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Name: 20201028_Wed_Alex
Air Date: Oct. 28, 2020
2577 lines.

In his radio show, Alex Jones discusses various topics including sharing information from multiple sources such as InfoWars and NewsWars. He mentions the Hunter Biden laptop scandal and its potential implications on foreign assets working against America. The speaker also criticizes big tech censorship and their involvement in suppressing certain news stories like those related to Jeff Bezos potentially buying out CNN. Additionally, Jones addresses accusations made against him regarding Sandy Hook and provides evidence from mainstream news articles about Bill Gates' vaccines causing illnesses in trial participants. He discusses concerns over Moderna vaccines' safety before the upcoming US election. Other topics covered include law enforcement, China's role in global situations, voter fraud, trauma-based mind control used by elites for manipulation and control, societal corruption within high-level organizations like the Catholic Church, and human trafficking networks with satanic rituals, torture, and murder.

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And I was just covering this huge news that over 40 major news organizations have the Hunter Biden laptop, him admitting he worked for communist Chinese intelligence from other sources, eyewitnesses coming forward, more eyewitnesses coming forward, business partners on record that have the facts confirming the emails that are in the laptop and others that were from his phone.
And the media, the controlled corporate media has signed on to that incredible evil.
To cover it up, just like they make fun of people that say, oh there's a big child trafficking problem.
And then meanwhile they have all these shows on Netflix and HBO promoting pedophilia.
This is a group of arrogant people that believe they're invincible.
They're trying to overthrow our once great republic, but humanity's waking up.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
All right, the only way I'm going to be able to cover all of this is to remain very, very calm and get it out to you.
But let me just tell you right now, I've been on air 26 years.
This is the biggest, most important news we've ever covered.
The quickening is here.
We are five and a half, six days out from the most historic election.
And the deep state criminal actors are going to try to overthrow the president, claiming that he lost, even though all the evidence coming in is just going to be a landslide.
I'm not complaining.
But if I seem a little off today, um, I clenched my teeth when I sleep and I, uh, crushed one of my wisdom teeth right down the middle four days ago in my sleep.
I tried to ignore it.
Um, turns out it was already had a problem from me crushing it previously.
I just totally cracked it.
I had an abscess in my jaw.
Worst pain of my life.
Worst of the compound fracture I've had.
Worse than being in car wrecks, you name it.
I ignored it because I don't take opiates.
I have kind of an allergic response to them.
But the pain is so bad, I went ahead and got the prescription, Phil, they gave me when they extracted the tooth yesterday.
And I'm a little juiced up on that right now.
So we're going to see how this goes here today.
But I had to be on air today, so I'm here.
Just want you to know I'm a little under the weather, as they say.
Also, this news is so incredibly huge that it's staggering.
So, if you ever called your neighbors, your friends, your family, your next-door neighbors, people that live a street down that you don't even know, if you ever did anything like that,
You need to do it again.
And if you've never told folks about the show, you really need to.
You need to take the live feeds from InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com and Band.Video and share them with everyone you know.
We're blocked on Twitter to share Band.Video.
They blocked that URL.
And so we created 2020ElectionCenter.com.
Now they're blocking that URL, but we have a new URL that we'll put on screen that can be shared to be able to get this information around the censors.
Now, that's electionnight.news, electionnight.news.
All I can tell you is, this country's fighting for its life, and when we come back from break, I'm going to do my very, very best job to lay out what I have been told and what I have discovered and just providence how it works.
The types of individuals that have been contacting me, we're talking about folks that work directly for the President at a high level,
We're talking top talk show host of the country.
We're talking high-level patriots that are in intelligence agencies.
We're talking about people very close to the president.
I'm just going to leave it at that.
And we're talking about folks in the Justice Department that are patriots as well.
They have all separately texted me and called me to give me intel in the last 24 hours.
Now, that's because a quickening's happening.
I was getting these calls before the Joe Rogan podcast that we taped on Monday aired yesterday, or went out yesterday, but obviously that accelerated it.
And a lot of these people were calling me to get my opinion on things and my take and to get my intel.
But separately, they all gave me the same intel, which I can separately confirm myself
And that when you're tomorrow's news today, next year's news today, a lot of times though, you're already looking for what's coming next.
That finally when what you've said is coming happens, you're not on the spot.
So people are kind of asking me, why aren't you on this?
Don't you know about this?
And I do know about all this.
It's just that, again, when you're so close to a problem, sometimes it's the same as being far away.
So I'm...
I'm trying to juggle all of this information, and I'm going to try to be as judicious as I can to lay it all out for you when we come back.
But we have just shocking, absolutely horrifying information, but also very, very positive information on what is triggering to happen.
But that said, Biden is not giving up.
He's been basically given the chance to not contest the election and engage in fraud, or they're going to release all the pedophilia and they've got the videos, they've got the photos.
As we were told two weeks ago, it's all true.
And now it's starting to be released.
So this is insane.
This is like two freight trains coming at each other at 100 miles an hour apiece.
It's going to be explosive.
You better pray to Jesus.
I'm praying to Jesus because we're living in one insane time.
All right, you're gonna get the biggest data dump ever.
On the other side, stay with us.
I've been on air 27 years, but a lot of people came before me and even gave their lives to fight for the very hour we have now entered.
And what's left of Western civilization and Christianity awakening to how desperate our straits are and rallying to fight back and winning.
The tide is turning.
October 28th on this Wednesday edition.
Six days until we're in the middle of election day.
84 days until the inauguration.
I am so honored to be here.
Thank you so much for joining us.
No amount of powerful music could even accentuate how incredibly historic, life-changing, and, quite frankly, dangerous the times we're all in together on Spaceship Earth.
Here's the headline, and I guess I should just lay it out right up front, very simply, and then walk into all the evidence.
Global exclusive!
More than 40 news organizations now have Hunter Biden laptop and confirmed pedophilia.
And we'll be going over some of those already breaking it, who have the huevos rancheros.
Here's the gateway pundit.
Exclusive, which just means they have the nerve to put it out.
Hunter Biden, pictures of himself disrobed and exposed with a young girl, a, let's just say below the age of 15.
And of course it's going to turn out it's a family member.
These are little trophy photos they send around.
Dad, of course, approves.
And we've already known this, but it's all coming out, just like what broke two days ago.
Hunter Biden crying about how he works for the Chinese spy chief, and the Chinese spy chief's angry with him because the Southern District of New York is investigating him for espionage.
Oh, by the way, they're not blocking that on Twitter right now, because that would be Twitter being part of espionage.
Same thing with Facebook.
I notice it's being left up there because it's real, just like the laptops, just like all of it.
Now, that's just a little smidgen of what's coming up up front, an hors d'oeuvre, as they say.
Now, I'm going to explain this this way.
A lot of times, again, we're tomorrow's news today, next year's news today, and so we've already covered this so much, already knew about this, that I psychologically, once it's all finally breaking spectacularly, barely cover it, or cover it some, but don't talk about what it signifies and what it means and how dangerous it is and what the next steps are going to be from both sides.
This is spectacular.
It's not just his laptop.
It's recordings of him.
It's other data.
It's his sister's information.
It's information coming in from Ukraine.
It's all of this information.
Since the Office of Personnel Management hack, what was it, seven, eight years ago, when Obama gave the Chai Koms and their own globalist network the names of 22 plus million American intelligence, law enforcement, and their families,
Social Security numbers, dates of birth, driver's license numbers, files, personnel files, that was given to the globalists to be able to roll up America and take us down.
When that was confirmed, that was the last straw, and major groups loyal to the Republic and the common sense, who don't want to be run by the communist Chinese, who aren't insane Satanists, these aren't even really heroes a lot of them, they're just not criminals,
They began to use all the backdoors and systems that big tech working with the globalists and the shy comms was using against us, and they began to grab up all the data of Clapper and Brennan and Obama and the Clintons and Hunter Biden and all of them.
And so this has all been vacuum-cleanered up.
This is stuff far worse than what's on the laptop.
That was, you know, found in Delaware at the Mac shop.
But just like when the DEA has information illegally, they will parallel construct and open a new investigation where they find the same info.
You're just seeing parallel construction right now by Giuliani and everybody with just stuff they've got that's over the top.
And here's the key.
They have come to them months ago and then again two weeks ago and said we don't care if you death threat us.
We don't care if you have hit teams following us around.
This is Giuliani and others.
We don't care if you're spying on our phones.
We don't care what you're doing with all your operatives after us like Barrett and the rest of the foreign scum.
It's foreigners all allied to bring down America.
We don't care, we've got it all, and we're going to release it on you because you're CHICOM operatives.
And for the betterment of the country and the world, we'd like to not have to release all this.
You better put up a real candidate that isn't part of the Clinton-Obama crime syndicate.
You better run one of the few Democrats that isn't a criminal.
And you better be fair and square and stop your one-sided deals to screw America and stop operating as foreign assets.
They didn't stop, they only intensified operations.
Chutzpah, bravado, whatever you want to call it.
And so now all of this information is coming out.
Hunter on tape working for the Chinese spy chief.
Hunter with a bunch of naked little girls.
And you know, they figured out, well, it's bad enough that we show him raping 12 year old, 10 year old Chinese girls and slapping them around.
But how about we just release the stuff on his niece and her cousin?
And so, it's being released!
Everyone will marvel, who's the girls?
Blur it out on this, and then you're gonna learn who they are.
Now, we told you that last week.
Now it's coming out.
And notice, Biden isn't stopping.
None of them are stopping.
They've used the UN they control, the Chinese they control, the media they control, to lock the country down under martial law, claiming it's COVID-19.
It's all a giant fraud.
Somebody dies of pneumonia or cancer.
Somebody dies of HIV.
You know, car wreck.
They say it's COVID.
And this is their martial law!
That's why Newsom says you don't get to have Thanksgiving.
That's why the British say you don't get to have Christmas.
But Black Lives Matter can riot in the street because you're under martial law.
So that if they kill Trump, or they kill Boris Johnson, or somebody else, or kill Bolsonaro, the whole shadow government can come in and use the martial law of COVID as the cover for real martial law.
So, this information
And I already knew this.
I already saw all this.
But I started getting calls yesterday from high-level people saying, Jones, you've been ahead of the curve.
You realize it's all come out.
They're not denying the laptops are real.
More info is breaking.
And the big news is, is that Biden isn't giving up.
He doesn't care.
And they're planning something big.
Terror attacks, race riots have already activated.
God knows what's going to happen, but they're not giving up.
And so they're going to just start releasing all the child porn with the Bidens and others.
Him producing child porn, him collecting child porn.
They're going to start putting the big Biden business partners on Fox television, which they've now done with Tony Bobulinski.
I mean, it's on ladies and gentlemen, it's on, it's on.
And then I found this out.
And the way this works is people call you up, they tell you info, and then of course you're not supposed to talk about it or say who it is.
But two separate high-level individuals called me and they said basically you need to be careful because they're tapping everybody's phones and here's an example of where they're
There's all these Hunter laptops and all these Hunter recordings that are verified, confirmed with witness packages of people that received the emails or were there and know what happened.
So the media can even call sources that confirm it that are well-known.
And the Obamas and the Clintons and the Biden crime syndicate backed up by the Chinese in all our major cities, but New York and LA are the worst.
And Seattle, San Francisco, not the Chinese people.
They're great American citizens, most of them, Chinese communist operatives.
They are listening to everybody's phones, tracking your locations.
You've got to turn your locations off.
I've been warned to turn my location off.
Don't worry, I've got my location.
I put it inside a privacy pocket because for my own safety coming up on election and after it, and because of the tracking, people that are being sent this information by members of U.S.
intelligence that are loyal to America are having an intercepted
At FedEx, USPS and UPS.
And so imagine this.
You put the hard drive or you put the thumb drive in with all the evidence.
You mail it to a major newspaper, a major TV network, a major talk show host.
And let's say it's mailed from one big city to another.
This is really is going on.
People are breaking into it.
And this is confirmed by the security companies at the major shipping companies.
These are ongoing investigations.
It's happening to everybody.
And I was separately in the room with another national talk show host, had U.S.
intelligence on the phone, offering them the entire thing just a few days ago.
So, it's on, folks.
America's fighting for its life against the Chi-Coms and their collaborators.
I've analyzed every possible angle, and the globalists are going to lose this, even if they set nukes off.
It's over, New World Order!
It's over!
Well, my friends,
If you ever wondered what it would look like to have a bunch of foreign powers that have infiltrated our government and our media, and we're trying to take over the United States so they could dominate the planet, if you ever wanted to know what it would look like when America woke up to it was fighting for its life, that's what you're seeing right now.
And that's why things are spectacular.
That's why big tech is losing the fight to suppress all this.
And I'm here to tell you, from the estimates I've been told by very trustworthy people that have been great swords to the past,
They have not released one-tenth of one percent of the incredibly damaging information on the Bidens, on the Clintons, on the Obamas, on the Hollywood people.
I mean, if you think Weinstein going to jail, and you think the head of the NXIVM cult just getting convicted, and then getting a hundred and something years sentence yesterday, that is all a message of these CHICOM trader pieces of filth.
It's over for you.
And America sees through you dirty rats.
I mean, now publications are publishing Hunter Biden with 14 naked year old girls.
These are sick people.
It's all coming out.
And here's the thing, if it needs to come out,
The really over-the-top stuff that's even worse than this over-the-top?
It's gonna come out.
And there's nothing Sundar Pichai, and Mark Zuckerberg, and Jack Dorsey, and Tim Cook, and all the other little Chi-Com minions can do about it.
If you go ahead and kick in your internet kill switch, you go ahead and selectively try to ban everybody, you go ahead and try to trigger your race riots, you go ahead and do it, you're done.
Look at this headline on Infowars.com.
Global exclusive.
More than 40 news organizations now have a Hunter Biden laptop and confirm pedophilia.
Alex Jones has confirmed with top journalists, individuals very close to the president, U.S.
intelligence agencies, and will deliver the mother load of information set to destroy the deep state forever.
Now I could play you
Bob Olenski now on Fox News with all the documents, all the recordings, all the proof of them working for China and him not being part of it when Chinese intelligence approached him and said, you work for us now?
And he said, I'm a Navy officer retired with a high level security clearance.
I love all the Q people, they mean well.
And a lot of them are doing good work, but like the Q priests are like, see, he said Q. That means, that comes out of British intelligence, and then U.S.
intelligence uses that as a Q level security.
That's 70 years old, that's why they call the guy Q and James Bond.
But it's so cute, the Q folks, like, look, he said Q!
He said Q!
Yeah, that's why the Q person calls it that, meaning high security clearance.
Q had birth of George Washington, but I'm not going to digress.
I love folks getting excited about the Q thing and learning about the New World Order and all that.
It's a good, healthy thing that's going on.
But see, Bob Olenski actually was an officer in the Navy and did have a high-level security clearance and did work with the Bidens and has released the evidence.
He's a real person.
So we're talking about him, not random people claiming things shadowily, but continuing
Here's the big news story.
More than 40, as of last night and this morning, major news organizations have, not just the Hunter Biden laptop with all the child porn that the New York Post said a week and a half ago they can't publish, because it's child porn.
And then we went off what Giuliani and others that had seen the laptop said, and the media's like, Jones is making it up that there's girls that look like they're 12-year-old, you know, being roughed up on the videos, and he's just making it up.
Oh, really?
Oh, and they also said the laptop's fake.
It doesn't exist either.
That didn't age well, did it?
Like Media Matters, 10 days before it came out in court, I said day one looks like this militia that was planning to kidnap Governor Whitmer, the police state lady, had just been overturned in the Supreme Court with her lockdowns.
I guarantee you the leadership will end up being FBI informants that led the thing.
Turns out they were exactly as I said.
But not hard to do, ladies and gentlemen.
Not hard to do.
Look at some of these blurred out photos of your TV viewer.
You don't want to see it, don't look, but here's some of the stuff that the Gateway Pundit has published.
Breaking exclusive, Hunter Biden pictures himself disrobed and exposed with a certain minor.
With a little kid.
Looks like they're about three feet tall.
Word is this child's as young as 11 years old.
He admits in emails to doing things naked with his 12-year-old niece.
Reportedly, but Hunter Biden picture of himself disrobed and exposed with a certain minor.
And so that's what's going on with these people, man.
These are some sickos and that's why they've been picked for carrying out the treason against common sense in America and a Christian country because they hate goodness.
They love evil.
They love being compromised.
They love being involved in absolutely horrible things.
And it's all coming down.
It's all unfolding.
And still Biden and the deep state doesn't quit, doesn't give up.
You know, last week we had a guest on who said, word is Jeff Zucker is about to be fired by next week.
Need to call that guest back and see where they got that info.
Because it turns out in hearings we learned that Jeff Bezos is thinking about buying up CNN and then propping up that reanimated corpse.
It just never ends.
I guess he can buy everything, buy up the grocery stores, make us take self-driving cars, have his wealth go up $80 billion since the COVID lockdown, because people can only shop with him, because he's essential, you're not.
And you follow the orders, and so he rules you.
They wrote all this up, they had all this planned out, and it's truly disgusting.
Roger Stone joins us in the second hour.
I want to open the phones up now and then.
I'm going to walk through a lot more of this, but I want to take your calls at 877-789-2539 for first-time callers, specifically on this information, that the media has this.
The New York Post got it.
They're scared to publish it, but it's not just the laptop.
It's even more like Hunter coming out on that tape that was released saying, I met with a communist Chinese spy chief.
I'm under criminal investigation on the Southern District of New York.
What are we going to do?
He's crying and whimpering.
See, when I cry, it's for tears of joy and appreciating people, not in fear.
When he cries, it's because he can feel the fires of hell lapping up towards his little satanic spirit.
And we will take your calls on this situation.
I've got some other huge news that ties into all this, and the Big Joe Rogan podcast set to top our previous podcast that is the biggest in history.
Very, very exciting.
They're trying to suppress it.
They're not letting it trend on YouTube, even though it's the number one show in the last few days.
And so much more.
And there's a lot going on there, and it ties into everything else that's unfolding.
You'll all want to stay with us today.
There's a lot more coming up on the other side.
But it was long ago.
We didn't have contact tracers coming to our doors threatening to arrest us.
No one would ever dare tell you don't go to your family's home for Thanksgiving or Christmas.
No one would dare tell you to wear a mask.
Have you lived in all this fear?
But the globalists got control of society and they turned the colleges into police states.
They took over the internet and put in communist Chinese level censorship and they made their move against society.
But humanity
Woke up as it does so many times, way down on the scoreboard, but battling back in the nick of time.
Okay, here we are, ladies and gentlemen.
And I was just covering the huge news that over 40 major news organizations have the Hunter Biden laptop, him admitting he worked for communist Chinese intelligence from other sources, eyewitnesses coming forward, more eyewitnesses coming forward, business partners on record that have the facts confirming the emails that are in the
Laptop and others that were from his phone.
And the media, the controlled corporate media, has signed on to that incredible evil to cover it up.
Just like they make fun of people that say, oh, there's a big child trafficking problem.
And then meanwhile, they have all these shows on Netflix and HBO promoting pedophilia.
This is a group of arrogant people that believe they're invincible.
They're trying to overthrow our once great republic, but humanity's waking up.
Now, that said,
You've seen a massive push and a call to have Joe Rogan taken off Spotify or to have him get in some type of trouble for having yours truly on right after he had Kanye West on.
It's a big national news story.
Left us cry and moan to Spotify as Alex Jones appears on Joe Rogan podcast.
Here's London Independent Spotify criticizing for Joe Rogan interviews conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.
Newsweek, Alex Jones on Joe Rogan podcast sparks outrage.
People canceling their Spotify accounts.
Oliver Darcy, CNN.
Here is the Spotify Joe Rogan.
Giving Alex Jones a platform after Spotify de-platformed Jones back in 2018.
So, there wasn't censorship in 2018.
They claimed I made it up, though they censored me, and 50, 60 plus tech groups all banned me in the same week.
Now they use that as an excuse saying Joe Rogan can't have me on.
So they're not censoring, but they are.
But here's where it gets interesting.
In these newspapers, the London Independent and in other US papers, they say Jones must be taken off.
He claims that Bill Gates funded vaccines, gave children polio.
I showed the AP article.
And Jones claims 80% of people
In one Bill Gates-funded vaccine trial, got sick, 20% went to the hospital, the 80%.
And Jones even claimed some vaccines made 100% sick.
Now, ladies and gentlemen, I'm gonna play you the clips of Bill Gates himself saying it, then I'm gonna show you mainstream news admitting it.
But see, that's them telling you, oh, it's no big deal if you all get sick.
It's okay if people in the trials have been dying.
But when I go out and talk about it,
I'm not allowed to because I'm the bad guy.
They're not trying to de-platform me because I'm lying.
They're trying to de-platform me because I predicted all of this and laid it out and they're scared somewhere of their criminal plan.
And now they're working with the Chi-Coms to overthrow this country and now all of their plan is burning down in flames.
This is the end, my friend, of our elaborate plans.
And so their system is burning down.
They don't know what to do.
It was supposed to absorb America.
It was supposed to bankrupt America.
It was supposed to defeat it.
And so they're launching all their weapons.
The COVID lockdown, the martial law, the race war.
But people are seeing through them and it's beautiful.
Look at some of these other tweets.
Alex Jones posted death threats against me.
This is Nancy Pelosi's daughter.
He called the Sandy Hook a hoax and harassed mourning families.
Let's analyze that.
Hey lady, put up or shut up.
You've been saying for years, even on Fox News, you called for my arrest, saying I death threated you.
Where is the video or the tweet?
Didn't do anything.
I said you were a traitor for trying to have people become faithless electors and not give Trump his inauguration four years ago.
I said you're a traitor.
You're a sack of globalist garbage trying to steal an election.
That's what I said.
I didn't say somebody should kill you.
You lying monster.
And your corrupt mother that's perched on this country for decades and sold us out to China.
You are an enemy of the Republic.
That is not a death threat.
That is the truth.
I never sent people to harass people's families.
I'm sick of them saying I did that.
So I've come out and explained what I did, but they never let it go because they're liars.
Alex Jones posted death threats against me.
Show it, lady!
If I said that about you, I'd show a link.
He called Sandy Hook a hoax.
And harassed mourning families.
Now he's lying about hashtag COVID vaccine with his hate.
Speech is not just vile, it's dangerous.
What the H, Spotify.
Here's another one.
Nathaniel Bernard.
Another great blue checkmark.
Joe Rogan says kids earning polio from taking vaccines.
No, the Associated Press to the UN does.
After Alex Jones spread conspiracy that Bill Gates is trafficking in vaccines that get 100% of people sick.
Well, I'm going to show you, after we play this clip, mainstream news articles, Atlanta Business Journal, you name it, AP, you name it, saying 100% in one of his trials did get sick, but 80% in the others.
But hear it from Bill Gates on CBS.
First, let's hear where I said it on Joe Rogan, then let's go to CBS.
Here it is.
Bill Gates was on CBS News.
And he said 80% of the people get sick?
And 20% of them go to the hospital?
No, it was two vaccines.
They said one vaccine, 100% got sick.
And a certain percent went to the hospital, the other 80% got sick, and 20% of those went to the hospital.
And sometimes that does happen even with the flu vaccine, right?
Like sometimes people get a little sick.
I swear to God, if you type in Bill Gates grilled by CBS, it'll bring it up.
Pull up AP Bill Gates polio vaccine, but that's a coronavirus.
He said polio vaccine.
Alright, now I'm pissed.
I'm going to tell you the headline.
It was... Let's see if there's a polio... Hold on, what was the headline?
vaccine causes polio.
vaccine causes polio.
vaccine causes polio.
Google is not going to show you shit.
Google is compromised.
Can you just ask Jeeves, please?
says new polio outbreak in Sudan was caused by oral vaccine.
It's not good.
New polio outbreak in Sudan is caused by oral vaccine and this look at that kid's face oh my god is that a terrifying image the image of them distributing that look at that poor kid's face imagine that kid getting polio from that vaccine they're just he looks so terrified
Oh my God.
Yeah, I mean, that's tragic.
Then a bunch of them died, but you know, it's just Alex Jones.
Hold on, hold on.
Back up, back up, back up.
Let's stop there.
I'm going to come back and play actually Bill Gates saying all of this himself, but imagine, they're telling Joe Rogan with the biggest show in the world right now for English speaking information.
He can't show AP articles and he can't show CBS articles because we're simply bringing a bigger audience to the fact that they in fine print are admitting all this.
Now there's Nancy Pelosi's lying daughter saying I'm making all this up and I'm death-threatening her and I'm harassing people.
None of it's true because she's the lying sack of crap daughter of the biggest lying sack of crap in the House of Representatives.
She was organizing the group to not get electors to faithfully execute the Electoral College and put Trump in power after the people elected him.
And I said she's a traitor.
So she went on Fox News and said, I want him arrested.
And we learned the Justice Department was pressured Loretta Lynch before she left to have me arrested.
But Loretta Lynch looked up her claims and said they weren't true.
They had a DOJ investigation into me.
This came out in the news.
Over what she said.
Her lying mouth is like the word of God because she's such a lying fraud.
It's like, oh, you're an online fraud?
Let's go with that.
When we come back, I'm going to show you Bill Gates saying 80% got sick in one trial, 20% of those went to the hospital, and then another trial, 100% got sick.
100, 100, 100, 100, 100%.
You think I just go up on TV and make stuff up?
I don't want to make stuff up, but if I did, I'd be destroyed!
I just take you to the hardcore stuff they're hiding in plain view.
Because they're Satanists, and under metaphysical law, they've got to hide it in fine print.
I zoom in on the fine print.
We'll be right back.
Moderna vaccines sound concerning.
We looked.
After the second dose, at least 80% of participants experienced a systemic side effect, ranging from severe chills to fevers.
Are these vaccines safe?
Well, the FDA, not being pressured, will look hard at that.
The FDA is the gold standard of regulators, and their current guidance on this, if they stick with that, is very, very appropriate.
You know, the side effects were not super severe.
That is, it didn't cause permanent health problems for the things there.
They, you know, Moderna did have to go with a fairly high dose.
And so, you know, to get the antibodies.
Here, we clearly need a vaccine that works.
Really understanding the safety at gigantic scale across all age ranges, you know, pregnant, male, female, undernourished, existing comorbidities, it's very, very hard.
And that actual decision of, okay, let's go and give this vaccine to the entire world, governments will have to be involved because there will be some risk and indemnification needed before that can be decided on.
So I went on the biggest podcast in the world, where I already have the two largest previous record ones.
It's already on track.
I talked to Joe last night.
It'll be the biggest one he's ever done.
They're thinking probably 50 million.
It's number one on iTunes.
They're blocking it from the top.
It's number one on YouTube.
They're blocking it from the most trending, but it's still the top video.
And all I did was say what you just saw.
But see, I'm saying that's not good.
He's like, oh, it's no problem.
Even though the studies show it's killing people.
You gotta go to DuckDuckGo to find it though.
Google's merged with Big Pharma, so it doesn't work anymore.
DuckDuckGo, go to DuckDuckGo and type in, patients die in COVID-19 trials.
Healthy man dies in COVID-19 trials.
Seven die in healthy COVID trial.
And you hear about it in this third world country, that third world country, they're killing people with these.
There's one with the flu shots.
Death after flu shots in South Korea.
Fan fears, but authorities find no link.
Oh yeah, everything's fine.
No, that's not the one.
It's either.
You gotta search DuckDuckGo.
They're using Google in there.
Yeah, Brazil confirms death of volunteer in COVID-19 vaccine trial.
They've died here, they've died in England, they've died in Germany.
There it is.
So, that's what's going on here.
Now, I said I'd go to your calls.
Roger Stone's on about 15 after next hour, but I'll start going to your calls here in just a few minutes.
But let me just show you these tweets again.
This is Christine Pelosi, and everything she says here is a lie, and she's quoted in all these newspapers.
That I posted death threats against her.
Wow, that's defamation!
Please show me, you lying monster!
That I harassed people's families.
Didn't do that.
And then I'm lying about COVID vaccines.
And our surrogates come out and say, I say, wrongly, that 100% of people get sick from all the vaccines.
Now I said with this particular one, let me show you the news articles about that.
Bill Gates thinks these three coronavirus drugs could cut the death rate.
And you actually get into all these articles.
And it lays it out here.
Here is the Atlanta Business Journal.
Gates tries to justify side effects of fast-track vaccine.
100% of Moderna vaccine participants suffered side effects.
And I've got a whole bunch more over the same headlines.
And it's in the studies.
That is out of the Atlanta Business Journal.
Here's another one out of the Libertarian Hub.
Here's AP.
UN says new polio outbreak in Sudan caused by a rural vaccine.
He experienced a severe reaction during his COVID-19 vaccine candidate.
He's still a believer, though, in all this crap.
So, did I lie to you?
Did I lie to you, baby?
Did I tell you something that wasn't true?
Let me tell you again, baby, did I lie to you?
All right.
Let me tell you what's coming up and then start going to your phone calls.
There's so much I haven't even hit yet coming out on Hunter Biden and on Biden and just bombshell information.
Such an incredible time to be alive.
So honored to be here on air.
Part of the resistance.
Thanks for you keeping us on air.
We're still here.
I meant to tell the crew this, but I got busy during the break and didn't.
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I can have 102 fever, I'm on air.
I can have, you know, infection in my jaw and a wisdom tooth pulled out last, yesterday afternoon, I'm here.
Because I want to be here.
I want to be in this fight.
I'm so honored.
And I'm so thankful for you keeping me in the fight, so I salute you.
We've got the globalists, as we knew, clamping back down that fall's getting here, now admitting 10-year lockdowns, 100-year lockdowns, banning Thanksgiving, banning Christmas, and all their evil-fetted leftist areas.
These are sick, evil, Chai Com front people that have all been compromised.
Newsom's on the Chinese payroll.
They're all criminals.
They're all foreign agents.
It's all coming out.
They're all going down.
All these little smiley face psychos.
Game over.
But they're gonna go kicking and screaming.
Look at these headlines, Governor.
California Newsroom announces draconian rules for Thanksgiving.
UK police force says it will break up Christmas gatherings to enforce COVID rules.
Anti-lockdown protests erupt across Italy.
And I've got all these videos.
of medical doctors coming out and saying it's all a fraud, it's all exaggerated, hundreds of times what it really is.
It's a control system, it's evil, it's causing mass suicide, it's causing economic collapse, it's causing millions to starve to death.
It is an economic weapon by these criminals, and they think that they're safe because the mainstream media keeps promoting the lie, and none of them are seen as the heads of it, so they all think they can get away with this mass murder and societal collapse for the shycoms to make them number one.
But you will all be held accountable, Newsome!
And other criminals, like the mayor there in New York, and the governor of Michigan, and that's why they staged that attack on her, to let them all know, hey, we'll prop you up, we'll make you look like a victim.
We don't want anybody to hurt them illegally outside the law.
We're gonna have them indicted in front of a grand jury and then put in federal or state prison.
Oh no, don't you?
Seriously, they're all going to prison.
They're not going to stop.
And so all the pedophile ring stuff's coming out, how they're on chat comp payroll's all coming out, it's all coming out.
You New World Order people wanted it?
You got it!
Trump's going to win, we're going to win, America's going to beat you again, because von Bismarck got it right.
God loves children, drunks, and the United States of America.
We'll be right back, you New World Order people!
Better run up the white flags, trash, because you're burning down right now, and you're going to burn in hell, you pieces of filth!
Let's go to Mike in Idaho, because that spell the globalists have had over America and the world is starting to lift.
And the cockroaches, as the lights get flipped on, are starting to get real scared.
Mike in Idaho.
Go ahead.
The Biden photos held back by the media.
Yeah, that's the big story.
All the dominant media has the pedophilia, has the videos, has stuff a lot worse.
Here's what I should have said earlier.
It's being dribbled out very slowly to give Biden and the globalists a chance to give up.
Does that make sense, brother?
I mean, it makes sense.
This is how I've been thinking about it for
I'm watching all of this come out.
There's a lot of things I don't know I don't know.
I put my trust in the people that, you know, that are trying to lead this.
But at the same time, I'm looking for this to be decentralized as fast as possible.
Believe me, they're trying.
The people I talk to say at least 40 major news organizations have it.
Where have they been for the last four years?
I mean, we were watching them four and a half years ago, five and a half years ago, lying to our face.
That's when most of the people, what it seems to me, most people woke up to the media lies so they can hold it for all day.
It doesn't matter if there's 50 of them or 60 or 400.
You know, that information is not getting out to the people.
Well, let's just be clear.
Let's just be clear.
We have it.
I mean.
I have access to it.
I've made strategically the decision that we not be the one out front because they've already tried to discredit us so much, and it's there.
They'll just deny it's real, but you see it's already all coming out.
Some of this stuff, I refuse to make my crew open.
I refuse to open it.
I've had people that have outside that have seen it, and I just, I mean, look, I'm not looking at child porn, okay?
Never seen it.
Not gonna look at it now.
I've talked to folks that have looked at it, law enforcement that's seen it, it's confirmed.
But I understand why the New York Post, everybody's scared to do this.
But see, that's how the evil keeps defeating us, because the FBI should be arresting these people, we shouldn't have to look at this.
Does that make sense?
Yes, absolutely makes sense.
You know, I'll give you a full circle on this too.
You have kind of opened my eyes to the idea that they're putting the truce out there, and you're not the only one, but you're one of them.
They're putting the truce out there right in front of you, out in the open, right?
They put it in movies, and I'll give you an example.
We watched 8mm last night with Nicolas Cage, right?
And Joaquin Phoenix, this character in there, has a line in that movie that says, you dance with the devil, and the devil doesn't change, the devil changes you.
So looking at that garbage is not a good thing.
But at the end of the day, we have got to expose these people for who they are, so that people wake up.
And there's too many narcissistic, delusional, authoritarian sociopaths out there that only want to see the world and positive reflected back to them.
We have got to... No, I totally agree.
Let me give you the equation on us, okay?
We've already walked point so much.
I'm not afraid to do it.
I had a gut level strategically how we've already been demonized so much.
I've been waiting for others to bring it out.
Then people have offered it to me.
I've confirmed people that have it, that have seen it.
They say, do you want it?
And I've been very close to doing it.
I mean, I'll be quite frank with you.
Well, I don't want to give out an inside baseball.
I've had national talk show hosts consult with me.
I've been on the phone with these people, with the national talk show host, on the phone with these well-known individuals that are willing to give it to us.
They work for the White House.
And my issue is, the White House should release it.
Trump should release it.
And because here's the deal.
They already tried to plant child porn on us last year, as everybody knows.
Okay, and the FBI said, no, we never opened it.
It's a setup.
But see, they already planted that because they know I'm exposing that.
So see, they would just tie that to me.
Look at what National News said and Media Matters said, they're like, and Right Wing Watch, they're like, oh, Alex Jones, you know, is claiming that the New York Post has this and is saying the president's going to release child porn.
They're going to spin it that the president's releasing this or say it's fake.
And so I understand justice be done, may the heavens fall.
I'm trying to war game here.
Hell, here's another thing.
I guess I'll go look at it and I'll blur it out myself.
I just haven't gone to one of my crew members and said, are you ready to look at Hunter screwing little kids?
Because no one wants to open that.
Do you understand?
I do.
I understand.
And you're good people.
You're a good man for not asking anybody else to do that.
Somebody has got to step up and take the bullet on this, metaphorically.
Somebody has got to get the information out to the people.
And maybe it's not you, but somebody has to do it.
So maybe that somebody is listening.
Look, I already made the decision to do it, and nobody else does.
And it's starting to come out.
Gateway Pundit's doing it.
Gateway Pundit.
We love them.
We'll be right back.
I'm just saying, I don't have to get in the ring against Mike Tyson every time, do I?
Hell, I'll release it then!
Okay, if you just joined us, I'm taking your phone calls.
It's come out, Hunter.
Biden, they're not denying it, saying he works for the Chinese spy chief.
He's done a criminal investigation with the Southern District of New York for espionage against the U.S.
with his dad.
You already know that.
There's all these tapes and videos of him with little girls, his own family, naked photos, little Chinese kids, you name it.
And it's all coming out.
And Biden doesn't know how to back down.
The deep state doesn't know how to back down.
And so more and more of this is going to come out with just six days left.
Until the election.
Five and a half days left until the election.
I've been having a lot of equipment failures lately because we didn't reorder equipment.
This little wire breaks up, so I'm going to have to go to rebroadcast here while I get another headset here in a moment.
But I'm going to try as best I can.
Let's order five of these wires so this doesn't happen again when one breaks.
Just please.
I love the crew.
It just seems like when I say something on air, it magically happens.
If I don't say it on air, it doesn't happen.
Again, I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Very, very thankful for you all tuning in here to the Worldwide Broadcast today.
Roger Stone is coming up next segment.
Let's go ahead and try to go to your phone calls right now.
Let's go ahead and... Actually, I can't.
Headset totally went out again.
All right.
Oh, it's back now.
Let's see how this works.
I'm going to try again.
Sorry I have to do this on air.
This is how it is around here.
Okay, let's go ahead and take a call here.
Let's go ahead and talk to Chris in Maryland.
Chris, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Good morning slash afternoon to you, Alex.
Yes, sir, go ahead.
I've been listening to you for years.
I mean, I don't even know how many.
It's been over 10 years, sir.
I'm here in Baltimore.
I'm an African-American male who voted for Obama the first time and was deceased.
And since then, I've always taken a liking to Trump.
And once he ran and put his bid in for the presidency, I was behind him for support.
And I'm here in Baltimore trying to get my fellow brothers, the African-American community, to open their eyes to see that Joe Biden was the one who helped write the crime bill that locked up a lot of the African-Americans that are in jail now.
But that's another tangent.
First, Alex, if I may, I want to give you some protection, sir.
The name of the Lord God is truly Yahweh.
I know you know that.
Um, and I was told to do this, so that's the reason I'm taking this time.
No, you're right.
I mean, listeners know the name is Jesus, but in the Hebrew, it is Yahweh.
And everybody argues about the name, but in my soul and heart, I know who God is.
But yes, in the name of Yahweh, I hope America wakes up.
Okay, Alex, let me give you the breakdown real quick.
It's real simple.
All languages have vowels.
The most consistent vowel in languages is A-E-I-O-U.
The name of the Lord God is the Tetragrammaton, four letters, Yod-Heh-Wav-Heh.
And to transliterate that into English, it's E-I-O, E-I-U-A, if you will write it down, E-I-U-A.
But when it was heard by the ancient, it sounded like this, E-I-U-A.
So they transliterated into Yahweh, which is the true name of God.
Now, I want to reveal the man of sin also and the coming false flag.
The coming false flag is the fake or staged assassination of Barack Obama, the man of perdition, the Maitreya.
Now, what's going to happen is they're going to stage that he was shot by a Trump supporter, and then the whole world will burn.
While he's in the hospital getting his, uh, his, uh, transhumanism, uh, uh, uh, cybergenic, or cyber, uh, uh, cyber, uh, uh, uh, I'm lost for words, but you know what I mean.
Yeah, while he, while he's in, uh, um, in the hospital getting prepared and getting ready, the whole world will burn.
For African-Americans who are, uh, deceived and to believe in this guy as the, uh, or to believe that he's just dead,
The whole world will burn, and while he's in the hospital getting his repairing, they will send gifts from all over the world to the hospital.
Balloons, all types and sorts of gifts.
And then they will reveal him, Barack Hussein Obama, as Maitreya.
He's the only one that has a connection to Maitreya.
But that's the false flag, Alex.
And none of this will matter.
The Trump presidency, the Biden presidency will not matter if they take down Obama.
And that's the plan.
Well, I know a lot of people have had that theory.
We're certainly going to find out.
I know Obama can speak, you know, better Arabic than most Arabs.
I know he is a globalist and they really push him like the messiah of the left and the new world order.
Thank you so much, Chris.
I appreciate your call.
Let's talk to Chad in Illinois.
Chad, you're on the air.
Wow, great to talk to you, Alex.
I've been listening to you for over 13 years now, and you help me wake up, and love you, brother, and beat these globalists together.
So my question is this.
I listened to your podcast with Joe Rogan recently, and I noticed that there was almost no discussion about the Hunter Biden laptop.
So I was curious if you had any conversations with Joe Rogan separate from the podcast about these
Talks about him being involved in pedophilia, his connections with the Chinese communists, and if so, how can Joe help us in our fight?
Well, I think we did talk about it some.
I had a split tooth and a huge toothache.
I was exhausted when I was on the show.
I think I did an okay job.
Joe had this idea to fact check everything I said, knowing that usually what I say he can pull up is a way to actually help me.
Some folks thought it was an attack.
It wasn't.
I didn't know he was going to do that until he did it.
But we did talk some about the laptop there on air, and the laptop's all over the place now.
They admit the laptop's real, and the horrible contents are now coming out quicker and quicker.
But I'm supposedly going to co-host.
I'll be here doing it too, but his office is very close.
There's going to be live coverage here election night from InfoWars.
And Joe Rose is going to be live as well.
I'll be with him part of the time.
We'll be sure and bring all of that up, sir.
Okay, awesome.
Look forward to it.
Thank you.
Anything else?
Oh no, just everyone that's listening.
Alex has the best products.
I've been using all your products, Alex, for a long time.
You have the best vitamins, best supplements, water filtration.
I even have your shower filtration system.
It's great to get the fluoride out of the water.
Thank you, sir.
I love you and I appreciate you, Chad.
Incredible time to be alive right now.
Pray for Global Awakening.
Pray for President Trump.
Jack in Kansas.
Jack, you're on the air.
Yes, what I wanted to say is the disinformation campaign that is being used against the people here in this country is really neuro-linguistic programming, Mockingbird, coupled with MKUltra.
And they're using that on two fronts against the people.
Number one, the virus hoax, and number two, BLM slash Antifa.
And how they're using both of those against us is, for example, you'll see that the Black Lives Matter on the back of the helmets of the players, or you'll see it in the stadium, but then also in the stadium you'll see that there's nobody in the stadium because of the virus hoax.
So what they are using both of those against us for is really bringing, it's basically bringing us to a situation where we need to get Trump into the White House so he can put a stop to this.
See what I'm saying?
I do hear what you're saying.
Well, what's happening is BLM's working with the Chinese Communist Party's intel apparatus on the West Coast.
Oh, they admit they're Maoists.
They admit they're Marxist-Leninists that follow Mao.
And Ansouros funds them.
Yeah, but what's really happening is they're creating a discord in this country and also creating racial tension.
And what that's doing is dividing us even further on top of the virus hoax division that they've been using against us.
And why can't some of the wealthy top black elites get together and go to the areas that are in the democratic controlled cities like Philadelphia, you know, Cleveland and so on and go to the poor parts of town where there are disenfranchised blacks and put a stop to this before it gets to the point to where we get invaded by the Chinese?
Does that make any sense to you?
Yes sir, that makes total sense and I appreciate your call.
The globalist plan is to have the UN come in during race riots after the election, claim it's not Democrats overthrowing Trump but it's race riots doing it, and that's actually one of their plans and Soros has spent hundreds of millions of dollars just this year on just that.
Thank you so much.
Alright, Roger Stone's coming up with a lot of big breaking news and we'll continue with phone calls for everybody.
Here on this live, October 28th, Wednesday transmission.
I'm Alex Jones.
The forbidden websites are electionnight.news.
That's the new URL you're able to share on Twitter in places that isn't blocked.
For now, the new website is electionnight.news for all the videos.
Well, former top advisor to candidate Trump and former political president, now vindicated,
Alex, I'm delighted to be here.
I must say, in the
40 years I've been involved in American presidential politics.
This is, without question, the most exciting, the most consequential, and the most hard-fought race I've ever seen.
We have a contrast between two campaigns.
Joe Biden is essentially just trying to run down the clock.
He's like a basketball team ahead in the fourth quarter.
He is barely leaving his compound.
He only makes appearances locally to small groups, essentially just to prove to the American people that he's still alive.
He takes no questions from the press, and of course when he gets questions from the press, they're all softballs.
Nobody asks him about the epic story of international corruption that is opening up around him.
He really has nothing interesting to say.
Juxtapose that with Donald Trump, who's run a driving, interesting, boisterous, I would say audacious campaign, where he is barnstorming and taking the fight right to the Democratic strongholds, continuing to draw record crowds, but putting for the American people a message of optimism, a sunny message about America having a great future.
While Joe Biden said in the debate, we were headed to a dark winter.
This has essentially been, I think wisely on the president's part, an adoption of the Ronald Reagan campaign strategy, because people would rather vote for hope than they would for disaster.
And all the Biden Democrats and Biden Kamala off the American people is doom and gloom.
People don't like to buy doom and gloom.
Now, there still continues to be, I think, three major obstacles to the president's come-from-behind victory.
First and foremost is the mainstream corporate-owned press.
In 10 presidential campaigns, now 11, I have never seen this level of censorship
This level of manipulation of the news, this level of unfairness and bias, it boggles the mind.
It would not be problematic if we still had a free and level playing field on the Internet.
But the social media giants are in bed with big media, big tech, big media, and the Democrats, and they are ending
Essentially the end around which Donald Trump used so effectively in 2016 to circumvent the lying mainstream press and tell the American people the truth.
This is going to come down to a handful of states.
I believe those will be Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan.
I was surprised and a little concerned to see polls published by the Daily Caller only hours ago showing Joe Biden with a 17-point lead in Wisconsin.
I doubt that that is correct.
I saw a second poll that showed him with a 9-point lead.
I'm not going to pass judgment on those surveys until I have a chance to study the methodology, determine the sample size, look at- Oh yeah, we see a repeat of 2016 where they were adding 10, 15 points more for Democrats as a sample.
It was who they were targeting.
I mean, this is ridiculous.
Yeah, look, I'm not going to pass judgment on any one poll until I have a chance to examine it.
You're exactly right.
In some cases, they purposely oversample Democrats to get a desired result, and then they take that desired result and they publicize it to try to make it a fait accompli.
To try to create a bandwagon effect.
And also, I think, tamp down the enthusiasm of Trump supporters.
The good news is,
The President's supporters have real intensity.
The President's supporters will be there if there's a blizzard or if there's a hurricane.
The President's supporters are not going to change their mind.
There is no such thing as a soft Trump voter.
Biden's support, on the other hand, is substantially less intense.
There are many voters voting for Biden simply not because they think he'd be a good president, but because he is not Donald Trump.
He has trouble getting 200 people at a rally or a public function.
Where did we see this before?
Well, we saw it anecdotally in the Hillary Clinton campaign in 2016.
Then you have these extraordinary
Not campaign coordinated, but totally grassroots and indigenous.
Boat parades, car parades, motorcycle parades.
I've never seen anything like it.
Alex, there were 35,000 cars in an anti-socialist, anti-communist, pro-Trump cavalcade in Miami-Dade last weekend.
We saw a boat parade from Jupiter to Palm Beach and back.
3,500 crafts.
I saw one rope boat for Joe Biden.
Same thing happened here in Austin a month ago and the waves were so big in the lake from over 5,000 boats that boats sank.
I mean it was just it was insane.
This kind of grassroots indigenous show of support I think is an accurate reflection of the intensity of the president's support.
Now let's come to the crucial and I think important issue
Of the epic corruption of Joe Biden, as proved by the emails from his son, Hunter Biden.
First of all, when the New York Times reports Ben Smith, who ironically, as the publisher of BuzzFeed, is the guy who published the unverified and totally fabricated Steele dossier smearing Donald Trump, he's now lauding the Wall Street Journal for their failure
To report on the Hunter Biden emails, which I can tell you definitively have been absolutely confirmed as authentic.
Now, Hunter Biden's emails are bolstered by the firsthand testimony for Robert Babinski, pardon me, Tony Babinski, a naval veteran, a wealthy businessman in his own right.
Who had eyewitness testimony regarding the corruption and involvement of Joe Biden and Hunter's shady business deals with the Chinese.
And then lastly, you have the third-party testimony of a man named Bevan Cooney, yet another Hunter Biden partner.
Roger Stone, stay there!
Roger Stone with us.
But has turned over his emails.
Roger Stone is with us.
We'll be right back as he lays out the corruption and where it's going with five and a half days left until the election.
Then your phone calls, Sheriff Arpaio and more.
Then the War Room with Owen Schroer.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
If you are a radio listener, you can't see this, but when the show's not live today, I'm gonna take this clip out and post it to Band.Video with a headline like,
Two videos that illustrate the difference between Biden and Trump.
And here is the video.
I want to get Roger's take on this.
It's Trump landing a few days ago to a giant crowd of people cheering him, doing one of five events a day.
And here's Biden doing one event, like something out of a cult science fiction movie.
That's just unbelievable with all these weird little circles around people and everyone's social distance and everyone wearing masks and he's wearing his mask and he's in all the campaign ads with a mask saying live in fear, keep everything shut down, exaggerating with death tolls.
This is so illustrative of everything that Roger Stone was just talking about.
What is your view of the images you just saw, Roger?
Well, Alex, before I forget, I want to congratulate you on being trending yesterday on Twitter.
It's always great when someone who is completely banned there still dominates it because of your courageous comments regarding the unsafety of vaccinations on Joe Rogan's show.
So I want to congratulate you on that.
I'm always tickled when I'm trending on Twitter since I've been banned
For three years now, I guess.
In any event, as I think I've told you previously, an analysis of polling pre-pandemic, when Donald Trump was leading Joe Biden by nine, and an analysis of post-pandemic polling, when he is essentially trailing Joe Biden now by nine, is to examine the shift of votes.
And those who shifted position
We're largely African-American and Hispanic, meaning pre-pandemic, the president was getting record numbers for a Republican of those votes.
Remember, he doesn't need a majority of either one of those traditionally Democratic constituencies.
He just needs to make significant inroads.
Significant can be three or four percent greater than he got last time.
That would be enough to deliver Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.
And therefore, my advice to the Trump campaign is to move resources from elsewhere and to buy saturation urban and Spanish language radio for the final week
Uh, in those swing states.
Now, you know how radio works.
You'd prefer to have three weeks of it.
It, as a medium, tends to require more repetition, which is why a heavy schedule is absolutely required.
Uh, and a campaign that raised a billion dollars should be able to move money around to fund this important endeavor.
It's kind of ironic, Alex.
In 2016, we came down to the exact same place.
At the end of the day, the election was secured in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania.
Ohio was safe for Trump, as I believe it is today.
And Florida was close, but the president won it.
I think Florida will yet again be close, but I think if we get an honest count, the president will squeeze it out.
I do think we have to be concerned over what is in fact
An illegal ballot harvesting operation run by a veteran left-wing dirty trickster and saboteur whose name is Norm Eisen.
Norm Eisen's actually written a book about how to topple foreign governments using a combination of election fraud, controversy over election results, and then backing it with violent mobs in the streets.
This is Mr. Eisen's playbook.
He will be assisted by Mark Elias.
He's the guy who paid for the illegal steel dossier and who laundered the money through his loss firm for that piece of Russian asset written disinformation.
And then the last conspirator is Neil Keitel, a man who was proud to represent some of the terrorists who killed Americans on 9-11, and who screams endlessly about the rule of law, but doesn't seem to be concerned about Barack Obama and Joe Biden using the full authority of the United States government
I totally agree.
Roger, let me interject.
If there are legitimate disputes regarding the accuracy or ballot fraud in any of these states, the President's lawyers or the Republican National Committee's lawyers, or the Republicans working as volunteers at Stop the Steal, need to be prepared to collect the evidence, find someone withstanding, and file the appropriate challenges.
Let me be clear.
We renounce violence.
Violence is not the answer to any election dispute.
We will settle this peacefully in the courts, should it happen, as I think it will.
But it's notable that Mr. Eisen has been a key architect, filing over 100 lawsuits against the President
Long before the President made that call to the Ukrainian President, and has been an architect of the two-fold failed illegal coup attempts.
These are very dangerous, serious people, but they need to be dealt with legally in the event that we have hard, solid, overwhelming evidence of election fraud.
I'm hopeful that the Trump campaign is prepared for that legal eventuality.
All right, Roger Stone is again here with us live.
I wanted to talk about that.
This is obviously the playbook.
It's Jordan Soros' playbook.
The Democrats admitted it's their playbook.
Try to drive Trump from office.
They said they're going to assault the White House as soon as he declares victory.
They're going to say it's a false declaration of victory.
John Podesta has said they're going to try to have states secede.
I mean, this is bold, but the attempted coup, trying to put you in prison, all the stuff we've seen has been bold because the Justice Department is still
Somewhat controlled by the Deep State.
Or is Ray just completely scared?
Because all this laptop stuff now confirmed and, you know, the audio tapes of Hunter saying he works for the Chinese spy chief.
All this coming out.
They're not even trying to block that now on Twitter.
They admit it's real.
This is getting insane.
No, it is being blocked in mainstream media.
It is being blocked on Twitter.
So as again, the end around through social media that Trump supporters were able to use in 2016 has now been shut off.
It is damning material.
When reporters like Ben Smith of the New York Times say the provenance of these emails is questionable, that's a lie.
But that's what they do at the New York Times.
They print lies on the front page.
It is extraordinary because every day we get more damning evidence.
This is not about Hunter Biden being a degenerate
That's kind of immaterial to me.
It's about the epic corruption of his father who very clearly was his partner in the Chinese energy deal and very clearly did use his influence to help his son get a 1.4
Billion-dollar wire transfer, actually two, one for a billion, one for an additional 400,000, only days after son and father returned from China on their trip on Air Force Two.
Hunter Biden has never managed or run a dollar in his life, nor have any of his criminal partners.
Why you would give him that kind of money is kind of obvious.
When Joe Biden says,
I never accepted a dime in foreign money.
Those are weasel words.
Roger Stone, stay there.
More key questions straight ahead.
Roger Stone's going to leave us here in a few minutes.
We're honored to have him.
Then I'll be going to your phone calls for 30 minutes.
I'll get to everybody that's holding, I promise.
One way or another.
Natasha, you name it.
Chad, Nathan, Casey, all of you.
And then Sheriff Arpaio's going to pop in.
We're 30 minutes ahead of the next guest host we've got coming on here today, but we're talking to Roger Stone right now just briefly.
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Getting back to Roger Stone.
In the time we have left, finish up what you're saying and other key advice to America, key advice to Trump.
As you said, this is your 11th presidential campaign.
You've been in the game a long time, Mr. Silver Fox.
And I tell you, this is a one insane moment to actually be here.
This is so historic, the craziest yet.
Well, Alex, I must tell you, I'm putting in 18 hour days because I'm involved in perfectly legal but independent political action in a number of these swing states.
I'm trying to help the president I love get across the finish line.
If it were not for Brain Force right now, Brain Force Plus, I don't know how we'd put in these hours.
I really like it because it gives you that burst of energy around 4 o'clock when you really need it, but then later at night when you have to get badly needed sleep, you don't have that jagged feeling that you get from, you know, from other
Energy and focus based products.
I cannot say enough good things about Brain Force Plus.
I live on it.
Now let's go back to the election.
It is really tragic the way the Hunter Biden story is playing out.
First of all, we know for certain that the emails in his laptop are genuine.
We now have two former partners who have come forward with not only their own emails between them and Hunter, but receipts and other documentation of their claims of corruption and the involvement of Joe Biden.
This story was slated to run in the Wall Street Journal, who had verified the authenticity of the initial emails from Hunter's laptop that was left at a repair shop in Delaware.
And they had dug in and had begun drafting their story when unfortunately Steve Bannon jumped the gun, leaked this information to Breitbart,
Which makes it relatively ineffectual.
I love Breitbart, but they're speaking to our own converts.
We needed this story widely covered in the mainstream media.
And had it been covered by the August Wall Street Journal, I think it would have been much harder for the TV networks, the wire services, and so many others to ignore.
So that was an opportunity lost.
When that did happen, I believe Mayor Rudy Giuliani took the information immediately to the New York Post in an effort to salvage the story and make sure it was widely reported.
Very good move, in my opinion, by the mayor.
This issue is so devastating that the mainstream media is determined to make sure the American people do not know about it by next Tuesday.
Which is why, for all those Infowarriors out there, you can take the links from Fox, from Infowars, from any other of the legitimate news organizations that are covering it in detail, take the link to Tucker Carlson's historic hour-long show last night in which he got the highest ratings of his entire television career, and get that out to people you know who are undecided.
Who aren't that interested, but you could convince to vote for the president.
This is going to be an election in which every single vote counts.
When I run into Trump supporters, and I do every day, who tell me it's going to be a landslide, it's going to be a walk in the park, it's going to be easy.
None of those things are true.
I have no doubt if we had an honest election, the momentum is with the president.
He's a happy warrior.
He is running an upbeat, interesting, enthusiastic campaign talking about how great America can be, what he already has achieved, rebuilding our military strength, the highest wage growth, the highest employment in history, the highest job creation in our history.
If he did it once,
He has the formula to do it again.
Joe Biden is preaching higher tax increases, more regulation, masks for the next four years, mandatory.
Even if you're driving down a federal highway in the car by yourself,
You will be arrested if you are not wearing your mask.
I mean, this is total cult.
In fact, roll that video we showed earlier of Biden walking out with people in little circles and then Trump landing in a helicopter.
This is a cult of control.
Gates says 10 years, the UN says forever, but China's open for business.
I mean, this is their excuse to make us all criminals, to track, trace us, and forcibly inoculate us.
It's just madness.
The Democratic Party has become a psychotic, chi-com weapon.
No, there's no question.
The influence of the Chinese Communist Party in the Democratic Party is now deep.
I'd say it is one of control.
The Biden story will not go away whether he wins or loses.
He will need to be prosecuted for those crimes or removed from office once they are proven, should he win.
Well, that's another question.
If he did win, he's totally destroyed.
Even Kamala's involved with the Chai comms.
I mean, what are they thinking?
This is insane.
They've got to pull out.
Because the word I've gotten is, and I'm talking to some high-level folks, like we all fairly should probably talk, they were warning me our phones are all tapped, we already know that, is that
Well, I think that's exactly right.
So let's say we have an honest and true result in which the president wins.
They will dispute it.
And then right out of the Norm Eisen Dirty Trickster playbook, they will fight us in the courts.
At the same time, violent thugs will be beating Trump supporters and trying to burn down our cities as a pressure point on the decision-making process.
The idea that the Proud Boys are going to be harassing and intimidating voters on election day at polling places is not only a laughable joke,
But it is proof positive that the left always does that exact thing that they accuse us of.
They are the ones that have the numbers, the funding, the structure, the organization, the lawyers, the bail money to do exactly that.
Because of our distrust for mail-in voting, it's more important to get Trump voters to the polls on Election Day, including many, many senior citizens,
Who watching television no longer trust absentee ballots and want to vote in person.
And isn't that why mainstream media said, oh, everybody's got to vote early, but folks haven't actually taken the bait.
They haven't done it.
I think that's good news.
I think the majority of our vote is still out there, although I think, interestingly enough, in the early voting in Florida so far, more Republicans have early voted than Democrats.
A very good sign.
So, I feel good.
I'm optimistic.
The President is running exactly the campaign you would expect him to.
He is being Donald Trump and the people love it.
He's audacious.
He's daring.
He's got a great record to run on.
But we've all got to take people to the polls.
We've all got to get involved now.
Don't wait.
Five and a half days out.
Roger, what's the best website of the plethora you've got for folks to visit for uncensored election news?
Well right now you should go to Stone Cold Truth dot com.
It's about to get a total makeover.
But Stone Cold Truth dot com is where you can go if you are desirous of your very own Roger Stone did nothing wrong t shirt.
You can either go to the InfoWars website, there's an excellent version there, or you can go to fightback.store.
All right, amazing.
ElectionNight.news, ElectionNight.news will be on with us, Election Night at least by Skype, hopefully in person.
Roger, thank you so much.
Stay with us.
Call straight ahead.
It's because I knew too much.
Does that make me crazy?
Better damn well believe it is.
Because in a world of people that are slaves, the guy that wants to be free is crazy.
Until people finally join him and find out that it was the truth.
All right, let's go ahead and go back to your phone calls here for the next 30 minutes.
Then we got Joe Arpaio, the famous sheriff, joining us.
Who's been holding the longest here out of these great people?
Natasha in Arizona.
Speaking of Joe Arpaio, you're on the air.
Hey Alex, can you hear me?
I can, thanks for calling.
Hey, I just wanted to talk to you and tell you, you know, if you really want to defeat the communist takeover, you have to defeat the basis of the communist ideology.
And the basis of it is evolution.
And yesterday, when you were on Joe Rogan's show, you had a chance to totally destroy communism by saying,
God is the creator of all.
And you didn't do that.
And it is a disgrace to me.
Well, keep going.
Keep telling me.
It's fine.
Well, that's all that's what I have to say.
And I hope that when you're on on election night on Joe Rogan's podcast, that you can set the record straight.
Well, I mean, just to be clear, I don't believe in the official system of evolution.
I also don't believe what preachers in the United States 200 years ago said about the age of the earth and their interpretation of the Bible.
That's why there's over 5,000 sects of Christianity on the world, because other people don't agree with each other.
And I've read deeper into the Bible and, you know, what God talks about and things that God's done before.
And when you actually, I mean, the mainline Baptists, mainline Catholics, they talk about Nephilim and
You know, the sons of God, the daughters of men, and then the genetics were improper, so God wiped everybody out.
That's clearly genetic engineering.
It describes it all.
It's in all the other ancient Egyptian and in Babylonian and other texts, and it mirrors what the Bible says, fulfilling that it's accurate.
And then you'll get some preacher, you know, that
He doesn't agree with that and says he's God.
So I'll read the Bible, I'll interpret it the way I want to with the Holy Spirit.
I'm not going to go through a priest, whether it be a Protestant or a Catholic or an imam or anybody else.
Christ told me to go directly to God.
And that's what I do.
And if you look at the globalist wanting to be God again, genetically engineering changing us, Genesis says, as in the days of Noah, so will it be in the days of the Son of Man.
And it says, and again, they will change the genetics, the seed of humans.
You know, the ancient Sanskrit and the ancient documents from not just the Babylonians, the Egyptians, but others show the double snake being the human code.
And that's, that's the double helix.
They already knew all this.
Plato, 2,300 something years ago, everything he talks about, they've dug up or found except one thing.
And it also matches what the Bible says, matches with Plato, who was a mainline historian, philosopher.
He said out in the Atlantic Ocean, there was a giant base and there were flying machines and a huge light pillar that shot up into the sky where these advanced humans had flying machines and flew around the world.
And then it blew up.
So, I mean, I look into all of that.
I believe in God.
I love God.
I'm fighting Satan.
I'm fighting the New World Order.
I'm fighting for the unborn.
Judge Reebok's fruits.
But I don't take the limited interpretation
of these corrupt institutions.
I mean, my God, the current Pope, ma'am, says that Christianity shouldn't be in Europe, basically, and that we should open our borders and that we should have, you know, same-sex marriage or whatever.
I'm not against people that are gay or whatever.
I'm just saying that's a Christian institution or a human institution.
It's being done as an attack on the family.
And so that's where I'm coming from.
But, you know, write me a letter.
Tell me what I'm supposed to believe, and I'll see if I agree with you.
But I just don't agree with every preacher that comes down the road.
We're taking your calls, broadcasting worldwide on this live Wednesday, October 28th transmission.
I'm your host Alex Jones, very honored and blessed to be here.
And I appreciate everybody calling, even people that disagree with me, and people that ask questions.
I've got an open heart, doesn't mean I don't make mistakes, doesn't mean I'm a sinner.
And I really appreciate all you and your information and the ideas you bring forward.
Okay, should we talk to Casey?
Should we talk to Nathan?
Should we talk to Greg?
I am, Nick, Jason, Chad, Mr. J, Jonathan.
Let's go to who's been on the longest here.
Let's go to Chad in Canada.
Chad, thanks for holding her on the air.
Hi Alex, can you hear me?
Yes sir, go ahead.
Okay, I've got a question for you, but hear me out here first.
You're a living legend, and we want you to stay here and be healthy for a long time.
Now, I believe your supplements and products are great, but you need to lose the excess weight now by switching up the eating habits and working out with... I have always said that I've got good ideas doesn't mean I follow them all, that I eat too much and work too much and do a lot of things.
I totally agree with you.
But I just want the best for you.
Like I'm saying, like, you know, get him some watermelon, papaya, whatever you got to do.
Well, as soon as Trump wins this election, and I hope they don't contest it, but you know they are, as soon as we're over that hump, I'm going to take a couple weeks off because I am just, I'm not the Superman like Trump is.
I'm worn out and I'm exhausted and I totally agree with you, brother.
You got to do it because I don't want you killing yourself with this daily grind so goddamn much.
I know how hard you go.
I hear you, Chad.
You want to talk about the perfect storm scandals in the election?
Go ahead.
Absolutely, yes, sir.
I'm wondering, is honestly, is child pedophilia, rape and torture the only thing that will wake the leftists up?
Is that it?
Yes, I think that's it, brother.
I mean, here's an example.
Another Incredible Gateway Pundit article they picked up on local news.
Looter calls Philly police to report looting after fellow looters steal his car.
There's video of this on the news where, oh, I'm robbing, but now you stole my car, so I'm going to call the police.
It's like when Black Lives Matter is like shooting at cops and somebody shoots them, they call the police.
There's no logic in this.
I agree completely.
And you know what?
I'm calling from British Columbia.
Everybody here in Canada, lots of people here, we're pulling for you.
We're pulling for America too, just like everybody around the world.
Trump is a worldwide movement.
And that's just the way it's going right now.
I agree with you, but I'd say this.
Trump caught the populist wave, I think he's a great guy, but it's populism is a worldwide, Global Awakening is a worldwide movement, and I really appreciate your call.
Anything else?
No, that's it.
God bless you, and just do what I said, brother, because I want to see you out.
I totally agree with you.
I am a wreck.
I've just had so much stress worried about this election and everything, and I've taken it on myself.
And I've just, uh, I've been clenching my teeth until they fall apart, and I've been... I even go for, like, 10-mile hikes, and I'm still just fried.
And I agree, I need some time in the dry dock.
Because all I do is think about this, man.
I have dreams all night about it.
I just, it's all I do.
And I appreciate you, and I'm going to take a break, hopefully.
We have such a landslide, but you know it's not going to be that.
It's going to be a damn nightmare.
So, whatever.
I'm here, I'm honored to be here, and I appreciate you.
Alright, who's up next here?
Who's been on the longest now?
That'd be, uh... Jonathan in South Carolina.
Go ahead, thanks.
Alex Jones, it is wonderful to talk to you.
Thank you, go ahead.
I would like to start by saying I am honored and humbled to be a member of the best and strongest family on this planet.
That is the Infowars family.
We are a family, brother, and we're a little dysfunctional, but we mean well, and we've had huge success, haven't we?
We certainly have, and a little bit of dysfunction, I think, is required to make it all work.
I actually, I guess, to follow up with the woman who was kind of giving you a little bit of grief about not speaking up for God, I think we all understand that our Creator is the only reason that we are still here doing this.
And the time is coming that we're going to have to fight and possibly die for that reason.
We're here to fight off the bad with good.
By the way, your phone's breaking up a bit, but I'll go back to you in a moment if it stabilizes.
I don't know any billionaires, any globalists that believe in evolution.
They know it's completely made up.
They know stuff doesn't go over millions of years.
I never get into that.
But I don't go off preacher's model of a 6,000-year-old Earth.
And if I don't agree with them, it doesn't mean that I'm a sinner.
It's very... Or a devil worshiper, basically.
That I'm sinning because of that.
I am a sinner, but not because of that.
And so, this pharisaical view that if you don't agree with whatever this church is saying, or this group is saying, I've read the Bible, it says things very clearly to me about what's going to pass, and it's happening.
The genetic engineering, the world government, all this stuff.
And so nothing against these preachers.
I'm not saying they're not going to heaven or whatever, or they're not connected to God.
I'm just saying they're not my God.
Jesus Christ is.
And so we had a call earlier saying, you gotta say Yahweh or you're not gonna basically break through and go to heaven.
Well, I just, I'm not against folks that use the word Yahweh, but the Bible talks about people fighting over God's name.
I have the Holy Spirit.
I have a relationship with God.
I want life.
I want justice.
And I don't need 10,000 denominations telling me what to do all day.
Does that make sense?
Yes, it does.
And one of the ways I was fighting it this morning actually, David Knight, had a story about and InfoWarriors... Can you back off your phone a little bit?
Okay, yeah.
Go ahead, try it again.
I can't do it, brother.
I gotta let you go.
It's just, if I can't understand you, it means the listeners can't call me back.
You've got a phone that works.
I really appreciate your call.
I'll send another call.
We're kind of getting the calls today about, you need to lose weight, Jones.
You need to speak out against evolution.
Because I was on that show talking about how our bodies are a genetic mix of all of our ancestors.
But our bodies are our earth suits that our spirit sits in.
And that's what the Bible clearly says.
I wasn't sitting there saying that we don't have a spirit and we are nothing but our ancestors.
She totally didn't even get that.
And so, just you go ahead and have your view, and I'm going to have mine.
Because I've seen it.
All right, let's take another call here.
Let's talk to Paul in California.
Paul, you're on the air.
Vitamins, your Vitamin Mineral Fusion doesn't have table salt.
I was, shall we say, irregular until I started supplementing with table salt.
Well, you certainly do need salt, but a lot of folks get pissed.
I agree, salt's one of the most important things you can take, but a lot of folks get mad if you put it in a supplement.
Well, anyway, I'm wondering, with this January 20th, the presidency leaves,
Are we going to be without a president?
I haven't done the math, but the majority of federal courts have said that the states can't keep voting going on for weeks or months, but some are still going to do it.
And then when the courts block it, the liberals are going to, the left's going to say it's illegitimate and trigger race riots.
That's the plan.
Well, anyway, if we're without anybody on the nuclear football, it just seems to me a wide open America.
I totally agree with you.
Thank you so much, Paul.
Let's just jam in one more right now.
Casey in North Dakota.
Go ahead, Casey.
Hey there, Alex.
We're riding on the razor's edge with you two right now, and hopefully we get a little break in a week, but we know it's not going to last.
I kind of got this uneasy feeling.
I mean, it's great news hearing about Ray and Haspel.
They're on their way out, which is long overdue.
I don't even know why they're still there.
And, uh, with everything coming out, I mean, it's great, but I've got this uneasy feeling yet, even though things are... the tide's turning massively.
Well, yeah, because evil forces are making their move.
I have a very uneasy feeling as well.
And that feeling's important, because that's your subconscious and your spirit.
What... what are you seeing?
Think about when you visualize... I'm gonna go to break, come back to you.
Don't hang up, Casey.
Visualize why you're uneasy, and then tell us why when we come back.
And then Nathan and Greg and I am and Nick and Jason and Mr. J. Mr. J is right after the next caller, then Jason and others.
Your calls are straight ahead.
Hey, this is a battle against good and evil.
It's supposed to be exhausting, not supposed to be easy.
But I think we're going to win with God's help.
Stay with us, we'll be right back.
InfoWars.com and ElectionNight.News.
Now listen up!
Joe Rogan just sent me this link.
Spotify is defending Alex Jones' appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience.
Somebody inside leaked it.
There are little operatives in there going, these people are attacking Jones and making stuff up Jones didn't say.
Which is true!
It doesn't matter.
They realize that if they let their woke audience of leftists gang up, which is only part of their audience, and tell them what they can't have, what's going to happen to all the rap music and the rest of it?
It's insane.
Or the comics or the other podcasts.
This is just a mob wanting to control reality.
The good news is people are waking up big time to it.
And it's backfiring.
The tide is turning.
Casey in North Dakota, I still have an uneasy feeling.
I agree with you.
I don't think we've won the election yet, far from it.
I just see a big awakening happening, but is it too little too late?
Why are you uneasy?
Well, just knowing that when these people start going down, they're not going to just throw up the white flag and walk away in cuffs.
I know they're going to trigger something, whether that's another virus, hoax, bioweapon, trigger a war.
And that's the thing I was asking back in December.
I said, they're going to fail in this impeachment.
What is the next thing up their sleeve?
And we saw COVID.
So we should be debating and looking on the horizon.
What is the next thing they've got cooked up?
A stock market crash?
What do you think?
Yeah, definitely.
I mean, I'm working on the Bach and I started my own business in June.
I've been a crane operator out in the oil field for 10 years and just poof.
Thank you, China and globalists, you assholes.
But anyways, I took the leap and said, well, we've got to make it work.
So I've been busting my ass like you guys.
Casey, here's an example.
Two months ago, a guy
Hit me, not T-bone, but kind of in the back and the side at the same time, whatever you call it, a half T-bone, and it broke the axle on my Chevy vehicle.
And they told me, oh, because of COVID, we don't have axles.
You might get one in six months, a year for a Chevy Tahoe.
So think about that level of, I mean, we've got like a third of our products we just can't get anymore.
Yeah, you know, we can't even comprehend what a lot of those people are going through.
And our thoughts and prayers are with them.
We have a supply chain, building materials.
I'm noticing it in my line of work.
I don't know.
After the election and things came down, that's where we're headed with it.
Well, you and the lawyers wrote all this up.
So they come in, they do these rapid tests.
Most of them are false positives.
They say half a 3,000 person meatpacking plant, it's a real case, have COVID.
None of them are sick.
It's made up.
It's made up.
One person gets COVID in the damn warehouse, they shut it down.
I mean, this is causing a depression.
Just what the big banks want.
Casey, God bless you and thanks.
All right, we got Jason in Texas.
But first, I'm going to go to
Since we're talking about this, Greg, about the stock markets, elite scrambling, Merkel and Macron are super unpopular.
They're using COVID for a permanent lockdown, but the doctors are revolting in Europe.
Greg, give us your take on the situation.
Hey Alex, how are you?
Man, I'm busier than a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest.
Well, brother, keep it going, stay healthy.
Hey, yeah, Merkel's going to announce this lockdown all across Germany.
Next week, I mean everything, restaurants, businesses, everything.
McCrone, I didn't catch what he was saying today, but he's supposed to come out with a speech today.
The sell-off on the stock market today, it's going between 800 and 900 points down.
Right now, it was on the big tech.
That's the sell-off.
They just had, about a half hour ago, probably the most lame dog and pony show I've ever witnessed.
With Zuckelberg, uh, that, uh, those other two clowns, uh, Dorsey and, um, uh, that guy with the, uh, you know, that weird beard.
Uh, I forget what his name is.
Jack Dorsey, man.
Anyway, I mean, it's totally, and these, these senators, these people, they're asking questions.
I mean, it's like,
They're not saying, well, you did this, you did that.
They're not saying any proof.
They're just asking questions and then they're saying the same thing.
Oh, we don't do that.
And if you notice, the Senators aren't even in a hearing.
Everyone's been isolated, put into these deals by this cult of kooks working for the U.N.
who are laughing at them because the Congress are a bunch of addled lawyers who are worried about
I tell you what's going on, just what this fella said earlier, what you asked him, if a crash is coming, you know what it is?
It's right now, the stock market, it's like, dip your feet in the water.
Okay, now dip your, go into the water up to your knee.
Now go up to your waist.
That's what's going on.
It's going back and forth, back and forth.
They're bringing it out at all angles, trying to make Trump look bad, trying to bring it out.
Because if they bring down the U.S., it happens in history.
Anything goes wrong in the U.S.
Yeah, well, I predicted a week before the stock, a week to days before they would plunge the stock market to hurt Trump.
And they did the same thing to get Obama elected in 2008, and it looks like they're trying to pull it right now.
Dow's down 3%.
But we'll see if they're successful.
God bless you, Greg.
Anything else?
Well, I tell you what, Alex.
Keep it going, brother.
I've been with you for 25 years, and you know, a good friend of mine and his father, you had him as a guest down there in Texas on their show 15 years ago, and that was great.
You're doing great stuff.
I can't believe it.
Greg, we love you and we appreciate you.
All right, let's take another call here.
Let's talk to Jason in Texas.
Jason, go ahead.
Go ahead, Jason.
Yeah, Alex, I've been listening through the last 15 years, and like you said, I'm tired.
I've been spreading the message.
Well, I feel like Roddy Piper and they live.
I try to put the glasses on everybody.
I keep fighting them.
And you're exactly 100% right.
I know exactly.
They've already told us what they're going to do next.
Eric Solwell, if you go back, he said we're going to nuke our own cities.
If you can pull that tweet up.
Yeah, Solwell has well said, we will nuke the red states to get your guns.
That's exactly, they don't care.
They've killed us, they kill us for years.
I mean, they had the HIV and the Bayer Aspirin, you know.
I mean, Newsom is a communist Chinese agent, so are the top, I mean, these are our enemies.
They are sworn, they hate us, they love it.
It's sick.
I mean, I don't know how doctors are... Well, he's not a doctor.
Let's get that out of the way.
Bill Gates is no doctor.
I don't know how him and George Soros aren't on the number one FBI's most wanted list.
That's because they put in a bunch of people at the top that are cowards that follow orders.
Now my only thing on... Why are all the listeners out there?
You know, it's... It's scary times right now.
I understand that.
We need to be ready, and like Trump said, stand back and stand by.
That's who he's talking to, us.
Let these people go out and destroy themselves in the streets like they already are.
Look at them collecting money and all that.
You know, that money, look at Venezuela.
There's money laying all over the streets.
No one picks it up.
It's not worth anything.
That's why they don't do nothing here with the people breaking into the ATM.
It ain't gonna be worth nothing.
Damn right, and they won't blame themselves.
They'll blame us that tried to stop it.
Great points.
All right, Sheriff Arpaio joins us.
Then more of your calls, and I've got some big, big news.
We're going to be covering it at the start of the next hour.
Stay with us.
Well, I couldn't think of somebody better to pop in with us than Sheriff Joe Arpaio, an American legend.
And that's the new book.
The sheriff's own words with David Thomas Roberts forwarded by Ted Nugent.
I haven't read the books.
I just got it today, but I'm going to be reading it.
He predicted everything that's happening now.
We have police being run over in Philadelphia, run over in LA.
The media is celebrating it.
The police running from looters.
Just insane garbage.
The UN saying they're going to oversee our election.
Sheriff Arpaio
Was convicted by a judge without a jury of not following her orders, I guess contempt.
The president had to pardon him.
Now we see the judicial tyranny of this other judge, even after the Justice Department drops charges on General Flynn.
The judge continues the prosecution, not in the Constitution.
So he joins us to talk about the book, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, an American Legend.
You can find it at RealSheriffJoe on Twitter.
Or at DefiancePress.com forward slash Joe.
And of course on Amazon, everywhere else, he's here with us right now.
Sheriff, the state of the world, the election, five and a half days out.
What is your just view on what's happening and where our republic is?
You're a famous retired DEA agent.
And then of course you have a famous sheriff there in Phoenix, Arizona, battling to keep the area free.
And now this is just an unbelievable time.
How would you describe this?
Well, first of all, great to see you again, Alex.
We had a lot of fun in the past, so thanks for continuously telling it like it is.
We're trying, sir.
So, it's sad what's going on.
I was for Donald Trump, July 2015.
I was the only one to
Support him then, it looked like.
I'm talking about elected officials.
I got introduced to him and I said three things, Alex.
There's a silent majority out there.
We're born on the same day, Flag Day.
And you're going to be the next president.
I guess I was right.
I never had a hero in my life.
It took me 80 years.
An NBC interview with me last year and it says, John McCain, you're a hero.
And I paused and I said, I found my hero four months ago when the question was asked.
Woke up, told my wife of 62 years.
It took me 80 years to find my hero.
And we have to do everything we can to get him back in office.
So anyway, just doing my job.
This is the third book I wrote.
The first one that I wasn't a sheriff.
And you know, Alex, that people do not cover stories that they don't want to cover.
I'm one guy they sure don't want to cover, especially one chapter in there called the fake birth certificate of Obama.
Let's get into that now, because they've tried to put me in prison, they've tried to put you in prison, they're trying to put Trump in prison.
I mean, the left's control of the Justice Department is just staggering.
Hopefully Trump gets control of it and we can have justice, but this has been crazy.
Well, you know, I've been around law enforcement over 55 years.
I'm 88.
I forgot my age.
So I have life experience like you do.
In common sense, that's what kept me going for all those years.
And what burns me up, Alex, to me is the biggest cover-up.
Now, the president has his theory on cover-ups, but sometimes his cover-ups are the same people
That covered my stuff up.
It's not just a birth certificate.
Well, let's just say you were the first to break with DEA documents.
Well, through you, through another source.
You didn't want the credit.
Um, that Trump was being illegally spied on.
My name was in there too, going back years under Obama.
So I'm just saying you, you, you've been there putting it on the line.
You've been hitting the barbed wire.
Well, you know, a lot of this came as sure.
Although I, uh,
You know, I was head of the DEA in Turkey, Syria, Mexico, Latin America, go on and on.
I worked around the corruption.
I knew how CIA operates.
I knew how intelligence operates, whether they're foreign or United States.
So I've been there.
I lived all that overseas.
And I took that experience.
It went in my mind.
And I took it as the elected constitutional sheriff.
Everything I knew, other than being the sheriff, I felt I had to take action.
I just can't keep it quiet.
Well, you did, but let's be clear.
They did do a legal coup attempt.
They were spying on him, at least through your contacts.
You didn't want the credit, but it was through your contacts that we first proved Trump was being illegally spied on.
Who's that clapper and the other guy?
That's of course on TV.
We had his number way before.
To a sensitive source.
And that had nothing to do with the birth certificate.
Brennan is an admitted Wahhabist.
He converted and he's a communist.
He admits he was a communist in college.
Voted communist twice.
Okay, you talk about him.
What about George Soros, our famous billionaire, who gave $3 million to my Democrat opponent in 2016?
How about the judge in Obama, waited until the day before voting started to say they're going to charge me with contempt of court, put me in jail for six months?
That's a Mickey Mouse charge.
It's like a dog bite.
Same penalty.
And then the judge,
The second judge, because the first one hated me, who had a conflict of interest.
When you have a judge's brother-in-law that's a big shot with Covington Burling, that's where Obama Holder came from.
And then he hears the case years later, ACLU, and then his wife tells people in a restaurant
That he's going to do everything in his power to get rid of me?
Hates me?
What is this?
Why does a judge still stay on the bench?
That's another thing.
New documents came out that even Biden and people have been meeting with Democrats in other areas to persecute other prominent Republicans.
They really are a little of a deductive people, aren't they?
Yeah, it's really sad, Alex.
Very sad what's going on.
When you were reporting
Several years ago, I'm sure you came up with a lot of information, but here we are today, Alex.
And I know you must be saying, hey, you know, you had the right thing.
Let me ask you this question.
The book is Sheriff Joe Rapaio, an American legend.
Why did you have the right stuff and the courage?
And why doesn't Ray have it?
I mean, Trump's even saying he wants to fire him.
Why the hell won't Ray do his job when we have Hunter Biden and his son dead to rights, admitting they work for communist Chinese?
Do we have their ass?
Well, you know, I was a bureaucrat for years and always had a boss.
I was a head of many DEA offices overseas in the United States.
I've been in positions just by chance, just by chance of being, you know, around certain officials like the former Attorney General Kleindeed.
I can go on and on.
And also being sure, I was the honorary chairman of George Bush, Mitt Romney, Rick Perry.
They all come knocking on the door for my endorsements and I campaigned for them.
Of course, they forgot my name now.
You know how that works.
I don't care.
So I'm very disappointed in our government.
I'm disappointed at the people that criticize the president.
I'm disappointed in generals.
Badmouthing the chief, you know, our guy, the president, commander-in-chief.
Why do they do that?
They took an oath of office, even though they're retired.
They're still drawing a pension.
Why are they still going after President Trump?
And worse than that, they're supporting the Democrat, Biden.
But why did he keep bad mouths in our presidency?
All these photographs picture you with your dad right here.
This is pretty amazing, Sheriff.
And you're a living legend.
I hope I make it to 88, but you look like you're about 70.
Sheriff Joe Arpaio is our guest.
Want to get this living legend on?
Sheriff Joe Arpaio, an American legend.
And you can find the book just by searching that term.
DefiancePress.com forward slash Joe.
With all the tech censorship, it's important to have hard copies of history, now more than ever.
We'll be right back with Sheriff Joe Arpaio, then the fourth hour.
Sheriff Joe Arpaio is our guest with just five and a half days out from the election.
Sheriff, you are a living legend.
You've done so much.
You fought so hard for freedom.
You were one of the first, right after Ann Coulter, probably the second person to endorse Donald Trump, you could smell victory.
And boy, did he not deliver the last four years under unprecedented attack.
I could ask a lot of questions.
I could ask what chapter is the book of the best.
You've got the floor in the next 10 minutes.
What do you want to cover right now, my friend?
Well, you know, Davis Thomas Roberts, let's not forget him.
He's the publisher.
Defiance Press.
He's a patriot, great guy.
I felt comfortable dealing with him.
And he helped me through that whole process.
So I have to give him credit.
But you know what, Alex?
Everything in that book, I kept copies.
The day I was born,
All over the world.
I kept copies of everything.
Kept copies of the shows that I had the opportunity to talk to you during the years.
And so I feel comfortable with the book.
Very comfortable.
I went through some chapters.
The two big ones were the ratio
If you want to call it, I call it a witch hunt situation where they went after me.
The Obama administration.
And then the other one, of course, is the birth certificate.
But I talk about McCain.
I talk about Flake.
I talk about the tents, the policies.
I can go on and on.
Talk about my experience overseas because the public never realized my other 28 years
Let's go ahead.
I bet you can't answer it.
No, I bet you will answer it.
I want to know why and how.
Let's take the birth certificate.
Forget everything else that's in there.
I want to know why no one, no one, no media, no government, no elected officials, no Congress will ever talk about this.
And I have it 150% guaranteed.
Why would someone come to me after five years investigating and say, Sheriff, you've been around a long time.
Can we read your report?
All we want to do is read it.
Nobody even wants to read the report.
That is a false, fake government document.
I don't care where he came from.
Sure, you got top forensic experts in the world look at it, but they put it out in six layers when they did.
They put it out, I think, on purpose, showing it was fake, to flaunt it in our face.
Or why do you think it was so obviously fake?
Why do you think Hunter Biden left his laptop inside that shop?
I mean, why do criminals want to get caught?
Or why do they flaunt it?
It's sad for our country when you have these types of cover-ups involving politics.
And right now the mission is to get rid of our president.
That's it.
Get rid of our president.
Causing this situation with the economy.
And you're kind of more of an expert on what's going on with the virus.
I have my own ideas.
No, no, we want to hear your idea.
I mean, it sounds like you get it.
It's an economic weapon to crash the economy.
It's way over exaggerated.
I mean, that's all been proven.
Okay, let me bring it back to 2009.
And that's when they really went after me.
When I interviewed
Ten illegals in my tent city, they were from Mexico.
We had something called the swine flu.
I think 60 million people were affected with that flu.
And I showed south of Mexico City that most of the people there had the flu.
I went public on that.
I think only one person listened to me.
I think that was Caboodle when Fox used to talk to me.
They don't talk to me anymore.
Nobody would print what I said.
Well let's expand on that.
1.4 million.
1.4 million Americans died in 2019 from TB.
220,000 have died from COVID with exaggerated numbers.
So you would warn about TB.
You tried to block him.
You were a bad guy.
But now shut the whole country down.
Shut the whole world down.
Don't go to Christmas.
Don't go to
Don't go to Thanksgiving because somebody might get sick.
It doesn't hold water.
The left, remember, used to say it was racist to worry about diseases coming across borders, which is why we have borders or Ellis Island.
Yeah, but Alex, that was 2009.
I have to throw something else in on this.
You know, after presidents take office, they do a, what, a hundred page or what they're going to do.
Why was my name mentioned?
Holder and that bunch.
Why did they say we're going to go after Sheriff Joe Arpaio?
Because they're worried about local government organizing the people to defend the country under the whole U.N., Bill Gates, George Soros plan.
They want to take control of law enforcement and you were an example of what they didn't want.
Well, they even said they didn't have any evidence.
I'm going back to 2009 with the swine flu.
I'm sure they're not happy I brought that up because it had to do with illegal immigration too.
But why did they tap me on that year?
Why are they tapping me?
And also, that's the year that just by chance I met with Obama.
And then Biden came to town, did a courtesy meeting with him.
Secret Service lined it up.
That's the only time in history I never got a photograph.
They lost a photograph.
You know why?
Biden didn't want me to be photographed with him because
He forgot.
He was investigating me.
Someone had to tip him off.
So that photo went in the garbage, I guess.
Maybe he has it in his pockets.
Well, that's another question.
How could you have a better example of a president with Trump versus a more low-down example of Biden?
How in the hell could we even be considering putting that little lying, shycom operative in the White House?
Well, I don't want to sell you, but you have more knowledge than Biden, even though he spent 47 years.
You probably could win the election more than he could win the election.
Except the media is propping him up and has all these people voting in the name of dead people.
So, yeah, that's good.
So, you know, I never seen anything like this in my life and career.
And it's sad what they're doing, throwing cops under the bus.
Because the video shows circumstances.
All these mayors and governors have no guts.
They call the Department of Justice.
Two police have been run over in the last 48 hours in Pennsylvania and California and the media is defending them.
So now we have the left picking up jihadi tactics of using truck attacks.
Well, it's sad for the cops.
I'll tell you, they're afraid to do anything now.
And the worst thing that could have happened standing by letting these people go into stores, bringing TVs out and allowing the whole world to look at the greatest country in the world and can't even lock up a few punks for stealing.
So where's the strength of our country?
How do you think the foreign countries feel about it?
If we can't even take care of a few nutcase people to go in and steal?
It's just law enforcement standing by with the guns and doing nothing?
That's how I look at it.
Sarah, Joe, you just said it.
They're trying with blue city mayors to tell the police to stand down, to run from looters, to trigger a collapse of the country when Trump wins the election.
That's the plan.
It's sad that that's going on.
Do we have to get the president back in there if we don't?
I don't know what's going to happen to this country.
I really don't.
I love the United States of America and I feel for what's going on.
I don't know.
Alex, you've been around a long time too.
I have a feeling of dread but also optimism at the same time.
I think it's up for grabs.
We've all got to go vote.
We've all got to be engaged.
We've all got to get good local governments elected.
Soros, as you know, has elected hundreds and hundreds of sheriffs.
Hundreds of district attorneys, a bunch of state attorney generals like Letitia James, and they're coming after everybody.
We've got to reverse that.
She helped get you kicked out of office, or George Soros did.
It's a nightmare.
Sheriff Joe Arpaio, an American legend, get the book today.
Join us when Trump wins, or regardless, middle of next week.
Sheriff Joe, thank you so much, and God bless.
Thank you.
Thanks, Alex.
Thank you.
Great having him on.
He's been a great patriot, folks.
Boy, was he right.
All right.
I got a few final calls I'm going to hit.
Then I'm going to air this very powerful interview with Tony Bobulinski with the highest rated ever Fox News show in their history with the great Tucker Carlson.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Jamming a few phone calls here.
Let's go to Mr. J in Vegas.
Thanks for holding, you're a trooper.
Welcome, my friend.
Uh, yeah.
Uh, man, uh, only thing I can say is that, uh, there's power.
You're giving us power, man.
And, uh, power is this.
Strong mind, strong body, strong soul.
This is what's gonna defeat the corruption of the New World Order and the natural parties and the globalists.
You're also giving us, uh, the backbone, which is your eyes.
Your eyes are the backbone to your body, and the more you show us this corruption that Biden has, you're making us stronger.
Another thing is this.
Fear, ignorance, and violence are sworn enemies of the law.
That's another backbone you're giving us.
You're also giving us a backbone to let us know that we all are made of liquid, oxygen,
What should I say?
Because you always... Hey, I like that plan that you got.
That survival kit.
Oh, I hear you, man.
You're absolutely... You're giving me the power.
I'm giving you... I mean, we're awake together.
That's what matters.
I agree.
And, uh, for the power that you've given us, as far as being, uh, individuals who believe in Jesus Christ, because Jesus said, God is on our side.
You also said that we outnumber the thieves of the evil because we are Abraham children.
So all the Abraham children have to do is hear your message and say, hey, wake up, Abraham children.
We outnumber the stars in the sky.
So that's it.
We have to just take our birthright as God's children and it's over.
I agree.
And it's the bloodline.
We ain't got a bloodline.
We're not in the devil's bloodline.
Oh yeah, another thing that you had pointed out to me.
Thank you for giving us power.
The devil got two horns on his head.
And you got the devil by both horns.
Political and religious.
And the power that you're giving us to stand up against this?
Man, you have a great, should I say, a great tongue and a great mouth, man.
Well, listen, you've got a lot... I love your voice, my friend, but what I'm saying is, Mr. Jay, is that you're giving me power, I'm giving you power.
As the Bible says, what two of us agree upon on earth, God will make sure it happens in heaven.
But we've got to know it, it's got to be right, we've got to agree upon it, and trust in God it's going to happen.
And that's why we have that birthright the devil's so upset about.
I totally agree with you.
What do you think is going to happen in five days?
What did your gut tell you, Mr. Jay?
Well, weed is going to keep the stock market.
Real water.
Donald Trump only had to do with legalized weed, quite as a kid.
But it has the same equality of 900 billion trees that outnumber the people on earth.
You're right, it's a lot better than cotton.
I mean, even the type that doesn't have THC in it is really a miracle plant.
And Trump is moving to try to decriminalize it, and then Sessions wouldn't do it.
But now, in his second administration, he intends to do it with Obama.
Said he would do it, but Trump intends to do it.
I agree with you, sir.
And another thing that we got to close this thing out on, we got to find out how to maintain
The success and the profits and the gift, the money, the gold, the silver that God has promised us because you know for a fact God don't lie and he don't play.
You're right.
God bless you.
Great caller.
Look, I'm sorry to Matt, I am, and Nick.
If you want to be on tomorrow, name and number.
Please get it, John.
I'll put you first up.
We've gotten good about this.
You tried to say, oh, give me your number, and I never called the next day.
We're getting everybody on.
They'll be first up tomorrow.
Open phones.
The War Room's coming up.
Owen Schroyer.
We've got another great guest host.
Who is that guest host?
I got a guest host coming up.
Jay Dyer.
That's right.
Jay Dyer's coming up.
So, I am.
Absolutely blown away right now with what's going on in this country.
It's a very, very exciting time.
I want to air this piece with Tucker Carlson and the great work Tucker Carlson's doing.
With Tony Bobulenski and all these other whistleblowers that are on record working with the Bidens, on record exposing them.
They're Chinese agents, man.
Think about how crazy that is.
And thank God, literally thank God, that that is coming out.
This is all happening.
We've got to just keep thanking God every minute because we're so close to beating these people.
We'll still have challenges, but there's just so much going down, so much happening.
And then we've got Jay Dyer coming up as well and a bunch of other big breaking news.
I promise you big news today.
You saw what I was talking about.
The shortest straw, shortest straw has been pulled for you.
All right, Tony Bobulenski knocked it out of the park last night with Tucker Carlson.
Highest viewed show in Fox history.
Tucker is staying in attack formation.
He understands it's staying in the game and the fight is victory itself.
And I'll just leave it at that, but Tucker and I are in attack formation.
Please remember, the only way we fund this operation is you.
And we've only got a few days left where you can get Ultra 12 and a bunch of other products at 50% off with free shipping and Triple Patriot points plus 10% off if you sign up for AutoShip.
But two new things that will be on sale next week, I'm launching it now, is the amazing
Mustard seed derived, ultimate selenium, critical for the body, an essential nutrient for immune system, electrochemical activity in the brain, every nerve in the body must have it.
BioTrue Selenium.
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All those other items that are on sale are about to end on Monday because a bunch of it's selling out.
Infowarsstore.com or 888-253-3139.
Here's Tucker Carlson, part of his hour power pack transmission last night.
I'll be watching tonight.
I'll also be watching Owen Schroer and Election Countdown tonight as well, 7 to 9, at band.video and electionnight.news.
So it was clear to you that Joe Biden's son had told him about this business?
Crystal clear.
Crystal clear.
Tell us about the conversation that subsequently occurred between you and Joe Biden.
So the conversation, as you're well aware, Tucker, I grew up the son of a career naval officer.
So the president of the United States was always the commander in chief, whether they were a Democrat or Republican or other.
And so I had the highest respect for Joe and the
You know, the office that he had held.
And so I stood up and shook his hand.
And obviously, we sat down and I think ordered some drinks.
I think Jim Biden was hungry and might have ordered some food.
And, you know, Joe asked me to talk about my background, my family.
He thanked me for my service.
I'm obviously very proud of that, proud of my brother's service and my grandfather's service.
And then he walked through sort of his family, you know, obviously some of the tragedies they've dealt with.
His political career and a high level.
You know, we didn't go into too much detail on business because prior to Joe showing up, Hunter and Jim had coached me.
Listen, we won't go into too much detail here.
This is just a high level discussion and meeting.
So it's not like I was drilling down with Joe about cap tables and details.
So you've said that they wanted you to meet Joe Biden as a way to induce you to participate in this deal.
You were the actual business guy here who had management experience, deal experience.
But it also sounds like Joe Biden was vetting you to some extent.
Yes, of course.
Like, um, I didn't request to meet with Joe.
They requested that I meet with Joe.
And, uh, you know, he's putting his, um, and Hunter says this in writing.
It was a reference multiple times.
Uh, they were putting their entire family legacy on the line.
They knew exactly what they were doing.
They were dealing with a Chinese owned
You know, Enterprise, run by Chairman Yee, CFC, that had strong financial support and political support from the Chinese Communist Party.
That's how it was presented to me.
That's not my own words.
That's how they presented it to me and read me in on it.
They being Gilear and Hunter Biden?
They being Hunter Biden, who was very proud of that and taking credit for it when I sat with him for two hours on the patio of the Chateau Marmont in L.A.
Proud that they were doing a deal with the Chinese Communist Party?
Well, proud that they were, that he had the relationship with Chairman Yee, who was running CFC, and the ability for them to get deals done around the world and stuff like that.
You've seen a number of journalists, reporters, covering the story, including some who should know better, declare triumphantly that no document you've released connects the former vice president to this deal.
How do you react to that?
What's your answer to it?
So you can imagine what I've been through over the last couple months and knowing all this to be fact and watching Joe Biden and his family and their lawyers trot around the world stating that there was no involvement or even at the debate Joe Biden referenced that you've seen my tax returns and there's no money from foreign, you know, enterprises in that.
I want to simplify this for the American people as much as I can.
On May 13th, that email was sent from James Gilear to me.
I didn't generate that email.
James Gilear generated that email.
And in that email, James Gilear goes through intimate detail of what each individual's requests were from a compensation perspective and how the equity in the enterprise would be divvied up.
Very important.
May 13th.
That email was generated by somebody else to me.
In that email, there's a statement where they go through the equity.
Jim Biden's referenced as, you know, 10%.
Doesn't say Biden, it says Jim.
And then it has 10% for the big guy held by H. I 1000% sit here and know that the big guy is referencing Joe Biden.
That's crystal clear to me because I lived it.
I met with the former vice president in person.
Multiple times, and I had been meeting and talking with Hunter Biden and Jim Biden and Rob Walker and James Gilliar.
Where the media has tried to hide, and I personally feel it's disgusting, is between that May 13th email and the final document that was executed called Oneida Holdings LLC.
In Oneida Holdings LLC, the equity is broken up
20% Hunter Biden, 20% Jim Biden.
Well, there are LLCs that represented them.
20% James Gilliar, 20% Rob Walker, and 20% me and my investment entity.
What I'd ask the American people to read and look at is how from May 13th to the final United document that got executed, did Jim Biden go from a 10% owner to a 20% owner?
That's not my question to answer.
I'm sure there were discussions within the Biden family.
I wasn't privy to that discussion.
But this is Jim Biden, the brother
of the potential future president of the United States.
It's not a distant cousin.
It's not an employee.
It's his brother, who in documents defines himself as a political advisor to his brother.
And so I'll leave that to the American people to answer that.
But I don't understand how the American journalist is allowing that gap to be even talked about and defined.
So, and I should say, and I want to put the document on the screen, in his pitch,
To the Chinese.
In his bio, Jim Biden describes himself as an advisor, a current advisor to his brother.
So was it clear to you from the beginning that what Jim Biden was bringing to this deal was his relationship with Joe Biden?
Yeah, thousand percent.
Crystal clear.
After I met with Joe Biden the morning of May 3rd at the Milken Conference and then was taken backstage after Joe had spoken, you know, we joked around for about 10 minutes, 15 minutes, and then I walked him out to his car.
I think he was, I think they referenced he was off to see the lieutenant governor.
This is Joe Biden.
Joe Biden, yes.
And then after that I went over to the Peninsula Hotel and I sat with Jim Biden for two hours where Jim Biden walked through his history and his own words stating all the work and effort he did to get Joe Biden elected initially
In Delaware and then through the family history and the role that he had played in it.
And in that meeting, remember, I'm the son of a naval officer.
I'm a naval officer, was a naval officer myself.
And because I held a Q clearance, which is the equivalent of a top secret clearance, we're audited every year.
So if you receive a gift, I think the barrier was $25, anything larger than $25, we had to disclose it to the government.
Because obviously, anybody with a clearance, the government is watching closely that they're not influenced by the Russians, the Iranians, the Chinese and stuff like that.
So as I was listening to Jim walk through this, I have a big heart.
If you talk to anybody who knows me, they would they would weigh in on that.
I'm a kind person.
And I'm thinking about the Biden family.
Like, how are they doing this?
I know Joe decided not to run in 2016.
But what if he ran in the future?
Aren't they taking political risk or headline risk?
And I remember looking at Jim Biden and saying, how are you guys getting away with this?
Like, aren't you concerned?
And he looked at me and he laughed a little bit and said, plausible deniability.
He said that out loud?
Yes, he said it directly to me, one-on-one in a cabana at the Peninsula Hotel after about an hour and a half, two hour meeting, with me asking out of concern, how are you guys doing this?
Aren't you concerned that you're going to put your brother's future presidential campaign at risk, the Chinese, the stuff that you guys have been doing already in 2015 and 2016 around the world?
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host for this last segment.
You know, we tend to think of the world today as different than it was in the ancient days, or it's different than it was in the Bible times.
But if you notice the news that comes out, especially in the last four years, relating to political scandals, cult scandals, sex cult scandals, it just seems more and more Old Testament, doesn't it?
Maybe we're even living in the days of some prophet, right?
Jeremiah, Ezekiel, or something like that.
Because we see that the political elite, the billionaire elite, the establishment elite, the technocratic elite, they are involved in some of the most heinous, unbelievable practices that you could imagine.
And here you see ritual practices of forcing people to wear the cult mask, right, to basically block the image of God, which is, in a sense, the face, right?
All of that is significant.
But I want to talk first about the Old Testament, right?
If we think back to the time of Genesis, we think about the story of Abraham in Genesis 22, when we are told that Abraham was commanded to sacrifice Isaac.
A lot of people think of that as some kind of
You know, pagan notion that God was requiring a human sacrifice, when really that treatise is an apologetic, an argument against human sacrifice.
Because what God demonstrates as a result of that to Abraham is that that's not the kind of God that I am.
I don't require the human blood offering to be satiated.
Now, you might think, well, but what about Jesus?
I'll get to that in a minute.
If we move up into the time of the kings, right, in the Old Testament, we think about the stories of the period when the northern kingdoms of Israel fell into human sacrifice.
They got into this really degenerate type of worship.
There's a story in Numbers 25 that actually precedes the kings, but it sets the stage for the worship that will be normative in the northern kingdom.
It's called the story of Baal Peor.
And there, this practice that the Israelites are tempted with, it's called Baal Peor, which means Lord of Open Holes.
Not going to get too graphic, but you can guess what that's about.
It's about bodily fluids.
It's about, you know, the most degenerate type of stuff you could think of.
That is carried into the worship and basically apostasy of the Northern Kingdom.
And so you get this kind of secret cabal amongst the political elite.
of the Northern Kingdom of Israel, and then at times, even in the Southern Kingdom of Judah, they often fell into this same practice as well.
You have some exceptions with King David and Josiah, but for the most part, the whole history of Israel, right, pretty much demonstrates this pattern of falling into not just occultism, quote-unquote, or not just, you know, secret societies, but rather the most wicked, the most degenerate, imaginable stuff, right?
If you think about Jeremiah in chapter 7,
He says in chapter 7 that the Israelites had gotten to the point of offering their sons and daughters as burnt offerings of fire, right?
In the Valley of Topheth and Hinnom.
So, human sacrifice had different periods become normative in the history of ancient Israel.
And what we see from that, I want to mention too, Ezekiel.
There's Ezekiel 8, right?
You get this chapter where Ezekiel is taken into the Spirit and he sees in a vision
The worship of the 70 elders of Israel in secret.
There's a secret society that the 70 elders of Israel in Ezekiel's day had set up, where under the guise of the public worship of God, they had a secret inner sanctum, an inner cult, that was engaged in what he calls unimaginable abominations.
He says, I will show you greater abominations.
You think that's bad?
Let me show you something even greater.
So the abominations get worse and worse, and it's not just the king.
It's not just some group of false prophets.
It's basically all of the leaders of Israel in Ezekiel's day.
You get the same idea in Elijah's day, right?
Elijah even says, am I the only one who's left not given in to this crazy, insane cult?
So you can see that historically, these practices are the norm.
They're not exceptions.
We just think in the modern world that, well, this doesn't go on.
But in fact, numerous journalists, dozens of books over the last 10, 20, 30 years, I have many of them.
I have dozens of them myself.
Journalists, doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists have been covering the experience of people, the claims of people, the actual cases, court cases as well, not just people's claims, about this going on at the highest levels.
So the idea of Baal Peor, the idea of these secret degenerate cults, why is it a bunch of weird sex cults?
Why isn't it worshipping cheese?
Why isn't it worshipping badminton?
Why isn't it something innocuous?
Why is it always the most degenerate thing?
Well, that's because there's a reason.
There's a reason why these kinds of practices have a specific effect in the human being.
They traumatize.
So, traumatization is the key to why the elites do this, and yes, there is obviously a spiritual, you know, satanic component to this, but if you just look at it from the perspective of pragmatism, like, what advantage do the elite have by participating in these kinds of things, doing these kinds of things?
What do they get out of this?
Well, if you think about it from the vantage point of control,
The psychology, the psychiatry, all of the MDs and people that deal with trauma, they actually discuss this as well.
And they discuss it as a way to ultimately traumatize on a mass scale human beings.
Now, the media, the big events, the big 9-11 event, this kind of stuff, these kinds of events, even Charles Manson, I would argue,
Is it?
And if you remember, what were they saying about, uh, was it Dahmer, that Netflix documentary and the girls?
Oh, he's like so hot.
Oh my gosh.
Dahmer is so hot.
Did you see the documentary where he was like, it was so hot.
So they were actually in the media promoting the serial killers as hotties, right?
As fricking babes.
And that's for a reason.
That is to... Was it Dahmer?
Where's the other guy?
Who's the other guy that they... Dahmer looks kind of like a soy mail there.
But the other guy, you know, I forget.
I get them all mixed up.
There's all these different sort of codes.
But the one that they did the Netflix documentary on, they were saying, he's so hot.
I think you guys at InfoWars even had a clip where they were playing Alex making fun of that.
Anyway, what I'm getting at is traumatization.
And this is not speculation.
There's a lot of evidence.
There's a lot of proof about this.
Yeah, there you go.
And what this does is, at a younger age especially, it literally can fracture a person's psyche.
You say, now, wow, that's very speculative.
We don't know if it really does that.
Well, there are actual, and I believe he's been on with Alex in the past, but there's a doctor, Dr. Colin Ross, for example, I have his book right here.
Dr. Colin Ross has written many, many books about this phenomenon, and he's not a Christian, so you can't say, oh, he's a Bible thumper and he just wants to prove this kind of stuff.
Well, he's written many books about dealing with people who claim, right, satanic ritual abuse.
And he's written books that deal with dealing with people who have multiple personality dissociative identity disorder.
And he noticed that in many of these cases, people have had significant either traumatic or especially sexual abuse, especially in their youth.
So this is definitely a real phenomenon.
And we have to understand that if we want to understand what's going on on the global scale.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer.
Today's analysis, we're just talking about traumatization and how the elite basically view this as a means not just to mess with their own children, you could say, because there are generational cults, there are generational families that practice this kind of stuff.
But also, you can expand that to the mass psyche, to traumatize the mass psyche.
And I wanted to go into some of the people that we haven't covered in the past in terms of our Global Elite series.
If you don't know, what I do is I kind of go through these big, fat geopolitical tomes of the elite, such as Tragedy and Hope, and I cover the areas that are kind of overlooked or maybe you don't have time to read a 1,300-page book.
Well, I will do that for you.
So you can go.
I cheat for you.
I do your homework for you.
So you can go subscribe.
I get all of my content that deals with summarizing this material.
Now, towards the end of Quigley's book, for example, we have a discussion of where the West is going, right?
What has happened to the West, the two world wars, where it's going.
And there's a weird chapter where he even says that the elite, especially the British elite, had this tendency to send their children off to boarding school to
Pretty much make them traumatized and psychopathic, right?
So the idea is the elite knew a long time ago, presumably amongst the nobility, that if they send their children off to boarding schools, they wouldn't develop an attachment to their mom, right?
So they would lose the empathy, right?
They would get a pattern of learning.
I think?
And perhaps he might even be the prophet of the new era, the new aeon.
You think, what?
Who would that be?
Well, it's a figure by the name of Teilhard de Chardin.
Now Teilhard is, of course, the great evangelist, as many know, as a paleontologist and a Jesuit.
of evolution.
He's one of the key, that was his gospel, basically, is the gospel of evolution.
But he was also in the circles of, and I think he knew fairly well, another figure who was also a Jesuit who left the Jesuit order by the name of Malachi Martin.
Malachi Martin wrote many, many books talking about this cult, this secret inner cult, at the highest levels of international power, and specifically, of course, the Vatican.
There's a couple quotes I want to show you.
In his book on the Jesuits, when he says what has happened to this group and where they're leading things, he says that, let me tell you about the figure of Teilhard de Chardin.
He says Teilhard de Chardin has more or less a hermetic and a cultic philosophy.
He says that you could say in a way that he adopted a form of Marxism.
He says, but Teilhard de Chardin is not a classical Marxist, rather,
He has a notion that all of reality is the Christ consciousness, and that all of reality is basically evolving into a one-world technocratic global order.
He says this process philosophy and theology is what will lead to everybody accepting basically a new view of man, the view that man is God, right?
That's the real meaning of Jesus becoming incarnate, he says, is rather not that
Jesus, that God became man so that he might save us and lift us up or something like this.
No, no, no.
It's the other way around.
It's in the inversion, which is always what these Luciferians do.
It's the inversion that is the truth, he says.
And in fact, the message is a secret Gnostic message that in fact, man is God.
And that this evolutionary process will encompass all reality.
And that the new Jerusalem, he says,
In the future will be this kind of big glob, right?
This big mass glob that everybody will be hooked into.
This global brain, as Jacques Attali called it.
And he says that he came to this conclusion after a supposed mystical experience where he talked to the Force in the desert.
And this is literally what we're... And the Force told him this.
And he said that when he went back and read Ignatius Loyola's Human Spiritual Exercises of the Jesuits, he says that he realized that ultimately man is God and that man is evolving into being a global technocratic transhumanist brain.
And so basically he says, Crowlianism, okay, so the famous Satanist Alistair Crowley, also
If you've heard Lawrence Krauss and some of the new atheists, right, what do they say?
They say, we're all stardust, man.
Man is just a bunch of stardust, right?
Timothy Leary said the exact same thing.
Man is just a bunch of stardust, man.
And we're all evolving to become God and storm heaven, right?
So, one of the most famous Jesuits, Teilhard de Chardin, literally saying the exact same thing as Alistair Crowley, the famous Satanist, Luciferian.
And for another testimony, there's a big fat geopolitical book that Malachi Martin wrote called Keys of This Blood.
And there's a famous page here where I'm going to read just a brief quote from Malachi Martin.
He says, the most frightening thing, now this was written back in the 90s.
Remember, in the 90s.
So this was out in the 90s if you read these big fat geopolitical books.
He says, the most frightening thing about the papacy of John Paul is that he had come against a presence within his own Vatican.
It was knowledgeable churchmen that called this a super force.
Rumors were, and this was always difficult to verify, that it was tied to the installation of Pope Paul VI in 1963.
Indeed, Paul VI himself had mentioned the smoke of Satan entering into the church, and this was an oblique reference to an enthronement ceremony by Satanists in the Vatican itself.
Besides this,
The incidents of satanic pedophilia within the church, that is, rites and practices already documented amongst bishops back then, they knew about this back then, this was as widespread as Turin, Italy to South Carolina and the United States.
The cultic acts of satanic pedophilia are considered by these groups to be the culmination of the fallen angel's rites.
So there it is on page 632.
If you want to go read it in this book, he talks about that pedophilia is a traumatizing ritual.
It infiltrated the highest levels of the Vatican, even into the 60s and 70s and 80s, that far back, and probably going all the way back to the Renaissance.
I mean, they used to castrate boys, the castrati.
This is where the Pope castrates his personal singers so that they can sing in high-pitched tones.
I mean, I think that's bizarre.
Maybe it goes back even that far, right?
But the point is not to just hammer on Catholicism here, because this is so society-wide, is the point here, you see.
It's these networks that are in all of these big institutions.
That's how they get corrupted.
So the purpose of this is to say that the corruption and blackmailing and secret society garbage going all the way back to Ezekiel 8 and Jeremiah 7 is the exact same as today.
It's the exact same in the Vatican.
It's the same in the British government.
Jimmy Savile, right?
Who, by the way, John Paul II gave a knighthood to.
Papal knighthood to Jimmy Savile.
Jimmy Savile is, of course, connected to all those British MPs and high-level government people in the British government that were all compromised via these compromise operations.
So, if you remember, there was the British
Oh, Epstein was over there and that thing, right?
Oh, Weinstein was over there and he was doing this stuff over there.
Oh, there's this, you know, laptop with Biden, Hunter Biden over here, right?
It's the same model and the same tactics and the same degenerate elite practices for millennia.
That's what I'm trying to say.
So, this doesn't disprove the Bible.
This actually shows that the biblical testimony is accurate.
The Bible's been saying this the whole time, even that crazy Old Testament, right?
Oh, that Old Testament's a bunch of crazy stories.
Well, the elite in that book were doing degenerate human sacrifice practices.
I mean, look at that guy's eyes.
That guy's not there.
He's checked out.
Something else has stepped in to that biological suit, right?
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
Listen, if you are enjoying this take,
Want to know more about this?
I actually wrote two big fat books on the history of cults and Hollywood, how they're presented in film, how it works.
And all of this was written years prior to anything that's come out in the past couple of years.
Those are collections of my best essays over the last 10 years.
And you go to Jason Alsace dot com and in the shop tab, you can get signed copies of my book there.
I was reminded during the break of
The Ted Gunderson talk and Alex has been mentioning this because you know he had interviewed Gunderson many years ago and that was one of the first things that I saw on this topic that kind of shook my
Assumptions back in 2002 and 2003 if you remember there used to be Google video and I remember watching Ted Gunnarsson give a talk back then and I thought this is insane this guy used to be you know high-level FBI guy and he's sitting here talking about the fact that the McMartin preschool case actually had some you know real evidence behind it it wasn't just satanic panic it was a real situation of
I think so.
And Satanism.
And at the time, of course, even, I think that goes back to the 80s and 90s when he was giving that talk, but even in 2002-3, if you talked about this stuff, it was crazy.
That doesn't exist, that's crazy.
Even though there's already at that time, all the way back to the 80s and 90s, there were already journalists and people writing books and accounts that dealt with this stuff, right?
Representative Charles Key, there's the Franklin cover-up, there's
There's a famous book that came out right around the early 2000s by a journalist called Lucifer's Lodge.
And in Lucifer's Lodge, he detailed this stuff in the Vatican circles for decades, right?
Going off of hundreds and hundreds of news articles, which are, of course, now buried.
You can never find those old 2003, 2004, 2005 articles.
You'd have to dig for hours.
And that's by design to cover up the history of this stuff.
But, again, if you collected the books throughout that whole time period, as I did, then you know I haven't forgotten this stuff.
I remember it all very clearly.
And isn't it fascinating that just a few months ago, the claims that were made by Ted Gunnarsson about the Finders and the McMartin stuff was all true?
The FBI declassifies their stuff relating to the McMartin case.
And, oh, yeah, there really were tunnels, by the way.
That was all the media lying to you and telling you that it's all made up.
So, known liars continuing to lie.
Why are we believing them at all?
All they do is lie, right?
When are we going to figure that out?
I would add too that that's not an isolated case.
This is a global thing.
There have been years of operations, and thanks to Trump, he's actually ramped this up, what, 12-fold, 14-fold of busting these networks of these human trafficking, satanic, degenerate groups.
But if you remember, Dave McGowan, many, many years ago, this goes back to the 2000s, he wrote a book, Programmed to Kill, where he detailed a lot of these cases of ritual murders.
And one of those was the Dutroux affair.
Have you heard of the Dutroux affair?
If you don't know about Mark Dutroux, who was the procurer, right, the Belgian procurer, going back to the 90s and early 2000s, this case was him going around and kidnapping women for the elite.
And they would then use the women in these rituals, you know, torture, sex, etc.
This went all the way up to the highest levels of the Belgian government.
They went up to high-level Vatican people in Belgium, right?
Pop stars in Europe, high-level EU officials, all involved in these circles of doing this stuff.
So it's not just a matter of, oh, yeah, politicians have visited, you know, houses of ill repute for a long time.
No, no, this is beyond that.
Okay, this is human trafficking to the extent of what the conspiracy theorists have said for years.
People in cages, people bound, people being, you know, murdered, or worse.
And it's all coming out.
And all the conspiracy theorists are basically, quote unquote, the quote conspiracy, they were all vindicated.
And all of the journalists who were real journalists, who wrote real books telling the truth about this stuff for many decades, are also now vindicated.
Over and over and over.
And it always goes up to the highest levels, right, of the people in government.
If you saw True Detective Season 1, by the way, did you happen to see that?
Marimba Russ Cole was talking about how it always is like a flat circle.
It just keeps coming around and around and around in a circle, right?
You saw Matthew McConaughey on Joe Rogan the other day, right, before Alex Jones.
That role that Matthew McConaughey is playing is like the normal guy who's kind of hardened to reality, the cop, who stumbles on this stuff and then he finds out that there's these networks of these, you know, satanic elite going all the way up to the highest levels of people in Louisiana, I think is where that takes place in season one.
That was actually based on a true story.
And if you recall, there are really rich people, senators.
Yes, there's the fake evangelical minister who's behind or involved in this stuff.
He's related to the Tuttles.
And by the way, the Tuttles live, I think it's on Crowley Road.
There's a key symbol there, key indicator.
I mean, this is all real.
So we're tying it back to the Crowley stuff.
This is what the elites are into.
And they really believe that it's a way to
Not just traumatized people, but in a esoteric sense, they believe they're getting power from this, right?
If you think of William Butler Yeats, the famous poet, he was in the magical circles of Crowley.
Yeah, there you go.
There's the Tuttle guy who lives over on Crowley Lane or whatever it is.
William Butler Yates wrote a poem about the Antichrist, and it's about the Second Coming, and he talks about the beast slouching towards Bethlehem.
Now remember, he's in the circles of Crowley, who was one of the most famous poets of all time.
And Yates says that what this crew celebrates is the destruction of innocence.
He's talking about what Crowley talked about.
He's talking about what these people are talking about.
That at that level, they get off on
Destroying innocence.
That's the highest levels of this satanic elite that Malachi Martin was talking about.
So what I'm trying to say is that this is a global phenomena.
It's a global network of people involved in this degeneracy.
And what have we seen in the last week, last two weeks?
Oh, it also ties into foreign compromise operations, right?
It's also intelligence agencies in other countries, right?
Evil groups within our intelligence agencies, right?
They get this information on people and this is how they control them.
And it's been going on for a long time, and it's completely wicked.
It's completely evil.
It's unbelievable, really.
But it's, in a sense, they call it the art of human compromise, right?
This is what you do to entrap people to get them to do what you want them to do.
Yeah, exactly.
There's a whole island based around doing this kind of stuff, right?
That's come out, right?
It's just laying in Maxwell's testimony or her deposition or whatever it was this week.
It's, oh, yes, you know, it's all true.
Yeah, they all came here.
Yeah, but so what?
We'll just ignore that.
Oh, the laptop, it's all true, but we'll just ignore that because that's not real news.
What's real news is, you know, Trump, what, ordering two slices of ice cream, right?
Trump saying bad hombres, right?
That's the real news, not gigantic global satanic networks of pedophiles.
But again, what I'm trying to tell you is that it's well documented, not just from, quote, conspiracy theorists, but from mainline journalists, people who didn't expect to run into this stuff.
People like Ted Gunderson, high up in the FBI, didn't expect to run into this stuff.
They run into it.
People even within religious circles don't expect to run into this stuff.
They run into it.
It's there all in front of them, right, at the highest levels.
And that's the problem, is that what do you do when it's at that highest level?
Well, you have to oppose it, right?
You can't go along with this because you're not going to get away with going along with total evil, right?
And here we see this week, right?
Oh, it's all admitted, yes.
It was, you know, emails, messages, millions of dollars here, millions of dollars there.
Yes, it's all foreign operations.
Yes, it's all admitted.
Where is the media on this?
This alone shows you the media is your enemy.
They don't tell you any of this stuff.
This should be
I mean, this is bigger than Watergate.
This is bigger than, you know, Russiagate even, perhaps, because Russiagate was just a made-up thing to attack Trump.
Lasted four years.
This is, like, scandal, you know, nuclear-level scandal.
Where is any of the media on this?
Forty news organizations now have this laptop and have this information.
It's unbelievable.
And it just, I have to say, you know, we should give props to the people who were brave enough back in the 70s, 80s, and 90s to talk about this when nobody would believe you, nobody would listen, and this was the craziest thing ever, right?
Think about somebody like John Marks.
John Marks wrote this book back in the late 70s, and he said that, you know, they're trying to traumatize people
They're dissociating people through trauma, creating dissociation states, and they're going to use it on everyone, he says.
He says in this last chapter of this book that ultimately this is about brain chips, human-computer interface, and messing with everybody on a global scale.
He said this in the late 70s, that that's what they were going to do.
So I think that people who were courageous like that, people like Walter Billard, who wrote books on the same type of stuff, right?
They should be commended.
People like Colin Ross, Dave McGowan.
This is Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
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Well, when I found out that they knew that 5G gave us cancer and they're putting it on purpose, I'm a little pissed about that.
Or when I find out China's shipping in enough fentanyl to kill the whole U.S.
population on a routine basis, it makes me a little bit angry.
When I learn that people are literally enslaving me and my family and enslaving you, I have empathy.
I get angry about that and I don't think that's a good thing.
I'm fighting mad.
I know you're fighting mad as well.
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I love you.
I love you.
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You don't need me to show you the statistics, the news articles, the government documents, because you're already experiencing it and seeing it for yourself.
I know I am.
But the statistics do show that suicide is at record highs and that stress is off the charts.
Meanwhile, government and Big Pharma are pushing very dangerous psychotropic drugs whose prescriptions are at record levels when the inserts of the drugs admit they can make you commit suicide or become a megalomaniac mass murderer.
And in almost every case, these mass shooters have been on psychotropic drugs.
And the reason I point that out is
All the numbers, all the facts show that the system is not giving us things.
It's not giving us these synthetic things that actually make our lives better.
They're making our lives worse.
Cell phones and iPads and all the TV time, all the screen time.
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