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Name: 20201026_Mon_Alex
Air Date: Oct. 26, 2020
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In this monologue, Alex Jones discusses voter fraud allegations in recent US elections, accusing FBI director Chris Wray of covering up crimes committed by the Biden family. He praises Texas GOP head Colonel Allen West for his efforts in combating electoral fraud and criticizes the use of mail- in ballots and drive-thru voting. Jones also expresses concerns over the current state of democracy in the United States, including law enforcement and politics. Additionally, he discusses various topics such as COVID-19 vaccines, masks, propaganda, and the upcoming US election."

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Trump is really taking the bull by the horns.
He's tried to end the lockdown.
He's tried to end the hysteria.
He's tried to pacify members of the public that are still in a hysteria like Chicken Little.
But we have to reach out to these people and explain to them the real statistics and the numbers, and explain to them that masks are a symbol of their slavery.
And now the UN is coming out, and so is Fauci, and saying, we're not just going to stay shut down for 10 years.
Bill Gates said 10 years two weeks ago.
Now it's forever.
Those articles are all up at InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com because it's the medical system globally seizing power, creating a problem to which there will never be a solution.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
President Trump leveled with the American people yesterday, so did the Chief of Staff.
There is no way to contain the COVID-19 virus.
It is a cold virus.
There is no cure, but of course there are treatments, and yes, there are preventatives, vitamin C, D, zinc, and other compounds that are vital, that your body absolutely must have to live.
But CNN, MSNBC, ABC, all said that he is capitulating, that he's running up the white flag, that he's surrendering, the headlines shouted out.
at CNN because he's not going along with Bill Gates falching the UN with their stated goal of eradicating it
where not one person on earth ever has COVID-19.
So they've released a synthetic genetically engineered cold virus that has incredible gain of function.
It does spread very well, but it only kills people that are extremely ill, who have comorbidities,
things like diabetes, cancer, heart disease, normally overweight and extremely old,
who do not have enough again of the critical vital essential nutrients.
And so Trump is really taking the bull by the horns.
He's tried to end the lockdown.
He tried to end the hysteria.
He's tried to pacify members of the public that are still in a hysteria like chicken little.
But we have to reach out to these people and explain to them the real statistics and the numbers, and explain to them that masks are a symbol of their slavery.
And now the UN is coming out, and so is Fauci, and saying, we're not just going to stay shut down for 10 years.
Bill Gates said 10 years two weeks ago.
Now it's forever.
Those articles are all up at Infowars.com and Newswars.com because it's the medical system globally seizing power, creating a problem to which there will never be a solution.
They're saying we can never have people die of the cold again.
I predicted this eight months ago.
Now they're saying, well, they got a lockdown for the flu too.
It kills just as many.
So you see, they're now saying that basically until there's a cure for something that they'll never be able to do, we can't leave our houses without special passes and authorization from them.
Because powerful elites throughout history always follow the same patterns once they become corrupt.
They want the power to lock down the general public and have control because Even with all their wealth, they still don't feel superior to the general public.
They're very, very envious.
So they want to exercise that raw power.
It's about global government.
It's about global tracking.
It's about cashless society.
It's about the Great Reset.
And it's about surveilling everything you do while at the same time starving the third world en masse.
This is really a good thing that Trump is doing.
He's coming out and saying the lockdown has already starved millions worldwide, which is true.
He's coming out exposing the entire false globalist paradigm and taking it on head-on.
This is what must happen.
That's why he said, oh, we'll have a vaccine soon, because Gates wanted to keep us closed for, quote, two years.
So he got a vaccine because he knows that for two years, you'll be totally habituated and trained to wear the mask, to be contact traced, and to have all the apps on your phone.
And then, big brother, the social credit score is in total control.
So with seven days out from the election, Trump has knocked it out of the park once again, and his leadership is critical.
So pray for him and spread the science and the facts to everyone you know about this reality.
And don't let big tech censor you, because the truth will set us free.
Back to Owen Schroeder in a live broadcast.
I'm Alex Jones saluting you all.
That's right, ladies and gentlemen, we are in the InfoWars World Headquarters here in Austin, Texas, and sitting in the chair for Alex Jones today, I'm Owen Schroer.
Gerald Cilenti is going to be joining us to host the fourth hour.
I'll be back then hosting the War Room and Harrison Smith hosting the 2020 election countdown that airs weeknights from 7 to 9 p.m.
Busy, busy days here.
At the InfoWars World Headquarters.
No days off for this crew.
Long days, but we're in it to win it, ladies and gentlemen.
Just like President Trump, who is live right now in Allentown, Pennsylvania.
It's been an incredible rally.
One of the most excited crowds we've ever seen.
I mean loud, rambunctious, I mean screaming.
President Trump sometimes just like steps away from the podium just like, alright, like you're shouting, you're screaming, let's have a good time.
So we'll have some of that.
We'll have more from Alex Jones and of course the latest breaking political developments and the latest breaking on the COVID hoax.
America's waking up to it though, that's the good news.
And a landslide for President Trump is inevitable, except for only one thing.
And that's the Democrat election steal that they're engaged in massively right now in Pennsylvania.
But President Trump even called that out at his rally today.
It's the final countdown.
One week from election day.
The most important election in world history, perhaps.
is seven days away and America is storming back from the depths.
The American people are roaring back from their slumber and President Trump is on the stump representing us Every day, three times a day, having rallies.
I believe he said he wants to have five in one day coming up before the election.
Five in one day.
Three times in Pennsylvania today, which is going to be key, folks, because here's the deal.
The Democrats know their only hope is complete theft.
They also know they don't have to do a complete theft of every Election just a few select areas in a few select states.
Pennsylvania and Florida are their prime targets.
They got caught red-handed in Minnesota.
They may have to back off that with Ilhan Omar's campaign and people.
We got to watch out for Michigan with that corrupt Governor Whitmer.
She belongs in jail.
We're gonna have to watch out for Pennsylvania and Philadelphia specifically with their corrupt governor, Tom Wolf, who President Trump was lambasting today during his rally to raucous applause in Allentown, Pennsylvania.
His first of three stops in Pennsylvania today, which is significant.
Because former President Barack Obama had three events in Pennsylvania last week.
Nobody showed up, folks.
I mean, literally a hundred people combined total for three Obama rallies.
Biden had a rally in Pennsylvania.
No turnout.
Harris had an event in Pennsylvania.
No turnout.
Trump will have three events today with over a hundred thousand people showing up in total.
President Trump is trying to take control of the fake pandemic.
Everything is moving in his favor at this point, except of course the fake news, the scum of Fauci and Gates, and all the Democrats that want to keep the country locked down forever.
That's their plan, folks.
They want to keep it locked down forever.
And so we'll have more of those developments and what Trump is doing right now to win the COVID hoax, fake pandemic battle.
And there are some interesting developments.
People in news who are just neutral, who kind of fell for the COVID thing, are now doing their own research and saying, huh, what happened to the flu numbers?
There are no flu numbers.
COVID is now the flu.
What happened to 15 days to slow the spread?
Almost a year later?
Nope, nope, nope.
You have to stay locked down forever until you get a vaccine because that's freedom.
Well, no, it's not.
And then you have former CDC directors coming out who have already pled guilty to sex abuse now telling us that you never get to go back to normal and wear a mask forever.
Of course, Trump wants to end it all.
He wants to reopen.
He doesn't want the mask.
He doesn't want the lockdown.
He wants none of it.
And he's coming out more and more on that.
And that's why the media is attacking him saying, oh, he's bowing down to COVID.
Oh, he's giving up.
No, he's being real about it.
And telling you to give up on your fake pandemic, you to give up on your forced vaccines, you to give up on the economic collapse.
But here's how you know they're angry that President Donald Trump isn't going along in its enclosure.
Just fully going along with the COVID pandemic because he's saying no cases are up because the testing is up.
So now you have reports and of course they forced this to trend number one on all social media with the New York Times and the Hill and the USA Today.
Increased testing does not explain the rise in COVID-19 cases in the US.
New York Times and USA Today report.
Business Insider.
With the election eight days away, Trump lies about why coronavirus rates are hitting record highs and calls the media losers for covering the surging pandemic.
So, it's not testing even though it is testing.
And COVID-19 is extremely deadly even though it's 99% survival rate.
So, think about it.
It's a 99.9% survival rate.
It's a 99.9% chance you won't even get it!
Or notice you have it!
But it doesn't matter.
And now that the facts are coming out, they're just attacking Trump, saying, oh no, Trump's bad.
It's not because of testing.
You need to be afraid, and you need to wear that mask forever, and you need to stay locked down forever.
Because Fauci said so, and Bill Gates said so.
Two men who belong in jail, and the former director of the CDC, who's also a sex abuser, says so.
Isn't that nice?
I don't think we have to listen to these creeps.
And now, ladies and gentlemen, more is coming out on the Bidens and it's disgusting.
We're talking about drug abuse, sex abuse, incest.
We're talking about drug abuse and sex abuse with minors involved?
And it's only going to get worse, folks.
It's only going to get worse.
And the fact that the Bidens... Well, Joe Biden did put a lid on his campaign until Election Day.
I think there's like two planned events right now.
One for Biden tomorrow, and then one for Harris.
Harris is going to be coming to Texas on Friday.
We'll be monitoring that.
Believe that.
But he's done running.
He's done campaigning.
Yeah, misspoke in his last TV interview.
He can barely even open his eyes at this point.
He's halfway to hell.
And he thinks he's running against George Bush.
So Biden's done.
He has no political life.
It'll be Harris the day he gets in.
And everybody knows it.
But he has no chance of winning except for the Democrats' deal.
And the media is all over covering up what's going on inside the Biden crime family with the illegal payouts, Biden being compromised by at least 10 different foreign countries.
The drug abuse, the sex abuse, the minors, the incest, all of it, folks.
It's all coming out, and it's so... I keep using this analogy, but it's just, it's the perfect analogy.
The Infinity Gauntlet Is the glove or whatever it is from the movie, the Marvel movie, Avengers, and it's like I guess the all-powerful hand thing, and it's called the Infinity Gauntlet.
And it's like telling people about the Infinity Gauntlet your whole life, warning them about it, and now it's just sitting right there on your desk.
It's just right there.
It's like, look at what the Bidens are into.
Millions of cash payouts from China and Russia and Ukraine and Romania and Iraq.
And Kazakhstan, I mean, the list goes on.
Borat's home country of Kazakhstan!
Biden's making deals.
And all of their October surprises flopped.
The 500 kids separated from their parents turned into the Democrats think wild coyotes are bringing people across the border.
Rudy Giuliani hits on 15-year-old girl in Borat movie.
No, even the people that have seen the movie said no, that's not even true at all.
He's lying.
So flop.
What was the other one that they flopped on?
I can't even remember.
It was such an in and out at this point.
They had some other one just totally flopped.
So all they have now, folks, is total election theft.
And President Trump is taking the gloves off right now against the Biden crime family.
And he slowly...
Slowly, slow rolling it out.
Getting the people behind him that the COVID hoax is over.
We're turning the corner after the election.
They won't care.
They'll reopen.
And that's why the media is panicked.
That Trump isn't telling people to live in fear.
That Trump isn't telling people they're gonna die from COVID.
That Trump isn't telling people it's the worst spread ever.
That Trump isn't telling people it's the worst pandemic and everybody needs to hide forever and be scared.
They hate it.
Trump is saying, it's okay.
You don't need to live in fear.
You don't need to wear the mask.
We need to reopen.
We need to get back to normal.
We have a vaccine if we want it.
We have therapeutics that some would call a cure.
And the corrupt establishment absolutely hates it.
Because it used to be Republicans and Democrats would go along when these hoaxes together.
And Trump did a little bit, but he knew in the long run he'd have to turn against this giant fraud.
He knew it.
And now you have doctors, international coalitions, national coalitions, all kinds of doctors saying, look, there is no pandemic.
There is no COVID-19 pandemic.
There is no spread.
There is no deadly virus.
We are being lied to.
And it's time to prosecute those that lied to us.
Lou Barletta.
And Lou Barletta is strongly against taking the statues of Christopher Columbus down.
Lou's not a big fan of that, right?
And congressional candidate who is supposed to be fantastic and a star, Lisa Scheller.
President Trump announced this rally less than 24 hours ago.
There's tens of thousands of people that couldn't even get in.
They had to find a trucking company's parking lot to have the event in because the governor, Democrat governor of Pennsylvania, Tom Wolf, shut everything down.
Looks good.
Looks good.
Looks very good.
Harder to judge because, you know, you go in so late, but it's looking good.
The places where they're casting and where they're casting their vote, that's not anymore polling, you sort of know.
They are really looking good.
Bernie, you gotta win.
You don't win, I'll fire you so fast you have no idea.
I especially want to recognize the incredible truckers for Trump who are here tonight.
I'm telling you man, these rallies... Trump is not lying.
These rallies are getting bigger and more ruckus than ever.
The truckers for Trump.
They're incredible people, actually.
I don't know how they do it.
Those are long hours.
Driving down those highways, huh?
That's long.
That's not easy.
And we got him some pretty good legislation that other people wouldn't get him
because they just don't do those things.
But we got him some pretty good legislation.
So, thank you very much, fellas.
We appreciate it.
And the women and the men.
Under my leadership, we achieved the most secure border in United States history.
My opponent's insane immigration plan would eliminate U.S.
borders entirely by implementing nationwide catch and release.
They won't have catch.
You know what catch and release is?
You catch them, they're a murderer, they're a rapist, and you release them.
You know where you release them?
Into our country.
Then Biden, at the debate, he said, no, no, it's OK, because they come back for court.
Nobody comes back.
They don't come back.
No, I ended catch and release.
I didn't like catching a murderer and releasing him.
No, that wasn't it.
We keep him out.
We're keeping him out.
You can come into our country, but you have to come in legally, and you have to come in through merit.
His plan would also make every community into a sanctuary city for violent criminals.
Trump is such a throwback, man.
These events are such a throwback.
You gotta speak to him about this.
He can't do this kind of stuff.
He's in this huge, it's this huge rally.
It's like at a tiny party lot.
They got like bleachers stacked on top of bleachers.
It's like the old, if you watch like WWE in the 90s, like the crowd was like involved in the show.
That's how it is.
Like you can hear the crowd on the mic.
Trump responds to the crowd.
That's crazy Bernie.
They pledged to terminate all national security travel bans, opening the floodgates to radical Islamic terrorism.
No thank you.
If you don't mind, Joe — no, thank you.
You saw what happened a few days ago in Paris, right?
You saw that horrible attack.
I'm keeping the terrorists, jihadists, and violent extremists the hell out of our country.
Is that okay?
Do the truckers agree?
Do the truckers agree?
I think so.
I think that — I think I have the truckers vote.
That's — nice job.
By the way, Nice trucks.
You think I could hop into one of them and drive it away?
I'd love to just drive the hell out of here.
Just get the hell out of this.
I had such a good life.
My life was great.
And then I said, let's do this, darling.
This will be a lot of fun.
But you know what?
I'm so happy with it because nobody has ever done so much in the first three and a half years.
No administration.
We invested $2.5 trillion with a T. Trillion dollars.
See, now Biden would say $2.5 billion.
$2.5 thousand.
Thank you.
And I love you too.
Thank you.
I guess that's why we're all doing it together, right?
When you're getting right down to it.
We have a great country.
We have to save our country.
Most important election.
But we invested $2.5 trillion in the U.S.
And we saved a thing called the Philadelphia Shipyard, have you ever heard of it?
Anybody work there?
We saved the Philadelphia Shipyard.
We also passed V.A.
Joyce and V.A.
Nobody said it was false enough.
For the best.
I'm not competing with Trump here.
They say, "Oh, Biden's ahead five points in Pennsylvania.
Five points, five points," they say.
Biden has had five rallies in Pennsylvania in the last week, and you couldn't even get
a crowd of 100 people combined.
This is Trump's first event of three in Pennsylvania today.
By the way, he was in Erie last week.
50,000 people showed up.
But this is his first event of three today.
There'll be another 100,000 people turnout total.
I mean, legitimately, how far ahead is Trump?
And imagine if you didn't have the fake news.
Which Trump said, I think it was kind of like, it's one of those things where it's just so simple, but it's like so, it just hammers the point home so purely.
The fake news media is blocking us out.
Why do these people hate Trump?
Because the fake news told them to.
Why do these people hate whatever?
Why are they out in the streets?
Why do they believe this?
Why do they believe that?
Because the fake news.
Fake news.
Why are they wearing a mask?
Fake news.
Why do they think there's a pandemic?
Fake news.
Why do they think Trump is a racist?
Fake news.
Why do they think America is racist?
Fake news.
Why do they think George Floyd died from an officer choking him?
Fake news.
Why do they think Breonna Taylor was an innocent saint murdered by police?
Fake news.
Fake news.
There it is.
Every time.
Fake news.
Who's hiding the Hunter Biden laptops?
Fake news.
FBI Chris Wray.
Fake government.
So it's just incredible and Trump is taking all of them on.
Let's go back.
We've got 60 seconds left of this segment.
Let's finish off with President Trump here.
But we want them to do well.
But it'll be the first call.
I said, we don't want to negotiate.
They got to see what happens, because they dream also.
China dreams.
Every country's dreaming about it.
You know, there was a poll that Barack Hussein Obama is more popular in Germany than I am.
But I agree with that.
If I win those polls, then I'm not doing my job, right?
You know, when you think about it.
No, they rip us.
Everybody rips us.
I recognize the true capital of Israel and opened the American embassy in Jerusalem.
That was promised for decades and decades by every single president running for office promised that and nobody did it but me.
Instead of never ending wars, we are forging peace in the Middle East.
Three countries and they're lined up.
They're lined up!
So beautiful to see.
No blood in the sand.
Yeah, no media coverage of that either.
No media coverage of that either.
The same liberal media, the same leftist progressives that said they wanted to end all the wars.
The same democrat politicians that wanted to end all the wars.
Where are they now?
They're silent.
They're silent.
You know, it really is incredible.
It's incredibly sick though.
As I was talking in the break with some of the crew here, can you imagine?
I mean, that's the joke though.
It's like, I don't even want to say it, but... I mean, I could go around saying, oh my gosh, I could go out to these leftist cities or whatever.
Did you see?
Did you see President Trump inappropriately showering with his daughter Ivanka?
Oh my gosh, it's sick.
And they'd be like, oh wow, I didn't know that.
What a pervert.
Lock him up.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
My bad.
That was Joe Biden and his daughter.
My bad, though.
And his granddaughter, too.
That's my bad.
Sorry, though.
But same applies, right?
I mean, lock him up.
He's bad, right?
Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Not creepy uncle Joe.
But wait a second.
You said it was Trump and Ivanka and then, but now Joe, it's okay?
With the crack pipes, and the little kids, and the incest, and all of that?
Fine then, we'll just have to have more come out.
We'll involve other Democrats, and others getting money from China, and members of the media, and other daughters.
Fine, you want to see more of it?
It'll all come out, but you know, it's all the fake news.
Here's another example.
It's so sick.
Oh, the fake news is so sick, and their minions are so deranged.
The Purge of Providence.
Meet up location and time to be determined.
Not a peaceful protest.
That's this weekend.
So the Democrats are just deciding to go full on terrorists.
They already were, but now they're admitting it.
And I'm trying to get more info on this, but I can't imagine it's anything other than the Rhode Island riots that have been going on for a week now.
Because a man on a motorcycle was running from police, ran into a retaining wall, and landed in a coma, and then the fake news said he got hit by police officers, even though the video evidence clearly shows the man ran his bike into the wall, no contact with police whatsoever.
But don't let that get in the way of a good Democrat riot.
Don't let the facts get in the way of a good Democrat riot.
Don't let the facts get in the way of a good Democrat fake news hit job.
That's what these people do.
They are sick.
They are sick.
I'll tell ya.
Yeah, it is the Rhode Island deal.
Literally over an event.
It's every time George Floyd died a police officer.
Nope, drug overdose.
Mike Brown.
Innocent, shot by, no, charging the police officer, tried to steal his gun, also battered and robbed a convenience store, which is state of Missouri law, can be met with deadly force.
Well, hands up, don't shoot, never even happened.
Obama said so.
Doesn't matter.
I know there's a bunch of independent journalists that listen to this.
You guys should go out.
I mean, maybe we should do this too, but we're just on air all the time.
Working seven days a week.
But I mean, maybe we should send somebody out and go say, hey, did you see text messages?
So diaries show that Donald Trump was inappropriately showering with Ivanka and you know, the left, oh, he's the worst.
He's a child molester pedophile.
Let's just kill him at the stake.
And then say, oh my gosh, I'm so sorry.
I misread my notes.
That's Biden.
I'm sorry, that was Biden in the emails.
That was Biden in the diary, showering with his daughters and granddaughters and inappropriate touching and everything.
That was Biden.
But same applies, right?
You know, send him to jail, he's a pedophile.
Oh no, it's okay now.
Got it.
And that's how sick these people are.
Alright, I want to go back to President Trump's first of three rallies in Pennsylvania.
We'll be covering these all day on Band.Video, 2020ElectionCenter.com.
Part of the Infowars live transmissions.
And so it's just so important for us to realize.
And hammer this information home that President Trump in Pennsylvania, for three events today, had 100,000 people show up.
Five events for Biden, three featuring Obama, one Harris, one Biden.
Last week, couldn't even draw 100 people.
And the polls are lying about Pennsylvania.
The polls are just fake.
I mean, they're literally fake.
And that's what's so frustrating is you have John Roberts on Fox News.
The polls say Biden's ahead here.
The polls say Biden's ahead here.
I don't know if Trump can win here.
Look at the polls.
The polls are fake, bro!
You've been on TV for 30 years and you're still so stupid, you've been looking at fake polls for 30 years and you still can't see it.
That shows how pathetic the news media in this country has become, folks.
In fact, it's like this.
I've been doing political media, current events, politics for...
Not even ten years.
Not even ten years.
Switched out of sports to politics about seven years ago.
So not even ten years.
And a little, a little low-life from St.
Louis like me, over here at the most banned networks in the world, knows more about news and current events than John Roberts, who's been a top analysis, top Fox News pundit for three decades.
And he doesn't even get that the polls are fake!
He doesn't even get that it's a fake pandemic!
Or maybe he does!
Or maybe he does.
Let's go back to President Trump live in Pennsylvania.
First of three events today.
We are going to keep on fighting, and we are going to keep on winning, winning, winning.
We are one movement, one people, one family, and one glorious nation under God.
And together with the incredible people of Pennsylvania, we have made America powerful again.
Our military.
Our military.
We have made America wealthy again.
Our stock market.
Your 401Ks, let's keep them up there.
Don't throw them away in two years and you'll say, huh, the president told, the previous president told me that was going to happen.
I don't think that's going to happen.
Your 401Ks are hitting records.
Does anybody have a 401K?
We have made America strong again.
We have made America proud again.
We have made America safe again.
And we will make America great again.
Thank you, Pennsylvania.
Go and vote.
Thank you.
Alright, cue it up.
Cue up the Trump dance.
Cue it up.
Cue up the massive energy, the massive crowd.
They go crazy for the Trump dance.
[crowd cheering]
Alright ladies and gentlemen, so another massive rally for President Trump.
I mean, this is just incredible.
We are taking this country back, ladies and gentlemen.
And the mainstream media, I mean, how sick are these people in the mainstream media?
that they don't even want you to be a part of this, they don't want you to see that it's going on,
they lie about it, they want to try to snuff it out.
You know there's no righteousness, no morals involved in these people.
There's a party happening in Allentown, Pennsylvania at a truck plant right now.
And the governor tried to shut it down!
What a loser!
Governor Tom Wolf, a Democrat governor of Pennsylvania, a loser, shuts down their state.
Trump talked about it earlier in his event how they tried to cancel this event.
They didn't even want Trump to have a rally, so they had to go find a truck plant to give their parking lot to Trump for a rally.
Because you can't do it at airports and all this stuff.
Can't do it at venues because the Democrats have them all shut down.
These are sick people, man.
I mean, God save us from these demons.
Oh my gosh.
Okay, when we come back, I'm going to get into some of this news.
We've got more Trump rallies coming up.
I've got video clips, news.
We'll probably open up the phone lines.
There'll probably be breaking news before we sign off of the Jones Show.
Gerald Cilenti will host the fourth hour, and then I'll take over on the war room.
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You know, I'm kind of at a loss right now.
Just at...
All the different news trying to figure out what to cover, what's the most important, and I just really need to focus in and hone in on one thing at a time, but the active measures daily that Twitter and Facebook and YouTube and Google and Apple and the rest of them are taking to stop this American restoration, to stop President Trump from winning re-election, it's criminal, folks.
It's criminal.
And they're doing it every damn day, and so this notification is now coming up on your Twitter when you log in, it says... And by the way, see, this is how active it is.
Trump literally just addressed this at his rally and they already have their push notifications ready to go.
And so, Twitter now releases this push notification.
When you log in, it says, you might encounter misleading information about voting by mail.
Election experts confirm.
Oh, election experts.
They don't, you know, mention who, but election experts, they say.
Election experts confirm that voting by mail is safe and secure, says Twitter, even with an increase in mail-in ballots.
No, not an increase.
That's never happened before.
It's not an increase.
That's a first time ever.
Even so, you might encounter unconfirmed claims!
Like, your claim?
That it's safe and effective that's unconfirmed?
Because we've never had it before?
No, no.
Unconfirmed claims that voting by mail leads to election fraud ahead of the 2020 US election.
So, this is how quick they are on it, folks.
Twitter's not even a social media company anymore.
Twitter is literally an anti-Trump company now.
So Trump today, yeah, there it is right there, I'm telling you, as soon as you log in.
So Trump today, at his first rally of three in Pennsylvania, Biden won't even come out of the basement, he can't even have a bowl of cereal.
Trump says the mail-in ballots are a disaster, he calls out the cheating that's happening in Pennsylvania.
You know, look, I don't know what's going on, if it's by osmosis, but Trump's rallies are sounding more like InfoWars broadcasts every day.
And it's just the truth.
So I'm not saying he's stealing our talking points or maybe information's getting to him, it's just the truth.
But he gets it.
He knows.
Pennsylvania's their number one target, folks.
Trump knows it.
Trump knows Pennsylvania's their number one target for theft, plus Florida.
But I think Florida's going to be such an overwhelming victory, they're done there anyway.
But they think they can steal Pennsylvania with the mail-in ballots and the fraud in Philadelphia.
So Trump called that out about an hour ago.
In his rally, he said, they're using the mail-in ballots.
That's never been done before.
This is ripe for disaster.
They're stealing it in Philadelphia right now.
He said it right then.
And so Twitter, magically, within the hour, has the push notification going to your phone, saying no.
Mail-in voting is safe and secure.
We've confirmed it with our election experts.
Don't hear unconfirmed claims otherwise.
Even though their claims are unconfirmed.
And we've never done mail-in voting like this before.
And we've seen people get eight ballots.
Ballots for their dead grandparents.
Ballots for people who haven't lived in these houses for ten years.
Ballots for animals and cats and pets!
And fish!
But oh!
Oh yeah, and then if Trump puts out a tweet, they'll say, no, it's not right.
Trump puts up a video, they say, no, it's not right.
Somebody shows you CDC statistics on COVID, they block it.
You put out the Hunter Biden emails, you put out the images, they block it.
I mean, Twitter, Facebook, and Google are not social media companies.
They are anti-American, anti-Trump companies whose Number one mission right now is to keep Trump from getting re-elected.
That is number one!
Number one at Facebook every day.
Don't let Trump get re-elected.
Number one at Twitter every day.
Don't let Trump get re-elected.
Number one at Apple and Google and YouTube.
And everything else in between!
Do not let Trump get re-elected!
We must defeat Trump!
We must lie to the American people!
We must cover up the facts from the American people!
We must confuse and trick and deceive the American people!
That's what Facebook and Twitter and Google and the rest are!
And we knew it!
Right here!
First at InfoWars!
And that's why they banned us first!
And that's why they banned us first.
They did the measurements.
They talk about finding patient zero for COVID.
Please, give me a break.
But you know what?
They did find patient zero for freedom and free press, folks.
They did find patient zero for spreading the Trump phenomenon.
And you know who that patient zero was, don't you?
You're tuned into it right now.
It's called Infowars.
It's called the Alex Jones Show.
It's called David Knight.
It's called Owen Schroer.
It's called this crew right in here.
It's called this audience right here, listening right now.
Your patient zero of freedom.
Your ground zero of freedom.
This is Trump ground zero right here.
That's why they came for us first.
That's why they came for you next.
And that's why they're coming for anybody else Who dare stand up for Trump and who dare have the courage and fortitude to report the truth in the midst of all of the internet censorship and sabotage that's going on.
It's really incredible.
So... Yeah, and there's of course the New York Post story from After banning us, Big Tech saying, yo, don't worry about Big Tech.
It's fine.
They just banned Alex Jones and Infowars.
No big deal.
No big deal.
Well, I guess life comes at you fast there.
And I'm not even to rub salt in the wound of the New York Post or like, you know, call them out.
It's just like, see how it works.
You can have the biggest story of all time and Big Tech will make sure that nobody ever sees it.
And that's how they want the future to be, folks.
So they can fake pandemics, which is what they're doing right now.
And you know what?
I'm going to get more into that coming up on the other side.
What do I want to do here?
Let's look.
Let's just go ahead to Kamala Harris and clip six just real quick, because Joe Biden is hiding in the basement.
He doesn't know if he's running for Senate or what.
He thinks he's running against George Bush.
He's confused that multiple times.
He literally can't even campaign.
And now it's even Kamala Harris!
Kamala Harris, on a hot mic, doesn't know where she is.
Listen to this.
Okay, well that's, uh, alright guys, hold on.
We'll get it all figured out here.
Alright, are we ready to go?
Let's go to Kamala Harris not knowing where she is.
Are we in Cleveland?
She doesn't even know.
Look at this goofball in a mask.
Are we in Cleveland?
She doesn't even know where she is.
She's getting the Biden fever.
The Biden forgetsies.
The Biden forgetsies.
Oops, where am I?
And she's got like a double mask thing happening too there.
These people are nuts.
These people are nuts.
Speaking of the mask, let's take a look at clip one here.
Where in Nashville, Tennessee, folks, I warned you, it's a great Republican stronghold, but the Democrats are coming in hard on Nashville.
Nashville's gonna be the next Austin, Texas, at the rate it's going.
Watch the Nashville police arrest a woman who's standing outside.
They believe she was targeted because she had a Trump shirt on.
I'm surprised by that.
Trump's very popular in Nashville, but not wearing a mask, sitting outside, gets arrested by police.
Look at this.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Are you kidding me?
Are you kidding me?
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm just filming.
What is he doing?
She's being arrested for no mask?
You guys are disgusting.
You guys.
What is he doing?
She's being arrested for no mask?
You guys are disgusting.
You guys, you should be ashamed of yourself.
They're singling out a Trump supporter.
So this lady gets arrested without a mask.
Meanwhile guys, let's go to clip 4 here before the break real quick.
Roll this.
So police officers sitting in their car and they get attacked.
Just sitting in their vehicle they get attacked by these guys with lacrosse sticks and baseball bats.
And they try to break into the car.
They throw rocks at the windshield, beating it with bats and stuff.
And the cops do nothing!
Now, granted, I followed up on this.
These individuals did end up getting arrested when backup arrived.
But just imagine that.
You're standing outside doing nothing, minding your own business.
A whole team of officers comes to arrest you.
But if you're in New York City or L.A.
and you're a cop sitting in your car, a whole mob of anti-cop leftists are going to come and try to murder you and you can't even do your job.
Think about that, folks.
That's how lost we are.
That's how far we've fallen.
That's ridiculous, man.
And now if you're an officer, you get fired for supporting Trump.
So we've got that story coming up.
NYPD suspends cop who blared Trump 2020 from a cop car.
So I mean, it's just clown world out here.
Are you kidding me?
Are you kidding me?
So you're watching a team of eight police officers arrest a woman who's standing outside without a mask.
Not wearing a mask.
What is he doing?
She's being arrested for no mask?
You guys are disgusting!
Now this is a perfect example of the clown world that we're living in here folks.
There's so many different angles of this too, by the way.
You know that Trump supporters support the police overall.
You know that in that polarized narrative of the police are good or the police are bad,
Trump supporters have the police back.
They back the blue.
They want to continue to fund the police and support the police.
It's the Trump haters that hate the police, want to defund the police and even attack
the police.
In fact, another video we have here, cops just sitting in their squad car and they get
Just, you know, people, of course, wearing the COVID mask.
But I mean, these are masked vigilantes coming up to a cop car while an officer sitting inside
of it, beating it with bats, beating it with sticks, throwing rocks, breaking the windshield,
trying to break into the car, punch into it.
And the cop just sits there and lets them do it.
Now, here's the clown world aspect of this.
In a normal society, When individuals are behaving like this, they would be arrested and put down immediately and sent to jail.
But no, the cops have to take this because the Democrats are in charge and they know they'll be in jail if they go after these punks.
And the media will be after them all day long, saying how innocent these poor people were as they tried to murder police and surround their vehicle.
So the police have to take this.
But then, An innocent woman standing outside without a mask, she gets harassed, she gets arrested, she gets 8 cops, 10 cops coming after her.
Now, the reality of this situation is what?
Those individuals that were trying to break into a police car, And do harm to the officers.
Those individuals should have gotten their asses beaten and eaten concrete and dirt right there on the scene.
No questions asked.
But of course, you can't do that.
Because the Democrat City Council, the Democrat Mayor, the Democrat Governor, and the Democrat media will come after you, demonize you, and you're going to end up with your life destroyed.
Now, on the other hand, officers harass an innocent woman for not wearing a mask.
Ten of them team up on her and arrest her for not wearing a mask.
Now, again, I am not for violence in any situation, but just to explain the clown world situation here, so the police get attacked for doing nothing and sitting in their cars by a bunch of deranged media, mainstream media heads that hate the police, train to hate the police, so they attack the police and they pretty much get away with it.
Again, backup didn't end up arriving, arresting people, but in that meantime, they get to attack police, they get to do damage to the squad car, the cops have to sit there and take it.
Or in New York and all these other cities where the cops get beaten.
I mean, folks, you've seen such bad footage of police being jumped and beaten and ambushed and shot and murdered.
And they can't defend themselves.
But oh, here we are, and they go and arrest an innocent woman for not wearing a mask, and there's eight police officers.
Folks, I'm not condoning violence, so I want you to understand, we do support the police.
We believe they're good men and women, and we're all on the same side.
But let me tell you, This is the reverse weird clown world.
In that situation, those cops should have probably been attacked by the people, by the public.
You're harassing a lady and arresting a lady over a face mask?
That's the type of situation in a clown world where the police deserve the treatment they get from the public.
So again, I'm not condoning it.
It's good that there was peace there, but you know, if the mob of people that society, you know what, you're not going to arrest this woman for not wearing a mask and we're going to put you down.
We're gonna put you on the ground and you're gonna have to leave this woman alone.
And you know, maybe they throw some rotten tomatoes at him or something.
Again, I'm not condoning it, I'm just saying that makes sense.
You're a corrupt police force, you're going after an innocent woman, you're going to reap what you sow.
But when you're an innocent police officer just sitting in your car and you get attacked, well then that's normal.
So that's the new clown world.
Police officers, you get attacked, you have to sit there and take it, but then when you go after a woman for not wearing a mask, well you have to just do that and nobody can stand up to you.
And we all know because it's all the political pieces of this puzzle.
For the most part, conservative Republicans, Trump supporters like police.
So we're not going to give them a hard time.
Leftist Biden supporters hate police, want to attack them.
And so then the police are put in this situation where there's only one law that applies.
Folks, it's just true.
The mainstream media is the enemy of the people, number one.
They're the ones that have us divided.
They're the ones lying to us.
They're the ones faking pandemics.
They're the ones faking racism.
They're the ones faking hate crimes.
They're the ones faking police brutality.
It's all the mainstream news.
And there's all this little nuance and there's all these different angles and different crevices you can go into.
But that's it.
That's it.
Number one.
Mainstream media.
ABC News.
You know it.
New York Times.
Washington Post.
All of you.
You've done this to America, man!
I'm gonna take a deep breath and calm down.
It's just... I just can't.
Can you imagine?
If you didn't have the liars in mainstream news dividing us and pitting us against one another, can you imagine the type of prosperity and unity we could be having right now?
I mean, my God, especially under Donald Trump, who's anti-establishment!
Pro-America, like pro-prosperity, pro-you having a good job, pro-you having a good wage,
pro-you having prospects and a future.
So the good news is they've lost most of their They've lost most of their power, but they're still there.
They're still brainwashing people.
They're still dividing.
They're still instigating.
They're still lying.
What do you do?
What do you do about this criminal scum?
Here's an example.
Let's look at the latest in the COVID hoax.
Trump team just announced its surrender to the pandemic.
No, that's... They're just admitting that it's not a pandemic.
But we can't say that because then you'll say, look at them, they're denying anybody died and it's their fault.
I mean, you people are just sick!
Trump can't even be honest because you're so dishonest!
Think about that.
You can't even be honest in this day and age because the media is so dishonest, they're gonna lie every which way.
So they fake a pandemic, they increase the testing, they shut down the economy, they make you wear a mask, and then Trump just says, oh, here's the CDC numbers, here's the survival rate, I survived it, Melania survived it, my kids survived it.
So it's time to go back to normal.
And then CNN says, they're surrendering to the pandemic!
Trump wants to kill you!
CNN again.
White House Chief of Staff says, we are not going to control the pandemic because it's the flu!
No, but see, it's obviously very complex.
But talk about a spectrum or a scale, okay?
On this end of the scale, it's the mainstream media, it's the CDC, it's everybody.
Hundreds of millions are gonna die.
COVID is a death sentence.
We have to shut and lock everything down because you're gonna die and everyone's gonna die and it's the worst thing in the history of the world.
Okay, that's this side of the scale, this side of the spectrum over here.
Over here, on this side, it's just a flu.
It's just a cold.
Obviously, it's very more complex than that.
But on that scale, The truth is over here.
The truth is right next to it's just the flu.
The truth is right next to it's just the cold season.
It's just the flu season.
So here's the lying media.
Here's Fauci and Gates.
Worst pandemic ever.
Everyone's going to die.
That's their side of the spectrum all the way over here.
And then on the other side it's just the flu.
The reality is just beyond it's just a flu.
It's just kind of over here a little bit.
But on that scale it is just the flu.
And they know it.
They've rebranded the flu!
They have people running around in multiple masks and hazmat suits because of the flu.
You watch.
You watch.
Bacterial pneumonia will reach all-time highs probably in the month of December.
Bacterial pneumonia.
And Fauci knows it.
Let me tell you something.
Dr. Anthony Fauci is such a criminal.
He belongs in jail for the rest of his life.
He knows the masks cause bacterial pneumonia.
He knows it.
He knows hydroxychloroquine with zinc and other things and other factors are known cures of disease like... What was the one that he was with?
I lost it when he was working with Obama.
I forget now.
He gave!
Barack Obama was taking hydroxychloroquine and zinc.
They know all of it, folks.
These are criminal liars.
They belong in jail the rest of their lives.
Feds halt coronavirus vaccine awareness campaign that included Santa.
That's right, because they want your kids to be scared of COVID, too.
And then use Santa to give them a free vaccine.
Oh, don't worry.
Aw, just people are dying from the COVID vaccine in Japan and South Korea and, you know, there's just some complications in the vaccine, but Santa's gonna give it to your kid and then when they go into polio or Dionne Baret syndrome or just croak right there, it's for the good cause.
Fauci, this is from Business Insider, Fauci suggests a face mask mandate and warned that the general public might not get a COVID-19 vaccine until mid-2021.
See, they're pissed.
Trump took the reins on the vaccine and now they're pissed that they're not in control of it.
And Trump wants to use the vaccine and say, okay, time to reopen and get back to normal.
Which, again, though, we shouldn't even have to deal with that.
If a mask works, then we should get back to normal.
If the mask works, then get back to normal.
Of course, the mask doesn't work.
The mask is just a symbol of slavery.
The mask is a brand on your ass, like your cattle.
Oh, but it has my favorite sports team.
Oh, but my mask has a sweet little message.
My mask says Trump!
No, your mask is a sign of freedom.
I don't care what it says.
Excuse me.
Freudian slip.
Your mask is a sign of slavery.
I don't care what it says.
But they say, oh...
You're gonna need to wear that mask forever, even though it doesn't stop COVID.
And if it did, then we could be able to reopen.
But no, you get both.
You get double raped by these people.
Fauci and Bill Gates are double raping you right now.
Wear the mask and get the vaccine.
Wait a second, if the mask works, then I don't need the vaccine.
Wait a second, if the vaccine works, I don't need the mask.
No, you get both and we shut your economy down.
Do you understand how evil Fauci and Gates are?
This audience does, I know that, but it's just incredible they get away with this.
So the mask works, wear the mask, but everything still has to be closed.
And you can't vote in person, and you need a vaccine to reopen.
Even though Fauci knows the mask doesn't work.
Business Insider again.
With the election eight days away, Trump lies about why coronavirus rates are hitting record highs and calls the media losers for covering the surging pandemic.
The surging pandemic!
Does anybody actually believe this crap anymore?
Other than a deranged liberal Democrat who's mentally retarded anyway?
Folks, see...
You understand that Liberal Democrats, first they said, oh, the emails from Hunter Biden are unverified.
Folks, we now literally have the videos of Hunter, the pictures of Hunter, the diaries of the family, his signature.
I mean, it couldn't be more verified if it came and slapped them right in the face.
They say, oh, no, no, no, this isn't real.
But it's the same thing with the pandemic.
So, here's Twitter again, putting the push notification.
Folks, I mean, this is beyond 1984.
This is beyond 1 plus 1 equals 5.
in COVID-19 cases, cites the USA Today and New York Times report.
Folks, I mean, this is beyond 1984.
This is beyond 1+1=5.
That's what they're telling you.
Testing doesn't increase cases?
Of course it does!
How else are you having... You have no cases with no testing!
Zero testing, zero cases!
100 tests, whatever cases you get!
It doesn't matter.
They're all in on the lie.
They're all in on the fake pandemic.
It doesn't stop.
America's third COVID-19 surge is here.
It was predictable and preventable.
But nobody's dying.
They're faking the deaths, they're faking the numbers, there is no surge, nobody's scared.
But then, in California and New York, where they have the most deaths, they say how great of a job they're doing.
Los Angeles Times, how San Francisco became a national leader in slowing the spread.
No they didn't, they didn't slow anything.
They killed the economy.
They're shutting off the power now.
They say the same thing about Cuomo in New York, where he gets to write a book now, even though he murdered thousands of old people in the nursing homes, and all the people know it!
These are sick criminals that need to be in jail or we're all screwed.
You know, it's like taking a traumatic blow to the head.
It's like a dizzying, stunning blow.
It's just like, whoa.
Seeing all these people with the mask.
A mask that doesn't do anything folks.
It spreads.
The science on the mask is out.
It literally spreads.
It spreads.
COVID, bacterial pneumonia, all of it, man.
I shouldn't say spreads, it just causes bacterial pneumonia.
Hypoxia, all these other things.
Oh, wear the mask.
The law says wear the mask.
And it's just like a dizzying blow, man, because you look around and you just...
It's just, wow, are my fellow Americans this stupid?
Are my fellow humans here on this planet this stupid?
Are we this controlled?
Are we this dumb?
And then if you're the guy that dares to stand up and say, hey, the COVID thing's fake, the mask doesn't do anything, and they look at you like you're crazy, this is the clown world!
How do we even, I mean, how do we come out of this, man?
I don't want to live like this.
I know you don't either, but it's just, man.
What are we gonna do?
Because here's the thing.
We can't get physical because we're like the police right now.
Where the police do their job, and they handle a violent criminal in a physical manner, they're bad.
The same thing goes for us, so...
Even though it didn't even happen, the FBI staged a false flag in Michigan to kidnap the governor.
But hold on a second.
See, and this is where the thing is, I can't even be real about this situation.
I can't even actually talk about this because then they'll lie about me or sue me.
Of course I'm banned on social media everywhere, so what more can they do?
It's kind of like when Alex said, get your battle rifles ready, Antifa's coming to your front door, well look at them now!
Burning cities to the ground.
I guess Alex Jones was right again.
But see, I can't even sit here and be honest about the situation without being demonized, and so then I have to censor myself.
But no, here's the honest, here's the God's honest truth, and they'll try to probably set me up for saying this.
Our governors, our politicians, are physically attacking us.
We have a right of self-defense.
We have a right of self-preservation.
When they're locking you in your home, when they are shutting down your business, when they are forcing you to wear a mask, when they are forcing you to take a test, and when they're gonna threaten to force you to take a foreign substance, chemical rape, called a vaccine, that is a physical assault on you!
And in a sane society, in a free society, in our republic, we should be able to leverage physical attacks on them!
Now see, I'm not calling for violence.
But they have violated the non-aggression principle.
Not us!
They did that!
Yes, Governor Whitmer deserves a citizen's arrest.
But see, I can't say that.
Now I'll have an FBI team investigating me.
Don't worry about Hunter Biden.
Don't worry about Joe Biden or the crimes.
No, an InfoWars host said that the Democrats have violated the non-aggression principle, which they have, wanting forced vaccines, forcing you to wear a mask, forcing you to stay inside, forcing you to take a test, forcing you to shut down your business.
They have violated the non-aggression principle, and we're not allowed to respond.
We're not allowed to respond!
We're not allowed to talk about it!
We're not allowed to do anything!
We can't even go have a rally!
So, this needs to be understood.
I am not calling for any violence.
I'm not calling for any physical assaults or attacks.
I'm simply saying, they Have violated the non-aggression principle.
Not us.
Not us.
We have withheld.
We have stood back and stood by.
While the Democrats are raping our country dry.
Joe Biden taking millions of dollars selling you out.
They violated the non-aggression principle.
They brought this on themselves.
Whatever their fortune may be, but it's really sad.
And it just shows how tyrannical our government has gotten.
And there is just no recourse for us.
I was explaining this last night.
We have all the videos up at Band Out, video on the War Room channel from a Trump caravan, a Trump-trained caravan from this weekend.
And I've got local Republicans and people coming up to me like, don't be too loud on the PA, and don't go by this building and have on the PA, and then don't do this, and don't do this.
I'm sitting here like, don't do, how about don't tell me what to do?
We sit here and we take the liberal bullying all frickin' day long, and then we wonder why we're losing.
Let me just carry on here.
Three quarters of likely voters believe they'll recover from COVID if they get it.
Hey, that's good!
It should be a hundred percent!
It should be a hundred percent of people believe they'll recover, because almost a hundred percent will.
But nope.
So it's like we celebrate like, ooh, 75% of Americans know COVID isn't deadly, and it's just the flu.
Oh, but see, COVID is deadly, see?
We have the numbers, and they fake the numbers.
And then, it doesn't matter that they fake the numbers, the fake numbers just get real, and then you're not allowed to talk about it, or you're crazy if you talk about it, or quote the actual numbers.
And then they lock everything down, come to arrest you, and then you're bad, and you don't have any recourse.
Like this piece of human garbage, Dr. Tom Frieden, says, we're not going back to pre-COVID world anytime soon, The quicker we accept that, the more we can reduce deaths and economic disruption.
You know, I hate this notion when they say, COVID did this, COVID did that.
COVID did nothing.
We did this.
We shut down the economy.
We closed the schools.
We closed the hospitals from surgeries.
We did this.
And you have these people that think they're so intellectual, they go on TV and they say, COVID this, COVID that.
COVID didn't do this.
We did.
Oh, but did I mention Dr. Tom Frieden, former CDC director, pled guilty to sex abuse?
Got no jail time, but, you know, that's how it works.
So that guy, a sex abuser, tells you to wear a mask forever.
What human scum.
But again, now, again, people wake up.
Daily Mail headline.
Has COVID killed off the flu?
I mean, InfoWars reported this, what, four months ago?
Has COVID killed off the flu?
Experts pose the intriguing question as influenza cases nosedive by 98% across the globe.
No, because everything's COVID now!
The flu is COVID!
A car accident is COVID!
A bloody nose is COVID!
A stubbed toe is COVID!
A splinter in your foot is COVID!
It's all COVID!
Everything's COVID!
But now doctors are wise to the criminal Bill Gates.
Dr. Urso, who's been outspoken for cures on COVID that he knows we have, Bill Gates strikes us again with more lives.
They're so pathetic.
Not only does hydroxychloroquine work, but lots of other meds help stop COVID.
Stop lying!
And he finds out that it's a Bill Gates, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, funding the hydroxychloroquine tests.
So, of course, they want the vaccines.
They want to make their billions.
They want to make you a slave.
They don't want there to be a cure.
You know, I got a long day here at the InfoWars World Headquarters in Austin, Texas.
And, uh... Probably should calm down, but you know, it's just... I'm sick of these... Demons.
I'm sick of these liars.
I'm sick of these deceivers destroying us, folks.
And that's what they're doing.
They're destroying us.
And it's sad.
It's sad to see how brainwashed and deceived my fellow man is walking around wearing a face diaper.
I just want to live in reality, man.
I just want to live in reality.
Why is it so damn hard to live in reality?
Gosh, man!
The media builds this prison of lies!
We all have to sit here and suffer, begging for scraps of truth!
And the average leftist, see, the average liberal is so retarded, and I'm sorry, it's the only word to describe these people, folks.
They still deny the Hunter Biden laptop is real, even though we now have videos, pictures, all of it, signatures, I mean, the whole thing.
The lawyer requests the laptop back.
It's unverified, they say!
The COVID pandemic.
99.9% survivability rate.
99.9% chance you leave your house, you're not gonna get it.
Doesn't matter.
Shut everything down.
Ruin our lives.
Tell everyone to live in fear.
Take a vaccine.
Alright, we've got Patrick Howley coming up soon with breaking news out of Houston.
You know, but here's the thing.
I do expect Trump to get re-elected.
And that's great, that's good, but it's not going to stop the fake news media from dividing us, destroying us, and it's not going to stop this fake pandemic.
And we lost, folks!
Believe me, I'm telling everyone and their mother to get out and vote for Trump, but we lost this COVID battle.
We lost.
And I think maybe Trump really believes that they're just going to give this thing up when it's all said and done.
No, they are not.
Never will they.
We lost, folks.
We lost.
We're in a fake pandemic forever now.
So get used to it.
And you can't do anything because the FBI will come after you and the police will come after you.
They won't go after Gates and Fauci who are lying to us and criminally Attacking this country economically with a fake pandemic.
They won't go after the Biden crime family for taking tens of millions of dollars from foreign countries, selling us down the drain.
No, but you don't wear a mask?
They're coming for you.
You talk about how corrupt your governor is?
They're coming for you.
You open your business in the middle of a fake pandemic?
They're coming for you.
So what recourse do we have?
Sure, we can vote Trump in.
We can vote Trump in for 50 more years.
We'll still be in the fake pandemic.
Just makes me sick.
I tell you, man, I, you know... I look at this crew... I see the audience when we have events... And I just sit here and I just ponder... Are we what's left of free men and women?
Are we it?
Is this it?
Is this what it comes down to?
You're tuned in here?
This crew?
Our reporters?
Are we what's left?
Is this it?
Is this the rest of free America?
Are we the left vestige?
Are we the last?
Are we just an archaic shadow of free men?
What happened to you, America?
What happened?
What the hell happened, man?
It's unbelievable!
And because we've given them this fake pandemic victory, we're never coming out of it, folks.
You better face that fact, because you're never gonna really... If you think this thing's gonna... Trump says we're rounding the curve.
We aren't rounding the curve!
The whole thing's been fake!
They're never gonna stop testing!
The cases will never stop going up!
It's all a hoax.
It's all a sham.
It's all a fake.
It's an economic warfare attack.
Where are the free men and women?
Where are the brave Americans?
Well, I know where they are.
They get arrested.
Oh, you opened your business?
Oh, you didn't wear a mask?
Oh, you talked about how corrupt your governor is?
Oh, Biden, you took tens of millions of dollars from China.
Good job.
Oh, Hunter Biden, you're smoking crack and you got little girls and stuff with you and you're a sexual predator.
Good job, Hunter.
Good job.
Where is Hunter?
Anybody seen Hunter?
Paging Hunter.
So, believe me, I understand how important it is to get Trump reelected, but folks, we better wake up and realize only we can take this country back.
Only we can take this country back, and it has to start against the fake pandemic, folks.
It has to.
And I don't even have the answers, because, I mean, I live by the words I speak, but when most of the country is mentally retarded, I don't know what to do.
I mean, I drive down the streets of Austin and I get death threats.
By the way, police?
Not interested.
So I'm gonna have to spend hours on the phone with police just to get them interested in this?
I've filed... I mean, it's sad.
It's like, why haven't I filed police reports?
I've been assaulted and attacked dozens of times.
I've had one arrest.
I've filed multiple police reports.
It's on video.
I send them the video.
I have text messages threatening me.
I send them the text.
Video, audio, pictures, license plate numbers, names, dates, video, audio, text, everything.
Police report, police report, police report, police report, no arrest.
Doesn't matter.
But hey, I mean, if I went outside without a mask, oh believe me, the cops would be on me like stink on crap!
What is this clown world?
And see, that's the thing about President Trump that I appreciate, though, because he could run away from all of this.
Anybody could run away from all this.
It's very simple.
Get the hell out of it.
If you can socially distance yourself from a Democrat, you can find a way to be free again.
If you can socially distance yourself from the media, you can find a way to be free again.
Now, sadly, it's becoming few and far between.
Maybe you can go out and find a little mountain town.
Maybe you can go out and find a little lake town.
Something like that.
Some good local leadership that's conservative, that doesn't get involved in your life.
Okay, you can get away from it, but they'll come there too.
They already are.
I just don't know what to do, man.
Just, do we just all become recluses?
I mean, in New York and California, they show up at your house and arrest you if you have a party.
for violating COVID. [laughing
I'm sorry, I just can't even focus.
I'm supposed to be on air for six hours a day.
It's just, it's just such a joke, man.
It's just such a joke.
A fake pandemic.
They literally got away with a fake pandemic, man.
And we're sitting here just... Unbelievable.
I'll try to focus and cover some of this other news when I get back in this break, and then the guest Patrick Cowley is joining me.
I'm just...
People just need to understand, we're never coming out of this, okay?
Just understand this.
Rounding the curve after the election, vaccine, no vaccine, it's all fake, folks.
You're never getting out of this.
Ever, ever, ever, ever.
Even in Florida, you think they're doing great in Florida?
I got friends in Florida.
They still make you mask.
They still got half the crap shut down.
The governor said, hey, you can reopen the NFL stadiums full capacity.
They didn't do it.
They let in 10 people.
So just understand, until Americans decide to take this country back, until we, the people, decide to take action, you're never getting it.
You're never going to be free again.
You're never going to get out of this fake pandemic, folks.
And that's the big test that we're in right now.
And there's risks involved at every angle.
And sadly, the thing that we think is the safest The thing that we think is the least risky, which is to not fight this, is actually the most risky.
The biggest risk we take is doing nothing.
And the big lie is that we sit back and do nothing, and that's the least risky thing.
No, that's the most risky thing.
You're never gonna be out of these shackles unless you take that risk.
Alright, we're gonna move on to the Hunter Biden laptop from hell.
In this segment, Patrick Howley joining me in the next segment with some major election news.
Of course, Howley breaking news left and right right now at NationalFile.com, whether it's election news or the Biden scandals.
So that's coming up real quick, though.
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Triple Patriot Points right now.
This morning, even, they're talking about how Trump wants to get rid of Ray, Haspel, and Esper.
I don't think that we could see that happen fast enough.
And now everybody knows Chris Wray, Gina Haspel were both sitting on that Hunter Biden laptop and did nothing about it.
And you know, look, even Fox News is so sick because they're spinning it this morning saying, That Trump is mad that Chris Wray didn't help him in his re-election process.
You know, you dirtbags.
How about Trump is mad at Chris Wray for not doing his job?
How about Trump is mad at Chris Wray for covering up child abuse?
How about that, you dirtbags at Fox?
Literally, that was their headline this morning.
Trump mad at Wray for not helping him in re-election.
Oh, screw you!
Screw you.
Christopher Wray covered up child abuse.
How about that?
He should be fired yesterday.
Perhaps even in jail for a criminal cover-up of child abuse and treason.
We know who you are, Chris Wray.
We had doubts, but now we know.
You covered up the Biden family crimes.
You covered up the treason.
You covered up the sex abuse.
You did, Chris Wray.
You'll be lucky if you get fired.
Chris Wray would be lucky if he got fired.
He should be thrown into the same jail cell as Hunter Biden and Joe Biden.
Trump can't fire these heads fast enough.
Christopher Wray needs to go to jail.
CIA Director Haspel needs to be gone.
Defense Secretary Mark Esper needs to be gone.
Not when you get re-elected, Trump.
And you know, here's what he's being told.
Believe me, Trump wants to fire all these people.
See, and this is the problem with these D.C.
They're weak.
They're weak, they're pathetic, they live in fear.
So they're telling Trump, don't fire Wray, don't fire Haspel, not before the election.
That'll be bad.
It'll be bad.
It'll be bad, Mr. President.
The polls, the polls, the people, the polls.
No, let me tell you something.
If Trump fired these three heads of the CIA, the FBI, and the Defense Secretary, that would motivate people to go vote for Trump even more.
You think the FBI is popular?
You think the CIA is popular?
Give me a break!
But that's corrupt, swamp, D.C., pussy territory is what it is.
These little... Sorry.
These little wussies.
These little wussies.
These little wussbags.
They come to President Trump because he's banging on the desk like, what the hell is Chris Wray doing?
And they say, sir?
You can't get rid of Chris Wray before the election.
It'll be bad.
Sir, you can't get rid of Gina Haspel before the election.
It'll be bad.
You are weak!
And that's the advice that they give him.
So Trump says, fine, I'll wait till after the election.
No, President Trump, your instincts are right.
Fire them now!
And your poll numbers will go up!
End the fake pandemic now!
Your poll numbers will go up.
But you see, again, all of these wussbags, all of these puss-filled maggots in D.C.
come into the White House, they say, no, President, you can't do that, the people are scared.
No, President, you can't do that, it'll be bad for your re-election.
A bunch of sad sacks who haven't lived a day in reality for their whole lives.
They sit in D.C.
playing with their little, their little tiddlywink D.C.
games, these little politico games they like to play, like, ah, I'm in D.C., I have power, ah!
You're sick!
You're human filth!
You're wussbags!
You're maggots!
You're turds!
And it's time for Trump to throw all you out!
They're the ones giving Trump the bad advice!
They're the ones stopping InfoWars stories from getting to Trump's desk!
Now they're starting to get to Trump's desk!
They're starting to get to Trump's ear!
And his rallies sound more like an InfoWars broadcast than ever before!
What do you know?
His rallies are bigger than ever before.
Go figure.
Because the truth wins out.
Not this wooshbag, maggot, D.C.
swamp mentality.
That's a losing attitude it's been losing for 50 years.
That's how Joe Biden's been able to get away with all this crime.
Because of all the wooshbag maggots in the swamp saying, oh we don't go after our own.
Christopher Wray sits on Hunter Biden's laptop, protects him from child sex abuse.
What the hell's wrong with you, Wray?
The latest from Gateway Pundit.
By the way guys, is Jim Hoft on with me on the war room later today?
Okay, we're working on getting him a line today.
He may already be confirmed, I don't know.
Anyway, the latest from Project, or excuse me, Gateway Pundit, Project Veritas also has breaking news today.
More election theft if they caught him on tape, but Text messages show Vice President Biden and his wife colluded to suppress Hunter's actions with a certain minor.
And they have all the text documented here.
And more is coming out, folks.
And look, I'm just going to tell you, it's not just Hunter Biden.
It's others.
It's other Democrats.
It's other members of the media.
And it's their kids.
I wonder how much of this is going to come out, though.
Why is Hunter Biden on tape doing all of this stuff?
Why is Hunter Biden on tape doing all of this stuff?
Why is he shooting some of it himself?
Why does some of it appear to be like maybe undercover camera or from a television or something?
What is really going on here?
Who owns the Bidens?
Who owns our politicians?
Who is blackmailing these people?
Remember, it came out during the Epstein testimonies how Epstein had the tapes on everybody.
Pretty much videotapes of everybody engaged in sexual acts, probably even with minors and other such stuff.
Who knows what else he had?
Why is all this footage of Hunter Biden doing this out there?
It's all blackmail, folks.
This is how the blackmail complex, the compromised blackmailed individual complex, works.
So, You either have somebody tap into your computer or cell phone and get video footage of you or take documents off of it and blackmail you, or you have to do it yourself or do it at a party or do it at some event and then send it to join the club as part of the blackmail.
Folks, I'm telling you right now, everybody knows Joe Biden molests kids.
Everybody's seen it.
If you want to see how bad it gets, just wait and see, folks.
More is coming out.
Joe Biden molests kids.
Joe Biden has called it a lid on the rest of the campaign.
That's right.
In a pitiful, historical move, Joe Biden will not be campaigning to a smattering of people honking in their cars in the last week before Election Tuesday.
Well, I'm sick and tired of smart guys!
Well, I suppose you can't blame Joe Biden.
More Trump supporters have been turning up at his rallies than his own supporters.
This as the Hunter Biden emails emerge with disturbing photos and video of Hunter doing his thing, smoking crack and fornicating with hookers.
With the outside possibility of bombshell evidence dropping this week of Hunter abusing underage girls, it doesn't take much to realize that Joe must have set a fine example.
There is no controversy about my son.
It's all a lie.
It's a flat lie because the president has nothing else to run on.
If you notice, while American people are talking about what's happening to their families, he has no plan.
In the debate, he has no plan.
Everything from the Wall Street Journal, every other major news outlet has said what he's saying is simply not true about my son.
But it's classic Trump.
Classic Trump.
Now text message evidence has emerged revealing that Joe Biden knew about claims that Hunter was sexually inappropriate with a minor.
The texts detail a mother accusing Hunter Biden of inappropriate contact with her child and told Joe Biden that the police would be called if Hunter came near the minor again.
Joe's brother Jim sent a text to Hunter with a plan to silence the mother.
The child in question is allegedly a relative of Joe and Hunter's.
Apparently a lot has been transpiring behind the scenes as Joe Biden juggles a corruption scandal, a potential child abuse cover-up, and a presidential campaign simultaneously.
Is old Joe calling a lid because of his son's debacle?
Or does Joe already know something we don't?
We have put together I think the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud Organization in the history of American politics.
Meanwhile, 60 Minutes and the rest of the pro-Democrat propaganda circus will struggle to keep Joe Biden's campaign of lies alive.
I can make sure every single person who qualifies for community college can go and we still have a lot of money left over.
That's what I mean by significant institutional changes.
The nonpartisan Tax Policy Center and others have questioned whether Joe Biden's corporate minimum tax plan would raise as much money as he estimates.
After our interview, Mr. Biden's staff told us he misspoke and that the cost of free public college could be twice as much as he said.
Do you think?
That your tweets and your name calling are turning people off.
No, I think I wouldn't be here if I didn't have social media.
But the media is fake.
And frankly, if I didn't have social media, I'd have no way of getting out my voice.
Do you know what you told me a long time ago when I asked why you keep saying fake media?
You said to me, I say that because I need to discredit you So that when you say negative things about me, no one will believe you.
I don't have to discredit you.
But that's what you told me.
You've discredited yourself.
I'll see you in a little while.
Be careful.
Expect to see one presidential candidate relentlessly hitting the trail during the most important week before the most important election concerning the future of the United States.
The only one that has truly faced the hypocrisy head-on, Donald J. Trump.
John Bowne reporting.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, Joe Biden calls a lid on his campaign as it comes out of all his crimes, all his treason, and all the sexual, sick, sexual, seductive fantasies of him and his family.
And now Christopher Wray, covering all of it up, probably needs to be thrown into a jail cell with The Bidens.
But, coming up next, Patrick Halle is on the march, ladies and gentlemen.
Breaking news on the Biden crime family, and now, the massive attempt by the Democrats to steal Texas.
We knew they were coming in Pennsylvania, and Florida, and Michigan, and Minnesota.
They've been caught.
Now they've been caught in Texas.
That story coming up next.
The headline at nationalfile.com, exclusive Texas poll watcher testifies on 2020 voter fraud in Houston, has photos, Texas poll watcher Raymond T. Stewart, a retired police officer, submitted a sworn affidavit Thursday.
that was provided to the Harris County District Attorney's Office and exclusively obtained by
National File. Patrick Howley has the story and joins me from nationalfile.com now.
Wow, Patrick, I'm wondering if you're sleeping these days with all the news that you're breaking
at National File. So scoop us, what is going on here? We know they were trying to steal Pennsylvania
and Florida. We talked about that last week. They got caught in Minnesota, so they may have to back
off. But Texas, they've been caught in Texas now. Well, I sleep with one eye open, Owen,
and one of my sources on this story has had some very dangerous situations.
These people play dirty.
Now, what happens here is this voter fraud ring has been going on for a while.
There is a number of people who have already been indicted in Gregg County now by Attorney General Paxton stemming back from 2018 when they were doing this.
Harris County, they were doing this.
They were caught on tape going into the nursing homes, getting the nursing home residents to sign off their ex.
A nursing home resident was even denied food until he or she agreed to vote for the candidate that the nursing home was forcing them to vote for.
So this has been going on, and this has been going on under the watch of a man named Dallas Jones, who was recently hired to be the Texas political director for the Joe Biden campaign.
On Saturday, over a week ago, Dallas Jones disappeared.
He's usually a public guy.
He's usually like the mayor of Harris County.
He's out there shaking hands.
He disappeared.
We have numerous sources saying that he was picked up by the FBI.
Sources within the FBI told us that he wasn't necessarily picked up, but implied that he was interrogated voluntarily.
So, you know, my FBI source says, look, when you interrogate somebody like this, you put them up in a hotel, you sequester them, and then the interrogation goes on for days.
Now, yesterday, on Sunday, Dallas Jones was spotted for the first time in over a week at the Fountain of Praise Church in Houston.
So this is the first time we've seen Dallas Jones.
There are rumors that the Joe Biden campaign has technically fired him for damage control reasons.
But here's what's really going on.
The FBI has been investigating this.
I know that for a fact.
The FBI knows exactly what's going on with the fake IDs and the fraudulent voting and the fraudulent drive-thru voting.
They are trying to do their bare minimum to try to stop this as FBI agents while keeping it silent, while trying to not get it out into the press, while, you know, massaging the reporters there, the Democrat reporters in Houston, Texas, not to talk about it.
And then we see Chris Wray coming out saying, oh, the reports of voter fraud are the Iranians.
It's Iranian disinformation.
Sending a message to the rank-and-file agents.
Shut up about these investigations.
And if anybody talks about voter fraud, then it's Iran who's spreading that kind of misinformation.
So the orders are coming down from the top, from the FBI.
Shut up about this stuff.
But I'm not going to.
Well, Chris Wray, at this point, To me, he's involved in criminal activity.
I mean, I think we gave him the benefit of the doubt that he was at worst just hapless up there and inactive.
Now it looks like he's actively covering up crimes.
The sexual abuse of even children by the Biden family, the illegal payouts, millions of dollars
from foreign nations to the Biden family, and now this just blatant election theft that's
going on in Texas.
Now here's why I've said this for a while.
I've been worried about Texas going blue, A, because they move in all these people from
California and they're turning Austin, Texas into Los Angeles, bringing in Google campuses,
Apple campuses, Facebook, all these other things.
So they bring in these leftists, these liberal voters, and then they just do outright fraud
here in Harris County and in Texas.
The Travis County Republicans, the GOP, is weak.
I mean, weak as a wet noodle.
Thank God that we have Colonel Allen West as the head of the Texas GOP now.
Otherwise, I really believe that the Democrats would get away with this theft.
I really believe The Democrats thought that this was the year they would turn Texas blue, and thank God Allen West is the head of the GOP now to fight some of this on the Republican side, because the Republicans don't fight this.
They let this happen.
They've been letting this happen.
Absolutely right.
The Republicans don't know how to fight most of the time.
President Trump is the only one who has taught them how to fight and they all get dragged along and they, you know, roll their eyes about it as though somehow it's uncouth for them to actually engage in politics.
The Republican Party is going to go down in history as controlled opposition and you're right, we've got Colonel West.
Leading the Texas GOP, which is good.
But you know, if it wasn't for me, and if it wasn't for a couple of private investigators, former law enforcement people, a very brave poll watcher, this stuff would not be out there.
The media would cover it up.
The Republicans wouldn't do anything about it.
So we're standing up to the entire machine.
We're standing up to the entire Democrat voter fraud behemoth.
And we're doing this ourselves.
And thankfully, President Trump is receptive to it.
I believe that Bill Steppe and the campaign manager is receptive to it.
I know that they are.
Plotting a strategy for what happens in the overtime period after election day.
So we've got to be grateful that we have Trump as the Republican candidate, because if it was Romney or McCain or Nikki Haley or one of these other folks, they would not be fighting.
They would concede on election night.
And of course, Project Veritas caught the Beto campaign involved in all kinds of criminal activity as well.
Nothing was done about that.
They got away with all that with absolutely no punishment.
So, maybe this story will be the same way, but it sounds like there's at least some interest from law enforcement.
But, you know, thank God that you broke this story.
Now other people are having to pick it up as well.
Here's a story from Texas 2020 elections on The Texas Tribune.
Voters in Harris County may continue using drive-thru voting, the Taco Bell style voting as you call it.
Texas Supreme Court rules, so I mean that's how they get away with the fraud.
Texas Attorney General Ken Paxson warns election officials against expanding curbside voting, so they're just going to do it anyway.
Biden's Texas political director implicated in massive mail-in ballot harvesting scheme.
And of course, again, that was broke by you, even covered in the Tennessee Star.
Politico, where Texas could actually turn blue in 2020, highlighting Harris County as one of them, because they know where the election fraud goes down.
I mean, how can we let this happen?
Mail-in ballots?
Taco Bell drive-up voting?
I mean, this is just, it's really just a joke.
I mean, it's so obviously rampant for corruption, the fact that we even accepted this at face value is kind of sad.
Yes, it is kind of sad.
And it's sad that we walk around with masks.
I don't, obviously.
I don't wear a mask.
I refuse to wear a mask.
And so, you know, what we're seeing now with the Great Reset, what we're seeing with this election fraud, this is a plan that's been ready to go.
You can look at the photo that is out there of Dr. Anthony Fauci with Bill Gates, Bill Gates Sr.
and George Soros.
Ted Turner, David Rockefeller back in 2001.
This club has been plotting what they're going to do in 2020 and now you can see it on the cover of either Time or Newsweek talking about the Great Reset.
The Great Reset after the scandemic of coronavirus.
They've had this ready to go.
They've been planning to do it in 2020.
And we are in the fishbowl.
We're in the middle of this right now.
And there's only a few sane people left.
The way that the normies are now getting so emotional and hysterical about reciting these talking points, it shows that they're fearful, too.
They're scared.
They're scared like in any communist takeover that they're going to be wiped out.
They're going to be sent to the FEMA camps unless they do like in North Korea at the great leader's funeral and cry and show that they're super into it.
That's what's happening in the United States of America right now.
It's mind control.
It's sad to see, but you know what?
It's dangerous to be somebody like you and me who are outside of the matrix, but that's okay.
I don't care.
I live a dangerous life.
The old saying goes, I'd rather live in dangerous freedom than safe slavery.
What is the exact saying?
I think I'd rather live standing than, you know, die standing than live on my knees.
I also like to live dangerously.
You know it.
But you know what's sad?
I mean, the guy comes up to me, they death threat us now.
I mean, we got it all on tape.
I mean, how pathetic is that?
I can't even get an arrest of people when it's on tape they death threat me.
It's on tape they assault me.
It's on tape they spit on me.
It happens right in front of police officers.
And it's like, no interest.
I have to harass and harangue APD just to move on the guy who does a death threat with me.
I got his face.
I got the video.
I got the license plate.
I got him saying it.
No action.
No response.
So it's the same thing though with voter fraud, isn't it?
It's like, hey, here they are committing voter fraud, eh?
It just happened with Rudy Giuliani.
He was driving down the street in New York City and mobbed, absolutely mobbed by the left and even the NYPD, which Rudy Giuliani was a hero of.
Didn't do anything about it.
That's the guy who led us through 9-11.
This country is going down if the left gets their way.
It's going down.
Patrick Halle, let's continue this conversation on the other side of this break.
You know, it's really an incredible phenomenon that we're seeing right now with law enforcement and how one-sided it is.
And I get the point here, because it's like, look, I can go out and say, I have all these rallies, I go to all these events, we get on the bullhorn, we go in the truck and we say, support Austin Police!
We love the police!
Thank you, police!
We go and organize events to show support for them, Back to Blue and all this stuff.
And then I get death-threaded.
I get attacked.
They don't have my back.
I have their back.
They don't have my back.
Now, I get it, because...
You're a police officer.
You're in law enforcement.
You're not supposed to be political.
You're not supposed to be biased.
You call it right down the middle.
Now, me getting a death threat, I don't know how that's political, but fine.
Okay, fine.
Don't investigate a death threat against Owen Troyer.
Oh, they'll shut down the state capitol.
They'll shut down parks.
Folks, in Austin, Texas, we've got parks that have basketball courts.
They literally went and took the rims down.
So, like, they're totally politicized for the Democrats, though.
Totally politicized for the city council that demonized them and votes to defund them.
Totally politicized to protect the Democrat mayor.
But, oh, somebody that has their back?
No, then they're not interested.
They don't want to be considered political.
I mean, I don't know what to do about that.
It's such, everything is just such a clown world.
Patrick Halley is with me.
You know, what do you make of that dynamic?
And then I want to kind of talk about electoral college projections.
But I mean, what do you make of that dynamic, Patrick?
Because it's everywhere.
Like in New York, a police officer just got suspended for saying Trump 2020.
In Nashville, a Trump supporter gets arrested for not having a mask on her face.
A whole team of police.
But in New York and LA and all these counties, police get ambushed, they get shot, they get harassed, they get terrorized.
We have their back.
And we don't get it reciprocated!
I mean, what do you make of that?
Well, I never got too wrapped up in the huge back-to-blue kind of stuff coming from Bill O'Reilly all those years or Fox News, but I appreciate the police in terms of some of the things that they do, but right now we're in the middle of a Great Reset, and many of the police are operatives for the Great Reset.
You mentioned taking down the hoops of the basketball on the basketball corps.
I mean, this is what we're seeing.
They are going to take everything away from us.
They're going to consolidate all the wealth and the power at the top, and they are just going to humiliate us.
And that's what's going on.
The World Economic Forum said back in 2016, you know, in the future, you'll own nothing and you'll be happy.
And that's really what's going on now.
And so, part of the Great Reset is also the Green New Deal, where they're going to knock down all the buildings in the country because they're not, you know, in line with whatever Alejandro Ocasio-Cortez says about climate change.
Are they going to go around and rebuild all those buildings?
It's a Great Reset!
They're destroying us!
They're knocking everything down!
And they are literally declaring war against us, and a lot of people are too blind to see it.
Yeah, and you know, you mentioned the Great Reset.
Here's what it really comes down to.
The Global Great Reset, as you've been reporting on, as you said, has been planned and in the works for decades.
They've been planning for this Global Reset for decades.
Trump got in and he wants an American Reset.
He wants an American Reset where the cities that have been so destroyed by these bad trade deals with empty factories and roads falling apart, bad infrastructure, old airplanes, old air parts.
He wants the American Reset.
He wants money to go into the American infrastructure, new roads, new airports, skyscrapers, rebuilding and getting the manufacturing facilities back up and running.
That's the American reset.
Oh, but see, you can't have a world reset, a New World Order reset, if America has its own reset and we still have private property.
Because that's what it's all about.
We have private property.
We have free speech.
We have guns.
They have to take all of that away to bring in the New World Order.
Right, that's the fundamental difference.
It's between building America or destroying America and trampling on it and stomping on it.
There's nothing the Democrats can say that can ever convince me that they actually care about America.
They're trying to crush it.
It's really unfortunate that a lot of these people think that the Democrats are still thinking about their own interests or whatever.
It's just not the case.
They see America as the last big opposition to the New World Order, in addition to Russia.
They also see Russia as a big opposition to the New World Order, and they actually think that Brazil under Bolsonaro is a problem to them.
So, they're spotlighting these different places around the world that they're very concerned about, but America's number one.
America's their crown jewel.
If they can get America Uh, destroyed this year, next year, then that will pretty much pave the way for the new world order.
And only Russia will probably be able to keep up any kind of resistance.
Yeah, Russia, the United States, and Brazil are kind of the new, I guess, you know, anti-New World Order access of powers, with very nationalistic leaders who don't want to fall into this New World Order trap, which is what it is.
Now, that's why this election is so important, and I want to get Patrick Halley's take on this, guys.
Let's pull up the digital Electoral College map here.
So this is where Well let me actually update this.
I do believe Trump will win Florida now.
So guys, let's go ahead and turn Florida.
Okay, yeah, what I'm worried about though...
Here, put Michigan and Minnesota brown.
I was nervous about New Hampshire, but then Trump had that massive rally in New Hampshire yesterday.
I think Trump will win New Hampshire, but here's what I'm afraid of.
We will overcome the voter fraud in Florida and Texas, but I'm worried about Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Minnesota.
They may back off in Minnesota where they've been caught, but with that dirtbag Governor Whitmer and that dirtbag Governor Tom Wolf in Philadelphia with all the voter fraud, I'm afraid that they could steal those two states.
Trump could still potentially win.
But what do you make of that map?
Do you have any differences in your analysis right now or what?
Well, we're going to have to fight really hard in the states that you mentioned, because Michigan has already announced that they're not going to announce on election night.
They're going to drag the thing out.
In Pennsylvania now, you have the very corrupt Pennsylvania Supreme Court, which has ruled that you don't even need to have the ballot postmarked by election day now.
It can still be counted three days after election day.
And by the way, the signature on the ballot, on the paper ballot, doesn't even have to match the signature on the voter registration.
So it's very brazen what's going on in Pennsylvania, specifically in Philadelphia.
You see those big lines in Philadelphia, all the people dancing, all the Democrats dancing in their masks.
It's a tough, tough thing.
I've been on to Philadelphia for a long time.
You know, that stupid mail-in ballot mailbox that they have outside of Philly City Hall, they actually had to move it during the riots, during the George Floyd riots.
So the whole thing is just a mess and it's nonsense and chaos.
In Pennsylvania, It is such a corrupt state.
I love the people of Pennsylvania.
Pennsylvania was so key to our win last time.
The politics of Pennsylvania, it's like a third world country.
It's like a banana republic.
It truly is because of the Democrats.
And then you've got this authoritarian Karen, the Alpha Karen, Whitmer, up in Michigan.
Alpha Karen!
The Alpha Karen.
She's the Alpha Karen.
She is Karen, and she really looks demonic.
If you look at her face, like, she was probably attractive a few years ago, but there's so much evil.
She has a rubber face or something.
Yeah, it's like a mask, and there's so much evil.
Yeah, she has a mask on her face!
Yes, and I've seen Kamala look like that too.
It may actually be demonic possession.
It's possible.
Well, I don't think it's possible.
I think it's very probable.
Very plausible.
But no, it is a weird thing.
I mean, because look.
You know, you don't want to say that everybody is something they're not.
I mean, we know about Big Mike Obama.
But it just makes you question all these people when they have these weird fake eyebrows and fake everything.
You just never know.
Yeah, yeah.
You're not sure exactly what's going on.
We are sure what's going on with Creepy Joe.
Creepy Joe is mentally deficient.
Creepy Joe is not able to figure out what he's even talking about.
And so you're going to have a guy who's in there who's not able to lead.
He's not Lunch Pail Joe.
He's not going to do it.
Let's talk about that on the other side with Patrick Halle from National File.
Creepy Uncle Joe.
I mean, this guy is even creepier than we thought, folks.
I mean, wow.
What do we have here?
Spooky, spooky, spooky.
Creepy Uncle Joe.
Oh, it's funny.
It's Joe.
Come on, man.
Candy's for the kids.
Maybe he forgot.
Wait a minute.
You look familiar.
Who are you?
[Sounds of a car crashing]
[Sounds of a car crashing]
[Sounds of a car crashing]
[Sounds of a car crashing]
[Sounds of a car crashing]
Are we gonna let her get away with this?
She took everything.
That pretty much sums it up right there.
Joe Biden 2020 is really Kamala Harris 2021, and she is going to rob you blind.
I mean, you gotta give Joe Biden credit.
I mean, that...
is a career criminal politician who's gotten away with, I mean, pretty much everything under the sun.
Kamala Harris will try to do even more.
She'll do even more just to prove she's a bigger criminal than Joe.
She'll spread her political legs wide open.
She'll get on her political knees and open up wide for anybody who's willing to make an offer.
Just ask Willie Brown.
Patrick Halle is still with us.
Trump is trying to launch the American reset.
The globalists want the New World Order reset.
We're watching closely, folks.
Here are the states to watch.
Texas, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Minnesota, and Florida.
Those are the big states that the Democrats are trying to steal.
I'm pretty much just giving up Nevada.
I think they're going to successfully steal Nevada.
I don't think there's going to be much of a fight there.
And I think the six points there, the six electoral college votes, are just kind of not going to come into frame here.
So we're just going to let the Democrats steal Nevada.
I don't believe that they will win, but I do believe they will steal it.
What do you think?
They got caught in Minnesota with Ilhan Omar's campaign.
Caught in election fraud there.
No arrests have been made that I'm aware of.
No FBI investigation.
So they got away with it.
But they got caught.
But they got away with it legally.
You know about Pennsylvania and Philadelphia.
You know about the millions and millions of mail-in ballots.
You know about the corrupt governor up there in Michigan.
They know that election theft is their only hope.
They know it.
They see the Biden events.
Nobody shows up.
The Trump events, tens of thousands of people show up.
But what do we do if they get away with this, Patrick?
What do we do if they get away with the theft in Pennsylvania?
What do we do if they get away with the theft in Michigan?
What do we do if they get away with this theft and they steal this election from us?
Everybody knows, even Trump, that's their only hope.
Well, first of all, think about how surreal it must be to be Willie Brown right now and see your piece Kamala become potentially the next president of the United States for all intents and purposes.
Willie used to be the power in that relationship.
And, you know, it's gone against Willie in recent years.
But, you know, in terms of what happens if they actually do steal it.
That's a good question and that's something that I talk about with people all over the country every single day.
Day in and day out I talk about that and nobody really quite knows what is going to happen yet.
There's not going to be a civil war if only one side is fighting in a civil war.
If the left is rampaging around and destroying people and destroying buildings and assaulting people,
the conservatives generally don't do that.
Conservatives generally like stable civil society.
And so much of the Republican talking points among the base in recent years has been about,
oh, well, we love immigrants even more than Democrats and we're less racist than they are.
They're the real racists and we love LGBTs even more.
And that's all fine and good, I don't care.
But that's not like a Rambo rallying cry.
So, you know, it's a tough thing to see.
I think you're going to see a lot of Republican subversion.
I think you're going to see Karl Rove over there on Fox News working against us starting on election night.
I think you're going to see potentially Ronna McDaniel get activated by the globalists and her uncle to work against us.
And then you've got a lot of these Republican rhino governors like Doug Roscoe, aka Doug Ducey, the governor in Arizona.
who comes from an organized crime family, who doesn't even talk to the state party chairwoman,
Kelly Ward.
So Kelly Ward's a conservative.
Doug Ducey is a total corrupt Democrat idiot who wanted to keep the state locked down forever.
He's not going to be on our side.
So you're going to see all of those Republicans who are really angry about Trump winning in
the first place all of a sudden being subversive, activating, and going against us.
It's, yet again, going to just be a small number of us who are going to really put up a fight for America, and I say that peacefully, a peaceful fight for America, but we're not going to surrender this country and we're not going to allow the Democrats to take over and then have to wear masks and live under their tyranny and get whipped by these people.
It's not going to happen.
You know, what is the linchpin in this?
Because everybody knows what is holding, say, Trump supporters, Republicans, Conservatives back.
Like you just said, we like being law-abiding citizens.
We like living in society.
We like living in civilized society.
We like having businesses open.
We don't like seeing stuff burned to the ground and terrorists run rampant in the street, but we don't really do anything about it.
We don't really, there is no action.
There's no action on a political level.
There's no action on a law enforcement level.
I mean, other than President Trump and a few handful of Republicans, there's pretty much nothing.
There's no plan.
There's no action.
I mean, so what is the lynchpin there?
When do we the people, or how do we the people measure What is an appropriate response?
What is a clear and appropriate response to everything that the Democrats are doing, from the terrorism, to the fake hate crimes, to the fake news, to the attacks, to the lawfare?
I mean, when do we, the people, decide what is justified?
And how do we measure doing that?
Because we know the entire system has been built to go against us, including the police, the law enforcement that we support.
Well, it's fascinating.
I think about this a lot.
You know, Republican voters who are typically older and more successful feel plugged into the system.
If they have a 401k, if they have Social Security coming to them, you know, they have led a life that has been in relative stability.
Objectively speaking, historically speaking, we've not been stable in the post-war era at all.
But it seems like it's stable because of television and this kind of stuff.
And Fox News has always been the thought control leader for the Republicans.
Fox News, starting with Bill O'Reilly, has always controlled the talking points and what
people think.
And Fox News is very plugged into the deep state and this idea that we need to keep the
system afloat.
And so when you have people like me over the last 10 years, people like Andrew Breitbart,
others, Tucker Carlson even, who are starting to say, "Hey, this system is against us."
The system is designed to crush us.
The deep state's not on our side.
OK, we need to really think about changing the system or operating outside of the system.
The Republicans don't want to hear that.
And you begin to see that the Republican Party, the GOP itself is extremely subverted.
The NRA is supporting red flag gun confiscation laws, which is the mechanism of gun confiscation, especially against veterans.
They're propping up this system, and the system is left-wing.
Every year we get more and more leftist, more and more radical, more and more toward the Marxist vision, the Bolshevik vision, and the Republicans aren't putting up any kind of real opposition to it, except for Donald Trump.
That's a thing where we have to really tell people, look, I understand that maybe you have $300,000 in the bank, maybe you've led a good life, you've saved, you've paid your mortgage and all this and you're proud of yourself and that's fine.
But the system is destroying all of us.
And for those of us who are younger, who are looking at a life of potentially living in
a FEMA camp, we need all of the Republican voters of all ages to come together and say
there's something deeply wrong here.
And then we need to start talking about is there going to be secession on a county by
county level?
A lot of Republicans don't want to secede because they love the flag.
But if the flag itself becomes subverted, can we take that flag and say, all right,
no, we're going to do a different America over here?
These are the questions that really need to start happening, because we either have these
difficult conversations or we spend the rest of our lives in a FEMA camp and the Bill Kristol
truth and reconciliation, South Africa style mobs come by, burn down your house, rape your
family and kill you.
And look.
The left, or their liberal progressive voters, whatever you want to call them, these deranged, mentally ill leftists out on the streets, of course they're for the system because it takes everything from us and gives everything to them.
They don't own private property.
Most of them probably don't even have a savings account.
I guarantee you they're probably all hopped up on drugs or maybe even illegal drugs and foreign substances, but you know, so they make all these poor decisions, they live their life this way, and then they feel they have no hope, no prospects because of their life decisions, so they just want to take everything from us and give it all to them.
That's their ultimate victory, is it not, Patrick Cowley?
That is Bolshevism, and it obviously props up the people at the very top.
The same thing with the Russian Revolution.
The Bolsheviks didn't really gain anything, but the Rothschilds and the bankers gained a lot from it.
And, you know, we're never going to have socialism.
Bloomberg's never going to give up his money.
Soros is never going to give up his money and move to a one-bedroom in Brooklyn.
Not that he'd even be able to afford a one-bedroom in Brooklyn.
But, yeah, no, the globalist oligarchs are going to do just fine.
But this mental illness we're seeing on the streets is going to get worse.
Oh my gosh, I'm just pulling my hair out right now.
With a week to Election Day.
I mean, Patrick, you know, I gotta admit, some days it's real easy to come on here and cover all the news and be focused and energized and everything, and some days it's just like a merry-go-round of insanity.
And you know what really scares me, though?
And I got some news I wanna go over with you here.
But you know what really scares me, Patrick, is that The most uninformed, the most uninformed people, the most deranged people, the most deceived people, the most hateful people control our destiny.
I mean, they literally control our destiny with their ignorant vote.
They don't even know who Hunter Biden is.
They think Kamala Harris is a queen.
I mean, it's all the Hollywood propaganda, the mainstream news propaganda.
They obviously own the entertainment industry.
Now 50 Cent says, oh, F Donald Trump.
Well, what happened, 50?
Who's got blackmail on you?
Do you really answer to that white bitch, Chelsea Handler?
What, she offer you a BJ?
I mean, so it's just like, Patrick, all their moves are black magic.
That's what we're fighting is black magic and all their little minions of their black magic and their lies and deception.
And these people control my fate!
They're gonna vote me into slavery, Patrick!
I mean, what do I do?
It's very sad the effect of their wizardry because we see it so clearly for what it is.
It's wizardry and there's nothing supernatural about it.
It just happens that they own the networks and the mainstream news networks through Operation Mockingbird have linked up with the deep state and so they push the deep state propaganda and we live in a propaganda matrix.
I mean America in the last few decades has been More surreal.
I think if you look historically, objectively, it's more surreal what's going on than probably any country ever in the history of the world.
We really are an experiment in whether or not they can totally control a population.
And so the hate that you're seeing from people That's a hatred that comes from the fact that they've been beaten down, that they don't have anything in their lives, that they're broke, that they're miserable, and they need to find somebody to blame.
And the system points the finger at guys like you and me, or Rudy Giuliani, or President Trump, and says, that's the reason why you're suffering.
It's him.
It's the white man.
It's the patriots.
It's America.
They're bad.
It's colonialism.
And they have simultaneously tried to ruin us while also propping us up
as being somehow in charge of all of this.
And it is wizardry and it's very effective because as stupid as it seems to us, you have
to realize that there are a lot of stupid people and you never gain anything by overestimating
the intelligence of the dumbest normies among us.
The normies are our enemy, we have to say it.
I'm a populist.
As a populist, I want people to do well.
I want people to rise into the upper middle class.
I want people to have successful, peaceful, wonderful lives.
We can't do that if the dumbest people among us, the people who are rolling around in their own piss on the street, have more power in our political system than I do.
And that's literally it.
But they're totally disempowered.
They don't even realize it.
I'll make up a word here.
But that's because they believe Hollywood.
I mean, they actually think Hollywood has their back.
They actually think these politicians have their back.
They're going to sell you out faster than they can flick their wrist.
You have no idea how many young white women, millennial white women, who I have spoken to who literally believe that the power structure of America is white supremacy, white nationalism, and that Trump is going to send the Klan and the Proud Boys around to round up all of the spirited progressives after the election.
They truly believe that.
And you realize that with the power of the media, they're not anchored to anything.
So the crazier and more feverish the media gets, The normies just follow it along, and that's where we're at now.
We're at a point where we really can't coexist with the left.
We can't coexist with people who want to destroy us and kill us, who hate us with every fiber of their being, who define their entire lives around hating us.
That's not healthy.
We're never going to come together like grown-ups and work together in a bipartisan way.
First of all, we wouldn't even want that, because the only bipartisan things that come out of Washington are things like the Iraq War or massive bailouts for the banks.
Bipartisanship is over, and we need to really think about how we're going to survive.
The only way to survive, I think, is to separate.
Yeah, and you know, it was actually, I guess, it was either this week or last week, and I can't even remember.
Everything's a blur, but I'm going around in the Infowars truck.
And look, I'm not trying to body shame or anything, and sometimes I do and I regret it, but it's really none of my business.
However you want to live or whatever you want to eat, it's none of my business if you want to live unhealthy.
But I'm out there, and Patrick, this morbidly obese woman, at least 300 plus, probably has her own gravitational field.
And she comes up to me with a mask, and I'm like, ma'am, the mask doesn't stop COVID.
This is a fake pandemic.
And she's screaming at me, her mouth huffing and mask huffing and puffing on and off her face.
She's like, this is a real, people are dying!
People are getting sick and dying in Spain!
And I'm like, ma'am!
You know, heart disease and obesity and diabetes is actually a bigger killer than COVID.
That doesn't seem to bother you!
And so, but it's like, that's the madness.
It's like they want to take their madness and project it onto us to make us suffer somehow.
It's like, ma'am, you chose to be 350 pounds and 5'6".
Not me!
You chose to have diabetes.
You chose to have heart failure.
You chose to be morbidly obese.
I don't give a damn about your fears of COVID.
I'm not afraid of COVID.
There's no reason for me to be afraid of COVID.
But what is she?
She's a creation of the mainstream news.
She's a creation of Hollywood propaganda.
And she's sick.
She's unhealthy.
She's deranged.
I'm just like, hey, here's the reality.
And she hates me for telling her the truth.
It's a three-pronged process.
They demoralize you, then they empower you, and then they point toward the enemy, and the enemy is conservatives and Trump.
So, they demoralize you by making you morbidly obese, by giving you terrible food to eat, by poisoning the food, poisoning the air, poisoning the water, doing all the terrible things that they do, giving you this propaganda and this fake education in Marxist schools, turning you into an idiot with basically no agency over your own life.
Then they empower you.
They give you Oprah, and they say, it's okay that you're morbidly obese and stupid.
You don't need to conform to anyone else's beauty standards or IQ standards.
And 2 plus 2 doesn't need to equal 4.
That's just colonialist doublespeak.
You're fine just the way you are.
And then they cry on Oprah, and then they're empowered.
I'm empowered to speak my mind!
And then they say, all right, you know who's done this to you?
You know who's bad?
Oh, it's Rudy Giuliani.
It's the Proud Boys.
It's Trump, they're evil, and they're the reason why there's all these problems in the world.
And so they've been beaten down and demoralized, then they've been empowered in their demoralized state, and then they've been weaponized against the enemy, and the enemy is just sane, regular people who are effective and can actually live lives.
And so it is a very fascinating way that they control people's minds from the moment that they're born until the day that they finally croak from heart failure and get marked as COVID deaths.
And that's really what it is.
That is literally what it is.
Everything's a COVID death now.
But you know, and here's the other thing too, because you just said it, and the quote from Obama really highlights this.
You didn't build that.
Remember that quote from Obama?
You didn't build that.
That's the epitome of their belief because, you know, when you, everybody, here's the big lie that the left doesn't tell you.
Everybody goes through trials and tribulations.
Quite frankly, rich and successful people probably go through more than the average man.
But see, you never learn that until you've wanted to be successful.
You never learn that until you have success.
You never learn that until you embark on missions that are difficult and you overcome and you make compromises.
But that's life.
That is life.
But these people sit back And they never try to take a leap forward.
They never have a mission.
They never have a success story.
And so they just sit here, and because of the media propaganda, and they see Kim Kardashian, and with her fake boobs and butts, and they see the media with all of the fake snuff, oh, all the rich people, they have all the money, they have all the happiness, and I'm down here, I have nothing.
Folks, that's their biggest lie, is to sit here and act like rich and famous people don't go through trials and tribulations.
I'm not even building people up like Kim Kardashian.
The point is, you don't think she goes through crap too?
You don't think it's hard to become a billionaire?
But that's their thing, it's like, oh, you're rich, you're white, you didn't build that, I built that for you.
You've never had any struggle in life, I have to endure all the struggle, and I'm sick of it.
And it's all a lie!
These people have the least amount of struggle.
The only struggle is internally.
Yes, the struggle is internally.
And that's right.
And their own internal struggle is now being projected upon all of us.
And we're being blamed for their failure.
We're being blamed for their idiocy.
And you realize that the useless idiots, or the useful idiots for the communists, they're useless to us.
The useless idiots are the most important part of the communist takeover.
It wouldn't happen without them.
Because Bill Gates can't just come by and subjugate me.
I don't care how much money he has.
He can't just, you know, totally take over this country by himself.
He can do it by manipulating the minds of the people.
And we're seeing that.
It's so disappointing because I thought we were making so much progress.
And then ever since the scandemic started, it's so disappointing to see the normies go so historically in the other direction.
But you're also seeing a positive thing whereby the crazier that they get, the more righteous our people get.
That is the paradox.
It's two different timelines.
Yep, that is the paradox.
Americans are waking up and getting more hardcore and freedom.
The left is getting more deranged, mentally retarded, and committing to tyranny.
Patrick Halley, nationalfile.com.
Just incredible work as always, brother.
Thank you, sir.
All right, I sign off for now.
Gerald Cilenti takes over.
I'll be back hosting the War Room in an hour, so tune in to the InfoWars War Room in an hour.
I'm going to be taking a lot of your phone calls then.
About a week away from the 2020 election, Democrat Party nominee Joe Biden is in desperate denial of the fact that he is now the central character in the most despicable corruption scandal in American history.
The subversion of the U.S.
government by Communist China is being exposed.
A group of Chinese whistleblowers managed to get a hard drive containing evidence of serious crimes committed by the Biden family into the hands of Steve Bannon and Rudy Giuliani.
Lewd media claimed a month ago that a hard drive would surface before the election containing videos of Hunter Biden violently raping Chinese children.
Those who have seen the videos support this claim.
To any good person, this is shocking and horrific.
And to many, it is incomprehensible.
But for as long as man has had power to gain, the art of blackmail has been exploited.
This was the purpose of a man like Jeffrey Epstein.
According to lewd media, these child rape videos of Hunter Biden were produced by the Communist Chinese as a means of control and were being sent to the Biden family and other CCP assets in America as a threat, a reminder of who owns them.
There are no rules in the game of power, only ruthlessness.
And so children become the currency of those who seek to control others.
Former business partner of the Biden family, Tony Bobulinski, worked as CEO for Sinohawk Holdings, a company formed by the Bidens and China's largest private energy company.
Bobulinski has provided evidence that shows Sinohawk was used to funnel millions of dollars from the Communist Chinese directly into the family coffers of the Bidens.
The mainstream media, in what must certainly be a criminal act, has been ignoring this incredible story while pushing their audience into voting for a decrepit, lying, perverted fraud with a monstrous family and loyalty to the communist Chinese.
We likely know what's coming next.
The Democrat Party will claim that Trump stole the election.
The corporate media will play along.
And those still brainwashed by the globalist-run propaganda media machine will undoubtedly believe it.
With massive crowds of people all over the country showing overwhelming grassroots support for President Trump in ways never before seen, contrasted with Joe Biden and Obama at public events practically devoid of all people, the media will still say that Trump had to steal the election.
They will cite their fake polls, and the brainwashed sheep will believe them.
If justice is served, which needs to happen, then there will be arrests of powerful people.
And the corporate media will report that Trump is literally Hitler, rounding up the innocent.
And the brainwashed sheep will believe them.
There is no doubt.
If they can be made to wear masks and fear those who don't, then they will believe whatever they are told.
Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly are ravening wolves.
Humanity is awakening, but not everyone.
The brainwashed are being manipulated into defending the corrupt deep state establishment.
Some are even murdering Trump supporters in cold blood.
It seems clear that Trump will win the 2020 election.
But then what?
If the corporate mainstream media is allowed to operate as normal, then there will be total chaos.
For InfoWars.com, this is Greg Reis.
Hello, hello.
Great being on the Alex Jones Show.
And as Alex said, do what you can to keep the truth alive.
Do what you can to support InfoWars.
Put your money where your mind and heart are.
Because things are bad out there.
As you can see in that great video about the elections that was just done is right on target, as I see it as well.
And the mainstream media is in total control of the minds of the masses.
And it's quite evident when this whole Hunter Biden story is basically buried.
It's not being reported at all from the major media.
And if it does, it gets a snippet in and out.
And it's twisted the way they want it by twisted minds, as I call them, prostitutes.
They get paid to put out.
By their corporate foremasters.
Men and women.
Well, I should say boys and girls.
Because men and women wouldn't act the way that they do.
And how about that guy, Tubin, huh?
That CNN in New York, a corker.
Caught mask debating.
What a guy, huh?
To me, he symbolizes the prostitutes.
And what they're selling.
Mask, M-A-S-K, you baiters.
Selling the fraud of wearing a mask.
There he is, the mask you baiter.
Along with the rest of them.
Pleasuring self.
You know, it's good to keep your prostate healthy, but you don't do it on Zoom.
Unless you're one of those guys.
Another little boy with a bad attitude.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Everybody gets caught.
They say, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry I got caught.
The prostitutes are nothing more than mascubators.
And all you have to do is tune in to CNN.
Dr. Anthony Fauci had been reluctant To support federal mask mandate, but not any longer.
And Fauci was on CNN.
He said, well, if people are not wearing masks, then maybe we should be mandating it.
Fauci told CNN's Aaron Burnett.
Maybe we should be mandating it.
Now there's a real little mascubator.
That's the little clown boy that back in March was saying, nah, you don't have to wear those masks.
And again, one study after another saying how ineffective they are.
There he is.
Here's the mascubator.
Saying that you don't have to wear them.
But he's a little nothing of a nobody that gets paid off to put out as well.
Here's a box of the masks that most people use.
Jointown face mask with air loops.
SafeShield technology.
Adjustable and soft nose piece.
Yeah, so when you stick your nose in, uh, as a brown noser, and you know why they call them brown noses?
Efficient filtered media.
Soft and comfortable ear loops.
Hmm, great.
Cold mask down over nose.
These masks Help protect against certain particulate contaminants, but do not eliminate exposure to the risk of any disease or infection.
Wait a minute.
Wait a minute.
Why would I wear it if it's not going to protect me against a certain particulate?
But do not.
Eliminate exposure to the risk of any disease or infection.
They do not eliminate exposure to the risk of any disease or infection.
But these are the stupid things that everybody wears.
These little blue things.
Come on out of the box.
Come on out of the box.
Here we go.
Here they are.
And then, you see, the stupid prostitutes doing the news with the microphone under their nose, and then they're telling you what to say, and people gobbling when they talk.
Oh, it's going down.
These things do nothing.
They fog your glasses up, and everybody wears them.
Oh, that was one of our great Anthony Frieda along with Stephen Green covers of our Trends Journal.
Brainwashed with crap.
That, by the way, we got censored on LinkedIn for putting that cover up of the Trends Journal two weeks ago.
So here it is.
They're telling you to wear these when they're totally ineffective by their own words.
But yet most of the people wear them or wear something around their face.
And then again, to show you the stupidity of it, this is what you see all the Chinese people wear.
And we became like the Chinese.
But now it's become fashionable to put a stupid mask on and look good.
I just came back from Florida.
I left Friday morning, came back yesterday to celebrate a great friend's 90th birthday.
And I went there in honor of her and her husband, may he rest in peace.
And it was a drag, man.
It's a drag.
The airport's a freak scene.
We landed in Fort Myers.
It wasn't one place open there, you know, that sells stuff.
I landed about, uh, what?
Four o'clock in the afternoon, 4.30.
Not one of the shops, everything was closed.
All out of business.
Oh, and I thought Florida was all opened up, but most of the people wore masks.
And I flew down first class.
And this is what they gave you in first class.
A box of crap.
United Airlines.
Yeah, United, screw you!
United, first-class rip-off.
Oh, I saw the pilots.
They had regular food and bowls and stuff.
I got a glass of wine and a crappy little plastic cup.
They're using this so they could charge you what they want, but they don't give you the service, blaming, blaming the virus.
What a bunch of crap.
First-class ripoff by United Airlines and probably all the rest that are using this to cut services so they can make up for the money that they're losing because air travel down, depending on where you're going and looking at it, it's down between 75 and 80 percent.
What a drag it was.
Now here's the real stupidity.
That they're shoving down our throat.
As you're getting off the plane, they said, well, we're going to call it out by rows so we can social distance.
Who the hell are you talking to?
You're in an airplane.
You walk over to go to the bathroom.
You're walking by everybody.
Everybody's sitting next to each other.
And now.
They're telling you to social distance as you leave.
So what I did, I opened up this other box of crap that they gave me on the way down.
I took this one on the way back.
It was a different one.
Top is snack box.
Snack box?
Snack a bunch of crap.
So I opened the box and played with the potato chips.
Took the jerky and gave it to maybe, uh... I think I gave it to Toobin.
Here's some jerky for ya!
Yeah, beef jerky, jerk-off!
That's what they're selling.
So I ate this stuff so I wouldn't have to put the mask on.
I didn't even eat it.
We'll be right back in a bit.
Hello, hello.
Great being on the Alex Jones Show.
And again, do all you can to support InfoWars.
They're robbing us of our freedom in every way you can look at it.
And they had that Black Friday in October and up to 60% off plus triple Patriot points and free shipping.
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I say that's racist.
I want White Friday!
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So again, put your money where your heart and mind is because things are bad.
The censorship is real.
What else do we got?
The markets!
The markets!
And it dows down almost 800 points as we speak.
So where's it going?
Well, they're going to keep pumping cheap money in.
And I believe they're probably going to do one even before Tuesday.
Election Day.
So that'll boost the markets up temporarily, artificially for a while.
But you go across around the world.
I mean, the markets in Europe are down today, big time.
And mixed over there in Asia, oil prices, Brent crude is now backed around $40 a barrel.
I mention that because what you're looking at is all of these oil rich nations, big and small, rich and poor, they need oil for selling it a lot more than this to keep their economies going.
And that's why you have countries like Nigeria, major riots going on.
They got like 200 and something million people down there.
And oil isn't doing well.
Even the richer companies, like countries, companies, countries, Greenberg, Iceberg, what's the difference?
They've all become companies now.
Because that's what they're doing to us.
By locking down everything, you're looking at merger and acquisition activity going way up.
These slimy little low lives, like that fat boy Pritzker over there.
And I don't know how you spell that, Pritzker, but I think it begins with a P-R-I and then you could put the rest of the letters in.
Just shut down more of Illinois.
That's right.
No noise in those bars.
No eating inside.
Look at that fat slob telling people what to do.
What does this piece of garbage crap know about health when you look at him?
Look at that.
Oh, and then he got that mayor over there.
That Lori Lighthead.
And then we got the clown Cuomo with the things going through his little boobs.
You know, his nipple things.
So going back to whether it's a big company in a small company, I'm talking about oil.
The bigs are going down, too.
But on the other note that I want to go as they keep They keep putting everybody out of business.
All the small people are going out of business.
All the small bars... Look at that!
Look at that!
How could any imbecile vote for these people?
Why not?
There's one in a town, city, and a village next to you.
It's all over everywhere.
They are destroying small businesses and the bigs are gobbling up everybody else.
All we are are workers on the global plantation of Slave-landia.
Black and white.
Remember that Obama?
Oh yeah, the racist nation that elected Obama?
The guy that kept fokin' us with his peace BS?
The Nobel Peace of Crap Prize winner Obama?
Oh, you like that Libyan more?
I want that guy Qaddafi outta there!
Oh no, Solenti, be proper.
You have to say it like a lying, scum, freak would say it with a straight face.
So the same stupid imbeciles who believe that lying piece of crap will believe the other crap that we're telling you about the coronavirus and why you have to follow our orders and do what you're told.
So, I was going back to oil.
You see a disaster going on.
That's why I was talking about the markets.
Oil prices are way down.
From Saudi Arabia to Venezuela.
From Iraq to Iran, you name it, East and Angola, one country after another that depends on oil, they're in trouble.
This is a global greatest depression the likes of which the world has never seen.
And if you don't believe me, look at what's going on around you.
The streets are dead.
I thought going down to Florida there would be a different vibe.
I heard everybody, most everybody was wearing masks.
Had to go into the hotel, you had to wear a mask.
Mask signs everywhere.
It's one big whack off.
They're mascubators.
Telling us what to do.
And Tubin proves it.
Tubin proves it!
A CNN New Yorker, it's perfect!
This is what they're doing to us.
And now it's all over the world.
Poland is locking down again.
Italy's locking down again.
Places in Spain are locking down again.
Can't go out and eat in Paris after 9 o'clock at night.
And that's when you go out to eat in Paris.
Because I dated the lovely Marie-Pierre.
His brother Francois was, uh, left shoulders with Jacques Chirac and Mitterrand.
And my close combat guys used to go out there and work out with him.
You went out at night.
To eat.
And now it's dead.
They've sucked the joy out of life.
These little clown imbeciles!
Pig Pritzker!
Gruesome Gavin!
Witless Witmir!
Sucking the joy out of life!
But we'll be right back.
Hello, hello!
Great being on the Alex Jones Show!
And again, do what you can to support InfoWars.
And of course, you know, that guy Toobin, I figured out what happened.
He probably had too much super male vitality.
He couldn't help himself.
Oh, I love super male vitality.
Anyway, the reality is that they're going to be censoring us more and more and more.
There it is, Supermail Vitality, 50% off and free shipping!
You don't want to do without it.
Anyway, gives me that extra little lift when I need it, when I get a little tired and down.
Gotta get up and high.
Super male vitality takes me there.
New Trends Journal is coming out tomorrow and one of the stories we're doing is noted German doctor mandatory mask wearing is criminal and she goes on to explain all the dangers of it as we have and so has by the way when you go back to the past the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention New England Journal of Medicine, World Health Organization, and even that little clown Fauci who said not to wear them back in March.
There was a protest in New Mexico over the weekend, and there was a statement that came out by their governor, Loujain Grisham.
You know, I'm so sick and tired of this sexist, racist crap.
Good and bad comes in everything.
What makes Lori Lighthead over there in Chicago any different than a piece of scum like Pritzker or Cuomo or the other dictators telling me what to do?
Man or woman?
Gretchen Whitmer or gruesome Newsom Gavin?
Good and bad comes in all of it.
I've had it.
And there's enough women out there showing how incompetent and stupid they are as men are who are also stupid and incompetent doing their jobs.
And the people that get into these jobs is a guy that was there.
I used to run political campaigns in Westchester County at a graduate school.
Worked in them.
Wasn't running them completely.
The mayoral race, the work of the district attorney, meeting with Lindsay and Cuomo's father, Mario, Biaggi, all the guys that were at the top back then.
I was the assistant to the Secretary of the New York State Senate.
I'm 26 years old.
Designed and instructed American politics and campaign technology at St.
John's University.
I've been there, knows what it looks like.
It's the people I hated in high school and college that wanted to be class president and head of the student council.
Got it?
That's all they are.
So anyway, you got this governor over there in New Mexico.
And the response to the people that were protesting, thus those that protested about Obama, They want to open up the economy and her office said, quote, The data is not open to debate.
The restrictions are lifesaving.
There you got it.
The virus is real.
The data is not open to debate.
Who the hell are you?
Who the hell are you?
To tell me, or anybody, you lousy piece of disgrace to America and what it stands for, that the data is not open to debate.
That's a disgrace.
What data?
The data that you're trying to shove up everybody's you-know-what?
That maybe the crap that you like to swallow, that you, you low-life piece of garbage, are telling me to swallow?
I'm not stupid!
I've been writing a magazine since 1991.
We put out a magazine last week, 87 pages.
Clown lady!
Fill with data!
And you're telling me I have to swallow your crap?
Shove it!
Go back to the issue before that one.
The economy's stupid.
Brainwashed with crap.
Yeah, look at that issue on the Trends Journal.
She goes on to say over here, the protesters are not welcome to their own set of facts.
There you go.
Brainwashed by crap.
And that's what you are, Governor Nobody, Gruesome Grisham, whatever your name is.
Grisham, yeah.
Brainwashed with crap and you're telling me and the other people as Americans that we're supposed to swallow your crap because you like to take it from CNN and BBC and Time?
And the rest of them?
This is unbelievable.
The protesters are not welcome to their own set of facts.
You're not welcome to take anybody's set of facts but mine!
And that's what's happened.
I tell you, I went to Florida.
I was so depressed.
Everybody's buying his crap.
Majority are buying it.
Little kids fearful.
We better fight for freedom, because we're going to die in war.
A war of misery, hell on earth.
Look at this.
Where are all you women?
Oh, if men did this, it would be terrible.
But it's okay for her to do it!
Hey, you and Cuomo, you should get together, boy!
Yeah, yeah!
You two get together where you will be producing!
Hitler would be proud of ya!
You could keep knocking him out one after another!
Look at them!
How could any respectable person look up to them?
And that's why you gotta support InfoWars.
You have to do what you can do.
Oh, is he playing on the subway?
Yeah, I'm gonna go on the subway.
The subways in New York, you know what it is?
30% of the people are on, it's down 30%, only 30% travel on the subways.
Office occupancy rate, 10%.
Midtown is no town, it's dead town.
It's dead everywhere.
And I want to tell all you young people, no hugging, no kissing.
No makin' love, no touchin', no singin', no dancin'.
Get back in your room!
Get back in your room!
I'm Fat Boy Pritzker!
Get back in your room!
I'm really tight, man!
Can't get loose!
Yeah, I'm not gonna have any fun, you're not either!
Get back in your room!
Get back in your room!
No lovin', no kissin', no huggin', no touchin'.
This is unprecedented.
The markets are going down.
It's gonna be hell.
This economy's not coming up.
Yeah, look at this.
Look at that guy.
Look at that clown!
You know who he is?
You know how he got there?
What is this?
It's one of those big chains of motels.
What was it?
Is it one of those?
You think that guy would have got anywhere on his own?
Like Cuomo and the rest?
They sucked their way up to the top.
We'll be right back.
Hello, hello!
Great being on the Alex Jones Show!
And don't forget, don't forget, put your money where your mind and heart are, because you can see we're getting more and more censorship.
It was one of my big trends in 2018 and 2019, our top trends.
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How about getting healthy and strong?
And these are the kind of products that can help you do it.
And, uh... Because the next round is going to be just as the people all aboard put on that mask as you get on the next train to Auschwitz.
All aboard!
Get vaccinated!
Next train to Auschwitz!
These are the facts, just like the governor over there told you there in, uh... New Mexico.
That is not open to debate!
Get vaccinated!
This guy can't believe this.
This is just so draconian, what's going on.
So, on to some other trends that are important.
Watch what's going on around the world.
As I mentioned, Poland is locking down again, Ponce.
Czech Republic.
Hey, they had some protests in Rome and Napoli and Naples over the weekend.
There's going to be revolts going on.
This economy is going down big time.
And you better do what you can to prepare for the worst.
You know me, GCs, 3Gs, guns, gold, and a getaway plan.
And of course, Super male vitality to get you over the border when you got to get out of here really quick.
Need that extra little boost to jump high.
And I'm serious about this.
You better prepare.
This thing's coming down big.
So, yeah, there you got it.
Police anti-lockdown demonstrations.
They're going on all around and they're going to worsen.
Can you imagine this clown over there?
Little clown boy Pritzker.
I forget the name.
His Marriott, I think, was the Pritzker family.
And his sister was involved with the Obama clan, too.
She played a role.
I think she was Commerce Secretary.
It was one of those hotel chains.
Chicago, closing down indoor dining outside the suburban area of Chicago.
I lived in Chicago.
Matter of fact, that's how I went down to Florida to visit my friend.
The Hilsmans, they were so great to us when we moved to Chicago many years ago, back in the 70s.
And I went there to pay my honor to them.
Great family.
There are two seasons I found out in Chicago.
Winter and August.
Winter's here.
You're not going to have any outdoor dining.
The restaurants were going down before.
And now it's going to be hell.
So you're going to start seeing demonstrations and riots all over.
And next week will be Election Day.
And, you know, my magazine, The Trends Journal, was the first one to forecast Trump a winner back in May of 2016 against the odds.
And I'm going against the odds again.
And I say Trump 2020 by default.
It's not because people love him.
He has a strong base, but not a wide one.
It's, I said, by default.
And the fault of the demo craps that they got a jerk like Biden running against them.
And as has been mentioned, there's rallies, the Biden rallies, very few people show up.
And here's why I think he's going to win.
Trump is going to win.
The swing states.
They don't want to lock down.
And this is an election as our Trends Journal cover shows.
Lock it down or open it up.
That's what the... That's it.
Masks, no masks.
It's the economy, stupid.
That was the saying during Clinton's campaign in 1992.
So lockdown, open it up.
Number two, very big.
Young people, I don't see a lot of them running out to vote for great grandpa Joe.
Not going to be a flood.
The people that are voting for Biden aren't voting for him because he has such a great track record.
They're voting for him because they can't stand Trump.
Biden isn't the young people's Bernie lowlife Sanders.
Another lying piece of crap that's been sucking off the public tit all his life, like Biden has.
47 years of never working.
The same thing with clown Bernie.
How could Bernie Sanders support a warmonger like Trump?
Because Bernie Sanders is a phony too.
He's a warmonger in sheep's clothing.
He supported all of Clinton's sanctions against Iraq that killed over 500,000 Iraqi children under the age of five.
He voted for the amendment not to force Congress to vote to go to war against Afghanistan and let El Presidente of Los Estados Unidos, another little boy born on third base and thought he had a home run, moron, little imbecile, Georgie Bush, who took us to the Afghan war.
He voted for most defense budgets, another phony.
So I don't see a lot of young people running out for Biden.
The last debate had low ratings.
People aren't that interested.
So, what Trump has to do is to get out the vote in the swing states, which he really didn't get out big time the last time.
He won them because the people hated Hitler-y so much.
That's Hitler-y Clinton.
Now we got Hitler, he's everywhere.
Here he is.
George E. Bush.
The Medal of Honor to a piece of... Look at him, how could... and look at that, again, another boy born on third base and thought he had a home run.
It's one big club and you ain't in it, said George Carlin.
You think these guys could go anywhere if daddy wasn't... you know, look at, look at these, look at these jerks.
Look at that.
Look at that.
Look at that piece of crap with the metal around his neck.
Look at this.
You know, we're still in high school.
We got the high school clowns are in charge of us.
And by the way, I know George Collins' brother, Patrick.
He lives up here in Woodstock.
Wonderful guy.
Did work for the Trends Journal for a while, too.
So that's it.
The future's in your hands.
Don't drop it.
It's gonna be hell on earth.
It's right in front of us and it's going on all over the world.
We have to unite for peace and freedom.
So do what you can.
Get in the best shape you can.
Take those products that are gonna improve your health.
Do your workouts.
You think I wanna work out every day as an old guy like me?
I gotta do it because I know if I don't I'm gonna go down.
Hey, you could go down anyway, you never know.
There's always those wildcards.
And it doesn't get wilder than it is right now.
You couldn't make this up.
COVID war.
What'd the first people do?
What'd they do?
They ran out and bought toilet paper.
All right?
They ran out and bought toilet paper.
Nah, that ain't me, man.
Come on, I'm quicker than that.
Jack, you're dead.
Thanks for tuning in, everybody.
And remember, Put your money where your heart is, in your mind.
Support InfoWars, support the Trends Journal.
The more of us unite, the harder we can fight.
People ask me on the street all the time, they call into the show, they say, "Jones, are you on cocaine?"
Are you on speed?
How are you so excited three, four, five hours a day on air?
Well, when I found out that they knew that 5G gave us cancer and they're putting it on purpose, I'm a little pissed about that.
Or when I find out China's shipping in enough fentanyl to kill the whole U.S.
population on a routine basis, it makes me a little bit angry.
When I learn that people are literally enslaving me and my family and enslaving you, I have empathy.
I get angry about that and I don't think that's a good thing.
I'm fighting Matt.
I know you're fighting Matt as well.
And so that's why I just wanted to come to you and thank you for all you've done in the 26 years.
Some of you have been supporting us 26 years.
Almost 27 now.
Without you, we wouldn't be here.
We're in this together.
And I just, I cannot help when the enemy's attacking me and lying about me and doing horrible things to me.
It literally is a comfort to know you love me and I love you.
And so I don't say that.
It sounds manipulative.
It's just, it's true.
I love you.
I love you.
Thank you for keeping me in the fight.
Thanks for being the strength and the support because I couldn't do this without you.
But instead, because of your support and your love, I feel stronger than ever.
That said, the enemy wants to take us off air.
And it's always a neck-and-neck battle.
So I come to you like a beggar sometimes.
And I'm like, listen, please buy our products.
Please remember us.
Please support us or we'll be shut down.
I see so many articles and thousands of tweets.
There was a couple hundred thousand tweets about me last week.
When folks pointed out Jones was right about censorship coming for everybody, and most of the tweets talked about, I can't find Jones anymore, I wish he was still on air, where is he?
They don't know we're on InfoWars.com with our own streams, our own videos.
They don't know we're on a bunch of radio stations, but that's where you come in.
You're the people that actually care enough, that are involved enough, To not just think the whole internet's a feed on Facebook or Twitter, but you actually go to a URL like Band.Video or InfoWars.com.
So please, the enemy's trying to suppress all of us.
So for my future, your future, our collective future together, share the live feeds, share the articles, share the videos that you think are the most important with your neighbors, your friends, your families, with strangers on your email list, your text message list, Facebook, Twitter.
Re-upload them.
You're beautiful.
I know what you're doing.
It's changing the world, and I'm saluting you for your support.
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InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
You don't need me to show you the statistics, the news articles, the government documents, because you're already experiencing it and seeing it for yourself.
I know I am.
But the statistics do show that suicide is at record highs and that stress is off the charts.
Meanwhile, government and Big Pharma are pushing very dangerous psychotropic drugs whose prescriptions are at record levels when the inserts of the drugs admit they can make you commit suicide or become a megalomaniac mass murderer.
And in almost every case, these mass shooters have been on psychotropic drugs.
And the reason I point that out is All the numbers, all the facts show that the system is not giving us things.
It's not giving us these synthetic things that actually make our lives better.
They're making our lives worse.
Cell phones and iPads and all the TV time, all the screen time.
It's not making us more happy.
It's making us more depressed.
And so I just have a simple message to all the viewers and listeners and to myself here, because I'm under incredible stress with the election only two weeks away.
Get outside.
Forest bathe, nature bathe is what the Japanese call it.
It lowers blood pressure, it raises your brainwaves, it makes you happy, you get fresh air.
It's the real drug.
I'm outside on this fall day right now shooting right before the show.
I don't want to go in there and do the show.
I'm tempted to set a card table up outside and actually do the broadcast out here.
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