.
Spotify's own employees fret about Alex Jones appearing on Joe Rogan.
And it says, I falsely claim, with no evidence, 80% got sick in one test, 100% in another.
Spotify reportedly won't take action after podcaster Joe Rogan interviewed by far-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.
You talk about the fear.
The spokesperson for YouTube came out last night and said, well, Jones is allowed, because that's on YouTube too, Joe Rogan for now,
Jones isn't allowed to be on an interview.
We can't ban who people interview.
We just ban Jones.
See how that works?
You ban one person, then you gotta ban everybody.
And now they're all mad about that.
So my phone rang off the hook.
All these other big talk show hosts that are on YouTube going, well, I didn't think I could have you on.
Will you please come on?
Think about that.
They just heard there was censorship, so they didn't do it, even though that wasn't what was happening.
That's enslavement.
Joe Rogan finds a loophole in Spotify.
Alex Jones banned a loophole.
So they're like, oh, there's loopholes.
We need to ban Jones and ban nationalists.
We censor them all together as a cartel.
Then they go to Congress and say, none of that's going on.
But now that that's not working, Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg say, oh, it's our employees doing it.
It's mob rule.
We've got that coming up.
We come back.
But that just shows how they're in headlong flight right now.
All right, we're going to come back, get into the election, get into the latest on Hunter Biden, get the number out, take your calls and Ted Nugent and so much more.
History is happening.
Praise God.
Welcome back.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
I intend to open the phones up next hour.
I'll give the number out before we end this hour.
So get ready.
We want to hear from you.
But President Trump has been proven right again.
Obviously, he's the president.
He isn't a liar.
He gets a lot of key intel.
That's why having a president actually working for you is a really powerful thing instead of working against you for the globalist.
And with the Chi-Coms and others, he was briefed immediately by Homeland Security that has the Threat Fusion Centers and gets all the memos out of the police department that in Philly, Philadelphia, PA, the deputy police chief ordered a stand-down.
Well, you can see the cops in their riot gear having firebombs thrown at them and run over by cars, running from thugs who didn't even outnumber them.
Obviously, the police were told to stand down.
Even though they lowered standards for police and, you know, I'm sorry, nothing against women, but on average, you know, women can't fight as good as men.
You had a bunch of women getting run over and killed.
But we could tell that there was a stand down.
Well, now, Fox 29 News
Has gotten the directive from the Philly Police Executive Team and they've gotten the proof that the Police Commissioner, Melvin Singleton, ordered a stand down.
Now you think the police wanted to run when one of their officers got run over and then a mob came after him?
No, they were ordered to by a Black Lives Matter Deputy Police Chief, Deputy Commissioner.
Truly evil.
But see, that's the cities that are ordering that.
These are blue cities that want to be an example of lawlessness to collapse the whole country.
And Democrats control most cities.
The U.N.
has been part of this.
Soros is funding, getting district attorneys in, and all of them in place.
Hundreds and hundreds of sheriffs and district attorneys and county attorneys and more than 20 state attorney generals have been fully financed by George Soros to do this now.
And then you'll do anything for law and order, you'll capitulate to them.
So here's President Trump talking about it yesterday and the media attacked him, even though you can see it on tape.
Now confirmed with the police memo.
Here it is.
It's a terrible thing.
What I'm witnessing is terrible and frankly that the mayor or whoever it is that's allowing people to
Uh, riot and loot and not stop them is also just a horrible thing.
I saw the event.
Everybody did.
It was on television.
It was terrible event.
I guess that's being looked at very strongly.
We have federal, the federal government is looking at it also.
But the rioting in Philadelphia, you have to stop it.
They have to stop it.
It's a local thing, as you know.
We're not, we don't send unless we're asked.
If they ask, if they ask for help, we'll be there very quickly.
Oh, that's good.
So you notice Trump is new.
They obviously stood down.
He could watch the video like anybody could, but now it's confirmed.
They do it everywhere.
Meanwhile, radical left preparing to overthrow election as Biden scandal escalates.
We've got all the articles on Infowars.com with the Democratic Party saying they're going to storm the White House if Trump doesn't concede in five days.
Meanwhile, Vietnamese Baptist Church burned in Philadelphia during Black Lives Matter riots.
We'll put that on screen for TV viewers.
How nice!
Van full of explosives discovered in Philly on third night of rioting.
That full video.
Is up on Infowars.com if you want to see it.
Meanwhile, New York Times reporter slams conservative media for seeking to draw attention to Philly riots.
That's right, it's racist to show that.
You got a black guy running around with a knife trying to stab a black cop and two white cops.
They shoot him, and then everybody riots and burns everything down, and then it's white people's fault.
See, I don't want to feel good watching black folks act like this and go, oh, I'm superior.
This is globalist brainwashing.
If it was real leadership in those communities, this wouldn't be happening.
It's the mayor and the police chief and the Democrats and the media that push this behavior, who they think black people are bad, and they think they can get black people to riot and do this to bring the country down.
The truth is, that's why black folks in record numbers are voting for Trump, because they see through this.
But they have found a bunch of young idiot thugs led by white Antifa members.
And I'm not trying to blame white people.
I'm saying what happens.
We have the documents.
This is led by Soros.
Damn it.
To turn this country against each other.
It's disgusting and it's sick.
It's like a video I saw of a black guy looting, and then another black guy steals his car, so he calls the police.
What do you think happens when rule of law collapses?
Everything falls apart, dumbasses!
You might get some stuff for free for a day, but then you don't have a job for a year.
And sometimes the welfare stops showing up.
The real enemy is the New York Times.
Oh, it's so bad they're drawing attention.
Idaho left a shutter BSU campus coffee shop owned by fiancee of paralyzed cop.
Cite anti-cop sentiment.
When they found out that the coffee shop was owned partly by a disabled cop, they shut it down.
The university agrees.
Cops are bad.
You know, I got a guy at a security for me that was a
Swat team guy in California, and then he does CrossFit training here in Austin.
The head of CrossFit's a patriot, I'm told, but nationally.
But locally, they said, oh, you're a retired police officer?
Get your stuff and get out of here.
Talk about discrimination, folks.
I had a major Texas bank that I've been with 20 years tell me a month ago, they said, we don't want to do business with you.
We want you to get rid of your business account here.
They said, by the way, your children have Tutma accounts here.
That's college funds.
We don't want anything to do with your family.
Get your stuff and get out of here.
And once they have a cashless society, it's gonna be for everybody, ladies and gentlemen.
That's why conservatives and patriots and nationalists must look where we give our money, where we shop, where we stay, what we do, and only make sure it's patriots and Christians.
You know, you can be a black Christian, you can be a white Christian, you can be whatever.
You better respect Christianity, at least.
You better respect America.
And so, when the left says they don't want our business, good.
Hang a sign out front your business that you don't like America.
Maybe it's a symbol of you pissing on the flag or something.
So we can stay the hell away from you.
Because we're the producers, you're not.
And we're sick of your ass.
Three killed by attackers shouting Allah Akbar and suspected terrorist attack at Nice Church.
Where they already had the big truck of death attack.
Former Malaysian PM.
Muslims have a right to be angry and kill millions of French people.
Come get your welfare paid for and kill French people.
Belgian boy thrown downstairs during brutal beating by foreign suspect who we now learn is a Islamic, of course.
It's just total war.
I've got white people getting thrown in front of trains in New York.
I've got white people getting shot and killed.
It's all over the internet.
WorldStarHipHop celebrates it.
If the KKK had a site celebrating killing black people, I'd call for people to be arrested.
That's not free speech.
That's calling for crime.
But oh, when the black people do it, it's cute and it's funny.
It's sick and it's evil.
Another story from newswars.com, ICE forced to release hundreds of criminally legals due to COVID.
People with sex crimes, raping children, you name it.
All right, I'm going to give the number out.
I want to take your calls.
I want to get into the latest election news, latest under Biden news.
I haven't even hit our top stories yet, plus have a compilation of really evil stuff that our new Lord and Master and King and Doctor
Our rapist, he wants to rape us with forced inoculations, wants to wear a mask the rest of our lives.
Bill Gates, that's coming up.
But the toll free number to join us on air, first time callers today, and including those that we didn't get on air.
Three or four callers were left on hold.
Let's call them back first.
On this subject, you can talk about something secondarily, but first, humor me.
Listen to me carefully, please.
How are the globalists going to strike back when they know they're losing and their shycom globalist networks are giving up and being rolled up and being arrested en masse?
You've seen all the big arrests happen around the country.
For every arrest you see, there's a lot more behind the scenes.
Well, how are they going to strike back?
What's their ace in the hole?
We got to watch our six.
What is our six?
What is our danger point?
What is our backside?
What is our blind spot?
Victory, victory, victory.
Intel report.
CHICOM Deep State Network collapsing worldwide, not just in America.
Highest level Intel sources confirmed info wars.
The enemy forces are panicking and are collapsing ahead of election.
Press the attack!
Restore the Republic!
Free the world!
And they're blocking Band.Video and the backup site 2020ElectionsCenter.com to be shared on Twitter and places.
So share election night, election night, one word, electionnight.news.
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All right, your calls are coming up.
Start of the next segment at 877-789-2539.
So much to break down, so much to cover.
Uh, our intel, I mean, you can see it happening.
Chinese agents getting arrested, all the U.S.
globalist agents in deep trouble.
It's really an amazing time to be alive.
Giant new news dropping on the Hunter Biden scandal and the Joe Biden situation.
I wanted to air this special report about the more aggressive COVID approach.
The lockdown being expanded worldwide is only going to get more intense until we say no.
It's never going to be released, the masks never go away, the forced inoculations are coming, the lockdown of society, the corporate takeover is here until we start saying no, this is the new revolution, here it is.
The last 30 years told us they would use the fear of a deadly virus to take control and basically bring in permanent martial law.
And now they have the big tech in place, now they have the contact tracing in place, now they have the excuse to make you all get used to getting permission to leave your house.
It's happening.
Every day.
Your COVID-19 test result was positive.
People like Melissa Thomas are chasing some of America's newest cases of the coronavirus.
They hang up on us.
They challenge our authority.
In many cases, they tell us that they know better how to take care of their families.
We are immediately, with Dr. Ocaranza's assistance,
We are issuing health orders that are delivered by a police officer and a public health official to their to their domicile.
We spoke to residents who are frustrated that the situation has not improved in the more than 200 days we've been in this pandemic.
It's really frustrating when someone who's been locked down themselves of their own volition then somehow they get COVID and it's because out in the world not everyone is acting that way.
Yeah, it is really frustrating.
Totally staged.
How the government are going to enforce the rules if people don't obey them?
Well, there have been sanctions, arrests, stopping of people doing... Give me an example of what you might be arrested for.
Well, we have seen people arrested for meeting up, two friends meeting up in Sicily from Rome and Milan.
This is the video that raised questions about how New York City is enforcing social distancing.
What are you flexing for?
You don't flex when you get lost on the street.
Look, look, look.
He ain't even doing anything.
He's following me.
He ain't even doing nothing.
That's the problem so far.
This live stream video of a Tampa, Florida church service has ignited outrage, showing a crowded sanctuary.
The church saying they should be considered an essential service.
People have gone totally crazy.
As the president said, he wants to get everybody back worshiping God come Easter Sunday.
That needs to happen.
President Trump has now changed that timeline.
And that pastor?
Now arrested for failing to follow the stay-at-home order in his county.
I'm not against the police, I'm against them being given an unconstitutional order.
And then again, depending on the test, 90% of the positives, it turns out, with the quick reaction 15-minute test, are false positives.
Did you hear that?
I can show you the headlines.
90% in a study done in New York of positives were false.
Didn't mean 90% of the tests were positive.
It was less than 10%.
But remember the meatpacking plants were 3,000 people and 2,000 people.
It was in the Associated Press as well.
Look it up.
Thousands would be tested.
None of them were sick.
And they'd find half of them
Or a third of them, depending on the plant, had COVID-19, because they didn't.
This is the perfect thing.
Testing goes up.
Numbers of COVID go up.
They go, oh, we've got to shut down.
COVID numbers are up.
But morbidity goes down and down and down.
We were told it was going to be 5%, then 4%, then 3% of the public was going to die.
We are four and a half days out from the election, and all the hell that's already breaking loose is intensifying.
I want to go right to your phone calls, and then at the bottom of the hour, I'm going to lay out why the UN, why Gates launched the COVID hysteria, and how it's about corporate governance and the perfect plan.
I'm going to stand up and walk around and lay out some maps of the world to discuss it and talk about it.
But I'm going to your phone calls for the rest of the hour as well.
I'm going to them right now.
Nick and I am and Matt are up first and then Robert and Peter and Lydia, Jim and many, many others.
877-789-2539 on this live Thursday, October 29th transmission.
Now, if you just joined us, I'll get to all the newest breaking news at the bottom of the hour, as I said, but I want to get to your calls right now.
I ask callers, if the deep state's in trouble, if they're getting rolled up, if Chinese Communist agents, the Democratic Party, are getting arrested in big raids every day, but it's not getting a lot of news coverage, if the pedophile rings are getting busted, and the NXIVM cult, and Ghislaine Maxwell, and all these folks are getting arrested and convicted, how are they going to strike back?
Because I can tell you, I've had
I don't tell you this to brag.
I mean, I have high-level people calling, telling me that the worm's turned, that the enemy's collapsing, that they're fleeing, and I've seen the evidence myself.
Doesn't mean we're out of the woods, but... Because, you know, you could be in an ancient battle 3,000, 2,000 years ago, 500 years ago, and you don't have radar, you don't have satellites, you don't have drones, you don't have aircraft, you don't have people with binoculars on top hills with radios telling you what's going on.
You think you've routed an enemy of 5,000 troops,
You got 10,000 troops, but all of a sudden you find out they were an expeditionary force and around the hill comes 20,000.
I mean, the enemy's got some aces up their sleeves.
You can bet that, but they're acting like they're in full on total panic.
Silicon Valley says censorship's wrong instead of denying it.
They say that it's their employees doing it and mobs.
I mean, they're really passing the buck now.
You're seeing lots of signs of this.
So let's go to I am in Florida.
I am welcome.
Hey, Alex.
Well, hey, perfect segue.
And God bless you.
We all wish you well.
And, you know, being on the defensive seat, being put in a posture of having to explain yourself is obvious.
And just to segue to Joe Rogan and the Rockefeller Report, the annual report from 2010 that you guys were spending some time on.
That report itself does exist, but only at this point in a
We're good to go.
You know, I noticed that Google is a worthless search engine now.
You've got to use DuckDuckGo.
In fact, I actually have it right here.
Give people an example of where they actually find the real one where it talks about the global police state, shut down a society, but they even brag, oh, we're shutting down society.
It's good for the earth.
We're vertically integrating.
I mean, this is martial law.
It's two succinctly different documents.
They went in there and it's just an obvious sign of cover-up and, you know, plausible deniability because they are the original launchers of these types of
You know, uh, scenarios that go live.
Well, they're both archived on the internet and I'm not going to give a source necessarily because I don't want to be wrong here on live radio.
But I know everybody in our camp, you know, from the many years of research, even all the people doing heavy Q research, they're going to be able to easily, I'm sure they all have screenshots.
I have the original one right here for TV viewers.
Go ahead and overshot this place.
If you go to Rockefeller's website now and you pull up the 2010 annual report, they have added a brand new one that they wrote this year.
I hear you, brother.
A world of tighter top-down government control and more authoritarian... There it is.
That's the one.
That's the real one.
...leadership with limited innovations and growing citizen pushback.
That's where we are.
Yes, sir.
That's exactly the topic you're asking people to talk about right now.
No, I noticed it wasn't Jamie's fault.
Jamie uses Google.
He should use DuckDuckGo.
It's a lot better.
Yeah, and you know, he had you in the hot seat being a fact checker and not so much a friend and just look at you.
We are all right now in a lot of ways, more so than ever.
That should have been more of a given.
And he seems so resistant still and very much trying to appeal to the mainstream.
No, Joe, I can tell you, Joe did that all on purpose.
Didn't tell me he was going to do it so it would be real.
And he figured that everything I was saying would be true.
He did it on purpose.
And he did great.
He did great.
It really did, you know.
I'll tell you this, I'm not complaining, but I had a wisdom tooth cracked right down the middle with an abscess.
I didn't know that.
And it had broken the day before.
It was hurting like hell during the interview.
And then I started, you know, he had a bottle of whiskey there and I started drinking it.
He was on Sober October.
And so, you know, he was kind of grumpy, Joe.
But, I mean, Joe did a great job, I think, even having me on.
Look at how they're calling for him to be deplatformed because he had me on.
I mean, these other outlets won't even do it.
The timing is beautiful.
It's great.
We wish you well, Alex, and continue.
I am.
We love you.
Thanks for the call.
Nick in Connecticut.
Thanks for holding your own here.
Go ahead, Nick.
Hey, Alex.
You hear me good?
Yes, sir.
All right.
Thanks for taking my call, Alex.
I'm calling today because I'm a night crew stock worker for
Grocery store and I got suspended for not wearing a mask and I was just wondering what you think I should do about it.
Do you think I should bow down?
We have guests on that again you're doing heavy labor.
You're there.
Nobody's there.
They make you wear the mask.
It's a sign of occult control.
Federal and state law says if you have asthma or anxiety they can't make you wear it.
I don't know what to say about it, brother, but it's just wrong.
And that's what I'm going to cover at the bottom of the hour.
This is corporate governance.
So it doesn't matter what the federal or state government does, the bureaucracy is doing it, the corporations are, and that's where we need government and citizens to come in and make them know we're aware and stop the corporate executives that just call a lawyer and the lawyer tells them, do whatever the UN says and you'll be safe.
Well, no, then the lockdown never ends and your company goes bankrupt.
So these businesses aren't thinking three-dimensionally.
They're acting like little lemmings and they're idiots.
So we've got to educate them.
I totally agree, Alex.
You know, I mean, everyone has the mask on the door.
I mean, it's just, it's so sickening that I'm the only one that refused to put it on.
I mean, everyone's got their little diapers on and everything, you know what I mean?
I've got other videos.
Seven mothers forcibly removed from school board meetings for refusing to wear masks.
Now Democrats say, wear them in your homes.
In England, they say in signs, look away from someone.
Don't look people in the eyes.
It's all cult programming.
It's all cult brainwashing, Alex.
I totally agree.
Totally agree.
And notice the left that wants to fire all the cops, they want the cops to enforce this.
The cops that are enforcing this are the problem.
God bless you.
Thank you, Nick.
All right, let's go ahead and take another call.
Let's talk to Matt in California.
Matt, thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex, you hear me okay?
Yes, sir.
It is a pleasure to talk to you, sir.
Thank you so much.
I know you're kind of getting tired.
No, no, no.
I love you, too.
Go ahead, sir.
Anyway, I know, yeah, we're running out of time.
Anyway, I'm an airline pilot.
I can't say who I fly for, obviously.
But, you know, everybody I fly with, all the other pilots, we are so sick of wearing the mask.
You know, we have to wear it walking around the terminal just to put on the show.
But as soon as that door closes, everybody, you know, we're all taking our mask off because it's absolutely ridiculous.
I mean, I would love to be proud of the company I work for, and if they were to come out and say, hey, you know what?
Wear a mask.
It's optional.
You got to walk through the terminal wearing the mask because you're in that state.
I mean, I think that's ridiculous, too, obviously.
But it's just it's such a joke.
What do you think of Bill Gates now saying 10 years for the mask comes off and others say forever?
I mean, obviously it's a power grab.
Yeah, obviously a power grab trying to scare everybody into it.
And I really think another part of it, too, is this whole thing was basically
Uh, you know, COVID-19 released to freak everybody out, cause a mass hysteria like we've been talking about, like you've been talking about, to cause everybody on November 3rd to turn around and go, oh, how great has my life been, blah, blah, blah.
And the media has tried to twist that to say, oh, this is all Trump's fault to cause them.
Oh, Matt, it's so clear.
I'm going to hold you over because you've been holding since yesterday.
We called you back.
This is all run into your holes, and then Bill Gates rolls out with his work-from-home software, and Chicken Little, and society's over, and the media's all, it's Trump's fault.
The country's in trouble because of COVID, but people see through it, so it's going to backfire.
When I come back, Matt, I want to ask you where you think that's going next, and how you think the establishment's going to strike back, because America gets it, the world gets it,
People may be complying with the mask here and there, but now as they learn it's forever, now as they learn it's a permanent shutdown for their small businesses, people are saying no.
And so, they've already had federal and state courts across the country say it's unconstitutional to make you wear a mask or do social distancing.
So be like the church's businesses, put up a sign saying, we don't follow their rules, and have people sign a form when they come in waiving liability.
That's what free association's all about.
And get out of this leftist cult of fear run by lawyers.
Grave digger!
The globalists thought they dug America's grave, but I think it's gonna be in a grave that their political system goes into.
All right, finishing up again, your host Alex Jones here with Matt in California, an airline pilot talking about the mask, the BS.
Remember, it was gonna be for a few months, now it's forever.
I would start that conversation up with people and just bring this up.
I know it's killed air travel.
I know they're putting people on these no-fly lists that pull their masks down to eat.
It's just absolutely disgusting.
You know, how about folks, when they get on the plane,
The flight attendants and the captain and the co-pilot just decide to not go along with things.
Americans used to be known for not following edicts.
It's time to just stop complying.
Have you seen the numbers, Matt, put out by the International Airline Association?
That you've got a 1 in 23,000 chance of getting COVID on an airplane?
It's so rare.
And that's why I think, you know, we're talking about how the globalists come back to make things worse.
And I think really, it's going to, you know, all the things that we want as Americans to do again, to travel around our country and around the world freely, be able to go to a store, go to a restaurant.
I mean, it's ridiculous here in California.
I got to wear a mask to walk through a restaurant.
Once I sit down, then I take the mask off and I'm sitting around all these other people.
It's all just compliance training.
It's all slave training.
It absolutely is.
You know, and actually this last weekend, I've been trying to call a week, but anyway, this last weekend was
I don't know.
But the only people that flipped us off were always these white liberals who had an incel who was living in his mom's basement that came out to call us racist.
The car in front of me was full of, it was an Asian guy driving, African American in the right seat, and then a Hispanic woman that was waving an American flag and he called them racist.
I mean, it's just so clear, the brainwashing, and it's just so sad to watch too.
What do they do when they lose in five days?
I hit the panic button completely, and I really think, you know, coming full circle back around, either something else is going to come out that's going to be way worse, because we never saw here in the U.S.
people falling down, dying in the streets like we saw with the videos coming from China.
I mean, that was obviously all BS, but I really think, you know, something else is going to happen that either could be way worse than COVID or, you know, some other kind of hysteria that that's going to be even worse, driving us back in our homes.
You just read my mind.
Thanks for the call.
That's what I was going to cover next.
Economic collapse, financial manipulation, a new war.
That's on the cards.
They're going to try a race riot.
That's already going on, but here's what they're going to do.
This is Fox News.
Coronavirus mutation spreads across Europe.
A new wave of lockdowns and businesses closings.
I predicted eight months ago there'll always be new mutations.
Always a new reason to be locked down under the globalist system.
This is it.
It's martial law.
It's what tyrants always crave.
And yes, of course, now it's here.
And if one person could die, we've got a locked down civilization and starved tens of millions.
This is fundamentally a war on logic.
All right, let's go to Jim in California, then Lydia.
Oh no, Lydia in the UK first.
Lydia in the UK, thanks for holding, go ahead.
Hello, Alex Jones, can you hear me?
Yes, I can.
Thanks for calling.
It's a great honour to be on your show.
I'm calling from the north of England, Yorkshire to be exact, and lockdown is in tier two here.
Basically, the radio stations are pumping out propaganda 24-7.
Oh, I know they are.
It's like, we need permanent lockdowns.
Don't have sex without a mask.
I've seen signs.
Don't look at people in the eyes.
I mean, it's crazy.
Do you think that's crazy?
There's literally signs saying how far two meters is.
So it's like, oh, it's two lions.
Or, oh, it's the size of an average rugby player.
It's like, do they think we're stupid?
You know?
Well, what it is is a societal power grab.
All over the U.S., Mayor Lightfoot and others dress up as superheroes and talk about COVID.
I mean, these are people that want to run our lives, who found a way to be in control and make us children.
I mean, that's it.
These are just raving criminals.
Oh, you're absolutely correct.
You've always spoke out for the truth, and I have great respect for that.
And unfortunately, any building you go now, or any vehicle, or any mode of transport, you have to wear a mask.
And next it's going to be, you've got to have the inoculation and the certificate on your smartphone and that's what they're setting up.
Track and trace app, it's disgusting.
That's right, they're already rolling that out there and again they're using businesses.
It's not the government, the government just goes, oh businesses need to do it.
So when you go in a restaurant they're demanding it.
So you've got to have a phone to go to a restaurant and be tracked.
Yeah, my recommendation for anyone with that, if you want to avoid getting the smartphone tag, what you do is, you take a brick phone, or say you do not have a cellular device, or what you do is write a fake name and a fake number.
No, I agree, but that's just the beta testing.
They're coming in with a world ID on the phones, we must resist it now.
Anything else, Lydia, from the UK?
Um, sorry Alex, I didn't hear the last words there.
What else is happening in the UK?
Well, at the moment, in the UK, we're seeing... My boyfriend lives in a different county, and his place is being put down into Tier 3 lockdown.
So if I was to meet up with him, we'd be both charged £3,000 sterling.
That's the way to make the general public criminals, but illegal aliens coming in over the channel in boats, totally legal.
They're being pumped in, like, throughout the whole lockdown.
Well, yeah, you're being invaded while you're locked down.
That's how it works.
Yeah, it's an EU invasion.
It's a UN invasion.
That's why Nigel Farage tries to go show it.
They threatened to arrest him because the government is criminal.
Well, isn't Boris Johnson a disappointment?
Oh, it's such a disappointment.
I am so disappointed in him.
Like, the other day, he was questioned about feeding the public's children.
They say, like, businesses are going down, people are closing down.
He stumbled and did not know how to answer about the children of our working classes to be fed.
It's disgusting.
Just like the many others.
It's insane.
Thank you so much, ma'am, for the call.
We're going to come back.
I'm going to hit
Some important intel on the coronavirus, on the fraud, and where it's all going.
Then I'll go back to your phone calls.
Ahead of Ted Nugent joining us, we'll continue with Peter, and New Hampshire, and Jim, and so many others, and what's coming up in just five days.
They're going to contest the election.
The question is, how long will they be able to get away with that?
Well, we're going to find out separately.
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Thank you for keeping us on air.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Give me back my bullets.
They want to make it where you can't work.
They want to make you obsolete.
But they got to get you to stay in your house so the robots can take over.
Don't do it!
Speak up and say no.
Stop being timid.
Ted Nugent's popping in for about 20 minutes, then I'll continue with your calls next segment.
But I'm going to your calls here in a moment.
So stay with us.
Again, I'm your host, Alex Jones.
But let's go ahead and hit this now.
I was going to get up and do a whole shot with maps up on the wall, but I think I'll do a special report on it.
It's so important.
And I've already harped on most of this, but
People just think of the U.S.
government being the federal government.
No, that's the federal government.
They have a federal system, meaning the feds don't have all the power.
You think a federal system means the feds have the power, it doesn't.
The federal government means it's broken up between local and national with a separation of powers and checks and balances.
But multinational corporations and the U.N.
have come in all over the world.
In different types of governments, and they've taken control of them, all except communist governments.
Because the UN is communist in nature, so it supports communist governments, it doesn't try to overthrow them.
But here in the US, they're going to oversee our election, and AOC and the rest of the squad want the UN to tell us who's really being elected, and the UN's taking control of police departments, and all these blue cities are basically UN run.
So the UN comes out and says,
Oh, next fall in winter's lockdown will be bigger.
Hell, they told us what they were gonna do.
Think about that.
And so now they're here.
This is the end of freedom.
This is a takeover, a medical takeover.
But instead of UN troops, it's the UN with big corporations saying, oh, we're protecting you from a virus.
It doesn't matter every facet of what they say is giantly exaggerated, hundreds of times a huge lie, a fraud.
They just need enough lemmings that are stupid to believe that, oh, the doctors are here to help me and give in to it.
Yeah, there's articles out about AOC wearing tens of thousands of dollars of clothing, but then she says anybody that's wealthy is bad.
I mean, it's all a sick joke.
I've got a big report I'm going to hit at the end of this segment that's extremely informative.
Man exposes weather channel fake news by wandering into live shot.
And there's the weatherman out there acting like it's 100 mile an hour winds, but it's more like 10 mile an hour winds.
And somebody just wanders in like it's no big deal, wearing their stupid face diaper mask.
And boy, do they pan the camera out of there quick, because they know it's all a fraud!
Turns out for $35 an hour out in California, they've got photo shoot rooms that look like the inside of a private jet.
So everyone can pay $35 to go pose for two minutes, like they're in a private jet.
Fake it till you make it, huh?
Everything on the left is about fraud and about lies and about hoaxes.
And their people love it.
They all buy into it.
Bigger the scam, the more they love it.
Though they become bigger schmucks by the minute.
Alright, who's up next here?
Who's been holding the longest?
That'd be Robert in Seattle, a once great city.
Go ahead, Robert.
Hi, can you hear me?
Yes, sir.
So, I think there's going to be some kind of major false flag before the election, with the way they've got us cooped up with the masks, the viruses.
I also believe the Luciferian agenda is at hand, and the fact that they put these masks on our face so that we can't look each other in the eyes, that's God's creation.
And also the fact that... Oh yeah, I mean it's like you're dirty, you're bad.
It covers who's made in the image of God.
It's absolutely occultic.
It's a symbol of bondage, a symbol of slavery.
But what I would like to bring up is I did not vote for Trump this year because I could not morally vote for someone who's going to force me to take a vaccine.
He said it numerous times.
There's also been leaked documents how the army is preparing 500 million mRNA-based vaccines.
That is taking the god gene out of your body.
You cannot connect with God anymore.
I'm a spiritually man.
I know you are.
I don't know why you keep promoting this vaccine, but everyone needs to repent because what's coming, you've got one choice.
You're either going to live on your knees or die on your knees, and when they come to your door to pump this vaccine into your body,
You said it.
No one said it.
You better stand by your word that you're going to go out and blaze a bullet.
Because that's the only way you're going to get away.
Well, let me be clear.
You're not going to be able to hide from us?
Can I say something?
Can I say something?
I'm on air fighting every day so this doesn't happen.
So I'm not going to go out in the blaze of glory just waiting for them to come with a gun so I can shoot idiot college kids that are coming to try to give me a forced inoculation with some cop.
I'm going to go out politically and fight it as hard as I can, and I'm not going to wait at my house to die if I ever decide to go on the offense.
So let's explain those battle rules, because I always hear, like, when the U.N.
comes, I'm going to wait at home for them.
No, that's not what I'm going to do.
Um, Trump has not said anywhere we're going to have forced inoculations.
He said it should be voluntary.
And to take it away from Fauci and Gates that want to keep us locked down for years for the vaccine, he said warp speed.
And I agree, some of it's been co-opted.
He did that to get control of the situation.
Doesn't mean I agree with it.
A lot of folks have misrepresented
That I support inoculation, or I support forced inoculation, I do not.
I get what Trump's doing.
It doesn't mean I agree with it.
I see the psychology, and you see Gates is mad, Fauci's mad, because they wanted to keep things locked down for years until their mRNA vaccine comes out that's even more deadly.
And so, Trump has said it's voluntary, and it's if you want it, and old people are probably the ones that should take it because they're hit by COVID.
Those are quotes, sir.
I'm going to ask you politely, and I really appreciate you, Robert.
Where is Trump saying it's a forced inoculation?
Because boy, if he says that, I'm against Trump right now.
Please tell me where it is.
He just said it in the debate.
He's going to have the military... Hold on, excuse me, excuse me.
Back off your... Maybe my headset isn't working right here.
You sound overdriven.
Tell me where Trump said, not he's gonna, where did he say it's forced inoculation?
Okay, his word, it'll be powerfully distributed by the military.
Why is it we need the military to give us the vaccine?
You can go to your doctor and get it.
Why does the military need to be involved?
That sounds pretty forced to me.
That is the, he did say that, and Boris Johnson has said that.
They're talking about trying to force it over there, and I'm totally against it.
And he said that because that's under his command, saying NIH won't be in control of it, so it's not whatever vaccine they've got.
And that's all him killing the idea up front, because he knows how sales work.
By it not being available, more people want it.
By saying it's about to be available, it demystifies it, and then he controls the distribution.
And then, that way, if you've got to get it all over the country, whoever wants it, the military takes care of it.
It's not all these special interests with all these other vaccines.
That's what Trump's doing.
Does not mean I agree with that.
Well, I didn't vote for him because I believe he's biased.
Hey, I heard you.
You told me that.
I appreciate your call.
Listen, that's great.
Joe Biden is for forced inoculation and permanent mask and permanent lockdown.
And that's your vote, brother, and I respect you, and I really appreciate your call.
Okay, let's talk to Peter in New Hampshire.
Peter, go ahead.
How you doing, Alex?
Good, brother.
So, I'm a university student.
To answer your question of how the left is going to respond to Donald Trump winning the election, I think they're going to incite as much unrest
And riots as they can.
And I think it's going to be interesting to see what goes on at the universities.
Because these kids, they get their information exclusively from Instagram and Twitter.
And who controls those sites?
Big Tech and those influencers controlled by the left.
So these kids post things like, we can have disagreements, but if you're a racist, go die.
And that's the easiest way to dismiss any kind of opposition to what they believe in.
We have organizations on campus
I agree, brother.
And, you know, I'm very troubled like the last caller by Trump taking control of the vaccine situation, but I understand why he's doing it.
I think it's still dangerous.
What do you think?
Um, about Trump controlling the vaccine?
Well, it's going to have to be, I think it's going to have to be strictly up to the people, but... Well, that's what Trump said.
They're going to have the U.N.
roll it out of Bill Gates if Trump doesn't control it.
Doesn't the caller get that?
Yeah, I don't think he understands the idea that the left wants to put stuff in the vaccine that you don't want in your body.
They want to put microchips in it.
He's saying no to the Gates vaccine with the classic vaccine, which is still a lesser of two evils and I don't agree with, but I get what Trump's doing.
It doesn't mean I agree with it.
Thank you so much, Peter.
We love you.
Well, this is the national anthem of rock and roll worldwide.
Stranglehold with the one and only Ted Nugent.
But nobody plays the Star Spangled Banner better on electric guitar than Ted Nugent.
Even better, in my view, than Jimi Hendrix.
And he joins us for the next 20 minutes or so.
I'm going to be on his great show coming up next Monday on the eve of the election.
So much coming up.
I'm going to be co-hosting with Joe Rogan election night.
As well, he's now a full board Trump supporter, folks.
People are really waking up.
Ted Nugent, the Motor City madman, very honored to have him.
It's emblematic, we've got polls, 35-40% of black Americans going to vote Trump.
People like Joe Rogan that weren't liberals voting for Trump, just because Biden's so bad.
The riots all over the country, Democrats defending it, all these CHICOM agents getting busted, Hunter Biden.
What in the hell's going on, Ted Nugent?
Thanks for joining us.
Well, truth, logic, and common sense is celebrated right here with Uncle Ted and Alex Jones.
A big salute and God bless you, Alex, because the common sense that we swan dive in and breaststroke up those raging rapids every day is alive and well across this great country.
So yeah, there's a lot of bad and ugly, but you just identified there is a great awakening taking place, huh?
I know Joe Rogan.
He's a dear friend, and I set the world record podcast with him on a three and a half hour orgy of truth, logic, and common sense.
But I'd like to start on this wonderful October day by celebrating that I'm a happy, happy bow and arrow son of a bitch.
I'm having a great hunting season up here in Michigan.
Just shared a campfire, and this is really important, Alex.
I just shared another campfire like I do every week in September, October, November, December.
With heroes of America, cops and teachers and hardware store operators, farmers and ranchers, heroes of the military.
This month I have spent campfires with Army, Navy, Air Force, the Coast Guard, the Marine Corps, and talk about salt of the earth special dedicated warriors for U.S.
constitutionally declared freedom.
There is an amazing wake-up taking place because these people who have always been in the asset column
My point being is that
I think the Marxists have done us a great favor by showing that the ultimate representative of the Democrat Party, which there doesn't exist anymore, by the way.
It's not a Democrat Party.
It's a Marxist gang.
Thank God for Joe Biden.
This is perfect.
This is waking up people that were sitting on the fence, independents, even some of the old guard, denial-ridden Democrats, that there is no Democrat Party, that Joe Biden is the manifestation of runaway, criminal corruption, abuse of power, and treading, trampling,
On we the people, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and freedom overall.
So yes, we can thank the enemy for being so stupid that they're not hiding it anymore.
Instead of saying we demand common sense, gun safety reform, what they actually meant is what Joe Biden and Beto O'Rourke said.
They're coming to take your guns!
Now they admit it.
So thank God for a brief spasm of honesty because they're so stupid they don't know they're pissing off the best
I think you just answered my question.
Why would they say suddenly, hell yes, we want to confiscate your guns, and you call it stupidity.
I agree, but I think lying never got them there, so they're trying to be out in the open?
I mean, why do you think they're being so honest about hating America, hating capitalism, hating freedom, just doing horrible things?
Like, how do we produce so much?
I agree, there's so many great people in this country who are race, color, or creed, but how do we produce so much scum?
I guess it's been good people been putting up with them, and so it's really our fault.
Yeah, there's been a lot of shrugged shoulders in my lifetime.
I certainly have never shrugged mine, Atlas.
I've always been an activist.
I've been a hellraiser.
You know, Alex, I'm just a goofy guitar player.
I think it's important to repeat that I never went to college because I was too busy learning stuff, the important stuff, and I wouldn't allow myself to be brainwashed by the Marxist regime coming out of the beatniks into the hippie world of dope droolers.
My point being is that around my campfires, this is a microcosm, Alex.
This is the heart and soul of America, and so many of my hunting buddies have admitted
They've never registered, they've never voted, but they're the first ones to piss and moan and squawk.
We have, we talked about it before, huntthevote.org.
We have registered at huntthevote.org.
More than a quarter of a million of licensed hunters across this country that have never voted before Alex, and they believe in God, family, country, freedom, life, liberty, pursuit of happiness, but they don't do anything about it!
Now they're doing something about it, and being at the Trump rallies, I realize that's a captive audience, but my goodness, the sheer volume, the passion, the energy, the fight, the fire!
It is.
I've seen a lot of that in my lifetime, but in 2020, because the other side is so vicious, so evil, so criminal, so corruption.
By the way, I don't give a damn what their motive is.
If I see a man with an arm cocked and a firebomb in it, I'm going to shoot him two times in the chest.
I don't need to know why he wants to burn my house down.
I just know I need to
I totally agree.
I just want to understand why they're going against their own self-interest and trying to destroy the greatest country that's ever been.
I mean, these people are true idiots.
Well, who could not study but a brief snapshot of any
We're good to go.
I'm just a guitar player, but I can sniff out truth, logic, and common sense like a backstrap on the hoof in the swamps of Michigan and the wilds of Texas, and I see a great prognosis.
We've known each other for a number of years, and it's never been uglier than it is now.
There is a wake-up call happening, and I believe that the voters are finally getting their head out of their ass.
They're voting God, family, country, freedom, independence, law and order.
Alex, it's 2020, and law and order is controversial!
It's like Planet of the Cuckoos nest!
It is.
You were on like a year ago, and I've known you about 15 years, but you were on about a year ago, and you predicted this big awakening now happening.
But the numbers are in.
I've got articles on Infowars.com linked to all the latest polls.
I want the early voting numbers.
Tell us, normally it's Democrats who do early voting.
You know, I think it can be really zeroed in on
The synopsis of the cultural deprivation we've witnessed in expansion over the years is ultimately represented by the cruelty, the dishonesty, the scamming of a group that call themselves Black Lives Matter, when their actual agenda is against black lives.
They actually encourage genocide.
They encourage Planned Parenthood slaughter of black children.
They literally ignore the black-on-black slaughter in Chicago and elsewhere, while they're somehow claiming that all those people burning down the cities and trashing and looting Philadelphia and Portland and Seattle, somehow that that's benefiting the black business owners that they're killing!
And looting!
So, I gotta tell ya, if you smoke enough dope, if you buy enough propaganda from the mainstream propaganda ministry and the academia in Hollywood, if you pay attention to that long enough, you are so brain dead.
I agree.
So, let me ask this before we go to break and do a few more segments with Ted Nugent here.
We really appreciate his time.
Uncle Ted, what are they going to do when they lose?
I think Trump's going to win in a landslide, even bigger than last time.
But what if they're going to go crazy and try to burn the country down, and the blue city mayors are ordering police to stand down, as we've now confirmed Trump was right in Philadelphia.
What do we do?
Call in the National Guard?
You know, Alex, I know how I control my home and my property.
And that is that everybody knows that if you provide a life-threatening scenario to my family, that I'll cut you in half.
And I haven't had to cut anybody in half, because they know I will.
And again, I'm just a guitar player.
I not only wrote Wango Tango, I actually meant it.
I mean, so I'm just a guy.
I'm like a farmer with a bad tree.
Well, you say that.
You're a pretty intimidating caveman guy in person.
I mean, you've definitely got some the right stuff there, Ted.
But America's full of it, like you said.
Full of the right stuff.
Well, you know, we are.
And I've got to tell you, I think there's something going on behind the scenes because when you tell the
Stay there, we gotta come back.
Two minutes.
Well, I can't tell you about the hats they're selling at TedNugent.com with their fund.
Re-elect that MF-er.
You want to be more obnoxious than Trump's ads, which I don't think are obnoxious at all, but they're obnoxious to the left.
Keep America Great, Make Some Mad, Make America Great, Make Some Mad.
This is a short segment, long segment, coming up with Ted Nugent.
Then I'll open the phones up again and go to callers that are holding.
Ted Nugent here.
It's gotta scare the Democrats at a core level.
Well, first off, finish the point you made when we got interrupted by the break.
You were talking about sitting around these campfires with law enforcement and military people and how they're shifting from just doing their job to realizing the war is on.
Yeah, you know, I think there's something going on that's out of our reach no matter how many connections we may have.
How we enter the inner circle of Donald Trump's regime right now, which I genuinely reflect at the altar of this great man.
He is just pulling off miracle after miracle.
He's really touching the heart and soul and representing the heart and soul of the best American families out there.
Just praise God for that.
This is one of those divine intervention moments like the Founding Fathers, believe me when I tell you that.
But my point is that the cruelty, the viciousness, the criminality, the arson,
The looting, the savagery, the demonacy of the left in Philadelphia and in Portland and Seattle and Atlanta and Minneapolis.
When the liberal punks told the sheepdogs to back off, not protect the sheep and welcome the wolves.
That's really what those idiots have done in those cities as they burn to the ground and innocent lives are lost and families are destroyed.
I believe that when Donald Trump wins,
That that will end.
That when you try to loot, we will stop you from looting.
Again, Alex, I've been hanging out with sheriffs and state troopers and I have great conversations with the Secret Service and the FBI and the different agents at these rallies.
And I see a twinkle in their eye because I think when we get this great commander-in-chief re-elected, we're just not going to allow looting and arson and the destruction of our great cities.
We're just not going to allow it.
And here's an example, Alex.
I was born in Detroit, 1948.
Right now, the great Detroit chief of police, James Craig,
He is a hero of mine.
He's a fellow Detroiter.
He's a black chief of police in the Motor City.
He told me he will not let arsonists burn.
He will not let statues topple.
He will not let punks graffiti family businesses.
This chief of police in Detroit, James Craig, is a real sheepdog.
He's a real law enforcement hero.
And you notice that nobody's burning Jack Diddley in the Motor City because of this great law enforcement hero.
That's right, we've got this other deputy chief of police in Philadelphia who greenlit it.
Why do you think the Democrats are doing that?
Hoping it causes a chain reaction to blame Trump?
You know, again, be very careful of my friend Alex Jones.
You might have an aneurysm if you try to figure out any logic.
There is no logic behind... No, you're right.
We should just oppose it.
I just don't get why they do it.
None of it makes sense.
And it'll never make sense, so here's how we handle it.
I know you respect your elders.
I'm going to be 70 in a few weeks.
Yes, sir.
Here's how you handle it.
When old Yeller saves the child from the snake and the coyote, and he brings you the newspaper, give old Yeller a biscuit.
When old Yeller foams at the mouth, shoot him between the eyes.
I mean, it's old Yeller.
Good old Yeller biscuit foaming at the mouth, old Yeller.
Bullet, I don't care why he's foaming at the mouth, I don't know how he got the rabies, but I'm gonna have to shoot the son of a bitch.
Are you with me?
We need to stop playing games, even listening to them, and just stand up to them.
And I think that's what's about to happen again.
Here's an example.
I don't have to fantasize.
Detroit Chief of Police Warrior James Craig has made that stand.
No arson.
No looting.
No graffiti!
No riots!
No Black Lives Matter marches destroying their own neighborhood!
Everybody, study the great Detroit Chief of Police, James Craig.
That's how you do that.
And I wrote the foreword in a great book by the great Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and it's out right now.
Sheriff Joe Arpaio, an American legend.
By the book, in his own words, he will tell you how he would stop arson and looting and savagery by simply demanding law
Back in 60 seconds.
60 seconds.
Ted Nugent, stay with us.
We are now four and a half days out for the most historic election in world history.
A referendum for Americanism versus globalism.
Communism versus freedom.
I'm Alex Jones.
This is the InfoWar and Ted Nugent's our guest.
Alright, Ted Nugent's got so many great websites and Facebook accounts and Spirit of the Wild and Campfire and everything.
Just go to tednugent.com and you'll find everything there.
It's amazing.
I personally bought some of the gear, bought some of the ammo in the store, loved it.
Just a great guy and it's great to support him and the great work he does across the country.
Because even Trump has said, in Michigan and other key areas, it was Ted Nugent, did thousands of events, thousands over the years, building up, getting people registered.
He was talking about that, I wanted to repeat that here in a moment, but for folks that just joined us,
I don't want to have instant gratification civilization.
I see Trump doing five, six rallies a day, being attacked, being lied about, losing over a billion dollars as they harass his businesses, all the persecution, and I'm 47, and I can barely handle the attacks I'm under, and they're not one-tenth the attacks he's under, and I just have to have admiration.
It's not envy, it's not jealousy, it's admiration.
It's such a good trait.
That's such a good feeling to say, man, I really admire him to see what he's done.
And you were talking about that.
This is founding father type stuff.
The fact that God gave us President Trump during this time to challenge these maggots and the example of him versus them.
Ted, spend a few minutes because I know this is something we should talk about, praising President Trump as an example.
Well, I've been so honored and humbled to spend time with the great man.
There's something very spiritual about this crazy guy.
I mean, I say crazy, he's crazy like you, he's crazy like me, he's crazy like this welder I know down the road that no matter what welding job you have, he shows up early and he welds something that'll never break and then he goes to his next welding job and he leaves a vapor trail of high energy, of positive spirit.
Just the energy from this president, you know,
Like, the Founding Fathers defined the history of slavery and tyranny and kings and emperors and despots.
That was divine intervention, Alex.
And I witnessed this great Commander-in-Chief, Donald J. Trump, and he goes from rally and rally and he gets up there with piss and vinegar and vim and vigor.
And I'm a high-energy guy.
I mean, I get on stage and I'll rock your face.
But could you do five shows a day?
I mean, it's pretty amazing.
I did three concerts back-to-back.
Three two-hour shows in London, 1979.
We kept selling them out, and I wanted to go home the next day, so we did all three in the same day.
And I gotta admit, I was much younger back then, but I'll be 72 now, and he's got a few years on me.
You should see the sparkle in this man's eye.
Here's the bottom line.
The most
Global contracts to benefit the United States.
He wants the United States to be the winner.
He wants to have fair deals and he wants to have fair trade.
He wants to benefit the United States of America because this is the last best place.
If we turn it over to the freaks like Pelosi and Biden
And Harris, if we turn it over to them, we are Venezuela overnight!
I totally agree, but let's talk about that magic quality.
It's true.
You've got it more than I do, and I've got some charisma because I believe in what I'm doing.
But you've got a lot of charisma on air, even more in person.
Trump, I've met you a few times.
I've met Trump.
Trump, his wife, it's even more.
It's like, like you said, sparkle in the eye.
You can't fake this.
What the hell's this guy got going on?
Number one, he believes, he sees the threats to the American dream.
He sees the violating, the oath-violating by elected employees who have turned the corner into criminality, from Obama to Holder to Lynch to Lois Lerner to Adam Schiff.
I mean, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, we go right down the list of these gangbangers.
I mean, it's MS-13, Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and the Democrat Party.
So he's dialed in in a mission against evil and he's jacked right into the power cord.
You know, when I hunt, it's samurai.
It's out of body.
I think I've become real close to Bruce Lee.
When I turned from the loud-mouth, high-energy, flame-throwing guitar player into Cochise, Sitting Bull, Geronimo, Crazy Horse with my bow and arrow, and I worked the edge of that swamp.
I improvised, adapted, and overcome.
I learned that from the U.S.
Marine Corps heroes, the Navy SEALs, and the Army Rangers that I get to train with.
There's a higher level of awareness.
Trump's got it because he sees the threats to America and he's going to use every maneuver, every trick, every law he can to stop the Marxists.
It's that critical.
He's saving his family from the wolves.
That's his motivation.
And as he said, they don't hate me, they hate you.
They've got to get through me.
He is in the zone.
If there's a zone within the zone, and I've never praised anybody like this, folks, but I mean, we need to thank God for Trump.
We really need to thank our lucky stars and we need to appreciate it because he's, my God, imagine if we wouldn't have had Trump with these other weak Republicans, where we'd be, Ted Nugent.
Hey, Alex, let me expound on the ultimate sucker punch, the counter punch, the double tap to solar plexus that Donald Trump and we the people have at our disposal.
I hear Rush Limbaugh, who I have great admiration for, people will call and go, well, what else can we do but vote?
And Rush was kind of stumbling.
He didn't really know what else you can do but vote, but get other people to vote, get other people to vote.
No, no, no.
Here's what you do.
You call your mayor!
You call your governor!
You call your congressman and your senator and your alderman!
You call your elected employees every day and go, I support President Trump!
I support law and order!
I support law enforcement!
In their faith.
But again, leave a mark with your elected employees and tell them that you support Donald Trump.
Drive them batty from we the people's perspective, the people who employ the senator, we employ the governor, we employ the mayor.
But we need to tell them what their marching orders are, and that is that we support the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, we support the First Amendment, we want the Google punks to quit censoring us and denying us our First Amendment rights in the new electronic town square.
And if you don't express that to your elected employees, they don't think you exist.
Well that's more good news.
Finally they've sued Google.
Antitrust actions.
They're going after the rest of them.
And now Twitter and others are saying, oh our employees did it, it's not us.
So I see that as a good sign right now.
You know, I love what Ted Cruz is doing.
He's putting their feet to the flames.
But you see the response from those people.
Those people are stone.
They're zombies.
They're absolute freaks.
They will crush your First Amendment rights.
Hour after hour, and then look starry-eyed into the camera and go, I'm not censoring, I'm not suppressing, when that's all they do is censor and suppress.
This is a great opportunity, but again, Alex, if the citizenry does not speak up in a consistent and adamant fashion,
Then when our elected employees represent us, it falls on deaf ears because they don't think they really represent us.
No, you're totally right.
We got a lot of fire under their ass.
Demonstrate in front of their offices.
Call them every day.
Get active.
Ted Nugent, tednugent.com.
Ted, I'm on your show the night before the election.
Love to have you pop back in next week.
Say hi to your wonderful wife and the rest of the crew.
Again, people can visit tednugent.com.
You've got great ways to help people get engaged right there.
We've got 30 seconds left.
Final comment.
Bottom line, I'm having a great hunting season.
Happy hunting season to the hunting families of this country, but everybody go to HuntTheVote.org.
HuntTheVote.org, because not only is November 3 important, but every election after that.
And we have to be registered and vote God, family, country, law, and order.
My name is Ted Nugent, and I give a damn, and I vote.
Damn right.
All right, Ted, we love you.
Talk to you soon, my friend.
I tell you, I think of those sleeping giants awakening, but is it enough?
Or is it a daylight dollar short?
I don't think it is, but the enemy's going to stage some false flags and more.
All right, we've got special guests coming up on the other side.
You'll want to stay with us.
Carlos Zapata and his special guest.
Stay with us.
Alright, Carlos Zapata a few months ago, welcome back to the Alex Jones Show, in Shasta, California, just got up and said, you're declaring war on us, you lock us down but you aren't locked down.
That's siege, we're not going to put up with it.
And now Bill Gates says it's 10 years, the UN says it's forever.
And Europe's totally locked down, they're not trying to bring it here.
This is war.
Carlos Zapata is joining us.
They've written a bunch of national articles demonizing him.
They're really scared of him because he's a leader.
And he wanted to bring on Terry Raposa, who is promoting the state of Jefferson, which I've been aware of the history for a long time.
He can fill us in on that.
You can find Carlos Zapata at carlos underscore zapata underscore one.
And on Instagram at carlos.sapata.90.
And we'll tell you where you can find Terry Raposa, R-A-P-O-Z-A's info as well.
This is a shorter segment, long segment coming up, gentlemen, but thanks for being here.
And tell us why you, because I know last time I said I wanted to get Terry on.
I'm familiar with some of his work, but how exciting this is, a way to save California and the West Coast from the CHICOM.
So you guys have got the floor.
Tell us your view on what's currently happening, the state of Jefferson, the election, where you want to go.
Thanks for joining us.
Yeah, thanks Alex.
Thanks for having me back on.
And I'm glad Terry's here with me today.
He's got a lot of good information.
I think you'll like a lot of what he says.
But we've been busy up here, you know.
When people said, hey, keep fighting the fight, we went to work and did just that.
We've been taking the fight to the enemy every single day.
Not only on social media, but also here, you know, in the halls of our own chambers.
We're good to go.
Yeah, you know, somehow we have become that that pointy tip of the spear in this fight, which I think last time we talked Alex asked a couple times, you know, I was a little bit reluctant to take that on but we have taken that on because we built such a fantastic team up here and whoever knew that Northern California would be an example for the rest of the country to follow but we're getting calls from people all over the country and the world, you know, who are watching what we're doing and want to support what we're doing and do what we're doing in their own
We're good to go.
I think they got caught with their pants down and they don't know what to do.
And people are waking up.
People are absolutely seeing this for what it is, for what we've been saying.
What we've been warning them of for the last six months, year, year and a half, you know, now it's coming to fruition in a very real way.
And, you know, if you watched the Tucker Carlson interview the other day, I thought that was fantastic.
I thought that if after that you still
Believe that you should vote for Biden, and you have no business having any kind of say in what our country does, because you clearly have lost all your patriotism or any care for anything American.
So, what do you think, Terry?
Well, I think a lot of it is local.
I think it's the same way that we fought the revolution.
And I know that you had my good friend Chris-Anne Hall on not too long ago.
And Chris-Anne is actually, I think, the greatest proponent for the Constitution in the United States, maybe in all the world.
Point being is that
When you look at what we need to do is we need to have a restoration.
This isn't a revolution, folks.
It's a restoration.
We already have God-given rights, unalienable rights.
We have those rights.
And what we're doing is trying to regain those rights.
They're protected by the Constitution.
And Alex, as you said a hundred times,
Everybody's pounding on this.
Everybody's trying to pounce on our Constitution and say, well, you know, it's a living document.
It's this, that, or the other.
But I think, and I think this is something Carlos and I would like to express, we really have found the silver bullet.
And it's a very simple thing.
The silver bullet basically is how we get rid of all this crap all at once.
And I think we found that.
And we found it in the people.
And if I may, I could break it down for you.
Yes, start getting into it.
So it's we the people, that's why it says in the Declaration of Independence, we stop complying, recognize our rights, it's game over.
Yes, sir.
And that's the whole thing.
So what do we have to do?
We have three things in this silver bullet.
This solves everything.
First of all, without representation, nothing matters.
If you're not represented, and you don't have your Article 4, Section 4 United States Constitutional position,
You are not going to have any kind of say in your government.
Number two, protect the Second Amendment.
Without the Second Amendment, we can't protect the rest.
We've seen what people like Newsom have done, the mayor of Michigan, etc., etc.
And number three, when we elect these people, we've got to give them the opportunity to give them adequate apportionment.
That means that they are able to represent the people who elect them and are accountable to them.
And not have a situation like we have in California with the state government where we have 1 million people for every state senator and 500,000 for every assemblyman.
We have to have a position to where they're accountable to us, but we also have to give them a position like maybe one for every 5,000 and a senator for every 10,000 or one for every county to where people can actually get to their elected officials.
Their elected officials have the opportunity to hear them and the elected officials must be
Accountable to the people and also accountable legally to their oath of office, the United States Constitution, the state constitution, and also to any laws and not exempt from any of this qualified immunity.
Not exempt from anything, but they are in a position where they are accountable to the same laws we are.
If we do those three things, they're simple.
And Carlos, my friend here, what he represented was every man.
A young man who has a business, a young man who's out there and who's fighting the fight, cares about his family, cares about his community, cares about his country, fought for his country.
Listen, I'm happy to get into federalist systems and all these other systems and it's important to rediscover what we are and who we are.
The fact that the UN is trying to come in and say it controls all government, the fact that we're under a multinational system, we have to rediscover our rights and then enforce them.
But the bigger issue is the state of Jefferson.
We're supposed to get a big overview how that could start the history of that.
It's fascinating.
A little bit of time on the Senate Jefferson and the move for a long time to split California up.
This was back in the 30s and 40s.
Well, actually, actually it was.
But back in 1941, that movement there, that was about money because that was before a court case called Reynolds versus Sims culminated from a number of court cases in where we did have adequate representation.
The senators at that time
We're divided up by county, which means that each county had a senator and each particular county had an assemblyman based upon population.
Now, that's the same as what we have in the federal government.
As we know, we can have big states like California with 40 million people and a small state like Wyoming with 700,000.
They both have two senators and the House of Representatives based upon the population.
And that's what we were doing.
That's where we were prior to 1964.
Before Reynolds versus Sims.
So, in essence, what happens with that is that it works off the federal model of government.
Having those two senators for every state was Madison's idea.
He's saying, you know, hey, we've got to make sure these smaller townships are represented as well as the larger cities at the time, like New York, Charleston, and Boston.
So, two senators as a balance for state and the House of Representatives based on population.
Our Assembly was capped in 1862 at 80.
We had 417,000 people.
Our Senate was capped at 40.
Since that time, we have gained approximately 40 million people, with not one more Assemblyman or one more State Senator added.
The court system, and I'll leave it with this, the court system at that time had 55 courts.
We now have 2,500 courts.
So I think as you said before, Alex, and rightly so, the court system's out of control, it's corrupt, and it now has a larger position.
All right, gentlemen.
Fascinating stuff.
Let's get into what's happening in politics, the election, the lockdown, your horrible evil governor that the Texas governor follows orders from.
Straight ahead.
All right, if you type in Alex Jones or Joe Rogan into a Google search engine news, you'll get over a thousand articles the last day.
It's not about bragging.
It's about how scared they are of the truth.
Despite them not letting it trend on YouTube, it has over 7 million views, over 5 million views on iTunes, and close to that on Spotify.
It's number one biggest ever on Spotify.
Against podcasts, it's been on Spotify six years.
And it's online to have more than the Elon Musk interview within a week.
My last interview has 25 million views on YouTube alone.
Now folks, that's me with a broken wisdom tooth, feeling like crap, just covering the truth.
It's not that I'm that good.
People are looking for the truth.
They just know what's straight, just like Carlos Zapata.
Okay, he gave a great two-minute speech.
What everybody agreed with, we're being enslaved, we're being pushed around.
Got millions of views online.
They got scared of it.
And so what I'm trying to say is, don't ever get scared of the billionaires and all the power and the system trying to crush you.
People resonate with the truth, but they've got to see leadership.
That's why there's a war on men all over the world, because historically and genetically, it's men that lead the fight and speak up and say no to what's happening.
We've got to get slapped down up front.
But the good news is Carlos Zapata never gives public speeches.
He's a veteran patriot.
Millions and millions of views.
People love him in California, catalyzing a national movement.
And it's the same thing for you.
Are you the next Carlos Zapata, the next Alex Jones?
You just simply have to go do the right thing, ladies and gentlemen, and know that that's what you did.
And maybe it wakes up a thousand people, maybe it wakes up a million people, but it's happening.
Carlos, you've got your guest here, Terry Raposa.
Let's get into the current politics, the world, the globalist strategy, what you expect them to do with this election.
They're obviously losing.
Early voting shows, huge Republican advantage.
I think they're going to lose big, but they're going to contest it.
They said they are.
What are you guys worried about, and what are strategies nationwide?
That is what worries me.
You know, we're sitting here talking about this early on today, Alex.
There's no way that we lose this election legitimately.
I mean, if you look at the numbers, you look at nationwide what's going on.
Not only, you know, in the more red conservative states, we're talking about even here in California.
I mean, Trump rallies are selling out.
There's people waiting for hours and hours and hours overnight in line to go to these things.
You know, there's a 96 mile long Trump parade in Arizona.
You know, so when they started telling me that Biden's winning the polls, you got to start calling bullshit and know that that BS is not going to end when the election votes are counted.
That's when it's really going to start.
We're going to have a fight for our identity and for our country at that point.
I totally agree.
The real fight starts in five days.
It really does.
Yeah, the fight's not now.
This is the easy part.
We're winning.
We've already won this thing, Alex.
The only reason that they could win, the thing that keeps me up at night and makes me scared and nervous, is that there's a thing called fraud, a thing that they are well familiar with.
And if there's one thing that a liberal does well, is they legislate well.
And when I say legislate, I mean they litigate well.
They have a very strong team of attorneys who are able to game this system.
And they have the media back them up with the lies.
They have the media who backs them up, which we don't have.
You know, here we are running into our caves trying to get people to listen to us, you know, and they're parading as if they're the majority.
They're certainly not.
That's a great point about the media, you know, and when you look at all this, it's really going to be taken back locally,
State fed, oh my.
And a good example of that is what Carlos did.
It's kind of like lions and tigers and bears, oh my.
Carlos spoke in Shasta County.
He spoke for two minutes, three minutes.
When he was done, by the time time passed a couple of weeks, what, 25 million people saw that?
Because, again, it's the type of thing we have to fight locally.
If we don't start understanding that, that's what we have to do with our local government, our local boards of supervisors, our local commissioners.
It's bottom-up pressure.
It is.
It's bottom-up pressure.
The pressure that we have put on our local government here has won the day, Alex.
I mean, we are making progress.
We were supposed to move back into this tyrannical purple tier.
We were supposed to close our businesses.
I think so.
You know, that little victory that we got to be able to stay in the red tier because the state allowed us to.
And I hate to even say those words, allowed us to.
But the point is, they knew you weren't going to comply, so they didn't want to give you the victory.
Our local officials went and took the credit.
Our local officials went out, Leonard Mody and Mary Rickard, they went out and said, oh, it's our connections up in Sacramento that helped us.
All right.
Thank you.
Can you imagine that?
These people have not signed a paycheck in their lives.
They haven't worked an honest day's work in their life.
Carlos, I agree with you.
As bad as it is, that's the good news is, they're so disconnected from reality, that's why they're going to lose.
Don't they know their paycheck comes from your business?
It does, and they claim, and listen to this, our CEO at Shaftesbury County, Matt Pontes, claims that we lose money from the government, right?
So what he says, he says we get more money from the state promised to us than we would if businesses were open.
But I think that's a very short-sighted plan.
Maybe this year that's the case.
Oh yeah, we're going into debt for generations, exactly.
But long term, I mean, my kid who runs a lemonade stand knows better, you know?
I mean, he's got more business with than that to know that you can't sustain that for much longer than this year, if at all.
We can't even afford it this year.
So what happens when they say Trump didn't win, the Democrats say they're going to have states break away, they're saying they're going to have California secede in the New York Times reported John Podesta war games.
We go back to California again, all politics is local.
What is California to stand up and say that's not the case when the legislature says that Trump isn't legitimate?
Well, the thing is, is that if California succeeds, that's the best news we ever had because we can file for an Article 4 Section 3
A state split, the state of Jefferson, just like West Virginia did.
West Virginia didn't need the state's permission because there was no state to go to.
Virginia had seceded from the Union.
So in essence, if... Slow down, that's important.
Once they say they're not part of the Union, it becomes liquefied and you have home rule under common law and you split off.
That would be paradise for us.
With Article 4, Section 3, it specifically states in the United States Constitution that a state can be
Created within a state with the blessing with a simple
One vote of the state legislative body and the Congress of the United States.
The president doesn't have to sign off on it, nor does the governor.
In essence, we would skip the state process, the legislative position in the state, and move directly toward the federal government and say, OK, Congress, we don't want to leave.
We don't want to take a star off the flag.
We want to add one.
You know, that's the gig.
And before the program's over, I have a two-minute little thing I'd like to read on that.
Go ahead.
Do it right now.
Go ahead and tell us about that, Terry.
All right.
Well, I'll wait because it might take three minutes.
All right.
Keep going big picture here, though.
This is a historic moment we're at, guys.
Big picture.
This could actually be a fast track to what we've been wanting to do since 1941, Alex.
This could actually fast track.
So if California talks about succeeding,
That's great.
We win.
And we take all the money and resources with us.
So that's what they don't understand.
They think that they're going to secede from the Union and all of a sudden have the same economic fortitude that they have now, and they will not at all.
Because if you know anything about the state of California, we hold the resources, we have the water, and what people don't know is we have a ton of gold up here that is still unmined.
And if they don't secede, how about we arrest the governor?
We now have a support statement
Expressing that.
He's a rogue governor when he doesn't follow the federal system.
He's no longer a governor.
He's a rogue agent.
He's a pirate.
Yeah, he's done that.
He's made illegal trade agreements with China.
He's colluded with different states.
Obviously he's illegal as hell.
What about the good old-fashioned recall?
I mean, he's got to be incredibly unpopular.
I think we need 1.4 million votes, right?
Let's say another 600,000 because of the repeat signatures, right?
The recall is a good idea.
The problem with the recall is that he has broken the law, folks.
I got it.
Okay, well, let's come back and talk about California because that's the big first commie domino to fall.
And I agree, we shouldn't just give the state over.
We should take it back.
We'll be right back with Carlos Zapata and his guests.
Welcome back, Alex Jones here.
For anybody that's read a history book, you know there's always groups trying to take you over.
And sometimes the government trying to take you over is better than your government.
It's kind of like, well, why fight that?
But globalism, communism, the chi-coms, this is not good.
People like Venezuela or...
Nazi Germany or North Korea if this ends up happening.
This is authoritarianism.
Carlos Zapata, activist out in California.
And Terry Raposo, another activist, really smart guys are here with us.
Terry, you were going to get into a little two, three minute breakdown you wanted to cover dealing with this.
Go ahead.
Well, I think the thing is, is what we have to do.
It's amazing what you can do with a couple of buddies sitting in front of a fireplace having beer.
But what we did is we decided to figure out how are we going to do this?
We need a unity is what we need.
We need unity.
And how do we take 23 counties that have signed declarations to withdraw from the state of California due to lack of representation and dilution of vote?
How do we find that unity?
And how do we find unity for all the counties of California?
So we came up with this.
A young man named Steve Baird and I sat down and we put this together.
So I'm going to read it to you real quick.
Eleven score and eight years ago, Providence brought together the brightest minds of an age to forge a lasting legacy which we, in our posterity, are privileged to call our Constitution.
Honoring a millennia of foundational principles of natural law, our founding fathers developed a republican system of government that has endured more than two and a quarter centuries.
The Northern California Counties of Jefferson, as a pledge to Almighty God, do declare our unity with the United States of America and intend, with our blood, treasure, and sacred honor, to remain with the nation we hold most dear.
No seditious actions by elements within California or its separatist legislature will deter us from remaining a strong and ardent people living within the greatest nation ever designed.
Well, how could we as a free people not wish to remain active participants in our representative form of government?
A republic created not to suppress, but to serve the people and bind the government.
As a nation, our sacred documents codified by the laws of God secure man's unalienable rights to life, liberty, and property.
And the ability to protect the same.
No man or rogue form of government may ever stake claim to those tenets which have been ordained by him.
Make known that one hint of seditious behavior by a self-stylized protectorate of an ignorant people will be met with swift and unrelenting support of our nation.
The people of the counties bound together under the name of Jefferson are wholly engaged in remaining one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.
And that says it all on what we're going to do if they secede from the United States.
And so for listeners, I want people to understand this.
Most listeners get this, but some may not.
China's taking over Hong Kong and Taiwan right now by force.
The globalists by funding the collapse of Latin America are trying to take us over through a U.N.
And so that's where this is.
If there's not movements in California and other states that when these takeovers are attempted, we have a counter-movement, they'll win.
But if there's a counter-movement already in place, people will obviously want to stay in the Republic.
This will instantly stop them.
And so what you're doing is God's work.
Because I know the U.N.
has said they want to break up the U.S.
starting with California.
This is an official plan.
And people 10 years ago would laugh at that.
A year ago.
People don't laugh now.
They see the country's in trouble.
So what you guys are doing is a very good, defensive, forward-looking operation, though, to say no and deny the Globals.
This is very important work.
Well, I think the thing is, is that the cross-pollinating with people like the Freedom Angels, our good friends J.C.
and Chris Ann Hall, Peggy Hall down in Orange County.
There's so many great people.
Dr. Cordy Williams, a young man who was a Marine, who's now a doctor.
Great people.
Carlos, you know.
And we're finding all these great young people that are understanding, hey, you know, we need to bond together.
You know, frankly, people say, well, you know, I've lost a lot of my liberty.
No, you've lost all your liberty.
I'd like somebody to name one thing that the government doesn't control at this time.
Whether it be the food you eat, the water you use, the gas you use.
No, no, exactly.
So we have to all start thinking about taking over our cities, our counties, and if the UN takes over our state, we have a right to secede because it's not representation, but it has the taxation.
Carlos Zapata, other points about the election, about Trump, what you're predicting is about to happen?
You know, I mean, this is nothing new, right?
This has been done in Vermont, Kentucky, Maine, West Virginia.
I mean, the mechanism is there for us to be able to do this.
But yeah, let's move on to what's going on now, Alex.
I say Trump wins in the landslide.
I say the battle starts when the Democrats contest the election.
And I think
That's right, the communist forces have been wound up and are ready.
And sure, they're not formidable individually, but the stand down of blue city mayors empowers them as a domino effect.
How do you stop that?
Employ the Insurrection Act, send in federal troops to commandeer those cities that are no longer under state control?
You know, the number one weapon that the left has
Historically, Alex, is destabilization, destabilization.
They will destabilize our societies.
They'll destabilize our businesses, which they've already done with this whole COVID hoax.
And they will continue to do this, you know, from our schools to where we shop to where we live.
So if we think for one second that we don't have a fight,
Let's be clear, when you say you have food and water, they're trying to cut that off with COVID as the cover for a siege.
An international, UN-run siege.
They admit to make us hate Trump, but it's backfired.
People know that Trump and the Republicans didn't do this.
What are folks saying?
Because I've read the national news stories.
In Vanity Fair and Politico and a bunch of places really demonizing Northern California for how radical it is.
But I know a lot of liberals that used to live there.
I know a psychologist.
I know a psychiatrist.
I know a medical doctor.
I know a lawyer that lives there.
They're all super listeners now.
They weren't listeners years ago.
I knew them through family.
They're all more rabid than I am now.
I really think they've triggered an awakening here of vestigial energies and instincts people had.
Well, it's all theoretical when you're sitting in a college classroom getting brainwashed, but once you go out into the real world and you see that we're actually under attack, you have a choice to make.
And I think that's what's happened now, Alex, is our backs to the wall.
We've been attacked in a very real way to where if we don't fight back, we will not survive.
We will be wards of the state for the rest of our lives.
We will be enslaved to people such as Gavin Newsom for the rest of our lives.
So we're fighting at this point and people are behind us.
And you're right.
I have leftist friends who have left the Democratic Party now and have joined.
This is not about Republicans or Democrats.
There's evil on both sides.
This is about liberty.
It's about human sovereignty.
That's what it is.
It's absolutely about sovereignty.
It's about freedom.
It sounds so cliché, but that's what we're fighting for every single day, Alex.
I think that's why it's a unifying message.
This is not a separatist message like they would have you believe.
No, the globalists want to break the country up.
You want to unify it.
Yeah, we're galvanized, you know.
I mean, this is great.
We're stronger than ever.
You come up here to Hayman County, Shasta County, Siskiyou County, and these northern counties in Northern California, and you're not going to overrun us.
There's pioneer blood that runs through our veins.
Because I've read even the news is pissed that no one's wearing the damn mask anymore.
Almost all the businesses are open just saying, screw you.
Why would we?
Well, why would I?
The only thing a mask does is tell them who they can control.
You know, there's less people wearing masks now, Alex, you know.
Up here, I'm seeing less and less.
For a while, I saw a little spike where people were wearing them everywhere, and now I think people are starting to realize it.
And if they are wearing a mask, you can see the embarrassment in their eyes when they see people like me.
And you can see the cowardice, and you can see... I agree.
We're out of time.
Carlos Zapata, Terry Raposa, great to have you on.
Thank you so much, gentlemen.
Thank you.
Thank you.
All right.
Now, we got Matt Bracken coming up, but I promise callers Jim, Thomas, Wendy, Matt, Mark, Emmanuel, Brian, and Steven.
Some of you have been holding the longest.
Whoever's been holding the longest, I'm going to go right to you, Steven in Florida.
We start the next hour.
Great guest.
Great to have the local view versus the international and national view separately.
I want to thank you all for your support.
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Back in two minutes and right to your calls.
We are back live, folks.
Big stuff's going down.
And I laid out some positive news in the first hour.
We're on the march, believe me.
It's unbelievable what's going down.
You know, I don't give you positive news unless that's the case.
All right, let's go to some phone calls.
Appreciate folks holding so patiently.
Brian and Washington, thanks for holding.
You're on the air.
I'm fired up talking to you, brother.
Thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
Hey, I really appreciate it.
It's helped me shape my life and my life for eight years.
Anyways, I wanted to get on two subjects, censorship and President Trump and why he gave power to the governors and mayors.
What's the best way to get these people out of office?
Give them power to do what they want and let them do what they want and expose themselves as pirates and wake the people up and they get out and they vote.
So I believe this is a step ahead strategy.
That's what Trump does 30% of the time.
I mean, I have to dead, dead reckon it.
That's not an exact statement.
It's a dead reckoning.
Trump on guns or Trump on COVID.
We're good.
Do that.
Trump has done that like letting the riots happen.
That was an adjapropt.
An adjapropt is a Soviet term that they just codified a program that was already well known in every society of have a group go out, stir up problems, have the cops over respond, and then say there's been a big police state crackdown.
And so they tried an adjapropt on Trump and the police, and the police didn't respond.
But see, you cannot respond to the Agipropt.
Then when the real riot hits, they bring down the whole government, the whole system, and then they take over because it kills confidence in the system.
So it's a very dangerous game.
And, um,
You know, just because people are provocateuring something doesn't mean you don't arrest them.
So I probably would have not done what Trump did.
I probably would have sent folks in to stop these riots.
You could say, though, well, it made people wake up.
And it made people wake up to how bad Soros is.
OK, still, I get it.
I don't do that.
I'm not the president.
Maybe that's why I'm not going to be the president.
But that's what Trump did.
So is that good or evil that Trump let the riots go on because the state stood down?
That's their jurisdiction.
Because he knew they were going to set him up when he did that.
I mean, it is kind of the folks' fault in those cities that elected these people.
So again, I'm not attacking Trump.
I kind of see why he's right.
But is there a third rail?
Is there a way to do it that's not go in and cause a big problem, but also not let it happen?
I think you arrest the leaders.
The answer is the Justice Department does its job when racketeering, powerful leadership, when billionaires are funding criminal activity, you arrest them.
You don't go crack heads of meth heads and give them the war on the streets they want.
You arrest the leadership.
I think I just answered the question.
What do you think?
Yeah, much agreed.
I should have stepped ahead of time and shut it down right away.
And that Robert guy, he said he was a man of Christ and stuff, but he's got so much gloom and doom.
People need to remember that we are bringing the Kingdom of God in Earth as it is in Heaven.
We went.
We need more righteous men to stand up and speak out and stop sparing these globalist, Marxist, communist thugs that are trying to punk us into losing our freedoms.
And if we all just put our foot down and spoke out, that it would end, just like others did.
No, I agree with you.
God bless you.
We're out of time.
Thank you so much.
Look, I'm not going to judge other Christians, because that turns another denomination.
That's all they do all day.
But, you know, Christ wasn't there telling people how to keep their toenails trimmed perfectly.
He was saying the Pharisees tell you how you're evil all day, but they don't stand up against the main corruption.
I'm in a fight to make corruption.
I've got a relationship with God.
Doesn't mean I'm perfect.
Doesn't mean I don't have a conscience.
But I don't need other men telling me how I'm bad all day, so they can be above me.
No, that's Satanism.
The only one that can judge me.
Only God can judge.
Final judgment.
All right, let's race through your phone calls here, folks holding.
Let's talk to Steven in Florida.
Steven, thanks for holding.
Yeah, thank you, Alex.
Okay, here's my take on the election situation.
And first of all, I want to say to everyone out there, please support InfoWars by buying the great products Alex has.
Alex, you are the Mockingjay of this movement, and everyone that's seen The Hunger Games knows exactly what I'm saying.
That's why you've been attacked so much.
You've been shooting your fiery arrows of truth.
We're good to go.
We literally are seen by the enemy as the tip of the spear.
We are seen as the Mockingjay.
We are seen as the populace they fear, and so they want our head.
And a lot of listeners get that, they're supportive of this, but I'm just saying, we're a signet.
We're like a standard, a Roman standard the enemy wants to capture.
They really do.
Yes, sir.
Now, here's what I want to say about this situation.
I want to modify a statement I made about a month ago on your show.
Remember, if you remember, I said I did not think we were going to even have an election and your crew had actually put up a graphics to go along with my call that you played over and over.
Well, here's what I want to say.
I think we are going to make it to the election.
My concern is what I'm calling 77 days of chaos.
That is the period between post-election and the inauguration, because the way these people operate, I see them, along with the CHICOMS, who are waiting in the wings, that have troops above our northern and our southern borders now, that's been proven.
I agree with what Mike Adams just said.
He has intel showing that these people are actually going to be provocateurs, disguising themselves as Trump supporters, patriots, military, and police.
Supporting what Trump's doing, but actually carrying out false flag terrorist attacks.
I totally agree.
The main thing left is economic collapse, war, and false flag.
And false flag's the big one.
I totally agree with you.
And I just, I just, we're winning right now.
But that makes me think, my God, what are they about to pull in their desperation?
Yeah, because I just see them wanting to cause a totally chaotic situation because that's their last, for lack of a better term, Trump card to stop him from getting in and finishing up what he started in 2016.
Can you believe how real, Steve, how real Trump is?
I mean, I'm not trying to like kiss somebody's ass here, but I mean, my God, what he does at 74 is just insane.
Thanks for the call, Steve.
Yeah, we're 82 days.
So I guess he's right, 77 days.
Did I do the math wrong when I said 79 days of hell?
It's 77 days of hell?
It's 78 days of hell?
Whatever, there's 70-something days of hell coming after the election.
I just one day was like checking my... See, that shows you that... Don't listen to me.
The caller's like 77 days.
I was like, was that right?
I think technically it's 78 days if you actually look at it, but... It varies, huh?
Okay, let's talk to...
Emmanuel in California.
Thanks for calling.
Hey, Alex.
I just want to say thank God for this moment in time in history and for our Lord Jesus Christ, our Savior, for giving us knowledge.
Thank you for the products as well.
I really enjoy them.
I appreciate you, brother.
We're only here because of you.
I mean it.
And this election, this pivotal point in all of eternity, before eternity,
We're seeing the spiritual blindness of the world.
The reason why these people are so deluded is because they're spiritually dead.
There's no acknowledge of God.
There's no God in our culture.
You're right, Emmanuel.
These people, literally, and you look at people that don't have God, I look at real Christians, they're like electric.
Black, white, or brown, they're like electric.
You look at people that aren't loving God, they look dead.
There's nothing there.
Yeah, there's no light in their eyes.
But what I want to get on with the election is that
I think Trump is unstoppable.
I think Trump is such a godsend for this country to give us this grace and mercy for the last four years, because I think just as much as 2020 accelerated, we're going to see 2021 to 2025 accelerate even faster.
And China is just, they're so reckless and so, so brute in what they want to do that how they're getting in Central America, they're going into Canada.
Emmanuel, I totally agree with you.
God bless her.
Let me play a short little GIF that's out there of a bunch of SJW women, mainly white women, with blue and pink hair.
I don't care if your hair is blue or pink, but it's all unnatural.
They all want to just, I'm into abortion.
I'm into death.
I love China.
I hate America.
And China would just line them up and shoot them.
They're just so stupid.
They're just rebelling against their own providence.
Here it is.
I want to bring the country down.
All right, let's go to Wendy in Pennsylvania.
Thanks for holding.
Hello, Alex.
Thanks for calling.
Go ahead.
Thank you.
My name is Wendy Seminario.
And I would like for you to please bring up my profile picture on Facebook.
Well, I don't know if we have the time to do that.
We're not really into giving last names, because you know why?
People can call in and say they're somebody else.
Or you can call in and say you're George Jones and you're not, but we really appreciate you calling.
What do you want to tell folks about today?
Well, if you bring up my profile picture, I have learned that profile pictures are not centered on Facebook.
And so my last profile picture was up for a week with a picture of Band.Video's site on it.
Oh, I get it.
And I'm being a jerk complaining.
You get it.
Some folks call in and try to say they're somebody else.
I get it.
So you're saying profile pictures aren't censored on Facebook, so you can make your profile.
That's a smart point.
Make it whatever you want, like Band.Video or ElectionNight.News?
I would like for you to bring it up so you can actually see it.
No, no, no.
We'll try.
What's your name again?
Wendy, W-E-N-D-Y, Seminario, S-E-M-I-N-E-R-I-O.
Wendy Seminario.
All right, we'll pull that up, and we'll probably make an ad out of this.
It's really important.
You're getting around censors.
Tell folks what you've been doing.
Yeah, this is a great way to get a whole lot of truth out.
Imagine if all the Patriots said something similar during this critical time.
You found a critical hole in the enemy's defenses.
Tell us how you discovered it.
Tell us what you did.
Um, I don't know.
I just thought of it, and I thought it was a great idea.
Um, well, okay, the reason I thought of it, I was on that call the other day, and I hadn't been on Facebook, and so I actually put a site on Facebook, and I was told, I was censored, and I was told that if I did it again, I could lose my account.
And I was so, I was so upset.
I was like, okay, how do I get around this?
And I put it up as my profile picture and it's been up for weeks and they have not censored me.
Well, that's beautiful.
Yeah, because the AI has trouble reading pictures.
That's why they hate memes.
And so instead of giving up, you found a way around it, which is the essence of victory.
Thank you so much for all you're doing, Alex.
No, no, you're awesome, Wendy.
Thank you.
Sorry, I didn't understand it first.
And I trust you.
You sound awesome.
We've had people before call and say they're another person's name and then they, the poor person, you know, gets a problem.
Look, Matt and Thomas.
We're going to take your calls.
And then Matt Bracken's going to take over.
I don't want to cut into Matt, but I promise to control your calls.
So Thomas in Denver and Matt, we're going to come to you.
And then halfway in the segment, we'll hand the baton to Matt Bracken of EnemiesForeignDomestic.com.
Thomas says that COVID is the globalist agenda.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Former Navy SEAL and best-selling author Matt Bracken of EnemiesForeignAndDomestic.com is about to take over.
We're finishing up with two callers really quick.
Tomás in Denver and then Matt in Ohio.
Go ahead.
Caller from Denver.
Tomás, go ahead.
Tomás in Denver.
How are you, Alex?
I love it, man.
No caller ever said abracadabra.
Man, I'm here, brother.
I'm glad to be on air with you.
Hey, I was born on the land called Denver, Colorado, and I'm a man who's free, down with the communists.
I called to share the solution to the masks, to the vaccines, to even your court issues.
Alex, you've helped me throughout the years.
I've watched you for 12 years, first time caller.
It's not about the coronavirus, it's about the crown virus.
Man is king here.
When another man tries to force you to put on a mask,
You should identify that man.
When you've been to court, Alex, you've never identified any man in that court.
You never made a man provide you with valid state-issued driver license.
A judge, a prosecutor, a cop, anyone.
They're doing it by contract.
This is the law of the sea.
You know that the occult is best hidden in plain sight.
It's the law of the sea.
It's the law of the sea.
I agree.
A lot of the system tricks you into waiving your rights.
So, and I agree, wearing the mask, taking the contact tracing, this is a takeover.
And they use an all-cap tech called Dog Latin to get everybody's consent.
You are consenting to wear the mask.
You never identify the man that takes jurisdiction over you.
Require that they provide you ID if they want to take jurisdiction over you.
Make them hold the obligation of the language that they use, as well as the benefit.
No, you're right, because it's the bad guys that wear masks.
They're literally putting us into like an eyes wide shut cult.
Mask is a person, Alex.
Mask equals person.
They want you in person when you do commerce.
They're restricting the commerce.
These people are not taking the liability.
Nobody can go to court.
Nobody can face their accusers now.
You can't face them.
They're wearing a mask.
This is really... They know what they're doing.
You're right.
Next time you're in court, make every person in that court provide... No one... They don't even have court now.
I can't even get into court when I need stuff now.
Exactly, that's what's happening because man is king and they know that man is walking this earth again.
I walk in the creator's law.
Statutes and codes are for the legal society.
No, I agree.
They're panicking because we the people woke up and they're shutting down our rightful systems.
Beautiful point, Thomas.
Call me back again.
Matt in Ohio.
Then Matt Bracken texts over.
Matt, go ahead.
Hey, how's it going, Mr. Jones?
Man, I am just living in the middle of insane asylum.
I mean, it's just good stuff's happening, bad stuff's happening.
It's just crazy.
I enjoyed your podcast the other day, Rogan, and I just wanted to ask you before I get to my point, what time will you be on with Rogan on Monday?
Or Tuesday, I should say, I mean.
You know, I just wanted to come on a little bit, but Joe's like, come on the whole time.
We're going to be having our own live coverage, so I'll be here part of the time.
I'm on with Ted Nugent, I'm on with Drinking Bros Podcast, so I'm going to be running around.
Yeah, that's awesome.
I can't wait for that.
I love when you're on Crowder, too.
Let's just say I had a cracked tooth that day, which is horrible pain.
I've had a compound fracture hurt less when I was like 16.
And I mean, this tooth broke the day before I was on Joe's show.
He was doing Sober October.
I said, give me a bottle of whiskey, which they had a huge room of whiskey.
Literally, Joe's a big whiskey guy, and I like bang that back.
So I didn't do the best job, but it made the toothache go away.
The tooth's pulled down, so I'm good.
But beautiful, brother.
What else is going on?
That was the best.
I thought that was the best podcast I've watched out of all the ones I've watched, to be honest.
And I think you should get Tim Dillon on your show sometime.
You two, honestly, were very entertaining together.
Tim is really, really smart.
What about Trump vaccine and COVID madness?
Yeah, well, that's what I was going to call out.
Sorry about that.
I ain't talking in a minute.
But about the Gavi, did you see back in, I think it was about June, he came out and donated money towards the Gavi Foundation, which Bill and Melinda Gates had a hand in.
So that's what had me, you know, confused about Trump.
Well, he cut off a bunch of their funding.
But yeah, one of the foundations he funded does help them.
Trump did that.
Yeah, so that's what has me concerned is how he's pushing this Operation Warp Speed and the vaccine, you know, because I do want to vote for Trump.
I know Biden's evil, but that's just the thing that kind of scared me from voting for Trump.
I agree, but did you notice how pissed Gates got about it and said, don't take that vaccine, take mine?
He's taking power away from them.
Doesn't mean I agree with it, but what I predicted Trump was doing is what he's doing.
It's just a very dangerous game, like you said, though.
I think Trump doesn't know what he's doing.
He's playing 40 chess.
Oh, listen.
Trump betrays us.
He does forced inoculations.
I'll turn against him in T-minus zero seconds.
I'll BAM.
Just like that.
God bless you, Matt.
All right.
Matt Bracken takes over.
Matt Bracken, then Owen Schroer in the War Room in T-minus 35 minutes.
Matt Bracken, go ahead, sir.
All right.
Hey, wow, Alex.
What great guests.
Your audience is amazing.
The last Matt was so on point.
And he follows the show.
I mean, he's dialed in.
So even with this media blackout against, you know, the big story, the Bobulinski story, we're just working around it.
They say on the Internet that any kind of a blockage is just worked around like an organic
A plant just working around an obstacle, putting its way.
And I think that's what's happening.
While we're talking about that forced vaccine, the way that I look at it, Trump is pushing warp speed because he has to.
If he doesn't get reelected, nothing else will matter.
If a vaccine comes out of it that actually works, okay, fine.
But I don't see Trump ever making a mandatory vaccine.
He was, the first thing he did when he got in was get rid of the Obamacare mandate.
That was really the guts of Obamacare.
The fact that you had to pay for it.
It was right on your tax forms.
You had to pay for it.
First thing right off, he tore out that mandate.
I don't see him as a mandate guy.
You know, while Biden is doing his little traveling show in the circles, you know, with 20 or 30 people way socially distanced in circles, Trump is making masks optional.
So more and more people.
I just saw the last one that he had.
Half the people weren't wearing masks at all and they're definitely not socially distancing.
This is a signal that he believes we are actually turning the corner on this coronavirus.
We have to do it like Sweden and just work your way through it.
The absolute worst thing to do is go the Australia route.
111 days of lockdown.
All that does is put the virus on ice.
And when you declare a lockdown over, it just starts right up where it was.
The only way to get through this thing is to get through it.
And I think after Trump is reelected, if he's reelected, you know, they'll still be working on the vaccine, but I think it's going to be completely optional.
And Trump usually, when he talks about the vaccine, he also, in the same paragraph,
Talks about the medicinals and the fact that the virus is probably attenuating and we're going to have to just learn to live with it like we have with every virus.
We can't just lock down society.
All that does is crush the economy.
And absolutely, if he tried to do forced vaccines, that would be one of the most sure ways of kicking off a shooting civil war that I can imagine.
Because the way that they would do it, obviously they're not going to go house to house, you know, with doctors and SWAT teams and needles.
They're going to say you can't enter your bank without your vaccine ID card, or you can't, you know, your ATM card won't work.
Unless you've got the, you know, the vaccine symbol on it, you know, that that's computer readable.
That's an absolute red line in our country.
That's a no-go.
So I don't think we need to worry about a Trump vaccine.
It's never going to happen.
Biden, maybe.
And we'll continue this on the other side.
During this segment, I want to talk a little bit about the Tony Bobulinski situation, but I want to throw in a few insights that I really haven't seen anywhere.
Tony Bobulinski, if you've seen the picture of him in uniform, he was definitely a buff Chad back in the day, in the 90s in college.
You know, he looks like he's been eating pretty well lately.
But when he was in college, he was a walk-on to the wrestling team at Penn State.
A walk-on.
No scholarship.
Tried out for the team and made it.
The guy is a stud, alright?
When he got commissioned into the Navy, I haven't seen that he was in NROTC.
Penn State does have a Naval ROTC program.
I haven't seen that.
He might have been some form of a direct commission, which I don't quite understand how that happened, but he did his four years in the Navy like I did after I went to UVA in the 70s, NROTC.
He went from college to the Navy's Nuclear Power Training Command.
This requires a little bit of explanation.
If you are a pretty smart guy in college, NROTC, or at one of the academies, you know you've got a 3.5 or so average, and you've kept your nose clean physically, you're doing everything that you've got to do, you're in great shape.
You get a choice of whether you want to go into submarines or you have the good eyes, you can fly planes.
If you are a guy that's got like 1,600 math SATs, who's got a 4.0 and is taking advanced calculus in college, upon commissioning, the Navy is going to actively steer you into one of their true brainiac communities.
Which is either going to be related to cryptography or nuclear power.
Because they know that guys like this, like Tony Bobulinski, they probably aren't going to spend a career in the Navy.
They're not trying to cultivate them necessarily for the 20-year career.
While they've got this brainiac for the four years at least, they're going to put you somewhere where they can harness that brainpower.
And for Tony Bobulinski, that was the Nuclear Power Training Command with an above-top-secret clearance, or it's a top-secret clearance with an emphasis on nuclear secrets.
He's very read into operational security and keeping secrets.
And he's obviously a very, very smart guy.
He's made enough money in the last 15 years, since graduating from college,
That he attracted the attention of the Biden crime family because they needed somebody who actually had a proven track record in setting up these international business deals that could actually do it because they had no idea what they're doing.
They're literally, you know, strap hanging on Air Force One or Air Force Two into places like the Ukraine and seeking out corrupt officials to take their money.
But for the China deal, they needed to raise this to a higher level of professionalism.
And that's where Tony Bobulinski came in.
This guy is nobody's fool.
He is not going to be taken for a ride, even with this media blackout going on.
Now, it's been mentioned that the lost documents of Tucker Carlson being FedExed, I presume FedExed, from the East Coast to L.A.
It looks like they were intercepted by the FBI, who has portals along the way under the Patriot Act.
They're watching any package they want by its tracking document and can divert it at any point as if it was containing anthrax or bomb-making materials.
There's already a system, a protocol.
So the question will be,
This diversion, is it going to show up officially?
Will it be, you know, time stamped into the FBI system?
Or is this some sort of a rogue operation?
It's going to be hard for the FBI or Department of Homeland Security to say, we had nothing to do with it.
Because using that system to grab that package, obviously they don't have people in the line watching packages.
To send a message to have that tracking number diverted for inspection is going to require some kind of electronic documentation.
So we'll see how this all plays out.
But you have to think of this in terms of a type of a poker game where you don't show all your cards at once.
There's a method that was perfected by Andrew Breitbart, then later Steve Bannon and the Project Veritas guys,
Where you put out an incriminating video or an incriminating document against your adversaries to get a reaction, to goad them into denying that it's real, knowing that you have five more cards to play.
This, as they learn this game, it forces them to just shut up and not make denials, just like the Bidens haven't made any denials because they know there's many more cards to be played in this deck.
You know, that Bobulinski, Carlson and others,
Are going to have more evidence to produce in the coming days.
So if you're the deep state actor working hand-in-glove with the Bidens, the corrupt FBI officials that hid Hunter Biden's laptop during the impeachment, right, when it could have exonerated the President, they hid it, sat on it, even while the President, the legitimate President of the United States, was being impeached over bogus Ukraine charges, the FBI hid it.
So, are there now FBI people willing to open the Fox News package to get the documents?
Why would they do that?
Allegedly, there are copies.
Well, you do that so that you can see what are all the cards in the deck.
What's the bottom, the lowest bid, the final card.
You know, you want to know what is the worst damage that we have to prepare for.
That's why it's valuable.
To intercept something like this, it's not to just destroy it because everybody would assume there's copies, electronic copies.
It's so that you know what your adversary has in store for you so that you can do your most effective form of damage control.
That's what's going on there.
What's really amazing to me is that we are seeing a Soviet-level news blackout.
I saw something today, and I actually made a meme out of it.
It's just a chart showing the minutes that have been aired on Tony Bobulinski's revelations in the last three days.
And Fox News and Fox Business have aired a couple hours total.
Not a minute.
I mean, this is really going full Soviet.
Facebook, Twitter, they're doing all they can to throttle it and suppress it and prevent people from seeing it.
See, now on Twitter, you can post, you can go to the New York Post and post a link, but the New York Post itself is still locked out of Twitter.
So this is going to be a real litmus test for our country going forward.
The journalists who refuse to even mention the name Tony Bobulinski are going to in the future be branded like with a scarlet letter as sort of like collaborators, you know, with deep state intelligence collaborators.
It's gotten so bad now that Glenn Greenwald, who founded The Intercept, a website called The Intercept, it's his website.
He now lives in Brazil, though, and the paper is edited, not paper, but the website is edited and put out of New York.
He was not allowed to publish an article about this media blackout on Tony Bobulinski on The Intercept, which he founded.
I've seen this before where the creator of a website will give the password keys to somebody else eventually and they fall out, and the originator of a website is locked out of his own website.
Apparently that happened to Glenn Greenwald.
So he's quit The Intercept, which is his own ship, so that he can write about this episode outside of The Intercept.
We really are in full Soviet days, and we'll continue this thread on the other side of the commercials, but there's a lot more to talk about.
I'd like to mention, while I'm here, I'd recommend getting printed copies of types of books that might be made unavailable in the future if Biden wins, which means Kamala Harris will be president by Easter.
No matter what happens, if Biden wins, whether he quits because of his senility or he quits because of the corruption charges that are coming against him, he's gone.
All he is is a placeholder, a Trojan horse.
So don't even think in terms of President Biden.
No matter what, if he wins, it's Kamala Harris.
And don't think that it'll save us that he's impeached over corruption.
That'll be just as well for the Democrats, because it doesn't matter how Kamala Harris gets to become president.
They're going to pack the Supreme Court Venezuela-style, and that's the last free election we'll ever have.
So, what's really going on?
You're pulling back from a national and American view, and then going further out to seeing a global view.
Probably one of the most important things that I've seen in the last couple of weeks
is a term which would have gotten you banned on Facebook or Twitter a couple of months ago because it was like a conspiracy theory, you know, by paranoid right-wingers.
Now they're just throwing the mask off and saying, what do you mean you can't say it?
We're proud of it.
It's called the Great Reset.
It's on the cover of Time Magazine where they're, you know, like rebuilding the world.
There's a guy named Klaus Schwab who's a honcho at the World Economic Forum.
That's the Davos gang.
Very closely aligned with the Bilderbergers and Illuminists and the rest of that super globalist crowd.
So, who is really running this?
Is this a corporate takeover of the world?
Or is it the Chai Koms that are taking over the world?
Actually, it's both.
It's a synthesis.
That's why we're seeing the tech giants, you know, Zuckerberg and the rest.
They're very happy going along with a Chinese style social credit system because this is for them the great reset.
This is the synthesis between global corporatism and communism.
Keep in mind,
Communist China, in the old-fashioned sense of the term, isn't really even a communist country anymore.
They don't believe in Marxism-Leninism.
There's Chinese billionaires right and left.
Their factory workers are in the worst conditions anywhere on the planet.
So it's not as if we're talking about, you know, red Chinese, a Marxist-Leninist style
They're just a fascist, corporatist country now with the greatest level of repression of any major country on the planet.
And the, you know, Jack Dorsey, Zuckerberg, Google, YouTube, they're happy to see Chinese social control coming to the entire world.
It means nobody will be able to defy them at all.
Anybody who does
Just won't be allowed to go on the Internet.
You'll just be shut out of PayPal, shut out, you know, step by step.
Like Alex said, you'll go into your bank and they're going to say, bad comrade, get out.
We don't want you or your family.
This is really full Soviet.
It's like that Tony Bobulinski litmus test I was talking about in the last segment.
When you have every network
Other than Fox and Fox Business not giving one second to the Tony Bobulinski story.
They went out with, it's Russian disinformation, and they just stuck with that story.
They never budged.
Even though Bobulinski has got all the receipts, he's got the phone conversations, the recordings, the documents, the meetings.
These Soviet media people won't even ask Biden, have you ever met Tony Bobulinski?
They're fully protecting him.
They are in full Soviet mode.
Absolutely, they would say the sky is green if headquarters told them to say the sky is green.
And then the next day they would say the sky is purple.
And they would never, you know, they would never say they had said anything else.
It's exactly like Soviet media, you know, Pravda and Izvestia during that era.
Their idea is that if this news is only restricted to Fox and, you know, conservative talk shows and alternate internet like Infowars,
It won't matter because they think two-thirds of the country will never hear about it.
And that'll be enough for them to drag Biden across the line.
But I wonder if this is true.
Or are we really networking around this type of censorship?
At the grassroots level, are people sharing Tucker Carlson's videos and other news about this?
Or are there really two thirds of the country that don't know who Tony Bobulinski is that are still going to vote for Biden?
Yeah, it makes me wonder because this is really a seminal moment.
This is a turning point, really, in human history.
And we're going to see if Biden wins, he'll be gone by Easter one way or the other.
Kamala Harris will be president.
They're going to pack the Supreme Court.
Absolutely, it's going to happen.
With 50 senators, that's all they need.
If they have 50 senators, so they need to pick up a couple seats.
Remember though, just like with the president at the presidential level, they'll be doing the same amount of ballot stuffing and cheating to get a couple of senators in.
If they have 50 senators, then the vice president for now, Kamala Harris, is the 51.
She's the deciding vote.
They'll make DC and Puerto Rico states
Then they'll have 54 senators.
They're going to pack the Supreme Court, and that's all she wrote.
Because just like in Venezuela, they won't ever need to have another fair election.
They'll come after the guns.
Kamala Harris has said within 100 days she's going to ban semi-automatic rifles.
And if the Congress doesn't give her a loft along those lines, she's going to do it by executive order.
Now, this obviously is a lunatic idea.
All it's going to do is instigate a kinetic civil war.
But I don't know if you would, if you would ascribe Kamala Harris to being just a useful idiot, you know, a person who really believes she can politically do these things, or is she
Deep down, more on the Bolshevik end, where they believe in the saying, the worse the better.
And they're not satisfied with just a political takeover of the country.
What they want is to absolutely wreck any chance of the American Republic rebuilding, ever.
Just like in Venezuela, Venezuelans went to the polls the first time with Hugo Chavez.
He won.
And conservatives thought, that's okay, in four years, he'll wreck the country, he'll be so unpopular, they'll vote us back in.
There was no second chance.
Hugo Chavez packed the Venezuelan Supreme Court, just like they're planning to do here.
And after that, every law that Hugo Chavez wanted passed, passed immediately, and their Supreme Court backed it up.
These included disarming the Venezuelans.
So, this is going to be coming,
If Biden wins, Kamala Harris will be the president early in the spring.
They're going to come after the guns.
And you won't be able to complain about it because if you do, you're going to be shut out of social media.
They'll pass all kind of new hate speech laws and laws for the preservation of civil order.
So you're not going to be able to say anything that in their definition disturbs the social order.
And when they start doing selected gun confiscation raids, anybody who resists will be branded as a terrorist.
Every law set up to prevent terrorism in our country will be turned against patriots who refuse to go along with gun confiscation.
This is absolutely the plan.
They are following the Venezuela playbook.
To the letter.
They don't mind that the country is starving
They don't mind that the country is in shambles because they will be permanently at the top of the pyramid.
Even if the pyramid is a wasteland below them, they will be at the very top.
Every state will mirror California.
You'll have homeless, you'll have riots, you'll have looting.
And there will be nothing that anyone can do about it because those in charge are living in mansions inside of gated communities with full security.
They'll be traveling by helicopter and armored limousine past all of the homeless camps and tent cities.
It won't bother them a bit because all of the special privileges will be given to the political class and to the police that protect them.
As we can see with the FBI today, there are plenty of corrupt officials who are willing to sell out their country as long as they can be on what they see as the winning side, the side in permanent power.
I'm happy to talk to you and maybe we'll talk again after the election.
It's just in a few days.
People ask me on the street all the time, they call into the show, they say, Jones, are you on cocaine?
Are you on speed?
How are you so excited three, four, five hours a day on air?
Well, when I found out that they knew that 5G gave us cancer and they're putting it on purpose, I'm a little pissed about that.
Or when I find out China's shipping in enough fentanyl to kill the whole U.S.
population on a routine basis, it makes me a little bit angry.
When I learn that people are literally enslaving me and my family and enslaving you, I have empathy.
I get angry about that and I don't think that's a good thing.
I'm fighting Matt.
I know you're fighting Matt as well.
And so that's why I just wanted to come to you and thank you for all you've done in the 26 years.
Some of you have been supporting us 26 years.
Almost 27 now.
Without you, we wouldn't be here.
We're in this together.
And I just, I cannot help when the enemy's attacking me and lying about me and doing horrible things to me.
It literally is a comfort to know you love me and I love you.
And so I don't say that.
It sounds manipulative.
It's just, it's true.
I love you.
I love you.
Thank you for keeping me in the fight.
Thanks for being the strength and the support because I couldn't do this without you.
But instead, because of your support and your love, I feel stronger than ever.
That said, the enemy wants to take us off air.
And it's always a neck-and-neck battle.
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I see so many articles and thousands of tweets.
There was a couple hundred thousand tweets about me last week.
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I wish he was still on air.
Where is he?
They don't know we're on InfoWars.com with our own streams, our own videos.
They don't know we're on a bunch of radio stations.
But that's where you come in.
You're the people that actually care enough, that are involved enough,
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I know I am.
But the statistics do show that suicide is at record highs and that stress is off the charts.
Meanwhile, government and Big Pharma are pushing very dangerous psychotropic drugs whose prescriptions are at record levels when the inserts of the drugs admit they can make you commit suicide or become a megalomaniac mass murderer.
And in almost every case, these mass shooters have been on psychotropic drugs.
And the reason I point that out is
All the numbers, all the facts show that the system is not giving us things.
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